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' , i , QW OWQWW - K4 ' CPA W., Eg .-unfl' 'TQ . J ggi -. 'N 'O C. D3 T HE F LQEME 9-S1f0'F1?..,-2,-xxx 4., I'l. P O 'P' '75 r' HO 51190 'GNYI 'HN il MISS ELSA SHADALL, HIGH SENIOR COUNSELOR MR. H. D. BRASEFIELD Principal MISS PATRICIA MOORSHEAD Vice Principal MR. REX TURNER Vice Principal MR. ALFRED E. BAKER Vice Principal THE FACULTY Art: Mrs. Elizabeth Dadmun, Mrs. Verna DeWitt, Miss Alice Plummer, Mr. R. C. Sisson. Commercial: Miss Elsie V. Allen, Miss Myrtle L. Briggs, Miss lessie M. Chase, Mrs. Marjorie B. Cochran, Miss Charlotte L. Fischer, Mrs. M. F. Gary, Mrs. lrma K. Hall, Mrs. Carolyn H. Maxwell, Mrs. Grace D. Stuart, Miss Mary E. Viner, Mr. E. E. Washburn. English: Miss Mary M. Addison, Mrs. Lillian Anderson, Miss Beatrice B. Burnett, Mrs. Mabel E. Curryer, Miss losephine Devine, Miss Alice Dillon, Miss Lynette Furley, Miss Elizabeth McMillan, Mrs. Christal Murphy, Miss May E. Robison, Mr. George M. Thiriot. Home Economics: Mrs. Nellie G. Casey, Miss Margaret Cramer, Miss Lucile S. Needham, Mrs. Emma H. Reitf. ' Language: Mrs. Hedda de Civray, Miss Hester S. Gamble, Miss Mary Miller, Miss Aimee Patterson. Library: Miss lessie E. Boyd, Mr. A. L. Colwell. Mathematics: Mr. E. l. Albrecht, Mrs. lane M. Finger, Miss Edna M. Iones, Miss Myrth Lacy. Music: Mr. Arden W. Allen, Miss Lula Merchant. Physical Education: Mr. Harold Berven, Miss Adeline B. Brohm, Mr. Robert F. Curran, Miss Marion L. Douglass, Mr. Sidney Glasson, Mr. Frank M. lohns, Mrs. Florence l. Tennyson, Mrs. Lola F. Tweedie, Mrs. Ruth Williams. R. O. T. C.: Captain William I. Epes. ' Science: Mrs. Fern C. Lane, Miss Bernice M. Cochran, Miss Edith Garner, Miss Elizabeth Hiner, Miss Edith A. Newton, Miss Rosabelle G. Scott, Miss Elsa H. Shadall. Shops: Mr. Emil N. Bansmere, Mr. Robert E. Gilbert, Mr. Earl Hitchcock, Mr. Willis H. Watrous. Social Science: Miss Katherine Alexander, Mr. Harold Boles, Miss Alice Brennen, Miss Marie K. Carriker, Miss Thecla Garvey, Mr. Dan H. Gilson, Miss Thelma A. Missner, Miss Avice M. Saint. THE FLHME 'x P' i a t I I A5 ENIOR WHO'S WHO HELEN GRIMSLEYWL-IO President, Execu- tive Board, H-I2 President, Student Body Secretary, Les Artistes Vice-President, Student Council, Member Special Art Class. LLOYD HOFFMAN-Student Council, I-I-I2 Vice-President, Student Control, Basket- ball, Intramural Baseball and Track, Ten- nis Club. LAWANNA KEYS--High Iunior Vice-Presi- dent, High Senior Secretary, Student Council, Shield, Block F, Winged F, Stu- dent Control, Girls' Leaders' Club, Ten- nis Club, Crew. O LAWRENCE A. ABREUvSophomore Foot- ball, Intramural Track, Swimming Club, Varsity Football. HELEN AMES- -Dramatic Workshop, Gregg Typing and Shorthand Awards, Flame Salesman. GORDON ANDERSON-Rifle Team, Ser- geant R. O. T. C., Stamp Club. DOROTHY ANTHONY-Office Service, Ger- man Club, Interclass Day. ROBERT BAINES-Member of Senior Class. IAYNE BECK-Iesters' Workshop. ORVILLE BELCHEReFootball, Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Swim- ming Club. Y V5 RUTH BERNIER-Student Control, Student Council, Student Body Vice-President, Girls' Leaders' Club, Girls' Sports Coun- cil, Executive Board, Tennis Club, Crew Coach, Sports Award. BEATRICE BETTENCOURT-Girls' Glee. ARVVID BOGGS--Rifle Team. HAROLD BOWMANfOrchestra, R. O. T. C., High School Symphony Orchestra. IVY BOWMAN--Block F, Girls' Sports. GLORIA BOYEeIesters' Workshop, Stage Crew, Swimming Club. ROSE BRAIN-Member of Senior Class. MILTON BRAVES-R. O. T. C. Band. CHARLES BROWN-Office Service, Danc- ing Club. JEAN BROWNwStudent Council, O. P. H. A., Green and Gold Staff. HELEN BRUNS-Swimming Club, Girls' Leaders' Club, Tennis Club, Shield, Block, Winged Gregg Typing Certificate. COLIN CAMPBELL-Member of Senior Class. g TI-IE FLQME LEONARD CARDOZA-Iesters' Workshop, Stage Crew. EVELYN CARRIGER-Student Clerk, Gregg Typing Awards, Gregg S h o r t h a n d Awards, Iesters' Workshop. VIRGINIA CARRIGER-Green and Gold Staff, Iesters' Workshop. GEORGE CARTER-Hi-Y, Student Control, Track, Bank Service, Student Council. MARIORIE CHAUVET--Iesters' Workshop, Head of Flame Sales, Crew. HOWARD CHILDS4Track, Football, Base- ball, Basketball, Vice-President Tennis Club. EVELYN CLEARY-7French Club, Short- hand Awards. DONALD COCKRILLeTransferred fro rn Oakland High. DONALD COMBSfIesters' W o r k s h o p, Stage Crew. IACK CONNOLLY - Member of S e n io r Class. IOE CORRIGAN-Student Control. DONALD CRASE-Student Control, Student Council, Iesters' Workshop. STANLEY CRESSWELLiR. O. T. C., Track, Golf Club, Green and Gold Staff, Office Practice Iournal Staff, Gregg Typing Award, Attendance Officer, Intramural Football. Q .V WESLEY CUDLIP-Member tif' Senior Class. VERNESS CUNNINGfMember of Senior Class. MARY DAMATOfMember of Senior Class. IEANETTE DAVIS - Member of S e n i o r Class. ' IAMES DEERINC-Hlesters' Workshop, R. O. T. C. Sergeant. VIRGINIA DE WOLF-Member of Senior Class. ROBERT DISI-IER-I-li-Y, Student Control, lesters' Workshop, Swimming Club. ROY DISON-L-12 Vice-President, Tumb- ling, Crew. ERNA DIXON e Student Council, H ig h Iunior President, Tennis Club, French Club. IOSEPH DOBRUSKY--R. O. T. C. Sergeant, Rifle Team. GERTRUDE DOEGE-German Club, Library Club, Basketball, Crew. WILLIAM DOUGHTY-Member of Senior Class. 'N Et RADUATE HELEN GRIMSLEY President LLOYD HOFFMAN Vice President LAWANNA KEYS Secretary LAWRENCE A. ABREU HELEN AMES GORDON ANDERSON DOROTHY ANTHONY ROBERT BAINES IAYNE BECK ORVILLE BELCI-IER RUTH BERNIER BEATRICE BETTENCOURT ARWID BOGGS HAROLD BOWMAN IVY BOWMAN GLORIA BOYE ROSE BRAIN MILTON BRAVES CHARLES BROWN IEAN BROWN HELEN BRUNS COLIN CAMPBELL LEONARD CARDOZA EVELYN CARRIGER VIRGINIA CARRIGER GEORGE CARTER MARIORIE CHAUVET HOWARD CHILDS EVELYN CLEARY DONALD COCKRILL DONALD COMBS IACK CONNOLLY IOE CORRIGAN DONALD CRASE STANLEY CRESSWELL WESLEY CUDLIP VERNESS CUNNING MARY DAMATO IEANETTE DAVIS IAMES DEERING VIRGINIA DE WOLF ROBERT DISHER ROY DISON ERNA DIXON IOSEPH DOBRUSKY THE FLHME ENIOR WHO'S WHO CATHERINE EELSING---Member of Senior Class. MELVIN EISEN-Transferred from Roose- velt High, Sophomore Football Assistant Coach. BOB ELSASSER - Transferred f r o m S t. Mary's High, Football, Track, Iesters' VVorkshop. BETTY ENCINAS-Student Council. WALTER ENTELMANN5Iesters' Workshop, Stage Crew, Tumbling. RHODA ESPLIN-Gregg Shorthand Awards, Typing Awards, Office Service, Flame Salesman, Swimming Club. ALICE FERNANDEZ-Basketball, Hockey. RUTH FISHER-Gregg Shorthand Awards, Gregg Typing Pin, Green and Gold Typ- ist, Swimming Club. IACK FOWLER-R. O. T. C. Band. FRANCIS FOX-Sports Editor Green and Gold, Assistant Editor Flame, Intramural Baseball. MORRIS FURTADO ---Iesters' Workshop, Gym Clerk. LUCILLE GALLOWAY-Green and iGold Staff, O. P. H. A., French Club. BILL GARETSON-Football, Basketball. Block F, Hi-Y. VIRGINIA GIBSON-Iesters' Workshop, Stage Crew, Office Service, Sports Club. HENRY GLOCKNER-Baseball. ARTHUR GONSALVES-Member of Senior Class. DAVID GOODE-Member of Senior Class. HOWARD GOODE-Student Control. IAMES GORDONe-Iesters' Workshop, Stage Crew. BETTY GRIFFINiIesters' Workshop, Office Service, Shorthand and Typing Awards. MARGARETTE GUILD-Executive Board, Chairman Girls' Student Control, Green and Gold Staff, Assistant Business Itin- ager of Flame, Student Council, Office Service, Basketball, Sports' Council. ROLPHINA HANSEN - Contract B r i d g e Club, Student Control, Student Clerk, Student Council. HOMER I-IARDIN-Transferred from Oak- land High. MAUDE HARKER-I-I-IO President, Student Council, Green and Gold Staff, Tennis Club, Leaders' Club Vice-President, Sec- retary Girls' Sports Council, Winged F. TI-IE FLQME CHESTER HARPER-Electric Crew, Ser- geant-Major R. O. T. C., Iesters' Work- shop, Gregg Shorthand Award. SHIRLEY HIBBARD-Transferred from San lose High, Student Council. IANET I-IOTCHKISS 7 L e a d e r s' C 1 u b, Winged F, Iesters' Workshop. SYDNEY HUGHES-Orchestra, R. O. T. C., Student Council, Green and Gold Photo- grapher, Stage Crew Band, PAUL I-IUYRCH-Member of Senior Class. IOHN IMMEL--Student Body President, Hi- Y, Track, Football, Chess Club, Tumbling Team. ELIZABETH IANSSON4Girls' Glee, Iesters' Workshop, Tennis Club, S h o r t h a n d Awards. PAUL IAUN-R. O. T. C. GEORGE IAVEDAS7R. O. T. C., Intra- mural Sports. WALTER IOHNSON- Member of Senior Class. ELEANOR IONAS -- C r e w, Basketball, Hockey. WALTER KEATES-Member of S e n i o r Class. RULON KILNER-Member of Senior Class. MARGARET KRETZ--Orchestra. IUANITA LANE-Iesters' Workshop, Crew. LYLE LA POINTE-Les Artistes, Block F, Football. EVELYN LARSEN--Gregg Shorthand Award, Gregg Typing Award, Office Service, Library Staff, Tennis Club. IACK LATHAM-Transferred from Poly- technic High. PAUL LA VIOLETTE-Football, Block F, Society, Intramural Basketball. CLARK LEE-Student Control, Hi-Y, Track, Intramural Football, Crew. BERT LEWIS-Tumbling Club, Swimming Club, Dancing Club, Low Senior Presi- dent, Iesters' Workshop, Student Coun- cil, Student Control. BILL LOCKWOOD-Football, Track, Intra- mural Track. MARIE LUNDTOFT-- Iesters' Workshop, Swimming Club. IOE LYNCH-R. O. T. C., Intramural Foot- ball. FARRAN MANAUSA-Transferred from Red Bluff -High. AADUATES GERTRUDE DOEGE WILLIAM DOUGHTY CATHERINE EELSING MELVIN EISEN ROBERT ELSASSER BETTY ENCINAS WALTER ENTELMAN RHODA ESPLIN ALICE FERNANDEZ RUTH FISHER IACK FOWLER FRANCIS FOX MORRIS FURTADO LUCILLE GALLOWAY BILL GARETSON VIRGINIA GIBSON ARTHUR GONSALVES DAVID GOODE HOWARD GOODE IAMES GORDON BETTY GRIFFIN MARGARETTE GUILD ROLPHINA HANSEN HOMER HARDIN MAUDE HARKER CHESTER HARPER SHIRLEY HIBBARD IANET HOTCHKISS SYDNEY HUGHES PAUL I-IUYRCH IOHN IMMEL ELIZABETH IANSSON PAUL IUAN GEORGE IAVEDAS WALTER IOHNSON ELEANOR IONAS WALTER KEATES RULON KILNER MARGARET KRETZ IUANITA LANE LYLE LQPOINTE EVELYN LARSEN IACK LATHAM PAUL LCIVIOLETTE CLARK LEE BERT LEWIS BILL LOCKWOOD MARIE LUNDTOFT THE FLQME ENIOR WHO'S WHO HAROLD MARSHALLeCouncilor, High Ten Vice President, Student Control, Football, Intramural Sports, Les Artistes, Stage Crew, Swimming Club. MAE MARTIN-Member of Senior Class. DOROTHY MCCLAEB-Basketball, Tennis, Hockey. FLORENCE MURIEL MCCURDY-Iesters' VV' o rk s h o p, Stage Crew, Orchestra, Hockey. IOHN MCGONIGLE -- Member of Senior Class. BYRON McNElL-R. O. T. C. MAY A. MEADOWS-Iesters' Workshop, Sports, Stage Crew. FRANCES MADEIROS-Green and Gold Typist, Office Service, Shorthand and Typing Awards. OLIVE IOAN MELLOWiGirls' Glee, Iest- ers' Workshop. IEANETTE MELSONE -- Shield, Block F, Shorthand Awards, Typing Awards, Sports Council, Executive Board, Office Service. ELEANOR MENDENHALL-Iesters' Work- shop, Les Artistes, Library Staff, Flame Advertising. EARL MENEWEATHER-Football, Secre- tary of Block F, Baseball. BOB MICHAEL-lesters' Workshop, Stage Crew, Intramural Sports. GRACE MILLER-Advertising Manager Flame, Office Service, Student Control. WILLIAM MIRANDAiL-ll and L-I2 Class Yell Leader, Stage Crew. MURIEL MON-Member of Senior Class. MINETTA MURCHISON-Girls' Sports, Rid- ing Club. AUDREY NELSON-Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards. LOIS NELSON--Office Service, Sports. SIGNE NESS-Member of Senior Class. DOROTHY NIELSEN-Shorthand and Typ- ing Awards, Student Clerk, Sports. MAY NIELSEN - Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards. ROBERT NIELSEN-Student Control, Hi-Y, Student Council, Iesters' Workshop. RUTH NORRIS-Student Council, Green and Gold Staff, Iesters' Workshop. IACOUELINE O'CONNOR-Office Service, Swimming Club, Gregg Shorthand Awards, Flame Salesman, Gregg Typing Award. THE FLQME AGNES OLIVER-Transferred from St. Elizabeth's High School. IACK O'MALLEY-Assistant Yell Leader, Football, Baseball. IAMES EDWARD O'REILLY---R. O. T. C., Band. MARION OWEN-Library Staff, Office Ser- vice, Shorthand and Typing Awards. PAULINE OWYANG-French Club. SHIRLEY PALO-Les Artistes, Traffic Club. DOROTHY PEDROZA-Shorthand and Typ- ing Awards. EDWIN PETERSEN-Football, Block F, Bas- ketball, Baseball. DORIS PETERSON-Iesters' Workshop, Block F, Stage Crew. DORIS POULSON - Member of S e n io r Class. LETITIA POWERSfGirls' Sports. DOROTHY RANKINE-Crew, Iesters' Work- shop. CHARLOTTE RICHARDSON-Library Clerk. IOHN ROCKAFELLOWiLieut.-Col. R. O. T. C., Student Control, Student Council, Les Artistes, Sword and Shield Society. IOE RODRIGUES-Basketball, Swimming Club, Iesters' Workshop, Student Coun- cil, Intramural Football, Intramural Base- ball. BILL ROGERS-Football. MILDRED ROOK-Office Service, Student Clerk. WILLIAM ROSEeOrchestra, R. O. T. C., Rifle Team. GEORGE ROSS-Sports Editor Green and Gold, Sports Editor Flame, Intramural Sports. - ANTOINETTE ROSSI-Basketball, Tennis, Crew, Baseball, Hockey, Speedball, Winged F, Girls' Leaders' Club, Iesters' Workshop. VIRGINIA ROY-Library Staff, Sports Council, Winged F, Crew Manager, lest- ers' Workshop. FRANK RUSSELL-Student Control, Auto Shop Foreman. GORDON SAUNDERS - Baseball, B a n k Staff, Tennis Club, Flame Salesman. HAROLD SAUR--Green and Gold, O. P. H. A., Intramural Basketball, Business Man- ager of Flame, Student Control, French Club. GRA IOSEPH LYNCH FARRAN MANAUSA HAROLD MARSHALL MAE MARTIN DOROTHY MCCLAEB FLORENCE MCCURDY IOHN McGONIGLE BRYAN MCNEIL MAY MEADOWS FRANCES MADEIROS OLIVE MELLOW IEANETTE MELSONE ELEANOR MENDENHALL EARL MENEWEATHER BOB MICHAEL GRACE MILLER WILLIAM MIRANDA MURIEL MON MINETTA MURCHISON AUDREY NELSON LOIS NELSON SIGNE NESS DOROTHY NIELSEN MAY NIELSEN ROBERT NIELSEN RUTH NORRIS IACOUELINE O'CONNOR AGNES OLIVER IACK O'MALLEY EAMES O'REILLY MARION OWEN PAULINE OWYANG SHIRLEY PALO DOROTHY PEDROZA EDWIN PETERSEN DORIS PETERSON DORIS POULSON LETITIA POWERS DOROTHY RANKINE CHARLOTTE RICHARDSON IOHN ROCKAEELLOW IOSEPH RODRIGUES WILLIAM ROGERS MILDRED ROOK WILLIAM ROSE GEORGE ROSS ANTOINETTE ROSSI VIRGINIA ROY THE FLRME DUATES 71" ENIOR WHO'S WHO PEGGY SAVAGE---Student Council, Iest- ers' Workshop, Winged F, Girls' Leaders' Club. NORMA SCHALKE--Shorthand and Typing Awards, Library Staff, Office Force. CHARLES SCI-IMID -- Iesters' Workshop, Football. FRANK SEPUT IR.-Student Council, Book Room Staff, Typing Awards. VVILLIAM SHEEl-IY--- Member of Senior Class. RALPH SITES-Member of Senior Class. MARGARET SKEENwIesters' Workshop, Girls' Leaders' Club, Girls' Yell Leader, Stage Crew, Sports Award, Crew. GEORGE SLEEVY-R. O. T. C. Captain, Iesters' Workshop, Stage Crew Manager. MORTIMER SMITH-Member of Senior Class. DOROTHEA SOARES-Member of Senior Class. I-IERMINE SOUZA-Member of Senior Class. ' IAMES SPAGNOLETTI-Track, Football, Baseball. IENNIE SPENCER-Member of Senior Class. MILTON STAHOVVSKI-Stage Craft, Hi-Y, Student Council, Student Control, Basket- ball, Intramural Football, Intramural Baseball, Block F. THEORITA STEFFEN-Editor of Flame, Green and Gold Columnist, L-ll Secre- tary, Swimming Club, O. P. H. A. MILDRED STEIN-Member of Senior Class. EDITH STEVENS-Sports, Stage Crew, Li- brary Staff. LOIS STEWART--Les Artistes Club, Stu- dent Council, Shield, Green and Gold Staff, Library Staff, Contract Bridge Club. CHARLES STILLING-Baseball, Intramural Sports. KATHRYN STOKAL-Sports, Block F, Winged F. ANTOINETTE STOKES-Member of Senior Class. RICHARD STREETEReMember of Senior Class. LEE STUART--Transferred from Richmond High. TI-IE FLRME MAY SWANSON A Gregg S h o r t h a n d Award, Sports Award, Flame Advertis- ing Committee, Office Service. GERALD THUMAN-Block F, Football, In- tramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Student Council, Baseball, Stage Crew, Swimming Club, Office Service, Flame Salesman. DAVID L. TREDER--R. O. T. C. Captain, Rifle Team. EUGENE TRYON -- R. O. T. C., Color Guard, Stage Crew. BARBARA TUNLEY--Office Service. IANE TYMER-Office Service, Typing Award. LEONA VLUGHT - I e s t e r s' Workshop, Swimming Club, Girl Reserves, Crew, Winged F, French Club. BERNITA WALLRICH-Member of Senior Class. GEORGE WELLS-R. O. T. C., Track. ALFRED WHALLEY+Member of Senior Class. CAROL WHEELERAFrench Club. DOROTHY WHITE-Iesters' Workshop, Sports Council, Winged F, Swimming Manager, Office Service, Dancing Club, WALTER WIDERGREN-WR. O. T. C. Lieu- tenant, Chemistry Laboratory Assistant, Iesters' Workshop, Stage Crew. MYRTLE WIENER-Shorthand Awards, Typing Awards, Office Service. WALTER WIGGAN-Orchestra, Student Council. FRED WILLIAMS-Green and Gold Staff, Stamp Club, R. O. T. C. MILTON WIREN-R. O. T. C. Sergeant, Green and Gold Staff, Iesters' Workshop, Rifle Team Captain, Flame Salesman. ALICE WOOD-Shorthand Awards, Office Service. CLAUDIA WOOD-Sports Club, Crew, Gregg Shorthand and Typing Awards, Office Experience, Bank, Shorthand Pin, Green and Gold Staff. EDDIE WOODARD-L-ll President, Foot- ball, Block F, Track. WINIFRED YOUNG -- Orchestra, lesters' Workshop, Stage Crew, French Club, Dancing Class, Crew, Swimming, Sports Council, Sports Award. YOLANDI ZENlwCirculaticn Manager Green and Gold, Office Service. GRADUATES. FRANK RUSSELL GORDON SAUNDERS HAROLD SAUR PEGGY SAVAGE NORMA SCHALKE CHARLES SCHMID FRANK SEPUT WILLIAM SHEEHY RALPH SITES MARGARET SKEEN GEORGE SLEEVY MORTIMER SMITH DOROTHEA SOARES HERMINE SOUZA IAMES SPAGNOLETTI IENNIE SPENCER MILTON STAHOWSKI THEORITA STEFFEN MILDRED STEIN EDITH STEVENS LOIS STEWART CHARLES STILLING KATHRYN STOKAL ANTOINETTE STOKES RICHARD STREETER LEE STUART MAY SWANSON GERALD THUMAN DAVID TREDER EUGENE TRYON BARBARA TUNLEY IANE TYMER LEONA VLUGHT BERNITA WALLRICH GEORGE WELLS ALFRED WHALLEY CAROL WHEELER DOROTHY WHITE WALTER WIDERGREN MYRTLE WIENER WALTER WIGGAN FRED WILLIAMS MILTON WIREN ALICE WOOD CLAUDIA WOOD EDWARD WOODARD WINIFRED YOUNG YOLANDI ZENI TI-IE FLHME ..-Pkg F I Q I E 2 5 ii 2 2 3 PARADE 0F EVENTS The following items are taken at random from the scrapbook of Father Time, who kept close watch over his young folks from the day they set forth in lanu- ary, 1935, up to now, May 1, 1953. 1 A May 1, 1944: After having received his D.D. from U. of Q., loe Rodrigues will open his studio for business. CDD. stands for Doctor of Dancingj lune l0, 1944: Miss Margaret Skeen announced her latest engagement yes- terday. lt will be recalled that this is the fifteenth time Miss Skeen has experi- enced that once-in-a-life-time feeling. February 2, 1950: According to Hollywood box office receipts, G.M.G. has uncovered a new "Gable" in the person of Mr. George Carter. This latest screen lover was formerly the matinee idol of Broadway, having played juvenile roles for the past fifteen years. Mr. Carter's manager, butler and secretary is Mr. Donald Crase. February 6, 1950: University Studios, Hollywood, have signed the famous Boye CGlorial and Chauvet CMargieD Dancing Girls for their newest film. ln- cluded in the cast are Dorothy Anthony, Verness Cunning, Carol Wheeler, Alice Wood, Dorothy White, and Evelyn Carriger, August l, 1950: Under the guidance of the Misses Ruth Bernier and Lawana Keys, the new Matrimonial College has been opened for the spring term. May l, 1951: After ten years faithful service as demonstrator of a toy depart- ment, Mr. Ed "Scooter" Woodard has been appointed head of the childrens toy section. April 7, 1951: Through the able direction of Mr. Iohn lmmel, the Round-the- World Wave Radio Station has just been completed on the Summit of Mt. Heat Wave. luly 1, 1951: A great day for young and old. L. Cardoza's one-ring circus will give three performances on Tuesday. The show advertises Elsasser, the daring young man on the flying trapezeg Bert Lewis, animal trainerg and Mlle. Guild with her famous tricycle. August 4, 1951: After scaling the Alps, the Misses Leona Vlught, Winifred Young, and Peggy Savage returned home today. They were greeted at the station by the town band, under the direction of Sydney Hughes. Pictures of the trio will appear in tomorrow's paper in Alpine costume. November 9, 1951: Among those spending a few weeks at the dude ranch of Cowboy Lee Stewart are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Saur, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hoffman, the Misses Florence McCurdy, Virginia DeWolf, Virginia Carriger, and Messrs. Milton Wiren and Morris Furtado. May l, 1953: Seen recently aboard the S. S. Scow crossing the Atlantic, were Helen Grimsley and Theo Steffen, bound for an indefinite tour of the Continent seeking titles. THE FLHME THEORITA STEFFEN Editor HAROLD SAUR Business Manager MARGARETTE GUILD Assistant Manager FRANCIS FOX Assistant Editor GEORGE ROSS Sports Editor THE FLAME STAFF The staff of the Flame of lanuary, 1935, have tried to make this book one which is the concern of all, and not only of the senior class which has published it. The aim of its editors has been to consider the interests of the other classes as Well as their own. For the first time since the fire, the Flame has included Within its covers pictures of the orchestra, the Girls' Glee Club, club officers, and class officers, together with an account of various activities. To provide for this class-Wide expansion, the book has been enlarged from twenty-four pages, its previous size, to thirty-two pages. With this their goal, it is presented to you, as your book, to be treasured among high school memories. Editor ..... . Theorita Steffen Business Manager . . Harold Saur Assistant Editor . . . . Francis Fox Assistant Manager . . Margarette Guild Boys' Sports . . . . George Ross R. O. T. C. . . Ned Lindsay' Drama . . Evelyn Martin Cartoon . . Ray Wasarhaley THE FLQME t J 5 EVELYN MARTIN Editor GEORGE ROSS Sports Editor LOIS FULLMER Assistant Editor HARRY CLEMONS Assistant Editor FRANCIS FOX Make-up Editor GREEN AND GOLD The Green and Gold, published Weekly, aims to inform the students concerning things that happen throughout the school and to keep them posted as to coming events. lt endeavors to stimulate school spirit and offers a chance for student expression. lt strives to uphold high standards in every school activity. lt en- courages excellence in reporting and develops habits of initiative and respon- sibility on its staff. Because the paper is supported by Student Body funds, its circulation in the school is confined to those who have paid their Student Body fee. Positions on the staff are filled by promotion. Thus the editor and sports editor have previously been assistant editors, and these places, in turn, are filled from the ranks of the reporters. The reporting staff is composed mainly of News ll students though they are assisted by members of the News l class after the middle of the term. Editor . . . . Evelyn Martin Sports Editor . . . George Boss Make-up Editor . . . Francis Fox Assistant Editor . . Harry Clemons Assistant Editor . ...... Lois Fullmer Column . . . . Theorita Steffen, Bob Warren Cartoons . . Ray Wasarhaley, Zady Harvy THE FLHME MARGARET SKEEN lANET HOTCHKISS WALDYNE SIMPSON RUTH GALE ELSA SELLMER IAYNE BECK IVO HOLM NEDIELKA SABATINI JEAN MISER CORALENE DUANE CHRISTMAS PAGEANT JESTERS' WORKSHOP With an enthusiastic and co-operative spirit prevailing in the lesters' Workshop, a most successful group of plays has been staged this term, under the direction of Miss Beatrice B. Burnett. The first major production was the presentation of Peter B. Kyne's story, "CaDDY Ricks", on October 26. The lovable, stern character oi Cappy was capably portrayed by Wayne Niske, while Margaret Skeen was his persistent daughter Florrie. The role oi the dashing, care tree Captain Matt Peasley, :fiance oi Florrie Ricks, was taken by Bob Elsasser. Charles Pyles played the comedy role oi Cecil Pericles Bernard, a Bostonian, Margie Furtado, the part oi Ellen Murrayg Lloyd Gray, Iohn Skinner, Cappy's ever-obedient aidey Bob Nielson, Singleton, a lawyer: Don Crase, Brookfield, a chauiteurp and Elizabeth Ianssen, Cappy's lovable sister. Geraldine Schulte was student director, while George Sleevy and Dorothy Sturgess were in charge oi staging. ln connection with the observance of American Education Week, through an evening entertainment, the dramatics group presented a one-act play, "The Slave ot Two Faces." The performance revealed the tate oi two girls who faced lite together but who chose to follow diiierent courses. Martha Barker portrayed the one who chose wisely and lanet Chase the other. Bob Nielson took the part oi Life. A Christmas Pageant, contrasting the joyous and the serious moods of the Yuletide, was presented tor the public on December l3 and l4. The iirst halt ot the entertainment was devoted entirely to trolic, being staged at the entrance ot a Toymaker's home. The remainder of the program was the presentation ot Henry Van Dyke's "The Other Wise Man." As the term draws to a close several groups in the lesters' Workshop are at work, planning for the production ot the story, "The Wizard oi Cz", to be inter- woven with novel dances and stunts, and presented at an evening performance next term. THE FLQME ORGANIZATIONS The Executive Board is composed of twelve members, including the Student Body officers, class presidents, editor of the Green and Gold, and chairmen of the Student Control Boards. They meet every second Wednesday, alternating With the Student Council to discuss anything pertaining to the school's activities and general policies. Some of the matters passed on by the board are the school budget, assemblies, and questions of current interest, such as the preparation of Christmas boxes and the securing of school stickers. The matters on which the board looks favorably are later referred to the Student Council for final dis- cussion. The Boys' Student Control Board was created in May, 1933, when the Fremont Student Body voted a number of amendments to the school constitution. Since that time it has been one of the most active groups in school. The members may be identified by their green and gold arm bands, which also serve as their mark of authority. The main duties are the regulation of traffic in the halls between periods, keeping the corridors clear during the noon hour and enforcing ground regulations at lunch time. Class officers, nominated by petition and elected at the same time as Student Body officers, serve for one term though they are not barred from a second term at a later time. With the exception of the low sophomore class which elects only a chairman each class has a president, vice president, and secretary. These positions are filled at the end of the term previous to their semester of service. The main duties of the president are to look after the various activities which tradition has assigned to each year in high school 5 such as, the Sophomore Hop, the Iunior Prom, the Senior Ball, and the Senior Dinner. Class leadership falls about equally to boys and to girls. The Clubs, organized at the request of the students, cover a Wide range of inter- ests, including science, sports, dramatics, language, and creative writing. They meet before or after school, once a Week when various kinds of entertainment are enjoyed,. The programs vary according to the nature of the club, but often include plays, games, contests, and talks. Occasional trips are made by some of the groups. Tl-IE FLQME 0 EXECUTIVE BOARD S BOYS' CONTROL 0 CLASS OFFICERS THE FLQMOE ORGANIZATIONS The Girls' Student Control Board is composed of ten senior girls, of good stand- ing, whose duty is to see that the regulations of the school are carried out. They have posts assigned inside and outside the gym, in the rest rooms and halls during each lunch period, to see that they are kept neat and orderly. The girls are designated, while on duty, by a yellow arm band with a green emblem. Members of the board are selected by a committee consisting of the senior coun- selors, Miss Moorshead and the chairman of the board. The R. O. T. C., under the command of Captain Epes, military instructor, had a very successful term, holding three battalion parades and accomplishing a good deal of ,theoretical work. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Bockafellow took command of all parades. At each one medals were awarded to the best lieutenant, sergeant, corporal, private, and recruit. Theoretical work covered map reading, message writing, first aid, scouting and patrolling, musketry, national defense, and mili- tary organization. The rifle team competed successfully in a series of interschool matches losing only to Technical and firing 358 points in two successive matches, the highest fired in any match this year. The Girls' Glee Club is composed of twenty-eight members under the direction of Miss Lula Merchant. The club does advanced work in voice culture, and their repertoire of songs contains many familiar classics by Beethoven, Schubert and Mendelssohn. Some of the selections sung by the glee are done a capello. Programs on which the Girls' Crlee has participated during the past semester have been the Dads' Night program, Armistice Day assembly, Open House Night, and the Christmas Pageant. Six members of the club are in the Saturday Morning Choir, under the direction of Mr. Glenn H. Woods, supervisor of music. They are: Bernice Bianchi, Margaret Doling, Olive Mellow, Sara Lundtoft, Veryl Smith, and Phyllis Waring. The Advanced Orchestra, composed of thirty-nine members, is drawn from the two beginning orchestras on a basis of ability. Six advanced students also play in the All City School Orchestra where Charles Pyles is concert master and assistant conductor. They are, besides Charles, Harold Bowman, Terence Hand- ley, lean l-lummell, Boy Liedstrand, Betty Teeter, and Earl Saxton. The Band of twenty-nine members functions as an B. C. T. C. unit. lt fur- nishes martial music for reviews and parades and "pep" music for rallies and games. Mr. Arden W. Allen is in charge of instrumental instruction. THE FLAME f ya 15 2 5 5 5 a 5 1 5 CLUB OFFICERS 0 GIRLS' CONTRCL 0 COMMISSIONED OFFICERS THE FLHME E THE FLQME DOROTHY CARR WINIFRED YOUNG VIRGINIA ROY IAYNE BLANCHETT DOROTHY WHITE IUNE MAYRAND DOROTHY CHASE GIRLS' SPORTS The crew season, scheduled for juniors and seniors only, opened at Lake Merritt on September l8, with a turnout of one hundred seventy-five. Virginia Roy and Winifred Young were the crew managers. Climaxing the season a regatta and picnic supper were held when Waldyne Simpson's boat was Winner in the form event and Frances Hartsock's in the speed event. The victors received paddles and ribbons as souvenirs. The basketball season opened on November 12, with the first of the confer- ence games being played during the gym period, and only the semi-finals and finals being played after school. The final game came before the semi-annual sports dinner, held Ianuary 4. The student manager of this sport Was Dorothy Carr. Volley ball and tennis were given over to sophomore play only. September 23 marked the opening of the seven-Week volley ball season, during which Dorothy Chase acted as manager. Charlotte Spenser's team held top-notch place when the season closed. Approximately sixty-five sophomores turned out for tennis under lane Blanchet as manager. Swiming Was held for ten Weeks at the Y.W.C.A. Iune Mayrand and Dorothy White were managers. One of the most important events on the sports calendar was the formation of a Sports Council, made up of a representative from each gym class, plus the various sports managers. The duty of the Council is to act as an executive group in all matters pertaining to sports in general. Officers of the Council are: Dorothy Carr, president: lane Blanchett, vice president, Maude Harker, secretary. Tl-IE FLQME FOOTBALL Hailed as the team to beat by pre-season sport critics the strongest Bengal team of many years ended its '34 grid season in sixth place. Roosevelt vs. F remont-With the Green Wave reaching deep into the pock- ets of the Roughriders at four different times the nothing to nothing final score doesn't give a fair account of the game. The Bengals rolled up a lopsided total of 228 yards to 50 for Roosevelt. San Leandro vs. Fremont-This was a repetition of the Red fracas in all but the score which gave the Bucs an 8-6 win. The eight points came in as many minutes of the first quarter when Al Foster passed to Hazen Wallace for a score and a Tiger fumble was pounced on in the end zone to raise the ante to eight. After this it was all Fremont. A drive featuring Woodard and Meneweather started from the Wave 40 and ended in the pirate end zone when Woodard scored on an off-tackle slash from the three yard stripe. McClymonds vs. Fremont-With the first string out at the closing seconds of the first half, a Fremont pass was intercepted on the 40 by Thomas who scored standing up. The Bengals twice reached deep into Warrior land, once meander- ing to the eleven and again being stopped on the six. Figures gave Fremont 237 yards to 59 for the Mackmen. Oakland vs. Fremont-A scoreless game between the two scoreless wonder teams of the league was this. Each team threatened. Once the Acorns reached the nine yard ribbon and the Berven men were stopped on the six. University vs. Fremont-V-Starting off with a bang, the Bengals reached the Cub two yard stripe in the opening minutes of the fracas after a 75 yard sus- tained drive, only to lose the ball on a high pass from center which was bobbled by Woodard. Later, Bill Beale, end for the Blue and Gold, recovered a Tiger fumble on the Fremont six. Four drives at the line by Souza put the ball over. He converted on a line buck giving the Cubs a 7-0 win. Technical vs. Fremont-Believing that the'Bengals had gone stale, Coach Berven ordered a cessation of practice for a week preceding the Tech battle. Then Tech, the only team to beat Castlemont was routed by a l9-0 count. A "Minnie"-to-Woodard pass accounted for the first score. Lloyd Hoffman and Al Padel blocked lsola's punt which was scooped up by Bill Garetson who went to the five, Bob Warren scoring on a buck. A short pass, Marshal to Woodard, accounted for the last score. Marv Cummings dropkicked the nineteenth digit. Castlemont vs. Fremont-The league champs, determined to reach a post- season game with the winner of the San Francisco league, were not to be stopped by the best offered by Fremont. Walt Mattos scored standing from the Tiger twenty on a reverse in the first period. ln the last quarter a long pass was inter- cepted by Mattos who romped seventy-five yards to the Fremont twenty. The Green Wave held for downs, but a fumble and a penalty, added to an eight yard romp by Anderson, paved the way for Mattos' second score and the ball game. THE FLHME 4 1 1-MENEWEATHER 2-GARDINER 3-HOFFMAN 4-BARON 6-CUMMINGS 5-WOODARD 12-COACH BERVEN 7-PADEL 8-THUMAN 9-GARETSON 1O!BRAIN 11-STEWART THE FLQME O Low Seniors 9 Low Seniors I High Iuniors O High Iuniors O Low Iuniors THE FLQME 4 1 F 1 W N O Low Iuniors O High Sophomores O High Sophomores I Low Sophomores O Low Sophomores THE FLQME THE FLQME 0 CAUGHT BY THE CAMERA O IANUARY '35 AS BELLES AND BEAUSOF THE '90s TI-IE FLHME L+ A U 'r o G R A P 1-1 s 2 . 5 V 'Lp fx , - fn., 2 9 I JDK Lf U ,lffjk . 1 ww X J V J X , h 'i' X? fm Lf: Rm, . W, Ilfy LL' C 3 ," 1 Q A L, 77 W www LN . S ' A90 f Acwdaiaof dggzjff 5 W E 5 M fw 40 V515 lj JIM? My My i 7 M X N fm 72617 of Q? R W " ' E555 C9 'M bfwdillle fin? 03 Q. QQ. W , ,b!b 1 - W iM A f f xi , A X j ,,fQi-Q3 Mj! X '11 qM'wffj WJ OU!!! 7 A I M 1' . f xi K! L ' I , V J . LM5w V6 V Wk A of QQ N1 4 r i 3 1 i . ,Y V. , ,f Xi 1

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