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W V' MQ Qjjyfi, s76f'4s' M , M ' ,O5,,Vy1.3i G, D r.. ,., W ,...,C:f xy? QP N , . M KY? fy iff W V9 R' W 4 QQ A F X A WWWW ww EXRXE VX f 2 EQ' Q fiffakfffs, E5 -E ., iff 511. eva -N QS X5 'I'l-I: .. , 4 ' I' , , Published by Hue Associafed Sfudenfs of FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL Cuperiino Sunnyvale Calufornia T 1 A. C. Sfevens Jr. ln 'rhe year of l945-46 The Palhfinder pauses lo pay lribule 'ro our Principal A. C. Slrevens, Jr., who in his fwo years of service has shown our school his sincere and generous guidance. Al+hough he has many responsibililies, he has never been loo busy 'ro help a srudenl in need. We wish lo express our sincere apprecialion To you, Mr. Srevens, for your whole hearred supporl which you have shown in inreresl of our school. I+ is because of you +ha+ we loolc wirh pride upon 'rhe pas+ 'rwo years and wi'rh hope foward rhe lulure. A f' gulf I W ,IQ sf -4 E. Leslie Harriman A. C. Sfevens, Jr.: A, T. King: Charles M, Meineclre Board of Trusfees The five frusfees of Fremonf Union l-ligh School are elec+ed by fhe school dis+ric+. These men re- ceive no compensa+ion for fheir many hours of com- rnunify service. Through fheir generous efforlsi fhe school has acquired many praclical facilifies, such as fhe B-25, Linl: Trainer, and fhe lights for a loo+- ball field, Lesler E, Bcclrs H, G ,J egr-er 1 i A. C. Sfevens. Jr. Superin+enden'I"s Message "Since wars begin in 'rhe minds of men, if is in fhe minds of men Thar fhe defense of peace musf be consfrucfedf' The class of '46 is fhe firsr class since l94l fha? is nor a "war class." Yours is nof 'ro "Win 'rhe War" buf 'ro "Win The Peace." By pre- paring for life you have ralcen lhe firsl sfep foward being able To confribufe fo world peace. Fremonf has fried fo give you an opporfunify +o lcnow yourself fhrough many explorafory courses and experiences, and also lo lcnow fhe ways and lives of ofhers. "Know yourself" and appreciafe your fellowmen and we will be happy To leave fhe preservalion of peace wifh you, who are represenraiive of rhe "capable crop graduaring 'rhroughoul our nafion 'rhis year. You are gradualing, buf you are nor severing your connecrions wifh Fremont We will be wa+ching you and cheering for you. as we lcnow rhal' you will confinue fo worlr for lhe besl inferesf of your school-Fremonr. f -.4 I ' J BETTY JEAN AALAND ADDIE L. ACHELPOHL ln uv 11"-L 1 AX. X A 7 914, A 1 ALEXANDER WINIFRED COOMB EMlLE J. CORBOLINE, EDWARD C. CCRNELL DOROTHY A. GENE DORANS DOROTHY DOSSLE CLAUDE FLOCK 6- 3 I I' EARL GOODELL CAMELIA A. HAUCK PHIL JOHNSON RALPH D. KELLEY F' C I, "Tx MERRILL KNIGHTON JEANETTE LOI-ISE MARTIN MATHIESEN MAY I-I, MORRISON JEFFERSON MULKEY FERN SHANK AUDREY SMITH JOAN E. TAYLQR HARRY RQIWIGG LUELLA WIENS RQBERT J. WILL Vf'Nx 3' in-Q 'TJ I A I 3, W JACK WINDSOR AGNES ROLLIT WOOD J GENE RAVIZZA Presidenl CONRAD GRESHAM Vice Presidenf REDONIA WHEELLF? Social Manager ROCCO FURIA Sql.-al-Arms S'ruden'r Body Cfficers JEAN ELLIS PATRICIA BROWN Secrefary Treasurer .llMMY JOHNSON JON MlNTZ Fall Yell Leader SDUPQ Yell Leader SYLVIA SWANSON JACK MILLER Gifls' League Pres. Boys' Loaquc Pros. Now - Roclmiol Sfudenl Council ,Qfg . ,, PM I 9 All- I Back Row: C, Greshman: F. Mesa: J. Minrz: D. Fallon' J. Miller' D. Russell' H. Marchelli' P, Gilovich: A. Recd: J Breeding. Third Row: B. Spolyer' S. Swarson' N. Boll' W. Kelfnef' L. Johrson' G. Andersen- J. Johnson' N. Elberl' J. Ellis R. Wheeler: Mr. J. Mullcey. Second Row: J. Hidalgo: C. Holloway' M, Schoppe' P. Brown' F. Castello' Miss W, Coomb J. Therlrildson- N Dozierp A. Poso' C. Abinanle' J, Elliot: Fronf Row: E. Munor' L, Wesf' G. Ravizza' R. Rach' S. Can'cr" E. Gm'-Sha" There are fhirfy-four members ol The Sfudenl Council. The ohficers are The same as Those of lhe Sludenl Body. The members ar eilher voled info lhe Sfudenl Council or appoinled by The Sludenf Body President The purpose ol 'rhis orqanizahon is lo discuss school affairs and malce decisions concerning school aclivilies. .27 . , i T l- , i -..VI - -- f A - ' L NIA. . Smile Pl-'lYl Super To I ?' V -,ni -v '-4l'f"'l- x X I . . I L 4 N'-W W7 V -,.F,-f 7--. -'- v IAQ? n I--M' Q QQ gm 14. . 1 Jfxx., O O J Senior Class Officers SENIOR CLASS Tlue Senior Class luas fo flueir credif suclu successful ac- fivifies as flue Senior Play, flue Senior Assembly, Bunny Bounce, flue frip fo Yosemife, and flue Senior Ball, Tlue frip fo Yosemile was flue firsf falen by graduafinq seniors from Frernonf since flue war began, Tlue Seniors foolc flueir frip over flue Memorial Day luoliday. Tlue officers are: Anfon Jeleslro, Presideruf ,Jack Miller, Vice Presidenf, Eleanor Abrew, Secrefary, Lorraine Nel- sen, Treasurer. Tlue advisers are: Mr. Mullcey. Mr. Twiqg, and Mrs. Wilson. Wlual Now? i 4 1:4 -Er' o I '5-" iv 'Q' DOLORES CORRAL BEATRICE COSTA NORMAN DAMICO PETE DEJEA- Q P LEONARD DePALMA BETTY DUNN CHESTER ELLIOTT rfb I Er . I ' r 'V','. 5 W are-3' X064 SX A 2 XX JEAN ELLIS ROCCO FURIA ANG-ELINA GALLO xv 5' sz ANNABELLE GALYEAN LAURA GARCIA MARIAN GILOVICH CONRAD GRESHAM WALLACE MACIEL BILL MEARS Si-HRLEY ANN MEYER HELEN MATSUURA IRENE MUNOZ BILL STOLLENWERK MARY LOU TONE ILA VAN LEUWEN EUGENIA VELASQUEZ VERA WILEY BETTE E Hold That Pose! In Memoriam RUBYHFIELD The senior class of l946 wishes 'ro extend its sincere sympathy in honor of Thomas C. Dailey. Graduates Without Pictures 'Y-9' JOHN CABRAL TOM DAILEY - CLARENCE FIEHMAN 1,l NANCY MAPLESON CHARLES UYEDA JEANIE WAT NABE Big Joke! Check Those Legs ft Interesting Going Steady? fa 'Y 537' -uk iv f x 'Q In 1 'o Q l 'IIA i 'fn Xlll"" ln- E ff I S 0111111 E. 6 H B. R. C E. M M P. D. J. S. H D. B. N P. L. B. J. R. R. A A L. M C L. A of J. C T. H K. A J. umm 'fly V fl!! 1 1 f Q 9 Q o I no WILL .. . Abrew-My nalural. black curly hair 'ro Sally Jo. Andersen-My nafural blonde hair lo Jean Bunnell. Anderson-My seal' in Journalism 'ro any boy who can sland so many girls in one scemesler. Bailey-My seal in Sr. Problems fo any Junior who will enjoy il as much as I did Barg-My asfounding abilily lo gel F's lo Peler Mesa. Basfemeyer-My quiel nafure fo Jimmie Myers. Beffencourl-My beard lo Mr. Will lo malch his mouslache. Billalba-My big brown eyes 'ro Mary Padilla so she can see more ol Georgie Bodganovich-My heighl lo Don Jepson. Brown-My seal in Aeronaulics lo any girl silly enough lo wanf if. Bufler-My long linger nails 'ro Ruby Lloyd. Campos-My new car lo Manuel Valverde. Canlon-My abilily lo play lhe saxaphone 'ro Vic Castello. Chilibis-My Teddy bear swealer lo Mr. Kelley. Corralhlvly abilily 'ro run 'rhe mimeograph fo any girl in Ollice Praclice in '47 Cosla-My long beaufiful eyelashes 'ro Jackie Sfoneberger. Damico-My beaulilul wavy hair 'lo Glenn Foreman. Deiea-My enioymenl of my Senior year lo Bob Rico, who missed ir. DePalma-My abilify lo gel in and ou? of Trouble lo my brolher Vincenl. Dunn-All of my freckles To Carmen Can'ron's few. Ellis-My abilily lo complele 'rhe minules al a maximum of 2 seconds belore nexl meeling. Fifield-My self-confrol 'ro Edna Link. Furia-My heighl and weighl 'ro Anlhony Dilommaso. Gallo-My-quiel nafure +o Mary Casfognola. Galyean-My 6" block +o Eddie Munoz. Garcia-My rowdiness lo anyone who is quiel. Gilovich-My unlorfunale inabilily To do mafhemalics fo Mr. Goodell. Gresham-Oscar lo Pal Wrighl. Griialva-My long eyelashes 'ro anyone who uses lalse ones. Hachen-My speaking abilily fo Hank Marcheffi. Halslead-My sporls abilily to Gloria Peasley. Harrell-My dimple 'ro Jackie Lutwilze. Holloway-My "hubba-hubba" figure fo Elsie McCain. Holloway-My bollle of peroxide lo Francis Caslello. l-lube-rl-My make-up 'ro Angela Cassulo. llo-My quielness lo Pafly Take-la. Jelesko-My headaches as Senior Class presidenl 'ro my successor. Johnson-My muscles lo Gerry Wren. - - Y J. Krumpolich-My abilily in sporls lo my brolher, Bob. R. Lara-My black hair to Barry Andersen. gb Q9 V. Machado-My abilily 'ro sland alone lo lhe nexl presidenl s gir O' W. Maciel-4My mischievous nalure lo Elmer Silvera. N. Maplesden-My poison oak lo Bill Gersl, OM: 39 . g ! fa W Kellner M abilily +o ditch class and gel away with i+ lo Ronnie Swanson 4' nffff ', lui, 6 Ll un . . . .. .J OO HERE-31' vnu. Mao Begunn-5 .. . . . L. Marinello-My well-developed personalily To Jean Colendich. ruff ..., . ,mul wr S. Marlin-Anyfhing I have 'ro anybody who needs if more Ihan I do. . McRae-My whiskers fo Bill Spolyar. B. Mears-My lazineess and abilify To fool 'rhe feachers ro Don Weffersfrom. S. Meyer-Ml Soufhern accenr fo 'Ihose who 'Fake Iheirs. J. Miller-My ambifious nafure Io any "eager Beaver" in ihe remedial classes of '47. M. Miller-My Ihick blonde hair 'ro Dorolhy Rodriquez. I. P Munoz-My abilify To iifferbug fo anyone who loves 'ro wallz. . Neff-My mafh abilify Io Pauline Rodoni. L. Nelsen-My abilify in math 'ro Dori Paffon. G . Nelson-My figure fo Vyvefle Shouse. L. Nesbil-My heighl and physique Io George Giraldes. M. Nichols-My yo-yo To Avery Helmulh. J. Pasquali-My excellenf ability 'ro Iranslafe shorlhand fo Pal Holmes. R. Perez-My long finger nails 'ro Miss Coomb. E. Peverill-My inlelligence as a Senior fo Sarah Vifale. Phelan-5500.00 'ro Milan Soso for dancing lessons from Arfhur Murray. Ponce-M abilif +0 Ia Iennis To Kafherine Abinanle. E. E- Y - Y P Y , R. Rach-My brain ro anyone who can use nl. T. Ramos-My dancing abilily Io Tony Romero. G . Ravizza-My abilify fo ge? ofher people 'ro do work Io my successor. A. Reed-My membership in Ihe "Lonely Hearfs Club" fo Norman Ensminger. R. Rogers-My small amounl of knowledge abouf chemical equafions Io Prof. R. J Will. D. Russell-My dancing abilify Io Deloris Webb. E. Salazar-My long finger nails 'ro Lucille DiLeonardo. M. Schoppe-My headache powders fo nexl year's annual sfaff. V. Serafine-My afhlefic abilify +o Carol Simms. B. Spolyar-My unpredicfable Iemperamenl Io Ronnie Gresham. D. Sfevens-My liffle black book land i'r's a killerl 'ro Freshman Ronald Bunfon. B. S. R. C I. C E. F. R. A K. R. V. B. f 4 1,7 Sfollenwerk M bi reen comb and shined shoes Io John Barsky L Y Q 9 - Swanson-My unique abilify fo prounce words fo nexf year's Girls' League prexy. Takefa-My 'Iyping abilily +o Mr. Mulkey. . Uyeda-My abilify in sporfs fo Minoru Ando. Van Leuwen-My 'rrials of edilorship 'ro nexf year's edifor of Ihe Chief. . Vasquez-My dancing abilify fo Donna Kirkpafrick. Velasquez-My forehand and backhand Io Jerry Grissom. Vernon-My I-A drafl card +o Mr. Mulkey. Vicenfe-My curly hair fo Silvio Borello. . War-ldinqlon-My dimples and personalify fo Philip Belfencourf. Wafonabe-My abiIi+y in English fo Happy Takela. Wheeler-My freckles and brown hair 'ro Dick Gracia who likes iusf 'rhe opposife. Wiley-My abilifylro pass nofes in Sr. Problems Io Marjorie Korfrighf. Zweigle-My long hair Io Carol Warburfon. s C52 EA' 0IA:'a9 X ffff Ilkuwxmx Wllk I" B X - X N f? 3 ff 6 HENRY MARCHETTI PresidenT PETER MESA Vice PresidenT JOANN THERKILDSEN Secrelery DANFORD PERUSINA Sql Af Arms Junior Class Officers JUNIOR CLASS Under The guidance oT The class advisers, The Juniors puT over Three main evenTs OT The year wiTh qreaf suc- cess. The TirsT was The Junior Assembly. Then camo Their play. The play, 'lfxnd Came The Spring," was qiven on April 26. Mr. Twigq was The play adviser. The Junior- Senior Prom climaxed The class acTiviTies. IT was held on May 3 in The school gym. The oTTicers are: Henry MarcheTTi, PresidenT: PeTer Mesa, Vice Presidenfg Joann Therlcildsen, SecerTary7 Jim' mie Meyers. Treasurer: LesTer Breeding, Social Manager: and Danford Perusina, Sgt-aT-Arms. The advisers are Miss Taylor, Miss Wiens, Mr. Windsor, and Mr. Kelley. T.. 1 I am ' , J . .. nfs EA T ,f W,,.e Three Baie ShculdeiS . ff. f A Z, . S Qs I4 nlyih Trees X Qs JIMMIE MEYERS if C TK ,+ 11,1 F5 , 2' . V , - , .xv X' Q 5 .-' 2. rf C. ,S 4. 1 'I ,x n s ff N " w:"3'p'f 5 1.1 Q ,. ""' we-ff "fw .5 A I is "va .. ' H , .I -f it 494 K I v I' Vs A .fm 'Ei ar '53 I M 'A 1 L f ,r A4 av 4 tr . J V Q 4322?-W Y ,. ,rt HV, VKX? , rf' S. urs HQ 5.1 7, , , P- A. D sg, ..1- ,vw 5,4 14 x 4 M1 ,x, K, QW 453 in ' .lag 4' 'X A ff 3 ff , fs., RONALD GRESHAM Presiclenl DICK GRACIA Vice Presidenl LAVELLE WEST Secrela ry Sophomore Class Officers SOPHOMORE CLASS The highly successful "Soph Hop" was a crowning achievemenl' for fhe class of '48, If was held in lhe school gym on March 8. The rheme was Sf. Palriclrs Day. Brighfly colored ballons. green shamroclcs, and a caslle in lhe cenfer of The room were parf of ihe decoralions. The officers are: Ronald Gresham, President Diclc Gracia, Vice President Lavelle West Secrelaryi Waller Gilbrech, Treasurer: and Mabel Capifola, Social Manager. The advisors are: Miss Coomb, Miss Czerny, Miss Dossee, Mr. Floclc, and Miss Morrison. A WALTER GILBRECH Treasurer Pi LAVELLE 0 Sophomore Class Fourih Row, L. fo R.: W. Glloreclr V. Depa 'wa M. Cardoza J. Aviia A. Gar- cia, P. Gila-dar C. Ecrer' M. Cacerefb M. Caoe 'O N, Chca'e M. Edwards. Third Row: J. A arccf' G, Frrch N, Bar M. Grearharr' L. Ade"'a" A. A'or'o: C. Bezxer M. GHe+fe E. Bache or T. Gambe L. Far'is E. Giavrezirioi L Barrhoiai, Second Row: M. Chires C. Ciausias M, Capitoia, G. Dam Miss. Coorrb D. Boreo C. Berrrai E. Basree rrreyer P. Brad ey L. Garcia. Firsf Row: M. Ba ga R. Bassar-na S, Fisher D. Eciriufd J. Cove, F. Arwrrelio D. Dieh, L. Foreman. Fourih Row, L. io R.: R. Gresham, D. Lee, D, Lee, B. Meachem, B. Krumporich H. Herman G. Grissom, T. Mclrrfosh, S. Grce B. Me"o D. Gracia, M. Mlrara, Third Row: MIss Dossee D. Mahoney L. Moreno D, Kirkparrick E. Maqee L.Johrr- son. M, Ynqraham, L. Kaebler, R. Hai- sread S. Monahan, F. Morris R, Gri- ialva, M. McDonald. B. Harmon. Second Row: D. Gordon L, Morarsune B. Ishi- marsu B. Lyor's H. Vo M. irrouye, R. Johmsor D. Hearh. L. Heaphy J. Hoi' man B. Lee T. Harfieid F. Grazia. Firsr Row: E. Lindfali V. Griiaiva G. lrrroira- wa. R. Mlies B. Mahre, D. Jepson, M, Hiquchi E. Munoz, B. lchilrawa. Fifih Row, L. fo R.: A. Taddei W Sarrrrer L, Neisorw R. Wrlqhf J. Garcia B. Terre' H. Pryor L. Farris M, Mar'1 J. Hfirewa. Fourih Row: M. perrv F Seqwa M. Rose, B. Schessiar C. Var derbeeir, B. Padma V. Shoose J. Sha B. Ross M. Waifirr S. Ohrr D. Webbe H, Take?a.Third Row: M. Poerf N. Wag ner L. Wes' P. Tracy D. Wirsorr A Sasoa T. Uiricr' G. Murdock T. Yqiesias W. S'ou' B. Swarrsorr P. Safazar J Arrfera R. Shoose. Second Row: S Tsuchi'wo'c T. Yarruii M. Sagara D Tranrer C. Rhodes, S. R1voFa C. Phipps M. Yqiesias F. Weirrspfennlr-.q N. Ta moyo. B. Ray, N. Srewad, A, Ramirez V. Saiazar. Firsf Row: J. Jamison, C Valverde, K, Simpkins J. Hansen, T Romero, C. Smifh, C. Goss, G. Sfolien werir, LEE HERION Presidenf NORMA ELBERT Vice President PAT ELLIS Secrelary FORREST WON6 Treasurer Freshman Class Officers FRESHMAN CLASS Having as a moffo rne developmenf of class and school spiril by encouraging individual and group parliciparion in all school acrivifies, lhe class of '49 glided fhrough successful season under The guidance of Lee Herron as president They had a very successful assembly program a parfy, and a dance. The officers are: Lee l-lerion, Presidenl, Norma Elberl Vice President Pal Ellis, Secrelaryy Eorresf Wong Treas urerg and Barbara Robinson, Social Chairman. The ad yisers are: Miss Hauclc, Mr, Malhiesen, Mr. Will Mrs Achelpohl, and Mrs. Shank. SOPH HOP XXVI x 1 :S 4-o 9 ,x H!" Jw. 5286 , 1 . .. . .2 4. 35 fs? M 1 n ' lf? ., ' H f . V A ,, AIL -1 1 . ' rf A, n 5 , -V . , ,. M nr ' wr .Mfg -'J je iN, ,. X,,- M sf-f . Z 4' 'n 1 , N .x, 4 Q ? .f I M A QM M . ,avg 4 " Z. 41, .. If I 1 , 44 5' 'sl A 76.5 2? gr ar vw uw "A ku' 5,1 0' Q .,. ,A .3 1 f Y :Q F v v s, a ,,. M , C :ff M F, X ' ix 'W Qhs?ff2y N M ,L A ' '-'4 H "Nr 4 vw 'm A ' kv' -B . .2-Sw W1 Q P" i 65, V p. 'ka' lg 4 A I . 'Y' Q 4 5, 40 .6 41 Exif-JR ,, J W ' qs! 1 Q f A4 as 1 5,19 1 f'5, f .W . J ax. A. , 5 an rf' . Q '72 Q 'V A L. V' fm ggfxw ff 4 . 5- 4 . . 3 1 sq M ny Q . ' .wp , 1 t 4 ,- 'fa ' ff ff' 5, 441:53 l 5 n mi ti 5' 'A .. fu 'Q Q., Q x . A YI , .iQ,..f .,,.P' :- CALENDAIQ Sepfernber Ocfober November 9 December January February March Apru 25 26 May June I4 School Qpens Campbell Varsuly Foorball Here Frosh Froluc un The Gym lars 'ry Foolball al Sanla Clara Halloween Parry Vars fy Foofbalu al' Gulroy Varsuly Foolball af Los Gales Gurls Ba lcefball Spread un 'rhe Cafelerua Varsuly Foolball al Washunglon Sadue Hawlrun Dance Thanlcsguvung Vacafuon Ml Vuew Varusfy Foolball Here Luons Club Foofball Dunner Mu' Vuew Baslrelball Here Chruslmas Program Elemenlary Chrusfmas Parly Chrus+mas Ball un +he Gym Baslrelball al Campbell Chru lmas Vacahon Beguns End of Chrusfmas Vacaruon Los Gafos Baslcefball Here Sfudenf Body Elecluons Senuor Play A Luflle Honey Second Semesrer Begurs Baskelball al Washunglon Gurls LeagJe Parry for Fre hman Gurls Clara Ba lrelball Here Dance Laler No School Frosh lnufuafuon Sanra Washungfon s Burlhday Soph Hop Baseball and Tennus af L ve Oak Baseball al Los Gafos End of Th rd uarler Campbell Baseball nd Tennus He e Qpen House Work Day Senuor Bunny Bounce Sprung Vacaluon Beguns Sprung Vacaluon Ends Ml V ew Baseball and Tennus Here Junuor Play And Then Came Sprung Baseball and Tennus af Sanla Clara Jun or Senuor P om Mother Day Tea V rac eel G yen y Ser' or Tr r G ao a+ P r' a a 4 e an e Wome r The End 24- . I2- ' 7 ' ' . " I9-' I ' . " 3l- . 2- I ' ' . " 9- ' . " IS- ' ' s ' ' , ue-A ' ' 2 ' ' . " l -23- ' ' ' ' . " 30- , ' ' . 4- ' ' . " l4- . ' . I8- ' : ' . 20- ' ' . " 2I- 1 'S A ' ' . 2- ' ' . H ll-- ' . H I7- ' . .u 24- . y ,, . v, 4- I . . .. 8- . A I4- ' ' I s ' . l5- " ' : s ' " 22- ' ' ' , . 8- . , " l5-- ' I . " 22--Baseball and Tennis al Washinglon. 'l 4-- . H 5- I Q . " ll- a ' r t . l2-- 7 ' . l5- ' ' ' . ' 22- ' ' . 25-- . I ' . 2-- . ' ' . " 3-- 3 V ' r . " lO-- S . 24--S. C. .A L. T lrM - lrls' Jlnz G' u b G, A, B, S " 29- .3 T . l2- r 'u fo u. " I3--Se Jer B lf luh S Jos n S Club. Y! 1 .- fx 2 3 1 Hachen B Lyons N. Sfewarf. F. Gracia. Social Commiffee C. S. F. Beal Row D Elrlund, G. Ravizzo. E. McGee, W. Sanner A. Reed G. Andersen J Johnson R Rach, J. Tanous. Second Row: E. Abrew P. Brown L Calhoun F Yglesias Mrs L Wilson. J. Frembling. J. Silva, D. Rodrigues, M. Wallin, M. Schoppe Fronf Row Miss D. Dossee, H. Mafsuura, S. Rivola, D. Gordon L. DiLeonardo A CSF The purpose of This organizafion is fo fosfer a higher slandard of scholarship and broader ideals of service on fhe parf of 'rhe sfudenfs of Fremont lf encourages all sfudenfs fo develop 'rheir 'ralenfs and abililies To The ufmosr. To become a member. a sfudenf mus+ have earned a 'rofal of 'ren poinfs during fhe preceding semesier. eighi of which musf be for high grades. An "A" is equivalenf +o Three poinrs, and a "B" is worih one. Sfudenls who succeed in earning chapfer membership for six semesfers including one semesfer of +he lasf year. are awarded 'rhe chapfer Seal of 'rhe CSF. all honors connecled wifh if, and are lcnown as lile members. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The worlc of 'rhis commiffee is fo decide how, when, where. and by whom social evenfs will be given. This commiffee vores upon fhe applicafion filled our by 'rhe or- ganizafion and decides whefher or noi if will be allowed fo give 'rhe social even'r. One member is elecfed by each class +o be on ihe Social Commiflee. The Social Manager of +he S+udenf Body is elecied by 'rhe Sfudenf Body. GE XJR Back Row: B. Spolyar, Miss W. Coomb, M. Capfiola. Front Row: Mr. J. Mullrey. R, Wheeler, L. Breeding, B. Robinson. Girls' League Back Row: N. erello. Treasurer: ,,-Q OUQ Cflllsv X .1 Therlrildson Service' R. Rogers Adverfising' J. Ellis. Welfare' R Wheeler Soca GIRLS' LEAGUE Under The successful leadership of ils officers and adviser, fhe Girls' League had a busy year. For The Sludenl' Body, The girls held a Sadie Hawkins dance. The Morhers' Day Tea, and The receplion Tor The Freshman girls were 'rwo high poinrs on 'rheir calendar. The girls also sponsored The War Chesl and orher parriofic drives. The purpose oi The Girls' league is To organize The girls for social and service acfiviries. This organizafion gives The girls oi Fremonr an opporlunily 'ro learn ro cooperafe and lalce responsibiliries. All girls who hold a srudenl body card belong 'ro This organizarion. BOYS' LEAGUE The purpose of The Boys' League is To organize The boys of Fremonl' and give Them an oppor+uni'ry 'ro develop habirs of cooperaiion and leadership. They did a very good job of This wi+h Jaclc Miller as Their president They gave us some good speakers and also five Tull-lengfh moving picfures. In February They held a slcafing parly in San Jose which was a huge success. The only requiremenf for membership is rhal he musl be a sludenr al Fremonl. Ensminger, Secrelary: J. Miller, President Froni Row: F. Cap- G. Wren, Vice President: A. Jeleslro, Sql,-ar-Arms. Boys' League N! Back Row: G. Meacham, Vice President' E, Ponce. Sec Treas S Swanson Presidenl: M. Schcppe, l-lospifalify, L, DiLecnardo, Arhlefc Fron Row Beck Row: B. Spolyar. P. Brown, W. Kelfner, R. Roqers, H. Chilibis, M. Tone, V. Wiley. Fronf'Row: B. Dunn J. Ellis, I, Van Leuwen, L. Nelsen. M. Schoppe, D. Corral. Boys' Traffic Squad Back Row: A. Reed. B. Spolyar, D. Russell, J. Miller, R. Furla, E, Phelan. Fronf Row: L. Nesbil, T. Ramos. H. Marchetti, N. Damico. G. Ravizza. R. Rach, G. Foreman. 1 g g Cfime Doesrff Pay Walch Thai, Hanlc! K L -hifi? .M 1 +v, Qu x T' f ' ' ' H, T , 6 l , x Girls' Traffic Squad Boys Block F Girls' Block F Back Row L Garcia. A. Galyean, Miss T. Alexander, G. Andersen, M. Schoppe. Fronf Row B Dunn. E. Velasquez, H. Mafsuura. GIRLS' BLOCK F The main aim of fhis organizafion is 'ro promofe afhlelics among girls and fo achieve a high slandard of afhlefics. Some of fhe acfivifies sponsored by 'rhe Block F were Pom Poms for games, serving fhe foofball feam. The yearly dance and full manage- menf of a Spring Play Day. To be a member. one musf earn I5O poinfs for a bloclc. The block is earned by parficipafing in school sporfs and playdays wilh ofher schools. BOYS' BLOCK F The aim of fhis organizafion is To organize +he boy afhlefies of Fremonl info an afhlefic sociefy. The Block F was behind all boys' afhle+ic games, a program for +he sfudenf body and a Block F picnic. Membership 'ro 'rhe Block F Socieiy may be ob- tained by firsf obfaining fhe scholaslic requiremenls laid down and lhen by parlici- paling in 'rhe specified number of afhlelic confesfs necessary fo earn a block. .1-I Back Row: P. Mesa, R. Furia. J. Minfz, A. Jelesko. J. Miller, D. Russell G Marlin, N. Ensminger, F. Caperello. Second Row: P. Deiea, M. Caperello B Meacham, R. Swanson, H. Marchalfi. J. Breeding, C. Jaslrson, D. Lee, L Breed ing. L. Wesf. Fronl' Row: G. Wren T. Ramos, E. Silvera, N. Wagner. PATHFINDER STAFF Edilor Associale Ediror ,,,,, Ari Edifor, ,,,,,A, ,, Assisfanl A,,,, , Business Managerw, , Don Pafron Marie Sclwoppe ,Roberfa Rogers .,,,,Laura Jolwnson ,Jean Ellis Plnolograplwy Edifor. .,., , ,, Monie Poen Girls' Sporls Edirorn , Boys' Sporls Edifor Faculfy Adviser Doroflwy Rodrigues ,, Bill Spolyar Miss J. E. Taylor Pliofograplny Advisor Mr. J. Windsor Assisianls Anlionelre Sanchez Evelyn Giannecclwini Vera Wiley Winona Kellner Marilyn Maas Maxine Cavilglia Jaclcie Sfoneberger Frances Yglesias Lucille DiLeonardo Marilyn Parker Jim Johnson We wislw fo llianlc 'rlwe Plwoiograplwy Class for flweir assisfance. Back Row: D, Rodrigues, R. Rogers, F. Yglesias M Rannals B Spolyar D Pa on ,- 4-L -5 -vii -',,,..-...-......., -an-. . --.V """f' asgmsj 'bl5'k'r E. Giannecchini, V. Wiley, M. Caviglia. Second Row A Sanchez M Sclwoppe J Sfoneberger, M. Parker, M. Maas, V. Machado F C aaa Ellis Froni Row W Kelinev P. Ellis, L. Johnson. Back Row: V. Wiley, M. Tone, Mr. H. Twiqq, M. Rannals. S, Pritchard, R. Furia. A. Reed, A. Poso. Fronf Row: R. Perez, L. Garcia. C. Warburlon, J. Colendich, B. Ishimalsu, I. Van Leuwen, E. Abrew. X1 STAFF Co-Edilors. . .. . .... . lla Van Lewuen Vera Wiley Exchange Edifor . Marylou Tone Business Manager ,Eva Salazar Facully Advisor ,. ...... Mr. Harry Twigq Reporfs Eleanor Abrew Harvey Anderson Frances Casfello Jean Colendich Rocco Furia Laura Garcia Juanifa Harrell Gene Nelson Rose Perez Alice Poso Sequoya Prilclwarcl Manuel Rannals Ar? Reed Carol Warburfon Leonard Marinello Belly Ishimafsu THE CHIEF T' ' J h q ' fs vi Q , . 'E -'fiiilg ffm xg ik' K 71 i ig- 4 Q ' ,K Q ff' .21 I '. i f f ? fi . f 1 4, gf f .lazy fa.: f A I , A L 4 . - - f , nf i ,- rx' AA ' C "'1 D 5 ' Q' gf W x k i N7 5 w' fx X i ki .4 ! , cn ,' 1 f r A V H I Ha if-44 A f f t M Qf 1? Q iw F ,JWM Qi' 93 916 6 iii kg 14, g Q 5 If 5, E- ic.- if at edge wrqlggd-udp 4060 Q -fi 5. gi gf, S1 51 Qf 9- cf. 5. Q9 S S 22 ri' A If k 3. 6 Hifi 1 . , , p- QQ- fi ,O FN .ix A 8. I x. .5599 ,, J A nfl ix cha- so C 6 ce -f' ' M 1 ,,1 , f ,V W ., 5 i ,S A ' A 4' 'H' ' 'Al ' N 'ff I mm 1-'QQQGI AJ. 6- , f f L, WW 'ful'-f' . Hgza. f Tom and Duane Sound Effecfs -wv r ' . Sfudenf Cenfer Ri.. 'ra i Game Txme B,q Beef ,lb-A .,av"" Having Fun Hand An Hand Cozv huh7 Fwe Cenfs Worfh fo' ,mf-5 Q '-'-P-2. "P -gxvgxvlb' 4 , A ,' 'ES' , ..ff" " 'Mom' DOWNS vannmo' V FREMUNT INDIANS' Wm" . fm I-allele defeats' E was 19 To 0 Iramiosr :Nouns 1 IN CLOSING Mmvms Late college msxeruni The Fremont varsity out passed ut.-ran, and out scored the Vallejo blers in a. practice game October 26, on the home a. score of 19 to 0. The Indi sharp, heads-up entire game, s second, and fou once did the 1 rth Vallejo's fast danger, the defense stopped mov GAME I8 T0 6 The Fremont Indians went down before a heavier, reserve-deep last Fri "' Mateo ' October 5, at g'?Hif1g game of season. this practice tilt, team showed a spirit and that promises to mold them a dangerous outfit in the S.C. this year. The Fremont boys the first time they got their on the ball for offensive .A.L. scored vids at the line of P 5. Well exerted 'aid coach Emile Corboline. "VVe up the first sf fby piac X 't have the ball very much. Indians inside ,Vallejo 10- r offense was able to move line. The tou followed a first game the boys the first seri Wns. pl ' V Q 'onally well. We used The second chance fol- the ' ' " 'Nd the Notre Q ed a .blocked Vallejo punt which I Dame Style U1 530011 Pf- f Jackson recovered on the fcct. I hope to ore snag to ve-yard line. From there the In- WUT Play? UUS ,Y v-'hen scored in three thrusts at ,play Cainpiir-il hex ri e line. The conversion on a quar- sneak was good. Score- 0 as the half ended. third quarter was played on even terms with the Indians a slight edge. Then, in the quarter, Coach Corboline's launched a sustained 50- drive to the final score. Short and a well chosen assort- The look good in this final running of Ray Texiera i but a Jer "-' were outsta.nding.',dI'iVe. .un I November 2, Fre-5 when ii 10"-9' , to GUTOY fOr theistanding lea it e of the seasongboxine Said, remontylndians old Mtg View To oreless Tie ' The Fremont Indians closed eir 1945 .football season Friday, ov. 30, by playing a hard-fought thing-to-nothing contest against r traditional rivals, Mountain 1 I gen to of running plays made thef ,out in the line, but I icagcu game. and attitude of this is Very gnodf Otitstanilgiig' against San' Mu i perello and the line. game. was on on the .a big help and team played as a unit. I of the boys' spirit and team and glad that they broke in VUH column They nc edui game." Fremont draws a bye in thi ,days Schedule. but Coach C line is hoping to line up a practical xlgame rather than have his boys idle for a. two-week pei-md. i In the closlTgT'niinutes of play ew. In the fin-it ha1f.Mountainln-emonc took the ban on the' w threatened to score on a pass r the Indians' goal line, but the was intercepted by Pete Mesa went to Fremont on the 20- llne. ' second half was played in View territory entirely. own 30-yard line, but- the to capitalize on this set-up. put together a sustained, ot- onoe did the Eagles get past it l, lacked the offensive teams played a ruggedfde- game, but neither ,Mountain View 25-yard line and- ilaunched a last-minute drive with ix running plays and passes, but the fgun sounded with the ball on the T 15-yard ll ' This second consecutive iyear that Indians and the Eagles hai layed a 0-to-0 tie game. Wltl. t of his hackfield and a part s line returning next year, Emile Corboline, hopes to br e long-standing jinx that Mountain View holds over the Fremont grldders. . 1 nnor FIRST r 1 Mmm In a Henna Inger :mum me ff: 3,332 in the fm' Fremont Indians defeated the Sparked by Forward Santa. Clara Panthers Friday tti the San Jose quintl ' v night at Santa Clara by a score of 6 to 0. In the clasing minutes lot' the fourth quarter Fremont ' started from mid-field and mardhed 'to a touchdown. First, a 15-yard pass, then two more for 8 and 15 'put tne ball on Santa Clara's nine- jyaifi stripe. A plunge through the fmnidle added three. The climax and payoff came on a short pass just over the goal line gfrom Pete Mesa to Norman Ens- minger. The conversion f ' less than 30 seco game was over. ' Jerry W the I ke lcams I0 use 105431946 iooiball. V An hours-long SPsS1Ur1 sentatlvcs of the pro facti ihumped mr use of the 10 pacity bowl. l,.,-M535 March 15---Fremont Live Oak, Los Gatos at San Jose, Mt. View at Santa Clara. Wa-Shins ton at Campbell. . Thursday, March 21 --Washing' ton at Fremont, Campbell at sa' Jose Tech, Santa Clara at Los Ga' tos, Live Oak at Mt. View. Thursday, March 28-San Jos: Tech at Fremont, Los Gatos a Lyle Oak, Mt. View at Washington T1 a staleniaie yesterday after repre-limi ons tub,l.AuoS 3,000-ca,.'z-on the undeieai 'ght 1812 sirug l Volise-um commission members '02mt fe finally tossed in the towel. M8504 v'!an a lam COUHW for a two-weeks' thinking period - MEN" . -. - . , a beinre dishinx out a verdict. ELO' C atm 'll-"niet Y' uf im umneis leo :contest except fo uns at the start At one I held an 88 the sparked by Jerry Hama ll scoxc to 1815 at h in the Frank within The game ended with Pa pering the basket ,mrsdayy April I-Fremonlfnnxloxr wnnsnmns Lose Gat Li Oak n Sa E Myron wrrn- os' ve a AN Josl: mon 9 Tech at Washington. Coach Emile Corboline's grunt hursday, April 11-Campbelild twist boys Save 9' good 59" ra, Mt. View at Campbell, emont, Santa Clara at WVa,shi,unt of tuemselvw 389-m3t S3-ll , Los Gatos at Mt. View, PS0 High Monday 9-fWm00111 JI-n. e at Live Oak. L when they Won ffm! llmtclwl ursday, April 25-Fremontlt of the 11 bout-5 HM held the . View, Live Oak at Campljsitom to 9' 24 U0 17 5001?- mngton at Los caros, Sa 0'-lmmding Wrestler 01' the wr- ra at Sannlose Tech. m is Albert Waddm8t0'L 133' ursday' May 1-Fremontound Fremont athlete, who has ta Clara, Mt. View at San Jet fo lose 3 match this 5035011 h Los Gatos at Campbell, Yvzvaddmgton has Won foul' fa-U5 3-Hd ne decision out of his five trips o the mat. bouts are held each week in enter of the Fremont YVIY. 3, .-,f Fremont and Mountain View will imeet on Fremont field this after- tgnoon at two o'clodt for the last and most important game, of the season for both at the high school ,football teams. Traditional rivalry makes this lthe moat crucial contest of the season, and both teams would rather win todays genie than any the way. Guard down the Generals led the lers with 13 points fatelli of the winners the nga the varsity game Juhl'92-... ...,-... , 14 and 16 points respecti f'Mits" Ando leading with ten markers. Hal!-T favored the Santa Cruz ll 16-13. returns to action In 1948 F,-gmgngfwu defwted! a score of 2-0-yhtle 1944 saw game end ln scoreless tie. ya!-sity year may he i lucky one for local 1 tht? meeting San dat 'hy practice bill on th st s home court. - wmle perform- . are evenhr only one made, three. Wt lk years , , themselves on the l 33 to 0 score at 1 tilities last Friday 9, The heavier, lsquad scored twice quarter and once Xing period to keep league record N, major upset, 4' ball squad should pennant thumbs have a. well heavy players els to league game - high, and on the t fonnance, the' " even matchif The Indians of Fremont High School open their 1945 football schedule Friday with a. practice game against the San Mateo grid- ders at San Mateo. Coach Emile Corboline refused to predict the probable outcome of this opening tilt but confined his remarks to: "Some good material in spots: a fast back field, and a team that should improve as the season pro- gresses. Ours is a one-team squad this year, for we are woefully short of good replacements." The 130-pound squad is coached by a Fremont alumnes, Marty Matnleson, who is an instructor in football, bocketball, citizenship, and also acts as freshman advi- sor. The 130-pound tleaml plays the lame schedule as the unlimited aouadg that is they play the 130s alternate fields on the Thurs- days preceding the varsity game. The schedule for the season is as 5-Fremont at San Mateo gamel. at Fremont. at Santa Clara at Gilroy. at Mt. View. at Washing- at Fremont. holding the four innings was in the fifth. Bill Mesa in the fifth up three runs on four last two proms. Indians collected four hits two Lion pitchers, a double triple by Mesa, and singles by Maclel and Wetterstrom. Indians Lose League Game to Los Gatos The Fremont Indians found of a hos- Today the past per- are an 45-2 decision Lincoln L I30-Foo'rball: Conqraiulafionsi This is rhe firsf year in which I3O foofball was play- ed by Fremonf. Many of The boys who were unable fo play varisfy fooiball gained experience in cooperafion and spodsmanship on Yhe Iighfweighf +eam. Left fo Riqhf-Fourfh Row: A Reed J. Har' B. Meacham. G. Woodward. P. Gilovich. J. Mintz. L. Boyd. M. Mariz. L. Farris. Third Row: Coach Marhieson. G. Murdock. D. Lee. R. Swanson. F. Salazar, E. Swanson. L. Breeding. J. Breeding, G. Bonacich. D. Lee. Second Row: P. Beffencourf. L Nicoiai. S, Salazar. E. Silvera. W. Giibreck. J. Correl. N. Wagner. F. Bouqhman. L. Wesf. Firsi Row R. Gresham. D. Wilson. M. Oqlasby. J. Johnson W. Stout V' Maciei, 2, QP 3r67 Yea. Swanson! Axis 3V H. Track Leif +o Righf-Fourfh Row: C. Srollenwerk, D. Adamson, L. Nelson, N. Ensminqer, J. Cabral, M. Soso, B. Krumpofich, P. Mesa, L. Farris, H. Marcheffi, J. Avila. Third Row: C. Jaclrson, J. Hylkema, T. Mclnfosh. D. Lee, L. Breeding. J. Bull, G. Wren, F, Salazar, M. Oqlesby, W. Sanner. Coach Mafhieson. Second Row: D. Jepson, L. Herion, R, Bradley, J. Breeding, G. Bonacich. D. Wlison, M. Cabello, B. Nichols, J. Girnenez. F. Bowman. Firsf Row: V. Campbell. L. Nesbifr, R. Gresham, D. Diehl, C.Smi1h, E. Davidson. In comparison wirh pasr years, many boys Turned our for fraclr. Mosf of 'rhese are underclassmen. We have some very exceprional ralenr, and should have a rraclr 'team ro be proud of. This is 'rhe firsr year Thar 'rhe sfudenrs have shown so much enfhusiasm for wresrling. Our home marches were held in rhe Srudenf Union. Fremonf proved vicrorious on several occasions. Leif fo Righr-Third Row: L. Farris, F. Caprello, D. Adamson, G. Woodward, M. Soso, J. Cabral T. Dailey, C. Nicolai, J, Bull, Coach Corboline. Second Row: B. Ichilrowa, G. Wren, B. Mello, A. Neff J. Hyllrerna. L. Herion, J. Goin. Firsf Row: K. Simplrins ,L. Nicolai, G. Smith. Wresriing from the varsity won .Fremont cagers Thursday, Feb. both fmal games of while the last was IC school. meet will a. Frlday, at has the radii- to conduct such ND Sams point man. Gatos at Campbell, View, Santa item-iSar" Los gym. Vanity Los Gatos ..... U my 10-Fremont flntgbgli. -'-"-' washington, Mc. View m Santa Clara. at Los , " """"' gmont - ....... May 17--Washlngto Santa.. Clara at Gl at Mt. View. , May 21-SCVAL . "' """ 24--SCVAL ann. 4' my .. , ,annou- '. Jose Tech y ......... . Leff tg RighTYSecond R w S W ison BFFSV QA Los. vlch, Coach'Ma1P:iescv B m A asao ac Fronf Row: V. Campbell ' meme Le Ando M. Muvada. Uld the """"" close contest wxth Guard Saso h1g'h Mt' View, The varsity had less trouble as they scuttled the Live Oak qum 29-14. Center Jack Mlller led ocals with a 10 pomt total edge In Friday, Feb 1 the Indlanzlgmkmg tvvo League standings date FRE 0 W ' '57-r.'T"i-TL3'ZL"i'L'mm" The Fremont Indums o practxce tilts to t Fnday Feb 1 f g 36 to 21 and 21 In e Indxans took Mateo the 130s to 21 and the varsxty by 25 count. On F1-1dav,Ed,g.L, DIANS GIVE T GALIE OF DIANS DIVIDE HONORS I Ont Indii-U5 Won UNL R WEEKEND game by 8. Scbre of 28 3 c dropped a varsgty oon the one sided score of 26 6 to the Palo Alto basketball last Tuesday Jan. 14 in the mont gym The varsxty game was a cue of on the part of the versus sharp shootmg by S The d In :ans traxled all score being .S - amz Settmg a. f e lead ur the gf e1g'ht r hlsket CII' W lVe r mark 14 the closm, e fmal cou The od The a cats ns led at vamx usserq lost San 18171. xes 30 to rtlme tle vvhlch 27 t '7 before play off I lay thex ast game I season at uilroy on Febru emoni In plli Wllh alf Moon remont s Indians gained an e t with the at Sunnyv orwar nt 130s to ht poxnts Ce oon Bay 9 esterdav a ts wmnin ted: dro gh ed the bv s mha l ers wxth seve I wo forwards acl and ne: to lead Half Moon :ty to nts trxumph fhex s and 10 pomts respectlvelv Joe Krumpotxch sparked ans mth ine markers mont Varsity I Half Moon Ba er rrim! ch c myw.-h,c os g shtrm,g tim! fg ft lp Varsity fg it 4 Telencl Q 2 Sllxa I 5 Molten i 3 Cardonx c 1 Santim 3 3 Lea 5 WHL! The paced by Albert Soso hxgh pomt man With 11 points to h1s credit light Fnday mght Jan 18 Coach Martm Mathxesens two squads the Vlsitmg tangle Vlllh San Jose Tech xn a. ld breaking double header league game ln San 32 consec N, Uwe quaf Fremont H1 Splxts lted by W nth W ashmglon Fremont Lmon Hlgh School and Washmgton Lmon Hxgh Qchool of Centervllle Qplxt a pa1r of Santa Clara Valley Athleuc League con tes s lacl mgh! on the latters game 30 to 24 whlle V5 took thc 130 pound t lodrlgues lcd l1 htwmghls vs Swanson vu ,mth four P2 130 pounders were l Over live Forward Ja with 10 po Schools turned In less Live as The Guanl wenghts Fremv 1ted cl in ' er led the way UI Fremont ' also won 19 16 Fremont llght pomts 1n the unl1m the Ind1ans 1n the runn e ttle Rlth a record tl vms and two defeats The box seo' Fremont .ive Oak Maller 1 Morrxs f Avlla f DePalma I Krmptch Wttr trm c Ramos g Martm g Totals 14 Fremont s-? ONNNDA N A rv iD 1 29 Totals 130 I Lv Oak Ig fttp Ig it tplq urata f 2 0 Gorden 1 3x Bryan f Jack Muller lea s BC U10 Fremont to Wm CHQGFS Break Even for Evenmg San Jose Tech and Frem a double b1ll 111 SCVAL txon last nxght 1 the San J School gym The F1-emo the Tech sa Tech hghtw ume thrllle The hgh e 29 t1 7 26 won a mme e of re ume Fxeld g cn th perxod by Tech Zucc Fremonts Sam 'Io brou count to 31 all a m f xx as scored when Paul dumped ln two free throw S J Tech 130s I Fremon Ig ft tp 0 4 'Vlurata 2 10 Nlaclal 0 v. o 5 ans n 0 Campbell Robles S Zuccaro G Zuccaro Ramnrez Rotolo Hughes Dlaz dllma Vargas Trancmna Totals S J Tech arsltv fg It t ZlZ7 Rocha alias 0 0 OSC er Pulm umotich D108 o o oshelung XIOTT 26l Total! Second Row M Vars1'r Om P M Y A sir1'S Furs? Row Coach Malhueson T :liuthzsay Ramos B Snellunq G Bonacsch Baskefb Union H1 senoox B Lew' D Lee sh a 13, Marty Mathlesen, coa HGH-'Av-N ,SY 'll 'I 5 Q 5 9 on-IN ON 0 1 me 3 ' uthefigrdg 0 jg.W'rthln1t'n,g 0 ach Wetterst 8'Morris,t 2IMtller,c 'lgRam0s,g 3.'Vla!in, 4 s wt f- Y .U . M f U I I I I . 1 , '13 n tt ' ' t Five ' ': I 1 - 1 - I Y U ll 'Q n 1 ," V . . I . U ' , flu., - ' ' ' s 15,41-,WU UU -UU E ' , ' 1 le, , ' ' U 1 1 U ' 1- -I , 7. ' U ' U ' a 29- ' tt ' , xx n . . - i " l ' '. . - 'U U 'g - ,U U U - .U D 0 U - U v - 1 1 - 4 - - 1 , LSI: Q ' , :, U 2 v n I K8 , - ' . 5 H t ' l 5' 2 ' 1 -J - + 1 su air 1 i 9 -UU M U 4 1 ' U 1 . '. ' w n f .,C 2 ' -50 0 0 0 0 1 f 11 - - ' 5 ,U 2 0 1 4 3 V , .1 - , . 2 1 5 1 0 1 . do ' V' 7 - ' ' ' , o 0 o 1 1 1 ' M..- --...QC-' oo . , - ' ' 'U , Q 1 6 2141 U 0 0 U Uzo. ., . - . f ., U U U U , , U ic U , U U Q JU if I the ' ' ' . f U A . U - U' M U 41 U gy 3 5 ' ' - l UN ,inan ' A " -- -, - , Ma' -, 1o e 1 1 'cou1't. lremont won the va . ' 1-f 3 SXQUPXCOZ-18 0 1 1 :Ha .0 ' 4 ' -U ' I , ' ' :' , 1 1 3 11 . I - 0 0 , . ri ' U A1 I , , ' ' ss 3 6' , " , 1 - 7 :sa , V the - -31 As ' ' I " 0 of . 21. il .- gui- U' ......-. A, ' X , 1 . lt .' A ' l A fig ' O 0 i f 1 U, 1 1 2 If 3 ' I .. , 1 1 W ' ' 1 0- 4, xl,-1 U , , U l ' FU-if. ts. CI I!! V' 1 1 5 L .V , ', 5 21 .I 1 0 f ' '. 4 210 "' . 1 3 , 1 1 3, tl 1 .1 5 , 2 1 5- 9, . . 0 1 ', 3 1 71 5 1 UU . 1 1 3" o 1 li , 194+ to Fiqh- 1 J. f led -4-v- 7 it :L -- - - 73 '7"' Kfuwbcfich, J, Avila, G. affirm, . . F , J. .-,fmefv B, Kvwpowce or vveve Y .U forsfr ,, . lose. , 2: , , , - . U . o 11. In announced 'M , W Varsify Baseball F Worned Rock 7 Leff Turner, Mears ani, E. 'Q 1 'Qv,. Wafch Thai Ball! Fremonf has recenfly acquired a new baseball field. Mr. Corboline's gym classes worked on The field. and Mr. Cornell's elecfricify class erec+ed 'rhe backsfop. Wiih These new facilifies we should have an excellenl season. to Righ+-Third Row: R.'Furia, D. Weflesfrom, P. Mesa, J. Miller, D. McRae, G. Martin, B. J. Krumpofich. Second Row: M. Ando, W. Maciel, M. Cardoza, L. Boyd, C. Passaflno, B. , H, Nose, G. Wren, Coach Corboline. Firsf Rows M. Murada, B. Leaper, B. Snelling, N. Mari- Phelan, A. Sasao. A. Waddin fon, G, lm K W q oaa. S 6 X11 Pracfice Males Perfecf RK X Yell Leaders I f2f N-1 Fremonll Firsf Se'nesler-Leff to Rlqhlz Sylvia Swanson Jimmy Johnson, Redonia Wheeler 'NJ , ,9- Fremonl Yeah! Second Semesler-Lelf lo Riohl: Sylvia Swanson John Minfz, Redonia Wheeler Our Jimmie .rl N .ss 0 . O 1' Girls' L Baseball Third Row: E. Baslemeyer, A. Alondo, P. Neg. B. Vanderbeclr. L. Johnson. C Vanderbeclr, G. Meacham. H. Talcela. Second Row: H. Malsuura, W. l-lolf. A Gallo, L. Calhoun. L. Garcia. M. Maas. C. Abinanle. Firsf Row: D. Rodrigues P. Wrighl, M. Chealam, F. Gracia. The girls' baslcelball season 'rhisnyear was a greal success. Over a hundred girls lurned oul lo play. Pracfice was held aller school during lhe monlhs of Oclober and November. The girls were cli- vided inlo eighl leams. The general manager was Ella Baslemeyer. To conclude lhe season a Spread was held in lhe Caieleria on' November l5. Second Row: M. Alonclo. S. Myers. G1 Anderson, P. Rodoni, F. Yglesias. J. Sfoneberger. Firsf Row: A. Sanchez, N. Sfewarl, B. Robinson. C. Baslemeyer, A. Gracla. P. Takefa, l GIRLS' BASKETBALL Thircl Row: M, Keller, C, Vanderbeclr, P. Radon: P New G Meachem Caviglia. Second Row: M. Bolga, J. BenneTT, M, Afondo M Childs A Sanchez A. Gracie, P. Talmeia, Firsf Row: T, HaTTield, C. Phil The girls Volleyball Teams aTTended sev eral playdays aT various schools They were guesTs oT SanTa Clara Campbell and Burl ingame. The Burlingame Playday was The largesT since The war began wiTh over six hundred and TuTTy girls aTTendrng The girls from FremonT made a good showing in all Their games On February 28 The girls had Their annual spread where The names of The members oT The Honor Team were read M. . SEL A Tumbling X 'w . if' Top Row: J. Huber. Second Row: F. Gracia, R. Tibbefs, W, Holt, T. Halle Firsf Row: E. Link, M. Capifola, L. Calhoun, L. Garcia, G. Bogdnovich, C Vander beck, B. Vanderbeck. Some Rackef! On April I I, The nigh? of Open House, lhe girls' lumbling group performed for lhe parenls. They did pyramids, double slunfs, and many ofher which surprised +he adulls. The girls pracficed affer school, long and hard, +o make fhis performance fhe success lhal if was. The girls, who were inleresfed in Tennis, mel affer school under 'rhe direclion of Miss Alexander. There was insfrucfion for The beginners, and The more advanced girls parlicipafed in a fournamenl. One of fhe besf players, Annabelle Galyean, was of- fered a posifion on lhe Varsify Tennisifeam. Second Row: M. Maas, J. Sfoneberger, 6. Andersen, E.Ravalin, F. Yglesias, R. Rogers. M. Caviglia. Firsf Row: D, Rodrigues. E. Velasquez. A. Galyean, L. Nelson, A. Gallo. Tennis 14 Low Curve Sweafinq If OUU Lefvs GO! f I Down-3 fo Go Thafs Our Coach! Ll.. .I -' IQ as? A I 30 Showoffs! SUNNYVALE BAKERY J' 3 Je. iff" I' ma' SNXX, , X. FARRY HARDWARE , . 'Wu A--R TVR Q4 f - az, e , .Q . ev . MF, Eff -...- 1..- , Q- 4 LLER ll ' : . ll ll iq' l.l II ll ' ll il i-.I V' , fZ1.I' 'T .wif 4' ' ' Pfaz , . A . I I xxx: NX: A I .,.., , I fv A :LA '., '.'.: Vu. 1' J I I ,sixlv DE 'L..0T. BAK E F 4- .:.. 1 5131 1 'ws E., 5 L x..4 1 s ,IV K 1 ,v ' . I ,, W ,j Am Cozy. lsn'1 H? FaDaDa!! Big Town! , 1, ' Nz 1' W Our Pride and Joy Blow Tfmc Oh. Sung! T'CH'nQ fha IVOVISS Miss Dossee, Please!! Wm K img Jw W Q MMWWWWWN Q W SWQJWW f 5?Qf 42 Biggs? fW 245jf2Nf'f'if3f52 my ff JW' A TR xeygxsy ff "WU fc

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