Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA)

 - Class of 1940

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Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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V L I 1 Q 3 Q i Q 1,,..: . .1 4. -. Jn .,. f .1 114. -L .wnuinfnqg-AQ11 . Y . funn., -1-i1.nammgm1muu 'Tiff' ' s -5 fu ' !g1"f fm Q15 S ' ff :', lAl'g,' X wi 'X x . 1 4 N I, -,Y V V . . , N Aw . Q-"F A . N ww' 1- " 3 , A ,, , , A +1 . , 1 , 1- W if5Qx '. 4 3 ' ' ' "1 F' , x V X .- 1l'ff'F1,.'4-1' ' . ., W ,wx Y f 1 1 1 ,L 1,5403 mfs- fb - -f -, W- f Qlfgf 5 ,T . , 4 ., M me , K -w - , ,z 5, 4 51, ' ,lg ,Q '. 35' MQ.-,Q f'5:5wg'g 1 V ., . 4 'f' .r. ,fy 3' ' ' .F-"Niei"' 1 .. f V 1 1 , 'S- ' . qw. U4 -I 33 nz' ., , .1 Q 1 . , A ,, . 1: li , u if ' -.,,., f, ,A , L ae", 5 E . 5 f v'. L ' , . I ,. f, . . M mh"52Er, '22',Mm'ffgv' 'zv , .f ' 1 ,,.,,.,.'4,, v , 4. , - 1 3 , XJ kwggggffxsm 314 EF, -x V , A Pwr. 1 . E ,,, Q In xt firm mb JP: X 5 W Wx- ' 1 M V .Q 'ff i F Emmys 153, . dp a V9.1 W 'f',, Q,-V ' 1.1 " '14, Q-I 3yw'k'i'Y'QS4'1i7-114 V, ' -. f ,1-5,19 Yo- , 'z :: -."H.r'wff. 'f -" A 'z "'Mf1 Q fx 24 5,4 Q 1-5:5 xi, ue' ,WlfHp'g:,l. 1 '.:'-'.-f.d'w1, is .- N I7 ' K-"4 zMw 'v.f.ff34m1 f ' M' f'-0117401 g ?Wf1, "ff " "A' J may ' Hui' ' , f 4. .f .1 .M V. I W'g',1-ukdfy . - 2 11 : - .fiffg - JT f' 'lg-42gfA M ' A L UVff',:wg'1if" : , ,' - 'Li . - ' 3: gJ..f'- ,,,f QE T112 wg .gl 'w,,.,f.. ' Cyj. W L if EN' kv' ' V ' -,' . ' 3 . '1 .W- Wm ,y,y.g, '- , .M ,xx 1 ,N 1.4 L,,,?ff-1' vw, 'Pa Published by The Associafed Sfudenfs of FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL Cuper+ino-Sunnyvaie California fhfi 4 ciiccziio This book is dedica+ed +o The pioneers - Jrhose men and women whose vision and hard work prepared Jrhis unsurpassed valley for our home. fi, 4 , -Q wyx Baafulaf 7fm4leai The Governing Board of Jrhe Frernonf Union High School is composed of five mem bers elecfed for a lerm of Three years by fhe people of lhe dis+ric+. They operafe like a board of any large business concern. They mee? al slafed Times and formulale 'rhe policies of fhe school-bofh educalional and financial and delegale The execufion of lheir policies +o adminislralive officers. i BOARD OF TRUSTEES-I939-I940 Reading from lefl +o right Mr. Alfred T. King, Mr. Arfhur C. Bufcher. Mr. Maffhew T. Hughes, Mr. Arch Wilson, Dr. Howard G. Diesner. The Pioneer is very familiar wifh The word "grubs+ake"-which may be defined as furnishing supplies or funds To a prospecror on fhe promise of a share in his finds. Did you ever Jrhink of your high school life as The Hgrubsfake period?" Thai period where you have an opporlunify lo sfore up 'rhe menfal, physical, and spirilual supplies which you will have To depend on ailer fhe "grubs'rake period." The prospecror knows fhe imporrance of selecfing his rnaferials wisely. He knows how much lime and energy is losl when he doesn"r pack his load wiih greaf care. May I advise you To make wise selecfions so Thai you may bellrer serve The people who "grubs+aked" you and reap a grearer salisfacrion in work well done. To you who are leaving ihe high school period shorlly, if is rhe wish of all your advisers Thar you have a rich "s'lrike." fi 44 'iw Ss 3? si' Q5 The Fremonf Union High School Dis'rric'r is nof only one of Jrhe garden spofs of California as a heavy producer of all farm and orchard crops, buf if is one of 'rhe loveliesf of places lo behold al any 'rime of Jrhe year. ln Jrhe spring and summer monlhs a gorgeous display of color is presenled by lhe orchards? To anyone Who is inleresfed in good schools, beaufiful homes, fine churches, diversi- fied agriculrure and indusrry combined wilh a delighlful climale we recommend our disrricf. Nl 5 , Z MR. W. S. GEDD S Physical Edu fic Mafhemaficsx RQ W ,I MR. VERNE HALL Superinfenclenl MISS MAY H. MORRISON Spanish ' 77j,j.I.741rvvw,o'7o MR. JEFFERSON MULKEY Vice Principal and Social Science 2 -. x f-u MISS VICTORINE Fl RPO Secrehary 7 ' ii Q! IL! MISS JANE CARNEY English 4? MR. R. J. WILL Science MISS HELEN CARRIGAN Mafhemafics Z . 3 Q .- :- if Qwwliff I f ! of X 33 3 P5525 I 5 . I 5 f I MISS ELIZABETH STINSON ' Home Economics MISS JOHANN BURKET Commercial MISS ROSARIO DIAS Spanish and English ,W I A . " ii, I ' MISS LILLIAN BARKAN English and Laiin MR. ROSS CUNNINGHAM Physical Eclucaiion and Mafhemaiics MISS ELVA DINNING CommerciaI ' +3' x A X SX S 'Q ,X X A X MISS MARDELL HIRSCH Girls' Physical Educalion MR. HENRY KARPENSTEIN Music and Social Science ffxfKA-ffm -4571151 MISS HELEN FALCONER English JLLJ OZ,-:Zn-,WJ amy., MISS HELEN F. JONES Librarian 'N MISS VIOLET Biology MONTGOMERY .lb MISS MADELEINE GALLAGHER Social Scienci ani French 'ill Wx -ew. MR. JOHN VISO Shop MISS DOROTHY STELLING Art ARCADE ARCHES AND LIBRARY ENTRANCE NORTH ENTRANCE GYM I0 'lk -'Sz 164 ARCADE LIBRARY ENTRANCE in cnc! 1450441 afzemanl Zfnian gcfwof Lg.. A fu w,.,' ..,,f V I i , . x:"I ,.,, ,II PANORAMA ACROSS THE LAWNS THE MAI N HALL THE SOUTH EAST CORNER :N fT"?h N ff' A , , 3 C?" K A nys? ' I I IXA . V 7 I, . A 1 'Z X . ,m i "6 V Q V V 2 .55?MJfgf ' gifgg fA,4 . f it I W2 V3 J. In lin., J , . 4, . " . ' - , ta A..,. f sf i L f Q 54" - 1 , .5 bv' is 9, I '85 ,, '-K R xy, W, 2 Q rj, W ff!! ' 3 f , f 'f 9 -L .ff 1 -, 4 Q? , " 1. V, ' ff Q' f? I 5 5' 1 . Y' I , 'Ov J 'Q ,vl- Qaim Bzf .3 , f . f ..,, k K :rn ' ' k 'ay -' , , wiflff 'W K' , I ,, -, I 'Y - sw iff? mf' gif' r ' kg VL V1 x . My f, ,I w . it H iv X, NK -mix i ' efgh FEQL ?ffM 'ff Q4!w,i- 'fu f if ' ' g ' ' A if ' H ,V if qt 37- f'H " bw MQW, gfvw . , 1 M,y,,L ,t if , , V? , ' my f H fHf R.f f n,f u' ,,. f1 ,gang f J ' A M- fa 1 M J "ff A 1 1 ' 1 .,N4f411f,, ' W , L " QQ ' '. , m 'Q 1 'H 7 1, ,ln A Q I 'Z ' K u KL Q ' X .Vps lrffgm' CLASS OFFICERS Pre5iden+ S,,,A.S, S ..SSSS.,SSS 4,SSS.,S . S Sam Bagar Vice Presidenl, , George Koshiyama Secrelary, ,Y,. ,, ,, ,, Jacli While eladfi W6 Commencemenlr nears, and a Senior couple inspeci one of lhe diplomas which every iourih year sludem' hopes io be awarded June iourleenlh. Aiier Thai, Fremoml days for ihem will be only a memory-a memory of classes and assem- blies, oi arhlelic games and academic con- Tesls, of school frips and Seniors in Yo- semile, oi classmales and leachers-a memory lo be cherished ihroughoui fhe fuiure years. Xx ,f ff ,xi if Franklin Thomas Algard J iv Cafherune Ella A R' , in' uv. N W' ':.,'ff f iw, I gr, ,4"6,, f- ,f M, ,fm V '5591 'QJ 1 5,5 ,14 2 WR Egvngxfg Sw ,xii QQ? 1' I will M: i S .V , Sam Hagar ! Nancy Baffaglla Mary Lu A Alberf Ariu Pauline Brown Edwin J. Angelo Gradualed April IZ, I94O 2' AQ.. H. Da neel Anderson F Prudence Anello Tony Lorenfe Anaya Mildred Rose Buyak WU? I3 3 . 54 ,3 V I XXL, 1 , , ld f ll 'fill NK Adair' F. Erickson Graduafed Nov. I7. 1939 Lucy Corral Manuel J. Flores Irma Lek Gillum , X SKA!" v I .-ak' . , , -1. M l I in lx-X , ' ' '1 2 , all . f v ,V .J 'x Eliz bella Coykendall Joe S. Gonzales Joe Fernand Eleanor Frances Davis Riclwa rd Elias 1 Mary A. Galindo Da vid A. Dow PM l x 5 ,P f X Nw! 5 r I! fff 1 x -X Q11 Eliza befh Caroline Hall ff 1-of-if ee E. Hansen May S. Harada Bqrniize, Dorofhy Tucker Virgil Harfzell ln... Joe JGCIHO Shinie F HC Graduaied Feb. 2, l94O H7 Earn? Joseph Gene Jelcick Valera Joy Robb ?-gKin9 5. May Jasper 53" +5 Gladxs Joy Miloieviclm Graklualecl Dec. I, I939 Joseph E. Kiyolro Okifa 4- l 1 ' ,f lf .M 4, Connie Olava rrl Mn' Peggy E. Munoz Eff' GeorgQ 7' 4" e 5 l lf ,. X62 1, xx 1" Margaref Marie Me fn- Gladys Marlrusen Rufh Valencia Ann Peiric I Jogfph Paul Mardesiclu c' Winifred Elaine Paflweal eniofui .m..,,,w-F ww- .V-vw Q ff 5 Mercy C. Sanchez Ellen Fumi Safe Theoful Schmicli' Eugene Pierre Runnels Elsie Sarmenfo 5 1 Frances Ramos Jack Reynolds Graduasd' fgqil 12, 1940" Fr nk Piu aria Madeline Ponce fag, K . ' 'L B, A., 17436 Eliza be Rose Russo lrene Theresa eHi , I7 hx Fenfon A. Hill, Jr. ?,wvJf5YV .li Esfher Marie Wiebe fj,,jZ,Q-941. Joaqfyin E. Herrero TfQ 'f WMV! ,,?, LM-,aff 'WL Glafu ,fav f f ff' ff- f .1 , If .V ,,,f ,4- ,,'.-'.L 'N -- ' Q Q W 41 CLASS OFFICERS President ,, 7... ,, ..,w ,A ,.,,,.,. , ,Bill Faria Vice Presiden+ .A..,.7 ,,,, ,, ,,..... Don Thompson Secrelra ry ..,,,,,,,., ..,.,,,, Pahicia Glendening CLASS OFFICERS Presiden+ ., ,S S.vS.,.. S,S,S.S,..,, S..A F r ank Garcia Vice Presidenf ,,,,Y ,, ,Elmer Heidinger Secrefary ,,,,S, S,S.... P africia Pickings .- .-S' Elan 28564-7 r. ,,f'x, .- alzaifunan Gln-M ifffgg 146 -is fy . , K CLASS OFFICERS - ..,,N X Presidenf ....,,,......S,SA.,.,.......w..,...... Jack Fauids Vice Presidenf ,,S,,,,... Calrherine Miguelgorry Secrefary ...,,,.. ,Y,A7...... F umiye lshimofo .2134 . W ' f . , - r my 5 H . ' ,ELM The Fremonl Union High School is locafed in a rich aqriculmral and induslrial cenler .The above picfure shows miles of orchards covered wilh snowy blossoms, in fhe sprinqlime. Below are fhree large indusfrial planfs where hundreds of men and women earn 'rheir living, Permanenfe Corporafion Cemenf Planf Y I 1 Schuclrl and Company Inc Cherries Joshua Hendy lron Works fi 'W fy, iff: fi., ,H Sqdfenaofrqwaab. ln order To encourage well balanced progress in physical, menTal and social growTh. FremonT has inauguraTed The Tollowing sysfem oT awards: AT The end of The Third quarTer oT each school year, awards are made To recognize ouTsTanding 'achievemenT in CVTIZENSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP, and PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT. In order To receive an award in any one oT These Three Tields, The sTudenT musT rank aT leasT average in The oTher Two Tields. To receive The highesT award he musT be ouTsTanding in all Three Tields. A sTudenT can receive The same award only once. IT Tor insTance, he receives an award for scholar- ship, he cannoT receive ThaT same award again. He should Then sTrive To improve his sTanding in ciTizenship and physical developmenT, aT The same Time mainTaining his high raTing in scholarship, so as To qualify Tor The highesT award. The award Tor scholarship is a gold pin, in The Torm of a lighTed Torch, bearing The leTTer F. To receive This award a sTudenT musT be Toward The Top oT The lisT in marlrs received Tor classroom worlc. He musT also be reasonably well developed physically and he musT be a good ciTizen oT The school . The award Tor cifizenship is an old English, chenille. F. This award is based, TirsT upon The sTudenT's abiliTy To geT along wiTh his Teachers and sTudenT body oTTicers. In addiTion To ThaT upon his willing- ness To make personal sacriTices Tor The good oT The school and The manner in which he Talres and discharges responsible jobs. Also his good sporTsmanship, as evidenced by The manner in which he wins or loses in a conTesT. OT course, his sTanding in scholarship and phyical developmenT musT be average. STudenTs are recommended Tor The ciTizenship award by sTudenT body oTTicers and members oT The TaculTy. The award Tor physical developmenT is a chenille, bloclc F. To receive This award The sTudenT musT be ouTsTanding in The manner in which he has developed his body. The way he sTands or siTs. his posTure in oTher words, is considered. His physical endurance, as shown in compeTiTive sporTs is imporTanT. His general good healTh and his habiTs oT personal cleanliness and neaTness in dress are considered. Finally, he Too musT have a reasonably good raTing in bafh scholarship and ciTizenship. The highesT award is a gold enameled pin. wifh a small guard denoTing The year in which The award was made. This award should be regarded as The highesT complimenT which The school can pay one oT iTs sTudenTs. Those Tew sTudenTs who sTand aT The Top of The enTire sTudenT body in all around achievemenT are eligible Tor This award. In oTher words. Those who have The highesT scholasTic raTings, who are The besT ciTizens and The mosT ouTsTanding in Their physical developmenT, are candi- daTes Tor This recogniTion. 1 M l Fx FALL Sfancling leff fo righl: Ann Bernal. Marqaref Meyerlsolz, Manuel Flores. Seafed lefi fo righi: George Kosniyarna. Tony Sanfaella, Fenlon Hill, Sam Baqar, June Runnels, Joaquin l-lerrero, Nancy Balfaglia. SPRING Sfanding leff fo right Manuel Flores, Bernice Tucker, Don Thompson, Eleanor Davis, Joaquin Herrero. Sealed leff fo righf: Nancy Baffaglia, Tony Giraldes, Mercy Sanchez, Fen+on Hill, Pauline Brown, Anfone Dufre, Eugene Pierre. Connie Olavarri. .4 f a , , U X Y f H 2,t?iI'ze' J if2fvif3Q:2E2EQ," 'Q' g My ,, X, X - , 77753: fig ,fi , 'fr' l via, V 'fa 325 . 2.31 ,1. -' , . -rr -' rf. . Q' V' 5' ff" '? 2z'?5'. .5 gf 4, Y 4 'V if . an H . . The members ol lhe Commillee on Admissions supervise The admission of persons 'ro alhlelic con- lesfs and To school dances. They also serve as lrallic officers al loolball and baslcefball games. During lhe foolball season, This commillee is composed largely of boys who will represenl 'lhe school on olher alhlelic leams, principally baslrelloall. During 'rhe baslcefball season, il is composed of foolball players and members of olher learns. Serving on 'rhe Cornmillee on Admissions gives each alhlele a chance lo show his appreciafion for lhe opporlunily he has lo wear lhe schools colors and equipment while he plays a game which he enioys. ll also gives him good lraining in handling money and people, some ol whom go lo greal lenglhs To avoid lhe paymenl of a small admission fee. FALL Laff fo Riqhf, Top Row: James Argona, Tony Sanlaella, chairman, Bob Brasfield, Theoful Schmidr, Herman Ravizza, Charles Gag- liasso, John Simoes, John Fernandez. Second Row, leff fo Righf: Halley Minoura, Elmer Heidinger, George Fernandez, Fermin Figuera, Frank Gulerres, George Koshiyama, Andy Moncrief, Milsuru Koshiyarna: Bofiom Row, Leff fo Right Wendell Adair, Paul Hunl, Frank Mena, Frank Elias. wwuwyw hiv? Wa smpw--f ir I f SPRING Top Row, Lefl fo Righf: Richard Lash, Gear e Silva, Eugene Pierre, chairman, Lee Hansen. Second Row, Leia? lo Right Frank Ordones, Gene Dulra, Wilbur Fleckner, Huber? Rose, Bob Reimer, Jim Scoff. Boilom Row, Leff lo Riqhf: Ralph Kinder, Ben Aihara, Bernard LeFebvre. -L' , A 46 f S9 fif Wwufyuwqmfswwzgae These Senior girls, kneeling, Madeline Ponce, Rulh Valencia, Margaref Meyerholz, Bernice Tucker, Pauline Brown: silfing, Marjorie Scofl, Elizabelh Hall, June Runnels, Miss Falconer, adviser, are responsible for The hospifaliry. welfare, big-sisfer, and program acrivifies of The girls' associarion. Z! fnclia El Indio is a weekly newspaper which is published and ediled by The Third Year Spanish Class. This lively liffle newspaper confains news of all school acfivifies. The members of fhe slafl are: Top row, George Rodriguez, Tony G-iraldes, Al Ariza: bof+om row, Joaquin Herrero, Mary Arral, Gerfrude Valesquez. Gladys Markusen, Ferrnin Figuera, and Frank Gurerres. HIGHEST AWARD Top Row: Manuel Flores, Fenlon l-lill, George Koshiyama. Boffom Row: Marqaref Meyerholz, Elizabefh Hall, Mary Arfal. 1940 Awww CITIZENSHIP Top Row: Carolyn Chrisfensen, Mercy Sanchez. Don Vargas, Lee Hansen, Don Thompson, June Runnels, Mildred Buyalc, Velma Lund. Second Row: Halley Minoura, Valefa Joy, Arfhur Gonsalves, Bernice Tuclrer, Anfone Dufre, Irene Picclwelli, Dudley Holman. Boffom Row: Ann Bernal, Nancy Bal- faglia. Connie Olavarri. Noi' presenf in picfure: Tony Giraldes. Evelyn Godfrey. Alb 'F if N! X f5 ,, , ..-..u... .- we 1, A Hal - , , f , ., ",W.MMwWf,4,,4 f...eef14e-.-.w,k.l-4--f ----- - m,eaxe1,.e,,,M........1-a:Wu4m 1w ,f 413 QN SCHOLARSHIP Top Row: Ann Wiebe, Rurli Davis, David Dow, Rose Papac, Torn King, Merrilee Will, Louise Wiebe. Second Row: Mufsuo Higuclwi, Frank Garcia, Jack Faulds, Velma Lund, Carrie Anaya, Ann Pefric, Norma Bunnell, Masashi Uriu. Boffom Row: Gloria Marinello, Olga Caviglia, Peggy Munoz, Alice Faria. 14016210- . PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Top Row: Prudence Anello, Ari Healy, Bill Faria, Herman Ravizza, Jaclc While, Tom King, Bob Brasfield, Ben Aihara, Sfanley Terry. Second Row: Aline Ravizza, Calvin Silva, John Corral, Elio Picchefli, John Mena, Virgil Harlzell, Waller Sciarini, Nancy Anello. Third Row: Anfone Dufre, Fermin Figuera, Milsuro Kosliiyama. BoH'om Row: Virginia Sciarini, Ann Bernal, Vivian Firpo, Madeline Ponce, Carrie Hurfado, Qloria Marinello. Noi preseni for picfure: Tony Giraldes. nn-1 vwmnmmmvnu,-i1.':i . -V-i.-4mm Q-A--.F-In .: , FALL LeTT To RighT, Don Thompson, Tony G-iraldes, FenTon Hill, Pauline Brown, Bernice Tuclcer. 7fze S Gaudi' The STudenT CourT is composed of Tive members, each ol whom is elecTed by The sTudenT body To serve for Three quarTers. The Terms of oTTice have been arranged To expire, so ThaT There are af leasT Two experienced members on ihe courT aT all Times. MosT oT The cases handled by The courT are senT To iT by members oT The TraTTic squads. There are Two TraTfic squads: one is composed oT girls and one of boys. They alTernaTe by weeks, in The supervision oT The buildings and grounds. CourT is held each Monday morning during The TirsT period, before The senior class in PoliTical Science. ln This way The members of The class in governmenl have many opporTuniTies To observe The judicial branch of The sTudenT government in operaTion. SPRING LeTT To Right Eugene Pierre, Joaquin Herrero. Irene PiccheTTi, EsTher ElberT. NOT present Bill Faria. I f , . I P!" WW '1e , if f .ywgg V,f' 'f 'ifff ,' mwf -LK Head Yell Leader-Nancy Barfaglia Assislanl Yell Leaders-Carolyn Clwrisfensen, George Rodriguez SKYROCKET THE FR. SPELL IT Slay-y-y-y Roclcef lwhisllel boom, Fr-Fr-Fr-E-M F-R-E--M-O-N T Ah-h-h-ln-l'1! Fremont Mo-Mo-Mo-N-T Fremont Fremonl F-R-E-M-O-N-T Fre--monr Fremonf Fremonf Fremonf Y - B - Q 4 uw-vw-:mm m- -muv1..-l- 'R NJN UM-GOOD! De NO GFRUND S! - , gg" mN VME 1 w- - . :ff ANOTHER A STITCH fl - f Q 7 22.535 ATOM SMAS " ' ' ' HER MORE PRUNES FOUL PLAY MAN OVERBOARD NO TALKING 32 GPA PM ,J , ff Z-A ' an 4 ROQEXP UPSADAISY X40 0 E oES 'Low C 9 EW xvxgv' N fi! oun EFFICIENCY EXPERT BUGS TAP HAPPY BREAK IT UP BOYS WHAT 4 7-A 3 w Fw E HAsr - A MANANA DON'T LOSE YOUR BALANCE F'?T"'5 YU' 4 K MM , Wmmnivfwgy 33 ey J aw, , FALL Top Row, Lefl fo Righf: Pauline Brown, Bernice Tuclcer, Mildred Buyalc. Elizabeih Hall, June Runnels, Velma Lund, June Anderson. 2nd Row, Leff io Righfz Mercy Sanchez, Mary Arial, Prudence Anello. Frances Ramos. Kiyolco Olcila, Clofilda Brown..3rd Row, Leff fo Righfz Mary Galindo, Connie Olavarri, Elizabefh Coy- kendall, Marqaref Meyerholz, Fumi Saio. Nof presenf for picfurec Valera Joy, chairman. 'fflffbs-92444441 SPRING Top Row, Leff fo Right: Eslher Elbert Irene Piccheili, Par Glendening, Lucy Corral. Ann Pefric, Judy Ugar, 2nd Row, Leff fo Right June Runnels, Frances Ramos. 3rd Row, Lefi 'lo Righf: Mary Galindo, Elizabelh Hall, Mercy Sanchez, chairman: Elizabelh Coylcendall, Mary Arial, Clofilda Brown, Mildred Buyalc. 4fh Row, Leff fo Righ+: Rose Corral, Prudence Anello, Dorofhy While. ,ifmif Qin I . 1 DHtQ -l as to appear before -the Studei-1tCour1p 43 In room at dclock on iliqzgu l'CaSon 1 member of-Traffic Sqauo nah me-. FALL Top Row, Lefi fo Righf: Slanley Terry, Joe Jacino, Fred Aboud, Fen+on Hill. 2nd Row, Lefi fo Righf: Anlone Dulre, Alberl Ariza, George Koshiyama. 3rd Row, Leff fo Righi: Tony Anaya, Tony Giraldes, Joaquin Herrero, chairman: Sam Bagar, Donald Thompson, Ichiro Inouye, Fermin Fiquera. 4'fh Row, Leff fo Righfz Joe Marinello, Goichi Yonemolo, Manuel Flores, Waller Sciarini, Arr Healy. 7wffic Signal! SPRING Top Row, Left fo Right: James Argona, Joaquin Herrero, Tony Giraldes, chairman: Sam Bagar, Hanley Mariens, Don Thompson, Calvin Silva. Znd Row, Lefi fo Righf: George Rodriguez, Virgil Harfzell, Arlhur Gonsalves, Anfone Duire, Manuel Flores. Masao Uyeda. 3rd Row, Lefi To Right James Cave iqlia, Halley Minoura. George Koshiyama. -nf .3 YQ- 'IF fk -6 kJ . ,A 'S ji! g,,, g g1l,AQg,qg,Lfg 'j4J,g rv ' ' K' V1 ,uv -, .I . in -f ' - '15 KM45 2 'mf Jw W ff, T 'Qf?4 9 I' 4 ' A mf 3, V '-t,f-f ,f,':. I '- , 14, i- v, ,., 1 1.1: In . W, , . -, ,, . ' "U ',"'r -.g F. .qfi is .A X 8 4,1 J. 4' 9 ff J IVQ. 5, if W , ,F A H J 5 I sm, v , v ,f w ,. V1 A , 1, 'r 4 me as '43-fn ,, 5 3 ,Y A'7'5'.S'l'f 1' ,i QM, WSL, Q wa ,,,' brgqydiv 1 V' E , ,Q , A., f , , I . -v..k I, ,in . I ,421 - gg, .y 7 9-'f x V 'gwwu 5... 1 'f N 441 ' 1 R Q Rl xx: I ' x ' 711 Q 4 Q f- ' 4' 44 Ez? ,jf onmgwsy Um ,gg . ,r.w"f,' -'W' ' 11'w :,z+Z"4vS,' '4 MKWW, f LM, l f I X r Trip, 9.fsH i Btwn N .3511 ... N w X A X is ws-. 'il Wlitz. e,f"",5' 'if n wi- A' if . ::"7.2.'14'.:'k-'Q -r-f Qzxqd. 5. " -I? nf' 4,35 .i... " F ,Z117xf:.-j2-,-'4,.-5--1vy,'.,, , ,Q -1, 9 ,f,7. .M .,,.,...', 1 i "Romance Comes To RuperT" was The play chosen Tor The auTumn dramaTic producTion on December lsT. The lead, a young man who was engaged in The dairy business, buT longed To wriTe in The languor- ous and ror'nanTic aTmosphere oT The SouTh Seas, was capably porTrayecl by Edwin Angelo, wiTh Gladys Miloievich as The siren lsee inseTl aTTernpTing To win him, and incidenTally The heirloom pearls, away Trom The heroine, played by Bernice Tucker, George Zarlco, as The visiTing l-lindu, and Don Thompson, as SnorTy, The apprehended burglar, added much To The evenings gaieTy. The casT included Lucille Breeding, June Anderson, Bernice Tucker, Marjorie ScoTT. George Zarlco, Gladys Miloievich, Edwin Angelo, Merrilee Will, Don Thompson, Daneel Anderson, and RuTh Valencia. Among The one-acT plays presenTed, "Submerged" was undoubTedly The rnosT Tensely dramaTic, depicTing, as iT did, The sTruggle Tor survival in a damaged submarine, and The conT'licT beTween The selT-sacriTicing Shaw and The cowardly Brice. ArThur Gonsalves, Edwin Angelo, Bernard Le Febvre, I- cn o I 01 1 Q. r- rn -n an :J- 4 1 ED C- 3 an 0 o -P 7' DJ I CD 1 uw Q. OJ 2. 3 GA 3 Q. CD o 1 co CD INT OJ 1 1- o U o 1 -0- 1 Ol N4 CD 0. -9' 3' CD in -9' 1 C co UL 5. so Vi E 5 1 Y' lk I P LN NI 'M-....e2"' Q' x' , N I 1 we namwrm swf Edifor .....,,,...,...,..,.. Business Manager .....,, Adverlrising Manager ..,...,. Ari Edifor ....,..s.V...e...... Snapshof Edifor ,.....,.Y.. Senior Sales Manager ...w,, Junior Sales Manager .....s Sophomore Sales Manager s,...,. Freshman Sales Manager., Assisfanf .,,...s..a.................... AssisJran+ .a,,..a Assisjranf .,.,... Assisfanf ......, Assisfani' .,..... Assisfa nf ....... Assisfanf ....,,.,,,,.., Faculfy Adviser ...,a.... Margare+ Meyerhoiz a..,.a..Manuel J. Flores a.....,...,..,aSam Bagar v..,,,.Eugene Pierre sa...a,...,An+one Dufre ..,a,..MadeIine Ponce .s,,...Pa+ Glendening .Charles Migueigorry .....,...a,..a,.sDolores Anaya ,-.......,.June Gannon H.......Ca'rherine Andrus ,.,.....,....Jack Wl'ii+e ..,.,,,,David Dow .......June Runnels ..........,.......Vale+a Joy .,,Goici1i Yonemofo ,..,....,...Miss Sielling D 4 SL'v fl c X Q G 1 Q HIMIL4 i as 4 4 ' +1 . ,-..- 2 535 XV., 'QM Q , . vi ,. I O X of Y Q ,. :, ' - .1 M X , . , H1 11 f ir ' pl' E' S Q Yi -Q ri ,U L We LsfL X k i N iq ff sf f A L 6laa.2fAa!! Top Row: Fred Aboud, Lee Hansen, Ralph Kinder, Fenfon Hill, Eugene Pierre, Jack Weirhauser, Jake Walcelield, Sam Baqar, Arfhur Lewis. 3rd Row: Tony Giraldes, Henry Marlin, Myron Gonsalves, Jim SCOTT, Alberf Caviqlia, Lesler Tilnvica, George Silva, Richard Lash, Dwiqhf Shelfer, Coach Geddes. 2nd Row: Alberl Ariza, Frank Ordones, Ben Aihara. Anfone Dufre, Bob Riemer, Gene Dulra, Bernard Le Febvre, ww, 0' Harold Leal, lsf Row: Don Thompson, manager: Calvin Silva, l-lubeil Rose, Wilbur Fleclcner, James Caviqlia. Q 'Y ? E k zz' so 5 sa sa li QE i- ' Q' Z' "ff wr" W v - lra L Mix, ' '34 59, ,....i 41 Q-, 45 5:5 ,L 4 Q-H X A A 16, A van I s. ' ww 1-we .Q ,Q fs a... 5 i "ff in -' ie -ff, ' v' L 'lf' iiii 548 Vrv' W-A K I :S gs. r. Q4 X Q' fn 4 1- AS.. H H Tv L45, d fm X K l...! A K ,. m 4' 'EV li", A , 43 x f"'T.f,'HW5W fx Zh was , 5 V I WM ' if 5 f ?'V,f'f'?j - as f' if 151, 5 I L., may -""- an QQ :SJ aw L UNLIMITEDS Top Row, Lefi fo Right Aff Healy, Don Tlwornpson Jaclr Weirlmauser, Fenfon Hill, Sam Baqar. Boffom Row, Leff fo Righf: Joaquin Herrero, Al Cayiqlia Sfanley Terry, James Arqona, Joe Fernandez. Tony Giraldes Unlurnlled Manager Anfone Dufre I 30 s Manager l30s Top Row, Leff io Right Calvin Silva, Tony Sanlaella, Tlweolul Sclwmidl, Charles Gaqliasso, James Cayiqlia. Boffom Row, Leff fo Righf: Georqe Rodriguez, George Koslniyama, Henry Mar+in, AlAr1za, Goiclwl Yonernolo. l20s Top Row, leff fo Right, Jimmy Ring, Frank Hias, Gor on Neal, Jack Miloieyich, Wendell Adair, Mifsuru Koshi- yama, Walfer Sciarini. Boffom Row, Leff fo Right Hmer Heidinqer, Dan Aronsen, Andy Moncrief, Jimmy Ladrwer lfsuwo Hirashhvua, Fermln Fiqueva, Joe Marinello. Tony Saniaella Manager l2O S Coach Geddes PRACTICE SHOTS Leff fo Righf: Don Thompson, George Koslwlyama, James Arqona, Tony Sanfaella, George Rodruquez. Jack Worr hauser - ,Q Q mr K .3141 V ,Q Q " EY' H?g.,. ' if , 1- --'- ff 1: , -.' fr ,pq Q ' 'Q .nr W' , 4- l I ""' T .mm I HW W . T L, ,i nu-nun: 7i','v'K W .2 EN, I u il, 1' L iifggvg FRESH WATER MERMAIDS TAKE YOUR MARKS! I In S ancf 7e4uu4 TENNIS TEAM Sfandmg Sam Bagar Don Thompson JackWh1?e Bob Brassfueld AI Cavlgloa Kneeling James Argona Herman Ravizza. THEY'RE OFF! ill? U A 1' 4 V ws X I V A .del V 5 -Q'-Qi 4 Y'- ' z1.i4ww1f V :Y if. . L:...k,,,-:Zu-.EQ '. 'ia-,bla Q HOLD THAT POSE! BACK DIVE X, y LOW HURDLES-RICHARD El.lAS, JOE FERNANDEZ 'hack UNLIMITEDS Fred Aboud, Alberl Caviglia, Richard Elias, Bill Faria, Joe Fernandez, Joaquin Herrero, Bob King, Kennofh Leedom, Marshall Nichols, Elio Piccheffi, Huber? Rose, George Silva, Warren Sfafford, Slanley Terry, Don Thomp- son, Jack Weirhauser, William Beniamin. I30's 3, ,. V ', . 2 Wendell Adair, Ben Aihara, Al Ariza, Peler Nasif, Leonard Ohrf, George Rodriguez, Tony Sanlaella, Waller ' Schmifz, Waller Sciarini. I20's Dan Aronsen, Donald Lulher, Fer- min Figuera, Joe Marinello, Frank GIWQIJBS, germ Sekuga, Virgiliggrf- , ze , oe oogna, mer en ung- . er, hCharIes Miguelgorry, Milsuru Kos iyama. I l0's UP AND OVER 'vll Charles Brace, Jack Gwin, Mif- , " 1' 'f 1 suo lnouye. THE BIG PUSH A "" ' 'ffl PM "'li' V ' POLE VAULT-TONY SANTAELLA 1 W5 SHOT-PUT-WARREN STAFFORD Q Q D...-af , . , l vi 4 f F .-f'g'esx ' A T E 1 -6-4' V ' Q I , 5 ff, V972-.N ' I ' " ' Q A , . '- ta? e ,, g gff?f2',i'f ' ' L L Au 'ffffmg ,,,, - or . T . all 'gli' " ' 5 in T S T U ' ' i ' 5 if ' 1,41 www ' ' .N w x , 4 lff , ifr., ' 3 " 4 - Vf BROAD JU MP-DON THOMPSON l l i l X A ? 4 Ajit YT ' PLACES OF INTEREST NEAR FREMONT UNION HIGH SCHOOL Top, Lefl Io Right Painless Parker Residence, sifuafed in Ihe Cuperfino foolhills: San Jose Siaie College. Cenfer, Leff Io Right Pool in The gardens of Monlalvo, Founclaiion of Ihe San Francisco Ari Associalion: Murphy Residence, I'he lirsl' house io be builf in Murphys Slafion, now Sunnyvale. Below, Lefi fo Righf: Mission Sonia Clara: I-lerberi Hoover Residence, nine miles from our school. DISTANCES FROM FREMONT U. H. S. Sanfa Clara ,.,....,,.,,...,,... San Jose , .. Sfamcord MT. Hamilfon ., Sanfa Cruz San Francisco , . , Berkeley . O , Redwood Empire , ., ,, Sacramenfo ....,, ,.,, , ,, Yosemife. .... . Lake Tahoe ,..,. x 4 SCHOOLS HOMES ORCHARDS FACTORIES lg J A ,...- . A A A -f f-"' .,.---'J J""'Mr i X i r 6 "'1'F2'l?""""f fl I n ,,,, 155,21-'gil W V 0 ,a -, A -A a1.'f4fM,,.M 'mm .Q ' I E , . C0'S. W Lefi, Top fo Boffomz Libby McNeill 81 Libby. Hydro- wil Carbon Company, Dunne Drayage, Cenfral California '64 Berry Growers Associafion. Riglmf, Top fo Bo'Hom: Cali- fornia Packing Corporafion, View of 'rhe Sunnyvale Air Base, Wooldridge Manufaduring Company. 'Q 'Y-t, . ... v .13 1-str Q 3 I l ,M a g ,if-Q: ,H 1-, 1 , , f- .M ,fu ON THE TU RF WE! Q, O4 xg, of 3. Q Ma 4 Q' 1 .' 5 fx 3. f 4,3 L wnq I 5 Q 1 s , rw J " f .V ,f,, , fl - , V klvvl: Fix'-'Z iv 'I . mm, j'rqy,cg, fl ., 1 u,..1w,,.w, ,,, an . K-'if 5 w,,,1 .M M 'K ,- bak- . 1 . nw" 5 'T' A ,an -fr' ' X,-,n,1. 5X's.' -1. a 'N ,,. , . . Na+' V - . ' A x X- vw' " faw ,,,, , . ,N '-,-dk., i .wif U. 1.-X -,,, " ak., A "5 iff' 'N ' '1 '31 Q-16f"'3 YT '- -. f .iff X m9.,."'."".+Q' a'Q':h,B'11!g?' 1,49 '. 1 V" "s2'zf4. 'Mu-"S?i+f.? vi - ' - - 'J J., Ah, whaT memories Those words recall! ThaT rioTously colorful spring Trip To Tar-oTT Mexico in T939! ThaT unTorgeTTable camp on The shores oT Lalce Mead when, nineTy sTrong, we visiTed DeaTh Valley and Boulder Dam! The TrequenT shorTer Trips To Treasure Island, land oT magic and sparkle in The blue San Francisco Bay: special class Trips To coTTon helds and To legislaTive and execuTive halls aT SacramenTol And To climax all, The exTra special Thrill of ThaT Tour-day iaunT To YosemiTe enioyed each May by The Seniors-never-To-be TorgoTTen, careTree momenTs beTore graduaTIon and goodbye To FremonT halls and FremonT Trips. in 'hum- L E -14- 3 1 uf! 3 'vu- I , A ., - ,fl , I ' , 5, an wax ,. A. .l. r , Maths 6 .15 ini. -.. I... - n,. - wi 54. zi' 4, A Uh S37 " sk ' ! I f 1.2 3, 2 B 55 ,au X - Q-V ' -i . ' I im. mf. nm. ........L Q , iV ,U gui' f if ,oi ,l QP' :Y VU' l1'w""gP' STUDENTS and FRIENDS Among our assels we lllce Io counl The only one Ihlng Ihal money cannol buy Your Good Wall And so wllh Ihns page we exlend Io Ihe readers of The Palhlunder Our Besi' Wishes for I'I1e Coming Year HEALD COLLEGE SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA Specialized 'framing In Business and Secrelarual Courses for young men and women M S Success fo Ihe Members of Ihe H G CLASS OF I94O Fremonl Union I-Ingh School ANYTHING ELECTRICAL Philco and Zemlh Radios General Eleclnc Relrrgeralors Molors Washers Appliances FRANK X FARRY Hardware Appliances Plumbing Phone 37 2I2 Murphy Avenue Sunnyvale Phone 88 Sunnyvale Billie living alone and liking if. Jam rigI'rI ou? of The poi. Mama, hide your rug ' I if . . - - ' - ' 'k TheNewI940 FRIGIDAIRE I T ' S B I G IT'S BEAUTIFUL IT'S A BARGAIN AMERICA'S NUMBER ONE REFRIGERATOR LEADS AGAIN WITH New Design NEW CONVENIENCE FEATURES NEW LOW OPERATING COST only FRIGIDAIRE has The Meier Mlser The Slmplesi' Refrngeraior Mechanism Ever Bull? SEE OUR PROOF OF VALUE DEMONSTRATION The Cuperhno Sfore Us Bb'K RIEDER'S FEED and FUEL WOOD AND COAL HAULING Feed for Poulfry, Dogs. Cafs, Birds and Rabbiis IOI Easl Evelyn, Phone I9O-W Sunnyvale, Calif. Complimenfs of ARMANINI Drug Sfores PHARMACISTS MI. View and Sunnyvale California KAY S GARAGE CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS TELEPHONE 400 5 C OFfnciaIA A A Tow Service Whe e fhores e W II fheres CQMPLIMENTS R RUDY ROTHHOLZ ArI'hur s Furmfure Company Qualify Furnufure af Lower Prices CONVENIENT TERMS Phon S a 7 g by App nfme I95 Mu phy A enue fo all Faculfy Ro RIFREDI S GENERAL STORE O S+eesC ek oad M + Vsfa Calf Groceries Frufrs Vegefables Fresh and Smoked Meals Bread and Pasfry School Supplies Pho e Sanfa CI a 62 W FREE DELIVERY I U. S. IOI Highw y. Sunnyv le i I 5 r ' i, ' a way. I O of ll ll o e unnyv Ie I 5 Evenin s oi r v Sunnyvale, California I n v n re R on a i , i . n ar - In rm 'fy on w. Anne Hanson Dress Shop COTTONS and RAYONS BEACH WEAR I-IOSIERY CUPERTINO A B a fy Sh e A. L. Swanson 8: L. T. While DRUGGISTS Slweaffer Pens and Pencils Drug Sunclrnes Haas Candy S Thre Llffle fhouf fh Wolf 6 CUPERTINO BEAUTY SHOP ANN ZARKO Sanla Clara SJ II GALEB S MARKET Groceries Fruufs Vegefables Farm Supplies Commercial Dehydrahng fa 547 J o C pe I JACK TAYLOR FRANK GADSBY RADIO and ELECTRIC I PACKARD BELL RADIOS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTIN6 RADIO REPAIRING I36 Mu phy A FRANK MAHONY FUNERAL DIRECTOR Calls Arie d d +o All Pa fs ffhe Co +y DAY AND NIC-I-IT AMBULANCE SERVICE 4 Murphy Ave. Iwone unn vale . unn va , a ' . 'PREXY'a'I'1fermo.uwr ' Compllmenls of THE HYDRO-CARBON COMPANIES, INC. SUNNYVALE SINCE I907 VARNISI'-IES. ROOF PAINTS, WAXES WOOD STAINS, LACOUERS SAICH 81 KUCHER RADIO SERVICE RCA Viclor Radios - Tubes - Accessories 'A' Telephone S. C. 7-R-3 Cuperfino, Calif. Wafsfh HrM y7 nfyo Ik e sa CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE RAINES CHEVROLET CO 22I Murphy Ave Sunnyvale CalIf Congralulahons and Success Io The GRADUATE ENTERPRIZE MEAT MARKET PHONE SUNNYVALE 3 IDEAL CLEANERS OUALITY WORK Reasonable PFICGS po+ C+ M phyA MAURICE EATON CANDY NOVELTIES PAPER AND TOBACCO Wl'Ie'I" No en? Whai hnd of a p Hy s th s7 I .I 'Ir ma 'l ' h A' e ma e, ar -I I ' - Do ' u ie Ih conver lion? F. H. Woodman, Prop. from Op sie Sunnyvale Iy Hall 276 ur venue - Phone 3l7 Sunnyvale, Calif. Wholesaler of I I QI.-fdfiggg if 263 S. Malhilda Ave, Phone IQ4 Sunnyvale. Calif. . H1 ' il I I FRAZER 81 ZARKO Eoizo SALES and SERVICE All Makes of Cars Repaired Good Luck CLASS OF I94O and remember also you wi have GOOD LUCK G M and F KIRKISH phy d Wah gf QUALITY MEAT MARKET BETTER MEATS WE DELIVER Wsh gf e of L MARINELLO CONTRACTOR and BUILDER 795 Wesl McKinley S+ree+ Sunnyvale California C H FOREHAND INSURANCE REAL ESTATE BROKER NOTARY PUBLIC MURPI-IY AVE SUNNYVALE CALIF in DEPOT BAKERY JOHN SEUO p I 79 W Sour French lfalian and American Wrapped Bread our Specially Bread E ery Day aI I p m A Odd F "0 ' """"" FINE CAKES and PASTRIES . . . , 'll wifh merchandise purch sed af 'A' . . Corner Mur an sin on Phone I46 - Sunnyvale Phone 92 . Sunnyvale i' I58 a in on S+., Phone 67 Sunnyvale, Calif. Theme song: "Th Sunshine Your Smile." l 'A' 'I' . ' ' 209 M A . Op osi e Soufhern Pacific Depof Phone - v . . n e w' e. Economy Cleaners Agenf FILMS DEvELoPeo 251: 6 O' 8 EXPOSUWS O. W. EDQUIST, Prop. 6-HOUR SERVICE R , + 3 E h CLEANING - PRESSING eprm s c ac For Qualify Kodak Finishing TAILORIN6 ,k I4O Murphy Ave., Sunnyvalef Calif. DON'S CAMERA SHOP I69 Murphy Ave, Phone III - Sunnyvale T H E L L E R ' S Could if be fha? sirange fhing called love? FINE FOODS i' FARMERS HARDWARE The only home-owned Self-Serve Coofe and Harriggn Sfore in Sunnyvale HARDWARE - PAINTS and VARNISHES if weoeewoon sTovEs and REPAIR PARTS I8I Murphy Avenue phone 292 Phone Sunnyvale I4-7 'I68 Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale LOOK YOUR BEST-THE CUT OF YOUR HAIR COUNTS DE LUXE BARBER SHOP Ed Kosloff, Prop. Opposile Thealer OUR SERVICE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF Sunnyvale, Calif. If Wag fgn while if Iagfed, I47 Murphy Ave., Telephone 4-I5 HILL'S AUTO SERVICE EXPERT AUTO REPAIRS SHELL GAS and OILS GOODYEAR TIRES and TUBES E W sh g'ro SI Pho a Frsf Lady and Th members fh c In CUPERTINO MEAT MARKET Eos MEATS SAUSAGES HAMS CORNED BEEF Prompf Delnvery one S C C pe I' Ca f GROWERS LUMBER CO. THE HOME OF OUALITY GOODS EVERYTHING TO BUILD WITH SPECIALIZING IN PORTRAITURE and SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY F S T E P H S PI-IOTOGRAPHER ch 6 pb II AIR BASE MARKET . aIaI' sfc d P. o P s. FRUITS - VEGETABLES - MEATS GROCERIES 205 WashIng+on SI. Phone SunnyvaIe Calif. mt geWgges ' N.I :MM Weafher forecast "GIoom 'Iodey." R. CALI 81 BRO. CUPERTINO FEED STORE HAY and GRAIN DRAYMEN Complefe lme of Orchard Supplies Gram Cleanmg Grmclmg and Rolling CUPERTINO CALIFORNIA Office Phone Sanfa Clara 76 Res Phones SC 37 RI 81 SC I9J Meef Me A+ Gnlloglys SPORTSWEAR HEADQUARTERS a e d s a fb s spo fs y m n d n Coafs s e a s ac su 'rs and es n a s fs by Ga In Joun fhe Berlcshure I-Ioslery Cub GILLOGLY S I7 M phy A a J. S. DIAS MARKET 'k GROCERIES, FRUITS, VEGETABLES MEATS, FISH, POULTRY FREE DELIVERY We Glve S8zI'I Green Sfamps 40 M p y A nu P on Sunnyvale Calnf R ,rw 'BP Our male Marg ef Bourke Wh Ie . . 236 and 2 ur h ve e, h e I9I , . ll I Y ll Fe luring 'Ihe Ia'r sf mo el nd a ric in r wear for ounq e an wome : . shirf, slaclrs, socks, ov r II, sl lc i 1' i I , ensembl . . . Me 's swum Irunlcs nd wom- '35 , en's swim ui n er . . . ' , ,,,' ' - .X V ..',f 5 m ..,, M Q! ,-,,.. .L ' I I' ,ff A . SN? ' 1- I I ' ., 5 ' .., 23347- , 4. I ' ' , w w--me ' ,I 2 - ' ' " S ur ve., Sunnyv Ie ar - I THE ROSICRUCIAN PRESS L+d PRINTING BOOKBINDING PI-IOTOLITI-IOGRAPHY NOTRE DAME AVENUE AT CARLYSLE SAN JOSE CALIF CO l7I6 6 S 'A bunch of Ihe boys were whooping ii up. uni I a e s nfgle COMPLIMENTS CUPERTINO GARAGE an SERVICE STATION Chas M Baer Comphmenfs of LEO H. 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Suggestions in the Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) collection:

Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Pathfinder Yearbook (Sunnyvale, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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