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,ai 2 ifiji figliiieig 2 STE '26 sg 52 Q Q iwfqg WK, ANS 3?f9 iQ6Q ivxgqx wg sgfjfffaf F5415 W A f ffochpdggviq Dig, Si gm 5 5048 QJMQWXI . M ,RD U5kXwf5' TW Q12 Q a9awlii5iQwE' Z, f , QV? My Wim 8 1 XMQVLGS MMA, ' EY WLMBM Ei iififiivw WL CAM? 53 Mifafi Q fgfjyj 15 wg 65 QW ww M M' . gaqgif J UQ fd 1+ ,,g 'fi ,ig ,WL L 1 , fgdffw My Qyjww "'fEifhWwL 14,6 ,ww LZWJWQ Y ,Q W 5341, J MW W' BM, J N Mfajiu W M37 WJ , 715 ,M 5 Q fu, ELM? ljMb 77lUi, CQ fn .M ZW 5 km 7 M54 Qfjf WG Agmww if M MN? 3?vf3jjg gy 5 WJ wxffg W. N-, --,W-LF 'W 'VF' 1- -J7'i'ff,' X H a- .Qin WF i 'll 5 iii F Published by THE MOGUL STAFF of THE CLASS OF 1963 FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL Fremont, Michigan ' ' w- 11" -' --1 if bl"-elar To us school is more than iust the length of time from 8:30 to 3:10, it is 175 days of memories. Memories of . . . the many hours we spent in classrooms . . L hunting for information to write all those term papers . . . 2 the chemistry experiments that, somehow, always failed . . . and swimming in the pool. School is not "all work and no play Win or lose, we cheered our teams. physical education class in the gym . . We remember moments of pride - the eighth grade championship basketball team - H and those talented "Tempests." the dances that were so much fun ffllllllllllllll Each of us has his own special "moments to remember." Each of us will think of this year in a different way, but none of us will ever forget our years ot Fremont High School. In the future we will look back and soy, "This l remember .... " We will have many memories, but the most lasting will be those of the friends we have made Dea7cafea' fo Mn Roberf Ellinger In Three shorT years you have given The sTudenTs oT FremonT l-ligh a renewed enThusiasm Tor sTudy. a desire Tor knowledge, an appreciaTion of The Tiner Things of life, and The inspiraTion To conTinue our educaTion. We may TorgeT The hours we spenT wriTing papers, Taking noTes, and holding class discussions. buT we will always remember you and The guidance you have given us. The class of I963 Takes pride in dedicaTing This Mogul To you. Board of Education --fi jg ir-1 Pictured are the members of the Fremont School Board. Seated: Edward Essebaggers -Treasurer Clare Musgrove - President, William McKinley - Vice President. Standing: Keith Stroven -Trustee, Carl Smith - Trustee, James Bekkering - Trustee. Maxwell Hamilton - Superintendent. Mr. Essebaggers, Mr. Musgrove, and Mr. McKinley are shown going over school board papers. Board members Mr. Stroven, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Bekkering look on as Superinten- dent Hamilton points out an area on the school district map. Adminisfrafion Superintendent Max Hamilton is shown discussing a proiect with student Mary Lou Holmes. High School Principal Robert Eisner confers with Robert Kraai, Junior High Principal and Sociology Teacher. lil L-I Elsie Cool, Ari, Ann Werner, 71h Gr. Eng., Latin. . ss ESI E Faculfy Standing, left to right: Robert Ellinger, Eng. Ill, IV, Ruth Sogge, 81h Gr. Eng., Eng. If Frank Demmon, 81h Grade Eng., Eng. Il, Leona Vanderwall, 7th Gr. Eng., Eng. I. Sealed: L. J. Fosheim, Eng. II, ., Speech, Neva Orr, Eng. I. Noi piciured - H John Yandenburg, 8th G . Eng., Eng. III Q A ,f ' ,. 1 X 1 mms: ms I ., P... F, N 1 H w . W Fay Adair, Boys' Counselor, Journalism, ml Esfher Elmquesf, Girls' Counselor, Typing I. 9 Faculf y Maurice land, 8th Gr. Science, Biology: Larry Barber, Gen. Science, Neil Bucy,'7th and Bth Gr. Science, Virgil Kwast, Chem- istry, Physics, Physical Science. Walter Anderson, Algebra I, Geometry, Wayne Kinion, Gen. Math, 7th Gr. Arith- metic, Dean Crawford, Gen. Math, 7th Gr. Arithmetic, .lohn Delong, Algebra I and Ii, Advanced Math, Lyda Westenfelder, 7th and 8th Grade Math, and General Math. 10 .47 T J c ?'1i'g' 1,,l ,A , .mst Tom Kidder, Gen. Business, Economics, Business Law, Janet Boerman, Shorthand, Business Training, Typing Il, Alvin Griffin, Bookkeeping, Retailing, Business Training, Business Coordinator. i e Q 5 ii ,V if mx, ,Q " -.." II'-' l fl ll "WU "J .lack Sanderson Agriculture .lune Law rence, H o m e m a k i n gp Arlene Willson, Homemaking. ,, A and 5 Faculfy Eldon Durkee, Band, Orchestra, Harley Brown, Choir, Chorus, Glee Club. .1 l'ulu Xu 'Sum :K -a as an ' X William Conanf, Indusfrial Arts, Elmer Chrislanson, Industrial Arts, Geography, Ray Frank, Industrial Arts. 11 W W' Faculty Standing: Richard Smith, U. S. History, Geography: Dean Morehouse, 8th Gr. His- tory, Civics. Seated: Wesley Cooper, World History, 8th Gr. History, Ruth Van Horn, Government, U. S. Historyp David Anderson, U. S. History, World Geography. Curt Prediger, Boys' Physical Education, Eighth Grade Arithmetic, Driver Training Georgene Ludemann, Girls' Physical Edu- cation, Max Lee, Boys' Physical Education. 12 ,n-' -.3 Q- 'X .a L 'E Mrs. Myers, high school secretary, checks Puul's pass. Faculf y Mrs. Curren, secretary to the superinten- dent is speaking with Mrs. Durkee, who has charge of the bookstore. Joe Witte, mechanic, and Zerald Robins, driver education, are shown with Chet Scott, who has charge of the school busses. I3 Faculfy Sylvia Blandford, Librarian. Custodions: Firsl Row: Lloyd Holcomb, louis Tibbe, Henry Poll, William Sneller. Second Row: Walter Reineke, Leonard Johnson, and Ray Bulfman. I4 lui- Cofetgria Staff: Burnalfe Lips, Kalhryn Smifh, Anna Wolfsen, and Theresa Vanden Berg. ,JUS ,MA As graduates we will be entering a world of new experiences. We cannot foretell the future, but we can recall the past tour years of laughter, fun, good times together - and hard work. Never again will we walk through these halls as students, but as strangers. Our lives have been enriched by these years and a part of us will always remain in the spirit ancl memories of Fremont High. Class Officers Senior class officers are Keith Glasen, Presidentg Jim Duke, Vice Presidenff Judy VandenBerg, Secretaryg Andrea Luethge, Treasurer. Senior Honors DORA WYNGARDEN DIANE MASTERS ELAINE EISNER ANDY BULTMAN VFW Scholastic Award VFW Scholasfic Award VFW Cifizenship Award VFW Afhiefic Award A C"-5 JS, vm-rl . ,Ir ..1.l':iif, 3,1 X ' ' 7 H f iw , A , ,J .V . l -'lg , Q '.n. ' 1 N ' 3 'Sv JANET LOUISE ANDERSON Art Club 43 Booster Club I,23 Cheerleader 1,23 Student Council 23 Perfect Attendance I3 Honor Banquet 43 Junior- Senior Banquet. DONNA MAY BERGOUIST Art Club 43 Senior Band l,23 Junior-Senior Banquet. EUGENE PERRY BILLINGSLEY Junior-Senior Banquet. RUBY MARIE BINGMAN Perfect Attendance l,2,33 Typing Award 33 Packer Tales 43 Mogul, Underclassmen Editor 43 Junior-Senior Banquet. SHARYN RAE BLANDFORD Transferred from Kent City '60' Chorus 23 Choir 3,43 Girls Ensemble 3,43 Nome Spelling Award 3,43 Perfect Attendance 23 Honor Banquet 233,43 Junior-Senior Ban- quet3 Cum Laude. CH ERYL LEE BLANKSMA Chorus l,23 Choir 3,43 F.H.A. 2,33 Homemaking Award 33 Junior-Senior Banquet. HEN RIETTA BOSCH Junior-Senior Banquet. MARCIA MAE BOES Chorus 23 Choir 33 Girls Ensemble 33 Perfect Attendance il L-lonor Banquet 2,3,43 Junior-Senior Banquetg Cum au e. RUTH ANN BREUKER Glee Club 23 Co-op 43 Perfect Attendance 33 Noma Spelling Award 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet. LEROY ARNOLD BRINKMAN F.F.A. 2,3,43 Chorus 23 Choir 33 Junior-Senior Banquet. is e if n I Be- sem e-sv 'Piss e gffe., .ewugmw -ug! fi eamsmfma Mvgelulg, :Jaw ms sms e ' e e 17 is Qu me we - ,11 es me H E555 e w CARL JAY BRITTON Baskelhall I5 Foolball 25 Track 35 Varsily Club 45 Junior Play Castg Junior-Senior Banquel. ANDREW JAM ES BU LTMAN Cadet Band Z5 Senior Band 3,45 Foolball 2,3,45 Varsily Club 3,45 Second String Football Seaway League Team 45 Junior-Senior Banquet THOMAS JAY BU NCE Bible Club 2,3,45 Perfect Allendance 3,45 Senior Play5 Junior-Senior Banquet. JOHN CU RTISS CAROTHERS Golf 25 Arf Club 45 Chorus I5 Typing Award 35 Junior Play Caslg Honor Banquet 3,45 Junior-Senior Banquet. SHARRON KAYE CHRISTOFFERSON F.H.A. 25 Girls Glee Club I5 Noma Spelling Award 2,35 Co-op 45 Junior Play Casf5 Senior Play asf5 Junior- Senior Banquet Cum Laude, GERALD H. CLARK Junior-Senior Banquet MARY CATHERINE CULP Special Educalion Sludanl Teacher 45 Junior-Senior Banquet. MARY JO DAHLSTROM G.A.A. 2,3545 Senior Band l,2,3,45 Orchestra 2,35 Cheer- leader l,Z,35 Swim Club 25 Solo and Ensemble Fesllval l,25 Exchange Sludenf fo Germany lSummer of '62l5 National Honor Sociely5 Honor Ban uel 3,45 DAR Award 45 Junior-Senior Banqueh Cum Laude. JAMES M. DAKE Varsity Club 3,45 Foofball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,35 Track 45 Packer Tales Sporls Editor 35 Senior Class Vice Presidenf5 Junior Play Casl5 Honor Banquel 253,45 Junior-Senior Banquelg Cum Laude. CALVIN JOHN DE KRYGER Co-op 45 Junior-Senior Banquel. PAULA JANE DE KRYGER Art Club 4: Glea Club 2: Junior Play Cast: Honor Ban- quet 2: Junior-Senior Banquet. NANCY HELENE DERKS Chorus I: Choir 2,3,4: Student Council I: Senior Play Casr: Honor Banquet 3,45 Junior-Senior Banquet. FRANCES KAREN DEU LING Glee Club I: Chorus 2: Choir 4: Noma Spelling Award: Junior-Senior Banquet. CHERYL KAY DEWEY Transferred from Whitehall in '6l: G.A.A. 3: Forensic Contest 4: Hall Monitor 4: Packer Tales 4: Art Editor of Mogul 4: Junior Play Cast: Senior Play Cast: Honor Banquet 3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. JANICE LYNN DEWITTE Senior Band l,2,3,4: Future Nurses Club 3: Honor Ban- quet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. LAWRENCE FLOYD DUNN Swimming 3,4: Baseball 2,4: Cross Country 4: Industrial Arts Award l,2: Junior-Senior Banquet. DIANE LOUISE DUNNING Future Nurses Club I,2,3,4: Chorus I, Hall Monitor 4: Junior-Senior Banquet. JOHN RICHARD DYKMAN Choir l,2: Varsity Club Z,3,4: Student Council 2: Hall Monitor 4: Football l,2,3,4: Basketball l,2,3: Baseball l,2,3,4: Honor Banquet 4: Junior-Senior Banquet. ELAINE BETTY EISNER Transferred from Niles ln '59' Cheerleading 2,3,4: Student Council 4: G.A.A. 3: Swim Club Z: Exchange Student to Germany '62: National Honor Society: Honor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senlor Banquet: Cum Laude. JOSEPH LEONARD ELWARTOWSKI Chorus I,2: Choir 3,45 Junior-Senior Banquet. m is nl-. EDWARD DALE FERGUSON Ari Club 4: Track lg Perfecl Ahendance lg Junior-Senior Banquef. VIRGINIA M. FOWLER Lafin Play Ig Chorus lg Choir 3.4: Fulure Nurses Club 2,31 Boosfer l,2g F.H.A. 3: Packer Tales Sfaffg Senior Seclion Edilor of Mogul 41 Typing Award 33 Perfecl Al- lendance I,2,3,4g Honor Banquet 45 Junior-Senior Banquel. JEANINE ANN FRENS Glee Club l,2,3g Junior-Senior Banquef. JOYCE ARLENE FRENS Glee Club l,2,3: Junior-Senior Banquel. DONALD JAMES FRERIKS Hall Monitor 43 Honor Banquet 43 Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. JAMES GEARHART Foolball 25 Baseball I,2,3g Baskalball l,2g Junior-Senior Banquel. ROBERT LEE GEETING F.F.A. I,2,3,4g Chorus 4: Hall Monilor 4: Foofball I,2,3g Track l,2,3,4g Junior-Senior Banquet KEITH ALAN GLASEN Varsity Club 4: Proiecfor Club 45 Track 2.3.43 Foolball 4 Mogul Slaff 45 Packer Talesg Junior Class Treasurer Cash Perfecl Allendanca 2: Noma Spelling Award 3,4 Junior-Senior Banquef. CAROLYN DAWN GROSSENBACHER Chorus l,2g Choir 3,47 Girls' Ensemble 31 Typing Award 3g Booster Club lg Honor Banque? 2,3,4g Junior-Senior Banquet ARNOLD J. GUIKEMA Choir 41 Baseball 23 Junior-Senior Banquet Senior Class President Junior Play Casl: Senlor Play 'SS' -rf ' " eds me is Q.. .-sn A C-6? '21- -l . if Yi ,, -, :E Vf"Il9 '15 HE I wnnq, THOMAS WILSON HALL Sludenf Council l,3g Cabinel' 4: Senior Band I,2,3,4g Drum Maior 3,41 Junior Play Cash Senior Play Caxfg Debafe 2: Packer Tales Sraff 31 Mogul Sfaff 3: Golf l,2: Basketball l.,2gdHonor Banquet 2,3,4g Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum au e. DAVID ALLEN HARSHFIELD Cadet Band lg Senior Band 2,3,4g Perfect Affandance l,2,3g Junior-Senior Banquef. PENNY MAE HASTINGS Arl Club 43 Chorus lg Glee Club 3: Packer Tales Sfaffg Hall Monilor 2: Homecoming Courl 3,43 Junior Play Commitleeg Business Manager of Mogul 43 Junior-Senior Banquet GERALD ROY HAWES Junior-Senior Bnnquef. ROBERT EARL HILLARD Transferred from Ravenna in '62g F.F.A. 3.4: Junlor-Senior Banquef. RICHARD LEROY HOFFMAN Baseball lg Junior-Senior Banquef. DAVID JOHN HOLLER F.F.A. l,2,3,4g N.J.V.G.A. l,2,3,4g Junior-Senior Banquet. DORIS E. HOLMES Chorus 2: Junior-Senior Banquet MARY LOU HOLMES G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Sfudenf Council 43 Hall Monllor 2,3,4: Class Treasurer I,2g Packer Tales Sfaff 3,45 Mogul Staff 3g Mogul Edilor 4: Junior-Senior Banquef. VERA HOLZRICHTER Exchange Sfudenl from Cologne, Germany: G.A.A. 4: Swim Club 4: Sfudenf Council 41 Honor Banquelg Junior- Senior Banquel. PAU L ALLAN HOUGHTALING Varsity Club 3,4: Proiector Club 4: Chorus 2: Football l,2,3,4: Basketball l,2: Junior Play Cast: Senior Play Make-up: Freshman Vice President: Mogul Sports Editor: Packer Tales Staff: Junior-Senior Banquet. DIANE MARIE JENSEN Art Club 4: Ushers Club: Cheerleader I,2,3,4: Senior Band I,2,3,4: Speech Contest l,2,3: Hall Monitor 4: Senior Play Cast: Junior Play Cast: Latin Play I,2: Solo and Ensemble Contest l,2: Exchange Student to the Nether- lands '62: Honor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. CHARLES ALAN JOHNSON Chorus I: Choir 2,3,4: Madrigal Z: Pharoahs 4: Radio Club 3: Projectors Club 4: Varsity Club 3,4: Student Council 4: ice President of Student Council 4: Junior Play Cast: Senior Play: Football I,3,4: Basketball l,2: Swimming 3,4: Baseball I,2,3,4: Athletic Council 3: Mogul Staff 4: Packer Tales Sports Editor 4: Perfect Attendance I-,2:dHonor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum au e. MARIAN JOY JOHNSON Art Club 4: Senior Band I,2,3: Hall Monitor 3: Booster Club l: Junior-Senior Banquet. ROGER WAYNE JOHNSON Junior-Senior Banquet. STEPHEN JAY JOHNSON Bible Club l,2,3,4: Cadet Band I: Senior Band 2,3: Orchestra 3,4: Tempests 4: Track I: Junior-Senior Banquet. TERRY DEAN JOHNSON Chorus I: Talent Show l,3,4: Senior Band 3: Junior Play Cast: Senior Play Cast: Senior Orchestra 3: Tgwing Award 3: Third Place Winner Michigan Week ssay Contest I: Noma Spelling Award 3: Honor Banquet 2,3,4: National Honor Society: Junior-Senior Banquet: Magna Cum Laude. SUSAN MARJEAN JONES Glee Club I: Choir 2,3,4: Usher 3: Pep Club I: Cheer- leader I: Junior Play Cast: Senior Play Cast: Hall Monitor l,3: Homecoming l,4: Packer Tales Staff 4: Mogul Activities Editor 4: Perfect Attendance 2.3: Junior-Senior Banquet. KELLIE LYNN KEMPERMAN G.A.A. 3: Glee Club l: Choir 2,3,4: Student Council l,2,3,4: Latin Play I: Senior Play: Packer Tales, News Editor 4: Mogul Staff 4: Perfect Attendance 3: Honor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Magna Cum Laude. JU LIA MAE KEMPF Chorus I: F.H.A. l,2,3,4: Cadet Band 2: Senior Band 3,4: Co-op: Hall Monitor 3: Cherry Pie Contest I,2: Junior-Senior Banquet. I I I-I lfgb' I i I 'ijt' 'FALL lv. nv- 5 I atqllh.: 2.'ll'.' ,ik 4-. 'i I- liJ::'i,, - rm: at I I . ., Y 4. N A IU' 1,5 iff? Q. , 23134 ,,,,,,, , l I TV.: ' 5 1 lr 6'l.w,.. - I . " . 1 'LQ X qt 'T h nf 1 1' A-2' l ' 'IX L F. ff, '1. f..' -. 'LW " 2.51. , ,' lk .1 ' ', , mn' K .NI , w l. l , ,-, 1. f 1. , l 'lin' w A, Le ' JAMES EDWARD KIBART Junior-Senior Banquet. LINDA JANET KINGSFORD Aquaeftes 2,33 Co-op 4: Typing Award 2,35 Shorfhand Award 35 Noma Spelling Awardg Honor Banquef 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquel. NANCY KAY KNUVER Ari Club 41 Glee Club 2, Chorus 3, Bible Club I,2g Junior-Senior Banquef. SCOTT KRAAl Usher's Club 45 Hall Monifor 3,43 Sludenl Council 43 Choir 4: Boys Ensemble 3,41 Class Presiclenf l,2: Varsity Club 3,47 Masler of Ceremonies 3,43 Dislricf Solo and En- semble Feslival 3,45 Baskelball l,2,3,4g Football l,2g Tennis I,2,3,4gPerfec1' Attendance 37 Junior-Senior Banquel. MARLENE ESTHER LAREVA Arr Club 45 Junior-Senior Banqual. MARLENE JO LIBBERS Aquaefles 2,31 G.A.A. 2,3g Noma Spelling Award 3,41 Junior-Senior Benquef. KAREN LAURINE LIND Chorus l,2g Senior Play Make-up, Packer Tales Slaff 33 Edilor 4: F.H.A. l,2g Speech Coniest Ig Perfect Af- fendance I,2,3g Honor Banquet 2,3,4g Junior-Senior Ban- quet, Cum Laude. JANET LOU ISE LINDSEY Cheerleading I: Cadet Band lg Senior Band 2,33 Junior- Senior Banquet. EFFIE LONG Choir 3: Girls' Baskelball 35 Noma Spelling Award 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet ROBERT DENNIS LOSS Junior-Senior Banquet is lv l ul Jllfau lu -I I ,IL I ,, GARY ALAN LU CHIES F.F.A. 2,3,4: N,J.V.G.A. 2,3: Indusfrial Ariz Award 3: Junior-Senior Banquef. ANDREA LOUISE LUETHGE Ari Club 4: Boosfer Club I: Latin Play I: Senior Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 2,3,4: Aquaerfes 2,3,4: Speech Coniesl 2,3,4: G.A.A. 2: Senior Class Treasurer: Junlor Play Casf: Perfecf Affendance I: Honor Banquel 4: Junior- Senior Banquet RAYMOND HENRY LUMMEN F.F.A. l,2,3,4: Co-op 4: Junior-Senior Banquet SHARON ANN MACOMBER Chorus I,3: Glee Club 2,4: Girls Ensemble' G.A.A. 3: Bible Club 2: Noma Spelling Award 3.4: .Iunior-Senior Banquet JUDY ANN MANCHIP Noma Spelling Award 3: Junior-Senior Benquef. GLORIA BEATRICE MARTINEZ Ari Club 4: Junior-Senior Banquet DIANE LEE MASTERS Glee Club I: Aquaetfes Z,3: G.A.A. 3: Hall Moniior 2: Gerber Science Award I,3: Nafionel Honor Soclefy: Honor Banquei 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquel: Magna Cum Laude. CATHERINE KAREN MATTHEWS Glee Club 2: Senior Choir 3: F.H.A. 2,3: Co-op 4: Typ- ing Award 3: Honor Banquel 3: Junlor-Senior Banquet LYLE HAROLD MAY Baskelball l,2: Track 3,4: Cross-country 4: Junior-Senior Banquet. JOHN ROBERT MC CASTLE Senior Band I,2: Fooiball I: Track I: Co-op 4: Junlor- Senior Banquet ll F34 - l ,-' l , I gl ' L, , I --- .-.Y 1 l LOUIS JAN MEEUWENBERG Senior Play Caslg Junior-Senior Banquef. ALVIN LYLE MENDHAM Foolball l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Baseball I,2,3g Swimming 3,45 Junior-Senior Banquef. JANE LOUISE MILLER Chorus l,2g Choir 3,4g Girls' Glee Club I: Junior-Senior Banquet. JUDY KAY MILLIS Glee Club I,2,3g Junior-Senior Banquet LAWRENCE MYNOR MOCK Transferred from DeTour, Mich.: Baseball 4: Junior- Senior Banquet. DOYLE FRANKLIN MOON Boys' Ensemble 3,45 F.F.A. 2,3,4g Choir l,2,3,4g Junior- Senior Banquef. PATSY JO MORRISON Glee Club 27 Future Teachers Club 3,41 Honor Banquel' 2,3,4g Junior-Senior Banquet Cum Laude. DAVID DOUGLAS MURRAY Drama Club lg Proiectors Club Coordinalor 4: Radio Club 35 Lalin Plafy I,2g Hall Monilor 34: Junior Play: Senior Play: Perecl Affendance 2: Iflalional Merif Scholarship Lefler of Commendalion 45 Honor Banquel 2.3.47 Junior-Senior Banquelg Magna-Cum Laude. RONALD KEITH NELSON Junior-Senior Banquef. THOMAS NYMAN Junlor-Senior Banquet. e f , 3,51 tl' H s 26 DEAN NA JOYCE OLSON G.A.A. 2,3, Aquaetes 2,31 Perfect Attendance I,2, Nome Spelling Award 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet. STEVEN MICHAEL PAVLOVIC Junior-Senior Banquet. JUDITH KAY PELL Future Teachers Club 4, Debate Club 4, Junior-Senior Banquet, Magna Cum Laude. ROBERT LEE PELL Chorus 2, Choir 3, Junior-Senior Banquet. JAN E E. PERRY Art Club 4, Packer Tales Exchange Editor 4, Mogul Staff 4, Junior-Senior Banquet. LINDA CHRISTINE PUGNO Debate I,2,4, Speech Contest l,Z,3,4, Senior Band l,2,3,4, Drum Maier I,2, Meiorette 3,4, G.A.A. l,2,, Swim Club 3,4, Pep Club, Student Council I, Cabinet 2,3,4, Ushers Club l,2,3, Cheerleader I, Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Recording Secretary of Regions IX and XIII 4, Na- tional Honor Society, Honor Banquet 2,3,4, Junior-Senior Banquet, Cum Laude. CAROLYN EMILY RASMUSSEN Art Club 4, G.A.A. 3, Glee Club l,2,3, Honor Banquet 4, Junior-Senior Banquet. LINDA LOUISE RHODENBAUGH Bible Club I,2,3, Glee Club I, Senior Choir 2,3,4, Co-op 4, Junior-Senior Banquet. LOUIS ALAN ROTTIER Art Club 4, Varsity Club 3,4, Choir I,2,3,4, Boys' Ensemble 3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4, Junior-Senior Banquet. BETH LOUISE ROTTMAN Art Club 4, Future Teachers Club 3,4, Orchestra 2,35 Band 3,45 lnterlcchen Scholarship, Honor Band 4: District Solo and Ensemble Festival 3,4, Honor Banquet 2,3,4, Natgonal Honor Society, Junior-Senior Banquet, Cum Lau e. ft' LINDA JANE ROTTMAN Glee Club l,2,3: Noma Spelling Award 3: Typing Award 3: L-lonor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum au e. FRANK RUPAR, JR. Baseball 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet. THOMAS WILLIAM RYNBERG Football 3: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. MARY LOUISE ST. MARTIN G.A.A. 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet. MARY ANN SAVAGE Maiorefte l,2,3,-1: Senior Band l,2,3,4: Hall Monitor 2,3: Latin Play I: Junior Play Cast: Sophomore Vice President: Student Council Cabinet 3, President 4: Mid-Winter Holiday Court I, Queen 3: Homecoming Court 2.4: Junior Senior Banquet. JANEIS SHERYLL SCHIPPER Chorus 27 F.H.A. l,2: Sextei 2: Girls' Ensemble 3: Futura Nurses Club 2,3: Aquaettes 4: Art Club 4: Senior Play Cast: Typing Award 2: Cherry Pie Contest Winner 2: Junior-Senior Banquet. DONNA JEAN SCHOTANUS Art Service Club 4: Glee Club l: Future Teachers Club 3.4: Junior-Senior Banquet. MARILYN SHOECRAFT Senior Band 2,3,4' G.A.A. 2,31 Debate Team l,2,3: Future Nurses Club 2: Latin Play I: Senior Play Cast: Junior Play Student Director: Mogul Copy Editor 4: Packer Tales Feature Editor 4: Exchange Student to Finland in Summer of '62. Honor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Ban- quet: Cum Laude. CHARLES LEE SMALLIGAN Varsity Club 4: Basketball 2,3,4: Athletic Council 3: Class President 3: Honor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. KAREN SU E SMALLIGAN Glee Club 2: Choir 3: Future Nurses Club 3: Co-op 43 Honor Banquet Z,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. ' I wa ,si 255 ga A mae K I. if MARCIA KAY SMALLIGAN Glee Club 2: Future Nurses Club 3: Cheerleader Z,3,4: Homecoming Queen 4: National Honor Society: Honor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Magna Cum Laude. JACQUELINE REX SMITH F.H.A. 3: Junior-Senior Banquet. HOWARD EDWARD SMITH Bible Club 3: Football I,Z,4: Basketball 2,3,4: Track l,2,3: Junior-Senior Banquet. MARJORIE SMITH Glee Club I: F.H.A. l,2,3: Hall Monitor I: Junior-Senior Banquet. ROBERT HARRY SPLITSTONE Junior-Senior Banquet. SUSAN JANE STETTNISCH Glee Club l,2: Choir 3: Junior-Senior Banquet. DIANA MARIE STRATTON G.A.A. 3: Future Nurses Club 3: Student Council 2,3,4: Senior Band I,2,3: Co-op 4: Noma Spelling Award 3,4: Honor Banquet 3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet. KAREN LYNN STROVEN G.A.A. 2,3: Future Nurses Club 2,35 Ushers Club 3' Senior Band l,2,3: Student Council I,3: Secretary 4: Hall Monitor I,2,3: Junior Play Cast: Co-op 4: Homemaking Award 3: Homecoming Court 4' Honor Banquet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. MARY KATHLEEN STROVEN Glee Club I: Senior Play Cast: Noma Spelling Award 2,3,4: Typing Award 3: Shorthand Award 3: Honor Ban- quet 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet. DOROTHY JANE SWEITZER Transferred from New Jersey 3: Hall Monitor 4: Student Council 4: Class Secretary 3: Homecoming Court 4: Honor Banquet 3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet: um Laude. CHARLOTTE ANN TANIS Junior Senior Banquet. JEAN MARIE TEN BRINK Glee Club lg Debate Club 41 Latin Play Ig Junior Play Cast: Student Director of Senior Play: Betty Crocker Homemaking Award: National Merit Letter of Com- mendation: National Honor Society: Honor Banquet 2,3,4g Junior-Senior Banquet: Magna Cum Laude. LARRY JOE THENIKL Cadet Band lg Senior Band 2,35 Junior-Senior Banquet. BARBARA LOUISE TIBBE F.H.A. Ig Junior-Senior Banquet. JEAN M. TWORK F.H.A. Ig Betty Crocker Contest 45 Junlor-Senior Banquet. JUDITH LYNN VANDEN BERG Glee Club lg Choir 23,43 Sextette I,23 Girls' Ensemble 3: Future Nurses Club 2,3g Hall Monitor 3: Student Coun- cil 2g Latin Play lg Junior Play Cast: Senior Class Sec retaryg Nome Spelling Award I,2,3g Honor Banquet 3,4 Junior-Senior Banquet: Cum Laude. EILEEN ANN VANDERWALL Glee Club 3,45 Junior-Senior Banquet. GERRY LEE VAN PATTEN F.F.A. l,2,3g Junior-Senior Banquet. JAMES EARL VAN SICKLE Cadet Band Ig Senior Band 2,35 Proiector Club 41 Shop Management: Junior-Senior Banquet. FREDERICK ALAN VEENSTRA F.F.A. I,2,3,4g Choir 45 Junior-Senior Banquet. JAMES NORMAN VILE 'F.F.A. l,2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet. DONALD JAMES VISSCHER Basketball 33 Golf 33 Junior-Senior Banquet. MARIA LOUISE VORRES Latin Play I3 Glee Club I,23 Choir 3,43 Girls' Sexfette 23 Girls' Ensemble 33 District Solo and Ensemble Festival 2,3,43 Hall Monitor 3,43 Honor Banquet 2,43 Junior-Senior Banqueh Cum Laude. JUDY ANN WARD Junior-Senior Banquet. LOUISE ELAINE WITTE Glee Club 23 Co-op 43 Noma Spelling Award 3,43 Typing Award 33 Shorthand Award 33 Perfect Attendance 33 Honor Banque? 2,3,4: Junior-Senior Banquet Cum Laude. JAMES FLOYD WOLCOTT F.F.A. l,2,3,4: N.J.V.G.A. l3 Junior-Senior Banquet. DAVID LEE WOLFSEN F.F.A. 2,3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet. GAYLORD O. WOOD Football 23 Junior-Senior Banquet. ROBERT GLENN WOODRING Art Award 23 Pro'ectors Club 43 Bible Club I3 Senior Play3 Co-op 43 Hall Monitor 33 Mogul Staft 2,3,43 Packer Tales 3,43 Junior-Senior Banquet. ANN WRIGHT Transferred from Mt. Olympus, Indlane '603 Junior'Senior Banquet. 'QQ-3.9 DORA MAE WYNGARDEN Sludeni Council 3,45 Cheerleading 33 Senior Choir 2,41 Accompanisf 3,41 Distric? Solo and Ensemble Fesfival Z,3,4p Sexlelle 25 Girls Ensemble 33 Madriqal 2: G.A.A. 2,35 Fulure Nurses Club 23 Swim Club 2, Hall Moniior 33 Junior Playg Gerber Biology, Geometry, and Alqebra Awards: Nafional Honor Sociefy1 Honor Banque! 2,3,4g Junior-Senior Banquelg Magna Cum Laude. SINIKKA YLIJOKI Exchange Sfudenf from Helsinki, Finland, Ari Club 4, Mid-Winler Holiday Queen 43 Liferary Club 43 Sfudenf Y Council 43 Honor Banquet, Junior-Senior Banquet. LINDA ZACHARIAS Junior-senior aanquee. 71" Na+ Picfufed ROY JAMES COOK DAVID RAY CROFOOT -l . Xl .XJ l "Is this Jane's real character?" Upperclassmen enioying a Student Council assembly PRETTIEST GIRL AND MOST HANDSOME BOY Marcia Smalligan and Chuck Johnson MOST HELPFUL Diane Jensen and Jim Dalce Class T ef 5 I T Q MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dora Wyngarden and Dave Murray CLASS CUT-UPS Jane Miller and Gaylord Wood Personahfies CUTEST COUPLE Paula DeKryger and Louie Meeuwenberg S il ., .2 QR E gigmfgzrw-5 Q g1?5m ., Q L H Q Vfwfyfisssfgill 1 5 f,,,,i . " ' an a- ' .lf g 5 A 3:23 w k ' f 2 ff SE H Q Z H Yi' gsm A CLASS FLIRT AND CLASS CASANOVA Carl Briffon and Ginnie Fowler BEST PERSONALITIES Karen Sfroven and Keifh Glasen BEST DRESSED Mary Ann Savage and Chuck Smalligan Mr. Kidder gives Seniors a few last directions at dress rehearsal. Clqss hisfor y The days are mounting in numbers too numerous to count, and time is consumed into memories and memories into reminiscing. Often are the times we ponder on our last four years here at F.H.S. Remember ...... It was a tense, silent moment. As the curtain opened, it was Act I, Scene I: Autumn, 1959. The freshman class, naive yet proud, was venturing into their high school full of dreams and anticipation. Miss Orr was guiding them and was assisted by Mr. Fleming, Miss Bradfield, Mr. Piggot, and Mr. Reimink. Chosen to lead them were Scott Kraai, President, Paul Houghtaling, Vice President, Mary Lou Holmes, Treasurer, Susan Jones, Secretary. Tom Hall, Kellie Kemperman, Linda Pugno, Nancy Derks, and Karen Stroven were the repre- sentatives in Student Council. Susan Jones was the homecoming representative this wonderful year, and our Work Day enabled us to have a roller skating party in the spring. Scene 2 was well under way as the Class of 1963, a little more experienced, confident, and determined after a ful-l year in high school, started their sophomore year with Scott Kraoi again as President, Mary Ann Savage as the Vice President, Mary Lou Holmes again as Treasurer, and Mary Jo Dahlstrom, Secretary. Our homecoming representative was Mary Ann Savage. We sold ice cream this year and had a party in April. When we ordered our class rings, most of us chose the stone setting, the Class of '63 being the first group from F.H.S. breaking the traditional style. Several of us attended the Honor Banquet, and the curtain closed on Act I. Memories were mounting as the curtain opened on a triumphant Junior Class, Scene 1, Act II. The sponsors, Miss VanHorn, Miss Oppenhuizen, Mrs. Willson, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Fosheim, were headed by Mr. Gall. Little did we realize how many activities we were to encounter or the fun in store in our third year. Chuck Smalligan was elected President, Andy Anderson, Vice President, Keith Glasen, Treasurer, and Jane Sweitzer, Secretary. linda Pugno and Mary Ann Savage were members on the Student Coun- cil Cabinet, and Dora Wyngarden, Karen Stroven, Kellie Kemper- man, Tom Hall and Diana Stratton represented us in Student Council. 34 Penny Hastings was the representative in the homecoming court, and Mary Ann Savage was our Mid-Winter Festival Queen. "Our Town", starring Chuck Johnson, Karen Stroven, and Tom Hall, was under the direction of Miss Sogge. The class honored the seniors by sponsoring the Junior-Senior Banquet, choosing the theme of "Harbor Lights." Scott Kraoi was the M.C. at the time of the program, and shortly after the curtain was 'lowered on the entertainment, it also closed on Scene 'I. We couIdn't believe it. Scene 2 of Act ll had arrived amidst the immediate signs of excitement, adventure and planning of the class which was to take its final bow to High School. Yes, they were finally seniors-the rulers of the roost. Mrs. Boerman was the chief sponsor this year, with Mr. Ellinger, Mr. Griffin, Miss VanHorn, Mr. Adair, Mr. Durkee, and Miss Elmquest assisting her. This year had already promised many activities to make it a grand finale. To lead us on our last stretch, we chose Keith Glasen, President, Jim Dake, Vice President, Andrea Luethge, Treasurer, and Judy VandenBerg, Secretary. Mary Ann Savage was the President of Student Council, while Chuck Johnson served os the Vice President and Karen Stroven the Secretary. Diane Jensen, Linda Pugno, and Tom Hall were all members of the Stu- dent Council Cabinet. Kellie Kemperman, Dora Wyngarden, Diana Stratton, Scott Kraai, Jane Sweitzer and Elaine Eisner represented us in the Student Council. Autumn found us busily pre aring for the Senior Sale, which had followed the Homecomin . Marcia Smolligan was our lovely queen, and Penny Hastings, Susan Jones, Karen Stroven, Jane Sweitzer and Mary Ann Savage were in her Senior Court. Our Senior Play, "The Green Bough," directed by Mr. Kidder, starred Mary Stroven, Keith Glasen and Sharron Christofferson and was supported by a hard-working cast. We were proud when Sinikka Yliioki was chosen our Mid- Winter Festival Queen. Our Senior Party was a lot of fun and it will be a lang time before we'll forget this evening. Suddenly, graduation day, May 29, was upon us. Yes, the curtain had begun to close on Act ll, leaving only a glimpse of the future lAct Ill, as the footsteps and memories of the Class of '63 echoed through the halls of Fremont High. Mrs. Norris ond Mary Jo helping in the library. "All right, iust this once "And now ca few words from Crazy." Dashing through the halls to get to class, doing extra-credit reports so we will pass, reading stacks of books, marching with the band, singing with the choir, cheering at pep meetings, watching assemblies, dissecting frogs, and waiting for the day when we will finally be Seniors. Oh, the ioys of being an Underclass- man! How can we ever forget those years so full of memories? I Q s X Q eg g Junior Class Junior class officers are Dick Pefers, Vice Presidentp Bob Howard, Treasurerg John Purminter, President: and .lun VanSIoten, Secretary. i H BI I ,W H , I.:-"' His I- .:. M Y Sf A , ., 15,4 I 4 ,, ,- jpg in cgi , . ' as n wi , I-I.: ' g-xg 7 A-5 -JJ ,Mg Bm- fi' .fr -f L --I My-Q 'c 2' - W ww .' -. - E '-,fp - 1' gn. .I Q mm B Q: -Q I .I z ef mf H H H EL H 1 r EQ asa - " ,li 'Fw-1. I - ' i K'Xf"f4.. -61 ' ' :fs1ii-a v' 'i 1:7 If 1 H ' Iwi' If if ' 'V 'fi' ' ' 'w vw? 1-Pg-waz it rf? . ai, g2g,55a::::rQ:2: :gi z 2: -' 'v -,, -le.: ,I ,' I", -fl,!5-s:,.o,'- -9'-I-. SA QW 535,11-,Q-iii' H BILL LEONA ALLHANDS ANDREWS MARSHA MIKE ASHCROFT ASHCROFT BETTY AUSTIN W ? QEEIEQWEVEE 'W RZ Y' E W ENWHZQEWQEZ W mn Y 'HY W W I N 'Y H -- ..... -::-: 1 -:-:-: : ' is B B is E is B is ' .gm ..... .--A H, R Q Wm E xxfifif ..,. E L Z K' we . . WEEKS? ii? I Q . V R I me H - fl . I 13 , A I 2352 I if 9- , - I 'ifigzf 1'- 'jw H "Y -' I wr M h W I in ' ,7?4I'.Y,, I RAY LYNDA TOM RON A I ALLAN BOB BEEKMAN BENNETT BERG BOLTZ BUCKNER BUITENDORP BURKLE ' ' X fu! I , , -,if ,Lf y F 'f I. ,L ' gi? E I' I ff . . f . ' .,w 91 , 'A ' - J ' ' -45 . wg- 75 V, I I W? . xv 1 - lj, ' , 'A NANCY PAULINE NANCY MILT REX CAROLYN DARLENE CANNIFF CARROLL CHURCH COLLINS COOK CUMINGS DAINING 38 . . HARRY DEUR I I 'FF Il' In RAY ELWARIOWSKI V a .'l'. I .x LINDA ' JOHN DARLING .xi I - -"'-. In-I'o1 . J 3 -. -.p ',. I-I 'I X fa! I J A ' V. f A-.U L 5. MARCIA DEUR E . I I .-QQ - v -- JOHN FITZPATRICK CHICK MEL DEEPHOUSE , v- o , , Iy II If 4 -.a 'ivan .I E'-"'."'I' " " ELAINE DOWNING "J'w:"" ., l 'xH PAT FOWLER NN INEZ DE KRYGER S14 j, I fail? 1-YK-1' ab? IRENE EDBROOKE 'I . .1 , , I JOHN FRENS "rv hr . e-3' DEE DEE DE KUIPER fm ' , ss a Mani' M ' E DON. yawn .r.. Nam. ,Qs M . 4 W r Q' I f J ,Q In , 'Bynes W ag H . . H wa If -5. iz 4 A JM, KAY DEMMON ' ' -VSWR 5 - ,fm S . ,f -jf., R , ,, LI 5 9 A I at . 3 I A N ,Pe ' A ,.,. . wa F , 1 , 'EsEz5..-:I M . 5-I. ' :?w.21- I .. E A I I -W A an I-I I-,I ...,. l A Q Y I K Y xi Ri, Il. ,I W I my f I1 if If Q-sq-gi If is H L wg 31.3-J, . . A 1? .. I 'Q . Q V -5. , 1 . A " - If LH .. ' .L M WL' R '?I '.E."E- :EWS ' Z' .I fmt -',,.a ' 1 - . " : U ' I ' ' ' - A A 1 JIM PHIL EENIGENBERG EKKEL EKKEL RQ as B gg: M BML "HH ,II Hmzgw R-I: -. , E EEQWL? an 3- . ' E ,IMI . I CAROL PAUL JIM FRODEY FUI-IRMANN FURDA 0 A I A I - 1 -s Ii i ' M ig .Q H . , S EUGENE DIANNE SHARON ESTHER VICKI HAGEN HALL WWW ' 4- ' ' GARDENOUR GERBER GINGRICH GRIFFITH QRIFFITH , I4 - lf, ' I . M' , , , ' v r I .- ' . " f""- my , f I ,FN J , A , ' va- ff, -lv ' A .- A ' - I , I I - I JIM MARILYN BARR AL KAREN HAMILTON HAMILTON HARMON HARRIS HAWKEY I I I I A A A BW R , Q ,KA .I I ms ZW i I A R 5 K r as 'H wx E , fs -:- 'Q V.. ,Q PAULA LIN HENDERSON aww HENDRIE I.: .4 H ge " I.: IIE' KATHI MARJORIE JOYCE SANDRA HOLILER HOLLOWELL HOMAN HOPPA -x gi? BOB HOWARD 39 Alvcllh V s .4 5' f HANK nuzz ' M KARrEs KEMPERMAN RUTH GERALD KYLE LAM PMAN ' I , A xv K gi son L' 'JUDY BARB HOWELL HURERT HUDSON ' H H- A 'l 4 , 5 'Z T15 if . , - ' ' -7 ,.:. ' 'M ' ..:. - - ,' MARILYN ANDY mu. JANICE HUISJEN JEND JIBSON JOLINK ' ,E Y , , ' " ' ' ' , .3 ' Q Lk' ff' A ' A -'f ' A . A A A -A A1 I GORDON JAN KEN suE KING-sEoRD KLASSEN KLEMUNDT KNUVER fl , L A-x 11. 2 - ., .,.i A my I W, ,n iw QQ ,- 'VZQ 1 39 Z if A E - , H Ei N K """ . J ia' E A . CHERYL ALLEN vlcxl JIM JACK urs LYNCH MACLAM MAGEE MANSFIELD lfasm , H A 1' f -A gnpqyi . , - ,fi ' fi. N yi' - ' '-' -A J 1- E A cp -2- Y RH: , fn L.. , , N . Nw .A my Az 1 will .X 5 1' 1 ,. A DALE SHELLEY GARY BONNIE MARY ANN Mc CASTLE Mc CORMICK Mc DOUGALL Mc LAUGHLIN MEYER ."' f' ,A -1 J". ' ' . . A A E Y L, 1 . Y A fLA ' A-if f J I ' -555715: V. .rg-.EQ 1 LAVON JOHN LARRY ANDREA MooN MORRISON MORTON MYERS O ARY ELLEN KING 1 X ,,1 L . , x, . N Y J I ' RICH LARSON .. '., lg DAVE MATHEWS ' 1 fn an HELEN MIESEN - nr- 1 2 '.:.:, '1 an 1 . .,.. ,., Q H .9 r' My Bi if 3 -F - 'JJ' - - -1 -... 3 '41 . , 5.5 2 an -. A TRYA JASPER RoseMARY JOHN NIEMAN NORRIS OLSON PARMINTER 1V , I A .P H5f'ifv ij ..,: -- : ' . ji- Q 2 lv ,., .,., ' . Q- -':,:,,f' ' 'I . '. , . 'V . 2 -:" : 1- -. , .PS na - ' A - :is ' .:.i -Jig:-f JANET nncx MAx nous cmucx mu. RALPH PARSONS PETERS POLL POWERS PRESTON PRIME RADER -:, 'g 11 iw' '-- P A 7 - -f iw ff' ""' -, .1' , li 3 'Za ' ,,., 51 3 . f f MARIE JACKIE sreve JOHN J1M KEN PHIL RAMEY RASMUSSEN ROBERTSON ROBINSON Roman ROTTMAN' ROTTMAN P . . Is rg 'K Al, I 2 "". Ag. ,.. ' ,555 7 , . my ' - Q A 1-3 .,.. if! , 7 - 5, v ,:,: , A - mn ,:--7' ' - E six A ' ,.: " "' A if - I A -l?5P1i'Lg?3P Z im: RICHARD .no PAT DAN MARY MARLEEN ROUGHT RUPAR RUPAR SAMPSON VSANBORIL SCHIPPER fa A H ff f b' , P .A , ugsgg w y V xii Sjgumh il., .. Z R . ' .N 7 - MZRZR LAP "' . 553 A' 2'-fgwi QP mm jj 3-3- , i . ,VG E Aww- n5Agf, Q , A " -'P A P, iz' mml . . .A ev? J. Us ws, -miss A f' AS ..1Zf f , A f VERA Mme MARC PEGI vucxn DEAN GEORGE SCHOTANUS SCHURKAMP scorr scon scon sueu. SHERMAN -4 ii- P"?'1 P2515 ,XgMgmim4 ' ' P 'f? P .B Y W 2357 ' wffi 4 li g m - f ' ll AV JANICE PAUL sos GARY Menmee SHERMAN SMALLIGAN sM1rH sMnrH sMurH fm ' 'Z 1' -,ff JACK STORMS JANE TINNEY JAN VAN SLOTEN ,an 145' " V 1 ,V B ss U - 4,1 , . ,I A ..,f.?,.fi., J .F -rf-LE ' STEVE WALLACE 42 DAVE SN ELLER JUDY STRATTON GEORGE SOUTH LAND G1 .- Li FAT 1 STROVEN 'R TIM TRUMAN fn? MARILYN SOUTHLAND A. ! 07 -af H. R ,IL RON SWAN BERG 'Y ' MARJORIE VILE ..,.: 4 .,.,, .. m f.., ' s Q. i 1 ii' BARR WEIDEN f 1 1:1 F KEN WOLFORD MARLENE VLIEM ROBERTA VANDEN BELT I BOB VOSS STEVE WEIDEN PEGGY WOLFSEN NANCY WHITE -an K . CURT WOLTER MARY ANN STARIHA GIL TAYLOR JIM VANDEN BERG MARY WAKEFIELD ,va I DICK WILLIAMS SUE 1 - I MARK STEELE .gr I ..' AL THROOP ,I KEN TERRY VANDEN seas VAN HEMERT I 7: -.I dl I If ' if U Y ri . JERRY LAURIEW WALKER WALKER I I R SANDY WILSON BEVERLY ZERLAUT ZMRZLIK BOB WALCOTT Sophomore Class Omcers of the tenth grade ore'Joe Coleson, Presidenfp Howard Dykman, Vice Presidenfp Don Anderson, Treasurerg Dykmon, Secretary. ond Kaye , T" S!" . In , .1 ,, Q me if TY! ., ' --I . 2 . :il F. L ,I ,Y 1, EZ . - 'Q RICHARD LYNN DON GLENN BONNIE ABBOTT AKERSHOEK ANDERSON ANDERSON BACON ,Q - - .TSFQI mZe,SVEifQWW.7 . ' X W L I E5 Q f ' ' " 'A H A . S I ' " I -: EF K V 4 wg? gi' J I v? SX E 5, .msn . W Q '. , I A . If ,' yy' ' U ' ,' "WNV 4 I I 7, f:-: gu i, rrrw' I IM if SI Lf: -. , , ami :-:'I-:-:z?..-.- 'l.1d.:1':4 V "' ' ' ' f J ' Lu.-l.' A -. 7's..:Q:LI1' 71 8 5'3" fl" CHARLIE MARY ANN DWAYNE RICHARD SHARLENE SHERYL ROGER BACON BELDER BOES BOES BOES BOESKOOL BOOTH nl V! I I ya. 1, nu .f mv - -v xg, J- , 'al I ' H ' U f" I 1 ' , I 2- ,, , I 'sa' I 'fl"- A 'ii 533 ' ' HELEN RICHARD STEVE CHUCK CINDY NANCY BOUWSMA BREUKER BREUKER BRIGGS BROWN BURNETT 43 Q' RANDY BUSCH BOB COMER I.-,, , II? J I A- , 1 Q CHRISTINE CRONENWETT Ii Q 3 A I in LA.. - WILLIAM DERKS 3 FE -A, SHARON DEUR . " Q " . , QQJW if In AIIA,, , .I ff' I 1 Xa P. ,II I If -,-I ? V if PATCIE CALIFF 4- Qi: ' sy . . E .. ss-' . JEAN COMIS .ff .' - , 1' ., 3' X.. DAVE DE ROSE MARILYN PAUL DYKMAN DYKMAN 44 .. ...L A I X ., A -: If' , ' ' B153 W ,,2. pn- 'TL - ,V - f I - , . Us ' as ' I V J-' If-QI - "' 'T H' H., L L . f If ,fi I' 'xiii' I J 4 di, f 5 ' I I 'I I . I I 4 ,D - , I IA, ,lla .f DALE BILL RUTH FREDERICK JosePH CARROLL CHURCH cHuncH COLE COLESON -- A V 'Y P-w :I IW U C9 -as ' ' 5 A , W. -. , 17- '55 I A g f ? I' -?:-Ti: WAYNE VICKI CAROLYN ALBERT DEAN CORNETT conv cormeu CRIPPS cnoroor fy 'X T -If -I N if I ,IP ., fu , ny . I I 'I' sus RAMON JIM DAKE DAVID Decxen Q X vu! 4 Inf can I- - - ' - I ,,., I. . " Q I 4 'L' I I. ' . . f ,wal ' XS ,Q ' fr- D' , ,' , A -21' 47,1 sag fly. '4Sfl+19"' I rom MARILYNN KAY IIEVEIILV JIM DE SHETLER DETERS DEULING DEUR neun ': - "rf , ' A 6 M 'Q ij f '. ff I vw .fv- 'I ,CARI V I. Iumxlm-I. A DAVID TOM JAN HOWARD KAYE . DOUGAN DUNN DUNNING DYKMAN DVKMAN 1:1 I -'7 I fa-' .L ' I I iw K I.. Q -v. If K , I :,..I- , I fwr' ' ff- .I 1 I ! ' A ARLEEN DAVID MARY srevz ANITA EKKEL EKKEL ELWARTOWSKI EMERICK ENSING .- L gp.. . F' 'J , It ' iI.j 1 JAN FERGUSON in I.b .-1 C .I - . x I 1 MARY ANN GLASEN Iii? , .V ' V tb . fix' "I 'DAN HEAD DAWN JAHR I Q 1 -- --,f , ', Tx I I ' mga? f I BILL KEMPF ,grit I Q-v ,, mu mf I If DARREL LAREVA I 'W,.- M,i.F.' 1 . I' Dv FI57' .I I Q ,, H E, M- Q A - Y .A ,J - - - V ,I ' - E.-.3 ' 1 , N I - ,VIA if gin GARY JUDY LOUISE LINDA VERLA FRENS FRENS FRERIKS FREY GEARHART 74, I -A -L," LL "I -.-1 5 . 'da f.. A I i . 1. f -:1 Q ' , w A '7 . . , 2 ' I W zzn Q JL 1. I . I ll . - Y , A , , JOHN FRANCES SANDRA GARY GRIFFES GRONSO HAINES HALL 3 Y I . I , ff " f 2 -1, I . ." . ri ff: A A 'gf' .... ,Au 1 N-fa n - DON ROSEMARY MARCIA HENDERSON HENDRIE HUNT 4 xg U A - I: I 'I aff' ' - . IRA ' , . I 'ff L ' ' , , , DAN nAMoNA DAN GEORGE JANE JOHNSON JOHNSON JONES KAISER KALSBEEK 1 " I '-.. I Y I 5- I "IMA if ' I "wi V. t 5 M ' I N 4 f 'V 1. , . 11- I , It I A 5, 8.155 E.:- .fg .4 LE, , v, H eg- i h wr- . - , ' 'ff C: . -'ff."f , 553- -' r 'il'-T BOB MARY BOB DOROTHY LEE KEMPF KINGSFORD KLEIN KOOISTRA KRALEY ' ' QUE - f:QQ?sfIf,jE1gm'Q -.a 'va 2, Q E1 f Q. . DE! ' - .JA - ul .ly . v U J I ,Y I Q ' I I lg - A I I: V , V - Q I , W K ,. In W PI I ' ' A JOHN MARY BARB LARRY RICK LECKRONE LEMANSKI LUCHIES LUCHIES LUCHIES 'xi fl! W? I BRAD GEETING STAN HARTGER .rf ,, I - 32 9 1 'f A K5-E 1 BARBARA ,JAHR "-I ' 5 : ,Q za 0 A." was 'AL r JUDY KARNES JOHN LA NORE . 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V fi,-'r " J N WIMAN ff v :A SUSAN WOOD MIKE SPLITSTONE Ar sly ' ! j T E? , 5 A , DON TRUMAN JIM BART VISSCHER WALDO V13-1 , . QQ'-Q ., V 1 my Q gi? E E " Q1 J ROGER PAUL BILL WEIDEN WELLMAN wEsTaRooK S ' vi' Q R . H 1 J,,b W , -tg? J- I .T 5 l , Viv., AA : W V ff- gl K. 2 5 ..., - i, I Q, A , r Q. 1 1 , -: -:Tp ' oAvm RUTH ROBERT wnTTE K WOLFRAME woLEsEN , -asf A' A A aRucE GEORGE RUTH YOUKER ZOSCSAK zmnzux 47 Freshman Class Freshman class officers. Seated: Denise Broom, Vice President, Cindy Reber, President. Standing: Willie Anderson, Treasurer, Mike Assante, Secretary. ,ev 2' M A' 14? :G+ r fi-Ty 1: I Ll. - SANDRA CRAIG ANDY Jo ANN Russsu. ADAMS ALLEN ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON I N , , ., 1 . A-, I .1 . Y , A' J Q , ' S W D '-5 V v- , -... if if ffvf'-Z WILLIE noasnm Mme DONNA DAVID non ANDERSON ASHCROFT AssANre AUSTIN nANAcKA amen x jx ! 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I I 1, I rr f.-1 I A' Z5 I R MIKE RANDY ALLEN DE KUIPER DE KUIPER DEULING 'za ,' ., A-. 4:1 ,, T, ,b , '-r . 1 fl 'VI K if", PEGGY KAY SEISAN DE wm DICKINSON DICKINSON -v, I, f-A I I T - 'gg 5 if .,., V ., V- wr I DD D DAVE ELLERY CAROL CALIFF CHANDLER cI-IoRMAN gawk lWiif,ZE?2fZ,.IasERzgA wyg wx nmg H J In . . . W I E '2':': ffftigi ' , Ig, QI f we " ' Il-JH' - STEVE JACKIE LYLA COLESON COLLINS COLLINS N: fgggfinw " - - U' ca 4 vig '. 1 "',. P - . ' ., , Igln., El .'f'j A 'L' .,ffQ,.E ' A A JL V IQZi22i'l2,9f .,:W,,., .,.,.,. I' "F ,Ii 55 ' E L : - I 3 if I-A 25 if . A A R, Eg GERALD CAROL ALAN cRIPPs CROFOOT CRYSLER ' A - E A A A A E Is MIKE DEKKERS :Q If 'F , ' 4-1 ,.., V Ez., 14' , .,, ,,. I V If , '- , HI ' F- - , A Wray X E255 .. .... 4 I.: xsxrfqi .Ei if X I . I 1 Il, ' I MIKE SHARON DEUR DEUR I , 4ig5QfI:x f?.,a - ' Aw-RR -I-I- , Aw-MAH . " E ggm 'yum I, E? L Af I . 4' 1 , Il 1- 4" A : Eff' ' ToM LARRY DOUGAN Dow -. w-mmf-ssmsnwn - I A .My I.. al T ,S 5 I. .rw SJ. I RAI -S DI I' Q .... V U KAREN DE KUIPER R an R R1- mm A EE I I I xx 22 , as X If ' I mi fxiggrlwif ..,, .Dim In 5 ELI 5 RI E U A rs A H3855 B mg R A Aw -EEE Q88 I .MI Lg. I MARTIN DEVRIES nmamxmmsn IHIMAJAI-I.: SARAEEEEERER' .E .... , .A 'E-. :,,,,.,2: 5 ' 5 ' : : - si' . -E 5 T is q H G T H is-E-Rag A ' wmws 4 A ms :I Im R mm my -2 w w mai A A , R Ex A mass Iwi gg REL f ,I L -. Z1 . RAYMOND DURKEE 49 6 X PAUL FOSTER GREG GRAEME gm. if SNISTL DARLENE HANNAH B S Q N E Em H I E H If E H . E , bpd' .F-I H I W H , H If N-Avi ., N Nm M ,W N Q N i L 4 E KEN HEATH 50 - ss LI Va- 1 -o ., M my BOB EDWARDS .-,J - ' ' .Q ln, ' v" 'E'-.1 l MIKE FOX J. If:-. i I. ,-.X WAYNE GRONSO TP'- a DALE ANN HARDING gs ss 1 ss ,fx LARRY HENDERSON www - 'ifbzij' WALT JEND -.- - : JIM EDWARDS u -1' DONALD EKKEL SANDY FRANT1 5- fv- ..'x 4 Is DEBBIE GROVE av sv- -, . I, J. SANDRA HARMON 'Z ' LW, MA H QI REGINA HENDRICKSON 4 J E DAVE JIBSON LINDA GALVIN 4 I 2' W IQ DAVID GUIKEMA 7' JIM HART F' x H I- A1 Q-" mffksl 5 JL, ..,4. K DAVID HERBERT :I ALAN JOHNSON J TOM ELLIOTT EX , F x, '- .9 ---wr-11, xiii. . - . FRED GARDEI -qu ' I vu- -: I FLORENCE GUIKEMA ,Q L- x .fy . ,. it DENNIS HAWKEY BILL HILE V5-' V, DALE JOHNSON lf: ! I 4" -5, JI JIM EVANS IR If, L L AI MIKE GILL H r I . Au, . . ,, A! . J, .,, JANE HALL A3 ' N-Q-1 JANICE HAYES 'iv I v 'I ink lf. LARRY HOMAN v-s ' I KATHY JOHNSON -viii? f I 'Z --:Q 4 Ya If MIKE GORMAN lf? 4...!-. ,I I aiu HANNAH 'W -v- mf. 1 I' RON HEAD JIM HUGHES J , w , I - I KIM KENDALL --0 DIANA MITCHELL 'S ""f I JUDY NELSON , ai' LINDA JOHNSON cl- '2- iQ 4 L 'N CAROL KINGSFORD MARCIA MAC DONALD LINDA MITCHELL . vi 71 'i ' , 9. I " -X I Nfl LI EMMA NIEMAN ,-5 7-9 I DIANE POWELL RICHARD JOHNSON 'Er I L CORAL KINGSFORD BILL MOON I T0 rx. 1 . X, I BRUCE NELSON 1. DENNIS PRICE Y X f '7'N" I' . MARGARET DAVE JOLINK KAGE .gs - DON DAVE KLINGLER KNOWLES J I "ar K ' I Q J' 3 31' 'iff , 1 gs ,-153 VMC? '53 9f4.!E Lf? g!AjgiQ!?:f JEFFREY ROSEMARY MASTERS MCCORMICK .,,E 1 ' Af.-t , I 6 .vigil ij: I, , ,ga ' '.I"'0' '3724' SI' Aer .fQj'Icl2'rll1g3:' I . JIM ROBERT MOORE MOORE rf-.,w... X ' .- U bv'- ' I. I I .J - I I Q- .545 JIM SANDY NOBLE OLSON 'Y . 'Rf LINDA RICHARD PRICE PRICE A M I B . -.rf v ' ' V -Rs' .1 P ,ac ff-- 1 Ama r I . Y 140 Pix!! I 51 Rza, WX. A . I I LOUIS KARNES W K -, Rm mn LINDA LARSON 'ii' ,gm V? R -1 W I E, , f .4 ' ,igrbai L i sw N, , ff , Q W? V. .. gh 5 swell' :gg 1 31 f JI 5 'RR Mme LOSS QPR 1 If . f?5w.I-V Al, N- , 2 M N 4 H I x A I I II I I, SHARON BRYAN Mc oousm. Mc GOWAN in , If QR f? , J- 4 EINKIQHW 2 I AK I O NANCY DON MURRAY NELSON gk IV R DON KEN PARKER Pau. BILL RADER JOHN CINDY JOLAYNE BRUCE , Q 1 'lr T. Egg 1 if I I RUTH LARRY PAM RASMUSSEN REBER RHOADS ROBERTSON ROOSSINCK ROSE ROSIE I " I a . ,.. , - - , L ' T I 'Z - . "' . "t, I 1' ' '.,'5-- I ,Q , I K 4 N . " - I X: . I4 5,1 L I Mk E447 3 1 M V W , . f A' ' L " A wif- fp I I I H5122 - I - I RAYMOND STELLA JOHN JOHN MILAN KURT ROGER ROUGI-IT RUSHING RYNBERG RYSWICK SCHIPPER SCHORNAGEL SCHURKAMP Q3 ' , Ja 5 ' ' , x '. '44 ' x Y V f' . I . N :la 'gg I . "' ' 5 5- I HL I If' -'N' M I ' XXL 5,' I". Z-II DALE RICK GREG ROGER GAIL MIKE CORAL SCHUTTER SHARP SHERMAN SHIVELY SMITH SOVINSKI SPLITSTONE I 'S' - I 5 - V .I 23 . H Yvgf' U Y - ' Z " 'T ' J N4 ' -', I' It nfl , "2 r .., " I LQ . L ' 1, - " . I 'A-'1' I .I QL..- A A ,. . .b - I , E ,-, CHARLES GERALD CLYDE LARRY DAN GEORGE SUE STEPHENS STETTNISCH STOUT STRONG STROVEN STROVEN STROVEN , QR A Q 3 E 'X , . :,. Q 5 ,I ll ' -NRS f WIP MII: I I A A It --"' A IIN !!ff" ' WI? I I. "W'7f'. I CHARLES CAROL DIANNE EUGENE IIARII LINDA II LL STRUBE STURGIS STURGIS SUTTON TAYLOR TAYLOR TEN IIRINK - I ' -V - :Lil V ..,,. .,., . h ' fm , "VH , ', u f,-Q by v,A-,FF l.... fha' ff, 5 A A 1' Q 4:2 I ' J ' ' . A5 qw. ' 5 . Y V I EA Q P3 wi ' 4 - . , mf, ILIQII .4-ff N-LI 9 'N 9 DALE DAVID RANDY MARY ELLEN JOHN MIKE DAVE TIBBE TOWNE TOWNE TRIMM TWORK TWORK VAN AGTMAEL 52 I CAROL BERNIE CAROLYN VAN VAN LEEUWEN VAN ZANTEN VLIEM fa' fri -f A. 5 - , - , H-rf A il ' G ' Ti 'Tj "V ' I f - 2 1 ,nil -Q I. I ' -A Hifi:-I fi: lxlJc:,, N gang 'I f I - "NI" I - ',' I ' fjfgv ..EIZ"3 ' 1:'A.W1Ti'?l,'f"'IfiI 535' U1 A M-2 u. LI" J V' .. . III'f?Ef'f'f'5!fI''R'!:Ia'1"" i?W.Q5,??J25f.Q FLOYD MARK RHONDA JEFF LYNN MARIE SANDY WALKER WALKER WALLACE WEISNER WESTBERG WESTERMAN WILLIAMS V:- I U TERRY SUE GLENNA NANCY MIKE CONNIE WILLIAMS WILLSON WOLFORD WOLFORD ZUCHOWSKI ZUWERINK I Initiation of the "Green Hands." Just before the game. 53 A, I 0 T ILJE . .. ."' wi T T . PM 5? .ZR ,gan . L1 if 1 - z' wff SHARON BADDIS 1 -: EIR 'sm a sf.: 'H 'E 'V ..QwR. Ls PAULETTE BOYER 54 ,E a Eghfh Grade Eighth grade class Officers are Sieve Fox, Treasurerp Walter Jend, Vice President: Jane Thompson, Presidenfg ond Max Anderson, Secretory. Yf' F " V T ' f ., .' f.,' eq -T - , .- M .fm A 4-Q! - 'T 7 -fr bf B ' ' "F X' ' , f I .1 -' ' 4 -- , . . T ' - , 1 1 A " .. .::i5i' ,,' f Sv A V I -r" -J' , R, X - T '37, 413' ' R 1, -N-Qjl'.f'.: .,Z'yf'.'." 4 N. V, I I f2r1::2f.f.1f sHARoN JAMES MAX JIM DAVE ABBOTT ANDERSON ANDERSON AUSTIN BADDIS I ,, ,A 1, , ,F ' ' L . , 'A f rf' Q 1-A ' -5 1 ,' -L . 5, J? A 2 . U gf? . V 15" i' 'yy a .' , v . E E A T' L E 4 THERESA susAN ROBERT DAVID WENDIE MARY BADDIS BARNHARD BEEKMAN BENNETT BEROUIST BERRY ' H Q E IJ I Ri E E 1 I ,F fri - ' mmf IT Hy,U'ff 'vvr' ' r H: :.f,'!w'T' , B, T' ,frffff-ff' RODNEY JIM MARY LARRY GAYLE MARY BRUNATS BROOKHOUSE BRINK BRANT BURNS BUSHEN 17- 'I , - ' , JI - A I - .1 I ' 45 ' T 4' . 'TT 'A :Z ' L Q 'I 4 nu. ,,,. . 1 I f "Q 1'-'L' fm I I , , 44:1-in fi mi -Biff RONALD DELCIE DONALD RONALD CAROL CANNIFF CARTER CHANDLER CHANDLER CHARLES '-3 2 lm lf: If an I- .',,- .s - ' - . , . -.,--1' '11 Y ' WI -an AV ' N if I I - 47 0' .If if! ,-' ' ,., . I ' JJ . ff . H' ' X '-. iii DONALD EDITH GEORGE JANET LYNDA DALE EMILIA CHORMAN CHRISTENSON CHURCH CHURCH COLBERT COOK CUSHMAN 5 ,',,,. .f. I - A4 -- 5 . L . Q. . V2.4 . s X .13 Ili I '1-'fx gags' , 3411-. vi' I 4 J I 4. "' 11' J ERICK BARB BILL GAYLE DAVID DEITERS DE KUIPER DEMPSTER I DE SHETLER DEUR h A-. .1 I I f u- ' 'K' I z.. Q " . -L 1? V I, ft X' -a x '- ' . ' Lf I '- ..,: , .3 ,. ,, uh- , , za ,1 Xl A min! GJ.. . .. .. , :.: , W ,W 2 lg.-v A ' , I Jr! lzz'ff'.gi5'11- "'V 55- qv In H15 V, -J . I fu Y 9. ,!l?:I.?i,f :fig 5, --TW 7- i,9s"I.-'ff' if-' .QL DEBBIE DIANE BRUCE MARIE JOE SANDRA ROGER DEWEY DE WITTE DRAKE DUNBAR DUNBAR EKKEL EITNIEAR I A - - sv'-. s X 11 V ' I H - 'I -is .- L+, , .sv . - 4' -1- I H Y, 'W f V E I :X K . ,, .- .., N K W . JH- ,wg . :-: 1 -,ggi '- I 'W' I, Yh N ,K - . , ' ' ' 1.5. J ETX 11, I ' IIRIIN' L :A If.. LINDA DAN LINDA STEVE DEBBIE DONNA NANCY EARL FENNER FOX FOX FOSHEIM FOSTER FOSTER 'A A I 'ii-rr I , L,,"g1? ,5,:.j p I A I KEITHA SHIRLEY ,DENNIS LIBBY CHARLES FOWLER GARDENOUR GATES GOLL GRIFFITH 55 ELBERT GUIKEMA ,,. ig -, af?" .4 F lj... 1 .1 fm NW JOHN GUIKEMA " 'igiig ' -'2 5 igiygirw fm. '- NSR? .BONNIE sos JANET HATHAWAY HAVEMAN HECKMAN BOB JOHNSON ,F , ,- 11' -kv JI A s LESLIE KARTES 56 'T DAVE JOHNSON .Q I ' F' A I! I I STEPHEN LEMANSKI if -if '--' if I n -' ,M BONITA HUBER j .""' A 'l -A i . -V. L 4 W. , '- 2 it 71" MARCIA JOHNSON I 'i -1'-3 'AJ G. 3 .. :M-.,.l W EL PHILLIP KEMPTON SHEILA LIPS I in ' sa ,fi A X A A - J- .' ' L BARB HABLE '? BARBARA HENDRIE 2 X 'N .Q I. .4- ,.-. .',' 4, J I , w Q - Ji I , u"5'J' I D WENDY HUNT ! A "' . V-v J MARY JOHNSON .ES K K. CATHY LONGCORE .53 --w 'II Inf Ir Ik PH I LLI P HAGEN .X - If MI :'!::Qn5.'T3 .+I-!".i'? . 1f!?5::2:13L 11-:1:",3f:J::f ' 3. gg-!141.".', M- J-.'g,H 3-- BI LL H O LLOWE LL 5 is-f ,A ' --v JUDY HAMILTON '.tG'.'y J :PAX Il LARRY HOLLOWELL JST' QQ- .- . A ,,, WALTER ' JEND 5' 1 .L I 1 K QI A I ' i 2 11-1- A I I I- PHYLLIS LYNN JOHNSON JOLINK vi TODD KRAAI 11 O 1 GARY LUMMEN l -I .1 JUANITA KUHNS I .:,::.iu ,A ,rj N LARRY MAAT 1, . ! TS? ,M -1 T Rf MI JI LINDA HOLLOWELL n-W' .5 ,,4. If I JAORIE JA Janome 1 MW' Sn , .5 J g 'I " It JI ' ,II GARRY KANDLER 1 'YA 1' .x 'Ig' REBECCA LEC KRON E nf .,, v -fy .' . 'I ,I If .r, if JIM MC CORM ICK M :zz-Z, I I E, . ,i 1 K ,Ay xi! '?f"5 f BRIAN NYMAN ,.,- E' xl .ff ' ,X I . LEROY PERRY of 4 ' .I -4' I JANE PURCELL 3 IA Iii! . 1 , ' Q 4 'f 1 .. .S-I 37 - J ' ,,, V 5 -er A P' 1.5 5 A - ' ' mg-9' I wmv ,- 6+ 'Pi I - ., . l 2. I I A1 W.-if.-5 A I I I I f,'.fW.f2lIf.' 52214 rf. Q . IW J1f7'f2."J.Z-1' .Xl DANNY GARY SHARON JANIS JOYCE MAC GRADY MACLEAN MAHAFFA MACOM BER Mc CASTLE B 'Y vm I I Q ' I 1 Y 'f "' if - I Il ' 'T ' V f I ww- 2 'Q I ' X R' ' 'V ' DWAYNE JIM MARY ANN LOIs MEYEITE MINER MILLIS MORRISON 'QA Ii, D , I A ' MR I 'T Ri' . ,. xy 'LD ' V W ' " ' E"-v ' SWA S' . , k .flkzgr A ' I .fx f A' 1 I ' . ff" 'I A A A QA DEIIIBY BEVERLY JUDY TIM LONNY SUSAN OLSON PARKETON PARMINTER PEETS PEKEL PELL Xa, Ra ' R l, I X 1 I ith .. j Q ' I A ! Uf""I' 75 I . " II PHILLIP CRIs BILL DAVID PERRY PINNICK PRICE PRICE J . C . 7 in N .. - HCQ A Q gn ,i - Q- A IQ. , ,L , A .I ,I .I . A. YQ ', - -A: ,. r -F. ..-R I I ., .,. .. I' Liar I JI .4 .. fzfyz z' Ig' -IT A , ' ' ,. ., , . "rf I 5. - , ig.. A V vig I f 515. 1i23.IlCI.bIP..:.iQ.I RARE DEAN LINDA GARY SUSAN JERRY MAUREEN PURCEY PURDY ROTTIER ROTTMAN ROUTSAW RYAN ' f nw . 2 f -f . . '55 I . I I- Q., --A , V? .- , 'M' gsi 1 .i ' - k- , J. . , . I. if ,A Tw -1:53, .Jr ,' ff , fm'-A .df f I .A -JI . I . 5 '- .' I 4 an NANCY BARB BARR CECIL MARK RYSWICK SAVAGE SCOTT SCOTT SCOTT R I f I I ..4 N ISIONALD SIMON ,. lv- -at K AGNES STARIHA I i KEITH TANIS 58 1? I A E, . R I H, I' 'I J DON REGGIE DAVE PRUDY TOM SCHIPPER SELLERS SEYMOUR SHANAHAN SHOECRAET 5 9' al h gg, ' i -9 Y .1 E - IN I E ' ' I I 'I f 'I Y: LARRY MARCIA MIKE RICHARD JEFF SIMPSON SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITHSON ,iw Q I 3- -. I Q' ' , f Y- I I I 1, , . ELAINE TIM RICHARD ELEANOR JEFF STORMS STROVEN STROVEN STRUBE SUERTH IR., T -.J L 'YT' , v ,M SANDY JANE TOM TIM BILL TEN DRINK THOMPSON TIBBE TUBBERGEN VAN CAMP V? " 4 - 'Ps A, .- 1 , , fgtf,-Ei-.1,'f?E , A I I 5qjv332QgI?'E'?y?aIf ' 4- R .' L '4":.R fa A I Pi E I LOWELL LINDA CYNTHIA MARILYN ROBERT WEBSTER WESTBROOK WHITE WILLIAMS WOLFRAME ll I , 9 I I I , X IK- I I IIARR PAT BEVERLY ROBERT LEONARD WRIGHT YEAKEY ZACHARIAS ZERLAUT ZOSCSAR JANE SONDEEN RUTH SINEENEY QI. I . 5. ..:I J RICH WALKER W'-nf , SI, EILEEN WOODWORTH ll! Se venfh Grade Officers of the seventh grade are Sandy Hays, Treasurer, Roger DeKuiper, Vice President, Joel Assume, President, and Diane Morton, Secretary. 1- SCOTT ALLEN v 7 , . I A I "un-vw . W- ,-,II K IX. , .5 xr I . 'I rx I , DAVID JEAN BAILEY BEKKERING I - ' ,-v pf I Vx' I ' I ' fu 1-v' X, ,Mizz nil! .1 I! f.,.T Y Y mi: Q K 'I ' If -u gh? STEVE WALTER BROWN BROWN MIKE COMER DOROTHY COOK .1 - A A -Q4 ' f CHARLES ANDERSON 'S' DIANE BERG Qu 1 . -,Va 6 I YVONNE BUNKER ROSEMARY COOK s s- 'W- E ,Q ..: . 53 E SQA ' Mm-B ss X Km SSW Q K H If mf E 3, ,.,.,., J R ,L ,., -:-: 6 ,., f, M- ' ss Q in ga- W' 2. mf -5 I H I - X" " 4 .1 sniff:-,fn D. .1 J v- - .r A ' E rf '1lf.f, : I' F V, ,I H W. A I If 'E fl", STEPHEN ANDREWS I Q H 'V' I' E I . I ' 1 STEVEN BRANT CHRISTINE LOIS BURKLE BUTFER BERTHA DOROTHY CUSHMAN CUSHMAN Joel. Assmrzs 3 I QSEHQQQYZZA Af Q H H" mg I EEE We rw I, H H I M -'f'TQijjQg: 5 ' 'I' SS SS ' IWW I 1+ I E SRB -. I -- vu J E D' .L I - ,PB 11: .-,IS 1 I Ef 3.4-' gig.2gp E ss ., ,. I X Bi is IQ EZH 1., m e s: AL I 'arf 4, 2fgI7 1 If LQ4fIg1:Qi , LARRY MAmoN BRITTON BROWN M ' W' ' "T"TH 'QW M B ngmmxs If , H ' - - . . z in -' m ay H H ,K ..,: I: .f:a,., 5 1' ,,W2ZM ,s:g , iw? X I mime isis? cAnL GENE cn-amsreNsoN cmusrorpsnseu H 2 gilt ! ff W is? Q A ,E H QQ 323553 1 gs E5 S' JOHN CHERYL cusHMAN cmmrron 59 ,E . V ,. V QM NI I f IK ' ,- K Y W- f ' ' xy. X ' I .. . A 4 .. ' - Q ---A-2 'I 'fi 'Y' . I I ' A 'uv Ia' ' I! H, WWI , ' A 'f .A ,Irs 2 X Ab - ,V I is 05, gh 2 . ,J A, --7 f M, I I- I .,. I - agvnll 'I , , 1 ' - A, , ,I My A A I , ' f I If 1, , A " 4 . E f Q J ' ' , " ,ff 3' f 1 ' Q. Af" fa ff r Sim- . ' - , X -- ', ' -. '1 H-3f,I'1j:,:5,LI'iI'W Sai I1 I 'I' I f . OI-IARLENE ERIC HARRY OHERYL JUDY LEORA ROGER CROSBY DAHLSTROM DAKE DEATER DEATER DE KUIPER DE IcuIPER .. '13 " . "' 5 P W " 4 " ' ' L , '15 :-' W ,HI -U, ' - --,fi-4 H I r WIHQ! V --'f AY , 'S ' I ' Q A" . L, ,... . 'r in' ,-I' 4 ., If :, jQ41g'g : ,ufzi o"II'l'y , A I - 7 - I . "+11H'fw Q I A -:-AQ: .f'1?f'I' ""'i:A'1 "Q 3 3'5i:i:g55Q1.::'g, , 7? if lf A I , R EI-r L, ' . ,,:, E , V -f + -5,,: 55: 5 I: I J I , In 1--I -N ' ia., 4 Q: . gl I , 4 A 4.. .v ,i GREG THEODORE DICK JERRY TERRY ROMAYNE ROBERT DEMMON DEUR DONEY DOUGAN DOUGAN DUBORD DuNIsAR U '- f 1355 I" ' J- I w ,- f-4 5 A in A ,' L, .", , V L, . --9, - ,, 'f 1 f -v I, iff? if? -'fig fm AW, 12, tg : , 5 Wigs. V, uf. Af rg J , .- ' ' Q" ' I 5:61 CONNIE GINA N JERRY TIM RUBY CONNIE DUNHAM ELwARTOwsIcI EMERICK ESSEIIAGGERS ESSEX FISCHER , t Y- gr 1' M ' I ' --- 1- I mf ' ' T +I. . 1, Fx- , ' : 2' iw I -:-T If f Iii .- fqfrf f ,g " lf -. RI . ' ,I "5" 93" M? ' -- ' 'R r-, ' ,, - TIM LINDA LOIS DAVID BILLY PHILLIP vIcIcIE FRANCES FRANKLIN GALVIN GEETING GERMAN GUIKEMA HAINES ' "' ' I if 72 ,, Ap F3 I . I - , I .- fi - 'Z ' YH . - , A -' A T - - '-If , s In 6 'A E 1, W A 'K H 3 Q -'fun ' t h I R " ',G 'T' ?-352-i ' ' ' ' 'f:fl'.'IV"uf"':Ib'? SHARON JIM SANDIE suE GLORIA STUART DU wAYNE HANNAH HARSHFIELD HAYS HAYS HEENER HENDERSON HENDRICKSON ff l':f - - 5 . 5735, ' I- - .Q Q ' ff' .Q TI - I J' .Qt V? ' 'WX j ., Q H, ' ' gr V 1 W K I 4 V Q .. 'af Q ,X-.1 ,Vw 'Q 1 'W t xhg w Q , ' V 'I Q 1 fl Ji if H m , . , A A , I I - 1' fffilwfll' C I., f I " ,. 2 JUDY JULIE JIM VAN JAN DON LA VERNE HICKS HILE HILLARD I-IINDES HIRscH HOLLOWELL HOLLOWELL 60 .I fx Q4 ,L 8 ., XJ ..a,.V if ,, ':', A Thi, E A , -.. H r -' A ' .' 'W Q...-r JANET CONNIE TERRY KATHY KEN DOUG RICKY HUDSON JOHNSON JOLINK KEMPF KENDALL KOOISTRA KWAST N X S ETQJQ an F W N N 1 Ewing In is - Q 2 A . E ,, Q . .. A A ' . l Q. H as A ,, 5 " X. 2 agggzgfi. B My 222355, E .awk I - 1- -4' A we H H l M: -I P' ,L .5--A l I 5. ,,,-,gf A-ff, ., H? I H -'X -,sf - 'ff E3? if17l:5i1kflT'5'-111' NANCY MARGARET SUE SANDRA CHARLES LINDA DICK LAREVA LECKRONE MAGEE MAST MC CORMICK MC GRADY MC KINLEY A I .. 32255 -2 11 Qs? ' :-if -. ,.:' G ' H 'li 59? gff 5 ? Q V if?-" H H H fi? Egg , W Z "' 5 .- LS .- .f..f.Q . .' P535 RONALD DARLENE JIM BILL KAY DAVID DIANE MIKOLICH MILLIS MLNARIK MOON MOON MOONEY KMORTON I . I S H E 4-K jmj ' 4,3 555552 .ik T X' V . mx , ,..' Y i, av . Y I4 ,,. Q ,.' ' -A , ss Vx C3 ' 3 X I S l L I ' A '-jf R-H5 H X ig 1 yy '-4,-:qqt-,k?'I.a1.1v-,ifaf1"-: ' -1 VICKI WANDA LARRY WAYNE DEBBY PAT BONNIE ' NADEAU NAVARRE PARKETON PATTERSON PEKEL PINNICK POLL ' ' , . 5 IC 5?32"9iif'W Q E ns- R- H F' 13 . I I 3' U I - .. I mf!-I RM F Q-.a: " , .f...: X , - 5 ,S H if -- Q. Wig F35 ' -.1 " EQQJSZQQ -:-: I 53 -5 "fig .. 4- Q . ' ,jg - ,G - All is S :': V fi f 5?5 '95lgL ' zzz 1 WT H . 1 Jn Y v A A A 3 Q: Klasse .. ., ,iw ,4 img gfg a g :-: . .mn 1 I GQ ., 5 W, F H, ,J 4 If I H . zlz y 'f SL '15 Q- E 1.x K' I f, ' R 5 A I mn IQ. ,,,, ,. 't 1 I . . A 0 .QI1 ' ,wma I f I A .mi GAYLE JOHN STEVE DONNA JUNE JANE LINDA POWELL POWERS P IC PURCEY PURDY REATH A 'REED 'I A ' ' I 5 35.2553 5 sm-H 1 B was 1 EfQffi1i, J5.m S 5 ' . Q- 5 E .. , H :W Ui:fi3i3a?gQ E as K. ht . I mx . I V YQ . ,E W Q TZ? . 1 N e f A f' ,Imax . M . .. I I I ' alibi gk, 1 .S ni.- , G , - ' J W Y' . -n I EW, : --.H .--Y., . -: 4 1 N f - .-ix. -ive." I ' ,x . X.. - ,IE J W .. .-K - . Il I ffm!-'a.J-I"X A-'wwf LLZF-fuvss V I-5 STEVE RICHARD BARB SHIRLEY DAVID GARRY TOM RICE RIDDERMAN ROBINSON ROGERS ROTTMAN ROTTMAN ROUTSAW 61 -:II I X CAROL RYSWICK .I I? - ,fi GREG SMITHSON Ii'-EF . 'W 'BY Q5 .- 72551 1' 15,3 Af I..TfJIM rh P DON TANIS IIARIIARA TOWNE K K I -...E O 5 Jaw I -I ., . W V- ,N 'I DONNA Voss ROBERT WILLIAMS 62 ,ef 45 2' ' 9 1 , . D-T' - S- -EQ, ,X 'Ti 7 ' 461, I !I.-'I . I cv' V - 4 .JN .ffl ,' I ,Ig " If -'KN ' I II .L I I 11944, TANYA JANET JUDY JACK SANDERSON SCOTT SIMPSON SMITH A , I' VV .' IE J T! 4' . . ' Q S -- , I, .If I A fl ' N1 :gf I. A,. I CHARLENE RICHARD ALAN HARRY STEPHENS STORNIS STROVEN STROVEN ,. Y N I, Kg .: ' - A F. , K 1- , SJ 'N V Cb bm! I I 4 I , If ' I NINA RUTH TOM MARLENE TAYLOR TEN IIRINK TEN IIRINK THENIKL ' 3 . I f',,' 4 WW It A HH--.,.I1fjf"H-I, emi A I I DON BILL JIM STAN ' VAN AGTMAEI. VAN AVERY VANDENITERG VANDENBERG . X ia ' '. 'I A D I Y . I I-5 Li fii 1' ' ":7f VfR4I?'t'LTMj KI-N 4' :MII F F Mgr' 72 If W' . I- DOUG PHILLIP GARY DANNY WESTBROOK WESTERVELT WESTRA WHITE If-ga, I 3 - 'F . . T1 - 'Y 'I ' 91 ff'2-7f5?"i'SI'f I - I ffIi',525n7f3 ' TE. 3 -, f ' ' E ' - V fi:-' lf.. I T .5 ' FOREST HAROLD RALPH BARBARA WILSON WORKNIAN WORKMAN ZAPLETAL 116 r' I :fI XD -. 5 I , .f J KERRY MAXINE SMITH SMITH Il 'ii' I -. , I ' ' mf " f" MI" KEITH KAREN STROVEN SWANIIERG 'fa' Q '4- f ' 'J I I 2 ,A I II I, 1 :qv J- I , . L' STEVE JOE THIELKE TOVY 'a .gy , I . TOY I xl PATSY ALAN VAN HEMERTS VLIEM 'Q Y , 11. i '-A . ? 5 ,? . RUTH LINDA WILK wII.Ks I + ii ,Tin ' .-I MARGARET MORRIE ZENK ZERLAUT ,fi Marleen is busy typing. Students attending a pep meeting V Marching in the Homecoming parade. The "Ccsuals" singing at the Mid-Winter Holiday. sf QQ.: We're over here! Homemaklng girls admire 0 perfect place setting. few was BBB mae sms m a mm 3? mmmiq vim was may m mm H li E B I-I S H I H E me E V. H E s m E -:- mamma emweg yeenm me we You mean Einstein already discovered this? mmm en nm my sm m mn uma mam Q Spruce-up time. , Please OPEN UP- E a nm We remember sitting in the freezing cold at a football game, screaming our lungs out at a basketball game, standing in the rain to watch a track meet, singing the school song slightly out of tune, the spirit and enthusiasm before a game, the excitement at the pep meetings, the joys of victory and the despair of defeat. Our "school spirit" has always been high. We have cheered our teams, we are proud of them, and, win or lose, we were there to back them. Varsif y Foofball FIRST ROW: A. Bultman, T. Truman, B. Voss, J. Deke, M. Scott, B. Jibson. G. Frans J Beebe J Darling A Jend SECOND ROW: D. Truman, R. Peters, P. Houghtaling. J. VandenBerg, B. Smith, J. Furda T Waldo C Johnson L Kraley L. Rottier, B. Howard. THIRD ROW: Coach John Vandenburg, J. Dykman, J. Robinson J Decker H Smith C Britton K. Glasen, A. Anderson, Assistant Coach Dick Smith Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont I3 0 6 21 26 13 14 6 .,..,........ .. Hart N. Muskegon Reeths-Puffer Cedar Springs Coopersville Whitehall Zeeland Ravenna Frens makes first down. Jibson drives 'For yardage -Li As -"2f':. Coach Vandenburg and Coach Smiih congrafulafe J. Dykman for being chosen Capfain of fhe Homecoming game. Senior inferior lineman, J. Deke, A. Bulfman, P. Hough- faling, and C. Johnson. lisfon 'lo Coach Smi+h's insiruciions on line play. V 1 Senior Back and Ends ..... L. Rof-Her, H. Smifh, and J. Dylrman are picfured wi'I'h Coach Vandenburg. Varsif y Baskefball FIRST ROW: T. Desheiler. B. Bekkering, S. Kraai, A. Harris, J. Morrison. SECOND ROW: J. Furda. C. Prediger, G Sfroven, C. Smalligen, G. Soufhland, D. Truman, M. Sfeele. Q 4 's ,Yzf x Smiih Eghfs for score. Fremoni in acfion. Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont D. Truman iumps while Smith and Bekkering get ready. Big Rapids 50 Fremont 46 Whitehall 67 Fremont 42 Orchard View 47 Fremont 57 Ravenna 51 Fremont 38 Big Rapids 44 Fremont 57 North Muskegon 46 Fremont 34 Reeths-Puffer 41 Fremont 46 Coopersville 36 Fremont 49 TOURNAMENT Fremont 43 ............,,.......,..,........... ,.... H art 76 Whitehall Ludington Ravenna . ,............. Lakeview North Muskegon Reeths-Puffer Orchard View Coopersville -R I 1 I - A. G. Southland takes a lay-up. Chuck battles for rebound. Swimming Team A Q1 wa E, Q..- .W .W ,G , W FIRST ROW: R. Roughf, L. Dunn, R. Larson. D. Henderson, M. Splifsfone, J. Beebe, C. Johnson, H. Dykman. SECOND ROW: M. Assanfe, B. Waldo, M. Loss, B. Vanzanien, C. Allen. B. Beeler, T. Dunn, Coach Smifh. THIRD ROW: Mgr. M. Smiih, L. Henderson. R. Head, A. Mendham, J. VandenBerg. R. Roughi, K. Saum, J. Griffes. J. Parminfer prepares for ihe 50 yard free-siyle. Whaf Sharks? 70 Varsn' y Baseball Boys fha? saw aclion 'lhis year in baseball were B. Youker. P. RoHman, T. DeShe+ler. B. Waldo. M. Sieele, C. Johnson G. Frens, T. Waldo, L. RoHier. They were coached by Max Lee. Mendham, C. Johnson, J. Dylzman, G. Frens, T. Waldo, L. RoHler. They were coached by Max Lee. Varsif y 77'ack FIRST ROW: M. Simon. C. Briflon. L. Kraley, K. Glasen. SECOND ROW: L. May, B. Pelers, J. Decker, P. Soulhland, H. Smllh, G. Soufhland, J. VandenBerg. THIRD ROW: Coach Benninh, B. Smllh, B. Geeling, J. Coleson, R. Roughl, B. Jlbson. B. Howard. Coach Fleming. This year's leam was coached by John Vandenburg. Wresfling FIRST ROW: K. Hea'II1, R. SI1iveIy, J. Darling. D. Powers, B. Kemperman, D. Luclrer. 'SECOND ROW: J. Clark. A. Ander- son, M. Simon, B. Burlrle, P. Smalligan. THIRD ROW: C. Briggs, B. Nelson. Coach Buoy, M. Dockers, S. Wallis, H. Taylor. Cross Counfry FIRST ROW: J. Morrison, L. May. R. Moon, D. Henderson, L. Dunn. SECOND ROW: M. Uramkin, C. Shively, M. Sfeele J. Norris, M. Simon, Coach Benninlx. Tennis -+..,..... Reiurning leifermen This year were ScoH Kraai and Bob Klein. They were coached by Mr. Morehouse. Leff 'lo right J. Beebe, J. Frens, C. Meyer, D. Eenigenburg, K. Saum, P. DeKryger, D. Visschor. Coach Cooper Reserve Foofball FIRST ROW: M. Assanie, M. DeKuiper, A. Van Hemerf, Dave DeRosa. B. Youlrer. T. McClain, M. Schurkamp, R. De Kuiper, B. Geefing, K. Saum. SECOND ROW: J. Coleson, W. Jend, D. Johnson, D. Price, B. Waldo, R. Price. T. Dunn, D. Anderson, M. Fox, H. Dylrman. THIRD ROW: B. Church, W. Anderson, B. Lueihge. R. David, B. Nixon. R. Anderson, C. Briggs, Coach Anderson, Coach Bucy. Reserve Baskefball FIRST ROW: R. Weiden, L. Kraley, M. DeKuiper, C. Shively, M. Uramlrin. SECOND ROW: C. Gerber, Coach Ander son, R. Moon, C. Bacon. R. David, B. Klein, D. Anderson. Reserve Baseball ax-as - L QU' . . il' 1: , H f 1-I Xxggff 5 7 !p'f4.em0'I'f-I N Z' - I U3 I I Nw? E QL I , '7 'I' 3 " , 3' As 'I ' . I ' - 11 Av 9' :V .X L ' if, I., W 1 I I- -gk i 3 .rm ' I Q ' ' :E 3: Y .. .- M I I I " - 1- I . :.f. ,A'. rf- - 1 " ' ' 2 ' ' ' 4 - 5 .f""'if -.l..:i ""?'7'iff -2395-'? FIRST ROW: J. Morrison. G. McDougall, D. Anderson, J. Klamer, D. SI'1eII, T. Dunn, M. Uramlrin. SECOND ROW: D. Williams, B. Luefhge. R. Moon, K. Roifman. R. Rynberg, J. Robinson, J. Parminfer, B. Walker. THIRD ROW: Coach Prediger, J. Darling, R. Weiden, D. Henderson, R. Larson, C. Shively, C. Gerber, D. Powers, C. Presion. Freshman Baskeiball FIRST ROW: R. Anderson. C. Sfrube, A. Deuling, G. Graeme, T. Dougan, K. Schornagel. D. Kage. SECOND ROW: T. McClain, Coach Crawford. A. Crysler, M. Zuchowslri, L. Dow, J. Weisner, P. Fosfer, L. Deephouse. 75 Junior high Foofball FIRST ROW: W. Jend, D. Houghfaling, B. Drake, J. Smifhson. T. Tibbe, D. Deur, C. Nelson. J. Suerih, B. Price, T. Peferson. SECOND ROW: D. Fenner. S. Lemanski, T. Peeis, M. McNeil, B. Wolframe, D. Johnson, J. Miner. M. KoIrx. J. Broolrhouse, B. Nyman, D. Price. THIRD ROW: Coach Crawford, B. Van Camp. G. Kandler, M. Procfor, L. HoIIoweII J.AusIin, D. Purcey, G. RoHier, K.JaI1r. D. Seymour, Coac:I'1'MoreI'1ouse. Noi Presenfz B. Haveman, T. Tubbergen, M. ScoH Junior High Baskefball FIRST ROW: M. Anderson, J. Brookhouse, B. Nyman, J. Miner, D. Seymour, G. RoHier. SECOND ROW: J. Suerih, B Haveman, C. Nelson, D. MeyeHe, D. Baddis. M. Sco'H, L. Jolink. THIRD ROW: B. Van Camp, Coach Morehouse, M McNeil, R. SeIIers, D. Purcey, T. Tubbergen. Noi Presenh D. Fenner, T. Kraai. Aquaeffes J. Hull, K. Holler, L. Wesfburg, V. Holzrichier, N. Burneif, C. Meyer. V. Sco'H', P. Scoff, A. Luelhge, M. Wakefield, M. Kingsforcl, K. Demmon. K. Kendall, J. Schipper, K. Dykman, S. Deur. D. Powell, K. Johnson, C. Reber. The Aquaeffes were direcied by Miss Georgene Ludemann. Freshman Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: R. Hendrickson, K. DeKuiper. S. Sfrovan. SECOND ROW: K. Johnson. J. Noble, L. Wesiberg. Varsify Cheerleaders ner, V. Hall, B. Weiden. SECOND ROW: M. Ksngsford, J. Ferg Junior Varsify K. Kendall. N. Burneff, D. Broome, J. Hall. ,8 4 Junior Hgh Cheerleaders 4 FIRST ROW: B. Delfuiper, C. Crosby, B. Savage. SECOND ROW: G. Burns. J. Hamil+on, G. DeShe+ler. Cheerleaders lead siudsnfs in a pep assembly. Sfudenfs sfanding for school song Girls! Such SHORT skids! ! ! I Cdch him Holi! Cafch him ad if i'irs+." "You did not l+'s mine!" "l wan? ii." 1 ,ig Hem- ,. lmf, ws.. .-P"'f .J ' , n 'H-64-' ' A g l 3 . 'Xe Q. I X 1 it . i. i, .Q 5 T 1 if - ll' f ,L rf ' ' 'lf ' ..l ?'. ' f . ,ff- E- I sg, V nm: . fi sim ., Q .W - YQ-I .J ' qthfgll' it NF Q B' QE w Our school year abounds with activities, from clubs and organizations to Home coming and the Mid-Winter Holiday. Each of us has belonged to one of these groups, gone to one of the dances attended a Student Council meeting, voted for the Homecoming Queen, or enioyed being in various performances. Who can forget the many memories of being a part ot this school, in extra curricular activities as well as in the classroom? Homecoming Senior court poses after performing at the all school Homecoming pageant. Surrounding Queen Marcia are her senior court, Susan Jones, Penny Hastings, Karen Stroven, Jane Sweitzer and Mary Queen Marcia reigns at the football game Homecoming night. Ann Savage. is The Queen and ings, pause at a member of her court, Penny Hast- the refreshment table during the Homecoming dance. X 1952 Pictured above is Queen Marcia Smalligan and her' court, Judy Swanberg, Sophomoreg Susan Jones Seniorp Penny Hastings, Seniorg Karen Stroven, Seniorg Jane Sweitzer, Seniorp Mary Ann Savage Seniorg Lauri Walker, Junior: Cindy Reber, Freshman. f l in 3 is ,A in rf l I.. I 2 . Jane applauds while Marcia is being crowned John Dykfflflfi receives 'haf SPeCl0l kiss f"0m Queen, Queen Marcia. I Siudenf Council FIRST ROW: Mr. Eisner, J. Hall, B. Savage, T. Hall, M. Savage, C. Johnson, K. Siroven, G. Frens, D. Jensen, L. Pugno P. Sfroven, L. Wallrer. SECOND ROW: K. Kendall, E. Dalzlslrom, S. Yliioki, V. Holzricllier, J. Sweilzer, E. Eisner, S Kraai, M. Kingsford, B. Weiden, J. Scoll, C. Crosby. THIRD ROW: M. L. Holmes, M. A. Helder, M. Hunl, A. Jendrze- iewslri, J. Magee, B. Voss, S. Miner, J. Ferguson, B. Delsuiper, J. Hamilton, C. Lips. FOURTH ROW: D. Wyngarden K. Kemperman, D. Powell, K. Johnson, B. Scoil, S. Willson, A. Anderson, B. Belrlrering, J. Smilhson, B. Haveman, B Wallcer, F. Wilson. Sfudenf Council Officers Karen Siroven, Secrefary: Chuclr Johnson, Vice President Mary Ann Savage, Presideni: Gary Frens, Treasurer. Sfudem' Council Cabinef STANDING: Diane Jensen, dances: Tom Hall, finance: Pai Slroven. SEATED: Linda Pugno, aciiviflesg Mary Ann Savage, Presidenf: Laurie Walker, assemblies. No? piciured: Tim Truman, halls. Mary Ann Savage and Tom Deliuiper. las? year's Mid-Winier Fesiival King and Queen. crown King Javier and Queen Sinilrlra. Journalism vw ' - A 3 FIRST ROW: K. Holler, P. Hasfings, G. Fowler. M. Holmes, K. Kemperman, C. Lips, S. McCormick, K. Lind, Mr. Adair. SECOND ROW: B. Wooclring. S. Jones, C. Dewey, M. Shoecrafi, R. Bingman, J. Perry, P. Houghfaling, K. Glasen, C. Johnson. HKSSKEWW wnmmssmmsmnssn- ,ss . I MOGUL EDITORS STANDING: B. Wocclring, R. Bingman, P. Hough- fallng, S. Jones, P. Hasllngs. SEATED: G. Fowler C. Dewey, M. Holmes, M. Shoecrafl. PACKER TALES EDITORS STANDING: M. Shoecrafl, S. McCormick. SEATED: K. Kemperman, J. Perry, K. Lind, C. Johnson. 86 Nafion al Honor Socief y FIRST ROW: J. DarIing, J. TenBrinIr, D. Masfers, L. Welker, M. Dahlsirom, T. Johnson. SECOND ROW: B. Roffman E. Eisner, D. Jensen, L. Pugno, M. Smalligan. D. Wyngarclen. THIRD ROW: Sponsors. Mr. Kinion, Mr. Morehouse, Mr EIIinger, Mrs. Boerman, Mr. Adair. Debafe Team SEATED: J. Tinney, J. PeII. J. TenBrink, Mr. Fosheim, sponsor. STANDING: C. Frodey, M. McDonald, V. Maclam. S. Willson, L. Pugno, I. Edbroolze. .I-T. mwah. R, R-e --f-- FIRST ROW: Mr. Sanderson, Advisor, L. Weaver, Treasurer, G. Taylor, Senfinal, A. Benne'H', Secrefary, D. Holler, Vice President P. Smalligan, President SECOND ROW: G. Kingsford, S. Wallis, J. Parminier, J. Robinson, G. Smiih, J. Ro'H'ier. J. Elrkel, S. Roberfson. THIRD ROW: M. Califf, J. Vile, D. Ross, D. Mafhews, J. Siorms P. Roifman C Presion, A. Bua+end0rp. FOURTH ROW: R. Lummen, H. Dew, J. Walker, K. Klemundf, D. mmf R. eee+ing', Fi Veensfra, V. ScoH'. FIFTH ROW: J. McCas+le, D. Wolfsen, R. Cook, J. WcIcoH. G. Luchies, E. Billingsly, R. Hillarcl T. Boliz. a FIRST ROW: G. Siroven, J. Ro'H'ier, J. Robinson, J. Parminier, G. Smiih, S. Wallis, J. Eklrel, D. Johnson, B. Geeiing H. Hoppa. SECOND ROW: S. Walker, L. Dickinson, B. Youker, B. Wesfbrook, W. CorneH, G. Kaiser, R. Derby, G Zoscsak, J. Miller, D. Wood, B. Hile. THIRD ROW: J. Tworlr, B. Churclw, D. Elclxel, B. Derlrs, L. Glen, D. Wallace, D RoHier, T. Maihews, B. Kempf, D. Crofooi. FOURTH ROW: R. Devries, R. De Kuiper, F. Walker, D. Hawkey, D. Guikema R. Bock, A. Breuker, D. Elrkel, K. Pell, C. Siouf. FIFTH ROW: J. Deaier, K. Heafh, B. Moon. E. Manchip, D. Berg, M Walker, J. Rasmussen, D. Tibbe, D. Jahr, D. VanAg+maeI, M. Twork, J. Ryswiclz. .l-11. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Willson, J. Parsons, S. Willson, N. Smiih, N. Church, D. PoHer, D. Combs, S. Deur, M. Trimm, V. Van Camp, M. Smilh, Miss Lawrence. SECOND ROW: B. Parkefon, L. Alxershoek, S. Franh, M. Dunbar, D. Millis, J. Rupar, K. Dickinson, D. Grove, C. Zuwerinlz, C. Chris'l'enson, L. Galvin, M. Weslerman. G. A. A. FIRST ROW: S. Mehalifa, J. Jerome, J. Hudson. J. Hall, K. Hawlcey, M. Dahlsfrom, V. Holzrichfer, Kingsford, S. Lips, C. Crosby, D. Voss, Miss Ludemann. SECOND ROW: V. Hall, R. Dubord, Y. Bunlrer, S. Abboif, J. Purcell, J. Reaih. L. Karfes. V. Haines, R. Ten Brink, M. S+. Marlin, J. S+raHon. THIRD ROW: J. Sondeen, J. Heclcman, L. Wesl- brook, W. Bergquisf, P. Shanahan, B. Hudson, C. Lips, D. Dewey, N. BurneH, N. Whife, D. Purcey, M. Zenlx. FOURTH ROW: K. Dylcman, C. Reber, D. Powell, K. Johnson, P. Seoul, S. DeJong, C. Speef, M. Hunl, C. Meyer, J. Ferguson, S. Wilson. 89 Varsif y Club FIRST ROW: B. Jibson, J. Dylrman, P. Houghfaling, G. Frens, C. Johnson, S. Kraai, A. Bulfman, K. Glasen, L. Roffier. SECOND ROW: J. Deke, C. Briffon, T. Waldo, J. Parminfer, J. Robinson, B. Voss, B. Howard, J. Morrison. THIRD ROW: C. Smalligan, B. Klein, A. Jend, T. Truman, J. Hamilion. T. Dunn, M. Simon, H. Smiflw. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Anderson, J. Furda, L. Kraley, J. Darling, J. Magee, D. Truman, J. Vanden Berg, J. Coleson. Fufure Nurses FIRST ROW: S. Pekel. V. Maclam, C. CoHreII, L. Johnson, C. Veensfra, M. ScI1ipper, D. Dunning, K. Holler, S. Deur, J. Comis, R. Cosens. L. AIrersI1oeIl, M. Perry. SECOND ROW: J. Lyons. M. Huisen, J. Walker, M. De Kuiper, B. Tanis, J. Kalsbeelr, C. Speei, C. Chrysiler, J. Hayes, M. Ramey, S. Miner. T. Nieman. Hall Monifors , FIRST ROW: M. Myer, J. Sweifzer, S. McCormick, D. Jensen, M. Vorres, N. Burne'H, L. Marfinez, K. McNeil, J. Kiassen, J. Tinney, G. Neher, N. Whiie. SECOND ROW: E. Eisner, J. Hall, D. Broome, K. Johnson, M. Kingsford, D. Freriks, J. Swanberg, S. Miner. M. Holmes, S. Kraai, C. Dewey. THIRD ROW: J. Dykman, A. Anderson, B. Gearing, G. Soufhland. D. Murray, K. Holler, L. Maples, M. Ramey, P. Siroven, C. Frodey, B. Weiden. FOURTH ROW: J. Ro'Hier, A. Anderson, M. Poll, P. Larson, B. Prime, H. Taylor, J. Ekkel, D. Anderson, J. Vile. FIFTH ROW: J. Hamilfon, D. Truman, J. Robinson, J. Parminfer, T. VanHemer+, K. RoH'man, D. Eenigenburg, J. Darling, G. Frens, C. Bacon, A. Jend. Fufure Eachers FIRST ROW: S. Olson, S. Haines, A. Anderson, B. Roffman, J. Klassen, N. Whife, D. Schoianus, Mrs. Boerman. SECOND ROW: J. Coieson, J. Homiifon, B. Hudson, K. Hawkey, P. Morrison, J. Pell, i. DeKryger, P. Wolfsen. 91 Literary Club FIRST ROW: K. Demmon, K. Wolier, P. ScoH', S. Yliioki, A. Jend. C. Lips, B. Howell. SECOND ROW: Mr. Vanden- burg, A. Throop, I. DeKryger. J. Tinney, S. ZerIau+, J. S+ra++on, P, Fuhrman. Grade Ban , FIRST ROW: Mr. Durlcee, J. Hudson, J. Tovey, J. Smiih, V. Hindes, J. Harshfield. E. Dahlshom, G. Demmon, S. Mahaffa M. Leckrone. SECOND ROW: M. TI'1eniI:Ie, D. Berg, J. Bekkering, J. Purcell, V. BergquIs+, G. Sherman, L. Websier, P Guilrema, T. Francis. THIRD ROW: R. DeKuiper, J. Vandenberg, G. Smirhson, R. Ridderman, T. Essebaggers, D. Wes?- broolr, B. Robinson, G. Hefner, T. Sanderson. K. Swanberg. Junior Band FIRST ROW: J. Miner, T. Shoecraff, J. Hall, W. Hunt P. Shanahan, C. Pinniclr, S. Fox, J. Andrews. J. Heclcman, G DeSl'1eller, J. Jerome, B. Savage, L. Earl. SECOND ROW: P. DeWiH, K. DeKuiper, J. Hamilfon, L. Gall, C. VanLeeuwen M. Wolford, L. Weaver, B. DeKuiper, L. Wesibrook, T. Peeis, D. Seymour, M. Smirh, L. Simpson, M. Smiflx. THIRD ROW Mr. Durlree, S. Coleson, D. Johnson, J. Moore, G. Ro'Hier, L. Price, S. Olson, D. Crawford. K. Jal'1r, D. Eklxel. FOURTH ROW J. Suerflu, T. Tublaergen, S. Lips, J. Tworlr, M. Johnson, D. Powell, D. Carfer, B. Scoii, N. Fosfer, R. Hendrickson. MAJORETTES: L. Pugno, M. Savage, L. Waller, S. McCormick. DRUM MAJOR: T. Hall. ss LOW WOODWINDS-FIRST ROW: M. Meyer. S. DeJong, J. Furda. SECOND ROW: G. Anderson. S. Miner, P. Fuhrmann. SAXAPHONES--FIRST ROW: M. Savage, K. Dylz- man. M. Shoecrafi, S. Pekel. SECOND ROW: T. Hall, J. DeWi't're, S. Shuiis, M. Uramkin. Senior PERCUSSION-B. VanZan+en, J. Ferguson, K. Saum J. Sherman, N. Moon, L. Pugno, Mr. Durlree. FLUTES-FIRST ROW: M. Hunf, D. DeKuiper, P. Scoff, D. Fosheim. SECOND ROW: M. Trimm, J. Kalsbeck, S. Willson. Band LOW BASSES-FIRST ROW: J. Leclcrone, P. Scoff, J. Swanberg, R. Leckrone. SECOND ROW: D. An- derson, M. Deaphouse, S. Boes, N. Brookhouse, R Wolfsen. TU l I -, gs- H ll , i m ss CORNETS-FIRST ROW: A. Luefhge, J. Smiihson R. Walker, R. Vansickle. CLARINETS-FIRST ROW: J. Jerome, V. VanCamp, L. Wesibsrg, N. Wolford, L. Andrews, L. Larson, J. Kempf. SECOND ROW: J. Smifh, J. Frens, B. RoH- man, J. Wesfbrook. M. Dahlsfrom, D. Powell, D. Sneller, N. Smifh. TROMBONES-FIRST ROW: D. HarsHTeld, M Deker, J. Coleson, S. Wever. SECOND ROW: A Bulfman, C. Meyer, G. Soufhland, J. Visscher, M Schurkamp. I . ! TENOR SECTION-FIRST ROW: Mr. Brown, C. Shively, T. McClain, D. Moon, B. Purcell. SECOND ROW: M DeKui er L. . p . lbffier, B. Belrlcering, J. Elwarfowski. Senior Choir ALTO SECTION-FIRST ROW: C. Lips, Accompanisf, M. Schipper, K. Kemperman N. While. D. Wyngarden, Accompanisi. SEC- OND ROW: D. Millis. J. Rupar, L. Rhoden- baugh, R. Kyle. THIRD ROW: C. Grossen bacher, C. Dewey. R. Scoff, N. Church, D. PoHer. BASE SECTION-FIRST ROW: D. Shell. R. Larson, F. Veensfra, D. Dougan. SECOND ROW: A. Anderson, C. Johnson, R. David, A. Guikema, S. Kraai. SOPRANO SECTION-FIRST ROW: J. Hendrie, L. Marfinez, J. S+ra'Hon, B. Squire, S. Blandford, C. Blanlrsma. SECOND ROW: J. Miller, C. Cumings, K. Demmon, S. Jones. J. VanclenBerg, B. McLaughlin. THIRD ROW: F. Deuling, N. Derlrs, M. Vorres, M. Ashcroff, P. Rupar. G. Fowler, M. Helder. Senior Orchestra . .M . L , , 4 A.. .A we ,Q FIRST ROW: K. Demmon, D. Broome, S. Haines, J. Moon. SECOND ROW: V. Cory, D. Fenner, D. Carroll, S. Weiden, F. Cole, A. Myers. THIRD ROW: L. Moon, S. Wood, M. Perry, L. Cole, J. Rea+h, L. Walker, R. Vandenbelf, M. Wake- field. FOURTH ROW: S. Johnson, R. Leclcrone, D. Sneller, D. Po++er, J. Simpson, T. Pee+s, J. Visscher. FIFTH ROW: Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Mr, Brown, M. Jolinlc, B. Zmrslilx, T. Smi1l1, K, Kendall, J. Comis, B. Jahr, L. Johnson, B. Deur, J. Sweezey SECOND ROW: B. Combs, M. VanHemerI, S. Dickinson, S. Franh, D. Jalar, S. Deur, M. Glasen, C. Reber, K. Johnson THIRD ROW: M. Deur, B. Roberison, J. Noble, R. Abbo++, D. Kage, D. Wilkinson, C. Allen, D. Wood. FOURTH ROW J. Masiers, D. Klingler, J. Evans, B. Geefing, H. Hoppa, B. Beeler, R. Coolc. ' we-5 Boys' Ensemble SEATED: Mr. Brown, C. Allen, B. Purcell, D. Moon, T. McClain, L. Rolfler. STANDING: R. Shively, M. Deur, D. Dougan, M. DeKuiper, S. Weiden, R. David, S. Kraai, D. Wilkinson, J. Leclcrone. R. Geeling. Girls' Glee Club FIRST ROW: Mr. Brown, S. Macomber, C. Spliisfono, C. Chrysller, C. Zuwerink, D. Davis, D. Grove, M. MacDonald. SEC- OND ROW: L. Galvin, M. Deur, N. Murray, B. Wollers, P. Bergquisf, J. Rasmussen, H. Bosch, M. Wesferman. THIRD ROW: B. Luchies, J. Lyons, F. Guilcema, E. Vanderwall, J. VanderBerg, C. Vliem, L. Taylor, M. DeKuiper. Junior Sexfeffe Cheryl Lips, Lauri Wallrer, Shelley McCormick, Peggy Scoff, Mary Wakefield, Kay Demrnon. Girls' Ensemble FIRST ROW: N. Murray, J. Rupar, D. De Kuiper, D. Davis, D. Grove, B. Squire, J. SfraHon, S. Blandford. SECOND ROW: F. Guilrema, N. Church, B. McLaughlin. M. MacDonald. C. Reber, K. Johnson. M. Schipper. Proje cfors Club vig: his-Z f. "X ' ' ' ' ' k-Kfmrvdrwf if gg - FIRST ROW: D. Banach, R. Roughf, A. Anderson. D.TIJler, B. Woodring, P. Houghfaling. K. Glasen, C. Johnson, D Murray. SECOND ROW: D. Ross. L. Weaver, P. Smalligan, J. Parminrer, A. BenneH, J. Elrkel, Mr. Kwasi. Raa7o Club FIRST ROW: Mr. Lea, W. Jendrzeiewslri, D. Parker, A. Jendrzeiewski SECOND ROW: E. Gingrich. 100 4 -H Hanafcraff FIRST ROW: Mr. Chrisienson. M. Deur. S. Fox, T. Deur. SECOND ROW: G. Wesfra, C. Sfephens. J. Twork, D. Price. Bible Club V V A ,,+,fmmi..a1 FIRST ROW: Mr. Anderson, C. Whiie. J. Huberh R. David, S. Johnson. R. Cosens, E. Chrisienson, Mr. Kinion. SECOND ROW: S. Pekel. M. Dykman. J. Karnes, C. Coffrell. M. Hamilion, T. Bunce, S. Elulrel. Ari Club FIRST ROW: D. Dewey, L. Marfinez, G. Marfinez, A. Luerhge, A. Jencl. D. Jensen, K. Wolfer, K. Saum, S. Harfger Miss Cool. SECOND ROW: J. Walker, P. Hasfings, M. Hunf. B. Bacon. D. Heed. B. Ryan, S. Deke, S. Wood, P DeKryger, J. Anderson, E. Downing. THIRD ROW: B. Tanis, K. Deuling, S. Yliioki, B. Roffman. FOURTH ROW G. MacLean, S. Coleson, B. BeIIer. L. Sfrong, L. Ro'HIer, G. McDougall, C. Ferguson, M. S+eeIe. M. Sco'H. B. Spliisione FIFTH ROW: R. Church, D. Johnson, B. Purcell. T. Nyman, J. Campbell, C. Carofhers, P. Henderson, D. Bergquisi' Exchange Sfudenfs I I I SEATED: Sinilrka Ylilolli, Elaine Eisner, Diane Jensen. STANDING: Marilyn Shoecraff, Mary Jo Dahlsfrom, Vera Holzrichfer, Javier Sepulveda. Senior Play "GREEN BOUGH" Mary Stroven ,,,,.. ........... E lla May Linda Pugno ....... ........................ A nne Keith Glasen ........ ...............,..... P apa Terry Johnson ........ Henry Maxwell Marilyn Shoecraft ..A.,... ........ A unt Henrietta Tom Hall ............... ........ W alter Norris Sheri Christottersen ...... ..................... L izzy Cheryl Dewey ...... ...........,......... R osemary Diane Jensen ............ ............... S ophie Jan Schipper ....... ............................. H elma Susan Jones ............ ....... S ara Director ................. ......... M r. Thomas Kidder Louis Meeuwenburg .... . .......... Bert Student Director ....... ............. .l ean TenBrink l L it 1 Papa brings Aunt Henrietta home. Lizzy scolds Sara while Sophie taunts her. 103 unior Play Casf "SHE WAS ONLY A FARMER'S DAUGHTER" PYRAMUS AND THISBE MILLIE ........................................ Shelly McCormick THESUS ,........,....,,...,,...,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,..... Leona Andrews AUNT SALLY ,-...........- .Kflfhl l'l0ll6l' HYPOHJTA ,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,. D yann De Kuiper EMA ------'------- -----.--------- P esi SCOH LYSANDER .... ....,.... s andy Wilson OSGOOD ...... ........ C hlck Gerber HERMIA .--'-'-'-'-. mm-Barb Harmon MULBERRY ,.... ....... A Ilen Bennell DEMETRIUS -.A-.v' ---4---- B orb Hudson HARVEY -----' -------- J Im Hflmilfon HELENA ..........,......,,.,,.....,....,... ........ c hefyl Lips WDM ----- ------- V ICH Madam PHILOSTRATE .,...........................A...... Karen McNeil AUCE --------'-------4-----'------------4---A-A------ lvnda MGPIES PETER QUINCE IPROLOGUEI ........ Paul Smalligan U H NICK sonom IPYRAMUSI ..............E. Jim Magee 'E MEN PLAYED CARDS A5 WOMEN DD FRANCES FLUTE ITHISBEI ...... a....... , .Jim Furda JOHN .................,....................E.,...,, John Morrison TOM SNOUT IWALLI ........................ Doug Powers BOB ......,..... ...... S Ieve Robertson SNUG ll-IONI ................................ Mel Deephouse GEORGE ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, T im Truman ROBIN STARVELING IMOONSHINEI ...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.. MARC 104 .........Mark Steele "IF WOMEN WORKED AS MEN DO" MRS. CAREW ...,...,...,........................ Irene Edbrooke MRS. DOWLING ........................,......... Barb Weiden MISS ARNOLD ..... ....... C ookie Meyer MISS SMITH ,,,,,,, ,,..,,, L aurie Walker Javier Sepulveda Surprise, you're on candid camera. A swinging sock hop in our gym. Principal Eisner speaks with one of our guests The mighty seniors vote on election day at an assembly. 106 1' " IA 1 .11 ,f',' xx ,fx , J ri- ff! Q-nl!! I 1 Nw I L K s CBJ f' IM I ,I ,QQ ,WUI . . f--f' Cpmplimwd OQJL' Xj axyy if IDDIHIHZAQIIIIIEI I-I 'RAI H A 'I I A XJ "' I,jIx'jv, -.I UN.,'7"vI'YI'-hXjIf"x!fX'' bl Siefzmii fdfbl' 5544 Ifrerylbing for lbe Sportsman TV APPLIANCES AND SERVICE Best Wishes to CICISS of '63 Congrafulafions Seniors ANDERSON'S FARM MARKET AND COLD STORAGE W A L D 0 ' 5 BRUNSWICK, MICHIGAN Phone 962-W2 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS FREMONT I. G. A. SUPER MARKET S. Sfewcri Ave. Phone 555 Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of '63 CONGRATULATIONS Hom TO THE CLASS OF 1963 STANDARD SUPPlY and Tanis Super Service YOUR STUDEBAKER DEALER 220 N. Mechanic Phone 'l'I Fremont, Michigan Phone 1030 I MI' I iw ., GLX Uv W iv firm f MQ: , If D n n J ', U PRINTING COITIPHDY XMLIL N SANFORD AT 1 tok' Hoi.snooK eo I, ,ff OG KQQN Q'4PHv- i.iN0 To the Class of 1963 CONGRATULP-TIUNS TO THE Congratulations and Besf Wishes CLASS OF 1963 From your General Confracfor Company M. 1. Miruwnmnc 297-W 422 W. MAIN FREMONT, MICHIGAN RFD 4 PHONE 888W1 109 IN I if my ,Qi I 1 I fo me -If? Qi, , .gifoacfenfd ana! ,Jlcccozffg of IAQ 5212, C- ffg.. gf .Jlremonlf W 14460 .SQAOOA may C551 -IQ GrobiII's Studio PHONE 250 II9 E MAIN STREET FREMONT MICHIGAN QE Quality Petroleum Products H. E. lllestgate 6485 W. 48th Street FREMONT, MICHIGAN WE DELIVER GAS, FUEL OIL AND MOTOR OIL Compliments of S P E A S COMPANY SPEAS APPLE IUICE CONGRATULATIONS Co"9'a+u'aHons To THE +o lhe Class CLASS OF 1963 of '963 Greenwood Farms Dairy llelluiper 8: Visscher Men's Wear-Boys' Wear CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF l963 Continued Success and Happiness in fhe Years Ahead DEEPHOUSE SHOE STORE F'RENlONT'S QUALITY SHOE STORE Phone 486 Fremonf Compliments of ELLIOTT'S MAIN STREET GREENHOUSE 437 Eos! Main St. Phone 759 QDQGPATU LATIONS ff 9 ll QU :X 49 I 53 6 iiwfdb an Dear Graduates . . . Let your head guide your feet into a happy and rewarding path. As your activities widen - more education, a job, etc. - may good judgment lead you every step of the way. CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY TRIMM'S STANDARD SERVICE Phone 9I2I 104 E. Main Fremont "You expecf more from Sfandard- And you gef if!" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 J 61 .I RESTAURANT CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS . BULTMAN AND DEWALUS Thriftway .Super Market 24 N. Division Fremont QHQQ? X EFS EJEfE'?fiAfEJ 1ES Q? T 5 Dew XS? L Sm DW KSU NEAL Q N MN .1 3 - VA UN W LQETIN yi L RT1. E Gs, M. . R. UMPH . KLEIN . 'J ' UL . .. Q D ' . " OOKER L. s .D. AUL L. - At r HE , D.V.M.?J ' I wif Qsilfggy X559 X oN Q' U D E. PA T . v . Q! D M V Y 650 T , s D R' A fney-G1-L QQJIA. P. RO n X REBER AND REB ' 5 1 . Atto neys- ' I A Q ,L QW rx., RAYMOND PRINS, D.D.S.. Q: X x ' ,N S6 Q CD L91 Q H3 - E CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 VALU-HALL MILLS, INC. P 28 E. Main Fremonf, Mich. Compliments Of CONGRATULATIONS Soum Sm: Sinvlcz LBOn8l'd PBCFOIBUTTT Pl'0dLlCtS M. Ly I e H ef-t sTATloN suuc DELIVERY Kenneth Henderson Philip Paine FARM IMPLIEMEN-rs Auto, Truck and Ford Gates R R 3 Farm Equipment Farm and Home 4 MIIBS WB8t on ths Inf" Repair Delivery of Gasoline and Fuel Oils Phone I240 FREMONT, MICHIGAN Soulh Warner SI. al Cily Limils Phone 360 WESTFIELD-SOMMERS FOODS, INC. IMPORTERS, PRESERVERS, AND PROCESSORS OF FRUIT PRODUCTS 3l6 NORTH MERCHANT Phone 480 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS TUBERGEN PLUMBING - HEATING GENERAL CONTRACTORS 703 W. Main Fremont, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE GILLILAND TRANSFER CO. CLASS OF 1963 May you have continued success now cmd in the Iuture I Permitted Long.Distclnce Carriers THRU MICHIGAN, OHIO, INDIANA, ILLINOIS I Your John Deere D'-ruler Phone 139 21 w. shefadcn sf. MEYERS IMPLEMENT SALES, INC. FREMONT, MICHIGAN CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS 'ii ' 'N G ,M , N Phone 919 Night Phone U-Haul 398-R Rental 24 Hour Trailers Wrecker Service WILSON'S MOBIL SERVICE l24 S. Stewart - Fremont, Mich. Congratulations to the Senior Class! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MUSKEGON TRUCK AND CLASS OF 1963 TRACTCR C0- Headquarters for INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS FARMALI TRACTORS MCCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 159 I Shoecmj? s LADIES APPAREL AND INSURANCE DRY GOODS and SURETY BONDS THE IAMES HERTEL Phone 331 1 E. Main St. Fremont, Michigan 28 W. Main Phone 750 60lYll0El1'lel'lf:i of FREMONT C0-OPERATIVE PRODUCE Farmer Owned and Confrolled PATRONIZE YOUR CO-OP 504 W. Main Phone I57 FREMONT, MICHIGAN BEST WISHES for Ihe Class of '63 Thayer 'A ?lowe1-A if wilful ery 7 I 6 Siewarf Phone 368 CORSAGES FOR PARTIES Flowers for Special Occasions COOK AND HAGER FEEDS AND FARM suPP1.xEs E. Main Sl. - Fremont, Michigan Phone I 1 I8 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS We wish you success in ihe 'fufure and lhanlc you for your pasl' paironage. We have served Fremoni' High School Siuclenis for sixiy-six years and you will coniinue 'Io find a courieous welcome al' our siore. REBER'S Specialists in Good Appearance VINCENT OFFICE MACHINES 25 West Main Sf. Phone: 477 Fremont, Michigan f'5M PM W ww fv W ,rWifJfDYfbJMfp,LW!V7 fm M W TMJ' Kongrafufafiond . ... 5:2 -57S? E15 :1::, 'iii " 5- 'ziifgiaiiiiiiiiiiiiifi' H fi I ff" ' Q' sz" , "1-fa-. . -':f:f'ff-I "' - :...:- 5552353 ' 'Q" at gg 'X :HX BEST WISHES FOR EVERY FUTURE SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF I963 GERBER PRODUCTS COMPANY 118 Congratulations on your Accomplishments and Best Wishes for your Continued Success! 0 THE WHITE AGENCY Insurance Specialists since 1873 CHARLES O. WHITE - RONALD DE KUIPER 206 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 630 FREMONT, MICHIGAN CONGRATULATIONS AND Fremont Furnace Sales Inc. BEST WISHES to the Class of 1963 29V2 East Sheridan St. 7 FREMONT, MICHIGAN B 0 U W M A N S Phone 752 Jewelry and Gifts TURRID HEAT DEALERS 24 East Main St. Fremont KROEZE FUNERAL HOME 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE Courteous, We're as Prompt near as Service Comfortable, Oxygen and your telephone Modern 0 Resuscitator Ambulance Equipped 506 E. Main Phone 109 Fremont, Michigan 'II9 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1963 III agee moto rs 34 E. Main Phone 855 Congratulations to the Class of '63 Your Family Shoe Store VREDEVELD 8. COMPANY LARGEST SHOE STOCK IN NEVVAYGO COUNTY Phone 294 Compliments of ERWIN TINNEY COMPANY ERWIN - CLAYTON - LA MONTE 'IIZ W. Main Sf. Phone III Compliments of LARRY GEETING I Your Friendly Ieweler ORANGE BLOSSOM DIAMONDS BULOVA - ELGIN - ETERNA - WATCHES NORRIS ELECTRIC Electrical C onfracfor G. E. 81 WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES 20 W. Main Street Phone 1456 I8 W. Main FREMONT MICHIGAN Congratulations . . CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS HAVEMAN HARDWARE IVIARTIN-SENOUR PAINTS Builders Hardware Sporting Goods 29 W. Main SIreeI Phone 219 I6 W. MAIN Phone 272 5 yi A YC 520 , ,ge CD DP W D w X533 7 Ypgyywsg Roby W ry Q wwQ .xii x ' Qu U F 5 59 wffifpgfxfw fi? V W WS? xidf .. . g, eb 5 My NM ' by , Q:f5f?Wf wpfff? ? S W 5'f by 1 ,, 1 M 5 Q mfffgf MQW? yyw g GV jf' ne ' O fgieukag Iw lgsmp OT ow 490 .LJ if FQQ M QQ. Wm 760. , F X YQ, ywygywwww I X tk5,:xQNfErRAT f W ,W y GR CH 's f 'P Pu Alj, fx- Tl' ff MWHJ' Sm, ww 492 ke Driv L' X' WQ0w4w EQXQE-Igrim ,VO !1i2h0Qk33lQ . ' Q '?k if gg P9 MF? 52?FN?6fATION ers:25W ccyQ23iTv.gggoNswsBv?gRi!?6'g QQ! L J Ov .NN UV M -Xin NN Tfsx G 29 L Q ' 'Q ' M ws ZJUJBL F DlnecEgbmgZfgWgky C1 Tgi EgW , UO Xiiijbwmigivw Wijwi? 553 ,wi 'V WSW game ww P97 Ygipgbgifgfldaf 'T 1 R . N L9 ' ' v' 0' NM N ' of vii? L' w XT W it 2 N' in QQ N51 U 75 I www ,, 35 My We Rauf FW 1 AAKHLN JU' W www Gp 'WW fp ,H Qgmlf TS .. . QQ' OD41 h f,!P Wwggfwwyywpfmwa H f f M -wi !XL'jic'f 38if?ggiQiBMML5ffM0w?yqW Q !.5k,i ,1vi DN ,v33,f X2?gD EPD ff M91 UQ , KLM,-U? kgiqiijig 6fi5Wgg1J'M M oayfoi 1' '7 9' 4 I fcwigffw ,953 JS vb? 'vc W 3 io gr CEEMGQEDDJJ +fEEIilo 'he OJ A gvwb'o?li?:4TiRWl'i2RDw?ifLQ1f Www ry V: Vr fju ,434vfKAPE WQMWWWWW 0, ' RINTI GIH A I A ff I - W ' coyrfxm gm. uslNE ' Wm , A ,QU A 9 D S5 WwiQ MWQ2 fWMwMMmMWWQ Ji' M ff f J in i wir' if if f ith in wir offifw I 1, Q fb N , lf, ,P i Mb M tm friiii J t ,Fi GEATW iJ0NSU'OiT DELASS or 1963 'XS J Eobllbpiip fh' Q Qu MMV If K f 5 j X I ' A I ' . it ' I ' 3 . , fi if v ' 4 i i X 1: It If V X 5 V, 5 3 2 1 ' fl, -2 J. , , i 3 1 V Y V I ' ' "' -' t ' WR X i if ,L A KN ' R K ' j I U Q Www: " " tx-. M 0! N fl i If 'A,, '."-:v Y Q 1' H E - f ' - 1 E or i U' ,it V A f' A'A: V , f Nl ,rf tett W N- ! lb M X , :T -1 I E A A ilyt A ' "" ' ... . A.. . W Q 1 f f f f Q ui N hh Id s X IU X e O tate Ban V fi D r Y iv illiam J. Branstrom . . . . Chairman of the Board i A , ij Herman Schuiteman . . . President and Cashier Erwin Tinney . . ....... Vice President R Richard Dobben . . . Assistant Cashier and Secretary Josephine Luchies . . . Assistant Cashier and Auditor Orrin C. Miner . . . . Assistant Cashier Ben Boes . .......... Assistant Cashier RESOURCES OVER S8,000,000.00-ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY YEARS OF BANKING SERVICE -' 123 N Congraiulaiions To The Class of I963 Harding's Friendly Market CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '63 We Wish You I-lappiness And Continued Success 'k Baafut PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 6 W. Main St. Fremoni CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS LES' DRIVE-INN On M-82 - south edge of Fremont, Michigan CARUSO'S GIFT CENTER HOMEMADE CANDIES AND IMPORTED GIFTS BEST WISHES CLASS OF '63 FREMONT AUTO PARTS Fremont, Michigan Congratulations, Seniors Complimenis of YOUR FRIENDLY GAMBLE'S STORE Compliments of THE FREMONT TIMES - INDICATOR Newciygo Coun1y's Leading Weekly Newspaper JOB PRINTING ADVERTISING SANITARY CLEANERS 6- SI-IIRT LAUNDRY 44 W. Main Phone 'IO70 232 W' MAIN PHONE 24 I24 Compliments of Fremont Mutual Fire Insurance Company ESTABLISHED 1876 206 XV. Main Street FREMONT, MICHIGAN BEST WISHES TO THE 1963 GRADUATES G. J. MESSINGER MARKETER OF SINCLAIR PRODUCTS GOODYEAR TIRES AND DELCO BATTERIES Fremont, Michigan Phone 32 CHRIS' DRUGS 26 E. Main Phone I07-W CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Bernctdine's Beauty Salon 29 East Sheridan Phone II23 BEST WISHES, CLASS OF '63 SAMUEL'S FINE FOOD Congratulations - Seniors BACON'S POULTRY SHOP FREMONT. MICHIGAN Phone 505 Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Fremont Lumber Company, Inc. SENIOR CLASS OF '63 LUMBER AND IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII SHELL Sznvlcf Smlou GASOLINE 1 MOTOR OIL FIRESTONE TIRES AND ACCESSORIES 502 W. Main Phone 755 B 8I B FREMONT, MICHIGAN Phone 2 104 Main I sq we CII II A . ,. my ' I I A IU 'I Co a I T s 1 f 63 T J LAW.. ,T e CIIISO f 5 PALMER'S DRUG STORE A QV P IIJ K I CJ, IQ 1 I Extends Greetings and Best Wishes I III I I . ' For Good Health and Success I I A to the ALT In n .. , phone 1045 Graduating Class of '63 I nenti of I B DY SHOP A I A WI? . rn Phone 1252 I 4 ww 5, ia REMONT, MICHIGAN Compliments of FREMONT RAG 8. METAL CO. BUYERS OF IRON, RAGS, AND WASTE PAPER 127 W. Elm Phone 682 FREMONT, MICHIGAN ' HL I T I Compliments of DAKE'S QUALITY SERVICE FOOD STORE FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS SMOKHQG AND CURHVG BRUNSWICK, MICHIGAN ' Phone HOIIOn TA I-2284 FRIGIDAIRE, GIBSON 6 MAYTAG APPLIANCES HOIIoweII's Refrigeration SALES AND SERVICE BOTTLED GAS 1 Eamon" 98"-J3 Phone 502 1013 West Main , AOQUIRE THE GOOD HABIT Congratulations to the SHOP YOUR Class of '63 A RELIABLE AUTO PARTS BEN FRAIQIIQQIN STORE '8 5' D'V'5'ON PHONE 355 B. L. meme - sob meme CONGRATULATIONS, semoks WESTWOOD BARBER SHOP "AL and CARL" COMPLIMENTS OF FREMONT LOAN CO. 16 S. Division Ave. Phone 774 126 Compliments of GARDENOUR'S ZEPHYR STATION 519 W. MAIN PHONE 318 FREMONT, MICHIGAN CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS FROM WESTWOOD HARDWARE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '63 SURPLUS STORE CHRIS 81 BURT LANKHORST CENTER Phone 610 31 E. Sheridan Phone 615W 1003 W. Main Fremont, Mich. X .NX L , A T' rx I ' IM fm M 'J .TH A'Jb'i"'fL'fl ,afuzffailv UL if I 4z,I,wL,fw,1'fgI I QIfv'IlfU Hiiyboer Motogs Congratulations to the Senior Class PoNnAc, TEMPEW8 RAMQLEIII nf llartsema fx . FREMONT, ICH v All MM Newsstand XI V I Phone 53 0, 40 sn Mahi, ' . jx - I I P W I I BEST WISHES GRADUATES u1Gtions' Class of '63 FAIR VIEW FLORAL Jack and Nellie Schornagel 1,63 Mile West of Fremont Phone 6I'W 17 W. Main Fremont Congroiulafions Congratulations to Seniors Class of 163 NYSON'S HOBBY SHOP BEST OF TOYS Am, HOBBIES rumour CAMERA cmmz Phone 653-w 31 w. Main sf. You' SWS Fo' CAMERAS, CARDS, AND GIFTS 7 Another year draws to a close and another Mogul goes to press. Within its covers, a yearbook tries to capture a few of the memories of the past year. This book only attempts to act as a stimulus, the rest is up to you. You have, in your mind, many more memories than we could ever put in this book. Some day, many years from now, you will look back on your high school years and you will remember things you thought you had forgotten. Then you will say, "This l remember .... " st S"x 0074 5 el 'E 1 F' l!2l 4 Q Q 5 4- x 'fs 09 A555 ff ff rf' ' ' T-f .ia ,QQ KD V4 , X H .J X f ,, f? f K 1 1 v r . ,Y 'vig xt., 5471s Z1 ' -Q .M K , 2 1.5" kg-?.il..fF3 :N I-,lax I 7,7 X." ' if ,Q-J L Y: if if X7 aff: xr, 1" I H., ., Lf? N ft, K if rg: "'- Y f? g 'P "' qxqr, M Q-, R., H. f 2 4, " Q. 4q':fn" ,il J , J? 'T7 df Z .,.. J " Hp, I ,232 vi, X I i X u WWW, v Lx 'A x .5 X gpubfj ,QU,4fyzff7u,f'L, 0,1 Adi Q,m00l.JLMffl l ,mgdua , E td X' . ' G 85' ' Nj-lm y 5- I .dxfffi Qi N6 4, W U C5535 f X ' 'iff wwf- Rf- Q QW mf X ,Wi .V rmipl QQ W Ca Q, 2 Pg,w V,f 4 A Egg Wsgp ,ff Egg P 4 iw, , EQQRQKQFCS jc I R. if? E5f?3'QQQ2?'5l'?t 3 1 W1 3- , B N ff Q SQ wx' Qs- as Da XR? G . A Gb, fa as J A 4, Q , A ,W L Q ww EJ , Qbwv-J N ' Wg if PWM f O, fi E959 D QED: 2 gjlifff G5 li 529 FSH L 1 , J rx ,CA 'aj 'M MX hfbf. W . 1 Q . ,E , A Y ' A 1 ig 14 11 J , . -1 N '- 4 . ' .1 i 1 l E 4 n l f N 1 4 - 1 , u 9 5 ., 1 1 I - J if l . Y h A i i F 1 if I , v I '- .i W Q V1 I I f 1' - j E I Q 1 I 'N N 1 W 6 I 1 N I ' N ' P

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