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 - Class of 1950

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'D f? f1:f LW ? ,swf -f5 ,ff5p,f W L Lf -fl-W 9- KW Vgggmfmigfjwfgggg U ' ffgffll-"f'l,,kLLJP"'E7 X 5 M .41 O aw JM..,mmf m, L61-fC'AJ57'0'L I'-' 5112222323 24? Efiifiguiwi mn gig? af? H I 4, A L V W fi fl 1 S 1 -7 mix A "1 Q 5 'sy Wwt ,ff LZZXXJ J Sf . egg? 1 of I ,J If :Xi J ff 'L i' N wb' , :O 4 X - Q Jlfbfh, M414 1 W f 1 . g H flfmfyf Q'Qn,,,,4 I J ' A+1l 2- XY+A . N. "UL 1, . . ' X L' . - - 4 EK .J7 ' X' ,Fw gr '77 f .. ' A fwfg "" jW I L , f QQ 1 GN 48' b MM ,f -NN J -iffy f 1 "fN glyyf, 87 - Joo,n'xCL - H ' M , WW WMM! W af .1 K, fi I K wax. Vx, 1 Fm R A M at Em' ' I , 1 ll-21.1 I L-if I fb V 1 , ' rl , In w rf 1 df, . W X U 4 1 E 1 U In 1 ,J 3 1 1 1 A I M Y 1 ' . ,-fr? s I v . x , '51 S , E2-I-Ebx XE K1 . -. 9 , P X 5 f - x , in 31 Y H .Iv . -- V ' , 1: j k: 2 ,, ,gf ft 1----, - me--AMw-0 'A ' M 1----x -if - -'M t v ' " - " " ' V -' ' V " ' g gg , ,,, af. -1, ' "V-H Mtg" -:wgag 5 M C33 A ' ' ' 1, 292 WWF xi 2 gk Jixgrkclgqg QE Q i, ' EXXUXXX X Egg SE: ' . . 1 . 4 ,xo W I, .F A Af pazzqwfw 1949-1950 4 Published by me , 1 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ' ' - xl FREMONT UNION HIGH scHooL j- SUNNYVALE CUPERTIN6 ' v I l i, . . 1 pun fwafiaqe This year, as we all know, marks the 26th anniversary of our Fremont Union I-ligh School. As we stop to look back to the school's beginning, we find that it has grown both in enroll- ment and in facilities. However, "growth" does not necessarily mean simply getting bigger. "Growth" also can become synonymous with "progress" And because of this, "Growth and Progress" has been chosen by your editorial staff as the theme for the 1950 Yearbook. Let us look at our own beloved Fremont. Like the county, state, and the nation itself, our school has become larger. For example, in order to meet the increased enrollment and in order to give you a fuller and wider experience in your school, we have added many new courses in arts, crafts, and shops - for the athletic department, many acres of land have been leveled and planted to turf, large areas have been paved for outdoor sports, the football field is bordered by a quarter-mile track with a 220-straightaway, and a lighted football field and steel bleachers have been added much to the enjoyment of the community- and we are in the process of acquiring twenty acres of land, new classrooms have been built, a music building is in the process of being built and many other buildings are in the blueprint stage. Our school has become larger in physical properties. And we are proud of this progress. But we also are happy that we have a solvent student organization that finances a well-equip- ped band, buys the best in athletic gear for its teams, that has a smooth-working point sys- tem that gives worthwhile awards which are of life-long meaning to the winners, that has a traffic squad and a student court, and that has a recreation center. l could go on about our counseling, guidance, and our testing. Cur athletics have reached an all-time high and should continue to be satisfactory. Yes, Fremont is bigger and better. Looking back, we find the school has shown both Hgrowthu and "progress," And we also find that the class of 1950 has contributed more than its share towards this advancement. Thank you and congratulations for a job well done! A. c. STEVENS, JR. 225 Unfortunately most of us have not really known Mr. Iefferson Mulkey as a friend and teacher until our senior year when we attended one of his Senior Problems classes. In these classes he has been of great assistance in helping the seniors select a vocation to follow after graduation. As a teacher his meticulous habits, probably obtained in his several years as a practicing lawyer, have been an example for us to try to follow. As a friend he has always given us a helping hand whenever we have needed it. He has been a resident of the community for over twenty years and in these years has been actively interested in community affairs. This interest carries over into his classes where his students are made aware of what their responsibilities as citizens and voters will be when they graduate from high school. Although early in his career he studied to be and practiced as a lawyer, he later turned to teaching. At Fremont it has been his responsibility to help hundreds of seniors both in the class room and in his capacity as senior adviser in making the adjustment from students to adult citizens of the community. Therefore, it is with sincere appreciation for his friendship and teaching that we respect- fully dedicate our Pathfinder to Iefferson Mulkey. 'W I nun H 1 54' f 1 A t . ,',t . 5 t ,:3:,,. -K We would also like to dedicate this book to the memory of john Barnes, sophomore, who was active in sports, the Future Farmers of America, and other school activities. 1 1 T x I I I O n X , 3 - ' "5 .X K 1 , , LN! X V X ' 4 1 A F , , s , K ,. 4 . . , 1 7 T A . t ,, K K , , X X 1 1, n ' ff 4 I 1 V v N f w 1 I 1 A v Y Y i E 4 Y M ,J fr. 1 4 , I " 7 ' vf:'V.-.Qu . Kagan A. J .,ff1f:,'2:,,:,,, .V -yi . 'A' ' 1-V ' :Fc '4--sa. -WM. -vi" 'num 9306- 'N f, J W. 4 va VA ' M 'V -V ,MSWWQ yy? 1 wf WM ,7,,,., A MMM., .,,,,..N,,, ,W , M-MW m...m..,,-...,.,M -- , H f,fw:nwv,-.. W 'A N V - MH' Q W..-, ,.,,,,,m M.. ,,,,,, ,QV ,G ,, WM-My -ff-cum , -ba-vw-M-.,.4. f-.Mm M - M' .wwf GM uv-an-an h'4w.f.44:m" an ,M , 0 .L ,, , M, .W A f Vw .W ,.w..,,,.,, ,,.-Q M., W ww.-w Y M.. - QQ.n Www ,...,..-M-WN, ,MM ww. ,M ""V0'hX"-nr wfovOWvVifwuwrmnsevMwn,14f+wymw'Wffcvlhf "AQ ' , if 'f'-Av' .f, x , M-,w 1 , , 'WM mr, x fwfr- M10 f- M-H vf 1: 'w""'wf,qupww'f ,, ,..,,, .. ,Q A ,,.. ,.,,,w,,,,, .,, ,,,, ,I ,.,.f,, H., X" ' 'f:?Q,a'wCG5',,x.fy.'1'WK'SM?Pf,liWfu1L,,, asf- vwsvfpn,,"f1Q?Q 1 ,,,,, , ..,,- , ,.,, ,,,, Z-,,,,,,,, W., . ,WW 4 'X X-,gy , ...AW nw M 2, 5 ,Mawr fx x S : ,Jwr-Mama. , Huw ' va, .wwnzm ww... S E !?K9,4,KLf"'5'll"'7fJ'f I f , ,,,,L.,f' .,.,,, f I, , ,,M,,,,,, , M, I , ix 2 A I , ,N 9,4-Mx., 1 ,yupwwfwt-fam, A 75 5"',, 'Ly 'WHKLKY .V ' ' Z' C UW M Q W? f ., in V, 3 , .V f ., -W ' M. wwf- -Af: . . V WWW W x XX ' aw...-V-W-e.v..-aw.g.,..Y,q-.,.mz.-j S ,, f ww +- ' ,um A . , .if f fm . f Wm,X:,,, , W. N f , 917' I I M X . .. . V ' V L. ,Q , 1 , :rf ,ag N W ffegyb A .R , sk ie,3gg.i,!y8. , ' R s., fl , Baafzcf of '7fLuA,Z'ee4 L. Bocks C. Meinccke H. Diesncr E. Harriman L. Paviso I 4 77 HJ P. T. A.: Mrs. W. Sousa, Mrs. A. Saich, Mrs. H. Thompson, Mr. A. C. Stevens, Mrs. F, Boomer, Miss W. Coomb, Mrs. R. Will. Q25 Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Q31 P. T. A. preparing for meeting. Ai. 6 'Fx BDE CT ,ar TOP: Mr. A. C. Stevens, lr., Principal and District Superintendent: Miss Winifred Coomb, Vice Principal. MIDDLE: Mrs. Lucille Dahl, Secretary to the Principal: Mrs. Alice Stewart, School Nurse. BOTTOM: Miss Audrey Smith, Registrarg Miss Agnes Wood, Librarian. 7 9? Sie!! T Q 'W-Q. BACK ROW: Iames 'kTiny" Baxter, John "Sparky" Bernal, Rollie Davis, Dick Tibbitts, John Gomez, Ted Iacobson. FRONT ROW: Angie Berbena, Louis Spencer, Pauline Jemin, Ella Forge, Juanita Iacobson, Manuel Fernandes. S f . A ' fr , ' i .2 X '--ix. U3 Miss M. Lea advises newly organized boys' cooking class. Q21 Mr. Chaplin instructs the after school camera club. Q31 Miss M. Ahlem advises newly organized International Club. Q41 Mr. G. Dorais advises the stage crew for Fremont productions. Q51 Mr. D. Shank and woodshop hoys inspect their workmanship on the 1949 Senior gift. Q61 Mr. D. Pederson instructs a group of future drivers in fundamentals. vmwq .4 1 if ami ,, KS. ADDIE ACIHELPUHI. luxnmurclal Scnmr Advinr hrlr' Lmgur Adxnrvr iS. MURIEL CAMPION ,X'1g4xx.Inx fl1pIrvusmr1 "lufInn.1n Advlfur Iu:I1r11.un Urn I1l.et1-m SS JANE FARRELLY 'IIfI1m,m EIIQIDII fn :I1m.m Adx :wr SS GLORIA IFAXYTHURIII Iwplwl-r11.I1w Adxlrvr Ifflmr RIIII Adu-Il ,HQIMII Il MISS MILDREI7 AHLEM Clhmmxrtry I:rcsI1m.m Adxlnr Sclmwl Amlmtmn IVIR ,IACK CLHAPLIN M.1qI11lxL Shup PImtugr.lpI1y fiARMliNlJ.-XI.Ii IJERNANDES .nn-,I 5pu'cIx Ihpn. 'I-Ixrfpnm Adxlrn R.1IIx fkwnv ALIU-Ir NIR IJENTUN HILL H x ' If I: 12-fP,,.ff15.1i MR. CSEO. XY. AMESJR. U. S. I"I15tury Srnmr Pruhlunu ,Ixmmr Advifcr MR. EDWARD CORNELL Ann' ML-qIx.m1cf MR. CEU, FERNANDEZ DIIILIIQHI CUIIHCII H-mul UI Cluntml flwmmyrcxzul NIR, EIDMUNIJ ,IAUKIH X'-ns.ntmImI Agrlculturr L.nm.ifcgxp1ng If E. A IU MRS. CLAIRE BERGRUN HIJITICIUZIRIIILI Scwmg E H. A. MR. GENE DORAIS MucIxQImcaI Drawing Stxxgccraft MR. CLAUDE FLOCLK B1uIugy Scnnu Drpt. Huzsd MISS MARTHA KENIJALL cmg P. E, Knrlg LL.IguL Curl,-' Spurtb MR. JAMES BUTTCANE Math. Dupt. Hcad Boys' Lcuguu Advmsur MISS DOROTHY DOSSEE Lzxrm I and II Englnlx Il and III C. S. F. Advisur MRS. R. LUUISE GARCIA Hirtory Il School AI'IiIi41tiun MR. NIERRILL KNIGHTON Band Choir Hnrnwny f AI'T-llljllligf MISS MARIE LEA Buys' flmmking Humfnxakirxg Intcrmr IjLC4ll'2ifIIXgjv MISS MAY MORRISON Spanish fflxrclc rnmnx ,lunmr f'ulx'i5r1' MR, DOUGLAS PEDERSUN I7rlx'ura' Iillu.-nr mn Iiznlwrlmll Iflznwluznll MR. HARRY TXYICIG liugllalw Ilupr. Huld Srnmr ALlx'm'r Rlllv fflulw Advlarl' MIKS. Girls P. E. Glrlf' Blufk I: Glrlf Sports MR. Snmm' Advmscr Hunur Roll Advxscr Smcinl Studios Hcnd MR. DONALD SHANK Wlmwfldshcmp Scnmr Advisnr MR. ROBERT I. NYILL Ikinmpnl nf Evrmng Sclmul Dnrvcmr Vmml Educzltimm Physica FLORENCE LINDSEY JEFFERSON MULKEY I O .tw-W, -, ,f-,ff MR. JOHN LORR -lumur Advmcx' Art Crafts MISS CLAIRE NUNAN U. S. Hxstcwry F, T, A. klumur Advixr MRS. MARY SMITH Pzltldllndvr fflncl' Ermlunzm Hxbtury Qmll :md Scroll 11 MRI MARTY IVIATHIESIQN Bc1yQIJ.E. Bgnbkurlmll Tmcl-c INIR. RAY OVERHOUSE FrL'flxm.m Ornunfzxtlfmn Buy! P. E. MR, KENIUALL STANKQER Bm'-' P E I:wutl"1xll lhfflmll MISS ISERNIKIE MENC2 f1:fmn14'rc1.1l Ihpr. Hlfnl Cl, S, E Allxl-In S-num' Cllmx AIIMM 1' ELIZAIIETH IJATTILRSON Emglxxlx I Ifumgll I .md II Tmfllg Sllxlull M.-XRHIURIE STL'l'lLlVI.-KN Algllwdn I Bvlwxlw- Ivlnlx En -lmmrw .-Mlwxlu aww, GMM f W ff? .1 W f if: . ' 'ww f , ' Q V, JM., gf, f J f , ., K f , 'f 'Z' V43--,z:w"L.,, " ff f':'?W. X' w 1 ' f 25,2 f myfff if Fi y, MMG: Q 1: -' 'f'f'f'A4c -Q52-' 2 W-fxsfkkzfwgf A - ,. ., m,Mlwv,l 53:13 A 'MW wwe? Elan of 1950 Q11 john Mesa, president. QU Peter Martin, vice-president. HJ QFFICHRS: TOP ROW: Harry Holstein, Peter Martin, john Mesa. BOTTOM ROW: june Webb, Bernice Tibbitts, Betty Mardesich. Blau As we look back over our four years at Fremont, the changes that have been made here always serve to make us slightly amazed. Fremont has come from the spot of a minor school to the position of a major one. The changes here have been in all fields - in our band, which is now one of the best bands in the area, in our dramatics, where directors are producing some very fine plays and have developed some of the students into accomplished performers. Per- haps what is the most noticeable of our upgrade steps is in athletics. There has been modernization around the school in the way of buildings. A new wing has been built with all the modern conveniences and is now in use by English and History classes. Plans for more improvements are being made. With the type of students that we have here, we can rest assured that Fremont will stay where she is now, on top. And as you and I, or any former student, look back after graduation, we will all be able to remember Fremont as one of the foremost schools in the valley. - LeRoy Kirkish 14 r T JR K. ,- QU Santa comes to the Christmas Ball. Q21 Scene from the Senior play, uStage Door." My journalism Christmas Party. C45 Trophy heing awarded to Mr, Stangcr after foothall champion- ship. HJ A closefup of uStagc Door," Q65 A Senior class Christmas party. Semin Snopfi Simons WITHOUT PICTURES: PATTI FRANK, JAMES BOGGS. ROBERT MAYNE, BOBBY NOBLES, FRANCIS THOME, KEN SMITH, TOMMY XVHEELER. 15 HILL ABERSOLI7 Track 1, F, 4 Football 3 Bawlsnll 1 RAY BERNAL Vvllmullimg ' 3 7 -,.,4 Track ,, R, 4 F. F. A. 2, fl, -I Block F 2, 3, 4 it-A JACK ALLEN IVROBERT BEVERIDGE Projcctionist I, 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Bafuhall Mgr. 1 -'ff-45' ,ga l ,IUNE BARCUS PETER XV. BAUER C. S. F. Scalbunrcr Pathfinder 3 E. T, A. 3, 4 Orchestra 1 MICHAEL BIHN MARGUERITE BLETZ Studcnt Council 3 Transfer 4 Board of Control 4 F, T. A. 4 Sr. Trip Commlttcc -4 Volleyball 4 Girls' Sports 4 PROIIERT BENNETT Bziskuthnll I, 2. 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Bzischnll 3, 4 Track I. Z, 3, 4 NIILDRED BOGDANOVICI Choir 1, Z Studcnt Council 4 fi , -q ,x iw, Q , ,J Q. A YN!" LsROY BOYER HFRED BUNNELL GEORGE BUTTNER JOSEPH CAMARDA Tramfff Iqwd 4 E. E. A. 3, 4 Transfer 4 Track 7., 3 Trzinsllcrrcd tu Iowa 4 HUUUI' R011 4 Band 1. 2. 3. 'l Block F 3, 4 Traffic 3 'YARBARA CLARKSON JZIDON CONLEY ROBERT CONNELLY CLEO CORDERO G1rIQSptvrK: I, 1, 3 Fnotlmll 1, 1, 3, 4 Baseball -1 Christmas Pageant 3, 4 Chief 3 Truck 1, 2, 3, 4 Trginsfur Vallejo 4 Senior Play 4 Gxils' Block F 3, 4 Block F 1. 2, 3, 4 junior Play 3, 4 Ducorqzttng 2, 3, 4 Theiplfm 3- 4 4 Fvh ruary 1951 Gruduritt-5 16 M "wg, 'AW ANGIE CHUCK Chief 3 Girls' Block F 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4 ELVIRA COSENTINO Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Assistant 3, 4 F. T. A. 4 F. H. A. 1 THERMON DALE Truck 2, 3, 4 Archery 2 EUGENE DQSOTO Basketball 1, Z Pathfinder 3 Chief 3 TMANUEL DANNA ANNGIHE LIILEONARDO f,. S. F. 1, Z, 1, 4 Scnlbcarcr Honor Roll 3, 4 SLudunt Council 3 5 KW, ,, W, GILBERT ECKERT Bnskurhnll l Rilh' Club 4 Truck Z, 3, 4 Block F 3, 4 IVIELISA FOREMAN Tr.1l'Hc 2 Girls' Sports 2, 3 F. H. A. 3 9 '9Q5,,4m BARBARA DAVIS Choir 2 Class Play 4 Rally 4 Pathfindcr 4 ALFRED DIONNE Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, Z, 3, 4 Bzistbzill Z Block F Z, 3, 4 4'4", 4 l , I ,F 4 fF V , MANUEL ESCALERA Stutluut Body Ofliccr 2, .w, 4 Block F1,2,3,4 Balsuhall 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 MASAU FUKUNIOTO Activity Point Scc. 3, 4 Chici' 3, Editor 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4 Studcnt Court 4 ALLEN FECHT Football I, 2, . Track Z, 3 ,IOHN GAIVIBLE Stagc Crux' ,Iumor Play Z Assumblics 3, 4 Christmas Paguziut 4 Frlmrixnry 1971 Graduates 17 , Y 1232 X V f 4 ,W H -,.f'w - , 5 ff Z" 1 1 rf 7 f, fs. Y A ' A I, Ai ROSE Dt CICCO CECILE DIONNE Class Asscmlwly Z Choir 1 Girls' Block F 3, 4 Christmas lhgcant I ,fmt .W PU 5. 4 vw 'W SZJAMES DEDRICK Track 2, 3, 4 XYrc5tl1ng 2 Baseball Z ROBERT DOZIER Football Z, 3, 4 Track 1, Z, 3. 4 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4 journalism 3, 4 A ',.f F J ,, Af , fiw ,ffl KATHERINE FELTROP Pzitlilindcr 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 3, 4 Asscmhlics Z Girls Sports 3 LORRAINE CIANNECCHINI Choir' 1, 1, 3, 4 Scmor Play 3 ljathfiridcr 1 Christmas Pagczint 3. 4 Rv. ,,, ff' VICTUR FIDIAM Class Prusidtrit Z, A Footlazill 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, Y, 4 Block I: 1, 2, 3, 4, NELL GIANNETTO Girls' Sporrs 1, 2, -, Drama 3, 4 Board of Comtrol N, 4 fhrls' Lroigiic 4 Z3 TONY IQIMINEZ RICHARD HAMMOND Transfur Bcllarminc 2 Class Ufliccr Z Track 2, 3 Football 3 "!"""J?' ROSARIE GONZALES Clhmr 3 Rally 4 Clare Asrcmlxly 1. Z, ,IOAN HARLAN Girls' Lcaguc 3, 4 Clam OfHccr 3 Chiuf 3, 4 Rally 4 f"'Q :AEIUXYARD GRAY Board uf Control I F. F. A, Z. 3. 4 CLIFFORD HARRINUTON Cllicl' 3, 4 Pathliridcr 3, Editor 4 Christmas Pagcant 3 .lunior Assumlvly 3 LORRETTA CIROTHEER Trans. Mtri. View I Girls' Lunguc R. 4 Rally -I Senior Play 4 ALYCE HAUMESSEUR Choir 2 F. H. A. I, Z Girls' Luagur 4 Class Asscmlwly Z, ' 'VW' arm Pi 01' LUUISE HAIVILIN Tramirr Idahu 3 BONNIE HAYNES Mzivinircttu 3, 4 Dranin 3, 4 Thcspian -I Rally -I E-'Z-f ff i 7. QA, 'Uv T ,I 'Q Aim. M9047 ' "lbZf.f,,,w " ' , Aff . .. -. 4?-"1-wi' ROBBIE HEATH ,IUNE HEIDINGER Band 3, 1, 4 Yrll Lfzidfr 2 Pathfindir 2. 3, 4 Rillll' 2- Rl' 'l Uirlri Spifrt: Z ffhilll' 2. -I Thi-spian 3, 4 HELEN HILL ASANII HIRASHIIVIA parhhmj,-r 3' 2, 4 Qirlb- Spun Z. 2, 4 Honor Roll -I fYlfl5 I-UYIIUC l limwi- Play 3, 4 ,luurnalism -I jvfugc 1' 2, R, 4 Girl! Block F 4 BARBARA HENSON XVALTER HEUER CHARLES HIATT Clare Afsfmlwly I, Z, 5 Traflic 3, Captain 4 Tennis 1, 2, 3. 4 Ushcruttc I, Z, 3, -I F. F. A. 3, 4 C. S. F. Sealbczircr Transfcr Bcllarminc 3 Thcspian 3, 4 Student Council I. DONALD HIROSE HARRY HOLSTEIN BEVERLY HOLT Transfur San jusc 3 Football l, 1, 3, -I Choir 3, 4 Ffmzlwzill 3 Ui tam 4 ' ' , HP Bluqk F 3, 4 Fclaruary 1951 Graduatin- 18 Basil1allI,2,3, 4 fragk 1, -, 3, 4 Girl! Bluck F 3, Student Body Oflicir 4 Blnqk F I, 2, 3, 4 CllasfAbbcn1h1y R ELIZABETH HUBERT C. S. F, Sualbcarcr Student Council Girls' Block F 2, 3, 4 F. T. A. 3, 4 CHRIS JENSEN Drama 2, 1, 4 Tlxcspizxns 2, F, 4 Class Assembly I, Z, 3, 4 Student Body Ofliccr 4 FRED IMAHARA Transfer 4 jOAN IILLSON Choir 3 F, H, A. 3 Riflc Club 4 Trzinslur Iowa 7 ,IOAN IIVIHOF Traffic 3, Caption 4 Rally 3, 4 Ubhcruttu 3, 4 Choir l, 2, 3. 4 GEORGE ,IIMINEZ 'Vi if -I-.av Rnd' .., . , , 'msd' LEROY KIRKISH Honor Roll 4 XVAYNE LQFTIS Football 3, 4 Track l, 2. 3, 4 Block F 2. 34. 4 Committuc of "IS U4 :::,IIM LA COUR -I-YZIIISIIUI' Crcgon 3 MARILYN LONEY Transfer Sun josc Rally 3, 4 Drama 3, 4 Girls' Sports 3 ADELL LARA Girls' Sports I, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Block F Z, 3, 4 Choir 3 Chief 3 BILL LUNG Transfer Niupn 4 Chief 4 Studcnt Council 4 Trnmc 4 :ifFchru1iry 1951 Gruduntcs I9 :FJAIVIES INGLIS Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 'l, 3, 4 Baseball I Block F Z, 3, 4 LOUBERTA IQNES Transfer 2 Orchestra 2 Drama Z AUGUSTINE ,IELESKO Band I, Z. 3, 4 Orchcbtrzn I MERI ELLEN KATICICH Thcspian 3, 4 Girls' Block F Z, 3, 4 Rally 3, 4 C. S. F. Z, 3, 4 f5b,,,,f fwfr .vw- rv- W A., xr BEN LARA FDNVARD C, LAVJN Football 3, 4 Trungfur Oakland 1 XXIICSIIIDQ 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. 3, 4 Track 3 WCECII. LOWREY F. F. A. 4 HARULIJ IFJ. LOWREY I KOBERT MAHRE Baseball 2, 3, 4 Foutbnll 2, 3, 4 Bluck E 3, 4 IEORGE MCGINNIS Football I, 2, 3, 4 Block E Z, 3, 4 Wrestling 1, 2, F, 4 Track 2, 5, 4 BETTY ANN MARDESICH Class Ofliccr 3, 4 ihrls' Lcaguc 2, 3, 4 Tlxcspman 3, 4 ,luurnalmsm 4 WCIHARLES McKAIG Track I, Z, 3, 4 Tcnms 3. 4 Fuotldall 4 Block F 1, 3, 4 9"""'!Y' .,,-...1-v W' 'granule-4 KIOHN MESA Fuurbztll 2, 3. -l Basltutlwall I, 2, 3, 4 Track l. Z, 3, 4 Studcm Court 2, 3. :FTONY MORENO Fuotlmll 1, 2, 3. 4 Track I, 2. 3. 4 Block I: 2, 3, 4 Class Ofllccr 1 Ml. 'Y' f-1 NICHOLAS MARDESICI-I B Bztsltctlwzxll Z, 3, 4 Student Body Ofllccr 4 Track Z, 3, 4 Band 1, 2.3 ARBARA McKEE Class Assrmlwly I, 2, 3. Umrls' Spurts 1. 3, 4 ff., IRPETER MARTIN Euutlwztll I. 3. 4 Bztsclwztll I. Z. 1. 4 Track I, Z Block E I, Z, 3, 4 :FBEVERLY MEADOWS IHELORES MARTINEZ Quill :mtl Scrull 3. 4 lhrls' Sports Z, 3 I':1tlxlImlt'r 3, 4 Clmifl 3 DONALD L. MEEK Tramsfvt' Mt. Vxrw 2 Stngc Cruw Z, 3, 4 Thuspizms Z, 3. 4 Drama fl, 4 'Qt lx 19" MAE MITSUNAGA Tmnslcr Szmtn Clam - Girls' Sports 2, F, 4 4 Chun' Z Glrlsl lilt-Qlx F 4 HELEN MORITA Trunsftr 4 fluff -l Quill :md Scrull 4 QW 33 fl 24143: A : s 5,-'tv VITY f- 435 1 rife?-:f.,T,, I :,' ' V V ,. lll. I ,IL L . Fc IN RALPH MOORE, JR. C. S. E. Scallwcztrcr ROY MORRIS Em-tlwall 3, 4 ru.ary Wil Uraduzxtgs 20 I Ah ANNE MORENO MANUEL MORENO Cholr 3 Fuutlwnll 1. 2, 3, 4 Class Asscmlwly 3 Truck I, Z, 3, 4 Rally -l Block E 3, 4 Fmmtlwall 3, 4 IINX MULNIX GAIL MYERS F Choir I, 2, 3, 4 Class Uflicrr I Chief 3, 4 llumur Play 4 Girls' Lualgllc 3 Tlxfsplan 4 H Rally 4 "Stags Iluur 4 ORLANDO ANTHUNY ORTEGA PATRICIA OSLEY lnrls bports 1, Z, 3, 4 Truck 1, Z, 3, 4 Yell Leader 2 Bulls' 4 Black F 1, 2, 5, 4 Rally 1, s, 4 bwrudent Council 4 Football 4 fll 5- F. S,a1bC1,,-cr Cnrls' Block F 4 Committee of "IB" 4 Patliliindur 4 NANCY il-'ARKER PATRICIA PATTEN MARILYN PEARSON Qirlsy Sports 3, 4 Girlz' Sports Z, 3, 4 Transfer 3 Girls Block F Z, 3, 4 Traffic 3, 4 Choir 3 Cllllil' 7- Girls, League Pres, 4 Chief 3 Class Assembly 1 F, T, Ar 4 CAROL PAIGE Ivfajorettc Z, 3, Head 4 Thcspmn 3, 4 C. S. E. 3, 4 Girls' Sports Z, 3, 4 :IKENNETH PEER Track 1 Q' 5 E7 1, z IW' W u PETER D, PANGRACS Transfer Bellarmine 3 Sporrb 3, 4 Christmas Pageant 3, Block F 3, 4 MARILYN PERKOV Student Court 4 Thespian 3, 4 C. S, F. 1, 3, 4 Girls' League 1, 3, 4 J4:ELIZABETI'I PODLESKI ROBERT POEN Girls' Sportb 3 Football 1, 3 Basketbznll 1, 2, 3, 4 Basebzlll 1, Z, 3, 4 Student Body Olicer 4 NIARILYN REYNOLDS IIFRANCES RISNER Trguislier Uzil-clnml 3 Student Council 3 Honor Roll 3, 4 NANCY CHARLEN Transfer San lose Class Assembly Z Radio Acting 3 Uslierette 4 LORRAINE SAICH Yell Lender 2, 3, lie.x Rally 2, F, 4 Drama Z, 3, 4 Tlaespmn 4 Felwruary 1951 Cranlilateb 21 WV ffl! E PUGI-I MIKE RAMOS DOROTHY RAY 'W Honor Rull 4 FRED S,-XNCI-IEZ, JR, TONY S.-XNCLHEZ NFRANK SANDERS ALICE SASAO Track 1.2, 3, 4 C1,S.F.l,l.1,4 Bzmsrlmzmll l Hmmmmemr Roll OHSA-I 3. 4 Blsmck F 1, 2, 3, 4 Gmrli Spfmrtw 2, 3, 4 ALYCE SILVEIRA TILLIE SIMON Hand 4 Trxmfliz X' 4 filrlsj Blvmck F Z, 3, 4 Uxrlfk Spurtw 2, 3. 4 TrgmH1c 4 Hrmmmmrr Rnmll 3, 4 Trznmmplcr Iv1.mrmtL'c4m Z I5 Lgxri sm4nmmfFNER Nmiumr Cmmxrmul 1, J. 4 Rumi 2. 3 Drama 3, 4 Srmmdrrmt Bwdy Pro. 4 HH RRELL SINCILAIR Tnmck 1.1. 3, 4 Iihmqk F Z. 3, 4 fx 'CW cf 5' FRED SHUNIAKF Fcrmmrrvzmll 2. 3, 4 Truck Z, 3 Wrurnlmg Z, 3 Block F 2. 3, 4 ,THAN SINCLATR Clmmr 4 Grrls' Block F 3. 4 Cymrls Sports l, 2, 1, 4 NIANNYFLL Sll.VIfIRA Tl'.l!1b1n'f Szmlm ,I-vsr 4 Fmmrlmmll 4 XYrwrlmmmg 4 XYILLIANI SPFNCIER Trxmrmsfrr Mt. View 4 ,Ilmrmmur Plzmy 4 WGS' Yin? Wim ,parm if 'Un W' MARIE STALIOS SSYLVIA ST. KIRUIX Umrls' Spmmrts 3, 4 fihmf lv 3- 4 Rxmllv 4 ,Iurmmur Thuepmzmn 4 IUSEPHINE TAMAYU BARBARA TANTAU V Pzatlmfllmdrr 3, 4 Thlflwlfn V 4 Gmrlf' Blnmck F Y, 4 R.-Ilm w, llrrlfl Srumrtw 1, 2. F. 4 Mug: 1-4'-4 Rally 4 C. SF m. 4 L, . f., , PAT STOUT FAY STOWELL CONNIII STURDIVANT C1138 Qjffmgrr 1 Gmrlr' Spur s l, 2, 3, 4 Clhwmr l, Z, 3, 4 Clmrls' Lunylxlp l, I fl1rYQ Block F 2. T, 4 Chnl 3 flhlmi 2. 4 Omar 4 Board uf Curmtrol 4 F T A. 4 Gmrlb' Lnzgxmc Z Drgmnmzm 2, 3, 4 AIEANNE THFRKILI5SliN ALLFN THOMPSON IBFRNICIE TIBBITTS Hmmrmmmr Rnmll 1, 4 Bafkrthnll 1, Z, 3, 4M ffhwir 2, W, 4 llirlx' SI-myfrb 2, 1, 4 "A Dzmtc XVmrh Judy 3 Scnmgr Play 3 filmrvftrmmsmf Pzmmgczmnt 4 Truck l, 2, 3. 4 Qlfh Swmrts 1, 2 Smmmr PIM' 4 Block F 1, 2, 4, 4 Class Umar 4 lm.mrm' Ui Cm uzmrrs Fir ll d '77 fi u HE MARY TOMIN.-XGA I HELEN TURRE Trzxnslcr 4 ' Trmrflyrrcd ul Nmr MARIE VAN JL- WATER Class Oflkcr CR 9 F 4 ANNETTE VIAZ ..L.. Pahfmdpr 3, 4 Chmr 2 Ihruv ERONIA BETH TOLQSSAU flhmr 3, 4 Sxxrnrmlng I, 3 Vullqlmll 2. F, 4 Cl.rl:' Sp-rrrx l, 3 RAMUNA WALKER flrrla' Bllmk F 3, 4 Chr!! url: ., . P B.u:kutl1.'ll l, -. 1, 4 Vwllcylmll 1, 2, 3, 4 qrllmw, 0""V! 'KW CONNIE TRUWIILLO RUBY WALKER fhrlf' Bluck F I, Y, 4 Clhrqk Rwam 1. 3 E T. A. 4 Sludcnt CLULIUCII 2 IDU? :if '00 ..w' J, L, ,. f 'fi 4 . -fk M24 ' . I V. k . a ir , I 4 , 44 E 'F ' . . 'WN IWARLOXY XVALTER GLORIA XVARD Band l. 2. 3, 4 Tramsfcr 4 Bzrsuluxll l, 3 Hmmm' Roll S GERALD XVILSON LA VERN XVILSON Haukcthnll 1, 2 Clhlul Sports Edlfkll' 3, 4 Wu-szling l. 3 Block F 2 Ummm 3, 4 Quill und Scroll 3. 4 Tlxusplzm 3, 4 Axl""" vs ni" ,. Ai 'W'- f '3'Ur-. JUNE NYEBB MARGARET NVHITE Clnff OFHQQI l. I, 4 Urrlb' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 ,lwllrnzrlrsnx S lllniur Play 3 Grrli Block F 3, 4 N.-XDINE XYILLSON Girls' Block F 3, 4 C, S. E. 3, 4 Band 2, 3. 4 llrrlf' Block F I, 3, 4 Chuck Rcmm 3, 4 :il-'ATRICIA XYIRTHLIN Yr-ll Lmdcr Z. F Rally 2, F, 4 Mllsrc l, 2, 3, 4 Scmur Plav 3 Studcm Cuuncrl 3. 4 inrls Sp-wrts 1. I Fcbruzlry 1931 Graduates 23 STANLEY URIU Flmrlmll 2. 3. 4 Bllwgk E 3, 4 C, S. E, I Hrvnlvr Roll F. 4 DU,-XNE XY.-XLTER Band 1, 3, 4 Truck T. 4 sim' 'W' 25 'N-n.-f' fv- I-""' ff:GARY BRUCE XYILL Pmlrctmnlitl ' 3 4 Srzagl bmw 4 Hwurr' nmmrgrr fur ,luml-r P1,lv 1 ROBERT XYOUIDHKHQSE CLASS OFFICERS 401164 Sam Pisano jimmy Koshiyama Janet Willscuiu President Vice President Secretary IS '99 Sa. R171 .5 9' BACK ROW: B. Podleski, B. Murata, K. Melvin, I. Rannals, D. Roberts, B. Coppe, S. Beebe, Laflin, H. Krause, M. Katicich, Il. Koshiyama. MIDDLE ROW: XV. Kime, C. Hiruta, D. Elledge, W. Preese, Lyrle, S. Sink, G. Thomaf son, D. -lio, E. Mitarai, bl. Lopez, G. Castro. FRONT Row: R. Cole, A. Walias, F. Fichtner, R. Grijalva, R. Mitarai, M. Yonemura, Y. Dionne, B. Saldivar, NN. Miller, D. Regenshurger, E. Chuck, P. Singh. BACK ROW: R. Campos, B. Soso, N. Miller, B. Hefner, D. Patton, M. Peer, S. Yasukawa, D. Leeper, E. Adel' man, D. Titsworth. S. Elie, A, Hendricks, K. Herman, M. Cornelius. MIDDLE ROW: D. Tomeo, Campbell, R. Silva, M. Shaw, E. lames, M. Smith, S. Afanaclor, D. Hughes, C. Westeriskow, C. Heath, Rose, H. Galyean, L, Plants, P. Vvfallin. FRONT Row: P. Vasquez, L. Johnson, H. Sanchez, E. Butcher, V. Trujillo, G, Patrick, C. Furesz, G, Clcf ments, M. Plaza. C. Perez, nl. Vslillson, G. Zweigle, M. Silva, R. Horgas. 24 Shirley Zarko .leanette Olson Billy Jurevich Treasurer Social Manager Sergeantfatffirms 49' ' . nvfsf 3 NS' BACK ROW: T. Brazington, ul, Bianchi, 1. Lewis, R. Cowan, DI. Butler, G. Frisbee, L, Aldersun, S. Pisancm. B. ,luref vich, Knotts, R. Giannetto, L. Himan. MIDDDLE Row: M. Komenovieh, M. Menacho, j. Kawazoe, I. Mulnix, S. Mulkey, K. Penfold, S. Phipps, L. Lolli, 1. Menacho, R. Chavoya, N, Braun, D. Boyd. FRONT ROW: P. Hafsos, B. Paden, S. Zarko, B. Diehl, L. Paiya, Mahre, I. Wittle, S. Mclntosh, P. Price, R. Massebeau, E. McGinty, A. Calf houn, F. Kennedy. BACK Row: D. Vierra, L. Wishoxu, C. Perry, D. Wilszmn. P. Grifhn, M. Miller. VU. Hill, B. Jones. C. Dwwnard. B. Hisaw, B. Pfeiffer, N. Webber, G. Griffin, Y. Fukumoto, A, Freitas. MIDDLE ROW: M. DeMarco. B. Drummer, G. Gilliam, Porter, D. Fisher, B. Stevens, H, Imokawa. R. Vallotton. C. Fitzpatrick. L. Vw'ilsOn, E. Burgess. A. Brocamontes. FRONT ROW: S, Tsuehimoto, S. Laughead, R. Garcia. E. Richardson, l. Olson. F. NX'u1atske. M. Morris, Vs7illiams, H. Williains, D. Vs7asson, L. Edwards, S. Ito, E. Poulman. D. Oldfield. 25 'rl Qlf2j Scenes from the Junior Play, "George Washington Slept Here." Q35 Members of Junior Assembly cast, Q41 U. S. History Class in action. Qij Basic Class having their Christmas party. Q65 juniors at work in the Library. anim Snwpd 26 ff' HLXEQV Qgmtlfml 2 i Qlflj Action from Sophomore Assembly. CSD Siclelight of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. f4j Initiation in Progress. 1961 Freshmen presenting their talents in the Freshman Assembly. 6-71La4Jz am! Sepia 5nczp4 Cin CLASS OFFICERS 807160411048 lacl-c Adamson Gwen McDaniels Rosemarie Flores President Vice President Secretary L!! ,Vi MQ, . F :lem 'if Viv' -fm! BACK Row: M. Roberts, S. DeLano, Harrington M. Mackey, M. Panttaja, G. Myers, K. Martin, E, Rodriquez, V. Balga. Mll7lDLF Row: W. Vallotton, H. Mardesich, P. Orlando, I, Webb, H. Shinn, M. Freeland, I. jones, 1. Mehling, j. Blair, G. Strom. FRONT Row: B. Atwood, B, Calhoun, R. Bermudes, B. Moore, P. Lara, B. Sams, Adamson, E. Lara, Brantley, R. Isle. BACK Row: D. Abinante, D. Fielirnann, B. Reynand, G. Benson, D. Boatman, B. Tantau, D. Bennett. MIDDLE Row: L. Becker, C. Lewis. M. Freeman, Teixiera, G, Lara, Giminez, D. Isidow, T. De Vita. FRONT Row: R. Anderson, B. Turley, C. Mann, D. Seglwi, A. Menetry, R. Flores. A. Curran, V. Gallo. 28 Blau Dorry Lou Moore Loretta Beeker Donal BOHUUHU Treasurer Social Manager Sergeantfatffxrms D ,If ,VKX lf A iw' A fx ' 1'4" 5' 6' ff -Wx 'Ze fr BACK ROW: T. Crane, F. Huxtable, E. Knezevieh, D. Vsfhitman, D. Nelson, B. Sosha, M. Grijalva, G. MeDainels, P. Maeicrz, S. Dedriek, Ma1'deSieh. MIDDLE Row: S. Uycda, lshimatsu, K. Nakagawa, S. Hiatt, D. lVleDermott, l House, D. Hughes, S. Poolman, C. Russell, M. Ortega. FRONT Row: A. Rodoni, B. Mart1n, MeAnieh, M Puentes, P. Guterres, B. Palmer, 1. Cuneo, B. Brazington, L. Sayig, V. Terry, K. Oldfield. BACK Row: H. Castillo, I. Cooper, ll. Barnes, M. Wo.Jd, D. Patterson, S. Trujlllo, N. Howard, M. Bouma, F. Boomer, E. Silva, D. Hemphill. MIDDLE Row: P. Orlando, Giminez, D. Monahan, Orlando, Hogue, D Thompson, R. Smith, H. Johnson, R. Palandini, S. Hamm. FRONT ROW: S. Singh, E. Buttncr. M. Patton, C. Olsen D. Lara, T. Callahan, ll. Parrish, R. Arvola, G. Pence, B. Teese, R. Eyer. 29 Soplzamaae Glade!- BACK Row: D. Turner, P. Vs7alker, M. Vvvagner, M. Alvord, A. Chavoya, P. Bihn, B. Espinosa, S. De Sart, tl Vv'illiams, bl. Kight, L. Torres. MIDDLE Row: E. Boyer, L. Gonzales, N. Fitch, Cal:-adas, P. Maulclin. B. Sousa, K McRae, J. Tucker. M. Rutt, I. Smith. FRONT Row: B. Simpkins, De Bello, K. Kawazoe, V. Winigar, H. Ancler mn, C. Selimelc. C. Cook, N. Cowan, C. Reynolds. C. G-vim. L...J M L M' sz: 4-af F5 'J 'P of I ' pf. if F' . Q? M iz: gg., , , ,Ll BACK ROW: N. Torninaga, A. Furtado, F. Flores, Doughty, R. Iasper, D. Berry, C. Peasley, W. Loth, E. Me Kinsey. MIDIJLE ROW: K. Hirashima, -l. Yonemura, E. Mitsunaga, E. Alvise, W. Pack, E. Sinclair, P. Harr, H. Lee l. Rodoni, N. Pugh, D. Moore. FRONT ROW: C. Magee, V. Garcia, R. Garcia, M. Calvillo, E. Meyers, Takata ii. Kawazoye, F. Ramos, G. Hayes, H. Nieto. 30 BACK ROW: Byrom, R. Tompson, S. Curran, Rose, P. Onishi, D. Ring, B. Teixeira, J. Fisher, bl. Miller, XV. Gilmore, P. Huber, B. Parker. MIDDLE ROW: G. Hirashima, K. Gonzales, B. Thome, Choate, K. Salzar, I. Garrett, M. Hayes, B. Chuck, J. Yonemura, B. Gerst, E. Romero, L. Ggle. FRONT ROW: Field, B. Fiehtner, L. Fernandez, K. Price, T. Frank, D. Stevenson, E. Leon, E. Corral, F. Martin, P. Nelson, G. Plaza, D. Barnes. BACK ROW: D. Ausmus, M. Duarte, E. Silveria, G. Martin, D. Baker, L. Koepke, J. Heuer, D. Hill, M, Kerstulof vich, F. Morillo, S. Howard, MIIDIULE ROW: S. Jacino, D. Laflin, Ruiz, L. Gilliam, M. Lozano, V. Walker, M. Wehber, T. Hughes, E. Rihas, M. Ranchioso, Gastleherry, G. Lewis. FRONT Row: D, Freese, M. Silveira, vl. Williaiiis, L. Rogers, G. Langwell, B. Stewart, D. Bennett, E. Yoneniura, R. Regnart, B. Perez, H. Adams. 4 Glaaa CLASS OFFICERS afzafnmaf Norman Pangracf Dick Scgura La Vern Rogers PfGS1dCnt Vice President Secretary 1 I . C i .QQM l I. "' I R- .. rang, A in 1..- BAIZIQ Row: Vl. Norton, l. Navarro, T. Gilliam, M. Montijo, B. Horne, j. Garcia, P. Doughty, D. Montijo, S. Andernon, Y. Bruno, R. johnson, P. Glaugie. MIDDLE Row: B. Higgins, P. Elledge, A. Lopez, A. Bartslie, Tlionipson, VU. Huglics, nl. Harriman, N. Olsen, C. Vvlilsan, M. Gamplvell, H. Heatli. FRONT Row: N. Hoopes, T. Soso. bl. Leyland, G. Chase, G. Riclwardson. R. May, M. Fsclicr, P. Barnliill, L. Glausius, G. Hubert, P. Prusso, B. TblICl11Illk1EKJ, R. Garcia, BACK Row: E. Siko, R. Lyncli. R. Edmondson. P. lolin. R. Cuenca, R. Strong, L. Gsborne, B. Garcia, J. Torres, ln. Garcia, P. Gefalu. lVlIDIJLF Row: K. Sinipkins, M. Baker, Il. Warreii, D. De Sart, l. Dounard, B. Rodriquez, l. Reynolda, N. -Ioslin, VC. Busli, B. Vallotton, P, Estrada. FAUNT Row: N. Mayne, E. Alcock, E, Pierce, B. Andrade, l. Mackey. N. Hclmutli. N. Pangracs, bl. Edwards, gl. Geddes, N. Plummer, C. Acker, Braun. 32 221644 Carl Plaza Richard Lynch Robert Strong Treasurer Social Manager Sergeantfatffxrms D' 5 ffl ,V 32 -f'-N,- BACK ROW: D. Trujillo, D. Morse, Swalley, B. Navarro, H. Yasuda. A. Garcia, R. Vasquez. V. Tapia, M Keyes, Grotheer, V. Bartlett. MIDDLE Row: Webber, G. Monger, Nakayama, G. Ewig, M. Lorenzo, D Dierhing, E. Clements, C. Nose, C. Velasqucz, S. Peden, Besana, M. Clark, L. MoragL1es. FRONT ROW: M. Bailey R. Bo, R. Dutra, Hart, Cole, E. Moore, G. Bogdanovieh, L Inglis, D. Calhoun, F. Howell. Eckert. Bfxcziq ROW: T. Costa, G. Hoskins, R. Pfeiffer, B. Pfeillz, R. Deming, L. Terry, hl. Cefalu, Sosha. G. Nleincclce, B. Cook, D. Segura, I. Pompi. MIDDLE ROW: A. Howard, B. Potter, P. Kay, L Harmoning, G. Okajima. B. Bennett. A. Horita, G. Brown, H. Horiuehi, M. Roettger, H. jones. FRONT Row: R. Hazelton, R. Allison. B. NleCullough F. Delvlarco, Grijalva, Sherman, B. Cannon, E. Heath. H. Hammond, M. Lehmann. D. Tucker. L. Swanson N. lmahara. 33 - 1 ,dafzudzea Duane Shotfner BACK Row: N. Mardesich, Treasurer: B. Poen, Spring Sergcantfat-Arms: M. President Escalera. Vice President: C. Jensen, Fall Sergeantfatffxrms: D. Sholfner, President. Manuel Escalera FRONT Row: L. Saich, Yell leader: Porter, Secretary: M. Fukumoto. Activity Vice President Point Secretary: B. Holt, Social Manager: N. Willson, Custodian. fhe Student Council in action. This is the group which recently made up the new constitution, Mr. George Fernandez is the faculty adviser. 36 BOARD OF CONTROL: BACK ROW: Mr. George Fernandez, D. Wasson, M. Bihn, B. Atwood, Choate. FRONT ROW: C. Furesz, N. Plummer, E. Poolman, B. Sosfia, C. Sturdivant, N. Giannetto. Iunorps: BACK ROW: C. Hiatt, Mr. Goerge Ames, M. Fukumoto. FRONT Row: M. Perkov, I. Mesa, I. Wittle. TRAFFIC SQUAD: BACK ROW: Butler, B. Poen, D. Periera, B. Long, I. Imhof, C. Cook, R. Arvola, D. Hughes, FRONT Row: W. Heuer, Miss Patterson, E. Rodriquez, V. Balga, C. Mann, T. Simon, A. Silveria, P. Patten. auefmmeni 0. S. 4. FOFRTH Row: L. Alderson, C. Hiatt. M, Perkov, S. Mulkey, B, Tantau. N, Cowan, H. Lee, M. Panttaja, R. Moore. THIRD Row: Adamson, P. Bihn, Barcus. R. Eyer, L. Paiva, N. X,v7Cbi'5C1'. SECOND Row: D, Moore, C, Furesz, P. Osley, M. Vifood. H. Mardesicli, E. Hubert. S. Pisano. FIRST Row: N. Vs7ills0n, Nxfillson, L. Becker, Porter, R. Flores, Kawazoc, M. Mena-Qho, C. Paige, E. Poolman, A. Sasao, Miss Meng. 'fm I ,af FOVRTH Row: M. Fukunioto. D. Hemphill, D. McDermott, C. Fitzpatrick, C. Harrington, Knotts. THIRD ROW: D, Titfwortli, M. Van dc Vfater, N. Plummer, VW. Huglief, 1. Iones, P. Onishi, M. Smith, M. Katieieh. SECOND ROW: A. Di Leonardo. VI. Ishiiiiatni, Olsen, E. Heath, S. Hiatt, S, Howard. FIRST Row: M. Icnikawa, Geddes, R. Mitarai, A. Hirasnima. Y. Fukunioto. V. Garcia, Leyland, Miss Dossee. k Q15 UPPLR IJIVISION CABINILT MLMBERS: BACK Row: N.Willsoii, L. Aldenon, A. Thompson, J. BUCIBV, M- PCP' kov. Mr. Mulkey. FRONT Row: S. Molkey, A. Sasao, J. Willsori, M. Micsunaga, C. Paige. Q23 LOWER Divisiox Cfxnif NLT IVIEMBERS: BACK ROW: Miss Gawthorpe, E. Poolmiin, -I. NVil1son, S. Mulkey. FRONT ROW: S. Howard, C. Ackcr, QI. Geddes, P. Prusso, E, Moorc. ,J A , . ...1 QU Honor Roll trip to San Francisco. Cookie sale. 39 Jfanaa Rall Aw, BACK Row: D. Meek, C. lensen, R. Lynch, L. Wishinri, P. Martin, H. Holstein, Mr. Knighton, B. Nohlcs, T. Nohles, F. Morillo. l:OL'RTH ROW: L. Himan, D. Fisher, lmhof, A. Rodoni, C. Gwin, B. Hartke, H. Hill, B. Thome. TI-IIRID Row: M. Kerstulovich, N. Braun, C. Shmele, Y. Dionne, R. B. Toussau, J. Sinclair, S. Hamm, M. Plaza, G. Ward, B. Webber, N. Willson. SECOND ROW: S. St. Croix, S. Loughead, bl. Mulnix, F. Howell, G. Hosf kins, M. Lehmann, I. Sherman, -l. Menacho, P. Orlando, B. Higgins. FIRST ROW: G. Pence, B. Pledger. G. Grlando, C. Sturdivant, B. Holt, B. Tibbitts, L. Giannecchini, B. Tihhitts, E. Silveira, L Navarro, V. Tapia, V. Garcia. Soroisrsp BACK Row: joan Imhof, MIDDLE Row: Lorraine Giannecchini, Gae Orlando. FRONT Row: Bernice Tihhitts, Nadine Viillson, Connie Sturclivant. The choir singing forthe Christmas Pageant. 40 BACK ROW: D. Fiehmann, E. Richardson, D. Hemphill, C. Cook. D. Hughes, L. Alderson, bl. Butler, B. Cannon, cl M Mll r D L Moore Mr. Knighton, B, Cowan. FOURTH ROW: P. Macierz, S. Poolman, R. Walker, R. Beveri ge, . 1 e , . . 7 B. Simpkins. THIRD ROW: Lewis, I. Camarcla, L. Glausius, Norton, G. Mason. SECOND ROW: D. Vsfalters, D. Ahinantc, M. Grijalva, S. Mulkey, L. Lolli, P. Bihn, M. Wliite, D. Titsworth, R. Moore. FIRST ROW: M. Wagner, G. Buttncr, B. Palmer, D. Nelson, M. Ichikawa, M. Fisher, M. Peer, S. Hiatt, N. Cowan, L. Salazar, M. Baker. X C OMPANY , 1 MAKIORETTESZ Rachel Garcia, Peggy Price, Carol Paige, Bonnie Haynes, Pat Mauldin. The hand on parade Ewa! Pdhfidea Clillord Harrington. Editor, and Claire Furesz, Associate Editor. PATHFTNDLR EDITORS: BACK Row: C. Furcsz. K. Fcltrop, E. Hubert, H. Hill, C. Harrington. FRONT Row: Barcus, M. Fukumoto, Harlan. XJ TYPISTS AND AD STAFF: BACK Row: J. Pyne, P. Wallin, P. Osley, R. Heath, H. Hill. FRONT Row: B. Davis, I Tamayo, D. Boyd, D. Martinez, C. Heath. QUILL AND SCROLL: BACK Row: B, Dozier. MIDDLE Row: M. Mulnix J. Harlan, H. Hill, Mrs. M. Smith, K. Eeltrop. D. Martinez. FRDNT Row: C. Harrington, M. Fukumoto, 42 C H lu C Harrin ton, B. Long, Mrs. Smith, CHTEF STAFF: BACK Row: B. Dozier, I. Harlan, M. Mulnix. . eat , . g FRONT ROW: D. Boyd, Mahre, P. Stout, M. Fukumoto. CHIEF EDITORS: BACK Row: M. Fukumoto, C. Harringf ton. FRONT ROW: M. Mulnix, V. Wilson, I. Harlan. H l B D ' , H. Hill, M, Mulnix. IOLQRNALISM I: BACK QUILL AND SCROLL: NEW MEMBERS Clxalljz 1. ar an, . omer D W C.Heatl1,S. Beebe. FRONT ROW: K. Pcnfold, A. Hirashima, 1. Mahrc, ROW: S, Pisano, D. Boyd, . asson, 1. Wittlc. Z .Quill 62' Small fbaama llj The Christmas Pageant with Mary and Ioesph. Mary fCleo Corcleroj and her husband fDoii Wilsoxij are on their way to Bethlehem. Q21 The Senior Play cast. 'P flj Mary fCleo Corcleroj talks with the women at the well when she finds she is to be the mother of the Savior Q21 Edith Poolmari tells them how in preparation for Iuriior Play. 44 THIisPIAN MEMBI3Rs: BACK Row: D. Meek, A. Thompson, C. jcnscn, D. Shollncr, J. Wilson. THIRD Row: B Haynes, B. Tantau, C. Hiatt, C. Cordero, N. Giannetto. SECOND Row: Miss C. Fernandes, L. Saiclw, B. Mardesicli, M. Pcrkov, M. Katicicli, I. Porter. FIRST ROW: E. Poolrnan, C. Paige, Heidinger, L. Paiva, K. Penfold. THESPIAts OFFICERS: Heidingcr, Secretary: B. Mardesich, President: Miss C. Fernandes, Adviser: N. Giannctto, Treasurer M. Pcrkov, Vice President. , W. 'YV Ei. QU THE JUNIOR PLAY: "George Washington Slept Here." 121 The formal 'Fhespian initiation dinner. 7A 62. JI. 14. 113 F. H. A. O1fr11c:1iRs: BACK Row: E. Heath, Mrs. C. Bergrun, A. Curran. FRONT Row: E. Romero, D. Barnes. S. Curran. ill F. H. A. MRMHIHRS: BACK Row: D. Stevenson, B. Corral, E. Heath, A. Curran, M. Wood, B. Andrade. FRONT Row: Mrs. C. Bergrun, E. Romero. D. Barnes, S. Curran, M. Lozanu, M. Campbell. HJ FYTL Rr. TEACHER MEMBERR: BACR Row: M. Bletz, N. Hoopes, L. Alderson, S. Mulkey, I. Therkildsen, M. Crtega, R. Walker, j. jones, S. Poolman, E. Hubert, A. di Leonardo, E. Poolman. MIDDLE ROW: C. Furesz, M. Perf kov, P. Price. Burcus, R. Eycr, M. Menaclno, M. White, J. Harlan. FRONT ROW: B. Mardesich, Porter, E. Costentino, L. Paivu, B. jones, B. Sauna, H. Murdesiclm, Miss C. Nunan. 14, F.T.A.INIT1AT1oN: BACK ROW: M. Perkov, V. Vhlson, S. Mulkcy, L. Alderson. FRONT Row: E. Poolmun, P. Price, M. Menaclwo, Barcus, B. Pgxdcn. QI. Porter. B. Mzxrdcsiclu. M. Escaleru. 971. FOURTH ROW: F. Bunncll, G. Bogdanovich, -I. Allen. P. Ccfalu, C. Lowrcy. F. Vwfajotsky. THIRD ROW: G. Ben' son, W. Heuer, L. Iohnson, M. Katicich, Relph, G. Gilliam. E. Gray, F. Boomer, B. Calhoun. SECOND ROW: C. ' A B. T I M. cl s' h, R Bernal, S. Uyeda, T Crane. FIRST ROW: M. Lawn, R. Bermudes, T. Gilliam, E. Lara, antau, . ar e ic . . Silveria, L. Boyer, D. Trujillo, C. McKaig, C, Olsen, B. Chuck, R. Hazelton, B. Lara, E. James, Mr. E. Iauch. 7 3 Q gl 'QQ flj QFFICERS: BACK Row: W. Heuer, G. Gilliam, C. Lawn. FRONT ROW: B. Lara, L. johnson, E. Gray, Mr. E. Iauch. QU Future Farmers in action at an informal initiation. 62.4.14 .Q gif if I l s Razz, BACK Row: M. Stalios. P. Halisos. M. Perkov. C. Paige, R. Gonzales, S. Mulkey, M. Patton, M. Kzxticiclw. N. Giannctto, 1. Taniayo, G. Orlando, Heiclinger. FOURTH Row: House. Olsen, H. Mardcsicli, C. Sturdivant, j. Porter. L. Terry, lznliof. THIRD ROW: B. Mardesicli, L. Paiva. B. Cook, M. Shaw, B. Jones, L. Grotliccr. M. Komenovicln, B, Tantau. SMIOND ROW: L. Sayig. M. Loney. P. Price, B. Haynes, Harlan, P. Wirtliliii. I. Mc' Aninicli, D. Regenslvurger. M. Menaclio, A. Moreno, B. Warlvilrton. FIRST Row: B. Holt, M. Mulnix, P. Oslcy, B. Sostia, G. MeDzmiels, D. Scglii, 1. Sosfia. XVARSITY YLLL LEADIJRS: jackie Malire. Lorraine Saiclw. Edith Poolmzin. TIIIRTY YELL L11A1:r.Rs: 'loann Rodoni. Sabin Poolrnan. Mzirie Ortega. The rooting section that showed all tliut spirit at the guinea. 48 Qlhfd' .feagae SIDE PICTURES: Luggage Day sponsored by the Girls' League. Pat Patten, President Girls' League, and Manuel Moreno, President Boys' League. Don Hemphill playing for the Boys' League meeting. TOP: GIRLS, LEAGUE CABINET: BACK ROW: B. Mardesich, M. Grtega, S. Poolman, M. Perkov, L. Grotheer, A. Haumesser. MIDDLE Row: Harlan, Braun, N. Giannetto, M. Katicich, P. Patten. FRONT ROW: R. Chavoya, K. Penfold, L. Paiva, M. Silveria. .. --""""'M .4nP""' BoTToM: BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET: BACK Row: R. Mahre, N. Pangracs, H. Holstein. FRONT Row: V, Fidiam, M. Moreno, B. Dozier, G. Chase. Ba1f.L'.feag,ae Snqu Qlj End of the Season for Coach Stanger. Q25 Pic eating at the Frosla Frolic. Q31 Knezevich at the Soph Christf mas Party, Q4j Going to the Christmas Ball. Q53 Boys' Block 'XFN selling for the basketball games. Q61 Radio tips from Chris. SO Q11 FacultyfSenior Basketball game. Q21 The Christmas Party for the Faculty. Q31 Boys lend a hand to the girls in decorating, Q41 Soph Hop publicity. Q51 "C" Basketball in action. Q61 Those Christmas Parties were fun! Maw Snwfu Azhleafm -M s f f -Aw., ..l.-.. f ' , H K, ,gn X + f f +5 , ' W' ff xx xg f f f3'A , , 5 g . x 4 . 4 ? X if lc? ' Q X 41 'W Rf gba. "' Q 4 . L . f i x 4 '21-W ul 2 A f r figs 'NT'-', X, Q-,gf gl geffsz 5 ., . Qgm .' gviiiw 'Zg',fZ'.y.. 1 1 f - ,u2f3f'Ef,'4if1' W3 we ' ww ,,,qf,m'::,aag,f ,Mx f ' K' X n if4V5f,fQ-,inn 1 . jg. 4 ' Mfff, ' ' 4, , f 1 W f V .S '- ,, 1725! ,fx fx ff f , V ,,,..,4...,R V4 341- fx? 7 . 01 if 56 ' V , ,. wwvf'7 Nf45x K f , ' V ff x X 912, N , , ff. ,, gf , 'N iw ,WW 7. f fd Q'f,"i'fN Q if is ,H 4 Z ,, ,f , , V J MQW 5 x ""-5,97 + A . X 1 OP Wddeflzf s. cz. v. A. L. CHAMPIONS IZ. 0 0. Coach Ken Stangcr - - CofCaptains IZ' PONISNT FRISMONT Los Gatos Washingtcvn Mcdlintairi View .. ......l9 Campbell Santa Clara ...............San jose Tceh.......,........46 xf 'qw' Vic Fidiam and Manuel Escalcra. 4l a .. 17" i-' ,.l BACK Row: P. Felice, S. Bcebc, M. Moreno, A, Chaxoya, B. Soso, M. Silveira, S. Uriu, C. Hambaugh, M. Bscaf lcra, B. Dozier, Al. Mesa, Nl. Rannals, B. Poen, R. Smith R. Overhouse. MIDDLE ROW: F. Shumake, P. Pangracs, L. Vfishon. A. Thompson. V. Fidiam, E. Butcher, C. Gonzales. D. Choate, Relph, S . lto, D. Boatmari, H, Holstein. FRONT Row: A. Dionne. C. McGinnis, E, Burgess, lngles, P. Martin, T. MO1'GHLJ, R. Bcrmudcs, B. Mzihre, D. lvlonahzin, YV. Loftis, B. Lara. Action shots of lvlountain View and Camphcll games. 5'-1 OPPLJNLLNT FREMONT 9 ......,,.......... Los Gatos .AAA,,,,,,,,,,,,n, 20 19 ...... .... Y Vashington ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 3 O ...... ..... M ountain View ,,,A,,,,,,,,,, 7 6 ............A.,A.. Campbell ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- 21 12 ,,-,,,,,'-,----- Santa Clara "'---'-"-"'.- 7 Coach Fenton Hill 4 Gofcaptains Tony Ortega and Dan Hirose. NYJ' ..f.,f.,'L ' BACK ROW: Adamson, R. Morris, B. Hefner, j. Hogue, J. Louis, B. Sams, L. johnson, S. Yasukawa, D. Wil' son, N. Pangracs, B. jurevich, B. Strong, B, Vallotton. B. Tantau. MIDDLE ROW: G. Hayes, L. Gonzales, E. James, A. Ortega, L. Torres, B. Bennett, B. Moore, Fisher, R. Lynch, L. Osborne, M. Duarte, R. Woods, R. Anderson, B. Horne. FRONT Row: R. Rodriques, Reynolds, D. Hirase, G. Strom, S. Eile, R. Ravizza, B. Garcia, Eckert, P. Barnhill, -I. Torres, G. Iones, W. Gilmore, P. Singh. Lightweights in action against Los Gatos. 55 'yalzdflfy B. LARA, L. T. H. HOLSTEIN, F. P. MARTIN, L. T. B. DOZIER, R. T. P. PANGRACS, H. B. hl. MESA, H. B. M. ESCALERA, Q. B. F. SHUMAKE, C. V. FIDIAM, H, B. M. MORENO, H. B. B. PCEN, R. E. A. DIONNE, L. E. T. MORENO, L. S. URIU. R. G. C. GONZALES. 56 G . H.B fp, J .,g.. ,A,, M747 -AJ ff 130 '7ea,m D. VJILSON, L, T. B. GARCIA, C. S. YASU KAXV,-X, T. E. JAMES, H. B. R.RAv1zzA, L. G. G. STROM, R. T. D. HIROSE, R. G. R. RODRIQUES, H. B A. ORTEGA, F. 1. ADAMSUN, R. E. B. BENNETT, Q. B. R. MORRIS. L E. B. MOQRE. Q. 15. L. TQTRRES. H. B. EILE. L. G. 57 w OPPONENTS FREMONT , 3l .,,,............ Wzlsliiiigtoim ..........,..,,. 34 32 ....,.....,,,,.. Santa Clara ......,.......,. 28 34 ......., .....,..... G ilroy .......,.,............ 52 34 ,,,,....A.,,.. Mountain View ........,,,,.. 40 Jl ..,.,,,, ..,,,,, C amphcll .....,.. ...,.., 3 9 X , -V 36 ......,,,,..,..... Los Gatos ......,. ..,,,.. 4 l Coath Marty Mathinen 40--mm-mm-San ICSC TCCIL-mmm-M-44 CofCapta1n5 A. Thompson and B. Poen 36 w"'--www---v,A-A,AA Live 0314 .,,-------------.f,Y 43 .R .-If ff BACK Row' E Adelman H Czutillo T Callahan D Hem hill C Re ld G F b . . , . , , . , . p , . yno s, . ris ee, S. Beebe, N. Pangracs, S. Yafukawa. FRONT Row: A. Thompson, N. Mardesich, M. Moreno, M. Escalera, J. Mesa, B. Poen, B. Dozier. Mesa gocs in for a layfin shot during Live Oak game. Escalcra shown with ball in San ,lose Tech game. 38 OPPONENTS FREMONT 26 ' 28 Washington 17 .,...... .,... S anta Clara ..,,............ 24 22 .,....,......,........ Gilroy ...,.,.... ......... 3 1 33 Y.,........,., Mountain View ....,..,..,,,, 21 20 ........ ....... C ampbell ...... ,..,A,.. 1 7 36 ...,.............. Los Gatos .....,..,......,.. 48 Z8 ....,......... San .lose Tech ............,, 34 ' 37 15' ...............,.... Live Oak ............,..,,,,. 130 3 Coach Fenton Hill Captain B. Bennett and C, Westenskow, outstanding '30 player gan at I4 V ff' fy. 'Q ff ' ' 'f BACK ROW: I. Adamson, L. Osborne, B. Moore, D. Turner, -I. Torres, J. Reynolds. FRONT ROW: R. Horga B jurevieh, R. Giannetto, M. Katicieh, C. Westenskow, L. Johnson, B. Bennett. Vxfestensl-:ow in Live Cali game. H r gas in San jose Tech game. 59 'Lazudff 1. MES.-x B, PUEN A. THUMPSIUN M. ESCALERA S. BEEBE B. DOZIER D. PATTON G. FRISBEE M MORENO 6:1 NF' cf' an -W gf' 1 " '23 ,Alf 'TZ mg, 2' ,un 0-'fn 0 130 '7ewm M. KATICICH R. GIANNETTU R, HORGAS C. VVESTENSKOVJ B, BENNETT LJOHNSON B.jUREXTCH m 6 Baalaeldall s.c. v. A. L. CHAMPIONS TOP ROW: G. Meinecke, D. Ring, D. Segura, R. Cuenca, Mardesich, C. Plaza, R. Vasquez. BOTTOM ROW: R. Isle, G. Zweigle, G. Castro, I ' . Koshryama, C. Haruta, P. Macierz. W 1 - , T 571' . - f 4 1' f X K 9 3 4 Q , . Q Q . 'Z I Q "' W f ' ' x 12 J: 1 W X ffl? k K' K TOP Row: Choate, R. Del Crew, L. O . . , . , . rv jalva, B. Martin, K. Gonzales. gle, P. Temby, S. Uyeda. BOTTOM ROW' I Garrett H Yasuda M G ' tb Bukeldall TENNIS: D. Pereira , F. Morillo, C. Martin, C. Hiatt, C. McKaig. L. Alderson, B. 4? Sams. 2' W fffs TOP ROW: C. Wilson flvlanagerj, M. Fuentes, D. Boatinan. G. McGinnis, E. Lara, J. LaCour, B. Lara. B. Car cia, R. Bernal, S. Sink. BOTTOM ROW: B. Palmer, G. Jonts, E. Buttner, R. Lynch, K. Gonzales, D. Nelson, G Lewis, P. Lara. s. c. v. A. L. CHAMPIONS 7!aM4l2'4f '7wcla TOP ROW: N, Marclesieh, M. Escalera, A, Thompson, B. Soso, G. Gilliam, B. Dozicr, A. Chavoya, D. Hemphill. DI. Rose, N. Pangrues, W. Loftis, L. Wishon, M, Lorenzo. MIDDLE Row: M. Hayes, V. Fidiam, G. McGinnis, Mesa, D. Conley, G. Frisbee, A. Nieto, B. Vallotton, R. Smith, B. Abersold, H. Holstein, G, Thomason. BOTTOM ROW: E. Butcher, A, Dionne, D. Boatman, R. Bermudes, B. Tantau, B. Hefner, Ingles, F. Doughty, F. Wojaitske, S. Beebe. 1 TOP Row: G. Hayes, R. Strong, C. Mankin, P. Macierz, E. Knezevieh, B. Souza, R. Cuenca, R. Conral, D, jio, I. Rannals, C. Haruta. MIDDLE ROW: R. Anderson, R. Lynch, E. Iarnes, S. Bile, B. Moore, D. Turner, C. MeKaig, J. Koshiyama, R. Bernal, Adamson. BOTTOM ROW: T. Soso, T. Nobles, B, Nobles, A. Horita, W. Gilmore, E. Clements, C. Velasquez, D. Abinante, G. Jones. '30 Tauck '20 746435 T o, M. Grijalv T rres B Ger't I Eckert D. ome a. Borrom Row: R. TOP ROW- I Brantley, K. Nakagawa, o Q, , 5, A. , S L. Osborne, F, Martin, R. Afanador. Vasquez, P.-Cefalu, R. Del Crew, S. Uyecla, D. egura, - -3 nz' 1 ,9 , "fig, s ,.,-'Tr iffkfi K O' ' . - t Harriman, T Velasquez., B Atwood, E. Leon TOP ROW: R. Hazelton, R. Regnar , . . B. Palmer, B. Higgins, B. Chuck, Garrett, B. Buttner, D. Nelson, Field, K. Gonzale 65 W M Q' r s.,? 2 ft I I . 1' X ' Z , F. Garcia. BOTTOM ROW: S. '70 '7aada 7!aMiZ'4f Randall TOP ROW: H. Holstein, C. Reynolds, G. Frisbee, M. Escalera, E. Adelman, Rannals. BOTTOM ROW: R. Smith fStudent Coachj, M. Fuentes, B. Moore, Kosliiyama, G. Zweigle, S. Ito, B. Connelly, B. Mahre, M. Ranchioso. ty' ' 1 ' .JiL.x. THU , , . ,fl it W , rn., yewcww ,Sakai if 1 . i ,gala-:'n'-H5-+...msuj, 1 ,ARK 504111, MIK TOP ROW: O. Young fStuClent Coachj, D, Hemphill, C. Magee, N. Pangracs, E. Knezevich, B. Vollotton, Har' riman, M. Duarte, C, Plaza, R. Cuenca, I. Eckert. BOTTOM Row: D. Segura, I. Torres, R. Ravizza, E. Leon, F. Martin, P. Barnliill, Norton. 66 Raefwe Eadeiall Bay! Black 4 TOP ROW: P. Martin, B. Poen, M. Escalera, R. Morris, N. Mardesich, A. Thompson, B. Dozier. C. Hiatt, B. Mahre, H. Holstein, S. Uriu, A. Dionne, W. Loftis, H. Sinclair. BOTTOM ROW: D. Conley, F. Sanders, B. Bennett, L. Wilson, Inglis, Camarcla, G. Eckert, C. McKaig, G. McGinnis, R. Bernal, V. Fidiam, F. Shumal-ie. TOP ROW: A. Chavoya, R. Cuenca, B. Jurevich, S. Beebe, P. Macierz, G. Frisbee, R. Bermudes, E. Lara, G. Gil' liam, L. Wishon, R. Smith, L. Alderson. BOTTOM Row: G. Strom, R. Isle, E. james, B. Murata, Kosliiyama, B. Moore, M. Katicich, B, Martin, S. Ito, E, Adelman, B. Palmer C. Haruta. 67 gm' mack 4 TOP ROW: B. Clarkson, R. Walker, A. Lara, N. Parker, B. Holt, Mrs. F. Lindsey, M. Silva, C. Heath, R. Walker, Il. Vxfillson. BOTTOM ROW: B. jones, M. Morris, M. Katicich, E. Poolman, R. Garcia, R. Chavoya, G. Orlando, 1. Menacho. L , 9 . W . 1 2 Q 4 ' f M. V .. I , . S jj T 1 , , , 4: if f TOP ROW: M. Mitsunaga, F. Stowell, C. Dionne, T. Slmon, A. Silveira, A. Chuck, B. Mardesich, M. Smith, B Hubert, Tamayo. BOTTOM Row: N. Willson, E. Cosentino, L. Lolli, S. Phipps, M. White, Webb, B. Paclen E. MCGinty. 68 SPEEDBALL: E. McGinty, M. White, C. Heath BASKETBALL: A. Chuck, M. Tominaga SOFTBALL: G. McDaniel, H. Sanchez 69 POSTURE: R. Mitarai, M. Komenovich, I. Glson Q'1?1l4'1q2y1le?fic Snafpd 76I'!ltlZ TENNIS: Y, Fukumoto, R. Chavoya, L. Patton, P. Hafsos Ecufmudfan BADMINTON: P. Price LIFESAVTNG: J. Grotheer, C. Mann, D. Whit' WATER SAFETY: ToP Row: D, Whitman, P. Bihn, 1. man, P. Bihn, Geddes, M. Lehman, N. Will' Willson, N. Plummer, M, Shaw. MIDDLE ROW: C, Mann, son, P. Stowell. N. Willson, Grotheer, Geddes, G. Hoskins. BOTTOM ROW: M. Lehman, F. Stowell. .fzlfe Wdm Glafu Gayle-ma TOP ROW: S. Poolman, Grotheer, S. Hamm, M. Miller, C. Acker. BOTTOM ROW: M. Patton, Porter, E. Moore, G. Hoskins, Geddes, S, Howard. 3 lil. , ,157 x , nm... l l l TOP Row: C. Dionne, M. L. Shaw, A. Chuck, Sinclair, R. Walker. BOTTOM ROW: D. Caro, M. Simon, M. Silva, Menacho. www T51 IE E1 IE Phone Sunnyvale 2479 KAY ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION Hoi Poini' Appliances Hoffman T-V ir SUNNYVALE REALTY 8: MATTHEWS STORE Morwear Painfs Wesfinghouse Appliances RANGES 0 REFRIGERATORS 0 RADIOS R W. Ka 284 So. Murphy CY Y Owner Sunnyvale Phone 346I 220 SouI'h Murphy IE! Ei IE! Congrafulafions To The FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL on The merifs of The l950 PATHFINDER FRANK X. FARRY HARDWARE sr PLUMBING IE I? MITCHELL'S DRESS SHOP Quality Line of SImir+s - Lingerie - Sweaiers Dresses - Accessories - Blouses S 8: H Green Sfamps SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA 2I2 So. Murphy Phone 2I34 Sunnyvale Since I909 2I7 Souih Murphy Phone 2505 IEI E IEI FEI IE! FEI FUTURE BUILDERS OF AMERICA WE CONGRATULATE YOU ,k MARTIN DRY CLEANERS Qualify Cleaning From Our CompIe+e PIan+ SILVA'S MEN'S WEAR -k Pick-up and Delivery 378 Soufh Murphy ZI I SOUTI1 Murphy Phone 3084 Telephone 239I Sunnyvale, California 15 Ei IEI E E1 IEI Congrafulafions From ZIMMER STUDIO COMPLIMENTS OF SUNNYVALE BAKERY 'k 237 Sou+h Murphy Phone 3789 Ei F51 Ei 72 .IE Q tu still L .ffEf- - " t ':555:,',-f::4r:-Q. A Q 5 . 1 if l 2 f 2111.1:5.1,, V ' . f'iI1f? 3-if ' ' Vi not 1 f A 7 SSX Y 4 f' N w K I at I 0 K is 6 1 X 5 1 , z 4 2 t , 1 35 6 fx X if f N T C f , .ag 'Sitka , ' X 5 1 .:+: -' fs: -' ,ss-' ' -3855 ' sv X K 5' ' , 5 Z if 5 : 9 X M7 I 6 ,ig 4 ' Q if ' Z gt 9' ? LQ. IVQI in fs' MP1 I: -:'-. 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Business Telephone Sfevens Creek Road AXmins'rer 6-6252 AXmins+er 6-44I4 CuperIino, Calif. E1 'FEI IE I9 .IE EI Congra'ruIa+ions 'Io Ihe Class of '50 CUPERTINO CLEANERS LAUNDRY SERVICE o CLEANING CUPERTINO STORE ALTERATIONS HARDWARE 0 APPLIANCES t FERTILIZER 0 ORCHARD SUPPLIES AXminsIer 6-0367 Cuperfino H. W. Dixon Ken J. Lewis IE! EI E1 EI I3 IEI IF IE HAY 8: GRAIN DRAYMEN The CUPERTINO FOOD CENTER GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE 8K G A LES VE ET B ik MCCar+hy 84 Cuper'rino Office Phone Cuperfino Trogden California AXmins+er 6-655I California IEI Ei :EI IE IE EI Complimenis Of CUPERTINO BARBER SHOP EoR eooo HAIRCUTS ir Sarafoga-Sunnyvale Road Cuper'I'ino, Caiifornia AyIeswor'I'h Bros. ASSOCIATED STATION ir CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Ein E1 Ei :EI 76 FEI EJ Q John Rodrigues Jr. M. P. Kiper C o n g r a + u I a 1' i o n s f r o m T h e TOWN 8: COUNTRY CUPERTINO LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS A Complefe Modern Markei' Phone AXmins+er 6-I393 i Phone Cuper+ino Sarafoga-Sunnyvale Road Cuperfino, California Axming-l'er 6-5206 Calif, IE E1 EI E1 El El Congra+uIa'rions 'ro The Class of l950 CUPERTINO GARAGE C. M. Baer AIR BASE MARKET zos w. WASHINGTON STREET i 0 AXmins+er 6-503I Cuper'I'ino Sunnyvale Phone 3684 E1 E1 Q-j E EI El El EI G O O D L U C K IsRAvo'S I ' 0 'I' MEN 5 WEAR SWANSON 8. WHITE CLOTHING - SHOES DRUGGISTS Sunnyvale IVIOUHIBIH View Pl-lone 30I4 YOrIcshire 7-259l I9O Soufh Murphy Sunnyvale E. U53 EI' E1 W IE 'EI AXmins+er 6-5I6I PAUL OUINTERNO RIFREDVS MARKET SHELL SERVICE STATION GROCERIES - FRUIT - VEGETABLES MONTE WSTA FRESH MEATS Sfevens Creek Road . Mon'I'e Visfa Chas. Rifredi A. Ouin+erno P. O. Cuper+ino . , 'Q EI IE! EI 77 G1 FE I? CONGRATULATIONS FROM HUBBARD 81 CILKER LUMBER CO. I I4 Sou'rh Murphy Ave. Sunnyvale, California REAL-I-OR Phone 3438 ak CONGRATULATIONS May The Class of I950 CUPERTINO Live and Prosper in Sunnyvale IEI Ili IE El 'EI BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF OF I 9 5 0 I950 GROWERS LUMBER CO. B05 SUPER MARKET 'A' if Arques and Evelyn Sunnyvale Sunnyvale Avenue and Maude EI EI IE IEI IE' EI T51 IE CONGRATULATIONS CompIimenTSof C L A S S O F ' 5 0 LEO H. VISI-IOOT TEAGUE CLEANERS REAL ESTATE -:- REAL INSURANCE if 'k 246 Soufh Murphy Avenue SunnYVaIe Phone 2369 ZI9 So. Murphy Ave. Phone 3567 EI IE ISI BEST WISHES - CLASS OF l950 WAKEFIELD FLORIST 385 Sou+h Murphy Sunnyvale EJ - El 78 14"f0'7M'F'f'4 'O73"Q ,aufwwffw N Q W f D WWW f ' OD f:SiXN 'H gawk mw I R 5 , S 6 Epi., ',1,,,Q-,t,,!.1f'5s5.?,,alA,.4,7,...c ? 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Suggestions in the Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) collection:

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