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'ff' ' "9" V- - 'nw-' '. ' ' ..., 'Q .A .-n, ' dfsgaaq THE GREGO Weather C r lat s to come we know ot "We will draw the know that what ha show you the p was good' " Volume V II Published In The Year MCMLXI By THE SENIOR CLASS OF e FREMONT GRADED SCHOOLS "All 7M Sclwol 7lew4 f74at'4 Fit 70 7wzt" . . . ffm! Some 17M ,9m'tf! Ttfbtfle Ute, rave 'mailer youft fla8Y 1a,.r'.f'c.f aw j Y , Q Qncfl 1 ref af 'fear fa my fame, 0466 erany fyqg' H ,WMJ mf PARK 596' Between These Pages . . "Trade hardly deems the busy day begun Till his keen eye along the sheet has rung The blooming daughter throws her needle by And reads her school mate's marriage with a sighg While the grave mother puts her glasses on, And gives a tear to some old erony gone. The preacher, too, his Sunday theme lays downg To know what last new folly fills the towng Lively or sad, life-'s meanest, mightiest things, The fate of fighting cocks, or fighting kings." Sprague-Curiosity THE GREGO STAFF, 1960-61 2 Q 4 af" 'by Q-P 'x MR. SJ. COLE Superintendent eader's Guide UP-TO-THE-MINUTE NEWS Crossword Puzzle Seniors 1961-Graduate Club Activities 8th Grade 1961-High School Class Rosters SPECIAL FEATURES GREGO Staff New York Trip Keepers of the Keys SPORTS ACTIVITIES EDITORIALS AND CLUBS Class History Prophecy Senior Play junior-Senior Featuring Dedication Advertisem ents Finis Message Dear Students: We of the administration and faculty are happy that we have had the opportunity of sharing with you one of the happiest years of your lives. We hope that you have acquired an extra year of knowledge, learned to do your best, and cultivated lasting friendships. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to the Annual Staff for publishing this edition of the GREGO, and our very best wishes go with the members ofthe 1961 Senior Class. May this annual always be an inspiration to help you become better than what you are! Yours truly, lg. M Appreciation . "Hearts, like doors, will open with ease To very, very little keys, And don't forget that two of these Are 'I thank you' and 'If you please We started our annual with "Give us money if you ple as e" and you, our loyal advertisers pleased. Now we close our annual with untold "Thank You's" for m aking this 1961 GREGO possible. THE GREEN AND GOLD GRE-GO EWS BULLETI VOLUME VII: Published each year for the never-to-be-forgotten moments of classmates of Fremont School-196O-1961-- 100 Copies. raduates of 1961 Commencement Address Views Future With Promise Excerpts From Valedictory Address V vig Y DR. LH. I-IORNE Registrar of E. C. C. Dr. 1. I-I. I-lorne, Registrar of East Carolina Col- lege, delivered the commencement address to the graduating class of 1961. In his address he stressed the philosophy of three great teachers, Socrates, Plato, and jesus Christ:"KNOW Tl-IYSELF. . . Ifyou dOn'tl-mow yourself, how can you know others? CONTROL THY- SELF.. .It's all right for you to become angry and all right for me to become angry, but it's not all right for both of us to becom e angry at the same time. GIVE Tl-IYSELF. . .Instead of buying expensive gifts, do an actofkindness. It's the little things that count. " 'EX 'KP' BONNIE DEW BALLANCE "Classmates, parents, teachers, and friends: the more difficult part of any graduation program is to say goodby and, in doing so, to express becomingly the appreciation and affection of the students for those from whom they part. This it is my privilege and duty, on behalf of my classmates, now to do. In bidding farewell to you the members of the Board of Education, Mr. Cole, and our teachers we extend our heartfelt thanks. You have enabled us to begin the acquisition of what Aristotle called "an omament in prosperity, and a refuge in adversity"-an education. To you, our parents, we thank you for your love and support. Without you we would be nothing. To you, the undergraduates, we wish to leave you with a gem of ad- monition: Do not try to bluff, you will be found out. Do not waste time, you will be sorry. Get all the knowledge you can, you will need it. And now, fellow members of the graduating class, we too must part, but in triumph or failure, we-alth or poverty, sickness or health, the bright recollections of the class of 1961 will never fade. In our hearts we shall not be divided. " Excerpts From Salutatory Address IES SE AYCOCK BLAC KMAN "Tonight is the night for us to say goodbye. In doing so, I would like to thank, for the senior class, everyone con ne cted with our graduation. Each of us would especially like to thank our parents. You have worked as hard for this occasion as we have. You have stood by us through both the stormy and the fair weather. We would like to thank our teachers. You have worked with and taught us, helping our parents in training us in our growth toward maturity. Although we are leaving, we still need the guidance, understanding, advice, and friendship of all of you. You have made us what we are, and what we will be depends very much on the help you continue to give us. Once again Iwould like to thank all of you, on behalf of the members ofthe senior class, for making this most enjoyable and memorable moment possible for us. " Class Officers Lead The a 7 4 7 i l '7'S , V 9 g 1 l .4 Seated: Carlton Blow, Vice-president, jesse Blackman, President, Loydene Bass, Secretary, Cynthia Wiggs, Treasurer Standing: Geralyn Davis, Virginia Sullivan, and Frances Parrish, Reporters. 5 "Not at the top, but climbing." COl0I'S.' Red and white FlOWef: Red Rose .f i .sf x bl 1 yn' I . l I., RUSS DAVIS KIM HOOKS ithout These We Would ot Be A Class.. "Nothing useless is, or low, Each thing in its place is best, And what seems but idle show Strengthens and supports the rest. --Longfellow good things. " A M--..-. Q I ,L N, if S- WILLIAM GORDON AYCOCK, JR. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, Base- ball 1,25 Monogram 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff4, Senior Play QStage Managerj 4, Library 1. 6 MRS. SEDALIA S. GREEN "English is the root of all 'X ft T' We, the members of the 1961 senior class, would like to express our deepest appreciation to you for your time, help, and guidance. We say "Thank You." -H,,,.rw.. L- Y' 1 ,K BONNIE DEW BALLANCE F. H. A. 1, 25 Officer 25 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 3,43 Officer 43 Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 45 Marshal 1,2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Officer 4, Senior Play 4, Dress Review winner 2, French II Award 4. BONNY HUGH BASS F.F.A. 1, 2, 4, Glee Club 1, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play fStage Managerj 4. inf V JESSE AYCOCK BLACKMAN Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Mono- gram Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Li- brary Club 1, 2, Newspaper 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 4, Of- ficer 4, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Senior Play 4, Bus Driver 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Dist- rict Finalist for Morehead Scholar- ship 4, Marshal 1, 2, 3, Chief 3. auf' JUDY LOYDENE BASS F.H.A. 1, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, l.,lDI'3.I'y 4, Off-iCe1' 41-,News- paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Class Officer 4, America History Award 3, Cheerleader 4, Basketball 1. ALBERT CARLTON BLOW Monogram Club 2,3,4, Annual Staff 4, Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 1,-3, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3,4, Class Officer 1, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Newspaper Staff 3. 7 '23 L' Q...-f 3 THELMA "BETH" BENTON Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F,H,A,1,2, 3, 4-H Club 2, 3, Song Leader, Li- brary Club 1,2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Senior Play 4. 1.'1T""7 LINDA CAROL BOSWELL Library Club 1, 4, Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Annual Staff 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, News- paper Staff 4, F.H.A. 1,2, Senior Play 4, Honorable Mention in Dress Review 1, 2, ,.Q, K!"-'v JAMES EDWARD BROUGI-ITON F.F.A. 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Annual Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Mono- gram Club 2, 3, -1, Senior Play 4, Bus Driver 4. .r'1f"7iI. -P5 5 lf "Ni 7' 'A lug, CARLTON BLANCHARD DAVIS Basketball 1, Monogram Club 1,2, 35 F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Vice-president, Senior Play 4. 5 NC., LaVON KEITH DANIELS F. F. A. 45 Glee Club 4, Annual Staff -1. 'til 1046-1 GEORGE BRIAN DAVIS Annual Staff 45 Piano 1,2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Newspaper 1, 4. ffx Q7-M., S. FRANCES GERALYN DAVIS Monogra m Club 3, 4, Officer 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4,0fficer 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Beta Club 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Home- coming Attendant 4, Annual Staff 4, F. I-I. A. 1, 2, Officer 25 Library Club 2, Softball 2, Senior Play 4, Class O f fi c e r 43 Dress Review Winner 1, Typing I Award Winner -1, Betty Crocker Award 4. 8 af'- '35' 4- x 'K ' CHARLOTTE ANN GRAY Basketball 1, 2, 35 F. H. A. 1,' 2, Monogram Club 2, 3,45 Library Club 4, Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Dress Review Winner 2. BERT RAM STOVER HAYES F. F. A. 1, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Football 1, Base- bau 1, 3. :Ig 'if -1 , , is DANIEL LEE JONES Glee Club 1, 3, 4-I-I Club 1, Annual Staff 4, School Store Manager 4.1 """"'T" if - JAMES LASSITER HOLLAND F. F. A. 3,4, Officer 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, -1, Annual Staff 4, Class Officer 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. 1- 4: A JACK LANCASTER, JR. Baseball 1, Basketball 1, Glee Club 1, F. F. A. 4, Annual Staff 4, 4-H Club 1. 9 iffy if fi f , uf' ' W vi JUDITH CAROLYN HOOKS F.F.A. Sweetheart 3, Homecoming Attendant 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Dress Review fl-lonorable MentionJ 1,2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, News- paper Staff 1,2, 3,4, Library Club 1, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Of- ficer 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1,25 Annual Staff 1, 4, Senior Play 4, Class Of- ficer 2, Softball 2, 3. v-v" FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT OVERBY Annual S1aff4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4. Q-5 fs- T' 5 1 HZ.. ,. f., pf A 1 , FRANCES ROSE PARRISI-I F.I-l.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 3, 45 Miss F.H. A. 25 County F.I-l.A. Officer 45 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 45 Annual Staff 2, 45 Officer 45 Glee Club 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Officer 45 Newspaper 3,45 Officer 3,-15 Class Officer 1, 3, 45 DAR Citizen- ship Award 45 Miss Merry Christmas Representative 45 Entry in County Typing Contest 45 Bookkeeping Award 35 Dress Review Winner 2. . 4 rt. 0. 17541 WC' GERALDINE RAY TEW Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Co-Captain 45 Cvlee Club 1, 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 LibraryClub 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 45 F.H.A. 1, 3, 45 Officer 35 Softball 2, 35 Senior Play 4. Q!! if ,I RANDY JOE PARRISI-I F. F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 35 Baseball 35 Co-Captain5 4-H C lub 1, 2, 35 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45Library Club 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Q51- Q- I CYNTHIA JANE WIGGS Basketball 1,2, 35 F.l-I.A. 1,25 Officer 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Li- brary Club 1, 3,45 O f fi c e r 3,45 Newsaper Staff 2, 3, 45 Officer 45 Monogram 2, 3, 45Officer 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Score- k e e p e r 45 Senior Play 45 F. F.A. Sweetheart 45 Dress Review Winner 1. 10 f 3' . Wa! l .- vi VIRGINIA BRUCE SULLIVAN F. H. A. 25 Chief Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 3,45 Newspaper Staff 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Softball 2, 35 Monogram Club 3, 45 Officer 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 School Sweetheart Runner-up5 Charles L. Coon, Band I. 1 gr' ,J , 5... 5 ' 74- 1 4 F F, "fa U was - ..,4 ' h au. ' .HQ SYLVIA GRAY WILLIAMSON F.I-LA. 15 4-I-I Club 1, 2, 35 Annual Staff 45 Library Club 45 Play 45 Glee Club 1, 4. FREMCNT MOTOR SALES INC f l X - , Cars ' Trucks Soles Service Goldsboro Sfreef Telephone 242-6636 Fremont, North Corolino New ond Used Cors 11 EIGHTH GRADE-TRANSITIO T0 HIGH SCHOOL 'There Is 0 Business Like School Business" Fremont, May 30- The students of the eighth grade presented a lively skit "There's No Business Like School Business" based on the music from South Pacific. Dreams of future activi- ties presente d as challenges by many ofthe students caused them to take time to recall past and future edu- cational opportunities in Fremont Graded School. They expressed realization of the duties in store for them as they enter high school and work toward accomplishment of their dreams. "Miss Anne" Yelverton and Mr. Raymond Curley, eighth grade sponsors, planned and directed the pro- gram. The songs were directed by Mrs. Ladelle Pate and piano music was furnished by jimmy Aycock, past graduate of Fremont High School. My "Thou art not for the fashion of these times Mr. Cole Challengesf Where none will sweat but for promotion. " -Shakespeare Seventh Grade Honor Students ,N I r A i Q 'A x V X M , ti, 1 V High School-Here We Come!! Mr. S.J. Cole, Superintendent of theFremont Schools, presented certificates of promotion to High School to forty-five eighth grade students during exer- cises Tuesday morning, May 30, 1961. He challenged them to set their goals high and to work hard toward achievement of these goals. All classes of the school and many parents and other interested persons attended the program. Awards were pr es e nt ed for perfect attendance, typing efficiency, DAR good citizenship, bus drivers, and French pro- ficiency. Serving as marshals for the program were seventh grade honor students: jimmy Davis, Ben RayO'Neal, jean Stevenson, Suzanne Hayes, Kay Peacock, and Mary D. Wiggs. "Back of the job-the Dreamer Who's making the dream come true!" -Braley One of a lower standing- in American colleges and schools, a student in I ' the third 'ear of a four ear course 0 0 0 - 3 Y - Webster 4? 4'-N. l Billy Pam, Vice-presidentg Brenda Fulkerson, Treasurerg Kay Pippin, Presidentg janet Davis, Secretary. "Work Brings Happiness. " 'X 3, ::.5a l"'f 'U unior Class Officers f . . X '- RALPH WAINW RIGHT I 14 4-'X E' 10 'Eff Q' A I uv- 'P .s -5.51 A.-fl ? , :- 51.4 S? S2 All in 1 5 , BUDDY AYCOCK SUE AYCOCK LYNDA SUE BASS RACHEL CAVENAUGI-I JANET DAVIS BRENDA FULKERSON JI-LANNIE HOOKS JUDY HOOKS WOODY JOYNER NELL LANOLEY JOANNE MARLOWE BRENDA MOORING BILLY PATE DIANA PIKE KAY PIPPIN DON SASSER BETTY STANCIL FAY STEVENSON JIMMY WI-IITWORTH BILL YELVERTON QAfter Gr SOPI-IOS wise and MOROS fool, foolish, A student in the second year of his course in college or high school. -Webster 19' ibn Sophomore Class Officers MISS SADIE BELL WT 1, I Louise Bass, Treasurerg Gerald Davis, Presidentg Bill Wayne Lancaster, Vice- Presidentg Charles Bruton, Secretary. "Not failure, but low aim, is crime." 16 NAN AYCOCK LOUISE BASS CHARLES BRUTON BECKY CARTER GERALD DAVIS EUGENE FIELDS BRAXTON FUTRELLE BILLY HOOKS ROBERT HOOKS JUDY JACKSON BILL WAYNE LANCASTER FAYE MOORING fb- 1, 55- Yr -r L- Y., ,A 'Sv '41 05, q,.4, , -an be 4. E Q- Sr-S, .A 'Ya-17 mf fy 36' Q- it 99 f., Z ' n., A""T' 'Ulf '3 1- 55- ,L 55: .am A A" GT' Q x 42" ' wi , a V: iv- ..,.- as 4 if x,,. 1 , X 17 Q is T lb' J if CAROLYN PARRISH FRANCES PARRISH BILLY FRANK PEACOCK JANET POPE OLIVIA SASSER REX SAULS WAYNE STRICKLAND BETSY TURLINGTON NELLIE SUE WI-IITWORTI-I VELMA WILLIAMSON BILLY RAY WALKER fNOt Picturedj , , , A beginner at anything, exp., a student in his first year school or college -Webster fy .5 ZF" n . R M. in high ,Q wg, ,IQ Freshmen Class Officers Gib Blackman, President, Faye Davis, Vice-president, Brenda Carter, Secretary, Lynn Corbett, Treasurer, Ken Ellis Reporter. fi- 'ZS 'fi ,V ' "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled!" A -Plutarch fi E, V - l 755 - v ' is Q rd A ,, , MRS. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN 18 Q... Y T9 Qu. if GEORGE AYCOCK ERNEST BASS SAMMY BASS 'ii BENNY BENTON GIBBY BLACKMAN GLORIA CAI-IOON BRENDA CARTER xr s,- 712 QW? "ET" C' TD 3.-0 be J' il-.f Q-rj! H-..-'I 19 Y v.zB?,l1 I if '. ,J ALICE CAVENAUGI-I LYNN CORBETT FAYE DAVIS LA VERNE DAVIS VERNE DAVIS KEN ELLIS GEORGIA ELMORE MARY ANN I-IALES AMELIA I-IOOKS KENNETH HOOKS SALLY JONES DOUGLAS MARLOWE JUDY NEWSOME JOEL O'NEAL Dx UGLAS OWENS BARBARA PEACOCK BEVERLY PEACOCK JOHN SYKES BOBBY TAYLOR BRUCE WILKIE fl' l 1 fl . x., vu I ,J . :Ad in . gr, 4- 1 x K. t lx til DVHQ. ,'. sq. M wi.. W -ff vw 3 ds- X? 5-' 1 ik? lxhf? First row, left to right: Tom Aycock, Mack Baker, Brenda Barnes, jackie Benton, Susan Daniels, Arnold Davis, Mike Fulkerson, Wilbert I-Iall. Second row: Alan I-licks, Lynn I-looks, Suzanne I-looks, Gerald jackson, Douglas Lewis, Margie Proctor, Bill Rand, Sue Smith. Third row: Anne Turlington, jerry West, jenny Wiggs, Brenda Williamson, Anne Yelverton, Steve Yelverton. First row, left to right: Robert Lee Barnes, W9,1terBass, Mary Boswell, Janie Boswell, Nancy Broughton, joAnna Corbett, Carrie Ellen Davis, Diane Davis. Second row: Brenda Elmore, Esther Gooding, Brenda Hare, Dickie jackson, Jackie Lewis, George Overby, Dianne Parrish, Betty Ann Peacock. Third frow: David Peacock, Dick Rose, Allen Sauls, Sandra Smith, johnYelverton, Mike Yelverton. A1 exam' .. 5 Q4 Q - . 415 gf 1 F, 1 za. 4-' , V 1 . 67 4 " 6 'T' .to i 6 Wx "' 1-4' 4' 10 1 YJ ig ' sQ t , , ,gf W K, t ,.a-ei-maui ,Vx ,I-5 1-.- 'E Nj "Mis' Anne" Yelverton "Knowledge is power. " Eighth fade Raymond Curley "Every noble work is at first impossible. Eighth fade :CND L. , 9 Mrs. Mary jack Yelverton "Strive today for success tomorrow" Seventh rade LQ- Mrs. Martha Darden "A good name is rather to be chosen than qreat riches" Seventh rade N Qt Q .EL Rf A im-1' 'T I "g t fig! " , 'Tir ' 1 R "1 'kg I ' ' sf sb?" N , iffx '14 Mt 'it on -Q nn. on -uvw., as ' s 5 x if ' gf? First row, left to right: Annette Bass, Billy Bass, Janice Bass, james Blow, Doris Carter, Wayne Carter, Eddie Davis, jimmy Davis. Second row: Eugene Ellis, Royce Gooding, james Harper, Suzanne Hayes, Judy Hill, Norwood Marlowe, Steve Mooring, Ben Ray O'Neal. Third row: Brenda Parrish, Kay Peacock, jean Stevenson, Ray Sykes, Donald Whaley, Linda Wilkie, Brenda Wright. First row, left to right: Robert Bass, Sharon Bass, Mary Sue Bogue, Charles Corbett, Harold Cuddington, Lorene Davis, Sue Davis, Donald Edmundson. Second row: William Green, Connie Curley, Roger Harper, Freida Holland, Rudy Hooks, jim Ivey, Hubert Medlin, Jerry Mooring. Third row: Alene Robinson, Mary D. Wiggs, Charles Williamson, Harold Williamson. la Qi -'N K Y--v K ll 5' I ff' .I ff .W i., i my ba! A 4 , 'ST I g ,t iii C X27 -gf V I First row, left to right: Scotty Andrey, Linda Fay Barnes, Georgia Bass, jesse Benton, Wayne Blow, Larry Bradshaw, Gerald Cole, Brenda Faye Corbett. Second row: Linda Mae Corbett, David Daniels, Claudette Davis, Douglas Davis, Susan Dubberly, Maude Edmundson, Mike Ellis, Carolyn Gooding. Third row: Peggy Gooding, Linda Gooding, Ruth I-Iall, Milford Holland, Glenda I-looks, jimmy jackson, Judy jackson, Robert Joyner. Fourth row: Gail Lancaster, Patsy Medlin, Allen Mooring, Linda Newcomb, Ray Peacock, Shirley Proctor, Linda Rose, Linda Sauls. Fifth row: john Sullivan, james Sykes, Eliza Turlington, jimmy Wright, Cheta Yelverton, Deborah Yelverton, Phil Yelverton . Miss Louise Edgerton "Strive to do better "' than your best" Sixth fade PRICE'S SUPER MARKET THOIVIPSCIIXVS PURE OIL SERVICE STATION "The Biggest Little Store in Town" Fremont, North Caroline' Pikeville, North Corolino 22 Mrs. Dixie Edmundson "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Fifth Grade rm . X A3 li L ""'Y"T5?' Q5 .fi X .lH"f"i i'X .. uint! ? IV. QI.. 5 S i nlaxi " 'N is Vi fi A V ,fy Q., . " Own rg, J 4. u I. - :avg ig Mx " br is axis f 1' First row, left to right: Wayne Aycock, Roger Baker, Edith Bass, johnny Bass, Patricia Bass, Sandra Bass, Helen Cavenaugh. Second row: Donna Davis, Lynne Evans, Linda Gooding, John Curley, Douglas I-Iall, Neal Herring, Danny I-looks. Third row: james Joyner, Esther Lewis, Danny McLeod, Louise Mooring, Tim Mooring, Brenda Overrnan, jim Peacock. Fourth row: Paula Peacock, Sally Peacock, Gerald Pope, Billy Rich, Wyatt Sasser. Fifth row: john Sauls, Bob Stevenson, Bill Stewart, Ray Sykes, Beth Yelverton. VOGUE BEAUTY SALON Merle Norman S gf H MOTOR COMPANY Cosmetics Studio Goldsboro, North Corolino Phone 242-3 776 Fremont, North Corol inc 23 fo. U' so .Q ,- V C' lv, 'rv-5 Q1 N 1 af- 5 - ' 16 0 X ..., - '35, ,J 'Q " - UL., ti' - - 'xv 1 9 ' . L I xl ,, , - if l il 11. in f T' 'X-rr ' T 'i V44 w-.- ' -. - nj: ' V W. x- ., . .. Y : 4 w J v-'il L'-'l -va s. - gs- rr 1 .at ,' gr 1--' I at ' ei ir S S llll A J :nl 1 hmm?-im-rr r 5 ti' - 'K " V35 5, Q Ll ci ff' if ul , L '-, 5 S. 5 First row, left to right: Collier Aycock, Lamar Aycock, jenny Ballance, Barbara Barnes, Linda Bass, Becky Benton, Hilda Benson, Cameron Blalock. Second row: Ronnie Bogue, jimmy Carter, Braddy Corbett, Susan Daniel, Diane Davis, Dwain Elmore, Randy Everhart, Ann Gooding. Third row: Frankie Gooding, Richard Hainey, Priscilla Harper, Edwin Hooks, Martin Hooks, Dianne jackson, Diane Kirby, Arnold Lancaster. Fourth row: Kaye Lancaster, Harry Lane, Teresa Martin, Barbara Mooring, Rex Mooring, Nancy Newsome, Kimble Pate, Douglas Pender. Fifth row: Larry Proctor, Gail Robinson, David Sauls, Timothy Stancil, Kathy Stuckey, D.I-I. Whitley, Clover Wilson, jo Ann Wright. KOR-VlN'S MUSIC AND S PORTS MEN WEAR G Id b - Goldsboro North Corolmo o s oro, North Corolmo ' 24 Miss Elma Lewter "Resolve to be more patient and understanding" Third fade ,x..L'm TQ Miss Ava Lee "Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thy knowest not what a day may bring forth" Third fade 'I 5 sl 1 Ari all -vs 6- 451- 45" vqgy du 'W I K. 3 Z7-F RX I fQ I S 1 , V J t , , 3 ry va? ' " if . D .5 - ' .- 5. A 9 'I ' 'Q sl , C.- ,, 41' ,V 4. 5 ,SJ ,ES ,H 'sf 'G' A 'SEI ,Bi-M " - l s.. x. A A fy YQ T A be li' A T s-ii ,e,ti T .f V ' , X 1 N' ' 2 i W i WZ' L- :fi Exif .- First row, left to right: julian Aycock, Kitzi Ray Aycock, james Robert Barnes, james Edsel Bass, Norman Bradshaw, Alice Faye Barnes, Donald Corbett, Richard Daniels. Second row: Steve Edmundson, George Ray Faulk, Sharon Fortin, Kay Gooding, Faye Gooding, james Edward Gooding, Sarah Ann Hall, Teresa Hill. Third row: Michael Hooks, Tony Lewis, Pamela Parrish, Margaret Peacock, jerry Lee Radford, Kent Reeves, Clarence Weaver. First row, left to right: Debra Andrey, Mark Aycock, james Ballance, Marie Bass, Sara Carter, Dick Davis, jerry Davis, joan Dubberly, Debbie Elmore. Second row: Andy Evans, john Everhart, Sandra Gurley, Bill Hayes, Tommy Hooks, Susie Medlin, David Mooring, Duane Mooring, Danny Newcomb. Third row: Janice Overman, johnny Pippin, Kent Rose, Russell Sauls, Hank Stewart, Rudy West, Kay Whaley, Jane Whitworth, joan Williamson. 7- if 5-f A Q1-1' st. 4-X f- 'Z -.. I Q., .,,"",'! ! 5 -A " QTY rv it Cl r '15 ..- Q tm ,Q -, I rm . "Ts ' 19's 1-at ll .iq 1 L 'C , 51 i-,ay ,, 'J it 0, ..., W 1. 61 Z Axis Q ,X L .ii 'iX X 6 ,Mi 4' 4. L 4 D- Q., , " 1- Y' ' - xr A, 1, se' 1 ' X I ' T' K First row, left to right: Linda Ballance, Dwight Bass, Walter Bass, Wanda Bogue, Susan Buck, Gail Capps Sammy Corbett. Secondlrow: Barbara Davis, Brax Davis, Danny Davis, Greg Davis, . . 1 7 ll' G odin Phil Hardy Bill johnson Third row: Ann jones, Mike Marlowe, G oria Wi iam o g, , . Merritt, Neal Mooring, Susan Mooring, Billy Peacock, Laura Pippin. Fourth row: Frances Radford, Maidie jane Sauls, Sue Sauls, Timmy Strickland, Freddy West, Tommy Whitford, Gwynne Whitley. Fifth row: Rodney Whitley, Linda Whitworth, Darlene Williamson, Myra I Yelverton. :fi 5 S . ' 'Q .- fy 1. v, I 4 Miss Pauline Short "An honest man's word is as good as his bond" Second fade GIDDENS JEWELRY STORE YOUNG FASHIONS North Corolino's lnfonts Through Teens Clolest Jewelers T05 S. Center Street Goldsboro, North Corolino Goldsboro, North Coroll DO 26 A Miss Doris Gurley "Whatever you put in the lives ofothers will come back into your own" First Grade . Q QI 5, ,,, ' x T .9 ' V "" 'A ' dl C - -ov v 'S S 4 '-' - .- I : -. r f-ff as f W L, 1 X Qt Cav- s..,' Q ' I I-. ' "" f I K '1 . xlxggl 1' . A ,. , S Nw 'Q L i, Eli? ' ' " 'TZ ' I 4, nfilff I ' . av- ' ' 0 0 5- - :kg Q5 Y'-'J 4: " Z4 , ,ft 5 XAVI W . N rl ' I x X ff- KY? Q-.A 1 I 4. I if x. y M Q ,,,i,j3,i,,-tg -SIX L X- I .QI IX I f A ' s- T 1 'fx 'J E if xx . W rf' O' ' if :Fi 'Tv sv-' Stl v , 4 1 IV I" , -LI "ti I . , x- X 'T A I' aw 1 i L X A-, A. . E Y' f tr' g-2 Q,-H ,tim QS. Fw First row, left to right: johnny Ballance, Becky Bass, Libbie Cobb, Sarah Daniel, Merry Angela Daniels, Judy Evans, David Everhart. Second row: Larry Farless, Olivia Ann Flowers, Deborah Gooding, jerry Gooding, jo Ann Gooding, Rachel Gooding, Juanita Gurley. Third row: Jake I-looks, Jeffrey Ivey, Yvonne jackson, Roy Joyner, Randy Marlowe, Retha jo Martin, Charles Medlin. Fourth row: Donnie Ray Mooring, Keith Mooring, Kent Mooring, Elaine Parrish, Kathy Pate, Mary Rose Peacock, Linda Gail Pender. Fifth row: Richard Proctor, Dail Robinson, Danny Sauls, Keith Stewart, Beth Stuckey, Lamont Whitley, III, Eddie Wright. GOLDSBORO NELSON'S PHOTO SHOP PRODUCTION Goldsboro, North Corolino CREDIT ASSOCIATION 27 .V-19 1 Z? We're Preparing You For . . . ifri,,3,, . ..1iffa4':-" - Fw--in '13 - wax? X: fgsrks-.:' , ,W x 'Zi " fat, fgi 3 A fix, R 41 . ' Cs: 3 . ',, 'Fri 12 1 1 L .4 BONNIE BALLANCE BRENDA MOORING FRANCES PARRISI-I Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager The Grego Staff :Q3 J- J.: l Seated, left to right: Carolyn I-looks, Bonnie Ballance, Frances Parrish, Brenda Mooring. Standing, first row: Loydene Bass, Faye Davis, Linda Boswell, Virginia Sullivan, Sylvia Williamson. Second row: jimmy Broughton, Lassiter Holland, jesse Blackman, Geraldine Tew, Geralyn Davis, Diana Pike, Thelma Benton, Cynthia Wiggs, Charlotte Gray. Third row: Daniel jones, Brian Davis, Carlton Davis, Franklin Overby, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Bonny Bass, Randy Parrish, Betsy Turlington, Bill Aycock, jack Lancaster, Carlton Blow, Keith Daniels, Bert Hayes. 28 Tomorrow's Memories 'im 'Q' Q,-x A CAROLYN I-IOOKS CHARLOTTE GRAY Secretary and Art Editor Typist 'C' MRS. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN Sponsor is -me LASSITER HOLLAND LOYDENE BASS LINDA BOSWELL Picture Editor Picture Editor and Ad Writer Ad Writer CHASE GROCERY FREDERICK'S MUSIC AND TOYS Goldsboro, North Carolina General Merchandise Phone 242-7760 Eureko, North Corolino 29 KEEPERS OF THE KEYS Board of Education D l I W ,I Q .f . fa' I SQ? ,lx 'Q 14' I if fl 49 U1 - Top: Mr. Robert L. Stevenson, Mr. james Burton, Chairmang Mr. junius Evans. Bottom: Mr. Glenn Aycock, Mr. james E. Peacock, Mr. Nathan Newsome. Not pictured: Mr. George Hicks. dy " :fl MRS. WILLIAM ROSE Secretary First Semester MISS ALICE DAVIS Secretary Second Semester uf ' YK x Special Teachers MRS. LELAND PATE Public School Music and Glee Club Director MRS. F.M. WATSON Speech Instructor 30 'W Va., ,Q "sith L- xl Carlton Dav1s Bert I-Ia es 11mm Bron ht B1 k Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs "1 .---- ...1- . ' '-K 1, .au-1- "'-.HLHGU it "' !,,.,5mLJ ,',:,!, xinqigxtk-UMW 'iv' ,LZ 63. T- "t-51.11-W.,-eggsw .. ,, ' f ' ff' . g1l,,,,. , 1 F h J .!.f.4-,-r?.1,,-.Jn A .,- 'SSL' Yi., . 1 K. gee.-4-fxigi. 1545: n . . ..,-.,fe df - it 55: ,e ' -::f':", r - -'H ' ' -' ,uv if-'gr - MQ- 3 f . ..,,. I Dewey Bros., Inc. Founders, Mochinists, Mill Supplies Metal Building Supplies Steel Fobricotors Phone RE 4-3411 Goldsboro, North Corolino Compliments of FREMONT BEAUTY SALON Dorothy Bcillonce I rf Compliments of Robinsons Drug Store Registered Druggists Goldsboro, North Corolino Griffins Bar-B-Cue Goldsboro, North Corolino Your Store of Foshion, Quality ond Service Serving You ond Yours 96 Yeors Goldsboro, North Corolino Shop... For . Better Buys . Better Volues . Better Selections in Goldsboro Rollins Appliance Cen ter 201 S. Center Street Goldsboro, North Corolino Westinghouse Soles Service Phone RE 4-6282 Victory Warehouse Clorence Whitley Richord Groy For The Sole of Leot Tobocco Phone 5-2075 Goldsboro, North Corolino TRI-CQUNTY ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CGRP. A Rural Electric Cooperative Serving Wayne, Duplin oncl Lenior Counties Office at i304 North William Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Pikeville Howell Brothers Gil Company A Home-Owned Store Mobil Products We Aim to Please You Goldsboro-Wilson Highway Pikeville, North Carolina Pikeville, North Carolina Phone 242-7l8l 34 Section II S Section II ll: x, 1- ' Q- 9 ,sur my 13 Mas VIRGINIA SULLIVAN Chief The cheerleaders of Fremont pause for a shot before beginning their routine. Seated: Virginia Sullivan. Standing are Faye Mooring, Loydene Bass and janet Davis. These four are the main cheering section. Bonny Bass, not shown, was a cheerleader at the beginning of the season but was unable to continue. Cheerleaders - ,Wm This is another of their routine cheers. Shown with .M them are Lynda Sue Bass and Louise Bass who helped The cheerleaders are shown here in action. There is excitement out during the toumamem' in the air as they lead the student body in a roaring cheer. 35 Hornettes ri Orxzs EF", CAROLYN HOOKS C7 GERALDINE TEW Co-Captain ' C0-Captain fi . , N' -, YVs.""'-YY ai i Conference Champions f F ... ..-f' 5 4 g M anage YS ff y If l M Ah. Am f ff + Firsl row: Geralyn Davis, Betsy Turlington, Carolyn Hooks, Geraldine Tew, Judy Hooks, and Kay Pippin. Second row: Lynn Hooks, Managcrg Brenda Carter, Beverly Peacock, Nan Aycock, Amelia I-looks, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Gloria Calioon, Brenda Fulkerson, Betty Stancil, Becky Carter, Sue Aycock, Faye Davis, jenny Wiggs, Managerg and Mr. "Pete" Curley. 36 MR. "PETE" GURLEY Coach kv' ,N x if i X , Hornets A Cn. q-7 JESSE BLACKMAN Co-Captain CARLTON BLOW Co-Captain Q 'Q' . n. f X ,f Managers ...-1 ls UND gd KKK' M0 lcxkrr RCM! ' iff! Mag rm: ,ici il . 9 X .Aid . I S304 My 4.35 J WM ft.. W. x it -111 First row: Don Sasser, Billy Pate, Carlton Blow, jesse Blackman, Lassiter I-Iolland, Lancaster. Second row: Mr. "Pete" Curley, Gibby Blackman,'Sammy Bass, joel O'Neal, Ken Ellis, Braxton Futrelle, Gerald Davis, Buddy Aycock, Billy Yelverton, Billy Frank Peacock, Mike Fulkerson, Manager, Tom Aycock, Manager. 37 Charles Bruton, and Bill Wayne Monogram Club Nft 1 Ag' ,s-.... 4 , JESSE BLACKMAN President f U., Y - F. 'W' K IUDY HOOKS Vice-president First row, left to right: Loydene Bass, Faye Mooring, Linda Boswell. Second row: janet Davis, Sue Bass, Betty Stancil. Third row: Jeannie Hooks, Virginia Sullivan, Geraldine Tew. Fourth row: Nan Aycock, Sue Aycock, Faye Stevensor1.Fifth row: Betsy Turlington, Charles Bruton, Cynthia Wiggs, Carolyn I-looks, Geralyn Davis. Sixth row: Bill Wayne Lanc aster, Gerald Davis, Braxton Futrelle, Charlotte Gray, Nellie Sue Whitworth. Seventh row: Eugene Fields, Billy Hooks, Robert Hooks. Eighth row: Brenda Fulkerson, Judy Hooks, Kay Pippin. Ninth row: Randy Parrish, Buddy Aycock, Don Sasser, Lassiter Holland, Bill Aycock, Bert Hayes, jesse Blackman, Carlton Blow. MR. RAYMOND GURLEY Sponsor -" 12. CAROLYN HOOKS VIRGINIA SULLIVAN GERALYN DAVIS Sccrelflry ' Treasurer Reporter 38 X 0 Homecoming XXX- XX XX, X X J' 0 . 's f ?""" CAROLYN HOOKS Homecoming Queen X Y i 1.1 I v' . A 1 . . ' .av , Lg," . J if We tv-rf . f f? If ffK??i?fQ l ' Z of 4 Escorts !F3"f ' fi U'J7 .528 i1f51g GERALYN DAVIS CY N I HIA WIGCS Attendant Attendant 59, 'le- , a Q .ff, JESSE BLACKMAN tg Ja. 4 , CARLTON BLOW JIMMY BROUGHTON 39 Compliments of Crawfords . U , S. 84 W. M11l1ng Co S Custom Grinding The Best ond Mixing in Men's Weor Phone 242-2531 Fremont, North Corolino Phone 242-7852 Pikeville Dees 84 Yelverton Peacocks Dupont Points . ond Armour's Fertilizers Sanltafy Mafket Westinghouse Form Supplies Phone 242-7351 Phone 242-6751 Fremont, North Corolino Frernonf, Norm Carolina 40 Section Section III EDITORIALS D CLUBS ln thc llill ol' 1949 about 42 students cnlcrcd thu Inrst grade oli Fremont Graded School. These srudenu are thu distinguished seniors o1'196O-61. Through our grammar grade years our teachers laugh! us :mint things, not only our school studies, lvlll also about lille. Miss Nofingo started us ofl' in thc first gixltlu. Miss gllOl'I hzitl us in the second grade. We were Miss Virginia WhitcImurst's first class in the third qra-lv. Our svhool lost a good teacher when sho marriot! Mr. Russell Davis. They are thcparcnts ol ont- ol' our nmscots, Russ jr. Mrs.Pczlrll'la1'll0yW:1S our fourth grade teacher. XM- h.ul Miss Nl'X'.l Harper in the fifth grzulc. Once again wc had Mrs. Hzlrllcy in the sixth grade. A nt-wlywctl, Mrs. Patricia Barnes, was our seventh grade lu ac I1 cr. In the eighth grade "Mis" Anne Pl'CIW2ll'L'kl us lor high School. We had runny enjoyable activities during our L'lL'l7lCl1lLll'y years. Each year we looked I'o rw ard IO our zlnnllul Class picnic. We -journeyed lO Cilher Goh! Pzrrlt lake, Goldsboro Park, or Wilson Pool .zz lin- 4-mi ol' the your for Lhcsv picnics. Most ol' us I1.uI our first lruin ridc when our class look il Irziin lo Colrlslworo lO thc park while we were in vin' first qrtulc. In thu filth grade Miss Harper tool-a us to the I7!.lllk'lill'lllll1 in Chapel Hill to sec thc Easter sloiy. In ilu- iuvcntli grade Mrs. Barnes tool-z us to Orton Pl.II1lflllOll and Carolina Beach. Also that year wc 5l.lx'c mi O11Cl'L'll-l for our Chapel prograni. lt was untill-.-il "Thu Mila.ulo." Nt-xl your in "Nis' Ani1v:'s"t-iglith grade we took st-vcral very interesting trips. We traveled all over R ll lc i gh. We cvun met Governor Hodges at the Capitol. We also look ll tour of Wayne County, visiting many ol' the interesting Llll1.ll1l5lOl'lCL1l spots rn our county . Wu presented another opereltal that iClll'.'l'l1lS one was called the "H. M. S. Pinaforc. " The nuxl year we 100k a lwig step in our school Iilv, L'l'IlL'l'lllfj high school in lhc lull oi' 1957. Cliglnigingy classes was gi new routine for us but ixillxm ll few u'ccI.s, ill-lOl' finding ourselves in thc wrong class several lllNL'S, wt' had become full- lAlt'sltjt'tl high school students. Miss Sadie Bell was our lmmuroom sponsor Llixtl ycar. Qhc tool-. us lo XX :Isun Pool on our class picnic. Thr- ncxl year, in the tenth grade, thcgirls andthe lioys were divided into separate homerooms In-c:1uw of the large numlwur oi' students. Mr. W.A. H.uIlant'c Inu! the boys and Miss Icssic Thompson held the rlirls. That year we started mul-:ing money for new yc:u"sjunior-it-nior Banquet hy selling Christ- mas Curtis. A1 the end of the year Mr. B.1ll:mCc .mil Miss Thompson look us on il very cnioyalwlc class lflll-'IO CIll'OllIlil Roach for lht' day. The next your we came luck to Tremont High it hoo! .is juniors. Mr. Ralph Wainwright was our sponsor. We worked hard that year, HOL only on Class History our school studies, but also in making money for and presenting the junior-Senior Banquet. We picked cotton, sold magaiines, sponsored thc Eurekalites, had a slave sale, and sponsored a Harvest Dance. In April wc presented the best junior-Senior Ban- quet in the history of Fremont High School. Our thcmc was "The Old South. " The d ccorations consisted of a Southern mansion at one end of the gym, a fish pool, band stand, and a rocl-1 garden. The "Mclodaircs" furnished the music. On the morning of August 30th twenty-seven students entered the senior class, the final rung of that tall ladder of twelve big steps. Mrs. Scdalia S. Green guided us through this year. We worked hard toward our goal of going to New York City on our class trip. We picked cotton, sold harhecue, rode donkeys, sponsored dances, produced a senior play, sponsored a talent show, and did many other proiccts in order to make money for this trip. One ol' the most enjoyable of our projects was the senior play. This was a three acl hillbilly comedy entitled "I-Icadin' For a Wcddin'. " It was the story of the Hollowbone family in the hills of Virginia. Things become complicated when Melissa Dugan .md thc Todd sisters became snowhound in the hills. It happened that Homer Hollowbont' had been corresponding with the rich Melissa Dugan under false pretcnses. The situation really became Confused until Paw and his pct skunk, Gloria solved thc problem. On another enjoy able occasion, although not .1 money making project, we were the guests of the juniors at the annual junior-Senior Banquet. The banquet this year was held at the Goltlsboro Hotel. The music was furnished by the "Mclodaircs." The seniors wish to continue to thank the juniors for such il wonderful night. One of the biggest events of thc year finally rolled around. The day was Monday, May 15 the time 5'clock a.m. Twenty-six seniors and eight chapcroncs rolled outof Fremont in a Seashore B us hound fofNcw York City.Our chaperones wcre: Mrs. Setialia Green, Mrs. Mary Broughton, Mrs. Marjorie Aycock, Mrs. Ernestine Lewis, Mrs. Wanna Faye Va 1 c nzu ala, Mrs. Boneta Blow, Mrs. Braxton Vaughn, and Mr. Arthur Powers, our bus driver. QWC might add that Mr. Powers is not only the best bus driver in the world, but he could get a job .is guide for any tour in Washington or New Yorlmj We thank him very much for making our trip suc- ccssful. That first day, Monday , we rode all day Stopping once in Philadelphia at Independence Hall. We arrived in New York City ut eight o'clock and checked in at thc President Hotel, just off Times Square. During the next three days we visited many points oi' interest, including thc Empire State Building, thu freight docks, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Playa and the Down-Under Restaurant, Coney Island, Macy's, the Cathedral of St. Iohn the Divine, and many others. We especially cn- loy cd the Broadway play "Wildcat, "starring Lucille 41 Ball, which we saw at the Alvin Theatreg and the first-run movie, entitled "Parrish" which we saw at Radio City Music I-la1l.On the same program there, we also saw the world-famous Rockettes do a dance number. We got a good look at up-state New York countryside when we traveled to Hyde Park and West Point. Friday morning we boarded our bus to come back to W ashington, D. C., where we stayed at the Manger Annapolis Hotel. That night we went to a nightclub, the Casino Royal, where we saw Danny and the juniors, a popular rock 'n roll singing group. During our stay there we visited the Washing- ton Monument, Capitol, White House, Smith- sonian Institute, change of guard at unknown soldier's tomb, Lincoln Memorial, Curtis-Lee Mansion, the zoo, and Mount Vernon. This trip was a once-in-a lifetime experience. lt was worth all the hard work th at went into earning the money necessary for the trip. When we returned to Fremont we found that it was still here and no one had really missed us much. At school we went back to the old grind- stone. The teachers heaped the homework on us. Still, however, we found time to attend a wonderful party given us by Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Hooks and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Davis, our mascots' parents. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hooks gave us a barbecue supper and a hayride to Gold Park Lake. Se ve ral mothers sponsored a dance honoring the seniors following the class night exercises.We wish to thank these people for the wonderful times that they made possible for us. Our graduation exercises began May 21 with our Baccalaureate Sermon. Rev. Leon Couch of St. Paul Methodist Church in Goldsboro talked to us about the difference between right and wrong. The following Friday night we had our class night program during which we reviewed our high school life. On Monday, May 29, 1961, we completed our class history when we received our diplomas. Dr. john Horne of East Carolina College delivered our commencement address. The Seniors of 1961'wish to thank everyone connected with our class throughout the years for the help given us. We wish e spe cial ly to thank our parents, teachers, and friends for their guid- ance, patience, and understanding. Historians jesse Blackman and Bonnie Ballance Prophecy CAROLYN HOOKS has just re- turned from the Miss America contest where she won first-prize-a red and white helicopter. CARLTON "love'em and leave'em" BLOW is now divorcing his sixth wife. He says he just can't find one who can run the tractor on his SOO acre farm. LINDA BOSWELL'S Smash appear- ance at Moulin Rouge in Las Vegas has captivated that c e n t e r of lights and g litte r. She is now the highest paid entertainer in the country. Ere many years JESSE BLACKMAN will be a solemn Doctor of Philosophy and in a mannerhaughty shall expound his wisdom and his theories profound. Woman lawyer GERALYN DAVIS finally won a case, her first in fifteen years. It was a case of 'Purina chicken growena, won at a raffle sponsored by the Science Club. Here's BONNY BASS. He was a big football star. That must be how he got the muscles to carry all those trash barrels around. - You'd never guess it! After many years of unsuccessful marriage, THELMA BENTON is now president of the "Lonely Hearts' Club." Her motto, "Love'em, beat'em, cheat'em and leave'em. " DANIEL JONES, world-renowned actor and golfer, has just given his prernission for the production of his life story entitled, "Tee'd Off." It should be fabulous. Flash Gordon, BILL AYCOCK, is the owner of a fleet of rockets that will span the globe in 30 minutes. Our friend, CHARLOTTE CRAY, has a very small voice, but great big emotions and diction quite choice, so she'll be a radio crooner some day, and sob all her troubles in either way. JIMMY BROUGHTON has lived up to all expectations and made a million dollars. I-low he made it is what the D.A. would like to find out. Here is the fo r m e r GERALDINE TEW and her husband. Their wealth is of a cl iffe r e nt nature-one, two, three, four, five, -. Unless they're left some at home that's all there are. Unemployed g e n i us Wishes any job with big pay and short hours. Call JACK LANCASTER after 11:00 A.M. BONNIE BALLANCE an expert on love and marriage, has just published her latest book entitled, "Cross Ovcr the Bridge of Love--Happiness Is just Over the Hill." KEITH DANIELS, famous crooner faints after being pursued by mobs of hysterical women. I discovered RANDY PARRISH in a girl's b o a rd i n g school. He's the dancing teacher. FRANCES PARRISI-l, a girl of charm and grace, whose virtues are reflected in her face, will live in peace and plenty all her life, a housekeeper deluxe and happy wife. 42 Dr. BRIAN DAVIS has been on probation for telling his patients that "Those teeth are all right, but those gums have got to go. " VIRGINIA SULLIVAN who at- tempted a solo flight in high powered atomic cannon was last seen traveling over Tokyo at 300 miles an hour. In school CARLTON DAVIS was always giving advice for nothing. Now he gets paid for it. You must have allread his "Advice to the Love- lorn" column in the paper. He should know the answers after having had five wives. LOYDENE BASS, the girl who went to New York to strike it rich, did better than she thought she would, she has re- placed Ann Southern as vice-president of the Barkley House. Then there's LASSITER HOLLAND, the "Great Lover, "who's stillwaiting to be recognized in Hollywood. SYLVIA WILLIAMSON and Johnny were married soon after graduation and are now owners of a magnificent vaca- tion resort in one of the craters on the moon. ' BERT HAYES is stillworking on his invention, away to can sunlight for use on rainy days. FRANKLIN OVERBY is now a big landowner and he became a million- aire with his book e n t i t l e d, "Of Course. " Prophet and Prophetess Carlton Davis and Cynthia Wiggs Cross-Word Puzzle 1 Sr. Characteristics A IFSJWCN: 1. Wttiest Besi Looking ge ll Igllr- ll ll l 'gl' SVEESATVYLIECH T I I T Y fl 'T E Q x P-- GM '? Q A7 -1 G L Ii. ,L R 0 l R Y T O s s QPERSONALI TY PL u ' 0' i O R 2 0 T ' cl K U I b : NWISCHIEVOUS G M, it 3 v 5. '41-ASP f g. Beta xi I -.N I I W X Club 4 , X ! Ig S y S 4 t 6' Ani MISS JESSIE THOMPSON "Without the love of books, the richest man is poor." Top: Bonnie Ballance, Secretary, jeannie I-looks, Treasurer. ilfw' Center: jesse Blackman, President. Bottom: Brenda Mooring, , Vice-president, Frances Parrish, Reporter. ZKSHIIKQLQ 1111111115 I' mllurlfrlillurw --'-e"'1- 4 X, .634 Seated: Frances Parrish, Brenda Mooring, Jeannie Hooks, jesse Blackman, Bonnie Ballance. Standing: Nan Aycock, Janet Davis, Diana Pike, Gerald Davis, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Betsy Turlington, and Geralyn Davis. 44 The "HCR ET'S" Nest . Newspaper Staff Cf fi 7' 4? 15-1- 'lb-1 GLX, y 'Y' X-f MISS SADIE BELL Wk Top: Cynthia Wiggs, Editor, janet Davis, Assistant Editor. Bottom: Bonnie Ballance, Business Manager. i nI""--I 141' 'T' Seated: Charlotte Gray, Linda Boswell, Brian Davis, Loydene Bass, Geraldine Tew, Cynthia Wiggs. Standing: Virginia Sullivan, Louise Bass, Geralyn Davis, Kay Pippin, Bonnie Ballance, janet Davis, Iudy Hooks, Faye Davis, Sue Aycock, Nan Aycock, Amelia I-looks, Frances Parrish, Carolyn Parrish, Betsy Turlington, Beverly Peacock, Ken Ellis, joel O'Nea1, jesse Blackman, Carolyn I-looks. 45 FFA Motto Learning to do AJ Doing to learn ,YZ Earning to live X 1 L1v1ng to serve MR WILLIAM A. BALLANCE Sponsor The only way to have a friend is to be one." l lc K X c T, R S' ' A" . c l ff 5315. ' . ! Z I I I I l l Seated, left to right: Officers: Gerald Davis, Treasurer, Lassiter Holland, Secretary, Carlton Blow, President, jesse Blackman, Reporter, jack Lancaster, Sentinel. Standing, first row: Don Sasser, Billy Pate, Bruce Wilkie, Bonny Bass, Randy Parrish, Braxton Futrelle, Bobby Taylor, Robert Hooks, Gibby Blackman, Douglas Owens. Second row: Bill Aycock, Douglas Marlowe, Bert Hayes, Keith Daniels, Rex Sauls, jimmy Broughton, Wayne Strickland, Benny Benton, Buddy Aycock, Harold Walker, Franklin Overby, Kenneth Hooks. Third row: Billy Ray Walker, john Sykes, Mr. William Ballance, Sponsor. iz'-l:':iv1i'.?1 46 F.H.A. Motto w X Q Toward New Horizons bl 47 I I SS. F f N Sponsor I ' Vf2'i 0 1 . V ,2oQ , V , A A I 'V ' - t 'ff' in 1 MRS. ELIZABETH BLACKMAN ,' A I K ,g A A 'N ' HILY lx i s xv xX 1 -' wlaq , ' , , A l Seated: Faye Davis, Chaplain, Judy Hooks, Secretary, Frances Parrish, President, Nan Aycock, Vice-President, Brenda Mooring, Treasurer. Standing: Lynda Sue Bass, Mary Ann Hales, Carolyn Parrish, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Brenda Fulkerson, Becky Carter, Geraldine Tew, Judy Newsome, Rachel Cavenaugh, Lynn Corbett, Loydene Bass, Brenda Carter, Barbara Peacock, Alice Cavenaugh. if 47 J Glee Club -v-.. fQ,...v-v-QA-sk..-N wif: onqe- - , c , 1' 360 First row: Douglas Owens, Franklin Overby, Linda Boswell, Louise Bass, Cynthia Wiggs, Sue Aycock, Kay Pippin, Virginia Sullivan, Geralyn Davis, Becky Carter, Faye Davis, Barbara Peacock, Beverly Peacock, Judy Newsome, Brenda Carter, Rachel Cavenaugh, Alice Cavenaugh, Verne Davis, Lynn Corbett, Brenda Mooring, Fay Stevenson, Olivia Sasser, Lynda Sue Bass, Faye Mooring, Billy Frank Peacock. Second row: Ernest Bass, Billy Hooks, La Verne Davis, Sammy Bass, Ken Ellis, Frances Parrish, Betsy Turlington, Janet Davis, Mary Ann Hales, Amelia Hooks, Betty Stancil, Jo Ann Marlowe, Sally Jones, Nell Langley, Sylvia Williamson, Thelma Benton, Velma Williamson, Frances Parrish, Robert I-looks, Braxton Futrelle, Bobby Taylor, Gerry Smith, Keith Daniels, Jesse Blackman, Jimmy Broughton. Third row: Bruce Wilkie, Eugene Fields, Douglas Marlowe, I-larold Walker, Joel O'Neal, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Charles Bruton, Gerald Davis, Bonny Bass, Nan Aycock, Carolyn I-looks, Jeannie Hooks, Brenda Fulkerson, Judy I-looks, Diana Pike, Gloria Cahoon, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Carolyn Parrish, Randy Parrish, Woody Joyner, Benny Benton, Billie Ray Walker, Bill Yelverton, Billy Pate, Buddy Aycock, Don Sasser, Gibby Blackman, and Kenneth I-looks. Library Club - 5 sf First row: Cynthia Wiggs, Lynn Corbett, Linda Boswell, Judy Newsome, Brenda Carter, Barbara Peacock, Faye Davis, Brenda Mooring, Faye Mooring, Bonnie Ballance, Loydene Bass. Second row: Sylvia Williamson, Charlotte Gray, Mary Ann Hales, Alice Cavenaugh, Frances Parrish, Geraldine Tew, Judy Hooks, Amelia Hooks, Betsy Turlington, Beverly Peacock, Nan Aycock, Louise Bass, Miss Thompson, Sponsor. Third row: Sammy Bass, Eugene Fields, Douglas Marlowe, George Aycock, Gloria Cahoon, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Carolyn Parrish, Randy Parrish, Diana Pike, and Carolyn Hooks. 48 Clu 4-H b Q 'nik Univ First row: Paula Peacock, Wyatt Sasser, Lynne Evans, Patricia Bass, Harry Griffin, Maude Edmundson, Patsy Medlin, Sandra Bass, Helen Cavenaugh, jimmy Wright, Walter Ray Griffin, David Daniels. Second row: Neal Herring, Dianne Davis, Sandra Smith, Bonny Bass, Brenda Williamson, Rochelle jackson, Susan Daniels, Brenda Overman, Ruth Hall, james Harper, Douglas Davis, Ray Sykes, Larry Bradshaw. Third row: Nancy Broughton, Suzanne Hooks, Sue Smith, james Blow, Wilbert Hall, Mack Baker, jerry West, Billy Bass, Allan Sauls, and Rudy Hooks. The officers are as follows: Sandra Smith, President, jerry West, Vice-president, Suzanne Hooks, Secretary and Treasurer. Flowers Seth B. Hollovvell b Oil Co. Spence Williams Plcmf Locoiion - Adomsville , H "Flowers for All Occasions Dial RE 4-5493 or 5-3895 p.0. BOX 290 Goldsboro, North Corolino Goldsboro, North Caroline: 49 smsuwm SEASHURE TRANSPGRTATIGN COMPANY SPECIALITES OF THE YEAR Section New York Section qw- an .iusa-Fw VTVI1... I Tl k.u..,,4-Q.- .-- , ,-, , . f,g 's 'ff f 4 N an .,,, X if , , 5 A 4, ' . fwfffb 1 Klum M ' .,r 110+ nth P 51 mn, I 515' r ,,,A .. 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Q-eq Carlton Blow Cynthia Wiggs 7' Virginia Sullivan 1 1" Sylvia Williamson ? , 1 1 .S ir rf 'NJ' 1 .:-4 Headin' For A Weddin' THE CAST CARLTON DAVIS Homer Hollowbone QAn awkward hillbilly boyl THELMA BENTON Maw Hollowbone QA hard-working motherj CARLTON BLOW Paw Hollowbone fMaw's lazy husbandj CYNTHIA WIGGS Sarah jo Hollowbone QThe eldest daughtcrj VIRGINIA SULLIVAN Gracie May Hollowbone QA dirty fifteen-year oldj SYLVIA WILLIAMSON Fannie jane Hollowhone QThe daughter of Maw and Pawl RANDY PARRISH Pepper Hollowhone fSmall son of Maw and Pawj LINDA BOSWELL Sis Hollowbone fPepper's sisterj JESSE BLACKMAN Grandpappy Hankley fAspry old chapj GERALDINE TEW Widow Blairhouse QA neighhorj Us' . I FQ , ,tie I I 4 l. s tin I Randy Parrish Linda Boswell 54 GERALYN DAVIS Bertha Blairhouse fThe widow's daughterj JIMMY BROUGHTON Slim Blairhouse fBertha's brother, CAROLYN HOOKS Melissa Dugan QA pretty young girll BONNIE BALLANCE Hortense Todd fAn old maidj CHARLOTTE GRAY Isabel Todd QHortense's sisterj TECHNICAL STAFF MRS. DAVID GREEN Director FRANCES PARRISH LOYDENE BASS Student Directors BERT HAYES BONNIE BASS BILL AYCOCK BRLAN DAVIS Stage Managers LASSITER HOLLAND JACK LANCASTER FRANKLIN ovI-:RBY KEITH DANIELS Ushers 65 A ' x ' v jesse Blackman I In, 1? i Charlotte Gray ,, .., -- fw- Ge Lf I , g I Bonnie Ballance Carolyn Hooks Jimmy Broughton 1 ' if -ox t' J Geralyn Davis Geraldine Tew unior-Senior w 63 . x I5 ll 5, Q if bi 'il 1. "1 55 ,sv MX Featuring . . . MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC Bonnie Ballancc and jesse Blackman Carolyn Hooks and Carlton Blow '1 l. , L , 9 -0 f , -, 1 lv' 1 ix . W I-,r A ' 5 1 . M-N --4 , ,f .. , KJ it f 2 I X , 5 35, I l . ' x ' if lk 1 Ar ff Ie? E ' f , W J P ff 1 ',.f-a3""j L BEST ALL AROUND MOST DEPENDABLE Cynthia Wiggs and jimmy Broughton Loydene Bass and Daniel jones 56 Chicf junior Class JEANNIE HOOKS JANET DAVIS junior Clash Marshals BR ENDA MOORINC BEVERLY PEACOCK AMELIA HOOKS Freshmen Class Q6"' GERALD DAVIS NAN AYCOCK BILL WAYNE LANCASTER Sophomore Class 57 5 ' 550. r-Y. -cn 47,551 :muffin ' P K 0. - fix! 'w mf!-:u nm 58 -0 Dedication MR. WILLIAM A. BALLANCE Because you believed in us when it was difficult for us to believe in ourselvesg be- cause you expect great things of us and yet are understanding when the way is hard, and progress is slowg and because your generosity bespeaks your understanding, we the Class of 1961 d e d i c ate this record of our times at Fremont High School during the 1960-1961 year to you, MR. WILLIAM A. BALLANCE. x In A x nvvl 59 ELM STREET MGTDRS Cleonesf Used Cars In Town Corner Elm ond Slocumb Str QFTTJ. T Wm K E V Phone RE 5-3577 G I boro, North Co l' C I F MADE RITE SUNBEAM BREAD AND RGLLS Gldb N l'1C I W C TRADE RITE MOTORS Wholesale 8 Retail We Buy and Sell Clean Usecl Cars Corner Center and Oak Streets Goldsboro, North Carolina Owners and Operators Johnnie Lancaster O.L. Starling SCOTTS FAMOUS BARBECUE "It's the best ye ever tasted" Chicken - n - Pig Phone RE 4-O7ll l2Ol N. William Street Goldsboro, North Carolina 61 BRANCH BANKING 84 TRUST C0 Complefe Banking Service F Nhcl M b FDlCCp AYCOCK-SELBY CGMPANY, INC. Telephone 242-6951 GENERALQELECTRIC Mayo Curers Sherwin-Williams Points R 'r F VI' L'q 'd N"r F NhCI FREMONT SUPERETTE Dependable Service Fruits, Vegetables, Meats Free Delivery - Selt Service Dial 242-6l9l Fremont, N.C. . , Ben Ellis HC1l1g-MCYCIS "lt pays to Dress Well" Phone RE 5-3733 Goldsboro, North Corolino Goldsboro, North Carolina 63 Popes S. 84 W. Supply Store General Merchants 5 84 10 Cent Store Phone 242-6486 Fremont, North Carolina Fremont, North Carolina Hardwood Dimensions, Inc. Peacock - Bu FH d Cl, Bu1lders Supply CO. yerfogsirnfoo Seller ot Fremont, North Carolina Furniture Squares Located in Burgaw Goldsboro Fremont 64 Dillon Supply Co. Taylors Flowers and Gifts "Machinery - Mill Supplies" Flowers For All Occasions Phone RE 5-242l Goldsboro North Corolino Phone 242-7l6l Moin Street Fremont, North Corolino Phone 242-3346 lt your wife cc1n't cook, clon't divorce her, keep her For o pet, ond eot ot MR. LEE'S COFFEE SHGP Fremont, North Corolino 65 Worley Typewriter Exchange 1 --'fa 'mai R - fl E I I, 'Li Q , .-A ' I m . f 4 X .-,. .. ., ini Q Qqe .- .. Q - cqfqccee' F? . "ee, ' ' 1 -'?5'-Se v Q FH ,Beep '--e 3 Q ' I , CPP! .1 ,- e3CeeQf,' ' R0 , 1 Qc E I Phone RE 4-0845 Goldsboro, North Corolino J. M. Edgerton 84 Son, lnc. Your lnternotionol Hcirvester ond Rambler Deolers Eostern Corolino Form Equipment Center Phone RE 4-436l Goldsboro, North Corolino Fremont Wholesale Corp. Points - Building Supplies - Cool Distributors Petroleum Products Phone 242-6611 Fremont, North Corolino Nationwide Insurance Dick Whitley Agent Fremont, North Corolincr The All-Family Drink 7-Up Bottling Co. S, ' 4'-V F 5? , ff--ii ' ,' Gol dsboro, North Corolino The Hub Goldsboro, North Corolino Compliments of Isaacs-Kahn Furniture Co., Inc. The Big Furniture Store on Center St Gol dsboro, North Corol inc Open on occount Use Your Credit Dees and Whitley Generol Merchandise Fremont, North Corolino Phone 242-6451 Milton Best lns. Agency, Inc. Phone 242-6341 Fremont, North Corolino Hooks and Ellis Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service Phone 242-3546 Fremont, North Caroline: . iff - ,- f-:Q :::.-,Q ' ' , !"'?2??Z-5-'-'ft' '.' -1' r' vi'-F N in v-jc .. . o ., .F fig.-U nfl! f ft f - :igyfyf gg- .?4:f'.' .f .55 . .F , A 1' 3125-75-- ' .:EaF' .- -'G -7.55 ,A b 0 ' -'17 17: 9 'Wili- bffzig ' I "iff "I '-:-!,y- . A -3. :,: 9-nf. ' C A . 134.4 rg 5...-A',.., V 1, . .'.1r'2Zf 7 ' - ll i Q 51" "Prescription Druggistsu Phone 242-6221 Fremont, North Corolino Yelvertons mea Ambulance Service Phone 242-6741 Fremont, North Corolino r"i1 M rr QQLUHRDS W.. it . 7 9 Wg. u ' l -Q 1 Goldsboro, North Corolino Phone 242-6108 Fremont, N. C. : S-it . - . f stil! Nahunta Hog Market Slaughter House We Buy Hogs Every Doy Pikeville, North Corolino fi, i. B kj s , fr AX 1.x , N A ,I 'X Af fx , x fx' x Z s A -X- Compliments of GARRIS JEWELERS Your Locol Jewelers N . Center Street Goldsboro, North Corolino Wayne Dairy Inc. PAULC. BLALOCK, INC. "Fresher-More Delicious" H06 N. Williom Street Goldsboro, North Corolino VITIL,-I CHEVROLET! ll Soles Service Fremont, North Corolino Compliments of JOHNSON COTTON CO. O PATE' S Esso Servicenter Tires - Tubes - Batteries Bus Station Fremont, N.C. Phone RE 5-302I I32 E. Walnut Street Goldsboro, N.C. "CHICK" DANIELS Sales Si Service Clinton Chain Saws Toro Lawn Mowers Fremont, N . C . Phone 242-6053 Hooks Bros. Compliments of - Fremont - OUTLAND GROCERY H k H d Fmimom DRY CLEANERS 00 S Elf W2lfC oscAR tuRLlNoroN We Feature - Goldsboro - CITIZENS SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSN Dobbs Hats Bob Smart Shoes BEST AND WEST SAM JERNIGAN PRICE JEWELERS AUTOMATIC WHOLESALE Frigidaire Appliances Siegler Heaters Fremont, North Carolina - Aclamsville - ADAMSVILLE BARBER SHOP SMITH GROCERY - Eureka - HENRY SAULS 70 I-IERFF-JONES CO. Monufocfuring Jewelers and Sfofioners Phone GR 8-3001 - Office GR 8-3206 - Residence 1401-1429 N. Capitol Avenue lndicnnopolis 7, Indiana Be Socioble Hove A Pepsi PEPSI-CCLA BGTTLING CGMPANY Selma, North Corolino 71 "The Moving Finger rites, And, Having rit, Moves On: - - - Last ill and Testament We the Graduating Class of 1961, of Fremont High School, being of sound mind and body, about to embark into the unknown future, do hereby make and publish this our last will and testament. To Mr. Cole we leave a portable milk warmer and many sleepless nights. To Mrs. Green we leave our affection, grat- itude, and many overdue "thank you's" for in- dividual services and favors. To the Faculty we just leave. To the juniors we leave all the money we had left over from our New York trip. To the Sophomores we leave a bottle of smelling salts to help them recover from the shock of dis- covering that they don't know as much as they think they do. Since this years' Juniors are taking our place next year, we leave to the Freshmen our sympathy and pity for having to follow in their footsteps. FRANCES PARRISHleavesher ability to "catch" a husband to Miss Bell and Miss Thompson. BILL AYCOCK leaves his ability to drive a car without wrecking it to Billy Pate. KEITH DANIELS leaves his ability to sleepin class and elsewhere to Gerry Smith. GERALYN DAVIS leaves the physics class to any upcoming senior girl and hopes that she can endure the mental and physical strains it presents. To those whowill enjoy the memories contained within the pages of this 1961 GREGO we are in- debted to Bonnie Ballance, Loydene Bass, Charlotte Gray, Linda Boswell, Lassiter Holland, Geralyn Davis, and Carolyn Hooks. The long hours and conscientious attentions to the details of planning and organizing the materials into this book went far hey ond the call of duty. THE SPONSOR CAROLYN HOOKS leaves her many hair-dos to Brenda Fulkerson. IESSE BLAC KMAN leaves at last-and with plenty of sympathy for Mr. Green. CYNTHIA WIGGS leavesher ability to play the piano to Buddy Aycock. CARLTON BLOW leaves Mr. Ballance his workshop and hopes he will take care of it. RANDY PARRISH leaves his ability to pitch baseball to Douglas Marlowe. 'Tl-IELMA BENTON leaves part of her unique figure to Diana Pike, who she believes can handle it easily. DANIELIONES leaves his loud and vicious ways to Woody Joyner. CHARLOTTE GRAY leaves her ability to sing to janet Davis. GERALDINE TEW leaves her ability to play basketball to Mary Ann Hales. BRIAN DAVIS leaves his ability to lose weight to George Aycock. LASSITER HOLLAND leaves his height to Jimmie Whitworth. LOYDENE BASS leaves her "flirty" ways to Brenda Carter. CARLTON DAVIS leaves his mother-'s hospital bills to Mrs.Green, who is more able to pay them. To you, Mrs. B l a c k m a n, we the 1960-61 GREGO Staff, wish to express our sincere ap- preciation and heartfelt thanks for your support, help, and guidance throughout the publishing of our yearbook. We say "Thank you very much. " THE calico STAFF 72 LINDA BO SW ELL leaves her Jolly ways and many smiles to Mr. Cole. FRANKLIN OVERBY leaves his popular saying "of course, " to Mr. Ballance and Mr. Wainwright. VIRGINIA SULLIVAN leaves her 'quiet shy ways to Sue Aycock. . BERT HAYES feaves his abiiny- no study no Don Sasser. IlMMYBROUGHTONleaves a giant-size bottle of reducing pills to Mrs. Green, so the next time she rides a bus to New York she won't take up so much of the other person's seat. BONNIE BALLANCE leaves her ability to get along with Mr. Wainwright to Beverly Peacock and Amelia l-looks. SYLVIA WILLIAMSON leaves her ability to get along with Air Force boys to Judy Hooks. BONNY BASS leaves his fast driving to Nan Aycock. JACK LANCASTER leaves his ring to Kay Pippin. Finally, we do hereby name and appoint as the sole executor of this, our last will and testament, our class advisor, Mrs. Sedalia Green. In witness whereof we, the class of 1961 have set our hand and seal this 26th day of May in the year of 1961. JIMMY BROUGHTON and LOYDENE BASS Testamrs H7104 All you 74814 7104 Wd Said! lm it Zack 70 Cancel H44 14 lm. 7104 fill ffm 7am WM Oat 14 Word 0, Ez. " Umm fawqyam 3 Q P . P,-' 5 0 I o E, o lr ' N I .v , . " NL .,v'l ' . -an . r ' o 11.111 lqv 1 vvv ,Www vu ' A 'Q 8 ' -1 O I .....1..Q .QQ 99 V-V, I "Q 4'lO ,- -Q if '1 -f' "Y"?'s 1KY7"Wi5' I -A , ..v., O ifu "t x 1: I., 4 , mf? , l . " 5" ,P 5 'P 'L . AW..L. Iu.

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