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V 1 A ,, , ,-A e I '1 i G Q w 4 w ,W ,, , ,, Y, ,,,, W, nn, kr 4 GQ NXOLAQLAZX THE I 960 VCDYAGELIR LEAVING THE QLD . . A -xx? ' fy M , ff 4 , f 9, ' , :Z 1' , A y ? Hff.- .-. Km xx, ,JH V.,. ,,, 1 "'J - - .WX , 4, V ,, K 'gd M KN N . . , ' ,M LIL,-wg.I ,,.lIf'.413 ' M 1 , 1nxu,:s.a.L1ia.L1 Qisafmgg, , K ., .,-...11,...,- Q,,fm-l.f.m.,-w,.........g.....:,-fAQQif11,'1Q . ---f , g -,Xy"4w'1-'vral 2 -fw!AZA.:44 f , VMMVV MW ,ha M124 WMWM Janus, the Roman God with Two faces, looked both back- ward and forward. This, in a sense, is what we have at- tempted to do in The i960 Voyageur. We are looking back upon the old Freeport High School in which we be- gan the year and in which Thirty-five classes before us began Their senior years. We are also looking forward, forward to The newly- completed senior high school in which we are holding our Senior Prom and from which many classes To come will graduate. This year has been a Trying one for everyone connected with Freeport High School. We labored under The handi- cap of split sessions and ex- tremely over-crowded condi- tions. Many a club never meT in The same room Twice, some were even forced To gather on The fronf steps of The high school. AT 8 o'clock and aT l2:2O The locker rooms were so crowded one could hardly move. Although The new building was completed Too late To make moving feasible, The transition "from The old To The new" was finally effected in June. We held our Senior Prom and Graduation Ban- quet There and Thus became the first class To utilize The new facilities. We hope That The mem- bers of The senior class will confinue To look forward Throughout Their lives buf That they will occasionally glance back and recall fondly Their years in Freeport High. , T Hit 1- K T l Q k hi 1 i .T i l l i i l T il if l . I 3 ' f P -J I fi l 2 gigs il Tift rl ii ,. 'S if T CONTENTS Administration. . . Activities. . . . . . Sports .... . . . Classes .... . . . Seniors .... . . . Advertisements. . . WE WANT TO THANK . . . if Kathie Poulos for so generously giving her time and eltort to our Yearbook. We wish here to show our appreciation to her for leading and advising us so skilltully throughout the year. We know we could never have done it alone. Miss Mary Didas, one ot the few who stood by us, tor her guidance and moral support as well as tor her Technical assistance. The T960 Voyageur Staff 6 DEDICATICN Mrs. Fredericka Albert Mrs. Albert, enjoying her favorite hobby. ln sincere cippreciotion of the mony hours you have unselflshly devoted to previous Voyogeur stotts, we cledicote this book to you, Mrs. Fredericko Albert. 7 y, 4 4 fa , . ,, M f ,, fffjgf lgf L" wJflQf'Q9 2"r-1' 'W fn,-F 1 f ' ff' 31'-gf , 1 Z ,jf 4 'J -'J'-A C7 if' X ADMINISTI X 9 Mr. Hugh Erwin Vice President spf' -' ' S' is .Q - - - - me us, uv-v"" BOARD OF EDUCATION Freeport is very tortunote in its selection of School Bocird members, tor they ore im- bued with the ideols of high service to public educotion ond o vision of o Hner Freeport in o better tomorrow. Under the most oble leodership of Mr. Leo F. Giblyn, these men, Mr. Hugh Erwin, Mr. Chorles V. Brody, Mr. Roy R. Gockley, ond Mr. Clifton B. Smith, give freely of their time ond skill. They have mointoined on unswerving de- votion to the best interests ot Freeport boys ond girls ond hove been the driving force behind the successful completion of the new Freeport Senior High School. Mr. Leo F. Giblyn President Mr. Charles V. Brady Mr. Roy R. Gockley l l Teamwork has been the keynote of this great accomplishment. The Board of Education and the Administration have spent countless hours on this project with many groups in bringing it to fruition. Citizens, representing Parent-Teacher organiza- tions, civic and service clubs, patriotic groups and others, met with the Board to help work out the problem of acquiring the type of high school facilities that would best serve this community. Wide vistas of high school curriculum planning are opened by the new high school. The Board of Education believes that a new era of achievement will be reached in scholastic accomplishments, in character building, and in citizenship training. All the facilities in the way of laboratory, library, and special activity areas are provided to meet the new and higher standards of education. Dr. John W. Dodd, recognized throughout the state as an outstanding educator, is a respected and active community leader. First and foremost, however, his interest is always the activity, prog- ress, and welfare of Freeport's students. Under his leadership Freeport High School has main- tained a high scholastic record. l-le is also an en- thusiastic supporter of all student organizations. Freeport is to be envied in having such able and forward-looking men leading its school sys- tem, men who believe that there is no investment so important nor so productive as the investment in the education of our future citizens. Freeport High School has had. a great past, with increased facilities it will have an even greater future. Mr. Clifton B. Smith Dr. John W. Dodd SLIPERI TE DE T OF SCHOCLS f ' i H D Mr J Wesley Southard w A ' fu M-I-H--D .X o Q Q " Senior High Principal 'qw ,M V b an . Q 'K eff V 4 ii, 'A - - t ' f Q Q . i-4l. jx g 3 Ai e. 5 I f x rf f,k.. A iii! if I f ,f if Y 1 A , -Ll K 3 ' I' f ' 4 3 if Mr..lohn Hesse AX i Y s Q Q5 xx it Junior High Prlncipa ,NL Q 4 ,ff I Z, . , 12 ADMINISTRATICN AND GUIDANCE During our senior year we seem to have tound aur- selves beating a path to the guidance office door. We received help in selecting colleges, choosing a program to prepare for a career after graduation, or overcoming scholastic difticulties. Each one of us knows how valua- ble such guidance is. This year an outstanding program was the broaden- ing of the enriched courses in English, mathematics, so- cial studies, and science, and the guidance counselors have done an admirable iob setting it up and co- ordinating it with the varying abilities at each student. The educational philosophy prompting this program was that the superior student had the right to learn as much as his potential indicated and that the opportunity for him to do so should be provided through homogeneous grouping and courses of scope, depth, and enriched content. ln this field Freeport kept pace with and pos- sibly surpassed other high schools on the Island. Those who have benefited from it should be grateful tor this opportunity. Although we have emphasized the services the Guid- ance Department has given Seniors, it must be mentioned that their valuable assistance is extended equally to stu- dents in all other grades in educational, vocational, and personal areas. Assistant Principals Senior High -l'-mio' High ,Jug V, , . . Q . 'mv' L, to A tit- 'rtt Mr. Irving B. Franklin Counselors Miss Mary Didas Mr. Henry Putt Mr, Robert Miller V Miss Alice Davis Mr, George Coupe Miss Mary Lefes 13 fanxz-1-'Jai' -f-1, if' V Mr. Foster H. Hott Special Faculty ll Miss Mary Barlow Deparlmenl' Chairman English FIRST ROW, L. fo R: Mrs. Fredericka Albert, Miss S. Ann Beckley, Mrs. Mary Birgenfhcl. SECOND ROW: Mr. Robert W. Blake, Mr. Wilmer A. Breed- love, Miss Claudia Buckovitclw, Mr. Henry Burnett, Miss Anne Esfock. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Shirley Fis- chel, Mrs. Dolores Hegmcznn, Mrs. Rosamond .la- vorsky, Mr. Brooks K. Johnson, Miss Emelyn Lovelass. if Til, 1 ' 2fcf4'fQ Lifffzfe f , -' ffiffig -Q 4' . i'i' ,f li 'ref . . 'Elf' Al, 5 I y u- , , 14 4 2 ' -f4:a:s::az,f f M, K ,gg X-,rw Q, 5, fvzrwfvzsf-tres, 1 WK 7 4 Qi sv ,1iMivQi" . , 'Tm ' - - .. ,v- . fs. ' ' T45 ,, F31 """ Y r q ,,,fV,Z,,,5,f,,. .V ,.,,. 1 H, .,:r, , s :s.4::.::1+w:-ms' pg., wg--.-I.. ,U 5-WM.1ff,1b.1-is . L , , sf D ' -T , 1' fa-yy Yi ?QfVf":5?'f5l l 'S5if'f.1 , .fs2 ,+f,.' ' - .,:9,?,, ,sp ,fi is wygsgfixrismg, - 5, ffqywg -Y ,, as ffwiszp, - ' V X . ,Aw-Av4.w,,e.'1s-Qaii f- if -figsizvfiaghs f- -, X , 2 ' w Wir' ' '- v ik 50,-ycllpigvfflswffl ' . 9 - JQ2- , f - 'iw . . , we- 5. .,,,. . x , I , in 1 ' D D vgmfs .ff-D: , - . - r -'A 4 57,1-5.37 .. If ,.'. ',2: Vi5IX':'7 K X kk'L 'Q 4 :fini - x 1- A ' 'sex - -I 1 ,: we X ,Q . ,,,-11:1 " .. f.5w.1,gf-V'-1,.:'f' gf' , - - . ,sr f., 2 is f ' ' 2 m ' ""' 'V V K' 1" ' -' sz . - b 'Gif Department s l , ,. ' V T V2.3--V fl f 1 '2 Q ,f f rf 2 vi I f ,A vi ff' f X ? ff X ,ff X7 0 X FIRST ROW, L. To R: Miss Judith Marks, Mr. Neil McLellan, Miss Dolores Moron, Mr. Thomos OConnor, Mr. David S. Pike. SECOND ROW: Mr. Albert Renken, Mrs. Phebe Schilling, Miss Velne-he Sickels, Mrs Chczrlofie Tessier, Mrs. Therese Thompson. X ff , JMU' f 45 MV 50,06 ,ff 7. af ,- Ziff ff ff 1 ,fwff - ff wa , f f ,K 1 - 1 f , Q 27? V ' ff '74 ,, ., V 4-pf-19 f f f 1 nf X f , zwfi QQOA ff, X X i 4" .iff ,, Shiv' ,Y 'P r'.-,, fffffg " ' jf 4 fy: Wi , .5 'g ?:,,,4'Cp V Y V , X! ff!! 74 - ,f ,-,,,,.A,, .. PW IV! QW:- f""""l.r X1 'Vw 4 'ti' ff 1535 ,Q-L :IIPK :gl 1:59 Miss Liloh Cushman Department Chairman 'uf "wui4 by FIRST ROW, L. To R: Miss Esther Brown, Mr. Nunzlo Cozzerrc. SECOND ROW: Mr. John B. Franklin. Miss Consfonce Gron- enberg, Mr. Raymond B. Kelly, Miss Arlene Murphy, Mrs. Naomi B. Pollock. -AL . A 16 r -Ns R Y 'R 25115, ,gsm armgefv, .v'tf'i-lf' ' 212' 'ES' ' iisif-. 3 .-vie" if Miss Doris Nickerson FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Miss Vivian Bird, Miss Eliza- beth Ciowes, Mr. Walter F. Cook, Mrs. Barbara B. Cramer, Mrg James D. Crisafulli, Miss Margaret Elsiad. SECOND ROW: Mr. Walter S. Joy, Mr. A Waiter Kennedy, Mr.'Nathaniel l. Levin, Miss Ruth. More, Mr. Joseph Pollard, Mr. Randal Powell. THlRD ROW: Mr. Richard C. Reed, Miss Ellen Simpson, Miss Marcia Spelman, Mr. William Sul- livan, Mr. Rudolph Valenfino. A Citizenship Education Department D FIRST ROW, L. To R: Mr. Elwood Bickford, Mr. Donald F. Borgnine. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Donald Burns, Mr. Paul Jordan. THIRD ROW: Mr. Henry Science 1 Deparimeni Chairman D e p a m e n t Mr. Henry M. Chemnifz Department Chairman 'li' ,,,.f-'W' af...-e Nafferer, Mr. Ernest Newfon, Mr. Louis Pesca, Mr. Norman Passes, Mr. James E. Spencer. FOURTH ROW: Mr, Robert G. Sfern, Mrs. Louise Stra- vin, Mr. Robert Teich, Mr. Paul Walfing, Mr. Vincent Zuaro. 'fs ,Hr 17 Wu...- 340' Mr. John B. Major Department Chairman Mathematics Department mst Raw, L r,,-aka: oelphine eager, Mrs.e Mary Dewing,1Mr. 'l.qv'reace Etkind, Mrl. Robert LJEQ Halleran, eta M r,l Samuel Kap- lan. SECOND-QROW: e Mia tfsandfa Jg Kasf, Mr. William MeElray,fMr.f H.fJdmes'lMoni'g gomery, Miss Rutl1 Richteuj SFF. Sharp. -THIRD Row: illuisell'-Terry, Miss ' Patricia Tewksbury, Miss -Mabel White, Mrs. Edith Wqodcock, Miss Harriet Woodsum. m t l t FQ ii.,- X M Lg '53 -4- rx 4"v'e-ty.. ,ff X 14 6 , TEV r Qllj, ' f, K f , ,V Afif, f ,7,,,+ ,, , , I 1,f'4g' hill, Miss Elizabeth M. Way. Business Education FIRST ROW: Mr. Christopher Bellomore. SECOND ROW, L. to R: Miss Marion J. Coogen, Mr. Donald M. Costlow. THIRD ROW: Miss Charlotte Huff, Mr. Walter Lucas, Mrs. Lillian McNut't, Mr. Jimmie H. Warner. Mr. W. Chapin Moger Department Chairman 19 FIRST ROW: Mr. Saul S. Beck. SECOND ROW, L. to R: Miss Dorothy Clark, Mr. Winston Tut- Health and Physical Education Department Mr. John Augustine 'Department Chairman S'-A Music Department TOP TO BOTTOM: Mr. John D. Jenk- ins, Miss Jeanne Maxwell, Miss Mfr- iam Roberts. Mr. J. Maynard Wettlaufer Department Chairman f-Z-'.-Sf N N . I JJ M .1 Ky MQW V Mr. William Parker , Department Chairman ' Miss Maud E. Constable Department Chairman Art Department FIRST ROW: Mrs. Barbara Buley. SECOND ROW, L. to R: Mr. Jack Merk, Miss Helen Robertson. 20 f C22 i:?ZT?.x4 exif R 5. , 5 .1 icfbizlffdi 5. if-6-55494 fZk:4Ki4h?zhYiZ4pS3 V V! 2:3?9:ifGfii1'f p , ,:., .,W. .,9,.,,, .1..-.-v,7w-.- WW-ffm. .QAWSZM ,mr . fr X ,v,.mw4.,.-,-.,ff,..m WWVWHZ We 221-M fzafk-if-W W-'Mg - -f 1 f 1 ,Hs fm -f my ,. .,g5.4i-W-az..W.4f -Qwlmmcci HH-'-1-zffffec-wwf 2 4 Q ' . 4 -- M . f Mxfwww. fipifzwww-awe.fa , 2..4ff,.me....n -f 7-ff-f2W'Wv,'Ji 'UC ,A'ffEf924w31f-'f.4lH'5-NEW -',v.W3ll W M4 0. m.4,i,.,4,... ,. f. Q .-fx? .. 9 J, 1 , 1. ya. 41 f ,hwfw 'naw ffl: . 4 af. 44 ffif"wzfmfiwfrwwfwfffyz-my.ygfwiffqgyygfpzgypyyfi-vlgwffyrggpggza in-43-4,21 QQ31,-f23.0.1-1v2w4,fw m1,4m.Lfz,:Wmi--1 05,34 .ww 50-at,,a40.i5s:ffzfQw-M 4:W24,-afwwwf ra,QffgQr.eaiQ,f1WfmM ' , L., v ,, A A? Q , - film-if .,.,fp.,.zffe.ff4., 1 .Wx f mf 10.7 if ,f .14 M ,mffhgf 4 .f,, ,, , .. ,m,, ,, ,. -, . QM ff' -ff' ' C274 niypfm -'WM'-I M43-ffhfi'-i:i.fpi-22w"f'WQP3iZ-4f:v'. 1 nf -,,,,,ffQz 14 f.zWfq22y,QgWfyW6z,fm5Wmigm,Q4w,MWWQWMJWM mmm! in Z6 ffw .f!!f,4M.9Mffyfw,wf fwzmlfm f' W R 1 fr V-L Mfr' , 4Q,ff- gf f fQ5faw..m,W.,,,5f MM. K! 1, r .1641 ywyf ' "1 f - fff,f'f'?'WWQ,..f"' 24.19 f,-V449 7ffffWWfV W fww M f-1" 'f.,-ff f ff wr, 0.1 f,f. ,- f- wwf , fp! .- 4. ,. ffm we ffa ., WO-'.4, ' . , 'f ' , ,M ' ff ff! WW ' iw' f 1.739 my-5gy,f,f f I '. fgff, ff. -ff . 17 -ZZ :fi ,mfg 7414 53420 My gay? M0404 , Health Service Department Miss Patricia J. Randle Homemaking Department FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Zila Burns, Miss Sue Damis. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Joane M. Rhoads. THIRD ROW: Miss Ethel Temple. Miss Edith Waters :,227'k'0"h Mrs. Alma Rowley Deparfmenf Chairman Department Chairman 21 ,JS 3. 'Uk ff' K O 1 2. . R XR pi N N. r rf' kk A X K L 5 I ,',v x .. I NN L . f QJN, K . , J 8'-1-1 r .f., , l I g , 21' ,nr-ma Aff- 'N fb' 4--4 I 41... M ' Secretarial Staff FERST ROW, L. io R:-Miss Adrienne Arcuri, Mrs. Joyce Brown, Miss Betty Burke, Miss Cecelia CcnfilliQ Miss. Joyce lDeVlin,iMrs,. Sue Helfer. SECOND-fROWi. -Miss Joyce Hermig, Mrs. Qlocn Hoclgdan, LLXLX M ade- line Hechinger, .Mrs. Virginia Mifrhaiuierj Mrs. Consfcnce Schilalf,' THIRD ROW: Mrs: Marie--mTroiano, AX.k Margaret Ufz, Mrs. Ethel-V Van - Hoxiteng Mrs. Catherine Waison,lfQMrsQ-Q Margaret wemaufef. Nor isr-iowmr ima. feusen crane, Miss Diana Ernig 'Mrsg ioafarhy. Fisher, ' V , L . 1 Mr. Harry Bornscheur Head Cusfodian Custodial Staff ' FIRST ROW: Mr. Nicholas Burleigh. SECOND ROW, L. to R Mr . Andrew Jurginson, Mrs. Marie Marshall. THIRD ROW M ' Thomas McArdle, Mr. Earl Paulson, Mr. Anthony Ullp M ,, Philip Waring, Mr. Salvatore Valenti. I' V v I 4 ' 3 4 ,,,m,,, r 1 ,W ' 1 ' E2 h ' A155 , , XM E ' V if 22 Miss Eleanor Snedeker Director of Cafeteria 1-.J D, K .rky 1K 6951 f tx, ii r.-L 51 ,,iQ"'3f?f-L' 4, , 'VL 567733 1? l -. Qi, 5 6 Q2 E, ,L ,rrrr, li X, Cafeteria Staff 1 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Rose Dopolito, Mrs. Sophie Dienso. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Helen Doyle, Mrs, Eliza- beth Fennemo, Mrs. Jennie Schonfz. if ' ' ' '11 ,L , ,I ,,H1,,,4,,,f,,,3 3 ACTIN 25 .avi "I3'f'A'.-2 ,L - 'rv 1-. - , X f G.O. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, L. to R: Mr. Ashley, Mr. Costiow, R, Woelfel, Mr. Southord, STANDING: Mr. Wettioufer, S. Poulos, ig ,pn rw 1'l,,J'IQ.,f'5 4 I 'T 11 F.. ,Q 2.52 I" 53? ff" 09.5 3 5 Qt, L51 Wm ., ' A ff I by J I ! R. Smith, S. Study, M. Br Mr. Major, Mr. Newton. " 'C 't -""".'Q.' I ' W- -:iw Z4 I 41-5.E5+.QQ C? 'Fw- yont, J. Ccirdone, N, Berman, V. Diehl, Q, I r I . -I any. 1-4-1 '.E.,f S Cf' ,,, STUDENT COUNCIL, FIRST ROW, L, to R: S. Study, B. Kried- mon, J. Uhl, S. Ifshin, R. Vogel, C. Lundstrom. THIRD ROW: A mon, L. Anton, N. Berman, J. Helfond, H. Schwartz, C. Posnock, M, Bryant, B. Smith, V, Diehl, B, Woelfel, J. Ccrdone, S. Poulos. M. Ingber. SECOND ROW: H. Gritmon, E. Voelker, M. Sheiter- I 'mul G.O. Election ' -1- I. . .' I -61 ' ' fiiixff' Bah Ho'l - G.O. Dance L. f.- Robert Woelfel Martha Bryant PI'eSidehi Vice-President Sophie Poulos Mr. John Maior Secretary Adviser Jerome Cardone Vice-President G. O. The General Organization, representing the entire student body, has promoted the general welfare and progress of Freeport High. The GO. otticers, ably advised by Mr. John Maior, have made this year one ot the most outstanding yet. Ticket sales, dances, another undefeated football sea- son, Nassau League meetings, and G.O. elections were among the numerous activi- ties sponsored by the General Organiza- tion. For the first time, G.O. holders have been able to obtain discount tickets valid at all Century Theaters. Again the GO. held informal dances after bas- ketball games and encouraged larger attendance at Wrestling matches. , MNM,4e" GQ ff' ctlc ' M is Robert Smith Vlufy nvvf , A N ' Treasurer V 5 M is gE,'2-703 Q9-CSP' I, ,,,, .ff-eff' gi, -62 ,Aff 'flw Ylvifly in laik i959,6l-is -2:21 'M 26 in ,M,.,s,,,,.,.-M' 641 QQCV- 9 20 431 X , .sm YERMAYZ 16 X., xi 'L vb 33 is U3 Valerie Diehl 27 Social Secretary SR. HIGH HOMEROOM MANAGERS, FIRST ROW, L. to R: J Friedman, N. Schaap, E, Davis, N. Berman, G, Holgren, A, Mc- Lellan, K. Provenzano, C, Goldstein, B. Boriss, C. Bernstein, L. Gartner, SECOND ROW: R. A, Smith, N. Panagakos, L. Young E. Varmus, W. Jaworowski, D. DeCarion, T. Carroll, P. Lessler, 1 N, Tuthill, K, Joyce. THIRD ROW: H. Gritmon, J. Phillips, C. Heller, P. Russell, K. Jarvis, V. Somers. FOURTH ROW: B. Ness, B. Fink, B. Lutsk, A. Carillo, L. Mintz, S, Falk, J. Tuthill. FIFTH ROW: B. Taylor, B, Lang, B. Ashley, L. Porter. HOMEROOM MANAGER In this year as in every year, the homeroom man- agers have played a most important role in the suc- cess ot the General Organization. Under the super- vision of Mr, John Major, with the help of the G.O. othcers, the homeroom managers encouraged GO JR. HIGH HOMEROOM MANAGERS, FIRST ROW, L. to R: A. Schmidt, A. Becker, G. Sparling, S. Petrovets, A. Schanz, B. Vorbeclc, A. Bronin, J. Reinhard. SECOND ROW: B. Weed, B. Schoen, J. A. Gronim, Z. Kondratievs, P. Yekel, B. Lutsk, G. Franklin, S. Henry, B. Edwards. THIRD ROW: D, Lieberman, S, sales, collected payments during the fall, and dis- tributed FlasHingS at the end of each month. The General Organization would surely tail it it were not for this important middle man - the homeroom manager. Ain, P. Edelman, J. McCrum, E, Bernstein, C. Cotter, R. Mac- Dougall, L. Scheman. FOURTH ROW: C. Carswell, B. Zarchy, P. Reinhard, R. A. Ringer, D. Kimmelman, C. Chirrick, C. Bishop, J. Franklin, G. Gould. .fp if has FIRST ROW, L. to R: Sec, B. Lutsk, Vice-Pres. W. Jaworowski, Pres. V. Diehl. SECOND ROW: N. Tuthill, A. McLellan, H. Wol- lerstein, E. Varmus, P. Cook, M. Shebar, L. Miranda, J. Fairberg, S, Poulos. THIRD ROW: J. Penney, H. Craddock, S. Pavlakis, E. Holgren, P, Corrigan, C. Blanche, J. Verona, W. Fletcher. DANCE CO The efforts of the Senior High Dance Committee, headed by Val Diehl, Social Secretary of the GO., provided fun for all at the two G.O. Dances. Its functions were to conceive original ideas for the dances and provide decor, refreshments, music, en- Decorating For Bali H'Ai FOURTH ROW: S. Franklin, P. Russell, M. Phillips, K. Diesl, K. Jarvis, M, Cleary, B. Taylor. FIFTH ROW: B. Ness, C. Biathrow, D. DeCarion, S. Somers, B. Smith. SIXTH ROW: J. Erwin, M. Berman, J. Turner, M. Ford, C. Berger, L. Porter. MMITTEE tertainment, and publicity. Under the supervision and complete cooperation of Mr. Nathaniel Levin and Mr. John Franklin, the Dance Committee gave the stu- dent body exceptional dances such as "Bali H'Ai," with its exotic atmosphere. Val NATIONA SEATED, L. to R: Adviser Miss Alice V. Davis, Sec. Valerie Warm. STANDING: Pres. Warren Handel, Vice-Pres. George Gould, Treas. Betsy Barasch. 82 5 X S.. The olticial emblem of the National Junior Honor plished but as a golden spur To urge him To greater Society is the flaming Torch. All students who seek Q effort. In keeping with The emblem the motto is "Light truth must light the torch ot knowledge. Each mem- is the Symbol of TruTh." ber wears it not as a symbol of what he has accom- ir I. f L ... -. l l Junior KNEELING, L. to R: V, Warm, B. Barasch, W. Handel, G. Gould. Weed, l. Garbo, J. Sigloin, N. Burghardt, G. Coleman, B. Ed- STANDING: J. McCrum, R. Duda, L. Scheman, S. Harrison, B. wards, T. Field, C. Bishop, L. Lee, A. Klein. 1 lc. lr: M-gif Ti ll' Y HO OR SOCIETIE K Vkxh xg J SEATED, L. to R: G.O. Rep. Harriet Schwartz Pres ' ":.' 3 Harriet Wallerstein. STANDING: Sec. Carol Posnock A if Vice-Pres. Bruce Lutsk, Treas. James Reis, Adviser Miss , ., X Mary Didas. Q . i eeee , .g.: t i ,1 A X . K The emblem of this Society is the keystone and flaming torch. The keystone bears at its base the letters C, S, L, and S, which stand for the four cardinal principles of its organization: Char- acter, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. As the keystone is placed by the builder to hold the perfect arch in perpetual sta- bility, so the structure of our education must be held firm and U if illl I ri true by the virtues represented in this symbol, The flaming torch is the emblem of our purpose - to bear forward the searching light of truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, and to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the enduring values of life. JCIIIUI FIRST ROW, L. to R: M. lngber, A. Friedlancl, E. Feinsilber, S Gerzof, T. Arenella, P. Mucciolo, H. Wallerstein, J. Feinson, S Schanz, S. Edwards, Adviser Miss Didas. SECOND ROW: S Poulos, P. Russell, B. Miller, C. Heller, G. Falk, A. Lyke, B Smith, H. Schwartz, V. Papacosma, C. Utz. THIRD ROW: B. Fur- A man, A. Hausfather, M, Cleary, A. Kellock, B. Woelfel, L. Devon shire, B. McCrum, J. Alexander, C. Willus. FOURTH ROW: B Lutsk, A. Carillo, C. Metz, M. Ranish, J. Reis, J. Uhl, S. lfshin ENOT SHOWN: C. Posnock. FIRST ROW, SECOND ROW: A. Ashley, D. Ciotti, B. Mazor, A. Homan, J McCormack, F. Leone, C. Lieppe. THIRD ROW: C. Schorer, B. Woelfel, B. Taylor, D. Padgett, B. Smith, B. Comrie L. to R: J. Reis, K. Bagatelle, S. Barasch, B. Fink. , B. Ness. FOURTH ROW: J. Ringer, V. Papacosma, D, Goldsmith, J. Uhl, C. Metz. FIFTH ROW: C. Biathrow, J. Epstein, M. Ranish, B. Tydeman, F. Bloom, B. Lutsk. SIXTH ROW: R. Keller, Adviser Mr. Reed. KEY CLUB The Key Club is an international organization tor sophomores, iuniors, and seniors. A Kiwanis-spon- sored organization, it serves the school and the community while developing initiative and leader- ship. This year with the help of Faculty Adviser Mr. Richard Reed the Key Club sold football programs for the Fathers and Boosters Club, sponsored a bas- ketball program, collected funds for emotionally dis- turbed children and provided Christmas dinners for needy families. The yeafs activity was concluded when members of the club attended the state con- vention in Binghamton, New York. 32 L. to R: Treas. Kenneth Ba- Qflfelle, Sec. Robert Fink, Vice-Pres. Stephen Ba- rasch, Pres. James Reis. Q FIRST ROW, L. to R: T. Blum, P. Mucciolo, W. Jaworowski, V. Apter, L. Berman, C. Kraus, J. Adkins, K. Cruickshank. SECOND ROW: L. Smits, H. Smith, B. Brainin, C. Posnock, H. Norton, F. Halouslca, M. Phillips, R. Kinberg. THIRD ROW: C. Utz, C. Hel- ler, J. Helfand, K. Friedman, J. Waldman, A. Snyder, S. Edwards, P. Wright. FOURTH ROW: Y. Williams, V. Diehl, D. Nelson, S. Guest, M. Gould, C. Matteson, B. Pesca. FIFTH ROW: Corr. Sec. K. Joyce, Rec, Sec. J. Tuthill, Pres. L. Devonshire, Treas. A. Hueglin, Vice-Pres. S. Fleischer, Adviser Mrs. Schilling. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Leo F. Giblyn Chapter of the Future Teachers of America, under Mrs. Phebe Schilling, is primarily a service club dedicated to the teaching profession. Members of the club are active cadet teachers, FIRST ROW, L. to R: J. Sandak, B. Watson, R. Mandelbaum, B. Ingber, L. Davison, M. Getter, M. A. Trotta, M. Wolland, J. Friedman, SECOND ROW: C. Bernstein, N. Panagakos, J. Fair- berg, A. Silver, A. McLellan, C. Roberts, L. Sanders, M. Krieger. THIRD ROW: P. Regan, P. Corrigan, E. Hunt, T- Carroll, G- Slo- min, C. Mclntyre, N. Schaap, M. Kraus, B. Sperling. FOURTH tutors, or teacher-assistants, thus gaining valuable first-hand experience in the educational field. Much information in the form of trips, literature, and lec- tures was made available to each member. ROW: L. Anton, C. Renton, C. Goldblait, J. Lessall, S. Somers J. A. Miller, M, Ott, O. Popov, S. Smith. FIFTH ROW: S. Pavlakis, C. Boren, M. Levy, A. Noll, W. Gronick, J. Erwin, S. Mclntyre, M. Collins, H. Gritmon, SIXTH ROW: M.. Kearney, V. D'Arcy, C Nelson, L, Johnson, M. Simpson, D. DeCarion, R. Smith, M. East- wood, Adviser Mrs. Schilling. "ure Q' , , X Nki... Summer 59 Junior Trainees FIRST ROW, L. to R: Ccfhie Blanche, Mcrfi Bryant. SECOND ROW: Anne Hueglin, Stellcr Povlokis. THIRD ROW: Scilly Mclnfyre, June Erwin. FOURTH ROW: Howcurd Kessler, Don Goldsmifh. No Room ln F. H. S. This Year in., .,.we-Q-,ywMQ'-.ww .. X ,,,, Q Wy .,w,w .,fv,5-lm QwQwj'fhr?i'9S1.,.wmggiggwrqwv'-13 rxfiimrlf . V W.- :wx-f . 1- f, .. ,,. k Y . . H .n ,wise f-Wm-,f-1: ffyg My My A1 4mvz.w,4fw 5 V J , yfffpf-yf -':,ff,2,-ygQg1,',1M.:q ffwym my fw, :,.'fWy,wi5pf,f.-wzmpfifwygwsafzxffgy:z,fmf,z4-,4 MMCW-f4'v21 zffw My X as?-' falifapfffw ff 5iwwfj,w f,, ,1,fyf,vy,.6 wg Z, 575 - its ff 2 of 1 wX415,m:, 555 fig-4,4ff'.ff:?W!:j:',fy!,pf,5nigh-Q2 'fgmzyff 'Vp2fWigz-'mf,U,f,wf5,f,:Y,Q1,g -A 2'Wffffw.0!0f,,4i'z,pf01,g 4f'- VI ' X V V " W' W-'74"'-V'-"Y f53,!f'47Z'!,7.-hff.'f?,'!,'4 A I1-Q l 5264 .M Qgsffwwlsxel 1 . f, wfp.,-W, 4,1-,fx-wff : fW,fx14-' vmf! X , W f y., ..,,-,,,..,, .,,,4,.f,., W V.f2Q!f?ffiZ??52?,Z7,'-2ff f A ,. 74 147. ,Q -0,.-4:21, :fu hw mm: a X 07 .,,g,.,. , f,.. 4 A 7 3 b j Q 15,3 :f,14-1,-5.5-5 fyiwfff' Tony Arenello Jocznx Feinson Sophie Poulos Carol Heller Andy Lyke Elome PGTGSSI Carol Posnock Robert W. Blake Adviser 35 Sylvia Schonz ,ov Nl- Mr. Joseph P. Pollard Adviser W 3: 1Qf1'Lf2,'.Q 1 L .rf 'ffm "' ' ' ' i 0,7 Ha rriet Schwa rtz Associate Editor Seniors L. to R: L. Smits, B. Lasky, C. Willus, H. Schwartz, B. Kried' man, J. Uhl, C. Edelman, H. Wallerstein, V. Diehl. SEATED, L. to R. C. Goldblan, s A. McLellan, N. Berman, M. Bernstein, R. Drain, A. Steiner. Q' STANDING: D. Goldsmith, D. Geller, L. Mintz, B. Mozor, J. Sweet, P. Godt, S. Barasch. HIV Charles Willus Associate Editor John Uhl Editor-in-Chief FLASHINGS As each of the seven issues of FlasHingS ar- rived in Room 232, the staff members looked at each other, unable to believe that out of their chaotic meetings a,newspaper had emerged, marred only by occasional typographical errors, blackened pictures, and mistaken identities. Many new features were added to FlcisHingS this year. A gossip column, "The Word," ap- peared atter a year's absence of gossip, and the new music column, "Sides and Sounds," reviewed iazz as well as rock 'n' roll. "Rhymes- ville," a poetry corner, was filled with esoteric talent gathered from unlikely groups such as our wrestlers and trackmen. Humor was provided through articles and stories by Harriet Schwartz lMiddle of the lnsidel, Stephen Barasch, Paul Godt, Larry Mintz, and Bruce Mazor. Cartoons by Rett CHarriet Wallersteinl and the cool, origi- nal artwork of Paul Diamond gave FlasHingS a new look. This year the entire staff, led industriously by Editor Uhl, worked long hours to inform and en- tertain Freeport students, who avidly read their newspapers, hidden behind history books, in study halls and classrooms. ES El FIRST ROW, L. To R: G.O. Rep. B. Kriedman, Vice-Pres. S. Sullivan, Pres. H. Wallersfein, Sec.-Treas. H. Nor- Ton. SECOND ROW: J. Feinson, R. Kinberg, D Yekel, A. Ferrer. THIRD ROW: Adviser Mr. BurneTT. MASQLI E S WI6 The world of TooTlighTs, grease-painT, and glamour is represenTed by The Masque 84 Wig. Supervised by Mr. Henry BurneTT, This organizaTion provides enTerTainmenT Tor our TheaTer-goers. This year's presenTaTion was John Van DruTen's "I Re- member Mama," The hearT-warming sTory of a FIRST ROW, L. To R: H. Schwartz, C. Posnock, J. Friedman, K. Friedman, V. Diehl, C. MclnTyre. SECOND ROW: E. Mur- ray, M. Levy, B. Olsen, M. Yahnker. THIRD ROW: B. Feinson, N. Toelle, J. Waldman, P. Godf, L. MinTz. FOURTH ROW: C. Kent, D. GoldsmiTh, J. Oberield, E. Kennedy, P. Diamond, S. Miclnfyre, T. FeusTel. FIFTH ROW: D. Geller, J. Shapiro. Norwegian family. The Turn-oT-The-cenTury cos- Tumes, The unusual folding seTs, The lighTing eFFecTs, plus The emhusiasm of casT and crew - all enhanced The produc:Tion and made iT a memora- ble one. H. Holzman, R. Grimpel, D. Denza. SIXTH ROW: M. Phillips, L. Miranda, J. Snyder, M. E. Healy, E. Mills, D. Arcuri. SEVENTH ROW: P. Landau, J. Shebar. NOT SHOWN: F. Baumann, L. Berman, P. Cook, E. L. Davis, E. Elson, H. GriTmon, W. Jaworowski, J. A. Miller, A. Russell, R. A. SmiTh. E528 ff ' ' Z - '. V .4 'I' 2' Student Director .loan Felnson Stage Manager Helga Nor Helga Norton Caroline Mclntyre Sue Sullivan Ed WOISGD Chrls Kent Sally tan Adviser Mr. Henry Burnett Mclntyre -,QQ Wm wmuuwwfgg lm:-ww? :ns 1.' Q' Joann Rubie, Judy Waldman, Terrie Feusfel, Bob Sweeney. Harriet Waller- sfein, Chuck Edel- man. Ed Elson, Diane Yekel. Rich Eisman, Judy Shapiro. Harlee Grifmon, Joan Friedman, Jackie Sny- der. Pete Landau, Ron Kinberg. l Ed Kennedy, Joann Oberneld. Fluffy Baumann, Marie Levy. if Although the BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS STAFF is a behind-the-news group, it is nonetheless an es- sential one. The hard work of the statt in canvass- ing tor various ads has kept Voyageur and FlasH- ingS solvent. The staft was ably directed by Adviser Mr. Ernest Newton and Editor Barbara Furman. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Assistant Editor E. Feinsilber, Typing Editor B. Miller, Editor B. Furman, Assistant Editor J. Waldman. SEC- OND ROW: J. Bagatelle, D. Feinsilber, E. Dougherty, L. Shufer. THIRD ROW: L. Berman, T. Blum, D. Nelson, E. Murray. FOURTH ROW: A, Snyder, H. Wallerstein, L. Smits, K. Cruickshank. FIFTH ROW: S. Goldstein, R. Grimpel, J. Helfand, E. Mills. SIXTH ROW: J. Shapiro, K, Friedman, B. Kriedman, S. Fleischer. SEVENTH ROW: M. Bernstein, R. Vogel, J. Levitt, M. Bluestein. PUBLICATIONS STAFF The NEWS SERVICE STAFF, led by Editor-in-Chief Lyn Miranda and Mr. Lucas, has worked diligently to keep the public informed of most of the activities occurring at FHS. Before being submitted to the local newspapers, all articles are carefully condensed and edited. Girls' and boys' sports, the play, and the Variety Show, along with the Honor Society induc- tions, are lust a few of the goings-on faithfully cov- ered by the statt. FIRST ROW, L. to R: Pres. L. Miranda, Sec. K. Cruickshank Vice-Pres. H. Gritmon, Librarian O. Popov, Typing Ed. C. Utz SECOND ROW: A. Hobbs, K. Joyce, P. Mucciolo, B. Olsen, B Furman, C. Goldblatt. THIRD ROW: Adviser Mr. Lucas, E Feinsilber, B. Miller. SSEMBLY LI HER Each year the Senior Assembly Ushers, under the direction of Miss Maud E. Constable and Miss Doris Nickerson, attempt the impossible - to guide us to our seats and preserve order at assemblies. They also usher for the Senior Play and other school activities. Their smiling, cheerful faces will long be remembered by all. FIRST ROW, L. To R: S. Schanz, J. Dray. SECOND ROW: H. Smith, L, Miranda. THIRD ROW: M. Phillips, V. Diehl. FOURTH ROW: S. Poulos, S. Goldstein. FIFTH ROW: P. Rus- sell, J, Tuthill. SIXTH ROW: P, Rowan, M. Cleary. SEVENTH ROW: J. Reis, L. Devonshire. EIGHTH ROW: Adviser Miss Constable, Capt. B, Lutsk. PUBLIC ADDRESS STAFF The P.A. Staff, with its famous "Good Morning," brought to our homerooms every morning a deluge of information concerning school activities. The members of this group, chosen on the basis of ar- ticulation and clarity of voice, alternate two-week periods of announcing over the P.A. system. Along with Adviser Miss Mary Barlow, the staff was led by Presi- dent Carolyn Utz and G.O. Representa- tive Richard Vogel. FIRST ROW, L. to R: S. Sullivan, J. Shapiro, Pres. C. Utz, H. Wallerstein. SECOND ROW: J, Uhl, Adviser Miss Barlow, G.O. Rep. R. Vogel, K. Joyce, M. Cleary. NOT SHOWN: J. Fairberg. RED T . . ,. . . . .-. 'GF FIRST ROW, L. to R: D. Holten, F. Baumann. SECOND ROW: C. Nichols, W. Jaworowski, THIRD ROW: L. Sanders, J. Fried- man. FOURTH ROW: C. Renton, R, Levitt, M. Bluestein, J. Jones, J. A. Miller, J. Winter, M. Shebar. FIFTH ROW: N. Tuthill, S. Falk, B, Fink, L. McMahan, S. Somers, M. Levy, B. Gross. SIXTH ROW: C. Posnock, N. Toelle, C. Goldblatt, C. Behrens, G. Heitmann, E. Zezima. SEVENTH ROW: Adviser Miss More, B. Van Vorst. EIGHTH ROW: L. Eckert, M. Yahnker. NOT SHOWN: P, Behlen, M. Biffar, E. Cornish, C. Dobry, E. Geyer, J. Maikisch, B. Pauze, C. Pearsall. We have ioined the American Junior Red Cross to give service to our country, our community, and our school, and to work for better human rela- tions throughout the world. Under the supervision of Miss Ruth More and Mrs. Dolores Pratt, we have collected money in the homeroom to be used for membership dues, Christmas stockings for vet- erans, gift boxes for needy children overseas, and for helping underprivileged children in Nas- sau County. JU IOR DANCE COMMITTEE Plonning, decorating, and generally overseeing the two annual iunior high dances was the responsi- bility of the Junior High Dance Committee. The com- mittee, with the complete cooperation of Miss Mary Lefis, has managed to fulfill this responsibility amaz- FIRST ROW, L. to R.: P. Cohen, L. Bloom, B. Barasch, P. Car- baugh, G, Franklin, S. Irvine, J. Berman, N. Akst. SECOND ROW: M. Birgenthal, J. Russell, J. Diehl, N. Heller, R. A. Ringer, C. Bishop, M. Taylor, S. DeCarion, G. Riccardi, G. Guttman. ingly well, while having a great deal of -fun in the bargain. Anyone who attended "Shangri-la," the first iunior high dance of the year, will be able to testify to the success of their venture. THIRD ROW: Adviser Miss Lefes, A. Taylor, B. Perrell, P. Edel- man, G. Swanson, J. Franklin, V. Warm, J. Strassle, C. Boriss L. Scheman. NOT SHOWN: J. McGoey. 1 Senior FIRST ROW, L. to R : Adviser Mrs. Rowley, Pres. P. Wright. SECOND ROW: Vice-Pres. D. Arcuri, Vice-Pres. P. Sheehan. THIRD ROW: Sec. L. Minnerly, P. Moore, R. Melle, E, Are- nella. FOURTH ROW: M. Ve- ziris, S. Kretlco, M. Diliberto, P. Cox, A. Yack, B. Mitthauer. FIFTH ROW: B. Martin, Treas. E. Martin, E. Alfono. SIXTH ROW: G. Townsend, S. Thomas, L. Bagowitz. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF A ERICA These are the Future I-lomemakers of America. They face the future with warm courage and high hope. They are the builders of homes for America's future, Homes where living will be the expression of every- Junior thing That is good and fair, Homes where truth, love, security, and faith Will be reolities, not dreoms FIRST ROW, L. to R: G. Jackson, B. Gittlitz. SECOND ROW: M. Sweeney, M Silverman B Schuh Publicity Off. A. Katusha. THIRD ROW: Sec. P. Howard, Pres. N. Heller, Vice-Pres. L Tickner V r 1.3 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Adviser Miss Constable, Pres. C. Pear- Gagliano. THIRD ROW: J. Gerardi, L. Deis, S. Calkins, J. sall, Vice-Pres. B. Fink, G.O. Rep. J. Heltand, Sec. M. Nilson. Shebar, E, Elson, W. Fletcher, D. Padgett, L. Grebinar, K. SECOND ROW: H. Craddock, E. Holgren, D. Nelson, J. A. Bagatelle, M, Christensen, C. Mercer. Trapani, J. Hollander, E. Lynch, D. Jackson, L. Friedman, G. COURTESY COMMITTEE Under the direction of Miss Maud Constable, twenty-tour Courtesy Committee seniors relin- quished their study halls tor assignments to posts in the halls of FHS to keep order and welcome and guide visitors in the school. ln addition they assisted on Visitors Day, Exhibit Night, ond at other school functions. SCIENCE CLUB The Freeport High School Science Club, advised by Mr. Robert G. Stern, is devoted to the turther- ance of the teaching and learning of science within our school. To achieve these ends the club employs the Socratic Method. That is, a member will deliver a lecture andfor demonstration, his FIRST ROW, L. to R: Vice-Pres. S. lfshin, Pres. A. McDermott, Sec. M, A. Hanley, Treas. J. Albach. SECOND ROW: L Smits, L. Davison, B. Lasky, C. Goldblatt, F, Makin, R. Man- delbaum, J. Adkins, A. Steiner, K. Cruickshank, B. Jacobson, D. Klar. THIRD ROW: M. Yahnker, C. Cruickshank, S. Schanz, J. Sandak, E. Martin, R, Geller, M. Goldstein, R. Levy, R. Grimpel, J. Salmon, D. Odell, L, Wechsler, M. E. Healy, D. audience, seeking to add to their knowledge, will then ask questions. Other activities ot the Science Club include lectures by guest speakers and trips to places ot scientific interest. The purposes ot these are both to stimulate and educate. Brown, F. Jacobson. FOURTH ROW: C. Voss, R. Feinson, S Falk, ? , M. Bluestein, A, Hausfather, P. Segall, B Gross, A. Barchas, P. Rowan, H. Kessler. FIFTH ROW: M Nierman, S. Zimmerman, R. Barchas, B. Goodhue, B. Dengel P. Wille, R, Brown, S. Lariar, H. Lopato. SIXTH ROW: M Bernstein, N. Toelle, P. Baker, L. Feder, R. Warnke, B Lang, D. Bricker, S. Kitt, D. Wayne. IK ' . u if ' ' - 12' 'Est 5 , r . 1 V- Senior SEATED, L. To R : W. M. Greene, V. BuTler, D. Rivers, G.O. Rep. R. Grimpel, Treas. E, O'Brien, Pres. S. GoldsTein, Vice-Pres. J. Albach, Sec. E. Ford, Adviser Miss MclnTosh, E. CarTer, B, Wille. STANDING: J. Adkins, D. Cooper, E. Mariin, D. Howard, D, Klar, UBRARY The Senior High Library Club is The oldesT club in The school and purely a service organizaTion. The purpose of The club, according To The consTiTuTion, is "To uniTe in one organizaTion Those persons who assisT in The library and bring Them TogeTher Tor muTual help and beneTiT To The libraryff The club has abouT TorTy members who wriTe overdue noTices, Take care of The charging desk, help process books, Tile, and do many oTher im- porTanT Tasks. The library could noT exisT wiThouT Their services, and in appreciaTion, The school awards The members silver pins afTer one year of service. J u n lor SEATED, L. To R: C. Sandak, H. Shapiro, Sec. K. Nykanen, Vice V Pres. V. Lee, Pres. D. Caldiero, G. O. Rep. D. Rubie, Adviser Mrs. PraTT, R. Krueger, P. Lewis. STANDING: L. KaTz, R. Himmelfarb, E. Davis, M. E. Healy, L. Smifs, C. Greenfield, I, GoldsTein, S. Thomas, T. Oliver, C. Baldwin, M, H. Thyben, B. GreenblaTT, A. Munro, M. Ford, M. Collins, E. Moore, H. Kessler, M. Goldman, J. Russo, J. Dray. CLUB WiTh The division of The Junior-Senior High School, a sisTer organizaTion has been formed This year, called The Junior'High Library Club. Also, Tor The TirsT Time in iTs hisTory, boys have been admiTTed To The club and have mosT successfully proven Their inTeresT and efiiciency. This year, wiTh The Tremendous Task of seTTing up The new school library, The Senior High Library Club has been more useful and ap- preciaTed Than ever. The advisers were Miss Mary MclnTosh of The Senior High Library Club and Mrs. Dolores PraTT of The Junior High Library Club. H. Thal, E. Gersfler, M, A. Portale, J. Grace, J. Crevoiseraf, M. Kelly, J. Siglain, P. Heinrich, J. Novoiny, L. FurTado, N. Poole. - . ,,,, ,,,, ,- , V ,, .f T . f' f T f-,.f.-.,w.-ff, ,W,'.,., W, .MT .- T f f ffff f f ,Cwzn ,. if ,5A!,!Af,fv-f f wif ff ww.. J. f f vi? ART 1 LUB FIRST ROW, L. to R: P. Volpe, B. Gittlitz, J. Jiminski, M. J. Bauer. SECOND ROW: D. Posa, R. Rothman, C. Hansen, W. Peairs, M. Miller. THIRD ROW: I. Berman, C, J. Vollet, C. Willus, N. Meyer, B. Vorbeck, B. Lugrin, A. Wallerstein. FOURTH ROW: D. Hueglin, L. Furtado, A. Halvarsen, J. Lobl, K. Sie- gel, R. Cesta, S. Waddell, G. Franklin. FIFTH ROW: J, A. Gronim, R. Greenberg, D. Paul, N. Heller, H. Larkin, J. Blum. SIXTH ROW: E. Smith, K. Boltrek, N. Eisenstadt, J, Diehl, V, Hemeke, V. Spivey. The main purpose ot the Junior High Art Club is to make Freeporters more art-conscious. To accomplish this aim the club displays the students' art work in the JU IOR HIGH Amid the shouts ot "T-E-A-M," the vi- vacious Junior High Cheerleaders have not only urged the freshman football and basketball teams on to victory but also cheered at junior high pep assem- SEVENTH ROW: T. Lettenant, B. Levy, N. Heitmann, N. Mazey, P. Marshall, C. DeVita, J. Vivian, B. Hansen. EIGHTH ROW: Adviser Mr. Merk, Adviser Mrs. Buley. library and in local stores. The club also affords the budding artists an opportunity to utilize media not available in the classroom. HEERLEADERS blies. Under the guidance ot Miss Jeanne Maxwell and Mrs. Shirley Fischel, the girls, captained by Susan DeCarion and Mary Gulit, have helped keep the Free- port spirit alive in the junior high. KNEELING, L. to R: Co-Capt. S. DeCarion, Co-Capt. M. Gulit. STANDING: J. Berman, P. Carbaugh, T. Field, B. Edwards, C. Boriss, R. A. Ringer, B. Barasch, S. Henry. NOT SHOWN: M. Taylor. T59 -, WH I S I YV' A iw B FIRST ROW, L. to R: Y. Laing, B. Meyers, D. King, M. Love, P. Corrigan, F. Makin, J. Waldman, C. Rasp, E. Dougherty, L. Min- nerly. SECOND ROW: T. Oliver, M. Simmons, J. Lessall, B. Mazor, J. Woods, K. Brown, E. Odom, R. A. Smith, S. Schanz, R. Vailes. THIRD ROW: H. Gritmon, J, Stoner, S. Mclntyre, P. Frisch, A. Russell, J. Muth, H. Kiss, D. Howard, C. Hammond, M. Simpson, D. Edelman. FOURTH ROW: M. Yahnker, K. Towle, W. Cook, P. Mead, M. Bernstein, M. Ford, J. Moran, R. Jones, E. Carter, M, Scammon, M. Phillips. NOT SHOWN: E. Gasper, C. Posnock. MIXED CHORUS A group which features four-part harmony, the Mixed Chorus participated in the Senior High Christ- mas Assembly and the annual Spring Concert. ln the Christmas Assembly, the chorus, under the direction of Miss Miriam Roberts, sang the familiar "Carol of the Bells," with chimes played by Sally Mclntyre, a modern Christmas song "ln the Bleak Mid-Winter," and an expertly-presented cantata, "December - A Joyous Month for All," with narration by Alan Kellock, and joined the Senior Girls' Chorus in pre- senting the finale, a special arrangement of "O Holy Night." "While We're Young," "A Roumanian Rhapsody," and the well-known spiritual, "Jacob's Ladder," were among the chorus' selections in the Spring Concert. SENIOR GIRLS' CHORLI This year the Senior Girls' Chorus, directed by Miss Miriam Roberts, sang at the corner- stone laying of the new high school, the Christ- mas Assembly, the Spring Concert, and the High School Commencement exercises. Some of the memorable selections harmoniously pre- sented by the chorus were "Adeste Fideles," done in the traditional processional arrange- ment, "Ave Maria," with Pat Mucciolo as so- FIRST ROW, L. to R: P. Wright, M, Love, B. Goodhue, L. McLaughlin, S. Minnerly, S. Thomas, P, Mucciolo, J. Garbo, P. Sheehan, C, Nichols, S. Kretlco, J. Waldman. SECOND ROW: P. Corrigan, C. Key, P, Hoyt, G. Hol- gren, J. Holmes, R. Whitty, O. Young, D. Duckworth, C. Fredricson, B. Meyers, P. Frisch, G. Slomin, E. Alfano, loist, and "The Birthday of a King" at the Christmas Assembly, and "The Song My Heart Will Sing," "One Fine Day," and "Agnus Dei" at the Spring Concert. Martha Bryant, Joan Garbo, Carole Key, and Valerie Somers were accompanists. The chorus ended the year with their annual tea held in honor of the graduat- ing seniors. J. Miller, D. Yekel, C. Blanche, B. Boriss, P. Bresnahan, C, Killikelly, J. Phillips, A. McLellan, G. Kuehling, L. An- ton. FOURTH ROW: C. Nelson, E. Zezima, J. Shapiro, V. Somers, K. Hughes, M. Eastwood, E. Bechtold, J. Taylor, M. Scammon, J. Stoner, A. Hobbs, M. Yahnker, M. Simp- SOD. M, Simmons. THIRD ROW: P. Behlen, K, Towle, J. Petrelli, FIRST ROW, L. to R: E. Dougherty, A, Ferrer, T. Oliver, P Reed, B, Brainen, L. Minnerly, J. Barrett, B. Towle, S Kouimani, K. Cruickshank, E. Murray, M. Emerson. SEC OND ROW: B. lngber, R. Mandelbaum, C. Holmes, M, Bryant, M. Wolland, L, Smits, S. Brady, M. A. Trotta, G. Ringelheim, L. Lambert, A. Hueglin, T. Loeffler, R. Vailes. THIRD ROW: S. Holland, L. McMahon, L. Southard Miss Miriam Roberts, Director SEATED, L. to R: Sec.-Treas. Teri Loeftler, Pres. Mary Phillips, Vice-Pres. Karen Cruiclcshank. STANDING: G.O. Rep. Louise Anton, Publicity Off, Lyn Miranda, Ward- robe OFF. Edith Altano, Wardrobe Off. Jean Stoner. Y. Laing, S, Collins, A. Faigelman, C. DiGregorio, A. Friedland, G. Klein, A. Yack, VV. Gronick, J. Levine, S. Smith, M. Krieger, M. Stein. FOURTH ROW: C. Cruick- shank, D. King, F. Makin, T. Carroll, M. Rerecich, T. Feu- stel, C. Rasp, V. D'Arcy, D. Malburg, J. Marcus, C. Ham- mond, V. Butler, S. Schanz, M. Phillips. 49 Nw 3 i Miss Jeanne Maxwell JLI IOR HIGH CHORAL GROUPS A select group of Titty iunior high students, the A Cappella Choir, directed by Miss Jeanne Maxwell, showed its excellence as a vocal group in caroling at Christmas time and singing at The Junior High Christmas Assembly, the Sunday Afternoon Music Hour Concert, and The Junior High Spring Concert. Choir of Ticers for this year were: Carol Bishop, President, and Barbara Hansen, Secretary The Girls' Glee Club, consisting of l35 junior high girls, aslo participated in the Christmas Assembly, The Sunday Afternoon Music Hour, and The Spring Con cert, Directed by Miss Maxwell, the chorus provided a pleasing blend of so prano, mezzo-soprano, and alto voices. T The Boys' Glee Club, under the direction ot Mr, John Jenkins, sang at several concerts throughout the year. Girls' G ee Club FIRST ROW, L, to R: J. Protrowslci, L, Shufer, D. Katz, L. Spitz, L Schwartz, S, Erlandsen, L, Boatie, B. Vorbeck, L. Schubert, M. Mc Goey, J. Petersen, V, Harrall, E, Brill, R. Mitchell, R. Ross, A. Grit mon, L. lnglima, M. Reed, S. Young, J, Spitz, S. Helfand, D. Sigmond M. G. Kraus, SECOND ROW: E. Ozolins, B. Edwards, L. Wollman B. Hansen, L, Rothamel, N. Phillips, L. Rousseau, C, Cotter, B, Daye C. Hansen, P. Carroll, B. Briggs, F. Lewis, J. Vivian, D. Grasing, M Kelly, J. Gronim, K. Schultz, J, Friedman, R. M. Oshinski, G. Hal verson, T, Leftenant. THIRD ROW: P. Klages, S. Harrison, B. Schiller, B. A. Perez, A. Katusha, J. Kelly, L. Greenberg, M. Zezima, A Schanz, L, Bloom, D. Burnett, B. Lugrin, N. Meyer, J. Brose, N, Tack nell, L. Henry, M, E. Stolberg, L. Layton, J. Brown, B. Holbrook, E 1 Phillips. FOURTH ROW: C. Johnston, M, Rogers, J. Siglain, S. Cruick shank, K. O'Leary, N. Wilson, J, Owens, V. Lombard, P. Randall P. Key, S. lrvine, M, Taylor, K. Key, M. M. Amatulli, S. Smith, J Braverman, P. Bitcon, V. Warm, R. Schmidt, F. Versoclci, K, Greene J. Blum, C. Leftakis, M, Mendozer. FIFTH ROW: S. Pettersson, V Hernandez, A, Schmidt, J, Randolph, E. Rydberg, l. Berman, P, Tyr- rell, C. Freitag, J. Abatemarco, G, Guerriero, L. lselin, A. Feinsilber L. Glacle, S, Friedland, S, Mowdy, B. Pollock, R. Foglietta, J, Schor E. Millang, l. Garbo, D. Rubie. SIXTH ROW: L. Mazey, A. Farber, J Rerecich, G. Franklin, L. Baer, J, Schoonmaker, R. Rothman, S. Mi chealsen, N. Mazey, P. Stratton, B. Gittlitz, W. Peairs, l. Minei, J Levy. A Cappella Choir FIRST ROW, L. to R: R. Greenberg, S. Pettersson, L. Schuter, A. Schmidt, R. Evans, R. Prichard, P. Aiken, P. Meringott, J. Spitz, J. Schor, R. Foglietta, S. Mowdy. SECOND ROW: L. Spitz, B. Hansen, M. G. Kraus, M. McGoey, R. Ross, J. Washington, K. Mahlstedt, A. Becker, l. Garbo, P. Carbaugh, J. Vivian. THIRD ROW: J. Owens, Boys' G FIRST ROW, L. to R: R. Henry, D. Levin, M. Donnelly, G. Paolan- tonio, P. Fosano, B. Smith, B. Lefkowitz, J. Epstein, R. Scheuer, R. Warshavsky. SECOND ROW: P. Abel, H. Kortright, G. Sparling, S. Berger, R. Rigoulot, C. Maier, E. Dudas, F. Roehrig, T. Celentono, E. A. Grimpel, B. O'Reilley, R. Varone, S. Siglain, H. Jacobson, R. Baehr, J. Anclruscavage, J. Petersen, P. Cervini, D. Rubie. FOURTH ROW: K. O'Leary, N. Wilson, B. Watson, P. Beniamin, D. Sweezy, K. Wistuloa, G. Gould, J. Townsend, J. McGoey, C. Bishop, S. Michealsen, N. Mazey. lee Club Weiner. THIRD ROW: T. Collins, F. Balchi, R. Ardston, D. Kochanski, J. Croasdale, J. Canapary, N. DiPreta, R. Biscarcli, C. Carroll, J. Els- ter. FOURTH ROW: E. Stampt, B. Simon, B. Williams, L. Ahders, R. Meyers, D. Lieberman, B. Mead, D. Berg. y -QT' Q, . wp. ,. 'if 4 I Q Ei d 7 V Q 1 X , .... , , 3, .1 ug g . ' 's's'i I 51 i i, , ' Mark Shefferman Drum Maior Dr. J. Maynard Wettlaufer Director MARCHI G BAND What makes a band a good one? lt takes many long hours of practice in all kinds of weather, a devoted leader like Prof, and enthusiastic members. When you put these together, however, you have not only a good band, but one of the best in the East. Evidences of the greatness of Freeport l-ligh's Band are the numerous engagements the Band fulfills, such as appearances at Mitchell Field, the Thanksgiving Day parade in New Jersey, and annual parades in New York, not to mention the various football games and concerts. Aside from its numerous other accomplishments, the Band also provides a great deal of the school spirit which "peps" up our pep assemblies and makes it an indispensable part ofthe school. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, KNEELING, L. to R: K. Joyce, E. Kennedy, J. Flint, B. Steckler, J. Weed, J. Raynor. STANDING: M. Sheffermon, E. Voelker, A. Lyke, B. Larsen, S. Dean, D. Hanna, S. Brown. l. E., ge: 1 'J f . .f.- - z 1 'A ,V L . 'Z 7:-Z'?S:XS'x -1- qi 'Z ,jaw 1 V, -'-- ' e f ... -z.,..e f S.. ' D" H . , , .X,x EN: A 4 lag? X 1 yy . W 'SM SW W Half 32" X J X X, xx fb N A .qi S, .K j ex W FLA .541 5 X7 'Z i 0 GX f 5 .. 72 1 5 ' X A 5. 3 3:7 ' ,E ,. M' 44 D' ,"' fr 3 f A 5 in ' .X X g. , J 1 5 .f ,T 4, we: -..e1ygff',a 744.131 , . ' if:-0432, ev 1-.Www ' .aw Q eff' . 1. f fir 'QQQMA K ' '41, 2 ,' Q gf. ,147-3,-'41,-',..f g ,4:1,.w, . wry? r 557 'iq f L6 -.. ' -' 4-.fyzv-ff ' a 1 W .-f ,g5,5:w 5 6, f. '- v.4:'fQW'-7 fr'44:,,-way. 1 " wif' V H ', .,y,,.g,n. We f GQ' A 1 1 v 7,4 V4 f 'ff' 'Q ,. Mg. K 5 Q Q r Zz , 'gg' .f-du - ., Q U A . . .,-f' , '- 15 4 92 f "Inf ..f-vim . 'f 'izifgx f J .... f f 4 f ' - L. ,g. .09-ysf, I .7 , 2 ,57 , f f 1 Q' 4. ' P 1 1 f f f fl f , 3 rx K A A , .Mhwj ,gg ir I f X z 4 25 1 0 ', 1 W I5 ', mf f ,2 ,, 5 f J, ' 1 Y 1 gf v P B7 h Q ra X 3 f L gi M . ff Q45 z J , M! A 5 c Q .... . F -'L"' , "k" , . ' ff' ,Q-A I.: , ,ix A4 fm may 1 f -' -- .f... JM, . we My ,,..4,. A.. A, C Q. , J, ,. , ,Lv .W A k, ,, A 5,3 ., .V 4 ' " 'Fwy' ,zz f,g5.g-,.,. ' :nf f , I Qzjfifa- 5 , q ,J 5, 55' -1 V, ,V ky LVLVVVVQVV A I .4-1,4 ffgfii ' Z fi - x HSSP-"ff" if-1. V517 if -."iJ'1fw-':.-'QQ . fI-4i5?f21f2J?'4'1' 'If T' if-f:E 1 "-" .. 7 J , ,,., W1-wi? TNNIRLERS, L. to R: K. Provenzono, J. Helwig, L. Louro, J. Snyder, J. Miller, E. Petossi. ker, M. Sheffermon, M. Berman. SECTION HEADS, SEATED, L. To R: E, Kennedy, C. Ufz, J. Wood, B. Larsen, M, Gould, J. Flinf, K. Joyce. S B S D D Honncx G Albee A Lke D Jackson E, Voel- STANDING: S. Gerzof, B. Sfeckler, . rown, . eon, , , . , . y , . , 53 SBFIIOYS Fmsr Row, L. to R. M. sheffefmcm, Y. wil- G. Albee, s. amor. THIRD Row. E. Voelker, D. Briggs, B. hams, J. Wood, S. Fleischer, M. Gould, C. Heller, L. Lauro. SEC- Goodhue, J. Gerardi, B. Larsen, M. Berman, A. Lylte. NOT OND ROW1 C- Ufl, D- JGCRSOY1, 5. DSOU, 5. BFOWH, D. Hanna, SHOWN: E. Pefassi, J. Miller, J. Snyder, J. Wood, G. LaTerza. CONCERT BA D FIRST ROW, L. to R: E. Kennedy, M. Gould, B. Larsen, S Fleischer, S. Pavlakis, J. Wood, K. Joyce. SECOND ROW: C. Utz, Y. Williams, B. Goodhue, C. Heller, A. Smiih, R. Ruger, J. Weed D, Jackson, A. Mogfader, J, Slingerland, C. Mclnfyre, S. Mcln fyre. THIRD ROW: J. Raynor, B. Henke, F. Jacobson, S. Hoffman FOURTH ROW: J. Sandowski, P. Regan, H. Grifmon, M. L. Gold 1 J. Rasmussen, D. Yekel, O. Popov, T, Brown, C. Eckhart, P. Baker, D. Briggs, B. Sfeckler, D. Hanna, B. Mapes, J. Gerardi, E. Voelker, A. Lylce, G. Albee, R. Eliscu, J. Sweezey. FIFTH ROW: G,'LaTerza, M. Nierman, S. Dean, B. Levy, F. Lafher, M. Berman, A. Davidsen, V. Valois, R. Terry, J. Flint, S. Gerzof, 5. Brown, M. ShefTerman. nw... Junior Orchestra mst Row, L. fo R: N. Akst, B. Peters, S. Smith, R. McClain, K. Egan, W. Poland, C. Bishop, F. Ferrara, S. Bernstein, R. Diaz. SECOND ROW: A. Todd, B. Schuh, B. Levy, D. Altiere, E. Rydberg, S. Kimmel, E. Hornbeck, C. Dovel, E. S. Kalman. THIRD ROW: M. Klaes, M. Sweeney, D. Vandergucht, R. Grossman, R. Powell, R. Muro, B. Eliscu, R. Groome, S. Harrison, E. Beebe, G. Maynes, R. Lyke, R. Brown, J. Chabot, G. Gould, L. Kay. FOURTH ROW: C. Cot- ter, A. Pinckney, L. Sweezey, F. Jones, R. DiTomas, J. Rasmussen. JUNIOR BAND AND ORCHESTRA The Junior High Band and Orchestra have enthu- siastically progressed in their first year under the direction of Mr. John Jenkins. A graduate of Penn. State and former Army Band Master, Mr. Jenkins has ably instructed them in the fundamentals of music. A good performance requires many hours of "be- JUHIOI' Band Fmsr Row, L. to R. s. scam- mon, Lib. C. Willus, S. Kellock, O. Sweezey, L. Rom, J. Miller, B. Uhl, N. Berman, N. Pirodsky, D. Hedin, J. Addison, L. Boolhack. SECOND ROW: J. Norton, J. Makin, J. DiGiovanni, S. Irwin, E. Beebe, l. Klowas, H. Meyer, A. Greene, P. Lazzara, B. Zarchy, B. Mapes, N. Judwin, F. Ferris, G. Miller, Manager R. Duda. THIRD ROW: C. Holland, S. Markowitz, K. Metz, G. Guerriero, G. Haberle, D. Schuster. FOURTH ROW: R. Eschwege, T. Mit- hind the scenes" practice. This year the Jr. High Band and Orchestra have performed with excel- lence, the Band at the Memorial Day and Christmas Toyland Parades, The Orchestra at the Band Moth- ers' meetings, and bath at the Christmas Program and the Spring Concert. thauer, L. Weiss, L. Brown, S. Kalin, K'. Cowan, Pres. R. Brown, Lib. R. Lyke, L. Amatulli, D. Pappas, L. Bierweiler, W. Tree, M. Wendelboe, C. Scoville, E. Smith, J. Chabot, W. Ruben, J. Bryan, R. Clement, L. Zimmerman, Vice-Pres. A. Robb, D. Singer, R. Pilatsky. STANDING: J. Gilmour, T. Cullen, S. Greene, B. McCrum, B. Ford, A. Pinkney, W.A Ward, W. Yahnker, P. Chuzi, J. Rasmussen. 55 1' 4 , 4 - W, ,, f-gi Y V, ,L., A W 4? LQ Q 'E , ,M 3 .I ge , - . 5 541, i . . Fi l . I ,I 23. 6, 1 ' I ff ' ,dw AQ! N -LCR ' :ftp - A 1,, E 5 Q, sl 1 , , Q . A Q ' . A: , ' ALA Elf 'f , ' x W' 'XT 1 X, ., t gil , 'TAA , X: ' A -- ...vygw W J , ,, .. .. , :i.i,,x ,Q ,, A fl Q 1 1 Q . A , ax X N X ,A Q K N X E X x6 Y K X R . , -x fx 'H R N X E X X xx 'Q , a i X X x , s ' X 5 Wh X QNX X f Q , - A Xa X M ,N Mk Kr, , KM , 'X' -,. V 1 x QM , 1 bf t --r' ,A gn, qi., , 3 E 1 ., 3. 5 Q. 'Y I .Ti ,, .u QM c 5. A is-1 52 . x ,F X , T, ., ,.AA V L f , VW? M ' "M ix- , 1, .gif 1 'ff X fyf L fr.: if n X SPC X 59 Senior Third and Fourth Award Winners, FIRST ROW, L. to RT B. Furman, E. Feinsilber, C. Apter, B. Miller, W. Jaworowski, K. Cruickshank, J, Scopinich, E. Davis. SECOND ROW: S. Poulos, S. Schanz, E. Mills, K. Friedman, J. Scopinich, L. Miranda, L. Murray. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Since Freshman girls could not participate in sports, a new point system was inaugurated this year. To become a member of the G.A.A. each girl had to earn 125 points for her first award, a shield, 300 for her second award, a Freeport letter, and 475 for her third award, the coveted gold key. The aim of this years G.A.A. was to raise money Adviser President Miss Dorothy Clark Sophie Poulos Vice-President Secretary Stephanie Franklin Wanda Jaworowski for a showcase to display the newly acquired trophies. The names of the outstanding senior girl in each sport is placed on the trophy set aside for it. These names were announced at the annual G.A.A. assembly. New ottlcers were announced and awards were made at the Spring Banquet held at the Elks Club. Treasurer G.O. Representative Diane Jackson Marilyn Ingber A ze STLIDE T LEADERS The Tamiliar call, "All ouT oT The locker room. Line up on The black line, and no Talking," is invariably heard when one is leasT prepared To obey. This year, unlike oTher years, The sTudenT leaders ossisTed The gym Teachers, Miss Clark and Miss Way, primarily by Teaching The prac- Tical applicaTion of all sporTs, Team or individ- ual. Taking aTTendance, puTTing up equipmenT, and refereeing were among Their responsibili- Ties. New girls are selecTed on The basis of leadership qualiTies, dependabiliTy, and Their compeTence in playing The various sporis. Each senior sTudenT leader is presenTed wiTh a gold key in recogniTion for her fine iob during The year. FIRST ROW, L. To R: S Gray, W. Jaworowski, N Schaap, B. Kihl. SECOND ROW B. Meyers, N. Berman, P. Lessler O. Popov, J. Phillips, D. DeCarion THIRD ROW: J. Jones, M. Shebar, J Scopinich, J. Verona, S. Edwards, G Cruickshank, E. PeTassi, J. Scopinich, P Russell, J. Erwin, H. GriTmon. 1 This year the Atkinson School gym provided the facilities tor the badminton team's Monday and Thursday practices. There our coach, Miss Richter, demon- strated various pointers in developing skill and accuracy. The Honor Team, determined by a ladder tournament, asked, "Did we or didn't we win?" This year a difterence of only one game put Freeport's team in second place at Honor Team Playday held at Malverne. BADMINTO SITTING, L, to R: G. Meduglia, W. Jawa- rowski. STANDING: P. Russell, S. Gray, S. Poulos. HOCKEY Undaunted by the stares ot astonished Freeporters, the hockey team, outfitted in tunics and shin guards, was seen trudging to Ray- nor Street Field. Neither dust, nor "black-eyes," nor "late buses" kept these girls from learning the various strokes and plays ot the tast-moving, exciting game of hockey. Under the able direction of Miss Clark, the Honor Team placed third out ot a tield at seven on their Honor Team Playday at Tresper Clark High School. HOCKEY FIRST ROW, L. to R: B. Meyers, C. Apter, B. Watson, M. lngber, E. Davis, M, Eastwood. SEC- OND ROW: P. Regan, J. Sco- pinich, E. Carter, E. Mills, B. Miller, L. Murray, J, Erwin, E. Moore. VOLLEYBALL Aside from the fact that the Volleyball team was not too successful in their encount- ers with other schools, their motto became "Never say die!" In spite ot the team's losses, Miss Richter taught the girls the es- sentials ot the game - how to serve, spike and work as a team. Scorecard-wise the season proved nil, nevertheless, it was an enioyable time tor all. TABLE TENN S SITTING, L. to R: W. Jaworowski, B. Meyers, J. Riccardi. STANDING L Mur ray, M. Eastwood, S. Poulos, E, Carter, NOT SHOWN: J. Scopinich, S Gray E Va rmus. The table tennis enthusiasts, practicing in cramped and dratty quarters met assiduously every Tuesday and Thursday. Since the size of the Honor Team, Chosen by a process ot elimi- nation, did not necessitate the hiring ot a bus, the school provided something smaller - a chautteured limousine, vintage about l94O. They arrived in style on the Honor Team Playday at Mepham, accompanied by their able adviser Miss Clark. For the second time in a row, they emerged victorious and placed first. Venimus, vidirnus, vicimusl!! OND ROW: E. Moore, J. Shapiro, S. Smith 63 FIRST ROW, L. to R. B. lngber, M. Ingber. SEC SITTING, L. to R. B. Ingber, M. lngber, J. Helwig, M, L. Gold, S. Smith. STANDING: R. A. Smith, E. Varmus, M. Egan, M. Milford, Simpson. The call of "five and two," which was Miss Rich- ter's way of "limbering us up," resounded through the gym before basketball practice commenced, whether it was at Atkinson or Bayview. Many were left perplexed by the question, "Is practice on Monday at Bayview and Wednesday at Atkin- son, or at Atkinson on Monday and Wednesday at Bayview!" Although the three teams, Sopho- mores, Juniors, and Seniors, had only forty-five minutes of practice during L. Johnson, M. BGWLI C5 During the bowling season, Wednesday afternoons were sheer chaos for the new Freeport Bowl, be- cause at 2130 the girls went into ac- tion dashing madly about for their favorite bowling balls. Once this tumult subsided, the bowlers could be seen trying to improve their averages for the coveted I-Ionor Team, and those not so proficient were some- times seen accompanying their balls half-way down the alleys! The sea- son, on the whole, was a successful one. BASKETBALL SITTING, L. to R: G. Richardson, K. Combs, W. Jawo- rowski, B, Meyers, E. Davis, H. Gritmon, STANDING: S. Poulos, E. Carter, E. Varmus, S. Gray, D. DeCarion, J. Erwin, J. Scopinich, M. Eastwood, E. Moore, G. Cruick- shank. those two days a week, the various plays and techniques were learned and applied to the game. A "disenchanting" Honor Team Playday at Amity- ville climaxed the season. 64 , . ':.1.:WpS..'I":v?'ff., FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Scopinich, E. Davis, S. Gray, G. Medaglia. SECOND ROW: P. Regan, D. DeCarion, J. E win, E. Moore, L. Murray. ARCH ERY SITTING: S. Williamson. STANDING, L, to R.: M. Eastwood, H. Gritmon. 65 SOFTBALL Braving the hazards of striking out, missing an important catch, or being tagged out, these fearless softball players soon overcame these mishaps and mastered the skills of softball. Although their new flaming red sweatsuits were received with snide remarks at Honor Team Playday, the girls, coached by Miss Clark, placed sec- ond in the standing at Baldwin. Archery, one of the spring sports, is becoming more and more popular every season. Tuesdays and Thursdays found a large group of girls at the now familiar Raynor Street Field practicing to perfect this highly skilled game. The Honor Team, consisting of the girls with the highest averages at the end of the season, represented Freeport at Honor Team Playday held at Baldwin. CHEERLEADERS Often times, outstanding teams depend largely upon the quality and efforts of its cheerleading squad. This year, co-captained by Lynn Murray, Sue Edwards, Bob Ness, and Carl Biathrow, our cheerleading squad overwhelm- ingly exemplified zeal and origi- nality. To improve their technique and master new cheers, our cheerlead- ers attended various clinics. Their purpose was certainly fulfilled once Q the response roared by the crowds echoed through at Pep Assemblies and games! Accompanying these zealots was our gal Val, whose frolicking and "devilish" ways spirited and aroused the crowds. Certainly, this year's squad ex- celled in each of these three aspects of cheerleading: ability, agility, and vitality. ix 'C .v cgi Co-Capt, Lynn NJ Co-Capt. Carl Biath row Murray FIRST ROW L to R J Garbo, S. Williamson, P. Snyder, S. T. Arenella, B. Ness. THIRD ROW: S. Edwards, W. Jaworowski, Study V Diehl P Russell J Scopinich, C. Lundstrom. SECOND B. Watson, M. Eastwood, G. Cruickshank, M. Fishel, L. Murray. ROW C Biathrow B Smith P. Emerson, N. Baselice, J. Ringer, NOT SHOWN: B. Connoly. ll- 'ET'- 4 3 Q n ? 2 2 1 I 5 5 E 5 If J " ' ff ,I " ,, ,. V jk f'Lk'A" 7 ' I , la- Jim Carucci Dave Goldman 17 Brian Phillips John Pappas 4-.X Kerry Doran Bob Woelfel Jim Reis Dick Carlisle Jeff Kron Mel Ranish 417 X -TN Capt. Dave Padgett Coach Bill Ashley VARSITY FGOTBALL Since their i3-7 defeat to Hempstead in the sec- ond game of the i956 season, the Freeport "Red Devils" have remained undefeated for 30 games. This astounding feat can be proudly claimed by Coach Bill Ashley and his fiery and spirited gridders. Although the "Red Devils" lost the Section l title to Lawrence because of two ties, they captured the Rutger's Cup, an award for the outstanding high school football team in Nassau County. The season was sparked by two important victories over Bald- win and Lawrence. The traditional Baldwin-Freeport game couldn't even be considered a contest as we romped 33-O. This victory gives Freeport an i8-i6 edge in the Freeport-Baldwin rivalry. The biggest game of the year, however, was not against Baldwin, but against Lawrence. On Thanks- giving morning, the Freeport "Red Devils" proved by swarnping Lawrence 26-13 that they were still the best team on the South Shore. Although Lawrence won the league title, we were the only team that defeated her. Even more outstanding was the fact that we were the only undefeated team in Section l. Outstanding for Freeport this year were Captain Dave Padgett and back John Pappas. Dave, a line- man, iniected spark and spirit into the team while John bulletted his way through the line racking up touchdown after touchdown. Other hustlers respon- sible for Freeport's unblemished record were backs Joe Keleher, Jim Carucci, and Dick Carlisle. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: T. Doran, J. Dunnet, J, McCormack, P. Summers, M. Dray, B. Woelfel, J. Pappas, J. Keleher, H. Tibbs, J. Carucci. SECOND ROW: A. Goodridge, S. Kearney, J. LaFreniere, D. Carlisle, J. Hiller, B. Lambert, D. Goldman, Capt. D. Padgett, K. Doran, C. Schorer, J. Kron, B. Phillips, M. Ver- FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Right End Dick Carlisle, Right Tackle Ed Geyer, Right Guard Bob Woelfel, Center Kerry Doran, Left Guard Cliff Schorer, Left Tackle Dave Padgett, Lett End Dave Q75 ,, ., , socki, R. Bean. THIRD ROW: Mgr. P. Segall, R. Vivian, M. Ra- nish, G. Wright, R. Hennessy, E. Geyer, M. Beneville, A. Ras- mussen, B. Greene, M. Frank, J. Reis, J. Kobel, J. Cardone, Coach W. Ashley. Goldman. SECOND ROW: Quarterback Joe Keleher, THIRD ROW: Right Halfback Jim Carucci, Fullback Jerry Cardone, Left Halfback John Pappas. 69 ff . 2-.t In gf-,E . ' - I - - l rl J 'F ,:Fi.1.,. 'E' 55' ' ' ' 3 1 X 4 . ,Mil up , 3, ' X I 1 i ,Q A, A N. , L 1' V QT' 'e 'sW'Sq5. I if . v vi 1 ,nm ,225 tv . :Q L ni :fr-I '- l Wim X K 4 I l Ii " w ff , I 4 -" il 7 g Q , Al l 'J tl f' le' lm' 3 , S X a A . -V .. F' f. ' . 4 . -' - , . ' F - F F fi, f ,F if ,F . F from K: , 5 ' L ' ' -f ' f ' ' . .fin -7, L, my Q, Y A 'l if ,A g f ' ' f' .."' " , ' ' z Vg' , 'Lf H 4 ' gf fe- H14 " , - -5- 1 ' ,J - - ,V , .3. .,. N:,, In 4 f .,,f'fgE'rK?t"7':?:rtiaJv f f W , V, f 1 4, ,' f ,, ,, , 4 ,K , f , V "7 ' A .9 g A :JL 4 ' 'G+ ',f,i"f'1,,,w+'ff1f'Qf f 112 ., . , F F pil lip 13,5 nijfmgjg, gu i, ri,f,,I4E Hgfigl 5.3! ,K 1 'R f F 1 gakwf,-jlfnf, fm- ,f,k,f., , ,, 9494- f9,,:,ft-f ,pn 4 , wg, fygfuffyyyffr ,fn zw,f,if,W.ff ww , M ., c .wa ' N if REQ 'L'-dL,..,NW,1.,.'afZ..,.,f,,:.iw.'L,ZmZfd4:r,.f,1fafx4,f ffomwff,!w,::.x4,rQ2932Ln2L,:2,.i:L,:L1L.fv:Z5mz.A.u,-.ff gmac, Freeport .. .. 34 Freeport . . . 6 Freeport .. . 12 Freeport .. .. 33 N 55.4.1 1, 1 My v . Sewa n ha ka Massapequa Hempstead Baldwin . . Scores i9 Freeport .. . 7 Calhoun . . 7 O Freeport .. . 2l Yonkers .. . O 12 Freeport .. . 14 Hicksville .. . 6 I O Freeport .. . 26 Lawrence . . 13 l 1.-fi?" " M A , - , , fi " ' .- rf. im. -4 , K, 1-P' , -.. f, if . ,, , - , 1 - , K x i Y , f -' Q. W io. - Q -'w r '- -.ui-no v Wi- Y- , 'ti 1 53? Aff U Q, . L hi F if x 3' . Mp...,,, XLXEQK 4 I ,Y Tis-it U' lf' Y' I , 5 A i l fit 1 L Q w Iv' r-J . .rw , : 1 41' Q' 4,N..,.a.....:.'. ' ' "' .,,.:,:,, ' 1 i I I V V K , Y I l..,-,, ,,,...,, 2 ,- , 'lf ,4,:,,x , ' -fw f-rw - 'A 1 , --534: . , - , , apt., , vt, I I H '. I, .. JA. Q A , Fmff -'f f ,H . p .kim-"L 6 W Y ggi.. - -:f"?i7k -,.- F ,-I -A l s.. Ax, N, i -e"" ?..v-V01 ' I' Q. 1 .Q ff, if-5 u , Mfzi, 1 M . ,J . . , . 19, rf ,, 115.7 ne 537 fr if-5 f. 'f .:K,. 1--1, -"., -. z , . ,f M. ,a ' w t' i . ff 5'i,'1'a"1 ' al f - .xo , w M ,fig-Y ' f .sity ' .m -- J mx- ' ' A ,Y-fu. A fsh viex y , f . Q. . fn- , f- V 1fV,..,, i vfuifs' ' M , Q , I N ,Wm Rh . U . 5 .,,T,,.: V. , 1-f 6 ' .,.. . .. 4 G -f f ,J 2 -I " 'f . . ' .- ' 1. A: , Li 1 4115, i. L I -,, -I '51 ' 4:33 151' lv' 1 + .L H4 new Padgett Pappas Go Jimmy, GOI Sfop him! ,TW FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A. Meinhold, B. Comrie, G. Birk, N. Shet- ferman, B. Jackson, A. Homon, J. Pelliccia, F, Randall, J. Stew- art. SECOND ROW: M. Rothstein, Coach J. Devlin, J. Talbot, J. Atwell, A. Barchas, F. Leone, C. Lieppe, G. Lowenthal, R. Jones, B. Olsen, D. Walis, Coach D. Reed. THIRD ROW: J. Cat- tano, D. Berman, A. Letizia, R, Gullotta, R. Fleischer, K. Mul- downey, S. Scotti, L. Hennessy. FOURTH ROW: J. Cosenza, T. Re, B. Jefferson, L. Murray, J. Hillian, M. Saltzman. FIFTH ROW: T. Bannon, B. Bannon, T. Rice, B. Ruben, S. Meringott. J. V. 8 FROSH FOOTB LL According to the record achieved by the Freeport J.V. "Red Devils," the Varsity should find little trou- ble in extending its winning streak to 38 games next season. Chalking up an outstanding record at 6 wins, I loss, and I tie, the Jayvee rolled through tough Lawrence and romped over Baldwin in the traditional rivalry. Freeport led 6-O in its test at skill with Hempstead until the last minute ot play, when, by a treak of luck, Hempstead managed to cross the goal line, tying the game at 6-6. Although cap- tains changed with each game, a tew sophomores played outstandingly. Danny Ciotti, who was in- jured in the first part ot the season, and Allen Ho- man spirited the backtield with their hustle and bustle. However, Coach Joe Devlin was quoted as saying, "Our line was much stronger than our back- tieldf' Constituting the forward wall were "Skip" Meinhold, Gary Lowenthal, Ray Jones, Joe Pelliccia, and Andy Barchas. The successful Freshman "Red Devils," under the proficient coaching at AI Renken and Bill McElroy, promise another exceptional Jayvee team next year. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: H. Johnston, J. Pallas, D. Wright, B, Vivian, Coach W, McElroy, E. Wade, J. Franklin, J. Yeno, B. Hosendove, J. Teiese, B. Martin, R. Volpe, W. Ruben, R. Moore, J. Prima- A. Cardinale, S. Glover, G. Riccardi, J. Kron, V. Ashby, G. vera. SECOND ROW: D. Stanchi, F. Pallas, S. Beneville, B. Wat- Swanson, G. Gould, A. Theiss, Coach A. Renken. FOURTH ROW: son, G. Guttman, C. Carswell, P. Stolberg, A. Taylor, J. McGoey, A. Starks, G. Gelling, B. Nugent, M. Joerger, B. Rice. J. Tuitt, A. loli, P. Lichtiger, B. Voelker. THIRD ROW: Assist. -..M .ti .- ..... . . ,.i CROSS COUNTRY "Whewwwww" was the familiar moan heard around the Cleveland Avenue Field during the exasperating months between August's end and the Ides ot November. Under the able coaching of "rookie" John Augustine, the Freeport har- riers, confronted with many hardships, compiled a shameless record of 4 wins and 4 losses. Our "steeplechosers" had to overcome both the up- grading trom a Class A to a Class B league and the loss of all but seven of last year's lettermen. Having no outstanding competitors, the harriers chalked up their wins through their depth, con- sisting ot Captain John Maikisch, sophomore Doug Brook, senior Bob Smith, and juniors Henry Berns, Rich Ehli, and Don Hanson. In the S.S.A.l.. playotts Freeport placed 5th out ot 20 entries. The depth, based on the running abilities of mostly sophomores and iuniors, will insure a suc- cesstul season next year. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Simson, B. Marinaccio, G. Sass, R. ing. THIRD ROW: J, Maikisch, S. Hiller, D. Hanson, R. Gross, R. Brown, D. Brook, B. Park, R. Posa, J, Herendeen. Drain, J. Johann, B. Smith, H. Berns, G. Bosch. FOURTH SECOND ROW: J. Altiere, R. McNutt, D. Pirodsky, R. ROW: Coach J. Augustine. Brown, R. Ehli, A. Thayer, B. McCrum, W. Brault, L. Hard- Captain John Maikisch Altiere and McCrum l L. to R: Coach J. Glacken, P. Rowan, R. Wilson, M. Frank, Capt. B. Tydeman, R. Keller, B. Lutsk, G. Gib- son, T. Ernst, H. Tibbs, Mgr. D. Klein VARSITY BASKETBALL Following a season near the bottom of the barrel, the Freeport hoopsters bounced back and secured a fourth position in the S.S.A.L. Section l basketball league, behind Hempstead lla-OJ, Baldwin il-4-23, and last year's Nassau County Champs, Gceanside UO-ol. Their loss to Oceanside in the last game of the season defeated their chances of a berth in the county tournament. As it was, the hoopsters pulled out a commendable 9-7 record. Captain Bill Tyde- man, center, was largely responsible for the losses suffered by Oceanside, Mepham, East Meadow, Uniondale and Sevvanhaka. He finished the season ninth in the County by scoring and averaging almost 20 points per game. Losing Jerry Jackson and Joel Johnson did not seem to hinder the boys as their perseverance and team spirit pulled them out of many a tight game, seconds before the final buzzer. Next year appears even more promising with returning lettermen Mike Frank and Richie Keller - two fair- sized giants, George Gibson, Ray Wilson and Her- man Tibbs. FIRST ROW: Coach W Sullivan. SEC- OND ROW, L. to R F. Thorpe, D. McGuire, P. Stol- berg, A. Starks, G. Tyson, J. Franklin, J Tuitt, R. Moore. FIRST ROW, L. to R: C. Lieppe, F. Randall, A. Ruben, M. McCormack, M. Saltzman, C. Watson Starks, D. Cardone, J. Stewart, N. Shefferman, A. Rosenbloom, F. Carillo, B. Terry. NOT SHOWN Mgr. A. Kasof. SECOND ROW: H. Greenberg, B. B. Jackson. .v. 2 FRosH BASKETBALL Plagued by the lack of returning J.V. dribblers, the Freeport Junior Varsity hoopsters were con- fronted with one major problem - experience, they simply had none. Rookie Coach Don Borgnine was, however, proficient in giving the boys necessary training tor next year. The hoopsters' overall record for the season was 7-l l, their league record being 6-lO. Leading this squad were Danny Cardone, Neal Shetferman, Clint Watson, Mark Saltzman and Jim Stewart. The up-and-coming treshman team should provide a boost to the J.V. squad next season. Its 6-4 rec- ord was the result ot superior players such as Cap- tain George Gould, Jerry Peisan, John Franklin, Earl Wade, and Rico Moore. , Y:Qu, l' "" 'Y ' ,. -11' 'Y' - RIFLERY TE if ff o o Q 1 V in I i O 0 o ' 0 ' o o Q n ' 0 a KNEELING, L. to R.: A. Munro, S. Krieger, J. Cattano, D. Griffiths. STANDING: Coach W. Joy, B. Henke, J. Carswell, R. Powell. NOT SHOWN: Capt. B. Harger. Last year's Riflery yearbook copy ended with an optimistic prophecy - Hunderclassrnen like Bob Har- ger, Bob l-lenke, and Jim Carswell insure another sterling season." This speculation proved surprisingly true as Freeport's all-winning Rifle Team swept away its fourth straight Section Eight New York State Pub- lic High School Athletic Association riflery champion- ship. The Red Devils ended with 929 points, 442 standing and 487 prone. Freeport also produced the individual champion for the fourth straight year - 76 Bob Henke who fired a l9l. Freeport's sharpshoot- ers have not lost a regular season nor a champion- ship match since l956. All totaled, the Section Eight Champions have 69 successive victories to show for four years, including twelve consecutive titles. As in past campaigns they have also marched proudly away as South East Division and South Shore cham- pions. Don Griffiths' and Ronnie Powell's fine shoot- ing played no small part in Freeport's outstanding season. 4-Unionist-J BOYS' LEADER CORPS With the shout ot "closs ottention" by one ot the helptul members of the Boys' Leoder Corps ond' the subsequent conducting ot three or tour colesthenics, Mr. Augustine ond Mr. Tuthill, with these indispensoble The leoders, who ore selected on their gymnostic obili- ties, leodership, ond chorocter, othciote gomes, per- form necessory closs demonstrotions, ond conduct the decothlon tests. For their unselhsh ettorts, they ore cin- leoders, ore reody to pilot onother well-run gym closs. nuolly presented with owords, ,m.- e - di K. sen., V - th il j, Scherer, VV , I W' Gciglior 1 . ow L to iz., iz, Volpe' D' Lewin li Ditomus. SECOND Theilflsod E. Quick, Coach W' T"'ll'll' HRSTC3 B rns. T COPOZZON' W' Koellgegmerson L. Harding, A- P' 9 ' ciso, - e ' ' B, Smith, ' ' ROW: .l. Nilson, W' Wahl' Wally ond Walt Pete ond Smitty 77 N' BOWLI G Under the able coaching of Randy Powell, the Freeport keglers, sparked by captain Mike Ber- man, completed another successful season. Hav- ing had only two seniors on the team this year will inevitably pave the way for the up and coming sophomores and iuniors, Mike Bernstein, Fred Bloom, Bill Russell, Don Goldsmith, Gary Post and George Bosch. Anyone who stopped in at "VVerner's" on Sunrise Highway during the winter would have seen our boys prove the popular belief that practice makes perfect. ' 3 T f ' A l,,,. C. . FIRST ROW, L. to R: C. Hines, Capt. M. Berman, J. Levitt. SECOND ROW: M. Bernstein, F. Bloom, B. Russell, Coach R. Powell. NOT SHOWN: G. Post. TENN S Although Coach Russ Terry's netmen completed their season with a 5 won, 9 lost record, they have shown the biggest improvement since the commencement of tennis at Freeport High tour years ago. Sparked by Co-Captains Rich Eisman and Al Haustather, the racketmen white- washed East Meadow twice 5-O, Levit- town 4-l, and Southside twice 3-2. With six lettermen leaving in June, the responsibility ot holding up the team is placed upon the shoulders of Mike Bern- stein and Fred Bloom, the only returning lettermen. The handicap, however, felt by this team in past years due to the lack T of tennis facilities on the premises will be removed with the completion of tennis courts at the new Freeport High School. FIRST ROW, L. to R: R. Halpern, Capt. A. Housfather, G. Falk. SECOND ROW: Capt. R. Eisman, F. Bloom, D. Jackson. THIRD ROW: M. Bernstein, Coach R. Terry, R. Mor- tack. 78 FIRST ROW, L. to R: D. Padgett, K. Doran, J. Turner, E. Barbeau, Watson, D. Cormack, R. Gerzof, B. Ashley K Durkln D Pirod N- BGSSHCBQ P- EmefS0l'1: B- Olsen: B- TGYlOV: K- CCISSiClyp J. Pa- sky, Coach V. Zuaro. NOT SHOWN: B. Woelfel R Feldman B welka. SECOND ROW: Assist. Coach H. Natterer, J. Hiller, M. Doran. Rothstein, P. Wille, T. Doran, B. Smith, A. Homan, E. Elson, B. WRESTLI G This year the Freeport High School grapplers wrestled their way to their most successful season to date, winning ten matches while losing but four. The team, coached by Vince Zuaro, as it's been since its onset, was piloted by co- captains Bob Taylor and Bob Woelfel. The most outstanding and thrilling match of the season was Freeport vs. Wantagh. The match, which could have gone either way, was finally taken by Freeport as Bruce Doran pinned his man in the l58 lb. weight class. Other admirable per- formances were against Baldwin, Suf- fern, Oceanside, and Uniondale. Individually, many boys were successful in post-season tournaments. Neil Baselice won the championship in his weight class while Padgett, Pewallca, and Turner placed second in theirs. Taylor and Woelfel, in their classes, placed third and fourth respectively. Coach Zuaro is looking forward to another successful season next year when Doran, Baselice, Olsen, Pewalka, and Pirodsky return. If Taylor in action Feldman's "double hammer FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Kron, B, Phillips, J. Keleher, D. Padgett, J. Pappas, K. Doran, B. Woelfel, M. Ver- socki. SECOND ROW: J. Dunnet, R. Tamara, J. Ca- rucci, M. Beneville, B. Lambert, R. Vivian, M, Dray, C. Schorer. THIRD ROW: J. Cardone, B. Greene, E. Geyer, R. Hennessy, M. Frank, T. Doran, Coach W. Ashley. LACROSSE ln the 1959 season, Freeport turned out another winning Lacrosse team. Although they did not match the i2 won - 2 lost record of the i958 La- crosse team, it must be considered that they lost the performances of All-Scholastic Charlie Jackson, Ricki Riccardi, Dick Finley, and Tom Donnelly. Leading the team last year were Captain Richie Nathan and All- Scholastic John Pappas. The victories chalked up last year can be attributed only to the hard work and determination displayed by each and every Freeport stickman. With a tull slate returning in the '60 season, a most successful record is anticipated. 80 Lacrosse seniors - L. to R.: J. Keleher, B, Phillips, K Doran, B. Woelfel, J. Kronf J. Carucci, B. Lambert, D Padgett, J. Pappas. FIRST ROW, L- to R: Coach J. Augustine, P. Segall, R. Posa, D. Klein, L. Johnson, R. Ehli, R. Fenyo, SECOND ROW: E. Zafonte, R. Cossio, R. Croasdale, E. Kennedy, R. Vivian, G. Bosch, J. Flint, J. Ringer. THIRD ROW: B. McCrum, R. Greene, A. Good- ridge, B. Lutsk, J. Reis, R. Michealson, R. Barchas, B. Smith. FOURTH ROW: A. Scheer, L. Zafonte, P. Bowers, M. Nierman, 5. Barasch, H. Berns, S. Brown, B. Mapes. FIFTH ROW: R. Saun- ders, S. Cleary, R. Beneville, P. Diamond, J. Maikisch, J, Tucker, R. Phillips, B. Caldiero, G. Krummenacker, B. Kress. TRACK 8 FIELD To be undefeated in dual competition for four years, cop first place in the mile in both the Section l and the South Shore Championships, and finish first as part of an all-star relay team in the Inter- sectional lstatel Meet all require some pretty fan- tastic running. Jim Tucker, a truly remarkable run- ner and probably one of Freeport's all-time best, if not the best, is the proud owner of all these honors. The team's 7-4 record indicated that although strong in track, it was weak in field events, Coach John Augustine was exceptionally proud of co-cap- tains Jim Tucker and Ernie Zafonte, as well as Steve Cleary, "Whitey" Kress, Bob Vivian, Leo Zafonte, Rich Saunders, and John Maikisch, the body of the team, for the consistency in their running. In the South Shore Relays, Freeport set a record which un- doubtedly will stand for a number of years. In dual meets Freeport's middle distance runners took 40 out of 48 possible places. They're oft and running! 4 X, 25' . . -.-' ' ' J I' 5 .4 ... I If '-.' f Q. I ',., . . E " rfft ' f 'Tl' ' '--' - at Awffrf- - , '- DN1' Q 'fsr J., -4 . ? 7 '3 .JI 14 . ,V .J wi-2. fs. fr , r f. ' J J Q, " lr.. L9 -A .", .... . . . "" ' . .rir e J, 1 ,,,,. I, I , iii, J J J 4 1 'i'C:'A'm"""'f" "" ' - , , r WWC X V5 .,...,.. ,lj ' ' M I I ..,,. I 81 BASEBALL Coach Winston Tuthill's batmen were plagued by the loss of almost The entire Varsity Squad. Since this sea- son was considered a "building-up year," next year's team should produce a more successful record. Among The returning lettermen will be Bill Tydeman and Dave Goldman behind The mound and John Hiller at The . Varsity Baseball FIRST ROW, L. to R: P. Emerson, M Bluestein, R. Kinberg, Coach W. Tut hill. SECOND ROW: W. Wahl, J. Ep stein, W. Tydeman, D. Goldman. other end. The J.V. Baseball Team,under The coaching of Len Flelschner, completed a more successful season producing such candidates for next year's Team as Denny Durland, Arnie Leap, Jack Moran, Don Gold- smith, and Messrs. Matthew and Jack McCormack. J. V. Baseball FIRST ROW, L. to R: D. Goldsmith, A. Arenella. SECOND ROW: C. Voss, P. Goclt, B. Mossman. THIRD ROW: M. Shefferman, M. Berman, J. Moran. Frosh Baseball FIRST ROW, L. To R: S. Scotti, F. Carillo, A. Kasof, R. Hauser. SECOND ROW: H. Eltas, B. Jerram, P. Stolberg, J. Cosenza. THIRD ROW: J. McGoey, R. Terry, My Rothstein, R. Warnke. Trophy Case at Old F. H. S F 2 fy! L, 57 J 5 X f., .Wi ff 9554- 631 X CLAS X 85 Music 7 Miss Maxwell Math 7 Mr. Kaplan Word Study Mrs. Hegmann 'Homeroom Mr. Joy Homeroom 227 FIRST ROW, L. to R: M. Albanese, J. A. Abatemarco, M. Anselmo, E, Albanese, E. Ambrose, L. Baer, Miss Beckley. SECOND ROW: C. Baldassarre, T. Adkins, P. Aiken, R. Ardsfon, E. Beebe, B. Barclay, P. Abel, J. Andruscavage. Miss Beckley THIRD ROW: D. Altiere, J. Bassewitz, F. Balclni, J. Andrews, P. Barnes, S. Abbatiello, R. Baardsen. FOURTH ROW: J. Barrett, J. Alexander, L. Ahders, S, Alecksynas, S. Ain, K. Barnett, H. Bassler. NOT SHOWN: L. Adkins, K. Blie. SEVE TH GRADE Homeroom 228 FIRST ROW, L. to R: E. Brambach, A. Bronin, L. Bierweiler, A. Blair, K, Birkel, J. Bicket, Mr. Merk. SECOND ROW: A. Bricker, C. Berner, E. Bohlen, L. Boolhack, l. Berman, E. Brill, G. Behlen. THIRD ROW: L. Bothe, C. Brewer, K. Blake, S. Mr. Merk Berge, J. Blum, R. Blanco, M. Berkowitz, A. Brauner. FOURTH ROW: A. Berg, P. Boyle, R. Biscardi, E. Boschen, D. Beyer- bach, R. Briggs, J. Brose. NOT SHOWN: R. Briggs. 87 Homeroom 229 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Cramer, J. Carlson, T. Browning, G. Caplan, L. Brown, N. Chen, E. Carlin. SECOND ROW: A. Burdette, G. Brown, M. Cervini, P. Chuzi, J. Chobot, A. Campione, G. Brown. THIRD ROW: T. Celentano, J. Bryan, Homeroom 230 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Dewing, C. Conahan, T. Croasdale, M. Costello, W. Cook, R. Clougher, D. Cormock. SECOND ROW: N. Clewner, T. Colasonto, L. Clark, R. Ciufytrecla, J. Combs, S. Dalton, F. Delany. THIRD ROW: J. Cunningham, Mrs. Cramer C, Carroll, J. Cavalcant, R. Cesta, J. Brown, L. Butler, J. Butler. FOURTH ROW: R. Chimeri, J. Canapary, J. Brown, J. Campese, R. Carri, C. Chirrick, W. Carman. SEVENTH Mrs. Dewing W. Collins, M. Davidson, T. Collins, L. DeGroff, J, Daube, J. Croasdale, R. Dandona. FOURTH ROW: R. Clement, B. Corozza, G. Corso, S. Davis, J. Deas, C. Ciartello, A. Cook. .1 5 88 Homeroom 23 I FIRST ROW, L. to R: K. Egan, L. Eschwege, M. Donnelly, J. Deniston, J, Edelstein, R. Diehl, Mrs. Stravin. SECOND ROW: L. DeLuca, C. Dovel, A. Enstad, J. Dunne, J. Dielrich, N. A. DiGiacomo, A, Edwards. THIRD ROW: R. DiTomas, E. Devine, GRADE Homeroom 232 FIRST ROW, L. to R: R. Feustel, H. Foster, P. Fasano, A. Fischer, L. Glade, B. Gittlitz, Mr. Pollard. SECOND ROW: S. Friedland, J. Gallacher, P. Farrell, R. Ferdinand, L. Furtado, M. A. Ficaro, A. Ferriola, R. Foglietta, C. Freitag. THIRD Mrs. Stravm G. Evans, S. Endres, B. Ellison, E. Dudas, N. DiPreta, J Epstein, C. Dudley. FOURTH ROW: C. Durland, J. Donato, D. Engeholm, R. Dickerman, G. Eklund, R. deLutio, M Eckstein, J. Elster. NOT SHOWN: L. Domaschevich. Mr. Pollard ROW: S. Goodhue, J. Gilmour, S. Frost, D. Grasing, B Fletcher, B. Ford, G. Goodman, A. Feiner. FOURTH ROW: C Goldstein, N. George, A. Geyer, G. Franklin, C. Gederberg F. Ferrara, R. Freeman, S. Fox. 89 ml f O9 Homeroom 233 FIRST ROW, L. 'fo R: Mrs. Javorsky, R. Haase, S. Helfand, G. Halvorsen, G. Guerriero, R. Henry, J. Guilford. SECOND ROW: V. Harrall, A. Grosser, D. Hanssen, G. Herman, R. Halpern, M. Heller. THIRD ROW: A. Gritmon, R. Harding, C. Homeroom 234 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Joy, T. Horlick, T. JOWOFOWSKI, E. Hornbeck, B. Johnsfon, D. Hueglin, G. Jackson. SECOND ROW: J. Holt, C. A. Hoda, G. Johnsen, H. Holmes, S. lrvvin, J. Jenkins, P. Holley. THIRD ROW: E. Hutchinson, V. lndrizzo, iff 55"- Mrs. .lavorsky Grnmon, C. Hansen, D. Hedin, S. Hall, P. Haflield. FOURTH ROW: T. Gray, A. Greer, J. Griemsmann, L. Henry, P. Heinrich, K. Greene, V. Hemeke. NOT SHOWN: D. Harmon. SEVE Mr. Joy C. Johnson, G. Holmes, M, Ingenifo, J. Hurd, E. Ireland. FOURTH ROW: C. Holland, B. Holbrook, K. Hodson, C. Jenneffe, J. Hobbs, V. Hernandez, G. John. NOT SHOWN: E. Horsey, K. Huse, L. lnglima. 14-V i XJ 90 ...l Homeroom 235 FIRST ROW, L. to R: J. Kirby, J. Johnston, J. Kennedy, Z. Kruze, L. Katz, P. Kay, Mrs. Hegmann. SECOND ROW: S. Kantrowitz, H. Kortright, P. Kalagias, B. Kihl, J. Kahf, V. Kennedy, P. Landau, R. Kempton, R. Kreyl. THIRD ROW: S. GRADE Homeroom I27 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Buley, P. Lewis, T. Lisa, L. Mahler, J, Lehman, D. Levin, L. Magnuson. SECOND ROW: J. Levy, J. Marshall, M. LaRocco, C. Maier, D. Lemmey, J. Lehr, P. Lazzara, T. Leftenant. THIRD ROW: N. Lantor, A. Lieppe, Mrs. Hegmann Kimmel, S. Krolick, J. Klar, P. Klotz, W. Kuc, D. Kochanski, N Knothe, l. Klowas, L. Kay. FOURTH ROW: M. Klages, P. Kyle C. Keller, S. Kalin, S. Kellock, C. Langehans, P. Kelly, D Katz. Mrs. Buley H, Larkin, W. Livingston, D. Lewis, N. Mallimo, F. Lewis, J. Lords, L. Layton. FOURTH ROW: B. Lemus, G. Machin, B. Lugrin, J. Lisi, D. Lieberman, R. Manser, D. Lather, G. Tyson. ....,,,.- . , - 91 Homeroom I 32 FIRST ROW, L. to R: J. McKeever, D. Mortine, J. Miller, J. Millang, T. Martine, G. Miller, Miss Elstad. SECOND ROW: M. L. Mclnish, T. McGinnis, P. Meringolt, D. Miller, B. Miller, E. Millang, W. McGuire. THIRD ROW: JE McGrorty, J. Homeroom I33 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Fischel, H. Morris, T. Morano, S. Morck, C. Muller, K. Olsen, T. Mifthauer. SECOND ROW: J. Montello, L. Norris, B. Mulvey, S. O'Malley, S, Mowdy, C. Moretti, I. Minei, E. Ness. THIRD ROW: M. Miller, R. Mitchell, I W, f MJ. , Ir! Miss Elstad Mercer, A. McManus, E. Martin, L. Mazey, F. McKenna, G McCIosky, B. Melnick. FOURTH ROW: N. Meyer, K. Metz G. McCann, B. McCrum, B. Meacl, J. McKeown, M. Men dozen, M. McCauley. SEVENTH Mrs. Fischel H. Nelson, J. Novotny, D. Napoli, R. Murphy, J. Nuzzo. FOURTH ROW: R. Muro, J. Nichols, J. Morrissey, C. Murphy, P. Muscovitz, W. Mills, K, Nykanen. 92 Homeroom I 34 FIRST ROW, L. To R: Mr. Renken, B. Pollock, G. Paolantonio, D. Pappas, J. Perico, M. Penfa, R. Porfesy. SECOND ROW: N. Pirodsky, W. Poland, G. Pappas, J. A. Park, W. Pollock, G. Pimenfel, A. Piscioffa, P. Panfalis, M. Pelliccia. THIRD ROW: N. Poole, C. Probeck, S. Petiersson, J. Owens, H. GRADE Homeroom I 35 FIRST ROW, L. fo R: J. Randolph, J. Rose, J. A. Reinhard, K. Russell, D. Purnhagen, K. Reback, Mr. Burns. SECOND ROW: V. Ruggero, J. Rerecich, F. Roehrig, P. Rothamel, M. Ruppe, E. Regan, N. Riley, B. Rokaw, M. Reed. THIRD ROW: Mr. Renken Pinckney, T. Potowski, K. Priesf, R. Osfrander. FOURTH ROW: W. Place, R. Pacifico, D. Pikula, S. Pe'rrovifs,'J. Piofrowski, E. Ozolins, M. O'Reilly, R. Pierson, A. Porfale. NOT SHOWN- H. Pierce. Mr. Burns A. Rizzo, L. Rodriguez, H. Rose, R. Rothman, D. Russer, L. Rom, M. Roper, R. Ross. FOURTH ROW: J. Raynor, R. Rudolf, P Randall, S. Rossman, R. Rigoulof, L. Rofhkranz, L. Rice, P Richards. rw ' I ,U ff Homeroom I 36 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Kaplan, W. Shanahan, A. Schmidt, J. Schoonmaker, R. Schade, J. Sattertielcl, D. Sigmond. SECOND ROW: N. Shea, M. Shapiro, L, Saltzman, R. Scheuer, J. Schar, R. Schacher, C. Scoville, T. Seaman. Homeroom I 37 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Pike, H. Strutin, V. Spivey, W. Stoner, W. Storz, J. Smith, W. Skidmore. SECOND ROW: E. Smith, D. Spinetta, L. Spillane, K. Stebner, M. Simson, G. Sparling, W. Smith, D. Singer. THIRD ROW: L. Spitz, R. Smith, I 1 'HE Mr. Kaplan THIRD ROW: J. Schulman, L. Shufer, N. Sarro, A. Silipo, T. Saczynski, P. Schultz, R, Sell, J. Schecker. FOURTH ROW: C. Scarnati, W. Simon, M. Silverman, R. Samuels, M. Saxon, L. Schwartz, C. Simpson, W. Sanclbrook. SEVENTH Mr. Pike B. Solomon, J. Starace, M. Skoutakis, W, Stern, A. Smith. FOURTH ROW: P. Stratton, S. Giancontieri, A. Sternberg, M. E. Stolberg, M. Stratton, M. Smith, H. Smith, L. Starks. 0353 94 Homeroom I I 0 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Etkind, J. Taylor, J. Vagts, R. Velten, W. Trentacoste, R. Thau, A. Thomas. SECOND ROW: R. Valenti, J. Swenson, J. Tsang, J. Verity, A. Vetter, P. Thomas, D. Tepke, N. Tocknell. THIRD ROW: R. Tuitt, D. Trauber, O. GRADE Homeroom I I2 FIRST ROW, L. to R: S. Yourn, J. Whelan, A. Veziris, L. Yee, L. Weiss, A. Wallerstein, Miss Kast. SECOND ROW: R. Zeltman, J. Vogel, P. Wright, E. Weiner, M. Warner, E. Washington, J. Whitmore, R. Watson. THIRD ROW: G. M. Mr. Etkind Sweezey, K. Sullivan, V. Thomopoulos, J. Tocknell, I. Ulmer C. Tyson. FOURTH ROW: D. Vandergucht, B. Uhl, A. Torres F. Versocki, J. Van Nostrand, N. Talbot, C. Venza, R. Tallent Miss Kast Zammit, L. Weiler, R. Williams, E. Weitz, R. Warshavsky, J Zenewitz, R. Vogel, J. Wiener. FOURTH ROW: M. Wendel- boe, M. Williams, P. 'Yekel, W. Warfield, B. Wallace, J Vivian, D. Wright, R. Versocki. NOT SHOWN: P. Zarnoch. 95 Art 8 Cit. Ed. 8 Miss Robertson Miss Clowes Waiting for Afternoon Session General Language Algebra Mr. Cazzetta Mrs. Bauer 1 'A' Homeroom IOO FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Burns, L. Boatie, P. Brown, B. Daye, B. Briggs, E. Deniston, C. Ciraolo. SECOND ROW: A. Bretz, J. Braverman, M. Alcorn, J. Addison, J. Anderson, J. Brown, A. Cosenza, M. Baldwin. THIRD ROW: L. Carnival, M. A. Crispyn, N. Castle, M. Bocchiaro, S. Baxter, S. Barbeau, K. Ambrose, A. Carrington, P. Cervini, M. Birgenthal. EIGHTH Homeroom IOO FIRST ROW, L. to R: R. Brown, R. Caesar, B. Carlton, S. Cohen, R. Brown, S. Ciraolo, Mr. Tuthill. SECOND ROW: A. Baxter, C. Crutchfield, R. Arenella, J. Baumann, P. Cook, A. Becker, E. Boyle, L. Amatulli, V. Bolling, N. Berman. THIRD ROW: F. Baehr, T. Cullen, D. D'Auria, R. Atkinson, B. Brocld, G. Caracappa, J. Cavaco, D. Burke, F. Amentler, B. Hill, A. Mrs. Burns FOURTH ROW: J. Cornish, C. Devereaux, D. Burnett, L. Bindefeld, P. Collins, C. A. Danzi, P. Carbaugh, M. Carroll, C. Cotter, L. Bloom. FIFTH ROW: S. Bernstein, C. Baumann, J. Crevoiserat, S, Blush, K. Boltrek, H. Bush, C. Armstrong, S Cruickshank, M. Burke, M. Cook. NOT SHOWN: B. Carman, J. Castell. GRADE Mr. Tuthill Corretty. FOURTH ROW: F. Chabot, A. Capozzoli, D, Borel- Ia, W. Baloington, S. Berg, R. Burtis, D. Berg, R. Cooke, M Bolger, P. Beniamin, K. Cowan. FIFTH ROW: G. Cruger, K Burrowei, R. Deem, J. DeVito, P. Cavanagh, L. Cook, E Balfe, J. Arch, R, Deniston, S. Beneville, R. Christotters. 97 Homeroom IOI Mr. Teich FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Teich, L. Fishel, A. Fink, G, Fox, A. T. Falb, A. Durkin, C. Dunne, G. Ferrara, K. Durand, E. Evans. Feinsilber, R. Daft, R. Evans. SECOND ROW: T. Doucet, J. FOURTH ROW: R. Evans, R. Donaldson, J. Flinn, J. Franklin, Dudley, E. Dickerman, R. Farrell, J. Ferdinand, L. From, S. M. Fedak, M. DiPreta. NOT SHOWN: D. Dilsner, M. Esposito. Erlandsen, D. Fleischer. THIRD ROW: A. Farber, A, Ellison, EIGHTH Homeroom IO2 Mr. Newton FIRST ROW, L. to R: J. Furman, M. Glenz, J. Frazier, P. Garrison, R. Giannuzzi, J. Freeman, H. Frost, M. Gelling, J. Gigliello, G. Gissel, R. Furlong, Mr. Newton. SECOND ROW: Goeb. FOURTH ROW: C, Gillard, M. A. Gilliard, B, Frederick, J. Friedman, M. Gogliano, U. Galant, G. Geraci, J. Garra- S. Glover, D. Glass, R, Garrett. way, S. Friedman, S. Gilner. THIRD ROW: J. Gagliardi, C. ,Y . 98 Homeroom IO3 FIRST ROW, L. To R: Mrs. Woodcock, C. Grempel, L. Guzzo, K. Halpern, L. Greenberg, D. Halliwell, N. Gormezano. SECOND ROW: R. Greenberg, R. Grossman, E. Goldman, D. Greenblaff, G. Haberle, R. Haynes, A. Grimpel. THIRD ROW: GRADE Homeroom I O4 FIRST ROW, L. To R: J. Huesfis, R. Himmelfarb, B. Hitfner, C. Hetzel, M. Jacobson, s. Israel. sEcoND ROW: L. Hill, E. Johnson, A. Hyman, P. Howard, C. Johnson, C. Hyams, S. Hopkins, C. Hueglin. THIRD ROW: R. Hubschmitf, L. Ioli, J, Jenkins, H. Jacobson, M. Johnson, K. Humsjo, L. Mrs. Woodcock B. L, Healy, W. Gregor, J. A. Gronim, D. Heitkamper, W. Grabowski, M. Gommlich, A. Halvorsen, N. Heller. FOURTH ROW: P. Harr, P. Healy, A. Greene, T. Henry, G. Hanson, N. Guiharcl, P. Gress. NOT SHOWN: S. Greene. Mrs. Birgenthel Henwoocl, R. Jackson. FOURTH ROW: E. Humes, W. Hosen- dove, G. Holley, R. HoHman, C. Johnson, E. Hefrick, A. Immoor. NOT SHOWN: Mrs. Birgenfhal, L. Hibshman, W. Holley. 99 Homeroom I O7 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Crisafulli, D, Keslow, J. Killorin, F. Kaminsky, N. Kesin, W. Kearney, R. Krueger, SECOND ROW: F. Kapeasesky, M. Klaes, C. Kelly, L. Krut, E. Kalman, J. Kelly, V. Kropp, A. Klubinski, Z. Kondrafievs. THIRD ROW: L. Homeroom IOS FIRST ROW, L. to R: A. Lombard, P. Longenecker, J. Lisi, B. Lefkowifz, W. Lee, A. Lavgren, Mr. Kennedy. SECOND ROW: M. Leone, B. Larson, G. Laricos, S, Leiter, J. Landman, A. Mr. Crisafullil Kreischer, P. Kopper, A. Kafusha, J. Knoeller, M. Kelly, L. Jones, F. Johnston, D. Keller. FOURTH ROW: R. Konecny, W. Koppel, R. Kirk, R. Knothe, P. Johnson, T. Kelleher, N. Judwin, J. King. EIGHTH Mr. Kennedy Levy. THIRD ROW: E. Louro, B. Levy, S. Lords, J. Langen, D. Lacy, D. Lopafo. FOURTH ROW: K. Loeffler, L. Lanz, C. Leffa- kis, J. Liebler, R. Lanz, M. Leach. 100 ll I I A Homeroom IO9 FIRST ROW, L. To R: Mr. Sharp, O. Marrin, S. Markowitz, J. Matuza, R. Lyke, J. McDonald, J. Mauersberger. SECOND ROW: K. Mahlsfeclf, H. MacDonald, J. Luna, R. Mapes, D. Lowenfhal, J, Lovgren, M. McGoey. THIRD ROW: L. McGinnis, GRADE Homeroom I I I FIRST ROW, L. 'to R: E. McVey, R. Miller, S. Mitthauer, K. Meinking, H. Meyer, Mr. McElroy. SECOND ROW: E. Moskowitz, B. Moore, R. Mohr, K. Migdol, S. Moran, N. Moore, S. Moralez. THIRD ROW: L. Monfross, M. Miller, S. Mr. Sharp P. Loze, J. A. Makin, P. Mack, E. McGuirk, J. McDougall, B Lufsk. FOURTH ROW: J. Lucente, R. Manvell, P. Mass, N Mazey, D. McGuire, G. Maynes, J. Martin. NOT SHOWN: P Masferson, J. Mafulich, E. McCreory. Mr. McElroy Michealsen, W. Meyers, R. Moore, M. Moro, B. Midgefie. FOURTH ROW: R. Meyers, C. Muller, C. Murphy, A. Muller, R. Mulligan, L. Mills. NOT SHOWN: A. Morefti, N. McManus. 101 Homeroom I I 5 FIRST ROW, L. to R: E. O'Brien, T. Otto, J, Norton, W. Peairs, E. Paffinos, B. Murray, Mrs. Bauer. SECOND ROW: B. Perers, E. Phillips, T. Naidoa, M. Patterson, D. Nelson, D. Noll, L. Osfrow, J. Petersen. THIRD ROW, B. O'ReiIley, C. O'Reilley, Homeroom I I6 FIRST ROW, L, To R1 Miss Lovelass, G. Pros, R. Prichard, A. Resnick, M. Rabinowifz, J. Primavera, D. Posa. SECOND ROW: R. Pilatsky, E, Ragones, R. Rizzo, M. Pisciofta, N. Plotkin, C. Reader, B. Ray, M. Rickerf. THIRD ROW: R. A. Mrs. Bauer M, Penney, L. Pesca, T. Naidoo, B. A. Perez, A. Newman. FOURTH ROW: L. Odell, C. Panagos, R. Murray, M. Pfister, F. Paz, D. Newman, R, Mufel. EIGHTH Miss Lovelass Ringer, S. Rasp, T. Picardal, J. Redwood, J. Price, G. Riccardi, N. Phillips, G. Prunty. FOURTH ROW: C. Polfhoff, D. Post, J. Provenzano, R. Powell, L, Powell, M. Quinn, E. Quich. NOT SHOWN: P. Rhodes. 102 Homeroom I I7 Miss Marks FIRST ROW, L. to R: C. Sanclak, R. Rush, G. Ross, E. Ryclberg, L. Rolnick, D. Saunders, J. Rosenberg, M. Sanguigni, D. A. Schanz, J. Scharmann, Miss Marks. SECOND ROW: L. Schieber. FOURTH ROW: M. Rogers, K. Rommel, L. Rothamel, Samuels, N. Scheman, J. Ruland, J. Ruger, W. Ruben, M. D. Roth, S. Scammon, P. Rosenzweig, D. Roberts. NOT Scalisi, W. Roenbeck. THIRD ROW: R. Ruggero, L. Rousseau, SHOWN: A. Rosmarin. GRADE Homeroom I I 8 Mr. Passes FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Posses, R. Singer, J. Slattery, D. E. Smith, l. Simmons, C. Simson, A. Smith, D. Schuster, K. Skinner, E. Smith, B. Schlachter, P. Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Siegel, J. Schmidt. FOURTH ROW: M. Shapiro, P. Seldes, S. B. Schuh, L. Schubert, C. Smits, S. Segall, C. Shefferman, H. Siglain, R. Sheldon, E, Schrody, E. Slattery, J. Silipo. NOT Shapiro, B. Schiller, K. Schultz. THIRD ROW: R. Schmilowitz, SHOWN: P. Smith.' 103 Homeroom I I 9 FIRST ROW, L. to R: E. Stompf, J. Sweeney, H. Thol, P. Terry, C. Sfein, G. Soklin, Mr. McLellon. SECOND ROW: M. Sweeney, L. Sutton, S. Supino, R. Sperling, C. Spinoccio, S. Solmonsolwn, R. Sporling. THIRD ROW: R. Torulli, G. Steigert, Homeroom I 20 FIRST ROW, L. To R: Mr. Montgomery, P. Volpe, E. Vorbeck, H. Townsend, L. Woldmcn, F. Volenti, P. Unger. SECOND ROW: P. Tyrrell, R. Vorone, L. Von De Wofer, W. Vondeff, C. Tschuschke, J. Voiles, J. Verlin, T. Woitzfelder. THIRD 1 'I I he -I t . .. . ' I 9 -.1 - 3 , r J Mr. McLellan L. Tickner, S. Snyder, D. Sweezy, C. Solm. FOURTH ROW: J. Soufhord, A. Sulok, D. Sfonchi, T. Sfosiclwin, J. Stevens, F. Thorpe. EIGHTH Mr. Montgomery ROW: M. Wolsh, S. Wolters, P. Tobio, T. Volenfi, H. Tomos- zewski, M. Townsend, F. Utz. FOURTH ROW: E. Wade, W. Word, W. Tree, R. Warfield, R. Woinz, J. Townsend, J. TUIH. NOT SHOWN: W. Viviun. 104 Homeroom I2 I FIRST ROW, L. To R: F. Wiener, P. Wolcler, A. Young, G. Wofson, J. Washington, M. Zezimo, Miss Clowes. SECOND ROW: A. Ycick, S. Willig, N. Wiley, C. Willus, K. Wollemcm, S. Wood, K. Wood. THIRD ROW: P. Wciffenmcxker, H. GRADE Miss Clowes Whrifenour, W. Worden, R. Wesley, M. Zepess, W. Zorchy, G. Woisin, D. Winge. FOURTH ROW: Y. Willey, S. Wick, A. Wieck, W. Winter, W. Yohnker, K. Wisfubcl, E. Witf. NOT SHOWN: C. Ycmover, L. Zozzoro. Conversational Spanish Mrs. Pollack 105 Science 8 Mr. Newton Mr. Gorman's Class FIRST ROW, L. fo R: D. Rhodes, J. Washington, E. Scanlon, THIRD ROW! P. BOlQe1', 5- FlSCl16TfO, R- MOV0, D- Smells, V C, Jones, A. Patrick, Mr. Gorman. SECOND ROW: J. Worthy, Lindsfrom, S. Moran, E. Mulligan. NOT SHOWN: J. Greco, V A. Back, M, Devincenzo, C. Schuls, L. Bryant, R. Freund. Spivey. "'f v- , ., W .ff1,pv+' .I q, ....-.4-Q-suis vgij lv . 106 Mr. Kraus' Class FIRST ROW, L. to R: S. Taino, l, Fischeffo, C. Hillman, Mr. Kraus. SECOND ROW: F. Johnson, B. Hidalgo, J. Hay, R. Compese. NOT SHOWN: L. Lindsfrom. Mrs. Ramsey's Class FIRST ROW, L. To R: Mrs. Ramsey, A. Crispyn, R. Flscheffo, C. Williams, E. Carey. SECOND ROW: A Saswory, C. Gioglio, J. Kramer, B. Crippen, C. Mueller, J. Goess. THIRD ROW: M. Mouser, E. Carman H. Jlnks, D. Carter, D. Winne. 107 Change of Classes Faculty Advisor Mr. Robert Teich FRESHMAN LASS FFICER If President Vice-President Secretary Margie Taylor Carol Bishop Nancy Akst Treasurer Social Secretary G,O, Repregenfqfive Bill Watson Barbara Edwards Tobi Field N as 108 Homeroom I22 FIRST ROW, L. To R: N. Aksf, C. Beverson, M. L. Bangs, J. Berman, M. J. Bauer, Mr. Borgnine. SECOND ROW: R. Ad- shead, J. Bennefter, M. Abrams, J. Abreu, M. Amatulli, L. Anderson, B. Barasch. THIRD ROW: V. Ashby, H. Bailey, S. Mr. Borgnine Biffar, A. Albanese, F. Bencivenga, G. Berns. FOURTH ROW R. Abrash, D. Anderson, J. Adams, T. Bannon. NOT SHOWN G. Ambrose, N. Baldwin, E. Bernsfein. NINTH GRADE Homeroom I24 FIRST ROW, L. To R: Miss Woodsum, W. Caldwell, M. Cole- man, B. Blumenfhal, P. Bonner. SECOND ROW: J. Byrne, P. Breihof, P. Bifcon, L. Brindamour, G. Bracco, R. Brophy. THIRD ROW: R. Brefz, C. Bishop, C. Boriss, S. Bogden, N. 109 Miss Woodsum Burghardf, I, Bussanich, W. Byrne. FOURTH ROW: D. Cal diero, B. Brown, B. Bushell, L. Brown, H. Brose, N. Brown NOT SHOWN: B. Bledsoe, B. Bradly. C? 11, f in Homeroom I 26 Mr. Pesca 1' vu rn -4 su 2 !- -. o F Z 7' 'U FD U. 0 a FP 0 a 3 o 1 a. P O 0 o 2 C -. F. TU Cohen, K, Cunningham, R. Corwin, J. Carocappa. SECOND ROW: J. Caruso, B. Chunko, M. Constant, J. Carucci, J. Cro- mer, B. Carlisle. THIRD ROW: K. Close, W. Collins, F. Cooke, Homeroom 200 FIRST ROW, L. To R: J. Daniello, S. Diiiberner, J, DiGio vanni, P. Doran, C. Delaney, Miss Damis. SECOND ROW J. Diehl, R. Duclo, K. Durkin, R. Declrick, D. Dougherty, F D'Ambra. THIRD ROW: W. Eagle, L. DiTomas, P. Edelman, A. Cardinale, P. Chipouras, R. Ciuflreda. FOURTH ROW: C. Carswell, A. Carri, A. Chrisfensen, H. G. Coleman, E. Carlin, M. Coleman. NOT SHOWN: D. Chafiin. NINTH Miss Damis S. DeCarion, R. Diaz, R. Davis. FOURTH ROW: J. Danclona, J. Daller, S. Defko, C. DeVito, D. DeGroFf, J. Debernardo. NOT SHOWN: R. Dillon, J. DiRoimondo. 9 2' Y 1 -ln- 110 Homeroom 203 FIRST ROW, L. To R: M. Fenyo, M. A. Fefcho, E. Galala, M. Fleischman, l. Garbo, Mr. Valentino. SECOND ROW: D. Fischer, G. Enz, J. Elder, B. Feldman, L. Frazier, K, Gela. THIRD ROW: M. Fulfon, A. Ferrara, W, Enciso, B. Feustel, GRADE Homeroom 204 FIRST ROW, L. To R: Mr. Sullivan, P. Hanley, B. Hansen, M. Geraghfy, S. Harrison, R. Groome. SECOND ROW: C, Hass, C. Grosser, G. Guerriero, J. Grace, G. Gullman. THIRD ROW: M. Gilliard, K. Hausfafher, R. Grossman, J. Hedin, R. Mr. Valentino N. Eisensladf, R. Esclwwege, B. Edwards, T. Field. FOURTH ROW: R. Farmlett, G. Gelling, P. Frank, R. Garfield, J. Fi- ordiliso, T. Evans, F. Ferris. NOT SHOWN: E. Ferranfe. Mr. Sullivan Hatfield, D. Goodhue. FOURTH ROW: S. Goodman, B. Glass, J. Grifmon, G. Gould. T. Gilligan. NOT SHOWN: W. Han del, S. Harlenfels, M. Gubif, A. Glover. 111 Homeroom 2 I I FIRST ROW, L, fo R: Mr. Cazzerfa, S. Henry, S. Irvine, K. Inglis, G. Johnston. SECOND ROW: R. Jennison, J. Homer, E. Holley, E. Jciworowski, J. Howell. THIRD ROW: F. Jones, Homeroom 2 I 2 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Miss Spelman, R. Kelley, R. LaBarbera, K. Lauckhardt, K, Key, M. G. Kraus. SECOND ROW: E. Kinirons, P. Key, B. Kennedy, M, Kelly, M. Kraemer, D. Ko- posesky. THIRD ROW: E. Kusky, A. Klein, E. Kelly, K. Lam- eb Mr. Cazzetta N. Heifmann, B. Heinz, L. Karcher, S. Homan. FOURTH ROW: A. Holzmacher, G. Holley, M. Irwin, W. Jackson G Hoyt. NOT SHOWN. L. Joerger, H. Johnston, F. Joyner Miss Spelman NINTH perl, E. Krieger, B. A. Lafham. FOURTH ROW: J. Kenny B. Kramer, A. Klein, J. Kron, L. Lee, L, Larkin. NOT SHOWN P. A. King, D. Kimmelman. x. C7 Lf 'W 112 gd , . Homeroom 2 I 3 Mr. Kelly FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Kelly, D. Loflnk, T. Ludwig D. Marks, R. Mayberry, R. Martin, T. Mallin. SECOND ROW R. McClain, J, Lobl, P. Marshall, C. Lomangino, L. LoPresto, D. McCann. NOT SHOWN. S. Lehman, V. Lombard. THIRD ROW: R. Martin, J. Maikisch, V. Lee, GRADE Homeroom 2l4 Mr. Jordan , M. McCabe, D. Mauersberger, E. Martinez. FOURTH ROW : R. MacDougall, D. Lerner, E. Leonard, P. Lichtiger, S. Lee C. Matuza. FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Jordan, R. Oshinski, M. Orobello, Mclnish, J. McCrum, M. Nunnenkamp, P. Moran. FOURTH R. Mercurio, P. O'Neil. SECOND ROW: A. Meltzer, K. O'Leary, ROW: G. Meekins, J. McGoey, W. Newman, J. Mulvey, B. C. Mooney, P- MOf1'fl9l, l-- MUSCI4- THIRD ROW! G- MIFUS, A- Nugent. NOT SHOWN: R. Melito, R. Miller, B. Molese. 113 I vm qw ,.,,, ' ,ff'k ff J L 'Cb Homeroom 2 I 7 Mrs. Pollack FIRST ROW, L. to R: A. Pierson, P. Pisano, A. Reilly, J. Pallas, D. Quick, Mrs. Pollack, SECOND ROW: D. Parisette, J. A. Ranish, D. Paul, A. Rivierzo, C. Rerecich, M. A. Portale. THIRD ROW: G. Pauze, P, Paftinos, L. Piperno, D, Prichard, Homeroom 220 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. O'Connor, M. Scaley, R. Rubin, C. Sarch, R. Schoemmell. SECOND ROW: J. Rizzotti, G. San- ders, F. Schneider, M. Rosenblum, I. Ryan, D. Rubie. THIRD ROW: J. Roberts, M, Saylor, D. Rose, E. Schmidt, .9 R. Poska, J. Owens, R. Rice. FOURTH ROW: S. Preziosi, L Reeh, G. Pesca, F, Pallas, N. Plant, J. Rasmussen, R. Perrell, P. Reinhard. NOT SHOWN: J. Rinaldo. NINTH Mr. O'Connor L, Scheman, C. Rykert. FOURTH ROW: M. Ruland, F. Saylor R. Schmidt, J. Russell, R. Ross, A. Robb. NOT SHOWN: V Russo, A. Saxon. af 114 Homeroom 22 I FIRST ROW, L. to R: N. Smith, G. Soper, B. Schultz, J. Spitz, E. Slivu, D. Slivcl, Miss Moran. SECOND ROW: F. Schwone- wede, T. Sherman, I, Seldes, W, Schoen, S. Smith, E. Skid- more. THIRD ROW: J, Strassle, P. Stowell, C. Smith, D. Stout, GRADE Homeroom 222 FIRST ROW, L. to R1 Miss Bird, C. Vollet, J. Truver, J. Teiese, V. Thaler. SECOND ROW: L. Sweezey, A. Todd, M. Truch- tenburg, V. Treolc, B. Voelker, A. Taylor. THIRD ROW: J. I 115 Miss Moran C. Scopinich, E, Smith, H. Smith. FOURTH ROW: A. Starks, P. Stolberg, J. Spcirling, J. Sigloin, S, Smith, J. Stork. NOT SHOWN. R. Soglicizzo, Miss Bird Tobio, L. Tcxrry, E. Teller, L. Vernon, L. Vernon, M, Taylor FOURTH ROW: R. Turellu, G. Swanson, A. The-iss, H. Stumpt l. Turner. J Homeroom 224 Mrs. Rhoads FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Rhoads, L. Zimmerman, J. Wolis, R. Weston, V. White, N. Wilson, J. Zimmermon, W. Watson V. Wrann, S. Waddell. SECOND ROW: R. Volpe, D. Wright, M. Washington. FOURTH ROW: S. White, V. Warm, L B. Waters, B. Weed, L. Wolleman, S, Young. THIRD ROW: Young, J. Yeno, N. Wright. NOT SHOWN: S, Zaikowski. NINTH GRADE Homemaking-Miss Damis --eww . ' , XTT' 116 Economic World-Miss Spelmdn English I Latin I Miss Buckovich Mr. Kelly Elementary Business-Miss Coogen 117 .46 Locker Room at Dismissal Faculty Advisor Miss Ruth More SOPHOMQRE LASS FFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Frank Leone Allen Homan Daniel CiOTTi ,,, M gnu 495 411147, Treasurer Social Secretary G. O. Representative Meri Shebar Chuck Lieppe Nancy Berman FEM QP" ks., 118 Homeroom IOI Mr. Natterer FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Nalttetrer, L. Bagowitz, E. Arenella, D. Ahrens, J. Bennett, E. Bechtold, C. Behrens, V. Agnitti ,J P. Albanese, N. Berman, IR3.JArcuri, J. Berger. SECOND R. Berg, R. Berman, J. Barnes, FOURTH ROW: G. Akst, N ROW: W. Bannon, C. AIbafs.hI'J. Bagatelle, D. Bern, K. Bau- Baselice, B. August, J. Atwell, A, Barchas, L. Barber, S . f mann, C. Belliteri, CEX Almgfda, J. 'Andrews. THIRD ROW: Becker, F. Albrecht. NOT SHOWN: B. Barrett, J, Barrett. X it ' 1 jiri xI II . . VY . . 5. ' f ' 1' ,K NX U 'I -JV I 'V' . X S J IE TH GRADE ' F Lx ' I NF, I JAY QJ Xi Tig, Rx 'S X20 IQ. ii I , rr-1' ix :I X I '-J J asf' I W I Homeroom IO2 Mr. Zuaro FIRST ROW, L. to R: T, Brown, D. Brook, R. Brown, C. Berthe, Burg, R. Berthold, M. Burger, R, Brown, R. Browning N. CarcIinaIe, M. Burchtield, Mr. Zuaro. SECOND ROW: E. FOURTH ROW: E. Briggs, G. Birk, R. Braaten, D. Cardone Carle, J. Carnival, S, Borris, B. Boriss, R. Burger, S. Brady, R. Camarda, M. Bitfar, G. Bosch. NOT SHOWN: R. Brocl K. Brown. THIRD ROW: R. Bracco, F. Carillo, J. Blewett, R. erick, R. Brown. 119 Homeroom I O3 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Lucas, E. Cornish, L. Dovison, J. Denza, L. Cook, A. Curran, S, Conrod. SECOND ROW: D'Arcy, S. Collins, V, Coughlin, B. Chimeri, K. Combs, M. Cox, C. Cusamono, E. Cosquarelli. THIRD ROW: C. Cruick- shank, D. Ciofti, K. Cassidy, R. Collins, T. Carroll, C. Dan- Homeroom I04 FIRST ROW, L. to R: P. Dietrich, A. Egeland, J. Fisher, A. Edwards, J. Donoto, D. Feinsilber, Mrs. Thompson. SECOND ROW: E. Fishman, K. Espinet, S. Falk, R, Faath, R. Eliscu, L. Donow, D. Duckworth, L. Egon. THIRD ROW: J. Dunnet, Mr. ,Lucas -gerfield, Y- DeVeau, G. Deis, J. Cosenza. FOURTH ROW: A. Davidsen, B. Comrie, T. Denton, E. deLutio, K, Diesl, J, D'Amico, H. Crispyn, L. Carvell. NOT SHOWN: J. Cun- ningham, J. Cattano. TE TH Mrs. Thompson J. Fischer, R. Equi, S. Durkes, M. Fellman, L. Enos, T. Dileo A. Faigelman, C. A. DiGregorio. FOURTH ROW: L. Feder W, Enright, B. Doran, H. Elias, K. Fischel, R. Fleischer, R Feinson, R. Fey. NOT SHOWN: F. Farhadi, R. Drescher. ,- . ., C Ss 1- 1: 120 Homeroom IO8 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Miss Tewksbury, B. Glade, B. Grill, N. Friedman, l. Goldstein, C. Goldstein, S. Giftlifz. SECOND ROW: M. Gold, E. Gasper, K. Eclcsfein, K. Gleon, B. Good- hue, C. Greemqeld, P. Fonfana. THIRD ROW: A. Frost, B. GRADE Homeroom I IO FIRST ROW, L. To R: Miss More, M. Hefzel, V. Guiltoyle, P. Hall, A. Holsfer, R. Hemeke, R. Harrington. SECOND ROW: J. Helfond, G. Holgren, J. L. Hernandez, C. Holmes, J. Han- ley, B. Hilko, V. Grosser, J, Hilton, A. Grosser, A. Homan. THIRD ROW: S. Hiller, R. Hauser, L. Hennessy, C. Herberger, Miss Tewksbury Fries, R. Gerzof, R. Gordon, K. Greenfield, J. Forker. FOURTH ROW: W. Gerclo, H. Greenberg, W. Gilreath, W. Gagliardi, E. Geyer, W. Greene, M. Frank. NOT SHOWN: J. Frank, C. Fredricson, R. Fuge. Miss More G. Handley, H. Holzman, S. Hoflman, W. Gronick. FOURTH ROW: R. Gross, L. Harding, J. Herendeen, M. Grodd, A. Handley, R. Gullotta, J. Hagens. NOT SHOWN: M. Hol- brook. 121 Homeroom I I2 Miss Estock FIRST ROW, L. to R: R. Klowas, J. Keene, W. Koehler, A. Kohlmeyer, R. Hueglin, D. Howard, J. Koehler, L. Johnson, Kasof, M. Jenkins, G. Klein, Miss Estock. SECOND ROW: J. Jockin, K, Jarvis. FOURTH ROW: R. Hull, F. Justice, R. M, Keleher, K. Hughes, J. Hubbard, J. Jones, L. Keller, S. Jones, C, Kent, R. Kern, L. Jackson, B. Jerram. NOT Kouimani, C. Key, S. Janaver. THIRD ROW: W. Jones, R. SHOWN: R. Jackson, L. Jannson. TE TH Homeroom I I6 Miss Simpson FIRST ROW, L. to R: Miss Simpson, D. Lawrence, T. Loeftier, rior, E. Lemmey, R. Levitt, J. Levine, R. Levy, C. Laino. P. Lessler, M. Krieger, J. Lovgren, W. Kraemer. SECOND FOURTH ROW: W. Little, T. Laveglia, J. Krut, F. Luather, J. ROW: J. Lidford, A. Lein, L. Lorie, G. Kuehling, L. Lambert, Kunzmonn, J, Little, T. Lynch, G. Lowenthal, C. Lieppe, F. E. Levin, J. Mauro. THIRD ROW: A. Letizia, W. Levy, S. La- Leone. I Jlt ..g1... L... - 1 2 2 Homeroom I I 8 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Walting, C. Marius, L, Masterson, M. McLaughlin, R. Melle, M. J. McKIllop, S. Minnerly. SECOND ROW: A. McLellan, R. McNutt, C. Marks, A. Mc- Laughlin, R. McKal1aray, A. Marone, M. Milford, J. Marko- witz. THIRD ROW: J. McGee, T. McDonald, A, Miller, W. GRADE Homeroom I 20 FIRST ROW, L. to R: J. Neary, A. Pagnozzi, W. Park, R. Nass, E. Mitthauer, C, Nichols, S. Neimeth, Mr. Blake. SECOND ROW: S. O'DonneIl, J. Ostrander, P. Mintz, O. Myers, L. Nelson, M. Ott, A. Noll, N. Panagakos, M. Nelson. THIRD ROW: W. Olsen, W. Minnick, K, Morley, E. Nolan, Mr. Walting McDougall, A. Messing, R, Matteson, R. Marinaccio, D. Meltzer, J. Marcus, FOURTH ROW: C. Mclntyre, L. Mc- Mahan, D. Mahnken, D. Malburg, B. Martin, A. Meinhold, S. Meringoft, E. McCauley, P. Mead. NOT SHOWN: J. Michealsen. Mr. Blake R. Murman, R. Muller, J. Pawelka, E. Odom, P. Nagy. FOURTH ROW: R. Nelson, H. Myers, A. Newell, R. Ochs, C. Nelson, A. Mogtader, G. Moralez, K, Muldowney. NOT SHOWN: D. Morton, G. Montross. . ,MM . 1-W W-. ... . ,. inw. 123 Homeroom I 2 I Mr. Levm FIRST ROW, L. to R: J, Perry, C. Rieder, G. Post, J. Paz, D. Pfitzer, J. Pelliccia T Re T Primavera C Porter G Rich Pirodsky, A. Poses, Mr. Levin. SECOND ROW: J. Pettengill, qrdgcn, FOURTH ROW R Reeh L Porter R Potowskl F J, Riccardi, M. Radin, J. Raynor, C. Renton, J. Phillips, M. Rgndqll, T, Rice, R Powell R Reed NOT SHOWN J Rat K. Pugh, P. Rapp. THIRD ROW: A. Pratesi, D. Reback, E. kowitz, K. Rhodes. 1 im " V- 'Q HA th' V I . V, I, l VA f fy: . W PM '-5' 1 'Nfl-JD' I ,J V I . . - N , . 4. i 1 ls., rs- L, -xr: , I, l A , .SJ f . Homeroom I22 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Bickford, J. Sandowski, C. Roberts, C. Schoonmaker, N, Schaap, P. Rubie, L. Sanders. SECOND ROW: M. Rinando, R. Ruggero, A. Sanguigni, G. Sanders, S. Saxon, N, Ryan, J. Scherer. THIRD ROW: A. Roth, G. Sass, A. Rosenbloom, A. Saczynski, R. Ruger, M. Rothstein, 1-o ,I L -:IA 1 S", - .. . 4 "1 ' - l Ql . A ' ff' i ' P is L.. .. Mr. Bickford D. Ryder. FOURTH ROW M Scammon B Ruben M Saltz man, G. Schmiftzeh D Rykert G Roberts R Ryan NOT SHOWN: A. Rizzo J Rolle B Salter U Samuels G San ders, E. Scalisi. WH . 124 -ffgj Homeroom I2-4 FIRST ROW, L. to R: P. Sheehan, K. Shields, G. Spelina, S. Stamper, A. Silver, M. Shebar, Mr. Cook. SECOND ROW: M. Stein, A. Smith, J. Slingerlancl, R. Spano, R. Stock, S. Smith, R.' Stanek, C. Schram, W. Schuessler. THIRD ROW: D. Simson, G, Spinoccio, N. Shetterman, L. Southard, R. GRADE Homeroom I26 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Johnson, G. Walsh, R. Sweeney, J. Tyler, M, A. Trotta, M. Veziris, M. Vande-tt. SECOND ROW: J. Taylor, C. Vollmer, R. Wallace, J. White, R. Van- clett, N. Vigiani, G. Velten, A. Thayer, R. Vogel. THIRD Mr. Cook Steigert, B. Stautfer, S. Scotti, M. Simpson. FOURTH ROW: W Supon, E. Stern, L. Smevik, T. Stamm, B. Sullivan, F. Suther land, M. Schuhen, K. Stebner. NOT SHOWN: J. Santoro, P Smith, E. Sogliuzzo, V. Somers. Mr. Johnson ROW: R. Sylvester, W. Walsh, J. Walsh, C. Watson, D Walis, J.: Vorbeck, N. Wallace, E. Varmus. FOURTH ROW R. Warnke, N. Toelle, J. Talbot, F. Velez, R. Tyson, R. Terry E. Waite. 125 .Mn yi V ,f f GAY, M.. Homeroom 2I I Miss Murphy FIRST ROW, L. To R1 A. Wolff, A. Yock, J. Wilson, J, Woods, O. Young, M. Wolloncl, Miss Murphy. SECOND ROW: W. Willefs, L. Wechsler, J. Weed, B. Wille, K. Wimrner, THIRD TE TH 'F' sqxr ROW: F. West, E. Zezimo, R. Watson, M. J, Wolff, W. Wiese- necker. FOURTH ROW: L. Wilson, T. Waters, L. Worsley, W. ZuBiIIer, R. Wilson. NOT SHOWN: D. Williams. GRADE Biology Mr. Natterer I.. 1 'wi ii Typing Mr. Warner 126 Health Mr. Beck Spanish II ,. Miss Gronenberg World History-M r. Reed , 5 I f 127 Q 3 My XXL' fx Advisor Mr. Russell Terry .IU IOR CLASS prom QFHCER Junior President Vice-Presidenf Secreiary Jerry Cardone Marti Bryan? Stella Pcwlakis Treasurer Social Secretary G.O. Representative Joe Epstein Joan Verona Suzanne Study fx fa if 128 4 i i r. ri ii ,. i E 3 i 2 J i 1 4 4 l x .. X i i ,' ' T Homerooom, I GO rr Mrs. Albert FIRST ROW, L. for R: Mrs. Alberi, cfimpibell, l. Balazs, K !'!! Bresnahan, C. Bernstein, ML Almeyda, J. Allen, T. Azzara, K. A. Coppolo, F. Bafechs, F. Baumann, J. Abel. SECOND ROW: .AVy, B, Baehr..FOURTH ROW: D. Blanck, G. Bragg, D. Cooke, P. Cook, M. Bryant, J. Alcorn, N. Andreu, J. Cacciafore, L. H-. Conrafzl, L. l.Bushell, C. Boren, E. Carter, M. Collins, J. Bochan, G. Ciraolo, L. Anfon. THlRD ROW: C. Blanche, P55 Bonellli, l. Barth. ELEVE TH GR DE Homeroom I OO Mr. Breedlove FlRST ROW, L, to R: R. Cavaco, H. Berns, R. Carney, C. THIRD ROW: P. Baker, J. Brophy, E. Brefz, R. Bayer, S. Bar- Ciorri, M. Bristow, W. Ashley, Mr. Breedlove. SECOND asch. FOURTH ROW: M. Bernstein, M. Beneville, J. Carswell, ROW: C. Bolling, D. Cooper, J. Cardone, R. Bean, W. Braulf. C. Berger, F. Bloom. 129 5 cv J' 'i ., K . xl 1 '. N X li K J I XJ? li A fy 1 1 ll X. XJ lkl Zigi", 'X fl sl h K ,ip W w4534!f?HomerqomxliO7 ri J J f mill Xbjk-HIRSQSQNRQ R: Sm Cromer, J. Eisqnxs5QI5V. Gojsfello, . I xl Dgliljill-e , C9xre'lgneQpDT Edelm Temp jSECOND U R?lN1llQ1, as1lwool7,QJ.EckeRTQ frigcn, .Crutcl'ifield, ,X Kaitlin, AR! Drabi. RO :V . Cormoclc, R. il .yi ii x Cl H 'J XX AP! H Lllg my XX ' lb y .. 55 W A - QA ' iw J N if ' Q Uxx N gp 4 if X Gameroom I O9 FIRST ROM L. To R: Miss Brown, M. Emerson, M. A. Geraci, E. Fantozzi, C. Friedman, M. Gefler, J. Garbo. SECOND ROW: E. Ford, M. Falvey, J. Foirberg, J. Friedman, A. Fer- rer, L. Frey, P. Frisch, THIRD ROW: J. Flint, J. Erwin, W. 'lv 23 lx 1 3 I f i! an li 'Q I l, .L Miss Temple m FQXQ Ehli, D. DeCarion, A. Devereciux, G. Cole, R. Eiseman, T. Doran, FOURTH ROW: D, Durland, S. Corso, C. Eckhart, P. Diamond, V. Cordes, D. Corwin. NOT SHOWN: J. Corn- well, M. Diliberio, D. Ebling. Miss Brown ELEVE TH Glanclorf, P. Emerson, W. Foss, R. Geller, M. Gilinson, K. Eriksen, R. Giomalfeo, FOURTH ROW: R. Gaswirllw, R. Gib- son, J. Geary, P. Godt, J. Flannery, H. Gelling, E. Ellison, J. Epstein. NOT SHOWN: M. Fishel, P. Friscio. J' 1 " l G pl 1 if ' i I wT 'J I 1 TQ: V i ss. . A I 130 C7 Homeroom I I I FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Terry, J. Helwig, W. Greene, F. Hamilton, C. Guisto, D. Guittard, J. Henry. SECOND ROW: J. Heinz, S. Holland, J. Hirschmugl, S. Gray, J. Hilton, R. Hetzel, G. Hayes, C. Hines. THIRD ROW: A. Hobbs, R. Henke, D. Goldstein, M. Goldstein, M3 Goldmanb Rziilreen- f 'i'715W5lL'll LL ily!! TH Q I., M , .il U M30 X UMM N N J., If KQVJJ rj?" 9' J I X fly 'SMI Vi if' Homeroom I I 5 FIRST ROW, L. to R: B. lngber, L. Johnson, M. Kimball, I. Irby, H. Johnston, D. Holten, Miss Hutt. SECOND ROW: E. Kennedy, L. Johnson, C. Longworth, H. Kessler, S. Kaplan, S, Klein, B. James, J. Holmes. THIRD ROW: K. Joyce, B. Mr. Terry blatt, C. Hammond, L. Hoftmann. FOURTH ROW: H. Grit mon, D. Goldsmith, A. Goodridge, D. Griffiths, D. Hanson J. Hiller, C. Hennig, R. Hennessy. NOT SHOWN: C. Gold blatt, D. Halouska, G. Hartentels. Miss Huff Jefferson, B. Hyman, J. Keleher, D. Kimball, E. Hunt, B Jacobson, P. M, Kenny, A. Hueglin. FOURTH ROW: D. Keene M. Kearney, F. Jacobson, W, Ierna, R, Klein, S. Kearney, A. Jennings, H. Kiss, D. Klar. NOT SHOWN: R. Keller, T. Kelly 131 A aa' FIRST Lewis, ROW Kraus, Lang, ROW, L. to R: Miss Sickels, Y. Laing, S. Krieger, D. R. 5. J. W. Miss Sickels oll, B. Martin, B. Mazor. FOURTH ROW: G. McAfee, J. Mal- Iin, M. McCormack, W. Lambert, J. LaFreniere, J. McCormack, W. Mapes, W. Marinoccio. NOT SHOWN: E. Lacy, R. Lam- Homeroom I I7 Mandelboum, F. Lambertsen, S. Kretko. SECOND Lafata, G. Johnson, B, Morotto, B. Longsam, M. Long, M. McGreevy, S. McGill. THIRD ROW: R. Lompert, M. Levy, A. McGuirk, R. Martin, J. Less- ELEVE TH Homeroom I I9 Mr. Halleran FIRST ROW, L. to R: Mr. Halleron, K. McLaughlin, J. McLeod, Mclntyre, M. Miller, A. Munro, J. Nilson, D, Morrock. FOURTH ROW: R. Mossman, L. Mintz, H. Myers, J. Moran, H. Moore, T. Oliver, P. Moore, B. Meyers. SECOND ROW: J- Millefi G. M6ClO9liO, J- Mlllef, 5- NESS, C- Olsen, V- J, Muth, G, Wright, E. Moore, T. Moeller. NOT SHOWN: M. O'Byrne, J. Newbery. THIRD ROW: L. Murray, T. Oddo, S. O'Connel, D. Odell, C. O'Brien. l. X S' K 132 1 V-4 f M. MW... . , Homeroom 2 I 2 FIRST ROW, L. to R: M. Tyson, O. Popov, W. O'Neill, J. Sandak, P. Reed, J. Salmon, Mr. Stern. SECOND ROW: E. Woods, R. Regan, B. Breh, J. Rubie, S. Pavlakis, P. Regan, K. Provenzano, R. Paoze. THIRD ROW: W. Rubin, R. Peter- GRADE Homeroom 2 I 3 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Miss Cushman, B. Sperling, J. A. Si- mone, M. Simmons, N. Stanley, G. Slomin, L. Schuhen. SECOND ROW: R. A. Smith, P. Snyder, G. Townsend, M. Sim- mons, R. Steckler. THIRD ROW: J. Scopinich, S. Smith, S. Som- Mr. Stern sen, M. Rerecich, S. Ozsvath, J. Ringer, M. Powelson, R. Posa, K. Reback. FOURTH ROW: W. Reader, A. Rasmussen, T. Schlegel, L. Rivierzo, A. Russell, W. Russell. NOT SHOWN: G, Schandel. Miss Cushman ers, R. Smith, P. Segall, W. Storz, S. Smith. FOURTH ROW M. Silverman, J. Spinelli, R. Spinoccia, C. Schorer, P. Schmitt- zeh, J. Stewart. NOT SHOWN: A. Schneider, P. Snedeker, A. Snyder, S. Sommo. I-.. ... ...M--X C..,.... ,M ., ..-.,,- . 133 Homeroom 2 I 6 FIRST ROW, L. To R: Miss While, B. Sullo, A. Sieiner, S, Sfudy, S. Targia, SECOND ROW: B. Trachf, C. Stock, B. Towle, S. Thomas, J. Verona, N. Tuthill. THIRD ROW: A. Sweezey, L. Taylor, G. Talbot, P. Sullivan, H. Tibbs. FOURTH ELEVE TH Homeroom 2 I 9 FIRST ROW, L. to R: S. Zimmerman, J. Whiify, J. Watson, K. Watson, D. Valenti, J. Waell, Mr. Bellamore. SECOND ROW: I. M. Nutz, S. Williamson, B, Bopper, D. Yekel, B. Miss White ROW: R. Vivian, R, Taus, R. Tamara, M. Versocki, S. Spade F. Stalzer, J, Sweet. NOT SHOWN: S. Sfrufin, J. Sweezey W. Veziris. GRADE Mr. Bellamore Watson. THIRD ROW: A. Werder, W. Uschok, E. Woisin M. Weiner, L. Young, D. Wright. FOURTH ROW: P. Warnke M. Yahnker, F. Wertz, J. Walker, D. Wayne, N, Wesf. N N-1 E . 'R 134 Physics Math II Mr. Stern Mr. Major Elementary Drawing Miss Constable I 4" f . , ' ,nn ' ,-md French III' Miss Cushman X SENI o - 137 President Sophie Poulos Treasurer Lynn Murray 5 N..-fw "4 Waiting for ' Guidance Faculty Adviser Miss Ruth Richter SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'Wd' Vice-President Sec,-efqry Margie Cleary Bob Smith Social Secretary G. O. Representative Bob Tqylor 'Mark Shefferman FREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL FREEPORT. NEW YORK FREEPORT 8-2730 J. WESLEY SOUTHARD. PRINCIPAL IRVING B FRANKLIN ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL T960 YEARBOOK MESSAGE The Old - The New A few short decades ago a high school opened its doors on Pine Street in Freeport as the climax of a community project that included a bond issue, the purchase of a site, and the erection of a modern, two-story brick building. This provided the village in the twenties with a new, up-to-date high school geared to meet the academic, cultural, so- cial, and athletic needs ofthe youth ofthe area. The school boasted a fine gym and a beautiful auditorium. It prided itself on the suc- cesses ot its debating teams. It initiated one of the 'first National Honor Society Chapters on Long Island. lt organized a Junior High School. It stimulated the talented, prodded the indolent, encouraged the slow. lt witnessed the Depression, sent men and women to the wars. Then it felt the pressure of post-war growth and could no longer meet the needs of a growing community in our modern world. A few short months ago the cornerstone was laid tor a new high school in Freeport, again the climax of a community project - a bond issue, the purchase ot a site, and the erection ot a beautiful, modern building. This will once again provide the village of Free- port, in the sixties, with a two-story, brick building especially designed to meet the present-day needs of Freeport's youth in a world challenged by space, automation, and the search for moral and spiritual integrity. From the Old to the New! May the spirit of Freeport High School live tomorrow as it did yesterday and as it does today. 6lx,oM9...gS J. Wesley Southard, Principal Freeport High School 139 SUE ADDISON Sue, a reserved but friendly person, is on active partici- pant in swimming, ice-skat- ing, and bowling. Her future as a stewardess is bound to keep her in the clouds. Bowling 4. JOYCE ADKINS Joyce, a cute girl with a bubbling personality, enioys bowling, ice-skating, and swimming. After college Joyce is sure to be a suc- cessful elementory school teacher. Lib, Club 2,3,4, Science Club 2,3,4, FTA 4, Bowling 2,3,4. JOAN ALBACH Perky and peppy is our gal Joani. Full of enerQY, she enioys bowling, singing, and sewing. In the future she will don the white cop of a nurse. Lib. Club 3, V.P 4, Science Club 2,3, Treos. 4, Bowling l,2,3,4. JO ANN ALBANESE The possessor of C: very sweet personality, Jo Ann finds enioyment in a refresh- ing game of tennis. Upon graduation, she will become an efficient addition to some fortunate office staff. GENE ALBEE A well-known indulgent in "crazy" parties, "Corky" also "digs" pizzas and good iazz. ln the future he hopes to hear the sound of money to the tune of 320,000 a year. Marching Band l,2,3,4, Con- cert Band l,2,3,4, Track 2. 'if 'tix WY' 'kann VT"- gg., JUDITH ALEXANDER Judi, o sincere and stead- fast friend, possesses a keen sense of humor. Her cheerful nature and love of music and reading assure her success as o librarian, Honor Soc. l,3,4, FlasHingS l,2,3p H,R. Mgr. 2. EDITH ALFANO Edie, good-notured and en- ergetic, spends much of her time working after school and likes to attend sorority meetings. This avid auto- racing fan hopes for a fu- ture as an l.B.M. operator. FHA l,2,3,4, Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Hockey l. JOHN ALTIERE John, better known as "Snake" to all of the guys, has a friendly smile and a hello for everyone. ln the fu- ture, he hopes to attend the Merchant Marine Academy. Track l,2,3,4, Cross Country 3,4. 140 PETER ANGUS A future construction engi- neer, Pete possesses a quiet and reserved nature coupled with an easy-going disposi- tion. Friendly and good- looking, Pete is a boating, water-skiing, and bowling enthusiast. CORINNE APTER "Vicki," who is a tiny and vivocious brunette, loves a good time, Her outside ac- tivies center around music, particularly popular and iazz selections. She hopefully looks forward to a college education. FTA 3,4, Hockey l,2, Honor Team 3,4, Bowling l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3. DOLORES ARCURI "Dee," a sophisticated mademoi- selle, takes great pleasure in babysitting, swimming, and boat- ing. In the years to come, this conscientious worker will watch calories as a dietician. FHA 2, V.P. 3,4, Volleyball 2,3, Basketball 2. KENNETH BAGATELLE Sports-minded and very conscien- tious, Ken has been a sincere contributor to FHS. He is certain to attain success as a certified public accountant. Key Club 3, Treas. 4, H.R. Mgr. 3, Red Cross 3, Football Mgr. I. LINDA BALCHI Lynn, a sunny gal with a charm- ing personality, enioys bowling, sorority meetings, and dancing. In her "crystal baII," sociable Lynn sees a 'Future as an l.B.M. operator. Band l,2,3. MARIE BALDWIN Vibrant and enthusiastic "Happi" lists among her likes sorority meetings, church work, sports, and music. Reading, writing, and 'rithmetic will fill the day of this future elementary teacher. FTA 3,4, l-I.R. Mgr. 2,3,4, Table Tennis l,2,4, Bowling I,2,3,4, Archery 2,4. EDWARD BEERS Good looks and a ready wit have made Eddie popular and will no doubt assure his future success. Although an after-school iob consumed much time, he found opportunities for work on his car. Cross Country 2. MARY LEE BELMONT Hailing from Potsdam, New York, personable Mary has an affinity for swimming, bowling, and dancing. While at Potsdam this future medical secretary partici- pated in basketball, volleyball, badminton, and soccer. ANTHONY ARENELLA The "atomic kid" - vim, vigor, and vitality - Tony aspires to be another Clarence Darrow. His in- terests range from classical and jazz music to reading and boating. Honor Soc. l,3,4, H.R. Mgr. 2,3, Voyageur 4, Cheerleader 3,4, Leader Corps 3, Baseball I,2,3, Basketball Mgr. 2,3. JOHN BAILEY Small in stature but brawny in build, "Bailey" has many inter- ests including cars, diving, and water-skiing. This fun-loving guy hopes to make his mark in the world as a contracting engineer. CAROL BALDWIN Carol, sweet and unassuming, is a persuasive Varsity Shop sales- woman who enioys playing the piano and listening to records. The secretarial field will find an able colleague in this miss. Lib. Club 4, FHA I, Volleyball l. RICHARD BARCHAS Rich enioys all kinds of sports but is also especially interested in astronomy and has built his own telescope. His keen aptitude in math and science insures his future as an engineer Track l,2,3,4. PATRICIA BEHLEN Patti, a lovely combination of friendliness, gaiety, and talent, enioys dancing, singing, and cooking. A popular vocalist at G.O. dances, she is sure to be a success in the entertainment field. Girls' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 4, FHA 3. RICHARD BENSON Richie's friends know that when he's around there's never a dull moment. Although he is interested in cars and sports, the future will find him "rolling in dough" as a baker. Football 2,3, Lacrosse 2,3. ALAN BERGMAN Alan combines academic studies with concentrated study in show business and classical ballet. Having appeared an T.V. and with the N.Y.C. Ballet Company, he has been rewarded with scholarships from the foremost teachers and ballet schools in the world. LAURI BERMAN This diminutive, loquacious, and personable miss aspires to go into the field of interpreting7 lan- guages are her forte. She has been a diligent worker at the Cerebral Palsy Center. FTA 2,3,47 Science Club 37 Bad- minton 27 Senior Play 3,4. ELAINE BERNER Elaine, an import from Halsey Junior High School, enioys swim- ming and bowling. Soon she'll be off "into the wild blue yonder" as an airline hostess. Softball 2,3,47 Hockey 2,47 Bowl- ing 3,47 Table Tennis 4. PETER BERNSTEIN Pete is noted for his casual in- dividuality and ability at getting himself "put on the spot." The future will find him styling mod- ernistic homes for his fellow students. MARTIN BLUESTEIN Adding a ioke and a flash of wit to any gathering, "Butch" is in- terested in all sports. His intel- ligence and energy will aid his success after college. Football I7 Basketball l,27 Base- ball l,2,3,4. DAVID BLUMENTHAL Dave, a sharp comedian, is in- terested in sports and music. His pleasant personality will undoubt- edly win him success as a busi- ness executive. Bowling l. IRWIN BERKOWITZ Definitely the outdoor type, tall and handsome "Butch" enioys football, baseball, hunting, fish- ing, and boating. This good- natured recruit from North High School will cut an impressive figure in his serviceman's uni- form. MICHAEL BERMAN "Where there's life, there's Mike" who enjoys speed skating, water skiing and boating. He hopefully looks forward to a future filled with stethoscopes and x-ray ma- chines as a doctor. Concert Band l,2,47 Marching Band l,2,47 Bowling l,2, Capt. 3,47 Baseball l,3,4. THOMAS BERNHARDT "Jeff," who has dark hair and blue eyes, enchants the maidens with his sly wink and pleasant smile, The future holds for him a career as a Navy Airman. CARL BIATHROW Carl's genial personality and great sense of humor combine to make him a 1002, regular guy who is always fun to be with. He will seek a career as a bi- ology teacher. Key Club 3,47 Dance Comm. 47 J.V. Basketball 27 Track 2,37 Cheerleading Co-Capt. 3,4. FRANCINE BLUM Sweet and spirited Tina has' been trying all through her high school years to invent a growing pilll Although unsuccessful in this endeavor, she's sure to make a wonderful teacher. FTA 2,3,-47 Hockey I7 Bowling l,2, 3,47 Softball 'l,2i Basketball l,2, 3,47 Volleyball 2,3. BONITA BRAININ A Winsome miss with dark hair and a cute figure, Bonnie's in- terests include modern dancing and swimming. Next year will find haf in college. FTA 3,47 Girls' Chorus 4. ARTHUR BRASCH Fun-loving, friendly Artie finds radio interiors of par- ticular interest to him. He hopes to utilize this enthu- siasm when he specializes in the field of electronics in the Air Force. ROBERT BRAVERMAN Bob and good times go to- gether. This athletic fellow is definitely inclined toward dancing, cars, boating and weight-lifting. College is his next step. Football l,2, Track l,2,3,4. DONALD BRlCKER Smiling and happy, Don is always around when there's fun to be had. A future re- search pharmacist, he enthu- siastically enioys music and camping. Chorus lp Junior Band l,2, Concert Band 3,45 Science Club 3,4. DONALD BRIGGS This "hot-rod" enthusiast, when not customizing his car, listens to rock'n'roll or pro- gressive iazz. His quiet but winning personality should make him a well-liked person- nel manager. Marching Band l,2,3,4, Con- cert Ba nd l,2,3,4. DOUGLAS BROWN Doug's chipper and bright personality, as well as his good sense of humor, has won him many friends. His love for tinkering with radios and hi-fi's will no doubt insure his success as an electrical engineer. Track l. STEPHEN BROWN Steve, spirited and suave, is at ease strumming the guitar or playing the drums. His "cool" combo, the Steve Brown Quartet, has given him the needed experience to be a successful music teacher. Marching Band 2,3,4, Con- cert Band 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4. WILLIAM BUCK Bill, a good-looking blond with a "sharp" crewcut, en- ioys sports, especially water skiing, swimming and skat- ing. His burning ambition is to retire at nineteen. VIOLA BUTLER ".lo Jo," an original dresser who can always be found Where there's fun, enioys singing and collecting iazz records. A future as a secre- tary awaits her. Volleyball 3, Basketball 'lg Softball 2,3. 143 SUSAN CALKINS Sue, a cute gal with a de- lightfully cheerful disposition, enioys sorority meetings and bowling. Her interest in chil- dren will assure her success as a kindergarten teacher. JOSEPH CANUEL Joe, a humorist, likes cars, hunting small game, and baseball. A navy career is in store for this lad, whose present desire is to grow three inches taller. ANTHONY CARI LLO Tony, a conscientious, hard- working and sincere student, is fascinated by mathematics. His competence in this field will certainly lead him to a successful science career. Honor Soc. 4. .iw i A s I , , iffy,-W ggi. kffigtyizgfi V .Ts 'mxtf it I Ti -s ,i I 'l RICHARD CARLISLE JAMES CARUCC, had t, ,ji T g Richie, who contributed highly one of Ashleyg formidable ADRC to the success of Freeport's outstanding football team, is an enthusiastic weight lifter and all-round fine athlete. He aspires to become an ofticer in the Marines. Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3, Track i. backfield men, Jim sports a nice smile and broad shoul- ders. Quiet, but possessing a terrific sense of humor, he plans to enter the field ot engineering. Baseball l, Football 2,3,4, Lacrosse 2,3,4. This attractive missfirifiudes boating and wcwerfsports among her interests. The pos- sessor of much creative ability, "A" aspires to be a commercial artist. Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Cho- rus 3p Hockey l,2. CHARLES CAVACO "Chas," a quiet, likeable guy whose main interests are boats and cars, has most of his time occupied by an after- school iob. The immediate fu- ture will tind him on one of Uncle Sam's ships. 6 we-X 'Cs 1-f wi? BARBARA CESTA Bobi, a cordial and warm- sports, music, hearted gal, likes dancing, Dixieland and Italian cooking. A future private secretary is in our midst: "Come in for dicta' tion, Miss Cestaf' i KATHRYN CHAIKO Tall and attractive Kathy gains pleasure frojtt' horse- back riding,, ,boating and aviation. Herjiht es and skill in art will a e het? Success ad a interior. decorator. f 'V FHA ii FTA34 jaw G 4. -. , , My I 's I P V y i ' ' I i' -I ' Jtfilfffl T' ji f ,.' A , 1 1 , 1 'AW MAUREEN CHRISTENSEN With her radiant smile and winning personality, Maureen is sure to make an invalu' able secretary. ln addition to sorority meetings and sports, she takes pleasure in sewing and reading. FTA 2, Hockey l,2,4, Volley- ball l,2, Bowling 4, Table Tennis 3,4, Archery 2,4. Pt. Y i bf lyff 1, u ' tl tiff? if Hllliy I 1 f li 1 ll, ly, V A V 1 g I X .xx ,l , n ' .gt . t, ,J ,'l l 4 J , 144 MARGARET CLEARY Margie, the last of the famed "Cleary Clan'f has, true to tradition, left a lasting im. Pression on FHS. As a math teacher her day will be filled with axioms, theorems, and equations. Class V.P. 4, Honor Soc. i,4, H.R. Mgr. l,31 Dance Comm. 3,4: P.A. 2,3,4, Girls' Chorus if Badminton 2,35 Volleyball 2,3. fvxg JANET CLEWNER A pretty girl with an abun- dance of charm, Janet cer- tainly is one of Freeport's fashion plates. Her dynamic energy and clever wit assure her success in any endeavor. Red Cross I, Hockey l,2, Volleyball i,2. MARY LOU COMBS Mary Lou, Freeport's tiny trooper, has a certain twinkle in her eyes that is iust one of this future sec- retary's attributes. Constituting her lively day are bowling, swimming and parties. Volleyball l,2, Basketball 'l,2, Bowling l,2. THERESA CONDOLEO A pretty miss with an amicable manner, "Tessie" enioys horse- back riding. The future will find her as a very successful beauti- cian, with waving lotion in one hand and a comb in the other. WALTER COOK Endowed with rugged good looks and a quiet but fun-loving per- sonality, Wally enioys swimming, outdoor man, he plans to enter the Navy after graduation Mixed Chorus 2,3 4, Boys Leader orps 2,3,4i9pAJX X boating, and water skiing. An C P it-ff ,. .Ag-ff-Qs 7, fre' J ff A of .f X- r -f l ...ii Q9-H9 'fe . ,.. owls' . , 'MQ- Jeff? LAI! 'Qt' J ity , -- . .?.e5?. , U Lge 5.30 cp- ' - 'Zim BARBARA COWAN 'Q xbAn energetic girl who finds en- ioyment in dancing, drawing, and participating in sports, cheerful, sociable Bobbie looks forward to success in the teach- ing profession. Archery 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Hockey l,2,3,4, Softball 2, Volley- ball l,2,3,4. CAROL CROPPER Carol, a blond and blue-eyed miss, is admired for her fashion- able appearance and subtle sense of humor. Her interests in draw- ing, designing, and the Ene arts will assure her success as a com- mercial artist. Girls' Chorus 2. VIRGINIA CRUICKSHANK Green-eyed Ginny, one of our zaniest cheerleaders, will surely succeed in any of her endeavors. Her athletic capers have earned her a high rating in the G.A.A. Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Student Leader 3,4, Cheerleader 3,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Softball l,2, 3,4, Basketball i,2,3, Honor Team 4, Hockey l,2,3,4. ANNE COMINOS The possessor of dark, flashing eyes and an effervescent person- ality, Anne enioys listening to the iazz of Dove Brubeck. After graduation, she will be an effi- cient secretary to some handsome executive. CAROLE CONRAD "Chicky," the possessor of a friendly smile, derives much pleasure from swimming and playing the accordion. Competent at typewriting, a future in the business world seems probable. Girls' Chorus l,2. BEATRICE COSGRAVE "Honey-Bea," a blithesome, en- thusiastic miss with an engaging smile, enioys ink sketching, paint- ing, and sports. Her outstanding artistic talent will carry her far in this field. Girls' Chorus l,2, Basketball 4, Bowling 4, Softball 2,4. HOPE CRADDOCK A delightful combination of good looks and gaiety, Hopey is a transfer from Baldwin. Capable with water colors and drawing pencils, she will become a com- mercial artist. Dance Comm. 2,3,4, Hockey 2,3, Softball 2, Tennis l. KAREN CRUICKSHANK A happy combination of sincerity and a quiet, but pleasant dispo- sition, Karen is an outdoor sports enthusiast. She plans to attend college and maior in zoology. Honor Soc. T, Girls' Chorus l,2, 3, V.P. 4, Mixed Chorus 3, News Service 3,4, Bus. Pub. 4, Science Club 3,4, Badminton 2,3,4, Bas- ketball l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Archery l,2,3,4, FTA 4. CAROL CRUTCHFIELD "Shorty" is a spicy, energetic girl who spends much of her time participating in sports and col- lecting iazz albums. Dial O and you will reach Carol, our future telephone operator. FHA, Volleyball l,2,4, Basketball l, Baseball 2, Hockey l,2. DOMINICK D'AMlCO Donnie, never without a smile, is heading for a career in the Army. Although he spends much time building models in his home- workshop, he also enioys listen- ing to rock'n'roll and iazz. ELIZABETH DAVIS Liz, an all-around gal, is an avid sports enthusiast. Her interests, centering around horseback ride ing and water sports, will assure her success as a physical educa- tion teacher. FTA 3,4p Lib. Club 3,4, Basketball l,2,4p Hockey I,2,4, Volleyball I, 2, Softball 3,4. STEPHEN DEAN Good-looking Steve has been a mainstay of the FHS Band for five years. His hard work with his own dance band will lead him to success in the Held of music. Marching Band I,2,3,4g Concert Band I,2,3,4, Executive Council 3,4. LILLIAN DEIS Lil, cheerful and charming, likes to spend her time dancing or listening to records. After attend- ing business school she will enter the world of typewriters and cof- fee breaks. Cour. Comm, 4. WILLIAM DENGEL Full of fun and mischief, Bill is an enthusiastic stamp collector who also enjoys bowling ond tinkering with cars. A future col- lege student, Bill shares the uni- versal desire to make money. Science Club 3,4f Bowling 4. LINDA BLANCHE DEVONSHIRE An outstanding FHS student, ami- cable Linda enioys social work and will attend college, with a career in teaching or labor re- lations to follow. Honor Soc. l,3,4p FTA 2, Carr. Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Lib. Club 3,4: Science Club 22, Usher l,2,3,4, Red Cross I,2,3,4f HR. Mgr, I,2. HELEN DANGEREIELD Slender, graceful Dannie is a so- rority member and an enthusiastic collector of iazz records. This affable gal is headed for a "cur- lin' " career as a beautician. Library Club 3,41 Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 3. EMMIE-LEE DAVIS Em, who spends much of her lei- sure time at "Erics," has lent hei- dramatic ability to both the pro- fessional and amateur stage. Her interest in sketching and water color indicates a promising future in fashion design. Girls' Chorus l,2, Sr. Play 47 H.R. Mgr. lf Hockey 'l,2, Volleyball I,2. MARY ANN DE BERNARDO A recent import from Bushwick High School, Mary Ann centers her interests about boating and skating. After graduation from college, she will obtain success in any endeavor. HELEN DENGEL "Janie," a lovely girl who has a quiet charm all her own, plans to enter the business field as an efficient secretary. "Miss Dengel, will you please take a letter?" DELETTA DENZA This petite red-head is a vibrant girl with a refreshing sense of hu- mor. Lettie, college-bound next fall, enjoys playing basketball, hockey, and attending sorority meetings. Basketball 3, Hockey 4. VALERIE DIEHL We'II always remember our lively and vivacious Red Devil mascot with her never-ending FHS spirit, Some day our children may have Val as their physical education instructor. G.O. Soc. Sec. 4, Sr. Dance Comm. 3,4, FTA 2,3,4, GAA 3,4, Usher 3,4, Chorus If Basketball 3,4: BOWIirtg I,2g Volleyball 23,45 Archery '2,3,4. Y 'Q-11 'A HELEN DILLON The possessor of a witty per- sonality and an infectious laugh, "Bunny," the president of her sorority, enioys danc- ing and listening to records. To be an airline stewardess is her goal. Girls' Chorus l. CAROLE DOBRY Carole, a lovely girl with a mischievous personality, en- ioys dancing, cooking, and sewing. As a secretary her future interests lie in the realm of typewriters and dictaphones. Girls' Chorus l. ARLENE DOFF An equestrian from the word "go," Arl also enioys bowl- ing, roller skating, and swim- ming. With light and nimble fingers, she will make an ex- cellent private secretary. Red Cross l. KERRY DORAN Active in sports, agile Kerry likes attending parties and working on boats. Good-V looking and great fun, Kerry, upon graduation, is bound for the road of success. Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling 2, 3,4, Lacrosse 3,4. BETTE DOREMUS Bette, fun-loving and always on the go, aspires to enter the field of advertising de- sign. College weekends, gay parties, and water sports are tops on Bett's list of likes. FlasHingS 3,4, Concert Band I, Archery 3,4, Bowling 4, Hockey 4. EILEEN DOUGHERTY A gay, lively girl with a pleasing personality, Eileen enioys sewing, going to so- rority meetings, and attend- JUDITH DRAY Cheerful, friendly Judy is al- ways dependable and consid- erate. A gal whose interests range from ritlery to music, LENORE EAGLE Lenore, who always has that faraway, dreamy look in her eyes, particularly enioys tak- ing piano lessons. As a fash- CHARLES EDELMAN Outgoing Chuck loves music and has shared his enioy- ment of it with FHS students through his "Sides and ing proms. She plans to en- Judy looks forward to a ion designer she will spend Sounds" column. After col- ter business school after nursing career after high her days among pins and lege, he will make a 'lkiIl- graduation. school. mannequins, ing" on Wall Street as an in- Girls' Chorus 2J,2,3, 4 Mixed? X ,cfsHingS 3, Usher l,2,3,4, 97 ,L 7 A vestment counselor. Chorus Q,4. I V J EJ ibrary Club 4, Girls' Chorus 0 bfi OL0LO'f'64X'9 FlasHingS 3,4, Sr. Play 4, W. 1,2, . I T ' . . ,ft ml 'qfyll xylllls Archery 4 hx Q4 ABMCLKX wfvtffv-4 , enms 2,314 QL , :Q xl X ,.,gjQ,-,ZLL JOM, L 1 l Jllli XJU sjxi N, Vglvg E I if I 1 4 rv X JJ , ff' fi J- Te ' x , ,t , L . M- I Le f J u it oe We ctmse in ls , il ii! v ' l N -iwfpv' V 4 X V ft, jill! 351' y tg 1441714- .V HIT! ix Plfbiyu L LV ss. ll-F-Jllfltg' - ,J nw , li f -cu ti K ,A 147 ff if ,g ,ll Y SUSAN JANE EDWARDS Cute and gracious, Sue cer- tainly displayed an unending exuberance as co-captain of our cheerleading squad. Her sincerity and dependability will assure her success as a teacher. Honor Soc. 4, FTA 3,4, Usher 2, Dance Comm. l, Cheer- leader 3, Co-capt. 4, Student Leader 3,4. i' ' ,f V 'J i sl till 1 l 4, it T so ' ' la B fe ii! f if' , t if .N V4 1 llxfu flip! will .Ji 1 .ci l Q T . 1' .l i .Aw qlf' lp 4' , 4 4 ., V If 3 ' Xf W5 All 'A 45131 .1 , ll MAUREEN EGAN Maureen, a very spirited girl, enioys golf, bowling and par- ties. She'll look crisp and efticient in her white nurse's uniform. Her hospital work has given her experience for her chosen profession. Volleyball i, Bowling 4. ROBERT EISENSTADT An avid bowling enthusiast and industrious worker, Bob focuses his attention on phi- lately. His present goal is to attain a college degree. Bowling 3. RICHARD EISMAN Rich, a sharp dresser and a regular guy, is a music lover and an epicure. As a Technical dentist, he will wage a war against decay and buck teeth. FlasHingS 3,45 Football i, Tennis 2,3,4. MADELINE ELLISON A fan of stock car races and "souped-up" cars, Mady is both cordial and soft-spoken. Her interest in painting and sketching indicates a success- ful career in commercial art. EDWARD ELSON "Eddie" has the knack for alienating himself from the teachers' good graces, but endearing himself to the masses. Balancing the scales of Justice is this future crimi- nal lawyer's goal. Masque and Wig 4, Sr. Play 45 Cour. Comm. 4, Phil. Club 3, Wrestling 3. xx 'Ur-f l"c:' vm? PETER EMERSON Pete, our gifted guitar player and singer, has been an in- dispensable member of the boys' cheerleading squad. His musical abilities indicate a promising future in the enter- tainment world. Cheerleader 3,4, Boys' Leader Corps i,2,3,4, Baseball l,2, DIANE ENGELS Cheerful Diane is a fun- loving girl who likes parties, swimming, and drive-in mov- ies. In the future we will bel seeing her "de"3 og the bqt- X tom of businessjletters. N D, . CAROL ENTENMAN Always looking on the sunny side of life, Carol values pize zas cindfl '56 Merc's top on her pjdgram of interests. She is sure to make a "tip-top" hgjilsewife and mother. ewlt .wtf ' l Ji if I 'iv xv NXT X Www ARTHUR ENZ Extremely potential in both art and music, Artie has had a taste of success through his iob at the Rustic Inn. His outstanding artistic talents as- sure his success as a com- mercial artist. Dance Comm. 3,4, Cross Country i,2, Track l,2,3y Bas- a,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4. li 1' t is N kefbqu 1. . X A J 1 I -. ills if tif A :O Ve T' Y. 6 ,fi ,V 'V ,Q-,J fl t - 1 - I X X-if flixp, ' .5 WJ if Xml' ' T i H -' A it l if il fi ' 09' xy, If l . kt' .1 , 'ff' eg ,X og is X is A .i lv l f es-' K m ,' is g , tix K-. 0, Q, . 4-Q J' T t H. X ' in ii 1 Coy '- s lc A T T A e Qs? . ' I 148 it . TERRY ERNST Terry, who is an athletically inclined wit, enipys playing a fast-moving game of baseball and basketball. Hoping to be a business maior in college, he is no misogynistl Basketball 3,4. - if.. ........ EUGENE FALK Get'-e's successful blend of intel- ligence, amiability, and school spirit have made him one of Free- port's most able and sincere stu- dents. He will no doubt be a fine physician. Honor Soc. l,4, Concert Band 2, 3,4, Marching Band 2,3, Tennis 4. JAMES FARRELL Tinkering with engines, whether they belong to cars or boats, is Jimmy's main interest. His defi- nite ability in this field insures him of a future as a mechanic. JOAN FEINSON Joan's imagination, definite ideas and initiative make her a born leader. This outspoken intellec- tual's keen interest in the world and in the arts guides her toward a maior in history. Honor Soc. l,3,4, Voyageur 3,4, Masque and Wig 3,4, Sr. Play 2, 3, Stud. Director 4, H.R. Mgr. 2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Hockey 'l,2, Bowling I,2, Archery 3,4. ROGER FENYO Roger, who has the bait to lure the girls, is a talented artist and somewhat of a rebellious thinker. Very interested in mathematics, he hopes to teach it someday. Track 3,4. TERRIE FEUSTEL A delightful and poised person- ality is only one of Terrie's many attributes. She enioys sports and those crazy sorority meetings. Her ambition is to have a successful and happy life. Girls' Chorus I,2,3,4, G.O rep. 3, Hockey I,2,3,4, Basket all 3, Ta- ble Tennis 2, Siojtba 2- Assem. C mrn 2 Srpa . H ttfyxtvjilvfifiiflpbfylftl J Dif'wli4?.f3st..f..lfN cz' Dancing, swimming, and pizza are on the first page of her catalog of interests. Always full of ioy and energy, Carol will be a cheerful addition to any office staff. WILLIAM FARBER Witty and fun-loving, Bill has many interests of which sports cars and boat racing are just a few, He aspires to a career in transportation design. Track l, Wrestling I, Bus. Pub. 2. ENID FEINSILBER Enid, short on tears, long on smiles, possesses an enthusiastic interest in sports and an infec- tious laugh. This well-dressed brunette's goal is a college degree. Honor Soc. 4, Sr. Play News Staff Comm. 3, RICHARD FELDMAN "Breh," a lover of Ahmad Jamal's Jazz and Allan G-insberg's poetry, was one of the sharpest wits at FHS. If unsuccessful as a poet, he will surely excel in the scientific field. Red Cross I, Wrestling i,2,3,4. CAROLEE FERRARA A gal who's fun to be with, Carol derives much pleasure from water skiing. As a beautician, she will find her days filled with hair dry- ers and permanent waves. adfiff --J , " , .Q'ff4'X . ,Will ff ,753-J ' , as g .f X z. ' . D ', fL-pi ' cf 3,31 f VJVM l .Cf KZTV. " - --. Q , ' I if fl f ,A-uf' if Q5 fr 5' f, L, pgwf W f DAVID FIELD Boating and bowling are favor- ites with this friendly and well- liked fellow. Dave's ability in math and science will surely aid his chosen career of electronics engineering. ANN FINAN An ottable gal with a lively sense of humor, Ann is a partici- pant in many sports, including bowling, ice skating, and swim- ming. The future will find Ann clicking keys in a business office. EDWARD FINE Tall and sports-minded, Eddie is particularly interested in horse- racing. If he doesn't make it as a millionaire, he will succeed as a certified public accountant. Baseball l,2,3,4. SUSAN FLEISCHER Sue's sparkling brown eyes high- light her peaches and cream complexion. A talented artist and musician who especially enioys charcoal sketching, she promises to be a competent psychologist and teacher. FTA 3, V.P. 4, Senior Band 2,3,4, Red Cross 3, Bus. Pub. 4. EUNICE FORD "Kitten," a gal with a personality sparked by her amiable smile, likes sports, dancing, and chil- dren. She will certainly go for as a private stenographer. Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, Lib. Club 3, Sec. 4, Softball 2. fl Jn Ll 1 JL' xl, -2 L' CflM,'t,"lfV4'. Viv? " "vt if QQ tu J' 1 t W V!-J 4 ' , lf"n' n ghfig FCSK fy Athlo l irls c his ma- 'lor i rest,irri0net,7'i es second it VXA! J l f. .ttf . l lffe, next in li e come boating 'b' Water Elgin 'Al llvants to 1 qtedriiihispfortwd marine ll vdngiqeegrlng. l' Tiraclcl 1,4. is' PATRICIA FREEMAN Pat is o tall and pretty miss who possess one of the warmest and friendliest smiles that have brightened our halls. Pot, who hopes to be a secretary, is get- ting good practice for her future career ot after-school iobs. Hockey 3, Bowling 4. KAREN FRIEDMAN Mix a cute figure and on adora- ble face, highlighted by those slanty eyes, stir lightly and you have Karen. Her goal is to delve into the field of psychology. Red Cross 2, H.R. Mgr. 3, Sr. Play Comm. 4, Bus. Pub. 4, Ta- ble Tennis l, Honor Team 2,3, Basketball 3,4, Softball l,2, Hockey l,2. ROBERT FINK Bobby possesses ci dynamic per- sonality coupled with a terrific sense of humor. A progressive iazz enthusiast, he enioys boating and will be a sure-hre success as a podiatrist. Key Club l,2, Sec. 3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3, H.R. Mgr. l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3. WINSTON FLETCHER Winnie, one of the "Joy Boys," seems to have extra sensory per- ception concerning finances. Al- though Winnie's future is unde- cided, his outgoing and winning personality will insure his success. Dance Comm. 3,4, Usher 3,4, Track l. C!! IV!! 60 L42 ile, vart if r sd? , ' ra dwa ' ows, ten- d ry. is artis 'c a ili wi-H assu e id strides cess in fas i esigni g. ance Comm. 3, - . Mgr 2, rosh Track Mgr ' qlrk L STEPHANIE LR NDLIN Stephie, our nu b r-one baby- sitter, adds that e tr pep to any gathering, Light-hea ted but de- termined, she's cert in to make an outstanding teach . FTA 4, GAA V.P. 4, Badminton l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2, Honor Team 3, Basketball l,2, Honor Team 3, Softball l,2,4, Dance Comm. 2,3,4. . ' - 1 7119" ent,' wl-ldONai? win in ' ' ' IS i - st i . FCOM? I f' ni n t It I . 1 lb ALICE FRIEDLAND A blonde with brains who likes modern art, good books and Broadway plays, Al is also an able pianist and artist. She should be an inspiring high school English teacher. Honor Soc. 4, Senior Play Comm. 2,3, FTA 3, Girls' Chorus 4. LYNN FRIEDMAN Lynn's usually sunny smile and warm personality only comple- ment her neat appearance. As a nurse, we know she will bring hours of reassurance and cheer to her patients. Cour. Comm. 4, Basketball 3,4, Bowling 3,4, Volleyball 3. e'-' -if PHOEBE JANE FRISCH The possessor of a radiant smile, Phoebe currently en- ioys bowling and iazz. Her imagination and good taste should spark her success as a sportswear buyer. Lib. Club 3, Girls' Chorus l,2,4, Mixed Chorus 4. BARBARA FURMAN Charming, pretty and intelli- gent, Bobbie is an outstand- ing student. Although art and sports constitute her main in- terests, she plans a college maior in biology. Honor Soc. l,3,4, Dance Comm. I, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, News Service Staff 3,4, Bus. Pub, 3, Ed. 4, Assem. Comm. l, Sr. Play Comm. 4, Hockey l, Mgr, 2,3,4, Volleyball l, Basketball i,2,3, Bowling 2,3,4, Archery l,4, Table Ten- nis 2,3,4. GLORIA GAGLIANO Horseback riding and por- trait painting are but two ot "Gigi's" many interests. Some day her name will be as 'famous as Dior's in the world of fashion design. FHA l, Bowling 2. LYNN GARTNER Having acquired much experi- ence in secretarial work as Mr. Moger's girl Friday, Lynn will surely succeed in the business world. Short and cute, she enioys sorority meet- ings, swimming, and bowling. RICHARD GELSTON A former student ot Notre Dame High, where he was treasurer of his Junior Class, "Corky" likes to bowl and swim. He aspires to become a lawyer in industrial relations. JOHN GERARDI Freeport will be proud ot this brilliant engineer whose in- terests concentrate themselves on photography and cars. John's sincere personality is iust one of the good points assuring his success. Marching Band 2,3,4, Con- cert Band 2,3,4, Cour. Comm. 4, Science Club 4. STEPHEN GERZOF Steve, a musically-minded and humorous chap, takes time from his dance bands to skin dive and bowl. One of Freeport's music men, he hopes to be admitted to the bar. Honor Soc, l,4, H.R. Mgr. l, Marching Band i,2,3,4, Con- cert Band 'l,2,3,4, Band Exec. Council 4. GEORGE GIBSON "Gibby," full of fun and mis- chief, has added a great deal of liveliness and skill to FHS basketball. His dexterity with motors assures his success as a mechanic. Basketball l,2,3,4, Football l. DAVID GOLDMAN Mathematically-minded Dave has a keen eye for "tigures." Possessing a great sense of humor, this future accountant numbered among the Honor- able Mentions of the All-Met, 'Football team. Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3, 4, Baseball 2,3,4. SHEILA GOLDSTEIN Conscientious, reliable, and efficient, Shiela enioys sketch- ing and has recently com- pleted a mural. Her interest in people will help her in the field of public relations. Honor Soc. l, Lib. Club 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 4, Ushers 2,3,4, BUS-, Pub. 4: News Service Stat? 2,3. 'X It-li 3 HA. - WILLIAM GREENE RHODA GRIMPEL ROBERTA GUESNO SUSAN GOLDSTEIN Sue, lofty and alluring, has a beautiful smile that will light up her face at the slightest provocation. After high school she plans to en' ter the advertising field as a technical secretary. Girls' Chorus 2. WILLIAM GOODHUE A future electrical engineer, Bill is the assistant director of the Roosevelt Youth for Christ. His musical interest has prompted him to build a hi-fi set and study the piano. Science Club 2,3,4, March- ing Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4. MARTHA GOULD "Marci," constantly on the go, possesses a live-wire personality. Her enthusiasm and good nature insure her success as an inspiring teacher. FTA 4, Marching Band l,2, 3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Volleyball 3, Basketball 3,4. LAURENCE GREBINAR Larry, the possessor of a sharp personality, enioys cars and swimming. Some- day we may find ourselves dining in his restaurant. Track l,2p Bowling l,2. WILLA-MARIE GREENE Will, whose trademark is a bright smile, is interested in the church choir, chess, writing, and popular music. A sweet miss, she aspires to take the l-lippocratic Oath. Rifiery Range l. ,Q 'Vi 4? -f asv' This dashing young man is a sports enthusiast and a connoisseur of the distaff side when finances allow. Take note, girls: he's set on becoming a millionaire in the steel business. Baseball 2. Despite Rho's quiet exterior, there's never a dull moment with this brisk miss. Her sin- cere understanding of peo- ple and their problems will enable her to become a compassionate social worker. Lib. Club 2,3: GO Rep. 4, Bowling 4. JANET GROSSMAN ROS EMARY GU ERRI ERO "Karen," one of Freeport's A devoted pizza-lover, Rosie fun seekers, enioys parties, also enioys dancing, dating, sorority meetings, and foot- and sorority meetings. As a ball and lacrosse games. Take note, boys: this attrac- tive miss wants to find her secretary: Pen and steno pad will be her delight - Sociable and fun-loving Bobbi delights in many ac- tivities including skating, dancing, and horseback rid- ing. As a typist the rhythm of keys will be music to her dream prince and raise CJ From 9 in the mfnrhing iiilxw eo,-5. , rx . "king-size" family. 5 at night. " ll-J" I ., . X , ,+Ntxl.'r5 Q l,,J"f EE 'JB-61,3s.QiJf tf . f f s 4 .f A, ' f -, ,fi-Il' .Jef . X., ' , . JI' Kjiyfll J- 1 'ri I ' I K' Fil I fwr A rf-if . fir-Q 4 uf ZX! 1 'I f Q , 1 , X f f' . X- ' ll J 1 E I Sym bill K Vx 4 5 Xxfnjk V, .X ' .xffr ', "'.htI.r' L, ,Lil "J ' ' I I . all dr 'I i ' gs, , ' , 5,4 1 LJ ,- ,,s V , i ,t L K f I u Ii ,ff . Q" ' i s 1' f f I MQ' . i-I" I pi v 'li i ' I f. x , I J X, I A . i, -i . , I gy ,, 152 , ,, ,,.. ..'-We V 1-L SUSAN GUEST This captivating, blue-eyed blond enioys sorority meetings, baby- sitting, and Youth Fellowship Meetings. A future elementary school teacher: "Gladly would she learn, and gladly teach." Girls' Chorus l,2, Red Cross 2, FTA 4. EDWARD HALL Ed, a quiet guy with a happy- go-lucky personality, transferred from Great Neck in his senior year. Already a member of the Naval Reserve, Ed, of course, is set for a career in the U.S. Navy. LYNN HALVORSEN This 4 ft. li in. cutie is known to all for her exceptional art work. Lynn's interest in painting and the fine arts will insure her future as a commercial artist. CAROL HAMMOND "Zebbie," possessor of a friendly smile and sunny dispo- sition, likes bowling and teach- ing her Sunday School class. Her nose for news will aid her in becoming a top-notch newspa- per reporter. Volleyball 2, Basketball 25 Soft- ball 2. DONALD HANNA A rare five-year Band member, Don is good-natured and agreeable. He'll continue his musical activities in the Air Force Band while earning a diesel engineering degree there. Concert Band l,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,4. STEPHEN HANSSEN Tall and good-looking, Steve is partial to fishing, cars, and half-hour periods. His conta- gious smile and good nature will lead him to success as a naval architect. Football if Wrestling 4, Base- ball 4. DANIEL GULLOTTA Danny, who is always ready for a good party, is especially in- terested in electricity and cars. He hopes to study electronics for a future in this field. Football l. RICHARD HALPERN Astute Rickie likes to pack a wallop with his tennis racket. His fine technique in discus- sions will indeed win him many a lawsuit. Track i, Tennis 2,3,4. CHARLES HAMILTON One of the commuters from Roosevelt, Charles is partial to automobiles and his rock'n'roll collection. He plans to make a motor "purr" as an automobile mechanic. MARY ANNE HANLEY Truly a good Samaritan, Mary Anne enioys all sports and good times. Her experience working with cerebral palsy children and mentally retarded children will assure her success as a nurse. Science Club 2,3, Secretary 4, Bowling 4. SUSAN HANSEN Socially adept, Sue centers her interests about dancing and swimming. The world of waving lotions and hair pins will fill her days as a beautician. Bowling i,2. ROBERT HARGER Friendly Bob is the possessor of acute vision which has been a great asset to our riflery team. ln the future he will be span- ning the continents as a corn- mercial pilot. Concert Band 4, Tennis lp Ri- flery 3,4. CAROL HARRIS This kindly miss devotes much of her time to working as 0 nurse's aide. An active sorority member and a whiz in the kitchen, Carol enioys dancing and listening to iazz. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 3. ALBERT HAUSFATHER intelligent and an avid kegler, Al enioys sports, reading and people. Fascinated by the hu- man mind, he is insured success as a psychiatrist. Honor Soc. l,4, Science Club 4, Tennis 2,3,4, Bowling 3,4. JILL HEBL Jill, cute and reserved, is in- terested in swimming and chil- dren. To meet the requirements of a medical secretary, a new vocabulary of technical terms will greet this likeable girl after graduation. Girls' Chorus I, Table Tennis 2. .JUDITH HELFAND "Sunshine" is our charmer whose red hair and keen sense of humor are known to all. A teaching career will greet her after graduation from college. Cour. Comm., G.O. Rep. 4, Bus. Pub. 4, FTA 2,3,4, Sr. Play Comm. 4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Bowling 3,4, Hockey if Volley- ball 3. GLENN HEYWARD An assiduous, likeable fellow, Glenn enioys a pleasant time and a good ioke. He hopes to incorporate his hobby, wood- working, into a career as an industrial arts teacher. ELlN HOLGREN Sugar and spice and everything nice, Elin possesses a certain hidden charm, As a nurse she's sure to cure her patients with just her sunny smile. Marching Band l, Concert Band lg Badminton 3,4, Basketball 2,37 Volleyball 3, Archery l,2, 3,4 STEVEN HAUSER .lesting and friendly, Steve en- ioys many sports, including boating, bowling, golf, and ten- nis. Scientitically inclined, he hopes for a career as an en- gineer after attending college. Science Club 3. MARY ELLEN HEALY Mary Ellen, a redhead with a sweet, dependable disposi- tion, particularly enioys aquatic sports. A future college student, she will succeed in any occupa- tion. Bowling 2,3,4, Science Club 3,-4. GAIL HEITMANN An attractive blond, Gail likes boating, swimming, and having fun. After graduation from Mrs. Skinner's Secretarial School, she will secure an excellent position in business. CAROL HELLER Always pleasantly optimistic, Carol is an attractive miss who will make an excellent teacher. Church work, bowling, and sew- ing are iust a few of her numer- ous pastimes. Honor Soc. l,4, Voyageur 3,4, H.R. Mgr. 4, FTA 2,3,4, Red Cross if Assembly Comm. 1, Bus. Pub. 2, Marching Band 3,47 Bowling l. NEIL HIMMELFARB Neil, a quiet and sincere stu- dent, shows an avid interest in chemistry. Someday he may be filling our prescriptions, leading a successful life as a pharma- cist. JANE HOLLANDER Our happy-go-lucky Janie gets along well with everyone and may usually be found socializ- ing in "Gene's," Some day she will be flying high as an airline stewardess. Cour. Comm. 4, Hockey l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3, Softball 2,3,4, Bowling l. JOHN HOLUB "Professor Holub" is inter- ested in mechanics and de- rives much pleasure from working on "hot rods." The future will find John in great demand as an electrical en- gineer. PATRICIA HOYT Patty, an active member of her sorority, enioys roller skating, tap dancing, and sewing. As a baby nurse, she'll delve into a world of diapers, talcum powder and safety pins. Red Cross I, Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4. STANLEY IFSHIN Stan, a conscientious worker and a good friend, will make an excellent doctor after studying at John's Hopkins. His deep interest in the scientific world more than assures his success in medicine. Honor Soc. 4, Science Club 3, V.P. 4. MARILYN INGBER Marilyn, une petite ieune tille aux yeux mysterieux, aime tous les sports. As a teacher she intends to prac- tice the Socratic method. Honor Soc. 4, Red Cross 3, Girls' Chorus l,2, GAA G.O. Rep. 4, Hockey, Honor Team 2,3,4, Basketball l,2, 3,4, Bowling, Honor Team l,2,3,4, Table Tennis, Honor Team l,2,3,4, Softball l. MAURICE IRBY Diverse interests and an am- icable smile make Maurice both well-rounded and well- liked. His golden throat as- sures his success in the world of entertainment. "Becky," full of life and mischief, can always be found nurse, we are sure she will at parties. As a Our own little "Wan" has certainly brightened the days with her sparkling personality. We know she DIANE JACKSON DONALD JACKSON JAMES JACOB CAROL JARDIN WANDA JAWOROWSKI Donny, a sincere, hard- "Jake" is a likeable and Lovely Carol is a newcomer working student, is a loyal good-natured guy whose from Sewanhaka High member of Freeport's re- spare time is often occupied School where she participa- nowned band. Although in- with cars and sports. Uncle ted in many activities includ- terested in music, bowling, Sam's Armed Forces will ing twirling and Honor So- bring hours of comfort and cheer to her patients. Badminton i,2,3, Basketball l,2,3,4, Table Tennis l,2,3, Softball l,2,4, GAA Treas. 4. and tennis, his ambition lies in the field of chemical en- gineering. H.R. Mgr. 'l,3, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Tennis l,2,3,4. claim him soon. ciety. We look forward to seeing this future high-fash- ion model in Vogue. will be beloved by her grade school pupils. Dance Comm, 2,3,4, H.R. Mgr. 4, Cheerleader 4, News Service I, GAA Sec. 4, Student Leader 3,4, Bad- minton l,2,3, Honor Team 4, Volleyball l,2,3, Honor Team 4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Softball l,2,3,4. JOHN JENKINS Johnny, a boy who makes the "ioint" iump, numbers music, swimming, and social life among his favorites. He is setting his sights on an engineering career. Track 2,3. LAWRENCE JOHNSON Larry, known as "Butch" to all of his friends, spends his time bowling and boat- ing. ln the future, this lad will be designing Uncle Sam's ships as a naval ar- chitect. Boys' Leader Corps 2. MARY JOHNSTON This dark-haired smiling lass is always a pleasure to have around. A sterling character is her trump card. As a secretary, the future will find her pounding the keys of a typewriter, Lib, Club 2. WlLLlAM JOYCE Friendly and good-natured, Bill devotes most of his time and interest to sports. His experience as a FlasHingS editor will certainly be of value in his chosen field of iournalism, Flasl-lingS 2,3, Sports Ed. 4, Basketball l, Mgr. 2, Base- ball i. JAMES KEELER A calm and industrious fel- low with a smile for all, Jim enjoys aquatic activities such as boating and hshing. ln the future he hopes to "spark" as an electrician. Tennis l. A-8 PETER KEIL Peter, who is never at a loss for words, hopes to find the ideal way to do noth- ing. His burning ambition is to become a millionaire as soon as possible. Science Club 3,4: HR Mgr. I, Football l. KAREN LEE KELLER Quiet, and truly sincere, Karen transferred from Al- bany in her junior year and has since become an ardent Freeport football fan. Her gracious hospitality will in- deed aid her in becoming a popular airline hostess. HENRY KELLEY Henry, the possessor of a friendly and humorous dis- position, includes bowling and swimming among his activities. He hopes to make history come alive in the classroom as a teacher. Wrestling l. 156 ALAN KELLOCK Publicly speaking, "Skip" is an enthusiast of iazz, golf, bowling, and baseball, To be a millionaire in the busi- ness world is this polished gentleman's intention. Honor Soc. l,4, Basketball l,2,3,4. ARTHUR KENT Art, an avid fan of midget car-racing and baseball, is a devoted kegler and golfer. His perseverance will take him far in the field of elec- trical engineering. Bawling l,2,3. xox L BARBARA KIHL Parties, boys, music, dancing, "Nikki's"-all constitute Bobbi's fast-moving, gay life. She will be one of the most vivacious legal stenographers the business world has ever seen. Student Leader 2,3,4, Girls' Chorus l,2, Badminton 2, Vol- leyball 2. MARGARET KIMBIS Peggy, carefree and chipper, likes parties, football games, and iust plain having fun. Typing, shorthand, and all that consti- tute a secretary's day await her. Girls' Chorus 2,4. DOROTHY KING A rare exotic flower who has a flair for fine clothes, Dottie will surely be a successful model. Among her interests are sewing, skating, and singing. Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls Chorus I 23 4- F.H.A. I 'il L ,M Silt' was QW lf' wt DAVID KLEIN4 Q Dark and good-looking, Dave is one of Freeport High's typical ivy-leaguers. This bowling en- thusiast, who is both determined and hardworking, will enter cal- lege as a pre-med student. Basketball Mgr. 3,4, Cross Country 2, Track 2,3,4. PATRICIA KLENERT An active sorority member, Pat also likes boating, swimming, and dancing. This cheerful and pleasant gal is headed for a nine-to-five iob as an efficient secretary. RONALD KOOPMAN An outdoor man, Ron especially enioys swimming and lifting weights, a fact which accounts for his terrific build. He aims to make his mark in engineering. Track 2. l. ,1-fl .ff CAROLINE KILLIKELLY Caroline, a pretty browneeyed brunette with a spontaneous personality, likes parties, foot- ball games, and children. Her genial understanding manner will assure her teaching success. Girls' Chorus 4, FTA 4, H.R. Mgr. 2. RONALD KINBERG Ronnie, the possessor of an un- common wit, rates drama and sports top on his list of likes. After studying iurisprudence, he will attain success as a lawyer. Masque and Wig 3,4, Sr, Play 3,4, FTA 4, Baseball 2,3,4. STEPHEN KITT Steve, a quiet and companion- able guy, rates tennis and bowling as his favorite sports. ln the future, "Dr, Kitt" will be urging our children to use their toothbrushes daily. Science Club 3, Cross Country 4. MARCY KLEIN Marcy, tall and attractive, is a refined and vibrant young lady. Although she enioys fashion modeling and counseling at summer camp, Marcy aspires to work as a dental hygienist, Sr. Play Comm. 3, Hockey 2, JEFFREY KOBELL As a doctor, Jeff, aided by the ready smile and quick wit that have won him so many friends at FHS, will attract many pa- tients, His interests range from sports and boating to dating and dancing. Football 2,3,4. ELEANOR KRAMER Elly, whose blonde tresses add to a friendly and lively person- ality, includes bowling and par- ties among her activities. She plans to enter the business world as a secretary. Girls' Chorus l, Bowling 2,4, Volleyball I. CAROL KRAUS Cute and petite, and oh so-o-o sweet, Carol plans to study for future elementary school teach- ing. Sorority meetings, cadet teaching, and after-school em- ployment occupied a maior part of her years at FHS. FTA 2,3,4, H.R. Mgr. 3. BARBARA KRIEDMAN With her long, honey-colored hair and an impulsive, efferves- cent temperament, this talented actress will be a hit on any stage. FlasHingS 3,4, Masque and Wig 3, G.O. Rep. 4, Sr. Play 3,4, Bus. Pub. 3,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4. JEANETTE KUNKEL A pint-sized cutie, known to some as "Angel," Jeanette looks forward to a secretarial career. This active gal spends her spare time at sorority meetings and football games. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Bowling 2. PETER LANDAU A sharp dresser and great guy, cool, calm, and collected Pete is interested in cars, boats, and music. The bustling business field awaits him after college. Sr. Play 4. BARBARA LASKY An attractive red-head, "Bonnie" is one of our best-dressed sen- iors. She is currently active in her sorority and Temple youth group, but the next four years will find her working for a col- lege degree. Bus. Pub. 3,4, Student Leader 3,4, FlasHingS 3,4, Volleyball 2, Honor Team 3, Bowling 4. LYDIA LAURO Not only distinctive as an FHS twirler but also Drum Maiorette of the Poly. Tech R.O.T.C,, "Mit- tens" loves small children and hopes someday to become a nursery school teacher. Twirler 4, FHA l,2. WILLIAM KREPPEL Calm and dependable "Limie" includes dancing and swimming among his interests. This friendly felIow's eye for harmony and color guarantee him success in the field of interior decoration. JEFFREY KRON .leff's good looks and great per- sonality combine to make him a real ladies' man. His disc "No Wheels" is the start of his bright future as a rock'n'roll ar- tist. Football l,2,3,4, Lacrosse 3,4. MARIE LQBRUTTO An alert, friendly girl, who likes swimming and bowling, Marie may be found cheering our team at football games. She would like to try her hand as a secretary before "tying the knot." Bowling 4. ELIZABETH LARSEN A music enthusiast and a faith- ful band member, friendly, fun- loving Betty is also a sports fan. As a nurse she will be helpful, gay, and kindly. Marching Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Executive Council 4, FHA 3, Basketball 'l,2,3,4, Softball l,2,3,4, Bowling 4. GLORIA LaTERZA Gloria, a good-natured and compatible girl, has been one of the more outstanding and devoted members of the Senior Band. In future years, we are assured of Gloria's fame as a commercial artist. Marching Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. ARNOLD LEAP A happy-go-lucky fellow, Arnie enioys playing baseball for FHS, eating pizzas, and watch- ing football games, His keen in- terest in world events will as- sure his proficiency as a history teacher. Football 2, Baseball 2,3,4. , .,e .- 4 . iJ JEFFREY LEVITT A serious student, Jeff is in- trigued by the stock market and is planning a career in law-accounting. Possessing a terrific sense of humor, he devotes much of his spare time to golf and bowling. Science Club 4, Bus. Pub. 4, Bowling 3,4. SHARON LIEBERMAN Laughter and gaiety are the keys to Sharon's sparkling personality. She enioys dancing, parties and foot- ball games. We are confi- dent of Sharon's success as a secretary. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Sr. Play Comm. 4. RAYMOND LOBDELL A good-natured, reserved individual, Skip will skillfully pipe ioy into the world through his organ. Other interests showing his capa- bilities are fishing, bowling, and chess. THERESA LOEFFLER Always friendly and fun to be with, Teri enioys horse- back riding, swimming, and sorority meetings. Teri's effi- cient manner will make her the boss's indispensable right hand as a private secretary. Girls' Chorus l,2,3, Sec.- Treas. 4, Science Club 2, Bowling i. FRED LOMANGINO This hearty boating enthusi- ast can usually be found spending his time around the waterfront. Fred plans to "drop anchor" in the field of engineering after attending Hofstra College. HERBERT LOPATO One of Freeport's most sin- cere and hard-working stu- dents, Herb centers his inter- ests in bowling and tennis. His amicable traits and nat- ural ability will assure him success in the field of elec- tronics. Science Club 3,45 Usher l,2. BARBARA LOPEZ Barbie, a petite little dish, derives much pleasure from spectator sports and paint- ing. Her zeal for science will be a great aid to her when she enters the para- medical profession. STEPHEN LORY A guy who is dependable and reserved, Steve enioys reading, bowling, and lis- tening to records. As a future C.P.A. He will work an eight-hour day. 159 MARILYN LOVE Lynie, a cute, quiet gal with a sincere manner, can al- ways be found cheering at football and basketball games. Her secretarial skills will be welcomed in the business world. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Bowl- ing 4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4. CAROLE LUNDSTROM Carole, full of pep and vi- tality, is known and liked by all. She enioys weekly sorority meetings and hopes to become a secretary after finishing school. Assem. Comm. i, Girls' Cho- rus l,2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3. CLAIRE LUNDSTROM Lunny, lively and attractive, enioys sorority meetings, dancing, and sports. One- half of the popular Lund- strom set, Claire is guaran- teed success in fashion school. Girls' Chorus l,2, Cheer- leader 4, Volleyball l,2,3, Basketball l,2, Hockey l, Softball l. BRUCE LUTSK An asset to the FHS hoop- sters and track team, Bruce has a personality to be proud of. Tall, husky, and handsome, he is industrious and keen-minded, and ex- cels in math and science, the fields that will inevitably bring him success. Honor Soc. l,3, V.P. 4, Dance Comm. 3,4, Cross Country 2,3,4, Basketball i,2, 3,4, Track l,2,3, Co-Capt,4, Class Sec. 2, Key Club 2,3,4, H.R. Mgr. i,4, Football l. ANDREW LYKE A skilled photographer and a sports enthusiast, Andy possesses an observant mind that grasps every detail, and an easy-going personality. A prosperous career as an electrical engineer awaits him. Honor Soc. l,4, Voyageur 3,4, FlasHingS 4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4. ELlNOR LYNCH "Dee Deef a live-wire be- hind the wheels of cars, boats, and those flying ma- chines, goes wild over par- ties, dancing, and listening to records. Her dexterous hands insure her success be- hind the easel. Cour. Comm. 4. JOSEPH LYSAGHT Brawny and good-naturecl, Joe is attracted to cars, boats, and good times. His highest aspiration is to be- come an architect. Someday we may own a home of his design. Track l,2,3,4. WW lfw-:ef KATHLEEN MacDONALD A petite package of individ- ualism and gaiety, Kathy is our own barefoot girl. After attending college, we know she will make an excellent math teacher. Girls' Chorus l,2, Badminton 2,3,4, Bowling l,2, Archery 3,42 Basketball 4. EDWIN MAGNUS Ed, a good-looking and de- pendable redhead with a friendly disposition, centers his interests about boats and cars. His future lies in the field of industrial de- sign. Riflery l,2,3,4, Wrestling 2. JOHN MAIKISCH Kicking up the dirt wher- ever he goes, John and his blond flat-top have added spirit and ioy to the halls of Freeport High. Success will follow in any endeavor. Crass Country 2,3, Capt. 4, Track 2,3,4. 160 FLORENCE MARIE MAKIN Genuinely happy, Flo is en- dowed with a calm and considerate nature and takes pleasure in church chair, piano, and dancing. This future nurse's patients will welcome her sympa- thetic cheerfulness. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Science Club 4, FHA l,2, Red Cross 3. JOHN MALLIN Competent in the field of electronics, nonchalant, am- icable John also finds inter- est in such outdoor activities as fishing and boating. The world of condensers and coils will surely welcome him. ELIZABETH MARTIN A lovely, soft-spoken girl, Betty is both sincere and charming. Interested in skating and par- ties, she plans a career in so- cial service after attending col- lege. FHA 2,3, Sec. 4, Lib. Club 4, Science Club 4, Red Cross I. CAROL MATTESON A welcome addition to FHS from Cincinnati, Carol, under- standing and reserved, includes among her interests sketching, sailing, and swimming. The fu- ture holds anl apple forixtg teacher. ATX FTA4' Q Z gi: Q BRUCE MCCRUM Serious-minded and studious, Bruce enioys bowling and bas- ketball, but still finds time to read a good book. Bruce's am- bition to be a lawyer will un- doubtedly be realized. Honor Soc. 4, Mixed Chorus l,2, Cross Country 4, Track 3. PATRICIA MCKEOWN A tall, statuesque beauty, Patty spends her leisure time bowling, reading, and swimming. Upon graduation, she will pursue the responsibilities of a secretary. Lib. Club l,2, Softball 2. KATHERINE MELITO Freeport gained a sincere and amicable addition when Cathy transferred from Ozone Park. Having had remarkable success in making friends, she spends her spare time swimming, danc- ing, and listening to good mu- sic. Badminton 3, Volleyball 3, Bas- ketball 3. CHARLES METZ Charlie, smart but nevertheless "one of the boys," enioys run- ning, relaxing, plus math and science, His remarkably high scholastic ability insures his suc- cess as a proficient engineer. Key Club 4, Science Club I,2: Honor Soc. l,3,4, H.R. Mgr. 2,3, Track 2,3,4, Cross Country 3,4. WILLIE MARTIN A quiet and easy-going fellow, Willie is an enthusiastic fan of sports and girls. Upon gradua- tion, Wille looks forward to a career repairing those compli- cated machines as an l.B.M. mechanic. Basketball l,2,3. BARBARA McCANN The excitement of a large busi- ness office intrigues this seem- ingly quiet, pleasant miss. Really great fun to be with, Bobi en- ioys dating, parties, and travel- ing. FHA 2,3. ANN McDERMOTT Ann is a quiet, friendly girl who enioys supporting our school teams at all football and basketball games. Ann, having done a great deal of voluntary nurses' aid work, will surely make a top-flight nurse. Science Club 2,3, Pres. 4, Bowl- ing 4. LOIS ANNE MCLAUGHLIN "Rusty," who derives her nick- name from her long red locks, enioys singing and dancing. Good looks and personality will make her the perfect airline hostess. Red Cross 2,3, FHA I, Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Bowling 4. CAROL MERCER This athletically inclined, capti- vating blonde sparks the gath- ering at "Gene's." Tennis and horseback riding rate top on her list of likes. A future com- mercial artist is in our midst. Girls' Chorus 3, Cour. Comm. 4, Volleyball 3, Softball 3. ROBERT MIDGETTE Enthusiastically interested in mechanics, Bob can usually be found tinkering with cars or boats in his spare moments. After graduation from the Coast Guard Academy, he will seek a future as a naval en- gineer. MARY LOU MILEK A new entrant from Queen of the Rosary Academy, this cute blonde's hankering for fun leads her to enioy swimming, skating, and Broadway plays. To be a music teacher is her aim. Sr. Play 3,4, Bus. Pub. 4. JUDITH ANNE MILLER This witty, blue-eyed blonde was one of Freeport's loveliest "Spot- light" twirlers. Sorority meetings, Italian foods, and water skiing are favorites with this future secretary. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 4, Twirler 2,3, Spot-light Twirler 4, Basketball I, Softball 3. LAURA RUTH MINNERLY A friendly girl, Laura is an ar- dent participant in bowling, swimming, and ice-skating. Her fingers will caress the keys of her sturdy typewriter when she becomes a secretary. FHA i,2,3, Treas. 4, Girls Chorus I,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4. NANCY MORAN Nancy, a bundle of ener9Y, de- lights in dancing and bowling. Her interest in traveling and in flying will be a great asset to her in her chosen career as a stewardess. PATRICIA MUCCIOLO A girl with an infectibus giggle and a splendid soprano voice, Pot, a future teacher, enioys lively parties and aquatic sports as well as reading and good music. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Soloist 4, Honor Soc. 4, News Service 2,3,4, 'riesntngs 4, sf, Play Comm. 2, Basketball l,2,3, Soft- ball 2, Red Cross 2, FTA 4. ' SANDRA MULLER Sandi, twenty-four hours of sun- shine and gaiety, enioys horse- back riding, sports, parties, and cheering the Red Devils. She is sure to make a reliable and ef- ficient secretory. Girls' Chorus i,2,3, News Serv- ice Staff 3,4, Sr. Play Comm. 2. BARBARA MILLER Bobbie, an intelligent, artistic, and willowy blonde, enioys the piano and interpretive dance. She will make a charming bio- logical mathematician. Bus. Pub. 2, News Service 4, Sr. Play Comm. 4, Red Cross 2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Dance Comm. I, Assembly Comm. I, Hockey I,2,3, Table Tennis 2,3, Bowling 2,3, Basketball I. ELEANOR MILLS A spirited gal, who is as sweet as they come, Eleanor secretly loves raiding food-filled ice- boxes. As an elementary school teacher, her mild disposition will certainly brighten any classroom. Girls' Chorus l,2, Basketball 3,4, Hockey l,2,3,4, Softball l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3. MARILYN MIRANDA Those long brown lashes are but a mere complement to Lyn- nie's perpetual smile. Good-na- tured and sincere, she will pur- sue a career as a social worker. Dance Comm. 2,3,4, Girls' Cho- rus I,3,4, Pres. 2, News Serv- ice l,2,3, Pres. 4, Usher l,2,3,4, Badminton l,2,3,4, Bowling l,2, Table Tennis I,2,3,4, Archery I,2,3,4, Red Cross i,2, Jr. Prom Comm. 3. RICHARD MORTAK Rich, a tall, good-looking guy, is greatly interested in Hshing, boating, and working on his car. This boy with a "green thumb" will seed the fields and watch his crops grow. Tennis 2,3,4. PATRICIA MULDOWNEY Friendliness and cheerfulness are but two attributes of "Mul- doon," a true Irish colleen who's never at a loss for words. A glimpse of Ireland is this future bookkeeper's desire. EILEEN MURRAY "Dimples" has many interests, including water activities, bowl- ing, and parties. A career in nursing awaits this energetic and imaginative gal. Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, Mixed Cho- rus 2,3, FHA l,2, Red Cross I, Bus. Pub. 4, Volleyball 3,4, Bas- ketball 3,4, Archery 3,4, Soft- ball 3,4. MARILYN MURRAY Lynn, vivacious and always neat as a pin, indeed ex- cels in aquatic sports. Our energetic cheerleading co- captain will attain success in any endeavor. Class Sec. l, V.P. 2, Soc- Sec. 3, Treas. 4, Honor Soc. Pres. l, Cheerleader 2,3, Co-capt, 4, Hockey l, Honor Team 2,3,4, Volleyball l, Honor Team 3,4, Basketball l,2,4, Softball I, Honor Team 2,3,4, Girls' Chorus I,2. YVONNE MUTEL Eve, a lovely girl with an en- gaging disposition chooses swimming and boating as her main interests. In the fu- ture a typewriter and the language of shorthand will constitute her working tools. Girls' Chorus i,2, Softball 2,4, Hockey 3,4. DALE NELSON Dale enjoys spending her spare time bowling, attend- ing sorority meetings, and listening to music. An active and enthusiastic cadet teacher, her future lies in the pedagogic profession, FTA 3,4-, Bowling 4. ROBERT NESS Bob, endowed with school spirit, takes great pleasure in sailing, water-skiing, and camping. His winning per- sonality and scholastic abil- ity will gain him success as a college professor. Class Treas. l, Honor Soc, l, Key Club 3,4, Bancl l,2, H.R. Mgr. 3, Cheerleadering 3, Co-Capt. 4, Track 3,4. MARY NILSON Sorority meetings, dating, swimming, and "Gene's" are favorite pastimes of this light-hearted lass. ln the fu- ture Mare hopes to earn her wings as an airline ste- wardess. Cour. Comm. Sec. 4, Lib. Club 3,4. HELGA NORTON Always happy and bubbly, "Bunny" enioys music and all phases of the theatre - from acting to set construc- tion. She will certainly make someone a proticient secre- tary. - H.R. Mgr. l, Marching Band l, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Masque and Wig 3, Cast 4. JOANNE OBERFIELD Transferred from Lafayette High School in her iunior year, Jo, light-hearted and individualistic, is interested in many sports. Her mag- netic personality insures her success as a psychologist. Sr. Play 4, Softball 3,4. EILEEN O'BRlEN Cute and affable, "l" finds enioyment in parties, boat- ing, record collecting, and attending football games. Secretarial duties will be hers after graduation. Lib. Club 2,3, Treas. 4, Girls' Chorus l,2, News Service 2, Volleyball 2. 163 MAUREEN O'BRlEN Cute and sweet Maureen in- cludes parties and dancing among her interests. This fu- ture secretary is certain to be welcomed in any office. Lib. Club 3,4, News Service 3, Girls' Chorus I,2, BARBARA OLSEN Possessor of an exuberant, amiable personality, Bobbie enioys tennis, bowling, rifl- ery, and skimming over the blue waters on her skis. A conscientious worker, she is bound to be successful in the field of advertising. Honor Soc. l, Girls' Chorus l,2, Sr. Play Comm. 3,4. News Service 4. DAVID PADGETT "Spider," a brick! wall on the formidable FHS football line, is the possessor of an exuberant personality. His amiability will assure him success in any vocation. Key Club 4, Cour. Comm. 4, Football l,2,3, Capt, 4, Lacrosse l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2.3.4. JAMES PANAGOS A living Greek Adonis, tall, dark and handsome Jimmy transferred in his iunior year from Grover Cleveland High School. An avid sports en- thusiast, Jimmy plans to at- tend college in the Fall. Basketball 3. VICTOR PAPACOSMA To know him is to appre- ciate his unique wit and great personality. A guy with predominant qualities of scholarship and athletic ability, Vic will use these as- sets to augment his inevit- able success. Honor Soc. l,3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, H.R. Mgr. l, Basket- ball l,2, Football l,2,3, La- Crosse l,2,3,4. JOHN PAPPAS Freeport's touchdown hero, indispensable John possesses a lively humor and natural ability in athletics. Parties, music, and dancing cor.stie tute most of John's non-ac- ademic activities. Lacrosse l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2. RONALD PEACOCK "Ronaldo," debonoir and self-assured, is a hi-fi addict who also enioys basketball, chess, woodworking, and record collecting. Improving the physiques of our chil- dren will be his next duty when he becomes a gym teacher. Baseball 4, Basketball 4. CAROLYN PEARSALL Carolyn, better known as "CoFfeeQ' is always around when there is fun to be had. Her optimistic outlook will make her life as a secretary a mirthful one. Red Cross 3,4, Cour. Comm, Pres. 4, Girls' Chorus l,2, Badminton 3. L JEAN PENNEY Jeanie, a transfer from For- est Hills, is an ardent foot- ball fan and a lover of the color green. Her comely ap- pearance and pleasing per- sonality will surely help her succeed as a striking model. Sr. Play Comm. 4. ROSEMARY PERRICH "Cookie," an attractive miss, hopes to make an indispen- sable "Girl Friday" for some millionaire executive. Among her numerous interests are psycholo9Y, boating, and the art of relaxation, Softball 2, Bowling 2. 164 BEATRICE PESCA Dark-eyed and charming, Bea finds interest in many activities, including sorority meetings, sports and parties. This cheerful girl plans to maior in education in col- lege. Assem. Comm. 2, FHA 'l, FTA 2,3,4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Archery 2,3,4, Basketball 4. ELAINE PETASSI Always peppy and great fun to be with, Elaine was one of Freeport's vivacious twirl- ers. A future legal assistant, she's the active president of her sorority. Marching Band l,2,3,4, Con- cert Band l,2,3,4, Twirler 3,4, Voyageur 3,4, Student Leader 3,-4, Bowling l,2,3,4, Table Tennis 2,3, Softball 2,3, Archery l,2,3,4. A . ix W 1.-. ,. N ETR LLI 1 A f I l'ly-s. n cro' e , o ha many 4 at ri ute ' ch ul-CS-f n y, endliness. Tlglivel gir , fficient t p- is , o s ine as ec- refory Girls' -Chorus i I. MARY PHILLIPS We will never forget our ever- relioble Mary whose generosity in time and effort has pulled us through many a trying moment. This great gal will enter the teaching profession. Girls' Chorus l,2,3, Pres. 4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, FTA 2,3,4, Usher I,2,3,4, Table Tennis I,2, 3,-4, Archery 2, Hockey 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Bowling 2,3,4, Sr. Play Comm. 4, Dance Comm. 4. CLARE PORTELA A newcomer to FHS in her jun- ior year, Clare enioys sewing and cooking. A successful mar, riage is assured because she knows, that "the way to a man's heart is through his stom- och." SOPHIE POULOS Always willing to do her part, Sophie, our ever-popular class president, can best be described as "the greatest." If her FHS rec- ord is any indication, she is destined for success. Class Pres. i,2,3,4, Honor Soc. l,3,4, Voyageur 3,4, Dance Comm. I,2,3,4, G.O. V.P. 3, G.O, Sec. 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Usher 2,3,4, GAA Pres. 4, Badminton, Honor Team l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3, Honor Team 4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Archery l,2, 3,4. ROBERT PRESNO A pleasant guy and an effi- cient worker, Bob is especially interested in boating, bowling, and dancing to Latin-American music. He hopes to create a new coiffure as a hair sytlist. ROBERT QUINN A 'Friendly guy with an easy- going personality, Bob likes tink- ering with cars and boots and enioys a fast game of baseball. After a college education, he hopes to become an electrician. Baseball I. ' BRIAN PHILLIPS Brion, whose flat-top adds to his cute appearance, was Free- port's prize punter of l959. He enioys tinkering with cars and hopes to enter college after graduation. Football l,2,3,4, Lacrosse l,2, 3,4, Basketball l,2. MICHAEL PISANO A sharp dresser and a great sports enthusiast, Mike is always fun to have around. His immedi- ate plans include study for a career as a certified public ac- couniant. CAROL POSNOCK A scintillating mademoiselle, Carol wishes to round-out her education with a year of study in Paris. Her colorful personal- ity combining good looks and intelligence, magnetizes all who know her. Honor Soc. 3, Sec 4, Voyageur 3, G.O. Rep 4, Red Cross 2,3,4, FTA 3,4, Sr. Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Sr. Play Comm. 2,3,4, Archery 3,4, Badminton 4. ROBERT POWELSON This tall, handsome "Lane Star Stater" is o true outdoor mon who enioys water-skiing, swim- ming and fishing. A future "Joe- coIlege," Tex will succeed in any profession. JOANNE PREZIOSI "Cookie," Whose loveliness is combined with an enchanting personality, enioys bowling and sorority meetings. Her future ca- reer will lie in the world of paints and palettes. Hockey 2, Softball 2. MELVIN RANISH Mel's driving personality and quick wit account for his pop- ularity. His perseverance and versatility will enable him to defeat ony obstacles in life. g Honor Soc. l,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling i,2,3. CAROL ANN RASP "Blondie," a lively addition to any scene, enioys ice-skating, boating, and twirling. A tal- ented artist, Carol is sure to succeed in her chosen field of commercial art. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4. MARY ANN REED Amiable and pleasant to be with, Mary includes cooking, sewing, swimming, and bowling among her many interests. This good-natured lass plans a ca- reer as an X-ray technician. FHA I. EDWARD RILEY A "life of' the party," rugged and fun-loving "Rockhead" can always be counted on for a hilarious remark, After he graduates, his likeable per- sonality will carry him far. KATHERINE ROPER Kathy, a pint-size bundle of cuteness, likes bowling, minia- ture golf, and fashion design- ing. She hopes that Cupid will send his arrow her way soon. Dance Comm. i. AURORA RUIZ Cute as a button and neat as a pin, Aurora, with her pep and eneI'QY, rates dancing and boating high among her inter- ests. She hopes to become C1 beautician. PATRICIA RUSSELL Tall and stately Patsy is full of fun and packed with pep. A favorite with everyone here, Pasty is sure to be well-liked by all in college. Girls' Chorus I, Honor Soc. 4: l-LR. Mgr. 4, Dance Comm. 3,4, Usher 3: Cheerleader 4, Stu- dent Leader 3: Badminton I,2,3, Honor Team 4, Volleyball 3,4, Archery 3,4, Basketball 3,4. WILLIAM REDWOOD Exuberantly happy Bill enioys rolling a few frames of king pins and strumming his "gee- tar." Bill will undoubtedly make rapid strides as a nuclear physicist. Concert Band 2, Track 3. JAMES REIS Jimmy, tall and handsome, takes humor wherever he goes, An active sports participant, he plans to attend college. We are sure our conscientious and hard-working .lim is destined for success. Class Sec. I, G.O. Rep. 21 Honor Soc. l,3, Treas. 4, Key Club 2,3, Pres 4, Usher 2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4. GERALDINE RINGELHEIM A real cute blond, Geri devotes much time to her Temple youth group and sorority, Efficient and optimistic, she is certain to make a wonderful nurse. Girls' Chorus 2,3,4f Basketball 2. PETER ROWAN A tall and valuable asset to the basketball team, Pete is chiefly interested in athletics and reading. The promising field of science awaits him after graduation. Track If Basketball 2,3,4, Usher 2,3,4. DANIEL RUIZ Competent Dan finds enioyment in many sports but has a spe- cial yen for soccer. He is geared to make the wheels go round as a machinist. JEANETTE ANNA RUSSO A sincere and loyal friend, Jeanette counts tennis, boating, ice-skating, and bowling among her interests. Considerate in na- ture, Jeanette has set her sights on o secretarial career. Bowling 2,3. ROSE SCALAMANDRE "Rosie," pleasant and de- pendable, especially enioys going to sorority meetings. Her genial and patient dis- position will greatly aid her as a beautician in the world of shampoos'n'sets. SYLVIA SCHANZ Sylvia, hard-working and re- served, can always be counted on to do any iob well. lndeed a great asset to our class, Sylvia will be college bound this fall. Honor Soc. l,3,4, Voyageur 3,4, Girls' Chorus l,2,3,-1, Mixed Chorus 4, Science Club l,2,3,4, H.R. Mgr. lg Usher 2,3,4, Badminton 2,31 Basketball l,2,3,4, Softball l,2,3,4g Archery l,2,3,4. KAREN SCHMIDT A gay, likeable girl with ready wit, Karen enioys swimming, bowling, and horseback riding. Working with "tiny tots" is this future child technician's destiny. Girls' Chorus l,2,3, Bowling 2. GAIL SCHREIBER Amiable "Chickie's" varied interests range from sports to listening to records. After she graduates from business school, a secretarial career and marriage will occupy her future. Marching Band l,2, Concert Band l,2. HARRIET SCHWARTZ A girl who easily combines beauty with intellect, Harriet is an original thinker and loves iazz and Jules Feiffer cartoons. She looks forward to a stimulating four years in college. Honor Soc. 3, G.O. Rep 4: FlasHingS 3, Assoc. Ed. 4, Sr. Play Comm. 2,4. KATl'lERlNE SCHWARZ Tall and loquacious, Kathy presents a striking appear- ance. Perseverance will un- doubtedly take her far in the Held of iournalism. FTA 3, Badminton l. JANE SCOPINICH Petite and bright-eyed Janie is one half of the Scopinich set. As an advertising secre- tary, she will certainly bring eight hours of perpetual sun- shine each day to her co- workers. Honor Soc. l, Cheerleader 4, Student Leader 2,3,4, Hockey l,2.3,4f Basketball l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Softball l,2,3,4. JUNE SCOPINICH Delightful June, the "other half," seeks a future as a commercial artist. June's ath- letic achievements during high school have earned her a gold key as well as a good figure. Student Leader 3,4, Hockey i,2,3, Honor Team 4, Vol- leyball l,2,3, Honor Team 4, Basketball i,2, Honor Team 3,47 Softball Honor Team l,2,3,4. 167 HENRY SELBERT With a mania for sports cars and managing FHS teams, Henry is unquestionably one of Freeport's most unique students. As an industrial arts teacher, he will revolve in the world of lathes and eager students. Football, Mgr. l,2,3, Wres- tling, Mgr. 2,3,4, Lacrosse, Mgr. l,2,3. FLORENCE LINDA SELLARS Quiet and considerate Linda is partial to bowling, listen- ing to records, swimming, and dancing. The approach of time will find this person- able gal "reaping" success in the business held. MILLARD SELLARS "Sonny," quiet and sincere, enioys listening to short- wave radio programs. Atrip to Hawaii and success as an aeronautical engineer will fulfill the ambition of this amiable and cheerful guy. Rifiery l,2, RONALD SEQUINO Ron, a frequent patron of Gene's and a "swinging" P.B,C. boxing participant, likes fast-moving parties and vivocious girls. He seeks matriculation at college. Football l,2,3,4, Lacrosse l,2,3,4, Wrestling l. 1 I nu - if .IUDITH ROSALYN SHAPIRO Always smiling and cheerful, Judy is loads of fun to be with. Her immediate plans include college, but she looks forward to "love and marriage." Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Science Club 2,3, FTA 2,3, News Service 2,3, Junior Band l, P.A. Staff 3,4, Sr. Play 4, Bus. Pub. 4, Hockey l,Table Tennis I,3, Honor'Team 2,4, Bowling l,2,3. JONATHAN SHEBAR An individual both in attire and personality, Jon can usu- ally be found behind the wheel of his "silent" green convertible. Cool, calm, and collected .lon will rise to heights as a lawyer. Football I,2,3, Basketball I, Lacrosse l,2,3, MARK SHEFFERMAN A talented musician and an able leader best depicts our handsome and popular Drum Maior. After a college edu- cation, Mark can look for- ward confidently to a prom- ising future. Class Soc, Sec. 2, G.O. Rep. l,4, H, R. Mgr. 2, Marching Band I,2,3, Drum Maior 4, Concert Band I,2,3,4, Exec. Council 2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4. 'ti -J' LESLIE SHUFER This bewitching young lady is a constant contributor to Freeport's gay social life. Extremely adept at painting and sketching, Les will read- ily make her mark as a commercial artist. Girls' Chorus l, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Sr. Play Comm. 4, Softball 3. -"-'hu HAZEL SMITH HazeI's light-hearted person- ality steers its way into ev- eryone's heart. When she becomes a dancing teacher, her instructions will produce pupils as superb as Mata and Hari. Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, FTA 2,3,4, Usher 3,4, Basketball 2,3, Softball 2,3,4. NORMA SMITH Dependable and cheerful, "Norm" is headed for a ca- reer in the world of capital gains and commuter trains. Only a few of the activi- ties in her busy life are bowling, horseback riding, and sorority meetings. Bus. Pub. 4, FlasHingS 4, Girls' Chorus 2,4, Pub. Of- ficer 3. 168 ROBERT SMITH Popular "Smitty" carries his high principles not only into the classroom but also onto the playing field. The en- gineering world will gain an outstanding colleague in this boy. Honor Soc. l,3,4, G.O. Treas. 4, Class Treas. 3, Sec. 4, Key Club 3,4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3: LeadervCorps I,2,3,4, Cheer- leader 3,4-, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4, Cross Coun- try 4. WILLIAM SMITH A quiet friendly fellow, Bill is especially interested in radio and television repair. Future days will find him in- vestigating the phenomena involving movement of free electrons. LINDA SMITS An expert swimmer, this de- Pendable, ever-sunny sorority president enioys attending "PJ" parties. After college, instruct- ing students in the "Three R's" will be her next step. FTA l,2,4p FlasHingS 4, Red Cross l,2,3, Girls' Chorus 3,4, Science Club 3,4, Dance Comm. l, Badminton l,2,3,4, Volleyball 3, Basketball 3, Archery 3. ADRIANE SNYDER Five foot two with eyes of blue, "Cookie" has a fabulous figure and is a fashion plate too, She will make a princess of a pedagogue. FTA 4, Lib. Club 3,4. FLORENCE SOHN Flo, full of fun and energy, manages to devote her time to Cl part-time iob as well as to sorority meetings, dancing, and ice-skating, Insurance claims, summonses, and complaints will be first on her agenda as a legal secretary. Volleyball 35 Softball 3. AUBREY SOPER Many are the days when after school you find Aubrey under a car or "filling it up with gas." This young man's interest in cars will make him successful as a mechanical engineer. FHS Band lf FlasHingS 3. JEAN STONER A devoted sports participant, Jean also enioys attending par- ties and sorority meetings. ln future years, she will find the hum of a busy office greeting her daily. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4p Mixed Chorus 3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4g Softball l,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2, 3,4. GERALD SUHADOLINK Good-natured Jerry looks for- ward to attending college in the fall. Aside from school sports, this fun-loving lad en- ioys water-skiing, bowling, and working on "Chevy V-8's." Cross-Country 2, Track 3, Bowl- ing 4. WILLIAM PETER SNEDEKER Slim Pete, noted for his affa- bility, enioys "ripping up the road" in his "wheels." His fore- sight will enable him to keep ahead in the modern world of architecture. JACQUELINE SNYDER There's bound to be a laugh when Jackie, a born wit, is around. At home with a baton or violin this versatile and at- tractive miss hopes to complete a successful college career. Class V.P. l, Treas. 2, Rep. 3, H.R. Mgr. 2, Honor Soc. lf Jr. Prom comm. 3, Twirler 2,31 Spotlight Twirler 4, SALVATORE SOMMA Working with radios and elec- tronics particularly intrigues this pleasant, atfable guy. A bowl- ing participant and maior league baseball fan, Sal may count on a prosperous future as a certified public accountant. BEVERLY SOUTHARD Bev, a girl with long brown tresses and a sociable personal- ity, likes swimming, dancing, and parties. After success in the business field, a "band of gold" .is her dream. ROBERTA STRUBE Bobbi, who came from Valley Stream in her Senior year, is interested in water sports and modern dance. - As a nurse, she chose a very noble course, Of patience and hope she'll be a constant source. JULIA SULAK A reliable miss, Julie's sym- pathetic nature will make her well-liked by all her patients when she becomes an R.N. She spends her leisure hours sup- porting Freeport's teams. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 3, FHA l, Red Cross l. EILEEN SULLIVAN "Lee," a personable young lady with a crowning glory of gold, enioys singing, dancing, and a good game of bowling, A future of photographs and negatives awaits her as an x-ray technician. Softball l,2. PAUL SUMMERS Paul, a quiet and reserved in- dividual, enioys working with cars and participating in sports. His future as a physicist will find him stating the properties of matter and energy. Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling 4. Science Club 3,4. ROBERT TAYLOR Certainly one of the finest wrestlers Freeport has ever seen, Bob is a hit wherever he goes. Good-looking and blond, he is awaited by a career in real estate and insurance. Class Sec. 3, Soc. Sec. 4, Key Club 3,4f Cheerleader 3, Track lg Wrestling l,2,3,4. KATHLEEN TOWLE The possessor of a pleasant and serene disposition, Kathie is a loyal supporter of FHS foot' ball and basketball. A Chinese food lover, she plans a secre- tarial career followed by mar- riage. Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4f Red Cross 2, Bas- ketball l. ELIZABETH JANE TUCCI Cute, amicable, and quiet is "B.J.," a gal who enioys parties and sorority meetings. As a sec- retary, "B..I." will be right at home in any busy office. Cour. Comm. 4. A SUSAN SULLIVAN A slender classical beauty, Sue is one of Freepart's aspiring young actresses. Her poise and sophistication assure her success in the theater. Sr. Play .2,3,4p Masque and Wig 2,3, V,P. 4, P,A. Staff 3,4. APRIL TAUS April's chic and striking ap- pearance has caught many an admiring glance. Her poise and fascination for flying cannot fail to make her an excep- tional airline hostess. Archery l,2, Bowling l,2. MARIE HELEN THYBEN Friendly and quiet, Marie en- ioys crocheting and sewing. Upon graduation, there shall be many a day when she will hear, "Take a letter please, Miss Thyben." Lib. Club 2,3,4. JOANN TRAPANI A very pretty girl with an ami- cable manner, Jo enioys a combination of pizza and soror- ity meetings. This chic dresser will reach her zenith as a pur- chasing agent. Girls' Chorus l,25 Cour. Comm. 4. JOHN TURELLA "Junior" receives much enioy- ment from collecting unusual weapons and studying Civil War history. To become a wealthy man with an annual salary of six digits is his ambition. JAY TURNER The study of hypnosis and psychology is Jay's chief in- terest. Upon graduation from a European university, a promising tuture in engin- neering will greet this nonf contormist. Dance Comm. 4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4. MARTHA JANE TUTI-IILL Possessing soft and refresh- ing loveliness, Jane derives pleasure from listening to Johnny Mathis and the King- ston Trio. Her experience from teaching Sunday School insures Jane's success as a school teacher. H,R. Mgr. 1,2,4, FTA 3,Sec. 4, Girls' Chorus I,2, Bowl- ing 3,4. WILLIAM TYDEMAN Tall, handsome, and friendly Bill is interested in all sports, particularly basket- ball in which he excels. His ambition - to receive a high-salaried iob upon grad- uation trom college. Key Club 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4. JOHN UHL A hard-working intellectual, John spends much of his time outdoors tishing, boat- ing, and hiking. In the fu- ture we'll address this gal- lant fellow as "Dr. Uhl." FlasHingS 2, Sports Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 4, Honor Soc. 1,3,4, Key Club 3,4, March- ing Band 1,2, Concert Band 1,2, PA Stott 3,4, Science Club 3, V.P. 3, Student Council 4, H,R. Mgr. 3. JO-ANN URBANSKI Jo, a gal with an outgoing personality, centers her in- terests around roller skating and bowling. Accounts re- ceivable and accounts paya- ble will be Jo's as a book- keeper. CAROLYN UTZ A true friend, "Jinx" never 'fails to lend a helping hand. A gracious, dependable, yet lively personality will aid her in a language teaching career. Honor Soc. 1,4, FTA I,3,4, P.A. Staff 1,2,3, Pres. 4, News Service 3,4, Marching Band 2,3,4, Concert Band I,2,3,4. VERONICA VAND-ERHOFF A blonde with an etterves- cent personality, Roni en- ioys parties and skating. Typing is second nature to this future secretary, who also tinds interest in art. DIANE VAN NOSTRAND Diane, whose long blonde hair adds to her pert ap- pearance, has many attri- butes, including sincerity and friendliness. Extremely inter- ested in horses and an ex- pert rider, Diane hopes to attend agricultural school. 171 WILLIAM VAN VORST Bowling and fishing rank high on Bill's list ot likes. This quiet and amicable tel- Iow aspires to reach the ninety per cent income tax bracket. BEATRICE VITALE Bea is an attractive girl with a charming personality who likes to spend her tree time dancing, ice skating, and cooking good things to eat. Bea has her hopes set on a career as a secretary. EDWARD VOELKER Handsome and likeable, "Big Ed" enioys swimming and outboard boat racing in his eight-toot sled. Hisllove at the out-of-doors has led him to choose conservation as a vocation. Marching Band 'l,2,3,4g Con- cert Band l,2,3,4, Exec. Coun. 4: Track 2,3. RICHARD VOGEL Richard, whose predominant virtues are quietness and de- termination, is interested in music, reading, and writing poetry. His aspiration is to become an accountant. Public Address Staff 2,3, G. O. Rep. 4, Bus. Pub. 4. CHARLES VOLLMER A real pal who is welcome everywhere, Charlie will soon be working with bal- ance sheets, iournals, and ledgers as a C.P.A. Sports and coin collecting are his chief interests. 'f fi JUDITH WAHL Tiny, delicate, and very charming, Judy enioys sports, particularly horseback riding. Upon graduation from col- lege, she plans to enter the teaching profession. FTA 2,3,4, Sr. Play Comm. 2,3, Bowling 4, Archery 4. WALTER WAHL Wolt's fine personality is complemented by sincerity and dependability. An ex- perienced member of the Boys' Leader Corps, he is bound for success as a phy- sical education teacher. Boys' Leader Corps l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,3,4. JUDITH WALDMAN Judy, noted tar her long, blonde ponytail, is a girl with personality plus who enioys dancing, acting, and singing. To be an "angel" ot a teacher is her goal. FTA 4, Bus. Pub. 3,41 Sr. Play 4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4. HARRIET WALLERSTEIN Hoping to start a cultural Renaissance, Harriet enioys drama, arts, philosophy, and music. Her combination ot looks, intellect, wit, and originality has led to her popularity. Honor Soc. i,3f Pres. 4, Elas- HingS Stott 3,4, Masque and Wig 2,3,4, Sr. Play Cast 2,3,4p Dance Comm. 3,45 P.A. Stott 3,4, Bus. Pub. Stat? 2,3,4, News Service 2,3,4. BARBARA WALSH Quiet, reserved Bobbie is nevertheless friendly and pleasant to know. A de- voted fan of rock'n'roll and a gardening enthusiast, Bab- bie aspires to be a top-notch Secretary. - Honor Soc. lp Girls' Chorus i,2. 172 RONALD WATSON Baseball, bowling, cars,and parties capture the interest of this well-groomed dresser. T-squares, triangles, and pra- tractors will occupy his time as a drattsman after col- lege. Football l. ROGER WATTS Rog's friendly personality, winning smile, and good sense ot humor have made him well-liked in FHS. His desire to become an elec- trical engineer will undoubt- edly be fulfilled. Riflery l, Track 2, Wrestling 3. V 4. lv. RUTH WHITTY A cute gal with a vivacious personality, "Ruddie" centers her interests around bowling and water skiing. Upon graduation she will be found undertaking the duties and responsibilities of a secretary. H.R. Mgr. I,4, Orchestra I, Hockey I,2, Softball 3. YVONNE WILLIAMS lndustrious, cheerful, and good- natured Vonnie enioys progres- sive iazz. Her enthusiasm for cadet teaching will assure her success as an elementary school teacher after college. Marching Band l,2,3, Concert Band i,2,3,4, Softball I. BARBARA ANN WILSON Tall and slender Bob takes pleasure in dancing and listen- ing to iazz. In her future as a secretary her fingers will skip along the typewriter keys. Basketball 4, Hockey 4. DAVID WINANS Lively and full of fun, Dave spends much time either at his after school iob or working with cars. He plans to attend col- lege after graduation. Track I, Wrestling 3. ROBERT WOELFEL Freeport's highly active' and popular G.O. president was a valuable football lineman, Bob seeks a good education after which he is surely destined for success. G.O. President 4, G.O. V.P. 3, Class V.P. 3, Key Club 2,3,4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3, Honor Soc. l,4, Lacrosse l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3, Co-Capt. 4, Football I,2,3,4. ELIZABETH WRANN Betty, "one of many," is our prize package of infectious gig- gles and blue-eyed beauty. A ray of femininity, she will brighten any field she enters. Cheerleader '3, Basketball I. PAUL WILLE With a look of thoughtful spec- ulation in his eyes, Paul is a hard-working athlete and an avid sports fan. His goal in life is to become a patent lawyer. Track 2,3,4, Wrestling 2,3,4. CHARLES WILLUS Charlie, a conscientious fellow and an enthusiastic swimmer and fisherman, likes to tinker with cars and boats. We see him in the field of mechanical engi- neering after college. Football I,2, Lacrosse 'I,2, Marching Band I, Concert Band I, FlasHingS 3, Assoc. Ed. 4. EMILY WILSON Em, known for her beautiful blond tresses, seeks a future as an airline stewardess. A delight- ful mixture of energy and en- thusiasm best describes Emily. Honor Soc. I, Hockey I, Vol- leyball 3,4, Badminton 2,3,4, Basketball 3,4, Softball 3,4. JUDITH WINTER Judy, a girl who always has a kind word to say, enioys sports, cooking, and reading. She looks forward to nursing as a career. Science Club 2. JUDITH WOOD Musically inclined Judy has a friendly smile and personality to match. A talented pianist, she hopes to instill her love for music in her future pupils. Marching Band i,2,3, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 3, News Service 2, Red Cross 3, Bowling I. PATRICIA WRIGHT Pat, sure to be the dream teacher of a classroom of little children, loves music and has a keen interest in sports and stock car races. Girls' Chorus I,2,3,4, FHA I, Treas. 2, Pres. 3,4, FTA 4, ' Hockey I. PETER YOUNG A guy with rugged good iooks coupled with an admirable physique, Pete especially enioys hunting. Also adept in water sports, he hopes to put his nautical knowledge to use as a harbor pilot. Track i,2,3,4f Wrestling 1,21 Football 'l. CHARLES ZIMMERMAN This good-looking, relaxed young man's interest is cap- tured by cars and sports, espee cially fishing and boating. Controlling the power at those great machines ot industry is in CharIie's future after gradua- tion. Lacrosse 3,4. Shutter Shy Stephen Barcisch Julia Cotield Anthony Falco Frances Halouska Olat Johnsen William Lambert Robert Lampert Peter Larson Anita Pietro Thomas Portale Michael Silverman Michael Watson Frank Zeigon 174 -sw? KATHLEEN ZlEGLER Kathy, who numbers boating, skiing, and swimming among her activities, is also an ad- mirer of convertibles, We fore- cast a sunny future as a secretary for this pleasant and considerate miss. FHA l,2. "'-"Ui" Q gnlwunosvnnmf N K S M,,1,Mw,,Qm,7 I , lu , .g,,g,, , . ' . .c ,. -cnc.. X.-,n-5.-1, W -3:f'2Wem1:nx A Q e ' ""N""f'K"""""v'-ff-m' V ' U' aiQ'1, 57-1-.?5'A7'15 I 1+-H ""f"?'h' ' e ...o 1 'inf'-wlbf I K V- 2' ' 3f...4,5:4-ui .- w..l.fX. wife A HS V, -1'1i1d"5S3.LY4,' 'YS' l-v' l - 'fi . , ,. .,-.-. - 74.4-" , , . Most Likely to Succeed Sophie Poulos and Charles Metz Cutest Couple Winnie Flefcher and Berry Wronn School Splrlt Most Fun to Be With Val Diehl and Dave Padgett Nicest Smile Jimmy Panagos and Sue Edwards Best Actors S S II d Ronnie K' b g Best Dressed Bob Lamperf and Carol Mercer POPULARITY Most Athletic Dave Padgett and Lynn Murray Mr. S Miss F. H. S Most Versatile Bob Woelfel and Sophie Poulos Most Musical Sfeve Brown and Jackie Snyder Most Attractive Jimmy Poncigos and Lynn Murray Best Figure and Build Dove Padgett and Pot Russell Most Griginal Class Wits Richie Feldman and Vol Diehl :iz 'f-if Q o 0 1 1 . 5.5, f A A . 1 n 178 '."5"1 Y' - "' '-,Qf,. M , :" '1"'5 'Q-N Q-Nfl, -f ., 9 fflra L ' tae- 'gui :L 'f 1 -"- 'fb 1' VY. ', 1 'dj I ADVERTIS X L0 G I L TRU T 9 ON THE BEACH cowl PANY A SUMMER N 4 Q9 1'-1 R A '- - 'T "'A- -'--'-'-'-- e rafaasfififiiii 'iifil E I Zhiiinz EE1 EEE ' mm Freeport Otiice - 25 South Main St. Other Offices In: Garden City, Garden City Park, Great Neck, East Garden City, County Center, Stewart Manor, South Farmingdale PLACE 3689 PRECISION MA 3,5338 BROCKMAN 'S FORMAL WEAR TO HIRE NEWEST STYLES Cor. Merrick Road 103 S. Main St. OPEN EVENINGS Freeport, L. I. PARTS THERESA'S GOWNS BRIDES, BRIDESMATDS FORMAL AND PROM 102 South Main St. Freeport, L. I. l'M GONNA WASH THAT GIRL RIGHT OUT OF MY HAIR 180 ARE YOU A BORE? Bayview tPlmrmacy of Freeport ff' an . s -...- Zen ra ' ' , .. J,,,.gg,N 5 ri Q Y -3 Ax bv' I - ' - Q-2---:vnv....,w F NH A 8,1-ju. . I R 8.0124 389 Atlantic Ave. Freeport, N. Y. PICKS UP AND DELIVERS PRESCRIPTIONS SUN WEATHER Phone FReepo rt 9-2487 THE TOWN CLEANERS AND DYERS 26-28 South Grove St. Freeport, L. I. FUR STORAGE WARDROBE HOUSEBREAK RAY JEFFERSON, INC. MANUFACTURER COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT Telephone YOUR DOG EASILY FReeport 8-4400 40 East Merrick Rd. Freeport, L. I., N. Y. SNAKE CI-IARMER Tel. FReeport 9-3555 0 . J E W E L E BS DIAMOND IMPORTERS 70 So. Main Street, Freeport, N. Y. , Y QXNES l LIQUOQ 1 J 45 S, Moin St. FR 8-0930 TEN YOUNG WOMEN OF THE YEAR F, FReeport 9-I984 After Six CCIII IV I-4868 KU gg-fl. 1492! nf' I.M. I. SMITH MOTORS SALES Am: SERVICE WOODWORKING Residential I' Morine " Commercial if:7-39 Eost Merrick Rood T. ILCH Freeport, N. Y. Flqeeporf 8-7300 217 Woodcleft Ave. Freeport, N. Y. FANCY FRUIT BASKETS BARBECUING gfzeepofzf gfzuit 82 Cveg. Coup. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FARM PRODUCE ' POULTRY AND PARTS 82-Bb SO. GROVE ST. FREEPORT 8-M230 FREEPORT. N. Y. GROVE ST. LAUNDERAIDE WASH IT r DRY IT ' Pom IT RUGS WASHED - ANY SIZE VISIT OUR NEW SELF SERVICE DEPT. SWEET SIXTEEN AND... 73 So.Grove St. - On Grove St. Parking Field FReeport 8-9674 2 HOMEMADE FRENCH ICE CREAM VIEBROCICS FOR SODA- LUNCH -CANDY "SO MUCH DEPENDS UPON IA RED WHEEL BARROW GLAZED WITH RAIN WATER BESIDE THE WHITE CHICKENSH' NU-MERIT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO., INC. I39 East Merrick Road Freeport, New York FReeport 8-9668 ESSO LENNY'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES Helen Ave. and East Merrick Rd., Freeport, L. I., N. Y SISTERS, SISTERS FReeport 9-2039 KORN JEWELERS EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR JEWELRY - DIAMONDS - WATCHES 30 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N. Y. WOMEN TORTURED BY AN AGONIZING ITCH 183 dag-'ff S BEFORE AFTER I , 4 THE SAVINGS ARE ALWAYS GREAT WHEN YOU BUY ON THE W. T. GRANT "CHARGE IT" PLAN ENJOY REVOLVING CREDIT INQUIRE TODAY KNOWN FOR VALUES FOR 53 YEARS 184 Q . mf-I mr :D-I L X wi-.SQL KQ,X,sE f STUDENT Boosmzs WHERE MAIN MEETS HULEUWAY 1 llflllllie ,,r , N T , lRvlNo's MEN SHOP - C04 rvceyaefzmczn ' ' 5 ' CLOTHIER - HATTER Nafural Shoulders HABERDASHER CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES FOR 80 50, Main Street l'llM AND Hls HEIRS Phone: FReeporf 9-3371 Harriet Wallersiein Bobbie Furman Bobbie Miller Enid Feinsilber Marilyn lngber The Voyageur Siafi Sylvia Schanz Joan Feinson Carol Heller Carol Posnock Tony Arenella P.D.O. Sorority Breh The Bea? Carolyn Ufz Lynn Murray Dave Goldman Eugene Falk Bonnie Brainin Alice Friedland Harriet Schwartz Bonnie Lasky Don Jackson Stan lfshin Herb Lopata Charlie Edelman Butch Bluesiein Rich Barchas Al Hausfafher Steve Gerzof Doug Brown Dale Nelson Judy Waldman Marge Cleary Bob Smith Bruce Luisk Peie Rowan Mel Ranish Pai Russel Sophie Poulos Bob Eisensfadf 185 BALDWIN AND CORNELIUS CO. I DREAMED I WAS A MERMAID. Established I890 Successors to Smith 8. Molcomson, Inc. Municipal ond Civil Engineers ond Surveyors II7 W. Sunrise Hwy., Freeport, L.l. Freeport 8-6760-61 COMPLIMENTS OF JAN'S JEWELRY, INC. 6 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N. Y. IN MY BATH-INA BATHING SUIT FReeport 9-2540 DURYEA'S FLOWER SHOP THE TROUBLE WITH WOMEN . FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 70 So. Grove Street Freeport, New York Tel. FReeport 8-5579 FReeport 9-8140 PREMIER METAL ETCHING COMPANY 'I43 Eost Merrick Rood Freeport, L. I., New York FR 8-5103 CAND How TO coierascr in 186 l THE THINKERS SWEET CLOVER DAIRY MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS Nassau Road and Babylon Tpke. Q Roosevelt, N. Y. FReepOrI 9-1660 and 9-8751 Bay Shore, N. Y. BAy Shore 7-6467 BUY FROM YOUR LOCAL DAIRY BETTER SERVICE - BETTER MILK ADDY OLDSMOBILE Inc. 268 N. Main sem: EREEPOIIT, I. I., New YORK 131-DQNIOBI I,-E . , . in a class by iiseb' Fkeeport 8-1440 DOUBLY DELICIOUS DOUBLY DARING ROOM AT THE TOP YOUR COMMUNITY STATION W. G. B. B. T240 kc. FREEPORT'S VOICE OF NAssAU COUNTY BOWL AT FRIENDLY WERNER'S so AUTOMATIC LANES ao FREE INSTRUCTIONS OPEN BOWLING AT ALL TIMES 806 Sunrise Hwy. Baldwin Member NBPA BA 3-3442 CEST LA VIE I 187 PROFESSIONAL PAGE PHILIP BLooM, D.D.s. 49 Church Street Freeport, New York DR. HARRY NEWMAN 80 South Grove Street Freeport, New York HERMAN J. COLEMAN, D.D.5. 7I North Moin Street Freeport, New York DR. M. G. EISENBERG 88 Church Street Freeport, New York BOTWIN 81 BOTWIN Certified Public Accountants Freeport, New York BOCSTERS FRANK BRADFORD AGENCY, INC. 64 South Grove Street Freeport, New York TEDDY'S ORTHOPEDIC SHOE REPAIR SHOP I5 South Moin Street Freeport, New York THOMAS PHARMACY 451 North Moin Street Freeport, New York LEON'S BOUTIQUE 94 South Moin Street Freeport, New York SOCHACKVS GARDEN CENTER 453 Nossou Rood Roosevelt, New York ZIPPER'S PHARMACY 55 South Grove Street Freeport, New York 188 SOMEBODY SLI PPED? UMAN CONSTRUCTION CORP. Freeport, New York COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT UTILITIES CO. APPLIANCE WHOLESALERS GROUND, STICKS GROUND, STICKS COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. GUNG HO AT SQUAW PEAK SHOULD THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME? AL VOLLMER, INC. INSURANCE 74 North Main SI. FR 9-2625 HUNTER CLOTHES DANZIGER CLOTHERS AND HABERDASHERS MEN'S - STUDENTS - BOYS' JANTZEN SWIM SUITS 92 S. Main Street Freeport, N. Y. TENNIS, GOLF, 8- BASEBALL EQUIPMENT TRUNKS 8: LU GGAGE GAMES 8. TOYS U. S. DIVERS 84 HEALTHWAY SKIN DIVING EQUIPMENT WHO BLABBED? ,Q if COMPLIMENTS or I'yI III? ALLISON 81 GERZOF A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS BRAITHWAITE'S STATIONER Tel. FReeport 8-79II - 8-7910 L' H' MARTIN' owne' FREEPORT PLUMBING 81 HEATING QFFICE, HQME 3, SCHQQL SUPPLIES KITCHEN 8. BATHROOM MODERNIZATION AUTOMATIC HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING I0 Church Street Freeport, N. Y. 50 North Moin Street Freeepoff 9-2458 ESI. 1912 F'eepO"' New Ymk 190 Telephone FReeport 9-2435 ALEX ADAMS 8m DAUGHTER FLORISTS 53 West Merrick Road Freeport, New York PAUL E. HENDRICKSON ADOLPH LEVY AND SON APPAREL FOR MEN 98-IO0 South Moin Street Freeport, N. Y, THE U.S. COUNTS ON ITS GIRL ATHLETES STARS OF THE TRICYCLE SET ' COMPLIMENTS OF BOULUKOS TEA ROOM SODAS AND LUNCHEONS HOMEMADE CANDIES Church Street Freeport, N. Y. WOODCLEFT CERAMICS-CRAFT 42 Woodcleft Ave. Freeport N. Y. FREE INSTRUCTIONS IN CERAMICS - ARTIFICIAL FLOWER MAKING 8. SHELLCRAFI' Fr. 8-7I72 FACULTY BOOSTERS Fredericka Albert William Ashley Delphine Bauer Christopher Bellamore Vivian Bird Mary Birgenthal Wilmer Breedlove Joyce Brown Zita Burns Nunzio Cazzetta Henry Chemnitz Dorothy Clark Elizabeth Clovves Maud Constable Mary Coogan Walter Cook Eileen Crane Lilah Cushman Sue A. Damis Mary Didas Anne Estock Lawrence Etkind Dorothy Fischer John Franklin Constance Gronenberg John Hesse Foster Hott Charlotte Hutt William S. Hughes Brooks Johnson Sandra Kast Water Kennedy Nathaniel Levin Emelyn Lovelace Judith Marks Bill McElroy Vincent Zuaro Neil McLellan Lillian McNutt James Montgomery Delores Moran Ruth-More Arlene Murphy Henry Natterer Ernest Newton Doris Nickerson Thomas O'Connor Levvis Pesca Naomi Pollack Norman Passes Henry Putt Richard Reed Miriam Roberts Phebe Schilling Velnette Sickels Ellen Simpson J. Wesley Southard Eleanor Snedeker James Spencer Murray Spindel Betty Squire Robert Teich Russell Terry Charlotte Tessier Patricia Tevvksbury Winston Tuthill Rudolph Valentino Raul Whiting Jim Warner Elizabeth Way Mabel White Edith Woodcock Harriet Woodsum 192 BATES BOAT SALES 62 Woodcleft Avenue Freeport, New York PIPE DREAM FOR THE ALLURING FACE YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF ROMA FREEPORT'S FIRST ITALIAN AMERICAN DELICATESSEN IMPORTED 81 DOMESTIC ITALIAN SPECIALTIES FRESH SAUSAGE OUR SPECIALTY ASSOCIATED OF FREEPORT 361 Atlantic Avenue Between South Bayview and Saint Marks Avenue FREE PARKING FOR HUNDREDS OF CARS DETOUR - TRAFFIC STOPPERS HOW DO YOU RATE AS A GIRL? ALLYN OIL HEATS BEST 3300 West Merrick Road Freeport, New York Freeport 9-2727 Mr. "Meadow Brook" Sends Best Wishes I For Success To The Class of I96O THE MEADOW BROOK NATIONAL BANK "SERVING LONG ISLAND" II Z1Jl'I'FFd671'dl Dfpoxit Inxuranef Corjloration COMPLIMENTS OF THE SOUTH SHORE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION "YOUR SAFE HAVEN FOR SAVINGS" Anticipoted Dividend 33AfX: Per Annum 47 W. Sunrise Hwoy Sunrise Hwoy 8K Forest Ave. Freeport, New York Mossopequo, New York FR 8-6263 LI I-9500 194 SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? MONARCH TIRE CORPORATION NEW TIRES USED VULCANIZING AND RECAPPING 251 North Main sneer Freeporf, New York FReeporf 9-2884 FReeporI 9-2711 BEIER'S HARRY WREDE, Prop. DISTINCTIVE CONFECTIONS LUNCHEONS - DINNERS 30 W. Merrick Road Freeporf, New York YOU TOO CAN MAKE YOUR ROOM COME ALIVE COMPLIMENTS OF RUDOLPH L. HIMMEL HYGRADE MEAT MARKET DELIVERY SERVICE 33 W. Merrick Road Freeport, New York FR 9-2171 Est. 1924 MAYFAIR Ali? FREE PARKING IN REAR K S 5 0 I Hetru ITALIAN RESTAURANT 8: PIZZERIA 68 VVEST IVIERRICK ROAD OUTGOING ORDERS FREEPORT, L. I., N. Y. LET'S HAVE ANOTHER CUP OF COFFEE THE BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS STAFF These are the people that make it run: BARBARA FURMAN ................................. Editor-in-Chief Barbara deserves credit for the organization and supervision of the soliciting of ads. ENID FEINSILBER ................................. Assistant Editor Because of the able assistance of Enid, the canvassing this year has been a success. JUDY WALDMAN .................................. Assistant Editor Judy, a member of the staFf for two years, has helped in the financing of Voyageur. BARBARA MILLER ................................... Typing Editor Barbara has been responsible for writing to various companies for ads. This is their staff: Janice Bagatelle Richard Barchas Lauri Berman Michael Bernstein Martin Bluestein Tina Blum Karen Cruickshank Eileen Dougherty Doris Feinsilber Susan Fleischer Karen Friedman Sheila Goldstein Rhoda Grimple Judy Helfand Marilyn Ingber Barbara Kriedman Jeitrey Levitt Elinor Mills Eileen Murray Dale Nelson Judy Shapiro Leslie Shufer Linda Smits Adriane Snyder Richard Vogel Eleanor Mills 1 ,, S. Q"' uf, -. , , 1 w.,- f . ,,.v. f . :V-ik, '4 n ,f -5 '- 7 1 - 1 , , ,'11.'.- 1' 'I :Fw YY 1 ,L . W, an . ,,.Q1, "Q1V.g f , 7 - fi' , . . ' 'vi' ." 'Vp Wixr :L Q' X. 1 ' ,, ,, Y 4 ' I Vx 4 ' 1 , ,-11 . 1 f, , . , -, . ,,, , , Q- w- - C , - ,, , . A 'V VV V , ,A -W A .Vp -,w,3,-wr' -':'-1:W"2,-:im na r' 21152. 'Av 54.1. .N.v:fMf,f:.,.3mr:n"A'3lTiRs7a'adsff2Qifuf A 4 1, ! 1 r I J i n 1 1 I . i ! I

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