Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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,A L ,- lb 4' S? ' Q . 2 Afifff '14 D245 722f4'1-04 fr I !' ,1 f 1 jf ,fcx V f I 1, I -J 4 Jll1'li:3isEi!Fl'N X i isggig i 3 w F M' J Sy., W W b ' g :A Iv I x .I ' X' 21?-'gi-'N' 4 was K f , Q Q 47 I 1 , X fy B R PAQ' ' f , ,Nag-iXE:k! f gl X 1 re?-X II X 1 .J--pf F I. H M E of FREMO CJa 1 + Body fhe GH OL Hfo 77119 7, 1 Edifors' Nofe: This message from Mr. Krefsinger appears in fhe Fremoni Handboolc given fo every new sludeni. lf bears reprinfing here. To our new Fremonlersz The sludenis and faculfy of Fremonl' High School welcome you +o our Sludenf Body. We sincerely hope 'rhal' +he years +o come, while you are siuclenfs here, will be mos'r profifable and happy school years for you. We are proud of our school. Our record in +he various ac+ivi+ies is an enviable one. Ou+s+anding achievemenrs have been made. over +he years, in +he fields of ar+, music, a+hle+ics, drama, and scholarship. You can be a real force in keeping our record high by par+icipa+ing in +he field of your in+eres'rs. Please lceep in mind 'l'ha'l' you have complefe conirol of your record here. The values you will receive from Fremonf depend upon your a++i+ude, your desire 'ro malce good. We wish for your success and happiness. -R. W. Krefsinger, Principal MR. RICHARD W. KRETSINGER Principal MISS GERTRUDE WOODWARD Vice-principal, Dean of Girls MR. EARL DOXSEE Vice-principal, Dean of Boys SOCIAL STUDIES Sfanding, Mr. Wayne Welch, Mr. Howard Billings, Mr. T. M. Jones, Mr. Harold Boles, Mr. Ray Riese, Mr. Howard Madden, Dr. Harold Ronning, Mr. LeRoy Smifh. Sealed, Mrs. Margarel Bran- son, Miss Mary Glidden, Mr. Edwin Tallyn, Miss Katherine Alexander, Miss Shirley Prell- will. BUSINESS Mrs. Irma Burke, Miss Edilh Hunf, Miss Elsie Allen, Miss Eleanor Bendell, Mrs. Virgene Gillell, Mrs. Mariory Cochran, Mr. Arthur Sallness. Jfwllilf ENGLISH Sfandinq, lefl fo right, Miss Helen Wirf, Mr. J. Oliver Rofhi, Mr. John Bens, Mr. Roberl L. Russell, Mrs. Toma Carlson. Sealed, Miss Florence Jor- dan, Miss Joy Clairendon, Miss Mary Pefly, Mrs. Lola Tweedie, Miss Janel Cox. -4,-xx-u-mv-7+-w.s,....e awww. QS Q9 TOP: MATH-SCIENCE Mr. Roberf Todd, Mr. Lloyd Buchser, Miss Hanah Rowell, Mr. Edward Albrechl, Miss Elsa Shadall, Mr. Dennis Mc- Laughlin, Mrs. Jean Nelson. INSET: MUSIC Miss Omo Grimwood, Mr. John de Roos, Mrs. Violef Cobb. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Sfanding: Mr. Emil Bansmer, Mr. Frederick Canham, Mr. Alfred Moore, Mr. Jack Gless- ner. Sealed: Mr. Ralph Ben- nett, Mr. Barney Kukolsky. ' :fy mei 3 .NVQ ,,Sr-A W ffl , -- 2. ff-1? ' xo JE: J'.':. 'X 'iw xx 'fx iikvwik nf -. x, .r xl' ' :,' lj im L ' .Q , . ' x -N. .1-.ff X i,Q'fL ' , . Q, , x M 1, X K.. fe .'f--m, v - 3' M. W , .1 ffl f"1ln-my Rug U. nv' , 1. fjpfm . 1 A W 'Q UW., Q, x QQ N as ,..,, -- x 3 Q N Xxxgfq. , .QNX mrmxwx- A yj1Xmf'5w.9. . ,w A . .,,., Q . L N ., ,,,KT A . l iii N S M X -Q 1 Q9 ff ' .Z 5" f ' -A 5 2 Xe ke , ff ff wr f x K V, ff N W X Wv ' ff ll fy N-X NX N I 'x 1' H Q W! Cv W W Q N' I AY if MN V V! .X ml Xl xxxxyxw XZ' xk'a1. I f X. v 1. 4 7 lk xx I nfs, 4r W xx X Q, f R 'f ji9f' " f ,nfs IPX ,P 1 fl 1264! WYHQXA-A leqlwlv I wif: lm: X ,V u ' A- ,i 12 ff fa' ' W' 5lE,,f1T ' ii' I " Si' , A ' iii'- X X ix Rf' , I ,I X1 N X A X, J -L fgf ', , A' """ 3 N .v L-Q54 . 4- 2, .gg vi HOWARD PEARSON Sfudenf Body Presidenf SHIELA KARMAN Vice-Presidenf GAIL MAU LSBY Secrefary ED DASH Commissioner of Enferfainmenf BETTE GIANAPOULOS Commissioner of Finance PAT FORTINI Girls' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds JOHN NYHEIM Boys' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds MARILYN MACHADO Commissioner of Social Affairs SARA STOCKS Head Yell Leader GABRIEL ZARAGOZA Edilor, Green and Gold JANUARY SENIOR STEERING COMMITTEE Top row, lefi fo riglwf, Bob Evins, Bob RicI'1arcIson. Bill De Wolf, Bill Reed, Bob Porier, Howard Pearson. Bo'r'fom row, left io righf, Gilda Rando, Ruilw FOTTII, Colleen Puglw. Connie Long. Nancy Bloclr, Cor- rine Keim, Shiela Karman. H12 CLASS OFFICERS Lefi fo righf, Nancy Bloclr, rep- resenialiveg Colleen Pugh, vice- presiclenig Bob Evins, presidenig Corrine Keim. secreiaryg Connie Long, represenfaiive. Tax ' 4. mr M ' it .N 1 ,fe ,M . 5 .f W? ga ,pm U :A n W2 E X5 fs, v ,O W 4 5 S R? .4 S ' 5: f 3 H' W ffulw' f wwfsus vii? ru' Q' L if 1 W f' gym gg iw? mf vi Qi W 'HIV 1+ 2,-4,5 4 82, gm, wigs f wig 1 ,MJ Wx -Q :5 Q M 'WM ,QQ E E 7-19 5 1' ' i' 1. 1- v' W Rurh Donichr Roberi Egglesion Mariorie Eisfeld Richard Erafh Roberi Evins Alfred Fereria Herman Ferrier Ida Florio Donald Foley Bonnie Ford Rufh Forih George Franlrs Jim Frazier Lois Frosfad Lorefra Garcia uf ,iv . 'Q - ,Q - I',.'fJ1:iI5' .V..t: ,. JM 6' mv ,f fy E . M J f ' bwwisiafel Marvin Genelie Kennefh Giallanza David Goodwin David Green Esiher Guarnera Marilyn Guhl Cafherine Habbesfad Alice Hallquisi Roma Jean Hammer Mariorie Harvey Sharon Henninger Donald Johns Lloyd Johnson Edward Jones Lois Jcul:ue'+ K Ali was f A f N . . ga :div x .. QS HL f mx if. 41 w ,M f ,iw use W QQ Emi , .X ML K vy 'Af 1 1 " N' ff M if Wit K., 6 Qffw WW I vi H. 3 'fu- .mf-4 Eqr x X A S +?' ef1 Snlpi was 5? '25 5 QNX if if 4.41 wwfgi W Q? 32 I ',j1m ,haiL. 6' 5114 Wayne Cava na ugh Eugene Pingiiore Beverley Saunders Al Williams Daniel Tavares Theresa Tirado James Torrence Leonard Vlughl' Brenf Warner Barbara Wunce William Xavier Charles Younce Anila Young Gabriel Zaragoza George Ziemer Edward Zumsleg Knumabm MR. EDWIN TALLYN Dear Graduafes of January, I954: Whaf happy years we have had af Fremonf! For you fhey have been years of friendship and growfhg for Fremonf fhey have been packed wifh high achieve- menfs in scholarship, afhlefics, drama, arf, and music. Over and above your fine record of service fo fhe school-fhe gold seals. fhe scholarships and ofher honors won-over and above fhese sfands fhe memory of your cheery smiles and happy disposifions. You have been such a pleasanf class! I consider myself forfunafe, indeed, fo have been in such close confacf wifh you during 'Ihese fhree years. Togefher we have mef disappoinfmenfs, solved problems, shared failure and success. In fhese fhree years you have grown physically and menfally. You have learned fo "give and fake" and fo gef along wifh ofhers. You have fackled new problems, assumed new responsibilifies. Mrs. Tallyn and I wish fo fhank you for aII of your many courfesies and Icindnesses fo us. If has been a pleasure fo have visifed wifh you and your parenfs. If has been a privilege fo have shared your ambifions and your friendships. We frusf fhaf fhis happy relafionship will confinue. As you go fo homes of your own, fo fhaf new iob, fo fhaf college career- wherever you may fravel-please know fhaf our besf wishes go wifh you always. Your friend, -EDWIN TALLYN ' dutnqfmplu. MQW M N Q ?gii + MSW Mr, Af MW W P s E42 gi? M WW ':14..jL, 'J Y Gm X 7 QE? f W4 F1 14 ff 1 . za M 'E' 1221 nil, W 'im' . IX f: X 6 ' 5 . f 1 X f , A, If 'N , 35:51,-W, ' 1 -.?f, I f ' 2 xx I 1.1. iv -i jl1 ' y,,. , I fy xr ffl-' ' f 4111! W f ' 1' l 1 of V' -X , X I 1 , I 'i N f I ' -1 -' 1 rl w 1' X ' K 1' f Q if , f' s' If 35 7 ' ff 1 wif f , 1 'V fp X jf! Q I' , ' gf! ,7 f' f, , ' 4, ' f- WH!! !Wf y 4 ff 1 f 1 , z V ,f f f ,f g - N I f . nf! ff n 'V I' i:,. fi I I If X 1 I r ' Qff ,. XL-w: lf 4 4 ' 1 -,' '--- Q y1 !!5fQ'Qe! . 'fig x A gf' ifgaj N ll 4 A lfffli ' wk! X 3 l' 1 A 1.1 X4 f ' V E3 ' ' Campy : Q ffifgwm ED DASH Sfudenf Body Presidenf GAIL MAULSBY Vice-Presideni BOBBIE JOHNSTON Secrefary GRANT CHAPPELL Commissioner of Enferfainmenf B08 SILVA Commissioner ol Finance LILLIAN HOLFORD Girls' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds STAN WANNER Boys' Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds JANET KROGH Commissioner of Social Affairs ARLENE TOBIA Head Yell Leader NANCI BELLING Edifor, Green and Gold game JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS L12 Leff fo righ+: Lore'Ha Hansen, Lil- lian Halford, Richard Finch, Dixie Rivers, John Borges, presidenh Nanci Belling, Mary Lou Wirlh. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS H12 Leff fo righl, Bacl: row: Lorella Hansen, Richard Finch, Sue King. Fronf row: John Borges, presidenfg Nancy Gopperl, Bob Krail, Barbara Basquss Clair Baughman Eli1abefh Beach Nancy Bean Ronald Beasley Marie Bega Nancy Belling Angelina Bellino Joseph Benavidez Tom Benigno Jean Berg Roberl Berry Madeline Bsrgslrom Anfhony Bernard Nina Berfon Marion Abrahamson Gary Adams Pafricia Alfenbach Roberf Amorde James Anderson George Aplrarian William Appleberry Bob Arrizon Charles Arrizon Irene Baclrman David Badley Charles Bailey Elva Bain Sfephen Bales Joan Barsien kfzwzlldoflzamqhi Adrienne Brochier John Brooling Sandra Brous George Brow Richard Brown Rufh Brown Frederick Bullmann Rober+ Bungarz Franlr Bulorovich William Bulow Dorine Callahan Bob Cambra Shirley Campbell Carl Canfwell Beverly Carlisle lllqhy ' . Elena Bidslrup Gary Biarnson Carolyn Black Ronald Blagg Maureen Boerner John Borges Mary Bofelho Conslance Bofhwell James Boulfer Madeleine Bowling Jaclr Boyle Bob Bresheen Palsy Brecheen Mariha Brindle Earl Brizee 24955 Richard Denlon Annie Defoma Diane Devasher Marlene Dianda Carole Dixon Eva Dodig Darrell Doughly Doro+hy Draslrovich Sievenson Edwards Marlene English Shirley Erilrsen Roberf Fagundes Joan Farrell Don Farringlon Richard Finch Richard Chaix Joan Chapion Charlene Cobb Gail Coleman Joy ColleH Dan Cosgrove Michael Craine Gerald Cravens Norma Cunha Vera Cufhberf Norma Dnrland Edward Dash Anna Davis Joyce Decuir Roberla De Long 609, w1ZL ' nvnL wx-mf ,sm -33 gg 4 f' al 'F A .6 2' Ag 3. 4 'W -J , V w rf 1 ,. ..':.,:. A f gg f 1 ,Y h y Ag 3 ls x K ig? 4. w 4 XL? Qiauaeffigfif .2, E: www .:. A ,L v Q :E We 'M1TH?'HiR iw 3-M F35 S X: QW Nvmxswsw .. ,Q 'NRL -was , Q 2 . ..,. - W5 x, Qiklif QW? William Johanson Barbara Johnslon Deloris Jones Valerie Jones Marilyn Jordan Chrisfine Julius Erilra Kaufmann Wayne Kearns Jay Keller George Kennedy Roberf Kenney Sue King Mildred Kniffin Carol Koch Roberf Krail nu1LA,chonL,,acLo,Qd' ucflm, l waMwe1Q Y. ' WNW w L f:sl 12a'S'Jf2vH'2 b Marie Kramer Sharon Lane Michael Laurenzl Sharon Le Doux Helen Lindahl Roberf Linson Margarel Lopez Ronald Lopez Don Loux Eugene Luna Marilyn Machado Josephine Macias Roberl MacKenzie Raffalele Maramonfe Rudolph Marcheffi Alice Marlrs Richard Marques Jerry Marlin Connie Mariinez Eslher Marfinez Shirley Marfinia Charles MaHhews Gail Maulsby Nancy Maze Daryl McCombie James McDaniel Holly McFadden Charles McShane Roberfa Meadows Mariorie Means www 'Lyn ' .llgfhl Aclwnl 31 All l x fs-,gig ,,: , L 4 4 Gard Meddaugh Olga Medeiros David Medley LeRoy Mc-len John Mello Joan Miles Donald Miller Shirley Miller Donna Minfzmyer Roy Monfague Gloria Monfanelli Joan Moody Je'ry Moon Pa+ Morgan John Morgenrofh tho, nth, Frances Pacheco Don Padlo Joan Palmer Hosea Parham Belly Peco Pafriclr Pecoraro Carol Peebley Roberf Penningfon Harold Ferreira Marylynn Perry Maureen Peshoul Renee Porfer Pafricia Pruff Marlene Rampone Joseph Raffazzi simixf 29.1 1 ' Roberf Morris Jerry Murphy Joan Musanfe Clarence Muslcopf Grill Nelson Marion Newsfrom Roseann Nickels Prefer Nielsen Charlofle Noe Roberl Norfh Rosalie Nunemann John Nyheim Carole Oishi Donald Olsen Dianne Owen William Russell Roberl Salreno Peler Samuelson Dennis Sawdon Palricia Schnalael Suzanne Scudier Mary Shaler Maudie Shafer Brenl Shaw Erle Sherwood Viola Shoclrley Donna Shonley Roger Sifuenles Ursel Silber Janelle Silva 'Wi' Susan Regesler Conslance Reim Peler Renleria Sluarl Reynolds Dixie Rivers Gerlrude River Ronald Robie Terry Lou Robinson Marlin Robison Anlhony Rocha Jacquelyn Rogers Joseph Rosas Belly Lou Rund Edward Rushin Roberl Russell 602, MIL lmvnlm, and nlmq, tim, Arhvnlh, A dI'lLl,!l20 inywmnbuuiuawhvmopmm aqgpmww- ., Marie Silva Dick Smiilw Marilyn Jo Smifh David Soares Harry-Ann Simmons Joan Sowersby Danna Sprosfon Sylvia Siarlr Barry Siarlrey Parricia Sieiner Yvonne S+epl1ens Richard Sfevens Kay Sfiglih Sara Sfoclzs Beairice Siorey :zrwLw11LdoowLluzALio ' ' aliluz, n Z S' wir 33.234 mz1 snr' - Dolores Sirom Jerome Swanigan Nancy Swenson Gary Sylvesfer Jean Tabalra Esiher Tagge Janis Terlwune Paul Truex Doroflny Trujillo Marcia Tuclrer Harrie? Vader Louis Vanlwille Lois Van Landingham Doris Van Loon Raymond Van Loon Harold Van Vacas Rosemarie Veloza Josephine Verri Judifh Videfio Nellie Vieira 7 C Eddie Vincenf Rufh Wade Harrie? Waidflow Claudelfe Wallace S+anley Wanner Gerfrude Warner Laurine Weber Helen Weiner Bobbie Hall Wenschlag Raymond Wilhelmsen, J O I L I I 1z,w1.lL tho, ,wan pg civic dun, Yvonne Zoghbi fammajhq, Wayne Cavanaugh Ralph Cenfoni Richard Diclrey Ronald Frary Shirley Taclreif Haas Rh-In.1r.-I ,I.-.k.-Mm. Lesfer Julson Phillip Marshall Ronald Sly Rcberf Summers Paul Taylor D.-...JA XAILU4-.. Jaclc Willebrands Florence Williams Leon Wilson Mary Lou Wirlh Arline Woods Sharon Woodson Findley Wray Carl Wrigh+ Gladys Wuescher Shirley Zimmerman Jluu,in,alLfheA.0,wa1p,w9,w1ZL Manurulfhiamchvnlnoilmm, buf,qA.Qatea,,lmffQ1z,anaLnwJm,lmautLZuL fhmllwaafaanumltedtoum. Qumfn Dear Seniors, You are alnouf fo pass a very significanf mile- sfone in your life-your high school graduafion. Looking back, you ma be iusfly proud of your accomplishmenf, for you have grown fremendously in sfafure during fhe pasf fhree years. Many of you have grown fhrough service-service fo your MRS. VIQLE1' C033 school, fo your fellow sfudenfs, and fo ofhers less forfunafe fhan yourseIves.Some have grown fhrough leadership, having learned fhaf he who leads musf firsf follow. All of you have grown, in varying degrees, fhrough work, and your rewards are surely in proporfion fo your efforfs. Turning fo fhe fufure, you will soon sef ouf on new pafhs, leading fo your various life goals. I sincerely hope your high school experience has helped fo give you fhe knowledge, fhe ideals, and fhe courage fo poinf 'Ihe way fo a full and safisfying life. I am grafeful for fhe privilege of fravelling wifh you fhese fhree years, guiding you over some of fhe rough spofs and sharing proudly 'Ihe glory of your successes. Relucfanfly, buf wifh complefe confidence, I wish you Godspeed in your fufure fravels, May we meef again, offen. Your counselor and friend, -VIOLET S. COBB To 'Ihe Class of June, l954, Graduafion from high school is a significanf sfep ahead in your lives. Ready or nof, you musf make decisions and accepf fhe res onsibilify for your acfs fo a greafer degree fhan before. In facf, fhe mafure person welcomes fhis widening of his field of acfion. No one who really has a concern for you wanfs lo cripple you by keeping you dependenf. Your feachers rejoice over your achievemenfs. They desire fhal' you achieve fhe safisfacfion of affaining your highhesf goals. T ese are frying fimes. You will be fempfed offen fo fake fhe easy way. MRIEROY SMITH However, seek frufh, defend iusfice, ex- fend mercy, develop undersfanding, safisfy fhe spirifual aspecfs of your person- alify. Devofe your lives fo causes which will be called worfhwhile when iudged across fhe far reaches of fime and space. Adios, -LEROY D. SMITH .YQ-f X NC f WU? L aim dl av : 'SP' x? f 46? QNX 1 9' L QQ' EA' J , ,,. A 1 My 7 l gl-F7 xr 7 Jul? Q If ,rv , Q. ' , I K '-if Q f A - , V I I. N ' N 6 . SPX. if X ' -lf1Q22f 'f' D X K f"- xx XY y f C '1'4l' 7 ,x ' ' ff' ' ' 'jf -5:3 ' y 1, 1 412' f 5 fgds L 5- I 'X 5 X f I 9 1, R, Q I 1 I f ,ff f ff j , .I N 'X ,-4-2 din 4? f - N , S415 Qi--LQ , X A 'l was 'if L' LM!-EP. uk N. x if , lk f iwsg vw lu Q NF if 'S xy 4 JANUARY CABINET Back row, lef+ +o righi, Marilyn Ma- chado, Paf Forfini, Gail Maulsby, BeHe Gianopoulos, Sara Sfocks. Froni row, Gabriel Zaragoza, Ed Dash. Shiela Kerman, Howard Pearson, John Ny- heim. JANUARY STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET JUNE COUNCIL Leff fo right baclr row: Lillian Halford, Bob Silva, Shan Wanner, Granf Chappell, Arline Tobia. Fron+ row: Jane? Krogh, Barbara Jol1ns+on, Ed Dash, sfuclenf body presidenfg Gail Maulsby. Nanci Belling. .gag . ' E. 8 W5 R Q , ,,,, R.. ..... . ,W ,. wgl my x 4 mm X 3 ., ,Q xi 1 A Q Q 1 ,z 545 V. I W4 fgsqgwssv ,. i 1 V J V. , q vl , N151 Wy . fff xmyf if ' Q K 514 .. ? 145 Simi: 4 H ' U wi "Q??As? Q A s , A fi .Q , 51 L ,Q 2551552 f ' wg. K viva 41' E 'gm' A. Af , V fww 'XY Q A Y' , ...... Q , Vi f lissw f if if ,X Y. 1 1 i . Q' "VIZ, 1- . U if Riff - 'J' Q "v'.S5 , I' fi if 'I ' , . -' gif I., , 5 Q K ' ' A , M f "" b Sl ,, A F W" in A F! rw -n ef 3 3, A, , , X , . 5 f V ,ft LL K wx 7 Aw,N,,,af,q- uf Hill ' ff ' .'fq ' , Q 'ffl Hold JANUARY STAFF JUNE STAFF JANUARY EDITORS JUNE EDITORS Margarel Caviglia, Barbara Burke, Gabe Zaragola, ecliforg Marilyn Jordan, Dan Diez, Nanci Belling, ediforg Peler Roolr Nanci Belling, Bill Sherlock. ard, Joy Colleff. 5 awww ,pd was A Xiliw- Y- MR. R. L. RUSSELL JESSIE CASLER STAN WANNER BOB FOSTER Adviser January Co-edifor June Co-edifor Phofogrupher JANUARY xi KES W it 9 JUN E BOVVLHQG CLUB EXCAUBUR CLUB JANUARY EXCALBUR CLUB JUNE MRS. LOLA TWEEDIE Drama Ill presen+s: THE MIGHTY "T" Assisfing- January and June Sfage and P.A. Crews JANUARY DRAMA III's JANUARY STAGE CREW JUNE DRAMA lII's JUNE STAGE CREW PA CREWS . -V,,.,,, ,. . ,.,, . .4 . am-vauauaumma :mm N. W-. "A" COMPANY "B" COMPANY COLOR GUARD OFFICERS V y MW biiiwwfw Ayqf iiififgwmw OV . Kqyffwf A f ?4? fwymfghffjfwwgww iifgfw MM my SA W: I x Tv ' fft ,4, J 1 ' 'fn in-14, 4,5 'Q X X -af X ,Q I V xx ?' : I . , ',A,- ff' AER f gx 'A gf XX ' ff!! N ffl f ' X ff N Nix br 94 X 'I 'W ' JV v Qzgfis L r ' p 1 ff ,A 551 Mgmt gm Q Mi' ' f'-7219! fy fD'3'92y!l,Q0g x6 ' iv:-:X N flfrifsflb X' J l I SL 4 L "' X U1 A., Klum, my gif 'gwnfmw Top, lef+: Falcon Hi-Y Top, riglwfz Tiger Hi-Y Cenfer, leff: Cobra Hi-Y Cenier, righf: Hawk Hi-Y Bc-Hom: Horne? Hi-Y 'A-v-in K 'B dutaqnaplu. I Mud' PY A f 9b My x J xX I W jjj WT b fy ' I fi 5 A 0. A 1 ., 559 E . I 1 E 53, ' Y fx 5 , wx A l E55 M x A5 W X xxx 1 I 1 - 4 zW Wm I I FQ .iv be QAM jj? W wb Pk A si 'x M 5336 ESQ N SJ, .g, w. M 35 sg: ss W SSE? - s 4 42,6 4,35 QZZEFQJQQ X c ,ff 4 Q f W5 My WZQWW B X 'Ji-'b,5y ' W 1 A , QQ.- if ff X' ,j 1 W . 5 f f fx - Y i-Ji -ax 21 X la xy il ,X V. lst' 1 PQ , .W X ,S 51' 7 I K , 0 5' gl if '-'NN ' ' X W' N N X if f Q' X W-5 j xm l' x y A N M If 'X 5- 1 A- f f -l Nf J, fa-,f U Vg- .N J A , ' xi! Uxsmsg A x 4 I R 1 55 ' N X , Q Klcwma, X Q, Q Q5 M.. "' y A K uw " m Q . 'xwi 11 x f W Vlkwakmg M 7 Y - I ' Q--f 55 ' 4 1 W New-NW, WMM-M M, x .... LL. Y M- -WW, A -nw. mi mg if Q..,..N Wi , W A , :awww , -M 3 Q' W . :nn-lsmv M , umm ,M mum N in awww: mv- x. vgsgxemvlvx 'M fx I A Q. A o annum? .7 X " K k L, 4 ,wsu M W 1 2 xxx' A Q51 , Nfx N- ...f A y 3 Q' Q8 W gf W .w M IW, W ' V W 7' "W 5' ' 'K A fx was A ga -'lk fm fb N. x, 4, ,WV Y A A qw g WJ 15? As M. A SQQSSK X me i B., Mm WR li Mw,,.,.,..,,-,Q..,..,...,..,,.,l,.W-.w-..m.W,M.zs,Nwmg. .W.,6z,.,...,.M A, M, ,gW.N.,...........,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ng- - ...uv QW- ,.,, u ,L .... :,,..:, 4 4 ., -4 's "1-ww -A . K 5- ,..-.--Q., .-wr v -f . , V , ,- , M -H..xi..?gi-LA ,510 ,,,.A,.,ANWwNw,,Q- 73 k me ' ., .E + ,T,,, f,f'5-iE...M. f WM rw pw Q ' Y i " -' -' ,Q-gf --Q -,"W,f,m , ' QT? firm 'wiv n GW' mx 1 hw. Lx vi ..u 1 x . :g',4,w,-f, ,. .q .. fn... ,gv-wanna: MNQQ PM -yu, fm...-15 .ff 5?2Zfg1-w ., wwf , .,.x..... N ,X 2533 I tw! . . awQ.4q.,,Q, fx -W ' ,WL X i fgmwiwxw ,N wk News X 5 N- wks. ? g Q A . ,N-Q X.-1, O9 .S D Q., JY' i X Y ,Sw J' S .rw 70 gm f MR.DEicI3tSNfAilI.iTJGHLIN Wf QUJJJ1! Q lf S 43VM?"l,of"J y X M :X , . X XS X X 5 MZQPJML 14.1 N Xxkw N N! 11 ' f R X ff M 1 QW, W x 7? Z , ' fx L H fo right Gail M 'F Id D y Ar- fh p esidenfg BeHy G b J M fin. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Chu COUNSELORS MR. T. M. JONES MRS. IRENE GRIFFETH JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS Top: Jack Foresf, Frank Calcagno, presi- denfg Gordon Hunfze. Boflomz Judy Pal- fon, Carol Williile, Diana Whiffen, Billy Smiili. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Top: Bill Miranda, Judy Paffon, Bob Miller, Nick Nicholas, president Bolfomz Paf Bufler, Daryl WaHles, Merle Sfeven- son, Shirley Weisman. COUNSELOR MRS. MARGARET BRANSON JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS Leff 'lo righi: Roberra Correia, Dolores Pacheco, Arr Marfinez, president Nancy Veroncla, Mary Lou Ariansen, Kalhleen Reilly. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Boffom, leff +o right Mary Lou Ariansen. Bob Keim, Brenda Barden. Top: Shirley Swarh, Jael: Sebas+ian, Carol Ann English. ofnw ll gm COUNSELORS MR. R. L. RUSSELL MISS ELSA SHADALLL ' 77 Klan, JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS Ru+h Williams, Molly Cordova, Bill Lamb- clen, Bobbie Burns, Richard Eslelila, presi- dent Beverly Neagle. Linda Taylor. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Top, leff +o righfz Carol Wenclling, Sue Laurence, Linda Taylor. Boffom: Deno Gianopoulos, Bobbie Burns, Bill Lambden, presidenfg Beverly Neagle. COUNSELOR MR. RAY RIESE JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS Bob Lanci, Gail Sipe, Beverly Gordon, Sally Hari, Granf Chappell. presiclenf. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Seeded: Shirley Lombard, Ron Snarr, presi- denf: Sally Harf. Sfanding: Lee Blum, Jeeneffe Blanchard, Valerie Pope. .fowl gm 4 1 , 7 -ifafa WP' H Q A L ffm . X,3f,f, X X Mxfw Y Sv L K u V xl' I NX R 4-:Q H L ' 'l X x ' A N xl z 2- '29 4 ,,, X fx 5 F? 155: .l' 3-A 1 IF X4 wil Va, QQ' A, mix ,- M fam fm ' my 'M' AWS? ,".,, V, 1 ,Qi vs W . .1 Y Q 1 3' if ' I 'KF W I W Q gf' 'A L Ei 4 W M? X ? K 3 F 4' yi Q X, 3 A. ',.m, -, if I, N N . M l f M Agwimk Wi: 4 . W '46 T Q ii R M wi W A ,, W . 3:5 'iv' ,Q N 5 fi!! 5' W wa ff' -an W K A Q X A 5, lm nl M' iw Q A A. f Ki , Q M gb ff ax fiff 'N 'VY W' 3555 HJ ,E M' X N . . M . ' Y 3 gf -ga Eff fm mg Z X 'fi 5. x M , 5 V - ,. 1 .. wx W 4, ,. ' -Q .fx 1 2' Ag, fnaclma, ,f- x ., ,1- L-- ,, 4 ... ..- -V "- 7' 4:2 A - -- - ..uf"".a-.W an-:-if ,,-1 . , BOB WASGATT Foofball Baseball BILL ROCKWELL Gym nasfics Baskefball Swimming HAROLD BERVEN Wresfling GORDON PHILLIPS J. Y. Foofball Track it ' Q sl. 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Russell lSignedl Jessie Casler and S+an Wanner, Flame Co-ediiors Acknowledgments- The Flame is deeply indebfecl 'ro +he 'Following pafrons who have so generously sponsored This book by con+ribu+ing SIO each +oward its publication: F R E E Z E K I N G Hamburgers, Milk Shakes, Frosties, Sundaes, Ice Cream 4509 FOOTHILL BLVD. DON MacDOUGALsL Music by the "Highlanders". Senior Balls, Proms, Weddings KE. 2-7449 A L J A C K S O'N Photography 4102 REDDING STREET KE. 3-4180 TONY ROSSI 86 SONS Florists - Ernie,YClyde, Harold 1508 FRUITVALE AVENUE X KE. 4-2404 U FAIRFAX HARDWARE 86 APPLIANCE CO. 5318 FOOTHILL BLVD. KE. 4-2950 CLARKSON 86 COX SERVICE 5901 MacARTHUR BLVD. LO. 9-9951 Qseminary 86 MacArthur, COLLEGE CAMERA CENTER S. Blackman Camera Shop and Photo Studio-Complete Stock for the Amateur 5906 MacARTHUR BLVD. LO. 9-7979 BILL'S BARBER SHOP Ron - Bill - Hair Cutting 6105 FOOTHILL BLVD. LO. 9-4411 CENTRAL TELEVISION SERVICE Tele-vision, Radio, Sound Installations, Service 5284 FOOTHILL BLVD. KE. 3-4215 CONNIE'S HARDWARE Pabco Paints, Tools, Sporting Goods, Garden Supplies, Household Appliances 5221 FOOTHILL BLVD. KE. 4-8252 GEORGE R. JONESW, X-ray Laboratory, M edical-Dental Building 5045 FOOTHILL BLVD. Telephones: Office AN. 1-4934, Res. AN 1-4929 I DR. LAWRENCE L. YATES Dentist 5045 FOOTHILL BLVD. AN 1-7788 DR. WALTER A. ROBINSON Optometrist 5045 FOOTHILL BLVD. KE. 3-6164 PRIZE CREAMERY Creamery and Lunch-Ice Cream, Sandwiches 4735 FOOTHILL BLVD. KE. 3-0567 DAVID M. GRANTHAM, M.D. Ojice and X-ray - Physician and Surgeon 5045 FOOTHILL BLVD. AN. 1-4934 J. MALNICK CO. The Fruitvale Toggery-Women's and Children's Apparel and Shoes EAST 14th and 38th AVENUE PREMO'S MARKET Groceries and Quality Produce 5859 Mac ARTHUR BLVD. WEST COAST CLEANERS Look Well Dressed 5268 FOOTHILL BLVD. AN. 1-8722 T H E A R R O W I N N Fine Steaks, Hamburgers, French Fries 5475 FOOTHILL BLVD. THE CAMERA CLUB FREMONT THE DONS FREMONT w w UM? VMLJVUW4 wwf! fogioy WJ? ZZ? wif? MW QMyfWp wi My ,gw,,, m,g, AZMMMJVMW .jslearfy Kongrafufafiono . . . fo fhe 1954 graoluafea hom Buffum prizes: We're happy I'o be represenled in your annual +his year because we are always in+eresI'ed in fuI'ures. Yours, wifh fhe help of body-building prolein, is bound Io be successful. BUFFUM CHEESE CO. 208 Madison Street' TWinoaks 3-3736 Nor JUST a wish, nol' JUST a hope, buf absoluie TOPS in congralulalions Io OaIcIand's senior class. Lilce our con- graI'uIaI'ions, HOLLY MEAT PRODUCTS are noi' JUST good, noi' JUST beH'er, bul' absolufe TOPS in qualify. Pro'rein builds youih and youI'h builds America. HOLLY MEAT PRODUCTS CO. 2736 Magnolia, Oakland TWinoaks 3-3377 AQUA A 6 Q7 You're games For Sure .... So Keep Your EYES Good for the Future EYES EXAMINED Prof s onally .... ss, Dr. -:- Dr. e Op1'ome1'ris1's OAKLAND I629 Broadway TE 2-5625 SAN LEANDRO I575 E. I4'I'I'1 S+. IFeI+on Shopping Cenlerl SW 8-2156 HAYWARD o WALNUT CREEK "GO FORMAL" in style! FASHION'S NEWEST SINGLE 8: DOUBLE BREASTED TUXEDOS WHITE or MIDNIGHT BLUE Available for Purchase or RENTAL From I'he Largesl and Mosi' Complele S'I'ock of Formal Wear in 'Ihe Wes'I' SELIX OAKLAND 1724 Broadway Phone GLencouri' 2 2751 SAN FRANCISCO BERKELEY YUk 6 6212 TH II1 1 2 O I 123 Kearny 2017 Shattuck on - ornwa - 31 Hal Matson hwmmmn Prize-Winning School Pholography 426 - 'I7I'll Street Oakland, California Phone: TE. 2-2530 PHOTOGRAPHERS MEM exlend congralulalions lo lhe leaders of lomorrow. Many of you will be planning your own home in 'rhe near lulure and Lewis and Lewis will be proud 'ro help you selecl lhe carpel lo adorn your home for years 'ro come. Fine Carpefs and Broadloom 2127 Broadway. Oakland 262 Suffer, San Francisco Phone: TWinoaks 3-2622 Bring refreshment into play have a Coke Q , lldfx R E5 LJLX N wr 9 Q ir ,O nkwyv IO D UNUEI AUTHORITY of TNI cock-COLA COMPANY IV The Coca-Cola Bottling Co., of Oakland, Calif. EVERYBODY KNOWS lhal' lrained Complomeler Operalors are in conslanl' demand and lhal' lhey make lops in pay. Employmenl' man- agers are lelling girls +hal. BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW you will like il? "Be My Gues'l"' lry il' Iwo days or evenings 'Free 'lo see if you like il. Then in IO-I2 weeks we personally lake you lo your several inlerviews. LOW TUITION 0 INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION LIFETIME FREE PLACEMENT Only authorized Felt ond Tarrant diploma school in the East Boy THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL A Salute to the Student with an eye on the Future. Graduation is an accomplishment and we congratulate you. But "After high school, what?" Your course in life may be determined during this next year, and we welcome an opportunity to help you plan it. Make a self-examination and career analysis. When you have plotted your course. choose the college where you will get the best career field preparation. After 36 years of educating 19.030 select and discriminating students. Armstrong College has developed training prestige that will be your finest assurance of security. Train for a career - a top position in your chosen field: ' Accounting ' Industrial Management ' Advertising ' Insurance 0 Business Iournalism 0 Merchandise Management ' Business Management ' Sales Management ' Credit Management ' Real Estate and Building ' Finance Banking ' Transportation Management ' Foreign Trade ' Private Secretarial ' Secretarial Administration ARMSTRONG COLLEGE Day and Evening School 2222 HAROLD WAY BERKELEY 4, CALIFORNIA Phone AShberry 3-2500 iw! AUTOGRAPHS f wi V?jM ,fW I! MM IEW .N JI ff VJ W , Congrafufafiona Lam Fontes Printing Co. Specializing in QUALITY YEARBOOKS and PUBLICATIONS I QQ' N 1 , 1,9 P 5 nl Q ,-- 777 WEST GRAND AVENUE OAKLAND 12. CALIFORNIA GOIYLIGAIHBIUEJ of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP 1615 Webster Street, Oakland A ff? 5w?f55fff V M1527 ,QW x X K 1 X , 1 MW! , f Af M W WW f WMWW? M wp? ci? ,Z ' A416 0' w Amiga mwffwfeww ' Jiyg fy 5 ff 452 fWW! fffwiglffgff U54 'We-f imw wwf? lwjyffig-Qfffiif My Rf my W AWN WW KM Q KQV AUTOGRAPHS ' fi W JW QL eva-220 X fffcfffw N QM . S193 X 0149? w H XQWMM ffjfwwf W W WWW M W M , WW Ijffwwmw MQW ' Mlwidgfw AUT y.,,.,, ,u oenuns M QM QM gy M WM W4 MTW W fgiigfai Q f fy fiffif "-Lfi' V Us V- f,1.- 5.5 ...J , V .1 Am- V It , -'... Vw. 1 2:2 ,-'Jig 1 fn 325 . ,- w .f . , M... J .yum ---.- ,V"Vn-FV" x- V. g.r'-11.-Q' . - ..., , , ,.. VV '35 V ,mx -V.. . 1V 'V 1' '14 V . V V ' 'VVL1 .V vg.-,I . 1. V I.-4 -V -VV, 4. V 'V .vga 1 f, VA ' i' .' Rl ' . .' ' " . af-r,'f, .a:91f'. 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Suggestions in the Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) collection:

Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fremont High School - Flame Yearbook (Oakland, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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