Fremont High School - Mogul Yearbook (Fremont, MI)

 - Class of 1949

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Fremont High School - Mogul Yearbook (Fremont, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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su. ll .. ,fill LLZ, L g4 , , , , , ., ,, A, A M ,' 2+ ,,, -:: L Af 1 ' ' , s,,,,,,,,, ,,v , , , , sw 4 ,, I 1 q if . A it :Kq 3. , 4, T ? , , ff I WS! if 'MOV R is if Q if X A43 lx A 1' MY p H, S ,., Q' , I r t W - if I ., 1' M f' ' 1 . . 3 K, Y H f rg Q ' L+ We, 1' v Q' '35, ,, " 'L V a QA as , 1, iv X if mi -an KK Tig. in 42' L ' ,, L' , wfm L ffl .gf WM, , 2' "fr, 4' ,, N i J n , jr L 4 W' w ' ya 5, fk 0 I P f J Wqgqfnw wi J' K . Q. 4 ff A H36 Lrg? f ,Qi ,gl ,Q W ' -4, . an 1 4 Q .A 'V f J? 3 1' a 3, 1' , i , . 'Q f, N i Q, I 15 +1 V, ,Lx H' A ,',LL,f: M W N 53. ni. . , , f- Q M ,QM 1, 'L J, was v "' . 'G if Af ff. ir- I ,, .N , ,K N ,455 .., .f, . if , ' ,, , . , , ., ' ww, ' K, ,--ai , Pr K X ,f A ,Xu,,Z,v, ,, ,- n,',, , , . ,A mf 1 , L ' Wh "'-'L V L 1 w A s Q S, , K l I 5: - , ,V ., K f . RL J E, AV.. 4 K, iw' M L ' gk sf-fm Hr- , 2, QL . 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'E 2 -61 L , 'ii- , t fig L W ,J ,,. ix 'gy' 'A . , I I 5' - M ,KM I Q 1 A ' , , V A ,L 5 ,, Tw , 'w?PX V' ' , , ff ' 5, , ' . 4 ' 22, ,Q , 3' .:HR',gQ,, . L L' L - ,.,, QM L 1: , , H 1 f , Y L . L 4, 7 ,W ,N L Wi, 'fi jill , if z. 4 ,M . Q, 5 .rw 'fVY,3qf k ft -U Hwf.:WK4 ,,,- A :gi ,1 , KJMLL1 A 4-V -' 'AJ ,, , LL y 3 , , Nw' sr fl 'L 'S W V 7 , iv - ,mg -h,, L N, L , 5: ' gy . Nj, V,.', 1 Q . L 1 Kg ,iq Q' L . - , , , , 'LF ":L T? 1 ig, E li Q , 1 K .. . , .. 2 M x .V,,.V A V ,-Q' 2 LA ' , ,. -.,, ,,,, R, W . .' -v-Y"""' M f 3' A "ff -I wa Q 55 fr A, ,M . . X.. I , "xxx -. 5 V 1 Q ' vw. .4 X -' " ' A 4 ...""' g K AJ H. w, .-ix Q! v . M. is X . ,r - 1'S-eiF'rQ" 'Q' i' x ',-4 , 'WM N, ,N . r K x TK "' 4, 6 'ff'.,r4 Q Q , v 4. A ,, - . ,,,.f-J an Awww' E' gk g fcvv . - wk .mmw Xwrnxxxxxxxxxxxxwf mf FN 0 M fNfOfN A 7 NQ' - - .. ' A 1 U 'f Q .-T, Qxnxxnxxxnxv' ' W ""' ,,.f - Q x Publllflrea' by The SENIOR CLASS of 1949 FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL FREMONT, MICHIGAN :RMA BENDER Dedication We, fhe Seniors of '49, gra+efully dedicaie +his edifion of fhe Mogul io Miss Irma Bender, as a fribufe +o one of Fremon'r's ou+s+anding +eachers, whom we have had +he privilege of knowing from our iirsf relaiion- ship wi+h F. H. S. We shall never forgef 'ihe quiei' ways in which she assisied us wifhoui' ever +hinlring of personal glorifica- fion and always wiih 'Phe welfare of her s+uden+s, her u+mos+ considerafion. As we leave ihis school, we feel in our heads a greai loss, for as we gradua+e we will lose confacf wi+h her immediafe and compefenf advice. So 'rhen --for cons+an+ dedicaiion fo du+y, undersianding, leadership and example of fhe highesi' 'iype in all phases of scholasiic endeavor, ihe Senior class wishes 'io express sincere appreciaiion and say "Thank you, Miss Bender." page Two THE FREMONT BOARD OF EDUCATION R. O. STALEY ........... PRESIDENT ERWIN TINNEY ..... . VICE-PRESIDENT HERMAN SCHUITEMAN . . . SECRETARY LESTER JANES .... . TREASURER D. D. PIKAART . . . . TRUSTEE The sfrengfh and progressive spiril of a school syslem is clefermined, firsf of all, by fhe caliber of ils direcfors. Fremonl High School is parficularly honored in fhis respect The high sfanding and lreen in+eres+ of +he members of 'rhe school board confribule largely +o lhe success of our school. page three SUPERINTENDENT'S FOREWORD Pleesani' memories of our school days are made pos- sible 'rhrough +his annual. Members of +he I949 senior class have given unselfishly of fheir energies, ihoughfs, and lime io make ihis an oufsianding Mogul. May fhe fruifs of 'rheir efFor+s be fond recollecfions for all of us. Elwyn R. Dell. page four N In-fa-ai sw-.Q PRlNClPAL'S SALUTE F? , As lime goes by if seems fha? fhe challenge to young people becomes ever greafer. ln fhe class of I949 fhere are many who will accepf lhe challenge lo help build a beH'er world communi+y. ln doing +his 'rhey will sfrive +o promulgale +he good. fhe clean and 'lhe worfh-while 'lhings in life. Furfhermore, +hey will be inleresfed in fhe amouni of service 'lhey can be fo olhers. In fheir minds will always be +he ques- fion, "Wha1' can l do in my job 'lo bring abou+ grea+er comforf and more happiness lo mankind?" We sincerely hope 'lhal' 'I'he experiences gained during 'rhe school career will be a sfarf 'lowards fhe building of a fuller and nobler life. Arthur Bul+man. page five SUPERlNTENDENT'S SECRETARY NX ,xxx MRS. MARGARET CROSBY CURREN Aler+, friendly, effici- eni, and cooperaiive, Mrs. Curren daily renders many valuable services +o assisf in fhe carrying ou'r of admin- isiraiive funciions. Mrs. Curren has held ihis posi+ion as Secreiary +o Superiniendeni for ihe pas? nine+een years and we are grafeful fo her for her willing help and would lilce especially Io express a hearffeli +hanlxs for helping us wiih our Mogul accounis in addiiion io her own varied and numerous dufies. LEARNING BY DOING TI-IERE'S NO FRIGATE LIKE A BOOK TO TAKE US LANDS AWAY page six 1 Q" if N P9 X DONALD AIKEN, "Don" "Half Irish, half Indian, half nuts." Foofball, 4 years: Honor Banquef, 4 years: Noon Hour Basketball, I year: Sophomore Secretary: Sr. Band, 4 years: Orchestra, I year: Choir, 4 years: Cheerleading, 2 years: Chairman of Jr.- Sr. Banquefg Jr. Play: Chairman of '48 Carnival: Sea Scoufs, 2 years: Dramalics Club, I ear: Slage Manager of Drama- Iics Club: Tennis, I year: Winner of Hospital Essay Coniesr '48:, "F" Club, I year: Pep Band, 2 years: Chairman of Ways and Means of Sr. Class. DANIEL nAcoN, "Lighfnin" "I've often wondered wha! kind of a woman Pd have been." Fooiball, 4 years: Baskefball, 3 years: Honor Banquet 2 years: Jr. Play lsound effecfsl: "F" Club, I year. HARRIETT BETTEN, "Bel" "Little I ask, my wants are few." Pep Club, I year: FBLA, I year: Jr. Play. JOSEPH BROOKS, "Joe" "His only labor is to kill lime." January '49 sludenl. JOYCE CAHILL, "JO" "She loves but one, she loves him well." From Lakeview High School '-16: Pep Club, 3 ears: Presidenl of Sports Club, I year: Cheerleader, I year: Sophomore Vice-Presidenr: Jr.-Sr. Banquet "cast" page eight LORALYN ANWAY, "Lor" "Tbe harder I hy la be good the worse I am." Sr. Band, V, year: Sr. Choir, 4V3 years: Honor Banauef, 4 years, DDT, I year: Mogul Sfa : Dramaiics Club, I year: Cheerleader, 4 years: Pep Club, 4 years: Siudenf Council, 3 years: GAA, ldear: Jr.-Sr. Banquei "casI": Ways and eanx of Sr. Class. MAXINE BARNHARD, "Mal" "Few worris are ber molto. Pap Club, I year: FBLA, I year: FHA, l year. rr FANNIEMARIE BRINKMAN, "Marie" "To know how lo hide one's ability is a great skill." Pep Club, 3 years: Dramarics Club, I yaar: Honor Banquet, 2 years. JEAN BULTMAN, "Jeannie" "The later I get to school in the morning the shorter the rlayf, FHA, I year: Pep Club, 3 years: Noon Day Baskelball, 2 years: Honor Banquel, I year. ROBERT CARIINE, "Bullhead" "His work is equal lo his size." FFA, 3 years: Foolball, 3 years: Movie Proiedor, I year: FFA Baskelball, 2 years. DOROTHY CARLSON, "Dol" "Sun-kissed, moon-kissed, nuf said." Pep Club, 4 years: Pep Club Council, I year: Packer Tales Slaff: Mogul Slalf: Mariners, I year: Honor Barquel, I year: GAA, I year: Dramalics Club, I year' Girl Scoufs, I year: Jr.-Sr. Ban- quef "cast" PATRICIA CONKLIN, "Pal" "All the world's a siage and l'm doing my part by acting up.u Girl Scoufs, 4 years: Mariners I year: Pep Club, 4 years: Pep Club Rice- res., I year: Sludenl' Council, I year: Sr. Choir, 4 years: Sr. Band, 4 years: Pep Band, 4 gars: Jr. Play: Honor Banquet, 3 years: ramalics Club, I year: Packer 'Ia es Stall: GAA, l year: Jr.-Sr. Ban- quel "cesl': Mogul Sfaff. MARJORIE CORNWALL, "Marge" "I was innocent myself once, bu! I live and learn." Pep Club, 3 years: Honor Banquel, I year: Freshman Vice-Presidenl: Language Club, I year: Jr.-Sr. Banquef "cast" LILLIAN CRAWFORD, "Bud" "Quz'slions don? bother me, il's tba answers." Campfire, I year: FHA, I year: Pep Club, 4 years: Snack Bar, l year. LOU ANN DAHNKE, "Louie" "TlJ911glJ lbr' job br large' or small, shi' does it url! or no! at all." From Hesperia High School '47: Jr. Play: Honor Ban uel: FHA, 2 years: Snack Bar: Packer qlales Staff: Pep Club, 2 years. ' ROBERT CHURCH, "Bob" "His fcnrlenry is lo keep quiel u'ln'n all the rcs! are olberwisef' FFA, 3 years: FFA Baslrelball, 3 years: Honor Banquet. MARY LOU COOK, "Cookie" "Her ln-art is like lbs moon, tlJcrc's a man iii il." Cheerleader, 4 years: Pep Club, 4 years: Honor Banquef, 4 years: Dramalics Club, Sr. Bend, I year' Orchesfra, 2 years: GAA, I year: Girl Scouts, 2 years: Jr. Play IPromplarJ: Sr. Choir, I year: Jr.-Sr. Banqusl "cash" CARA LEE COWLEY, "Oueenie" "She looks quid - - but!" Pep Club, 4 years: Dramafics Club, I year: GAA, I year. PATSY CRAWFORD, "Pal" "Her vigor flows like the tidrs drawn by Ibn moon." ' Campfire, I year: DDT, I year: Pep Club, 3 years: Science Club, l year: FHA, I year. DONNA DAVIS, "Danny" "To be busy is a modes! maid's holiday." Pep Club, 2 years: FBLA, I year: Re- porlar of FBLA: Honor Banquel, I year. page nine aliif FRED DAWE, "Red" "Why study? The more we study the more there is to for- gelf, Track, 3 years: Football, I year: Jr. Play: Dramalics Club, I year: Honor Banquel, 3 years: Inrramural Track, 2 years, Mogul Sraff, Jr.-Sr. Banque? "cash" RAYMOND DERBY, "Ray" "He turns his back an girls, and then runs backwards." Sr. Choir, 2 years: Sr. Band, 2 years: Honor Banquel, I ner: Jr.fSr. Banquef: Jr. Band, I year: ogul Siaff: Hanger Talk Club, I year: Pep Bend. 1 YNYSZ Boy Scoufs, 2 years: Sea Scouls, 2 years. WILLIAM DIETZ, Jr., "Bill" "SChoaI was just like home, he was never there." Noon Hour Baskefball, 2 years: Noon Hour Softball, I year: Noon Hour Vol- leyball, I year: Honor Banquel, 2 years. VIOLA DROST, "Vi" "Oh, mind of mine, where are you roaming?" Pep Club, 4 years: Glee Club, I year: FBLA, I year. DAVID EURICH, "Dave" "He stays up nights trying to figure out how he can get more sleep." From Carl Schurz High School '48: Fool- ball, I year: lraclc, I year: "F" Club, I year: Honor Banquet, I year: January '49 Sludenf. page fen JOYCE DEMARS, "SINGH" "Nothing is more useless than silence." Pep Club, 4 years: Orchestra, 2 years' Honor Banquef, 2 years: Jr. Play: Mogul Slaff: Dramalics Club, I year. KENNETH DEUR, "KOH" "Give me my diploma and you give me liberty." Physics Club, I year: Noon Hour Soff- ball, l year: Noon Hour Volleyball, 2 years: Honor Banquel, I year. THERESA DORE, "Tessie" "The way to a man's heart is through his stomafhf' Pep Club, 4 years: Glee Club, I year: FBLA, I year. JOAN EGIERT, "Pug" "Life was made to ln' enjoyed. Oh, don't I know il." Pep Club, 2 years: Sr. Choir, V3 year: Knlflinq Club, I year. PHILIP FILIPIAK, "Phil" "Friends, Romans, and Country- men, lend me your girls." Packer Tales Sfaff: Sr. Choir, 4 years: Jr. Play: Honor Banquet, 2 years: Sr. Band, 2 years: Orcheslra, 2 years: FFA, 2 years: FFA President: Mogul Staff' Jr.-Sr. Banquel "cast" MARY FORTIN "She is herself, that is enough." Pep Club, 3 years: FHA, I year: Sports Club, I year. LEO GERDES "I'm willing to be eonvineed, but I'd like to see someone try it." Sr. Band, 3 years: Jr. Band, I year: Honor Banquet, I year: Jr. Play: Jr.-Sr. Banquet: Dramatics, Club, I year: Chief Elezzftrician of Dramatics Club: Mogul ta . DELORES HARTMAN, "Dee" "She will go far in her chosen field." From Arthur Hill High School '48: Debate Club, I year: Packer Tales Staff: Mogul Staff. GRACE HENDRIE, "Nicky" "Brown eyes that are never blue." Science Club, I year: Camera Club, I year: Jr. Play: Pep Club, 3 years: GAA, 2 years. ' FRED HOLMES, "Ferd" "All great men were small, Caesar, Napoleon, and me." From Muskegon '46: Football, 3 years: Basketball, 3 years: Track 3 ears: FFA, I year: Packer Tales Stall: klogul Staff: Honor Banquet, 3 years: Sr. Class Vice- President: Jr.-Sr. Banquet "cast": "F" Club, I year: Student Council, I year. MARIANNE GEERLINGS, "Mari" "Looks like an angel, acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do." Sr. Band, 5 years: Band Secretary '48 '49: Honor Banquet, 3 years: Jr. Vice- President: Sr. Treasurer: Pep Club, 4 years: Pep Club President '48, '49: Sr. Choir, 4 years: Jr. Play: Pep Band,.4 years: Dramatlcs Club, I year: Girl Scouts, 4 years: Mariners, I year: Carni- val Queen, '47: Jr.-Sr. Banouet: 2nd Prize Essay Contest: Sophomore Treasurer. BETTY LOU HALL, "Defi" "I never let studies interfere with my education." Girl Scouts, 4 years: Pap Club, 3 years: Mariners, I year: GAA, 2 years: Stu- dent Council, I year: Sports Club, I year: Snack Bar, I year. MARILYN HENDRICKSON, "Mem" "Partly sense, partly wisdom, but mostly humor." Honor Banquet, 4 years: Sr. Band, 4 years: Band President '48, '49: Pep Band, 2 years: Orchestra, I year: Dra- matics Club, I year: Pep Club, 4 years: Jr.-Sr. Class Secretary: Mogul Staff: Assistant Editor of Packer Tales: Jr. Play: Student Council, I year: GAA, I year: Jr.-Sr., Banquet. DULORES HILTON, "Del" "I didn't come to srhool to study." Pep Club, 2 years: Camp Fire Girls, I year: Needleworkers Club, I year. EARL JOHNSON, "Pete" "Everyone who does his best is a hero." Track, 2 years: FFA, 3 years: Football, 3 years: Honor Banquet, 4 years: FFA Basketball Captain: January, '50 Student. page eleven 'f"l ROBERT JONES, "Bob" "A happy man possesses a king- dom." Football, I year: Honor Banquel, 2 years. THELMA JORDAN "You think she's quiet it's true, but you don't know her as others do." Pep Club, 4 years: FHA, 2 years: Honor Banquel, 2 years: Snack Bar, I year. ALVIN KEMPF, "Duck" "Silence is golden, hut we're of the gold standard." FFA, 3 years: Movie Proiecfor, I year: FFA Baskelball, I year. VIRGINIA KERNS "Life as a whole is pretty good." Pep Club, 3 years: Girl Scouts, 4 years: Needle workers Club, I year. DELORE:S KITTLE "Pm not lazy, just in love with idlenessf' FBLA, I year: Girl Scouts: Pep Club. page fvelye EDNA JORDAN, "Jeannie" "High schools have their delight, but they can't compare with high school nights." Pep Club, 2 years: Dramatic: Club, I year: Sr. Choir, V3 year: Honor Banquef, l year: Noon Hour Baskefball, I year. RAYMOND xemmsauns, "Rey" "He's so hright everyone falls him Ray." WILLIAM KEMPF, "Elbie" "For him every day is ladies' day." Foolball, 4 years: Baslrelball, 4 years: Track, 2 years: Tennis, I year: Honor Ban uel, 4 years' Ouarfel, 3 years: Sr. Bang, 4 years: Orchestra, 2 years: Sr. Choir, 5 years: Jr. Play: Jr.-Sr. Banquet "cas?": Boy Scoufs, 3 years: Sea Scouh, 2 years: Jr. Class Presidenf: "F" Club, I year: Drarnafics Club, I ear: Sludenl Council, 2 years: Sfudenf Council Vice- Presidenl: Football Co-captain: Basket- ball Caplain. MARY KIESTER, "Micky" "Sometimes quiet, sometimes shy, but the rest of the lime, oh my!" Girl Scouts, 2 years: Mariners, I year: GAA, I year: Honor Banquet, 2 years: Pep Club, 4 years: Dramafics Club, l year: Jr. Play: Mog'ul Sfafl: Sr. Choir, 3 years. GENEVIEVE KLOMP "A quiet girl with many friends." Pep Club, 2 years: FHA, I year: FBLA, I year. BARBARA KLONT, "Barb" "What, no boys in heaven? Then just leave me here." Pep Club, 2 years: Dramatics Club, I year. HARVEY KUNNEN "Who wants to study when I'm naturally bright?" FFA, 3 years: FFA Reporter: FFA Treas- urer: FFA Basketball, 3 years: Proiec- tors Club, I year: Student Council, I year: Jr. Play: PA System, 3 years: Honor Banquet, 3 years: Movie Pro- iector Operator, 4 years. LORRAINE LANCIAUX "Touts" "Such individuality must eer- tainly he rewarded." Pep Club, 4 years: Glee Club, I year: FBLA, l year: Honor Banquet, I year. JOYCE LINSDEY, "Swanie" "Thr're's a misrhimfous twinkle in her eye.!" From Summitville '47: Pep Club, ZV1 years: Choir, ZV1 years: Orchestra, I Rear: FHA, I year: FHA President, FHA egional Son? Leader: Jr. Play: Dra- matics Club, year: Make-up Chairman of Dramatics Club: Honor Banquet, 3 years: Jr.-Sr. Banquet "cast": Editor ol Mogul: Ways and Means Committee of Sr. lass. ALVEDOR LUCHIES, "Al" "Whc'n'vrr she finds herself in life shz"ll get along." Pep Club, 2 years: FHA, l year: FBLA, I year: FBLA President: Honor Banquet, 2 years. ALAN KREPS, "Al" "The athlete, the student, the manj' Football, 4 years: Football Captain '48, '49: Basketball, 4 years: Track, 3 years: Honor Banquet, 4 years: Student Coun- cil, 4 years: Vice-President '48, '49: Mogul Stafl: Orchestra, 4 years: Choir, 3 years: Jr.-Sr. Banquet: Freshman Secretary: Sophomore President: Sr. President: "F" Club, I year: President ot "F" Club: Sea Scouts, 2 years: Jr. Play: Boy Scouts, 2 years. BARBARA LAMBERS, "Barb" "The secret of suceess is the constancy of purpose." From Hesperia '48: FHA, 2 years: Choir, IVI years: Snack Bar, I year. RODGER LARSON, "Larson" "Ah, life! Without it you are dead." Sr. Band, 4 years: Sr. Cholr, 2 years: Pep Band, I year: Physics Club, I year: Honor Banquet, 2 years. WILLIAM LUBKE, "BiII" "Oh, the need of the world for risen like me." Student Council, 3 years: Student Coun- cil Treasurer: Student Council President: Freshman President: Jr. Treasurer: Jr. Play: Basketball, 4 years: Assistant Edi- tor ot Mogul: Honor Banquet, 4 years: Choir, 4 years: Physics Club, I year: Jr.-Sr. Banquet: Boy Scouts, 3 years: Sea Scouts, I year. LAURA JEAN LUCHIES, "Beano" "Ready to work, ready to have fun." Pep Club, 4 years: FHA, 2 years: FHA Vice-President: Honor Banquet, 2 years: Snack Bar, I year. page thirteen JAMES MAGEE, "Jim" "When work interferes with pleasures, quit work." LUELLA MAYNARP, "Wally" "She has a manner all ,her own." Glea Club, 2 years: Pep Club, 3 years: FILA, I year. LORRAINE OIITS, "Pinky" "If the good die young, its a wonder I've lived so long." s Pep Club, 4 years: Orchestra, I gear: Honor Banquet, l year: Mo ul tatt: Hobby Club, I year: Hobiy Vice- President. ' JOY ANN PARKETON, "Joy" "A friendly attitude toward all." Pep Club, 3 years: Sr. Choir, I year: FBLA, l year. CLARYS POWERS "Sleepy Hollow has nothing on her." Pe'p Club, 3 ears: GAA, I year: Jr. Play: Foreign language Club, I year. page fourteen BLANCHE MAIITINDALE "Would that there were more like her." Mariners I year: Pep Club, 4 years: Hobby Club, I year. DELORA MONTAGU E, "Dee" "Behind the canvas throhs the artist's heart." Sr. land, 4 years: Pep land 2 years: Pep Club, 4 years: Mariners l year: Jr. Class Ass't Treasurer: Girl Scouts, I year: Mogul Statt: Packer Tales Statl: Jr. Play: tudent Council, Z years: Vice- President ot land: Honor languet, 3 years: Band Librarian, 2 years: AA, I year: Glee Club, I year: Debate Club, year. MERLIN PALM El, "Meri" "The world owes me a living and Pm broke!" from Rogan High School '45: Football 3 years: Basketball, 2 years: Track, 4 ears: Honor lanquet, 3 years: Noon l-leur Basketball, I year: Intramural Track, 2 years: Sr. land, I year: Jr. Band, I year: Mogul Statt: Jr. Play: Dramatics Club, I year: loy Scouts, 2 years: Jr.-Sr. lanquet "cast": Noon Hour Softball, I year: Sr. Choir, 2 years: Quartet, I year. DONALD POTTER, "Don" "There must he some hard work in him. None has ever come out." Football, 3 years: Basketball, 2 ears: Honor lanquet, 4 years: Sr. landw 4V1 years: Choir, 2 years: "F" Club, I year' Jr. Play. ' DARRELL PROCTER, "Doc" "Blessed is the man who in- vented sleep." Sr. land, 4 years: Choir, 2 years: Foot- ball, 4 years: Jr. Play lsound ettectsl: FFA, 3 years: "F" Club, I year: Honor Banquet, 3 years. KEENAN REDDER, "Keenle" "He leads the pack. fWolf, that ish" MARVA SABIN, "Marv" "Being all that she is and noth- ing she is not." Honor Banquet, I yearg Pep Club, 4 rears: Snecl: lar, I year: Knitting Club, year: Knlttlnq Club Vice-President: Glee Club, I year. JANICE SCHO0 "Oh, those jokes!" Pep Club, 4 years: Dramatics Club, I year. NELLIE SCHRIER, "NelIle" "Happy in everything she does." Pu: Club, 3 Lean: Drametlcs, I yearg F A, I year: onor Banquet, 2 years. PAUL SENSEMAN "Eat, drink, and he merry, for tomorrow we may have an exam." From Kentucky Military Institute '46, Sr. Band, 3 years: Drum Maior, 2 years: Sports Club, I year. THEDA REED, "Teddy" "She hath friend: for she showed herself friendly." Pep Club, 4 years: FBLA, I year: Glee Club, I year. ALICE SAUM, "Susie" "Quiet in appearance with mo- tives unknown." Pep Club, 4 years: Cliolr, 3 years, Hobby Club, I var- Hobby Club Presi- dent: Glee Clu , l year, Aeronautics Club, I year: Girls Sextetg Honor Ban- quet, 2 years: Jr.-Sr. Banquet: Jr. Play lmalre-uplg Forensics, I year. HELEN SCHRIER "I just sit hack and take notice." Pep Club, I year: FHA, I year: FBLA, I year. MAXINE SCOTT, "Scotty" "A quiet gal, but nice." Pep Club, 3 years: Dramatics Club, I year: FHA, I year: Honor Banquet, 2 years: Snack Bar, I year. CLAYTON SHRIVER "Take life easy: you live but once." FFA, 4 years: Choir, I year. page fifteen MIRIAM SMITH, "SmiHy" "Bashful? We're no! sure." Sr. Band, 3 years: Pep Club, 2 years: Mariners, I year: Drarnaflcs Club, I year: Honor Ianquer, I year. MARY ELLEN SPLITSTONE, "5pIi1" "If arguing were money, this lass would he a millionaref' Pep Club, 4 years: Sfudenf Council, I year: Sr. Choir, I year: Debale Club, l year: Mogul Staff: Honor lanquel, 3 years: Mariners, I year. VIRGINIA TANIS, "Ginny" "Mild in manner, warm in heart." Pep Club, 3 years: FILA, I year. VIOLA TILLOTTSON, "Tillie" "Life isn't what it is, if: what you make il." From Hesperia High School '46: Pep Club, 3 years: Jr. P ay: Debaie Club, I year: Honor Banquet, 2 years: GAA, I year: Jr.-Sr. Banque! "cast" ABRAM VANDYKE "I want to be a good fellow, but not loo good." Physics Club, I year: Noon Hour las- kelball, 3 years: Noon Hour Volleyball, 2 years. page sirleen PHILIP T. SMITH, "Flip" "Long may his permanent wave!" Foosball, 4 years: Honor Iancluel, 4 years: Senior land, 6 years' las efball, 4 years: "F" Club, I year: jr. Play: Sea Scouts, 2 years. ROBERT C. STOUT, "lab" "Fun and fancy-free." Sr. Choir, I year: FFA, 3 years: Noon Hour laslrefball, 3 years: Noon Hour Softball, I year: Noon Hour Volleyball, 2 years: FFA laskeiball, 2 years. LORNA JEAN TAYLOR "To know her is to like her." Pep Club, I year: FHA, 2 years: Sr. Choir, I year: Glee Club, Vg year: Snack lar, I year. JOYCE VANDERWERP Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." From Chica o Chrlsfian High School In '47: FHA, 'Z year. STANLEY VAN GOOR, "lovlne'f "Prepared, not self-rising." FFA, 3 years: FFA Presidenl: FFA Dls- lricf Reporfer: FFA Regional Senfinel: Noon Hour laskefball, 4 years: Noon Hour Volleyball 2 years: lnlramural Traclr, 2 years: Movie roledor, 2 years. SHIRLEY VANSICKLE, "Shady" "Tell me, pretty maiden, are ihcre any more al home like you?" From ledlord High School '05 Needle- worlners Club, I year. CATHERINE WALTZ, "Carhy" "She is noi as meek ax she looks." Pep Club, 4 years: FBLA, I year. EVELYN WITTE, "Evo" "Silence is a perfect herald of ioyyi Pe Club, 3 yeersg Glee Club, l yeerg F A, I year: FILA, I year. . gl bliffm ma' ' Brllnsx W fm sir ' QV! Rough, buf oh so qenllo. ROBERT VISSCHER "A little man may fax! a great xhadowf' FFA, 2 years: Noon Hour Baskelball, 2 years: FFA laskelball, l year. DOROTHY WITTE, "Dol" "Red hair and good nafure com- bined are trails you don'! oflen fndf' Pep Club, 3 years: Dramatic: Club, l yearg Honor Benquel, 2 years, Snack Bar, I year. RUTH WOLTERS "Women of few words are the bex! workerx." Pep Club, 2 years: FHA, I year. ELODIA TAYLOR SCROGGINS Transferrad from Muskegon Heighfs High School '49. G, I . lnol' plclurodl BOYD M. CARPENTER page sevenfecn A good underxfandinq. ,,,,......-.- WE'RE PROUD OF IT If wasn'f long ago fhaf Fremonl' High School opened ifs doors and enrolled a group of enfhusias- fic boys and girls as Freshmen. This class. of '45, under fhe leadership of Miss Orr, Miss .Brunson, and Mr. Sneller, soon casf fheir vofes for class officers. Those chosen were Bill Lubke, Presidenh Mariorie Cornwall, Vice-Presidenfg Alan Kreps, Secrefary: and Alberf Moore, Treasurer. During fhis, our firsf year, many of us could be seen in various acfivifies, such as Senior Band, Senior Orchesfra, Senior Choir, G.A.A., Pep Club, efc. ln facf one of- our Fresh- men, Bill Kempf by name, made fhe varsify baskef- ball feam. The firsi' year had proved so greaf a success, wifh class parfies and all, fha? in 'ihe fall of '46, we frooped back, enrolled as Sophomores. 'To carry on fhe business of fhe -class were Alan Kreps, Presi- denf: Joyce Cahill, Vice-Presidenf: Don Aiken, Secrefary: and Marianne Geerlings, Treasurer. To be sure fha? our Sfudenf Council had a good sfarf fhis year, we chose Marilyn Hendrickson, Loralyn Anway, Bill Kempf and Alan Kreps fo be our represenfafives, while fhe sfudenl' body elecfed one of our Sophomores, Bill l.ubke, Treasurer of fhe Sfudenf Council. Under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Davis, Miss Bender, Mr. Sneller, and Mr. Juska, we had a wholloping class par'l'y. Thaf spring we served fhe Juniors and Seniors fheir banquef wifhouf mishap. Also, fhose of us who had earhed honors in various fields, a'H'ended fhe Honor Banquei' for 'ihe firsf fime. Sfill eager for education, we rushed for a fhird evenfful nine monfhs - fhis fime as Juniors. All of our bashfulness had disappeared by fhis 'lime and we were all sei' for a rip-roaring year of fun and sfudy. This year our class had fhe honor fo be guided by fhe willing advisers, Miss Walkley, Mr. Paffer- son and Mr. Moes. Class officers were Bill Kempf, Presidenfg Mari- anne Geerlings, Vice-Presidenf: Marilyn Hendrick- son, Secrefary, and Bill Lubke as Treasurer. Delora Monfague acfed as Assisfanf Treasurer. Bill Kempf was inaugerafed as Vice-Presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Council fhaf year while his associafes represenfing our class were Alan Kreps, Loralyn Anway, Don Aiken and Bill Lubke. Lafer in fhe fall of fhe year, under fhe excellenf direcforship of Miss Walkley, we demonsfrafed our acfing abilifies in our successful Junior Play, "Creep- ing Shadows." ln fhe spring, again under Miss Walkley's 'tireless supervision, we presenfed fhe Seniors wifh a grand Banquef. We used fhe seffing, "Life on fhe Missis- sippi," and worked ouf a highly enferfaining pro- gram, revealing a greaf amounf of our class -ialenf. Also, during fhe year, more fellows from our class parficipafed in foofball, baskefball, frack, and so forfh, fhan before, of which fhe class was proud. Again many of us affended fhe Honor Banque? - fhis fime we heard Governor Sigler speak. The lasf lap in our four years of educafion in Fremonf High School had af lasf arrived. To lead fhe class for fha lasf year were Alan Kreps, Presi- denf: Fred Holmes. Vice-President Marilyn Hend- rickson, Secrefaryg and Marianne Geerlings, Treasurer. Our very capable advisers for fhaf evenfful year were Mr. Pafferson, Mr. Mefcalf, Miss Van Horn, and Mr. Durkee. We shall again have a chance fo prove our acf- ing abilifies when, under fhe direcfion of Mr. Mel'- calf, 'lhe annual Senior Play will be given in fhe Spring. As we go fo press, fhe desfinafion of our skip 'I'rip is yer uncerfain. However, names such as Washingfon, D. C., Niagara Falls, New York, Chicago, and various o'I'her places, have been floaf- ing around puffing us in greaf anficipafion. Of course, fhe Junior-Senior Banquef will-fake place also in fhe spring, which will add excifmenl' 'lo fhe lasf couple of weeks. On May 29, Baccalaureafe will be held, impress- ing upon us fhe realizafion fhaf our high school careers are fo soon end, and fha? we shall acquire new responsibilifies in fhe very near fufure. Finally on June 2, Commencemenf will mark our lasf few minufes of being Seniors of Fremonf High School. We shall be led up fhe aisle by the Junior Presidenf and Vice-Presidenf, Elwin Derks and Mel- vin Burke. This year, however, our caps and gowns are grey wifh maroon fassels, insfead of fha blue offen worn by preceeding classes of Fremonf High. As we leave Fremonf High School, we shall carry wifh us many fond memories of all fhe parlies, games, classes, clubs, noi' foo quief sessions, carni- vals, choirs, and lasf, buf cerfainly noi' leasf, our feachers. So good-bye Fremonf High, and we fhank you for fhese memories as we leave for new environmenfs and experiences. page eighhen K-4 ,il QF' ,X K1 - 5 N S 5 X 'G 'Q 'W f - QQ A x ,S 33:3 W :Sy Y - f v FC. bm 4 , fx gg K N, V Qtbs eh ,'- X X: , 4 , Y Rt K . y i, fx ' ' L X K. .X 1 . - 4 A ,V . , ., , r I . A Swann, if Q Q Ng. iii Do'f A - w q x- . K K -K , , ' if . , , L x L 1 7A.Ag Q5 ,, Q' A Q 1., X K .ig Q Q my-.xx 4 - - , : Y E A Susiv... xx , . ?'Q , X ,' Ev ' 4' I I all N ll Y vRsl' ..x. Q . X Q 3 fi 55- A j Q x g xf xg - NN: 15 f xxfx Q 'N if K xQ Qvs A. is x..-l 7, , . Q x u n',,..-' QQ 3 .. Y 1 x Don f?1J X i. ' f' - ,Q .- ff W. if . xx: if R R: 'Ai' K .. , ,X-f fi. 74 if Q' 'f . , mr 55- h ' 5'3'xBo.n nim , M m,.,m mn. md'1 Doe f ,. . x :fir ' ' ' .':!: "A 'R X ' y Qxc ' x i f . E gr x - A xxx. -- . X X W kx'.,iM GU. PM Bm N Sharm 1 Dim, A... Lv-0 I M.. . 9. -.,.r M' ' Qi ' . f . 1' "x J . 4 k 2 " x 'T 1 ' g , Cl 'Yon HL 13443. +3 ,Q Q Ni .TO Janice, W, an Q.. 15 ,J 't ll ., Sf. 5' mv , l, 'Q ' .g f' fx V ' ' fig DQ' -M' -, Q Q X , x x , ix' 5, X 3 X k D .fi 5 h M f i Q 3 N - g" ' ' N l 5 , W K Aix frsiif 4 K, T S 1195 xl A ,Ld' S x 9 Nj KS F f is , .Q 'T I. , ASSE: 6 Hvif f is f T Q 'Q page ninohen 1 fl. J, Q, page fweniy 71 -if JUNIORS J. Ausfin B. Dummor D. Barnos M. Elzlul J. Bonnofl A. Ensing M. Bennefl D. Evans D. Block B. Folkema E. llohm R. Folkoma S. Bode L. Forlin M. Boerman H, Fo, C. Boaslxool E, Frgng N- Bowman K. Fullor C. Bowman I. Gaffney R. Bradley H. Gosling W. Brookhouso N. Gilborl M. lurks M. Giles M. Canniff J. Hall V. Carlson N. Harmson B. Casllo F. Hayward W. Chrisionson M. Hsndrickson E. Church D. Hill B. Cook D. Hill G. Cook R. Holmes J. Crawford N. Homan F. Dahnko N. Hoppa E. Daniels N. Jacksfoif C. DeBloclr R. Jacobs W. DeKuiper F. Johnson E. Derks J. Johnson R- DVM M. Johnson J. Dohrs M. Johnson S. Dour T, KIM, V. DoYounq J. Klomp V. DoYounq R. Kniqhf P. DeWispeIaere R. Kole page fwanfy-one N JUNIORS vu F Q 5 i Q ' f ' .Q H. Kolsiad T. Smiih i J. Lafiin F. Spliisione K M A. Mm N. snug M. Mafeer V. Sfraii E. Mathews A, Tqnig M. McMellon G. hnig B. Messner 6. Tanis E. Moyers R. Tanis N. MulIoH J. Tibbihs B. Nieboer A. Tubbergen H. Nieboer E. Tubborqen G. Parsons M. Tubborgen E. Penningfon M. Van Ando! O. Price T. Van Korlaar V. Puff L. Waters S. Roffman V. Winchell L. Scofi E. Wino J. Sheppard D. Wood M. Shun . B. Shusierich S. Wood Y Y i R. Smifh J. Young OFFICERS: Pres. - E. Dork! ADVISERS: Miss Elmques? V. Pros. - M. Burke NFS! FMIHPS Soc. and Trias. - W. Brookhouss Mr. Mons Au'1. Soc. and Trias. - V. DeYounq Mr. Rapson il F Jumon PLAY Plcrune 'L Noi Picfurod: M. Brno D. Campbell R. Dinh B. Grofllnr page fwoniy-two 0 B. Tanis ' 1, Q H LL OF 3' . - r... T CLASS CUTUPWS' I .,,. I I :I QF! I f' 4 P MUST ATHLETIC NUST BIISHPUL CLASS BRAINS MMEQFQLBRW I .0 ' F X. v ABILITY SUB D E I I cu s Fu s IIUIIPLE 4 x- , , fl .'11 , 1' - QT' N- eh ' ,'1 HUF! MUNI UUILE ,Anvil pn A. .ivvui nv f "H -. Q R N SOPHOMORE G. Anderson H. Dykman 6. Arllip G. Eqgersfedl J. Arflip S. Ensing F. Asllcroff B. Feislamel A. Ausiln V. Ferris I. lacon C. Franco J. laillarqe S. Gales B. Behen P. Gilliland H. Iauer L. Grablll V. llamer R, 6,-aff L. Brinkmlll R, Grigvlald M- lrlllkllllll N. Groerinlr l. lroolzhouse B. Guillame R. Bruckner M. Hanson R. Bunce K. Hawkey N. lurkle M. Headlee W. Bush L. Hendrickson C. Carlson C. Hoaq W. Chrixfonson H. Hooker C. Chrysfler H. Hooker N. Cowley D. Howarlh Q Q , ,L 1. D A Qel, .L T. Cummings 9, lm-.han ' J. curvic. o. ummm f I J- CUFWCO B. Jacksfeil ' "WY ' R. Dahnke L. Jahr lx ...Si . " J. Delers H. Janos . ' 5 ? C. Deur D. Jibson b ' 'N . , X Q W . .. Q L. Deur W. Jones 9 N. DeVlxser M. Jordan xx ' ' M. DeYounq C. Kemmerling - 2 H lifts . I f f M. Dlclronson P. Kerns b 5: I. Draqoo D. -Kloel ' I 7 D. Dryer C. l.aNore ' Q ' - page fwenly-five SOPHOMORE Noi Pic C. Scofr B. Smiih I. Van Boven W. Vanderwall W. Vandenee B. Loomis J, Rowman R. Luchies A, Saba H. McCasHe A. Sacker? A. M351 J. Schornagel D, Mgfgr I. SCPIUH1 D. Maynard D. Shaff M. Miesen D. Sherman S. Miller L. Smith T. Miller P. Sneller J. Muniague H. Splirsrone E. Morlon D. Sfulh Y. Nadeau G. Sweei M. Nielson R. Sfariha G. O'NeiI F. Thill M. Oswalf B. Tinney D. Palmer A. Van Parfen I. Parkefon S. Van Sickle I. Peacock G. Vorres O. Pell L. Visscher E. Pell W. Vogel I. Pell R. Vonham " M PI ' . assure J. Wm. M. Posfhumus R. wyngardm P' R"'Y L. Yates Tured: A. Bergman OFFICERS: Prex.- S. Miller J- Cornell V. Pres. -- R. Graff D- Cfwfofd ADVISERS: Mr. Parker Sec.-Y- Nada-w A Z M- Jordan M,-I Hicks Trea:.- B. Loomis ' 'dau' M. MacDonald Min amd., M' ZH'-'uf' H. Patterson Mm Sql., D- ZmfY"k page twenty-six -W? , - x ...Q . 1 I ' 2 - - . 5 X ,. t Q ,... Q i ..ZgxL ?xlgLl ., M Q ' gm . R 33 LP. 9 R A Q, - . .- . - is A A Lg L, mg ., iii. ET. x .if A ' ' i ,Q I 1 , ' V . ig ' yq W: 1 :qv ix ,b 1 '14, .,- Q F 4 3' 3 7 I i I 4 page fwe My-seven Af , 1 . F' 2? it .. . . . ive 'U F tim f 'Pi Zz?- ,Dmv 4 sh- es v ,,X4 sa. vi . . A. .5 it 5 ii 2 Ls W. N , '-x : s 55 vi W .Mtg QF. 'fa , 2 swf Eg..Q . .aj A , 42' 11.5 ga. Q. . ...vein ' .L 3. .. .-Ng. . .. ...EA - ff . ..,, I' . ., ag.- - ,. .Gigli . ms . 'Q QL, , if 1. ' U . fm ws. uf , . ' W P, i QEV' 2332 735 iii li? fgf s .Q.i-4' EE EW 4 ga f' :yi - Q My 'P +wi 'wi ww. Yfk " rx 5- .L L x -f' 4 -' fl' A -1. . QQ. , - . . , 1377 P vi E 4 Q W Q Q if 'y... , - -. My " Y- ' J . 'Q ' S ':. i .4 ' a f. w :HW iw Q FRESHMEN P. Beeler V. Gerwaf D. Barfon D. Giles P. Bilson J. Gilleffe J. Blandford M. Gilliland E. Buifendorp R. Gran? R. Bulfman S. Griswold D. Carlson J, Hangers R. Carlson L. Hays K. Clemens C. Hekkuis E. Crawford D, Hgndril L. Crawford P, Hgrshay D. Davie D. Hill N- DOKFYQN' B. Homan F. DUNN' C. Hopkins J- DOWGY W. Johnson D. DoWiff P. Jordan D. Duinski J. Kornpf R. Dix N. Kingsford C. Dore B. Kola P. Dore E. Kolk V. Draiu K. Krapp M. Dryer M. Krifxer P. Egberf P. Kubicak M. Eggersfedl J. Kuck M. Elrlrol J. Laisuro E. Ennis S. Lufh T. Ensing A. Lindsay H. Evans L. Lindsay M. Filipiak M. Luchias A. Fox M. McDonald K, Frgng J. McLean P, Fry D. Manor J, Ggrdgg F. MGHIQVS pagu fwo niy-eight qi 'u I 8' xx S 5' 75 . fi. L .. s .Q E - li , Q xi HI .QE 4353 Qi .. , , is fi 1 Q - 44 Q it 'IJ ..s. H .g. '.... ., is X Q 2: A Kg? ii B " R X .. 'E .2 Q . R M . ' . .Q Rflsilf b Wx Q 1 'Q P 15. 151 ' ' P n . '.-. I OFFICERS: Pros. - R. Sfockinq .,.i '1Qg Ti . V ' r A A - 9 Ts A - 4 ,, I 4 4 wr , Q Q- 1 'Sei ., n. -x . A 'F R' 9' K 3 , Y K A ' gg Q - .RFF is . ...-k t .sf No? Pidurod: F. Borgman J, Hgngnn M- DWI' . Hartman D. Dinh J- Dodiofl . Pearson s z Dr. My ,Q FRESHMEN L. Malhows l. McGowan A. Meeuwenberg F. Meeuwsnberg M. Meeuwenberg B. Messinqer B. Miller J. Moon M. Moore R. Morse A. Murphy C. Murphy M. Olson J. Oosfing N. Palmer B. Polxel M. Penninglon S. Rasay J. Robertson A. Rogers D. Roosinclr A. Roffman C. Roffman C. Sabin C. Schrior J. Schrior J. Schuifeman ' KM' V. Pros - W. Johnson Soc. and Troas. - I. McGowan page rwsnfy-nina Q , y fu, l o . R' y 9' , 5. 1. .Sf K 1 M. Schusier .. . ' F' 1. Q C. SM Q R R D. Sharlow - .F '51 . ,, M. Smalligan X3 R. Smalligan ' A - Q , B. Sneller ff U 1 Q' Q M. Spec? . f .1 R. Stocking X 1. R. Stocking . . , r' K x fy... x W V if y 1 F F 2 G- Tank ' . M- f-mi-A H ,Ng gg .. R. Tams . f V . ,, Q +6 D. Taylor , zu ' R. Taylor X- V D. Turner X A X A' 31 if .. 'H if F. Van Dyke ' E. Vogel I Q , ,N y 9 I S. Wanamacker A K y M. Woslenhldor A A o. wmv. ' . , P. Wilson "4 A ' 'ix ' ' C. Wifhvoen " V B. Wolfers Q ,Q L. Wolhrs . s " P A . .. 5 fa 1 Ae .ec a. wfiqm y , XQW L. Younq , ji? . F Q 'Q M. Zagors ' 0 4 A A A ' A ADVISERS: Miss Orr Miss Bowman Mr. Juska Mr. Provinus EIGHTH GRADE A. Arnily R. Arnold D. Arflip D. Ashcroff L. Ausrin E. Bonner? G. Bofhn J. Bird R. Blondeol L. Boerman R. Burr R. Bush D. Carbine J. Carponhr G. Church L. Cowley C. Darling C. Davis D. Dave C. Dsilock I. Ddolx Q X 1: 5 V it L In Dnuy A I C. Drabani .W .... . T' -' f D. DuBois J. Eloma -- N. Eurich J. Fsislamol ' R. Foshr J, J. Fowlor ri b A. Fox of- LL C. Franco in - J. GIIVIJR V. Gilbarl N. Griffin C. Hays R. Hokhuis R. Heklrema C. Hondrie W. Hoffman L. Hoppe E. Houslon M. Jonson K. Johnson D. Kibarf D. Kingsford G. Kloei G. Klomp J. Knapp H. Knuvor J. Kronwirhr J. Kubicek H. LaNore M. Louth C. Lubko B. McCas9le J. McLennan J. McMullen N. Muuwonbarg D. Miossn D. Moore A. Moreno J. Nadoau S. Nielson I. Nyxon L. Nyson paqo fhirfy EIGHTH GRADE J. Osborne D. Smifh W. Parker J. Smifh J. Parks L. Splifsfone 3- PPYIPW A. Sfrauss D' PNC' C. Siulis D' R04 D. Tanis P. ROBCI1 M, Thayer B. Robarf V. Tillotfson J. Robins L. Tinney J. Romans J, Toggr P. Roossinck J. Tyndall E. Rupar W. Van Dyke E. Ridderman S. Van Pafien J. Saum R. Wade L M W As W . . . . - H. Schornagel K. Walxworfh 1. f s A-.r ags 'J-. Qi .5 Q ' E E.. ' -. a I. Schrler L. Wawsezyk ' ' " ' - o. scan J. wi-so. . .X an A 1 J. Shaw J. Williams A A , 'ix Q - LI I as m X L. Shell a. wiuis K L .Q A ' M. Sheppard M. Willis " P I I I ' ' C. Sherman I. Wilson .r '-P ii 1- X -1 . fs. r- Q 5 1 X' - I' " 'N h x M J, Shgrmgn Q 1. -f A N C. Shriver H. Wolters Arg X l I E..-N D. .ii W' L. Zaqers i was - if X +5 K 5 Noi Pictured: G. Bunce D. Pearson L. Hale F. Walker 'wr w s 5 S A. Kerns J. Woscsak OFFICERS: Pres. -- J. Romans V. Pres. - D. DuBois Sec. - S. Nielsen Treas. - L. Cowley page fhirfy-one Anvlsens: Mn. Mum Mr. Crane Mr. Kreai Mr. Lewis SEVENTH GRADE P. Alfsen L. Jibson S. Amily H. Johnson M. Beaudry W. Jordan S. Belder R. Kellogg E. Besemer M. Kern: E. Borgman J. Kreps B. Bruckner L. Lindsey T. Burden M. Lindsey J. Burnside J. Milli! L. Cady J. Millis S. Campbell W. Miller C. Cannifl G. Monefle M. Collins J. Moreno C. Curlice L. Morlon J. Cushman M. Mulleh T- DUWU J. Noble B- Doll L. Nyson V- DOUGH' M. Oosfing 3 M. Dursema D. Palowxlri C. Egberl J. Penninqlon 6. Evans A. Pugno K- Fowler P. Richler Q' L- Gales F. Ridderman ' -' ha, C- HGINY W. Roberlson """" L. Hendrickson A, Rgbing D. Hendrie T. Romans H. Hendrie D, Sw.-f R. Hoad R. Sharlow C. Holler M. Shell S. Holmes R. Shlnew M. Homan E. Slelle N. Hunl ,D. Slrauss R, Jesly R. Sfrauss page fhirfy-two X XE YUM Q 4 L -gi. OFFICERS: HOT LUN .'p,' ' 'QM' A E X S X No? Pic1ure'd: D. L SEVENTH GRADE EEEE - .n -'-5 gf . 1? - , . . - , Q B. Tanis L. Van Sickle Q - h ID. Tanis S. Wachner E . , , T. Tompkins D. wade ' . J. Towne D. Wawsczyk E J. Vander Werp L. Weisner ' ... K. Van Dyke B. Wilkins ee 'V R- WWE' Aovrssns. Mrs. Conklin Q 1 E- P'H'f Mr. Chrisfenson G' Wolford Lg? Pres A Puqno Mr' Gomhau FIPWQQM' k A E ' ' -" - - . uwerln vi Pres- - L. Nyson Mnss Brunson . .... Q. Sec. - M. Dursema Treas. - R. Jesfy 'V H- .3 X 3 25 page ihiriy-Oh ree 7 nik M.. Ss fn W. 'Em ...av .M- .MX w P A rf' Q QQ E ' C . . ' - ""s TYPING ELWIN R. DELL, ls., M.A. ARTHUR L. BULTMAN, Aj., M.A. MARGARET C. CURREN Weslern Michigan College ol Educalion WQSTUU MlClll99f' .COHGQG of Educ-ilivn Vale Deen School, Elilabelh, N. J. Universily of Miguigan Michigan Stare ollege Superinfendenl Rainbow Dislricl Boy Scoul Chairman Hanger Talk Sponsor 'HMP' IRMA BENDER, A.B., M.A. Weslern Michigan College ol Educalion Universily of Michigan Algebra I, ll, Plane and Solid Geomelry Sponsor of Needleworlwers Ass'l. Sophomore Adviser 4l Unnversuly of Michigan Economics IZ, Driver Training Principal, Bus Manager Proieclors Club Sponsor Secrelary of Alhlelic Board Co-sponsor of Sludenl Council Presideni ol Newaygo-Lake M.E.A. Secrelary lo Superinlendenf Dell ETHEL BOWMAN, 8.5. Wesfern Michigan College of Educafion Homemaking Co-sponsor of the FHA Ass'f. Adviser of lhe Wh Grade ELIZABETH G. BRUNSON, B.S. Wesfern Michigan College of Educalion Christiansen Choral School Grade Music, Jr. High Choir H. S. Chorus, Ariihemlic 7 Ass'f. Adviser of 71h Grade Presidenf of Fremonf Teachers' Club ELMER CHRISTENSON, A.B. JOYCE CONKLIN, 8.5. EMMETT L. CRANE, B.A., M.A. Wayne Slate Teachers College Weslern Michigan College of Educalion Central Michigan College of Educalion North Park College English 7' 8 University of Colorado General Mafh 9 Girls Physical Educalion Latin I, ll - 22222: 2 Tumbleweed Club and Pep Club Sponsor General Science 8 Conservalion Club Sponsor Adviser ol 7lh Grade Adviser of 71h Grade page fhirly-four Foreign Language Club Sponsor Jr. High and Freshman Baskelball ELDON M. DURKEE, A.B., M.A. Michigan State College Sr. and Jr. Bands Sr. Orchestra Sr. Choir Required Music 7, 8 Grade Brass and Woodwind Camera Club Sponsor Ass't. Sr. Class Adviser Director of Adult Education Class LAWRENCE J. GOTSCHALL, B.S. Ball State College University ot Illinois Boys Physical Education Fish and Game Club Sponsor Athletic Director Ass't. 7th Grade Class Adviser District Boy Scout Committee FELIX V. JUSKA, B.S. Michigan State College Ag I, II, III, IV Veterans FFA Club Sponsor Ass't. Freshman Adviser OS ESTHER ELMQUEST, B. S. WILLIAM J. GARVEY, B.S., M.S Central M'chigan C Ilega of Educat' - - University bf Michiggn Ion Mlchlgan Sun collage . Veterans on the Farm Training Typing I, ll Bookkeeping Jr. Sports Club Sponsor Junior Class Adviser Jr. Play Director JIM HICKS, A.B. Alma Colle e University ot? Michigan Extension. Civics World History Head Football Coach Ass't. Basketball Coach Intramural Softball Program Boys Sports Club Sponsor Ass't, Sophomore Adviser Fremont Athletic Board Supervisor Summer Recreational Water Safety Instructor Program HENRYETTA HOPPE St. Mary's College, Notre Dame Indiana String Instruments ROBERT L. KRAAI, A.B. Hope Colle e University o? North Dakota Western Michigan College of Education University of Michigan Sociology' Collectors Club S onsor Geograp y 7 Ass't. 8th Grade glass Adviser History 8 Director of Fremont Veterans' Institute Sec'y-Treas, of Fremont Teachers' Club page thirty-five GEORGE E. LEWIS, A.!. Tarkio College Mathematics 7, B Varsity "F" Club Sponsor Ass't. 8th Grade C an Adviser Ass't. Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Head Track Coach Fremont Athletic Board THOMAS B. METCALF. 8.5-. MA- Mas. MARIAN MILLER, Life cmmcaf. HENRY MOES All Cenlfal MlCl'l9-in C0ll092 of EdUCi7l0'1 Weslern Michigan College of Educalion Hope Colleq, Vanderbill Universify U - -, f M' h- George Peabody College for Teachers 533122531578 glfirilgiaounilirglzn English lll, lV English B Ch " . emrs ry 'loumallsm Sr. Sporls Club Sponsor Physics D'-'Mlm Club 5Pf-'MO' ea mn Grade Class Adviser Ass'l. Sr. Class Adviser q Adviser for Packer Tales-and Mogul Dislricl Boy Scout Commilfee NEVA M. ORR, A.B. NORMAN PARKER, B.S. Cenlral Michigan College of Educalion Soulh East Missouri Slate College Michigan Sfale Colleql Universily of Missouri Washinglon Stale College Engush H E"9llSl' l Speech Engluh 7 Sophomore Class Adviser Book Club SPOHSOY Debate Club Sponsor Freshman Class Adviser Jifney Fqofball Coach ELEANOR M. PHILLIPS, A.B. REX W. PROVINESD 5.5. Weslern Michigan College of Educarion Eashrn mimi, Sian college l'l""g:'lV if f4fCl"9"" University of lllinois RIN Sr. Bil31es?lI'rai?nnq 3l9l99X Relailing sharnrana General SCMCQ 9 Co-oroinafor for Oflice Occupations and Giflefdl 5Cl0f'C2 3 Dislribulive Educafion Scum, Club gpomor Business Leaders Club Sponsor Ass'f. Freshrnan Class Advfser Manager of Bookslore page lhirly-six Physics Club Sponsor Ass'l, Jr. Class Adviser L. ROGER PATTERSON, A.B. Hope College Universily of Michigan English Ill Hisfory B Spanish Music Club Sponsor Sr. Class Adviser CLIFFORD C. RAPSON, 8.5. Wesfern Michigan College of Educalion Michigan Sfale College Universiry of Michigan Columbia Teachers College lnduslrial Arfs Ass'l. Jr: Class Adviser Model Airplane Club Sponsor Dislricf Boy Scou? Cornmiffee ETHEL SAUR, Life Cerlificafe RUTH SAYLESI 35, OLIN C. SEYMOUR Michisan 5909 Cvlleql Western Michigan College of Education F d M h . I I . Library Melhods Sloui lnsfifule, Menomonie, Wisconsin O' ec 'wma m"'u,e Librarian Home Economics Mainiainance Engineer FHA Co-sponsor Ass'f. Sophomore Class Adviser 1, RUTH A, VAN HORN, A.B. Michigan Sfale College American Governmenl American Hisfory Hobby Club Sponsor Ass'1. Sr. Class Adviser Sfudenl Council Facully Adviser .X- T page lhirfy-seven , M.A. .A Western Michigan College of Educalion 'X ' Driver Training Mechanics Veferans lnsfilule Official High School Scorer i 5 X i.rA x., BUS JOCKEYS AND JANITORS lsi Row: E. Smilh, F. Dean, R, Provines, R. Kraai, Z. Robins, F. Juska, T. Seymour, T. Meicalf, R. Bulfman. 2nd Row: B. Sneller, H. Moes, A. Bullman E. Chris- gns'olr:ebN3grFlarker, W. Garvey, E. Crane, Zagers, 3rd Row: J. Ausiin, H. Janos, D. Procfor, D. Eurich, H. Hooker, R. Kemmerling, B. Jones, B. Carbine, J. Johnson. 2nd Row: D. Bacon, D. Poffar, J. Klomp, F. Hayward, W. Chrisfenson, D. Holmes, J. Sheppard, L. Waters, Coach Hicks. lsf Row: P. Johnson, W. Brookhouse, P. Smifh, J. Holmes, A. Kreps, K. Redder, B. Kempf, Mgr. B. Bacon. Nol Picfurod: E. Derks, D. Aiken. I948 PACKERS Alfhough Fremonf did no+ have an impressive foolball record, The squad foughl' for every game and gave all lheir opponenls an inferesfing conlesl. Coach Hicks realized ihe malerial ihis year was nol' as good as previous years and did well fo develop such a sfrong defensive leam. The feam was capfained by Al Kreps, a hard plunging lefl half back and Bill Kempf, who allernaled belween 'lackle and end. The backfield consisfed of Caplain Kreps, Fred Holmes, quar'ler back, Dave Eurich, righl' half back and Jim Johnson, Full back. Kreps and Holmes were plagued wifh injuries and lheir places were immediafely handled by Dick Holmes and Hugh Janes who will relurn nexl year along wilh Jim Johnson fo form a nucleus lo build a sfrong Packer punch. An injury lo Phil Smilh gave Jim Sheppard his chance lo show his abilify af end. Bill Kempf, Elwin Derks, and Don Aiken played fackle for mosf of lhe season shifling lo differenl posifions when needed. Ray Kem- merling and Wayne Chrislenson, guards,and Keenan Redder al cenler kepf lhe middle of lhe line prolecled. Nexl year +he prospecfs for a good season are beHer as Sheppard, Derks and Chrislenson are relurning along wilh many promising underclassmen. PACKER FOOTBALL SCCRES Mt Pleasani ..... 26 Fremonf ..,..,,,,.,... 6 Harf ...,., Fremonl Cadillac . , , ..,. 45 Fremont ,,.,,., ,... O Alma ..,.,.,.,..,,.,,, , ,.,,. Fremonl Reed Cify . .... . .... .27 Fremonf .,,.....,,,.., 0 N. Muskegon, ,,.,. ,,,.,.,, F remon+ 859 Rapids -..... ........ 6 Fremonl ......,,.,..,. I2 Ludinglon .,,,, ,.,...,,, F remonl page fhiriy- SECOND TEAM - FOOTBALL 3rd Row: B. Pekel, H. Hooker, T. Miller, A. Rohman, E, Penninglon, S. Miller, D. Taylor. 2nd Row: D. Sherman, H. Hooker, R. Smalligan, D. Dawe, R, Slocking, B. Bulfman, W. Johnson. Isl Row: B. Loomis, H. Bowers, C. Hoag, B. Sfocking, D. Howarlh, J. Schuileman, C. Hopkins, R. Taylor. This year lhe Fremon+ Lillie Packers, under lhe capable direclion of Coach George Lewis, learned lhe fundamenfals of good foolball. Alfhough defealed in each encounler, lhey showed lhe spirif and fighl of a 'lrue Packer squad. Many line plunges were 'rurned back by 'lhese boys, widley illus+ra'l'ing lhe conrinued delerminalion of our Liflle Packers. The junior varsily backs are brighl prospecls for lhe coming years and are looking 'For- ward lo carrying a lol of fulure mail. This year lhe feam had a schedule of four games, including 'lhe Big Rapids Seconds, Harl Seconds, and ihe Newaygo and Baldwin varsily. JITNEY FOOTBALL 3rd Row: R.lPearsel, J. Towne, P. Richhr, H. Hendrie, C. Egberl. Znd Row: W. Roberlsen, P. Sharlow, J. McMullen, T. Dawe, B. Wilkins, B. Dok, W. Miller. lsl Row: R. Kellogg, ll. Willis, M. Leefh, A. Kernx, L. Boerman, G. Bunce, T. Tomkins. The Jilney foolball 'ream consisfing of blh, 7+h and Blh graders show promise of developing info a well organized, power packed squad upon reaching varsily age. The boys were coached in +he fundamenlals of lhe game by Mr. Norman Parker. Their season was high lighled by lwo inlrasquad games which were played dur- ing lhe halves of +he varsily games. page lorry 'Dan ' Caff- VARSITY BASKETBALL 1. -R47 -P18 r-. Psy SCHEDULE So 'lar fhis season, lhe record of fhe Fremonf Varsify Baskefball feam W. A F- I3 -----f'f -,-f-ff-' S 'l'- J05ePl'l has no'l been foo impressive. Coach Lewis was handicapped from fha siari 3 F, 33 .-A,AVY- -VVY n Y Alma wifh rho responsibiliiy of organizing a squad wifh only one veieran. Bill - I F. 28 kiiii' Holland Chrisfian Kempf. and iwelve ofher inexperienced players who were moved up from gf. 'F 20 Ludin +on fha ranlrs of lasl' year's second Yaam. Jusf when fhe ieam began io show 'i W 'F' 28 V' ""A"' R g brighf prospecfs, fhey suffered Ohe loss of Fred Holmes wifh a lanee iniury Coach Lewis ' ""' " " lg apt S and Al Kreps confracied scarlef fever. Bill Kempf, whom fhe boys F- 35 w -f f Af .Reed C'+Y elecred as fheir ieam capfain. has done an excellenl iob of assisling Coach Lewis. 32 .,,,. ,,,.,,,,, D owagiac The Paclrers sfarfed fha season with an overnighi game ai Sf. Joseph followed hy 29 ' f --"- Al-udlnglon iwo home games wifh Alma and Holland Chrislian. On fha road again, fhey played Ludingfon and Big Rapids in fhe Blind Tourney af Big Rapids. Af home fhey losf an exciiing confesf fo Reed Ciiy and fhen wenl' fo Dowagiao. Ludingion was nexi in line. The highlighl of +he season came when lhe Paclrers upsel lhe powerful Niles feam. The following game was af home wifh Big Rapids and fhen lhey leff iown for conlesfs wifh fha ho?-shoofing Alma Panihers and wifh Ludingion. Affer fhe Paclers played Ml. Pleasanf on our home floor, ihey mel' fha sfrong Holland Chrisfian ball club and Hari. The concluding fwo confesls on fha schedule were wifh Alpena and Allegan. Alfhough fo dale The Paclrers have won only fhrae in eleven sfarls fhey have shown us fha spirif and sporfsmanship of which we in Fremonf are proud. When fhe siafe fournamenf begins, we are ceriain ihal lhey will play fo 'l'he besl' of fheir abilify and we wish fhem fhe besf of luck. page forfy-one F. 48 ,,.,.. Niles F. 24 . , ,Big Rapids F. 30 ,,,, ,, .Alma F.- H ...,, . ,Ludingfon F. - , , .Mt Pleasanf F.- ., Holland Chrislian F.-. Y .... ,.,, . , .Hari F.-H ,Alpena F.- ,,,........, ,L ,Allegan 'l' Blind Tourney. LIT 1' L E L L O PACKERS Q .is ,, 5 . 5 ll M ii. K . a ' A I , N if W' R E S E R V E ' n Y' H I1 Ummm, Q . ,Y fs D'-2 SQUAD 6 , fe Ni -r , L 4,Coach Jim Hicks and his second foam appear fo be follbwing in A lhe fooisleps of lheir big brolhers. They are sieadily improving buf Qi are losing fhe maioriiy of iheir fills by closely conlesfed games. Q A! ! Cioagg Hicks has a liamhwlaich is falrlydfasf and wilh more experience M W 5 s ou ra e among l e ig esi in 9 e isiricl. f The oufsfanding players 'For The year were: Si Miller, Lee Waiers. - l l Bud Loomis, Jim Sheppard, Arnie Roiiman and Harley Hoolcer. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL y -L -- .-. 2nd Row: B. Pekel, B. Carlson, D. Carlson, D. Dawe, M. Eggersfedl, H. Evans. lsr Row: R. Smalligan, R. Srockinq, B. Bullman, C. Hopkins, R. Slocking, V. Schuiiernan, W. Johnson, B. Tanis, G. Tanis. Under lfhe capable coaching of Coach Emmeii Crane, fhe Frosh squad show promise ol developing inlo a ver- salile varsify in a few years. They have been faughf lhe fundamenlals of lhe game and are playing neighboring schools io pui fheir knowledge info praciice. As lhere were a large number of freshmen who saw aciive service, nexf year's ieam has excellenf polenfialifies. page forfy-fwo rncmuru HIUH SCHOOL ' muon Ann FIELITQRECDREIS es ii awk I948 TRACK SQUAD - . I.,-.5 N as , IIIIIII III fl ' 1 '- This sporf has produced and developed some of 'Ihe finesl' alhlefes 'Ihe Slafe of Michigan has ever lrnown. Traclr is an exceedingly popular sporf af F. H.S. The boys are aware Iha+ 'Ihis is an individual sporl and whaf fhey achieve is no beller Ihan fhe eFlor'I fhey expend. 3rd Row: D. Holmes. W- Chfirh nson . F- Hayward- Our cross counlry feam, alfhough I+ had a lafe zna Row: R. Kqmmminq, x. Roddor, F. ow., A, Kreps. 'SL-Rating Swv. M- Tubbefq-n. F. Holmes. B- Kempf. sfarf, did a fine job af Alma. They scored second +o Alma affer winning firsl' and second places. Lasf year Fremonl won 'Ihe MI. Pleasanf Regional Meef by fhe shear deferminafion of a handful of well-frained alhlefes. They ended a very successful season al' Lansing by placing sixfh in fhe Sfafe Meet SPIRIT OF FREMONT SIX The Mogul SI'aH of I949 would like lo devofe a 'Few lines here in 'lribufe fo our cheerleaders. Our veferans of pas? years, Mary Lou Cook, Be'He Messner, and Loralyn Anway, ably assis+ed by I'hree new +roupers, Jeanie Hill, Marlene McMellen, and Joyce Cahill, did a commendable piece of worlr in slimulafing school spirif. During fhe foolball season, even 'Ihough de- feaf seemed inevifable, 'Ihese six girls slayed in fhere and pifched. This same enlhusiasm was carried over info fhe baslcefball confesls. Who doesn'I' remember I f Ihe Niles game, fhe appalling surprise of everyone upon our unsuspecfed vic'Iory7 So, Ihanlcs, girls, on a difficul+ 'Iaslr well done, and Io a splendid sfudenl body who so ably supporfed our cheerleaders. May your spirif and enfhusiasm confinue in years fo come. page forty-thru FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL BAND The aciivifies in which +he Band parficipafecl were fhe Dis+ric+ Fesfival a+ Grand Rapids The Spring Concerf, The Hari Fair, fhe Garfield Fair and P. T. A. meeiings. Af foo'I'ball games lhey presen+ed many unusual and in+rica'l'e formafions and a small band 'Formed from ihe larger band fur nished added pep a+ baslceiball games. M- . r um' - 'f 1 , .Q l a 5 Q . W Q 5 ...M- MI ' Z 3 L ci ,mm " xx p., 0 WH 1 il .. jg K, ,WV .a A ,.,, fnimm GMD page forfy-four A an wg, jk, A-'mimi SENIOR CHOIR The choir, always on ever ready call, again This year sponsored a Chrislmas program 'For +he Women's Club. They helped presenl' a Chrisfmas program for lhe high school and 'took par+ in ihe Spring Concert They have rendered specially numbers for chapel and many members were perl of 'the Messiah Chorus. ORCHESTRA The orcheslra This year did a splendid iob of accompanying fhe chorus in lhe presenlaiion of lhe Messiah. They furnished added enferlainmenl for fhe Jr. and Sr. Plays and af P.T.A. meefings. They parficipafed in fhe Disfricl Fesfival and also played in The annual Spring Concert page forly-five STUDENT COUNCIL Three years ago a newly organized Sfudenf Council was infroduced fo fhe sfudenfs of Fremonf High. Since fhaf iime if has been very acfive and has accomplished many worfhwhile goals. This year fhe council, under fhe able leadership of Bill Lubie, despife a conflicf of fhe disconfinuafion of home rooms. has done an excellenf iob fo fulfill fha ideas and needs of fhe sfudenf body. A few of fhe proiecfs aclopfed by fhe council are fhe revision of 'ihe monifor sysfem, fhe school carnival, which was very successful, and fhe recreafional noon.hour program, for which recreafion aquipmenf has been purchased. The Council has, for fhe firsf year, become a member of fhe Nafional Sfudenf Council and has affended infra- murel meefings wifh fhe councils of surrounding fowns. The Presidenf and his Council wish fo fhank you for your co-operafion and exfend fheir besf wishes fo fhe fufure councils of Fremonf High School. The sfudenf body elecfed Bill Lublre, presidenfg Alan Kreps, vice-president Beffe Messner, secrefary: and Hugh Janes, freasurer. The Presidenf appoinfed Beverly Nieboer, public relafions chairman: Fred Holmes, noon hour chair- man, Si Miller, hall monifor chairmen: and Marfha Benneff, assembly chairman. The Sfudenf Council was advised by Miss Rufh Van Horn. page forty-six THE BOOK CLUB The Book Club has enioyed a mosi successful year under ihe able guidance of Miss Orr. Besides fhe infroduc- lion of oufsianding and curreni liieralure, fhe club fosiers individual developmenf by having a roialing presidenf whose ferm of office expires ai ihe end of fhe club hour. Oufsianding among ihe speakers who aided in reviewing books was Mrs. Wakefield. The club is eagerly awaiiing iheir field frip fo fhe museum and public library af Grand Rapids. BOYS SEORT C'-UB The purpose of ihe Sporf Club is fo enable fhe members fo becom lions of a variefy of sporls. li has devoied some of ifs fime fo fhe promoiion of beffer sporfsmanship among fhe sfudenis. e beffer acquainfed wifh rules and regula- paqe foriy-seven CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club has ailracfed ihe inferesf of many sfudenis from fhe sevenih Through The fwelffh grade. Derailed discussions and demonsfrafions of faking, composing and developing piciures has given members a belier underslanding of The camera. The fhirfy members elecied as iheir chief cliclr, Bill Chrisfensong Tripod, Melvin Burke: Secreiary, Carol Murphy and Tanlr, Charles Hoag. COLLECTORS CLUB 1 .C or M mu., l l The Collecfors Club, with Mr. Kraai as Hs sponsor was expressly organized for fhose sfudenl' who are inferesled in all +ypes of colleciions. Members have a diversify of inferesfs and are encouraged by collec+or's cafalogue, boolrs and ofher defailed informaiion on obfaining rare arficles. The value of lreeping and irading as a hobby is emphasiled in a friendly, informal manner. Sevenfeen ardenf members elecied Ronald Siocking, presidenfg Bob Buliman, vice- presi- denfg Esiher Vogel, secrefary, and Tom Dawe as freasurer. page fody-eighf CCNSERVATION CLUB The main endeavor of fhe Conservalion Club is fo promofe good usage of our nafural resources. Field lrips and hikes have aroused much inleresf. Mr. Blaclr, our Michigan Sfafe Represenlafive, has slimulafed our program by a series of Ieclures on curren? local problems concerning conservafion. The organizaiion fosfers an exfensive background in lhe sludy of birds and foresfs. The Conservalion Club is connecfed wilh lhe Nalional 4-H , and will lake acfive parf in lhe Spring Achievemenf Day. DEBATE CLUB -MMC i The Debafe Club was organized fhis Fall for lhe purpose of learning some of fhe fundamenlals of debafing. There was no infer scholaslic debaling, buf ihe differenl members of fhe Club did debele lhe nafional queslion, "Re- solved fhal lhe Unifed Nafions should now be revised info a Federal World Government" Olher queslions were de- baled by lhe members af differenf limes during fhe year. Because of lhe small size of fhe organizafion, il was noi necessary +o have a group of officers. page forfy-nine DRAMATICS CLUB l The Drama+ics Club was organiled for ihe purpose of siudying +he dramalic arls and accomplishes fhis aim by sfudy groups and aclual play producfions. The posilion of play direcfor was held by Donald Aiken assisied by Beverly Nieboer, secrefary. Al lhe Chris?- mas assembly program in fhe audiforium, lhe Dramaiics Club presenfed fhe one ad comedy, "Chris'rmas Gill" by Lindsey Barbee which drew The acclaim and applause of an inieresfed audience. Plans are now being made to parri- cipafe in ihe Fiffh Annual High School One Ad Play Fesfival af Ceniral Michigan College of Educafion on April 23, where fhe casi will receive a criiical analysis of lheir produciion for ihe improverneni of fuiure fheairical perfor- md NCES. The Dramaiics Club works in cooperafion wifh ihe Fremonr LiHle Theahe Group and is recognized in fhe com- munily as an organizaiion fha? has been very acfive in reviving an inferesi' in fhe dramalics program. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS CLUB The Fuiure Business Leaders Club which is primarily for fhose sfudenls fairing commercial subiecls. is designed +o give sludenfs an opporiunify io manage iheir own personal financial affairs and ro promoie a business like approach fo communify living. The sevenleen members, under fhe direclion of Miss Phillips, elecfed Alvedor Luchies fo ihe Presidency: Harrie? BeHen as vice-president Maxine Barnhard as secrelaryg Luella Maynard as freasurerg and Donna Davis as reporfer. page fifty "F" CLUB - ' The "F" Club is an honorary and, af fhe same iime, an acfive organizarion. The purpose of +he club is fo 'pro more frue sporfsmanship and fellowship among fhe high school aihlefes and To mainlain a close relafionship befween graduafed afhlefes and fheir Alma Maier. Acfivifies for fhe newly organized club began wifh fhe firsf semesfer. wifh The elecfion of officers and fhe con- siifuiion and by-laws highlighled. The club is sponsoring a laundry and fowel service for 'lhe boys parficipafing in fhe various sporfs. If had charge of fha "Fun House" for +he annual school carnival. A hamburger fry was fhe opening evenf for I949 wilh fha preseni and ex-leffer winners as guesfs. A round fable discussion was held for fufure acfivifies. An adulf commiifee was chosen io collaborafe wilh fhe club officers. Ninefeen acfive members have elecfed Alan Kreps as presideni, Wes Brookhousef vice-presidenfg and Hugh Janes as secrefary-freasurer. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA l l The Fufure Farmers of America is a nafional organizafion of, by and for boys sfudying vocafional agriculiure. The Fremoni Chapfer of 'lhe F.F.A. is an infra-curricular ecfiviiy having ifs origin and roof in a definife parl' of 'lhe sdhool curriculum-vocefional agriculfure. The members have learned rhrough acfive parficipafion how lo conducf and fake pari in a public meefing: fo speak in public: io buy and sell cooperafively: fo solve 'lheir own problems: fo finance fhemselvesg and fo assume civic responsibilify. Lasf year The boys compefed in a regional coniesi' and placed fhird in Parliamenfary procedure demonsirafions win- ning a prize award of fhiriy dollars. The Chapfer placed eighfh in sfaie compefiiion for fhe Chapfer Program of Work Confesf. Five of fhe officers received frips io Defroif wifh expenses paid and were presenfed a plaque fogeiher wifh a fweniy-five dollar cash award. OFFICERS Sfanley Van Goor , . ,, Presidenf Harry Nieboer Secrefary Dick Holmes ,, .Vice-Presidenf Orville Price , Reporfer Harvey Kunnen , .Treasurer Glen Vorres Senfinel page fifty-one FHA The "Fufure Homemalrers of America" Club was reorganized in Sepiember wifh fifiy members. A program for ihe year, based around ihe naiional program seiup for all afiiliaied groups, was planned. This program is divided inio eighf paris, each dealing wiih some phase of work for ihe improvemen? of home and communiiy living, or cenfered around some proiecf of e sfaie, naiional, or world wide scope. Tweniy of fhe members were permiffed fo aifend ihe regional meefing of rhe FHA held af Wayland. This proved bofh very educational and inspiring. There are four degrees of achievemenf which can be earned, and a number of ihe girls are working for fhe Junior Homemaker degree. Ann Tubbergen was elecfed presideni wiih Laura Luchies, vice-presidenfg Lucy Foriin, secreferyg Shirley RoHman, ireesurer, and Lillian Crawford, reporfer. We hope our organizafion will confinue fo grow, and live up fo ifs moifo, "Toward New Horizons." FISH AND GAME CLUB Following in fhe fooisfeps of some of fheir fa?hers,1he members of fhe high school Fish and Game Club have dedicafed ihemselves fo ihe conservaiion of wild life in ihis area. A fish fry was held January l5, I949, io inifiafa Their new season of conservarion. The boys elecred Bob Siocking as presidenf: Jack Roman, vice-presidenig Warren Johnson secrefary-ireasurer and Dalien Maier, Librarian. pa q e fifiy-fwo GlRL'S SPORTS This year found ihe emergence of a Sporfs club on fhe Fremonf High School Program because of a greaf de- mand for fhis sorf of an organizafion. Because of ihis demand, an overcrowded sifuafion developed necessifafing fhe division of fhe club info fwo separafe groups, seniors and iuniors. The senior group have worked under fhe leadership of Mrs. Miller while Miss Elmquesf sponsored fha iunior. One of fhe maior aciivifies of fhe club was promofion of bowling feams wifh four feams in each of fhe fwo groups. Other acfivifies of fhe club have included ice-skafing and learning fhe fundamenfals of baskefball. HANGAR TALK The aims of fhis club are fo creafe a feeling of friendliness and good fellowship among fhose who have a common inferesf in aviafion and fo give helpful ideas fo members fhrough informal fallrs, discussions. open-forums, and oufside speakers. lllusfrafive films have been shown on weafher condifions fo promofe safe flying condifions. Mr. Al Rogers, a local seasoned pilof, presenfed some of fha hazards and fips for flying af fhe Fremonf Airporf. Members are eagerly awaihng favorable weafher fo permif fhern fo inspecf and gain a personal insighf fo fhe local airporf. page fiffy-fhree HOBBY CLUB l The Hobby Club has been one of lhe more popular of fhe many new clubs which have been insfifuied in Fremoni High fhis pas? year. Under lhe supervision of Miss Van Horn if has had an excepfionally busy and prosperous year. Some of lhe more inferesiing and popular hobbies 'hal were infroduced info lhe club were: soap carving, lrnifiing, embroidery, siamp collecfing, drawing and painling. A visii' fo Miss Van Horn's aparfrnen? and a Chrisfmas parfy held ai lhe school were leafured among Ohe exira enieriainmenfs enioyed by ihe club members. Alice Saurn served as president ably assisied by Lorraine Obifs as vice-presidenf and Blanche Merfindale as sec- relary-freasurer. LANGUAGE CLUB The Foreign Language Club has enioyed a successful year in sfudying ihe cusfoms and culfure of primarily Euro- pean counfries in fhe hope of obfaining a basic undersfanding of currenl infernalional problems. The club is expecfing lo produce a one acf play fo promofe fhese ideas. Among fhe many aciivifies which Mr. Crane anficipafes is a Roman meeting presided by "consuls" wiih "praefors," "aediles" and "augurs" in charge of programs, "lribunes" and "censors" lo preside over members and minuies lrepl by a "scriba." Laiin names will be adopled and fogas worn for e iypical Roman banquel. Alfhough +he group is small, if loolrs forward fo a brighi fufure wilh Mariorie Cornwall as presidenf, Margaref Schusfer, vice-presidenf: Clarys Powers as secrefary-freasurer. page fiffy-four MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB . .sae . f- Many sfudenfs expressed ihe desire and need for some 'I f ype o organizafion Io furfher rhe sfudy of model air- planes consfrucfion. For fhis reason, ihe Model Airplane Club was organized The club has concenirafed on Ihe siud ' Y and consiruciion of difiereni fypes of airplanes. These planes will be fesied when weaiher permifs. Mr. Rapson, Ihe sponsor of fhe club, has had considerable experience in such work and was mos? hel ful in fur- P Ihering fhe obieciives of Ihe club. MUSIC APPRECIATION The Fremonf High music enfhusiasfs mai aI ihe beginning of 'Ihe currenf year. We were an exfremely heferogenous group. Some of our members play insfrumenfs, ofher sing. and sfill oihers' only felony is a deep appreciaiion for good music. As we ironed ouf our problems, we found Ihaf mosf of us desired a greaier knowledge of all Iypes of music. Since some of us did noi Know fhe sounds made by Ihe more uncommon insfrumenis. Our firsf meeiing was 'Ialren up by lisfening fo Sainf Saens "Carnival of Animals." Laier our programs consisfed of TschaiIrowski's "Capricio IIaliene" and af Chrisimas, Handel's famed "Messiah." AI fhe fime of fhe School Carnival. our group sold novelfies and made enough money fo affend some conceris in Grand Rapids. During I949, we are anficipafing many fine programs. page fiffy-five NEEDLEWORKERS The Needleworlrers were Tormed in The Fall under The able sponsorship of Miss Irma Bender. Their meeTings have been held on a social basis. They are a group of ambiTious girls who eiTher wish To learn The arT of crocheTing, em- broidering, and lnniTTing or To brush upon Their already acquired abiliTy. In Their regularly scheduled meeTing on December I7, They Took Time ouT from Their fancy worlr To celebraTe The holiday season by exchanging giffs and having lunch in The form of a ChrisTmas parTy. The main goal of This group is for each member To compleTe one arTicle, which will be exhibiied in Miss Bender's room. The group elecTed Shirley Van Siclrle, presidenTg Marva Sabin, vice-presidenTg and Donna KloeT as secreTary- Treasurer. THE PHYSICS CLUB The Physics Club was designed To TurTher The inTeresT of sTudenTs in physics and chemisfry. Only Juniors or Seniors who are currenTly enrolled in a physics or chemisTry class are eligible for membership in The organizaTion. Members are granTed The privilege To use The lab Tor experimenTaTion of Their own choosing. ETching glass wiTh hydro-flouric acid was Their iniTial proied. The year's acTiviTies will include a field Trip To Grand Rapids To observe commercial experimenTing in indusTrial chemisTry. page TifTy-six SENIOR PEP CLUB JUNIOR PEP CLUB The Pe Club w ' d ' I93 b p as organize in 5 y a group of high school girls inleresled in promoling more sfudenf inieresf in sporls and afhlelic aclivifies. Today The group has grown Io include nearly every girl in high schooI,foIaling I93 noi been alfered buf Ihey have widened Iheir field of acfivilies Io include members. The original aim of Ihe Club has many worfhy proiecfs for bolh fhe Ieam and Che school. II was fhrough Ihe money raising efforls of Ihese girls Ihaf new swealers were purchased for Ihe cheerleaders, They also decoraied Ihe floal for fhe Queen and her courf in Ihe Homecoming Parade. This group planned and pre- d h senfe all I e pep meelings for fhe year including Iwo nigh+ rallys. As Iheir prolecf for Ihe carnival Ihey successfully held a calre wall: wnfh many of Ihe girls furnishing Ihe necessary calces. PEP CLUB OFFICERS COUNCIL MEMBERS ' - Mary Splifsfone Carolyn Deur PRESIDENT ....,,,.,... Marianne, Geerlungs Delora Monlague Peggy Gilliland VICE-PRESIDENT . . . . Pafrlcva Conklin Joyce Lallln Mary -lo Gllllland SEC'Y-TREASURER . . . Beverly Nieboer Margaret Boerman Mary Smalligan page filly-seven PROJECTORS CLUB The purpose of The Proiecfors Club is fo culfivafe an inieresl in fechnical operalion of audial visual equipmenl and fo provide an ample supply of efficienl operalors lo conduci lhe audio visual educafion program wifhnn our school syslem, Under fhe direclion of Mr. Bullman, members have achieved a fechnical background which may easily lead lo a vocalional career. Officers of fhe organizalion for The pasf year have been: President Harvey Kunnen: Vica-Presi- denl, Bob Luchiesg and Bill Pelrel as Secrefary-Treasurer. THE SCIENCE CLUB A variefy of acfivilies made up a very inleresfing program for fhe Science Club during fhe year. The purpose of fhe club is fo eslablish leadership for sludenfs who are inleresled in lhe subiecl and lo keep ifs members in closer louch wifh currenl problems which are noi' ordinarily discussed in fhe classroom. Such acfivilies lo dale have included lhe bissecfing of a pig, experimenialion in blowing glass, classificaiion of blood lypes, and delailed fesling of foodslufls. Plans are now being made for a field frip fo be held in fhe Spring. The lhirly-one members elecled Russ Graff as Presidenl, Jach Gilleli as Vice-Presidenf, Leroy Deur, Secrefary, and Jim Schuileman, Treasurer. page fiffy-eigh? TUMBLEWEED CLUB To girls inTeresTed in aThleTics, Tumbling is rapidly becoming one of F. H. S. TavoriTe recreafional diversions. The Tumbleweeds are insTrucTed in a graceful arT oT Tumbling wiTh emphasis placed on physical developmenT and pyramid building. This enThusiasTic group decoraTed The business disTricT Tor The Homecoming parade. MOGUL STAFF -Q' Nay g..s5,.-gy,-..--he , ' f A . Wifh pride The Mogul ediTor and her sTaT'T presenT The I949 Mogul. ConsisTenT wiTh FremonT's program of expansion and beTTermenT, They have aTTempTed To make This one of The TinesT ediTions of The annual published: and Those who have been connecTed with iTs produdion feel proud oT Their eTTorTs. The yearbook sfands as a record of The school year of l948-I949. ln malring This record The sTaFl has Tried To presenT a True cross-secTion of school life. If in decades hence iT is a pleasanT reminder To sTudenTs oT happy days spenT aT Fremonf High School, The sTaTT will Teel ThaT iT has accomplished iTs mosT useful purpose. IT is readily realized ThaT The ediTor and The sTafT could noT endeavor such a proiecT wiThouT The assisTance ren- dered by our businessmen, Teachers. and Tellow sTudenTs. The cooperaTion received from The Swanson STudio in respecT To Their experf worlmanship with The TaculTy and senior picfures and To The BulTman STudio Tor many of The group pic- Tures cannoT be praised enough. The Mogul sTaTT is proud indeed of The work of Mogul phoTographer Phil Filipial and The assisTance obTained Trom The Camera CenTre. Space does noT permif To give personal recognifion To The scores oT indi- viduals who assisfed wiTh This proiecT, and professional advice gained from Mr. Essebaggers. The binding ol This annual is The producT of Dean-Hiclzs Company and The laurels Tor The excellenf press worlr in The I949 Mogul To PrinTing ArTs who once again demonsTraTed Their slill in The prinTing of a year bool page fiffy-nine - 1 -: I , 1, 4 A . -9 A , ff ., 4 . . 1 .1 - k' Q a . 'Lg L - 4, A M , N V , M 4 ,. -. X ff .. 'J' W . N1 ..1,, ,,., J. , 1 . A -. ,, ,f y, A , Q-ifw ,.,,, ,J 45.11 '-,H-"H M M ,s, ..g ,,XL,-- sf 9 . y A-'f' .i. .. . wld ,. . if mm . 1.- . f 'ivy , 4 ,, ,,g, ,:3j5f.,,,1- A -4- - 4' 'L Hi'-ali' -'W-Q ' ' ' a H ' .Q - ::N1,313??f,Qfafk , A vw 4. . ,fm . -,w,,','.--.Lfx5gM' V , C14 W, ygfu 1 7 ' 722' M451 J2Ey'2:.1fu'?f.. ' ' .Z .L ' ... sig. x- I :,. 2 -' P, 1 . .a" I. L ,.,rvmf,.,..'g A ' , . , -4:1 . vw. .,..,.g.f.Ri.J ,V 1, A .f 4. n-fQ,,.....,,,, A , , ,. .A.,, , , Aw 5. a+ A . Q4 we ' i N. ,Wy 4. f ' x k 15115 A ,Q MOGUL ADVERTISERS Almer and Bob Angelica's Eat Shop Baars Dnig Store Ben Franklin Store Bert's Market Bishop General Store Bode's Shoe Store Bouwman, Fred Boven's Fumiture G Undertaking Brownie's Bud's Snack Bar Bultman Studios Camera Centre Carajon Chemical Company, Inc. Carothers 6. Dahlstrom Caruso's Ice Cream Parlor Cavanaugh Cleaners Consumers Power Company Cook's Poultry Farm 6 Hatchery Crandell G Ensing R. H. Curley Stores Dake's Quality Service Dayton Center General Store Deters 5 G 10 Bazaar Deur Chevrolet Company Ed's Barber Shop Evans Realty Company Fairview Floral Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Auto Parts Bakery Bargain Store Cab Company Co-Operative Creamery Co. Co-Operative Produce Co. Dairy Bar Dairy Electric Service Farm Equipment Feed Company Fremont Finance Company Fremont Fremont Floral and Nursery Iewelry 96' Fremont Lumber 61 Fuel Company Fremont Market Fremont Printing Company Fremont Public Schools Fremont Rag and Metal Fremont Recreation Fremont Refrigerated Lockers The Fremont State Bank Fremont Times-Indicator Fremont Tractor Sales Fremont Wholesale Company Gee and Lubke Hardware Gerber Products Company Gilliland Transfer Company Graichen's Greenwood Farms Dairy Green lug Resort Haveman Hardware Haveman Service Station H. I. Heinz Company Hendrie Agency Hi-Lites Hollowell Relrigeration Holton Feed Store Home Town Super Market Iron Fireman Sales G Service Johnson Fuel G Builders' Supply Co. Iones Sales G Service Iordan Company Keith Iewelry Kimbark Inn Dr. R. B. Kring Lakeside Fine Foods Magee Mctor Sales McCarty, C. M. Pat McGowen's Super Service Station Messinger, G. I. Meyers Implement Sales Michigan Bankers 6- Merchants Mutual Fire Insurance Company Michigan Grille Michigan Produce Haulers Miller Motor Sales Max Monette Garage Moyer's Dry Goods Store Muskegon School oi Business Old Estate Dairy Old State Bank ot Fremont Oz Theatre Allie Paige's Super Sunoco Packer Tales Palmer Drug Store Pikaart's Department Store Professional Page Progressive Lumber Company. Inc Reber. A. P. Company Reber, Matie Hedder Brothers Hardware Reeman Groceries Reeman Hardware Company Reeman Lumber G Insulation Co. Reliable Auto Parts Rich's Service Station Sanitary Cleaners Sanitary Food Store Seymour Radio Shop Shell Service Station Sherman Sport Shop Sherwood's Greenhouse Shoecrait's Siplon's West End Grocery Smith Hardware Standard Oil Company Sunny Service Dairy Swanson Studio Thill Oil Company Erwin Tinney Company Vanderwerp, R. Vredeveld G Company I. C. Wabeke G Son The White Insurance Agency Wilson Motor Sales Witte Brothers Witte's Grill Wooster General Store page sixty-one "An Education' is the Highway to ci Successful Life" ,Z FREMONT HIGH OFFERS VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PHYSICAL EDUCATION Business and Commercial Interscholastic Sports Home Economics Physical Training Industrial Shop . LIBRARY EDUCATION Agriculture Library Methods College Preparatory ADULT EDUCATION Veterans Classes General Courses Business Courses Vocal Driver Training Instrumental 96' In these days of stress and strain, there is a crying need for the very best in Education. It is the best protection available for normal living. In all oi lite's competition, education provides the security necessary to normal development. It is each students' responsibility to obtain the best education possible. P9 TY? Graduates of 1949 WE ASSURE YOU OF OUR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 0 THE WHITE INSURANCE AGENCY ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 10 So. Division Avenue Phone 630 Fremont, Mich. Boven's MICHIGAN PRODUCE HAULERS' FURNITURE and UNDERTAKING Haulers of Fruits and Vegetables A Inter- and Intra-State , Day and Night Phone 9 FAST, DEPENDABLE REFRIGERATED SERVICE 10 0 Y7 Phone: Fremont 165 36 East Main Street FREMONT, MICHIGAN ty th Congratulations Class of 1949 MUSKEGON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Gail Iewell, Manager H. J. HEINZ COMPANY 57 Varieties 35 IN FREMONT SINCE 1901 35 Phone 57 221 N. Mechanic Congratulations THE GREEN JUG RESORT Where M-20 Meets Robinson Lake Groceries Reireshrnents Cabins Camping Boats THE INGLERIGHT'S Compliments of The Wooster General Store M-20 648F2 An annual subscription to The Packer Tales insures the capture of every beat. and allows each reader to con- tinue to feel . . . "The Pulse of Fremont High School" 'T pq fvf THE GERBER BABY Extends congratulations to the Seniors of Fremont High School on the completion of their course and graduation Very Best Wishes for Every Success in the Future No other place but America gives you these opportunities . . . The obligation of all of us is to see that Amercia is kept AMERICA if GERBEB PRODUCTS COMPANY FREMONT, MICHIGAN P9 fvf CONGRATULATIONS to the 1949 graduating class of Fremont High School . . . We thank the students for their patronage of the past and hope to serve you in the future. V OZ THEATRE Compliments of FREMONT CAB COMPANY "Always at Your Service" Phone 656, Days 263, Nights Congratulations to the Class of 1949 FREMONT WHOLESALE CO. 221 W. Main St. Fremont, Mich. Compliments of IRON FIREMAN SALES AND SERVICE STOKER AND OIL-FIRED HEATING UNITS C. H. MESSNER 128 W. Main Phone 88 Compliments ot FREMONT FINANCE COMPANY 16 S. Division Ave. Phone 774 P9 XIY Dedicated to the Seniors of Fremont High School Class of 1949 7 Best wishes and continued success in any endeavor or persuit you may choose to follow in the coming years. THE PHYSICIANS, LAWYERS AND OPTOMETRIST OF FREMONT L. I. GEERLINGS, M. D. M. P. COSGROVE, OPT. D. WILLIS GEERLINGS, M. D. WILLIAM I. BRANSTROM DEAN W. HARRIS, M. D. HARRY D. REBER B. L. MASTERS, M. D. I. DONALD MURPHY I. PAUL KLEIN, M. D. P Sherman Sport Shop + 24 E. Main Phone 343 FREMONT, MICHIGAN Congratulations, Class of 1949 For 54 years we have furnished F.H.S. Students with Clothing and Furnishings of Quality. We hope to continue for many more years. R. Vanderwerp FREMONT Home of Quality Clothing for Students WITTE'S GRILL HOME COOKED MEALS SHORT ORDERS . . . HOME MADE PIES Congratulations to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '49 FREMONT RECREATION Carl H. Iohnson Compliments of SUNNY SERVICE DAIRY The FREMONT DAIRY BAR LIGHT LUNCHES SANDWICHES GOOD COFFEE SHORT ORDERS Phone 454 Z7 West Main Street PREMONT, MICHIGAN P9 xty-eight Congratulations Seniors "We11Done On This One Job" The Fremont State Bank is proud of our school and its students. This bank has always actively supported the development of constructive things for this community. We also want to assist you students, too, in your all-around development. Our job is the development of thrift. That is an important trait in everyone's life. We can help you do that. No matter what you eam, save part of it. Our Savings Department is open to you. Come in and set another foundation stone in your life by starting your savings now. You are finishing one job well: start another one in the same manner. Congratulations! Zi i The FREMONT STATE BANK page sixty-n Ben Franklin Store NATIONALLY KNOWN . . . HOME OWNED YOUR FAVORITE VARIETY STORE Friendly Service LARGE MERCHANDISE ASSORTMENT Acquire the habit of shopping at your Ben Franklin Store first B. L. FROEHLE, Owner Congratulations from REEMAN GROCERIES GROCERIES . . . MEATS . . . DRY GOODS The Turn of a Bad Wheel No Parking Problem May Mean DEATH BEN c. mms, Prop. Play Safe . . . Get Your Car Phone 7102-F-zz REEMAN, MICH. B E A R ' A L I G N E D I i' SHELL SERVICE STATION 0 Gasoline 412 W. Main St. ' Motor Oil 'A' ' Firestone Tires and Accessories KLAAS OOSTERHOUSE nnucxmzn is Hswirr P9 'Y Graduates of 1949 The officers and directors of the OLD STATE BANK congratulate you and wish you continued success in your future plans. Whatever career you may follow, a relationship with a progressive bank will prove to be of considerable benefit. A member of the faculty of one of this country's leading educational institutions who has just retired, wrote recently: "My experience has taught me that the best and safest way for the average person to attain a measure of financial security is through steady and systematic saving." A cordial invitation is extended to you and all students and faculty members to utilize the complete facilities available at this bank. 5 -wx - .,.. , H ' M9350 Dmscrons J t '1,V M, ffl.-.:.. nntncrons Wm I' Branstrom 'Z' H. Schuiteman Cornelius Gerber V 1 3: li ff A Erwin Tinney Frank Gerber A B. Vander Meulen T ' FW if 3 . 1- D"""'d M"'PhY . 5 l Don Vander Werp -ltl - ::: 1 . --Vt Z .,,,..., 'ff Ei5iiiE5E5f,2Ei.5QEQaf.if 15. era if it ,H HH: ,- .,,.5,:.5.5.v.g.4.f. Established in 1883 THE OLD STATE BANK OF FREMONT Resources Over S3,500.000 Member ot Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation page seventy-one CONGRATULATIONS. CLASS or '49 You Seniors did a splendid job In planning this fine book: You'll turn its pages many times And have another look. To bring back memories of old Those grand schoolmates of thine, We wish a future of success To class of forty-nine. 'A' Pat McGowen's SUPER SERVICE STATION State at Main Street ORRIN - IIM - HARVEY - RONALD - LEON - PAT "Congratulations, Seniors of '49" FREMONT MARKET "Meet Us for Better Meats" Meats - Groceries - Produce A Telephone 38 5 West Main Pikaart's Department Store FREMONT, MICHIGAN "The Largest Department Store in Newaygo County" ' DRY GOODS ' GROCERIES ' DINNERWARE H I - L I T E S "The Highlights of Buying and Selling" ' Advertising ' Addressing ' Iob Duplication ' Rubber Stamps ' Sign Painting Redder Bros. Hardware SPORTING GOODS PITTSBURGH PAINT POULTRY EQUIPMENT Nick and Corneil Redder, Props. WITTE BROTHERS New and Used Furniture at Prices You Can Afford Auctioneer Service that Satlsfies Phone 293 Fremont, Mich. D9 IYI' Congratulations TO THE Seniors of 1949 Swanson Studio Bultmdn Studios "PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION" We earnestly endeavor, at all times, to produce the finest photography possible . . . that future years may reflect the joy of possession. COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS CANDID WEDDING PORTRAITS GROUPS 516 Phoenix St. - Phone 977 1907 S. Division - Phone 5-9473 Compliments of Standard Oil Company FREMONT, MICHIGAN Distributors of Gasoline Kerosene Heater Oil Tractor Fuels Motor Oils Greases Phone 423 I. C. DYKMAN, Agent MAX MONETTE GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRING DODGE AND PLYMOUTH SALES Phone 2101 Holton, Mich. For Fresh Eggs, Dressed Poultry and Quality Baby Chicks, try Cook's Poultry Farm 8. Hatchery East End of Main Street Ed Cook Willis Breuker P9 tvf f V'1' 'l f U ' ff l.IVE ELECTRICALLY and ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE The road to greater FREEDOM, HEALTH and HAPPINESS leads to the modern All-Electric home. Here you will really find greater freedom from work and worry. Today's All-Electric home, with its many automatic labor-saving elec- tric servants, offers you the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and economy . . . and happier, better living. CONSUMERS POWER COMPANY Gee 8: Lubke Hardware if + CONGRATULATIONS 'A' Hardware and Sporting Goods Easy Wash Machines Shakespeare Tackle from Benjamin Moore Paints , Caruso s Hoosier Pumps ICE CREAM PARLOR pq if Compliments oi OLD ESTATE DAIRY REEMAN LUMBER 84 INSULATION COMPANY Phone 7102-F11 IAKE REIMINK, Prop. FREMONT JEWELRY WATCH REPAIR 23 W. Main Street Fremont, Mich. FREMONT BARGAIN STORE Linoleum, Wall Paper, Paints 46 West Main IOHN SCOTT HERMAN LUCHIES FREMONT DAIRY HOME OF NEWAYGO COUNTY'S PASTEURIZED MILK + 15 East Sheridan Phone 52-W E. B. GRISWOLD, Prop. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 MOYER'S DRY GOODS STORE 32 W. Main Phone 626 VALLEY LEA BUTTER FREMONT CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY Riteway Milking Machines Separators and Dairy Equipment Sales and Service Phone 185 Fremont, Mich. P9 IY FREIVIONT PRINTING COMPANY FREMONT, MICHIGAN .95 All Forms of COMMERCIAL PRINTING CONGRATULATIONS 5 to GRADUATES OF 1949 FREMONT ELECTRIC SERVICE Franchised Dealer of PHILCO and G. E. Sales and Service . . . Electrical Contracting Compliments of THE HENDRIE AGENCY U When in need of any type of insurance protection, or a surety bond, see us. 0 U JOHN DOK 28 W. Main St. Phone 750 ALLIE PAIGE'S S A N I T A R Y . SUPER SUNOCO STATION C L E A N E R S Gas, Oil. Lubrication Washing and Simonizing a Specialty THE CAMERA CENTRE Cameras and Supplies . . . Photo Finishing Movie Equipment and Rentals 24 W. Dayton Phone 24 18 W. Main Street Fremont, Michigan P9 ty-eight Congratulations, Seniors We wish you success in the future and thank you for your past patronage. We have served Fremont High School students for 52 years and you will continue to find a courteous welcome at our store. A. P. REBER COMPANY Men's Clothing Specialist Compliments of MICHIGAN BANKERS 6. MERCHANTS MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. INSURANCE SERVICE I 40 W. Sheridan DETERS 5-'IO and BAZAAR Headquarters since 1917 for ' Graduation ' Birthday ' Gifts ' Greeting ' Special Occasion Cards HAVEMAN SERVICE STATION Distributors of OLD DUTCH PRODUCTS Phone 456 HENRY HAVEMAN. Prop FBEMONT CO-OP PRODUCE CO. Congratulations . . . and Best Wishes . . . to the 1949 graduating class A Phone 159 540 W. Main PALMER'S COMPLETE DRUGSTORE SER V I CE 'A' Telephone 26 Congratulations to the Graduating Class from ED'S BARBER SHOP Ed Cowley, Prop. Compliments of FAIRVIEW FLORAL A Gift or Corsage for that Special Occasion One-half Mile West of Fremont Phone 538 J. C. WABEKE 81 SON 583 - Telephones - 350 SHELLANE BOTTLE GAS APPLIANCES Congratulations to the Class of 1949 DR. R. B. KRING 314 E. Main Phone 262 P9 9 M MILLER MOTOR SALES Chrysler-Plymouth Telephone 54 F REMON T PONTIAC AUTOMOBILES OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT A Quality Product at a Fair Price JONES SALES and SERVICE HOME TOWN SUPER MARKET GROCEBIES and MEATS 22 East Main Sireet HAVEMAN HARDWARE Hardware Paints Bottled Gas Sporting Goods if Telephone 219-W GEORGE HAVEMAN. Prop GARRISON HAVEMAN q hi Congratulations to the Graduates of 1949 A Fremont FLORAL and NURSERY FLOWERS BY WIRE A Robert H. Thayer Phone 368 Progressive Lumber Co. INCORPORATED El Fuel and Building Materials Manufacturers of Wood Work El Phone 11 220 N. Mecha nic Congratulations, Seniors! CRANDELL G' ENSING FURNITURE DEALERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 0 Phones: 310 and 123-R EVANS REALTY COMPANY SUCCESS to Students of Fremont High School B R O W N I E ' S GRILL and DAIRY BAR TOASTED HAMBURGS THICK MALTEDS Service Station . . . Sunoco Gas and Oil On M-20 at Holton P9 ghty t WILSON MOTOR SALES DESOTO and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE Phone 156 Fremont, Mich SMITH HARDWARE C A V A N A U G H Ph0ne31'T CLEANERS 'A' We Clean and Press Your Clothes Compliments from ALMER and sos " nur-Mile comer Phone 441 SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Groceries and Fresh Dressed Meats hih Best Wishes to 1949 Graduates G. J. MESSINGER Distributor of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Goodyear Tires and Batteries FREMONT PHONE 32 MICHIGAN Compliments LAKESIDE FINE FOODS Quality Groceries and Meats CONGRATULATIONS HAROLD H. BREUKER TO THE At Fremont Lake Phone 595 SENIOR CLASS + RICH'S SERVICE STATION GASOLINE FUEL OIL Wholesale and Retail S H 0 E C R A F T, S Phone 360 R. EENIGENBERG W. I. SCHURKAMP gh? f MAGEE MOTOR SALES FORD SALES - SERVICE TEXACO SERVICE Compliments of K I M B A R K I N N Meet Your Friends at the SNACK BAR Sandwiches, Soups, Sundaes, Sodas, Malteds and Compliments of Coffee BERT'S MARKET E Q. S. Sfore GBOCERIES MEATS FRANK "BUD" SPAHR CURING and SMOKING Owner BERT TANIS Phone 7102-F31 Reeman, Michigan P9 ghty f Compliments of BISHOP GENERAL STORE ' GROCERIES ' MEAT ' GAS HOLTON FEED STORE Feed . . . Seed . . . Fertilizer Building Material Farm Machinery Phone 2451 Corothers 8: Dahlstrom CONTRACTORS lj 830 W. Main Phone 475 FREMONT, MICHIGAN Fremont Tractor Sales + 232 West Main Street Phone 531 Compliments of The JORDAN COMPANY O Farmall Tractors McCormick Deering Implements International Trucks Maytag Appliances O Phone 159-W 20 S. Division P9 Qhtv C. M. 1VICCc1rtY Buick Automobiles General Motors Trucks COMPLIMENTS OF ERWIN TIN NEY COMPANY + Erwin . . . Clayton . . . LaMonte Seymour R A D I O S H O P Sales and Service RADIOS RECORDS 'A' Phone 403-W 11 West M Congratulations to the Class of '49 A We wish you Happiness and Continued Success V BAARS DRUG STORE A Good Place to Trade 6 West Main FREMONT FREMONT FARM EQUIPMENT 'k ALLIS CHALMERS Tractors and Machinery if M. L. MORNINGSTAR R. I. WOLFSEN Phone 597 16 E. Sheridan MEYERS IMPLEMENT SALES Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1949 of Fremont High School Iohn Deere Tractors and Fann Equipment New Idea Farm Equipment . . . Bean Sprayers DeLaval Dairy Equipment Congratulations to the Graduates of 1949 from A Growing Fremont Enterprise FREMONT RAG AND METAL Dealers in Scrap Metals Rottman Meeuwenberg Corner of Sheridan and Mechanic 12,7 W. Elm Phone 682 P 9 shfv QM CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATION CLASS OF 1949 OF FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL We wish you success and happiness in your plans for the future. We invite you to see us, if we can serve or assist you in any way. !QI:IEvRoLET -'il W I DEUR CHEVROLET COMPANY Cars - Trucks - Tires - Accessories Auto Owners Insurance Compliments of DAYTON CENTER Congratulations to the Seniors from GENERAL STORE FREMONT FEED COMPANY MH. and Mas. G1-IRRIT ZAGERS GRAINS FEEDS SEEDS CUSTOM GRINDING Congratulations + from h 5 . MICHIGAN GRILL: Pom 103ECh""fY H. D. BOTTMAN WILLIAM SPEET P Q Qhtv Johnson FUEL rr BUILDERS' SUPPLY COMPANY COAL . . . ICE . . . BUlLDER'S SUPPLIES REEMAN HARDWARE CO. Fremont ELECTRIC APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS REFRIGEBATORS Refflgefated Lockers STOVES Reeman, Mich. Phone 7128-F-14 I Birds Eye Frozen Fruits and Vegetables - Fresh Meats See the Finest . . . See Frigidaire I HOl.LOWEl.L REFRIGERATION WHOLESALE . . . RETAIL Sales and Service TED CRANDELL, Manager Phone 502 22 West Main 9 Congratulations to the Class of 1949 Fred Bouvvman "Your Jeweler" For the gifts you will give with pride let your jeweler be your guide Vredevelcl's Congratulate and wish a great amount of success to, every member of the class of '49. 'A' VREDEVELD 84 COMPANY A Popular Store with Nationally Known Shoes GILLILAND TRANSFER COMPANY PERMITTED LONG DISTANCE CARRIERS Winch Truck Service 'A' We Specialize in Long Distance Furniture Moving ir Phone 138 21 W. Sheridan St FREMONT, MICHIGAN P9 fY FREMONT LUMBER Cr FUEL CO. BETTER FOR BUILDING BETTER FOR BURNING D FREMONT, MICHIGAN Telephone 41 Compliments of 5'P"oN'5 nAKE's QUALITY SERVICE wssr END Gnocsnv Phone 245 ir 413 West Main Frozen Food Lockers if Compliments of The BRUNSWICK. MICHIGAN FREMONT TIMES-INDICATOR Phone: Holton 3534 Phone 100 44 W. Main P9 TY? Nationally Advertised Lines of COATS - SUITS - DRESSES - SWEATERS BLOUSES - SKIRTS - and ACCESSORIES 'A' GRAICI-IEN'S Phone 200 FREMONT KEITH JEWELRY + WATCHES and DIAMONDS FINE IEWELRY Compliments of East Mai? R. H. CURLEY Flowers for All Occasions . . . CORSAGES FUNERAL SPRAYS POT PLANTS + FLOWERS BY WIRE Sherwood's Greenhouse 514 East Main Phone 376 ith Fremont Bakery Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1949 -i- Home of -i- DORIS DODSON IUNE BENTLEY BLOOMFIELD Irs. NANA FORMALS ANGELICA'S EAT SHOP REGULAR MEALS SHORT ORDERS SANDWICHES Open 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Closed on Sundays THILL OIL COMPANY We Give SGH Green Stamps Distributor of Cities Service Petroleum Products MQt1e R9beI Holton, Mich. zoos Lake Ave Phone 2361 North Muskegon Phone 4472 Cclrcljon Chemical Company, Inc. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1949 Congratulations, Seniors RELIABLE AUTO PARTS SANITARY FQQD STQRE Automotive Parts and Accessories Machine Shop Service GBOCERIES and MEATS ANDREW KLASSEN Wholesale Retail + Opposite Post Office Home oi Good Eats Compliments Phone 457 of I. E. SCHUITEMAN E. BULTMAN GREENWOQD FARMS D A I R Y P Q tvf Congratulations . . . To the Fremont High School Graduation Class of 1949 for their industry and thoughtfulness in continuing the publication of the IVIOGUL if it 1? i,n i .i I V! 'rf W w i M 5 l 1 BODE'S SHOE STORE HENRY I. BODE, Prop. X-RAY FITTING OF SHOES FEATURED i -1 4 , ,QW sf , mf,-1 x faqmgq' 45 , ,. f. Sn I -,Ms -uw-Q -5 5 - 4 s . ...Qe 'ff .wee , 5 x su A' w-Q3 .f ' X, y Z-was .,,0.,,,q.Q we Q' ,A A g.-nn-H-T31 , 5. , 4 cw.-,,,, -in X N. .N ,V n-gr:-fg, ,5,9v-'g ,aw Y g Him- ' ".,-'f wi-f '- Ag.. W 1,1982 ' I f WL, Q ...4 1 M - L54 . ,, .' gt x 3L,.is rf: k'TTb'-wif N. f--.. L Y,,, ,,.k,p 40:44 ,Rn-f 5 K 'yo k ,s Ja . Q .N . , ,.N ,,. 5 , . 1, x-R'-+ , -QA'-. .,. Q, , ,Ak .'.-.1....'w , -- ..,-'Qu X- - - sa ' X . - 4 .. , .4 - 4 4u.a.4,: A "'..?q- ' . Afff . - 1- . .ix - n 4- ,Q """-,Q-51Jfi+fsf2f1 ..... - .,-.M--'4"Qm, 4 gzwff' H9 , X. 'Inn-Q H1 ,lH'f I Li A if is 114 iv S C f

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