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f Q if ' 'fi , 1,. , W 1 WiZ5ljL www y?JgxQUw J fyyxffx if 2137 Qisgj gig fjjW 'ir ,pfgiffff ww gig, Wy Jffj Ab! fy X? 5,1 , . , ... , ES fx ii Q f TliA '+ : ii if :Six Rxfgggxi f xi my AM 5Qi,fy y'g X WR' 'b-'4 D fe K XX A D giikikgi I Q I H? WLM! iff: ' ff W M3206 Eiiiw 'iff If 6, ,ff LE f ,f Li JJ My A r , ,f . Mjglrf W , iii f Q QM' 1 YW QZW67 Macao L0J Q !Ll ,pfJJL,.JfL Lp ,M Minka' QL Maggy cg,,,,,,,,.Q,, UU WX f ' 7 Qjvllcly .4144 L' W ,- 2 Jwf- CM ' . yi JY QW fy J ' 'GW if f rw f' ff ZW J J f U W W3 ff, JJWVM Aj , f if ff GY 5 rss, r jf JW 1 Q JY V V K 35 Egg is is 3 af JJJW E T97 V 1 'f M V f ' , ff , WJ ,N X , IW! far! X l' D155 5 1l'Q!ff'4 - 'Agp , 'jf V N' ff if fj4L'L'1AwmJ 'nvvxzwcb' fyfvv D! raw xx 'K ,f'4?..1-I ,aw ,,A.. ,647 f Ai r -41 QF x 1 W L 0 ii 2 f if ,il ff Nf'--nf,-fgfk it f " DAX ffffwf 'pl ,' ww' N r""7 ,Y , ,f 1 1VZLw4QW my ML Ai? ?2QUfU'L, ft? ZMMQQM 27 ff! Zf fvf' fl, , fuillfd L 'ff 3 QL 31 w SJ? fig' ig E gg if Q k QEEMNS S? 4 wg X? 1 , E Saga gigs? iii Q I . g.o'l Y 'Q Wifi- n P+ Qi' ' N7 7 Published by the Associated Students of FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL Cupertino - Sunnyvale California JU fnmea, toj This year television came into the homes of many Fremont students. It would have been nice, if among their many T.V. programs, there had been a series about Fremont life. If this had been so, the results might have been simi- lar to those on the following pages. One advantageous feature the programs pre- sented here have over regular T.V. shows is that the images will not fade in a few minutes, but will be kept so that you may enjoy the shows as long as you have your 1951 Pathfinder. So sit back, imagine you have your 16 inch screen in front of you, and en- joy the programs that follow. Above are two Seniors going up the steps to see the 1951 Fremont show. Come along with them and we hope you enjoy "good viewing." CLAIRE ANN Fmmsz EDITOR TV LCG CHANNEL 1 . . .Page 4 First screenings on the 1951 sched- ule will give the viewers pictures of those who sponsor, produce, and direct the shows that follow. Sitting in the head director's chair at the right is Mr. A. C. Stevens, .lr. CHANNEL 2 . . . Page 8 The actors who put on the shows are screened in this section starting with the stars, or senior actors, and going on through to the beginners, or freshman actors. Their stages of growth are pictured to the right. CHANNEL 3 . . . Page 32 All the various types of programs are illustrated to the right. The mu- sic department, a costume produc- tion, the law enforcement group, and the rally committee, all are represented by actors in the cos- tumes of their jobs. CHANNEL 4 . . . Page 50 Some of the highest rated programs are those in the field of athletics. At the right representatives from gymnastic groups plan the sports programs pictured in this last sec- tion of Fremont shows. Wi STANDING. left lo right: Mr. E. L. Hbrrimsn, 1-Irrla, and Dr. H. lliesner. president. SEATED: Mr, I.. Bucks, Mr. A. C. Stevens, Jr., and Mr. l.. Puviso lmissing from picture is Mr. C. M. Mei- neckct. Frcmont's sponsors lboard memberej are shown deciding on plans to enlarge the shows for next year when new buildings will be available to aid in productions. p!ZD.dLLCQJlA,... Principal A. C. Stevens, Jr.. and Vice-Principal Winilrcd Cuomb. Frcmonfs director and assistant director, go over the script of this year's activities which are screened for you on the following pages. Programs both educational and entertaining appear on your Pathfinder sets showing the results of your directors' plans for 1951. 0 000 Audience reaction to this year's shows in being ro- mrded by nliicers of the P.T.A. as they plan fan club support- nf Fremont programs. STANDING left zo right: Miss W. Cnomb, Mrs. F. Boomer, Mrs. Orlando. and Mr. A. C. Stevens. Jr SBATBD: Mrs. W. Sousa, and Mrs. H. Ralph , president. 0 o ala Three ladies who help kecp the back stage machin- ery running smoothly are pictured to the right. Seated is Mrs, L. Ilnhl, secretary to the director. STANINNG, lvfi to right: Miss A. Wand, libra- rian, and Miss A. Smith, registrar. as ann Some oi the important people who keep the buck staple mechanics humming ure shown in tx mnmezft uf relaxation to thc right. .lust making it on the -.trccn to thc right urn: Mrs. T. Jacobson und Mr. 'l'. Jocoh-on. Center ie- Mr. R. Davis. and in action :irc Mrs, P. .lcmin and Mrs. E. Forbes. Those advisors who hire and fire the different classes of actors und help direct their acting are pictured to the left. Left to right: Miss M. Ahlem, advisor to freshman avtors: Mr. J. Mulkey. senior urfnrs: Miss G. Gawthorpe, sophomore nrtorsg and Mr. G. Ames, junior actors. MR. PEIJERSON, Coarhing, Driver lfdllfllfillil, Attrnrlanrf--MR. TXNIGG, head of English Depurlmvnl, Senior Advisor, Rifle Club -- MR. HILL, Coarhing, Gwneral Vrienrr, Jlufh. '--f MR. SHANK. Ilvad of Shop Department, Waudxhop, Slagrrmll. MR. KNIGHTON, llvail of Nlusir llvpartmeril, Band, Choir, Ilnrmvnyw --'- MlSS MORRISON, Ilmrfo! I.ringuag'.e' Drparrmvnl, Cloak Room, Junior Advisor 'MISS KHND,-XLI., Ilmd of Girls I'. E. Dvparlment, Girls' League-MMR. FLOCK, Hrud of Srlvnca Department, Life Srienre, Biology. qxwxy MISS LEA, Hrud of Homvmahing Di'parrnlrntMAMlSS FARRELLY, English I, History I, Frosh Advisor--MR. CHAPLIN, Photography, ,Uurhins Shop-MR, GIBSON, lf. S. llistory, lnxtrumentx, Urrhc'stru4MMISS FITZ- GERALD, Junior Advixnr, Art and Crafts. X1 SS Xlll PN1 Irmh fuurrwllur lhfmxslrx tum HR IORR ir! IM arlmvn! Iliad Ir! P Jrmwr ld: new . . Nlii , ' rsi Y' lun m , nys' '. 1' MATIIIESHN, llvud of Ilnyx' l'.E. lhprlrrfrxvnl IJORAIS, .U4'f'lmni4'u1 Drawing, lienurul Shop - -XRUNSHN, Hle'l't1'i4'ity. Slmp - NIRS. 551 ITU, A limit, lVorl1l llieiory. V 950-79 7 N HSS P.-K'l"l'ERSUN, Traffir .4dvixnr, l"n'm'h l, ll, Ill, 1 English I l M MISS lSAW'l'l'IORI Ii. Supl: Counselor. Eng'- lixh ll MRS. DUNCAN. ,'llVlKl'0I,'Y'!lDhiII1'. Curmnerve, S vniur .-lrlvixor - MISS FFRNANUES, Drama, Drlmlt, l'nblir Spvalring, Asxerrzhlirx, Rallies -0' MRS. CAM- PION, Urienlurion, If'rrshman Arlvixur, Girls Leucur. wxql MISS UUSSHE, Luth: I, II, English II, Ill, C.S.l". Ad- .., 4 MR. NORBERU, Coaching, Comrnerrv, Boys' ICE. W MRS. TURIYY. Health CH- ordinalor, English I, Spfulish I - MISS XVOOD, Library Srienrv. MISS SLAIN, Future Hmnemalaers, Sewing,-0 NIR. l5U'l'TCANIf, Hrrul uf .Hath Deparlmeni. Buys' I.m,e1u- - MR. ARMl'l'ST1iAIl, linyx' I,vuguv, filxgebra, Lifr Sriancv M MR. JAUCH. Heall nf Agfirulmrv Dr'p1rrtrm'nt, Fulurf' Fm'mrr.v, Srhnnl Farm. vixur f- HRS. GARCIA, Sophomore Advisur, History ll MISS MENU, llrml ol Cvnznxvrre Dcprlrlmenl, Suniur .fl dzvixnr, l,'..S',I", A dvixor. MR. AMES, Junior Counselor, Sofinl Studies, Student Cuurl 'f--' MRSA UR.'Xl3SHAW'. Girls' I'.E., Girls' Dmit- ing, Iilnrk If - MR. FIERNANIJHZ. High Senior Ad- rixur. Slmlrnl fI1I1'1':Iie-x. l.'un:1m'r4'v -- MR. MULKEY, ' I had of Sm-ful .Yluzlivs Drfmrtmvnt, Senior Caunsf'lur -M MR. YYILIM l'rinf'frrll. 1'rmnonl Ifvflllllf Iligh S1'l1Y70l, Vixuul Edumlimz Dirertvr, Physirs. Max 'ww 4 iw., 5Ys?ivf,,N Y ' N333-PTR 9 f .vm -4. .s -7 - 4- , ,W-L, A .il ,. W 6 .Z N My-V 2 , fx . '- ' YM ., .ri-Z, Q , 1 .. n"'M"'I i 4 A -a iv ' Q9 :SWL 2 f'-. -lan , ,g IX s El Q. my .W xl x. kg K-m5.',Q. ' if 1 Env' A 4 7957 VX' A i.-.Q .HL gf ' W.. cfdiyf TOP ROW, LEFT: Experiment under way in physics. RIGHT: C.S.F. Seulbearers, life members of the scholastic honorary society. TOP ROW, left to right: L. Alderson, S. Mulkey, E. Poolman, N. NVehber, and Miss B. Meng, advisor. BOTTOM ROW: J. Kuwazoye, M. Menncho, J. Porter, and C. Furesz. CENTER ROYV, LEFT: Early lunch for 4th period Wigwam servers. Left to right: C. Furesz, D. Leeper, and M. Silva. CENTER: Spring and fall vice presi- dcnts of the Senior Class are J. Bianchi and J. Koshiyama. RIGHT: A senior couple. R. Cole and F. Kennedy. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT: Senior Ball Com- mittee. TOP ROW, left to right: J. Mulnix, P. Price, J. Willson, J. Porter, and S. Mulkey. BOTTOM ROW: Miss B. Meng, adviser: J. Wittle, D. Regens- burger, J. Olson, nnd P. Winston. RIGHT: Senior Trip Committee. Left to right: B. Jurevich, P. Price, MJ Katicich, Miss W. Coomb, advisory and S. Zurko. 9 DON ADAMS EVERETT ADELMAN Transferred from Varsity Baseball Washington Track Basketball '30 Baseball HANS BERNICK JOHN BIANCHl Rally Committee 4 Ticket seller 4 Drama 4 Student Council 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 LESTER ALDERSON C.S.F. Sealbearer Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Block F 2, 3, 4 Student Court 4 DOLORIS 1. BOYD Honor Roll 3, 4 Girls' Block F 3, 4 Chief 3, 4 Pathfinder 3, 4 LORRAINE ALONSO Rally Committee G.P.A.L. 4 Girls' Block F 4 NEVA BRAUN Choir 3, 4 .lunior Assembly Girls' Block F 3, 4 Girls' Sports SHELDON BEEBE Basketball, Track Student Body Sergeant-at Arms 4 Boys' League Pres. 4 TESSIE BRAZINCTON Softball 3 DAVID E. BURGESS Football 3, 4 RALPH CARRILLO Block F 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football EUGENE BUTCHER Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Class Pres. Honor Roll 3, 4 MARIE CASATTAS Transferred from Notre Dame, Belmont JACK RYAN BUTLER Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Tralfic 3, 4 Honor Roll 3 4 Honor Roll Officer 4 GILBERT CASTRO Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 W l' 1 2 rest mg , Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 JOYCE CAMPBELL Board of Control Block..F Usherette Girls' Sports RACHEL CHAVOYA Girls' League 3 Honor Roll 3 Girls' Block F 3, 4 ROSALENE CAMPOS EILEEN CHUCK Christmas Pageant 1 Arbor Girl 3 DIEHI. YVONNE M. DIONNE Band 3, 4 Senior Rally C lrls EORGE CLEMENTS BOB COLE Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 3, 4 FICHTNER Assembly 1, 3, 4 ARREN FREESE Student Council 2, 3 Student Court 4 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Block F 3, 4 G.P.A.I..1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 3, 4 Choral 1, 2, 3, 4 JAMES R. COLE Stage Manager SWEDE ELIE Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Block F 2, 3, 4 BRUNO COPVE Basketball 1, 2 Track 1, 2, 3 DON ELLEDCE '30 Football 4 Rifle Club 4 Honor Roll 2 ROBERT M. COWAN Rand l, 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club Pres. 4 C.S.F. l Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 'I ONY ESTRADA DEAN FISHER "Stage Door" 3 Rifle Club 4 GEORGE N. FRISBEE cel CHARLES FITZPATRICK COLETA FORD C.S.F. 3, 4 Transferred from Gilroy Boys' Sports, yearbook 4 Board of Control 4 Honor Roll Z, 3, 4 YOSHIYE FUKUMOT0 CLAIRE J. A. FURESZ is , fi fi! FHARLES FORTNER Transferred from Alnera, Arkansas H AZEL GALYEAN Basketball l, 2, 3. 4 C.S.F. 3, 4 C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Block F 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 2. 3, 4 Pathfinder 1, 2, 3,5 Ed. 4 Choral 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Block F 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club Sec. 4 Honor Roll 4 Block F1,2, 3, 4 Student Court Judge 4 , Student Center Mgr. 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4 RUDY GIANNETTO Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Chief 3. 4 Boys' Block F I, 2,3 MAY H. GYOTOKU C.S.F. 4 Honor Roll 4 GERALD L. GILLIAM Track l, 2, 3, 4 Football Block F 3, 4 Agriculture I, 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA J. HAFSOS Class Assembly 2, 3 Rally Committee 3 Girls' Sports 2, 3 MIKE GONZALES Band CARL HARUTA Basketball 2, 3 Track 2, 3 Transferred from Sant Clara 3 JAN HENDRICKSON Transferred from Point Arena U.H.S. 4 DOLORES R. HUGHES Honor Roll 4 Class Assemblies 2, 3, 4 El PEGGY GRIFFIN Basketball Volleyball Softball CLARA HEATH Chief 3 Pathfinder 3, 4 Girls' Block F Sec. 4 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3,4 REBECCA GRIJALVA ANN HENDRICKS F.T.A. Pres. Usherette 3 Transferred from Holland 3 l I KENNETH HERMAN JOANNE HODGSON LILLIAN HIMAN RAY HORGAS Basketball 2 Transferred from San , Basketball 3 4 Baseball 2, 3 Leandro Block F 3 4 Track 2 Choir Track C.I'I.F. Football MAY ICHIKAWA HENRY IMOKAWA SHUNJI ITO EDWARD F. Band Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Agriculture l, A C.S.F. Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 3 Honor Roll Cabinet Bfliebilll 1, 2, 3, 4 Tl'BCk 2, 3. 4 Honor Roll 3 Boys' Block F 2, 3, 4 DICK JIO San Jose Hi transfer Student Council 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Baseball 4 JANE M. KAWAZOE C.S.F. 4 Ra'ly 3, 4 Senior Class Sec. International Club 4 LYMAN JOHNSON, JR. Football 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Block F 2, 3, 4 FRANCES KENNEDY Transferred from Tracy Union High 3 5 . big 4 X 'wa BONNIE FAE JONES Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 Block F 3, 4 F.T.A. 3, 4 Rally Committee 3 CLAUDE KERR Transferred from San Luis Obispo 4 Chief 4. Hi-Y 4 Rally Committee 4 6 . A BILL JUREVICH Block F 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2, 3, 4 JAMES KNOTTS, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dance Rand 4 fT.S.F. 3, A Honor Roll 3, 4 MATT KATICICH Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Block F l, 2, 3, F.F.A. Sec. 3 JR. M. KOMENOVICH Rally Committee 3, 4 Girls' Block F 4 Girls' Sports 1, 3, 4 Honor Roll 4 ...S X X .fig JAMES KOSHIYAMA HOWARD F. KRAUSE JAMES H. LAFLIN DORIS MAE LEEPER JIM LEWIS Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 3, 4 Block F Football 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Woodshop G.P.A.L. Band 3, 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Dance Decorator Student Body Pres. 4 LELLA LOLLI JOHN LOPEZ, JR. SYDNEY LOUGHEAD JACKIE ANN MAHRE GEORGE MAILLO Girls' Block F 3, 4 Basketball 2 Choir 3, 4 Yell Leader 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Chief 3, 4 B d S 1 3 4 Girls' League 4 an ecre ary , Band 1, 2, 3 Thespians 3, 4 GEORGINA MANSON Band Block If G.P.A.L. Class Assembly JOSIE MEN ACHO Girls' Sports l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Block F 2, 3, 4 Ch ' 3 4 , mr . . Traffic Squad 4 023- .4 ,J s.,f' K + BARBARA D. MAYNE Transfer 3 Rally Committee 4 F.T.A. 4 MARIE D. MENACHO C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 Student Court Judge 4 Rally Committee 3 3 ROSE S. MITARAI C.S,F. 3, 4 Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 3 G.P.A.I.. MARJEAN MORRIS Drama 3 C.H.F. 4 Block F 3, Pres. 4 ANGELO NIETO, JR. C. DON OLDFIELD Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Transferred 2 Thespians 3. 4 Stage Crew 3 Rally Committee ELOISE Mc'ClNTY C.S,F. 1, 2 Honor Roll 3, 4 Sr. Play Girls' Block F 3, 4 MARLENE J. MILLER Band Girls' Sports C.S.F. F.H.A. SALLY I. McINTOSH KENNETH MELYIN Girls' League 4 Traffic Squad 4 Drama 3, 4 F.T,A. 3, 4 NORMA J. MILLER Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4 G.P.A.L. 3, 4 Girls' Block If 4 is ' SONYA M. MULKEY C.S.F.1, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 Rally Committee 2, 3, 4 Pathfinder StaK 3, 4 .IEANETTE OLSON Class Officer 3, 4 Rally Committee Z, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 3, 4 C.S.F. 3 L JOAN C. MULNIX Girls' Sports 1, 2 Choir 2, 3, 4 Traffic Squad 4 LORETTA PAIVA Girls' League Press 4 C.S.F. 2, 3 Chief 4 Thespians 3, 4 Basketball '30, l Track 1, 2 Wrestling 4 EDDIE MITARAI ROBERT S. MURATA Basketball I, 2 Baseball l Track l, 2. 3, 4 Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 GARY E. PATRICK Track l, 2. 3, 4 Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Stage Crew 3 Rally Committee DALE PATTON Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 CRUZ PEREZ LOIS RUTH PATTON TraHic Squad 3, Cunt. 4 Class Treasurer 1 Girls' League Sec. 4 Band 1, 2 BETTY J. PFEIFFER Basketball 2 F.H.A. 4 MARILYN PEER Girls' Block F SHIRLEY M. PHIPPS Girlsf Block F 3, 4 Activity F 4 Band Secretary 3, 4 Bund 1, 2 G 1 . -1-. . , 4 iv' MARLENE PLAZA BILL PODLESKI EDITH E. POOLMAN Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 Usherettc 3 Drama 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 3 Yell-leader 2, 3, head 4 F.H.A. 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 JOYCE ANN PYNE JOHN RANNALS ROBERT RAVIZZA Girls' Sports 2 Baseball Manager 1,3 Block F 3, 4 Pathfinder 3, 4 Football 3 Football 3, 4 Truck 3 Track 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 KAY A. PENFOLD Thespians 3, 4 Girls' League Treasurer 3 Chief Stall 3, 4 Yell Leader 2 SAM PISANO Student Body Pres. 4 Class President 2, 3 Clliel Staff 3, 4 C.S.F. 2, 3 DENNIS PEREIRA Band 1. 2 Traffic Squad 3 Tennis 2, 3, 4 Board of Control 4 LEE PLANTS Track 1, 2 Foothall 2 Senior Play 3 JANET E. PORTER C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 Drama 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Body Secretary 3, 4 Rally Committee 3, 4 DOROTHY REGENSBURGER Choir I Rally Committee 3, 4 Student Council 4 PEGGY LOU PRICE Majorette 1, 2, 3, head 4 Girls' Block F 3, 4 F.T.A. 2, 3, 4 JAMES RELPH Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 2, 4, Pm. 1, 4 C.S.F. 4 Ns., ED RICHARDSON, JR. Band HELEN SANCHEZ Girls' Block F Girls' G.P,A.I.. Girls' Sports DON ROBERTS MARY LEE SHAW Band I, 2 Rally Committee 3 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4 Girls' Block F 4 ' f C' . .f X , MARLENE SMITH FRED E. SNIDER Drama 3, 4 Transferred from C.S.F. 3, 4 Girls' Block F 3, 4 Future Homemakers 4 Mountain View 4 GLENN E. THOMASON RUTH TOGAMI Basketball 2 Track I, 2, 3, 4 Choir 4 J, A sr , -iii. "Q P" A wa 1 Haifa!-f' 2519, ' JOHN ROSE MARY SILVA Girls' Block F 3, 4 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 LUPE SALAZAR Band Honor Roll PETE SINGH Baseball 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Block F 2, 3 if BETTY SALDIVAR Basketball 2, 3 Band 4 Volleyball 2, 3 SAM SINK Wrestling Baseball ROBERT SOSO Football Track Wrestling Block F DON D. TOMEO Class Officer 2 Track 2, 3, 4 Class Plays 1, 2 Student Council 3 si: . RAY STAPLETON MARY E. Thcspinns 3, 4 Rally Committee 1 ss lf 1 Cla.. 0 icer Girls' League Cabinet 3 VIRGINIA TRUJILLO RUTH VALLOTTON G.P.A.L. F.T.A. Transferred from Santa Clara 3 DOROTHY VIERRA NOREEN WEIIBER C.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4 C.H.F. 4 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4 Block F 3, 4 'Q 9 3' U f gt. sf WILSON ANITA WALIAS Block F 3, 4 Class Assembly 3 C.S.F. 2 Girls' Sports CARL WESTENSKOW Oakland Transfer 3 Baseball 3, 4 T k3 4 rac , Block F 3, 4 3 PAMELA WINSTON Rally Committee 4 C.S.F. 4 Senior Play 4 Palo Alto Transfer WOJ ATSKE SUMIO YASUKAWA Football 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Block F I, 2, 3, 4 PAULINE WALLIN Drama 3, 4 Student Council 2 Rally Committee 4 Pathfinder 2, 3 JIMMY D. WILLIAMS ROBERT WINTER Rifle Club 4 M. YONEMURA Basketball 2 F.T.A. 2 C.S.F. 4 Honor Roll 2, 3 B. WARBURTON Drama 2 Christmas Pageant 1 Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports 2 JANET WIIILSON Class Oiicer 2, 3 Student Body Olficer 4 Girls' Block F 3, 4 Drama 3, 4 'Q lm , ,g - V' . A' s' V , a Q. '-i. , . ' WR.. 'E LEN WISHON SHIRLEY ZARKO Class OtTicer1, 3 Thespians 3, 4 Girls' Block F 3, 4 Rally Committee 4 797 DON L. WASSON Thespians 3, 4 Chief 3, 4 Class President 4 Puhlic Speaking 3, 4 DON R. WILSON Thespiuns 3, 4 St.II d'V' -I' .4 o y ice res Public Speaking 3, 4 Football 3 MARY JANE WITTLE Student Body Officer 4 Student Ilody Judge 3 Co-editor Chief 4 C.S.F. 4 GLENN ZWEICI,E lluseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Football 4, Track 1,2 Block F 2, 3, 4 X . mf ,FX S' ...,, .Et . 4 M if-1 ff S . 9 11 , N 5 K Siam, dfwlllfli s nr U ' annual NW ,,..f' A typical day in the life of n Frcmonter starts when the alarm clock signals the time to get sturtgd for School. lfrfum than on it's work und play, including after school meetings, until time to get ready for the evcn1ng's hug date lklfrn- day, of coursellj. glade... Hcre a senior hay goes through daily Fremnnt routine, similar tn that of thc Fremont girl, except for the worries nr getting n car fur the evening and figuring out the finances for such necessities as bids and Howcrs and those after date snacks. ,QQ in l in iq i3 'le it 45 TO? ROW, left to right: li. Diehl, M. Plaza, B. Jurevicli, D. Boyd. SECOND ROW: P, Price, J. Willson, Y. Fuku- moto, L. Alonso, J. WVittle, S. lleehe, S. Nlulkey, li. Pfeifler, N. Nlillcr, E. lxlllfllllly. l'5O'l"l'0M RUNV: ll. l'illlgllt?S. L. Aldcrsun, P. Wallin, L. Puivu. 1" fl . . . 0,4 7952 a I , iw A TOP ROW, LEFT, left lo righl: Stage scene from Junior Assembly, Slaughter on Tenth Avenue. CENTER, Class Uiliccrs, xi-utwl: IJ. lioutmun, C. Reynolds, prcsidentg and B. Souza. Standing: G. Mclluniel, J. lshimaitsu, and R. Flores. RIGHT: U.S. History Class goes hack to Colonial days. MIDDLE ROWV, LEFT: Two girls working on u Christmas scene for the Christmas Ball. RIGHT: Couples appreciating the finished Christmas scene. BOTTOM ROW: Three acts from the Junior Assembly. 2l W f. ...M TOP ROW, ld! la right: N Cowan. ll. Turley, C. Nutcher, T. Yelasquez, ll. Kitchens, Sl Grnialvs, B. Sousa. M. Fruc haul. NIIUIIIJZ RONV: S. ,Dc ann U Monahan F lam P. L . . . ' , .. . '. Macierz. B. Atwood. R. llse M. Fuentes, M. Patton. BOT TOM RONV: Ii. Rodriguez. C. Greene, T. UeVitx1. G. Pcnce S. Trujillo. D1 Hnnhy. J Cueno. P. liutorren. TOP ROW. 'ffl fo rifhtf G Peterson, C. Roberts ll. Hur. tin. H. Nishimura, T. Calla han. F. Flores. J. Rndoni. A Rndnni. SlllH7l.E RUXV: M Fl'9i'lHl1d. XY. Wciglc, T. llnsh imoto. J. Tucker. V. 'I'-:rrv, P 805500. R. Deming, B. Jones li0'I"l'0M- ROW: A. Glme nez. U. Lam. J. Texviru, N Puplh, J. Gimencz. C. Schmelc. P. Hnrr. V. Bahia. L.. . 1 iw TOP RUW, Iefi' lo right. Ramos, ll. Bennett. ll. Sm C. Cook, J. lluluc, H. f tillo, l. Hill. MIDDLE Rl B. Snslin. J. House. J. Mn sich. ll. Hemphill. P. Orland J. Scott, C. Reynolds, Whitman. J. Orlando. ll TOM ROW: P. Walker. Nlcllnxxiel. J. Nic.-Knich, Munn, ll. Johnson. ll. Sv. I.. Sayig. J. llclicllo. TOP ROW, lr!! to riph! Tcmhx. R. Amlcrwn, D. ner. B. Moore, H. Wu MIDDLE ROW: H. Nici Simpkins, J. Cnhadns, R. dini, S. Uyedn. ll. Fu BOTTOM ROW: B. strong, E. llulmcr. P. Cn A. Carpenter, P. Batty Baker, D. Nelson. 0 v 5 3' E 3 Sl... 3, , TOP RGW, le!! fo right: B. Tnntuu. J. Smith. J. Doughty, A. Furtado, W. Meyers, B. Reynard, G. Lars. MIDDLE ROW: J. Jones, G. Myers, R. Arm-ola, D. Hughes, S. Singh, C. Magee, D. Sledge, M. Pant- tuja, J. Mehling. BOTTOM RUW: R. Eyer, D. lsiduro, H. Lee, M. Alvnrd, C. Lewis, J. Parrish. N. Fitch, A. Cien- denim. RUWV, lrft fu rifglzf: J. ,Q 'VO in has-,.. F as D Mnore. J. Adamsnn. Vw IJ. Mcfiermntt, L. . I 1 Hamm. Nic inc. S ROW: W. J. Webb, H Orlando, J. fnlimun, H. Wand Row, :eff fo ffgmf H. B. Peel. D. Berry, J. Williams. I.. Kitchens, Avey, A. Cha- BOTTOM A. Curran, F. Bimmcr. 'Div E TGP ROW, Ir!! lu right: Nlitsunaga, P. Lara, N. 'To- mirmgu. A. Munoz, J. Uycdu. Il. Castilin, ll. Abenonte, D. Fiehmann, J. Hnrrindtnn. MIDDLE RONV: J. Yonemura. A. Bienetrey. H. Anderson, R. Jandersnn, K. Nakngnwa. B. Palmer. J. Dawson, K. Hira- shima. A. Kawaznye. BOT- TOM RONV: M. Roberts, V. Garcia, M. Wagner, S. Ded- rick. E. Sinclair. R. Flores. I.. Becker, C. Gwin, Hiatt. .-1.4. 3. H A ,yn sal wit. 3. 155 .53 . Q- .x Q4 w 85 Q 'wi-if tn. .. ,mwa- " Y ,f::?i,Qf?5f'i ,rvwyn wmwww F15 -.f TOP ROW, left and righl: Sophomore assembly, CENTER: Class Officers-MB. Cook, President N. Pangrncs, R. Bn J. Torres, B. Cannon. . CENTER ROW, left: Work KH on the paper drive. Righl: Working on the Sophomore Hop. BOTTOM ROW, lefl: Sophomore assembly. Right: Sophomore girl loafing. fm I TOP RUNV, lvft to riphl: J Sherman. R. Gurcin. W. Hugh us, B. Morris. D. Munoz, M Clark. MIDIJLE ROW:. S Frank. l'. Hllcdgc H. Tih hitts, M. Siivcriu, P. Prussu, M. Brown. BO'l"l'OM ROW 0. Richardson, E. Silvcrin. J Mackey. E. Yoncmurn, J. Yun c-mum, S. Uyo.-dn, R, Allison . qv-.... .. fri! TOP RDW, left to right: C. Martin, C. Plaza, J. Ceialu, K. Gonzaleg. L. Osborne B. Se- gun. MIDDLE Rdwz J. Harshman V.Walker, R. John- son, N. fiixon, R. DelCrew. BOTTOM ROW: N. Joslin, J: Field, K. Simpkins, B. Heath. A. Horita, L. Fernandez, AD. Lniiin. ' Q. TOP ROW, left to right: Chuck, L. Koepke, Ju Naka- yama, C. Velasquez, A. Lopez, J. Besana. MIDDLE ROW: C. Wilson, H. Horiuchi, T. Nobles, E. Leon F. Garcia, F Mnfmo.. Borrow: Row. nl Bennett, M. Tamakara, J. Thomson, M. Ranehioso, B. Higgins, M: Keys. 1 Q : A Q TOP ROW, left to right: J. Choate, L. Gilian, E. Silco, S. Anderson, L. Gonzales. MID- DLE ROW: J. Williams, T. Earle. J. Fisher, G. Hubert, F. Doughty, G. Lewis. BOTTOM ROW: D. Baker, E. Alcock, M. Campbell, H. Estrada, l. Hnr- moning, B. Potter, ll. Perez. , vi TOP ROW, felt to right: R May, D. DeSart, D. Tucker, D. Ring, H. Hammond, J. Rose MIDDLE ROW: D. Freese, J Warren, N. Psngracn, N. Mc Gown, M. Bailey. C. Mankin. BOTTOM ROW: M. Hayes B. Thome, M. Haggerty, Ai Piazza, M. McFarland, R. Bo, J. Garcia, D. Pompi. sf! TOP ROW, ld! to right: W. Gilmore, T. Gillian, P. Celalu, D. French, O. Dixon. MID- DLE ROW: M. Kerstulovich, R. Cuenca, B. Cannon, N. Plummer, D. Calhoun, J. Cale, J. Gfolheer. BOTTOM ROW: B. Fichtner, G. Manger, A. Bartshe, B. Pledger, J. Braun, L. Clausius, D. Ausmus. ggiga- .s n TOP ROW, left to right: T. Sono, W. Hueltina, E. Clem- ents, P. Kay, B. Garcia. D. Trujillo. MIDDLE ROWx J. Grijalve. R. Strong, B. Vallnt- ton, G. Jones, P. Bstrqdn. BOTTOM ROW: B. Teixeira, A. Howard, C. Acker, G. Hol- kins, 'N. Muyne, J. Edwards, M. Lehmann. '5 TOP ROYV, left to right: S. Gunn-cn, l'. Picollo, C. Chase, P. Bnrnhill. B. Horne. MID- DLE ROW: J. Leyland, J. Wilkinson. G. Meinecke, D. Stevenson, R. Hazleton, P. Hodgson, K. Price. BOTTOM ROW: L. Terry, E. Pearce, S. Jacino. J. Geddes. P. Huber, E. Ribns, C. Nose. TOP ROW left to right B Gets! L Herman C Lang well T Costa D Hall MID DLE ROYV D Morse J Eclc er! J Norton T Hughes D Huse M Roettger BOTTOM ROW L Moragues E Moore M Fischer F Howell G Kallberg B Andrade K Fries lm TOP ROW, left to right: I Navarro, M. Duarte, G. Oka- jima, J. Garrett, M. Losano MIDDLE ROVV: M. Nulchcr J. Torres, J. Reynolds, K Gain, A. Garcia, B. Krieger BOTTOM ROW: I.. Heath, N Olsen, I. Inglis, M. Glougie J. wemwf, J. Miller, J. nuizl mls TOP ROW, left to right: B. Minynrd, E. Romero, J. Soslia, F. Alnrcon, B. Corral, M. Baker. MIDDLE ROW: H. Yasuda, R. Regnart, C. Foutz, T. Frank, R. Pfeiffer. J. Har- riman. BOTTOM ROW: D. Pozas, N. Hoopcs. Y. Brunn, K. Salazar, M. Montyo, G. Hirashima, P. Onishi. 1 TOP, lvl! ana' right: Stage scenen from the Freshman Asscrnbly, the first chance the Freshmen huvc of showing their talents to the upper classes. CENTER. Class Officers, sealed: J. Hitchman. presiflenl: slanding: left to right: G. Collins, N. Celalu, D. Mahre, and K. Stalios. CENTER, left: Frosh getting acquainted with other students at Frnsh Jolly-Up, first dance of the year. Right: Bank stage waiting to put on their act in helpxng to make the Fresh-man Assembly a success. BOTTOM, left: One of the first days at school, thc Freshman boys get together behind the Wigwam to mlk about classes, teachers and how many times they go! lost or were late to classes. Right: Here the girls wnit for the hell to ring and discuss their Hrs! week at Fremont. ' TOP ROW, Ivft In right: J. Klinko, M. Milsted, K. Jaione li. Jones, T. Chance, W. HDI: ton, R. Mitari, R. Santos. MIDDLE ROW: M. Elliott G. Ulrich. G. Popvvich, J Manson, Y. Brousscar, G Alves, R. Radovich, L. Comp- ton. BOTTOM ROW: Y. Bil- iuh, J. Jensen, A. Gonzales, C. Moreno, J. Weatherford, M. Moniz, M. Torres, C. Soren- sen. M. Powers. 'if 5223? TOP ROW, left to right: C. Caldwall, D. Griffin, J. Russo, V. Tejada, A. Hulsey, W. Cuneo, D. Cutrell, M. Adam- son. MIDDLE ROW: B.' Ar- nold, F. Smith, R. Delgado, L. Ragonesi, J. Hitchrnan, K. Wil- son, D. Conley, L. Winegnr. BOTTOM ROW: J. Miller, M. Thomas, S. Reilly, A. Mor- ris, B. Torres, E. Rios, M. Morris, J. Corsini. TOP ROW. lt!! to right: J. Gyotoku, E. Cortez. T. Hori- uchi, L. Evans. li. Cuntull, Y. Sum, N. Frank, J. Gice, W. Griffin. MIDDLE ROW: G. Alias, T. Fukumotn, A. Mitsui. nxnln. Nl. Hill, A. Avilla, M. Neuls, D. Price, E. Sweatt. BU'l1'l'0f5f RUYV: Nl. Btnneli, ll. Cullahnn, B. Dami, B. Minniler. B. Carpenter. Y. M0- Ginty, P.Tcdesco, D.Buurasss. XL: 4- is R I-P 5-"1 TOP ROW, left in right: B. Hashimoto, B. Ducr, D. Rocks, R. Lackey, Y. Knwnvnvn. R. Auberl, T. Miller. MIDDLE ROW: H. Adair, E. Ritchie, W. Osmond, D. Townsend, R. Wasson, N. Cefalu. BOTTOM ROW: Y. Yecny, F. Zupuno- viclx, S. Swails, J. Lanz, O. Conner, A. Gibson, M. Guerrn, A. Davis. Q5 3 'QS' TOP ROW, left to right: T. Humphries, T. Freeland, S. Guardiola, G. Ford, E. Swin- hart, G. Constantine, B. Eaton, W. Burgess. MIDDLE ROW: S. Martin, H. Sporofo, W. Bowden, E. Crowley, Il. John- son, R. Choate, C. Uriu, J. Hill, S. McGowan. BOTTOM ROW: Kerstulovich, T. Juanez, M. Garcia, J. Hoopes, C. Pollard, A. Vogel, M. Cre- hnssa, P. Knllherg. S"""M Y?- TOP ROW, left Io right: E. Smith, J. Sanchez, C. Cnrvo, R. Mnntiin, J. Gutirres, D. Hcinrichs, F. Plessc. MIDITLE ROVV: G. Popovicli, Nl. Rai- kovich, R. Martinez, D. Au- brey, C. Hays, G. Scars, S. Ramey, L. Niepcr. BOTTOM ROWLC. Smets, Il. Fischer, G. Collins, S. Mitchell, B. Cates, K. Rieder, C. Stowell. C. Franklin, S. Estrada. WT L 1 ffmjf. ,., TOP KOW1 left to right: T. Fiddler, C. lflarslxman, R. Ma!- tos. R. Lung, R. Waldele, A. Fenner, D. Lopez. MIDDLE ROW: P. Temple, V. Piazza, T. Johnson, W. Winter, D. Kelly, J. Holt, P. Creasor, K. Slnlios, K. Therkildscn. BOT- TOM ROW: M. Lockwood, E. Mathias, M.Giannini, S.Tafl'e, C. Butcher, J. Nelson, Y. Bragn, B. Hanson. TOP RONV, ld! lu right: J. Fortner, K. Morse, R. Barn- hill, D. Dunlap, B. Ito. MID- DLE ROW: T. Pereira, D. Dcdrick, D. Knighton, C. Hens- ley, V. Consentino. BOTTOM ROW: T. Nelson, R. Crane, D. Bermudes, C. Scott, D. Westfall. asf..-.fl TOP ROW, lair to rigln: L. Hinkle, R. Macins, B. Lajie, C. King, K. Hanes. MIDDLE ROW: J. Lozano, B. Gilmore, R. Relph, B. Harper, T. Umo- mnto. BOTTOM ROW: A. Woodruff, H. Nobles, M. Ma' deiros, P. McKee, M. Sato, M. Shinn. 5 TOP ROW, lei: ra riglu: B. Clinkenbeard, R. Lowry. D. Coppe, D. Mahre, J. Trujillo, J. Alves. C. Baldwin, B. Poen. MIDDLE ROW: D. Velasquez, JF. Helton, R. Corslero, D. Strattar, W. Pyne, J. Gendoth, F.Juanes, E. Reyes. BOTTOM ROW: J. Treat, M. Luilin, M. Alorcon, P. Dodd, A. Mer- chant, J. Kuhn, C. Corral, G. Roberts. TOP ROVV, lvft tu right: D Favorito, J. Cnrdenus, M Rose, J. Salazar, F. Sutilo, B Towns, li. Gnardiola. MID- DLE ROYV: J. .McCny, ll Costa, H. Donald. H. Winters J. Prizmich, B. Ariza, M. Mc- Gown. BOTTOM ROW: S Calhoun, XV. Summers, M Willis, L. Benson, D. Tyler, S. Thihnult, F. McGarr, R TDOYBUH, G. Campbell. TOP ROW, left to rigll!:'T. Martin, C. Watts. T. Miller, D. Hislip, E. Cavender, D. Booth, B. Taylor, D. Canton. IVIIDDLE ROW: M. Jaimez R. Riggen, J. Kirkish, G. Shi- han, S. Wright, J. Mardesich, C. Nieper, P. Cooper. BOT- TOM ROW: F. Burgas. A. Martinez, N. Mason, S. Run- yon, A. Munoz, J. Hodgson, A. Estrada, L. Sotelo, V. Lopez. 2 59,5 4- Q TOP ROW, lfff lo, right: R. Flores, spring secrelary: J. Willson, lull and spring azrtivily point secretary: S. Beebe, fall and spring sergeant-at-arms: B. Poolmnn, fall and spring yelljehderg H. Lee, fall pad spring treasurer: J. Porter, lull secretary. BOTTOM ROW: C. VVestenskow, spring vire-president: G. McDaniel, spring sosialinanagerg J. Koshiyama, spring presidentg S. Pismnn, fail president: J. While, fall social manager: D. Wilson, fall vice-president. Student Court members headed by B. Cole are pictured us lol- lows: TOP ROW, left to right: L. Aldersnn. Mr. G. Ames, ad- visor. G. Patrick. BOTTOM ROW: Y. Fukumoto, B. Cole. M. Menacho. .. . z6'1JwwL uf, fnnffwl TOP ROW. left to right: C. Wilson, R. Wasson, K. McRae, G. Popovich, C. Fitzpatrick. BOTTOM ROW: B. Tintlu, C. Furesz, Mr. Fernandez. LEFT T0 RIGHT: B. Pledger, J. Braun, S. Mclntosh, J. Butler, L. Patton, Miss Patterson, J. Mulnix, J. Menacho, E. Rodriquez, V. Balga, R.-Johnson, C. Wilson. - K5-3.-. 'V 3' ,frxs if This year's California Scholarship Federation had the largest membership in the history of Fremont. FIRST SEMESTER MENIBERS, TOP ROW, left Io riglll: D. Wlasson, S. Pisano, D. lYIcDerm0tt, J. Relph, D. Hemphill, L. Alderson, C. Fitzpatrick, and J. Knotts. SECOND ROW: J. Porter, M. Wagner, J. Willson, P. Price, J. Olson, S. Mulkey, L. Himan, J. lshimatsu, M. Smith, N. Webber, M. Ynnemuru, D. Moore, ll. Lee, und Miss D. Dossee, advisor. THIRD ROW: L. Becker, R. Bo, NV. llughcs, M. Mcnacho, E. Poolmnn, F. Fitchner, und M. Gyomku. BOTTOM ROW: C. Nose, C. Furesz, J. Kawuzoe, L. Puivo, J. Wittle, Y. Fukumoto, M. lchiknwn, M. NVOod, and N. Cowan. NEW MEMBERS, SECOND SEMESTER, TOP ROW, left to right: Y. Kawazoye, T. Johnson, K. Simpkins, H. llorne, D. Hughes, J. Scott, and J. Adamson. MIDDLE ROW: E. Alcock, J. Braun, M. Shaw, Y. Dionne, M. Mc- Allister, J. Miller, M. Panttaja, and B. Hanson. BOTTOM ROW: K. Therkildsen, R. Flores, M. Giannini, T. Fukumoto, R. Eyer, G. Roberts, J. Gyotoku, und T. Horuichi. .a ...5llanm,zHnlL . ' W f-an 14" JUNIOR-SENIOR CABINET FIRST SEMESTER FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE CABINET FIRST SEMESTER TOI' LEFT, TOI' ROW, left to right: L. Alderson, TOP RIGHT, TOP ROW, left lo right: I.. Heath, J. Butler, Mr. J. Mulkey, advisor. BOTTOM ROW: Miss G. Gawthorpe, advisor, J. Reynolds. BOTTOM J. Willson, S. Mulkey, M. Ichikxewa. ROW: C. Nose, L. Moore, J. Brnun. The uhove snaps ure ol the Ilonnr Roll trip to San Francisco, while on n tour of Chinatown. The trip is given as u special award lor scholarship. 6111.6 3,5 'Q PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, TOP LEFT, BACK ROW, left fo right: J. Tucker, T. Gilliam, B. Brazington, C. Chase, E. Clements, R. Regnart, and J. Chaplin, advisor. FRONT ROW: N. Joslin, und C. Velasquez, CHESS CLUB, RIGHT. Standinii: D, Armitstnad. advisor: R. Cole, F. Kennedy. and J. Grotllecr. Seated: D. Fischer, J. Bianchi. and C. Wilson. HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE, CENTER, Standing: R. Bo, IJ. Boyd, A. Mitsunaga, K. Stalios, F. Fitcllner, Miss VV. Coomb, advisor, R. Eyer, S. Hamm, and L. Moore. Seated: I'. Lara, J. Knotts, J. Adamson, N. Pnngarcs, J. Bulter, J. Harriman, and R. Relpli. CENTER, RIGHT: C.S.F. meeting in the library. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT: Quill and Scroll initiation. BOTTOM ROYV, RIGHT: Thespian initiation. jI'LaCfi01'L CHOIR TOP LEFT, TOP ROW, left to right: B. Andrade, T. Nobles, G. Hoskins, F. Morillo, G. Thomason, N. Pnniirncs W. Meyer, G. Lewis, Mr. Knighton, E. Silveria. FOURTH ROW: S. St. Croix, B. Podleski, J. Hodgson, J. Lanz, B. Pledger, A. Walias, N. Webber, Y. Dionne, A. Rodoni. THIRD ROW: J. Hodgson, P. Tedesco, I. Hill, J. Cuneo, G. McDaniel, B. Teixeria, J. Mulnix, L. Himan, P. Orlando. SECOND ROW: H. Galyean, J. Webber, G. Peterson M. Brown, D. Pozas, H. Estrada, M. Casattas, J. Nelson, B. Thome. BOTTOM ROW: N. Braun, J. Menucho H. Johnson, G. Roberts, S. Loughead, A. Merchunt, S. Uyeda, M. Maclfurland, N. Olsen, B. Jones. BAND BOTTOM LEFT, TOP ROW, left to right: B. Palmer, D. Heinrichs. THIRD ROW: T. Martin, J. Garrett, E Riclmrdson, J. Knotts, D. Hill, R. Cowan, C. Nutcller, S. Poolman. SECOND ROW: C. Uriu, .l. Holt, B. Podleski L. Alderson, D. Hemphill. BOTTOM ROW: J. Mnrdesich, G. Kallberg, M. Wagner, B. Harper, M. linker. BOTTOM RIGHT, left to right: B. Saldivar, B. Simpkins, B. Cannon, R. Eyer, R. Johnson, D. Abinnnte G. Lzmgwell. v v MAJORETTES. TOP LEFT, left to right: P. Price lliezld muiorettel, P. Mauldin, P. NVulker, G. Munson, B. Diehl, E. Ribas ORCHESTRA TOP RIGHT, TOP ROW. left tu right: Mr. Gibson, J. Grotheer, li. Sweatt, T. Nobles, J. Knotts, T. Martin, L. Hinkle, D. Heinrichs, G. Popovich, B. Hurper, J. Mardesich, C. Uriu. MIDDLE ROVV: M. McAllister, M. Guerra B. Carpenter, J. Grace, M. Kerstulovich, M. Glougie, M. Fischer, L. Clausius. BOTTOM ROYV: G. Popovichi M. Hill, C. Fischer, F. Borges, D. Nelson, J. Lewis, D. Knighton. BAND BOTTOM LEFT, TOP ROW, left to right: G. Popovich, B. Pheilfer, J. Prizmieh, K. Fries, M. Miller. BOTTOINI ROW: L. Clausius, N. Cowan, E. Poolman, T. Humphries, L. Hinkle. BOTTOM RIGHT, TOP ROW, left to right: T. Hughes, J. Lewis, J. Butler, D. Hughes, M. McAllister, J. Norton, U. Fiehmunn. BOTTOM ROW: P. Kullberg, M. Nutcher, B. Eaton, D. Nelson, M. Fischer, D. Knighton, B. Hanson. 0 TOP: Action from Senior Play "My Sister Eileen". CENTER: Principal Stevens speaks at Thespinn Initiation BOTTOM: Nativity scene from annual Christmas Pageant. TOP: Scene from the senior play, "My Sister Eileen." THESPIANS: TOP ROW, left to right: B. Stevens, B. Spencer, S. Poolman, B. Tnntnu, P. Winston, D. Wilson P. Dellancy, MIDDLE ROW, D. Wasson, S. Znrko, J. Porter, L. Paivn, J. Muhre, S. Hiatt, C. Munn, S. Pisano BOTTOM ROW: J. Olson, K. Penfold, Miss C. Fernandes, E Poolman, J. Ishimatsu. 5 -lx TOP LEFT, CHIEF PATHFINDER AND EDITORS, left to right: J. Wittle, D. Wasson, C. Furesz. BOTTOM LEFT, BEGINNING JOURNALISM putting out an issue of the Chief, left to right around the table: K. Him- shima, V. Balga, C. Ford, A. Furtado, E. Rodrequez, T. DeVita, D. Turner, R. Deming, and B. Moore. Left to right seated on right .vide of lable: J. Yonemura, E. Alcock, and H. Mardesich. TOP CENTER, QUILL AND SCROLL initiation at Longbarn. TOP RIGHT, PATHFINDER meeting in session, FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Eyer, E. Heath, S. Mulkey, and C. Fitzpatrick. MIDDLE RONV: B. Stevens, L. Alonzo, D. Boyd, and M. Komcnovich. BACK ROW: S. Swails, Y. Yencey, F. Zuponovich, S. Ramey, and C. Heath. STANDING: Mrs. M. Smith, advisor. BOTTOM, advanced journalism students at work, FRONT ROW, left to right: M. Katicich, C. Westcnskow, C. Fitzpatrick, and J. Wittle. MIDDLE ROW: S. Bcehe, J. Mahrc, S. Pisano, J. Porter, and D. YVasson. BACK ROW, standing: Mrs. M. Smith, K. Pcnfold, L. Paiva, and S. Mulkcy. J J vi ' TOP, FUTURE FARMERS, TOP ROW, left to right: F. Boomer, D. Trujillo, N. Howard, E. James, G. Gilliam. N. McGown, F. Wajatske, G. Celves, G. Benson, R. Bermudes, T. Rayburn. W. Cunen, Mr. Jauch. BOTTOM ROW: S. Uyeda, E. Lara, C. Olson, R. Paladine, J. Relph, P. Singh, F. Snider, B. Radovich, R. Mattns. BOTTOM: Future Farmers using machine tools in project work. CENTER: Chicken house project in progress. FUTURE FARMER OFFICERS, left to right: Mr. EiJ5Ych, G. Gilliam, S. Uyeda, E. Lara, D. Trujillo, J. Relph . son. BOTTOM: Boys complete orchard project. Zlauanholij " J Jmfhww ng ' , UPPER LEFT, HOMEMAKING CLUB, left to right: Miss B. Slain, J. Miller, J. I-Iill, S. Reilly. UPPER RIGHT SEATED: L. Nieper, C. Moreno, M. Smith, E. Rios, M. Giannini. STANDING: A. Gonzales, M. Plaza, J. Jen- son, C. Stalios, V. Piazza, P. Tedesco, B. Poen, E. Mathias, J. Hill, J. Hoops, S. Reilly, Miss B. Slain, advisor BOTTOM LEFT, FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB, TOP ROW, left Kawazoye, S. Mulkey, Mrs. L. Tordt, advisor, E. Poolmnn, B. Sosiia TOM ROW: Y. Dionne, R. Chavnya, J. Campbell, M. Menacho, B Poolman, F. Ramos. BOTTOM RIGHT, TOP ROW: M. Menacho Mulkcy, Mrs. L. Tordt, E. Poolman, to right: C. Furesz, Y. Yency, R. Eyer, J , A. Rndoni, S. Swails, F. Zupanovich. BOT- . Jones, M. Ortega, L. Sayig, J. DeBello, S , B. Jones, C. Furesz. BOTTOM ROW: S J. Kawazoe. GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET, upper left, TOP ROW, left Io right: P. Tedesco, C. Pollard, J. Braun, J. Muhre, S. llamm, S. Mulkey, Mrs. M. Campion, P. Price, G. McDaniel, S. Mclntosh. BOTTOM ROW: B. Diehl, I.. Puiva, Miss M. Kendall, S. Poulman, P. Patton. GIRLS lN ACTION, upper right, selling Luggage Day tickets, lower left, entertaining distinguished guest, Roddy MacDowcllg lower right, welcoming Frosh girls to Fremont. lub f .rl . TOP LEFT: An exchange picture from a student in Germany sent to the International Club. RIGHT: lnternatinnnl Club Officers, seated, left to right: N. Pugh, R. Bo, Miss M. Ahlem, advisor, and J. Kawazoe. Standing, A, Ro- doni, A. Kawazoye, E. Rodriqucz, V. Balga, and M. Menacho. BOTTOM LEFT: Action shot of Rifle Club. Members workin for medals. RIGHT: Rihe Club Officers, seated. li lall to right: Mr. H. Twigg, advisor, and C. Furesz. Standing, R. Cowan, and C. Fitzpatrick. sowwgzmeqm bi uv vu -M... ' x. elsif I-Inu I 3 UPPER LEFT, FREMONT'S RALLY COMMITTEE, the group responsible for rally skits, keeping order in an all white rooting section, and supporting the yell leaders has promoted spirit in the last few years to the place where our school has one of the most respected groups of organized rooters in the rally. TOP ROW, left to right: C. Cook, B. Tantau, R. Arovola, D. Abinante, D. Wilson, and D. Wasson. SECOND ROW: Miss C. Fernandes, advisor, J. Ishimntsu, S. Hiatt, C. Mann, B. Sosfia, M. Ortega, S. Poolman, J. Rodoni, D. Seghi, L. Sayig, J. DeBello, and J. Hoopes. THIRD ROW, E, Poolman, P. Winston, S. Mulkey, J. Olson, S. Hamm, J. Geddes, D. Moore, A. Rodoni, H. Mardesich, P. Mauldin, K. Rieder, and M. Lockwood. BOTTOM ROW: N. Hoopes, L. Moore, N. Mayne, B. Mayne, J. Mahre, D. Regensburger, B, Diehl, S. Zarku, J. Kawazoe, P. Tedesco, C. Fischur, and G. Popovich. UPPER RIGHT: Time out during rally. LOWER LEFT, YELL LEADERS: They keep the spirit up during the game, whether we Win or lose, and head the Rally Committee. Left lu right: E. Poolman, J. Mahre, S. Poolmnn, J. McAninch, J. Rodoni, and M. Ortega. LOWER RIGHT: The Rally in action during a Basketball game. E J. .-XUAMSON 1 -.., whim ' " e n,c,:oN1.m' ii "NN,..,,Nm-NRM - as tv mv . F ' 3 X ar W. M, ..y wma CLJUNES WM W gwgy , ' u.MoNAHAN L"Mf,.,,, WM., -' " P. M4-xmlw ,X-L.: . ""N-wv..U,a-in N My 'N 4- """"'w-.W . k ...MWMY Q DW L. TURR HS ., m. ,, ,E I ' 'JPSPWU " 1 f 2 , 'ulffqif U f'ffv?q?i'?2::'5vQ3'95f:fr.,u ,QA 4 'A fi' ' J- ,.,. k H A A ,.g"ff mfxm., "1 J, HITCHMAN I .vkijkfd N,,,.f- U ' nniball... .wil x , if TOP ROW, left la right: D. French, E. C. Reynolds, D. Bontmun, N. Pungrucs, Parton. MIDDLE ROW: B. Strong, G Martin, S. Ito, F. Doughty, J. Runnals, J. H. Nishimura, W. Winter, B. Vallutton Burgess, J. Ruse, C. Mugce, B. Sosu, A, Clmvuyu, li. Butcher, K. Avey T. Hashimutu, J. Lcwis, J. LuCour, J. Adamson, Assistant Conch, B . Jones, D. Monahan, R. Ruvizzu, B. Smith, D, Bermudes, l.. Wishon, P Gidouly, L. Torres, D. Trujillo, G. Gilliam. BOTTOM ROW: D. Conley B. Bennett, T. Morcnu, W. Vallotton, J. Ingles, P. Barnhill, D. Freese, B, Pyne, D. Reynolds. ll - ' ll , , fr 'l'Ol' ROXV. If-ft In ri,1,'ht: YV. Gilmore, J, Xlanson, J. Scott, R. Johnson, YV. Burgess, P. Nlacierz, D. Turner, J. llitchmnn, R. Anderson. C. Martin, T. Gilliam, T. Soso, J. Hogue, Assistant Coach Lee. MIDDLE ROW: B. Palmer, S. Reynolds, P. Singh, R. Horgxls, L, Johnson, J. Torres, ll. Moore, S. Elie, L. Osborne, ll. Horne, 'l'. Hulscy, S. Ynsukmva. llO'l"l'OM ROW: T. Umemoto, M. Duarte, G. llnyes, J. Thomson, Ii. Gilmore, li. Richie, F. Morrillo, D. Griffin, T. Minus, T. Nohlcs. K ' BHAAQMHIL TOP: Shelley Beebe. CENTER: Ielt to right: Carl Wcstenskow, George Frisbee, Dale Patton Ll J R ll BOTTOM: Gary Jones, Everett Adelman, Norman Pangrucs, and Chuck Rey ld 44 .,,,,.,,..,l Live Oalq .,,,A,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. 2 6 48 6I 7,,,,,,,,,,, James Liclc . ,..., ...,,.,, 2 O 64 38 ..,.,,,.,,7, Yasliingion ,,,,., ,.,.,.,l 4 O 43 33 ..,,.,..,.,, Cania Clara ,,,,, ...w,,,, 2 9 62 66 ,.........,. Gilroy .,....,. .4....,. 3 O Mi. View . YA,l , Campbell .,.,.,, Los Galos ..,,.,, San Jose Tech 306'a.4,lmt6alL TOP ROW, lefl to right: Matt Katicich, and Ray Horgas. CENTER ROW: Ray Cuenca, Bill Moore, Juni T and Orlando Macierz. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Scott, Carl Haruta, Carl Plaza, and Jerry Reyno d 29 ..YY.,,A..,. Live Oak , ,, 34 ,,.. .,,.. J ames Liclc 42 .,,,,,,,,,,. Waslwinglon I8 .rO,, ,..,, S ania Clara 43 .....,,,.,,. Gilroy ,,,...,. , ,,,, , ,039 32 ..OC.,Or..., Mi. View ,OOO.O.,.O ,, .. ,, ,,,,.. I2 39 ,,,,,,,,,,.. Campbell ,,Y,.A,, . .,,.... 36 26 ,A,,,,,...,, Los Galos ...,.....,,.. .,,,,..33 42,,,.,,..l,..San Jose Tecl1,,,.,,,,,,,. ....,..4l U ' 46' all, TOP LEFT and RIGHT: Action shots during games. VARSITY TOP ROW, lr!! tv right: R. Mnntijo, N. Pangracs, J. Rose, R. Martinez, J. Adamson, B. Yallottnn. and R Strong. BOTTOM ROYV: C. Reynolds, G. Jones, E. Adclman, G. Frishec, C. Wcstcnsknw, B. Bennett, J. Ralph and S. Bee-hc. ...3048 a.lL TOP LEFT und RlGHT: Action shots during the baskelbnll season. H0'l"l'O5l, '30 BASKETBALL, left to right: Top Row, J. Scott, C. Plaza, J. Reynolds, J. Hitchman, and J. Torres Bottom Row, R. Cuenca, R. Horgas, B. Moore, M. Knticich, and 0. Macierz. Q ' ll ll A5'aAlw.t6alL TOP ROW, left In right: D. Segura, M. Grijalva, J. Choate, W. Martin, J. Cefalu, K. Gonzales. BOTTOM ROW: C. Nieper, K. Nakagawa, E. Buttner, R. Pacuba, H. Yasuda, G. Ulrich. ll Il ' B I O I TOP ROW, left lo right: E. Cavender, B. Ariza, P. Mathiesen, D. Choate, B. Johnson, J. Harriman, D. Favorito, D. Books, G. Imakawa. BOTTOM ROW: N. Nelson, R. Relph, R. Lackey, D. Mahre, D. Booth, E. Hasimoto, N. Cefalu, J. Dawson. J . O I O TOP ROYV, Ivft to rifhi: J. Prilnllgjltli. Arnlstrong, ll. Ralph, P. x11lIlllCSCI1. and IJ. Ahinnntc. l50T'l R. Johnson, C. Nlnrtin, T. Hughes, D. Nlcllermntt, and D. llill. O O O C TOP ROW, left Io right: E. Lara, T. Frank, J. Garrett, P. Lara, T. Nobles, D. Tnmeo, IJ. Nelson, D. T. 5050. BOTTOM ROW: B. Sosn, D. Boatman, J. Doughty, E. James, S. Sink, B. Garcia, A. Hnrila, B. Palmer, and D. Bennett. U . MJ V 'OM ROW: Ralph, and R. Esculmr, if , 'au jmck... TOP PICTURE, TOP ROW, left ta right: C. Mankin, J. Grijalva, G. Caruo, B. Ravizza, J. Rose, B. Horne, G Thompson, G. Gilliam, B. Cannon, D. Freese, D. Boatman, E. Lara, R. Bermudes, R. Hazelton, T. Gilliam, J Doughty, B. Pine, and D. Henricks. BOTTOM ROW: W. Gilmore, G. Hayes, D. Herman, R. Montiio, J. Adamson R. Martinez, A. Chavoya, F. Boomer, J. Guidotti, C. Reynolds, G. Jones, C. Olson, E. James, E. Pohle, B. Soso B. Mnore, G. Alves, and S. Yasukawa. BOTTOM PICTURE, TOP ROWV left In right: D. McDermott, B. Atwood, L. Asburn, S. Elie, R. Sotelo. J Manson, J. Norton, P. Temby, P. I.ara, D. Grilfin. A. Halsey, T. Nobles, R. Johnson, G. Strom, J. Koshiy-ama J. Hitchman, and B. Higgins. MIDDLE ROW: J. Gutteras, B. Ariza, J. Cefalu 'I' Velasquez, R. Anderson, C Plaza, O. Maceriez, C. Russell, R. Regnart, M. Duarte, D. Baker, W. Cuneo, F. Martin, C. Hurata, N. Tominoga: H. Nieto, T. Soso and P. Cefalu. BOTTOM ROW: J. Harriman, G. Okajima, T. Frank, W. Hashimoto, G. Cosentinn D. Bucks, J. Lozano, D. Dedrick, J. Trujillo, D. Velasquez, K. Morse, B. Johnson, and C. Watts. v - ...a Elf spar jmck... TOP PICTURE, TOP ROW, left to right: R. Lackie, E. Cavender, D. Cnppee, J. Murdesich, P. Nlathiesen, R. Relph, J. Fields, W. Cuneo, and B. Palmer. BOTTOM ROW: B. Chuck, B. Higgins, J. Dawson. D. Nelson, .l. Garrett, B. Gilmore, J. Prizmich, and B. Eaton. BOTTOM PICTURE, TOP ROW, left In right: R. Paculbu, J. Torres, NI. Grijalva, H. Leon, J.Rey'noIds, F. Garcia, and B. Pfeiffer. BOTTOM ROXN: C. Nieper. S. Uyeda. D. Scgura, J. Cefalu, K. Gonzales, S. Pusateri, and F. Nlalrtin. 'QW' ' N 4 t""Z..": Itf.MMgnmn1wn-v-A. f S k Um' 46'n.4.ebalL... TOP PICTURE, VARSITY BASEBALL, TOP ROW, left lo right: S. Ito, C. Reynolds, W. Martin, M. Fuentes, G. Zwiegle, J. Koshiyama, J. Torres, R. Ravizza, and C. Plaza. BOTTOM ROW: G. Frisbee, D. Hemphill, C. Magee, L. Adelman, E. Knezivich, J. Scott, S. Pusateri, and D. Segura. BOTTOM PICTURE, RESERVES, TOP ROW left to right: T. Pereira, P. Barnhill, F. Martin, J. Celalu. J. Thomson, J. Goudoughty, D. Trujillo, G. Jones, R. Sotelo, P. Estrada, G. Alves, J. Rose, and E. Ritchie. BOTTOM ROW: D. Mahre, J. Reynolds, C. Nieper, B. Strong, R. Martinez, N. Pangracs, B. Vallolton, F. Martin, D. Griffin, R. Lackey, D. Coppee, and M. Duarte. damn' float " " TOP PICTURE, BOYS' BLOCK F, TOP ROW, left lo right: M. Fuentes, B. Atwood, N. Pangracs, A. Chavnya, i., Juhnsun, M. Katicich, B. Moore, L. Oshurn, M. Grijalvn, D. Segura, P. Temby. BOTTOM ROW: R. Cuenca, G. Castro, J. Torres, G. Zweigle, P. Singh, J. Garrett, K. Gonzales, E. Burgess, D. Tomen. BOTTOM PICTURE, BOYS' BLOCK F, TOP ROYV, left tn right: J. Koslliyama. C. Haruta, YV. Martin, E. James, Il. Jurevich, J. Relph, S. Beebe, G. Thompson, B. Ravizza, and G. Strom. BOTTOM ROVV: G. Jones, C. Russell, E. Knczevich, L. Aldcrson, E. Butcher, G. Patrick, N. Tominagu, T. Velasquez, and E. Leon. , 5. e ,. ,, .A , 'vu-,U ...Q- -ral-:Ulf , 2 A ' , ,Ms ...N . . Enya' TOP ROW: HJ Football from the sidelines. 121 Basketball time nut. CENTER RONV: ill Cn! Q21 Hit or mis lflj 'l'nu Happy? BO'l"l4UM ROW: 112 YVh0 won? QZI Foul play? 1 ??j 13j All the way? 1w,'5,m.f,L TOP ROW: 113 Building posture. QZJ Future P. E. instructor. CENTER ROWV: HJ First aid. 423 Over thc net l3j Around once more. BOTTOM ROW: 1.11 Bend. QZJ Heads Up. O UPPER RIGHT: Gym supplies being given out during the gym period. UPPER LEFT: Badminton game in action, one oi the many sports the girls enjoy in gym. BOTTOM LEFT: Basketball, one of the sports most favored by all girls. BOTTOM RIGHT: Girls giving the end-of-game yell. Girls enjoy n good game of volleyball after school. A little rough, but still a favorite with many of the girls. upuwanu alL fww E i E 5 g .1 'O Modern and tap dancing are new gym activities this year. Under thc direction of Mrs. Dorothy Bradshaw, the top picture demonstrates the use of modern dance techniques. The bottom pictures show after-school tap in action. 121150 I I I Girls' softball practice gets under way. Nice day for swimming, but where's the water? 1 ' 9 ' X 17Lla,'d6'lo1:l:,j... 'Riff il, an xc? ,J 3 Q Y 4 i' ,. B ...viii 5563 - lk .ii TOP PICTURE, BLOCK F MEMBERS, TOP ROYV, left In right: L. Hurr, J. Campbell, Y. Dionne, BI. Mnrris, B. Snsfia, H. Gnlycan, S. Phipps, and M. Ortega. BOTTOM RONV: D. Lnrn, J. Tiexeria, A. Mcnctrcy, Y. Fuku- mntn, J. Kawazoe, D. Boyd, and B. Jones. CENTER PICTURE, BLOCK F MEMBERS, TOP ROVV, left to right: C. Heath, J. Willson, D. Leeper, M. Smith, G. Manson, and P. Price. BOTTOM ROW: E. MCGinty, J. Menacho, R. Chnvoya, F. Fichtner, L. Lolli, and S. Zurkn. BOTTOM LEFT, BLOCK F CABINET MEMBERS, TOP RONV, left to right: J. YVilIsnn, and Mrs. D. Brad- shaw. SECOND ROYV: M. Morris, and C. Heath. BOTTOM ROYV: R. Chavoyn. BOTTOM RIGHT, INITIATION OF NEXV MEMBERS, TOP RONV, left to right: R. Chavoya, J. Willson, and C. Heath. BOTTOM ROW: V. Balga, N. Miller, M. YVugner, S. Poolman, and L. Sayig. 1 w vxgg 1 W, fx, 452 'WW as A2255 X 9 Q9 i fs ix' 'A jx' 25: X Q is 1 , W Q ram. . 32: 3 fi. KA S k A . Q3 11" X Ln 5351, N A W + pf sw! X 2 u Xi n 2 sg ,, . A . A S. .N vii? QQ A 5352123 g 2222 5 x 52 1 2 ww w - 8 . Q 3 5 2 5 N52 sf E' 3' , 2.235 2 Mi 9 ...,,: ,,,, 'X :E'i.:':E:::::.I-i'i2I..Q 2 ,.. Q Q 3, 2 sir: gigjigf "'2""2?'?f'fi'?i?"'Wvm':' FMU 2 Q WHS... 6 5 2 J 5 is 3 3249 as M55 vpn N 4 : , my I gg ,335 Y 2 225. 2 2535522 ' ogg J' We hope you have enjoyed the show and that it will luring hack pleasant memories throughout the years to come. The following people worked to produce this 1951 Fremont 'l'.V. Program: C. Ann Furesz - Editor Ruth Eyer - Associate editor Al Furtado -- Student photographer Deloris Boyd - Ad Manager Sonya Mulkey - Business Manager Janie Wittle - Assistant editor Chuck Fitzpatrick - Boys, sports editor Clara Heath - Girls' sports editor Betsy Stevens - Senior editor Arlene Menetery - Junior editor Liz Heath - Sophomore editor Yvonne Yecny, Sammy Swails, Frances Zupanovich, Sharon Ramey - Freshman assistants Mildred Komenovich, Noma Pugh, Lorraine Alonso, Ona Richard- son - Ad staff Mrs. Mary Smith, advisor Cliff Donahue Studios, photography California Art and Engraving Co., engraving Lederer, Street and Zeus Co., Inc., printing S. D. Smith Co., covers Jlfake ber -:rf:5:5:5:r:::r:rs11:IEfE1?rEr5:E:r:1r:f:1:1Ef1rE:5:5:5:5:1:2:r:vfr ,,:51' ,4:2:1s5:2:3:1:5:I-2:r:r4:':E:E:::g, tf:f:Q:fg5g5g:g'5:5: Igf:gg:g:5:f:1'2"'I:fgfg5gfg1f'-'-:1:i:f:f:j:I 555' .g:5:5:-5:3:'4" ' dream come true! Civ"H"""B0"e"'ffU' LANE Cedar Hope Chesf , ,, .. ,.,.-.-.-.g.-.-:-:-:c'-'+:1:1a "'.-' 1. A .M --,nf 414, gg-se:f:4rf:s:a.-5-fy A--' jen?,,,gg,,-.,.,,,? She s so 2lIlXl0llS to lregln her very - -s 'fz r-: V -Ffa: -5f:5:':'k':":'4':"7:' """" ' 21.4 ...., ,.1 -'1 ' "" '1e:1'1'f'L' K' 2l-"V 2 ' - N . A,-,, v,., 5 ,V,,,1, q :,.,1:.,::19,- 13-- er-gg, -gf own Hope Chest--a lyeautlful Lane -r .'1'- .4 's . - 52:53 - --. ,L ..V?M: I Cedar Hope Chest. So, give her tlllS Q.'ZQQIF55:1'fx3.15EffA:ff:5l51:22-:'E3'5 X-1 " '- ::'.:f2A:ll7f-.- ' ' - - - CXqUlSlt6, I'0lll3IltlC glft that IS so ,flijtfkflfl21225:E:E:?2:E5f:2f?g5fIigfiffzlzfz ,'-. I''.-'Kfj-:'f-'Q455'.'5.f1-f2?'.-5fi7f-m:'f-' f7:'Z1:f2:':ff-ff::557:':"7f7?fif . gaijiafgiffz tg. 5f:QQ.,f:g .- practl cal , too. ass:e:e:z:s:3-4 :sf'-mes:-:.i:s::.fs:" -A A A -. '1:i."f'.... ,'-- S-.aP'f:f:'Z3zif1'1a:I nr-QQHEQS'-' .s:sSf?:L.1-.:5t Any Lane model you choose from 'gf12'2sfss2:! :1'?ff.f:f?I2i::S? - ' g our collectlon wlll have all the exclu- ,r:gf:5::s-,' ':1rQ:Nv.V,+-,.f ,-Zjf',:5-:g5i5'i"'jE, 5P . , j' jf5QfE5E2:-:wg "-131 1" 535355325151 - . ,555 3 SIVC Lane patented quallty features :El i .g.:.g. .,- Q - - . . . M : ' . . . . trulv a life-tlme possession. ,'l5: ' 1 ' . - . ' . -.N-"" Come Lll' today. -l ,uoo A - -l -1 ,,A ' ' ' . - -- ll'le is .Ili fi? :um s.nlu.-pl-q nm l l 6-glim 1 , A ll Ilhmu' 180850 .-.-.- Qewxumvvmlfr PAL' , NFA CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS Phone 2243 198 South Murphy K I R K I S H ' S The Friendly Department Store on the Corner '6We're With You, Fremont' SUNNYVALE CALIFORNIA JOHN RODRIGUES, J R. M. P. KIPER Congratulations to TOWN 8: COUNTRY CLASS OF 1951 MARKET COCKRELUS A Complete Modern Market Phone Axminster 64393 168 South Murphy Sunnyvale, California Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road Cupertino., Calif. SUNNYVALE FLORIST ALTA LOUISE and KENNETH RICE CORSAGES o GIFTS o WEDDINGS 362 South Murphy Avenue Phone 2484 CUPERTINO SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE C. M. BAER i' AXminiSter 6-5031 ,Cupertino PAUL QUINTERNO Congratulations to the GRADUATES OF 1951 SHELL , SERVICE STATION MANN S Vim JEWELRY STORE P. 0. Cgpertino 166 S. Murphy Phone 3540 Congratulations Congratulations to the ffm' the FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL on the merits of the LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS ir Phone Cupertino AXminster 6-5206 Calif. 1951 PATHFINDER FRANK X. FARRY 212 South Murphy Phone 2134 Sunnyvale since 1909 Compliments of POZAS BROS. TRUCKING CO. Dependable Trucking Service 249 North Fair Oak Avenue Sunnyvale AXminster 6-5161 RIFREDFS MARKET GROCERIES o FRUIT o VEGETABLES FRESH MEATS CHAS. Hmmm o A. QUINTERNO Stevens Creek Road Monte Vista BEST WISHES-CLASS OF 1951 WAKEFIELD FLORIST Congratulations from BURREL MELON E Realtor 'A' 276 South Murphy Sunnyvale Cupertino California Hay and Grain Draymen GUY BOCOCK R. CALI Sz BRO. V ,IEWELER ir Office Phone Cupertino Axminster 6.6551 California 125 VVest Washington Phone 3893 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '51 'k TEAGUE CLEANERS Phone 2369 246 South Murphy Avenue Compliments of CUPERTINO BARBER SHOP FOR soon HAIRCUTS 'A' Shoe Shines -- DICK STEVENS Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road Cupertino, Calif. RAYNOR PARK CENTER Men and XVOIIICHQS Clothing Variety 0 Hardware Pittsburgh Paints Our Motto - .More for Less El Camino and Fremont Road AX 6-3288 MITCHELL'S DRESS SHOP Quality Line of Skirts o Lingerie o Sweaters Dresses I Accessories 0 Blouses SSZH Green Stamps SUNNYVA LE, CALIFORNIA 217 South Murphy Phone 2505 Compliments of LEO H. VISHOOT Real Estate 0 Insurance Phone 3567 219 So. Murphy Ave. Sunnyvale, Calif. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 'SI MONTE VISTA DEPARTMENT STORE Stevens Creek Road Monta Vista CUPERTINO NURSERY Shrubs o Bedding Plants 0 Potted Plants General Nursery Stock Gardening Supplies AX 6-0329 Cupertino, Calif. FUTURE BUILDERS OF AMERICA- We Congratulate You SILVA'S MEN'S WEAR 211 South Murphy , " Phone 3084 Wishing Fremont High Its Best Year CUPERTINO REALTY 8: INSURANCE AGENCY AX. 6-3511 MEI. HENVINS DoN BANULEY THE "TWO HEELS" 161 South Murphy Avenue SUNNYVALE o CALIFORNIA SXCH Green Stamps Shoe Repair VVN1. M. HENDERSON, JR. Realtor o Builder Congratulations to the CLASS OF ,51 CHRISTOPHER,S INSURANCE Clothing and Shoes for Men AX 6-6998 4311 E1 Camino Real Santa Clara Corner of So. Murphy and Wasllingtoxx A. L. SWANSON L. T. WHITE Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1951 SWANSON 8L WHITE WOOLDRIDGE D"'ggis'S MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 2015 Sunnyvale, California Hendy Avenue Sunnyvale 3481 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '51 from BETTE BELL's MODE O' DAY FROCK SHOP Lingerie 0 Dresses o Hosiery ' Sunnyvale 2480 Best Wishes for Success to the CLASS OF '51 BO'S SUPER MARKET Sunnyvale Avenue and Maude PATTEN REALTY Realtors 344 South Murphy SV. 3433 Insurance Real Estate Notary Public HUBBARD Sc JOHNSON THE LUMBER CO. CUPERTINO 114 South Murphy Avenue SHHHYVHIC ' California GROCERIES . MEATS - PRODUCE Phone 3438 VEGETABLES Congratulations AX 6-2474 May the Class of 1951 Live and Prosper in McCarthy Sz Trogden Cupertino, California Sunnyvale Compliments of CUPERTINO CLEANERS "Our Best for Your Best" ARMANINI LAUNDRY SERVICE . DRY CLEANING DRUG STORE , DAN IzU 201 So. Murphy Phone 2240 Cupertino California Compliments of CUPERTINO PHARMACY 'k CUPERTINO o CALIFORNIA AXminster 6-6252- Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1951 AIR BASE MARKET 205 W. Washington Street Sunnyvale Phone 3684 THE SUNNYVALE CAFE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of "The customer must be satisfied" 1 9 5 1 EVE and JERRY GROWERS LUMBER co. Phone 2357 i 163 South Murphy Sunnyvale, California ARQUES and EVELYN Sunnyvale Congratulations to the Class of '51 CUPERTINO STORE HARDWARE o APPLIANCES FERTILIZER o ORCHARD SUPPLIES AXminster 6-0226 H. W. DIXON K. J. LEWIS Compliments of THE PADRE PHARMACY 'k Telephone 2452 160 South Murphy Sunnyvale Greetings from an - ensues 1 A New Model BARBECUE 5 81 10 CENT STORE With - Re-fl Warming Oven Pat. Applied lor 186 South Murphy Sunnyvale, Calif. VlC::,LI:,lf::tl?::?0N ' at El Camino Real Santa Clara, Calif. SEI.IO'S DEPOT BAKERY TINO RODRIGUEZ, FIRPO GUTIERREZ, Props. Hot Rolls and Bread Every Day at 12 Noon FINE CAKES AND PASTRIES OUR SPECIALTY 121 Murphy Avenue Sunnyvale Phone 3674 P. J. SERVICE Associated Oil Products Washing o Polishing P. HODCSON Sunnyvale SUNNYVALE REALTY 8z MATTHEWS STORE Real Esae X N nsurance MI IE tte I SKY!! U CWC. ' 0 , X cal rx JN' ji X 'x ui 1. Morwear Paints Westinghouse Appliances RANGES o RADIOS W A REFRIGERATORS 323 Sou IUFIW ' SunriYva alif. AA :N Phone 3461 220 South Murphy I I V J X l V I. i PI1oneSunnyvalc2479 e MARTIN F V W1 KAY ELECTRIC Co. 'DRY CLEANERS Electrical Construction I Pickup and Delivery Hotpoint Appliances 0 Hoffm n T-V Qualig0E:Ii?3ti31if5Z?1our Roy W. KAY, Owne Q' Telephone 2391 ' ' i h S l ,C l'f ' 294 SO. Murphy Sunnyvale 31 ,A UTP Y unllyva e a 1 ornla ' ws I ?, p , -Q EN ' ' vs 5 N! 1' E ' -ST 95 ' 4' I uf 3 L J 1 's 'I x T if 11.1 ' W, J f J! D ' v x Tr . A KJV my ' 35 - wi 337 U. J X d A 3 h P , 5 Jo ,eb 3 E J 3 N Q O I3 v , Q2 Q U9 Q x- N , V, Q1 y ,.52i'k"i We TRY he jff . 0 35 ' J Z A E-if S 'J X ' X NX' QV! in 5 S 3' 'X x . 'TRN fr Q E2 3 ,J D' x X J 80 1 ,' W V J I ' N ji 954 5 V3 To X ,.f " Y, J ww A MV, , H , ,f If A,,4 ,U 741W 'Z w 'X x . 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Suggestions in the Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) collection:

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