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MAX L. MITCHELL Frenmnt, Indiana R. S. XVestern State 'I'e-zlvliers C O l l 9 g' Q, Iialainazoo, XXI i c li i- gan P0l'I'llllPl'CE, G I' a il 1'- C 0 a 0 h, Freshman Sponsor, School Trezisiirel' DORIS VIVIAN DAVIS Sliipsliewniin. In d i- ana A. IZ. Indiana I'ni- vereity, Blooming ton, Indiana II ri in Q Evonomic-s, Girls' Physiral Ed., "Vistula" S rv o n s o r, Student Council Ad- visor, Junior Spon- sor, G. A, A., Girls' 4-H RICHARD LATIER Fremont, Indiana. B. S. A. Purdue I'ni- versity, IVG-st Lafay- ette. Indiana Agriculture, F. F. A., Boys' 4-H, Biology, Sophomore Sponsor, General Manager of School Carnival MIRIAM G. RAMSAY Angola, Indiana A. B. Rall State Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana. Music, Voval and In- strumental S-:IW as 'Oi Wx, IOYCE COLE REED Ifreinont. Indiana ll.. A. Olivet. Pnllegie. Hlivet, Michigan English, Latin, t'Tat- le-r" Spuiisor, Senior Sponsor MAURICE N. DAVIS Freinont. Inwlizlnn l5.S,l'2all5t:1te 'Peas-liers C 0 1 l e 0, Muncie, Indiana High SPIIOOI COZICII, III-ultli and Pliysival im.. U. History MARION K. CLARK Angola, Indiana Ii. S. Cornell Univer- sity, Ithaca, New xrllfk Eighth Grade, Eng- lish, .Iunior Play Di- recital' PAUL TUCKER Fremont, Indiana. Fl. S. Central Normal C o l l e- gg e, Danville, Indiana: Butler Uni- versity. Indianapolis, Indiana Scieiice, Math. Page Seven MRS. GRACE SCHAEFFER Freinont, Indiana. XVe-stern State Tear-hers C o l l e g e, Kalamazoo, Michigan Seventh Grade MARTHA M. BOYER Fremont, Indiana ll ii t l e 1' I'niver5ity, IIIIIILIIIZIIWIIIS. Indiana l-Z. S. XV i t t e n hurg College, Springfield, Ohio Sixth Grade MARY N. TUCKER Fremont, Indiana E a s t e T11 Illinois State T621I"IlPl'S Col- lege, Charleaton, Ill- inois: H, S, Central Noirnialumollege Danville, Indiana Fifth and Sixth Grade MRS. PANSY ANSPAUGH Angola, Indiana Tr i-State College, A II S o l a. Indiana: Manvlieater College, N o 1' t h Manchester, Indiana Fifth Grade XVILMA C. HUGHES Pleasant Lake, Indi- ana Rall State College, M u nrt' i e, Indiana: Tr i-State College, Angola, Indiana Fourth Grade a e Ei gb! VIRGINIA S. WALKER Fannettsbiirg, Penn- Sylvania B. S. Shippensburg State Teachers Col- lege, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Third Grade MRS. RUTH PIPER Fremont, Indiana T 1' i-S t a t e College, A n S o l a, Indiana.: Ball State College, Muncie, Indiana Second Grade MRS. LELAND AX Angola, Indiana H. S. Northwestern University, Evans- ton. Illinois Third Grade 4Se1-ond Semester? MRS. EVELYN PETSCH Fremont, Indiana XYinona State Teach- ers College, YVinona, Minnesota Third Grade 1 First Semesterl JUNE E. COLLINS Orland, Indiana Manchester College, N o r t 11 Manchester, Indiana First Grade l 5 Gu Mr. Earl Wilkinson and Mr. Fred Young are our Cleaning and Maintenance Supervisors. This makes Fred's second year and Wilkie's first year in this capacity. They are maintaining our school in good running order. We should appreciate the work they do every day keeping our school clean and warm. Fred Young and Earl XVilkins0n Sched 7 We have nine bright-col- ored busses which bring chil- dren from Fremont Town- ship, Clear Lake Township, part of Jamestown Township, and part of Branch County, Mich., to our school each day. Our bus drivers are safe and reliable in taking the stu- dents to and from school. We wish to thank them for their excellent job this year. Mr. Lyle Keith drove the Michigan bus for a little over three years. Last year he drove the bus which took the Bas- ketball boys to and from their out-of-town games. His tragic death last November brought sorrow to all who knew him. 'Wee Mm Eehzml 744 Whed Lyle Keith Back row Cleft to rightl-Harold Mounts, Russell Abbott, Clarence Huss, George Hess, Arthur Leroy. Front row-Carl Davis, Jim Parshall, Floyd Gary, Earl Wilkinson. This Page Is Sponsored By: STAR THEATER Page NW' 1 '-vu , 1 3 Q 1 1 Seated: first row ile-ft to riglnti-Esther Fritz, Viva YVorthington, Elnora Post, Barbara Foulk, Francis Parsons, Janet Hadley. Se-Con-l row-Fred Ireland, Ira Clark, Bob Hardingy Vivian Dergins, Lillian Scott, Richard Brown, lYauneta llakestraw, Iris Schaeffer, Virginia Foster, Bud Keyes, Shirley Harding. Standing-Miss Doris Davis, sponsor, La Mar Bressler, Adam Steele, Donald Green, Harold Ferguson, Maynard Stafford. idhda Sllaff This year, as in years past, the Senior class has gone through the strenuous, but enlightening experience of publishing a Vistula. Our Staff was made up of the following: Editor-in-Chief .,.........e... Janet Hadley Associate Editor .... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S hirley Harding Business Managers ,,,,. ,,ir,,,,,..,, F red Ireland, Ira Clark Sales Manager .,,.., .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,,l.,l,,, B arbara Foulk Literary Editors .... ,,,,,, E sther Fritz, Vivian Dergins Copy Editor ,,,..,..,.,,, .,,., ,,,,,,,,,,.,,r...,,,,,,,,,,,, F r ancis Parsons Photograph Editors ,,,,,,,........ LaMar Bressler, Donald Green Snapshot Editors ,,,.,, ,..,.. V irginia Foster, Wauneta Rakestraw Calendar Editor ..,,, ,,,.A..,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,r,,,,.............,..i...,,,,,,,,,, I ris Scheaffer Artists .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.. ..,... W orden Keyes, Robert Harding, Harold Ferguson Advertising Editors ,.,, ,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,.l,,,,,,,.,,,,l,,s M aynard Stafford, Richard Brown Sports Editors ..,,...,,.,, ,.,..,, B oys'-Francis Parsons Girls'-Virginia Foster Typists ........................,,,.,,,,,,..,,..,...,,,.,,,,,,,, Lillian Scott, Viva Worthington, Elnora Post Although not all of our class members had specific jobs, every one has worked hard when called upon. Miss Davis' excellent supervision, our ideas were submitted, dis- - cussed, revised, and Hnally accepted or rejected. To increase interest in our selling campaign the boys challenged the girls to a selling contest. Although the girls were out-numbered almost two to one, they made a good stand and, in the end, treated the boys to a party. To help us finance this year book we sponsored several money-making projects, including running a canteen during the County Baseball Tourney and presenting a Donkey Basketball Game in February. We genuinely hope that you will get as much enjoyment from the 1949 Vistula as we have had bringing it to you. Page Tm This Page Is Sponsored By: THE FREMONT HARDWARE Seniors juniors Sopbo 171 0 res F reshm en ......,.,.,,,,.,,. junior H i gh Intermediate Primary , ...... 5 ,....,. Page Page .,..-A---Page Page Page -.,,,,,.,,,,Page Page Glam "Prospeefors-Seelzizzg zfbe Gold of a Good Life" W W 1 fx N 'N X f'f,7f45'fa7'77l:Qf A 1' nw ff P NX ' Xu X . ef, H anne LaMAR BRESSLER Baseball 1-2-3-4, Iinskethall 1-2-3--3. Track 2-3, Band 1-L, C li 0 1' u s 1. Tatlel' Staff 4, Yistnla Staff 4, Class Play 4, Vol- ley Ball Team 3. VIVIAN DERGINS Class Play3-I, Stnmlent Council 3: 'Fatlei' Staff 4, Vistn- la Staff 4, Canteen lviziiiafrer Cl. RICHARD BROWN Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 2 - 3 - 4, Track 2-21, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4. 4-H 1-2-3-4. Class Play Cl-4, Class Vice President 3, Vistnla Stat? 4. Tat- ler Staff 4. IRA CLARK Chorus 1, Basket- ball 2-Il-4, Volley Hall T1-am 3, Track 2-CI, Class President 3, Vistulu Staff 4, TQILIQI' Staff 4. Seniau VIRGINIA FOSTER Student Council 1, G. A. A. 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-3-4, Class Sec.-Tre-as. 2, Band 2-3-4, Yistnla Staff 4, Class Play 3-4. DUANE CRALL Vistula Staff 4, Tatler Staff 4, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4. GEORGE CROW Tatler Staff 4, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, 4-H 1, Vistula Staff 4. BARBARA FOULK Class Vice Presi- dent 2, Chorus 3-4, Student Council 4, Vistula Staff 4, Class Play 3-4. G. A. A. 2-3-4, Cheer Leader 2, Latin Contest 3. CLASS FLOWER-White Rose CLASS COLORS--Rose and Blue Page T1L'f'11'f This Page Is Sponsored By: G. B. FOULK, General Contractor CLAYTON FANSLER F. F. A. 1-2-3-4, Tatler Staff 4. HAROLD FERGUSON Vistula Staff 4, Tatler Staff 4, Class Play 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1- 2-3-4, V ol le y Ball Team 3, Track 3-4. ESTHER FRITZ Chorus 1-4, G. A. A. 1, Class Play 4, Vistula. Staff 4, Can- teen Manager 3, 4-H 2-3-4, Prompter Class Play 3. RAYMOND FRITZ Tatler Staff 4, Vis- tula Staff 4. Seniaad 'Fe'- CLASS MOTTO-"Not Finished-Just Begurf' EDMOND GIRRELL Tatlel' Staff 4, Vis- tula Staff 4. JANET HADLEY Chorus 1-4, G. A. A. 1-2-3, Vistula Staff 3-4, Tatler Staff 4, Student Council 2, Class Play 3-4, Latin Contest DONALD GREEN Tatler Staff 4, Vis- tula Staff 4. ROBERT HARDING Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Track 2-3, Cla s s President 2, Cla s s V i c e President 1, Class Play 3-4, Tat- ler Staff 4, Vistula Staff 4. This Page Is Sponsored By: HADLEY,S Sc Sl 10c Page Tbifffffn ELNORA POST Chorus l-3-4, G. A. A. 1-I-3, Vistula Staff 4, Tatler Staff 4, Assistant Canteen lllanager 3. PAUL HOLLEY Band 1-2-3-4, Ch 1'll'l1S Il, Student Manager 1, Vistula Stuff 4. FRED IRELAND Basketball 1, Tat- ler Staff 4, Vistula. Staff 4, Class Sec.- Treas. 1-3-4, F. F. A. 1-2-3-4. WAUNETA RAKESTRAW Chorus 1-2-3-4, G. A, A. 1-2-3, Vistula Staff 4. WORDEN KEYES Student Council 2- 3-4, President Stu- dent Council 4, Base- ball 1-2-3-4, Basket- ball 1-2-3-4, Vollev Ball Team 3, 'Track 2-3, Class Play 3, Vistula Staff 4, Tat- ler Staff 4, Class Vice President 1. FRANCIS PARSONS Baseball 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Volley Ball Team 3, Student Council 1, Class Play 3--l, Track 2-3, Vistula Staff 4, Tatler Staff 4, Class President 4. IRIS ANN SCI-IAEFFER Band 2-3-4. G. A. A. 1-2-3, Chorus 1-3- 4, Class Play 4, Vis- tula Staff 4, Tatler Staff 4, 4-H 1-2-3-4, Canteen Manager 3. JAMES SHAFFER Vistula. Staff 4, Tatler Staff 4. MAYNARD STAFFORD Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Track 2-3-4, Volley Ball Team 3, Class President 1, C l a, s s Vice President 4, Tatler Staff 4, Vistu- la Staff 4. ADAM STEELE Tatler Staff 4, Vis- tula Staff 4, 4-H 4, F. F. A. 1-2. F. F. A. Sec. 3, F. F. A. Pres. 4. Senioa 61644 Ufjicma President .,..., Francis Parsons Vice President ,,,, Maynard Stafford Secretary- Treasurer .....,...,.. Fred Ireland Student Council ,,,,,,,, Barbara Foulk and Bud Keyes 3 Seated lleft to l'i2llllf'I"l'RIll'lS Parsons, Barbara Foulk, Bud Key S Standingrilfred Ireland, Maynard Stafford. sew. eral.. afazw, In the fall of 1945, thirty-two "green fresh- men" entered Fremont High School. Among the thirty-two were some who had never been here be- fore. These were: Wauneta Rakestraw, Billy Bryan, Esther Fritz, Elnora Post, Richard Brown, Adam Steele, and Edward Adams. Later in the year Lil- lian Scott joined us from Pittsford. During the year we suffered our initiation and enjoyed quite a few parties. Mrs. Margaret McLain was our sponsor and our class oflicers were as follows: President, Bob Hardingg Vice President, Bud Keyes, Secretary- Treasurer, Fred Ireland, Student Council Members, Francis Parsons and Virginia Foster. In 1946 we entered school again as "Silly Soph- 0mores" and found we had acquired three more members: Vivian Dergins, Raymond Fritz, and James Shafferg but we had lost Eva Mae Schaeffer and Vir- ginia Hantz. Later in the year we welcomed two more members-Bob St. Johns and Bob Ryan, both from Orland. Before the year was over, however, we lost Estel Parsons, Bob St. Johns, Franklin Beebe, and Fred Clay. This year Mr. Max Mitchell was our sponsor and our officers were: President, Maynard Stafford, Vice President, Bob Harding, Secretary- Treasurer, Virginia Fosterg Student Council Members, Bud Keyes and Janet Hadley. This year we had the pleasure of initiating the green freshmen. I'm sure the memory of it will linger in the minds of our class and those of the under-classmen. We felt very fortunate in having a member of our class as Fre- mont's candidate for Queen in the Fisherman's Jubi- lee. She was Janet Hadley. When school started again we entered as "Jolly Juniorsn. Two new members joined us but left in a few days. They were Ardith Betts and Beverly Bond. We had also lost Billy Bryan, Robert Ryan, lla Mae Straw, Orville Davis, and Edward Adams. Mr. Robert I-Ienney was our sponsor. Our otiicers were: Presi- dent, Ira Clark, Vice President, Fred Irelandg Student Council Members, Bud Keyes and Vivian Dergins. This year we put on our first class play. It was "Professor, How Could You", a three-act comedy. We also enjoyed the Junior-Senior Banquet which was held at the Valencia Gardens in Fort Wayne. Now we are "Sophisticated Seniorsn. We gained two new members: Donald Green and Edmund Gir- rel. We were sorry to lose Bob Waggoner, who mov- ed to Oklahoma, and Lillian Scott who moved to Arizona. Mrs. Joyce Reed was chosen as our class sponsor. Our class officers were: President, Francis Parsonsg Vice President, Maynard Staffordg Secretary- Treasurer, Fred Ireland, Student Council Members were Barbara Foulk and Bud Keyes. This year our Senior play was a three-act comedy called "The Adorable Impn. We are very proud of the boys who represented our class in varsity sports throughout the years. The Seniors were honored by the Juniors of the County at a reception held April 22, at Potawatomi Inn in Pokagon State Park. The Senior class felt deeply the loss of our principal, Paul Bailey. Mr. Bailey was a friend to us all. He understood us and helped us with all our problems, no matter how large or small. His memory and his effect on our lives will remain with us, always. This Page Is Sponsored By: GOODYEAR STORE Page Fifffen . , . .1 , 'v .ml-'xx ' -V.-'fc wx V 4 ,', , f, - ,I 1 1 H' 5 ,.- , .- .f" ' J " ' A ' , 4 . .,..:,g-",.f,a'vf X. 'I N "A,i'.r'Qu4 ,f 1 'K Y. .. . , I.. ui. m -2 .n M, .. . .- .', - .'a .ll Q 3 , . , ,.'L' a., 1 2, 'N . '. I v , fx ,uf .. 1: , f n ,V .I ,.r M: H-' ..','v'.- '- I n ,, .V-1. . 5' FIM- ,...,.l . 1 .. I 1 ,.f.', 1. ,. I 1. my ,- ' . , 1 I ' '.v'lv' '.f..:.,. .,s X, ,V V ML ,I-.h . , w.r c- " .' 9 x. f- ,.J o'1' X-' f' '11 -,M V 1' -f, , '. 7. ". L ' H." ,jill wt H ' - f ' , ix 5,73 4:5 1, -1-'19,--' '. - ,--r K-J f': ,1-." -. . A1 .Fifa wi x if 'V . 4... J! ,1, H 4, L J. 4- Lf' ., .,..r . A H- .far feng, feng, Nga I 1. Maynard-"Spit" 2. Barbara-"Barbie" 3. Lillian-"Scotty" 4. Richard-HJ. O." 5. Janet-"B1imp" 6. Edward-"Eddie" 7. Francis-"Franny" S. Viva-"Vi" 9. Vivian-K'Bing', 10. Harold-"Fergie" 11. Wauneta-"Doll Face" 12. Robert--"Bob" 13. George-"Hank" 14. Esther-"Vicky" 15. Elnor-"Snort" 16. Iris-"I" 17. Worden-"Star', 18. Adam-"Adam" 19. La Mar-"Lefty" 20. Virginia-"Ginny" 21. Donald-"Don" 22. Duane-"Ike" 23. Fred-"Bashful" Page Si-vffw This Page Is Sponsored By: BEAUTY BOX Bottom row fleft to rigliti-Vivian Dergins, Lillian Scott, XVa,une-ta Rakestraw, Francis Parsons, Bud Keyes, Barbara Foulk, Maynard Stafford, Fred Ireland, Virginia Foster, Janet Hadley, Iris Schaeffer. Middle row-Mrs. Joyve Reed, sponsor: Viva Ylcrtliington, Elnora Post, George Crow, Donald Green, Edward Antrup, Clayton Fansler, James Shaffer, Robert Harding, Esther ritz. Top row-Adam Steele, Richard Brown, Laliiar Bressler, Ira. Clark, Harold Ferguson, Paul Holley, Raymond Fritz, Edmund Girrell, Duane Crall. Seniafz. Nuggeld Name Nickname Q!Ed!, Edward Antrup Richard Brown LaMar Bressler Ira Clark Duane Crall George Crow Vivian Dergins Clayton Fansler Harold Ferguson Virginia Foster Barbara Foulk Esther Fritz Raymond Fritz Edmund Girrell Donald Green Janet Hadley Robert Harding Paul Holley Frederick Ireland Worden Keyes Francis Parsons Elnora Post Wauneta Rakestraw Iris Ann Schaeffer Lillian Scott James Shaffer Maynard Stafford Adam Steele Viva Worthington me u nr J. O. Lefty" I. C." Ike" Sparrow" Bing" Nicknamelessn 1, Fergie lQGinnY,, "Barbie" Vicky" Pete" Eddie" Don" Blimp" Bob" T. B. sy z:Freda9 uBudn "Franny" .. , Snort' Jeaniei' I!! Lil" Jim" Spit" Bashfuln Vi" Famous Profolype Van Heflin Tom Drake Danny Kaye Turhan Bey Ike Eisenhower Preston Foster Claudette Colbert The Lone Ranger Gregory Peck Ingrid Bergman Shirley Temple Esther Williams Gabby Hayes Eddie Howard Professor Beetlebaurn Barbara Stanwyck Van Johnson Gene Krupa The Thin Man Robert Mitchum Lon McCallister Emily Post Veronica Lake Penney Singleton Lana Turner Ish Kibibble Robert Stack Thomas Dewey Lauren Bacall Day Dream just to find a girl. Fords Brunettes Unprintable Tractors Birds Swimming Horses Girls A Certain Red-head Florida Burdette Pony Express Pin-ball Machines Bed Time Stories Nursing Hotels Bow Ties Fishworms Figures Money Larry Filling a Hope Chest Future A Dollhouse Blank Thoughts Coaching Mexican Girls Boys Tbzs Page Is Sponsored By: DR. L. G. REED, Dentist Page Sewnfffn Robert Harding Always seen with "Someone", Seldom alone- His interest is centered, Not far from his home. LaMar Bressler Lefty is his nickname, Barbara is his pride, Baseball is his talent That he cannot hide. Richard Brown Girls are his big problem, He c-an't make up his mind, He's always in a triangle, But an answer he's sure to find. Maynard Stayford A star athlete we call "Spit", TVith the girls he's quite a hit: NVith Joan to guide him through, You know there's not a chance for YOU. Adam Steele A mustache on his upper lip, A friendship in his heart, XVe are going to miss him, XX hen we are far apart, Iris Schaefer A little on the bashful side, Although that's nothing she must hide. A public nurse she's going to be, At least that's what she told to me. Barbara Foulk True to her classmates, True to the end, NVe've branded her A loyal friend. Virginia Foster Ginny Foster, tall and slender, Of our class a loyal member, She's worked hard to graduate, And soon may set her wedding date, Vivian Dergins Good in classes And sports, too- Hats off, Bing, Good luck to You. Page Eighteen Senior: floemd Elnora Post Pretty, long hair, Big blue eyes, She's made a hit YVith one of the guys. Edward Antrup This tall boy is a member Of the F. F. A. And soon his farming talent He's sure to display. Viva Worthington Viva Jean, a well-known lass, YVill be remembered by our class: She's full of pep and full of fun, And keeps her Buick on the run. Ira Clark Short, dark, handsome, Neatly dressed, As a student and athlete He's up with the best. Dnane C rail A boy well-liked, Yet a quiet lad, Is this four year classmate, YVe're glad we've had. George Crow F, F, A, and -l-H too, Keep up the good work , XVe're all for you. Fred Ireland He is a very bashful lad, Always happy, never sad, In this World he'll go far, For he's hitched his wagon to a star. Bud Keyes He's an athlete through and through And to his classmates he's true blue, His ambitions are mighty high, And we'll miss him as years go by. F ranris Parsons Baseball, basketball School or track, He's always there, YVith a good come-back. james Shaffer Tall and husky, Six foot two, To his friends. He's always true. Lillian Scott Due to sudden illness. Lillian left our class, But shefll long be remembered As a Winsome lass. Wauneta Rakestraw The pretty, sweet, domestic type, Fond of cooking and sewing, A Home Ec. major here in school She sure knows where she's going' Raymond Fritz Always known to us As Pete. A friendship here that Can't be beat. Eddie Girrell Lots of good looks, With personality plus, We're all very proud, That he is one of us. Donald Green Reading is his hobby, Farming his occupation, VVhatever he does He'l1 be a success I For he's full of determination. janet Hadley Pretty and talented, Head of our class, Going to study nursing, YVe know she'll learn fast. Paul Holley Brown hair Brown eyes Someday a store YVe hope he'l1 buy. Clayton Fansler Known to love horses, Especially "KeI1ogg's Pep" Among his many antics There are some We won't forget. Harold Ferguson He's quite a. guy- And from the floor He's six feet high- Q Or maybe more. Esther Fritz Hazel eyes, Auburn hair. Liked by all. Most everywhere. This Page Is Sponsored By: BAKER'S DAIRY 1. Beauty a 11 cl The Beast 2. P. Lake Inter- l0pe1'S 3. Carl and Dor- Othy 4. XX'h6I'E"S Bar- Mara? 5. XYliO' Dat? 6. X'Yinter Fun 7. Traveling, Bud? S. Looking f 0 r Someone? 9. George 10. Cliums ll. Four Roses 12. Dol.: Burch 1.3. June 14.H0w Time I flies! 15. Sitting Pretty 16. Three Muske- tee-rs 17. Cozy Couple 18. Julee-Then 19. Iflappy Trio 20, BublJle-T1'ou- ble 21. Lonesome, XVil1na? '22, Cliai-ming? or Alarming? 23. Glamor Pose 24. 21 la Lily Dar-he 25. Here YVe Are Again! 26. Mary Lou and Butch 27. Don Juan 25. Sweet Sixteen and-Look I Z! 29,VA Gal's Best Friend 30. Apple Blossom Time 31. A Last Years 'AEagle" 32, Former Class- mate 33. XV a l cl o-Ma- rine 34. Mareella. 35. A Thorn Be- t w e e n T W o Roses 36, Peak-N-Knees! 37. Pajama Pa- rade 38. Jerry 39. "C o p s a n d Robbers" uniafz 61644 Bottom row fleft to right?-Charlayne Hall, Mary Lou Paul, Richard Baker, Phyllis Smart, Shirley Smith, Shirley Harding, La Mar Vose, Nancy Moreland, Donna Schaeffer. Top row-Miss Doris Davis, sponsor: Thelma Jean Rude, Donald YVall, Paul Caswell, James Binkley, Lawrence Garman, Jack Stafford, Normagene Pabst, Carolyn Neutz. Name Nickname Richard Baker James Binkley Paul Caswell Lawrence Garman Charlayne Hall Shirley Harding Nancy Moreland Jean North Carolyn Neutz Norma Pabst Mary Lou Paul Thelma Rude Donna Schaeffer Phyllis Smart Shirley Smith Jack Stafford LaMar Vose Donald Wall el ee "Dick" ' ,I Jim Prof essor" me-Iuniorsx Lizzie" Shirley Louu Naincey Day" "Toots" Hazel" Slugger" P. Paul" Jeanie" Suzie" Hrhiilyr Smitty' "Jackie" uDoCu er 9 Bunny' Hobby My Favorite Cow Hunting Preacher Sports Setting the Clock Back Kenny C. A Blond Senior Boy Sewing Collecting Pictures Fishing for Suckers Causing Trouble Writing to Don Smith Favorite Radio Program The Lone Ranger Arthur Godfrey Buccaneers Sports Review The Whistler Vaughn Monroe Hit the Jackpot Suspense Hit the Jackpot Arthur Godfrey Beulah Arthur Godfrey Watching a Certain SeniorWayne King Flirting With All Boys Daydreaming Going to Coldwater Mending Hearts Woman Psychology Linda,s First Love Luncheon at Sardy's Famous Jury Trials This ls Your F. B. I. Bob Hope Show Page Twwfy This Page Is Sponsored By: LIPPINCOTT DRUG STORE uniaa 01644 ' Ufffhau President ..,..,.. Richard Baker Vice President ,,,,....,. Shirley Smith Secretary- Treasurer r,,,,, Shirley Harding Student Council Representatives-.Phyllis Smart LaMar Vose r Seated Heft to right?-Shirley Harding, Shirley Smith, Richard Baker, and Phyllis Smart. Standing-LaMar Vose. anim eladd. Jlbilwq We entered the Junior class this year still upholding the title which has been ours for three years now-the smallest class in high school. In our Freshman year we began our high school career with twenty-hve pupils, losing two, however, along the way. Our class officers who guided us through the year of green and white were: Richard Baker, Presidentg Barbara Foulk, vice president, Shirley Smith, Secretary-Treasurer, and Shirley Harding and LaMar Vose representing us in Student Council. Coach Davis was our sponsor. The main event of our freshman year was our initiation. Under the blue and gold our class leaders were: Shirley Smith, President, Shirley Harding, Vice President, Phyllis Smart, Secretary-Treasurer. LaMar Vose remained in Student Council and Nancy Moreland was the other representative. Mr. Davis again did a grand job as our sponsor. In September we had 19 pupils but by the end of the year we had decreased to 16. When we counted noses this fall we discovered that there were 17 "Jolly juniors". We had three new pupils this year. Jean Rude joined us from Edon, Ohio, Mary Lou Paul from Detroit, Michigan, and Norma Pabst came from Bronson, Michigan. Our officers were: Richard Baker, President, Shirley Smith, Vice President, Shirley Harding, Secretary-Treasurer and LaMar Vose and Phyllis Smart in Student Council. Nancy Moreland and Phyllis Smart are the canteen managers with Shirley Smith and Donna Schaeffer as their assistants. Although we chose a different sponsor this year we kept it in the same family by choosing Miss Davis, whom has been most capable and a great hel1p to us all. Shirley Smith, from our class, was elected as cheerleader for the second year. LaMar Vose, Richard Baker, and Lawrence Garman were active in basketball and they all cer- tainly did a fine job. The two most important events of this year were our class play "A Little Honey" which all the juniors enjoyed presenting, and the reception which we Juniors were very happy to give for our upper classmen, the Seniors. We shall be back next year as "Sophisticated Seniors" for our final year in high school. This Page Is Sponsored By: FREMONT WELDING SHOP Page Twenty-One .ar Or. rj! l nut .Sapfnamoae Glaim Bottom row fleft to rightl-Dorothy Forester, XVilni'a Rakes-traw, Marilyn Harding, Nathalie Fisher, Barbara Lour-ks, Janice Mc,-Nanglltmi, .Ioan Abbott, Donna Thomas, Jane Baker, Marcella Stemen. Middle row-Mr. Richard Latier, sponsor: James Knapp, Joan Melchi, Dorothy Smart, June Keyes, Kathryn Newnam, Cora Lee Greenawalt, Christine Frahm, Margaret Smith, Kenneth Leland, Jimmy Landis. Top row-Bill Peeler, Bill Palmerton, Robert Brown, Richard Sickles, Frerl Binkley, Charles Minnick, Jerrie Sommers, George Baird, Theodore Stee Nume Nickname Ambition Kenneth Leland Barbara Loucks Janice McNaughton Janet Melchi Joan Melchi Charles Minnich Kathryn Newnam Billy Palmerron Bill Peeler Wilma Rakestraw Richard Sickles Dorothy Smart Margaret Smith Jerrie Sommers Theodore Steele Donna Thomas Marcelle Stemen Jimmy Landis June Keyes Jim Knapp Marilyn Harding Cora Lea Greenwalt Lynn Garman Christine Frahm Dorothy Forester Nathalie Fisher Eleanor Finicle Robert Brown Fred Binkley Jane Baker George Baird Joan Abbott me me ce me Kenny" Mortician "Louse Bugv A Geometry Teacher "McNaught" P. Lake Housewife Jan" Professional Skater Jon Baby Sitter Chuck" Secretary Kate" Coach Boy's Basketball Little Bill" Ladies' Man Big Bill" College Wilbur" To Take Care of "Burch" trees Dickv Singer Dorsey" To Be Mild and Meek "Muggs" Coach "Pete" Hunter Teddy" To Train Models Tommy" Beauty Operator "Marcy" Waltz at Sturgis Jim!! Punku Nappy" Putter" Blondie' Garmv Freddy" Red" B.B. as Penny" Bob" Bink" G.G.', Cookie" Buck" To Be Six Feet Tall To Grow Green Orchids Match Whiskers with Monty Wooley Join the Marines Model Basketball Sweater Girl le. Lynn Garman. Favorite Vacation Spot Graveyards In Fremont The Pit Alaska Lake George Lake James Arizona Algebra Class Frahm's Cottage Saw Mill Farm Famous P. Lake Hill Indianapolis North Woods Palm Beach, Florida Buck Mountain Sturgis, Michigan Walter-'s Lake 3rd Period Study Hall Skating Rink Bledsoe's Beach Montgomery, Michigan Buck Lake Ranch Peeler Fountain Make A's in Geometry Michigan To Quit Worrying OverThe Pit at Pleasant Lake Men To Live In Metz Metz Traveling Salesman To Be a Pianist Own A "Bakery" Latin Class Lake James Music Class State Basketball Chamgps Canada To Please all of the Teach-Geometry Class ers fpart of the timej Page Twflfy-two This Page Is Sponsored By: FREMONT ELEVATOR swam erm , Ufficeu President ,,,,,,,, Dorothy Smart Vice President .. ,,., Barbara Loucks Secretary- Treasurer ,,.... Kenneth Leland Student Council Representatives .Joan Abbott and George Baird Seated Cleft to right?-Kennetli Leluml, .loan Alibott, Dorothy Smart, Barbara Loucks, and George Baird. S me Jlidlafuf Although we entered I-Iigh School on September Z, we werenlt oflicially welcomed until October 16. You guessed it! Initiation! We chose Mr. Nlitchell as our sponsor. Our otlicers were: President, Christine Frahmg Vice President, Barbara Loucksg Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Smart. We started with the largest class in High School, boasting of thirty-six. A notice- able fraction of the male population participated in Baseball, Basketball, and Track. Most of our girls took part in G.A.A., and Band, and Chorus. The Student Council members were Joan Abbott and Jerrie Somers, who did a very fine job. We kept Joan as our representative a second year and George Baird re- placed Ierrie. When we came back this year as "Silly Sophomoresn we found a new member, a former Buckeye, James Knapp, who came here from Montpelier. We lost Barbara Gault, who moved to Waterloo. We also found, much to our sorrow, that we are now the second largest class in High School as the "Green" Frosh took the lead in population. This year our sponsor was Mr. Latier, and our oihcers were: President, Dorothy Smart, Vice President, Barbara Loucks, and Secretary-Treasurer, Kenneth Leland. We have proved that women are not the weaker sex by having a majority of female officers both years. They say that revenge is sweet and we proved that old adage by giving the Frosh a rousing welcome into High School, via initiation. Although we drained the town's supply of onions, lipstick, rouge and mascara, it was a lot of fun. Kenneth Leland, Bill Peeler, Bill Palmerton, Bob Brown, and Fred Binkley played second team basketball this year, while George Baird aided and abbetted the varsity team. With a few exceptions these same boys participated in baseball and track. Two of our soph girls, Marilyn Harding and Barbara Loucks, were chosen as cheer leaders this year. Many girls participated in Chorus, G.A.A., and Band. We have enjoyed the past two years and are looking forward to the future as jolly Juniors. Signed: "CLASS OF Sl" This Page Is Sponsored By: VESTULA BODY SHOP, Rd. 120, Fremont P482 Twfnfy-fbfff l I-Zuttoxn row ileft t.. riglitl-Lois Pootli. Hi-len S-mith,'Joann Chapin, Anna Champion, Donna Antrup, .-Uwhie Jane Fansler, Arden Berry, Joyce Lomont, Lucille Birclifie-ld, Sharon XVeigle. Janet Foster. Middle rr-tv-Gerallee Falka, Mona Trirwlett, Dale Dee-mer, Danny Brown, Roger Follett, Lester Peeler, Jerry Crawford, Jim Gary, Julee Mitchell, Ruth St-liieber, Phyllis Beams. Top row-Mr, Max Mitcliell, sponsor: Sheldon Malone, Robert Burch, Bill Snyder, Richard Chapin, Grover Oyler, Jack Sprague, Perry Stauffer, Bill YVilcox, Blaine Harding. Name Nickmzmc Idol Farorifc' Slborf Donna Antrup "Antwerp" Bob R. Eating Phyllis Beams "Digger" Peter Hmrnmmm! Arden Berry "Jane Arden" Conceited Chester Horseback Riding Lucille Birchfield"Red" Joe Holding Hands With Deemer in Biology Daniel Brown "Danny" J. O. Teasing Girls Lois Booth "Bessie" Barbara Ann Scott Practicing Home EC. Robert Burch "Bob" Wilma Basketball Anna Champion 'Louisi Anna" "Bud Hankes" Taking Stretching Exer- cises Joann Chapin "Jason" Esther Williams Swimming Dick Chapin "Sleepy" All Women Flirting Jerry Crawford "Jeremiah" Van Johnson Hunting Dale Deemer "Deemer" The Lone Ranger Postoffice Gerallee Falka "Gerry" Dick Roller Skating Abbie Fansler "Fanny" Virginia Day Dreaming Roger Follett "Lover" Clark Gable Necking Janet Foster "Brick" Elizabeth Taylor Roller Skating James Gary "Jim" Myself Beating Up Leeky Oyler Blaine Harding "Brain', Mr, Davis Basketball Joyce Lomont "Sam" Perry Stauffer Dancing The Conga Sheldon Malone "Sweet Molly Malone" Big Bill Henry Baseball Julee Mitchell "Doody" Frankie Carle Tickling The Ivories Grover Oyler "Grover Leeky Oyler, Casey Jones Picking On James Gary Jr" Lester Peeler "Buster" George Mikan Warming the Basketball Zzaefihman Siebel Bench Ruth Schieber 'Skippyn Fred Irland Writing Poems Helen Smith "Still Water" Sphinx Deep Thinking William Snyder "Bill" Little Lulu Exercising My Jaws In Al- gebra Jack Sprague "Jackie" Jack Carson Winking at Girls Perry Stauffer "Brucie" Perry Como Collecting Garbage Mona Triplett "Simon" Mr. Henney Trying to Out-shout Mr. Latier Sharon Weigle "Chicken" George Boys Bill Wilcox 1'Willy" Tarzan Athletics Page Twfflfb' OW This Page Is Sponsored By: SNYDER'S HOME SUPPLY ' , 4 61644 E' President ,,,.., Richard Chapin 'fx fi Vice President ,,,,.,i,.. Robert Burch Secretary and Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,rr, Arden Berry Student Council Representative , Jack Sprague and Phyllis Beams Seated tleft to rightr-Hit-hard Chapin, Jack Sprague, Arden Berry, and Robert Burr-h. 4 efddd. September, 48, found 36 very green "Freshies" ready to begin their four years of high school. By the second semester this number had dropped to 31. At our tirst class meeting we chose Mr. Mitchell as our class sponsor, and our oiicers as follows: President .,..,ss,,s,.,.,.,, .....,, D ick Chapin Vice President ,,,,..,..... ,,,,s,..... ,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., B o b Burch Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,...,,,,.......,.,,,..i....,,,,, a .,..... Arden Berry Student Council ...,tti,,,...... Phyllis Beams and Jack Sprague On November Sth, thanks to the Sophomores, we were duly initiated. Afterwards they gave us a very nice party. We are proud to have ten of the boys from our class on the second team in basket- ball, and several on the baseball squad. Other members of the class took part in chorus, band, G.A.A. and the operetta. In April We gave an assembly program for the student body. We wish to express our gratitude to the faculty and upperclassmen for the kind- ness and patience shown us during the school year. THE GREEN FRESHMEN This Page Is Sponsored By: ROY HASSINGER GARAGE P480 T1L'f"'fJ'-fff' J K K Q is gii as a EIGHTH GRADE Bottom row Qleft to rightJfJanet Mounts, Barbara Isenhour, Peggy Taylor, Nancy Kinsey, Ann Hadley, Joyce Booth, Janis Baird, Mrs, Clark, Lois Vvilkins, Christine Gar- nian, Effie Bailey, Carol Girrell, Dolores Schaeffer, Janet Hutchins, Joan Binkley, Janet fofziger. Middle rowflidward Rakestraw, Kendell Burch, Robert Wolfe, Rolland Peterson, YVendel Burk, Nancy Keith, Martha Couch, Janet Hufnagle, Jennie Mae Laird, Ruth lglciward, Gloria Conway, John Gary, Larry Chapin, Jerry Kaiser, Harley Corey, Graham e lers. Top row-Roger Burlingarne, Tommy Berry, Richard Betts, Cecil Coburn, Dennis YVheaton, Don Edward Meeks, John Henry Seigel, DeVVayne Schaeffer, James Groves, Floyd Fritz, ,lack Ferrier, Martell Burrell, Lee Coler, Larry Schaeffer, E. G. YVynn, Lindin Birchfield, Glyn Howard. SEVENTH GRADE Bottom row Qleft to rightj-Renea Howard, Treva Hufnagle, Shirley Birchfield, Colleen Larnpman, Lois Clark, Nello Gibson, Mrs. Schaeffer, Annabelle Miller, Mary Hughes, Helen Seigel, Yvonne Ross, Marlene Foss, Janis Richardson. Middle row-Neil Fisher, Dale YVall, Enid Binkley, Phyllis Smith, Connie Ross, Shirley Kaufman, Alice Hadley, JoAnne Taylor, Joan Finicle, Rose Mary Mitchell, Dor- othy YVilkins, Betty Patterson, Billy Regadanz, Dick Snyder. Top row-Clyde Sattison, Robert Davis, Paul Greenawalt, Richard Lee Smith, Jack Champion, Jim Parrish, Robert Champion. unioa .Jlzgh HGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE z Page TTUKWJI-Six Tlois Page Is Sponsored By: KROGER STORE SIXTH GRADE FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE fwfmmecfiale aacfed SIXTH GRADE Bottom row tleft to Plgllllw Amielou Swift, Sharon IAIIIQQIIUS, Sue XYolfe. lialloine Hresg- ler, Betty Gary. Natonii Slmft't-r, Mary NYuttPrs, Marilyn Vlizunpion, lrarlene liniiew. l'Il'l1' layne Shaffer, Jacqueline limini. Ivliddle row-Ha1'hara Srliaeffer, Beverly Faywood, Jerry llea1nS, Harris Smith, Hruve Foster, Ronnie Follett, Larry Pvnner, Xlwiirltlll Cooper, lie-ltoy Huss, lwlino Gibson, Violet Churgo. Top rowililrg. Boyer, David Hardin,Q:, Eian Thomas, lloht-rt SChae!'fe1', Edward Sevits, Ray Gibson, David Foster, Ilogm-r Swick, .lame-s Day, Bruce l'ol'3'. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE Front row lleft to riglitl-Myrna Long, Carolyn King, Lola Parrish, Yvonne Neutz. Ellen Milliman, Mrs. Tucker, Gloria Michael, Patricia XYalRh, Sandra Prior, V6-ra New- bauer, Shirley Me-lchi. Bottom row-John Oberst, Terry Palme-rton, Jimmv Mvers, Robert Quilhot. Charles Kaufman, Skippy Luke, George llathhun, .Iolin XYilCox, kChe-Star Miller, Alton Neely, John Landis, Bernard Hose, Ned Snyder. Danny Nofziger. This Page Is Sponsored By: BUD'S PLACE Page Twenty-seven FIFTH GRADE FOURTH GRADE fn ' Q' FIFTH GRADE Bottom row Lleft to right!-Judy Campbell, Nancy Smart, Sharon Lee Chapin, Grace Marie Bromagem, Laura Jean Conklin, Janet Smith, Nadeen Bolen, Patsy Ann Boner, Arlene Schaeffer, Shirley Antrup, Corla Ann Foss, Christine Anne Fraley. Middle row-Mrs. Anspaugh, Noreta Crawford, Nancy Berry, Jimmy Taylor, Jackie Davis, Joe Hassett, Gayle Doster, Phil Gay, Robert McMurray, Gordon Kuntz, Blaine Shoup, Nancy Sue Gleason, Jeanette Binkley. Top row-Joe Coburn, Phillip Smith, LeRoy Siegel, Robert Malone, Tommy I-Iassinger, Ronald Beams, YVilliam YVaters. Jimmy Booth. Y FOURTH GRADE Bottom row Cleft to rightl-YVilbur Van Auken, Esther Lampman, Marilyn Foss, Patricia Lomont, Max Hufnagle. Sec-ond row-Shirley Berry, LuAnne Pifer, Ruth Anne Northam, Doris Bolen, Rosalie Baker, Marianette Burrell, Martha Smith, Beverly Gilchrist, Sharon Smith, Mollie Som- mers, Mary Jane YVal1. Third row-Gordan McLain, LaYe-rn Bressler, Carl Garman, Alan Side-1, Glen YVilbur, Tommy Joe Jordan, l-:ohert TVorthington, Larry Betts, James Rathburn, Max Hardy, James Langley, liex Ehrhart, Rex Chapin. - TOD row-Mrs. Hughes, Richard Mc-Murray, John Gleason, James Hufnagle, Ramon Schaetfer, YVilbur Vincient. Charles Schaeffer, Tommy Joe Higbee, Sonnie Hills, Edward Parshall, Richard Bird. ' Page Twefffy-f'f8bf This Page Is Sponsored By: I.G.A. GROCERY THIRD GRADE THIRD GRADE P' Qaaclea THIRD GRADE Front row fleft to right!-Sandra Ratlihun. Sondra Middleton, Joyce Starrett, Barbara Sevits, Claric-e Long, .lane Knauss, Judith lYatte-rs, Janice Meeks, Shirley Petras, Jean- nette Schaeffer, Julie Landis, Nona Nichols. Back row-Harold IVise, Mrs. YValker, Forrest King, Donald Sattison, Malcolm Mims, David Litchfield, David Mt-Murray, Danny Kaufman, Rodney VVells, Bobby Prior, Joe McMurray, Jerry Northam, Frank Parrish, George Neutz, Robert Thomas. THIRD GRADE Front row fleft to right?-Thelma Gibson. Marlene Champion, Betty Lou Bradley, Sue Boore, Patty Fritz, Mrs. Petsc-h, Noradell Hess, Gail Chapin, Phyllis Cales, Emily Berry, Pauline Bolen. Back row-Forest Bolen, Neil Patterson, Eugene Hantz, Dale Hassett, Jimmv Gibson, Lynn Champion, Robert Fisher, Blaine Caywood, Russell Keith, Larry Fraley, John Craw- ford, Larry Huss, Roger Barry. This Page Is Sponsored By: BARRY'S GREENHOUSE Pflgf' T1W'1f3'-'ffm' SECOND GRADE FIRST GRADE 1 l Bottom row Cleft to right?-Audry XVi1kins. Sharon Brattin, Anita Burnett, Becky Hassett, Pat Mundy, Cora Vee Roberts, Barbara Pennell, Mary Lou Mounts, Barbara Gilchrist, Carol Corey, Brenda Schaelfer, Sharon Smart, Veronica Kiser. , Middle row-Larry Rieke, Jerry Foster, Ben Chapin, lloger Foss, Buddy Norton. YVayne Yun Auken, Jimmy Penner, David Cales, Roger Cobb, Jimmy NVilson, Jerry Morgan. Back row-Mrs. Ax, Bobby Hills, Bobby Swiok, John Kuntz, Dale Champion, Allan Lanipinan, Lanny Huss, Larry Reed, Kenneth Parshall. Michael McLain. 9 FIRST GRADE Bottom row Cleft to riglitb-Betty YVise, Betty Iluglles, Nancy Huss, Barbara WVheaton, Myra Howard, Rosalyn Schaelfer, Patty Tonnian, Virginia Melchi, Terry Brown, Joyce Hantz, Nancy Tuttle, Lorna Sellers, Sondra Follett, Richard Sierer. Middle roWkPhilip Straw, Franklin Bradley, Lavon Arnold, Sue Bromagem, Barbara. Gary, Sheila Sidel, Minnie Bolen, Jane Taylor, Judy Bond, Joyce Cook, Patricia Mitchell, Jeanette Luke, Marilyn Hardy, T. J, Grauel. Top row-Miss Collins, Earl Ford Mc'Nau5Ihton. Lewis Garman, Charles Bolen, David Gibson, Stevie King, Jerry Rakestraw, Kenny Smith, Archie Black, Robert Baker, L, D. Shaffer, James Knauss, Richard Shutts, Daniel Oberst, Freddie Smith. Page Tbiffy This Page Is Sponsored By: MUNDY'S GULF SERVICE Awww Sports ....,.. .......,. P age 3 2 Clubs ....,,AAA., ,,,,,,,. P age 40 Class Room Scenes ,,,7 Page 49 37.1.0414 GMM QW x Pg? "Pa1111i11g for Gold- For Richer Lives" US' 1 C ,ff X 'X . C RW s -K 3 Ng,,,T fa, q2"v3'4y X , v ,, Kiqi-,9", V, off LM ,J 5, Q."-f xix ,ip- if fffl.. Spafdfi in 4.a4l.f.S. The word Affalrlifs in this high school means very much to everyone, here and in this community. From the first day of school to the last, both boys and girls are engaged in some form of sport. The boys have baseball, basketball, and track in that order. The girls have soft-ball, volleyball, and basketball. 7aa4:h The first track meet of the 1947-48 season was a 3-way meet at Howe M. A., Howe, Indiana, with Fremont, Howe and Hamilton competing. The Ca- dets came out on top, Fremont 2nd, and Hamilton 5rd. The Eagles then went to Butler for a 3-way meet with Butler, and Ashley. In this meet the Eagles placed Znd. Butler had one of the strongest track teams in Northern Indiana. The third track meet was held at Howe M. A., between Shipshewana, Howe and Fremont. The Eagles came through in 2nd place, again. The State Corner Conference Championship was decided at Garrett. Butler emerged the victor, for the second straight year, with Waterloo, Fremont, Ash- ley, Hamilton, Avilla and Wolcottville following in that order. The Indiana High School Athletic Association Sectional Track Meet was held during the month of May. Maynard fSpitJ Stafford, Fremont's half-miler was edged out by Nye, of Elkhart, for the first place ribbon, but he earned the right to run in the State Tournament finals at Technical High School at Indianapolis. Coach Davis and Maynard Stafford made the trip to Indianapolis where Maynard made a credit- able showing. Because of the large number of con- testants, the half mile was run in two heats. Staf- ford's time in both the Sectional and State meet was 2:06.S, a school record for this event. We hope to see him do the same or better this year. We are taught not only to play the game but to respect the other fellow and to be good losers as well as winners. In our sports we have been taught to emphasize sportsmanship and fair play. And in the future we will try to carry these teachings into our lives, as we strive to become better and more reliable citizens. Those participating in track were as follows: Francis Parsons, Bob Harding, Lefty Bressler, Dick Brown, Maynard Stafford, Bud Keyes, Bob Hutchins, John Eastes, Bill Palmerton, Harold Ferguson, Ken- neth Leland, Doc Vose, Ira Clark, Lawrence Gar- man, Fred Binkley, Edward Antrup, Bill Peeler, Jack Stafford, Paul Caswell and George Baird. Banda!! STATISTICS Francis Parsons ................... SS ........... Sr. Bud Keyes ..............,............., 3B ........ Sr. Maynard Stafford ............... IB . ......... ........... S r. Lefty Bressler ..........,............ P-CF ...... Sr. B b Ha d' C' P-CI" .,,,. Sr. o r in, .........,............... Richard Brown Harold Ferguson ........... LF ...... Sr. Bill Palmerton ...,.. ......... . .RF ..... ........... S oph. George Baird ....,,......,, ........ . 2B ...,.... Soph. Blaine Harding ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. QB ..,,... ..- ....... Fresh LaMar Vose ................,.......... RF ......... ........... J r. 1948 SCHEDULE Sept. Fremont .............. 20-Metz ......... .......... 0 Sept, Fremont ....,,,,,.,,, , 5-Salem ,,.,,,. .......... 4 Sept Fremont ......... ..... 2 -Scott ................. .......... 4 Sept. Fremont ...... ...... . 10-Hamilton .... ....... .......... 4 Sept Fremont ........ ..... 9 -Orland ................,.... ,,....,. 5 Sept Fremont... ..... .... 3 -Pleasant Lake ............... ...5 Oct. Fremont.. ............. 4-Flint .................................... ..3 COUNTY TOURNEY AT FREMONT Fremont ........... .......,.................. 2 -Hamilton ........................ 1 Fremont ,,,..,..,,,,..,,, .,,,.,,..,,,,..,,,,, 2 -Flint ,,,,,,,,,,,... 9 QFina.1sJ CORNER CONFERENCE BASEBALL TOURNEY AT WATERLOO Fremont ..,........ . ,. ................., T--TVaterloo ...................., ,,.3 Fremont ,,,........ ,..,,,..,.,,,,,,,,, 3 -Ashley ,.,,....,.., 4 fFina,1s,J Page Thfffy-tivo This Page Is Sponsored By: STEUBEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU Waaaalff Eadelalf Bottom row fleft tu right?--Blaine Hzirdinsg. Lzihlur Vnse, Maynarfl Stafford, Harold Ferguson, Francis Parsons, Lahlal' Rressler, Ilichard Brown, Bud Keyes, George Baird, Robert Harding, Bill Pallnerton. Middle l'0XV7llUlrE'!'i H1-own. Bill YVi1cox, Ri:-hard Plmpin, Lawn-m-e Garman, Kenneth Leland, Bill Pee-ler, Perry Staulfer, Roger Follett, Robert Burch, Sheldon Malone. Top row-Mr, Mitvhell, Mr. Bailey, Principal: Mr. Davis, Coach: Tliehard Baker, Dale Dee-mer. The Eagles had another successful season in baseball, earning second place in the County Standings, and a right to play in the County Baseball Tourney. The season started with Fremont winning their Hrst two games. The first opponent to fall before them was Metz, the one-sided score being 20-0. The Eagles visited Salem the following week and had to come from behind late in the game to win 4-3. They dropped one to Scott Center by the score of 4-2. Scott's pitcher had the Fremont boys confused as they weren't able to make many connections with the ball. The Eagles came back to trounce Hamilton in a Corner Conference game, 10 to 4. They then defeated Orland, the defending county champions, by the score of 9 to 5. Their second defeat proved to be an upset, as Pleasant Lake defeated them 5-3. The Eagles had to come from behind again in the Flint game to edge them 4-3 in their last game of the season. The Steuben County Baseball Tournament was held at Fremont on October 11-13-16. The weather made it very difficult to play and some of the games had to be moved to a later date. However, when the weather did permit, we found Salem losing the first game to Flint, and, in the second game, Hamilton being edged by Fremont by a small margin. The finals found Fremont and Flint battling it out for County honors. The game was close until near the end, when Flint put on a rally to knock out Fremont 9 to 3. Tlozs Page Is Sponsored With The Compliments Of OLEN MINGUS Page Tblffy fbfee ZGQZG RMGGUSJ Front row tleft lu riglitr-Dale lN'L'IllLAI', 1l1Z'lllIlLl'AJI'l Sheldon Malone, Robe-rt l'lI'UKYill, llolwert ldurvli IloU'+'-1- Follett T'lNYI'clil't' ii21l'lll'lll P - ' ' ' .' ' TGI' Isl- ' H 'I' GA P'l1 XV1l- , . H. . 4- vox, Hill Iilllllt-'I'U,ll1, f , tllXNtr1lllf , 'dine Hlflllh, -1 Top 1'11xVflU1'. Rlitclwll, .lm-k Spraxiie, Lester Pee-It-r, Fred Binkley, Bill Peeler, Kenny Ireland, llivk Baker, I.ziMair Vose, Dick Vlmpin, Cnavli Davis. The Fremont Reserves also boast a fine record this season, having turned in 14 wins and only 5 defeats. Because of their line record and their general ability they were looking forward to the County Reserve Tourney with anticipation. They were greatly disappointed, then, when it had to be cancelled, due to a severe sleet storm. 4 A . eft to l'iQl1l7Fiill'lPill'1l l14llIL'kS, 1lIkll'llYl1 Hardin: and Shirley Smith. Next season's Varsity will be made up almost entirely of Reserves, as all but one of the first team will graduate this year. Our Fledgling Eagles have some height as well as individual ability and should prove to be another winning Combination for Fremont. Most of the Reserves are Sophomores, so next year's varsity will probably boast many Juniors. It also means the Eagles will have or should have another tough team for the next two years, at least. Now that we have seen what they can do as Reserves, we know what to expect of the team when they wear the Varsity uni- forms. "Good Luck, Future Eagles." CI-IEER LEADERS Shirley Smith, Marilyn Harding, and Barbara Loucks were chosen by the student body as our cheer leaders for the year. We wish to congratulate the girls for their fine work and colorful showing. Pflgf Tbiffn'-fvlff This Page Is Sponsored By: PEELER'S FOUNTAIN, Clear Lake We-Mm, Baakezfddl 2101806 Kneeling ileft to rijiflith-Hit'l1a1'tl Flaker, manager: liiVll8l'll lirown, George Baird, Franvis Parsons, Ira Clark, and Dale lleemer, manager. Standing:-Coat-li Davis, Lalllar Bressler, Maynard S-tzifforii, llzirolii Ferguson, Rnd Keyes, Ilnhert Harding, Mr. Mitchell. Coach Davis THE SCRAP-HAPPY EAGLES The "Little', Eagles turned in another fine season of basketball. Their lack of height was never a determining factor as to the outcome of a ball game. The players had speed and all seemed to have a charm for the basket, which accounted for their balanced scoring. They had plenty of spring, which could be shown by their ability to get in on the rebounds, and to out-jump many of their taller opponents. For the third consecutive year the Eagles showed their basketball superiority by winning the County Tourney and the Blind Tourney. This is the first time Fremont has won the County Championship three years in succession. The Eagles won the County Title this season by the score of 70-69, defeating Metz in the final game for the third year. The Eagles won the 1949 Blind Tourney by walloping the Pleasant Lake Spartans 69-35, in the Hnals, making it their third successive year for winning the Blind Tourney. The "Little" Eagles or, as the coach would say, "My nine little po- niesf' earned the reputation of coming from behind in the last minutes of play to win many a hard-fought battle. fC0l1fillZlf'd 011 Page 38D Ivlanagorsz Dick Baker and Dale Deemer Tlazs Page Is Sponsored By: KEYES' BARBER SHOP Pffgf' Tbfffy fi Q . , "S" Look at the smiles. Coach and team look happy, and no wonder! They view some of the permanent trophies that have been collected during the past three years and will remain at Fremont High School. The team has also had the Dope Bucket and the Liberty Bell. We hope the Future Eagles will continue to win these mementos in years to come and be as proud of them as we are. GEORGE BAIRD QCOofciej Sophomore Cookie came to Fremont from Farmer, Ohio. He proved to be a good man in both baseball and basketball. With this year's experience he ought to be plenty tough next year. We, the graduating Eagles. Wish you lots of luck next year, "Cookie." Za WORDEN KEYES, gimp senior This makes his third year on the team. Bud was one of our most capable rebounders and scorers. He was an important man on the base- ball team. "Good Luck," Bud. MAYNARD STAFFORD, qspffp Senior Spit was a valuable man in both baseball and basketball for three years. He was a good re- bounder and our leading scorer. "Keep it up," Spit. FRANCIS PARSONS, cFf617HljfJ Senior Franny Was another three year member. He was a good defensive man and a caipable scorer. He was also an important member of the baseball team. "So long", Franny. LQMAR BRESSLER qtfffyy senior This is Lefty's first year on the Hrst team. Lefty could be counted on to hit from out on the floor. He was a regular on the baseball team. "Good Luck," Lefty. GEORGE LEFTY IRA J. O. RBI. 4' Q. P5 n Pafmcfe IRA CLARK, fl. cg senior Above-SPIT This was his first year on the team. Ira was one of our most valuable re- Be1OWiFRANNY serves. His defensive play got him in a lot of games to stop a "hot" opponent. "Keep fighting, I. C." ROBERT HARDING fBobQ Senior A one year member, he proved to be a capable reserve,especially Where there was some extra height needed on the rebounds. He was an important member on the baseball team. "Happy Marriage, Bob." HAROLD FERGUSON, Uiergiej Senior Fergie was another reserve who had some height that was frequently called upon to help out. He was valuable in baseball, too. "Goodbye, Fergief' RICHARD BROWN, OJ Senior J. O. was another capable reserve, always ready to go into action when called upon. He was a regular on our baseball squad. "Keep plugging, O." Since this year's team was composed of eight Seniors and only one under- classman, George Baird, the reserves will undoubtedly make up next year's Hrst team. Most of the second team players got in some action on the first team some time this year and do have some experience in first team ball. Their excel- lent record in wins this year and the experience they were able to get on the first team should give them a strong ball club next season. They have individual ability as well as height. From what we have seen of their play as second teamers, we get an idea of what to expect of them as next year's "Eagle" squad. We, the graduating Eagles, Wish you lots of luck next year and hope you have as good a season as we have had, if not a better one. "You Can Do It." BUD FERGIE BOB THE LONG AND SHORT OF NEXT YEAR'S PROSPECTS THE SCRAP HAPPY EAGLES fC0l1filIIlL'!1 from page BSQ There was a new team on our schedule this season, the Elm- hurst Trojans of near Fort Wayne. They used a two team attack which did not seem to bother Fremont in the least until late in the game when the Trojans ousted the Eagles 48-42. The Eagles look forward to meeting the Trojans again next season and hope to even the score. The Eagles record for the 1949 season was 16 wins to 7 defeats including all tournament games. The Eagles wish to express their appreciation to their coach, Maurice Davis, for his outstanding coaching, and willingness to help any of the players with their individual problems. He has coached at Fremont for the past three years and has made an enviable record. Three boys, Maynard Stafford, Francis Parsons, and Bud Keyes have been on the varsity team all that time. Dur- ing these three seasons they have been trying to fill the trophy cases by winning the Steuben County Basketball Tournament and the Blind Tourney for the past three years in succession. They twice won the Corner Conference Championship, tying with Waterloo in 1948, for which both teams received a trophy, again in 1949 being the only Corner Conference team with a 5-1 record. Their 1947 baseball team also won the Corner Conference Championship. The Eagles have made a fine sectional showing as well, by winning their way to the semi-finals in 1947, and in 1948 getting to the finals. Thus, they have won 8 crowns and 6 trophies, a most commendable record. During the past three years they have a record of S3 wins to 18 losses. The Seniors who played varsity ball are: Bud Keyes, May- Name George Baird ........ . LaMar Bressler ..... , Richard Brown .. - Ira Clark ............... 1 Harold Ferguson Robert Harding Bud Keyes .........,.,.. Francis Parsons .,., Maynard Stafford .. P1 1 Palmerton, 5 ft. 2 in. guard, and 11 Peeler, 6 ft. 5 in, forward, make an unusual picture. Both should see plentx of action on next year-'s varsity. FREMONT BASKETBALL SCHEDULE OF 1948-49 Date Opp. Pl. Score Nov. 3 Metz .,,...,.,,...,.,,. H 39-40 Lost rNor. 5 Hamilton ........ T 58-13 Vifon SNOV. 7 Avilla .....,......,. T 45-41 Y'Von Nov. 19 P. Lake .......... H 42-41 Won tNoV. 24 YVolcottville ..H 64-41 TVon Dec. 3 Orland .............. T 53-30 YVon Dec. 8 Elmhurst ........ H 42-48 Lost Dec. 10 Salem ................ H 37-47 Lost Dee. 19 Blind Tourney at P, Lake tDec. 22 Butler .............. T 54-63 Lost Jan. 6, 7, S County Tourney at Fre- mont Jan. 14 Hamilton ........ H 45-34 TVon Jan. 19 Metz ................., T 56-55 YVon Jan. 21 Howe Military T 56-42 TVon slfeb. 2 YVaterloo .,,,..., H 40-38 'Won Feb. 4 Angola ..........,... T 44-46 Lost tlfeh. 11 Ashley .,,. ....... H 54-52 TVOH Iovertimel Feb. 18 P. Lake .......... T 51-52 Lost it Corner Conference Games BLIND TOURNEY Fremont ....,...,.,.....,,, 81-Metz ................ 47 Fremont .,,...........,.... 69-Pleasant Lake 35 COUNTY TOURNEY Fremont .,,.........,,,,.... 54ASalem .............. 52 fovertime5 Fremont .....,,....,..,.... 49-Orland .............. 34 FINALS Fremont ....,,,,......,,,,,. T0-Metz ....,,,,,,,r,... 69 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Fremont ..... ..........,..,. 6 2-Scott Center U29 Fremont ...,.,..,...,.,..... 37-Angola. ....,,,,.,.. 56 Games Played Regular Schedule Eagle Opp. XX' L Pts. Pts. 10 6 S00 713 All Gmnes, Including' Tourneys Eagle Opp. YV L Pts. Pts. 16 7 1202 1065 nard Stafford, Francis Parsons, LaMar Bresslet, Ira Clark, Robert Harding, Harold Ferguson, and Richard Brown. The graduating Eagles of 1949 Wish next year's team and their coach all the luck in the world. We expect another win- ning team next season. We wish to leave the "Future Eagles" with this thought in mind-"When you feel that all is lost, re- member the Little Eagles of '49, and their slogan: 'A quitter never wins, nor does a winner ever quit'." So Long "Eagles" PLAYER STATISTICS S A Ht. Wt. Age Clas S " 135 15 So 9 " 137 17 Sr. .......5' 1815" 160 17 Sl' .....,5' 7115" 150 17 Sr ......5'11112" 160 17 Sr. ......5' 9 " 150 18 Sr .....,5'10 " 140 18 Sr ......5' 6 " 130 17 Sr. ......5'11 " 142 18 Sr P420 Tbiffl'-figbf This Page Is Sponsored By: CRYSTAL SKATING RINK, Clear Lake Qaacfe 57102114 GRADE BASEBALL Seater-l lit-ft to riglitl' Terry Pal- 1lltellHIl, Neil Fisllelg lfavicl Foster, Graham Sellers, .Terry llezlnis, Robert llufnagle, :intl llonnie lloums, Standing' -l.eroY llnss, Jerry Kai- ser, Ronnie Follett, Mr. Mitchell, ""H1'11I LZIVVY llllillilil, Kendall Burch, and Dick Snyder. GRADE BASKETBALL Front row fleft to ri,2'litl-Francis NYGGF, Neil Fisher, Jerry Kaiser Dick Snyder, and I'Zllll Greeliawalt. Back row-Kenrlzill I-hirreli, Larry' Chapin, YVe-nflell lflurk, Mr. Mitchell, voaclig Lev Cole-r. John Gary, anil IC. G. YVynn. GRADE BASEBALL The grades played three games of baseball this fall, two with An- gola and one with Orland. They lost the two to Angola by scores of 2 to 1 and 4 to 2 and lost to Or- land 6 to 3. Several of the grade baseball team will be back next year and they hope to do better. CHEER LEADERS The Cheer Leaders, Janis Baird and Nancy Keith, did a swell job this year and We hope they gained some experience which will help them in high school in future years. Thanks for your Hne spirit, girls. .Janis Baird, Nancy Keith. GRADE BASKETBALL Although the Palefaces played very hard and did manage to improve considerably during the year, as far as wins and losses were concerned, they were unsuccessful. This was the first year for many of the eighth grade boys, but if they keep on improving they should give some of this year's Freshman boys a lot of competition on the second team next year. The caliber of grade ball in the county was improved this year and there were many line teams represented. The County Grade tourney at Metz was very well attended, and all who witnessed it witnessed some exciting and well played games. The tourney was won by Scott Center. This Page Is Sponsored By: FREMONT LOCKER PLANT PHSF Tf'fff3'-'11"f First row tleft to rightifLois Booth, Arden Berryn Dorothy Smart, Ruth Schieber, Mona Triplett, Gerallee Falka, Janet Foster, Sharon -Wvelgle, J0yCe Lomont. Second row-Phyllis Smart, Shirley Harclineq, Christine Frahm, June Keyes, Virginia Foster, Janice MeNaue,'litnn, Nancy Moreland, Joann Chapin, Julee Mitchell, Charlayne Hall. Third row-Helen Smith, Anna Champion, Lucille Birchtieltl, Cora Lea Greenawalt, Donna Antrup, Miss Doris Dax-is, sponsor: Jane Baker, Margaret Smith, Norma Pabst, Jean Rude, Carolyn Ne-utz, YVilma Rakestraw, Phyllis Beams. Fourth row-Dorothy Forester, Barbara Foulk, Donna Thomas, Donna Schaeffer, Kathryn Newnam, Abbie Jane Fisher, Joan Abbott, Marilyn Harding, Nathalie Fisher, Barbara Loucks, Shirley Smith. gas' Azfhlafzc ' ' The G. A. A. is an organization to promote good sportsmanship and friendliness among the girls. Miss Davis sponsored the G. A. A. this year. We held our first meeting on Monday, October 25, and chose officers, they are as follows: President ............ ..... ....,.... V i rginia Foster Vice President ...,. ....... N ancy Moreland Secretary ......... ........... J une Keyes Treasurer ................ .......... C hristine Frahm Awards Secretary .................................................. Janice McNaughton We also chose an awards leader from each class to keqp a record of the points for the girls in their class. They are: Freshman .... ........... ..... P hyllis Beams Sophomore ........ Joan Abbott Junior ....... ....... C harlayne Hall S6I1i0r .............................................................................. Barbara Foulk We have a new system of keeping points this year which we feel makes our records ' more accurate. The G. A. A. sponsors the Friday noon activies. We play volley ball and girls' basket ball. We had a volley ball tourney during the month of January. The first game was played by Barbara Foulk's team and Janice McNaughton's team. The second game was played between Julee Mitchell's and Kathryn Newnam's teams. Janice's team earned the title of "Champions" Points are awarded for participation in certain activities, both in school and after school hours, and letter and numeral awards may be earned. Page Foffy Sponsor: South Shore Grocery, R. H. Mills,Clear Lake, Ray, Ind l Left to right-Jar-k Sprague, Miss Doris Davis, faculty advisor: Joan Abbott, Barbara Foulk, Bud Keyes, Phyllis Smart, Phyllis Beams, LuMar Yost-, George Baird. Slucfenl' enamel!! The Student Council is an organization made up of two members from each high school class. Its duties are to work with the student body and faculty and to reach an understanding between them, and to help promote the students' ideas and wishes. Although there are no set dates for the meetings, the president calls a meeting whenever anything important arises. The representatives for the high school classes were: Freshmen, Phyllis Beams and Jack Sprague, Sophomores, Joan Abbott and George Baird, Juniors, Phyllis Smart and Lamar Voseg Seniors, Barbara Foulk and Bud Keyes. The Student Council held its first meeting on October 6, 1948. The election of officers was as follows: President-Bud Keyes. Vice President-Phyllis Smart Secretary-Joan Abbott and LaMar Vose Miss Davis was chosen as our faculty advisor. The first duty of the Council was to plan the Hallowe'en Carnival. With the help of Mr. Latier, chairman of the carnival, it turned out most successfully. The Council planned the election of cheer leaders, which took ,place October 27. They also counted the votes and announced the winners. The responsibility of ar- ranging assembly programs was delegated to the program committee which was ap- pointed by the Student Council. The program committee and the Council planned the Christmas program together. The Council took care of the decorating and gift exchange. The Student Council of ,48 and '49 wishes to thank the faculty and student body for their help and co-qperation during this school year. This Page Is Sponsored By: H. L. BEAMS Page Forty-one Erma! Seated Cleft to rightl-RoseMa.ry Mitchell, Alice Hadley, JoAnne Taylor, Donna Schaeffer, Joan Finicle, Virginia Foster, Jean Rude, Gloria Conway, Kathryn Newnam, .Tulee Mitchell, Don Meeks, Eleanor Finicle, Joan Abbott, Shirley Harding, Iris Schaeffer, Arden Berry, Jane Baker, Bob Brown, Richard Baker, Christine Frahm, June Keyes, Mary Waters, Mrs. Ramsay, director: Paul Holley, Ronnie Follett, Ruth Schieber. The band, organized and trained by Mrs. Ramsay, continued to show improve- ment and strength during the year. New members have increased its several sections so that it is a quite well-balanced high school band. At the beginning of the school year the new members were Jean Rude and Gloria Conway. Other new members who entered during the year were Rose Mary Mitchell, Alice Hadley, JoAnne Taylor in the clarinet section, and Christine Frahm, Mary Waters, June Keyes, Ruth Schieber, and Ronnie Follet in the percussion section, and Gayle Doster in the baritone section. The band made its first public appearance at the Metz basketball game on Novem- ber third in the Fremont gym, and played at all home games throughout the season. It was a main feature at the annual Christmas program on December 20th, and also played for Commencement on May 18th. Awards were given to those who had completed one or more years in the band. Those receiving senior awards were Virginia Foster, Iris Ann Schaeffer and Paul Hollev. Page Fvffy fwv This Page Is Sponsored By: BURL B. BAKER, Trustee fznealehowa Several times a Week the pupils in the study hall may hear the familiar sound of the chorus practicing. The boys meet on Wednesday and the girls on Monday. This is the second consecutive year the chorus has been under the direction of Mrs. Miriam Ramsay. This year the chorus has increased in number over last year until it consists of fifty-six members, six boys and fifty girls. Stress has been laid on part singing, which has resulted in good harmony and a better blending of voices. The group has made several public appearances this year. Among them were the operetta at the Hallowe'en Carnival, the annual Christmas Program, Baccalaureate Serv- ices, and several assembly programs. One of the main events of the Hallowe'en Carnival was the chorus operetta entitled "Dawn Boy". Several of the members had solo parts While the rest of the members sang as a group. The operetta was unusual, fanciful, very well done, and was greatly appreciated by the audience. At the Thanksgiving Chapel the chorus sang two numbers, "Thanksgiving Hymny' and "The Prayer of Thanksgiv- ing." The chorus set a good background for the portrayal of "Why the Chimes Rang" at the Christmas program. "Nazareth" was the main number sung by the chorus at this program. The numbers sung at Baccalaureate Services were: "This Is My Country" and "The Angels Sing." The members of the chorus as well as those who heard them thoroughly enjoyed the results of the time and effort spent for this activity. Seated lleft to right!-Elnora Post, Christine Frahm, Dorothy Forester, Nathalie Fisher, Marilyn Harding, June Keyes. Shirley Harding, Phyllis Smart, Charlayne Hall, YVaune-ta. Rakestraw, Dorothy Smart, Phyllis Beams, Shirley Smith, Barbara Loueks, Yllilma ltake- Straw, Marg'aret Smith, Lois Booth, Virginia Keith, Marcella Ste-men, Barbara Foulk, Anna Champion. Standing fmiddle rowb-Iris Schaeffer, Eleanor Finicle, Joan Abbott, Jean Rude, Nancy Moreland, Jane Baker, Donna. Schaeffer, Arden Berry, Kathryn Newnam, Virginia. Foster, Viva YVorthington, Cora Lea Greenawalt, Janet Hadley, Esther Fritz, Donna Antrup, Abbie Fansler, Lucille Birchfleld, Mona Triplett, Julee Mitchell, Lois Booth. Joann Chapin, Donna Thomas, Carolyn Neutz, Helen Smith, Gerallee Falka, Joyce Lomont, Janet Foster, Sharon YVeigle. Standing fback rowl-Grover Oyler, Ira Clark, Kenneth Slaybaugh, Bill Wilcox, Mrs. Ramsay, directory Perry Stauffer, Roger Follett, Bob Brown, Lester Peeler. Tlazs Page Is Sponsored By: HARMAN'S DRESS SHOP, Angola Page Fflffy fbfff Front row tleft to right!-Fred Ireland, Bill YVi1cox, Ted Steele, LaMar Vose, Dick Baker, Dick Brown, Adam Steele, Jimmy Landis, Second row-George Crow, Clayton Fansler, Edward Antrup, Fred Binkley, Duane Crall, Richard Sit-kles, and Mr. Latier. 4. 14. Jfidllaaq The Fzzfzzre Farnzvrs of AllIFl'if'tI has been organized in Fremont High for four years. It has been responsible for many improvements in our school. We have a candy selling program set up for selling candy each noon. All members take part in this activity. Last October the Chapter purchased an Oxy-Acetylene Space Welder. All shop boys are entitled to use it without charge. The Chapter also purchased other equipment for the shop. We are glad to have Mr. Latier as our advisor as he has supervised and helped make the Chapter a success. The oiiicers for the year are: President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,r,,,, ,,,... A dam Steele Vice President ,,.,. ,,,,,, R ichard Baker Secretary ,,,,,..,,,.. ,.,,,,,,, F red Ireland Treasurer ,.,... Richard Brown Sentinel ,,,, ....... T heodore Steele Reporter ,,,,r.,.......,.., ..,..............,i.......r...t,,t,,,,....,r,..,,.,, L aMar Vose There are fourteen F. F. A. members in school this year, plus several who have graduated from Fremont High and are still active in the Chapter. The Chapter meets the first Wednesday night in each month. A program and refreshments are planned for each of these meetings. The Future Farmers of America are organized on a National and State basis. There are 48 state associations in the United States. Hawaii and Puerto Rico also have active Chapters. The motto of the F. F. A. is as follows: Learning to Do-Doing to Learn-Earning to Live-Living to Serve. Page F0ff3' OW This Page Is Sponsored By: HIGBEE WELDING SHOP, Fremont GIRLS' 4-H CLUB B o t t o m r o W Cleft to rightl- La. Moine Bress- ler, Arlene Schaef- f er, Jacqueline Rosine. G r a L' e Brornagem, Nancy Berry, N a n e y Gleason, Lau ra Conklin, Judy Campbell, Ellen Milliman, COrla Ann Foss, Chris- tine Fraley. Second r o W - Beverly Caywood, Iris Ann Schaef- fer, Esther Fritz, D o n n a Thomas, Christine Frahm, Jane Baker, Cora Lea Greenawalt, Joan Finicle, Marlene Foss. Third row- C a 1' o l y n King, Amie-lou S W i f t, .l a n e t Hutchins, Dolores Schaeffer, Christine Garmari, lt e n e a Howard, Kathryn Newnam, D 0 n n a Antrup, J u 1 e e Mitchell, M o n a Triple-tt, LoiS I'2m'1th, HGNZB' L o u Patterson, Sue Ann YVolfe. F o u 1' t 11 row- Miss Doris Davis, leader: S h fL1'0l1 Ch a p i n, Phyllis Smith, Mary XVat- ters, Joyce Booth, Janis Ilicharilson, Lois XYilkins, and Helen Siegel. BGYS' 4-H CLUB Seated lleft to right!-Ilolvert lVorthin,u'ton, Gor- don MeLain, JoAnne Taylor, Dale Xxvllll, Roger Follett, Graham Sellers. Bill XVilcox, Blaine Harding. Iloger 4'.1.a'4-.,1f em The Ready, Willing and Able Club completed another successful year's work, under the direction of Miss Davis. The motto of the Ready, Willing and Able Club is: "To Make the Best Better." The motto is applied in our daily work as well as in 4-H work. At the second meeting of the club all the girls who were in 4-H for the first time were formally initiated, and received emblems after the ceremony. The girls in the club ,participated in all county activities. They took part in the dress revue, the judging contests, the county demonstration contests, and the county meetings. The highlight of the season's work was the county exhibit. Phyllis Smith received Reserve Grand ' Champion on her canning. Many of the other girls brought blue ribbons home. We are all looking for- ward to another year's work. Standing-Mr. Latit-r, leader: E. G, XYynn, lYe-nrlell Burk, Danny XVlieato1i, Lee Coler, G1'ux'g-1- Uyler, llicll- mul Halter, llivlnircl Sin-kles, Danny Hi-own, Ilonnie lfullt-tt. .luvk Sl'rl'Hg'llt', John YYili-ox, anal Kathryn Newham. Raya' 4-JI Glad Thirty-two members were signed up in boys 4-H club this year. Dairy projects were the most popular. Projects were taken which involved poultry, sheep, swine, corn, rabbits, wild life conservation, entomology, onions, gardens, wheat, oats, forestry, soil conservation, and potatoes. Several of the members attended the 4-H Club Camp at Epworth Forest in August. Durwood Sick- els completed his tenth year in 4-H work. All the members having livestock projects had the oppor- tunity to exhibit them at the Steuben County 4-H Festival held in late summer at Crooked Lake. Only two members failed to show. A large portion of the members participated in the county 4-H Club picnic held at Pokagon State Park. Dick Baker was president of the club this year while Durwood Sickels acted as junior leader. Peggy Taylor served as Secretary and Kathryn Newman as reporter. Mr. Grabill was the adult leader until the first of July when Mr. Latier took over. This Page Is Sponsored By: ANGOLA DRESS SHGP, Hazel M. Metz Page FOWJI-five 7949 fda Pauenled Ay 7fze Seniaa Glad aaemonl' Sched 49- AHEH County Public Library 900 Webster Street PO Box 2270 FOR Wayne. IN 46801-2270 "Tlmr's Gold I I1 Them Thar Hills" .J . Publisbm' by 3 ' afgjieg sf , o i y - - 5 oy 2 X T - Senior Class 2 A , Fremont, Indiana '-'fi f ,iiilnw 'L - fl- , , ,. e Q -a e 6 fi a-N21 Photography by 'EE - :if x EJ- , 5 in H. H. Keel ff' . :V 7 fl- - 73- 1'-gi Angola, Indiana ,lf-fx 6V I -1 1 S 3 if S ,l - - -I ll-1 ' Engraving by f X 3 Q ' Asgg 4 7"N Fort Wayne Engraving Co. ' "- X- . I xx -'Q 'I V' Fort Wayne, Indiana ,- ' - --" ' k, - XX " 1f,"f fi gg ,qv - - f f -D ' px Printing by ,-f- ' Z ' ' -1 tg I F QQ, Steuben Printing Co. -' ,. -"-L - ii l-.Hlfi 1 '1 ' ' I I Angola, Indiana - -..g - -I 'V PEE ' C b y E 1 e 1' , I , 1 0112? 3' 1.f'7N um. ,xx 'iQ,Q - Chicago Illinois iwfff i ' a N91 WA! , ... f . , -5 Bottom row tleft to 1'l2lltl-RlC'l13Pd Brown, Iris Schaeffer, Lillian Scott. Viva .Jean XVortl1ington, Robert Harding, Ira Clark, Vivian Dergins, Janet Hadley, Elnora Post, La Mar Bressler. Middle row-Mrs. Joyce Reed, sponsor: Francis Parsons, Maynard Stafford, Harold Ferguson, Donald Green, Edward Antrup, James Shaffer, George Crow, Fred Ireland, Raymond Fritz, Top row-Duane Crall, Wo1'den Keyes, Clayton Fansler, Adam Steele, Eddie Girrell. 7fze 7ca2'fea The Tatler, a monthly publication, is published by the Senior English Class. Editor in Chief ,77,, ,,,.,,, ,,7,. ,,,,, ,7,7,,, R o b e rt Harding Associate Editor ,,,,,, ,7,,7,l,,,.,,,..,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,....,...,,,,,7,,... I ra Clark Business Manager ..., ,,,,77,,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,.,,,..7,,,,,..,,,,,,,.7.,, E lnora Post Feature Editors ,,,,, ,,,, D onald Green, Elnora Post, Vivian Dergins Joke Editors ,,,,...., ,,,,,,,.,,,, Vivian Dergins, Viva Worthington Exchange Editors ,.,, ,.,,,, , ,e,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,., I r is Schaeffer, Lillian Scott Sports Editors ...., ...,,s,,.., F rancis Parsons, Bud Keyes, Maynard Stafford Typists ,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,. J anet Hadley, Harold Ferguson, LaMar Bressler News Editors ..... ,,.., ,,.,,,,,,., ,,,...,,,,,,,, R i C hard Brown, Adam Steele, Fred Ireland Proof Readers ,,,, ,,,.,..,,,.l,,,,,...,,,,,..,,,, H arold Ferguson, Janet Hadley, LaMar Bressler Circulation .,,,,s ....,. J ames Shaffer, Ed Antrup, Duane Crall, Raymond Fritz, George Crow, Eddie Girrell, and Clayton Fansler We were very fortunate to have Mrs. Joyce Reed sponsor the Tatler again this year, as she did such a good job last year. The Tatler reports the doings of the students during the month. It has sports, grit, jokes, class news and programs. We are happy to say the Tatler paid for itself this year. We, as past Tatler staffs, try to publish a better paper than has been published in previous years. We have had a lot of fun putting out the Tatler this year. Best of luck, Future Tatler Staffs. PWS? FUND'-Six This Page Is Sponsored By: FREMONT EAGLE OFFICE Glau Playa In 1948 the junior Class presented their play, a three act comedy, 'lProfessor, How Could You!" on April 21 in the high school gymnasium. The play was directed by Mr. Henney, who, we think, did a Hne job. The play was a story of a Professor, who could become dean of his college if he could get a wife. His friend John and family rally around to help. John offered his secretary, a curly-headed little minx who couldn't spell . . . an ideal wife! Grandma's candidate was Tootsie Bean, a bit plump, but a good cook. Vicky, one of the Professors students at school, who is longing for revenge, proposes a friend, Valerie, a Southern charmer who made a fool out of every man she met. Grandpa won't tell the name of his candidate! Convulsing scenes fol- lowed. All three girls were invited for supper and Grandpa makes each one think the Professor proposed an elopement, and they all appear ready for the dash to matrimony! There were plenty of laughs when the irate girls faced each other-especially when, to save the situation, John dressed as a woman came in and said he was the Professors, long lost wife! The three girls consoled themselves elsewhere and Grandpa's candidate won as the Professor found a wife in the little spitfire Vicky! The cast follows: Adoring Grandma, Barbara Foulkg Mischievious Grandpa, Francis Parsons, The very proper butler, Bud Keyes, Plump Tootsie, Vivian Dergins, The pugilist brother, Richard Brown, john, Robert I-Iardingg Cute Priscilla, Virginia Foster, The charming Valerie, Viva Worthingtong Saucy Vicky, Janet Hadley, The woman- hating Professor, Harold Ferguson. The Senior Class play "The Adorable Imp" was presented Wednesday, December 15, 1948 under the di- rection of Mrs. Joyce Reed. The play proved to be a roaring success and the class enjoyed presenting it. The plot of the play revolved around seventeen-year-old Betty Lou Gordon, who must play the part of an eleven-year-old imp because her mother, Pamela Gordon, has told a wealthy admirer she is only twenty- nine! So that she might get the new admirer to propose to her, Pamela invites him, his grandfather, his grand- father's ward, and his cousin, to spend the week-end. To make matters worse, she also tells the grandfather that her mother is only forty-six! Those troubles plus the fact that the maid has a habit of hearing all, seeing all, and telling all, are only a few of the worries of the Gordon family. From the time the Pickrellls arrive until the climax, the story is one hilarious time for all. How the admirers of Grandma and Pamela pose as the new cook and butler and play all kinds of tricks on the guests, and how the Imp finally gets her man formed the super-hilarious climax of this riotous farce. The cast was as follows: Betty Lou Gordon, Barbara Foulkg Pamela Gordon, Janet Hadley, Abbie Simp- kins, Virginia Fosterg Malvina Barclay, Iris Ann Schaefferg Hortense Hostetter, Esther May Fritzg Brian Barclay, LaMar Bresslerg Ross Waldron, Francis Parsons, Dilworth Pickrell, Harold Ferguson, Winston Pickrell, Richard Browng Clint Purdy, Robert Harding, Imogene Van Rydon, Vivian Dergins. This Page Is Sponsored By: VERA,S BEAUTY SHOP Page F0ffJf-S-'Wen 9 1 0 13 14 18 21 23 25 28 29 September- T-Today is the first day of school. Lots of fa- miliar faces and som n w s V .Q e H e ones. -Corner Conference meeting at Hamilton today. -The seniors got their class rings. They look so --NYe had our first tire drill, 65 pretty. seconds. Not bad! -Baseball game. Fremont 20, Metz 0. --Baseball game. Fremont 5, Salem 4. --Baseball game. Scott Center -School dismissed at noon for -Baseball game. Fremont 10 4, Fremont 2. Mrs. Reed's fath- er's funeral, Hamilton 4. -Baseball game. Fremont 9,,Orland 5. --Grade baseball at Angola, Octob 1-School dismissed for the Hillsdale Fair. 4-XYe had a fire drill today. Time-60 seconds. 6 9 11 12 13 16 19 20 er- lVe are doing better. -Grade baseball with Orland, here. The senior English class had a Tatler Staff party tonight. Everyone had a good time. -The baseball tourney was postponed. There has been too much precipitation. -The State Police inspected the school buses. The baseball tourney was called off in the second game. Rain again interfered. -Grade baseball game with Angola, here. -The second game of the baseball tourney of the 1 lth was replayed. -The baseball tourney ended today. In the tinals Flint won over Fremont with a score of 9-3. -Grade cards for the first time this year. A few letters can mean an awful lot. -Halloween Carnival at the school house. The night for the goblins to howl. 21-22-Teachers' Association. Two day vacation for students. 27-The juniors selected their rings. '19-School out at noon for Hallowe'en celebration. November- 1 2 3 5 S 9 11 12 -A mock election was held in high school. 90172, of the students voted. Hooray for Dewev! -Mr. Keel was here to take pictures today. 9092, of the students can be wrong! -First basketball game of the season. TVe lost to Metz in an overtime 40-39. -YVe easily defeated Hamilton on their floor with a score of 57-13. -Today was freshman initiation. Onions!!! The senior play cast was chosen. -Another lire drill With one exit blocked. 90 sec. -VVe had an Armistice Day assembly program today. Mr. Hubbard was our speaker. -XVe have another victory in basketball to re- cord. It was a "nip and tuck" battle at Avilla.: the final score 45-41. 17-Y'Ve had an assembly chapel today. Rev. Con- way was the speaker. December- 3-Our Eagles were flying too high for the Orland S Tigers to reach them. The score was 53-30. Grade basketball game at Orland. 'Nuff said. -The Eagles were beaten on their home Hoor bv the Elmhurst Trojans. The score was 48-42. Rev. Litchdeld was the speaker at our Assem- bly Chapel. 10-The Eagles played host to the Salem Cardinals, who were xictorious The score W ' . - as 47-37. 13-The clothing drive for overseas relief was started today. 15-The seniors gave their class play "The Adorable Imp." A good cast-a huge success! 16-4-H Achievement program. Pins awarded and announcement of prize money made. 18-Blind Tourney at P. Lake. Fremont is now permanent possessor of the trophy. 20--All-school Christmas program. Enjoyed by all. 21-Victory celebration for blind tourney. Hooray '22 for Fremont! -The Eagles went to Butler, but lost by the score of 63 to 54. 23-School out for Christmas vacation. Here comes Santa Claus! January- : 3-School convenes after the Christmas vacation. Z 5-Kroger meat program sponsored by the Home Ec. department. Lots of free meat. 6, T, 10 8-County basketball tourney at Fremont. The Eagles were .victorious again. -Victory celebration for county tourney. Galenclaa 10-14-Semester exams. 13-Grade basketball game at P, Lake. 14-End of first semester. The Eagles easily won over Hamilton with a. score of 44 to 33. 17-The juniors chose their play-"A Little Honey." 18-School out at 10:00 because of a sleet storm. 19-The Eagles Went to Metz and defeated the 20 sl Mohawks, the score being 56 to 55. -Grade basketball game with Metz here. .. -The Eagles went to Howe Military to add an- other victory to their record. The score-56 to 42. 23-Mr. Bailey died very suddenly, of a heart at- tack. leaving the school and community shock- ed and grief-stricken. 24 27-No school because of Mr. Bailey's death. 27-Mr, Bailey's funeral. 28--No school because of bad roads. Sleet! February- 1 o -Mr. Keel took pictures today. t ..-Today was the first day for Our new principal, Mr. Mertz. Vie all wish to welcome him to our school. The Eagles have another win. They defeated the XVaterloo Vvildcats 40 to 38. 4--XVe lost to our old rival Angola. The score was 46 to 44. 7-Mr. Keel was here to take pictures At last we are through! S-Today four of the seniors took scholarship tests. 9-The seniors gave an assembly program. "You ain't seen nothing yet." Almost professional! 9-Donkey basketball games for Vistula. fund. Lots of spills, thrills and laughter. 11-The Eagles came up with another win. This time they nlpped Ashley in an overtime battle with a score of 54-52, to earn crown in Corner Conference. 16-Grade basketball game with Angola here. 17-Fire drill. 55 seconds. 18-The high school students saw a movie "Wheels 23 04 Across India." The "Eagles" ended their regular basketball season by losing to Pleasant Lake 52-51. Tour- ney ahead. -No school! Sectional today! A .. -The seniors selected their invitations and name cards today. The time is drawing nearer. March- 1-A policeman was here today to demonstrate the drunkometer and answer questions concerning driving problems and traflic regulations. Grade basketball with Scott Center, here. 2-Rev. Conway gave his bird calls for the as- sembly program today. Most unusual! Grade cards again today. I wonder? 3-Some new playground equipment arrived to- 4 T day, just in time for spring. -Grade basketball game at Salem. -The seniors were measured for caps and gowns today. It won't be long now. The grade basketball tourney at Metz, started tonight. 10-The Tri-State College band gave a concert here today. Enjoyed by all, but not long enough. 16-It's the sophomores' turn! Result-an interest- ing assembly program. 25-The juniors gave their play, "A Little Honey." And it Was! 30-Oh, cruel fate-Grade cards again. County volleyball tournament, here. April- 6. -Freshmen gave an assembly program. They're not so green! But then, they're almost soph- omores. 19-County track meet at Auburn. 22-Tonight was the junior-senior banquet. For- mals, orchestra, and everything! Everyone had a good time. 27-Junior assembly program today. A small class with big talents. Grade cards again. May- 6-Awards Assembly today. Lots of honors and awards to a lot of deserving persons. 15-The second of the senior events. Baccalaure- ate tonight. 16-Senior Vileek begins. The lull before the storm. 18-Commencement. Remember our motto: "Not Finished, just begun." 20--The last day of school. Some pleasure, some regret. Well, we'11 see you next September. Page F0ff31-figbf This Page Is Sponsored By: KAY'S DRESSED POULTRY, Angola ENGLISH III "All Words Are Pegs to Hang Ideas On" BIOLOGY 9 "The Study of Life" ENGLISH I "Conversation is the Image of the Mindg as the Man so is His Lan- guageu GEOMETRY "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" LATIN I "Veni, Vidi, Vici" Tbzs Page Is Sponsored Wzfh Complzments of TRI STATE COLLEGE PHS? F0ffJf H1116 I 2 J' Elan Ream .Scenea LOCKER ROOM "Power Will Ac- complish Much, But Perseverance, More" INTRA- MURALS "Student Fans Enjoy Intramural Basketball at Noon" CANDY LINE "Quick Energy After Lunch" Page Ffffy Sponsored By: F. B. MCNAUGHTON GARAGE, Fremont and Angola BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION "Skill, Strength and Stamina" GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION ze Water Carnival -On Hard Wood" PEP SESSION "Coach! Team! Peyp! Steam! 15 Rahs for Fremonfs Team" FARM SHOP "Elbow Grease is Still the Essential Oil of Industry" This Page Is Sponsored By: FREMONT LUMBER ac COAL co. Pffgf Pffw-one Swim Elan Will XVe, the class of 1949, being of our usual unsound state of mind and memory, upon leaving this institution of education, do hereby leave the following cherished possessions to those we leave behind, I, Bud Keyes, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my boy, Cookie, to Christine Frahm, providing he hasn't kept her waiting too long. I, Janet Hadley, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my position as noon bell-ringer to Shirley Harding, providing she doesnit forget to ring it. I, James Shaffer, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to recite in Mr. Tucker's class to Jerrie Sommers, and my literature book to Don Wall, providing he doesn't recite Macbeth better than I. I, Elnora Post, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get home late at night, and get away with it to Marcella Stemen. I, Wauneta Rakestraw, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my long blond hair to Mona Triplett. I, Iris Ann Schaeffer, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to play a trombone to Lois Booth, providing she practices faithfully. I, Clayton Fansler, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my horse "Kellogg Pep" to Janet Foster, providing she rides him as much as I do. I, Virginia Foster, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my dimples to Sharon Weigle, providing she gives everyone a great big smile. I, Esther May Fritz, do hereby will and bequeath my auburn curly hair to Janis Baird, and my bashfulness to Margaret Smith providing she doesn't ever get too forward. I, Barbara Foulk, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my Latin book to Nathalie Fisher with hopes she will make good use of it. I, Donald Green, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in the assembly to anyone who wants it. I, George Crow, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my quiet ways to Jack Stafford providing he is quiet in third hour study hall. I, Adam Steele, do hereby will and bequeath my curly hair to Charles Minnick. I, Richard Brown, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with people to June Keyes. Also my job of getting mail to Doc Vose. I, Vivian "Bing" joan Dergins, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to collect nicknames to Anna Champion. I, Harold Ferguson, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Billy Palmerton as long as he doesn't get taller than I. I, Robert William Harding, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go steady with one girl to "Cookie" Baird if he promises not to go steady with more than one at a time. I, Viva Worthington, do hereby will and bequeath my gum cracking to Lucille Birchfield providing she doesn't crack it in third hour study hall. I, Francis "Sonny" Parsons, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my baseball and basketball ability to Blaine Harding, and my ability to look like I'm working in study hall, while napping, to Lester Peeler. I, LaMar "Lefty" Bressler, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get along in Mr.Tucker's class to Barbara Loucks. Also my ability to play basketeball to Lee Coler, but he will have to put on a little more weight. I, Maynard john "Spit" Stafford, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my track shoes to Dale Deemer, providing he goes out for track. I, also will my nickname, "Spit',, to anyone who wants it, I, Paul Holley, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath my drum-stick to Ronnie Follett providing he doesn't beat the drum better than I did. In testimony, whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, this eighteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and forty-nine. Signed: THE SENIOR CLASS-1949 Page Ffffy 1' 100 This Page Is Sponsored By: WALTER FORBES GENERAL INSURANCE Elan Room .Sewers CLOTHING I "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" FOODS II "Etiquette, Enjoyment, Education" HOME ECONOMICS IV "The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare For It" PHYSICS LABORATORY "Scientists at Work" This Page Is Sponsored By Camera Portraits by H H Keel, Angola P f Flffv fbfff CLASS PROPHECY-Inasmuch as we are direct associates of Chic Young, that celebrated writer of fiction, and of Al Clapp, that famous humorist, we have been chosen to expound upon the advantages and potentialities in the educational realm. Let us focus upon the class of 1949 of Fremont High School and their accomplishments. We are highly elated at the picture before us. George Crow, who, just ten short years ago, was a meek, humble member of the aforementioned class, has since planted more corn per square inch than the entire output of Mr. Carter's Liver Pill Factory. There are Barbara and Francis Parsons, the most sought after evangelistic team in America - they are now holding a mass revival in Ray, Indiana. No doubt Maynard John Stafford's skill on the basketball floor has enabled him to gain fame and fortune as the only violinist in the world who can render a complete concert while wearing boxing gloves. James Shaffer, who, I would like to add, is no less famous, is his accompanist. Iris Schaeffer has continued with her high ambition to become a nurse and is now Supervisor at a famous New York hospital. Bud Keyes is genuine proof that education pays, for he is now assistant to Arthur Murray in Fort Wayne. ' A news item in the society column of the Fremont Eagle tells of the recent visit of Admiral Ira Clark, U. S. N. Wauneta Rakestraw - that famous Powers model, has just won additional fame on a television program in Hollywood. Mr. Eddie Girrell took over the Stork Club several years ago and it has become even more famous under his supervision. After your sumptuous meal is over, donit fail to stay for the floor show, and the magnificent performance by those famous "Sunkist Orange Blossoms" of California - Richard Brown and Donald Green. These boys have won high honors of the year for their graceful ballet dancing. And now we call attention to Adam Steele and Fred Ireland. In a pie-eating con- test in China, Adam emerged the victor with Fred trailing by two bites, and Humphrey Pennyworth a close third. Harold Ferguson, that handsome gentleman, though born north of the Mason- Dixon line, several years ago succumbed to the charms of a southern bell, and now lives with his family at Rabbit Hash, Ky. They have two sets of charming twins. Raymond Fritz, that power-house of learning has occupied a seat in the Senate, lo! these many years. His attractive and efficient secretary is none other than Janet Hadley, the No. 1 student of the class of '49. That handsome and debonair bachelor, LaMar Bressler, has amassed a sizeable fortune in the sewage disposal business, proving again that education pays and pays. Clayton Fansler, that benighted Thespian, has achieved great fame and fortune doing what he loved most during his senior year in High School. For many years he has played the lead in "Macbeth" on the legitimate stage in New York. Last June we had one of our 1949-ers from Fremont in the headlines. The reason for all this publicity was the heavyweight title bout between Paul Holley, better known as the Q'Smiling Killer" and Jersey Joe Walcott. The new champion, Mr. Holley, is now visiting in Fremont. Hi-ya Champ! In reverse of this great achievement, and in the field of more refined entertain- ment, we find our talented Duane Crall making his debut singing the title role in the opera "Pagliacci". Virginia Foster Michael has recently been crowned the "Farmer's Wife of the Year." Regardless of the heavy household duties she must perform due to her large family of six fine, red-haired boys, she is very active in club work. Elnora Post has achieved great success in athletics. For the past six years she has coached the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons, and they have an undefeated record. Robert William Harding, who is perhaps Indiana's best-loved and most widely- known truant officer, has jurisdiction over five counties. This ambition was no doubt realized through his own high standard of attendance during his high school years. And last we come to Vivian Dergins, who holds the unbeatable record as winner of the International Walkathon. It is estimated that she has walked 29,768,459,344.6 miles in the last ten years. However, we feel that her success is due largely to the excel- lent help received from that devoted and faithful trainer, Esther Fritz. And so, kind friends, we come to the close of our examination of the class of '49. P4 1' Fl fy f0Hf This Page Is Sponsored By: KNAUSS' ELECTRICAL SERVICE 1 PLAYGROUND SCENE 'Snow Means Fun For Everyone" GOVERNMENT "What You Are To Be, You Are Now Becoming" U. S. HISTORY "Keeping Up With The World Today" SHORTHAND "Short-cut to a Long Letter" TYPING "Nimb1e Fingers, Nimble Minds" ' L ' ' -' -' ' X ' , A ' an - -E , - 2 ff' 1' ' 5 ' -J 0- it -4 f -. H . Za .rl .- "i,":Z-i X -- ..-Q. N -M er N 5' f'X'? 'J '-A f-' ' if R,-4 ,E rf 5 1,4 F 1. 6 3 Y f Fkxfl' g' ,Q . "' , .egg-U i ' ' '- 1 ' ,. 'f-f,' , T uf 1 .. ,. , 5 K A 5? if This Page Is Sponsored By: ECKMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE P1130 Flffy 19 44am 7!wie fbaau We Ga 7a Seek 7!ae Quinlan Walaa of .fife suc um'-Y Allin S Y:31mlANA Ganienlkt ny JA1 ff 11 HglSl 1 12 L G ff 26 i dAf f 31 in Zzaaewell The time has come for us to choose our separate trails in search of the golden intangibles of life. We have come a long way together, yet our journey has barely begun. Having been led thus far by our parents, teachers, classmates, activities and clubs, we are now on our own. Our paths will no longer follow the well-marked trails that we have been privileged to follow while here at Fremont High School. We are now given the duty of choosing our own paths which we may blaze as new trails for those who will come after us in search of their gold. We realize that not all of us will reach the gold we seek. For some, the price of constantly striving to better ourselves and our surroundings, may be too high. Some will start off in a blaze of glory, only to drop out of the race when the path becomes didicult and obstacles arise. However, others of us will persevere to pan the world for a pure gold, weed out hate and allow love and friendship to flourish, blaze trails through cold wars and try to obtain Peace. Constantly, we will be striving for the bet- terment of our school, our community, our homes, our churches, and our nation. We hope we have learned something of the trails worth following to a satisfactory destina- tion, and to distinguish them from those which lead only to an impasse. This has been a part of our goal while at Fremont High, and we hope that we have fully appreciated the opportunity to profit by the thoughts and experiences of others, before we begin our "Lone Journey" toward our ideals and 'KSuccess." With the hope that this short trip through our school has given you a better under- standing of it and its meaning, we bid you a fond farewell and sincerely hope that, in years to come, this 1949 Vistula will hold close to you these memories of Fremont High School that have been the biggest stepping-stone in our advance towards SUCCESS, and memories that are so dear to us. ' Ofxviif .. -, ' V1 X EQ Qi K succcs ' Q..- fl-W" ,- 4 P1130 Flffy S11 This Page Is Sponsored By: STEUBEN PRINTING CO., Angola r ,I 5 1 1 11- F - . w .f- , , xy V .4 N' .L .- 15.3-I X , 5. ,mga . ,I wr " . , . .1 , 'v .ml-'xx ' -V.-'fc wx V 4 ,', , f, - ,I 1 1 H' 5 ,.- , .- .f" ' J " ' A ' , 4 . .,..:,g-",.f,a'vf X. 'I N "A,i'.r'Qu4 ,f 1 'K Y. .. . , I.. ui. m -2 .n M, .. . .- .', - .'a .ll Q 3 , . , ,.'L' a., 1 2, 'N . '. I v , fx ,uf .. 1: , f n ,V .I ,.r M: H-' ..','v'.- '- I n ,, .V-1. . 5' FIM- ,...,.l . 1 .. I 1 ,.f.', 1. ,. I 1. my ,- ' . , 1 I ' '.v'lv' '.f..:.,. .,s X, ,V V ML ,I-.h . , w.r c- " .' 9 x. f- ,.J o'1' X-' f' '11 -,M V 1' -f, , '. 7. ". L ' H." ,jill wt H ' - f ' , ix 5,73 4:5 1, -1-'19,--' '. - ,--r K-J f': ,1-." -. . A1 .Fifa wi x if 'V . 4... J! ,1, H 4, L J. 4- Lf' ., .,..r . A H- .far - if .,' iywml 1,1 . 1 1f,,,,. Phi' 1 'inf ,. 1 . -. . -y. - f N , l ,J J '. sexi' I ..' .f"T"f' -vs". A - - G V. 1 f 4 iv ' 'J J , 1 s l W ' 1 ' - 1-9 "- . vu . 1 ,Q . 1. -4 ' , - A 4 'A A ,g:..'.fx-C-51 Vg' AN' 'Y 1' , - . -, fn... . '. '-"3'r"'4l- "' ., .. gf M5 Q- ' A 'f V., x . . . - ,, .F- 'Aif-Lj'. in ,. A., f ,, H - , 5-Eff-.. 3 ' . ,.f, rkfzqj.. A , QWQBSL.: -. 4 .tv - -'ff'-13.1 3' 1' M ,aw . ya- 3115, ,. ' - ' ' 34 - 1- f .ga - . . - A M Timm ' '-' W , f' .,-va :5-.rg "Q j-:E.p'., ,Cx . .r ng' J? 'V T- A" - 1 'iif'-I-'flf-ff gs. ff f -... 0 ,1 Ma: gd' ' 'f' 'P 7 f N v.--.' 'X M 'xv ,F-.1-. if, -' 'V H V 'iq 7545-QFQ1 72. 'N 5' f I " ' . .745 .if-Q ny',,f-1,1 -' 1 ' ki.,-, .- A,,-,.,,., A - I V -. u. VYJ. as uw U . by 95 1' .fi 'J' '7.,.,""f,,,'.w I . .,.,f.L-.,T-.w , ' P ' L, '- . ye' - - -BSL-, I. '31, - " I Aijf- I . -f J'-1 'why '-F. '41 1 , . 13'-M 1. ' Lu H." Y -B -,f 1. . 'J-. --Fwy. 1. Q' S x.,2.. ' ,. I rg l, ,-'--Li..1,, Q ,rv 'V - -. 1. . l, 4 -'G-mf ff xr. - V -- ... "-'bfq-f' ' f'1v.'- 'wifi ' . ' Ay ' V .. .sm-.9 f- Y . Y ' 75? ,avi A--'.Qg35ff..11' - - . ' 2":-L.'?.'NJZ1f,. ffffl- " '5f,Qf'?Q. J Q - .4 gag- Q gn Ftff 'gf-.., Q,-:fl 41. ' A' .4 .P-. h if ,:.L,1.Q, -Avg i . . 1, 5: 'gh - -L-1 ' If A N. 'f K S Qu f N Ei .-:L ' e ,yn . ,. 1 'N , .qi , G4 Q . 1 ,Q .S . 4 ... -.4, .2 .1 . , Mya, V . v.. Y .X 1 , 1, . 3, 1 ' 1 A 4 eq 1 1 n v ..J, N: 5 I. . 1. vi wg,, ..-'- ' n -.. r' if .'.vQ-Qi M, . H., ., ,l . .-of 'L , 3973 ug.. Aw' lf nv.. , , . .. ,.,,. - 1 '14 gr .. I s , x 2 4 4 ':.lg. 5, u -:x ' b ' A..-.4. . "W y M:..,,,,,,.. .. Q4 W' my ,.-.g.:E:f-"' Q w - A ..r' , .., 1 -41- -,..1. ., 5. ,1 v ra .- .Q 4 ' x ...n.,'!.' ' H ., f A '1 x I , H, W 1 I .Hr 1 xx XV. .-x' . ,QV -x ff V , 1 " gf' ff: .. . - 1" if ,, ,ug if? .-5 x, I J ' X V .-A - . - :ZH - f fi .. . ,- V 'nf . . 1-' . ning . ,Vw X-. . . H gt A K , an Q ' V . "Qi ' . . . 1 x '. -'-"'I., ' fa- - 5. 's VL N :U a? ,V - His, ' 7 - - . ,Rx g ' ' ,k ' 3 MVA, ' ' ' x ' '-'Q8.hgf.g. ' - 551. a -.'.- I . NSN , . , ,,, H X gba-V . ax, --q. 1 lx -j..':.- rl .L '.':, 1 ' 111 X 1 11 .- 4 .2 'X , , 'l,'9rer- 1. uf . 'ix . '-.e , - -.N 1.1 , 'buf' K' 5"CE ,x 1.5h.,., -5 -:IL-zz. f 'f - if . ' "vL' ' ,V "1-. 'aw' " . '- ' ' .. V' ..a,:,1.. W uf - N - 1 , -1 A 3 5: " --3, f X . ' 5' 2, .1 ' x " M. . -,.,:' ' X' -- ,Q -" ,av .Q L A , . ..:- 1 - , - -lf' " V- . . , K .-zx ' 1 4 x - lm EV . f 'Q 315, ' 5 A -. ' ru-fa, - I ' . . - ,g - . . 1 3 'Z 1':.' - 1 ",, 'ik -Fr .- ' J ' 4.2. x , 7.24 It ' ' 'lik - -1 px . ll ' za . L 'Q 1 -an '- V 5 -.- 9 1 : 'lfflfsi' . ,Q . f .V x K I: .. g. t Ns 4 1 E Zzcvzewaacl g 2101806 In 1849, one century ago, our great nation was still in the making. During that year gold was dis- covered in California and many, many people rushed to the West, with the hope of reaching the place Where the gold -had been found and obtaining a share of the treasure. Some of them succeeded - they reached the gold. Others dropped off along the route and staked their claims at diiferent places that prom- ised a life for them. There in the wilderness they started life all over, making the best of what they had and receiving a reward, not the nuggets of me- tallic gold they had started to seek, but the gold that we seek, such as Contentment, Wforld Peace, Enlight- enment, World Brotherhood, Faith, Loyalty, Health, Determination, and Success. In 1949, the present time, we, the Seniors, must rush on through life to reach the goal that we have set for ourselves. As the 1849'ers did, so will some of us drop off before our highest goal is reached and try to make a success of our lives no matter how close we are to the place where we started. We will be expected to pan the World to secure a pure goal as our fore- fathers panned the dirt for pure gold. We shall have the duty of cutting our way through forests of cold wars to obtain World Peace, be given the task of fighting germs to gain Health, and be expected to dig deep into unknown places for Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding, we will have to weed out all hate so that Love and Friendship may flourish, we shall be taught to expect the unexpected so we can have Happiness at all times. When we have done this we will be well on our way to Success, but we will not have the highest success until every nation of the world has Freedom. As we've already stated, some of us will drop off somewhere along the line, but others of us will push on to achieve these goals for ourselves and all mankind. Now to our understanding teachers, parents, loyal classmates, and Fremont High School, we, the Seniors, bid a fond farewell and take one step farther toward that goal for which we have thus far strived. 9 5 4 I Q ' .W sf.-N'::,.1 'X Q--:fs-w0"" , ,. """'!+ Succeu He has achieved success who has hv ed well laughed often and loved much who has gained the respect of intelligent men the trust of pure women and the love of little children who has filled his niche and accomplished his task who has left the world better than he found it whether by an improved poppy a perfect poem or a rescued soul who has never lacked appreciation of earths beauty or failed to express lt who has looked for the best in others and iven them the best he had whose life was an inspiration whose memory is a benediction BESSIE A STANLEY l 9 1 .ff i s U 5 fy, ' s 4 , A i . . , 3 . p . O. D s 9 . I This year our school and community suffered the loss of a dear friend and outstand- ing leader, Mr. Paul Bailey, principal of Fremont High School for the past six years. Mr. Bailey, born and raised in Fremont, was always deeply interested in the stu- dents here at school, and also in his many friends throughout this community. He help- ed all of us to become better individuals and better citizens through his influence and example. His main interest was in this school and he constantly worked for the betterment of it. He was interested in the scholastic and athletic achievements of his students and willingly gave the help they needed to carry them through. Another of his main interests was in the sports field, in which he took an active part. He was always seen at the games urging the boys on to victory, and we are sure that no man was ever prouder of a group of boys than he was, whether they Won or lost. After teaching at Fremont a few years, he accepted a job as coach at LaGrange, Illinois, and moved there for a short time. Upon his return to Fremont, he became principal of this school and held that position until his death. Mr. Bailey's theory of achievement, which was "Not to advance is to recede"- has become such a part of us that we use it in our conduct, our school activities, our sports, and in our everyday living. Our interpretation of this theory is: We must improve. We must be better and do better than we did last year, last week, or yes- terday. We cannot stand stillg we must go forward or backward. If we don't improve we get worse. It is impossible to remain the same. We shall long remember Mr. Bailey for the work he has done for his school and community. Therefore, it is with deepest regret and sincere devotion that we, the Seniors of 1949, dedicate this year's Vistula to his memory which will always be an essential part of Fremont High School.

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