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IH I 4 1 hi TRE Bumio ymuffwi ' I i ... a kaleidoscope of people and places and memories and endless bowing to big bill for indeterminable annoying superior seniors ... a kaleidoscope of colorful ingredients and characters . . . Ijits and snatches of almost memories and half forgotten names of people in home room . . . yellmg at a game or passing in the hall . . . shifting changing people who leave and come and go and people you never meet and some youll never forget even after . . . this is french high . . . perhaps a part of it only . . . things we remember and times it is hard to forget and trays in the cafeteria and sleepy films in the afternoon and dances and new records . . . new teachers in the classrooms new faces new plans new ideas suddenly old and used and ac- customed unexpectedly . . . only pieces of it only snatches tliat we remember only minutes tliat were unimportant and never the important things to hold on to and frogs in dissection pans and speeches in assembly and quiet in the library and notes from the office and Silas Marner and dirty test tubes and pep rallies and diagramming sentences and homecoming bonfires and posters in the hall and senior rings and beat nederland and late to class and christmas vacation and robert frost and tlie square of the hypoteneuse and the industrial revolution and iambic pentameter and college entrance tests and electron flow and beowulf . . . and we came here new to it all and shaped it and influenced it and it became a part of us and we a part of it . . . an ever-changing pic- ture and sound and feeling in our hearts that we never really forget . . . charlie helpinstill. DEDICATION For his loyal service to French High School and its students, we take pride in dedicating our 1962 Buffalo to Mr. Archie Rogers. CbCtiutttes 4 1 1 r. r: ft I n i 1. Loyal FHS boys carry " Big Bill " to all football games. 2. Sr. Buffalo Belles smile at camera at reception. 3. Senior girls Sarah Andrews, Ellen Reed, Becky Blackburn, Lynnette Revia, and Janice Ketterer admire " 62 Sr. rings. 4. Mr. LeMasters looks on as Lenita Silverberg intently polishes his shoes for Foreign Language Club initiation. 5. Sr. cheerleaders, Shively Morgan, Glenda Wil Hams, and Carole Nance, " pose " for the camera. 6. 1961-1962 Student Council members and offi- cers are shown assembly program. 7. Mrs. Verret registers students for ' 62 Buffalo pictures. Sr. ioolU purple aid Cpptr v Ailen Sai ail! Julii ililifs dmii itmt rifi louE, ad Crate fell Mils Eillii hm n ' fl tale m tn lire, hm liji: ilitigial JxH 1. Jan Hargraves and Mary Rhoades 2. Linda Wells 3. Jane I.iikenbill. Carole Nance, and lary Ann Walker 4. Bitsv Barr 5. Penny Lord and Sher l McGrew .( CAROLE NANCE 9 " That ' s telling them, Mrs. Beattie, " says Mr. Wahman at Teacher ' s volleyhall game. Price Bradshaw, Kris Lloyd, and Rohcrt Wolff cheer FHS Buffalos at 1961 Homecoming game with BHS. Mt, Kii Could this rosy-faced Santa Claus helper he our own Mr. Rogers? UCru A atld Dean Setzer of Lamar speaks to FHS stu- dents at National Honor .Society Assemlily. Ex-FHS student, George Honsher ger. and Cher l Venahle after as semhiv. Gordon Baxter, Mr. F. W. liuiUor. ami .liuly Enplish Logs- don await llie annoiimomont of tlif Queen of the 1962 Mardi Gras. Wanda Cross, Bobliye Rowe, Ann II. -i.r. Connie Ardoin, Mr. Kiglit, and Robert Reese prepare to leave for the D.E. Conference in Austin. Members of the FHS athletic staff serve the pep squad, football team. Band, and their dates at the annual Booster Club Banquet. Gail Crunk and Buel Landrum smile hap- pily after winning " Dress-Up-Day " contest. Sue Westmoreland poses prettily during Marili Gras Sid,-hnw. Escort Gary Taylor stands with Mardi Gras Queen Shively Morgan. Right: Jem- McKellar doesn ' t look un- happy acting as Juanita Perkins ' s slave during Twirp Week. l.elt: Carole Nance crowns Charles Stan- lord, corsage and all, Twirp King, 1962. " What am I bid for this lovely group of basketball players? " calls Jimmy Carawav at the .Slave Auction during Twirp Week. Harriet Tillman holds up the corsage of her own date, Charles Balhorn, standing with Alvin Caywood, Jerry Yount, Ronnie Eller. and Charles Stanford, other Corsage Contest winners at the Twirp Dance. Eitn Linda Wells displays pictures by FHS art students. These pictures are all of scenes after Hurricane Carla. After Hurricane Carla Mrs. Dunn took colored slides of beach scenes. These fifth period art students arc making watercolor reproductions of the beach scenes. ' P m Ai ikf daiit) ridil. Right: Ray O ' Bannion and Sharon Bage-- ' ' take a moment from the 1962 Senior Damr, March 30, 1962, at the Harvest Club tn luive their pirlure made. Left: Lorin McCann and Linda Hildago, Charles Reaux and Shirley Doucette, and Donnie Landrum and Linda Wells dance " to the music of Cookie and the Cupcakes at the Senior Dance. Everyone does the " Twist, " the latest dance craze. These seniors all get into the picture while silling out one dance. Sarali Andrews seems to liave plenty of company during the dance — Robert Wolf on the left and David Self on the right. The theme of the 1962 Senior Dance is the " Peppermint Lounge. " Do ou suppose .hidy Smith and Flo St. Clair are putting decorations up or taking tliem down? Se uo P8(Xtj May 12, 1962 ••SF.E HOW ■mi-. ' i lu ■ by Philip King CAST Ida _ Linda Babin Miss Skillon Bitsy Barr The Reverend Lionel Toop Homer Walker Penelope Toop Juanita Perkins Corporal Clive Winton Jimmy Blaylock The Intruder George Janes The Bishop of Lax Lynn Keenan Reverend Arthur Humphrey Ronnie Smith Sergeant Towers Price Bradshaw Director Ben jVIagee J 1 ' . k Raymond Premeaux, candidate for Student Council Presi- dent, delivers his campaign speech May 10 during assembly. Cheerleader candidates for the class of ' 63 await anxiously while students get last look before voting April 18. no Ralph Senn, Amy Herring, Cynthia Whitfield, Darla Mc- Murray, Pam Wheeler, and Johnny Underwood help dis- ribute posters for candidates during Election Week. FHS boys lead procession down aisle during Campaign Assembly. 16 Carol Bonura, Mary Rhoades, Joyce Park, and Donna Lem- nion campaign lyric to the tune of the pcipular song " Sol- dier Boy. " iaiiiiil; Student Council Officers are: I standing i Raymond Premeaux, President; Paula Tew. Vice- President; Miles Thompkins, Sergeant-at-Arms; (back) Sharon Matthews, Recording Secretary; Hattie Jo Oakes, Corresponding Secretary; Linda Averitt, Treasurer; Mary K. Heye, Parliamentarian. r4 Senior Officers are Tommy Miller, President; Lynn Mc- Manus. Vice-President; Darla McMurray, Secretary-Treas- urer; Sherry Baker, Reporter. Junior Officers are Robert Weikel, President; Larr.- " uey, Vice-President; Judy Walker, Secretary-Treasurer; Madeline Lutz. Reporter. JjlSSl 1962-63 CHEERLEADERS Bottom row: Ladell Dulin, Cynthia Whitfield, Joan Bryan, Amy Herring, Gavle Runvon. Martv Ener. 17 Valedictorian _ Homer Walker Salutatorian _ Price Bradshaw Charles Helpinstill Highest Ranking Girl _ Shepherd ' s Scholarship Award - Jane Lukenbi Board of Education Awards Homer Walker Jane Lukenbill Frances Wright Gary Taylor Munro Service Award Cheryl Venable Georgia Straughn Scholarship Freda Ellis American Legion Awards Price Bradshaw Carole Nance American War Mothers Penny Strickland Sherry Free Patrick White Farm Ranch Club Award Charles Slovak Linda Hofmann Boys ' State David Bean— West End Rotary Raymond Premeaux — Downtown Kiwanis John Roy — Beaumont Lions Girls " State Sherry Free — American Legion Auxiliary Danforth Foundation Award Robert Quick Marcia Runyon North Beaumont Lions Scholarship Jan Hargraves Mary K. Roy National Society D.A.R. Marianne Walker American Chemical Society Kathy Danna Texas Chemical Council „ Price Bradshaw Bell Science Award Charles Helpinstill N.O.M.A. Award -. Becky Blackburn Underwood Award of Merit Geneva Pearl Underwood Award Best Typist — - Mary K. Heye Shorthand Award Darla K. McMurray Student Council Awards Cheryl Venable — Outstanding Girl Berton Middleton — Outstanding Boy Organization — Courier Outstanding Patron — Mr. J. W. Walker Foreign Language Awards — Nancy Gara Latin Awards David Bean Kathleen Danna. Mary K. Heye Art Awards . - Jim Anderson. Darrell Baker. Sandy Floyed. Van Dell Lombard. Darrell Martin, Gayla Mathews. Connie Matthews, Carole Menear, Dwain Mclnnis, Kitty Ry- herd, Mary Rhoades. Judy Salter, Linda Wells ;D 1962 Lejt: 1. Mr. Fred Hunter presents awards to outstanding Senior students during Awards Day Assembly. 2. Mr. W. W. (Bill) Selman presents the American Legion Award to Carole Nance and Price Bradshaw. 3. Mr. A. W. Shannon presents the Good Sportsman- ship Award to Francis Wright and Gary Taylor. 4. Mr. Jack Darling presents the NOMA Award to Becky Blackburn. Right: 1. Mr. D. L. Hybarger smiles after presenting Jan Hargraves and Mary K. Roy each a North Beaumont Lions Club Scholarship. 2. Mr. Hunter speaks of the achievements of the Outstanding Senior Students. 3. Charlie Helpinstill proudly displays " The Logical Mouse " after winning the Air Force medal for the outstanding electronics exhibit in the Houston Fair. 4. Raymond Premeaux, David Bean, Sherry Free, and John Roy pose for camera after being chosen as FHS students to attend Girls ' and Boys ' State this summer. HONOR RECEPTION The annual Honor Reception, honoring tlie students who have been outstanding during the school year, was attended b parents and teachers. This year the recep- tion was held May 8. in the FHS audi- torium. Right: Sherry Baker, Sherry Free. Mrs. Free, anil Mrs. Dunn smile while waiting to he served. Bill SvtdiU. Mrs. McManus, xMrs. Baker, Sherry Baker, and Lynn McManus chat during reception. J(jdy Brady, Mr. R. W. Akers, and Cheryl Vcnable paus during the reception. 20 Mrs. I ' .n.wn serves Patrick White while Robert Slovak, Slum Cuidrv, Bill Swartz. and Robert Wi-iki-1 await their turn. i Couples do the " Twist " to the music of Chase Canfil and his band. Jerry Yount and Hugh Kell) wail in line at the " Hawaiiar refreshment table at the Harvest Club. Wa j is, 1962 Top: Ronnie Marble, Judy Riche, Larry Tharp, and Pat Moreland pass the time by resting during intermission at the Jr.-Sr. Prom May 18, 1962. Bottom: These Juniors and Seniors display the spirit of iln- Prom — Hawaii — by wearing colorful leis. Jerry Lou Johnson and Charles Henderson pause to have tlieir picture made at the Jr.-Sr. Prom. Mr. Hunter and Mr. Hearne are shown on stage at Baccalaureate widi Father Ternes. Dr. Kenneth E. Mc- Intyre of the University of Texas is guest speaker for 1962 Com- mencement Exercises. The thrills of graduation! Radiating the joys of all seniors on Graduation Night are Editor Marilyn Fail (left), Buel Landrum (center) and Carole Grain and .lu lia Gonzales. Baccalaureate Exercises B«aumont and Prench High Schools crrY AUDrroRiuM SuDdar, May 27, 1M2, 2:30 p. m. ORDER OF EVENTS Proceasional — " Festival March " - Alexandre Guilmont Presiding Richard McDill FVeneh HtKh Invocation Don Grimes Beaumont High ■MuBical Selection — " The Ninety-finrt Psalm " ... James B, McDermid Beaamont High Addresa Reverend Charles W. Ternes Musical Selection — " 0 Holy Father " C Moderati Joyce Park. Don,,. Lemmon, Mary Rfco.d, C.rl Bonur. Prenoh H rh Benedition Denny Williams Buumont Hltb Recessional — " Tinumphal March " . Peter I. Tschaikowsky (Audience will remain seated dunng Recessional) Processional: " Pomp and Circumsiance " GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH SONG OF JUPITER George Fred Valedictory Address Horn Address Dr Kenneth E Benediction Wane Recessional French School Elg.i m CtaJlndl l 23 i Mr. Nolan Bovd Mr. Ralph C. Griffing Mr. David W. Hearn BoW 0 BduuO oilow U Ui m Mr. Henry C. Hendrix £1 i Jh F = Dr. Joe Stoeltje H I 24 1 fr 11 k m ' " 3 MR. FRED W. HLMER Superintendent Beaumont Independent School District II MR. A. W. SHANNON Assistant Superintendent Beaumont Independent School District 25 KWMUND ALFORD Director of Physical Education and Athletics D. E. BAILEY Director ot Curriculum CECIL COLLINS Business Manager 26 H. W. GARY Director of Pupil Services L. B. LLOYD Superintendent of Maintenance RAYMOND MOYER Welfare. Attendance. and Safety E. A. SAVAGE Community Relations EDWIX SILVERBERG Director of Secondary Education 27 H. L. GOODY. Principal B.A.. Louisiana Polytechnic Institute M.A.. East Texas State Teachers Colle ' re 28 CLAUDE LEMASTERS Assistant Principal B.S.. Purdue University M.A.. George Peabody Collese for Teachers I MRS. JAXE BRYAN Secretary MRS. GRACE M. DAVIS Secretary MRS. BKITY DAY Assistant to the Registrar MRS. GRACE ORRICK B.C.S.. Bowling Green College Registrar 29 1 MRS. JANE BEATTIE B.S., Texas Woman ' s University M.Ed., University of Arizona Physical Education, World History Rxjcuiteu 30 B.S., Lamar Te Biology, English MRS. ELLEN R. BOWNDS B.A., Texas Woman ' s University English MRS. DOROTHY BROWN B.A., Texas Woman ' s University English, JournaHsm J. W. BURGESS B.M.. .Stephen F. Austin Band, Orchestra, Belles LAWANDA CRAVEY B.B.A.. M.Ed., .Stephen F. AuMin Typewriting, Bookkeeping MARJORIE CUNNINGHAM B.,S., Texa Woman ' s University M.Ed.. Univer-itv of Tulsa Enjili h, .Annual Advisor FojCuMu 31 MRS. DOROTHY DUNN B.S., Stephen F. Austin M.Ed., University of Houston Art, Pep Squad MRS. ETOILE FLYNN ;.A., Rice Institute Algebra. Geometry B.F.A., University of Texas M.Ed., University of Houston English Fa Cujteti 32 MRS. DOROTHY HANEY B.S., Northeastern Typing MRS. KATIE B. HAVENS B.A., Sleplu-n F. Austin English, Spanish Future Teachers 8-U, J MRS. EVA HERBERT B.S., Southwest Texas Teachers ' Coll M.S., Colorado A M Homeraaking JAMES ROSS KIGHT B.A., Howard Payne College M.A., Southwest Christian Seminary Distributive Education, D.E. Club ANNIE LEE KNOX B.S., North Texas State University M.B.A.. University of Denver Secretarial Training, Shorthand FaCufitu jN. MRS. SALLY LANASA B.A., Western Maryland College Biology DUDLEY RAY LINDSEY B..S., M.Ed., Southwest Texas State College American Historv. Physical Education 33 CHARLES R. LOWE ;.S., Texas A M Vocational Agriculture, F.F.A., Kev Club BEN J. MAGEE B.A., M.A., Mississippi Soutliern College English, Speech IM.L.S.. Texas Woman ' s University School Lilirarian. Library Club F xcujtetj BOB MEYNIG B.S., University of Houston Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry MRS. BETTY NELSOiN B.B.A., Sam Houston English 34 EMILE E. OBRIEiX B.A., Tulane M.S., Louisiana State Physical Education, Coach iMRS. BLUEBELL REED fj.A.. M.Ed., Ti-xas Woman ' s I ni ersil University of Texas Chorus MR. T. C. RIGGS. JR. B.B.. ., Lamar State College of Technologv f )txuJhj MR. J. B, ROBERTS B.S.. Ea-t Texas Stale Industrial Arts ARCHIE D. ROGERS, JR. B.S., Texas A .M Chemistry 35 MISS MARGARET SHANE B.S., Stephen F. Austin College M.S., Colorado State College Physical Education, Cheerleaders, Tennis Team MRS. ELOISE SMALLWOOD B.S., Stephen F. Austin College M.Ed.. Stephen F. . ustin College Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry MRS. ZULMA SMITH B.A., University of Texas M.Ed.. University of Houston Spanish, French, Foreign Language Club Pd CuItu LEON A. THOMPSON B.S., M.S., North Texas State Colle Mechanical Drawing MRS. MARY LOU WAGSTAFF B.S., M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin College English II, III 36 S. A. WALT.MAX B.S., M.A., Auliurn Sam Houston Physics. Algebra, Photography R. W. WARREN B.S., M.S.. East Texas State Teachers College American History, Civics J. LLROY EIKEL B.A.. Lniversity of Texas B.D.. Austin Presbyterian Seminary Fa Caj6fii iMKS. KAY I ' . WHITWKIX B.A., Florida State Univcrsitv Latin I, H, English H MR. Hll.l. IIA. B.S.. I.amar State College of Technology 37 MRS. FANME T. WILSON B.S., Sam Houston State College M.A., Sam Houston State College Home Economics, F.H.A. Advisor MRS. MARGUERITE WOOSLEY B.A., Lamar State College Senior Math, Algebra, Pep Squad MRS. ALICE WRIGHT B.A., University of Texas M.A., University of Texas Counselor Miss Cravey, Mrs. Bell, and Mrs. Nelson wave as they leave Honor Reeeplion. 38 p ki O tgOwfeiltMMfiS 39 CHERYL VENABLE Student Body President 40 Making posters fur Safety Week are Chaplain, Jimmy Blaylnok: iie- President, Beverly Harmon; Recording Secretary, Bcrton .Middleton; Treasurer, Bitsy Barr; Parliamentarian, Jody Brady. (jO KXAAMj Top: Elizabeth McDonald, Tommy Miller, Becky Blackburn, and Joyce Mathis help with makeup of the paper, the " Courier. " Left: Assistant Editor, Shirley Doucet, and Editor, Bilsy Barr, pose for the camera. fa . ' .. Beverly Harmon, Cynthia Whit- field, and Darla McMurray read galley proofs. Becky Dunning, Shirley Doucet, Wanda Woods, Linda Whittakt-r, and Freda Ellis listen attentively as Tommie Jean Jones gives criti- cism of another school paper. Society First row: Glen Noble, Ann Britt, Wanda Woods, Donna Says, Paula Tew, David Bean, Bill Kaminer. Seconcl row: Bill Swartz, Sherri Baker, Kathy Danna. Third roiv: Harold Walling, Barry Brupbacher, Marguerite Wright. Above, Back row: Daria McMurray, Judy ounglilood, James Broadway, Janet Karr, Bobby Berard, Charlie Hel- pinstil. Front roiv: Gayle Adams, Sharon Mouton, Sherri Smith. Hatlie Jo Oakes, Patricia Tavlor. Center, Seated: James Blaylock, Richard McDill. Standing: Homer Walker. Ken- neth Wall. Wayne Shell. Price Bradshaw, Charles Slovak. Jack Blake. Loner, Seated: Nancy Gara, Eileen Rit- Icr. Standing: Amy Herring, Ann Parish, Marilyn Fail, Mary K. Heye, Jane Luk- enliill, Harriett Tillman, .Mary Ann Lang. 43 The FTA assist in student teaching at Eugene Field, help needy families during Christmas and Easter, and perform many other serviceable duties throughout the year. They are (first row) Brenda Green, Wanda Woods, Janie Muirhead, Mary Weatherford, Paula Duncan, Carol Jo Powell, Linda Segrest, and Peggy Ellis; (second row I Jo Nan Hugo. Glenda Williams, Connie Fritsche, Kay Wadleigh, Mary Ann Bean, Carolyn Karnes, Sue Westmor- land, Carla Woods; (third row) Cheryl Walley, Sheri Barrett, Janice Gray, Nannett McDaniel, Bobbye Rowe, Carolyn Nichols, Jerry Johnson, Delia Willard, Mary Vance, Mary Jane Reaux; (fourth row) Berton Middleton, Charlotte Denman, Jan Hargraves, Geneva Pearl, Becky Schmeckpeper, Barbara Mierlschin, Susan Burchfield. lay Clwh Abort ' : (scati ' dl Diinny Dykes, Glen Knight, Ronny Tyson; (•-landing) Ms in Caywood, Ricky Stratton, Jerry Mc- Killcr, iilor Wheeler. l.iii: (scaled) Rodney Hicks, Bob Anderson, President Ka riion(l Pri-rneaux, Dale Coco, Vice-President Johnny I ' lulirwd.ui; ( ..landing 1 Robert Weikel, Wayne Abshire. fi ' tl t mti, ] Clwb OFFICERS: Left to right: Secretary, Paula Tew: Program Chairman. Marcy Runyon; Vice-President. Robert Wall: Treasurer. Sheryl McGrew: President. Mary K. Heye; Program Chairman, Connie Matthews. Front: Pat Bateman, Sandra Keith, Linda Gregg, Sandra Watson, Jo Kay Greidenwise, Sharon M o u t o n, Jan Meckle. Judy Spell, Harriett Tillman. Second row: Sandra Hilton, Cheryl Hennigan, Connie Matthews, Jo Nan Hugo, Sherry Free, Carol Hall, Becky Schmeckpeper. Standing: Jimmy Wayne Hughes. Price Bradshaw, Larry Tharp, Charles Balhorn, Kenneth Dorsev, Robert Wall. First roiv: Jimmy Grain, Guy Young- blood, James Cole, Brad Norton, Dennis Epps, John Wilson, Tommy Miller. Second row: Curtis Anderson, .Mike Bassler. Mike Haney, Chester Slay, Rick Jo h n s n, Don Golden, Mike Brown, David Self. Back row: Marcy Runyon, Janene . ' Vldredge, Mary K. Heye, Paula Tew, Rita Johnson, Kathy Danna, Jayne Palmer, Sheryl McGrew. •6 1 Susan Burchfield Barbara Miertschin Linda Babin Janice Kctlerer BELLES, Atten-TION! Captain Linda Wells Lieutenant Penny Lord First row: Linda Heard, Rita Jiibnson, Hattie Jo Oakes, Sbaron Matthews, Mary Weatherford, Mary Laborde, Marguerite Wriglit, Sue Westmoreland, Connie Fritsche, Christi Sprowls, Lynn McManus. Second row: Sherry Free, Jayne Palmer, Mary K. Heye, Paula Tew, Pattie Cole, Janeen Aldredge, Sherry Baker, Linda Anderson, Darla 46 I ' 62 Lit ' uli-nant Becky Blackburn Lieutenant Marcy Runyon In 5«« Paula Te«. McMurray, Janice Holt, Linda Headen. Third row: l ' ef;f:y Houks, Janice Ketterer, Jerry Johnson, Penny Lord, Becky Blackburn, Jan Hargraves, Linda Wells, Barbara Miertschin, Linda Babin, Carolyn Nichols, Marry Runyon. Jerry Lmi Johnson Jan Hargraves I ' et- ' gv Hooks CaroKn Nichols 47 e.-S.v-- ve ' f »v Twirlers are Janie Muirhead, Mary Ann Bean, Sheryl McGrew, flaikle I ) ' A ' Center (first row) Homer Walker, Wayne Shell, Robert Wall, Charles Helpinstill, Brad Norton, Pat Bateman, Sharon Wheeler, Larry Reese, Jimmy Hughes, Marcy Runyon, Sherry Free, Kenneth Wall; (second row) Elizabeth Hancock, Paula Tew, Connie Sherman, Chuck Balhorn, Gail Runyon, Wanda Woods, Carlis Rutherford, Guy Youngblood, Freda Ellis. Mike- Brown. Sharon Guidn-, Jerry Ruggles, Janie Murihead, Mary Ann Bean, Gary Scott, Bob Horiibuckle, Penny Ray, Tommy M.Dili. Sjridra Hilton. Carolyn Wather, Penny Thrower, Mary Anderson, George Hodges; (third row) Jerry Becca, Lynn 48 Win. Charlotte Lockhart, Linda Gra Lana Hilbun. ' ' ' Mn I Fredi III ' -- Mi-Manu . .Shci-vl McGi-ew. Charlotte Lockhart. Jean Strickland. Donnie Burfurd. .laiiu- CI.. I ' hil lu.dir, Kuk Mike Gilchriest, Don Golden, Jerry Moses. Marv- Walker. Uanny Clark. John Roy. Larry Tharp. Randy Jones, Reginald Shef- field. Ray Hereford. Donald Voeks. Mike Herring, Mike Bassler. Paul Lvnas. Rov Shimek: (fourth row) Don Husband. Charles Miller. Loui Pearson. Pat White. Delia Willard, Richard Perlcv. Elizabeth Vi ' ilsnn. Bonnie Ktie. Gern Dipprey, Peggy Ellis, Jimmv Blavlock, James Broadway, Paul Hvdeck,-r. Brcndu Ault. Harridlc Hcbcrt. 49 ' if f OFFICERS: (front row) Linda Martinez, Harriett Tillman, Geneva Pearl, Donna Lemmon; (second row) Jo Ann McQueen, Betty Sue Kovar, Mary Lou Kovar, Ann Ward, Elizabeth McDunald, Mary Rhoades. The I ' tp Squad is a group of girls who aid llie cliecrlcadiTs at games and promote general good will among students and faculty. These girls are (first row) Youngblood, Giroir, Tillman, Lemmon, Pearl, Rhoades, McDonald; (second row) Mar- tinez, M. Kovar, B. Kovar, McQueen, Ward, Bradberry, Rogers; (third row) Berlin, St. Clair, Henderson, Everitt, Dennion, Chapman, Lang, Ritter; (fourth row) Henry, Bryan, Karnes, Duncan. Grain, Hofmann, Kemp, Baker: (fifth row) Burns, Guidry, Brown. Crunk, Carr, .Smith. Burns, Whittakcr. Lutz; (sixth row) Mills, Keith, Swearengin, Patrick, Luther. 50 1 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS These girls are always ready to lend a helping hand to provide needed information as well as a wide variety of books for pleasure and relaxation. Bottom row: Ann Everitt, Peggy Ellis, Polly Baker, Carol Dollar. Second row: Barbara Cascio, Pam Wheeler, Carolyn Hargraves. Linda Horlacher. Third row: Judy Hielsher, Carol ' Flowers, Carlis Rutherford, Pat Mireles, Flo St. Clair, and Sherie Barrett. OFFICE ASSISTANTS These girls perform many services. In addition to working in the offiee, tliey i tured left to right are Wanda Woods, Gail Runyon, Janice Kettcrer, (Bonnie Frilsc Ramos, Karen Paul, Mary K. Heye, Paula Tew, Hattie Jo Oakes, Sharon Crabbe. Lord, Jackie St. Clair, Margaret Parks, Lynda Anderson, and Delia Willard. iillecl all e tl■l■ slips and run irraiids. Pic- ir. Sherry Smith, Sliaron Mouton, l.olilj .Mary Ann Walker, Kalhy lirnwn, Pcnrn V.B, Those participating in the Distributive Edu- cation program are as follows: First row: Merrill Smith. Stephen Wheat, Kay Carter, Ernie Truman, John Reeder. Second row: Connie Preuett, Ellarene LaBorde, Lee Calli- son, Carol Wenzell, Lois Scroggins, Patsy Savant, Peggy Lee. Third row: Mr. J. Kight, Lois Revia, Anne Hester, Robert Reese, Bobbye Rowe, Connie Ardoin. Fourth row: W. C. Strahan, Lorin McCann, Jimmy DeCuir, Randall Carter, and Robert Johnson. Officers in the D.E. Club are Parliamen- tarian, Lois Revia; Vice-President, Bobbye Rowe; Historian, Robert Reese; Secretary- Treasurer, Anne Hester; Reporter, ( ' cmnie .• rdoin. 52 Ernie Truman and Anne Hester use the cash register as a part of training re- ceived in D.E. Learning correct telephone technicj«es are Jol Reeder, Bobbye Rowe, and Connie Ardoin. o Top: Linda Wells and Peggy Hooks pose anxiously for tl camera but Carolyn Nichols seems a little reluctant. Right: Sher l McGrew draws layouts graves proofreads copy for the " 62 Buffalr First row: Claud Gossett, Gig Rohmfield, Bobby Berard, Lynn McManus, John Belt, Ronald Hatch. Second row: Guy Youngblood, Clifford Yawn, Edward Hodge, Darrell Martin. Robert Boase, Bob Comeaux. Third row: Bobby Sutton, Darnel ' ConniTs .limmv Liddell. Michael Brown, Richard Gallier. Mr. L. A. Thompson. Fourth row: .Mr. J. B. Roberts, Jerry Whit- num. Fr;inris Gnoch. David .Monk, Glen Noble, Richard Huiiinicl, |)..n Golden. 54 Jerry Whitman Francis Gooih Michael Brown Clifford Yawn Richard Hammel Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms Convention Delegate F.W . Linda Headen, Jo Ann McQueen, and Mary Rhoades assist Carol Menear in construction of her dress. . nita Jones, Peggy Hooks, Mary Far- que, Glenda Williams, Sharon Fowler, Judy Smith, and Charlotte Cates do their daily jobs in the lab. «S|yi r A f I s: A. I I ' M- F.H.. . Officers arc: Pcji v Hooks, I ' arlia- mentarian: Judy Smitli. President; Ki ' rry Pepitone. Historian; .Marsha Dycus, Reporter; Gay Collins, Secretary; Carol Bonura, Song Leader; Glenda Williams, Treasurer. 55 CkoAJuS Favorites of the chorus are Donna Lem- mon and Maurice Pfleider. OFFICERS: Becky Dunning, Reporter; Donna Lemmon, President; Clarice Pfleider, Treasurer; Bill Bradberry, Secretar -; Hat- tie Jo Oakes, Vice-President. LdniD; I cliine II! Helen )lc( Anoli S( jv ) I i y 1 Hi The Chorus represents Frenc! Linda Rogers. Kay Wadleigh, . . Bonura, Mary K. Roy, Patricia Clark, Gay Co various activilii-s throughout the city. First row: Mrs. Reed, Sponsor; Mary . nn Lang. Barhara Preuett, Mary Weatherford. Judy Hielscher, Janis Gray, Nita Dorsey. Hattie Jo Oakes, Carol Second row: Mary Rhoades. Clarice Pfleider. Lynette Revia, Ann Britt. Sh ijonura, : iary rv. rvoy, raincia i larK, Oay Lollins. Second roiv: Mary Khoades. Clarice ...„ , _ _ Davies, William Bradherry, Boh Quick, Jack Etic, Judy Leonard, Janis Holt, Cecelia Townsend, Marialice Hubbard, Joyce Burkwall, Pat Savoie, Mrs. Bean. Third row: Joyce Parks. Becky Dunning, Linda Martinez, Beverly Stafford, JoAnn Beaumont, Connie Chap- man. Donna Lemmon, Maurice Pfleider, Kerniit Johnson. Jimmy Young, Patsy Thompson, Mary SueKovar, Beverly PJtts, Bettv S Kovar. Annette Hughes, and Elaine .Morris. 56 Ceft to right: Beverly Harmon, Linda Hofmann, Mary Ann Lang, Mrs. Bost (sponsor), Jo Nan Hugo, Sheri Barret, Geneva Pearl, Claudia Harmon, and Bunny McDonald. Learning to operate the eye testing ma- chine are Clara Berlin, Sharon Guidry, Helen McCoy, Donna Williford, Johnnie Arnold. Seated is Anita Jones. Learning the correct way to care for a patient are Bobhye Rowe, Janice Ket- Icrer, Linda Horlocher, Pat Middleton, Marie Mazzola, Pat Parsh y, Barl)ara Henrv. Patient is Nita Perkins. 57 P.P.A. S- K fl O M cU 1. Bob Anderson, Cus Hollonian, Ray Prevost. 2. Stephen Boots, James C o u d r a i n, Merrill Hazelton, Richard Garrett, Michael East. 3. John Snider, Emery Anderson, Johnny Underwood, Rickey S t r a t t o n, William Tinkle. 4. Mike Morgan, Kenneth Baber, Curtis Clark, Emery Anderson. ■S. B o h , ' nderson, Kenneth Baber, Curtis Clark. Jessie Condon. 6. Don Keith, Mike M o r g aji, Kenneth Baber, Carroll Pitts, Dale Reese. 7. Clinton Pickard, Marvin Herrington, Edwin Jacobs, Cur- tis Clark, and Jesse Condon. P.P.A. 1. Charles Hughes, Buddy Darby, Wayne Wright. 2. Marvin Caner, Charles Stanford, Don Delhome. 3. Delbert Reeves, James Shell, Ronnie Ferguson. 4. Joe Sheffield, Jimmy Dougherty, J. C. Rye, Lee Richardson. 5. David Gay, Wil- liam Jenkins, Jimmy Wo ' mack, J. L. Deen. 6. Ronnie Marble, Luke Latino, Wayne Wright, Wayne Hawkins. 7. John Richardson, Jerry George, and Johnny Carrington. dT r-- Po i g M LCuln wOty n7 Officers are Berton Middleton, Student Advisor; Freda Ellis, Vice-President; Linda Beard, Co-Chairman; Sherry Baker, President; Lynn McManus, Secretary; Paula LeBlanc, Vice-President. Members of the Foreign Language Club include ( first row Leonard Cessac, Hugh Kelly, Daryl Reynard. Onalee Hall, Lolita Kamos, Carolyn Wather. Penny Thrower, Janis Trybus, Janis Griffith, Gayle Hubbard; (second row) Wanda Woods, Gary Dupree, Judy Walker, Mary Burns, Mary LaBorde, Linda Headen. Linda Anderson. Linda Gragg; (third row) Carole Grain, Cheryl Venable, Sheila Mitchell, Kathy Brown, Gail Crunk, .Judy Barrow, Sherri Smith. Carla Woods, Pat Taylor; (fourth row) Oliver Watts, Dianne Cobb, Donna Says, Sharon Matthews, Joan Bryan, Hattie Jo Oakes, Sharon Karnes, Gail Kincaid, Sandra Alford, Amy Herring; (fifth row) David Upshaw, Donna Lemmon, Ann Britt, Sherry Free, John Roy, and Marguerite Wright. » V I3Q OiJjpiUiXMS hrsi row: Wright, Taylor, Core, hllcr. Mantcrd. (.lark, I ncl.-rwii.Hi. i;ia.lii(riN. liyrne. Delhome, Tyson. Second row: Hellen, Darby, Caywood, Quick, Mabry, Ruggles, Harmon, Mazzola, Shirley, Hammcl, Anderson, Duren. Third roiv: Merritt, Bush, Rogers, Slovak, Marble, Whitman, Wheeler, Balmer, Maggard, Deen, Janes, Helms. 62 Henderson French 8 First Downs 13 62 Yards Rushing 211 92 Yards Passing 8 of 17 Passes Completed of 1 Passes Intercepted by- 3 6 for 26.3 Punts. Avg. Y ' dge 2 for 46 of 1 Fumbles. Ball Lost 3 of 7 6 for 40 Yards Penalized 4 for I ' J Scores By Qua rters Henderson ... ' -00—7 French 6 ' ' 7 — 20 ■ I vJosa French Nederland 3 First Downs 27 79 Yards Rushing 406 Passes Completed 1 2 Passes Intercepted by 4 for 37 Punts, Avg. Y ' dge 1 for 39 5-4 Fumbles, Ball Lost 3-2 5 Yards Penalized 25 Scores By Quarters French .-. 6 8 0— Nederland — . 13 8—35 Buff tackier stops another Yellow Jacket drive. ROGER BYRNE Back South Hou! ton French 15 First Downs 8 246 Yards Rushing 85 68 Yards Passing 38 4 of 10 Passes Completed 5 of 11 1 Passes Intercepted by 2 for 36.0 Punts. Avg. Y ' dge 2 for 33.0 3 Fumbles, Ball Lost 6 60 Yards Penalized 24 Score By Q Liarters South Hous ton 6 19 6—31 French ... 0— Jimmy Maggard, Jimmy Balmer and Charlie Mabry close in on South Park ball carrier. DON DELHOME Back RONNIE ELLER Back French Deer Park 7 First Downs 14 101 Yards Rushing 120 2 of 5-21 Yards Passing 10 of 18-113 2 of 5 Passes Completed 10 of 18 none Passes Intercepted by one 3 for 33.3 Punts, Avg. Y ' dge 3 for 34.3 2 of 2 Fumbles, Ball Lost 2 of 3 French 8—8 14 0—22 Deer Park 8 Vidor French 9 First Downs 5 179 Yards Rushing 88 of Passes Completed 3 of 6 1 Passes Intercepted by 1 4 for 321-; Punts, Avg. Y ' dge 4 for 371.. 3-1 Fumbles. Ball Lost 0-0 40 Yards Penalized 90 Score By Qua rters Vidor 8—8 French 7 0—7 South Park French 18 First Downs 7 234 Yards Rushing 89 58 Yards Passing 19 5 of 11 Passes Completed 2 of 18 3 Passes Intercepted b) 1 3 for 39.3 Punts. Avg. Y ' dge 2 for 45 20 Yards Penalized 48 Fumbles, Ball Lost Score By Qua rters South Park . 6 7 6—19 French _ .. — 0— Yellow Jacket players close in to stop sain by Buff runner. French P art Neches- G roves 9 First Downs 7 180 Yards Passing 132 2 for 37 Passes Completed 1 for 40 Passes Intercepted by 1 3 for 35 Punts. Ave. Y " dge 5 for 36.8 2-1 Fumbles. Ball Lost 1-0 15 Yards Penalized 20 Score By Quarters French 8 0—8 Port Neches -Groves 7 8—15 ROIiFRT (:)UICK Guard DON ROGERS Tackle l GERALD RUGGLES CHARLES SLOVAK Guard Tackle Buff runner is smothered by host of Port Neches-Groves Indians. DAVID SHIRLEY Tackle GARY TAYLOR Back Orange French 13 First Downs 7 1.55 Yards Rushing 99 91 Yards Passing 13 4 of 10 Passes Completed 3 of 9 2 Passes Intercepted by 3 for 28 Punts, Avg. Y ' dge 3 for 27 3-3 Fumbles. Ball Lost 1-1 3-15 Yards Penalized 2-10 Score By Quarters Orange ._, 7 22 0—29 French _. - 0— 2 lor, Wi Fathers eye camera while enjoying game from sideline on " Dad ' s Night. " French Beaumont French Port Arthur 13 First Downs 14 7 First Downs 17 5 Yards Passing 119 103 Yards Rushing 289 198 Yards Rushing 124 8 Yards Passing 19 1 of 4 Passes Completed 10 of 15 1 of 9 Passes Completed 2 of 2 Passes Intercepted by Passes Intercepted by 1 2 for 50.5 Punts, Avg. Y ' dge 3 for 38 4 for 36 Punts, Avg. Y ' dge 3 for 32.7 1 Fumbles. Ball Lost 1 Fumbles. Ball Lost Yards Penalized 10 1 for 5 Yards Penalized 5 for 55 Score By Qua rters Score By Quai ters French 6 7 0—7 0—6 French 7 0-0 ' 7 7—28 Beaumont — Port Arthur . 7 67 MARTY CAROLE Seconds before Pep Rally I, ' MB- ' ■■ ' hirst row: Glenda Williams, Marty Ener, Shively Morgan. Second row: Amy Herring, Dinea Hooks. Top: Carole Nance. n I i DISTRICT 11 lA CO-CHAMPIONS DISTRICT SCORES Opponent French Pt. Neches-Groves 50 74 Port Arthur 41 42 South Park 46 55 Beaumont High 41 45 Orange 33 43 Pt. Neches-Groves 50 54 Port Arthur 50 40 South Park 28 45 Beaumont High 28 55 Orange 49 41 DISTRICT PLAYOFF mmu •hi ' itij CHARLES MANLEY Co-Captain French 46 43 30 Port Arthur 34 45 45 GARY TAYLOR Co-Captain VhMifcj BMy cMj jifvu Top row: Coach Lindsey, Charlt-s Manl.s, .lack La.i stnn. Iluj:li Kanl. Krcl R„i.icro. Jerry McKellcr. liodom row: Jolinin Monroe, Gary Tavlor. Jackie Seely, Jcnninf; Haniillon. ' loiiini ' l ' lia li n. 69 - LHP " ' --J Jackie Seely heads for the goal with puisuers close at hand. n JACKIE SEELY TOMMY THAXTON JACKIE LANGSTON JERRY McKELLER Gary Taylor tries to keep the hall f rom opponents 70 FRED ROMERO .Me I f v HUGH FANT JENNINGS HAMILTON JOHN MONROE French struggles to gain another two points. " B " TEAM BASKETBALL: Top roic: Rodney Hicks. Gary Carlisle. Tommy Miller. Robert Weikel, Harold Rogers, Tim Geen. Middle row: Jimmy ' Mazzola, Tommy Revia, Jimmy Liddell. Jimmy Hester. Chester Slay. Bottom row: Dale Reynard, John Wilson. Hugh Kelly, Leonard Cessac, Delmer Lindsay. BasdxM JACKIE LANGSTON Pitcher All-District Captain CHARLIE MABRY Catcher All-District Captain DAVID SHIRLEY First Base All-District RONNY TYSON Third Base ROGER BYRNE Leit Field a I 72 MIL .ES TOMPKINS Shurtstop DISTRICT GAMES Silsbee 6 French 12 Nederland 8 10 Central 3 9 Kiruin 2. Vidor 6 Silsbee 1 13 South Park 1 9 Beaumont 2 4 Port Arthur 2 Orange Pt. Neches 2 12 4 South Park 12 4 Port Arthur 6 4 Orange 1 3 Pt. Neches 7 1 JIMMY MAGGARD Third Base 73 eiimijiii Im K «« " ■« ) ' P " J " ' ' ' j KiitfVw ■■■.•,■ i GLENN KNIGHT Right Field i;i III ii i CHESTER SLAY Second Base Boj MWufvi — . " ll ,; " - i " " tell ID r;i I I . n,u: IJill Kaminer, Fred Hellcn, ilii;:!, K,ll , Mil.,, I pkni . k. ini. il, i;,n,Mll. i;..iiri T sun, .S. ( o;„ ;,»« . Lair Slunuk, Carl Hudnian, Buel Landruin. Glenn Knight, Tim Geen, Chester Slay. T iird row: Charlie Mahry, Mike McCroskey, Roger Byrne, Jaek Langstqn, Tom Miller, Jim Maggard, Dave Shirley, Coach Bowman. 74 TmiMS ctMjiGol! Lejt to right: Amy Herring, Marcia Dycus. Gail Kincaid. Frances Wright, Bonnie Etie LARRY THARP KU.NME _ IHH Lejt to right: Paul Muluogue, I ' .al) .Inn,-, H.imcI I |i-li,iu. Lima Wiley. 75 Tu)udk 1962 iP f f m . U r . Top row: Gerald Ruggles, Bill Jenkins, Charles Manley, Robert Weikel, Gus Holloman, David Madden. Middle row: John Burns, Billy Dykes, Rodney Hicks, Jack Blake, Eddie Wright, George Jackson. Bottom row: Darrell Martin, Dale Coco, Steve Stewart. Mark Henderson, LeRoy Clark, Jimmy Balmer. 440.RELAY LETTERMEN LcRov Clark. Jimmy Balmer. Dale Coco. Larry Madden MILE LETTERMEN John Burns and Bill Jenkins 76 PRICE BRADSHAW -9 ' f ' 0 } ' Of •nJ ' of (jy J y f O Carolyn Hargraves, Library; Jo Nan Hugo, FNA; Penny Lord, Office; Elizabeth McDonald, Pep Squad; Linda Hofmann, FLC; Cheryl Venable, Student Council; and Eileen Ritter, NHS. Connie Matthews, Key Club; Shively Morgan, FTA; Kerry Pepi- tone, FHA; Brenda Green, Y-Teens; Kitty Rjherd, Art; and Car- olyn Nichols, Annual. Connie Ardoin, D.E. ; Marcy Runyon, Latin Club; and Martv Entr, Sopho- more Hi-Y. 80 Barbara Miertschin, Belles; and Sheryl McCrew, Band. Becky Blacklnirn, .lournalism; Julia Gonzlas, Junior Hi-Y; and Cecelia Townsend, Chorus. SHIVELY MORGAN ' ; ' i " GLENDA WILLIAMS 83 OufetW Art JIM ANDERSON Band JAMES BLAYLOCK Chorus DONNA JO LF:MM0N Commercial BECKY BLACKBURN 84 iMjg Sftufewfe r ,» Dralting DAVID MONK English CHARLES HELPINSTILL Foreign Language NANCY GARA 85 OttfefaW Home Econoniiis JIDY SMITH FRANCES WRK.HT 86 i ig SWfiiife Vocational Ao;riculture DANNY DYKES () Kl v()rkinii DON I.Ol NSBERRY 87 fJMtB OuuJb CAROLYN NICHOLS %I f ll Jlf. 0 i, 4 v GLENDA WILLIAMS hi ifjulQ idO JERRY LOU JOHNSON vv . }.V X CAROLE NANCE LUL.S Uo Woiwi SOW ' CHARLES MABRY C . S sr Nff O D RONNY TYSON u SO wfi SfiitUViS pC GARY TAYLOR O ' , ?.H j „ FRED GRIFFIN DINEA HOOKS % ' %4 S4 ys OSbB jOuuJb m AMY HERRING i JwdOnS SHARON DA VIES U , N ' N MARTY ENER M OSbUOMji JOW , DONALD CHASE My ' % . ' JVy JERRY McKELLER w SO wfi JtiwXMS GARY CARLISLE vo w ,. ,0 RAYMOND PREMB:AUX Most Be6ttfejuAS»| JUDY WALKER T y UDELL DULIN QojpliOMMJ SHARON CRABBE rtfS, C vi rio CYNTHIA MILLER Hoi UoMjkcmM JAMES MAZZOLA 05. 7 " % ' CL RODNEY HICKS Cojpkcmjcms DALE COCO ' «V .V ALVIN CAYWOOD MOST COURTEOUS Geneva Pearl Bob Quick WU ' s Wkp BEST PERSONALITY Carole Nance Charles Stanfonl WITTIEST Barbara Miertschin jimmv Baimer FLIRTIEST Sandv Falcon Jackie Langston MOST BASHFUL Connie Matthews Ronnie Fersriison BEST DRESSED Linda Wells Jack Blake BEST DANCERS Beverlv Harmon Roger Bvrne - WU ' s Wkp MOST TALENTED Mary Rhoades Ereddv Nolan MOST DEPENDABLE Kittv Rvherd Buddv Darby MOST OPTIMISTIC Becky Dunning Ronny Tvson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Donna Lemnion Homer Walker • » «« 7 ♦ . ■Ml JSM -S MMI ipK WP ' ? _...» n iH f IS I.V « ;i -;t f : - . rm ' « ' ; ' ;s.-- MO 105 iw dotim r N 4i w " 0 Sakitatorian: PRICE BRADSHAW Salufatorian: CHARLES HELPINSTILL Valedictorian: HOMER WALKER Highest Ranking Girl: JANE LUKINBILL 108 Se »u (vt CAoss O X Ce ts ROGER BYRNE — Vice-President PRICE BRADSHAW — President SHIVELY MORGAN — Secretary GAROLE NANCE — Re ...rter 109 SHIRLEY ALBRITTON F.H.A.: 10. JIMMY EDWARD ALLEN BRYAN N. ANDERSON Latin Club: 11, 12. MARY C. ANDERSON Orchestra; 10, 12: Band: 10, 11, 12; Student Council: 11; Red Cross: 12. Q mJxm SARAH C. ANDREWS Orchestra: 10, 12; Pep Squad: 11. CONNIE ARDOIN Y-Teens: 10: Red Cross: 10; Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; D.E. Club: 12; Pep Squad: 10. P.IUU m.: 1 Council: t BRENDA JANE AULT Band: 10, 11, 12; Orchestra: 10: F.H.A.: 12. LINDA JUNE BABIN Pep Squad: 10; Belles: 11, 12: Future Nurses: 10, 12; Y-Teens: 10; Foreign Language Club: 12; Library As- sistant: 10; Horizon Secretary: 10. lACKBI DARRELL BAKER Art Awards: 10, 11, 12. WILBUR JAMES BALMER. JR. Football: 11. 12; Track: 10, 11, 12; Key Club: 10; Hi-Y: 10. ALBA ELIZABETH BARR Y-Teens: 10, 12; Future Nurses: 10-12; Horizon: 10: Y-Teen Delegate to National Convention: 10; Miss Y-Teen of Beaumont: 11; Courier Editor: 12; Student Council: 12; Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; Pep Squad: 10. SHERI LOUISE BARRETT F.T.A.: 10, 11, 12; Foreign Language Club: 11: Future Nurses: 10, 12: Y-Tecns: 10, 12; Pep Squad: 10; Horizon: 10. Q JidCM PAULA JEAN RASKIN F.H.A.: 11; National Honor Society: 11, 12; Student Council: 12. JOHN BELT Red Cross: 11, 12. BECKY BLACKBURN Pep Squad: 10; YTeens: 10: Belles: 10. 11. 12; Belle Lieut.: 12; Courier Staff: 12; Morning Watch: 10. JACK BLAKE Track: 12; National Honor Society: 11, 12: National Honor Society Vice-President : 12. JAMES E. BLAYLOCK Band: 10. 11. 12: National Honor Society: 11. 12; Stage Band: 10. 11, 12: Honor Roll; 10. 11. 12; Assistant Drum Major: 12. ROBERT A. BOASE Industrial Arts: 12. Foreioi i 11, 1. ' ; 1 CAROL BONURA Chorus: 10, 11, 12; F.T.A.: 12; F.H..4.: 12; Y-Teens: 10, 11; Pep Squad: 10. DIANNE BORQUE D.E. Club: 11. FooU: Class: II SeitUwS PRICE BRADSHAW, JR. Senior Class President; Seniifinalist in National Merit Scholarship Test; Hi-Y Secretary: 10; Latin Club: 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society: 11, 12; Biology Club Secretary -Treasurer: 12. HARVEY JOE BRADY Student Council: 11, 12; Boys State: 11; W.O.W. History Award: 11; Student Council Parliamentarian: 12; Future Teachers: 12. JAMES DON BROADWAY Honor Roll: 10, 11, 12; Stage Band: 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross President: 12; National Honor Society: 12; Band: 10, 11, 12; Biology Club: 10. ROBERT BROWN F.F.A.: 10, 11, 12; D.E. Club: 12; Key Club: 12. 112 SUSAN BURCHFIELD Foreign Language Club: 10, 11; Y-Teens: 10. 11: Belles: 11, 12; Future Teachers: 12; Pep Squad: 10. HORACE DONALD BURFORD Band: 10. 11. 12; Band Sergeant: 11; Science Club: 10. ROGER P. BYRNE Football: 10. 11, 12; Baseball: 11, 12; Vice-President of Class: 10, 11, 12; Hi-Y: 10; Key Club: 11: Foreign Language Club: 10; Most Handsome: 10. 11. LARRY CARNEY C mIo CHARLES RANDALL CARTER D.E. Club: 12. KAY CARTER D.E. Club: 12. BARBARA ANN CASCIO F.H.A.: 12; Future Nur .Assistant: 12. P. ' TRICIA ANN CLARK 12; Red Cross: 12; Library 113 SANDRA COCKRELL Foreign Language Club: 10, 12; Future Teachers Club: 12. SHARON GAY COLLINS F.H.A.: 10, 12; F.H.A. Secretary: 12; Annual Staff: 11: Library Assistant: 12; Chorus: 12; Red Cross: 11. BILLY COMEAUX Football: 11. JAMES AARON COWART Agriculture: 10, 11, Treasurer, 12; Ag. Student Advisor: 11; Greenhand Treasurer. Q mIo JAMES ARTHUR COWART F.F.A.: 10, 11. LEONARD JAMES COWART NANCY CAROLE CRAIN Pep Squad: 10, 11, 12; Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; Science Club: 10; Student Council: 12. BUDDY ROBERT DARBY FootbaU: 10. 11, 12: F.F.A.: 10, 11, 12; Golf: 11, 12. mm f.F..l. JIMMY DOUGHERTY F.F.A.: 11, 12. TONY DUGUE Football: 11. BECKY JO DUNNING ]). Biology Club: 10, 12; Pep .Squad: 10; Future Nurses: ■ ' II 10, 12; Latin Club: 10. 12; Courier Staff: 12; Chorus: 12; Y-Teens: 10. DANNY DYKES F.F.A. Parliamentarian: 10, 11: F.F.. . Vice-President: 12; Key Club: 11, 12; Key Club Secretary: 12. LARRY DAVIS Latin Club: 10, 11; Hi-Y: 10. GLENN DeBARTOLO National Honor Society: 11, 12; Latin Club: 11. JIMMIE LOUIS DeCUIR Band: 10, 11, 12. SHIRLEY DOUCET F.H.A.: 10; Pep Squad: 10, 11; F.T.A.: 10; Latin Club: 10. 11; Co-Editor of Courier: 12. Q MOnS -L FREDA ANN ELLIS Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; Future Teachers Asso- ciation: 11, 12: President: 12; Morning Watch: 10, 11 12; Band: 10, 11, 12; Courier Staff: 12; Orchestra: 12. MARILYN DELMA FAIL Annual Staff: 10, 12; Annual Editor: 12; National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; Library Assistant: 12. SANDRA LEE FALCON Library Assistant: 11; Future Homemakers: 12; Future Teachers: 12. MARY KATHRYN FARQUE Red Cross: 10; Y-Teens: 10; Horizon: 10; Future Nurses; 10; Pep Squad: 10, 11; Student Council: 11; Future Homemakers: 12. f C MM SHERYL FENNER Pep Squad: 12; Latin Club: 11. LINDA FERGUSON F.H.A.: 11; China: F.F.A. Sweetheart: 10; Basketball: 10; Secretary of Class: 10. RONNIE FERGUSON F.F.. ' . President: 12; Texas Youth Rodeo Association: 11, 12. SANDRA FLOYED Pep Squad; 10, 11; Y-Teens: 10; Student Council; 10; Art Gold Key; 10; F.T.A.; 11, 12; Library Assistant: 11. 116 SHARON GWEN FOWLER Pep Squad: 11; Office Assistant: 11, 12. JENNIE LYNN GALLOWAY Y-Teens: 10; Future Nurses: 12; Pep Squad: 10. NANCY JUNE GARA National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; Honor Society Treas- urer: 12; Foreign Language Club: 10; Biology Club: 12; Pep Squad: 12; Library Assistant: 11. RAYMOND GARFIELD. JR. Football: 10, 11. 12: Baseball: 10. 11. 12; Most Hand- some: 10, 11; Hi-Y: 10; Red Cross: 12; Basketball: 10; Track: 10, 12. SeaXcws EFFIE JULIA GONZALES Latin Club: 10, 11; Morning Watcb: 12; Library As sistant: 12. FRANCIS 0. GOOCH Industrial Arts: 10, 11, 12. CLAUD EDDIE GOSSETT Industrial Arts President : 12. GLEN GRANT 117 DOROTHY FA YE GRAY F.H.A.: 10; Y-Teens: 10. BRENDA GREEX F.T.A.: 12; Foreign Language Club: 12; Y-Teens: 10: FRED M. GRIFFIX III Hi-Y Treasurer: 10: Basketball: 10, 11, 12; Industrial Arts: 12. RICHARD WAYNE HAMMEL Football: 11, 12; Industrial Arts: 12. C mIo M m ' ELIZABETH ANN HANCOCK Band: 10, 11, 12; Student Couneil : 11, 12; Library As sistant; 11; F.TA.: 12. CAROLYN ANN HARGRAVES Library Assistant: 12. • " ■ " ' CHARLOTTE JAN HARGRAVES Foreign Language: 10, 11; National Honor Society: 10, 11; Future Teachers: 12; Annual Staff: 12; Belles: 10, II, 12; Mardi Gras Chairman: 11; Winter Qupp " Can- didate: 12. BEVERLY ANNE HARMON Foreign Language: 10, 11, 12; Pep Squad: 10; Future Teachers: 10, 11, 12; Future Nurses: 12; Student Council Vice-President: 12; Chorus: 11; Courier Staff: 12; Y-Teens: 10. NaiioDal ] Honor Soc 12; Sli|t ScitoteQi WlBi i CLAUDIA HARMON Foreign Language: 10, 11, 12; Future Teachers Reporter: 11; F.T.A. Secretary: 12; Future Nurses Secretary ' : 12; Red Cross: 10, 11; Pep Squad: 10, 11; YTeens: 10. EARL HARDY HARMON Footlnill: 10, 11, 12; HiY : 10, 11; Ke Clul): 10, 11, 12. MACK HARVEY F.F.A.: 10, 11. MERRILL EDWARD HAZELTON Phoenix, Ariz.: F.F.A.: 11; German Ckili: French : F.F.A.: 12. SeitUvtS CHARLES TOWER HELPINSTILL, JR. National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist: 12; National Honor Society: 12; Band; 10, 11, 12; Band Sergeant; 12; Stage Band: 10, 11, 12; Honor Roll: 10, 11, 12; Science Club; 10. CHARLES HENDERSON HERSCHEL HENDERSON Band: 10; Science Club: 10; Key Cluh: 11. JAMES RONAL HENDRY Football: 10; Track: 10; Photo Club; 11. ADDIE ANNE HESTER D.E. Club: 12: Library Assistant: 11. JLDIE HIELSCHER Chorus; 12; Library Assistant: 12; Morning Watch: 12. ANNETl LANA HILBUN Twirlt-r: 11, 12; B; id: 10, 11, 12; Red Cross: 11. LINDA DIANE HOFMANN Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; Student Council: 12; Future Nurses: 12; Foreign Language Club Treasurer: 12. JO .TO Fulire T r.H..i: 11 Se ti(vis DAVID HOLLIDAY Hi-Y: 10; Key Club: 10; Football: 10, 11; Band: 10, 11; Foreign Language Club: 10, 11, 12; Red Cross: 10. PATRICIA WYNN HOLZAPFEL MARGARET ADELE HOOKS Belles: 10, 11, 12: Future Homemakers: 10, 12; Future Teachers: 10, 11, 12; Student Council: 11; Y-Tecns: 10; Annual Staff; 12; Good Sportsmanship Delegate: 11. LINDA BERYL HORLACHER Library Assistant: 11, 12; Future Nurses: 12. 120 id; 12; ■m: li MARIALICE HUBBARD Y-Teens: 10: Future Nurses: 12: Chorus: 12; Library ANNETTE HUGHES Y-Teens: 10: F.H.A.: 10: Red Cross: 11. JO NAN HUGO Future Teaeliers: 12; Latin Club: 12; Future Nurses President : 12. WANDA FAYE HUMPHREY F.H.A.: 10, 11; Student Council: 10; D.E. President: 12; Red Cross: 11. Q MiO DOLORES ANN HURST Future Teachers: 10; Pep . ' quad: 10; Y-Teens: 10. GEORGE JANES Football: 10, 11, 12; Hi-Y: 10; Key Club: 12. WILLIAM E. JENKINS F.F.A.: 10, 11. 12; Track: 10, 11. 12. JOHN HENRY JETT Kev Club: 10. 121 I JERRY LOU JOHNSON Belles: 11, 12; Band: 10, 11, 12; Beauty: 10, 11; Foreign Language Club: 10, 11; Red Cross: 12;Mardi Gras Candidate: 11; Y-Teens: 10; F.T.A.: 12. LYNN ELDRED KEENAN JIMMY S. KELLY Football and Baseball Manager: 10. JANICE ARLENE KETTERER Belles: 10, 11, 12; Y-Teens: 10, 11; Student Council: 10; Office Assistant: 11, 12; Future Nurses: 12. C idOnS %j gJmL JIMMY L. KOHN Band: 10, 11. ELLARENE LaBORDE D.E. Club: 12. M: 10, 10; FoKi SiiHs:ll I MARY ANN LANDRUM State F.H.A. Convention Delegate: 11; Red Cross: 12; Office Assistant: 11; Y-Teens: 10, 11. THOMAS BULL LANDRUM Baseball: 11, 12; Basketball Manager: 11; Football Man- ager: 11; Art Gold Key: 11. ' ■ ' •; ' P.f 11.12:0 dHiM MARY ANN LANG National Honor Society: 11, 12; Future Nurses: 10, 12; Science Club: 10; Library Assistant: 12; Chorus: 12; Morning Watch: 10; Morning Watch Vice-President: 12. JACKIE LANGSTON Basketball: 10, 11, 12; Baseball: 10, 11, 12. LUKE LATINO. JR. F.F.A.: 10, 11. DONNA JO LEMMON Pep Squad: 10, 11, 12; Squad Captain: 12; Office As- sistant: 11; Foreign Language: 11, 12; Chorus; 10, 11, 12; Chorus President: 12. SemCMiS KATHERINE LEOFFLER Y-Teens: 10, 11. CHARLOTTE LOCKHART Band: 10, 11, 12; Future Teachers: 10, 11, 12; Y-Teens: 10; Foreign Language; 10, 11; Red Cross: 10; Future Nurses: 10, 11. VAN DELL LOMBARD Y-Teens; 10, 11; Science Club: 10; Honor Society: 11; Art . ward: 10, 11. 12. PENNY LORD Y-Teens: 10; Red Cross: 11, 12; Girls ' State: 11; Foreign Language Club: 10; Winter Queen Candidate: 12; Belles Lt. ; Pep Squad Captain: 10; National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; Office Assistant: 11, 12. j_ i N» DORIS JANE LUKENBILL Foreign Language Club: 11: National Honor Society: 11, 12; National Honor Society Historian: 12. CHARLES MASSENGILL MABRY II Football: 10, 11, 12; Basketball: 11; Baseball: 10, 11, 12; Hi-Y: 10; Annual Staff: 12. LARRY CLARK MADDEN HiY: 10; Track: 10, 11, 12. JAMES EDWARD MAGGARD, JR. Football: 10, 11, 12; Baseball: 11, 12; Hi-Y: 10; Foreign Language: 10; National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; Bas- ketball: 10. i QMjOaS CHARLES MANLEY Basketball: 10, 11, 12; Track: 10, 11, 12; Hi-Y: 10; Foreign Language Club: 10. RONNIE MARBLE Football: 10, 11, 12; F.F.A.: 10, 11, 12; Key Club: 11. LINDA JOYCE MARTINEZ Pep Squad: 10, 12; Chorus: 11, 12. JOYCE MATHIS Y-Teens: 10; Red Cross: 11; Office Assistant: 11; Courier Staff: 12. 124 CONNIE MATTHEWS Brazosport: F.H.A.: 10, 11: Junior Steering Committee; F.F.A. Sweetheart Candidate; F.H.S. : Latin Club: 12: Future Nurses: 12. PHIL McALISTER Football: 10. 11; Key Club: 10, 11; Hi-Y: 10. SHIRLEY McBRIDE Band: 10, 11, 12. LORIN McCANN D.E. Club: 12. CmiO RICHARD THOMAS McDILL Band: 10. 11, 12; Drum Mainr: 12; National Honor Society: 11, 12; Latin Club: 10, 11, 12; Debate: 10. ELIZABETH McDONALD Y-Teens: 10: Pep Squad: 10, 11, 12; Future -Murses: 12; Future Teachers; 12; Biologv Club: 10: Courier Staff: 12; Honor Roll: 11. SHERYL GRACE McGREW Pep Squad: 10: Y-Teens: 10: Morning Watch: 10, 11, 12; Future Teachers: 10, 11, 12; Band; 12; Latin Club: 11, 12.; Annual Staff: 12; Winter Queen Candidate: 12; Foreign Language Club: 11. DANIEL DWAIN McINNIS Art Award: 10, 11, 12. 125 JO ANN McQueen Pep Squad: 10, 11, 12: Y-Teens: 10: Future Home- makers: 12: Future Teachers: 12; Red Cross: 10; Office Assistant: 11. KAREN J. McSPADDEN Latin Cluh: 10. 11: Future Nurses: 10: Pep Squad: 11: YTeens: 10. 11. BARBARA McWHERTER Band: 10; Future Homemakers: 10, 11. BERTON CLAY MIDDLETON Foreign Language Club: 10; Football Manager: 10: Track Manager: 10; President F.L.C. : 11; Boys ' State Delegate: 11: Baseball Manager: 11; Mardi Gras Chairman: 12; Student Council: 12. CmJlw i h BARBARA LYNN MIERTSCHIN Foreign Language Club: 10; Pep Squad: 10: Y-Teens: 10; Belles: 11. 12; Student Council: 10; Future Teachers: 12: Junior Red Cross: 12. CHARLES L MILLER „ Band: 10, 11, 12; Latin Club: 10, 11. F.HA: 12 PATRICIA ANN MIRELES Library Assistant: 12. LAIRD MONCRIEF I fife Rt;« • ' iilioiai B S?«aJ; 10, Bffe: 11, Wetis: 1 ELAINE MORRIS F.H.A.: 12: Chorus: 11, 12: Lihrary Assistant: 12. CHARLES MOSELEY Science Club: 10. , CAROLE RAYE NANCE I Class Reporter: 10, 12; Cheerleader: 11, 12; Foreign Language Club: 10, 11; Y-Teens Vice-President: 10; ; National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; F.T.A.: 12; Pep ; Squad: 10. I CAROLYN NICHOLS I Belles: 11, 12; Class Beauty: 10, 11; Pep S(iuad: 10; ' Y-Teens: 10; Annual .Staff: 12; F.T.A.: 12; Foreign Language Club: 10, 11; Red Cross: 10. DAVID MONK Industrial Arts Club: 12. WANDA KAY MOODY Future Homemakers: 10; Student Council: 11. SANDRA L. MOORE Y-Teens: 10; Pep Squad: 10; Red Cross: 10; Latin Club: 10. 11: Future Teachers: 10: Future Nurses: 10. SHIVELY R. MORGAN F.T.A.: 10, 12; Y-Teens; 10; Pep Squad: 10; Office Assistant: 11; Annual Staff: 12; Cheerleader: 12; Home- coming Candidate: 10, 11; Beauty: 10, 11; Class Favorite: 10, 11; Class Secretary: 10, 11. 12. Q mJUM GLEN DALE NOBLE Football: 10, 11; Baseball: 10; National Honor Society: 12. FREDDY S. NOLAN Football: 10: Hi-Y: 10: Key Club: 11. RAY LYNN O ' BANNION Football: 10, 11, 12; Track: 11, 12. JO ANN PARHAM Student Council: 10; D.E. Club: 12. C J JU nS JOYCE KAY PARK Chorus: 10, 11, 12. ELLA PARNELL .South Park F.H.A.: 10. REBECCA ANN PARISH Pep Squad: 10: Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; National Honor Society: 11, 12. PATRICIA JEAN PARSLEY Y-Teens: 10; Student Council: 11; Future Nurses: 12. 128 " I GENEVA ANN PEARL Pep Squad: 10, 11, 12; Red Cross: 10: Future Teachers: 11, 12; Future Nurses: 12; Y-Teens: 10; Morning Watch: 10. CLARICE PFLEIDER F. MAURICE PFLEIDER Band: 10, 11; Chorus: 12; Morning Watch: 10, 11, 12. BEVERLY ANN PITTS Chorus: 12; Y-Teens: 10; F.H.A.: 11. C JldCM WALTER HAYES POORE Hi-Y: 10; Band: 10, 11; Fooiball: 10. CONNIE RAYE PREUETT Foreign Language Club: 10; D.E. Club: 12 ROBERT W. QUICK, JR. Football: 10. 11, 12: Baseball: 11, 12; t:horus: 12; King Cotton Candidate: 12. PENNY JOLYNE RAY Band: 10, 11, 12. 129 LEN E. REDDOCH Track: 10, 11, 12; Latin Club: 10, 11; National Honor Society: 11; Red Cross: 12. ELLEN REED Chorus: 10; Pep Squad: 11: Future Homemakers: 10, 12; Y-Teens: 10. LOIS JANETTE REVIA Future Homemakers: 10; Chorus: 11; D.E.: 12. LYNNETTE REVIA Horizon Club: 10: Chorus: 12. Se iUviS HOPE REYES MARY E. RHOADES Chorus: 10, 11, 12; Pep Squad: 10, 12; F.H.A.: 12; F.T.A.: 12; Stage Band Vocalist: 11, 12; National Honor Society: 11. SHARON RICHEY HELEN EILEEN RITTER National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; Morning Watch: 10; Y-Teens: 10; Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; Student Council: 12; Pep Squad: 10, 11, 12; F.T.A.: 12. U: 12; |l MARY K. ROY F.H.A.: 10; Cheerleader: 11; Chorus: 12; Morning Watch: 12. JERRY RUGGLES Hi-Y: 10; Band: 10, 11, 12; Football: 11, 12; Track: 11, 12; Red Cross: 12. MARCIA ROSE RUNYON Y-Teens: 10; F.T.A.: 10, 11, 12; Latin Club: 11, 12; Orchestra: 10; Band: 10, 11, 12; Belles: 11, 12; Belle ' Lieutenant; 12; Beauty: 10, 11; Mardi Gras Candidate: 10, 11. MARK RUYSENAARS Science Club: 10; Future Teachers: 12. DONALD W. ROGERS Football: 10, 11. 12. JO ANN ROGERS Y-Teens: 10; Pep Squad: 10; F.H.A.: 11, 12: Red Cros 11; Morning Watch: 10, 11, 12; Student Council: 12. GIG ROH.MFELD BOBBYE JEAN ROWE Y-Teens: 10; Pep .Squad: 10, 11; F.H.A. President: 12; F.T.A.: 11, 12; D.E. Vice-President: 12; Library As- sistant: 11; Future Nurses: 12. C MdO J. C. RYE F.F.A.: 10, 11, 12. KATHRYN ANN RYHERD Foreign Language Club: 10; Art Gold Key: 10; Art Blue Ribbon: 11; Red Cross: 12. JUDY ALICE SALTER Y-Teens: 10; Pep Squad: 10. NORMAN SAMAHA I C JIM M ROBERT SAURAGE LOIS JEAN SCROGGINS Chorus: 11; D.E. Club: 12. MARIE SEABERG CHARLES E. SEALE 132 JACK W. SEELY Basketball: 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y: 10. RALPH SEW F.F.A.: 10, 11. 12; Morning Watch: 12. WILLIAM A. SETTLE National Honor Society: 10; Football: 10; Track: 10; Hi-Y: 10. JOE SHEFFIELD F.F..A.; 10, 11, 12. Q mIcm LLOYD WAYNE SHELL National Honor .Society: 11, 12: Band: 10, 11, 12; Ser- geant: 12; All-Region: 11: Foreign Language Club: 11; N..M.S.Q.T. Honorable Mention: 12. CHARLES ROY SHIMEK JR. Band: 10. 11, 12; .Sergeant: 11; Lieutenant : 12; Stage Band: 10. 11. 12; Combo: 11, 12. DAVID SHIRLEY Hi-Y: 10; Football; 10. 11, 12; Baseball: 10, 11, 12. THOMAS M. SIKES 133 DARRELL SILVERBERG S.P.H.S.: Tennis Team: 10. 11; Mornin;:; 10, 11; F.H.S.: Morning Watch: 12. MILDRED ANN SIMONEAUX F.H.A.: 10; Chorus: 11. CHARLES JOSEPH SLOVAK Track: 10, 11, 12: Football: 10, 11, 12; HiY: 10; Foreign Language Club: 11, 12; National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; Red Cross: 11, 12-. JUDY MARIE SMITH F.H.A. President: 11, 12; Student Council: 12. S aXo M t ■nB K Sf MERRILL G. SMITH D.E.: 12. RONALD IVEN SMITH Hi-Y: 10, 11; Track: 10, 11: Golf: 11, 12: National Honor Society: 10, 11, 12. DIIWE VTeeis Si 12; Ufa LYNN SNOWDEN Latin: 10; Track: 10. CHARLES STANFORD Football: 10, 11, 12; F.F.A.: 10. 11. 12; Handsome: 10, 11; Class Favorite: 10, 11: Baseball: 11; Twirp Candi- date: 10, 11; Cotton King Candidate: 11, 12. i DIAXXE STURROCK ! Y-Teens Secretary: 12; F.H.A.: 12; Morning Watch: 11. 12; Lufkin: Class Secretary: 10; Drama Club: 10; Latin Club: 10; Red Cross: 11. ROBERT W. SUTTON JOHNNIE JUDSON TATUM National Honor Society: 10, 11; Track: 11, 12. GARY A. TAYLOR Football: 10. 11, 12: Basketball: 10, 11. 12; HiY: 10; Handsome: 10, 11; Twirp Candidate: 10. 11; Cotton Kins; Candidate: 12. H. PERRY STANFORD FLO ST. CLAIR F.T.A.: 10: Pep Squad: 10; Library Assistant: 12. JAMES STOVALL PENNY STRICKLAND Pep Squad: 10, 11; Latin Club: 10. 11: Science Club- 11, 12; Y-Teens: 10; Debate Club; 10; Red Cross: 10: Honor Society: 11. Q MdcytS CECELIA ANN TOWNSEND Y-Tcens: 10, 11; F.H.A.: 10. MICHAEL TSCHIEDEL LARRY L. THARP Hi-V: 10: Band Offiirr: 10. 11, 12; Latin Club: 10 11 12: President: 11: Basketliall: 10; Golf: 11 12- Red Cross: 10, 11, 12: Pliotograpliy Clul): 10. THO! IAS JAMES THAXTON Basketball: 10, 11, 12, PATSY THOMPSON F.H.A.: 10: Y-Teens: 10. TOMMY THOMPSON Hi-Y: 10. C AdCM RONNY TYSON Football: 10, 11, 12; Trark: 10, 11. 12; Baseball: 11. 12; .lunior Class President: 11; Boy.s ' State: 11: Vice-Presi- dent Hi-Y: 10; Key Club: 12; Handsome: 10, 11. JOHNNY UNDERWOOD Football: 10, 11, 12; Baseliall: 10, 11, 12; F.F.A.: 12; Key Club: 12; Hi-Y: 10; Golf: 10, 11; Greenhand Presi- dent: 12. 136 CHERYL VENABLE Student Body President: 12; Vice-President, F.T.A.: 12 Treasurer, F.T.A.: 11; Parliamentarian, Student Council 11; District Treasurer F.T.A.: 12; Foreign Language Club 11, 12; Future Nurses: 10. 12; National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Pep Squad: 10, 11. ARTHUR VOGEL Foreign Language Club: 11. , HOMER FRANKLIN WALKER ' Band: 10, 11, 12; Foreign Language Club: 10. 11; Na- tional Honor Society: 10, 11, 12; All Reeion Band: 10, ;: 11. 12; All State Band: 11. 12; American War Mothers Award: 10. ;j [ARY ANN WALKER j| Band: 10. 11, 12; F.T.A.: 12; Office Assistant: 11. 12; I Winter Queen Candidate: 12. S mo ilk ' .tfik.Tii KENNETH E. WALL. JR. Band: 10, 11, 12; All-Region Band: 10; National Honor Society: 10. 11. 12; National Merit Scholarship Semi- finalist: 12. CHERYL WALLEY Montana: Cheerleader: 10: F.T.A.: 10. 11. 12: Varsity Hockey Club: 10; F.H.S.: Student Council: 10. U. 12; Art Club: 11. WINSTON RAY WATHEN Track: 10. 12; Hi-Y: 10, 11; Hi-Y President: 11. ROBERT WATTS 137 MICHAEL WEBSTER SHIRLEY WEEKS F.H.A.: 10; Chorus: 12. LINDA C. WELLS Belles: 11, 12; Belle Captain: 12; Beauty: 10. 11; Pep Squad: 10; Homecoming Candidate: 10, 11; Sophomore Class President; Library Assistant: 11; Annual Business Manager: 12; Winter Queen Candidate: 12. BILLY WEST B.H.S. : School Newspaper: 11; Foreign Language Club: F.H.S. 11. C JIMjO VICTOR WHEELER Footljall: 10. 11, 12; Hi-Y: 10; Key Club: 11. 12. CHERYL LYNN WHITMAN Foreign Language Club: 10. 12: Red Cross: 11; Pep Squad: 10; Student Council: 10: Annual Staff: 11; V-Teens: 10, 11. JERRY WHITMAN Football: 10, 11, 12; Foreign Language Club: 11. ELIZABETH JANE WILLIAMS F.T.A.: 10, 11; F.H.A.: 10, 12; Science Club: 10; Office Assistant: 11; Y-Teens: 10; Morning Watch; 10. 11, 12; Morning Watch President; 12. 138 S BlM B GLEN DA F. ' ILLI A: IS Cheerleader; 11, 12; Beauty: 11; F.H.A. Treasurer: 12; Pep Squad: 10; Homecoming Queen: 12. VIRGINIA GAYLE WILLIAMS Morning Watch: 10: Pep Squad: 10; Y-Teens: 10; Stu- dent Council: 11; Future Teachers; 12. 11: P, iploBI! ism C 4dOnS DANIEL D. WINGERSON D.E. Club; 12. ROBERT WOLFF Chess Club: 10; Latin Club: 11; Biology Club Reporter: 12; Student Council: 12. FRANCES KATHERINE WRIGHT Latin Club: 10, 11; Tennis Team: 10, 11. 12. SENIORS NOT PICTURED 0. V. Baker Don Ray Christopher Carl Delacerda Don Delhonie Henry tlllison Chesley Lee Hargraves Harold R. Jester Charles M. Leatherwood David McCauley Joe A. Ragland Robert M. Reese Rayniotid Reyes Robert Trevey Grover Williams 139 Ju lu O C OSS Of f iC A LYNN McMANUS — Reporter HATTIE JO OAKES — Secretary SHERRY FREE — President RAYMOND PREAMEAUX — Vice-President 140 Nancy Gayle Adams Janeen Aldredge Barbara E. Baker aTlE) ' ' :ae ' ' ' j« ' 4K Ami Marie Alford Sandra Alford Polly Baker Helen Allen Lyle Amy Bob Anderson Lynda Anderson Johnie Arnold Sharon Bagesse JuMdcytS Sherri Baker Charles Balhorn Lucretia Barbin V David Bean Mary Ann Bean Irene Barrileaux Linda Beard Jerry Becka Jtuu VlS Robert F. Berard John Robert Boaz Judy Cheryl Barrow Jimmy Boggan Floyd W. Boyett Judy Lynn Barrow Dolores Ann Bradberry William Wyatt Bradberry Elizabeth Ann Britt Barry Brupbacher Donald Gene Chase Marty Bush Anna B. Byrn Ronald Dean Chase Mary J. Callenius Lee Callison JtuuMS Gary Wayne Carlisle Marvin L. Carver Danny M. Clark Linda Caudle Connie L. Chapman Leroy S. Clark, Jr. Patricia Ann Cole Wanda Lea Cross Lucretia Lord Crusan ' Barbara Collisan Kathleen Janet Danna Sharon Davies JumIoaS Gary Dominy Kenneth Dorsey Betty C. Conner Geraldine Doucette Ronald A. Eller John Critchlow Irma Emmons Martha Ann Ener Jack Richard Etie Rheubin Farrar Timothy Dow Geen Don Wayne Fones Jimmie Fostinis Dorothy Foxworth Sherr ' L nn Free Steve Friend Connie Fritsche Tommy Gamble David Gay Nancy Gilbert l JumjUM David L. Gilcrease Barliara (Jirc Linda Carol Giaa;a; Gerald William Hegele Fred Hellen Joe Mack Gray Janie Henslee Rav Hereford JumXo Amv L. Herring Mary K. Heve Wayne Hawkins Janis Holt Ronnie Holloman Linda Headen Dinea Ray Hooks Carl Hudman Mary Beth Huffman Charles Hughes Bill Kaiiiiner Jimmy Hughes Linda Humphries Sharon Karns Judith Ann Jacks Katherine A. Johnson JumjUM Rita Ann Johnson Robert Ellis Johnson Janet Rae Karr John Randolph Jones Tommie J. Jones Jimnn J. Kelly . Jann Pernell Kemp Gail Kincaid JowXo James A. King Glenn Knieht l Betty Sue Kovar Mary Lou Kovar Mary Grace LaBorde Dixie LaCour Donna Laughlin Paula Louise LeBlanc Norma Lee Linda Leoffler Judith Leonard Orvis Lee Lewis, Jr. ] :i ' V jl il ♦•S Rita Anne Lewis Ruby Lewis James B. Liddell Malcolm Liilard Kris B. Lloyd Shirley Lognion Joyce Long Dovlene Luther Gerald Lynas Derrell B. Martin Sharon Mathews Wilma Jean Mathews JumJUM Nannette McDaniel Maurine McGalin . Jerry McKeller Lynn McManus JumXmS Mike McManus Daria McMurray Roy L. Merrill Patricia Middlelon Tommy Miller Patty Mitchell Sheila Mitchell Sally Ann Moore Carol K. Morgan Jerry L. Moses Sharon Mouton Nancy C. Mowal Jane Ellen Muirhead Beulah Myers Henry Myers Hattie Jo Oakes Norma Jayn Palmer Jackie Parfait Yvonne Parham April Park Karen S. Paul Louis B. Pearson Carol L. Penman Kerry Pepitone K -rr 1 J % f 1 1 1 JuiuMS Richard Perley Clara Jane Pigott Raymond Premeaux Delbert Wajne Reeves Linda Roger s i Zada R. Rawls Fred Romero Barbara Rosheser JtLMX(VlS John H. Roy Eileen Rve John E. Reeder, Jr. Vera Sanchez Patricia Savoy Larry Monroe Martha Sawyer Donna Says Connie Sherman Lenita Silverberg Sherrie Smith Warren Smith Judy Spell Kristie Sprowls James Styles W- Biil K. Swartz Juato Beverly Stafford Ginger Stewart Steve Stewart Rifkv C. Stratton Glenda Svvilly Patricia Tavlor David R. Upshaw Diane Van Nolan Paula L. Tew Dennis Vickery Dorothy Vinson Harriett Ann Tillman JtuuMS Katherine Vogel Kave Wadleiffh Robert F. Wall Ann C. Ward Carroll Thompson Oliver R. Watts Marv Weatherfo Miles Tompkins Janelle Wills Carol J. Wenzell Robert E. Werner Elizabeth Wilson Robert West Linda Sue Westmoreland Pamela Wheeler Jo Ann Whiddon Linda Whitaker Cvnthia Whitfield Milton J. Wilkinson Barbara Williams JumIo George Wilson John E. Wilson t Jimmy Womack Wanda Woods [ ljlH|| Judith Youneblood Eddie Wri2;ht Mai ' suerite Wrisht Jenv Dean Yount Wayne Wright JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Jimmy Edward Allen Jennings B. Hamiliton. Jr. Linda Aveiitt Harriet Hebert Kenneth Barnett Claude Helvestion Robert Bloyd Cheryl Lyn Hennigan Randy Boss Harvey Herman Larry Buxton Lida Delma Hollis Mike Carter Bob Hornbuckle Mike H. Carrigan Joe Howard J.L. Deen. Jr. William Eugene Irby Georiie Delacerda Margaret A. Leger Barbara Eckols Frances . rlean Legendre Carol Flowers David Mayes Steven U. Fox Kenneth McGill Dennis Gilbert Allen Means Glen Gray John Monroe Charles Griffin Connie Moore JuMX(VtS Jerry Noland Judith Peoples Robert Reeder James Reynolds Judy A. Riche Darlene Riddle Austin Riemenschneider J. C. Rye. Jr. James Shell Donald Small Linda Small Dennis Spurlock William Strahan Joe Varnado Kathy Vogal 156 .X SfvpJuvMvte CAot s O J e ts SHARON GLIIDRY — Secretary BILLY RAY DYKES — Vice-President (,A1L Kl NYON — Reporter JIMMY MAZZOLA — President 157 Roslyn Baldree QopkoM nj Wayne Abshire Curtis A. Anderson Sandra Arabie Paul Doui!:las Ashmore Patriria Bateman Jo Anne Beaumont Miriam Beckner Clara Berlin Linda Birkley Gearld Billings Diane Bloomfield Harold Aulds Larry E. Avery Kenny Baber Carolyn Barney Charles Barron Mike Bassler 158 M miAi Beck Bowen Shervl Brackin Ronnie Bianum Kathv Brown Michael Brown Joan Bryan Linda Burford Cheryl Bverlv Earleen Campbell Olvnis Carr Joyce Burkwall John Burns Dianne Carter Glynn Carter Lynn Carter QojpkcmM Al in Joe Caywood Leonard Cessac Carl Claiborne Uianne Cobb 159 Dale Coco Judi E. Coe James E. Cole Sharon Kav Collins Jesse William Condon Darnell James Connor David Shannon Conway Sharon A. Crabbe James H. Crain Gayle Wonette Crunk Nancy Sue Davis Sue Dean Terry Delaney QopliOMMJ Charlotte Denmon Thomas Edward Dickson Gary Winston Dipprey £ihM James Patrick Doane Julia Dorsey Richard DuBroc, Jr. LaDell Dulin 160 " : ' r, Paula Duncan Norman Duren Marcia L. Dvcus Billy Ray Dykes tJl Sue Ellen Eakin Peggy Sue Ellis Dennis E. Epps Bonnie Lois Etie Ann Everitt Chrystine Farley Richarfl Galiier John Philip Galusha Richarfl Garrett Barbara Garsee Judy Gaspard Hugh J. Fant QojpkoMMS Susan K. (Jaudet Dianiia (iilhcrt Michael (iilcliricst Donald Paul Golden 161 Burton Gray Janis Gray Jo K. Greidenwise Janis Ruth Griffith Sharon Guidry Carol Hall Orvalee Hall Shirley Ann Hall Lynne Hampton Charles Michael Hannin Jimmy Hanson Robert Harder Ralph Hare Qojpkcmjcmj Rodney Hatch Barbara Havens Jeanette Hayward David L. Helms 162 Don Hargroder Jan Hannon Holly Harvill Robert Henderson Barbara Henry Linda G. Henson Baisel Herrino;ton Steve Herrington Jimmy Hester Marjorie Hicks Y i Rodney Hicks Sandra K. Hilton Richard R. Holtbv Diane Hooks Gail Hubbard George Edward Hodaes Qojplmyi(m George R. Jackson Thainas Dewey Jester Carolvn Johnson Kerniit E. Johnson Martha E. Johnson Richard Alan Johnson Anita Jones 163 Charles Kiikland QojpkoMMJ Carolyn Karnes Gordon Keene Don Keith Sandra Keith Donna Kelley Huch Kelley Margie Kelley Donia Kern Harry H. Kilgore George Knupple Robert LaBorde Juanice Lang Joan Logue Donald Wayne Lounsberry Madeline C. Lutz Jo Rita Lynn 164 Cheryl Lawrence Pat Leonard Delmer Rav Lindsey ysi h Ronnie Wayne Manning Sandra Joyce Martin Gayla Mathews Martha Jean Mathews Annette Marie Mazzola James Ronald Mazzola Vaushna Gavle McCarson Michael Randall McCroskey Mary Evelyn McCauley Helen Janet McCoy Tina Aline McCov Dianne McCuUough Suzanne McCulloush u i " QojpkcmiOAM Charles Ray McDermand Judith Carolyn McDuffie Anita Yvette Mclntvre James Hilton . hSpadden Jan Mickle Cynthia Karon Miller Tres Neal Miller 165 Brenda Jean Morton Paul E. Mulvogue Katherine Evelyn Neel Bonnie Polk Mills Linda Mills James Mireles Aubrey Montiville Ernest Noble James Norman James Overbey Dorothy Gwen Ozment Margaret A. Park QojpliCmjOnj Carol Jo Powell Barbara J. Preuett Jack Ramey Lolita J. Ramos 166 Sharon Jean Patrick Sandra Kaye Peacock F. Reginald Pierce Man ' Jane Reaux Jimmy Reeves Tommv Reviea Daryl W. Reynard Phil Reeder A. C. Richardson William Remmert Ricks James E. Ruggles Gail E. Runyon Corliss Rutherford Ralph Roedahl Sheryl D. Rollins Joe Rosetta Co|3{iOMO Olivia Sanchez Erma Lee Sanders Judy Saurage Dorothy Sayers Linda S. Secrest Jesse David Self Becky Schmeckpejjer 167 Charles Roberts Gary Scott Carolyn Ann Shakour Richard L. Shimek Aileen Simoneaux Chester L. Slay Robert H. Slovak iTt Hd Frances E. Smith Owen Smith Jacqueline Smith SotoftO vUVteS Jacklyn St. Clair Ronnie Stockholm Jean Strickland Mike Swearingen Anna Svvearengin Linda Tarver Patricia A. Tansil 168 Glen Snell Betty Ann Standley Leon Thompson Penny Thrower William Tinkle Carev Trapasso Kay Trybus Judy Tucker Norman Vance Donald Voeks Carolyn Waldrop Caroh n J. Walker Sandra Walker Haywood Walker QojpkcmjOnj Carolyn Walthen Soni Jean Ward Sandra Watson m km Hohert G. Weikel Michael H. West Daniel Patrick White (dadvs R. Whitmire 169 George Wiggins Larry G. Wiley Delia Willard Carolyn A. Williams Sharon Williams Donna Sue Williford Beckv Wilson John Wilson Sam Wilson Billy Wolfe Mary Carla Woods Guy Youngblood SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Steve Allemore Don Michael Johns Lee Richardson Glenn Altnau Bill Johnson Harold Rodgers Emery Anderson Terry Sidney Johnson Gordon Wayne Russell Hugh S. Beasley Robert E. Jones James Edward Russell Harold Bergeron Gloria Nell Kay Jimmy Samaha Stephen Boots John F. Kelley Patsy Marie Savant Steve Boyd Douglas Lane Charles Wayne Scroggs Johnny Carrington Gene H. Leatherwood Willie Lee Scale Curtiss Clark June M. Lee Harvey Shannon Jack Cleveland Mary Ann Legendre Reginald Alan Sheffield Ira Clubb Bobby Letts Lem Shores Francis Carrolton Collins Jackson Longnion Charlotte Marie Slawson Glenda Ruth Collins Janice Marilyn Manning John Stevens James J. Coudrain Welton Lee Marshall Johnny P. Strange Verna Mae Coudrain Richard Martin George W. Temple Ronnie Gene Cox John Scott McCraw Shirley Thomas Ruby Margaret Dedman Michael Taylor Morgan Linda Troquille Ronnie Delacerda Robert Payne Ernie Truman Sherry E. Dillard Carroll Perkins Penny Wagner Carol Jean Doiron Clinton W. Pickard Billy C. Webb Carol Ann Dollar Carroll Pitts J. David Weikel Michael East Arthur Ray Prevost George West Johnny Eubanks John Reaux James David West i Bill Harrington Dale C. Reese JoAnn Williams 1 Paul Heidecker Dale Paul Reese Judith Williams ' Mike Williams ' Gus Holloman Gerald Dean Reeves Donald R. Husband James Richardson Virginia Wilson Edwin Jacobs John Richardson Terry Young 170 i rt WIDNER ' S TEXACO SERVICE nth AND NORTH STREET Tires — Batteries Accessories 24-Hour Service PHONE TE 2-4240 fashion ORLEANS AT FORSYTHE Serving the Women of the Sabine Area Since 1909 BILL THAMES PHARMACY " The Name, a Drug Guarantee Since 1912. " 3655 CALDER In the Village TE2-I65I TW 2-3272 Beaumont, Texas i MOOD FOR FINE FOOD Gaylynn Center BEAUMONT, TEXAS VISIT Dial TE 3-8941 2909 GULF STREET PICK UP AND DELIVERY Compliments of SILVERNAIL ' S CLEAN-RITE CLEANERS " We Mean We Clean " Cleaning — Pressing — Alterations W. H. SILVERNAIL (Owner) 171 OiJ aIKTs SCHOOL APPAREL SMART TEENS R EDR-ts FOOD STORE Good Food — Reasonably Priced • Meats • Fresh Vegetables • Frozen Foods • DELIVERY SERVICE Dial TE 2-0041 or TE 2-8 1 90 1 110 Mariposa Ki Specializing in HOME PORTRAITS GLAMOUR Photography by BILL VERRET WEDDINGS CHILDREN SCHOOLS 305 Garland FOR APPOINTMENT Dial TE 3-5145 The Little Store Just Packed with " Goodies " for High School, College, and Career Girls GANDY ' S Featuring FRIED CHICKEN We Also Serve STEAKS— SEAFOODS CURB SERVICE Orders to Go 50 North Eleventh Street TE 3-9408 Your Ford Tractor Dealer OIL CITY TRACTOR, INC. Beaumont, Texas SMITH ' S CONOCO STATION ALL CONOCO PRODUCTS Mariposa at North Phone TE 3-7771 Compliments of BEVIL OF BEAUMONT FLORIST 2275 Fillmore Phone TE 3-0377 Compliments of NICHOLS TILE CO. 2599 Gull TE 3-2489 At the Fairgrounds 173 YORK ' S RADIATOR SERVICE 190 MARIPOSA BEAUMONT. TEXAS Jack H. York, Owner Cleaning, Repairing, Recoring Tel. TE 3-7874 JIM ' S Charcoal Steaks Fine Seafoods DINING ROOM FOR PRIVATE PARTIES CATERING SERVICE Phone TE 2-3831 JIM VRATIS nth street and College at the Circle BEAUMONT, TEXAS Taystee baked while you sleep VILLAGE BURGER ' Best Burger In Town " Call Your Orders In for Faster Service. PHO. TW 2-5390 3980 East Lucas Beaumont, Texas tIHA SCOBPtO GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELING you get from Coke! (mU KING-SIZE BOniED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY BEAUMONT COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 174 riM ods Phone TE 2-0522 1 1 90 Mariposa j VIC AL ' S fflK HUFF MOTORS Specializing in Italian Food PIZZA All American Cars Hamburgers — Shakes — Malts Serving to Serve Again DRIVE IN RESTAURANT At the Circle FRANK EMBESI AGATE FLOOR SERVICE SERVICE STATION Complete Line Phone TE 3-4481 4390 S+eelton in Resilient Floors BEAUMONT, TEXAS Repair Starters, Generators, Formica Waxes Sundries Tune-Ups and Speedometers 3015 GULF TE 3-1 124 Wash and Lube Compliments of Compliments of BROADWAY APPLIANCE AND MABRY REFRIGERATOR SERVICE MANUFACTURING Guaranteed Service and Repair COMPANY JAMES F. BROADWAY, Owner 1280 Hale TE 8-2783 i 11 Tlta Vei eta ROSEDALE PHARMACY " Where you Get Quality and Service " ROY JOHN MORRELL, Owner Prompt Delivery Service SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION R. F. DuBOIS, President Phone TW 2-422! 304 Pearl Phone TE 3-5637 6720 North Eleventh Street 2002 11th Phone TW 2-2261 Beaumont. Texas 175 Compliments of BURCHFIELD HARDWARE CO. Beaumont, Texas L H. LAWLESS SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION LEONARD LAWLESS, Manager MECHANIC ON DUTY Open 6:30 A.M. to 10 P.M. — 7 Days a Week PHONE TW 2-8131 Beall ' s DEPARTMENT STORES Four Convenient Locations in Beaumont 3260 Ave. A 2050 Railroad VILLAGE CENTER GAYLYNN CENTER Compliments of WHITE STORES. INC. The Home of Greater Values Everything for the Home Appliances, Furniture, and Auto Accessories 4885 Concord Ph. TW 2-0331 A Complete Commencement Service CLASS RINGS • INVITATIONS— DIPLOMAS TAYLOR-MADE ANNUALS CAPS AND GOWNS 176 PIG STANDS COMPANY, INC. Calder at Gulf Eleventh at Laurel Pt Arthur Rd. at Highland 512 Washington TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY H c »- OAr N J }Mi.

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