Fremont High School - Mogul Yearbook (Fremont, MI)

 - Class of 1952

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Fremont High School - Mogul Yearbook (Fremont, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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kv Y X 3-, ??,wS,g,A QQ ... . 'Z 'V 1 ,V ww JM' 1 jffgs' sg W ffkm, S ,nf , WAW J' Qi' 9 ' Q' as We 'V wif ' '+f6 ,q, w XJ."Q ,, A ivy 'Sf , 5. r N QQ fx 5 , .A Xxx' W" ivfi at N K 1 plll' M My R3 'Q 'xx"gfR ,, if X NN ' -me A x is M. it X xv x '. ' in X Q- 1 Q fx- 'Q gwgffii wg f Q 1-3 XF X- in wb' Q kisgisfigf 4 :Fw ul A ' 4 S X tg' A H, ,,,V,.,4M .Q .gy 1 h,' -Q1 . df! ,.,Q'3x 1 f pf f' X kiln iw 6345 Q1 x " X -fijw 0 'E NX Q if-1 'N' A . g C my 4 Quaid! ,Q M 'giis-N5 Q ? ,Af x. N S-1' K' f vsp 3' ' nf .. - xv?-39+ Q .X 5 . - .' S A v X wi X Q gr' W 'Y N' N QQ 5 3-wwf , x x f my " -ww' j . X X. ff' ,Q we , A Ni N, xi as x A + Q . , my 'A naw.. N K 5 lf N' 9 . 'X f Q A x M xww... 0' A .K lv U' Wxrf' "' X -,I 'Nm Q C 'J a sq IO ,v in s r', 5 4 if 1 5 1 4 41 t , f "N K, Q xg N M fm g,g'n.f K, W s X Q A S ' X 5 lSS"ggM ,M if gb 'W-2 N? 5-Y' 5 5 W H ' ggffw Q N' A ,A My v X A - " 3 S X1 jay 3, X ' , " iii wit igkxlf' ' SQSBQESQN Q WRX 'Ek-rf 'ilwb ' MEX ke Is Nagy ,, Q b , Q Sz Ex, K W, A x WWA ,X 'iq A Zwewcigf AQ Us , M 5 Nm ' wr " sfx if , lm MN 'N Q Q .P. Q. lun, ' S. ww x s Q x x ,- Q dl' Q il n S Q' Q. :Wie Published by THE MDGUI. STAFF and MOGUI. CLUB of THE T952 SENIOR CLASS FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL S F Mhg During our four years of high school, we, the Seniors of 1952, have received much advice and cooperation from you, Mr. Kraai, as a teacher and a friend. lt is for these reasons that we wish to dedicate our 'final high school contribution, the Mogul, as an expression of our sincere gratitude to you for the help you have so willingly given us. D- to Eafmlfmczd A-Q4 - Mr. Kraai is attempting to persuade some students to try their luck at guessing the number ot peas in the iar for his carnival concession. OU? iW???E9i W ,,. if 0 ekaimq U5 Mr. Bultmcn, our principal, and his secretary, Mrs. Gebrocd, are setting up a tentative schedule for the events of the day. A apmialeadwl F"""""'7"" Mr. Dell, the superintendent of our school, is in the midst of his daily routine of tronsocting some of the school's affairs. Zamddfg Donald Murphy ........................,.,.......................A.....,,.........,.... President Arthur Palmer ...... Richard Dobben ..,... Lester Janes A,7..,........ Edward Essebaggers .... Elwyn Dell .,.......,....... Vice-President Secretary ..,,. Treasurer Trustee Executive-Officer Fremont High School is particularly honored in having the interest and under- standing of the members of its school board. They have contributed much to the success of our school. We deeply regret the death of Lambert Lambers, who has held the office of Secretary for the past year. 5 euwl:4 Mrs. Curren, secretary to Mr. Dell, continues to offer her friendly and courteous services to the faculty. Her student assistant is Betty Wright. 4 Books for outside reading are the topic of discussion when the English Department members, Fay Adair, Jack Fos- heim, Neva Orr, Rosalie Walsh and Geraldine Randall, meet in the Library. 6 7 The Social Science Department, com posed of Norman Parker, Robert Kraai Ruth Van Horn and Walter Kennedy gathers for an informal discussion of com mon problems. Members ofthe Music Department, Eldon Durkee and Henrietta Hartsuiker, check over their instruments before prac- ticing. Rex Provines, Biology teacher, prepares a sample for a micro- scopic viewing. Watching him is Elmer Christenson, who teaches Geography, and Henry Moes, the Chemistry and Physics teacher. 7 W Eleanor Phillips checks a calcu- lator as members of the Commer- cial Department, Donald Gebraad and Esther Elmquest look on. A slight pause in the activities of the day finds Ethel Bowman sewing curtains and Ruth Sayles looking through a new recipe book. Scsi? 8 In the gymnasium, Theo Guillaume, girls' physical education teacher, is showing some students the one hand push shot in basketball. Another session student is receiving help from Mrs. Dell, the afternoon senior session teacher. Our school nurse, Mrs. Willis, talks with two of the students about the care of scarlet fever. , Mrs. Davis, the senior session teacher during the morning, is helping one of the students with her English. Coaches Emerson Grossman, Lloyd Hartman and John Fleming are found discussing new football tactics for the team. Bernard Jardot, Gerald Dellen- bach, Veterans' Agriculture In- structors and Lyle Myers, Voca- tional Agricultural teacher, look over grass samples with William Layton, also a Veterans' Agricul- ture Instructor. Olin Seymour, our school me- chanic, goes under the hood to fix one of the busses. ' 71 BOB STOCKING PHIL FRY President Vice-Presidenl STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL President ..w.w...Y....,,.....,,,....,............ Maynard DeKryger Vice-Presidenr .... ...... C huck Witteveen Secretary ,,,,... .,V. S ally Wanenmacher Treasurer ,,...V.,.,.,.... ........ K enneth Frens Assistant Treasurer .,,, .,,, B urton Wolters CAROL MURPHY MARJORIE MOORE CHARLES WITTEVEEN Co-Valedicforian SaIuIcIorian Co-Voledidorian DONNA MAY BARTON "Donnie" "Men may come and men may go but I go on forever." Senior Activity Club l yr.: Hobby Club l yr.: Book Club 2 yrs.: Glee Club 2 yrs.: Junior-Senior Banquet Committee: Honor Banquet l yr. PAUL E. BITSON "He is as unchangeable as the hills." F. F. A. 4 yrs. LORRAINE FAITH BORGMAN "Faith" "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." G. A. A. 3 yrs.: Girls' Sports Club l yr.: Dromatics Club l yr.: Pep and Cheer Club l yr.: Senior Activity Club l yr.: Glee Club l yr. WILLIAM CARMICHAEL "Bill" "I never trouble trouble, 'till trouble troubles me." Transfer from Zellwood High School, Florida '5l: Mogul Club: Honor Banquet l yr. BERYL KAY CLEMENS "Man's love is a thing apart, 'tis a womon's whole existence." Science Club l yr.: Pep and Cheer Club 4 yrs.: President '5l: Cheerleader 6 yrs.: Junior Play Cast: Junior-Senior Banquet Cost: Honor Banquet 3 yrs. PEGGY BEELER "Peg" "Bare hands grip success better than kid gloves do." Dramalics Club 2 yrs.: Figurine Club l yr.: Co-op Club l yr. IUDY BLANDFORD "A girl who blushes is better than one who turns pale, and I do some of both." G. A. A. l yr.: Girls' Soorts Club l yr.: Camera Club l yr.: Current Events Club l yr.: Mogul Club: Mogul Staff: Packer Tales Staff: Junior Band 2 yrs.: Maiorette 6 yrs.: Junior-Senior Banquet Committee: Honor Banquet 2 yrs.: Senior Play Cast. ROBERT BULTMAN "Bull" "Half asleep . . . with education." Football 3 yrs.: Basketball 2 yrs.: Baseball 4 yrs.: Track l yr.: "F" Club 3 yrs.: Mogul Club: Mogul Stott: Senior Band A yrs.: Senior Choir l yr.: Junior- Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Banquet 2 yrs. PHYLLIS CHENEY "PhyI" "A gentle voice is always admired." Transfer from White Cloud '5l: Mogul Club: Mogul Staff. ELAINE CRAWFORD "She does her part with a willing heart." F. H. A. 2 yrs.: Camera Club l yr.: Co-op Club l yr.: JuniorfSenior Banquet Committee. 13 LAVON CRAWFORD "Shorty" "The best things come in little pack- sages." Drarnatics Club I yr., Girls' Sports Club 2 yrs.g Co-op Club I yr.g Glee Club I yr. MAYNARD DeKRYGER "One can tell the wheels in his head by the spokes that some out of it." Science Club 2 yrs.g Hanger Talk Club I yr,p Mogul Clubg Saohomore Class Secretaryg Junior Class VicevPresidentg Senior Class Presidentg Mogul Stoffg Senior Band 2 yrs.g Junior Play Costg Junior4Senior Banquet Castg Honor Ban- quet 3 yrs,g Senior Play Cast. DONALD DEZINSKI "Don" "Don't try to estimate what there is in a quiet fellow." Fish and Game Club 4 yrs. RICHARD DIX "Rich" "He being in love forgot to garter his hose." Camera Club I yr.5 Band Club 3 yrs.g President '4Bg Orchestra 2 yrs.g Senior Band 6 yrs.: Drum Maior 2 yrs.g Junior Play Castg Junior-Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Banquet 2 yrs, ARNOLD E. DOUGAN "Arnie" "He used to be hashful an'd shy, but now-oh my." Baseball 2 yrs,g Fish and Game Club I yr.g "F" Club l yr,g Co-op Club I yr.y Student Council Representative I yr.g Junior-Senior Banquet Castp Honor Ban- quet 2 yrs. I4 DENNIS DAWE "Denny" "The greatest ot men may ask o foolish question now and then." Football 4 yrs.g Basketball I yr.g Track A yrs.: Junior Science Club 2 yrs.g "F" Club 2 yrs. IOYCE DEWEY "Stupe" "I wouldn't be good it I could." Music Appreciation Club I yr.g F. H. A. 2 yrs.g Co-op Club I yr.5 Senior Choir 3 yrs. DIANNE IOYCE DIETZ "Ditto" "Her enthusiasm knows no bounds." Girls' Sports Club I yr,g Knitting Club I yr.g Dramotics Club I yr.g Senior Activity Club I yr.: Honor Banquet I yr. CHARLEY DORE "Chuck" "Questions don't bother me, it's the answers." Football 2 yrs.g Fish and Game Club 2 yrs.g "FR" Club I yr.p Rod and Gun Club I yr. VIOLET DRAKE "Vi" "High schools have their delight, but they can't :ompare with high school nights." F. H. A, I yr.: Co-op Club I yr.: Fish and Game Club I yr.: Junior-Senior Banquet Cast. MARILYN DRYER "Mickey" "Onward, the night has iust begun." Girls' Sports Club I yr.: Pep and Cheer Club I yr.: Science Club I yr.: F. H. A. I yr. THELMA ENSING "Tilly" "Dependable as time itself." Collectors Club I yr.: F. H. A. 2 yrs.: Co-op Club I yr. PHILIP FRY "Phi1" "Argue, argue early and late . . . it a line were crooked he'd make it straight." Football 2 yrs.: Co-Captain '5l: "F" Club I yr.: President '5I: Camera Club I yr.: Band Club 2 yrs.: President '50: Junior Class President: Student Council Representative I yr.: Vice-President '5I: Orchestra 3 yrs.: Senior Band 6 yrs.: Junior-Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Bane quet 3 yrs. DEAN GILES "Quiet in appearance with motives unknown." Fish and Game Club 4 yrs. MARY IO GILLILAND "I am willing to be convinced, but find the person that can do it." Drarnatics Club 3 yrs.: President '5l: Girls' Sports Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Student Council Representative 3 yrs.: Forensics 2 yrs.: Orchestra 4 yrs.: Sene ior Choir 3 yrs.: Honor Banquet 3 yrs.: Girl Scouts 7 yrs.: Senior Play Cast. MERLE EGGERSTEDT "Yet his brow is always thoughtful and his eye is calm and stern." Hunting and Fishing'Club I yr.: Sports Club I yr.: Senior Science Club I yr.: Rod and Gun Club I yr. KENNETH FRENS "Ken" "Wisdom is a treasure which none can take away." Fish and Game Club 3 yrs.: Co-op Club I yr.: Senior Class Treasurer: Honor Banquet 3 yrs. IOSEPH R. GERDES "Ice" "Long may his permanent wave." Football I yr.: Basketball 3 yrs.: Stu- dent Manager I yr.: Baseball I yr.: F, F. A. 4 yrs.: Vice-President '5I. IACK GILLETTE "Iackson" "He turns his back on girls and then runs backwards." Trock I yr.: Junior Science Club 2 yrs.: Treasurer '49: Senior Science Club I yr.: Co-op Club I yr.: President '5I. ROBERT WILLIAM GRANT "Bob" "All great men are dead and I don't feel well myself." Basketball 2 yrs.: Student Basketball Manager I yr.: Football 4 yrs.: Collecs tors Club I yr.: Dramatics Club I yr.: Current Events Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Student Council Representative I yr.: Packer Tales Stott: Mogul Staff: Senior Choir 2 yrs.: Junior Play Cast: Junior- Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Banquet 2 yrs.: Senior Play Cast. I5 STANLEY GRISWOLD "Slan" "It's a talent to conceal one's thoughts." Proiectars Club l yr.g Secretary '49, Model Airplane Club 2 yrs.g Civil Air Patrol Cadets l yr.g Honor Banquet 2 yrs. LORNA IEAN HAYS "I will leave large tootprints on the sand at time." Camera Club l yr.: Girls' Sports Club l yr.g Current Events Club l yr,g Co-op Club l yr.g Senior Band 3 yrs.g Senior Choir 3 yrs.g Junior Play Castg Junior- Senior Banquet Cast, Honor Banquet 3 yrs. PEARL ANN HERSHEY "I would rather be than seem to be." Glee Club l vr.g Dramatics Club l yr.: Needleworkers Club l yr.g Mogul Cluhg Mogul Stalfg Honor Banquet 2 yrs. CHARLES HOPKINS "Hollis" "Tis a gay Iitep the first hundred years are the hardest." Basketball l yr.g Football l yr.g Fish and Game Club l yr.3 Proiectors Club 3 yrs.g President '50. PAUL IORDAN "Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Jordan." Fish and Game Club 'l Yr.p Junior Science Club l yr,g Senior Science Club l yr.g Mogul Clubg Junior Play Castp Junior-Senior Banquet Committeeg Honor Banquet 2 yrs, I6 TWILLIA HAUGHT "Tri" "l iust can't make my eye: behave." Transfer trom Monanguhela Township High School, Mapletown, Pennsylvania '50g F. H. A, l yr. COHNETTA MARIE HEKHUIS "Connie" "May she never change, except in name." Collectors Club l yr.g F. H. A. 2 yrs,g Senior Activity Club l yr. BETTY EVELYN HOMAN "EHS" "She talks with her eyes." G. A. A, 2 yrs.g Dramutics Club 2 yrs.g Co-op Club l vr.g Glee Club lf2 yr.g Orchestra 2-l,f2 yrs.g Honor Banquet 2 vrs.g Girl Scouts l yr. WARREN JOHNSON "Iohnny" "He has an eye tor color, especially blondes, brunettes, and redheads." Football 4 yrs, Basketball 3 yrs.: Base- ball 4 yrs.g Track 2 yrs.: "F" Club 3 yrs.g Mogul Clubg Freshman Class Vice- Presidentg Student Council Representative 3 yrs.g Cabinet '5lg Packer Tales Stott: Mogul Stattg Senior Choir 2 yrs.g Junior Play Castg Junior-Senior Banquet Castg Honor Banquet 3 yrs.5 Bays' State '5lg Senior Play Cast. IOAN KEMPF "Here's to the girl with a heart and a smile who makes the bubble of lite worthwhile." G. A. A. l yr.g Camera Club l yr.g Girls' Sports Club l yr., Current Events Club l yr.g Mogul Clubg Packer Tales Stattg Senior Choir 2 yrs.g Junior4Senior Banquet Castg Honor Banquet 2 yrs. NANCY MAE KINGSFORD "Nancy Moe and again' she may not." Needleworkers Club I yr.: Knitting Club I yr.: Dramotics Club I yr.: F. H. A. I yr.: Secretory '5l: Orchestra 6 yrs.: Honor Banquet 2 yrs. ELLEN IEANNE KOLK "And a gleam of gold laughed out in every look." Girls' Sports Club I yr.: Current Events Club I yr.: Needleworkers Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Senior Choir 3 yrs.: Junior- Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Banquet 3 YYS. PATRICIA KUBICEK "Rusty" "Tell me pretty maiden, are there any more like you at home?" Dramatics Club 2 yrs.: Mogul Club: Senior Choir I yr. SUSIE LEETH "Sue" "On one she smiled ond he was blessed." Science Club I yr.: Band Club I yr.: Pep and Cheer Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Senior Band 3 yrs.: Orchestra I yr.: Packer Tales Staff. LORA MAE LINDSEY "Shorty" "With lifted head and dreamy eyes." Music Club I yr.: Business Club I yr.: Band Club I yr.: Co-op Club I yr.: Orchestra I-IX2 yrs.: Senior Band 3-lf! yrs.: Senior Choir 2 yrs.: Junior Play Cost: Honor Banquet 2 yrs.: Senior Play Cost. ' NX 'S is ess... M X N F XQQ ' - X? ,. X E, ifx wg., Q1 saw X ' N XSS 343 .,.fj,me BETTY IEAN KOLE "Bets" "She certainly gets a kick life." out of language Club I yr.: Book Club I yr.: Hobby Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Glee Club 2 yrs.: Mogul Stall: Junior-Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Banquet Senior Play Cost. KENNETH KRAPP "Ken" "Radio is his middle name." 2 yrs.: Football I yr.: Hongor Tolk Club I yr.: Ham Radio Club I yr.: Senior Club I yr.: C. A. P. Club I yr IOYCE LAISURE "Shorty" Science "Her heart is not in her work: it's elsewhere." F. H. A. 2 yrs.: Treasurer '5I: Science Club 2 yrs.: Secretary '50: Honor Ban- quet 3 yrs. ADRIAN LINDSAY "A solemn face he ever keeps, but who knows." Fish and Game Club 1 yrs. MARLENE ANN LUCHIES "Flirtations brown eyes are ous things . . . often keep sprouting wings." Language Club I yr.: Variety yr.: Co-op Club I yr.: Glee yr.: Senior Band 2 yrs.: Honor 3 yrs. danger- us from Club I Club I Banquet I7 DAVID MANOR "Dave" "I have fought a good fight and I have finished my course." F F A, 3 yrs., Fish and Game Club l yr. MARIORIE MCDONALD "Margie" "Quiet in class, but powerfully loud in marks," Girls' Sports Club I yr., Pep Club I yr, Senior Science Club l yr., Mogul Clubg Honor Banquet 3 yrs. FREDERICK MEEUWENBERG "Fritz" "Why will men worry themselves so." Baseball l yr.7 Fish and Game Club l yr, F, F. A. 3 yrs. BETTE MESSINGER "She can mix success and pleasure with profit to both." Homecoming Queen '51, Music Appreci- ation Club l yr., Needleworkers Club I yr., Band Club l yr.g Secretory '50, Mogul Clubg Forensics 2 yrs.g Student Council Representative l yr., Cabinet 5lg Mogul Staff, Orchestra 2 yrs., Senior Bond 6 yrs., Senior Choir 2 yrs.p Junior Play Cast, Junior-Senior Banquet Cast, Honor Banquet 3 yrs. ELNA MOON "She is full of good meaning and good wishes." Transfer from Holton High Srhnol '5lp Senior Activity Club I yr., Senior Choir l yr. I8 LINDA MATTHEWS "Lin" "An innocent face, but you never can tell." Fish and Gome Club l yr., Pep and Cheer Club I yr., F. H. A. 2 yrs., Junior-Senior Banquet Cast. ILA MCGOWEN "The guide of life in common sense." Girls' Sports Club l yr.g Music Appro- ciotion Club l yr., Bond Club l yr,g Mogul Clubg Frosh. Class Secretary and Treasurerg Senior Bond 3 yrs., Senior Choir 3 yrs.g Junior-Senior Banquet Castg Honor Banquet 3 yrs. MARILYN MEEUWENBERG "Quiet, but' subiect to violent out- bursts of giggles." Girls' Sports Club l yr.: Fish and Game Club l yr.g F, H, A. 2 yrs., Honor Ban- quet 3 yrs. BEVERLY MILLER "Bev" "She loves but one, she loves him well." Girls' Sports Club l yr.g Music Appre- ciation Club l yr., Current Events Club l yr., Mogul Clubg Senior Band 3 yrs.g Junior Play Cast, Honor Banquet 3 yrs, MARGORIE MOORE "Marge" "We wonder what she cannot do." Dramotics Club I yr.5 Science Club I yr.g Pep and Cheer Club 2 yrs., Mogul Clubg Glee Club l yr.: Mogul Staffg Senior Choir 2 yrs., Junior-Senior Ban- quet Committeeg Honor Banquet 3 yrs. LAVERNE IVIORAN "She put the' 'pep' in pepper." Pep and Cheer Club 2 yrs.: Mogul Club: Queen's Court '50. ALLEN MURPHY "AI" "He says little and thinks much." Model Airplane Club 3 yrs.: Co-op Club I yr.: Honor Banquet 2 yrs. IOANNE MYERS "You can bottle blondes, but red hair comes naturally." Girls' Sports Club I yr.: F. H. A. I yr.: Mogul Club: Senior Choir I yr.: Honor Banquet 3 yrs. IERRY OOSTING "lake" "Who said hurry? Live slowly, it teels better." Airplane Club I yr.: Band Club 3 yrs.: Senior Band 6 yrs.: Orchestra I yr.: Brass Quartet 3 yrs.: Junior Play Cast: Honor Banquet I yr.: Senior Play Cast. MARY ANN PENNINGTON "She is always zheerful and never blue. Some people are that way, but only a few." Business Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Junior- Senior Banquet Cast: Girl Scouts 5 yrs. FRANK MORSE "What's on your mind-it you'll forgive the over-statement." Fish and Game Club 3 yrs.: Proiectors Club I yr. CAROL MURPHY "Mutt" "She burns the midnight oil, but not always for study." G. A. A. I yr.: Girls' Sports Club I yr.: Camera Club I yr.: Current Events Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Student Counril Representative I yr.: Packer Tales Stott: Orchestra 2 yrs.: Senior Choir 2 yrs.: Maiorette o yrs.: Junior Play Cast: Iunior'Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Ban- quet 3 yrs.: Senior Play Cast. MARIE A. OLSON "Me-Me" "The girl worth while is the one who will smile when everything goes wrong." Girls' Sports Club 2 yrs.: F. H. A. 1 yrs.: Glee Club I yr.: Junior-Senior Banquet Cast. WILLIAM HENRY PEKEL "Pic" "A Hercules in disguise." Football 4 yrs.: F. F. A. Basketball 4 yrs.: Proiectors Club I yr.: F. F. A. 3 yrs.: President '5l: Junior-Senior Ban- quet Cast. SHIRLEY M. RASEY "Shirl" "Did you ever see a pretty little girl who was not willing to stop and tlirt iust a little bit?" Pep and Cheer Club I yr.: Girls' Sports Club I yr.: F. H. A. I yr.: Mogul Club: Orchestra 4 yrs.: Mogul Stott: Cheer- leader 2 yrs.: Maiorette I yr.: Snack Bar I yr.: Honor Banquet 2 yrs. I9 IAMES ROBERTSON "lim" "Without music, lile would be a mis- take." Junior Science Club 3 yrs.g Senior Science Club l yr., Mogul Club, Student Council Cabinet '51, Orchestra 5 yrs., Senior Choir l-lf! yrs., Junior-Senior Banquet Cost, Honor Banquet 3 yrs., Senior Play Cast. DAVID ROOSSINCK "Dave" "The way to have a friend is to be one." F. F. A, 4 yrs., Honor Banquet Cl yrs. CHARLOTTE ROTTMAN "She speaks less, for the things she says are things worthwhile." Collectors Club l yr., F. H. A. 3 yrs.g Snack Bar l yr. CATHERINE SCHRIER "Kay" "One gay comment will set her bright eyes to dancing." Girls' Sports Club l yr., Current Events Club l yr., Variety Club l yr., Mogul Club: Mogul Stall, Honor Banquet 2 yrs. IAMES E. SCHUITEMAN "lim" "Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, lend me your girls." Football A yrs., Basketball 4 yrs.g Base4 ball 2 yrs., Track l yr., Junior Science Club 2 yrs.g Treasurer '48 and '49g Senior Science Club 2 yrs., Treasurer 50, Student Council Representative l yr., Junior Play Cost, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Cast, Honor Banquet 2 yrs. 20 ARNOLD ROGERS "Ame" "Sometimes l sit and think, Some- times I iust sit." Fish and Game Club l yr., F, F. A. 3 yrs. ARNOLD R. ROTTMAN "Arnie" "An othlete and a mighty one, who plays until the game is won." Football 2 yrs.5 Basketball 4 yrs., Base- ball 4 yrs., Senior Science Club l yr., Sports Club l yr.g Secretary '49, "F" Club 2 yrs., Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, Junior-Senior Banquet Committee, Honor Banquet 3 yrs. CAROL LOUISE SABIN "Small . . . but so is a stick ot dynamite." Pep Club l yr., Dramatics Club l yr,, Variety Club l yr., Co-op Club l yr., Junior-Senior Banquet Cost, Honor Ban- quet 2 yrs, IAMIMA SCHRIER "Ice" "Silence is one great nrt ol conver- sation." Pep Club l yr.g Senior Science Club l yr., Girls' Sports Club l yr., Mogul Club, Honor Banquet 3 yrs. MICHAEL SCHUSTER "Mike" "The perfect lover . . . He makes Romeo look like a bashful boy." latin Club l yr., Fish and Game Club l yr., Senior Science Club l yr.g Mogul Clubg Mogul Stott, Junior Play Cast, Junior-Senior Banquet Cost, Honor Banquet 3 yrs.g Senior Play Cast. CHESTER E. SCOTT "Chet" "My brain is a highway without traffic cops." F. F. A, A yrs., Proiector Operator, Senior Play Cost. MARY SMALLIGAN "Man has his will, but woman has her way." Pep Club l yr.p Variety Club l yr.g President '49g Current Events Club l yr.g Mogul Club, Student Council Secretary '50, Senior Band 4 yrs., Senior Choir 2 yrs.5 Junior Play Castg Junior-Senior Banquet Comrnitteeg Honor Banquet 3 YYS. BETTE IANE SNELLER "Betts" "Laughing at this, laughing at that, yet nobody knows what she's laugh- ing at." Pep Club l yr.: F. H, A. 2 yrs.g Senior Activity Club l yr., President '5lg Mogul Club, Honor Banquet l yr. ROBERT STOCKING 'Bob" "In athletic sports he doth excel And since the mark he hits so well His aim in lite-ah who can tell. Carnival King '51, Football 4 yrs.: Co- Captain '51, Basketball 2 yrs., Baseball l yr.5 Track 2 yrs.: "F" Club 3 yrs.g Vice-President '50, Mogul Clubg Fresh' man Class President, Student Council Treasurer '49g Vice-President '50, Pres- ident '5l, Packer Tales Staff, Mogul Staff: Junior Play Cast: JuniorfSeniar Banquet Castg Honor Banquet 3 yrs., Bays' State '51, Senior Play Cast. GILBERT TANIS "Bud" "Never do today what you can da next week." Junior Science Club 2 yrs., Senior Science Club 2 yrs, DARLENE SHARLOW "She stays up nights trying to figure out how she can get more sleep." G. A. A. 3 yrs., Language Club l yr., Pep Club 2 yrs., Co-op Club l yr. RALPH M. SMALLIGAN "I may look slow, but iust wait 'till I get started." Mogul Clubg Mogul Staff. MARILYN SPEET "She's here, I heard her giggle." G, A, A. l yr., President '49g Dramat- ics Club I yr.g Girls' Sports Club l yr., Pep and Cheer Club I yr., Mogul Club, Senior Band 4 yrs.g Junior-Senior Ban- quet Cast, Honor Banquet 2 yrs. RONALD STOCKING "Ron" "My only books were woman's looks And tolly's all they taught me." Football l yr.: Student Manager 2 yrs.: Basketball Manager l yr., Track Student Manoger'l yr.g "F" Club 2 yrs., Mogul Club, Student Council Representative 2 yrs.: Junior Play Caslg Junior-Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Banquet 3 yrs. MARVIN I. TANIS "Marv" "We know little of him, but what we know is good." F, F. A. 4 yrs., Senior Band 2 yrs. 21 ROBERT TANIS "Bob" "The harder I try to be good, the worse l am." Basketball l yr., ,lunior Science Club 2 yrs., Senior Science Club 2 yrs., Honor Banquet 3 yrs, RONALD TAYLOR "Ron" "One who says little, but takes in everything." Football 2 yrs., Baseball 3 yrs.: Fish and Game Club 4 yrs., Treasurer '50p Vice-President '51, Senior Band 4 yrs., Senior Choir 4 yrs, FRED VAN DYKE "With all his faults we love him still and the stiller the better." F. F. A. A yrs.g Junior-Senior Banquet Committee. SALLY WANENMACHER "She talks so incessantly that she doesn't give the echo a fair chance." Book Club l yr., Girls' Sports Club l yr., Dramatics Club l yr.g Vice-President 50, Mogul Clubg Sophomore Class Vice- President, Senior Class Secretary: Far- ensics 2 yrs., Packer Tales Stall, Orches- tro 4 yrs. Honor Banquet 3 yrs. MABEL WESTENFELDER "Happy am l, from care l'm free. Why aren't the rest contented like me?" Girls' Sports Club 2 yrs., Senior Science Club l yr.g Mogul Club, Senior Band 4 yrs., Senior Choir 3 yrs., Honor Banquet 3 yrs. 22 DONALD TAYLOR "Don" "A patient man is a pattern lor a king." Football l yr., Basketball l yr.g Base- bull 3 yrs.: Track l yr., F. F. A. 4 yrs.: Student Council Representative 2 yrs.g Orchestra 3 yrs., Senior Band 2 yrs., Senior Choir 4 yrs. DOROTHY O. TURNER "Dol" "She's nat a flower, she's not a pearl. 5he's iust a regular all around girl." Music Appreciation Club l yr.p Science Club l yr.g F. F. A. l yr., CO-OD Club l yr. ESTHER RUTH VOGEI. "El" "Smile and the world smiles with You... Collectors Club 1 yr.: Secretary '48, F. H. A, l yr., Dramatics Club I yr.g Senior Activity Club l yr.g Glee Club l yr.y Honor Banquet l yr. BARBARA WECHSLER "Barb" "A sensible girl is not so sensible as she looks, because a sensible girl has more sense than to look sensible." Transfer from Central High, Tulsa, Okla. '5l, Science Club l yr.g Mogul Club: Student Council Representative l yr., Carnival Court '52, Mogul Stalfg Senior Play Cast. DONALD WHITE "Don" "Blessed is the man who invented sleep." Football 3 yrs.g F. F. A, Basketball 3 yrs., Fish and Game Club l yr., F. F. A. 3 yrs. PATRICIA WILSON "Pal" "The loter I get to school in the morning the shorter the day." BURTON I. WOLTERS "Burt" "Tut, Tut, my boy . . . The girls won't hurt you." Science Club 2 yrs.: Hangar Talk Club I yr.: Mogul Club: Senior Class Asst. Treasurer: Junior-Senior Banquet Cost: Honor Banquet 3 yrs. BETTY LOUISE WRIGHT "Babe" "She puts worries in o pocket with a hole in it." Science Club 2 yrs.: F. H. A. I yr.: Co-op Club I yr.: Junior-Senior Banquet Cast: Honor Banquet 3 yrs. Not Pictured CARROLL CHRYSTLER CHARLES E. WITTEVEEN "Chuck" "He is a whole encyclopedia ot facts." Baseball 3 yrs.: F. F. A. I yr.: Sports Club I yr.: "F" Club 2 yrs.: Mogul Club: Sophomore Class President: Senior Class Vice-President: Student Council Treasurer '50: Cabinet '5l: Senior Choir 4 yrs.: Junior Play Cost: Junior-Senior Banquet Cost: Honor Banquet 3 yrs.: Harmaniacs Quartet. LAVONN E WOLTERS "Vonnie" "Youthful she is-but toll . . . Her only pleasure is fun for all." G. A. A, I yr.: Girls' Sports Club I yr.: Dramotics Club I yr.: Senior Science Club l yr.: Mogul Club: Junior Class Secretory: Student Council Cabinet '5l: Mogul Staff: Senior Bond 4 yrs.: Senior Choir 3 yrs.: Honor Banquet 3 yrs. MARLENE ZAGERS "Being good is an awful lonesome iob." Camera Club l yr.: Variety Club I yr.: Current Events Club l yr.: Mogul Club: Mogul Staff: Maiorette 6 yrs.: Senior Choir 2 yrs.: Junior Play Cast: Junior- Senior Banquet Committee: Honor Ban- quet ? yrs. 23 'We , We Saw. We Z N Four short years ago, 128 Freshmen romped through the doors of Fremont High School, eager to embark on the "sea of learning." Under the direction of Miss Orr, Miss Bowman, Mr. Juska, and Mr. Provines, this young crew organ- ized as a class and elected their president, Bob Stocking, vice-president, Warren Johnson, and sec- retary-treasurer, lla McGowen. In order to insure a good start on the Student Council, the class also elected Mary Jo Gilliland, Carol Murphy, Ron Stock- ing, and Don Taylor to represent them in affairs of student government. The Freshmen made a "big splash" in the field of forensics, with Sally Wanen- macher, Pat Wilson and Lavonne Wolters as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners respectively in the declamation division of the local contest. Equally determined not to be outdone socially, the class sponsored two parties, the first was a game fest in the gym followed by the usual refreshments. The second took the form of a rollicking skating party at Hess Lake. The fall of '49 found 117 of us ready to begin the second lap of our eventful iourney. The class lost no time in naming Chuck Witte- veen, president, Sally Wanenmacher, vice-president, Maynard DeKryger, secretary, and Arnie Rottman, treasurer, while Warren Johnson, ,Phil Fry, Bette Messinger, and Jim Schuiteman comprised our con- tribution to the Student Council. Moreover, one of our members, Bob Stocking, held the office of treasurer of the Council, to which position he had been elected by the entire student body. Our advisers were Miss Bender, Miss Springborg, Mr. Provines, and Mr. Rapson. This year several of our male members came into the limelight in the field of athletics. Bob Stocking, Warren Johnson, and Don White made the first team in football, while Arnie Rottman gained a berth on the varsity basketball squad. Other class members took part in orchestra, band, choir, and various extra-curricular activities. Our class also maintained our hold on the field of forensics with Mary .lo Gilliland taking first place in the declama- tion division of the local contest and continuing on to place first in the District Speech Contest at Hart. The vear ended with the Sophomores serving at the Junior-Senior Banquet and another skating party, this time at Shelby. Our group again disbanded in the spring only to return the following fall and be enrolled under the title of Juniors. The class elected Phil Fry, Maynard DeKryger, Lavonne Wolters, and Arnie Rottman to the offices of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer respectively. Warren Johnson, Mary Jo Gilliland, Don Taylor, and Arnold Dougan were chosen to represent the class in the Student Council, while three of our members were elected to Council 24 offices. These were Bob Stocking, vice-president, Mary Smalligan, secretary, and Chuck Witteveen, treasurer. This year our members with a dramatic turn were given a chance to demonstrate their talents. This demonstration took the form of the class play, "Home Sweet Homicide." Also this year two newcomers copped honors in the field of speech. These were Bette Messinger an.d Betty Wright who won 2nd and 3rd place respectively for their orations. Pat Wilson, a veteran of previous contests, placed first in the oratorical contest, while Mary .lo Gilliland again won honors in the field of dramatic declamations. ln the spring, the Juniors were faced with the annual task of creating a banquet for the Seniors. With a helping hand from our advisers, Miss Elm- quest, Miss Sayles, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Durkee, we decided on the theme, "life of a Senior," and presented the affair with great success. Finally in the fall of 1951 came the year we had all looked forward to: the year when we should be enrolled as Seniors. To lead us in this last eventful year, the class elected Maynard DeKryger, president, Chuck Witteveen, vice-president, Sally Wanenmacher, secretary, Kenneth Frens, treasurer, and Burton Wolters, assistant treasurer. Mary Jo Gilliland, Barbara Wechsler, Bob Grant, and Ron Stocking were chosen to represent the Seniors on the Student Council. The presidency of this year's council was entrusted to Bob Stocking while Phil Fry took over as vice-president. Betty Messinger, Lavonne Wolters, Chuck Witteveen, Warren John- son, and Jim Robertson were appointed to comprise the president's cabinet. Our advisers remained the same as during our Junior year with the exception of Miss Van Horn who replaced Miss Sayles. This year brought more Seniors into prominence in the field of sports. Everyone will remember Arnie Rottman for his outstanding performances in basket- ball, while Warren Johnson, Bob Stocking, and Phil Fry deserve recognition for their prowess on the gridiron. As we go to press, events are still in the future. The Seniors are still looking forward to the Senior Play, "Cheaper By The Dozen," the Junior-Senior Banquet, the Honor Banquet, the trip to Lansing, and last but far from least, their skip trip to Chica- go. Soon after these events will come the Bacca- laureate Service and finally Commencement, termin- ating our years at Fremont High School. For many of us the Commencement exercises will mark the end of our formal schooling. For others, it will be merely a take-off to higher education. But no matter what the future holds for the 1952 grad- uates, we will always carry with us the pleasant memories of our years at Fremont High School. '54, off 00345 69 Q QC ""-'fo 'Foy .3 5 K? S ' :Ew'f4iA 'K mfs, 5 k9xw..w 'ww V .,. wg' 1-221-9 F x 'X , 4 LARRY AUSTIN DON CARBINE DACIA DAWE 26 ESTELLA BENNETT OLETTA CAREW CATHERINE DEBLOCK GRACE BETTEN JEAN CARPENTER FRANCIS DeKRYGER X...-I OFFICERS ELLIS DETER5 Prnsidenf HERM KOLK Vice-President SALLY NIELSEN Secreiary VINCENT VANDERWERP Trdasurer ...P--J' , 'Q , K vi RICHARD DELORES ARNOLD ASHCROFT Id' - -' R Y . ' .. if 1 . .K . JOHN LARRY LARRY GEORGE BIRD BOERMAN BRINKMAN BUNCE I 3 55. E . A uf EVELYN GERALD CAROL CAROL CARRIER CHURCH DARLING DAVIS .,. 1... -I - .:-75: X ff' ' GLORIA ELLIS LOIS lIlLIAN DQKUIPER DETERS DEUR DQVISSER LORAINE DeVlSSER JACK ELEMA z QS NORMAN GRIFFIN Q, ,,,, " .. 1' wANnA HOFFMAN DONNA KI NGSFORD BETTY McCASTLE JEAN DEWEY JOHN ESSLINGER MAE HALL i 0' LUCILLE HOLMES 3 as GERALDINE KLOET Y la JOYCE McLENNAN DON DeWITTE NORENE EURICH X is DON HANSON . X ..:: - E LENA HOPPA me xtw. A GLEN KLOMP 'Q .Af 44 L JIM MCMELLEN x WILLIAM DOCTER ANNA LEE FOX JANET HATHHORN HILDA IRANYI HERM KOLK NANCY MEEUWENBERG mf DALE DuBOIS DICK FOSTER CAROL HAYS MARY ELLEN JENSEN JOYCE KOLK 'FA DICK MIESEN Y In LORRAINE F wk KAREN DUNNING EKKEL K i .0 xl g CLAUDE VIONNE FRANCE GILBERT BOB LESLIE HEKHUIS HILE xg.. .,:2E X J KEN DOROTHY JOHNSON KIBART H ' . JEAN CAROL KRONEWITTER LUBKE ' .J ' DONNA JANE ANN MOORE NADEAU 27 Q , SALLY LARRY NIELSEN NYsoN I' 5' M A 5' J, Ie. L S: BETTY JOYCE ROBART ROBINS ' 1 " A -, - , LRENE LA VERN SCHRIER SHELL JANE HELEN SMIYH SPEET MARLOWE VANDERZEE JACK WILLIAMS 28 A, ALWENA VAN DYKE J' , BARBARA WILLIS BILL PARKER JACK ROMANS KAY SHEPPARD 1 nov' , 1 .ZZ :,. ELAINE TANIS WILLIAM VAN DYKE ILAH WILSON Q ,, B 'nm VICTOR MARK PEDERSEN POWERS 1 ' . 534 X . ,, PEARL EVA ROOSSINCK RUPAR ' W 1 Y' 3 . ,. 2' :2 ' AAI' I -EL CONNIE JAMES SHERMAN SHERMAN I " ' MARILYN JANICE THAYER TINDALL ,Q .. H RUTH FRANK WADE WALKER 'T' - an ' If L Q HARVEY LOIS WOLTERS WOLTERS DONALD PRICE . . S Y. vi ll JACOB SAUM DONNA SHUE I DONNA REED HENRY SCHORNAGEL DOUGLAS SMITH Y . 3' W. i I LOIS VINCENT TJNNEY VANDERWERP E? l ' ' ,Q ,"' V, A Vqqq KEITH JOE WALSWORTH WHITE D 1 N ,, My 3, I sts I A Lols JOHN ZAGERS ZOSCSAK PAT ALFSEN I L RUTH KEN BLOHM BOERMAN L 'ff- l f it .. :t.g. N A CARL JOANNE BUITENDORP BULTMAN Sa X M- -- r t , ' : I E .ff is -5 L ,X X X N kxxx N 'il' if L L SALLY AMILY if GSS CARL BOESKOOL ' THELMA BURDEN OFFICERS CARL CANNIFF President LOUIS HOOKER Vice-President WANDA HEADLEE Secretary MARILYN SHRIVER Treasurer MARCELLINE JANET ETHEL aEAuoRv BELL BESEMER ELwlN MARLENE HELEN BEVERLY BORGMAN EORGMAN BROWN BRUCKNER .Q .. , L ' 3.3. LL. .Q gy: H Q K Nh F , , - V S Q . -E ..,.. XL. E : I x - . ' 1? - 1 ..,. S CARL DON MARY ELLEN ELINOR CANNIFF CAREW COLLINS COOK 29 lr' ,.,,. :lf- MARY DURSEMA JOE FOX WANDA HEADLEE MARILYN HOMAN 30 469 5 Ai ,sm ROGER EDWIN TOM WINIFRED CRAWFORD CREGG DAWE DeKRYGER l 55. 5 12 , BETTY TOM GORDON BILL GEORGE DERKS DeVANNEY DeVISSER DOK DUPONT Q GARETH BUD EDITH JOYCE THOMAS EENIGENBERG EGBERT EKKEL ENSING FORD I . ,.., z 2' fl . I 51 I ALICE ALMA LEE CARL ERWIN GALSTER GALSTER GATES CRABILL HALL f .. 322 -A-'- Q ' ' 1 " 4. 5 I "M .: LOIS DON RAY ROBERT ALICE HENDRICKSON HENDRIE HINDES HOAD HOFFMAN LOUIE MARY ELLEN REX GARY IOANNE HOOKER HOPPA HOPPA HOST HUNT KAY FOWLER Q' X 15 'A ,A CAROL HART we SCOTT HOLMES BOB JANSMA 4 :.. I .12 ' dl' . .,:, , RHODA LOIS BETTY HUGH JESTY JIBSON JOHNSON JOHNSON U -I . i Q ,, 3 ,. DELORES WILBUR MILDRED KENT JEAN JONES JORDAN KERNS KERSTETTER KIBART X XL I s' , Q '- I 1. W i ss: 12' I ., - ' Q' ""3 . I 'Q . , w I x' I f I M ' -- " -'-- 1 ' N 'gs' ' : x ,Q -: ' JOYCE NILA JIM MARY ANN DAWN MILDRED KREPS KRONEWITTER KUBICEK LcNORE LEETH LINDSEY 3 4 . X I -QQ' , ' Q. fix R ""' ,L w A A GAYLE FREDA MELVIN ARLENE WYSS JANET MATER MacLEAN MEEUWENBERG MELLON MILLER MILLIS .. I. Xi xi -N , ,V ZF.. , .T 43 S . ,ESQ - t X I .::., : -A yd,-7 -Q 3 A i GAYLYN MOREEN JOAN LuVERN MARILYN CAROLYN MONETTE MULLETT NOBLE NYSON OOSTING OSWALD Q fi I i I' Z 2. - Q ' ' MARGARET JOHN DELLA EILLEEN AL JANET PELL PENNINGTON PLAISIER PLATT PUGNO PURCELL -I V yi 3 Lx JOHN MANOR 5 JANICE MILLIS DONA PARKETON NANCY PURCELL 31 ai 'lv PHIL WAYNE ARLENE TERRY RICHTER ROBERTSON ROBINS ROMANS 4 I I' - 5 I-1 II- jg. 1, ..,, . 45. ..::...:: W M , -153,1 A y . - GLORIA MARIE KEN ROGER RAY ROTTMAN SCHIPPER SCHUITEMAN SCHUITEMAN SHARLOW ME , . ' I' .... vb ELWIN MARY RAY MARILYN LAURA ALLEN SHELL SHELL SHINEW SHRIVER SIMONS SMITH - , l , K .- -1 ' v " V , J Q .: A , ' DELBERT BEVERLY RICHARD EMMA JEAN THELMA DON SWEET TANIS TAYLOR TERRELL TEUSINK TRIMBLE , A 1, i . ,- I - 2: - 11.3 I Q , , mi A 5 ., A. V, . I. J, ,.,, wiv, I X . . A , ,..,,,,. ,v--, , ,. I K -4141 NORMA JOAN KATHRYN PHYLLIS EDWIN ELAINE VANDERWALL VANDER WERP VAN DYKE VAN DYKE VISSCHER VOGEL -E - ,A ..,.V , . . H BOB MARIAN LINDA KATHLEEN HOWARD FREIDA WALKER WALSWORTH WEISNER WISSNER WITTE WRIGHT 32 CAROLE SPEET , 9 H X DIXIE LEE VANDENBERG DORIS WADE 1 1' A PHYLLIS ZUWERINK zeaimea 'G BILL BARTON MARY COLLINS OFFICERS PAUL JOHNSON President LARRY DeMARS Vice-President GAY GERBER Secrefary MARY ZAGERS Treasurer I N 6 -I Jw I A . ,. -I if ' "" I. : - ':. I -f' 1 , .I- . .. S 3 ..L. N RONALD WANDA JERRY ANDRZEJEWSKI ARNOLD BAARS -X , ri - A ' '52 'Q 1 6 g I' ' If -W 4 , , ' 7.5, -nf 'ix "" A , .Q .,N. .. 'F ' . " ., " "" b " A ARLENE IELMA MARVIN RUTH ANN DONALD BELDER BESEMER BOLLES BOWIES BRINKMAN I X I I 'I 'S g A. . -W Q Y . " A CAROLYN DAVID CORNELIUS CHRISTINE LARRY COSGROVE DAVIS DQKRYGER DQKRYGER DeMARS MARILYN BUITENDORP BARBARA DEULING 33 . ,p-N an:-fl ms af ,X - S. 1 . sf R08 ROY GRAICH EN CAROLYN HILL M HUGHEY l' X, L.. mx y ., q ,, I :K 'Q .- DOROTHY NORMA JO ANN DEWEY DICKINSON DRAKE " . gf' . ' ' U " 55 ,A Q .. ---- . 'Ii - F ., , ,, f 5:1-.., ,... ,. -P " JANIECE RUSS SARA JEAN DENNIS MARY BETH ESSEBAGGERS EVANS EVANS FORD FOX . f if 3 , - ff 4 A ' 5' . BOB HAROLD JACK GAY FRANK DICK FRANTZ GARDNER GARDNER GERBER GERWAT GRAFF A A OOOO 9, I A2 I 1, ., A 9 "If 4 4 - 5. ' ,V I ..'II':' DAVE JACK ARLENE LAWRENCE FAY LELAND GRINDELL GUSTMAN HALVERSON HEATH HENDRIE HENDRIE , , 1 B., I I I 1 , I I I . K ' ' M. ':.,: , I ,. I I , 2 .,.. 13 . WILMA DARWIN GINGER JERRY CHAR5S PHIL HILTON HINKEN HINTON HOFFMAN HOLBR OK HOLCOMB ' 1+ ' fs I- - . 1 I Q' I ,- fl W I ' , , ' .,.,. , I I , gl A ,L N AZ' 5. . . 5. I: - t an , A . 3 ,, is RICHARD FRANK PAUL PATSY PAUL ELLEN JORDAN JAHR JENNINGS JOHNSON JOHNSON JORDAN 34 FRANCES KARNEMAAT Q X SHIRLEY KUBICEK -Y' . FRANCES KINGSFORD DIANE LEETH : m 9 ,wr i 'X ., A 1 ,.... .f ' i QE ' 115115, . E . I ' - NANCY ELLEN DE ANNE LUCHIES LUMMEN MADDOX .. 5 ' NX 9, ' ' fc ,, Ez. , PATRICIA BETTY CARROLL MONTAGUE MOON MORAN , .. 1 LEROY ROBERT GORDON NEIBARGER NICHOLS OOSTERHOUSE -' ,. .' U ' , S , Exe: A ' ' 411.3 FAT MARILYN DIANE POWELL PRENTISS PUGNO . , JERRY KLOMP ' ar W3 0' LESLIE LINDSEY JOAN ANN KNUVER .J H, Vi .L JUDY LOOMIS JANET HAROLD MAYNARD MECASTLE 1 F A BEVERLY CLARENCE Mouse MuuErr I 'P I f r I .,. A , ,... ff: ,f xi 2" nussm EUGENE OSTERHART PAULOWSKI : I :Ii f ff? , vncvu DUANE REINEKE nanoenmm if jj 11- 'K if JOYCE LUCAS iv-H' , PHYLLIS McDONALD 2 MARIS MURPHY 3 I N.. I PHIL PENNINGTON dw.. I-uf JOHN ROBART 4. - xigx -vt. DICK MILLER PATRICK Mum-HY ,, ,,,. V,.. b f : LESTER PncAAnr BERNIECE noams 35 ALAN MARY ANN SACKETT SEMENETZ Q E fe NORMAN BARBARA SHICK SHUE 1. GLORIA JUDY STALEY STETTNISCH CLARE MAJEWEL TUBBERGEN TUCKER 5 I Q F' If e w 1 A BOB BUCK WHITE WILLIS 36 b TONI RUPAR we , A' 1 JEAN SCHORNAGEL GRACE SLATER .ng - 9 '94 .6 PHYLLIS SWANSON V- .1 nf Q 4 DENNIS VANDERZEE ,M GORDEN WITTE IRENE RYNBERG I'Q ' I DON SCHRADER mb 3 A , is DAVID SMALLIGAN SALLY TANIS . 'Inv - - A if 1-V 5 MADELYN VANDERZEE RICHARD WOLTERS MIKE SABC EDSEL SCHUITEMAN HERBERT SMITH , Ve 1,1 BARBARA TAYLOR SHIRLEY VAN EMST r VA, I W , ROBERT WOLTERS 5 E 'S ,. X Y x , WAYNE JOHN SCOTT SHERMAN if I If A I Y .IZ -, b JOANN VIRGINIA SMITH SNELLER DELORES CAROL TINDALL TINNEY i, If x - A I - CHARLENE VIRGINIA WADE WAMSER 1 MARY LARRY ZAGERS ZANDVLIET 87:4 IVAN BOERMAN President MILTON HERRO VicevPresident JON MILLER Secretary JAMES HOUGHTALING Treasurer x :,,, -V Q VERA ROSE DONALD DON ANDERSON ASHCROFT BANACKA BARNHARD PAUL DONNA PATRICIA GARY CHARLES MARCIA BARNES BEEBE BEELER BENNETT BESEMER BETTEN ' , 1 .,-. ,Q L it 1 I x P: , it vu:-H : A me -ff: LEWIS IVAN RUSSELL HOPE EUGENE JERRY BLOHM BOERMAN BOESKOOL BORGMAN BOUWSMA BROOKS SHARON BIRD 'F -4, KEITH BROWN ' "" ' 'L '-f' 1, . A 4-.4 .MA , w ELDORA ALLENE DARLENE BUNCE CI-IRISTOFFERSEN COOK PAT MAXINE FLORENCE COTTRELL CRAWFORD CUSHMAN I " i 'W-,' W ' " .2 .1 3 BURT TERRY SHIRLEY sr-IERYL EDNA MARION CUTSHAW DARLING DEULING DQWITTE DIEKEMA DITTER - I .II hp 5 I V H ' ff ' g A V.:A,. 5 I V i DORIS JEROME SCOTT BONNIE ROGER KEN FERGUSON FILIPIAK FOWLER FREES FRENS FULLER 1 1 I I I 1 . :, '- Y .Y , - 4 . , W ,,. , . ,. Q ' 1 if ., , " V 'V I - 1 f A I 4 A . ,Y ,,I, 1 , RAY ANNA ELLEN CAROLYN EDSEL MARCUS GERDES GERWAT GETZ GINGRICH GORDON GRlSWOlD I f W 4 . K.. A A Q ' 'F f I K. 5 , ' . :gf lll z ,, 7 ,,,, " ' '15 x g DORIS MELYIN ALLEN ANDY DElORES ANNA GUSTMAN HARRIS HATZMAN HAWES HALVERSON HEKKEMA If A s M . . 315' , 'T KENNETH DYKMAN Q P sl y. ol" " .x " L RICHARD oALLuP ROY GROVE MILTON HERRO 'S ARLENE HOFFMAN lgff' ROBERTA HOLMES JIM CAROLYN HOUGHTALING HUISJEN U . . Q 3 I " . 2 . A . 5 1 I I Os - ..k,. 1 I :xl TOM WARREN DALE MARTIN ISENHART JAHR JONES JORDAN .. 6 . AVN : "EI X. ,. 5:2511 I ": LESLIE JANICE DELORES KAREN KOLK KYLE LATTIN LINDSEY I gr ,Eg A' 'Q ., ,:' X ig., J-'EZ BILL CAROL DELORES JIM MAYNARD MCMULLEN MEEUWENBERG MIESEN W 4 'F f R -if" A H N JOAN KARLENE JERRY MARCIA NOVAK O'DELL OLSON OOSTING I ,I l A SHELBY HOPPA is DONALD HUISJEN Y il. I I pa! PATSY KI NG Fx DONNA LONGCORE CHARLES MILLER ...Nissan - ,,..: up Q I J FOSTER PALMER .4 J.: JEAN MARILYN Kmosrono xumcen Q .. Q Q CHANSFORD DELORES MCCLEAN MATER in - .. , , JON BETTY MILLER NIEBOER . I wh 3 NANCY LOI5 PALMER FARMER 39 an-+L -sf I LINDA KAREN PATTERSON PETERS 33 -zi,-!,.' 4 I pu , .I GORDON DALE POWELL PUTNEY f I . .:.,. 2 1, 'W I x. .. -' - '-.Q I , 5: E If , I JOE DOROTHY BILL LEONARD ROBART ROBERTSON ROTTMAN ROTTMAN ' if I qv 'ff-F A +I ' . . sg - ' If h ' :I p Q ,Av GARY RONALD VICTOR VERNON ST. MARTIN STROVEN STROVEN TAYLOR I ,If . 'G' .,. 4 155, "' " ' " 'Q ,. 5 ' 1 H A..Q V, x ' . - V uv NANCY JAMES HELEN WAYNE VAN ZANTEN VEENSTRA WALKER WALSWORTH .. lx 1 , . Q . Y SUSAN JIM MARILYN JOE WHITE WILKINSON WISSNER WOLTERS 40 AUDREY PLATT X GLENN REINEKE BARBARA SCHUSTER It CAROLYN TEUSINK fi LILLIAN WAMSER 31 WILLIAM WOOD JOHN SHELL f' -I 'K 7 Y. I A GLENARD TRIMBLE GLENDA WARREN 54 ,iff LoVERN YOUNG MARLENE SMITH iq, 3 WILMA 1uCK ER KENNETH WESTCOTT RENARD ZUWERINK OFFICERS MIKE REBER President JERRY DUMMER Vice-President RACHEL PAULSON Secretary LARRY DEAN Treasurer 1 ,I AARON CHERYI. LYNNIE PATSY DARLA LAWRENCE ACKER ALFSEN ASHCROFT AUSTIN BARNHART BISSON 1 .T 'ai s ' as Q ya ,,:: md I ,.: as JIM BARBARA PATRICIA CHARLOTTE RAYMOND DUANE JANE BLANDFORD BOUWSMA BROCKHAUS BROWN BURDI BURT CARBINE LOUISE DICK CHARLES BETTY C R BRENDA RICHARD CLAUDE A BINE CARTER CEDERQUIST COLLINS COOK CRANDELL CREGG 'L-L, BILL DON DON NA LARRY BERNARD ,IEANETTE JOAN CULP CURTICE CURTICE DEAN DERKS DEZINSKI DOUVILLE 41 O I ae- ' 'f LOREN DRAGOO I :,. 5 Z PAUL DUBOIS -'---. 'A:, Q ff A JERRY DUMMER DAVID DURSEMA 4 F 9 PATRICIA EDWIN PAUL O MAX EVANS FISHER FOSTER FOWLER GARDENOUR V, V lv ,. ' 1 . , .5 5, VICTOR ROBERTA SARAH PATSY BOB HALVERSON HANSON HART HAWES HAYES 4 IIIA 'W In Q 5 I . . LEON JOHN GEORGE FRED PEARL HOMAN HUISJEN HYSELL JONES JORDAN ROBERT KAREN BERNARD LORETTA DONALD RITTLE KLINGER KLOET LAMPMAN LECKRONE ' -, Zlgf ,J A , . f 'x Q" H . A , 5" - r ,- " " ,.,.,,. I 4 DONALD KAY MARY DELORES LEONARD LONGCORE OOSTING MARYINEZ McC-RADY McMULLEN 42 KEITH ESSEBAGGERS WAYNE GASTFI ELD 0 A Sl ALTA HINTON HARRI ET KERNS DICK LEE if . if GARY MQNEI L E FRANK HALVERSON JUDITH HOLMES Q' X i 5 NILA KERSTETTER BRUCE LINDSAY WILLIAM McNEIL GILBERT PEARSON BEVERLY ROBINS SONJA SHINEW LARRY Tl NDALL x HAROLD MILLER SHEILA PURCELL DON ROBIN5 RONALD SMITH Inv sf. , fa' uf A JUDY TOZER RONALD SHELBY WESTCOTT WESTBROOK A I an L- S , 9 QL I ' ' - T if . Lp .. ' 1 J ' .,-is 2 . I , , ' HOWARD TOM CARL RACHEL MILLER MOON MURPHY PAULSON , 5 L, I AS . - R L - 2 S ARLENE MIKE CHRISTEL GEORGE WALTER RASEY REBER RIPHOLZ ROBART ROBERTSON I i 1 , L .,.. Q W . . A . A 'Z is j , JAY KENNETH ROBERT JOAN BARBARA ROTYIER ROTTIER SCHERER SCHOTANUS SHERMAN JEAN LQVERN LINDA VIVIAN RICHARD sTETTNIscH STOCKER STOCKER swEET SWEEZEY Q .S .I . ,utu Q Q . A 'kb x tv . SUSAN DONALD BOB BARBARA HOWARD TRUMAN TUMELE vAN DYKE WAKEFIELD WESTCOYT Qi' Q R- ., L , X V, ' - x L1 3 , if w ROSE LEE GORDAN JIM JOHN DOUGLAS WESTERMAN WILLIS WIYTE wOOD WRIGHT 43 NORMAN PARKER We, the Mogul Staff and Club of l952, would like to present this page as an expression of our appreciation to you, Mr. Parker, without whose help we would have been completely unable to publish such a successful yearbook. Mr. Parker drives a stake into the ground to hold up one of the tents the seniors used at their Senior Sale. 44 WWW. ENN , ' 7 Lu . 4 ,W . xv C First Row: Wayne Robertson, Larry Austin, Glen Klomp, Claude France, Phil Fry-Co-Captain, Jim Gardner, Don Carbine, Gerry Church. Second Row: Bob Stocking-Co-Captain, Larry Zandvliet, Larry Boerman, Roger Schulte- man, Scott Holmes, Hugh Johnson, Don Taylor, Emerson Grossman-Coach. Third Row: Bill Pekel, Don Hendrie, Louis Hooker, Tom Ford, Tom Dawe, Dick Miesen, Mike Schuster-Mgr. Fourth Row: Don While, Bob Grant, Jim Schuiteman, Warren Johnson, Bob Bultman, Charles Dore, Dennis Dawe, Joe Gerdes. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Fremont 6 .... ..... H art 34 Fremont 2 .,,. Monistee l8 Fremont 6 ,... .. Evart I4 Fremont 0 ..e. Reed City 39 Fremont O .... Big Rapids 7 Fremont 0 .... ,.,.. N orth Muskegon 27 Fremont 0 ..,., ..,. A Ima 19 Fremont 6 ..... .... K azoo State 20 EMERSON GROSSMAN Varsity Coach Fremont O .... Ludington 39 The Fremont Packers, plagued by iniuries to key players, were unable to score a victory over their opponents this year. Coach Grossman started the season with almost a completely inexperienced team, having only four starters from the previous squad. With spirit and enthusiasm reigning high the Packers began an uphill battle which it looked like they might overcome, until the iniuries began The co-captains for this year, Bob Stock- ing and Phil Fry, present the ball to Don Carbine, the captain for next year. to strike. Bob Bultman, Bob Grant, Warren John- son, Dennis Dawe, and Bob Stocking, the fellows that formed most of the nucleus of the team, re- ceived iniuries which benched them for a good share of the season. Although this year was not successful, much experience was gained by the underclassmen which will be helpful to them for the next year's season. 5 c 47 Z First Row: Coach Hartman, Arnie Rottman, Manager Joe Gerdes. Second Row: Wyss Miller, Larry Austin, Herm Kolk, Don Hendrie, Jim McMelIen, Bill Dok. Third Row: Mike Vanderzee, Jim Schuiteman, Hugh Johnson, Roger Schuiteman, Warren Johnson. LLOYD HARTMAN Varsity Coach The Fremont Packers ended the regular season with a season record of 4 wins and ll losses. Graduating seniors who lettered this year were Arnie Rottman, Jim Schuiteman and Warren Johnson. This leaves many returning players 'for next year's team. These returning players for next year are Hugh Johnson, Wyss Miller, Herm Kolk, Roger Schuiteman, Mike Van- derzee, Larry Austin, Jim McMeIlen, Don Hendrie and Bill Dok. Possibly the high point of the season was the upset win over a very strong Holland Christian five. Teams in the past have furnished great players and the present team is no excep- tion as it produced Arnie Rottman, one of the better players in the state this year. 5 X N xv R! 5lgA2f'v S S X X J ZZQQ ., 'vnu N ia. -as Q X X l X N1 my x ., 3 fa I X Yr- S X Q x if LN 1 Q f N 'N'-we -y , I x. ,ms W . QQ Xxigffxiwx R :Q X X x,..5Xx.x XXX X xx Kg X ,x i " gx A I Q Q: 6 3 Q 1- Q, - ad S NM iifiwl Q I! f f v wx 4 Q., ll S9 ,....-naw ti ' ox S , N. 0 acuity Zemin!! RETURNING LETTERMEN First Row: Chuck Witteveen, Arnold Rottman, Warren Johnson, Jim McMellen. Second Row: Roger Schuiteman, Mike Vanderzee, Herm Kolk, and Ellis Deters. Not pictured: Bob Bultman. The Fremont Packers baseball team, under the supervision of Coach Grossman, w ill play in the newly organized Ken-new-wa League, which will One of the returning lettermen, Jim Mc- Mellen, takes a few practice swings before advancing to the plate to take his turn at bat. consist of the following schools: Sparta, Zeeland, Cedar Springs, Hudsonville, Coopersville, Comstock Park, and Fremont. The eight returning lettermen should help to develop a strong team that might better last year's excellent record of 10 wins and 3 losses. ln addition to the league games, the team has also scheduled games with Newaygo and Whitehall with four open dates remaining to be filled. edema? tc :um First Row: Bob Frantz, Phil Holcomb, Russel Evans, Phil Pennington, Larry DeMars, Clarence Mullett, Lee Hendrie, John Sherman, Gordon Anderson. Second Row: Eugene Pawlowski, Richard Taylor, Dick Miller, Ray Hindes, Robert White, Leroy Neibarger, Don Schrader, Roland Willis. Third Row: Ray Sharlow, Bob Nichols, Dave Smalli- gan, Jim Sherman, Don Brinkman, Jack Gustman, Denny Ford. Under the direction of Coach John Fleming the many of the fundamentals that will later help them reserves played an 8 game schedule. Although on the varsity team. Many of these players should their record wasn't too impressive in so far as give valuable assistance on the first team next year. games won is concerned, still the team learned :line First Row: Chuck Besemer, Vernon Taylor, Chuck Cederquist, Renard Zuwerink, Ron Stroven, Victor Stroven, Larry Dean, Mark Anway. Second Row: .lerry Olson, Bill Rottman, Bill Culp, Jerry Brooks, Donald Banacka, lvan Boer- man, Dale Putney, Jim Houghtaling, Duane Burt, Joe Wolters. Third Row: Ron Wescctt, Edsel Gordon, Scott Fowler, Glenn Reineke, Marcus Griswold, Dale Jones, George Hysell, Bob Crandell, Bill Maynard. What the Jitneys lack in size, they make up in hard with these boys to teach them the basic ideas spirit and this was ably demonstrated in their sev- of football and in a few years they will be the eral intra-squad games. Coach Kennedy worked Varsity. 5l eamae 'gcwketlczll First Row: Coach Fleming, Douglas Smith, Scott Holmes, Phil Pennington, Ray Shorlow, Buck Willis, Phil Holcomb, Bob Hood. Second Row: Bob Wolters, AI Pugno, Don Trimble, Don Brinkman, Carl Euitendorp, Glen Klomp, Larry Boerman, Jim Townes, Don White-Manager. Under the supervision of Coach Fleming the re- reserves have played the some schedule as the serves have worked on the fundamental principles Varsity, with victories over Big Rapids and Coopers- of basketball in preparation for varsity ball. The ville. 7 H, 1..-. . ,,.. s . -s s . . , Second Row: Coach Fleming, Richard Taylor, Jim Gardner, Mike Schuster, Dennis Dawe. Third Row: Buck Willis, Dick Miller, Larry Zandvliet, Don Hendrie, Gordon Anderson, Bill Parker. The track team this year, completely inexperi- Under +he handicap of a poor track, the team, enced except for one returning letterman, Dennis under the supervision of Coach Fleming, will do Dawe, will compete in several dual meets plus the their best to create a winning season. district and state meets. 52 wiv Ck X ,X X if Q 3 il i .gc 'Q' fy? +4 Q,-S 'W-A' l First Row: Lora Lindsey, Lois Hendrickson, lla McGowen, Mary Smalligan, Donna Reed, Susan Leeth, Lois Wolters. Second Row: Arlene Mellon, Gloria DeKuiper, Irene Schrier, Edsel Schuiteman, Roy Grave, Jerry Oosting, Vince VanderWerp, Marilyn Shriver, Beverly Miller. Third Row: Allen Murphy, Joyce Ensing, Alma Galster, Alice Galster. Standing: Sara Jean Evans, Judy Loomis, Mr. Durkee, Charlene Wade, Joyce Kolk, Richard Dix, Louis Hooker, Marvin Tanis. yum Joyce Kolk, Carol Murphy, Marlene Zagers, Judy Blandford, Charlene Wade. 54 The Fremont High School Band, under the baton of Eldon Durkee, started its season by playing at the lonia Free Fair. Included among their public appearances was the Mass Band Day at the Uni- versity of Michigan, the Spring Concert, and all of the home games. First Row: Jane Smith, llah Kay Wilson, Joanne Bultman, Mary Dursema, Mable Westenfelder, Bette Messinger. Second Row: Nancy Meeuwenberg, Ray Shinew, Dorothy Kibart, Carole Speel, Joyce Kreps, Frances DeKryger, Bob Bultman, Lavonne Wolters. Third Row: Don Hanson, Jim Sherman, Don Taylor, John Sherman, Maynard DeKryger, Marilyn Speel. Standing: Ron Taylor, Larry Brinkman, Larry Nyson, Carol Murphy, Marlene Zagers, Judy Blandford, Larry Boerman, Phil Fry, Alan Sackett. 'grand The band entered the District Band and Orchestra Festi- val this year with some of its members playing solos at the District Solo Festival. A brass quartet composed of band members also played for our Chapel Services. ELDON DURKEE Director 55 0 The Fremont High School Senior Orchestra, under the direction ot Eldon Durkee, ends its season with performances during commencement week. Two of its maior appearances are the Spring Concert and val. In addition to these, the Orchestra also parti- cipated in the presentation of Handel's Messiah during the Christmas season. String quartettes were formed from the Orchestra, the Michigan High School Band and Orchestra Festi- CELLOS Estella Bennett Connie Sherman Moreen Mullett Lois Tinney WOODWINDS Lois Wolters Joyce Kolk Joyce Mclennan Arlene Mellon 56 VIOLINS Shirley Rasey Jane Smith James Robertson Kathleen Wissner Mary .lo Gilliland Sally Wanenmocher Mary Ellen Collins Linda Weisner Nancy Kingstord Vionne Gilbert Mary Ellen Jensen Frieda Wright Lois Jibson and one entered the district contest. BRASS Marilyn Shriver Nancy Meeuwenberg Jim Sherman Joanne Buttman Ilah Kay Wilson Wayne Robertson Dan Taylor John Sherman BASSES Beverly Tanis Rhoda Jesty Few organizations in school are better appreci- ated than the Senior Choir and their numerous ap- pearances before the student body were greatly First Row Mr. Durkee Mary Ellen Collins Mary Ellen Jensen Patty Montague Carol Hays Sally Nielsen Marilynn Thayer Joan Vanderwerp Kay Fowler Estella Bennett Carol Hart Moreen Mullett Second Row Joyce McLennan Joyce Kolk Judy Loomis Phyllis Swanson Elna Moon Lois Tinney Carol Tinney Barbara Wechsler Arlene Wiseman Donna Kingsford Norene Eurich Carol Lubke appreciated by all. The choir also appears before many other groups such as the Women's Club Third Row Shirley Kubicek Vince Vanderwerp Herm Kolk Hugh Johnson Jacob Saum George DuPont Dennis Ford Don Taylor Louie Hooker David Grindell Maris Murphy Barbara Taylor Fourth Row Dick Arnold Gordon Witte Richard Taylor Chuck Witteveen Ken Schuiteman Ray Sharlow Jerry Baars Howard Witte Bill Dok Ron Taylor John Sherman Sally Tanis anion Zami First Row: Nancy Purcell, Janet Purcell, lrene Rynberg, Lois Jibson, Dick Graff, Karlene O'dell, Nancy Luchies, Berniece Robins. Second Row: Elaine Brooks, Nancy VanZanten, Virginia Wissner, Virginia Snellcr, Grace Slagter, Marcia Betten, Marian Walsworth, Foster Palmer, Allene Christotfersen, Cornelius DeKryger, Don Huisien, Bob Wolters, Duane Ridderman. Third Row: Eddie Graichen, lvan Boerman, Lee Hendrie, Mr. Durkee, Frances Karnemaat, Marcus Griswold, Christine DeKryger, Gay Gerber, Diane Pugno, Bob Cran- dell, Glenda Warren, Arlene Hoffman. The Fremont High School Junior Band prepares its members for entry into the Senior Band and gives them training and the oppor- tunity to learn to cooperate with fellow students. The Band Club, under the sup- ervision of Mr. Durkee, discusses the problems of the Music Depart- ment and plays the music that later will be given to the bands. Kneeling: Vince Vanderwerp, Don Hansen, Jerry Oosting, Larry Brinkman, louis Hooker. Standing: Richard Dix, Mr. Durkee, Mary Dursemo, Nancy Meeuwenberg, Arlene Mellon, Edsel Schuiteman. 58 gg yyyyy y feccvwl Zia! First Row: Joan Vanderwerp, Alice Hoffman, Dacia Dawe, Doris Wade, Joyce McLennan, Gayle Mater, Mildred Lindsey, Mary Shell Glenda Warren, Audrey Platt. Second Row: Arlene Wiseman, Marilyn Oosting, Katherine VanDyke, Dorothy Kibart, Mildred Kerns Marilyn Prentiss, Jean Besemer, Sally Amily, Marie Schipper, Patsy Alfson, Mr. Adair. Third Row: Lorraine Ekkel, Karen Dunning Mary Ellen Jensen, Carol Davis, Jean Kibart, Betty Johnson, Frieda Wright, Carolyn Hill, Maris Murphy, Carolyn Oswald. The maior obiective of the club is to learn to appreciate good music- classical, semi-classical, and popular. Each club period is devoted to the discussion of some important composer or performer. Wddffid 7Zezc' First Row: Shelby Hoppa, Dorothy Dewey, Arlene Halverson, Carroll Moran, Gay Gerber, Laura Simons, Diane Pugno, Dawn Leeth, Thelma Teusink, Patsy Johnson. Second Row: Carolyn Teusink, Hope Borgman, JoAnn Drake, Janiece Essebaggers, Vicki Reineke, Judy Loomis, Emma Jean Terrell, Helen Brown, Mr. Kroai. Third Row: Wilma Hilton, Jean Schornagel, Sharon Parkes, Frances Kings- lord, DeAnne Maddox, Elaine Vogel, Winifred DeKryger, Carolyn Cosgrove, Gloria Staley, Joan Noble. This club has tried to do some writing of poetry, essays, short stories and other types of creative literature. If possible, the club would like to publish o small booklet comprising all of the contributions made in the club. 59 1 1 1 an wmesxsma 2: ,YK url? 1 Standing: Bill Dok, Sally Neilsen, Marian Walsworth, Ken Rottier, Bruce Lindsay, Mary Martinez, Hugh Johnson, Larry Zandvliet, Foster Palmer. Sitting: Chairman at Assemblies, Lavonne Wolters, Chairman of Publicity, Chuck Witte- veen, Judy Loomis, Don Hendrie, Joan Scho- tanus. Standing: Ran Stocking, Patrick Murphy, Larry Boerman, Wyss Miller, Jim McMellen, Bob Grant, Mary Jo Gilliland, Jane Smith, Carol Lubke. Sitting: Allene Christaffersen, Phyllis Swan- son, Barbara Wechsler, Chairman of Noon Hour Program, Jim Robertson, Carnival Chair- man, Warren Johnson, Chairman of Hall Monitors, Betty Messinger, Gary Bennett, Dick Gallup. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bob Stocking VICE-PRESIDENT Phil Fry SECRETARY Sally Neilsen TREASURER Hugh Johnson SPONSOR Mr. Bultman gg gg gggggg 3406 66:45 Seated: Donna Barton, Catherine DeBlock, Miss Orr, Carol Hart, Bernard Derks, Dick Lee, Delores Meeuwenberg, Donna Moore Standing: Lynnie Ashcroft, Delores Halverson, Rose Ashcroft, Gilbert Pearson, Robert Kittle. The main obiective of the Book Club is to get a better knowledge of good books and to give book reviews. This year the Club was again sponsored by Miss Orr. gggg W l Seated: Miss Walsh, Miss Randall, Kathleen Wissner, Rhoda Jesty, Janice Millis. Standing: Janet Millis, Charlene Wade, Moreen Mullet, Lois Jibson, Mary Ellen Collins, Beverly Tanis. The students interested in foreign language have been encouraged to study the fundamentals of different languages and customs of these countries. The club is sponsored by Miss Walsh and Miss Randall. 6l 7 14 ' First Row: Dennis Vanderzee, Howard Witte, Don Taylor, Don White, David Manor, Joe Gerdes, Mr. Myers, Bill Pekel, Ken Boerman, Dick Miesen, Wayne Robertson. Second Row: Norman Griffin, Edwin Cregg, Chester Scott, Leslie Hile, Jack Elema, Roger Crawford, Keith Robertson, Jim Gardner, Bud Kemmerling, Carl Grabill, John Bird, John Esslinger, LaVerne Shell. Third Row: Arnold Rogers, Bill Barton, Vic Pedersen, Paul Bitson, Fred VanDyke, Marvin Tunis, Fritz Meeuwenberg, Wilbur Jordan, Harvey Wolters, Keith Walsworth, Mike Vanderzee, Gaylyn Monette. Fourth Row: Carl Boeskool, Melvin Meeuwenberg, Jerry Hoffman, Clare Tubbergen, Wayne Scott, Gordon Oosterhouse, George Bunce, Richie Jordan, Joe White, Larry Austin, Dale DuBois, Paul Jennings, Duane Ridderman. Again this year the Future Farmers of America have worked toward their fundamental aim of de- velopment of agricultural leadership, cooperation and citizenship on the part of the different members of the organization. The group participated in the 62 East Lansing Farmers Week and Fred VanDyke won first place in the Hesperia District Speech Contest. The organization again fielded a basketball team which played several intramural contests. OFFICERS BILL PEKEI. President JOE GERDES Vice- President DICK MIESEN Secretary WAYNE ROBERTSON Treasurer KEN BOERMAN Sentinel DAVID MANOR Reporter MR. MYERS Sponsor First Row: Carol Darling, Delores Ashcroft, Joyce Laisure, Lois Zagers, Nancy Kingsford, Linda Matthews, Phyllis Zuwerink, Delores Jones, Joann Smith. Second Row: Miss Sayles, Gloria Rottman, Toni Rupar, Phyllis McDonald, Barbara Shue, Barbara Deuling, Mary Collins, Marilyn Buitendorp, Marilyn Meeuwenberg. Third Row: Lena Belle Hoppa, Freda Maclean, Judy Stettnisch, Geraldine Kloet, Donna Shue, Marilyn Dryer, Charlotte Rottman, Fay Hendrie. The Senior group of the Future Homemakers of America, under the leadership of Miss Sayles, the homemaking teacher, includes girls who are interested in all phases of home life. fc, 74 ff. First Row: Marilyn Klinger, Patsy Brockhaus, Donna Curtice, Judy Holmes, Darla Barnhart, Sheryl DeWitte, Edna Diekema, Jane Car- bine, Karen Lindsey, Roberta Hansen. Second Row: Judy Tozer, Jean Stettnisch, Ellen Getz, Roberta Holmes, Barbara Bouwsma, El- dora Bunce, Helen Walker, Mary Martinez, Sharon Hayes, Miss Bowman. Third Row: Jeanette Dezinske, Carolyn Huisien, Sharon Bird, Wilma Tucker, Marcia Oosting, Dorothy Robertson, Donna Beebe, Paulette Foster, Loretta Lampman, Rose Hayes. This club consists of the Junior members of the Future Homemakers of America and prepares them for further work in home economics. 63 fa. 7 7Zuwe4 First Row: Marlene Borgman, Ruth Wade, Ellen Jordon, Marilyn Shriver, Marian Walsworlh, Eva Rupar, Anna Lee Fox, Lillian De- Visser, Alwena VanDyke, llene Platt. Second Row: Belly Derks, Margaret Pell, Wanda Hottman, Joyce Robbins, Joanne Bultman, Virginia Wamser, Betty Moon, Diane Leeth, Lois Wolters, Mrs. Hastings. Third Row: Alma Galster, Alice Galsler, Dixie Lee Vanden- berg, Della Plaiser, Norma Vanderwall, Kay Fowler, Lois Deur, Irene Schrier, Betty Robart, Lorraine DeVisser, Ruth Blohm. Fourth Row: Carol Hays, Wanda Headlee, Arlene Robins, Mary Ellen Hoppa, Janet Bell, Norma Jean Dickenson, Joyce Ensing, Janet Pur- cell, Joyce Kreps, Nancy Purcell. Students who are members of this club are especially interested in the field of nursing and Mrs. Hastings has acquainted them with many features of the profession. Their field trips have proven most valuable. First Row: Vera Anderson, Bonnie Frees, Darlene Cook, Maxine Crawford, Carolyn Gingrich, Nancy VanZanten, Arlene Rasey, Pal Cotrell, Barbara Sherman, Second Row: Belly Sabo, Joan Novac, Brenda Cook, Palsy King, Jean Kingsford, Donna Longcore, Doris Gustman, Nancy Palmer, Karlene O'dell, Mrs. Willis. Third Row: Marilyn Smith, Alta Hinten, Susan Truman, Linda Patterson, Delores McGrady, Betty Nieboer, Lois Palmer, Susan White, Janice Kyle, Shirley Deuling, Karen Peters. Fourth Row: Joan Scholanus, Palsy Evans, Barbara Wakelield, Palsy Hawes, Kay Oosting, Shelia Purcell, Linda Stocker, Charlotte Brown, Carol McMullen, Beverly Robins. Under the leadership of Mrs. Willis this club has also studied the problems of nursing. Along with the Senior Future Nurses Club, the group also planned several field trips. 64 Standing: Mrs. Geeting, Gloria DeKuiper, Miss VanHorn, Estella Bennett, Pearl Roossinck. Seated: Frances DeKryger, Gail Wolters, Dick Casting, Billy Kingsfard, Jill Smith, Vid Roe. Semin f4aZwc2! This year saw the beginning of a new organization, the Future Teach- ers Club, which was formed for the purpose of helping students to become better acquainted with the teaching profession. This club was sponsored by Miss Van Horn. The senior class has many varied and time consuming activities. Miss Elmquest has worked with this club this year with the purpose of promoting some of these activities. Standing: Esther Vogel, Faith B Donna Barton, Betty Sneller, Elna orgman, Dianne Dietz, Miss Elmquest. Seated Moon, Connie Hekhuis. WW . The Junior Play, "Life of the Party," directed by Mr. Fosheim was presented November I7 and 18. This was a humorous and appealing study of mod- ern youth and the modern family and the wise Jean Hughes .,s,.e Mildred Hughes .,,s Amy Hughes ..,.... Mrs. Hughes ....., Mrs. Coates ,s,. Sally Frazier ,.,s..s Dottie Kixmiller .,,.... Maryrosalie Vogulhut 66 readiustments of the characters to one another and to life. The play was well directed and many of the characters were very well interpreted by the students. 644: Janet Hathhorn Marilynn Thayer Ilah Kay Wilson Sally Nielsen Frances DeKryger Lois Tinney Donna Reed Joyce Kolk Hope Shuttleworth Ruth Coates ..,...... . Teddy Hughes ....... Tommy King .,,... Mike Tisdale ,..,., Charles Collier s,,s.. Walter Lipscomb ...., Snazzy Mitchell .... Jane Ann Nadeau Carol Lubke Ellis Deters Herm Kolk Jim McMellen Mark Powers Larry Boerman Dick Arnold Elaine Tanis, Beverly Bruckner, Mr. Fosheim, Jonel Hathhorn, Lois Tinney. Donna Reed, Allen Sackett, David Grindell, Lois Hendrickson, Linda Weisner, Carole Speel. Standing: Mr. Fosheim, lloh Wilson, Phyllis Van- Dyke, Lucille Holmes, Grace Slagler, Joyce Kolk, Helen Speel, Janice Tindall, Marilyn Homan. Sealed: Sally Neilsen, Carol Lubke, Jane Smilh, Donna Kingsford, Mary Zagers. Under the direction of Mr. Fosheim, the Dra- malics Club has allempled to goin a working knowledge of the basic fundamentals of acting. It was their plan to give one or two one act plays during the year. ,7 6 First Row: Ellis Deters, Rog Schuiteman, Phil Fry, Herm Kolk. Second Row: Coach Grossman, Jim Schuiteman, Richard Foster, Jim Mc- Mellen, Bob Buttman, Bob Stocking, Warren Johnson, Dennis Dawe. Third Row: Arnie Rottman, Don White, Larry Boerman, Glen Klomp, Bob Grant, Tom Dawe, Scott Holmes, Hugh Johnson. Fourth Row: Charles Witteveen, Ron Stocking, Tom Ford, Don Hendrie, Don Carbine, Charles Dore, Gerald Church, Claude France. Under the supervision of the football coach, Emerson Grossman, the "F" Club, consisting of Varsity letter winners, takes charge of all concessions during games and furthers the athletic interests of the school. '?2' EM First Row: Mr. Fleming, Bob Frantz, Bob White, Russ Evans, Larry DeMars, Phil Holcomb, Dick Miller, Roland Willis, Ray Sharlow. Second Row: Dennis Ford, David Smalligan, LeRoy Neibarger, Bob Nichols, Marvin Bolles, Richard Taylor, John Sherman, Ray Hindes, Jim Sherman. Third Row: Allen Borgman, Lee Hendrie, Don Schrader, Don Brinkman, Jack Gardner, Gordon Anderson, Phil Penning- ton, Bob Wolters, Jack Gustman. The "FR" Club is composed of boys who have won an award on the "B" teams and reserves. This club, under the leadership of Coach Fleming, gives the members a better chance to know their coach and the fundamentals of sports. 68 WW First Row: Mr. Kennedy, Scott Fowler, Duane Burt, Glenn Reineke, Charles Cederquist, Vernon Taylor, Victor Stroven, Joe Wolters. Second Row: Ray Gerdes, Bob Crondell, Jim Houghtaling, George Hysell, Kenneth Rottier, Mike Reber, Dale Jones. Third Row: Larry Dean, Marcus Griswold, Milton Herro, Bill Maynard, Burt Cutshaw, lvan Boerman, .lerry Dummer. Fourth Row: Renard Zuwerink, Dick Sweezey, Bill Rottman, Dick Gallup, Jerome Filipiak, Jerry Olson, Laverne Young. The Jitney Athletic Club, sponsored by Mr. Ken- the different sports plus actual participation in nedy, is composed primarily of boys who have some. During May the club made its second annual participated in .lunior High Sports. During the club trip to the Tulip Festival for an all day outing. period the members discuss the fundamentals of OFFICERS PreSidenT ,,,.,s,V ...,...... .,,. C h arles Cedarquist VlCe-President ..,,,,, ,,,,,,A V erngn Taylor Secretary-Treasurer ....,.....,.,s,s,,,,,,,, Glenn Reineke 69 OFFICERS President .,.A.., .,YY,.... K ay Clemens Vice-President Y,,, .,... J one Ann Nadeau Secretary V.... Shirley Kubicek Treasurer Mary Beth Fox Sponsor ,,,,, .sr,. M iss Guillaume Ruth Bolles, Barb Willis, Shirley Belder, Madelyn Vanderzee, Beverly Morse, Potty Montague, Sora Jean Evans, Barb Taylor, Mary Beth Fox, Delores Tindall, Marcelline Beaudry, Ginger Hinton, Miss Guillaume, Evie Carrier, Maiewel Tucker, Kay Clemens, Hilda lranyi, Arlene Belder, Shirley Kubicek, Sally Tanis, Joyce Lucas, Patsy Powell, Mary Ann Semenetz, Irene Rynberg, Janet Maynard. The Pep and Tumbling Club has been a busy organization this year as it has helped sponsor many of the pep assemblies plus working out many tumbling exercises as pictured above. 70 W ' Zaeeacmddamzt By popular vote ofthe student body, Bette Messinger was selected Homecoming Queen. Her court consisted of Joan Schotanus, Maris Murphy, Jane Smith, Queen Bette Messinger, Della Plaisier, Susan White. Zafwdwzl Kilt? cmd Zueen ' Out of the above group Bob Stocking and Marian Walsworth were chosen Carnival King and Queen respectively, with Jerry Olson chosen Prince and Nancy Palmer Princess. We ..? 2.. dw The Co-op Club, under the leadership of Miss Phillips, helps Seniors and Juniors maioring in com- mercial subiects to obtain iobs during high school and to train them for future work after they leave school. The picture shows the members in the different phases of their office work in actual iob situations. During club period they discuss some of the problems that have risen while on the iob. Left Top: Seated: Carol Sabin, Arnold Dougan, Marlene luchies, Marilyn Speet, Lorna Hays. Standing: Don DeWitte, Lora Lindsey. Left Center: Joyce Dewey, Jack Gillette, Thelma Ensing, Jack Romans, Betty Homan, Grace Betten, LaVern Nyson, Betty Dewey, LaVon Crawford, Allen Murphy. Left Bottom: Seated: Peggy Beeler, Pat Kubicek. Standing: Beve erly Miller, Linda Matthews. Below: Elaine Crawford, Violet Drake, Darlene Sharlow, Kenneth Frens, Betty Wright, Jo Anne Myers. fa. Win First Row: Barbara Schuster, Christel Ripholz, Jon Miller, Betty Collins, Rachel Paulson, Arlene Hallman, Bill Culp, Anne Hekkema, Richard Crandell. Second Row: Marcia Betten, Allene Christotfersen, Anna Gerwat, Florence Cushman, Bernard Kloet, James Witte, Kenneth Westcott, Mr. Gebraad. Third Row: Doris Ferguson, Doris Mater, Marilyn Wissner, Charles Miller, Delores Lattin, Marian Ditter, Harold Miller, Charles Besemer. This club's obiectives are learning how to use the typewriter properly and to become more adiusted socially. Mr. Gebraad is the sponsor of this club and Jon Miller is its president. een gewldmmd First Row: Mrs. Campbell, Karen Klinger, Howard Westcott, Sonia Shinew, Pearl Jordan. Second Row: Patsy Austin, Shelby Westbrook, Sarah Hart, Sheryl Allsen, Harriet Kerns, Caroline Westerman. Third Row: Edwin Fisher, Paul DuBois, Leon Homan, Ron Stroven, Bill McNeil, Joan Douville. This club, under the leadership of Mrs. Campbell, wishes to promote better manners among the teenagers and help others, who aren't in the club, to do so. 73 ms' Under the leadership of Mr. Pro- vines, the Junior Science Club has promoted many interesting scientific experiments during the year plus going on several field trips. Social life was not forgotten since the club had a very enioyable Christmas Party. Seated: Tom DeVanney, Mr. Provines, Cornelius DeKryger. Standing: Elinor Cook, Patrick Murphy, Edwin Visscher, Don Hendrie. Raymond Burdi, Richard Wolters, Gordon Witte, Berniece Robins, Edith Ekkel, Don Tumele. O F F I C E R S President s,,, Ken Schuiteman Vice-President ,, .lerry Baars Secretary . Wanda Arnold l Treasurer . . , George DuPont Seated: Jerry Baars, Ken Schuiteman, Wanda Arnold, George DuPont. Standing: Jo Ann Knuver, Frances Karnemaat. Christine DeKryger, Ellen Lummen, Nancy Luchies, Keith Robertson, Gary Host. 74 Senior: Sc' The Science Club has enabled students interested in scientific research to promote better under- standing of the phenomena of chemistry and to develop their interests in scientific subjects. This Club was sponsored by Mr. Moes. Mr. Moes, Jean Carpenter, Connie Sherman, Gilbert Tunis, Jean Kronewitter, Jim Schuiteman, Bob Tanis, Arnie Rottman, Larry Boerman, Kay Sheppard, Vionne Gilbert. Wioclel ailalme Lawrence Heath, Clarence Mullett, Terry Darling, Jim Wilkinson, Gary Bennett, Gary McNeil, Les- lie Kolk, Carl Murphy, Vance Harris, Douglas Wright, Ken Host, Keith Esseboggers, Fred Jones. The main obiective of this club is the encouragement of the hobby of model building' Gordon Willis, Loren Drogoo, Jerry Brooks, Aaron Acker, Jim Blandford, Joe Fox, Foster Palmer, Ronald Andrzeiewski, Mr. Heerspink, Larry Tindall, Tom ' Moon, Max Gardenour, Donald Banaclza, Dick Carter, David Dursema. 75 gg 77141 ' Wa! My First Row: Mr. Buttman, Bill Wood, Keith Walsworth, Alan Hetzman, Chansford Mclean, Keith Brown, Rex Hoppo, Al Pugno, Ronald Westcott, Roger Frens, Don Huisien, Herb Smith, Norman Shick. Second Row: Kenneth Dykman, Russell Osterhart, Russell Boeskool, Bud Egbert, David Davis, Carl Buitendorp, Fred Cummings, John Robart, Joe Robart, Robert Hoad, Henry Schornagel, Frank Morse. Third Row: Jim Veenstra, Harold McCastle, Ken Fuller, Darwin Hinken, Paul Bunce, Ray Shinew, Allen Smith, Mark Powers, John Pennington, Carl Canniff. The Projectors Club, directed by Mr. Bultman, is organized to help students learn to operate the proiectors, learn organization of o business meetings, and to shore their common problems. dad! dz 77419241 Seated: Paul Johnson, Don Trimble, Dick Graff, Larry Nyson. Standing: Mr. Dell, Junior Howes, Frank Jahr, Frank Gerwat, Charles Holbrook, Eugene Bouwsma, Lester Pikaart, Glen Trimble, Rob Roy Graichen, Stanley Griswold, Victor Brant, Leslie Lindsey. The Civil Air Patrol Cadets, under the supervision of Mr. Dell, are iunior members of the Senior Civil Air Patrol, which is an official auxiliary of the U. S. Air Force. 76 First Row: Robert Walker, Jim Kubicelr, Ron Taylor, Bill VanDyke, Merle Eggerstedt, Frank Walker, Mr. Naber. Second Row: Delbert Sweet, Phil Richter, Jim Towne, John Zoscsak, Jacob Saum, Bill Parker, Dick Arnold, Douglas Smith, Third Row: Terry Romans, Ken Johnson, Jack Williams, Bob Hekhuis, Bob Jonsma, Lee Gates, Elwin Shell, Don Price. The Fish and Game club consists of boys active in outdoor sports who try to become better sportsmen by learning the laws of conservation. This group has had a lot of fun on their several field trips under the leadership of Mr. Naber. Www 7 ,amy First Row: Mr. Christenson, Bob VanDyke, Don Barnhard, Bruce Lindsay, John Huisjen, Joe Fowler, Frank Halverson. Second Row: Gary St. Martin, Dan Curtice, Roy Grove, George Robart, Don Leckrane, John Wood, Ronald Smith. Third Row: Jim Miesen, John Shell, Donald Longcore, Jay Rottier, Norman Bulson, Don Robins, Allan Fowler, Claude Cregg. Fourth Row: Gordon Powell, Lewis Blohm, Paul Foster, LaVern Slacker, Leonard Rottman, Leonard McMullen. This club also tries to teach the members the practices of conservation and good sportsmanship. Their plans include the deer count to be taken some Saturday. 77 CIRCULATION Mariorie Moore ASSISTANTS Beverly Miller, lla McGowen Phyllis Cheney, Pearl Hershey ADVERTISING Judy Blandford, Marlene Zagers ASSISTANTS Bob Bullman, Paul Jordan S CO-EDITORS Bob Slocking, Chuck Willeveen ASSOCIATE EDITOR Warren Johnson BUSINESS MANAGER Lavonne Wolters ADVISER Mr. Parker ...l SPORTS EDITORS Michael Schusler, Ralph Smalligan FEATURE EDITORS Belly Kole, Belle Messinger ORGANIZATION EDITORS Maynard DeKryger, Shirley Rasey Catherine Schrier ART EDITOR Barbara Wechsler PHOTOGRAPHY Bob Bullman ASSISTANTS Mary Ann Penninglon, Bob Granl Around Table: Bill Carmichael, Barbara Wechsler, Laverne Moran, Catherine Schrier, Lora Lindsey, Shirley Rasey, Ellen Kolk, Pal Kubicek, Ron Slocklng. Sealed: .loan Kempf, Carol Murphy, Belly Ho- man, Carol Sabin, Marlene Luchies. Slanding: Sally Wanenmacher, Belly Kole, Belle Messinger, Warren Johnson. Sealed: Susie Leelh, Marjorie Moore, Jamima Schrier, Mary Jo Gilliland, Marilyn Speel, Bev- erly Miller, Ken Frens, Lorna Hays. Standing: Burlon Wolters, Arnie Dougan, lla McGowen, Mariorie McDonald, Mabel Weslen- felder, Mary Smalligan, Jim Roberlson. emlaad Zia! The Mogul Club has worked very hard in helping the Mogul Staff put oul The Yearbook. They have assisted in. collecting piclures, selling subscrip- lions, and in lhe aclivilies taken on lo help finance the Mogul. Mr. Adair, Adviser, and the Editor, Warren Johnson, figure out the layout for one of the pages. Sally Wanenmacher, Bob Stocking, Carol Murphy, Bill Carmichael and Kay Clemens work on putting out an edition. Joan Kempf, Mabel Westenfelder, Judy Blandford and Catherine Schri- er check over the typed pages to eliminate any errors. 80 pddffll The High School Newspaper, as the voice of the students and faculty, must necessarily serve certain functions. Its task is to inform, entertain and work for the betterment of school life and conditions. The "Packer Tales," through its news, sports and editorial sections, seeks to fulfill these functions. WW The Senior Play, "Cheaper by the Dozen," al- will be under the directorship of Miss Elmquest with though not given as yet, promises to be one of the supporting help from Miss Van Horn, who will best plays ever dramatized at Fremont. The play assist in the capacity of make-up artist. Left to Right: Prompter ,,,,A,,, Frank Gilbreth Mrs. Gilbreth . Dr. Burton ..,... Anne Gilbreth Mrs. Fitzgerald Larry ,,,......,s.., Lillian Gilbreth 644: Mary Smalligan Warren Johnson .,,.. lavonne Wolters Bob Grant Carol Murphy Mary Jo Gilliland Maynard DeKryger Lora Lindsey Left to Rig ht: Miss Brill ,.,.,...,... Ernestine Gilbreth Jackie Gilbreth ., Mr, Gilbreth .,,.s Fred Gilbreth ,.s,.. Martha Gilbreth . Bill Gilbreth ....,, Director ....,,s,....,t,.,,,,,.s..,, ,, Joe Scales .....,, A,.svv,... Mike Schuster .. Judy Blandford Barbara Wechsler Mike Reber Bob Stocking Chester Scott Betty Kole Jim Robertson Miss Elmquest 81 wean ,4z5 As one walks down o ur school halls on an average day he is liable to see such scenes as the following going on in the various classrooms and the school audi- torium and gym. For one he is liable to see a group of co-op students going over their various activities of the day. If ight he would probably see a scene from one of our varsity basketball games being played in the gym. he waits until n' lf he g t night he would be able to see the final iudging of the Carni- val Amateur Show which is taking place in the school auditorium. picks the ri h -:LSO PARTS L .,..-f M, M ,,.,. ,M X .Q J QW um-ef.: novo: sues M riot, QW? '-uhh nw, gg 8 O Wren, brim' Q, TGHQ fl u oos' G Q h SCY 1 . . S S U L - Dura ' ff . 'M Affwh. Hn.. , in I G 51 0 9?-0 , ' x , v . ., Q- ' S S d' R Q 11 L Gang W wcmsoni 'tu 10 !,,,,,,,,, 5 I ,nsrfrxyrtllxhvrxt nl dw M,,,.-M-""4 flmour con. X CIIAMIIY C- ao A uf 1 wav J , ConQftNXaAS095'S.oxo N-,np 5':':WQ NT if Mignon, SAN .QM . YYCQAO I A wf Q ,,,.9-M' i www W mm. ,M . ' .mms Wf- , fziwtixfia S L :ww . ff' ., ,X.w+ - ' 1 JN 1 F. re.. NNW, M, if! 1' nu WANKLI ., .L.,X . X--J kxLX Q 'E 161 3' W' wi. 'ATPONALLY xscaww. NW--e"" ...X , kg ui? 'bg QMRWS' 'ALQ ' Q ' " We YV Continuous . wfigfgsxix Jiffy, QM S53 e X QHIGWJ 'W MQW' 2 PX nfl vm, gud" X' 2 ww at ,X 2 E ' ces ms, 5 3. Ym YN Wg E H W oi X t ' 9615 2 4 nxt View C -Aww' A N 2 2' W X R XX .....--h""""""'Mnc5 lie!! SES hav I A ' Q X wagon WW' eo fra 'gifs' W QXFM nspoffgugxj a L..x ,X.. M wx v"f'Q5'Yv. THB Tlx 1'll.f'l.T'M" 4 IN alfa - N e OH Sill! 'all gf Fn'..4 E-MN, f5:yigT.i 311011 C'Q,W7 ., ,M Q3 536.005 .N y NiM'T"v H W Fx' Sfivwm 3 Pfisg My fdfflng our 2 fzfixfgfl i ix fsr 7901 Congratulations, Class of 1952 FREMONT DAIRY 10 East Sheridan Phone 52 Owned and Operated by Sanitary Dairy - Muskegon See the Finest . . . See Frigidaire HOLLOWELL REFRIGERATION Sales and Service Phone 502 22 West Main CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 MOYER'S DRY GOODS STORE 9 East Main Phone 626 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS ! FREMONT I.G.A. SUPERMARKET Phone 555 South Stewart Ave. CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1952! For 57 years we have furnished F. H. S. students with Clothing and Furnishings of Quality. We hope to continue for many more years. R. VANDERWERP Fremont Home of Quality Clothing for Students H. J. HEINZ COMPANY 57 Varieties o IN FREMONT SINCE 1901 0 Phone 57 221 N. Mechanic To The Graduating Class of 1952 . . . Our Hearty Congratulations and Best Wishes for your future success. Whether you plan to continue your formal educa- tion, enter the armed services, or go into business or agriculture, you will, no doubt, require the serv- ices of a bank in some way. You are cordially invited to consult with us in any financial matters. DIRECTORS Frank Gerber William I. Branstrom Theodore I. Fry Erwin Tinney Don Vander Werp I. Donald Murphy Herman Schuiteman Bert Vander Meulen Richard Dobben OFFICERS Frank Gerber, Chairman of the Board William I. Branstrom, President Erwin Tinney, Vice-President Theodore I. Fry, Vice-President Herman Schuiteman, Exec. Vice-President Cashier and Trust Officer Bert Vander Meulen, Assistant Vice-President and Auditor Richard Dobben, Assistant Cashier and Assistant Trust Officer THE ULD STATE BANK UF FREMUNT MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Deposits insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to S10,000.00 , I :vena -nm H CONGRATULATIONS . . . To the Fremont High School Graduating Class of 1952 for their industry and thoughtfulness in continuing the publication of the MOGUL BODIVS SHOE STDRE MR. AND MRS. HENRY J. BODE, PROPS. IMembers of Clctss oi 1915 - First Class to publish the Mogul? X-RAY FITTING OF SHOES FEATURED Johnson FUEL 6. BUILDERS' SUPPLY COMPANY COAL . . . ICE . . . BUILDERS' SUPPLIES An important factor in the financial success of any bus- inessman is the choice and existing relationship of his banking connection. The earlier such a connection is started, the sooner good credit reputation is established. the earlier the virtue of thrift is revealed, the easier the road. Fremont State Bank has, in a very real sense, been the literal foundation of the success of many Fremont citi- zens for years. It is ready now -- by counsel, advice and financial help, to aid all those, young and old, whose qualifications and character make them deserving. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS OF 1952! MEMBERS OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Each Depositor Insured to 510,000.00 F REMON 'l' STATE BAN K OFFICERS President - Milo A. White Executive Vice-President and Vice-President- S. S. Nisbet Cashier - M. D. Watts Assistant Cashier - Sydney Savage Vice-President - Harry D. Reber Assistant Cashier - James Oosterhouse Betty Folkema Margaret Ekkel Kenneth Frens DIRECTORS Milo A. White S. S. Nisbet Earle L. Johnson Harry D. Reber Lambert Geerlings, M.D. Mary Penhaligen Charles O. White CONGRATULATIONS CLASS 1951-1952 YYY Secretaries cmd Bookkeepers for Industrial and Civil Service Employment are Wanted. AAA Muskegon School of Business is approved by the State Department of Education and is a member of the National Council of Approved Business Schools. Its trained students are always in demand. Starting wages range from 51,800 to 53,000 per year. Let the Muskegon School of Business train you for a future position. YYY NEW TERM SEPTEMBER 2, 1952 A A A MUSKEGON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 Cflllg'l'lI11l11111-'HIS-10 l'1ll'lI omg For S,Dll'I'IfllIl zuork-Ilia! you fllll"l' rlm1r'." .Yo zloulzl, mrll is-n huppy mul, Hui, do rw! Ir! this-111' your goal. Slmuld 111' jiwjirlwd, fm' any slriff, In zi'l1irl1-you may-faire flllff-YIITOIIQII lifwf' Tn lwlp yvzr lmw'-11 Zldllllillg lienrl. II'ill1 mr1firIr'11rr', IU-ll!!-FOIII'-fillI'l,U "Smr11' flllllgl' zvllirll zur'-mils! limi' in mind, Aw' lwing .willy-lllriI's lflll' nlirl lrinrl 131' !U1llll'UIl.S'-llll' lyfn' of frieml, O11 zvllmli-Illz' jlzllllir-rim clffj1r'rl1I." 131' rrljmlzfrf-nu IllflffI'I'cZl'lll'I'l', .-Inrl gnu' ull ln.xl.'.s'-Illr' .s'lrl1Ir'.s'I I'llI'!'. Slifk for ltlif' Il-gill. TIIIYJIIQII Illirk llllfl Hlllll, .llenns srilisfrrrlirnz, zvllrrr' you zvinf 'I'lmn"s plenty, nfsup-por-I11-ni-ty, lfrn' illrnsw, who llll7'1', 11-bil-i-ly." lllllfll 1"r'r, f'ru'h 11mlm'takr's-In do, II"r' lmpff, gill!!! fortune-ser's llirm l'llI'UIIgll." PAT McGOWEN SERVICE STATION Muskegon, Michigan State at Main - Fremont, Michigan 1 ANGELICA'S EAT SHOP REGULAR MEALS SHORT ORDERS SANDWICHES Open 5:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. m. Closed on Sundays Compliments of FREMONT LOAN CO. 'I6 S. Division Ave. Phone 774 B O V E N I S CO1'l'1Pll1'I1eI'1lS FURNITURE and UNDERTAKING of DAY AND NIGHT B 0 Y D M A R Phone 109 306 East Main Sf. Fremont, Michigan Rug and Upholstering Cleaners Congratulations to the Class of '52! We wish you Happiness and Continued Success! 'A' BAARS DRUG STORE "A Good Place to Trade" 6 WEST MAIN FREMONT Compliments of . . SIPLON'S FOOD CENTER o Phone 245 413 West Main CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1952! CONGRATULATIONS . . . FREMONT FLORAL and NURSERY o Flowers by Wire from A Robert H. Thayer Roger I. Thayer S Phone 368-W Ice Cream Parlor MILLER MOTOR SALES CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH 9 TELEPHONE 54 FREMONT CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS, AND OUR SINCERE THANKS FOR THE SPLENDID CO-OPERATION GIVEN US. Zadie PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE MOGUL . . , Congratulations fg the Congratulations, Seniors . Class of '52! RELIABLE AUTO PARTS Aul0mbZliV1i.PU1':hCIndS:CCeSS0l'ieS ac me op rvxce VREDEVELD 6' COMPANY Andrew 'Klossen Opposite Post Office Largest Shoe Stock in Newoygo County WHOLESALE-RETAIL Congratulations, Seniors of '52 Y CAVANAUGH CLEANERS FREMONT MARKET QUALITY MEATS We iress Shih Clean FRESH PRODUCE AND creocemss our 0 es Phone 38 5 West Main Phone 441 SUPERICR BUSES have transported you . . Safely and Comfortably OUR AIM FOR THE FUTURE . . . Continued Safety - Satisfaction - Service Since 1928 H 0EK S TRA 'S Compliments of ERWIN TINNEY COMPANY ERWIN - CLAYTON - LA MONTE LARRY GEETING WATCH MAKER 23 West Main Street Fremont, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952! May you have continued success now and in the future ! Your John Deere Dealer MEYERS IMPLEMENT SALES T U P E S sPmNo 3. WELDING senvlce Welding Gases and Supplies Truck and Auto Springs I 535 Peck St. Muskegon Heights HOME HEATING AND SHEET METAL SHOP HEATING CONTRACTORS 48 West Main Fremont PIKAART'S DEPARTMENT STORE Fremont, Michigan "The Largest Department Store in Newaygo County" DRY GOODS GROCERIES DINNERWARE Compliments of FAIRVIEW FLORAL A Gift or Corsage for that Special Occasion One-Half Mile West of Fremont Phone 538 Let us be thankful that we live in these United States of America I KIMBARK INN CONGRATULATIONS FROM MICHIGAN GRILLE KEITH JEWELRY Hamilton - WATCHES - Gruen COLUMBIA DIAMONDS SHEAFFER PENS F R E M O N T SANITARY REFRIGERATED CLEANERS LOCKERS QUALITY FRESH MEAT t BIRDS-EYE FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES o 24 W. Dayton Phone 24 9 N. Division Phone 58 x .A Q vm flsv -' sk .f ,Aflh ...J S The Gerber Baby and the Gerber Company offers its Sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Fremont High School Senior Class of l952. . . . and to all the students of Fremont High School, we hope the coming years will be filled with pleasant and satisfying events throughout your high school days. As you enter participation in the new Ken- new-wa League we hope you will be successful in athletics and other activities. We know you will build constructive relationships with all the other schools in the League through good sportsmanship and courteous attitude with the students and resi- dents of the other communities. It is your obligation to keep Fremont's reputation high. 000000 0AOY F000 COMPLIMENTS OF 02 THEATRE After the game. . . Refresh with Coca-Cola MAGEE Moron sALEs C0"g'Q'U'C"i0"S ""A"""""""'A""""""""""""""""'Af' a n d Phone 60 Best Wishes ' ' ' to The Graduating Class FORD - MERCURY of 1952 ! Sales - Service O O O TEXACO SERVICE FREMONT BAKERY 12 ,fa ,meaty Your Buick Decder for Over Thirty Years PHONE 605 33 W. DAYTON FREMONT LUMBER Kc FUEL CO. BETTER for BUILDING BETTER for BURNING Fremont, Michigan Telephone 41 COME IN OFTEN Gas and Oil -We offer complete sErvice We Grease to Please ART'Z STANDARD SERVICE Fremont, Mich. Phone 366 Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE NATIONALLY KNOWN - HOME OWNED Congratulations, Seniors! CRANDELL 6. ENSING FURNITURE DEALERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phones Day 80-R Nights 310 or 123-R FREMONT RAG AND METAL DEALERS IN SCRAP METALS ALSO RAGS AND PAPER Rottman - Lankhorst - Meeuwenberg 127 West Elm Phone 682 Dedicated to the SENIORS OF FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL Class of l952 I Best Wishes and Continued Success in any endeavor or pursuit you may choose to follow in the coming years Professional Businessmen of Fremont I. Paul Klein, M.D. B. L. Masters, L. I. Geerlings. M.D. Dean W. Harris, M.D. W. N. Oosting, O.D. M. P. Cosgrove, O.D. F. R. Sayles, Chiropractor William I. Branstrorn I. D. Murphy Ioseph C. Yob Reber G Reber Compliments of BANKERS 6 MERCHANTS MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Incorporated 1916 Fremont, Michigan GILLILIIND TRANSFER C0 Permitted Long Distance Carriers WINCH TRUCK SERVICE 0 Compliments of . . . We Specialize in Long Distance H I L I T E S Furniture Moving and , S I G N S H O P ADVERTISING ADDRESSING Phone 139 21 W. Sheridan St. IOB DUPLICATION RUBBER STAMPS F 18 E. MAIN STREET 1-'REMON1' REMONT' MICHIGAN C 1 ' fr CONGRATULATIONS ongmtu 'moms om AND COOK'S POULTRY FARM BEST WISHES to the Class of 1952 I FRED BOUWMAN "Your Jeweler" A For the Gifts you will give with pride . . . let your Jeweler be your guide. 8. HATCHERY Producers of HIGH QUALITY BABY CHICKS East End of Main Street Ed Cook Phone 495 J. C. WABEKE 8. SON 583W - Telephones - 58'3R MONOGRAM OIL HEATERS SHELLANE BOTTLE GAS APPLIANCES 29 E. Main St. Fremont I 3 W. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! We wish you success in the future and thank you for your past patronage. We have served Fremont High School students for fifty-five years and you will continue to find a courteous welcome at OUI' Si'Ol'6. A. P. REBER CUMPANY Men's Clothing Specialist E ,l 195 J, N l""' High school years are happy years for most boys and girls. ln addition to work and study, the many social activities, sports events, and the thrill of graduation account for pleasant memories that last all through life. But there's one person in this picture who is generally overlooked, and it isn't until the student starts to make his way in the world that he 'fully appreciates how much his teachers or instructors meant to him. School teach- ers are mighty important people. Teachers, more than any other group, have the greatest responsi- bility for building strong characters and molding the ideals of good citizenship among today's boys and girls . . . our leaders tomorrow. Reddy Kilowatt. your electric servant, wishes you and your teachers every success in your future undertakings. CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY wr: WISH EVERY succsss 'ro THE 1952 GRADUATING CLASS! JESTY'S MAIN STREET GREENHOUSES "As Good as the Best Better than the Rest." 437 E. MAIN ST. FREMONT, MICH. PHONE 759 WITTE 6. PELL NEW AND USED FURNITURE At Prices You Can Afford Phone 293 Fremont, Mich Compliments of FREMONT AUTO PARTS BEAR SAFETY SERVICE 412 W. Main St. Klaas Oosterhouse Congratulations to the Senior Class! JORDAN Headquarters for INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS FARMALL TRACTORS MCCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 159-W Compliments of Standard 017 Ualllpally QW FREMONT, MICHIGAN Contractor Distributors of GASOLINE KEROSENE . HEATER OIL TRACTOR FUELS 830 W- Main MOTOR OILS Phone 475-W GREP-SES Phone 475-R phone 423 Fremont, Michigan J. C. Dykman, Agent COMPLIMENTS OF I 4 P. B. CAST 81 SONS CO. "Everything for Cleaning" 4 I 1515 Madison Ave., S. E. Phone 5-0574 GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN We wish every success to the 1952 Graduating Class ! C 'ii A3 1 J Deur Chevrolet Sales CARS - TRUCKS - TIRES - ACCESSORIES BEST WISHES TO 1952 GRADUATES -ki-nr G. J. MESSINGER Distributor of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Goodyear Tires and Batteries 'k'k'k Fremont Phone 32 Michigan JONES SALES 8. SERVICE PONTIAC AUTOMOBILES Oliver and New Holland Farm Equipment Quality Products at Fair Prices Compliments of . . . D A I R Y B A R Frank and Lenore Morse, Props. Compliments of SHERMAN SPORT SHOP Fnemom PHONE 343 SMITH HARDWARE PHONE al-I Congratulations on your Accomplishments and Best Wishes for your Continued Success! THE WHITE AGENCY, INC. 204 W. Main St. FREMONT, MICHIGAN SEYMOUR RADIO SHOP sAus5 AND sekvlcs Congratulations to the Graduating Class of I952l Television LUCHIES 81 JOHNSON SYLVANIA Paint, Wallpaper, Floor Covering Phone 403-W 'II W. Main Main Street Phone 566 HAVEMAN HARDWARE HARDWARE - PAINTS BOTTLED GAS- SPORTING GOODS Main Street Fremont SHELL SERVICE STATION Gasoline - Motor Oil Firestone Tires and Accessories ' Leonard Bruckner Phone 2 104 Main Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS! from FREMUNI IIMES-INIJICAIUR FREMUNT FEED EUMPANY Newaygo County's Leading Weekly Newspaper IOB PRINTING - ADVERTISING GRAINS - SEEDS - FEEDS CUSTOM GRINDING Ph 45 103 E. Ch Phone 100 44 w. Main one my H. D. Rottman-William Speet CONGRATULATIONS To Graduates of I952 I FREMONT ELECTRIC SERVICE Franchised Dealer of PHILCO AND GENERAL ELECTRIC SALES AND SERVICE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING John Dok We Gamera eenfre CAMERAS and SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING MOVIE EQUIPMENT and RENTALS Newaygo County's Most Complete Line of Greeting Cards Party Service i' 18 West Main Street Fremont, Michigan X """' nm COMPLIMENTS MENS AND BOYS. To CLOTHING THE SENIOR CLASS Surplus Store OF Burt Lankhorst, Prop. 1952 ir Phone 610-W Gee 81 Luhke Hardware . West Mann Fremont 7 CONGRATULATIONS To The SENIOR CLASS GRAICHEN'S To The Future Citizens of this Great Nation, The United States of America, this space is respectfully dedicated. Palmer's Drug Store On the Corner FREMONT, MICHIGAN Phone 26 PHONE 200 FREMONT . Compliments The Hendrle Ilgency of 'k When in need of any type of SUNNY SERVICE DAIRY Insurance Protection 0 or a Surety Bond, , see us. E L M E R if D O N 28 w. MAIN ST. H A N K CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1952! Sanitary Food Store GROCERIES AND MEATS Home of Good Eats Phone 45-7 J. E. Schuitman-E. Bultman Daniels Companq TAXI SERVICE HOWARD JIBSON CALL 656 DAYS - 263 NIGHTS Muskegon Fremont May the greatest success be yours! ' GIFTS The Class of I952! BUD'S SNACK BAR . B O O K S Edward L. and Alma C. Chanier , P E N S Catering to Private Parties HOURS Daily Sunday 5 ILM. to 7 P.M. 11 AM. to 5 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 Continued Success and Happiness in the Years Ahead Ueephuuse Shoe Store Fremont's Quality Shoe Store PHONE 486 FREMONT HAPPY HOLLOW CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 YVV Phone 91 12 221 West Main Fremont Compliments of the M O O S E L 0 D G E FREMONT, MICHIGAN VALLEY-LEA BUTTER FREMONT CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY RITEWAY MILKING MACHINES Separators and Dairy Equipment Soles and Service Phone 185 Fremont CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1952! C. C. LANG 8: SON, INC. A Growing Fremont Enterprise FREMONT - - MICHIGAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1952 Y Phone 44 :S 764 MATIE REBER'S AND SHOECRAFT'S 'I E. Main Sfreef Fremo I Willsan Motor Sales DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 0 9 0 Phone 156 Fremont PRINTING THAT COMPLIMENTS YOUR BUSINESS" QI FREMONT PRINTING C0. I6 South Division - Opposite Post Office Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1952! 'A' omfecmq INCORPORATED J . , 'I' ,, 54 Mi 1 r 2. 5-my .Al 'I q' H ,, s-V, 1 . -bi . lr,- A N X A. ,. . n 'w- ' Q ' .EEF gn, 1 ,, ' W P, . 4 Y L, X I . X., .1 Y M Vg - famf. '-Q Y X-Mm V. V . - - ,Q- ' . f'C',1.w r , ' 1 , , , N , n , K . 1. I yu, . v 'X my i , ,W , .Y K ,V , ,344 I A , . -Q , X' .. . 'W . 'Y .U 4-. ,, . ,ups x .xx 361' ,wr mm. iffs:v.+.iffa?.w,g,:, ,fa lux .mg-'aww .mv uv- ,AK ww...- vu I' ink .ff pn f f 1 A x 1 1' ,fr x ,J 9 1 1 Q 'Q v Q i a X Mfofx w lr sw f ff , ff' it ' J QI ff? QQ WW figs I .nl Q-9 .ng- 'Q ! iv' rv I Y, , is A-A .wg ,M I

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