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Lf" s X Q if QL A Nix 'xx XX Nf fx N X X 'A V, V f rw.. jim' 3x ' INF! N.f....., i ,., ,uf Z MTD A' 0, I. X fiQ .,X, ,Q if ,,,?..- x X X 1 TW w 5' Xp D W5 W , ff We -'f-Lxf-f.g"5!' JSJ Gig' . EQ QJAWACM Eigfl X gffxj OoQ, S DY-XQK Q s 5 to X 3 OJ? O GO A XX? V QM X Viv www New Q-SX v557oxQ6S Q Q if 5,3 95 sigisis Qdg N Q sg? Wi HW 9 M Q VM W W M WWMW X M gn jk WWQMW BMW? FLAME 1970 FREMGNT SHGWS GREAT VARIETY K-if E. nn- 5' iv 'W gp' Nd H0 "' V FGviBAQL AN UNITY s , 'R '+R , in 'S 1 an :- ,, , 1. ,, wa if-.W M , v' . S355 gp 10,14 Q, K Md: Y If x ss' if , R xr 'Q' :Q:: za as ini H l Ml l 5 lim ia, fin n as 'V fl in 5 .1123 , 9? m , an , M, ,ak w. Q all fy 1 gl V J 4 'CRY 'MH f ,f-fel ,. ., . lim 5 i ff.. "2 A gggfww "h"N A 1 1 Q 1 1 HU A55 L 5 U S 1 """""fw-Mfg gg, -..-M, ' . 'film gf-wifi 555539 ,, . M my fwwfw ff? L N A kg? - ui- 8 W 1 X Q we J 4 .' " " ""'M ,MQW s Y. M-,,wwMdwWmMwymmM,M-,'Mawmw" 4"'w:1mw-.w4k:,Mwywm' ""' ' MW "" W' ""'x'WW'W'W' f W'4'wvnw.wwW-M 2 51' 1 i 5. 3N....- Awwwh , an O ' 9- nf Q, 1 -1. XJW... ? u N.-4, .. '13 " wa- W 41.-.-I-Luk 1 - will Qu. in-4.-urn' ' Q 7-'Wy 7" 1 9341- , W -' 'IL 'wa if '--Qt 5 u',,m. WI v RWTH Q, ,aw-4. 4" M "THIS ABOVE ALL: TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE, AND IT MUST FOLLOW, AS THE NIGHT THE DAY,THOLJ CANST NOT THEN BE FALSE TO ANY MAN." II Wh I ,K x.fA',, IK I2 w. 1--.. .-0... V.-,..,,.aa 'fa .Y K au. 'L 5. W. It . I I I " I 1 , K uv I-WM. E ,, F. lu-W ,I Fdbgxifl ww, wr I V , H ,I I ' M 'I A ' II I I I I I 'I '4'I"if'f!,"'75L'I2 'Fl' ' I' ,, I-,V , ' M s. WL, , , f W,-In W , . , , 4 ,, I I 1 , , .1 Q "iw, ' ,' ' , f ,, H1:f'gQ,+5gf ' 4 W i "4 p ,- 1- V U, ,, 5,f": ., ,'i',E,,nml . , , ,W A MM N F A .,, .,T4.V AQ ,W , mjwa' 2,,1'5,m,,, N up W WV W I4 K j of ,, A ,V ,MTF JT,if4,' 'g,m,1bAJj?f M MJ Q. bww ,, V 2' , sv, y If' ,H yr V , U3 ,' Q E , 5 1, , f ,qw , fp 'qt wa iwgau If , . , f ,- I , A ,, 5, p. ,W fI:,1,f+,, -3 , quam , : 53 A W V W 'xii HG W 5,4 af, A N Miwgfr I V ,W -.ff -I ra ,n,,. mn- vx.'w'I!M4y,3!ixA 0-5:42 P Y H I ,JM ,Wwm5,::1e.AVw , 5,,,g.xsIIfqgM: ,E I , I, ' , W- ' .- f ,,w,f,.,,, 1 . . ,T -feggfwg f , I 11 in fr , 4 ' - -:L 1 ww,-,,. ,, E 1, ,M f I, ., 4 , . , ,I aww . .,k,544,. .v . ,mn V . ,HF , 3-E , 4 -I - H,,Vi.,,, fm, - ffxffui f w,fM.ffi,-Au?" ff 'Im 'vb I'w.+f,wf f' few A--H+ I 1 vm If I. FW, ,'?'34C-IW Q' fwul ww f f ,S-' ny, wwf , Q11 RPMI: ' , ff 'LiI5zaQ-if"f'M'fIM,fE134-1"f?'w'f'1b'L!"., -I www THE I RD SERVICE OF THE Ml AND SO L GRDWS WIDE WITH Aw I4 I 1333, Aga wma-Q. ,W rw FAC U LTY 1 ae.-Y MR. EDWARD HAKKARAI NEN Principal MR. DEE MADISON Vice-Principal MR. GEORGE HAMMERSON Vice-Principal fv-my MISS GEORGETTE CARY Vice-Principal R Miss ELEANOR BENDELL MRS- MYRTLE WOLF Counselor Counselor MRSJANE RUMMEL MR. PAULBLAIR Counselor Counselor 0--name, m MR. ANDREW GARRETT MR, FRANK SOUZA Counselor job Counselor C 0 ssssl sse R C 1 1 19 MRS. CAROLYN ADAMS MRS. LUCILLEKLINE Counselors' Secretary Principal's Secretary . ,..WM4,w1w 20 ' x,.li-X MRS. LYDIAFRESE Q M Principal's Office 'Wi -lit MRS MARIORIEBISCHOFBERGER Vice Principals Secretary MRS. MARY FRANK MRS. VIVIAN GIVENS Vice- Principals' Secretary Attendance ,...-- MRS. HELEN OGAWA MRS. BARENDINA SPALDI NG Attendance MRS. LOU I SE HALLAHAN Nurse Attendance I ' MRS. MARGARET WEBB Library LQ? MRS. LEONORA TIRADO Textbook Room .Q ,e'. aff t.-Qf- ic fi' A V A, i t 'ter A... . ... . MRS. EDITH TOWERS L Librarian M '- 'lg 1 z N' '52 if S MRS. GRACE THOMPSON Bank 21 MR. ROY ABAD English 5 MR. LEO ALLAMANNO Basketball 173, s s y y i 3 A MISS YVONNE ALTURA Spanish MR. RICHARD ANDERSON ,folk L Z -s V. img ww 'xuflwh 'I MR. RAYMOND BANDAR Crafts Physiology 22 MR. BRUCE BAIRD World History MRS. ANTOINETTE BENNETT Modern Dance MR. ELMAN BARGFREDE Business Education . '55 Q x ' V PC., ' x - i 4 i Q -uf.. i . , MRS. ALICE BRETT English MR. THOMAS BOSTAPH Auto MRS. ADELE BILES French MRS. KATHERINE BROWN Choral 23 MR. CHARLES CAGLE Cross Country, Track MR. NICHOLAS CAPUTI Creative Writing, Humanities MRS. BERNICE CANNON Spanish MR. HAL CLARKE Art MRS. ANN COOK Homernaking MRS. PATRICIA CRIDER American Government, English MR. THOMAS COONS MR. MICHAEL D'ASTO German, World History My English MR. GEORGE DELLIS Salesmanship ' MRS. IANE DEFEE MR. THOMAS DISHER Girls' Gymnastics, English Algebra MR, MARSHALL EDELMAN Minorities MISS NANCY FARNSWORTH Oral Deaf I E21 I .. N E3 'ii MR. LEONARD FRAZIER New MISS BETTY GALAMBOS Girls' P.E. MR. CARLOS GONZALES U.S. History, Urban Studies ' Chicano Studies MRS MAXINE HARRIMAN Student Activities, English MRS. DOROTHY HAMILTON MRS. EDNA HARRIS Chemistry, Biology Math 27 MR. ARTHUR HAUSER Ceramics, Crafts MR. MORRIS IACOBS Physics MR. CARL HERTENSTEI N Drafting MR. DONALD HOLMSTEDT Mathematics MR. ROBERT IEROME Wrestling MR. LAURENCEIONES Metal and Auto Shops MR. RICHARD JONES Drama MR. CARL LARSSON U.S. History, English "' 4,53 - . 'M' ' ,t . 'ff . :fa-as . .wi Q damn, ff .f - X if rKW'1f: K7 .,. ,gyirgj 1,514 .,,,:m." . , -9 f- -'ff "f'f:' fy., .-fA'i'f.1'u4Q 'vw I-gs'-ff'.QWF1:A4-5fwa'z,ff'-zs:,.ff 51 1 MISS CAROLYN KELLER V World History, Black History MR. GARY KATZ U.S. History, Urban Studies MR. ELVIN LEISKE Auto Trades MR. BENIAMIN LEFFLER English 29 i r MlSS CYNTHIA LESLIE Girls' P.E. MISS BARBARA MCCONNELL Accounting y 30 Ci' ' W. l MRS. SADIEMAYFIELD ' Typing, Black History MISS KATIE MARLOW Typing MR. IAMESMINK Sociology, American Government MR. IOHN MCDONALD Sociology, U.S. History EY l si' , MISS EVADNE MOORE Geometry, Computers LM... W Umm uv., MRS. MARGARET NAYLOR English, Homemaking MRS. MARCELLA PORTER English GY. MR. IOHN PRETULA American Govern ment S 'N.. MRS. WILMA PILOT Stenography, Typing MR. THOMAS ROLAND Algebra, Geometry 31 'TS fy MR. ROBERT RUSSELL MRS. SUSAN SANDBURC lourn alism English MR. NATHAN SABSAY M2 American Government MISSCLORIA SIBILIA MRS. LAMORA SMITH AFT MRS. SYLVIA SILBERMAN Girls' P.E. and Swimming MR. IOHN SOULIS Football, Swimming ..,. . I MISS BERNICE SPEARMAN English MISS CHERYL SPRINGER English MR. WALTER SWIFT K I S ,.l I ll B MR. RUDOLPH TAPIRO History Orchestra MR. EDWIN TALLYN World History, Asian Studies ' ' 'l' .N 5 xii --I ' T LQMSD V!! P-6 rp! MRS. VERA THOMAS MR. RALPH TI LLOTSON WOrId History Wood Shop K MR. PHILIP WEIL Business Math MR. BENIAMI N WEBSTER Tennis, P.E. 5 MR. FREDERICK WIEST MRS. MARY WILLIAMS ROTC Band Biology SGT. ANDRES LEIDY ROTC We ff-fr 225 ig. Q my C . SCT. ER NEST MA LONE ROTC NOT PICTURED: Mr. Alvin Gronner lDriver Trainingj and Sgt, Lee Haseman KROTCJ MAINTENANCE STAFF: tl to rl Mr. Don Martinez, Mrs. Blanche Cervelli, Mr. Donald Moler. CAFETERIA STAFF: tl to rl Mrs. Gloria Salado, Mrs. Elvie Burns, Mrs. Elsie Hoeborn, Mrs. Ruth Hamborik, Mrs. Astrid Spargur, Mrs. Louisa Martinez, Mrs. Della Smith, Mrs. Annie Garland, Mrs. Laura Mahoney, Mrs. Betty Piper. STUDENT CONTROL: ll to rl front row, Mrs. Gloria Salado, Mrs. lessie Leno Mrs. Wilma Howard. back row, Mr, Meddie Harper, Mr. lerold Hill, Mr. Collins MCLernore, Mr. Melvin Wines, 35 js V s Q as Q1 :P ACTIVITIES .AM KEN RATLIFF RODNEY WHITEN Pfeydem cHRisTAL DRAINE Vice President DON CHEATHAM Commissioner of Assemblies .1 K IACKIE WALKER Commissioner of Social Affairs E M fa s Visa V ig H, ,, f V, si RAY HERRERA BRENDA LEWIS Commissioner of Education IAMES WONG Green 84 Gold Editor Boys' DEBRA MCCOY Head Song GREGORY BELVI N Commissioner of Finance VIVIAN TILLMAN Girls' Commissioner DOUG BOYD Chief justice Secretary SHERYL DONALDSON Commissioner of Public Relations PAULETTE EUBANKS Commissioner of Publicity TERRYSUE Ml NAMOTO Flame Editor STLJDE TGCJVERNME T i W. A T U FLL FALL DELECATE ASSEMBLY STUDENT COURT: fl to ri Assistant Chief justice, Sheldon Spears, and Chief justice, Doug Boyd. frnissing: Assistant Chief justice, Daniel Perez.J 39 - 1 RAYMOND FLOYD DON CHEATHAM Wesldem CHRISTAL DRAINE Vice President Secretary uw, we .XX i - we if MARGARET ZAPATA GREGORY BELVlN BRUCEFEATHERS Commissioner of Commissioner of BRENETTA MOORE Commissioner of Assemblies Soclal Affans Fmance Commissioner of ll Public Relations f 'mtl IEROME COLLINS BRENDA COLLINS DOUG BOYD Boys' Commissioner Girls' Commissioner BRENDA LEWIS Chief justice Commissioner of Publicity l KATIE WATERS VICKIEGIVENS DENEALioNEs Head Seng Head Yell TERRI MINAMOTO Green 84 Gold Editor Flame Editor STU DE T COVER ME 4 , ' ' , . v SPRl NG DELEGATE ASSEMBLY X ?E"v-- C At the annual Cabinet Luncheon, Fall and Spring Cabinet members chat with our principal. Seated clockwise at the table are Sheryl Donaldson, Jerome Collins, Mr. Hakkarainen, Ray Floyd, Ken Ratliff, and Ch ristal Draine. L ,M 1 4' , -fx i S f-Y' M ,Q if if Q ff' ,rf mise ,ya 5, V' f'fs-, M 'P i l i i , Q 1 ' r 4, t Wh' P ., F , , ,., .., .rw f ,WS K, if fa-gg ' 5' '. 'WL' wi? 3' , ' f AE The Grand Dutchess iVera Campbelll visits the Sycamore family tMich- ael Monroe and Shirley Robinsonl. Darrel Broadnax lthe G manl busts Sara McMullin,the actress friend. Mr. R. jones, director, and his assistant fBrenda "DarIing." lBruce Feathers and Christal Drainel. Caesarl. 6 2 P ,HQ 42 tx. " ':-' v - E "The Kirbys are here!" fSheldon Spears and Deborah Kingj YOU CA 'T TAKE IT WI TH YOU ulgin-ff A A7 024 f IANET HOM AND IAMES WONG FLAME Q EE D HER COURT The Flame Queen and her Court were pre- sented at the rally November 7, 1969. Rochelle Flores was crowned Queen with Debra lones and Vera Campbell as first and second attendants. Rochelle lat rightl is congratulated by her father with a big kiss. '-x...,.f- ,ia . . in x N4 '-,viva jk 3' - I 1 I X i - CHRIS CHAPMAN AND CHRIS TIERNEY N, m rw-A1 W xpfu DEBRAIONESAND DON CHEATHAM VERA CAMPBELLANDIOE WILLIAMS ORINDA EDWARDS AND GREGORY SMITH BARBARA ATHAYDE AND PETER KAPETANIC CYNTHIA BARG AND MARK VAN WINKLE PENNY SHERMAN AND BILL RUTHERFORD X -1 A N 'N-. TERRI Ml NAMOTO Flame Editor RENEE MATSUI junior Editor GORDON F LETCHER Sports Editor FLAME STAFF '70 , MR. ROBERT RUSSELL Adviser DIANA PONG MILDRED LUM Senior Editor Senior Editor CORA BUTLER Sophomore Editor HETTY THIEME Sophomore Editor CINDY MOSELEY junior Editor 575344 il: rL.,r of irrr T T A A . . f.. 4- "--t it-ff 4' X' .,r, F W V- XM! S 1 E A L L DON CHEATHAM PENNY SHERMAN Sports Editor Copy Editor 'K SHELDON SPEARS Copy Editor NANCYWHITE KAREN FREYE LOISFULIMER Managing Editor Managing Editor Art Editor fX,:g.yg:ggww-iusswew ,,,, .Watt Km, VXGAAVW7 Sf- ffm "' a??2?M flailefei . E msagmf.: F' 55539 1 ' ' a sians 'iuiili 5 3355 . , ,figs afkfilfel '- 15. Sui ifZ5'1g5Q'LiiTiQ?TiS?'- ' S116 ' ' , - f K' A ssi2fzeiaif145s5 -.- Sl 1 . f Jgaaelfwaw it 3: -- , . K Q H if L X DAVE WANAMAKER KENIUNE Photographer Photographer if ,ww .XM 1 M... FLAME STAFF: seated fl to rl: Hetty Thieme, Terri Minamoto, Mildred Lum. Standing: Dave Wanamaker, Nancy White, Cindy Moseley, Lois Fullmer, Karen Freye, Ken june. fmissing: Cora Butler, Don Cheatham, Gordon Fletcher, Renee Matsui, Diana Pong, Penny Sherman, Sheldon Spears.J LL IAMESWONG DENEALIONES Editor-in-Chief lst Page Editor GARY OKADA Sports Editor TONI VILLECAS 2nd Page Editor . ff' I ., from, J K, , GENEVA STEPTOE Ist Page Editor GREEN AN FALL ASSISTANT EDITORS: Page 'I - CAROLYN CAYNARD KARENA LEE IANET HOM SHARON LAI Sports - RAY FLOYD Bulletin Board and Bulletin Board and Page 2 - DARYL DER Circulation Editor Circulation Editor GREEN and GOLD STAFF GENEVA STEPTOE 1st Page Editor CIGLD IU LIE LUM Circulation Editor A 4' IOYCE IONES Bulletin Board Editor ELAINE WOOTEN Circulation Editor WANDA MC LAUGHLIN Bulletin Board Editor DENEAL IONES Editor-in-Chief SPRI I t rw III lOSE DUENAS Sports Editor RUTH MORRIS IUROID DE VAULL Assistant Editor Assistant Editor One of the smallest rooms in Fremont is located up the steps in the tower. What is lacking in room size is made up in people-sometimes as many as 35 standing and sitting, wall-to-wall, working or waiting for "the deadline," either the Green and Gold or Flame. In this year's "Club 318," Green and Gold staffs have worked and played under the direction of james Wong, Fall editor, and Deneal jones, Spring editor. Their initiation into the world of the print shop, dummy sheets, paste-ups, and copy deadlines was a memorable contribution to Fremont and the student body. Aside from the pleasure of Seeing one's work in print, journalism involves working with people and being "in" where the action is. I say, "You've all performed in the finest Fremont tradition." Robert L. Russell, Adviser 49 ,gag A ,ja if-fx -N- 3,511-. Q ,V--fm-3-3-f". , , M ,,,. .AM ,,,,,A Y 'f', Qfykrwmiivg? A CAPPELLA MADRICALS - an ' an . -Q ' .3 ' E 4' f ' , Y GOSPEL CHOIR ORCHESTRA STAGE BAND CHOIR nz'-T " "" 7' TSW AUDIO VISUAL STAGE CRAFT mO.M DRAMA CLUB F I-95 Ai,.,E:- h A .ff FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA ' L. TORCH AND KEY MATH CLUB CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION S AWWA PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB FUTURE TEACHERS . ,I All T ff GERMAN CLUB cr 17 IUNIOR RED CROSS CHESS CLUB BOOK NOOK COMPUTER TECHNICIANS Q I DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION N ,M OR wf HUMAN RELATIONS ink? BLACK STUDENT UNION Gb CHICANO STUDENT UNION J 1 3 ASIAN STUDENTSALLIANCE PUBLICITY Sv' ADVANCED SWIMMIN LIFE SAVING CLASS ADVANCED SWIMMING lPeriod 4I 5, , .. - ww-WM mf,-.,,A-W-if L.,, ,f -,"A fm,.f,,,f,,,5,,-ff-Af' .- 'N' --1 ,W 1 -1 ,-AM ,H ., S ,E in M' -1142222 '-AA z M-A ' . A . . . " ,if,w...e'LfE V If . .Mw Iww"'-M I , f-If 2 I . I, 4 ,,,.,Qm,.,.g.fmM-fy, L, ,f . E, 1 -f In "H """"' A -fa W, 4.. - ,y.,...M- ,,..M.f W A W ,.,,.,L.,, -X .L ,WW . L :ir '- ff wwf V M, . ..f4,,Mv" K' ""'WM ., , V my I.',f M, V - I ., A W, fzfwviwf' K' ,- A 'L A .,. j-sv". je-fwA'A M, V I - ' ' fi ,W ,,-, M .5 V , ,, W. Nw A, 'I .fl ,ww ga My ., V , ,-, fy ,AV,W ML v.,, - vig' , .., f,.. V - U A , . 4 Q w w, VH' U , Hgfsclgf L ' M I ,, bf L H HE XS' '- ' -' :I - ,.- - ', 'l Iws,.v2,2f5Q, xr 7, , , H ff K ., g fl?- ' W .Mag , -,I ,,.. W ' 'mi M wmii V, K ' - . V 'w'::-- - -- - V 'Q"7'-TY . was f , Wil. ',w!,Q.'Tfi- ' ' 'Y A - I , -Q 1 1,f-,M-Q,,,,:-wifrffp , W - Af ! U: . -V .,,QV,-wfhm A A 3 A ws ff- I A A I A - 51'5"f 44, ,,,,,,.,...,...... ,Q ' A wg 9 ,DED 'CWM f--MW, ,A SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING 58 ADVANCED SWIMMING IPeriod 5I DANCE II CPeri0d 2? .I K4 CHOREOGRAPHY WORKSHOP DANCE II fPeriod SJ MODER DANCE DANCE WORKSHOP A F MERICA FIELD SERVICE BEATRICE NANTEZA from UGANDA AFS T969-1970 It is difficult to say goodbye to my family, AFS club, teachers, friends at Fremont, and those I have been meeting. I have been staying with really a nice family. There is great love opened be- tween these two families, through American Field Service. Many things to say about Fremont School which has friendly teachers and students. The year went so fast that I did not come to know everyone. All the games will stay in my dream for all my life. Torch and Key is an unforgetable club. With much honor I thank Mr. T. Disher who is working very hard with the AFS club to bring all nations together. AFS is openinglovealloverthe world. I wish you all seniors success in the future. I did enjoy my senior year with you. Yours sincerely, Beatrice Nanteza lUganda, East Africal PAM MURPHY Fremontstudent in SWITERLAND Left: In Burgdorf, Switzerland, Pam attempted skiing for the first lime, re vealing "I only fell three times." Above: Pam on her snow trip is accompanied by her AFS brother and sister jurg and Regula. 'X-. Above: Beatrice with her senior friends, Estella Griffin fleftl and Cora Butler fcenterj. Right: Beatrice gets acquainted with two other AFS stu- dents. lLeft to Rightl, Barbara Athayde, Pat De Santos from Brazil, Betty Athayde, Christine Bossi from Switzer- land, and FremonI's own Beatrice Nanteza from Uganda. Foreign Exchange Students at Home and Abroad 61 fu RALLY COMMITTEE , 1 .fq r - f ' -Afyfa? mi? 'Ex X' x via 5 'Sf 2 3 PEP CLUB RESER ED OFFICER TRAINING CORPS "ROTC-Building future Ieaders for a future America." A , I I E 3 ffm' 2 "I ' 1 9 - J f 2 I 'Hi I I A COMPANY COMMANDER ROBERT BIEDOVE A COMPANY B COMPANY COMMANDER SHELDON SPEARS B COM PA NY ,ff W5 I C COMPANY COMMANDER ww CHRISIOHNSON C COMPANY 63 5 wg ww!! RIFLE TEAM 4,-.up 4.3. ,g.3.3.g.3.3.g. 5.g -iizirlziiiziii T. PLATOON MARCHI NC BAND gn'- SABRES CLUB -'J MS X a. Y k 5' I 4 . WWW '. an fx .Qrf G DRILL TEAM COLOR GUARD 5 fn.. N.C.O. CLUB BATALLION COLORS rx, ,wa 5 K BATALLI ON STAFF aaa Ex 'Sfvff The ROTC drill team performs forthe student body at the annual Flame Queen Rally. 65 1111 111111111 11 1 ,Q1111 '11 1' 99 1 , 11 1, NN W! 1 " 1 W, I 11I, 11 ,l I W 1 1 1 1 1 V I 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 I! 11 1 1 . 1M1 ,I W ,'1, f 1 U 1 , W jx 1 11 lx ' 1 W W '11' ' 1511115 1' , , 1 Y'1V11,N- H , X .,,, ,N 1 1111, , gl -1 Q UI . '1 41 " 1 1 11 1 1 I : 1 1 Hi ' ' 11" i' 1li11 Y F ,.1 W 111111 N I 1 1'F ,14 VNV 1 1 1 - 1111 ' '1 11111 T ,N 11 1 11 111' 11 1 1 1 fm 1 1 - tl 11111 1 111' 1 l11' 1 1 1 :MI 1 1 N111 IW H N1 ' ' u i 1111 1 1U I ll IH H I ll ll ll FREM NT S YCU G ARSITY CDF1969 1 .1 Q1 ,rf ti In E y Harden Ray wart Tony Bartholomew kneelnng Larry West Ron Lynch Glen y I y 1 as Adrian Ste Combs Greg Belvln, Kurt Chapman Ken O Keith Danny james EXPERIENCES TO GH SEASO ' fU"1.fl'P",' '.9!M"f"'4 ff-if.,-'X' fi 5 ,1'x'x's"i' Q. fr'i"-jzuf M ,UH will 'rlqrlldllrillgili-r'la, ,fLQrhzQig'fv'sll l-v'lrK1frd1'vff' 1 s 'lljfgliggljfpifgi :rf:'ilg'f'l,4j2 Q,,!,qfq-2f,f,K,,'t I ,,i.f .vl,:ixixA,v X ,S-xrysq?fF,r,. 1i5Szxs.rfKv,at 1 , iu,mi,Al?ssl,e -r iff!! ,1- , 3,52-,iz 1 1 'm'.mriq'1- wizmw- s'.fy'fH , ' '- yr- K 'Q gg' 5'f?29'--"-". . 14.4.4 , , be iz mizyxfn -1 xx xxffvf sfxv,,,ga.fff,p fr I ' mi? ,K rf. is v vf+!m.s. V? sv- V Vv-V f r i f .HM , ii 73 S M rl Wilbert Look, Carl Brown, standing: Coach lohn Soulis, Anthony Ed Richardson, Gary Stewart, Garrett Daniels, Phil Boland, Ray Ma- jones, Phil Tegg, Louis Bartholomew, Mike Malone, Harold Davis, lone, Bruce Drummond, Coach Cooper. . 'A Qi-r.: lim , ,C ,,,, ,, C, is ,s,t .3 Q ug, gf? Yi mffuls ,. . .W , ,. ,. J 4 .fe E Al, X' ' H 1 1 Y I V- . - I. fi? 3 " f ED RICHARESON Offensive Ehd ' 3 2 A 55 4 N5 - 3 K 5 gg X ' lg 1 E: i lu! - , -," E E f sf? s X, , P , GLEN COMBS Defensive End 0 5 , if ,Ex - my S. I M. Wm, , , K 45,5 .lgwg LVAA Hi Q wel? H divx ve 09, Y r KEN O KEITH ,fix I 1 1 , he 4 ,.., A X E, L' X ' K , A A K 7 .. gb-XXX' M ' 'ffnff , X ' ' . 'f u E g H ik ., f" . W E 5 ' 'A' U9 ff, , s L S ' f ' B OLA ND i' K . ' A ., LARRY WEST 2 . Lez , e '51 ' fl lm 9 b :.: f we J EE E kvhr A ' 7 f ' 'k':kk 2k'f 5 K F jf E , , .Lf-, Zh ,Y 1,7 ,, ,K W ws eirf372 f we, Wfefifs 'fi 'f 'ef me '..Qfxi iQ:' 'E f , ,:?5, :f15' Ugg - . 1 . 1 . E. SI ,, ,1 Emw . , Q -fa f' . .x :my -' -fee' we 3759. Aw ..-my- rf ,gm ,.,Aw5,A V ww 'gym a q wsw . . .,., ,Ez-,F3l.NLQE?l, W I . . .. My ' f s:-'j,. .:f3':' .. . ,,, s K wiki ' , Ge V ER ,L,, a 1: i Q X 2 V F' ? Q. :ww .-,.f - A www, wk-:4wffwa?v'3Efie K Q: ,f"f? ww' W W Y X L. nm rw 1 'xyeggww W2 7 9559693 . 5' a x Q. M 3 2 7.5 4 M- ,Y G -,Mu - HAROLD DAVIS Defensive End - 121' W .. wr ,,.-f.,, 'ww 321252. 55.1 Q P BE CALS SHGW OPPQSITION y 1 if Q3 Qt 3"H"j""'r'---A--Q xi has 3 X ef K' ii ANTHONY Second Team All-City Defensive Guard Tony Bartolomew looks for an opening. MIKE MALONE Second Team All-City Guard Bruce: "Uh-Huh! Move 'em back another fifteen, l guess." Fremont trying to try harder! THAT THEY COME TO PLAY jVS Cslttlng I to rj Danny Ross Steven Hursh, james Woodard lrvln Klrton Albert Martinez Ray johnson manager Robert Robert jeter Donald Gilmore Clifford Terrell, jose Lopez Rob Brennon standrng manager Leon jackson Mr Webster Steven ert Prckney Richard Flores Howard Dang, kneeling manager Layton Mark Polk Gary Young Ronald Holmes Wllllam Cald Willard Barksdale Ralph Roberts Rrchard Sylvia, Raymond jones well Albert Finney Robert Rlslng Alvrn Klrton Michael Thomas joshua jordan Thad Thomas Audrey Stuckey, Melvin Wann Mr jerome Fave Returnmg Lettermen fl to rj Anthony jones, jesse Phil Bo- mmm' F LL YELL ,MQ ' - KV f- 1 ,u "JOHN C" DONALD MATTHEWS J-""""' Left to right, Rocheiie Flores, Debra Walton, Vickie Givens, Ronov Matsui, Claudette Center, and Diana Pong. F LL SGNGS Left to right, Carolyn Wilson, Kathy Rernbrandt, Head, Debra McCoy, Christine Moore, Michele Head Song: Debra McCoy Curtis, Katia Waters. I, X f fray ,f J' aw Q' M I Ch If fi' 'ff 5. f ' f-fkkydraf ,, A m, 4' , - wi' 11 1. ' ' 'Q' .ff , u k if :f .5 ' "' 'Ka i 'Q , r-.fa ra n if it may V iw. In xi' liar 'hr 'K lv 'M Q U' ,Wig fg, t tf? i pn Q MX an dkfi A5 if s 4 I ,, , V ., , 3' -' 'lx C , , . ' :Q i ,Qs ? ?' .Aff aggr- Q, in kwa Ee if. Aw. 5 , Q? C . rf qi, .133 ' 2 ug ! f--his Jn..-.4 xg x, gl.. gf 4' Q 1, it gi gf... M - egg, .. .5 z' W 5 123 R fi 5' 'fffi A n fr --5 xnxx? A g ,A -. , M.: g' ff V' if l' xi Danny johnson Guard Clifford Gilmore Guard W--mwtmmd Greg Smith Forward First Team OAL Gridley All Star Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont TIGERS FINISHED OAL Scores 80 Skyline 67 88 McCIymonds 78 64 Castlemont 53 66 Oakland 65 67 Technical 66 68 Skyline 66 65 McClymonds 68 65 Castlemont 81 75 Oakland 74 49 Technical 53 VARSITY 2 Q I 23 fi Q 3 L in 7 X Kneeling left to right: Don Williams, Haley Crudupt. Standing left to righXtiXMan agers Leonard Goodwin, Willard Barksdale, Dannie johnson, Jesse McGaffie, SECONDI OAL M:-une.-.C lt' jesse McGaffie Guard Coach Leo Allamanno St' Ellzsgfth All SecondTeamOAL Steve Fleming, Greg Smith, Anthony Owens, Geoffrey MCCray, Clifford Gil- more, Manager joe Furtado Steve Fleming Forward Most Valuable Player St. Elizabeth Tournament Honorable Mention OAL Gridley All Star Don Williams Center St. Elizabeth All Star Honorable Mention OAL TIGERS CAPT RED J ,A Haley Crudupt drives in for two. .,.--W' Greg Smith, captain of team lesse McGaffie tips in two over Kennedy. if ST. ELIZABETH'S TO RN MEN Danny johnson goes for a basket over Kennedy. accepts championship trophy. 3'-Q... Steve Fleming Comes down with the rebound -Q. 'WGHTY R5 Gilmore drives in for two against Oakland. ff :fl N? ip me s ,1- 521: I ,Q K ' .ai .2910 Greg Smith makes his move against Skyline, Don soars up high for a basket. I ACTION jb,m.annk Williams comes down with complete control ofthe ball. jesse goes up for the rebound. Fleming eyes Iwo TIGERS PLACED Whitten passes the ball to McCray. Michael soars up high to put in two. johnson tries for two Fleming snatches the ball from Mack THIRDI GRIDLEY IV BASKETBALL Kneeling left to right: Sergio Rodriquez, Randy Matazi, Donald ster, William Davis, Paul Iones, George Duncan, Mel Thomas Gilmore, Greg Amor Standing left to right: Coach Mr. Ben Web- Bobby Bobinsun, Mark Polk, Tony Bartholomew, joey Moss Back Row lleft to rightl: Veronica Mayweather, Vera Campbell, Madelyn Lira. Kneeling Cleft to rightl: Pam Motton, Head, Vickie Givens, Sheryl Walton. Not pictured, Brenda Williams. Head Yell Vickie Givens Left to right: Veronica Mayweather, Vera Campbell, Vickie Givens Head, Pam Motion, Sheryl Walton, Madelyn Lira. Not pictured Brenda Williams l l Standing left to right: Hallie johnson, Ronette Chase, Paulette Eubanks, Middle Row: Michaela McGloiry, Front Row: Deborah Cheatham, Katie Waters, Carolyn Wilson Head Song Katie Waters The hard work of the Fall Yells and Songs and the Spring Yells and Songs is appreciated very much. Thank You for your spirited work. Left to right: Paulette Eubanks, Hallie johnson, Deborah Cheatham, Head Katie Waters, Ronnette Chase, Carolyn Wilson, Michaela McGloiry Wm.. F W., Y 9 ,. ML? Saw ., -2 A 'YV W xx KN Iswflfvffsi' 'Y ,Q -fzlszgfsggi 3 is f w f fi i1s 1 1rQL,1 jaw-M 51230 X A 4 5, .isifgmai-S"f5zwXi 5 w TIGERS TIE FUR THIRD WITH 5-4-1 I O.A.L. FINALISTS "WiIdman Combs" pins his opponent. Firstg Glen Combs 148 Secondg David Martin 154 Mike Foster 191 Thirdg Anthony Clifton Alvin Finney 133 joe Thomas 148 Fourthg Robert jackson 120 Ken RatIiff175 Alvin Reese 191 Bulldog attempts a takedown on Smokey. Mike Foster tries to escape from wiIdCat's hold. Glen Combs looks at the referee for the pin sign. PREM T TIGER svvirvi TEA j Standing Cl to rj, Gary Triebwasser, Mike Kilgannon, George Ba- ney, Clyde Serda, Nick Kakarigi. Kneeling il to rj, Pat Batad, Rico ker, Torn Vierra,Coach john Soulis, manager Dan Gee.Sitting il to Forentino, jim McBride, Paul Phillips, john Seadler, Wally Smith, rj, Ray jones, Albert DiPauli, Dan Belton, joe Fragoso, Chris Tier- David Bayle, not pictured, Steve Harris, Pete Kapetanic, Ed Epps. , a i Coach Soulis explains the day's workout to his swimmers. Captain Nick Kdlsarigi and Co-Captain Steve Harris. 'ft E E E 15 Q E 4 i 2 f 5 H . s I Swimmers Display Winning Form Showing off their starting forms areg ll to rl Clyde Serda, Tom Vierra, and Chris Tierney. Gary Triebwasser does the "crawl". Leftg Senior butterflyer Peter Kapetanic Righty "It's a bird, a plane, it's. . . Dan Belton?" 51,-f , Ray jones butterflies through the water il -t wr K iw .., GY 5 l 4 r lili- 'Jilin K, at if 'llc' 1' 4 :fl , 55 J' , ,:, It Back Row left to right: Russ Warne, Larry Lucero, Darrell Robin- Pasillas, Milton Silva, Robert Gutierrez, Eric johnson, lirn Mar son, Eugene Hollis, Keith Hollis, Coach Charles Cagle, Wayne timez, Mario Moreno, George Pasillas Not Pictured james Kees Hayes, Wayne Green Front Row left to right: jeff Ramos, Alex ?.... ' 5 5 ,J 4 1 me 'X QB?-Ev uf:-fwq E VARSITY TRACK '70 .. f:l:':l11fff:' 264: :?5'f:'f"fPl iff ',-3' .J G, diff I-3 'Ye ,K . Mg, igrpplagif , igffq: my , , ff: if at 41 ,VV f , :ggi at ,. , f .mb 1. tw! l , ts. t T v a 5,53 51 V IZ, . . . .ty . if,1f.yg-.1 '.llQfQ3lj1L,' L3.Q2:I:Q'.", af lf,-14' '.'."' . Q, NY:- z-rrix- ff' 32 ' ' .' ,"'yy'. 'ggi' . . :T 1 f1.., - f . " 4 . . t, ,A T T i , K T, , t vtf.',g,, f 1'L'-5'?5fZ- 'iff'-'iifirl XV 1 -9522. thfcea' I Y.. y M A . ,m ,, , ,.. ,, U. ,,. . .. . U.. ...ww , T ,lt ,,5, gy 1 .,1. .. Qi., ,J z ' .1 E axfii e " .gi .-4 igzitff ' '.g It 'l 'f 9 f ' . z l it A ' 1 ggyqy-.3 13,5354 ffftzzvi . sf-265:11 .- W ifi - . ft ..z+fz9:I y.f4Zg.f.j.: ',:2'IfI'1'i'? 216.13-2' wg nl W-:,.,ll?5.f:5:'.2'-5:-.4196 ., . - ... ...,..,. .J :Sy ,ff gli-.e-.-:e r-:-:-xt:-I-e oft:-:cf-'H .44-1-:-:-as -:-:-:-za:-:-rf 5:-1-1-:-giziz' g':g5:::3:ggzgfzfgzor I-I-1-I-Zi' , ,, ,.,. ., Vg. g,5,3,,mj,i,..,1f V , Standing, left to right: Anthony Randolph,Alvin Finney, Mr. Tay- Murphy, Tony Mays, Adrian Stewart, Darrel Broadnax, Lenard lor, Stephen Bell, Ronald Holmes, Louis Bartholomew, Bob Bobi- McGee, Billy Taylor, Tim Poston, Chuck Flieger, john Alire, naux, Mel Thomas, jesse McGaffie, Brack Carter, Coach Mr. Loyd Ortiz, jesse Orasco Charles Cagle, Dannie johnson. Kneeling, left to right: Mike R X 96 l.V. TRACK .XV my fSfM5i'f .IN Back Row, left to right: john Robinson, Leonard Ashford, Adolphus Morgan, Mike Malone, Paul Stubbs, Iohn Berryman Front Row, left to right: jerry Smith, Dennis Sharkey, Andre Stuckey, William Caldwell, Darrell Robinson. HIGH HURDLES Pole Vaultersz john Alire, Adrian Stewart, Mike Murphy, Lewis Bartholomew Pole Vaulter john Alire -.--.,---1 gf --!'2'a'm SPRINTS Darrel Broadnax, Tim Poston, Lenard McGee Bar' MILE RELAY Cl to rl Lenard MC- Gee, Lenard McGee, lohn Alire, Brack Carter, Dannie johnson Q 'fr 440 RELAY Audie Murphy, Darrel Broadnax, Tim Poston, Lenard McGee SHOTPUT Robert Holmes Mel Thomas DISTANCE ll to r.J Steve Belle, Anthony Mays, John Alire, jesse Omsco, Anthony Randolph, Dannie johnson, Lenard McGee, Brack Carter Billy Taylor, Lloyd Ortiz. TIGERS TITLE HOPES Standing Cl to rj Glen Hewrtt, Alonzo Whlte, Roger Sanders, Herrera, Charles Lrpkowutz, Mel Goulart, joe Thomas, Steve Doug Boyd Ed Ruchardson,Coach AIlamanno,CIlffGrImore,Tony McGowan, Fred Abundo Audrey Damels, Garrett Danrels 11 s Jw." .K . X f X rv 533 ' 5' f. 1 'S' Y R 1 sw Q. ry xt E 1 E as A RIDE HIGH FOR '7O' . Ht W' on 332 Q Above: Rayford Harvey makes a running catch. Belowp All-City pitcher Charles Lipkowitz heads our mound staff. Q' ?T . am. .5ae.1wf.+:Mmn::s:':f1s1ismsffs .4-Essen? ' M m ., .,,:, Abovep Doug Boyd poses in his batting stance. Belowg All-City Cliff Gilmore heads up a strong and experienced infield. ,t r 'Z , 1 1 i mm A . -.iii I ci it , -Sr D:-., - .qs . vii R1 if A " :?fi'liIiF', -mfg' d .-g f 5. , ,gmt .5 my 1 .r Miz ff- A- Wm-snug g S 12 RQ Wi I R R Aboveg All-City player Ray Herrera brings valuable experience to our team. Belowg Ed Richardson stretches for a throw. Y 221.- 9 ff X, t x it mf?--ms x. X 1' t X gg was Jw if ii.. m's, . wsfws.-J ngnvhswir .+5'fvvfzf:xfe,1s3Q,'!': s a .5 TENNIS A D GOLF 3'1'5?5'555'3 Q-515' f i .1,'5ff. 3 4 AM News Kneeling il to rl, Nelson Wong, Bobbie Mora, Walter Mann, jack john Skotvold, Coach Ben Webster, john Roman, David lue, SooHoo, Greglon Lee, Clifford Leong. Standing, Dennis Lenway, George Estrada. Left to Right, Coach jerome, William Kennedy, Carl Heaney, Charles Killian, George Brewer, Ralph Roberts, Williard Barksdale, Art Murray. s- a 1 if ff -x has 4 1- if I-Ixwfvvw f 4 1 73459 'If 5 I 'Q 'fi flaixi' il ?':.'f' ,H 5' +611 .ix fvjsjif 'Exif' .n,i'j.g .H H .".-Ig, , , .ff 'QVQPY V :1 ' fe, I i a F vs' E . irq: xx: fic lily! if 5' is if 3 ri 1-ggi? V , fQfu:u', if is RSS! 'IHS E65 ms if CREW A D SOCCER Ar Above Standing ll to rl Tom Chavez Dave Serradell Mark Niderost, Norm Olsen Tom Vasquez. Kneeling Cl to Kurt Chapman james Adams Curtis Price, lose Lopez, Rudy Rotger. 1 one 6' ffffaf a.1v,ao..og . v v . , -F 'l.q!,Q.:AO 4 1- , ' 0 6 n 4 Q 1- Q 4 5'4'o'4's'vi Q' E Q Q ' f 'Y 1 :o'4'i'v'c'45 'i'4'i'o'w'5 fizgzgzgzgzgg G':4.4s,Q.4,e a v In 449 4 fi -2'!'.'Z'ZfZi 'JJ,'.h'A Left il to rj, Standing, Ramon Gonzale Carlos Arellanos Danny Milero, Tom Vasquez, john Roman, Mr. Edelman. Kneeling, Francisco Camacho, Roberto Lopez, Mario Sanchez, Chuck Fleiger, Miguel Sanchez. 103 Sf 'RC Q . ,Qs ,. L U1 5i'1lQ1','3"i'A'Q'f- ' if if'f-f:3?f1?i9s5f?774lf5WA W gf ffw4: 1 ' 1, 'firm-. w - '--'M gain xg i A Qs 2 5 4 img, Q. :ez Hr , I In ff R K on o M93 k ,Elo , 2 K o , a Q .s A ' sf N o ir W, ,- t we his Z T! 'J , 3 5. 1' Q 1 e hx A o Q5 XR Y e e e e n e n 5' .. ee o l Q 5 z "' o 11 x Q Y Aa it gy I . k W . 3- I A K ,zkfikr K : T I fy' Q-my .V ka. Af , Mighty Sensors open bug hole In juniors Iune GYM NAS-ll CS V d tt Y t Elaine Br ant, Linda Watson lbaCkl PBUY DUN' First Rowg fl to rl Rosetta Chappell, Linda Tornai, loslyn Farrell en e E en er' Y loyce Muskpf, Claudette Center, Berteenia YounglSecond Rowl Can' lackle Parks' Mrs' Deke' Angie Trujillo, Marilyn Crane, Madelyn Lira, Connie Trujillo, Practicing on the Balance beam. Left to Right: Elaine Bryant, Vendetta Yen- ter, Linda Tornai, Rosetta Chappell. 105 C-IRL'S CREW limi i i Standing tl to rig ludy Rhoades, Beverly Robards, Sheryl Kaufman,Debbie Denonecourt. Sitting ll to rig Pam Parker, Antoinette Fran- co, Carol Dillon, Dorothy Lipton. Dorothy Lipton daintily Carries her oar to the shell. "Crew? What's that?" Girl "Power"? GIRL'S BASKETBALL 1' ' W --sa-nm sf-B " Q' Sl H ll II gg n r Q 3 M f ' I 1 fl I0 V32 PHYTWQMOUOH, Suzeffe Beffiman, Sandra Bull, Marilyn Caldwell, Donna Howard, Ramona Rattler, Connie Edwards, and Fay Walker. Standlng: Miss Betty Galambos 'mv ' 3h,,L,,F,af,af.f'Sf,:rg,L,a4iy1-fi'3'3i+'f m Ill W' Y' gi m ,Lw,,,,,,,, M7 n1." r B IH W f hu ur! Q B H5 I Q13 ' Q Ag, - , ,w,gg,aQ5,a. Fkqwyu,-,q,h.f, azz: ,QM , .L , , rf,-Q, gu,,,gT"'Sr-A ' 0-5 ' w 'f'9sV'77f5L K V SQ 9 3 74? Kristie' 5, A lagafmeilegfr,-Emfr , wrmaw.: , nur 5 x J Er , f 1 E -. .E . .525 5 I aa ,fra , x 'YT Q ' ' ' 4 f fy-1:1 H - wjz'zfffi1 z5:4 ,I ,. 551, U, ,f ,ki 'Y-it .lr -A' 'i' 1 -' fig., Q.-,yqr f,w-5.2-pf . ,. " ,LUf5f:f'f V. ,., .xi - ,- ,-- ,J -X 'GH' '-M.-,L':g',,.fj gpg 'fx-51. 2- .2v,,,.w . L'-,1 ,.' N ,- ' 7, ,- . 'f 53.Vfv..5 .y f,, ...A 'Fifi -vi' Irf"g Q -' , w.,. ' J 15-.' ,wh-I, K ,,. 1f,,:,wy- 5--.v ,A my ,, ,-:,,, V3 ,A :U I- 414: 4- L f fx '2' fz , ', A . , ,. , K"-W ,P 1' :ij rj, ' jx,,,' ,. 15,21 :.' . ,, . V q,., ,wwf x.,,,,'.:j.4,--' 2 H .X X' .. kv in-,Q-iyg .X . ., L 4. . . . :rx .mfyf-, 1 V ,Ky :A .'-1 5' 1, ' 5 -,xx ggi , I, .,,. yn il . ' ',.,r. Q7 LCDVVER CIASSME CLASS C0 NCIL "Do you mean to tell me a soph- omore is in the tenth grade?" . 1, ' 1 AILEEN AU Representative rl I ,J . X I 5' 1 eX:j!,Efl:,.f .WD ,- Zlif, i A Q I 1 . X l V K Qt., WKA . I ,mf k ,Z X K! Qi id 1, DONNA HOWARD Secretary MEIA BOWERS Vice-President NALDA CRAIN President SHARON CEASAR Representative , W-Q M. 3 .. L sg ,FS 4 GLY MSR, if K? QI QI? wwf if is ., JK.. "DF wg Q? I C, , , I . ,-.::., J! , Q- ,. Q DIANA AAMODT NINA ADAMS DIANE AGUILAR ALMA AKINS DOLORES ALARCON IOANNE ALESI MICHAEL ALIRE ELIZABETH ANGEN DAVID APODACA GREG ARMOUR BRENDA ARMSTRONG KENNETH ARRINGTON LEONARD ASHFORD EILEEN AU ALVAROAVENDINO SHERYL BARRIOS DAVID BAYLE CYNTHIA BELLALDA OLIVIA BELLMARES DOLORES BENAVIDEZ ESTHER BENEVIDEZ LYNN BERGMAN BERNICE BERRY IANET BEYELIA SUZETTE BERRYMAN PATRICIA BIAGAS LORENA BIRCH KATHERINE BOLAND LYT ORE YEARS TOGO. .gf 1, I Eff:-H :I 3 IV. " :.: I : .M-I 24 if I A gg N V ,Q.... A I I V, L,j,, ,I LLAEE I A A ELR, . Xxx!- , B ' if 1 1' ik. aiu? nr I1 'Q' ,..+ I I, - I I sf A R .gillu I. I 1 ' Q I 'Ti' I MARCUS BONNER MEIA BOWERS ROBERT BRENNAN LARRY BREWER PAT BROADNAX IO ANN BROCK FRANCES BROWN ROBERT BROWN STEVEN BROWN TERRY BROWN ELAINE BRYAN HILLIARD BRYANT SANDRA BULL IEFF BUNN DENNIS BURNELL LUCKY BURNS OZELLBUTCHER IANET BYRNE GWENDOLYN BUTLER ERNEST CLAY GAIL CLIFTON RICHARD CODER CYNTHIA COLLINS ANNETTE COMEAUX ELEA NOR COMPTON REBECCA CONTRERAS DOUGLAS COOK CONSTANCE COOKS DEBBIE CORRELL IACKIE COSTA IOANN COULTER DEBBIE COZAD NALDA CRAI N LORETTA CREGGETT PATRICIA DANSBY RICHARD DUEMAS IRENE DAY CYNTHIA DENARD IEFF DAVIS FRANCIS DAVIS CATHY DARR IOHN DANCY HOWARD DANC- CYNTHIA DYKES SQL it 9 113 if f 5 Q a s FRED CAMPBELL VELMA CAMPOS MARGIE CARDENAS WANDA CARRILLO GENERO CARTER MARLENE CARTER SHARON CEASER ZONDRA CHAMBERS DEBRA CHATMAN ELIZABETH CHAVEZ DEBORAH CHEATHAM SANDRA CHIU STEVEN CHOW DIA NA CHOY B RA D C LA RK "-1 Q- -gal UFO I 2.35 I ,K I ., Q' , ALBERT DE PAOLI DIANE DISCHNER BRUCE DIXON IAMES DIXON ELAINE DONAWAY GEORGE DUNCAN ANITA DUENAS DONALD DAVIS ROBERT DAVIS WILLIAM DAVIS YVETTE DAWSON IUANITA DAZHAN VICKIE DEVORE CYNTHIA DENARD ROMULO ECHEVARRIA MARY EDWARDS IOYCE EDWARDS KENNETH ELLINGTON IERRY EMERSON SUZETTE EMERSON EDWARD EPPS if I E " , If A 'F f. LONELL FOREMAN ANGELINA FOSTER RAY FOSTER RICHARD FOURNIER RUDOLFO FRANCO STEPHEN FRANCO ROSE FRANICH nav I 'F Rf 4. S x .4 rl . 'II4 .H 'P .1- , 0 8 x W I I F' ' I wg GILBERT ESCOTO KATHRYN FAVA BECKY FELDSTEIN ENRIQUE FIORENTINO LASSIE FLOWERS BRENDA FLETCHER RICHARD FLORES Q a' ? V ,I-.3 X ZEFFIE FRAZIER IUDY FUENTES DENNIS GARCIA SUE GARCIA THERESA GARCIA MARCELLA GARDNER SHELLA GARRISON SI fail I ,R A I., ,. wr ,,z ,, ,fm , , U fMR I sh -,w .V : L, H , Q, IP I 11,, If in 15 Ei . U.. If H' ..f' -mm' 'WG ix Hg I MI Q, I , , aff is E5 A I Q.: ' M 'I Ps W 5 If l SQ: 1' ,, , ,Iv , . , ,., A ff Vxf ,,, 4 ' 'il' .NK '5f!v. ,,. . ' Ea , : Ev " - L5 K f ,M I 'V . ..,, 311715121 ,- . - ,Img if Q . V4 .,., ANITA HARRISON PATTY HARVEY BRENDA HATTER WAYNE HAYES VERLINDA HAYMON CARL HEANEY KEN HELLWIG AARON HENDERSHOTT LINDA HERMAN lm.. DOROTHY GATLIN BEVERLY GERMANY DANIEL GEE DOUGLAS GIBSON BETH GILKEY DONALD GILMORE GENE GIVENS IOHN GOMEZ RODNEY GOMEZ MANUEL GONZALEZ SHARON GORDON MEL GOULART KIRK GREEN DEBRA GRIFFIN IEWELL GRIFFIN GARRY GRIM MIGUEL GUERRA ANTHONY GUTIERREZ ANTHONY HAMILTON ANTHONY HARRIS GEORGE HARRIS ' WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE FUTURE . , as ,E 3.3.52 I :'. , ,---E: 1,515 X A Q 7, - Q 3, I' , .WJ na is ' ' I ' 'fi' I .I- If , . .v , ' --:: . .. Q S f qi I ff . . L. . I .I 'SL am? - Q Q--VII-fa ,I I 'I' I I , . K. ,, M y ,,, L ,, 1? ' ':P2?I21vfiaf - ., I df,i5Q?,.,,,,I,.5aI 'H' .. ,M f1,,4:,,g.,, A . Q: ' T L, PATRICIA HERRERA ANITA HINES DWAYNE HINES HAROLD HOFFMAN TED HOEBORN RONALD HOLMES DELBERT HOM LINDA HOOKER KARL HOUBEN DONALD HOW DONNA HOWARD FAYE HUGHES VICTORIA HURLBERT STEVE HURSH TOMMY HURTADO WAYNE IACKSON DANNY IAMES GLORIA IARMILLO KAREN IACKSON FREDERICK IOHNSON LINDA IOHNSON II5 SGPHOMORE FLICKS 4 i Eh' L, g L Lu , , JE, f' V V iq: ,J , , ,L fi--wi . , - ., ' .. " 1: ' L- .Wv92?iWS:e'2'2 . . , -. .W -'I2'l"' ' -f.f,...,:m.4., 4- , fx W ,. - A ' f., -' --'-"fr-q-.,,,-,,,:-bw yy . 4 -5 I .I V4 A -I www V kk - Nrfu ' K. . .,.55--am My f A A V f ,x x k .,., ,fi-uf, J'-'09 -:H X MJ. Nh I MMM A Mba , hw' H' an is af ifbmsmggzi EW 'Y 421321, ' ' 3 ' ii, , ' EI-.. K' . "f J W 1- K : -3 'ff af . P. ,L . A L.. ar- - A X , .-,.,,. 3.5 I . N In x.V,: 1 VE Vbicv , ' be , '-- ' ' , - . , " fT'1f.., V - : Q 1 - f 5 ,, f 4 l . " ,. 1 fx :wi M ' Q Hp! . . ,., 1 1. if b -3' 5-1' S E5 'I M 5 w. , - M Q12 , W . ::.:-- m5g:E4A4,,,L, ff- iw-,.: V 'fm kwwafik Y M My Wm gf' QW 4 NATHAN IOHNSON RAYIOHNSON OBBIEIONES RAYMONDIONES SHIELA IONES TINA IONES IOSHUA IORDAN MICHAELIOY IAMESIULIO CINDY KADONACA ROYAL KAINOA CHERYL KAUEMAN LYNN KAWAHATA WILLIAM KENNEDY MARSHALL KIDO CHARLES KILLIAN KATHLEEN KONO LOUILEI KU NDA RAYMOND KWONG PAMELA LANCASTER LARRY LAMB DALE LAMBERT JOHN LAMEIRA MARILYN LANIONS DEBRA LATIGUE KENNY LAU STEVE LAYTON DAVID LEE BARBARA LENT CLIFFORD LEONG ROBERT LEONCI VICKIE LEARNED AUDREY LEIFFER GWADULUPE LEIGHNON A DEBRA LEWIS DONALD LEWIS IIMMY LEWIS SANDRA LEWIS RODNEY LIM DARNELL LLOYD PAT LLOYD BYRON LOMACK if -W I Sift 'F I ,1 51 uv! Uv' 'iwg VV. ,t 1 if 3 if K I 4 1 ab -in 'I ar 'RPG he K L I 1 at 3 'JM DE, , , ,W ,fi 34' ' I: ,. in I Y N. I 6 ,.-1. 1 .4 ,Q SS 4 ,I X Exit, - .1 "f it I 1 C I 13,9 ' I I M 3 L' 3' I Q 'gg 'nn I L"Zf, 5- -+... ' as x f M vu. - am.,- in + If- - 2' ff ? A' 'F , ev? ., SF' Mi if 'lie IVIL W If Q. In K X 1 L 'Q if M 'L B I V X ,- Q f:gag 5 rfb' ' I M K xx I xii IC-HTY SOPHO ORE'S II7 Q.. V al Q 13225, Qi JL.. 1 Sz. -he A fffq EDDIE LOMACK DE WAYNE LONDON IOSE LOPEZ ROMONA LOZOYA MORRIS LOVE GLORIA LUM LENA LUM IOCELYN LUMFORD VENNA LUTES MICHAEL LYLES DON LYONS TONY MACHADO IUNE MAGLE TAMASESE MAILE MIKE MALONE RAY MALONE IOSEPHI NE MARCHAN DON MARTIN ALBERT MARTI NEZ CLARA MARTINEZ DIANA MARTINEZ IIM MARTINEZ PAUL MARTINEZ SANDRA MARTI NEZ HORTENSIA MASCARRA KARLOS MASON RANDY MATAGI DEBRA MATTIE ROSE MAYO LARRY MEDINA LESLIE MEDINA ROSA MELENZAS ALICIA MELERO MATTHEW MEYERS DENISE MILES DEBORAH MILLER MARK MONTOYA ALBERT MOORE ARCHIE MOORE MARIO MORENO IOYCE MORGAN RISE MORGAN if Q4 i ,XV IL MARNIE MORRITS SHIELA MOSER CHARLETTE MOSS IOEY MOSS SHARON MOORE RAY MURPHY LARRY MC ALLISTER MICHAEL MC ANA NY SHARON MC CORMICK PAULA MC CULLEN DEBRA MC GATHAN IILL MC MULLEN MARK MC NACK IOYCE NEAL ANN NELSON IANINE NELSON ROLE NELSON ,- gt Q v 1, W. If I , 4 , 4, HEY' 'Q , . 4, f k 'int -f 'V 8 .. V . J v:-4? 'F ff, A ,Q 9' ' 'f' I fi'- 'f ' I L R Q I .www fb. 5 , W 5 f TP it 5 fm? :" . fa SOPHO ORES ALWAYS TOGETHER PATRICIA NEVERETTE KAREN NILES PATRICIA ANN NOLES CHRIS NORGAARD SHARON NUNES CARLTON OLISON REGINA O'KEITH BERNARD O'NEAL MELINDA ORONO REGGIE ORTEGA MARIA ORTIZ FRANK ORTIZ KATHY OWENS IOHN OWENS TONY PACHECO ROBERT PADONG IIM PADRNOS IULIEPALMISANO NORMAN PARK PAM PARKER KATHY PASCALL GEORGE PASILLIS MARGARET PAUL WENDY PAULSON I .'I. ' ., . .. sh I I J? In . W I Ll.T I -HI I I ' AW ,P-Q g 1 , A wh s- , 1 ff-rr .3 Q. Q L, 'Q -F , if .,fw, . I AMELLA PAZ W A MICHELLE PERORA ' -9 Sv: , L. '- , OAYLES PERKINS LYNN PERRY ROBERT PLNRNEY ANDREW PLUMMER c m. MARK POLK L I J RICHARD POOL ---.' 5 35 F I Y , ' Q Ar R, I X E j an N ,. , 5 'Y' ! Tl?l A gm if 'ik I 'Mil ' if . I' LEEL "" ' 7' RLOE I -A 14:51 mx-xv 1 I M? . " DEBORAH PON CRUZ PONCE HARVEY PRESLEY IANET PRICE BERTI NA PRIMAS DEBRA PULLEN MARGARET QUARTAOLO ROEMA ROEBELO FRANK RAMIREZ PAUL RAMIREZ CONNIE RAMOS IEEFERY RAMOS HAZEL RAMSEY THOMAS RAY PAUL REYES VERNESSA REYMOLDS RONNIE RIMES IOE RIOS ROBERT RISING ARMANDO RIVERA MARY ELLEN ROA BEVERLY ROBARDS ANTHONY ROBERTS CHARLES ROBINSON DARRYL ROBINSON IEROME ROBINSON NANCY ROBOHM ALMA RODRIGUEZ CHRISTINE RODRIGUEZ CONNIE RODRIGUEZ HENRY RODRIGUEZ IUANITA RODRIGUEZ CARIDAD ROGERS PRESTON ROLAND DEBRA ROLLING EDNA ROMERO A if 5 5 'IS Q," ., ' i SCDPHO ORES STRI EFCDR SCHGLASTIC SUCCESS Q. FRANCES ROMERO 5, BERNADETTE RUSSELL lg ,Y NILDA SAMDELS Xml ,S V L - SANFORD CORNELIUS ""' EDDIE SANFORD 'f A A ,ff A ' 1 GLORIA SANFORD IOHN SADLER SUSAN SALDANA , IULIESANDERS L PEGGY SANCHEZ f f .--,, EILEEN SASAKI f - 1 DIANA SCOTT V ' 7' af, H 7 ls ,f x , 5 if in 5512 l fm ,oh "if E AL f Randy Souza Debra Spencer Diana Soto Lucinda Spencer Ruth Stanley William Spriggs Charles Striplen Cheryl Stringer Paul Stubbs Virgina Swanson johnny Scott Gilbert Sena Wanda Shanks lessy Simon Rick Simon Susan Sims Lonnett Sisson Darrell Smith Dena Smith Garv Smith jerry Smith F3 Q S Ql- Rhonda Smith - .5 Sandra Smith janet Solari Terry Soohoo '35 fr i if -N if an 'Sl I x nw i D 'lvl' 'ig 'M' ': 1-,L , r ' 1 S S K r , , F M f ii, , 'E was 'v. 5 x if it Ag G 51 QF' Q gg, M wi? A E W . my .,.. exif it U A Iradell Summerfield jeff Sylvia Clifford Terrell Bernice Terry Mike Terry Bernard Thomas Mel Thomas Melinda Thomas Mike Thomas Eugenia Thompson .rlu V Thaddeus Thomas -I f QF ' Barbara Thurman - N:,.: 5 f Q Rhonda Tierney -'L WZ' , ' Denise Timms lessy Tillman all mf., . Nancy Titus . Helen Torres ll Don Trautner Betty Trujillo ' ' , ' Cynthia Tucker A Q, wig 'd T' li Robert Truner 5 Robert Tyson Q - ' .Q it johnny Underwood ' " U Paula Underwood M' ' ' Mazza iii so L at Gary Upshaw Sandy Vardakis A 6 E Claudia Vaughn Z ' ' ' mu Y Francisco Villagomez ' Q4 'K 'nl H' Saul Villanueva N K 'ilk K :Hx Robert Wallace 1 'QNIX 1 r ' HAl1,!tl' 1 A Lorenzo Wanzo " Mary Ann Warren 'V I Sherolyn Ward Lida Warren Mary Ann Warren Bessie Washington Z3 " . 1' Linda Watson 5 f 3 li' f R , A Q t or .Aq,. f X1 . M. 'JM " ai Karen Weisenberger Rhea Weng Randy Wesley 2. :IV ffyfi Mary Westmoreland Camilla Whiten i ai'al james White SOPHO CRES!!! Rosemary Whitewater Cheryl Williams Donna Williams I 52 .kg was at R an l .,... R L 4 f- Q . , an r N.. s H - i Indee Young Gary Young Ronald Yuen an f vu, ws A,.. E Edward Williams lanette Williams Michael Wills john Wiltfong loAnn Wingert Sandra Winters Debbie Wolverton Elsie Wong james Woodard Brenda Woods Linda Woods Rosalind Woods Ronald Woor, Eddie Wright loyce Wyatt Melvin Wynn JEROME COLLINS Fall President I DEATRA CRAIN SANDRA IOHNSON Fall Vice-President Fall Secretary SHERRIE BILLIC. STEPHANIE CLARK MARTIN KI NGSBURY Representative Representative Representative PATTY LOPEZ PAM MOTTON PATRICIA O'KEEFE Representative Representative RSDFSSGHISIIVG IUNIOR OFFICERS 4 F MICHELE CURTIS Spring President GEORGE ESTRADA EI THERESA DEL RIO Spring Vice-President f ' Secretary JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL I27 PEGGY ABBOTT FRED ABUNDO ANTHONY ALAMILLO DEBORAH ALIRE EMMA ALLENDORF CATHERINE ALAMANZA CARLOS ARELLANO REGINA ARMSTRONG CARDELLA ARRINGTON ROBERT ASHLEY BARBARA ATHAYDE GEORGE BAKER WANDA BAKER KATHY BANNER BONNIE BARBER DANIEL BARELA CYNTHIA BARG WENDY BARGMAN IOHNETTA BARNES DANIEL BARRANCO ANTHONY BARTHOLOMEW LOUIS BARTHOLOMEW MARY BECK TIMOTHY BELL GREGORY BELVIN LILLIAN BENALLY ANDREA BENAVIDEZ CHERYL BENTON IOHN BERRYMAN ELIZABETH BIAGAS SHERRIE BILLIG ARDETH BINGHAM IANICE BISHOP BOBBY BOBINAOUX LEONARD BOLDEN CARMEN BORRERO BRUCE BOULDIN IERRY BOWENS EARL BOYD CHRISTINE BOYLE BEVERLY BRASHEAR IOHN BREWER CARL BROADNAX CARL BROWN JOHN BROWN LA MAR BROWN LONNIE BU EHLER PAMELA BULLOCK 128 ...Q al r T E Q V, L-I., as - ,IK I., N ' is I .fi Q31 'I Y W. 2 .. S V I . 3-,S I 'QT F aw - '- I 2: I I sf' Q '49 X lKl X QI ::,. ,C Q .llqhgg AX x 'L' Md- vw ni. v ' I In ' S X fi I AH 'ms 3 ...I- Q A' --553 65 . ' X 5 ii! E gk UNIOR POWER x ,W SQL , f fy I Sf Fw M 'K I I zyvff 1 ' N55 wx. In mi, 'B 3 1 iq' is 'W .. .. E A . V :fa we L W I iii f I 2 K, A af If- W I, i R, Q, .-. .E .L ,L , X, , . 7 H '72 ' I I' 52 Hi' Qui. " ": I I.: , , DAIRANN BURGESS EDITH BURNETT RENEE BUTCHER ERSKINE CALDWELL WILLIAM CALDWELL GERALDINE CAMPBELL FRANK CANDLER ROBIN CAPURO MARY CARDEDEIRO MARIE CARDENAS ROXANNE CARMAN LOURDES CARMONA BRACK CARTER GUADULUPE CASAREZ KATHLEEN CASTRO PATRICIA CAVE CLAUDETTE CENTER WILLIAM CHAN CHRIS CHAPMAN ROSETTA CHAPPELL DARRELL CHASE ORA CHATTMON IESSE CHAVEZ TOM CHAVEZ IACQUELINE CHILDRESS JACK CIMOFIEICZYK STEPHANIE CLARK ANTHONY CLIFTON HECTOR COLE DEMETRIUS COLLIER MARVA COLLIER JEROME COLLINS IANICE COLLURA MICHELLE COMEAUX DONNA CONNER MIKE CONWAY STEVE COOK DEBORAH COOPER LOUISE COPPIN CORLISS CORRELL DEATRA CRAIN CHARLESETTA CROWLEY GLORIA CRUZ MICHELE CURTIS ROSE DALAGADILLO AUDREY DANIELS DIANNE DAVIS IOYCE DAY DENNIS DE PRETER GUY DESROSIERS DENNIS DOLAN LARRY DORSEY PARIS DOSS HARRY DUNCAN IAY DUNN VERNA DYKES PATRICE EAGLES BRENDA EASLEY CONNIE EDWARDS GAIL ELLIS 129 GEORGE ESTRADA PAU LETTE EU BANKS TONI FETTIG ALVIN FINNEY WILMA FLOYD MICHAEL FOSTER MICHAEL FOX MICHAEL FOX PATRICK FOX JOE FRAGOSO RAYMOND FRAGOSO LINDA FRANZ GLEN FRASIER IOSEPH FRASIER LINDA FULTON KEITH GALLON ADA GARCIA LAIUANA GOODWIN LLOYD GRAY LAMAR GREEN I CURTIS GRIFFIN MARY GRIFFIN REYESGUERRARO EVELYN GUICE ROBERT GUTIERREZ SHELLY HALL IOANN HAMBRIGK ART HAMILTON ROBERT HANNON EDDIE HARRIS STEPHEN HARRIS REGINA HAYES GAYLA HAYS LINDA HEARD SANDRA HEARNE OLYMPIA HENRY ESTEBAN HERNANDEZ MIKE HERRERA BERNARD HERRON G T ICHAEI. HIRL I Lge zi fmzm , :E5ij:,"24If?Q53,35 32 - Az 'fd B 2 I f,.feIw?, I. ,il I T' if I ,f, L , I IIII LYL : I 35 N gpm. I. f 1.1: . '-Xi: V . I5.. 1 ga iw nas QW 6? 2 gg, I mix zz . I , T 4 ,E -'-' :si I gi .. , . dv 9: ,,,,.LW BARBARA HITCHOOC LLWI IANICE HUNT f 'fiz T IIS 'S-' EVELYN KAY HUNTER if - W ODELL HUNTER I I,. 6 IOHN HURLBERT ' ' .iw REYAINGRAM a -- A -12- S Le -I IAMESIWAHASHI A S " ' I 5 HERSHALIACKSON I IANETIACKSON LEONARD IACKSON , L4 L IL I A I MIGHAELIAGKSON in -,Q I .A ' VIVIANIACKSON TIT I ROBERTIETER Q 'EI' I ' IT RICHARD IETTER I ,YL, I A ,L" HOPE IIMENEZ I, i '-':,. A SLSII " Q3 Th CURTIS IOE M 1 i "'L- ' Q5 T TT I "- A Aw I f 130 mi Magi. 'Vi v D W uw ,NY M.. A I V C I L S -,Nt CLASS OF I 7 B1B f N1 1??W'5 1 '71 CHALLE GES FUTURE Q, A A "' " M .P S SS f f' J I S S I if I L? gk. Q! gr, H, Q . ax , K L , b A I Q, 51' fi pg it I ' if -II QL., f f ' 3. E Q ,fu My :PL 7- A -A ,.a-11.5 K, - A . :" 'TEMP '1 Q N: V k I A ,N V kk,5 55 , Q I , -1- my A SS,S' " S' :S SS S1 I ' K , 4' as I 'S ,'.xY1'?' L gs, A 'z'f5:Y?iJ3iiLg,n ,Q f i I CATHERINE JOHNSON GERALDJOHNSON HALLIEJOHNSON SANDRA JOHNSON ANTHONYJONES DEBRA JONES ERICEJONES GAYLORDJONES REBECCA JONE PAULJONES DAVIDJUE ANGIE KENDALL RALPH KING MARTIN KINGSBURY ALVIN KIRTON ANDRE KIRTON IRVIN KIRTON BETTY KLEIN SANDRA KNOTT JOHN KRAUSE CINDY LACY WILLIE LANE DAVID LANGE PAMELA LAYNE YVONNE LEAVITT GREGLON LEE DONALD LEIFFER DENNIS LENDWAY BRENDA LEWIS HENRY LIM DOROTHY LIPTON TRINIDA LIRA SHARON LOGAN JOHN LONG PATTY LOPEZ JANE LOVIG GINGER LOW WARREN LUA LARRY LUCERO BETH LUCHETTI STEVEN LUIS MIKE LUTHGE ESTHER MACSULE KATHY MALLY VICKIE MANZER BRIDGETT MARIN DEBORAH MARSHALL DAVID MARTIN GLORIA MARTIN JOYCE MARTINEZ MARILYN MARTINEZ RUBEN MARTINEZ GABRIEL MASCORRO CALVIN MASCOTE I3I IU IORS GET TOGETHER DOLORES MAYFIELD ANTHONY MAYS GUY MAZZANTI IAMES MCBRIDE BETTY MCCULLOUGH IAMES MCCULLUM IESSIE MCGAFFIE MICHAEL MCGLOIRY MICHAELA MCGLOIRY DEWYN MCGLOTHIN ROSA MELERO DAVID MENDEZ FRANCES MENDEZ RICHARD MERCADO MARIA MEZEI LIVINA MILLS CAROL MINOGUE HERMAN MITCHELL ROBERT MITCHELL GARY MOORE BOBBY MORA ADOLPHUS MORGAN GLENNIE MORGAN TONI MOSES PAMELA MOTTON MARY MURPHY MIKE MURPHY ARTHUR MURRAY STEPHEN NEBEL BONNIE NELSON IENNIEER NELSON IBERNARD NESTAL 132 1. , X 91 -ef in in vip! ' 5 ., .r-" i Q I , ,,. E '45-.. 91' . 4' ily 4 Y FE .. 1 4 f xv i fr I I . X Vx ,fx 'ww I IW I QL II X' iw, I. I I '51 ' . I 'I If J ,H ,ay I 1 H .vw Y , I an 9' I V W if ' - '21 43 ' .V " m S.: "" 15,4 fx ff' .2 'g L, : 1 If BEA 3 lik? S' I Xitxy X 5 E . U I. ,ff I I, .. A 'I u ,N I w I "V I I '-.' :g3"f3f" I I v,,. X E 3 Q -ii' I I , ui :E I I 'R ' ' I ,A . V: 'Sin-.. . ':f- , - wif: 41' 5 R ', Nix STEN ODENWALD PATRICA O'KEITH PAMELA ONETO IESUS OROSCO LLOYD ORTIZ MARIO ORTIZ IRENE OTSUKA MICHAEL OWENS NATHANIEL OWENS ALEX PASILLAS GUADALUPE PATINO BOBBY PAUL RICHARD PAZ PATRICIA PEREZ DON PIERRE IULIOPIERSON THERESA PONCE ANTOINETT PORTER CHERI POTTER DOLORES POUNEY RUSSELL POUNCY EDWARD PRADIA IONATHAN PRICE JOHN PROTO RAYMOND RABELO CATHY RALPH ANTHONY RAMIREZ MARYLOU RAMIREZ MIGUEL RAMOS RAMONA RATTLER ALVIN REESE ES VIVIAN RHODES DEBRA RICHARDSON IEFFREY RICHARDSON ROSEMARY ROA RALPH ROBERTS PATRICIA ROBERTSON FRANCES RODRIGUEZ MARTHA RODRIGUEZ 133 MILTON RODRIGUEZ SERGIO RODRIGUEZ PAMELA ROHR SHARON ROLLING IOHN ROMAN MARIO SANCHEZ MARENDA SANFORD ANNETTE SEATON IOANNE SEITZ CLYDE SERDA MARLENE SHAW MARCELLA SITTER RICHARD SIU CANDICE SMITH CECILA SMITH GWENDOLUN SMITH LYNDOLYN SMITH JACK SOO HOO I MAN SOUZA vltkl SPEER PATTI SPENCE LINDA SPEMCER IAMES STANLEY KATHY STARKS GARY STEWART JOEL STEWART MICHAEL STEWART RANDALL STRATTON STEPHANIE TAPIA IERRY TAYLOR PHI LIP TEGG ROSALIND THOMAS ELLIS THOMPSON LESTER THOMPSON THERESA THOMPSON ANTHONY THORNTON IAMES TOBIN MARTIN TOBIN DAVID TOP ANTONIO TRUIILLO CONNIE TURII LLO EDNA TSO 134 F Y W fi ., is I- SL gg. A fi-aaqgga, 'Y In, K ', - .,, . , 1 Li: Q- K A 4 W I' ",, LH ',Af iz 47 X x I T' I viii af " In Q KX ' 4 fv- 1-J SJEHE ':' 2 I 'X' X ' Ezb V SI I IST 'P' ATAA A A-4 A SI , .. , Sk' F. 3 . -- ?vs,,? :rf gg Q, I W in 3, Q 'YZ fi 2 'ff' . I aa Yo mms sumo' ONLY 585' 4? -Egg Ak S I ,I Q ' I SAL YBARRA A VENDETTA YENTER I P W ,. .XBERTEENIA YOUNG A ' gif .H IAMES YOUNG " . K MURRAY YOUNG Y. Q MARGARET ZAPATA fx' 5" " 324-'f f U ,. X U IQ .. If 5' I II? 51 Y- -'ii 'af' IEANETTE TYSON MARK VAN WINKLE STEVEN VARGAS BARBARA VAUGHN HECTOR VERDUGO TOM VIERRA MARSHAL VIC-IL GREG WAGNER VIVIAN WALKER ANTOINETTE WALTHER DEBRA WALTON ENRIQUE WANZO RENEA WATERS LESTER WHITE ROSALIND WHITE MICHAEL WHITTEN LYMAN WILLADSEN BRENDA WILLIAMS DONALD WILLIAMS IOSEF WILLIAMS LE ROY WILLIAMS LAWRENCE WILLIAMS PAULWILLIAMS SANDRA WILLIAMS LEE WILLS BEVERLY WILSON CHERITA WINN EDWARD WONG NELLIE WONC NELSON WONG SUSAN WONG LENA YAMASHITA I35 2 "':f 'y . ft ji 'S' 2 JR X in sf' N Gig' F' ff' if' gf. 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BETTY ATTAWAY LYNDA ATWOOD MIKE AVEDIKIAN ANTOI NETTE BACA WILLARD BARKSDALE STEPHEN BELLE DOREEN BORGES STEPHEN BARBER MIKE BARIN PAT BATAD ALBERT BELL BARBARA BERRY ROBERT BIEVDOVE KATHY BORLIK CHARLES BOS Gloria, why don't you tell her to get off your back? KATHY BLAIR PHILLIPBOLAND DOUG BOYD GEORGE BREWER I mv' Seniors escape on October B, their day, to Little Hills Ranch. 'P EDWARD BURNS CORA BUTLER b w , , ' ' A8352 t"l L LORI CAPALUNGO DAVID CARDENAS TREMAINE BRIDGES DARREL BROADNAX IOANN CABRAL CELESTI NE CARTER RONNIE BRIDGETT VALENTINA BRISKER ERLEEN BRYANT PATRICK BUDD RANDY CAMPBELL VERA CAMPBELL RALPH CARTER IOHN CASTRO BILL CAUBLE SANDRA CAVARA BRENDA CEASAR CATHIE CERVANTES SUE CHAMBERS MICHAEL CHAN Everybody's got his own bag. KATHY CHANDLER KURT CHAPMAN RONETTE CHASE DONALD CHEATHAM EDWARD CHEVERES DONNA CHILDS WANDA CHIN SYLVIA CHRISTY VALERIA CIA DONALD CLEMENTIN Xi I STEVEN CLOUGH STEPHANIE COBB X I 1. 'U-H514 , is 32 "No, this isn't the Whites Student Union!" SANDRA COSTA CANDI COTTON REGINALD COLLIER BRENDA COLLINS DEBORAH COLLINS VERONICA COLLINS GLENN COMBS MARY CONDIE THERESA CONDIE EDDIE CONTRERAS ELIZABETH CORDOVA GREG COVER ROBERT COX MARILYN CRANE HA LEY CRUDUPT GARRETT DANIELS GWENDOLYN DAVIS MARY CU NNI NGHAM IOE CUSIMANO ROSHEI LA CYRUS DELTA DANIELS THOMAS DARBY SHELITA DASTE HAROLD DAVIS STEVE DAVIS DARYL DER IUROID DeVAULL DANIAL DIAS DEBBIE DICUS CAROL DILLON GORDON DISE VlVlAN DIXON RONALD DONG BARBARA DORSEY CHRISTALDRAINE BRUCE DRUMMOND ORINDA EDWARDS SHERYL DONALDSON CHRISTINE DOUCIHERTY NORMA DUFFIE . ..:O: E DINA ELISON DENNIS ELLIS B' Volleyball was played by the tamer seniors at the picnic. ...S-.Ji PATRICIA DUNCAN IOSEFINA ECHEVARRIA GARY ENYART LEWIS EVANS BRUCE FEATHERS DEBORAH FERREIRA STEVEN FERREIRA DENNIS FETTIG BEVERLY FITZPATRICK STEVE FLEMING GORDON FLETCHER CHARLES FLIEGER ROCHELLE FLORES RAY FLOYD KENNETH FOX IUDY FRAGA ANTOINETTE FRANCO 5 4' yr iw u v DonaId's swallowed up by wicked waters. LEROY FRANCIS LELAND FRANCOIS KAREN FREYE LOIS FULLMER IOSEPH FURTADO MARGARITA GARCIA CHERYL GARRISON MERYL GARRISON CAROLYN GAYNARD DONALD GEORGE CLIFFORD GILMORE LOUISE GIOVANNONI VICTORIA GIVENS ABE GOLDSBY ALBERT GOMEZ ALEX GONZALES MARIANITA GONZALEZ LEONARD GOODWIN ALYCE GORBU NOFF Football players are a bunch of drips. MICHAEL GRAYBEAL JAMES GREEN SECRATUSGREEN J" W Is it finger liCkin'good? WAYNE GREEN ESTELLA GRIFFIN SHEILA GROSS FABIAN GUTIERREZ CARLENE GUTLEBEN DONNA HACKENBERG WARREN HALLMAN RON HANSON GARY HARDEN RAYFORD HARVEY DEBORAH HAYNES, DONALD HEGMAN CLAUDE HENDRIX 'TN CLYDE HENDRIX DIANE HENDRIX GARY HERMANSON ELSA HERNANDEZ MARY HERRERA RAY HERRERA MELVIN HILL LIONEL HOLOMAN 'is IANET HCM LAWRENCE HOM ROBERT HOMER Another ideal senior. .5 Ie vs I ' ELIZABETH HOUBEN GREGORY HOUSTON VICTORIA HUDSON LUTHER HUGHES DAVID HUNT IACQUELINE HUNTER SCOTT HURSH ALBERT ISOLA 3555717 if 332, iw, fs: si 1- -i?lI:i5Ei.H':'H " ' V' 'ffkffz , r,12-9-,miai2z?,zi:'.5 - ,5 3, , VTTFLI, W . ., . ROBERT IACKSON Let thesunshinein. .. GLORIAIEFFERY ERICIOHNSON HARVEYIOHNSON JUDYIOHNSON BETTYIACKSON DIANEIACKSON FELTONIAMERSON IUDITHIAMES W mg, A W a.Ak N .. MW' ,xia- M A ,.,, .1 e32Asg4g?35LssgG1szg,Lgggm,15,sggSg, ase igiiss 553 ' 'fwnwg?mQ1ff1f'i B51 -- 'afgzewes -- wgxYwf:gsQf2f2x:2w - fzwzgfe 1s32z,4wm1oizWfS'f6' ' f yswfiwmxw- . ,,:,f - .. ,irw-gqgxkgy. AS, , A ,,. 3,Y E , .. :., f re' 1 1, .- , ,S:-ESL. ,sssx :j-:.' - 'i :-F5537 5? -' "'V 954' CHRISTOPHERIOHNSON DANNIEJOHNSON AARONIONES DENEALIONES IOYCEIONES ROBERTIONES SUEIONES X Ex it Pucker Power! RAMONA IORDAN DEBORAHIOYNER KEN IUNE MARK IURASIN NANCY KAHLER NICK KAKARIGI PETER KAPETANIC PATTIE KAPP IAMES KEES IANET KELLUM MIKE KILGANNON ALAN KILLIAN DEBORAH KING SHARMIN KNIGHT LINDA KNOX CYNTHIA KOMATSU RENEE LACY SHARON LAI fr 2 4 f ,.. 1 5 . DONNA LAMEBULL DENNIS LANGE GEORGE LARIS GARY LATIGUE FRANLAYTON wwf-2f:::wf:111w,: -.f,-f -wwf --f' wwf,1,,:f,,-iw. ,ww-If:-ff-11, W 'E fzfsufziwvflfv M-1-'f -f.'ff:?1-Yifiisii :,s,-vwff-fy-w"f1ifSi:s11:W.1f,: sw1:e7s3g2miui" 51f2:gf1:szse11gs'ss f- ,gg ,,:'-sufv .211 : g,-7g if ' I I I11'l5I-If? ,I-:fx ,.,. W3 H -- - . I Ii .1V.L' ' Z., ,..,, K K IUDY LEARNED KARENA LEE MICHAEL LENT ,X V? W, sg IIIILIIES IRENE LEONG RONALD LEONG LEA LICONA Romeo and Iuliet entice Senior Mothers. WANDA LINZY CHARLES LIPKOWITZ MADELYN LIRA WILBERT LOOK ANITA LORENZANA IULIE LUM MILDRED LUM RON LYNCH VIRGINIA MACIAS DON MACKIE I , IEMMIA MACKIE ANNAMARIE MAES IACK MAINES ,N 'M + , V X 22 I I . , : 5 I . . 2 W Ii- I I I7: L I I-aim A- ?:Qk5115r,ifg k, K b ,, ,,.,,. ' 'L' 1 I . ,L,,:fQL I I, f .gf I p LNJI Fremont's answer to the Playboy Club. GREG MARES RICHARD MARKS LOUISE MARTIN IUANITA MARTINEZ MARY MARTINEZ MALENE MATAGI LINDA MATHIS RENEE MATSUI DONALD MATTHEWS DIANE MAYNARD DONALD MAYNARD VERONICA MAYWEATHER LEONARD MC ALISTER X lUDY'MC ALLISTER STEVEN MC COWEN DEBORAH MC COY GEOFFREY MC CRAY LENARD MC CEE PAUL MC KERY "Rrrrrrrrrrip" ,... Caption by Tim Poston. 4 H, . MARYANN MC KOY VVANDA MC LAUGHLIN SARA MC MULLEN T T "K , Hai Karate. .becarefulhowyou useit. SHEDRICK MCQUEEN MICHEALMCQUOWN LILA MC TAVERNIER DANIEL MELERO IOANNMENDEZ GRACIELA MENDEZ VERONICAMEZEI LINDA MENDEZ CHRISTOPHER MILES TERRYSUEMINAMOTO KATHLEEN MINOGUE MABLE MITCHELL MICHAEL MONROE 2 ATHLEEN MONTGOMERY EVELYN MONTOYA BRENETTA MOORE ESTHER MORENA LUCY MORENO PHYLLISMORGAN RUTH MORRIS NELDA MORRISON VERONICA MORRISON , K CHRISTINE MOORE IEFEREY MOORE I BERNADETTE MORIL ANDREW MORRIS ff i 3' 43, Q5-ff? 1-Jw!! - f- be up RUTHMORTE CINDY MOSELEY RANDY MOSER "Vivian, you're looking the wrong way." FRED MURDOCK ANTHONY MURPHY AUDIE MURPHY PAM MURPHY SUSIE MURPHY IOYCE MUSKOPF BEATRICE NANTEZA MARILYN NAPPO BRENDA NELSON DEBBIE NELSON I MICHELLE NELSON RUDY NEVEL IOHN NEWTON Next time you bring the liquor. MARK NIDEROST KATHRYN NILES PEGGY NOBLE V WANDA NORGAARD MELINA O'BRIEN GARY OKADA KENNETH O'KElTH THEO OLISON NORMAN OLSEN KENNETH O'NEAL KATHY PALMISANO IACQUELYN PARK 313xggggwgggfeszsigggssns 9 ' ' -A 1f.f5,gzgszgggL55ga. ' ' '1,Lf2.s11ggggy3B?i51 M,,1f-swf:f1fmw 'ff -mwwgf m,v,,m-gm ,lsnmiw f-www: sgfilfeifsswiimffaf' '1,-Wxweiifsff Af1m?zf1g5m1fstM .-imimgg g5ggjke2HQg2z:4f1bsx.f , . , K , ,.g,fQs,aigrSg,q: k3t1l5J1'?F:7f5ffiEf .1 " X' I , "fifl?f7fa5TlG ,-'wsew In , :,. 1 l5fV1.i7'fv3jL3 f j H "E u jg 7127255354-A w::f:1,wzL4ei? i m- ' A ,:,gk,gms:gin '. - T , 5 ' 1 ',E'11l1.:QfL-1 giqlliiijqjkgg-,gil 'f , si -A TWT: "V, 'z , jT:C"'f1 5sxff?w,:g:fzk? L- fi- fi - I-1.15: i1 :f5'IigTf2'.lfE:fi3f ' V T , in ff,1f,,'1kfg-gf:-gs.f,f "nf: " WW ' :ffl-1!f'7ffEJf1.',f-Y "Ra" f f sf lx ,Q , . 5 A it 1. ' ge? if Z- 9' 23-1 ,sr , :az i ,ig saw, -5 21 , if' -Q? ami 1 -V ROSE PEARSON DANNY PEREZ MARIA OQUENDO TOM ORTIZ ANTHONY OWENS LARRY PAUL ERNEST PEREZ We demand more rice. CURT PERREIRA SUZANNE PERRY ANTHONY PINKNEY Put that present back, Renee.. KATHY PITTMAN MELBA POLK CLARISSA PON tffii? QA V . X A- f V 'Ha , ' W Q f DIANA PONG TIMOTHY POSTON CHARMAINE POTTER SHERI PRATT CURTIS PRICE YOLANDA PRIOR GARY RAINES ANNABELLA RAMOS KENNETH RATLIFF WILLIE MAE RAY MAE REDD MICHAEL REID CANDACE RICHARDSON EDWARD RICHARDSON Ideal seniors. . .cutest couple. KATHERINE REMBRANDT RICHARD RIVERA ZANNE ROBERTS IEANETTE ROGERS ROSARIO REVELES LINDA ROBELLO HAROLD ROBINSON CATALI NA RODRIGUEZ EARL RICE VAUGHN ROBERTS SHIRLEY ROBINSON ,gm , sew, V - ., CHARLOTTE RODRIGUEZ -. f PATRICIA ROGERS IOE ROMERO DAVID ROSS RAUL SABALLOS DAVID SALAZAR LUPE SALDANA BEATRIZSALINAS SANDRA SANCHEZ W --' ,. W -wr W vw ww- 'I' W- M v MIGUEL SANCHEZ ALFRED SANDERS CARMEN SCATES ALICE SCOTT RICHARD SCOTT DEBBIE SCROCGINS lames's first impression of Fremont. SHARYL SELLEAZE , . 'Qs I i gy .T K DAVID SERRADELL IAMETSHARPE LARRY SHEFF UENELOPE SHERMAN MARK SHINTANI PEGGY SICAFOOSE j :Q I LENDEL SIMMONS MARTIN SIMPSON IOHNSKOTVOLD 3 I A J Visitingforeign exchange students are allsmiles. MAXINE SMALL ANDREA 5MlTH CELESTINE SMITH GEORGE SMITH GLORIA SMITH GREGORY SMITH LAURA SMITH EDWARD SOO HOO f E T ef V IULIA SOUZA SHELDON SPEARS LAURA SPERRY FRANK SPINARDI TIM SPRAGUE If Y g 'si NANCY SPROTTE DAVID STALLING IO ANN STAPLETON GENEVA STEPTOE ADRIAN STEWART DEBBIE STRINCER FRED STRUCK REGINALD STUCKEY The liveliest senior section atTthe liveliost rally RUTH SUTTER CAROLYN SWANSON ANGELI NA SYMON TANYA TABER DEBRA TALBOT CASSANDRA TARVER BILL TAYLOR FRED TELEHALA HETTY THIEME Isrftonelunch enough? JEROME THOMAS IOE THOMAS RON TIER NEY VIVIAN TILLMAN CWEN TIMMS I LINDA TORNAI PATRICIA TRAINOR CAROL TRAVERSE GARYTRIEBWASSER NOREENTRUITT ANGIE TRUIILLO PATRICIA TRUNICK LINDA TYSON 2 .l,,,L1, ildl . ' R4 gg ? Q " fi I , TK Q! L WI 534. Q we ,w Q! xygwgf wg , 5,55 W ,I ,en ' gf W Wie? M PM 'I " s 952 Q 5 K i A i is - - K gifs P I , LT! , mf N I-ix 78252 M5211 L I xw i W IM 2 .ga W f 4 H MARK UPSI-'AW IERRY VALDEZ DON VANDYGRIEF Introducing Fremont's Queen for a Day, ,. -v--f' uw THOMAS VASQUEZ TONI VILLEGAS IACQUELINE WALKER REGINALD WALKER FREDERICK WALTER I , , SHERYL WALTON DAVIDWANAMAKER AGNES WARREN JESSE WASHINGTON KATIE WATERS jg'-QA. LAWRENCE WEST ALONZO WHITE BERTRAND WHITE NANCY WHITE RODNEYWHITEN NINAWILKES DIANE WILLIAMS GLORIA WILLIAMS IOWILLIAMS GORDON WILLIAMSON I I K CAROLYN WILSON RANDY WILSON GERALDINE WINSTON Ii A 1 . IIII i Seniors sought refuge in the Spring outdoors. IAMES WONG LAWRENCE WONG PEARLY WONG I75 SUEWONG IUDITH WOODS ELAINE WOOTEN DONNA WRIGHT ARLENE YAMASHITA ROSE YBARRA CAROLYN YOUNG TRUDY YOUNG OT PICTURED KENNETH ALLEN MICHEAL ANDREWS IOSE AZEVEDE WANDA BROWN ANTONIO CHAVIRA JOHN CHAVIRA MARIANNE CHIAVERINI STEPHEN CLARKE GLENN DAVISON PAT DELCENIO IOSE DUENAS EUGENE FELDSTEIN BENITA FISHER RAMON GONZOLAS EDWARD HAMILTON EURA HARPER KAREN HEDEEN KEITH HOLLIS WILLIAM HOUSTON IAMESKILE MIKE KRENGLOSKIE RICHARD LEAVITT STEVEN LEE EDWARD LOCKHART WALTER MANN MIKE MARTINEZ THOMAS NARO WILLIS NEAL RONALD REED RONALD REID IOHN RENTERIA IOE ROMERO RAMONA ROWAN BILL RUTHEREORD IOHN SANDOVAL DELORES SELLERS DANIALSENIFF DAVID STALLCUP ANTHONY STANLEY BARBARA STEWERT BYRON STROMAN PAUL TAYLOR FRED TULLOH RUSSWARNE SOPHIE ZUVICH W T f E x MOST FRIENDLIEST-Diana Pong, Deneal jones, Tim Poston, and Chuck Flieger MIKE BARIN--A.F.S. BOB BIEDOVE--R.O.T.C. PHILLIP BOLAND--A.F.S., Varsity Football Team, Swim Team, Golf Team. GEORGE F. BREWER--R.O.T.C., Choir. RONNlE BRIDGETT--B.S.U. CORA BUTLER--Choir, Torch and Key, Flame Soph. Editor. VERA CAMPBELL--Am Yell Leader, B.s.u., FBLA, GAA, Flame Queen Attendant, Choir. CELESTINE CARTER--Delegate Assembly. MOST EXPRESSIVE EYES-Eric johnson, Tremaine Bridges, and Dave Serradel. -X SENIOR DAVID ACKERMAN--Varsity Crew. ,AMES ADAMS--Varsity Crew. IESSE ALARCON--Sr. Class Council, Delegate Assembly, A.F.S., Block F, Varsity Football. AUDREY ARNETT--Drama Club, DECA Club, Pep Club, Ad- vanced Sports, Choral. BETTY ATHAYDE--Soph. Class Vice-President, lr. Class Rep- resentative, lr. Class President, Delegate Assembly, A.F.S., F.T.O.A., Swim team. BETTIE ATTAWAY--Class Council, Pep Club. MIKE AVEDIKIAN--Sr. Class Council, Human Relations Committee STEPHEN BARBER--Delegate Assembly, Science Club, Fenc- ing Club, Chemistry Club. MOST INTELLEGENT-Michael Chan, Terrysue Minamoto, Nancy White, and Gordon Fletcher. RALPH CARTER--A.F.S., Football Mgr. SANDRA CAVARA--Sr. Class Council, Torch and Key, Adv. Swim. PHILLIP K. CHAPMAN--A.F.S., Block F, l.V. Football, Varsity Football. DONALD CHEATHAM--jr. Class President, Sr. Class Rep- resentative, Delegate Assembly, Comm. of Assemblies, Sports Editor of Flame, Best Dressed Senior. WANDA CHIN--FBLA, DECA, T0rCl1 and Key, A.F.S., G.A.A. REGINALD COLLIER--Rally Committee, Track, Choir. BRENDA COLLINS--Soph. Class Representative, lr. Class Representative, Comm. of Social Affairs, Pep Club, A.F.S. GLENN COMBS--Block F, Varsity Wrestling. RECORDS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED-SCOtt Hursh, Cindy Moseley, Ken Ratliff, and Veronica Mayweather. THOMAS DARBY--Delegate Assemblyg R.O.T.C. SHELITA DASTE--Delegate Assemblyg Pep Clubp Dance ll. STEVEN DAVIS--A.F.S.g Rally Committee. DARYL DER--CSFg Torch and Keyg Math Club. IUROID DeVaull--Delegate Assemblyg Green and Gold Staffg BSUQ ROTC. DANIEL DIAS--Baseball Mgr.g Varsity Baseballp Basketball Mgr. DEBBIE DICUS--Torch and Keyp Dance ll. CAROL DILLON--A.F.S.g Delegate Assemblyg G.A.A. SHARMI N KNIGHT--D.E.C.A. BEST DANCERS-Ken O'Neal, Katie Waters, Carolyn Wilson, and Don Matthews. MARY CONDIE--Tennis Teamg Swim Team. CANDI COTTON--Soph. Class Secretaryp Swim Team. GREG COVER--Delegate Assemblyg A.F.S. SANDRA COSTA--A.F.S.g Torch and Key. MARILYN CRANE--A.F.S.g Gymnastics Team. HALEY CRUDUPT--Rally Committeeg Varsity Trackg Varsity Basketball. ROSHEILA CYRUS--Sr. Class Representativeg Delegate As- semblyg A.F.S.g Pep Clubg B.S.U.g GAA. DELTA DANIELS--Soph. Class Councilg lr. Class Representa- tiveg Torch and Keyg Pep Clubg B.S.U. stti t A MOST ATHLETIC-Bruce Drummond, Vera Campbell, Cliff Gilmore and Rosario Reveles, SHERYL DONALDSON--Comm. of Public Relationsg Gym- nastics. RONALD DONG--CSEQ Chess Clubg Math Club. BARBARA DORSEY--C..A.A. CHRIS DOUGHERTY--Delegate Assemblyg Sr. Class Councilg HR STAL DRAINE Student Body Secretaryg CSFQ Torch and Key. BRUCE DRUMMOND--A.E.S.g Block FQ Varsity Footballg Var- sity Crewg Varsity Track. NORMA DUFFIE--Delegate Assembly. GORDON FLETCHER--CSFg Block F5 Crewg Footballg Chess Clubg Math Clubg Human Relations. Torch I I I i Di nce ll. 'ra CUTEST COUPLE-Ray Herrera and Rochelle Flores. Darrell Broad- nax and Debra McCoy. IOESPH FURTADO--Basketball Mgr. LOIS FULLMER--Art Editor for Flame, Fine Arts Club, Art Editor of Green and Gold. MARGARITA GARCIA--Torch and Key, Sr. Class Council. CAROLYN GAYNARD--A.F.S., Green and Gold Staff. DONALD GEORGE--Delegate Assembly, Pep Club, Rally Committee, Soph. Class President. VICKIE GIVENS--Ass't Yell Leader, Head Yell Leader, Dele- gate Assembly, Torch and Key, Choir. MICHAEL GRAYBEAL--A.S.U.O. IAMES GREEN--A.F.S., Rally Committee, Photography. BEST LOOKING-Brenda Nelson, Greg Houston, Pat Rodgers, Steve Fleming. CHUCK FLIEGER--Block F, Rally Committee, Track, Sr. Class Council. ROCHELLE FLORES--Soph. Class Representative, lr. Class Secretary, Human Relations, Ass't Yell Leader, Flame Queen. RAY E. FLOYD--Student Body President, Rally Committee, Sr. Class President. KENNETH FOX--A.F.S. IUDY FRAGA--Torch and Key, A.F.S., F.T.O.A. LEROY FRANCIS--A.F.S., FTOA, Rally Committee, Human Relations, Football, Baseball. ANTOINETTE FRANCO--A.F.S., Crew Team, Sr. Class Council. KAREN FREYE--Delegate Assembly, Torch and Key, CSF, Flame Staff, Modern Dance. i i l l f 5 Q , Q MOST EXPRESSIVE PROFILE-Bruce Feathers, lanice Wooten, Beatrice Nanteza. WAYNE L. GREEN--Rally Committee, Track, Gymnastics. FABIAN GUTIERREZ--Rally Committee, Football. WARREN HALLMAN--Block F, TraCk. GARY HARDEN--Delegate Assembly, Block F, Football, Wrestling. DONALD HEGMAN--A.F.S. ELSA HERNANDEZ--lr. Class Representatives, Sr. Class Vice- President, Torch and Key. MELVIN HILL--Delegate Assembly, Rally Committee. LAWRENCE HOM--A.S.A., Baseball Mgr. ROBERT HOMER--Green and Gold. GREG HOUSTON--Pep Club, Rally Committee, BSU. VICTORIA HUDSON--Orchestra. IACKIE HUNTER--E.B.L.A., Drill Team. SCOTT HURSH--Sr. Class council, Math Club, Chess Club, Track, German Club. IUDITH JAMES--Delegate Assembly, Torch and Key, F.T.O.A. CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON--Fencing Club, Chess Club, ROTC. DANNIE IOHNSON--Track, Basketball. Mi MOST BASHFUL-Carolyn Swanson, Karena Lee, Mark Shintani, and Dannielohnson. LINDA KNOX--Delegate Assembly, Pep Club. RENEE LACY--Soph. Representative, Soph., lr., Sr. Class Councils, A.F.S., International Relations, C.S.F., G.A.A. KARENA LEE--C.S.F., Torch 84 Key, Math Club, G.A.A., Green 84 Gold Staff. MICHAEL LENT--R.O.T.C. IRENE SUE LEONG--Sr. Representative, Torch 84 Key, A.S.A., Pep Club, Human Relations, G.A.A., Green 81 Gold Staff. LEA LICONA--C.S.U. CHARLES LIPKOWITZ--Block F, l.V. 84 Varsity Baseball, Choir. MADELYN LIRA--Pep Club, G.A.A., Ass't Yell Leader. BIGGEST FLIRTS-Chris Dougherty, Ronnie Bridgett, Carolyn Young, and jesse Alarcon. IUDY JOHNSON--Delegate Assembly, B.S.U., Choir, Gym- nastics, Drama. AARON JONES--A.F.S., Rally Committee. DENEAL IONES--Green and Gold Editor, Torch and Key, F.T.O.A., Pep Club, Sr. Class Representative. MARK IURASI N--Baseball Team. NANCY KAHLER--Torch and Key. NICK KAKARIGI--Delegate Assembly, A.F.S., Chess Club, Swim Team. SHARMIN KNIGHT--D.E.C.A. MOST TALKATIVE-Sheldon Spears, Angie Trujillo, Geoggrey McCray and Vickie Givens. WILBERT LOOK--C.S.F.j Math Clubg l.V. and Varsity Football. IULIE LUM--Torch 84 Keyg Circulation Editor of Green 81 Gold. MILDRED LUM--Sr. Class Councilg Sr. Representativeg Sr. Editor of Flameg Delegate Assemblyg Modern Danceg Green 8: Gold Staffg Pep Club. RON LYNCH--Block Fp Rally Committeeg A.F.S.g Varsity Track 81 Football. VIRGINIA MACIAS--C.S.U. DON MACKIE--Delegate Assemblyg Sr. Class Councilg B.S.U,g l.V. Track 84 Basketballg Drama. IEMMIA MACKIE--Soph., jr., 84 Sr. Class Councilsg Pep Clubg B.S.U. WALTER MANN--Science Clubg German Clubp Math Clubg Swim Team. MOST POISE-loyce lones, Sara McMullin, and Claude Hendrix. Not pictured Donald George. BRADFORD MCMULLIN--Fencing Clubp Math Clubg Chess Clubg A.F.S. LILA MC TAVERNIER--Modern Dance. GRACIELA MENDEZ--Torch 8tKeyg Sr. Class Council. IOANN MENDES--Delegate Assemblyg Sr. Class Councilg D.E.C.A.g Torch 81 Keyg Adv. Swim. LINDA MENDEZ--Soph. Representativeg Commissioner of Educationg Delegate Assemblyp C,S.U.g G.A.A. rERRYsuE MINAMOTO--Flame editorg c,s.r.g G.A.A.g Math Clubg Green and Gold Staffg Student Cabinetg Orchestrag Bandg Torch 84 Key. EVELYN MONTOYA--C.S.U, LUCY MORENO--Sr. Class Council. PHYLLIS MORGAN--G.A.A. BEST LINE-Alex Gonzales, Sheryl Selleaze, and Darrell Barnes LINDA MATHIS--F.B.L.A,g A.F.S.g Green 84Cold Staff. RENEE MATSUI--Soph. Representativeg Commissioner of Publicityg lr. Representativeg Delegate Assemblyg Modern Dancep Pep Clubg A.F.S.g Torch 8iKeyg A.S.A.g Ass't Yell Leaderg Green 84 Gold Staffg Ir. Editor of Flameg Art Work- shop. DIANE MAYNARD--Sr. Class Councilg Sr. Representativeg Torch 84 Keyg F.T.O.A.g G.A.A. LEONARD MC ALISTER--Varsity Basketball. DEBORAH MCCOY--Head Song Girlg Ass't Song Girlg Sr. Rep- resentativeg B.S.U.g Delegate Assemblyg lr. Class Councilg Drama. MARYANN MCKOY--B.S.U.g German Clubg Keyes Trophy Committeeg Green 81 Gold Staffg Gospel Choir. WANDA MCLAUGHLIN--Dance ll Workshopg B.S.U.g Pep Clubg G.A.A.g Swim Club. SARA MCMULLEN--Dramag Sr. Class Councilg Torch 81 Keyg Modern Dance. BEST DRESSED-Leonard McGee, Donald Cheatham, Donna Wright and Vivian Tillman. RUTH MORRIS--German Club, A.F.S.p Torch 84 Keyp BSU., Orchestra. NELDA MORRISON--lr. Representative, Soph.,lr., Sr. Class Councils, A.F.S., International Relations, G.A.A. CINDY MOSELEY--Delegate Assembly, Sr. Representative, C.S.F., Math Club, Torch 81 Key, A.F.S., Computer Club, G.A.A., lr. Editor of Flame. ANTHONY MURPHY--Rally Committee, Drama, PAMELA MURPHY--C.S.F., A.F.S.g Torch 8fKeyg Pep Club. JOYCE MUSKOPF--F.T.O.A.g Torch 84 Key, Adv. Swimg Gym- nastics, G.A.A. BEATRICE NANTEZA--Torch 84 Key, A.F.S.g B.S.Ll., G.A.A. MARILYN NAPPO--A.F.S., Girl's Swim Team. . All CLASS CUT-UPS-Melba Polk, Don Mackie, Trish DUNCAN. SHERI PRATT--A.F.S., C.S.F., Green 81 Gold. CURTIS PRICE--Block F, A.F.S.g Varsity Crew. YOLANDA PRIOR--Gospel Choir, D.E.C.A. ANNABELLA RAMOS--A.F.S., A.S.A. KEN RATLIFF--lr. President, lr. Vice President, Student Body President, Delegate Assembly, Student Cabinet, Human Relations, Varsity Wrestling 81 Track, All Class Councils. ROSARIO REVELES--Soph. 84 lr, Representative, CSU., Delegate Assembly, Torch 81 Key. CANDACE RICHARDSON--Delegate Assemblyg Sr. Class Council, A.F.S. VAUGHN ROBERTS--Pep Club, B.S.U.g Dance Committee, Varsity Football 84 Baseball. MOST EXPRESSIVE NOSE-Kathy Rembrandt, Charles Lipkowltz Karen Freye, Dave Ackerman. MARK NIDEROST--Rally Committee, Block F, A.F.S., Varsity Crew, Green 84 Gold Staff. THEO OLISON--Saber Club, A.F.S., R.O.T.C. NORMAN OLSEN--A.F.S., Rally Committee, Varsity Football 81 Crew. ANTHONY OWENS--Varsity Basketball 84 Track. MELBA POLK--D.E.C.A.g B.S.U., Pep Club, F.B.L.A. CLARISSA PON--Torch 84 Key. DIANA PONG--Soph., jr., 84 Sr. Class Councils, Ass't Yell Leader, Pep Club, Torch 8g Key, Delegate Assembly, Green 81 Gold Staff, Modern Dance, Dance Workshop, Art Work- shop, Sr. Editor of Flame, A.S.A. Human Relations. TIMOTHY POSTON--Delegate Assembly, B.S.U.g Block F, Rally Committee, Gospel Choir, Varsity Track. MOST EXPRESSIVE SMILE-Gary Harden, Tom Vasquez, Wanda McLaughlin, Shelita Daste. BEST PERSONALITY-Sheryl Walton, Norman Olson, Betty Athayde. IOHN SKOTVOLD--A.F.S., Block F, Rally Committee, l.V. Football, Tennis. MAXINE SMALL--Pep Club, B.S.U., G.A.A. ANDREA SMITH--Delegate Assembly, B.S.U. CELESTINE SMlTH--B.S.U., Delegate Assembly. TOD SOUZA--Delegate Assembly, Varsity Tennis Sf Swim. GENEVA STEPTOE--Green 81 Gold Staff, Torch 8tKey, Math Club, C.S.F., Page Editor of Green 81 Gold. FRED STRUCK--German Club. RUTH SUTTER--Delegate Assembly, G.A.A. BEST BUILD AND FIGURE-Audie Murphy Christina Moore, Sandy Costa, Robert jones. ZANNE ROBERTS--Orchestra. SHIRLEY ROBINSON--Pep Club, Drama. RUDY RUTGER--Rally Committee, A.F.S., Varsity Crew. RAUL SABALLOS--Varsity Wrestling. BEATRIZ SALINAS--Spanish Club, C.S.U., Torch 84 Key, Del- egate Assembly. PENELOPE SHERMAN--Foreign Correspondence, Fine Arts Club, A.F.S., Torch 81 Key, Orchestra, Copy Editor of Flame. MARK SHINTANI--A.F.S,, Rally Committee, A.S.A., R.O.T.C., Green 81 Gold Staff. LENDEL SIMMONS--Delegate Assembly, Drama, Modern Dance. BEST HAIR-Greg Cover, Irene Leong, Haley Crudupt, jackie Walker. CAROLYN SWANSON--Delegate Assembly, Sr. Representa- tive, G.A.A. PAUL TAYLOR--Term Play. HETTY THIEME--Soph. Editor of Flame, Modern Dance. JOE THOMAS--Block F, Varsity Baseball, Wrestling, 84 Foot- ball. VIVIAN TILLMAN--lr. Class Council, Delegate Assembly, Girls Commissioner, Human Relations, G.A.A. GWEN TIMMS--Delegate Assembly. GARY TRIEBWASSER--A.F.S., Block F., Varsity Swim, Adv. Band, R.O.T.C. Band, Green 81 Gold Staff. ANGIE TRUIILLO--C.S.U., Gymnastics, Modern Dance. ' Bank of America Award. N EE 8 9 n ..- KIA -- Cl'l81K9'G.A. DONALD VANDYGRIFF--D.E.C.A. THOMAS VASQUEZ--Delegate Assembly, A.F.S., Spanish Club, Rally Committee, Block F, C.S.U., Human Relations, Varsity Crew, Football, 81 Soccer. TONI VILLEGAS--Torch 84 Key, German Club, Soph., lr., 81 Sr. Class Councils. SHERYL WALTON--Ass't Yell Leader, Sr. Class Council, B.S.U., Pep Club. DAVID WANAMAKER--Head Photographer of Flame and Green Sr Gold. KATIE WATERS--Head Song Girl, Ass't Yell Leader, Ass't Song Girl, Modern Dance, Dance Workshop, Pep Club, F.B.L.A., G.A.A. LAWRENCE wssr--varsity Football. MOST WET-Deneal jones, Carolyn Wilson, jackie Walker, loAnn Mendez. PEARLY WONG--F.T.O.A., Green 84Gold Staff. SUE WONG--Torch 84 Key. DONNA WRIGHT--Pep Club, B.S.U., G.A.A., Sr. Class Coun- cil, Modern Dance. ARLENE YAMASHITA--Sr. Secretary, F.B.L.A., lr. Class Coun- cil, G.A.A. CAROLYN YOUNG--Delegate Assembly, Green 81 Gold Staff. SOPHIE ZUVICH--F.B.L,A., Torch 8rKey, A.F.S. MOST LAZY-David Wanamaker, LeRoy Francis, and Aaron jones ALONZO WHITE--Block F, Varsity Baseball. NANCY WHITE--Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Gymnastics Team, Managing Editor of Flame. RODNEY WHITEN--Student Body Vice President, Delegate Assembly, Cheveron Club, R.O.T.C., Rally Committee, ONGLOW WILLIAMSON--Rally Committee, A.F.S. CAROLYN WILSON--Ass't Song Girl, Gospel Choir, Madri- gals, G.A.A. RANDALL WlLSON--Pep Club, Rally Committee, Camera Club. JAMES WONG--Green 84 Gold Editor, Delegate Assembly, A.F.S., Math Club, C.S.F. LAWRENCE WONG--Delegate Assembly, A.S.A., Football Statistician. :I Q 5 2 BEST NATU RA L-lu dy lames. lf?-. XY Renee Matsui loyce Muskopf james Wong Nancy White Madelyn Lira f s , Q A swfasafxmfzwsfi sf 'M i 5 Q aa Y 3 -Fl? Sn-W J if ,ki , Terri Minamoto Tom Darby Cindy Moseley out of the unkown we come as babies but we grow up too soon. don mackie Chuck Flieer Marilyn Nappo Ioni Villegas Rose Ybarra Linda Mathis Margarita Garcia Angie Trujillo Theresa and Mary Condie Don and Diane Maynard julie Lum If M av .2 A 5 J ' Es it I ,x tr, I - 5 kiwi, t Audrey Arnett we come out ofcribs searchingfor manhood that we cannot find. 4,,don mackie i Q fi. wa Betty jackson Antoinette Franco Karen Freye Ilister and Sara McMullin Elaine Wooten Gary Okada W L If wg-QW kyI'f, xx, CARLENE GUTLEBEN I GENEVA STEPTOE STEVEN BELL PAUL MCKERY GLORIA IEFFREY T88 KATHY MINOGUE MAE REDD SANDRA CAVARA MARK SHINTANI SHT' THEO OLISON LENDELL SIMMONS J' KATHY REMBRANDT STEVE BARBER I A YP I EVLL 'Q RAY FLOYD HINKIE .....fL..,... I f l? " .:, 3 . Tea. -rm L, ' V -aw - .-Y .':Q:v!ff 5 7-is Fffi . L4" I .LL- ,S DONNA WRIGHT LYNDA ATWOOD ROSHEILA CYRUS CHRIS TIERNEY BETTY ATHAYDE MOLDY IANET HOM SHELITA DASTE I.,-pk I MATTY RENEE LACY VX? 5W'H-I-b'3H9H0L VA- lioiwfffm 'MQ' QVVW6 I 'Vex C ,JNAQA Q ,Of-'QS if vig Q6 ' ,E NE: gg 5 5 f Q. 1-f Jyogrxfbg 66:56 9 4' 5 gg J 651, NX," R' W aww gpg rg, lm 9 1 Q' -'O X Xfj Vw fi 0 YN' if 33 gb NN Us N af L 0 5 5 Q? N M om - . ' U J 5 'Q' Q9, K ' " 5' 1 S v 43 ' 1 , . F , hu m Q RUB! Rf NTiCf'HZ5fgfiLbf' 1 lawvfhcf Jaw 1 'xg A'-P W I 6'-l'0Vg gm c.l.::,', 6 2 f if "' Wim f""'f-L11 Jam Ham 0' KNPKYWX CNRS J., jg .HND ng 9Q!,QQyT Rmhqrcj NX Q N 0 fi Q9 ' f 19 gy Aww 1 f New C5652 Q Viqf' ax X X M wARcus O, 1 oe- B Qlqlx an Q w ig L- - , 'D ' ay X0 wi - gl L QMQEN5 xox fm v M Y 9+ Qx gb , D M' 9' Q N 'I Q Qofx S90 M Sh' ' Q .T Xggwfiff .. DEDICATICJ M Nw fmmwww-, -.H , WM . . ..- ,,,,, A .. r ,tt,1.M.i,,..Y, .H MR. DONALD HOLMSTEDT To me, Mr. Holmstedt represents what his name implies. The dwelling places of the early settlers were called "homesteads." By working hard and culti- vating these farms properly the pioneers were re- warded with an abundant harvest. Our Mr. Holm- stedt expects us to work diligently, and he will help to cultivate our minds. In time we will be rewarded with knowledge that will influence our future. The homesteads of the past were the start- ing grounds for many successful men. The class room is our starting point, and Mr. Holmstedt will help to determine our destiny. -loanne Seitz 11th grade T90 "Some young people judging the values of their elders to be irrelevant, prefer to wander in a rock- beat wilderness where no values thrive, others, unable to bear the 'suffering' of campus life, dilute course content and identify wrecking with learning. While these and many other doubts beset us, there still exists an altruistic minority who are willing to devote their personal time and money so that others may learn a little more. Among this 'minority' is one well known in- structor-Mr. Holmstedt. Mr. Holmstedt, the head of our math department, has spent numerous hours of his spare time tutoring mathematics, satisfying student lust for advanced math in addition to those already offered, and taking students to contests such as those given at the University of Santa Clara and St. Mary's College. In return, the only thing he receives is the satisfaction of seeing th at his teaching has not been wasted, but being invested in the future of America." -Michael Chan 'l2th grade Mr. Holmstedt, You command all respect commencing a flowing brook of knowledge. Within us all an ocean lies, but needs awakening. lt will take time to span wisdom, yet breaking through barriers is a first step. Thank you for guiding us over the rapids. -Karen Freye 12th grade "Mr. Holmstedt is the teacher's teacher. He is very enthusiastic in instructing his stu- dents and passes on his own enthusiasm to others." -Geneva Steptoe, 5, 12th grade f Q if ,,-K "Mr. Holmstedt is not just a great teacher, but he is also a terrific individual. He's got a marvelous sense of humor and is really a very intellectual conversationalist. He's also a nice guy Cand I think he'scute!l." -Marcella Sitter, 11th Grade l "Mr. Holmstedt has that special some- thing that makes him what he is today- a great teacher admired by all. His stimulating teaching, his sympa- thetic concern for the students, his great sense of humor, and just the warmth of his personality, have all added up to make him one of the outstanding contributions to Fremont. Mr. Holmstedt-a 'gem' in the true sense of the word." -Anonymous, 12th grade "Mr, Holmstedt has the ability to make people enjoy the painful process of learning." -Daryl Der, 12th grade 191 RODDEN INSURANCE 3612 Patterson Avenue 532-2345 --jan Phillips, Kathy Palmisano, jim Green-- l. 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Disher, Kurt C. jess Tegg, Ken Fox, Nelda M., john S., Vickie M., Chris CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OE '70 FOX'SfX,1ARKET HOYHIQSWH Horizon Club 2833 MacArthur Blvd. Pres.-Betty Athayde 536-7435 Vice Pres.-Dale Monson --Sheryl Donaldson,- Sec.-Treas.-Nancy White MC,CALL DRUG CO. 526 Foothill Blvd 532-8283, 533-1223 Karen Freye janet Hom DISHER'S TRRIIPP HOUSE HPERIODI D. Lambert, Mary Ellen Roa, Me jones, Tokky, j.Beye- lia, O. Belmares C. Hogg Mr. Marcus lThe Ladies Manj Bonner, Chris T. Vanessa G., Big B.C. Carter Carl Heaney, R,j. Web, Robin Capurro, Mike Fox. COCHRAN Sr CELLI 12th Sc Harrison 444-0055 --Leong, Cheatham, Okada, Lum-- KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 5700 Foothill Blvd. 261-0350 DISHER SPUSHERS PERIOD4 Diana M E Benevidez NR 81 GD Tom L Ortiz A Benavidez Ronald WK Barbara H Grub Worm Bernice T Dorothy P Kat Owens P Stubbs Mike H RebB E Caldwell L Daniels K Wilson Hillbill T Mayo R Lent D Lucas j Wiseman T Rodriguez G Woods T Disher Lanky, George P., Tim Bell, Mel, Aldo, Al Martinez, MELROSE BAPTIST CHURCH 1652 47th Avenue -- I -- - +V - I 1 I ' I r - I I ' 'I 41 r I -1 'I 1 - I A -1 -f A I - l f A l i I I Yi Maria A. Ortiz, Amelia Paz, Kathy Castro, S. Mancuso, - f - , - V - , - i The Church with a Program for Youth SOULFUL CLASS or 311 -PERIOD 2 Elaine B., Suzette B., L.A. Owl, "Pete" R., E.j. Sanlord, Green L, P A N, j. Seadler, C. Ann K., Patty H., Irish Rover, Mary Dinky LCL, Flip Wilson, A.j. jones, Big Bad Ray, Vikki, H., Albert F., Polka Dot- ted PJ., P. Phillips, Dwayne B., Bart S., E. Sasaki, Bouncey jay, Sneaky Frazier, Little D.L. Hutton, Little Man Ramos, L. Lucero, T. Disher --Curtis Price-- GROVEN IN DlSl"lER'S WASH HOUSE - PERIODS G. jaramillo, j. Whitley, F, Hughes, N. Park, S. Bull, R. Franich, R. Weng, 1. Mackie, P. Broadnax, Iradell S., Michie M, D.D. Morris, F. Villagomez, Murph, Charlie Ollie, S. johnson, Brad Clark, M, Caldwell, Baron of the Bay, Liz Angan, Greasy, T.j.O., Gwen Davis, Cool Sidney, Mr, Cool Goulart, R. Holmes, j.C. Long, P.C., Reyes, Mr. Mac, Olivia M., Mary Souza D. Vernon, T, Disher TONE'S THE EDUCATIONALINSTITUTE Eor-rheweu Dressed Man CARTER'S VARIETY 473 Santa Clara Ave. 26 . 2704 Fruitvale Avenue 01 Seminary Avenue 465-2414 569-4354 532-1350 "Kathy Palmlsanof llm Green" --Pong Lum Okada Wanamaker-- ulames Green'- COLONIAL CHAPEL 2626 High Street james W. Kerins 536-5454 --David Wanamaker-- GOLDEN WEST GARDENS Flower Shop and Nursery 5537 Foothill Blvd. 534-2442 --Lum Pong Wanamaker-- THORSTED CO. 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Cheatham, juroid DeVall, Mr, Russell AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Peggy Abbott, Barbara Athayde, Elizabeth Athayde, Daniel Barela, Mike Barin, Gregory Belvin, Pinkey Berg, janice Bishop, Phillip Boland, Marilyn Caldwell, Michelle Caneaux, Lori Capolungo, David Cardenas, Marie Gar- denas, Tom Chavez, jeannie Chin, Valeria Cia, Marilyn Crane, Chris Chapman, Kurtis Chapman, Debbie Denoncourt, Steve Davis, Carol Dillon, Sheryl Donaldson, Bruce Drum- mond, Rickey Eagan, Chuck Flieger, Ray Floyd, Ken' Fox, Mike Fox, joe Fragoso, judy Fraga, LeRoy Francis, Antoinette Franco, Richard Fournier, Carolyn Gaynard, james Green, Ron Hanson, Don Hegman, Ray Her- rera, Scott Hursh, Steve Hursh, Reva Ingram, Nick Kakarigi, Betty Klein, Renee Lacy, Dale Lambert, Vicki Learned, Brenda Lewis, D0- Mr Holmstedt s Advanced Math IlClass lvncnael Chan Don Cheatham Robert Cox Haley Crudupt Daryl Der Ronald Dong Bruce Drum mond Gordon Fletcher Carlene Gutleben Eliza beth Houben Scott Hursh Nick Kakarlgi Peter Kapetanrc Renee Lacy Sharon Lai Karena Lee Wilbert Look Walter Mann Brad McMullln john Newton Daniel Perez Sheri Pratt john Skotvold Geneva Steptoe Gary Triebwasser Nancy White james Wong Arlene Yamashita Cindy Moseley Terrysue Minamoto, Cindy Moseley, Randy Moserl Gordon Walker 3500 Foothill Blvd. Oakland, Calif. 533-974 --Wanamaker, Pong-- rothy Lipton, jane Lovig, Larry Lucero, Renee Matsui, Brad McMulIin, Larry Medina, Charle- Setta Moss, Ruth Morris, Nelda Morrison, Beatrice Nanteza, Marilyn Nappo, Mark Niderost, Karen Niles, Kathy Niles, Melinda Oroma, jim Padrnos, Wendy Paulson, Kathy Palmisano, Danny Peret, Sheri Pratt, Curtis Price, Roena Rabele, Cathy Ralph, Cathy Reis, judy Rhodes, Ray Rabelo, Candy Ri- chardson, Patty Robertson, john Roman, Rudy Rotger, Marinda Sanford, David Sala- zar, Clyde Serda, Mark Shintani, john Skot- vold, Pat Spence, Chris Tierney, Rhonda Fer- ney, Gary Triebwasser, Patty Trunick, Tom Vasquez, Tom Vierra, Linda Woods, Debbie Woolverton, Sophie Zuvick Advanced Orchestra, Room 217, A Period Steve Chow, Diane Choy, Richaro Coder, Gordon Fletcher, Zeffie Frazier, Hallie john- son, Debra jones, Marshall Kido, jane Lovig, Gloria Lum, julie Lum, Don Martin, Veronica Mayweather, Mark Polk, Antoinette Porter, jonathan Price, Beverly Robards, Eileen Sasa- ki, Penelope Sherman Maria Shortis janet Solari, Steven Steptoe, jeff Sylvia, Vivian Walker, Roselyn White, Harold Willadson joAnne Wingert, Edward Won Elsie Wong Rudolph Tapiro. john C. Fortran Sr Family john C. Fortran, Mike Barin, Bonnie Barber, Donald Cheatham, Diana Choy, Dan Dias, Carol Dillon, Elsa Hernandez, janet Hom, Robert Homer, Elizabeth Houben, Peter Kapetanic, Sharon Lai, Gloria Lum, Fred Murdock, Kathy Niles, Sten Odenwald, Gary Odada, Sheri Pratt, Paul Taylor, Vivian 11lI- man, Arlene Yamashita. Technicians: Gor- don Fletcher, Scott Hursh, Cindy Moseley. MR. HOT DOGS 2655 Fruitbale Ave. Telephone 533-8911 --jim Green, Kathy Palmisano-- CLARENCE N. COOPER Mortuary, Inc. I Fruitvale Ave. and E, 16th St. Oakland, Calif. 533-4114 Mel Thuman jim Green, Kathy Palmisano, Lois Fullmer SPONSORS HELP T O S H in IC K Orne urnishingsy Inc. --Nancy White, Karen Freye 259 TENTH STREET ' OAKLAND 7, CALIFORNIA Furniture ' Appliances ' Carpets 2. ' Television ' Stereo TOSHI MINAMOTO EAST LAKE FLORIST 1621 Fruitvale Ave. tat E. 16th Streetl Edward Godoshian 261-2932 --lim Green, Kathy Palmisa PlT'TSBURC, PAINTS 5398 Foothill Blvd. 533-7606 Larry Anderson --Betty Athayde, Renee Lacy-- l CANDID SHIRT LAUNDRY Quality Dry Cleaning at Standard Prices 4110 MacArthur Blvd. 532-4422 --lan Phillips, Kathy Palmisano, Donna Gerholdt,1im Green-- KWIK WAY32 2150 Telegraph 444-7277 --Hetty Thieme, Dave Wanamaker-- EAST OAKLAND NEWS 1354 Fruitvale Ave. ke2-6624 --lim Green Kathy Palmisano-- DUNK-INN DONUTS 3417 High Street lNear MacArthurJ 261-2212 Lyle Steinhehe' TELEPHONE 444-S177 STANDARD DOUCHNUT Doughnuts, Pastries, Decorated Cakes 4095 Foothill Blvd. 534-2011 W.W. Brown --lim Green, Kathy Palmisano-- FRANCES SHOP Oakland 5717 Foothill Blvd. 632-3000 Summer Fashions with the look COCA-COLA that really grooves 1340 Cypress --lim Green, Kathy Palmisano-- Mr. Barnos, Sales Ma SPORTSMEN SPORTING GOODS 832-7020 Len Otfner lClass of 551 4116 MacArthur Blvd. --DOH Cheatham NH Oakland, Calif. Kafen Ff9Y9" 94619 536-2464 --lan Phillips, Kathy Palmisano, jim Green, Donna Gerholdt-- CUTTlNG'S5-10-15a STORE 3225 Foothill Blvd. 532-6582 --lim Green, Kathy Palmisano MARK KAHN IEWELERS Maker of Fine jewelry 3511 Mac Arthur Blvd. 532-6771 -Kathy Palmisano, lim Green nager ncy White, SUPPORT YOUR FLAME INTERNATIONAL REALTY 5622 Foothill Blvd. 534-3062 Kathy Palmisano, jim Green 242 THE IGI TORCH 81 KEY1970 Cora Butler, Sandra Cavara, Wanda Chin, Brenda Collins, Sandra Costa, Delta Dan- iels, Daryl Der, Debbie Dicus, Chris Dough- erty, Crystal Draine, Pat Duncan, Rochelle Flores, judy Fraga, Karen Freye, Margarita Garcia, Vickie Givens, Carlene Gutleben, Elsa Hernandez, Elizabeth Houben, Deneal jones, Pattie Kapp, Karena Lee, Irene Leo- ng, julie Lum, Renee Matsui, Dianne May- Flame Sponsorship Salesman, back row, left to right, Sheryl Don- Mathis, janet Hom. Front row, Mildred Lum, Irene Leong, Diane aldson, Betty Athayde, Curtis Price lagainij, Karen Freye, Linda Pong, Renee Matsui, Hetty Thieme. MA Y THANKS GU TO FREM T'S Y CLASS .. ,.-I-ren! r ,iflf loann Mendes, Grace Mendez, Minamoto, Ruth Morris, Cindy loyce Muskof, Sara McMullen, Nanteza, Clarissa Pon, Diana Pong, ine Rembrandt, Rosario Reveles, ey Robinson, Beatriz Slinas, Penny nan, Geneva Steptoe, Noreen Truitt, Q- .iff WARD'S ICE CREAM 5404 F0Otl'1ill Blvd. 261-4846 lim Green, Kathy Palmisano 1 Tyspn,xTonr Villegas, Nancy White, we Yamashita, Sophie Zuvich S gllaf' Z lv- Flame Sponsorship salesmen, back row, left to right, Kathy Palm- Dave Wanamaker, Lois Fullmer, Robert Homer. Front row, Steve isano, Curtis Price, Nancy White, jesse Alarcon, Penny Sherman, Davis, james Green, Mark Shintani. FLAME SPONSCJRSHIP SALESME K - ,, W UN lint Above: Adelaide pleads, "Nathan, darling, why don 1 we get married?" tBruce Feathers, Norma Duffiel Right: Sky and Sarah sing their love duet, "l'll Know," iloe Williams, Deborah Cooperl UYSA 198 I 'Na Above: Much action occurs during the opening street scene. lVeronica Mayweather, Danny Ross, Kathy Palm- isanol Left: Lt, Brannigan tries to nab gamblers Nicely-Nicely johnson and Benny South-Street. tStephen Belle, Mike Monroe, Henry Liml W, A4 Y DOLL " . . fx I The Hot Box Chorus girls perform "BusheI and a Peck" for their audience. ISheryl Benton, Ruth Blue, Hallie lohnson, Debra MCCoyJ Rusty Charlie . Sarah Brown . . Calvin ........ Agatha .....,.. Harry the Horse Gamblers find a Crap game. CCarl Broadnax, Melvin Winnj Nathan Detroit Miss Adelaide . Sky Masterson Nicely-Nicely johnson .,.. Benny Southstreet ...... Arvide Abernathy .. .. . . . Lt. Brannigan ... . General Cartwright ... . . Nathan contacts joey Biltmore to see if the crap game could be held. tBruce Feathersi CA ST ....MIKE MONROE .,......HENRYLlM ...........TIMBELL DEBORAH COOPER GEOFFREY MCCRAY ... .... LEONARD IACKSON KATHY PALMISANO ......DON MACKIE . . . . .STEPHEN BELLE . . .BRUCE FEATHERS ....NORMA DUFFIE ...ANGIE TRUIILLO . . . . .IOE WILLIAMS .GREG BELVIN Big jule ................. ....... Waiter, Master of Ceremonies ..... PARIS DOSS Dancers SHERYL BENTON SANDRA SANCHEZ RUTH BLUE DANEWARREN HALLIE IOHNSON KATIE WATERS DEBRA MCCOY CAROLYN WILSON Student Directors CARDELLA ARRINGTON IEMMA MACKIE The Hot Box master of ceremonies announces Miss Adelaide and the Hot Box Farmerettes. fParis Dossj L 199 M 4, WW W ' 25 UMW WW 0f3jf xg .if Vjjjlfff W fi? g25i:3fjQ2 5 JW WU 7 xx 23224 3 -WX QQ!! pb QS f ,Za -eg Ejfgxgxggiim 95 5 5555503 N Q! E SX . 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