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Mama Tlzeme. A YZHIZLIIIPHZIA O AL 5Lff7Zf? THIS FLAME BELONGS T0 . :D Q 2.3 43 ' ' u , - .53 0 ,, if Produced Annually by the STUDENT BODY OF FREMONT HIGH SCHOOL Oakland Calrtornla opp JUNE 158 will do right for the rsght s sake We wrll respect the rlghts ot others We wull never brmg dlsgrace to thus our school by any act of dushonesty or cowardlce nor ever desert our suffering com rades In the ranks We wrll luve for the Ideals and sacred things of the school both alone and wlth many school s laws and wall do our best to lnsprre a like respect and reverence nn those about us who are prone to annul or set them at naught We wull strrve unceasmgly to quicken the publnc sense of clvnc duty Thus nn all these ways we will transmlt this school not less but greater better and more beautnful than lt was transmit ted to us Frank Stuart Rosseter , 9 ' I I We will revere and obey the I . I I MR. ROBERT L. RUSSELL Flame Adviser TABLE OF CONTENTS Publications ...........,..,,,,...,,,, ,.,.,,,,,,,.,,.,.,.,,..,.,,,.., ,--,, h Administration, Faculty ....... Student Government ........ Graduates-Fall .........,,,,, -Spring ............. -Senior Records ........ Classes ....................... ,..,,,.,, Sports ................................ ,,,,. Drama, Music, Art Workshop ......... Clubs, Groups .....................,,,.,, CALENDAR OF EVENTS Fall Semester Spring Semester Sept. l9 Big Er Little Sister Party, "Space Daze" Dads Club Assembly Sept. Sept. Oct. 2 24 Senior Hello Senior Dinner A w Train" L12 April Exhibition Prom 'P1cniC ctions May 29 Senior Ball June 4 Senior Assembly ' June 6 Flame Reunion Dance June I3 Graduation Pages 10, so 11-15, 81-84 ............l7-28 .......85-IO6 I9-125 .........29-4l .........43-69 -79 ........lO7-I I8 Patriotic Assembly, "The Lonesome Oakland High Game Chapeau" ,Play "The Matchmaker" irm-if-1 KAY GOTTULA ERNIE DAVIS Spring Flame Editor Managing Editor -WI!! .af -5 if - 1 i Q, i 'E 3 A BACK ROW: Leanna Texeira, Peggy Draskovich, Carol Robbiano, Lynn Rogers, Janet Harper. FRONT ROW: Wade Taylor, Mickey Holloway, Alan Silver, Ken Robie. LYNNE KILGORE Fall Flame Editor i FQ 2 L TERRY ROCKWELL Sports Editor 1'-1? N6 . .7-4 dl' LINDA FLAMM Art Editor 1- 41: MICKEY HOLLOWAY Flame Photographer Ullflntinclpag. M ., ll. Mm. Wm ibkf MRS. CAROL WICKERT Vice-Principal, Dean of Girls The theme of this year's Flame is "A Year in Paris." Mrs. Wickert's theme might well be "A Year at Fremont," since this is her first year in her job as vice-principal and dean of girls. She is, in fact, not a stranger to Fremont, having been both a teacher and coun- selor in times past. This, plus her enthusiasm and interest in the school, qualifies her fully for the title, "Friendly Fremonter." MR. IRVING WAUGH Vice-Principal, Dean of Boys Admired and respected by faculty and students alike, Mr. lrv- ing Waugh continues to give himself wholeheartedly to his job of vice-principal and dean of boys. Mr. Waugh is also a "Friendly Fremonter" by the right of being a graduate of our school. His loyal backing of the school is especially apparent in as- semblies and at rallies and games. He has the "Fremont Spirit." ill ili'+f swf? This Flame is affectionately dedicated to our beloved principal and friend, Mr, Richard W. Kretsinger, During his years at Fremont, Mr. Kretsinger has been an untiring worker and a booster for Fremont. Blessed with the gift of words, he has never failed to express eloquently to students, faculty, and par- ents the hopes and high aspirations of our school. He will, therefore, remain an inspiration to the hundreds of students and teachers at Fremont who have been fortunate enough to have known him. 5 S- H10 Blanch Finch Mrs. Lucy Gill Miss Jo Ann Huffman Mrs. Eva Kendrick Mrs. Lucille Kline Nl Q-" Q1 Mrs. .lune Neyses Mrs. Christine Pederson Mrs. Sadie Saunders sf I' Mrs. Barbara Pierce Mrs. Grace Thompson Mrs. Reba Weber l 1 'B .ra Ci ,. .Eg .r.., ' N ii A , l VP I g 1 M. Mr. Joseph Agos Mr. Edward Albrecht Miss Katherine Mr. Leo Allamanno Sgt, Rossie Amm0l1S English Math Alexander, Soc. Studies Boys' P.E. R.O.T.C. ' A '51 W?-1 Mr. Richard Anderson Mrs. Margaret Aoki Mr. Emil Bansmer Mrs. Frances Barneck Miss Eleanor Bendell Science Industrial Arts Business If 4, Business '11 5 Mr. Ralph Bennett Mrs. Etta Berkley Mr. Harold Berven Mrs. Adele Biles Industrial Arts Girls' P.E. Boys' Pf. LUHQUOQES -4.1 tl lu Mr, Harold Bolcs Mr. Robert Boyle Social Studies Social Studies l X in rr, fairly f .1 lt- 4 " I' .ig , M 5- g , . X ' lie . . du. Mr Gerard Brissette Mrs. Irma Burke Mrs. Bernice Cannon Mrs. Toma Carlson Mrs. Violet Cobb Mrs. Ann Cook English Business Languages English Music Hornemaking .K ,xr 'Qs U ic g 'S . 5 ,, .V .. f Miss Violet Cook Mrs. Marian Cooper Mrs. Fannie Cornwell Miss Alice Counts Miss Janet Cox Miss Maryann Daniel English Science Social Studies Business English Science A L w-.. "' l 1. E? I" ,-Ar N 'S' .2 it Mr. John Donovan Mr. Clarence Erickson Miss Wilma Fossel Mr. Marshall Friedman Mrs. Virginia Gillett Mr. Jock Glessner Social Studies Art Business English Business Industrial Arts Q 'sf if 15 ?""5 Miss Mary Glidden Mr. John Golden Mr. Ronald Goodwin Mr. Floyd Graham Mrs. Irene Grifleth Miss Omo Grimwood Deal English Science Industrial Arts Homemalring Music .Lg ,. y....:fr--g, Mr. Alvin Gronner Mrs. Trieste Hall Mr. George Hammerson Mr. James House Dr. Joseph Hwang Miss Joy Jacopetti Driving Art-P.E. Social Studies Social Studies Business English '.,s."'1l - , N 45 as as A .if x e ?11tnn ,ei 'Y l Lawrence Jones Mr. Harold Kane Mr. Stanley Korich Miss Ann Kramer Mr. William Lang Miss Joan Leonard Industrial Arts Music Boys' P.E. Girls' P.5. Boys' P.E. Social Studies l , - 2 V. . . Q5 V ' ,, W S, . - 1-of' e li sr Charles Lodge Mrs. Eleanor Mahone Miss Katie Marlow Mr. Cloyd Masengill Miss Barbara McConnell Mrs. Alice McHale Industrial Arts Science Business Art English Art Dennis McLaughlin Miss Virginia McMillan Mr. Vincent McNeil Miss Evadne Moore Mrs. Mildred Morgan Miss Janice Muto Leadership Art Languages Math Math Dance 'S 'V N- NJ Miss Grace Oshita Miss Marilyn Patterson Miss Willette Petty Miss Ann Potter Mrs. Mary Reed Mr. Douglas Reynolds Science Homemaking Science Nurse Special English 5-sf ti Mr. Raymond Riese Mr. Robert Russell Mr. Arthur Saltness Sgt. Richard Sims Mr. Allred Slater Mr, John Smith Social Studies News Business R.O.T.C. English Industrial Arts -v:-44 '.- . " ,'2"wy,, rj . X . ji" 9' Mr LeRoy Smith Mrs Joy Stelton Mr Edwin Tallyn Mrs Edith Towers Social Studies Special Social Studies Library 'NJ T Mr. Robert Wasgatt Miss Barbara Washauer Mr. Joe Whitaker Mrs. Mary Whitten Boys' P.E. Science Math Art rl: - -f X. Miss Helen Wirt Mr. Joe Woolfson Mr. George Young English Social Studies Science . "L . ' --an A Mrs. Anna Milford and her cafeteria staff. Mrs. Lola Tveedie Drama Miss Theresa Towey Girls PE Q-p ' Mrs. Ruth Williams Mrs. Dorothy Wilson Girls' P.E. Social Studies CAMERA SHY: Miss Florence Jordan English Miss Halcyon Spencer Languages Mr. D. Martinez 9 ll I I 197'- 'C' Ng LINDA MARR Editor nn Chief sl? Awww LOUISE NYGARD REPORTERS Larry Armstrong Ernest Davls Peggy Draskovlch Bonnre Easley .llm De Puetro LaDonno Faullm Kay Gottula David Hall strom Sue Kramer Gerry Levus Raymond Muller Mrckey Prlce Terry Rockwell Terry Ryan Larorce Van Horn rv- Flrst Page Edrtor LYNN ROGERS Second Page Editor Qfv' 5 BMW 951 44' I0 The Green and Gold Staff JANET HARPER Third Page Edrtor GARY WOOD Sports Page Editor ASSISTANT EDITORS Dan Buckley Lnndc Strand Nicky Bracewell Wade Taylor CIRCULA TION Marrlyn Atlunson Dranna Russell X CHANGE Judy Enckson CARTOONIST L I n d a Flamm PUBLICITY Carol Robbrano Pat Finch COPY BOYS Larry Armstrong T e r r y Rockwell l'Ihl,I - " ' I .dw ifiig, A - ' if, fx '?r,:',A'.'S4 'ff ki.-':1"45 M- J , , 'T 13- . ,- A ,3 1 i Y "I I X A L 4 , . 1 . ,V 1 , Q I rL 1 I J . L 1 if . i : ' E fre, ' 'I 'K A . EL.- A P Q! , L 1 JI ' , I 5 1 1 V I . . . I I , - l 1 I ' . A - - , U 1 , . . E - 1 ' , - r 1 I l - , , y , , V . I , , 1 . I , ,H - 2 ' '. Jlj. 1 3 V I qi E T . , .. . V - 751435 3' V 'I - , .,,. g ., 1. -aa - r I, M h r 4 P Q W, U X H - - ' T' 1? . N K 'rf ' A-, S a , N I III .4 x S x S Z I5 fe: x l ,761 Q I 1 fi x 'YK . :3.".9' . -,fwyty Z, X !f'ly53'4 X 1 ,Ta . ws' . 1 4' "IO f, :Ig ,,' . ' 4- g,:lfQ, ' Y ' f flap! - - '.-Us in 121 x ' 3 ., IJ' ,' 15, ' a X- .5 . ' H51 , --, . .f Q 5 , 1 . 1 H K I" 3 -qi ' 'fran' A ' mm. -. . ' . -::- 11531 Y "' 'MEA , ' v ' - , 3? ' 4 .L -LJ L ,vi ' - -wig., 5,11 ' 535: , " "ix , ff., . 'gqyx-. 4 TTT 1' , Us 3 . W, i , " iff: Q Y "M ps Sq, ml. w X -'w.f4'Q,g :El A -Mum YA " ii - 'i ..., ...utils 'uf' 'fffif' f LZ" , M- ," .,. . . V --11' , -1 . cj- j ' -- -4 WA, X.,-,- ,wifi 5-'f' M Y 4 LOUISE NYGARD Vice-President SANDY WALLINE Secretary 044017 CLIFF SCHULTZ President SUE KRAMER Head Yell Leader EVA MACIAS Commissioner ol Social Affairs yy J' 9' , "inf" fi 0? Ed PENHOET Acting Commissioner of Finance DONN LIPMAN Boys Commissioner al Buildings and Grounds GERRY LEWIS Chief .lusfice af" it M. X if an, if g r, f"'x -.fe lf' K STUDENT CONTROL a E o Macias, Girls Commissioner of i s and Grounds Do n n Lipman, Boys' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds. DELEGATE ASSEMBLY - Fa Dance Committee-Fall-Billie Throver Commissioner of Social Affairs Dance Commit-fee-Spring-Barbara Beall, 50" Commissioner of Social Affairs 4" .Q 4' Q , , . . if , 1' In V CLASS SONG lSung at the senior dinner by the Graduates of January, l958l Around the school in three great years We've had some fun With all we've done A'mld our tears and cheers. We found some time, somehow, somewhere To struggle through What we should do Like studying here and there. We had a helpful counselor here Wuth Uncle Ray To show us the way From year to year to year No more shall we Go wanderlng through the school For school wall all too soon be through Song by Lynn Rogers Tune Around the World In 80 Days 'fa -ll x 5'-lr :du M, . , 11 - 11 I , I I :Lf , 'REV .. , '- X - .-.Sie , . , " B , 'Y v. , I .x' " ,- - ': 1jQf'fL 5 nvgglxx i H .w. o ' . ' X . K. c- - ' . I , i - . A J, ,.. 'tr-'Ll 'X N- P-D n - Q Q, . l Q ' , A . '----A -, -." 'r -Z - gmc. .1 .L i - -, , -fa-2 4, - Y 54' i'.:7.-'Ji'-3 -- .iiy -11:1 -- gv ':'. '- 'ax .gf- t J . all .40 Q 'fa ,,fN fff -E1 K'1fl is 11374 f.. 4 f' if' s': fH Z..-f-' 1- i ,di C K 'lun--. M 1 "'?"'4- l V 'pl' QKW ,iz Ss I Jn' ' il III!! ll B I dxf? l ,- . an 9 ' pf! I I IQ' ' . X 8+-X , Q l ala 'N' - X X X-1-X -IKIKQKNKC 6 v O 1152 .A 'QW X is 1 'gi 5? : I' f-2 X 4- , F ' mnlnnn Illini " " n ulllll q-r unlllnlll ' U n nun 1 gxsq N Iluln ' 1 g rp ,,.- 4' 'X 2 Q -q,-5 Tx by C ,Z inn I Q-, Q UI O .......- Q osx 1.4998 E s '5 wx ox , 9 ,,, sv sea -:uw Q3 V 'W 'P ' ' - 1-axeg ' " """m'BK"fS Rx I . 4 ' 1 NW 1 if 9 K 2 9 I H I F ---nnxxxnxlxxlma 'll xxx -nl- uu I ll K at , X ll ummm uKUXl9lRMuxnus tag nggmixxmxiumn 1 Ill 'X wx , 1 . :QESSEBQHEEQAETE I mn nvnztkhsu f f :ll ' f- gnu' 15: sznig I I7 , 1 lv' ,.::' X ,f -sf-A if- - I -qs, ,- . ' 1: , I 1, Q ff ' . :I , I . 4' 4 V f All fY3'.,,.,.l ,' I f' ,f - -- ' I ' , , X. ji-' N . A, V, , I f , f.-uf...-H. 1 ,,,,. Xi, Q, , , I N ' P ' "1 N ' fl 'A -I 1 'I . J . 'I J 1 1 I I 1 X xx ' . ' i r ,M K , ' f W q l ' .Jxxn W f 5 f f l , N - ' -Emi! ' : 1 ' ' 'E '.. ' -I W A gl' ,I 1 1 f l Y ,ff ff' -I f , , ,.4,,, , P ,1 4 l 1 . ' I :fry I J , V ' 1 , . ',',1', I ' I' 5 z, 1 R nj"-SL gif 90 ., L sl 1 -,,.-,.........- ,, I , H 1 ' 1 - V v. 'ff 1 ' " W1 1 X, 1' . ,Af 1,1 ' 1 ,. ' Q-uf 571-- ' u A ' J. ::5f-- ': T X l X I, Q.LJf".N "- X I . f A- Q . 5 I . Vx, 16 1. 3: X L, - Q 1 3 . ' ,, I -X 'ffZ5,'.g:fg.j' ' . U A I , 3 f ' f'-51, f X X Q .Q -1 . i f 1 .::::rs,4-' ' VX 5 F 1 -V-f:E'?2',--4 ' A ,L.EE:l ' , 1 A ' - , ' ' I 131' 1 ' Q I 1 1 -'QC f iff 0' "1.-'132? I , -, . .X 'Ha' '...,::.-:, ' 1-'35, - K :I - .I .u.,,-fm.. A.. 'Y--5f??2:kg5' ,- lu' . , X-""X -,1f...:gz:f . - --H'-A ,X .X. - H - "2 - -r --XXX1:--...X - ----X -,..- . " ' ' ' '-- ---ununoggg' -'X V A ' A- . ' -eg-4 X ,gal-vu, .....-:'g:::ss::-. X "' -.,-,., 44 -'if X .:- '-22625514 .- ' -, '- ' ' - - ' ' -.. X... .XX -4. 0,-,--' - --.....::::: ' ' -X S X -- X if A - 7 ,,g,1'fh --JG. .ff ,Q 'i!J:.:a..::::::- ' M'-5:-X fx .N , 1, A ".-,-fp, ' H 'Q P5 an-.H I. .','.. 2-1: - " ,-' " '-v, ' ' L, ,xxx vb,-'L A 1 .f --Lv. , ::r""'1--" 55' x V- -Q K- - -X -L -X54 , 1 -4 ' 'F--:sal -. -asf" , X V -Y -Xi--XXX X X '- A . X -,, X- .-...A ' - -- ' - WXXX X Sgnzf, 4" ""'d+ "' .-a:rE-ff? -a"' --X---- -- ' X K X' X "TF . .. 1 ::1'f+,4ga' 55: 2 ' - - , . -- X- .Q ,, - s X- .X -,TN--I - ...-...4- E5ig'i..1i,-L,-3. ..-T-fav' -1 J Qfa I-QA X Jbv i.l4-1:--...,, -v----'-- ff: :.Q'.-ue' 5'f:,n:.ff'l KX- -X 9 wt.-A L ..,'---:...,- -.-.. .. .:::::f'f-':!--. - "fi 7 X X -AA ,E ,'-..,, .'----mX..-....:.4 -5 ---rjrygr: ff' X-W --Q '-X .-ga ' XX. ltr x-' -- -.... 'F !':!':f:...fg--er 'VJ -. 'X ,g V XXQQ -agp X X ,X -f,..,-.-..., , K , X X -,-N 0 ,-,., " if-ff-" X .6 '--X X V- ,,-- V- xx P- . '---X 3' " ' 'X ff - - -.-. XX- x cifmm-XX :M-XM XX L-- '--. X .... -H -X XXX , , " - 5-v--X . , ,541 1 ' Q f---l::V--- - X.- i ' -' LX.--,YL : -L x ' '--1-A 'vi'--rd FA' A I- W 7,7 'Y Apu' 'MY' -s"- ' 4- "QE-ffgx X .X,,.X.. 1 -A ,,,.,,,.. . - XX X XX X '1?-X.'-2555, ' 5 " ' " "' ' 4 kj- X A Y , K ll,-.:,Tf:..'-" ,',, W N ' " - " , ,'-I '--L-. I X ,Ri "' ' - - XX X ,V Q, 4 4 u 71-f., .235 ,' "- - N A---:XXXX-T-.X..XX.......,.-,,,,,,1 Y , ,,,,,XXX, X ff fm- 9,":'5'xs fb ' XX..--X f W -X X - , , , -X, -1,.., , rx- 2,f. Y XRS-F Lg 3-.--fx .:g,,.fx ..5g?1:'.:2:,'V. '..',h ,,. ai ' 'kv - X v 5'A' X , v Y V v,4 .- 'ffff--'ff -.2-'RQX ,lv'f-"'s3:Q-'g'-- ,f's,4 jf' " 1.1 - '.1i,,. 'X-X -.-- 1-:' --' "' 7gn-----:-- 1-1 " f....--- ' 2. -7-X"-' - " '-if ' gf: . ----- ..- -- - .- ,- ',. .X --- -A , - .-. 111.5 .. ,-- - 1 -- -- -la: ... ... .Q X . .K 3 - gm: ,,- '11,-X K I J' I I Lum 1 n I X-I, R v-.H H xaaiiag QI. X If ,.-X.--X- . . - :- ,- 5 7 .1 'It A , l ,' X3 1' 5 . Y 1 I -- . 1 5 .. , A,-,1'Xf--.y X, . ' ' at , . 1 3 -ln:Xif:5:5i'FL-,fy f 'ii-'-asf-. X. 1.5-aff1 1-422241 7 - -1 : A ll- ---:....-:.'. :XX . ,, ' 'f -..-1.1-l.4.,....,.- plum EXP' 3. 'B MR. RAYMOND RIESE H12 Counselor ogy. Ken Blum , , I. I X D tk I1 y ff ik We sl , , 5, ' E To the class of January, 1958 Time marches on, and you have come to the end of an all-too- short three years at Fremont. You are about to pass a very important junction point in your life: Graduation. Yes, but to what? Surely no class ever embarked upon a journey into a future which was more clouded with doubts, insecurity, and yet great ond promising with unheard of achievements in the offing. The mere passing of time, while it means change, does not necessarily mean progress. Progress depends upon the purposes and goals for which we strive. Henceforth your journeys will be less guided, protected, and watched over. Greater responsibilities will be added and the results obtained, more the results of your own acts. It is the hope of your teachers at Fremont that your high school experiences will have helped prepare you to meet the challenges of the future. lt is my personal wish that you will have the "attitude to- ward" which will lead to true happiness in a well adjusted life. "What you think" is so tremendously important to your own life and equally if not of greater importance to our de- mocracy-whose very existence depends upon the total opin- ions of its members. Success and happiness will not come to you as an accident but rather the result of careful planning and constant effort. lt has been my privilege to journey with you this short way "Around the World" and to share with you the rough spots, as well as the bright and shining successes. I shall treasure your friendships and your confidences as I know you will your memories of Fremont, which will always be a part of you. May you be a credit to your country, your school, and yourself. UNCLE RAY . S ' . .i . W., i ' '15 l . ' 2 r . 1:47 . 'rm' 1 ,. Carole Allen Elaine Bagakis Sandy Harman Bob Bowser Roger Douglas Jack Hubbard Q' . X.. l 5 ' 5 E Qs! a ,Q A 0 . R 1 . . 'O is '- in ' I' ,. V sf 'N .P Q AQ F Q J' I - "' 2- --lm f L we ' if 5 'aff v 'XM xx- ' 2 , t. . Aka W' xl ' v A Aj ,Fd LYNN Kll90'9 Larry Lawler Charlie Lockhart Louise Nygard Ed Penhoet Pat Ridgwell . , gs 4 V gs . j " l ...' Q .6 . . .X P ,Q A, .Q 3 a . .: . Vs , , , I Ss 5' . f Y' vw E 4 W 14 g! X . Q , Qf, H gk R ' . f 17 s- X 1. -- N P Jessie Sequin Nancy Van Every Sandy Walline Sue Woodburn Linda Marr .lanet Harper :nz og J ESS I E S EQ U I N Vrce President JANET HARPER Secretary KEN ILUM President BOB BOWSER Representalrve fi 'of A fi? Carole Adams Yvonne Alexander 2 , Y""v Carol Allen il gn.. S-f Kenneth Angiolini Dclarr Arrowwood Kenneth Blum ,Q E Wayne Carter as - rs- X ' v Kay Donley 20 , l 15 5 'WY' serv' 'bf Robert Bowser S Q7 Rosemary Castro Roger Douglas Sharon Brearty James Cole it :Ter Janet Drevry George Bungarz lcv' fs...- Judy Burch Delbert Cooley ffm 5Q'X Y George Dnggs Sharon Culton ' Loc Erickson K' Thomas Bain Q Q. ff f ir K Go' ' C7 Elaine Bagakis Beth Atterbury :arf- ""-N David 0. Busvell, Jr. Q3 17' my Roberta Cunningham 4!"'1 Rosemary Falk Alan Campbell Geraldine Cabreana Donna Doane Ernest Davis fn! C -" 3 XX C Y' - .2 D A M , r ,frr R f ig., eg, i hw , Q"-V V :X V 145 K ' R. " Barbara Ferguson LaDonna Faullin rf Ik - 's'N qt.,-I Ky if Dale Bennett 63 ,,,.. .244 if Sheri Cardella .,--Q. ' ff' 4" gnu- Thalice Doliling Y Margaret Finnimore 'li A-ff 6 ,wp Vera Black Richard Carlson 'Q- CTT' Daniel Domes Nuff' Armin Franke 'WVX W"--'I Q 4:-. Howard Freeman ,M , v 4 ,... .. 154 Jeanne Hathaway Q Y ' If Rene Friedeberg KZ?" Rlchord Hatten YF'- John Fugler Elle -Qe.s"' Ann Hoeborn .ard-' if' 7' T7 Joseph Furtado Joan Gois in - qw we Robert Jacobs Harold Lattumore Mack Jones, Jr. av. Lawrence Lawler if chi Amta Jonsson Z' Arthur Leffel Robert Hoes Nell Hopluns fka 49 23 Robert Juarez Lynne Kilgore pf" to r 73' Barbara Lehne 22 Donn Lrpmon V2 u Cathern Greenwood lad C77 Keith H. Hammer f"f ds , N Y Y'-5, I Sandra Harman l J6"X T.. Jack Howard 'VT Roberta King '51 Thu, 1,14 , ja ' Judith Lively John Hubbard f'5 -'Y E-J Sandra Hummer 45x ,X -e-'- - 4 M ". ' ig kiwi 'E fr Janet Harper Q so 'Tr' X Q-N., gb 'wwf Evelyn Ingram S ,Whoo rs 9 "wr Greta Knutson 1 Charles Lockhart Leonard Kramer "5 K 41" Juanita London Susan Kramer Cedric A. Lunsman Janice Harris Lincoln Jackson 1':"T' Lawrence Lancaster T?" Kenneth Ma nstrom 23 Linda Marr . 0. C. Nolen, Jr. 'QS 1 Dorothy Martin -923, ful Louise Nygard David Mascote A1 35' Jerry Matthews Qx Q'-V Richard Oliver 7- i Yr- Ronald Melick Q--f ' Q., 'JR '5- -nr-'rr L, N., L -Q' Garry Pape Barbara Parry Clifford Pierce df 'A I x ,... Joan L. Pingree if S. Patricia Ridgvell 24 7'1- Daniel Rogers im' QS' Robert C. Pinson 13. Q Lynn Rogers 49' William Powell, Jr. JBL Sylvia Rogers Lx 'Tw' Alun Plat! Rodney Rose x " A ff i -':' H253 Jqwx 1:57 . VT. ' 1 Sharon Mottoros Gale Morris Joanne Morgan Dolores Moore Alice Montcs 'Z C- :Y Vance Patterson vw Thomas M. Price D, 'Zn if- Q' 'M' Gretchen Rath f-' V Robert Patterson Vu ,.- Louis Pulis Q:-'W Catherine Rylan Edward Penhoet -eu' hr- if Donald Ramirez Ara A, "" s-X T91 Barbara Savino Nancy Pennington David A. Petterle 75' -1 1-" William Reed Bernard Remoaldo K fn 3 Q W '54- S 'lr"" "9 Michael Schulte Clifford Schultz 25 -4.-1 ""' I If "TP Josephine Schveig Joan Sebastian f'f1-f'1,S.i " Q axl I pvInI,'. 12" ' 4-.1 , 'Nl-x .757 Jeanne Simon Lee Sowersby .ls 5- s '-Sl. 9l"11'f?' Thomas Turner Michael S. Valenzuela ar, 500 r- . -P2 -'S 1r"' Judith White Gary Williams 26 if Carl Seguin T, is cf" Susan Squires 4 A-alll' Gloria Vulme 3' Jessie Seguin f 1 , 9 P. 1.- V3.2 ff . ,'.- QW- , V- X y, Joanne Stag na ro 'l 'Y Nancy VanEvery .a:N,,- Michael Wilson William Wilson Anthony Sertin 1 Fred J. Storey Harold Verondo " -6. 'Nav fb SA Sharon Winter 1 fm" J ' f '53 41' I-G! w 'ar'-'lv' KL , . - 1 J f Judy Tate Carolyn Vestal I 5 1' fm! Sudbury James Thomas Richard Volpatti iffy W FY fs Sue Woodburn 13,31 Juanita Silva 5-so Billie Ruth Thrower Cecil Wallace 26: Yvonne Silv .- 'UB Q.. J Y" Gloria Tirado ix Q13 Sandra Walline CAMERA SHY: Gary L. Gladding Panteli Katsilolis Thomas Moniz Gerry Monti Cynthia Pector Gerald Plemmons airs Alan J. Silver Anthony Trumbly Fred Wellman Melt' On September lO l957 we arruved at Fremont to fund ourselves hugh and mughty senuors l69 strong Ken Blum had been elected to lead the class Around the World wuth the help of Jessue Seguun vuce presudent Janet Harper secretary and Bob Bow ser representatuve The bug wheels around the school were Cluff Schultz headung the student body wuth Louuse Nygard vuce presudent Sandy Wallune secretary Lunda Marr edutor un chuef of the G and G Lynne Kulgore fall Flame edutor Bullue Thrower Commussuoner of Socual Affaurs Sue Kramer Head Yell Leader Donn Lupman Boys commussuoner Gary Wood Commussuoner of Enter taunment and Ed Penhoet actung Commussuoner of Funance Senuor Pucnuc came luke a flash wuth Charlue Lockhart and Jeanne Hath away as general chaurmen They pucked Marun Town and Country Club as our Playland lWe ll never forget that pue eatung contest wull we Mr Waugh and Uncle Ray7l Hello day came wuth Larry Lawler teachung a class of Outer Mongoluans Sue Kramer wanted the Keyes Trophy for the trophy case and ut appears she gets what she wants We smuled at Cluff Barbera for our Flame puctures and played DeAnza and Salunas We beat DeAnza I3 2 and Fremont won the furst football game un a number of years way out un the Ruchmond tules We saw Jeanne Hathaway crowned Muss Sports Queen of l958 starrung Gary Wood as Newton Fuller and Jessue Seguun as hus wufe Anna belle Lunda Marr played Madge Fuller hus daughter Donn Lupman as Steve her boyfruend Katue and mean Mr Prescott wuth hus cane played by Doro thy Martun and Ken Blum respectuvely Uncle Stanley better known as Dale Bennett chopped a whale of a hole un the roof Remember Cluff Schultz as the fresh kud Raymond comung un drup pung wet after hus luttle swump Louuse Nygard as the neughbor who was nuce enough to explaun who real'y slept un the house Lynn Rogers as the Heater the naughty maud Mr Kumber or Charlue Lockhart took a shune to Rena Leslue that actress better known as Lynne Kulgore and her husband Bob Bowser wowed all the gurls John Fugler Ga ry Wulluams Sa ndy H a rma n Jac k Hubbard and Janet Harper came to vusut Behund the scenes were Sue Kramer and Janet Harper promptung Sue Woodburn durectung Del Cooley as stage manager and Ed Penhoet as prop man Sue Squures Pat Rudgwell and Norman Case workung hard on set decoratuons The thurd stop on our journey was the Golden Gateway for dunner Nancy Van Every as chaurman and her commuttees made ut a wonderful evenung and a nught to remember Then ut was January IO and the bug nught had arruved Senuor Ball called Tanushumu meanung Happuness was held un Japan wuth Roger Douglas and Jack Hubbard as chaurmen After the ball we dashed over to the Foothull Masonuc Temple where our parents had dunner and dancung wautung Baccalaureate and Graduatuon followed close behund Wuth Graduatuon we bade fond farewell to Fremont and to Uncle Ray We have many wonderful memorues because of you and we won t forget you ever Good Luck LYNNE K I LGORE . l I . . . , . II Il ' . u . 1 l - Q 1 - , . - - . - n z . I I I 1 I . I - I . . I . - I l ' I ' . . . Then we started work on our Term Play "George Washington Slept Here" . ' 4 a F - ln F I I ' ' II . n! . . f I I . . ' . . I I . I I s I I . v ' I . I . . . , . ,, . . .,, . . . . . I I 1' .l-ULQA T525 . O X HI I Officers of I l754 Y X X N I I MR. GEORGE HAMMERSON Counselor LEFT TO RIGHT: Carmen Means, president, Marcia Steinberg, vice-president, Pat Trevitt, secretary Vennie Duncan, and Linda DeVos, representatives. LI 2 Officers RX 1 fits Q- " Mr. LeRoy Smith Mr Q l Joe . 7 . Waolfson ,, , I- V 4 , , K., Miss Joy Jacopetti Mr. Cloyd Masengill Counselors of , l454 in 'M'ff"'s' ' i 1 + i:f' B Q . 'Q Ll I Officers rn. mi 57 r rw, . Y., , 1 1 4 11-Q .qiiggw Ja il! FRONT ROW: Walt Becher, Sue Bybee, Meg Herrick, Barbara Blum, representatives, Guy Raymond president. BACK ROW: Sandy Stackham, Gayle St. John, Melissa Miyovich, representatives, Kathleen King, vice-president, Joan Edwards, secretary. 1 C Ax, STANDING: Eddie Belling, vice-president, Steve Gebhart, president, Guy Raymond, Ben Bell, representa- tives. KNEELING: Gayle St. John, Barbara Blum, Carol Abrott, representatives, Sharon Edwards, gene. tory, Donna Ziehn, representative. Hll Officers ' x SQA ...Q x 'CD 1 I ,,-.:,:, : T' ui 5 4 MISS ELEANOR BENDELL MR. DENNIS MCLAUGHLIN LIO 'C Officers 36 -vi ,170 I FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Barker, Janice Medeiros, Arlene Blum, Bettie Ann Foriska, secretary, Wendy Morton. BACK ROW: Margaret McKirdy, Madeleine Penhoet, Ron Perry, Doug Hack, vice-president, Pat Anderson, Ann Lazo. NOT PICTUREDZ Dick Hartvig, president. if It I FRONT ROW, lelt to right: Joan Webber, secretary, Dawn Contando, vice-president, Joan Mehrten, Roxana Plevin, Shirley Pino, BACK ROW: Karna Meek, Gary Durbin, Bob Sitter, president, Georgeann Staple, Melinda Gonsalves, Antonette Tomsic. H I 0 Officers f 3- Q 4 , ,.' - ", Wa. 3? J 'YL is ' L, I 'h . .A S mb 1 . if Q E if 7? 4 P V if I-in S! Q -5 ,di Y 1? Q 4 w 65 ? C5 'wa 3 N' a if wk -Lia.. 5 l V -M. ii , H. ,AM it in 5 C2 n . ni V ,, 5 if , iii-E ' ffl ' ' ' M' ' e,w D jx V: Q .b-x r 'A LE 2 f? J 2 , Q Q 3 , 5, 5-9 fw .MQIH L: 1 'fm Q. 9 8 Y, 6. ' Bw - lr The 9 H- ' ,' ,Al fi ' - v M EV:'W-iii in r I ""'f'o .5993 'fin 57 Of nk , . 3 'Q .J Jr' 'TIT'-5-'-'-J, mmf , 'P' F3 Z' at JD '- :A jr :xx . BAY A' .cw Es X' MW ,.ltf 5 , , fu- . ' ' ' X D Y T ' t. x' Q I Vv'A 'l0'! A Y I M N M ,... f f Nu- 4 19: iff" ff it ff ef k . .,-. Q .fi 5 X .5 'R h XL ,-Wk btov- fc of' Q' I 4 lg' va 4 Q Elk Mx ' , W' hi 1255 5 sg!-3 f 2 4- Si E E nl Q U fag-flu '53 fn Q 5 ig L-Ii in IK N .5,1EA ,. .An ll' N' .x..--:.-- - s 2 ' . f , :URW ',:" 1 ' Q "Y-'7 Ji", f , 12-xg! . 1',ff ' ,. J, . N - ' ,J V - 1 Qu. , . V , .7fS:Q""A - " i jst: ' ,'.':,L'f?,L', A . , ..:5',.,'d ' H 'ylf ' 1., , 1 ' ,I 1 Vo ' -, ' ' . L' . f -A X 7 , J .15 'A 1 A J , f 1 I ' f ' 11: 'T '. Q ,lf 'I g 1 1, -V, 1 1 , I 1 4, 1 17, , 1 ff, 1 t W' ' " QS, -1, z , -J X -' U , fl I, 14 V x I f f'r , -' 1 ' H f , K 41 Q s ' f ' , f - v, 1 . 4' ' ' 1 I , ' 'ff ,4 " ' :HAKQZ ' ' 'lf fn' f 1 bl, . , ' - f A, A "1" if "X . fd 1" . 'Q Qx 3 V V - . f 4 , , 2,7 . ' 1 ' ' lf- 1 ff 3 if ' ff' A f l v' , ff !.'.x ' Wg' I , ,I ' Z ,Y - 'V K, Ig ., ',,:' 14- f 14' ' ' . ' ff 'ff .577 ' 'f't " -- - 'ft' , 1 yt' ',-'LZ' 11:j X ' f K x ' -','-ff ,'f:o K " iff-I' '1.:I---j 725' ,g5:'i.1' ' ' fiifiif' XJ' - -XQSIS ,xsv gs .:-.x:3- - go. , gil!-tb' l 1 f Q I Sw' i Shall I vote lor her? Aren't they charming? -f if . -uv" ""DQ., Duh! Wha!'s up, DOC? Intellectual group! Sly, aren't ve? "They Sang About as Loud as They Could Sing!" 'ffm ,,,. .4 THE KEYES TROPHY rf' SUE KRAMER Head Yell Leader YELL LEADERS-FALL lm 60 let! .- x 51 1 ,, L 1 Kris N, YELL LEADERS lef! to right Bev Jones George Bungorz Sue Kramer head John Fugler Sherrn Culton ny 1 Go! SONG LEADERS-Fall is 'E JEANNE HATHAWAY Sports Queen Pk BEV BATTIS Head Song Leader v-- -A SONG LEADERS: Peggy Draskovich, Sylvia Rogers, Parry Rae Felt, Bev Battis, head, Kay Gottula, Sandy Lauck, Gayle St. John. L 5' dc DALLAS DODSON Most Inspirational 46 ,,,,gffm, fs ,f - - A, 4' ni 45 "' FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Lee, Bob Bowser, Dallas Dodson, Tom Plevin, Lincoln Jackson, Mark Rocchio, Tom Price, Harold Veranda. SECOND ROW: Dave Mascofe, manager, Ron Herrin, Bob Golden, Rene Friedeberg, Bob Perry, Ken Robie, Jim Cole, Dick Hatten, Bill Walkup, Coach Bob Wasgatf. .4 L' Uze 0.4.1. ! WM- ? I f"W Y . 5 W:"iK"'li11?,42 U THIRD ROW: Rudy Johnson, Harry Schilling, Stephen Gebhart, Percy Jefferson, George Nickolas, Bill Devine, Bill Dent, Rich Neves. FOURTH ROW: Joe Ahuno, Harold Lattimore, Bob Ghiorso, Charles Cogle, Bob Goodrich, John Oliver, Wally Honhy, John Dickey. LINCOLN JACKSON Most Valuable -F.. PQ' .ge .X .3 "f, E V. ,, wi 9 ', f'fp'g' rf... I, . V.. , f 4. . "N ' - -. v , ,, AAP , f A, 91-?T', ,g,g,, W W x -. .A A , fi 4 ,y 47 LINCOLN JACKSON First Strmg All-City DALLAS DODSON Fm! Strung All-Crty ROBERT PERRY KEN ROIIE DICK HATTEN RENE FRIEDEIERG TOM PRICE Flys! Sfrmg All Clfy BILL WALKUI' HAROLD VERONDA JIM COLE MARK ROCCHIO Flrsf Strung All City '9 MR. BOB WASGATT O.A.L. Games O, Castlemont 7 l2, Technical l8 20, McClymonds I9 l3, Oakland 6 Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont JAYVEES FRONT ROW, left to right: Jim Hill, Gary Schmidt, Bill Black, Guy Raymond, Art Price, Ed Levine, Robert Gomez, Wes Matheson, Don Veranda, Jim Gerlach. SECOND ROW: Mr. Stan Korich, coach, John McAllister, Max Lewis, Raymond Reyes, Tom Allen, Rich Migliore, Ed Madruga, Bob Linteo, Jimmy Jewell, Stan Dodson, John Skov, Ron Perry, Jerry Parker. THIRD ROW: Allan Cherry, Gary Galloway, Barry Clark, David Caria, Marvin Haug, Leonard Stevens, Cornelius Weekley, Larry Smith, Leland Wright, Don Monzo, Bill Thornton, Gordon Brandon. Practice Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Games 7, Salinas 32 13, DeAnza 2 13, Harry Ells O O, Richmond 25 ,-J 1' 4 Qglrj' 5 ,w ' JIM THOMAS vlfmw 1 - -A f 9 sqj. ,Q T QQ NH qigiuf' .? .5 , If 5 . , ' Vt H,.5 Ahgfrl-J at ,xx Martinez Rambles Lauritxen Scrambles Q Towering Terry P. 1 r S I . I. 4 1 , Y '--- Q 1 .W I . " Y' ' lib ffl will Y h t .Tgafg , ,, GY' 1, - O' .AL PRACTICE MEETS Hayward-15,34 San Leandro-49-0 0. A. L. MEETS Technical-I9-31 Castlemont-20-27 Oakland-29-23 Technical-30-I5 Castlemont-27-20 Oakland--23f2l bl-Q11 . FRONT ROW Jerry Rleker Paul Gardner Rollm Frost Captarn Bob Juarez Henry Maller Bens McGill Vrncent Galena. SECOND ROW Ed Mascote Bernard James Bob Wellbrook Herb Narques Dan Haug Jose Ramrrez Larry Oven John Marques THIRD ROW Coach Harold Berven Allen Cherry Mickey Price Mac Jones Bob Pinson Robert Rogers Bob Bowser R F d b BACK ROW R bert Robertson Harr Schullnn Larry Herrera Guy Raymond Dan Webster Henry X, 64 Dba e 42" .A lx X x X X 610 'A' xxx vi- a 'Qi N P- ' 0 aqllxkolkitms N' 10 L? COACH WILLIAM LANG 5, pol l y ,wo D5 57' I, , 'N -v 1 1 , K f .1 I xx 'wg Jef, ' Aff-4 .M W4 lx h A,KV , ,WX I Mi I I K.. H If 'Q' x I If lilac R777 MBR 0,9 UNQ l ig. u.. bi ,li FRONT ROW, left to right: Tom Ford, Ron York, Don Gomes, Daniel Webster, Norm Araizo, Ed Chacon, Ed Sllockley. MIDDLE ROW: John Arellanes, Roger Reveles, Lon Davis, Bob Flat, Salvatore Birrittier, Monte Dep0l0, LUYYY Herrera. BACK ROW Alonzo Miller, Steve Clark, Rick Gower, Tom Bosco, Mike Nelson, Coach William Lang. J 4 aaebad 4 x ? 22' fa, I 1 FRONT ROW, left to right: Ted Davidovich, Jim Stuart, Larry Owens, Bob Wellbrook, Gary Daniels MIDDLE ROW:Socorro Martinez, Bob Dahl, Ken Robie, Wade Taylor, Jim Jewell, Bob Ragno. BOB DAHL Center Field - E KEN Rosie Q Third Base TERRY ROCKWELL Left Field Fam TOP ROW: Coach Leo Allamanno, Manager Chris Marshall, Bill Silva, Ron Herrin, Terry Rockwell, Norm Pacheco, Dan Miholy. -,Nw WADE TAYLOR Shorfstop BOB WELLBROOK Second Base vi dj? BILL SILVA Ourfield meh RO N RAG N O Catcher a MANAGERS: Back Row: Chris Marshall, Stephen Rodriquez FRONT ROW: John Lorusso, Arcadio Santiago. COACH Leo ALLAMANNO JAYVEES 1 I ' Xl X lf 4 eai.ffmf'i l I ' FRONT ROW, Manager Stephen Rodriguez, Manager Ed Mascote, Bob Howard, Myers Howard, Larry Rembrandt, Milne Silva, Max Levis, Jim Hill. BACK ROW: Manager John Lorusso, Frank Poteata, Bill Basacker, Lester McDonald, Don Monzo, Ron Luperine, Greg McArthur, John McAllister, Ron Benevides, Coach Leo Allamanno. VARSITY sg. . QP as .c,,w FRONT ROW, left to right: Harry Davis, Walt Becher, Ken Nestler, Joe Livak, Jim Pugh, John Wilcox, Gary Baker. SECOND ROW: David Norris, Ed Shockley, Bill Black, Walt Youngman, Ben Bell, Gerald Cattell, Chuck Oden. THIRD ROW: Coach William Lang, Steve Gebhart, Joe Ang'uiaro, Mal Murray, Art Price, Donald Putnam, John Skov, Bill Conduit, Bob Broughton. SWIMFIN STANDOUTS JAYVEES 'Ms Harry Davis, John Wilcox, Walt Becher, Gary Baker, Art Price, Joe Livak r...fc as I wg FRONT ROW, left to right: Del Rydman, Roger Lipman, Steve Taylor, Bob Martin, Charles Lawrence, Gary Miller Rich Wood Fred Munich. SECOND ROW: Dan Kendall, Gary Mennich, Dick Quigley, Jim Ussery, Jerry Parker, Ted Wettergreen, Mario Conti BACK ROW: Bob Broughton, Ron Acosta, Ron Perry, Don Nofte, Barry Clark, John Skov, Coach Lang. f uv., fi, F- e7 x ko STAYZ KORICH , oach f f ' ,Br I 0 "wr 1 Q 4? ' ' , IP, - 42- J' ' x oo 04' 4 2+-400 f if , . .. -Lo Xe ,fo 01, Q Q9 Yo , .fo . 'ff '94, ,. L ' M- Ax " - -70 . v f A 4 .,., I W Q h ' 'Ti ' V f . I z-" I It , I F -, r, t 3 BOB WOODS, LeROY VIERRA, ROYCE KILGORE, Hurdles FRONT ROW: Robert Goodrich, Cornelius Weekly, Ted Allen, Larry Ybarra, Hans Mehn, Karl Kreplin, Perry Jones, Harvey Kirton, David Young, Vernon Clark, Billy Simms, Henry Miller, Ray Flores. SECOND ROW: Coach Stan Karich, Mike Ferguson, Frank Chandler, William Wynn, Tom Fettke, LeRoy Vierra, Royce Kilgore, Clarence Harrison, James Eldridge, Bill Ferrell, Rudy Johnson, Robert Woods, Robert Gooby, Richard Migliore. THIRD ROW: .lack Copland, Bill Hubartt, Dave Colborn, Ralph Bouchia, Robert Taylor, Leland Wright, Bill Thornton, Martin Frates, Angelo Alonzo, Steve Grasvald, Stanley Dodson, Lee Lauritzen, Charles Cagle, Larry Lauritzen. T O ' I I I, I . rx Lili A' . f TOP ROW left Io rrght Bull Bernard Barry Isenberg Les Hankm Glen Bowlmg Jack Brown Ron Wolfe FRONT ROW Dennrs Grewer Leonard Snodgrass Brll Lynch Dennrs Wlckwure Steve Kohl NOT PICTURED Beacon Lum DENNIS WICKWIRE MRS DOROTHY WILSON BARRY ISENBERG Coach r Q GLEN BOWLING BILL BERNARD LES HANKIN . V I f !I U 1 A vw kin? DIANNA RUSSELL Head Yell Leader on-l"'-', YELL LEADERS, left to right: Judy Wilson, Parry Rae Felt, Dianna Russell, head Sandy Lauck, Charnette Grant. qrx 'FY fFN YELL LEADERS-Spring Tlym! hife. 1 44 'Y 'Ei SONG LEADERS, left to right: Margaret McKirdy, Melissa Miyovich, Karen Olsen, head, Sena Anderson, Sandy Stockham, Sue Bybee. in-4 ,: ' KAREN OLSEN Head Song Leader SONG LEADERS-Spring Q 9 we vii O.. A hkg 4 A 4 'n 3,45 4 11, 'Y ai A "4 1 , X - .,f , PM m ?f 'QITA3 fi' cj ,v- , ,al-V A623 MQW lain, 'T 1 s via 'if V f"'9 '.J.bbggez,Q1 I 'W Q, Y ,ar 3, .531 8 ' C' V ' . '? v F ' r' 1 5, ' Q' ' 15 1 U u 0 F 3 F DQR Lb Mk 'RN I WS lr Eff 2-'D .4 rl, :L Li x ,gf D 5 x am. ell- ., -nib. F' 4' can-WW 'iff If :si V Q , '1 axv- ' wwf' ,fi-1 ,Ab GARY WILLIAMS, Fall President J ED GHIORSO, Spring President 4 ', 'wt-. .V .,. E, 26 A .. sn' Q' f' , if 35 ll X .Sn 'F' ' 3'-4 1' gg 3 Z, I- V :Z 5 'E .2 3 ::. an 5 .A ,xg " f ,gg , 1, 0 ' .11 n, .' 4 "www-S '44-'fi,... ,g3"w'1'5f-'Pgfg:gh"3'54 :- J - fr' Q- v ff 'st-:','.9 ,- ' f 4 fx. , N S, Y I if xg Q .7 V-1-., Y .2 -9 ' A 4' J si n , 3 9 K., A i 1 , 3 P, 5 4 . f 1 , L, . i A 4 ,Y -I - z. A' ffw J , '- Al I A . .fy- A f' M J igr,-,ff ly x 4 ,A WMM ix - ' - 'X '03 .Z 1 . ,4A.,.,f1g1.- f '. QM f Wi. .1 , mf. Q, 14:5,T,?ggk , I, 715.2317 Q, xg Wifgig, -I+ A , W -1- m . I' Lx- X 1 ' J 3 ' Q is V, wr- -.- .Ja P- 'V Q f A - -. t Q 3 'I -a A - ., 5 ' , -M -" Q- . A-. s ' ' . V 5 'A ,L .nf ' -' " ' A' W ' 1 4 y ' ' vt- ' 'I 'W' if 0' 1 yi 1 . L 1 ' xl ' '35 ': rg f Q .- - K, Q Q- ' N X, 1 ' 'H .,, Q Q. .., . Q , , Q - A. 3' K ' v x A., I 5, - L J" 4 , Q ff -. N .1 -+ v'-Q H- Q .4 9- 1' -. ' ' '- 1' Q . -1 X ,, v.- YQ f 1- u , XA x. . X N. , .N -- 0 1 W X 1 f S. 4 5 Q k - ,, ' ,, f .,, - -:sw . J .,,5 A v A Q . ' 1 , ' f .Q .4 0 k ' ,i P - I Q Q ! 1 s 5 9 X-H-L - Y . Q, Q . .NABET ".'w!Tw,i,pyA,,,,,,., ' - A . -1 Q. 5 - 4 5 ' 'ear' , .-vf-" Nm . . .W v . W, .V . 'H'-vQ,'r.Lv1'!-. ,, . ,, my ' x . , sf 1 , YO ra f ' K J I JEs'rER's wokxsl-lor-Fan JEsTER's WORKSHOP-Sprin F "GEORGE WASHINGTON CAST JESSIE SEGUIN-Annabelle GARY WOOD--Newton LINDA MARK-Madge CLIFF SCHULTZ-Raymond DONN LIPMAN-Steve LYNN ROGERS-Hester DOROTHY MARTIN-Katie CHARLES LOCKHART-Mr. Kimber LOUISE NYGARD-Mrs. Douglas LYNNE KILGORE-Rena BOB BOWSER-Clayton DALE BENNETT-Uncle Stanley SANDRA HARMAN-Sue JANET HARPER-Miss Wilcox GARY WILLIAMS-Tommy KEN BLUM-Prescott Director: SUE WOODBURN MRS TWEEDIES P A CREW SCENE FROM PLAY left to right Gary Wood Jessle Segum Louuse Ny gord Lando Marr und Donn Llpmon SEATED Cllff Schultz --,il SPRING ART womcsnor SWNG "THE MATCHMAKERH CAST DAN BUCKLEY-Horace Vandergelder KATHIE KORTS-Mrs. Levi CLIFF SWARTZ-Cornelius Hackl BRIAN BAGGETT-Ambrose Kemper JUDY BAILEY-Mrs. Van Huysen LINDA FLAMM-Ermengarde WALT HANHY-Barnaby Tucker TIM FARLEY-Malachi Stack KAY GOTTULA-Minnie Fay DIANNA RUSSELL-Mrs. Molloy DAVID HALLSTROM-Joe Scanlon DEANNA HUNT-Gertrude 1,7 SJ X - -3 4- ,Q A. we , I 2 ' .. K .X if" T , ' D 1 x, Q, ,: W., I Wai FRONT ROW: Linda Flamm, Kathie Korts, Linda Grant. SECOND ROW: Rollin Frost, Judy Bailey, Brian Baggetf. THIRD ROW: Deanna Hunt, Cliff Swartz, Dianna Russell FOURTH ROW: Sharon Dahlgren, John Kerns. NOT PIC- TURED: Kay Gottula, Dan Buckley, Walt Hanhy, Tim Farley Dave Hallstrom, . T. f"1'?A 1 47' ,, ' ,sv 1 ' Q I 0 A 1 I, Fil 'lg- Q" r V fr. jg 1,7 . ' ' H' 6 l X 1 A Q ART WORKSHOP-FALL II xc' I STAGE CREW-SPRING WADE TAYLOR Edrtor rn Chref JUDY ERICKSON Frrst Page Edrtor CAROL ROBBIANO Second Page Edrtor REPORTERS Denny Almasy Manlyn Atlunson Judie Barley J on: Bur h S e a Bloom Rach Bunce Jlm DePretro Peggy Drasko vlch Helen Dunn Ar Iene Eytel Leon Jefter son Ed Levnne Kay Got tula Gerry Lewis Linda McCort Roger Manrov Mark Rocchlo Terry Ryan Lmda Strand Pat Van Buren Larolce Van Horn BnIIWoIkup Peggy Wlllett The Green and Gold Staff ASSISTANT EDITORS Venme Duncan Pat Tes dal Pat Mltchell Bob Dunbar CIRCULATION Capps Culver Lmda De V o s E X C H A N G E Frances Peputone CAR TOONIST Lmda Flamm PUBLICITY EDITORS Kathy Korts Pat Finch COPY BOYS Rucky Gou vera Larry Armstrong. PHOTOGRAPHER Leon nord Carrelro ft NICKY BRACEWELL Thrrd Page Editor 5 BOB DAHL Sports Page Edrtor ,fbzdenf Gwwuunenf flffliffq Q-..-V . .Q A Y 7.-mf-1. -T if-:-e..,, ' Z' -1-,,.l- n 1 ---'-7'-"-"1" i""" ' ' 'U " ' ---- --------- -wp-Q KATH I E KORTS Vice-President JUDY ERICKSON Secretary KEN ROBIE President 0 RAYMOND MILLER Commissioner of Entertainment DIANNA RUSSELL , Head Yell Leader CAROL ROBBIANO Commissioner of Public Relations and Safety BARBARA BEALL Commissioner of Social Affairs GERRY LEWIS Commissioner of Finance DAVE HALLSTROM Boys' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds LINDA STRAND Girls' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds WADE TAYLOR Editor-in-Chief Green and Gold Q LARRY OWENS Chief Justice LINDA STRAND Girls' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds DAVE HALLSTROM Boys' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds ww f A.. I Q-X CC NW 'SL K XX x , 3 f I' 1 0 1 fx ,JZ ,,,4f Qk .S Sf . T W Um A MISS JOAN LEONARD Counselor Kathie Korts Q t Sf Cowuelou ' Dear Seniors, June I3, l958! Three counselors later, and your gizeatest accomplishment to date-graduation from Fremont. Speaking for Miss Shadall, Mr. Rothman, and myself, it is with feelings of pride that this accom- plishment is viewed. Each of the three years at Fremont brought serious adjustments, and you have been able to master these changes. You have developed greatly in skills, personal qualities and knowledge. Your associations and activities have helped to shape your growing maturity. Each of our individual relationships with you makes us aware of your spirit of cooperation, ac- ceptance of responsibility and friendly spirit. Now you are ready for the next big step. What- ever this advanced step may be, you are certain al- ways to remember the importance of these past three years at Fremont. Our hope is for your continued growth and happiness. Each of you will have opportunity in the future to achieve great things, and due to your past ability to make the most of each opportunity, we are confident of your successful futures. J. LEONARD FREMONT GRADUATES! For you this semester marks an important milestone, it is the end of one kind of world, yet the beginning of another. Welcome! Welcome to the world of adults! My sincerest wishes for a happy future. MARVIN ROTHMAN 0 0 -1-gg Marilyn Atkinson Judy Erickson Pat Finch Kay Gottulu Mm To the Seniors of June, l958, ln September, l955, you arrived at Fremont. Now you are graduating. lt has been a real pleasure to work with you during these three years, and to share your trials and triumphs. Five, ten, fifteen years from now-whenever you glance at your Flame, you'll find yourself re- membering, as have many others before you, your days at Fremont. I am sure that your memories will be largely happy ones. Graduating classes leave reputations behind them. You are fortunate that your class has estab- lished a reputation for fair-mindedness and friend- liness. This, l am sure, will be a source of pride to you in the future. May you take advantage of future opportuni- ties with the same willingness you have shown here. ALFRED SLATER Dear Seniors, 'ff v .,,,,, Hgiiazgn, if! iff' ' ,1',,3,u' ,, .. ?,,,U. f . ,tiff hnn 69 f H., i , i i., p 'f . . . ,.,., 1,11 Vp! alll!" +151 - ff., V 1. f., nn: r., 'ua 3,4 f., '. 1 '-.'f, ,A . ".'-1 1. ", QL., ,, , , U fuzzy ,.,nf ,,,.,,, ,,n-f---- ,n" ' I As one of your LlO counselors, I cherish the year l worked with you. Assuring you of my sincere appreciation and interest in your fine accom- plishments, l extend to you warm greetings and wishes for a happy, satisfying life. ELSA HELEN SHADALL rf, , 1 MR. ALFRED SLATER Counselor Ken Robie Marlene Martin Frances Pepitone Bill WUUWP KEN ROBI E President M2 Offrhm Sf' Y' 5 1 1 'J BILL WAPKUP MARLENE MARTIN ELIZABETH DUCAS V'CC'P"S'd9"f Secretary Representative BOB DAH L President 8 8 U2 Ujfrhm I 5 0 Y Q. at X .4 fi , I Ai SHIRLEY KASPERSON Representative '1 DAVID HALLSTROM Representative RAT FINCH MARILYN ATKINSON DENNIS WICKWIRE V'C0'P'05'de"f Secretary Representative VJ-.' -' I..... -6 CAROL BRIDGE ANN NAKAYAMA Representative vm WM are 5 ln September, I955, a new LlO class filed into the auditorium starry-eyed, eager, and full of an- ticipation. We sat staring around at the hundreds of strangers from other schools, trying to pick out familiar faces. We spent the first few weeks of school finding our classes, looking for the elevator and watching the mighty seniors, thinking we would never be Hl2. During the first semester, we had many class and student body activities. We elected George Nickolas our first class president. The Ll2 girls held their annual Big and Little Sister party for the new members of the feminine part of Fremont. The theme was tropical, We might also take the bows for start- ing of what could be called the first sign of bermuda shorts worn in great numbers in Oakland. The reason for this was our class party, "Bermuda Hop." As the football season came and went we no longer were the youngest class in school, Bob Dahl was elected to lead our class in spring, '56, Remember the excitement at the HIO Barnyard Spree ? In square dancing it turned out we couldn t tell our left from our right Toward the end of the spring term came Flames The excitement of trying to find ourselves was useless the pictures were so small it was hard to distinguish one from the other By the Lll we were all acquainted with the students school and teachers By this time the high and mighty seniors looked more our size Bill Walkup had a successful term as class president Tramp Stamp on November 9 l956 was our Lll party ln the spring of 57 we were well on our way finally to reaching the last step in high school April 26 l957 was eventful Led by Frances Pepitone the Hll president the Junior Prom Ori ental Magic was a wonderful affair Our class party at Roberts Pool had swimming and baseball When it came time to eat it looked as if there were a stampede of cattle charging toward the food September 1957 the beginning of senior year our senior year Our Ll2 president was Ken Robie The party County Down was put on iointly with the l-ll2 s The biggest events were the Big and Little Sister Party and the Ll2 Mother s Tea the boys were willing to entertain for the party and the theme was Space Daze The tea was Lovely Ladies Bob Dahl the president of l-ll2 has led us through a very wonderful semester full of fun and I fe Sidewalk Cafe our senior dinner was held at the Hotel Leamington on March 27 1958 Remem ber how we all laughed at the pictures and prophecies Next came our senior picnic Maybe we caused a panic in the halls and disturbed the classes all morning before we left on May 7 but everyone would have liked to go with us May 29 was our senior ball Nothing has to be said about it for each of us who attended knows how good it was June l3 l958 is the last day of high school The joy of being H325 IS mingled with sorrow and a little fear as the final months of high school report cards and being a part of Fremont draws near The joy is the success of a goal graduation from high school Thesorrow and fear are leaving school and starting a life of decisions which we must make While at Fremont we have had many experiences some sad some happy but all have shaped our lives and changed us some For many of us the friends we have made will be lasting ones for others there will be new experiences and new friends But for all there has been a lot of excitement There will always be a special place in our hearts for the ITDBUTOFIBS of ihree Wonderful years at Fremont High The Matchmaker was the name of our term play jugk KAY GOTTFULA 89 ll I1 ' , . 1 1 ' 1 , . . . . 11 11 - 1 - 1 1 ' . . . . ,, . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . ,, . . . . , . . . . . . . 1 1 1 ' ' 11 11 - - - 1 - - - . -,v 1 l . . . I 11 11 11 - 11 1 1 1 - 11 - 11 A - - l . , , I . ' 1 . I ' . . . . 1 . . . 1 1 - , , . . , - - 1 1 , ' ' , I I . V. 1 1 J , "M, 1, .f . . . . L 'Ll 5, . 1 , ,E K' , A - 1 g11 11 ' N' i ' ' ' 1 I 1 Joyce Alves Thomas Allen Rodney Alfonso ft 1"""Y ,AON c-" Brian Boggetf l John Auen Moryilyn Atkinson l ,,, 1 -'JJ Q- -an S. " A Barbara Beall Kenneth Beasley DaAnne Beach , 4-s A-o'X iff Valerie Bolfz Sandra Bolfz Sheila Bloom qv-'Y bf X Paul Andrew Rose Marie Alves 1 if Donald Baker Judith Bailey R6 An-vt Q7 -6' . ?' Darline Berger Mary Belmondo 1 3 Q Q4 ll' af' Daryl Bregers Nicole Bracewell Joseph Anguiano if in-Y 1 Jerry Baker L Hannah Berry George Brennan ZZ' John Arellanes Larry Armstrong 2' infer vr Jacquelyn Baker A Dorothy Baldit Irene Bras I 1 DeLoise Bisgard -av'- Corol Bridge Daniel Buckley .,. !':,x Alfredo Arneson SN S Delores Aroz John Baphsla Srl Henry Butter .YB TZ" HQ? Donna Barbano ZZ" Bob Blanchard Barton Bunney 'o W Charles Cagle 1-- Karen Carpenter 4. 1 K' Leonard Currerra L Patricia Callahan ,...... Frank Chandler Ang: Lawyer Cooper -g-' iyulr' Ai ' 1...- Darlene Choy CAMERA SHY Q gl 'R' -sg T Oven Carroll 'B' x TY Sandra Castro 332 George Churchill Robert Christofferson Elvia Christy Bernice Cowell Richard Cooper - .. Robert Dahl Sally Czarnionka Michael Cosgrove Anthony Cordova .4 Sharon Dahlgren if-'Y x- Lois Davidson yt Norah Davis it gp' 'if S-is Barbara Cathey i' Sandra Ciraolo 3-C , 51 Doris Ann Cox Gerald Caffell -S'. tk .1 7 n?""" Barbara Clark , 3 ...- Robert Celado Edward Chocon iv Vernon Clark 1 it-x Penelope Chambers 5? Z' I' suv Frank Cohoon Carol Conroy lf? he an Sheron DeMers Geraldine Cox William Dent Celia Crandall C2 JC' fhfx Ag., James DePietro Jimmy Cribbs Carolyn Culver rx -C e " fs Dallas Dodson - Diane Dorr if Ray Douglas 'S 3 11-rf Timothy Farley if -Q-N 157' Patricia Fournier iv 1:-f Geoffrey Giambruno Joan Doyle J' , qv ll'f'C"'i ' Nr 1.-5-C Q55 3' N Elizabeth Ducas Stephen Duncan A K Y. ,. -, Margaret Draskovich E- 3 Stiff if Thomas Fettke fi. as .4 Patricia Finch Ii ,i Carol Fava 1--f Marilou Ferreira A "Z-'- 6 ' its-J 'hr William Garcia vp- , Gary Gardin Rollin Frost 2 - is Q Juanita Gilliam Vincent Galena ,.-n , 'D S Kathleen Gillespie Ao- 17" Marilyn Gillis Robert Golden 5 fill as E ive, Helen Dunn K XM '0'x ,K i X Sandra Finnie W Paul Gardner Linda Ellis 71 an I 'V Ks Mary Lou Fister Patricia Garner Q-3 Carmen Gonzales Robert Goodrich ,l Judith Erickson . ,l 'X 15'-' Ronald Flaig Edward Gates fb- if-uv' 'fs Kay Gottula Bennie Evans A 9- XX? nr in cf" Linda Flamm 71 's- . Gayle Gebhard Ll 'BA 1277 Gary Gould I 1 ff., 9 it Q ,ol Arlene Eytel 1H!"'f 2-A EQ:-:'9f Jo-Ann Foreman W V. I .5 .. 'E ,- Y Q 1 X X 5,2 Joyce George 'wa-V Joanne Granata Linda Grant 'TI' Barbara Hansen 54' if Dennis Horan 'S X 4 Carol Jorgenson i' Joyce Greenly Ar- , . ., aiu., . W Stephen Gui o ang. 47 4 ew 1:rA Donna Hansen 40" pr John Howerton 40 Shirley Kasperson Sonja Hartman 46 5 Roger Guilliams 1 Sandra Hatcher S 0 AH .11 ' ca A K' in yn ig, ,Q ' 'E Marilyn Humphrey 4""',s Larry Kearney Deanna Hunt or---. if gn-Q Donald Kearns Q David Hallstrom cf' Robert Henas fl 5-' John Hutchins Us iii, George Kearns Mary Jane Halsey Jean Hamilton K V' Marvm Hamstad in ll. IQ Wilma Hand Walter Hanhy is Sue Henshaw Ernest Hildebrandt David Hlll Hannelore Imensak fv- flk' . IQ- ' kv Rosemary Keihn 1:06 1"DX if Kent Jacobson Q-"" Norman Kellogg Percy Jefferson Q i QI? Ivery Kennedy Michael Holloway i 'Q' Barbara Jensen Wt' TT Jerald Kennedy Robert Hope fi 1 :Us Q Diane Jones Dennis if' li Kenyon l YD' inn..- in John Kerns Royce Kilgore . 1. B' x. CPL. . - fi. 'Q' E T""" 'Q' Gary Koehler Robert Kimmel X Q Al fo- 'fl "1I:5'X 45 Kathleen Karts Qs' 'fr- 3, ii Gerald Lewis it i Ronald Luster Helen Martinez Q-f A David Lindstrom Barbara Lind And -Q-I" Jeannette Lutz fs If Q' Pauline Martinez GN'-1 Robert Logan Doreen Logan 'Q' x 6:9 Eva Macias William Lynch I 3: 17, 6 - Patricia Mazzalini Sheila Matthews 7 U F gk. K Alice Malfatti ?m i ' Dennis McArthur 5 f fi bv ' Richard Kreitz , '5- L LN? ff' Charlotte Lopez mg 6.- 'Q I1 'bx tr' John Leal iv: John Lorusso 41 in-5 ' Barbara Lee CQ in fn- Frederick Louie Aa. bv Roger Lee A at Ai F2 Ts, g Carmen Lozoya 'suse' sri" Anthony Lemos ,ff-' x Beacon Lum Robert Mantord Richard Marks 41' ,,...g gift nqn-.4-f 'Nu 4 5-....! ,IS Herbert Marques '35 Robert McCann 'SX 1:77 Sheila Mclntyre Q 4' ',cf1 '9- Q' up-ug Carol McLaughlin Barbara Marrah -s 1?-' Lynda Means Marlene Martin 1' A0 gf- James Meek 122' 'G James Migliardi Richard Myers 01' 'EE' Mane Patethras g Thomas Plevin Raymond Muller I- Ann Nakayama F? 10' . .fr ra Henry Muller Gary Nausin if Daniel Moreno Neville Morgan George Nrclzolas Robert Perry Jack O'Day if my .fun an' Robert Petersen Frances Pepitone Laurel Peacock if Suzanne Pool 41 1 I' 1 Stephen Prazak fx Q'-r-v James Pugh is Eldon Pugsley Dr 'Qin Arthur Morin Donald Morton EH, 3 d"'Q if Patrick Murphy 1 Charles Oden L lris Offner all wr- JP' 'tn' Catherine Murray -x L 'ET Mary Padilla - Nw Audrey Palussou T CED- Ronald Petersen Fred Peterson fvi Gr' Jimmie Pugsley 1...- Tarsellia Purdy Phyllis Peterson Nancy Radke Tandy Peterson ff?" i Mary Ramos af if Paul Murray l , I ik' K Y' V, 'Et' Violet Paterson Q99' Sharon Plasch ei ' a S iv l Rosalie Ramos 4 3' Henry Raulston Ke.. Carol Robbiano erin CD? 4:- Dianna Russell 3 an if 'LR Carolyn Scott if Rose Reveles Y Q 4 L i A Barbara Rhodes William Reilly Harriet Remolif 'Q' fif' Kent Robie Richard Robison .YJ Mark Rocchio Q' Terry Rockwell Arcadia Santiago DeVora Sanders Terry Ryan Charles Sell David Sanchez . X Reuben Sequeira as Q., i 15" 'i Bruce Sharp Edvard Shockley fb QI' Charles Rhodes A Diane Riendeau .kg ff? ,f-.. Maynard Rogers Robert Rogers 11,0 'Q '-sz:-f' Gaul Santos John Santos 'Q , 'T W. 'rf' Donna Riendeau 19591 lf'- Anthony Romeo ,in qv .g-nv i Thomas Sauer 'O' ,-.- 5-1 Carl Riley ll'- Robert Rosas -4-0 YTQ '..f' Elizabeth Rivers T -...--f James Rose n' , if f 4, as , , fr Janice Scarber 3' ei- i Robert Schreiber 1-W-"' Q William sim L - Ellen Simon 'Q c'-s Ben Skinner ffl'- -av Robert Smeenk 211- Elvy Smith 'Q-' Lynette Smith 15 Ransame Smith Leonard Snodgrass -if A V . QU-1 Q 'S' Qtr 'i Bruce Sorel Wx r...,,., V '2 :- Xs, ,., N' X -K CT Ramona Stumpf Milton Swan Martin Swartz q-1-vfv Wade Taylor 'bf . 'CTT' i Georgia Valtakis Raymond Valderrama LeRoy Vierra 19' x "'-If Robert Wellbrook 1'T'7' Nav 59' William Vierro 1- 'G L. '?" Peggy Lee Sparks 'Ilf- a.- Q'-s Barbara Terry Caesar Wagner AQX W W 1 A . .v t gy.: 1 i A J 1 Fred Wickes Joyce Whitfield Benson Whitfield 'tv fi Dennis Wickwire 1' 4 , Carolyn Stacey Raedean Thompson ,.. -3 J!-.' Ruth Waldrop ,lf f,5"'w x ltf' Peggy Willett 'Q' x a. MJ' Ronald Stange 'QI' 'ff 'Ar fb x 1 . Lf 4 j' M f . "Q" Gloria Steffani . M Linda Strand Margaret Stuart 'YN-in Kenneth Torres if - l 5? no . ft' . Q'-'-' William Walkup Christine Trutner - ' 'N Suzanne Trutner fU' li' George Tucker Marie Ward lie Warren ZS' 'X gn-'Y' Harold Lee Williams 'QN 1?'!"'7' Ronald Wolfe 5-X v Kenneth Wong Ronald Warren hav W- Patricia Wong L- Delores Woodhurst fx FU! fi James Woods 1 auf: for 9 'S Hiroko Yumae .l 5 1 Q!- 'ng .J Norleen Zumsteg lSung at the senior dinner by the Graduates of June, 19583 CLASS SONGS GOODBYE, FR EMONT Goodbye, Fremont, sorry we're leaving Goodbye, Frem We've all had ont, your friendship we'Il be grieving such a wonderful class Now we regret that it just can't last So we'll say Goodbye, Frem ont, to all our proms and dances Goodbye, Fremont, term plays and romances We all love you, and we won't forget you Goodbye, Frem ont, goodbye. CHANTEZ, CHANTEZ Chorus: Chantez, chantez, sing a little senior song Chantez, chantez, everyone sing along Let's forget the little things we've done wrong Toodle oodle ay, toodle oodle oo, Sing farewell from us to you Toodle oodle oo, toodle oodle ay, everyone Chantez. Verse I Will you think Will you think Will you think They were the Verse Il At our senior At our senior At our senior That was the of your classmates wherever you may go? of everyone, yes, Tom and Dick and Joe? of all the good times in our senior year? good times, the times that were so dear. dinner, pals, we really had a time, ball, we all were really dressed up mighty line picnic gay, oh, it was just a dream day that the seniors went Bohem. T6 if' A Carol Wright 13 '15 N ivv' Nickolas Perata S. Pauline Wyman M li- 'VX 'C."f" s.- Ronald Yee CAMERA SHY: Nancy Ball Salvatore Birrittier Larry Felix Marilyn Martin Judith Mitchell Norman Spaulding at the Leamington! A MWA :W 1 4 'Y . . x X XY ' 73 xc' ' I' 6 -v 3. .5' v X . , if O XC P , f 'MMM naw ' fi? ' inf in X f lv A 4, g' we? wif .cj :M 9 ,' I , F-fn - J- 'T' af- 1 'Nm B v 9 ,. ua w, , -v n L' 1 x x ,Q " , -- , ax f .5 1' Q . E 55 5-.R 5 w A , , ..' M , ' . ' .sr i 3 ,bla .ff . Z 4 -:xv Q I . 'W' no 3 "' ' ' .fn D -7 "2 .Ah . Z. nf. -'I' .v v ' - ' 4 ' . ' Q " ' ' ' . V. . I x ' . t A.. Qu, 4 u , , ' ', 4-4 'A+ +4 3 '9 A +4 ' '- ' 937. fx if.: sf. -' ' - . nf uf M A ' .' - -r a- ag ' , Q ' G5 9 ,g N 8' -'P if xy .r , .. ,,- ,H-5. - - n V .., ' - E R f f.. jf?-rg no I '- i ' WA Wy. . ,Wff . ,,-A 'I 5 S c 4. fe no M I . V' if 05391 ,,M, J W , ' e H0 LQ my .i P .1 2 , 4 4 Q, 'E . . . U56 '77 ' vc N- f s 4' V I -- ,, . I' ' 1 - f .r-. J as 'q - ' A h 1 4 :A Q f 3 f'- 6, V . Q 'vw , s ,. A -' x . gi Q N 4 4 W1 if! of M "' S V I Q P Q ' 0 on C ,R 13 . , . , ,eau D ' V' A , lf ,, F W -., fy R J ,, 3, , , u 3 ' 'H we 9 2? '54, n . 56 M CQMPANY F ROBERT PETERSON Fall Company Commander JOHN KERNS Sprmg Company Commander S CVO X565 x e5 - -rl-0+ QNYLWS QQ-Q1 S969 86,159 9 xi' rf xr vi?- DRILL TEAM GARY WILLIAMS, Fall Leader GERALD CATTELL, Spring Leader o ,l -K I V rw an 'tu gwgz an f I 1 0 as 'f , ' . N D Ki ' 'E 9514415 I Excalibur Fall President: DWANE CARLSTROM 1 Lambda Theta Chi Fall President: NANCY PENNINGTON Spring President: LINDA FLAMM pi! Y T ,ng 'A lug -, - P- - in ' 'J ' W 's,j V Ar, of o 514 I A so 9:0 ' . 540111 1 ' 1 I x., V s 0 N --f :F "'r'xPa Cidelles Fall President: KAREN DAHLQUIST Spring President: KAREN DAHLQUIST f"' 9, U l fc: ' 'B Q . 'Q Spring President: KARL KREPLI N MPP: J , 533 "f l - Q 10' 'Y 1 apt! 3 L K Hornet Hi-Y Fall President: HENRY MILLER Spring President: JIM GERLACH ,400 I' H Q ,.4 V T 44 -fr We A 4 Fw' if Squires Fall President: DICK HARTWIG Spring President: DIC K HARTWIG Delta Phi Beta Fall President: LEANNA TEXEIRA Spring President: PAT MITCHELL Kappa Delta Chi Fall President: MARGARET McKlRDY Spring President: MARIAN NICOLAUS Camera Club Fall President: MICKEY HOLLOWAY Spring President: LEONARD CARREIRA Wheel Club Fall President: JOH N FUGLER Not elected for Spring Viking Hi-Y Fall President: BOB SMEENK Spring President: BOB SMEENK . 4 . sf QBFHVL4 i. Alpha Sigma Chi I Fall President: CAROLE ABREW 4, 1 Spring President: CAROLE DUNCAN JI ,, ,. C5 Marquis Hi-Y ' ii jg-4 1 " ran President: sos aowszk N X ' " Y ' 7 S V f if' - I spring President: sos LOGAN 2' ' I . 4 mx 1 S y' A f I I Q , g, Q X I K I 2 L . E A, if A A lr Sigma Rho Omega Tri Hi-Y Fall President: KAY HARMAN Spring President: ELAINE AVELAR - I N. If M ' G+' 'G gf? E VA , b ii., I nf GL '5' V 1 , V xv, , ig. K., ,, A... as 'I 13 i gf V R U' up ' 3' fu 5 f ZH I ,sf ' ! . 3 K .. gm H 5? ' :H 'fy ' flv 5 55:1 if ' 5, , ' - ff I 5 3 2 1' fig' M, -' GN, Ez' 5, ' - ' " 4 ' T' ' 'if f , 7, 5 Yi: V' Q ' ,E K U fa 4 -1 S ,, ki , , 7' 5 , A , j 1 - ' ,Ag "' A , 1-.Aj - Av ' 1 A aw' Y ' W., .puf- E,.Av.': is 41? W ' in - V J. . if 'WB' ' I 1 Fl, - . -mm. rv , r . --M' , . yank? aww! ,. gf ,A U rf, I .. I ,, , 7 In 'r,. if V V: ' F . s. A f , V . E ii' .- '32 I J If . -x . lk I D. l Q , ,L-,VJ 1 'E' " sim.- 7 j 'QP' ' , ? f ' if ' as 1 ff, , U' mi ' .35 3' ' 5 ' ffl F 3 it-al ff .g . J , A 5 vi TORCH AND KEY-Fall-LOUISE NYGARD, President ,,, . -.,, , . W an ,, www- HHH' 'I -rf f3L?7?a C.S.F.-Fall-SAN DY STOCKHAM, President TORCH AND KEY Spring KATHIE KORTS President . 194 C.S.F. Spring KEN WONG President Traffic-Fall ., s .f 514 Traffic-Spring Future Teachers of America Fall President: LUZANNE GUIDICI Spring President: DIANE DeFREITAS f 53' fvft I Spanish Club Fall President: KATHIE KORTS Spring President: JOE ANGUIANO Ex Ll DWANE CARLSTROM-Fall President CA BUR KARL KREPLIN--Spring President SCHOOL PUBLICITY-Spring MRS. HALL'S PA CREW-Spring --p-v ml .l I S- YOUTH FOR CHRIST DAVE COLBORN-Full President SANDY STOCKHAM-Spring President num: xons-run Pre aa KAPPA THETA CH' Rose ALVES-Spring rfesidelf BIGGEST FLIRTS Bob Pinson, Carol Allen, Mickey Valenzuela CAROL ALLEN-Torch 8. Key, Sen. Steering, Pres. Tri Delta Gamma, Club Council. KEN ANGIOLINI-Boys' Glee BETH ATTERBURY-Art Workshop ELAINE BAGAKIS-HIO V. P., Jester's, Sen. Steering. TOM BAI N-Vikings. DALE BENNETT-A Cappella, Saber, Wheel, Term Play, Rifles. VERA BLACK-Bowling, Modern Dance. KEN BLUM-HII, HI2 Pres., Boys' Comm., Boys' State, Block F, C. S. F., Tennis. BOB BOWSER-H12 Rep., Sen. Steering, Marquis, Gymnastics, S w i m m i n g, Wrestling, Term Play. SHARON BREARTY-Sigma Rho Omega. GEORGE BUNGARZ-Asst. Yell Leader, Marquis. JUDY BURCH-Torch 81 Key. DAVID BUSWELL-Del. Assembly, J. V. Football. GERALDINE CABREANA-LIO V. P. SHERI CARDELLA-Torch 81 Key. DICK CARLSON-J. V. Football, Track. WAYNE CARTER-Stage Crew, Art Work- shop, Track, Gymnastics. JIM COLE-Football, Rally, Block F., J.V. Basketball, Del. Assembly. DELBERT COOLEY-Stage Crew. SHERRI CULTON-Asst. Yell Leader, A Cappella, Future Nurses, Zeta Kappa Chi, Syn. Swimming. ERNIE DAVIS-Marquis, Man. Ed. Flame, Basketball, Track, Block F, GGG, Del. Assem. DONNA DOANE-Business. THALICE DOHLING-Sigma Rho Omega, Rally, Dance, Syn. Swimming. KAY DONLEY-Art Workshop. ROGER DOUGLAS-Sen. Steering, Jest- er's, Co-Chairman Sen. Ball. JANET DREWRY-Bowling. LaDONNA FAULLIN-Green and Gold. BARBARA FERGUSON-Future Nurses, G.A.A. MARGARET F I N N l M O R E - Jester's, Torch 8. Key, Syn. Swimming. ARMIN FRANKE-Ritual Speaker. HOWARD FREEMAN-Jr. Achievement, Wheel. RENE FRIEDEBERG-Football, Boys' Glee, Rally, Stu. Control. JOHN FUGLER-Asst. Yell Leader, Del. Assem., Wheel, Vikings, Jester's. GARY GLADDING-Wheel. FRIENDLIEST Lynne Kilgore, Ken Blum KEITH HAMMER-Sabre, Stage Crew. SANDRA HARMAN-L10 Sec., Pres. Sig- ma Rho Omega, A Cappella, Sen. Steering, Art Workshop, Jester's Term Play. JANET HARPER-HIO Rep., H12 Sec., Sec. Torch 8- Key, Sen. Steering, Pg. 3 ed. GGG, Tri Delta Gamma, Jester's Term Play. RICHARD HATTEN-Football, Excalibur, Rally, Block F. NEIL HOPKINS-Chevrons R. O. T. C., Archery. JACK HUBBARD-Comm. Finance, HIO Pres., Ll0, HII Rep., Block F, Boys' State, Sen. Steering, Jester's Term Play. EVELYN INGRAM-Torch 8. Key, Art Workshop, Stu. Clerk, Business, Del. Assembly. R IQ58 LINCOLN JACKSON-L10 Pres., Mar- quis, Pres. Block F, Football, Track, Basketball. ROBERT JACOBS-Dance Com., R. 0. T. C., Stu. Control, Archery. MACK JONES-Wrestling, Track, Block F. ANITA JONSSON-C.S.F., Fut. Nurses. ROBERT JUAREZ-Wrestling, Block F. LYNNE KILGORE-Flame Ed., Jester's Term Play, V. P. Torch 81 Key, Rally, C.S.F., A Cappella, GGG. ROBERTA KING-Hll Rep., Song Leader, Zeta Kappa Chi. GRETA KNUTSON-Sigma Rho Omega, Jester's, Orchestra. SUE KRAMER-Hd. Yell Leader, HIO Rep., LII Sec., Song Leader, Torch 81 Key, Org. Rooting, C.S.F., Tri Delta Gamma, Jester's, Del. Assem., GGG. LAWRENCE LANCASTER-Junior States- man, Student Control, Chevrons. HAROLD LATTIMORE-Track, Football, Block F. LARRY LAWLER-Sen. Steering, Pres. Marquis, J. V. Football, Jester's, Rally, Dance Band. DONN LIPMAN-LII Pres., Chief Jus- tice, Boys' Comm., Block F, Gym- nastics, C.S.F., Jester's Term Play, Rally. CHARLIE LOCKHART-Chairman Sen. Picnic, Marquis, Jester's Term Play, Rally. JUANITA LONDON-Torch 8. Key, C.S.F., A Cappella, Orchestra. CEDRICK LU NSMAN-Chevrons. KEN MANSTROM-Vikings. BEST LOOKING Carol Allen, Tom Turner LINDA MARR-Ed.-in-Chief GGG, Hl0 Sec., Lll V. P., Song Leader, Rally, Jester's Term Play, Torch G Key, Tri Delta Gamma. DOROTHY MARTIN-Youth lor Christ, Torch G Key, Jester's Term Play, Girls' Glee. MARILYN MARTIN-Jr. Statesman, Stu. Control, G.A.A. DAVID MASCOTE-Vikings, Block F, Mgr. Sports Teams. GERRY MONTI-Baseball, R. O. T. C. Band. DELORES MOORE-F u t u r e N u r s e s, Dance, Org. Rooting. GALE MORRIS-Stage Crew, Wrestling. SHARON MOTTORAS-Lambda T h e t a Chi, Business. 0. C. NOLAN-LIO Rep., Football, Track, Block F. LOUISE NYGARD-S. B. Vice-Pres., V. P. Ll2, Chr. LIZ Mothers' Tea, Pres. Torch 8. Key, C.S.F., Jester's Term Play, Sigma Rho Omega, Sr. Steer- gng,dGirls' State, O.P.H.A., GGG pg. e . DICKEY OLIVER-Art Workshop, Stage Crew, Schl. Publicity. GARRY PAPE-Chevrons, Jr. Statesman. BARBARA PARRY-Sigma Rho Omega, Girls' Glee, Art Workshop, Dance. JEANNE HATHAWAY PATTERSON- Hll Rep., Ll2 Sec., Torch 8i Key, C.S.F., Zeta Kappa Chi, Jester's, Del. Assem. VANCE PATTERSON-S a x o n s, P r e s. Rally, Block F, Basketball. BOB PATTERSON-Vikings. ED PENHOET-Sen. Steering, Actg. Comm. Finance, Wheel, J. V. Track, Jester's. NANCY PENNINGTON-Lambda Theta Chi, Torch Gi Key, Club Council, Swimming. DAVID PETTERLEE-Track. BOB PINSON-Wrestling. WILLIAM POWELL-Track. ALAN PRATT-Rifle Team. MICKEY PRICE-A Cappella, Block F, Football, All-City, Track. LOUIS PULIS-Youth for Christ, Sabre, Orch., Boys' Glee, A Cappella. WILLIAM REED-R.O.T.C. Band. BERNARD REMOALDO-J. V. Football, Stage Crew. PAT RIDGWELL-Art Workshop. DANNY ROGERS-Football. LYNN ROGERS-O.P.H.A., Pg. 2 ed. GGG, Torch 8i Key, Org. Rooting, Jester's, Del Assem. SYLVIA ROGERS-Song Leader, Torch 8. Key, Art Workshop. GRETCH EN ROTH-Jester's. ll' llsff- ,AJ ' lr no CLASS CUT-UPS Linda Marr, Larry Lawler CATHY RYLAN-Del, Assem., Torch 8i Key, Tri Delta Gamma, Rally, Jest- er's. MIKE SHULTE-Wheel. CLIFFORD SCHULTZ-S. B. Pres., Comm. Entertainment, C.S.F., Stu. Council, Jester's Term Play. JoANNE SCHWEIG-Sigma Rho Omega, Art Workshop, Jester's. JOAN SEBASTIN-Youth for Christ, Sig- ma Rho Omega, Jester's. JESSIE SEGUIN--Jester's Term Play, Zeta Kappa Chi, Sen. Steering, VP Hl2, Treas. Torch G Key. TONY SERTIN-Dance Comm., Track. ALBERTA SHAW-Bowling, Art Work shop. ALAN SILVER-GGG, Varsity Football, Track. LEE SOWERSBY-Swimming. SUE SQUIRES-Stage Crew, Sigma Rho Omega. JOANNE STAGNERO-Fut Nurses, Delta Phi Beta, Syn Swimming. FRED STORY-Boys' Glce, Choir JAMES THOMAS-Basketball. BILLIE RUTH THROWER-Torch 8 Key, Comm. Soc. Affairs, CS.F, Fut Nurses, G.A.A. ANTHONY TRUMBLY-Boys' Glee MICKEY VALENZUELA-Pres. A Cap- pella, Boys' Glec, Jester's, Wrestling NANCY VAN EVERY-Sigma Rho Omega, A Cappella, Sen Steering, Jestcr's, Sen. Dinner Chrmn. HAROLD VERONDA-F o o t b o I I, Stage Crew, Block F., Varsity Track. SANDY WALLINE-Stu. Body Sec., Torch G Key, Rally, A Cappella, Jester's, Sigma Rho Omega. JUDY WHITE-Art Workshop. GARY WILLIAMS-Battalion Commander R.O.T.C., Boys' Glee, Sabre, Tennis. MIKE WILSON-Swimming, Football. SHARON WINTER-Stu. Clerk, C.S.F., Torch 8 Key, Business. GARY WOOD-Comm, Entertainment, Sports Ed. GGG, C.S.F., Marquis, Rally, Jester's Term Play. SUE WOODBURN-Sen. Steering, Torch 8i Key, Jester's, C.S.F., Term Play Stu. Director. .fuzz TOM ALLEN-Football, Trallic. JOYCE ALVES-Delegate Assembly. JOHN ARELLANES-Radio, A r c h e r y, Track, Swimming, Gymnastics. LARRY ARMSTRONG-Swimming, Lamp- lighters, Green and Gold. ALFREDA ARNESON-Future Nurses, G.A.A., Archery, Swimming, Cidelles. MARILYN ATKINSON-Hll Rep., Hl2 Secretary, Pres. Tri Delta Gamma, Torch 8' Key, Rally, Sen. Steering, Cir. Ed. GGG, Delegate Assembly. JOHN AUEN-Delegate Assembly, Rally, Big 81 Little Sister Party. BRIAN BAGGETT-HIO Rep, LI2 Pres. Centurions, Jester's Term Play, C.S.F., Block F, All-City Tennis. JUDIE BAILEY-LII Rep., Tri Delta Gamma, Rally, Jester's Term Play, Lampllghters, Publicity Ed. GGG. JACKIE BAKER-Vice-President Kappa Theta Chi. DOROTHY BALDIT-Sigma Rho Omega. Organized Rooting, Youth for Christ, Jester's. DoANNE BEACH-L a m b d a Theta Chi, Synchronized Swimming, A Cappella. Orchestra, Dance IV. BARBARA BEALL-Comm. Social Aflairs, Kappa Theta Chi, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Rally, Future Teachers. HANNAH BERRY-Jr, Statesmen, G.A,A. Swimming. HENRY BITTER JR.-Del. Assembly, Jr. Achievement, Swim Team, Art Work- shop, P.A. Crew, Band, Block F. Boll BLANCHARD-vllnilgs, sigma Rho Omega, Swimming. SHEILA BLOOM-Torch 8. Key, GGG, Rally, Spanish. VALERIE BOLTZ-Associate Ju s t i c e, Chair. Sr. Ball, Spanish, Torch G Key, Future Teachers, Rally, Synchronized Swimming, Jester's, Del. Assembly. NICOLE BRACEWELL-Page 3 ed. GGG, Jester's, Del. Assembly, Rally, Girls' Glce, Ll0 Rep., C.S.F,, Torch 8- Key. DARYL alzscslls-rep, Rally, Lamp- lighters, Choir, Delegate Assembly. GEORGE BRENNAN-Assoc. Ju s t i c e, Chevrons, Science VP and Secy., Jr. Statesman, C.S.F., Alt. Del. to Model U.N. Q I BEST LOOKING Bob Bowser, Linda.Marr CAROL BRIDGE-Hll,Hl2 Rep., Torch 8- Key, Youth for Christ. DAN BUCKLEY-Pres. Jester's, Gymnas- tics, Asst, Pg. l ed. GGG, Dads Club, Nutrition Assembly, Term Play C H A R L E S CAGLE-Block F, Football, Track. PAT CALLAHAN-Business, Jr. States- man. KAREN CARPENTER-Kappa Theta Chi, Dance Comm. LEONARD CARREIRA--GGG Photogra- pher. SANDY CASTRO-Stu. Control. BARBARA CATHEY-Kappa Theta Chi. sue er' GERALD CATTELL-P.A., Saber, C - BIGGEST FLIRTS Sonja Hartman, Dennis Horan , , JOAN DOYLE-G.A.A., Creative Writing, rons, Science. Swimmin Ri - B. " ama. PENNY cHAMselzs-0-.,,L.. "4,'73 - olmsxovlcu-Lll see., l.lz ROBERT HST ,, 3gi,f.:-:iv ,U , Leaderhptylgzdes, Pep, Rally, femb ' .' A ' ri' ' ,. 2 --- ' L' 'H- .-Ef',MEK,-J'g",,1!:1"-'7!':5" I-"I,-,i-'La-f.5i,, ., Torch G GEORGE ry .-c. - Mel'-5'-f.f""'-'Z' a.s-,1.ev:ce.1':1w'-..- fu- BARBAR .fc if' . ' 2"" 4"'JfJp'1":'.,4-' ' 0' ' Li-n' Deltai mma '-'-2'3" V' ' -n'5' ii, i ' H 'U a u" ' T H. .fi 'L' "ml LAWYER coom- ri 5' fj,,?'.e- - - T ,, K Bond, Troubl 5a,.i.lilJ? iA 'i L . . ill? on 8 ey' r -,,,. l , ,r.. , ' " ' MIKE C056 , . .grae , . "WL ffggl, sigma cm. curl 47.-'ff 'i f- 5' 'dl 5'h.'lf", S' ' e Ch ,- 1.-1 .gf - 3-:L F 5. L gg, 1.33.13-3, V Y-Secretary, H10 Ga v . 'rf' .f -n u ww T'-zz, 2 - 1 li Bi Key, C.S.F., f .7 fig, "T - 4-1, Ed. Rosgkzt ei 31j+Qf','Qff,f, HM 'H-,ir x- .F., Dance Comm., fir ffl .43??1l'7 ' F -Ze 1- Gm 111-1 ,F -f-tg B i. K... Lambda f..?i'f . -J,'.z:f TT" ' ' ll 1 i, M . Rooting, Jester's, SHARON ew ' wrt: ,. J : pxx Ga Keyr C4394 ,',., l ivy:-.... .... You , 7.1 r, J' ati-3:,." -lg.:-3:-gg-43 TIM FARLEY7Centurions, Jester's, C.S.F. ' J --'I' - . ..-ff A"i 'Li1Q-.,----- -WN- LOIS DA 2? - Lg'?:1-rr-If --3'-FETTKE-A Cappella, mek, sleek Torch Gi Key. I F. NORAH DAVIS-Delegate Assembly, A Cappella, Delta Phi Beta, Pep, Art Workshop. SHARON De MERS-A Cappella, Jr. Achievement, Girls' Glee. BILL DENT-Football, Swimming, Dele- gate Assembly, Block F, School Pub- licity. JIM DePlETRO-R.O.T.C., G r e e n and Gold. DALLAS DODSON-Block F, C.S.F., Foot- ball, J.V. Baseball, Track. RAY DOUGLAS-Baseball. PAT FINCH-L10 Rep., Lll 8. HIZ V.P., Torch Bi Key, C.S.F., V.P. Nondes, Rally, Sen. Steer., GGG. MARY LOU FISTER--Youth for Christ, Synchronized Swimming. RONALD FLAIG-H10 Rep., Block F, Jester's, Sports Mgr. LINDA FLAMM-Lambda Theta Chi, C. S.F., Org. Rooting, Pep, Flame Art Ed., Jester's Term Play. ROLLIN FROST-Gymnastics - All-City, Jester's, Court. BILL GARCIA-Football, Track, Block F. ' FRIENDLIEST Ken Robie, Kathie Korts PAUL GARDNER-Wrestling, Block F. EDWARD GATES--Delegate Assembly. GAYLE GEBHARD-Pres. Nondes, Pep, Rally, Lamplighters, Choir, Del. As- sembly. JOYCE GEORGE-A Cappella, Orchestra, G.A.A. JEFF GIAMBRUNO-Gymnastics, Del As- sembly. KATHY GILLESPIE-Nondes. JUANITA GILLIAM-F o r e ig n Corre- spondence, Homemakers, G. A. A., Swimming, Dance Comm. MARILYN GILLIS-Del. Assembly, G.A.A. V.P., Swimming. BOBBY GOLDEN-Football, Baseball, Block F, Jester's. CARMEN GONZALES-Homemaking, Stu. Control. BOB GOODRICH-Football, Block F. KAY GOTTULA-Flame Ed., LI2 Song Leader, Sen. Steering, Lll Rep., V.P. Tri Delta Gamma, Del. Assembly, GGG, Rally, Jester's Term Play. JOANNE GRANATA-Hll Sec., Tri Delta Gamma, Rally, Pep, Del. As- sembly. LINDA GRANT-Kappa Theta Chi, Jr. Statesman, Dance Comm., Rally, Jester's Term Play. DAVID HALLSTROM-Boys' Comm., LIZ Rep., Boys' State, Jester's, GGG, Del. Assembly, Saxons, Excalibur. MARY JANE HALSEY-Big G Little Sis- ter, Chairman Sr. Dinner Menu. JEANIE HAMILTON--Kappa Theta Chi, A Cappella, Dance Comm., Art Workshop. MARVIN HAMSTEAD-C.S.F. WALTER HANHY-Football, Block F, Lamplighters, Jester's Term Play. DONNA HANSEN-C.S.F., G.A.A., Span- ish, Homemaking. SONJA HARTMAN-V. P. Youth for Christ, Sigma Rho Omega. SANDRA HATCHER-John C., Del. As- sembly, Tri Delta Gamma, Rally. MICKEY HOLLOWAY-GGG Photogra- pher. JON HOWERTON-Del. Assembly, Track. MARILYN HUMPHREY-C.S.F., Torch G Key, G.A.A., Sailing, Sr. Picnic Chairman. DEANNA HUNT-Future Teachers, Jest- er's Term Play, G.A.A., Modern Dance. JOHN HUTCHINS-Saxons, Stu. Control, Sailing, Orch., Boys' Glee, R.O.T.C. Band. KENT JACOBSON-Basketball, Sch. Pub- Iicity, Art Workshop. PERCY JEFFERSON-Football, Track, Block F, Jester's. CAROL JORGENSEN-Kappa Theta Chi, Dance IV. fl MOST BASHFUL Harold Williams, Dorothy Baldit SHIRLEY KASPERSON-LIZ Rep., Nondes, Torch 81 Key, Rally, Del. Assem., Lamplighters. GEORGE KEARNS-Jester's. ROSEMARY KEIHN-Del. A s s e m b I y, Homecoming. NORMAN KELLOGG-National Rifle- man's Assoc., CROTCI. JERRY KENNEDY-Stage Crew, Art Workshop, Sch. Publicity. DENNIS KENYON--Dance Band, Orches- tra. JOH N KERNS-Chevrons, Sabre. ROYCE KILGORE-Block F, Track, J.V., Football. KATHIE KORTS-S.B. Vice-President, LIO Rep., Sen. Steer., Rally, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Jester's Term Play, GGG Pub. Ed. GERRY LEWIS-Chief Justice, Comm. Fin., C.S.F., Rally, GGG. BARBARA ANN LIND-Lambda Theta Chi. DAVID LINDSTROM-A Capella, Youth for Christ. BOB LOGAN--Soxons. CHARLOTTE LOPEZ-Homemaking, Stu. Control, Del. Assembly. JOHN LORUSSO-Baseball Manager. FREDERICK LOUIE-Student Control. CARMEN LOZOYA-Kappa Theta Chi. JEANNETTE LUTZ--C.S.F., Girls' Glee. EVA MACIAS-HII Rep., Girls' Comm., Torch 81 Key, Jester's, Spanish, G.A.A., Stu. Control, Future Teachers, Rally, Dance, Del. Assembly. MARLENE MARTIN-Hl0, LIZ Sec., Tri Delta Gamma, Sen. Steering, Rally. PAT MAZZOLINI-Alpha Sigha Chi. BOB McCANN-Track, Wrestling. CAROL MCLAUGHLIN-A C a p p e I I a, Girls' Glee, LYNDA MEANS-Girls' Glee, JAMES MEEK-Bailiff, Leadership, R.0. T.C. Chevrons, Orchestra. JAMES MIGLIARDI-Block F, Baseball, Track, Wrestling, Football. HENRY MILLER--Hornets, Bowling, Block F, Wrestling, Track. RAYMOND MILLER-Comm. Entertain- ment, C.S.F., Wheel, R.0.T.C. Band, Orchestra, Dance Band. CATH I E MURRAY-Treasurer Business. ANN NAKAYAMA-Clerk Stu. Court, HI2 Rep., C.S.F., Secy. Torch 8: Key, Sigma Rho Omega, Jester's, Org. Rooting, Del. Assembly, Dance Comm., Future Teachers. GEORGE NICKOLAS-Football, Block F, A Cappella. IRIS OFFNER-Del. Assembly Ll2, Kappa Theta Chi, Bowling. VIOLET PATERSON-Kappa Theta Chi, Pres. Business, Stu. Control, Del. As- sembly. FRAN PEFITONE-H10 V.P., Hll Pres., Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., Future Nurses, Spanish, Rally, Exchange Ed. G8-G, Del. Assembly, Senior Steering. ROBERT PERRY-Block F, Spanish, Rally, Football, Track, Student Control, Del. Assembly. TANDY PETERSON-Youth for Christ, G.A.A., Swimming, Tennis. BOB PETERSON-C.S.F., Science, Jr. Statesman, Chevrons, Sabre. RONALD PETERSON--Greenwood Arch- ers, Block F, Lamplighters, Gymnas- tics, J.V. Gymnastics Varsity. TOM PLEVIN-Football, Block F, Track. JIM PUGH-Swimming. TARSELLIA PURDY-Girls' Glee. ROSALIE RAMOS-Tri Delta Gamma. HARRIET REMOLIF-Jr. Achievement, Homemaking, G.A.A., Student Con- trol. ROSE REVELES-Homemaking. BARBARA RHODES-A Cappella. DIANE RIENDEAU-Kappa Theta Chi, A Cappella. DONNA RIENDEAU-Kappa Theta Chi, A Cappella. CAROL ROBBIANO-Comm. Pub. Rel. 81 Safety, Pg. 2 ed. GGG, Pub. Ed. G8-G, Pres. Nondes, Torch 8' Key, Chair. Senior Dinner, O.P.H.A. KEN ROBIE-S.B. President, LIZ Pres., Senior Steering, Pres. Block F, Base- ball, Football, Basketball. MARK ROCCHIO-Rally, Pros. Atty., Football, J.V. Basketball, Golf, Swim- ming, Track, Student Court. TERRY ROCKWELL--Basketball, Base- ball, Block F, Delegate Assembly, Flame Sports Ed., GGG. DIANNA RUSSELL-Hd. Yell Leader, Torch 81 Key, C.S.F., OPHA, Rally, Future T e a c h e 1 s, Synchronized Swimming, Jester's Term Play, GGG, Organized Rooting, SALLY RUSSO-Student Control. TERRY RYAN-Pros. Atty., Assoc. Jus- tice, Student Control, GGG. DeVORA SANDERS-Stu. Control, G.A.A. -Baseball, Basketball. JANICE SCARBER--Y-Teens. CAROLYN SCOTT-Hll Class Represent- ative. CHARLES SELF-Swimming. ED SHOCKLEY-G y m n a s t i c s, Diving, Swimming, Jester's Term Play. BILL JOSEPH SILVA-Baseball, Block F, Lamplighters. BEN SKINNER-Bowling, Beg. Band. LYNETTE SMITH-Kappa Theta Chi, Chaplain, Youth for Christ, A Cap- pella, Pep. PEGGY SPARKS-G.A.A., Future Nurses. GLORIA STEFFANI--School Publicity, Art Workshop. LINDA STRAND-Lll Rep., Girls' Comm. Del. Assembly, Chaplain Nondes, Rally, Torch 81 Key, Pep, Lamplight- ers, GGG page 2 ass't., O.P.H.A. RAMONA STUMPF-Art W o r k s h o p, Dance, Org. Rooting, Syn. Swimming. CLIFF SWARTZ-C.S.F., Golf, Jester's Term Play. WADE TAYLOR-Ed.-in-Chief GGG, Lll Rep., V.P. Block F, Rally, Baseball, Pres. O.P.H.A., Lamplighters. BARBARA TERRY-Student Control. RAEDEAN THOMPSON-S i g m a R h o Omega. KENNETH TORRES-Dance Comm. CHRISTINE TRUTNER--Art Workshop, Sigma Rho Omega. SUZANNE TRUTNER-Sigma Rho Omega, Swimming. GEORGE TUCKER-Del. Assembly, N.C.O. Club, Saber, Nat'l. Rifleman's Assoc., Rifles, Drill, P.A., Stu. Cont., Jr. Achievement. CLASS CUT-UPS Walt Hanhy, "Skeeter" Davis GEORGIA VALTAKIS-Creative Writing, Synchronized Swimming, Orchestra, Band. BILL WALKUP-Ll0 Rep., Lll Pres., L12 V.P., Block F, Sen. Steering, 2122, Football, Track, Lamplighters, BOB WELLBROOK-Block F, Baseball, Wrestling. BENSON WHITFORD-Del. Assembly, Hornets, Bowling, V.P., Fall, '57. DENNIS WICKWIRE-Keyes Comm. Hl2 Rep., Rally, Dance, Del. Assembly, Block F, Tennis. HAROLD WILLIAMS-Science, C.S.F., R.O.T.C. Band. KENNETH WONG-C.S.F. President. PATRICIA WONG iRonnettel-Future Teachers, A Cappella, Jr. Red Cross, Jester's Orchestra. RON WOLFE-Boys' Glee, Tennis, Band, R.O.T.C. PAULENE WYMAN-Youth for Christ, Jester's, F.T.A., Del. Assembly, Org. Rooting, DIANE YUMAE-Torch 8. Key, C.S.F., Sigma Rho Omega, G.A.A. 4 IZ3 Auioqfmplm I - H ve "- I -f f ,A S'-R61 4 Y f. Easy, girls! N fc ?f' :A '-nn-v . . . . 3, -14,51 , .W I ff . 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I f ' a . s I I I I . . I I . I I . . . . . I ' Q - I I , . . ' . I I , ' . ' . . , . . , I I . . I . . I . . , I . .I . , . . Bob Dahl, Spring President ' , . . I - . . . -, . . , I D l o' s n I , . . I I . I I- I 1 . I . ' I 5 . . , , , I I I - . , , - u , , . I I I . 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