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123174. f 1 J JE Y i 9 may V fv -I ,Z I my ,M ,, V Q ,,-- A f :J'5 '1 ' , , . 4' ," Q! Vp., cf' I ' ,f ix , ,.-4-4' Z 5 - r- ' xr Q sg x 5 :Liu Sports l54 5 Y. if 'f Academics Faculty 200 g f gg X .,-,, A l - A V 1 fe 5 f W xm,L : A . x Elz' ' 'Khk' minus alll' E. EBIQUEEE VCUUIUVULUQEQ EHULLLLLEJ ef' -- i THE EXCEPTIO T0 THE RULE All was silent as the clock ticked to- ward 8flO. Then, quite suddenly, people were scurrying around hastily to avoid-being late. An average day, at an average school - no, wait! AVERAGE? Fremont, AVER- AGE? Never happen. After all, as any FHS student could tell you, we did things in our own way. We were the exception to the rule, because we be- lieved in standing out, making a differ- you can determine your true identity. "FHS is different because you can real- ly be yourself and won't be criticized," explained sophomore Alison Baker. When asked what made Fremont dif- ferent from other schools, Regan Pat- rick replied, UDIVERSIFICATIONII Many different people, classes, all kinds of things, l haven't met any snobs here. Very good!" At Fremont, we set up the traditional N.,-I -2, Opening I l ence . . . climbing Up the Down Stairs. Welcome to Fremont, a society of highly diverse people, a place where you can state your true beliefs and be respected for them, somewhere that goals, but the means and processes by which we met them were extraordi- nary we sprinted Up the Down Stairs. pr it W, ,Sm qw A PM j ,Y .i .uw 5 " gif, M55 x o " 1 wg, www! KJ? 'X pi 5159 W Bi 9 Screaming, shouting people move frenetically in a huge crowd as deafen- ing noise ricochets between the build- ings. ' No, not a demonstration rally, it's the Senior Opening Dance! Taking the school by storm, the second annual out- door singles dance came off with flying colors. The cool night air, plentiful space, and available soft drinks were especially appreciated. "We didn't die of heat and suffocationl" exclaimed iu- nior Anita King. Upon request, the sen- iors, plus a few daring underclassmen. lined up against the side of the small gym for a picture, During one popular song. someone started a conga line and pretty soon, everyone was skipping around in an immense circle. Accord- ing to senior Kathy Johnson, who helped to plan the dance, it was "really and a lot of fun." "lt was sorftaslow starting, but then it got real- ly fun . . . Everyone was psyched up be- cause it was the first dance of the year," stated Tracy Lum, junior. Mark McMillin described it at a later date as, "Probably the best dance out of all the dances we've had .Q . l" Above- The stupendous seniors gather to show Kristy Blackie take a break from livin' to the mu- their pride in making it to the top rung of the Slf T0 look amlllld' ladder. Right: Dan Savage, Sue Johnson, and 1. Seniors Opening Dance Directly below1"He said WHAT?!" Joanna lVlclVlillin and Jenni Wally confer over a very important matter. Mid- dle: Karen Sanchagrin knows she's having a good time! l-ar below: Moving to the slow, steady rhythm, Wendy Church and John Cabrera smile contentedly at the cani- era. 7 t X r' 5 3 5 , f 1 J' 94' if Opening Dance QDQSSQQ WQQ GQ i in .fl N x . EL. Q 1 1 nifwog, ,A , iaiflffyfx , V A , Egig..-an a- ,n I A 'FQ-5:2 - ' ' 7?'13?c. ' , ,E H 1. if- - . , .,, . 5. la - A '59- wi-Ng ,jtglg -4 .j,,, ,, ,, . W, , ga ,. .J 3. Y rn.. 4 N' ' 'TS ik Nl 'N gif A .5 Y -,J-: :wi . 'fi 4 -. rx v Students let out their exertions from the week at the football game. ls this the new look? Fremont students strut their stuff! Concerts were another popular weekend festivity. You could hear your favorite groups first-hand. "Ag, ,,,: ig, .VLVV zr- :VL K i'!i.Q'n Ill: I 7' . o of w""f'0 5' 4 fy 011 0 y 0 es. 4511-1 X iglioxg . 'ff A "efll S009 o 519 . g 416,56 04 abby Jvm. . .. J' ..v ,f ap X Q 4 '09 s'v'?+'?3+'f5 ,ei-' 56 owne Tn 60 Q99 ,rf xv 9' 90 " MGM " Q oooooo You do your chores and treat your brothers and sisters like semi-human beings. You do your homework and even resort to begging. Yes, you guessed it. it's the weekend and who wants to get stuck home with their family? Of course you make plans Monday. You make promises and offer rides. You don't even own a car or have a license!! Then, the day comes when you have to approach your parents, the people with the money, and the car. You approach them fear- fully, because they are the dictators with the power to veto. When you finally ask, you get showered with stupid questions. "Who are you going with?" Does it matter? Yeah, l'm going by myself- what do you think?! Then a dreaded curfew is placed over your innocent head. "Come on, can't you make it iust a half an hour later?" You've been a good kid all week, what happened? lt ITIUSI have been that last load of dishes - you put in too much detergent. Once you got past your parents, there was a wide variety of things to do. The beach was usually the main attraction be- cause it was a good reason to get as far away from your parents as possible and still have a lot of fun. During the fall. you wanted to go where everybody was-football games!! Dances were another place where you could find all your friends and have a great time. On Saturdays, many students went browsing through stores in the town mall, despite the fact that they had no money. And parties, well . . .they speak for themselves! Weekend .T-"-s , ,,, , Q , 55... Q. 'v ' a '54, cal,. l."l TRADITION VS. 7mzaaat'6an An Unexpected Contradiction A -mn ...ww . - 4 i io o Z. 1.333555 1 mgxfiffo fs' 'gli - Q ,1 v. I Q as Gs X X Q I , ii i xx' S. vs " 5 QW K Q B 5 . N H , in 2 is Q t x is if :gf an X Q Sf 5 an x ,S 3 QR ai ww 5 . X oo 'fo Q , Q 'gy' ., Q iffx- J S 9 9 wx vs , 1 Q , 1 P. g . of l o o Xgi 'W' Q' - fn 'lz fo- if - 55, 3 w 'Q ,, o g, - S A A - at . M x N, xi? fs Rx' .xx xi xg 1.9 X Z: ,if l .i 4 . -,., A i, Nl 29 L -L,-g Q. :S-fix , a W Xa Y K .zz -S in Ay 1 N Q -1 1 ' , -if. .X , Ii.,--,V - Q., X Q . A N Q n 'Q Q 43,45 1 ' 54 f i .i . Q -f 5 QQ? ',, , i A D Q ' ' i l 4 ' LL"- I ,-. ' A P - A ' Q iw K s L i 1 R -4 i fin., Q .L Siva-S 'M l rk.'... gi Lk o Kimi ' ww Q WE b i, -is - if Niilf Ji- 11- S Tradition vs. Innovation QNINWB . ik "lt was too dark for the parents to spy on us, that's good!l" stated Erich Kruger, when asked his opinion of the band-sponsored dances after football games. Director Joseph Hinds was inspired to organize the dances while he was wondering what kind of solution would solve the problem of keeping students off the streets after games. With the support of the band and some willing parent-chaperones, he found an an- swer, one which was pleasing to both adults and teenagers. "My only dislikes were the D.J. and the .. . gym . . .being too small. The big gym would be great! l thought it was a good idea to have it after games. The band did a great job, they ap- peared to be very organized dances," explained Senior Jenne White. milk - F Top: Jeff Hermann, Leila Mendoza, and Lisa Saberin prove that three is not a crowd. Left: Angie Motley and Laura Flannery express their friendship. Right: Dancers keep in time with the beat. Dances After Games law " 3 -Ii -H. . 1 U 5 Hold me now." as demonstrated by Chris Porter and Ramesh Hamadani. Top right: Ted Turner planning soniethirigi' You can tell by the look on his face. Middle: How strange-Beth Peachey 5 lends seem to have shrunk! Bottom right: On his way to find a damsel in distress. Gary Stein pares a second to grin at the photographer. I- vs 5 Dances After Games if . ..... .Y . .g t Q ia fl Q N ...M v wa f 'xzfrwgiszi .K 1 5 wi e Q I QE g areear l. Dad took the training wheels off today! Jeff Walker looks on envious- ly. 2. Play it again Michele! Kathy Johnson, Holly Hewes, and Michele Miller form a terrific trio. 3. Studious students studying strenuously. John Goodman instructs Kathryn Grant. 4. Karla Ogle vs. Jeff Motch in the battle of Greddysburgl 5. "Mom packed two Oreos today," exclaims Li-Wen Kuo. 6. A Motley Criie for is it Kool and the Gang?D 'R l lil, alt' Q Jr ,. fl '--:,:: ::, - 9 gaiz'1:1avN-- Ji' 5 3 l f eee E '- H K -if iii ki?-55 -A, . lgbzgil X . .:'LL ii- :f f l ..::1: 1 . fi 355-asf .... 2 " ' N .. f. W-.- . - F V uk f ..: : sw- ir K fr' - 1 e -Q-, Q . -ZII 2 n K Y l . ' -iivi . i k ' ., .:.. - . K ' ku ' Q LF Y ::. -2-k n A . KE 'ee WX . E 1 Q K :L ii- e ,gay - . p 1 X if '--- 'Y ' . Xia X N Sh it 5 'W ., Q ia ki 4 ,..., :Qi ..,xb 1 xN..., . r ll 5 ,N .1,:e,E,2a3 .- K ,et ,eff K - . .N , A X ,, as L11, Q, - l T I I a at Q an 2 X N e Running through those dreaded halls, You realize that you're late. You try to sneak into your class To avoid that awful fate. Fifty sentences known by heart Are embedded in your head As you slump into your desk. A smile shines from Gred Brunch, at last, has now arrived. You run to get a snack The line's too long-to Winchell's you go But by third you must he back You didn't make it once again Your car got in a wreck So you decide to skip the day And say, "Oh, what the heck? ' x -gf. we A .,,e :ug N ttl,yt A 1 ge ,. , .2 ve pop h A A v T ,. fi -,v - Pk :rigs - fy :' we P .. , '0 , bi Y . . . in WATCHES - Among K e nwo uXav vchbv ands w ovn w eve Guess and Sw avc hes weve dvsvvnp,uKsha'oXe Xasvvc bands , covnvng nd sv1,es.T o ch fflv A eeeee X X7 f X ' x x SW ' 1 E YXQSX f oi A sf f xXNXLx vs: f Nxxx xx NA-.x XNB These wavc vheXv vound iaces and p vn a vavvew oi pavvevns, coXovs, a accompany Swavches, some had "Swax guav ds" ,nov onh4 iov pv ovecxvon,huv aXso vov vhe xvend. . . . in JEANS E1 PANTS - Guess and Eovenza Xeans w eve wvdew wovn aXong wvxh vhe pop- uXav, 'ouv consevxlavwe BOY s. Svvvvups aXso made vhekv debuv vnxo vhvs qeav's iashvon. . . . in SWEATERS - Sweavevs and vesvs ok aXX coXovs, svde, and pauev ns weve chvc and swhsh qev convi ovvahXe. One oi vhe vop hv ands weve Eovenla, whXch canwe vn xl - necks, cv ew necks, and vuvde necks. . . .in PATTERNS - Nxakmga conNe'oack,pavs- Xey was a dw evse pvvnv :hav con1pXevnenved ' mam ouvhvs. vavsxey aXonp, wvvh pXa'vds and ' absvvacv des'ns weve vhe pvkvnavy pax- xevns. 'CESSORTES - Nxanq accessovves vs, eavvvngs, and 'oehs eve, especXaXk1 , Xng. fx in Ac ' 'oeve 'nsw dvess h as pvns, 4 ouxhv.Vv a hav oque if suc Xeved an ' evn ov comp cov avw e xv A .4 S N ade 9' ,sf -f-'ff in SHOES - Eoovweav such as pumps Qhavs ov whh heeXs-3, keehoks. nwavq vanes, Espvn de Covp, as weXX as T op svdevs weve sovne ov vhe vhe 'ovands vhav waXked vhe campus. STYLE f New wave, vogue, suviev, and onae svdes vhav vnhuenced some vhonv. Xnnovavwe and ' d one svde " 3 vhod w ev e s vhe peopXe as Eve uxs dvsvvnguvshe an Swa Ich You es Or ., GL Ma I Suggs., less W rla G Ed ' alcl '. ala 'tl T 165 pahley Sh-Hg' iun' hgse ie WEre a 'rt lor' dis ans We must fo ' Pla fe F th YS he SPO E f f ba Wed aShi FQ ar OH . que Ound Kon , Tas, th SC: 9 W- 9 C ith 3 amp I1 OV ' Ersp V oi A ovvgvv1aX navve :SL Pads g Fa h from anoxhev. s ion Num 1 I I i, I . 1 ,iW'if,'1 f KU' . seventy rw gh if Raebdk f es K ,e - X, V , , 3 si 4. Black and white, these shoes are iust a minute ' if wfiffi KI' ., ,fi . , , , , " 1 f ig ' portion of the wide ranging styles. T1 1 l., ' L ' 5. Senior Mildred Dulay expresses her unique person- - 4, rf Q . 51,5 X - alit . 1 -N-11,32 FTP' .-I - ' Y f -. v f 6, These pins came in style with a renewal of the V ' 'X . '- f z ' jx g i V is A A P A M' x w ,ix baroque era. . si ,ir li." 1-' 'LWB' 'fu XZ, 2 'xr' W . -M , - ,N V 5 ' - . ii , 'a-,LA fc' V1 if f A ' 1 A I - ' ' f .1 Y ' 1 9' Fads S Fashion Ed Robinson, President Chris Porter, Vice President Cathy Gerrity, Secretary Monique Iwata, Treasurer Dan Savage, Sergeant at Arms Heidi Ainscow, Rally Commissioner Amanda Cormier, Activities Commissioner Mike Henningsen, Athletics Commissioner Heather Pubols, Publicity Commissioner Mike Brannan, Elections Commissioner Dawna Crank, I.D.C. Representative I. As the work piles up, so do the A.S.B. Officers. 2. Another exciting Executive Council meeting. 3. "What did you say, Mike?" 4. "I said, 'I wish people would pay more attention at these meetings."' 2 A.S.B. . .. Student Life fi-nl Q, V 1 S was X Q iiffri iisrrs I I . t ,tj . MK: X, -....,,,. TEDIQUIQ AT T l3.A. MEETI ,K .. X. R . 1 - ,. C la ,Q f 6 ,Wg WJ! 1 at at , . .lit x X ' x 4 ' J I fi 'ian "' W! , Jrf f ' . ls B. One fall day, at a routine Gen- eral Assembly meeting, the life of Ed Robinson drastically changed. At this particular meeting, Ed was interrupted by a strange sound. Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle. "What's that?", the inquisitive G.A. mem- bers wanted to know.C5D Their curiosity was quickly satisfied. "AAAAAAAAA!", screamed Wendy Church, "lt's the Killer To- matoes!!!"C7j "Watch out, Ed!". shouted Dan Savage as a large to- General Assembly . .. Student Life Q fl -. 1 ' W ,,,,,W, E 6 mato rolled towards Ed.C8j "Huh?", replied Ed, somewhat confused.C6j Ann Williams pro- claimed, "Dan said, 'Watch out', but why? l mean, tomatoes can't kill you or anything."C9J Gulp! Gurgle, gurgle. Well, it seems Ann was wrong. But wait! Look! The tomato didn't eat Ed, Ed ate the tomato! And this is how Ed's life drastically changed: he went from being a basketball player to being the basketball. . , RH 'tr' i?lQ2t,g.yI W.. wt YQ, -sv? --' -- ...- F-S Building floats and painting walls, The hard work had begun. Each class engaged in rivalry To see who's number I. "In the Pine with 89I" Is what the freshmen cried. They led their class throughout the week With neverending pride. The sophomores thought they'd "Surf Safari And ride a giant wave. From elephants to boogie boards, A thrill to them it gave. "Juniors want our M-TV!" Is what they did request. From Dire Straits to Sting and more, Their music was the best! The seniors went to Disneyland And Mickey led the crew. Successfully they won the week And made their dreams come true! Fond memories still linger on, Though aII's been said and done, We know no matter what the theme That Fremont's number one! 5' Q ., v -v I2 The senior class shows its spirit in a unique way. The sophomores cleverly combine surfing with safari on their wall. The sophomores catch a wave. Senior Valerie Bane bats her eye- lashes for the camera. Prince Charming Jeff Hermann and j, null vlum. ,,,, 1 . ,mmm K I , , ,Ty Cinderella Wendy Geluz dance fo the crowd. The class of '87 makes a specia guest appearance on MTV. ' Dawn Cohen shows her junior spirit Freshman Adam Chastain seems pleased with his performance in th rally. i 'W' :ll T 'wi ' + S '91 F""""' 9. Juniors have their MTV. Mickey Mouse on Senior Day. IO. A Homestead student is at the mercy of two I2. Jeff Hermann proudly poses in front of the freshman Indians. ior float, II, Steve Duca's car miraculously transforms into ff Wx vm , tiff uf , hamggehaolyguimvf AJ, "' I WW c?lJ1x"nkvbr'7"f.f:-u?q.- f Janie K: wt ' , -V tm-mmmvwm 'N' mth! Tfmr, tw. ' L t f 'T ive! ,A iw" 'Ht' an mv- 'f wwf? 'towf Iif 'Q-not Q V me To cnwff- N' bfeqx " t ipcrlg LJ,-',., in ' 121,45 ,Z A Q V 5 -' if fer vt.-. '- , . . 'iff fy L3 QS", ' 'M rar.. IIC- """"'ltfs,. 'lift' I ., Qvrff-52f1"j1"Cq. Q, J .crabs uf To 5,5 'av:tv,,fM""" range. 'iflfg-'lr Afeqzf' gh: rjqttffgt-Z' ne nv: 2 5-f.,3.x.,.--.+ I A - A :L . e . -6256? we-1-cf :emi :ji r'jL,,.c"'z9A J.t2"f2rA.,-Q uf Jnfrutng-VC'-2 .'1"r " - " "Fx ' f f - nf- b'CAfl'CCX G' auf' ,gf fCPE1lI110l't4,,'c:rQE. jf ::1v-T-jj it tfv 5505? 61-ea'-'gif A Vw' I we ww PP-211' Q f "-JT' '- "F 5 fn . z 2 4, fy NS-,s. 1 . . '7l,VLk V I its "'f""f'7'f1z.1 Q- . zcmeiz av' mm! 4-Y N, 'Q ,Gm bfsfit Ho Q. t ttf? anb rt' 9:76 f V' mf P' bv' our ' as Q cj 'Uwe x t .K t , 4 .Tent f a K' 'Dam Cntr 4, sw sa 55' eQ'2Z.s' 3' ft 'ax eqb 4 ei I ! it-LEE ,tt 1:9 ,, Q I ' Q f pig t xi - L, 'Vs ad. 5 tx f' "R K. 1 x s Q ,V 2 . Spirit Week Student Life 1 ,KAW t NNrMMK m:m93 5l333 li Q fi':f2?5?.?'iiwfS5H-- 9 in 32S22ZQiQQiieziSGs?,Qi -fQFi'1l52:fsz?5fiA'5wQ 4 f- 1- Q -ZZITZZQSEMQPYH W W f1::x:t25.53?6SSiRZ2ZQl W llilifsiiiisifsvwewf Q Q f-1Q45M l8Zi1i iHi2 ldfili QR2SME?ZW3125:ZSJZSFKEETTWM9'.Lmi'f,fiii:kS,1,5'i3fLbSsEH:-"wwf1Ymi4'Wf"' ,f v-5 fr N , , A 'W . Q' K I 'D , W A M . if 1 ' L . b M f x ' I W' Q, . f ai " ' .:""' S M' is . YJ X gl-nit' ' - Gigi ' 4 Q , 5 V ' , My, W' sf' gm. U ffffg, fx 1 f ami! 1, ., S! , ' ' 'f Fifi? , ill" PS' ins Student Life Homecom ua.: lil!!! SPIRIT ESCALATES TO NCREDIBLE HEIGHTS G62 1,1 n 'X' .ff X 5 A aj I sg r 1 S33 ' T if lifxissi -L I The I985-86 Homecoming court included: Amanda Cormier and Bob Albert: Wendy Church and Jeff Sheltont Kathy Johnson and Dan Savage, Karla Ogle and Ken Jamesg Heidi Ainscow and Mike Henningsent Dawna Crank and Ed Robinson. lb An enthusias- tic Homecoming crowd cheers the Indians to "fence in the Mustangs." 25 The enchanting Senior float. 33 The Class of '88 displays the "new wave" in floats. 43 FHS. wait and see, Juniors got their MTV! 53 Freshman Ricky Caldera is "In the Pine." "fx f' After an exhausting week of perfecting walls, floats, and rallies, everybody was ready for the major event that all these things built up to - HOMECOMING GAME.. The stands were full, and the crowds were psyched, not only because the game was against Homestead, but also because every- body was waiting for the results of the hec- tic spirit week. Finally, half-time arrived. After a spectac- ular performance by the band and the Feath- erettes. the floats were paraded around the track. As ail classes waited expectantly to hear the winner of spirit week, the nominees for Homecoming king and queen arrived. Fi- nally, the class of '86 was announced the win- ner, and Jeff Shelton and Wendy Church were crowned king and queen. The evening ended in another celebration: the Indians shut out the Mustangs 2l-O. As one student exclaimed, "Homecoming was a blast! Even though classes lost and queen and king nominees were disappointed, every- body shared in the team's victory." I .1 7 I fix sfifr Jil 2 Y 4 , . at 1 l ELECTING TO SERVE Ability,service training,responsibil- ity . . . that's what ASTRAS is all about. The club is an all girl's service group that put on various activities through- out the year. They opened the year with a bang when they had their balloon sale, the first fundraiser. Everybody had fun, and they brightened up the drab class- rooms on top of it all. The main event ASTRAS sponsors Ctogether with Varsity Clubj is Home- coming. This year's theme "the Glam- orous Life" was carried out well by the bids and the decorations. Both com- mittees worked hard, and were glad when it came to a successful end. Service projects were also stressed. Among these were visiting those in convalescent homes and working in soup kitchens. ASTRAS definitely succeeded in bringing happiness to people both on and off the Fremont campus. Right: Crowds flock to buy balloons from ASTRASI Betty Afuola listens attentively to Karen Leong, President, ASTRAS keeps everyone's interest! an Student Life . . . ASTRAS A STEP I THE RIGHT DIRECTIO 'li 53 5 ilill S15 464 CT X.. Q, S9 Ib Az 5 43 7 A X W 0 l 5 D + '?L- 6 1NGW6B' . Q 94 1 .Y an . zz? :A '-,551 .54 Z J 23 2 One of the most serious problems on the roads, especially Friday and Satur- day nights, is drunk drivers. A group which started last year, SADD, strives to reduce the incidents of students driving drunk. The death of Mr. Bian- chini, a counselor from Fremont killed by a drunk driver, sparked this group into action. SADD worked on many things which all contributed to their cause. They put out the "Contract for Life," which stu- dents signed with their parents, agree- ing to call for help when they did not feel capable of driving. SADD brought about awareness of the problems of drunk driving, and also contributed many solutions. The members of ASTRAS Cfacing pagej were. Karen Leong, Kim Leong, Kathy Johnson, Mika Miyamoto, Jeannine Hu- lan, Jennifer Anthony, Ann Williams, Lisa Goetowski, Betty Afuola, Heidi Ainscow, Kristy Blackie, Tini Bui, Caren Chen, Wendy Church, Erika Cramer, Corby Dale, Jodi Elgart, Danielle Fettig, Nikki Hurlston, Andrea lmazeki, Jenny lmazeki, Sue Johnson, Jennifer Jue, Keiko Kajikawa, Robin Kelley, Julie Kel- sey, Laura Kindsvater, Puiling Kong, Ju- lie Krawetz, Diane Krzysik, Claudine Lenfant, Tracy Lum, Misako Masui, Lisa McPherson, Zoe Meyer, Karla Ogle, Gail Pubols, Luisa Ramos, Marne Row- land, Tina Seto, Michelle VanValken- burgh, Alison Wakefield. Keli Wilson. Kim Wokoek, Monica Wong, Michele Yoshikawa. SADD members were: Brooke Markle, Jennie Hoppenrath, Beto Valladares, Chris Franklin, Jeannette Garcia, Mi- chelle Ganse, Brendan Harris, Sandra Castorena, Lucy Castorena, Rudy Basa, Wendy Geluz, Quoc Ho, Mark Wald- man, Mark Jennesse, Mike Jennesse, Andy Gonzales, Olivia Santos, Mari- belle Basa, Alex Fitzpatrick, Greg Fitz- patrick, Nick Fitzpatrick, Rodger Low. Barbara Fuiito, Joe Candaso, Daniel Aflague, Kyle lkeda, Michael Navarro. Paul Dismuke, Jim Kuinnar, Hugo Raina. Student Life .. . SADD 1 i Above: Q-What's wrong with this pic- ture? A-SENIORS NEVER GET TRASHED! Julie Krawetz placed third with her picture of Senior Nancy Mclntosh following her tragic exper- ience with the garbage can. Right: Oth- er good pictures taken by Doug Men- doza, Mary Ann Nelson, Lee Pillow, and Glen Olson. FLASH! "Why did you flash that at me?" FLASH! "What are you, flash happy?!" SNAP, FLASH! "Come on, get with it, today is Camera Day!" On Wednesday, October l8th, many avid photographers were in search of the Winning Picture, for if they found that perfect snapshot they would win 530, or possibly 520 or SIO. Even if they didn't win, their picture had a reason- able chance of being in the yearbook with their name next to it! The reaction of the students? Well, when asked his opinion Beto Valledares answered: "lt was all right! Why? lt was interesting Student Life Camera Day -Q.-1 'cuz you could see people taking pic- tures of anything and everything at the same time." Everyone benefitted from Camera Day: students had the chance to earn extra money and the yearbook staff re- ceived hilarious and interesting photos of our great student body. This created a problem: out of over IOO entrees the staff received, only three could be cho- sen to win prizes. After several hours the staff decided that Mary Ann Nel- son would get first prize. "People start- ed coming up to me and saying things like, 'Well, which picture was it?' l didn't know what they were talking about, but finally I figured it out and I was so happy!" recalled Mary Ann, when asked to describe her reaction. Upon being presented with her check, Julie Krawetz exclaimed, "Oh! l'm thrilled! Thank you." Do you realize what liability insurance is these days?! Photo courtesy of Skip Richmond. Look at the twins! Hey-no fair, only one has a hamburger. First place prize. taken by Mary Ann Nelson at the Sunnyvale Public Library. lTfT"" +.m"f 3, l' W 4 i Striving For A New Image Deadlines! Deadlines! Always dead- lines! The staff of The Chief knew this word well for each issue brought promises of many a late night. But all involved real- ized that these long hours were the neces- sary ingredients if the end product was to be a quality newspaper. News editgr, Cathy Gerrity, said, "The newspaper was frustrating sometimes, but all the extra time we spent on it was worth1if.iWefare really proud of what we did with The Chief this year.".,The ogganization also continued climbing towards a more "real" newspaper-one which more closely re- sembled in all aspeets onefat a newsstand. The staff continued the style of laying out and pasting-up the paper,-but with the few members, everyone doubled up sharing jobs and helping one another. ln addition, they had a new siie page to workjwith, about one and one-half times as large as last year's and approximately the same size as most at newsstands. Improve- ments-such as commentaries, editorials, and a more professional looking heading really made a difference in the quality. Stacy Tsuboi, feature editor, stated, "We were sick of hearing so many people criti- cize The Chief. This motivated us to strive for a better newspaper." Brad Wong, editor-in-chief, commented, "We just wanted to put out a quality newspaper for the student body and faculty." All in all, the year has been innovating and exu- berating with much cooperation. Brendan Harris, ombudsman, summed it up, "I en- joy working with such a productive staff. The last two years have been swell!" Brad Wong is making sure that everything is running smoothly at the printer. Mike Engel, Jig Shaw, and Kristy Blackie listen intently as Brad comments on their latest edition. Student Life . . . The Chief Q 1 .fter many dedicated hours, the staff lays back to admire their hard work. The staff includes: Tara Doyle, Brendan Harris, photo editor and om- udsmant Cathy Gerrity, news editor, Jignesh Shah, advertising manager, Stacy Tsuboi, feature editors Mike Engel, sports editort Kristy Blackie, ypesetterp and Brad Wong. editor-in-chief. J' ,t,,, , W to ,fM W,,WQW,,QfQ 'Qu Y 1 M .J , work wgelher' e changes they ve A Tsub0l Show th Cathy GerritY and iimber, Usa Shannon. s made K0 las' Year ' revt6W 'heir d Brendan HarrtS Tara DOYIQ an So how: +he ol' Mary comm The Chief .. . Student Life vu J A X' A5 1 ' Vwiwfwxfdff ,fy Minh . V , 9, 7 K -a ' 'Z F-4..4A.-A 1,1 I ,.f- Q Q' ,Z ga. 'KJXJ-L , UMW, , be PGM wghmkim 4 I A 'Lf Q .5 S Chuck, W if ' 9' MMWWNW 'Qwn 5' X, r, K ff!! dgfxgtgxfg V ' 3 Q Q' Q WM D EN V-V Victory, Fremont Varsity! The Varsity Cheerleaders definitely helped in making victory possible for not only the Varsity football team, but all sports. "This year, all the squads rotated and went to all the sports, not just football and basketball", explained Amanda Cormier. With a squad larger than previous years, these girls definitely made their presence known. Through the warm, clear nights and the cold, rainy even- ings, the Varsity squad faithfully led cheers. They felt the enthusiastic crowds made their jobs much easier. Besides cheering, the squad spent hours painting posters to promote school spirit for every game. The friendships made and the exper- iences had will be remembered the most in the years to come . . . M WS VHP Q. 2 Helping cheer the teams to victory this year were Qt to by Debbie Borruel, Wendy Church. Kathy Johnson, Karla Ogle, Amanda Cormier, Missy Rigsby, and Beth Pea chey. -1'-"'-. I Above. Kathy Johnson and Missy Rigs cheer to an energetic crowd. Left: Seni cheerleaders enchant the crowds. THE SU Above: The J.V. Cheerleaders perform to "Jungle Love". Right: "Let's show them what we learned at Spirit Camp guysI" MMI T Cheering to a routing section of about twenty at football games is not easy, but the J.V. cheerleaders proved their red pride this year. Starting the season off at the USA summer spirit camp, they captured one of the four superior trophies from all our squads. The girls all felt it was a rewarding experience, and they gained many things. As Betty Afuola said, "Not only do you meet new people, Cincluding the football playersj, but you learn to be more responsible and become more in- volved in school activities." The year proved to be a valuable ex- perience for all the girls, and as Betty Afuola. head cheerleader, concluded, "lt's something for everyone." This year's J.V. Cheerleaders were Ct to bb: Betty Afuola, Ramesh Hamadani, Jenny Hsin, Lisa Goetowski. Gail Pu- bols, and Christina Code. f 3.-QM' ' Mot, ii' sr weve VarsityfJV Cheerleaders Student Life - ....""'.':'- N, ,, A -1 H.,-ff! . C - if - X l V J ff 9 C N C i V ' 4-.I T 3. . cv Q B lixlfl 'Y il 3 ' s ff ' ' " I' XS Iig LL N K rf r 1 E 5 ! YR MID OF SUCCESS l-N-D-l-A-NfS, that's the way you spell the best! The Varsity Lettergirls this year were out to prove this was true. "Our squad has a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. The seven of us are almost as close as family," Anita King ex- plained. Everyone had a "blast" at Ll.S.A. Spir- it Camp, where they received a Superi- or trophy. Valerie Bane summed up her year by saying, "You learn the importance of getting along with others and gain a sense of responsibility. lt is an honor to be considered a representative of Fre- mont." A new squad introduced this year to Fremont was the J.V. Lettergirls. Com- posed of four freshmen and one sopho- more, it was entirely inexperienced. "We tried to promote spirit, and we did a pretty good job," stated the girls. They all agreed that it was a great place to get started in spirit leading. Sherri Scribner concluded, "None of us has ever done any sort of cheering, so l'm proud of what we've accom' plishedf' The Varsity Lettergirl squad was il to rj: Claudine Len' fant. Lisa Saberin. Tracy Lum, Ann Williams, Mika Miya- moto. Valerie Bane, and Anita King. The J.V. Lettergirls included: Jenny Delveccio, Rebecca Fabisch, Sheryl Green, Sherri Scribner, and Eieanor Rodriguez. 's if fr' Advisors. Miss Sakaguchi, Miss Montgomery. Patty Truong, Sue Barclay, Kathy Engel, Deanna Engel, Meiling Kong, Thao Phan, Thoa Phan, Shel- lY Alison Baker, Amy Chang, Linh Hong, Nhan Le, Thao Le, Michelle Kelley, Eleanora Kodeli, Veronica Law, Thu Nguyen, Eunice Pambid, Phuong Tran, Michele Seto, Patri- cia Soenz, Cassandra Taylor, Lina Valenti, Michele Yancey, Cynthia Yee, Grace Zakaria, Xuananh ? Lum, Jenny Su, Annie Auyeung, Tran, Monica Weisz. Cascaids is an all girls service club, and what makes it special is that it's the first of its kind. As a service club, members donate their time and ser- vices tothe school and the community. One of the biggest events Cascaids is known for is their pro- duction of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. A lot of time and dedication is put into it, and what they get out of it is very satisfying. Cascaids is also responsible for the "Most Irresistible" awards. Other projects include selling daisies in May, and helping out with the Red Cross in an annual Blood Drive. Outside of school, members visit kids in hospi- tals on Halloween and elderly people in nearby con- valescent homes at Christmas. ln the past, Cas- caids has donated its time to the school at end-of- the year events, like the Red and White Awards and the Senior Awards Night. To wrap up the year, the club goes to Great America to celebrate the end of a successful year and of another chapter at Fremont. , Below: Cascaids President Patty Truong discusses decorations for the upcoming Sadie Hawkins Dance. Bottom: Phuong Tran gives her suggestion for a fun- draiser. Student Life 5 Rai ing the Spirit of th Communit From back to front: Jae Lee, John Escalera, Kyle Ikeda, Chris Franklin, Rudy Basa, Ngoc Nguyen, Roy Koons, Alon Scope, Barbara Fuiito, David Martinez, John Moyoli, Cesar Moyoli. Amanda Cormier, Brad Wong, Anita King. Susan Tucker. Cathy Gerrity, Maribelle Basa, Jemario Ignacio, Mark Waldman, Rodger Low. Not Pictured: Mike Jenesse, Jean Ko, Rodney Gin, Rafael Santos, Olivia Santos. Stacy Tsuboi. Fremont's Interact Club strives to live up to its -irs motto "Service above Self." lt is sponsored by Ro- tary International, a world-wide organization. Ju- niors Barbara Fuiito and Mark Waldman lead the club of twenty-five members with the help of Russ Hopps, a Rotarian from the Cupertino Rotary Club. In the past, the club was involved in a number of proiects. At Christmas time, they rang bells for the Salvation Army and sang carols at a local convales- cent home. In addition, Interact is sponsoring a child from Thailand. "Interact is a great social way to do service for your community. lt's fun doing service projects with your friends," stated Mark Waldman. The club has in initiation banquet, which usually proves to be quite interesting. Also the members meet occasionally for social events, in which no work at all is involved. - tfiilrs I , l Interact Student Life Hey, November 22, remember that night? They all came two by two, and all dressed alike! You should have seen some of the costumes! Pajamas, wet- suits, cowboys, even a groom and bride! They all came in and danced right here in our barn! What'd they call it? "The Barnyard Bash"? How could they even think of throwing a dance in here? And then there was that loud mu- sic they had. Who was it again? The Music Masters, I think. Boy what a night, though! Some of the kids were gettin' married! The Mar- r'in Sam performed it at the door of the barn. He gave each couple a ring and a marriage certificate. It didn't do any good though, it expired at midnight! Then there were the Mr. Irresisti- bles! The Senior went to Jeff Shelton, Junior was Chris Porter, Sophomore went to .Ion Dale, and Freshman was Doug Ray. They all got roses and a bumper sticker that read, "Mr. Irresis- tible". I wonder if they all have a car to stick it on Well, at least the night went all well. Good night Flo, goo'night, Otis. Moooo , f J I 'ni I 'iii 11 " -L: Vee- 'Baie .se fx Quay-945 .1 255:54-I-'is 'YT5f:.r54k'f 5!539!i'!'fn!5"l I aa?-fmt xu'f2ai'l'-f N 1 'it . ' i ' ww"-is Sgt'-sis ll' Zgixgt Q gn? if '-4' ll L'-'-"",, ,i ' "' ss" i i K, "W Student Life Sadies Left: Rory Koff and Denise Barcellos get ready to plunge into the dance in some of the more original costumes seen during the evening. Above: Brendan Harris and Amanda Cormier "Don't wanna grow up!" ' AYRIDE TO FU Mi, , it.:-' ,My gi: as ' Q V f r wff 4 W ,ff W s Do I hear wedding bells? Kathy Johnson and Jeff Caires walk down the aisle to the Marr'in Sam. Left: Dancing throughout the bash are Maria Galang and David Callanta. 7 D, i ' X WFQW. 'WV V' Q J , , f 1 ,.-,, H ' I 1,.ff.W., K 5. X M.. ' N X XT. K . -i X kwa . , ,og ', ' A1 at ' 'taa i . - ee . as at er an hour in the picture line. Jeanne Paiva and David Grundstrom Rosie Celi and Eddie Huerta were matching from head to toe! i't wait to get back on the dance floor. Sadies Student Life .J Www ,di i we "' A heir Q. , ' - , X await I ln H dgkiss and Tim Tegalden Panera Y A o ine Brown, Doris Paul l-OWY' 'lean ,B Gina P37- 2 ' , enxoyg, a bil' divinel- ith Denise Barcell0 thdaY toast w l L 'fl Jenny Su and Ce sar 0Y0ll living If up at the Le Baron. Student Life Winter Formal Qi W Jeff Phillips looks fo,-ward to l . ei M 6 V., ,uf ,,,f,,..4,yy f.,,i1fvs the festivities of the evening ue Winter Formal Court. Brian Zan. Megan Miyamoto, Tim Anderson, Jodie luino, Ken James, Karla Ogle, Kristy Blackie and Chris Franklin. ble d bv 'he 'a C llama and N5 date are amuse Dave 3 .. :.t. Bedroom Eyes recline after a great performance. -talk- Wendy Church anounces the king and queen of the Win- ter Formal. Once upon a time, there was a girl who said, "Oh golly gee, l'll never get a date to the Winter Formal." But one day, Prince Charming approached her, and asked. "Hey, did you hear Fremont's having a For- mal?" and in a subtle way, he asked her to the occa- sion. They proceeded with plans of attending the affair at the Le Baron, appropriately called "Winter Wonderland". The week was hectic as they both prepared for the dance. There was a dress to buy, a tuxedo to rent, and flowers to be purchased. Finally, the big night arrived. After seating them- selves and enjoying a delightful dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu, they were entertained by the music of Bedroom Eyes. They were honored to be present for the crowning of king and queen. Ken James and Karla Ogle. They danced and danced until the clock stuck twelve. They then departed, feeling as though the A.S.B. had put on quite a show. Winter Formal Student Life fix ff' nv V A Q 2 I 2 1' sb The choir members are Brooke Bartholomew. Devra Bricker? Stephen 'anas, Amy Chang. Dorothy Chrestien. Amanda Cormier? Deedra Custodio, achelle Dean? Arnaldo De Jesus', Samuel Devere, Christine Discoei Jef- rey Eick, Vicki Ford, Christopher Franklin? David Grundstrom, Shannon larnett', Kurtis Harvill. Sandra Hefley, Tina Hernandef, Holly Hewes", An' el Hope. Katherine Johnson', Brad Koons, Erick Kruger". Veronica Law, tacey Leary, Lun Lee", Mark NTCGOWBIIW. Vincent lVlaldonado', Antoinette fleadows, David Metzler. Michele Miller? Heather Nelson', John O'Brien, 'atrick Petersen", Cathy Proud? Leon Przybyla, Romeo Quiwa', Luisa Ra- nos, Joanne Rose? Chris Taranta? Kimberly Thompson, Vivian Torres. John ndcrwood, Susan Van Den Brocke. Michaelle Vandeursen, Lisa Walker. 2. La ee da dee. we like to party. 3. We don't bother nobody. 4. Smens: members noted by ' above. 5, Smens members enioy performing for their school. no fi? The qualifications needed to join one of F.H.S.'s award- winning choirs are tough. ln order to become a member, a student must have three D's. Sounds simple, you say? Well. these three D's can't come from a report card, they must come from within each choir member's personality. The three D's are Drive, Determination, and Dedication. The impor- tance of possessing these qualities is made very clear from day one of class, when conductor William Stretch emphasizes that he expects nothing but the best from his choirs. The A Choir and the Small Ensemble CSmensD worked hard every day, and the threat of having night rehearsals always made them try twice as hard. The music they sang was much more difficult than other high school choirs' music, and much of it had been performed by San Jose State's Choir. Although at times the music seemed impossible to learn, the students never gave up. Even when Mr. Stretch asked them if they'd like to sing something easier, their determination shined through with a loud chorus of, "Noi" The student body was able to hear the Smens and A Choir twice this year. The Christmas concert was comprised of holiday songs ranging from classical to modern and in such languages as Latin and German. lt ended with the traditional "Hallelujah Chorus". sung by current choir members in combination with all choir alumni present at the concert. The Pops Concert in the Spring was an informal affair in which, during the second half of the concert, choir members had the opportunity to perform solos, duets, trios, etc. by auditioning with Mr. Stretch. In addition to these concerts at school, both A Choir and Smens participated in the CMEA and Concord competitions. ln February Smens traveled south to compete in a competition held at Chapman College as well. ChoirfSmens Student Life -il. 53:lil'iljl3jrtE'JjXQj "You're like a lady trying on her un- derwear in public!" "Was that C dressed or C natural?" If you happened to pass by the audi- torium during zero period, you might have heard theseand many other inter- esting quotes uttered from the mouth of the conductor, Mr. Stretch. lt was comments like these that shaped up an entirely inexperienced orchestra. With only ten returning players out of a group of about 30, the orchestra strug- gled to rebuild itself." By the time of the Christmas Con- cert, it was evident that they had suc- ceeded. "Greensleeves", "Sleigh Ride", and "White Christmas", were per- formed with energy. They also partici- pated in the California Music Educa- tor's Festival. With help from one another and the patience of Mr. Stretch, the Orchestra vibrated with harmony. :FX tl , N The members of the orchestra were: Cback row to frontj Caren Chen, Billy Blankenbehler, Rob Anderson, Bao Le, Xuan Huynh, Llyen Nguyen, Christina Chavez, Cuc Tran. Katie Chavez, Mui Lam,1 Lihn Hong, Phuong Tran, Karen Leong, Tuyen Nguyen, Nikki Hurlston, Olivia Bautista, Thao Truong, Bonnie Lee, Thao Lee, Kim Leong, Chan Chung, Deborah Lara, Dao Pham. Missing: Ann-Vi Dao and Girlie Regacho. Above: In hopes that all their notes will agree, Deborah Lara and Thao Dang struggle through a difficult line. Above Left: The strenuous practice of the week has "played" off. Left: Bonnie Lee and Katie Chavez: keeping one eye on the music. wir wugwns Absorbed in their music are Kevin Szady, Brent Nelson and Stan Smith. Manuel Angel and Regan Patrick proudly proiect their sound for all to hear. members of the Jazz Band were fback row to frontjz Jeff Pokorny, Mr. Hinds, Manuel Angel, Regan rick, Greg Ellis, Bean Landin. Thomas Hall, Michelle Beyda, Ryan Toone, Chris Geissler, Robert iff, Crystal Susa, George Hinman, Krista Rowberry, Joanne Rose, Tina Nesmith, lan Dahlberg, Stan ith, Brent Nelson, Kevin Szady. "When you have to get up an hour earlier for school every morning, you know everyone is dedicated. Every- body who's there wants to be there," explained Kevin Szady, saxophone player. The Jazz Band was quite active this year, participating in jazz festivals and basketball games, and they even played in some rallies. But of course, their big- gest performance was the Christmas Concert, where they "wowed" the au- dience. They had a completely differ- ent sound than the rest of the groups performing, and the audience waited in anticipation for every song. Kevin concluded, "lt's fun playing all the old big band songs. Jazz is different from other music in that you can just jam." Jazz Band Student Life 3 Y 25 5 1 f if I I Y 5 ji' .H"'k. f X Q E I X L Tx' EDRUM 2. Wayne Geffon does dare to stare at th 4. Get down Manny! Shake your while ' af Ax e spare snare but doesn't care. you play that brass! 5 Wa ,, yr 4 av- 3. Pick a high. picolo, toot a flute, ding a thing, or pedal a kettle. , 49, , Q5 S ,al V , k V," k 555' X' f 3 .:,, g- ii ,1 4 I . ,fl WH' E 'fu HDUT Strike Llp i Student Life Band E ,,-,fl v, 4, lean Landin directs he fantastic FHS Aarching Band. 'hese flag girls show hat practice can be un as well as produc- ive 008 I'-1.065 IIN- FIIKI-.ED -B 7 The flag squad practice for an up- F BRAVE 01 'w.,,,,,e,f,,,,,,,g. 4 - Ntw wcR D "Band, Atten-hut!" This quote became very familiar to Fremont Marching Band members. Drum Major Bean Landin used these words during practices as well as performances to silence those under his leadership. The band practiced for many hours to perform their field show at football games and competitions. Some of the songs they played for the Featherettes included "Geor- gia Porcupine", "All Right Now", "Let Me Entertain You", and Huey Lewis' "Heart of Rock and Roll". In addi- tion, the Fremont High School Marching Band did a fine job of representing their school at the following compe- titions: Clovis, The Cupertino Tournament of Bands, The San Jose Spanish Day Parade, Foothill Band Review, and the Los Gatos Christmas Parade. V V x l aww, ,Q ,,,,, g ,,,,.., r H T ---- -1 5 T I w ' fm, ' f , I I , . 5 ,yy Q f' ' " ,fl 6 1, f , 915 wh 7, Q 4,,, "'lilIg1Gl?6L42a' , .,, F we 'EY EASVERS Color Guard Student Life The IZHIJUIDU feizlth ttes l. The l985-86 team was: back row: Cheri Nowlin, Amber Fredrickson. Kelli Double, Heather Adessa. Trena Meloy. Julie Stephan, Carolyn Chalfant, Karen Coffey: middle row: Dionne Thomas. Jeni Wisherd, Marie Phelps, Erica Epte ing. Cathy Stewart, Steffi Berry, Devi Brickerg leaders: Lieutenant Tara Doyle. Captain Louisa Ramos, Lieutenant Miriam Graubard. 2.3. Featherette fun in the Hawaiian sun. ,Z-4 Student Life Featherettes -1- 'WY r if . The fabulous Fremont Featherettes once again lived up to leir expectations as an outstanding drill team. At the begin- 1g of the year, some people didn't think that the Feather- tes would be as effective as last year because they were a lung group with only five returning members. However, by e end of the season, the team proved them to be wrong. The highlight of the year was the Featherette's trip to nwaii. They were invited to represent California in the Hula awl because of their reputation as a talented, well-disci- ined drill team. Along with three other teams, they per- rmed "Jump" by Van Halen and "Sussudio" by Phil Collins. In 4. Lewey, Lewey Ohhh - Oh! 5. The Featherettes reach for the stars. 6. Shake it, Miriam! 7. Tony Flores is one of three males who assisted the Featherettes in their competition routine this year. Hawaii, when the Featherettes weren't practicing, they spent their time at the beach or in shopping centers. In addition to Hawaii, the Featherettes performed at a 49-er game. Since the theme was the 50's, half of the team wore poodle skirts, while the other half wore jeans and T-shirts. Altogether, seven teams from this area performed at the game. Lastly, the Featherette's final event of the year ended at the California State Drill Team Competition. There, they per- formed an impressive show choreographed by Sioux Lehner with the help of the three leaders. The Featherettes placed third, missing first place by only one point. Satisfied Captain Luisa Ramos stated, "lt's been rewarding to work with such a great bunch of girls." Featherettes Student Life -"-15 41- . ,a. - . f Y, .n-.n 1 I- Q 1 'D 1 A' 1 "' .J Qilfl-L lfzf Urxilcgl 5'l'a'l'e5 irlu-mos'-llo lvl Exico Heather Pubols and Julie Krawetz discuss plans for the Flea Market. The members of Spanish Club were: Kristy Blackie, Alicia Cabello, Erin Day, Ke- vin Duffy,Joe Feeney,Chris Franklin, Lauri Feeney, Eric Geffon, Mike Henningson, Brendan Kirby, Jeff Korte, Julie Krawetz, Neil Krawetz, Leon Przybyla, Aaron Lewis, David Martinez, Dan Mas- ters. Tom Maynard. Trena Meloy, Jennifer Myers, Nancy Novello, Heather Pu- bols, Hugo Raina, Julie Reyes, Nancy Stewart, Don Thorne, Beto Valladares, Kelly Wadholm. Michelle Yancey, Tim Tegarden, Tif- fany James. Jae Lee, Jean- nine Hulan, Rollie Arbolante. Steve Cheng, Marcos Fi- gueroq, Angie Marcus, Gina Paz, Eva Raina, Olivia San- tos. Richard Shellar. Since l97I this club has something to be really proud of. Each year they make plans for months on a week trip to Hermosillo, Mexico. They have fundraisers to ease the cost of the trip by car washes and a concession stand at a local Flea Market. They also held a Flea Market of their own. Due to the lack of students taking the trip this year, Fremont is sharing the trip with Lynbrook students. When they're not planning for the trip, they go out to dinner at fine Mexican restaurants. They meet weekly and hope to continue their yearly trip in the future. .M Q Student Life Spanish "T N sky sw I--. sss vtCDtS ., P QQ-3Z'Qf CMS Mi One oi the many exciting ciubs here at Fremont is the The members oi the French Ciub weres PdexFit'1.patrici4, Amy French Ciub. These students come together to iearn some- Chang, I-Xnnie Ptuyeung, Ptrnaido Deiesus, Barbara Fuiito, thing nevv and interesting. They get together weekiy and Caren Chen, Cynthia Yee, Funice Pambid, Bason Freund, Jiii discuss the many activities invoived with their ciub. Through Davis, Kyie ikeda, Linh Fiong, Lisa Niar, Lifvil en Kuo, Nieiiing tund raisers they save up money to spend on iuncheons and Kong, Niichaei Lark, Nick Fitzpatrick, Puiiing Kong, Sueh-Niin dinners at French restaurants. They occasionaiiy go see Lievv, Susan Le, Thu Nguyen, Tom Nguyen, Xuananh Tran French iiims. Basicaiiy, the ciub's purpose is to expose stu- Mary Ptnn Fernandez, Niary Ptnn Neison, Racheiie Dean. s to the French cuiture and bring ditierent peopie togeth- toreign country. dent rn about a er to iea French Student Life - Smart Moves On any given day, you could walk by a CSF meeting and see feverish activ- ity. Why? The members were all in- volved in organizing the CSF Confer- ence. Fremont had the privilege of hosting this Northern-California Con- ference. Excitement continued throughout the year as speakers were lined up. An astronaut? Peter Llberroth? A 49er? A marine biologist? The thought that all of these and more could be here on one day was enough to keep this group go- ing. They worked hard, and the result was a successful conference. CSF clearly brought out that "Indian pride." Cesar Moyoli and Barbara Fujito listen at- tentively to fundraiser ideas. The members of CSF were. CSeniorsJ Rollie Arbo- Iante, Erika Cramer, Jeffrey K. Cuyle, Cathy Ger- rity, Ryan Hom, Jeannine Hulan, Kyle Ikeda, Moni- que lwata, David James, Kathy Johnson, Julie Krawetz, Li-Wen Kuo, Hanh Le, Karen Leong, Kim Leong, Michael Lock, Adam Martin, Doug Mendo- za, Mika Miyamoto, Mary Ann Nelson, Nguyen K, Vu, Mako Saito, Alon Scope, and Susan Van Den Broeke. Uuniorsj Annie Auyeung, Kristy Blackie, Dean Borton, Caren Chen, Steven Cheng, Chris Dale, Megan Fairfield, Chris Franklin. Barbara Fu- jito, Diane Fullick, Rodney Gin, Lori Giver, Patrick Hendrix, Hung Ho. Nikki Hurlston, Julie Kelsey, Atul Khanna, Laura Kindsvater, Anita King, Chi Lang, Jae Lee, Rodger Low. Alexander Lucas, Tra- cy Lum, David Martinez, Dan Masters, Yuriko Masui, Tom Maynard, Michele Miller, Cesar Moyoli, Ngoc Nguyen, Thu Nguyen, Michael Pyle, Hugo Raina, Pat Roisen, Rafael Santos, Tina Seto, Brian Theodore, Hung Tran, Xuananh Tran, Susan Tucker, Scott Van Valkenburgh, Kathy Vargus, Kim Wokoek, Jim Wood, Cynthia Yee, Michele Yoshikawa, and Grace Zakaria. CSophomoresD Jonathan Dale, Kevin Duffy, Mark Erlichman. Christoph Geissler. Linh T. Hong, Chau Hong, Sang Hong, Denis Klavdianos, Carl Kruger, Thao Le, Lisa Mar, Misako Masui, Evelyn Rudolph, Craig Stoehr, Jenny Su, Hien Tran, and Phuong Clisaj Tran. - Student Life CSF i B - BIZ norif' will b - 'ES memb - e speaking at the conferenceers that an astronau Glow: Julie Krew L.-his Key to Success ff' 0'--m.l-v The members of NHS were: Rollie Arbolante, Annie Auyeung, Caren Chen, Steven Cheng, Lucie Hui Chow, Michael Chow, Ying Chow, Amanda Cormier. Jeff Cuyle, Steve Dalhui- sen, Daniel Evans, Joseph Feeney. Alex Fitz- patrick, Cathy Gerrity, Rodney Gin. Lori Giver, Sara Hashemian, Ryan Hom, John Hos- tettler. Jeannine Hulan, Matthew Huntington, Nikki Hurlston, Kyle Ikeda, Monique Iwata, David James, Kathy Johnson, Ariel Kaspi, Lau- ra Kindsvater, Anita King. Julie Krawetz, Li- Wen Kuo. Honh Le, Jae Lee, Karen Leong. Kim Leong, Angela Lin, Michael Lock. David Mar- tinez. Douglas Mendoza, Mika Miyamoto. Mi- chele Miller, Mary Ann Nelson, Phuong Ngo, Thu Nguyen, Karla Ogle, Tracy Raider, Rich- ard CMakoD Saito, Tina Seto. Kevin Szady, Dionne Thomas. Xuananh Tran, Monica Wong. Shen Yeav, and Cynthia Yee. Some may term it a self-inflicted pat on the back, but being a member of the National Honor Society is tru- ly an honor and a privilege. This group was selected by teachers on the basis of grades, class participa- tion, and a positive attitude. The membership was open to juniors and seniors. NHS started off the year by hav- ing t-shirts screened for club mem- bers. They were also involved in fund-raisers, and at the end of the semester, they had an honor day where they "cut" school to have a big group party. Tina Seto conclud- ed, "A good time was had by all." Middle of page: Kyle Ikeda pauses for a mo- ment to grin mischievously. Left: Describ- ing the different NHS articles available for purchase. President Karen Leong compe- tently runs the meeting. Right: Ariel Ka- spi gives a short speech on the merits of buying a t-shirt. Gil-INC? GCRACWD QUALZIC Once a week 33 students would meet in room 82 at lunch. They were all part of the club Grand Quality. They helped people in need, but mainly helped one candidate during the elections for the next fall officers, whether they were running for a class office or for a posi- tion as an ASB officer. They would also The l985f86 C-LQ. members were: President Melany Bautista Vice President Melissa Lumidao, Secretary Mildred Duiay Treasurer Rollle Arbolante. Sargeant at Arms Ferdie Galang, Daniel Aflague Rose Ban tista, Olivia Bautista. Marie Biala, Linh Bui, .lean Cabonce Stuart Call W00dS BGFUCY Wwds 509 V995 and Jeaneth Canasa, Sandra Castorena, Dennis Dulay, Marta Galang We EX ANDING HORI 5 if ,,,,,,t, JQ . , x L it 'A ,Q it Q -...,.-.-1...--v f iiiil' 5 I985-86 Gage clgb members included, Amanda CQ.-mier, Cgthy Yoshikawa,Susan Tucker.Caren Chen.Anita King,Julie KeIsey,Navaid rrity, Laura Kindsvater. Kim Wokoek, .lean Ko, Lori Giver, Michele Syed, Nikki Hurlston and Tina Seto. Mrs. Neison was Gate Advisor. san Tucker looks very excited. but :thy Gerrity definitely doesn Kilim! ffm Mg, J M "" 1 mUWm'l' "Give me a 'G'!" UGI., "Give me an 'A'!" UAV, "Give me a 'T'!" ...nn "Give me an 'E'l" ..El,. Gate CGifted and Talented Educaf tionbis a club that provides members with the chance to broaden their own horizons. Lori Giver explained, "Gate is a club that provides stu- dents with opportunities to explore such areas as science and culture." The members of Gate were given the opportunity to hear speakers from various fields, watched Shake- spearean actors and saw the Nut- cracker at Flint Center. They also went to visit some different col- leges. GATE Student Life -4 --""'.:- DECA Many people often mistake DECA CDistributive Education Clubs of Amer- icab as merely a social club. Advisor Cornell Anton says that it is ya social club, but rather a learning chapter. However, this statement does not mean that DECA is not fun. As Presi- dent Lorin Mukai stated, "I like the ex- citement, new people, new places, the learning of free enterprise, and compe- tition!" Basically, DECA is a nonprofit, non- political, student organization. The purpose of the chapter is to develop a person who is interested in vocational, distributive, education programs Student Life DECA fi"-Q which include all forms of business courses. The members first participate in mini conferences which take place before State Competition. At this com- petition, all of the DECA chapters in California meet together. They take a written test about business and eco- nomics, then are placed in a fixed situ- ation in which the DECA members must demonstrate the skills they have ac- quired through this unique organiza- tion. The three students with the high- est scores then go on to compete at Nationals, which are held at a later date. The members of DECA include the following President Lorin Mukai, Vice President Sul Johnson. Treasurers Corby Dale and Misakg Masui, Secretary Lisa Goetowski, Reporte Ann Williams, Parliamentarian Ramesh Ham dani. Brooke Bartholemew, Devi Bricker, Loj Apel, Dan Callanta, Delfin Callanta, Kare Coffey, Barbara Crepeau, Corby Dale, lan Da huisen, Rebecca Fabisch, Jenny Frederic Ryan Hom, Sasha Pesic, Gail Pubols, Than Nguyen, and Valerie Bane. Future Business Leaders of AmericaCFBLAD is a state and national vocational organization for students enrolled in business and office education programs in California Secondary schools. Chapter members are encouraged to facilitate intelligent career choices, develop business skills, learn the value of community responsibility, and become well- rounded persons. Chapter activitie are chosen from six major areas. These can either Civic, Service, Social, Financial. Pro- fessional. Leadership. Some of the projects FBLA was involv this year, were some fund raisers, trips to colleges to see pmsyggs how the frae ternity Phi Beta Lamda ran its FBLA meetings, and the club attended the State conference in Palo Alto. FBLA is a club that used to be very active at Fremont High School. In the past few years, however, the interest has declined. President Linda Farrulla stated that the officers were very excited about getting the club more active this year in the hopes that the club will be able to continue to make a contribution to Fremont in the years to come. FBLA ...Student Life i:::l THE JOCKS 'g ififf il H M45 , Q 5 s , i V ,,,,, ,yy C Y' V' ' Q.M: if ig ,,,.,fQ1v-.Q-," , ' . 4-15, , ,Y W2 - as -fl 'mr' i 'A f , , , , , , s " , ,,, "All right, up to the front of the room-we're having a Mr. Atlas contest." Perhaps this was one of the milder requests made during the weeks of winter and spring initiations. Varsi- ty Club, of course, is best known for its unbelievable week- long "torture". During this time, the rest of the school is entertained by initiates skipping to class, holding hands, climbing trees, playing leap frog, and other unmentionable things. The best kept secret is the final Saturday from which the worst stories eminate. Why join a club where you get tortured to become a member? The answer is simple-"to get back at the next initiates!" - Student Life . . . Varsity Club l l 9... 1:. s as., :.' t f ytrW'n, We A xx X la me i. , 'J-Sf' ,, gf l 01 ,i . it , , V 3, 'S is 1 , XY' '- 'll The members of Varsity Club were: Jeff Gebhart, Chris Dal Mike Pyle, Mark Roettgering. Mike Huff, Jon Dale, Kai Brow Rodney Gin, Steve Alires, Jeff Hermann, Denis Degeer, D Savage, Jeff Caires, Brian Marsh, Brian Theodore, Ces Moyoli, John Moyoli, Chris Simmen, Scott VanValkenburg Lee Pillow, Mike Kalino, Tim Brackett, Chris Franklin, Ma McMillin, Larrance Commons, Bob Dietrich, Jim Jensen, D Olson, Colin Clover, Craig Whetstone, Mario Aguilera, Rub Aguilera, Paul Howard, Tim Anderson, Paul Andrews, Jam Boone, Dan Evans, Turkka Saarikowski, Sergio Sierra, Ri Mungaray "Gee, Sally, where'd you get that great Indians jacket and block?" "Well, Lucy, l got it by joining Girls Sports Club. Right now, if you join, you can not only get this jacket, but you can also get involved with a great bunch of jockettes!" "Gosh! Tell me more about it! l'm dy- ing to hear!" "Girls Sports Club is for any girl who is involved in either Varsity or Junior Varsity Athletics. You can only get your block by joining this club." "Are there any special fund-rais- ers?" "Yes, they have been contributing to the Special Olympics." "Wow! That sounds like a great club! Hey-there's Heather Pubols, the presi- dent. I bet she could tell me more about it." "GSC is the girls' equivalent to Varsi- ty Club, but without the humiliating ini- tiations. lt's a totally fun group!" "Thanks, Heather! l'm joining Girls Sports Club today! You can, too!" Left: Heather Pubols models the ulti- mate in jackets. ' '-171104 Q- The members of Girls Sports Club were Yurlko Masui, Heather Pubols, Melanie Bautista, Dawna Crank. Jodie Aquino Tracy Lum Dawn Cohen Michele Yoshikawa, Diane Fullick, Anita King, Jenny Ikeda, Diane Krzyslk Kell Wilson Jennifer Anthony Susan Tucker, Tiffany James. Brooke Bartholomew, Eva Rajna Stephanie Zan Marne Rowland Sue Lowery Kim Wokoek, Jenny Su, Lori Giver, Kathy Engel. Mlsako Masul Jennifer Myers Andrea Imazekl Yolanda Chata, Corby Dale, Gabby Ochoa, Laura A D THE JGCKETTE GSC .. . Student Life l TEPPI G UP TO F ME T The members of Thespians: Laura Kindsvater. Dave Metzler. Jenny Imazeki. Jodi Elgart. Michele Miller, Paul Ludwig. Nancy Pickett. Tim Kolar, Nick Stefanisko. Thu Nguyen. Angela King, Jenny Hsin, Jennifer Jue, Nargis Solis. Grant Gruen- ninger. Vicki Ford. Albert Bechtel, Ginger Ellis, Lee Pil- low, John Underwood. lt's been an awful day. You got up early to study for that Algebra test, but you lost a contact and spent two hours looking for it. By the time you found it, you were late to first and still hadn't memorized those theorems. Of course you flunked the test. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be some- body else? To assume an entire new iden- tity, a nature totally foreign, hopefully be- longing to a person who does not wear contacts? Becoming someone else may be an escape, it may be an adventure. To a Thespian, assuming a new character is in- teresting, excitingjand self-revealing. Naturally, not all Thespians are actors, but all of them are involved in the production of a play. Techies, costume-designers. make-up specialists, publicity crew mem- bers, set-builders, props managers, and directors take on a new identity also as everyone works frantically to make the scene absolutely perfect. The closer to curtain time it gets, the stronger a vi- brant, underlying current of excitement grows. The focal point of a Thespian's year was the spring play. The administration hired a new. highly-qualified director and a stu- dent teacherf technician in hopes of cre- ating a quality show, perhaps a melodrama or a musical comedy. Preparing for the performance included fundraising through a football concession stand, the sale of chocolate, the flea market, and a carnival booth. Student Life Thespians l gs , Middle: Discussing the details of the Ghiradelli fundraiser. President Laura Kindsvater. V P Pickett. and Secretary Paul Ludwig adopt their customary poses. Directly above: "WHY ME? +L.-., .,., .,-..,,...- ..... Wi., -.. -....77.Y........7Y..n..--..---- V M- g-:f---W ----- -- -- - - 7A --- --- -- --- 4 4 x . 1 ,wgxh ff' 5' inf NW' L ,. A 5 '5,,,.', xy, r , M my Ny V: fr- W 1 K. sf x 14 y f 1 PEAKI G LIP sf f S I me Q, in . , 0- 50' A. uw: an 5, lf you approached the average person and told them that there was a speech team at school, they might not run to join it. However, if you talked to a member of N.F.L., you would see the club in a whole new light. "Speechies" have a great oppor- tunity to meet students from other schools in the weekend tournaments. The categories at each tournament include ex- pository, prose, impromptu, and debates. lt's also a learning experience. Not only can you see ways to improve, but you also learn about the topics on which students speak. The team was quite successful this year Ceven without Hoonlj 66 Student Life . . . NFL The members of N.F.L were: Jon Dale, Gail Pubols, Corby Da Holly Hewes, Devra Bricker, Betty Afuola, Shamshir Sandl Sang Hong, Lihn Hong, Poonam Thani, Lisa Mar, Jeani Brown, Heather Pubols, Monique Iwata, Ramesh Hamada Brooke Bartholemew, Sasha Pesic, Barbara Crepeau, Lau Kindsvater, Jay Lipschitz, Chris Geissler, Jig Shaw, Scott Cl ford, Jean Ko, Denis Klavdianos, Natsako Ando, Steve Kia Jeff Fredrick, Michael Pyle, Susan Tucker, Dawna Crank, chele Yoshikawa, Anita King, Michele Miller, Caren Ch John Hostettler, Mark Waldman, Brian Behl, Mark McGow Mark Roettgering, Chris Dale, Claudine Peters, Aar Yelowitz, Chris Franklin, Jennifer Kirby, Rafael Santos, Daw Crank and Li-Wen Kuo DISPERSING THE A IAN CULTURE The members of the Asian Student Union all had a common interest in the Asian Culture. They all got together to discuss things of intrrest, and went to see things such as Asian art displays and the Chinese New Year in San Fran- cisco. The group all got along well and had a great time organizing events. With the help of Mr. Boyer, they were quite active and helped with a recy- cling center among other fundraisers. "Wow! That's quite an agenda, Kyle." Kyle lkeda displays upcoming events. Members of A.S.U.. Misako Masui, Lorin Mukai, Diane Fullick, Mr. Boyer, Mark Waldman, Kyle Ikeda. Puiling Kong, Jeanine Hulan, Barbara Fujito and Adam Martin Misako Masui and Mark Waldman are excited about going to see the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. ASU . . . Student Life 67 The year was a profit-maker for the record industry. Groups sprung up that had been out of the limelight for a while, and many entirely new groups became successful. An old name in the music industry, Bruce Springsteen CID came out with an al- bum that sold millions and a concert that sold out across the nation. Dire Straits Cl3j also returned to the scenes with hits such as "Money for Nothing" and "The Walk of Life." A new face in the solo world was Sting C6J, with the political "Russian Song." Other new artists that "made it big" this year were Wham C9D, Howard Jones C7J, Depeche Mode C55 and Tears for Fears CIZD. All four could attribute their success to both their looks and their videos, as well as the new sound of synthesizers. Mr. Mister Cl7j was another new group that had two big hits immedi- ately following the release of the album. Nobody would have proiec ed success for Power Station C3D, spin off from Duran Duran, but wi1 a new sound, they were respecte by many. Phil Collins C25 and Simp Minds C45 had had hits before, bl l986 brought new heights to their c reers. Movie sound tracks did el traordinarily well, and Brian Adan CI5j capitalized on this with "Sur mer of '69" from Back to the Futur He later had a successful duet wil Tina Turner Cl4D "lt's Only Love." P, Benetar Cl6j also returned this ye, with her controversial song, "Sexa a Weapon". This was perhaps a' other important aspect to the mus industry this year. The passing of law to place warning labels on r cords with inappropriate lyrics le. to questions of censorship. CLIMBI G THE C RT 4 argues V , af sm J E+i?f..i,fT E :Rain Q65 6533 irfiafwaiis m,,.--- - :vga-sir.-sl vit. rl if , . zgfegzbai? -2 :yu , ,fr 6 , .Q ',,f sfo i i7TT' EXW' l R pl s? ',:-ll J ' si V- - A 4,1 w Af X Y S X ,X 1' , f' 'D A for- A J Q It J if V i, J J' , Q r 1? lid?-grin 5 Tf ' if ' J 7, T A 1 ff A , x, ly ll 1 T' . 1 J ' 1 Y Q. , '- 1 A 4 y The popular movies and TV programs not only brought fople to the theatres, but also brought listeners to the radio. ovie soundtracks were a hit. "Back to the Future" Q25 with ichael J. Fox drew sell-out audiences months after its re- pse. It also brought the number one song of the year, Huey wis' "Back in Time". Another popular movie was Rocky IV, d students flocked to the cinemas on the day of its release. first-week ticket sales topped even that of Back to the Lture. Rocky IV also brought another hit theme from Survi- r, as well as one from James Brown. The soundtrack from iami Vice OID also had many chart-toppers. Among these .as Glen Fry's, "You Belong to the City". Other popular mov- s were "Spies Like Us," "Jewel of the Nile," and "Comman- 1? ft L 1 3 5 if , fl, A- f- X i 5573 its ik 135 Ml' l ,wwf x 4 A M? F ,W 5 f f' we 5 if l do." On a more serious note were "The Color Purple" and "Out of Africa." In the video world, a new group from Norway, Aha C85 emerged. Their "Take On Me" video, done in comic strip form was a smash. Howard Jones came out with a bizarre video, "Life in One Day" U95 that amused everyone. ln TV, The Cosby Show remained at a constant number one throughout the year and Murder She Wrote was a close sec- ond. Miami Vice was extremely popular on Friday nights, making overnight "sex symbols" of Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. Some other shows that battled at the top were The Colbys, Growing Pains, and Twilight Zone. MusicfMoviesfTV Student Life yTP FTHENWS the most ever in one year, were so unfor- tunate and were a terrible loss of lives. The natural disasters, floods, earth- quakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes seemed unending. The Earth acted with bitterness as one after another major tragedy occurred. Among these were the 1 Mexican earthquake, the breaking of a dam in Italy killing more than 200, a land- slide in Puerto Rico killing over l50, and rr the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz in Columbia. Fortunately, it was also a year of giving. The vastly successful Live Aid concert brought lucrative funds to Ethiopia. Fund raisers for Mexico were also taken, and a district-wide Red-Cross fund raiser found Fremont contributing the most mgney' lf There were many miracle stories amidst the September tragedy in Mexico which killed 5000 and m3Y have been 3 Yeal' of tragedies, but l'50,000 homeless. Here, a baby found beneath the rubble of Mexico City Hospital 5 days after tl IhI'0ugh Our g6I18l'0SlIy, we were able to quake is pulled out, alive. Fremont raised over six hundred dollars to aid the families in Mexico overcome them. 3 Z si It was a year of record air-crash deaths. Jan. 28,1986-The space shuttle, Challenger, unexpectedly ex- Here, one of the four survivors of JAL ploded two minutes after lift-off. Seven astronauts were killed, flight D3 where 520 were killed, is hauled including the first teacher-astronaut, Christa McAuliffe. out of the mess. lt was the worst single plane crash ever. August-Perhaps the biggest disaster year was the unexpected explosion of vado del Ruiz, in Columbia, where 22,000 perished. Few survived and did were a living example of the peril R A taken mn. Student Life Year in Review many tragedies. The many plane crashes, s.. V ,f" 3 RIU "We're not here to start no trouble, we're just doing the Su- perbowl Shufflef' By the time the Superbowl came, we were all tired of hearing this tune. The result of the BearsfPatri- ots confontation could have nn ,. www :using l we ' easily been predicted: A route for the Bears. 46-IO. A new ce- - 1 lebrity emerged from the ry., W , game. 303-pound William "the If .5 lf 4" ' . ,, -if is 1 E Refrigerator Perry, the hea- fy Mr l viest man in NFL history to score a touchdown. W W' "" if it' 0 l.'-, if L HW 'Z :M 15? 'tv y I , zyegc y 5 g fair. l s Above left: A new addition to the Globetrotter team brought them a lot of press. Lynette Woodard was the first female in the team's sixty year history. Above: Pete Rose's moment of glory as he beat Ty Cobb's record of most hits in a career. lt brought on a seven minute standing ovation for Rose. Right: 7 feet 6 inch Manute Bol from Africa became the tallest man in the NBA. Left: Patrick Ewing signed a record-breaking SI7 million multi-year contract with the New York Knicks. Far left: Boris Becker, I7 years old, became the youngest man ever to win Wimbledon. iwj Q' .JL flip if s W 86868686868686868686868686868686868686868f Year in Review Student Life Q Student Life Year in Review 1 Liveaid, organized by Bob Geldof, was a definite highlight of the year. lt will nev be forgotten. A top line-up of singers came together for one purpose - to hel relieve world famine. In Philadelphia, I62,00 people gathered to hear such stars a Madonna, Phil Collins, Bob Dylan, and Patti LaBelle. At Wembley Stadium, Pa Young, Spandeau Ballet, Howard Jones and U2 all could be heard. The effort raise over 70 billion dollars. To help farmers in the United States another group g together for Farmaid. Among these were Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, and Joh Cougar Mellencamp. There were also efforts to raise money for stopping apar heid in Africa C"Sun City"j and to help AIDS victims C"That's What Friends Ar For."D A memorable event was the Rai- resh's arrest on immigration charges. 2 was later exiled and forced to re- rn to India. We'lI also remember Hum- urey the Whale who got lost while mi- amndivmww grating and ended up in the Sacramen- Was e5P9ClaHY b"9ath'takln8 for sec' to Delta. After much effort, he found ond time viewers. The Geneva Summit his way back to the Pacific Ocean. Hal- Was an 9Xffa0fdl'1a"Y effort. Reagan Iey'5 Comet also made the Scenes' and Gorbachev met for the first time to Coming only once every 75 years, it discuss arms FGCIUCUOH- f if if f Q2 . Q, . Hz ' A Q ,, , Q I ,f , Above: Madonna made big press this year, not only for her exposure in taboo magazines, but also after her marriage to bad boy Sean Penn. The ceremony was kept unusually quiet. Only a few hovering heli- copters were able to catch a glimpse of the big day. Above left: Another saga ended with the closing of Marine World. Plans were made for the relocation of animals until they reopened in Valleio. Left: Big trends in toys this year were Forskins, Teddy Ruxpin, Pound Puppy, Opus, and of course, Transformers. Year in Review Student Life - Q QVQQDQQQD ...-.J , Q, E ,, 5 , 1 A, , Tw mi ' NP! was ,.,,mq 47 ,, Z, ,, :Ma Li? ,m.. .. xx M A F-Z. Y E E! Ffa' vi R 1, Y Ek Seniors sip? Qs is Heather Pubols has been kind of student that makes Fremont as great as it is. She has never ceased to enrich Fremont's academic, political, and sports activities. She has played for two years on the varsity .soccer team and the badmitton team, been part of the band's flag team, and played ib field hockey. activities consisted of being and of Spanish of Girls .gSports of has her involvement RQ got? it ggognmisioners ever. it Even iuitiiall of the pressures o Heather time ts. and others by being an of the Gooi Sam Youth fYoutl Forum, Camp and Goof tvei S liii When Heaitiier leaves to pursue a lo' at ct.r 95lsuCatl0 or communi her missedsin the halls of Fremont . riiii X Qs qs 4' 'ff Craig Abramson Sandra Acevedo Erin Adair Jeffrey V. Adan Seniors Daniel Pablo Aflague Jr. Heidi L. Ainscow Robert Albert Love is the seventh wave Keep reaching for your dreams Treasure your high school and may God bless you always years, and then move on. Ramon Alcarez Richard Alderete Tammy Allen . km X Crispin Ancheta Jesus Ancheta Sal Aragonez Jeff Alley I wanna Rock n Roll All Night and Party every Day Jaime Aranda Javier Aravena Rollie Arbolante Joseph Arnaz S ' 7 emors l This Bud S for You This year has been the gwea Real men don't have Valerie Ann Bane A.W., S.S., M.M, Thanx fo erythingl See ya in 20 T.G.l.O! .M N k .R 'X 5 Lori Beall Chris Beavers Albert Bechtel Sayeh Beheshtl Brian M. Behl Timothy Benak John Berschens Rhodora Biala Shannon L. Bilyeu May hopes and dreams of the lt's been greats too bad it's class of '86 be fulfilled OVBI' Rochelle Boogaard Ricky Boole Debbie Borruel Amy Bortman dance with me! Tryin Who's got the answer to num- Quiero Fiestar! Ask Althea U must succeed ber one? lthea Vanessa Bovell of '86s A class with Class. t know! Ask Veronica! Michael Brannan Russell Brook Christopher David Brown Hey Joe what's up? Thnx MP, EE, SA, CL, TL, KR, NS, AT, CM, TK, CP Seniors 5 1 5, . . QP' ,f O Rolando Bucago Bang Bui Hy Bui Byron Bunch Thank you for the memories Nobody is perfect except BDB The Bui's Theory of Evolution: F.H.S. l won't forget you B. MIK Apes evolved from nerds N X Sherrill Caban John Cabrera Jeffrey Caires See ya in the tropics!! Save the whales, harpoon a fat chick! al Tiadvisors, became:-f teac o T Mr. Ryan, one ofthe two senior class are T Th b S Th i s He als would help BF CCSUSS e . 98 Seniors Stuart Call Love is more than a 4 word peset. -- .... -.:-. , -- Delfin Callanta Abraham Calvetti Scott Alan Campbell Daniel Campos KT, Ds, BG, cvs, Trips to san- nas S Uncle Lar's, HARTNELL PANTHERSI l -:.-:.'.1- -.,, -sly' f c Stephen Caias Marie Jeaneth Canasa Todd Cannon Rhodora Cariaso Friends we will be now and for- The one and only Veronica, Florida here we ever Mom S Dad l love you! come!!! Let's have a blastlllllll Monica Carrillo Sandra Castorena Loretta Catona Rose Celi Cherish the days and friends To AB, BM, JC, EH, vE, who of high school, they are special made my senior year "totally awesome!" Seniors E 1 I l XV Andrew Chagoya James Charlesworth . Yolanda Chata Mey Chi F. hockey players don't 4 get those M. dust Good luck G. B- Ball J I 0 QP John Choo Michael Chow Debbie Christensen Gary Chu Home Fremont S never come Squirrel team parties all the back! time with SZ,AB,SL,DC, and MN Wendy Ann Church Martha Cisneros Jennifer Coffey Janice Coig We seniors made our dreams come trueg the rest is up to you well-rounded students. She has been in- volved speech debate for three years and has earned a Degree of Hon- or in the National Forensic League. She was the Junior Class Treasurer and is presently the ASB Treasurer, Monique has been active in several clubs which indiiidez CSF, Spanish, and Astras has as being a menjigber of the curricu- has also partici- pated onthe vgrsityotennts team. Moni- quefstatiii was nothing woiiid change if shegwent through high school again. oooeisaa 1 aoee e 1 a ll4onique's future plans inegude at- Clara .she wants to earn a Bachelorof Science Engineering and a Master? degree in Business. As a career, she wishes to go into business that is related to Engi4 neering. g g When asked what advice she would give to all incoming freshmen, Monique answered.. "Get invoilvedifland work hard. lt's not impossible to get good grades and have sa great social life, and you should do both." gg Monique also stated, "The most spe-F cial things to me are the great friends and the great teachers l've had here at Fremont." st is " .wg 'N s 'W 0 . eeei iff :UN Ron Colcleasure Warren Cook Michael E. Cooke Amanda Claire Cormier if today what you can do It was fun, but you're under ar- row rest I Cosenza Kent Courter Brent Cox Dawna Jeanne Crank on occasion is to rise FOR SURF I'llNvrForget OurBroken StangsThoseDamnBats8My BestestSQRLS!l 4 5 We Deedra Suzanne Custodio Jeffery Kevin Cuyle lan Dalhuisen Micheal S. Dalmadge Go for what you want and The sweetest will always be Save the world, feed our what you feel is right the sweetest ple James Dalton Dung Dang Dorothy Dantes 1" , ,,, Y .- . " . -- .QEQ1qf:w:eWE:s Y.. -, D , lr lllh' as Ng E' X 5 tt., , . My ws., . ....,... ,,..t. . ,NINE Wyndham Charles Davies Jill Davis Erin K. Day Rachelle Evelyn Dea May Fremont always point The heat of sun, may it ever 'twasa lng4yrs but lots proudly to the class of l986. glow Hope our dreams come Seniors Jorge Delgadillo Darryl Andre DeVeaux lnderpreet Dhanjal Bob Dietrich S, success, sex - all Peninsula, ln H.S. all are equal, it's up to C-YH you to distinguish yourself Jo Ann Diez Regina Dip Christine Discoe rr fear shadows, they sim- 1ean there's a light shining e nearby Lawrence Dismuke John Dixon Steve Duca Mildred Dulay er where you are, Rock and roll ain't noise pollu- Bad Boys drive red baias We made it JC, MB, BS, MG re always there tion, Zeppelin will rule 4ever FG, ML thanx2M8D- Beatnix- 4ever- l43C.T. w Seniors 5 1 l ws-Q. ' - f' -W ' -, j- Y. Kamik mmm X F' .Will Q 1 f 1.5 : :. -ww 'XX iik . QM 1 1-ilnnw ,-x f .1 .,. xmmv , ... f '--ug Q-1-,4..:':. : ' 'J l .,,, K- W, M 1x, f. ea 'K G, + 'E Nigga? S, QNN. ga 'N W. . in .0 K m gr 4 '-W x k .Q QL L. Q K . pq., K .. .Q K NN +- N Em XO: Q ,iw .34 . Q 3 ' Karma ' xi SKAQW' 5. R A 'A Q gl S J 1 I '51 K Q y ' x . -A -'xx . .ft WN wif' .lm .L il we - 43,6 H , if' ,N , , S 15, , - ,K X X V' -Q S W X SEMA SRM Q 'Q' - -wr-Swv ' N Cindy Edsinger "The Hall" People are great Danielle Elame Gregory Ellis Michael Steven Colorguards know all the l'd rather be ataT ITIOVES. cert-Special thanx: MB, TS, KR Veronica Ann Escalera know! Ask Debbie! Daniel Vincent Evans Andrea Kay Fanning ls it Friday yet? Miami! I don't Thank you friends for 4 great Lovin' every minute of it! years. Remember, the ice is W.N.S.B. L.F.- B.K. all the way! nice! Manuel Farrulla Joseph Feeney Seniors Alexis Fitzpatrick Gregory Phillip Fitzpatrick Merci Ie dieu que c'est fini Nicholas Laura Flanary Javier Flores Marco Flores Stephen Marc Flores No matter what you do l'm al- Wads the matter with you ways with you, Fremont 86. Holmes, Big moose is watch- ing. A T KSN t ., fe Tony Flores Lisa Flowers John Fox Julie Friedrich Bad Boys drive dented LTDs The class that parties the best with no dash! is l986, right Cyndi? Connie Fuentes Tracy Fukui !Tory tee Fussell Nancy Gaiewski Dreamer of all dreams!! TF + c, 9 X he likes - favorite some The most life, ve mad More his hig include Either his to abando his musi Ferdinand Galang La-di-da-di, l like to party Gina Galindo Israel Garcia Brad Gassaway J.W. thanks for lust being there Nm 1 L Brett Gassaway F Seniors 1 1 Wayne Geffon Wendy Rachelle Geluz Christian George !!!llLuvin' every minute of itll!!! Dangerous but worth the touch of the ani Marie Gerrity Shane Gibson Max Gilleland Alex J. Giron BYE, kids! I have but one regret: I'm still a virgin. 2 , K Dawn Godwin Sophia Laura Golba Andres Gonzalez Christina Arlena Goray "Oh, my" Life isn't as easy as it was . . . right L.F. and A.F? Ronald Grau Marissa Guce Minh Ha Shannon Lynn Harnett It was the best of timesg it was the worst of times. Seniors ' 5 i Lori Harris Steve Alires Harton Go ahead, make my da Cyrous Hashemian Victoria Marie Hendersu God, education and sports are Thanks for all the great ti the meaning of life. JC, EG, NM, ZM Best of guys t o undefea you re Seniors Henningsen Les Henry Jeffrey Hermann Atilano Hernandez To all Bats: This Bud is for you. 4 Always live life to its fullest 'is Holly Y. Hewes 1 dream, it's a dream, if trive, you can achieve it. Mark Heynen Trang Ho Thanh Hoang ln time lies the anser.The anser that wil solv yor probs Ryan Mark Hom live the SEFG, balanced ,and trips to Reno! KM S Dong Hong Luong Hong John Hostettler Live hard, die young, leave clean underwear. eniors - S it . .,L::W,t Q , X in J l Stanley Huelsenkamp Jeannine Hulan Matthew Huntington Kyle Ikeda V 4 Thanks to all those who made Keep u'r friends, you ri H.S. an experience for me. them. l can't see you but l you. Ali lranmanesh Monique Iwata Kellye M. Jackson Don't worry about it N sail 4vr Forever, 98.9, face-paint, I hate this pix! . .. Luv U and I love you L.C.S. spice, toast, b-king, sand- SH2O,young. A Stephen Jacques 'QJ Q" Arthur Jagchid David James Kenneth Everette Jam f Go for it! Varsity soccer rules. Best of luck to the stud Down it Heavy Metal PIF iors. l love you frosh spla ,- eniors Y S nold Magallanes Jarrell Michelle Jenklns Christopher Jenks Reed M. Johnston Air rescue is where it's at NR X t. .. ,k s wi r im Jimmy Jones Chrlstlne Kaefer Gina Kaefer Keiko Kajlkawa Ariel CRelj Kaspi Albert Kaye Mark Keel lf you didn't try. you failed! Steven Kevin Steve Ketchum Hung Khong Shahram Khonsari ' i N .a Steven Albert Kiss Paul Knightstep Michael Koda I got the car! Look at my pants Seniors Michael K. Kim I like to party all the time l5l and Pacololo. GSS Pulling Kong 3. escs X or X o sooocl . ,:' o les? X-Q- . ,::. -.--- :-- . . . f Q:.. 1 ' e - L ':"' mmik I 1 53 I 1 ' r :" . X. X , . '- 'MM ' ' ,, ,A,,,. N .z -X yfsffqgggssqz- eww sl ..,, . an ,,, lured. So, whiyn in T2 rh J ii ,N s- ,, " r 9 PW! crcc QS essc :, ooss :IQ f':'Q:f2 H Wanted S ss - other 1 -:- agami rec- 'Ogg' ef 1" ,, 5fz5i 1dS0QSi fm' N . --,'- . :-. . ga, 11 fs -.": . V kk KN I X Becomm s sf f "on aga' Should g,.. . the Q is . ,...g c c fs .exe-ry 'Y Julie Ellen Krawetz Li-Wen Kathleen Kuo s worth winning but Life is precious when you real- S love of friends ize there's not that much left Dong Kwon Chean Ky ,avr W' Andrew Laguna Nhi Lam Tung Lam Abinadab CBeanJ Landin luck with college chicks Cows are cool! ILGM remem- B,-own, SF Giants Ha! ber meg no matter how try!! Seniors L 1 4 sup 1 X Hao Gia Lang Hanh Le Thuy Le Stacey Lee Leary 86: The new generation D'U Remembe'th Tay-waIk'g Think not of others judgm Zpofiq for you are your final judg efie - :-- 1121 K fi. wwe L -.:: ,, 1 I 4lN Eun K. Lee The music is my life. Frank Lee Joseph Lee is is X If Sherman Lee Karen Leong Kim Leong Nicole Leshane Th best thngs n life R friends 8 Isaiah 4l:IO There's still time .. . Leave It to Beaver reruns. Seniors kwL X " of s 0 af 'R as -W' ivk Joey Levy Chen-Chi Lin Michael Lock Muoi Long What's wrong with youth in Asia? COr is it Euthenasiaj Quo Kimberly Loomis Maria Lopez Ruben Robert Lopez you're the best!" Love is what makes one beauti- ful. D.B. gb Nxh and all Seniors X59 +0 last fall and the winter. He track cheap Monique Lopez-trigo Mellissa Lumidao Mylinh Luong N1 it Nam Luong Tin Luong Susan Maciel Virginia E. Mandl Seniors No matter how, try! Hey Do you know what time i ' M fx A Patricia Marcus Brian Marsh Adam Martin Lorenzo Martinez l'll come to IB now Mr. Steffen. Q A t Maria E. Martinez Kelly Maze Nancy Mclntosh l'm good l'm good but l'm bad l'm even better! eh? Michael McMillin Antoinette Meadows Douglas A. Mendoza Mannix Mendoza Spiked hair is the key to wom- Omar, gimme some taps! We en's hearts made some good tapes. Nama fos LDBF Seniors ' yy Pedro Mesones Never question a Senior of '86 David Metzler Be obscure clearly Zoe Jane Meyer Samir Mikail Have a vk summer-Keep the bench warm Jenjen 8 Baked Potato. Brenda J Miller Regina Miller Andrea Mika Miyamoto Dan Moss The Best of Times with Jane FHS has shown me the best 4 lly DSI-Take a nap! What hap- LilR SG CG, and MG. Its been years so far. Now for real life! pend to the Senior Ball Jeff? real. TMouse IITS. Jeff Motch Angela Motley Lorin Mukai Francis Myers II The mind is a terrible thing-I'm not your stepping stone. Seniors - DN we Wanda R. Nakano Michael Navarro Mary Ann Nelson Kimberly Ann Newton .W, AF, ED, DW, FHS band There ls A Deeper Wave Than Thanks for the memories!! olor-guard -thanx for the This: Gorden Who?! Luv Dem- pries! DamBats-PASqrI! Phuc Ngo Phuong My Ngo Dung Nguyen Huyen Nguyen Be thoughtfuland sympathetic Keep on smiling- l.A,L,A Us 'Or' Ngoc Huu Nguyen James North Billy Nowlin Derek Oates will be hard if you try. What a long, strange trip it's Jill U'raqtl Ali Don't Worry been-Grateful Dead About It Seniors E i I , Thanx for the great times Bob We will start a new world and That was then, this Scott David O'SulIivar I spy for the FBI? don't bi pid, make your dreams true Regan J. Patrick Mike Pavlos Millionaire to be! Matt Peterson avi! ' O A Anthony Pelletier Gina Marie Peralta Pat Petersen Take things in time S yr happi- "Hey dude, let's party!" ness will be multiplied. Susan Peterson Gary Robert Pettit Mui Pham Never trust a hippie Lee Jay Pillow ns are outlawed, who shoot all the liberals? 's Alicia Pimentel Shahriar Poushin Grace Prestosa Seniors 5 I W.. Catherine Proud Leon Przybyla Heather Ellen Pubols Rosemarie Quijano lt's been real, lt's been fun, A foto is a face on paper, a GL. Everyone may your d 'cause '86 is number one! memory is a pic from the come true heart. Tracy Raider Eva Raina Gwen Rambis Memories of tomorrow: SCkre- Thanks for the good times girls "AT LASTl!!" tekSFcocaIocagonerswavers varsity b-ball! showssunnys Vince Ramirez 3 Seniors 1 i Luisa Ramos James Reed James Regnere -ss wise, .....,... , .., .. . X Q' Lisa Rigsby Sandra Robbins Steve Roberts Ed Robinson Cosmetologists do it with style Bass-playing, beer drinking S G-baby! Dunk time! Thank you breast feeding for life! friends and faculty very much. X N 'Q S NN st X w + ft, 14-Q t M Jimmy Ruiz Turkka Saarikoski Rebecca Darlene Sager Great time I had here, too bad I To really live, one must love his gotta go! experiences. pain and all gt-it Mako Saito Bernadette Velasco Salom Kelly Sample Jim Sanches l love u mom S dad, thanx MB. MG, MD, ML, JC, AND FG. .-14 Seniors 1'- Clinton Sanders Virgil Santiago Dan Savage Scott Schaetzle Ding ding ding cl ding bonk! Alon Scope Life is tough, so you got to be rough. Rene Sevilla "Loved every minute of it" Michael Shannon Anita Shatas :xt .... u 1 Jeffrey David Shelton Never try, do. Never think you can, know. lt is never l, but we. Laura D. Shelton '86 has the touch of Class Stephanie Shervington Khamchan lts been fun, thax LE,LW,SS,KJ I-We is 3 Pain in The Always Rem. Dorito and AWOA. Bama Bound. Luv ya J.H. s will lose is a SP t feels tha as lmpor Althou Tom Sites Dawn St. Cartier Great Graduation! Show up for The best IS yet to come' the party. Love you .len Kelli' Good luck seelngmfhe Stephanie Stevenson Hey Nance-GOTTEM! Good luck everyone! Just kidding! Nancy Stewart Michael Szady Roweno Tabora Christian J. Taranta Fares Tarazi Melissa Taylor ln this world, no one here gets So much for the easy out alive. l Lf- " S 7, Tim Tegarden Phuong Ngoc Thai Dionne Thomas Maureen Tolo Life's a . . . then you die Make your life full of friends eniors 1 4 o l Z u Diem Ha Tran Hao Tran Khang Tran Stacy Trevino kfCOSO'l'lD Be yourself and be- lieve in yourself kCsinO+lD Nang Trinh Bela Tripp Trang Truong Make love I1Ot Wal' Sch son is not uncommon to hear Fremont Eddie! Eddie! For good ool students has Club. mont. There are has been :r races and has en ial the way we can all get th T SB school." Ed is also involved in activities fish X S. outside of school. He holds part-time in m active in his church group, for ASB gfvolunteered at the San sos? Stgte Spg- muchi iQwfOlympics, and has volunteeiedat previous years, Trauma Center at Sak- Fremont I wanted Ed was given an award of recipi- into the school." Ed gfor his efforts from the Fellowship "l like being involved in school. gggiyi f istian Action. makes school more lii Seniors 3 i i s XO xr are wh SY Stacy T. Tsuboi Roberta Tucker Ted Turner Amy Tyler sew--::,, .--in-C555:g5W,!a,E.,fa,..- -r - r H- - 11-dr. - , 1 ig Teye Carlos Valcarcel Love and you will have the world Seniors Susan Vallier Memories of tomorrow- SCKRETEKSFCOCALOCA- GONERSWAVERSSXSHOWS SUNNYS Susan Van Den Broeke Chris Van The Truth shall set you Free SC-Spoose- LowBudget peroni-or Bacon what got SC? Richard Varma Shesh Verma Sue Viles Nguyen CCoryD Vu lt's been fun and it's about Iluv my mom, friends,dancing, The b6SI ClaSS in this century time it's over. skaters, surfersikutas MSS BX is the Class of '86 We rulell F ynthia Wadsworth Marty Warner Brian Weddell I want my Yamaha FJIIOO and the roads that await me in Eu- rope 'aa.' XX X Douglas Weed Jennifer White Ann Kathryn Williams Kami Williams Reach high for success, live Smile! Where is Prince Charm- Iife for the best, S SKI COLO- ing? '86 RULES! RADO! Seniors Kellie Wadholm Brad Wong Monica Wong Dave Woodard Colorguards have better Bring back Dick Nixon. Door- Minds are like parachutes Hi Mom. moves. I love you T.J. knobs '84. They only function when open. X if.. X .'., :xl ykx, Q R43 . Q rc r I I '--" L: ,V S E if ' . , 'N 1 N iz 7 'V' ,Q W 2 E E . , J K ...N 5 i 115:35 r fixxxiii r Paul Timothy Wright Jill Wyckoff May all your dreams come true. Shen Yeav -wx Nw John Young in Seniors i , X 2? A t A i sifyi . so Nrrr Judith Zakarla lofi. f Fred Za A a x? f E SS? gew .uw-Q' , if W M i fs K i ,sw ,. A ff .5 5 A . e .135 YQQHMW YEAR I JUNXOYQ YE AQ SOPHOMOQE YE AH COLL QCSCNK i Ab AN AAA.: Af!! ? Q. S VJ -rx-xi. V?xvfE.R1O ,ILA-4.1 JQ53 X triding proudly, head held high, he feels like a new per- son as he proclaims silently, yes, l am a JUNIOR. No longer must l suffer under the domination of vengeful upper classmen. Watch out, fresh- men, now it's your turn! Being a junior means more than this, however, it means an entire year of adjusting to new responsibilities and learning new things. A major climax of a junior's year was naturally, Spirit Week. The Class of 87's theme, "Juniors Want Their MTV", was such a successful idea that soon everyone was a part of it. As Sue Jezyk ex- plained, "There was alot more planning We started earlier, we got more things done and they were of better quality: for example the wall and the lights for the rally Our leaders seemed more excited, which made everyone more excited about it." Although the juniors didn't win Spirit Week Csighb they did win something more im- portant. Completing another funfilled year of new exper- iences that made them both older and wiser, they came away with a valuable prize of memories. John Moyoli, Class President Kristy Blackie, Vice President Tina Seto, Secretary Chris Dale, Treasurer Cesar Moyoli, Sgt-At-Arms Sue Johnson, Social Manager ga yl'.":: 1 1 53563 .5 1 .. l . , . 4-,as ar. g, 3- .V S522 qi.. -- v-Msg. .W ,V if Wiki X gy m. x- E - .v S?':.,...s Juniors 1 Below left. Although realizing she is not alone, Chris Miller's sure doesn't falter. Below right. Frantically attempting to . newly painted masterpiece dry, members of the Junior Wall tee ingeniously fan it with album covers. ...ze A' P xx as .3 1 f. fi Q 3. Xi? - K . si 1. 'N .. ba. A . x X ss it JSP? 5155 . gf ff' L R R s. ' l n ,NWS mit an be . gag.- FK an 5. f .Q -V wa! me N as r' .6 fs .Q -ev X .4-'S V , 'lf J. 4. xx is 3 kk - J L 8 sa s ,gi QQ A . 2 M g,"-i was , A J :J -.' ban' N m--1 .g f - 'K . I ,sw 0 "6 Y K X ..,3"?': Q X 2 Xi X r S X ' Kim Abbey John Academia Heather Adessa Jacqueline Adkins Maxine Aguilar Mario Aguilera Ruben Aguilera Eric Aguiniga Perrie Allen Renae Allen Christina'l'Alvarez Mike Alvarez Marcela Ancheta Steven Anderson Natsuko Ando Marvin Andrews Paul Andrews 'manuetmfgtei " Mary Anton Victor Aragonez Kathryn Arechiga Lourdes Atangon Lori Atherton Annie Auyeung Sherien Aziz Scott Bailey Rudy Basa Daniel Bautista Rosa Beas Shannon Begg Helina Bekele Carter Bell Frank Bellucci Tamara Bermudes Jeffery Bernhardt Michelle Beyda Ronald Bioc Kristy Blackie James Boone Sandi Borok Dean Borton Tim Brackett Juniors Sarah Brandon Frank Breshears Kai Brown Dennis Bruch, Jr. Tanya Burgdorf Scott Bush Marino Cabrera Mike Cachero Damon Cain Dave Callanta Joe Candaso Regina Carbaial Raul Cardoza Scott Carney Carolyn Chalfant Gregg Chastain Antonio Chavez Katherine Chavez Caren Chen Steven Cheng Lay Chi Lucie Chow Dorothy Chrengtien Judy Clarke Leeann Clawson Colin Clover Anne Cochran Q,-f"S---+X.-1 Dawn Cohen Isaac Collins Willie Collins Larrance Commons Iene Coolle A Norman Coon Claudia Cordova Cheurrita Cox Jennifer Craven Todd Craven Diane Criswell Ted Cruz Kenneth Cuene Amy Curtis Becky Cutler Juniors W yia ncgfl S .Q T, we , 1 s- si. fs. .V Q- N . N1 1 Q X xx X 'N QWMN .D i wi' lbw a W as ' B 5- .camn sag ibavzs J if ' E51 N ,, ,bF- QQ SCS :Qi J . mimi C' ' . 1 . 521 Q- W ' J- giauz fi was -y Ql ACF t. ' U. D s . g iii, .K S , K 1, x I .lily C ' .xxx . sr x ii. - tics E3 as S aa A ,.:i.: ,K 1 K 'QmM. BSS X . x asm, N 'X b M KY - Q X Q Q . .V x 9 my ik x. 6 Q . , swiis R.. mossy .QQQC s we ' . S N FB' C . xl, is F - -: ii -. IK .. A ,Q .itt 2 iff- A A si J- ..kk-L , '-,Xxx X Q SFT? ,Ziff " X .k i W' N2 Si X 1 4 W X if , Q at 'gf sz .--- as , i af N 1 r N 5.5 X, 5 X in .. X :Su li 4' ,Qc , X af, in av rn.. MS". N X NXQ14 5 X K N XX X X Aww X W Ma ,,. , Q Q. Q ,C ' X W. , was , K. 'K f X ' X is if IQ X , .k' Y fr S as rx RG' Chris Dale Steven Dalhuisen Haimalin Dandoy Thao Dang Mike Davis Deanna Dehoyos s Arnaldo Dejesus Johanne Deleon Mary Delgado Robert Delgado Rhonda Delucca Amy Desmet , . :,, sa , , f Arthur De Vera A . Thang Do 1 . Kelli Double Tara Doyle Paul Duckett Ruth Dufosse O: - x 7 Georgina Duran Allie Edwards Jeannette Edwards Jeffrey Eick Silvia Ernst John Escalera Nora Espino Megan Fairfield Danielle Fettig Marcos Figueroa Vicki Ford James Foster Left: Juniors cheer their class on! Below: Denise Barcellos, Georgina Duran and Jennifer Toman are on their "olive diet." Photo by Karen Raude- baugh. Camera Day QHNW Chris Franklin Jeff Fredrick Amber Frederickson Barbara Fujito Diane Fullick Marites Galang Maria Galindo Tammy Gallo Emma Galvez ., J, .:leann3lt,eA,G3'f9lE Thomas Gardner Darrell Gauthier Jeff Gebhart Ron Geer Rodney Gin Lori Giver Jill Golobic Jimmy Gomez .Amy GQEZQJQ Leonel,Gonzalez Neil Grau Miriam Graubard Tonya Griffin Paul Grilli David Grundsjrom KRFHSEETGUS tafgi Tami Harris Mike Hartman Sara Hashemian Marty Hendrick Patrick Hendrix Paula Henley Joe Hernandez Oscar Hernandez Kevin Hill Hung Ho Phi Ho Phiyen Hoang Angel Hope Jennie Hoppenrath Jay Hopson Craig Howard Juniors 1 1 X X s sa s his -'1 -. 'V X TQ . ' Q eg, X X U S1 sl J v S N..." 5 X' 'S , t 'U' I' I5 .QF ,, r me . - xc . arg, ar .5 N, i si Xa . . 1' ' N. J- - iN XS. as K ia ir .sc A of ss F9 u..1i v., sv 4 A 1 IH X 1- i N E as N X . si flEQuLH.Qwar5L,-, Tammy Hudson Mike Huff Dawn Hunt Nikki Hurlston Ayako lmada Fay Isaac David Jacques Tiffany James Mark Jenesse Michael Jenesse Sue Jezyk Julie Jobak Mary Johnson Robert Johnson Sue Johnson David Juleson Allen Kahaku Mike Kalino Ariel Kaspi Julie Kelsey Atul Khanna Laura Kindsvater Moonlong Kim Anita King Tom Kizzier John Klavdianos Jean Ko Tim Kolar Meiling Kong Anna Kremer Rich Krinock Erich Kruger Tracy Kupp Eng Ky Tech Ky Vinh La Evelyn Lackey Chi Lang Jennifer Larsen Vicki Lashlee John Lawrence Juniors - Dang Le Shawn Le Thinh Le Kelly Leal Jae Lee Sung Lee Claudine Lenfant Guerrero Leon Christopher Lester Shiu-Fei Liang Tri Lien George Liu Hoang Long Dolores Lopez Robert Lopez Rodger Low Sue Lowery Jenny Lu Alexander Lucas Kyle Luck Paul Ludwig Tracy Lum Mellissa Lumidao Go Luong Canh Luu Phat Ly Victor Macias Vincent Maldonado Ramel Manuel Alex Marquez Enrique Marquez Brett Martin David Martin IDSQEBJBLQW David Martinez .lulieann Martinez Letticia Martinez Rollie Massimino Daniel Masters Rachel Mata David Mayer Tom Maynard -4 Juniors A.".- R N-. L lil. 1 S :K . L '-ss - -Q .,,,. in v g ,. i . A, A is R s ,g l 'R Leif, tg L X . Am . '-':- . N X it W L Q vs. 5 w 'D L ' - 4 . S 1. 9' t l W .wt V f. Vs a . . tx X 1 ' ' .Y. sr I 1. we '19-5 . is P Q -Q f N .L is K ll t t Q L L L s L N N L 2 . s L . 9: 'L K x ii i. K -..k- L is " 5 X' Q ' - 2 uf 5 ' K, . to la l XL krll , ,. . ., ., b rrrl . I I r N ii L it ,.., L' r T i ' - .Q,, L an I :,,k,,,j ,N if. K N3 2 eeslt Q to . ..,.7 :-' S ni ll 1630 fir' vw. .y .sie 11 f K 1 . 1 SW" A R tts X q,,,.J ' A 'N' Xl as Scott McCall Mark McGowan Eugene McKay Kevin McMillin Mark McMiIIin Lisa McPherson Margaret McWilliams Phalamony Men David Mendez Leila Mendoza Inger Mendoza ..,R Leodis Merfiffmh John Meyer Christine Middlebrook Christine Miller Michele Miller Em7a'Fd'o"lVl'fa'rTdMa Edison Mirzaie Sonya Mitchell Takeshi Mitsutani Phil Moore Peter Morris Suzy Morris Cesar Moyoli John Moyoli Richard Mungaray Josephine Muolic Kumiko Nakata Lenito Navarro Heather Nelson Ricky Nelson NB-onald Newmanqg Khoa Nguyen Kim Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen Thi Nguyen Thu Nguyen Thomas Nicolai Arthur Norton Nancy Novello Esperansa Obeso John O'Brien Hielda Ocumen Tracey Ogletree Mark O'Hara Jennifer Oliver Dan Olsen Glen Olson Marlen Ozuna Ed Paco Eunice Pambid Eduardo Panganiban Gina Paz Beth Peachey Linda Peltier Jolene Pendleton Caycee Peters Claudine Peters Q. i ,S 'X b 'S X Q Rick Petri Dung Pham Huy Pham - A ' t df Anthu Phan P as W 5, W Thao Phan I ' E f 1 - 1 ft Jeff PokorrlY K P C iii P f as 'P , X f Lorena POFICB - '. llllli A . -A 4 - " H alas gi -. 1 an f X ig i 1"r sg, ..,. -t,., 51.. t . KKA, ,i-,, Q . kk A X Roberto Ponce P .b m ' Christina Portaro if " i Q C jg k B P Chris Porter P C y Stacy Powers aaa X isaas Joe Prunty P "' ii a 'gf ' ig - sf-' ' -. -':si'tess.a A Below: The new members of the iunior JV spirit leaders perform their first routine. Right: Exhibiting his well-known look that says, "What do you want now?" is Scott Bai- ley. an H Q -:I Juniors I r gd N Es fv- , f . tm. - .ri .... .4 - ar Q Six N is a iii? JN" 4? C E Q N 'ik 'Q st 1 wr' i N1 3 1? was Q vi' A t fffif of Shawntel Queen Alicia Quijano Robert Quiroz Hugo Raina Aurora Ramirez Alan Rannals Azita Rashed Karen Raudebaugh Jason Reinsch Danny Resendes Julie Reyes Sara Rezgni Skip Richmond John Rico Melissa Rigsby Russell Rivera Armando Rodriguez Mark Roettgering Pat Roisen Noel Roque Krista Rowberry Marne Rowland Maricela Ruiz Lisa Saberin Bernel Salom Karen Sanchagrin Simranpreet Sandhu Veronica Sandoval Sirena Santiago Benito Santivanez Francisco Santivanez Rafael Santos Jose Sarabia Lisa Scellato Michael Schaffer Heidi Schoniger Troy Seiver Rob Senior Tina Seto Darrin Sevela Brent Seward Jignesh Shah Juniors Richard Shelar Andra Shimozaki Mark Shukis Khimsan Siakkhasone Chris Simmen Kathy Sims Michael Slade Stanley Smith Consuelo Soria Scott Spurrier Nick Stefanisko Gary Stein Julia Stephan Kevin Szady Han Tang Papita Thani Brian Theodore Lliim Thompson Snawjlmnpsgg Donald Thorne Stacey Tibbs Jennifer Toman Phuong Ton Ryan Toone Lillian Torres Vivian Torres Chi Tran Chi Tran Hen Tran Hung Tran Phung Tran Thuy Tran Xuananh Tran Robert Trevino Cuc Truong Mai Truong Patty Truong Thuan Truong James Tryphonas Susan Tucker Maria Valcarcel Lina Valenti . Juniors N X 'X Us QRS: : , A X s N 9 ,C - X Q 2 Qt X K M at Y .. ., f S ,,..: K -ww 13 ' X :e v N ws ---- 1 V' ..1.i1'i . --Q " f - 5 A :J Y 'W ' ti--i .. 5 -we-it Q 'rf ' J , , C iccc - Y 7 , I C ' Q ' .. K '- N-1. 1 X 'NFS' hi 6' X NXXQNLQA . . S C' 0 fi .. K i ix X 1 f 5 W 'OSH' S . C'- Wkfm X Am. Q ,cti f N1 v its sf t if sf is S at i . M 1 stt ess L J xi 1 , 1 up M E I Q x ..L,. 6 .ih. A i-- s Q ass NN x , 6 ' D 'in J N an Q My ss x S , it 5 V.. g s J so K 5 as S -W Delilah Valenzuela Heberto Valladares Alberto Vallejo ,Mgichgaelle Vandeursen Wendy Vann lA" ' Scott VanValkenburgh Kathy Vargus Gina Villareal Nguyen Vu Thang Vu Mark Waldman Lisa Walker Monica Weisz Karen Wentz Craig Whetstone Tony White Victoria Whitlock Alonzo Williams James Williams Laurie Williams Paul Williams Laron Wilson Troy Winters Kim Wokoek James Wood Amy Woods Patricia Wright Gregory Wynn Cynthia Yee Michele Yoshikawa Lisa Youngberg Grace Zakaria Patricia Zuno Milo Bloom Sunny Day Wilamina Knickerboker Francie Larreau Elvis Richmond Ralph Sampson Byron Scott Trudie Styler Winnipeg Ticondaroga I29 Juniors 1 he Sophomore class: The determination to do our best in academics and athletics, to maintain our grades for college and to receive schol- arships for sports. We were stuck in the middle with decisions to make, whether to worry about high school or to worry about the future. But the challenges and the experiences we went through were all worth the trouble. Although the sopho- more year was the hardest, we struggled to do our best. Of course, the year was very memorable for us. With the team- work, cooperation, and sports- manship during Spirit Week, we earned our way to success. "The classes worked together as it was all our one problem." stated Sasha Pesic. "We had a lot of Fremont Spirit - better than last year to say the least," commented Jodie Aquino. We all have our memories, the class of '88, of this sophomore year. But this is not the end, my friends, for we still have two years more of exciting challenges to conquer. Jodie Aquino, Class President Jon Dale, Vice President Betty Afuola, Secretary Sasha Pesic, Treasurer Carl Kruger, Sgt.-at-Arms Andrea lmazeki, Social Manager I. Usually a whirlwind of verve and en- thusiasm, Jeanine Brown does have a few quiet moments. 2. "What're you looking at, bud?" asks Shawn Hester. 3. "Here's my homework. l'm so proud," says Colleen Rikli, Photo by Paul Dismuke, Camera Day ! Sophomores l X , -sv' f .peg N ' S , . x is ,S . ata - - uv Q 1 : 'Ci Y a. JP . 3 A M 3 it f' P A A . Z J .. X , . " A 315' f 'X W " if i f L, 2 '- 5 i if ,- A A - in 1' ' N1 - ' A It QR v ' W W ,. , , . 'LT '- A 1 si "Ns-sw I is X K 4 . 5 4 sy 5 E ' K i, K. Q. V Q , .X J sg B. V L- - I 51,5 L1 K ,X ..,Q , X... . K - I. 5 , A X t A .. E" "' s it s. ' . v i - we ,s t ,uf :'k s . J " J B "' B.: Q 3 1 'Ms' Q ' ' ' A ' 3,5 X X H f X X Q f - .. f j,, 'K 4 si' D M A 'N 1, QQ.. A is -- ,L ,4 v 1 .J if s A if 1-veit N5 Q Rocky Abina Betty Afuola Jennifer Aguiniga Albert Alvarez, Jr. Frank Alvarez Victor Amador Christopher Anderson Robert Anderson Timothy Anderson Jennifer Anthony Lori Apel Jodie Aquino Ricky Arbolante Floremond Asuncion Ludwin Atangan Mohammad Azimi Steven Bacosa Milinda Bailey Shari Bailey Renee Bakanoff Alison Baker Patrick Ball Tracie Christine Bannon Frederick Barberi James Barnes Mark Barsocchini Brooke Bartholomew Sean Barton Gilbert Bautista Maraie Bautista Jerry Beavers Amy Beck Robert Beck ,l9Ml3219l1- Keeley Benner Maria Berroteran Patty Berroteran Sandra Bettencourt Marigen Biala Marivic Biala Billy Blankenbehler Sophomores i Annika Boklund April Bolin Jeffrey Bowline Jyme Bracamonte Melinda Brannan Devi Bricker Ted Bromberg Steve Brooks David Brown Jeanine Brown Troy Brown Daniel Bruch Linh Bui Tini Bui Tuan Bui Uyen Bui Bonnie Bunnell Rey Bustamante Cynthia Buyco Jean Cabonce Francisco Cachapero Marcus Camp Melinda Carpenter Kathryn Carter Laura Carty Noemi Casama Victoria Castilo Moises Castorena Cico Celi William Ceralli A it . W Her F . B "' ' 4, fl' 'fl -N C -s - C " J' i SX' Q . i in R K I 1' sa 1 i 7 5 - 1 in Qt.. f H .... N - S . -V E Q x . wi . , . - x k kk 1 E N x J i J - is . .I A : X it A o , 1. .,.. t 2 5 .z - . J . J' K- ' if K K g 1 1 we ' .tt 'K :ggi as P X X ff' '- vt tt., X is ryii Q 'GX A as uw- " :fl N Nav Y--v if ' a. Yi - Sophomores Below: "He's not with mel" states Candy Plummer. didn't do it! l swear I didn't do it!" exclaims Jodie Heather Pubols. 5.4 C ,E , of R ss et ,gk s " ' K I , C l XXX Q ,R E 'gs .fy '- i 4 s 2 .9 e! 3 K? 5, S , sa . ' - r -v Q Q' 5 it 6 n 'N 'Y Y t E- W QV N ,f,. 3 J. 1 Darin Cerda Darius Cerezo Dawn Chamberlain Clarence Chan Amy Chang Anita Chenier Julia Chester Scott Chinn Nora Chow Agustin Cisneros Catherine Clemons Karen Coffey Michelle Colato Charles Cooke Jim Cooper James Cornwell Buffy Courtright sbimcwtmifwaare Michael Crane Cary Crank Barbara Crepeau Albert Ducasin lan Dahlberg Corby Dale Jon Dale Elisa Danish Bobbie Davis Dina Dantes Wyn Davies Dennis Degeer Jay Deiters Silvia Delgado Samuel Devere Cecelia Diaz Peggy Doherty Edwardo Dominguez Trista Douglas Mark Dressler Kevin Duffy Dennis Dulay Sam Edwards Elizabeth Egan 'V Sophomores -.-:L Barry Ehlers Ginger Ellis Jack Ellis Deanna Engel Kathy Engel Mark Erlichman Marietta Estarija Jane Farkas Linda Farrulla Jennifer Faulkner May Federico Erin Feeney Tommy Feeney Maryann Fernandez Melissa Fettig Ricardo Fiallos Alexander Fish James Floyd Randall Fong Allan Fontanilla Monique Fournier George Francisco Jason Freund Caryn Fukui Patty Gabler Odan Garcia Sara Garcia Maria Gavidia Albert Gaxiola Max Gaxiola Eric Geffon Christoph Geissler Lisa Goetowski Mike Gonzales Robert Gonzales, Jr. Artemia Gonzalez John Goodman Matthew Gould Alicia Guel Ana Guel Frank Gutierrez Maria Guzman Sophomores F: an A L V it six 535' ff W.-'sf--e yn ,fx Q ev 1, " ,X y X4 X t rp , P Fifa 1 N f f N. if ev 'W N :ligne ,. X ,Y W7 A ,, ' 3 J' X f - N s , , . ii .. ' - Q X , . -A ' is X t it t Q -- s A ., . X.. S XM E? K 4 ,.. aj- SE A . 1 annul! i n is -Ng ek - , 4-mafia ssss sf J s c N ,, Q g c -.fff " Q .ww lis' E ' . J A s 1 A llll 1 t... .s Q E wsff ' A " . 1 ..,. E 2 ti -fx s 'eo -2' Ramesh Hamadani Michelle Hebert Leslie Heffron Michele Heifner Patrick Henningsen Shawn Hester George Hinman Nguyen Ho Vinh Hoang Karen Holden Damon Holzborn Linh Hong Sang Hong Teri Hooper Jodi Hopkins YincengHudso1h Joel HueEf Joseph Hulan Cecilia Hung Anthony Ignacio Jenny Ikeda Andrea Imazeki Calvert lto Carla Iwata Larry Jacobsen Erica James Neal Jarvis Jennifer Jenesse Steve Jenkins James Jezyk Janelle Johnson W Francis Jones, Jr. Ruben Juarez Lance Kameda Jody Keels Antonios Kehagias Robin Kelley Matthew Kelly Rahel Kibreab Brian Kim Brendan Kirby Denis Klavdianos Sophomores Jan Klofter Keith Knight Leslie Koda Eleanora Kodeli Alexander Koretsky Jeffrey Korte Neal Krawetz Carl Kruger Diane Krzysik Jeremy Kushner Justin Laguna Deborah Lara Erik Larson Jennifer Lasell Siu-Suen Law Christina Lawrence Dennis Le Susan Le Thao Le Peter Lee Sueh-Min Liew Shan Lin Jay Lipschitz Colin Lockhart Paul Lokey Scott Lonergan Chau Long Arnel Lopez Jaime Lorenzana Candida Lowrie Alice Lu Thuy Lu Shelly Lum Chi Luong Danny Maes Marshall Mailhot Lisa Mar Christopher Marshall Misako Masui Arthur Maxwell Julie McAdams Andrew McComas Sophomores 9' ,, 11, 1577 ,.,. M ,V I ,, ii i za .22 V :"f V '4 f f 7 'f li". Za 7 ff --M 12 Y J J K , K x ff s 3 K W , fwf vv,,, r an ww ,,,, I ,, , lv ' ff 5 Q V ,yy . , it V A w fy , , ,fi , my 43, K y I fl L .L 'Ei , 1 ks 1 J V 1 ,,V,l,t,, ' N M . , i -"4 H Q V iz " V " ,. lrrr is Q . - Lyyyyy . 'W R all ' al 539 H ynzftmx ,,,, W Y K is is 4-. 731 ll :K K , yy, y lx J ' QY' : "" A M 6' ' , ,f. S f - at 9 f I I A ,f,,. ,,,.L ,, , - is J tyyyy tttyl if - J A r sslr All il 1, Q - H K Zh. ,ox Left: Quietly enjoying the sun on a winter day, Alison Baker, Shelly Lum and Deanna Engel munch their french-fries and catch up on what's new. Middle: Paul Lokey patiently ignores the surrounding commotion. Right: Annika Boklund and Michelle Colato have obviously been inter- rupted from a fascinating conversation. 5 t, , is 4:- l X 'J A l 2 N .V Aw if 4 n ' - ' QQ' . . . 2 a r Phonso McElroy Donald Mclntosh Tanya McKean David McKechnie Robert McKeever Joanna McMillan Lannie Meadows Monica Medrano Ronit Medwin Quinn Mehan Gregario Mejia, Jr. Rowena Mejia Josepha Mendiola Vanescia Merritt Kathryn Meyer Marty Molina Michelle Molina Aviv Monarch Adam Montaudon Scott Morris Maria Morgia Kennard Muolic Jennifer Myers Tammie Nash Rolando Navalta Leilani Navarro Christina Nesmith Michael Newton Dinh Nguy Bang Nguyen Sophomores -"1-'- Hieu Nguyen Khuong Nguyen Nhat Nguyen Phuong Nguyen Tuong Nguyen Tuyen Nguyen Steven Nicholas Martin Nobre Christina Nogales .GiU?,,N,Qsl5s2r, Everett Nunn Tomoyuki Obata Dymphna Ocana Gabrielle Ochoa Helen Ocumen James O'Hara Tessa Okeson Em3iHEiE'6?i'i?ii6H' Ckhristinaygrtiz. Jilfie Osuna Mary Otwell Jeanne Paiva 'joelPaml5i'd Toakase Panisi Elibeth Pascua Sasha Pesic Thao Pham Thao Phamthao Phuong Phan Quang Phan Thoa Phan James Phelps Terrence Philben Tausha Phillips Dan Phung Nancy Pickett Michael Piro Candace Plummer Michael Polnoff Eleanor Pontillas Barbara Portier Scott Przybyla Sophomores ,Q A A ,.,...+" X X 5 C' wl- 4 N, .W fi . ,N 41-0 A S s ,, . :-- ,, . ,ts ,,. s x x X 1' so . 2s1-. t . :Q Saw Q. '- Pt Gail Pubols Andrew Purcell Laura Ramirez Carlos Ramos Sergio Ramos Julie Raygoza Julie Richardson Chris Riester Glenn Riggen Stephen Robinson ..L,lDQlEL.RQSl3,, Eleanor Rodriguez Stacey Rodriquez Swapna Roianala John Rosales Joanne Rose Evelyn Rudolph Heko Ruo Patricia Saenz Suki Salazar Monica Sanchez Silvia Sanchez Sonia Sanchez Shamshir Sandhu Lisa Santiago Steven Savage Jeff Schwartz Pamela Sehon Jonathon Seiders Nicefora Sevilla Loraine Seymour Scott Shea Lena Sher Trina Silbernick Luis Silva John Simontacchi LQQQLLSS. Gina Smith Albert Sola Patrick Sparks Anna Steele Brian Steep Sophomores Craig Stoehr Jerry Stroud Jenny Su Lori Sunahara Michael Surritte Navaid Syed Elizabeth Tanner Rachelle Tedford Poonam Thani Francisca Topete Hien Tran Phuong Tran Cassandra Traylor Ted Tsuchida Ray Tsuchimoto Sirish Upadhyay ly!! Vganisi Michelle VanValkenburgh Brian Varma Jennifer Vaughn Ralph Veloria Joseph Vierra Shashi Vitthal Loan Vu Van Vu Tam Vuong Alison Wakefield Elizabeth Wallace Jennifer Walley Laura Watchers VlLQQQy.WeIE?' Wyatt Wilkie Kell Wilson Gordon Wincott Jennifer Wisherd Bernard Woods Tomas Worsham Brian Wright Michele Yancey Marjorie Yap Robin Yee Sandy Howard an Sophomores r at 3 2: . . - 6 X YU W 1 mr: 1 . . x W X N H ,X ff. ogg :. fs: S, .,.t 4 ii ' K E .1 ' .IW A x X Q4 5 tati t a t ra - . ,,L 'N xt lg J . . vs YN Q 1 F' ' if ,. J it . 1 Y M g ,,y f g 3 t ex ' ' -Q" ff K J J N X 1 J rta t , or y t N t ra J M s K X Q 1 as i k' 'N . 'ww 5- 2 - , J A ,.. ,I fix , J. W X i ' 3 V f K .Ai 5 'X ' tw -eeif .tt ' ,N . .ai ..,- -wg .2 .1 X N Q Q ww X mi S , X . , x xt in 1' bw xx X ov v X x X 5 .-xwll 2 Y ervously you bite your already too short fingernails. One minute before it's time to leave for school but- terflies begin swimming around in your stomach. It's the first day of school. You finally get your courage up and start off for school. As you walk across the campus you become very con- scious of people who might look at you and think "Freshman". But soon the bell rings and you're stranded for the rest of the day to wander around the school trying to find your classes and your friends. This may be the case for some fresh- men but most just have to adjust to the different atmosphere and different school. After a week most freshmen feel like they are part of the school. They just have to live with being a FRESHMAN. Just one word can give a group of high school people a bad name. The familiar quote "Freshmen are so immature" is frequently heard on cam- pus. A few may be immature, but often it's hard to differentiate between the freshmen and the other classes. Many times you may wonder: What grade is hefshe in? and find out he or she's a freshman. Then afterwards you'll say, "Are you serious? A FRESHMANT' r 'lib f O 75 N 1 Brian Zan, Class President Jodi Savage, Vice President Megan Miyamoto, Secretary Christina Code, Treasurer Ernie Roy, Sgt. At Arms Rebecca Fabisch, Social Manager Freshmen Vincent Academia Pamela Adamos Rene Aguirre Lynn Agustin Jonathan Ainscow Anna Alcarez Jose Aleidandro Jovilyn Alfonso Bianca Allen Dawn Allen Eric Alley Melissa Alva .Belle-Amqien Mark Anderson Rob Anderson Akiko Ando Michael Andrews Matthew Angeles Alex Aragon Maria Aragonez Allen Archie Cherie Arnett Zewdie Assefa Elleeflor Atangon Chad Atherton Sherif Aziz Shirli Bachar Kathy Baclit Jimmy Ballesteros Michelle Barga Jennifer Barsacchini -".L"""- Olivia Bautista Rose Bautista Josh Beaumont Shana Beaumont Richi Bellucci Shawn Bennett Joey Berkey Shane Bernal Stefanie Berry Satwinder Bhele Kim Boardman fi s 'Ls li 'ik -qs. A X M . , . X 2.5 - ,X fa .1 5 S' as l s f X SQ . ,vt Y 'r X I i ' - in Viii V5 liii A xl or ,X l, ls' R ..l si. up xv. si 3 5 15 ... . to ., is Xl 5 B K f r rtr B B 1 ' '- in L ' - -- ia . s 'JT 5 r F . 1-1'-is-11 Q- . ' f 4 - .i Q , at 0, N Q V 45 - Q X . v BR as W Xl? I' l 1' tg. 'lk Q li 15 . RF ge A M il' Abigail Bones Lisette Bornilla Lonnie Bortman Joan Bovee SU .a Etienne Boyd Heidi Boynton Donna Bramlett Jason Bretz Mark Brosius Anita Brown Regina Brown Jennifer Bruce Janna Burchell Alicia Cabello Maria Cabildo Arthur Caldeira Dan Callanta Joan Caluag Jennifer Campbell Racquel Cariaso Tina Carranza Marilyn Castaneda Evelyn Castillo Sandra Casto Lucy Castorena Timothy Cathers Danita Cerda Kristy Chadbourne Robert Chagoya Adam Chastain Helen Chau Christina Chavez Jeffrey Chinn May Choa Annette Choi Valorie Christianson Chan Chung Grace Chung Miguel Cisneros Robert Clifford Christina Code Q-111 I43 Freshmen Brett Coffman Jerome Collins, Jr. Mark Contreras Christy Cook Connie Cooper Melina Carroles Daniel Correa, Jr. Christine Cramer Mary Crawford Marc Crepeau Jeremy Curry Elkan Cutter Robin Dahlberg Karen Dalhuisen Quyen Dang Anh-Vi Dao Delbert Davis Penney Day Maria Delgadillo Gilbert Delrio Jenny Delvecchio Todd Denfeld Robert Desmet Debbie Dawey Sharon Diaz Thong Diep Jemil Dimaya Huan Dinh Anthony Dip Gerald Dizon Stefan Dombay Teresa Draper Kris Drenning Dan Dreveskracht Jeromy Drumm Jaime Duenas Mike Duffy Desiree Duplan David Dworkin Edward Eaton John Eick Jodi Elgart Freshmen w i J ll .N - ' Q-V' J . M 'Y is N - I. . as J at .4 - J- ' s ki 5 J at l SX 1 E S V it '53, - :- 1 . ' . Y' N ig Q , . .sa N A - C ' y C. . s eggs .Q , ..-- -s my . 1, t, A l. 9 ' n . I X ' A 5 J K, K X . xx X N X la 'gz 0- . s fa leg C X ' li ,-.t 1 3 . as , i W , ,-5 Q- K at K X S K I . s , , -W X A' as rw 'X N p 2 sb J X X N A is Q. K at X C t A X V J' sg l -' - a t t t t X. R .Q Xi , A iii K . L ,I N . AX n I V I 1 - K? aj . we X. ., X .3 was 0 fs t: t sci? ' 'SL' ..- X ss .Vi -r- '. I f. I4 all X E fi lx 4 L vm' I- t t t E . as if Q 'Q rta V yyr 2f M i i C tt lt it s Qc' 5 if ENE Q' U "' K . 1112252 ii J A ,lm ' ii J..- 5. X X X 4+ X - r fx "':"' X. .- k we J Arkkk li., in v x K A .iE. fecal Wtkiii, X J m ,h ,. K ax' Rss W I D 'F it Q Y.- s E R Q .. 132 ef. . Dona Elliott Leann Empet Anne Enriquez Rachel Enriquez Erica Epting Bryan Evans Rebecca Fabisch Tina Fabro John Federico Luis Fiallos Brent Field Preston Finney Stacie Fischenich Jason Fisher Sean Fisher Shonda Fisher Patricia Fitzsimmons Sean Flanagan Paul Franklin, Jr. Joshua Frantz Cindy Freeman Christina Frehe Lora Gabbard Carlos Galindo Clara Garcia John Gardner John Garriga Jonathan Gee Mary Gehl Michael Ghezzi Veronica Gil Kate Goka Joseph Golba Eleanor Gonzales Oscar Gonzales Sandra Gonzales Sheryl Green Heather Griffin Maria Guevara Robert Gunter Claudia Gutierrez George Gutierrez Freshmen 3 i 5 - gpm. Above: "When are you gonna pay back the six goldfish you owe me?" Right: Dawn Tawasil and Marie Phelps say a friendly hello, as Allison Sato and Laura Jacoby are distracted by something else. Margarita Guzman Ernesto Guzman, Jr. Thomas Hall Steve Hammond Stephen Hansen Mark Harris David Hartman Kurtis Harville Ray Hawk Cyndi Helms Aaron Hemmings Gail Henderson Thomas Henderson Lance Hensien Mark Hernandez Martha Hernandez Ruben Hernandez Glenn Hinsey Huy Ho Quoc Ho Ki Hong Linh Hong Michael Hostettler Ingrid Houston Jenny Hsin Anthony Hudson Brian Hudson Bryan Huggins Anna Hung Dawn Huntington Freshmen .W M gi K it ,. X 5, n .L s f xx 4' X6 Y 5, N M N NG X X gf N b " f Q,.t ' M.. . wfw in .Qs 'ar se f Qt: ,... . . .:,,,,,X K 19 if we J. ' " '1i2'?f1: fs wwf i x 'A .cw 5 .. 7,5 l . a if af N sf . -. ,ug Q, se: A :Q 1 9 A K Q 5 Y la- , i +. .Qs , X A -g ...xi ,tr .Mfr 1 "" asm P, iQue-4' . it ig., 1 " was . .,,,,a-sv .,. X - W yt t.......ofx .Sol .- , Nik A g K jr i if..-.47 v- .295 ,."""" L . .-so' X1 I u l.. P? F ki rs Q e NF gn 5 I if 5' A' ' is 1 f xi NN, .L as . iii J N. .5 ? 3. .Q ' . X ,- ,', it qs ,W ... Xl. .av .vs E. X ' y .A 5 . rg Q X K ' N Q 2 ,-1 of g f, Xl 'Xi fc X x rs K sl fx J A l' X , A B ll A -:.f1 , f we ,fx X SF J . Xa N 3 1 NSA . W 0 ', .. . K. x , l at . lk W f ' Q... A., 0 fs A. ,' .. ' Chau Huynh Xuan-Huyen Huynh Jenny lmazeki Sonia lsaac Jason Iverson Vicki Jackson Laura Jacoby Jennifer Jae Trudy James Janine Jason Anthony Jenkins Stephen Johnson Leah Johnstone Rob Jolliff Jennifer Jue Peter Kang Coco Kelley Michelle Kelley Jennifer Kelsey Angela King Benji Knutson Ana Kodeli Johan Koning Shanin Kreis Kristie Krinock Chrystal Kruse Lisa Lafaver fluong Lam Mui Lam Laurie Lambert Huy Lang Bao Le Dang Le Nhan Le Phuc Le Bonnie Lee Eric Lee Annette Leibowick Daniel Lemier Aaron Lewis Vinh Lien Curtis Lock Freshmen Gavin Lock Arvin Lopez Phillip Lopez Roy Lowenstein Hoa Ly My LY Marc MacKenzie Diana Madera Tracy Madera lan Manasco Susan Manca Dawn Marchetti Luis Mariche Dale Martin Jeffrey Martin Lawrence Martin Norma Martin Robert Martin Jason Martindale Ester Mata Dawn McEIwain Stan McFadden Lisa McGuinness Michelle McGuinness Joe McKinney Richard McNeil .Law-e Meek vicka MEG Leland Melia Trena Meloy Rostana Men Joann Menard Marclena Mendoza Karen Metzler Lisa Meyer Alvin Mikaele Brandon Million Megan Miyamoto Travis Moore Brian Mullins Pahl Mungaray Phillip Muniz Freshmen L ,Ma a zsxnffpia. ,,k. . - A , aa, yy... V- iw, In , -ii Q. fi Q fi i,,, L eff' ii I: my N Y gg? R Y' A L.. , .ff S ,K . ..k,... ix S: A 1, M, tttt E .... . S x i ' U 'B' 'gif r ills . 3 Q' W f X l ' WN to L . ' - .F . aa E I tyttt k 1 it 5 1 . 1 ss L at if .L L. fx: ,Q ph 5 . 7- 1 . T, - - if Q .:. N, ' X' ' K X' QUSWM. 'Yftxi WS L 1 is Q51 A Izf 41 ' at :,. r e l ,sg Ax ' ,, . .- -,fu f s be , ,kkx .kk N it vw 'X Hx , its 2 xi il gk . fs ,tv "ir 9. A 1 X . ' .ii-vs 1 f s ,V ,X Xiu X 1, TJ E , x t e 5 H Q . X t I N A N N. sv Q 1 1 is sl , . "I Devonna Myers Steve Na Boyette Nachor Miya Nakano Marygrace Navarro Brent Nelson Norman Nepomuceno Chuck Newton May Ngo Chi Nguyen Cuong Nguyen Hien Nguyen Huy Nguyen Khoi Nguyen Khoi Nguyen Quang Nguyen Son Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Uyen Nguyen Daniel Niu Leonardo Nolasco John Norman Cheri Nowlin Juanita Ocanas Sean Ocano Jeffrey Ogle Patrise Okamoto Astrid Glson Christine Ortiz Roy Page Gina Pennington Jessie Peralta Emiliano Perez. Jr. Ben Pesch Jeremy Petroff Dao Pham Kim Pham Tam Pham Tuanngoc Pham Marie Phelps Jewel Phillips Dung Phu Freshmen L , -1'-. Phu Phung Monica Pomparau Hector Ponce Steven Ponce-Enrile Brian Pratt Veronica Pulido Kelly Pustka Mario Quinonez Lisa Quirt Romeo Quiwa Jeff Rambis Robert Ramirez Marina Ramos James Ramsdell Chris Randolphi Alaina Rannals Doug Ray Antonio Rebelo Patrick Reed Girlie Regacho Andreas Regalado Janet Reyes Marilyn Reyes Romeo Rico, Jr. Scotleen Risley Michelle Roche Theresa Rodriquez Karen Rogers Sangeeta Rojanala Becky Romero Jeff Rosado Anthony Rosales Maryann Rosenstein Ernie Roy Laura Ruelas Anne Ruo Daryl Sadowski Scott Saiki Nancy Saito Jean Salazar Barbara Salto Joanne Salvacion Freshmen W i N5 as .... S X my N R wg. x .W . 3' A. . ii fl I t I : 1' is sf: .as W K as - -ss?-it twig: L . - S I R X 1,3 X . X fa " ,J is we .4 vi 'UV . . -E - Q Denny Sanches Daniel Sanchez Paul Sanchez Ricardo Sarabia Allison Sato Jody Savage Jennifer Schell Brian Schoolman Colleen Scidmore Karen Scope Jim Scott Sherri Scribner Ryan Senior Michele Seto Lori Sevilla Tomoko Shintani Chansuc Siakkhasone Kevin Sibley Ronald Simmons Douang Singpadid Phuong Sites Roger Skouson Stephanie Smilo Robert Smith, Jr. Nargis Solis Rich Spelzini Ronald Stanfield Shad Stein Cathy Stewart Sharlee Stone Aaron Strong Denise Sturgeon Virginia Suetos Charlene Summers Crystal Susa Kari Tangman Colleen Tanous Dawn Tawasil James Taylor Glen Teixeira Tony Telles Noel Temores 'HV Freshmen . - Thyhong Thach Linh Thai Ngoc Thai Bill Thompson Rod Timbrook Jennifer Tiomsland Mark Todd Lupe Torres Raquel Torres Arvid Tovera Anjie Toy Cue Tran Hai Tran Kim Tran Trung Trang Thao Truong Todd Turner lngrid Lldranszky Peder Ulander John Underwood Matthew Underwood Ganymede Urbano Julio Valdez Juan Valencia Dilia Valladares Alan Vanmarter Robert Vargo Mark Vargus Ron Veloria Simon Ventimiglia Bharti Vitthal David Wada Timothy Wadholm Kim Walter Fawn Walton Robert Wells Jerry Weltsch Timothy Whitney Nathan Whittemore Jason Wicks Dawn Winap Curtis Winland an Freshmen 10" unwav- ,. iw. , .e- Ni, an-fxgdn - 'Q ---f- xfrawfz :.. K' ' iiea 51,5397 A ' ' A K K, . E M - Refi? f- ii a A ' X X L QNX I , " fs I ' - . Si? 5 E E . . 5 5- l i im' X1 .je - e--f ff- , A 1. . K i Q. - M st J T , .... , -Wi tt it we 1 ss-e1e 4' it 'J J ' b Q H gg 1 V fl 1 , gl " W - Q K L.. K S s -M 1 sf? s 'J A N , Z1. ii V J rierr R R as V9 Q X ,W- X 11 J sat sf ..,.- tl.. : . . x X .... f -.', - . 5 ' . 1 t s an Q .. . . .. ..1- , i S . Y If if J A M es X F X l X Q x ,XR X X XX X s . 'FSL X -I 3 W , W . .e :rife gs as SQA? 'Q .L W, L V ,,-, .ai Q' as w - 1 A X Ds x Hmss 4 R as 4F K , h i g g Devin Winland is - . g fic J v ag 'K S Sean Winters g 'E gs J, A S Karsten Wokoek 'Q 'xx .xn, f' A ' Harvey Wong as ii" g Jason Wright ' A F Peter Wu Qt .i " S ss tttt ' S , A N' i JMAN Veronica Ligon Hilson Lim sd Anderson Ernie Lozano Andrade Adrian Mendoza Banglos Aaron Myers . Baza Jose Padilla Blencoe James Perkins Cabana Phuong Quach Carranza Elena Quintero I Casas Charles Rubio Castorena Minh Scholes ervantes Jasbinder Singh Colley Jr. Jamie Somosot opher Conklin Ann Souza Cordova Octavio Souza ortez Chad Stanton Cortinas Christie Steadman el Dath Teresa Vieira Delrio Huong Vo Escohar Jeff Walker e Fahrberger Ferrell r Freeman Garth Gonzales s Harney olmes Jaramillo hnson Kamali im Kim Koons Lair antron Wayne Westover Kimberly Williams Erick Wimberly SOPHOMORES Darroll Allbritton Shawn Bailey Cindy Baldovino David Bautista Nick Biala Christopher Brown Brigitte Buechner Jun Bulatao Anthony Castillo Richard Cordova is , . 49" X Q, .s s . 7 3 s A fs s Q S 1 Hector Zuno Shelly Zwijsen X ' CAMERA Florante Cruz Arthur Demesa Daniel Diaz Chhan Diep Dong Doan Jason Drew Kendrick Efta Jose Flores Anthony Franco Edwin Gagarin Guillermo Garcia Tasveer Gill James Gilleland Kathryn Grant Lisa Griffiths Antonio Guevara Elvia Gutierrez Greg Haley Miguel Hernandez Doris Hodgkiss Tami lamicelli Michael Irwin Faizia ltisam Eric James David Jeffcoats Steven Jeffcoats Man-Kwok Jo Kenneth Johnston Rhonda Johnstone Cheng Ky Gilbert Liscano Joseph Marino Tonya Martin Mauricio Mata John Mercer Michael Meyer Juan Moreno Patrick Morris Joslin Morrison Thao Ngo Thu Nguyen Rafael Otero Alvaro Padilla Seymour Pepper Antoino Ray Colleen Rikli Matthew Robinstein Donnie Rodriquez Erik Romero Robert Schiller Christina Schrengohst Leslie Siegler Anthony Stout James Taylor Truc Tran Richard Urbano Mitch Williams Brian Woodard .IUNIORS Teresa Albee James Angeles Evelyn Aumua Denise Barcellos Zaldy Biala James Butler Nioka Brewer Teresa Ceballos Gene Chagoya Tracy Cheney SHY Quang Chung Jesus Cisneros Scott Clifford lzetta Collins Melissa Cook Suzanne Cunningham John Davis Josephine Dayrit Rosalynda Deleon Brenda Deleon Eddie Delgado Jay Diez Timothy Edwards Michael Elliott Jennifer Frederick Barbir Gill Douglas Grilli George Harney Tina Hernandez Eddie Huerta Charles Jimenez Joe Keyner Jin Kim Rory Koff Linh Le Darby Lee Tracy Lindberg John Lippert Albert Lozano Maily Luong Yuriko Masui Mike McGuy John Miller Manny Miranda Christina Mistal Albert Yee Ernie Yepez Michaelangelo Za Juan Zamudio Brian Zan Gypsy Zuniga Yvette Morrison Duc Ngo Fridemar Orinion Jung Park Karen Perez Hang Phan Anthony Powell Frank Ramirez Ronald Ramos Romano Roman Jorge Romero Rebecca Saiti Christopher Sannicolas Steven Sherlund Deanna Skidmore Richard Sotelo Gene Sovereign Jr. Durward Stokes George Suarez Melissa Svihovec Gemma Tamayo Ngoc Thai Ryan Thai Daniel Todd Edgar Torres Magda Torres Tony Tufono Trisha Tylutki Sandra Uribe Jeannette Valdez Victor Valencia Sherry Vanwinkle Michele Vasquez Benjamin Vee Aaron Yelowitz Camera Shy ide Q Q68 Q5 2 'I im i l"'Y "Kick-off" Season Improvement and dedication led Fre- mont to an extremely satisfying season. The team pushed themselves to the limit and did fairly well, they took third place in their league. The players were very dedi- cated. The most important thing in their minds was not to win, but to do their best. The strong players were Dan Savage, Kini Tufono, Brian Theodore, Ken James, Bob Dietrich, Bob Arreola, Mike Brannan, Dar- ryl Devoe, and Jeff Motch. "The team was very competitive and they took every one of their opponents to the wall," stated Coach Brad Metheany. They had excellent pass blocking during the game against Cupertino. The Indians had an outstanding offensive run against Homestead during the Homecoming game. During the game against Saratoga, the offensive pass interference called on the last play cost the Indians the game and the playoff title. "We should have done better than we did, but we did have a good year," said Bob Arreola. The team showed signs of high poten- tial, with the exception of a few early mental mistakes in some crucial games. The team's success was partly credited to the great number of supporters rooting in the stands. The crowd's enthusiasm boosted the team's morale to its zenith. Probably with intense practice over the summer and strong returning players, the team can pull off with a very successful season next year. The Indians start the play by charging against their opponents. Rodger Low practices on the side lines. The team shows great effort during practice. tn' 4 If I ', ,f . . "' . r. . J iv? QQ K 'G 5 .J X as 1 f Ay 4 X 'Z f ' ' ' he , . , ,K 1 i sm M X 5 , QjQI'l,rV I A 519 0! 14 4 Nh, 1 M325 ' ' , I k,,,,.A , , f , , SportsfVarsity Football f I f Willie Collins races across the field, carrying the ball closely followed by a Spartan player. The team breaks from the huddle, psyched for the next play. 4955 .annul F. Arreola L. Wilson, J. Hermann, J. Reinsch, J. Motch, J. Goodman, B. Theodore, B. Nowlin, K. Tufono, R. B. Dietrich. D. Butler, D. Jacques, D. Devoe, T. Tufono, J. Butler, D. Bautista. S. Campbell, V. P. Howard, G. Fitzpatrick, D. Savage, C. Whetstone, J. Caires, D. Martin. M. Kalino. S. Flores. F. Bellucci. W. Collins. C. Valcarcel. M. Brannan, P. Davis. B. Arreola, M. Szady. J. Foster, J. Simontacchi, M. Keel, J. Choo, S. Robinson, I. Collins. P. Duckett, R. Low, M. Slade, J. Laguna. J. D. Compos. C. Simmons, A. Khanna, S. Mitchell, B. Trevino, S. Castro, C. Peters, K. Peterson, B. Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont varsity UUTB l.l. 5 winsf4 Iossesfl tie I2 Merced 35 Aptos 35 Mt. View IO Gunderson I4 Gilroy 28 Cupertino 9 Saratoga 2I Homestead 7 Lynbrook I4 Monta Vista Varsity FootbaIIfSports '-'K 1 1-. 3 5-9 , E iq -- rf :.':f?. -."- i :11 t m ' '- T ,r1:1 ff L'.' 'LQ' iff This year's FroshfSoph Football season was characterized by both close wins and disappointing losses. The team, com- prised of many first-year starters, played well in a competitive league, and also en- joyed a big win over Aptos. They came in a close contest with Monta Vista, but took a defeat of I6 to l8. The team was led by John Simontacchi, John Goodman, Mark Erlichman, and Daryl Sadowski. Even though football fortunes were not paying off, the team managed to reach its goal. As far as the coaches were concerned, the main goal, like every year, was to prepare the players for the varsity level. Although they finished with a losing l-9 record, the team is looking towards the future. Practicing over their plays, the FroshfSoph team puts forth full effort. i i Sportsflfrosh-Soph Football 1 1 Q All the strategy, concentration, and energy put together become a force for a strong victory against Aptos. About to make a full power kick, Lance Hensien is backed up by team members X,,tx.Vi .,...,.. .. . ...- N. Blala, S. Edwards, R. Gonsales, D. Sadowski, A. Jones, S, Savage, K. Harville, M. Gould R. Navalta, D. Ray, M. Molina, S. Sandhu, B. Mullins, T. Wadholm, T. Fenney thirdrow: R. A, Lopez, R. Bellucci, J. Ellis, S. Chinn, M. Erlichman, B. Wright, M. Barsocchini fourthrow: J. E. Lozano, R. Yee, G. Teixeira, R. Gonsales. D. Phung, J. Laguna fifthrow: D. Martin, T. Cisneros, D. L. Hensein, M. Duffy. P. Ball, A. Kwitter sixthrow: R. Arbolante, D. Maes, B. Pesch seventhrowz L. Dutra, T. Cochran Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont froshfsoph CUTS l.l. I winf9 losses 7 Merced 42 Aptos I4 Mt.View I4 Gunderson 7 Gilroy O Cupertino I4 Saratoga Homestead 28 7 Lynbrook I6 Monta Vista Frosh-Soph FootbaIIfSports 2I I4 2I 28 I4 I4 28 42 I4 I8 0 Setting a . Bright Future For ten straight years, the Varsity Vol- leyball team breezed through the league with an outstanding record. In small con- trast, this year's team finished with a sat- isfying second in league with a IO! re- cord. Coach Richard Steffen, replacing former coach, John Dunning Qpresently coaching at UOPJ, stated, "lt was still a very successful season by any measure and our tournament record was one to be proud of." The team took a fifth place at Davis Invitational, third place at Los Altos Tournament, second place at Fremont- Homestead Tournament, and a fifth place in CCS with a 23-9 record. The team was composed of few people, but all were extremely talented, quick, and dedicated. Steffen viewed optimisti- cally that "prospects for the future are bright." The team was also very spirited: as First Team All League Regina Carbajal explained, "Everyone worked hard and amazingly enough there was never a time when we didn't get along." The JV Volleyball team, although very young, ended the season with an ll-I re- cord in the league and captured first place. There were only three sophomores and seven freshmen, but they played like a varsity team, displaying good ball con- trol and ending the season as one of the top teams in CCS and Northern California. They also took first place in Pioneer Tour- nament, second place at Mountain View Tournament, and another first place at Del Mar Tournament. Coach Greg Harford said, "All the players contributed to their own success." K 2 varsity l.I. Y LI. IO winsfl losses Fremont 3 Cupertino O Fremont 3 Lynbrook O Fremont 3 Homestead 2 Fremont 3 Saratoga I Fremont 3 Monta Vista O Fremont 2 St. Francis 3 Fremont 3 Cupertino O Fremont 3 Lynbrook I Fremont 3 Homestead I Fremont 3 Saratoga I Fremont 3 Monta Vista O Fremont I St. Francis 3 J Back row: Coach Rich Steffen, Lisa Youngberg Erika Cramer Lisa McPherson Assi t C h B . , , s . oac ob S middle row: Susan Maciel, Karen Leong, Patty Fitzsimmons, Jemarie Ignacio, front row: Diane Full Regina Carbajal, Heilda Ocumen 5 Sportsf V 8 JV Volleyball W ,, . ... V iAL i AA M 1 '--. 4 L A. S ? WF Intensity and teamwork blend together to cover a serve The JV team has great prospects for the future ye ttt .sv row: Coach Greg Harford, Bonnie Bunnel, Christine Cramer. Jenny Su. Laurie Lamberg, Coco y, Linh Hong, front row: Joanna McMillan, Michelle Barga, Scotleen Risley, Patrise Okamoto, Helen junior varsity V l.l. YB Ll. Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont ll winsfl loss 3 Cupertino 3 Lynbrook 3 Homestead 2 Saratoga 3 Monta Vista 2 St, Francis 3 Cupertino 3 Lynbrook I Homestead 3 Saratoga 3 Monta Vista 3 St, Francis V 8 JV Volleyballf Sports Jon Dale expresses his grief after a Lynbrook oppo- nent scores a goal. Getting up in the early morning to make six o'cIock practice isn't easy. To be able to wake up at the last minute possible, the team improvises by eating a quick, but nourishing breakfast CWheatiesD and sleeping in their Speedos. 4 Z J f if ,W Q1 varsity WA IIPU U 4 winsf4 losses Fremont 8 Lynbrook I4 Fremont IO Cupertino Fremont 9 Monta Vista Fremont II Saratoga Fremont I8 Homestead Fremont 6 Homestead Fremont 4 Monta Vista Fremont 3 Lynbrook - Q is 33i 5 5 Backrow: Mark McGowan, Joe Candaso, Brian Marsh, Mike Huff, Jim Jensen, Kai Brown, Chris Mark Roettgering, Coach Si Gutierrez Middlerow: Stan Huelsenkamp, Alan Rannals, Jeff Turkka Saarikoski, Mark McMilIin, Mike Pyle Bottomrow: Jeff Adan, Jon Dale Sportsf Varsity Waterpolo L swag .Sw '. 1' . wa an quite- as gaasdtz.-.HSE 80'-flsx We .!'ad.a..10r of fan 0 . K' , , if- . . 1 ,asssw , .. Making A Splash lmagine jumping into a pool at six in the morning. 'No way' you're saying, but that was exactly what the Varsity waterpolo team did. Lucky for them the pool was heated to a semi-tolerable temperature . . . sometimes. Familiar exercise requests included "Hands on top of yours heads!" or other vigorous, non-stop swimming for fifteen minutes. On top of that, they had to do strenuous aerobics or workout in the weight room after school. All this practice came through for the team, kicking through league and taking a third place. Probably their most gratifying victory was against Monta Vista, winning a close match of 8 to 7, and finally break- ing the four year losing streak against them. Coach Si Gutierrez stated, "We were able to surprise a few teams and achieve a 'top ten' ranking in CCS in spite of our youthfulnessf' The fact that they were a young team was accounted by . 1 -s . ff-Q5 -1 st, was - . v K ass f K. S their inexperience as a team and the lost of so many senior players from the pre- vious year. As Kai Brown, junior, ex- plained, "We had the talent, but the main difficulty was working as a team." The team was encouraged and im- pressed by the larger turnout at games, seemingly, more people werzz taking an in- terest in the sport. The team is hopeful for the next season as Mike Pyle feels that they will be "a force to reckon with." ID Goalie Jon Dale barely tips the ball. knocking it off its heading. Quick reactions under pressure is one of the primary requisites for the goal- keeping position. 25 ln a mad rush for the ball, Mike Huff quickly changes direction. 35 Aware of the Lynbrook defenders, Alan Rannals contemplates on the best strategy. 45 From behind the goal, Kai Brown chucks the ball towards the goal. if g J. 'L .Q-ur! Q ts lk 5 ,O dx Qs? S c 5 at as Q an W 1 Y " s--s "2 . f 'Z' .---. t E f- . W' .ss A . . 3 4 Varsity Waterpolof Sports l AKI G As the sun rises in the early morning, the FHS waterpolo team is already up and practicing for their next game. Their ex- ercises start every morning at six o'clocks they practice until they've played their last game of the season. The Frosh-Soph team had a few obstacles to overcome. Chris Riester explained, "Our biggest problem was inexperience. We were all first year players! But the spirit was there and we all had a lot of funl!!" Although the team was not the best in the league, Coach Isaac Saldiver believes that "This was a rebuilding year for the Frosh-Soph team l'm positive that with some hard work we can give the rest of the league a real challenge next year." Eleven people participated on the team. They played a total of sixteen games re- VES sulting in one win, one tie, and fourteen losses. Well maybe they weren't the best, but as Scott Shea stated, they gave it their all. "Our team was not very good. Through the year we only won one game and it was against a team without a coach. We played a good game against Home- stead but tied," continued Scott. The strong players were Simon Venti- miglia and Scott Shea. The Frosh-Soph team did well, considering the tough com- petition. Jay Lipschitz described his ex- perience, "Yes, this year has been a blast! lt may've been my first but it won't be my last." Waiting for the game to commence, the team mem- bers take their position, With a tough Lynbrook opponent on his guard, Simon Ventimiglia took a chance for a goalshot. sims... ...mass-. . , . , K K i s i i.,. f"'!' . N... ... SportsfFrosh-Soph Waterpolo an ' -- -r taste , M .-..f QB ff 'XX ,gazergpolg tyagg,fi,f1e,,ffs but 1 liqttxgtofdthe Jimen ttI!ez2tin1igiia,ga f trow: Scott Shea, Ernie Roy, Brian Schoolman, Aaron Hemmings backrow: Coach Isaac Saldiver, Barberi, John Borman, Shawn Gesterhlay Lipschitz, Simon Ventimiglia not pictured: Chris Riester, Koretsky froshfsoph WA IIPU C Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont O winsf7 Iossesfl tie 2 Lynbrook I Cupertino 4 Monta Vista 5 Saratoga I2 Homestead I4 Homestead 3 Monta Vista I Lynbrook 7 4 I2 II I4 I4 I2 9 Frosh-Soph WaterpoIofSports ,- -- I. Keeping an eye on the ball, Michele Yoshik serve is a smashing success. 2. As the ball reaches its peak, Andrea Imazeki' and racquet hit it to her awaiting opponent ii- ill E Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont varsity 2 winsfIO losses St, Francis Cupertino Homestead Lynbrook Saratoga Monta Vista St. Francis Cupertino Homestead Lynbrook Saratoga Monta Vista Backrow: Coach Mardel Railey, Heidi Schoniger, Debbie Christensen, Kim Wokoek, Renee Laurie Williams frontrow: Michele Yoshikawa, Andrea lmazeki, Li-Wen Kuo, Dawn Tawasil Dalhuisen Sportsf V E- JV Girls' Tennis -0 E AT FIRST TRY 1 though it was a tough season, the lanaged to pull through and "give it ll." Both teams improved as the sea- lntinued. During the practices and nes one could hear a private joke of ort made by one of the players, it o relieve some of the pressure. n Tawasil, a freshman, is the iii sin- 'Iayer on Varsity. She was also d with Outstanding Ability and e major strength behind the team. ately, Dawn will be with the team east three more years, unfortunate- team is losing their Most Dedicated . Debbie Christensen, and Li-Wen ho teamed up with Freshman Karen sen to complete the third doubles Railey noted with pride that her ere "wonderful young ladies with a class." She also told them " to ue their match play individually hout the school year and summer ay as many tournaments as possi- placed sixth in the D.A.L. finals tough competition from the other A few of the Jr. Varsity members had never picked up a racquet before, but now they know everything there is to know about the game of tennis . . . well, almost everything. It has been a rough season, everybody handled the pressure extreme- ly well. Even though they had not won a single match, they gave each other sup- port and encouragement, kept up the ef- fort to do their best. As Ayako Imada, an exchange student from Japan, put it, "We were optimistic and tried hard." It is a shame that the Jr. Varsity team will be losing Ayako next year. She will be returning to Japan this summer. They will also be losing Senior Kim Leong, H3 singles and iil doubles. There are other strong players on the team, there may be strong players coming in next season and also from the Spring Clinic. Mrs. Wierzbowski plans to have a stronger, more prepared, and skillful team next season. So all you tennis fanatics, come join the Fremont Jr. Varsity Girls' Tennis Team! lf you are an exceptionally talented player, you may be placed on Varsity! After a strenuous practice, Marne Rowland slowly walks away from the tennis courts. King, Trinh Thai Coach Donna Wierzbowski, Denise Sturgeon, Marie Biala, Monica Pomparau, Alicia Cabello, Leong, Marne Rowland, Ayako lmada frontrow: Rahel Kibreab, Tomoko Shintani, Helen Ocumen. ' I fl .S 't sk- Q F 'A S- is T q lls- . sg.-- . gf- T s-.Vii Y .f .. llli I A ai, S' Flys' I f pg, g ,Q I' I I ,ss-J' f will ' -'.. . junior varsity O winsfll losses Fremont O St. Francis 7 Fremont 2 Cupertino 5 Fremont O Homestead 7 Fremont 2 Lynbrook 5 Fremont O Saratoga 7 Fremont O Monta Vista 7 Fremont O St. Francis 7 Fremont I Cupertino 6 Fremont O Homestead 7 Fremont I Lynbrook 6 Fremont O Saratoga 7 Fremont I Monta Vista 6 V S .IV Girls' Tennis! Sports - S SportsfBoys' JV S V Tennis Frontrow: Bang Bui, Sang Hong, Scott VanValkenburgh, Dennis Degeer, Kham Siakkhasone Coach Joe Hinds, Dennis Bruch, Steven Cheng, Jean Ko, Stephan Ohlmeyer, Roman Kojnok, Rodney Literal in Love The Fremont Varsity Tennis Team sta off the season with new uniforms, new ti balls, and a new coach, all at the same Some of the stronger varsity players in ed Dennis Degeer, Stephan Ohlmeyer, ney Gin and Jean Ko. "lt's not whethei win or lose, but how you play the game, ' commonly used quote after we played toga, Homestead, Monta Vista, etc .. . most of the team members agreed that could have been more optimistic abou season than they were. Dennis Degeer, playing on Varsity since his freshmen adds "I will outlast them all." The JV Tennis Team mostly consist. new players. The majority of them felt their first priority was to play and just fun, with their second priority being t Jerry Weltsch commented, "The weather is giving all of us more time to tice, since the games were cancelled d the bad weather." The stronger JV pl were John Seiders and Wyatt Wilkie. the problems that the teams face is that of the iunior high players go to Home and play on their tennis teams whic accounted for our losing streak. 5 . 25.1-Q 91 ,Wi A as :wa 5 N X 1, C :- ,ff A 'T : trow: Scott Przybyla, Ted Tsuchida, Dan Bruch, Joe Vierra, John Seiders, Aviv Monarch, Tom en Backrow: Coach Craig. Jeremy Kushner, Clarence Chan, Peter Lee, Jerry Weltsch, Calvert Ito. n Schoolman, Mark McGowan, Wyatt Wilkie, Rich Shelar Cfar leftj John Seiders follows through after hitting the ball. Caboveb Dennis Degeer is virtually swept off his feet during a smashing serve. fleft insetj Roman Kojnok blocks the sun out of his eyes to see the results of his last play. Qright insetb Stephen Ohlmeyer soaks up some rays while practicing. Boys' JV S V TennisfSports Q' 9' if :ff I si if Ri Relentless Runners Overall, the Cross Country team had a very good season, especially accounting for a team predominantly underclassmen. The Girls' Varsity did quite outstanding and placed second in their league. They also came in first place at the two Indian lnvitationals and Santa Clara-Wilcox lnvi- tational. Practice was very demandinga as Brooke Bartholomew, twenty-first finish- er out of l37 in the CCS Regional ll Meet at Crystal Springs, expressed, "lt's team- work and individual work. lt was fun, but I dreaded going to practice because it was so rigorous." The All League runners for the girls' team were Brooke Bartholomew, Jeanine Brown, Jennifer Myers, and Phuong Sites. The team gave a good per- formance considering its size. The Boy's Varsity team also improved much this year with the Froshfsoph team being only two points from league cham- 5 x " 4' ii- fs 'i pionship. The Boys' Varsity took fourth place in league and also put forth much effort, including running four to six miles a day. Taking all first places in the Menlo- Atherton, Santa Clara-Wilcox, and Indian ll lnvitationals, the Boys' junior varsity was led by Albert Gaxiola, Brian Huggins, Justin Laguna, and Jeff Rosado. Since the team is so young, Coach Doug Boyd concluded, "l think it looks bright for the future with so many young, talent- ed runners returning." Qlnsetsb At the CCS Regional Meet at Crystal Springs, Fremont runners joke around to ease the tension. Shoulder to shoulder, Brooke Bartholomew and an opponent round the corner at Crystal Springs. Coach Doug Boyd watches his runners coming in to the finish line. CBelowj Albert Gaxiola has tough compe- tition from the runners of Palo Alto. CRightj Jason Fisher gives Brian Huggins a hand in stretching out before a run. E KX Ek ss . if - I-ff , tf..g,wM ,1 Q, s G ' X, ,, r 5 l V B ., Q- - s .sw - - P s , , ss ,. ' . ww W-'ewan'-W 1 I . -'.g f xywqmy F ,S 3 3 in .. Qu . ... ' . .-we SP sig I.- vf 4 5 l s wr 5 ,t X sv-3 ,un K, N, yr 1 M 'P 3 ,Q is V X 'W ir'--X fs flags: Siam , My .s kr Qs sw X In J in .5 it s . K A t in W . t A .gt ' at 1 if . sf .-. --Q .., W , A E Q Q t- W W --,- 0+ X ,. 11 my . .. Qulkllll' 'NV' ,.-' .. J' Q. .ew .. N- NW. . . 4? s. Q -- MK s Q- Q 3 Q A " ' - A . Z.. , I - 'J -fit .. Q K Sports! Cross Country 1 - as R' 4, 'Q W K .. V ' I . Y ' sum.. 'sk A i Q . .....:.i my 5 ow: Mark Waldman, Jeff Rosado, Minh Scholes, Jeff Alley, Jeff Fredrick. Scott VanValkenburgh. ance Commons. Albert Gaxiola. middlerow: Curt Lock, Cary Crank, Brooke Bartholomew, Jennifer rs, Dawna Crank, Jeanine Brown. Chris Franklin. bottomrow: Doris Hodgkiss, Brian Huggins, Phu yen, Billy Blankenbehler, Phuong Sites, Nargis Solis Nargis Solis takes a look at the competition surrounding her, warming up with a bit of nervousness. 5, 1, A K . , Wwkfis ewefea ",, t was great! The meets were well A planned and we all got along. Paul Lokey, Most Improved Runner . KFXSJ ICS! UU T'Y School Ci-1 of schools participatingj GV Menlo-Atherton Inv. C63 Inc. lndian Inv. C55 lst Santa Clara-Wilcox Inv. C53 lst Carlmont Inv. Q85 Inc. Artichoke Inv. 4267 Inc. lndian Inv. C55 Ist Center Meet I O65 Sth Center Meet II C273 lOth De Anza League Meet C75 2nd CCS Region Il U45 8th BV 2nd lst 2nd 4th I9th 2nd I5th Inc. 5th Inc. - ,, Cross Country! Sports In Deep Water Despite the many setbacks and strug- gles, the Girls' Swimming team had an en- joyable season. Even though there were more people than last year's team, the members who actually participated and practiced were but a few. The ones that were dedicated put forward a lot of ef- fort, especially in those vigorous practice sessions, sometimes even getting up at 6:00 in the morning and jumping in the pool. As Lori Giver explained, "Our team was 'too small' to actually have a chance at winning meets." The diving team also had alot of fun, if they didn't get lost going to the meet. With only four divers, there wasn't much waiting for the diving board. The divers got much better and have good potential for the next season. Sports! Girls' Swimming S Diving r,..s 1 "g', 'g': , ., I -nm 4, qw, -all Backrow: Coach Art Hickey, Michele Colato, Amy Curtis, Melissa Fettig, Kelley Leal, Danielle Dawn Huntington, Karen Wentz, Michelle VanValkenburgh Middlerow, Susan Tucker, Ruth Barbara Crepeau, Alaina Rannals, Jennifer Jae, Barbara Fujito, Lori Giver Bottomrow: Jeannine Carla lwata, Ramesh Hamadani, Yuriko Masui, Misako Masui, Kristy Krinnock I. Diving over and over is what R h ut DuFosse thinks of when she spends hours a week in and out the pool. 2. Swimming laps of freestyle, breaststroke, or backstroke back and forth and again, Lori Giver practices both before and after school. 3. With a perfectly executed div S e, usan Tucker heads for the water. 'MMM JN ,xx ms RQ KG! unqlhb 'Yr 9 'N was A K . . ' 2 .H Girls' Swimming S Diving! Sports - l 1+--'sw' , . I e. Stroke by Stroke The "metal wagon" Cor was it the Ja- maica wagon?D, the "charity lane", and 6:00 morning practice all added up to this year's swim team. A larger team and a greater number of returning swimmers boosted the team from its last year's infe- riority, but it still lacked the strength of a top group. The coaches were both new to the team. Si Guiterrez was the water polo coach and had never led the swim team before. Assistant Dale Anderson had pre- viously coached the swim team at Home- stead High while teaching there. The swimmers practiced twice a day, for a total of four hours or more. Workouts included swimming numerous laps, taking only one breath per lap. As Riester claimed, "Everything was except morning and afternoon pracl However, the practice paid off ear they won several of their non-le meets. Their first meet against Pro resulted in a 99-75 victory. Some of the outstanding si ' cluded Scott Shea and Simon V who were both on teams outside of Others were Kai Brown, Mike Chris Dale, Mark Roettgering, Huelsenkamp. Another excellent er was freshman Aaron Hem While many swimmers were team to condition for the water son, most others seemed to tan" was the most important a all, why go through the hassle of ming lap after lap if you aren't look like a "stud" as a result? as N, a H I ,u.. 'ist' A f--f Q , , L Q" px mf K 1- -vp- 5- ,TY ' YW. if ' . .-vs ,Q .S A 'hh 'Wt-fm. , ,,. ,... 1. ,asf as f"' 'ggi' . '52, Ft SportsfBoys' Swimming ul Lys tabovej A new member this year, mons, strives to perfect his strokes Qleftj Adding some variety to the l after lap in the swim-a-thon, Stan H turns doing butterfly, , S, y yy y it , e cere T' J 3 WW ' ' G , 4 , , -M--------We A "f I f is ---um-anuw-un-anmwuauas--iq 'Siam Nu. ,,....,9sx,axaDwwwNlwRww-hwuuanhbm WW - 5 ,,,,,,, . MW Cabovej Jumping off the blocks in unison. Fremont,....., . . , , I- heads toward a victory over Prospect. fleft inset? Knowing a good start is a necessity, Mike Pyle practices his position off the blocks. fright insetj Kai Brown nears the finish line, an arm- length ahead of his competitors in the 500 free. 5 Stan Huelsenkamp, Mike Henningsen, Chris Riester, Chris Dale, Mike Huff, Mark Roettger- Brown, Hugo Raina middlerow: Scott Shea, Pat Henningsen, Jeff Adan, Jeff Gebhart, Mike Pyle, Si Guiterrezffrontrowz Jay Lipschitz, Larrance Commons, Aaron Hemmings, Steve Bacosa, Alan Not pictured: Simon Ventimiglia, Dan Olsen Bo s' Swi i gfS o ts P4 The team gathers around into a huddle to boo others spirits. from playing a tough game. FIELD ll CK Y 6 winsf3 lossesf3 ties Fremont O Saratoga Fremont 3 Cupertino Fremont O Homestead Fremont I Lynbrook Fremont 2 Los Altos Fremont 2 Monta Vista Fremont I Saratoga Fremont 7 Cupertino Fremont 3 Homestead Fremont I Lynbrook Fremont O Mgnta Vista Bottom row: Heather Pubols, Yolanda Chata, Gabi Ochoa, Lisa Goetowski, Dawn Cohen Middle Fremont 4 L05 Altos Corby Dale, Lisa Mar, Jodie Aquino, Keli Wilson, Kathryn Grant Top row: Coach Marilyn Mason Kelly, Jenny Ikeda, Jennifer Anthony, Tiffany James, Lori Apel, Lisa Walker, Stephanie Zan, T Bermudes, Sue Barclay, Shelly Kelly, Suki Salazar, Michelle Yancey - I Sports! Field Hockey Tiffany James walks off the field with exha DO 'T FORGET THE AGIC DU T Being only our second competitive year here at Fremont, the Field Hockey team was very outstanding. We were the only team to defeat Saratoga High School dur- ing the season, which was quite an accom- plishment for the Indians. There were many valuable players including Yolanda Chata, Tammy Bermudes, Michelle Yan- cey, Tiffany James, Lisa Goetowski and Lisa Mar. With a young team, mainly dominated by sophomores, there is much potential for having another great season. Many of the team members hope to do even better. Coach Marilyn Mason felt that this year's team was much improved over last year's and also very spirited. They all worked hard together, with a feeling of unity, which helped them achieve their season with many wins. But team mem- bers, was it really nice to keep Jodie Aquino "left out" all the time? No, actually the players, including Jodie, are looking forward to next year. lt will not only bring hard work and practices but also lots of fun. Senior Yolanda Chata reminisced "Forwards, don't forget the 'ugh' or the magic dust before the games and good luck next year!" The Fremont team grappling for the ball easily gains control. Players setting out for the field to get ready for the next play. Field Hockey fans enjoy watching their team play with much enthusiasm. 55' gy ,. t ,L Ill Field Hockey! Sports H , A . 9 1 A 3 ., ,vw-3, ' 'lf .W 1 37- " -V 'WML . it ,' 540 grw Q ' W cm R . "oo GET 'Efvir' The Varsity Basketball team has had a mediocre season, but they did have an excellent preleague season. On account that there were many returning players, the team was quite experienced. They strived for their goal, to subdue the op- posing team. The players devoted their time and effort in order to get ready for their next game. Even though they exper- ienced disappointments, they stood by one another, easing the pain of defeat, they also shared good times after each victory. The students participated in raising the spirit of the sport. For example, during the Winter Sports Rally, the student body had a positive attitude towards victory. The crowds, attending the games, supported the Indians by cheering them on. The sound of their voices encouraged the team to do their best. Furthermore, the supporters insisted on attending the away-games to inspire the players. Head coach Phil Kelly should be cred- ited for his perseverance. He was very qualified for leading the team in the right direction with the help of asst. coach Craig Ellegood. Fremont placed fourth in South Lake Ta- hoe and third in Bellarmine tournaments. "We had an experienced shooting team this year. We took second in the Fremont tourney which was a strong finish," said Coach Kelly. The Fremont team did pretty well over- all, considering the strong competition. As some valuable players will be leaving, they hope to gain many newcomers. They are looking forward to an outstanding sea- son next year. They will learn from their mistakes that they made this year and try to avoid repeating them. Optimists think the team has the ability to beat the odds. Good luck in the coming years! Ed Robinson and Brett Gassaway help each other practice before the big game. SportsfVarsity Basketball .."!."'- ,,,.-.---- Ken James shoots for the basket during warm ups while W Steve Alires looks on. Will he make it? Each player practices energetically, preparing for the competition. You know what they say Practice makes perfect." varsity B SK TB l.I. Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont 5 winsf5 losses Homestead Cupertino Saratoga Lynbrook Monta Vista Homestead Cupertino Saratoga Lynbrook Monta Vista Varsity BasketbalIfSports ,:'. Everyone vectors towards the Fremont basket as Fremont gets hold of the ball. Cbelowj Alert and ready for action, Lance Kameda is not distracted by the roaring crowd. Crightj Llp for a freethrow. Steve Robinson takes aim at the hoop. They went on to win against Homestead, 38- 35. Qfar rightj M 1 ' - - -f. -Nffi ffsisfizff, ::s.g1fSs1f-1 :1 - :-' K t Zh vi. . f- . H, X E es? SQ R' 1' if is AX X - .1 ..::- s .., . t -avi-5 .5 gli! X it t as 15 ,JL X AM ,tr y,,,t Z ye, gtg vet IOOZ in alll' games ' . -I Pffoudy Of our re- r:ord.1 be t e -John, Simon tacchi MMWWW SportsfFrosh-Soph Basketball mwmwww yisi WW., "Mm, I F L was ' ss w,,,.,.s..,s tx.-. Toss lt. Despite a rough preseason, the Frosh-Soph Basketball team came out first in the league. Apparently, the team and the coach, Rudy Lan- ham had a tough time getting along at first but then there was a turning point and they began playing well together. The team showed tremen- dous improvement throughout the year. They played a strong full court man on man pressure defense and had excellent teamwork on of- fense. These elements came to- gether in a big win against Monta Vista, 54-34. The team played in a very tough league, and sometimes 5 ocls tough schools outside league also, including Branham, Indepen- - dence, and Bellarmine. One disadvantage of the team was ...sua-e"""""" 1 size, the tougher teams were , ttttt at bigger. The team seems to be on a good start for the coming years. They have a good atti- tude and improved each game. Even though they lack height, they had all around individ- ual talent, and were a pretty good shooting team. Lanham sums it up, "We have a good bunch of kids." Nearing the end of the sea- son, all conflicts inside the team were solved. Y Rf Q04 nxU'lUt row: Coach Rudy Lanham, John Simontacchi, Steve Robinson, Chris Marshall, Jay Dieters, Chris n Middle row: Quang Nguyen, Jim Phelps. Jason Fisher, Rich Spelzini, Jeff Rosado Bottom row: Kameda, Sang Hong, Scott Saiki, Rich Bellucci, Pat Henningsen froshfsoph B SK TB l.l. 7 winsf3 losses Fremont 44 Homestead 35 Fremont 4l Cupertino 34 Fremont 35 Saratoga 36 Fremont 34 Lynbrook 28 Fremont 54 Monta Vista 34 Fremont 38 Homestead 35 Fremont 4l Cupertino 47 Fremont 46 Saratoga 30 Fremont 29 Lynbrook 4I Fremont 5l Monta Vista 39 Frosh-Soph BasketballfSports in GRE SHQE ARKS! , V Eva Raina concentrates on the coach's instructions. F' 'L:.. M a L "1ct ii "Jf"t 5 -. H J V -- 4 Fighting for the ball, the team members prepare for an- N 5 5 5 shot at the basket. 'N K 3: K ' -... , 'V I it 5 S S 2, ,Wm ,,,,,, ,,,,, 2 S ss- 1 ..., .ti-: '-f- l ' 1 ,,..- t ' Z "Z 4 junior varsity BSKTBI. Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont O winsfl2 losses St. Francis Cupertino Homestead Saratoga Lynbrook Monta Vista St. Francis Cupertino Homestead Saratoga Lynbrook Monta Vista 40 25 30 38 44 27 42 25 45 20 54 Sl rs' Back row: Corby Dale. Deanna Engel, Toakase Panisi, Jennifer Jae. Kathy Engel, Ana Guel, Coach Phillips front row: Eve Lockey. Rahel Kibreab, Phuong Sites, Jennifer Anthony, Chansuc pictured: Kristi Chadbourne SportsfV S .IV Girls Basketball Q Annum IQQ: i f' hough it was a tough season, both s showed lots of spirit and had tons in. Varsity had an undefeated pre- nt unfortunately the league games lost but many games came close. en asked about the season and the . Coach Phillips replied, "This being irst year at Fremont was very edu- nal for me and my team. l've en- this season and I eagerly look for- to next year and I wish the team all that they do." Both teams improved and they expect to do better next year. "lt was a real experience. l wish we could have had more support from our school," Megan Miyamoto, guard on Varsity, stated. "Even though we had our hardships. each player improved to make a better team and to show our Fremont spirit," Jennifer Anthony, guard on J.V., clari- fied. Before a big game, Coch Halvorson prepares the girls for the grueling competition. Q K . , M an s 2 . S ' 'F V . : - ,r , ' K X . , A, . . . , . . ,...., Q .. ' W a . I V wi' -N-assist? 5 we ,ana 1 so J know ,next year ewes 5 s will be champions t if beeause-we have the Spiritttoswin, - Tamara Bermudes, ts junior . any i9E.M2'Vf Q- fg lg U A so 'Wo 'QE W 9,1 Chata, Caryn Fukui, Megan Miyamoto, Maria Gabvidia 1 row: Coach Sally Halvorson, Tammy Bermudes, Eva Raina, Sue Jezyk, Jodie Aquino front row: Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont varsity SK 'FB LI. I winfll losses 38 St. Francis 43 Cupertino 3l Homestead 45 Saratoga 32 Lynbrook 49 Monta Vista 33 St. Francis 44 Cupertino 26 Homestead 33 Saratoga 3I Lynbrook 34 Monta Vista 49 28 58 48 49 84 45 49 69 35 46 47 V 8 JV Girls BasketballfSports Larrance Commons practices some difficult skills that require balance, coordination, and concentration. frightb Practice is just as intense as a game. Dan Bruch and Rob DeSmet play on opposing sides. Cfar rightj Cln- setsj There's miles of running involved in the game of soccer as John Moyoli does during a game. David James positions himself to put the ball back in play. Dan Evans manuevers the ball around his pseudo-opponents during afterschool practice. Cbelowj 1. . wr, , K .... ,. ,J .f,..1f'l V , . WZ' 5' f ' W' fl' ' . 1955! . ,W " lei i fl C' f' ' 3 'W J H' at 33. tl S e triedq as hard as we could the games were really close. -Jim Jensen froshfsoph SUCK!! 2 winsf5 Iossesf3 ties Fremont O Saratoga Fremont O Homestead Fremont I Cupertino Fremont O Monta Vista Fremont I Lynbrook Fremont O Saratoga Fremont I Homestead Fremont 3 Cupertino Fremont O Monta Vista Fremont O Lynbrook Top row:Brian Zan, Tomoyuki Llbata. Dennis Bruch, Peter Lee, .Ion Dale. Denis Klavdianos, Paul Steve Savage Middle row: Brett Martin. Mike Hostettler. Martin Nobre. Dan Bruch, Ted Tsuchida Rambis, Calvert Ito, Aviv Monarch. Bottom row:Pahl Mungaray, rob DeSmet, Brian Pratt. Joe Peter Kang, Adam Chastain SportsfBoys' Soccer s I I .zr Y is -if C K ---' iligziaii. 'I A : x W-Q x . 1- , , . if " . ' I , ' I rf ' -x 'c , ""4, dm v , f ff f My f f f ' ff 2 Q f-V -' Nw- ,f If The Varsity Boys' Soccer Team had an alive and kicking season, even though they lost about every game. As Larrance Com- mons explained, "The problem with our team is not the players. We definitely have the ability to do very well this season, it's just that is really tough to get back on the right track after three losing seasons." Individual- ly, they had the talent and the enthusiasm, but they were lacking self-confidenceg some of the players had experience which explains for their agility. Colin Clover continued, "Our team had a lot of strength and quick- ness, but we couldn't seem to put it all to- getherf' The team is looking at a very good season next year, steadily improving each year. "The scores this year were a lot closer compared to the past. They had the poten- tial, but sometimes they didn't play up to it", stated Coach Larry Blair. The FroshfSoph team was especially young. They played in a tough league, and gave it their all. kAfter school practice was enjoyable, yet strenuous. Jon Dale, goalie, was the main force of the team. Cther strong players included Jeff Rambis, Brian Zan, and Adam Chastain. .S A - Q 1 ow: Tim Anderson. Dave Jaques, Dave James, Dan Evans, Jim Jensen, .lim Wood, Sergio Sierra, Dalhuisen Middle row: Chris Franklin, Scott O'Sullivan, Cesar Moyoli, Craig Stoehr, Coach Larry Bob Albert, tim Brackett, Colin Clover, John Moyoli Bottom row: Brad Wong, Ruben Aguilera, nce Commons, Jeff Motch, richei Mungaray, Marco Flores, Kyle Ikeda varsity S C!!! O winsf7 Iossesf3 ties Fremont I Saratoga 2 Fremont O Homestead O Fremont I Cupertino 2 Fremont O Monta Vista O Fremont O Lynbrook 2 Fremont I Saratoga 2 Fremont I Homestead 3 Fremont 2 Cupertino 4 Fremont O Monta Vista 3 Fremont O Lynbrook O Boys' SoccerfSports DQWNS D UPS lt looked like a dismal season for the Jennifer Faulkner, out of bounds or on to Girls' Varsity soccer team. They lost ev- their midfielders. ery game with the exception of a tie Some days,theteam just didn't click to- l against St. Francis, one of the toughest gether when practice came or in a game, teams in the league. Even though their re- but each member was very dedicated and cord was discouraging, the St. Francis tie made a lot of effort even though there really boosted their spirits. were minor setbacks. Their attitude was Outhustling Monta Vista during the filled with determination and the coaches first part of the game, Fremont defenders Jim V3I1d6rZOl1 and .lim Blackie were Gn- Gina Paz and Dawna Crank hardly gave couraging. Manta Vista any Scoring chances. Paz and The aggressive Fremont players get into position to Crank were able to clear the ball back to gain control of the ball. SportsfGirls' Soccer H wwf ,,- ,HQK 1: .Q-1""""w Team members being quite attentive listen to the coach give pointers at half-time. Jennifer Myers, with great concentration, prepares to kick the ball downfield. 5 11 ld 'il un i 1 row. Coach Jim Vanderzon, Brooke Bartholomew, Renee Bakanoff, Mary Ann Nelson, Kelly Leal. Crank, Sue Lowery, Jenny Su, Jennifer Toman. Coach Jin blackie Middle row: Jenny Ikeda, Dalhuisen. Amy Bortman, Heidi Schoniger, Jeanine Brown, Jennifer Myers, Misako Masue row: Andi Shimozaki. Tracy Lum GLina Paz, Andrea Imazeki, Lisa Goetowski, Keli Wilson Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont SUCK! O winsfll lossesfl tie I Homestead O Saratoga I Monta Vista O St. Francis O Lynbrook O Cupertino l Homestead I Saratoga O Monta Vista 2 St. Francis 3 Lynbrook I Cupertino Girls' SoccerfSports varsity ISTIJIG 3 winsf3 losses Top row Cr to lj- Samer Jarazi, vincent Baza Ron Grau, Dan Savage, Craig Whetstone Chris Sim Phil Davis Eduardo Domlnquez Albert Gaxlola Ed Atangan Robert Barrick Middle row Scott Mc Todd Singer, Dan Aflague Phil Lopez Bottom row- Bryan Huggins, Jonathon Seiders, Ki Hong D Callanta, Leo Nolasco, Phu Nguyen, Richard Urbano, Stan McFadden Fremont 3l Lynbrook 42 Fremont 36 Homestead 34 Fremont 42 Saratoga 2l Fremont 28 Monta Vista 35 Fremont 25 St. Francis 42 Fremont 42 Cupertino 2l junior varsity 4 winsf2 losses Fremont 42 Lynbrook 39 Fremont 26 Homestead 23 Fremont 37 Saratoga 27 Fremont 24 Monta Vista 25 Fremont 28 St. Francis 42 Fremont 42 Cupertino 23 . . .S SportsfWrestIlng is gn 1 SES 2 Turkka Saaridoski, Lin Bui, Billy Blankenbehler, Eric Lee, Tim Whitney, Steve Johnson, Steve Nichl e Varsity Wrestling had an outstand- eason, considering the fact that they playing in one of the toughest s. With a lot of discipline, six wres- ave recorded winning seasons. As avage explained, "If you finished a +n of wrestling successfully. you've iscipline." Savage had a tremendous with IGO and all pins. Voted by the mes as the most outstanding wrestler h of the tournaments, Savage has tournaments and took first place in idCal Tournament at Gilroy, pinning Kopp of San Ramon with I6 seconds ining in the match for his 2Oth victo- Dther strong wrestlers were Delfin hta and Mark McMillin. ie team also won by a landslide sever- n-league games. They out-wrestled Pl -LIP Homestead with a 64-l5, San Lorenzo Val- ley with 42-36, and Harbor with a 54-30. Coach Vince Baza, a very dedicatied coach, wxplained, "Team records are de- ceiving in wrestling because forfeits amount for six team points." Altogether, the team did extraordinary well. The Junior Varsity team didi just as well, as Baza said, "This without a doubt was the best J.V. team I have ever coached. Not only were they good, bt they had depth." They have placed tem different wrestlers in all their FroshfSoph tournaments combined. the strong wres- tlers were Albert Gaxiola, Bryan Huggins, Scoott McCall, and Phil Davis. the team will be looking at a prosperous future, since their team is so young, but strong. ,M Nicknames Dan Aflague Alphalpha Billy Blankenbehler Bill Boy Delfin Callanta Flipper Jorge Delgadillo Samson Albert Gaxiola De-terminator Bryan Huggins Huggies Diaper Stan McFadden Baby Cub Mark McMillin Popeye Kenny Lee Master Dan Savage God JOn Seiders Golpher Todd Singer Todd Petty Richard Urbano Bruce Lee Phil Davis Baby Huey . Q 3? ,s 4. 1 w -dk- 31 41' , v An F " . .K .ry srflni' fl ,a f, My . by 4 R ,.-. 5 1 :ji-that him down. ter rf' F", ,, ...,, A A L iffrengtfii L w -skill, desire, and r' inentaifsrabiiizygfiare wrestlers 4. I . .i., yiyiri gy .ya. . f av Affesvsf Gripping tightly around the torso of his oppo- nent, Billy Blankenbehler struggles to hold X Tom Whitney strains with full effort to turn his opponent overside. l89 WrestlingfSports Qi. The Fremont baseball teams have had a good season. These teams had a strong desire for a successful season. The lack of pre-league games because of rain left both Junior Varsity and Varsity with less ex- perience before the official games, but gave more practice time. The team's main goal was to work together to play up to their potential. The Varsity team had good offense and excellent hitting. ln addition, they had a lot of team work and a good attitude. "The only fault in our team is the inex- perience in pitching," stated senior Jeff Hermann. The team achieved victory over Pros- pect during the pre-league games, but they were defeated by Mitty. The Junior Varsity team has had many new players this year. Safe! "lt's a young team, but l think they have a lot of potential," said Coach Larry Dutra. "We have strong pitching and a good infield. lf we work on our hitting, we can take league," added Rich Bellucci. There was a lot of talent among the players. You can usually catch the players out on the baseball diamond practicing. They are very dedicated to spending time and effort towards preparing for an up- coming game. You combine the good atti- tude ones with the hard working ones and the result is one terrific team. Qbelowj Steve Flores winds up for a pitch while his teammates look on. Cleftj Jeff Alley, Jim Jensen, and Jeff Motch take it easy. Qfar Ieftj The catcher tosses the ball back to the pitcher. .............., ,MM . rr .. .. i 1 2 1- l 2 33 Sports! JV S V Baseball - Backrow: Steve Flores, Billy Nowlin, Scott Campbell Jon Dale Brad Gassaway Joe Prunty Coach Sid Castro, John Simontacchi, Jeff Shelton Jeff Hermann Jim Jensen Jeff Alley John frontrow: John Cabrera, Jesus Cisneros. Jeff Motch Allen Kahaku Paul Duckett not pictured Tufono s E . , 1 ki QL vxxxja . is A V . ,eff ' A: f np-ft '5 he qv -Y" A l . 31623 , . , 3 t Jeff Alley takes a swing during practice. hitting the ball far into the outfield. ls this what they call "a hard day at practice?" I L,-at fl 2 ni row: Eric Alley, Tony Stout. Glen Teixeira, Andy Purcell, Rich Bellucci, Tony Franco middlerowz 'h Larry Dutra, Alex Aragon, Steve Savage, Rob Anderson, Rich Spelzini, Scott Saiki, David Locke row: Tino Cisneros, Dave Hartman, Scott McCall. Stan McFadden, Victor Cortinas . R A 4 .1- as , ,. ' . N . , ,.,,, it ,,. ..Mt,,, S' f ' ' - ff., . K D - ' Q , 1 . w"X ew ' 1 , - Q ., y X' -, T 5. t S .- -Q . e--- at ..-,.c if-.c,,.,...,,M,, M, tu. N 2 :L I ' is ' K 1 ' .... W Hs: S W-new wwe Mm PYm,x,NkM,,:g S -' I , . K M- -'--- - ""' iff- -.lf-Agn .1 . K, - f . ,WL -4-We Jeff Motch races around the diamond. JV S V Baseball! Sports :-"'-. DIAMQNDS, A GlRL'S BEST FRIE D?? Paying close attention, the girls are ready to try out. Keeping a good posture, Corby Dale throws the ball. The coach stands by as Leslie Siegler throws the softball, NWN U Looking mean, Jodi Savage stares at the pitcher. Backrow: Erin Day, Shelly Hebert, Lisa McPherson, Kelly Leal, Karla Ogle, Jim Montez mn , Coach Rudy Lanham, Rhonda Johnstone, Julie Jobak, Mary Otwell, Yolanda Chata, Mike Kalino trow: Anita King, Jennifer Ikeda, Laura Jacoby, Victoria Castillo, Andi Shimozaki SportsfV 8 JV Softball 1 1 ted off with a bang! Lots of girls out for softballi there's a new . It promises to be a better season two teams. As everyone already , we are in a very tough and chal- lenging league. But no other teams can match or even come close to our spirit and team support. lt should be a really good season for us. Concentrating, Julie Jobak throws a perfect pitch. i a , ,ic 9 i gi i A i row: Assistant Coach Mike Klein, Pam Sehon. Jodi Savage, Michelle VanValkenburgh. Coach e Baza middlerow: Shelly Heifner, Corby Dale, Alison Wakefield, Melinda Brannan frontrow: Diana era. Desiree Duplan, Leslie Seigler, Denise Sturgeon e've got a new coach, lt's going to be a better sea- son. - Anita King, Varsity Q W 'i I: 4' 1 I b K , , a t 4 1 5 " , Y: N Getting ready to steal second base is Melinda Brannan. V 2 JV SoftbalIfSports A Smash Above the Rest With the large turnout and talent, the Badminton teams are also hopeful of re- peating their previous championship sea- sons. Forty players make up the Frosh- Soph team while only seven of these play- ers are members of the l985 Championship Team. Another contribu- tion towards the team's success is the at- titude and cooperation among all the play- ers. Helen Ocumen explains, "Badminton is a sport that teaches everybody to re- spect each other." Coach Marilyn Mason elaborates, "The team is enthusiastic and continually challenging each other for weekly playing positions, which helps keep us strong." With two excellent coaches, Mason and Buzdieker, talented players, and hours of practice Cthey also practice in the morningsj, the teams should be taking many first places. Typical practice includes smash, drop, clear, underhand, overhand, also stressing on skills. Although many players, both on the Varsity and Frosh-Soph, have a natural talent for this sport, it still takes lots of work in learning to execute each shot per- fectly. Many first-year players are finding the sport exciting. Beginner Jodi Aquino states, "lt is not at all what l expected. l met many people and learned a lot from them." "Challenging, fun, and exciting," Vince Hoang encourages others to join. Cfar rightb With his eyes focused on the bird, Joe Lee prepares to clear the bird, CID Poised and ready, Phung Tran serves to start the practice game. C23 Pedro Mesones keeps his eyes on the bird to see whether the return is valid. C33 Practicing to serve over and over to achieve quality serves is and important factor as Jodie Aquino demonstrates. C45 Jim Lin is thrown back as he smashes a powerful return. Cfar abovej Even though he is one of the top Varsity players, Thanh Hoang still takes practice very seriously. ' .z , 3 , L is llfl mf, f "1 21. ii' ' l J J We E .1 Sl, Firstrow: Helen Ocumen, Dao Pham, Helen Chau, Thao Le, Marie Biala, Gabi Ochoa, Alice Lu, Aquino secondrow: Hien Tran, Khoi Nguyen, Huy Lang, Rahel Kibreab, Deanna Engel, Gail Pubols, Kelley, Suki Salazar, Veronica Law, Nhan Le, Tomoko Shintani thirdrow: Dennis Le, Jim Lin, Dinh Rolando Navalta, Gilbert Bautista, Vince Hoang, Linh Hong, Maria Gavidia, Tini Bui, Quyen Caryn Fukui, Coach Marilyn Mason fourthrow: Jan Klofter, Matt Kelly ,MSS O .e 1:-x-'fl QP row: Jenny Lu, Phung Tran, Patty Truong, Deane Taunnau, Heather Pubols. Bernal Salome. Second Quang Chung, Go Luong, Chean Ky. Phuong Ton, Sandy Cordero, Melany Bautista, Joe Lee, Ngoc Khang Tran. Third row: Tung Lam, Don Hong. Lay Chi, Thanh Hoang, Eng Ky, Chi Lang, Tri Hung Tran, Duc Ngo. Dung Dang. iane, Susan, Grace, and everyone else . . . where are you? - Patty Truong Frosh-Soph S V Badminton! Sports l - 4 M, Q5 4""s" 41 4' 1 4 W5 , m -W Q ., www f fu5,,,W .Z -70 " 1, 3 'ni 1 ' La 1? I M. ww, 'o 1' 1 ' 'N 1 , M 5fy k 3 3,1 Rm .nw ,MA AX ,xy WW xxx In HH ' 3 Wx 'k,,MNNwr' W':gXx1.,Rk M xx .X -Lv ,V .1 gm but 1, "xx Rh N' ,N , j KM, Q xx "FW mm yy, my Ki r ,NR X-X 1,47 H1 'KX XXV LR xm "' A 1 Y"""Hf'5'w x'VxiH'n ""f'1x K ,X mf' ,K M .krf .K ' ,, Q! xy X Eff, M577 Mxj'l kh xxx' km M wk xy, "" an "mn X., ' . ,. M , x ,N 'K N, -ii fa!! if ' .Lzf 4 Mm-ff956 ,. W mimi Cl , ,,A 4W,V ,. A -ff M f 0 , if H' W ,. WM gg, W W' f M we P'L"6"f 1 af ' f 4'Af Q 5 ,af H11 'fffnfg ,, ff, . F 1 1 -f Q4 ,f W, w ,a 3 '4 41: 3 ,X , , 'VVX ffzf A 1 1 f 'EZ ay" K, f 4 7 J Y, Q ,ff ,av H If in H M 6 , ' f' T, 1 V ' I ef .IQ Irma? ,V MA V 3 . Q 1 1 U ' . f k , w V' ortsfWBoys', X4 Tgack 7 5 ' -3, ,W ' ,Q , , A ,L ay, I f f ,, , J ,- wh 1 , , , .E L - x ' ltr - S l R P R X 1, J B f --1 1 -'--' ,l 2 1 - 1 t 'ft your- Franklin, Distance Runner S A Plbu If rt.. V--. 5,35 ...ri Gregg Chastain Ted Turner, Stuart Call, Justin Laguna, Lee Pillow, Tim Tegarden, Carl Pat Hendrix David James, Bill Duff middlerow: Coach Roger Patton, Darryl Devoe, Chris Mark Waldman John Moyoli, Mike Engel, Khimsan Siakkhasone, Turkka Saarikoski, Cesar Bob Albert Frank Bellucci. Coach Charles Peters frontrow: Coach Gary Dawson, Rodger Low, Valcarcel Delfln Callanta, Ferdie Galang, Cyrus Hashemian. Marco Flores, Ken James, Coach Coach Rich Vargus Boys' the Gun The boys' Track teams got off on a good start. With many strong players returning and beginning, the teams excelled in their first meet against Los Altos, Frosh-Soph won 73-58, but Varsity lost a close one, 64- 72, even though they won nine of sixteen events. Mark Erlichman, winner of the IOO meter dash, stated, "Mr. Peters did an outstanding job, putting the track team back, considering all the coaching changes QCoach Charles Peters replaced former head coach, Doug Boydjf' In the Frosh-Soph division, Rod Timbrook won the long jump while Delfin Callanta won long and triple jump in Varsity. Distance runner Travis Moore summed it up, "lt's gonna be a great season with a lot of work . . . Frosh-Soph will do excellent." Cfar lefty About to throw the shot put, Carlos Valcar- cel exerts all force. Qcenterj Winding up, Frank Bel- lucci prepares to hurl the discus. Qupper leftb Frank Myers practices the hurdles to achieve precision leaps. Cfar abovej Showing good form, James Boone follows through for a perfect vault. Boone has been pole vaulting on the Fremont team for three years now. Frosh-Soph S V Trackf Sports :- "-in I Llnder , A 0, K ee p on Trackin' lt began on a cold day in February: coaches brought out their stop-watches and their timesheets, athletes dragged their spikes and their warmest sweats from the closet. Track had started once again. The addition of three new coaches, Gary Dawson for distance, Eric Motch for jumping, and Dan Burke for sprinting brought many changes and improved Fre- mont's outlook on the season. Team mem- bers strove to secure the excellent league standing earned in past years, the I985 girls' JV team took the league champion- ship, while Varsity followed with a close third place. Quite a bit to measure up to, but the team did a remarkable job. "We did well, considering we lost many seniors last year," explained sophomore Jenny Su, hurdler and relay runner. Dawna Crank, who ran the 880,440 relay, mile relay, and 440 clarified further, "Nancy Page and l are the only seniors Con the girls' teamj . . . we're a young team, so we're good now, but we'll be even better in the future! We should compete really well at DALS." In both pre-season meets, the first compet- ing against Los Altos, the second against Fremont of Oakland and Gunderson, the team won a triumphant victory. Part of Fremont's success can be attrib- uted to the extreme closeness of the team. "Track is not an individual sport, it's a team effort where we all act like one big family," stated Tracie Bane, who com- peted in the triple jump, long jump and hurdles. "Everybody's involved, you're cheering everybody on, and you're trying to get them to do their best. The relays are really fun, especially the mile relay, because that's something the whole team participates in, whether they're actually doing the running or just screaming," con- curred junior Susan Tucker. Megan Fair- field concluded, "lt's a lot of work, but it pays off in the long run because it's a lot of fun." Sports! Girls' JV E- V Track Q 5 NYU Backrow: Brooke Bartholomew, Renee Bukanoff, Jolene Pendleton, Nancy Page, Sue Lowery, Crank, Eva Rajna, Kim Wokoek, Jenny Su, Tammy Bermudes, Megan Fairfield middlerow: Coach Patton, Danielle Fettig, Annika Boklund, Jennifer Myers, Misako Masui, Heilda Ocumen, Tracy Tiffany James, Susan Tucker, Tracie Bane, Karen Sanchagrin, Coach Eric Motch frontrow: Coach Vargus, Phuong Sites, Jeanine Brown, Astrid Olson, Sherri Scribner, Dawn Marchetti, Jennifer Kathy Engel, Coach Charles Peters Jw are df ga 7 W 9 , A ,W ,K 443 Y A f 4 fl. , , , ,WO 9? Qfar leftb Pausing before the final action, Jennifer Jae gets ready for a powerful throw. Cleftj Feet positioned, arm extended to keep her balance. Eva Raina is set for the inevitable lunge. W4 , W 'ip mf' Ah h ,,,4M. ,, M H A , ,,,, I T A all W L , NT. 'Www W . ,V it K ,m id , ,ay ml 6,4 ,W y ,M N. ,fra H" V f ,fl V' w "" ' M l.l"WiQ0 H ,J , U Concentrating on the race to her relay partner, Dawna Crank sprints down the straightaway. Tammy Bermudes begins the turn that will propel her shot put far into the field. Girls' JV E1 V Track! Sports g- QW QSQQSQS3 QQQSYQQQ Qg . Q Wide eyes stare at you. Eventually your face becomes a hot crimson red. In your point of view, life is now total terror. Then you know it's just one of those times when you'd rather be at home washing your dog. Yes, this terri- ble thing has attacked the lives of many people. It's the agonizing embarrassing moment. Now be prepared to have a few laughs . . . or maybe a lot of laughs, as the Fremont faculty shares their own disconcerting experiences. Mr. Miller: "During the days when teachers were assigned 'restroom pa- trol' one of their assigned tasks was to curb the propensity for students to smoke. During my first year of teach- ing, I conscientiously entered the boy's restroom and caught a culprit in the boy's restroom, his lighted cigarette on the floor. In my most indignant voice and pointing at the offending object, I said, 'ls that yours?' The young man apologetically looked at me and re- plied, 'No, Mr. Miller. You saw it first. You can have it."' Dottie Price: "I was singing in a choir and we were entering the church for the Sunday morning service. As we were marching down the aisle, I felt something around my ankles. The but- ton on my skirt had popped Cwithout my realizing itj and my skirt fell down. Thankfully, I did have a choir robe on." Wh n You'd Rather Die Florence Buckman: "Serving a spe- cial dessert I branded my husband's hand. I served Cherries Jubilee which requires heating cherries at the dinner table and then dipping the hot fruit and syrup over ice cream. I had placed a sterling silver spoon in the pan. When my husband reached for it, he howIedI" Mrs. Balesteri: "Many times I get stu- dents names mixed up. One day, I called on a girl saying, 'Nicole please answer the question.' She replied, 'I'm not Nicolel' I apologized by saying, 'Oh, there isn't a Nicole in this classl' Suddenly a girl shouted from the back of the room, 'I'm Nicole!"' Mrs. Dodsworth. "My parents had a summer home on a large lake in R.I. Next door was my 'boy next door'. Oh, did I have a crush on him. He was all that any girl could hope for, but to him I was the 'kid'. His younger sister, Ruth, and I were inseparable so it was inevi- table that we would at the spur of the moment sleep at each other's homes. On this particular occasion, we had gone square dancing with Ruth's older sister and decided it would be more fun to sleep at her home with her sister and girl friends. A merry time was had by all. The next morning Ctoo earlyj Ruth's mother woke everyone. Our sleeping attire was less than adequate. I was wearing an old housecoat miles too b and extremely old. Everyone sat down to drink th eye-opening coffee and the main evd began: Someone knocked over a cup hot coffee in my lap. I jumped up a protested that I was fine, perfectly right and proceeded to grab a towel wipe up the floor. l bent over and imn diately heard this hooping laughtl from my dream man. Unknown to n there was a tear in that big old houa coat right down the back. Where, where, was there a large hole Cto diss pear intob to hide my I3-year-old bo while I died a slow death of embarra ment?" Sid Castro: "The sanctity of t men's locker room has been violat Last year, as I stood stark naked af showering in the coaches' so bleacher locker room, a girl track p ticipant came in to get some ice. got an ice-full as she stared at my exposed body. The fact that she did belong in the area means little as I re how flustered both of us were. Tea ers are supposed to anticipate the expected, but this time I was cau with my pants down!" Mr. Bettencourt. "I got hung up o chairlift while skiing and couIdn't out of the chair when it was time depart because the straps on my ski "I KIIIAIII " ' ' 1' f film-' ' Alqirz Hi A., I f f I 2 All .-W0 JJ X- ' fmt, 5 lx ,xx Lyn S I fs-rot 67 ye ll , wie , x X i if FFT: ' , y A -wi ,argl .4 ' I 203 Academics Embarrassing Moments 'QQ in A X X 942: picture l. 'aQa5f'..l I 14' , Q . J 4, v i Bbll S . . A-.. 'N Q R. .1 A Don Alldredge David Allendorf I I Mary Allington Walter Anderson ' Q I Cornell Anton C . Sara Accornero - 1 1 fa, E . , 'Ig f .loe Arius - I- Andy Arvay ' Laura Auch Ruth Austin Paul Bailey . Jane Baker . Annick Balesteri I Mar A B M .. y nn arbour V ff' Sandy Bibeau ' I I Michael Biele Betty Blower ,. Mary Ann Bouchard Doug Boyd Tanner Boyer Lucia Braun Ron Brugioni Florence Buckman Carolyn Buszdieker Octavio Caceres Fred Calvelli Phyllis Campbell Dick Canavese Sid Castro Burnie Clark six, ' . f' ' YL sk' A d caught on the railing of the chair. t only did I miss the ramp, but my is hit the power cord to the safety te and the chairlift had to close for e remainder of the afternoon!" Mr. Wallace: "Once I climbed up on a monstration desk to illustrate poten- I and kinetic energy. When I bent er to pick up the object I dropped, I ped the seat of my pants... Mr. Kirschner. "I went to school one rning. I got out of the car and stand- in the parking lot, I realized no one s there .. . it was Saturday." Mr. Solis: "Probably my most embar- ssing moment as a teacher occurred at another high school. My fellow teachers played a trick on me. They taped a 'semi-dressed' female photo onto the overhead screen in my room. I didn't know they did this because the screen was not pulled down when I en- tered class. They knew I would use the screen for my lecture that period! Un- fortunately the class was a freshman World History class. When I rolled down the screen, bedlam broke out... I didn't realize what was happening until I looked back and saw the photo. I think the students got as a big a kick out of the photo as seeing me being so flus- tered and trying to take the photo down. My fellow teachers were across the corridor seeing all that was happen- ing. It took a little time for my lesson to begin and to quiet the students." Mrs. Ortiz: Once in 6th period, I was sitting in the front of the class discuss- ing the assignment. I could see the stu- dents in the front beginning to laugh and nodding to students behind them. I was getting annoyed so I asked the class, "What's so funny?" The students replied, "Nothing," so I went on with the lesson. When I got home I saw that my knee high nylons had fallen down so that they had wrapped around the heels of my shoes. Embarrassing Moments . .. Academics lt if ., A ff 1?get.,, Q Q -st sl! ff' 15 Q 55? ig if is All xx R ' TQ ,T 'ig , N' Q it-'51 'sm by Q52 ,fs s ,Q , ws.. .fy Qi Q Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound . . . it's a bird! It's a plane! lt's Mrs. Rode- horst! Yes, that's right Cand no, your vision isn't failing youlj, Kristi Rodehorst has taken the place of Superman in the lives of many FHS students. As Fremont's Activities Director, her innovative ideas have made Fremont a great place to be. She was born in Tennessee, but moved to California at the age of two. Her family settled in Los Altos which was then just a "little town." She went to Los Altos High School, where she was a member of the first graduating class Cthose of you who know the year of the first graduating class can figure out her agej. After high school, she went to the University of Colorado and majored in Physical Education because "the teachers always looked like they were having fun." She also received her counseling credential from San Jose State. After teaching for thirteen .. Administration Fresh vO'fS.'Pfoud1y Sh years, she became a full-time adminis- trator. Eventually, she flew in and be- came part of Fremont's staff. This year, Mrs. Rodehorst became our Activities Director. She enjoys this position be- cause it allows her to spend more time with the students instead of their schedules. Although a lot of her time is spent at "meetings, meetings, meet- ings!", she enjoys the many aspects of her career, which include overseeing the ASB, co-ordinating the activities and athletics, and participating in the PTSA. ln her spare time, Mrs. Rode- horst enjoys skiing, swimming, hiking, and fishing, especially with her new husband. She also has three daughters, and don't forget her pets, who are "like her babies." All in all, Mrs. Rodehorst is a heroine to the FHS students. With her help, many exciting events are planned, and the whole campus really gets "up, up, and away!" So next time you see Mrs. Rodehorst, give her a great big "thank you!" This super-woman really de- serves it!! ADM! IST ..... RA T10 men spu-,t day. ows off her Cam Ping attire on UD61' Oman -so 115 3.Don Norrby, Assistant Principal Principal Bettencourt. Assistant Principal 4.Al Moreno, Assistant principal it "Wait 11 J N availab if ,po Q.. .w. 5 we if A X --- L 1 ff fm f Alyifff ,. 125' -zo K f X L ,fl Q5 3 YI X ,K . -.7 ,1 .in X ' if 'kl'l ' M L' PM ii at it B B 2 ip .B e 1, ' " 'l"' ig I Administration Tom Clarke Ed Cota Doreen Cox Mary Crane Richard Crooks Sue Dargert Suzanne Darwish Johanne Devoe Barbara Dodsworth Ruben Duarte Bob Duncanson Gerald Dutra Norma Eason Billy Eastep Bob Elliot . . Academics Bonnie Erickson John Fagrell Jane Farrelly Joseph Feasel Gerald Ferguson Carmendale Fernandes , 1 A 42 f r 2 ff A ,J 4 A f f Miguel Flores Lourdes Fong 6:07 Bob Freedman K Ann Frost Joe Garcia B b G t O CWBI' Z Pat Gentry Jils Jean Gmelin Sue Gomez v .X Bea Gonzales NE R R Sharon Holmes Goss Mel Goudy V F to J ni J i'iii , George Gredassoff F F S 1 Jim Hall 5 L it 4 1? "' Elaine Hellerman Q .B i"' , J .Q J 4 m ,g P, 1 , Catherine Henderson of H, S "I X' Q .. Joe Hinds J V J J Mj,.i J' M ' Suzanne Hoffman .k e 0 X . , 1. I oeee Wifi'-M I wwf gr,1i?7f,,, 45214, VNbggX,--l'5-f . lX J 'A l-,flux . 11,'?cl,ll1,,'H , Z Q J fpwl! I Q .111iv,,lQ.'.,7l,1l,l,'lHllU It Xi:ixQ!:R5:,c ' ,' T ' in Q "'fu,'yfZ1f ft . In X up Q 'QQ B' 1 if-F Ffnfmfzm N JSF I' ASQQI: Z! MT - 15 f-I H Lf 'fly H1 X Muff 5,5 f :L Q, 6,-f , J M .F mmqffvmz I 2-L, Llfp f fr Q1 V FR1-5 BO w ,SV -,,. 400 lb' Ay X 1F26 COUZQQUET to S ' lgfgmjm I c BBQ lst. ess, PPEECH S f Honda I 198 pete-lilace wi,,reSidin9TUDENTS:, fi Tuesdsl, N Regal 5 Do- 'J .ner Of- '- NR mlnated Llpschjs N J Frflfrefs 54 high ffwml GE 99u1ar for Be tg, H edrjck rom Fr School St S-pe pllbo-ZS 7 J Sh emOnt S rind 7 INFQRM akefs ' S C1-'swf 2nd were M 60 St were S zjffofd place Mccowa Udenfs Ssic ' D Bri ' J K 'V J S enters and Cke Ol haw d t H F, M , he Hawes L Mar Waldman :and M Wa Student J . fpefnanlfi Duff-if 3rd plaldman- SS, ' J Dal Ce N C e . Tho 206 Academics . .. Student Congress ' - GUESS Pre "Speaker yield to a question?" ay l have permission to leave the mber?" "I rise to the affirmative!" angely formal language to hear in a dern high school, isn't it? Listen e more: "l move that we table the I" What could it possibly be? Ah, of rse. . .Student Congress, a special e of speech tournament based on United States Congress. 'lt was a new experience . . . be- se it was the first time for some of . .. novices, it was nice having it Fremont. We could find our way und . . . it was very relaxed," stat- Sasha Pesic, when asked to de- the Fremont Congress. One of first tournaments of the year, the gave an opportunity for the to practice their newfound m0nt gt N WY - it ----, I7 ability and for the experts to polish their rusty skills. "lt was far larger and better run than most of the tour- naments we go to . . . lt was exciting meeting alot of different people from different schools," explained junior Jeff Fredrick. The congress also pre- sented an opportunity for students to experience a simplified version of speaking in a house as well as provid- ing them with the chance to survey many varied points of view. "lt was interesting getting the thoughts of different people on the controversial subjects," continued Jeff. Denis Klar- dianos affirmed, "l learned a lot about parliamentary procedure, and basi- cally had a good time . . . " "lt was a worthwhile experience," concurred sophomore Jon Dale. S 3 -'s ,... N 11 t ,. A C A D E EW TE !! gress ix Above: -.ww MW A speech student for three years, Jean Ko is a master of defending both sides of any issue. Right: Jig- nesh Shah maintains his position under the observation of interested iudges and alert opponents. Student Congress Academics N 207 Charles Johnson Mike Hubbell Janet Ikeda Dan Keesler Phil Kelly Chris Kenison ffl 1 W 1' lv My f, ' I. g picture Karl Kirschner Jone Kong Larry Lambert A xv M iayugz ' f X. at Mary Lara Webb Lawson .lan Letson E , 1 'avi gc N J X ua- 'l i N3 is 'E E S H0 A available Linda Lewis ' s X Marcia Lewis S M I 3 Marilyn Mason g l fi I glenn' F 't 'tl ' ' X X L .iiflltffg ile s r s is Sl Warden for th Day Have you ever wondered what a sub- stitute teacher's life is like? "Usually you're called at about 6:I5 in the morn- ing and asked if you can be a substitute that day. If you're lucky, you're told the day before," Mrs. Kawada explained. Doesn't sound so good. does it? The next great obstacle is the lesson plan. Since substitutes cover a wide variety Academics . .. Substitutes of classes, ranging from P.E. to physics, they have to expect the unexpected. "One day I got this thing saying, "Lec- ture on the Theory of Relativity." con- tinued Mrs. Kawada. "I know absolutely nothing about Chemistry!" And then one faces the largest prob- lem of all: the students. Thirty or more adolescents just waiting to create alit- tle terror, and on Fridays, when dents are in their most rambuncti moods they become an unmention disaster. However, Mrs. Kawada s she likes being a substitute. Above: Even though it's Easter you're goi have a test. Llpper right: Seniors really know to misbehave. Right: A rather large spitb hurrled toward an unsuspecting sub. Vacation Timell Everyone has walked into a class- room and seen a substitute sitting in the teacher's chair, then turned around and said to themselves, "this is going to be an easy day." They then proceed to make the poor person's life miser- able. What some students like to do is to switch seats with other classmates and get the substitute confused. But mainly students just talk during class without doing their work. After a while the teacher gets up and says, "Now, you don't want me to write a bad DOIE for your teacher tomorrow, do you?" so the class is really quiet . . .for about five minutes. Then the talking resumes at full pace. Substitutes are fun to have around! They are like a '50 minute vacation, in which you can do almost anything. But of course, you're good enough for the substitute to leave a fairly decent note for your teacher . . . or at least sort of good. Some of the classics of misbehav- ior are throwing spit wads, paper, and any chalk you can get your little hands on. But also never let the substitute catch you. However, talking is the main activity going on during the classtime. Whether she is explaining anything or HOI, you just keep on talking, non stop. What would students do without substitutes to let you do whatever you want? B . as Substitutes ... Academics MR. Don't you wish you could watch T.V. in class? Mr. Kenison has his fun, but own impressive style of teaching his classes. For what does everybody look for- ward to at the end of every week? Fri- day Day Videos! He brings his own VCR and the students can choose tapes of either The Cosby Show or Mtv. This goes on for thirty minutes at the last part of the period. He calls this time "activity time". He said "lt's an incen- tive for the kids to work faster." Not only does it give the students time for studying, catching up on homework, relaxing, or asking questions, but it also helps Mr. Kenison plan for his lessons. He said it decreased the number of tar- dies because the students know the ac- tivity times depends on the time they waste. Mr. Kenison came to Fremont in I98l from Cupertino High. When he was asked why he came here, he replied, "I "Activity time is an incentive for the kids to work faster." heard it was a good school." He became interested in the field of mathematics because "it was easy for me and I al- ways enjoyed the subject." Mr. Keni- son has also taught Yearbook for two years, Auto Shop, and Industrial Arts. At Fremont he teaches Algebra I-9, Ge- ometry, and Math l. Besides teaching, Mr. Kenison has many hobbies outside of school. He en- joys skiing, working on cars, surfing, and camping. He continued, "My main activity is doing things with my kids." He coaches his twin daughters' soccer team and helps out with his son's base- ball team. He's also an advisor for the class of '88 at Fremont. Jenny Delvechio stated, "He doesn't give you something without explaining it." Andrea lmazeki added, "He relates with kids really well and he makes learning math fun." llo Academics . . . Mr. Kenison . . . Academics KENISON GOT A C A D Johanna McHale E- Everett McKim Connie Mears Brad Metheany Doug Miller Mary Miner Pam Montgomery Fumi Morioka Denise Nelson Stenna Nesmith An Van Nguyen Lien Nguyen Margery Nieto' Mary Orsua Maureen Ortiz Oswald Pereyra Charles Peters Kent Peterson Richard Phillips Tom Powers Dottie Price Mardel Railey Frank Robertson Agnes Rosa ga r..f Marlene Rosburg Art Ryan Gene Sabo Neill Sackett lna Sakaguchi Rena Schliemer Dick Sewill Bob Shaw Gil Solis Bob Stahl Rich Steffen Cheryl Stewart William Stretch Keith Swedlund Louise Tedder Lien Thai Don Thompson Sylvia Timm Marylue Timpson Ron Touli Soa Truong Carol Tuckman Marie Volp Grace Voss Tedd Wallace Virg Waller Margaret Wessels Donna Wierzbowski Janice Williams Kathy Williams Jean Yamatake Barbara Zuras I .fir i L T 2 i 2 A sg V f 4: i if y Y X 'W-1 'F -.X din .....,.. N an ' AH' I i .lg X ,,. A X W . 4 P I I 1 i afar t"11 Z 1 if ccc I 71' fi g fi, 0 NS.. K V ,y I lyl ,l.,: i A, B M, X T A N- X , A' yttt so Pond 'ULITE pl NDI! Lk availablt ,Q w-.V 9' First a Hu A formidable fence barely contains the ea- ger growth which springs through the open- ings of the wire mesh. The sounds of birds chirping, water dripping, and trees rustling in the breeze tantalize the ear with their mysteriousness. An earthy smell, made stronger by a recent rain, fills the air with its pungent sweetness. What is it? A curious student might have to do quite a bit of detec- tive work he came up with the answer: the mystifying place is known commonly as the Pond and to science teachers as the outdoor lab. According to Frank Robertson, Biology teacher, it is utilized as "a resource place for organisms to be used in the classroom," as well as for the biology second semester final CPond Reportj and the Science I Astronomy unit. Construction of the Pond began in the spring of l964, and has never ended since. All the science classes except Physics put in a lot of time and effort to build the lab. First, a huge hole had to be dug using a backhoe donated by a student's father. The District A Hole . . . contributed the fence and the pine trees and students spent hours collecting mud and or- ganisms from places in the surrounding area, such Steven's Creek Dam. Parents donated trees and other needed items, while biology classes raised S600 for a shed and piping by selling donuts one winter. Of course, not ev- erything worked perfectly. For example, a plastic cover was installed to minimize water loss, but then the Ph built up and most organ- isms died, holes had to be punched in the bottom. The department's largest problem, because it appears to be ever recurring and eternal, is vandalism. A few uncaring people seem determined to ruin something that is special to the entire school. The inspiration of Mr. Harry Johns, Fre- mont teacher for 27 years and department chair for 20 years Cretired several years agoj, the Pond was the first outdoor lab to be built in the region, something to take great pride in. Mr. Robertson states firmly, "I wouldn't teach anywhere else without such a facility." Far right: I knew I shouIdn't have worn these contacts! Right, We're having a special on these at 53.95. Above: The inspiration of Harry Johns, the pond is something we should be very proud of. Pond Academics l 2 Visualize an empty screen. lt's like a blank piece of paper, just waiting for someone to write on it. Now imagine the screen becoming slightly tinged with color, slowly, and then more rapid- ly, the hues spread until at last the whole frame is glowing in a vibrant, alive picture. In much the same way, the students and faculty of Fremont formulated their vision of an improved institution. Working to make that image become reality took an entire year of deliberate contemplation of problems, lengthy discussion of possible solutions, and participation of everyone toward the common goal of improvement. The ways in which we chose to participate, however, were distinctly different. Each individual had his own original method of contributing, and each per- son was very different. The challenge lay in combining differing personal- ities, attitudes, opinions, and cultures into one force unified for a single cause: that of being unique, climbing Up the Down Stairs. Top right: Making sure our A.S.B. is run smoothly is Ed Robinson's major responsibility and he's do- ing a great job. Right: Has an overload of home- work driven Karen Sanchagrin and Miriam Grau- bard up a tree?! Below: Tracy Lum is always try- ing something new! Ti. Closing R s i? X '4 ggpaer N8 llff ioglifti Q EX X, ,Q wi' .t Top far left: Nerds invade the school on Halloween! Top right: Mr. Ryan expresses his opinion of life in general. Middle: Eating tortilla chips ravenously. Wendy Church pauses for a moment to put on her. "You wouIdn't would you?" expression. Bottom: Her exuberant personality is written all over Jenny Hsin's face. Closing -L QE 126 E. FREMONT RD. PHONE 245-1501 FREMONT CORNERS SUNNYVALE. CALIF. genelli s Delicalessen QUALITY AND QUANTITY Catering for all occasions Houns: D ILY IO A.Nl. TO 7 P.M. Y 9 A.M. TO 6 P.M. - CLOSE S Orchard Supply Hardware Congratulations To T ho Graduating Class 01' Fremont High School will: 123 lx .I !i: sv, 1-513 ,,f 3 , ,J I ,L , ' --- E ' 1, , L oncnmoswvtvcotiut , W 2 . 2 , , gr . 2 f,i',vf"' ' It 2 Lf... ', ff ' l , ,film if ' 'r "9-5 '- .. . , ea, We've been in business since 1931 serving the I-lardvvare, Garden 84 other Home Improvement needs of the Community 777 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd. M082 732-7734 and 16 other Northern Calif Locations Well, the first thing I should do is say "I'm sor- ry" to all my classmates and teachers, who had to listen to all of my endless store of unnecesary comments and stupid jokes. Next, I think I should thank the football and Track coaches, esp. Charlie Peters and Doug Boyd, for believing in me enough to keep on pushing me, in spite of my lack of personal moti- vation. And lastly, I guess that I should thank the Year- book Editor, Laura, for giving me this space in the book Cbecause nobody would buy itlllllj Q57 Q More ATTARI International Food and Spices 156 West El Camino Real Sunnyvale l408l 773 0290 M S M Drugstore 225 East Maude Sunnyvale, CA 94086 CONGRATULATES THE CLASS GF l986 FEED THE El-EPHANTS' B DAY GUY 'Nh 11 MAQM REMO i Advertising V . t9.,., -, .Ir . ' QUE: .' ' N1-53 fvlh-Qf' iq, 3 24111- MAIL plus dy Fey, 1 ' 108 E. Fremont Ave at Sunnyvale-Saratogo Rd. JRC?" 3 "5 , sum-lyvuie, ca 94057-3201 0082720-8973 gy COPY A , iClosed Sunday Bom-lOpmj ,' D-S ff ,- S.fXffJ E: 2 O COpl N d too small o too large 'G . e 'org t I p t g Q d b sines 0 ed to s 9 D p 9 TI , 1 ' n 'b"1d"'9 1 fry dp Qfdyb, p Q 0 o erheodn 17 pp Q D h Q 5 O 0 CSZE W 8 op G7 'IQ ' YQ 24 11 d y BREAKFAST LUNCH h 3,333 Kenneth "Red" Williams l E. Fremont Rd. Phone Ahead S 1 C 1' . N unnyvlf e a If 14081245-5905 739 7717 gk Loehmanns Plaza 1663 Hollenbeck Ave Non-Gal flooustics 5 Dnuwolll, lic. QQNGRATULATIQNS Acoustic Ceilings Il P3l'titi0nS GENERICS.. Tom Sanches You actually made it! License NO, 467473 Dan 'Pup' Evans Keith Odle John Fox Steve 'Jungle Man' Duca Jim Sanches Scotty 'Lumberjack' O'Sullivan Lester 'the Molester' Henry Jimmy Jones Sherman 'the Busboy' Lee and the one and only J.D.S. P.S. Dawna Crank has BIG FEET! Advertising Colophon Herff Jones Yearbook Company of Logan, Utah 8432i produced I2O0 copies of the l986 Pathfinder. Twenty-eight staff members put together the 224-page book on Bordeaux 80 lb. paper, The cover consisted of full color photographs on a red, white, gray, and black background with silver type for theme title and spine copy. Person- alized name-stamps were also in silver. The cover was lithograph on white lithoboard, the design was roughly sketched by Leon Przyoyla and drawn up by Design Express, Inc. Special effect headlines for the endsheets and division pages were Aka Lines and Pioneer. The Llp and Down Stairs theme idea was developed from numerous staff discussions. Most copy throughout the book was set in I0 pt. Lydian type. Most captions were 8 pt. Lydian. Headlines were IS, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, and 60 pt. Lydian type, as well as other type styles offered by the Herff Jones Deluxe Type selection. The folio artwork was drawn by Leon Przybyla, endsheet design was created by Vicki Ford. Division page design and title page were done by Advisor Bonnie Hilbert. Special screens used throughout the book were IOZ, 302, 602, and IOOZ. Tool lines used throughout the book were I pt. 2 pt., 4 pt., 6 pt., and ll pr. Sixteen pages were printed in full color with 7 pages in the opening section using red spot color QJH LICID. Official school photographer was the Picture People. Customer Service Advisor in the yearbook plant was Trina Erickson. Tenny Garner and assistant Karen Banks were Business Reps, per-me vixcewie, Mm, i4Am.A , Luisa, Hemi, weuoy, Kk'l'i-ly,'l7EY5BlE, sfme, BMD, yew, WAN . AND esPec.aALty DAN , 'THANKS Pctl MAQNQQ My Seisuoil VEML me WQGMESTI YW -MVR ALL uwew Me U To Kill! I Deqx-Aeo'--Jrlfw-vyecxfg Sdbscfllyfiglil of -N42 fbarkiey AEUJS 1,ET'l'bK- And +P .LW my Erisfew'-Q. 3l4',fl 'QA +mQ Af? of ?1,1t,l4eCI:T,, 0 tam, :flvid one slug-lvl-ly used, Scwaol-Q-. Q. E6 U ICRA! fg S2l'vlC?. Club in 0 con5ra.1:u,La.-tes its 9 graduating mv'-bers Fest wishes Rr the future! kim 4 1ke+hy -I: mika -A: karzncgnn jeanning, a karla wk heidi 4: luisaxjolie monica 4: puiling at Keiko in erika-A zoe MC, mutt?-4'siE5, TH'ATI'4,1, Nrgveyz N JCE X Formal . I LL A1.uoPfy5 EE F, i'ftw,,q .rvfiwictlxilsi WOM-r you ewtys. 5,3 ', Nsofgf Q5 QL' lla, - -. -1- ,, UL' Lovlmbx 'KZTALW Ayipj jp If if w Mk ,,..KblQMl, Qliewf iff bw Advertising A ,,,,1M,,Z ,,,,., ,, ,.., fWy?k,,Wg5yf3w'aWwgf,5::w,,,,5Wgg.a,V:fzwffgwfyfwgyzyfww.pu-Jyef-,qw I I 4 ,ew Aww: f , ,, , , Wi ,I ,HM ,,, Z 41 f f V ' ppppp f X 3 M .,,,,. ., X ff ,X . ff W, mfiff f f M , , W f, e Q ' p' p ' 'p p, M e ee ,ff H ,V ,ff if ' - X f .ffif Ziff f the plelufe people, ine. YOUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER 25 - REDWOOD CITY - CALlFonNlA94o63 - wsy 364-6662 Advertising llI'IIIl tell ' 3rd period elements. what a rebel! Jokes on Wendy. "Do you come with batteries!" Rocky IV-I must break you! It almost seemed like he was a piece of iron. Chris N' Dales, X-rated Barbies. That loses heavily. C J: I5 as it v Talking on the phone the whole night. rushing to the park I'Il take the picture!" Esprit socks? No way. Trendy from your head to your toes. No socks today? All right! You flamin' dork! What kind of flaky excuse do you have this time for not taking pictures? JXK 220 0 0 O O OO Wait-Wendy's HCI on yet! Tina-hurry and take the pic! Rodney-you're going without us! iss it Borderline patrol! The Geb! We promised we'd put this picture in somewhere. "The last time l went out of this world . .. " Trendy, did you ever leave the house wfout Esprit or Guess? Good Time Stickers, Iamness, Knock Knock, Highlights, ditching in the chil- dren's room. "That's questionable?" Smiling when you sleep. Who's that great looking guy with Gina? Last minute pics at the mall, escalator shots. Who are these poser cheerleaders? Costume closet, "No we weren't up therel", "I can see the color of your underwear!" Roebes, waking up and coming to school at 6 to find that practice starts at 6:30. "You FLAKEDl", "Nik's getting rattled-they must have really come" Coming AGAIN, finding few with robes. Varsity club pics, "Who can make the best offer?" "ri Remember how you used to climb on those things and get stuck? Show us how it's done, Rod! Wrongside, Tina. 6th period-what an intelligent class. Do you have an admit? O l 38000 00823, 2 Strawberry Daquiris. New Year's Ev "Love those Calvin Klein unclies", "Hell hello . .. we've gotta go boating. Ru ning upstairs, Three Swatch sweatshirt phony two hour mass, borrowing clothe: Love ya! QZI ,V itl l , 'fie y Kr' 1 J 4, lo ' I Bending over backwards for pictur How do you swing on these! COTTON GIN. a strange obsession turtle necks. At least I don't cheat. our abuse. Charged Rod. Watching golf with pennies, Aaron's ment program, leaving chem to mega history notes. What would we without you! Kids, rm.l7, our interior design. died?" "Warning-this room deemed safe for human occupancy" l can't lievell. TruefFalse, CUB, KKK, What's schmeal?, WasherfFishing tackle rings, Sarah's gumdrop DNA molecule. a LICENSE! "The lame thing is all you are friends. and none of you license" Let's vector! Thispage brough you by Nicotine. you Amy, Angie, David, Erika , Li-Wen, and Steve for making my senior year the memorable and vivacious year at Fremont High. Remember our trips to the movies CAngie, I, and Amyj? Now how many bruises did I obtain due to the back of Amy's slippery station wagon plus her 'ing? Dave- thanks for taking pictures of us CWinter FormaI.D Li-Wen- I can always count on you for good advice. a - I will bring you more flowers to your future volleyball tournaments. Steve- Sorry that you have to share your t friend with me. I hope my relationship with Jeff will last as long or longer than yours with Karen. And . . . ny dearest Jeff. J deep a voice, yet so gentle at heart J mature in mind, yet so playful at will. se two lines will hopefully express what I wish to say to you, because you are sincere, modest, considerate, dsome, and erudite. I know one day you will make me very proud to say "I know who Jeffery Kevin Cuyle is . . .I Q- e you Bubba!! Thank you for all those movies, dances, presents, flowers, lunches, and most of all, thank you for ng me to be your girlfriend. Love a'W3Y5' Puiling Kong I R IENIGRSZ You made it to this pla- eau, aren't you Proud? Now make the best of your abilities nd go for higher goals, you will eally be proud. CP.S .... remem- r to make copieslj -ffm? M ,,-ef .X THE LONGHORN Charcoal Pit Cocktail Lounge 245-2752 738-0590 IO2 E. FREMONT at SUNNYVALE SARATOGA RD. SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA Sam Pavlos .- l ml! My Downs. Rvmll UI? 1 '?'."' iiwklf' " ' t I L 1 I3 V' Ii' 1 M'z , 'gill I ,vixruv Utrmnl. Chna.. Ptmdhdl-Tcfirlinttbf 'RCIQCLCL LCC sn Pam mm Mme. 104. I-na. wmv 'W-'fd .tive wa W a O o .K 'Yi 5" s, H J' " Q .fn " -.gntlkx v Le,on'Ntkk1-An Iu,"J' Www' H645-UGC-Lavnhnm W' VK "' 1' A5 'QB' 1- . . f , "" A . 'TV' B hi: I ' o . 0 0 o ' ' 0 1 ' o .a o ' I ' Advertising l Editotfs Is this really the last page of the book? I find it hard to believe. Oh well-you know what they say, all good things must come to an end. Being Editor-in-Chief of the I986 Pathfinder was the most demanding and rewarding experience of my life. Can the average Fremont student com- prehend the incredible amount of work that went into this book? I don't know-but I doubt it. What I do know is that Tag Kirschner, I know you started wonder- ing if my glassy stares meant I was on something Cto reassure you, no, I wasn't, except maybe for some natural- ly produced drug that kept me alive without sIeep.D Mr. Thompson, thanks for repeating things three times to me and showing me that life is to be cele- brated, no matter how old one is. To all the dedicated members of my always remember you as a perfect ea ample of someone with real class. Lee, never know how to thank you COop what did I say??j but believe me, th debt is unpayable. To my other muci abused photographers, especially dav and Nick, you take awesome picture Jennifer and Kathy, thanks for all yot hard work, and Jen, I envy you yo ingenuity. Angela, you're probabll shocked to find yo name here, but yes, y each time I think about it, I'm filled with awe at all the work that's been The I986 Pathfinder Staff deserve it. And last, b never least is Nikki. B you thought I was hoi done, a great portion of it by Somebody Other Than Me. There are quite a few people without whom this edition would not exist. The first is ob- viously Mrs. Rodehorst, who patiently waited through countless Lists, answered my endless questions, and calmed all my never-ending fears. Without her, the year- book would probably be about ten pages long- short and not so sweet. I'm also indebted to Mrs. Ikeda, she too answered more than her share of my pesky questions CI hope she doesn't have Laura Kindsvater, Editor-in-Chief STUDENT LIFE ANikki Hurlston, Editor Cathy Gerrity Stacy Tsuboi Amanda Cormier Gina Paz Jennie Hopennrath Tina Seto Karen Metzler Patty truong Wendy Vann Beto Valladares SPORTS 'Tina Seto, Editor Angela King Annie Auyeung SENIORS Rebecca Sager, Editor 'k 'k 'k nightmares about my I Leon przybyla i'Mike Engel "David Metzler Sue Lowery Dawna Crank CLASSES Kathy engel, Editor Jennifer Jue ACADEMICS Jennifer Jue, Editor Kathy Engel Beto Valladares Jodi Elgart FREELANCE PHO TOGRAPHERS Heidi Ainscow Nick Stefanisko Brendan Harris Jae Lee Bonnie Hilbert, Advisor shadow looming over her -Lee pillow desklj and so did Mrs. Talso a staff photographer to forget you-h' Thanks to you we have wonderful Student Li section and I have whole new vocab C"tot ly thrashed, whip it o teenybop magazine Iet's make a wild bo next year."j There a many others but no roo to fit them all. Thanks also to Ten Garner, our Herff Jon Rep, Trina Erickson, o customer service Advi er, The Chief staff f their help, Paul Baco for all those team pi tures, my parents f their encourageme Cesp. Mom, who stay up late helping more th' once,D Michele Miller f waking me up every ti Barbour, Mrs. Price, and Mrs. Erickson in Student Services, Mrs. Devoe, Mrs. Gentry, Mrs. Bibeau, and Mrs. Cox. I can't even think of how to thank my teachers, who put up with me snoozing in their classes at least one week out of every four and always made time for extra explanations of some especially elusive concepts. Mr. Miller, I don't know where you get your patience- can I have some? Mr. Waller, now you know why I took Typing, Mr. Sewill, al- ways remember that 4 + I does NOT equal 6, and please forgive my lack of a highly mathematical mind. Mr. Editor's Page staff: WE MADE IT! And aren't you proud? Amanda and Cathy, good luck wherever you go Cl know you'll succeed because of your continual wellspring of creativitylj Heidi, I don't know where you got your irrepressible personality but I wish I had one just like it-thanks for all the great pics and Iwo Lives! Tina, I thought I'd never be able to fol- low your example, and even though it's not in 60 pt., congratulations on being such a great Sports Editor! Watch out for your birthday present Cone gallon of liquid paper, special deIivery.J Rebec- ca, you made a great Seniors Ed. and l'Il I fell asleep in History, all my freinds f persisting in saying "Hi" to me even i was too spaced-out to reply, and mo of all, Cathey Cort for her uncomplai ing, ever-lasting support and end ance through our demands and dea lines. To the Class of l986, may all yo dreams come true, I hope I'm worthy succeeding you! This book was creat with you constantly in my though Best of luck.

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