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, 1 1 13,11 ,., w 11 V- 1 1 .5351 ,,.1-nz., H . -iw-i V I ' ,gh I, - . I x' gg' - E. V E5 ukmgjp I' , . . .v' .3 " Q, ., a LM. 1, 0 I . Q-S, " ' V ,, fu' , ww + 9 1 1. N ,w - -411 ,. . , .,. I v ' . A Q .14 I l,w'! . U , ,. o J , lull, 197. - Illi 13' Iii f 'Sv ...- S '4 4 Z , ' vgn Q r K Nu-nw-E ...---... ,...-.. iz: iz .. mann- if: E'- ig WW' 'g..-. -....., .......",...'... ...........-.- .-..-,.....- ..,.. HNHHE HH! il ., ,M .M "J, Q2 ..... J. ..-. N.-f y.. ,W .uf ... -L -rf li ... .., ..- .. EEE EEE 555 ...---.: "' iw Illllll mum f,,. W? yf x This Tenth Edition of "The Gregon is Presented to you by the Senior Class of Fremont High School . . Foreword ,affl Z i W'Z Within these pages we, the GREGO staff of Fremont High School 1964, wish to relate to you our school year, our students and faculty, and their J 1 y i 1 1 . 242 activities. You will see us as we really are, from football in September -'11 iugiiix . I' ' .i- :' - --1 .. .R A - ' ' fx to graduation in May. if . 'y" ' 0 12:9 tix -in lil Tri ai fli 'fu fi ff, 'li f-4114 Miglia!! 1' I, If I 1 l ng TS' i , , . i, l i ' li J - 1. V -'g"-1:--nP:lF ' ff .',"--ff,-3 Z, ff If gf!! fr W 4 i X 'ZZ xx X xi X fi Xxb. XS Xi " is 'X V 'il 1 Y i iilil . ' l Table of Contents Foreword Dedication Administration Faculty Organizations Athletics 21 Features and Activities 29 High School 33 Junior High 47 Grammar Grades 51 Senior Activities 57 Advertisements 65 C i C a T1 i O n V, . ,, ..s,,m.,.,,,,....,,.,..,..., ff' , Q 1 - e P fax 3353? Through the years, seven dedicated men-individuals of the group varying occasionally-have given of their time, their energy, and their money to guide the future of Fremont I-Iigh School. In times of smooth operations and in times of great stress, these men have placed the school before their personal interests that we may con- tinue to have our school facilities in their best operating conditions, physically and educationally. To the BOARDS OF EDUCATION of Fr e m o nt High S c ho o l, past and present, we gratefully dedicate the 1964 edition of GREGO. Administration As we look back upon the school year, we realize the importance of our school administration. We know that these months would have been impossible had you not so graciously and unselfishly given of your time and knowledge for our benefit. To you-superintendent, school board, and secretary-we say a hale and hearty, "Thank you!" R.L. STEVENSON GEORGE I-IICKS Chairman 5 F i 1 JOHN L. PIPPIN GLENN AYCOCK y 4 --N---aQ if I 13:f..W'39""A...a 4-x yi' 8 aa, E MR. LINDSAY C. ROBINSON Superintendent MISS ALICE DAVIS Secretary J. il 5 Superintendent and Board of Education GEORGE DAVIS JESSE STEWART IUNIUS EVANS Q? TIQQ JN. W-ng., ' rag? QUE MRS. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN MR. EARL BOYKIN MRS. VIRGINIA HARDIMAN B. S. , W. C. U. N. C. B. S. , East Carolina B. S. , Memphis State Science, Home Ec. , Guidance Biology, Health S P. E. , Coach History, Government, Geography Faculty 5 , V1- -nun? X R X Y 3 MRS . LADELL PATE Music MRS. F.M. WATSON fNot picturedj Speech ew- MR, RALPH WAINWRIGI-IT MR, L.V. GODWIN A. B. , Atlantic Christian A.B. , Atlantic Christian Math, Physics M. A. , East Carolina English, French MISS ALVA CHAUNCEY MR, F,D, RIVENBARK B- S- , East C-2I'01iI12 B. S. , M.A. , State College COmmeI'Ci9-1 Agriculture, Math Y "I ,A .. I V 7 r. d . rf 25' Q To the bus drivers, custodians, cooks, and to Mr. Albert .-vs, fd' -5 "A f,..,,,'f' THANKS TO THE BUS DRIVERS: Gerald jackson, john Sykes, Verne Davis, and Sandra Smith. Service Custodian Annie Wilder fi, Custodian George Lewis Blow, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your endeavors. Mr. Blow gets "The Hornet" ready for a trip. Personnel Mrs. Capps, Mrs. Blow, Mrs. Bass, and Mrs. Stancil prepare the daily meal. .1-H, MA ,- -.. rgqavuvfu 1 I H 4 if ,' ,g' X 09" -Q, 'ff O!!! .54 . 1, A .0- In is 2' 'Ni' at fp ISN: fw- S. .LA X A - rl' A 3 mf' ,. A :K " .. , ' 1 Q3 i Q. , . - , 2 iv r W A ' s A ,f - f ' V' . . 5' t X ,g ,ti ., Q v . 'F ew, ,- """' Q fr X. , - :- ' L . Q 8 6 'Q " ,. J' ff!! ' fn Ha K I 9 Ik" ., Q12 2 I ,Pa ,if A7 if 2 X .im if '., s,.f ' M5 ' s if Q xi lg w I 44 I UI . 1 .'.Q ly. Q 1,1 'u High School. GLB BLACKMAN Editor fwww, 'ea was BEVERLY PEACOCK The Grego Staff We, the 1963-1964 GREGO staff, have tried to present to you the achievements of the past year and to portray the personality of the student body at Fremont lfffqjffiy DICK ROSE Assistant Editor E MRS. JOHN BLACKMAN FAYE DAVIS Secretary Sponsor Business Manager First row, left to right: Lynn Hooks, A m e 1 i a Hooks, Beverly Peacock, Suzanne I-looks, jean Stevenson, Anne Turlington, Faye Davis. Second row: Gloria Cahoon, Ken Ellis, Doug Marlowe, George Aycock, Verne Davis, Lynn Corbett, Judy Newsome, Joel O'Neal. Third row: Bruce Wilkie, S a m B a ss, Ben O'Neal, Gib Blackman, Dick Rose, Harold Walker, Linda Rose, Deborah Yelverton. you , .sawwwwhw-jj 'NM M W, .aw ,"' , ADS: George Aycock and Faye Davis 1 TYPISTS: Doug Marlowe, Gloria Cahoon, Judy Newsome x Xt, I was LAYOUT COMMITTEE: Left to right: Gib Blackman, Kay Peacock, Dick Rose, Arme Turlington, Faye Davis, Jean Stevenson, Ken Ellis. Bob Chappell, layout artist, aids staff. W al" ". . .like this, " says Mr. Chappell. Turlington, Rose, Bla c k m a n, and Peacock offer sug- gestions. 9 ,wx GLORIA CAI-IOON President S 'WX .v Library Club JUDY NEWSOME Vice-President 'wav' MRS. VIRGINIA I-IARDIMAN Sponsor 'wg mf- P TOM AYCOCK DOUG MARLOVVE WAYNE BLOW Secretary Treasurer Reporter X H T ul A1 First row, left to right: Tom Aycock, George Aycock, Gloria Cahoon, Doug Marlowe, Je s s e B e n t o n, Mike Fulkerson. Second row: Wayne Blow, Margie Proctor, Janice Bass, Steve Yelverton, Jerald Cole, Brenda Barnes, Jim Ivey, Joel O'Nea1. Third row: Linda Newcomb, Georgia Bass, Dee Ann Newsome, Judy Jackson, Susan Dubberly, Joanna Corbett, Judy Newsome Library Club members hold their monthly meeting. 10 'N George and George make faces as Mike, Steve, "Sims, and Wayne look on. Susan, Nancy, Margie, and Brenda straighten the book shelf. Judy, Wayne, and George perform the check-out chores. F I Joanna and Steve prepare cards for the card catalogue. Okay, you two. . . what are y'a11 doing in the back room? SOPRANOS First row, left to right: Betty Peacock, Anne Turlington, Lynn I-looks, Carrie Davis, Jenny Wiggs, Amelia I-looks, Anne Yelverton. Second row: Freida Holland, Eliza Turlington, Susan Dubberly, Gail Lancaster, Judy I-lill, Claudette Davis, Patsy Medlin. Glce Club BASS and TENO R First row, left to right: Ray Pe a c oc k, Micha el Ellis, Alan I-licks, D i c k R o s e, William Rand, Ken Ellis. Second row: Bruce Wilkie, Eddie Davis, Steve Yelverton, Jerald Cole, Tom Aycock. Third row: Doug Marlowe, Rudy Hooks, Wayne Blow. ALTOS First row, left to right: Mary D. Wiggs, Linda Rose, Linda Newcomb, GeorgiaBass, Dee Ann Newsome. Back row: Faye Davis, Sandra Smith, Diane Davis, Janice Bass, Judy Jackson. Third row: Linda Wilkie, Sue Davis, Margie Proctor, Brenda Barnes,Beverly Peacock, Suzanne I-looks, Nancy Broughton. Fourth row: Annette Bass, DeborahYelverton, Glenda I-looks, Jean Stevenson, V e rne D a v i s, Gloria Cahoon, Lynn Corbett, Judy Newsome MRS. LADELL PATE Sponsor JOANNA CORBETT Pianist 'ei nw Now gang, 1et's all sing. Glee Club Action Okay everyone. . . 1-2-3 Sing. Yes, that's much better. Try that high note again, boys John B. Mayo-Future Teachers of America Kneeling, left to right: Gib Blackman,Ben O'Nea1,Verne Davis, Faye Davis, Steve Yelverton, Dick Rose, Anne Turlington, Mary D. Wiggs, Amelia Hooks, Lynn Hooks, Suzanne Hooks, Beverly Peacock. Left to right: Alan Hicks, Ken Ellis, Mike E1lis,Jimmy Davis,Betty Peacock, Lynn Corbett, Gail Lancaster, Sam Bass, Glenda Hooks, Linda Wilkie, Joel O'Neal, Joanna Corbett, Doug Marlowe Scotty Andrey, Carrie Ellen Davis, Robert Barnes, Jean Stevenson, Jenny Wiggs, Mr. L. V. Godwin, sponsor, Anne Yelverton. I KEN ELLIS MR. L.V. GODWIN JOEL O'NEAL President Sponsor ViC9-PI'9Side11f ,, ,- ' " I ' "95"f FAYE DAVIS Treasurer s BEVERLY PEACOCK Secretary id AMQEQQQQSKS Bc t a C1 ub ANNE TURLINGTON , T X Vice-President 'L " 6, 5 B N2 lx S MISS ALVA CI-IAUNCEY Sponsor BEVERLY PEAC OCK Secretary JOEL O'NEAL Treasurer ,glia- Beta members Gib Blackman and Dick Rose hard at work. First row, left to right: Dick Rose, B eve rly Peacock, Back row: Gib Blackman, Ala n I-licks, Ben O'Nea1, Amelia Hooks, Mary D. Wiggs, Anne Turlington, Lynn Robert Barnes, Doug Marlowe, Ken Ellis, Sammy Bass, Hooks, Jean Stevenson, Anne Yelverton, Faye Davis. Joel O'Neal. ' my .. A Y M31 ,..,,..,. il.. -,W i - .-.1 , .- ii -. i Wl-l. , Future I-lome-makers of America JOANNA JANICE BASS LYNN CORBETT MARGIE PROCTOR FAYE DAVIS CORBETT Vice-President Secretary Treasurer County President Parliamentarian if First row, left to right: Brenda Corbett, Gail Lancaster, Shirley Proctor, Ruth Hall, Cla u d e t t e Davis, Gloria Cahoon, Brenda Barnes, Judy Hill. Second row: Mrs. Elizabeth Blackman, advisor, Linda Corbett, Linda Gooding, Sandra Walker, Susan Dubberly, Janice Bass, Miss Janice Bass, County Fair beauty. Linda Wilkie, Annette Bass, Eliza Turlington, Judy Jackson, Margie Proctor. Third row: Deborah Yelverton, Georgia Bass, Glenda Hooks, Roberta Windham, Freida Holland, Fay e D a v i s, Judy Newsome, Lynn Corbett, Joanna Corbett. Janice Bass delivers her speech. Fremont F. I-I. A. at Charles B. Aycock rally. , gpg, 14 , f Future s Farmers of America GEORGE AYCOCK JERRY WEST GERALD JACKSON President Vice -President Secretary X A 4' M, ,rw M I W' 1 .,, jr 5579 S All it ,iffy if l?1gf'6!T ,L ,L MACK BAKER BRUCE WILKIE JIMMY DAVIS Treasurer Reporter Sentinel First row, left to right: Mike Yelverton, jimmy Davis, Eddie Davis, George Aycock, William Green, Michael Ellis, Doug Davis, Ray Peacock, Jimmy Jackson, Jimmy Newcomb. Second row: jerry Mooring, Robert Barnes, Harold Walker, Wilbert I-Iall, Gerald Jackson, Harry Griffin, Don Whaley, Hubert Medlin, Royce Gooding, Jim Ivey, John Sykes, Larry Bradshaw, James I-Iarper. 17 Third row: Harold Williamson, Phil Yelverton, Wayne Blow, Er n e s t B a s s, Kenneth I-looks, james Blow, Ben O'Nea1, Jerry West, Rudy Ho oks, Mack Baker, Jesse Benton, Harold Cuddington, C h a r l e s Corbett, R o g e r Harper, Scotty Andrey, G e ne C a m p b ell, Mr. F. D. Rivenbark, advisor. Hornet Staff D111 1 'NS 4 , y .,.'2:., SUZANNE Hooks z ga mr Q 1 5' X, Editor 'O CARRIE DAVIS Assistant Editor AMELIA HOOKS Business Manager H 2 ,. First row, left to right: Faye Davis, Janice Bass, Doug Marlowe, Judy Newsome, George Aycock, Gloria Cahoon. Second row: Lynn Hooks, Deborah Yelverton, Verne Davis, Beverly Peacock, Amelia Hooks, Jenny Wiggs, Suzanne Hooks, Anne Yelverton, Jean Stevenson, Anne Turlington, Carrie Davis. Third row: Linda Rose, Mary D. Wiggs, John Yelverton, Steve Yelverton, Alan Hicks, Dick Rose, Jimmy Davis, Michael Ellis. Staff members George Aycock and Gloria Cahoon sell newspapers to Gib Blackman and Mary D. Wiggs. Monogram Club Last one there cleans up the busted MR- EARL BOYKIN eggs! Sponsor .-7 3'Q:-r."1,flE+' K X X Wg GIB BLACKMAN ALAN HICKS P1'eSide11t Vice-President Horns, lettered jerseys, and short skirts are the Paris fashions for this year. FAYE DAVIS SUZANN E HOOKS Secretary Treasurer Q-. f, .411 First row, left to right: H a r old W a 1 k e r, Joel O'Neal, Sammy Bass, Ken Ellis, Gib Blackman, Beverly Peacock, Amelia Hooks, Doug Marlowe, Gloria Cahoon, Faye Davis, Bruce Wilkie. Second row: Gerald Jackson, Arnold Davis, Jerry West, Tom Aycock, Mike Fulkerson, Dick Rose, Jenny Wiggs, Lynn I-looks, Steve Yelverton, Mary Boswell, Bre nda B arn e s. Third row: john Yelverton, Suzanne Hooks, Anne Turlington, Alan Hicks, Anne Yelverton, Sandra Smith, Diane Davis, Carrie Davis, jean Stevenson. Fourth row: Harold Cuddington, Donald Whaley, Eddie Davis, Judy Hill, Freida Holland, Mary D. Wiggs, Janice Bass, James Blow. And he said: 'N rm D sa! "The vigor of our country, its physical strength and energy, will be more advanced than the vitality and Willgof its countrymen." 20 f Ax .-va, 25-wi 4 A -.ymfwmi 'F' Syd' -.S N ,..g,,, . 1. -.fx A 'S gg 5: f X J ff' 3, 1 X . , A su J"lZQf Zag: 2 W ,yi ' ,- uxvgkxo. V a' "CAA ' al, 1' ' A 3 K fi lm f J ' ' ' A 1 1' , 1, Lai, . .ill-' 4 , mt ,i A K. ..-. ' 1, ' 5 -. " TRI-CAPTAINS: james Blow, Ken Ellis, Gib Blackman. I E 4? First row, left to right: Ken Ellis, Dick Rose, Gib Blackman, Steve Yelverton, Eddie Davis, Bruce Wilkie , Hubert Medlin. Second row: Jesse Benton, Sammy Bass, Mack Baker, Charles Corbett, Alan Hicks, John Yelverton, James Blow. B a ck row: C oa c h Earl Boykin, Joel O'Neal, Kenneth Hooks, Jerry West, Mike Fulkerson, Harold Cuddington, Wayne Blow. The big reason for a winning season. 22 ? -rm . .. ,sf" 4 3. af tw 1? ALL-CONFERENCE: James Blow, Fullbackg G i b Blackman, Quarterback, Alan Hicks, Tackle. xx Tir 4 '-A , g , ' - T' :K V Q, : ,',,l ,f ., . , 1 1:1 q t Q M 5, 21:7 V 1.1 .0 , Y Tl U, lifes y ' Q -V kia .iff M, V , .. 'Q f Jw yi, . -- E.: f 2 -1 if - Ji, gig' M-M5 f'9f?:" " -ffm '+ " :ff P ffjQg521e1,fkffPf'A.V'..Zwa1',2Ef?'fr3?. , ,ig fflfv . 1- 1 1 l fi-1-, J:",f7:" ' ' vp i at of 7 . "-i f -q,?2"g.:'5f?f3-f ' " K 2221. ' 'Z , ' '-'ll' - -. Al l it a ny ,ul-,ff 12.1 rg, .si .1651 v Q-V1 JA M, 1.-f -3 ' 4g,K,wa.j::,g:, fn G-10 fan ,. L. -, 1- " '1 ' ' ,vb "bf: f ls:!:?75li'l'5ff'f??'f53'KSN79-"7 ' V 'V ff ENDS: joel O'Neal, Sam Bass, Ken Ellis, Wayne Blow, Hubert Medlin. Scores Fremont Opponent 6 Littleton 7 O Chadbourne 26 O Belhaven 45 31 Grifton 7 O Enfield 27 19 Chocowinity 18 6 Nashville 19 12 Wakelon 33 14 Saratoga 13 19 Wendell 13 4.14 A 4 7 ' -X ' ' 'll -7 V 4 tv. Q - - ll' ,- if' I E , "T ,LM , 4' ' g" - H VAS if "1 " , ' 4 I' K 4 l l , ,,,.ifiiI is ' 4 , . i M , pr: , 3 lg J 'W , ,Q, 4' .- , 1 ' 1 B45 1 1 'QQ' . hw" 5, ' 'Xiu "- x...a- Fx, g ' ' ' ' N. V KN V ri 4 , :fn 1 ' ft . . v '7 7 sv.: bl 'A"'j,' "ie-JF' .1 BACKFIELD: Gib Blackman and Dick Rose, james Blow, Bruce Wilkie, Kenneth Hooks, Steve Yelverton. LJ Q f. 1 . mmf 7 1 at ' u 'Q' gggpr .1 Q in 1. , A if , 4-P 1 1 4 - - f, Q. f E wa 1 f- 1 ,H ge, f in HE , ,nk , 1 - Ax -,- ...Al ,. mb. 4 ,. I L 1 t , W ff ' is - 'MZ 43:5 . " 'fig ' 1 1 . V x Mmm QS ,, H., 3' - -- . v ' " 1 'cf W V.-WJ,-2 ,, 'Q , g.,J'Sr , ' ' V A, , ,, , f'53'?.1'7! f Yfgiflwiiyfi' - -Y "'fN'i". -' ,-1,-, ' 1.4. V ,M 3 ' "fel-Q 1 "..f.v-I , - -1 f- ., - 1 1 'M - f ii? . 53m riffs? - ' -L' ,H ' ,lLf"'5f7"G2, -' Vi' aff, Y .K" ' "- ', F' 7 f ' 1 1- 1 , - fs -1 is ' TACKLES: Alan Hicks, "Bear" Davis, John Yelverton. XX :lil 1 'y Q 1 af 3 fir - . 4 - ' 5 314 gl , so , z ' --" I' Y ,H , ' 51,5 X n Q A yi, X - ' v , -ff' ' wifi' ' 1' . K 5 'XX in ' 1 5, i' if ' l ' 'L . . 'E ED. ' fi No.1 V 4' ' - -1 . - 'X' E'-5 , V A 5 A , , v- f ,. 1 V 'L .ixxmlv ,gg 'L-2 ul l 7 Vw 1' ,A-T91 .. ri' ,Th . ' I-Q X-1 " . lg Jsv - -V if."-s.m,,ruJ. bw .. A .A ' V , Q ' ,, ,wt-'Q'-ff we 3' I i '- ' ,-N 1 ,32 5.,iafj?gyg '- we ' 2- "f?'Yff""" N B ' f -1 Q 'QQ GUARDS: Harold Cuddington, Jesse Benton, Mack Baker, Charles Corbett. xx -wi , . . 1 ' , V f- X A' 1 ' 'sf - 24' S - 1 1 YV . . ' , - I n ! - - g ' . gg f"!!'., , - 1 I 5. If '11 1 ll' - Hwy . . ,. , ,, as-1 1 t.w-- , ' H f Ar'-' in-W 7 ff-'7-,, 't if - Rv "aa l 'ski -Af' A tit' Tlfgf A f-3 ': m is' ' 1 Q 'Z , 5, M' ' '3 2 , I f.4 ,Z R1 ' 5--: f' 'a V -'if'-, A, .sa- , , n 25,461-, J , L A: X ,g,nq,f,i.'A3 .i 1. 3 , ' 2, -, iq, . ,,,eQgr1'--y - fs ft'-gsgfgfqifrlxaf .,,vi,5g, . -- " -2 Q 1, . jyfr, f' J ' ""','93 " -' -:j1"w' A I 3 .1 ,mv - ,I ,wwf -.3 A J f .R :JP Y I' V Y f ii .Ln , Q ff' , 5.4:-f.,,,f3:, . if-5, ji-. . ' . .f -"wi-'if''fufk','JvQ1wf.-27.-3"f- -. . by - . U V. , .' . . 1' ,.: ..f,,1,"' , ' g,4 , '-QL' CENTERS: Mike Fulkerson, Jerry West. Clirls' This year's lady Hornets made afine showing, not onlyin sportsmanship, but als o in their ability to play the BasketbaH. game. Their enthusiasm enabled them to have one of the finest teams in the conference again this year. COACH and CO-CAPTAINS: F a y e D a v i s, Coach Earl Boykin, Mary D. Wiggs. Q vu -,CQL ...MM 'mm FFEHQQ1, l 1 First row, left to right: Linda Rose, Sandra Smith,Beverly Peacock, Suzanne Hooks, Mary Boswell, Brenda Barnes, Faye Davis. Back row: Dee Ann Newsome, Judy jackson, Boswell, Barnes, and Rose lead the offensive attack. ALL-CONFERENCE: Mary D. Wiggs, Linda Rose, Beverly Peacock, Sandra Smith, Suzanne Hooks, Mary Boswell, Brenda Barnes. FQLH UNT ffwf is LJ' Kiki' GQ" yan our M-- 29 wfaur i t if ll Georgia Bass, Linda Newcomb, Glenda Hooks, Coach Earl Boykin, Mary D. Wiggs, Jean Stevenson, Deborah Yelverton, Judy Hill, Freida Holland. ' The Fremont defense swings into action. Boys Our boys led the male half of the Hornets' teams to a very successful bas- ketball campaign. The male cagers advanced to ALL-CONFERENCE WITH COACH: joel O'Neal, James Blow, Gib Blackman, Coach Earl Boykin. fl-Iarold Walker, not picturedj BasketbaH. the quarterfinals of district competition, after storm- ing through both the con- ference a nd tournament championships. simffff EFT! HW U40 mm'-" M U42 Milf 3 as ilkfilyff Y. ,gcjligf limo f 0,2392 NSY Front row, left to right: JohnYelverton, Ben O'Neal, Dick Rose, Harold Walker, Gib Blackman, Doug Lewis. Back row: Manager Johnny Sauls, James Blow, Joel O'Neal, Fremonters Blow, Blackman, and Hooks screen for re- bound. , ml- Richard Walker, Rudy Hooks, Manager Roger Baker. Wayne Blow, Alan Hicks, Ready. . .Aim. . . Fire! CO-CAPTAINS:Gib Blackman and Joel O'Neal. KNEW M04, Q51 J.V. and Statisticians The Fremont j.V. had a ve ry successful y e ar. Under the leadership of coach Barnes Ellis, the junior F remonters posted an 8-1 record. With these players' experience we are anxiously awaiting them to spark the varsity squad next year. xi V Left to right: LARRY BRADSI-LAW, I-IUBERT MEDLIN, "BEAR" DAVIS, JAMES HARPER, JIMMY JACKSON, JERRY MOORING, MICHAEL ELLIS. GEORGE AYCOCK, Timekeeper BRUCE WILKIE, Charllkeepel' VERNE DAVIS, Scorekeeper EDDIE DAVIS, Chartkeeper T FIRST BASE Rudy Hooks L ICOM! SECOND BASE Mike Ellis Ben O'Nea1 135' Hoy? 1 , L:'vujn?'Iyr will-1 f Qui. , - SI . . 15 4 ,V I '. .1 if 'gi li i ragftlf ' ' fc 4 'x x-, Kf 4t .'A,f: lfzQ SHORTSTOP THIRD BASE Ken Ellis Sam Bass Don Whaley Baseball '64 Coach Earl Boykin with the PITCHERS right fielders. james Harper,Ben O'Neal, Bobby Bass, Joel O'Neal CATCHERS jimmy Jackson LEFT FIELD RIGHT FIELD f"Bear" Davis Douglas Davis CENTER FIELD John Sykes not picturedy James Harper James Blow Larry Bradshaw '01, 7 Cheer u ANNE YELVERTON CARRIE DAVIS Chief 0 leaders LYNN HOOKS .I ANNE TURLINGTON KAY PEACOCK DIANE DAVIS JERALD coLE JENNY WIGGS IAN ICE BAS S STEVE YELVERTON J . P 1, fy, f Q f .. ' 1'QQif?' ' -- 11 ' -----wr, 3. 'Y VJWLC' ' .71 W fflihz-,QV ,T-sw " 3.19.45 VN 7 ' '. 1 W-'3 ' 5 . J, N w.-w-..w-- N.. , ,f ff N L- , X- 0 - 1 ml -wif-Mfmn fwzye' mf. . . . ,f M- . ., K, 71f54i.' 1,,:1f-.gfwffgyffiieilfw ',.f'S?,Sl+2Hf'Q2': f Eft'Ifw.2 14f:,5:wfi41f ,f ' 4X"7f,ifw if Qzqw 3?4KV?GY3i?-Iiwffffyzkifgifigggwsga X'- f .Q my rf' "www ' fQ?'e1 'P , .' 'J ' 'nil-1, ,wx M .U:f' 'rt 7,-L f - . .AIHCN '-AJ' J' 34: ' ' "-'Sf -W. .N-"' 'Vw f X V 1101 'Wu -' ,. 3, x , 'ff' fav 3:3 ffw .. k ,. -sv Awww, 1 I Nw, -WA .' 5 ' - 5 , .M ,. Y W,-.3::f.' if " 5 1 ,f is-vxffzn.. ww,-JP 1 ff Aww ,www V4-w 'rw Lgizfyaw , M , A , , .X Y X, Q-X ...Sg,.,,,Z53,4f,,yy , ,NL . M622 '1 F. -E ' - f A 1jx,i'w1:i4?1 bl :T X , ' + X , Y- ' - A: if fffffiv If .A Sf . ff 2 . a f2'ff-,ww f , pf'- 'jjffm WS: W .- ,f . -, ,,33?:zgKf"Xj'.rfx:ft? 2-.mgfgqf X fi ' 1 'Vi ,515 .X 1- 11"'?2'gI'-2,-1,-.fv ' 'V -131. KN' wi ' 2 J . ' ' 'A L . , . Ni X ' X , 22.7, . K. - 242. k 1 ,f f-5 ,,f"2v3,' , - X F :f'fc 'Il' t., q5,g,x,AMM L b X xx ,Q . A , - ,ggwyez X K N 5 - V vw,-I ' 'ff 4 Q .Q "M, 5, 35' f ' 'A - X s L' if-Q if X X' ,gv , , . X , 21- Wg 'T- 5? 3,2hs?:fQx.5faQ?C? ,x,- E., :,, . , '1f3-, f . Jfgggwxg xwgy iw 5. n.: my :W A ky J' '2 sd .. 1. 'z-fx gif? " we ' .. -'Q . A' - " Q, LU? 11 A f' . M 5- gg: '- -, x - - ws wyxzv. , K f ,W N. ,V X A V- 1 ,X by Vyqy., , 43 V , A uw- 'iyjwqffw L 5 A, Q- -,Q - .xi 1 f ' . 'V 3., ' ,wa kf 51,4-Q Q ' 1 We , v.,g,,3fM w2:z5,gg4f.- ww, V ,f Q Y .fps . ic -i --am. 5 u - K ' QA X. X y,3.a32'f?f-A'Q?f.s"?fkQaNQggf2XQ nigiqzfwf Xyfgjig gg If '- 'X A? gf? 'N 'Y if P ' .v f pg.. .IU 5:2 Homecoming Homecoming '64 was certainly an event to remember. Que en and princesses all glowed withthe beauty of the flowers which they wore. The Fremont Hornets made the night complete as they roared past the hapless Rebels, 14-13. JUDY NEWSOME SANDRA SMITH Senior class Junior class representative H representative Monogram Club president Gib Blackman KAY PEACOCK presents S a nd ra Smith with t h e queen's JUDY 5ACKiON Sophomore Class bouquet of roses. Freshman C.aSS representative representatlve 1964 SUZANNE HOOKS Newspaper Staff representative JUDY NEWSOME Senior class representative ' , g-,. .51 - 'gif "G 'ff 6 1,55- V-. l.. 2 .4 4, . 31-3 :S QS. ' . , .., rw rfs , - A V f . ' V TZ 2, 1. A- 5, 'I ' . Q' :sit 1 f f ,4.,P,. 2f - if , ' 1 . , 'XA Q KAY PEACOCK Beta Club representative JUDY JACKSON Library Club representative ueen of Hearts The John Ballance Mayo Chapter of the Future Teachers of America sponsored a Queen of Hearts prog ram to appropriate money for its scholarship fund. The F . T .A. 's "Castle Valentine" was the site of the coro- nation for the beatific Queen of Hearts. F.H.A. representative Faye Davis re ig ns as Queen of Hearts 1964. JENNY wxcos Junior class representative SANDRA SMITH F.F .A. representative FREIDA HOLLAND Sophomore class representative LINDA GOODING Freshman class representative 31 GAIL LANCASTER Freshman class representative The Junior-Senior Prom . :,.1"5 li Y ' 1 Two queens and a couple of jesters. Gangway! ! Belles of the Mardi Gras gather at the clown's head. ,Z joel, Bruce, Faye , and Judy sit around the campfire at the junior-Senior Prom. O1 'Q .V .V .5 T., J, 4: r lf, ,F I 5 nw K p. ., A, avg' X 24" 1 1 .1 - . ,-. Three clowns pose for a photograph. . and Memories Thereof -if ,Q -G 4 X N 7 if ix QQ, Q, fe, Ss 33 -Wx .M N CLASSE xx ill 9' ,pw -any 'Nun- JOEL O'NEA.L, Vice -President, SAMMY BASS, President, AMELIA HOOKS, Secretary, BRUCE WILKIE, Treasurer, MR. L. V. GODWIN, Class sponsor. As our days flew by, precious memories and accom- plishments rapidly accumulated. Although dedicated to learning, we soon discovered that our time was no longer our own, ourtime was filled with sports, contests, college boards, money -raising projects, the annual, themes, and senior play and its many rehearsals, dates, graduation exercises, invitations, and newly cultivated friendships. Our Senior year was one of happiness and sadness, of exuberance and meditation, of maturing and learning, and of challenges and successes or disappointments. qpuacwv- 1 1 iii-E21 GEORGE BENNETT AYCOCK I SAMUEL ALDEN BASS fGeorgej Loquacious George strikes again. THOMAS GIBSON BLACKMAN fGibj The mischievous Gib, at it again. IIBOIID ...,gpunvw""""" 'Bo"Bass, car fanatic, works on a cool Chevy. GLORIA CHRISTINE CAHOON fG1oriaj She's a fun-loving thing! ME, rt . its 7 I ,ta trt E ttrsr t W no X. H Cl-IERYL LYNN CORBETT - gf HATTIE PAYE DAVIS qiymp Wave! Lynn is the trustworthy 5 enior' VE. Conscientious . The word is almost I ' as big as she is. LaVERNA LEIGI-I DAVIS fVernej Verne Davis? Oh, yeah. . . she's that Senior girl that's so friendly. fm Qu .. I 1 I .I ...W KENNETH ROBERT ELLIS fKenQ His wit is always making some body laugh. AMELIA FRANCES HOOKS fAme1iaj She's smartg she studies. REX DOUGLAS MARLOWE Q"Big Daddy", Need we say that "Big Daddy IS a well -rounded Senior? 'Wx JOEL DENNIS O'NEAI. Uoelj I-Ie's Fremont's pride in basketball. ALVIN HAROLD WALKER fHaroldj I-Ie's a funny feller! X.. K 4113. An: L 111 Q g1i , 1i A A 111, 111 vi iir A YI 117 . gygg Q 11 .1 L 11 l I 3 1 I it N0 1 K3 4' .::. Kea' 'N N R "-,. ,4,k. QI" , V x.:-.w.1rg,:,.f V rl k' M! ' "'A R ' L A MS' s X Ton 1 BEVERLY PEACOCK QBever1yj The inquisitive inquires. BRUCE RAY WIILKIE fBrucej The Seniors trust him because he's dependable . MO J u n i o r s aff El S ,saeiliw " y s DICK ROSE, President, JOANNA CORBETT, Secretary, ANN TURLINGTON, Treasurer, ANNE YELVERTON, Devotional Chairman, GERALD JACKSON, Vice -President. With a bang, we, the junior Class of 1964, joyfully took our positions as upperclassmen. All too soon the new responsibilities of the junior-Senior Prom appeared on the horizon with its big financing problems. "Foot in door," we aggressively peddled magazines. Then, as if this wasn't enough, the junior year also brought with it many decisions to be made: Careers? College? Service? Money? It makes no difference. Now as another year ends, we respectfully surrender to the Sophomores the problems of the junior-Senior and the prestige of being a junior. 39 1--""" BRENDA BARNES TOM AYCOCK ROBERT BARNES MACK BAKER Here is a rare moment of quietness caught forever 117' 1194" MIKE FULKERSON ESTI-IER GOODING WILBERT HALL in a picture. NANCY BROUGHTON JOANNA CORBETT ARNOLD DAVIS CARRIE DAVIS DIANE DAVIS BRENDA ELMORE 40 ERNEST BASS MARY BOSWELL BRENDA I-IARE ALAN HICKS LYNN HOOKS DOUGLAS LEWIS SUZANNE HOOKS GERALD JACKSON Back in action again, in a picture. JACKIE LEWIS BETTY ANN PEACOCK caught forever JERRY WEST JENNY wlccs MARGIE PROCTOR DICK ROSE ALLEN SAULS SANDRA SMITH JOHN SYKES ANNE TURLINGTON ANNE YELVERTON 41 JOHN YEIVERTON MIKE YELVERTON STEVE YELVERTON ' W, r .f ,iw Wg'?ba .--as Q .. S it X . xi. p I P Q V , if , 'N ilk' fm? M Jc,q,t,4 . . Q xx xg 'i 1 ' 1 Y . , V , f , Q gfgetez, is f . . , 1 fs Q if Q Z f 'Q .1 ., . - ' . . 1" 3' 3 .2 Q , ' " if 5 ii 523 1 f"'-ff? r f 5 2 4 S ri Q a A . 5 V fu K A -4 ..V, , ' F k, AVVV N S.:-. .-75, - , - V. A M, ,A .VR . if ' . 1- gg . ff W ' 'fir E' V 5 1 -- O . w - 1 ao, W.. Van? w. n S -3' 'E' ix? ' - 3- ft ng 3 M221 J '22-1 ' i"D if-5 vw W' i ' ,Q- fiilhf in ' CJ II1 CJ I C S iwalz 'Q HAROLD CUDDINGTON, Reporterg BEN O'NEAL, Presidentg MARY D. WIGGS, Vice-President JANICE BASS, Secretaryg LINDA WILKIE, Treasurer. With enthusiasm, we finally stepped up from the grind of the Freshman year to the more respectable po- sition of Sophomore. As our place in high school was enhanced, so were our frustrations, hopes, and joys. This was a year filled with fun-Monogram Initiation Day, Sports events, Bonfires, Pizza parties, Classroom antics. Now as we look forward to being Juniors we surrender to the incoming Sophomores that wonderful feeling of "finally belonging . " Mrs. Hardiman at work. 42 X JUDY HILL F REIDA HOLLAND RUDY HOOKS JIM IVEY JERRY MOORING BEN O'NEAL KAY PEACOCK JEAN STEVENSON ANNETTE BASS JANICE BASS JAMES BLOW HAROLD CUDDINGTON EDDIE DAVIS SUE DAVIS JIMMY DAVIS HARRY GRIFFIN 'Wm ,vm O O SANDRA WALKER A DONALD WHALEY MARY D. WIGGS LINDA WILKIE Are Sophomores really smart enough to keep baseball books? 'iv Dr. Boykin and the interns. Yipes! Sophomore Activities Sophs off to Faison? A few pointers about Home Economics. just think! These little bitty Sophomores will grow up to be great big Seniors. ,.e,-- 4, aw... ,,,.f,m,Q.i 44 Smile Freshmen W1 gi ww, 'Q' Ml, H, 'ffw MICHAEL ELLIS, Vice -President, LINDA ROSE, Secretary, GLENDA HOOKS, President, GAIL LANCASTER, Treasurer. GEORGIA BASS, Pres1dent JESSE BENTON, VICE Presldent ,i f f V rf J fs 4 if .Tim " 4 +4 A3 ' Mr. Boykin laughs at his own jokes, even if no one else does. '3.'!if'fQ'ff 45 DEBORAH YELVERTON,Secretary SUSAN DUBBERLY, Treasurer SCOTTY ANDREY LINDA BARNES GEORGIA BASS JESSE BENTON WAYNE BLOW LARRY BRADSI-IAW GENE CAMPBELL MIKE CARMODY JERALD COLE BRENDA CORBETT LINDA CORBETT CLAUDETTE DAVIS DOUGLAS DAVIS SUSAN DUBBERLY MICHAEL ELLIS JOYCE EVANS LINDA GOODING RUTH HALL MILFORD HOLLAND GLENDA HOOKS JIMMY JACKSON JUDY JACKSON GAIL LANCASTER HUBERT MEDLIN PATSY MEDLIN ALLEN MOORING LINDA NEWCOMB JIMMY NEWCOMB DEE ANN NEWSOME RAY PEACOCK SHIRLEY PROCTOR LINDA ROSE ELIZA TURLINGTON CHETA YELVERTON DEBORAH YELVERTON PHIL YELVERTON Eigh th Grade Activities a brew . Tim Newton andWyatt Einstein prepare Mrs. Odom and her fine female portion of the class. Gather 'round the flagpole, boys. Brains and brawn fThat's brawn on the right end., -'M QS' 3 Q. 1 Q HN .KNAW f O F F I C E R S: BETH YELVERTON 3 Treasurerg WYATT SASSER, Re- porterg BILL STEWART, Vice- Presidentg DONNA DAVIS, Secre taryg JIM PEACOCK, President. - 47 Walter Griffin, Linda Sauls, and Neal Herring explain the reading technique. MRS CARRIE ODOM Mrs Odom, teacher and fnend WAYNE AYOOOK ROGER BAKER JOHNNY BASS PATRICIA BASS SANDRA BASS DONNA DAVIS CHARLES DUDLEY LYNN EVANS DOUGLAS HALL NEIL I-IERR ING DANNY HOOKS PAM JOYNER DAVID MERCER TIM MOORING BRENDA OVERMAN JIM PEAOOCK SALLY PEACOCK WYATT SASSER JOHNNY sAULs BOB STEVENSON JAMES sYKEs RAY SYKES RAY SYKES KAY TUOKER BETH YELVERTON MRS. RUTH HOOKS B.S . , Wake Forest COLLIER AYCOCK LAMAR AYCOCK JENNY BAILANCE BARBARA BARNES SAMMY BARNES BECKY BENTON CAM BLALOCK RONNIE BOGUE BRADDY CORBETT SUSAN DANIEL DIANE DAVIS DWAIN ELMORE ANN GOODING FRANKIE GOODING PEGGY GOODING GINGER I-IARDIMAN PRISCILLA HARPER CURT HOOKS EDWIN HOOKS MARTIN HOOKS DIANE JACKSON A ARNOLD LANCASTER ESTHER LEWIS NANCY NEWSOME KIMBLE PATE LARRY PROCTOR GAIL ROBINSON DAVID SAULS JACKIE SMITH TIMMY STAN CII. KATHY STUCKY CLOVER WILSON Av. ' GUARDS: David Sauls, Bill Stewart, Johnny Bass, Danny Hooks. This is the Junior High cheerleading group that led its team to victory so many times. Here we see the girls' GUARDS. Front row, left to right: Brenda Overman, Becky Benton, Patricia Bass. Back row: Esther Lewis, Susan Daniel, Helen Cavenaugh. Junior High Teams Coach Earl Boykin, Manager Sally Peacock, Center Bob Stevenson. FORWARDS: Johnny Sauls, jim Peacock, Charles Dudley, Cam Blalock. And now the FORWARDS . Front row, left to right: Pam Joyner, Donna Davis, Beth Yelverton. Back row: Diane Jackson, Sandra Bass, Lynn Evans. DEBRA AN DREY JULIAN AYCOCK KITZI AYCOCK MARK AYCOCK BERTHA BARNES ROBERT BARNES HILDA BENSON KINCHEN BIZZEL ANGELA BOGUE NORMAN BRADSHAW JERRY DAVIS JOAN DUEBERIY DEBBIE EIMORE ANDY EVANS GEORGE FAULK SHARON FORTIN JAMES GOODING LINDA FAYE GOODING WARREN GRIFFIN RICHARD HAINEY ANN HALL BILL HAYES TERESA HILL MIKE HOOKS TOMMY HOOKS DIANE KIRBY HARRY LANE TONY LEWIS BILLY MASON DUANE MOORING DANNY NEWCOMB JANICE OVERMAN JOI-INY PIPPIN KENT REEVES KENT ROSE RUSSEL SAULS HANK STEWART STANLEY TUCKER RUDY WEST KAY WHALEY D. H. WI-IITLEY JANET WHITWORTH My I 1 JOAN WILLIAMSON A A. MISS LOUISE EDGERTON B .S . , Atlantic Christian MRS. JUSTINE CORBETT B.S., A.B. , East Carolina if ,R Nr . 'ki 1 f If fr E1 1 'I' It ,nj i."i T v , 22:2 . -I-'T Tl? Sixth C3rade fy-r '57 is Xw . fx A NX Q ' .134 . . R 1, I , , ,emff-, - , NX P , .E I MRS. DIXIE EDMUNDSON A .B ., Atlantic Christian Fifth Grade Mrs. Edmundson and some Of her fine students. LINDA BALLANCE DWIGHT BASS WAN DA BOGUE SUSAN BUCK GAIL CAPPS FAYE CAVENAUGH .'. '5 fa, ' , 1 L N-A , 4. my N' , , - , ., , .vi y vine am, 1 is ,I iiififw ,bw ..f:,. -:I I 'bf 3 aim 4 . ,,5I,., s , , 5 L X 4, XL O, 2 AUT SAMMY CORBETT BARBARA DAVIS BRAXTON DAVIS DANNY DAVIS GREG DAVIS DAVID DUDLEY RUBY LEE EVANS WILLIAM GOODING TERRY HARDIMAN PHIL HARDY BILL JOHNSON ANN JONES MICHAEL MARLOWE SUSIE MEDLIN wma NEIL MOORING SUSAN MOORING BILLY PEACOCK AU'- LAURA PIPPIN FRANCES RADF ORD MAIDIE JANE SAULS SUSIE MARIE SAULS TIMMY STRICKLAND BOBBY THOMAS ROSE TUCKER FREDDIE WEST TOMMY WHITFORD GWYNNE WHITLEY 'T LINDA WHITWORTH DARLENE WILLIAMSON MY RA GAIL YELVERTON Fourth Grade RAY AMERSON DOUGLAS BARNES 'W 'F' REGINALD BRASWELL LIBBY COBB SARAH DANIEL JUDY EVANS OLIVIA FLOWERS BRENDA GOODING DEBEY GOODING PATTY I-IARDIMAN JAKE HOOKS JEFFREY 1vEY YVONNE JACKSON RANDY MARLOWE KEITH MOORING KENT MOORING KATHY PATE MARY ROSE PEACOCK LINDA PENDER JERRY RADFORD GAIL ROBINSON KEITH STEWART BETH STUCKEY LAMONT WI-IITLEY RODNEY WHITLEY DOUGLAS WINBON JOHN WRIGHT MISS ELMA LEWTER T I1 I' CI Grade ROSS BALLAN CE JIMMY BARNES JACKIE BASS SCOTTIE BLALOCK TERESA BOGUE JERRY BRASWELL PHY LLIS CAVENAUGH MICKEY DAVIS IKE DEES CATHY ELMORE PHllLIP GINN BETTY GOODING RACHEL COODINC BOBBY JAY HARDY GENE HOOKS MATT HOOKS ROB HOOKS PAUL JEFEREYS MELODY LEWIS MICHAEL LYNCH CI-LARLES MEDLIN HAROLD MERCER JACK MOORINC DEBORAH NEWSOME DEBBIE NORMAN DAVID OVERMAN WILMA JEAN PBARSON CONNIE PRICE JEANNIE RODGERS GARY ROSE FRANK SASSER DIANNE SAULS DANNY CARL SAULS JAMES CARROL SAULS LARRY SMITH JACOUE STUCKEY KATHY SUMMERLIN ELLA ANN WHITFORD Second Grade SYLVIA BALLANCE DANNY BARNES LARRY BARNES PATTY CARMODY DURWOOD CORBETT Not Pictured KATHY CUMMINGS DEBBIE DAVIS RUSS DAVIS ESTHER ELLIS DAIL FLOWERS LARRY HARDIMAN DIANE HILL SI-IEILA LEWIS DONNA MARLOWE SUE MOORING DAVID NEWSOME DONNA ANNE PARKER PATTY PIERCE CHARLIE PIPPIN CONNIE GAIL PROCTOR Not Pictured TONY LEE SAULS Not Pictured BARBARA GAIL SMITH SHARON STRICTLAND NANCY DEE WALDROP STAN WEST STEVE WEST MISS PAULINE SHORT Miss Short and part of her health class l f X I f Q A nf' Q" Q ,LA f H: , .-r I A.B. , East Carolina MISS AVA LEE M.A . , East Carolina X E, if - fx ,E .,,.. K '13 ar 'V J, f SJ ,Aff , I 'f A 1 f Z4 f,! Q ,rf f ' RL 21 X 1 'gf 1 ! MISS DORIS GURLEY First Grade DAVID AYCOCK JAN AYCO CK DONNIE BARNES JOETTE BARNES JOHNNY BEDFORD COLBY BENTON FRANKIE BOGUE ROBIN CRUMPLER GARY DAVIS KIM DAVIS SAMMY DAVIS DAVID DUBBERLY DANNY EDMUNDSON SHELLA EDMUNDSON PAMELA ELMORE JEAN EVANS RENNEE OINN HERBERT GREEN STEVEN HARDY STEVE KIRBY DON LANCASTER KITZI LANCASTER RANDY LANCASTER DENNIS MARLOWE GILBERT MEDLIN BENJAMIN MOORING BRYAN MORRTNO DANA NEWSOME ARLENE ODOM POLLY SAULS KEN TAYLOR LYNN TAYLOR JOHNNY TUOKER O I-IERYL WHEELER LARRY WHIT WORTH CARY WINDERS VICKIE WINDON RAY YELVERTON 'l't Senior Activities 0 Senior Play ,4-" "Charlie" arrives. Z Q " ffl me , fig 5 4 ,r :f l - I .',, . . Y.g 2 W i L. 3 if we Q "Here comes Charlie, Mr. Elliot." " ' HERE coMEs CHARLIE Charlie Hopps ........................ Gloria Cahoon Nora Malone . . . . . . Verne Davis A Tim McGrill . . . ...... Ken Ellis A I - ' Larry Elliot ...... . ...... Joel O'Neal Ted Hanley ........... .... G ib Blackman V ' Vivian Smythe-Kersey .... ..... F aye Davis Uncle Aleck Twiggs ...... ..... H arold Walker y ' ' Caroline Sm he -Kersey . . . Beverly Peacock - K X gk A 1 Mortimer Smyytthe-Kersey .... . . . George Aycock M A 'At A ' I, Fanny Farnham ........ .... A melia Hooks Q. '- Vg - TN .3 b.-, "Mrs, Farnham, sit down! !" Uncle Aleck picks up those dad-blasted sugar lumps Charlie rubs Papa Larry's dome. " . . . and one for you." Cl a S S N1 g h t Down the aisle come the juniors at Class Night T? I Ti fl! S .- 4, Q Seniors bid Juniors farewell. Marshals Robert Barnes,Anne Turlington, and Alan Hicks busily hand out programs. 59 Parents and friends arrive for the Baccalaureate Sermon. Mr. Hardiman and Rev. Wheeler compare notes before the Baccalaureate services. Miss Davis straightens Big Daddy's cap. Sam straightens Terry's cap. Baccalaureate Sermon 60 , 1 A fb' 115,4- ROBERT BARNES ANN TURLINGTON ALAN I-HCKS Junior Chief junior Junior KAY PEACOCK MARY D. WIGGS S0Ph0m01'e Sophomore GLENDA HOOKS Freshman X"-In X- Marshals B e c a u s e of their high scholastic averages these seven students have earned the honor of being our mar- shals. Many tim es the road to scholastic achievement b e c a m e hard to travelg however, without a doubt, these few made the journey to the top. 61 SCOTTY AN DREY Freshman ll Faye Davis, r and another for you." Head 'em up, move 'em out!! ecipient of the F.T.A. Scholarship. Previews of coming attractions. Graduation 1964- twe ve years of thc Climax of hard Work Moments before "that moment." Faye Davis also receives the D.A. R, Good Citizen Award. Amelia Hooks receives the Salutatorian trophy. Superintendent Robi ns on is pictured with graduation speaker Mr. SJ. Cole. The Annual Trip to New York . .'QT.v v, .V .v Vgxv .v V s' AV . fm ., Z-A 'Ate' ., -'Ci , VAUAV . iv H A E,,,:iI V RCA exhibit at New York Wor1d's Fair. Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z???? i , ii The Majestic Washington Monument X What the heck's that ???? To the moon and beyond on U.S. Royal Tires. .5- f""'-M ,'x 'fl 5 KNG CAR FREMONT MOTOR SALES INC sumti:-n l 16 .F '6 f? H :M ce jj! 6 A-9 6 40 ep' M19 . ,I , g F u R n v S I S G ld 6 Sf f ..fA T I ph 242 6636 Fremont, North Carol New and Used C 6 HGOKS BROS. HCDOKS HARDWARE We featu re Dobbs Hats Farm Machinery Robertson Fertilizer Frigidare Appliances "We service what we sell" Fremont, North Carolina Phone 242-628i 67 SEASHORE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY N B N InC I TRAVEL d SHIP BUS BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST CO C pl B kgs F N hC 1 M b Fmcc p PAUL C. BLALOCK, INC. Soles CHEVROLET - Service P 8m A F N I1 C I GROWERS COOPERATIVE WAREHOUSE INCORPORATED FrTIn SI FL FTb Tlph 2435097 Hgh y3OIS h WiIson,N hC I "We pcuy pofr 9 cl d d NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Dick Whitley - Agent Fremont, North Corolino If your wife con't cook, don't divorce her, keep her for o pet, ond eot ot MR. LEE'S COFFEE SHOP Fremont, North Carolina Phone 242-3346 71 Compliments of N E W S - A R G U S Goldsboro, North Corolinci DEWEY BROTHERS, INCGRPORATED Founders, Machinists, Mill Supplies Metal Building Supplies Steel Fobricotors Phone RE 4-3411 Goldsboro, North Ccirolino 72 A Brighter Future for You in Clothes Shop T H E H U B Goldsboro, North Cclrolino Est. l932 - .X ',,.'! I X'xI"f" Cl-1-1-1 Eenn,y's Jewelers Wilson, North Carolina 73 LIBERTY WAREHOUSE Wilson, North Carolina Carl Renfro, Prop. Therman Barnes, Sales Manager Telephone 243-4582 Electricity-The heart of modern living 'I2lll'lIllllllT'! HEITRIII IIIEITIBERSHIP EUIIPURIITIUII 001212-ffosd FSZWA' 1304 N. William St. Goldsboro, N. C. 74 HERFF-JONES CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Phone GR 8-300i - Office GR 8-3206 - Residence I40I-I429 N . Capitol Avenue IncIianapoIis 7, Indiana Compliments of hxhbt DAIRY PRODUCTS WAYNE DIVISION GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 75 5 8K W SUPPLY STCRE General Merchants Charles L. Wiggs Fremont, North Carolina GRIFFIN'S BARBECUE Dial RE 5-4242 P. O. Box 657 806 South George Street Goldsboro, North Carolina 76 GOLDSBORO SAVINGS 81 LCDAN ASSOCIATION N . E . Corner of John 8s Chestnut Streets Goldsboro, North Carolina Telephone 734-2I2I "Savings Specialists since I905" FREMCJNT SUPERETTE Dependable Service Fruits and Vegetables, Fresh Meats Fremont, North CaroIina Phone 242-6I9I 77 AYCOCK - SELBY COMPANY INC Telephone 242-6951 Appliances Television Mayo Curers Sherwin-Williams Paints Royster Fertilizers Liquid Nitrogen Fremont, North Carolina Compliments of MADE RITE SUNBEAM BREAD AND Goldsboro, North Carolina "Wayne County's Hometown Bakery" ROLLS 78 Hawkey e SAVINGS 8- LOAF: INSURED SAVINGS 'L HOME LOANS SLWNGI4 X. 4' gwstzfzxv z., 'T INSURED T 5 flofoll, 5 :MQ tongs Where people are more important than money. Robert E. Bryan, President J. G. Campbell, Exec. Vice-President Troy W. Pate, Jr., Asst. Vice-President lO4 South Center Street Dial RE 4-2064 Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of Fremont Auto Parts A. T. Boswell, Manager Fremont, North Carolina Peacock ancl Rose Lumber Cotton Ginning Fremont, North Carolina Tire Service New Tires 8g Tubes Guaranteed Wholesale Retreads Eastern Carolina's Largest Recapping Service Wilson, North Carolina Telephone 243-4167 YOUNG mins suor' Goldsboro, North Carolina MEET 'CHA AT The Creamery Wilson, North Carolina Peacock Builders Supply Co Fremont, North Carol ina Pope s -671 v, A .F ,..,A ' is X , A 1' . ' F 1 ,L , .A.- i 15:1 ,A.,, .......... 1 .A.. , , 2: 51- , .5 , .,gg, , 5 A , ts gf 2f2l'5':E:. I :X .-,vW-.wn' ?g! L:Hg- iff: .:. 5 to c: s 8K ent tore A- 1..1s.,. . ' Fremont, North Carolina B el I e r' S Goldsboro "Your Home of Better Values" Dees 81 Yelverton Compliments of Dupont Paints and Armour's Fertilizers Westinghouse - Portage Shoes V Cro ry W G r e h C U S e Isaac Dees, Jr. M. C. Yelverton Phone 242-735i Goldsboro, North Carolina Fremont, North Carolina 81 I' I I' W o o t e n - Geor e W. A cock Oil ond Fuel Co. Q Y 81 Sons, Inc. kb 'QQ Gliver Dealer 723 South George Street Woter Conditioner Soles SQ Service Goldsboro, North Corolino P. O. Box 307 Telephone RE 4-i357 Goldsboro, North Corolino Serving This Community For Thirty-Five Yeors Herring Trcactor shop- 81 Truck Compony Belk-Tyler's Highway 3Ol ond 264 By-Pclss Wilson, North Corolino "We Service What We Sell" in Wide Awcke Wilson 82 Fu compliments of ci Q i T' INCORPORATED, I Issacs-Kahn rniture Company S Complete Modern Department tores "The Big Furniture Store on Center Street" Shop with Confidence - Wear with Pride Goldsboro, North Carolina G Id b , N h C I' Open An Account Use Your Credit O S Oro on Gro mo W a y n e ' FASHIGN, QUALITY, SERVICE Medical Company First in Fashion, First for the Home Wholesale Drugs, Surgical Supplies Since I865 Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Sick-Room Supplies John 81 Talmage Thigpen, Owners Pikeville, North Carolina t I 83 George Hicks Motor Co. Chrysler - Plymouth - Vctliont Soles 84 Service Telephone 242-7361 Gorris Jewelers N . Center Street Goldsboro, North Corolino Fremont Wholesole Corp Points - Building Supplies - Cool Distributors Telephone 242-6611 Fremont, North Corolino Borshoy's 100 E . Nosh ot Tcirboro Street Wilson, North Corolino Compliments of Quality Bicycle Shop Byron Greene , Owner LG r r Y , S S h O e Slo r e Registered Service Dealer - Small Engines "Quality - Fit - Service Goldsboro, North Carolina SCHWINN BICYCLES Lawn mowers sharpened - Safes Repaired Key made - Locks serviced Goldsboro, North Carolina Bailey's Jewelry Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Expert Watch Repair Phone 243-2617 lO9 South Goldsboro Street Wilson, North Carolina Price's Super Market "The Biggest Little Store in Town" Fremont, North Carolina I l . W o rl e y Dees and Whitley . T y p e w r I t e r General Merchandise Fertilizers Dealers E X C lnl Cl n Q e Phone 242-6451 Fremont, North Carolina Phone 735-0845 Goldsboro, North Carolina I OSCO r Compliments of E. Turlington Milton Best cenemufviefchondase Insurance Agency Fremont, North Carolina I n C. Ph 242- 6 one 5 gl Fremont, North Carolina Phone 242 -6341 86 CO"'P'lmemSOf Leonord D. Hooks L C Penney Hwuronce Agency Telephone 242-3546 C o m p o n y Fremont, North Corolino Goldsboro, North Corolino "Complete lnsuronce Service Residence Phone 242-6861 S 84 W Milling Co. Donce to the music of Custom Grinding ond Mixing .lim my Aycock Phone 242-653l G n Cl Fremont, North Corolino The Melodoires 87 Cosh Drug Store Goldsboro, North Carolina New Plonters Warehouse 733 S . Goldsboro Street Wilson, North Carolina Phone 237-2827 "Service you con depend on." Compliments of Fremont Phormocy First Citizens Bonk ,, , "Prescription Druggists" Clncl Trust Compony Phone-242-6221 Goldsboro, North Carolina Fremont, North Carolina Parker's Barbecue 'North Carolina's Famous Eating Place' One Mile, S. Wilson, North Carolina On U. S. Hwy. 301 Smith Warehouse Wilson, North Carolina Phone 243-2141 J. M. Edgerton 8K Son, Inc. Your International Harvester and Rambler Dealers Eastern Carolina Farm Equipment Center Phone RE 4-4361 Goldsboro, North Carolina Peacoclc's Sanitary Market Fresh meats and vegetables Phone 242-6751 Fremont, North Carolina Jlfloaa 5 fomfzany, NlEN'S AND BOY'S STORE IO3 W. Nash Street Wilson, North Carolina NIOS S B I CYCLE SHOP Wilson Schwinn 8 Columbia Sales 8. Service WHITLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE . . LP Gas - Appliances - Service I'-,Rafi I .5 5 Ii val f , 0 2000 301 Hwy. se. 114 Arendell Ave e wa1een,N.c. Zebulon, N. c. :Jiri I Phone 237-0135 Phone 259-9555 Harold Walker-All Conference PATE' S :SING . ESSO SERVICENTER - . -11 -ll-. - .du Goldsboro, North Carolinb TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES Sandwiches of All Kinds BUS STATION Fremont, North Carolina CARR S PR I NG COMPANY Wholesale Auto Parts Goldsboro, North Carolina Serving Eastern North Carolina Since I9I9" HOBB'S STOCK YARD Goldsboro, North Carolina MUSIC 8: SPORTS " If Pqyg 1-Q Plqyl' COl'TIpIIVI'IeI'II'S OIC 'f Pioooo 9' Sooifioo Goooo SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 'I' Organs 'T Musical Instruments 'I Sheet Music 'T Stereos Fx T. V.'s 215 W' Walnut Sheet Phono RE 4-287l Goldsboro, North Carolina 202 E Walnut Goldsboro, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of JOHN YELVERTON ROBINSON'S DRUG STORE SERVICE STATION Fremont, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of I SOUTHERLAND FURNITURE COMPANY Goldsboro, North Carol ina WAYS I DE MOTEL A PENNEY'S I V2 Miles South on U . S. 3OI W'l , N h ' I Son on Ccrolmo "Always First Quality" Telephone 243-2I34 91 SALLIE'S Compliments of Cocktail and Party Dresses "Eastern Carolina's Largest Fremont, North Carolina Bridal and Formal Shop" Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of HEILIG - MYERS Wilson, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of RlCE'S MEN SHOP GIDDEN'S JEWELRY STORE Wilson, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina CHICK DANIELS SALES gl SERVICE Compliments of Pikeville and Fremont R. E. QUINN FURNITURE COMPANY Chainsaws and Mowers PRICE JEWELER5 HOLIDAY HousE FURNITURE COMPANY Phone Day 242-6053 ROBBIN'S JEWELERS Night 242-5206 92 nfl. 11 1' 1 1 1 I1 I 1 11 1 , 1 .. if "W" 1 ' 111. 11. 1 '+,1'1' 1 "Hi V 1 1 111 1 1,1 11 - W1 .L. 1 -1 , ,,4A . .1 1 fu 5 1, 1" f 11 A ' .JN 1 N, 1 1, fu, 11 ,A 1 I1 111' 1 :15'1'-11' 11 1 1 ,X 1,141 1 1 11 11 - .1 1 111 1 11, 11 1 1 .1 -.2 11 A -1 1- -1, w ' 1' ' 1 .1 1--1' ' 1,1 1 1, 111' 1 . 1 1.-X , 11 1 6 ' ,1 1, . I1 , 1 11 1 'X' '.1 1 ,' ' 1 '1 L. I ' 1 H 1 ' 1 ,1L1 Q1 ,1 1' 14 '11.' X 4 I 1 1 3,151 ,-wk ' : '11, ll A 111, 1 11.1 1 11 1 1 .1 11.11 1, i, L," ' , 11- 111-:1 11: ,.1 1 V., .MN K 1- s 1 1'1 .' ' 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 " 1 , ,Aw 1 1 1A 1 1 ""',l'-.,T'.. . Y :Mn X HW A-, V .. X I 'IIN V JM .1 pjr, I M x I X 1 w l,L11 N '14 , ' , ,, ,x , ,, , 31 Q 1 . W v1.' iii M, I, 0 'H Q x ff- V '.-A A PRODUCT CF nfer E dl 4 I COMPANY HJ INDIANA AVENUf WINSTON-SALEM, N C ,X-'N A, M -mf " 5, ' w Hn Y N1-.N '. X ' A 0:-Q . ' J' :QL ow--1 .., - :Q 'EEE !J-591 ' ' ' L ' -.5 4- 1 . 4..- Y., I. Y ., J - f I l'1.,, .A " . ,AM ,ls . 49 av V x 4 ,. . -1 .vu ,X 1 J.. I, , 1 , f W, 27 .-, '-1 ' l l , v H. .- ' ' L. JH. m r" Q J' 1 ,1,.! G, " v V Hu ' . :M 5 . wx ' H I 1 L fx '!.. ' , A 4 4 , ' H! . X ,A I X X . 5 " 'T' 11 ' 1 45 .ff ,. , agp ' v' , ' , W I ' -as ,J ',- 4 - , 1 .A r ' wg X-Q . , V. s f 1 Q III " W ' , w , 1 W 0 9 " ' z xfij, U 4:'YQ , ' J! Y' :FQ " Y- '5Y"f.',,P f. x ' A 5 9 V' an . s., ,vm Va' 'N ' nv' ' "wx I 'gr , 1, X I 11 ,-Q 1 4 ,v . m. ,u , ' 1 xg ' Q 'P' H ff 1 ,N .- I ' N, 1 r bf. mx 'gp X159 pm , 4 S?.Q..e:v J I. .. x 1 x W,

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