Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA)

 - Class of 1958

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Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 125 of 152
Page 125 of 152

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Page 125 text:

ALFREDA ARNESON-Future Nurses, G.A.A., Archery, Swimming, Cidelles. MARILYN ATKINSON-Hll Rep., Hl2 Secretary, Pres. Tri Delta Gamma, Torch 8' Key, Rally, Sen. Steering, Cir. Ed. GGG, Delegate Assembly. JOHN AUEN-Delegate Assembly, Rally, Big 81 Little Sister Party. BRIAN BAGGETT-HIO Rep, LI2 Pres. Centurions, Jester's Term Play, C.S.F., Block F, All-City Tennis. JUDIE BAILEY-LII Rep., Tri Delta Gamma, Rally, Jester's Term Play, Lampllghters, Publicity Ed. GGG. JACKIE BAKER-Vice-President Kappa Theta Chi. DOROTHY BALDIT-Sigma Rho Omega. Organized Rooting, Youth for Christ, Jester's. DoANNE BEACH-L a m b d a Theta Chi, Synchronized Swimming, A Cappella. Orchestra, Dance IV. BARBARA BEALL-Comm. Social Aflairs, Kappa Theta Chi, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Rally, Future Teachers. HANNAH BERRY-Jr, Statesmen, G.A,A. Swimming. HENRY BITTER JR.-Del. Assembly, Jr. Achievement, Swim Team, Art Work- shop, P.A. Crew, Band, Block F. Boll BLANCHARD-vllnilgs, sigma Rho Omega, Swimming. SHEILA BLOOM-Torch 8. Key, GGG, Rally, Spanish. VALERIE BOLTZ-Associate Ju s t i c e, Chair. Sr. Ball, Spanish, Torch G Key, Future Teachers, Rally, Synchronized Swimming, Jester's, Del. Assembly. NICOLE BRACEWELL-Page 3 ed. GGG, Jester's, Del. Assembly, Rally, Girls' Glce, Ll0 Rep., C.S.F,, Torch 8- Key. DARYL alzscslls-rep, Rally, Lamp- lighters, Choir, Delegate Assembly. GEORGE BRENNAN-Assoc. Ju s t i c e, Chevrons, Science VP and Secy., Jr. Statesman, C.S.F., Alt. Del. to Model U.N. Q I BEST LOOKING Bob Bowser, Linda.Marr CAROL BRIDGE-Hll,Hl2 Rep., Torch 8- Key, Youth for Christ. DAN BUCKLEY-Pres. Jester's, Gymnas- tics, Asst, Pg. l ed. GGG, Dads Club, Nutrition Assembly, Term Play C H A R L E S CAGLE-Block F, Football, Track. PAT CALLAHAN-Business, Jr. States- man. KAREN CARPENTER-Kappa Theta Chi, Dance Comm. LEONARD CARREIRA--GGG Photogra- pher. SANDY CASTRO-Stu. Control. BARBARA CATHEY-Kappa Theta Chi. sue er' GERALD CATTELL-P.A., Saber, C - BIGGEST FLIRTS Sonja Hartman, Dennis Horan , , JOAN DOYLE-G.A.A., Creative Writing, rons, Science. Swimmin Ri - B. " ama. PENNY cHAMselzs-0-.,,L.. "4,'73 - olmsxovlcu-Lll see., l.lz ROBERT HST ,, 3gi,f.:-:iv ,U , Leaderhptylgzdes, Pep, Rally, femb ' .' A ' ri' ' ,. 2 --- ' L' 'H- .-Ef',MEK,-J'g",,1!:1"-'7!':5" I-"I,-,i-'La-f.5i,, ., Torch G GEORGE ry .-c. - Mel'-5'-f.f""'-'Z' a.s-,1.ev:ce.1':1w'-..- fu- BARBAR .fc if' . ' 2"" 4"'JfJp'1":'.,4-' ' 0' ' Li-n' Deltai mma '-'-2'3" V' ' -n'5' ii, i ' H 'U a u" ' T H. .fi 'L' "ml LAWYER coom- ri 5' fj,,?'.e- - - T ,, K Bond, Troubl 5a,.i.lilJ? iA 'i L . . ill? on 8 ey' r -,,,. l , ,r.. , ' " ' MIKE C056 , . .grae , . "WL ffggl, sigma cm. curl 47.-'ff 'i f- 5' 'dl 5'h.'lf", S' ' e Ch ,- 1.-1 .gf - 3-:L F 5. L gg, 1.33.13-3, V Y-Secretary, H10 Ga v . 'rf' .f -n u ww T'-zz, 2 - 1 li Bi Key, C.S.F., f .7 fig, "T - 4-1, Ed. Rosgkzt ei 31j+Qf','Qff,f, HM 'H-,ir x- .F., Dance Comm., fir ffl .43??1l'7 ' F -Ze 1- Gm 111-1 ,F -f-tg B i. K... Lambda f..?i'f . -J,'.z:f TT" ' ' ll 1 i, M . Rooting, Jester's, SHARON ew ' wrt: ,. J : pxx Ga Keyr C4394 ,',., l ivy:-.... .... You , 7.1 r, J' ati-3:,." -lg.:-3:-gg-43 TIM FARLEY7Centurions, Jester's, C.S.F. ' J --'I' - . ..-ff A"i 'Li1Q-.,----- -WN- LOIS DA 2? - Lg'?:1-rr-If --3'-FETTKE-A Cappella, mek, sleek Torch Gi Key. I F. NORAH DAVIS-Delegate Assembly, A Cappella, Delta Phi Beta, Pep, Art Workshop. SHARON De MERS-A Cappella, Jr. Achievement, Girls' Glee. BILL DENT-Football, Swimming, Dele- gate Assembly, Block F, School Pub- licity. JIM DePlETRO-R.O.T.C., G r e e n and Gold. DALLAS DODSON-Block F, C.S.F., Foot- ball, J.V. Baseball, Track. RAY DOUGLAS-Baseball. PAT FINCH-L10 Rep., Lll 8. HIZ V.P., Torch Bi Key, C.S.F., V.P. Nondes, Rally, Sen. Steer., GGG. MARY LOU FISTER--Youth for Christ, Synchronized Swimming. RONALD FLAIG-H10 Rep., Block F, Jester's, Sports Mgr. LINDA FLAMM-Lambda Theta Chi, C. S.F., Org. Rooting, Pep, Flame Art Ed., Jester's Term Play. ROLLIN FROST-Gymnastics - All-City, Jester's, Court. BILL GARCIA-Football, Track, Block F.

Page 124 text:

BEST LOOKING Carol Allen, Tom Turner LINDA MARR-Ed.-in-Chief GGG, Hl0 Sec., Lll V. P., Song Leader, Rally, Jester's Term Play, Torch G Key, Tri Delta Gamma. DOROTHY MARTIN-Youth lor Christ, Torch G Key, Jester's Term Play, Girls' Glee. MARILYN MARTIN-Jr. Statesman, Stu. Control, G.A.A. DAVID MASCOTE-Vikings, Block F, Mgr. Sports Teams. GERRY MONTI-Baseball, R. O. T. C. Band. DELORES MOORE-F u t u r e N u r s e s, Dance, Org. Rooting. GALE MORRIS-Stage Crew, Wrestling. SHARON MOTTORAS-Lambda T h e t a Chi, Business. 0. C. NOLAN-LIO Rep., Football, Track, Block F. LOUISE NYGARD-S. B. Vice-Pres., V. P. Ll2, Chr. LIZ Mothers' Tea, Pres. Torch 8. Key, C.S.F., Jester's Term Play, Sigma Rho Omega, Sr. Steer- gng,dGirls' State, O.P.H.A., GGG pg. e . DICKEY OLIVER-Art Workshop, Stage Crew, Schl. Publicity. GARRY PAPE-Chevrons, Jr. Statesman. BARBARA PARRY-Sigma Rho Omega, Girls' Glee, Art Workshop, Dance. JEANNE HATHAWAY PATTERSON- Hll Rep., Ll2 Sec., Torch 8i Key, C.S.F., Zeta Kappa Chi, Jester's, Del. Assem. VANCE PATTERSON-S a x o n s, P r e s. Rally, Block F, Basketball. BOB PATTERSON-Vikings. ED PENHOET-Sen. Steering, Actg. Comm. Finance, Wheel, J. V. Track, Jester's. NANCY PENNINGTON-Lambda Theta Chi, Torch Gi Key, Club Council, Swimming. DAVID PETTERLEE-Track. BOB PINSON-Wrestling. WILLIAM POWELL-Track. ALAN PRATT-Rifle Team. MICKEY PRICE-A Cappella, Block F, Football, All-City, Track. LOUIS PULIS-Youth for Christ, Sabre, Orch., Boys' Glee, A Cappella. WILLIAM REED-R.O.T.C. Band. BERNARD REMOALDO-J. V. Football, Stage Crew. PAT RIDGWELL-Art Workshop. DANNY ROGERS-Football. LYNN ROGERS-O.P.H.A., Pg. 2 ed. GGG, Torch 8i Key, Org. Rooting, Jester's, Del Assem. SYLVIA ROGERS-Song Leader, Torch 8. Key, Art Workshop. GRETCH EN ROTH-Jester's. ll' llsff- ,AJ ' lr no CLASS CUT-UPS Linda Marr, Larry Lawler CATHY RYLAN-Del, Assem., Torch 8i Key, Tri Delta Gamma, Rally, Jest- er's. MIKE SHULTE-Wheel. CLIFFORD SCHULTZ-S. B. Pres., Comm. Entertainment, C.S.F., Stu. Council, Jester's Term Play. JoANNE SCHWEIG-Sigma Rho Omega, Art Workshop, Jester's. JOAN SEBASTIN-Youth for Christ, Sig- ma Rho Omega, Jester's. JESSIE SEGUIN--Jester's Term Play, Zeta Kappa Chi, Sen. Steering, VP Hl2, Treas. Torch G Key. TONY SERTIN-Dance Comm., Track. ALBERTA SHAW-Bowling, Art Work shop. ALAN SILVER-GGG, Varsity Football, Track. LEE SOWERSBY-Swimming. SUE SQUIRES-Stage Crew, Sigma Rho Omega. JOANNE STAGNERO-Fut Nurses, Delta Phi Beta, Syn Swimming. FRED STORY-Boys' Glce, Choir JAMES THOMAS-Basketball. BILLIE RUTH THROWER-Torch 8 Key, Comm. Soc. Affairs, CS.F, Fut Nurses, G.A.A. ANTHONY TRUMBLY-Boys' Glee MICKEY VALENZUELA-Pres. A Cap- pella, Boys' Glec, Jester's, Wrestling NANCY VAN EVERY-Sigma Rho Omega, A Cappella, Sen Steering, Jestcr's, Sen. Dinner Chrmn. HAROLD VERONDA-F o o t b o I I, Stage Crew, Block F., Varsity Track. SANDY WALLINE-Stu. Body Sec., Torch G Key, Rally, A Cappella, Jester's, Sigma Rho Omega. JUDY WHITE-Art Workshop. GARY WILLIAMS-Battalion Commander R.O.T.C., Boys' Glee, Sabre, Tennis. MIKE WILSON-Swimming, Football. SHARON WINTER-Stu. Clerk, C.S.F., Torch 8 Key, Business. GARY WOOD-Comm, Entertainment, Sports Ed. GGG, C.S.F., Marquis, Rally, Jester's Term Play. SUE WOODBURN-Sen. Steering, Torch 8i Key, Jester's, C.S.F., Term Play Stu. Director. .fuzz TOM ALLEN-Football, Trallic. JOYCE ALVES-Delegate Assembly. JOHN ARELLANES-Radio, A r c h e r y, Track, Swimming, Gymnastics. LARRY ARMSTRONG-Swimming, Lamp- lighters, Green and Gold.

Page 126 text:

' FRIENDLIEST Ken Robie, Kathie Korts PAUL GARDNER-Wrestling, Block F. EDWARD GATES--Delegate Assembly. GAYLE GEBHARD-Pres. Nondes, Pep, Rally, Lamplighters, Choir, Del. As- sembly. JOYCE GEORGE-A Cappella, Orchestra, G.A.A. JEFF GIAMBRUNO-Gymnastics, Del As- sembly. KATHY GILLESPIE-Nondes. JUANITA GILLIAM-F o r e ig n Corre- spondence, Homemakers, G. A. A., Swimming, Dance Comm. MARILYN GILLIS-Del. Assembly, G.A.A. V.P., Swimming. BOBBY GOLDEN-Football, Baseball, Block F, Jester's. CARMEN GONZALES-Homemaking, Stu. Control. BOB GOODRICH-Football, Block F. KAY GOTTULA-Flame Ed., LI2 Song Leader, Sen. Steering, Lll Rep., V.P. Tri Delta Gamma, Del. Assembly, GGG, Rally, Jester's Term Play. JOANNE GRANATA-Hll Sec., Tri Delta Gamma, Rally, Pep, Del. As- sembly. LINDA GRANT-Kappa Theta Chi, Jr. Statesman, Dance Comm., Rally, Jester's Term Play. DAVID HALLSTROM-Boys' Comm., LIZ Rep., Boys' State, Jester's, GGG, Del. Assembly, Saxons, Excalibur. MARY JANE HALSEY-Big G Little Sis- ter, Chairman Sr. Dinner Menu. JEANIE HAMILTON--Kappa Theta Chi, A Cappella, Dance Comm., Art Workshop. MARVIN HAMSTEAD-C.S.F. WALTER HANHY-Football, Block F, Lamplighters, Jester's Term Play. DONNA HANSEN-C.S.F., G.A.A., Span- ish, Homemaking. SONJA HARTMAN-V. P. Youth for Christ, Sigma Rho Omega. SANDRA HATCHER-John C., Del. As- sembly, Tri Delta Gamma, Rally. MICKEY HOLLOWAY-GGG Photogra- pher. JON HOWERTON-Del. Assembly, Track. MARILYN HUMPHREY-C.S.F., Torch G Key, G.A.A., Sailing, Sr. Picnic Chairman. DEANNA HUNT-Future Teachers, Jest- er's Term Play, G.A.A., Modern Dance. JOHN HUTCHINS-Saxons, Stu. Control, Sailing, Orch., Boys' Glee, R.O.T.C. Band. KENT JACOBSON-Basketball, Sch. Pub- Iicity, Art Workshop. PERCY JEFFERSON-Football, Track, Block F, Jester's. CAROL JORGENSEN-Kappa Theta Chi, Dance IV. fl MOST BASHFUL Harold Williams, Dorothy Baldit SHIRLEY KASPERSON-LIZ Rep., Nondes, Torch 81 Key, Rally, Del. Assem., Lamplighters. GEORGE KEARNS-Jester's. ROSEMARY KEIHN-Del. A s s e m b I y, Homecoming. NORMAN KELLOGG-National Rifle- man's Assoc., CROTCI. JERRY KENNEDY-Stage Crew, Art Workshop, Sch. Publicity. DENNIS KENYON--Dance Band, Orches- tra. JOH N KERNS-Chevrons, Sabre. ROYCE KILGORE-Block F, Track, J.V., Football. KATHIE KORTS-S.B. Vice-President, LIO Rep., Sen. Steer., Rally, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Jester's Term Play, GGG Pub. Ed. GERRY LEWIS-Chief Justice, Comm. Fin., C.S.F., Rally, GGG. BARBARA ANN LIND-Lambda Theta Chi. DAVID LINDSTROM-A Capella, Youth for Christ. BOB LOGAN--Soxons. CHARLOTTE LOPEZ-Homemaking, Stu. Control, Del. Assembly. JOHN LORUSSO-Baseball Manager. FREDERICK LOUIE-Student Control. CARMEN LOZOYA-Kappa Theta Chi. JEANNETTE LUTZ--C.S.F., Girls' Glee. EVA MACIAS-HII Rep., Girls' Comm., Torch 81 Key, Jester's, Spanish, G.A.A., Stu. Control, Future Teachers, Rally, Dance, Del. Assembly. MARLENE MARTIN-Hl0, LIZ Sec., Tri Delta Gamma, Sen. Steering, Rally. PAT MAZZOLINI-Alpha Sigha Chi. BOB McCANN-Track, Wrestling. CAROL MCLAUGHLIN-A C a p p e I I a, Girls' Glee, LYNDA MEANS-Girls' Glee, JAMES MEEK-Bailiff, Leadership, R.0. T.C. Chevrons, Orchestra. JAMES MIGLIARDI-Block F, Baseball, Track, Wrestling, Football. HENRY MILLER--Hornets, Bowling, Block F, Wrestling, Track. RAYMOND MILLER-Comm. Entertain- ment, C.S.F., Wheel, R.0.T.C. Band, Orchestra, Dance Band. CATH I E MURRAY-Treasurer Business. ANN NAKAYAMA-Clerk Stu. Court, HI2 Rep., C.S.F., Secy. Torch 8: Key, Sigma Rho Omega, Jester's, Org. Rooting, Del. Assembly, Dance Comm., Future Teachers. GEORGE NICKOLAS-Football, Block F, A Cappella. IRIS OFFNER-Del. Assembly Ll2, Kappa Theta Chi, Bowling. VIOLET PATERSON-Kappa Theta Chi, Pres. Business, Stu. Control, Del. As- sembly.

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