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, . x 2 -'H 4? 'W' '.3,,, fp wif-' L15 -K f A , ' -QM :m r uit? K K 5 11 b- Y if ky, J H L W. 5 Y . . gf i f , W ,v ,mm Q- J Q .'.5i:?ifwf:? .W 4 144 I -4 'Bi .1 9 . , I ,f Publlshecl bv THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 FREMONT COUNTY VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME X -Q - - , : fl. v -' 'L Q 'I' 2 ..- --.-, 11 ill- VQ4 , J-: E31 E- -3,-,V .1 f .f-5' " - -f K . "' - ' - '2 - f+- -5, ... . -. fi' lf - 'fr .1 ? -,..1-5 4 ' Q' i 1 ,P- Qi' ,-L V. MR ALEX STRONACH I cannot say and I will not say That he is dead He is just away With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand I-Ie has wandered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair It needs must be since he lingers there And you-oh you who the wildest yearn For an old time step and the glad return Think of him faring on as dear In the love of There as the love of Here Think of him still as the same I say He is not dead he is just away ' RILEY We the Senior Class of 1955, dedicate our annual to Mr. Alex Stronach who for so many years was custodian of Fremont County Vocational High School Always willing to help and never without some word of wisdom we know that though time will pass, none of us will ever forget the many things Mr Stronach did for our school. -1. . " ., ' may "'. sJ:.. ' . Seq, 'x L eg -.1 In .. N Turn Iiaclqward. Turn Backward O Time in thy Flight . . . .1 I , gi-M K .. ' ' fb f ' f 1 I It .. In u , In ll - a ' . ' ' U Z-' "" , M, ,. ,I -'-5--tive-Q'-1 'g -41's ' :uri '7 I N ' L Q9-L.?':.,w'f" ft 7 ,Q ,, ' This is the building where most of our time is spent. FREMONT COUNTY VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL f-r' At the start of each day the faculty members must prepare the lessons for the day's work ahead. Mr. Cernick prepares a test. 9 'fa Ffkfglff Classes have begun and these students are busy with their assignments. Douglas Baldwin, Harry Adams, English IV students caught just Charles Driske1l,jeanette Farthing and Keith Shipton making plates in before class. Mechanical Drawing. We must not forget the great amount of time that is spent in keeping our building neat and clean. Mr. McKinney picking up paper. Camille Stecher fishing out crawfish for lab. A great many of the students spend much of their time working at jobs that interest them. Walden Abbott at the Drive In. 1 Wai :f 34. ' If H l , l, . . " ' ai u' ' ' T. F av' I ' 7 A ' A 1 Q 5- . I ,. f H ' L., r'TL ' w ' 41 ., -v ei' ' H - .A Time for fun! These students are supporting school activities and enjoying themselves at the same time. F.C.V.H.S. band at the Lander Morton foot- ball game. ,, fg- This is a lot of work but well worth the time, as it certainly builds up our school spirit. Snake dance before the Lander Riverton game November 5. The night before and the night after the big game. Certainly two of the best moments in a wonderful year. Football team at Pep Rally November 4. The best time of all. rv' A time of happiness and sadness, too, as the Seniors start out on new paths and leave old friends behind. , ' f f x I ' iff L-1 3 4 N I A , , ., XY'e protect the career of time by employment . . . CARYL ALEXANDER RALPH BOEDEKER GEORGE BUTCI-IKO ARMAND CARLSON ERNIE CERNICK ROLLIE COX MISS MARY ANN DREW MISS WINNIFRED GERRARD MRS. ELIZABETH GIBSON JACK HOAGLAND E .1 egi 1 zfeatf Wfe lengthen . . . our lives hy wise thoughts . . . JACK KING Miss JANICE LEHAN STERLING MCKINNEY 4 1 n OKANO MISS ELLEN SCI-IEIDT 'W MRS. ANN STRONACH MRS. MIRIAM TXVEED ROBERT XVARD HEWITT YOUTZ ROBERT ZUPAN 2 I 5 and useful actions YIMMI RMAN Left to right: Francis Peterson, Mrs. Shelia Hart, Mrs. Gayle Armstrong, Ed Mudge, Paul Hines, Mr. Thompson, Miss Helen Pc-tersclnrf. MR. THOMPSON MR. BUSH MRS, FARTHING ,51 T.,n...,. ww 'A":"H",pL-W-pf. ' ' :fi "f- .'v- 4 -V 1' ,w 4' 4. . r, ,,5,f,':Q'ZZ'9?Q',f.mgfAn.,, IVF: W MAA . , I ' K J r- 'nu Ii. ,s J' 1 um ul .A x .mm AUM XUIUUI' M'NXl1C'I'l'l3CfXNl'QIlSLIIHI C Q f X11 :- GLEN DON G lil? Mr. Senior ,I ff ff V 1 4 fl Q! 3 f A fb RA w 1 fx WQZM 'Viv 'w -Q "'f?'i'1i?" ' ' , . ,'f,,f1:-,-ini... -- Q A -' ' 1? -1 2 NT '-5 ---Q Q 5 if Wm? Ilwucfozffizzg 0116672 'Ny ROSYIMARY FRAPPART I'xxwg1lLlL'11 IIULIINA V TT 'C'.l?Q'1j .' ,,. in-T-,. Slgfw, 1 ,4jiL:i.,., ,jeciv 'V .0 ' 'Q .ia f F' -y : 3 21. 4645 IT if ,I . A A .... ,rg , 3 , x. ,.: V ' f" fi 'X Lg, if gi' ,ix .. " I' 'lf' '51, :BJ , ' 12' 'f "fn if 7. , ,GER -ipi, A g-gn 9:3 f we, ,, .,-1155 f H.-XRI1 YI 'I I, HROXVN Qffcwz 5z4 cefhcf11'l Forma! Q l gf 'IOHN KOEHLER K in g Sweetlzemv Forzmzl . . . each set with sixty diamond minutes M4 ' - Q fr 1 SHARON VAN VLEET Prom Oueen for 1955 WM AY-OL 1 R HAZEL WII I ARD I SHARO O1 EILEEN ROGERS Sf -if-1 DJJ: ' fv4LgI,!b' 'X 2" V s Y Q ly 1 I ' ,. i. X q 1-1 . ' ,MMM , 3 -,-2 --'rig '." A W Q lv rf i T .ar-,Ns ycxnm 1 nic UTINK L Xxr mmf L HI 4 1' 11 lc IL Iul lIllxS Q 1 1 .5 ' 4 , -, NYJ I ' " ' I l f ' E55 i - - b . " Us ' 'v ,78 g ' - " , , . 'S' 1 " Q, if , . r ' , f' 'V ,I I . W N ,. ,. ' , , I' , V ' A . . 'I xlll flOlL'IN.1I'l. S.mlr.1 IDJIIUCISOI. S.lIldI'.l fQ.llliDkL'!', f1!ft'1.1 ,IL ly 2 x ' gg' '. i.lIN'I'UI1,,'1ffL A .af , gaqe State 1 Na ...Ng lor thu Arc Lum fmuu x uw Nic ful R AX pw Glcndon Qu Kulh bhlpton C lark L.1Ly john Kochlcr Blll Hcnml nr ' . I A . , , , '. - . f . -' . 4 ' . l ' 1 ' N Q ' V H 3 , "1" I . ,. di. A , ,1 E. I ,,. Q, , P . 1 " - ' , . N. , . 1 g, f - . 9 ' 1 . ' le , ' . Q J!! U 5 - ,' - 5 fx' 1 'xr . I , l Mb Y - ,i .fi I 5 w, R. . X 1 1 F V M OLLLlPdfllJ1l 15 thc autlmc of tum INAPOI rom lu t uxx lntt to 111,l1t Rosul Wcbcr Lxlllm Lxlnunessc Slnrlcy Wcxlflcw Pit Mullu Min Ann Apflchms Dorothy Cox Alfred Redman Suoml roxx Bxll BLlClCITIL1f'l Stuk Wllwn Don Bell jxm Nmul Clu Lux Du lxul use Roberts Inq lxcnnxh Mr Bush al' ilu Stmlcnt Qnunul xxxth then ufhccrs xx tlmur luulgrx Alfrul Rulmm Prcmclcnt Kcxth Shxpton LC Prcsldcnt, Dnmthy Cox Surctnry. Slamn V.m Patten, lrL.1surL . Pllflttlu. xml utcd u 0 miny stmlcnt pfsvlvlcms. Their most suucssful cnxlumsx' was the sgunsurslwip of one of the Cst Hwmuwmings in the sLlnml's luistory. SM oumal xsm has become lifrb 'WIN' THL TIGI R STAIT VIRGINIA CAMIRON Edllm CLARK LACW Arflfhwl Edna, ,,.,1 SANDRA DANIH SON Burma ff Maungfr DOIN BELL Adzmlzrzzzg Mm: Left to 11g,l1t hormx Colcman Qmdxl Dmmlson Vllj,lflI1 Cummn Fdntox Clark Laq Don Bell Shelby Iryn Sluron Van Pflttcn ADVFRTISING STAFF ..iL Qcatcnl, left to rxght AlflCklRlLll11dl'l Tom Stukex Qtandlng Bob Alknc Gan Hmm hm Homen Don Bcll Bull Hermekex Cylcmlon Gee Ion XY'xlmoth, Ixm Sm.ul Clark Lau 'Me 79' Left to rrght Judy Eubanks Nancy MQ11f Bob Allure Jeanne Boulette Marrlyn Hallock and Dick Green Whenew er you heard moans and groans comrng from the yournalrsm room you knew rt was lust about deadlrne trme for the journalrsm students For a week or two the reporters went around as quret as mrce almost gatherrng up therr brts of news and mformatron Then almost ox ernrght rt was txme for The Proneer to go to press and the rush was on The most common crres were There s too much space' or There s not enough space The ad manager could be heard askrng Where should I put thrs ad? or How should I rllustrate that ad? The Journalrsm class was a new experrence for some of the students of FCVH S It was the frrst trme a class of rts type had been offered to the students for several years Ordrnarrly a journalrsm class edlts both the annual and the school newspaper but thus journalrsm class was concerned only wrth the paper It rs hoped that the class wrll have more members next year and es entually assume responsrbrlrty for all school publr Cat10nS The class learned frrst of all how to gather the news Then came the job of wrrtrng the speech story the rntervrew the feature the edrtorral and the stralght news story Once the stones were wrrtten they had to be placed on the pages There were headlmes to wrrte frllers to fmd and boxes to frt rn among the stones When the make up pages were ready the job of typrng on the stencrls were handed to the adsanced typrng class After the typrng was completed on the stencils there stxll rernamed the job of lettermg and rllustratmg When at last the stencrls were ready and proofread they were rushed to press rn thc mrmeograph room The journalrsts turned the mrmeograph crank slrp sheeted sorted and stapled untrl the last paper was ready for drstrrbutron Then they sat back and srghed a slgh of relief All sat back except the edrtor that rs who was already mak mg up the assxgnment schedule for the next paper ' 1 - y - . V . . . 7 . . ,, . ,, . . . . . V . . , ,, . ,, - a 1 - -1 1 1, rr 1 U - -1 - H .1 - H . - , r r v ' 1 a 1 1 - , . . . . ,, ,, . . . 7 Q ' ' . . . y . a ' v - u H - 7 , ,,. . ,, . . ' - J ' 9 . . . 1 . . Q - Q x ew To clwwsc zimc is to savc time BALOX st um N u L u I un Clumhus R111 I1 Carlsun Mr wx quond mu Piul Foxxu Qtlxk XX ilu n lllnlx bflxwn Hub Rohutwn -f J xl? Some of thc thlngx xxhuh cm be Qecn fmm thc buddmq sucntmt: hborxtorx We always have trme enough rl. Frrst row left to rrght Joyce Rutherford Della Goodwm Pat Warren and Estelle ONeal Second row Miss Drew Phyllis Green Pat Carr Myrle Leseberg Pat Hood Bonnre Peterson Carol Mullms Kay Rrnker Sharon Buckman Susan Ewers Phyllis Roe Sandra Danrelson Charlene Bell Jeanette Farthmg Marrlyn Hallock Joan Albnght Charlene Pelham Thrrd row Gmger Hanson Noeleen Wilcox Shrrley Claycomb Ch rlotte Brown Beverly Darlrngton Irene Frrday Sally Byers Charlotte Lockard Betty Bunker Martha Lajeunesse Phyllrs Chrngman Shelby Frye Martha Hale Beverly Gumard Kay Alexander Felrcra Kennah Fourth row Gall Bybee Geral dme Patrk Kay Lyon Joan Earl Lrnda Rogers Elrzabeth Hanson Kay Lathrop Nelda Hankmg Helen Thompson Anne Carpenter Gwen Hudson Judy Eubanks Gaylrn Eden Deanna Gustm JoAnn Roe Mary Norton Vera Hartman and Shrrley Boche Fifth row Vrrgmra Cameron Karen Hayes Mary Barnett Phyllrs Hornecker Lrllxan Layeunesse Karene Eden Mary Kay Cheney Georgra Snyder Camrlle Stecher Cassre Hanway Kathryn Thompson Lourse Lozrer Verda Hart man Donna Downey and Maralyn Hanson Srxth row Ramona Hungary Judy Rush Elrzabeth Bramman Helen Facrnellr Marrana Newton Judy McAmrs Hazel Krause Carol Ridgeway Al vena Redman Sandra Goodwm Mary Ann Robertson Erleen McCorm1ck Elarne Henan Dorothy Glnck Nathelle Glrck Vrola Henan Beverly Aragon and Celest Race Q .Q 6260.506 Q? 3 The first Pep Assembly of the year was a huge success and these Pep Club members did a lot to inspire school spirit. 4'1" I ..-J' V AYE9' ,il P V S- tum'- f - "gt t x Karene is about to start off another School Spirit is a fine thing to have Come on gang-Let's go!-Cheerleaders fine Pep Assembly. and decorating cars is a part of it. Pat XX'arren. Joyce Rutherford and jerry Morss lead a rousing yell. The Pep Club had the honor of carrying the Homecoming Queen Candidates in a float made especially for them. L 1 ' Make use of time . First row, left to right: john Koehler, Tom Stecher, Bruce Lowe, Alfred Redman, Don Carey, Mike Rogers. and Clark Lacy. Second row: Mr. King, Gary Hines, Pierre Davis, Keith Shipton, Bill Buckman, Dick Thunder, Glen Hereford, and Mr. Zupan, Third row: Ted Wilkes, Bob Boedeker, jim Home-c, W'arren Snyder, Glendon Gee, 'lack Bertagnolli, and Bill Penton. This scoreboard represents the efforts and hard work of the "L" Club for the past year, during which they raised 200 dollars to be applied to the total cost. It is an item which was certainly needed and which greatly im- proves the appearance of the field. Our hats are off to the "L" Club for this fine score- board. xcsrn-mlm' can , not he rccnllcd ' s The- Cluhk flmt in the P.1r.ulu!'rwrtl1c Linder'-Riwrtun KLILIINL1 ' Club boys busy gclling mandy, Huw Hry! Wflmt are you looking nt? I.ct's hLlI'I'f' and gut thu Jcuvmtioni up ut that. Al. ful' thu Sxxuctlu-.a1't l:UI'HT.ll. ,i Ihc C1rxmllNI1rnh1ttlu QxxLethc1rtForm1l Excrxum sums to L Lnymlnx, the mm it thg Nxsnntu rt 1 One today . . First row. left to right: Elizabeth Hanson, .loan Earl, Linda Rogers, Bonnie Peterson, Kay Rinker, Vera Hartman, Verda Hartman, Charlene Bell. Susan Ewers, Christine Heller, Beverly Guinarcl, Geraldine Patik. Second row: Georgia Snyder. Camille Stecher, Gwen Hudson, Jeannette Farth- ing. jo Ann Roe. Gail Bybee, Mary Kay Cheney, Paul Wilson, Dick Scarlet, Richard Ferry, Mr. Hoagland. Third row: Carol Rodriguez, Charlotte Brown, Deanna Gustin, Shirley Claycomb, Sandra Goodwin, Sally Byers, Shirley Boche, Martha Hale, Charlotte Lockard, Tom Duncan, Billy Eustace. Fourth row: Richard Vensor. john Sonneschein. Loren Calvert, Paul Smith, XX'arren Snyder, Willie Fossey. Butch Driskell, Robert Newton, Dick Kail, Tom Graham, Darrel Carson. The language club th entryg using bo French and Sp-anlSl slogans. presented something different in their float Mary Ann Apple-huns won the prize for bringing the greatest number of eggs for the cascarones. She brought 89 dozen and nine eggs, Beverly Guinard and Eliza- Ml" ,X ' '51 18' joe Ann Roe, Paul Smith, Billy Hines. Deanna Gustin. Charlotte Brown. Shirley Claycomb. Vera Hartman. Jeannette Farthing and Chufk Driskell drawing eggs for the cascarones. pretty Miss Lehan looks on john Sonnenschein and Richard Musre onee aelmrtteel to the soul Frrst row left to rrght Ramona Hungary Felrerl Kennah Helen Martrn Judy Rush Sharon Wemlfley Donna Drrskell Shrrley XY'olfley Mary Ann Robertson Judy Sneddon Karene Eden Kw Alex ineler Betty Sauter Judy MeAm1s Noretta Petersen and Mr Alexander Second row Phyllrs Roe Krren Abbott Helen Ihompion Nelda Hankxng Kxy Lathrop joan Albright E telle ONeal Mary Nlorton Susan Oeland Nancy Mohr Mar ana Newton Patsy Moller Sandra Dmmelson mel Dmn Earl Thrrd row john Albrrght Ed East Don Bell Olrvcr Aragon jrm Smul jerry Moms 'lom Norton jon Wrlmoth Bob Barley Bob Alkxre and Don Inloes jon Wilmeuth, lNorman Cherry and Mr, Alex- Our Director! nd- . . . G'tt' semc ointers! 1 if L mg P What a thoughtful moment! IN 1811 K luh flint which xumn er om place is seen in the Home coming, Plriclc A scene from the operetta, show- ing Mary Norton. Charlotte Lockaril, Helen Martin, Mary Barnett. Karen Hayes. Chuck Read, Paul Fusscy, Jim Smail. Bill Henneker, Seated: Ethel jones, Shirley Boche, Susan Ewers, joan Earl. nucr dies BLIXVIR ff ,ze A 1? V NW if avr Daxxn E111 md Chirlm Reid were the txxo leide in the Opercttl 'Ihc Ilvrtune 'Icllcr U 0 . 0 - ' ' Well arranged time First row left to right Estelle ONeal Bill Buckman jim Smail Clark Lacy Sharon Van Patten Virginia Cameron Norma Coleman Dawn Earl and Carolyn Spriggs Second row Rosewa Weber Dorothy Glick Mary Norton Mariana Newton Noretta Petersen Charlene Bell Helen Martin Susan Oeland Judy McAmrs Kay Alexander Rosemary Frappart Phyllis Hornecker Mary Bar nett Karene Eden and Felica Kennah Fourth row Dick Thunder Glenn Hereford Pierre Davis Alfred Redman jon Wilmoth Don Bell Glendon Gee and Don Inloes 5 Gaylin Eden, Illelen Facinelli,l Ramona Hungary: Sharon Van Vleel, and Miss Lehan. Third IOWl I ul ' llll l ll . . is thc surest mark of a wc-ll zzrrangul mind . . . PITMAN ,,v L-J - M..-..-...,,.,, ... N-M., wr U-,V I d:,F, m ,IW . v1 Q- 5 5 513' lf i,,f,f, -, V .2 ,I .. if ,MVS . . ,, X V, ,Q ' , N, , 'fgvq l 'U 'VJ' unk 'lim 'l'ign'r9' xmas the tlmclnc of ilu- D1'.1m.1t1u SLLl'Qi,lI'y uf Pep Cllulw, Virginm f.LiINL'I'UIl. 1'r1-xrnts Clnlw xxlmlnlm xuwn f.ll'Nt 1-law in tlml lllfznvwlning tln- llllrlll' tw tllc Lll'.1Ilf.lflLN llnlw flllrilrlg liill lilzplc- 5 ll Ulf, man. 5 l l lfiv... Su-nas frnm mu--gut plays prrscntul by D1'.1rn.1tils Clulv. Mind GX cr Mumps The Great XVQ-stc1'n lNlf:lULlI'31INAl If Girls AQk Buys fur D.ltcS The Drzinmtifs Clulw sponsmul ll valentine llc-lim-ry scr- Ninowhinhwasl1utl1cx1'iting41ml .lIl1LlSlI1j.I. ,4 Let the farmer be forever Flrst row left to rxght Harry Carpenter jnm Doughty Chuck Thompson James Facnnellx Floyd Day Bob Mudge Donald Peterson Mace Countryman Damel Bertagnollr and Paul Farthmg Second row T1m Tyler Gebo Day Truman Frrday Ernle Chrngman Donald Cleveland Ted Seely Paul Anspach Wade Wrlson joe Kennah jack Bertagnolll and Charles Peden Thrrd row Mr Carlson Leroy Shakespeare Wlllre Trosper Rueban St Clalr George Shakespeare Hubert Frrday john Regan Duane Appleby Paul Cherry Lyle Lrndqulst Leroy Reardon Ted Wllkes and Mr Youtz I P f fx 951' 0 A f 7 Q'5lTL1 X honored rn hrs callnng efferson Ihr FFA tertamly had a rrght tn Dan and the wmners show off their he proud of DAN BERTAQNOLLI plaques vthrch were awarded to them md their sponsor MR YOU'IZ Dan non the tnp to Kansai City for as thrs prcturc at Kmaas Cnty proves has work on S011 Erosxon 'Ihc FFA glass on .1 yudgrng., trnp Thrs rs 1 utal part of the students trammg m agnculture Hubert Frrday jack Weber Donald Petcreon jrm Doughty and Mr Youtz yuclgmg sheep And trample them we dnd as thxs prophetxc pncture of the FFA float m the Homecommg Parade shows T1 arc lb not 1 bmglt momcnt of llfe thftt xx 6 tan Afford to loae Q ll Ilil X tkgmfxttH50f,g, 4,119 Q mn R 'Y' CHAPTER Ilrxt r vx Cclut R141 Donna Wxllrrtl Klthryn Thompson Noclun Wllccmx Shlrley Sprout Ellccn MtCorm1ck Irlhan Lajcuncsbe Ircnc Frlday Kay Lyon Maxine Poguc bccond row klthelle K lrtk Hucl Krruse Marilyn Hmson Grngnr Hanson Louise Lozrer Margaret Marklcy Glorrr Clculxnd Ruth Mlllcr BLtSy Fcrguuon Xxonm Hallotk M125 bthuot 'Hurd row Plt Hood Rcdmm Carol Rxdgcwn Anltl Fcltcr Joyce Arthur Fourth row Flora M1tDonald and Carol Mullms WYMAKERS E 3 as 'P Q5 NEW YN .305 'WH' FHA Dlstrrtt Mutmg, rt 'Ihumopo FHA Flolt Homctomrng Parade FHA Imtxatron hs I . . if of ,4 V r My A if ', 'Rf Q x' L l - ll If f f L... I r 0 , 4 - 4 1 I 1 . N if fd 1 1 A x 1 1 I I . o '1 . 'a , 1 ' , " . ' ' . lguvcrly Aragon. Sharon Butkmun, ChurlFne Pelham, Katherine. Norman,. Norma Niuper, Alvenzi O QQ A7 1 CQ' 3 rf' 3 79 I- I V - 6 u. !: V 1 I b J Y 95 O46 O? 4 'L 0 O Y -'--Q 4 Q - "W 7 t A gf ,. ow ' A we ft" v 2 t V X h Q S X4 ' 1 " t x ' i ,' 1 .- " t A ' , 1 . . 1 l 'cl r 1 ' 'V I sf ' 'i:',q:::"' , ' , M I In ml 1tI10u5.1mI Iulcudcd norm XX ORDSXX OR I H ' ' O 'UUCP' Dilliiil' 'H' W "ii...r r"! Ay- 5 M Lf RIIRS xx Il um Lu m xml un Cwluum Hglm Mmm Ninn U11 L an L 1 1m1R4w mAnnf. QL Icmm L, mt M I on 111 III mx nn mx mm 8111411 Dimnlw in mtt ak Q mrs Ln I N 1tI I Mm Arm Rmvbnrtscun Ixflflfl Ijntuson 1 I wx CILW INN mu Ix un AI'vImtt I1 Iflunmlux me LM my Cux n Ld Smmm Bob Qrmtlm Ru xxtun Nun n vw uni mn n ummm LIII mms IDA vnmun Cum NIIDKIFIL Algxlmhl lt I II Dum in Cmrlldlm Pmk Pain Moller md Dun In 0 Q ...mnwmnf-o-A Luau A 501111 XXlllOLIfl1XC 1ll sc r111o11s 111 thc 1111111011 r1I'Sf row left to 1'1g,ht Chirlotte Broun Samlrl Cmoclxun Demn1 C1L1St1n AIIYX Bunctt Dmn ful M111 Ann Rolxrtson Helen Mutm M111 Nmtun S sm Cklmd Cxun Hudson I in I l Iunly Rush liucrlv D1rl1ng,ton R1111011:1 HLlUj,l1V Slmrlu Boclur Zcl1111 A11g1,on M1rtl11 Hale Clnrlottf. Lucklnrd Klrcm Illcn Phxllm Hornccker Ku Lum Suuml mm Fll1 B111 lxn Al x glflklfl Cnllmgu lNCW1Cf1 Pctcmen glflllfl Dmlclson lmnnettc F11tl11ng1 C uul Mullms Slumn Fzuclcrnin Clurlcnc Pcll11111 Fllllbtfll Hmmm Qlnron XY ulflcy P11 Mollu Slmlu W'oltlcy lou L loner Noclccn VU1l1ox M111 l-lirt Mr Alexander 'Iluul mu B1ll Hcnnckrr Rcmbcrt Buxton Pull Fossu Kuth 91111 tcm Don Ball 1 nmlon C Qc Jlncr A11s,un 1 1st I 1 Clj, S 11I lun VC 1l111utl1 Chunk Rc ul Bob Bdllly D011 lnlucs lom Dum m md lom IN111tu11 . ri . , 2 S , 5. A , I ll. CilI.liN 'A ', 'f I 1 ' , 1 l " , 1 1 l 1 I , 1 1' 1 ' , 1 ' 11 ', 1 ' 5 , ' 1 " , 1 1 ' A . fuf. A1 . 3 '- J , V111 ZLIV, U ' 1' . ' ' ' 1 1 ' , 1 '1 1 ' , 1 AL Y 1 1 1 1 ', 1 ' ' 1 , 1 A ' . 1' '. . 11' v' . 1l " ' I . 1 1 1 '1 4' CJ- umler, Ethel -luncs, Donna Driskcll, 31151111 Ewcrs, M111'i11n11 Newton, CQL-1111 Hcrlwst, Helen limnla-tts, 11 1 '1 'ji ' "1 '1 .11 1 1 ,"1 ' LA ' 1, 11' ' 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 ' ' ' 1 , 1 ' 1 1' ,1 1 " A 1 1' " I . iS' 1 ' 7 1 '1 , ' , C'l- S1 , C '1.' , lil Ep.-1fcC'1'f',wI1111 1'1111', -gp.. 'TID "rf S 7 iii: First row. left to right: Stark Wilson. Alfred Redman, Tom Stecher. Ben Connell, Gary Hines, john Koehler, Pierre Davis. Paul Fossey, Bruce Lowe, and Ken Carey. Second row: Boh Boedeker. Warren Spriggs. Dick Thunder, Jim Ridgeway, Glen Hereford, Don Carey. Willie lfossey, Gary Lyon, Tom Norton, and Coach Zupan. Third row: Bill Buckman, Keith Shipton, Hubert Friday, Tom Graham, Cliff Richie, Charles Driskell, jim Homec, Vfarren Snyder, and Mr. King. On August 15, 47 boys were issued their suits for the 1954-ii football season. Foot- ball camp was held from August 21 through August 27. During this week the boys were taught the new formation to be used by the Lander Tigers-a split T. The season's climax came in the final game with Riverton when the offensive and defensive plays clicked so that we trampled Riverton 19-0. The "never say die" spirit of the squad helped to conclude the season on a winning note with victories over Lovell and Riverton. lim Ridgeway was chosen Class "A" all state center. Thirteen seniors played their last game for F.C.V.H.S. Co-captains for this season were Bill Buckman and Bruce Lowe. "'Sept. 3-Lander ....... O Rawlins ..,,.. ..., 3 9 "Sept 11+-Lander ......, ....., 2 6 Superior ,,...,.., .. 0 Sept. 17-Lander ..,.... ..,, , 7 Thermopolis ,,,.,..,.. 20 Sept. 24--Lander .i...... ...... 6 Powell .....,., .... 3 3 Oct. 1-Lander .,,..... ,,..i. 0 Worland ..... ..... 4 0 Oct. 15fLander.. ..,, ...... 7 Greybull ...,. ..... 4 1 Oct. 22-Lander ,,,,,... i.,,,, 1 9 Cody ....., ,,... 3 4 Oct. 29-Lander .r,..., ...... 3 4 Lovell ....... ..... 1 9 Nov. S-Lander ..,.......,,.... 19 Riverton ..... .. 0 il' Izldimlcxi Nou-cwzferwfce grunt' Fxrst row left to rrght Tommy Duncan Chuck Thompson Duck Scarlett Jerry Morss Charles Phclps Rlchard Ferry jrm Markly Tom Norton and Mr Okano Sccond rovs Brll Hayes jesse Robcrts jack Corbett Charles Chrngman Ellrot Buckman Marxm Rouse jrmmy 'Nlrcholas Charles Morganstcan and Mr Butchko A scrappy B squad football team garned mxaluable experrence durmg the 195-4 1955 season Whrle the boys met teams that far outwe1ghed them they gaxe thcrr best rn every game Twenty thrce boys from the freshman and sophomorc classes made up thrs team We expect to see some of these boys falling thc shoes of our thrrteen graduatmg SCDIOIS Sept 2 2 Landcr Oc 6-Lander Oc 1 1 Landcr Oct 27 Lander Nos 1 Lander SQUAD SCHEDULE Rn erton Morton Shoshom Rn erton 0 Morton Lannler-Thcrmupcvlis KLIJIUCYYLI real hattlc as mn hc M-cn in this shut. Another hard fought huttlc in this pic- turu of the I.z1mIcr-XY'cwrIand game. Lk-cuff uf thu Immlcl'-W'm'Iand gg.: .1 In 'llgllx A fmly player is nlwut to lmit the dust 1n I-ct's go? The Tigers are ready as tlmcy walt for Clklf' lllv l..lr1llln'f-my lmxlu. umm' out ul' .1 llulllllc. Xxvlltdl tlmt Clmly plnycri l1c'S nlwut tu get glwav. Tl l , ' We luml plays .ln impcwrmnt part in all sports furutions an we slum' them ln-rc waiting for thu flag iw he pre-wL'r1tn-ll. Off for il touchdown! No one will for- get this game for ri long time to come, particularly since it was the first time in five years that Lander beat Riverton. . The F.C.V.H.S. hand performs gin intri ante drill lvcfore the start of the l.llIhlL'l' Riverton grime. x4 Hold those XY'olverines-and hold them thc 'I'igcrs didgto exactly nothing in ll hard fought battle, X x I l Hoimumiiiing f the en-,l of the season. I The tt-nm uiptgiins, Bill Buckinnn and liruct- I,uwe, present Queen Rmenmry lfi'iippai't with her fluwers. Q The crowning of the queen at the Home- coming dance on Nnveinhcr 5: the crowning of it fine football Season. Three tharming girls-Helen Frapprirt. -loan Earl and Shirley VUolfley-were chosen as attendants for the queen. "ff" 5 3 cam L:1n111r L111111r 11111111 1 1111111 L111111r L111111r L111111r t n 1111 IH 1111 LI ll .111 Br1111 111111 C111 R111111 Dun C1r11 HLILI 11 xx xc 1111111111 1 11 111 IX 1 1 LL 111 1 11111 XX 1rr1n 5111 LI A 11111111111 lflC1 C111111 1x1n1, XV1 st1rt111 t111 s11sO11 111 11111111112 1111 151x111 1n11t1t1o1111 TlJLlFU1IT1LI1f 111r 1111 s1101111 1o11s1111t1x1 XCIF 11111111 15 S11os11o111 '50 Lan111r 54 31111111111 10 L111d1r S8 C0113 16 C111.111I7l0DN11lP At 1111 pr1s111t 111111 111 11111 1 3 1 1o1111r11111 FLCOVC1 W1 11 111 1111111111 C1111x 131111111 GfCy13L111 R1x1rt1111 11111 B1s111 W1 11111 10st t11'11111'111OpO11s L111111 XY or 111111 C0111 1n11 191111111 W1 11111 s11111 111111111111 111111111111 110111 11st ,LIPS B11, 119111 1i1s111 C111111l111111s111p T11111 F111 111 1111111 1111111 A11 S1111 A1 R111111111 D111C 1111111 1111 D011 C 1r11 T0111 St11111r C1111 R111111 and 1511111 Lowe 1.1111 01 111111111 1115 111111 o11r b1g,g,1st C1lS1.L1X1f11liL,C. t111s 1111 Up to 11111 1n111111111g, 1151 1111111 s 51111115 I-1113111 1r11115 v11s our 111111ng s1or1r w1t11 275 pomts or an 18 2 .1x1r.1g1 p11 guna C 1 W 1 1 Q11OS1l0I1l C 011 3111111101 C1r1111 111111 1111rmf1po11s 191111111 C 111 1 1.1n111r 111111111 L'lUL1C1' 1 1111111 L1f1dCI' 1 1111111 3 C1r1y131111 WOf11I1c1 111x111 1111111011 C ody 01111 X f 1.11 tu I'1j.I111I Ke CQ. ' '1'. .1111 K 11111 C11 '14 1.' " . 1 ' f ' 4 L11 1"ri11.11'. P11 1 1'11"cy, D.1 H. '1 . -1.111 R' 1141 111111 St'1 Di k '11 1 1L'1'. "1 - f ,111 1 A . .. , 1 'Q I M ,1,, A 1,11 - 13 gf .1 5 'L . 1"1 A1 ' ' 1', -111 - 1, " - 11" ig 'L 1" J "1. 1 ' Y 2. "". ' 1 ' ' Q' '15 Limdgr ,,,,,,,,,,,V,,,, SQ Gram Rivqf ,,,,,.,,,,,,11,,..,,,. 52 141111111 ,,11...,,..,,..., 19 Lov111 ,....,,,,,,, ,........, ,169 - ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 3 , J ' ,,1,..... . ,,., . ,1,, 30 1 ' ,,,,,,..,, ,.-111 1 A' ,,,,,,,,, 1136 1 A ,1,,1111 ,,,, S 11 Q 1- ,111.......,,........1.,.1....,. 56 -' A ..1..11 . ..11- 15 ' 1 .....,,.,....,.....1, 11.. . .58 4. 1 ,,,,1,,1 S4 , f ,A 1111 1111,,11, 1,,.. 5 c 1 . - ..111.,.11 ,Ili 111. 1.140 , ,',, 38 ' " ..,.. ..... , ,.-io .1 ' 36 , .51 L -HV H ,ij " A L ' ,,,,, A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 4 1 ' ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 4 6 Q ,, ,,,,,.,,,1,1,.. 1 - , 'C " ,. . ... 1.415 .4 ' -10 1' '11 . , ,. H415 1 ' , ,. CU , 11' ,,, .,,,,, ,,... , 1-18 "E" 5 Z 6409 Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Frrst row left to rrght Chuck Chlngman Marx rn Rouse Wrllre Fossey Drck Green Tom Graham Drck Karl Robert Newton Dan Goggles Bob Robertson Second row Gary Lyon Tom Duncan Truman Frrday jesse Roberts Jerry Sage Ben Connell Drck Scarlett Kerth Adams jrm Nrchols BrH llayes vV1H1C'TfOSPCf jun Souter There were 23 boys on the B Squad this year four yumors srx sophomores and thnrteen freshmen All the squad members partlcrpated rn games durmg the season for they played as B Squad and freshman games The emphasns was placed on the funda mentals of the game In December we attended the Pavlllron Inutatxonal Tourney Morton Morton Ethete Morton Green Rrver Thermopolrs Shoshom Cody Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Lander Shoshonr Rnerton St Stephens St Stephens St Stephens Dubois Cody Morton ' .......... ..... 3 5 ,,................,.......,... 25 .........,.,.... 69 ' 1 ..,....,,..,,,,, 35 ,,,,,,,,,..,,s,,,.,......,,,.. 27 ...........,..., 44 'f ' .,,t.,....,..... 44 .,,,,,,,,.,s....r.............,. 42 ..............., 33 . Lander ............,,.. 57 Pavillion .,.........,.,........,..... 44 ..........,..... 53 . . ' ' 1 ,,,,.,,,rs,,,,., 38 ' .,.,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 41 ................ 63 ' ....... ' JOHN KOEHLER Grab that bull! Every- one is ready for action in the Lander-Lovell game. A basket is about to be made in this shot Of the Landerlovcll bull game. CLARK LACY Hubert Friday looks ready and waiting in another picture or the tussle between Lander and Lovell. Tom Stecher sinks the ball and the score goes up for Lander in the game with Greybull. The bnll's going in for another two points in the Lander-Greybull game. B DICK THUNDER Don Carey and Al Redman are ready to go during the game between Lander and Greybull. DON CAREY All State in hls year, jumps witl oritc shot. Hube BRUCE LOXWE Hubert Fnday, . ' 5 1 I points stored fu der T1g.,ers. A long shot in the Lander-Riverton game. CLIFF RICHIE Kneelmg left to rrght B111 Henneker Manager Don Inloes Don Bell John Truyrllo Carl Brou hard R1chard Ferry Bob Morganstean Charles Morganstean Manager Standmg Tom Norton B111 Penton Chuck Read Dan Bertagnollr B111 Buclcman Warren Sprrggs Larry Chambers Glendon Gee Bob Boedel-:er jack Bertagnoll1 Ted Wrlkes and Coach George Butchko Last year a wrestlmg team was orgamzed for the f1rst trme 1n the hrstory of F C V H S Th1s team placed th1rteenth rn the state wrth slxteen teams entered So far th1s year the team hasn t won any meets but there has been a def1n1te progress shown by the boys Returmng lettermen thrs year are Ted W1lkes B111 Penton Bob Boedeker Glendon Gee Warren Sprrggs and jack Bertagnollr Larry Chambers Dan Bertagnolh Bob Morganstean and Don Bell are mmor letter men from last year New members to the team are Tom Norton Chuck Read B111 Buckman john Trujrllo and Don Inloes 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . a 7 1 1 7 ' 1 7 7 1 7 1 .49 Dm BLlIlL,I'1Ulll Don Ball B111 Buckmm md Clcn Coach Butchko talkxng to Chuck Read Blll Buckman tlon Occ off fm bllltlbgl Ancl who 18 luclmg, bC.lllI1Ll Bob Iiocclcku XX xrren Spuggs B1ll Penton and Bob thc lilllx l 1LlL,l'lS hook Could hc Bob Boccc LI Morganstean at Sqratoga XX'hy so surprised Don Bell? Bob Boedeker Don Bell. Bob Morganstean, Bill Penton and Larry Cham- hcrs in the locker room at Saratoga. Xwrcstling tczun relaxing just hcforc the Saratoga Final instructions from Coach George Butfhko ' - - match, Posmons on M1t left to rlght Don Bell Glendon Gee Brll Buclcmm D.1n Bertagnollr Left to ught Carl Brouharcl jack Bertagnollx Bob Boedeker Larry Chmubers Rxchard Ferry led Wllkes Warren Sprlggs john Trujillo Tom Norton Blll Penton Chirles Morgmitun Chuck Read itind mg Blll Henneker Bob Morglmstem Don Inloes Coach Butchko checks the holds' f-I! 1 . . . Another race hath been won lrrst row left to rrght Warren Sprrggs Gary Hmes Warren Snyder Tom Stecher Ralph Yack Al Redman Clark Lacy Second rom Don Carey Hugh Frrday Plerre Dans Cllff Rrchre Brll Buckman Drck Thunder and Glenn Hereford These are track lettermen of 1954 In the Drstrrct Track meet Frank Getty won the for second thrrd and fourth m the pole xault Dare Fossey placed second rn the half mule Prerre Dans placed thlrd rn the mrle In the 880 we had Drck Thunder ohn Koeh ler Cllff Rrchre and Frank Getty runmng Clark Lacy A1 Redman Ken Hlrasavsa ran the 440 The Lander thrnclads placed fourth m the Drstrrct Meet and erghth rn the state .1 I broad jump and he placed third in the state. Tom Stecher, Gary Hines, Don Carey tied . ' . V. . . . U . , J - 3 C- 7 Time will discover everything . . . ECRIPIDES Moments in the Life of a Schoolteacher. Can you find what you are lookin for Miss Gerrard. g , Are you sure you are watching the Q Is that a text book you're reading, Miss Lehan? The star player of F.C.V.H.S. Teaching can't possibly be that bad, Miss Drew. ' LS. gf Q 1 1. f ' F J jd sg F' ..q.a4... ... pv- -1-1 I Txme was, is past . . . WALIUIZN ABBOTT HARRX' ADAMS ROBERT ALKIRIE ED APPLIEBY JEAN ARNOLD A lff,,f'cl'w DOUGLAS BALIWUIN ELLA BATE DON BELL DAN BERTAGNOLLX WARREN BOLMES Thou canst not it recall . . . jIaANN1a BOIJLEIIIQ KARMISN BROOKS BILL BIICKMAN VIRGINIA CAMERON JIM CAMPBELL If ,J X I DON CAREI NORLIAN CHERRY ff if Xi Iii, NORMA JEAN COLEMAN ROBERT CONNELLY DOROTHY Cox Time is, thou hast . . . DICK CRAMER SANDRA DANII2LsoN PIERRE DAVIS DAWN EARL JUDY EUBANKS ,, Qi Z' Y? IVA 'I- 5 r I fi . J-'J K 55' DORIS FELTER HELEN FRAPPERT DOLLY FRYE SHELBY FRYE SANDRA STEERS GALLINGER Employ the portion small . . . GII-ixlnox GIQI-1 PHYIIIS GR1iIiN GARY GRIFFIN . MAR,xIu'N HAIII,oc3R I KEITH HANsIcN - VIOI.A HFNAN WILLIARI HLNNIERER FRANCIZNA HERBST LILLIAN HERBST GLIENN HEREFORD Time future, is not . . . GARY HINES JIM HOMEC ETHEL JONES JOHN KOEHLER CLARK LACY 4 . ,, , -, ale. A-,f M A J Q be ?" - 1-ui BRUCE LOWE CLARK LUCAS MARGARET MARKLEY BETTY MILLER RON MINARIJ I J And may never be . . CHARLIQS MCJIif5.KNS'I'I2AN EILLQMN MCCORMICK ESTI?I.Ll? O'NlEAI. JARRETT PARTIEN RAYMOND PROIHIIT b .,. I r W, +L Lultiimm . Q-rf 1- 4 K .l 24' I li" '95 W J ALFRED RFDMAN CLIFFORD Rlcmls PHYLLIS ROE E1LFFx ROGERS CARL SABIN Time present, Is the only time for thee. SIGOURNEY KEITH SHIPTON JIM SMAIL SHIRLEY SPROLQT TOM STECHER DICK THUNDER -1 '? . A ,VR ll' 'id' f 1 fl' I.. ,K R 41. -'Er,-- .gfr I Jw, ' , Mtch. , -gsm-r I A Z . yrrlf 1 GEORGE UNDERWOOO SHARON VAN PATTEN VICTOR VAN VLIEET JON WIIMOTH CONNIIE WILSON As we began the 1954-55 term on September 7, we realized this was our last year in F.C.V.H.S. and looked forward to it with both excitement and regret. The first big event of the year was the annual Senior-Freshman Assembly and picnic held on September 30. Then came October and time for Senior pictures to be taken and announcements to be ordered. In December the Seniors gave the traditional Christmas Assembly and party complete with Santa Claus and presents for all. April 1, April fools day, gave the Seniors an opportunity to fool their audience in their presentation of the annual Senior play. Finally, the long awaited week arrived with Baccalaureate on May 22 and Commence- ment on May 27, the crowning touch to the year's achievements. Ile" Our Master of Ceremonies for the Christmas The first scene from the Christmas 'Assembly Assembly funder the hatj was Oakie Here- "A Song 15 Bom-H Ffom the lsfl- E535-A ford. O'Neal, Glendon Gee. and Don Bell. In the second scene we haw the ntcmbets of the choir. Bill Henncker. and the .ongrigstzcrt ff Sant.: .irzixts xx :Ez his ha: or c.:. Dans QNX! tum lx:'x:c:.1. 5.'3a. am Jntlt.. g-..s..: . a L1SLlll tht must wonder t l wtlnt ing cnt xt u K w annul lunmr Ntnmr Prom md Bm quet when thc umorx mutt rt unstlxts un xxurknnq up tutllul urxron ot tht t mann ll D LU Stl I ant X xrlt I r w r r tht tt s rmlmpattn tu IUINILI .lntl utryunr cnjnycd the 4 w f run ntl x s xtntul Txmc for thu Grind Mlrth mal everyone tllshul madly to get rn llnc 1 lint wlmh vns lung. ind extrcmelv colorful The rrowxnmg moment perfect cxenxng Sandra Danrel son was crowned aa 1 moxt bmutnful .md grauous queen and ,, f, vs .4 Kr , bdfklfl Steers Gzllmgcr was nflmul as her lowly unlor At lnntllnt d -545 s.. fi ik' 1 - ' Ax 6 f' I 81" g -QQ N H4 75' S, f V nb F A-.-1 Q Prefidefzt Vice Prarfdefzt HVBERT FRIDAY RAY PARKl'll'RS'l' , W 1' . A fl! Tra.z,r1n'w' PAUL FOSSEY li X . . 4, Cv Q 1 , JV ll I J' A F' 1 Q -J A " .nj S C't'7'0l.l7'A1' BEVERLY DARLINGTON 15 Slndwzl Cwmril Rejuevwzltzlii rf PATSY MOLLER , xg A h - , .AZ N.,v H U50 if vt -Q . if aj l -V " , ,it If fi ' r 'I .4 A . ,fn .N ,. "'- 'l. "Know the true valu time -,- fc, t - 5 - , L, V 1, ,, f ,ff .-7' 1 I 45. First row: Kay Alexander, Elizabeth Bramman, Second row: Joyce Arthur, Loren Calvert, Larry Chambers. jack Corbett, Charles Driskell, Howard Ellerby. Third row: Mary Barnett, Ralph Carlson, Don Cleveland, Floyd Day, Gaylin Eden, Helen Facinelli. Fourth row: Bob Boedeker, Harry Carpenter. Gloria Cleveland, jim Doughty. Ed East, Bessie Fergueson. eof I-'1'.f -.. '-.ix -A ra i 5' Xt Wcmntler what Mike's so interested in? rl 4s'X,' 42? QW.-f Avi' A lfv:-9 ,X . Aus. "Snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it . . V ' 5,-'ff First row: Rosemary Frappert. Dick Green. Second row: Irene Friday, Evonne Hallett. Elaine Henan, Romona Hungary, Gary Lyon. Judy McAmis. Third row: Dorothy Glick, Cassie Hanway, joe Herbst, Felicia Kennah, Helen Martin. Keith McMahon. Fourth row: Della Goodwin, Karen Ann Hayes, Phyllis Hornecker, joe Kennah, Frank Maxson, Ruth Miller 7 1' 1 Why so surprised, Pat? x A ,PK 'ff'-i ,tv 3 ' -up fi ' X All f 5? IM J' "No idleness, no laziness no 7 procrastination . . Pat Moller and jim Rogers on Club Picnic. r X if 1 L H55 Ax 4 if '3 First row: Nancy Mohr, Marianna Newton. Second row: Bob Morganstean, Norma Nipper, Noreta Petersen, Ken Race, jim Ridgeway, Judy Rush. Third row: Bob Mudge, jerry Parrill, Don Peterson, Eric Raecke, Bob Robertson, Frank Rutherford. Fourth row: Carol Mullins, Charles Peden, Jim Race, Chuck Read, Mike Rogers, Joyce Rutherford. ,. m " - ' x'.g,h-ri K , v Our Marilyn Monroe l Stark Wilscmn Bob Robertson in it glamorous pose. Metlimting on il prohlem in Trig, X. Yu, it is liolvl J' 4 y in 1- "A 1 Z ' 5 4- y xl ti-M 'il x , 5 1 Y . 3 T' -4. I W-i vk i 51' ui tk. ' ,. 'l"' S If 4 L - ' il it 1, 1 ' qv ' 'g.i,m- . gn Peter Sherlock john Sonnenschein Caroline Spriggs Sam Snyder Shirley Souter , 17 .P 4? I v 5.1 Warren Spribp Shiron Van Vleet Jack Corbett. ,lim Ridgeway. and Charles Driskell face n serious prob- lem. What to do with an earthworm? "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today . . ,' R-,-' Pat XX'arren jp -lack XY'eber ' "2J' Stark Wilson Ralph Yaclc Mary Norton As usual, the juniors can be proud of a fine year which was filled with many accomp- lishments. They worked hard selling candy and they presented an outstanding play, MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, in order to raise money for their annual prom. The Prom itself was a great success. Everyone had a lot of fun keeping the theme a secret and in trying to guess who the queen might be. The officers who led the junior Class this year were: Presidezzz ...,...,..,. ......... I-I UBERT FRIDAY Vire President ......... ...,..... R AY PARKHURST Tferzfllrer .......................................................... PAUL FOSSEY Serremrj ',4,,, ,,,,A,4,,,,.,.,....,,............ B EVERLY DARLINGTON Sfudent Crnmril Reprerezzlalizf' ........................ PAT MOLLER Mr. Cox was our sponsor and we would like to thank him for all the help he gave us. SCENES FROM THE PLAY . . . MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS 'fi' ff, A 'lr ' Q at JA Ce,m'S' .iq Pferiderzt Vice Preridwzl BILL FRANK HELEN THOMPSON .fr 4.1 , x 5CL'l't?l.If,'l KARENE EDEN fig ' Tre.l,r1n'er Sludezll Culnifil TOM GRAHAM R?f77'6'.f6'IIl.1lj1'E ROSEVA XVEBER Karen Abbot joan Albright john Albright Charlene Bell W.-Q s. N l' Q V A A N Y ,Y 5 H ". V1 E f 4-. x jack Bertagnolli Sharon Buclcman Betty Bunker Anne Carpenter Pat Car Phyllis Chingman Darrell Carson Ben Connell Ernest Chingman Mace Countryman S "Time is cried out upon as a great thief . . Y I ffm 1,53 il if? 6 .. . rf in 9 I 3 W 1' Donna Drislcell Jeanette Farthing Billy Eustace Paul Farthing jim Facinelli Bob Faulkner Tom Graham, Shirley XXf0lfley, Karene Eden, Susan Oelund, Sharon VC'olfley distuss-V Q-Turkey for dinner or- CEREAL! 'K' 4 1 .1 he W' ap-uv -1 'N nf 'Y X- 4 . Susan Oeland. Sharon Vfolfley, and jim Facinelli. Wliait is so interesting behind that magazine, jim? - ,wi ' "VV ' A . , 4 sv :Ng 'rg' nz. ' f , I xW' y Q if f Af, 'H' i f t -f . - t ff t, it M 5. If ' 353' , 4 A L4 1 1' '14 y r- ,Q 1 G , ii V fi., . ' ' ,xi A 7 sffqr' I . - N it ., ,rl F a t 'I' ,U.l , I ' mfr 'Y 'Y'.ss.., 'f -+ x - IIMUINUBLE v N james Fee Martha Hale Bill Hines Gwen Hudson Ron Krause Nathelle Glick Drive Hamilton Christine Heller Don Inloes Lillian Lagleunesse joe Greig Nelda Hanking Don Hitshew Dick Kail Martha La,l6Unt'SSe Beverly Guinnrd Mary Hart "It is peoples own fault . . . ' .gil Kay Lathrop Merle Leseberg Charlotte Lockard 'TED Sl! i l jim Facinelli, Wfarrren Snyder, Tom Wzrrren Snyder, Don Inloes, and Shir- Grnhnm. Susan Oelrrnd. .ind Sharon ley Wblfley in the 'lhzrnksgiving As- Wfoltley in the 'l'h.rnksgix'ing Assembly. semhly. rn J AA JoAnn McDonald Kay Norman Susan Oeland Charlene Pelham Bill Penton LeRoy Peterson Pete Peterson Barham Phelps V If 4- 'Q .QJ K, Charles Phelps Joanne Roe Dick Scarlett I I 1 ' 1 Af 'K , M f 1 .C ' V M I Ted Seely George Shakespeare Paul Smith U 1 "Use time x x 4-1" ws. Judy Sneddon Georgia Snyder Wzrrren Snyder V , yell and . . . 'X u Camille Stecher Will Tillman Richard Vensor 'ahh ft . 'll M ' ,, ," f .2 . lg at . f fx 'f I I Jeanette Farthing-and Shirley NX'olfley. Betty Bunker. Kathryn Norman, and w!h11f'5 UP ifllflsf Pat Carr. Who's the lucky girl in the middle? 4... f' , I, : 'ii U X hx at Albert Wendlmg Gary W'ilcox Ted VUilkes Wade Wilson Sharon Wolfley Hazel NX'illard SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Preridenf ..,.,......,........,.....................,,,,,,,,,, Bill Frank Vice Prerident ..... .... H elen Thompson 5ec'felf1r'y ........... ......... K aren Eden Tfeafflfer ..r................................... ..... T om Graham Slzzdeni Comzril Repre,fentati1'e ......., Roseva Weber Sponror .,A,,.........,..,......,........,.,,,.. ,,....,,, M r. Ward The sophomores came into the limelight in 1954 when they presented the annual Thanks- giving Assembly on November 24. Their next main activity was the sponsoring of the Christmas Dance in December, which was well attended and enjoyed by everyone. They were next put to work on April 23, 1955 when they served the junior-Senior Banquet before the Prom, and finished up by decorating for Commencement on May 27. They also sponsored several dances during the year. Homecoming Queen Atlendfml - SHIRLEY XVOLFLEY "You will get from his hand.. Shirley Wolfley -15.0 Mmm ood! The watumnlon Cxmlllcs e'1tm L 8 v K. '..f - 4 Girls. are Rlde em Cowgirl V Glamour Slfl 1955 41 i '--44 , A ,xxx ,,-fd3f,rqml0" :H-if ,,-gd-.4 QM, ww lu-M 1'- fnunwf 'i if P,-.mfr 211 Ifire Pieflcjellf JESSE ROBERTS KEITH ADAMS 9 ilk' Q St4'r'ef,1r'y its 4 HAZEI. KRAVSE .V my s i A -:.' A ,A I ' ,S 5 i 'W' Sluduzl Cfnuzfil JOAN EARL RFfU'6',fcI1fJfiIE DIARY ANN APPLEHANS Treui un r "Observe a method in the dis- tribution of your time . . -5 ' , QQ 'Q' : V' -Eff QSC invest-' if? R V Q . First row: Stanley Amos, Oliver Aragon, Second row: Paul Anspach. Robert Brown, Sally Byers, Mary Kay Cheney, Shirley Claycomb. Third row: Dewayne Boche, Elliot Buckman, Robert Calhoun, Paul Cherry, Gebo Day. Fourth row: Carl Brouhard, Gayle Bybee. Ken Carey, Charles Chingman. Donna Downey. Bailey, Charlotte Appleby, Shirley Beverly Aragon, A XL! 's fr,'i may , 45 ' i in 1' 'C' as ' Q , 32 'LVL L 7+ if y AN1 I 3 .gun- YL, 4 9 , N Q it-i Q, , "livery hour will then know its proper employment . . N l l XY"1lliL' 'l4l'USPk'l'5. llilly St, C.liiii'. Duiirn' lrxinu .mil blgirvin Ruusu luixi- gin in- tviutiiig ilcincinstiqitiiin lm' l'Rl2NH- MAN lNl'l'lA'l'lON.iin Scptriiilwui' 311. l llistci' fellows, this is 11 ruccl xi, Y f 'EQ ' 2 I3 ii i Q' .-.. , QS, ' if , 1 f' u M u .... lg 1 'QS'-f - 537 , ,wi ,. V i , 5 ff , ,ff 1 X . ,ff Aifd ' - ' - V 'f A H - 5, . - : 3 fy-mapa' ' ' ' l First row: Tom Duncan, W'illic Fosscy. Second row: Susan Ewcrs, Truman Friiluy. Sandra Good- win. lilivalwctli Hanson, Vcixi Hairtman, Patriuiii Huoil. 'lliiril ww: Anita ll-ltcr. Philip Frye. Dan Goggles. Ginger Hanson. VL-nl.i HLl!'lIl1.iD. Howaixl Huimilo. Fnurtli ww: Riilmril Fi-r1'y. 'l'ci'1'y Glover. Deanna Gustin, Miiixilyn 1'l.znwn. Billv llgiycs. Dunni- lrvinv. Oli. oh, this looks lmrl. John Rogan. g..w4,, .P I I ,P I M ' l ii I if fmv' ' ,N fi --:H+ f 'Ss Q. M, . Q- .4 .- If Z' ' , , I Hz: "And no time will be lost . . " Hazel Krauss, Mary K.iy Clicm-y, anrl Cli.n'Ics Cliingingin rcrt.iinly look in- tcrcntul. FRIZSHMAN lNl'l'lA'l'lON gy, lui, """S ul Uavox M . Mn, 5 f 'FIV ' wwf., - Q 2 fm ,, V f '51-P' l ' fy 6 R, . ,, "'f R v . Q ' , 7 , . , Z. K 'wx K. , A A 5 . ,, ig v., 11 hu, '9' , X . Q ' Wy Sl F 1 ' iv- x.f 1 ' J' gf--'rr' ' 53 . 'V 1 ,2 f '-f W A big- i af i l' 1 - g "fi First row: Gail Kichler, jim Marklcy. Scronrl row: Lylc Limlquist, Rocky McMahon. Robert Ncwtoni Geraldine Putik. Maixinc Poguc. Alvc-nn Redman. Tliiril row: Louisa Lovicr, -lorry Morse, limnw Nicliolli Bruce P'1rrill Cclcst Rue john Rcgin Fourth row' K1 I '0n. Nick Mugglcburg, Tom Norton. Bonnie Peterson, Leroy Rcnrrlon, Carol Ridgeway. cvcry avenue . . Ouch. that glass is slizirpl Hldlcncss will be shut out at -AHORNE lftlicl .lone-S. lfxtcllf: O'Ncal and Sundrii Danielson initiatr' ii frcelirnan, -ff ll he , ill ' 91" 4-5 :fl " M fab' 'iv' X X 4 f R 1005057 O' 'UN L e 'K A'-,QM-P ' lg ' "'.,wf R Q In 5 7!0f5l010n it J pg as T: P VN' j AVAILABLE R I A A r H ' " .Q Q.. Q Q R L.. 4, l Q A5 V .I , V . ' -2. 1, L 7,4 ' ,fl f w. V V, - 1? .fi :, V Fd' . X ., ' 75' . 54- of f, ., ,l ' AL . , . ii :bv K b -A C .V 1 V .. ' f ' .5 T mf-H' x, R M R -if 7 ':g:,.f A ' V 2. 1, t ln ' 1 .Klux 1 tag 51 '.,1' 'L " ' .. . 5 ' 1 '7 ' . f " 'if N " aw' I Qti, tl' ZZ!! ' " fitile' First row: Kay Rinkcr, Marvin Rouse. Second row: Mary Ann Robertson. Dixie Scott. Robert Smith. Rculmn St. Clair. Ktitliryn Tliompson. -lolin Trujillo. Third row: Carol Rodriqucz. Lcroy Sliatkcspcnrc. Edwin Somers, XX'illirim St. Clair. Charles Tlioinpson. Tim Tyler. Fourth row: Linda Rogcrs. Gerry Sage, jim Soutcr. ,lark Stcinlvrulw, XY'illi.iin Trospcr. Ronald Vanoss. I Roger Ward Noeleen Willcox JERRY YORK AND MARY ANN ROBERTSON D0 ALL RIGHT TOO! BOB SMITH AND SUSAN EWERS The Perferl Couple Donna Willard Paul Wilson Jerry York FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY Prefident ..........,....,.............,,...,. JESSE ROBERTS Vice Pferident ..,..... ....,. K EITH ADAMS Secrelary ..l........... .l.,..,....,.... H AZEL KRAUSE Treamrer ...........,...,.,,........,.............. JOAN EARL S. C. Reprerefzfatirfe .... MARY ANN APPLEHANS Sponsor ..,......v.....,........,................... MRS. TWEED The freshman class started their year by participating in the senior-freshman assembly on September 30, 1954. It was a riot of laughs and fun, and everyone had a good time. Afterwards, a big Treasure Hunt led to the food at the picnic grounds where everyone ate and ate and ate! On November 24, they sponsored the Thanksgiving Dance, and in February held their annual assembly. They ended a fine freshman year by decorating for Baccalaureate. Homecoming Queen Altendant .,...... JOAN EARL Prom Queen Allezidrml ............,, ..............,.....,...,. W Uv x LJPL AUTH, JVM W "Yi-253 PMQLJA 1Q,,,,f7 oz,'0M5 'v' if j',,,,?,Z4Zf aj D iinliffff V M' My zzz? if wyfjf' I Wfvgfff A Wfyffw Aff Ky D X, J 1 1 ' ogy ydfhly' Bkv-K Riff K M W, j,Ej5,wm Of Mwfwbgffw QW? W M 7 P .M w ' X ff I W L", 4, A X' I ' I l, 'ipopv V, A 2 A 5:31 wif! h. -.5 VVK-' C' , v X, I p M1 1 K L5 Q , 1 I 1 R - VV ' in y Vx D! , 1 ,,,m:L X .' "ii A A " -' J M, ,' s xf-fwkf: WL? ,E Ak J' . if f M4 ' jf N ' pb, ' f X X v . 1 ' . - - Ji. I rg! V X 4 ' 1' Ugvu 1 1 - I L.. I Ml tl- -. -4 Y f J I fl Ze " 4' '12 , XY-X - -'- - . . fa' fjgff fl If' Cv I , .,,. ' Ii f , ,C 2, 'Lf I , Y xx QI W A .L f 1 A f If of-4. J 4 v N 07" y' J N 'J xii , f, ln WK Vix V ' A IJ s X 5 V .Ku lf A K klgfv' V ' I U- 'MJ lyk- 1 W Y ,VX P Nywf Lo Ky '11v ,ixtflh , x ? -.f X X 5 J . x,-1' ' 4 lx RN? V f" ' X uv' N ' p Q km ' 3 OVWCWIV X ,.f1 :if 3. f N 4 www? f JL XL' JA Q ' 1 v X , Lx 5 I 1 X5 I 7 f 4 .' , Q ' H GV WM 0 E il C' I4 ., ! ' X - ' ,il , "5 no M ll N 1 .- af' " . , ,,,' ' ,F .X , . 9 " W 4 f Q- 'N m . x X VXI -'i ' L: I Y X A N M ek x 7 V ' 'L ll K .xx Lx X x' -- x -ff : NJ V V AQ :N XX X J u . 1 x A X X ' X . ' N-'X - 'X " Q K Z A why ' X J Qx xx X . .A. I N .YN "X fx 5' . 2 Q ,i N1 7 -. L' L xxx 'f 1 1,5 V X, . S ,Nh X . J . , J. I W Af 1M KV U I 'bw 5 a ffw ww P LM "VI-Q., Wad-,gl 4 A4 fic f H " , 1 7 PQ I f - f ',,s I' N .ll 'ff' .4 if M 1' A fix. X I -M ff, x Q5 l 7 X x ffl' I 5 LDA 'K' ,N I J: ,,-f ', x'f" j 1 I ,Tux 'FA , I I J , L" if ,L U ,rf 42, .1 JVM 4 XQUZ11 . if I, f, F f' , Xx,6,.,, 1? fx J ,ff A 2540 L' ff? ,fd 9" H 1 it .A t I y , A Af L, ,A - Lawn' l J .A f' .. ff? ju, WA ' WW 4 V ,X V I 7 1 xl, , Y ,- f ..- -14,1 ff 'Q,..,,,, , NX X xxx 'tl lr X K1 1 s Q Q X . x Q , 4 1 Y If 4 A .1 1 -J 1 I , 5, sd--J lsl Ui SCOTT CHEVROLET COMPANY INC Mosf Modern Aufomoblle Dealership In Fremonf Counry The Pioneer CI1evroIe+ Garage of Wyoming 36 Years of Unm+errup+ed Service CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC SALES AND SERVICE Srandard ProcIuc'rs Complere Wrecker Service M T HALLAM OWNER 4+h and Lmcoln Lander. Wyoming PHONE 776 U. S. Tires-Delco BaHeries The RIGHT place +o spend a BEST WISHES Besi' Wishes from Ihe THE CLASS OF 55 FREMONT MOTOR CO GLAD 2 Q U QQURT LINCOLN MERCURY FORD TRACTOR mghf DEARBORN IMPLEMENTS JOHN J SPRIGGS Phone 835 Lander Wyo CLARA B SPRIGGS 67l Man Sf TEXACO SERVICE STATION Texaco and Flresfone Produc'I's Marfak Lubrlcahon 4'rh and Mann ROBERT SCOTT Phone 74 T we NM 9.2840 wal "?' Mr Hoagland pohshung has pride and 'oy' Complimenh of CHISHOLM'S JEWELRY KIER WELDING DlAMQND'S Official Railroad WaI'ch Inspecfors MACHINE SHOP ' ' General Welding Blacksmifhmg THE WELD THAT HELD 9 I '49 M LA DER P 52W 273 Main S+ Phone I80 OPEN EVENING-S TILL 8 30 Bes+ Wishes Class of 55 OLSON S GRADE A DAIRY PIanI' Phone 43I R J OLSON Res 43I R A I' x 'N ONGRATULATION QRADUATES 0, besi' Q-I Iucli from here on D KILOWATT jg Q? aww? 9 8 G QV W MOUNTAIN STATES DIVISION PACIFIC POWER AND LIGHT CO Aufhorlzed Dealer for Elgin, , 0 , Hamilfon, Bulova and fine Swiss wa+ches. .. .. Local Jade and A a e jewelry ain N hone - ' I and Ihe A RED Y FLOWER and GIFT SHOP Kalherme Elluof by W lvl O T E L LLU AUTHORIZED FLORISTS TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ASSOCIATION Besf Wmhes Cul' Flowers PlanI's Weddlng Class gf 55 Bouquels and Floral cleslgns a MR AND MRS T C ALLEN SPeC'al'fY Phone 6 WHEN YOU BUY IT AT PENNEYS ITS RIGHT IN PRICE IN QUALITY IN STYLE Shop 6+ S In Lander SAF EWAY STORES Washes The Class of 55 The Besl' of Luck Groceries, Meat and Produce som af LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE QE ' ' Flowers ire . . I . . Phone I2b Res. Phone 255 Lander 1- I Il ll Cf' 11.15 Congralulahons The Class of 55 EAGLE CLEANERS Eileen McCormick and Margarei' Markley comlng Io school WE TRY To SATISFY LANDER SADDLERY SPORTING GOODS CO The Stockmen s Store 259 Mann Lander Wyommg , .a H Congra+uIa+es The Class of I955 FOR ALL LIVESTOCK FEEDING SEE US PURINA CHOWS STEAM ROLLED GRAIN FEED AND SEED Phone I 8 Lander, Wyoming ' +0 LANDER MILLS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 55 Gibson s SHOE STORE Mann Lander GUYS AND GALS SHOP Bes+ Wishes Class of 55 P e 67 L e Bes+ Washes from WATKIN S GROCERY STORE LANDER WYOMING Bryan Wall: n Phone Everyfhmg +0 Wear Hendershott s FAMILY CLOTHING STORE Class of 55 SILVER SPUR COURTS Mr and Mrs Ed Kunze Phone 250 L Wyo DIAMONDS WATCHES ELGIN Wafch Repalrmg ART MANN 423 Mann Sfreef Lander Bes'I' Washes fo Class of 55 FROM FLOWER POT GREENHOUSE Myra Your Seller CONGRATULATIONS Alexander Servlce Station Barny Your Grower HUDSON WYOMING I I O ' ' hon 6 and r 337 ' AT I I s 25 Congra+ula+ions 'ro Ihe CRQTON I ander ming ll ll 'I UI CongraIuIa'Iions Bed. Wishes from from BILL HlCKLlN'5 THRIFT MARKET SERVICE STATION ROY BROUHARD Hudson, Wyo. Phone 54-R Hudson' Wyo' VSIT HUNTERS TRADING POST AI' FI WashaIue Enrouie Io Sacagawea s Grave GROCERIES FOUNTAIN HOME FURNISHINGS INDIAN BEAD CRAFT A STORE THATS DIFFERENT Congra+uIahons Congrafulahons +o Class of 55 'I'I'le CLASS of 55 from THE THUNDER BIRD VERNON S MOTEL STATIQN FI' WasI'1aIue Phone 030 J I2 E+I-I + W g p+ ho th Ief+ Pep assembly Sepfember I 7 I 1 I I I . ' - - e e yomin O.K. Girls, LeI"s 'Iry a ic u'I Io e 1 on Iwo I XRS ,N VALLEY FINANCE COMPANY AND VALLEY INSURANCE AGENCY Finance Loans Insurance I330 ON YOUR RADIO DIAL PHONE 630 A'fflIla'I'ecI wlfh Mu'ruaI Broadcashng Sysfem Besf Washes an from OSBORNES SHOE STORES Infermounfaln NeI'worIr S H y d F d g RIVERTON WYOMING LANDER LANDER WYOMING PHONE 488 Good Luck Class of 55 SUPER FDDD MARKET Where you ge? Ihe mos+ of Ihe besi' 'For Ihe Ieasi' LANDERS A G STORE K d I Shoes-Rubber Foofwear osier an in in s I Good Luck To The Class of I955 CHIEF CAFE AND SERVICE Dlclc Elshlre FORT WASHAKIE WYOMING CHAS. E. THOMAS CO RICHARD w Tween Owner Landers Home Owned Candy and Tobacco Jobber Reservotlon Cash Grocery Cross Roads Forf Washalue BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 55 General Merch nd se PAUL O HINES 257 Congrafulahons The Class of 55 FLOYD S SHOE REPAIR Mann Lander Zmldty Qzacouu 'ff WVR Besl' of Luclc From Moller s Collfornla Station CHEVRON PRODUCTS Don Moller CAL LEE MOTOR CO Desoro and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service SEIBERLING AND GOODYEAR VULCANIZING TIRES WHEEL BALANCING RECAPPING CAL LEE MOTOR CO Phone 338 J Smce I923 C 0 I I +o af . I I a I ' ' A, I I - f1g.f,f,2j'A W . , ,II "K -il1f.""'-I Q n a I ' 'N '7vg.-T - sx cuswx - W, . Aafif. 1 X - -I ,- O I I Bes'r Wishes 'Io f'5 Paul R Holtz MD Mary A Hlgdon MD Harry B Tlpton MD LANDER MEDICAL CLINIC Co g I'uI Io CI s THE NU WAY CAFE Good L In BENSON COOLIDGE COMPANY H d a e Fu ure LANDER WYOMING Class o 5 . , . . O . , O I O . ' I I Phone 89 n ra ai ns To The a s of '55 To Suif Your Tasfe The es+ Place in Town To Eaf uc from ar w r , rnii' Congra+ula'rIons and Besi' Wlshes +o +he Graduahng Class of I955 YOUR NOBLE LUMBER COMPANY DEAL WHERE DAD DEALT Slnce I906 Phone 454 G F SCHOONMAKER Owner Greehngs fo fhe BEN FRANKLIN CI I S STORE Nahonally Known LANDER CLEANERS "0ca"Y Owned HAZEL WAGNER M CLINTOCK HUGH W JONES AGENCY Realtor FARMS RANCI-IES HOMES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 25 I Mam Phone 750 Besi' Wishes Class of -55 To ass o 'S C LANDER FURNITURE HARDWARE Congrafulaies I'I1e Class of 55 TOOLS-DISHES LINOLEUM R 9 M K M N K L1I,Ij57H"' See Our Complefe 3X Home Furnlshungs Phone I3 RUGS i M N BALDWIN CO MercI'uan+s Smce I866 GENERAL MERCHANDISE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I955 FREE DAILY DELIVERY SERVICE u l 'Xxx 1 .1 Y, X 5. TU ' '--1, 5 ," . Yr: - - , - L' I .1..rfg ., V ,nv me o 'IIA' 35 , . , V .Q . . IO M ' -' Q71 X. -u ' 1. I I O I 0 Besi' Washes SACAJAWEA SERVICE STATION wIsHes You TI-Ie BEST Go Wo" Cooooo Walt S Station Ph 027 R2 FI' Wash Ire HUB CRAMER LESSEE I'Om CARTER means QUALITY Congra+uIahons Io +he Class of 55 JIM S MARKET AND MOTEL Mann Sfreei' Phone 595 M X lg? X BOWDEN MGTORS CO Texaco Producfs Phone 8I0 504 Mem I Il 1 ll I . .- - . ai I, H I 590 ' - A no - Bes+ Wishes From an BEST Wishes FTOITI of l27 HAMILTCN CAFE fo The Class of '55 Specializing H EN N EKER'S STORE C. B. HENNEKER Barb':-cial-E-Ho:11e Cooked Meals 20' Main Shed 486' 209 MAN LANDER WYOMING The Sfudenl' Who Uses The ROYAL SMITH CORONA or REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITER us Ihe s+udenI' who besf employs has 'hme and eHor'Is WYOMING STATE JOURNAL Phone 600 Lander Wyo COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES STYLE MART Clofhes DEXTER CLARK MEN s CLOTHING Western Outfntters for Men and Women WTF MART LCQQJR mmy"'f4w4lf'I'w Compare the Dollar Value' I 9 I SMAIL MOTORS Kaiser Wnllys Agency Sfafe Farm Au+o Insurance Phone II6 LANDER WYO Wherever You May Go Always Remember THE FINEST SMALL HOTEL IN THE WEST NOBLE HOTEL Famous Indian Grlll and Wesiern Rooms LANDER, WYOMING "YOUR JEEP HEADQUARTERS" Congra+uIahons 'ro The Class of 55 From THE LAN DER ELECTRIC SHOP PHONE 75 CompIe're EIec+rlcaI Servnce Besf Wlshes rom FOX APPLIANCE Every+hmg for I'he Home PHONE 394 LANDER Besr Washes From U vnu Racys Cleonmg Shop RACY AND DORIS CLARK 2 'Wir THE FREMONT TRUCK 81 IMPLEMENT CO Congra'ruIa+es The Class of 55 YOUR INTERNATIONAL DEALER Lander Wyoming Congraiulahons +0 +I1e Class REAL ESTATE of 55 from STANDARD SERVICE STATION FARMS HOMES RANCHES Phone I53 Lander B F COCHRANE I "' I T ' ' xg , IIQITI iii, QI I I ' . DICK WELDING SERVICE HARVEYS Rlg and Field Work SINCLAIR SERVICE FULLY INSURED Shop 467 so 7+h phone 584-J Congrafulahons Io Ihe Class of 55 LANDER WYOMING If We Have II I'I's A Bargam SURPLUS SALES Camping ancl Ouldoor Equupmenf WAR SURPLUS Tools and Clollung I66 MAIN ST LANDER WYOMING Besf WISl'1eS +o Ihe Class of THE CLASS OF ss 'om RADK3 A,'ff3VfPPL,ANCE LANDER Moroa COMPANY STQRE YOUR PLYMOUTH DEALER RCA v + All Th w y Phone 94 Box 44I Lander COMPLIMENTS OF FREMONT BARBER SHOP Class of 55 O J TRIMMER Proprlefor 1 GOOD LUCK . .55 TO , I lc or e a '5 '11 r Congratulatlons to the Class of 1955 Easfman Kodalcs and Fllms Sheaffer Pens and Pencils Bell and Howell Movie Cameras and Prolecfors CITY DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store PHONE 53 BERN PRlDEAux - T Y l I F- ' :rg I . ' Ill- ll I I-1 E Jl v A . 1 -'S Fr' .lj J , A "" " :Ly - - ROBINSON TRANSPORTATION CO Congraiulahons Class of 55 DAILY PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICE Phone 340 Lander Wyoming Besf Washes LUMBER CO B AND W TACK BUILDING MATERIALS SINCE I900 Class of 55 If You Do Noi' Know Lumber CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY Know Your Lumberman Lander Phone 9 ROMINE FURNITURE MART Congra+uIahons fo fhe Class of 55 May success happmess and fhe very besf of Iuclr be wlfh you aI ways MR and MRS E C ROMINE Phone 665 Lander Io AND HAMMER A.B.C. Loans for Your Convenience Besi' Wushes +o Hue Class of 55 VARIETY STORE 'Lj3e1ffof3"fl:g J W REICHARD MD W C DUNKIN DDS 9 RICHARD MARTIN D D S Congra+ula1'e The Class of 55 HOME OF BETTER VALUES I Q HARVEY J MINER HOWDY FOLK5 Jlm Smaul ai' Pep Rally FROM A 25 Alumnus THE CLASS OF 55 CONGRATULATIONS Always at Your Service NOBLE DRUG STORE GEORGE H CASE I . . , . . 0 u I o o o , . . ' W L 'V A wr ' 21' A T ,,, bf 77? 'iiegft lvgafhggn ' T . I I I COMPLIMENTS OF Log Cabin Grocery FRESH MEATS GROCERIES CABINS Pefe Spr ggs PHONE I72 W LANDER WYOMING Cong ra+uIaI'lons Class of I955 PURE GAS SERVICE Lander Wyom ng Hudson Markef MIKE M VINICH ITALIAN SALAMI AND CHEESE Besi' of Luck fo 'Ihe Class of 55 M AND R GROCERY AND SERVICE FRONTIER PRODUCTS HIGHWAY 287 HEDGES SERVICE STATION AND MOTEL 264 NorI'I'1 IOII1 Lander Congrafulahons fo Class of 55 FREESE AND PENTON Day Phone I45 Nlghi'-49 W ALS TIN SHOP Heahng Venhlahng Arr Condlhonmg Roofmg Llvesfock Hauling and Sheef MeI'aI General Truckmg AL ROBINSON LANDER I fo , I PHONE 69 Phone 09-J2 Hudson, Wyoming I All +l1e BeH'e fo See You My Dea O f -1 Fl ,Z Xl . Your John Deere Dealer FARMER S SUPPLY COMPANY Harold Farfhlng Vac Holsl' Gordon Read MAIN STREET LANDER WYOMING Farm Equlpmeni' Gram Feeds Seeds Hydraulic Farm Hands Tomahawk Feeds EVERYTHING FOR THE FARM AND RANCH Congralulales +l1e Class of '55 , we T -.D X Q I as , I r! I -M' f ' . f I 49 5 I J! 9 ,X im, X- s- f! f I X X Il XX All fl I . I ll I I BEST WISHEQ Congrafulahons +o +he Class of 55 THE CLASS OF 55 'om HUDSON S CABINET SHOP Frank Cowan PHCNE 459-I 86l W LlncoIn Lander CompIlmenI's of LANDER CREAMERY COMPANY BUTTER ICE CREAM-CHEESE Thanks for Remembering PRIMROSE DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone I65 MACEY'S SERVICE Open 24 Hours REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES CAR CompIeI'e Fron+ End AIlgnmen'r PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS GOODYEAR AND LEE TIRES TO ' ' I: H- WIIm0+I1l Cusiom Made UpI'1oIsI'erIng Congra+uIa+ions 'ro 'Ihe Class of '55 THE TRAILS DRIVE-IN We Will Remain Open Afler l'he BasIce'I'balI Games for l'he Convenience of Our Friends. PHONE 757-J URSULA AND ED WAMBOLT Congrafulafions KlER WELDlNG +he Class of 55 AND MACHINE SHOP FOR BEST SERVICE General Welding REMEMBER BlaCkSm'll""9 The Noble Barber Shop THE WELD THAT HELD J M DURAN Mana er I49 Mann Lander g Congrafulahons To 'Ihe Class of 55 and Besl' Wishes fo The FacuII'y of F C V H S Flnesl' QuaIll'y and Besl Servuce In Bakery and Founfaln ProducI's CITY BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY Phone I00 Lander f' W SEE THE 2 K and B Furmlure Io I if - URNITURE I s I X S T? I L S'I'ore If T jaw ,La -NA -14- A gg I of BILL AND KATIE YouNG Q 4' JI Phone 9 F IN I I lllllllf When Hs a Flnancual CONGRATULATIONS TO T F Mawr HE cg-,EASS o See You' Banke' Te+on Self Service Drug THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK See Us for +he Besi' In Prescruphon and Drug Servlce Lande' WY0m"'9 GENE SHAEFFER Gei' a Reglsfered KEEPSAKE Genulne Diamond Rings and Silverware BRUCE L BADLEY Lander Wyommg Besf Wlshes rofn THE LANDER STATE BANK For Your Banking Needs See Us A MEMBER OF THE F D I C Il I 0 0 I ll . "BUS" DARLINGTON f "When II"s A Financial Ma++er- -See Your Banker" THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LANDER TI'IE PIONEER BANK OF CENTRAL WYOMING Ready WlIIlng and AbIe To Serve Your Bes'r In'IeresI's Besf Washes BesI' of Luck Io I'he IO Class of I955 Class of I955 FORT WASHAKIE SERVICE VOGELSANG AUTO SUPPLY Servlce When You Need II' Phone 380 Lander J B WALLACE WE THE SENIOR CLASS WISH TO express our sincere Ihanks and apprecla 'hon for 'rhe supporf and co operahon ex 'Iended by Ihe buslnessmen sponsoring +hns annuaI u o I . a I I u Q 0 0 s a Q n AI1I1C1I'I XX AI DI N SCILIILC CluI1 1111101 PI11 1 S 1111sI1 C I111 II 1 S111 ADAMS HARR1 AI IxIRI ROISI RT IIIISIIC LIIBI 3 1 LN 1 LI IN1 111 AU B1 ARNIOI D II ANII B111 I 1 Club 7 BAI DXX PSI DOI C IAS 11111 C 1I1 1111sl1 A111 1 INILCIIIIIICS C IuI1 SLIQIILQ C I111 I I C I 11111s I BIII D N IIIISII C 1111 1111111 C ILII1 1 1111101 PI11 71 WFCSIIIIIP, 1 1 M11s11 CIIII1 1 11111111s CILII7 I 1 C L17 S t ll CI 111111 BERT ACNOLLI DAN 1 1111111 Ll 1 N1 C1111x111111111 1 WYCSIIIIIE5 C I11I1 71 BOLMIS WARRI:N 0 M11I111111s C ILII1 1 SCICIICL C l11I1 7 S1 1111 7 N11111111I C I11I1 I 'I111s11111 I BOI I IT'II II ANII 11r11s A1I11111s111cg 1 'SI1ws1111111 1 BROOKS RARMIN Auto INILCIIIIIICS C I11I1 I SLILIICC C I11I1 7 BIIC KMAN BII I I 0t11II I 111 CI111 I11tI11II 7 XX 11s III 11 1111 C11111111I 1 IIA I11sI11I 1 IIA C Ll C AMI RON VIRC INIA 1 C IuI1 I 2 1 SCCYLI If, 'I111s1 Pr1s11I1111 IUIIITI 1111s CI11I1 1 S11111111 QCIIIOF C I1ss 1 11111111 P111 71 G1rs S1 111 AI11111111 1 1111101 JIOIII 111111111 I 111 111 A C AMPISI II 'IINI C ARI '1 DON s 1tI 1I 01111 IW 711 s 1 A1 INI 1 11111 sC 1 1 C III IR1 NIORIXIAN IIIIIK 1 1 1 C OI I INIAN NORNIA II AN 1111sI1 C I11 S1111 111 S I111s11111 SILICILIII 111111I 1 11111 1 A1111 I 1 C11Is CONNLII1 ROHIRI s C I COY DOROI H1 1 1 W1 1 11111111111 1 CI1 1us 1 IIIACJ111111 7 II111111111111 RIICLII 1 ASSCIIIIUIE C RAMI R DIC Ix IN 1111111111 I11otI11II I M1111111 111 I11sIC11I11II 7 I7 7 A DANIII I SON SANIDRA 11 I S C I7 M11s11 1111 P 11111 1 111 3 All S1 11 I1 1I I 1 1111111 1 11 A1111 1 DAVIS PII RRI 11I1I L C 1 I 1111101 PI 1 I ARI DAWN 1111sI1 C l11I1 I C I1O1 1 11 111 or CI1ss 5 111111 11 M11s1 C 1 1111111 1 ILIII I11111s1I1111 10 111 s ISIC I1s11x 1I 7 3 -I 51111111 I1s11x 1I 1 UISANKS IUDY S IIIISII CI11I1 I 7 Chorus I S11111111 111 I11sI1111111 ss 71 1 Pr1s11I1n1 P111 CILI 111 I E1 7111 1 S1111 11111sI1 C ILII1 I M11s11 I1s111 1I I I EITI R DORIS I RAPPAR I HIfLI:N IHA I 2 71 C11Is GI11 CI11I1 I 7 71 M11111I Chorus 1 11sI1 C I11I1 3 C 7 1 DFIITIIIICS 1 11111111 PI15 1 I-Io11111111111nK1, Att1r11Ia11t 4 J W 1 Q :I ' 1g 71 511. l L 2, 53 A . 11.1111 1. 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Q 2 . ., 1 IRXI DCJII1 C V1CC Pr S C SIII. 7 7 5 11111 SCIII 1 A SC11I111111C11C A xC111I1I1 CAI I INC IR bANDRA I I CI s 111 P C 1 LI IIIIIIICS C 1I1 Q Cr1111C 1 C ICN 1111111 SILIC CII COL 1 RC 11CxC11 1 C N C I111 II CIINI3 11C 1 I Cs1I1111, 1 1 5 C ICII C115 I C 1 C1C 11 1 S11C11CC C ILII7 V1 C P1Cs1C C111 I IN PII1 5 I R I I IN C 5 C1I11II I 1CI R H111 CC 13 IA I I IIIICFSCIIOC B HAIIOCK MARILHN 1 I11 I Pr I IIANSIN IxI ITII A 5 SCC1111C CC sCIC1111 A 11C III, C HINAIN VIOI A I11 I IIIIN'XIIIxIR I5IlI 1C IXILISIC 1 U 1CsC CICN III I5 S 1 TTICIC C C1 N INIC ICs1x1s 1CCCI1 ICSIIXI HFRI5S'I I RANC I NA C I10111s I Ix 1 1 I1111xICr 91111 C111 C 1111 111 II AC 1 IC IN III SCII 1C If HI:RI5S'I I ILLIAN A 911 1ICCs 1 I 111111 C OIIIIIIIIICC. 1 CI10111s I 1111C1 J IIIRI IORIJ CIINN C1111II 'Ifl CI15s 17 IJ 3 'I C111 1 1 1 IIINIS C IH 11111 ul C 111 1 811111 C1 NI CI11111Cx C D1C1r11 N LSC N NIIC JI 5 5 ALIICJ 'NICCI1111 A IISI C111 C Ll 1 rC1111 A11C11CI1111 I Ll 11 I CJIWCFC IIIIR ICJ N 1111111111111 1 C I11 1 I NvxCC1 IC IT III, 1 C C C 5 1 IAN 'IAIx IIC 1 1 I515 I C C ISI C C XXII I5RI C C11 11II I51sICC I1 1 5 Cs1C 1 IU C1111 1C LIII ' IICI IIICAS CIA Ix A I RC1C CC1 A1110 MC1I11111CxC L13 I1C11us I 1 I C I1C1111s SCX 11 S I S 1CI IIX C 1C 5 IC C N NIORC ANSI I ANI C IIARI I S IC1C1111II I VV1CwII1111, I A111C1NICCI11111Cx 1 IAI IVIII 1 I111 S C111 I1 1 X J C111 C IIII 1111 w INIC IW 1111101 FOIII IIIIIIIIICC 5 1 1 SIIII I CC1IC1CIC1 PART LN IARI'I I C1I11II I 1 ' II. ..' 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Suggestions in the Fremont County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lander, WY) collection:

Fremont County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lander, WY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Fremont County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lander, WY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fremont County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lander, WY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fremont County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lander, WY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fremont County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lander, WY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 32

1955, pg 32

Fremont County High School - Tiger Yearbook (Lander, WY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 6

1955, pg 6

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