Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 143 of the 1958 volume:

ff Mig 5 1 I. J, -, P" t all' , . . v V, ,. ,: X . 1 x -.V ' , .5 ' 1,1 1- , ,i i . 1 'X Q.-I Q - . , . , 1,1 L -4- , E I KA 1 , n Q , i 1 .M , x ,, I L .- ff . 4, 1 ,hi I ,V x , I L, 1 Y , , f, , , f f , ' ' X, v',f1 I Ek 1 f I 4. h X y xf ,f 1 f 5, V , ' ' ' , 'fm , .1 Z ' ,.,, , , , ' f , , . ' 1 k , ':, -A . f, K 1 V , 1 . f , - f . as f' Q ' M , , . . V I I 4 ,A , . Y 4 ,V g ri A, ,f 4, x , il ,. JL, ,, . fi. , N , I. ,Q X , 1' , , , 1' 1 X 1,1 uf! fi ,J 5, , K I 3,3 . , ,V I fi - , I " V I I .A M" " f I 1' w Q 1 f , - ,, - A , . , 1 ' ,A 4x 1. Q. ' " , , ',4 ,Z , ' " K- .7'!,Ck21' 'Lf r. Gwy n' MJ ffyfw 'MMZW Wiffff ffwjy miwjfwff J W WW' W ,QW A,ff,9f9DML,!ifJyfu,,DMf 6 , WF uf K3 f -' R 1 'U 6 1, f . My My ,MM Eff' iw JW WK W wygiff , Oy N f JN . WV X XX Qb:qJ,. Q . K 'WM Jfm if W WW Wir Wjigfgj . ,MQ UM jfzfgifygfa WMM, N W' My iw? We wf mf r lil 'l W lx lx.. if R x A 53 lg Q y X., Q Q i K 1 x Xi Q is xx i i, S N U XX ,gy , N 2 1 Q 3 'ld s 0 K, S3 Ri 'x DEDICATION To a migh'l'y fine leacher and a coach wilh winning ways, bofh as 'l'o foolball records and as 'l'o personaliiy, we dedicafe fhis l957-58 edil'ion of 'l'he Pa'I'h'linder. Now 'l'ha+ Ken Slanger lfo fhe lefl in pholol has become vice principal of Cuperfino High School, 'ihe edilors feel fha? our school should give Mr. S'l'anger a going-away presenl' fhai' would be a lasling memory of his eleven years as leacher and coach al' Fremon+ High. He received a gold foolball wifh his record of 54 wins, I5 losses and four 'lies on fhe nighf of his lasf Fremonf game. On 'lhal' nighf his grid 'l'eam, which had only a 3-3 record, rose io new heighfs fo 'lame +he Mounlain View Eagles, 34-6. We can"I' 'lop lhal nighl' for lhrills for Ken S'l'anger, buf we wanf him fo lcnow 'lhal' we are going +0 miss him in 'lhe years io come. We are happy for his advance info school adminisfrafive work where his well-known qualify of being a friend +o boys will s'l'ill benefil 'l'he communily. Our laesl' wishes and ihis yearbook go wifh him. -The Edifors and Sfaff M. .M--i - ' f' " " I- x. 1 fig deft' , f- Qff' .. Wy, lf, I . - 4.f4'4.- , '. jf' 4- ,.,',, , - f "1 - Q" . 1, , ,ILL .af be ,Lge X f X.-1' f-rf! cf. s Umm! i QM gm. 514413 ? We ow QU LLM lewd Quo? 594-MSU 2' 515' 'MW"'N"..w x " .af ' :z: ' 5 ' S K .- ,J I l,,.-, K ,K E, ,. fp - -A ,,,,-A--v .gwf ' , ,F 'f ' .L W . U ni ..,, E ki Gi 52: ' " 1 D J. ' A 'A 1. . 55 -mt V,,--, -, E- , A ,v ,ww gm 31 , G.. -. . Jugs, , 185 ., f'ff,11.if ff " 591152 ', 3 , .:, v -'ray , . -wiv ' fgszif f25gg.zNjWfg3EA . lim-fg5 Q2w 55. K - f , ww f ,J - .- Q L1le?2'i5 '3' 1 ' ' lfifffff ' - - QI? g ' .f.H'jj fi 11.24 t 2 a tw 'ff' '.a,,,,IL" L 9: .V ' ff 2 Q. ---' M , H 139 1i?Z'g?Lg?gc I:- 3?Zw'Sf"Qs- -.'f-2533 1. L fiiifivf .. M v eawfsgew .view,'3ei:g::2f"-afQa:'5 . In if -J mg? , .- . .x , - may .ff,:ffwz.v, 7'z..w: .,, W . M W-fqf4,g?1.wg:i-'Sfnez.-swim . . ,M I Lvwf..-m. E , 55325 551553 ., ja ,g 'gs'-1 -fel -- 'N : 1' WW W f ' ff ,:. ? Yfqffg J' iw +5 1.1 f E... ff f x MR. EARL GOODELL MISS WINIFRED COOMB Depu+y Superin+enden1' Assis+an+ Superin+enden+ MR. A. C. STEVENS JR. MR. GEORGE FERNANDEZ MR. VERNON CORDRY Supa,-imendenf Principal-elecf of Publicify Diredor Cuper+ino High School MRS. LOUISE TORDT Dean of Girls MR. HANK NORBERG Dean of Boys MR. ROBERT WILLS MR. COLLINS HAAN MR. ROGER ADAMS Evening School Principal Principal Direcior of Siudenf Ac+ivi+ies .A T5- Mr Librariarw S Chamber mes x S and M nd Mrs. 60 rs' Sffflaeff ' B el' Baldwin X Offic Mrs. Wilhelm, Mrs. Lowry, Nurse AHenclance Office Pafricia Dyksfra, lone Porler, Millie Hendregarl, Theo Recfor, and Dorofhy Pelersen - Cooks. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dr. R. Smiflwwick, Mr. C. Pond, Mr. L. Paviso, Mr. H. Wyanf, Dr. H. Diesner e 3,8 ff ADDIE ACHELPOHL BESS ADAMS MILDRED AHLEM HERBERT ARONSEN Typing Hisfory Chemisiry Engines MARTHA LOU BERNET VICTOR BINSACCI CAROL BROOK CALADORA BROWN English Slucly Hall Homemalcing Ari ANTONIO BUTCHER JAMES BUTTCANE PAYE CHRISTENSEN WILLIAM COLLINS Algebra I Algebra II Hisfory II Science EUGENE CURETON MARJORIE DANA-TILL EDWIN DARLAND WILLIAM DEVANEY Boys' Gym English I Driver Training Orien+aIion GENE DORAIS ALICE EILERTSEN JANE FARRELLY PAUL FERDINANDSEN Drafling Typing English Hisfory CARMENDALE FERNANDES CLAUDE FLOCK LOUISE GARCIA JEAN GMELIN Public Speaking Science Hisfory Journalism -J' 5 MALCOLM HANNA DOUGLAS HARVILLE BARR HEALY BYRON HELSEL Hisfory , Band Foreign Lgnguage General Business FENTON HILL CAROL HUGHES EDMOND JAUCH HARRY JOHNS Boys' Gym Typing Agricullure Biology ROBERT LANGE MARIE LEA HERBERT LEWIS JOHN LORR Me+aI Shop Homemaking Shop Ar+s 81 Craffs DUANE MCGHIE BERNICE MENG CAROLYN BARNEY PHILLIP MOOERS AIgebra Shor+hand Spanish I Business Maih. GALE MORELOCK JEFFERSON MULKEY WILLIAM NEWMAN RICHARD PRESTON Business Machines Senior Problems Geomefry Choir JAMES RASMUSSEN JULIETTE REPETTO RUSSEL RYDER EMBER SAFFORD English 81 Drama Lafin Algebra Algebra MARVIN SCARPER RICHARD SCHONERT DANFORD SCHOW RAYMOND SNYDER English Science 81 Annual Senior Problems Boys' Gym KENDALL STANGER FRANK THIBAULT SCOTT THOMSON VICTOR ULMER Boys' Gym English English English KURT VOESTER Physics CAROLYN BUZDIEKER Girls' Gym CAROL LYNCH Lalin I RICHARD YEAGER English , , EDITH WHITE EUGENE WILK English Boys' Gym MERIAM CLOUGH MILDRED HOHL Geomefry Foreign Language DONALD SHERLOCK HAROLD SKILLMAN English Hisfory MARGARET WOODRICH Girls' Gym BERNARD HUBBARD Reading LOIS WH EELER Girls' Gym f 1-ifzouwltie S N-N523 O , . ,I l 1 f -'iff' R ff' 1 1, .. X 4 4. 'C 'Lf f cA N X- 1 1 " C rf 4 MZKLJ M ,1 ' . 1 gi Cftcgj 1 f-'rf iam, f C., wwf. 3, f. 4, nf' -" 6 H 5,7 , ,A "-11' " 3126 LQ' bf- J 'wx C, if , A M 4Q .,.f x 4, A fg-f. A C-Q 12, - . wx ' ,A V' - lu' K F Q f g Cf' , S-ff? - NC. C' A intl M '-146,43 Ygzlf . '4 ,A If 2 152' ' , Ei 1' fx'-:'VfQ ' .nu--,fi-1 ,A -Ki K' 2 L .rcfffv , I ' 'L XZ ,, , , .f' 4 ' 2 ' ,ff 5 C5 c. Q, My 15 ll 7 I M P A 3 5? lf. ,P N .I ,f 'I ff 1- 3 I 3, al .1 I 1 X, A if , A 'f A ian 1 rf J ' 1 . , 4 v FJ 2 ' j A 1 i, 'ij 9 I 3 e.',I ' f' 1 " . 1 J' .9 F k ' ' 1 'F P , 1 ' a ,- U e 5 ' . V 1 :if J 'kf A J ' ., , 4, gf' I I X J I E P Q J! 2 sf 2 J yi -f' 'W w 2 if 5 E X g J, J J l J 'X H' Nj! 1J VJ ! T3 1 5 j ' V 9 3 G3 I 5 5 as P A 9 rp eu ji Nap KJ w x 5 A f f if 1 J M 'Y , ' " ' .1 , 3 I ., . z 1 , w , ,I ,, 3 J f 3' j I ICP W 1 5 .p 1, fy ll' MR. VOESTER was senior class advisor and fook care of all senior funciions. He saw +ha+ fhe seniors had a year 'lhaf will be remembered. We +he senior class would like +o ihank Mr. Vosfer for all his work wi+h us. MISS MENG was senior girls' councilor. She saw 'lhai' each girl's problems were faken care of and +ha+ she fook fhe righi' courses for graduaiion. We fhe senior girls would like fo fhank Miss Meng for lisfening fo our problems and guiding us on 1'he righf pafh. 7 . ,., i , 1 4 ,if "2 ,' 'F ' L.1.,4x?4,, .,.- MR. MULKEY was senior boys' councilor. He helped fo guide each boy when he had quesiions aboui' a choice of professions or ofher problems. We +he senior boys who are leaving for our new life would like fo fhank Mr. Mulkey for guiding us along ihe righi' pafh. Back Row: Marian Siebenfhall, Treasurer: Lynn Carier, Secreiaryq Mary Hol zer, Social Manager. Boffom Row: Warren Buffs, Vice Presidenfg Dick Hi+ch man, President Mike Finnegan, Sergeani-a+-Arms. 0646464624 Back Row: Gary Venable, Sergeanf-ai-Armsg Dick Duran, Presicleniq Warren Buffs, Vice President Bottom Row: Kay Benneff and Mary Holzer, Co-Social Managers: Chris Consianiine, Secreiary. MARYANN ABBATE Fu+ure Plans: Secreiary SUSAN ADELMAN Fulure Plans: College Acfivifiesz Music for assemblies, plays RON ADRIANI Fu+ure Plans: College Acfiviliesz Sporls, sludenf governmenl office FRANK ALLEY JIM AMDAHL Fufure Plans: Navy, College Acfivilies: Band, C.S.F., Honor Roll, Sporfs ELAINE ANDERSON Fufure Plans: Beaufician Acfivilies: A Cappella, Variely Show CLARA AGUILAR Fulure Plans: Telephone Operalor MARLENE ARMER Fu'Iure Plans: Denial Assislanl Aclivilies: Pom-Pon, Assembly, Dance Commiffees SANDRA ASHLEY Fufure Plans: Secrelary Acliviliesz Dance Commi'Hees JACK BAKER Fulure Plans: College Acfivifies: Drama, Speech, Chief, Sporls DAVE BARDIN Fulure Plans: J. C. DOLORES BARENS Fufure Plans: College Aclivifiesz Make-up for assemblies and plays JOHN BARKHAM Fufure Plans: College, Resfauranf Busi- ness Acfivifies: S.A.S., Y.F.C., Judge TIM BARNEKOV Fu+ure Plans: College Aclivifiesz Swimming LOYAL BARRON DAVID BATCHELOR Fufure Plans: College, Pro. phofographer Acfivi+ies: Head Phofographer, 4 years SHERYLE BAYLISS Fulure Plans: Inferior Decoralor Acfivifies: G.A.A. ELIZABETH BEAN Fu+ure Plans: College, Ieacher Acfivifies: Pom-Pon Commiffee 'VIE KAY BENNETT Fu+ure Plans: Civil Service Acfiviliesz Varsily Cheerleader, Rally, Cl'1ris+mas Pagean+ LORENE BERGER Fufure Plans: College , Aclivifiesz Drill Team, Senior Assembly BRENT BERRY Acfivilies: Foolball SYLVIA BlANCHlNl Fufure Plans: Teaching Piano Acfiviliesz Social Manager HERMAN BIELENBERG MURIEL BLOMQUIST Fulure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies:Speecl1,G.A.A., Girls' League BILL BOLGER Fufure Plans: Wriler, Aclor Acliviliesz Plays, Assemblies FRANK BOOKHOUT Fulure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Swimming, Wafer Polo NANCY BOTTINI DOROTHY BOYLE Fulure Plans: Beauly College Ac+ivi+ies: Pageanf, Drill Team DENNIS BRITTON Fu+ure Plans: Commercial Arfisf Acliviliesz Golf Team, Assemblies ALLEN BROENEL Fulure Plans: J. C. ROBIN BROWN Fulure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Swimming, Assemblies BARBARA BROWNING Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi'fies:Tl1espians, Quill 8: Scroll, Pafhfinder TITO BUFFUM LARAINE BURN Fufure Plans: J. C. Aclivifiesz Plays, Pom-Pon, Assemblies RONALD BURSON Fulure Plans: Air Force ' Acliviliesz Foofball, Traffic Squad, Clubs WARREN BUTTS Fufure Plans: College Aclivifies: Baslcefball, Baseball, Senior Class Officer BOBBIE BYRD Fulure Plans: S+enographer CONNIE CALBREATH DARLIS CARLE Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Speech, Dramaiics, Clubs CAROL CASSEL Fulure Plans: J. C. LYNN CARTER Fu+ure Plans: San Jose S+a+e College Ac+ivi+ies: Song Girl, Sludenf Body Secrelary, Chief VIRGINIA CASTRO Fu+ure Plans: Work Ac+ivi+ies: Clubs, Commi'Hees, Assembly ALDEN CHACE Fulure Plans: Annapolis, Slanford Aciivifiesz Clubs CAROL CHELINI Fu+ure Plans: Secrelary Acfiviliesz Sludeni Council, Rally PAT CHIESA Fu'rure Plans: J. C. Acfiviliesz Plays, Pom-Pon ARLENE CHURCHILL Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Honor Roll, F.H.A., S.A.S. GEORGE CLARK CYNTHIA COGGESHALL Fufure Plans: College Aclivilies: Co-Edifor Pa+l1'finder, Quill 8: Scroll, Thespians BARBARA COHN Fu+ure Plans: Secrefary Acfivi+ies: Feafherefies CAROL COLENDICH Fufyre Plans: College Acfivi+ies:Tl'1espians, N.F.L. DARLENE CONLEY Fu+ure Plans: Business College Ac+ivi+ies: Feafherelles CHRIS CONSTANTINE Fulure Plans: College Aciivifies: Clubs MYRNA CRANE Fufure Plans: J. C. JIM CUTHBERTSON Fuiure Plans: College Aciiviiies: Sporis, Fooiball, Baseball TOM CUTHBERTSON Fuiure Plans: J. C. Ac+ivi+ies: Assembly, Sporfs JUSTIN DANTZLER Fufure Plans: Work, School Ac+ivi+ies: Sfudenl Police CARLOS DARDON RON DARE Fulure Plans: Medicine Acfiviliesz C.S.F., Honor Roll ROBERT DARONE FuI'ure Plans: Navy Acfivifiesz Track, Baskelball MARTY DARRIN Fulure Plans: Office Work Ac+ivi+ies: Rally, Senior Assembly BESSIE DAVIS Fulure Plans: Telephone Operalor Acfiviliesz F.H.A., Sfudenl Council GERRY DAVIS Fufure Plans: Beauly College Ac+ivi+ies: S+uden+ Council, Dance Ccmmiflee LAJUANA DAVIS Fu+ure Plans: R. N. AcI'ivi+ies: Y.F.C., S.A.S., F.H.A. MARVILEE DE COSTA Fu+ure Plans: Marriage Ac+ivi+ies: Dance Commi'r+ee, S+ucIen+ Council, Safely PHIL DELGADO Fufure Plans: J. C. Ac+ivi+ies: Spor'Is, Clubs NATALIE DE MOYA Furure Plans: Beaulician Ac+ivi+ies: Assembly, Pom-Fon, S+uden+ Council JOHNNY DOMENECH Fufure Plans: San Jose Slaie Acfivifiesz Sporfs JERRY DOWSKY Fulure Plans: College, TeacI1er Acfivifies: Fufure Teachers Club DAN DUARTE RALPH DUARTE MIKE DUGAN Fufure Plans: College, Ari' Career AcI'ivi'Iies: Sluclenl Council, Sporls, Play TERRY DUGAN Fulure Plans: College Aciiviiiesz Drama, Sporfs, Sfudenf Governmen+ Office DICK DURAN Fufure Plans: San Jose S+a+e College Ac+ivi+ies: Speech, Sporfs, Journalism JULIE ECHAVARRIA Fulure Plans: Secrelary Aciivifies: Sludenl' Council LOLA ECSI Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: C.S.F., Quill 8: Scroll, Edilor of Chief THOMAS EDWARDS Fulure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Sporfs ROCHELLE EG-GEN Fufure Plans: PBX Operalor JACK ELBERT Fulure Plans: Air Force Acfiv-ilies: Rifle Club JIM ELLIOTT Fufure Plans: Work Acliviliesz F.F.A. TONY FARIA Fufure Plans: J. C. Ac+ivi+ies: Foolball MIKE FINNEGAN Acfivifies: Foolball CARL FLOCK Fu+ure Plans: College Aclivifies: Band, Science Club PATRICIA FOLEY DANA FORD Fulure Plans: San Jose Sfafe College Acfiviliesz Play, Decoralions, Servings JOYCE FORDICE Fuiure Plans: Navy MELVA FOREMAN Fufure Plans: Lab. Technician Acfivifiesz Y.F.C., G.A.A. HARRY FORSTER Fulure Plans: College, Navy Ac+ivi'ries: Swimming, Music, Wa+er Polo KAREN FOSNAUGH Fulure Plans: San Jose Slale College Aclivifiesz Pom-Pon, Choir, Sluclenl Council CAROL FOSTER Fulure Plans: Ari' College Ac+ivi+ies: MaioreHe, Plays DAVID FROSCH Fufure Plans: College 'SVU' JOYCE FUJII Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi'fies: Senior Council, Flag Girl MONROE FULTZ Fuiure Plans: College Acfivifiesz Foofball, Baskeiball PAUL GARCIA GARY GARRICK Fulure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Track, Baske+baII CHARLES GIANNINI Fufure Plans: Commercial Phoiographer Ac+ivi+ies: School Phofographer, Plays LADDIE GOCK Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Sfudenf Council, Pom-Pon BRAD GOETHE Fufure Plans: Teacher EDELTRAUT GOLZ Fuiure Plans: Marriage Aciiviiiesz Choir, Clubs KEN GOUVIA Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Assemblies, Plays, S+ucIen+ Body Officer JEANETTE GRAHAM JOY GRAUMANN MATT GREEN Ac+ivi+ies: Foofball, Baseball, Swimming PATRICIA GREER Fufure Plans: Work on Machines BETTY GREGET Fufure Plans: Nursing Ac+ivi+ies: C.S.F., G.A.A., Fuiure Nurses MARILYN GROSE Fufure Plans:,College Acfiviiies: Pom-Pon, Thespians, Jr. Slaiesmen DAVID HASS Fufure Plans: Work Ac+ivi+ies: Foofball, Baskefball SKIP HAGGERTY BARBARA HEIGHT Fuiure Plans: San Jose College Aciivifiesz Y.F.C., Quill 81 Scroll, C.S.F. MERCEDES HALSTED Fufure Plans: Re'rurn Io Europe Ac+ivi+ies: Junior S'Ia+esmen,CI1oir BILL HAMADA Fufure Plans: College Engineering Ac+ivi+ies: Officer,.C.S.F., Honor Roll, Spor+s KAREN HANLEY Fu+ure Plans: Fashion Designer Ac+ivi+ies: Ar+, Honor Roll PAT HANNERS Fufure Plans: College Acfivilies: Assemblies, Plays CLAUDIA HARDER Fulure Plans: Worlr Aciiviiies: S.A.S., Choir SUE HARPER Fufure Plans: College, Commercial Ar+isI Ac+ivi+ies:Cl'1oir, Rally Commiflee BUDDY HAYS JIM HAYNIE Fuiure Plans: College, Veferinary Science Acfivifies: Foofball, Baslcefball MARY HEADLEE Fu+ure Plans: College, Home Economics Acfivifies: Clubs BILL HENDERSON Fufure Plans: Navy, Real Esfafe Aciiviliesz Track, Baslcefball, Hi Y MARGARET HENDERSON Fufure Plans: San Jose S+a+e Acfivilies: S.A.S., F.H.A. SHERRY HENDERSON Fufure Plans: Housewife Ac+ivi+ies: Clubs, Sporfs CAROLYN HENNING MARILYN HERSHLEY JANICE HIRASHIMA Fu+ure Plans: Nurses Aid JUNIOR HIRATA Fufure Plans: Business Adminisfraiion Acfiviiies: Sporfs DICK HITCHMAN Fu'rure Plans: College Aciiviiies: Sporls, Class Presidenf TOM HOBBS Fu+ure Plans: Air Cade+ or College BERNIE HOLMES Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: Baseball MARY HOLZER Fufure Plans: Sfudy Fashion Design Acfivifies: Song Girl, Sfudenf Body Officer, Plays MIKE HOWARD Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: F.F.A., Baseball DON HUFFORD Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: Sporfs, Sfudenf Body Officer, Class Officer TOMMY HUGES Fufure Plans: J. C. Acfivifies, Baskefball, Track BOB ISLE Fufure Plans: College, Biologisf Acfivifies: Wresfling, Swimming, Sfudenf Body Officer BILL INGEBRIGHTSEN Fufure Plans: Air Force, J. C. ARMOND IRWIN Fufulje Plans: Commercial Arfisf Acfivifiesz C.S.F., Yearbook, Publicify Manager SANDRA JARVIS Fufure Plans: College Acfivifiesz Sfudenf Body Officer, Assemblies HOWARD JENSEN Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: Band 4 Years JUDY JENSEN Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: Song Girl, Quill 81 Scroll, Chief JIM JOHNSON Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: Foofball, Track LYNNE JOHNSON Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: Pom-Pon Commiffee SHARON JONES Fufure Plans: J. C. Acfivifies: 30's Yell-Leader, Dances, Assemblies GLORIA JORGENSEN Fufure Plans: College Acfivifies: Band, Junior Sfaiesmen JIM KAY Fufure Plans: College JANEAN KENT Acfivifies: Flag Girl SANDY KILLIAN Fufure Plans: Airline Hosfess Acfivifies: Assemblies, Variefy Show, Pageanf H' s " ' H E E I I ROBERT KIMBALL Fulure Plans: Police Work Acfiviliesz Foolball, Track, Sound Crew SUSAN KING Fufure Plans: Secrelary Acliviliesz Dance Commifiees VIRGINIA KING Fulure Plans: San Jose Slale Aclivifiesz Rally, Assemblies KAY KIRBY Fuiure Plans: College, Nursing Acfiviliesz C.S.F., Choir BARBARA KNOPES Fuiure Plans: Home Economisl Acliviliesz F.H.A., G.A.A. TED KOEPKE Fufure Plans: Work GRACE KOONCE Fufure Plans: Fashion Designer DAVE KRAUSCH Fulure Plans: Navy Aclivilies: Band, Plays, Assemblies MIKE KUHN Fulure Plans: San Jose Sfafe Acfivifiesz Honor Roll, Sfudeni' Council CAROLYN KUMP Fulure Plans: Dancer Aclivifies: Quill 8: Scroll, Assemblies Chief BILL LA CLAIR Fufure Plans: College LA VON LAMPE Fulure Plans: Housewife Acliviliesz Glee Club CHARLOTTE LANGLEY Acfiviliesz Senior Assembly LOIS LEAHEW Fu+ure Plans: Fashion IIIus+ra+or Acfiviliesz Chorus, Bullelin Board HELEN LEANORD Fulure Plans: Airline Slewardess Ac+ivi'Iies: Sludenl Council, Pom-Pon JIM LEVRATTO Fufure Plans: Farmer Aclivilies: Sfudenf Police, F.F.A. MIKE LIEBERT ANN LISK Aclivifiesz Senior Assembly ELAINE LLOYD Fulure Plans: Nursing Aclivilies: F.T.A. GARY LOWE Fu+ure Plans: J. C. Acfivilies: Foorball, Track, Choir GARY LONG Aclivilies: Assemblies, Track, C.S.F,, Plays LINDA LUEBEKE JUDY LUNDELL WILLIAM LUTE Fufure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Baskelball CAROL MACHADO Fulure Plans: Hair S+yIis+ Aclivifiesz Head Yell Leader, Assemblies S+uden+ Council ALLEN MACHIN Fuiure Plans: TV Cameraman Ac+ivi+ies: Spor+s JACK McCOY DAN McDANIEL Fulure Plans: Medical Missionary Aciiviliesz Honor Roll, S+uden+ Council, Dances MICKEY McGINNIS CYNTHIA MAESTAS Fulure Plans: Work Ac+ivi+ies: Assemblies JESSE MAIWALD Fulure Plans: College Ac'I'ivi+ies: Foolball, Baseball, Senior Assembly, Band JOHN MANOUSOS Fulure Plans: College Acliviliesz Drama, Band, C.S.F., Honor Roll LAVERNE MARCOTTE Fulure Plans: College Acfivifiesz Band, C.S.F., Honor Roll, Varie+y Show RONALD MATTOS Fuiure Plans: Air Force ED MELENDEZ BRENDA MEYER Fulure Plans: Fashion Designing Ac'I'ivi'ries: G.A.A. WAYNE MEYER Fulure Plans: Denlisl Acliviliesz Sporls, Drama, Sfudenf Office PAT MILLER Fulure Plans: College Acfivilies: C.S.F., Plays, Sludenl Govern- menl Office IRVING MITSUNAGA Fulure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Sporls, Honor Roll, C.S.F. DONNA MOE Fulure Plans: College, Diefician Aclivilies: Junior Slalesmen, Dance Commiflee CATHERINE MOMYER Fufure Plans: Married Aclivilies: A Cappella, Musical MARILYN MONSON Ac+ivi+ies: Assemblies, Dancing, Rally Commiflee BETTY MOORE Fulure Plans: College Acliviliesz Senior Cabinef Represenfa- live, C.S.F. RAYMOND MORALES Fulure Plans: Candy Faclory Worker DONNA MORGAN Aclivilies: F.H.A. CAROL MORRISON Fulure Plans: Marriage DANEEN MOSSOLIANI DAVE MURPHY Acfiviliesz Asseniblies, Plays, Sporls TONI NASCEO Fulure Plans: J. C. DAVID NELSON Fulure Plans: Coasl' Guard, College Acfivifiesz Band, Science Club RICHARD NELSON Fulure Plans: Mechanic BILL NEWLAND Fulure Plans: Pilol' Acliviliesz F.F.A. RUTH NEWTON JEAN NINOKATA Acliviliesz Dance Commillees, C.S.F. THOMAS NISHIMOTA GAIL OATES Fulure Plans: Nursing School Aclivifiesz F.H.A., S.A.S., Honor Roll JOSEPH ORLANDO IRENE ORTIZ TERESE OZANICK Fulure Plans: Nursing Aclivilies: C.S.F., G.A.A., Assemblies GLORIA PADEN Fulure Plans: J. C. Ac+ivi+ies: Rally, Dance Commiffees GERALDINE PALERMO Fulure Plans: Secreiary Ac+ivi+ies: Assemblies, G.A.A., Pom-Pon RANDY PARKER Fufure Plans: U. C. Ac+ivi'ries: Capfain of Wafer Polo LORETTA PAVlSO Fulure Plans: College Acfiviliesz Sfudenl' Body Officers, N.F.L. C.S.F., Exchange Sfuclenf JOANNE PESCE Fufure Plans: Beaufy College Acliviliesz Class Represen+a+ive JOAN PHILLIPS Acfiviliesz Speech, Drama, Rally GENE POLZAK MAUREEN PRICE Fufure Plans: Docfors Assisfance Ac+ivi+ies: Rally, Assemblies, Feafherefles FAYE OUINTERNO LONNIE RAMIS Fufure Plans: College Acfiviliesz Senior Assembly ARMAND RAVIZZA Fuiure Plans: College Acliviliesx C.S.F. AUGUST RAWLINS Fufure Plans: J. C. J EAN REGALADO ORSON REYNOLDS SHARON RIEDEL Fulure Plans: San Jose Slale Ac'rivi+ies: Drill Team, Assemblies, G.A.A. JIM ROBERTS JIM RODGERS Fulure Plans: Air Force FRANK RODRIGUES Fu+ure Plans: J. C. Ac+iviIies: Sporls, Assembly, Board of Conlrol ROCHELL ROHLFING Fufure Plans: College Aclivifies: F.H.A. MANUEL ROMAN BOB ROSE Fu+ure Plans: Foresfry Aclivilies: Science Club TOM ROSS Acfiviliesz Baskefball, Track RALPH SAICH Fulure Plans: J. C. Ac+ivi+ies: BasIce+balI, Track SANDRA SAILORS Fufure Plans: Journalisl Acfivifiesz Concerf, Bancl, C.S.F. PETE SALLAS EMILY SASAO Fufure Plans: College, Nursing Aciiviliesz C.S.F., Nursing Club JEROME SCHELLER Fufure Plans: College Acfiviliesz Baskelball, Baseball HOGGY SCHMELE Fulure Plans: Draflsman CLINT SCHOENING Fufure Plans: Archilecf Aclivifiesz Science Club STAN SCHOENING Fuiure Plans: Navy Aclivifies: Swimming PATRICIA SCHUNNEMAN Fulure Plans: College, Nursing Ac+ivi+ies: Speech, Choir , , , , i NADIA SEYMOUR Fu+ure Plans: Marriage Ac+ivi+ies: Dance Commillee, Assembly CLAUDIA SHAW Fulure Plans: Business College Acfiviliesz Freshman Assembly, F.T.A. MARION SIEBENTHALL Fufure Plans: Cosmofologisf Acfivifiesz Song Girl, Senior Class Treasurer, Thespians DAN SIMIN Fulure Plans: College Acfivifies: Baskefball, Clubs DAVID SIMPKINS Fulure Plans: Teach Acliviliesz Foolball, Speech GAIL SIPPLE Fu+ure Plans: Airline Hosless Ac+ivi+ies: Soph. Assembly FRANCES SISEMORE Fulure Plans: J. C. Ac+ivi+ies:Thespian,Quill81 Scroll, Honor Roll DAVE SMITH STEPHEN SMITH Fulure Plans: Cal Tech Acflvifiesx Honor Roll, C.S.F., Thespians CARLE SOARES Fulure Plans: J. C. Aclivilies: Plans, Speech ELEANOR SODERSTROPE Fulure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: Clubs GILBERT SOLIS Fulure Plans: College Aclivifiesz Vice Presidenl, Foolball ROGER SOWARD Fufure Plans: Air Force Aclivilies: Clubs, Plays EDWARD STAPLETON Fulure Plans: J. C. PAUL STANN Fulure Plans: Merchanl Seaman JIM STEVENS Fufure Plans: Accounlanf Acfivilies: Sporis, Speech CLARK STOLENBERG Fufure Plans: Armed Forces MARLIN STORIE BILL SUTHERLAND Fuiure Plans: Pro Golf Acfivifiesz Baskelball, Golf, Assembly BARBARA TANAKA Fu+ure Plans: San Jose Sfafe Acrivilies: Varsily Yell Leader, C.S F Assemblies TONY TANKERSLEY Acfivifies: Sporls STEVE TARIGO DENA TAYLOR Aclivifiesz C.S.F. RUBY TERRASAS LEON THOMAS Fu+ure Plans: College Ac+ivi+ies: A Cappella, Sporls, "Of Thee I Sing" RAMON THORSON Fufure Plans: College Acfivifiesz Band BOB TONEY Fu+ure Plans: College DOLORES TORRES SHARON TRAVIS Fufure Plans: College Acliviliesz Dramafics, Assemblies, Speech TOM TUCCI Fu+ure Plans: Pharmacisf JOE TUFO Fufure Plans: College, Mechanical Engineer Acliviliesz Sludenl Cop GERRY TULEY Fulure Plans: Merchandise Buyer Ac+ivi+ies: Co-Eclilor Palhfincler, Quill X1 Scroll TAMlKO UMEMOTO Fufure Plans: Beauly College Acfivifies: Honor Roll CATARINO VELOZ Fufure Plans: Air Force Acfivifies: Cross-Counfry, Baseball GARY VENABLE Acfivifies: Foofball, Sfuclenf body Officer Assemblies RUSTY VI LLANO LARRY WADE Fu+ure Plans: Work ROSE WASILEWSKI Fulure Plans: Secrelary Aclivifiesz Assemblies CHARLES WATKINS Fufure Plans: College Aclivilies: Honor Roll, Board of Conlrol, Sporls JANET WATKINS Fufure Plans: Secrelary Acliviliesz Pom-Pon Commi'Hee, Senior Assembly, Chrisfmas Ball Queen JIM WATSON LINDA WATSON Fuiure Plans: Secrelary Acfiviliesz Choir WENDY WESTRUP Fulure Plans: Air Line Slewardess Acfivifiesz S.A.S., G.A.A. BETTE WHITTEN Fu+ure Plans: College Acfivifiesz Sfudenl' Body Treasurer Assembly, C.S.F. KEN WIERZBICKI Acliviliesz F.F.A., Rifle Club JUDY WILDER Fufure Plans: Dance Teacher Aclivilies: Sfudenf Council, Variefy Show Assemblies LYNN WILLIAMS Fu+ure Plans: Work Ac+ivi+ies: Make up for assemblies CAROL WILLS Fufure Plans: Business College Ac+ivi+ies: Make-up 'For College MIKE WINTER Fulure Plans: Scienfisf Aclivifiesz Science Club NANCY WOODRUFF Fulure Plans: College Acfiviliesz Yell Leader, Assemblies, Head Judge - CAROL WOOSLEY Fufure Plans: Business College ROBERT YAMAGUCHI Fufure Plans: Work Acfivifies: Foofball, Track, Play RICHARD YAMAGUCHI Aclivilies: Baskelball, Track SAM YAMASAKI Fu+ure Plans: J. C. Aclivifiesx Band JAMES ZAMLICH Ac+ivi'ries: Foofball, spor+s GARY BLANCHARD HENRY BURRIS RENEE CLEMENS DAVE CRAWFORD PAUL EATON ROCHELLE EGGEN JACK ELBERT JOAN HUNTBACK CAMERA SHY DALE JONES BARBARA JOYCE DYANNE KOSTER BOB MOORE OSCAR MORPHEW BOB MOZINGO RICHARD OROZCO DON PHILLEY RICHARD REGNART JACK RUCH DOUGLAS SINCLAIR ILNGRID WEILE BOB WELDY MAUREEN O'BANNON Sfandin' on +he corner MiIk??7 Senior Bench in use Mr. Chairman Behind +he scene Us 9 1:5-N . K x 1 'nf . ' I , M 1 an a ,xg , kv R fxNx.z'wK Senior Assembly or San+a Cruz Hello Darlings if v Oops Do you wan'l'1o dance?" "l'm going fo gef you! Senior S'ra'Honery My Friends i 3 S'l'udying??? Polificians Congra+uIa+ions Mary No! No! Help! Smile bmefacmafzdwzesiine 3' I f ,- 4 41 I N. 1-' Y is kf: NF! 701 W--W, W A' gf 5 2iif5?ff5i?i!i1 iffy X K - Wh, -, ., . -'X g E L 1- - fl f- f ,VVA V V N fi"?,1f,Wf3gfg?'i , lcv www WWW 27961 W mwwf QC ' X. A QW U03 I W fx Mx W IE px QWWRSYHIJ V Qu' fl f - . it , . , '- 4' TC 3 'W 5'-f f . il' if ., il eg , s il' ' y , if 3 J' L .L I :Q f"".4 1-' 'mr I6 , .h L-A.,t , ,VV 49 Fff vs fl i, , ' I if lol, ,if X kj r . rp. H v .f ' 1, WJ' Af " Mr. Newman, V. Jill gf' .f Junior Class Advisor Mrs. Garcia. Counselor Junior Class Officers - Left to Right: Gabe Solis, Presidenfg Mary Shea, Secrelaryg Linda Toler, Social Manager, Vivian Borl, Treasurer, and John Ziegler, Vice Presidenl. Missing: Bob McCarler, Sergeanl-al-Arms. Mr. Slanger, Counselor ,, A ,,4 This year lhe Junior class parlicipaled in many aclivi- lies around Fremonl"s campus. The Junior Assembly and Junior Prom were lwo of l'he mosl' memorable, allhough lhey also parlicipaled in plays and a variely show. The Junior boys were aclive in Fremonl"s alhlelic pro- gram. This year's Junior class proved 'lo be one of lhe besl - and nex+ year, as Seniors, will be lhe grealesl. I See You! BeH'er Hurry!! f W' This is Dancing?7? Mr. Hanna. Period 6 - Bottom Row: Bruce Hird, Richard Brooks, Jim McKinley, Dante Fortunate, Joel Veloz, Ken LaFreniere. Second Row: Bob Bell, Hal Pierce, Mike Darrin, Steve Ruckman, Jim Connell, Bob Miller, Waller Bauer. Top Row: Terry Keaton, Ross Tucci, Fran Marler, Leona Lindamood, Kathy Hogue, Karen Henderson, Dennis Coates, Mr. Hanna. O Mr. Hanna, Period 7 - Bottom Row: Frank Fazio, Carol Myrick, Julie Muller, Janet Peacock, Gloria Lorigo, Ed Maderios, Barry Strom, Manuel Perez. Middle Row: Pele Peterson, Chuck Jolls, Ronald Rockslrom, Robin Peak, Fred Sosa, Bob Sears, Jim Lemus, Ralph Simmons. Top Row: Mr. Hanna, Phyllis Maddox, Jean Manning, Pai Pavlovich, Julia Ortiz, Sandra Welch, Evangeline Maldonado, Donna Snow. Mr. Hanna, Period 'I - Bottom Row: Mr. Hanna, John Ziegler, Doug Hoffman, Charles Sivley, Mario Baudino, Frank Alvarez, Jim Burkharf, Dan Haggerfy, Sferling Gildersleeve, Phil ,Harner. Second Row: Herb Sweaft, Mike Roof, Rick Adams, Jack Davis, Skip Skyrud, Mark Foufch, Mike Garreff, Gary Carfer, Mike Sfoddard, Ralph Delano. Top Row: Beffy Menacho, Gerri Maffhias, Marie Cochran, Vicki Gillmeisfer, Judy Wilson, Barbara Savela, Rifa Benson, Judy Gunn, Kae Lund, Diana Wilson, Mary Griggs, Judy Fosfer. Mr. Skillman, Period 'I - Bottom Row: Earl Ince, Carl Bordi, Darlla Maribo, Marcia Myers, Julia Reyes, Frank Wallen, Loreffa Bussell, John Laney, Richard Fierro. Second Row: Larry McCrumb, Richard Minicelli, Tom Jones, Tom Bush, Jerry Robbins, Jack Shaffer, Dave Hamilfon, Jesse Weigel, Mr. Skillman. Top Row: Sharon Crawford, Janef Crebassa, Cruz Esfrada, Vivian Borf, Linda Erickson, Joann Haywood, Befsy Richfer, Rufh Torres, Janice Lea, Dennice Kankel, Joanne Hifchman. Mr. Skillman, Period 5 - Bottom Row: Mr. Skillman, Linda Hunfs, Jim Asher, Fred Mirelez, Jim Kenoyer, Sharon Jensen, Karen Day, Mary Sfapelfon. Second Row: Jim Meecler, Dale Decker, Ralph Marfin, Larry Phipps, Gary Liberfe, Lee Wesf, Don Merrioff. Top Row: Joan Gillogley, Becky Barfunek, Mardee Schwab, Dianne Elder, Norma Higashi, Lynn Casfleman, Kafhy Carvaial, Jan Nafions, Cherryl Harshman. Mr. Ames, Period 5 - Boffom Row: Jim Kuncan, Gary McNabb, Linda Dunn, Karen Sfewarf, Roberfa Fleshman, Ka+hy Karras, Kafhleen Colburn, Donna Clark. Second Row: George Bezzerides, Larry Hauch, Doug Carnahan, Phil Benzo, Ed Suffer, George Edwards, Gino Scafena, Jack Snyder, Ken Cook, Mike Marino. Top Row: Mike Sevilla, Herlaerl' Lange, Tom Keyworfh, Gabe Solis, Grayden Barker, Mike Ecsi, Ernie Pi++s, Roger Baldwin, Ralph Walsh. I Mr. Ames, Period 6 - Bottom Row: Gale Monda, Emily Luion, Joan Kuliis, Sandra Tully, Ronald Harris, John Krzich, Gary Silva. Second Row: Tony Williams, Warren Carlson, Paul Moeller, Gary Smi+h, Clifford Johnson, Pefer Johnson,'John Thorim- berf, Chuck Highbaugh. Top Row: Marilyn Taylor, Sharon Slockbridge, Joyce Sarmenio, Barbara Sfocks, Miane Thompson, Nancy Morgan, Dorofhy Cole, Linda While. Mr. Ames. Period 3 - Bottom Row: Gary Exberger, Ovalee Banksfon, Karen Kowalk, Jane Warren, Chrisfine Pefers, Carol Hoffman, Sharon Mock, Elaine Larson, Lois Armsfrong, Derrol Wynn. Second Row: Bill Hawfhorne, Jeffery Polk, Fred Gideon, Dave Bergman, Jerry Mienikie, Jim Foley, Jim Bowie, Bob Andrews, Dean Sfrausl, Bob Axelson, Tom Dorsey. Top Row: Edward Horgan, Anne Ninakafa, Kafhy Roberf, Judy Pafferson, Charis Greenwood, Carol Schriver, Sharon Groves, Claudia Curfis, Joan Loken, Jeaneffe Dominic, Mary Huefmacker, Mr. Blum. MF- HCHIIC. P91404 2 -- BONOIII Row: Jerry Pehirtlv. Tim Cdires, Clay Bowers, Janelle Oierholm, Carolyn Schiller, Alyce Rosferolla, Vyann Gilmore, Dyann Gilmore, Tom Berger, Len Piumarfa. Second Row: George Buffleben, Bill Adams, Bill Le.nord, Ray Meyer, Larry Johnson, Hugh Bafchelor, Bob Domico, Nace Passanfino, Richard Dockins. Top Row: Tom Hirafa, Ken Tanaka, Val Howard, Sandy Barnharf, Mimi Cardwell, Mary Ellen Sufay, Mary Shea, Linda Toler, Linda Kidd, Bob McCar- fer, Coy Miller, Fukashi Nakagawa. Mr. Hanna. Period 3 - Boffom Row: Donna Mafhews, Paf Anderson, Gloria Saxmon, Nikki Fischer, Sharon Harris, Nellie Andona, Carol Holmes, Mary Cruz, Eva Garcia, Frank Monfoya. Second Row: Jim Holden, Ray McKinley, Jack Peferson, Judy Grewe, Pam Leffow, John Bird, Ben Cleveland, Chesfer VandeWafer, Joe Lozano, Ron Tullis. Top Row: John Croker, Shirley Hall, Joan Sciapifi, Bonnie Wilbur, Joyce Mine, Linda Cosfanza, Carolyn Rizo, Kafhy Armer, Janice Grafe, Joan Gilliam, Vivian Aiimura, Mr. Hanna. Mr. Skillman, Period 2 - Bottom Row: Bud Carrol, Paul Thompson, George Pleshakor, Sue Schoenrock, Mike Bour. Second Row: Mr. Skillman, Don DeVargas, Fred Thomas, Joy Bailey, Sandra Pelersen, Carol Lewis, Lillian Parer. Top Row: Sheila Wuopio, Charloiie Ruiz, Beverly Williams, Gwen DeCos+a, Rosemary Kanazawa, Barbara Harris, Sandra Washburn. Mr. Ames, Period 7 - Boffom Row: David Broslrom, Madeline Bivins, Billie Kaye Barkham, Vivian Alves, Palricia Malley, Kris Wahlgren, Eddie Caslro, Edward Yakich, Richard Kanazawa, Ralph Freeze. Second Row: Will Rogers, Felix Molien, Phillip Mclniyre, Dayion Decker, Allan Cox, Richard Swanson, Allen SMH, Karen Hill, Mary Pinard. Top Row: William Harris, Roberi' Weldy, Darrel Tale, Bill Spradlin, Bob Muefzenberg, Mike Williams, Louis Kelly, Allen Hulhmacher, William Baker, Charles Breeden, Terry Craig, Janelle Marlin, Don Vielor. Mr. Skillman. Period 6 - Bottom Row: Carolann Murphy, Donna Ross, Doris Roveffi, Sonnie Sfokes, Sandy PrewiH, Sally Meag- ler, Joan Clark, Nancy Hifchcoclr. Second Row: Arlene King, Bernice Priichard, Dick Dellanini, Bob Harringion, Charles Wood, Richard Gross, Larry Lewis, Dick Morfensen. Top Row: Eleanor Masdeo, Micnail Ridenoni, Judy Ziviebil, Karen Dallon, Jo Anne Lawrey, Donna Van Dien, Dianne Fallus, Bonnie Hooper, Connie Collinge, Ray Echavarria. Oh, fhal folcen line!! Culiin' school?? I Neil Henderson, Presideni Mrs. Safford, Counselor ax -in ,g-dwarfs Sym Left to Right: Gail Lundell, Ann Holzer, Jack Kepheari, Sue Smi+h, Candy Harriman. Mr. Schow, Councilor This year has been a very successful year for 'rhe Sophomores under +he leadership of Presidenl' Neil Henderson and 'lhe oiher officers. They pul' on a won- derful Sophomore assembly and a dance which iurned ou+ fo be a big success. We'll be hearing much more from 'lhe Class of '6O. I i I S f4wemZZq Mr. Rossmussen, Period 6 - Bottom Row: Leslie Selinger, Judy McKay, Kaihy O'Leary, Marleen S+amphon, Maxine Alexander, Connie Hammond, Carol Johnson, Ann Holzer, Ann Nalions, Marie Poferra, Randy Sieverf. Second Row: Mike Massey, David Luiz, David Canlwell, Doug Place, Mike Shank, Doug Dahlgren, Bob Leary, Terry Haynie, Mike lvaniisky, Ken Davis, David Wesfner.lTop Row: Mr. Rassmussen, Bill Mauras, Roselyn Brewer, Sharon Weldy, Barbara Borden, BeHy Davis, Carol Mae Reed, Pearl Regis, Sharon Chandler, Margarel Radke, Roy Perry, Eddy Mauldin. Mr. Yeager, Period 4 - Boffom Row: L. Myers, D. Mayhan, D. Forfunaio, D. Riggs, B. Alves, J. Marks, M. Masse. Second Row: D. Barnes, B. Bebouf, M. BuHi, N. Wilson, J. BenneH, R. Leeder, A. Regalado. Top Row: J. Kaida, M. Beanco, D. Aria, N. Nishmoio, E. Karras, D. Gawrosch, G. Everson, G. Fiyii. w ,JN s A i L 1 Q .J fl Ax' 'L' W X ,J rf . 'X U ij- Miss Fernandes, Period 6 - Bottom Row: Joann Schmiedell, Lucy Yonemura, Charlof Penclergrafl, Dena Dare, Prescilla Jones, Bev Soares, Janice Jones, Becky Dailey. Second Row: Mary Anne Olson, Karen Reffel, Bob Burringfon, Phil Krozek, Ken Hari, Monfgomery Henderson, Dave Mclniyre, Dan Sfearns. Top Row: Joyce Okaslwima, Bobbie Ball, Val Holmes, Pal Reynolds, Verrone Blounf, Befsy Carmean, Karen Viscovicl1, Sandra Bannesfer, Sue Smi+l1, Miss Fernandes. Miss Forrelly, Period 'I - Bottom Row: David Blair, Bill Weik, Bill Ya+es, Sue Pasquali, Sally Duval, Judy Eardley, Carol Hackbarih, Sandra Wrighl, Darlene lnselman, Ronnie Sorensen, Bill Hickey. Second Row: Don Titus, George Shosied, Bob Blalock, Joe Surfer, Mike Peck, Cleo Brown, Keiih Brown, Charles Samuelson, Doug Schoenwelier. Top Row: Charles Nor- berg, Martha Twining, Diana Silva, Shirley Pierce, Gloria Gard, Linda Shebby, Kay Siorie, Marlyne Clark, Susan Connelly, Karen Woodard, Clareen Gewein, Thelma Nix, Yoshiko Umemoto. Mrs. Safford, Period 7 - Bottom Row: Doug Rose, Gary Day, Mike Monii, Charles Adams, Jim Fuchs, David Ward, Gary Fulion, Roger Hein. Second Row: Carol Leesch, Maureen Gross, Jeff Cheney,-Joan Meyer: Roxie Elmgren, Virginia McGui- liin, Marfha Flores, Beverly Melani. Third Row: Bob Burner, Larry Mifchell, Terry Woods, Bill Hari, Bill Klevesahl, Gary Webs- ier, Robert Draminski, Tim Heageriy. Top Row: Janice Menacho, Cherie Davis, Beverly Hood, Susan Shosied, Charlene Wai- son, Marylynn Mann, Diana Boyd, Janice Molien, Fran Mar+in,Elaine Morris. Miss Fernandes, Period 1 - Bottom Row: Eddie Lee, Carol Cornner, Midge Gilbert, Judy Sholer, Anne Chambers, Candy Herriman, Sue Kappelhoff, Pat Klein. Second Row: Mike Anderson, Ron Edwards, Charles Hensgen, John Carfer, John Zoranoviich, Bob Feisier, Skip Sheminen, Gary Baker, Fred Powell. Top Row: Bill Daines, BeH'y Boyd, Marilyn Bueiiner, Peggy O'Neil, Elizabeih File, Donna Fau, Kil' Erickson, Mary Jo Davey, Miss Fernandes. vf+--q-u---- ....,,, Mr. Yeager, Period 3 - Bottom Row: D. Ward, C. Henson, J. Wahl, M. Heinlcel, A. Whi+mire, L. Syres. Second Row: J Arnold, B. Plnilley, A. Tipfon, M. Madden, C. Morse, C. McKinna, R. Krilhs. Top Row: S. Spillaine, S. Smilh, D. Rovefli, D Thompson, S. Shippy, D. Polzalc, S. Bellran, D. Spangler, W. Van Sclmriclc, C. Robenelle. Miss Fernandes, Period 3 - Boffom Row: Marlha Jones, Donna Pressenda, Linda Pond, Bobbie Burns, Mary Tompkins, Diane Milcliell, Judy Snyder. Second Row: Gary Geiger, Bob Glass, Randy Richardson, Al Garralwan, Bob Showen, Beverly Trammel, Donna Reynolds. Top Row: Barbara Sakaguchi, Pal Allslaf, Kalhy Morlon, Virginia Silva, Judy Baker, Anne Misfer, Gundy Marlin, Miss Fernandes. Miss Forrelly, Period 2 - Boffom Row: Jerry De La Piedra, Milron Beck, Diane Wigley, Karen Padgeif, Barbara Alexander, Diane Ziegler, Grace Podubury, Lynda Hirara, Paul Wells, Dennis Honda. Second Row: George Drake, Ken Pollard, Sieve Roberison, Jerry Rosenrhal, Lee Eliringham, Mike Dennison, Pa? Taylor, Jack Kepharf, Ken Johnson, Jack Kordich. Top Row: Calvin Rowland, Bob Held, Gayle Browning, Mar+ha Vesey, Evelyn Kei+h, Gail Lundell, Susy Honig, Sandra Barriger, Naneffe Marciel, Elaine Ninokafa. Mrs. Sofford, Period 4 - Boffom Row: Lyle Johnson, Noe Garza, Charles Leiberf, Dolores Herrera, Barbara Rasmussen, Sharon Snover, Nancy Bandley, Mary Lu Brucks, Carolyn Courier. Second-Row: Barry Leeder, Roger Wiley, Keirh Anderson, Dale Kreider, Jim Breed, Adolph Orfiz, Bill Laidlaw, Marion Wi++, Don Yeaier, Jim Shepard, Gary Plapp. Third Row: Shirley De Mercurio, Sharon Meyer, Judy Parenr, Becky Trickel, Par Kraus, Marilyn O'Keefe, Brenda Phillips, Kafhy Johnson, Peggy Davis, Sharon Ledin, Billie Cooper. Miss Forrelly, Period 6 - Boffom Row: Bob Krieg, David Hirafa, Joy Mollohan, Terry Lee Wrighr, Carol Palermo, Pam Magee, Bev Maiwald, Karherine Welch. Second Row: Sfanley Cozkey, Pele Yannello, Bob Hernandez, Dale Vicory, Sfeve Nicholson, Ron Monsees, Gerald Creech, Ralph Hughes. Top Row: Mrs. Chrisiensen, Mike Edmonds, Berry Bussell, Mary Lin- quisr, Par Maffos, Pafiy Garrison, Denise O'Neal, Carol Parker, BeHy Anderson, Thelma Spraque. WAEIHQ ' 1 2 UVB ? 1? ' Q F 5 2'2 '4i'Eisiai'5:Sl.1 I K fit 'EMI K - - , J "'. V-iii:Slifssfflif're3i:iiEf'Q i?m 331' ! R Mrs. Whife, Period T - Boffom Row: Elena Thomas, Karen Schachf, Alverda Broion, Dianne Dallase, Barbara Hays, Priscilla Frazee, Terri Cravens, Lois Belfram, Dorofhy Elliof, Doris Reynolds. Second Row: John Miller, Sieve Gilberi, Frankie Rod- rigues, Paul Mariinez, Bill Holman, Richard Ramirez, Dave Marshall, Milford Curran, Ronald Day. Third Row: John Hubbel, Bob Jiminez, Marcas Sanchez, John Spangler, John EugeIhars+, Bob Korpa, Richard Kiefer, Joel Luera, Ernie Regalado. Miss Farrelly, Period 7 - Bottom Row: Jim Tucci, Phil Phlager, Pa+ Donovan, Ronnie Bird, Pai Larson, Leah Hylfon, Bonnie Middlefon, Larry Conour. Second Row: Mike Crescini, Mike Hayano, David Edwards, Mike Craven, Tony Gouveia, George Wasilewski, Terry PaHen. Top Row: Yvonne Cornaizer, Barbi Sween, Jane Craff, Lore'Ha Hoyf, Wanda Franklin, Marie Lemier, Sharon O'Laughlin, Lynn Reynolds, Allen Aiimura. Mrs. Whife, Period 6 - Bottom Row: Bill Davis, Donifa Klima, Helen Raikonich, Mariha Thompson, Janice EllioH, Mada Callinge, Lynne York, Maryann Pardini, Marsha Ward, Barbara Servill. Second Row: lrvin lnouye, Jesse Aebischer, Frank Waf- son, Ray Hinson, Richard Waison, Nafhan Pagan, Ronnie Gepharf, Don Blomquisf, Dan Echeverria. Top Row: Jeanne Ken- worfhy, Kafhy While, Colleen Benison, Dolores Echaverria, Edi+h Akamacla, Esiher Okamaio, Sharon Sirufhers, Barry Calendich. MY- RUSSMUSSSII- Pel'i0d 3 - BOTTOM Row: Jerry Ward. Jim Caldwell, John PaH'on, George Kikagaua, Sharon Edwards, Bill Koonce, Don Waferman. Second Row: Bradley Larsen, Ron Hendrix, Craig Evans, S+eve Wahburn, Jim Vernor, Dave Kinzer, Gary Wolfe. Top Row: Mr. Rassmussen, Paffy Smers, Sharon Spencer, Janice Waison, Dee Greenwood, Jo Coleman, Barvara Hook, JuH'a Heisfer, Nina Mann, Ann McDaniel. Miss Farrelly, Period 3 - Bottom Row: Linda Scaiena, Ka+hy Pape, David Gregor, Bob Thomas, Sieve Riley, Rodney Kun+z, James Pefferson, Lori Massey, Vicki Perkov. Second Row: Earl Rogers, Tony Heskefh, Lyle Huffman, Don Murphy, Sieve San- chez, Barry Brass, Ron Palai, Mike Evans, Bill Norlham, Tom Ridge, Don Ashley. Top Row: Pai Lynch, Lynne Szarvas, Delorice Shirley, Bobbi Klingen, Arlen Thomas, Zorka Grce, Bonnie Devine, Val Shaw, Jeri Lynn Wade, Linda Cordray, Karhy Welch, Sally Danielson. Q ,.ir Mrs. Adams, Advisor The Freshman class worked very hard. They had a super assembly and infrlo- duced a new dance "Rocke+ Rendez- vous". This was a very successful class and Fremoni' can be proud 'lo have fhem in our school. Presndenf, John Uberoih: Secrefary, Pam Boss Sergeanl-al'-Arms, John PeHusg Treas- urer Bllly Ravizza. - Mr. Fernandez, Advisor Problems??? Freshmen a+ Play Freshmen a+ Work Mr. Devoney, Period 6 - Bottom Row: Dewayne Cole, Jim Whitacre, Bill Babcock, Dennis Blanco, Ralph Contioso, Chauncey Russo, Nancy Harrington. Second Row: Manuel Rodrigues, Chris Eutchler, Bob Knight, Leroy Foster, Larry Burgin, Terry Thomas, Jim Potestio, John Gennuso. Top Row: Jesse Rodriquez, Laura Youngdahl, Carolyn Christiansen, Josephine Alvarez, Larry Kuczler, Bob Kay, Dave Wicksten, Marilyn Hauck, Linda Henson, Carolyn Cole. Mr. Devaney, Period 7 - Bottom Row: Mike Gates, Ron Smith, Richard Melenclez, Francis Simmons, Flora Lozano, Nina Mar- tinez, Anita Morales, Gloria Dionne, Joyce Johnson, Delia Fortunate. Second Row: Eric Virak, Arthur Garcia, Ron Watts, Dick Lewellyn, Steve Chatham, Rick Weems, Sam Bradley, John Petters, John Sorce, Ray Gegen. Top Row: Glenn Tedford, Noel Guzman, Nancy Daudel, Janet Holliday, Judy Burson, Diane Jones, Diana Maiwald, Erminda Lozano, Pat Luther, George Levas, Dic Sciuto. Mem1lW1wnle1'i2, sf::1i1e1Plaf is1wsQ fzfgf2-m -:L rai, a1 il Mr. Presfon. Period 'I - Boffom Row: James Zedak, John Soderslrom, Hayward McMullen, Jim Barker, John Ueberrofh. Sec- ond Row: Maffhew Knezevic, Richard Wakefield, Buford Valerius, Mel Paine, Tony Simmons, Ken Masfrandrea. Top Row: Sharon O'Connell, Pa+ricia Aguilar, Darlene Sfockbridge, Margaref Sfichler, Sherie Anfhony, Sydney Meyer, Tara Loomer. Mr. Devuney. Period.2 - Boffom Row: Kyle Bevins, Jim McHughs, John Salinas, Carl Ramon, Jerry Suddufh, Jim Sallas, Roy Miller, Lee Garcia, Sydney Saldivia. Second Row: Ronald Lemus, Felix Maldanado, Don Pardini, Al Calbrealh, Ron Lewis, Jerry Casey, Jessie Sandoval, John Hanrahan, Dale Chi+wood. Top Row: Judie S+one, Carol Williams, Vickie MiHs, Celia lzu, Flo Keedom, Marion Sofelo, Gail Morris, Darlene Keefer, Loreifa Passanfino. Mr. Devaney, Period 3 - Bofrom Row: Arfhur King, Arfhur Lopez, Tony Priefo, Paul Roias, Terry Carpenfer, Jerry Zweigle, Ken Smifh, Diane Hylfon, Louis Murrim, Ray Brooks. Second Row: Jerry Cleveland, Mike Williams, Harold Henderson, Jerry Calbrealh, Garland Garcia, Tim Carmley, Larry Newland, Rick Carpenler, Eugene Kincannon. Top Row: Alfread Lopez, Terri Smiih, Sandra Van Dien, Judy Jones, Sharon Enrighf, Judy Casiro, Darlene Jacobs, Shirley Hufford, Sharon Paffon, Wayne Afkins, Parry Trompe+er. Mr. Scorper, Period 4 - Boffom Row: Carolyn Davenporf, Diane Breeden, Diane Ralph, Sheri Salfer, Cynfhia Carpio, Beffy Meleen, Mr. Scarper. Second Row: John Samuelson, Jamie Herrero, Jim Burkhalfer, John Hilquisl, Dave Sarquinefle, Rich Gufierrez, Carolyn Hensgen. Top Row: Linda Rodgers, Lorilee Tlevens, Sandra Smiley, Lois Carfwrighf, Joan Engleharcll, Sharon Kump, Lari Quenn, Diana Huffman, Rochelle Rose. Mr. Scarper, Period 6 - Bonom Row: Guy Gray, Russel Bell, Roberf Smifh, Nancy Mifchell, Norma Ruiz, Donna Hamilion, Rachel Henning, Doug Nencescue, Sfeve Dickerson. Second Row: Mr. Scarper, Paf Morgan, Ed Henn, Woody Peferson, Cliff Miller, Mike McLaughlin, Dennis Fransen, Dick Purvis, Fosfer Melfon. Top Row: John lvancovich, Richard Favorifo, Bob Pif'l'S. Barbara Divaras, Susan Chesfers, Rufh Ann Johnson, Julie Hill, Margaref Walker, Diane Reynolds, Valerie Hager. ms- ay 49' Mr. Preston. Period 3 - Bottom Row: Jane Miichell, Sandra Harlick, Jane Riflile, Sherill Stone, Judith Ramos, Michele Frazzier, Joan Winter. Second Row: Pat Sarcinella, Jack Call, Paul Benzo, Bill Elliott, Rod Barnhart, Keith Shorey, Mr. Presion. Top Row: Maxine King, Sue Campbell, Larry Taylor, Bruce McKnight, Allen Wilson, Diane' Leonard, Deirdre Whiffley. Mr. Preston, Period 7 - Bottom Row: Luana Mahan, Donna Torres, Dianne DeBello, Patricia Foltz, Bonnie Kreider. Second Row: Andy Fulfz, Karen Deven, Joyce Gamble, Margo Gavazza, Allen Heynew, Mr. Presion. Top Row: Nancy Jensen, Frances Maiei, Verene Irwin, John Jenrick, James Bryan, Carolyn Bradshaw. Mr. Scarper, Period 3 - Bottom Row: Dirk Gillmeister, Elaine Parker, Donna Rodgers, Judy Drury, Mary Williams, Anita Bell, Diane Carmean, Nancy White, Vicky Chathans, Sandra Cunningham, Nefla Garza. Second Row: Mike Caroll, Len Berg- man, Rick Landry, Gene Garrison, Ricky Egusa, Nelson McCarley, Bob Wilhelm, John Fecanin, Dale Frosch, Bob Coombs, Mr. Scarper. Top Row: June Whi++, Rita Martin, Marilyn Domer, Beverly Kuhn, Linda Davis, Sherry Merriam, Maureen Engel hart, Pam Boss, Kaye Davis, Pam Muster, Sue Cohan, Joyce McKund, Lynn Porter. Mrs. Adams, Period 'I - Bottom Row: Frances Foreman, Patricia Stevens, Susan Flores, Bill Riley, Aiko Ola, Phyllis Andrews, Lyle Brush, Bill Bean, Tom Jelcick. Second Row: David Flock, Michael Haines, Jon Sanders, Carolyn Brecunier, Sharlee Ames, Brenda Reagan, Steven Rogers, Bill Gentes, Rainer McCown. Top Row: Evelyn Watanable, Donnie Jameson, Alice DeLano, Sara Doclcins, Elmi Brockhof, Nancy Morgan, Jane Nelson, Donna Dowslcy, Mary Blonquisf. Mr. Fernondsen. Period 3 - Bottom Row: Robert Lewis, John Brugger, Ken Fuiie, Dana Dunaway, Bonnie Bush, Sue Smith, Pal' Collam, Olivia Maestas, David Pugh, Ray Yalcel. Second Row: Dave Williams, Lee Schmidt, Tom Booker, Reese Futz, Ted Sweait, Steve Caires, Bob Woolridge, Bill Richter, Gary'Taylor. Top Row: Fred Garcia, Ken Hirano, Eric Griffetfs, Ray Freeze, Doug Springs, Jerry Hirafa, Jim Carter, Jean Smith, Stan Jones, Tim Schlink. 35 Qf li Mrs. Adams, Period 2 - Bottom Row: Lyn Naegale, Barbara Axelsen, Kay Sainsbury, Lani Milchum, Paula Quinrerno, James Dreyer, James Crowel, Mauricio Flores, Allen Schachl. Second Row: Fred Slephen, Norman Meyer, Jerry Schafer, James Davis, Ernie Wolf, Fred Riedel, Leslie Niilani, Paul Roof. Top Row: Earl Thompson, Charles Lau, Bob Greene, Marion Ander- son, Bernard Bielenberg, Janice Vogt, Troy Menard, Leonard Mcnfiio, Jim Kehl, Warren Mine. Mrs. Adams, Period 6 - Bottom Row: Myrna McElmuray, Donna Moore, Marcia Williams, Carmen Cruz, Margaret Blom- quisl, Colleen Ashcraft, Leslie Wilson, Judith Gilbert. Second Row: Paul Wilder, Jerry Duncan, Dand While, Duane Denman, Ken Culp, Clinton Miller, Pele Combs, Paul Zecny, Larry Rawlins, Cleon Cox. Top Row: Mrs. Adams, Mike Woosley, Dale Willson, Roger Hall, Mike Hagen, Jeffery York, Donald Greenwood, Alex Fecanin, Duane Adams, Jon Sameluk, Glade Grenke. Mrs. Adams. Period 7 - Bottom Row: Henrieffa Rose, Joyce Machris, Judy Larson, Marilyn Snedd , Karen Nead, Ca+hy While, Bill Ravizza. Second Row: Kenneth Mifsunaga, James Rifchie, Gerry Stewart, Bob Sapp, Bill Colilalich, Richard Marcofle, Jim Brown, Richard O'Kane. Top Row: Lynn Jones, Diane Koepfl, Judy Monson, Bonnie Emerson, Elaine Miranda, Linda Goodwin, Harold Hulhmacher, Richard Flores. Mrs. Christensen, Period 6 - Top Row: Delia Oliver, Carol Moss, Betty Inman, Carolyn Kohl, Pat Olson, Sharon Moe, Janet Jensen, Norrie Rae, Joan Nelson, Vickie Acosta, John Taylor. Second Row: DuWayne Hill, Stanley Rhamy, John Ross, Les- lie Rose, Tommy Nelson, Dennis Conley, Nick Peters, David Christensen, Donald Ratzlatf. Bottom Row: Larry Lohman, Ross Cockrell, Dennis Adams, Leo Colwell, Jim Oierholm, Terry Patterson, Terry Taylor, Jim Hoffman, Mike Lawson, Richard Harmon. Mrs. Christensen, Period 'I - Top Row: Diana Evans, Judy Glass, Karen Buerer, Judy Burkhart, Gayle Straaberg, Pat Sellers, Lynn Ellis, Charlotte Ouintino, Frances Nasdeo, Sharon Casey. Second Row: Sally Krumm, Gary Beniestorf, Bob Van Idierstine, John Knapp, Ron Ware, John Vitale, Jim Jones, Bob Wieck, Mrs. Christensen. Bottom Row: Roberta Garcia, Marylyn Popp, Loree Almas, Lillian Andrews, Alice Echeverria, Joan lrby, Karen Greentest, Millie McGee. H, , ,,,., 1 Mr. Ferdinondsen, Period 7 -- Boriom Row: Bob Sco++, Allen Cook, Muriel Orozco, Susan Holland, Jewell Tafsuia, Carol Huse- moen, Carolyn Rawson, Linda Tucker, Rena Jarvis. Second Row: Ralph Freas, Don Porfer, Randy Carrer, Duane Ellis, Sieve Hinion, Gail Frelwell, Mary Planfs, Nancy Shoenfeldl, Donna Brown. Top "Row: Don ScoH', Beffi Sioddard, Karen Barnekov, Molly Esirada, Lora GilleHe, Gail Gradia, Marianne Shank, Judy Nelson,',lean Rifch. Mr. Ferdinandsen, Period 6 - Bottom Row: Paul Powers, Robert Hiroshima, Susanbefh Hackler, Nicki Hascherf, Barbara A+kins, Carol Lewis, Pa+ Sfory, Chrisfie Camp, Doreen Daggs. Second Row: Joyce Croker, Carolyn Kelly, Ron Perry, Larry Anderson, Durward Ream, Jan Replogle, Jack Maflock, Elinor Hendrickson, George'H'e Hayes. Top Row: James, Smiih, John Afkinson, Carl Tucci, Bob Cards, Marcia O'Rourke, Lora Pippins, Marieiia Triple'H, Anefa Nix, Bonny Garcia, Helen Franz. Mr. Ferdinondsen, Period 4 - Bol'l'om Row: Frank Kampcik, Irene Morales, Abbesa Hernandez, Siella Terrasas, Paf Burns, Helen Mariin, Kafhleen Mafsumura, Beffy Sfrick. Second Row: Joe Gonzzales, Arfhur Tremblay, Joe Aguilar, Thelma Veldman, Rose Vierra, Rose Burras, Aiko Yasuda. Top Row: Nancy Harden, Lupe Lemus, Joyce Jiminez, Carol Rasco, Sylvia Marks, Anna Salfield, Peggy Flinfzer, Merrilyn Gunderson, John Egger. Mr. Gubser Now Girls ,, 5 .F S 1 , S 4 5 V Q 3 , 1, 'W v S .. - -.wzzlilid 49 553.5--4g:', "SG5?'Li'fF'- K - , X, ,ZL'., ..., , If: 1' " f , H 1 , ff' 'wffggzs - af , , ,wi L., ,- .. Jr ' A .. 5 m'kL' ' ' ' -, : - f A ,Tw . ,- ww? .,,X:--- - xv :wa-:w ig 6 -- . :ak S ywmam --Wg o v,,Ag,wx ,M 5g,,A .... 1 , ,iw 1 - W t wa i- - A-.V x 3. : Q- - .W-L, vu ., . :..y.. .,.... .'.f. . L. ,. .. -v:,.5:f,,5g. k,,..,:Q.4 V ,Jrgsfi --.mwisig-, ,-my-. -g,. .!: .- ,il,,, I ,..,.., X , 1 w This is a sfick-up Working hard? Look a+ 'this SE, M CW QM 'J X Mffggm M nm 5 ' 1. W , 0 'Ula 59.1 8 x 1 s, kc lp- f'i fy 1 fl K ,J ,..1, Tony Tankersley Dick Duran .Gary Venerable .......Jim Zamlich Richard Regnarf Don Hufford Oscar Morphew Dick Hitchman Ron Adriani Jim Haynie Brent Berry Jess Maiwald Phil Delgado John Mairs 5047 Mark Fou+ch Doug Hoffman Neil Henderson Bob Blalock Shave Gilberi Ken Johnson Bob Jimenez Bob Bell Marcos Sanchez Mike Finnegan Terry Haynie Jack Thomason Jim Johnson S'I'eve Caires WWW Leff fo Righf: Line coach Hank Norberg, Head coach Ken Sianger, Backfield coach Tom Cureion. The Fremoni Varsi'I'y was a rough and defermined group and played an inspired iype of foof- ball which made opponents shudder. Alihough fhe Indians finished 'ihe season wiih a 5 win, 3 loss record, ii' belies 'I'heir accomplishmenis. S'I'ar'I'ing his lasi' season as fhe Fremonf menfor, Ken Sianger faced 'lhe iob of building a green, inexperienced line info a well-oiled uni'l'. This he accomplished and fhe 'Fame of fhe lndian running game spread as 'ihe hard-hiffing line confinually gave a s'I'ellar backfield room fo move. Fremoni' had one of il's be'Her represeni'a'I'ions on 'ihe All-SCVAL as Don Hufford, Ron Adriani, and' Jim Zamlich made fhe firsf unif while Dick Duran, Jim Delgado and Oscar Morphew made honorable menhon. Zamlich, Hufiord, and Adriani were selecfed feam capiains while Zamlich was named fhe 1'eam's mosf valuable player. Top Row: Jim Haynie, Brenf Berry, Jack Baker, Roy Burson, Leon, Thomas, Terry Dugan, Mike Peck, Larry Rawlins, John Mairs, Rich Regnari. Second Row: Ken Sfanger, Hal Pierce Dick Duran, Wayne Meyers Jim Cuihb rf , G V bl ' - , , e son ary ena e, Dick Hlich man, Tom Cufhberison, Augusf Rawlins, Bill Johnson, Don Huffordf Dave Simpkins, Menfor Curefon. Third Row: Oscar Mor- phew, Ron Harris, Doug Carnahan, John Krzich, Monroe Fuliz, Mike Shank, Glen Wrighf, James Vernor, Andy Fuliz, Chuck Morse, Jack Davis, Buddy Hayes. Boffom Row: Ron Adriani, Jim Zamlich Jess Maiwald Gil Solis Tony Tankersl Derrol I I I Y. Wynn, Gary Loew, Clay Bowers, Dave Hirafa, Buddy Hayes. mm' may M :de Fremon+ Fremonf Fremonl Fremonf Fremoni Fremoni' Fremon+ ....... Fremonf ....... SEASONS RECORD Camden ......I9 Los Ga+os .,....l3 Campbell Sunnyvale 6 San+a Clara .. 7 James Lick ......34 Mouniain View ......"'I Los Alias " - defaulf -MW.. w A - +-w+a-,, . . Bottom Rovq: Bob Bell, Paul Thompson, Mark Foufch, Sieve Gilberf, Bob Thomas, Don Ashley, James Peferson, Noe Garza, Jerry Zweigle, Chuck Rachals. Second Row: Coach Hill, Ken Johnson, Sfeve Caires, Grayden Barker, Marcos Sanchez, Sieve Washburn, Semyon Solomon, Gary Baker, Neil Henderson, Mike Massy, Bob Blalock, Warren Carlson, Coach Morelock. Third Row: Coach Devaney, Terry Haynie, Ken Pollard, Richard Gross, Doug Schoenwelfer, Doug Hoffman, Bob Jimenez, Allen Machin, Mike Finnegan, Mail Green, Ed Suicliffe, Barry Colendich, Alan Whirmire, Jim Johnson. Fourfh Row: Ron Paldi, Ralph Saich, Charlie Hensken, Bob Glass, Dean Sfrausel, Dave Kinzer, Ray Hinson, Dan Stearns, Bill Klevsahl, Jim Arnold, Richard Remirez, John Fecarnin, Jack Thomason. ??oaz'Za!Z 7mm Head coach Fenlon Hill, Line coach William Devaney. Coach Fenlon Hill 'Faced a 'lough job ai' l'he be- ginning of fhe 'foolball season fhis year. Gradualion and accumulafed exponenfs hir his fhirfies leam hard and lefi' him wifh fhe prospecfs of a losing year. Bui' 'I'he fhirfies developed and wound up +he season wilh a be1'+er fhan expecied 3 win, 4 loss, I lie record. Two papooses placed in ALL-SCVAL selecfions wilh Terry Haynie making ihe Ersl' uni+ and Ken Johnson landing a second leam bir'I'h. The fhirfies mighf have had a beHer season had ii noi' been for serious shorfages in +he Indian running a+'l'ack, caused by injuries lo fwo key players - Mike Finnegan, fullback and lop ground gainer, and Jack Thomason, quarferback. Finnegan, Thomason, and Fremon+ ............ Haynie were chosen leam caplains. THIRTIES FOOTBALL SCORES Fremoni ............ Campbell ..,... Fremoni' ......,..... Los Alfos ........ Fremonf ............ Sunnyvale Fremoni ............ Sania Clara .. Mounlain View Randy Parker Mike Winter Harry Forster Coy Miller Fred Thomas Blll Leonard Phil Krozek John Carter Ray Meyer Bob McCarter Ken Cook J. V. WATER POLO Top Row: Bob Wilhelm, Jeff Polk, Bud Valerius, Clifford Miller, Doug Place, Nick Pelers, John Ubirofh, Paul Wells - Manager. Boffom Row! Roger Heir - Manager, Dale Willson, Jim Fuchs, Al Garalwan, Mike Sfoddarcl, Clin+ Miller, Mike Williams. Emu mm . i f ' 7 I. Roberl' Muefsenberg 2. Cafarino Veloz 3. Ed SuH'er 4. Roger Baldwin 5. Bill Hamada 6. James Amdahl 7. Gary Long Coach Phil Mooers Cross-coun+ry squad sfarfed oFF +he season wifh a small i'urnoui'. The harriers did well in fhe preliminary meefs, buf in fhe league mee+ were able +o finish no beH'er 'lhan I0+h in our I2 'leam league. The lop runners fhis year were seniors Jim Amdahl and Cal' Veloz, and iuniors Roger Baldwin a-nd Ed Suffer. Coach Mooers has only 3 of fhis year's feam refurning nexi' year. They are iuniors Bob Mufsenberg, Suffer and Baldwin. The coach is looking forward +o a larger sign-up nexf year including many freshmen and sophomores from 'ihis year's fine Track feams. Coach Mooers frials and a fhird in fhe N.C.S. finals. Charles Breeden frials and second in fhe S.C.V.A.L. finals. The Fremonf Wresfling feam had a very successful season, under fhe guidance of Kendal Sfanger and Gale Moreloclc. ln league compefifion besides faking fhe Novice Tournamenf, fhey placed 5+h in S.C.V.A.L. compefifion and I4fh in Norfhern Sfafe Tournamenf. Heavyweighf Phil Delgado was perhaps fhe mosf oufsfanding wresfler on fhe squad. Phil lead fhe way wifh a fhird in fhe N.C.S. in fhe I38 lb. class placed fhird in fhe N.C.S. Those who placed in fhe S.C.V.A.L. finals were Bordi, Inouye, Breeden, Regalado, lsle, Schowen- weffer, Hufford a-nd Delgado. Front Row: Jim Tucci, Carl Tucci, Dave Brosfrum, Ken Fuiii, Carl Bordi, Ron Fuiii, Paul Roias. Second Row: Mario Kurdich, Ross Tucci, Allen Whifmire, Irving Inouye, Chauncy Russo, Ernie Regalado, Gil Solis. Third Row: Jim Caldwell, Don Hufford Bull Schwarz, Andy Fulfz, Phil Delgado, Charles Breeden, Bob Ilse, Doug Schowenweffer, Ron Frick. Left fo Right: Monroe Fuliz, Warren Bulls, Jim Zamlich, Ralph Saich, Tom Edwards, Hal Pierce, Jim Sfevens, Dan Simmons, Richard Regnari, John Mairs, Bill Lules, Jim Haynie, Tom Ross. ii'. 'A ' si. 2. . Am ' w i fig' as A Jim Sfevens Richard Regnarl Dan Simmons Guard Forward Guard C Warren BuHs Guard .,. 7? il 'Q 5 in E 55 Ralph Saich John Mairs Guard Forward Tom Ross Cenier The Varsiiy Baske+ball feam, despiie fhe lack of experience, 'finished l'he season wi+h a very success- ful I4 won, l2 loss record. The lndians made an ex- cellenl showing a+ ihe 'rwo invi+a+ional fourneysg rak- ing consolaiion awards a+ James Lick as well as ai Carmel. The Tribe was led in a season of hard 'foughi' con- 'l'esl's by Tom Ross, Richard Regnarl, and Dan Simon. all of whom made honorable menfion on ihe All- SCVAL seleciions. The leam, like las'I' years squad, was comprised complelely of seniors. Rounding our +he squad were Jim Sfevens, Warren Buffs, Ralph Saich, Jim Haynie, Jim Zamlich, John Mairs, Bill Lufes, Tom Edwards. Hal Pierce, and Monroe Fulh. Front Row: 30's Managers, Roberl Yamaguchy, Joe Lozano Ca+arino Veloz Buck Row Richard Y5m5QUChl Noe Carza, Irving Mis+, Bill Harris, Richard Guilerrez, Ken Johnson Ralph Marhn John Feconun Don Rafslaff Len Piermarla, Dave Rinzer, Larry Johnson. Ken Johnson Len Puimaria Dave Kinger alph Marlin Rich Yamaguchi a li . . :HH ,L A A . 2- fi s 1 1, my se if it ix ,- -, 4 ' , ii " Fi : L K T, .sf .E l in ,S "Q, M Forward Cenfer 30 '4 The Thirfies Baskeiball Team enjoyed a more fhan successful I957-58 season. The Thirries gave coach McGhie his 'firsi' league championship in his fhree years as Thirfies coach. I+ was fiHing 'For fhe lighf- weighis fo fake fhe loop 'lifle alifer coming so close 'ro fhe championship las+ year. Sfrangely enough fhe ligh+weigh+s won league laur- els wi+h an inexperienced club. They had only one refurning player from last year's second place feam. Of course 'I'his player, Len Pirmaria, has been very in- sfrumenfal in 'I'oping fhe res'l' of fhe loop. The resf of +he firs+ s'l'ring players are graduafes of lasf year's C and D feams. They are Richard Yamaguchi, play- malcerg Ralph Marfin, forward: Kenny Johnson, for- ward: and Dave Kinser, posfman. Len Piumarfa led fhe league in scoring wilh a I3.5 average per game. P The only league confesi' losf fhis year was agains+ our arch-rival, Sunnyvale High. Forward Guard Guard 'E L ifwvwgwgL-5,:-'.1V'L1'1W JI"" :- ' u-il 155 .' ' Y: 'ww' ,,,kk ,K - m.,ie:+ M ..,, . 'A E f :,- 5 .xiii 113' va V , H: 145, X ,I g 1 A iff . M! A ,, k in if ,fi 'Wa ! . 1' Sy Jim Holden Len Bergman Ron Gepharf Roy Perry Jerry De La Pedira Bill Laidlaw Jose Lozano Anthony Heskeff Bob Green Larry Sfoggs Poul Wilder Durward Reern Fremomvs C baslmelball leam compefed will-u ollwer League leams, yvinning 4 and losing 6 games. The llH'le lwos gained much experience wl'ucl1 will be-nefif fllem in +l1e fufure. Coach Ray Snyder fi 'l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Dennis Honda Randy Allsror Bill Hickey Ron Hendrix Doug Springer Ken Fugii Alex Fecamin Rickey Egusa Brad Larson Duane Adams Dennis Adams Absent: Dennis Laidlaw Fremon+'s D baskefball 'leam was handicapped by 'the flu, resulfing in fhe cancellaiion of lhree games. The +eam 'Finished wi+h a score of 3 wins and 7 losses. The 'leam finished 7+h in S.C.V.A.L. Coach Duane McGhie Flrsf Row: Eddie Caslro, Bob Moore, John Krizich, Warren Bulls, Wayne Myers, Clay Bowers, Mali Green, Augusf Rawlings. Second Row: Hal Pierce, Al Harringion, Jerry Peniclc, Bob Bell, Bren+ Berry, Jim S+evens, Doug Carnahan, Dick Duran, Don Hufford. Muay Emma Jim Sfevens Bob Moore Is? Base 2nd Base Dick Duran Warren Bu'Hs Caicher Ouifielder Hal Pierce Jerry Peniclc Augusi Rawlings Pi+cher Shor+s+op The Varsiiy Miffmen suffered a dis- as+erous season as +hey played in fhe cellar ihroughoui' fhe season. The indian nine simply could no+ gel +hrough a game wirhoui' commi+ing a harmful number of errors which led 'I'o 'lheir downfall. The pifching s+aFF was ade- quafe along wifh fhe sficlc work buf ihe Tribe lacked fielding abilify. Pifcher Coach Snyder X P I, ..,,.., ,krr .xi Sgr . - atm '?i if . 4 .s- f ff ,A""" ..-M ' if ,fpp J , X A-'W . xx 5 ,f fi T G I ,. is er ' W fu U L J ' if . , W :J f 1 f ZW "1 k 4, R21 Y- ' , 9. f, ,, FIN gy: gb, we ' DA' I 2 Ha W x Q 1? E fn- W, A VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM - Top Row: John Carfer, Randy Parker, Fred Thomas, Bruce Hird, Sian Schoening, Ken Cook, Mike Sfoddard, Frank Bookoui, Tim Barnekov. Bottom Row: Richard Ramirez lManageri, Bob Bla- lock, Phil Mclniyre, Mike Winier, Jim Vernor, Chuck Highbaugh, Larry Johnson, Harry Forsier, AI Garrahan, iManagerl. Absent: Paul Wells, and Bob Mccarfer. Beiii Sioddard, S+a+is+ician for Swimming Team Coach Wilk "B" SWIMMERS - Top Row: Phil Krozek, John Veherroih, Doug Place, Neil Sinclair, Bob Wilhelm, Dave Brosirom, Jeff Polk. Bottom Row: Mike Wil- liams, Jim Fuchs, Bill Leonard, Coy Miller, Ray Meyer, Ron Paldi, Dave Mclnryre. Absenf: Bob Korpa and Clini Miller. 7mm Track Coaches H. Norberg, T. Cure+on, and P. Moores Power-packed Frernonr varsify showed a grea? deal of depfh as ir concluded a very successful season. Leading +he way were sprinfers Richard Gross and Gary Venableg disrance men Ralph Saich, Len Piu- marfa, and Leon Thomas: field men Phil Delgado, Doug Schonwe++er, Jim Zamlich, Cscar Morphew, and Dan Haggeriy. Boffom Row: Dan Horgan, Mgr. John Ziegler, Gary Venable, Joe Orlando, Mike Roof, Richard Gross, Ralph Saich, Jim Zamlich, Dick Regnarf, Derroll Wynn, Bob Axelson, Richard Yamaguchi. Second Row: Tony Williams, Car Veloz, John Laney, Paul Eafon, Chuck Wafkins, Dan Haggerry, Bill Lufes, Doug Schoenweifer, Tony Tankersley, Bill Hamada, Jim Elliof. Third Row: George Bene' rides, Gary Long, Bill Johnson, Jerry Meinecke, George Clark, Irving Mirsunaga, Jack Baker, Gary Greger, Phil Delgado, Bob Kimball. Fourth Row: Bob Sapp, Dave Hirara, Chuck Morse Felix Maldonado, Jim Amdahl, Bill Selick, Tom Ross, Dick Hifch- man, Len Piumarfa, Mel Payne. Top Row: Jim Johnson, Don Meier, Don Barnes, Dean Sfrusel, Fred Sosa, Phil Benzo, Gary Baker, Jim Haynie, Charles Wood. 7 7-mm S+ar+ing wi+h a. green, unexperienced group. Coach Tom Cureron developed a surprisingly s+rong B +eam. Leading fhe way was double win- ner Mike Ecsi, who along wi+h Gene Garrison, made opponenfs leary. Ofher consisfenl winners were Rich Gui+errez, Cleo Brown, Bob Darone, and Jim Kenoyer. Boffom Row: Arihur Regalado, Cleo Brown, Larry McCrumb, Jim Kenoyer, Jack Kordich, Mike Massey, Allen Whifmire, Bob Darone, Bob Jimenez, Roy Perry. Second Row: Ken Raumaker, Ken Pollard, Barry Leeder, Bill Dains, Nick Pelers, Ralph Freeze, Mike l'vani+sky, Sieve Chalhams, Rick Landry, Lynn Hasiings. Top Row: Ralph Marlin, Richard Gufierrez, Larry Crumb, Skip Shimmin, Semyon Soloman, Gene Garrison, Charles Hensgen, Roger Baldwin, Mike Ecsi, Jerry De La Piedra. , , A ,. X Boffom Row: Leo Colwell, Ray Echavarria, Ron Frick, Frank Alvarez, Sherwood Coverl, Jim Caldwell, Carl Bordi. Second Row: Dic-lc Lewellyn, Larry Lohman, Gary Day, Dennis Honda, Bradley Larson, Jim Springmeyer. Top Row: Larry Sfaggs, Richard Favorilo, Jerry Casey, Gerald Fuiii, Richard Yamaguchi, Jose Lozano, 6 64146 The C and D spikeslers, fhough lacking experience in fheir ranks, came lhrough +he season in fine order. Taking consisl'en+ firs+s were Carl Bordi, Brad Larsen, Gerald Fuiii, Joe Lozano, and Ray Echavarria of 'rhe C's, and Ken Fujii, Lee Garcia, and Dale Willson of fhe D feam. D 7 7mm . .ALM Bottom Row: Carl Tucci, Doug Springer, Dirk Gillmeisler, Lee Gar- cia, Alex Fucanin. Top Row: Rich- ard Flores, Jim Hoffman, Dale Willson, Mike Lawson, Ken Fuiii, Lyle Brush. ' - ' VARSITY - Front Row: Bob Burringfon, Jim Johnson, Ed Lee, Darrell Ta+e, Ed Mauldin, Craig Evans, Richard Kanazawa. Buck Row: George Buffleben, Gino Scafena, Bill Klevesahl, Biii Laidlaw, Kenf Hari, Dan Siearns, Don Raizlaff. Abienfz Terry Dugan. Coach McGhie FRESHMEN: John Hilquisf, Eric Griffifls, Richard O'Kane, Dennis Adams, Sfephen Rogers, Duane Adams, John Samuelson, Gary Tay- lor. AbSEl1fZ Terry Pafferson, Tom Jelcick, Roberl Lewis. made The Indian fennis feam fough+ +o a 'fairly successful season. Lef+ wifh only one refurning leH'erman, Terry Dugan, +he +eam lacked fhe experience +ha'I' is all impor'I'an+ in +ennis. The fufure looks very brighl 'For Coach McGhie as 1'he maiorily of his leam is made up of sophomores and fresh- men. The S.C.V.A.L. meel was held on 'rhe Fremonf cour+s. Fronf Row: Vicki Acos+a, Mary Williams, Luana Mahan, Jeaneffe Dominick, Gwen DeCos+a, Becky Balfunek, Bar- bara Joyce, Verone Blouni. Second Row: Ka+hy Welch, Mary Lou Brucks, Deircle Whi'Hley, Linda Goodwin, Marcia O'Rourke, Helen Raykovich, Sharon Spencer, Leona Lindamood, Elaine Miranda, Sharon Meyer, Brenda Meyer, Margarile Rodke. l ' ' I 0 OFFICERS OF GAA FACULTY ADVISORS OF GAA Becky Barfunek, Sherry Anderson, Jeaneffe Mrs. Lois Wheeler and Miss Caroline Buszdieker. Dominik. NYM lrxirdif V if if W yi wi' W mr y Q1 wx' NFN1 Nxifj X1 on 14. ,-4. M f qw Gp Si? MQW . f x 9 f my 'N ,l 'av -5.4 uv Was! loffom Row: Lucy Yonemura, Girls' Aihlefic Commissioner: Sandy Jarvis, Secre+ary: Silvia Bianchi, Social Mana- ger: Beiie Wl1iHen, Treasurer: Carol Machado, Head Yell Leader. Top Row: Bob Ilse, Boys' Aihlefic Com- missioner: Don Hufford, Sergeani-af-Arms: Armond Irwin, Presiden+: Gil Solis, Vice President , 7 gow UMW COUNCIL MEETING 'Qu ' WM .. .... 4 . .... ,,,' ,M-ms,Uf,f .,. M., .L COUNCIL MEETING ' Zadq Offdcm Boifom Row: Lynn Carler, Secrefaryg Terry Dugan, Presidenl: Gil Solis, Vice Presidenlq Pai' Haley, Aclivify Poinl Secreiary. Top Row: Carol Machado, Head Yell Leader: Mary Jo Davey, Girls' Aihlelic Commissioner: Don Huf- forcl, Sergeani'-af-Arms: Bob llse, Boys' Social Manager: Roxey Elmgren, Publiciiy Manager, Silvia Bianchini, Girls' Social Manager: Gwen Fischer, Head Thirfies Yell Leader. Judges: Gabe Solis, Terry Dugan, Bill Johnson, Joyce Sarmenlo. Missing: Marilyn Grose. Purpose - To mainfain or- der in 'lhe Wigwam. The Board of Confrol is under +he supervision of Gilberl' Solis, Sfudenf Body Vice- President They sell behind fhe coun+er when needed, keep order in +he +oken line and le'l' only sfudenfs wear- ing whi+e in fhe Wigwam on game days. Wien Zaman! af Purpose - The Sfudeni' Courl' sees +ha'I' offenders of S+uden+ Body laws and school laws are punished. Bottom Row: Mary Holzer, Carol Machado, Marion Siebenfhall, Ralph Saich. Top Row: Chuck Walkins, MaH Green, Mike Finnegan, Don Hufford. F Fremon+ Parking Loi' ..... OOPS ! l ! Bofiom Row: Barry Brass, Jim Lavarrfo, Richard Yamagushi, Dave Murphy. Middle Row: Jack Peferson, Mike Wa+son, Ray Gegen, Charles Wood. Top Row: Mike Garref, Joe Su++er, Mike Finnegan, Don Hufford. K WJ' Q A x. if ,.:fi?-"' age 149, iff-If ffl Hg 6 X -Q, iw,--H-, :Mfg-L 'f,eI"'aEq 1!iW'Jf-ff 'P 1 Y' 5 fy' Judy and Carol Fos+er The maioreHes and flag girls added color and falenl +o our half-'lime shows. Two of 1'heir well remembered performances were fhe Spufnik formed by 'l'he flag girls and +he special bafon acl' wifh 'l'he sfaclium lighls ouf. They also did a fine iob of represenfing Fremonl' in o+her parades. Fre- monl' is proud fo have such ouf- sfanding performers. ' 754490154 Sue Schoenrock, Joyce Fujii, Janeen Kenf, Madaline Bivens 7 'Q ' 'gcmd The members of +his year's marching band are: Jim Andahl, Michael Anderson, Bob Andrews, Bob Axelsen, Milfon Beck, Bob Burner, Darlis Carle, Gary Carfer, Terry Craig, James Crowel, Gary Day, Dayfon Decker, Ralph DeLano, Bonnie Emerson, Craig Evans, Carl Flock, Jim Fuchs, Fred Gideon, Bill Hickey, Carol Hoffman, Howard Jensen, Larry Johnson, Glorie Jorgen- sen, Louis Kelly, Linda Kidd, Judiih Knopes, Dave Krausch, Laverne Marcoiie, Carl Marks, Ann McDaniel, Troy Menard, Larry Milchell, Felix Molien, Don Murphy, David Nelson, Bill Norlham, Thelma Nix, Len Piumarla iDrum Maiorl, Don Ralz- laff, Dave Raumaker, Calvin Rowland, Sandra Sailors, Jerry Schafer, Delorice Shirley, Diana Silva, Jon Sanders, Carolyn Schiller, Rober+ Showen, Bill Spradlin, Allen SHH, Barbara Tanaka, Ken Tanaka, Ramon Thorson iDrum Maiorl, Yoshiko Ume- mofo, Dennis Ward, Jerry Ward, George Wasilewski, Paul Wells, Mike Williams, Gary Wolfe, Derrol Wynn, Sam Yamasaki. Boffom Row: Sharon Jones, Kay Bennell, Gwen Fisher, Barbara Tanaka, Nancy Wooclrull.VSeCond Row: Colleen Benlson, Bever- ley Soares, Virginia Silva, Ann Holzer, Barbara Sloclcer, Kalhy Armer, Mary Shea, Chris Conslanline, Gloria Paden, Joy Grau- mann. Third Row: SlanCozbey, Candy Harriman, Lonnie Ramos, Carol Cassel, Ginger King, Pal Haley, Linda Hunl, Joan Phillips, Madaline Bivens. Fourth Row: Lola Ecsi, Brenda Phillips, Kalhy O'Leary, Val Holmes, Dorolhy Polls, Vivian Borl, Janelle Oierholm, Pal Cline, Top Row: Marilyn Buellner, John Bennell, Mike Bulli, Belly Boyd. 2 . 37am - 77414 ' Boffom Row: Judi Jensen, Lynn Carler, Mary Holzer. Second Row: Ann Holzer, Mary Ellen Sulay, Janelle Oier- holm, Kalhy While, Beverley Soares, Kalhy Armer, Marilyn Gross, Robin Brown, Karen Riflel, Virginia Silva. Third Row: Kalhy O'Leary, Brenda Phillips, Gerri Malhias, Dianne Fallus, Laddie Goclc, Dorolhy Polls, Sandy Jar- vis, Judy Monson, Janice Ellioff, Linda While. Fourth Row: Val Holmes, Terese Ozaniclc, Nal Demoya, Lynn John- son, Pal Haley, Janice Kull, Lorella Paviso, Marilyn Monson, Sharon Riedel. Top Row: Mary Ann Olsen, Virginia Caslro, Elaine Lloyd, Carol Colenclich, Janean Kenl, Joan Phillips, Pal Hanners, Sandra Pelerson, Belsy Richler. e,r,,,3 , ' "'Y.Z...A, ., A L' i' 'L alll? ' . 59 W. m' V Z E sf ' K 43 a., ig 2 . 1-57 . J ' mf wvr Jr L 'ik W 'L "1 'V " 5 Ye ' :ww J , L -. 331 " f ,R J . , ' . 1 L W 2. ,, ' v .A I ,ff .. f A . sf A "Qi . :M W 2 l x ,gg .Q fiff 4 V X 5' A N .125 'wff?'iQgf QM K ' ' 'W'-1 . A x Q 1 gm: .. ,L -' w -,: wi? , I . . at " .4 uf, ' al . .4 I ns. wi ' :bf X532 sr 2 ' .wil an 5 vii K ya. .Wu- w fm , .YPA Ag Q4 ' QS if.. -A: an wif W iw W ww' .MW ' gm? if .ff if ,A 575 , 6, Uh .. " 6 0 l 'V ff l Z 7 M Z 4 K ' ' Left to nigm: Felix Molaen, sam Yammka, Howard Jensen Dayfon Decker, Allen SHN, Bill Hickey. f 4 ' W2 I ll Dance fluff' 4 w 1, , W- 1, I 1 X . '7 , lllliiy ' l I r 1' O l l Zend Wiz fi I Il l l M22 7 l i l ll 1 b I Alai T l A w '- X l - 'x ' L.,, I .F Lef! fo Righf: Craig Evans, Ray Thorson, Terry Craig, Bob Burner, Jerry Ward. Q., 'K H ill 'yawn ,I f X S .s I !l 1 , n 'll , ff if a it If 6 . , , I , , I I. 1 ' Y,, 1, lf' 7 .il rl' Q a , y vi A ' I I mil' 4' 'N llllf lu ,3j:g3,,1,,31 Ill l ',f,,g.QlIIl 'f,jf.:.:.g, .gin 71".'o'o' S' 39,2242 -:sfo '.'.'v,'a xv' p'o'o,0,' 59" c':'q'oq v"I'. ,'.'o's' 94 Q2'f'8'1'f' ,742-: 02' , H 1 f ' 'ff I 1.5040 o,' 1 P, .QQ 'Q' 9 In a ' " v 0 4 .9 . 4:51 vis: ...Q . f :,,, 9. fi, yi l-'iiil n Front: Mary Heacllee, Janice EIIeH. Top Row: Laiuana Davis, Sharon Moe, Arlene Churchill, Dianne Ralph, Gail Oafes, Pai Anderson, Donna Brown, LoreH'a Brussel, Verone Bleun+, Barbara Knopes. I I I 7 ' I :I I Boffom Row: Diana Ralph, Joan Nelson, Margaref Bloomquisf, Jerry Dowslcy, Brad Goefhe, Carol Reed. Top Row: Delia Oliver, Val Holmes, Karen Riffel, BeHy Boyd, Karen Kleven, Janice Elleff, Dieclre Whillley, Marlha Sue Vesey. Sfage Door 24000 Fies+a Calypso The Cage "Gramercy Ghos+" "Cl1ris+mas Pagean+" "Make-up" Firsf Row: Barry Brass, Richard Yamaguchi, Ron Frick, Jon Manouso. Second Row: Mary Holzer, Darlis Carle, Cris Consranfine, Sally Shimmin, Barbara Browning, Bubbles Tanaka. Third Row: Cynfhia Coggeshall, Sharon Travis, Marilyn Monson, Pa+ Hanners, Marion Seibenihal, Sherry Henderson, Zoe Kamiiis, Fran Sisemore, Marilyn Gross. Top Row: Jack Peferson, Dave Simpkins, Dave Kraush, Terry Dugan, Terry Woods, Sieve Smiih, Dick Duran, Jim Lavafio. This year's speech sfu- denfs have been ou+s+and- ing in every con+es+. The lower classmen have much io look 'Forward fo, and +he one's graduafing will surely be missed. Boffom Row Virginia Silva Lola Ecsa Darles Carle Joan Phillips Zoe Kamufses Pal' Reynolds Pai Schunneman. Sec- ond Row Polly Bookhoui Mary Ann Olsen Marilyn Monson Carol Colendmch Lore'Ha Pavlso Sandy Bannisfer, Beffy Boyd Top Row Carle Soares Alden Chace Dick Duran Jack Baker Bull Krozek Ken Hari' George Bezzerides. YIEIWB 5573 Lefl' fo Right: Gil Solis, Bill Hamada, Barbara Tanaka, Wayne Meyer. 'Qomvz 2455 Uffdcew cd!! Bottom Row: Fran Sisemore, Mary Holzer, Lola Ecsi, Gail Oafes, Emily Sasao, Mr. Gmelin. Second Row: Gerry Tuley, Sandy Sailors, Lynn Carler, Cindy Coggeshall, Carolyn Kump, Janel Crebassa. Top Row: Mr. Schonerf, Barbara Haighf, Judi Jensen, Oscar Morphew, Jack Baker. , 3 J, LJ Bottom R m6ozS The purpose of +his club is +o en courage +he inferesf of sl'uden+s in s+uden+ governmenl, governmenlal legislafive processes and fhe 'Func- +ions of Congress. Bo+h boys and girls are welcome. The members par- 'licipale in s+uden+ Congresses held a+ differenl high schools, where fhey make and pass resolufions. ow: Bob Cardo, Priscilla Frazee, Sharon Chandler, Darlene Keefer, Nina Mann. Middle Row' Jim Ross Joh K . , n napp, Donald Ralzlaff, Danny Tannir Jim Breed, David Wuslner Leslie Co . T ' , oper op Row: Bob Eggon, Bill Ravizza John Vllole, Carl Ramon, Terry Thomas, Dick Keden, Fred Garcia. Boffom Row' Mercy Halsfead R b' B . , o In rown, Marilyn Gross, Chris Conslanllne Top Row: Linda Kidd, Sue Pauskila, Terry Ozanick, Linda While, Donna Moe Nancy Woodruff. 5 f 5 I6 E ufiu , , as 9' an 2 , 2 f EE .Q 1 -4' , . ,., , , 2 14' 21 f, Eg l , 4 2 3 .. ,E 4. 1 E Q x Ok 5 N 1 . ! jp? " R 0" i - . A. , 22 --f f 1 75 if , V fn ff 'F ' 54 , ff 41 -, '.A ff if '1L1Ei- We The purpose of 'rhe Rifle Club is +o leach s'l'uden'l's how +o shoof a 22 caliber rifle under regulalion condilions. Bofh boys and girls are encouraged 'ro join fhis club. B0ffOIll Row: Mrs. Garcia, Susan Heckler, John Barlcham, Laiuana Davis, Sally Shimmin, Vicki Gillimeisfer, Dan McDaniels, Jane Nelson, Judy Wilson. Top Row: Donna Brown, Mary Headlee, Jane Craff, Doreen RoveHi, Elaine Larson. nw ' xx i 1 ' if , an - 0 I V KN iw , .1 I l ww 1? V7 . I 2 A f X ?,PW lf? f 1 4 V' KNWOGSSQK 44 ,,,f -, ue. Q 2 fs I ' x X :Z 4' Q l X i V52 9 -f-:SQL Tin' I li ' maff A ill 79 This club is designed for fhe s+uden+s who are inreresied in faking, develop- ing, and prinfing fheir own picfures. S. ,-4. S. The ac+ivi+ies of fhis club include geHing acquainred wifh people of foreign lands and promofing 'Friendship and undersfanding among fhe peoples of +he world. Principally fhis club fakes parl' in school affiliafions, and exchanges leH'ers and school informafion wi+h a corresponding school in Germany. Bottom Row: Hugh Bafchelor, Skip Skyrud. Top Row: Mike Garreh, Charlie Giannini, Dave Baichelor. Decoraiions s 1 , X ft, 'XI . YI . ,X QE, X J-1 X. I ' V ,IA I "Hog-fied" and ready for fhe Sadie ,fa GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS: Linda Hun+, Marilyn Monson, Carol Colendich, Pai Miller, and Jean Ninakafa. n-E Proiecl Conlesls Winners Bottom Row: Arfhur Regalado, George Garcia, Dave Gawrosclw, Ken Raumaker, Bob Nichols. Second Row: Fred Thomas, Bill Newland, Darryl Ebel, Ken Polard, Mr. Jauch. Top Row: Ernie Regalado, Bud Carroll, Walfer Hewiff, Ken Wierz- bicki. Mele PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB Bofiom Row: Vickie GiIImeis+er, Pai Klein, Sue Kappelhof. Second Row: Zlohn Zoranouick, Dave Nelson, Char- les Adams, Bob Burringlon. Top Row: Bill Adams, Carl Flock, Terry Woods, Alden Chace, Sieve Smilh. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE CLUB Bottom Row: Jean Ken- worfhy, Margarel' Walker, Nancy Whi+e. Top Row: Mr. Flock, Insfruclorg Ray Ga- gen, Chuck Morse, Mike Ivanilsky. SCIENCE SEMINAR Judy Wilson, Bill Adams, Ken Cook, Richard Dockins, Al den Chace, Don Philly, Mr. Johns, Insirucfor. Q36 Jr fb 'I ' 1 11' -f,Q.1L:', ,,, . W X - 1 In 5 ' ' f, ww, n .. my ' ' fy: " "'f'f 11 J I 5 I - ,f,,. " M04 Jg:,,l 2, fx f,:,-a Giiiigw, X 2555v1s'k5'5's-, .1- S K-1,001 9 13. l':fJ '11 ,.u, 4 1451. :.-5: im 12552. ':??i5 MM!" si 5' ..-I sf 1 '55 55 :..- 5, ..- zl :!' A vsifguef, giizum, -3' 'L- f X V lxw 'UNI11 31111 -if... n lpn 1 ' Nah' ' sl' -Lingo' g 4 f , F A L L ' ' ' 7edemz'6m MEMBERS: 'Bill Adams, Jim Amdahl, Ola Aiko, Jesse Barba, Sandy Bannisler, John Barkham, 'Sandy Barnharl, Karen Berne- kov, Millon Beck, Anila Bell, 'Tom Berger, Mary Blomquisl, 'Belly Boyd, 'George Bullleben, Lynn Carler, 'Alden Chace, Susan Cheslers,Andrew Clark, Becky Dailey, Ron Dare, Linda Davis, Richard Dockins, Terry Dugan, 'Lola Ecsi, George Edwards, 'Janice Ellell, Bonnie Emerson, Kalhryn Erickson, 'Chris Greenwood, 'Carl Flock, Margo Gavazzo, 'Vicki Gillmeisler, Charles Greenwood, Susanbelh Hackler, Barbara Haighl, Bill Hamada, 'Mary Headlee, Charles Hensgen, 'Norma Higashi, 'Lynda Hirala, Kay Kirby, Mary Holzer, Dennis Honda, Beverly Hood, Armond lrwin, 'Howard Jensen, Priscilla Jones, Sue Kappelhol, Zoe Kamilses, Pal Klein, 'Bobbi Klingen, 'Phil Krozek, 'Eddie Lee, 'Bill Leonard, Joan Loken, Gary Long, 'Gail Lundell, Palri- cia Malley, Marilyn Mann, 'Jon Manousos, 'Laverne Marcolle, 'Dan McDanie, Jim McKinley, Pal Miller, Joyce Mine, Larry Milchell, Irving Milsunaga, Judy Monson, Marilyn Monson, Belly Ann Moore, Jane Nelson, Elaine Ninokala, Jean Ninokala, 'Terry Ozanick, 'Lorella Paviso, Bob Philley, 'Linda Pond, 'Karen Rillel, Armand Ravizza, Calherine Read, 'Sandy Sailors. Barbara Salcaguchi, Emily Sasao, 'Leslie Sellinger, Roberl Showen, Dan Simin, 'Slephen Smilh, Marilyn Sneddon, 'Dan Slearns, Jewell Talsula, Marlha Twining, Ralph Walsh, Judy Wilson, 'Linda While, Diane Ziegler. l" Members bolh Spring and Falll. SPRING ,,.,,.a.,W,. , N ,.. .... KL, gm Flllliiw-1QN2'i""'....,.. , "'W'?nHW1f'Eg , ' WWW V ,my W , m :'k Bottom Row: John Soclerslrom, John Barlrham, Dena Dare, Connie Hammencl, Barbara Rasmussen, Thelma Nex. Nancy While. Top Row: Karen Riliel, Chrisline Pelerson, Arlene Thomas, Belly Meleen, Gail Fre+well, Nancy Harden, Sue Smi+h, Lora Gillelle, Alice Delano, Joan Nelson. Y. F. C. was a big success 'lhis year. The club's a'H'enclance 'lhis year was beller lhan lhe pas? years due lo 'Phe many varied and inleresling acl'ivil'ies. This is a club for boys in high school and anyone can ioin. The club sfrives lo promofe and mainlain Chrislian charac+er, bofh a+ school and al home. Bottom Row: George Buffleben, Pele John- son. Top Row: Jim Johnson, Dean Slrousl, Bill Lenord, Wally Hewiif. ' 'LIJJ' Co-Edirors and . . Freshman Class Edi+ors,. Aclivilies Edilors ,Y,,,,,,,,, Life Secfion Edi+or .YY,,.A, Spor+s Edifors, , , , , Jerry Tuley and Cynilhia Coggeshall I Business Manager, , Ari' Edi+ors,,, , ,, Advisor ,.,,,,s, 0 Senior Class Edifors ,,a,,,,a, ,,a,. S Cynfhia Coggeshall, Jerry Tuley Junior Class Edrlor ..,Y,,,,,,,,., , ...A,.,, Janelle Oierholm Sophomore Class Edi'ror,, ,,,a , ,, ,,,,,s, Ka+hy Karras ,,,,,,Jane+ Creloassa Jerry Mafhias . ,,s,,,, Laiuana Davis Emily Sasao Fran Sisemore ,,,,,,,,Linda Kidd, Harry Forsfer. Mike lvani'l'slcy Kafhy Carvaial ,.Y,,,,Barbara Browning, Armond lrwin Mr. Richard Schonerl' Lefl' Io Right: Jerry Tuley, Laiuana Davis, Emily Sasao, Mike lvanilslcy, Cynilhia Coggeshall, Kafhy Karras, Harry Forsler, Kalhy Carvaial, Linda Kidd. Mr. Schonerl, sealed in cenfer. , .. owes. x x. ,,s . mln? v W--Q-inza4pf, l Edifor ,.Y,Y,..,,,,.,..., Managing Ediror. Socie'I'y Edifor ,Y,Y,,,,.. ,,,, SW! ..,,,..,,,aLola Ecsi Barbara Haig hi' Sandy Sailors Spor+s Co-Edi+ors aaaraaa aaaa,,. J ack Baker and Re porfers .YY,,,..,,,,.. Dick Duran Lynn Carfer Judi Jensen Carolyn Kump Oscar Morphew Gail Oa'res Back Row: Mr. Gmelin, Sandy Sailors, Gail Oa+es, Lynn Carfer, Barbara Haigh+, Judy Jensen, Carolyn Kump Bottom Raw: Lola Ecsi, Mary Holzer. Barlziara Haigh+ and Lola. Ecsi Z, JI K I 4 f K' L" fx I. I, l 1 . f Q 1 I 1- . 0 7 f , L . ' ' L - ' .. .. gl ll' C J 'J 1 1 If 1 'SX ' N f Mary HOIIEF gal! Zaeeae Queen Jane? Wafkins Priscilla Jones f'0Q'fffffffff f Jf"' f,f'fP .ff . Uf ff wwf! Q W Q1 f nip :Tr ,cf pc! E15 ' ?2, '?6' 5' l L' ' 3 1 L swsnfrsns I I x' I is wi? ff S Q E If x F5i ? ,I ,.i I V, k f., Complimen+s Of I III I j Q I Esmart shoppers 5 I " 1 Q'l FQEQPREFER 33955 , H f f ,' I 'mm ' iv? K I V ,,,,,, I1 a I I g a I I a n ' I II, 4 , 10 E C R E A M .,.! 7 6 NXX II Klxlvp" IVV J.. 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TRUCKING -O- 249 NORTH FAIRBANKS AVENUE SUNNYVALE REg I' 6 3471 MARY-EL PHARMACY SUNNYVALE REg 1' 6 4966 MAC'S SHELL SERVICE STATION Qffvm- I 'Z-JJ,,L7,7a4-4--fu-F""'h ,,,A.,4.a-f'i,:z...lfo.-,'j,, W We New TQ af, Nee..,,f 751' Olaf sud A - Q5 We i 'Io FSL r h s +0 lgffolgowing people who helped l o sg? 'r e 'I' n I : r. d r eL edi fo Q ry d p yi l' ' o fxxqv ive Dave he ry hea p fl o ra er, Ba che 'Wand Ski ' ru . an his ex erience. h pho+ographers. dy ll g ph and pho+ographers Hugh I + p j ky d 2 YF, Ar ond Irwin for his wonderful arf work. MW JI 762 'I' for all his aid as our advisor. 5 I0 OX, SJ-V50 Thank , , if I fl! f f WN j e ii rs il? I ki V x o 5 l i ON, I fkwifw Mill .1 , ' 1' Lwcuf ,gfydoowfef ,ww 14 M' We ,ffV2Q M WW A W7 W N33 ef: pg 5? Q 2 gy! 3359? 3353553 E31 MW W SMf5flEj1 iiwiwfwigfjk xi -EQj!jJJ1Q 23553, c9 :lbm3Qfu W Wwigjfjwwx My X ' XQWOZ ,rf I : W4 afww 52 i,QQ?,2f?fw 2364 M J i , J 5? QW ZW! if df ff WW ' UM 'Mfg faqj ZZZMIL 280' V 55, f ' A, yof iv xy! 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