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Q 4' . 3 ' ' ' .O u " , O I O O 9 , I Q 0, 0 9 Q S Q 'Q L + . 8 , , O s Q ' . Q - '12 :Q e . O an ..Ll? f 4: :-O 1 4' . 1 ' 9 'll 0 Q . P ff la- 4 - l 3 Q X . xqi 'ik ' '-'H 1 l I I 0 N., .. , 0 O .P . O I I 3 . ' I 0 '.".- v1.f.?4 - . if , Q . Y 4 0 . .Ji 0,1 401 0 f. sl Q ,. A ,, d 0 O 5 o . 'L . 0 s , O Y. 1 ' k r s 'u' 1 , , ,gm u "I o, 4" Q ,N K l 4, 6, I v 3 The Grego 1963 , 4 Presents A Year To Remember . . . Volume IX sk to l..- . I, , -1 T. an LM- Vi I., ,,w. h , -, .P A H I D A H A sp' ,. A ,V '-., I ' A-I -" -. ' -, 'f -' V .H : f ,. ,. ,4..f' v H- ' ,. -., ,' --, f Y ,f -- , I .gh ,, . . - aqg J , , - V--Y . , k.. ,Qian Published by The Senior Class Fremont High School Fremont, North Carolina the Colorfulness of a football game Table of Con tents FOREWORD ........ DEDICATION. . . ADMINISTRATION. . FACULTY .... HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH ...... GRAMMAR GRADES CLUBS .......... SPORTS ..... SPECIAL EVENTS. . . ADS .. ....... .. and the eXe1tement of I am the bnghtness of Jaeketed textbooks the bustle - Dedicauon The annual staff deems it an honor to dedicate the 1963 issue of GREGO to a teacher who gives unselfishly of her time, who is devoted to the instruction and welfare of the students of Fremont High School, and who is the truly professional teacher without whom this annual would be impossible. To our teacher, friend, and sponsor-MRS. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN-we dedicate this annual. Superintendent LINDSAY C. ROBINSON Board of Education W A I if la-'IH Administration Superintendents Message To The Seniors: In the years to come many times you will turn to this volume, the 1963 Grego, to the smiling pictures and printed pages to recall the pleasant hours spent at Fremont High School.Althoughyour career as a high school student is ended, you leave secure in the knowledge that we who remain behind will forever count you among our friends. Educ a tion is a process of disciplining the mind and character through study and instruction, but it need not be confined to the class room.I-Iere at Fremont, a small school, you have had the opportunity to be a participant rather than a spectator and to find yourself as an individual. You have also had the opportunity to develop character. It has been my privilege to know you for only a short time, but I believe that you have acquired an ability to see clearly, to decide wisely, and to act justly. I am pleased to join the School Board and Faculty in congratulating you upon your accomplishments. Secretar MISS ALICE DAVIS M I! l 1 My p Mr. Glenn Aycock, Mr. Robert L. Stevenson, Mr. Junius Evans, Chairman, Mr. James Bruton, Mr. Nathan N e w s o m e, Mr. George Hicks, Mr. Jesse Stewart. 4 Q. Faculty V2 La, i 1 s X ln- - 49" Aw- MR, L.V. GODWIN MR. RALPH T. WAINWRIGHT English, French Math, Physics, Coach Q5 lu - ,, , s J Q' 5'1" Z lm, Qi ,yi EZ ' f , "" 'A Miss ALVA CHAUNCEY x j , ,V W Mas. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN Commercial, Geography K L ' Home Ec. , Science, Guidance MRS. VIRGINIA HARDIMAN English, Social Studies I I Q33-cp MR. EARL BOYKIN Science, Social Studies, Health 8 P. E. , Coach x If K X MRS. LADELL PATE Public School Music Special Teachers 5 'Th r- . mf pw A ix X MR. F.D. RIVENBARK Math, Agriculture nik MRS. F.M. WATSON Speech In Appreciation .I HQ , ,f . 5 1 N4 , . 'E 4 -" gif,-"tx ' Bus Drivers ii Braxton Futrell, Verne Davis, Bill 3 gf" Wayne Lancaster, Gerald Davis. 5 J 'A Cooks MRS. RUBY STANCIL MRS. IRENE CAPPS ww SX 4' ji? 'X ff f -4441 4 Custodians ANNIE WILDER ED GREENE Nfv In U l vu' - . EVN' ' r MRS. HELEN BASS Y 1 . 1- A r. 5. l Y. gg. ' i , jfs, , ,, S' MRS. BONITA BLOW '5- 9 ,Q li Q' ' f ff 5 ' Y 1. A.. I ' 93' f si! 'Mi Q , Mr Godwin gives instructions to B1l1y Frank andB11ly Ray as senlors prepare Bill Wayne L a n c a s t e r, Billy Frank Peacock, and C ha rl e s Bruton try to outwit the girl members of the phy - sics class in a mock "College Bowl." 0 Betsy Turlington and Louise Bass escort class president, Charles Bruton, from building . Class Officers .qi uf '17 lim CLASS FLOWER Red Rose CLASS COLORS Blue and White TE' BILL WAYNE LANCASTER, Reporter, LOUISE BASS, Treasurer, CHARLES BRUTON, President, BETSY TURLINGTON, Secretary, GERALD DAVIS, Vice-President. MOTTO: "We have crossed the bay, the ocean lies beyond." Busiest of all our school years, 1962-1963 has per- mitted us only brief moments of respite from those ardu- ous, but pleasant, tasks that are a part of every senior's life. We, too, have been overwhelmed with the annual, basketball, contests, dances, exercises, football games, homework, invitations, jewelry, knots, lessons, money- raising, note-taking, oratory, plays, quizzes, rehearsals, S.A. T. , tests, ulcers, victories, weather, X-rays, yarns, and zephyrs. 8 1 MR. L.V. GODWIN Atlantic Christian College, A.B. East Carolina College, M.A. Il I M. fvlfy f NANCY RAE AYCOCK: Class Officer 15 Senior Play 45 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 45Beta Club 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 2,35 Speech Club 35 Officer 35 F. l-I,A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 1, 2, 35 County Officer 45 F. T.A. 45 4-H Club 15 Officer 15 Softball 15 Basketball 1,25 Cheerleader 45 Crisco Homemaking Award 15 Dress Re- view Winner 1, 25 Homecoming Attendant 45 Marshal 1, 25 Chief 35 George Foster Hankins Scholarship 4. VINTON CHARLES BRUTON: Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Library Club 15 F.T.A.,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Of- ficer 45 Newspaper Staff 1, 3,45 Officer 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Officer 1-l5Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Co-Captain 35 Tri-Captain 45 Basketball 152, 3,45 Tri- Captain 35 Co-Captain 45 All-Wilson County Basketball Team 3, 45 Baseball 1, 3, 45 Batting Trophy Winner 3. ! MW' 4? W 4 , 4h ,f ff -v0"M- PORTIA LOUISE BASS: Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Monogram Club 45 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 45 Officer 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Officer 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Library Club 2,35 Beta Club 45 F.T.A, 45 Cheerleader 45 Chief 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 D,A. R. Citizen- ship Award 4. GERALD ELLIOTT DAVIS: Class Officer 2, 45 Senior Play 49 F. F. A. 1,2,3,4, Officer 2,45 F,T,A. 4, Officer 4, Monogram Clubg2, 3, 45 Officer 35 Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Of- ficer 45 Glee Club 1,2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 35 Bus Driver 3, 45 Marshal 2, 3. ,9 ow- 1 W, 1 Simms 5ls....w--N EUGENE WARREN FIELDS: Senior Play 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4535. Gills...- 'Vila GEORGE BRAXTON FUTRELL, JR.: Glce Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, F. F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, An- nual Staff 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, Baseball 1,25 Football 3, 4, Bus Driver 3, -1, Senior Play 4. WILLIAM HARVEY HOOKS, lll: Monogram Club 2, 3,4, Library Club 1, 2, 3,4, Newspaper Staff 4, Officer 4, An- nual Staff 4, F. T. A. 4, Basketball l,2, Football 3,4, Baseball 1. 10 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Officer 4, F.T.A. 4, Basket- ball 3, Football 4, Baseball 1, 2,4. JAMES ROBERT HOOKS: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1,2, 3, Officer 3, Annual Staff 4, Library Club 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3. 595 'Gi- qv---f BILL WAYNE IANCASTER: Class Officer 2, 3,4, Senior Play 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Library Club 1, Annual Staff 1,2, 3,4, Beta Club 2, 3,4, Monogram Club 2, 3,4, Ol- ficer 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Tri-Captain 3, Co-Captain 4, Football 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4, Co-Captain 3, Baseball 0 l inns..- 1, 3,4, Bus Driver 4, Marshal 1, 2. WILLLAM FRANK PEACOCK: Senior Play 4, Library Club S' 1,2,3,-1, C-lee Club 1,2, 3,-1,M o n o g r a m Club 3,4, F. T.A. 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Officer 4, Annual Staff 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, County Typewriting Contest 4. mv ,W 'S 'Dv ga- CAROLYN ANN PARRISH: Senior Play 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, F.H.A. 1, 2,3, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4,Annua1 Staff 4, Miss Wayne County Fair Runner-Up 3. KENNETH WAYNE STRICKLAND: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Federation Reporter 4, Glee Club 2, 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play 4. 31 -'Ge 11 an-W. 'U' 'U "bp, BETSY TURLINCTON: Class Officer 1, 3,45 Senior Play 4, Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3,4, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Officer 1, 3, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 4, An- nual Staff 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Officer 2, F,T,A. -1, Softball 1,Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, All-Wilson County Basketball Team 3, 4, All-Wayne Basketball Team -l, Dress Review Winner 1, 2, F. F. A. Sweetheart 3,-1, W o r l d Peace Theme Winner 3, Miss Merry Christmas Representative 3, Hom e c om i ng Attendant 3, Home- coming Oueen 4, Marshal 3. BILLY RAY WALKER: Senior Play 4, F.F.A. 1,2,3,-1, O f fi c e r 3, Glee Club 1,2, Annual Staff 4, American History Award Winner 3, Basketball 2, Baseball 2. '--,N G' iw f. ,ff NELLIE SUE WHITWORTH: Senior Play 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, Officer 1, 2, F,H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Library Club 1,2, F.T,A. 4,Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4,'Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4, Softball 1. 12 ,- Superlatives li n""2f'-5' A' Vw MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Louise Bass X1 U4 .Mui 4,xHlL rin, Q if VV, Us Q ' Q 4,94 4'ffrQfoLai3 'V' Away "W 404 , A. lm! Q V429-K 0 'fQ4 04 BEST ALL AROUND Betsy Turlington 13 MOST ATHLETIC Charles Bruton S3 V'--li., ,Iii L " . , wi "W v O ' 5 1... Q! ' . if . f - E S .V Z. ' . , .FN " N 'ig MOST DEPENDABLE Carolyn Parrish Senior Characteristics, i i f lg., xl ,. EW 7"'1 J" Loi-ililjerlsass - h I7 -f s: I P 5 STUDIOUS Nan Aycock 3 451261 v L .4 f 4 1 yt! K is i ' P N37-' I I if X 1 E : wal 0 , K r. POPULAR C harles Bruton PHYSIQUE Braxton Futrell --g, SERIOUS Billy Hooks :fi 5 ARTISTIC Carolyn Parrish ' n GOOD-LOOKING Betsy Turlington GENEROUS Robert Hooks up MISCHIEVOUS Billy Frank Peacock A.. T' 14 i TALENTED Gerald Davis ' l I l HELPFUL Eugene Fields WITTY Bill Wayne Lancaster i 4 1 l l coM1cAL l Wayne Strickland 3 I l CO-OPERATIVE 'Q Biiiy Walker 4 i , COURTEOUS Nellie Sue Whitworth After an almost sl e e ple s s night, B e v e rl y Peacock and Verne Davis don't look very e x c i te d about the all-day tour of Williamsburg which is on the agenda for the day. '59 juniors receive chemistry instructions from Mrs. Blackman. luiiiots ,, Aw ,W 4 4 5 li 1- yfjiffycf Z My Av! .yr , .4 wh, ff, f fi 'A - ' W6 ff ig, iw 0 X , gg it Ken Ellis, Sammy Bass,Bruce Wilkie, and Lynn Corbett are the.picture of industriousness as they make good use of their study hall. Studious Ken Ellis reads funny book. Miss Alice Davis and Mr. Boykin as- sume the role of chaperones on the Williamsburg trip. 15 - H Pay attention-to the teacher, not the camera! Q . 4 A A Class Gfficers PAYE DAVIS, President: GIBBY BLACKMAN, Vice-Presidentg BEVERLY PEACOCK, Sec- retaryg KEN ELLIS, Treasurer. MR. RALPH WAINWRIGI-IT tlantic Christian College, A.B. ,, L ,ai V 3 ,. 'T 2 I ff' X ! f f i ,P f ii , y 1. 55 ,funn W1 .I And we emerged at last-juniors! How beautiful was that word to our ears! We knew that this year, of all years, must be ours. Almost immediately we learned that magazines must be sold if we were to assume the full responsibility that we were assigned. Then came the long awaited trip to historic Williamsburg. Then spring came and the junior-Senior banquet was ours for a Gypsy theme. May posterity be kind in evaluating our junior ye ar a successful one. 16 ., , ,,., , ,,,, .,,. , 4 rw .c-'11"'.fws- ,t - ' "1 V H GIB BLACKMAN GLORIA CAHOON LYNN CORBETT DURWOOD GOODING AMELIA HOOKS KENNETH HOOKS GEORGE AYCOCK SAMMY BASS "Y BENNY BENTON W, 6' 17 W.. FAYE DAVIS VERNE DAVIS KEN ELLIS SALLY JONES DOUGIAS MARLOWE JUDY NEWSOME 'ai ac'- I-ls. N 'L 1 JOHN SYKES BRUCE WILKIE HAROLD WALKER DN wi TY'- Q5 JOEL O'NEAL f""f,4 an gg, BEVERLY PEACOC K DUXNNIE SASSER g":s-G1 'L' 'Q'-N-f ,W-, Board work aids students in grasping L-M 2 the principles of algebra. 5 1 f I 5 5 dy Z, 1 f 4. J- J ' vie , ii' JV f W a Monogram Initiation Day is a day to be remembered by these sophomores. English II students give full attention to Mr. Godwin. QS Qi HOW SO? "We must learn how to study. " says n I-licks. Y Girls prepare for inevitable career. 1 e C h a n g i n g classes-it's a pity the breaks are only three minutes long. Class Officers ,JG1T ALAN I-IICKS, President, MIK.E FULKER SON, Treasurer, SUZANNE HOOKS, Vice President, CARRIE DAVIS, Secretary. MRS. VIRGINIA HARDIMAN Memphis State University, B. S. jg' X'-v-FS, 4' 9 A 3-1225 V1-135855 33:15-':-5 151-1-Z-'H -fn:-2.-.s L ' 'U' :3:::H'2-.412 fc-'EE-'I .v ' JZ eggs ? 135,429 . 1 fs .A ,4 A an N 1 TOM AYCOCK, President, DIANE DAVIS, I Treasurer, JOHN YELVERTON, Vice-Pres- I ident, DICK ROSE, Secretary. I N MISS ALVA CHAUNCEY East Carolina, B. S. I 1 TOM AYCOCK MACK BAKER BRENDA BARNES ROBERT BARNES ERNEST BASS WALTER BASS MARY BOSWELL ,rg - . gpx.. ,., v A' Aa gs 'A L "' Q x ,K . NANCY BROUGHTON 1 ..- x 'mim- ne w s! 7"'f1'l1 Lynn " ,. ga JOANNA CORBETT - A 'N 4 ARNOLD DAVIS 'f ' QV, :Q CARRIE ELLEN DAVIS , " 'N' DIANNE DAVIS X f , :A I! lf' C L, t ESTHER GOODING ,,, as 4: A- Q N BRENDA ELMORE M- A by s. MIKE EULKERSON 14 34' . A , f -f 'M' WILBERT HALL E ' A 1 5 V S... BRENDA HARE ALAN Hlcxs ."..2'I,N LYNN Hooxs SUZANN E HOOKS 'D 21 Q li Cv Q u. at-Q lb- 'ani'-5 ALAN SAULS SANDRA SMITH BILLY TOLER ANNE TURLINGTON DOROTHY WEEKS JERRY WEST JENNY WIGGS BRENDA WILLIAMSON ANN E YELVERTON JOHN YELVERTON MIKE YELVERTON STEVE YELVERTON ,G-Ax 'Iv N0 x 'Z' . I! I Q fm:-'CX' ' X 'N s 4 :Mya at J' Q., I af-A 249' 44, K 0 22 , X GERALD JACKSON ROCHELLE JACKSON DOUGLAS LEWIS JACKIE LEWIS DIANNE PARRISI-I BETTY ANN PEACOCK MARGIE PROCTOR DICK ROSE 3 l'.w 1 V., 'Q g, ah Mrs. B 1 a c k m a n gives cooking in- structions to home ec. student Linda Wilkie . ff xx 'op Home economics girls clean up the lab at the end of class. 9150969 Physical ed. boys listen to some bas- ketball techniques given by Coach Boykin. Algebra problems can be nerve- racking. ' , AYA' l A 2. s fr .I V g X H, f 1:14 ., , ' ,.,,,. X. - -'1- -' :iff If ITN' Freshman girls Mary D. Wiggs and Kay Peacock eat a snack with sopho- more Mike Fulkerson. 23 'xx vf B After cooking in Home Economics I, Janice Bass and Mary D. Wiggs wash dishes. My .ui LINDA WILKIE, Secretary, ANNETTE BASS, Reporter, KAY PEACOCK, President, JAMES BLOW, Treasurer. MRS. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN Woman's College, B. S. 1 Class Officers MR. EARL BOYKIN East Carolina College, B. S. 5? 5: . R JANICE BASS, Treasurer, JEAN STEVENSON, Secretary: MARY D WIGGS, Vice-President, BEN RAY O'NEAL, President. 24 m ...JL Annette Bass Bobby Bass Q- .-., Jamce Bass James Blow 5, N Harry Grlffln Va y Roger Harper Dons Carter Charles Corbett 6- Judy Hill Freida Holland aft! 90 955 :nl fm A Q- RC ! fa uf , n 'F 1 . in ,au q,- .S - K 2 Harold Cuddington Eddie Davis 11 to if, Rudy Hooks Jim Ivey jimmy Davis W1l11am Green jerry Moormg """' jimmy Newcomb Ben Ray O'Nea1 Brenda Parrish 25 Qu-v WI" - if 5 Co- .,-M- N-...f X Q., fla- V 'ian--In +in- fl Kay Peacock Donna Self Jean Stevenson Sandra Walker Donald Whaley Mary D. Wiggs N.-,,, . A ., W .aifi A home ec. class can be trying to eat your own cooking. -especially when you have ekn Kay Peacock plays nurse with a sick friend, Ben Ray O'Nea1. 26 Charles Williamson Harold Williamson Linda Wilkie P- 3 L X tr. : ' 'rf . t ' , I I I 1 '12 14 . l gf 5. . 5, ' Ga " , Ti N .iff ' -i f 6 53:3 .ix 1 f K l W W ll '1 'ss' . ui lvl Johnnie Bass and Danny Hooks pre s e nt their "friend," John Glenn, which was constructed with papier mache. , 'fialff' sfnf' sm., is i , ' W 1 ' " ' A f - 1 l, ,w,, ' , . -wry? '74 . i 4 A? , A,,,, T '9'?wlg,i, -ww,--4.-1.54. junior high lab provides many interesting hours for Patricia Bass, Wayne Blow, Donna Davis, Linda Rose, and Linda Corbett. Seventh graders Danny Hooks, jim P e a c o c k, Bill Stewart, and Roger Baker display one of their many at- tractive and e ducational bulletin I I .4. 4 ,x I , I 'fs .ff f y' .4 ' .Q na 5 s Jim Peacock, Bob Stevenson, and Wyatt Sasser can't forget b o o k s-even at ten minute breaks! boards .1 u msmsn' Mmuzee ' 51-111- . . I iq, , A 50 ' 1 's I I-V 5 ,V , 1 -I . Junior High Substitute teacher Walt Black- man instructs an eighth grade science class. Hub e rt Medlin, Shirley Proctor, and Linda Gooding proudly show a sample of their art work. I, , s .W 7-t if lr? if , Eighth grade students express their concern for the future through this bulletin board. 27 Up goes the flag! Larry Brad- shaw and james Sykes carry out this patriotic duty. , A' 37 . 3 ' ,A5g ,z,,,2, bg it 5 ,1 lk N, f- ' " 'Sf nt? gl I f i- F' f 7 X ii X i". ., .2 ,,i:?vl.1ifi"ffA Tenn: T, ?2'4., H X. ' . , ly, I ., "tm, ' XX s.. A , mv" ,'nif f' 'i r 'Q' - -1 iv Q., L, 4' 'ku ' .L f R MRS. CARRIE ODOM 1 Q.vm1 i' A L1 1 T I 'Q Q if . . I Duke University Atlantic Christian College, B. i 'UI ww., iv I , lil' Q.-.,,,W T X D V5 1 'aww L X AR 28 S. JESSE BENTON LARRY BRADSHAW GENE CAMPBELL DOUGLAS DAVIS ROYCE GOODINC JAMES HARPER HUBERT MEDLIN WANDA SELF JAMES SYKES RAY SYKES MARTIN WEEKS LINDA CORBETT BRENDA CORBETT LINDA GOODING PATSY MEDLIN SHIRLEY PROC TOR NOT PICTURED Joyce Evans Carolyn Gooding Norwood Marlowe Robert Tucker 5 1 l I I SCOTTY ANDREY LINDA BARNES GEORGLA BASS WAYNE BLOW MICHAEL CARMODY JERALD CoLE CLAUDETTE DAVIS SUSAN DUBBERLY MICHAEL ELLIS RUTH HALL MILFORD HOLLAND GLENDA HOOKS JIMMY JACKSON GAIL IANCASTER ALLEN MOORING LINDA NEWCOMIB DEE ANN NEWSOME RAY PFACOCK LINDA ROSE JOHN SULLIVAN PRISCILLA TUCKER ELIZA TURLINGTON JANIE WIILSON CHETA YELVERTON DIBORAH YELVERTON PHIL YELVERTON NOT PICTURED Eustace Bizzell Judy Jackson Kathleen 'Robinson MRS. LD. CCRBETT Woman's College, A. B ,Ar-. Seven th Grade "NESS Afn?"1fEU'i1ff.ON " I 41'Qv 'R T bvn 0- I ' A A ' L- LL f'vs"f5': A 1 1 li Y X tv W' I .Ag 3 wud, Z, - fm -f .nf I ag 4.4 . ,, , A I 1 ,s . A ,E 4 9 I . I 4 x 9' , 4 -is G 1 6 A -- A- av . ' .A I! 4- if I ' I " if Sfljiik- . 'U'-W sq-v '1"'P i 5 W N .Q v ' 5 K 4' 5 I 'T WAYNE AYCOCK ROGER BAKER EDITH BASS JOHNNY BASS PATRICIA BASS SANDRA BASS JOYCE CARMODY HELEN CAVENAUGH DONNA DAVIS LYNN EVANS WALTER GRIFFIN DOUGLAS HALL NEAL I-IERRING DANNY Hooxs PAM JOYNER BILLY LEWIS LOUISE MOORING TIM MOORING BRENDA ovERMAN JIM Pmcocx SALLY PFAeoeK WYATT SASSER JOHNNY sAULs LINDA sAULs Bos STEVENSON BILL STEWART RAY SYKES KAY TUCKER BETH YELVERTON IQH Boys' Basketball JRHURHU5, .--g..-. 'IFHVG fl li l I' iauommg use gms '5'rZ'R5Ut3 'S 21 Ea L . Mantis J 2 2 H' it in L.....nsNll.rl't S it, it AKTC. lwxwfrs First row: james Harper, johnny Bass, Bill Stewart, Michael Ellis, Allen Mooring. Second row: Bob Stevenson, jim Peacock, Jesse Benton, Wayne Blow, jimmy Jackson, Hubert Medlin. Girls' Basketball First row: Sally Peacock, Pam Joyner, Beth Yelverton, Deborah Yelverton, Donna Davis. Second row: Coach Ralph Wainwright, Georgia Bass, Linda Newcomb, Claudette Davis, Linda Rose, Judy Jackson, Lynn Evans. 31 Mrs. Baldwin gives junior high stu dent, Glenda Hooks, piano instruc tion. Jr. High Activities Wyatt Sasser, Walter Griffin, Mike Ellis, and Bob Stevenson show off their artistic abilities junior highs take a d v a nt a g e of Seventh grade students play basketball during their gym class. lunchroom facilities. .5111 x Doesn't this group of junior high students look happy? Think! Michael Carrnody, john Sullivan, Michael Ellis and Deborah Yelverton spend much time in the library. Mrs. Corbett and Mrs. Odom discuss their day'swork as they relax in the teacher's lounge. Eighth grade students are shown history class. 32 1I'1 Jacque S t u c k y, johnny Tucker, and Sheila Lewis show models which their class made of characters from their reading book. U T sl ps - nw' , f .4,:13i.' sncau. run.: .A Jenny Ballance, Timmy Stancil, and Becky Benton proudly display their bulletin board on Special People. Miss Lee calls her class from recess. Second grader, jackie Bass, paints a pic t u re for Open House. Grammar Grades T e r e s a Hill, Andy Evans, Kent Rose, and G e o r g e F a u 1 k look up important events on history map. Fourth grade students look at their art work displayed on the bulletin board. 33 2 3 1 4 2 1 T T! K , Mrs. Watson gives speech lessons to fourth grade stu- dent, Gregory Davis. -'Wi- 4, Yr L." 7 I, 0'-I ' is ' 'Q , Sixth Grade MISS LOUISE EDGERTON Atlantic Christian College, B. S :J ' T , .4 .,. , J 5 PI ' Y 'IQ N f - A 'Wu . ls 'Was Quai Q Q r . I giigg if A ., , xy' QV, ,N Q. v--C .I 0 ,Q -W fm nf s., Q I B Q..- f 1 N +-LIN 'Sn 61 '5- . L fa!-i' . I.. , 'fF:Q.i?Li I g,.,, af. 1. A Q v JY' X. 1 I '-'G f f I wg? if I I I Is Yi 4. is . 'J I 34 vs.' - iia gf? nv 5 jf K 9... 5' in nv 7. . 4, asv , ' ' , ' ., . 4' X' QW. KI. 1 If I Ig , we , ' K F ' I I .- I 4 I ,A 349 5 COLLIER AYCOCK LAMAR AYCOCK JENNY BALLANCE BARBARA BARNES LINDA BASS . I BECKY BENTON CAM BLALOCK RONNIE BOGUE FRANCES CARMODY BRADDY CORBETT SUSAN DANIEL DLALNE DAVIS DWAIN ELMORE FRANKIE GOODING PATRICIA ANN GOODING GINGER HARDIMAN PRISCILLA HARPER CURTIS HOOKS EDWIN HOOKS MARTIN HOOKS DIANNE JACKSON DIANE KIRBY ARNOLD LANCASTER KAYE LANCASTER EST!-IER LEWIS BARBARA MOORING REX MOORING NANCY NEWSOME KIMBLE PATE LARRY PROCTOR GAIL ROBINSON DAVID SAULS JACKIE SMITH TIMMY STANCIL KATHY STUCKY CLOVER WILSON NOT PICTURED Linda Gooding IULIAN AYCOCK ROBERT BARNES JOAN DUBBERLY MRS. DELLA YELVERTON GreensbOrO,Co11ege, A.B. gk in Q I Nfl N E I 'K f ANDY EVANS ,. GEORGE EAULK ANN HALL TERESA HILL I G-,Lx MIKE HOOKS ""' DAVID MOORING I,E- l Q. DANNY NEWCOMB ..,,, JANICE OVERMAN 1 'E' ' JOHNNY PIPPIN , j , ,rex K " KENT REEVES KENT ROSE RUSSELL SAULS JERRY SELF HANK STEWART D.H. WI-IITLEY JANET WHITWORTH NOT PICTURED Kinchen Bizzell by 1 'Ds 'dw is N-., I 1 is gs. is iw. Y X.. .- BSB 'px f.,.mAYI?E. I af! 'Sn R., u...,, , an I Fa I , w. 51, ,, 4'II -f' M-gsslzi 'f H IL Y, .I VXA Cp Q.. A. '1,Y,.. if I E 4 "' " T 'J fb ,f 3 bd A -.XI I I ' I . 35 " Fifth Grade P 52, LW 6 A 3 l ' mn' W A fgfvt E I. .,. Q., 146, I. f Z 'A Q. ON, 1 4 Q .l 1 ' 51- I 1, I fl, ,Y , fl 1' A ' 1 .. X ,X six, .S xx Atlantic Christian College, A. B. 1 'J' 075 1 ' '9 --. 1 -qglw N I DEBRA ANDREY KITZI AYCOCK MARK AYCOCK JAMES BALLANCE HILDA BENSON NORMAN BRADSHAW ANGELA BOGUE DONALD CORBETT JERRY DAVIS DBBIE ELMORE SHARON FORTIN JAMES EDWARD GOODING WARREN GRIFFIN RICHARD I-IAINEY TOMMY HOOKS HARRY LANE DUANE MOORING RUDY WEST KAY WI-IALEY JOAN WILLIAMSON LINDA BALLANCE DWIGHT BASS WALTER BASS WANDA BOGUE SUSAN BUCK GAIL CAPPS EAYE CAVENAUOH JAMES OOREETT BARBARA DAVIS BRACK DAVIS DANNY DAVIS GREGORY DAVIS SANDRA GORMAN KAY GOODING WILLIAM GOODING TERRY HARDIMAN PI-IILLIP HARDY LINDA HOOKS BILL JOHNSON ANN JONES MICHAEL MARLOWEA SUSIE MEDLIN NEIL MOORING SUSAN MOORINO BILLY PEAOOOK LAURA PIPPIN FRANCIS RADFORD JERRY RADFORD MAIDIE sAULs sUE SAULS ARNOLD STRICKLAND ROSE TUCKER DONNA WEEKS FREDDIE WEST TOMMY WHITFORD GWEN WI-IITLEY LINDA WI-IITWORTH DARLENE WILLIAMSON MY RA GAIL YELVERTON MISS ELMA LEWTER East Carolina-Primary Degree -,w ,,., Fourth Grade 5 '23 .- if ,CT-N II J ef S, ff'-' NB 3 X 'O i A A J .Joi - . 7' M HQ! i - X4 '-vi. 55 ,fx If.-:EA 1 jf. we I :I QE AI .2 I H K gf! S111 b , ,QM I X -X, :A X -, I " xy.. X51 XI f ,Q .-x I If S 'E swfy 'Q , L. 5 sl-gv , is Zfxvx -A A .I A A 1. A -.I 4 :Q L,,N I sw..- . L , R 5 L I' 4 Jw 4 as 'H " Q J Iv Q' 9 , "H -if :LL x may it I . RX? Q X X fs I I X ',,'.,4, it ,Q I T- I 46' A Q' bfi I x " XI? :MYER V ff! f I '. X I ix I J Q, I-, L I+ E- ,4 I +- . . Q, I . s - ' ' 1. 1,,.,,,- , gf-'Zi U ' ' EW " I x ag 5 xx R 3 X I Q 4 E X X ' xx 4 L-NNN A 'G - if I "Q 6' A 4 ,ax A' v 5-I Q . QL: " 'X fg ' j ' ASX ,iafxj 51. Ib Iif3'f'S' lu "Lal JI 37 J, Third Grade MISS AVA LEE East Carolina College, M.A. , A f I 4: 0 . nd ,, ... . 5 I ' A I 1 ' " V J 6 s- A I I I fs -, Iv 2 f 5 5. A 1 . I-...W XA J I I M! 'Elyii A 0 A 1' ' 2? TN l IW 1 sz: ' E- I 'TTY' 'ir 54,1 CX I S. ...- Q Q xl . I - YI ' X x, xx aunt AA 7 r 'dig pg . 9 ,vm '. I I ,C ' Q' xv 'N we ' -A vy .- I Aw I V"'I tb n 1.-7 --. if' ' A Jr L. . , , , NI I 2 L..- Q7 . . I I 4 It Q 'iii 38 4. NNNS JOHN EALLANCE BECKIE BASS LIBBY coma SARAH DANIEL JUDY EVANS OLIVIA FLOWERS DEBBY GOODING PATTY I-IARDIMAN JAKE HOOKS ROSE MARIE HOOKS JEFF IVEY RANDY MARLOWE KEITH MOORING KENT MOORING ELAINE PAERISH KATHY PATE MARY ROSE PEACOCK LINDA PENDER RICHARD PROCTOR GAIL ROBINSON DANNY SAULS KEITH STEWART BETH STUCKEY WI-IIT WHITLEY STEVEN WRIGHT NOT PICTURED Douglas Barnes Reggie Braswell Yvonne jackson Wilma Pearson Douglas Winbon ROS BALLANCE JIMMY BARNES JACKIE BASS scoTT1E BLALOCK TERESA BOGUE BARBARA CARMODY PHYLLIS CAVENAUGH KATHY DAVIS MICKEY DAVIS IKE DEES CATHY ELMORE BETTY GOODING RACHEL GOODING BOBBY JAY HARDY GENE HOOKS MATT HOOKS ROB HOOKS TOMMY LANCASTER MELODY LEWIS MICHAEL LYNCH CHARLES MEDLIN JACK MOORIING DEBORAH NEWSOME DEBBIE NORMAN DAVID OVERMAN CONNIE PRICE JEANNIE RODGERS GARY ROSE FRANK SASSER DIANNE SAULS MISS PAULINE SHORT Wornan's College, A. B. Second Grade ' . 'JK iq 2 Q B , v V -.22 vxv I f ' ,R IFR I glxw 47 I 'w Q, ,, f, wa 0 4 ,J 4 ,. nv I in- 'Y--Y X T., ,. X N 35 XM 3 I My .I M .f, :VL lap! I ,WI A- gf - I. 3 Q- . 5-,. -L JAMES CARROLL 8-AULS LARRY SMITH KATHY SUMMERLIN ELLA ANN WHITFORD NOT PICTURED Larry Barnes Jerry Braswell Phillip Ginn Paul Jeffreys Danny Wright 1 -P A f e. .. f 4 ' Y - C..- 3" - ' ':. E, fjiiiz ' , 5gfiOL7212f'r:g, ' 'L ,IC rs, o-' ' B , L- Av' fn if t . I .5 . an fn.. L. A .x WW!! -in-W' Q-r QI! 1 V Y -"gy W ' . ft.. , sr h ,Z , ..- xm . Wg ,J J' K! 'T '. :L , Kia Y -new 'A W S4 li -.. ,xv A B is Kg. 'Es First Grade x V I-.I .- 4 . .. M 6 lf. T1 I I it , AW MISS DORIS GURLEY East Carolina College, A.B. "H -.., I . Q A 12 W K' s, 5 1 1 I T' , ' A gr Q' ' 'W 'SD 'H V , if 1 4 A A vb .2 " ,M 1 , . . ,i I I ' 'CT' fgttm. I l ' nl 'Q 4 4 W- 4, , ' 'T IN ' A' V igvggn-1' 5 .M Y 3 ,xrv V - I 41 v 1 I 3 , .LT , Q A p fs I I x xl - - 0 f ' A I li.. S-bw' Uv I , , , af. -'K mm 151 A V M I ,M I ul SYLVIA BALLANCE DONNIE BARNES DANNY BARNES PATRICIA CARMODY DURWOOD CORBETT DEBRA DAVIS RUSS DAVIS ESTHER ELLIS DAIL FLOWERS LARRY HARDIMAN PATRICIA HILL GARY JOHNSON SHELIA LEWIS DONNA MARLOWE DANA NEWSOME DAVID NEWSOME SUE MOORING DONNA PARKER PATTY PIERCE CHARLES PIPPIN CONNIE PROCTOR KIMBERLY SASSER SHARON STRICKI.AND JACQUE STUCKEY NANCY DEE WALDROP DENNIS WEEKS STEPHEN WEST ADI A-o-4. E. "1 in f".-41 sh. Sixth grade s t u d e n t s do research work through magazines. Miss Short's second grade students pose for the camera. 'FN Donna Jean Marlowe demonstrates "How to Play the Piano in Three Easy Lessons. " Grammar Grade Activities f-:'Q"'l V, IF: ii Enthusiastic boys perform a scientific ex periment in Miss Lee's third grade. z ,M 'W' at . nu "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" 41 First graders all agree that recess is the best part of school. ,- V- W . ,, I V - -A--Q- vi ., , f ' ,. I 1 f T . H ' -4 e' ., sv, 7 ', 'if' 1 J Our hopes for a champion baseball team in 1975 depends on these boys. to 'f"?-?1'eV2""fT1:fw:ws .. ., A.- Kathy Pate, Steve West, and Rudy West have fun around the flag pole. E First and second grade girls enjoy the swings. Miss Lee's third grade works with number cards. 1 Kg, 1 N... ,- it 1 5 , V , 'V v Kitzi Aycock and Joan Williamson cut letters for a bulletin board. Members Of MTS- Y91Ve1't011'S fifth grade are shown beside their science exhibits. Music fills the air as Miss Curley ac- companies her first grade pupils on the piano. Ylurlvl-U' l Lg 1 wr- ,t . Second grade teacher, Miss Short, guides her students as they learn to spell. Duane Mooring, Tony Lewis, Tommy Hooks, Mark Aycock, Harry Lane, and Warren Griffin pose in front of their air- plane exhibit. 42 Amelia Hooks and Gloria Cahoon sell candy for the Library Club. New Beta Club members Louise Bass, Anne Turlington, Lynn Hooks, Anne Yelverton, Dick Rose, Robert Barnes, and Alan Hicks pose for a picture on the flag pole . Mrs. Pate gives help to the soprano section of the Glee Club. - -Cl-Libs M A A Miss Curley gives teaching instructions to F. T. A. members Kay Peacock and Ben Ray O'Neal. The basses wait patiently during Glee Club while Mrs. Pate sings with the tenors. li ...- The Monogram Club spon- sors a b o nfire before the homecoming game with Saratoga. Mike Fulker-son, Louise Bass, and Billy Frank posts a reminder that JohnYelverton discover that Mono- the annuals are on Sale- gram Initiation Day is fun. 43 Grcgo Staff LOUISE BASS, Secretary, BETSY TURLINGTON, Editor, GIB BLACKMAN, Assistant Editor, CHARLES BRUTON, Business Manager. MRS. JOHN BLACKMAN Sponsor Mrs. Heeb, layout artist, helps the Grego Staff draw the plans for their annual. 'I+' Seated, left to right: Gib Blackman, Betsy Turlington, Charles Bruton, Louise Bass. Second row: Lynn Hooks, Nan Aycock, Suzanne I-looks, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Carolyn Parrish, Kay Peacock, jean Stevenson, Faye Davis, Braxton Futrelle, Robert I-looks. Third row: Billy Hooks, Ken Ellis, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Gerald Davis, Wayne Strickland, Billy Ray Walker, Eugene Fields, Dick Rose. Not Pictured: Billy Frank Peacock. 44 Q 'Q s ART: Gerald Davis, Kay Peacock, SPORTS: Ken Ellis, Charles Bruton, Bill Wayne Dick Rose' Lancaster. I ADS: Braxton Futrell, Billy Hooks, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Robert PHQTOS: Jean Stevenson, Gin Biacknian, Louise Hooks, Wayne Strickland. Bass' ' tl f ' 'MW 1 P' 2 i -1. Y k i i . Q ,. il TYPISTS: Eugene FieldS,Car01yn Pal-1-i5h,Bi11y Frank COPY: Betsy Turlington, Nan Aycock, Lynn I-looks, Suzanne Peacock, not pictured. Hooks. 45 5 Beta Club View 1 1 L 2 H l GERALD DAVIS, Secretary, BETSY TURLINGTON, President, AMELIA HOOKS, Vice-Presidentg GIBBY BLACKMAN, Treasurer. 7' Seated, left to right: Gibby Blackman, Amelia I-looks, Betsy Turlington, Gerald Davis. Second row: Louise Bass, Anne Yelverton, Lynn I-looks, Beverly Peacock, Nan Aycock, Anne Turlington, Faye Davis, Sammy Bass. Third row: Dick Rose, Alan l-licks, Ken Ellis, joel O'Neal, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Robert Barnes, Douglas Marlowe. 46 Q37 .N 52122553 '5-T355 MR . RALPH WAINWRIGI-IT Sponsor Secretary, Gerald Davis presents a certificate of membership to a new Beta Club member, Louise Bass. "' ' 7. !1'.,u.FI LBT"?'3lIITy. Library Club in Q' P MRS. VIRGINIA HARDIMAN AMELIA HOOKS, Secretary, oLoR1A cAHooN, Presidentg JUDY NEwsoME, Treasurer, NANCY BRoUoHToN, Vice- President, STEVE YELVERTON, Reporter. it X953-s f xxx ' ef' ,,.. - Front row, left to right: Nancy Broughton, Amelia I-looks, Gloria Cahoon, Judy Newsome. Second row: Tom Aycock, Sally Jones, Kay Peacock, Mary D. Wiggs, Nan Aycock, Brenda Barnes, Margie Proctor, Billy Hooks. Third row: Joanna Corbett, Janice Bass, Beverly Peacock, Steve Yelverton, Douglas Marlowe, Eugene Fields, George Aycock. Not Pictured Billy Frank Peacock. J ' 7-J L , Mary D. Wiggs and Gloria Cahoon arrange library 2 books on the shelves. 47 Future Home-:makers of America : 'wg ar ' 4' 5 , ,R x 3 A' -ev, 'r ,f 7 NELLIE SUE WI-IITWORTI-I X L wk 4 J NANCY BROUGHTON Treasurer Chaplain JOANNA CORBETT J BETTY ANNE PEACOCK Vice-President A Secretary FAYE DAVIS Q President Front row, left to right: Betty Anne Peacock, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Faye Davis, Joanna Corbett, Nancy Broughton. Second row: Dorothy Weeks, Janice Bass, Brenda Barnes, Gloria Cahoon, Sally Jones, Nan Aycock. Third row: Sandra Walker, Judy Hill, Freida Holland, Linda Wilkie, Lynn Corbett, Judy Newsome, Margie Proctor. All is 'A '10, ,go . 11, 5 - f- ,. El 1 3 , i Il' 2 V X. .. S' ok 0 40 ol DNEW 30 X XM? 6, X. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN Sponsor Freida Holland, Betty Anne Peacock, Linda Wilkie, Sandra Walker, Lynn Corbett, and Faye Davis give devo- tional at F. H.A. District Rally. NAN AYCOCK F. H. A. County Historian 48 . 4 Y 1 4 518- , J Future Farmers of America GERALD DAVIS President MR. F.D. RIVENBARK 1, -,U Sponsor W-, B' Er. GIBBY BLACKMAN - Vice-President GERALD JACKSON Secretary WILBERT HALL Sentinel 5. 4'-x 'N A J GEORGE AYCOCK Reporter BRAXTON FUTRELL Treasurer F r o n t row, left to right: Ji m rn y Davis, Jimmy Newcomb, Gibby Blackman, Eddie Davis, Jerry Mooring. W i 1 l i a m Green, Donald Whaley, Bruce Wilkie. Sec- ond row: R o 9 e r Harper, Harold Williamson, Wilbert Hall, Mack Baker, Arnold Davis, Tom Aycock, Kenneth Hooks, Walter Bass, Braxton Futrell, Ben Ray O'Neal, Bobby Bass, Harry Griffin, Billy Ray Walker, Iviichael Yelverton, Rudy Hooks, Jim Iv e y, Jerry West, Gerald Davis, I a m e s Blow, John , or 5119 'sqm :IQ CT: 15 I AMIRICA g f f I , "'p?7. - ,ff x G N o -I o I . "o' of F. F.A. boys clean up Ag. Shop after meeting. 49 , ,. , .,,.., . Sykes, Ernest Bass, George A y c o C k, Harold Walker, Gerald J a c k s o n, Charles Corbett, Harold Cuddington, Robert Barnes. ' ' ..fkf!lag:itQm'.f3'5g0!'f,Tlv'!-'li R W- li" 'P John B. Mayo Future Teachers of America Front row, left to right: Lynn Corbett, Louise Bass, Betty Ann Peacock, Linda Wilkie, Betsy Turlington, Suzanne I-looks, Anne Yelverton, Joanna Corbett, Verne Davis, Faye Davis, Second row: Steve Yelverton, Carrie Ellen Davis, Anne Turlington, Mary D. Wiggs, Kay Peacock, Jean Stevenson, Beverly Peacock, Gerald Davis, Lynn Hooks, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Amelia I-looks, Jimmy Davis. Third row: Robert Lee Barnes, Billy Hooks, Ken Ellis, Joel O'Neal, Sammy Bass, Douglas Marlowe, Alan Hicks, Gibby Blackman, Charles Bruton, Dick Rose, Ben Ray O'Neal. Not Pictured: Billy Frank Peacock. ' ANNE TURLINGTON, Secretary, KEN ELLIS, X Vice-President, F A Y E DAVIS, President, GERALD DAVIS, Treasurer: DOUGLAS MARLOWE, Historian. it an tw Mary D. Wiggs, Faye Davis, and Kay Peacock accept F. T. A. MR. L.V. GODWIN Charter. Sponsor 50 , .l.l-L Seated, from left to right: Eugene Fields, C arolyn Parrish, Deannie Sasser. Sec- ond row: Louise Bass, Faye Davis, Betty Ann Peacock, Anne Tur- lin g t o n, Beverly Peacock, Verne Davis, Amelia Hooks, Hooks, Nan Aycock, Nellie Sue Whitworth. T h i r d row: Carrie Davis, Betsy Tur- lington, Dick Rose, Steve Yelverton, Alan Hicks, Billy Hooks, Charles Bruton, Tom Aycock. Hornet Staff A 6. 1 "ls up Luft Q N, Y me 0 4- . 4 'fi lk MISS ALVA CHAUNCEY Sponsor 'Y ., "'H TYPISTS: Deannie Sasser, Carolyn Parrish, Eugene Fields. cARoLYN PARRISH, Editor, SUZANNE Hooks, Assist- ant Editor. 51 'QQ'- wn- --- as PS is an-, l ALTO: Seated, left to right: Louise Bass, Sandra Smith, Janice Bass, Betsy Turlington, Faye Davis. Second row: Kay Peacock, Diane Davis, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Nan Aycock, Mary D. Wiggs, Joanna Corbett, Anne Yelverton. SOPRANO: Seated, left to right: Carrie Davis, Gloria Cahoon, Brenda Parrish, Brenda Hare, Diane Parrish, Judy Hill. Second row: Mary Tucker, .Betty Peacock, Freida Holland, Sue Davis, Judy Newsome, Lynn Corbett, Brenda Elmore, Verne Davis, Margie Proctor. Third row:Amelia Hooks, Deanie Sasser, Esther Gooding, Jackie Lewis, Jean Stevenson, Lynn Hooks, Nancy Broughton, Mary Boswell. Fourth row: Sally Jones, Linda Wilkie, Anne Tmlington, Suzanne I-looks, Jenny Wiggs, Beverly Peacock, Brenda Barnes. PIANIST: Joanna Corbett 52 Glcc DIRECTOR: Mrs. Leland Pate Club Charles Bruton and Bill Wayne Lancaster practice "Moon River. "Alan Hicks, Steve Yelverton, and Dick Rose are seen in the background. 1 The altos sing their part to "Early One Moming. " ll- T E N O R: Front, left to right: Ken Ellis, Tom A y c o c k, Walter Bass, Steve Yelverton, Dick Rose. Second row:Ben Ray O'Neal, Mike Fulkerson, Bruce Wilkie. Third row: Kenneth Hooks, Eugene Fields, Ernest Bass, Douglas Marlowe, Rudy Hooks. ,,z Kaf-.. 53 5--4. 3 ,lf BASS: Seated, left to right: Charles Bruton, B r a X t o n Futrell, Wayne Strickland, Robert I-looks, Eddie Davis. Second row: Gib Blackman, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Gerald Davis, Alan Hicks, Michael Yelverton. Seated, left to right: Anne Turlington, Betsy Turlington, Anne Yelverton, Sandra Smith, Charles Bruton, Gibby Blackman, Beverly Peacock, Lynn Hooks, jenny Wiggs, Suzanne Hooks, Nancy Broughton, Mary Boswell. Second row: Gerald jackson, George Aycock, Gerald Davis, Dick Rose, Eugene Fields, Mike Fulkerson, Tom Aycock, Walter Bass, Bill Wayne Lancaster, joel O'Neal. Third row: Arnold Davis, Bruce Wilkie, John Yelverton, Alan Hicks, Steve Yelverton, Sammy Bass, jerry West, Ken Ellis, Harold Walker, Braxton Futrell, Robert Hooks. Fourth row: Billy Hooks, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Nan Aycock, Brenda Barnes, Dianne Davis, Amelia Hooks, Louise Bass, Gloria Cahoon, Faye Davis, Dorothy Weeks. BETSY TURLINGTON President CI-LARLES BRUTON ' I? 3' ' Secretary L. . 1 Q - - , ,Q ,, vff fr' , Q43-ef 1-E,-U s 'Y ' 1 MR. EARL BOYKIN "T TT' H Sponsor GIBBY BLACKMAN BILL WAYNE LANCASTER Vice-President TI'e2S111'61' I I Anne Turlington, Suzanne Hooks, J e n n y Wiggs, and Lynn Hooks show off their costumes. Dick Rose does jumping jacks at the Monogram Club initiation. 54 ' 1 1 ! 'Qflsam C o a c h Boykin stresses offensive t a c t i c s which leads to a victory over Rock Ridge. Last minute instructions before opening kick-off. A section of the Fremont student body at a home basketball game. S t u d e n t s construct bulletin board to arouse school spirit. gms "--.,.., 18 l. ITS A pose by Fremont' s cheer- leaders. ,n. Bill Lancaster, Charles Bruton, James Blow, and joel O'Nea1 show off the ir baseball uniforms before first game. , Down-Ready! Ken Ellis awaits pitch as Gerald Why 31113113 bubbles Sandra? Jackson gives signal. , 55 "Now don't foul that man." , tx s N f 59' 7x wx LU ' .,,. z Q , a s N ,fill fi", A , lie: s 4' , C "1' f vi xxh',.l'o 'A its BILL WAYNE LANCASTER BRAXTON FUTRELL JERRY WEST ALAN HICKS End Guard Center Guard BILLY HOOKS, Fullback EDDIE DAVIS, Fullback ., 'J S COIC S Fremont Opponent 0 Chocowinity 33 19 Belhaven 39 31 Saratoga 32 7 Belhaven 61 34 Broadway 14 I I' Football Inf. I f .F .t ' ' . Hi TOM AYCOCK, Guard STEVE YELVERTON, Quarterback BRUCE WILKIE, I-Ialfback fy., , DICK ROSE, I-Ialfback , BRAXTON FUTRELL 'r BILL WAYNE LANCASTER CHARLES BRUTON Tri-Captains '- 56 Front row, left to right: Bruce Wilkie, Billy Hooks, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Braxton Futrell, Charles Bruton, Gibby Blackman, Jerry West, Mike Fulkerson. Second row:A1an Hicks, Eugene I ' 'G ' 2 " f 'Ska-- . - ? --nn V p--I , , , Wgrffwfi, ' W ' it ' f - A K' -" tiff E'1Z7'.!" - A4 'H fa -' r 4 KEN ELLIS CHARLES BRUTON GIBBY BLACKMAN JAMES BLOW End Quarterback Halfback Fullback Scores Fremont Opponent 32 Saratoga 26 14 Chocowinity 32 33 Broadway 18 30 Saratoga 13 Team ' 501' " ' ,Y 9 ' K. , W. JOI-IN YELVERTON, Guard MIKE FULKERSON, Guard f ff WAYNE BLOW, MIKE ELLIS Fields, Sammy Bass, Dick Rose, James Blow, Eddie Davis, Tom Aycock, Kenneth Hooks, John Yelverton, Steve Yelverton, Ken Ellis. Managers 'hQ'Ml- ahh 'tif si- L, ff SAMMY BASS, End EUGENE FIELDS, End KENNETH Hooks, End MR. EARL BOYKIN Coach 3 Aida: -L .. . A Tri-Captain, Charles Bruton, pins ribbon Fremont' s rugged de- fensive t e a m prepares to stop the threats of Saratoga's offense. 'S Students have a bonfire on the eve of Homecoming. Princess, Suzanne Hooks, Queen, B e tsy Turlington, and Princess, Faye Davis are driven around foot- ball field in a convertible. on Homecoming Queen, Betsy Turlington. Homecoming Game-Fremont vs Saratoga Homecoming Queen, Betsy Turlington, is presented a dozen yellow roses. Princesses, Faye Davis, Suzanne Hooks, Attendants, S a n d r a Smith, Beverly P e a c o c k, Nan Aycock, Brenda Williamson, Dianne D a v i s, Louise Bass, and Queen Betsy Turlington await their entrance on field. Cheerleaders, Brenda Williamson, Kay Peacock, Anne Yelverton, Janice Bass, Louise Bass, Carrie Davis, and Dianne Davis hold victory sign. 58 Cheerleaders ANNE YELVERTON KAY PEACOCK PATTY HARDIMAN Mascot CARRIE ELLEN DAVIS DIANN E DAVIS LOUISE BASS Chief NAN AYC OCK JANICE BAss . TSI, CONFERENCE AND TOURNAMENT RUNNERS-UP Co-Captains: N E L L I E SUE WHITWORTH and BETSY TURLINGTON Managers: GEORGIA BASS and MR. RALPH WAINWRIGHT LINDA Rosa HOfHC ttf? S Coach Scores Fremont Opponent Fremont Opponent 43 Rosewood 27 40 Lucama 51 18 Lucama 46 47 Lee Woodard 27 30 Saratoga 26 34 Saratoga 42 58 Lee Woodard 31 54 Elm City 50 23 Rock Ridge 43 32 Rock Ridge 37 40 Saratoga 30 48 Rosewood 14 27 Grantham 23 PLAY-OFF 47 Elm City 28 38 Rock Ridge 17 30 Lucama 62 TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINALS 49 Lee Woodard 24 47 Rock Ridge 34 39 Saratoga 32 TOURNAMENT FINALS 63 Elm City 32 32 Lucama 49 38 Rock Ridge 24 2 - - ,mn wo-'um WW, FQ 4 . SWT? ,f xf' JN Fngnguk Irftffwjpff A, FREHEQJUTI7 KREH UNT FLHUNT will A HJ' , -La.. ff lffxx ,S ,L Front row, left to right: Brenda Barnes, Mary D. Wiggs, Betsy Turlington, Sandra Smith, Mary Boswell, Suzanne Hooks. Second row: Coach, Mr. Ralph Wainwright, Dorothy Weeks, Linda Wilkie, Anne Turlington, Nancy Broughton, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Jean Stevenson, Judy Hill, Freida Holland, Faye Davis. 60 Basketball Action Fre m ont players Jean Stevenson, 25, S u 2 a n n e Hooks, and Betsy Turlington fight Lucama players for the ball. Nancy Broughton stands in the background. Betsy Turlington drives by Saratoga guard for a lay-up. As the ball is shot, Jean Stevenson, 25, and Mary Boswell rush in for rebound against Saratoga's guards. In a game with I. u c a m a, guard Brenda Barnes jumps for a rebound as Mary D. Wiggs, 43, looks on. teammate. Mary D. Wiggs, 43, rebounds Betsy Turlington's lay-up. 61 Sandra Smith goes high in the air to tap a jump-ball to a Mary D. Wiggs recovers the ball from Lucama's Dianne Lamm. K ,111 A Fremont foursome, Jean Stevenson, Mary Boswell, 215 Brenda Barnes, and Suzanne Hooks scramble for a loose ball with Saratoga girls. " vs Managers: WAYNE BLOW and ' ' MIKE ELLIS . lf' CONFERENCE RUNNERS-UP Co-Captains: C HA R L E S BRUTON and BILL WAYNE LANCASTER Hornets MR. EARL BOYKIN Coach ,i -Q- 'gy Scores Fremont Opponent Fremont Opponent 46 Rosewood 43 76 Eim city 64 41 Lucanla 39 ROCI-4 Ridge 53 64 Saratoga 44 Lucama SO 70 Lee Woodard 55 Lee Woodard 77 50 Rock Ridge 49 Saratoga 50 55 Saratoga 33 Elm City 70 46 Grantham 35 Rock Ridge 56 56 Elm City 68 Rock Ridge 57 48 Lucama 56 Rosewood 46 44 Lee Woodard 43 TOURNAMENT 52 Saratoga 42 Elm City 53 Front row, left to right: Tom Aycock, Ken Ellis, Harold Walker, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Charles Bruton, Gibby Blackman, Dick Rose. Second row: Coach, Mr. Earl Boykin, Milford Holland, james Blow, Joel O'Neal, Jerry West, Rudy Hooks, Gerald Davis, Harold Cuddington, Sammy Bass. Basketball Action James Blow takes a jump shot while teammatesJoelO'Neal, 23, and Bill Wayne Lancaster, 25, look on. A surprising shot is taken by James Blow. Fremont players joel O'Neal and C ha r l e s Bruton are ready for the re- bound. joel O'Neal takes a shot while team - mates Ja m e s Blow and Charles James Blow, 42, 9 u a T d e d by Bruton screen off Saratoga players. Saratoga's 40, goes up for a shot. jo el O'Neal, 23, goes in for re- bound. Blow is fouled by a Saratoga player as he goes up for a shot. Lucama's B oy e tte twins double- team James Blow as he goes in for a lay-up. A Lucama player takes a graceful shot while Bill Wayne Lancaster, 25, watches. A As a S a r a t o 9 a player shoots, Fremont's Joel O'Neal, james Blow, and Bill Wayne Lancaster rush in for rebound. 63 Junior Varsity ,bw MR. EARL BOYKIN Coach Front row, left to right: John Yelverton, Arnold Davis, Ben Ray O'Nea1, jerry Mooring Eddie Davis, Steve Yelverton. Second row: Coach, Mr. Earl Boykin, Roger Harper Gerald Jackson, Douglas Lewis, Mike Fulkerson, Alan I-licks. GEORGE AYCOCK Timekeeper Starisrians DOUGLAS MARLOWE Scorekeeper IENNY WIGGS Scorekeeper 64 Baseball Team COACH Earl Boykin , I if MANAGER Eugene Ellis LEFT FIELD Roger Harper SECOND BASE FIRST BASE Ken Ellis Rudy Hooks Gerald Jackson :ah CENTER FIELD SHORT STOP James Blow Mil ford Holland RIGHT FIELD Donald Whaley Harold Cuddington PITCHER Bobby Bass CATCHE3 joel O'Nea1 T1-HRD BASE Eddle Davls Gib Blackman Eugene Fields Charles Bruton Bruce Wilkie Sammy Bass 65 . f X , ,, f ,A Q ,,v,,,,,.A7 . 4 W! ,'f7,, Z' if' .Q- 'f M 4 , Pitcher, joel O'Neal, w a rm s up at practice. Baseball Action l 1'-xy N 0 , ' 12 ai - . fs F1235 s:X M'-11 'x li,5!ff,,N as 21, '.4:::::g, 1' ff5'!!!' ' '-I - Q-.ff .-.M . ' 5 , . . 'J At night practice, james Blow takes his turn at bat. 'JL Spectators enjoy the convenience of Fremont's new refreshment stand at the baseball games. 'ig1.. PlayerBobby Bass considers the outcome of the game from the dugout. lllll ml "HH Il 94 ' 'Q' M l A picture of home plate is 7- wr taken from behind the scre en lx It W at a home game. lui' l is 53 Charles Bruton tries his ahnd at first base f"' A group of enthusiastic Fremont M ore refreshments for these students watch their team play FI'9m0T1t SPeCt3f0I'S- ball. 66 he s The annual Science Fair is an im portant event in junior high. Governor Sanford's visit highlights the school year. 1611, . V div- I 'N , . ' A 1 f . 4 1 s , L.. , " V . , I ' Y I , gg N Z V Q A , . ,JCM Y - iv . . I M51 l T' H I l N Y U ' . E:i::':".':.?." Z y if I -o Y ' , 1..-...i...f,' an is M2 f f Iv .. u iv 0' . 1- It I k' B' Q ' , ff . ' ,I n 73? v ' I N Y - I I Y Nellie Sue Whitworth and Commissioner Gray is por- Wayne Strickland are cast trayed by Gerald Davis in as Mr. and Mrs. Ed Walker the se nior play, DATE in the senior play, BAIT, . . ,.. 'N At the Junior-Senior Banquet, Nan - V A y c o c k poses with date, john Ed 'T Thigpen. X Special Events ga ,Ji ,- ,a . Seniors Charles Bruton and 1 Billy Frank Peacock leave school on the last day with While in New York, the seniors traveled to Hyde Park where they viewed thesite of Franklin gn, 3 '51 u 11 if ,f K-1 i x B Betsy Turlington receives her salu- tatory award. ., report cards. 5 Roosevelt's grave. 1--x -in "'a1vfur. fu-eff 'WN Mascot Lynn Mooring gives Steve .V - Davis a flirty look after graduation If f fx ceremonies. fi 'Q'-9 1 5 -""'-- 1 " 'z Loydene and Louise Bass relax after a tiring day in New York. 67 ..x.,.5.L .- Junior-Senior The Spectaculars provide an evening of pleasant mem- Louise Bass is seen with escorL, james ories. Blow. Gibby Bla c k ni a n poses lor the photographwith date,jean Johnson. Charles Burton and Louise Crocker enjoy viewing the couples on the dance floor. ,170 The Gypsy wagon provides the back- Robert Hooks and Faye Willoughby pose in front of a Gypsy ground for 3 Picture of Carolyn Parrish Wagon- and date, Randy Parrish. 68 DATE BAIT Directed by L.V. Godwin EMILY WALKER . HARLEY ALLEN. . ANNA GIBBONS. . LESTER GRAY ...... PAT WALKER ....... HAROLD SMITH. AGNES WALKER. ED WALKER ..... LouiseBass . . . . Billy Frank Peacock NanAycock Bill Wayne Lancaster . . . . . Carolyn Parrish . . . . . Eugene Fields Nellie Sue Whitworth . . . . . Wayne Strickland OFFICER BENSON ....... Billy Ray Walker MARY WALKER ..... . . Betsy Turlington JOHNNY BURNS ..... DAVE WILSON .... JIM ALLEN. .... . . . . Charles Bruton . . . . Braxton Futrell . . Gerald Davis Senior Play igif , EMILY: Gee, you'd be an awfully handsome one. LESTER: Oh, I'd do all right. EMILY: Harley, you know how much this means to me! COMMITTEES Assistant to Director ......... Billy Hooks Publicity ............... Betsy Turlington Louise Bass Lights and Curtains .... .... B illy Hooks Properties ........... .... R obert Hooks Programs ................ Carolyn Parrish Eugene Fields Set. . . Billy Ray Walker, Wayne Strickland Braxton Futrell, Robert Hooks F.D. Rivenbark, Billy Hooks Prompters ..... Billy Hooks, Robert Hooks ANNA:I wonderifyou'll drive me home? That is, if you're going anyway. -- ,- if MLB' Lv' 1 . ne is 1 1 i y Frank PCaCOSlLi2QI,aind Strickiand, Robigl 3 game Oi Billy Hoist? to NNIaShm9tOn' card5 CH D.C- Q! l V 4 If . l ,cl X31 if es.-W iF-'HAIR f f L A ,J Eugene Fields is caught napping at an all-night party on the eve before returning home. After a tiring trip to Washington, IW Louise Bass prepares for a moon- X light cruise. The long ride prov Jo b GS to 1, Bruitloiq lil for chaperons epin- Y J rs, Etherid 2 FS, elverton, andMr ge, Mrs. ' COdwin New York Trip Climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty was tire- some but interesting. This View of the Capitol was merely a preview of what we would see on the inside. jf, ff. y'fn.v',l. Bus driver, O.N. Dixon, packs the bus for the long trip home. 70 ,i .5 ii fi U A tired crowd of seniors return to Fremont from a most enjoyable week in New York. an FAYE DAVIS junior Go- X X . MARY D. WIGGS Freshman Marshals 41 BEVERLY PEACOCK Chief junior 'Q' ALAN HICKS ANNE TURLINGTON Sophomore Sophomore M 21 SCO t S if MASCOTS Steve Davis Lynn Mooring 71 iv f',fi AMELIA HOOKS Junior -'T KAY PEACOCK Freshman ,rw-A 'bu NAN AYCOCK Valeclictorian 4 ...f?.... '---.,,-,. BACCALAURFATE SERMON Reverend 1.1-I. Waldrop, Jr Fremont Methodist Church Class Night juniors openClass Night with a farewell song to the Class of '63. Refreshments are enjoyed by seniors at a party givenby Nan Aycock after Class Night rehersal. I I.--1 ., ff J ,Y ,s Y h' -els C r gt t rf ,ti fi? X ' -.Xi K' Seniors say good-by to the junior class. A welcome speech is delivered by Betsy Turlington. , Giftorians, Louise Bass and Charles S e niors end a night of pleasant Betsy Turlington marches through Bruton, present a gift to Braxton memories with a closing song. the ivy arches at the end of Class Futrell. Night '63. 73 my ,-4 ' Betsy Turlington opens graduation ceremonies with her salutatory speech. The Board of Education presents a gift to retiring teacher, Mrs. Anne Yelverton. School board chairman, Mr. James Bruton, presents di- ploma to Charles Bruton. 74 Seniors Dr. Richard Spear delivers graduation speech on "The Three Bones." 1 With tassel flapping in his face, Gerald Davis goes on stage to receive a one hundred dollar scholarship. Graduate Seniors await the changing of their tassel from the right side to the left to indicate that they have graduated. S-av , Valedictorian Nan Aycock poses for a picture in her cap and gown. Bill Wayne Lancaster receives his diploma. Finally graduated,the Seniors of '63 prepare to leave Fremont High School. .Aww K pb Nan Aycock leads the procession of seniors down the aisle for the last time. 75 Governor Sanford Visits sa. School r pu ll Governor Terry Sanford, and Mrs. john B. Chase, representative to the General Assembly, arrive at Fremont School. Governor Sanford delivers an address to the student body. 2 A Governor Sanford says good-by. Betsy Turlington and Gerald Davis talk w i t h Mrs. Chase. in ,r Gerald Davis expresses our schoo1's appreciation to sw- Governor Sanford. 76 Home economic students give the lab a final clean-up. ll , . , ,,,,,.-1-uuiQ! Schools Out Mr. Wainwright tells algebra students their exam grades. Senior, Billy Hooks, shows his final report card to classmate Braxton Futrell. Mr. Rivenbark p r e s e nt s awards to agriculture boys. Amelia Hooks accepts the American History Award from Mr. Robinson. Betty Ann P e a c o c k, Carrie Davis, Anne Turlington, and Anne Ye lverton gaily leave s c h o o 1 for a three months vacation. I 1 Debbie Elmore is one ofthe many students who received perfect attendance certificates on the closing day of school. 77 FREMCJNT MOTOR SALES INC. CARS TRUCKS SALES SERVICE GOLDSBORO STREET telephone 242-6636 Fremont, North Corolino New cmd Used Cors I 78 I I BRANCH BANKING AND TRUST C0 C I k hC I b CC SEASHORE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY ew Bern, North Corolin Phone 242-6451 DEES AND WHITLEY General Merchandise Fertilizers Dealers Eugrutulutiuus to the class of '63 u ? il LJ lm ll .Ill f Compliments of TCWN AND COUNTRY GAS COMPANY Fremont, North Carolina Serving Fremont and surrounding areas with LP gas, bulk and bottled. Manager: Arthur Fields 81 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE kWhI N hC I S 81 W SUPPLY STORE GENERAL MERCHANTS CH L S L W GGS Q IwCI AYCGCK-SELBY CCMPANY, INC Telephone 242-6951 General Electric Mayo Curers Sherwin-Willioms Points Royster Fertilizers Liquid Nitrogen Fremont, North Corolino PEACOCK AND RCSE Lumber Cotton Ginning Fremont, North Corolino 83 It your wife cc1n't cook, clon't divorce her, keep her for ci pet, ond ect ot MR. LEE'S COFFEE SHOP Fremont, North Corolino Phone 242-3346 PAUL C. BLALCJCK, INC. Soles - Chevrolet- Service Ports gl Accessories Fremont, North Corolino 84 YELVERTON'S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 242-6741 Fremont, North Carolina HOOKS BROS. HOOKS HARDWARE We Feature Dobbs Hats Farm Machinery Robertson Fertilizer Frigidaire Appliances "We service what we sell" Fremont, North Carolina 85 FREMONT SUPERETTE Dependable Service Fruits ond Vegetables, Fresh Meofs Fremont, North Corolino Phone 242-6191 GET THE BEST GET 200 N. Roilrood Sf. Wilson, North Corolino 86 mf? 1 Be Sociable Have A Pepsi PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Selma, North Carol ina HERFF-JONES CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Phone GR 8-3001 - Office OR 8-3206 - Residence 1401-1429 N. Capitol Avenue Indianapolis 7, Indiana 87 GROWERS COCDPERATIVE WAREHOUSE, INC For The Sale of Leaf Tobacco Telephone 243-5097 Highway 3Ol South Wilson, North Carolina "We pay patronage dividends" LIBERTY WAREHCUSE Wilson, North Carolina Carl Rentro, Prop. Therman Barnes, Sales Manager 88 Compliments of MADE RITE SUNBEAM BREAD AND ROLLS Goldsboro, North Ccnrolino Wayne County "A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR YOU IN CLOTHES" SHOP- TH E H U B Goldsboro, North Corolino 89 INSURED SAVINGS - HOME LOANS SHINGS Y s FE vor s s 4 gx A T lo gf Your Avms 'Z : E 2 ur to Q 'fb s1o,ooo S ay 55" ff ml? GOLDSBORO WHERE PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY Robert E. Bryan, President J.G. Campbell, Exec. Vice-President Troy W. Pate, Jr., Asst. Vice-President IO-4 South Center Street Dial RE 4-2064 TRI-COUNTY ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORP. A rural electric cooperative Serving Wayne, Duplin and Lenoir Counties Offices at I304 Nortb William Street Goldsboro, Nortb Carolina 90 Compliments of N E W S A R G U S Goldsboro, North Corolino HARDWOOD DIMENSIONS, INC Buyer of Hardwood, Logs cmd SeIIer of Furniture Squores Located in Burgcw Fremont Goldsboro 91 iw lleviil f if MEANW4 5 ., i xfssmnifx .. ,g ,, Oscar E. Turlington A i , vlel General Merchandise l Fremont, North Carolina Sanitary Market PhOr1G242-5681 Phone 242-675l Fremont, North Carolina William Rose Interiors at Adamsville Golclsboro's and Wayne County's fine fashion store for 98 years. Goldsboro, Norm Carolina 92 Residence Phone 242-6861 Dees 8a YeiV6I'i'OI'l Donce to the music of Dupont Points ond Armour's Fertilizers Westinghouse Form Supplies JIMMY AYCOCK 8 Phone 242-7351 Fremont, North Corolino The Melodolres S gt W Milling CQ. Fremont Phormocy Custom Grinding onol Mixing Hprescripnon Druggistsu Phone 242-6531 Fremont, North Corolino Phone 242-6221 Fremont, North Corolino 93 Compliments of Terry Lynn's Prices Super Market The Biggest Little Store in Town Fremont, North Corolino Fremont, North Corolino Fremonl Leonord D. Hooks Wholescile Corp. Insurance Agency Points - Building Supplies - Cool Telephone: 242-3546 Dlsmbuiors Fremont, North Corolinci Phone 242-66ll Fremont, North Corolinci "Complete lnsuronce Service" 94 George Hicks Motor Co. Chrysler - Plymouth - Valiant Soles 8. Service Phone 242-736i Crotthouse Upholstering Co Box 81 Fremont, North Corolincl Furniture Upholstering Custom Auto Seot Covers Convos 8 Tent Repoiring No Job Too Big or Too Smoll Pote's Esso Servicenter Tires - Tubes - Botteries Sandwiches of all kinds Fremont, North Corolino Rose Cleoners Eorl Rose Pippin, Owner Phone 242-6376 Fremont, North Corolino I 95 Mammoth Service Station Monroe Minchew, Proprietor Tires, Batteries and Road Service Fremont, North Carolina Fremont Sinclair Harold Jones, Owner Fremont, North Carolina Barnes Repair Shop P.O. Box 41 Phone 242-3926 Boats, trailers, tobacco trucks, etc. Fremont, North Carolina Pollecl Hereford Cattle Hilltop Farms Dr. L.M. Massey, Owner Zebulon, North Carolina Compliments ot Milton Best Compliments of lnsuronce Agency Mammoth Grocery Inc. Fremont, North Corolino FVGITIOHT, North Cc1rOlinO Phone 242-6341 Pecicock Pope S Builders Supply Co. 5 8 iD Cent Store Fremont, North Corolino Fremont, North Corolino Oettinger's Department Store and Oettinger's Men's Store Wilson, North Carolina Bailey's Jewelry Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry EXPERT WATCH REPAIR lO9 South Goldsboro Street Wilson, North Carolina Parker's Barbecue N. Carolina's Famous E t g Pl One Mile S. Wilson, N th C On U.S. Hwy. Phone 7-0972 Moss 8g Company Inc. Men's and Boy's lO3 West Nas Wilson, North C hStt Denny's Jewelers Wilson, North Carolina New Planters Warehouse Wilson, North Carolina Service you can depend on. 733 S. Goldsboro Street Phone 237-2827 Smith Warehouses Wilson, North Carolina Phone 243-2l4l 7 Barshay s lOO E. Nash at Tarboro Stre t Wilson, North Carolina Heilig-Meyers Compdny Furniture ond House Furnishings Goldsboro, Nortb Corolino Bells ter' SHOP For . Better Buys . Better Volues Better Selections in Goldsboro Edwords YOUNG MENS SHOP Goldsboro, Nortb Corolino 7 l Mickey s Postry Shop Goldsboro, North Corolino Worley Typewriter Exchonge Phone RE 4-0845 Goldsboro, North Corolino Trode-Rite Motors 3l9 N. Center Street Goldsboro, North Corolino Bus. Phone RE 5-2565 "Where every deol is o toir deol . " O.L. Storling, Owner Dovid Hinnont, Solesmon lsoocs-Kohn Funiture Co., Inc. "The Big Furniture Store on Center St." Goldsboro, North Corolino Open on account - Use Your Credit J. M. Edgerton 84 Son, Inc. Your internotionol Horvester ond Rombler Deolers Eostern Corolino Form Equipment Center Phone RE 4-4361 Goldsboro, North Corolino Goldpark Lake Swimming and Skating School Class Parties Welcomed 5 miles South of Goldsboro U.S. ll7 Dewey Bros., Inc. Founders, Machinists, Mill Supplies Metal Building Supplies Steel Fabricators Phone RE 4-3411 Goldsboro George W. Aycock 81 Sons, Inc. LIVE P.O. Box 307 Goldsboro, North Carolina Seth B. Hollowell Gil Co. Plant Location - Adamsville Dial RE 4-5493 or 5-3895 P.O. Box 290 Goldsboro, North Carolina R. N. Rouse 8g Co. Generol Controctors Goldsboro, North Corolino JD X ' Q N? 'IRL Xssrzsxs NW ll IW nba , , Mgtrviml' 'Oo ll'.g':.:6::Rg?,6g.o ,-Q Q- . u A '9' 2: .:.: 5. X 0,550 - Q, N , V , . ' 'O Q 0 1 " X Q K, 05' ' YY4 s ' , W, g,5,,gqw.v3,YP,,CfTf?-fixing' ' X , ' Q 0 I ' v ' 0 ' y'o'."'......:',. 5... . W s.. . X , o C S H 2 fu l N ' Ah 0: l Y l C ,. ' 4. . ' 5 l IV I 5 '3 l 23 K. D ' sfo' S 1 Q ' :l:O.l. ' ' D 6 ,za C G 'Aww z. .0 4.0.0 M 0 GE 3 - I :Qt H0,.,.--HP ' t 1 A l I . 4 1' l , , , gb H, 1-415 -- , J Lf,jT'.f,"f'.. ,. ,. 6: ' ' . 1 0 'N' ' my if in IO: ,:'a. Q Ylf, 5 1 ' Q, 1' ' ' Q Q' . 21:08 ' 'fs , I 0 ', , o 0 fr 5 4, A ' K 0.0 'fo Q 'X' '- 1 P .493 :na :G'.'o'o'q , o'a'n'o'0.0,0 H a 59.1. ,. . ' 00,950.05 , ER fo' .5 . O .0 .'o' ' In Q' 'O :':'. . ' My .34 .'.g.g.'.g.,.'.g.' .'v" if S . rt Qt W 114.4 i 1 4 no, nl Q N - c 'Nu X n 'Q' so 0 Q gl 6 QQ. - -..n . - 0 ':'f'o'n'o'0' ' ' ' ' Compliments of Corolino Troctors Compliments of Inc. 7-UP Bottling Co Your Massey-Ferguson Deoler Dial 734-O78l Goldsboro, Nortb Corolino Goldsboro, Nortb Corolino Dillon Supply Company Industrial Machinery and Supplies + 0, Q' 1 P.O. Box i008 Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 5-2421 FLowERs By Spence Williams "Flowers for All Occasions Mk 3 -2, x f,, -jf, x fm t K Goldsboro, North Carolina GriFtin's Barbecue 806 South George Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Dial RE 5-4242 P.O. Box 657 Compliments of Sam .lergigan 8K Sons Furniture Co. Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone RE 5-2543 104 McBride 81 Herring Sporting Goods Co. I Montgomery Word nc. SUPPLY STORE 1713 Eost Ash Street Sunrise Shopping Center Goldsboro, North Corolino Phone RE 5-0855 Goldsboro, North Corolino Compliments of Compliments of Victory Worehouse Fremont Auto Ports Fremont, North Corolino Goldsboro, North Corolino 105 Wayne Medical Company Wholesale Drugs, Surgical Supplies Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs, Sick-Room Supplies John 8. Talmage Thigpen, Owners Pikeville, North Carolina Buck's Drive-In Short Regular- Orders Meals Fountain Drinks - Hot Dogs Hamburgers Phone 242-6083 Pikeville, North Carolina Nahunta Hog Market slaughter house Phone 242-6lO8, Fremont, N.C. Pikeville, North Carolina n , . if' -. I N I , ,G w s X . " lk, ig. 'S S-1 fl nu. .L 'ng - 'irifi1f,?..' , . was f i it f - ' W V. 514.4--Les Crawforcl's Men's Shop Pikeville, North Carolina "The Best In Men's Wear" Phone 242-5657 Compliments of Farmers Warehouse 81 Roof Coating 81 Repairing . Goldsboro, North Carolina Open Air Market lO5 S. Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina gt Phone RE 4-1861 Goldsboro, North Carolina Compliments of PENNEYQS CREECH'S, INC. Furniture of Distincti Y-17 ,li THE LADIES' SHOPPE Compnmenfs OI Ladies' Reddy to Wear JOHN YELVERTON SERVICE STATION MILLINERY Fremont, North Corolino Fremont, North Corolino FIELDS'S FISH MARKET CAPP'S SHELL STATION Fremont, North Corolino 0 Fremont, North Corolino I Compliments of LEWIS 81 NEWSOIVIE GROCERY GIDDEN'S JEWELRY STORE Fremont, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Corolino CompIiments ot CompIiments of ROLLINS APPLIANCE CENTER ROBlNSON'S DRUG STORE Goldsboro, North Corolino Goldsboro, North Corolino 108 Compliments of I. Wholesale and Retail Petroleum Product Oil Burning Tobacco Curers 2I5 W. Walnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 242'59II Pikeville, North Carolina HOOKS COAL AND OIL CO. HOOKS WATCH 8: SHOE REPAIR Fremont, North Carolina Fremont, North Carolina BELFAST BEAUTY SALON Compliments of Wilson Highway FREMQNT DRY CLEANERS Phone 58595 Permanents 7.50 up CHICK DANIELS SALES gf SERVICE QUALITY BICYCLE SHOP Bryon Greene, Owner Fremont and Pikeville Registered Service Dealer - Small Engin Ch . d M SCHWINN BICYCLES Omsows on Owers Lawn mowers sharpened - Safes repaired Day 242-6053 Keys made - Locks serviced Nlghl 242-5206 Goldsboro, North Carolina KOR - VIN Compliments of JOHNSON COTTON COMPANY Menls Wear of Goldsboro, Inc. I "EVERYTHING FOR A Goldsboro, North Corolino AND HOME-T.I-IE I: RM Compliments of GARRI S .IEWELERS N. Center Street Goldsboro, North Ccirolino DR. S.D. COLLIER Chiropractor Goldsboro, North Corolino CASH DRUG STORE Goldsboro, North Cdrolino Compliments of SOUTHERLAND FUR N I TU RE COMPANY Goldsboro, North Cdrolino SEEGARS HARDWARE gl SUPPLY CO II8 N. John Street Goldsboro, North Corolinci EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Compliments of BEN ELL I S Goldsboro, North Ccrolino WILSON SHOE SERVICE Wilson, North Ccnrolino SALLIE'S Cocktail ond Party Dresses "Eastern Cdrolinc1's Largest Bridol ond Formal Shop" Goldsboro, North Corolino THE BORDEN MANUFACTURING CO. Goldsboro, North Corolinca HOBB'S STOCK YARD Goldsboro, North Ccxrolincx Compliments ot HEl.IG'IVlYERS Wilson, North Ccrolinu R.E. QUINN 81 CO. Wilson, North Corolinci "Yo'II Come" RAY'S DRlVE'IN 3OI South of Wilson Compliments of OOLDSBORO CANDY KITCHEN NELSON'S PHOTO SHOP PRICE JEWELERS FRIENDLY VARIETY STORKS NEST JIM'S CAMERA SHOP ROBBINS JEWELERS 8. MUSIC SHEALY'S BAKE SHOPPE wan-f-f-r -- mwv- E 4. v K L I L! PRODUCT OF nfer g dl 4 A COMPANY JJJ WDIANA AVRNUE WINSYON SALEM, N C . vfr. Q-Q. 'f-'vi " 0 Q - ' , A. ,- i , Y. O O W 'Q' 1 -r.. K . ff.. '-1' Q ' .. 1. ,,,,,.. ' 4 'fr J D 4 Q . 1, ,V a W.- ,s A A ' V .' A 9 0 ' 'Q t 0 . U ,f .9 Q Q n . f qv ' Yo o 6. 0 . U o , ' Q 0 9 an 3 ' O I b I A H A 1 -- l . . Q 4.11.4 N - -A K' 'SE' ,, .L, 43. an A7 4. -Wx ' -- r- :,,' 'ff 5 'n 9 L. . , U. '. -4' A. 1- -' Y Q I ' . 'rv' -"WP 1 - 'v' 0 aff' . .5 I. H. . ig dlp' Q. - - ' "n e IL .-I. I I Q. ' . v Q "el 11 . . ' "I ' ' 1' '., , Q ,14-V r- -R lr 1 .3 Q , . Y 0 -m , . 0 O -5 O Q 'A QS. u o Q f Q Q T l O 'O

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Fremont High School - Grego Yearbook (Fremont, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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