Fremont High School - Grego Yearbook (Fremont, NC)

 - Class of 1960

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rpm I I f ' ' Q Q . 5 .0 C 1 ,ll I 'Q 1 1 u 'J ,ri yr-uurv v Q -v - '-- www- V: ff-vv--qyo-w v -' .J V-., - W, ., 1 r, '-. 'H 5 lag., Q " Jrn l mf l v 4., ,xflan 1 X. 51'- hm mf :mp-' . v -4 ,n 1: 3' V4 . f . 7 , ' Q Q 1 V ,A 1. ,.J , .- W .y ' .W- , ,N A 55 n 4' e ' 0 ' K' 'L' 5' '. his lf 'b I r 1 . Y 'V ' W. K v -JA J t , Q, 'ui . "L, x X-v , 5 7, , " ' ' , . . do d 1 . . J 'M ' M! , g,, '. L rw,- 0 - ff, , f, . ' ' f 1 Rr: ' .' I , , '. Y ."', ".'v'H -' 'f gym' r. q- v Y V 1 - .1 wr' A ,, ,,u I' 4 li '.1'-An We Gfaego N60 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of Fremont High School Fremont, North Carolina ?0'L6600fLd In the 1960 GREGO is set forth the story of the development of the Seniors of '60-from baby horne ts in the very beginning to full-grown, graduated hornets at this, the end of twelve wonderful years. The pre se n- tation of our senior year in Fremont High School brings to a close this twelve-year drama. We flash before you glimpses of our school life, our activities, and our classes. We wish to express our appreciation to our parents, our teachers, and our friends whohave aided us thus far on our way and have made it possible for us to publish this yearbook. fi ur' f un I 3 N W? , Q. S N. M xl v 'Af' Now we shall show you our school, Fremont High, from which we have cf gained the patience, guidance and helpful experiences that will furnish us the courage to go eagerly towards our tomorrows. .. ,X I rmdlir- rw SPWIS fIri1lwwm E'il'k'l l' SCIETICQ , vp '11 ' 1 Y- nfl I Y . bf? I si' f7a6Ze of Comm DEDICATION. . . ......... ............ . . . . GREGO STAFF .... . . . ff? ADMINISTRATION .... C-RAMIVIAR GRADES .... . . 75 K Cl SENIORS and SENIOR ACTIVITIES .... . . Yi! , - Q I. 2 BABY PICTURES .... . . . ACTIVITIES .... - - HIGH SCHOOL ................... . . SNAPSHOTS ....... - - ADVERTISEMENTS .... - - ---h Zledicated to . Wim and Bad We take pleasure in dedicating this 1960 GREGO to our parents. "To ones who bear the sweetest names And add a luster to the same Who share our joys, who cheer when sad The greatest friends we ever had Long life to them for never another Can take the place of our father and mother" You have strived toward developing us into useful citizensgyour wishes are that each of our lives will be dedicated to God. You have made useful sacrifices in making our school an instrument in preparing us for leaders of tomorrow. You took time to doctor our cuts and bruise sg and you gave us words of comfort and encouragement. Your love has never failed in all our past years and will not fail us in years to come. May the dedication of this annual help to repay you, dear parents, for your many hours of faithful service. 3 if .4 , Gfwga SMH e 'R ' , 5 'Q .V A as T r .6 ern' ' .Ii THOMAS WEST Editor BILLY GAR RIS Student Photographer fl. '!""" MRS, IOI-LN W. BIACKMAN Sponsor s We wish to say a big "Thank 4 you" to Mrs.B1aCkrnan for her many r Suggestions and her long hours of worl-cairigiiidancc in publishing our annual. 'vw J CLAIRE AYCOCK and DELL DEE YELVERTON Art Editors 4 A BETTY HOOKS Assistant Editor Q W7 LINDA BRADSI-IAW and DAVID JONES Typists LINDA BRADSI-IAW and JOE NEWSOME Picture Editors .nv- 9 f'-"" af?" .nlldh BONNIE CUDDINGTON "BOOKIE" ELLIS Secretary Treasurer if 21 'MQSY' I ', M1 Seated: Betsy Turlington, "Bookie" Ellis, Betty Hooks, Thomas West, Bonnie Cuddington, Dell Dee Yelverton, Linda Bradshaw. Standing: Sue Ellen Aycock, jack Peacock, Cynthia Wiggs, john Manly Peacock, Roy Parrish, David jones, Bill Wayne Lancaster, jesse Blackman, Billy Garris, Claire Aycock, joe Newsome, Diana Pike, Barbara Boswell. 5 S-nv J X. of' I Q 'Yu fl Wi! gmgwb Qilwdwwfb ,1 W, f, .54 '5 . , 5 Q 7 45 1 "n'3.'Y" . d ,x . , , , Q ,xii S. egg: fy? 1' Y ' , ' -P Q , cv OZ-AJ., .9u1.JJ.,,,..,f ,6.-MLL., 6 -C -Q ,G ..:..:Q 37'!Ff-NT? TW' . 1 if .Vg in 7' -4, W, if 5, . faq rf' gzfwdo 'Mo Qimgduw 1 us WF 8459. 669-slag! F9215 Big 8-ww W Lx ,M Mk Zafeoqi W -' ff: 5 Z Z W IT Jwfwmmv 7 , 4 Bgmd gf gdagaugm MRS SYLVIA FLOWERS ovERMAN 6 As you look through this, your 1960 GREGO, I hope it will bring back many happy memories. We usually remember best those things in which we excelledg therefore, as you grow older, may you have even more accomplishments to add to the mem- orable events of your life. To the Senior Class, let me offer my congratulations for our yearbook. It should be a fitting climax to the long list of ach- ievements you have made as students of the Fremont Schools. I am sure that the faculty joins with me in wishing for each of you all the success life has to offer. Sincere ly, Se cre tary Center: Mr. Barnes R. Ellis, Chairman. Top: Mr. Glenn Aycock, Mr. james Bruton. . Bottom :Mr .Nathan Newsome, R o b e r t L. Stevenson. Not picture d:Mr .Hugh Turlington. 8 Mr. james E. Peacock, Mr. Faculty '13-f -ve- Wm GLX, Wwamta Stood for Ukouyit MR, W,A. BALLANCE Vocational Agriculture B.S., N.C. State College Fremont, North Carolina MRS. SEDALIA S. GREEN English, French A.B., Atlantic Christian College Eureka, North Carolina MISS SADIE RUTH BELL Commercial A.B., Atlantic Christian College Rock Ridge. North Carolina MISS IESSIE THOMPSON Social Studies B. S., East Carolina College Goldsboro, North Carolina MRS. ELIZABETH A. BLACKMAN Home Economics, Science B.S., W.C.U.N.C. Fremont, North Carolina MR, RALPH T, WAINWRIGHT Science, Math A.B., Atlantic Christian College Stantonsburg, North Carolina 9 nv-N, Qi it .,,e,,,,f K T'- ' First Grade fx i aa. V. Q , r .3 'W . -4 Lf A , , ic-' pr- ,rv bm ,im rx ,. 'vi-.. ,U . 4 -, f ,R , -p an -"-'SLK-14? MRS DIXIEB EDMUNDSON A.B., Atlantic Christian College Fremont, North Carolina MISS DORIS GURLEY First Grade A.B., East Carolina College Fremont, North Carolina MISS ESTELLE ISLES Fifth Grade A.B., East Carolina College Warrenton, North Carolina MISS PAULINE SHORT Second Grade MISS ELMA LEWTER Third Grade A.B., East Carolina College Severn, North Carolina A.B., w.c.U.N.c. Fremont, North Carolina MISS AVA LEE Second Grade M.A., East Carolina College Fremont, North Carolina MRS, MARY JACK YELVERTON Fourth Grade B. S. , Atlantic Christian College Eureka, North Carolina MR, DELMER DEE ATKINSON Seventh Grade A .B., Elon College M.A. , East Carolina College Mount Airy, North Carolina MRS. ANNE H. YELVERTON Eighth Grade B. Ed., Queen's College Fremont, North Carolina MRS. MONA ATKINSON MISS LOUISE EDGERTON Seventh Grade Sixth Grade Guilford College B. S., Atlantic Christian College Elon College Pikeville, North Carolina Mount Airy, North Carolina 10 's .. Spam! Uecwlww MRS. F.M. WATSON Speech Instructor UQ' ap, I.. . MRS. LELAND PATE Public School Music and Glee Club Director Baa bww f x 'A Q? Tw' - 1, 1 xi' 3. -it L,--0 JESSE BLACKMAN BILLY GARRIS DAVID JONES JOHN MANLY PEACOCK flmamta JIMMY BROUGI-ITON V 'fx - ' A J ' JOE NEWSOME 11 Cooko K ,:.1i -gli' 4 MRS. BONETA BLOW Manager MRS. RUBY BASS 4 o 1 ipfoooddo Food foo Om fodq . - 2 4.41.1 ' ' -Em i f N I Cwodooao . . . ipooooofe 7'leooo,at Soxooocmdmoo 3:4 AUSTIN and ANNIE WILDER 12 454 L4' X 3 Q., Us 5 I X f Q . - .h, - MRS. RUBY STANCIL MRS. I-IELEN BASS ,. - .A 1' ijt? X3 6 CML 566005 Eaqa . . . Ccmoutq . L-ul QM, fffwwledge . Gfwwtfn . 'SQ -1 School Song Oh Fremont High, You are the best Old high school in the East or West We praise you ever, Forsake you never For you our hearts will always sing You stand for truth, You stand for right You stand for fairness in the fight Lift high your voices, Let the chorus ring Oh Fremont High School, We love you Love you all the while Oh Fremont High School, We praise you Till the last long mile In victory or defeat, You're the school we love the best In work or at play we know you'l1 stand the test! Fmt Grade .5 w , , I " -an .4-,A lr' .4 , , -Y 3.-f ,, ir' 5 - I ' K ,Vx 'Jn DY- Va 'QA .J ,B 4. 9. ig .b - A 4 0 -My -t 'Q 4 - 'S . ff.- 1 S W , 4 N' 1 N4 ,Ag f 21, J i 1, Nw I ,, v 4 i 1. . ,, . gyjj - --, MK 5 , '58 yi Q 1 I 4 f S . Y f nl, 1 -' , H K V 5, Vg MR :if Y N! . ,, s '11 4. N- ,Aft Q' 1' X . . 7-h it X 19 S . y ,, N p W , di T ' -5 -,- 4 -...f Q-Ka N A F if s, ll L 3 :.Z3Q,5.'.-LL,9?'f,.,, I. N3 5 'e lm-I , Fil 3 ' -. - 1 First row: Bryant Aycock, Linda Ballance, Dwight Bass, Walter'Bass, Wanda Bogue, Susan Buck, Gail Capps, Barbara Davis. Second row:Braxton Davis, Danny Davis, Gregory Davis, Rocky Gooch, jerry Gooding, Larry Helmbrecht, Yvonne jackson, Bill johnson. Third row: Ann jones, jane Kirby, Kenneth McCullen, Gloria Merritt, Robert Moore, Susan Mooring, Daryl Newsome, Billy Peacock. Fourth row: Raymond Pender, Laura Pippin, Linda Pope, Richard Proctor, Frances Radford, Maidie Sauls, Rose Tucker, Ronnie Weaver. Fifth row: Freddie West, Tommy Whitford, Gwynne Whitley, Rodney Whitley. Sixth row: Linda Whitworth, Darlene Williamson, Myra Yelverton. 14 Second Guide gin- .9 ,n ln." Niro- ,,,.- rg' Zi' 'C' A I - n ' , , . f K , - -V ':".1 I 1 N :-uf l' F 01 . k!!!.mm...I2- -rv 4, .1- , 3 71 , N , 1, ,V , wi, g , 5, ,. 0 -g 0 A. rf, . . in ,E Q i 0 Ks ,, 3 3, r QQ, Q - ' " " 1 - F wk ' .f1, r - N , . , I i H ff'-1, r r ' it K' ' f m, qp rarl li n ' ' " 1 QA.. Y A r . J f L S aa' fc l L Y, l U, 0 3, -A 4 - 4. ,, n 1. 4' 's M' 'I '...., ,-1' ' .x , 1 ' A s-1 , N. el ni, V A . , ' Y " , , f 5 "5 lf' X -, -8 , .. KA , -Q , I x ,xi , v ,,. f qv 0- . , , W., Q. , "' "' F V ff j 'A 1 U' 19 Q V, l ff ,, f A l""f 'f N: ' Q. :sm N , , R 4, g , , i, First row: jimmy Aldridge, Debra Andrey, Julian Aycock, Kitzi Aycock, Mark Aycock, james Ballnce, Alice Barnes, Robert Barnes. Second row: James Bass, Angela Bogue, Norman Bradshaw, Beebe Carter, Donald Corbett, Richard Daniels, Dick Davis jerry Davis. Third row: Ioan Dubberly, Debbie Elmore, Andy Evans, john Everhart, George Faulk, Shearon Fortain, Edward Gooding, Faye Gooding. Fourth row:Kay Gooding, Sandra Gurley, Ann Hall, Bill Hayes, Teresa Hill, Randy Holmes, Mike Hooks, Tommy Hooks. Fifth row: Tony Lewis, Susie Medlin, Danny Newcomb, Pamela Parrish, Margaret Peacock, johnny Pippin, jerry Radford, Kent Reeves. Sixth row: Kent Rose, Hank Stewart, Clarence Weaver, Rudy West, Kay Whaley, janet Whitworth, joan Williamson, Danny Woodard. 15 Wm! Grade 1 HP? First row: Collier Aycock, Lamar Aycock, Jennie Ballance, Barbara Boswell, Linda Bass, Marie Bass, Hilda Benson, Becky Benton. Second row: Cam Blalock, Ronnie Bogue, jim Carter, Susan Daniel, Diane Davis, Dwain Elmore , Randy Everhart, Patricia Gooding . Third row: Richard Gooding, Richard Hainey, Priscilla Harper, Curtis Hooks, Edwin Hooks. ' E U ,vw -1-'G , 1 7 , 6 dv ,Q Fowuifn Grade x . - ,fi x Q, ,1gfg,?,:,- ,RTM ' x frile' "" :V it ,gjggfsvff fii zgxy ' El 5 , ' , ., -,M , ,, Q E ii 'T' al in First row: Wayne Aycock, Roger Baker, Edith Bass, johnny Bass, Patricia Bass, Sandra Bass, Helen Cavenaugh, Donna Davis. Second row: Lynne Evans, Laura Ellen Gooding, Linda Gooding, john Gurley, Douglas Hall, Danny Hooks. 16 .Wad Gmafe S F5 -fi 1 ,lsr ' L, s... First row: Martin Hooks, Terry Holland, Dianne jackson, David Kirby, Kay Lancaster, Helen Moore, Barbara Mooring, David Mooring. Second row: Rex Mooring, Priscilla Newman, Wayne Newman, Nancy Newsome, Douglas Pender, Larry Proctor, David Sauls, Jacqueline Smith. Third row: Timothy Stancil, Kathy Stuckey, Clover Wilson, D.H. Whitley. gamtfn Gwie Qy la Q'-2 'QI ' . l K " Y, a. ' in I I X363 " I - , 'x :fp .'1Q,:,Nllxl!'3C:Tt -if 5 'lah f ' A f f 1 X ii 5-qv Xxxl X First row: Esther Lewis, Danny McLeod, Louise Mooring, jim Peacock, Paula Peacock, Sally Peacock, Billy Rich Wyatt Sasser. Second row: johnny Sauls, Bob Stevenson, Bill Stewart, Warren Woodard, Beth Yelverton. 17 H :IW em 'A 'l W. T x X V .gl ,, , v 7' ' is N Q5- if.. A 4, - 165, ' .., U. Veg Q-. JI ...N y X J 3 "' Z . ' ,f iii LW. ii. A f r r , f 4 - s ,, -f 7 Y l Xl ...O U' 'sw ii. '- V .Law rl an, Q' 'f fm? P 0 in .-.2 Q is-1' L15 'ir' I an - E In , 1 5 -r ,R 5. , 5. - 4 . r First row: Barbara Aldridge, Scotty Andrey, Linda Fay Barnes, Georgia Bass, Wayne Blow, Larry Bradshaw, Jerald Cole, Brenda Corbett .Second row: Linda Mae Corbett, David Daniels, Claudette Davis, Douglas Davis, Susan Dubberly, Michael Ellis, Ruth Hall, Ne al Herring. Third row: Sandra Holland, Glenda Hooks, jimmy jackson, Judy Jackson, Kennethjones, jim Kirby, Gail Lancaster,Billy Lewis. Fourth row:Patsy Medlin, Allen Mooring, Linda Newcomb, Ray Peacock, Gerald Pope, Shirley Procter. Fifth row: Linda Rose, John Sullivan, Ray Sykes, Eliza Turlington. Sixth row:Cheta Yelverton, Deborah Yelverton, Phillip Yelverton. 18 XXX X f 4 ,sw em 'pl , ae, -wr 4... l ' e W' " f . -5- ' A Q- ,K , - ' " A I fu. x - f M 4. 4 5 wi,f?,E,'TS?e,fwQi is - f ig? fain kf'm'mwQ,.-use " W es , as fx ? Q f 1 5, uv , T ' Q. A . if pq, Zeng, ,xx is ,s if ' -fi i ,ff ..,.., I . , ' 5. , " , ns v- , ' Lv " M rs ,,,' , X ,lm ' .4 A V l . , -, .M g R A I rr A L' 1 .4- 'lady V- 5 X M I .V 4 -' . ' 1 1 Q gl Q - .rf ax fs Q .L 1 . " . gf. -V is 2 as . fi Q, 5. , 4 Ns., xg 1 'xi' 3 Q' ' V ZW A I R t x Q I QL ,afgfgax ci.k,i:li i J l SEX ,wb First row: Edward Aldridge, Gene Barefoot, Annette Bass, Billy Bass, Bobby Bass, Janice Bass, Sharon Bass, jesse Benton. Second row: Mary Sue Bogue, Doris Carter, Charles Corbett, Harold Cuddington, Eddie Davis, jimmy Davis, Lorene Davis, Sue Davis. Third row: William Green, Connie Gurley, James Harper, Roger Harper, Suzanne Hayes, Judy Hill, Frieda Holland, Millford Holland. Fourth row: Rudy Hooks, Jim Ivey, Norwood Marlowe, Hubert Medlin, jerry Mooring, jimmy Newcomb, Ben Ray O'Neal, Jimmy Owens. Fifth row: Brenda Parrish, Kay Peacock, jean Stevenson, james Sykes, Ray Sykes, Priscilla Tucker, Sandra Walker, Donald Whaley. Sixth row: Mary Dee Wiggs, Linda Wilkie, Charles Williamson, Harold Williamson. 19 Seventh Gmde , r , x t f ' - I ""' like a X .. av, I Erst row: jimmy Aycock, Tom Aycock, Mack Baker, Brenda Barnes, Robert Lee Barnes, Robert Bass, Walter Bass, jackie Benton. Second row: James Blow, Mary Boswell, Nancy Broughton, Susan Daniels, Arnold Davis, Carrie Ellen Davis, Diane Davis, Brenda Elmore. Third row: Mike Fulkerson, Wilbert Hall, Brenda Hare, Alan Hicks, Lynn Hooks, Suzanne Hooks, Dickie Jackson, Gerald jackson. ew, em NH, 3 T First row: George Aycock, Ernest Bass, Sammy Bass, Gib Blackman, Janie Boswell, Gloria Cahoon, Alice Cavenaugh, Faye Davis. Second row: LaVerne Davis, Verne Davis, Ken Ellis, Mary Ann Hales, Amelia Hooks. 20 Seventh Gfmche 7' P29 ,nfs wp- w"' Z E1 SS. First row: Rochelle jackson, Douglas Lewis, Jackie Lewis, Lewis Mooring, George Overby, Dianne Parrish, Betty Ann Peacock, David Peacock. Second row: Margie Procter, William Rand, Dick Rose, Allan Sauls, Sandra Smith, Sue Smith, Anne Turlington, jerry West. Third row: jenny Wiggs, Brenda Williamson, Janie Wilson, Anne Yelverton, john Yelverton, Mike Yelverton, Steve Yelverton. , Eighth Guide First row: Kenneth Hooks, Kenneth Jones, Mary Ellen jones, Sally jones, Judy Newsome, Joel O'Nea1, Douglas Owens, Barbara Peacock. Second row: Beverly Peacock, john Sykes, Bobby Taylor, Harold Walker, Bruce Wilkie. 21 sl if Edwin Gwde Gaadaatboa - ipwpawng foe Hbqfn School ,pan- . Q" N3 i QQ.. A., Eight long years for this moment! .4--P TI-IE GLORIFIED EGGHEAD! ! f ,qwvanf ' 4 ,MH ,. p nl Pretty is as pretty does! ! Seventh grade honor sutdents- 0 is Pat1ent1y wa1t1ng! Marshals . Nl' ,. y, .w I 'S fa' , .Y V, A? A 'Mp we 3 . I .l N. "Mis' Anne" 's E 47' any, Stl!!! Enya . . . I7Lme Oat :hom faded g 'W iz. wi 7 yfnonogranner Pictures f 'f 51? Q ,n x gg "1 v:,,. - " I 1, K ' gx Ir blooc -ls , QCo1c Q T4 prisf 1 nf V1 Cynthia Wiggs, Assistant Editor, Geralyn Davis, Business Manager, Betty Hooks, Editor, "Bookie" Ellis, Art Editor. 1' . Qffyj, JL,0'Ul'6t SW Miss sAD1rf'RU'i5tlr'nELL Sponsor , 'x ...A 43. E 1 1 T A' . l:,,:f"l' r ,,':'1il3, 31:5 ve-rail f3Z3I"f?l.,l7'! Eff: gran sei 5J,p.,n:'j meetry whi ch was, 'ny school tha! Cowl , .1 xfl0l-JI :st Pl! ' , jQf,Q'!'1Cx3f G C fs V 5 .riurxdson 3 A 5 the wizl ,ary gradsl 'S seventy Se, H lffil 331 21: L 'glances rr'e.5f::r1L, ,oCIf Seated: Dell Yelverton, Claire Aycock, Linda Bradshaw, Brenda Fulkerson, Roy Parrish, David joneSEQhQ . Standing: joe Newsome, Carolyn Hooks, Kay Pippin, Virginia Sullivan, Sue Aycock, janet Davis, Jimmy Aycock, Geralyn Davis, Nan Aycock, Frances Parrish, Bonnie Cucldington, Bonnie Ballance, jc-:ke Blac1nt1lzn,a.Bdtqzl.5iJliIin 881704 Buddy Aycock, "Bookie" Ellis, Cynthia Wiggs, Thomas West,'Cham1D1!l1why-'Miss'?i'tYPQt'3' and P1795 .24 ,-,, ,, pr',.,,mi,ri ..1...rce Olhlbltr-5 projecti in - in she gymnasium on March - ' I 31 81311 :ifJ1'i1 14 ..,A'Nx.. jesse Blackman, Vice-President, Thomas West, President, Betty I-looks, M: Secretary-Treasurer, Bonnie Cuddington, Reporter. ff f A 4 -QA Mlss JESSIE T1-1oMPsoN BCM Sponsor Seated: Bonnie Ballance, Sue Ellen Aycock, Betty Hooks, Bonnie Cuddington. Standing: Thomas West, jesse Blackman 25 twwfis Q V il +0 I 04-1 4? Q C 2- 3 5 F 1- U Q - 2' U Q fl' 9 A 'rf Q Q., f 1 Q O O 44,0 O50 Nfw YN Geraldine Tew, Treasurer, Lynda Sue Bass, Secretary, Judy Rogers, President, Frances Parrish, Vice-President. MRS. JOHN W. BLACKMAN Sponsor if ' ,., 0 5 ..- .Wwe JL!00L60L0A4i6fLd of Hmm Seated: Frances Cavenaugh, Lynda Sue Bass, Rachel Cavenaugh, Judy Rogers, Judy Jackson, Frances Parrish. Standing Brenda Mooring, Joyce Overby, Geraldine Tew, Judy Hooks, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Nan Aycock, Mrs. Blackman. 26 Q, , he Et. L CA ROLYN HOOKS Club Sweetheart Seated: Roy Parrish, Treasurer, Carlton Blow, President, Randy Parrish, Secretary. Standing: Bill Aycock, Sentinel, jimmy Aycock, Reporter. '73- MR. W,A. BALLANCE 'S i Sponsor Mow' J'L""'Q'5gf,l JA, zriukw ,- M cm, V... "1 5 Q X fin . Seated: Bill Aycock, Roy Parrish, Carlton Blow, Randy Parrish, jimmy Aycock, Mr. Ballance. Second row: Gerald Davis, Braxton Futrelle, Wayne Strickland, Lassiter Holland, "Chippy" Smith, jimmy Broughton, Don Sasser, Billy Ray Walker, Glenn I-looks. Third row: Brantley Walker, Rex Sauls, Bennie Benton, Richard Mooring, Kenneth Mozingo, Buddy Aycock, Robert Hooks, jimmy Whitworth. 27 4-fl Club ,IQ NA N AYCOCK NELLIE SUE WHITWORTH Vice -President Secretary-Treasurer THOMAS WEST THELMA BENTON Reporter Song Leader BENNIE BENTON , President Ygv,,s-Q, qc faq jx V Q D-Q., -1 1 'YV'- 1 "Q,-5-ai.-A"!-464 sr - - gil! 11, -QQ-an-ugJ'F,' PM in First row: Annette Bass, Connie Gurley, Margie Proctor, Diane Davis, Sandra Smith,james Harper, Neal Herring, Douglas Davis, Roger Harper, john Sullivan, jimmy jackson, David Daniels, Eddie Davis, Susie Medlin, Deborah Yelverton, Claudette Davis, Norwood Marlowe. Second row: Wayne Blow, Nan Aycock, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Billy Bass, Mack Baker,jimmy B.Aycock, Eugene Ellis, Wayne Carter, Brenda Williamson, Rochelle jackson, Carrie Ellen Davis, Gerald jackson, Ruth Hall, jesse Benton, Charles Williamson, Susan Daniels, janice Bass. Third row: Thomas West, Sylvia Williamson, Thelma Benton, john Manly Peacock, Roy Parrish, Sue Smith, Suzanne Hooks, Bennie Benton, jerry West, Torn Aycock, Rudy Hooks, Harold Cuddington, Randy Parrish, Allan Sauls, james Blow, Wilbert Hall. 28 J Glu CM ll J x - Seated: Virginia Lane, Lynda Sue Bass, Brenda Mooring, Rachel Cavenaugh, Lynda l-lelmbrecht, Frances Cavenaugh, Bonnie Cuddington, Treasurer, Kay Pippin, Secretary, Joyce Overby, Faye Stevenson, Barbara Boswell, Claire Aycock, Linda Boswell. Second row: "Bookie" Ellis, Nan Aycock, Diana Pike, Cynthia Wiggs, Dell Yelverton, Lou Lane, Betty I-looks, Carolyn Parrish, Judy I-looks, Brenda Fulkerson, Nellie Sue Whitworth, Geralyn Davis, Jean Cahoon, Janet Pope, Faye Mooring, Mrs. Pate, Director, Jimmy Aycock, 'Pianist. Third row: Becky Carter, Frances Parrish, Judy Rogers, Virginia Sullivan, Betsy Turlington, Janet Davis, Thelma Benton, Carolyn Hooks, Sue Aycock, Geraldine Tew, Judy Jackson, Diane Newman, Betty Stancil, Jeannie I-looks, Sue Ellen Aycock. Fourth row: Charles Bruton, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Roy Parrish, Gerald Davis, Billy Ray Walker, Joe Newsome, Bennie Benton, Randy Parrish, David Jones, Jimmy Broughton, Daniel Jones, Brian Davis, Kenneth Mozingo, Buddy Aycock, Braxton Futrelle, Billy Yelverton, Robert Hooks, Billy Frank Peacock, Eugene Fields. lalmtq Club Seated: Lynda Sue Bass, Brenda Fulkerson, Secretary, Betsy Turlington, Vice-President, Cynthia Wiggs, President, Miss Thompson, Sponsor3Nan Aycock, Lou Lane . Second row: Rachel Cavenaugh, Diana Pike, Judy Hooks, Bonnie Ballance, Brenda Mooring, Geralyn Davis, Randy Parrish, Frances Parrish, Geraldine Tew, Frances Cavenaugh, Thehna Benton, Joyce Overby, Judy Rogers, Carolyn Hooks, Charles Bruton, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Billy Frank Peacock, Janet Davis. 29 ff XX -, W S t ' at .19 7 "Bookie" Ellis, Presidentgjesse Blackman, Vice-President, Cynthia Wiggs, Secretary, Carolyn Hooks, Treasurer, Betty Hooks, Reporter. 772040 mm CM Q MR. D.D, ATKINSON Coach, Sponsor Q ' was if First row: Kay Pippin, Virginia Sullivan, Jeannie Hooks, Judy Hooks, Linda Boswell, Loydene Bass, Charlotte Gray, Betty Stancil, Ceralyn Davis, Lou Lane, jack Peacock. Second row: Faye Stevenson, Lynda Sue Bass, Claire Aycock, Linda Bradshaw, Barbara Boswell, Dell Yelverton, Betty Hooks, Cynthia Wiggs, Geraldine Tew, Carolyn Hooks, "Bookie" Ellis, jimmy Broughton. Third row: Mr. Atkinson, Lassiter Holland, Randy Parrish, Billy Garris, Bill Aycock, john Manly Peacock, Roy Parrish, Don Sasser, jesse Blackman, Carlton Blow, joe Newsome, Bert Hayes. 30 "BOOKIE" ELLIS Homecoming Queen Attendant Honwconamq gi AQ U' - D Betty and her escort, Roy Parrish Jesse watches "Bookie's" tears ofjoy CA ROLYN HOOKS Attendant Carolyn and her escort, Jack Lancaster you ,.,,,--I "BOOKIE" ELLIS lv Co-Captain VERY! Um QUUN X ffiliii " Gala' Baakedad CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS row 1 tw I Lou vw 'ES ly, BETTY HOOKS Co Captai 11 Be tty row: Bookie" SON Judy Betty Davi Dell Y Aycock. The Fremont I-hgh School basketball teams have been coached successfully for the past two years by Mr Dee Atkmson Thls year the g1rls' team won the conference and the boys had a very good year Vjyh 4' We w1sh to express to Coach Atk1HSOH our smcere appreclatxon for the help 30 4 Bamtffall xwgf 5-ss XKZ fwddall Umm ,-1 -n fer' f r ',g ' """ X -. ' .-- 1' -,Nl x 5 xx! QQCLQK I - if 4- , N fs'-X., L A W I x. ,ww ':, o -Q ,,..i fs ' 1 l ' All 1 'B 3 A. X , C NN ', .-:..'1::' : 'yi i ,ws Q. 1 4 . 1 4 I' , '4 ', ' ' Z. X 45 5 X M, lf" r g, V , JI.-4, i y- , , , -'iv 5 , . ef is 2 5 4 , Qi ' - .1 as 3 B 3 l at W1 P 1 if v, , 4. lf! 's 1 Q ,i i ,roi lvui ,7 -. J A- I if ' Y. P , r " ' ' ., fr pr ur 'fl 1 I' :arf , - ' U ' "2 ' Q 1 5 H f ' l ' ' 4 5 . if s f ,.' A 91 Q, --.auf 5 1 ih . Chl' f V tx --1-- "' " - Y f H c I Y fq ' N 0 ,, I : Qgv HT A f Y Y f X x K ,-'fha' X Y 1-K -P., nu' Kneelingzjack Peacock, Randy Parrish, Co-Captains. Second row: Billy Hooks, Braxton Futrelle, Eugene Fields Robert Hooks, Roy Parrish, Charles Bruton, Bennie Benton. Third row: Mr. Atkinson, Coach, Carlton Blow, jimmy Broughton, Bill Aycock, Bill Wayne Lancaster, joe Newsome. I Q . mm Yoatffwll M-, 'L R S , F5 f it 3 Kneeling: Bruce Wilkie, Bill Wayne Lancaster, Gibby Blackman, Kenneth Hooks, Ken Ellis. Standing George Aycock, Braxton Futrelle, james Blow, Charles Bruton, Billy Hooks, Dickie jackson. 34 MRS, -Cdfmleadm MONA ATKINSON Sponsor , 13 6, .A I I! SI-IEREE ATKINSON Mascot LYNDA SUE BASS VIRGINIA SULLIVAN Chief CLAIRE AYCOCK 4? FA YE MOORING ROY PARRISI-I 35 JANET DAVIS em' 50514011 i . , Q 9 E if Q " W' i is, -X. S iw 5 f , g ' 8, a -L ff , - 4. ' D ,4 5 J guitar! w 3 ji -I First row: Becky Carter, Nan Aycock, Virginia Sullivan, Carolyn Hooks, Geraldine Tew, "Bookie" Ellis, Lou Lane, Lynda I-lelmbrecht, Frances Cavenaugh. Second row: Sandra Smith, Nancy Broughton, Managers, Rachel Cavenaugh, Kay Pippin, Judy Hooks, Mrs. Atkinson, Coachg Nellie Sue Whitworth, Betsy Turlington, Jeannie Hooks, Lynda Sue Bass. A 4 iwgzifru .f ' 'i f'f'WGiiEl',J'3T'f I Nw'-' . ' "' lfxfl B , , -3,5-,Q ways, , ef - .vfvtgvd f WVU ' 2 'Q ,f 35151 f, S' il'15"'l'mT' ,ana - -"vim , , 1 if iw Smauwww x BONNIE CUDDINGTON SUE ELLEN AYCOCK Scorekeeper Timekeeper 36 . . . ' 1740 Hag-Gwwra jam 746 Rdbllfbd XS n niili li1iiuluuf-uu-unus-u---- Lilian-an Mnliiiliii R131-2.f:51i+'.i11.QQ1 'wfiwummiulv lleanunn-ia.,"li3'k IWMIIEEZKI , firm: UWMJ, .','r-I' N fu -wb W7 ,fn .' 'W , Q-, 5'-if-,Q 1? , J 'bf' 5' ye 4 5 W I it rw... S ff, 4 .yf Q' If 'f?fsNf'. M' x I., I J vw ,.g . , 4. Y-.. . '- Av 'Q , . 1. I ,c, 3? A ' x in , -. .Y 3.0-1, , . f.v,'. A, 'Q ' s , . , , , X ., ,- .Wgj L19 . N! T ,, w. x inf V ,, fggwi '14 l' X f"-'H 75 .fl --, taxa 1, ' ' 'nf K,-.,...-.. . W 1 J' fi 11.1, '4 Zklsqm .: Vu g :'i',,'k A, F kxirbl 73.51, 5363 in 'vw wwf , -c., '- ,' ,K 4.2: v Q- - '. ' fi 1 ' - -' ' V 4 . . , 4 i . - . - sv- - ' - -. 1--' S, rv d' ' .4 NYM 4 -1 . f.....: MTA- -' 'fy' AL," I 'L. -'- , : Av' V.. ,-,g'RQ!- gf". ..-f I it ' L ,nw .eff Y-of 1, 'fp ' "lf-3 " V" ' 'sffrfgfilxgr ff' ...I A251 vi. 1 ,r . . - lg. ,i-' . A ,T Afvluxih,-:Vx.i,.1 kd 71' ,. , Jn, ..,w 7 no ,- .n.,.,.,, ,'ffl,, ,Q Key , V, -A 'fypyw' Q, V 'QR-irq' A Z 7, ' ., a XE ' -, iii. Y 9' 'fi , - 'IM' ,.5f'4.?l'3'-fat-'..' -7 W. 5 nw A., cv 64,5 ' - ,i ,ity v. .fi ,ff 1,5 'T ' 4'.4q""-l"7'.-1316 f".'i4f"'LR' w. ' 'A-I ,.'.-2. ,uf ,, .us 511, f ff' ll' I 9- 1. 1 x -u....3",-c :4iC,i,.'f " Ffaedlvmm Offdww Nan Aycock, Vice-Presidentg Betsy Turlington, Presidentg Faye Mooring, Secretary. Not pictured: Louise Bass, Treasurer. 1' 'fqixh-5Ai2.'1f?5 fi, we 1 ,-X.. . -fj-I-'!3.f'1gP'-52 If ' 5q.f"5 'ff ""'f-gfslri, "1 MRS. ELIZABETH A. BLACKMAN Sponsor 38 in 'Ta' Fwwma Claw A Q.--' 6- K 'tr' Lrg, 'K+ Q Nan Aycock Louise Bass Bennie Benton Charles Bruton jean Cahoon Judy Chase Gerald Davis Georgia Elmore Eugene Fields Braxton Futrelle Lynda Billy Hooks I-Ielmbrecht Glenn I-looks Robert Hooks Judy jackson Bill Wayne Betsy Lee Lancaster McCall Nathan Medlin Faye Mooring Carolyn Parrish Frances Parrish Billy Frank janet Pope Betsy Billy Ray Brantley Walker Eugene Walker Peacock Velma Turlington Walker Nellie Sue Williamson Whitworth W? 3 Dx K 1'9" 39 V g'Q vivffi ,,,p.. l ' A '11 ' , . , H ,rf Lffigfy . s 4 ' ,Vx vw ,aw Q 1v'Qf'Qf , 3. ' .-an 'any' . e- 1 Q 'Q w ,,q.-yfl 1 H . Q56-Bw 4. A. . Ig:-lx'3lf.r. . Q , Hp' Yea! if jzl ' 49' 4- Mi nfl ov in-.iv 4 S?-fi Q . ui wi .. 1' " is 'LAS' ,',-gurl ' I ' ' Qu 'F -9 f PF, . gvfl' .'!jv5 ,Y , ' 'J' .pup 6.44 An ' A :ffri-if . I uf: J ' "Ji'.Q. - 141 ,z,L',1J ,... gist. 4, H riv 'rr ff. 5 x E Q Z: E 'Z 71' a 5'0fi00L0fL6 Offdcew lv-nl an 'L 41: N A N7 .1"Ta'A:. - ,, - , 0,1 A .. -A ,M 'sf' K"1.-- ,, -gg. Y -.z -ff wfvingp 5,1-'34 ' '5f"'fr4' fy, r""' szfriyu ' ff I jf, 1 .. Y. :Mir 1 f fl' . A- . -f ww -.. " ' i .J r . .. x , A . - 1, , , . my r- i :,,,:,fa.'!Z:.1,'aw,'!y ,-f fi -, r M ' . 4.3-'11 ggi' 3. 41, , " A 0 'ww v- '3 fa 'J-Ra'!4"'a:"'9'1's -lg zfgp- .-df-A "-4,365 Q. 4,,4Ax4G:f':!,,5.x'431f':, X I. . ,..4' 3fwx'n91".f fi g . . Seated: Kay Pippin, Treasurerg Brenda Fulkerson, Secretary. Standing: f- J? wg,-6,5 . , Richard Mooring, Vice-Presidentg Billy Yelverton, President. 40 7 'PVS A. 'V K YQ MISS SA DIE BELL Sponsor S0f400L0fL6 Claw Q .i QV' l. 1' Wp.-1 af' Buddy Aycock Sue Aycock Lynda Sue Bass Rachel Janet Davis Brenda FUIIWYSOU Jeannie Hooks Judy Hooks Daniel Jones Cavenaugh Joann Marlowe Richard Mooring Diane Newman Monroe Joyce Overby Lou Lane Billy Pate Diana Pike Newsome Joan Owens Kay Pippin Don Sasser Ralph Smith,Jr. Betty Stancil Faye Stevenson Jimmy Billy Yelverton Whitworth 41 - 1' K 1 I' .415 5-w .V -Vgfy n, ,Q ' ,. , 444, . . 4 Q f-,,,-..-L- Y. -Au ' -X, -r-'gas -'Y -' . A V i Q' vw ,Q - . 4 -,.:f.V-nf ' H if-firlfgi Y' , ' ' . '1""f"!?5i1 ' ,,-.v ', .. V if - ,4,,. .-g mom Elm OMLCULJ Virginia Sullivan, Secretaryg Frances Parrish, Presiden Treasurerg jesse Blackman, Vice-President. ,Y-1 41 W V A n , ,. a tg Cynthia Wiggs, MR. RALPH WAINWRIGI-IT Sponsor 42 mm Clam QQ Y? F .,.. Q4 6- 'f-'f'... in rr"- Q 'O I cn?-vo ww- 181' 15 in-I 6' Cl Q Bonnie Ballance Loydene Bass Thelma Benton jesse Blackman Carlton Blow Linda Boswell jimmy Frances Brian Davis Geralyn Davis Charlotte Gray Bert Hayes Broughton Cavenaugh jack Lancaster Franklin Overby Frances Parrish Randy Parrish Lassiter Holland Carolyn Hooks Judy Rogers Virginia Sullivan Geraldine Tew CYDUUH Wi99S Sylvia Williamson 43 mm-Serulafc R ! 2 Xe r 9 sr .4 4 J ff LC ' a 5 X 1 C J - A-X 5 . 1.74.1 1, wg 4. a '74 Seam . . . mmm 45' ' I '52 3 I fl H,-av 4 . M QA 2? 2-'li vw I 4 05" 6,56 .4 It is with respect and admiration that we,the Senior Class of 1960, express to Mrs. Sedalia S. Green, our Class Sponsor, our appreciation for her numerous contributions to our school. 537 v--. ' 3 K' ' mg 1 r'---.-- 'v - ,V - 1 V 4- -- - -. -.Y , - .- ,.f , f f , 1 .f -F' f -u gr- ikg-re ff ' F ',',f,,-,,.,, .W-g.,-M ..-:,,',1,1:',,,1,g,,b-"j,, 11,- W, ...g-Era -f ,.q, ',,.-fr f ,,.--',..- ,,..' ,.- ,v ,,.--I 4 ,, ': 3-..T'L-3-.. . 'F-,:'fw'g, -M3 J, .Avg ,ng .3:,.,1,,.f'1,.-:3,4--1: + ' -..r-.'5 1 ,- - -M . - ..f ...- ,.f ,A-"',,.a-' .-- ,J--' , . -M... , . ,. r -,-..-,-f -.-' ,ff ,V ,sf .1 ,,.--1, -' ,Q -J'-rg-4-4 1,1 ' f,-,V--V.. ,ee '-.f--,-'g,1.f'..-",.1"-Q.--', --.,.f-... N --4 -3,4 A ,f ,M ,...Y,.i-",a1 ,Q ,au v fl bu- , ,W ,M -,jr .wif , Q ,1 1? if 1? . r K-at , .N , -J ,. .-I-A,,:..',,.::',.L.1',,,... 1, ff5."'LJ""'.--. ' ' ' " ' ' .71.""'...Tl"1f.f'-''if'-1,"1-'T-'-"',,,'.. hp 1501 M," " fr' pw 6 "" p- "H v-' if of -1 3.?,,1g..g 3, if ,.. ,J-F.:-:.vf,,.,p .- ' Suu ' "--"A'..rf" ',,.4-f .av ,-rv" .f-n"' Q I, Y car.:-4 -7-, . g,',, .M-, ,W "'1..v-n-"'f,,-UC..-snr",-,,n t :L-L.. , ,, - ,,-.-W-'j'..-It-g"Z. 1,-"',,-1--3,",,.-.1 , --- ",.. 1,"',.-"',...---'j,,,,...-'11, .,--f',,,,..-n-1 .J2-1 , , ' --H' ,,,..---" ,..--L ---7' .Z L. . -""-,Y-",.-' ' ,,---"'1,..-v""",.-e-4' as dh -....:".. A 9. H- ' fo' .,.--" ....--'- "'---.. 4" 4-H" ---9 ,Hp-v' ..."'-."f'a.r:' r " jj- M 11- --Lf, .--- - .. -. ., - .. .- ,...- X-1 'I' -1- f- --1-',f2.f'-':."f,"L'f-f-1':,,'1,,.-1 .. -Y - -Q-p-J'-J' ' ly l ..--"' ,,..-.--'j,,,,,,.--1 f ...a . ,,,....a ,,.. ,,,.. 4 7, .3-:J ,Q H w,'2.-..-.- -L-'1:", --':,".. - ,- .....:'.,:-' rr --g,1,.....----5,1,,,....-.--- -,f' ..-v 4 ..- wv f-21-- " Y' , -F 1, , ....,---'g:,'7...-4-"1,"',1.Z.,..- :L-L: ,...w-A ,.-.....-. ,.,-.,.,....0- -M. ...M Q- 114 f -. J' -N Ll W A ,,... .M- M, ,.,... -. N... .,,-..--- ".-"",,-, ,.-..,--1,-n , , -,...a , J.-4 ....-...--as-A"' ,' ..,... ..- ,, .-.f 0 1- 4' ,-,,,,.., . ,, ,,. .., --'-"" " A ....-.-.- ...... N' M-D, ,.. ........-.-,--1 .......--u ..,. Y M 4"""" " "' ,.-...u-- ... ta . ,.,.,.......--. - U NV, ,,..........,.,,....-.-..4 " " ,,.,,,.,.,v,..,....,..........- pn. ... ,. 4 I gif' 'U' QW- - - Seam Claw Uffuefw ..-,-.-.-s,- t.. -.,, .- Seated: Bonnie Cuddington, President, joe Newsome, Vice-President, Linda Bradshaw, Secretary, Barbara Boswell, Corresponding Secretary, Thomas West, Treasurer. Standing: Betty Hooks, "Bookie" Ellis, Sue Ellen Aycock-Reporters. 46 3 JAMES GLENN AYCOCK Uimmvl F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 45 An- nual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 2, 45 Senior Play fMusicianj 45 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 1, 2, 35 County, District Talent Winner 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Pianist 2, 3,4. pf- A ah.. if FREDERICK GRAY BOG UE Qlrreddyj Norview High School, Norfolk, Va. 1, 2, 3. Annual Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Science Club 25 Boys' Physical Educ ation 1, 25 Ir. -Sr. Banquet King 4. SUE ELLEKN AYCOCK Rock Ridge High School 1,2, 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 1, 2, 3, County Officer 35 Beta Club 3,45 Marshal 35 Annual Staff 45 Class Officer 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Time- keeper 45 4-I-l Club 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Library Staff 1,25 F.T.A. 3, Officer 35 Betty Crocker Home- making Award 4. 47 Q? VIRGINIA CLAIRE AYCOCK fClairej F.l-l.A.1,2, Officer 25 Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff l,2,45 Class Officer 1, 25 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play fUsher, make -up artistj 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Cheer- leader 45 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Of- ficer 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Staff 2. 'id' 5 J BARBARA GRAY BOSWELL fBarbaraj F.H.A. 25 Annual Staff 45 News- paper Staff 45 Class Officer 2,45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 SeniorPlay fUsher, make-up artistj 45 Basket- ball 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. LINDA FAYE BRADSHAW fLindaj F.H.A. 1,2, Dress Review Winner 1,25 Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 4, Class Officer 3, 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Senior Play fPrompterj 4, Basketball 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Bookkeeping Award 3, Typing Award 4. 'R J' -ur' BILLY GENE GARRIS qisauyy F.F.A. 1, 2, Annual Staff 4, News- paper Staff 2, Class Officer 2, Monogram Club 2, 3,4, Senior Play 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, Bus Driver 4. ri' , , MARY ELLEN ELLIS f"Bookie"y F.H.A. 1, 2, Officer 2, Dress Re- view Winner 1, 2, Annual Staff 4 Officer 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 O ffi cer 3, 4, Class Officer 3,4, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Officer 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 3,45 Softball3,4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "Miss Holiday Season" contestant 3, Homecoming Attendant 3, Valentine Sweetheart 3, Homecoming Queen 4, East- WestAll Star Basketball Represe nta - tive 4,Co-Captain 4, Youth Fitness Repre se ntative4, DAR Award Winner 4. 48 3 1 a Six f af.. Ji.. faq Qs if , "'E..? x BONNIE CHARLENE CUDDINGTON rllcuddylly F. H. A. 1, 2, Beta Club 3,4, Of- ficer 4, Marshal 3, Annual Staff 2, 4, Officer 4, Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 3,43 Class Officer 1, 3,4, Senior Play 3,4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 43 Library Staff 2, Basketball Timekeeper 3, Basket- ball Scorekeeper 4. BETTY BOWMAN HOOKS QBettyj F. H. A. 1, 2, Officer 2, Dress Review Winner 1, 2,Beta Club 3,4, off. 4, Marshal 1, 2, 3, Chief 3, A'n- nual 1, 3,4,0ff. 4, Newspaper 1,2, 3,4, Ed. 4, Off. 2, 3, Class Off. 1, 3, 4, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Off. 3, 43 Sr. Play 3,4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4,Softball 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Staff 2,Ir.-Sr. Banquet Queen 4, Homecoming At- tendant 4, NCTE Award Winner 4. K. .-an If DAVID PAUL JONES fDavidj Annual Staff 43 Newspaper Staff 4, Senior Play 45 4-H Club 2, 3, Bus Driver 4. d"N 13 JOHN GASTON PEACOCK, JR. uackm Annual Staff 4, Class Officer 3, Monogram Club 4, Basketball 1, 3, 45 Baseball 1,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Football 1, 2, Bus Driver 3. es.. 'Nw' ROY PARRISH CROW Lucama I-ligh School 1. F.F.A. 1, 2, 4, Officer 4, County Officer 45 Annual Staff 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4,Baseball 2,45 Cheerleader 43-1-H Club 1, 2, 3,45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 49 .il JOEL LARRY NEWSOME, JR 0061 F.F.A. 1, 2, Annual Staff 45 News- paper Staff 3, 4, Class Officer 3, 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 4, Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2,33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. , ' QP ' 1 , A 'V 1' W 4 vb 'A 1 ' if 'S' -, 43 357 , 'sf' JOHN MANLY PEACOCK Uohn Manlyj F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Officer 2,33 Annual Staff 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4,Cheerleader 1, Chief 1, 4-I-I Club 1,2,3,4, Officer1,2, Bus Driver 3,4. as vi' 9 1 'K Q K N, l., 'W Q ff 1 ff. THOMAS GRADY WEST QThon'1asl F.F.A. 1, 2, Officer 2, Beta Club 3, 4, Officer 3,45 Marshal 1,2, 3, Annual Staff 3,4, Officer 4, News- paper Staff 2, 3,45 Class Officer 1, 2, 43 Senior Play Prompter4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 1,2,3, 4, County Officer 2, 3, State, National proje ct winner 4, Glee Club 1, 25 Library Staff 2, Snackbar Manager 4, Typing Award 4. 1: all Mauna JEFFREY IVEY LIBBIE COBB if DELLA DEES YELVERTON qneuy Class Officer 1, 33 F.H.A. 1, 25 An- nual Staff 43 Monogram Club 3, 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Basketball 2, 3, 45 Softball 35 Senior Play 43 Library Club 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4. Clam Motto Claw Coloma ,Z Glam 7104064 White Rose X SO xx X . 4 XX gf Climb, though the road be rugged. F J Green and White 0 V .- S x i .f ' e , K Q' . f'x -SYN U ., lf 'Q 1 1' X 'Sk 1 Uccledfdctofmm BETTY BOWMAN HOOKS Salatawuaa THOMAS GRADY WEST F 5 1 ' I 3 3 D xNf,- .xx x t ,WY .. X 1 , J K 'Q ts. wi.. sf A x X 'i ,3 Q I X Q I uf- 4 ad, A f J Q I 4 Lg'-f BEST ALL AROUND l and Thomas West DQ Y fl . J 4 W 1 1 .T ' ' H ' 5 FRIENDLIEST Claire Aycock and Freddy Bogue 5 2 , I Q' MOST ATHLETIC "Bookie" Ellis and jack Peacock C7 Wie, I S . 859- MOST DEPENDABLE Linda Bradshaw and David jones 53 9 It p f' 9151 K Serum Cfmwcteuaiica fe--ng., 1, 33' H A H - Barbara Boswell Bookle 131115 Most Courteous Linda Bradshaw ost Co-Operative Claire Aycock Most Accomodating Be st Personality David Jones D611 Yelveffon Most Dignified Most Artistic M , I .Q -" NVNDUGHTHE nuzssau B sf? 5555 4 5. l5"m Niki 3:-'st P 'iv 422 'Y ,gi I Y Y "U jimmy Aycock john Manly Peacock Billy Garris Most Talented Ne atest Most VGFSHUIS girl Roy Parrish Best Sport jack Peacock Wittiest 4 Bonnie Cuddington joe Newsome Most Popular Most Likely to Succeed Sue Ellen Aycock Most School Spirit V lr hi.. Thomas West Betty Hooks Freddl' 1309113 Most Original Most Ambitious Most Mischievous B 7- 4 - A '-0+ ' -.-A "THIS GHOST BUSINESS" Directed by Sedalia S. Green November 6, 1959 joe Hardy ..... Laura Hardy. . . Eddie Canfield. Mabel Canfield A .G. Stevens. . Effie Forrest. . . Bill. ....... . . Magnolia . . . . Mose...... A Young Married Man .. ......joe'sWife..... A Young Married Man . .. . Eddie's Wife . Owner of "Weary Rest' . .Talkative Neighbor . . Swat Tlaq . . . . . joe Newsome . . Sue Ellen Aycock Fred Bogue . . . . Dell Yelverton . . . . . David jones . . . ."Bookie" Ellis .... A Tramp ............Bil1yGarris Magno1ia's Boy Friend Bonnie Cuddington . . . . . Colored Cook .... . . ...j. M. Peacock 'Q f 4 .gf 1 7Zew qozfc 174612 MN. ami., Wlauiala JESSE BLACKMAN, Chief FRANCES PARRISH BONNIE BALLANCE Junior Class Junior C1355 junior Class NAN AYCOCK Freshman Class BRENDA MOORING DIANA PIKE Sophomore Class Sophomore Class BILL WAYNE LANCASTER Freshman Class 57 C0 BK 'S 24? V I!! I , 53:2 V-'wz.vm.,4 It 1 ru 5 O 5 . 'U Hoo UP H T ff? 2 ...,, af? If 0 DT 'W 5... , :uma IHUUGH THE ROAD BE RUGGED 'Y H 1 94 7,Z60b0fUl0,0L SYLVTA MIZELLE DAVIS 194 1- 1954 "The glad smile may have passed fro The ringing voice that cheered us so In that remembered long ago Be stilled, and yet in sweeter ways It speaks to us throughout our days. " Edgar A . Guest m view Chu ffmomq We the class of '60, having reached the top station at the end of a long, studious, but pleasant journey, wish to look back into the past and see how we have reached our objective. In the fall of 1948, our class enrolled at Fremont Graded School. We shall always remember that first day in school because we did not quite understand why we were there and we were frightened by our surroundings. Miss Mozingo, our first grade teacher, soon made us feel right at home. When we were promoted to the second grade, Miss Short was our teacher. We were'her first students here thus making us her first graduating class of Fremont Graded School. Miss Street taught us how to write during our third year. Mrs. Mayo introduced us to the geography book in the fourth grade . As we entered the fifth grade we had a new teacher and a new book. Miss Neva Harper showed us -our first history book. Mrs. Pearl Hartley taught our large, noisy bunch in the sixth grade. Miss Branch, who soon became Mrs. Barnes, really gave us the history in the seventh grade. We'll always remember her engagement ring which she flashed frequently. Mrs. Anne Yelverton worked hard during our eighth year to prepare us for high school. We'll always remember our graduating from grammar grades to high school. The class of '60 entered high school a little jittery, but we soon became accustomed to the new routine-changing classes. The four presidents of our class during our high school years served us well. Bonnie Cuddington was chosen to lead us during our green, green days when we first entered high school. And for our sophomore president, we chose Thomas West. Betty Hooks was our junior president, she made a good president and played on the basketball team, too. Bonnie Cuddington was elected once again our senior year. Jojo Newsome was considered such a good leader that he was made vice -president our senior year. Linda Bradshaw, the good English student, was made secretary, and Barbara Boswell, the good typist was elected corresponding secretary. Then we chose Thomas West to be our treasurer. We had so much money to count and spend that we were careful in our choice . Thomas West was the editor of our annual, GREGO, and Betty Hooks served as assistant editor. Of course, we had good basketball teams, both girls and boys. The girls were county champions and runners-up in the Northern Tournament. "Bookie" Ellis and Betty Hooks were co-captains of the girls' team. Dell Yelverton was our only other senior girl on the team. "Bookie" was later elected our homecoming queen. Claire Aycock and Roy Parrish were our only senior -cheerleaders. Jack Peacock, Jojo Newsome, and Billy Garris were the senior boys on the basketball team. Before the Christmas holidays Mrs. Green, our senior sponsor, really got us into the Christmas spirit with a party. At the party the seniors exchanged gifts. V One of the happiest events of our senior ye ar was the Junior-Senior Banquet. We were the guests of the Juniors who had the gym decorated to carry out the theme of the old South which made a lovely setting. Betty Hooks and Freddy Bogue were selected by the Juniors to be queen and king of the banquet. The title of our senior play was THIS GHOST BUSINESS, and the cast played to a full house. The Melodaires played at intermission. - The school paper, "The Homet, " was edited by Betty Hooks. She was a very ambitious young editor, andl am sure she will leave' her footprints on the sands of time. On Monday morning, May 2, 1960, the senior class with their chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Godwin, Mrs. Boyette, Mrs. Joyner, Mrs. Garris, Mrs. Outland, Mr. Bogue, and Mrs. Green, boarded a Seashore Bus for that finally arrived trip to New York City. It is almost impossible to record the good time that we had. In fact, we could never describe it in full . We took many interesting tours, some of them lasting an entire day, but we did have some social life involved also. We saw a Broadway play, visited a night club, and saw the Rockettes at Radio City. Our time was so filled that we never realized how tired we were until we arrived back in Fremont on Saturday night-what a dead bunch! To us, the senior class, this is an experience that will be remembered forever. After arriving in the "big" city we soon forgot how hot it was tying tobacco, picking cotton, peeling potatoes, pulling com, making cakes, and begging everybody to buy a barbecue ticket. Mr. Arthur Powers from New Bern was om' bus driver. After we returned from New York, we had many parties. The hosts and hostesses on these special occasions were Mrs. Leslie Boyette, Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Godwin, Mrs. Nathan Outland, Mr. and Mrs. Major Ivey, Mr. and Mrs. James S. Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. SamuelJ. Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Newsome, Mrs. David Green, and Mrs. Barnes Ellis. In concluding this history of the class of 1960 with seventeen members, I would like to make note that this is a fine class and these seniors will likely hold responsible positions throughout the land in future years. BONNIE CU DDING TON Class Historian 60 iw will cmd Vammz We, the Senior Class of 1960 of Fremont High School, hoping not to be forgotten by our friends, desire to will and bequeath some portion of our possessions which may be of use to them. 'To the young and unsophisticated Freshmen we leave a map of the school building so that they will not get lost and roam about in everybody's way looking for their classrooms. To our good friends, the Sophomore Class, we leave our patience. It will be found useful as the only means by which they can endure the Jun.iors. To the Junior Class we give, reluctantly but of necessity, our mantle of dignity. We realize that the class can never fill it but, since it is expected of them, our advice is, "Grin and wear it! ." To all the Fremont School Faculty we give and bequeath our very kindest regards and our sincere gratitude for their un- failing kindness and aid. To the Superintendent, Mr. Cole, we give and bequeath a sense of relief that we have at last graduated. To our sponsor, Mrs. Green, we leave many wonderful memories of the smartest, nicest, quietest, most cooperative class she has ever taught or ever will teach. BONNIE CUDDINGTON leaves her bossy ways to next year's senior class president. 5 JIMMY AYCOCK leaves his musical ability to Carlton Blow and hopes that he will ta his place in the Glee Club. BILLY GARRIS leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Wainwright to Jack Lancaster so he can chew chewing gum in class next year. "BOOKIE" ELLIS leaves her basketball honors to Thelma Benton. SUE ELLEN AYCOCK leaves her ability in Home Economics and her Betty Crocker Award 'to Faye Stevenson. FREDDY BOGUE leaves his ability to whip the senior class sponsor, Mrs. Green, to any Junior boy who is man enough to take on the job. , DELL DEE YELVERTON leaves her ability to ride a horse to Bonnie Ballance . LINDA BRADSHAW leaves her loud and boisterous ways to Carolyn Hooks, who is so quiet that no one ever knows she is around. BARBARA BOSWELL leaves her high typing speed to Brenda Fulkerson. ROY PARRISH leaves his bookkeeping ability to Frances Parrish. THOMAS WEST leaves his treasury book, a few receipts, some coin wrappers, and some blank checks to the un- fortunate Junior who next becomes senior treasurer. JOE NEWSOME leaves his love for Chrysler Corporation Cars to Bert Hayes. JOHN MANLY PEACOCK regrets to say that he has nothing to leave . He said he needs all he has and then some. BETTY HOOKS leaves the school newspaper, all the editorials, and the sponsor, Miss Bell, to Cynthia Wiggs, in hopes that she will have just as many headaches with them. CLAIRE AYCOCK leaves her cheering ability to Diana Pike. JACK PEACOCK leaves his ability to get along with redheads to Billy Yelverton. DAVID JONES wishes he could leave his ability to come to class any time he likes and say most anything he wants to the teachers to someone, but due to the fact that the following classes have no such material, he just leaves. In witness, we the class of 1960 and the testatrix, have our hand and seal on this 27 day of May in the year 1960. LINDA BR ADSHAW Te statrix 61 Chu Ywplwcy Since World War III JIMMY AYCOCK received a purple heart and is now directing the Marine Corp Band. FREDDY BOGUE enjoyed the New York trip with the Seniors so much that he applied for a job with Seashore and now he makes the trip once a week. CLAIRE AYCOCK's New York experience had a lot of influence on her because now she is a make-up artist. JOE NEWSOME, professor at State, has made improvement on the Einstein Theory. r SUE ELLEN AYCOCK has gotten a job with the "NEW York Times"-gossip column that is. Russia thinks that they have made scientific advances, but the United States has certainly advanced too, because BILLY GARRIS is now an astronaut in a satellite. LINDA BRADSHAW is married now and is supporting her husband by being a guide in the United Nations Building . Since ROY PARRISI-I has been playing short stop for the Chicago Cubs they have won the World Series five yearsin a row which is really a record for them. BARBARA BOSWELL, our class corresponding secretary, liked her job so much that she decided to continue in the work. She ismnow a foreign correspondent for the United States. Since Fremont couldn't contend with JACK PEACOCK's' rate of speed any longer, he decided to try Darlington. He has now set records for being one of the fastest and safest drivers. BONNIE CUDDINGTON was such a good president for our class that she has now taken Khrushchev's place as dictator of Russia . Since Jack Webb is growing older he needed a muscle man so he could think of none other than DAVID JONES for the job. MARY ELLEN "BOOKIE" ELLIS has not changed much since her high school days, but now she has found happiness with her husband , fifth one that is. THOMAS WEST has received his Ph. D. and is now teaching the second grade in New York City. BETTY HOOKS liked boys so well that she is now the dean of students at State College. - DELL DEE YELVERTON is now working as an air line hostess for one of those jet air liners. She goes to California and back twice a day. ' JOHN MANLY PEACOCK didhxdecide to invent that tractor that the juniors said he would and now he is farming in the Shenandoah Valley on his tractor with white -wall tires, upholstered seat, plush carpeting, power steering, power brakes and automatic transmission. JOJO NEW SOME Prophet 62 Serum Spam! fforwfw rf all-an ha A HBOOKIEH ELLIS BONNIE CUDDINGTON BETTY HOOKS DAR Citizenship Award Scholarship NCTE English Award East-West All Star Game Scholarships 5' ' 7 .4 JIMMY AYCOCK LINDA BRADSI-IAW County Fair Talent Winner Typing II Award 'O 'x""N" ,ff 5' 'IST , 'f f H 4 llll li- . 1 HQ , 'Q . 5 N A ! SAFE BUS DRIVER AWARDS Billy Garris David jones John Manly Peacock SUE ELLEN AYCOCK THOMAS WEST Betty Crocker Homemaker Award State, National 4-H Project Winner Scholarship Typing I Award 63 TQ 131: s":f.4-:Q , -4.5 4 "" .1 ,I -f -f 1531- .3 S I if 1 ' -1 V '1 Jr , vs ,. , it 4 Q . ' . ,jquqv ,. ff . ' ,' . A . , Q, . 'fs M Hx , g "' 1? fs. 5 1 ' 4 V, 43,-'1' . ,. 'Ziff' 'L '- - fin I 'K M 4 r ' 5 K -'- , .f 4 , Ng!! 17 If , 1-Y! 4 1 ,Q , 'i::'f'f-Q1-gif .vyf E1 Eiasz ff Y it ,. 'lp?'h..g,:' "R ' 3.3, -A 572.-'f 5 1, Wg I ljgjl n I: ' 0 .47 P 'K f .L ww-1-2 I iw -k-- emgigg ' xl 13 N l W' if v-.-X "'?Hlx. My ,I 1 ,QU M 4. .Q i g ifs! 'c 44" QQ 5 ,yi '11 X .'-we - 1 , , , ' lf? Q ' - ' 5- V 7 ? va-in R mf I 'n w f iggf I v' 4 'K X x 's g I I . I , Q Q ai.:- - ,MV ' A ' M 1 ..., 1 ,I x A 1 ' X 'AK - 2911 I ff' ' v A ' Jails, :mln--w -1.15131 'A fi f F7 Z 5 - ' .f " , 5 ' 4 w ' , 5: 524 I K .. I A V Eg, . I ., fm rf Q V V. avi P'fj"'2fL ' f .4 MQ,-,Q u ,ggrg 5,-CK . A l 'Wt "N-Q.. X, 'f f flpwqgr "NX . ,,.' W'WvF'!1J'iM.x A CARS TRUCKS ,t F U R n L Soles tt Service tt S t Q :XV . FREMGNT MOTOR SALES INC. Goldsboro Street Telephone 24-2-6636 Fremont, North Corolino New St Used Cors 67 Shop Woolworths First in Goldsboro, North Carolina Center Street "Guaranteed Goodness" Made-Rite Bakery Goldsboro, North Carolina Dillon SUPPIY C R. N. Rouse, Inc. ompany "Machinery-Mill Supplies" Phone RE 5-242l Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina HOOKS BRQS. 84 HGOKS HARDWARE Distributors of the following national products: Frigidaire Silent Flame Zenith Robertson Fertilizer Siegler Smart and Billilon Shoes Phone 24-2-6366-24-2-6281 Fremont, N.C. Compliments of I-IOQKS and ELLIS GENERAL INSURANCE Fremont, North Carolina Phone 24-2-3546 69 Goldsboro Tin Shop 'QEf,l,fj21f2-686, Engineering Service Winter Conditioned Air Heating Summer Air Conditioning Mueller - York - Delco Esso Oil Burners Mill and Factory Conveyor Pipe Systems Duct Work Stainless Steel Fabrication P.O. Box 497 Phone 3709 Goldsboro, North Carolina Dance to the Music of The Mclodaircs Jimmy Aycock, Manager P. O. Box 53 Fremont, North Carolina Docs and Yclvcrton Dupont Paints - Portage Shoes Armours's Fertilizers - Farm Supplies Phone 24-2-735i Fremont, North Carolina Carolina Tractors Inc. Goldsboro, North Carolina BORDEN MANUFACTURING SANl'S DRIVE-IN COMPANY North William Street Goldsboro, North Corolino Goldsboro, North Corolinc BAKER'S JEWELRY PAUL C. BLALOCK, INC at GROCERY 1 Soles Q IEVROSLET SW '.r.1-IT' Fremont, North Corolino Fremont, North Carolina SNllTH'S SINCLAIR STATION A. T. BOSWELL SHELL SERVICE Fremont, North Ccrolino Fremont, North Corolino JOHNSON COTTON COMPANY GENERATOR gf STARTER SERVICE Complete Farm and Home Suppl Phone RE 5-2026 Goldsboro. North Corolino Goldsboro, North Corolino Worley Goldsboro Building Typewriter 84 Exchange Loan Association "Your Royal Dealer" Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone RE 4-0845 Goldsboro, North Carolina "Save for that College Education" Ben Ellis l-leilig-Meyers Company "It Pays to Dress WelI" Furniture and House Furnishings Phone RE 5-3733 Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina 72 J.M.Edgerton 84 Son, George Hicks Inc. Motor Company Your International and Rambler Dealer DeSoto and Plymouth Dealer Sales and Service Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone RE 4-436i Fremont, North Carolina Phone 24-2-7361 PeaCoCk'S Sanitary Market Compliments of fix . ' - ' 5 ' If S e H5131 ii Milton Best Ins. Agency, Inc. , 5 ,f it ll y writ Wil W 3' i A Fremont, North Carolina Fremont, North Carolina phone 24-2-6341 73 ..-.,... .,., ... , COZART PACKING CO., INC "We Handle The Meats The Family Should Eat" Goldsboro, North Carolina NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Dick Whitley, Agent Fremont, North Carolina HOOK'S JEWELER Watch Repair ,,,,. Q Shoe Repair All V,V..,,A P ax .i In 'wh A -gy- Fremont, North Carolina THE LAUNDERETIE Goldsboro, North Carolina Shirts and Pants Finished at Their Best SETH B. HOLLOWELL OIL CO. Plant Location-Adamsville P.O. Box 290-Goldsboro, N.C. Dial RE 4-5493 or RE 5-3895 ASH STREET PHARMACY Your Neighborhood Drug Store RE 5-I827 SI4 E. Ash Street Goldsboro, North Carolina ,fl BALL STUDIO I35 If2 S. Center Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone RE 5-OO45 LYNCH NIOTOR CO. Modern Alpino Scooters for Sale Top Performance up to I5O M.P.G of gas Goldsboro, North Carolina 74 PEACOCK and ROSE Building Material - Cotton Oinning Fremont, North Carolina TRI-COUNTY ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORP. A Rural Electric Cooperative Serving Wayne, Duplin and Lenoir Counties Office at 1304 North William Street Goldsboro, North Carolina 75 The Hub EclW2lrd'S Young Mens Shop Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina Quality Bicycle Goldpark Lake Shop Goldsboro, North Carolina Year Round Recreation 5 Miles South of Goldsboro, North Carolina On N.C. ll7 lsaacs-Kahn Furniture Co. Goldsboro, North Carolina Kenly Livestock 84 Grain "We Buy Hogs ond Cattle Everyday" Phone 28-4-325l Kenly, North Carolina William Rose Interiors Goldsboro, North Carolina Taylors Flowers 84 Gifts Flowers For All Occasions Phone 24-2-7l6l Fremont, North Corolincu FRENKHWTSUPERETTE Dependable Service Fruits, Vegetables, Meats Free Delivery - Self Service Dial 24-2-6l9l Fremont, N.C. IDccs and oufiandi GIG. 84 Maf Ct General Merchandise Better Foods at Reasonable Prices Fremont, North Carolina Dial 24-2-336i Phone 24-2-6451 Fremont, North Carolina 78 BRANCH BANKING 84 TRUST CO Complete Banking Service Fremont, North Corolino Member FDIC Corporation S84 W. P01955 Milling Co. 543 and 1043 Store Custom Grinding ond Mixing Phone 24-2-6531 Fremont, North Carolina Fremont, North Corolino 79 R. H. DILLON COMPANY I29 W. Chestnut Street Goldsboro, North Carolina We handle o complete line of school lunchroom equipment ond supplies Telephone RE 4-443I P Ialzes Tide ewice Cooper Tires and Reccrpping When You Think About Tires- Think About Us" O. Box 403 Phone 4730 Goldsboro, North Carolina AMERICAN PLUMBING 8: ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO., INC. Goldsboro, North Cclrolino HOOKS COAL 8: OIL CO. Gas - Oil- Fuel Oil - Cool Fremont, North Corolino PERKINS MOTOR PARTS, INC. Distributors Automotive Ports and Equipment THOMPSON'S ELECTRIC 8: PLUMBING "Service Plus Quality" Pikeville, North Carolina Phone RE 5 I862 P O Box 578 Frigidaire Appliances Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 24-2-31 I2 Hubs AND BLOCKS CRANMHAF-T' TOWN 8: COUNTRY GAS GOLDSBORO NURSERY Raleigh Highway Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone 24-2-6108 : I-. Fremont, N.C. I. in, X A-Tri. 4 I -A ii 2-"' -.- NAHUN TA HOG MARKET LIVE HOG BUYERS We Buy Hogs Everyday Near Nahunta School Pikeville, North Carolina Compliments of Fremont Beauty Salon Revlon Cosmetics Individual Hair Styles Fremont, N.C. Phone 24-2-3761 81 Be Socioble Hove A Pepsi PEPSI-CCLA BQTTLING COMPANY Selma, North Ccurolino Rex Best Distributor Q Products Phone 23-8-5451 Stontonsburg, North Corolino Essotone, Bulk ond Bottled Gas Gas Ranges, Heaters The Plantefs Bank Sorotogo - Stontonsburg 82 Compliments of Ccyffee Mammoth Grocery HO' D095 Milk Shakes Hamburgers Fremont, North Carolina FFGFTIOFIT, N0l'fl'1 Carolina S. 84 W- Fremont Pharmacy Supply Store General Merchants "Prescription Druggistsu P - - Phone 24-2-6486 hone 24 2 6221 Fre t N th C l' Fremont, North Carolina mon ' or Oro mo ss! i......,...-.--. GARRI S .IEWELERS "Your Local Jewelers" Goldsboro, North Carolina SNIALLEY'S T.V. and RADIO SERV Phone 24-2-669I Fremont, North Carolina ICE FEDERAL OIL CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina MONTGONIERY-WARD Goldsboro, North Carolina SOUTHERLAND FURNITURE CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina SEARS Goldsboro, North Carolina BAI LEY'S JEWELRY TRU-ADE CO. Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina MARVIN NlOORING'S GRILL Sandwiches Hot Dogs - Hamburgers Fremont, North Carolina STANTONSBU RG FLOWER SHOP Stantonsburg, North Carolina GOLDSBORO HEATING 8: PLUNIBING, INC. Plumbing Fixtures - Air Conditioning Stokers and Oil Burners Contractors Dial RE 4-3IOI II7 N. James Goldsboro, North Carolina CHASE GROCERY General Merchandise Farm Supplies and Insurance Phone 24-2-6132 Eureka, North Carolina ROSE CLEANERS Fremont, North Carolina HENRY J. SAULS General Merchandise Purina Feeds Phone 24-2-6I25 Eureka, North Carolina Com Iiments lN We Specialize in Floor Covering Dial RE 5-3413 209 W. Walnut St. Goldsboro, North Carolina ROYAL CLOTHING CO. "Just Say Charge it" Goldsboro, North Carolina JlmuAf.f.l ...Je .q. . Price Super Market Box 476 Fremonf, N . C . Phone 24-2-7551 Wilson, North Corolino MUSE 34 SPOYKS IHC- Griffirfs Restaurant "lf Pays To Play" P fi r t r U54 Q Goldsboro, North Carolina Goldsboro, North Carolina 86 AYCQCK-SELBY CQMPANY, INC. Telephone 24-2-6951 Ag f Appl drv Myc Sh wil P Ry F I Lq dN F N hC I PEACOCK BUILDERS SUPPLY CO F N hC l W. T. Grant Co. "Your Friendly Family Store" Corner Walnut and James Goldsboro, North Carolina Scrottzfs Distinctive Feminine Apparel RE 4-2521 107 S. Center Street Goldsboro, North Carolina Dumas G1ddCHS it .r it Oil Co. O Be Sure With Pure Goldsboro, North Carolina Phone RE 5-0571 Dewey Bros. , Inc. Founders, Machinists, Mill Supplies Metal Building Supplies Steel Fabricators Phone RE 4-3411 Goldsboro, North Carolina Young Fashions Goldsboro, North Carolina Fr Yelverton M26 Junior Deb Balcony Ph 24 2 6741 one - - 105 Center Street emont, North Carolina The Hat Shoppe Serving Eastern North Carolina for 95' Years Fashion S. Center Street Quality Service Goldsboro, North C Golclsb ' arolina oro, North Carol I na 89 Bella Ie ' Goldsboro, North Carolina "Chick" Daniels Sales 84 Service Sales and Service Clinton Chain Saws Toro Lawn Mowers Fremont, North Carolina Phone 24-2-6053 Wayne Medical Supply Co. Hospital Beds Wheel Chairs Rental Oxygen Service in Home Elastic Hose ff! ,I 'N , i,m:i:.., MNGT XJ' ,XMIM r 'L"l"7' 2 l'l" i -M-LENGTH 2 Vg Y' ,i ,y I. . is I W , , N f ,l ' rt.- ....,,.,, 2' ,QQ 1 i I-'T 4 i 1 HH' U it in ,l lilo L ' i Gi r.,,.!lr9air ll if 'UO V m H l Q 'wig " d'l,,f, M' iv is i if i - , John and Talmage Thigpen, Owners Pikeville, North Carolina complsmenfs Branch Banking 84 Trust Co Goldsboro, North Carolina Telephones RE 5-2621-RE 5-2622 Member FDIC Barnes 84 Turnage One Day Service Work Guoronteed Fremont Recoppers Telephone 24-2-78I I Fremont, North Corol inc Pate's Esso Service Dial 24-2-3I9I Fremont, North Corolino Fremont Wholesale Corp. Points - Building Supplies - Cool Distributors Petoleum Products Fremont, North Corolino Telephone 24-2-66II Compliments of AMERICAN BANK Goldsboro, North Corolino Member FDIC When You Are In GOLDSBORO Stop In At Your FRIENDLY STATION Owned ond Opeoted by C. E. Ross .1 .- Compliments of ElELD'S SEAFOOD MARKET YELVERTON'S SERVICE STATION FREMONT DRY CLEANERS Yoo UE BEAUTY SALON NELSON'S PHOTO SHOP SAM JERNTOAN as COMPANY CORNER GRILL, Kenly HOBPQS STOCK YARD DR. PLUMMER, ver. L.C. DARDEN in flfffL66idffli0lL The advertisers in this yearbook have made it possible for the yearbook staff to present this 1960 edition of GREGO. Their Constant support in the past has always been a vital factor in the promotion of our school activities, and their assured future support 'will make it possible for a continual march forward to educational advantages. Let's all show our appreciation by patronizing them!! HERFF -J ONES CO. 5' C Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 1401-1429 N. Capitol Avenue Indianapolis 7, Indiana 92 ffaftoqwplw 'f935 vf' 14 atogmpda w " h - : ' , ' L" 'VN :U r ' ' ' "gr .V f . H -".:ff A -gm ... ..L'.. fi! ' 'I' "' ffatoqwplw I ,I L i .- 'QS-f V I fix .'. ' A og czjrod u n+er CUMPANY 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. ,ffatogfccofvlna 'z V' 4 Q -f ' Y vw v- 1- . '. X 5 . I . 1 N W I! 1,:"'. . . , I . . ' Q " xl M , '4-v ',w"11,46 'inn ,' rg-guild' - "H U-M:-L"' D., - . . -Ffh" - N Q-N xxxxxn 11.5 4- N -4 w My ,. ,A gr,"'-5 N I4 ' I Y N w ,' L. 0. " '.' K' . -'fx-' 'N 4,,. 'J A 11. --In Q .- - , , 7

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