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i Kq , ff' A 65 52: QQK QW Z -3 is df EQ M MM if I W .W do , W ,ff My QW! W 5 f ' Q My Qlfyig Nr WWKQQM W5 W WW wg-Zqiiiw M Q52 K MWQZMN My , .V E gi Qfgjzw W QWWX ww N9 Q 3 W WW A 25 M f ax ! A K . w A 1 u I N f I 4, ,Q .Ag , A .,'m" 4 1 1 , X Q. , . ., 1 V ,wp , X, , .,. ,. , . ' 1' mvehi-:STH Y Y .9 .A f 'M 142 ' ff f 'fha Tv' K E I f I r K L 1 k E F CCDNT F ORE ENT S WJ ORD NY KOS DEDXC ON ADMXNXSTKATX CL ASSES- ANXZ AT XONS GRYY ES ORG Y PN SP OYJY S ADV EYJYXSENXENTS LM ,iii -L Htl- Ya 'I vfliil LAI.-i t 1 I IA1.'l-"1.'.ll-i--"'-E I 7 I " 1,-,l , days of long ago, O'er the sea of memory, you're drifting back to me, Childhood days, Wildwood Ways, ------- " In the far future our .minds will roam back again to dear old French High School. As we become comfortable, reading the latest edition of the Buffalo published by our own teen-age sons and daughters, we shall recall those wonderful days we spent in high school. Those were the days when everyone was looking forward to the football and basketball boys' going to State ---- having home work in every subject ---- working nights on the annual ---- girls' wearing football jackets ---- waiting patiently for the junior senior prom, senior day, and graduation ---- seeing the "A" student daydreaming out the window ---- everyone's humm- ing "Mule Train" ---- pushing the Buffalo Staff for articles to be in on time ---- rehearsing for the senior play ---- dissecting frogs in biology ---- going to assembly and seeing the beauti- ful velvet curtain falling on the many plays given during the year ---- accepting the many privileges obtained from the "Gilmer .Ache-in Bill" ---- attending the Friday night dances, and our .many gossiping sessions. These are the memories of almost forgotten yesterdays that come echoing through the halls to dance on the pages of this, the 1950 AVIATOR. So now--on with--"The Song of the Years"! a R ! M l 1 'ff' W1 ll ,mm ,,, , ,,., . 1 - . A DEDICATICN Because of his splendid leadership, sportsmanship and ability in the classroom as Well as on the athletic field, his fri.endly attitude, his persistent courage that has won him the deepest admiration and respect of the entire school, especially the boys with whom he works, we, the members of the Aviator .staff for the 1950 Aviator, hereby dedicate this annual to COACH BILL DUN- CAN. , V ,gf . , ,--1 . L....-.,,4, ,,,,,,xg 1 15" nm 3522, . f , I yi , " -4 sr'N- :Kfsg 2 53257: x ' 1 1. ,Nj W4 -',y.4,+z,:-. H "'1- nf 1 . Af . ,, . Y- 5' 'E -- 1 - . ff' af A 5 f I.,-Lk ,, 5' - ff' . .1 1 9, 'E .r J- 'gc w.,,Y..m.m. "" .fv- Q., Af . 1 :iv-1 7e"'iw?5z 1 Awixfw-,f- . .-wa K. N, ,,-. . f. AW .. W. .Zi 4, i"?fl1'f "w?ufrag,'tA IA I if -QP? pf I x YA L -- 5. 2, M - A fizef I .e . .fn -Y 'N N. X. ffg, ff. N Rx 'A 'A fe- E, -A . , h I ,. Ltfl gg V' 2 v 5 ' it 3 A 1 T .Qs 51' P ' a ' 2 X s -V fa 'kw il-A49-"hY1'?PX?fUfJ -'ff 'S' A .g- iv , if f 1 ww-Q ,Q ' W I kgfq, --, X i?'Q,Q1m C Yr 1 ' ' ' ' 4 ,, f I v gf' 'x I - A 'f qi E b I ' " 'f" L 4 A Nf' ii . ' 2- . if , k gb" s ' A v: P K E I Lu Ai . 1-Jfai-5215575-f,'A f- al uw HQKTWf7f g y.1.,,.L,y.f . f,1ss,.A f LQQVQAQQZ M. A. K f.. ., SUPERINTENDENT DR. R. L. WILLIAMS ' Congratulations upon the beauty and culture made evident through the selection of the Theme: Melody. just as real music is a common language and bears the appreciation of all peoples, so have the spirit and morale of the French High School cemented the respect and loyalty of not only those who participate in the program but also those who respect education as it applies to the academic, vocational, and social development of the individual. Through the following poem appears expressive of the past, may it be equally applic- able of the Tomorrow: - "Out of the dreams that rose in happy throng, Low to our hearts love sang an old sweet songg And in the dusk, where fell the firelight gleam, Softly it wove itself into our dream. So till the end, when 1ife's dim shadows fall, Love will be found the sweetest song of all r LAL L ,,rr, s,iJLL,-,,r L, a. , Y aar, .a,, aaf, f L 1 ---v--'--Q ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT MR. FRED W. HUNTER One of the sweetest melodies of life is the activities of youth blended together harmoniously within a school, developing an out- standing school spirit and the deep feeling of comradeship on the part of students. Such is the melody of French High School. Our best wishes and congratulations to you. l l I 'l l Sincerely, ' " Q! be-ea? , y l 1 U il Y -A -- -V-1-L I , I , n r k P r CII r-v N D D.- Flu D UD HE-DVIVAX 'H 'D 'HCI I 'UCI EIO Hfl'IElOlS I 'HW 'HDHEI 'H ' XDIHHO HDVI 'H 'SHN NOLLHS HLEINNEDI 'HW VI 'uw 'EIN CINOWCIHH S "1'1HmoH 'A HEIWOH 'uw I GHVOH HO DHGH LV I N0 x SECRETARY MRS. ELLA DUNLOP 1 1 1 1 I 3 1 1 l l PRINCIPAL MR. D. L. HYBARGER Dear Students: If you live right, merry melodies will ring in your heartsg if you are wrong, the melody becomes a monotone dreary to hear. I hope that you D are always right so that your life will be a song of happiness. I ' V? 3 4 . YZ. .. , -D a I - v I . f 11714 1. .I . .I , AZ 1 gn. I - 14,1 fl. ' f 1 I ' I f 1 i and Vsscsccwsssmss- , , - , no , cccc cccic s z A . i , E 1 I E FACULTY F . V E V f 1 .Ili , .V I ff,- - A PHINKS BOHANAN,B.S.,M.A. ILA CABANISS,B.S. Vocational Agriculture M0th677H1iiCS K n I 1 , 1 I , E E i 1 , P E . F r P MARL O. CALDWELL,B.S.,M.A. PAUL CARLISLE,B.S. MRS. RHONDA CLARK,B.A. E E Mathematics Physical Education English, Speech, Spanish E E Q 2 r, L I r 1 L, a r MARIORIE CUNNINGHAM,B.S. MRS. MARY DeYOUNG,B.A.,M.A Music, English English .-QA ..,. , .H , , . ,. ,,n.. ii- Q I s 1 1 4 Z , E t s . FACULTY .1 1 1 Q I 4 . Y ! ' i 4 t , f . A Y 3 X BILL DUNCAN,B.A. JAMES GREEN,B-A- Athletic Director, History Sviefwe V Y . R 1 1 t 1 1 3 . T 1 J A 4 n.- - ' e RICHARD HIGHFILI..,B.M. LAGETTE LESTER,B.S. DUDLEY LINDSEY,B.S. 1 Instrumental Music Mechanical Arts Physical Education, History 3 4 .4 2 i 1 1 1 J 1 l F f 1 1 ,,.,I.k iii MRS. BECKIE LESTER,B.A.,M.A. MRS. LENA MASON,B-A- English Librarian A, , it A im.: 1 1 ! 1 1 A X i I . 1 , 3 1 4 1 'WO 3 4 . V-.-,vf-ifrrfv,-,vr.--,.v,..v,v.I.... -,.....,..,n. V , ,, , . ., , .. . .,. . ,.., ,,...f.,.,.Y,,. Y,...,W ..VWm-.v,..v.....,.,.,,vv ..,.,. .... ..'f,.., T V ., ..,. , , W, . ,.,, V -.wi V Y , . w Y ,. -...,.-.,..- . ., ..-. .,..,w..,. ,, V, f.. ,v,, --..-Y,,.,,..,,,. ALTA PARKS, B.S.,M.S. MRS. SAMMYE RAKESTRAW M.S. ARCHIE ROGERS, B.S. Business Administration Physical Education Mathematics FACULTY MRS. HELEN SULLIVAN, B.S. ELIZABETH C. TORREY, B.A. Art, History Biblical History JOE WHITTINGTON, B.B.A. MRS. FANNIE WILSON, B.S. MRS. ALICE WRIGHT,B.A.,M.A Distributing Educatipn Homemaking Counselor, Civics Q ,li I 3 Q f Il' V f :Ir 'ix ' b 5 2 3. 1 a N f 1, , -l ...qui 1 P E 1 5 .sz- mi. fi 2 . 55: Armand f 41-.4 1. z i I s i A r r i V n i r r W a W 5 I 1 l E ! i 5 i Y F E 5 E I I V SENIGR CLASS CDFFICERS I I rr ,, i I f' , I' I 1 ' . 3111211451 A 1 .u' r . V B i President - - - - - - KENNETH WALL i 5 Vice-President - - - - -RAYMOND EARROW i Secretary- Treasurer - - - MARIE FALCO 5 Reporter - . - - - . CLYDE RICHMOND 5 1 I L..L.......L.....L ,L L, l 1 BILL ANGER UNALEA AYRES RAYMOND BARROW Even though this is Bill's first In this case beauty and brains go "Dee Dee" is a wonderful athlete year at French, he has gained the well together. and has won a place in our hearts friendship of this class and the -:To be a Successful business Wo- forever. entire School' manandlaterhaveaperfecthomef' "Te get an education and be a "To play football in college." coach." ,W 1 l DAVID BOURGEOIS JOANN BOWERS JIM BURNETT He is an intelligent fellow and She is aperfect lady who succeeds Jim is a happy-go-lucky tease who his hard working ability will bring in all her undertakings. thinks that books are to look at on him Success' "To be a private secretary."' rainy days' "To go hunting everyday and twice "TO be 3 80051 'laCk'0f'au'ffadeS, on Sundayfn on a pleasure cruiser." LORENE CARR Her nickname is "Smoky". She gets in your eyes. "To be a private secretary and marry my boss." SUE CLARK Sue is agirl, who renders her .serv- ices willingly and is a trustworthy friend. "To get the most out of life and to be happily married." I LUCILLE COCRAN 1 Lucy's future happiness lies in the hands of her Aggie. i "Tolove and be loved in return." I1 I I J ,I A I . V 1 , J , 7 I f 1.1 , I 1 ' , .1,fI'l I 7111 AYIV I 71' ' , 1 MARILYN CRAWFORD Though Marilyn is really Mrs. Eaves, we recognize her as our own cheerful classmate. "To be a perfect housewife."' CHARLOTTE CUNNINGHAM Charlotte is Mrs. Waldrep. Her quite manner has gained for her true companionship. "To own a Cadillac."' AMBROSE DAIGLE Ambrose's dry humor and his talent to write poetry will lead us ro say with pride in the future, "I went to school with that man!" "To graduate. " if A . , , -H--,fy-iw W- 41.-. .H ,, ...v1n,..-.Y,nqw..,..gunu,.-.. , ...., Y . V. . ..,..v...+, ,,, .fa Y.. .V - V- . --V., ., V Y -1 V. .Wa-A-- Y,Y... V ... - -V -V -Y -X-.--1-vw ,F-.... ., BILL DUDLEY FRITZ DUHON WANDA EARNEST Bill to do his best, and his He has a spark of mischief in his Wanda jeanne's mental ability best is to keep everyone laughing. eyes and good judgment in select- and charming personality have W1-O make a living without work- ing his types of fun. made her one of French High ing." "To be coach of an all-state foot- Schoolis notables' ball team." "To be a successful nurse and marry a sailor. ' ' I I J. W. EAVES IRENE EDWARDS RICHARD EDWARDS A true friend whose good humor We agree that those who know her Richardis gentle of speech, silent inspires us to appreciate the fact well, value her friendship highly. in action, and strong of mind. that he is our classmate' "To rear abasketballteam coach- "To be a great engineer some. "To get through college."' ed by my husband." day," 4 E E v K 'E -I I ,VY v r I I I I L 1 5 J i BILL ENGLISH MARIE FALCO J. B. FLANAGAN ' Bill's class ring was at South Marie upholds her grades ro an Hunting is J. B.'s greatest past Park last week and Bmt. High "A" Her lovely disposition and time and schoola mere "have to. ' this week, but Bill is still with fun have won our hearts. U-I-O be a Commercial fisherman., r us' "A pair of high and low heels of ll "To be personnel manager of the every color with purse and hat to J White House." match."' I I . 7, I V ! V k Q, I L. O z. ' 1 4. If 1 .fwfl Il 1, Q9 0 ll -J J IQQYIZYY z Z7 ear' r J 1 , kr i Y V4?v'vYM- Y CY I I ,. v L L I 1 i 1 1 r l i I I 1 I I JOHN JOE FLANAGAN JohnJoe is small but full of cheer. "To coach a high school base- ball team." CHARLIE FREDERICK "Pookie" is neat and friendly. His wish is to stay on his cush- man. "To be a business executive."' ' JOE ANN FRENCH Joe's versatility and her willing- ness to help others has brought her the friendship of all. "To be an expert.bubble gum pop- per like Bobby." ALINE GAGER Aline is a precious package any- one would be glad to receive. She leaves a little of her sparkling charm and manner wherever ,she goes. "To be healthy, wealthy, wealthy, and wise." MATTIE LOU GASKIN Mattie's Willingness to work in school and out of school makes lasting friends. "To be a future champion skater. " 4 YVONNE GRAND CHAMPT Yvonne loves pleasure and looks forward to the future with glad- ness. "To ride on top of a car down Pearl Street and swing on a Christmas star." . Bi' 1 A ? EILEEN GREGG MARYDELL HARRIS DAN HOLDER Her high ambition is her greatest Her modfst Sweet Wavis more than His silence and good manners asset. beauty Itself' speak louder than any word. HTC See Tony... "To be a successful religious H-I-O get a good job and Settle educational worker. " down." r,,,,,,,,,,.Y,.,,-W,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,.,,,V,..,, -.-,,.W,, .,,, -,,,,-w .,,.,, w.,.s.,,,,.e,,,-.,,sm,.., .,.,,w-W,,.,,m- ,,., ..,,,-c,,,.,,,,, 5 1 J r i . r e E l i I n F i w l V r E E w E E L C. J. HOWELL F . . Q His quiet unassuming attitude i has won him respect from all his MARTHA JACKSON She likes the school activities, but not its work. classmates. "To go to college and become a J professional baseball player." l E "To rear ateam of cheerleaders." BOBBY JENKINS Jenkins is a splendid fellow who overcomes obstacles with a smile and continues to make friends wherever he goes. "To succeed as a professional E baseball player. "' i . - I 1 IZ 9 i 1 . 1 , ., J 5:1 :ik4E6f2zz151n1g1l:?W1azu1l1 1 F 1 e i E i 1 J, I f v r r, i ' itil PHYLLIS JEPSON ARLEN JOHNSON BETTY JORDAN "Phil" is a sweet girl. who has If he works as hard in life as he She is a lover .of fun with stars f many friends. Her hobby is watch- does with his clarinet, what more in her eyes. . ing Gulf States Trucks. can we ask? HTC go to Texas A 85 Min i "To have the best-looking figure "To retire as a young million- l in town!" aim," L ... ..-MW.--.H . V, , ,.. -, , N..- , ,, ,.",,, M.,+ ,,,, , Y, , W W M v N whim Y -qw-'Www' TROY KELLY LOYD KILPATRICK NORMA LEGNON An open heart shows in a fine He is known for his smiling face She who is jolly is pleasant to be peg-Son, and ability to play basketball. with. "To be a rancher. " "To average 20 points a game." "To be an X-Ray technician." I FRED LEHRER BARBARA LeMARE ALICE LOWE Though new in our school, he has Barbara's soft tongue by no means Her genuine character and sweet won great admiration and respect speaks of her boundless energy disposition sparkle through her from his fellow students. or willingness to help others. big brown eyes. "To be successful in the bus in- "To be a successful church sec- "TO have dimples like janet 1 ' 4 dustry." , retary and a musician." Leigh- " ,,,, Wm ,,,,, ,.. L JOAN MOCK JACKYE MOORE JEAN OLSON She expresses her thoughts in Jackye will dance her way into A jolly disposition makes up for paintinggwords are not necessary. success. all. "To be a successful artist." "To star on Broadway as a danc- "To be a future ranch owner and er-" live with my horses." ' . 3' - ' ' ' I 1 1 . 1 . I A Q 7 1 if 1 4, 4 12 rf 1' l 1 ,znzxmr .uf 11114 Ulf IIl llZ!Z Z' JASPER PERELLO Jake's smiling personality and service have won him a special place in French High School. "To be a successful chainstore and grocery owner." LaVERNE POL LOCK Her gay laughter is a challenge to anyone. "To continue to be glamorous all my life." A BILLY POWELL Billy is a fine fellow worth know- ingg his ability to run the moving picture machine has given us many enjoyable hours. "To succeed in the mechanics of photography and visualaids." JUNE ROSE PRESHAW BOB REEVES BETTY RICE "Sailboat" is everyone's friendg "Lord, give me fun today,because Betty is gentle and modest, but never a dull moment when she is tomorrow may not come." She has her quota of fun. around. "To be without W0rl'i6S-U "To be a secretary and marry the "To be a P. E. teacher."' rich handsome boss. " IRIS RICE We love Iris for her brilliant per- sonality and her eagerness to help those in need. "Not to get killed on a 'murder' cycle." I 'Fi' CLYDE RICHMOND BOBBY RIGGS Clyde is one of the few who pos- There are dozens of ways to have sess that rare gift of common fun and Bobby never leaves a sense. single one out. "To be ahermit." "To marry the sweetest girl in Texas." 'Ando' f P P r V n w E v L F i 4 f K.. V 1 F I Time waits for no one, so Allen never wastes a minute worrying or Q Working. 5, l gineeringf' L : "To go to A 8z M and study En- ALLEN ROYSE 7 MABEL RUTH SCHAHN Mabel Ruth has contributed value to out "Buffalo", to our school, and to our lives. "To be a successful secretary to a handsome young lawyer." . ,,.,. ., ., t , ,.,,, t,,., , . , ,,, ,,,, ,,.,7,.- ,,..,.. ,. .,.,.,.,.,,,.,f, , ,,,, ,M ,, , .,,,,,,, ,,,m,,,,.,,,-,.,,,,. N ,v.,,,, ,, LONOR A SHELTON One is lucky to have a wise head and also a pretty one. "To be a successful designer .of "classy" frocksg then to contri- bute to the world through an ideal home." , D ' n- A f . ,, r J A I 1 - I . I 5! llillllllnil if IIEIZII lil 2!7Zl.. 14 2 7222 I LU 'qnfl Q ' If r ,L7 ZIM I - Y , , . 4 E F. Q 1 T : if i I l r A K. r i r JIMMY SMITH ETHEL FAYE ST. CLAIR MARY ANN SUMMERS Iirnmy's smile seems to follow "Bo" is very industrious and Mary Ann's eyes are always full him around. friendly. Her goodness shines of mischief and sparkle. "To marry a career girl so I won't through her daily deeds' "To be a rancher and--to see my E have to work." "To get paroled in May." loving boy friend." r. L L r w Lk., 4..........l ,,.., I REX TAYLOR CAROL TEVIS PEGGY THOMPSON A boy who is as high in statue, Carol has made a place for her-, A timid sweet way cannot always high in spirits, as Rex is, will self in our hearts by her great hide the mischief and fun in her never be low in fri.ends. ability to lead our band. We are eyes. "My desire is to be desired." very Proud of her' "To be an old maid with hundreds "To be a sparkling drum-major in college." of boy friends." 159 . 1 ' , il ie'l1if illlli iizlzkih 55116 HENRY THURSTON Henry has a heart with room for everyone. "To become coach of a high school football team.'.' 7 If 1 ' 1 fi GLEN RAY TILLER He is a quiet boy who stands up for what he knows is right. "To get up the nerve to ask a girl for a date." ff W BEVERLY TOUPS Her scholastic record and her charming manner makes "Bev" as asset to French High School. "To have a glamorous careerg then meet the right prince charm ing." . EARNESTINE TUNNELL KENNETH WALL Earnestine enjoys a good book We will always admire Kenneth's but she is always ready for fun. leadership on the Campus and his H-ro marrya ricmhandsome young love for football on the field. man," "To rear a football team with me' as their coach." CHARLES WHATLEY'determination in his stud- ies and in sports has brought him the admiration of all the students. lege football team. " I l , LAURAAN WHITE ELBA SUE WILLIAMS Lauraan is very talkative and full She is so busy thinking of things of mischief with a "swell" re- to laugh about that she never has cipe for making friends. time for sorrow. "To marry a handsome young "To marry a man with a loc of author," money." LOUISE WILLIAMS Louise is one of our many new students, but she has made friends in this short. time with her pleasing personality. "To rear three little loafers for French High School."' "To be a quarterback on a col- N Y ,.,, ,,,,, , ...,,..,...Y , . ..,.W,.,, ,,,.4uqr...-,.,,,,,....,., . .. . ,-, W l TROY WISE Troy is a gentleman from head to toe with a pleasant smile. "To be a sailor and have a girl in every port. "' CORNELL WRIGHT To know Cornell is to know a fine boy who takes his fun along with everything else. "To get out of high school and go into business with my Dad." PERRY BALLIEW Perry came to French from South Park and became known for his jolly spirit and friendliness. ' 'To study pal eontology. ' ' la. -'I Live for something. Do good and leave behind you a monument of virtue that the storm of time can never destroy. Write your name in kindness, love, and mercy on the hearts of the thousands you come in Contact with year by yearg you will never be forgotten. No, your name, your deeds will be as legible on the hearts you you leave behind as the stars on the brow of evening. Good deeds will shine as the stars on the brow of evening. Good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven. Chalmers i L L L 5 l E 1 ll L L I I r L i L l l 5 K , I I l l l.. , LAST WILL Bill Anger's statue to Don Wall. Unalea Ayer'.s beautiful operatic voice to Patsy Davis. Dee Dee's love of football to Bernard Mitchell. David Bourgeois' love of "dear" hunting to David DeBennon. Perry Balliew's slimness to Derle Lindner. Joann Bowers' cheerfulness to Gloria Upshaw. Jim Burnett's sarcasm to Arthur McDonald. Lorene Carr's pleasant personality to Pandora Hegele. Sue Clark's engagement to Dixie Revia. Lucille Cocran's love for A-M College to Carolyn Bryant. Marilyn Crawford's ability to get married to Morna Reddell. Charlotte Cunningham's ability to change her name to Louise Barrett. Ambrose Daigle's motorcycle to Homer Floyd. Bill Dudley's alibis to Benny Spears. Fritz Duhon's knowledge of English Literature to Don Morgan. Wanda Earnest's sailor boy friends to Ann Foreman. J, W. Eaves' "cute overalls" to Jerry Martin. Irene Edward's intelligence to Raymond Huff. Charlie Frederick's Cadillac to Billy Smith. John joe Flanagan's sophomore girl friends to "Sparky" Watts. 1. B. Flanagan 's beautiful eyelashes to Sue DeVille. Marie Falco's leadership to Novalene Cherry. Bill English's power to make love to Clyde Buck. joe Ann French's loyalness to Doris Menear. Aline Gager'.s popularity to Gay Yeager. Mattie Lou Gaskin's hand writing ability to Mona Sue Jennings. Yvonne Grandchampt's writing ability to Dorothy jacks. Marydell Harris' quiet personality to Delores Greene. Dan Holder's good sense to Carroll Himmel. C. J. Howell's timidness to "Doc" Ogden. Martha jackson's neatness to Betty Spears. Bobby Jenkins' dramatic ability to jerry Christopher. Phyllis jepson's gift for having fun to the Chri.swell twins. Arlen johnson's love of music to Max Redman. Betty jordan's flirtacious manner to Dorothy Ennis. Troy Kelley's paper route to Charlie Bell. Lloyd Kilpatrick's ability to make basketball goals to Bill Mauer. Norma Legnon's "cuteness" to Mildred Smith. Fred Lehrer's versatility to Weldon Syler. Barbara LeMare's Civics notebook to Doris johnson. Alice Lowe's big brown eyes to Dorothy Nell Doan. Joan Mock's artistic ability to Norma Hoffpower.. Jackeye Moore's gracefulness to Sammye Barnes. Jean Olson's "gift of gab" to Margie Brinson. jasper Perrello's bashfulness to Joe Dan Taylor. lris Rice's ability to get a man to Norma Reddell. Betty Rice's love of arguing to Dorothy LeMare. "Sailboat" Prenshaw's love of athletics to Wanda Harris. Clyde Richmond's ability to be a "lady's man" to Cecil Wells. Bobby Riggs' mathematical mind to Milton Lane. Mabel Ruth Schahn's willingness to help others to Patsy Cravens. Lonora Shelton's common sense to Lottie Carr. jimmy Smith's "hunk o' man" physique to Perry Smith. "Bo" St. Clait's tiny frame to Margie F. Wri.ght. Mary Ann Summer's love of hillbilly tunes to Billy Knupple. Rex Taylor'.s height to Glenn French. Carol Tevis' leadership of the band to Eileen Kuhl. Peggy Thompson's pearly white teeth to Betty Lou Scott. Henry Thurston's ability to catch fish without a bait to Nelson Touchett Glen Ray Tiller',s trombone to Emery Vincent. Beverly Toup's long natural blond tresses to Arthurene Bean. Earnesteen Tunnell's gentle ways to Betty J. Walker. Kenneth Wall's football jacket to Guess Who?? Charles Whatley's egotism to Allen Ray Barbin. Elba Sue William's natural wit to Norma Torres. Troy Wise's wavy hair to Donald Gentry. Cornell Wright's gentlemanly ways to Eugene Willis. --Marie Falco CLZMAJQ 2 , Phyllis Jepson, prominent fashion designer .in Paris, plans to make a tour around the world to obtain ideas for the latest fashions. Lorene Carr noted model plans to accompany her. Fred Lehrer, Jr., owner of the largest bus industry in the U. S., has just revealed to the public his new streamlined bus. Joan Mock,famous artist of her time,has just sold her latest painting to the New York Museum. Bill Anger, coach of the Rose Bowl winner, plans to make a trip abroad with his team. Marie Falco, first woman owner of the Beaumont Exporters, is having difficulties with her star short-stop, Lloyd Kilpatrick, who is not satisfied with the terms of his contract. Arlen johnson, famous clarinetist, has been offered Woody Herman's position. Raymond Barrow has accepted the position as head football coach at Notre Dame. Yvonne Grandchampt has recently won the Nobel Prize for her play depicting the many loves of LaVerne Pollock. Others in the cast are Bobby Jenkins, loverg Laurann White, the vampire, Glen Ray Tiller, the other man, and Irene Edwards, the French maid. In the plane crash, in which the plane was piloted by ex-comedian jimmy Smith, Aline Gager, airline hostess saved thelife of SenatorKenneth Wall, who is a candidate for President of the U.S. David Bourgeois has taken charge of King's Ranch. Joann Bowers is his private secretary. Mary Ann Summers and Jean Olson are now appearing with their famous horses, Eddie and Arnold, in the Houston Fat Stock Show. jackye Moore and Beverly Toups are now co-starring on Broadway as dancers. Bill 'English, president of the White House, is planning to be married to his fifth wife, Bar- bara LeMare. Clyde Richmond is flying up North to find new game to hunt with J. W. Eaves. Fritz Duhon is now managing Coffman's Sporting Goods Company. Mrs. Waldrep, nee Charlotte Cunningham, and Mrs. Eaves, nee Marilyn Crawford, are giving a tea next Friday afternoon inhonor of the new brides, Mrs. Broussard, nee Irish Rice, and Mrs. Daly, nee Alice Lowe. Bobby Riggs, radio's No. 1 crooner, will make a personal appearance at Troy Wise's "Rippl- ing Waves" with a stage show featuring Norma Legnon, Betty jean jordan, and Peggy Thompson. Nurses Sue Clark and Wanda Earnest have discovered a new medicine, Pepsi-uranium, as a cure for rheumatism. Marydell Harris, secretary to Jasper Perello, has announced that Mr. Perello has recently bought the Henke and Pillot-ABC Stores previously owned by Charlie Frederick. Carol Tevis, trapeze artist of the Big Top, has made arrangements fora combined performance with high tight rope walkers, joe Ann French and Ernestine Tunnell. Unalea Ayers, the lion tamer, was scratched by one of her lions, but Dr.. Ambrose Daigle said that she would be all right for the next performance. Perry Balliew has raised priceless orchids in his florist shop and his wife, June Rose Pre- shaw, grows shrubbery. Two old bachelors, Bill Dudley and john joe Flanagan, are living in a "penthouse" on Holly- wood Boulevard. Charles Whatley plans to move in with them. Professor of the State University, C. J. Howell, states that Richard Edwards, professor of physiology, and Dan Holder, professor of pnilosophy, will join the faculty. Bob Reeves and his wife, Louise Williams, plan to bicycle through all 48 states. J. B. Flanagan, owner of the Enterprise, has sold half his interest to his partner, Troy Kelley. Rex Taylor, manager of Playground Park, has hired two new clowns, Mattie Lou Gaskin and Elba Sue Williams. lim Burnett, Henry Thurston, and Billy Powell are now planning to enlarge the Bess Mansion, home of the former Lucille Cocran. Martha Jackson is opening a portrait studio in which Betty Rice and Ethel St. Clair will assist her. Eileen Gregg owns the exclusive beauty salon where Innora Shelton has created the fashion- able "short-snipped" haircut. Mabel Schahn, first woman Secretary of State, is now traveling abroad with Secretary of Com- merce Cornell Wright to study our relations with Spain. --Mabel Ruth Schahn W.-Law , .F,,,.,,.-v,. Www., ., .,,... .,.,.-,,, - Y UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS i 1 1 i Q L K Y U. Y, f 1 .1 lllilllflflf 7' , II 77 fv I ,, , E - - 4 - "" 1' KY!" 7? 1 , 7 ' I Yi? SY 5 President - - - Vice-President Secretary ---- Treasurer Reporter - - l......,. ,..,L,.........,....- ,, . - - - DON MORGAN - JOE DAN TAYLOR - - -RAYMOND HUFF - - - MORNA REDDELL BETTY LOU SPEARS ..,,..,A , ,,,,,A,, ,, , ., .. C l .. A ,A.,. 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Class Editor 'Q Bill Anger Sports Editor Alice Lowe rt Phyllis Jepson Snapshots if Ethel St. Clair Feature Editor George Moser B ustnes s Sue DeVille funtor Class Edttor Mrs Hugh Lester Editorial Sponsor flyg ,cr- Lloyd Kilpatrick Sports Editor Ioan Mock A rt Beverly Toups Snapshots Miss Alta Parks Business Sponsor l A . 7 . others lives long after he is gone." - .affff ' ' , . , A V , .V ..,. K A ...Ab VV V f my a A' ...3 I . I 'fi I K S, A g Taylor Gager , Edwards Chriswell Knupple Taylor DeVille ,M M 5 L Q Q.-if W, my I . M, in --it fm? Lakey Crow , .1 wr Y 1 r ad' :Aff ls! , if W ff, X5 4 f Lk, ,fp .W ,. Woods Redclell fl, ' .gina -1 1, 1 W , , , 5-' , x 3 Haston Sanford .sp Gfeefle 4 o 2 ll NL hwy n "what a man does for himself dies with himg what he does for A 2 g's A -. CNot showntb Claire Fogal, A. E. Chionsini, Sally Van Zant, ' Spears Jim Franklin. 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Q41 CLASSES ORGANIZED ev Y Weerxc-s'w Secret , The classes of French High Soho -793 -'35 4' - Ci' MC ' 'Q ' ' 'Q' 9 r 3-'gy Y Q QTIGS i 9 FUfUl'e inet to elect class officers on Monrlav I b Holds 3, Phu mmzl-1 ni the bookkeeping- Stu- Senior Class: Fl'el'1Ch C U '1 , dents lxuve reullv been in a whirl l President Kenneth Wuxi ' ' f Y . . - , . N -e-e fe urst Meeting , 3 S'l'UCIel11:S of SCIENCE . I' Vice-President Raymond Barrow The Fwneb WD, E. Vlixh' heldxife feng The science club of French high 2- Sec.-Treas. Marie Falco ,e,,Q,7,,,,,,,,,.- if 'ly,Ll'.'4fiLl.Y riiuhi- FOV' f, ischool HIQT. Oll NOVCIIUDQI' 17 in fhol Rnnnrfm- Flvllo Rir'hxnnnil7Crsn11fl1 rlllhx O1 I l 1 ? Pres. V. Pres. r E r Preshaw Kuhl Taylor Tunnel Edwards D030 i l r of E I , E I E Revia opelan F l V 1,-, r rr r F y :.' Q' Chrlswell b Bryant ,K gk kk"' F' H ., , A L Greene Reddf-211 1 A . L... , W, l,l.,,., ec, Treas. Ruddell Legnon Reporter Spears jackson Barrett Corley Thompson 'pews 1 Pollock A45 Menear Cunnmgham Rollms Scocr Wright r Bean . , V Q rkky V W. gf I E? Vrvl ' Grandchampt Greene Sponsor -- Miss lla Cabaniss ws t W M f . ... ... ..... .... ...... A -- NF pf V l y 1' if W yyy ll-n fo r malin 4 , i ' X lik Q- T 1 L. yp l ' p Q of p 6 x l f h A I if I " I I I Sgg,.ag.'arm5 Sec. P res. Sponsor V.-P re s. Treas. Sanford Smith Wall Rogers ,P erello Taylor Morgan 1' 1 gf. jenkins ,.-4, ,af . 'N A Gentry . , ,' .1 Y' ' 'iw Powell Brown T? 5 r nrsr on 2 Kelley wth tp K. ,EV K t I Riggs Q, . ll l Tiller Kelley V5 ' 1-ff A4 ' ' kl?.'Tf'5?f .. f ' .N . x X Dalgle , ' v' Barbin he f A, .n r r Harris A A I ' Moser f ' " Ai' f ' A up W A 2. N , Torres 555 "' n A rntt no ft' ,, A f , if Wills l ' :' Y , Watts l E H L l n ag l if n My A n . n . .A Z. 5, ,E 1 - ' -3" ,, ,iw l ,,e: to ,tl Christopher Huff jenkins y 'f Rl Mddole E 2 as E 231 5 Q K E S ,. 1' ig .V J Barbara Smith ' K i in i f R joan Mock -,za -M ww 'E-Ef A Sponsor: Mrs De Young 7-4 Lloyd Kilpatrick -fr if D Pat Nelson Copeland Touchett r :ri B l 5555 DOl'Otl'1y David Klock DeBennon .gym A. E. Chionsini K . Saw' ik 1 , if Dorothy Lowe iid '. f nv' I . ,. ,M Q 1' X gf, 1 Delores Greene 1. on ,ga uw?" K 4, in Donald Wallace f 'J' .Jw Q Q A Bernard Mitchell Z 'QW Clyde Richmond ,uw , an 6' ,K WM , 4 Joann Bowers j . " ,. Arlene St. Clair W in B' ., f 5. Susie Savant r+,l HOMEMAKING CLUB Mrs. Joe Wilson--Sponsor sM"u..,z' 'K 'Tell us a story" is a familiar .plea from children. jo Ann French, a third year homemaking student, reads a story in the nursery school. Pressing as you sew makes sewing We set the stage for a dress easier and assures a well fitted garment. The ability to make one's own clothing insures a larger wardrobe. . ix r Most family problems can be solved through family conferences. 5 as ,J an 5. Vi N , - il! T, b , .l i 'V'z, Sf m'W Q I 4 Q 'L .X V S V.,, .E iz. K f X V 4 5 Z' 5 " 1 YXZKJ k re mkk tg 5, X Q r 'lv . Planning and preparing good meals can be fun. ii iiii ANIERICA Officers: Lottie Carr, Presidentg joe Ann French, Vice Presidentg Irene Edwards, Secretaryg Nelda Baxley, Treasurerg Mary Ann Mein- cher, Reporter., Our Motto: "Toward New Horizons", expresses the purpose of the organiza- tion--learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. cm m 9 rut-I "':r Edo f'o'T1 rn QF -if E. .-,vo ....... of: mfb VJ as 321 O5 Sim mc: PYP? rom 'ls Sm FY o Daw: :r"U oo 53 SS mi' FX4 SW-' 050 2 o V1 fr ro ,- sw 'D m :J Q. 0 m "1 'I Kc o c FU FY 9 N53 V3 QMAKERS a Y- S wi' o so . ,019 E 1 1 E LJ! fi O e '21, if 0 NEW HO BIBLICAL HISTORY ,, Pres. lf' V. Pre s. Harvey Edwards f . . ,-29, A',A '-f ,Q ,aw , ' l '.'.. . ' ff' - :As F f' HI Sec. Treas. French Tevis fr ,W Q ,VM ff ,fl Prayer Chmn. Wells Social Chmn Grandchampt Instructor - Miss Elizabeth C. Torrey Bell, Maples, Grandcnampr, Revia, Harvey, French, Savant, French Howard Redman W1egel Wells, Smith, Breland, Olson, LeMare, Frink, Tevis, Lelxlare. PHYSICAL EDUCATIO ,, -V 'zzwwrwiezvg . ,ifj 1 5 6 V V' Instructor -- Mrs. Sammye Rakestraw P. E., as it is known to most girls, is one of the favorite classes. It gives the girls the opport.unity to get wholesome exercise and develops coordination of the mind and body. GIRLS' RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTRUCTOR - MRS. RAKESTRAW hool SC lin ll' 8 fY rogram for eve dp varie 2. seeks Ofl ti ssocia eational A irls' Recr G he I I 1 T Intramural basketball and volleyball contests are Different sports are taught and practiced. hool. SC hroughout the onsored t SP x.. GJ oth games, and dancing, YE of squa partake and sday night 116 T every CCC Sm irl 8 he I 1 T 4 l I l 1 1 activities. ed organiz ' ""P. I 5 1 1 I 1 i I 1 1 1 1 i 1 4 1 1 I 1 1 ! I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J l 1 1 1 1 DI TRIB TIVE EDUCATIQ Instructor- Mr. Whittington Spears, Theobold, Laird, Wall, Barnes, Himel, Holeman, Buck, Syler, Ennis, Brinson, Carr, Reeves, jordan, Wells, English, White, Frederick. Officers: President - - - - - ------ Bill English Vice Pres. ------- - - -Charlie Frederick Sec.-Treas. -------- - - -Margie Brinson Editor-Promotion Mgr. ------- - - - Carroll Himel Sgt. at Arms-Program Chairman - - - - Bob Reeves Distributive Education is a cooperative part time course in which the student attends school during the morning, taking P. 'E. and two required subjects, then works in a retail business establishment during the afternoon. In the classroom the students study the fun- damentals of salesmanship and in the afternoon they put into actual practice what they have learned. D. E. is designed to project school life into life itself for those students who will not enter .college and those who are interested in the field of distribution. I E I Ill l --f " .I S ' I ' A f- ,ws V W V -- v-- V V - f-v-3,1 DRAMA CLUB 5 4 . 1 as i L 4 i s, 3 l il fl 'l 1 J -M, K K 'el O , ', R Director Mrs. Rhonda 1 11.56 avr f 'B ,r gl if Wall, Whatley, Sanford, Lehrer, Taylor, jenkins, Childers, Hegele, Bourgeois, Bride-Bill Anger, Groom-Don Wall. ' Perello, Barrow, Flanagan, Bourte, Ratcliff. Clam SENIOR PL!-XY "PROFESSOR HOW COULD YOU" Fred Lehrer, Una Lee Ayers, Laverne Pollock, l3obby jenkins- "Professor Perry"- Aline, Gager-"Vicky". Alice Lowe, Dill English, Marie Falco, Glen Ray Tiller. ,,L..,,, , ,, ,,..,, -LLL , .L H --1 Sponsor--Mrs. Rhonda Clark Linda Rose Dickerson Officers: Billy Barnes Barbara Beney, Barbara Fagg Betty Sue Rollins, Jimmy Thomas Betty Sue Rollins, Betty jo Roy, Joan Monger, Norma Mildram, Polly Reyes, Mary jane Powell, Barbara Fagg, Mary Helen McCormick, Barbara LaCour, Madlyn Edwards, Mary Ann Netterville, Clyde Pharis, Billy Barnes, Jimmy Thomas, Linda Rose Dickerson. ART CLASS Sponsor--Mrs. Hel en Sullivan joan Mock, Homer Howard, Henry Thurston, J. B. Flanagan, Fred Lehrer, Lucille Cocran, Bill Hinote, Nelson,Touchet, Yvonne Grandchampt, john Flanagan, Eugene Wells. IAS: Betty Boutte, Billy Smith, Louise Williams, Carol Tevis, Billy Rice, Cecil Primrose, Gay Yeager, Betty Hulsey, Janette Lounsberry, joan Monger. l-aVerne Pollock, Allen Royse, jerry Martin, Victor Olson, John Harmon, Billy Powell, B. J. Wright, Arthur McDonald, Raymond Barrow, George Moser, Clyde Richmond, Mary Catherine Sesler, Elmer Hanna, Bobby Riggs, Dale Harris. -T""""' ' fl 5, ul 1 r -we , f -T 1 L Mfg- Thomas Q, -a----Q4-f if ,,. i n Q YV . 1 : gu' Wright r 1 r T President 1 , -, 11.46, A f 7A" - . a Bryant Matthews ' Secretary Treasurer Q. l . Martin X2-"'-' tie W I as .ra.rar lf r r 4 f T ,.:, N--- 5 S29 Kwik ,gangs :zu V X fl f,f. AM A V .. V V Qxi fi' A 1. . Q . lv I g :A2 V 'xg Harvey T KX Meincher T Sgt.-an Arms Q Librarian Green ' , h Sponsor li.: We LeMare ' 9? fv Clark Lab Ass r e s R eporter ii r if Q Taylor 'ig' V Pres O' T., ffl ,W ,df fwfr Torres L B ern ard -Mg. . 11" i LeMare griffygf' ,liifgff who 1, f. 1- 7, jackson :WG Vs Mechanical Woodwork Class Instructor: Mr. Lagerre Lester Mechanical Drawing 1 Md Mechanical Drawing II FUWURE FFXR OF 7 M ,X xXx 'Q E55 o9T'o1f o ' Xl 9 Ssfaf 7 x X ke amcmca Q - rf? 0 'NA f - OFFICERS: Instructor lst Semester Instructor 2nd Semester Mr. Phinks Bohanan l g- Mr. James Roberts f , K I H-Q-I A , 1? v l eel Q 5 0 . e l fm t . l K K zv. 5 . i K 1 f f . J if Y X Q f . . W - W Q I I X A R ,rg 0 .. 5 . x A ' i .la ' I.: :, I' l n r I ' 0 'ogf , X o r o I Jri rress,rs no 5 :Eo A+ ' s " - Q- . VAVA .5 Q0f' Morgan t f' IAV V A VZ :Al l l I l l x Huff SWEETHE ART Mow , ' l l i I O U lf' F of Q Q MY. 9 321 . - 0 . wt x . 0 x ,.'kk 3 ik ,kf- v, ' , 1,, .Z. in 7 , 5 al sql' Wills Watts Taylor Summers Mary jane Hinote McMahon Powell , A 7 1 M Y is Y if Q 1 -fs Anderson ,, if 4 Lf. Z1 5 53212 l ., A, . . hm' war gr Q I ,fy E ggl , ,V lv. , I - f Lane Rayburn French L , A . my--IMF -if, 5 2 5 ii' Q A A ' l 4+ l ' I , :in .Q L i"5'f9f, ' ,EE -::,:,,m:,g:-:'. ' si, -gb 4- Neal Collins Graham 'fn 'M' N Knupple Eg , Goss My-sd Lewis h' enq- Mm m - ,532 M 5 McKinley gifs: EM A WA W. French Q K.: Jill' A 1? fv gg? -fi Q-, arf , .-, Bren: wh! i 1' ,Lv ' 'L il 3 ODE S 1- .-.5 ..,, ian VAAYI i a Golden T I OBOWC-fs Q X17 xg xl W, can, , - ,, W N 5, l xmf X3 'xii 81 CUM ef 6, ,M wk S -if l 445 , .,v .. , " :xx X is 1 CQ'- Collins Wells Smith C ., 1? x .. I V, V K' ez A 'pvn V K V' I --: I -in . - 5 k F Y In iq V .. L N , , in L'ee fp. i 'Hz s Frederick as 'Q ' oode Smit Kelley h A L R E f 0 E I BAD rw 'fm 1215" Il 1 , Z 1' - . ,rg ,gy 1' qv ' 5:gy1li5lZJ4lllllJ'l19.217 If I A gr fi Director ---- Richard Highfill Officers: Mona Sue Jennings, Arlen Johnson, Joann Chriswell, Mary Ann Chriswell, Martha Jackson. KNNA W .Y ,W ,,, 1 DRUM MAJQR A l Qx ROL TE vQ15 axf1AjoRETTEs VVVANDA Ef x1 RxLfQ5 I ixzowx snag' j.ENNINL5 'S jACK'H E lx 1Q50RE - .JC Sxxx CH'RISlW'gE'LL' ,. .,.U. ,., C.. ,.,,,,,. ,.,.Y .,.. ,Y f-.-- HX. . .-, ,,. AN P RENTS HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS: Beny, Bland, Breland, Bryant, Chriswell, Erickson, Earnest, Hamilton, Hickman, Jackson, Jacobs, Jennings, Johnson, Kelley, LaCour, LeMare, Moore, Muirhead, Mulenix,Phari,s, Pierce, Porter, Primrose, Rayburn, Robinson, Rollins, Schahn, Smith, Smith, Spivey, Taylor, Tevis, Woodell, Smith, Bryant, Fancher, Dugas, Thompson, Hybarger, Rodemacher, Highfill. JUNIOR HIGH PARENTS: Gaudet, George, Graver, Henely, Jenkins, Jenkins, McRae, Pfle Smith, Steward, Thurston, Wlaker, Nuttall, Collins, Crawford, Doucette, Eaves, English, Jines, Lamperes, Matthews, Maxwell, Mulenix, Oliver, Porter, Walker, Whisenhum, Willard Nelson. The main purpose of the Band Parents is to stimulate interest among the band students. They have helped the band in countless ways. They entertained us with a lovely Christmas dance-during the Christmas holidays. They also presented beau- tiful jackets to senior band members. The Band Parents are composed of sixty-nine parents. Officers: Mr. Jeff Porter - - ----- President Mr. Offie Walker - - - - Vice President Mrs. D. C. Bland - - - ---- Secretary Mrs. J. C. Jennings - - ------- Treasurer Mrs. John Rayburn - - - - - Program Chairman R. S. Rollins - - - - Finance Chairman - - - - - 'Publicity Chairman Mrs. Mrs . R. A. Fancher Our director, Mr. Highfill, and all students who are members of the band wish to express our deep appreciation for the kindness and willingness of this organi- zation who has done so much for us and who has our interest at heart. 7 ider, r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,vw.,.,,.,,,.,..,,.,,,,,,, -Uwe ,LY Y,,. ,L , v,,.. .,LL,Ls,,,,, v l E 5 F wi E I F l s I E E K i I I r E I H L i F E S FRENCH HIGH P. T. A. Seated: Mrs. V. C. Bland, Mrs. R. S. Rollins, Mrs. W. C. Primrose, Mrs. Harold Beney, Mrs. Hugh Lester, Mrs. R. E. Lalcey, Mrs. L. V. Reddell. Standing: Mrs. A. J. Sis- trunck, Mrs. Lon Wright, Mrs. G. L. Moser, Miss Margorie Cunningham, Mr. D. L. Hybar- ger, Mrs. Maurice Anderson, Mrs. J. C. Jennings, Mrs. Oliver Netterville Sr., Mrs. J. W. Eaves, Mrs. R. W. Fogal, Mrs. H. C. Mauer. Cnot shownj Mrs. George Yeager, Mrs. C. W. Schahn, Mrs. A. B. Haston, Mrs. W. E. Hegele, Mrs. T. A. Bryant, Mrs. J. L. Wones. President: Mrs. Harold Beney lst. Vice-Pres.-Mrs. V. C. Bland Znd. Vice-Pres.-Mrs. R. S. Rollins 3rd, Vice-Pres.-Mrs. A. J. Sistrunck Recording Secretary-Mrs. G. L. Moser Cortes. Secretary-Mrs. L. V. Reddell Treasurer-Mrs. J. C. Jennings Historian-Mrs. George Yeager Parliamentarian-Mrs. J. W. Eaves City Council Delegates-Mr. D. L. Hybarger, Mrs. H. C. Mauer. Student Aid-Mrs. Hugh Lester Music-Miss Cunningham Publications-Mrs. O. Netterville Hospitality-Mrs. C. W. Schahn Room Rep.-Mrs. A. B. Haston Publicity-Mrs. W. C. Primrose Legislative-Mrs. Lon Wright Health-Mrs. W. E. Hegele Goals-Mrs. R. W. Fogal Decorations-Mrs. T. A. Bryant Study Group-Mrs. J. L. Wones The Parent Teachers' Association strives to bring into closer relation the home and school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education and guidance of youth O QOQP C -1 H 59 Qfgfffgs, X COP . ., .., "JY . a 4- Y .,,. 1 en- wr' x?3tp-37' ' 3.4.-.-.,, .gi3.,., . X , .Hx-51 L 1 is-.1-cw f five' . "':m11-1 - . A Q m Xi we x Nfl'-,M My 'F 'nf if k ,ff W K m, -L , M057 BEAL ZIP LL KJIRL M.: :fi -W, -Jax f.- 1. fa- . S- M,wQ-V1 n 15 nn M S ' ff Q' ' Ona ne Jennings A , :', -v-: . if 1'- ffff lf Ai A A ' n IIT' .,,, w , . . ., , :,.Z iy, . : . K A ,lk ggi X 'yur V x X' n Y nn nn W.: 4 mp f 1 wg T f ff -- V 1 .555 W -- ZW pai S -Jian re , 4 awwwmmwzm' ' I Rk",g,E 1 19 l QM Q ' af, iw x ig .L if Xe: Q. 1, 3lg3 Q3 M-gfasrz .1 ,- f ,if ff ,,.. f W-calm -ff--.aff Z -9 4 5 Q is 1. J 4 4 Ai i K 3 1 ,K s 'Qs 'K l f-511,156 -' Q QW H V M 4 if 6 in 'R 2 Q 'Fei L 'Q . fig? ' 3 my .,.f' 1 , sq- Q fs 14,454 ' 'fv- Q39 Q 4, Z I? Q ,, jg, 'A' f' sf Q . Q 1 ik. SL X 'awp F A sf -?f:J1W . V I, KK, wx ' E, fr? '- K ' www K. Iqzfffwgg Ky. K .Q f . . - 'ffm f Jw' ' wrffff . R., 41555. ku gg , 15: ug gm K F ,, " ggifxnf f,,, , QWJ K. IG' pf. 3? ff ' ' .3 , L --QQQQQSQ. -- . . 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'I-- -- .G7 Ll..2:r:a: tg il 2 l .IIQPEQE-Q: ' .' ' 1 ' I ' ' ' mu, -1 -l. F V a tem o Q a te 0 f'N fh P A ,N I- .4 A . S- if 1 - 924, J' J ,An f- sa - ss .sp-EH , . 0 if , - ..,-.........J 2 . X P Qsff A L 'F as as ,guy . 1 Q l QQ iii 9 S ,,1 M A LA. 5 ' -MW IlU11lECU,1lI,YG QLWEN Norma jean Legnon gigs 'f BEAUTIES Gloria Upshaw, Aline Gager, Pat Copeland, Morna Reddell, Margaret Jane Davis Shirley Theobold, Lucille Cocran, Thelma McCauley, Lonora Shelton, Marydell Harris, Mary Jane Powell, Eleanor Rothrock, Dorothy Curry, Wanda Harris, Faye Allred, Joyce LaCour, Linda Rose Dickerson, Donna Ann Lionberger, Thelma Clements, Claire Fogal, jackie Sue Woods, Alice Faye Gerard, Dorothy Klock. rw,fsfsv:'vr-nw Via L 4? X, 'X -v 5 AJ gk' 4 ff' ff L ,im H. D. ,D 2 A Li lf .ff 424 D o D K 2 f' vii QUE EN NOMINE E S Dorothy Curry Charlotte Lee Lottie Carr Dorothy Klock Betty Lou Spears Alina Gager Linda Rose Dickerson i fnf2wf"'?f , QL WWQW F,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,F,,,,,v,,,.W, v,w , r ,U 5441115 .L WJWW WWW .113 7 A u U-' ll lllillillllllll I ffl Ylllll Ydll Qgfiffifgggq 'fiixizimssx 'lfflj ., .-...mmigg fu , ll n 1 Aff. .vu .f Q. ,.. ,.., ,Jil we 1. Ea . fw- b wiv? ' rfgqf-.r0W9"':'TiVv .af .r' fwmmh, E 'N' " "' 21:--' L..-V . ' "h U I . 4 'U , ' ' 5 A Cn -. ' f 0 . A f WW 5 W ,T,.,,,J, Q. A" . ,V f 4, Q ? , ? Q5 'Wax -I . WN HEER i Q l A !? l l i??i5i5Qff3ffiWWNWf ' if ffm: smfsviww.fxmfivifx-llfillfv, 32.11 "1im'?iii'mn Jizz. ' ffklgfk wlwl f -X 1, f , .-wif. V. J , 7 bf- , ' W. w Y . ' I , 7 ,f -, - ' f' f ff, mfg: , V .-ASEE . . V 4 .. , , , V, 7 . ,L ., - V , ,, .. ' MRS Qi! ' '1 A - 'J f- L, ' '16, mg, 'pm-, 1,mfsmA.'.,,:'x:.L f - ' . -Q, , Q ,gk V , bench ranch? French French Fra nch French French French French Trench French French on stonb er? 51 Llc G Sul bee, A13 0 V 25 2.1 ID 19 I, .,,. ,,,e.,,., ,,.. .,,,.,. . ,T ..,. ..., ..... .. .5 A '..,,,..., XAHIGH 535 452 CHAMMQNS ,,.....w- FQOTBALL TEAM McMahon, Huff, Biddle, Coach-Bill Duncan, Wall, Sanford, Haston, Riggs, Floyd, Martin, Chionsini, Harvey, Barrow, Howell, Eaves, Morgan, Huff, Taylor, Whatley, Touchett, Christopher, Duhon, Richmond, Smith, jenkins. , H25 ' D 1 X 1 I ml-.Jil ' ' r - 1 , wi K' ' hwhiflffmfvlnlffilfllzfl.-glfmnfgllh21104211 - I I ' ' I K Coach--Bill Duncan Assistant Coach-Paul Carlisle Assistant Coach-Dudley Lindsey wuz.. Raymond Barrow Frank Harvey Left Halfback Right Halfback Charles Whatley Quarter B ac lc Fritz Duhon Kenneth Wall Left Guard Right Guard E, S... T is W ? i oe Dan Taylor Full Back X f Clifton jenkins Quarter B ack Q1-af Vx -ff ., ,,,. X my -S - o 1 V Clyde Richmond , Left Tackle ,,. J V, Q ,MW T 1,-25,1 Y -f 8' xii sm' . , an . ' 1-,:f,,9-ri 13, , Rv. ,Zi -. .1 M cv f , p..yg,,v ,A .A rw N . fl ifawl 4 Win I ...M wi Y-wx' ".,,z. ', A-. ., V fsfja S A . Q ily? A, Q iw-fu' "wg Q, 04024 . yf -. TL? ' A M W f?i5'3iii1e ' I ,3 FL Yfgsp-geciiegb-xct , A M .Y , A yn " ' ' ' , .' f-' x. . ..x,- . 4 ' ,"- 'D 03227 5b,.v.. A,-A i,W-ff'-24:4 ' JW, af j g:-H' ,..f,,pp 'Q ,H.V,,.U, , 5, , ,, r lk alni ,v A,.,'.X .ICHY Howell I. T. McMahon Right Guard Right Tackle 8 A 'Veil 57GggbR?'f:'fxkd f , fe f Vw y A .cap 1, L, M, A -U.. .M .QW-A an r Q' "' - ,ns '.. , w j,.:3 'X X K M 'Q' 5 2 , x 1. 5, my Q ir Q, Nw X yi x Siwse -x A r r 1 " P' x, ...Q is 5. e . . -L A. L w K fam f -. - .xc fu'-3, ' 7 T U . 3:5 4- Y , ., .Y ,J . .. n .- wa 121, -iq sl , fw, 1 'L -r ,- .VL Egg, - AVV: W? 3. ff JK Hx e- -QW ' -" . my p m g xx fp Y .. -ig-fG,,g,Lfe-f' 5 , pu ,ww I , A :L .H sf ' may 3 K 'Z Feiig ' 'Egg zz T 'Q af 1 f qw qi'-i , fs will ' W 'K T' Q gf. vga x 3. .19 .,,,,, -Q, 3233: ff' an we AL ff if' ig , 'Ji Q Q-f5"'TQ ' A 339 ?g'?5Tf?5Z'f12'?5 LS gf, :f1fgf A . - 45:15 ' WS. : A 'Ef..,u'f'Q Q -, MM-17' , '?9'i?'5 "W-J . f -,, , f'Ls,LlfZf, X K 59 ,. lr: fxigkli A gag, ini Q sy: M pa A .27 K :vga A . iw gifs: ' ,- v,,.. 'f "Vi iff? A' aff -Minn, ,w jerry Martin L eft Halfback , LQ,, - -:A- f'k' 44 Lf" x 11, Q 5f?"'x -Q21-1 K "W.A , f ' 'Y k Q, " vm 1 V2 ,rf Y -mi. ,lg . I 1 vafwig, A 1 ,f Jimmy Smith Center if! z 1 ' W ffilfa "-wx. 3 J. W. Eaves R ight End Bobby Riggs Mg L eff E nd W i i gsfgg A, - . . ' L T-' fflfifz-fbEfif5m4k . Vl:k? 5'1 , i K 3 gr W L 'Y ' 33 'K ' 'H .VH ,sf ,im . . - - ,W +- 1+-'agf iii? , V F N fl KT! n wil 'Z . , r ' la. gf A, Q1 K 1 'L 'L af. ,. .ay ..-, ,. ,ga P 'H+ H lf, .. in , 5-5, . ., , fy . , f, S ,W it Q , fag? L. 1- K f . f 1,1 'V' ' A' " VN vnu? N. . . Y -if Q aww v Lk ,, 4 , , Q ,A A a 4 ,V 5 W , XM W, W Wh , x-,', f . . 'ul Raymond Huff R ight E nd f vf 2 5 W 5 1 'Mm 4 is .il Billy Biddle Right Halfback .f,. ,. , J' 3' am hx nf 555 lynx ,tgirl Kid' 4, if i w M Q A , mslihfg Wim Q Wh ,QM Ms 4 sf , , 'Q 1 ,. Y 54-'ik 4 iwQ,YJ3. 1,4 wi 11 HMM h z ,V 4 M13 1 , as ww f QW' as SEN 53' LW 1 P A fx 1 an 'isffjf ' ' 1 W' if ff V 'i sa - .ff2'N:'5g, f Q -my ,fig . 41 . Vila. K Tw , . " ff' , 324' .I - ' V i Xifffg 6 if ' t x. A T , 2:31 wig.-V - , 7 A. 1:1 M L , , ' 1 ' ha- F f h jerry Chrxstopher Center 3 .5 Don Morgan qv--M' ,. . if ,X .. ,Egg E: ' i fi ' ,i Jack Tucker R ight Tackle Left End Melvin Huff ' Don Sanford Right Guard Right'End n , A. E. Chionsini Left Guard Nelson Touchett R ight G uard Fin Homer Floyd Right Tackle " B" TEAM ,,,,,..,,,, ,., W, ...M ,,-,.. Q-,M,,.W,.--,..W ., A, Edward Hascon Right Hazfzmck """T 4 J 3 i 1 if . 4 4 1 A i ,r,,,,,,..,,L,,.,,.,e., ,,,. e.. ., I 3 I I E I S P I I I l a......, ,, ., , SENIOR LETTERMEN KENNETH WALL - "Stone" Wall was one of the real leaders of this year's football team. Rough and rugged, with a will to win, he was a true all-distri.ct selection. I FRITZ DUHON - Fritz was one of the best linesman on the team. He was anothervall-district and another real leader. , FRANK HARVEY - The power-half of the "T D" twin combination, this red head wrote some new paper in FHS football history. He was selected as the most outstanding athlete of Beaumont in 1949. RAYMOND BARROW - The other .spectacular-half of the combination, "Dee" brought many people out of their seats many times with a thrill. "Dee" was an all-distri.ct selection for the 2nd year. CHARLES WHATLEY - The "brain" of the Buff offense was an asset to the team, and a necessity Things went better when that piping voice was calling signals. He was a real quarterback. JIMMY SMITH - Breaking into the line-up, Jimmy came through in great style--a fine blocker and a hustler. He was an excellent center. CLYDE RICHMOND - "Moe" made the football team because he wanted to play more than anyone else. He was a hard trainer, a hard man to handle on offense or defense, and a teamplayer. J. W. EAVES - J. W.'s fine game against Nederland was a contributing factor to the winning of the Distri.ct Championship. He was always dependabl.e. BOBBY RIGGS - Bobby will be remembered a long time for the job he did against Silsbee, scoring on an intercepted fumble. He had a lot of hustle and performed Well for the Buffs. NELSON TOUCHETT - Nelson started his football career in his senior year. He was rough, liked to play, and was capable and dependable at all times. UNDERCLASSMEN DON MORGAN - Don earned his second letter this season as a "wracking" line backer, and a pass-catching end. He will go a long way in 1950. RAYMOND HUFF - Raymond will be remembered fora long time for the spectacular touchdown- catch in the Port Acres game. "Little Huff" should have a great year as a senior. JOE DAN TAYLOR - Joe Dan was injured in that first district game, after a great showing in the pre-district games. He's a hard-to-stop runner, a good defensive man, and a fine blocker. JERRY MARTIN - Jerry was the fastest boy in the Buff backfield, but was used more for his blocking. He did an excellent job against Alvin. Great things are expected of him next year. JERRY CHRISTOPHER - When there was a real bone-rattling tackle made by an orange and white jersey, usually that number was 23. Jerry should be one of the all-time Buff line-backers. DON SANFORD - Don, playing his first year at end, did a fine job. That "strain-easing" TD in the Nederland game will certainly be remembered. He should be great with 2 more years at FHS. J. T. MCMAHON - A sophomore that did a real job of convincing opponents that they should have stayed at home. As a "surprise" blocker, J. T. has a real football atFHS BILLY BIDDLE - Billy was always ready to go at any position. He ran hard, tackled hard, and played to win. MELVIN HUFF - "Big Huff" saved a lot of tough situations by intercepting, ambling to get the Buffs started. He was a dependable blocker. CLIFTON JENKINS - A No. 2 quarterback on the team, Clifton played under a great deal of pres- sure-but he always delivered. RESERVE LETTERMEN FHS is expecting great things of Jerr.y Howell, Edward Haston, Homer Floyd, A. E. Chionsini, and Jack Tucker. BASKETBALL TEAM Harvey, Howell, Wall, Taylor, Sanford, Howell, Rrggs, Iulpatrlck, Rxgsby, Blake, Harris, Biddle, Knupple Olrver, jenkins, Managers: Lehrer, Redman Paul Carlisle Coach BASKETB ALL SCORES . French---37 Vidor ----- --- French---58 Nederland- French---4l Silsbee----- French---67 Port, Acres I A French---41 Vidor------ ALIN French---45 Nederland- French---34 Silsbee----- French---59 Port Acres DISTRICT CHAMPIONS and still golngl erry Howell 'W' r Forward K Donald Morgan . 1-.ez-A 1 Forward if Don Sanford C enter Kenneth Wall Johnny Blake Center Guard Lloyd Kilpatrick Frank Harvey G Uilfd G yard :Q .5 -E1 A f 1 Rex Taylor Center l C. J. Howell Bobby Riggs Forward Forward . A, ,,,, ,............4. Alton Oliver Forward Billy Biddle Dale Harris Guard ' Center Clifton Jenkins Billy Knupple Larry Rigsby Guard Forward Guard X 5 TRACK 1 i l 1 1 1 1 I l Training: Smith, Distance: Richmond, Lehrer, Floyd, Discus: Jimmy Smith R. Huff, Floyd Crow Anger, Smith, Richmond, M. Huff, McMahon, Taylor, R. Huff Barrow, Whatley, Floyd, Crow, Lehrer, Haston, Christopher Wright, Martin, B. Smith, Olson Weights: M. Huff Field events: Barrow, Whatley 1 1 5 1 1 I l 1 l i 1 rl "1 1 . 1 ywgxlf 1 .. . . K r 1 K J- , . 1 . , are, , 1 ytyl C my C l A V 4. ,W J ,r K, - ' -271--15553: t . W 5: 117: 1 fl" 1 l 1 1 3.1, 2 l -, I ., . . , .,... . ,.,, 1 . ,. !,..ef,,4,,v- . K ,1,.,,- -. 1 , 10 be Q hw! gn.-' - ff.-Ame. - Q 'W . 1 gt- 'tgp-ofa, K-'.,.,M ., .V ,xl N 5, -NN I C' . ' was ' 4.1, 1 -1 . .... Half-Mile: Lehrer J EW"-" """ N' " " T Barbara L . Elba Sue W. F i i E Aline G. l Martha J. 7 2 is Alice L. Betty jean J. Iris R. - i David ,ae w ' I 'Q' mi-f . ..f...,-.-- . .V .. . ...Wi .,-,,. .- mg... -45. -ik.. t Kenneth W. fx 0 xiii? Yvonne G. Av, Unalea A W iixi I ll i 1. t an 1 Q . , I L Af! Y , , iv M , F Cornell W. arte . - -N I r i l E7 . A I , Q: f ,ilk B. ' Y 2 2. Yl 1 Joe Ann F joan M. Phyllis I. 51.1. Lonora S. Sue C. if f X,-H ,X VI, , gk R ,.. A sf l ! ,ig-.fg.wm,f..,.1g.,.1-xv.. -f gf., H Mattie G. Marydeu H. . , C I Beverly T. - Mabel Ruth S. ilk ' MMR if -QPQE K 5:55 l a J' 1: 9 uv If? is 4 Joann B. V, .iii E i ma Marilyn C. as .. lla 'A Q ' f ,R ii QW AP' 1? l , . . 1 Raymond 1 B. , Louise W. A ," WP' 'x . nj' 1. Wi . si 4 ' im f , , , A I A4-A x il 1 5 - Q. is . I n W f ' 1 Nik K I l L Q., 'i .L ' 51, C he 1 P ' , -. Qu 'jg Q -- . ' +"-' si- gr Ethel Faye S. i a ' i S A jimmy S. i X Bobby R. QS QA B111 D. 3' if ' Bill E. K - C 'L .... ,. me M C I 5 ' . l V 1 C., N, , l ,A W., J Charlotte C. Earnesteen T. Wanda E. Norma L. Eileen K' M ff -ff--f Lofam ecwbj .,,,........-,.-.--v-,--f--.......W.-v-,.-..H,-,. , , n 2? A if fa! l I I f I 5-90'f MZWYM , FM I 40770 Q! Q ff iw1""f li fc fcbynfmd KVAUJYLQ W? hi www - . ll Q may 1 . 1,4565 cp K, I .K Q SM ii xi J 1' ,Z Q t- it A 5, E .rt H ,. , ,, li ll H -- -. f gg- ,, .,., . 5 L-fiSff?Qi?iEE??x2Eygf:4:LjI Q' ' 91 1 H. Q f .0wfw,QwdwaZl M' 9144406 if Wpfwhv Hmfinflifddnal W5 1 1 5 Al iv mn E 5 25 5 wzwymwmzrww + QW!! gwywfamw-vzwf gfwf QW 'ifww . .4 ' mwylfwl gzoqwwfwfrf ? ......................A R H A Bill is cooperative - a hale fellow well met .3 E fy He'll retain his popularity and success, we'll bet! i t' er-'U i f' s ei -: --' ' -l xf .. p 4 g yn-il? Ai ix ' cr-'lf' , "Sailboat" is "cute" - ah - she's a flirt, ,..---...---A Z: . A "'r P . She's in trouble now--can't flip her skirt! -T :f ' X 3, 4, ....... 5 R , Qing' es s l l , Z3 r joe Ann is a jewel, her heart is pure gold :: P4 if I She loves her "Corporal", so we've been told. T ' 1 ,K J! . Y,,, , : r v h t was ,E M K 4 ' if A 1 i Y ' uv V A 1 " immy is smart with a temper high , Watch his progress He ll reach the sky' With her baton, fame she has won Carol is clever and oodles of fun! Lloyd has burr hair and loveable ways His precision at basketball really pays C I is sports minded but very shy He turns his head when the girls go by. Marydell is dependable, intelligent, and clever She is almost perfect and will remain so forever -up ws 4414- .1 A. UW ZQXIDXZTE e if f: far. .Ili I - L. ,Q -.4 ,-,J Q gn KTRM miie RADIO STATION 990 on your Dial Always Good Listening' Beaumontis only Home-owned X Independent Radio Station ,5 '." " "-' " ' , ' F T' I ttto 1 ' I ' I Qi- 9 .::.1-'14 -4 5, V Reddy Kilowatt and your friends at Gulf States take pleasure in congratulating you ju or 1 o Your EIQCNLQWATT on your accomplishments in the class- rooms, and wisli you success and happiness in your future endeavors. GULF STATES UTILITIES CU. fc servant Compliments Of The Vondersmith C0 O F F I C E CHENIER BUSINESS A N D SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND RADIO CQLLEGES ' 845 Pearl- Phone 4-6478 577 Orleans Phone 2-7703 SHOP AND SAVE AT O I INCORPORATED A STORES FOR THE THRIF TY r ' l 7 Refreshing Q UOVHIU UNB!! AUIIIOIHV Ol YN! COCA-COLA COIIANV ly BEAUMONT COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY P OCIITX Compliments of urniture Store Beaumont, Texas Beaumont's Largest and Most Complete Furniture Store COMPLIMENTS Compliments OF of C. E. POOL KING The T American National Bank Building BEAUMONT, TEXAS Compliments of White Blue Print Co. 320 FANNIN O PHONE 2-8451 Gulf at Live Oak Sts. Telephone 2-1422 BUY OUT OF THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT AND SAVE MONEY CARROLL A. HORN Ceneral Manager BEAUMONT, TEXAS NEW CROSBY Eoson Hotel. Compliments of Hotel Association of Beaumont HOTEL BEAUMONT LaSALLE HOTEL LESLIE LOWRY 81 CO. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Successors to ROBERT CORLEY 61 CO. Established 1882 950 Pearl St. BEAUMONT, TEXAS I I COMPLIMENTS VAGLICA BARBER SHOP OF "For The Bes+ in THE LITTLE FRENCH MKT. Bafbef 5e'V'Ce RICHARDS VALICA I995 Pope I660 Pope Phone 2-6450 FERITTA COMPLIMENTS SHOE SERVICE OF 338 Bowie S+. Phone 4-9I23 TEXAS SPRING Beaumonf, Texas AQRQ TOQL O'BANNION'S and FINE PASTRY SUPPLY COMPANY r83o Calder 990 Fannin Phone 4-333i Our Specialfy-Birfhday Cakes CALDER COTTAGE CQMPLIMENTS ANTIQUE SHOP OF Qufhenfic Anfiques 255I Calder Phone 2-5-733 Grocery and Barber Shop do Ewa BEAUMONTS STYLE CENTER F OI' FORTY'0NE YEARS SHOP wma CoNF10ENcE AT THE GEM JEWELRY CO. 591 PEARL STREET Headquarters for French HQH School. J'eweLr-3 www Beadmont P011 Afthlll' U S E I0-Mll FEEDS In Lightning Border Bags FOR LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY GORIE'S Q DRY CLEANING ' STORAGE ' LAUNDRY PH, 1200 PEARL ROYAL PHOTO CO. 263 ORLEANS ST. KYLE BLDG. BEAUMONT, TEXAS FILM FINISHING CAMERAS - - - FILM - - - PHOTO SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS cmd GIFT WRAPPINGS Roy Lee Lumber Co. BUILDING MATERIALS Quality Merchandise Dependable Service 1295 Gulf Street Telephone 2-2583 - 2-2584 BEAUMONT, TEXAS C. 6' P. FOOD STORE "The Store of Friendly Service" Calder at Tenth R. A. COOKLOwners-ANDY E. PARK Beaumont, Texas 9 mwfn Bowuma LANES FALCONS UPHOLSTERINC 16 NEW BRUNSWICK A N D DELUXE ALLEYS REFINISHING O Bus to the Door from Downtown in 10 minutes FURNITURE Open 9 A. M. to Midnight . Air-Conditioned 2600 Calder Ph. 2-1421 Beaumont, Texas 2505 Gulf St. Phone 2-2023 SNIDER RADID and APPLIANCE 487 College Phone 4-6142 RADIOS, REF RICERATORS, RANGES WASHERS, IRONERS, DRYERS One Day Service on Repairs GENERAL CCMGS Qypelcling Qwjorlag WELDING PORTABLE ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE wzi.ouNs EVELAND, Plnvm an IZU RAIL QUAD BEAUMUNT1 TEXAS R BQWMAN COIHpIIIHCIltS A' J' LARAMORE of LARRY- BOWMAN FURNITURE CO. NE 4-9522 "The Wo1Iqi11g Man's Friend" - 240 FORSYTHE 5-r, BEAUMONT TEXAS I Compliments of Compliments LIGHTFOOT Of SERVICE STATION CQUNTRY CLUB C. C. Howell Operator 11th St. At French Drive MR'+MR5'A'FAI'cQ0wNERS Mobil Gas Mobil Oil Compliments of MOBILUBRICATION BURCHFIELD'S HARDWARE Youn FRIENDLY J MAGNOLIA DEALER 334 Fannin Beaumont Phone 4-3813 , fjfx C x f 3 ff Cfpfvixfr C Nt Ju . F A in kr, rxtCornp1unents 5 fo X xy of F C C9 L ,,,,...i..n CQXLZILY X ...X ZX mm Store " t i ft. -L ,,,,,,,,a5aaaeezzzizsllelll I P Z 2 121455141 5 V Eli! IIIZIIZSSSSSSZZSSZSSZSSSSIQFII 1 up S - -i t r f flllt llrra nf-'al We 4 h - Tllli C Z 0446 -' 0F BEAUMONT Compliments of Beaumont Automobile Dealers Association, I Beaumont Motor Company Beard Diamond "Tn Cooksey Motors George Clark Nash Motors Tom Felton Motors Himmel Motor Company jackson Motor Company Kinsel Motor Company IIC. Massey Motors Mid-City Motors O'Quinn'Motor Company Powell-Chessher Motor Company Plummer Motor Company Sutton-Wilkins Motor Company White Truck Sales Company Compliments of CULVER APPLIANCE CU. 3450 MAGNOLIA AVE. BEAUMIJNT, TEXAS VERNON CULVER UWNER PHONE 4-lJ6lI COMPLIMENTS A OF ULU! PRINT CU. WWA' 3 UFFICE SUPPLY CU. 257 ORLEANS STREET 1253 PARK PHONE 5'2545 EEAUMONT. TEXAS BEAUMQNT. TEXAS 863 ORLEANS STRE ET TELEPHONE 4-8141 CUFFMAN'S SPORTING GIJUD5 "BEAUMONT'S OLDEST AND MOST COMPLETE" Ed E. Carroll, Owner Harvey F. Foster, Mgr. gum qw 5 smfwf., ea. BEAUMONT, TEXAS A U T o WINDOW DECORATIVE PLATE I Phone 2-2516 ALUMINUM WINDOWS -- STEEL SASH GLAZING KAWNEEI' STORE FRONTS P. O. BCX 391 777 MARIPOSA "Town FAVORITE RECORD SHOP" peglafpi GILBERT'S CORDS ' RADIOS SERVICE STATION Washing - Greasing 2290 GULF ST PHONE 58293 GEO' A- PEG!-AR 1 BEAUMONT, TEXAS I Wi oI.1vER's FOOD STORE W2 fwf Milli!! L21 Www ajqgdkuffgq 802 CALDER PHONE 4-5357 PHONE 5-45,35 2270 GULF ST 'Be Well Dressed 5 hop IQ II ORLEANS AT BROADWAY HOME OWNED 0 HOME OPERATED ORAN BISKAMP COIVIIVIERCIOI. SIGN PRINTING OUTDOOR POSTER FIDVERTISING PI-IONI-I Z-I44q ZGIO GULF ST MORTGAGE and TRUST INC. 3I0 Norfh- I HI1 S+. Phone 4-8653 F.H.A. Home Loans GEORGE IRVIN-Mgr. K'PBX Beaumon+'s Leading Independeni' SI'aI'ion I380 on your dial When in need Call Besf Wishes +o Ihe HICKS French Hi Class of '50 PAINT s. WALL PAPER co. D'CK SCURLOCK Counfy Commissioner 576 Orleans S+. Phone 2-847I Preclncl. I l, JOHNSEN'S FLORISTS 2 I 90 Avenue A Johnsen's Ho+eI Beaumon+ Flower Shop Ho'reI Beaumonf Bldg. HGROWERS OF FANCY ORCHIDS" SIMMONS JEWELERS HAROLD SIMMONS Phone 4-6052 675 Orleans S+. Beaumont Texas BILL THAMES PHARMACY Dial 5-534 I 240I Gulf S'rree+ Beaumont Texas , ,M ,,...,,.. .wV.. -. .7,V W ..,V W .a , I. I I I I QSNIINGSXX YN vnlvv 440 3 .::.:.':x1. Q ku 7 L INSURED 5 uv vb ,S Q94 sinoo. qs. "Cf EDOS? This symbol means safety for your savings. It means that your savings here are fully insured against loss up to S5,000, by an instrumentality of the United States government. And with this full protection, First Federal has paid liberal dividends for 25 years Without interruption. Current rate 21570 per annum. Congratulations, French Seniors! Acquire the habit of saving a little something every month and you,ll he on the road to success. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PEARL AND LIBERTY PHONE 4-5638 R. F. DuBois, President - H. I. Rogers, Sec'y-Treas. Resources Over 85,000,000 I I r I I I I I I I I I I Dial 4-8941 2909 Gulf st. Delivery Pick-Up and Compliments Of CLEAN-RITE CLEANERS "We mean we clean" Cleaning - - Pressing - - Alterations W. H. Silvernail OWNER I.................... Compliments of DALLAS-WILLIAMS FURNITURE COMPANY 604 Park St. Compliments of THE Snack Shack Bill Torres Auto Paint Shop FIRST CLASS WORK BEAUMGNT TEXAS PRICES Low WORK GUARANTEED W 532 L LREL AVE. TELEPHONE 2 45 ' -- W- ---we RIGGS 1' VI U I Music.. Llifoqofs A Complete Line of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS D I S T R I B U T O R S AND ACCESSORIES COMPLETE LINE OF LUGGAGE BEAUMONT, TEXAS 1500 Liberty at Mariposa seo Orleans street Phone 4-4223 Dial 2-2541 nzAuMoN'r. TEXAS BEDRIEYS FOOD STORE Where You Will Find the Finest in Foods, Priced Right and Courteous Service C R O C E R I E S Complete Line of Choice Meats Phone 2-0041 Free Delivery 1110 Mariposa 1 I 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 BENEY BROTHERS TILE 81 PLASTERING CO. Drainboards - Floors - Walls Resiclenrial ...................,.... Commercial lndusfrial 890 Gulf 2-423 I The Finesl' in Modern Phorography a+ reasonable prices V LLOYD STUDIO w.A. VERRET qownery 790 Liberly 4-5:45 C omplim ents 0 f GULF MANUFACTURING AND LUMBER CO. "Long Leaf Yellow Pine" Beaumon+'s Largesi' and Mosl' Complefe Lumber Yarcl I 600 NorI'h Dial 2-25I I THE CHURCH OF CHRIST "Remember now I'hy CreaI'or in I'he days of I'hy youI'h."-Ecc. I2:I "AII Ihings worlc +ogeI'her for good +o Ihem +haI' love I'he Lord."-Rom. 8:28 Gulf S+. Church of Chrisl Pinecresl' Church of Chrisl' 2520 Gulf I 2580 Lucas ' TINKLE'S Furnilure Company For Fine Furnilure BETTER VALUES Dial 4-2244 LOWER PRICES 443 Park Slreei' C071ZPli7ll67If5 of ENGINEER'S LOCAL No. 450 STEVE BURCH, Business Rep. 650 Franklin Phone 5-7I I3 CALL 4-6060 For Insurance B-4 You call I'he Fire Depar'Imen'I' C. L. BABCOCK 81 SON V f ,..,.,...i.. Horace C. Blades Your Justice of the Peace Cantella's "The House of Better Clothesv Thanks Y0U Tailors Haberdashers For the Privilege of Serving you New Crosby Hotel Building Beaumont, Texas DUUGHTY HARDWARE CU. HARDWARE AND HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES "Opposite City H all' ' The Smartest Clothes in Town For Boys and Students R95 geaafrnonf 90197501 390544 770 Pearl Street Phone 4-9642 555 Orleans Sf. Compliments of Compliments of BONWIT LENNON Beaumontls Largest Exclusive Ladies' and Chilclrenls Store 614 Pearl Phone 57 Two Entrances - Pearl and Forsythe 1 Compliments it ' of . 64 BOYKIN LUMBER SHOES 87 SUPPLY COMPANY 2595 Gulf Phone 2-1684 For Smart Shoes of tomorrow - - - 366 Pearl Street-next to Coodhue Building Compliments Compliments l of of IYUHN Howard's Grocery Palnt Store k S 584 Par Meet 1910 Tulane Phone 2-4788 ' cc 9 . an Phone 4 33 Buffs Eating Place L-,H A .1 I .1 Compliments PITTSBURGH of PLATE GLASS CO. G Artist Supplies Mirrors T110mPS0n7S Auto Supply Framing Resilverin g . Paints Window Class 8 Macklne Slfxop Auto Class 901 Pearl Street Plione 4-9425 Liveoak at Gulf ' ' T ' We Like French C ongratulations, Senzors 'Visit Us Soonv PRINTING COMPANY l 245 Bowie Phone 4-6454 GOFF GROCERY Ioe Redman - Tom Sachitano Otho Plummer 1-ni PROPERLY PASTEURIZED MILK PRODUCTS , ff fa my . ,,, -,.., QUALITY CLEANERS TONY MALLEY, Owner Morrlson County Treasurer Modern Cleaning - One-day Service Iefferson County, Texas Phone 4-9224 2575 Magnolia BEAUMONT TEXAS Beaumont, Texas Compliments C. L. Mansell Cliff Douglas MANSELL-DOUGLAS of FURNITURE CO. Incorporated W. T.BLACKMO 475 Wall Street BEAUMCNT' TEXAS County Tax Collector TELEPHONE 4.1469 H0u1'S! 8:30 to 5:30 0 r Llnlfce Cherry FINANCE SERVICE COMPANY l ggnafufe .Arranged TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP 211 PEARL STREET l C. LEE PRATER, Manager 1-Across from Gas Company- ' Qeaumont, gexas BEAUMONT, TEXAS T Continue going to Church and Sunday School- A. W. Schlesinger SCHLESINGER CANDY COMPANY Gree+ings French High! Fo low This Map for your E 5' BEST ENTERTAINMENT! M U N R O 35 ,E"'5"' qgiizja 464, ' Tn 40' QR O ,E -EEEE QL ailzf DRY CLEANING CO. ' i q f ' 1 +'ij2e'?515' . 01541. 1 ,.-"' ,..4 A I 3 iggffv- y ,E sk BEAUMONTS LARGEST Q U ,.,, 41-7-7 Qxmmuw is, W 3 EXCLUSIVE DRY CLEANER JEFFERSON Amusemeni' Company ' 32 lsos Brawy. 2-3434 JEFFERSON The "New Look" LIBERTY SE TIVOLI-PEOPLES-LAMAR I' The Beaufiful New GAYLYNN X T H E A T R E S . Complimeizts of BROWN - KLEIN Furniture Company We, +he Business S+a'Ff, wish io express our apprecia'I'ion I'o +he adveriisers who have confribufed ioward whaiever success we may have achieved in publishing +he I950 ediiion of 'I'he French High Aviaior. THE BUSINESS STAFF , ,.,,,,, ,,,. ,A , Qi, ., we 2- . :AH -' .. .. - 'ff 1 K1-mag:- . Kd' K af 'E 43" i X , WM, 5, K gfsgwgg fs 1: 95' ,, M K ffefieiiwff fA2xa'ir'2 wieiifif- Jw' f rum W W, i V. .a, .,.., ,L , ,Ai F135 ml .ml faiaew , , 'Wg . . L Q? " HQ, 5, QQ X Y- 5 H 5 ,A x gi WV I iii ' hcxtwbfv-' 'Q' - , ,I X 'Y as vs, QS ,SUN-A 1 .iff 2 A .VI gi: , ggr F' k 1 W, -557 , i v . 3 iggk 1 wie! Q, , ,, J Q I " T 5 W -nf -. . 4. ..., Wm.. ,....U- -,.V.,, 22:2 ii A "W A aw.. M: ,V iz. ,gy Q if 'W P -H Aaiii' lx 'vjgif A : , ' 12345 I '7' .sei , Q :ig ' f f my fm. r w V r L' X x , I 2 L V sf -sewn' .--1, A. E v:9h.g., I .W4 L fi fn- 'PEZ 5 1 , L: , 1' A- v 1 1 LA, vt, 5,5 W + . W ff' :ggi .1 - 1 Zi-'EW--"1 ,' ,V ,T 'bp N . bi 'ui-. 'YP E, I F E? sg. L, , ,. g, . n w N L. i ., 1, rw. Diem . , nf ,Q QSM-w'.MEL 'N 1-ff' vf'fHH'U:kf"5fV.2439-'15-'M,":rf7.Q:f'12yL1f'kKg:Ei1.5,'iivgmL'2"f.,E'3'99'fSvQgxjui-'fx'1V"X'f5"i.7ffQ,2Qj"!Q- :,53a3,f,.f,if.5gje,'g:2373-13,5 35,f9A,+-bf-.H H-H...5'?wqQQfj3w5rs"1""r1"Ev vw mwwwww fam-:ww mimw- -,Lfamwmmswwm-Q eafiwswf, mmm wmfisyehwimmmwmfmmkw 1 Qi l,. 'V ,-11 5 ' If 1 . lg h., .sa , ie 'A ., EQ W 5 .1 ii- v-.

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