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Fremont Junior High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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1 1 1 1 1 W ,. 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 . 1 1 1 C . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 U 1 1 1 x f fr ' Q .ilu f 2' f K ,P , x X diiepxii-4f,,f" fffiifg' " ' Y, , 5 K' lv' A KP3 U 'YM , , , X xv Q-f . ',""wL"' U N55 kv Q an A ,L , . ' 1 Q- Ot.,-f' f. . xv' A ' fy - gijfi Q ' fC4.d'3' 1 a 'I I J fl 2- ' 7 fvlf? ,r ZW'-'f . h"f2'i.:R,A . I 0 X1 wi... A H' NQ' lr J fb' lc w X I iw A7 Lg ! . I7 T U 7X H fy I N K f 4a4La,'7 V N wo? .PN X5 X ' 1 J - . .J Q fi ,,., ' MJ ,VX MW,,,,, fr '--,G I Ep' axi- ,kxx 'gf' fl N Sf . U , y , 1 N F -3 1 cl? if 53, V, W, ' DQ ff . X2 A ' 1 :Xi.flMgX.- 'L I. I X, RQ ' ,V N N If Q3 ' - , .Y slr 'hf'f"' '1'S'k"' X . 6 Q, 2 ? , 1 is .ff "'f' ff' K ". Y qs.,-'g""'5n.....1 ...,- ,Q - xx - L 2 " u , , ' I i A 1. Viv' N3 .,, ,V ' -X X 3 .K -A " , DLL' R jf? fill P ei V 7 3 ! ' f ,Jil ,3 fp Q N7 AU J 4-vVi Y -iv LQ'-,I 'ful' If 'V 7 f ' ' ' fl I If WY," rf' f 1 X" N w 4 I L N , X I 1 K 1. ,fmxx um.. N. xx N Y 4 x E1 I We jeg f Fomswlan ar x' ,,me"'3g4 li' A .-5 5- The cover design on this record of b jeff -. "tl 'ts-f the class of 1941 is a combination of the I ' ' designs oi' Harold Detileese and Tom Modgling. 9 33,313-gif -w wi Howard Hilliard, Bob Reese, and Harold "" , A Deweese worked on the block print for the S V A -' may, ' cover. O1-,her artists, all working under Z 445 ',57,5'f'3f 5 the supervision of Miss Hathaway, drew ' 13 5? Wumh 42gg.? illustrations, among them were Beatrice t - fjpz, Q gllcoclegr, Ii-iobeis Bagels, Kgnneth Bark, Ruth Q -f-w:gL- 4 arna , arc De eese orothy une ly F In ,,,,- Xt? Q 7 xl Evans, Dorothy Mae Evans, Bert Monson, ' . ,pf ,f,J""' 'V X: DeWayne Mosier, Jessie Reynolds, Lloyd ' - f 'F 19 iff ' " Smith and Patricia Sprague an , nj ' ! , ' 42 ,545 lf? 2 A .5125 'dy ' V -,1Qgy1'?,: , ' . fi., o 5' Lair!-I f"m1a,1nlH . . N -""' ' we m A F no photographs ln one bdcoklet n were taken by Mr. John Hogan. This 'je U project was sponsored by the tenth f ,lf 1.17 l grade class officers. Planning and il Q business details were managed by X K ' - Sue Matthews, Peter Elcstein, Mr. 3: , , Stevens, and Mr. Montz. df ff"i gg, ' lfg "" fag N ff The tenth grade members of the 'xy A f Bulldog Club gathered the informa- H 1 j f l , tion in the book, wrote the articles, -ffgggg 5 4 1' and assembled the finished pages Lf' XS ff?-,R ' with the assistance of juniors. '54 f ' Eoypho Roseland wrote the Class Will, X, L,-ff 1 -:yo ,ff"'N""'N--N with the assistance of Patricia f' ' Nielsen, the Class Prophecy was the -l f sS""'R"" X? joint effort of Barbara McBride, ,ff Nxxrs , 'I Doris Everett, Fred Grunewald, and xl. I X f Robert Lineberry with some assist- 'i " , X ance from Ted Nufer. Bob Austill X 1 R I E, wrote the Boys' Sports section. Q' f Dorothy Lawrence has given valuable M-,,,,.,...i X clerical aid. L " -o X We wish to express apprecia- .I 1 X . 'tion also to Miss LaVonne Espiau, -I f ff Rl ' who cut the stencils, to the Progress xl x -- fi if X l Bulletin, which printed the photo- "rf r lp PS. graphsg and to Mr. Harold Hull, XXX , ,Q who printed the covers. ...f if ,ff 'A V' . Fred Grunewald, editor X X Leanora R. Furr, advisor ww 'I is ,mama 'QV zz ww mf- mx KVM, YB-Us A 1 Q-- ss - L -x-,ra - 1 mr '1 -A -fm u,.,,,,K W E , - an -1 mv if W mf-iv '6 Q -uf nun Q , 2? 2 R -Q , mm me E -E N Q X mm ,- .mm . E - S E H H 4, N 2 , M. :fm ., -xx E .-. Q.: W M... fm. V M xgsukx hw-11 fx: rw , . an mm um 1 ss, is-max Wm,-1 H -STKE A W 5 Q as :ma N mu Q B -4 km-mf -1 21---0 , B KI H-vm sm .,..,,- was S -:W X -1 -ww H W my-F wx nw ss cm aqui- -F 9 f :za 111 aH,,fm,Hb-H --wma-W-MMmi sw xx :mf - ss Em: 3 sq 1:-Q wma W m mm w .x xx-ss mu, Hmm 1--Mm ----. J Y -Q . H BQ rf--gif 1:-ss sf-xr, ne: -Q qu' m ,- sf-x Wm .ny- nm- mmm -:rms m .. gf,-X 'Em WXW- -- . 1 M Xi- S8 Si N Uffli U 2 mx- e mx- 1 L f H E an -J ,QM 1-----H, gf-1 K mv-.M -ww -Lin a-w -Q.- Epi Q- Z.. A A 1. .. .L N , ,, Gia- y .wwf n W- 5-- g?QL gm ynnm, 'ima N ' - mx.-wx M1 - 4 N W 5 1 ffm -- - mf 'T LDP' ,ggmk .w Mswmuw jggw M fm IEP, -QW. -Q W M .1 K N ft W -Q - .- : : M mf,-,, 5-S1 W ,Y ,W- M .. MLM ' ' , mm- .wwu mm. 1 - A m 1--1 Hmm fl A.A M N Q ss 2 Y ffm 1 2 151- is Wg YH. biqxaiwl- N ISXZHMW A 5 xxx z - if-main -Q., E 9 V v a mn Ng, u - , 1' if it as L 4' 'FQ' is up Wigmx 4q:l'f3v1"'Tv1 md H Q M W ww Wwalffi-a H , 11 4 E f' ' fs 14:11 ,rmhxnf 9.-Mx ' eNJ 1 W iqgmikpfe, K, 1, , gf ,shank Q-lyzfyfl V-ga hwfx-,f f .3i5,,,, , Lsawx, ,mbux . . Lg We 1 wiv' V iclggm A M4 v,Q3f,j.M.,m ,,tr,,, 5' f- .fu Af-.-,J 555-4: ' A vw. q,r.'Q:. 464 ,,.-. m Em Q .f D- ,Mir K -1 W " J YJ 'ig' v HJ Zak? 'wb i?'1wa5'jkigEwg32'H if gn 5? A Kfffff ?"V32"'I?'5 4 W ' 'Y Wf' N' 4' , Qs.-nw M' up s W ..,nq x 'Lp' vi , yu, Ri "1 "gm 'hw PT V W ,QW is 'W 312+ f W a g? iz.. wx 'nm fl ,-.f M4 :i?:.f,q,,'1??x 4 affix if wzmsfwf f 1 ,M 15 'wi1.sff-fsww WM 3 Mui 925 ' W 'u'w"n ,.!,!JQ,'fhf, in 1421-1s:,..'w NY 't .sw J, a""T"h?'lA'FL" Wfiw' Mwms f H, -'sf -f ' 'r wif'-' W? :M my , ' 1 g 4 m ,,:: J lf M ma? N Qmrfiziefbifffpfi' v mum 4 1 " Q'J'!r,.4 fr U" .4 v v H 9 oz'-f -I '4 'NVQ " ' ' 1, .1 ,IJ 215' Hd X YQ- A 7' 1 .gsrgx if ,1 v 1 K X 1. Iggy, E ' f N .S as QU' :ivy 'ff a Wi unix ...L AW-W wiv' ' .. + ,. ff' Wi' 2 Jr .4 -H '19'if:Fv- E mm is E ss E Q 1 1 mn mn mn a ss mn as a ms ss a ms ss mn a Us w ss a xx a Nm ss ss B mn ss a ss a as ss ww- is aww ss mn ss a ss QE E. --n X ss 1? . 4 M f 'SSW W , , ' V y 1 w ff aa -Q1 mi. '12 M 'W4,M. ,M . X855-Q, -.,,.,,n . .,. ,qw ,sw -., a if-v 4,-f A , . -p ..., .. A -: ' ,w.-1.1:,q ,.,f -f, ,.- , . . .. ,. ......... , ' 'T' FT ' VA ' . 'Qif225f'J4".AT1f.?c :I '11, if-1'?vaaf-1. . ' ..f ....Q 4 . , , ...- v. Y' ..,. +..g..s: :M , --..::. E. ...., ' X' fan 1 fi: f u - ".. - 'fl'-132:-. J '-: " "5" , Suz i -I Y , .. . .. .. , uh .1,,,. ,543 PM 4, W, g'3q:N,j, .,. yi A Qwj. l -I .,... ..,. , .... 1 .Th ., Y4p3a,',lYu3 www. ii? W - " - ' 45? -' x wtf: Y I . .lr W. v.,-r . 4. V ,V r ' '21, . . ,.,.,a.,.f,,:.gL ,M L: '52 A 5 ,- 1- , 1.'3.c,- Q: -, X Q gl: -' .. . - . I ,.,, ' 1 '- 'f K I V, .- , -. .3515 1 f A 433 2 if - 'Q.2' Sgw ' MI" 'v """' .41 4: 3 , .J A ,- L ' . . ' :j,.:.,,.t5., , -, - my , . -1 3, .:- 3 elk 'V -:mu we -J ' ..:-- S Af K ,x A MS' Q3 2. N1 V ' .J ' . ' . N? , ...... ' -' -:isa '- '-4 ,,,v '. "" ,iq .'.Lf"' ' '. .... '-r -A"-. - Em -. ff 7, - -: - 5- .:,..: 'i L" 'ff-."' 'T ':' A"' J ,A w,"i ' - ., fQ'f:'1- 12- 5 f .1 " ' ' ' , f , JV- ' .1 ,V A H' , , 29 'l', 'QE' ., was ' ' X ' ' L!ef"7,w :- ff9- ' ' im ' ' 1. 'K 'VV 4 , , .N K if- 'Z E!-5' nf E5 . 3 ---., A- -. L wx v- -, 1-U, ,- rf, M k ..,:,QS '- :f , ,, ,Q-'94 .. ' .5241-'f ':. XM W ,ea mm f 1,541 Q Q ,Q , gm g5ng55g5?i'g:.T3,f: i , ..wL. , ,Q M J ,,, i TQ QW M H 1- em i aki-,ww A 4 '- ,g4gigg5H3HQ?94FSA QW , : M ..., Kd! A. 5 3, A 5. kv I 3 U, ,IQ ,, , -, g :im I 1. it 1,,wMTili ' . mmm HN mn N nw ss an .m KA .., mv sm mmm mmm 'WW Www' was ms ss P1 s za - A mm- ss ns mm ss .E NH. ss E N W E E nl H 5 H M E H H Sf E H W E . M N Q B mm ms x sf ms an mn wx x an-mu ss 1 ss is -nm ss na - my w sw aw an ,1 ma B mn ss -xxx 3- mm w mam my na sa m nm mn wx -vm ms Bm mmm mm an ss an msg ml X ss- mw gm 5 an ss Q . sw, an mn be an ss SH , ss E sw sf A f H' my Y mmm -sf sm I Ewa ,ss E-E ss ss E ss - -ws 'ss w - Q H W H' ' 1 . H '-AL H FM . . was w E E , Q W Q' 4-. Q Q mm - ss 5 ss . Us mm .fa , , as - ya. In , v ' m- , n ' r , 1 , : mx-X ' , - '. n ' hi: l X, . , ,X 2 iw W . Q 5' ww F - - m - K lg! X A X A .: .:.:. ' H 5253! ., f'- ' mx 4:::::,? ms Q 'Q ss- MM 'Lum K, n ms ma ss A Q ma ms ss K mi f mx 1 ms B 1 , ss H H ss nw: E m ss ss B an x mf me nm H nm f u B rx Ima ss My H E a n ms ss an ms, sm 2 mn sin au num- E9 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS l94O-1941 President Secretary Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Entertainment Safety Commissioner Publicity Commissioner Citizenship Commissioner Boys' Welfare Commissioner Girls' Welfare Commissioner Boys' Athletic Commissioner Girls' Athletic Commissioner Junior Red Cross Commissioner - -Itititit Jack Kraft Barbers McBride Betty Brown Dorothy June Evans Wayne Guyton Fred Grunewald Bob Austill Robert Kuntz Pnttie Strange office vacant Jessie Reynolds Albert Kaufh.n OFFICERS OF THE CLASS OF 1941 President - Sue Matthews Vice-president - Charles Whitaker Secretary - Patty Ward Treasurer - Peter Ekstein OTHER TBNTH GRADE MEMBERS OF COMMISSIONS Safety --------------- Bob Austill Edward Myers Janice Baker, secretary Ruth Orem Doris Everett Jessie ReynOldS Melbs Frye Mariano Rodriguez Jack Kraft Geraldine Singleton Robert Kuntz Patti:Strange Sue Matthews Patty Ward Donald McLeod Raymond Watt Publicity ------------ Same as Bulldog Club - on Page 1 Citizenship ---- ------ Olive Croxen Peter Ekstein Doris Everett, se Raymond Watt Boys' Welfare -------- Jack Kraft Peter Ekstein Girls' Welfare ------- Olive Croxen Sue Mntthews Girls' Athletic ---- --Betty Brown Dorothy Mae Evans Lois Powell Junior Red Cross ----- Ruby Chastain Betty Freeman William McCryndle Wilma Swenson cretsry x, wi: - r , , 1 my ,Y ' 4, ,N N fy gl W . 2- Mwg .:. .:. .. ,5- H NM my ' as AL, max v-W 'Saw L1 Af. af ' f M .1 F '21 ' f ' .wr 1 , K m rf sf mmm my san. A we ,wwe fs M my-uw wan a 'H vw-W 4 V' Q.: x QQ s ss ss ffaf A 4 gs WEE 1 S, pw is wi' ,b Q im? :L Q'-x nm max- mm Q S1 5 E iw gl ,ww R H ,f 2,14 .1 , ,W f if mf wkilwi .L ap M vids if ni ,., iw, was kwa an A 1 . 'wx nm ei R QW? 1-V 'sf 32. nf N2 may as .. an 11-'P 'fiqa nm a- M mg -. tum: 1-an ig' M Q4 sea am ,Ma 1, gf, Mus. if K kiln , a Q . Q, .3 if ,fn Egg L:X Xxx Nmmms' .YL may 55 Aw, A, Wie isa- E -V Q. x n ...Q rw. nf up as ww A vi 4. su M mg, 'sy x -EG Lx S, by f f V9 ,I as . E W, -U ,sf 4 of 1 ,gem 'win 'fi .gs giffm . fr my 6 4 . . Q ,mmm ah wax 'fm mm Q sf! iff. my l 2 f as . THE WORK DF THE COMMISSIONS Much of the credit for the smooth functioning of Fremont's business affairs and social life is due to members of commissions, who, under the guidance of the commissioners and faculty advisors, perform a variety of services. The Safety Commission lf 3 has functioned every day in KZtEf3',, vi Ffa? the life of the school. Q Spode gl? ev Traffic officers have kept ' 'QQQ Xe traffic moving along rapidly X, 48 and safely. Traffic court 4 GE . 7 was conducted once a month NTNNNRN 5 to handle cases where stu- NX dents failed to obey the rules. They also tried Q, Qi! Ji cases of bicycle violation, N.,-'Qil -""" Q25 cooperating with the Junior f Hi-Y. Another important N contribution made by this I group is the training it y j I takes in First Aid. Many I X tenth grade safety officers, X k as well as ninth grade l Mi Q officers, completed the . Q l course this year. This Xqt ,f ' Qgld, -A XR. service is important to the Qggsgliifg xkj 'Q school and to society in ' AR XX, general. Mrs. Parker is I " advisor for this group. Qtr The Entertainment . Commissioner presided at E5ffX Fit: T'E! several assemblies in the absence of the president. Special services of this group include the occasional arranging of flowers for the school officeg ushering at school affairs, this year particularly at the April 4 performance NMusic on ReviewH3and.keeping a 'scrapbook of school affairs. This commission was supervised by Mrs. Madsen. The Finance Commission, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Douglas, collected student body dues, issued student body cards, and assisted in the disbursing of funds and rendering of accounts. Students who failed to pay promptly were interviewed and urged to discharge their financial obligations. Work was provided for those otherwise unable to pay. The Citizenship Commission, under the direction of Mrs. Hathaway, records citizenship data and compiles the quarterly honor roll and the annual roll of those eligible to the Scholarship Party. The commission occasionally interviews students who are judged in need of student guidance in their adjustment to our miniature democracy. ' The Publicity Commission, better known as the Bulldog Club, is under the direction of Mrs. Furr. The members gather news, write the articles, and THE WORK OF THE COMMISSIONS fCont'd, assemble, staple, and distribute the Bulldog, which is issued bi-weekly. When called upon, the group also handles publicity for school affairs. The Boys' Welfare Commission arranged a Father-Son Banquet on December 15 and a Mother-Son Banquet on May 9. Both of these events were well attended and much appreciated. The LaVerne College Quartet came to Fremont for an assembly program at the invitation of this group. The boys also sponsored a noon indoor tournament and attempted a model airplane contest, which was dropped for lack of entries. One of the most important activities of the year was the issuing of'aihletic equipment during the noon hour. Mr. Montz is advisor for the Boys' Welfare Commission. Miss Hoyer's Girls' Welfare Commission had a full year. Doris McKinney served as commissioner until illness made it necessary for her to resign, Pattie Strange then assumed the position. The girls started activities by making and distributing HGet-Acquaintedn Tags, which the art classes decorated. Then 115 pompoms were made for the first conference football game. They were sold almost at cost, for the purpose was to give color and life to the occasion. As is customary, the commission sponsored an after-school party for girls, the Mother-Daughter and Father-Daughter Banquets, which were very successful, and an assembly, which this year was a Hallowe'en assembly. The speaker discussed the tradition of the holiday and girls' opportunities for setting standards of fun. The last event of the year was a tea on May 28 for tenth grade girls, at which Miss Ethel Allen, dean of girls of Pomona High School, talked about the new vistas which lie before the girls. The Girls' Athletic Commission, which is made up of four members selected from each grade by the commissioner andtemrnr-in charge, has several duties. This year it took charge of after-school and noon tournament games, of a play day after school, and of awards for points. It has been proposed that next year the commission organize a club composed of girls chosen from those who have attained at least the first award. The Junior Red Cross Commission, which is sponsored by Mrs. Douglas, is the school's service organization. Regularly throughout the year these students appeal to the school for contributions of various kinds. Some of these things are ready for sending to those whose lives will be cheered by our thoughtfulnessg other contributions are used by the group for making gifts. The calendar for 1940-41 follows: October - Junk Drive November - Thanksgiving offering December - christmas stockings for Marine Hospital, San Diego January - Hmarch of Dimesu February - Valentines for tubercular patients at Van Velser Sanitorium, Baldwin Park March - Easter favors for tubercular patients at Van Velser Sanitorium, Baldwin Park April - Good Will assembly, and exhibit of treasures from many lands Boys' and Girls' Welfare Commissions gf? Citizenship Commission . -.1'1'Y.L . 1. '7'r'i4Lg, ' --7' in. r:.,n' l -14' ,V na, :V- - gr-M. A - " .41 1. -, .. 1 '5 2515 ., 4 X 'v 31.-' " TI QW! 'S . 15:33 lv , A , '. , 'J fa., : GA K ' x .git A 1 X we 'wi ff, L33 Y ' ,yf H 4 1 Y ' A NJ" xi , 'GA A ,. . . X 51151 ' ' "' ' . . ' ' Elf: V I I ' ' 4' -1 'l' f i ' I K . n-553 6?5g'mvl'Q pf? 'es 5 -'1 5f'f ' ' H' "i,w7l'i'k ' fkd, ' ' W . , ' vw , . V E' by U, , f -5, x W, jpg V if M X K4 k E525 firm sw W V V . f Y 144, , 1 f ,. ., ,, ,,. , , Q In li N 51 W-. .., f A .Q ':.'i2q, fi Y M gg H we j H .. E2 5 1 N ff ' 1 , t 2 f G , V' I A Q N .X 1 ' .1 'N wif Via. "nga S 1 s, 4 .:.: c 4 ' 'E ' , 3 -...H . ........,-...,...-...1-...... COMBINED HONOR ROLL AND CITIZENSHIP HONOR ROLL OF THE CLASS OF 1941 Beatrice Alcocer .--e--......Y--fzli.-Y ' Y ,-N 1 Vincent Alvarez 1959-1940 2 js O4 c t c Bob Austill V ,,,,,,,,,,,,. , T , ,...T--:,e:f+,- Janice Baker Simon Bgltierrn . C Orlando Barela J Q Robert Barela -V A or Kenneth Bark Ruth Barnaby ,,..e , ,.,,,. AY- - ,, , P" ,,...,. OJOjOmO ,n Beeman oeeneve BiQE5pO' Donald Brooks ' r n C,,,Cn -HMM H e,o ,wl f not here Denver Brosman 1 C n O O . Q - oeeefo gf Betty Brown r , J4M A A Heine Catronqw g ' n oooooeeeee --M-ee - --we-fr-one--1'H'mf Helen Chisam t M C t ..- W 1 .-ff--H --+------V'------'-------wr' Betty' -Tean Cooke 1 Q-MW U ' ieok Co11ins-- of Q C Q Dorothy Copuggi n -ml Q4L u. 4 Oiine'Croien N qQ M.H4-QH-' , H 3 Mont-ewOeFr-ance t' L in W V 'Robert Demille --QW Q-'gml c rnetterfsfiifsnein j 151 t no 515.-+ 1 H H H H 1'-' Honor Roll Call A's or B's in citizenship and not more than one G in scholarship, C e Citizenship Honor Roll fall A's or B's in citlzenshipj 4 Marks not yet available borothy June Evans 1959-1940 1940-1941 Dorothy Mae'Evane Doris Everett Ida Jane Ewbank Dan Famas Betty Freeman Melba Frye Juanita Gately Eunice Glenn Edna Mae Grant Carol Graveson Evelyn Griffith Jean Grissom wayxie Guyton ' t Russell Hale Dorothy Hinks Jimmie Jackman Alberttkaufmai' t Dorothy Keast tv J ack Kraft Betty Kraliter Robert Kuntz Dorothy Lawrence V Billie Lee Lawson Sue Matthews v Bud Mayfield t 2 t 5 'f let 55 4+ X " ,HYCLRE 1,, H o G H , t 9 t to H r H lc tc c tc oA , . f H f H t lr I Y ,f ot 1 o H H H H R c H H tot 4 ' r x ,A , X Y Y ,J 'X . H H H H C 1 I, , , , -- an .1 t, H H j H H , o ol , o ot ere 'C .WW Berhare McBride Hcc o WT .Q H on W 4 V 1959-1940 1940 1941 A e 1 Q 2 t 5 t4 Weltien Mc Cryndle ,, .,- Donald McLeod Vera Mendoza Edward Myers Patricia Nielsen Ruth Orem Lucy Ortiz Thelma Pinkerton ,- ',:, ev.-9" el H C YA, Lois Powell C Q t degglligvgfiegdel- 6 'c xsefifetneegit eeee t T tA :ess1e'1ieyaQ1as'e to one on no V J4oe mea' c T f ' 'A ' r"'.'r-t u Mm-iimd Rodriguei 'same tR05'Z1Qna U If J' Doris Ross H F Rosie Sanchez Y r Hubert Shaffer C fcl V V - --- -+ H .-.. ..., .......,.........-....-V..... .- . . Geraldine Singleton C 'V' W ., -,.., Patricia Sprague FW? hiie Pattie Strange t H W C ,H..i1... L """ V" Jew were or ew .,,.,.-,!L.,.?L-.-.B.,,, W lwiknerrtsrveviee r- -wr ..., ,. C.', L. Tollesen - V Iumym-'Mm J45eee?faiBte?r e ,-.-,-r e Dvlefes 'feel me e,,r,M,,,,9,,4e 9. r 1959-1.940 1940--1941 o1 2?54 j2 loo Y ,, Ev Kixthleen Walton Pot ljnere H Patricia Ward C C D - - -g ""v: Raymond Wqtt C G -IL--nH AA Ivan Whi1se C T Arlene Williston cw D co Mary Wilson c .coco Mac Woodard X X :X C! , Ruby Young W, 'nm Vo, 4 , o o'occH , ,,'VWv,,, 1 ,.....'.....-V ,-,, , Y, -f,,, f.--V-, KLmi5'i1vu2 EN SWF' , Ak bg MA . ,- iz- -of -N-:.-5-Em., .SA11.1N G3 THROUGH THE 51GH'T WAY MUSIC VIXON U 4, n 7' Q- ,f M ' .1 The Fremont Junior High School Q , Band has had a successful season ' 5' n this year. They gave a concert in .H conjunction with the Girls' Glee J Clubs and the Revelers and cleared 1 3240 assuring the Band of seven- teen,new uniforms. The Fremont Band BA N D - won a trophy in the Monrovia Parade f and participated in the Whittier Day Parade, Cinco de Mayo Parade, , and Memorial Day Parade. Much of the success of the Band NX was due to the tenth grade class. X Robert Lineberry, president of the Band and solo trumpet, aided materially in its achievement. Other tenth graders who deserve credit "'-' """-'-"" are: trombones, Charles Whitaker, Lucio Cenicerosg trumpets, Dick Wilkinson, Richard Mathis, Robert Ribalg clarinets, Doris Everett, Mac Woodard, Laliallette Childers, Ivan White, saxophone, Betty Brown, oboe, Kenny Nall. Q' DME ABN-E Barbara McBride and Dorothy June Evans have been the drum majorettes. Doris Everett has acted as the efficient secretary to our Band, and her presence will be missed next year. The Fremont Orchestra has played at all the banquets given here at school and at outside functions. Tenth graders who have served the Orchestra admirably have been: accompanist, Barbara McBride, bass, Dorothy June Evans, cello, Stanley Drennang violin, Eunice Glenn. Eight members of the Orchestra are playing in the Young People's Symphony of Pomona. Lucio Ceniceros and Richard Mathis are tenth grade members of the Brass Club, and Jim McCulloch of the Woodwind Club. I wish to encourage this fine group of graduating musicians to continue the study of music, in co-operate with their future instructors, and to bring new laurels to the school they serve. Sincerely yours, LOUIS F. RONFELDT ,.,--fb .---. ' . 'Tj-' - 2 , Orchestra Q, x V 'E A l-' K A X A 5 9, -. H, W K.. M E M M gm E E 5 M V' HE E STKE ss 1' vm SBK" K sm Q im Eg amiga H32 TZ Em 3,37 W -ww 'Nm 1, mmm H H, M M3 EQ mf'S'.5s,m wwjimg .Naam QE nm sms , 5,545 EE , a V an I 4" as BSS . 4 Bam msg W W Exam Q-53223: www sgmizxgiw gk 5 Wm wings Bulldog Band uve wx, gf 1 i , x 5, xii am - .mv -f mfs M ,ga V Girls' Glee Clubs 27 2 Q: v air? Q 1- Y' 1 4 Hmm 1,1 gin m ji ,z w H ff A rf IZZPMQ, ,4 C 'z J' ,cf 0' The Revelers -Nfl K .595 . it 5 REVELERS Fremont's boys' singing group, the Uhevelersn, has had a very successful year, singing at approximately fifteen places. They appeared at the Fremont Mother-Son banquet, Christian Church, Mother-Daughter banquet, in HMusic on Reviewu, and in other programs. The tenth graders will be missed from the group because they have been loyal and always willing to give their best in making the group a success. Those graduating are: Manuel Avila, Joe Beck, Robert DeMille, Jack Kraft, Bert Monson, Kenneth Raybould, Mariano Rodriguez, Raymond Watt, and August Weigle. The social events were a snow day in February and a picnic at Washington Park in June. All in all, the year has been a very outstanding one with the fine leadership of Mr. Bolinger and the fine cooperation of the group. We hope that the remaining members will make next year still more successful, as we are sure they can do. MARIANO RODRIGUEZ, President CLUBS The Projection Club, of which Mr. Montz is the advisor, PROJECTION CLUB had eight tenth grade mem- , Nunn bers: Wayne Adams, Don Brooks, ' , Je yf Wayne Catron, George Clifford, .j ,Q R ,,,f' L35 A Robert Kuntz, Jimmie Mhoon, f' I-ik K n Robert Michael, and Carl M xv- V, ., ,W Tucker. , ' ' , TW! ,H H I . ,il This club had a very Q, , Q , 1 A ga Q busy program of school service lf" " H, 'ff 1 throughout the year. Besides pf'Lf U the showing of movies for PJQONXEQTIQN classes whenever called upon --and there were many cells-- they provided and set up equipment for school talent assemblies and most of the home football games. At nMusic on Reviewn 323552223 in charge of lighting and of setting and changing scenes and LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Although they are not organized as a club, several tenth grade students have rendered a real service to the school under the direction of Mrs. Penley, our librarian. Those performing this service were: Olive Crox Mario Enriquez, Doris Everett, Eunice Glenn, Dorothy Keast, Hideko Takagi. .le te sa en , SN PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB f Mr. Montz, advisor Q J ff 1, BOY. Wban' cu. X Shot' ' Tenth Grade Members M f Peter Eketein V mf f Albert Kaufman Y Q' NX Donald McLeod J COE' Ufqf "im fl Bud Mayfield Q' M Edward Myers f I X U Kenny Nall G. L. Tolleson V ff! RADIO CLUB D 5 1 e With the rapidly Ng 5 vl ....., groiving interest and ,,,,,,.,....7.--- ---' --'A fl Q- olP??o1'-1,.Lm'1ties in radio ""--'-5-""" ' CO1lLk1'JJS.,l ',1L',l1.'LO'L'1 been'-lee ' of its importnnce in dY.,.,f r nuffi.fme.7L def-even, the PHOTOGRAPHY ' ' activities of the two Fremont radio clubs are becoming more and more interesting. Already two members of the senior club, examlneti cus before amateur radio operat wide TrieCounty'Ama rv Wayne Guyton and Hubert Shaffer, are ready to take their the Federal Communications Commission for the class B or's license. Both of these boys also belong to the valley- eur Radio Association. Other tenth grade members are Kenneth Berk and Ernest Sprague. abil an O4 Q.-0-O tango Q In-aus. 0 un- .-, MECHANICAL DRAWING CLUB Mr. Weide, instructor gi Tenth Grade Members 5'?"'iff'7fJfl3f ti? ,,y1f'5f23fZ?2f5P? Billy Brooks FI'-Hliklin Hanson "9Q'W'fQ,:'f'7'ff'N ' 9' Grlando Barela Harold ReYl'101d5 lie! ken! Dwight Cetron Jimmie Wallace lf1g,,'fQ1 Dan Fumes Charles Whitaker N--W" Earl Grady Dick Wilkinson N"-"N GIRLS' woonsuop CLUB i S S I Mr. Landis, instructor lg f L, Tenth Grade Members 1 -M-A.:'i:Jw-t-Qf:,,,,.L..i-'1J'l-' " as E-3-is 0 0 OO Janice Baker Lucy Ortiz 425' I-ln :Emil Olive Groxen D01-is ROSS ,M A 1 N: Ida JSIIG EWb8.1'lk Patricia SPI-agug Kb' Edna Grfmt' Patty Ward XQADNO . im Jiiww. ,, "M E " Y-if U I + V Z . f ,. 1 1 N. w M--V gl. .5 .I 1 M , -...A - .- if mai 9 sf, -. .f . T .Im ny, my M in 1 Ev.. Q J 3 '23, . 1 - r Q 1. 137, 1- 14 ,,. A . -' ,yi 5 'm.x' -A. ww r -21' u I z -"'+f-4.- -rv eq, BOYS' COOKING CLUB Miss Klingaman, instructor '-up Tenth Grade Members ,L-fz I ET EL 'ft Simon Baltierra NIQX Dunn f,fQQFQDG5 ff Robert Barela Mario Enriquez AL""f" 1 X, Elmer BOStiC Fred Karns .. I ,- f, Jack Bright Tom Modgling , !f Melvin Brown Bob Royalty as it, .1 C ' Claud Wilson i ri., bw 'I Mac Woodard f Tf ug. , f J' jjgggaigxggiz K This club cooked and served Tw X--ff K luncheon to the Ooordinatin Co il g unc to twice, served at the Mother-Son and 1 ,,Q,Z Father-Son Banquets and appeared in BOX' 5 COOK 'N G' '-LKB R 5. an assembly program: DRAMA CLUB Mr. Tay, advisor Tenth Grade Members Betty Cooke Lois Powell Norine De Mille Genevieve Reeder Betty Freeman Bette Reese Juanita Gately Dolores Southwick Russell Hale Milton Stites Eldora Honea Pattie Strange SHG Matthews Kay Walton Ivan White NDO You Believe in Luckn was the play given by the Senior Drama Club. LEADERS' CLUB The advisor of this group was Miss Rice, who left school for the year after her marriage to Mr. Fred Ten Eyck. Mrs. Richards assumed the sponsorship of this club along with Mrs. Ten Eyck's other duties. Tenth Grade Members Geneva Bishop Barbara Jordan Helen Ghisam Vera Mendoza Dorothy June Evans Thelma Pinkerton Dorothy Mae Evans Geraldine Singleton Lenore Gow Jean Urch Ruby Young TENTH GRADE GIRL RESERVES ll Miss Dorothy Coon, advisor A NN xx fs . x Janice Baker Eldora Honee X Y X3 Olive Croxen Dorothy Hoover . e ,. 4 Norine Deiliille Barbara McBride If , Dorothy June Evans Patty Nielsen , ' Gladys Frank Bette Reese xg '+, Edna Grant Doris Ross ' 1 ::.- , ,X Carol Graveson Dolores Southwick fu K gil- Jixbfenf Dorothy Hinks Patricia Sprague X5 Nfl" Jean Summers D l ' I J ,X TENNIS CLUB t ' fx , T,JeffS?s IAQ? Mr. Anderson, instructor f -s:.Ja ,X ,,. M, JJ!- A e ,f' A fJ.R fxffqf Tenth Grade Members ...,- ' 'SJR sf f Y .ff .... ,,.f7- it '61 ix if ff' , Bob Austill Eunice Glenn Haifa f,f7!! ,,ff' xgfi, Vernon Daniels Hideko Takagi 6 a 'Q , . .35 I , 36 VKX e D ,l f .Q 'Ansett vt. rt 6 IX. px-?KeJfx I GQ Q S..,.,.C.--' g ',x,,zfL,',' I ' 'if A X, ra NX, Q1 :Og Q, ,nf K U Q X ,Q xg ,, X" q , ,. ,.- 4 - J , -leak , Q 5 fig x, ,f , , wg .ln rr' -W ' o -e X H ral, be ,W ij k .ff ,C if Q. ,fn f KJ' ' 5fsrQQ5f ' Q ' ' 5 CV ,fi ., Q Q, 5, X I 1 lfflk X gf-. 1 XX X 9 iii 5 tu' fee , ' It if - I Q I E ,Q ,.. ' ' I K .jv- ,MZC - f f f M1 ft me '-'-' -1 - 'F ft gf. .., W ,..:.,...... L if--,,,,.,.. C Cf, psqfx- 1" .- ""D ne- elf 'ieffgeze-323 S WRESTLING AND TUMBLING CLUB ,-f' , . A-e-"li-F" """33 ,f Mr. Cutler, instructor 4 -' " 0' Tenth Grade Members . g,j,7f""' J, ""M, Jimmie Beaman Grady Hall f""I,ffX ' Denver Brosman Bobby Hits ,y,NJN,N,l,f.C:i:f::j:Lj:jj:j:f Jack Ofllins Claud Hogan N'e'jQkjf:fl,,hf::i3Q:jQ1JNwI N,,wl,f-..sefJ Ve-':'n.:n Dnniels Lowell -Teckxnan 'fill' --'- -fvfNf" SENIOR HI.-Y Morto De France Wllllam McCryndle Mr. Tay, advisor ?3ggQCD3ik2:SiZ 322635236 Bill Brooks, Fred Grunewald, Russell - Hale, Jack Kraft, Robert Kuntz, Robert Merle Stone Lineberry, Bert Monson, Kenneth Nall, Charles Whitaker, Dick Wilkinson, Mac Woodard Drama Club I Leaders' Club g A A F'- ' b w:x4,,,4y. .5 1 Fgwn ,- il. ,, 1--sr-1 A. QM, L, .Vg .jr mc ,, ' . me . MM! ,E x K 1 , .Msg-22,-g1gz ,- ,sl x . J Q 4 pgEnyfz:,f.. , - , X . V ' g 1? A - ':"'wisf'f ' ' g ' .' .'-VT . A U- ' . 1 , A x 4-.. . 3 ' A 1 2 Y -: X A. SL ' 'G' f si' ' if- Q-, f. W, ' ' hw ,. -., V gf. - ' is , , ,, fy. l 4 -Y Q . .- , V , N ,?, , 1 K . ,4 -4 F M, ,few '1- :W H. '- 2 ww-ml 1 4 . "fuk-ia' . . M' . ' 'Yank A1 K . ,. . , 1 ' 1 ,Vi'WA :uf-.L '. ,' bqwy. .Misx I f 'I-156' rg 1 1" 4-4 ",,i,"f' 25V GIRLS' ATHLETIC AWARDS Girls' Athletic Awards consist of a school letter, three chevrons, and a star, WOZ1 according to e point system. to Points accumulate from year year When a girl has earned 500 points, she receives her school letter. When she has added another 500 points, she UTA! W P ,. 1--vo----- 1.11.11- lf . fx v -sn...-1 I x 1 receives her first chevron. N ' When her total points reach If 'N we 1500, she wins her second if , , chevrong and at 2000, the third g QM" Q, LW, chevron. Occasionally a girl 25051 ':,,l33' ff A? can reach a total of 2500 NNQF-XLJ3' 1 yijjjkff points, and in that case she ,J , i, i ' receives the star, the highest I. I L ' 5 award given. E7 I u, I 2 The length of time re- tigzgjlxx 'T'Xm Q5"'Nm -'Q-r-.gnu-, quired to win awards depends "' -fi L-Y X ' ,gum upon effort and ability. It is ,4' ' possible for a girl to win her letter in her first year at R Fremont. It must be remembered 2 that several of the girls listed X below won enough points in the 'Q Q, C fourth quarter to receive the 4--'ff' 'NE,oX..., next higher award, but that has M' Ure! happened since this Bulldog went to press. We are sorry , ' , 1 wecmddnmzhmhmetmm. G'RL5 5A5KE'bALL HELEN RICHARDS Tenth Grade Girls Who Have deceived Athletic Awards Third Chevron A I A 0' sue Matthews 2455 Letters Dorothy Hinks 2225 Edu? Mae Greet 955 Second Chevron Eunlce Glenn 945 Carol Greveson 1996 gorothy June Evene 920 Patricia Nielsen 1825 Ofotey Mae Evans 970 Geneva Bishop 1762 GeneV1eYe Reeder 850 Vera Mendoza. 1675 Doreen been . 855 Betty Brown 1601 Evelyn Griffith 855 Barbara Moeriae ieoo Gladys Frank - 790 Dorothy Hoover 1560 Nell ewsheasby 775 Doris R055 1550 Doris Everett 650 Pattie Strange 1545 Betty Freeman 650 Lois Powell 1500 'Timm Sgfemere 650 First Chew' 1523312 522321222 A 232 Jessie Re olds 1440 Q . , Dorothy Cgnuggi 1561 ?atI'5-Cla Weed 617 Geraldine gingleton 1500 Mythe Roseland 600 Hidekg Takagi 1275 Dolores Southwick 585 Dolores Vigil 1180 Ida Jane Ewbank 575 Janice Baker 1110 Arline Williston 550 Bette Reese 1075 Ruth O Olive croxoo 1025 , rem 550 Norine nomillo 1015 Eldere Henee 510 Betty Krsuter 1000 DOTOTJWY Keast 500 BQYS' SPQRTS s -- , .ei. l 'A 15,4 fi tgggrgw, iff 4 owxx FH.D. A M'73l--1:ff""vv "h -oelyx ff FOOTBALL ' Football this year did not come up to standards of previous years. HLady Luckn must have completely forgotten Fremont. The following seniors won their letters: Sophomore Team HGH Team Jack Kraft Merle Stone Jim ie Beamgn Gland Hogan Kenneth Bark Grady H311 Jim McCulloch Jesse Ontiveras Hgygld Rgynglds Fred Gruneweld Orlando Barela Gene Rice Bert Monson Lloyd Smith Euggne Riley George Clifford Wayne Guyton Simon Baltigrrg Joe Beck Mario Enriquez James Strong Bill Brooks Russell Hale Mgnagerg - Dick Wilkinson Bob Austill BASKETBALL Basketball season started all right, but ended wrong. As in football, basketball was not so good as in previous years. The following seniors won letters: Sophomore Team . ugn Team Jack Kraft Fred Grunewald Harold Reynolds Bill Brooks Orlando Barela Dick Wilkinson Jesse Ontiveras William McCryndle Vernon Daniels Fred Karns August Weigle Joe Beck Vincent Alvarez NDN Team George Clifford Monte DeFrance Robert Lineberry Bob Austill, Manager ilggighgggman Gene Rice 9 M ,, L , 7 o s f Q. E : 26 - .L Q. l., .- . ' aw, ., V XIXKM fi Q ' - . .. - ...,. ...A K- GSW- l A, anis 1 333-3-.231 'iii' X ' ' " , . 1' ff , D ,. .,.:., . L , EF 1 :-: - :-- 1 Hg ,www W ' 5 B H W. ws 1 . HEY ,A ..,,., E ,,:,,, :,?: Q, l """' E 'Es -N-. , 'f XL ,, , sa I N h l ..:: , Y . B fl gg:-' ju, H v 4 ge me so e a , Hs? I JE 'NN mal M15 Sophomore Football Team six' 1 Basketball Teams and Yell Leaders sb: 1 Q 21 ' , la .fw a , Q 399. 03' Je Lv ,Q fc Ln v -A ma ,pm lyk! fl ig. :SX- gm ,UK 'WSW J-'.., .J V. M 9 H+ A .ng W Q ff xv mb, ,. z-, .rm Q54 QS' ,. ix M 5 . ., M ra Q- 1, X Y. . 2 QL ,img ' .awvfg . Dv -H ,K .si ,gf ax xv- ., E 4, M ,, ,L :.:- J.: -44. :.- ,. , 4.5 ,:.:. L ,Exif ,g X , x 4 E. :. .51 tc X.,,,..g4 .- gg . , Q, - If . N . , r ,mf 9 as ,gm 1 89 'JB '-L, . ff. H9 , .mfg M, .1 NV" X xi? '55 ' 'Q Q4 Sl if ,I -1 ,5q?g?4f'- ,f A, :Qld :Jr . diff , S 'q 1221, Q N 42 85153 ? " "" 9 fm, f 4 ' fe , yy ' 1 A I .5 2. , ar rw TRACK In track the boys stood up to the standards of past years. Four new records were set at the first of the year. They were all bet- tered later by the same men. The new records are: Wayne Guyton -- 20' 5 5f4" broadjump Wayne Guyton - ll' 95" pole vault Orlando Barela - 58:5 550 yard dash Mariano Rodriguez - 2:ll:5 880 yard run Other seniors that won their letters were: George Clifford Bob Hite Richard Mathis Mario Enriquez Jesse Ontiveras Joe Beck Gregorio Ojeda Robert Lineberry Bob Austill, Manager an nf 1 1 9 x fag'- Pf X k 51 lf' .. tj N an A -l -- 1 51 Iii - 5 ,,-l---v--ar'-, "' H :,fffff,fi45 En ..f if g "' 'cf ff! 'f X ,J -"-E E1 1 nfl "gf: l L5 6 E1 LN X 'iw 1 EV xy. .1 -Jifr 51.2 , Qigbfqfb. It 1 f ' ..-..-H' T RACK' ' X. .J Qlrwfy' BASEBALL As Fremont is in no organized league in baseball, all the games were practice. If the season had started the way it ended, it would have been a very successful season. Some of the players showed a great deal of promise. The high school should have a very good team next year. Vincent Alvarez Simon Baltierra Robert Berela Jack Bright Mario Enriquez Baseball Letters Jack Kraft William McCrynd1e Jesse Ontiveras Harold Reynolds Lloyd Smith -AR f if w N. X , Vx, 1 .M L I LEE' 'S 1 xy QD 227 dak le? NB. if 'X YN' 11: To 1, VJ RX' FR' 9 llQ2Ep6,?fWNC?? O of 'T H 'Q ? Xfmlg--g,lNW5XR N " Q L' .2-Q-X1 - W '86..4 ' '21 X ' y Z X , sg ffyq l Y. VQBGE f X l 2--Jff x "1 W ' J' :. Rf ' X45 f X ff --J' if if ' xii! U x J' Xx xiglf' W 1 ' ' 9 W Ak ,iq ' f fri. 5- ' I Q1 jXx f X k' f X w vC?rNCv O M1-xyo HF"f,D-Sfxce, Nw gg H in Z nr Q wi' ' l 2:7 X X - lmikike bvoew: Cal s if alvcaclxl X ' mmukeyff 313 , iagccjhz whlkj S 5 Q I f I if X fl 3 QQ Qmmgvjsgf-1' one f X x,.f ' ,I JR. RED QQ05 N X-V. "i'C mf f ' '5 I 1 j U Ellqmonii N KJ U Viyimemix' X4-X 2 l wig ,fx ,QM QR O i :-'I 5 3 I A 1 , A A I N A ,fm Q .119 6353, 4. v 154 ff . . Q U, - Q S CRADE! r K K W Vp v- If --4 Z ' ' A N R X! K E some EVENTS JR' 42 My or IQ40-V141 R X CLASS WILL The members of the Class of 1941 of Fremont ,f,. Junior High School, being KILL ,,,f- about to depart from these 'A halls, do severally bequeath vb 5 Q D their outstanding character- QSQN . O istics or possessions to those persons and places f best qualified to profit, QIAZXLKZY ff!! or least likely to be fgyff L' damaged, thereby. 'R KV, L-'J Wayne Adams - wills his f ability to drive with one X hand on the wheel to some 4fi up and coming Romeo. Beatrice Alcocer - her D14 coiffures to Norma Spotswood. Benita Alfaro - her lazi- ness to Dora Avila Vincent Alvarez - his good grades in Spanish to the poor unsuspecting eighth graders who are taking it next yeari Bob Austill - his citizenship office to Al Wade Janice Baker - her little feet to Donald Duck Simon Baltierra - his Wcornyujokes to the Bulldog Orlando Barela - his curly hair to Stanley Dirks Robert Barela - his questioning nature to some quiz program Kenneth Bark - his height to Ansel Bray Ruth Barnaby - her fur coat back to the rabbits Jimmie Beaman - his rubber bands back to the office Joe Beck - he's taking her with him Geneva Bishop - her NmemoryU to the Quiz Kids Elmer Bostic - his red hair and freckles to Bill Howell Martha Bott - her many admirers to Ann Sheridan Jack Bright - his shyness to Lillian Turner Billy Brooks - his basketball shoes back to Gluck'S Donald Brooks - his arguments with Mr. Tay to some debating society Denver Brosman - his manners to Emily Post Betty Brown - the treasury to Uncle Sam Melvin Brown - his nickname to Jack Benny Dwight Catron - his ability to dodge work to someone who'll need it Wayne Catron - his A' s to Albert White Ambrocio Ceniceros - his boots to the Wwide open spacesu Lucio Ceniceros - his lost books beck to Mrs. Hathaway Ruby Chastain - her aceordian to Major Bowes' Family Program LaVallette Childers - his ability to dodge Miss Neely to Marie Grace Helen Chisam - Bob back to the Army Jeannette Cleveland - her complexion to a gardenia George Clifford - his beard to UFather Timen Betty Cocks - her pretty eyes to Eddie Cantor Jack Carver - his jokes to the gutter CLASS WILL Ccontinuedy Jack Collins - his car to Pomona Junk Company Dorothy Copuggi - her hair to UGoldie Locksn Bob Cross - long eyelashes to the ninth grade girls Olive Groxen H her pin curls to Charlotte Strona V Vernon Daniels - his interest in flirting to Kenny Doyen Monte De France - his permanents to Le Hoy's Beauty Shoppe- Norine DeMille - her continual chatter to the birdies Robert DeMille - his continued friendship with Jack Carver to Mrs. Parker Harold Deweese - his acting ability to M.G.M. James Dickerson - his Pomona sweater to the cleaners Stanley Drennan - his physique to Atlas Max Dunn - his dice to Bruce Chisam Doreen Egan - her driver's license to Molly Zatinsky Peter Ekstein - his Spanish to anyone who'll accept it Bessie merson - her calm indifference to Mrs. Furr Mario Enriquez - Biology back to the bugs Dorothy June Evans - her baton to Marjorie Hogan Dorothy Mae Evans - her pitching ability to Bob Feller Doris Everett - her place as Mr. Ronfeldt's secretary to his wife Ida Jane Ewbank - color combinations to the Gypsies Dan Famas - his loud voice to Rita Vigil Gladys Frank - her hair fixing ability to Max Factor, Jr. Betty Freeman - her A's from Miss Beard to Mary Lou Sasser Melba Frye - her blue suit to a jailbird Juanita Gately - her acting ability to Eloise Cleveland Eunice Glenn - her position in the library to some bookworm Lenore Gow - the soldiers back to the Army Earl Grady - his ballet lessons to Mrs. Madsen Edna Grant - her original dance steps to Arthur Murray Carol Graveson - her baby talk to Betty Boop Evelyn Griffith - her reversed pin back to the Marines Jean Grissom - her wardrobe to the movies Fred Grunewald - the Bulldog to the Westminister Dog Show Iretta Guymon - her quarantine sign to some ditcher Wayne Guyton - his track records to Jimmie Walker Russell Hale - his dates with Mrs. Vickers to little Marvin Grady Hall - his late hours to an owl Lowell Hamilton - his disposition to the HBad Humor Mann Franklin Hanson - his caveman ways to Allie Oop Dorothy Hinks - her lovely singing voice to Allegra Dailey Bobbie Hite - He's in too much of a hurry to get to High School to will anything. Claud Hogan - He's going to take everything with him. Eldora Honea - her skates to Geneva Barnes Dorothy Hoover - Some of those red clothes to Santa Claus Mary Ireland - her slim waist to Edna Mae Oliver Jimmie Jackman - the Fremont girls to his brother Lowell Jackman - his blond hair to the admiring girls Barbara Jordan - her ability to HCatch her mann to the Mounted Police Fred Karns - his social standing in Fremont to Peggy Albert Kaufman - his brains to the future tenth graders l CLASS WILL fContinuedJ Dorothy Keast - her gift of influencing people to the student body ticket salesmen Sylvester Knapp - his dirty cords to the Rinse Company to use as demonstration Jack Kraft - his place Uway up tharu to Shirley Stephens Betty Krauter - her bangs to Hitler HPudgyH Kuntz - takes his sunny disposition to High School Billie Lee Lawson - first aid to the unfortunates Robert Lineberry - his trumpet to HGabrielU Richard Mathis - his size Nl2'sH to Charlie Monroy Sue Ellen Matthews - skating ability to some lucky guy Bud Mayfield - his build to Bob Tolleson Barbara McBride - her new piano to Paderewski William McCryndle - He'll be back next year. Donald McLeod - his pink gold watch to some envious person Vera Mendoza - her lockers in P. E. to some girl who'll want one Jim Mhoon - his superiority in scholarship and citizenship to Frank Evans Tom Modgling - his flashy shirts to the circus Bert Monson - his dancing technique to Fred Astaire Edward Myers - his scientific habits to the coming Biology classes Kenneth Nall - his oboe to a snake charmer Patricia Nielsen - her tiny hands to Dracula Teddy Nufer - his dimple to Shirley Temple Gregorio Ojeda - his charming personality to Deryl Gilstrap Jesse Ontiveras - his mile record to J. D. Carlton Ruth Grem - her riding habit to the Diamond Bar Ranch Lucy Ortiz - her dependability to Rosella Nagel Both Payton - her boots to the Lone Ranger Thelma Pinkerton - her height to Mr. Cutler Lois Powell - her yodeling and cowboy songs to Gene Autry Kenneth Roybould - his English accent to Otha Attebery Genevieve Reeder - her rhumba steps to Carmen Miranda Bette Reese - her personality to iugh Herbert Harold Reynolds - his love affairs to Clark Gable J essie Reynolds - her vitality to the Pep Boys Bob Ribal - his weedeto David Sommerville Gene Rice - his striped scarf to the zebras Joe Rice - his blushes to Lilliabelle Olson Mariano Rodriquez - his-gentlemanly manner to Bobby Jones Eugene Riley - the contents of his shirt pockets to HTobacco Roadu Edythe Roseland - her fingernail polish to the Fuller Paint Company Doris Ross - her place as yell leader to Walter Harris Bob Royalty - his gum back to the Dentine Company Rosie Sanchez - her meekness to Luis Marquez Hubert Shaffer - his radio ability to N. B. C. Nellie Sheasby - her appetite to Anna Mae Ireland Geraldine Singleton - her tardiness at her safety post to Mary Alice Andrus Lloyd Smith - his big brother to Jean Summers Dolores Southwick - her friends to Barbara Adams Ernest Sprague - his wavy hair to Hody Lamarr Patricia Sprague - the HMeowU column to Walter Winchell Milton Stites - his cigar to the UEl Ropou Company CLASS WILL qcontinuady Merle Stone - his large group of sisters and brothers to the UOld Woman in the Sheen PattieStrange - her wisecracks back to Bob Hope James Strona - his rowdiness to Mark Hormell Jean Summers - her laughter to Gracie Allen Charles Sweet - his Fremont letter to some beginning athlete Wilma Swenson - her French braids to Teddie Lois Kemp Hideko Takagi - her good nature to Betty June Hamilton C. L. Tolleson - the rest of the Tollesons to a genealogist June Traister - her little brother to the eighth grade girls Carl Tucker - his motion picture projection job to Calvin Dick Jean Urch - her detention hours to Sing Sing Dolores Vigil - her voice to the Contented Hour Jimmie Wallace - his accent back to the sticks Kathleen Walton - her basketball ability to the Girls' P. E. Pat Ward - her Ngo-get 'emu method to Frank Buck Raymond Watt - his shyness to Dean Netz August Weigle - his arguments to some soap box orator Charles Whitaker - his Hcropu of hair to Mr. Anderson Ivan white - his friendship with Miss Bell to Mr. Bickerton Dick Wilkinson - his cousin to the Pomona girls Arline Williston - her camellias to some florist Claude Wilson e his ahscntmindedness to the elephants Mary Wilson - her oral reports to Irene De Weese Mac Woodward - his vocabulary back to Webster Ruby Young - her rowdiness to Lorene Lawson CLASS PROPHECY On the day after their 5333? graduation, the Fremont Junior AL,, 3,1 High School Class of 1941 assembled on the front steps SgX5x,Uf5 for a group picture. This 'high 'QQQE3 XJESD' '53 was at the request of Mr. I VJ' Montz' S Photography Club, -Vg 0 CID fNfN2f?: the members of which desired jfu- """ I to test their skill in C, 155 55 Q1 photography. But alas, j 55V .5 fe, fate intervenedg the picture .tg A429 If Q3 never was made! j X513 Instead, this is what I 555, happened. "Sonny" Clarence if HF1 'l xii Landon set up his tripod fy' lxffg E3 end mounted thereon what . Aff Enix fi appeared to be the latest in Q3f2:E,,.k,,---.7 cameras, but in reality fi,-' Cfifgylj gsm gh a time machine with intell- Qggmmmgg, ..,, is kt ,hee ..,: ..f- -.--- Utes H igence. As Sonny slowly W squeezed the bulb, the Class w U . ' of 1941 was transported back- ward in time, each person stopping at that period and in that place where he best fitted. In a few moments hy means of Retroactive Television we shall product scenes from the past so that you may learn the fate of these people. But first you must hear what some faculty members who witnessed this strange event were overheard to say: UThis is truly a fitting end. It always was a backward class. I Sometime during the Stone Age Enter Bone Crusher and Hi Jumper Bone Crusher: Hello, Hi Jumper, what's new? Hi Jumper: Why, hi there, Bone Crusher, I hnven't seen you since the lest flood. B. C.: Nope, I went with Grady Hall to the lend of Volcenia to fetch fire and I ain't been back since. H, J,: See any new girls over there? B. C,: Yep--they've got quite an assortment from the 20th century. There's Ruby Young, Jean Urch, Mary Wilson, and Iretta Guymon. Most of them seem quite satisfied, but Ruby's peeved because she doesn't have her skates with her. H, J.: Anybody else traveling that direction? B. C.: Yep, saw Franklin Henson swinging along through the trees and Denver Brosman was riding a dinosaur. Wasn't going very fast-- just out for n jeunt with Ruth Barnaby. By the way, your outfit looks a lot like mine. Make it yourself? H. J.: No, I had Betty Cooke design this from a skin I got from Kenneth Berk. That boy sure is good on bringin' animals down with a club. CLASS PRDPHECY fContinuedQ B. C.: Yeh, but he doesnft have Wayne Catron beat. Have you seen the mastodon tusk necklace he collected for Lenore Gow? H J' No, I haven't seen it, but I read about it in that Stone Slab gossip column.Pat Sprague puts out. Say, I sure feel sorry for Gene Rice having to chisel all that out for her. B C.: Oh, well, he got lots of practice chiselin' before he came here. Say,the girls seem to find plenty to do, don't they? H. J.: Yeh, Thelma Pinkerton keeps busy designing new hair-dos for the girls. That effect she gets with bear grease and sea shells is too, too stunning, don't you think? B c New, 1 don't, think, but I'd rather have the gif-is fixing freak hair-dos than joining Martha Bott's Stone Age Camp Fire Girls. H J,z Or sitting around gnawin' on bones all the time like June Traister and Juanita Gately. B. C.: No lie. Say, how about us joining Hubert Shaffer's Smoke Signal Corps? Bud Mayfield and Claude wilson just joined. H. J.2 Nope, smoke irritates my nasal passages. I think Ild rather sign up with McCryndle's Drum and Bugle Corps. CA shriek is heard.J B. C.: Say, what's that horrible noise? H. J.: Probably Donald Brooks dragging Nellie Sheasby around by the hair again. B. C.: Don't you think we'd better go and rescue the poor little thing? H. J.: Yeh. II Rome, in the time of Julius Caesar Enter Lucretia and Antonia Lucretia: Greetings, Antonia. We're having lovely weather in Rome this spring. Antonia: Yes, Lucretia. I pray Jupiter may send a nice day for the gladiatorial combats. ave you reserved your seat at the Colisseum? L.: Indeed, but they're costly this year. A thousand sesterces for ours. A.: I care not for the price. I wait with impatience to see that Greek team which our new Director of Public Games is importing. Methinks Fredericus Karns is the best man Caesar has ever appointed. L.: Yes. I saw that team when they exhibited in Sparta. Its members are Jesse Ontiveras, Josephus Beck, Jacobus Beaman, and Georges Clifford. A.: Ah, the one who inspired the Greek poetess, Genevieve Reeder, to write the ode-- the one beginning, HThou runner of long racesn. L.: Aye, truly it was. Georges Clifford is also posing for that fine statue of Apollo that sculptor Lloyd Smith is making. A.: Such honor! DO you plan to see the chariot races also? L.: Indeed, I am anxious to see whether the Woman's Club entry, Patricia Strange, will defeat Raymond Watt. Methinks that with Gladys Frank in that chariot as backseat driver we can divert him from the course. May Diana help us. A.: Yes, what honor it will bring to the women of Rome! If only our I orator, Betty Brown, can win the debate with that Greek champion, Bette Reese, we shall gain our rightful place in public life. Perhaps Soon Caesar will even be willing to accept the wise suggestions ? CLASS PROPHECY CContinuedl made by our Wemen's Club traffic committee. Jessica Reynolds and Geraldina Singleton have truly brilliant ideas about slowing down the speed of chariots. L.: Ah, you talk of speed. How I should like to see a running match between Robertus Hits and Dorothy Mae Evans! A.: Would not the men blush with shame if a woman could outrun a man? L.: Yes, but much as I enjoy athletic contests, I truly adore the drama That new play of Carola Graveson's should be wonderful with handsome Robertus Ribal and Russell Hale in it. I hear it's called HThe Boy from Syracusen. A.: Yes, I'm to attend that performance as a guest of Senator Petrus Ehstein and his wife, Olivia Croxen. L.: Ie she the one who bought that group of handsome slave girls from far-off Britannia? A.: Yes, and what queer names she calls them by--Edythe Roseland, Bessie Emerson,and Norine DeMille-- though I think the last named came from Gallia. L.: Have you heard that the handsome Captain Maximus Dunn and his Lost Battalion have just returned from Spain with many captives? A.: Yes, and five of the captives were bought for the household of the great physician, Robertus Austill. L.: I know. I saw the auction. The girls are named Benita Alfaro, Beatricia Alcocer, Vera Mendoza, Lucia Ortiz, and Rosa Sanchez. There was one more, Dolores Vigil, a singer, but Lieutenant Eugenius Riley kept her to sing for the warriors at barracks. A.: I have not met this hugenius, but others of the LodLBattalion I have talked with-- Privates Jack Carver, Tom Modgling, and Nyard birdn Dwight Catron. Such mighty men of Mars! L.: Well, Antonia, I must be on my way. I go to confer with Eunicia Glenn, our new librarian, about some new books on science and philosophy which the writers, Woodard and Kaufman, have just completed. A.: You say-- Ha new librarianu? What fate has befallen the clever one from the Orient-- Hideko Takagi? L.: Killed by a stone dropped by a worker on the aqueduct-- the one the Mathis-McLeod Plumbing Company is building. A.: What dreadful experiences we poor mertals have! I,too,suffer, Lucretia I am on my way to see the lawyer, Mhoon, about a divorce from my husband.Caesar sent him on a mission to Cleopatra-- and he went alone! III England, in the days of Robin Hood Enter a traveller and an outlaw Outlaw: UI shot an arrow into the air .3 ' . ' It fell to earth I know not where.n Traveller: Qpointing to arrow in jerkinl Knave, call you this earth9 O.: Be not wroth, sir. I was just having a bit of target practice. And who might you be? T.: I Seek William URobinU Brooks. O.: Good fellow, you have found a guide. I'm one of his men. How may I serve you, sir? T.: O.: T.: O.: Te: O.: To: O.: T.: O.: T.: O.: T.: T.: 0.2 He: She: He. She: He: She: GLASS PROPHECY Cconbinuedy I would fain know how the band has fared while I've been in the Tower of London. Were you released? Yes, after ten years, and I've come to summon aid. Three more of Brooks' men are planning an escape and they need horses. You must mean Childers, Daniels, and Dickerson, the ones who shot king's deer. the Aye. Is Guyton still Sheriff of Sherwood Forest? true. And we must beware, for Nall, the King's Jester, warned Too me to be on the lookout for the king's men. Three are expected through here today--Bright, Myers, and Tolleson. The very three blackguards who caught me! How I wish I might see a copy of the Sherwood Journal. I have one here. I've been carrying it for days hoping to find someone to read it to me. Ivve been studying Hhitaker's Grammar of the Saxon Language, but making slow progress. Ah-- Grunewald is still editor. And what's this? Poetry? Must be some of Monson's. Is it dedicated to Ruby C jtain? Aye. It says, NTo Rubyn. I What means this sign? Why, it's a reward notice. It says, UAttention, all loyal members of the outlaw band. --- Reward for the capture of impostors. Very tall man, correct name,Jack Kraft-- posing as Little John. Short, pudgy fellow-- correct name, Robert Kuntz, posing as Friar Tuck. Twenty-five pounds each,if captured aliveg one hundred pounds,if dead.N KA trumpet soundsj Soft, what's that? We must be off. It's trumpeter Lineberry calling in the band. Iv Oklahoma Territory in the 1880's Enter a man and woman Welcome back to Oklyhomy. H0w's things in Californy? them oranges back with ya? Nope, I couldn't smuggle 'em across the line. Didn't caught like August Weigle fer smugglin' shoes into the How d you make the trip? Come by stage. Calamity Beth Payton is sure a rootin' Near busted Wayne Adams' record of seven miles an hour with that covered wagon up ta Mud Flats, Arkansas. Any excitement? Sure, thatls why we was goin' so fast. We was attackted by a band of bandits. fShe removes her sunbonnetl Got their autographs right here: Mariano Rodriguez, Robert Barela, Ambrocio Ceniceros, Gregorio Ojeda, Oscar Enriquez, Orlando Barela, Simon Baltierra,Manucl+Ayila- Bring any of wan't to git country. tootin' driver. that he set LuCiQCeniceros, Vincent Alvarez. Goin' to embroider 'em with lazy dazy He: She: stitch come time fer sewin' bee this winter. Didn t nobody come to the rescue? Yep-ethe Californiy infantry-- but twarn't no use. Them boys from south of the border dern near cleaned 'em out. Warn't but five of 'em He She: He She! He She! He 0 o She: He Sh He GI She: He Sh He G2 Q a Man: Woman : CLASS PROPHECY fContinuedI Any I know? Sure, I recognized 'em all-- Dan Fgmas, Bob DeMille, Harold Deweese, Kenneth Haybould-- and the last I seen of 'em was the top of Carl Tucker's hat disappearin' down behind a rise. I bin talkin' quite a spell. You might as leave tell me what's been happenin' hereabouts. Had a right smart election last week in Grenfield County. Sweet defeated his opponent fer mayor of nog wallow. C. A. Hogan's in agin as sheriff. 'Pears to me Sweet's gonna make a powerful weak mayor. Howsomever he'l1 try his durndest. I hear that new feller that come to town jist 'fore I left-- that DeFrance feller-- swindled the Old Maids' Society outn their hard earnt egg money. Yup, they was a savin' fer a new stove fer their club house and they was plum mad but-- by cracky-- it sure was Lodaciously funny to see the petition they sent to Sheriff Hogan just when he was gettin' ready to string DeFrance up. Got it right here-- Ulnssmuch as there is a scarcity of men in these parts, the undersigned solemnly petition your honor for the life of this culprit.H Signed-- Doreen Egan, Geneva Bishop, Ida Jane Ewbank, Betty Freeman, Dorothy Keast, Betty Krauter a husband. ketchin' theirselves town, it must be worser'n ever. still singin' HNew San Antonio Them poor girls sure do have a time Now them new dance hall girls is in How is the dance hall? Lois Powell Rosen? Yup--but that ain't nothin' tothe dance routine them Prairie Flowers guts on. Wouldn't surprise me to see them names on Broadway-- arbara McBride, Jean Summers, Uvelyn Griffith, Dorothy June Evans, an' Eldora Honea. Saw Merle Stone limpin' along in store-bought shoes. 'Peared he was Hxm'togotoUwrwwsdmdhmwm Yup, them teachers is teachin' a powerful heap of stuff. Miss Billie Lee is teachin Okie dialect to the new-comers an' Miss Edna Cthat's Miss Edna Grant, has the little Indians doin' the war dance. Speakin' of enterprisin wimmen, how's the Matthews Land Investment Co. gitting along? Fine, fine. The land rush went off without a hitch-- after a couple a accidents. Earl Grady was the starter and he shot hisself in the foot and'got lead poisonin', an' Dick Wilkinson wrecked his pappy's new buggy. That new Jordan gal walked across in front of his team, and Dick clean forgot about his drivin'-- went plum offn the bluff. Who was first over the line? Stanley Drennan CA gunshot is heard offstagel My stars an' stripes! Wonder what the excitement's about? Let's go see. V New York City during the Gay Nineties A man and woman enter riding e tandem bicycle and singing'PA Bicycle Built for Twou. They fall off. Now that we're off, let's sit here in the park and talk. What a lovely mustache you have! CLASS PRDPHECY fContinued1 mustache cups. M.: I wish I could find a nice safe investment like that-- something that wouldnft go out of style in a hurry. W.: You spend too much time at wrestling matches to get rich very soon. M You women are just envious because it isn'b ladylike for you to attend. when Jim Jackman puts on a bout, it's a corker. He's matching his cousin Muscle-bound Jackman against Hurricane Hamilton tonight. Boy, my money's on Hamilton. W.: How vulgar! Oh look, there's Wilma Swensorvs third husband, Bob ' Royalty,in a handsome uniformg M.: Yes, he's the new supervisor of street cleaners. W.: Really? Well, I must be going. I'll have to stop at the Dorothy Hoover Better Bustle Shop and have this fixed. It slipped when we fell off the tandem. 0 ll END .1 .1 U XGWHHFX' SENIOR CALENDAR -Tune 13 - Banquet - Program - Party June 18 - Commencement Exercises June 19 - Picnic at Washington Park 961-X-K'4 ' The Class of 1941 wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Chance and the class advisors, Mrs. Parker, Mr. Stevens, and Mrs. Vickers, and to the co-advisors, Mr. Bolinger, Mr. Glenott, and Miss Klingaman, for their guidance throughout the year and for all of the assistance they have given in making our social events and commencement festivities a success. We wish also to express appreciation to the ninth grade guidance teachers and assistants, Mr. Anderson, Miss Beard, Miss Hoyer and Mrs. Madsen, Mrs. Richards, and Mr. Tay, who arranged decorations for commence- ment and assisted with the class banquet. We are especially grateful to Miss Klingaman and the tenth grade girls who cooked the class dinner and to Mrs. Douglas and the ninth grade girls who served it. We are sorry to leave Fremont, but hope that we a,n be l credit- when we are at Pomona High School. Sue Matthews, president Class of 1941 FAREWELL GREETINGS The faculty and student body congratulate you graduates upon the successful completion of your junior high school course, and we express our appreciation for your loyal service and efficient leadership at Fremont. Our best wishes go with you with a sincere hope that, in these troublous times, your lives be dedicated to the preservation of the American way of life by jealously guarding at all times our priceless heritage of freedom, justice, and democracy. cl ca dim Ge FT. v' , I I! w ' 1' ,1 , Y, ,.- M "Y 1 Q 7 1 , , mf Y .1 , , 1 ,, H. J X, X. n N H.. 4- 'f . I f, f 1 1 , v ,Z f f 1 .X I v W ' I rw 1,1-:Jr I fx if L1 K H V X 1' ' -Y- 1 M , if 1 v 'I' A ' , ' N31 f 51? ., f 3,3 K I Fx. ul? 'RWD' .Lx ,, ,nv rug- W 1 V ' W 'Hartz Qvngfsu-,w.-uv.v-::e3vrruw""' X 'ji f X F gm gh ,,-fa ,fx r' N WM? iff' ' ,.., f., , P- bN'9K?fX. T131 N 5 K any E f W . .. , , 1 R W .a iff: 'x X K' A5'5'V' ' 4 fx ,f' 4 ' . X 1 - if cf' QQ U ,ff .. gf .ff ' f --y 1 X qt ,jf :F 1 X ,, x uw, r ,f , W 1 A- x v , I X V 75 A' X1 XJ ' Qi 1 5 , T? i- N. 1 .wa if A V. A ' 45-LV.. '-I . , H ' -v.- K ' X 'l a, I . . Q I Zhu? + fn. if' Q Mem ,X 32: f , f NJ 5775? 1 ' R .f N ' EX EkQ ,XS u 4 'x X Q!! . . 1 XNJ 'L 1, Z 4 W W W W W W W W W W W f W ,. W 1 W W W W W W . W ' W W W W W W W , W W W W r W 9 1 W , W , 1 f I , W W

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