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?F- f ' "' NMA! i .N f A ss v V ., Af 9 ff f W MN!,,f1fi'Zff 3 PX F f Q f any W' Lf W jp-Q f cf! M ff J 3 . , V if 1' wig . 5 0 Q M 5 XX " ,Q fi, QQEZRPEX wwf? w ml Q3 QQOQSVJQQ QWJWN 34225 ,ffm XY SQZSQ X , F? m 53? wif A , Q M 595553 Q9 700 WW WW dLvQw13Jmi,9L.wx55wJiji.iLJ,f,5 gf ,, WWW KKWREKQWM ,W WWW Mist HQ , , W. f Wgjixadmmw gb if EQ Qi my 'fb 'ED ' 1 S 8faf1Q 2 1.2 9-X ik xlib' E, Q9 xy be 55 N- lim R Q-J Nb C: 3 'X ia , . ,kv E2 'gdb S X4 A 2 .Liana M ft e-Rxifiw 'K 5- if SL ig? AME WW W i x, f 1 I I 4 . , Ig A -f A IV' s X! ! U' fx ff? wfxwt W i" " h Ln ,f V bf A ?4jfmS.F2W M? www , L L',f P d d Annually by The Student Body of FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA FREMONT HYMN Hall Fremont hall to thee' Thy children slngmg Pledge thee loyalty That shall not fall Led by our flamlng torch Honor to thee brmgnng Hall we our green and gold Hall Fremont hall' TH E FREMONT CREED We wnll do nght for the rnght s sake We wlll respect the rughts of others We wall never brmg drsgrace to thus our school by any act of rades m the ranks We wull hve for the Ideals and sacred thmgs of the school both alone and wlth many We will revere and obey the school s laws and wlll do our best to mspure a luke respect and reverence In those about us who are prone to annul or set them at naught We wlll strlve unceaslngly to qulcken the publlc sense of clvlc duty Thus In all these ways we wlll transmut thus school not less but greater better and more beautlful than It was transmitted to us Frank Stuart Rosseter . I I . . I I l I I . ' . . . , . . . P . I I dishonesty or cowardlce, nor ever desert our suffering com- I . , . . . ' . . I I Dedication MR. ROBERT RUSSELL We, the Flame Staff of 1959, wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for your constant interest, school spirit, ad- vice, and most important your friendship, by dedicating this book to you, our advisor. Many thanks for the hours you have given us. Sincerely, THE FLAME STAFF FALL-BACK ROW, Left to Right: Rosebud Van Buren, Frank Capilla, Harry Schilling, Wes Wood, Rich Buice, Mickey Blair, Walt Becher, Rick Gouveia. MIDDLE ROW, Carole Abrott, Barbara Blum, Melissa Miyovich, Pat Trevift, Joni Birch, Bunnie Brown, Joyce Galena. FRONT ROW: Linda DeVos, Carol Brugge. Sales Manager X, ,Q Bunnie Brown Editors Editor A 4 H ,Q Managing f ,'.,,.i Editor A E if ' Rick Gouveia Sales Manager Linda DoByne Meet The dministration l i Vice-Principal and Dean of Boys "Meet Mr. Borum" might be an appropriate introduction to our new vice-principal. Mr. Borum, who, like Mr. Waugh, is a Fremont graduate, has shown the entire student body the school spirit which is uniquely Fremont. The Flame Staff wishes to thank Mr. Waugh for the help he has given us with this yearbook. Not only with the Flame have students seen his wonderful school spirit, but in everything connected with Fremont. Surely he is the epitome of friendliness in this, our "friendly school." Vice-Principal and Dean of Girls Our vice-principal, Mrs. Wickert, is another true Fremonter who is always willing to extend a helping hand. She knows our school intimately, having been a faculty member and counse- lor here. Mr. Roy Abad Miss Katherine . Alexander - Q X. W . J f L,,,5ix , Miss Yvonne Altura Mr. Leo Allamanno Mr. Raymond Mr. Emil Bandar Bansmer P K A ig it 5' r' 1-.gffsliig Z? . er r A- . Sega o if c Mr. Richard Miss Eleanor Anderson ' W "' 'A 'M 'S K J Bendell Mr. Ralph Mrs. Etta Mr. Harold Mr. Edgar Mrs Adele Bennett " ' ' Berven Bettencourt Bi es v 1 KC f Hx V z- 73 fr Mrs. Ranada Bohenna Mr. Harold Mrs. Marjorie Mr. Robert Mrs Irma Boles Bond Boyle Burke Cannon Mrs. Ann Cook Mrs. Bernice Mrs. Tama Carlson Miss Violet Cook AW Mrs. Violet Cobb Mr. Hal Clarke Mrs. Marian Cooper Mrs. Fannie Cornwell Miss Alice Mr, Ara Counts Dolarian 35 1 Miss Maryann Miss Janet -4 . Danielson g OX ' s S Miss Wilma Fossel Mr. Clarence Erickson Mr. Marshall Friedman Mr. John Drury Mrs. Virgene Mr. Jack Miss Mary Ann Mr. John Mr. Floyd Gilleft Glessner Glidden Golden Graham Mrs. Irene Miss Omo Mr. Alvin Mrs, Trieste Mr. George Griffeth Grimwood Gronner Hall Hammerson Mr. Edward -",. Z, Miss Nina Harman Hurry , in " 'XI G - . ,E , j s in fssr Dr. HYman 1 l" 5 I , A is J Mr. James ' ' House Haydis 1, in fx' . . -.ff . Mr. Harold Kane Mr. Lawrence Jones Mr. Stanleyl., Jacoperti Korich , I 5 Miss Joye Miss Ann Kramer Mr. Floyd Leavitt Miss .loan Leonard Mr. Charles Lodge Miss Katie Marlow Mr, Cloyd Mosengill Mr. Frank Mathes Miss Barbara McConnell Mr. Dennis Miss Virginia Mr. V'nc t M , Ed d M E d McLaughlin McMillan Mcltlefln Minasllglu lstilodlle ne Mrs. Mildred Mrs. Janice Mr. John Miss Marilyn Mfg Mary Morgan Muto Newton Patterson Reed Mr. Douglas Reynolds Mr. Raymond Riese Mr. Robert Russell Mr, Arthur Saltness Mr. Alfred Slater Mr. John Smith Mr. LeRoy Smith Mrs, Joy Stelton Mr. Howard Svendsen Mr. Edwin Tallyn Mrs. Margaret Tennant Mrs. Edith Towers Miss Theresa Towey Mr. Robert Warren Mr. Robert Wasgatt Miss Barbara Washauer Mr. Joe Whitaker Mrs. Dorothy Wilson f NOT PICTURED: Miss Willette Mrs. May Belshaw Mrs. Blanche Finch Miss Jo Ann Huffman Mrs. Lucille Kline Mrs. June Neyses Mrs. Christine Pedersen Mrs. Ramona Stirling Mrs. Grace Thompson Mrs. Reber Weber FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Bunnie Brown, Pam Moffett, Joni Birch, Joan Edwards, Barbara Blum, Linda DoByne, Melanie Brophy, Laroice Van Horn, Alice Laird, Meg Herrick, Sue Conroy, Judy Pottol, Linda DeVos. SECOND ROW: Marge Rottman, Barbara Trowbridge, Chuck Conrad, Gayle St. John, Melissa Miyovich, Sandy Lauck, Vennie Duncan, Barbara Brandes, Judy' Parshall, Linda McCart, Arlene Bohn, Diane Amano, Carol Brugge, Mike Hankin. THIRD ROW: Rich Buice, Ben Bell, Wes Wood, Gary Lindstrom, Leon Jefferson, George Nackes, Carole Abrott, Walt Becher, Parry Rae Felt, Eddie Belling, Marty Wool, Rick Gouveia, Dick Cummings, Ken Marr, Ray Hammar, Doug Charters. Green and Gold Dt clk Cumm 3n95 Editor-in-Chief -- Vennie Duncan Second P age r X P at Tesdall FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Barb- ara Blum, Publicity Editor, Diane Amano, Third Page Asst., Meg Herrick, Second Page Asst., Ed Belling, Fourth Page Asst., Barb- are Brandes, First Page Asst., Gary Lindstrom, Photographer. Staff X Ngxchell Sp,-ws P Editor f Yu age Edffor 'Uma Page X 86" Bell BACK ROW, Left to Right: Joan Edwards, Exchange Editor, Pat Van Buren, Copy Boy and Cartoonist, Melissa Miyovich, Publicity Editor, Wes Wood, Copy Boy, Judy Parsh- all, Barbara Trowbridge, Circula- tion Editors. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Dick Cummings, Bill Black, Mike Hankin, Ken Marr, Ed Belling, Allen Cherry, Mary Wool, Walt Becher, George Nockos, Paul Nichol. THIRD ROW: Judy Sagehorn, Parry Felt, Joyce Galena, Carol Brugge, Kathy King, Gayle St. John, Meg Herrick, Sue Conroy, Barbara Brandes, John Moore. SECOND ROW: Marge Rottman, Melissa Miyovich, Judy Pottol, Jan Arnese, Diane Amano, Bonnie Smith, June Jovan, Barbara Trowdridge. FIRST ROW: Barbara Blum, Donna Ziehn, Carole Abrott, Pam Moffett, Judi Masinter, Joanie Edwards, Alice Laird, Laroice Van Horn, Arlene Bohn. Green and Gold If aes eCo,,d A r Borbdm man Page Editor M E iw ' ' es Herr' lck Editor-in-Chief, Dick Cummings Staff SPRING galil' Sporf , wh Arlene s Page Edifor P699 FA' ' Georg e Nqckos STAFF FRONT ROW: Diane Amano, Alice Laird, circula- tion editors, Judy Pottol, publicity editor, Allen Cherry, Eddie Belling, copy boys, Marge Rottman, exchange editor, not pictured, Gloria Encalada, publicity editor. BACK ROW: Bill Black, Marty Wool, copy boys, John Moore, cartoonist, Ken Marr, copy boy, Mike Hunkin, assistant sports page editor. N T Pat, Carl and Patt Commissioner of Entertainment Commissioner of Social Affairs f -. "f ?fi N ee, ' eff W, EDDIE BELLING PHYLLIS SEIBEL Secretary PATT SCHROEDER KARL KREPLIN PARRY RAE FELT JONI PADLO JOHN WILLIAMS Head Yell Leader m Girls ' M Com- missioner Commissioner of Finance PRESIDENT fn W ' ' H - .if-r .- I' Hwy: . 'wait-rwix ' : -W - 'Jima -ig i:zd'1t:5Iv'::'g. 'E M .Qs - inf' , .EN r" i m, 2' yr, . , 'ff' 'sf.'11"2S:v: 1-L rw y:1.,sgigQsg5,gf1Yg. ffllfw R I L L, :if fi, ffl if v'iS?f' -V T, MQ 1 -' ' W v Q 1 , - See-gwfrfeiiffir MB' W 4 ' ' A f l' N A-Iiif43g:"1v 'gigil . ...,.,g. rr is , vw.:-51.215 ' - iw? 'W ,av '52 - KNQQESQQQAQHS 4 I CHIEF JUSTICE I Iix , " 1 , M, .Q , f ' is 1-YQ gyms: 192 "1 is In L T. x :fs -I ,g ps iff- 'Eff' 1 , mmm I ,, H+ yi ,b , ,z,w,R,, -. or Bo 5 5141 if , 34 kk,, 3 y - " COP' 'L mussuoner - fl 111. I ff V 5 .1 W:Qi5,, 1 st, ' ,, + we ,Www ' o f fe , ,ics fr mggsfagfqrvr 14,7 ,5 55, z ,Q-,esq Q, f n2wwkg,Q ' 'ffgzfw 'nz I BILL MILLER MURIEL SHEWFELT Vice President PAT TREVITT GUY RAYMOND I VENNIE DUNCAN Commissioner of Public Relations Editor Green 8. Gold -I I, W .-I - . I J Mrs. Dorothy Wilson l0th Counselors Mr. Raymond Riese i J 4 . 5 'A 3, A ' .ii Mr. Alfred Slotor A 'WEL' .4-"' ...rm- if A ,ip ar , :X . A BACK ROW, Left to Right: Vickey Cotton, Sec., Pam Min- assian, Rep.,- Penney Bowen, Rep., Nancy Josephs, Rep., Brenda Gray, Rep. FRONT ROW: Diane Tripletf, Rep., Audrey Zwaal, Vice-Pres., Craig Fox, Rep, Jean Summers, Rep., Julie Neagle, Rep. SPRING OFFICERS E, if 13 MJ W, Le 4 'L -2 - af" , 9, SV, ,X f v,,' u-we A ,f WW . 'Ni' X self ege 5 f Q y e Q 9 M -f as . f. ,gig-, . . - , 1 W if Z? 'ff UQ xx! Y -i fri " I ' is 4 -E5 1 i :- .' 3' . ,V Delegate Rssem bl FALL VF fi Delegate 7-issembly SPRING ,W aff W , I' an"-'i'-v'w'i E63 P94 f di PEACE 3. QUIET Tenth Grade Par "GETTING TO KNOW YOU" O LJ' ww JM CD11 10945 dv! Db S+ -W 9,4.fQ'r'Vsfv1fL9f ., jfs fiwm ,-Qfzlixc! Jgmmwlinqg k, ELM!! 6566 oUa4L6Qff1f5 4244! Qcipj H7060 RW f77f41fCfL JM ' yum OWMAM 801416 f77'LZ.k!y LAQLQZZO GL gmuijifu omg 0, MQII4, iaith! MQ vu kmQLA?7'9Wm!MMMML I , 3' ' zifmck afngg 0:90z3f7,44,c4,AQ4!8 Sadocldo b Xyfflxtfl ,fmcfmm AOMQLIOK Ilth Counselcrs ,,......f---vf' .Q w 1 FALL OFFICERS xml A y FFFF FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Judy King, Representative, Wendy Morton, Representative, Arlene Blum, Representative, Sharon Golubin, Secretary, Donna Olesen, Vice-President, Dorothy Land, Representative. BACK ROW: Linda Jankowski, Representative, Arlene Bosserman, Representative, Betsy Whatley, Rep- resentative, Marilyn Crew, Representative. "' i and i ve. 1 F . BACK ROW, Left to Right: Sandra Cook, Representative, Put Anderson, Representative, Bonnie Chu, Representative, Paula Walker, Representative, Dawn Cantando, Vice-President, Sandra MncBeth, Sec- retary. FRONT ROW: Toni Tomsic, Representative, Ron Benevides, Representative, Bill Hubartt, Presi- dent, John Skov, Representativeg Bettie Foriska, Representative. SPRING OFFICERS W., UQ' What Cha Lookin at? Q Delegate 7-Xssembly SPRING -I L CounseIor's Message Mr. George Hommerson Counselor To the Class of January, 1959: The three years since you entered Fremont in January, 1956, have passed with re- markable swiftness, and now it is January, 1959, and time for graduation. Congratulations on the achievement of this important goal in your life! Your departure has many meanings. Because you are the last mid-year class to gradu- ate from Fremont, you will be given a special place in the history of the school, however, there are more important reasons for you to be remembered. You will be remembered for your achievements in the class room and on the athletic field, for your enthusiastic school spirit and for your invaluable contributions to student government and other student activities. One of the pleasant memories of my life will be that of the Class of January, 1959, and of the individuals in that class. lt has been my pleasure and privilege to serve as your counselor. In allowing me to share your laughter and tears, your success and failure, your en- thusiasm, and your confidence, you have become an unforgetable part of my life. I would like to leave you with this final thought: What you find in the future is up to you. lf you seek your goals with optimism, en- thusiasm and a sense of responsibility, I have every confidence that you will find satis- faction, happiness, and successs in whatever you do. Vice-President Secretary Walt Youngman Pai' Cain a Presldent Joni Birch Representatives Larry Owens Mickey Blair w n W w w 1 1 P -'K x, AX i I Rodney Clark Bonnie Cleary Dean Clevenger Edward Correia Richard Crow William Dana Theodore Davidovich Harry Davis Richard Davis I .,.,,. . f 1 ,,,.,y . :Q3'f1i'zzeHL5-: ,, -. 5:52 , H f if .f'5:s'P:1??EZF: 2 we i:ia.41,. X 'Efzisi W ' 3, 3 :ii f 43 gr, 2 w s 1 wif' ,,-, Q by ' f if 4 Es ' 'hh A+. J' isle? Q N if Qi 31 r 1 K ,, .. -if 2 TH Y fi 2 my my v Q 3 ford William Devine Linda DeVos Linda DoByne James Dopkus Robert Dunbar Venora Duncan James Eldridge Barbara Emmrich Marie Fernandez 'wwf , ,f , :g,fge9:: MSP, .X Q Hwy , : ,fly J we ,g ,M:,.w3,q if fi -- W A ' if JL-W, gg: af, ml V 9 , - 7kg4,g5M,3f5 fem' ' :mfffff J-w1f"'f7'?1f 2' 'f'19i:W ' ,' Wiiilfei -: pg , f 141- , e??Q1:' Q f, W J '-Af Diane Figuiera Julliette Fisk Hazel Frantz Myrna Fraser Jill Sharron F reitas z Nt 39' Beverly Jones Arthur Juarez Frances King Karl Kreplin Ruth Lattimore i , cgi: 'f rry, ."' f ,-,' , --: ,.., rrrr J' Edward Levine Ronald Luke Sandra Madrid Edwin Madruga in William Manrow Diana Mantovan Christopher Marshall Ann Martin James Matthews Linda Mazzolini Linda McCort Robert McGill Jay McKee ' Carmen Means Janet Menge Verne Metcalf Carmen Miranda Patricia Mitchell Z i Frank Scalise Harry Schilling Carolyn Schoep Morris Schultz Phyllis Seibel Roy Sheldon Muriel Shewtelt Elton Skillern Sylvia Squires Ann Stegge MQ,-gig Steinberg Norita Stevenson James Stuart Patricia Tabaka Robert Taylor Gary Teague Patricia Tesdall Leanna Texeira Janet Thomason Patricia Trevitt Marvin Tuttle Patrick VanBuren Paul Vestal Yvonne Vierra Geraldine Wagner Janet Ward Sherrie Wilber John Williams Diane Wisbrod Wesley Wood Vicki Woods Walter Youngman NOT PICTURED Burton Bunney Fred Bush Sandy Castro Sherri Firth Sheila Mclntyre Bill Silva Betty Woods Class Histor These last three years have gone by very rapidly for most of us. Jan- uary, l956, we were first sitting in the auditorium as new low tens. So many things have happened to our class since then. Remember our first class officers? They were Gene Mori, Joni Birch, Pat Mitchell, Pat Cain, and Bev Jones. The first affair held was the Big and Little Sister Party. The party was held on February 23, l956, and the theme for this gala affair was "School Daze." When the month of May came there was a chance for the new low tens to add something to Fremont by decorating the halls and classrooms with beautiful flowers. This tradition has been at Fremont for many years, and is upheld by the new tenth graders who enter Fremont. ln the HIO our class enjoyed many activities, but one to be remem- bered was the class party, "Sock Hop," which was a very enjoyable party with everyone running around in stocking feet. The word was around to tell all tenth graders to let down their hair and take off their shoes for the tenth grade party was to be held on Friday evening, November 2, l956, from 8 to ll p.m. Also in the tenth grade was the annual party. The first booth we had was a bean bag throw. Heading our class this semester was Bev Battis, Nadine Ancillotti, Linda Mazzolini, Sally Squires, Wes Wood, and Joni Padlo. ln the eleventh grade we had our Junior Prom, "Oriental Magic," which was held in our gym from 8:30 to ll p.m. The date of the prom was April 26, l957. Our class officers this time were Pat Cain, Pat Mitch- ell, Bev Jones, Carmen Miranda and Dwane Carlstrom. Also in the Lll we had our class party at Roberts Pool. It rained, but the rain didn't stop our class from going to the picnic. Finally came our long awaited year - the senior year. Our first ac- tivity was the Low Senior Mother's Tea, "Spring Chapeau," which was held on March 20. lt again RAlNEDl Vennie Duncan was the chairman of this successful event. ' The class officers of our low senior year were Karl Kreplin, Pat Cain, Pat Mitchell, Linda DoByne, and Nancy Hill. Our first event of our final year was the Senior Picnic, "Polynesian Holiday." The seniors left the school not knowing their destination, but soon discovered they were going to Adobe Creek Lodge. Pat Mitchell was the chairman of this activity. "Oh, no, who gave you that picture?" was the cry heard as their baby pictures were flashed on a screen before them. This shocking situation occurred at the senior dinner, "Lure of the Tropics." lt was held at the Lake Merritt Hotel on November I3, Pat Cain was chairman. Jester's Workshop's great production of "I Remember Mama," was held on November 2l and 22. Dwane Carlstrom was Papa and Sally Han- sen was Mama. This performance made our class so proud of our actors and actresses. Finally we had our Senior Ball, "Exotica," which was held on Janu- ary l6 and for once it didn't rain. The decorations were lovely. The party after, at the Claremont Hotel, which was put on by the parents, was as good as the ball. This term our leaders were Larry Owens, president, Walt Youngman, Pat Cain, Joni Birch, and Mickey Blair. Our student body officers were Karl Kreplin, Pat Trevitt, Vennie Duncan, Phyllis Seibel, John Williams, Joni Padlo, Muriel Shewfelt, and Larry Owens. Our three years flew by as if with wings. I hope success and happi- ness come to each of you. The person we owe so much thanks to is Mr. George Hammerson, our counselor, for without his aid our activities and our fun would not have been half so good. - - I Q LINDA Davos 1 ,fin Flame Co-Editor 1 Senior Picnic CLASS OF JANUARY 959 if "Glamour Girls" Surprize! Hi Joni! HG AND Delegate MG S N 0 S Assembly i-. Senior Steering Walt Youngman i if Pat Mitchell Pai' Cain Mickey Blair Bob Ragno Joni Birch Larry Owens Linda DoByne President Senior Dinner HEAD TABLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Joni Birch, Mickey Blair, Nadine Ancillotti, Walt Youngman, Pat Cain, Larry Owens Karl Kreplin, George Hammerson, Mrs. Carol Wickert, Mr. John Borum, Mr. Irving Waugh. elpior 6290 Jana-wg ffrolka 195.9 emgnf - ,Eye J 2, - , f ,W v '4f,,.f 15 Q, ,ij 'fm ,gdxk Bi' ski amid? v .fityf ,kwa v XE fl ,iff-vi-'w1'f"if'T, ' W, .QAM wx .4 fam . Q Y U X f wwg , A f, A ., 2 . -mffJAL'G:SiJ,:K5,,.,J-.mzgwalfs , ,. y 4 ,. J . ..,f1:.m11c:1.,WQVH,'iWi?iwT,:w,f24g 9, K V K , fy fQij5f,T:53v-ia 4. f p- ,, f an ,5,g1,3ia.3f 'tnwffvgfsgf-'Li , RQ' ff ,fy sw - Qi 'W e f sf-,-i'fwfhixL'2:5 M.,-fefWw,f9,f " uw.4,gq,.gr 4U ' gfiwgi. zgqvggaf, A 'ir P 335332. wi' ' , , ' ' H1 '22 ' - 4, if " v ? , S. f -. fi 9 1 .Q .2 13 5 At fffsfff 'Q We 4 3' 'Q ax 1' 'aw' Fa ,, 4 , N Senior Representative Carole Abrew Representative Sheila Booth H12 CLASS OFFICERS Representative Mal Murray ke.. Representative Kathy King Leaders Vice-President Barbara Blum Representative Melissa Miyovich JUNE LIZ CLASS OFFICERS Secretary Gayle St. John Representative Kathy King President John Moore 1? K Representative Linda Thompson Carol Smith L12 DELEGATE ASSEMBLY Senior Ioyce Galena Steve Marion Johanson L12 SENIOR STEERING Steering Anne Bernard Kathy King Nj. , John Moore Not pictured- Rita Walker Bob Gomez H12 DELEGATE ASSEMBLY Linda DeLeon '- E George Medeiros Bill Miller , ,,,,,,, ,, , Nj., , FX M Q? , 1--in Mal Murray Fatt Schroeder Carol Smith .J L Joanie, Eddy, Parry Rae l l Commissioner Commissioner i of of Entertainment Social Affairs l l l l e l Linda Thompson Harriet Beck Ed Bening Secretary Karen Olsen Joanie Edwards Lieu Head Yell Leader John Miller Glr s Com hmsmw- ' ' I ' g ' missioner . N' ff K rf , wmv i v . so Commissioner of Finance President Nile Morrow Barbara Blum Parry Rae Felt Chief Kortne Vice-President Nj so Public Relations and Safety Boys' Com missxoner Editor Green 8: Gold rn M, 7 4 1 i . 1 X Mr. Cloyd Masengill To the Class of June, l959: It is rather difficult for me to say "au revoir" to all of you. Though our acquaintance has been brief, it has been rewarding to me. The enthusiasm and originality displayed in class activities as well as the initiative and perseverance exhibited in academic pursuits has made the Class of June, l959, one long to be remembered. H I 2 COUNSELORS' MESSAGES It is my deeply felt hope that all of you will fare well in the most important segment of life that begins with graduation from Fremont. In receiving your diploma, you have satisfied one of the re- quirements set forth by our culture. From my experiences with you these past three years, I know that some of you have struggled with it, some have fought, at times, against it, some have taken it as a matter of course, and some have eagerly subjected to it, but all, I am sure, have prepared in some way for the requisites of the coming years. As members of the Class of l959, you are among the pioneers of a dramatic agzethe Space Age. This is an age that is impaled on the horns of a dilemma, that of tortoiselike development of man's social nature and his rocketlike scientific genius. I expect that you will meet the challenge with honesty, intelligence and courage. This last three years has given each of us much to file in our memories and record in this book, so as one of the ancients wrote, I think, "Perhaps sometime it will be pleasant to recall these things." H. CLOYD MASENGILL These qualities which have enabled your class to achieve the high level of performance one associates with Fremont are not only important attributes for facing the pressures and problems of high school life, but they are equally significant in surviving successfully the new experiences you will encounter in the world beyond. My first impression of you will remain my last. Individually and collectively you are a fine group of young people! I feel fortunate to have made my debut as a counselor at Fremont with so many unique and amicable students. I will remember you always with affection and pursue with deep interest your future activities. JOYE D. JACOPETTI Miss Joye .Iacopetti Dear Members of the Class of June, I959: Mr. LeRoy Smith Congratulations and best wishes to you, to your parents and to your teachers for the achievements represented by your diploma. A high school diploma stands for many things. To some it is only a record of twelve Years of school attendance. To others it repre- sents skills in certain fundamental aspects of learning, attitudes and behavior which makes one a more acceptable person and many other positive achievements. It is a good thing to have a diploma, especially one you feel you have earned. It is up to you to prove that the vast investment in you is well made. Public education is somewhat on trial. You can assure a favor- able verdict by the citizens of our nation if you will put into practice the skills, ideals, and principles which have been taught to you. Among these principles are a thirst for knowledge and wisdom, a con- cern for the well-being of each personality, a life based on sound moral and spiritual values, a striving for truly satisfying goals in life, and courage to defend what is right. And so goodbye to each of you. You each take some of Fremont with you-our hope, our concern, and our desire for what is best. In some future decade when you dust off this book and read these words again check yourself to see if there be a little of Fre- mont in you still. MR. LEROY SMITH Class Histor Remember back three long years ago? Those bewildered low tens looking for the elevator and different rooms?.Then came Hello Day Assembly with all the Hello cards, Hellos, and this wonderful tradition of Fremont. The assembly, a take-off of the "King and l." Then the Big E7 Little Sister Party, "Clown Town, U.S.A.," with the wonderful program that our big sisters put on for us. Then came the first elections. lt was difficult to choose because of the terrific size of our class--over 700 then. Our choices were Eddie Belling, president, Judy Sagehorn, vice- president, Karen Olsen, secretary, Parry Rae Felt, Sue Conroy, Joan Edwards, Carole Abrew, Sue Pear- son, Mable Jackson, Karen Buswell, representatives. The Tenth Grade Party "Sock Hop" with all the decorative socks. High ten officers: John Miller, president, Pam Moffett, vice-president, Sharon Real, secretary, Diane DeFreitas, Brenda Ponder, Gail Campbell, Carole Abrott, Patt Schroeder, Ar- lene Hamstad, Carol Smith, representatives. Hello Day, this time, without any little low tens for us to kid. The Assembly was entitled, "Knish." The high ten party "Rocket Roll" with all the fun that was had. The eleventh grade, not so long ago - half- way through the long trail. The class was smaller, 600 then. Low eleven officers: Guy Raymond, presi- dent, Kathleen King, vice-president, Joan Edwards, secretary, Sue Bybee, Walt Becher, Barbara Blum, Melissa Miyovich, Sandy Stockham, Meg Herrick, Gayle St. John, representatives. Our junior prom "Carousel." All the fun we had at the "Hll Round- up" at Roberts Park. Hello Day, this time with low tens for us to jeer. High eleven officers: Steve Gebhart, president, Eddie Belling, vice-president, Sharon Edwards, secretary, Guy Raymond, Ben Bell, Gayle St. John, Barbara Blum, Carole Abrott, Donna Ziehn, representatives. Then finally the twelfth grade. The Ll2 Moth- ers' Tea, "Day at the Fair," with that pantomime that Eddie Belling did. Then we were 'big sisters, "Gay Twenties" was our theme. Our senior theme, "Mardi Gras." Remember the plays "Sparkin' " and "Aftermath" that Jester's put on? L12 officers: John Moore, president, Barbara Blum, vice-president, Gayle St. John, secretary, Melissa Miyovich, Diane DeFreitas, Carol Smith Kathleen King, Linda Thompson, representatives. H12 officers: John Moore, president, Steve Geb- hart, vice-president, Patt Schroeder, secretary, Carole Abrew, Walt Becher, Sheila Booth, Kathleen King, Mal Murray, representatives. Ll2 class party "Hick Hop." So we end the long three years. lt's seemed like a long time during it, but now how quickly it has gone by. Goodbye and good luck in the future. I CAROL BRUGGE rx-sexo CLASS SONG lMy Happinessl Graduation's drawing near How we'll miss our friends so dear. All our school and fun-filled years At Fremont High. Memories of our Senior Ball, Noise and clamour in the halls, Rosters plastered on the walls At Fremont High. The years have sped by fast And our time has come at last, But we're all sad at heart For it seems too hard to depart. Now we say goodbye to all- Lockers, classes, books, and halls. These are mem'ries we'll recall At Fremont High. Carole Abrew Carole Abroft Larry Adams Lynneft Adermes Thelma Adis 1 Mary Lu Agard Joseph Alarcon Maureen Alexander Angelo Alonzo 1 Diane Amono Alex Jerry Andersen Ken Anderson Sena Andersen Norm Aroiza l Aranda Donna Archibald Rudolph Arellanes Jan Arnese l Glenda Atkins 1 Richard Azevedo George Bagakis Elva Jean Bailey Dennis Baker W Crisanta Banez Jim Banks lrva Dean Baratono Kathy Barnes Coral Bartlett Pat Battey Dan Bauer Edythe Beard Walter Becher Ba rba ra Bennett Harriet Beck Ben Bell Edward Belling Leroy Benevento Anne Bernard William Bernard Bill Black Barbara Blum If-JM' - WLT? ' H .ll-,. JW B56 - -- fwI'.w:,fg I ', . - A 11:5 , f . irfm 2 I f l-, 52g,3!115'.. I '1 y-mf' -wry, , , fi .. --fe l I lt to ' H L 7 ' . 19321. 2 5 . ',ifeiia ., K tm We Gary Bianchi Betty Bingernan Jeff Boardman Claire Arlene Bohn Michaele Bolstad Sheila Booth Jo Anne Both Kay Marie Both Gary Bowen Glen Bowling Peter Bowman Barbara Brandes Gordon Brandon Susan Brandt Denise Brasefield Kay Ann Brazil Roger Brennan Dorothy Brooks Bob Broughton Caroline Brown Jim Brown Ken Brown Sherry Brown Carol Brugge Gordon Buchan Ben Buck Margaret Buck Linda Burr i 'Eg l W 1 i 5 i Y YV Marguerite Bussey John Bustamante Karen Buswell Vay Butler Susan Bybee Shirley Cabral Gary Camp Gail Campbell Leonard Campbell Michael Carlisle Carmen Carmona Russell Carr Richard Carpenter Steve Casalina Al Casatico Douglas Charters Genevieve Chavez Allen Cherry Lucy Christy Barry Clark Francis Clark Barbara Clausen Jo Ann Clifton i ,, ,7 , ,, ?. , Barbara Colisos Robert Collier Susan Conroy Mario Conti Bob Cooley Jean Coppeck Ray Corsi Wesley Cotton Judith Cowardin Bob Cowell Marian Crowson Richard Cummings John Cunningham Robert Carrey Karen Dahlquisf Larry Dalberti Gary Daniel Bill Dash Al Davids Carol Ann Davis James Davis Jude DeBose Diane Delfreitas Janet DelCanTe Linda DeLeon Jim Dennis Bill DePew Deann DeRusha Linda Descornbes Milo DeWitte Juanita Diaz Charles DiBari Danna Dickenson Daniel DiViTa Patricia Dandaiewski Colleen Dooley Carol Douglas Barbara Draper Carol Duncan Elizabeth Dunkin Duffera Carole Eberhard Ken Eberhard Albert Edwards Jaan Edwards Sharon Edwards Kathy Eelsing Mike Farris aria M Rita Eenige Jeff Ehrenpfort Pat Elliott Gloria Encalada Mike Erile Carolyn Estes Paul Evins Louis Fanfa Al Favro Parry Rae Felt Mike Ferguson Richard Fernandez Les Ferrari Bill Ferrell Dennis Fischer Marian Fish Ray Flores Yvonne Fonseca Tom Ford Dick Foth Sandra Fox Charlene Fredrickson Donna Freitas Loretta Freltas Nancy Stephen Frisch twigs! , Wayne Fry Barbara Fume Fred Gallegos Donna Gates Paul Gazzarmo James Gerlach W Lorna Gillio Heather Gillon Joyce Galena Mary Glockner Judy Gold Sharon Glasgow Sherman Gletti Robert Gooby Karen Green Elaine Guadag Sid Greenebaum F10 Patricia Judy Greenly Dennis Grewer Luzanne Guidici Gloria Guhl Ray l-l Arlene Hamstad Mike Hankin Harold Hansen Joyce Hansen James Gomez X Gouveia Robert Graham Mike Greaney .nr-M Linda Griffin OfT'll'Y1eF 'l i 5 , k , ,Ex Barbara Harcher Richard Harold Dario Hernandez Sylvia Hernandez Larry Herrera Margaret Herrick ' 11, gi - 4 'S W David Hill Robert Hill Ray Hinck ,:,f?f's 111525 Albert Hollinger Mary Howard Penny Huckler Barry lsenberg James Jackson Mable Jackson -j is? aj ,,, . , . W3 S fi, :,gQ,s,5' Dennis Holland James Huff Lily Irving Yvonne Jackson I-gRee Jensen Ken Jirnosse Marion Johansen Rudy Johnson Sidney Johnston 1 l 2 Beverly Josephs June Jovan Mark Jurich Valea Kee Marjorie Keegan Kathleen King Ronald King Nicholas Kish Fred Kling Ken Kramm Jeanne Krug Alice Laird Jeanette Lapine Mike Larm Karen Larsen Larry Lauritzen Lee Lauritzen Paul LaVene Emily Leal Velda Leary Loretta Lechandro Charlotte Leffal Mary Lehne Larry Lewis Judy Lieu Joe Livak Fred Logan Irma Logan Lulu Rose Lornberg Kay Loreen Denny Lorette Larry Lozier Ben Lucero Terry Lysne Jeannette Ma-:Leod Joe Maes Steve Mainieri JoanneAMarchetti Ken Marr Patricia Martin Ray Martin Robert Martin Socorro Martinez Carol Martinovich Judi Masinter Judy Massey 4 I 1 1 Wes Matheson Linda Mathison Pat Matthews Betty Mayo Townsend McCan Robert McDougall James McGee Bernis Corol McSherry Elizabeth Medeiros George Medeiros McGill Joanne L Cita Mendonza McPeak Steve Migliore Janet Miies , ' lbs-f Miller John Miller Moffett John Redell Moore Bonnie Mora Richard Moreno Janis Morgan Marjorie Morgan Sandra Morgan Nile Morrow Fran Morte Thomas Mullins Angelinfl MUHOZ Joy Munson Mal Murray Peter Muzio George Nackos Ronald Nakonieczny is as WM we Q---,,..: ,:,2 'i4. HW . fi. . ., Y'-lf5fQjviTl f 2 ' f - . li 75, VM. , ,-.Iliff In ,V ::5i:?Il525i1M:j::L.QiIs5i5efl?145350 " ' : V ':A""9::- --ii.: Huff: 'V A I 55, - egg 'i' A, 4, 1 , 915' if ' W 'gan Chris Nelson Dolores Nickels Chrisanthy Nickolas David Norris Kortner Nygard Gilbert Oliveira Karen Olsen Robert Olson Patricia Ortiz .,m.i,,, . ir? P 'fwwm i 3 3 A ,Skim-if 5245? K JH' Lai: 1' 2 :--7 ff 125451 'Heil so aw 2 S Qi 71 X 2 I X is. 6 it e T in Sn we wig 3 i 3 Q ll X I -at X , M...y- K Barbara Pace Norman Pacheco Estella Padilla Jo-Ann Paparelli Jerry Parker Judy Parshall Sue Pearson Patricia Pehrson Bonnie Perkins James Darryl Petersen Rita Peterson Shelly Peterson Walfred Peterson Bill Petros Charles , ,.,,Mwfre- Sharon Phillips Marta Pitcher Gary Phillips Robert Phillips Brenda Ponder Judy Pottol Shirley Powers 0'-X Vit Claudia Prazak Noherna Ramirez Ann Ramos Shirley Ramsey Judy Rand Martin Raurnann Guy Raymond Sharon Rea! Betty Reed Rosemary Reichert Jo Ann Rernund Raymond Reyes Paul Rice Marlyn Rich W Robert Rieger Carol Rieker Robert Robertson Bruce Robinson Judith Robinson Marlyn Rocha Jackie Rodgers Stephen Rodriguez Frank Rogers . in Armando Roman Marie Rose Marge Rottman Joe Roybal Maxine Rueda l l DelV0Y Rydman Judy Sagehorn Katherine Sandoval John Schaecher Robert Schleicher Hunter Schlesser Gary Schmidt Bonnie Schoenecker Patt Schroeder ' Patricia Shamess Roy Shivers Dolores Silva Sharon Sims Gary Singleton Norman Simon , MQW S vw?--'ww 43-'E"'v" ,,- , ' - 'iii Marilyn Smilovitz ,fr K Bonnie Smith Carol Smith Elwell Snow Patricia Soberanes Tom Sooter Kathleen Sorensen John Souza Edward Stanbridge William Souza Lois Spann Jean Spradlin 4' G05 ' , ll A ml P ... - l,,.- ' Q me 1 Gary Stange Linda Gayle St. John Stark Betty Stenson Leonard Stephens William Jane Lorraine Sutton Diane Taber Judy Tqgge Eddie Tappan Dorothy Tate Barbara Taylor Linda Thompson Janice Tiggs Doug Todd oney Dale Treiber David Trejo Barbara Trowbridge Dave Trumbly Jo Ann fi. L im, HE .Q L wiifrf T T alrr E. N . K mi Lucille Valderrama Armida Valenzuela Benito Valerio Laroice Van Horn 1 ' , , , , ,.,: - 1 15135. ix ' V '-msg Marian Vaughn Don Veronda Mary Vieira Don Vindelov Marti Viramontes Bill Vomacka Gerald Wagner Jerome Waldman Dawn Walker Tom Walker Marjory Wall Ralph Wanner Jean Ward Grant Warner Gail Warness Mary Ann Washington Daniel Webster Pall' Wellbrook Charlene Wendernuth Nancy White Bob Wickes Janet Wilburn Frazier Wilson Judith Wilson Rita Walker Shirley Watson Edwina Weber Mary Wilson Don Winge Gary Winnie Sandi Winter Robert Wohlenberg Hilton Wang Marty Wool Cathleen Wortman Linda Wray Florence Yee ---i Shirley Young Margie Zavala Donna Ziehn Barbara Zike Lenny Z lalca Carla Sinz Sandra McCulloch Mary Candelaria Lenore Friedman NOT PICTURED: Larry Albright Ron Anderson Fred Baumgartner Dave Bell Levester Dowden Ron Geddins Albert Jarrnillo Marvin McClelland Karen Mae Art Moreno Joanna Myers Paul Nichol Velma Phipps John Proctor Jerry Rieker William Seals Robert Silva Laroice Van Horn - -f ,, 'zijn ., In f' "3 lg 531 e 1 "" f Q W -' r i E-lm! , , ii to , Q A .K f ,M ,1 will r leaf? Q WM A kW3i1EfTlfP3',. ' ' W, 'M mwy 'df' wa . ,, ,, , , 5, BZZQMLA Carole Abrott f"f,,f3f 1 5 - y 'W Gayle St. John Carol Smith Allen Cherry Wes Matheson 1' ' ,. . ,. Eddie Belling Barbara Blum Drama v W + , itll kllu sl A 5 .9 QQ ,Q 'A h wQQ X JZ q A 5, gag g g,5,:f,i A 3 -S, 4 W" i f Q i '2X ,1i Q w ii 5 i Q55 E 4, P Wifi 15. 12" 'inf suv 2 N . ' . " V :,A 4-wa, MP5,-2g,w wx, L 5 Q i i . u V ibm, ...L 1 ,h' 4 ' M 241 ' E51.'?g, Ffa ' 1 2139 Q-1 4w-, ,l M x .sfz fi Q! xr .ff : : " Boys' Glee FALL .f Sv has A Cappella Choir-Christmas Assembly SPRING and Dance Band v FALL President Duane Carlstrom SPRING ' President Dick rom SPRING ART WORSHOP FALL ART WORKSHOP SPRING J 4 FALL ART WORKSHOP ART WORKSHOP FALL STAGE CREW SPRING STAGE CREW FALL .lesters Present Senior Safari TERM PLAY-"l REMEMBER MAMA" Katrin Sally Squires Left to Right: Sally Squires, Pat Cain, Barbara Bradley, Sally Candids 7-iround School Term Play Rehearsal Mew Artists? 'SQ' K ?"i' avit ,W 5 ,X 1""f2. ms- f A Christmas Time ii? L roRuM SPANISH CLUB YA 4 LAMBDA OMEGA PHI President Louise Dent BUSINESS CLUB CREATIVE WRITING 1 - Q L Q9 JAZZ WHEEL CLUB Wie N me HOMEMAKING CHESS CLUB ARCHERY I-......-E22 me 1 EQ FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE Honor Clu s EBM Fall President Pat Trevitt TORCH AND KEY Spring President Parry Rae Felt Fall President Luzunne Guidici C. S. F. Spring President Bill Miller Y Clubs ALPHA CHI OMEGA Fall President Darlene Perry Spring President Kay Woolverton HORNETS Fall President Ron King Spring President Paul LaVene A , L , .. , W gage , I '1 . "-' f si e I l 'i . .1 'am V , Ii TRI HI-YI COUNCIL SIGMA RHO OMEGA Fall President Marlys Welsh Spring President Dawn Cantando I ,rs I :pf 'ai . I I ef i t . I -I. 1 Z ,, QA Q ' l ,5 . G ,Q :: ' Q A 5' ff f I re 2' .ri val iw A E WA Ry W X 4 3, lrrs gig I Z I 1. 4 Q' I, I K f, ,, ' 'A I . Lille? I " ,,k yr sq I A I 'A kim. f 1 Q I I. L 'JA 2 ' MARQUIS HI-Y Fall President Gordon Brandon Spring President John McAllister A I EXCALIBUR Spring President Lon Daivs SQUIRES HI-Y Fall President Bill Huburtt Spring President Bill Huburtt A10 i EXCALIBUR Fall President Bill Miller FUTURE TEACHERS 2 Fall President Diane DeFreitas ij "'L 1 9, I Spring President Linda Mathison ? LAMBDA THETA CH Fall President Jeri Garcia Spring President Lulu Lonnerburg A A up JPL Pl FUTURE NURSES President Bev Graham K K ,,.,. ,W iiii' A' KAPPA DELTA CHI .. W ' iv Fall President .V.. 1 ff ,f e " Diane Cravagan A " i" : f , ' " Spring President "A X Bev King ' Vi Q. .,,,. ,H . , ,,,,A . A ig I 1-: V I, V in 1 : if , Z, V E., T 'E " P , i an AE, 1 'SY H sa A 2 VIKINGS Full President Joe Livak Spring President John Wilcox CIDELLES President 1 Michuele Bolstod Q i I 4 I i i BOWLING TENNIS Fall President Sue Willan Spring President i Mary Ann Belvedere ' 9 6 5833, 1 zz 5 Mx aw 5 Sv sw A Q if ,iw if 5 "' 4 11' 4-.L .Mg 7 V M A 6 il M H V , A e My .f. Q. Q , ,QW a la, LA. K rfs ,, .- K 'W A . , nf, VI: Mg, yy 15 if 9' f,.,'Q.' Q ,E E, Bug' .. 7 -'ff- .fx -1 " - gwfa ,, Q' 'W 6 ef... .,,. fn. 3 M ' -6' .V-5, 3 wav. --ef. , f-"- S' rf vr a . u Q x I U 1 .QQ -1- ., 4 . x 4 o ,K f Q ' :fn s ' 1 5 E W 5 We 1 ! AQ' V- 6 e ' 1 Yo! g '- I 6 " Q oi 0 6 fn Pi W Q? if 5 gk Q5 2 4 Q aryl ' ff' K , A ' ,n I sue Q SE Ka: ,y f ' iw Q ' - Q Jliiik. X up Q37 9 Q NVVV?-E' V E M- f , H l i , 'J Q7 QQ, nfs, ' Q .Q Y I :g y .Q 'fl iliigk 'gm 755. Q .. C. . , r. . 1 V ,LVV . irkg ? e is I s 0 Q- A x . as Q N. . mf New -+ ,1' -'kg w M K ,, ! 5 , ,, . 5, Wg, , 5 . , f-1 if . f M '? 159 in f 44 f V in lu Wx, vue '-1 1 A 95 . :FQ , , 4 1 .I 4 , Z, , gf if X fx , ff, .1 , F . - if 35' V. "lag - ,5 - f -M 4 5 fNi: ff X? .f 'T'-'ix 1 911 K' 2: r rg Q gh? 3, A ij it 1: .A STUDENT COURT -W -wi? PUBLICITY TRAFFIC Spring I -I 1. 1 w N w 1 Q - . X Pl. V 'I T - FALL YELL LEADERS: FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Joan Edwards, Head-Parry Rae Felt, Karen Olsen. BACK ROW: Bev Battis, Charnette Grant. FALL SONG GIRLS: BACK ROW, Left to Right: Nadine Ancillotti, Jane Stutheit, JOHN C., Brenda Ponder, Sally Squires. FRONT ROW: Julie Fisk, Head-Geri Garcia, Meg Herrick. ligwawf W K Varsity Football Q 1 i """"'l: FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Coach Bob Wasgett, David Cario, Jack Brown, Gary Schmidt, Barry Clark, Jim Huff, Gordon Brandon, Ken Altman, l John Olver, Mr. Svendsen.-THIRD ROW: Jerry Parker, John McAllister, Ed Schenneck, Ray Reyes, Jim Snead, Don Monzo, Leonard Stevens. , SECOND ROW: Allen Cherry, Dennis Baker, Bill Black, Jim Banks, Gary Daniel, Mac Lane, Bob Gomez, Rick Putnam. FIRST ROW: Student Mgr. James Hoover, Gary Galloway, Rudy Johnson, Bill Devine, Steven Gebhart, Larry Smith, Art Price, Guy Raymond, Student Mgr. Ed Mascote. J. V. Football P L. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Stan Korich, Bill Thornton, Don Huston, Harold Jorgensen, Paul Smith, Jerry Barten, J. B. Ross, James Ross, Robert l Houston, Joe Tesorieri, Tom Thompson, Ronnie Kelly, Bill Ziegler, Jim Rand. BOTTOM ROW: Len Magnani, Dale Fairchild, Mike King, Gary Brenneman, Jim Altman, Stan Kelly, Don Rogers, Rich Kuechle, Jose Ramirez, Jim Mitchell, Mike Mincola, Cliff Miller, Robert Castle, Student Managers Leroy Benevento and Mark Marconi. 1 R o . O f- SL? 1 'X Q f, .AJ-gfgqvrh :V .gf-W'f'f '- ' A ,fML,g2w'5.xEi Wi' .x'hm"" '-mf . 1 ff sr ,- 'x 1' If . Y if ffl!-35, Q 4 ' Ji' -' 3 , A . ,,-4 .' I f. f ,gw , 7' ff-ff' K Yf-.44 . Wf.,,,1,, X ,U 1 ww 5 ,vm x Q I Www ,M in ,p 2 1" mfs M V Er, .v. . A, f QMQJFE' " ' figswxf av E f ??"".,f:- ,, ,. A ' '.f:.:j,v' , K ' M 1 Q ww- if y W fl rv .+.,,,f LP 4 xf 1 1 Q mmf' -fi .X -2 ' W iff? f'.5',,',1 ' ai 'M-, 'A Q ., 0 f Q , f.1 wg ,iff 1 Q , ,vm-11 a r .gf A' 3, 1, sf , ,, ,V , fx .,A,,Hk ov ,ev avi" 'H A-X:,,"fi!Mi ,,,,.M, L, ,,.-JM A, ,,, X A ,. Wfxvv Im. pf?-,Q 1, ,, 1 4 4 s . 4 5,15 .Ms . . 'i ', PM sf' ai" E H M515 W V, as W -Q ff ,, Q 'f :"?'ff?zsi'5'wY.,f .5 ft J Wyxw. K ji fn vf Art Price Ed Schennecll McArthur Lune Ray Reyes . 41. Guy Raymond Ken Altman Bill Devine ' K M .,., ,, Q Q f Kp .'- . . . , ,..., . ,-. W -..1:4,::. --...- , .. . N .4 . . . W- Q- n ., ,. ,.... ,Q . , ..-,.. .. .. . ., , ., V. . ,- V . . . . Larry Lauritzen Ben Webifel' Mike Ferguson Ray Hanson VARSITY BASKETBALL TOP ROW: Manager Chris Marshall, Ray Hanson, Lee Lauritzen, Jim McGee, Clarence Harrison, Larry Lauritzen, Ben Webster, Coach Leo Allamanno. BOTTOM ROW: Mac Lane, Elton Skilleron, Soccoro Martinez, Norm Pecheco, Larry Ybarra, Dick Hartwig, Mike Ferguson. 3 'Z Lee Lauritzen Norm Pecheco Clarence Harrison Soccoro Mqrhnez JAYVEE BASKETBALL TOP ROW: Coach Leo Allamanno, Hal Jorgenson, Rick Putnam, Jack Copland, Ken Chaconas, Billy Dixon, Gene Crenshaw. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon Gooby, Ken Matheson, Tom Ford, George Chavez, Ron Parker. 5 BACK ROW, Left to Right: Coach Hal Bervan, Larry Herdera, Bob Martin, Art Price, Bob Ragno, Guy fb , Raymond, Rich Kueckly, Bob Graham, John Moore, Paul Smith, James Ross, Jerry Parker, Lon Davis. MIDDLE ROW: Ed Mascole, Jerry Herdera, George Yothers, Ray Robertson, Gary Staples, Bernard T evuzo Dan Webster Joe Alamillo Bob Houston Chester Raulston Gene Mori FRONT ROW Captain i ggissligiiilkogjglhiaargdkuhllgaiold, Alonzo Milier, Don Haug,, John Mardues, Jerry Rickier, Larry WN 'ff in WW We ii Wwkiifw WW W f f ,Q R f if fl! ' fziffziffiywfff I-1 F P 1 1 w RALLY COMMITTEE Fall President - Ben Bell gag? f Y ' r-QQ F Full President - Mike Ferguson Us 9 Track BACK ROW, Left to Right: Tom Campbell, Rudy Johnson, Sam Holmes, Bob Gooby, George Evart, Alan Habett, Lee Lauritzen, Jack Copland, Steve Groswald, Pete Muzzio, Angelo Alonzo, Steve Gebhardt, Gary Schaffer, Coach Stan Korich. MIDDLE ROW: Mike Ferguson, Paul Larson, Martin Frates, Dave Colburn, Bill Ferrill, Dave Wyman, Jim Gerlach, Mike Mincolla, MacArthur Lane, Gary Pinto, Melvin Baker, Jim Snead. FRONT ROW: Milt Piver, Bill Simms, John Fletcher, Ron Geddins, Jose Ramirez, Ron Buford, Gary Purnell, Bernis McGill, David Young, Harvey Kirton, Ray Flores. Baseball 5 i z I FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Larry Mezenski, managerg Binky Howard, Max Lewis, Larry Rembrandt, Mike Silva, Dan Sanchez, Bob Howard, Ron Luperine. SECOND ROW: Ron Benevides, LeGrande Williams, Hal Jorgenson, Don Munro, Bill Basacker, Rick Putnam, Soccoro Martinez, Coach Leo Allamanno. BACK ROW: Jeffrey Lima, manager, Steve Davidovich, Jim Woodard, Lester McDonald, Milton Miller, Richard Moore, Ken Matheson, Mike Cunha, Norm Pacheco, Steve Rodriguez, manager. BASEBALL Nl ""iq...-f ,,,Wqiw , fi, , . STANDOUTS Soccoro Martin Mike Silva Bob Howard Don Sanchez BMI Basacker Varsity Swim Team x 'L X , BACK ROW, Left to Right: John Rapp, Richard Wood, Don Riggs, Richard Quigley, Bill Conduit, Mr Svendsen, MIDDLE ROW: Dale Robertson, Jim Ussery, Charles Eastman, John Skov, Don Putnam FRONT ROW: Art Price, Joe Livak, John Wilcox, Gary Baker, Walt Becher. Dan Milne Joe Livak ii JQEJZ' U V s. ,W ,,,,, 1, J M , . , V, 1 4.f. 5 N' Mi. , J f 4 ,MW lv I ,feb rv, .., s. , ,.,f . , V . f.-,, i Q , ." ' f" ' ,,. e e, W-. J H C fa - : "" ' ' " 71 ' '-A 5 A A, s rn is NVV,V.?i,jg4,:gi?i , m ' . , " g .-'?'f'fH.',',ff ' , Tf'f'y.,, 'N r IV., ,A jyzji . ,., Vy4RV .? its 4V V .ll ' V wma gg 5 VVVV, WMM . V A J VV VVV - lil M , , 'Q . ,, V ., My ,S J , , 1 ,mas , A f , 4 ' e"s 'A ' ' ,yggiygf f gfgf,1:g'f,,. , f.f, eggs, if Q V .,. H ' f V ,tw tw ' .imp V 1 5 , k , 55, Sk . W. M' fW :f f ... f1" ' f ' ' 'W i f i l ' f ' ' , ' F --4 Y 'Q -F,jw,f lp, ,, A, A 2 ,,,, - -, A 'L " '1 'N ,-, V y,3VK,s YV, , ,V ,, VV ,, .VV , s ,W f 2 , , X M-y -Q t A ., .. , . , V vs 7' , ix! ' ""."f'- ,Vt ng, J fa. -alef tseci f il 1 il S if i E Q FUTURE O.A.L. CHAMPIONS J. V. Swim Team BACK ROW, Left to Right: Richard Hasha, Fred Munich, Willie Evans, John Miller, John Thomsen, Jose Rodriquez, Mr. Svendsen. MIDDLE ROW: Paul Johnson, Gary Phillips, Mike Morrison, Del Fairchild, Ken Dickerson, John Dillon. FRONT ROW: Klaus Barre, Gary.Miller, Paul Smith, Jim Jones, Gary Brenneman, Paul Habelt. Rrou nd The Pool LEFT T0 RIGHT: John Wilcox Mr. Svendsen. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mr. Svendsen, Don Riggs, Dale Robertson, Gary Wood, Paul Habelt. OUT OF THE WATER: Mal Murray, Mr. Svendsen, Gary Wood, Paul Habelt. IN WATER: Wall' Becher, Gary Baker, Bill Conduit. if - -v V Y YW Tenni Team BACK ROW, Left to Right: Coach Dorothy Wilson, Bob Strom, Manager: Dennis Grewer, John Torgerson, Joe Corea, Glen Bowling, Bill Bernard, Steve Pittlick, Steve Kohl. MIDDLE ROW: Ron Matthews, Don Smith, Pete Bowman, Les Hankin, Phil Simons, Barry lsenberg. FRONT ROW: Sam Holmes, Mike Todd, Dan Ducos, Ron Carter, Mike Hankin, Dan Alex. if BACK ROW, Left to Right: Don Nofte, Dave Jones, Ken Nobson, Dan Johnson, Bob Goodman, Ed Bercovich. FRONT ROW: Mr. Abud, Wes Schimmelphennig, Jim Brown, John Chargin, Bob Roggiero. ii JQQ9 PEW' 22 12' iles . 'lip' like il BACK ROW, Lett to Right: Coach Howard Svendsen, Steve Clark, Jerome Waldman, Gary Staples, Don Gomes, Mike Nelson, Tom Bosko. MIDDLE ROW: Rich Harold, Larry Herrera, Dan Webster, Doug Webster, Doug Hawk, Jett Ehrenptort, George Gomez, Bob Flatt. FRONT ROW: Ken Marr, Tom Ford, Jim Altman, Jim Snead, Norm Araiza, Lon Davis, Ken Altman. Lon Davis J. D. Snead 1 if 4 b 4' Q.. Z SPRING YELL LEADERS Left to Right: Sandy Stockham, Dave Colburn, Head, Karen Olsen, Toby Wright, Yvonne Fonseca. SONG LEADERS TOP ROW, Left to Right: Sharon Edwards, Sue Bybee, head, Arlene Hamstad. BOTTOM ROW: Sena Andersen, Sharon Real, Judy King, Sharon Coleman. , Sports Queen Y Left to Right: Jeri Garcia, Kathy King, Alberta Leach. I. Left to Right: Carol Brugge, Flame Editor, Kathy King, Attendant, Jeri Garcia, Queen, Alberta Leach Attendant, Linda DeVos, Flame Editor, Mr. Waugh. COMPLIMENTS OF THESE FREMONT CHEVRONS CLUB Doug Charters, Fall President Bill Ferrell, Spring President A CAPPELLA CHOIR Mickey Blair, Fall President Steve Gebhart, Spring President KAPPA TH ETA CHI Diane Cravagan, Fall President Bev King, Spring President BOYS' GLEE Ed Ghiorso, Fall President Redell Moore, Spring President Compliments of FREMONT'S P.T.A. Compliments of JESTE R'S WORKSHOP Duane Carlstrom, Fall President Dick Foth, Spring President TORCH Cr KEY Pat Trevitt, Spring President Parry Rae Felt, Fall President CLASS OF JUNE, 1961 Mike Freeman, Fall President Audrey Zwall, Spring President SIGMA RHO OMEGA Marlys Welsh, Fall President Dawn Cantando, Spring President BUSINESS CLUB Harriet Gilbert, Fall President Jo Ann Clifton, Spring President CLASS OF JUNE, I959 John Moore, Fall President John Moore, Spring President VIKINGS Joe Livak, Spring President ' John Wilcox, Fall President EXCALIBUR Bill Miller, Fall President Lon Davis, Spring President CLUBS, GROUPS, INDIVIDUALS LAMBDA THETA CHI Jeri Garcia, Fall President Lula Rose Lonnberg, Spring President BLOCK F Mike Ferguson, Fall President Mike Ferguson, Spring Presidnt GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Pat Berrien, Fall President Pat Berrien, Spring President FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE CLUB Karen Hendrickson, Fall President Armand Marcelino, Spring President ALPHA CHI OMEGA TRI HI-Y Darlene Perry, Fall President Kay Woolverton, Spring President WHEEL CLUB Ken Nestler, Fall President Russ Carr, Spring President soumss Hi-v Bill Hubartt, Fall President Bill Hubartt, Spring President FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Bev Graham, Fall President Mary Wilson, Spring President CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Luzanne Guidici, Fall President Bill Miller, Spring President HOMEMAKING CLUB Cathie Fisher, Fall President Cathie Fisher, Spring President SPANISH CLUB lLos Habladoresl Linda Janowski, Fall President John Souza, Spring President LAMBDA OMEGA PHI Y-Teen Louise Dent, Spring President CLASS OF JUNE, I960 Rich Migliore, Fall President Bill Hubartt, Spring President COMPLIMENTS OF FREMONT'S MANY BUSINESS FRIENDS ROBAK'S PAINTS AND WALLPAPER ALBURT'S MEN'S WEAR Paint Store-Morwear Paints-100W Pure 5812 Foothill Blvd.--Al Robak RUSSCRAFT Hobbies 6015 Foothill Boulevard FOOTHILL PHARMACY Ron Shewfelt-KEllog 3-0522 3266 Foothill Blvd. at Coolidge WARD'S ICE CREAM ANdover 1-4846 Ice Cream, Cakes, Pies, Individual Desserts, Sugar-Free Ice Cream-5404 Foothill Blvd. VERT, INC., CAMERAS 5351 Foothill Blvd.-ANdover 1-2434 Camera Shop-Rentals-Open Friday Evenings PACIFIC BOWL 7425 East 14th LOckhaven 9-1717 WALDOW JEWELERS 3206 East 14th Street Watches-Jewelry-Silverware JOHNNY'S RICHFIELD Gas Station-Motor Tune-up-Brakes Repaired 5490 Foothill Blvd.-KEllog 2-7482 A. D. Murphy A MURPHY REALTY CO. 3716 Redwood Rd.-KEllog 2-4980 REDWOOD HEIGHTS MARKET Harold and Frances Nielsen Meat and Groceries-3606 Redwood Road SPROUSE-REITZ CO. Limited Price Variety Store-A Western Organization 5263 Foothill Blvd. KRIEGS Men and Boys Wear East 14th and 34th Avenue Al Robak ROBAK'S PAINTS AND WALLPAPERS Morwear Paints-100'Ka Pure 5812 Foothill Boulevard SW 8-4616 HIGH ST. PHARMACY Prescription Druggists 4255 MacArthur Blvd. AN 1-1335 FREEMAN Cr ROWE CHEVRON STATION Official Brake Station No. 4284 4900 Calaveras-ANdover 1-8482 "Home of the Student Charge Account" 3244 Foothill Blvd. Open Every Nite Till 9 p.m. Mon. Thru Sat. ED'S AUTO PARTS Rebuilt Parts Exchanged-New and Used Parts Automobile Glass Installed 752 High Street, Oakland 1, Calif. KEllog 2-1833 AW IH NE HONE SERVICE, INC C7 , ommercialTelephone Answering Service Edythe A. Pierce, President 3022 East 14th, Room 212-KEllog 4-7211 Compliments of HAZEL ISLIP AND FRIENDS RAINBOW BARBER SHOP 2554 Foothill Boulevard E. Blaine Compliments of FRUITVALE NURSERY SCHOOL 2101 Fruitvale Avenue-KE 6-1256 Child Care - State Licensed Mr. and Mrs. Colvin Brugge H. F. DICKSON Auto Supplies and Accessories 3811 East 14th Street-AN 1-4911 RANSOME COMPANY 4030 Hollis Street Emeryville 8, California ST. REGIS PAPER CO. G. L. King-1855 1st Ave.-San Leandro Multi-Wall Paper Bag Mfgrs. TOWN AND COUNTRY MARKET Meats-Frozen Food-Produce KE 3-7753-3580 Redwood Road McCALL DRUG CO. Prescriptions-Pharmacists 5296 Foothill Blvd. DR. HERMAN W. JONES Optometrist Corrective Vision-1425 Franklin St., Oakland ALLENDALE PHARMACY Quality-Courtesy-Service 3000 38th Ave.-KE 2-6641 Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors' ROGERS-A MAN'S SHOP 1209 Broadway-Oakland 1196 E. 14th St.-GLencourt 2-3456 CLASS CUT-UPS Mickey Blair, Carmen Miranda TED ALLEN-Track. NADINE ANCILLOTTI - Song Leader, Jester's Workshop, H10 Vice-Presi- dent, Co-Chairman of Senior Dinner. FRED AWISUS-Jester's Workshop, Stage Crew. DOROTHY BARTONI-Swimming, Com- mercial Art. BEV BATTIS-Assistant Song Leader, Yell Leader, H10 Class President, Jester's Workshop. JONI BIRCH-L10 Vice-President, H12 Representative, Jester's Workshop, Senior Steering, G 81 G Reporter. MICKEY BLAIR- L10 Representative, H12 Representative, President A Cap- pella Choir, Senior Sterring, Jester's Workshop, Rally Committee. JUNE BOLLA-A Cappella Choir, Future Teachers of America, Dance Ill and IV. BARBARA BRADLEY-Torch and Key, C.S.F., Jester's Workshop, Winner Plaque Essay Contest 1957, Future Teachers. MELANIE BROPHY-Torch 81 Key, Jest- er's Workshop, G 8- G, Girls' Glee, Big 81 Little Sister Party. Senior Records Class of January, 1959 BUNNIE BROWN-Torch 8. Key, G 81 G, Flame Sales Manager, Ass't Justice, Delegate Assembly. VELMA BRYANT-Pep Club, Student Control, G.A.A. RICH BUICE-O.P.H.A., G 81 G. BOB BUSHNER-Jester's Workshop, Ex- calibur, Viking Hi-Y. PAT CAIN-L10 Representative, L11 President, L12 Vice-President, H12 Secretary, Senior Steering, Jester's. DWANE CARLSTROM -Justice - Student Court, L11 -Class Representative, Senior Steering, Jester's Workshop. STANLEY CHACONAS-Stage Crew. ROD CLARK-Prosecuting Attorney, Stu- dent Court, Saxon Hi-Y, Viking Hi-Y, Jester's Workshop, Rally Committee. BONNIE CLEARY- Delegate Assembly, "Know Your America" Speech Con- test. DEAN CLEVENGER-Swimming and Div- ing. TED DAVIDOVICH-Bowling Club Presi- dent, A Cappella Choir, Baseball, Block F. HARRY DAVIS-C.S.F., Block F, Swim- ming Team, Dance Band, Orchestra, R.O.T.C. BILL DEVINE-Delegate Assembly, Block F Vice-President, Football. LINDA DEVOS - H11 Representative, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Jester's Work- shop, Senior Steering, Co-Editor , Flame, Stage Crew. LINDA DOBYNE-L10 and L12 Repre- sentative, Chairman of Senior Ball, Senior Steering, Flame Sales Editor. MOST BASHFUL Jim Pittlick, Martha Hill ,- Senior Records Class of January, l959 BOB DUNBAR-G 81 G. VENORA DUNCAN-HII Representative, Senior Steering, Editor G 81 G Torch 8- Key, C.S.F. Life Member, C.P.H.A. President, Senior Mothers Tea. JIM ELDRIDGE-Block F. BARBARA EMMRICH-Girls' Glee, Choral. MARIE FERNANDEZ-Girls' Glee. DIANE FIGUIERA-Girls' Glee, G.A.A. SHERRI FIRTH-Torch 81 Key, G.A.A., F.T.A. JULIE FISK-Assistant Song Girl, Future Nurses Club, Treasurer, Jester's Workshop, Dance Ill. HAZ EL FRANTZ-Delegate Assembly. MYRNA FRASER-Torch 8. Key, C.S.F., Dance Ill, Art Workshop. BIGGEST FLIRTS Pat Cam, Mickey Blair and Pat Van Buren JILL FREITAS-Future Nurses Club, Sec- retary, Archery Club, Treasurer, Jester's Workshop. JERI GARCIA-Head Song Girl, Dance Ill and IV. MATTIE GEDDINS-Pep Club, Student Control, Delegate Assembly, Home- making. HARRIET GILBERT--Fremont Business Club President, Torch 8. Key, C.S.F. MARILYN GILL-Court Clerk, Public De- fender, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Jester's. RICK GOUVEIA-Rally Committee, G 8: G, Managing Editor Flame. CHARNETT GRANT - Assistant Yell Leader, Rally Committee. GARY GUNN - R.O.T.C. Competition I956-I959, Dance Band. RICHARD HANEY-Student Control, For- ensic, Science. SALLY HANSEN-C.S.F., Jester's Work- shop, Torch 81 Key. DON HAUG-Block F. PHYLLIS HAYWOOD - Art Workshop. Jester's Workshop. MARTHA HILL-Torch 81 Key, Pep Club, G.A.A. NANCY HILL-LIZ Representative, Sen- ior Steering, Torch 8r Key, C.S.F., Jester's Workshop. - .4 ,A .. 4. CUTEST COUPLE Yvonne Vierra, Jim Eldridge JAMES HOOVER-Block F, P. A. Crew, Student Control. LEON JEFFERSON-O.P.H.A., G 84 G, Boys' Glee. BEVERLY JONES - LIO Representative, LII Secretary, Yell Leader. FRANCES KING-Pep Club, G.A.A., Stu- dent Control, Gold Key Certificate of Merit. KARL KREPLIN-Student Body President, LI2 Class President, Delegate As- sembly, C.S.F., Excalibur Club Presi- dent, Bailiff. RUTH LATTIMORE-Pep Club, Home- making Club. ED LEVINE-G 81 G, Varsity Football. SANDRA MADRID-Delegate Assembly, Torch 81 Key, Girls' Glee. ROGER MANROW-O. P.H.A., C.S. F., Green 8. Gold, P. A. Crew. DIANA MANTOVAN - Art Workshop, LI2 Mother's Tea, Big and Little Sister Party. CHRIS MARSHALL - Block F, History Club, Math Club. ANN MARTIN-Sigma Rho Omego, A Cappella Choir. JAMES MATTHEWS-Excalibur, R.O.T.C. LINDA MAZZOLINI-HIO Class Secre- tary, Nondes. CARMEN MEANS-HII Class President. BEST LOOKING Marcia Steinberg, Pat Van Buren CARMEN MIRANDA - L11 Representa- tive, Dance III and IV, Jester's Work- shop, Delegate Assembly, Entertain- ment Chairman Senior Picnic. PAT MITCHELL - L10 Secretary, L11 Vice-President, L12 Secretary, Senior Picnic Chairman, Third Page Editor G8iG. GENE MORI-L10 Class President, Bowl- ing Club, Track, Wrestling. LYNNE MURRAY-Dance Club, Delegate Assembly. SHIRLEY NESBITT-Court Baliff, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Jester's Workshop, Future Nurses President. KEN NESTLER--Delegate Assembly, Stu- dent Control, C.S.F., Block F, R.O.T.C. Band. STAN NORBRIGA-Saber Club, Chevron's Club, R.O.T.C. Band. JOHN OLVER-Two Block F's, Football. LARRY OWENS--Chief Justice, H12 President, Senior Steering, Delegate Assembly, C.S.F., Baseball, Wrestling. JOAN PADLO-Girls' Commissioner, H10 Representative, Torch 8- Key, School Publicity. JAM ES PITTLICK-Jester's Workshop. JAKE RAEL-Chevron's President, R.O.- T.C., Choir. BOB RAGNO-Senior Steering, Viking Hi-Y, Vice-President, Block F. Senior Records Class of January, l959 NORMAN REITZ-Associate Justice, Ex- calibur, C.S.F., Life Member. DIANE SANTOS-Jester's Workshop, A Cappella Court, Secretary and Vice- President. BARRY SCALES - Greenwood Archers, Gymnastics. HARRY SCHILLING-Block F, Rally Com- mittee, Art Workshop, School Pub- Iicity. PHYLLIS SEIBEL - Comm. of Social Affairs, Torch 81 Key, President of Archery Club, Dance III and IV. MURIEL SHEWFELT-Commissioner of Public Relations and Safety, Torch 8. Key, Rally Committee, Jester's Workshop, Advanced Dance. ELTON SKILLERN--Hornets High-Y, Or- chestra, Band. SALLY SQUIRES - Jester's Workshop, Dance III and IV. ANN STEGGE-Choir, Girls' Glee, Pep Club. MARCIA STEINBERG-Jester's Workshop. NORITA STEVENSON-Youth for Christ. JIM STUART-Varsity Baseball, Track. BOB TAYLOR - Science Club, History Club, Track, R.O.T.C. Band. PAT TESDALL-Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Stu- dent Control,'Jester's Workshop, Sec- ond Page Editor G 8i G. LEANNA TEXEIRA- Delegate Assembly, Art Workshop, Chairman of Big and Little Sister Party. PAT TREVITT-Student Body Vice-Presi- dent, H11 Secretary, Torch 81 Key, Jester's Workshop, Orchestra, Dance III and IV. PAUL VESTAL--Student Control, A Cap- pella Choir. GERALDINE WAGNER--Girls' Glee, Choir. JOHN WILLIAMS - Associate Justice, Delegate Assembly, Chief Justice, All Club Council, C.S.F., R.O.T.C. DIAN E WISBROD-Girls' Glee. WES WOOD-H10 Representative, Rally Committee, Flame Staff, Art Work- shop, School Publicity. VICKI WOODS-Creative Writing, A Cap- pella Choir, Dance Ill and IV. WALT YOUNGMAN - H12 Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Steering, Wheel Club, Jester's Workshop, Varsity Swimming. FRIENDLIEST Bev Battis, Wes Wood CAROLE ABREW-Class Rep., Torch 81 Key, Delegate. CAROLE ABROTT--Class Rep., Delegate, Flame Sr. Ed., G 81 G, Torch 8. Key, Pep Club, O.P.H.A. LYNNETTE ADERMES-Delegate, Girls' Glee, A Cappella. MARY LU AGARD-Torch 81 Key, Dele- gate, Sigma Rho Omega. ANGELO ALONZO-Excalibur, Delegate, Track. DIANE AMANO-Torch 8. Key, C.S.F. Life Member, Senior Steering, Pep Club, Rally, G 8- G. JERRY ANDERSON-Chevrons, Sabers, Block F, N.R.A., Rifle Team. SENA ANDERSON-Delegate, Song Girl, Senior Steering, Rally, Pep Club. Senior Records NORM ARAIZA-Block F Gymnastics, Art Workshop. JAN ARNESE-Pep Club, G 81 G. DENNIS BAKER-Marquis, Block F Foot- ball. KATHY BARNES-Kappa Delta Chi, Ci- delles. JIM BANKS-Art Workshop, Block F Football. WALT BECHER-Class Representative, C.S.F., Block F Swimming, Senior Steering, Rally, Delegate, G 8. G, Flame Sports Editor, O.P.H.A. HARRIET BECK - Comm. of Social Af- fairs, Dance Committee, Sigma Rho Omega, Pep Club, Torch 81 Key C.S.F. Life Member, A Cappella, Jester's. BEN BELL-Class Representative, Jazz Club, Rally President, G 8: G, Swim Team, Flame Staff, Copy Boy. CUTEST COUPLES-Lynnett Adermes-John Schaecherg Carole Abrott-Allen Cherry ED BELLING-Class President, Class Vice- President, Comm. of Entertainment, Student Body President, Jester's, G 81 G, Flame- Staff. ANNE BERNARD-Jester's, Dance Com- mittee, Senior Steering, Delegate. BILL BERNARD-Jazz Club, Rally, Block F Tennis, Orchestra. BILL BLACK-G 8. G, Block F Football, Rally, Swimming, Flame Staff, Copy Boy. BARBARA BLUM - Comm. of Public Relations, Class Vice-President, Class Representative, Torch 81 Key, O.PH.A., Rally, Pep Club, G 81 G Flame Staff. ARLENE BOHN-C.S.F., Torch 8: Key, Jester's, Third Page Editor G 81 G, A Cappella, O.P.H.A. MICHAELE BOLSTAD-Cidelles, Creative Writing, Junior Achievement, Arch- ery, Tennis, Bowling, G.A.A. SHEILA BOOTH-Class Representative, Delegate, A Cappella, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Senior Steering. JO-ANNE BOTH-Lambda Theta Chi, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., A Cappella, Dance Committee. KAY MARIE BOTH-Lambda Theta Chi, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., A Cappella, Dance Committee, Girls' Glee, Rally, Pep Club. GLEN BOWLING-Excalibar, Varsity Ten- nis, Orchestra. BARBARA BRANDES-Torch 81 Key, Pep Club, First Page Editor G 84 G, 0.P.H.A. GORDON BRANDON-Delegate, Marquis, Varsity Football, Track. ROGER BRENNAN-Delegate, Dance Band, Orchestra, R.O.T.C. Band. f . Class of June l959 BOB BROUGHTON-Radio Club, Swim- ming, Block F, Jester's, Junior Arch- ery, Stage Crew. CAROL BRUGGE-C.S.F., Torch 8- Key, Flame Editor, G 81 G, O.P.H.A. GORDON BUCHAN -Associate Justice, Chevrons, Jester's, Dance Committee, Senior Steering, Student Control. BEN BUCK-Chevrons, Sabers, Rifle Team, N.R.A., Oakland Batt. Committee, R.O.T.C. LINDA BURR-C.S.F., A Cappella, Or- chestra. SUE BYBEE-Class Representative, Hd. Song Girl, Torch and Key, Rally, Delegate. MIKE CARLISLE-Wheel Club, C.S.F., Life Member, R.O.T.C. Band, Or- chestra. STEVE CASALINA-Orchestra, R.O.T.C. Band, Dance Band. DOUG CHARTERS-Block F, N.R.A., Sab- ers, Chevrons. ALLEN CHERRY-Delegate, Block F Foot- ball Rally, Wrestling, Green and Gold, Flame Staff, Jazz Club. BARRY CLARK-Hornets, Rally, Varsity Football. BARBARA CLAUSEN-Del., Torch 8. Key, C.S.F., Pep Club, Rally, Dance Com- mittee. BARBARA COLISOS-Cidelles, G.A.A. SUE CONROY-Class Representative. Delegate, Green and Gold, Pep Club. ROBERT COWELL-Chevrons, Sabers, Rifle Team, Block F. DICK CUMMINGS-Editor Green and Gold, Delegate, Chevrons, Sabers, C.S.F., A Cappella, Dance Commit- tee, F.T.A., Editor "Tigers Tales," O.P.H.A., Wheel Club. BOB CURREY-Sabers, Archery, Chevrons, N.R.A. KAREN DAHLQUIST-C.S.F., Cidelles, F.T.A., Tennis, Torch and Key, G.A.A., Delegate, Orchestra. GARY DANIEL-Block F, Vikings, A Cap- pella, Football, Baseball. CAROL ANN DAVIS-Cidelles, Pep Club, Archery, Orchestra. DIAN E DeFRElTAS-Class Representative, Delegate, Senior Steering, C.S.F. Life Membership, F.T.A., Torch 84 Key, Jester's. LINDA DeLEON-Delegate, Senior Steer- ing, A Cappella, Torch 8f Key, C.S.F., Lambda, Theta Chi, Rally, Jester's. BILL DePEW-Pep Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Track. LINDA DESCOMBES-Spanish Club, Pep Club Dance Committee. CHARLES DiBARl-Delegate, Senior Steer- ing, Bowling Club, C.S.F., Jr. Achieve- ment. JOANIE EDWARDS-Class Representative, Class Secretary, Student Body Sec- retary, Rally, Pep Club, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F,, Song Girl, Yell Leader, O.P.H.A., Green and Gold, Delegate. SHARON EDWARDS-Class Secretary, Senior Steering, Pep Club, Song Girl, Rally. RITA EENIGE-Girls' Glee, Tennis, Home- making. GLORIA ENCALADA-Delegate, Lambda, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., O.P.H.A., Green and Gold. PARRY RAE FELT-Class Representative, Head Yell Leader, Student Body Vice- President, Pep Club, Rally, C.S.F. Life Member, Torch 81 Key, Delegate, Song Girl, Green and Gold, O.P.H.A. CLASS CUTUPS-Marty Wool, Barbara Blum MIKE FERGUSON--Hornets, Block F, Basketball, Track. YVONNE FONSECA-Song Girl, Yell Leader, A Cappella, Rally. TOM FORD-Gymnastics, Track, Orches- tra, R.O.T.C. Band, Delegate. DICK FOTH-Y.F.C., Jester's. SANDRA FOX-Pep Club, C.S.F., Jr. Red Cross. NANCY FRENCH-Delegate, Jester's, Stu- dent Control, Dance Committee. STEVE FRISCH-Jester's, R.O.T.C. Band, C.S.F. BARBARA FUNE-Delegate, Pep Club, Dance Committee. CAROLYN GADSBY-Jester's, Creative Writing, Torch 81 Key, Pep Club, Associate Justice, Delegate. JOYCE GALENA-Senior Steering, Green and Gold, Flame Staff. DIANE GARCIA-Delegate, Rally, Dance Committee, Lambda Theta Chi. STEVE GEBHART-Class President, Class Vice-President, Vikings, A Cappella, Football, Swimming, Track, Block F, Orchestra. JIM GERLACH-Hornets, Block F, Rally, Football, Track. LORNA GILLIO-Cidelles, C.S.F., Torch 81 Key, Student Control. DICK GIPSON-Creative Writing, Dance Committee, Jester's. MARY GLOCKNER--Green and Gold, O.P.H.A., A Cappella, Girls' Glee, Pep Club, Rally, Cidelles. BOB GOOBY-Associate Justice, Wheel Club, Chess Club, Science Club, Track, Dance Committee, Student Control. KAREN GREEN-Pep Club, Torch 8. Key, Delegate. LINDA GRIFFIN-Lambda Theta Chi, A Cappella, Girls' Glee. BIGGEST FLIRTS-Guy Raymond, Barbara Fune, Linda Thompson, Jim Banks Senior Records LUZZANE GUIDICI-Senior Steering, Delegate, C.S.F., F.T.A., Torch 81 Key, Jester's. RAY HAMMER-Chevrons, Sabers, Green 8: Gold. ARLENE HAMSTAD-Class Representa- tive, Song Girl, Delegate, A Cappella, Rally, Pep Club, C.S.F., Torch 81 Key. MIKE HANKIN-Hornets, Tennis, Block F, O.P.H.A., C.S.F., Green and Gold. RICH HAROLD-Vikings, Block F, Wrest- ling, Gymnastics. SYLVIA HERNANDEZ-Pep Club, Stage Crew, Publicity. MEG HERRICK-Class Representative, Song Girl, Delegate, Sigma Rho Omega, Torch 81 Key, Dance Com- mittee, O.P.H.A., Rally, C.S.F. Life member, Second Page Green and Gold, A Cappella, Pep Club. LILY IRVING-F.T.A., Orchestra. MABLE JACKSON-Class Representative, Sigma Rho Omega, Pep Club. LaREE JENSEN-Bowling, C.S.F., Torch 81 Key, Student Control, Cidelles. RUDY JOHNSON-Delegate, Marquis, Block F, Track, Football. BEV JOSEPHS--C.S.F. Life Member, Torch 84 Key, Y.F.C., A Cappella. JUNE JOVAN-C.S.F., Torch 81 Key, Cre- ative Writing, Green and Gold. KATHY KING-Class Vice-President, Class Representative, Delegate, Sen- ior Steering, Green and Gold. RON KING--Hornets, Rally, Delegate. ALICE LAIRD-Y.F.C., Green and Gold, Girls' Glee, A Cappella. KAREN LARSEN-A Cappella, Y.F.C., c.s.F. LARRY LAURITZEN-Hornets, Block F, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track. LEE LAURITZEN-Hornets, C.S.F., Block F, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track. .-T1 lass of June JUDY LIEU-Girls' Committee, Delegate, F.T.A., Torch 81 Key, Y.F.C., Dance Committee, Student Control, C.S.F., Lite Member. JOE LIVAK-Senior Steering, Rally, Vik- ings, Block F, Varsity Swimming. LULU ROSE LONNBERG-Lambda Theta Chi, Rally, Pep Club. JEANETTE MacLEOD-Dance Committee, Pep Club, G.A.A. KEN MARR - Marquis, Block F, GGG, Wrestling, Gymnastics. BOB MARTIN-Archery, Chevrons, Swim- ming. SOCORRO CTOMJ MARTINEZ-Delegate, Baseball, Basketball, Block F. JUDI MASINTER-Senior Steering, Pep Club, Rally, Delegate, G 81 G. JUDY-MASSEY-Bowling, F.N.A., F.T.A. LINDA MATHISON-F.T.A., Dance Com- mittee, Pep Club, Bowling, Torch 8: Key, C.S.F., Jester's. BERNIS McGlLL-N.R.A., Chevrons, Sab- ers, Block F, R.O.T.C. Band, Dance Band. CAROL McSHERRY - Cidelles, Dance Committee, G.A.A. GEORGE MEDEIROS--Senior Steering, Hornets, Rally. BILL MILLER-Commissioner of Finance, Excalibur, C.S.F., Rally, President A Cappella. JOHN MILLER-Class President, Chief Justice, Wheel Club, President C.S.F. Lite Member, Jester's, R.O.T.C. Band, Orchestra, Term Play. MELISSA MIYOVICH-Class Representa- tive, Song Girl, Senior Steering, Torch 84 Key, Rally, Pep Club, O.P.H.A., Flame Staff. PAM MOFFETT-Jesters, Green 81 Gold, Delegate. JOHN MOORE-Class President, Green 81 Gold, Jesters, Publicity, Rally, Dance Committee, Block F, Track, Wrestling. l959 NILE MORROW - Commissioner of Fi- nance, Delegate, F.T.A., Spanish Club, Sabers. FRAN MORTE-Senior Steering, A Cap- pella, Torch 8t Key, Rally. MAL MURRAY-Class Representative, A Cappella, Vikings, Excalibur, Swim- ming, Delegate, Senior Steering, Rally, Orchestra. CRIS NELSON-Senior Steering, Radio Club, Archery, Swimming. GEORGE NACKOS-Rally, Track, Sports Editor G 8. G, O.P.H.A. KORTNER NYGARD-Boys' Committee, Excalibur, Track, Jesters, Orchestra, C.S.F., Senior Steering. KAREN OLSEN-Class Secretary, Head Song Girl, Head Yell Leader, Y.F.C., Pep Club, Rally, Torch 81 Key. NORM PACHECO - Block F, Baseball, Basketball. JUDY PARSHALL-Green and Gold, Torch 81 Key, A Cappella, R.O.T.C. Band, Orchestra. PAT PEHRSON-F.T.A., Torch 8. Key, C.S.F., Student Control, Orchestra. RITA PETERSON-Torch 81 Key, Y.F.C., F.T.A., A Cappella. BRENDA PONDER-Class Representative, Delegate, Song Girl, Sigma Rho Omega, Dance Committee, Girls' Glee, Orchestra, A Cappella. JUDY POTTOL-C.S.F. Life Member, F.T.A., Torch 81 Key, Green and Gold, Jester's, Orchestra. CLAUDIA PRAZAK-Orchestra, Student Control, C.S.F. Life Member, Torch 8: Key. SHIRLEY RAMSEY-Homemaking, Tennis Club. JUDY RAND-Torch 81 Key, Tennis Club. GUY RAYMOND-Class President, Class Representative, Boys' Committee, Ex- calibur, Football, Wrestling. SHARON REAL-Class Secretary, Dele- gate, Song Girl, Pep Club. RAY REYES-Marquis, Black F, Football, Publicity. FRIENDLIEST-Eddie Belling, Parry Rae Felt Senior Records Class of June l959 JUDY ROBINSON-Delegate, Student Control, F.N.A., Junior Achievement, A Cappella, Pep Club, Rally. STEVE RODRIGUEZ - Bowling, Spanish, Block F, Manager Baseball, Manager Basketball. MARGE ROTTMAN-Delegate, Y.F.C., Jester's, Flame Staff, C.S.F., Torch 81 Key, A Cappella, O.P.H.A., Green and Gold. I JUDY SAGEHORN-Class Vice-President, Green and Gold, Rally, Pep Club, Flame Staff. GARY SCHMIDT-Delegate, Block F Foot- ball. PATT SCHROEDER-Student Body Secre- tary, Class Secretary, Class Repre- sentative, C.S.F., Torch 8. Key, Sen- ior Steering, Pep Club, Rally. BILL SEAL--Vikings, Basketball, Gymnas- tics. GARY SINGLETON-A Cappella, Jester's, Delegate, Vikings. BONNIE SMITH-F.T.A., Pep Club, Lambda Theta Chi, Green and Gold MOST BASHFUL Steve Migliore Jeanne Krug CAROL SMITH-Delegate, Senior Steer- ing, Class Representative. PAT SOBERANES-Delegate, A Cappella. KATHY SORENSON-A Cappella, Busi- ness Club, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Delegate. JOHN SOUZA-Spanish Club, A Cap- pella, Student Control. LOIS SPANN-Delegate, Orchestra, G.A.A., Student Control, Foreign Correspondence, Bowling. EDWARD STANBRI DGE-Chevrons, Sab- ers, N.R.A. LINDA STARK - Sigma Rho Omega, Torch 81 Key, Pep Club. BETTY STENSON-C.S.F., Torch 81 Key, Sigma Rho Omega, Delegate, Stu- dent Control, Cidelles, Orchestra. GAYLE ST. JOHN-Class Representative, Class Secretary, Rally, Delegate, Sen- ior Steering, Song Girl, Green and Gold, Pep Club. SANDY STOCKHAM-Class Representa- tative, Song Girl, Yell Leader, C.S.F. Life Member, Rally, Torch 8. Key. DORA STORKOVICH--Pep Club, French Club, C.S.F., Torch 81 Key, Orches- Hd. BOB STROM-Tennis Manager, A Cap- pella, R.O.T.C. JANE STUTHEIT - Song Girl, Delegate, C.S.F. Life Member, Torch 81 Key, Pep Club, Rally, Jester's. DIANE TAB ER-Delegate, F.N.A. LINDA THOMPSON-Class Representa- tive, Comm. of Entertainment, Torch 81 Key, Rally, Pep Club, Senior Steer- ing, C.S.F., Jester's. JAN ICE TIGGS-Delegate, Homemaking. BARBARA TROWBRIDGE- F.T.A., Torch 81 Key, Archery, Tennis Club, Green and Gold, O.P.H.A. LAROICE VAN HORN-Senior Steering, Lambda Theta Chi, Pep Club, Dance Committee, Green and Gold, G.A.A. DON VERONDA-Hornets, Rally, Varsity Football. JEROME WALDMAN-Chevrons, Rifle Team, Block F, Gymnastics. DAWN WALKER-Delegate, Sigma Rho Omega, Cidelles. MARJORY WALL-Delegate, FTA, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Tennis, Fremont Forum, Dance Committee. JEAN WARD-Dance Committee, F.N.A., Homemaking. GRANT WARNER-Track, Dance Band, Orchestra. GAIL WARNESS-Delegate, Torch 8: Key, Pep Club. MARY WILSON-Torch 81 Key, F.N.A., Homemaking. MARTY WOOL-Delegate, Jazz Club, O.P.H.A., Flame Staff, Green and Gold. SHIRLEY YOUNG-Senior Steering, Y.F.C., A Cappella, Torch 8. Key. DONNA ZIEHN-Class Representative, Pep Club. BEST LOOKING Walt Becher Karen Olsen sq. pifi Ggfb Futographs ww "F ' W EW J 'W "' SQ y Ja 54W Ap ,NJ ' P A ,Ulf V " i 1 va, ' JR O96 1 QMS ggbff v Ko Q9 1? " Pl of XKDU . l ,V MJ W4 T ,tj Q ffxiglifld ' K fp! ff , Van V . 0003! ff' as Rf iii? Q ig 5, 7.2752 1Q if f A iw-2 S k4lf'5i7f5'f f Q, 'H HS 1 . 4' 30 Owfcgymf fia ,Q 5 WJ ff f CL M2240 250 M37 ' A V-WJ 4149 ,-at-MD , W Mgygtfj C , ,..-V 7 I f-XJ jffiflf M ',,711wW"' Q eumlm. Hamm, 9 5- Q 9 K . i .1 im My ZX tographs gf 326 WWW U QQ MTW?" at A 5 2 MMM wx Viv. '5J 1 M9 Yu QW Qy W ' W J , ULU n MUAWQM , lg! J U Af' 141 fn Hyder 5, ,V ,ufql V W, fix , M K0 ' J E SHE a ' WQ afMff,W,QQf ff fiiflfffy-Q MQW - fifff Wfffffhw WJQJJZZ0 W . F W ffbffffa 'wjpgfbrfjla ' ,0f7,i,w' WWA ffl Wffff ' fpwwpgfakddff f ?W5ffW, Mff W v r -vi' Q? lx ,. 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