French Lick High School - Plutocraft Yearbook (French Lick, IN)

 - Class of 1930

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French Lick High School - Plutocraft Yearbook (French Lick, IN) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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I ,M Q ,A , 'Kiln' 11L" ' Q rlilvfl Electric Cookery- Sooes Time and Worry! In the lust few years niorv tliuu 700.000 liome-iuukei' liuw fouml relief froiii the lll'LI4l22'+r'1'll'S of vookiiig by iii stalling 1-lf-stric rmiges. The- uoiiwiiiuiiues they euiox you can liuvel-Y:-1'y mlfily. Here! wliut :ui elf-utiiu miige will bring to youi kitvlia-ii: clmiiiliiie-ss, fiwee-floni, zuifl scientific cool-Qing. Au :iu'omz1tif'ull5' uoiitrollf-il oven gives you wliolw aiftvrnooii of lvisuivz to ii-ml, shop, or visit, us you plvuse. INTERSTATE PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY r 1 If l f 1 f If 'zffji Avi f"X. k Qu, ' ' . i-1 .gm sfo as fists:-Qs X leer, K is "fi,-Z" 4 7 Q, - "A i'li':,s t-'14 X 'ds' X ii 11, if ,f " s l HERFF-JONES COMPANY The Herff-Jones Company, of Indianapolis. Indiana, having manufactured the senior class rings for several previous years in our school, designed and manufactured our present class rings. Our class extends thanks to the company for the fine service given us. The Herff-Jones Company was organized in 1920 and immedi- ately began the manufacture of college jewelry. Owing to the fact that so many high school graduates were familiar with their quality, this company is now manufacturing a complete line of national col- lege and fraternity pins, etc., having embarked in this department on account of the numerous requests for fraternity badges of their make, received from their former high school patrons. This company has forty representatives, covers as many states, and manufactures jewelry in its entirety. Their line is termed Ha year ahead" because of the fact that their designs are copied by many competitors a year after their origination. We can highly recommend the Herff-Jones Company to future graduating classes of any high school. Everything You Expect of a Good Hotel Q-1 Hospitality, Courtesy and Efficiency Homelike Comforts Homelike Conveniences Not merely four walls but an environment that enhances the pleasure of your visit while you are in our city. Always Remember Q-2 GREENLAW'S HOTEL l l X l K ,Y L: ,, Y ,-si R 4, 5 9 1 , .Ay W 'wx' Vlmiif. . il Professional Directory F. E. HAMMOND. M. D. W. VV. HOGGATT. M. D. Diekuson Building - plmngs - College Street Phone No. 18 Office 5 Residence HT DR. C. E. PIERCE DR. VV. YV. SLOAN Dentist Physician and Surgeon Bunk Building Bank Building - Phones - - Phones - Office 222-J Residence 222-S Office 23-J Residence 23-S J. R Dillinger, M. D. Diseases and Surgery -Phones- lflye, Ear, Nose and Throat Office 383 Residence G5 r 7' ll 1 i 4' ii1f,ii'f"'i4 B - Na "ss .. ' 1460-1 -e as ss-, X 'XX L 'A 3 f f 2, 1 -1 LYLEL 'Qs "x' A fwfeff-., go Lf ' is Q X QI sv s ,sf ,fc fflx we e W '-' l In 'l Growing-Ever Growing! Sta1ting in 1903, a four-page, hand-set newspaper began to serve the towns of French Lick and West Baden. Today, the Springs Valley Herald of the humble start boasts an S-page, all-home print, all-machine set newspaper, serving not only the two towns of French Lick and West Baden, but all the surrounding terlitory and a good part of the county. As the needs and business life of French Lick and West Baden grew, the Springs Valley Herald grew right along with the rest, never satisf fied with taking a back seat. Today the citizens of the Valley may boast of a printing plant with equipment and facilities second to none in Southern Indiana. The Herald never expects to see the time when it will sit back and contentedly bask in the sunshine of past achievements. Our newspaper department is the advertising medium of the most progressive firms in Orange County, and our job department patrons are not even confined to Indiana. Springs Valley Herald lx NX v I N Ogg Y vi f I ul X X X-.x tv ,S s it y 1-",. oss, -, WS? - , A ,,. gx I I A 'rv A , - .fs 'L W , A , ' :Af -,, ' ,,.r.., 1 V, ers-, . , , .xx , . f ' 1 ' Q - ,l .ui ll -- al Behind the western hills the weary sun goes down. Another day has taken flight, our day, our task is done. The cool of night comes on, Here let us drop our pen and wait ., . .. Tomorrow s Dawn. Il f 1 1 I X W 1 ,f 1. 1 ,w,, 1 i- iw 5 'I ' is lf f ,ff 5 , 13, ggi: 4 -, Rl-. A' Y. " H34 19 5'N3W',,--41 ,Hit K 755. .QA -Q "'I'.'-,. 'Y -'..- Inq.--.', r :',,fY f. I I:gAx,Q.y . 4,-A 1,5 L-f, ,7 1 xi, - fl.. .-., , .',,"4" X-'ev ' 5 ' . V1 .I A K in v .4 A m , gnu., ,, ,,, 1- ,T , , . , - ' 5 571' ' . 1" . " ' -.uv ' ,' ' W , 4. 'H'-. H: ,f . K 5, L sv? ff. 'A . -g I -- N Mg. r- . ..x. , V, Q-+V' A 'gl .- , , . 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MESSICK PRINCIPAL w EA Q01 A 1 if ii' Y - W Y V X 1 ,Hifi X241-3 ,, V -A W los: ir: I X If tl . , A 1 f M HELEN JQHNSON 'C Domestic Science Nw 'N f HAZEL HARTMAN 3 Liitifl 'Q:,f HELEN WEBSTER X' ' Junior High S. E. CCOPER Civics and Economics A. E. PERSHING Physics and Vocational Civics S, C. BOWDEN Manual Training if-N i 4,11 N , if x ' il f .Jfx H fi 7 ' AI tif: X .f-1 f,,-.l , x, ,Q -ig ,Cf N it A 10s. MRS. HAZEL M. LASHBROOR Commcrcial IVOR B. TULEY Math-gmzatics DOROTHA ELLEN KIRK History amd Econuml MRS. ETI-IEL M. WELLS ML1SiC :md Art FRED CRLWW Junior High Schuul D. V. SINGER Science and Athlctic lil . f, ,L I ,l x fri . ' ul l MR. SHARP Two years, frought with toil. eff fort, devotion, concern, and deepest enthusiasm could only result in over! whelming success with an honest ap' preciation to its devout leader. SAMUEL SHARP SUPERINTENDENT HISTORY OF FRENCH LICK HIGH SCHOOL The first school to be opened in French Lick was conducted in a dwelling house near French Lick Springs. It was taught by an old sailor named Acley. It is said that the pupils of this school spent most of their time in roasting potatoes. The French Lick Baptist Church was used for a school house from 1836-46. Early teachers there were jacob Dishion, David Smith, and David Porter. The last teacher in this building was VV'illiam Ferguson, who caused quite a disturbance by atf tempting to teach a "silent school" instead of the customary "loud school." The peof ple could not understand how children taught in a silent school would be able to transf act business in this noisy world. The first free school to be taught in French Lick Township was during the win- ter of1SWf76. The town of French Lick was incorporated in 1900 and the district school of three rooms became the property of the town. The first superintendent of French Lick School was L. L. Gooding. Others have b:en: B. E. lvlyers, Elgy T. Williaiiis. C. N. Logan, Robert Moore. Carl Vance, N. B. Bonham, B. O. Wells, Hugh Cathcart, R. R. Roudebush, and Samuel Sharp. A new twofstory brick building having six class 1'ooms and an assembly room, was erected in 1903. This forms the south end of the present building. The French Lick High School was accredited for four years' work in 1908 at which time it had two teachers, one of whom was also superintendent of the entire system. The enrollment was about forty pupils. The first class to graduate was in 1909, when diplomas were issued to two boys, Exum Ivlorris Hall and Arthur Speece. During the summer of 1909, an addition consisting of a basement. two recitaf tion rooms, and an auditorium was built. During the school year that followed, an' other teacher was added to the faculty, the High School library was extended, and a football team was organized. This marked the beginning of the participation of the school in athletics and during the year that followed, particularly in 191-1, the foot! ball teams of French Lick were very successful. ,fl 1 ---bewe-el--ee ee R- e -- e-ee 'i l I' 4' ii M 1 'A -tb ,2,,, , .2 atop. 'W 24, c , V 1 Qag u. M. I In 1912 some changes were made in the building, the old assembly room being divided into four class rooms. In 192-1 anothr addition, consisting of a gymnasium, stage, two dressing rooms, two class rooms and a study hall. was built at a cost of S-18000. No further changes in the building have been made since 1924. Commercial work was introduced into the s:hool in 1916, but very ltttle was ollered besides typewriting until 1923, when it was approved for a specialized eurrif culum. The present commercial course is very improved. The typewriting team of 1928-29 took second place in the State Commercial Contest. During the school year 1920121 the high school began the publication of the Plutocraft. a school paper which was published every two weeks. The publication was diseontinued this year and this annual substituted. The present enrollment of the school is approximately 590. A total of 3111 boys and Girls have been Graduated from French Lick High School, not including the class F tv k D e -, ot 19311, NUMBER or GR.-xmrnizs or FRENVTH Limit HICYH Sei-toot Class Nu. of Gmdutites Class No. of Gmdnutes 19119 ............ 2 19211 , ,,,,,, H 21 19111 .- -N 1921 .. in 1911 . .. 111 1922. H I8 l3f'H ' Z ion. .U 1911- 11, Q11 W -- -ft 1915 .. .. 12 lgzq " 12 1W6.H . 9 WN'H -'W wiv... .. 12 1"37'- --35 1918... U13 WN-. H26 1919 .. 11 1929 .. .. 3-1- .li 1 SCHOOLBQARD. LM11 RAY E. DEREMIAH, Sem-awry CHARLES I-I. APPLE, Treasmcv- -'11, it T. E. SIMMONS, President p Ri , 2 1 c E ch y ife1,1 9 11 X gs F E lS11t1iEg.+ 1 .-.,-1 , ! 1 A3 r . 1 ! .1 . 'A -' 4: 1,37 -'gtg ' -Si-. ur, 9 I 4. ,1',,. . li, ,Hg f M . .- 1 + 1 fx x f' , :A , y ' 1 'JAH' ' Y 'fyloz ' . to - - ' if!-if , 4' ,"',.,f ' - , -J .F 'iq i ,O 1' . 3. -. , , .r . ., . L , . A f - V. Q -F .4 4 .,. Q , , A S Q , fx '+ -4- v D .f , . 9 I , . 4 x ,-. v I ,-H 1. nf 9 5 -xg.-2 v.- + . 6 Q, .Au lt! . e" ., I 1v v7ir' in X E xi . . 5 S Il -'J' ' 'X X " ' , f3L:,f"- rg. N ' W'-E . ' x V .Hn , - X, X J .E , X' x ' 4 -.N x ' X xg A , . , ' .i -- M, Q X Q. K5 ' D 'Qig- , . i ' , 5 , " -,, -Xl Y ,J S-. ,M Q " ' 1 4 ""...,g.:. ,-Q, , V ' V . . '11 .,..TLg::...5K, ,+f- ' r' ' ,,4.-7-vi . N ,WN 4 ',3-- 'Q-. .... , . , - 1- X - --v ,.,f- ..I5-' Lf' Z go' ,ethi- Q- -, 'N ..-n I A -- Y, .. 1 W' - "+..':.f3'.1 ':. . 193.4-, I , - ...J ff" " ir . ,:V4 lf.. me .- bi 1 M- .f-.iam , nv, . iw- fume Q0 f---X I , -1 , VA yy, QW e 5' wer f I , 4-ff X A6531 Lxrxx' V QM ll CLASS OF '30 COLORS Green and Rose FLOWER Pink Rose MOTTO Now we try a boundless seaf e myifll fi I-5 , A 7 Yi Y-XA ll ' Seniors 'Q' EVALEEN PARKS GUY LOVE PRESIDENT v1cE-PRESIDENT f'. . 1, 0,7 , Qi? i, ,ri r l I I 4 ' A Ni.-,Q i , . Y MW- W W Y Y Y in-2-V Yu W--A A-V Y .il ACTIVITIES OF SENIORS. EVALEEN PARKSA - Om' President luis gained TTILVIIN frieiicls by lier smiles. gmeious man ner and fine work. Vice President of Sophomore class, Secretary of Junior el.iss. Coinniereigtl Club and District Typing Contest, 3. President of Senior elaiss. Senior Clziss Play 4. GUY LUVEff "God bless the mlm wlie mrentetl sleep." A, IM. S. Club amd Commercial Club, 3. Viee President of Senior eliiss. Senior Class Play 4. HARRIET W. CULLISONff Ton rlimk Im lilifpyj I'1'e wilxuvi to be. fm' I litlve tl liusbtmel must ftntliful to me. Class Secretary .ind Contest, 1. Glee Club operetms. l, 2 and 3. Seeretziry of the Cominerenil Club, 3. Class Seeref tary, Advertising Mztiigiger of the PLL'ToNIAN, .ind Bqosters Club, 4. QXVitlidrew on .l-inu.ti'y I, 1930.1 PAUL E. BROVVNW Pint! litls won mimx' fiends bv liis .mieere mid ioiusxunzniw iimiv. - - 5 . Culee Club operettas, Z and 3. Commercial Club and A. M. S. Club, 3. OLIVE DRAKE-W "A bluefeyed maiden ivitli tl iuimimg iutiy, Sweet and Ci,lPTlC1U'ltS tis tm April Day." Viee President, 1. Class President, 2. Class Reporter and Commercial Club, 3. Class Treasurer .ind Boosters Club, 4, ,S if .- ,ly L A- rl . Mil, .Vg 1 A PAUL A. BRCWWN - Hes heaps uf fun - tilumiys wut fm' ti good time. Latin Club, 1. Biology and Etiqucttc Clubs, 2. Debating Club, 4. CLARA RUTH BEATY' A.NC1lC?' a mommt lost" is the record of this brilliant student. jr. Glas Club, 1. Commergial Club reporter, 3. A. M. S. Club, 3. Boosters Club and Dcclamatinn Club, 4, Senior Class Play, 4. HAROLD BUNDY- H65 tried mmly to stump the teachers. Basketball, 1. Glec Club, 2 and 4. y I X "-417. XVANETA CASE- Tlicre is ample proof tlzat quietness is tm JSSCI, for we litiuc Wu1tctt1 m our group of friends. EDDIE CLAXTONf- Vvflmt can be said tliot ltt1sn't all-eddy been and of limi' An tttlzlstc and tl good fellow to boot. Basketball, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Glcc Club, l, 2 and 3. Track, 2, a and 4. jokc Editor of thc PLUTUNIAN, 4. Senior play. 1. Glas Club opcrcttii. Z. VERA PAYE BRINERf A pretty maid wlio is liked by all liar cltlssniutcs. Glue Club opcrcttas, 1, 2 and 3. Commercial Club. 3. Cvlcc Club and Boosters Club, -l-. Senior Class Play -L N' ,fy 11 Ulf 'll ll? ffl gl? :li C A A .ll 'iff pig, , Y' JE A 'f 'iff-l lr - ll DALE CON RA Dee Dark, manly and very call are just a few of AlJie's chai'actei'istiC5 and hes our dadclyflongflegs. Basketball, 1, 2 and 3. A. M. S. Club, 3. Circulation IH.-illl pr of the PLUTONIAN, 4, CLIVE APPLE- A merry heart doeth good like medicine. Glee Club uperettas, 1 and 2. Class reporter, 2. Class treasf urer and A. M. S. Club, 3. Boosters Club, 4. EARLE CONNETTE- Annual salesmen as well as the violin artists have a rival in him To work at night and go to school all day is no mean job. T 5 W f i N 3 QQQMX Q4 l ,L N SA DI E KELLAMS klTI1c' goui C115 yuznlgw Kfy I must take Lum' uf wrzjvsclf. -Ir, Glen Cflulm Z, Cw1mm'1'c1.1l .md A. M S, Clubs, 3. Assn mm fMlx'Qx'txs1ng INI.m.vJC1' 'rf the PLKTUNIXN QIWPQIIDC AJx'41't'f mg IVl.umg-51' .I.K!lU.lI'S' l, IWFHJ .mml Bxmftclw Cflub, 4. LESTER ECKERTY Hlmld, and glmi mzllcfud, .md um' LVIIUH1 clwry-fv1.' Izlgws .md z1'1H mm w Chr: Frlyllilllkl md f lm IU lt Engmh HIQII bghmml. ' f, rm mp1'c1.1l Club. ETH EL KELLAMS Effzcl 10111 Lxflulyx lv jwr more pcmvmll 'IUHIUI' Glu' ff B:mstc1's Clulf, -I. L' rqnz 'Y'1I7a'l"Lk' fm' 11 'V Um' j,f'1cm1,sl11p, Ask Cfyd 'lub I A M 9 CilL1b.lI1kl ciUININCI'Cilll Clxlw, 3 r -f---- W 1, l I V 4 1 , . W! ., .ff 'Ill l QXUW R. ' 1 'S l l PARKE FLICK A tw-:flu nmsy, ltlqt-ly lu .xlamju'tlt' .mtl run lL'Ild' but tl jolly guutl fellow, lifter tlll. Utclxcstra, 2, 3, .mtl 4. Dcbatmg, 3 and 4, Ulcc Club opcr' utta, Glcv Club .mtl ClUlDITICI'C1.ll Club, 3. Scmor Class Play, 4. KEITH HAMMOND f Kcltll IS ccrttxnzlx' tl wal tlrug stun' t'ozc'l'my, and can llc slmg xotlus' Hcls as md11'ztl1aul1xt1t' as lux xtrzpt. Glu' Club opcruttas, 2 autl 3, Glcc Club, 4. Prcsitlcnt of thc A. M. Club, 3. Commc1'c1al Club, 3. Advcrtlsing mauagf cr of tlmc PI.L'ToVR.NffT, 3. Ed1torfmfChicf of thc PLVTQHNIAN, 4. Scmor Class Play, 4, ROSEMARY LASI'lBROOK--- Slue mdiutex frlcmlxlup along ltcr way and rules one llsurt tumplcrcly'l Glcc Club opcrcttas, 1 and Z. Oratorical Contest, 2. Cum' mcrcial Club, 3. Cleo Club, 4, Boosters Club, 4. Senior Class Play, 4. I - M--. s.. , , 1 1 N . s ' 1 l fl' 'l ll 6- l wal' Y, KIHN am... - MATTIE OLIVE LINEf "Bu rlzc labor great ur smull. Slzf: does II well uv' mit at ullf' Glas Club wpcrcttus. l. 2 ,md 3. Tugggxrt Award, 1, Class 1'CI3Ul'fC1', 2. Debating .md Or.1t:n'y, 3 .md 4. Arhlcuq Eduwr of the PLL'Tlm1'1RAFT, 3. A. M. S. Club reporter. 3. CL3l1I1I1ixl' c1.1l Club, 3. Ljlifflif Cummcruml Clmtcst, 3. Glue Club axml Bwust-31's Club. 4. Scmur Class Play -l. JOYCE LANE-f .. 1 -- A lgffddl man IS ulllnlrvw uwllmg tu bc llttld. A. M. S. Club .mul ClJI111l1Cf4fl.ll Club. 3. Busmcss lX4.u1.1g:r ml the PLL'ToN1AN, -L, Scmor Class Play 4. UNA MQFARLAND- Ella IX uluuys LL'lll17Zg tu help m any uuy slzc IX Jble. Culnruercml Club, 3, , A A A A AA A A l lv I. ,. l, 'ini . lil ' fix- fr --- A il A E A A . scifi! in IV- fc 4 . if-CM E 'J X. , - rf 51. H , RAYMOND MclVERf - A t't'v'5' close obNt'r1't'i'. Ht' u'tltt'l1t's mstftld of slitlwing off. ' Junior Clce Club, l. Clcc Club opcrcttfts, 2 and 3. Cnmmcr- cial Club, 3. Assistfignt Editor of the PLL'ToNIAN, 4. RUTH BURTON- Lifc is not so slwrt but wlmt tliers is tilitmlys time for ti smile. Commercial and Af Nl. S. Clubs, 3. Became Secrctaiy' of Scniorfclass' january 1, 1930. Scnior Class Play 4. 4 HAROLD REYNOLDS- "Life is tl serious businessg what cliarms lmlve girls for me? Commercial Club, A. M. S. Club, and District Commercial Contest, 3. Assistant Business Manager of the PLLTTONIAN, 4. l' X 'x VU 3 8 .4 y Li XLIBRIS 1.13 Z--Q-.3 Qf f zf'-iff X ,f .1 V 'l ,o X , 1 Af X' A xx v ,XX , R X Q ff fff-5 Q I I I ff i ,I E ' ., 1 7 fllll, . E !' I 'C :Mijn Xa 'ck hr "7fzf'5'5','f 55154-' 229' -- .aw-Y:-x . - fwgf - fi wx wi F. -F.-X-Yxl' fm fd, 5.1-.!' .- 1g1xvnX'RVX 5.:f4f'v',fff7,ir Wg. gfxls M1-wa X ' X X Wii'fff?2 L, 'ffwrfif -' W 1':'!' 'f ""f.? 221' X 5 Q-,X X Xskvwiulf 5 fgxkxr 2,f,' if .5 'f vf5c.Q1f A ' ., X., - .. -FX 3 . .Lf'L, , N , ' H 4 ": If YQ: ' --A ,-- 'H' 'f EEE? .?v4'f0'Qf.QgQ '- 5-'CQ' Mlfff -77 N, f 735f..21"-Q-i:- QTES- f?HWUrl'53xSi' A'1f',1:i5IfffA-su, XX- a':'1if7 f"7 N 'wif :"f -A 'ZZ ' If NN' xx ?? 5 D' -'Q' 'A 'J 25729 -':""'l:"" '7A"""e3'2-,i.....?xx xx. fffdi ,zh ' "' ' Q 'Zi' li:'1:F ?T ls27,!7""" ff'-""'ff""gg""'m - V . H L' -- f"'7..ff4:f'-Effiij WIA - Q, Jf' ' '15 T ,C If 'L j" ,X F -'i?f- V -W if - f w ,v -Q T-gg-, .4f4'f':'." ', 'ff . " , '-1 ' A- f-1 ... , ' l!lL:'..E kh.g,,..yL'i9L-,Sf'..aJ-fZ'- 'iff f Am-51-f.L-ffifg?-':.'4. 4' X L- yx ig- gpg,Lf7:-QQ-5-,'2,f2:f,, 1 ,:"'f.- fri, ,,, ,, ",g: z,. V2EL:: -'af 5-19.1 ' ,," 1 L .jf-ft?" '-"' . . 533521- - ,4-5912? :?' -five ' lG"f'311' AAETJL-SJ" -'faf' - -' - fi - ' -4, -'f,f-.2-"' -ff '-f"f5ff"3' , . Va' Hfg px ,,, '--,J-1' f- .- ,:.4vf' 4 . U , Gy, ,,,:. - QL.-1, Q, .ti LEVV' 7 AJL ,I 'xii A 9 iq?-C X1 L, -96?-'QxSL?,. r h p 'N X Q XX 'gg f - "0'K,1f" J-,' 4-X 5 if Lg... - -...... -QQQQQJAY9 iff? mf. .1 E ' ' ifzfk 1' f' "L, 5 E , Ax TW '. T 2'7',f2 I if . -if-A g,,.-,ig, . f,,4:-- ,.-S+: - ' 3,1 ,, A --,Ag AL...- x 1-.--- "" + :iz xt fb Q. ig- ,f1 -lf x-, V 'Cy-f - N . ' L -v-221-fx?-..,.......... 5--,fx 53T:g-- 7 XL- "--wfl'ei :Q 3 QQ-4f'7""'L 'S'M,, '22-M 1 -1 - ' ' 1 V . I My-In K -r:'J-- LM-. -X.. FQ-- '-Q, , 'x....,s -ag WMM , .," ' -, -X ----.,, , - X AN . ' XX V- .Nj H- ,, :H . ,' ' x, ' ,J xx : . .', ,'v"' , s - 1 ' ,wr--' Q., . , 1 ,,.. .if- W-,N, ,,v. , Mn. ,. -v'Z'Z.,v-., O ks,f.!.'-S..3,1- .5 4 it .. ,M 'wuuw"" 1 OLIVE PARKS'- .Quiet wltll 11 lwsr of friends. Glcc Club, l, Z and 3. Glue Club opcrctta, 3. Qwithdrlfxx on January Il, l93U.j PAUL QLlALKINBUSI'lf L1fe 15 the casnest thing 111 the wurld fur lmn, Basketball, l, 2 and 3, Secretary and Treasurer of the Fresh' num class. Track, Z and 3. A. M. S. Club, 3. MYRTLE MAE IRVIN- Glggles and tlzcvl- more giggles. Cmlnnlcrchil Club, 3. I " il 'fli U Q, ' J' 4" 'f 1 4 ll Riff. l ROY SENEFF Y Gund luulqzng .md "Slim-l'! Ll nzcc felluw wg ll'1.il1 llc were two." Basketball, 2 and 3. Clcc Club npcrctms, 2 and 3. Track, 2, Senior Class Pl.1j,' 4. MARY RYAN'- 'Tis true slle IS mlccll nzclmcd tu cllm and talk with .zll manlgmd. Cvlce Club opcrcttns. 1, Z and 3. Commercial Club, 3, Ath' let1c Edltor of thc PLUTUNIAN, Cvlce Club. Bnnstcrs Club, 4, HQWWARD SIMMONS-- A straight Il7.l'llli6T. Bmms and comuge will a bit of inconxistenuy. President of the Freshman class. Glas Club npcrettas, l and 2. Class Sccrctary, 2. AllfState Chorus and Glee Club, 3. Glec Club and Calendar Editor of the PLUTONI.-XN, 4. Basketball, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Track, 2 and 3. f K 1 A ll, sl ,lx I -bw 7' . ' " X 7 4 X , Q eff" -4-we , , , C , 'll Wi 'luv li 'QC' 1 lL fi- -- -V2 -- - - - W -'--- --- -- - ---- -- l . BAN KS XNILLARDV A One of the dignified Seniurs, but stall a sluelg, Anne Howe? Oli, rlmt curly lnur! Glas Club, l. 2, 3 and 4. Glee Club opcrcttas, 1, 2 and 3. Basketball, 2, 3 and 4. Class reporter, 2, AllfStatc Chorus, 2. A M. S. Club, 3. Oraturical League, 4. Debating, 4. McCLELLAN XVININGER- He has gained fume not only in athletics but with the fan' sex also. ell, Naunif Basketball, l, 2, 3 and 4. Track 1, and 2. Glce Club operf ettas, 2 and 3. President of Commercial Club, 3. Senior Class Play -L LLWWELL WEIDMANi His seemingly lnzrmless questions have been tlie downfall uf nwre tlwn une English teaclier. Commercial Club, 3. I f . H H ' f 'ffm -.--VV 4 m-r' 4 'u i ,f-xx 'X . Millex we f wx .i it ff' Q nr X ii. A cxlii, 1- . S iv 9, 3fff'i'igg-,,e A :T f W I 4".' ff' 4219 1- A z ee ii ALYCE HOLDEN- 'Tliey listened in rapt attention to the playing of her fingers." Orchestra, l and 2. Commercial Club, 3. District Commercial Contest, 3. IVANETTA HUGHES-- Full of pep and frm and always sees the simny side of life. Commercial Club, 3. FRANCES SAULSBERRY- Dunbar Literary Society, Commercial Club, Science Club, Girl Reserve Club, State Wide Bible Contest, and Basketball team. District Commercial Contest and Commercial Club at French Lick High School. 31 f r. . 1. . f Q. if xiii r X l If ii 'X X ll l fQ, -M xl . I .,. W -. ill l Ni ' 1 X , x ll lr .. f ,gig E 'W' N 'iv I vs-" Q Q i Y A 5 .11 1, - , ' .1 - A . .. 1 W1 A' ". - 1 E f' ml ut Fl Q, ,V ,, A W. PY -mba, 'Q . Q 'wi -- A 1 hy ' J , ju " v .. ' .N-3 . . I wg '-' ' , . . U f ' 4' gifs' ' I f , " if , 53. .pi 3.6 sf X q A. Y I Q, 1, 1 dy f ff Y .,.?W.T -V - - -fnfff -W7 - 1l A If f MII' FII! Qi! W Juniors 9.35 Tfwnv e HUBERT HOBSON HERBERT BLEDSOE PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT lll, fixlflfe X ' glial' . A' ,, if if q 1 q,.,,,, li H l 'l 4TH SRD BND lST lflllfl Row Row Row Row JUNIOR CLASS. Hubert Hobson, Claude Beaty, Clarence Cox, Roy Cox Ross Bruner Atkinson, Elmer Ingle, Charles Hisgen. -Faye Flick, Violet Apple, Vivian Cope, Hazel Bledsoe, lmo gene Compton, Helen Bledsoe, Bertha Eastridge, Aleene Bell Bessie Hagan, Jewel Barnett, Beatrice Hendrix, Edith Clappe Ruth Harris, Selma Cummings, Evelyn Case, Evelyn Cox. -Earle Burton, Loyd Ash, Howard Bobbitt, Herbert Bledsoe Harold Cox, William Ellis, Gene Gruber, VVilliard Cox. l ,V if-XX -A till , -P ,iififf rer1gg:fW-- --R a can L n 'P r ei Fl - ft P . ' L VV ffpiiaq, i' 'X ,f as ai 1' 1 In 'l 4TH n JRD 'ZND lS'1' Row Row JUNIOR CLASS. -Leon Harrison, Lester Sturm, Irene Mills, Elsie Kearby, Helen Noble, Chester Weidman, Floyd Stevens, Herbert Wright. -Lorena Toliver, Pauline Robbins, Clara Ruth Robbins, Clarice Pinnick, Dorthy Parks, Edith Moore, Thelma Pinnick, Hazel Gilliatte. ROW-Lois Smith, Jaunita Wilson, Pauline Marshall, Pauline Thurs- ton, Nellie Williams, Margurete Livengood, Ferne Kearby, Beatrice M. Hendrix. ROW-Chester King, Jimmy Willard, Raymond Ramsey, Carrol f Wininger, Harold Young, Lester Roach, Daniel Williams, Lawrence Kendall. ' ELVKDI , , l ...a L2 34:3 t ,il g 4, 11, ,L fm ff N .iw saw Q. N lifl mil lr t lll 'w.., .1 1 I , it . . li H ll JUNIOR HISTORY. There entered through the portals of French Lick High School one September morning in 1927 a large group of boys and girls presumably in the quest of know' ledge, They were, for some reason unknown at least to them, called Freshmen. It was a supreme joy for them to attain this appellation and at last take their place among the formerly muchfenvied high school students. Intermingled with this rap- ture, however, was a disturbing fear of the "upper classmenn for they had been told weird tales about the treatment of other Freshmen at the hands of their superiors At the end of the year though, they realized perhaps to their chagrin, ffor it would have made things more interestingj that nothing so very drastic had happened. The class organized under the sponsorship of Miss Hazel Hartman with Herbert Bledsoe as its first Honorary President. The very suitable hues of green and white were chosen for class colors. They did their best to live up to them by interrupting every class in the building before they could find their own and committing other such sacrileges sacred to Freshmen. They floundered fthe most expressive verb available? through Latin, Algebra, and come what may or what have you, and saon the neverftofbefforgotten year passed. Many friendships were formed that first year in high school, some of which will continue after the members of that illustrious class have gone out of their dear old high school to take up their portion of the worlds work, Wheii in the next fall they again assembled in the familiar halls thcy found that not all of their original number were present to answer "here" to the calling of the roll. Some of those who had either left Springs Valley or had formed some other occupation more to their taste were: Audrey Kearby, Hazel Luttril, Wzillacc Lefflcr, Louise Kendall, and Ernest Stoner. The class of '31 had advanced a rung on the lad' der of knowledge and for their second years work were to be called Sophoniorcs. Again they organized, this time with Miss Florence Kocher as sponsor and und-ir the Presidency of Pauline Robbins. The class colors were allowed to stand as they were. The motto, "Rowing, not Drifting," was chosen. Some of the subjects offerf ed to them were Caesar, English, Geometry and Civics. They set forth some resoluf tions to be enacted for the good of the school but were not called upon to do any active work. The eight school months passed and the class adjourned for the four months summer vacation. Early in September of 1929 about sixtyffive juniors, sponsored by Mr. A. E. Pershing and Miss Helen johnson, established themselves in Room 8 for their third year in French Lick High School. Hubert Hobson was selected for the junior Presif dency. This year the class has taken part in the various school activities more than formerly. They were permitted to manage the refreshment sales at Basketball games. Some of the juniors are members of the High School Glee Club or Crchestra. Hubg-rt Hobson, Floyd Stevens, Charles Hisgen, Leon Harrison, Gene Gruber and William Ellis are members of the Basketball squad. Imogene Compton and Beatrice Hendrix represent the class in Oratory, and Daniel Williams, Fern Kearby, Edith Clappe, Roy Cox, Clarence Cox and Lester Sturm, in debating. Probably not all the three score and five juniors will receive diplomas in the spring of 1931 but those who are destined by the fates to graduate as members of the classyof '31 of French Lick High School will always have a warm spot in their hearts for their Alma Mater. ttf, I 1' II l f fll!71AJ'ss9f.f - L ggi: Z V ., xg 6 r T am' W, ws ,K 1 x ELEANOR MAVIFY SAMUEL SHARP. JR' PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT ophomores tsl , cf A Wglfix , . iilfi, Y Y ,'v. 1 ,JA In W- II SOPHOMORE CLASS. 4TH ROW-Ted Ballard, Gladys juniper, Lucille Dove, Lois Brown, Esther Cox, Velma Beatty, Russel Apple, Paul Bledsoe. SRD Row-Anna Eastridge, Nina Hazel, Helen Briner, Sarah Calglazier, Deloris Drahing, Ruby Barnett, Iva Hendrix, Lorabell Camp' hell. BND ROWfAudra Flick, Mabel Cook, Caroleen Denny, Barnetta Arm- strong, Pauline Crow, Berniece Bledsoe, Katherine Flick, Beatrice Cox. IST ROW-Noral Crowder, Oliver Corbett, Paul Bennett, Holbert Hen' drix, Elmer Brown, Paul Flick, Dale Dishion, Woodrow Atkins. , 1 ll , I I ini if W ' -,.- ' " x, xx. rdf ,,f f lil lt 1, Nl ,L 1 ' ff loc, ,, c, 2 , ,f -,Q--sa ' ' C -x - S Wil 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS. 4TH Row Sidney Sturm, Charles Lashbrooks, Arthur Lockwood, Betty Lightner, Beatrice Lytle, Wardeii Tabor, Clifford Lash' brooks, Sam Sharp. ARD ROWfPauline Mills, Louise Kearby, Esther Stempley, Edith Usborne, Clive Walls, Margurite Thacker, Frances Stevens, Lois Kaiser. 'IND ROW-Lillian Lashhrooks, Mary Woolums, Gertrude McFarland, Odessa Wagoner, Evelyn Pruett, Eleanor Mavity, Dorothy Stultz, Mae Willianis. IST ROWfCharles Morey, Paul Leonard, Eddie McCarty, Glenn Put' man, Harold McDonald, James Carnes, Paule Wininger, Vance Morgan. I 1 X if . A ll s WX f Y 2 lx, li , n n , irni 1: Y, li' A -i r 1 lt gf X -' jg K i is VV. V fit, if g 'alll 'L .. 4 'I SOPHOMORE HISTORY. In the spring of nineteen twentyfeight, thirtyfeight girls and boys, ranging from eleven to sixteen years of age, graduated from the French Lick grades. They were Freshmen the following fall and welcomed an increase of fortyftwo new students from surrounding townships and counties. One, Norel Crowder, was known as the youngest student ever to enter French Lick High. They viewed the High School with eyes that saw only success and fulfilled ambitions. They would show "Them" that the newcomers would be a credit and help. They would take the High School into their own hands and be model students and boosters. But, by the end of the first month or so, thc newness had worn off. Four of their members had left the "House of Education" because they could not or would not continue to partake in the fete of obtaining knowledge. Sixtyfsix continued their High School careers under the Presidency of Samuel Sharp jr., who set an ex' ample for his fellow Freshmen by participating in various school activities. He was placed on the first team in basketball and joined the Public Speaking class where he attained great success. The entire class was proud of him when he won the privilege of representing French Lick High School in the Bar Association Oratorical Contest. Still another of their members, Paule Wininger, was elected to lead the vociferous band of rooters to cheer the team to victory. Not only in athletics and oratory did the Freshmen make a record. They displayed their ability in dramatics, too. The English class presented "Spreading the News," for the School exhibit, This play was pronounced a success. Near the close of school three of their members gained further honors for the class when they entered the track meet and won three dashes. ai pole vault, and a hurdle race, Thus did the class particpate in many school activities, but they did not attain a sufficiently high mark in their studies. Their brilliant remarks and simply mar' velous acts were not appreciated as much as they should have been-in the Fresh' man's estimation. They realized that they were not model students but could not understand why the upper classmen and teachers thought so much of report cards when the Freshmen found so many more important things to do. Thus the Freshmen finished their first year of 'lHigh" a little more downcast than they had begun. Then, in the fall of twentyfnine, with the welcomed increase of five new stu dents and under the buoyant guidance of Eleanor Mavity, they became fullffledged Sophomores. They found that they were much wiser and better fitted for their studies than they were the preceding year. Nearly twenty of their members leaned toward music and joined the Glee Club while five others joined the Orchestra. Six of their members were accepted by Coach Singer to fight for and help maintain the honor of their beloved Alma Mater, and the Booster Club was 1lOt without Sophomore help in living up to its name. So the Sophomores were very much encouraged and found that their efforts had made for them an opening in the "High School Family," which they appreciated to the fullest extent il' ,f J? I gl, gb P - - , ,Lx ' ,,, W - Freshm n CLYDE PROW JOYCE CONRAD PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT 1' ' aiu, 1,4 cl i'1 - I I 47 .fix 'Wig i ' aaa o 4TH 3RD BND IST Roxy Row- Roxxvf Roxx FRESHMAN CLASS. Ernest Deal, Fred Black, Basil Holland, Samuel Allen, Ernest Critchfield, Blanchard Cope, Claude Cox, Merle Denny, Ernest Fryhurgher. Coen Beatty, Pearl Byers. Mary Flick, jesse Lee Cummings, Claire Louise Harrison, Joyce Conrad, Ruth Flick, Violet Line, George Brown. Geneva Ervin, Ottilla Emmons, Alice Fry, Edith Lane, Phyllis Flick, Blanche Case. Pauline Goldman, Lucille Eckerty, Edith Humphrey, Jesse Crowder. Alva Allstott, Vsfilliam Gaithers, Glenn Ballard, Lloyd Leonf ard, Alva Goldman, Lynal Littural, Jesse Breeden, Wtuodroxx' Byres, jack Lashhrooks. I f I vl l 'ff ffl J' Nr X Ht V-t gem P 'figff-e-Aft! 'K , C 52152 T ,QQ Q 4 5 f-Figs !.J-51,4 to T ,u 45,7 . ff f' ff i ll -Q FRESHMAN CLASS. 4TH Rowffjames Patterson, Perry Morris, Edward Robinson, Roscoe Thurston, Woodrow Robbins, Leroy Mayfield, Clyde Prow, Paul Pershing, Gerald Ritter. :RD ROW-james McCampbell, Claude Taylor, Harold McCracken, Nicholas Mclver, Glendolyn Pace, Genefern Newland, Dessie Reynolds, Rex Wilson, johnny Lewis, Lester Stempley. 'IND ROW-Mary Simmons, Ruth Pinnick, Adele Overlin, Pauline Pitcher, Rosemary Ritter, Sarah jane Ryan, Helen Lane, Clarabellc Porter, Dortha Pinnick, Ethel Moore. H IST ROW-Aldis Robbins, Paul Weidman, Vincent Snelling, Thomas Robbins, Dale Southern, Russell Walters, Herschel Walters, Carl Newlin, Wayne Wilson. ' at l :Qlif P :Sli I - ix , " ,V 3- "', ' Nix Kg' Xl on ' TT n :gif Qi -. . . all .c ' 'e Lil., A .-'.f'f'7- , , K 'V,,..-J!-1.1 .f ' 11 In i 'l FRESHMAN HISTOR Y. At the beginning of the school year 1929. iiftyfseven of the Freshmen came in from the township of jackson, Patoka, johnson, French Lick, Greenfield, Lost River, Columbia, Northwestern and Crangeville. Twentyfiive were students of French Lick's eighth grade in the year of 1923, this making a total of eightyftwo, of which iifteen have now withdrawn. A reception was given in honor of the Freshmen at the beginning of the school year by the upper classmen. Having selected Mr. Cooper and Mrs. B. O. Wells as sponsors, the officers were elected as follows: Clyde Prow, presidentg joyce Conrad, vicefpresident: Merl Denny, secretarytreasurer. We had a masquerade party on Halloween, entertained the high school with a program on Christmas and the Freshmen Home Economics girls had a party before Christmas with a display of their completed semesters work. Those Freshmen in the orchestra are: Paul Pershing, Fred Black, Merl Denny and Aldis Robbins. The Freshmen boys on the basketball team are: Wayne Wilson, Clyde Prow, Fred Black, Paul Pershing and Gerald Ritter. At the beginning of the second semester eighteen new Freshmen entered high school from the eighth grade of which five are promising basketball players. What would French Lick or any other school do without the Freshmen? The Freshmen afford amusement for the upper classmen. Yet, they are unconscious of the fact until they become Juniors or Seniors. The Freshmen have a fine starting spirit and everyone has his goal planned, which is usually hoping to be a Senior or at least know as much a one-pretends to know. The English class, section l of thirtyfone pupils are competing against the thirty' two pupils of section 11 in learning grammar. Section ll pupils are using prepared pamplets from books seven and eight for their work. Section 1 is also taking a list of two new words each day. Section 1 and section 11 are working in Algerbra and learning to become great thinkers for the future. Section 1 Latin class pupils are keeping books of ancient Latin, Greek, and also jokes in English made from Latin. Posters are also made to represent Latin. The Home Economics girls of the sewing and cooking classes are learning to be good house keepers by making practical articles and cooking. The Manual Training Department of French Lick High is running very smooth. The school has added a lathe to the power machines and the Freshmen boys are taking lessons on learning how to use the lathe. They are making different projects such as: bookfracks, tie racks, small tables, lamps, end tables, hall trees, library tables. book cases, corner shelves, waste paper baskets, bood ends, letter holders and so forth. They are also making useful articles for the kitchen such as rolling pins and potato mashcrs. They are able to buy their materials at school. Vocational Civics pertains to social and mental education. We have made a study of the constitution of the United States, the government of Indiana, the prof tection of health, the problem of making a living, the preparation for life's work, the subject of buying and selling and the industrial revolution. 1 jf g gg- I ll Wlfweii fjgof 75- P F KATHYRN BLEDSOE. VICE-PRESIDENT EIGHTH GRADE RICHARD NEWTON. PRESIDENT EIGHTH GRADE PROVIE WININGER. PRESIDENT SEVENTH GRADE LYNN CROW, VICE-PRESIDENT SEVENTH GRADE Junior High !. .b . W 4 X 4, CQ!! , f f Q4 .ii r s at 1 EIGHTH GRADE. 7TH RmXfLeon Stevens, Howard Qualkinhush, Duane Baxter, Ralph Meixner, Russel Flick, Harold Mclver, blames Vxfoolssy, Billie Walke1'. 4TH Row-Opal Willianis, Helen Cogswell, Margaret Prow, Anna Marie Redman, Laura jane Ellis, Margaret jane Burton, Ferne Dove. BRD Row Vernalee Compton, Loretta Baugh, Kathryn Bledsoe, Olive Ingle, Glendale Seals, Pearl Hobson, Charlene Kerhy, Nellie Stanfield, Helen Elledge, Lucile Newlin. BND Rowffxllethia Vxfininger, Rosa Mae Kellains, Violet Elledgs, Louise Leonard, Mary June Cave, Pauline Kendall, Frances Bennett. Mary .lane Hancock, Georgia Ballard, Ferne Moore, Zoe Anna Burton. IST Roxx-james Leonard, jesse Crecelius, Richard Newton, Ishineal Burton, Forrest Hobson, Elmer Thacker, Vkfilliam Bcaty, Louie Roach, Paul Goldman. I 1 'W ll ' gl vlflifl - ...L , lil if ii xl -iw: ' Q, ' ' ' rfr- X 5. NM, ,fs B . 1 L f If ff 1. + 'film .rl 'gi R If D' -l-TH SRD Row SEVENTH GRADE. -Harry Robbins, Charles Thurston, Eugene Abel, Hugh Atkins, Lynn Crow, George Rose, jasper Davis, Alyen Early, Wayne Byrum. ROWfBillie Love, Provie Wininger, Lois Roach, Dorothy Willianis, Madelene Jacobs, Opal McDonald, Goldie Street, Elmer Kendall, Harold Main. l l 'IND ROW-Helen Wilson, Frances Healey, Merlene McCracken, Eva Henson, Doris Bundy, Lois Kendall, Helen Abel, Priscilla Burch, Frances Bundy. IST ROW-Emerson Beaty, Charles Bledsoe, Louis Lankford, Roger Horner, Darrell Pierce, Edwin Sharp, Charles Miller, john Qualkinbush, Thomas Compton. n+ K " C rf W li l"l mi' il Mlllf A fl 'fe x f ff 32 'k VK 1, XM-5 3 W f 0? E930 f ' 1 PLJQTLSHQCI fx the bczmorClC1Ew3 Ff'2r'iCI1 W f f ' fl , i Hgh ficlwol. U, FYTEVTCIQ I-QE KWJFUYIQ.. s 1 :3 1 H XA 12, 5 N!! ff! .Z -is xv , ' 'I f ,-, Q5 FX if , QJWMWJJ lx? A - ' 1 ik! , L - g , r f ,, K 'f' ' '1 Am " fav A, 4 , 1 Q l . N K ug-ag .a i JUNIUR HIGH SCHOOL. Last summer a partition was put in the old assembly to make two rooms for the seventh and eighth grades. The seventh grade room is in the north end, and the eighth grade room is in the south end. We are very proud of our rooms and we try to keep them looking as nice as we can. The first semester, there were forty-six enrolled in the eighth grade and fortyfozie in the seventh grade. The eighth grade officers were: President, Richard Newton: Vice-president, Kathryn Bledsoe: Treasurer, Elmer Thacker: Secretary, Margaret Prow. The seventh grade officers were: President, Provie Wininger: Vicefpresident, Lynn Crow: Secretary and Treasurer, Darrell Pierce. During the first semester the seventh grade often came over to the eighth grade room during the social period. We had some very interesting programs and some lively pep sessions. The second semes- ter there were fiftyffour in the seventh grade and fortysix in the eighth grade. The election for the second semester was held in both rooms on january 30. The follow' ing officers were elected-eighth grade: President, Ralph Mcixnerg Vicefpresident, Charlene Kerby: Secretary, Mary -lane Hancock: Treasurer, Ishmael Burton. Seventh grade: President, Frances Healy: Vice-president, Lynn Crowg Secretary, Dorothy Gruber: Class Reporter, Carroll Holiday. The organization of the junior High School Basketball Team began September 16. The girls played two games the first semester. The eighth grade beat the seventh grade 7 to 2. The scrubs challenged the girls and the girls took them up and bsat them, 9 to 5. The time for the first game which was to be with Bedford was drawing near. Leon Stevens was elected captain and the players were selected: They were: Leon Stevens, captain, Forrest Hobson, 2nd captain, Harold Mclver, Richard Newton, Charles Miller, Lynn Crow, Provie Wininger, Edwin Sharp and Hugh Atkins with Fred Crow as coach. Below is the schedule for the year, with the results: French Lick 19, Bedford 31. there French Lick ll, West Baden 9. there French Lick 19, West Baden ll. here French Lick 13, jasper 22. there French Lick 9, jasper 19. here French Lick 12, Bedford 12. here Kathryn Bledsoe and William Beatty were chosen as yell leaders, When Kathryn graduated at the end of the first semester she was succeeded by Helen Wilson. On january 29, a chili supper was given for the basketball boys and coach by the mothers. After the feed the boys went to a show. The junior High School organized an orchestra the first semester in which these people were members: Kathryn Bledsoe, William Beatty, Richard Newton, Mary june Cave, Loretta Baugh, Vernalie Compton, Laura .lane Ellis, Margaret Prow, Violet Elledge, Duane Baxter, Harold Mclver, Forrest Hobson and Billie Walker. Some of the members went into high school at Christmas so another orchestra was organized. It now consists of: William Beatty, Violet Elledge, Opal McDonald, Helen Elledge and Richard Newton. The orchestra entertained us several times. Helen Wilson, Roger Harned, Billy Love and Harold Main are members of the har- monica band. The Junior High gave a short play, "The Spirit of Christmas," in the Christmas operetta and some of the girls sang carols. The junior Plutoeraft is published every month by the Junior High. We elect our own staff and six or eight pages is the length of the paper. I v 'I if if if - Q F V '1 A CTIVITIES f.'-'ma--'LW-fs 11' 21-'f-. "fm-QW ver,-'U":vr : 3 1 W--ce: uf: 'Wim 'gzgf-yu -5 'fr-1':w ff- N ,ii 317-" '16 '-gjfiif' 'iL"'Jt'5 . Las' rr ova' ' ', , -J, '-L, 2-1-git: v ,-- L4 --rg--ip-g .-,HW ,L -,- --Jw. 1,4 3."g1---' --P' 1,5 gn,-,pi-g34gu,,,q, gy!--'f'+v., -' V' wg,-., 73- -,. '. :g,,1-.A5f- , 5-,,.,,-vi, - um- g. ,-,.,'1. . 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A 'Wu ,',." ,,, 4' . - .-- if--V wwf' mn -Jw- R.'f07f1F"'1f.'?,T?'5g": .,2f-.- s " Lf--.H ,, 3 '- ,-.v -tg '- . ,4'.1P5'n-' n :,.,..v .--Q if . , 1- -J'-'--.'.-1-ar-Eifspl-Q, yi- ,, -I-"?.451'3f' WW '.1'4,--Qf.'-KW-4 an '5 x- ,,- "- i , 1-N-.f - ' ny, ,1,,,NI'i' --.-f -.1-" 'I P' ff"-41-.--Y., ??"."'-Q1:,'-'Rf-tgwsq, -1 N-,Jw-' SXVU-4cQf'7b!".3 iii- '.-"fi -, 3. 3'.1?'4.--ly ki. M-441-L '---4,-A5 - -,F ,- .1--,.-976 ' -Lf sv 1'---.5912 ,.f.:,u,O4H1i'1.:Rf-yxiifleirlff-'ggy:s-J,z,l343g.1llg- .-,sw g- '-. 112.1 -- 13.191-4-,, .,.-If. 5-,, w ,,.4,'Y'C.- 4-a' 'qu-'1g1A..w. -qw -f f -45,5 , - , .c.,. .-.:, .: -- ' Q - :L -H -, - , - 2, ,- -'-..' 4' ,w--+1911 I --6,-..1g.-h..-Y,-, 5- 1Q'f,,-- ,- jg M '- ."PQ , - - ,- , - , -G TPI--2-QF'f"-q:'1+-i:5f:,'2'5-'f2'?5NL9-.-'?::. 11:92:55Jitfif'-1'13-UN-.':Flag-f.ff.i2f72gw-'f.fENf:kZ'1-g.'-.ffiQY1'11f1m?-3--'fl-.4-fa-,ming-Lbimg'---e19.:-hs-43-.'.?1..Jd:51i1L-f2'1lf-E'-i'1Ff1':',f?5'-si-lb '- f' Athletics g h A if '. Q- A" 4 A" YELL LEADERS BOBBITT VVININGER PAGE Fcm'Tv N NE D. V. SINGER COACH ilql f'-X x . J. . , 1 V - f f - --EJ'-1.f .Y A, T s W 5 1-f feNea -5f..ra.1.f -ss X. -9 fx P ' HV- V f"ilTf""' f eg' Qfss X sg A c f-f .jf X., 4 f f--ff 'X .is Tank 1 'l THE PLUTO CITY LADS. . McCLELLAN WININGER was chosen as captain for the team this year and no team has had a finer pilot. Kelly has served the high school for four years and his ability in scoring and clean defensive play has won him wide recognition. EDDIE CLAXTCN played one of the forward positions this year. He was a remarkably good shot and when the fans saw Ed in the game they always expected high scoring. Eddie is a Senior and with his departure a real fighter will be lost. To HUBERT HOBSON fell the position of center. Hobbys cool headed attack was a great asset and he was a good shot at the basket. too. He plays one more semester and will be a mainstay in next seasons team. HCWARD SIMMCDNS, our scrappy floor guard, has the speed that is neces' sary for his postioin. "Discs" head work easily matches his basket shooting, This is also Howards last year with us and he will be greatly missed by everyone. LEON HARRISQN was our backguard and was always on deck when it came to scrap and drive. Lee acquired the habit of shooting longs and was a dangerous man to any opponents offense. Lee has one more year. SAM SHARP. our tall sophie, played a great game when called upon, both at guard and forward. He can break up the foes offense so easily that in the years before him he will prove a menacing obstacle in the path of his opponents. FLOYD STEVENS played in every game, although he was a sub. He was our reserve floor guard and did a fine job of saving the game for us. "Whitney" is a very consistent player and has one more semester. He was a rival to the forwards when it came to basket shooting. His slogan is "dropping them in, one by one." CHARLES HISGEN, another of our subs, is certainly full of pep. 'kButch" also played on the second team and gained a reputation for himself there. He is a bear on defense and is always on the job when a basket is needed. In VJARDEN TABOR we had a fast little reserve guard who could keep the pace of any opponent. "Mert" was a quiet fellow who fought right into the game for both the first and second teams. Those of us who saw the Qrleans game there, have no doubt in our minds about his making the first five next year. PAUL BLEDSOE played as reserve center. He also played on the second team. He has ability that sent him along through the victories with his teammates. Paul has two more years with the team. Player Games Goals Fouls Total Points VJININGER ... ...ZO 68 47 181 CLAXTON . . . '. . .19 44 9 97 HOBSON .. ...ZO 50 26 126 SIMMONS ...17 20 16 S6 HARRISON ... ...ZO 20 13 53 SHARP .... ...EO 21 12 54 HISGEN ...13 17 7 41 STEVENS .. ...ZO 20 27 107 . g BLEDSOE . . . . . 7 1 O 2 4 "is, TABOR . . . . . . S 1 1 3 y fp, , - A - ra- og uf TOTALS ... 282 156 720 'Xl fl' ', , -all, "ll Y fx r33YF'.i"fli li Iv g X W rf' X1ls".l,hl K- rf- ff,,+' A "i. l Y11Mxl.,1l 1 1 P F K E PJ Wx -. gd 7 ' Leg gas 1 o L tl: - lf n X T ' ', ffl' giagi iii! T K '7 if ijli 'ffl ll +I BASKETBALL Basketball, the lively spectre which holds the spotlight of school sports from October until February, has once again passed the brink of its sepulcher and lies wait' ing for another year. This riotious ghost, to whom thousands salaain as it gallops along, grows more popular each year. Wlien the season opened the French Lick High School Basketball race for renown looked about as shapely as a tub of Wet wash but it rapidly took on the semblance of good form and the Pluto City Lads annexed the most brilliant record of hardwood campaigns ever won for their alma mater. Our bankingfboard bombardors, Coach Singers chief concern, and greatest hope have dashed right through nineteen scheduled contests and captured twelve of them. The Coach will be minus three of the staunch red and white defenders as Claxton, Wiiiinger and Simmons graduate. However, he has excellent material for his 193061 team and things look promising for the next season. Coach Singer has been the light which has guided the Pluto Team to these vic- tories. His advice and instructions have instilled many valuable thoughts in the minds of the team members. They have found that there is more to basketball than winning the game. To play any position each man must first love the game for its own sake. He must undergo the grueling montony of daily practice and the abstinf ance from many personal pleasures in order to equip himself with a knowledge of the fundamentals and get in the best condition possible if he is to do himself and his team justice. Personal glory does not enter a real players mind. Greater than this is the satisfaction of knowing that he has done his best for the team and school and this same satisfaction may often be an inspiration in future years that will urge him on to success in the big game of life. Love of the game, the fighting spirit of sportsmanship, and physical condition are builders of success, together with a high personal standard, backed by confidence and determination. As an additional compensation for valor displayed and personal achievements sixteen basketball men were awarded honor sweaters on February 26. The coach was also given a sweater as a token of appreciation for his unrelenting and successful efforts in producing a team of ten ferocious warriors that came to De dreaded by opposing teams. Manager Messick was not forgotten either for his back- ing and efficient managing of the squad's season. He also received a sweater. ,i i is g, X i i Wililelf e zu Yi f fl lvl Y I-XT 1 1 .-.51-gli? 14-Q1 i s Xie -ax-,Lis f-K' Xaie -- E 4 . ' 'i E-XX f L K 4 ff :g,4- eg iid. susfw L ff- . . :ff ,'-f?4iS 'I+ iff' " X, f L f Q' "' ' fp . 7 if ,fl X will f" ,I 1 I1 ll MITCHELL '23-FRENCH Lick 15. French Lick opened the season with the Blue Jackets on the Mitchell floor but were downed by 13 points. The Pluto City Lads fought bravely all through the conflict but the final score was ZS to 15. HUNTINGBURG 41--FRENCH Lick 29. French Lick again felt defeat's sting but they displayed vast improvement in pass and signal work. The half score was 9 to 25, quite disheartening to the team. The iinal half was more evenly matched, ending 41 to 29 in the opponents favor. BROXVNSTOXVN 41-FRENCH Lick 44. Cne of the most thrilling of the season tilts was played on the home floor on November 8. The boys worked hard, showed excellent teamwork and won the ref ward, their first victory of the season. The total tally was 44 to 41 after the two sensational overtime periods. ORLE.4Ns 43---FRENCH Lick 38. The flashy Orleans High team handed our boys the short end of a score of 38 to 43. The first half was very onefsided and ended at 26 to 14 in Orleans' favor. The last half was exciting because of close guarding and fine shooting. However. the Pluto City lads could not overcome the opponents' lead and lost by five points. SMITHVILLE 41 -FRENCH Lick 42. We cruised to Smithville determined to beat our distant opponent and came out one point ahead in our second double overtime contest this season. The Smith' ville team played a line game but could 1'1Ot vanquish our red and white men, although they tied them twice. We won by a 42 to 41 score. WEST BADEN 19-FRENCH Lick 24. The fast West Baden team tried to pull a walloping game but were surprised by the offense they faced. The boys fought valiantly and deserved the victory they won. The opponents played harder the second half but having lost their confidence could not oust the Red Devils' advantage over them and lost by a six-point margin. P.-XOLI 3O4FRENcH Lick 35, Two nights later French Lick's squad was host to the loopsters from the county seat. Paoli, unabashed by the unexpected victory we won over West Baden, came and saw but did not conquer. The spirit throughout the entire game was good and the fans did not retard their loyal support. The half ended tied at 2Ofall, and the final tally was 39 to SO in our favor. PAOLI 53-FRENCH Lick 25. The boys were too elated over their success during the Thanksgiving games to accomplish much. Their lucky streak faded for they had undeniably, touch luck. The Paoli players sought revenge and gained it by an eightfpoint margin. How' ever, this put the boys in better shape for the Owensville game for next week. OWENSVILLE 32-FRENCH Lick 31. We went to Cwensville grimly determined to outplay the latter's quintette but we came out just one point behind. The boys played an excellent game but could not win over all they had to combat. Claxton, tallying seven fieldbaskets, was high point man. The contest was fast and hardffought, ending with a 32 to 31 score. STEND.-XL 33--FRENCH Lick 44. XV. . XL. x . r I rv, Mi K x lil all 1 H The Singermen hit the straight and narrow path once more. Stendal's five caffemen fought valiantly against a foe eleven points better than they and went home fl X Owl ' at if-1' A D D iffgixl' Vxlmlil N1 In 4 at L YT X'l '..L,i.,.'..'.llQi, my ill X1 +1 1 P F 1. g fi? EV . X xy K- 1 E - L Qi m JQLLZAX . , , - - 'X ,E,- ffm 1. -L J F tlrwxp -gg Q gf . if , .ff 40.54 f good losers. The game was rather slow and the outcome was quite evident frtm the start. Claxton again topped the scoring list, having gathered fifteen points. Wiisr BADEN lf!--FRENCH Lick 38. The dope was all upset when we ran all over West Baden, on our floor, and captured a SS to 19 victory, A hard game had been anticipated by all interested. Having run up a score of 9 to '21 during the first twenty minutes, the boys pulled a stall, displaying their skill in pass work. The West Baden squad found this irritating and were unnerved by their unsuccessful efforts to recover the ball. This decisive victory was an appropriate initiation of our players new suits. Siviirrivitte 24-FRENCH Lick 48. On january 17 the Pluto City Lads were host in a return game with Smithville. French Lick was off to an early lead and played all around the invaders in true base ketball fashion. The final session was a continuance of Smithvilles attempts at scoring and our stubborn resistance. Pereassuao 29-FRENCH Lick 38. One more game was added to our string of victories when we downed the Fleenormen in a ferocious battle. Play was fast throughout the tilt for although they were defeated the Petersburg quintette was a real obstacle in the red and whites path. BROXX'NS'l'UXX'N -if---FRENCH Lick 37. A long motor journey in chilly weather did not daunt the teamis fighting spirit. The game was fast, although the boys did not have sufficient punch to bring home a victory. Due to the distance and weather few followed the players to the scene of battle where our warriors fell by five points, Brownstowns fans and playe1's are to be highly praised for their sportsmanship and clean playing tactics. JEFFERSONVILLE 41-FRENCH Lick 35, Undaunted by their defeat the night before, the Pluto City Lads entertained the .leffersonville Red Devils in a lively tiff which kept the visitors fighting fiercely to down us. French Lick led early in the game but Jeff soon gained the lead and the first period closed at 22 to 20 in Lleff's favor. ORLEANS 33fFRENci-i Lick 32. The Orleans squad downed us, after a hard scrimmage, by one point. Although we had two men off, the verdict was doubtful until the final gun settled it. French Lick led in the scoring before Orleans could begin earnest work. The half score was li to 14 in the opponents favor. With eight minutes to go Orleans held a threcf point margin in the final session. Wininger started our rally when the score was 33 to 32 with two minutes left to play. But the one shot, which would have changed the verdict could not be connected and we lost one of the best games of the season. MT. OLYMPUS l7+FRENCH Lick 54. The game was entirely too onefsided to be termed exciting but it was an ideal way of ending a successful season. The Singermen looped the initiating tally and held a wide margin all through the game. The half score was 27 to 6 and the second half was much like the preceding one, ending at 54 to 17. Mt. Olympus had a strong team and had won the championship of their county. Their squad played under an unfortunate handicap, for several of their star players were unable to play that night. l, ffffwzii A . ff- i fn- - 1" ,.i in , f , - w V-41 X 'V X gil! ' X A --L rx Y YYYWW N 'X ,Q ., gel! i f-----A-Yfff:1vL" 135212 fre o, , 4 fd, ,f V. S5 , W! .if I 4'f:'if1 sy' K-lnlll' lv 'I LOSTOKA TOURNAMENT FRENCH LICK- rc FT rp Wininger ....... . . . 4 1 Claxton . . . 2 O Hobson . . . . . 3 2 Sharp .... . . . O 2 Harrison . . . . . . O 1 Simmons . . . . . . O O Stevens . . . . . 3 1 12 7 WEST BADEN-- FG FT TP Gerkin ......... . . 3 0 Richardson ..... . . 1 O Mueller . . . . . . 7 2 Dixon ,.... . . . O 2 Heckler . . . . . . O O Russell . . . . . 1 0 12 4 A x e .qi l o fl iii? ' YQ-lgulpi M: L xxxxll V. MX Li- 3-Tlx Xl X Ulllf ee. ll 'mn p no K rs w xl ' rl f ,f '17 . 35 lx rl - ' "' n if in S4-5-'Q 'flfaf w X VTSTXAA Qi X i t - - ., . im? 1 Jwfsa . f 33' f' FOREWORD OUR only hope is that this book will give those who read it the joy that has been experienced in the activif ties here recorded, b ' MAY this as our first annualg be only one of the stepping stones into the affairs of our dear Alma Mater. Nt K .VA t fli , , " . "Ali Y ' 'B' ,' ,-,-L' I ,r ,. a- X If L31 L II LOSTOKA TOURNAMENT The French Lick team won the first annual Lostoka tournament held on the eleventh of January by defeating two schools in the Jasper gymnasium. The high school net squads entered in this invitational tournament were jasper, Huntingburg, West Baden and French Lick. In the afternoon the Red and White warriors subdued the Jasper basketeers in easy fashion, the clash ending 31 to 26. West Baden proved to be the sensation of the tournament by defeating the Huntingburg quintette, 12 to ll. This was an extremely exciting game, a closely' guarded affair, and both teams depending upon long shots and free throws. The first half ended 6 to 5 in favor of Huntingburg, ln the second half both teams ran up their scores and with only a few minutes to play the score stood tied at ll-all. West Baden's forward made a gratis toss a few seconds before the final whistle, win' ning the game for West Baden. Jasper handed the Huntingburg men their second defeat of the day in a pref liminary game at 7 o'clock and received a new basketball as the consolation pri:e. The afternoon tilts left the title between the two rival cities of the Valley and the West Baden team suffered another defeat that evening, when they were downed. by Coach Singe1"s netmen for the third time this season, by a 31 to 23 score. The Sprudclonians got off to a flying start when Gerkin ran through the Pluto City Lad's defense to score two field goals in quick succession. French Lick had their first opportunity to score when Hobson made a free shot, fouled by Heckler. Mueller connected an underetheebaskct shot, settling the score at 6 to 1. Claxton immediately tallied a goal from the field and Hobson donated another marker from the free throw line. Then followed a field goal by Hobson and two free shots by Stevens, and Harrison gave the Red and White four additional points, In the meantime the op' position had run their score up to 13. The Singermen staged a rally in the last few minutes of the half which astounded the French Lick fans, giving them an idea of what the boys can do, Mueller settled West Baden's score at 15 with a field goal, while Sharp started the rally by making two gratis tosses and Stevens and Wininger in quick succession added four more points from the field. This ended the half, XVest Baden holding an uneasy onefpoint margin. Opening the final half, French Lick gained the lead for the first time with a fast play from the center on the tipoff. However, Mueller immediately made another underfthefbasket shot and a free throw, giving his side the lead again. The Red and White defenders pulled to the front a second time, which, though continually threat' ened, they never lost. The French Lick combators made ten points while West Baden remained at 20. Then the Sprudel fighters uncorked such a comeback that they nearly tied the score at 27fall. Hobson and Wininger came through for four more points, and Russell of West Baden dribbled in for a close shot, ending the scoring a few minutes before the final gun. French Lick's representatives had won the first Lostoka Championship by a 31-tof23 score. Following their victory the Pluto City men were presented a silver loving cup, which was emblematical of basketball supremacy among the four cities entered. This team also had the distinction of being the first team in the history of French Lick High School to win a tournament for the old alma mater. A 'kget together" convocation of the student body was held the following Monday to celebrate the success and the team's noble efforts in defense of the Red and White. ,ii 7 eases --- - is fgyfwgif " c . .. D w , f-X '1'j' YG, -4, ex . we X .x xx ' :i,fE 'Y f -e ef H- -fs ,- :zezi l H73 ss x ff nib, , -, :aff Ss - -' ,X -,K f4fi7IiZQg- ss, Q ,f K ,jfs vgif .1 fx X' X ' ' 1-f. If f 5 li 'V COUNTY TOURNAMENT ORLEANS- Worrel . . Pickens . . . Holmes . . . Willianis McCoy, J. MCCOy', M. jenkins . . . FRENCH Wininger Simmons . . Hobson . . . Stevens . . . Sharp .... Lick Harrison . . . FC O 1 O 1 '7 O 1 7 FG -s . J O -s . J 2 O 9 ,xge 'Yi 'XVI .1 ,ff 5? Qi Q X if-S f,f-J" if fs L S Y- x 'Wi 1 - 5-Cf-l,,X Y QS New i W 1' lf. 1 P' .W 'f if x lfflf ,jx gi g V ' WJFDTIL T' ix l-iv or jr" -Y' X V -, 'K ,N ell - gig gf- Tx' L . gui, 'I , Tl' at 'al ll 'l COUNTY TOURNAMENT French Lick made short work of the Orange County teams on Saturday, january Zi at Paoli and certainly came through with flying colors. Each of the games was exciting and full of fast play with wild scoring on the part of each team. The first game between Paoli and Orleans was a lively tilt although nearly all through the first half the Orleans five appeared to have little chance of winning. Paoli opened the scoring and held a 3ftofO lead before the Orleans squad began tallying and the half was ended at IO to 5 in Paoli's favor. During the second ses- sion the snappy passwork of Paoli's players discouraged the opponents and somewhat dampened their spirits. However, they were not long in scheming a method for breaking this defense and a few minutes before the final gun the score stood at 17fall. One of the Red and Black fighters landed two free throws and toppled over the tie, ending the clash at 19 to 17. By the time the contest between XVest Baden and French Lick opened, the gym was packed with a crowd of fans so pent up with excitement that the air fairly sizzled. Each town tried to outdo the other by expressing their emotions with high school yells. West Baden ran up three points before Harrison started our scoring with a gratis toss. Floor work seemed to be all that could be done. for shot after shot of the Singermcn fell short or bounced back. The first half ended with French Lick on the short end of a lOftofS score. If the building had caught fire the spectators couid not have been wilder during the second half. Vv'est Baden made only one basket during the second half. The Red and White evened with them at llfall. The Singermen would get the ball for rapid passwork and by wild shooting lose it to the opponent who had no better luck. French Lick finally came through with a ficid tally. West Baden played on, determined to tie us. Luckily our men were equally determined they should Hot and the final gun was nearly drowned by the roar of the rooters. The 1-lftofll score put French Lick in the final game for county champion' ship versus Orleans at 8:00 o'clock that evening. The gym was filled with eager witnesses for the big game in the evening. Oi leans led out with a gratis toss but were soon squelched by the Red and White with a 10-tofl score. Rough playing was evident all through this game, each team feeling they were getting the worst of a had deal. Matters cleared up, though, the first half closing loftofi and the final session at 2-lfto'l9. The citizens of the Pluto City troupecl home jubilently, the proud followers of a team who were county champions. and who had also won another magnificent trophy. This prize was presented to the school by the Kibler Brothers of Paoli. Indiana, with the provision that it be passed on to next season's champions. It will not become a permanent possession of any school unless the school wins the county contest for three consecutive years. Besides this honor the nineteen hundred twentyfnine and thirty squad have the distinction of being the first team in French Lick's history to bring back the crown of Orange County Champions. llll ' "V 7 "T ll 'lffylf . .. . .ll 4 , 1 it . -- V -ity X2il +,.-h,,L,Y,g,,,,Y, Y, i- ig VX., 1, r 1 1 'm---Y - , ,,-7-sf ",,,, ,H :Lil til ef We ,H- X s 1 ' -ezzfifl .- , :at gf' EX. it ilfiifib 'I 'f. -ag -.N ff! ig 5 X' iii T'-flx..,c ' r-f, ff 'd Aglt 'Q iltil I, ll SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT The sectional tournament was held February ZS and March 1 at Paoli. The teams which clashed on Friday were Paoli, West Baden, Orleans, Little York, Hard insburg, Campbellsburg, Salem and French Lick. In the opening game West Baden subdued the Paoli team by seven points, The Ramblers did not seem able to play their fast brand of ball and the Sprudelonians held them 1Oftof4 at the half. During the last session a grim rally brought Paoli within two points of the Musselmen. who quickly ran up a 2'lftof1i score. This defeat check the Ramblers from further contests. Orleans eliminated the live representatives from Little York in a onefsided tilt that ended 32ftof9. The Orleans quintette were never threatened, having piled up an early lead and the half count was 20-to-4. Hardinsburg proved too strong a foe to overcome so Campbellsburg was de- feated in the first game of the evening. Harclinsburg led out and were never ov-:rf come. The final score was 2-1ftof1'l. Our players held the interest of the spectators at the 8:30 game. The question in everyones mindfk'Can French Lick beat Salem?" was soon answered and a down' hearted crowd of spectators journeyed to the Pluto City after seeing the pride of the home town swamped by a 31ftof12 score. The Pluto City Lads started the tilt in real basketball fashion and for several minutes of fast play held the black and gold Lions at bay with a -1ftofO score. The Salem center, McGill, sank a field goal and Salem soon tied our score at 4. They forged ahead and from then on kept the margin, NVe were four points behind at the half and no end of desperate playing could oust the ferocious Lions who ran up nineteen to our four points in the last period. Our team excelled any other team in the tournament on passing the ball but were unable to follow up their shots. Nine o'clock Saturday morning found a swiftly gathering crowd ready to follow the continuance of the Sectional games. The Pekin five vanquished the Monroe Townshp respresentatives with a 33 to 15 defeat. The Township team was unable to check Pekin's rapidly increasing score and fast playing. Orleans was the next strong team subdued when they were downed by the flashy West Baden squad by nine points, The Sprudelonians gained an early lead and the Crimson and Black played a lighting game but could not stop the West Baden players. The final score was 22 to 15. ln the semiffinal game between Salem and Hardinsburg there was no doubt as to what the outcome would be. The Salem boys ran up a score of sixteen points while the Hardinsburg five were getting one basket. The final score was 31 to S. West Baden defeated Pekin in a slow game and obtained the right to play in the big final game against Salem. Pekin put up plenty of opposition but the Sprudels emerged with the large end of a 18 to 7 score. The final game of the Sectional between West Baden and Salem was by far the best game of the tournament even though Salem opened the scoring and kept the lead throughout the game. The Musselmen certainly put up a valiant iight against the Salem Lions. The score at the half was 11 to 5 and the iinal score was 15 to 12. Salem, as Sectional winner, entered the regional tournament at Bedford. Salem is li . '-i:, CTN sw ' 3 5 l X .liilfiif to be congratulated on their team. it XQNKX In 5-gf Ylwpl, pl. all 13. 1 -1 1 P E F NE saga f - 14N 1 1 4 L K' Q-Env in 1.1 ' v . J -t.. 1 - ' 'X ,xx X Q f P' f F' . f 111 3 : M4 Q v .fx 1 ew, .,. . A 1 ntl ,f --,, If ll YU lviifj 1 Q LQ PLUTO CITY SCHEDULES Fren French Frcn 1929-30 eh Lick 151 Mitchell 28. Lick 291 Huntingburg 41. ch Lick 441 Brownstown 41. 1: West Baden S French Lick 383 Orleans 43. French Lick 421 Smithville 41. French Lick 233 Vxfest Baden 19. French Lick 35g Paoli 311. French Lick 25: Paoli 33. French Lick 31g Owensville 32. French Lick 44g Stenelal 33, French Lick 3Sg Vvfest Baden 19. Lostoka TourneyfFrench Lick 3 French Lick 433 Smithville 24. County Tourney'French Lick 241 Orleans 19 Fren Fren Fren Fren Fren 1 ch Lick 331 Petersburg 29. ch Lick 371 Brownstown 42. 1 ch Licl-: .wig .leffersonville 41. ch Lick 321 Orleans 33. ch Lick 341 Mt. Olympus 18. - 4 Oct. 31 Nov. 7 Nov. 14 NOV. 26 Dec. 'T Dee. 19 jan. 2 -lan. 10 Jan. 23 Jan. Jl Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 20 Feb. 21 Feb. 27 Mar. 1930-31 Stendal .... Odon .... Oorydon . . . Orleans ...... Huntingburg . . . Paoli ......... Smithville ....... Lostoka Tourney. Brownstown ..... County Tourney. Paoli ........... Jeffersonville . . . Odon ...... Bloomfield . . . Orleans ...... Mt. Olympus .... Owensville ........ 6-7 Sectional Tourney. . here .here there there there there . here .here .here there there . here . here there .here MU' 'f -'Qi wiflflw vrf . . -- M 1' ra r '---- .- , , L-. l . Xl ' -X , If VIL! Viv-,BX-A f E, - -al ll 'I SECOND TEAM Black, center: Ritter, guard: Wilsoii, forward. Apple, guardg Pershing, guard: McDonald, guard: Ellis, guard Prow, forward: Gruber, forward: Lockwood, forward. SCHEDULE AND RESULTS French French French French French French French French French French French French French French French Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Mitchell 35. Huntingburg 23 Brownstown 14 Orleans 18. Smithville 11. West Baden 17 Paoli 27. Paoli 19. Stendal 24. VVest Baden 23 Smithville 8. Brownstown 13. Orleans 14. Alumni 26. County tourney Paoli 25. WW al 5: 1 C-- V: 'M' 'R Q, ., , -- rriilfrti- -E .-. - . ,A o 'X Q 1 A Af ag ff- 1: X' 'iff W- 'X' f' ., .1 .- 7 4 fx-, q"f.,-s:- ., - rss-X .A 1 c I 4 If 1 A- s , f" ' . l 'll li li i ll SECOND TEAM The second team has followed close in the footsteps of the fine example set by the varsity squad, and as a result have a commendable number of second team ssalps hanging to their belts as well as some material full of real fight to offer ne:-:t years team. Early in the season a few of their members were transferred to the first ten, due to their ability on the hardwood. The remaining warriors had plenty of fight that sent them through the season and they have benefitted greatly by the experience received. Gut of the fourteen games these boys "brought home the bacon" seven times. OCTOBER Zi Mitchell romped all over us and gave us a bad beginning. Matters cleared up quickly the next week and our spirit was found undaunted. NovEMBER 1 We went the first one better and downed our next foe, the Huntingburg squad. by a narrow margin of two points, NovEviBER S We lost our third battle but the Brownstown five had to stage a mighty hard scrimmage to hand us a onefpoint setback. TXTOVEMBER 22 Defensive play by both teams the next game was so strong that the total number of points made was only 20. Smithville held the margin of two points. NovEMBER 27 We felt that we paved the way for "our big brothersn when they followed our example and defeated West Baden's squad. Our score was Zi to 17. TQOVEMBER 29 The county seat UB" team emerged victorious by 13 points. They got off to a flying start and we were unable to cope with their fast brand of playing. DECEMBER 6 Vvfhcn we invaded the Paoli gym a week later we met with no better fortune but the opponents were not so far ahead in this tilt, the final score being 19 to 12. DECEMBER 21 Stendal called on us and presented us with such a drubbing that we appeared to have forgotten how to play. The first half ended 16 to 6. We staged a rally during thc next period and the final tally registered 24 to 20. JANUARY 3 West Baden returned home on the short end of a 23 to 19 score. lt was a game of close guarding and good teamwork. JANUARY I7 Smithville was not so fortunate in our second meeting as they were in the first. After a onefsided affair we emerged on top, having doubled their score. JANUARY 25 In the county tourney West Baden was eliminated after a snappy game. Paoli pushed Orleans out of the way and then at 7:30 in a preliminary battle turned their hardwood tactics loose on us. We had fallen before them twice and met defeat again by a 'JZ to 18 score, FEBRUARY 7f14 The last three battles we entered were victories for our squad. Brownstown was hushed by 3 points and Orleans was also subdued. This game was another scrimmage where the outcome was doubtful until the gun settled it. FEBRUARY 22 In our last basketball game we entertained the alumni of the old high. In the first half we had plenty to fight against, but, getting the worst of the wear and tear, the former stars were defeated by 5 points in the second half. 1 Mr W U gi- X71 l f 'fwfwa . .. .. ., 3. vf!Y,,.:i'- Organizations lllll PP' , u Noble ff-Effare H a 1-L ,W C i .L EW a L X' Mm L -V I !V,'4"-' 'il 'ea4J--Y, 'Hr 4 I' ll midi? ., was fi A-M-f f 5? BOYS GLEE CLUB SRD Row- Dale Dishon, Harold Bundy, Paul Bledsoe, Samuel Sharp Jr.. Howard Simmons, Ross Bruner Atkinson, Parke Flick. 'IND Row-Banks Willard, James Willard, Claude Beatty, Elmer Brown. Herbert Bledsoe, Lawrence Kendall, Harold McDonald. IST RoWARaymond Ramsey, Glenn Putman, Charles Hisgen, Keith Hammond, Vance Morgan, Paule Wiiiiiiger. GIRLS GLEE CLUB SRD ROW-Mary Ryan, Mabel Cooke, Louise Kerby, Lorena Toliver, Pauline Robbins, Deloris Drabing. 'ZND Row-Betty Lightner, Sarah Louise Colglazier, Helen Briner, Bar' netta Armstrong, Mattie Clive Line, Vera Faye Briner. IST Row-Ruth Hall, Anna Eastridge, Nina Hazel, Eleanor Mavity, Rosemary Lashbrooks, Evelyn Pruett. f - DIRECTQUR-MTS. Ethel M. VJells ACCOh'IP.NNIST1Ni71d Hazel l , A . 'll l 1 ,lf ,ly 4 I fl ' ll 4,7 L e ll 1' ff I ' H aattt C X, iii fps. - , ' Pi g':f"' ,. "j,i:ff'fT 'f "' -- ! gg V it rx K is eggftlg' ,efiiipfb l 44,,- ire ' fi? 5 K xiii: gg K -fs. gf 7 ' gl as s If ' GLEE CL UB The Glee Club was organized in September with an enrollment of thirtyftwo members. Since there were so many more boys than girls in the organization the club was divided into two sections which met one period every alternate day except Friday when both the boys and girls Glee Clubs meet together. The boys section spent the semester in working on three part music, They gave two public performances during the semester. The Girls Glee Club did two part work and gave one public performance. The entire group gave one short program. Seven new members were enrolled the second semester. Plans were made for the annual Spring Festival early in the year. The operetta was also chosen and plans laid for its presentation. The Spring Festival, being largely the work of the Glee Clubs of the county, may well be mentioned, although the program has not been fully completed at this time. Four numbers will bc given by the allcounty chorus, consisting of old time melodies. a sacred song and a patriotic number. The girls of the four sclioolsfWest Baden, Orleans, Paoli and French Lick' ewill be responsible for one number and the boys will be expected to furnish another. Solos, both instrumental and vocal will lend variety to the program and the all' county orchestra will add the finishing touches which will make it one of the most enjoyable programs ever staged in French Lick. The enthusiasm of the Glcc Club mounts high as the work on the operctta prof gresses. uThe Gypsy Roverf' bids fair to be a "stunner.l' Gay costumes, snappy dialogue and tuneful choruses, not to mention graceful dances, makes us eager for the last entertainment for the public during the school year. April IS is the date set for the presentation. "The Gypsy Roveru is in three acts and is built around the character of Rob, later known as Sir Gilbert Howe, of English Nobility. Rob is stolen when an infant, by his nurse, Meg, who later becomes the wife of Marto, a gypsy. Rob grows to manhood amongst the gypsies believing Meg and Marto to be his parents. It happens one day, while riding with her fiance Lord Craven, that lady Con- stance Martendale and Lord Craven become lost in the woods. They wander to the gypsy camp where Constance and Rob meet and fall in love at first sight. Craven objects to Rob's attitude, but in a very funny comedy scene with Marto and Sinfo, he is made to tell Sir George, who later comes in search of Constance, that Rob is a charming fellow. In act two, Rob goes to the home of Constance and serenades her. They plan to elope but are overheard by Craven who informs Sir George, and plans are made to capture Rob. This is successfully accomplished and Rob is thrown into prison, but later escapes. Two years elapse and Rob has come into his estates, his identity having been proved by Meg. He becomes a successful composer, a friend of the Prince, and a social lion. Constance has remained true to her love for Rob and on his return to England, he woos and wins her for his wife. I' Tlil X .477 f 'V M" rl PAGE 5 vv ri 'iT' T Y I XX l ! 1 l '5 1 -,,..:-L-QW.. ' ' f ,,,,'n . 1 f A , .,.f" -4-""'T: '.,--'?"'7 1 . 1 ' as DEDICATION ' To the student body of French Lick High, whose patriotic spirit has ever 'heightenedsthe glory of the institu- tion, we dedicate this book. May those of the future look to the past as an incentive to ideal devotional patriotism and an honest education. Q . ell A i I WI .Ef- THE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA ln September, 1929, a group of eleven boys and girls brought their musical in' struments to form an orchestra that would be a success and pride of the school, The members that were enrolled, their class and the instruments they played were as follows: Me1'le Denny, Freshman: Paul Pershing, Freshman: Earl Burton. Junior and Aldis Robbins, Freshman-cornetsg Paul Bennett, SOlJlIQH1OI'CfffOIHbOI1C1 Paul Bledsoe, Sophomoreftenor banjo: Fred Black. Freshman and Harold McDonald. Sophomore-ffbanjo ukes: XVilliam Beatty jr, Junior High School-saxaphoneg Bar' netta Armstrong, Sophomore--violin, and Eleanor lviavity-piano. A few weeks later two new members were enrolled, Helen Briner, Sophomore-drums, and Nina Hazel, Sophomore-violin, and a short while later the trombone player, Paul Bennett. dropped out. It will be noticed that the orchestra is composed entirely of high school students with one exception, VVilliam Beatty, -lr., who is a member of the junior High School. Under the supervision of Mrs. B, 0. Wells, the orchestra has made much prof gress and won a name for itself because it has become known that the orchestra is always ready and willing to do its part, They made four public appearances the first semester and plan to make as many more during the next semester, The tirst public appearance was made at the pie supper given in the High School gymnasium, the second, at the Kiwanis Club, the third. at the Christmas operetta given by the grade children and fourth at the New Years party given by the Masonic Lodge. Besides these appearances the orchestra has played at convocation and pep session four times. The orchestra is working hard and is planning to play at the Spring Festival, the operetta "The Gypsy Rover," the Senior play and at the Commencement. r I it Q- x X D1 A ,A-el g+- - r v may iM! L M a e .... ee ge---gk X .xg it fi A Y x."l lffv ,M TTT e5 1' ,f,.:' lv n B fflffnl-S A - 1 ! C .- ll DEBATING AND ORATORY The school year of 19291929 marked the beginning of oratory and debating in French Lick High School. Mr Messick. instructor in Public Speaking. took charge of both. The subject for debate the first year was-Resolved, That the United States should adopt a hands-off policy in Nicaragua. The varsity debating team consisted of Vxfilliam Sharp, Mattie Olive Line. and Parke Flick. The team was defeated by a small margin in the :one debate at Princeton. Sam Sharp represented the High School in the Constitutional Oratorical at Paoli. Mattie Olive Line represented Orange County and took third place in the district Discussion League at Bedford. The interest proved still greater this year, Another oratorical contest was en' tered known as "The XVay to Peace Oratoricalf' Imogene Compton was chosen as our representative in that. Sam and Mattie will continue as representatives in the same oratorieals they were in the previous year. The debating team members are Lester Sturm, Edith Clappe, Ferne Kearby, Beatrice Hendrix, Raymond Ramsey, Daniel Willialims, Roy Cox and Clarence Cox. French Lick was defeated by Hunt' ingburg in a dual debate january lo. The following week, January 23, they debated with Jeffersonville in a dual debate and the negative team was victorious. The other team. Cellarsburg. withdrew, The subject for debate was, "Resolved, That Indiana should adopt by law the principles of the oldfage pensions." Five letters were given last year and one will be given to each individual par' ticipating in a debate or oratorical this year. Lester Sturm, Roy Cox, Clarence Cox and Daniel Williams have ordered white debating sweaters. Sam Sharp and Mattie Olive Line have ordered blue sweaters for oratory. The Kiwanis Club of French Lick has presented the school with a large silver loving cup. Each year the class winning the Interclass Oratorcial contest will have l the year and name inscribed on the cup u e . W N ' .ly x i ' e Q, tk ci! I s . - ., - . - x I H4 i -. 1 . .. X .I wg., ..f,a, 1 I AM I INTRUDING? This play opens with the villian, Blair Hoover. plotting with Mrs. Hastings to buy the stocks which Mr. Vare deems worthless. Mr. Vare who is pressed for money considers this offer. This is the state of affairs of the Vare home when jerry intrudes. He sets out not only to save the stock for Mr. Vare, but to win Vare's daughter. Mar-iory. for himself. jane. Vare's niece, is wholly absorbed in writing stories and she engages a new secretary whose name is Earnest Rathburn Besides a whirlwind courtship of Margie. jerry furnishes much amusement for Ma1'gie's slangy young sister. Vi, and the laters bosom friend, Dora. Act ll opens with Dora and Peter planning to make Dickie and V1 jealous. Margie interviews her father and after discussing his financial status, Margie resolves to go to Mr. Hoover and plead with him to give her father more time to meet the notes. Margie succeeds in getting him to put the extension of time on paper but just as she snatches the paper from Mr. Hoover and is about to escape with it she runs into the arms of Mrs. Hastings. Mr. Hoover has promised to marry Mrs. Hast' ings to repay her for telling him about the stocks. Mona, the little French maid, be' comes furious when she learns that Hoover and Mrs. Ha'tinGs are lotting together. 5 :- P U a L Business transactions call Mr. Vare to the city and the young folks, Margie. Dora. Dickie. Peter, and Vi accompany him. During their absence jerry. .lane and Earnest surprises Hoover and Mrs. Hastings in one of their secret meetings and force them to surrender. jane and Earnest bind Hoover securelyg then proceed to search him for the notes which they succeed in finding. jerry takes the notes and leaves for the city. Mr. Vare and his party return presently and are much astonished at the turn things have taken. Amid attempted explanations jerry dashes in with a large sum of money to meet the notes. He also brings a paper which states that the stocks Vare owns have gone up and are very valuable. Hoover is forced to acknowledge defeat and also is forced to acknowledge to Mrs. Hastings that Mona is his lawful wife. Dickie and Dora, Earnest and Jane. Vi and Peter get engaged. Margie tells her father of her love for jerry but Mr. Vare objects to him. At this time, Jerry. now a carefully dressed young man, appears and explains how he had always wanted to be an actor but his father, the president of the Standard Electric Corporation. would not give his consent, so he ran off and came to help Mr. Vare. Mr. Vare is now willing for Margie to marry jerry so we leave them all happy. Mrs. Hastings. . . Blair Hoover . . Earnest Rathburn. . . Mar-iory Vare .... Dickie VValdron. Mona ......... Horace Vare.. Violet ...... Peter. . . Dora ........ Gerald Mays. . jane ......... CAST OF CHARACTERS ...Clara Ruth Beaty Parke Flick ........joyce Lane . . . .Mattie Olive Line . . . . . . . Roy Seneff . . . . . .Ruth Burton . . . .Keith Hammond Rosemary Lashbrook ............GuyLove . . .Vera Faye Briner . . .Kelly Wiiiiiiger . . . Evaleen Parks ' fflfiff ' .., 1-3 ,lil at I ll l I 1 ,it lf!! I lsflfe -s We fx jiri? X -xi: --rgilji-A- !f ! f nr is A .x XXEI ll -jj 7,25 r . lil' K it lr'-tiffg-, r X O 'Sign X 1 If - 17 A 1 .-ff of Lit QQ., A 'I ' '. I x ' as G", 3 as fd' -36 STAFF OF THE PLUTONIAN EDDIE CLAXTON .... .............. I oke Editor MR. A. I. MESSICK .... ...Faculty Business Nfariager' MRS. LASHBRDDK. .. ......... Faculty Advisor DALE CONRAD .... .... C ii-ciilation Manager GUY LOVE ......... ..... S napsliot Editor RAYMOND MCIVER. . . . . .Assistant Editor I'IOXV:XRD SIMMONS. . . .... Calendar Editor JOYCE LANE ....... .......... B iisiness Manager PI.-XROLD REYNOLDS ..... Assistant Business Manager ROSEMARY LASI-IBRDOIQS. . . ............ Society Editor MARY RYAN ........... . . ...... Athletic Editor KEITH H.'XMMOND ...................... . ....... EditorfinfC1iief H.ARRIET WE.AVER CULLISON fwithdrewj ...Advertising Mariager SADIE KELLAMS ........................ ...Advertising Manager W XII D XI I I , -' 2 III - f I IX, IV 'I P 1 , tl if jpg 4 3-6 ,-,X . l, ,-1s 'f it A A . i 'i iff ,iii " .- . 'X . If' Y A 7 ' Fi Y 'l I .. . "3 I ffh' , ' V X., yi ., , . as -aff' . iuij COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT The Commercial Department of French Lick High has been growing in the last few years until it is now one of the largest in the school. The total number of be- ginning typists about seven years ago was eleven or twelve. This year we have forty'three. About the same time there were seven bookkeeping students while now we have thirtyfeight in the class. The shorthand class has increased from five to twentyfseven. A large number of these students come from outside of French Lick. Last year a Commercial Club was organized. The club's purpose was to create more interest in commercial activities. During the year we had Mr. T. E. Simmons, President of the Board of Education, give us an address, As a novelty Byron Clay and Fred Kellams gave an exhibition, that same afternoon, of two people writing on one typewriter. At one of the other meetings Superintendent Sharp talked to us. We do not have a Club this year because no period was available, The Typewriting Companies give awards to the students for accuracy and speed. We are proud of the number of these we have won. This year we spent most of our time on accuracy instead of speed. Students are realizing each year that commercial work is beneficial to them whether they intend to enter commercial vocations or not. It is obvious that every ordinary citizen has almost daily need of hundreds of bits of commercial knowledge and skills. for lack of which he is not only greatly inconvenienced but occasionally suffers great financial loss. Each of us needs to have an understanding of contracts. notes, drafts, and insurance. Every factory, every department store, every corpora- tion of any sort, including the national, state, and local governments, can give eloquent testimony to the enormous losses entailed by the companies as well as individuals in the total of small miscarriages of purpose in public and private business due to ignorf ance or carelessness in the observance of business routine. Of course for those who intend to take any part in the commerial world the need of high school commercial subjects is very apparent. For those who plan to enter a business school, many months work. in addition to the money it costs. can be saved. LATIN Wlizit could be more fitting than that Pluto City lads and lasses should engage in the study of Latin, the lingo of the original Pluto? Very properly one hundred and one boys and girls enrolled in the Latin course this year, fortyffive in the begin' ning and fiftylsix in the second year course. No doubt many of the students were amazed to discover that Latin is IIOI a dead language. They found that we Americans in our daily life are using the lan' guage of the old Romans in a different form, for from sixty to seventyffive per cent of the words in the English language are derived from Latin. The students learned that not only the study of derivatives but also the study of Roman life, art, architecf ture and stories of heroic characters makes modern life more interesting and mean' ingful. Only two years of Latin are offered in French Lick High School. It has been customary for students to begin Latin in their freshman year. Last fall the Freshman class was divided with the plan that one section begin the subject of Latin immediately and the other section defer the subject until the sophomore year. This postponement is expected to make the mastery of Latin easier. Ivlany schools have tried this plan and found it successful. A student. after being acclimated to high school work and having the advantage of the additional year in English is more capable of under' standing a foreign language and hence will derive more pleasure and benefit from it. i l ' i l A c tcziffiif -4 A I' A A ' ' f V "' , . ,K i V D V 44 - -Q 1 1 , X u 4,,. C0.'Il.'lIERC'lAL CONTEST The District Coinincrcial Contest was held here in April, WN. The schools entering were: French Lick, Cfoi'x'tloii. Ferdinand. Htiiitiiighiiig, Jasper, Loogootee, Orleans. Paoli. Shoals and hh'vllllll1US Those students entering for French Lick were: Typewriting Novice B' Alyce l-liwldcn, Mattie Olive Line, .ind Eyalecn Parksg Type' writing Amateur B f Fred Kellains, Selina Draliing, and Byron Clay: Shorthand lf - Selma Drahing, Frances Sanlsherry. and Byron Clayz Bookkeeping lf-fXVilli.tin Sharp, George Rohlains, and I-Iai-old Reynolds. Corydon won first place in total points tor the school, and French Lick rated second. The highest honors won for the fed and white were taken hy the Aniatetir Typcwriting tcani. The tcain rated tirst place with a net speed of 'lm words per minute. Fred Kellams took first place iiidiyidtial with a net speed of 31.1 words per ininutc. Byron Clay second with filfll. and Selma Drahing third with 04.3 net words. Selina Drahing won first place iiitlmdtial in Beginning Shorthand. The Novice B typing team rated second with 1-Xlycc Holden second individual place. George Rohliins took second place in Beginning Bookkeeping and the team rated third. Our first place winners, Fred Kcllanis, Byron Clay and Selina Drahing went to the State Commercial Cintcst which -yas held at lxiuncie. They hrought hack second place teain honors. Evansville rated first. This trip was financctl hy the Athletic Association. Vxfe are very grateful for their assistance. This year the District Contest is to he held at Cnrydon since their school rated first last year. VJe are going down with the expectation of bringing the contrst hack here next year. llllli it +49 'i fill f 'A k , u X we ,xv - . ,X lx'l pt 'fl K g ,Q ' ' - 'E lk Y h ' 'S' , ' ,-Af 1 i ,J ., -,H in 1 1 . ' V ' s LN' . it lu-K THE A. M. S. CLUB lt seems that many of the students of French Lick High School took a particular interest in science and especially in the Physics department of the school. Mr. Persha ing. professor of science and mathematics, endeavored to cultivate this interest in every way possible and, since that he was in such a position, had ample opportunity to stimulate his class into activity. The best way to study the things of interest to the scientific world seemed to be in organizing a club for the science students or others who might be thus inclined. Provisions for the A. lvl. S. Club then began and dealt entirely with Appliances of Modern Science from which the organization derives its symbol The A. M. S. Club was organized during the early part of the school year of '28 and 'Z9. The constitution was drawn up by a committee chosen from the science classes and was adopted in due course of time and an election immediately held to provide officers for running the organization. Keith Hammond '30 was made presif dent and Fred Kellams '29 became vicefpresident. The club met the last period ev- ery alternate Friday and the program was always one of a scientific nature. At every meeting a program committee was appointed whose job it was to arrange for the dis- cussions for the succeeding meeting. The president was the permanent chairman of this committee. Among the things of interest that were found by the club, was that an over' Whelming majority were most interested in aviation, its latest developments and its principle. Those interested in radio and its phases ranked next while electrical and mechanical engineering were close rivals. BOOSTERS CLUB At the beginning of the Basketball season the boys lost a number of games. The coach had prophesied that this year's team would be better than ever before. It seemed that some of the town folks began to have a few little doubts about his statel ment. Of course the school did not feel that way and we were going to back the team to the finis. Some of the girls began wondering just why the team didn't win the games. Therefore Olive Apple and Ivlattie Olive Line with the aid of the coach, organized "The Booster Club," All girls that showed signs of an interest in the or' ganization were asked to join. Now on the day of each game, these girls put up the old red and whiteAour school colors. The business men have been a great help to us in accomplishing it. The boys assure us that the backing and support given by this club have been a great benefit. Certainly the boys "came out of it" and have won some decisive victories. Whethi'1' or not we had anything to do with it, we don't know, but when we hear the team being praised we certainly have a feeling of pride. as anyone would when they see the two trophies that the team has brought home this year. l It f f ll 'Millar if H E 1 2 - " . .il ll ans. ., h,c,,k'll,?- Sa, Yi ' X .1 e L' 5-7, fe - "Y -- -- - " it r- , s i A Y? 3 "' f STA ' ,ggi fxf TH' JTO: s' 1255.5-ig-,g . 'iff X, I ,f-as 4. -.. 1 . L 1. 'A we sa' X l V T 4 1 -nl THE MANUAL TRAINING DEPARTMENT This department deals entirely with wood working and finishing and this year the addition of basket making was made. It is one of the subjects recogni:ed as an industrial or vocational study for the High School boy. Our school takes particular pride in its manual training department which is com' pletely equipped and strictly up to date in all its machines and tools. Through the diligent instructions of Mr. S. C. Bowden the shop is run in syste' matic order. The pupils are given free access to the tools as soon as they have become acquainted with their uses. Another thing that is earnestly taught is that of safety. Everyone becomes very accustomed to the use of the machines and there has never yet been an accident alf though such might easily happen if caution was not so strenuously urged. The power machines now in use are the lathe, universal saw, band saw and jointer. Manual training is only offered to the Freshmen and junior High, However. during a few previous years advanced manual training was offered to the Seniors, After learning some of the fundamentals of the art, the beginniner makes small articles which generally show their usefulness about the home. Later when he becomes more familiar with the tools and more skilled in their uses he begins to make different pieces of furniture that are more elaborate and difficult to construct. Another thing that is given great attention is the finishing of wood. The different kinds of finishes are taught and indeed many pieces have left the shop of which no one would be ashamed. Among the many pieces constructed there is everything. from paper files, to tables made in the most elaborate manner. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Home Economics has four large objectives: cleanliness, orderliness, system and health. Right living begins at home. Vvfho makes the home? The man may furnish the money to build and maintain the house, but it is the women who plans and manages the home. It is her business to see the family lives in a sanitary and an attractive houseg that every member of the family has clean, properly selected and well cooked food, and that everyone is suitably clothedg that the family income is wisely spent, and that all in the home are helped to lead a happy and useful life. No girl should consider the making and managing of a home an easy piece of work for in fact, nothing is harder to do and do well. When the girl takes work in school that covers all phases of homemaking we say she is taking a course in Home Economics. Among the other things carried on by the Home Economics department is the School Cafeteria. Those students who stay for lunch may obtain their meals at a very small price. The department itself makes no profits from the service it renders, but, it merely endeavors to meet expenses. We are very proud of our Cafeteria. I ii x nl 'H l 1' ,ef fxa f' lk' 'ET-Lffgfpg xl lx l ' i X x X X VMI 1 ,sf ' f. ' .lil l l ., - ' V V Q57 '- A- ' ' L.-M 'Xi 2' YB- ii Q 4 n .j,"l3li Pl 1 f Tig ' 1 V' YQ.. x A N J SOCIAL ACTIVITIES The Freshman class held a Halloween party in the High School Gymnasium 'in Tuesday night, October 29, 1929. There were twentyfthree present. Several enjoyable games were played. The class had as their guests six teachers. Mrs. Wells and Mr. Cooper sponsored the party. The Sophomores gave a masked Halloweeii party at 9:00 P. M., Monday, Qc' tober ZS, 1929 at the home of Barnetta Armstrong. Due to bad weather only fifteen pupils and the class sponsor, Miss Hartman, were present. The evening was spent in playing games, singing and dancing. Refreshments consisted of Pumpki Pie, Milk and Sandwiches. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Fry gave the basketball boys a party on Tuesday, October 29, 1929, This party has become an annual affair. Besides the members of the squad that were present, many high school girls, Superintendent Sharp, Principal Messick, Coach Singer and family were also present. Sandwiches, hot chocolate, brick ice cream consisting of Red Devils, cookies and punch were served. All reported that they had a very nice time. The junior class of French Lick High School plan to give the Seniors one of the biggest and best Banquets ever given by any other class. This Banquet is to be given April Zi, 1930. About sixtyffive Juniors and thirty-six Seniors are expected to be present. Mr. and Mrs. C, Harrison entertained the Basketball players with an Oyster Supper at the beginning of the Basketball season. All members of the squad were present and all had a delightful time. The members of the Squad. the Yell Leaders, Principal Messick, Superintendent Sharp and Coach Singer were given a supper early in the Season at Newtons Res' taurant. Miss Claire Bartl entertained the Basketball boys, Mr. Sharp, Mr. Messick and Coach Singer at a supper January ZS, 1930. All members of the team were present except Paul Bledsoe. The dignified Seniors, considerably tired of the weary grind of lessons, decided to have some recreation. The result of this decision was a Valentine box, as in Ye Glden days when they were mere children in the grades. So during the last period Friday afternoon on February 1-1 they gathered in the Senior room for a bit o' fun. After the president had given a talk concerning the origin of St. Valentine day and the Valentines had been given out. each senior was seen blissfully eating frozen lolly pops. In addition to this Mrs. Lashbrook and Mr. Messick each treated us with candy bars. A jolly time was had by all and the period was soon gone. A pot luck supper was given by the faculty Thursday night, February 13, 1930. The room was decorated in keeping with St. Valentines day. Many enjoyable games were played, and many different contests were tried. All the teachers and their families were present. Valentines, Comics and otherwise were used as place cards. All left saying they had a delightful time. During the first of February, Mrs. Lashbrook, assisted by Miss Kirk, entertained the ladies of the faculty and the wives of the men teachers at a Valentine Bridge party. Everybody had a good time. Mrs. Wells showed what a good sport she was by taking a part in cards although she had never played Bridge before. Miss Hart man won first prize and Miss XX7ebster won consolation prize. Sandwiches, coffee and cake were served. 1 .ln A .L .' . -4 N w . " FE TRE FIRST VIBNX'-Pdg6 five-Scene at "The Gorge" French Lick, Indiana SECOND VIEW-Page six-Scene at "Bear Cave" French Lick, Indiana THIRD VIEW-Page swan-Path to Bowles Spring French Lick, Indiana FOURTH VIEW-Page eight-Bridle path near the French Lick Springs Hotel ,V ,5 ' lil f i - n T-I gli' 'R'-la iiifggj 'f+- --RH1 . .LL - K V ia. e- me ei a so ' fyfiitifg' i f 5 ,f TTJCJFT' r-ff I .mfs A dj Ii HISTORY 0F THE CLASS OF 1930 ln the autumn of nineteen hundred and twenty-six, sixtyfthree boys and girls, having acquired the necessary qualifications, and highly resolved to avail themselves of a better education, took their respective places on the Train of Learning. This Means of Transportation to the City of the Learned was not entirely new to twentyfsix of the passengers for they had already visited the station from which we started. Thirty-seven of this group were strange passengers, however, and new acquaintances and friendships sprang up between these two groups of students and they soon merged into one large class. "All aboard," shouted Conductor Cathcart, and the great train was on its way. We had traveled steadily for four hundred miles when suddenly the city of Final Exams hove into sight. Here we were detained for some time but after passing various examinations we traveled another four hundred miles and passed another City of Exams. Cur Freshman year had ended. Now we approached Vacation Desert and disbanded. As was natural and almost inevitable our Freshman Class was never to all reassemble again but when the shrill whistle sounded we were happy to see the majority of our number in their familiary places. It was with regret we realized that some of our members, including Ernest Stoner, Thelma Beaty, Henry Collins, Grace Rawyer, john Wiggington, and Minnie Wilson were with us no more. This year we had difficult tasks to accom- plish and many times the grade was very steep. By the time the second lap of the Journey was completed several of our other passengers including Thelma Wright, Roflie Walters, Cecil Flick, Geneieve Kinsey, Ralph Pinnick, Mamie Thurston, Ver' nice Gilliatt, Doyle Walls and Roberta Shipman had for one reason of another dc' cided not to continue the journey with us. Colda Kimmel and Margaret Collins meerly changed cars with intentions of completing their journey by different routes, After each four hundred miles we followed the same routine, that of traveling through a city of Final Exams and at the end of the eight hundred mile lap we crossed Vacation Desert. When the third part of this epochal journey began we found ourselves high and mighty juniors and the passengers began to assume an attitude of dignity whi:h is so characteristic of upper classmen. NVe had two new passengers, Annabell Williams and Isabel Silvey, who traveled with us for eight hundred miles. Our group was again decreased by the withdrawal of Clair Beaty, Glenn and Wava Charnes and Troy Flick. Fern Line took passage on another train. When we were called to start upon the fourth and final division of this advenf ture only forty of our goodly number had had the perseverance and grim determinaf tion to pursue the long and tedious journey. Before the first four hundred miles had been traversed four of the remaining forty, Elma Cogswell, john Briner, Olive Parks and Harriet Cullison had also left us, It seems probable that the remaining thirtyfsix will continue faithful to the end. It is with regret that we record the names of those who might have been with us now, however, as the happy time of graduation beckons to us and is only a short distance away be banish all cares from our minds and devote our undivided attention to making our exit a success. Realizing that our allotted time on this Train of Learning is almost spent and that we shall soon cease to be an atom in the composition of this great institution, - ,Ill 'fgf.7'U we wish to take this opportunity of expressing our sincere gratitude and appreciation . , to all who have helped to lessen our diiiiculties and make our journey more smooth K l, ,puvljlfa 'Q and pleasant. vs, j wwf .Q Qwgj tl 1 .ww lwllllll '-s 'N i ll "' ill -lj il jill ll all PAGE Sswzuvv ss EN g 'gtg' ff! ,YY igggagiktli l - L 's ee-m FTTT' 3 I I V, Vw' 1 A 'milxj n - -5 ' 'ij -x ff KA, Q Lx N MN f f1 -HM ik 535525 P b . - in 1 .X ,wwf-1 .4 l F , VS- J s V: .sax mir: .Q 4 ,-K -. . :UQ fb W 'qi - ' S Fx ,S if -'X J' 5 Q. . -1 5,1 Wig , AJ ,I fe, A, , 'JKX an My wi 1 ' . I im-M -F 41. . ,. "S . , A J N X M ' ' Q ' - . Q -Gm :qsxy .1 gi , N , Vg. R! S fx xo , . z x sf: if ' Lv, gps' - 5 A fi Q 31 .1 ,ef I, 41 .1 z x x Q We ': 'ikcxe A , f-' Ex x FQ fgifi,gg 1-je --X? ,iiugi jriiilgb, ggi., I L if 6 ' iii T' T3 . c 1-1.1 Il ll CALENDAR SEPTEMBER .mn OCTOBER. School opens Monday, September the fifth with a larger enrollment than ever before. The Seniors. juniors, Sophomores and Faculty gave the Freshies a rousing recepf tion Friday the ninth. Several talks were made and refreshment served in the cor' ridor. Freshman initiation proved to be a flop as the "greenies" were good runners and protected by the faculty. Class officers were elected and Evaleen Parks was made Madam President while Guy Love became Vice President: we Seniors chose wisely. It is well to note that our Senior class is a larger class than ever before to look forward to graduation. At the faculty meeting Mrs. Lashbrook was appointed assistant sponsor of the Senior class while Mr. Messick was to be chief advisor. Coach Singer calls for basketball men to report. Thirtyffive reported after school in the gym. This month was eventful in that our Math teacher introduced the Tuley Methad of winding a Yo-Yo. It saves I'iOt only time but energy. We are sure Mr, Tulcy would be glad to teach you. He can generally be found at F. L. H. S, except when he is in Huntingburg7?f' At Senior class meeting we decided to don caps and gowns for our graduation outfits. One of our members had already donned a gown but it was a wedding gown. At another Senior class meeting the question of a high school annual is put be' fore the class and everyone is in favor of it. This will be the first annual published here since 1914. Six weeks of school fly by and we have our first exams. Evidently the crash in the stock markets had something to do with the grades on our cards for they were very low, The Public Speaking Class gave a pie supper in the gym which proved a big success. All the lassies of French Lick High brought pies which brought in prices from fifteen cents to three dollars and sixty cents. The pie supper was under the direction of the High School Principal, A. I. Messick. Our basketball boys lost the first game of the season to Mitchell Cctober 25. October proved to be a month of pestilence to our Principal for blow gum and Yo-Yos were introduced into our school by Hubert Hobson and Parke Flick. Howe ever, Messick began a series of YofYo raids and prohibited blow gum to be chewed, and before long these two menaces were banished. V4 H-"..-v 2, , ,. li Rl 3" ojfgfi A N-T-Li, 34 . . Xi 'dai' X, "ff ?5gTW.i'lNflll1l 'T P -f,. -n' QQ: - r-2:1-:ff ,f-L r' f E ,E-W Yfx-U --X1, iw, Yi V! x W 'y f .lift ill . . .skiers e e s . X " .Q flftflg-7 fins' If ff' . s ll I Noviiianek AND DECEMBER. November was started off right by a pep session led by our new Yell Leaders, Howard Bobbit and Paule Wiiiiiiger. All kind of noise was voiced but T. E. took the cake: he made a noise like an onion. ln a Senior class meeting the annual staff was chosen, Keith Hammond being elected Editorfin-Chief. Mrs. Rugenstein of the Indianapolis Engraving Company met with the staff to discuss the problems of putting out an annual. Some problem!! Calling cards were ordered by our secretary during this month. The Seniors are making preparation for graduation now so that they will not have so much to do during the last half of the year. The Seniors showed their originality when they gave a short program during convocation early in November The performance was a success-maybe. The Juniors followed suit with an Armistice program. The program was en' joyed by all but-you understandffthe Seniors originated the idea. They're leaders in everything-wonder how they get that way. Mr. Messick told us after the convo' cation period that he did think the Seniors should be leaders for the little underfclassl men. But, of course, they did not let it go to their heads-no, not bad. What do you think happened just before Thanksgiving! Why, the Sophomores came along, and gave a Thanksgiving play. They even had the nerve to give a better one than the other two classes. But wait until you hear what the Freshmen are planning for Christmas! One day in November the Seniors came to school arrayed in their best clothes. The wurwose of it all was to have their aictures taken for the class wicture and for l l l l the annual. They were pronounced the ugliest Seniors to ever leave French Lick High School. We don't object but it looks like they could give us a break once in a while and call us second liomliest. Talk about business. Say, the staff of the annual was sure busy during Decemf ber. Almost all the pictures which we intended to use were made and much of the copy was prepared. The advertising was also contracted. During the evening just before our Christmas vacation began the grades gave an excellent performance under the direction of Mrs. Wells. The Freshmen made their debut during the last convocation of the semester when they gave a short Christmas program. The play was the best of any yet given-- even better than the Seniors'-imagine! Accidents will happen, however. just wait until the Senior play is given. Welll have the laugh on them all then. They are all buying Christmas presents now for the children and others. Some of us got handkerchiefs, others got ties, lots of us got dumb and made bad grades ffjllili, s s - T E -5. i , Oli -ms . ' g Cigsrv V , ,-Y, F , 7+ A w XX xg ' F V ,.-Ti T. he 1 X ff LQ 5 nf is 5 -Lfwgvg e 1 Z , X-J,.f ana. ' f, " V ,Z fi To ' It aid' il JANLHRY AND FEBRUARY. january 1, 1930 was not only the beginning of a new year but also the beginning of a new semester and of four months steady work without a single vacation. "Its a great old life it you don't weaken," The Glee Club operetta was selected as soon as we got back from vacation. "The Gypsy Rover" was chosen and work was soon begun on the choral numbers. Final exams served to enliven us as soon as our Christmas vacation was over. Disfavor was met when the faculty refused to exempt the graduates from exams but we all passed so "Why speak of it. why mention it now!" The Seniors began to consider what play they should give and after much dis' cussion "Am I lntruding?" was decided upon. April 4 was set as the date for pres- entation. january 3 marked a very sad event in the course of the life of XVest Baden Hign. Did we wallop them! And how! They left French Lick lower down than a snal-:e's hips. We wonder to whom the letter hanging in the Senior Assembly room belonged. We donlt wish to mention any names but it surely belonged to a boy whose first name is Herbert and whose last name is Bledsoe. I'll bet he has a time keeping up his correspondence. He's got more girl friends than a prune has wrinkles. All some people do is argue. and boy, there sure was plenty of real legitimate arguing going on here during january. In fact. the debating team couldnlt Hnd any' one here to argue the Old Age Pension and so Huntinburg furnished the opposition. We lost both sides but when our teams debated ,leffersonville we won the affirmative but lost the negative. French Lick brought home the trophy at the Lostoka tournament held at Jasper on January ll. Not only did they bring it home this year but plan to do so next year. We intend to keep the cup in our hall that the team of '29f'30 may be ref membered for its accomplishments. Une of our worthy Seniors seems to have an' other idea for the cup's use!-what could it be? The Health Education class sure has a crude sense of humor. Furnished with a cat, they immediately proceeded to take its insides out, merely for the purposes of seeing how it was constructed and noting the situation of all the little "Gadgets" and "Dojiggers." The parts for the Senior plav were assigned the lirst of February. Here's hoping we won't be presented with any ancient eggs or discarded tomatoes. The operetta parts were assigned, also, the first of the month. "Bigger and ,, W 'ill better than ever before. K i I ig Mt-, F' 'lil ii Qi: 'L Qi .QT Ji A, I+ M Xxx. f N-1 'K N PA EG:-4T one ff 3, '-is - igtsltxki ll - --e, 41, l - ' f 4- "A li - T g'L 'KAY lf, .e . 5 "X ii A I i -Ii ,A V e S4 Ai AF Y ,ex Y .Q I t , 4 . 1... 1- '15 'ff 'f --"f A f A Q Wiizl I' l MARCH AND APRIL. At last the evening for our party has come. All thc other classes are green with envy fpardonl l meant with St. Patricks day colorsj. Those Seniors soliciting the least number of subscriptions for "The Plutonianu give the ones who have solicited the greater number a party. March cast a magic spell over us today. An epidemic of Spring Fever broke out in the assembly. Oh! how we hate to work when "Vernal Equinox" brings such days as these. March 28 has come and this evening the annual Spring Festival was held at the Gymnasium. All the Glee Clubs in the county congregatcd and displayed their talents before a grateful for otherwisej audience. The Senior play marks another important event in the life of the Seniors. They will display their talents tonight in "Am I Intrudingf' The eventful evening of April 4 is one to be remembered by all the class oi' 'SO The school exhibit is always looked forward to. not only by the High School students, but also by the grade children. April llfl and ll were set as dates for the exhibit. Not only members of the Glee Club are interested in the Glee Club operetta but also the citizens of our town are enthused over this annual event. "The Gypsy Rover" marks the last public entertainment of the school year. The annual banquet given the Seniors by the juniors on the evening of April 25 is the last association the two classes will ever have in French Lick High. Baccalaureate! April Z7 and the worthy Seniors will take leave of their present life and "Now We Try a Boundless Sea." April 29 and the graduating Seniors of 19311 have become members of the French Lick Alumni with the last event of the school year, Commencement. 4 i M, l ,fl tf r 1 I 'I an li' ll i'f'Ifii,l Y V' i i 4 'T :g L, F, E i fs. 1 gl? V ,i , -, i ,,,,, Y L Y - gf-5 nfs, S ef' e f S, lllhffss I if 'iflfl all . 11 JOKES A goodfnatured traveler asked a Pullman porter the amount of his average tip. The porter replied that the average was one dollar. The man handed him a dollar bill. The negro caressed the bill atfectionally and said: "Yassuh, boss: but you is de fust pusson what has come up to de average." Golfer-"My boy, do you know what becomes of little boys who use bad lanf guage while they are playing marblesfl Small Boy-"Yes, sir: they grow up and play golf." McIntosh, the proprietor of a corner confectionery shop, was the proud owner of a new cash register. One day an old friend came in and bought a iivefcent bar of candy. He noticed that Mcliitosh, instead of dropping the money into the drawer, slipped it into his pocket. "Why not ring it up?" the friend asked. "Youll be forgetting it." "I'll nae forget it," replied the Scot. "Ye see, I keep track in my head till I get a dollar and then I ring it up. It saves wear and tear on the machine." "Where did the car hit this man?" asked the lawyer when questioning the at' tending physician at the trial." "At the junction of the dorsal and cervical vertebrae," responded the doctor. The foreman of the jury rose in his seat and remarked: "I've lived in this county for upwards of fifty years and I never heard of any such place! I believe itls a madefup case." Mr. Tuley, rushing into the newspaper office-"See here, you've published an announcement of my death by mistake. Thats got to be fixed up somehow!" Editor-'lWell. we never contradict anything we have published, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll put you in the birth column tomorrow and give you a fresh start." "Are you Hungary?" "Ye, Siam." "Den Russia to the table and I'll Figif' "All right, Sweden my coffee with a Cuba sugar, and Denmark my bill." Mr. Pershing-"Eddie, how many seasons in the year are there?" Eddie Claxton-"There are three--football, basketball and baseballf' Mr. Sharp answered the telephone one morning, and a cheerful voice inquired, "'iVhat numbr is this?" Mr. Sharp was in no mood for trifling questions, and said, with some asperity, "You ought to know. You called it." Messick's Son-"Pa, did you go to Sunday School when you were a boy?" Messick-"Yes, my son, I always went to Sunday School." Messick's Son-"Well, Dad, I think I'll quit going. It isn't doing me any good T til lk either." X A ii 'iff' c 1 e. s . yi 79 yt -v --X ,VY c. VW If .t X. l K kj ' r. 4 1 l i in' ' - if kfr. -- x .l' .Yi ,. , il At, Y .- . I I In - il JOKES Olive Apple-"My brother takes up Spanish, French, English, Italian, German and Scotch." Olive Drake-"Goodness, what does he study?" Olive Apple-"Study? He doesn't study-he runs an elevator." Mr. Pershing-"Sam, can you tell me anything about John Miltoii?i' Sam Sharpf'kXVell, he got married and wrote 'Paradise Lost'. Then his wife died, and he wrote 'Paradise Regained '." Mr. Singerf'ARaymond, where do we iind the purest blood in the body?" Raymond McIverff"Well, you know the blood leaves the heart through two places and from one place it goes to the lungs." Mr. Singer-l'Yes, you mean through the Pulmanary Artery." Raymond Mclver--"Yes--the purest blood isn't found thereg its found at the other place. Miss Vsfebster-"Vs7illiam, can you tell me how they make macaroni?" Williiini Bezitty'-"Well, first you take a big long hole and then you wrap some dough around it," Abef"May I hold your Palmolive?" Mattie Olive-'kNot on your Lifebuoylw Miss Kirkf"Why' don't you answer me?" Hubert Hobson-"I did, Miss Kirk, I shook my head." Miss Kirkf"But you don't expect me to hear it rattle away up here, do you?" Guy Lt7VE'slG'CC, but Ilve found a lovely dentistg he gives his patients a drink after every tooth he extracts to revive them." Howard Simmonswk'Then what are you so gloomy about7 Did he run out of whiskey when you went?" Guy4"Nog I ran out of teeth." Herbert Bledsoe4"VJhy didn't you answer that letter I sent you in vacation?" Girl Friendf"I didn't get itfl Herbertf-"You didn't get it?" Girl Friendf9'No, and besides I didn't like some of the things you said." Mr. Messickf"Marriage is an institution and love is marriage." Deloris Drabing-L'And is love blind?" Mr. Messick-"Yes, butf' Deloris-"In Geometry we learned that things that were equal to the same or equal things were equal to one another and therefore--marriage is an institution for the blind." Hobbs-"I understand you've got rid of your loudspeaker." DiubbsA"Well, not exactly. I'm still paying her alimony." Lorena Toliver-"Look at the rhinocerosf' Ruth Robbinsf"That ain't no rhinoceros: thats a hippopatamus. Can't you see it ain't got no radiator cap?" 'A il i 1 I - ' i yi l j 7. 5 my enemy min MUCH OF OUR EFFORTS HAVE BEEN DIRECTED TOWARD MAKING THIS SECTION OF OUR BOOK AS INTERESTING AS POSSIBLE. WE HOPE THAT YOU WILL READ THESE ADS, AND BOOST THOSE WHOSE KIND COOPERATION AND AS- SISTANCE HAS SO ENABLED US TO PRESENT THIS PUBLICATION. ADV RTI I G V l !lIIll4H l ?i IlI 1 ,un ,v ,im 3 ' ' 44+ sau'-' 2.1 fy 1.-fu-'1' n. yy .- 34 -gm! .-14' ' J' lm' '-5-V., F- -A J fir!!!- nq -f 111.-X7 4 NL ,1 gn P1 41 , ll a k 7 ,gs-. 1, YF fl'-u.H "3Z!'x ., -H! .500-. ..- A I 4. -. .' 1 .fig :f',1f,- 'wg P ,413-. nf -N , . .'.,""" f -,p , rm I v e x' 4 WW '-c-e- lla flfw if .x rg Sheff' L---. xx ' up-Qs ii. L 1 - -X, -f x x -As .1 , . QV 1 X Y- YI' if 1 e 1 'U Dear Grduate: Graduation Time is Joy Time-and knowing that Vou have the correct clothes adds to your enjoyment. You will find style and quality at prices which will please. May we have the pleasure of serving you? Very truly yours. The Collins Apparel Shoppe Ladies' Wear. SKILL SHOE SHOP E-d. Gromer, Prop. Hole-y shoes mean wet feet Wet feet often mean cold and Both are bad for me and you. Safety First- Have Your Shoes Rebuilt flu. 'VALLEY GARAGE Guy Mcllickle, Prop. For Service go to the Vallev Garage A Standard Gas and Mobil Oils Hudson, Essex Cars Phone 135 CITY BAKERY Phone 81 Stop and Shop with Us. PRUETT BROS. Men's Wear G, t d d ,H Exclusive Agents for ive us your ra e an we Wi . 1 give you the best in Hanan aid Flogsllelm Shoes nox a s Pastries and Bread. x, X I P AM x M. f A A aipqty lei - g X . gy ,t . as iff JL-e A' Abs ' .. 5'1" - r g ,f 1 rzkif f v 1 ic g in FRENCH LICK SPRINGS HOTEL FRENCH LICK SPRINGS, Aniericafs finest health and pleasure resort. is located in Southern Indiana, only 40 miles from the center of population of the United States. The Hotel nestles in a beautiful valley. Sheltered on three sides by an interesting range of wooded hills, it faces to the north, where a vista of verdant, gently rolling country greets the eye. Fine roads and bridle paths make it easy for the visitor to see the surrounding country in all its natural beauty. Its location on the Monon and Southern Railroads makes French Lick very easy to reach from all points. Nearly two hundred years ago, a French trading post was established at French Lick. That accounts in part for the name by which this famous resort is known today. For at least five hundred years prior to that time, what is now French Lick was the hunting ground of the Indian. It was then a congregrating place for wild animalsg indeed, it was from this fact that French Lick received the latter portion of its name. In the early days, deer came to the springs to lick the water and wet rocks. the mineral in the water acting as a natural tonic. The first settlers found numf erous pathways, made by the deer, leading to the springs from every direction. Thus the region became known as "The Lick." It was at first felt that the lands surrounding the springs could be utilized for the manufacture of salt and they were consequently reserved for that purf pose. It was found, however, that they were valueless for this use, and on being put up for sale, were purchased in 1832 by Williani Bowles, a doctor of considerable renown, a statesman, soldier and leading figure in the community. Dr. Bowles retained possession of the property a total period of fortyfone years. Following his death in 1873 the hotel passed into other hands, and in 1891 it was taken over by Thomas Taggart, Senior. Since his death it has been under the management of Thomas Taggart, jr. The French Lick Springs hotel property today cover 3,500 acres of ground. The hotel itself, seven stories high, contains six hundred rooms and totals 27 acres of tloor space. .T-A "" ' A, Hg ll, V ,,A-xx -Y X -Q :fl L ii-'g'T1L , 1 - . ,-e,, E V V X -- A I Ls. FI -fs . - 3- fm: iff' 'iss It 5 in I MORE THAN 50,000 Twenty-six years ago, Indiana Busi- ness College started with one small school. Now it is recognized as the largest of its kind in the Middle West with schools at Marion, Muncie, Logans- port, Anderson, Kokomo, Lafayette, Columbus, Richmond, Vincennes and Indianapolis. Its graduates number more than 50,000. From among these will be found many of Indiana's lead- ing business men and women of today. "Central" is the Indiana Business Col- lege of Indianapolis. An active, no-charge Employment Department is conducted for the ser- vice of graduates and business firms. For Budget of Information and full particulars, see, write or telephone Fred W. Case, Principal Central Busi- ness College, Architects and Builders Building, Pennsylvania and Vermont Streets, First Door North Y. W. C. A., Indianapolis. IV. Y. RITTER 81 SON Furniture and Undertak'ng Majestic Radios French Lick, Indiana FRENCH LICK GARAGE Oakland, Pontiac and Plymouth Cars Phone 162 TU LOOK SNAPPY visit McIVERS BARBER SHOP BAXTER'S CABIN If you Want to pass a pleasant day Baxter's Cabin is the place to stay The food is good, the drinks are great Go there early, stay there late C. L. DRABING GARAGE Q-1 The Une-Stop Auto Service Body Rebuilding, Refinishing, General Repairs Firestone Tires and Batteries Hydraulic lift system for greasing your car Havoline Oils and Greases Indian Gas Fireproof Storage-Capacity 250 cars Q- Baxter will greet you with a smile Phone 200 College Street - I 7 7 Going there will be worth while. v I ffl if 1 , Xlel wl'E'i i f If X I .hx - P E .J ixmxillllkym rf' I il ll tsl ' 1 iii! xl, ,T H aw .7 I ' ,gf 1 J' ' nv. A .. rr 'til lv 'I The French Lick State Bank The French Lick State Bank was organized in 11103 with a capital of thirty thousand dollars. It has grown as the town grew, until its last published state- ment showed total resources of mer three million dollars. HOMESTEAD DRUG STORE fs!'!'E Mr. Harry Ballard is the pro- prietor of the Homestead Drug Store at West Baden. It is now under the management of F. E. Lashbrook, a graduate of French Lick High. For many years the Homestead has been one of the leading drug stores in the Valley. ln keeping with their slogan, "Where Quality Counts," the store has two registered pharma- cists. Q2 CHAS. H. APPLE General Merchandise The Store in front of the school but also back of it. CW illmkd 4 f ll ri and ' M' W "'if'jg ,, W X is y - X as as c s' 1. f., ' asv, M . xg , ,fm 'fa "--sX- ' X , - ff ' ,ax 1 sf , -at lr 'I fkvfi OUR PHOTOGRAPH ER The students and faculty appre- ciate the excellent work done by Mr. John Wolfington, our local photographer. We feel that he deserves much praise for his help in making our annual a success. C"1":'T QP THE STAR STORE EVERYTHING TO EAT AND WEAR Q1 Greater Office Efficiency The Easy-Writing Royal Typewriter anticipates every writing need of the executive and operator. Its flashing speed, supreme ease of operation and unfailing durability assures smoother, swifter despatch of all business corres- pondence. In many offices, three officials- the executive, head stenographer and office manager-determine the pur- chase of typewriters. Invariably they agree upon the superiority of the Easy-Writing Royal. Royal's reputa- tion for consistent, lasting service ap- peals to them. Many years of world- wide use have fully demonstrated its exceptional freedom from annoying, expensive adjustments. In your office try the Easy-Writing Royal with your own operators. Compare the work. Pure. Wholesome Food Scientifically and Tastefully Prepared Is Our Specialty FSSYKU Our prices are moderate and the atmosphere of our cafe combines refinement with homelike cheer- fulness. tif?- FRED C. NEWTON, P1'0p. P N Q E -,- el ',l 13553 Ji LX Q.: -1 f - NI i Qftalgig Xl 'X I ff! ,i lil X Qliifl Y lv' Qllx-lvwllrl ,, 11? -imply' is I e ogsftsj lil - ilk 1, - - Sli me W ' 1 4,5 I f I itll In Schmutzler Funeral Home UNLIMITED SERVICE-AT A LIMIT UF CUST. AMBULANCE SERVICE Ben H. Schmutzler, Mgr. T. E. SIMMONS General Merchanidise Q1 T':'E'7 VISIT Whenever a man advertises he ex- V pects returns in dollars and cents. Not PHE DREAM THEATRE so in this instance. We feel it our V duty to help put this annual on the rlhe Home Of G00d P1CtUl'9S map. T. N. LUCKETT We hope to inspire the students and promote education. We know that the higher types of students means better and more successful citizens in the fu- ture. Thus-by elevating the men and women in our locality, we expect to Q-J Y gain. 1 lf , l Ml I 'l e . Vigil If on centuries astronomers have Flooked into the skies searching for new worlds, constellations and stars. Aside from their interesting research work, they' have learned much that is of practical scientific value. Similarly, in the Held of student publications, the Indianapolis En- graving Company' Searches Con- stantly for new ideas, plans and methods that will assist year-book stalls to publish successfully books characteristic of their school and community. The results of these efforts are gratifying. The Annual Planning and Design- ing Department welcomes your inquiries for further information. NDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY Department of Annual Planning and Designing INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA 1 i xxl K, 7 iifgllills. l lr it , i rw' ,. I I X E491 i i 7,14 , 7 41 ll W Il Go to MOORE'S DRUG STORE for Patent Medicines of all kinds, and everything to he found in a Drug Store. Soda Fountain, Cigars, Ciga1'ettes and Candies West Baden, Indiana For Quality Cleaning and Tailoring patronize TY!" SENEFF'S TAILOR SHOP Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor HALL 8: MAIN We boost and praise our School and Basketball Team FRENCH LICK MONUMENT WORKS E. Tanksley, Prop. Granite, Marble and Stone MONUMENTS All dealings with Mr. Tariksley have proven to be successful. We feel it only justice to compliment him for his splendid success. E. T. HISGEN'S Grocery and Meat Market Fancy Groceries, Fresh and Smoked Meats French Lick, Indiana Fancy Meats and Groceries Courteous and Speedy Service at CHARLES JACOBS Ride in the New FORD Come in and arrange for a demonstra- tion ride in the new Ford. You will know then, from your own personal experience, why it is such a good car to own and drive. Here, at an unus- ually low price, is everything you want or need in a motor car . . . up, f. o. b. Detroit. Miller-Lingle Motor Co. Atwater Kent, Victor and R.C.A. Radios, Pianos, Sheet Music. Records, String and Band Instruments Easy payments if desired. Valley Music 8: Radio Shop Wells Ave. French Lick, Indiana 1, f '7' iff I I 1' f 2' 4 ' ,fl ff 1 lv, f 1

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