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. W , Ax, u . I H 5 .5 Ie. , ' Fife :vw 6? fire new N D, v - My - 9 'Q s ffm L ' 1 P ff, I . A F H J 5 iff K WKW I Efv. wg W , 1z5,f,ff:c' Q J J MWA? 7 grggw f3fiM DN iafw' 5 Ruff? A gkYyM?f, Uyfiifmfg ,wif Wj W "Af1fQ+A 6 M WCWX 5 X ES 9553 gjyyiig 5 iff' 9 . 3' I Q wfyfivgffayjq 5 My A F' Q E T iyaof 2-52. Xgfyqf' ff V .3-I GKQYE MQ if 3iL Vasa Mx f DQR, JNL Q ff fi Ayvfyfqfvffy Nj WW MW. j?WW23Zl7f QMQQQSYV9 Ckfgjqj' IQM39 Wm LZ,W,,,d, - J i f Q, 535 M M2 MQVJJ GJ f f 'Zim' Www XX M Gy ', W+-'7 wk J W VU TCL O0'V4'v-lGaA'6c fffnfwli MM JW WJ 1 A 9 if Qgafwwiiy-if Mywlagwfh MW M W MAMA, ffmbgwwx ff MQW!! Wwfffff ,S 55.33531 I 5 'fmii Mzf .ff, ,M f f f bu ' 'rf--l?"f" ' w L,s l Q, , . , , , .Y mfg, ! V. yr, Q, - A A f'fTff f fwa , f""i'5 bf, , :ag Kg x . 31 ' 5 5 5 is ,lim ENQEXQQKQ Qiggfgjffjfygf MM we , ' ., a .QM ,K ,A . b ' 'N , x, X .J . Ng? xi X5 , . XS X 1, AMW M , mf I, , ou a I fmfzfw' 42? mf W . Ok M,,g ,,ff52 AJWWCW' LEM ,ff ZLQQJQ 11 ' JJ' , ' ,, , l if I ' y 4 1 M ' I --4 pvflh- D-e-'of' ,J uf fXfTWW v1f vi ? x v W! yy' THE l94Hf4H PATHHNUEH PMQLNIQQ VIIISIHY ESM PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL SUNNYVALE f CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA PUHEVVUHU THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS In composing this yearbook, our main thought has been to produce a photo- graphic souvenir of Fremont in 1949, and give you a glimpse of Fremont twenty-five years ago. Twentyffive years ago eight seniors were graduated from Fremont. There are 150 graduating seniors in the class of '49, Twenty-five years ago roll was taken in the building we now call the Wigwam, social affairs were held in the Copo de Oro Club, and the Sunny- vale City Park was the scene of athletic contests. Plans are being made now for additions to the campus, and by the time another twenty-five years roll around, our Fremont will seem strange to us. 4 UEUIEMIUN An anniversary issue would not be complete without a dedication to one who began his career at this school. That one, in this case, is Martin P. Mathiesen, who began as a student at Fremont in 1924. His desires to become a coach were fulfilled, and his ability has been proved by his success in other schools where he taught before his return to Fremont in 1945, this time as a teacher. His first assignment in sports was as an assistant coach, and in the following year he became Director of Health, Physical Education, and Rec- reation. Because of his personality, his willingness to lend a helping hand, his determination to develop good athletes, and his ability to create good sportsmanship among players and spectators, he is held in high esteem by the students and faculty of Fremont and the community. So, to you, Mr. Mathiesen, Q"Marty"l, we, the members of the class of 1949, do proudly dedicate our PATH FINDER. Mr. Mathiesen 5 fl if QMWN X f ff ff N g El , X f N Y-3' f X 'Wlnrifff xx J. AUIWNIEHHWUN MISS LE S SLIE SMITH, FIRST PRINCIPAL I BOARD OF TRUSTEES The largest project undertaken for the year by the Board of Trustees was the program to enlarge Fremont to take care of the increasing number of stu- dents who will be entering in the future. Through an election, a tax increase was passed, which over a period of eight years provides 5750000 for the build- ing of eight new classrooms, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, and a music building. P. T. A. The P. T. A. is made up of parents and teachers with the purpose of making better relations between the school and the home. Besides the regular meetings, there have been a dinner for the Whole family, a concert and dance by the California Polytechnic Glee Club and Dance Band, and as we Write this, plans are being made for a tea for all the girls. Q15 BOARD OF TRUSTEES: FRONT: Mr. E. L. Harriman, Mr. C. M. Meinecke. BACK: Dr H G Diesner, Mr. L. E. Bocks. Q25 P. T. A. FRONT: Mrs, D. Stowell, Mrs. V. Jensen Mrs G Robinson, President. Miss W. Coomb. BACK: Mr. A. C. Stevens, Mrs. H. Andersen 8 PRINCIPADS MESSAGE This book represents a pictorial review of the activities in Fremont this school year. The fine accomplishments and the general excellency of the work and play herein pictured were made possible by many years of planned effort. Through the forethought of our Founding Fathers, free education was pro- vided for in our National Constitution, and this spirit was continued by the framers of the California Constitution and by the farsighted men and women who established Fremont in its present strategic location. As California reaches its 100th birthday and Fremont its 25th, we naturally think back with gratitude toward our pioneers, and we hope that we may serve as they did. What a privilege, what a responsibility for you, the class of '49, to be once more a '49er, discovering that California yet holds a great wealth of opportunity, not in gold alone, but in a chance to grow in the service of humanity. We hope for you a "rich strike" that comes from living for others. A. C. STEVENS, IR. MR. A. C. STEVENS, IR. Principal and Superintendent 9 STAFF mr- J' flj E. Forge, P. Jemin, A, Berbena. 121 Jacobson, T. Jacobson, D. Tibbitts, R. E. Davis. QU I, Morris, Baxter, S. Bernal, M. Fernandes, E. Cornell, F. Hill. Without our able staff of cafeteria cooks, custodians, and bus drivers, it would be impossible for our school to be run as efficiently as it now is. They are always willing to give up some of their own time whenever necessary to help the students enjoy extra activities as well as the every clay activities. lU DIRECTORS flj Miss Winifred Coomb. Q21 Mrs. Lucille Dahl. QBJ Miss Audrey Smith. C45 Mrs. Alice Stewart. HJ Miss Agnes Wood. Agrcat deal of the credit for the promotion of Fremonts total program belongs to its directors: Miss Winifred Coomb, vice-principalz Mrs. Lucile Dahl, private secretary to Mr. A. C. Stevens: Miss Audrey Smith, registrar and attendance ofliceg Mrs. Alice Stewart, school nurse: and Miss Agnes Wood, librarian. All of these cheerful people are ready and willing to help the students in every possible way. I l MATH Mr. Buffcane, Mrs. Sruhlman, and Mr Hill THEY TEACH We V COMMERCE ,V Miss Meng, Mrs. Wilson 'nw MILDRED M. AHLEM Social Studies, Freshman Advisor GEORGE W. AMES, jR. Social Studies, junior Advisor JAMES W. BUTTCANE Nlathematics IACK W. CHAPLIN Machine Shop, Photography EDWARD C. CORNELL Auto Mechanics, Radio, Transportation FERN F. CQWING Spanish, French, Commerce, PathHndei', junior Advisor DOROTHY DQSSEE Latin, English, C. S, F. Sophomore Advisor GENE DORAIS lndustrial Arts, Stagecraft CARMENDALE FERNANDES Speech 5? Drama, Thespian, Rally Committee, Sportsmanship Committee, Chairman of Assemblies SOCIAL STUDlES f M Mulliey, Mrs. Smith, Mr Ames M'ss Ahl FOREIGN LANGUAGES Miss Dossee, Mrs. Cowing, Miss Morrison 7 f 2 ,, ,,,,, ,fp i ig, ' I f 2 is , ,,,, if f ffffn: HOME ECONOMICS AND AGRKIULTURE Mrs, Howie and Mr. Jauch CLAUDE E. FLOCK ARTHUR E. HOWIE Science Chemistry, Dean of Boys, S d -A GLGRIA J. GAWTHORPE tu em Comml English, EDMUND P. JAUCH Vocational Agriculture, Landscaping, Veterans Agricultural Training, Future Farmers of America MARTHA KENDALL Girls' Physical Education Girls' League Sophomore Advisor FENTON HILL Mathematics, Boys' Physical Education -IEANETTE HQWIE Foods and Clothing, Future Homemakers of America junior Red Cross, Social Committee, Freshman Advisor 12 US ,gix MERRILL KNIGHTON Band, Choir, Orchestra FLORENCE LINDSEY Girls' Physical Education, Girls' Block F JOHN S. LORR Arts and Crafts, junior Advisor MARTIN P. MATHIESEN Boys' Physical Education BERNICE E. MENG Commerce SYLVESTER MOORHEAD English, Social Studies ENGLISH MAY H. MORRISON Spanish, Check Room, ,lunior Advisor JEFFERSON MULKEY Social Studies, Senior Advisor ELIZABETH PATTERSON English, Freshman Advisor, Traflic Squad DOUG PEDERSON Physical Education, Drivers Education, Traffic Squad e son, r, Twigg, Miss Gawthor INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Dorais, Mr. Corn II, Mr. Chaplin, Mr. Shank SCIENCE r. Howie, Mr. Will, Mr. Flock pe, Mr. Moorhead FINE ARTS Mr. Lorr, Miss Fernandes, Mr Kn'gl'i? PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Kendall, Mr. Maihiesen, M . Pederson, Mrs. Lindsey, ' -5 Mr. Sfanger R. DONALD SHANK, AIR. Industrial Arts MARY L, SMITH Social Studies, Chief, Quill and Scroll KEN STANGER Physical Education MARAIORIE A. STUHLMAN Mathematics. Freshman Advisor HARRY TXVIGG English, Senior Advisor 13 R. WILL General Scicncc Physics Principal of Evenin High School LYDIA H. WILSON Commerce, C. S. F., Senior Advisor U1 EEQMQII X M2LL,:l:3:2U M Q Q gg FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL WIGWAM, LOCATION OF FIRST CLASSES 15' 1 fry!! l WW' X' wif HJ CLASS OFFICERS: FRONT: C. Lee, treasurer, I. Bates, secretary G. Hamel, social manager. BACK: L. Capif L H ' resident first semesterg C. Sedgwick, vicefpresident and president second semester, tola, sergeantfatfarmsg . erion, p Q21 jean? or -loan? Nesgis at dictaplione. GJ Scene from Senior Assembly. Q41 Scene from 'KA Date With Judy." SENIOR SNAPS I 6 Wy-x Q11 Cast From: "A Date with Judy." Q21 The Trig class. QSJ Scene from Senior Assembly, HJ A Senoir Problems class. SENIUR SNAPS 17 CATHERINE ABINANTE Yell leader 2, 3, Head 4 Thespians 4 Rally Committee 3, 4 Student Council 1, 4 HIROSHI ANDO Basketball 2, 3, 4 Boys' Block F 3, 4 HAZEL BASTEMEYER Choral 3, 4 Class assemblies 3, 4 Basketball 2 ROBERT BUCKENMEYER Tennis 2, 3, 4 Track 1 C. S. F. 1, 2 Student Council 4 C, ABINANTE D. ADAMSON A. ALFINITO B. ANDERSEN H. ANDO S. ANDO E. ANDREWS H. BAKER H. BASTEMEYER I. BATES J. BENNETT E. BOGDANOVICH R. BUCKENMEYER H. BRAGG B. BRAZINGTON P. BUTTERS 18 DUANE ADAMSON Student Body President 4 B0 s' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Y Boys' Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Es? Thespian Plays 3, 4 SAYURI ANDO ANN ILEEN BATES Pathnnder Bus. Mgr, 4 Senior Class Secretary 4 Traffic Squad 3, 4, Capt. 4 Thespian 3, 4 HELEN EVA BRAGG ARTHUR ALFINITO Track 1, 2 Choral I, 3, 4 Class Assemblies 3, 4 EDNA V. ANDREWS Pathfinder typist 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Drill Team 2 Girls' League 4 JOAN BENNETT Basketball 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 1, 2 Traihc Squad 2 BILL BRAZINGTON Transfer from South San Francisco 2 Trafhc Squad 4 BARRY ANDERSEN Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Block F 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Staff 3, 4 HOWARD LEE BAKER Band 3, 4 Movie Operator 2, 3, 4 ELI JOHN BOGDANOVICH Track l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3 Boys' Block F 3, 4 PHYLLIS LOU BUTTERS Student Body Secretary 4 Class Plays 3, 4 C. S. F.4 Thespian 3, 4, Treasurer 4 THE CLASS ,qt .,,' f 'WW .1 1 I f,l,,?:'5 A ifjiirgf -. 1 WJ A ' 'Q 7 I ,' -,f"' NFZQH-.K f QQ if . ffi5f' 5 if .' -- sz, 0 A B. BROWN V. CAMPBELL L. CAPITOLA E. CARLILE E. CHAVOYA D. CHUCK W. CHUCK J. COLE OF 1949 N, COOK G. CRANE I. CRANE F. CUNEO C. CURRAN E. DALEY J, DANFCRTH A M. DAVIS BERNICE CORA BROWN Dramatics 3, 4 v F. H. A. 2, 3 Drill Team 2 Choral 2 EMMA CHAVOYA Girls' Block F 4 VERNON CAMPBELL Board of Control 3, 4 Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l ,2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 DONALD CHUCK Traffic Squad Captain 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 F. F, A. 3, VicefPres. 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 NORMA M. COOK Girls' Block F 4 Transfer from Sequoia 2 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Softball 2, 3, 4 GENE CURRAN Band 2, 3, 4 Band Manager 4 Projector Operator 2, 3, 4 Transfer from Bellarmine Transfer from Santa'Clara 2 GENE CRANE EMERSON DALEY Christmas Pageant 4 Stage Crew 3, 4 LEONARD CAPITOLA Class Sgt,fatfArms 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Boys' Block F l, 2, 3, WALTER CHUCK, IR. Transfer from Delano IRENE CRANE Girls' Sports 2, 3, 4 Girls' Block F 4 Choral 4 Student Council 4 JACK DANFORTH Transfer from Bellarmi 19 4 1 ELEANOR CARLILE Judge 4 Student Council 4 Basketball 4 Softball 4 IETTA COLE Traffic Squad 3 FRANK I. CUNEO Track Z, 3, 4 Boys' Block F 4 Transfer from Jefferson MILLIE E. DAVIS M 1 s 1 ne 4 Pathfinder photography 4 Transfer from Penn. 3 Basketball 4 HELEN MARIE DIONNE Student Council 2 Activity Point Committee 2 Tennis 3 Basketball 4 IRENE PHYLLIS FREESE F. H. A. 2, 3, 4 ALMA EVELYN GRACIA Majorette 3, 4 Student Body Social Mgr. 4 Thespians 3, 4 C. S. F. 4 VERNE HARRINGTON Football 2, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Boys Block F 2, 3, 4 Class Sargent at Arms 3 H. DIONNE MTEDMONDSON J. ELLIOTT P. ELLIS I. FREESE L. GALLEGG M. GARCIA B. GEORGE A. GRAGIA G. HAMEL E. HANSEN N. HARRINGTON V. HARRINGTON L. HERION D. HIGGINS B. HINDLE 20 MARY EDMONDSON Baseball 1, 4 Tumbling 1 JEAN ELLIOTT Yell leader 2 Class Treasurer 3 PATRICIA JANE ELLIS Yell leader 2, 3 judge 3, 4 Pathfinder advertising 4 Band Staff 3, 4 Rally Committee 3 Pathfinder Senior Editor 4 Class Secretary 1 LARRY GALLEGO MARY A. GARCIA BRUCE GEORGE Track 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Girls Sports I Block F. 1, 2, 3, 4 GWEN ANN HAMEL ERWIN HANSEN NORMA LEE HARRINGTON C. S. F. 4 Football 4 Class Assembly 2, 3, 4 Thespians 3, President 4 Transfer from San Francisco 3 Rally Committee 4 Chief Reporter 3, Co-Editor 4 Student Council 3 Drama 3, 4 Honor Roll 4 LEE HERION DONALD HIGGINS BOB HINDLE Pres. Class 1, 3, 4-S. B. 4 Boys Block F 4 Football 2, 4 Football 3, 4, Captain 4 Thespians 4 Basketball 2, 3 Basketball 3, 4 Football, Baseball 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Transfer from Bellarmine 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 I . ': , 7 1' . , 4 , . . "Un, ' ri V, fvgf ' if , , Q, Q P I' , , yy y I' G 1 .f H. . .f',',,54 ,,...,. A r f fa f- , ,.f w. f 73 .... nl? f? 5 ,V 1,2 V, I ?M., I , .. , ' 'V .55-I T ' 1-My Z X 'ev-V .1 K .hi f,., , . If-'di' . ,AM J. HIRANO J. HITCHMAN D. HOGUE E. HOLMES D. HOUGLAND J. IMOKAWA R. INOUYE XV. JONES C. JURADO C. KNIPE R. KOMENOVICH A. KOSHIYAMA C. LEE 1. LINDER M, LLOYD G. LONG JOYCE HIRANO Pathinder Art Editor 4 C. S. F. 3, 4 Transfer from Campbell Volleyball 4 DUANE HOUGLAND Track 2, 3, 4 Ai I if . --,. 41,3 uw ,,k.- i i 'E -'Er i rf-1-Q 'H-E. 3 1 W 'by JACK W, HITCHMAN Football 3, 4 Track 4 Block F 4 Transfer from Bellarmine 2 JAMES IMOKAWA Baseball 2, 3, 4 DENVA LEE HOCUE Pathfinder Typist 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball, Tennis 3 Transfer from Richmand 3 RAY INOUYE Basketball 2, 3 Track 1, Z, 3, 4 Boys' Block F 2, 3, 4 Transfer from Mt. View 1 1 ED HOLMES Tennis Z, 3, 4 Football 4 Boys' Block F 4 WESLEY RICHARD JONES CARMEN JURADO CLAIRE KNIPE ROBERT KOMENOVICH ALBERT KOSHIYAMA PathHnder 3 Chief Reporter 3, Feature Ed.4 Traflic Squad 4 Class Vice President 4 Girls Block F 4 Girls' League 3, President 4 F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 C, S. F. 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Transfer from Mt. View 1 Boys' League Treasurer 4 Basketball 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Boys Sports Z, 3, 4 CAROL LEE JOAN MARIE LINDER MARILYN LLOYD CWENDA LEE LONG C.S.F. 2, 3, 4, President 4 Baseball 2 Band 1 Thespians 3, 4, Historian 4 Drill Team 2 Orqhegtra 2 Class Treasurer 4 Board of Control 4 Plays 2, 3, 4 21 SHIRLEY LYNCH KATHRYN JUNE MANKIN LOLA MANKIN C, S. F. 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Pathfinder Typist 4 Girls Sports 3, 4 Transfer from Chula Vista I Transfer from Live Oak 3 Thespians 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee Student Council 4 Pathinder 4 ELIZABETH JOYCE MASON JAMES MOORE LEATTA MORENO Girls Block F 3, 4 Transfer from Cottage Grove, P. H. A. 4 Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Oregon, 2 Orchestra 2 Production Staff 3 ROBERT JAMES NESBITT JEAN NESGIS JOAN NESGIS Track 4 Class Yell Leader 3 Class Yell Leader 3 Transfer from Detroit 1 Class Assembly 4 Class Assembly 4 Transfer from Watsonville 2 Transfer from Watsonville 2 MARALYN JOAN PARKER ANITA PAYNE GLORIA PEASLEY Yell Leader 1, 2 Girls Sports 4 Dramatics 3 Class Secretary 2 Girls Block F 4 Girls Sports I, 2 Thespians 3, 4, Treasurer 3 Choral 4 Choral 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Transfer from Chouchilla 4 Pathfinder Staff 2, 3, 4 s. LYNCH I ' J. MANKIN Q L. MANKIN " I P. MARTIN PRISCILLA MARTIN Baseball 1 Basketball I ELIZABETH J. NESBITT Transfer from Detroit I PETER ORLANDO Block F 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Wrestling 2, 3 F. F. A. 3 CARMEN PEREZ Trafhc Squad 3 Student Council 4 -. 44 45 . , , I F AW. fi 3 , 119 y jaw B. MASON If L J. Moorus i L, MORENO I B. NESBITT f ",., L ? Q 'i , ,. R. NEsB1TT f' .M , JEAN NESGIS g JOAN Niiscis " P. ORLANDO 3 M. PARKER A. PAYNE ,,,,,, G. PEASLEY C. PEREZ 22 C. PEVERILL 1. PRICE V. RARE B. ROBINSON E. ROWE 1. Ruis D. SANCHEZ J. SANDERS C. SEDGWICK H. SHALLENBERGER L. SILVEIRA C. s1Ms R. SWANSON H. THOMASON 1. TRICKEL N. TURNAGE CLARA BELLE PEVERILL Student Body Treasurer 4 Chairman Finance Com, 4 Student Council 4 Honor Roll 4 tm? Q S ' J. . ai as ELAINE ELIZABETH ROWE JACK RUIS Social Manager 2 Christmas Pageant 4 Student Council 3 Choral 2 CHARLES SEDGWICK Boys Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Class President 4 Judge 4 ROBERT L. SWANSON Football 3, 4 cs ,ff .. .f - aw MT if J r . - ,I ,.. ,- V I K' WQ V 4 Yr? P' GM . P , V I J S. J . J .. S 2' - I . will . .A., A N JOHN PRICE VIRGINIA THOMAS RABE BARBARA ROBINSON Track 2, 3 Basketball 1 Pathfinder CofEditor 3, Ed 4 Wrestling 2, Cafeteria Cashier 1, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 1, Z, 3, 4, Sealbearer 4 Football 3 Red Cross Representative 4 Chief Reporter 3, CofEditor Boys Block F E. H. A. 4 Quill and Scroll, Secretary 4 DIANA G. SANCHEZ JEANIENE SANDERS Football 2, 3, Girls Block F 3, 4 Volleyball 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Pathfinder 3 Basketball 4 Basketball 3 Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 4 Boys Block F Trans. from Ft. Smith, Ark 4 HAZEL SHALLENBERGER LORRAINE SILVEIRA CAROLE JEAN SIMS Girls Block E 3, 4, Pres. 4 Pathinder Girl Sport CofEd. 4 Choral 1, 2, 3, 4 C. S. F. 4 Girls Sports 3, 4 Chief Staff 4 Girls Block F, Vice Pres. 4 Band 3, 4, Treasurer 4 Student Council 4 HENRY THOMASON JENNIE TRICKEL NINA TURNAGE Track 1, 2, 3 Tennis 4 Transfer from Safford, Ariz 4 Boys Block F 3, 4 Drill Team 2 O. DONALD URBAN HOLLIS VALLOTTON Football 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Boys Block F 3, 4 MARLENE JOYCE VIGARIO PEGGY WARREN RONALD VECCHIONE FILBERT VELASQUEZ Track 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Tennis 2 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys Block F 3, 4 Boys' Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Transfer from New Jersey 2 F. F. A. 3, 4, Treasurer 4 WILLIAM BOSTON WILEY GUY L. WOODWARD Class Assembly 3, 4 Traffic Squad 3, 4 Class President 2 Boys' Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Drama Production Staff 3, 4 Student Body Vice Pres. 3 Band 1, 2 Choral 3, 4 C. S. F. 1, 2, 3 Sports 1, 2, 3 Boys' Block F 3, 4 Chief Reporter 3, Sport Ed. 4 MOMOKO YASUKAWA LAWRENCE YONEMURA WILLIE YOSHIMOTO Basketball 2 Track 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, Captain 3 F. F. A. 2, 4 Class Vice President 3 Transfer from Modesto 2 Boys' Block F 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 4 D. URBAN H. vALLoTToN R. vEccH1oNE F. VELASQUEZ M. VIGARIO P. WARREN B. WILEY G. WOODWARD M. YASUKAWA L. YONEMURA W. YOSHIMOTO 24 f ff .- ff,-ff .V 1 ' 4 qgw 4 X .1 -'14 ..c.,:,u.:Qg, I MW? 1 f. f ' f 'HW f 'ef 1 fi ff. FEBRUARY GRADUATES T. ARNEDO J. BATTAGLIA F. BALGA S. BRACKETT J. BERARD T. CAPERELLO D. CARO R. CARRILLO D. CHOATE V. CLINE G. COSTANTINE A. DI TOMMASO TONY ARNEDO Band 4 Football 2, 3, 4 JACK ARTHUR BERARD Band 3, 4 Band Staff 4 Wrestling 4 DON CHOATE Band 1, 2 Basketball 2, 4 Football 3 Boys' Block F 4 f 2' 91 , if fs, E c.21lf"' ' ' 1' 1 5 . . N ' xi: -'41 ra. tf f JOE BATTAGLIA FRANK BALGA THOMAS J, CAPERELLO DOLORES CARO Dramatics 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Block F 4 Class Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Choral 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 VIRGIL LEONARD CLINE GEORGE COSTANTINE Track 1 Football 2 25' STANLEY E. BRACKETT Boys' Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Sports 1, Z, 3, 4 F. F. A. 3, Secretary 4 Production Staff 4 RICHIE CARRILLO Track 3, 4 ANTHONY DI TOMMASO F. F. A. 3, 4, Reporter 4 F. F. A. Secretary 3 Traffic Squad 4 DAN E ESPASANDIN Wrestling 3, 4 Transfer from Cbio 3 JOSEPH ELDON GRESHAM Class Vice President 1 Track 3, 4 Student Council 1, 2 Boys Block F 3, 4 RICHARD LA HERRAN T ack 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Boys Block F 2, 3, 4 ESPASANDIN FREESE GERST GONZALES GRESHAM HAMBAUGH HOWARD JALOVICA LA HERRAN MARINES MARTIN MENACHO 26 EUGENE LYNN FREESE CHARLES I. HAMBAUGH Boys' Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 RICHARD j. MARINES Transfer from Bellarmine JACK E, GERST FAY HOWARD HENRY MARTIN, JR. Class Treasurer 2 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3 Boys' Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 I CHARLES A. GONZALES Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Block F 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT IALCVICA Boxing 2 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Track 2, 3 F. F. A. 2 LOUIE MENACHO Track Z, 3 Football 3 Transfer from Santa Clara 1 'Nw J X 14. f in , .3 fi RFU' ' Kind' 5 ,, fififf C 91,131 vii? " ' f M 1 7 , f fi A. MATTOS R. MONTEZ B. PENCE L. PESCE E. RUIZ R. SAICH R, SALDIVAR S. TORRES W. WRIGHT A. BETTENCOURT ALICE MATTOS MK' ,fi Q . 1 . - ' I, Q9 , ,. . ' 4 'wg J. I ' I I A xv. -ig RALPH MONTEZ BRUCE H. PENCE Transfer from Santa Clara 2 Band 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Student Body Sgt. at Sports 2, 3, 4 Boys' Block F 3, 4 EMILIA RUIZ ROBERT SAICH ROBERT SALDIVAR F. H. A. Social Manager 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Choral 3 Girls' Sports 3, 4 WILLIAM WRIGHT Boys' Block F 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 4 ANTONIO BETTENCOURT Transfer from Portugal 3 Boys' Block F 3, 4 Wrestling 3, 4 Class Assembly 4 SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Arms LENA ADELE PESCE Choral 3, 4 4 SALVADOR Z. TORRES Football 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Boys' Block F 2, 3, 4 President Boys' League 4 GLENN WALLIN RUSSELL MATHESON HERBERT ANDERSON RAY REPOSA ANTHONY GARCIA CLARENCE AMARAL 27 flj CLASS OFFICERS: C Jensen vieefpresidentj Harlan so ial m V Fd' sw ff 'A7 X-I " I , . , e . . , . C anager: . 1 xam, presidentg B. Mardesich, treasurer: M. Van de Water, secretary: M. Moreno, sergeantfatfarmsg A. Thompson, president, second semester. fZf3f4f5J Scenes from the junior play, "You Can't Take It Witlu Youfw JUNIOR SNAPS 28 cf' A015 A , ' I , , O21 Scenes from the Junior play, 'KYOU Can't T k I W' h Y C. Dionne, Mr. Howie. a e t IC ou." C35 CHEMISTRY: R. Harrison, B. Wilson IUNIOR SNAPS 29 f f y ij? 'f gli xy!! 1 Q5 ' 3 a ME? 4 33 X ff 74-iff? 5' .-1 W 51 I 4 Q ig: 4 JSE' ' S, ff", . wwf' ,, ' f SSN A, , . , FRONT ROW: Tamayo, A. Moreno, B. Holt P. Stout, N. Parker, A. Lara, E. Cosentino, P. Lee, M. Rey nolds, A. Silveria, B. Clarkson, D. Henderson, N. Giannetto, R. Harrison. BACK ROW: W. Heuer, E. Gray lfl. Bogdanovich, H. Hill, M. Perkov, B. Dozier, G. Will, D. Telfer, D. Lowery, H. Sinclair, B. Mardesieh, B Woodhouse, A. Ortega, M. Ramas. FRONT ROW: D. Martinez, G. Meyers, P, Patten, M. Stalios, B. McKee, M. Loney, M. Katicieh, B. Tantau E. Hubert, J. Barcus, l. Therkildsen, A. di Leonardo, S. St. Croix. BACK ROW: C. Hiatt, V. Ficliam, B. Aeber sold, C. Vlensen, M. Bihn, T. Sanchez, C. McKaig, L. Kirkish. FRONT Row: K. Feltrop, E. Atondo, B. Davis, A. Savala, Sink, M. Foreman, A. Viaz, M. Mehling, F. Rig ner, C. Pine, R. Walker, F. Stowelll, B. Podleski. BACK ROW: P. Pangraes, ul. Camarcla, bl. Sinclair, L. jones C. Pugh, B. Poen, V. Wilson, A. Feeht, A. Chuck, R. Tousseau, B. Henson, M. Fukumoto, F. Shumake. OF 1950 31 ff flj CLASS OFFICERS: S. Pisano, Presideritg B. jurevich, Sgtfatffxrnisg Wirtle, Social Manager: L. Paiva, Sec rctaryg -I. Willson, Vice-President: D, Tamayo, Treasurer. flj R. Giannetto and L. Johnson playing pool 131 Br Padcn and L. Paiva working on Sopli. paper. Q41 D. Vsfilsori and P. Hafsos with snake in Biology Nj M, Meriziclio, S. Mulkey. and G. Patrick in Geometry. SCPH SNAPS 32 FRESHMEN SNAPS: C15 J. Ginienz and 1. Webb reading in orientations. 125 CLASS OFFICERS: 1. Mcfxnich, Board of Control: P. Orlando, Social Manager: R. Flores, Secretary: B. Souza, VicefPresident: Plaza, President lst semester: Ci Olson, Treasurer: B. Tantau, Board of Control: Not pictured, J. Adamson, President, 2nd semesf ter. HJ H. Mardesicli, R. Flores, and G. McDaniel in Home Matli. f4j D. Abinante, G. Pence, Smitlw, and B. Tzintau at Wigwaiii Store. FROSH SNAPS 33 . I kf,, yr , . 4 , 4' its U W I - -nw 1-M, ' m-1 - , My W. if ,Wir 1 I I J-f -w 3 f f QM .,7,' K' ' Mi A :ff ,V f ff, , f Y? rw f ff W 5' , . iight Q , A 4. f V ,iff f W Zigi, ,Af , ,, f , , ,fam 'fi I Z, I ' ff L ,f 'if 1 fff f 131 f Q ,7 1 M,. f f f '! if X 1 f ,, f, OF 1951 FRONT ROW: D. Pereira, R. Silva, I. Olson, M. Morris, Wittle, L. Salazar, M. Ichilravva, Kawazoe, L. Paiva B. Paden, M. Menacho, J. Porter, S. Zarko, S. Mulkey, R. Giannetto, J. Koshiyama. BACK ROW: S. lto, E. Pool man, M. Shaw, B. Stevens, P. Price, S. Pisano, B. Soso, D. Wilson, G. Patrick, S. Yasul-rawa, N. Webber, M Plaza, I. Willson, D. Wasson. FRONT ROW: R. Murata, D. Ellis, D. Fisher, B. Tracy, K. Penfold, T. Hardy, M. Demarco, P. Hafsos, E. Shel ton, B. Warburton, G. Stover, M. Alexander, D. Elleclge, I. Lopez, D. Tomeo. BACK ROW: R. Carrillo, M Katicich, L. Hansen, B. Weston, D. Roberts, B. Goppe, G. Thomason, K. Kuhnle, B. Hefner, R. Horgas, P Singh, K. Herman. FRONT ROW: L. Walton, G. Zwiegle, G. Furesz, R. Garcia, B. Diehl, N. Miller, W. Miller, P. Vasquez, B Saldivar, S. Lougheacl, H. Krause, W. Freese, Williams. BACK ROW: A. Nieto, Rannals, G. Miallo, K. Melvin L. Alclerson, Rose, F. Wojatske, S. Beebee, R. Fritz, G. Clements, S. Sink, R. Cole, G. Fitzpatrick. THE CLASS FRONT Row- A Curran B C bll E I. . ' , . amp e , . Mitsunaga, ul. Yonemura, E. Alviso, G. Saldivia, J. McAnich, H. Mardesich, l. Webb, H. Lee, P. Walder, E, Rodriguez, V. Calhoun, E. Sinclair, T. Cooper. BACK ROW: R. An- derson, S. Uyeda, R. Haedt, E. McKinsey, T. Hashimoto, Hogue, D. Boatman, W. Valloton, M. Fuentes, B. Sousa, A. Munoz, C. Pcasley, G. Strom, B. Simpkins. FRONT ROW: D. Whitman, 1. lones, M. Freeland, M. Bouma, VI. Ishimatsu, D. Moore, S. Poolman, A. Menef trey, C. Mann, L. Becker, P. Bihn, G. Pence, D. Thompson, M. Rutt, K. McRae, S. Hiatt. BACK ROW: B. Palmer, gl. Smith, P. Tembey, B. Tantau, P. Orlando, L. Gonzales, B, Moore, ,l. Gilmore, F. Boomer, D. Hughes, D. Bennett, L. Schlieclcer, bl. Tucker, D. McDermatt, B. Brazington, C. Glson, D. Abinate, R. Turley, K. Kawazoe. FRONT ROW: l. Teixeira, A, Rodoni, E. Sliva, l. Martinez, ll. Blair, B. Sosha, P. Guterres, R. Flores, V. Garcia, K. Hirashima, M. Esteban, W. Hulett. BACK ROW: Mehling, S. Singh, F. Ramos, G. McDaniel, G. Myers, G. Lara, J. Rodoni, N. Pugh, D, Price, N. Shaw, S. Trujillo. ........ E E i T if 2 2 H OF 1952 FRONT ROW: I. Mardesich, E. Knezevich, S. Dedrick, R. Garcia, I. Cuneo, M. Patton, H. Sliinn, I. Gimenez M. Ortega, B. Espinosa. BACK Row: A. Furtado, D. Fiehrnan, F. Flores, E. Lara, B. Calhoun, R. Casper, E Martin, j. Dotson, D. Berry, I. Doughty, Williams. FRONT ROW: D. Nelson, I. Cabadas, H. Nieto, W. Martin, I. Harrington, L. Sayig, D. Seghi, P. Crlando C. Schmele, C. Gwin, P, Lara, H. Anderson, R. Nice, P. Robson. BACK ROW: P. Mauldin, House, N. Fitch C. Reynolds, Plaza, Adamson, C. Magee, R. Arovola, C. Cook, D. Turner, M. Alvoid, S. DeSart, M Wagiier. FRONT ROW: D. Castillo, D. Hodgkin, M. Mackie, T. DeVita, S. DeLano, M. Calvillo, M. Roberts, V. Balga A. Gimenez, H. johnson, R. Paladini, B. Atwood. BACK ROW: P. Larraga, K. Martin, il. Barnes, H. Catill, R Bermudes, A. Chavoya, R. Reynond, R. Smith, Crlando, M. Ortega, W. johnson. of-A S4v O GYM FOR CHRIS .017 V , W, ,, ,,.,, ,.,, , ,,,.,,,Y,, , , , , -.,...... ,, UW! 'Www Nascanna ma' W -H--' ' '--'gg COPO DE ORO CLUB, LOCATION FOR FIRST SOCIAL EVENTS 39 STUDENT STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: P. Butters, Secretary: M. Escalera, VicefPresidentg D, Adamson, President, Fall semesterg L. Herion, President, Spring semester: C. Peverill, Treasurer. BACK ROW: C. Abinante, Yell Leader: G. Wallin, Sgtfatfarms, Fall semester: B. Pence, Sgtxatf arms, Spring semester: M. Fukumoto, Activity Point Secretary: A. Gracia, Social Manager. IUDGES: FRONT Row: C. Sedgwick, E. Carlile, P. Ellis, G. Hamel, Mr. Ames. BACK ROW: V. DePalma, D. Shoffner, I. Mesa. The student council head the student government at Fremont, with the student body oflicers serving as the ofiicers of the council. Qther members are elected from each basic class and organization. The council members vote as their class desires on all points that come before the council, During this year the council has done such things as organizing a Sportsmanship Com- mittee, for the purpose of promoting better sportsmanship through all sports, bought trophies for all athletic teams which either won championship or tied for first place, and also a Constitution Committee was organized for the purpose of producing a better and lasting constitution for Fremont. The vice-presidents of each class compose the assembly committee, which plans assemblies for the whole year. 40 GOVERNMENT fl, FINANCE COMMITTEE: FRONT Row: B, Mardesich, C. Lee. BACK Row: Mr. Howie, C. Peverill, P. Csley. C21 BOARD OF CONTROL: FRONT ROW: D. Shoffner, McAnich, N. Giannetto. MIDDLE ROW: I. Porter, G. Long, N. Bull, R. Giannetto. BACK Row: V. Campbell, B. Moore, Mr. Howie. Q35 STUDENT CouNc1L: FRONT Row: L. Lawrence, L. Pavia, P. Wallin, B. Jones, C, Peverill, I. Bates, A. Gracia, C. Abinante, G. Hamel, P. Butters, C. Knipe, C. Perez, H. Shallenberger. MIDDLE ROW: S. Yasukawa, D. Shorfner, W. Miller, H. Lee, P. Csley, N. Willson, J, Teixeira, E. Carlile, L. Silveira, R. Harrison, M. Fukumoto, S. Torres. BACK ROW: B. Lara, M. Escaf lera, D. Adamson, C. Hiatt. Two representatives elected from each class make up the Board of Control, which tries all cases involving the breaking of rules in the Wigwam. Those cases which do not involve the Wigwam are tried by the Student Court, composed of judges who are elected by the student body, and they deter- mine the punishment of the law breakers. The Traffic Squad inforces all the rules that are set up by the Student Council, and if these rules are broken, a little yellow slip is received for the violation. 41 PATHFINDER n we began working and planning for the 1949 Pathfinder, we learned that this was Fremont's silver anniversary, so immediately we began work on the annual with this as a theme. And at this point, our thanks go to Miss May Morrison for providing us with pictures of the first principal, Miss Leslie Smith, and the first graduating class. Whe Our , as sue , We have worked hard and long in an attempt to bring you something that will be a memory to you of th' ' ' ' is year and that will give you a very small idea of what Fremont was in its beginning. staff was almost entirely new this year and h fij FRONT ROW: C. Furesz, Barcus, L. Silveira, M. Mulnix. SECOND Row: S. Poolman, M. Davis, S. Lynch B, Hubert. TOP ROW: C. Harrington WJ Mrs. Cowin Ad " ' ' ' ' . .. . g, visor. and Barbara Robinson, Editor. Q31 Elliott, R Harrison, l. Bates. QM FRONT Row: B. Haynes, M. V d H. Hill, J. Tamayo, M. Edmundson, L. Mankin. an e Water, D. Hogue, K. Feltrop. BACK Row: D. Martinez 3 1 K. ,- 2 . xy Q ... AWP CHIEF The first printed Chief was published on Qctober 15, l943, and it was then called A'Fremont News". The editor was lean Montgomery and the advisor was Dr. Alinda E. Montgomery. The Chief this year was edited by the second year journalism class and contributed to by the first year students. Une of the new features of the paper this year was that it was published weekly instead of bimonthly as in the past. Qther new features of the '48-'49 publications were Fremont's Trading Post lan original method of advertis- ingl, Muscular Maids, and the Couple of the Week, New eye-catchers were the cuts that illustrated the various columns. Q15 Quirr AND SCROLL CHARTER MEMBERS: FRONT Row: G. Woodward. G. Hamel, C. Kriipe. BACK Row: Mrs. Cowing, Mrs. Smith, B. Robinson QZJ QUILL AND SCROLL: FRONT Row: gl. Elliott, I, Bates, D. Martinez, H. Shallenberger, K. Feltrop, E. Andrews. BACK ROW: M. Fukumoto, V. Wilson, C. Harrington. Q31 JOURNALISM I: FRONT ROW: C. Sturdivant, A. Lara, L. Grothecr, H. Shallenberger, B. Clarkson, B. Holt. BACK ROW: M. Fukuf moto, C. Harrington, A. Chuck, P. Osley, Harlan, M. Mulnix, D. Martinez, B. Dozier, V. Wilson. Q45 SCENE FROM joL'RNALisM: J. Tamayo, E. Amaral, E. DeSoto. M., ,r,,mf, 14' H4 .1 W fri Q5-P' XX, tb :J flj GIRLHS TRA1-'FIC SQUAD: Miss Patterson, P. Warren, M. Simon, lmhof, I. Bates, Elliott. Q21 BOYS' SQUAD: A. DiTommaso, Camarda, D. Chuck, Miss Patterson, B. Komenovich, B. Brazington, W. Heuer. Q35 I, Bates giving ticket to KI. Adamson. t4j D, Chuck and I. Bates+Presidents. f4j B. Komenovich giving ticket to L. Sayig. TRAFFIC The Traffic Squad came to life this year, and it functioned as a traflic squad should. It is a familiar sight to all of us to see the members giving tickets for going down the ramp, up the stairs, throwing papers, or running in the halls. At the games, the squad worked with the Rally Committee to get the all white rooting section of which all Fremonters are very proud. For the good Work done at school and at games, to the Traffic Squad goes a Word of thanks from us all. 44 J 1 T flj C. Knipe, President ofthe Girls' League. QD H. Mardesich loaded down on Luggage Day. QSJ S. Torres President of the Boys' League. f4j GIRLS, LEAGUE CABINET: FRONT ROW: M. Mulnix, Wittle, L. Grotheer, K Penfold, N. Giannetto, C. Knipe, B. Mardesich, E Andrews, P, Patton, J. Harlan. BACK ROW: E, Shelton, S, Pool man, G, McDaniel, H. Shallenberger, M. Perkov, D. Lee per, Miss Martha Kendall. Q53 BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET H. Holstein, I. Mesa, A. Koshiyama, Mr, Arthur Howie, B. Wiley, S. Torres. GIRLS' LEAGUE The Girls' League, made up of all the girls at Fremont, for the third con- secutive year, adopted a war orphan, Michaline Andre. Money raised from the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Luggage Day, and cookie and cake sales helped to support the little French girl. BOYS' LEAGUE The Boys' League was organized again this year, but as yet has not been very active. Consisting of all the boys in school, one meeting was held in the auditorium. For an assembly, the boys sponsored the Faculty-Senior basket- ball game. Needless to say, the game proved very interesting. 45 C. S. F. With the coming of the spring semester, it was a pleasure to know that h t ere was an increase in the number of students in the C. S. F. To become a member of this fin ' ' e organization, one must attain high scholastic achievement for the semester preceding application. The new m quite an impressive initiation was performed by candlelight before the whole student body during an assembly. After becoming members, the students are given cards which allow them certai ' 'l ' n pr1v1 eges, such as freedom of the halls if they have reason to be there and an Honor day, embers were given a luncheon by the old members, and then SPRING SEMESTER: FRONT ROW: P. Osley, S. Mulkey, C. Lee, C. Furesz, B. Robinson, G. Hamel, L. Pavia, E. Poolman, R. Flores, R. Moore. SECOND ROW: L. Lawrence, N. Willson, Barcus, L. Becker, H. Lee, Hirano, J. Porter, H. Mardesich, C. Hiatt, Miss Dossee. BACK ROW: Jones, Mrs. Wilson, A, Di Leonardi, B .Hubert, A. Sasao, H, Shallenberger, D. Moore, P. Butters, A. Koshiyama. FALL SEMESTER: FRONT ROW: Barcus, C. Furesz, Mrs. Wilsoxi, M. Katicich, H. Shallenberger, B. Robinson, C. Lee. SECOND Row: Miss Dossee, B. Hubert. BACK ROW: A. Koshiyama, L. Lawrence, E. Poolman, S. Mulkey, M. Menacho, P. Butters, Porter. , -f ,ff ,wwf RALLY The Rally Committee is an organization which helps to acquire school spirit and which has been seen at all our games. The head cheer leader, Cathryn Abinante, is head of the organization. This year the Rally Committee had a Rally Block, which distinguishes them from the all white rooting section at the games. The Rally Block is circular ' ' ' l R ll with a white background. On it is written Fremont Union High Schoo a y Committee, and in the center is the head of an Indian. Among the duties of the Rally Committee are the planning of rallies, dec- orating for games, and composing new yells. C11 FRONT Row: M. Patton, C. Knipe, P. Qrlando, G. Hamel. I. Heidinger, A. Gracia, hitts. C. Paige, P. Csley. BACK ROW: Miss Fernandes, P. Wooteii. S. Poolman, B. Stevens M. Perkov, B. Mardesich, I. Bates, N. Giannetto, J. Olson, S. Mulkey. C21 C. Abinante l. Mahre, L. Lawrence, E. Poolman, K. Penfold, Sophomore Yell Leaders. MJ L. Saich Yell Leaders. wr I5 B, Wtlrhurton B Tib , B. Tantau, M Katicich , Head Yell Leader OJ , P. Wirtlxlin, Asistant 9 ff? flj COUNCIL: FRONT Row: I. Iillson, R. DiCicco, M. Stalios, A. Walias, M. Menacho, H. Bragg, F. Sequia. MIDDLE ROW: I. Cooper, M. Foreman, R. Flores, L. Becker, Sink, B. Sosfia, -l. Webb, Mcfxnich. BACK ROW: Mrs. Howie, K. Martin, l. Willsoii, H. Mardesich, P. Gutierrez. 121 BOARD OF CONTROL: R. DiCicco, President: M. Stalios, Treasurer: R, Flores, Secretary: B. Soslia, Vice President: H. Mardesich, Social Manager. Url I, Rocloni at a sewing machine. EH. A. The Future Homemakers of America had its second birthday at Fremont this year. All the girls taking homemaking are members of this organization. Each class has its oflicers, and from these a council, which is the governing body, is elected, This year the girls made red and white rally mits to be worn at all games, and as we go to press, plans are underway for a donut sale, In their classes, the girls have units on nutrition, food preparation, etiquette, good grooming, clothing selection, and clothing construction, which are just a few among many units available in the department. 48 ' 1 . . x flj FRONT ROW: I. Murdock, W. Gilhrech, C. McKaig, C. Amarel, S. Brackett, E, Gray, H. Vallotton. BACK ROW: R. Cortez, Relph, D. Chuck, A. DiTommaso, G. Gilliam, K. Zankich, B. Komenovich, F. Velasquez, C. Davis, Mr. Alauch. Q21 OFFICERSS BOTTOM ROW: F. Velasquez, Treasurer: C. Amaral, Sentinel: W. Gilbrech, Presif dent. MIDDLE ROW: D, Chuck, VicefPresidentg S. Brackett, Secretary: A. DiTommaso, Reporter. TOP: J. Relph, President. 133 MEMBERs WORKINCQ ON ACCOUNT Book: L. Yonemura, R. Bernal, D. Chuck, Mr. Iauch. F. F. A. Fremont offers vocational agriculture to those students who wish to enter the farming profession. Through a well adapted program of work which in- cludes cooperative, recreational, and community service activities, the boys learn the aims of this group: "Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve." The students are taught the modern methods of farming in the classroom, and this knowledge is put to use by making several field trips a month. Each student is required to carry a farm project in the form of live- stock, poultry, or truck crops, Qnce a year a project tour is conducted so the parents can see what the boys have accomplished. 49 Q 1 f CHOIR The Fremont choir again had a very active year. They were a memorable si ht with th Q bl ' ' ' g eir ack robes and White collars standing 1n front of the stained glass window when they helped make the Christmas Pageant a success. The choir very willingly sang a number of times for P.T.A., and as we go to press, they are practicing for the Public Schools Week program. For Bernice Tibbitts, one of the high lights of the year was being chosen to sing in a 1,000 voice choir in Sacramento at a conference of music educators. T - . . . . he students taking part in this choir were picked from California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. flj CHOIR: FRONT Row: G. Saldivia, Mahre, B. Tibbitts, G. Orlando, G. Peasley, P. Warren, L. Pesce, A Moreno, B. Holt, Russell, I. Heidinger, G. Stover. MIDDLE ROW: L. Himan, S. St. Croix, I. Crane, -I. Mulnix, D Regensburger, N. Parker, R. Gonzalez, C. Dionne, A. Lara, G. Griffin. BACK ROW: I. Mulnix, I. Iillson, R. Di Cicco, A. Payne, J. lmhof, C. Sims, A. Alfinito, D. Adamson, Mr. Knighton, N. Willson, H. Bastemeyer, Y Dionne, M. Rutt. f2J QUARTET: G. Peasley, J. Jillson, Imhof, B. Tibbitts. Q35 SOLOIST: B. Tibbitts. A . 41. 1 ..-im ..... ' .1 BAND ln their bright red uniforms, the band members participated in many activ- ities in and around Fremont this year. One of the big events was Winning the first place cup in the Christmas Parade in San lose. The band also marched in the Navy Day Parade at Moffett Field and the Portola Parade in Sunny- vale. At Fremont the band played for the Public Schools Week program and is, as We go to press, planning for graduation. The something new that was added this year was a bright red satin uniform for the head majorette, Alma Gracia. QU BAYD FIRST Row' CFront to Backj' H Baker G Manson, I. Willson, 1. Shaw. SECOND Row: H. Dionne. B B. Giannetto, L. Mefengb. Hughes. Tnmnfaow. M. White, R. Welieef, 1. Butler, C. Geek. FOURTH Bow. 1. erf '1 ard, B. Tantau, L. Patton, I. Camarda. FIFTH ROW: H. Shallenberger, S. Lynch, L. Alderson, M. Walter, A. Si f veira. SIXTH ROW: M. Wagern, I. Plaza, R. Montez, D. Moore. SEVENTH ROW: D. Pereira, D. Walter, B. Bevef ridge, S. Poolman. EIGHTH Row: R. Moore, J. Knotts, L. Lindgren, M. Peer, E. Poolman. BACK Row: Dr Abif nante B. Wright, D Bspasandin, N Mardesich, B. Palmer, S. Hiatt, G. Curran, A. jelesko, S. Sink, S. Phipps, ' ' . B d A I lesko L. Lolli, s.Mu11eey. rip BAND STAFFQBRONT Row. R. Moore, G. owen, B. Beveridge, J em , . e . BACK ROW: Mr. Knighton, H. Shallenberger, E. Poolman, Elliott. C30 MAJORETTES: FRONT ROW: P. Price, A. Gracia, C. Paige. BACK Row: B. Haynes, B. Diehl, R. DeCicco. . 7 3 f-. f 5 5 . 3 2 1 . , i . Q 5 . , , -f . ..,. W Q, sf .h ,. 1 .,.' .31 1 1 g - 1 E V' :-4 . My ml , f T A g, 5 fvlfif ,gf ..... 6 H K g ,ai V If ' 1, A -," ' 9 ni' 5 .!. 1 Af.. --. V r b .W Y,-W, ,. , , M 5 1 waz' ff 6 Clj FRONT Rowe I Bates A Gracia Miss F cl . . , . ' , 1 ernan es, G. Hamel, S. Lynch, P. Butters, C. Lee, M. Parker, SEC UND ROW: N. Giannetto, C. Paige, M. Katicich, M. Perkov, P. Wooten, B, Mardesich, B. Tantau, C. Abinante L. Herion. THIRD ROW: D. Adamson, C. Jenson, A. Thompson. TOP ROW: D. Meek, B. Hindle, T. Caperello 12 and 3j: Scenes from Thespian dinner and initiation in january. THESPIANS This year the Fremont chapter of the Thespian Honor Drama Society cele- brated its first anniversary. In Ianuary the Thespians held their first formal initiation f h o t e year. The second initiation was held in April. All Thespians alumni were invited to the initiation, dinner, and dance, To become a member of this national organization, one must earn ten points in the various phases of drama. These include acting, dancing, singing, direct- ing, advertising, ushering, and working on make-up, costumes, and sets. At press time, rehearsals are underway for the an l Th nua espian play, "I Re- member Mama", which will be given in May. 52 Scenes from Christmas Pageant DRAMA The Drama Department again had a very successful year. They presented three plays and the Christmas Pageant. The plays were "A Date With Indy", "You Can't Take lt With You", sponsored by the junior and senior classes respectively, and 'LI Remember Mama", sponsored by Thespians. "The Birth- day of a King" was the Christmas Pageant, This production was different from the usual pageants in that it was presented in the same manner as a play, using people from all four classes for the cast. One of the additional courses available was a class in Radio Acting, which broadcast over KSIO. 7 a pop gym Q 0 0 D Q Ooab 1 f f MMM N NAHMHNEE CITY PARK GATES, LOCATION FOR FIRST ATHLETIC EVENTS 55' ATHLETIC STAFF C13 ATHLETIC MANAGERS FRONT Row: Koshiyama, G. Castro, F. Stowell, M. Vande Water, G. Zweigle, B. Bennett. BACK Row: S. Yasukawa, L. johnson, B. Iurevich, G. Frisbee, S. Beebee. P. E. TEACHERS: Mrs. Florence Lindsey and Miss Martha Kendall. COACHES: Mr. Fenton Hill, Mr. Ken Stanger, Mr. Marty Mathiesen, Mr. Doug Pederson. Fremonts Athletic staff can well be proud of the fine job of coaching they turned in this year. Headed by Marty Mathiesen, athletic director, the staff included Kenny Stanger, Doug Pederson, and Fenton Hill. Fremonfs athletics hit a new high by producing four championship teams, and chances were good for a fifth. 56 ,av GIRLS' SPORTS ln the physical education class, the girls participate in many sports. Here are some of the activities in which the girls have instructions and play during the school year: softball, swimming, tennis, basketball, volleyball, speedball, and badminton. The girls choose a class captain every quarter in their classes. She takes roll, makes announcements, and starts the girls in their activity, and if the teachers are not present, she is in charge. 115 TENNIS CHAMPIONS: N. Giannetto, M. Katicich. C21 CHAMPION WIOLLEYBALLI A FRONT: R. Walker. M. White, R. Harrison, B. Mardesich, N. Willson. BACK: F. Stowell, A. Payne, M. Perkov. 135 HONOR VOLLEYBALL: FRONT: C. Dionne, F. Stowell, R. Harrison. MIDDLE: Hirano, N. . ff' Willson, D. Sanchez. BACK: R. Walker, A. Chuck, A. Payne. J aw. . Bai . A , as NA.. , .f-' f ' 2, V W, .,... L Maui' I .. ... .. 443 REFEREES AND OFFICIALS: FRONT J. Mankin, E. Mitsunaga, M. Bouma, P. Butters H. Shallenberger, D. Hogue, R. Walker, -I. Porter, E Poolman, B. Paden, B. McGinty. SECOND: L. Becker, A. Sasao, J. Hirano. M. Mitsunaga, M. Patton, B. jones, R. Mitarai, L. Sayig, D. Seghi, V. Garcia. THIRD: B. Hubert, B. Mardesich, C. Heath, P. Price L. Patton, N. Pugh, M. Rutt, G. Hamel, A. Hirashima. BACK' rence, S. Poolman, D. Moore. . M. Foreman, L. Lawz 57 flj MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: H. Shallenberger, E. Arnaral, D. Sanchez, M. Menacho, Tamayo, B. Mason, F. Stowell, N. Willson. MIDDLE Row: R. Walker, A. Silveira, N. Cook, D. Caro, B. Mardesich, R. Harrison, M. White, B. Hubert. TOP ROW: B. Holt, I. Crane, N. Parker, L. Silveira, M. Katicich, N. Giannetto, Mrs. Lindsey. 121 N. Cook, D. Caro, I. Crane, and R. Harrison during initiation. HJ OFFICERS: J. Tamayo, Secretary: L. Sil- veira, VicefPresident: H. Shallenberger, President: Faye Stowell, Treasurer. THREE HSTAR ATHLETES'i AND BLOCKS: H. Shallenberger, F. Stowell, N. Willson. GIRLS' BLOCK F The Girls' Block F is composed of girls who have earned 150 points by participating in after school sports. They may either play on a team or ofliici- ate. They receive 25 points for each sport, but not more than 75 in a year. The team captains receive 15 points for each season. Sport managers, chosen by the students, have charge of the sports and also help to choose the honor roll. The honor roll is composed of the best players from all the teams. There are usually about 10 girls chosen. When you have been on two honor rolls, you are eligible for a star. Basketball was the outstanding sport of the year. More than half of the girls in school participated in this sport. '58 V wk Y flj FRONT ROW: D. Conley, K. Zankich, G. Castro, B. Saldivar, L. Capitola, S. Ito, B. Hindle, G. Wallin, W Yoshimoto. MIDDLE Row: E. Bogdanovich, Relph, J. Inglis, W. Loftis, M. Moreno, Price, G. McGinnis, M Escalera, A. Thompson, H. Holstein. BACK ROW: D. Urban, B. Anderson, C. Sedgwick, B. Saicb, A. Koshiyama G. Woodward, C. Gonzales, C. Harnbaugh, L. Herion, W. Gilbrech. Q21 FRONT ROW: B. Murata, R. Giannetto B. jurevich, C. Zweigle, R. Fritz, M. Katicich, B. Bennett, J. Koshiyama, L. Moreno, B. Dozier, V. Fidiam, B. Pence MIDDLE ROW: B, Mello, P. Martin, J. Ruis, L. Gallego, T. Grtega, C. McKaig, F. Sanders, S. Beebe, P. Orlando E, Gresham, V. Harrington, H. Sinclair. BACK ROW: F. Velasquez, S. Yasukawa, E. Lara, D. Patton, G. Frisbee R. LaHerran, J. Mesa, C. Hiatt, S. Torres, P. Pangracs, D. Higgins. BOYS' BLOCK F Although the Boys' Block F Society has not been active this year, its existence encourages the boys to go out for after school sports. Each boy who has earned a block F automatically becomes a member of the organization. To receive a block, each athlete must obtain 100 points in a single sport. A stripe is given for each additional 100 points the boy has earned in a single sport, and a star denotes 100 points earned in one or more sports. This is slightly different from last year. At that time it was possible to get a block for 100 points earned in more than one sport. Sal Torres, as president of the Boys' league, is also president of the Boys' Block F. 59 VARSITY FOOTBALL O1-'PoNhN'r FREMONT 'if f - 19 ..,...,,. ...,.,. L os Gatos ,,,, gg 6 .,,,,,,,, ,..,, 'W aghjngtgn H ix x '3 gf V in if-. 'isa i l? v ii? is MK I Y -' 6 V.....V.. A...... M t. View ...,... f I 'gn qi, i ,afqg ' M -,j i 2 2 is .A.... ....A,. C ampbell .....,. 42Tg. e' , , g T T 43 ..,,., ..,.. S anta Clara ..... ' QQ 7 . Q.. . ,V 1 fl! .MF V X ii 21 ...A.V ....Y.. S an Jose Tech ....,, .....A l 8 ,OV ff: 2525 'i Q' f ,rf ,f -- ,,. ,f " 0 Y,....V.,. AY.... G ilroy ...... ..Y... 2 7 fi iii ft S .A-1 L ' 1 4"" , f Q ' R T- L i ' L,, .. J ""'f N2 In B. Dozier-S. C. V. A. L. First String, C. Sedgwick and T. Garcia-CofCaptains, Varsity. The Varsity football squad fought through a fairly successful season finish- ing third in the S. C. V. A. L. league with four wins and three losses. Coach Ken Stanger successfully employed the T formation during the sea- son. He was assisted by Iames Waterman from San lose State. lack Ruiz, end, was chosen as the outstanding player of the season at the Lions' Club dinner. The Colbourn trophy which is given for sportsmanship, outstanding scholarship, as well as expert playing, was awarded to Charles Sedgwick, center. Tony Garcia and Charles Sedgwick held the honors of being the co-captains of the team. Bob Dozier was a unanimous decision for left tackle on the mythical S. C. V. A. L. first string team. Tony Garcia and Manuel Escalera won places on the second string. FRONT Row: Hitchman, E. Hansen, B. Calhoun, T. Moreno, R. Reposa, E. Holmes, I. Mesa, D. Loftis, B Swanson, S. Torres, T. Garcia. MIDDLE ROW: C. Gonzales, R. Bermudez, V. Fidiam, B. Lara, B. Pence, Ruiz fW. Yoshimoto, H. Holstein, D. Adamson, T. Arnedo, W. Gilbrech. THIRD ROW: Mr. Waterman, A. Fecht, P Pangracs, G. Walliri, M. Escalera, B. Dozicr. D. Higgins, C. Hambaugh, V. Harrington, C. Sedgwick, B. Ander son. P. Orlando. 60 CHAMPION 130 FOOTBALL 5 1 ' . l as f r . 1 3 1" 1 Aw 7 , 3 CPPONENT FREMONT O ,,,.,.. ..... L os Gatos ........ .19 0 ,,,,..A ,,...... W ashington ,.,.,., 025' 7 .,,.... .,,,... M t, View .,...... ......... 1 3 7 ,.,,..A ,..... C ampbell ..... ........, 1 3 Santa Clara Gilroy 7 F. Shuniake and L. Herion, CofCaptains The victorious 130 team took first place in the S. C. V. A. L. after winning all of its six league games. According to Coach Fenton Hill, the 130 team met with the toughest com- petition in the Mountain View and Gilroy games. Coach Hill used the straight T formation throughout the successful season and was assisted by Hal Marks from San lose State. Fred Shumake, end, was given a special award at the Lion's Club dinner for being the outstanding player of the season. Lee Herion, quarterback, with twenty-five points was the highest scorer on the team. Longie Torres, came second with twenty-four points. Fred Shumake and Lee Herion were co-captains of the team. v FRONT ROW: R. Morris, S. Ito, Adamson, D. Monahan, xl. Plaza, B. Moore, E. Fernandez, S. Brackett, B. Mahre, G. Strom, B. Hindle. MIDDLE Row: L. Menacho, M. Moreno, D. Hirose, D. Conley, Relph, B. Innes, L. Herion, L. Torres, D. Urban, F. Shumake, A. Dionne, B. Aebersold. TOP ROW: -1. Inglis, T. Hashimoto, E. Butch' cr, L. Plants, G. Gilliam, G. McGinnis, L. Capitola, A. Chavoya, S. Uriu, D, Wilson, D. Boatman, H, Marks. 61 CHAMPION VARSITY BASKETBALL OPPONENT FREMONT 32 .....,.. ...... W ashington .... ....... 2 6 Z5 ....,... ...... S anta Clara . ....... 30 31 ,,....., ....... G ilroy ..,.. ....... 3 9 19 .4,.,,.. ..... M t. View ..,... ,...,.. 4 0 33 .,.,..... ,.... C amphell ...... ,,..... 4 6 23 ...... . ......., Los Gatos ...... ....... 3 8 42 ..,.. .....,. S an ,lose Tech ...... .,..... 4 5 29 .......,. ........ L ive Oak ...,.. ....... 4 5 W. Yoshimoto and G. Wzillin-7--CnJfCaptains Under the guidance of Coach Marty Mathiesen and his assistant, Doug Pederson, Fremonts varsity hoopsters turned in a sensational season by winning seven out of the eight league games and taking first place in the S. C. V. A. L, The Indians with three returning lettermen lost only one league game during the entire season. The highlight of the season was the Indian overtime victory over San lose Tech. FRONT ROW: B, Poem, M. Escalera, W. Yoshimoto, G. Wallin, S. Beebee, I, Mesa, A, Thompson. SECOND Row: D. Choate, I. Ralph, N. Mardesich, B. Dozier, B. Coppe, J. Rose, R. Bermudez. 62 130 BASKETBALL OPPoNrNTs FREMONT 28 .......,.......... Washington ...... ........ 2 9 24 ....... ....... S anta Clara ..,,,,. .12 21 ....... ..... G ilroy .,...,. ........ 3 8 31 ....... .,.... M t. View ........ ,.....,, 3 2 24 ....... ,.,,.. C ampbell ..... ........ 3 4 29 ......, ...... L os Gatos ..... ..... 2 3 Z0 ....... ...... S an lose Tech ................ 24 26 .,..... ....,. L ive Oak ,:,..... ...., 2 2 V. Campbell-Captain The 130 exponent team did not fare as well as the Varsity. They wound up the season in fourth place in league standings with five victories and three defeats. The Papooses chalked up victories over Washington, Gilroy, Mountain View, Campbell, and San lose Tech. On the other hand they were beaten by Santa Clara, Los Gatos, and Live Oak. Top scorers for the lightweights were: Larry Gallego-175 points, Vernon Campbell-150 points, and Lee Herion-99 points. FRONT ROW: B. Saich, A, Koshiyama, L. Herion, V. Campbell, M. Moreno, L. Gallego, R. La Herran. BACK ROW: C. Reynolds, D. Monahan, A. Chavoya, R. Vecchione, H. Ando, H. Castillo, E. Butcher, Adamson. 63 11O's - 120's BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS MELYQWM QIJAIZCTS: FRONT Row C Top R : . Magee, D. Pereira, E. Adleman L Joh OW: L. Alderson, A. Tomason G Frisb FRONT Row- B Murat , . nson, , . Q ee, F. Boomer, D. P , . 21, P. Temby, G. Zei l ' Palmer. TOP ROW: ' ' atton, S. ge, Koshlyama, B. Bennett, G J. Mardeslch, R. Hacdt, B. jureviclu, R. F ' rxtz, R. Isle, 64 R. Giannetto, K. Herman, S. Pisano Yasukawa, C. Z ' ankxch. Q21-11O's: Castro, W. Martin, B, Wilson, B. Katiciclu, M. G A' ' rxjalva, S. Uyeda, MINOR SPORTS 4 TENNIS: D. Nelson, D. Abinante, D. Tomeo, M. Grijalva, R. Moore, D. Fisher, C. Hiatt, B. Buckenmeyer, L. Alderson, D. Pereira, C. McKaig, Mr. Hill. WRESTLING: FRONT: B. Palmer, P. Lara, G. Castro, S. Afanador, R. Bernal, Price, S. Sink, D. Nelson. MIDDLE: G. Patrick, E. Lara, M. Fuentes, D. Espasandin, Berard, R. Smith. BACK: B. Lara, F. Shumake, Dotson, B. Wiley, B. Atwood, J. Gilmore, G. McGinnis. 65 i . . Q x g , , M BASEBALL S. Ito, W. Woshimoto, with G. Frisbee, B. Poen in background. VARSITY: FRONT ROW: E. Adelman, Koshiyama, G. Zweigle, B. Herman, S. Ito, H. Holstein, G. Raynolds. BACK Row: R. Kling, W. Yoshimoto, G. Wallin, M. Escalera, P. Pangracs, D. Higgins, B. Poen, G. Frisbee, B. Saicb. RESERVES: FRONT ROW: B. Jurevich, B. Herman, B. Moore, H. lmokawa B Maitin B Palmer R Ravizza, L. Perrin. BACK ROW: G. Frisbee, G. Magee, S. Sink, M. Ortega, C. Reynolds, ij. bWilliams, Singh, R.. Horgas, J. Inglis, B. Knezevich. 66 ffl 4 TRACK Q Q.. M. Harrington, W. Loftis, I. Mesa, H. Martin fwya C15 FRONT'ROW: W. Loftis, S. Beebe, Hogue, R. Carillo, Lytle, B. Wiley, E. Gresham, V. Harrington, R Hammond, V. Fidiam, G. McGinnis, Ruiz, S. Torres, T. Moreno, B. Pence, B. Hindle, S. Brackett, D. Turner, I Adamson, Barnes. SECOND Row: D. Conley, R. Fritz, L. Johnson, L. Melvin, Price, H. Thomason, R. Scaldif var, R. Carillo, B. Dozier, R. Bernal, Mesa, H. Martin, L. Capitola, D. Hougeland, D. Monahan, L. Gallego, A Koshiyama, D. Boatman, R. Afanador. THIRD ROW: D. Wilson, L. Alderson, E. Lara, A. Chavoya, E. Bogdano- vich, I. Rose, B. Coppe, Camarda, G. Eckert, A. Thompson, A. Dionne, C. Zankich, B. Jurevich, G. Strom, B Nesbitt, G. Gilliam, B. Smith, B. Aebersold, I. Gilmore. FOURTH ROW: S. Yasukawa, H. Sinclair, B. Lara, B. Ander sen, D. Urban, C. Sedgwick, C. Hiatt, N. Mardesich, M. Moreno, T. Grtega, A. Nieto, I. Relph, G. Frisbee, I Inglis, B. Soso, T. Dale, T. Wojatski, F. Sanders, D. Adamson, Le Cour, H. Holstein. Q21 FRONT ROW: D Pereira, D. Wasson, S. Sink, K. Kawazoe, B. Brazington, D. Abinante, W. Martin, D. Hodgkins, Wiliams, B Simpkins, I. Dedrick, R. Ravizza, S. Uyeda, G. Elie, E. Afanador, F. Boomer, B. Starr, I. Dotson. SECOND ROW F. Perkov,'D. Nelson, P. Temby, B. Atwood, R. Isle, M. Grijalva, R. Paladini, L. Cooper, B. Souza, I. Mardesich E. Knezevich, D. McDermott, B. Hefner, E. Miterai, Bianchi, G. Patrick, G. Clements, I. Butler, R. Bermudez TOP Row: B. Calhoun, E. Iames, B. Moore, Brantley, T. Velasquez, D. Tomeo, C. Clson, B. Tantau, B. Espinosa C. McKaig, P. Lara, B. Palmer, G. Castro, Koshiyama, B. Bennett, B. Murata, R. Haedt, S. Pisano, R. Jasper. 67 CU-130 CHAMPIONS: FRONT ROW: L. Capirola, Inglis, D. Hirose, Ralph, R. Mabre, G. McGinnis, S, Ito, F. Sbumake, A. Dionne. BACK ROW: S. Torres, L. Herion, M. Moreno, B. Innes, D. Urban, D. Conley. CZ, 3 and ij-Snaps wrestling, basketball and football. f4J-VARSITY CHAMPIONS: M, Escalera, S. Beebe, W. Yosbimoto, B. Poen, G. Wallin, Mesa. SPORTS 68 2 BASXETBALL: J. Hirano, M. Simon, D. Hogue, Q35 TEN CU SPEEDBALL: A. Savala, H. Bastemeyer. Q J ' B. Hubert. Q41 SOFTBALL: R. Walker, Bennett, N. Ccok. SNAPS 69 NIS up C S F girls on their way to collect for March of Dames Q7 cmd 4j S f , . . I .. '1 cenes rom Faculty Christmas Party. H -lust hefore the St df t C 'l ' " ' ' u tn ounti picture was taken, 152 Scene from Christmas Ball, 70 FROM THE flj A few sophomores in typing. QQ Football practice. 131 Spanish students and a news item. Q41 Class di cussion in U. S. History. EDITOR'S DESK 71 .fo flj Girls Block NF" Initiation. KD Quill and Scroll Initiation. Q35 Th the Wigwain. 72 X, .4 1' f in ' ' e cafeteria at noon tim e. f4j Noon in FROM THE 2 C st of "You Cant Take it With You." f3j Scene from Clj Decorating the gym for the. Cal Poly dance. C J a 21 f.f21lTxQ. f I EDITOR'S DESK 4 Cnflookcrs m the W1gW3m. 73 I? LE! Q sw ms.. ae' W f ,f ir ' - - - .eV -:2.-11,-riaili-:J312,232 :V .f X.. jx ,, -amz . :-::E5EEg.,':-5:- 4 , ' "' alias ? ik. 'e , w ww - ga I v.,5g.:.,g:g5: 1:- .QH ZQFV ' .gg 5 1, '- , A ::s:r1 E3:5:j:3: ., ' . t iff , -f2fl2f5sfg5::.: ' Y ..5f5, . lf "?'v3faaa - 21, ,iii -,,k2:.Zv,h,: p f - 5 X I l X - fa mek P ifwmi? rl ' A ff wggfp-V M, '14 ,.,. V :Civ sw .A I ,-55? ,425522 ,. gijfffzf :if gig X --2.355 255 Zitiig, A ,I - ,KM 511 flflQ-fig f M WY. Lane Cedar Hope Chest As adveriised in SEVENTEEN C U4 C ,f p V M.. e , ,, Wwffrs aal t as .t-f '- - ll f sgl X - Wl"l' X1 Nk ll le l ' L lla l ul W ll l Cl! fd-'ih 'l ' " ' " ' For the Girl Groduale 549.95 6:55 ,,.,M,ga:f ,, ., " ' .,-,4f:I,1,,.,,:4,g:,:+:-:A:-:-'-,-.-, . I :V :,5f, ':,1,.,,,,.! g .,1:,:,:1:5:,:g . f f, , ,,.. ,.,, U , ,,., ...., .....4,..V. , , :fy '- 3. f4:f5:szg5551I5I3:sfs?1 Mgr:-1 . :fS1Ef2151E:f:2:sg5gs: ' Mmm., " V.,. ,, , ....... ..., .. ' 1 5 , f 1 ,- '1 4 , fa... X A , '. .. , ...,. 2 Y. " 4 jf ff , G ' Isfflz' , I Xxkl ' , p """'-N.,,W N' Gift of Her Heart's Desire Girl grads today know what they want. Most all of them want a beauti- ful Lane Hope Chest. And no wonder! This romantic gift does so much to make dreams come true. Choose one of our popular Lane Cedar Chests for your girl graduate. It will have all the exclusive features that make a Lane a lifetime possession. Come in, soon. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS ,g, ' v I' 'S , 7 'Si 5 Y i 1 ,I I 4 303 S.lllul'plnl Rvax --Q 'll b ' ' g Iullilll' Il CHU! OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '49 EJ - til 74 as 5, MJ gd 2? E1 .EET EI Phone Sunnyvale 2l78 WAKEFIELD FLORIST Flowers For Every Occasion CompIimen+s of LEO H. VISHQOT REAL ESTATE - REAL INSURANCE 384 SO. MURPHY AVENUE ZI9 Murphy S+. Phone 3567 SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA SUNNYVALE E1 EI EI E1 ,fri IE! John Rodrigues Jr. M. P. Kiper Congra+uIa+ions 'ro Ihe TOWN af COUNTRY mass of ,949 MARKET ik A Complefe Modern MarIce+ Phone San+a Ciara I9-R-5 SARATOGA-SUNNYVALE ROAD SUNNYVALE CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA IE! 'EQ E' 'Q IEI I3 Res. Blaney Avenue Sa nI'a Cla ra 24- R-2 KUCHER ELECTRIC NORGE APPLIANCES 0 RCA RADIOS AMERICAN CENTRAL KITCHENS CompIimenIs of CLIPERTINO PHARMACY ir CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Bus. Telephone S'revens Creek Road Same Clara I596-W Sanra Clara 277-M Cuper+ino, Calif. Q1 EJ E' 5 ,EI IQ CONGRATULATIONS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE CLASS OF '49 CHAS. M. 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IE IEI Ei IEI E1 EI E1 IE PauIOuin'I'erno CongraI'uIa+ions, Class of '49 SHELL SERVICE STATION CUPERTINO STORE Q HARDWARE 0 APPLIANCES FERTILIZER 0 ORCHARD SUPPLIES MONTE VISTA P' O' Cuperhno' Cam' Harold W. Dixon Ken J. Lewis EI EI Ei EI E' EI EI EI The HAY s. GRAIN DRAYMEN CUPERTINO FOOD CENTER GROCERIES o MEATS - PRODUCE VEGETABLES 'k R. CALI 65 BRO. McCar+I1y 8: CuperI'ino Somcijhonjb Cueed-IIIO Trogden California anfa ara CBIITOFHIB 53, IE Ei 77 EI IEI I51 coMPLlMENTs or CLIPERTINO BARBER SHOP For Good Haircufs Sunnyvale 81 Sarafoga Road Cuperfino, California EJ EI IE: AYLESWORTH BROS. ASSOCIATED STATION 'k Cuperfino, California GREETINGS FROM SLINNYVALE 5 63 10 CENT STORE I86 Soufh Murphy Sunnyvale, California E1 EI Ei IVIITCI-IELIQS DRESS SHOP .Quality Line of 0 Slcirfs 0 Lingerie 0 Sweafers 0 Dresses 0 Accessories 0 Blouses S 8: H Green Sfamps Sunnyvale, California 2I7 Soufh Murphy Phone 2505 E1 .IE ISU Phone Sunnyvale 4I0O ECONOMY CLEANERS Fur Work :: Laundry Service :: Alferafions Special Service on Men's Suifs and Hafs I40 Soufh Murphy Ave Sunnyvale, California E1 EI Phone Sunnyvale 2479 KAY ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION APPLIANCES Roy W. Kay 248 Soufh Murphy Ave. Owner Sunnyvale, California MATTHEWS' STORE Morwear Painfs Wesfinghouse Appliances RANGES 0 REFRIGERATORS 0 RADIOS Phone 346I 220 Soufh Murphy E1 EI E1 E is Q1 COMPLIMENTS OF ARMANINI DRUG STORE Congra+uIa+ions fo Ihe Fremonf Union High School on 'Ihe Meri+s of Ihe I949 Pa+hfincIer FRANK X. FARRY HARDWARE si PLUMBING Sunnyvale Since I909 Q1 EI I5-I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '49 Come in and gef acquainfecl and Iry one of I'he fool' Iong ho+ dogs. We're never I'oo busy +0 say hello. HOT DOG INN I5IIf2 Murphy Avenue IEI EI EI Q Margueri+e Rober+s Be++ydean Lua Congra'IuIaI'ions From YOUR ZIMMER STUDIO BEAUTY PORTRAITS and TELEPHONE 2I67 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 223 EMI MaUde,AVePUe Sunnyvale, California 422 Sou'rh Murphy Phone 2964 Open Evenings Until Nine IEIJ EI Il-Ii IF IE I? You Will Fincl CongraI'uIaI'ions Io +he +I-,eNewe51-Things Class of I949 lowearal P R I C E ' S PEASLEY S i I72 Carol S+. Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, California IEI Lil i WE'RE ALWAYS READY TO BACK YOU! The Friendly Deparfmenl' SI'ore on I'he Corner SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA SUNNYVALE 2243 79 wiv JQQ ll? EI COMPLIMENTS OF SUNNYVALE BAKERY - if 237 S H1 M phy Ave. Sunnyvale 3789 Ni WG! fffff M WW 0 af . 'X WJ wr? ,ffm La X,-.JB J J "'7' ' Gwxxi' 'fjff' ,Q Ui 5-X ff ff" 5 U AJS Vg by 1j L Q' J NY X ,J ,x fralkw ,ff yy f Qf131.i+x 1,,.,-f M ,yy W7' dak, Lg, . 80 5 s 2 r a 5 I S i 5 s 5 5 ofyw 4Wm?iwf'f 'fc-gif ff ,. Q Q59 ff? ' f .2a g fy WW2 W Q M My Xfwifi vgzmffwfi fag? JMMWMM if 1661! awww ,M

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