Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA)

 - Class of 1944

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Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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if .QQ X7 Q Q X Y' 1223101 A MYR yy N 2? 7 J 49 QQQWW 35 WW Q JVM' if of wf igjf Wim' O 495 , y Qi W SQ f fvoy if WW Ni A Bl fi fi W " l iw . Q 2 RWM M W Mff wwf f f JM M, M f V ELM fgwmifwm 'f QfWk J fa Mix yy S? sf' fix W W IJ 3 0 fm ,Q mpkiilsgix NJA ofgumq- Xa MMM ffm 'Q eww if? M ,.i . .,,4.LgL4,,. EIITHEHFIHDER S'Q.Q,o,3',2J Uqqi 'I f' f' ff. i , X ,Q Qfnwwp. A I!! 4 ' - hi? I F - P if. bp' .3 ff' Q, .. ' O' Q lnm ,Q I dbh I -?":,, P bl +1 d by fh L A f d S+ d + F Q Q- FREMQNT UNION HIGH SCHOOL 6 . Q p + s y I C If 6' f Q I 1 I DedicaTion ln graTeTul appreciaTion of his many years oT devoTed service To our school and communiTy, we, The sTudenTs oT Fremont dedicaTe This yearbook To our deparTing principal, Mr. Verne Hall. When he became DisTricT Supe-rinTendenT in I925. The school, known as The WesTside High School. consisTed of one small build- ing. From This small beginning, Mr. Hall, Through his unTiring and unselfish eTforTs, has builT up Tor The communiTy our presenT planT, including The main building, gym- nasium, swimming pool, library. and arTs and craTTs building. FurThermore, he has ready Tor posT-war execuTion approved plans Tor a TooTball sTaclium. . . . . . We Thank you, Mr. Hall! FORMER FREMONT STUDENTS KNOWN TO BE IN SERVICE Compiled by Miss May H. Morrison A Alsoud. Fred Aboud. George Aboud. Pefer Aboud, Shaker Adair, Wendell Adamo Joe Adams, Wallace Agrella Ellis Agrella, Elmer Aihara. Ben Aihera, Chilose Aihara, George Albanese, Chauncey Alqard, Frank Almos. Fred Anaya. Carrie Anaya, Joe Anaya, Tony Anderson, Daneel Andrade, James Anello. Joseph Anello, Salvaleor Anella, Vincent Angelo, Edwin Arala, James Argona, James Aribas, Frank Ariza, Alberl Ariza. Harry Arends, Jimmy Aronsen, Den Aveni, Donald Aylesworfh. Kennefh Baisley, Thomas Bagar, Mifchell Baqar, Nicholas Becker. Eldon Berry, David Bessmer, Dan Befiencourf, Tony Bianchi, Leo Biddlecome,Aron Bielovich, Dan Bilcich. John Blanco. Paul Bocks. Charles Boqarf, Andre Bologna. Joe Bond. Sydney Banilla, Jacinfo Bonilla, Primo Borrego, John Borlhwick, Donald Bolill, Raphael Bower, Ted Bowman, Charles Boyd, Donald Leroy Brasfield. Roberf Brierley. Wallace Brown, Donald Brown, Edwin Brown, Esfle Buckelew, Charles Bull, Dick Bunfon. Thomas Burke. Gene Bufiifla, Anloinefle C Caccamo, Ralph Calarrudo, Joseph Caldwell, Howard Caldwell. Willis Camarda, Pele Cunningham, Ralph Campoy, Chris Carr. Mark Carfer, Alvin Carfer, Clifford Case. Ar+hur Cavender. John Caviglia, Alberi Churchell, Sam Clemenco. Edward Conley, Tom Corboline, Bernard Corral, Louis Corral, Manual Corral, Basilio Corral. Frank Corfani, Henry Crippin, Charles Crispin, George Crispin, Joe Crispin, Louie D Dahl, John Damico. Chesfer Dearborn, Robert Delgado, Frank Demarco. Tony De Marco, Vincenf Dias. Benilo Dionne, Arlhur Frank Dixon, Arfhur Dodd, Waller Dow, David Dow. Howard Doyle. Francis Doyle, P Norman Duarfe, John Duckgeischel, Donald Durkee, Fred Dulre. Anlone Dyson, Alberl Elberl, Eslher Elberl, Waller Elias, Frank Elias, Richard Escobar, Arlhur Henry Esleban, Joe Esleban, Tony F Faria, William Faulds, Jack Fellon, Roberl Fernandez. Henry Fernandez, George Fernandez, Joe Fernandez, John Fiqqins, Dean Fiquera, Fermin Fisher, Eldon Fisher, Roberl Flores. Manuel Forbes, Harry Furlado, Manuel G Gagliasso. Charles Galindo. Tony r Garba uno, George Garcia Ben Garcia Frank Garcia Joe Garcia John Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Ray Gardner, Waller Garrelson, Dave Gervin, John Gervin, Leon Giangrande, Tony Glumac. George Golick, Milchell Gonzales. Joe Gonzales, Tony Gonsalves, Arlhur Govorko, Peler Gusman, Jim Gwin, Jack H Hall, Verne Jr. Harlwig. Adolph Harlwig, Henry Hallield, Clarence Hecox. Waller Heidinger, Arlhur Heidinger. Eddie Heidinger, Elmer Heidinger. Emil Hendy, Marian Herrero, Joaquin Herrero, Ralph Herwig, Billy Joseph Hidalgo, Gregory Hill, Fenlon Hillon, Bill Hierrild, Lloyd Holloway, Rila Holman, Dudley Home, Duncan Hopkins, Charles Hopper, George Hoyl, Harvey Hughes, Daphne Hughes, Harry Hughes, Mildred Hunl, Paul Edward Hulllinger, William J Jacino, Joe Jelcick, Evan Jelcick, Gene Jenkins, Jack Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Kennelh Johnson, Rodney Jones. Elberl K Kay. Jack Kemper, Don Kemper. Roberl Kinder, Ralph King, Robbins Kinq, Thomas Kirkish, David Kirkish, Henry Kirkish, Roberl Kirlley. James Kirlley, Thomas Kolak. Daniel Kraseman, Arlhur Kunlz, Mark L Labrador, Philip Ladner. Jim Lash. Richard Laznibal, Nick Le Croy, Willard Leedom, Kennelh Le Febvre, Leonard Lehr, Leonard Lepesh, Nick Lewis, Arlhur Lobrovich, Arch Loqan, Donald Lonq, Bobbie Lonq, Thomas Lopez, Daniel Lopin, John Lopin, Marlin Lolhrop. Arlhur Lovell. Francis Luslenberoer, Paul Lyons, Arlhur Lyons. Forresl M Maas, Elmer Maas, Ronald MacNair, George Manlre, John Mansker, Roy Mardesich, Joe Mariani, Louis Mariani, Nick Marinello, Joseph Marlens, lMurrayl, Hanley Marlin, Cuyler Marlin, Henry Marlin, Mariano Marlin, Nick Masl, Elmer MCCraney, Billie McCraney. George McDonald, Edward McKinley, Maurice McKinley, Melvin McKinley. Raymond Mana, Bernardo Mena, Frank Mena. Fred Mena. John Miguelgorry, Calherine Miguelgorry, Charles Mikulaco, lmkel Miller, Roberl Miner, Donald Moncriel, Andy Moncriel, Roberl Neil Moore, Donald N Nasil, Edmond Nasif, George Nasil, Peler Nasil, Waller Neal, Gordon O Ocano, Manuel Odle. James Ohrl, Leonard Ohrl, Leroy Olavarri, Phillip Olives, Belly Jean Ordones, Frank P Papac, Nick Pasquali, Elvi Passanlino, Frank Palheal, Verdie Palheal, Winilred Perez, Louis Perry, Arlhur Phelan, Dean Picchelli, Elio Pierre, Eugene Piumarla. Charles Piumarla, Frank Piaza, Tony Popovich, Millon Popovich, Nick Pulnam, Donald R Ramos, Bill Ramos, Joe Ravizza. Herman Regnarl, Donald Reposa, Roberl Rich, Roberl Riemer, Allen Riemer. Roberl Ring, Jimmy Robinson, James Rodriguez, George Rodriguez, Tino S Sanlaella, Chrislopher Sanlaella, Tony Schliecker, Fred Schmidl, Theolul Schmidl, Waller Schmilz, Waller Sciarini, Daisy Scoll, Jim Scoll, Lyle Scoll, Richard Seabock, Adrian Sekulo. John Slorzini, Harry Silva. Calvin Silva, George Silvera, Clarence Simoes, John Smilh, Dean Soule, Roberl Lewis Sparks, Donald Slowell, Ernesl T Terry, Slanley Thompson. Donald Tikvica. Lesler Toussear, Raymond Trenladue, Leo Trubschenk, Lee Trubschenk, Lorin Truiillo, Alex V Velasquez, Edward Velasquez, Herman Vislica. Gregory W Wakefield, Jake Wakefield, John Weirshouser, Jack While. Lloyd While, Jack FIIJIIIIIIISTRIITIIIII 'yr W vf ,W ' f 9 if 5' X ,J gsmmmfg new 22 R , 5 s ,rl I W I "74L.1 , TN' t "hhmmsg? " ' T4 ,nnluf 0 1 X ' AM .. xiii, X . I 4 . D :ff ,, X f I 5 , 1 ff - ' s .- IW ' 4 T? L" ' X 1444-x ' 50, X 27? 579 " if , "-.- 0 X X 3 W .v , W -J H., vm , 'H 1 5 44 51", 7, if "0 N Z - -,J - n HL, ', ' ' N ' LW!! 1 "' - al 6 f , 'H' xx 5 I fu I I f' Xu 1 if I' . XV f -.J - ill ,l BOARD OF TRUSTEES-I943-I944 Dr. Howard G. Diesner. Mr. Maffhew T. Hughes, Mr. Lesfer E. Boclcs, Mr. Alfred T. King, and M r. Arch Wilson. Board of Trus+ees The Governing Board of fhe Fremoni Union High School is composed of five members elecfed for a ierm of Three years by 'rhe people of rhe clislrici. They operale lilce a board of any large business con- cern. They meef a+ sfaied limes and formulale 'rhe policies of +he school-borh educafional and financial- and delegare fhe execufion of Their policies +o adminisrra- five officers. Superin+enden1"s Message You are compleling anolher year ol high school. This picrorial boolc of The school year 43-44 will recall lo you many pleasant experiences. Leflers l have received during lhe pasf year from former sludenls scalfered lhroughoul fhe world, cause me fo realize more fully lhan ever whal high school life means when relived in dislanl places. These piclures will bring before you, in a realislic manner, experiences which you have a lendency lo malce fanciful asilhe years pass by. To you sludenfs who normally would be wifh us and To you who were privileged lo remain, lhe lacully wish a rich and full life. bds., YA Da we S S lbw QQ Xx X 'N 1 . XX MR, VERNE HALL MR. JEFFERSON MULKEY MRS. MARGARET BANGERT Superinfendenl Vice-Rrincipaland English and Malhemalics Social Science MRS. VICTORINE BRUCE MR. EMILE J, CORBOLINE MISS FRANCES de L'ETANCl-lE School Secrefary Boys' Physical Educalion Commercial and French Faculfy xfb FacuHy MISS DOROTHY DOS-SEE Enqlislw and Lcfin MRS. DOROTHY GASKlLL Home Economics MCJ MRS, RUTH ELBERSON English, Maflwemafics and Social Science MRA CLAUDE HORAN Ads. Craffs and Ceramics ? ,L Ka' lf MISS HELEN FALCONER English and Dramafics MR. JAMES HOSKINS Shop and Mechanical Drawing li if x I in SYN fifffi if - VA ,I ..,:' . ,if . 1 . ,,., 1, V 5-I is 5 FX -gf ' W I . as E I '1' -I X. MR. DAVID KNIGHTON 'wx MISS BARBARA KURZ MR. GEORGE MEYER Mu5iqDepgr1menf Commercial English and Mefhemafics MISS ALINDA MONTGOMERY MISS MAY I-I, MORRISON MISS MURIEL NEVIN English Spanish Home Economics . FacuHy 'Q FacuI+y MISS MARIAN NIELSON BioIoqy MISS LUELLA WIENS Librarian Q-' FUN MISS EILEEN PI-IIFER Girls' Physical Educafion MR. ROBERT J. WILL Science 8, IA ...IL MRS. ROSARIO TUREK English, Mafhemafics MISS AGNES R. WOOD Mufhemafics -ne: ELIISSES 1 'Wg ,NX .v 'QQ 53 fbxx Jw sg J 59 fir., Q55 4 X L N gy I -- X X K 4f' - Lx X gg mf ' , 5 ' H1 Q - xv r . '45 fi 5 E Q It EE Q I f K 1. . ff 3 ' W. 9 fel I I 1 49- 5.1 JOY HENNESSY ROMAYNE Sl-TOFFNER SecreTary Treasurer JUSTIN TRAINA FUXLPT-l ROBTNSON Presidenf Vice-Fresidenf U Senior Class Officers As graduaTion nears, we seniors OT I944 are back To The cherished memories -social TuncTions, aThleTic conTesTs, assemblies. and play days-which have become a TradiTion here aT FremonT. We are leaving wiTh The realizaTion ThaT we musT Tace a warTorn world, and ThaT iT is up To us. as ciTizens OT The TuTure, To do our parT in making This a beTTer, saTer, and more peacelul world. We Teel ThaT This school has helped us To be beTTer equipped To underTalce The Tremendous Taslc before us: and The sTudenTs who Tollow will always receive The Tine Training which is a parT oT Fremont it 9 gf. fy- if Seniors Victoria Aboud George MacGregor Erriessor M Arends Bernice Ariona Frances Bemgi Reber? Bufier Grace Capitoia Esfher Cunha Sanrina Marie Danna Anne Deiea Beverly Ann Eqqerlinq Virginia Louise Fair lb. - V X 'N' x 'XV , Ni Z R 4 i x if r r x 2 'U' 4 T -if: 4 W ffm! f f-N 'Q - rj K- Jffv 'N ii X i "'4b'5 'V' vnu r.. ,, YN 1 ' Jefslre Feensfra Josephine Fernandez Bernice Berfha Fifield Frank Gail Flanders ml A , my Lorraine Janice Flefcher Clwarlolfe Marie Fore ,h-Q' - Manuela Galleqo 5 Jon. Eli Gasich Alberf Daly Hall man Charloffe Ann Sylvia Harfwiq Beffy Lois Hefner Joy -orraine Hennessy 4-RW NX Seniors Seniors Jean Hubbell Harold Eugene Johnson Norma Maxine Kemper Shirley Evelyn Kirlcish Lorraine Jean Larson Helen Rose Linlr Dorofhy MCCullOuql'1 Marqare? Medina Jean Monlqomery Mary Bernice Moreno Gloria Louise Munoz Gloria Padilla 9- . W5 gl '- .F 1 sf' 'ff '7 Lfyw-1 fi '43 '5 dv I Jack Granger Palmfag Frank R, Passanlino ' Charles Wiclcerslwarn PeerJr Frank M, Perez William H. Reed Carline Frances Richard 'K- AI n Dale Riemer i- l alph W, Robison f John Rodrigues A IP" Tino Rodriquez Salvador Frank Romo Anne L. Ruiz Seniors Seniors v John Henry Russel! Carmen SeSjo Mildred Marie Sherlock Romayne Barbara Shoffner Hndo J. Souza NanCyann Sulnvdn Norma Dean Tipfon Havvy SQQH Thovrpson Jr. June Arlene Towers Jusfin R, Traina Josie C. Vicente Beffy Jeanne Wanderer av- ll lb I 1,1 4' if qj '45 -:gr .4 J' 4 -If fipb' ' RR 7 f 4 ,L 'rr I I .is- 'Slim . Q s 0 ima Frances Marie Weber Vicforia Yglesias Helen Ca Ralph Barchus rolyn Zuclcswerfh CAMERA SHY Anfoinefre Azevedo John L. Bilcich Donald E. Brown Mary Lenora Mahon Niclr P. Marlin Shirley Irene Ness Grace Elizabe+l1 Nicoll James Clair Ring Jr. Seniors gr. N ELL PATTON Secre'rary Officers I it q1 W, TONY RAMO5 Treasurer 1 4 PETER M ESA President JEAN ELLIS Vice-President Q KENNETH BRAYTON PHILLIP BETTENCOURT Secrefary Treasurer Freshman Class Officers Xia IIIZTIUITIES .hx 'N i 1 X 'fQ?ffN"0. M f L 0 ZAN' M A iz' I P ' xxfx ,Z f' ff f - ,-,fr 4 ff wx --0 WW 11... , 'C . Zi! ' I' N ! ' 'Q gk, I ,mv g K " A .E S Y X "7" 1 , I . 4'!":.C - , I Y YV .2 . -Y 'i'..aL:. , 44, .L -Tv Ei!!-?-P55531-:::.::::1 -- ----'aw Ill- Av - - X, A - .. -,, - - """- L - L? , --- -1 , f ' 4. - "-T-1 1111, 'Q' i' x : -3:.,:.'iv.-if . ' nv?-T ' 1 - i'T' 7 7 "'..,L', f, X -ci, , :iz :- , ', ' ' N4x+li, 1 5 - 6-1- f tf ?' H Vgxx ' 'Sn 'iii ".E.2F4-5 ,LJ . ' 1 1:-:fy X -J-T7 -' 02 gif ' Y' :,, - " 1-- - Vg.""'f' ' . 11 -Y: ' Pl-VS ,J f' fm., QC' ka , W: AW 53,31 gg, .gg f w -55' Q-ni. LJ .,,: ,gg k L -4.5 ,ggwf . A i f H hw my k:.V :ir I Vikk Vai. It -wwf -,Z . l --nissan , 1 . .giimsf :MLW -A WH. . 5 U55 .L I 'Mis A -5'-if 'swfrk 2 an 1 V 541 V 9' .V5 . F 9 I A W ,,,,w 4 'V K. X A Q , 4 QMS t - ,3 4- , Y ,. F wk. 4? , 1 Lf, R A Q Q K 49' in 1, 31. Di 1 KW- iii. I .,.. 2 .3 ug r N. W . 5 1 w 1 ,,.z' .-Q ' m M' 1 -1 CJ 'U ii-vcfa is , fvi--fsfv'f'a 1 M , 3, , '--.4n,5y"' ,. , , ' I " , 51' W.. Q- ., X Q, " fuk'- " 4.4 .urs ,, 4 1 fff ,, 34" ' 'f 1-'Jr Las' 4" 1'7" lr-'1 . il . 44 . "5"r,3' M . . ,,5j,L..,...:1 f 3 - 4f?g1y.5'Q'f' X,. 'Tw' I -3 -4' 0' 1,1 . ,. f- 1A .,,- 1 -. 4 an I' Q '4 , 5,.L Q. 1, 'Max , H gif' ,- 'A- ff: fl' 45,33 -fl ff if ' 4' ifang. ,mv I - Q X N Q' 'x ,., if-V ff -V . ,.,V .- . Vx 473 V V Aw K mf". H V V V ,Y A :Q Y. -.. J X fright Q , hwinxw 5V,3..,, J ,un tl .V , ,Inq ' I V V wr .rf .- V'z,Em.Vg. ' gg. W 'W' S " Q .iv 1,v' Nyqfg ,GIF ,wivw QQ A , g,fl,.4g,,7 V x VH 'xi' .L V V V :M 1.8!-.Aka :Kr f as V. V VH-1 ,V A aw X ' V A Vw' A ki ' 'iw 4. A 4 ff- G+ 'yt' I with Vj? .V wqxap Zi, C 1 1 'f"f- "'Y' W., V " V g.' Q ,P :Y 51- V ' fp " "Wt 525 4 ,Ni 4 .J X y M',.-H 'Nth :dz o K ',E, E , V L ' u ' ' " - V , . ' 1' .fa ,, 'V SVA L p AJKM A . " , A V Q: -,,f 5. , 7 V ,A 'XV' A MQ, M, H ,a 4 A . , , :M X, N In , 7 yn, nf? . g ,. ,V Ns., 5' ' 2 , af V: V 5 ' f f . V 2 mug, wang qv, g xl" , 'HL 4 - V Nfl, , Y, . 6 V V, rf ,, . V , 4 , ,mf . i Y s A 2 , ' , ' f' k k sk W ' in 'L n A ' ' - 'v:".,fr .ve V A'- f p A - 'Y ff'-'n . , . K . . "f f ' . , P' I A , ' V V . 4 ,"' A 4 Q- L un P M ' 4 'M F ,- v W' is , - V ' f A fV- V K ' - w w , -. ,Vs ' k V- Ax U, 9 9 , ik, X If fu, I 5- . :QQ , 'fs y -V , :X 1 f U, Q' ,bf V -.-FJ' ,1 , A VV, H , 4 wx - vs if 4. w V1-V V 'H A, 'f - 'fr-fm ,pf V R , H, M . VJ f V 'N' 'li 1 . .V ,, fan. :I ' .Q vw Vw -V JV' V' . . ,M VVV:V V,V .V,:, V V V VV V I V V f X 'F Sw A VW' ' ff 4"""7""" V- V ff 5 f"".Vi f if , if fl ' 422 3 'V 'A - ' 'S f Y Y QW if f X Y W V 5 ,W i V ' 'K ,, 5, gfzffzuv V 'V V V 'A 'L 'MW V . ,g ' . A Qw:'V, ' 3 f 2 , f V mf , FM 6 E X A ., Wa x I ., ' f K if AFM sa ' 4 ,, "aww K A I i L ...........V. 1V-fL1......,, ' 'H HN. VM., A A X 1 EV' , 'Q E- CJ' W Q' X 'cvs , I I I , 9 A ev. , ,Q ka- fu .. M I ' 45101 ,Z ' -Q xg 81 f" 5 . A 4 I K, . Iii ' ,. f .UQ 1 ' y ung A .Q i, Aqriculfural movemenf E in wg of ., Chance Vo go sfeady lrwiroducinq Frankie Don'f rush, Bums! - FFMUV l 5 .1 4 l Q 3 .Z sv Worlcin' hard? Comforfable, huh? Q 5 L 5 fi L M 'JHI , ' M -' . ' ' if 'Y "'2"- A '55, .yay -. V M A K ,.,,h , L, ff Y ,V ,W J 4 ,Q W Q , I fi, . v N, W ,ma . 'YY . K x H " Lf' f , ,Q , ' ,- sk f A , ! . 1 X K 4 - V wi ,w i I f -f fn Q 1 X' G l J V 1 A , 3.3, H V A ug 4 i d'0k , o K, 6 , nu... . , 'gf' 'F 5 S S -' s ' -k X "' Af A ! I f - XL in A1 . .v.,A W-E as A 1 , , - V ' .Wfwaz-4"'m!x . . if X -f-fx ff '!""?i M. ' . W , M , ..,, ---m..,,- 5 iffy ,- Q V. , ,,,. 40 ix V 1 l 5. 3 " Q I -...A ,.. F .- illnnqi "' ,gy ,W ,....,A ' 9 1 I ' Src: Champs swoon Gonna hop? B. Glamour boys 5 Farmer fs ons A 'mme Boom! kfip, -.W mm ,ics Drama+ics Class THANKS AWFULLY Dick Monfaque, The womanehafer fplayed by George Alsipl, is besieged by enamored ladies. MASK AND DAGGER Members of The Dramafics Honorary Sociefy. Emerson Arends hoids "Oscar," +he s+a+ueHe awarded for Jrhe ou+s+anding charac+eriza+ion in each +hree-ac+ play. X . I Where's Bob? Wufch fhe flngers Nj-,Khao Foul Play! Check fhafl hh- 2 5 5 -.,1 I S X , FA ' Hungry, Coach? 4 ' M ,, .. ' I:- Q ' , W'1v1ZT3p,. fs Say now! i any How abou? +haf7 is ,al Eg -, - .. ,M N ,rw ,H ,nun Mx-Hia! 'N 115k ,, x fl M, L A a QF Q "' an 'Sr 'Q, Q ,gb- -C 'Y 'X 1 'tvgq gk," 'ir' FALL-Siffing: Adele Chambevs Jsfske Feemfva, Cherlofie Foreman Bill Recd, Phyms We:nqs2v9 "Q Kneeling: AHQH Barber, Maurice Brown Georqe Afsip Nbert Hal! Bob Will Dick Mmqin Emwson 5, J. ' Execufive CommiH'ee I Af-ends . I F SPRING-Siifing: BW Recd JusHn Tfaina, Emcvson Arends, Dick Movqin Vivqinia Fair Romayno - O Shoffner. Kneeling: Rdph Roblson, ,lon Gasich, Harvy Thompson, Jack Russell, Dick Russe-IN, Fvgnk Handcvs. w, f 1, -.35 w, ,X , rx , , . f.gs1. K ff..afq A Q-.,. --,M V ,. A , 1 A N' ,a Georgia Lyons, Dick Morgin. Belly Hefner. Yell Leaders War Office Fremonfs War Office is composed ol fhirleen sfudenfs wliose faslc if is fo coordinafe fhe efiorfs of Fremonf sfudenfs foward winning The war. In addition io flue usual offices of President Vice'Presi- denl, Secrelary, and Treasurer, flwe Office is comprised of commillees such as Red Cross, Bonds and ,o . -sql T 2 ' t'v Cfeie Sfamps, Scrapdrives. and lnlorrnelion Scrapbook on Servicemen. Siffing: Madeline Bogunovich, Nell Paffon. Belly Wanderer, Do? McCullough, Jean Hubbell. Sland- ing: Nancy Niclwoll, Marie Weber, Charloldre Foreman, Fred Jackson, Helen Zuclcswerfh, Charles Don- ner, Belly Hefner. 'Q' NU :hu 5. .mf e 7 we E K .4 ML if A A, 'us Q... .V .-:Lv-:5' F ,. , ,.N., ad' hi x' ' -A x- 21. 1 sf-4 Q l .2 1 , W may 5 mm W 3 Q Wg I JSM x i m ak Q Q3 Ti- ,1i,J.iti. .,... NM . ms vnxzf-axmtwxii SPURTS J JV W 1 RN H ., A P K ' x I X I-JAH ik V .2 Tl W' Qs 1 'J . ' Op ? 1 y 'F , .lb-'fr Q CQ? 433 Firsf row: Don Hardisfy, Emery Mintz, Jesse Everefl, Leo Huichison. Second row: Lesfer Carfer, John Evans, Mel Nunes, Jusrin Traina, Waller Gachina, Charles Donner, Jack Russell, Allen Reimer, Roy Waddinqfon. Third row: Bob Buller, Leroy Baisley, Arfhur Dionne, Fred Caperello, Louis Gulier- rez, Dick Russell, Bob Pierre, Rocco Furia. Marvin Johnson, Coach E. J. Corboline. Fourfh row: Franlr Flanders. Joe Pichelli. Jon Gasich, Harry Thompson, John Papac, Waller Jerniri, Gene Johnson, Jack Palmfaq, Ralph Robison. Foo+ball Squad Q' QQWHV' 4'!C 'fir' V Jlufgmr Baseball Team N Firsf row: Bobby Parsons, Kenny Galyean. Peler Mesa. Second row: Don Weller- I fl V sfrom, Leroy Baisley. Gale Weffersfrom, Mel Nunes, Joe Robles. Carl La Herran, 1' Elmer Scanllon. Third row: Coach Corboline, Harry Thompson, Ralph Robison, '- I Arnold Robles, Walfer Jemin, Rocco Furia, Waller Gachina, Lou Gulierrez. Sam -S Canfon. 1 Q T lla l A fig" .T I I , fi Q '- 'K 4 M f nn-if an 4 Us is K Tj I30's Firsf row: Leonard Marinello, Carl La Her- ran. Second row: Tino Rodrequez, Tony Ponce, Frank Perez. Third row: Don Weller- sfrom, Gerald Mendenhall, Roberl Buller, Tony Ramos. VARSITY Firsf row: Louis Gufierrez, Marvin Johnson, Joe Pjchelfi. Second row: Ralph Robison, Jack Palmlaq. Gene Johnson, Jon Gasich. Third row: Gerald Mar- Hn, Alberf Hall, Roberf Will, Leo Depalma. Fourfh row: Waller Jemin. Harry Thompson. Baskefball Track UNLlMlTED'S Bob Rico, Arnold Robles, Bill Bill Reed. Bob RlCO- Reed, Gene Kirlcish. is-Q i l mwmnrwmfmm Q-'mmm-fm' 5' 152 i ,Lak 4 wx a 4 f ,Ji ? hr ,Q Q kzuwx? W' in :M ' . .Ma gaw k wk . I X 'fm ' xs- W. N V474 .ww my -mu xxgfgi .av Q g Q X www wmfe lmfff Qnwnmyfs 5:3 gfgiflw A N wav' gm 22913 Vai VW N me Swimming --. ff- llrjllllllk ffffflf , , ,..4-.frm , . 9 t . GI RLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Firsf row: Carole Andersen, Miss Phifer, Virginia Fair. Second row: Helene Barg, Joy Hennessy. Char- loffe Foreman. Norma Kemper. Third row: Jean Hubbell, Alice Foreman, Mary Edith Li++le. w K K, f , v ' 4 I ' W 1 .. 1 v, 7.5 ' i mix? N' ' .,, a FOURTH PERIOD SPEEDBALL TEAM Firsf row: Gwendolyn Meacham, Clnavlofle Foreman, Claire Wanderer. Second rcw: Josie Viceniei Helene Berg, Joy Hennessy, Alice Foreman, Pal Wriqlif, Third row: Gloria Padilla. Grace Caoifola, Mary Edith Lillie, Madeline Boqunoviclw. Girls' Spor+s whaf is if? Oh- Qifls- " i ,ef 2, ' . Y T , My ""'.....g... 'W any ? Jam Session Look af The birdie Smoofh siuff Arf? Need any help? Nice day Who's winning? What! no men? In A v ,,..,,.... My . ily- -M"'Q'Q' mwfwififi M24 'eswu-1 Dow-,S PMQQMWMQS Lu L MQ- WK 'fuailw Lmgpw-M mvggwwak who-:QQ-Q 1.4,x.C2Q p.A+1a'm1.C'--ALQUHMQVQMJX a.A',4., QdM4z4 ff E J M "Q ,f 'Q "Cu Q " ' ' 1 H 'KL Wijjifxf ggfiiiila Qfpy E31 My M W M WN V51 5'gA5giY5ilS95 4? 'Y' b 5, 5 Oi fffijiwsfiffa 3 amy! fifffgzy ' Ah- , , ...-, -- . 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Suggestions in the Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) collection:

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