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., EIREEPMRF MEM Hmmm Wofo CG3lRAN'IT C300 Concord Music DANZ' RQYHOY' efcf ummm, ssmmnnnm M5595 BAqAT'5U5 GER . 5 - 1 ' Iliad 11 wt wooLwoRTH co. ggi- 22 , , "1'4 ,-fm. VUE RQCKS 1 - QQ ff, Qf , ' ' 14 A' - -' - ? 21? --LT? --4-f - , ,.l-,,2- , - Glenn Blagelx ---- W ...L - , -:....a ..:. .- :"" ",- - - --:-,:...- ,-.- ..: --C .f -I?"-'S 1....-- 21 4-g BRAITHWAITIEYS BUULUKO5 TEH HDONI IFIREEPQRT n N X . . . EAST PGINT HOUSE mzglffrfiymf, of 3 'Y S 0 m,,m.4r.1!.1:m1 l ,vx 554 -4' R Q 418 L? FMR GIRCCDVIE FREEPORT LIBRARY K "H P' ui l'7552C5v'Zra, f' -5 X w'kLU Q ,aim l?142fg4w.. If A A1-- , N. . - 5'B1x- 'gf fo ! w'1'- ,-, n a., 7' "Lik e , -iz 1 U1 -.wlger .ml if ,K - - if u' 1, M - 'L 15'-1' f- f -- --':1 " :P , ' I l, 3. 1" - Ki-4' V. lf., -'ff--- Wig 1-A i K1 A rl -L?X x X - , X 5 xx xx A !:.-Tafx , fi-Iii 0,nfpa 'A Ja Z I PPE R'S I I mlf amz? N ,, Y ,,,fY-g-T-. X ' ,, 7 A Y W X, V ,X , X XY, X , ' ' v Y ' ' 1 ' , w w X Y w Y X' U X " 71, O .. ,W ' "W ' V w X x f- , , ' X ' j E V X , N ff? N. r n O , ff J , - ' ' J v ' 5 f-5' xx g. X ,f -' -- W' 4 X QXJ .. H f O ' ff 1 W X' .I R Xu ,HW 5, X V - ' V f - M XQY, W m Q X i,, ' J w X X' LM, XX ,V X4-J , J xl 4, 1 X , N' gf X' 1 X, , 1' X'i?wiifff' X. Xxx J VX Q Q f ig, , fx. -X-X ' ' Q 7 7 ff , A ff5 ' , -X "' " fm X '? ffm". , , V V -. , , 1 L, ,L X' ' Xu X X X 'X'X ,M , '-fxL 'F 'M 'Y-f - -V X Y X, x ' ,Six-f-'lf V, 7' " 'wffn' , I 1 ,f"""'w T Xfflf X' , 1 w ' J ' f - ' w X -ff f J W XJ r O' 'N XJ ' v X. 5-ff X ,rx X X , X , 'H-N-1 , f X X. x XJ X j Xfffn n 1 f , , , , Y y ,- ,' - X X 1 Yi VY i ,' f' ,f. , 4. I 4 X H J r -, Q 'H 'FAT-. V1 W ' ,y 1, Q, f X11 v ,N X. -JH-Q' k-1 2' f' Xxx if uf' xyf --.ff lx' ' Xfj 'gf ,X Q. FREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL FREEPORT, N EW YORK In Appreciation of All Your Endeavors in Our Behalf, the Class of 1959 Proudly Dedicates the '59 Voyageur to You . . . Dr. JOHN W. DoDD om DEDICATION In the office At the pep assembly Our choice of you, Dr. John W. Dodd, as dedi- catee of the 1959 Voyageur has a two-fold purpose: first, to show our recognition of your outstanding work as Superintendent of Schools and second, to record visually our fond recollections of your ex- uberant school spirit. Freeport High School and the senior class will always be in your debt. 3 This school year bears special significance to us, the Class of 1959, not only because it is our Senior Year, but because we are the last class to graduate from the old school building. YVith this thought in mind, the yearbook staff strove to have the annual exemplify the enthusiastic school spirit of each pupil at Freeport High School. As was once said, 4'It is the little things in life that count? So are there little things especially peculiar to F.H.S. that we will remember most. It might be the carving on a deskg it might be the hallway trash can directing us to the right. The trophy cases are proud reminders of the fine achievements of our sports teams, and who can ever forget the locker rooms during the mad scramble at the dismissal bell? To band members and homeroom managers, the signouts on the blackboard are most signifi- cantg to others there will be the lingering echoes of the P.A. announce- ments, all of us will remember with affection the F.H.S. book cover with a Red Devil pictured on the back. Over and above all these little things is an overwhelming school spirit exemplified by our emblem, the Freeport Red Devil. Therefore, the year- book staff has chosen for the theme of the 1959 Voyageur, "The Spirit of the Red Devilf, 4 wi Q9 W. AK? of C0l'lfQI'lf5 FX St. la- .i- , ,,1-- Administration Activities . . XX xi ix Advertisements XXX xx X 1 X ' I m f 2 x xx -ix K i V K W X X A Bk X5 x qig NNN ., ? F, JRR-1, X X X W iixmhli. ,- I f , xx VL I ' X: X K 'NsgE Q Q NNNAUX KK ,4Jm infgfifa tion x X N, ,I 4' W ""' "'?+ Mr. Leo F. Giblyn, President kr. .fum-ugf, lVIr. Harold E. Pearson Vice-President BOARD CF EDUCATION In order to run a school efficiently and smoothly, there is much 'lbehind-the-scenesl' work that we as students never fully realize. The hours these dedicated men de- vote to the efficient planning of our school affairs and their enthusiastic support of our school events is appre- ciated by all of us. Vllhether it be the senior play, an athletic contest, an assembly, a dance, or commence- ment, we recognize the interest of Mr. Leo F. Giblyn and the board members in our undertakings. 10 Mr. Hugh Erwin Mr. Charles V. Brady Mr. Roy R. Gockley SUPERIN TEN DEN T OF SCHOOLS Rarely a day goes by that we are not cordially greeted by the familiar face of our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. John W. Dodd. As the head of our school system, his responsibilities entail selecting qualified teachers, providing sufficient classroom facilities and equipment, and making vital decisions concerning our whole school district. Dr. Dodd more than adequately fulfills his job by doing all of these things well and, in addition, by being a friend to all and an advisor to many. Dr. John W. Dodd 'hav' s .. Mr. Foster H. Hoff Mr. john Hesse ADMIN ISTRATIO Although each child has his own character, personality, and degree of intelligence, without the aid of a more ex- perienced mind these characteristics would be for naught. To the Administration and Guidance Department, there- fore, has been delegated the task of helping each student discover and enjoy the type of work for which his gifts best suit him. Miss Davis, Mr. Hoff, and Mr. Hesse counsel junior high school students. Although most of the curriculum is stand- ard, this year special classes were started for those pupils D GUIDANCE capable of doing advanced work. Miss Didas and Mr, PuHn are the senior high school counselors, and their job includes administering aptitude tests, planning schedules, giving advice about colleges, and finding available jobs for high school students. At the head of this department is our principal, Mr. Southard, assisted by Mr, Franklin. We sincerely appreci- ate the unselhsh devotion to their jobs, which has in turn made our high school careers the more enjoyable and successful. Nliss Alice V. Davis Miss Mary Didas Mr. Henry W. Puff ui. llblllz vv . 1. uf ul. 1.1.x,1u. vv . 1. uw Mr. Irving B. Franklin Mr. Southard's Message In 1924 the high school we all know opened its doors to 850 students and faculty. From this small group to the twenty-six hundred of us today there has been inherent in all our efforts a "Spirit of Freeport High Schoolf' This loyalty - an inexpressible feeling which pervades us and makes us give to our high school wholehearted support in all its activities, scholastic and extracurricular - is the heritage of each succeeding class. The Spirit of Freeport High School stands for a number of things. It is the building which we came to love first from a sense of duty and later for itself and its associations. It is the faculty who have awakened the sluggish, encouraged the eager, and quickened the indolent. It is the students unified in loyalty - fun loving and hard working - who have a sense of the values of freedom. It is the studies which lead to academic success and self-mastery. It is the school activities that help develop cooperation, friendliness, and tolerance among us. It is the athletics which keep us fit and help us to keep the rules of sports- manship. It is the hospitality that treats all visitors with consideration and courtesy. Through the years the achievements of Freeport High School in her many en- deavors have been notable. From her halls have graduated thousands of young men and women who took with them qualities that are marks of good breeding, a receptive attitude toward the finer and more significant things of life, an ap- preciation of the assistance given to help them make a satisfactory, mature adjustment in life, and a respect for the source of that assistance. You, the Class of 1959, are joining the classes that precede you in the refrain: "We shall never fail V To respect you, aid you, love you. F.H.S., all hail, all hailli' J. Wesley Southard, Principal Mr. . Wesley Southard, Principal 13 Special Faculty it FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. William Ashley, Director of Athletics, Mr. John Cotter, Clerk of Board of Education, Mr. Carl Fixsen, Psychologist, Mr. Clarence . W -. Genner, Director of Visual Education, Mr. Walter Hawkins, Superintendent of Build- ings. SECOND ROW: Miss Abby Kelly, Special Class Teacher, Mr. Eugene Lee, P s f , .. 3.-. .N i ,i""" is X X YS WA 'slf Attendance Officer, Miss Mary Mclntosh, Librarian, Mrs. Rose Ramsey, Special C A,,:- i A Class Teacher, Mr. Jack Smith, Psychologist. 1 'SS g il Miss Mary Barlow Department Chairman English FIRST ROIV: Mrs, Fredericka Albert. SECOND ROW: Miss S. Ann Beckley, Mrs. Mary Birgenthal, Miss Claudia Buckovich, Mr. Henry Burnett, Miss Florence Clark. THIRD ROW: Miss Mary Didas, Miss Anne Estock, Mrs. Shirley Fischel, Mrs. Dolores Hegmann, Mrs. Rosamond Javorsky. a"i' 1 ' x I V , .13.2f1'kjf'v , 'S 4T fitr ' J ' we A 'firm W lffi' N' fuk 'S , 5 '.i' fflffry f' .1 ' ' at .. 'f , M if 'W 72? 'tyr V! w...L -15- 14 Department FIRST ROPV, Left to Right: Dr. Allan Lewis, Miss Ernelyn Lovelass. SECOND ROW: Mr. John McGrath, Mr. George Moser, Mr. Thomas O'Connor, Mr. Albert Renken, Miss Helen Schelkoff. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Phebe Schilling, Miss Velnette Sickels, Mr. Paul Sullivan, Mrs. Charlotte Tessier, Mrs. Therese Thompson. Not Shown: Mr. Neil McLellan. 15 rn viv- '2Clowes, 'Mn Rob- ','f " V' G4-:or1ge A'. Coupe, Mr. QPSECOND' D ROW: Miss Walfer' S. Joy, Miss ,,', Doris Nickerson, Mr. irgpfggggiimfoiiafdprOOMIHIRD Row: Mr. Ran- aaiaifwgiyciigi1gMrQ Richard C, Reed, Miss '7IQieira?fVf7fCobbins,'Miss Ellen Simpson, Mr. Citizenship' Education rwiiiiaiai ii suiiivfgmg 'flame 'if Mrs. Charlotte B. Carmen Department Chairman Miss Lilah Cushman Department Chairman 'GN Language Department FIRST ROW: Miss Esther Brown. SECOND ROW: Mr. Nunzio Cazzetta, Mr. john B. Franklin, Miss Constance Gronenberg, Mr. Eric Smithner, Mr, Edward Vall- Spinosa. 16 X' X gy , i3.A'q5gg:,g V : Wm: ' mf? ,sms sw: .Qf,,fW,,,5i - aZ?:pff4m: : fifyff ,fifrffi iafffifsg 5 . A . FIRST ROW: Mr. Donald Burns. SECOND ROW: Mr. Thomas Butler, Mr. Henry Chemnitz. THIRD ROW: Mr. Paul Jordan, Mr. James Montgomery, Mr. Ernest Newton, Mr. Louis Pesca, FOURTH ROW: Mr. Norman Posses, Mr, Robert G. Stern, Mrs. Louise Stravin, Mr. Robert Teich, Mr. Vincent Zuaro. 17 Science Department Mr. Robert Miller Department Chairman " 1- ,..f i xff7ef-'z-Gulp-'v:.f.he Q',!4':Q1Q2 ' if f,:.4., V - N, 1 ff'-483, 174 17 75? 2:1122 ., 1 zf wgw V , f .g ,fs ,M - -77,4 , V V. 'aft-': 1.11415 3 f nf - ,gy ,211 ' f. nw ,f . X40 Q 4. zfNQ Y 5 " 'S 'ss-5 Mathematics cr.. I Department "Q Mrs. Mary Dewing Department Chairman FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Delphine Bauer, Mr. Law- rence Etkind, Mrs. Elsie Hirshman. SECOND ROW: Mr. John Major, Mr, William McElroy. THIRD ROW: Miss Ruth Rich- ter, Mr. Russell Terry. FOURTH ROW: Miss Mabel White, Mrs. Edith Woodcock. FIFTH ROW: Miss Harriet Woodsum. CMiss Alice Williams, not shown.j 18 Business Education Department Mr. W. Chapin Moger Department Chairman FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Christopher Bel- lamore, Mr. Donald Costlow, Mr. Joseph Glacken. SECOND ROW: Miss Charlotte Huff, Mr. Walter Lucas. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lillian McNutt. Mr. John Augustine Department Chairman G59 a ,- ,h 'kg , ' isro 4 ' 'Wg , 'A ' 1' AM, arm . s f.-, ' gjigfvfgy Q ii X' V ffl , - 4. fi-,.-,+:':.g, f if, Health and Physical Education Department FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Saul Beck, Miss Dorothy Clark, Mr. Winston Tuthill. CMrs. Miriam Moser, not 5hown.j 19 if 1 Music Department Miriam Roberts. E' Dr. J. Maynard Wettlaufer Department Chairman Industrial Arts Department FIRST ROIV, Left to Right: Mr. joseph Bessel, Mr. Joseph Devlin. SECOND ROW: Mr. John Nagle, Mr. Murray Spindel. Art Department x gg' "- 'n."' j Hx-A 1 " ffm. 1 ' ' 3 X 20 FIRST ROW: Miss Jeanne Maxwell. SECOND ROW: Miss Mr. William Parker Department Chairman Miss Maud E. Constable Department Chairman FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Barbara Bulcy. Mr. Jzirk Mcrk, Miss Helen Robertson. pmfrm W wr FIRST ROW: Mrs. Miss Anne McGrath .a,av.-Q.e1,yW H ,g . y .W4:g.s rf X . JR 4 'Uwe Nui f X VV, ,ja ff ,. ,J wezwfwf-MQ-if we afzat - '-"' " jfiifrsfgt era. 7'-3jg,.,fg4Qg Hwy, 4, fp.. .y M w.,.e:::re5aQe-rm. , we Hn, 'es ease- ,,v..,4f.1s2Yrt:s,..,i-.Amex X, y f eva 's rv. Q. QI we sw s w fe e. ,251 his N 'Zwf-FP-5 xc" XZ A ,.., s X , ,573 EAW, S2 f heist' 5 E ef. , f vim -w,.efAfJ--A-'1-t?2'?-L-xdfsf '- Wa. 4, ,f.faf' 5 -2 N 2. -V .1 , it ev. Q eg , gf s Nt' .,w4mf' Q ,flaw yn f rx, use-,.4 Q is 9 K' ,f ff 6 It .' ' ,wffw wszfmm. "V 4 e A - ' H' NX we-,.W,N. '- " Hr: 'N ,wr'Sf'e'ffw-W..W2ff.e-f- mx Sz X ' .av +5 ft Xe., 4.1 ,W AQ, 'x,jjs.wNN 'A 'tt'eQ1,,,,,,,m ":i'N"'-'N-t mes, I X MM . ex A-N,.,,,a..,,, Mrs. Alma Rowley WAN N Health Service Department Ruth Maraglio. SECOND ROW: Miss Gladys Derrick Director of Health Service Department Chairman FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Miss Homemaking Department Zita Burguillos, Mrs. Lenore Monke- meyer, Miss Ethel Temple. Hn 21 Secretarial Staff FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Joyce Brown, Miss Betty Burke, Miss Marie Calabrese, Miss Joyce Dev- lin, Mrs. Sue Helier. SECOND ROW: Miss Joyce Hennig, Mrs. joan Hodgdon, Mrs, Madeline Hechin- ger, Mrs. Virginia Mitthauer, Mrs. Constance Schildt. THIRD ROW: Miss Beth Squire, Mrs. Margaret Utz, Mrs, Ethel Van Houten, Mrs. Catherine Watson, Mrs. Margaret Wettlauier. lWV S? 45,2 A- j ,W S ' Aga. V' . 4-V of 41'-f-J . Y in I' , . y ' , W Y N I ' - asf? I s1:.",Ei K V . -- ,. . , ?""""lQ. , Ek K:.,,5,. lx. it 5 .QW 1. ws L .1 ifxmil " X, in . .Qu F L Ex Mr. Harry Bornscheur Head Custodian Custodial Staff son, Mrs. Marie Marshall, Thomas McArdle. THIRD ROW: Mr Henry Nelson, Mr, Earl Paulson, Mr Joseph Sarro, Mr. Anthony Ulip, Mr Phillip Waring. n- ' 'aus A 'V film X 'N 5 457 FIRST ROW: Mr. Nicholas Burleigh. SECOND ROW.' Mr, Andrew Jurgin- Mr. Ars! W. , .V A e fl ff :1fg,ffg5g'i -',f Q , ' ',.1:,i, - ' e :- , if- I . , . , "" K 4.1:-zgfgdv.,2jy7.yy,gf55,i?jizgg - 5, L-353.3-,i,.7-,"5f2s' A . , ,1 H X. , . I 1 I V ,,.., ,,-5 . A ww, . .. X ' ,ef -Q YP?"-ffl' - ,111-':,,Y , . 1 2 Mimi ' K' -.vw-ff,?,'?f2f' 4.2 215: IF- '- L ww:fi.f1f'if.wff': ff , . ,F-2 . ' -f f X f?.,l2i2lW!fiiW'ifC4u,ifwifl' ing? 1,75 757952 , .filfif .- 1..f,Q4:f' ff.-V . f-'- , -. ,af faery f . . ,V .3 f 4 fffwmw :ww 5'-f,-If f24:.pwm,:,z,,f,f,f50,ffz4-f-Qfw.,' 'mf' 4 Wf4..f.,.,.,M .,f,..,0.f,.W.f,f, W ,nh M, X. ,...,f4,.f,.,,6 , ef , A ' 1' fn f- 2041: pfffLf1fQ,x4f.:: :mp :vu-.2.:, mliw' Cafeteria Staff FIRST ROW: Mrs. Viola Bloomer. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Sophie Dienso, Mrs. Helen ' iA'1 iff "1e if f Doyle, Mrs. Jennie Schantz. fy ,W .- .,. 7.44..4,, I , '65, V L. 1-XM f 1? AJ , f 1 4 Y 55 A, ,f 3 .24-1 ' K gf 1 M 6 wi f f f, X 7 f ii' .7 .Qi I f 23 g 5,1 , 1 H W I XA 'Sf IX X I 3 I , w 'N W ' f X N ffw LV I X !fif'X f W , Q -J - 1 ,Jxxx . X FQ- 1 ,il Wili ,i - l,gY,g:5 1 I II I I ' I- I , I I I ' I I I I I' I I I , I S I' I' I I' I I 'I,', I I I II I I I I I I II I II M! II I I l I I I K I III I I I I I I I I I I Mes b I I , . , ,,.Y,WW7Y,,- Ai? W-' I, ilk 4--f I I I I I ,III I I I W-, Nd' Miss Ruth Richter Advixor Susan Everett CL S President R1cha.rd Nathan Lu Ann Franklin Vzce Preszdent Secretmy Ernest Zafonte G.O. Representative SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Four years ago a new freshman class entered Freeport High School, a class which was filled with boys and girls bubbling over with f'The Spirit Cf The Red Devilf' This spirit was to motivate many of us on to becoming leaders academically, ath- letically, and socially in the years to come. Slowly this group of freshmen became sophomores, then juniors, and finally seniors. At last the year arrived when the class of '59 was no longer a graduating class of the future. In the early fall of our senior year many of us sent in our applications to the colleges we hoped to attend. A tense period of entrance examinations, personal in- terviews, and College Boards followed, but the spirit of the Red Devil helped us to pass through it. While we anxiously awaited acceptance to college, we cheered on our undefeated football team which came out on top as the Nassau County Champs. We found our spare time occupied with the Senior Play, "Too Young, Too Oldf' and our successful Senior Variety Show, "Out of This Worldf, 1959 also found us working under new conditions such as split sessions and shorter class periods, but somehow we managed to survive the strain. We were measured for our caps and gowns, had our pictures taken for the yearbook, and we danced to the dreamy music of our Senior Prom. The year was an eventful one for the graduation class, and before we realized it our senior year had come to an end. When we thought of the new careers we would be beginning after graduation, we became a little sad about leaving, but we knew we would carry part of Free- port High School with us, and that part was the spirit of F.H.S. 27 OUR EMCEES - L. to R.: Dave Swanson, Bobi Perrell, joan Mustacchio, Bob Rarnsdell, The Mzmcongo Cuties joan and Bobi and their loyalty. , .. M, A -P- in , v vi L .v,. M I V tg-H33 , , ' 112 I -401 Y 1 .-f1..f:'X I V ,,-V A 3 3,-?'::jgf':: '- 'figs ' 3' hi s I L VARIETY SHOW "Out of This World" Class of 1959 The Wooden Soldiers The C..H.D.'s The Winter Wonderland Chorus Line Willie Mae Williams, Our Own "Yma Sumacl' ' The Class of ,59 Freeport Highis Famed Minstrels Finis 29 JOAN ABI-:L joanie's long auburn tresses are but a mere complement to her tall willowy hgure. Traveling and meet- ing new people rank high among her special interests. joanie plans a career in the business Field as a secretary-receptionist, followed by a successful marriage. THOMAS BADE Happy-go-lucky Tom has shown his interest in many of our school activities. Lively and full of fun, Tom enjoys water-skiing and boat- ing. He plans to become an archi- tect after graduation. ALAN ACKERMAN Al's friends know that when hels around there's never a dull moment. A member of the Business Staff, he spends his spare time with his hi-fi and record collection. Alan is a sure bet to be a great teacher. X957 ANNE BARBER Anne, a Senior Honor Society member, enhances the scene with her pleasant per- sonality. As a member of the Senior Play committee and Art Club, she has had a chance to express her artistic ability, We foresee a fashionable career as an interior decorator for Anne. FREDERICK ANDERSON Tall and dark "Andy', is a regular out- door man. His chief interests are boating, hshing. and all types of sports. During school hours he can be seen working in- dustriously in the Varsity Shop. A career as a dockbuilder lies ahead. .a-Q, 415 ADRIENNE ARCURI "A," poised and attractive, has won many liiends with her cheerful smile. She likes oonvertibles, sewing, and boys, and she Finds long homework assignments of little interest, Her proficiency in business sub- jects, however, is sure to make her an ex- cellent bookkeeper. JOYCE BATCHER Quiet and sincere, that's our Joyce! Her sweet smile and friendly ways have earned her many friends. Good music and dancing are but two of her many inter- ests. The world of beauticians will Find an able colleague in this miss. 30 DEANNA APPLEBAUM uDea" has been a staunch supporter of the Business Publications Staff, F.T.A,, News Service Staif, and Science Club. ln her spare time she enjoys popular music. Her pleasant personality will make her a good social worker. CORINE ASSANTE "Lolly" has a quiet, reserved personality. She can be found ice-skating in the winter and swimming in the summer. Through the Science Club, she hopes to gain prac- tical knowledge for her career as a nurse. ROBERT BAYER Bob is a nice guy to have around. Always friendly, he has a smile for everyone. He has a passion for girls and cash, and, like all of us, can't stand debts, His intense in- terest in electronics, rockets, and explosives ought to make him a great electronics technician. REGIS BENEVILLE Good looking, lively "Percy' is an active member in F,H.S. sports. He has been a valuable member of the Cross-Country Team for the last four years. Money, piz- zas, and fun rank high among Regis's in- terests, After West Point, a career in the army awaits him. CHARLES BINDER Charlie, although disliking homework, is aiming toward much more of the same while studying engineering. Possessor of a great sense of humor he plays basketball and collects records during his spare time. Keeping him busy, also, are Hshing and girls. SUSAN BIRK f'Korki's" sweet disposition is known and liked by all. Agriculture and livestock rate top on her list. Suels additional interests include helping mentally ill and retarded children. In the future she would like to raise cattle, wheat, and boys! RICHARD BEVERSON If ever you were looking for Rich, chances are that you would find him at work amid a maze of resistors and condensers. Work- ing with radio and television rates high on this quiet and scientifically minded young man's list of interests. There is no doubt that Rich will become a successful engi- neer. ANN BIRGENTHAL A captivating package of charm, mischief and sweetness, the Identihcations Editor of Voyageur has devoted much time to the Dance Committee, Senior Band, Execu- tive Council, and girls' sports. 'fBirgy,l' a future elementary school teacher, will Find herself a future "pupil3s pet.', VIRGINIA BIRK Ginny, our good Samaritan, is always will- ing to lend a helping hand, Besides being an active participant of girls' sports, her musical talents are displayed in Girls' Chorus. Ginny is certain to succeed as an R.N., ministering to the natives of Africa. 31 BETTY JANE BIANCO Dimpled and charming "Bee Jay" has given her services to the junior Prom Committee, Courtesy Committee, and Senior Honor Society. She enjoys sorority meetings and college week ends. She will attend college with the hopes of becoming a teacher. CAROLE BIERWEILER Carole, known as HBee', to her friends, is a cute girl with a grand personality. Her spare time is spent dating or carrying on her hobby of sewing. Her talent with needle and thread will someday lead to a won- derful career in fashion designing, . gil E 1 it , 4- Fgss.-x41,1,.. --4. ,Ii I! 5 'i' VARSITY .- - - - .I eil fi ll is lf' HEWLETT BISHOP Tall, blond 4'Butch" always has a smile for everyone. He and his tuba have been a valuable part of the Senior Band for four years. I-Ie has served the school ably as a homeroom manager. He has a pas- sion for nautical things. In the future he plans to become a lawyer. LOIS BLOCH A Senior Honor Society member, also" has filled her active life with the Press Club, 'KFlasHihgS," and F.T.A. The possessor of a capti- vating smile, Lois brings joy to all who know her, After graduation from college, Lois plans to enter the teaching profession. IRWIN BLOOM A future accountant, Irwin is al- ways around when there is fun to be had. In addition to participating on the wrestling and track teams, he has belonged to the Chess Club. Irwin is a sports car and rock 'n roll enthusiast. RICHARD BLOOM Dick, a popular senior, was a credit to Freeport High when elected New York State Key Club Treasurer. He was an ac- tive participant in the Key Club, baseball, football, wrestling, and Red Cross and showed his abilities as G.O. Treasurer. Dick hope: to enter the engineering field. PHYLLIS BOCK "Phyl" is full of fun and mischietf Her main interests include car races and horse- back riding. At F.H.S, she has partici- pated in sports.The experience she gets from working in the high school ofhce will help make her a fine secretary. WILLIAM BOULUKOS "Bill" is likable and reserved. He is al- ways friendly and has a smile for every- one. He hopes to make his mark in the world as a restaurant owner. f PETER BOWERS "Pete," tall and handsome, is an out- standing member ofthe rifle team. He is also a member of the cross-country and Uack teams. The great outdoors and girls occupy his free time, His future lies in en- gineering. RONALD BRAATEN An easy-going manner is Ron's distinctive trait. I-Ie has ably served on the Boys' Leader Corps and has participated in track. Being an outdoor man, he enjoys water-skiing and swimming. Ronnie is sure to go far as an engineer. . JUNE BREAKSTONE ELLEN BRAGG Known as "L" to her friends, Ellen is one of F.H.S. gayest and liveliest gals. A de- voted follower of football games and stock car races, Ellen also likes dancing and "chic" clothes. She's destined for a happy future as an I.B.M. operator. DOUGLAS BRAZ "Doug," a scientilically minded student, has devoted much of his time at F.H.S. to the Slide Rule Club and the Chess Club. He has also mastered the accordion. "Doug" hopes to become a me- chanical engineer. An outstanding personality is "Pruna's'l Uademark. Here's a girl who's more at home campaigning and giving parties t.han doing homework. Her active partici- pation in girls' sports led to her elec- tion as the G.A.A.'s G.O. Representative. "Pruna" will certainly be missed by the undergrads at F.H.S. CAROLYN BROWN Sweet and unassuming, "Mickey'l has been a member ofthe Softball Team, Li- brary Club, and Red Cross. She also teaches dancing, sews, and enjoys music. Her efficiency and neatness will help her to find a niche in the business world. 32 RICHARD BROWN Rick, a staunch G.O. supporter, is a dili- gent collector of popular music. An asset to the sports teams, he can,t exist without active exercise like fishing, bowling, and cars. Rick is one of Freeport's future "joe Collegesf' P' , WALDA BROWN As Secretary of the Library Club, Associate Editor of Business Publications Staff, and a member of News Service Staff, friendly and good-natured Walda has been a credit to F.I-I.S. Living near the water, she has acquired a taste for boating and swimming. Her aim is a journalism career. l JOAN BRUBAKER Tall, good-looking, and blonde, Joan craves rock ln roll music and ,Sl "Mercsf' In addition to bowling, she also likes bad- minton at which she shows her agility. Someday Joan will be a successful com- mercial artist. LESLIE BRUTON Most of "Les's" abundant energy is taken in by hockey, basketball, volleyball, and softball. "Les" was always a busy member of the Girls' Athletic Association, G.O. Dance Committee, and the Assembly Committee. Her future holds plans for at- tending college. MARJORIE BURKETI' Most' of Margie's abundant energy is used in hockey, volleyball, bas- ketball, and archery. Margie's specialties are football games, so- rority meetings, and pizzas. She is also a Dance Committee member, G.A.A. secretary, and one of Free- port's peppiest cheerleaders. She will go far in any field she en- deavors. JESSICA BURSTEIN Known for her quick wit,Jessi, a sports enthusiast, has participated in basket- ball, hockey, volleyball, archery, and softball. She has also been a member of the Girls' Chorus, Science Club, and the F.T.A. Some lucky children will have Jessi as a teacher. i CARL CALCAGNI In Carl's case, Bronxville's loss was Freeport's gain. He has been a mem- ber ofthe Science Club, Track Team, and Mixed Chorus. He professes a "special" interest in good food. Carl is certain to make an excellent pharmacist. ROBERT CALDIERO Bob, tall, good-looking, and unassum- ing, is a favorite with everyone. An im- portant member of both the track and the cross-country teams, Bob is an avid sports fan. After college, his thoughts turn toward the service. BETTY LOU CARBAUGI-I Cheerful and friendly, "Carby" has lent her splendid voice to both the Senior Girls' Chorus and the Mixed Chorus. She was an ardent sports participant and an active member of the G,A.A. She likes football games, acorns, and good times. Her future lies in the field of biological research. CYNTHIA CARLISLE A pretty blonde, the Assistant Typing Editor of Flasl-IingS is an enthusiastic participant in such sports as bowling, volleyball, and hockey. She delights in football games and horseback riding. Some lucky executive will have Cindy as his private secretary. MARLYS CARRINGTON "Marti," cheerful and friendly, loves dancing and pizza pies. She is always willing to lend a hand where she can be of service. Her interest in people and her friendly nature insure her success as a beautician. 33 MAUREEN CARROLL Attractive, pleasant, and vibrant describes Maureen, Typing Editor of Voyageur. Maureen has been an Honor Society member and a Flasl-IingS typist. She enjoys horse- back riding and reading. We all know Maureen will be successful in the business world. ' JAMES CARSON Happy and friendly Jim has a host of friends in F.H.S. He likes many things, but has a special afhnity for cameras. FlasHingS has bene- fited much from his photographic prowess. His future lies, naturally, in the world of cameras. JOSEPH CARUSO "jo-jo,', master of the wrestling mat, gridiron, and lacrosse stick was an active Key Club member, homeroom manager, and Senior Class Secretary. Rugged Joe will make a debonair Air Force Academy graduate in the near future. 9 ,jffqyiti'.fy -tl ,r nf, ', Hy y '. A Mi W' 1 , ,Q t f ,' .. fm ':E . v fy, Vyffffi, 5 'X '---9" S L.. Ni'iia'.' li il i 'gi Clemibi ii ' r, f Iii! ' if-.Sig ,K I I li' li XS '-1--.-Qu ,,- ' , l, l l f lg GEORGETTE CHIMERI Ballroom dancing and good movies are just two of Georgette's inter- wts. However, she has a definite aversion to book reports. Charm- ing and sweet, Georgette always has a ready smile for her friends. She is sure to make an ideal wife and mother. MELANIE CHRXSTIANSEN "Bambie," a wonderful combination of friendliness and fun, has been an active member of the F.T.A, and Girls' Choruses. Her interests include sports, sorority meet- ings, and dancing, and she delights in football games and college week ends. She is sure to make a wonderful teacher. 5' CONRAD CATTANO Conrad can always be found in the midst of fun. "Cat" has made many friends with his ready helping hand and his sincere smile. In the future, 'fCat" hopes to be- come a member of the Freeport police department, jOYCE CHAPMAN "joy's" quick smile and twinkling eyes are familiar to many. Besides being the Typing Editor of Flasl-lingS, she has been active in sports and is a member of the Honor Society. A future secretary, "joy" also hopes for a successful marriage. CHARLES CHRISTOFFERS "Skip's" wavy brown hair enhances his good looks, His most recognizable charac- teristics are a fine school spirit and a strong passion for girls. In the future, he plans to go into the Navy or the Air Force. 34 3, fi . . , ,,, . efvv ' t S BEVERLY CHAFFIN 'fBev," a loyal supporter of the G.O., is a member of the Library Club and badmin- ton team. Her long slender fingers turn the silent keys of the piano into beautiful melodies. Beverly will put this talent to use as a music teacher. EDWARD CHILINSKI "Chilly," a very sports-minded young man, actively participated in football, bas- ketball, and baseball throughout high school. He also found time to be an asset to the Key Club. After graduation, he hopes to attend college. SUSAN CLEARY Amiable, sincere, and hard-working, Susie has been a member of the G,A.A., the Masque and Wig, and has acted as G.O, Representative for the Dance Com- mittee. Her enthusiasm for sports was shown by her excellent contributions on numerous teams, She enjoys sorority meet- ings and has for her goal in life a job in the field of art. JOHN CLEMENT "Clem" has always been interested in cars and enjoys tinkering with them. He also showed his interests in sports as a speedy track and cross-country member. John plans to fly oH'into the wild blue yonder as an Air Force pilot. ELLEN COHEN This pretty and vivacious cheerleader is an active sports enthusiast. Ellen partici- pated in archery, badminton, volleyball, and held membership in the G.A.A. She was also a member of F.T.A. and the Senior Courtesy Committee. The coming year will Find this effervescent miss at col- lege. MARGARET CONEN Margy, a quiet and dependable person- ality, has proved her versatility as a mem- ber of the table tennis, bowling, and basketball teams. Autumn football games and tangy Italian foods appeal to her, We foresee a successful career in the busy role of secretary for Margaret. RALPH CLEMENTS Ralph, a good-looking lad, likes sports and girls. He was on the track, basketball and cross-country teams, and was a boys' cheerleader. He was also a member of the Key Club, College is his next step. LAURENCE COLEMAN Larry, a good-looking and likable guy, who's always good for a laugh, has been a member of the Key Club and FlasHingS staff A valuable cross-country team mem- ber and trackman, Larry likes cars. His determination will insure his success as a top-notch lawyer. VALARIE COPPOLO Our small bundle of good cheer Ends fun in everything. Valarie's school spirit speaks for itself at the football games. She has participated in several girls' sports, The future will End Valarie as either a secre- tary or a C,P.A. 35 MICHAEL CLOSE Michael, a quiet but interesting fellow, is an avid baseball fan who roots for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is a hunting and fishing enthusiast, and we know he will i'hook" an excellent job in the insurance business after he completes college. 99 MARY LOU CORNWELL Our "Miss Congeniality" has been of boundless service to F.H.S. Besides being an Honor Society member and an active participant in F.T.A., "LuLu', has been Voyageur's industrious Class Editor and F.H.A.,s Secretary, Vice President, and President successively. Mary Lou is cer- tain to make a top-notch teacher. BARBARA COHEN ' Bobbi, quiet and pretty, is an avid sports fan. She has been a mem- ber of both the basketball and the volleyball teams. In addition, she was the Assistant Editor of the Business Publications Staff She will dehnitely make a wonderful dental hygienist. X957 RITA CRAVEN Rita, a fashionable young miss, en- joys rock 'n roll music, horseback riding, and swimming. She adds fun to any gathering and is gener- ally found with a crowd. Her am- bition is to earn her wings as an airline stewardess, WALTER CRISPYN Wfally is noted by all as a ugood guyf' He has been an active mem- ber of the Boys' Leader Corps for the last two years. His interests in- clude cars and entering boat races, He is sure to reach his goal as general in the Air Force. l l RICHARD CROASDALE Dick came to Freeport High in hisjunior year, bringing with him his passion for dancing, swimming, and sports. His 'AHeet feetl' have served the track and the cross- country teams admirably. A career in snaval engineering is ahead for Dick. TIMOTHY CROPPER Quick to smile and to lend a hand, Tim is a regular outdoor man. His chiefinterests are Fishing, hunting, and boating. He is also an active participant in track. Look- ing ahead, he plans to attend college. f-9. 01" .g1r"'?D w! LORRAINE CURETON A welcome addition to F.H.S. in herjun- ior year from Emmett Scott High School, Lorraine is full of fun and loves a good time. Her special interests are basketball and collecting records. She hopes to be- come a nurse. .xx- MARY D'AMICO As a future secretary, we know Mary will ably fullill herjob. Fun to be with. she is always having a good time when she is among her friends, She has supported F.H.S. through the G,O. and by regularly attending the football games. GEORGE DAVIS "Jeff," a Southern-bred gentleman, has been a crack shot on the rifle team, an expert baseball player, and a tough guy to beat on the football field throughout his entire high school career, Friendly and congenial jeff aspires to become an Air Force pilot. PATRICIA DAWSON A pleasant person to know, Patty has a quiet and unassuming personality. Often found either swimming, listening to music, or ice-skating, she will see the world as an airline hostess, ALI' RED DeGROU'I'l'OI.A Better known to his friends as "Diggy," this fun-loving fellow en- joys sports, cars, and dancing. XVhilc at Freeport High School, he participated in football, track, and baseball. To join the navy is his ambition X-f BW' JOHNNY DEKAM Blond-haired and full of fun, 'AAngel" is really mischievous. He appreciates the Finer things of life, too, such as food and sleep. NVith his Fine voice and guitar playing, he will make a success in his chosen career of singing. 17 WW DIANE DE LAMBERT A Miss Arnold Constable Finalist, "Deade', is a cute girl with a congenial manner. An enthusiastic sports participant, she is an energetic student leader and a member of the G.A.A. Her ambition is to go to col- lege. if' 36 BARBARA DEL MESE After graduation, reserved but friendly Babs will End work in the secretarial Held. Right now she indulges mainly in playing golf and dancing. This smart dresser will brighten up any office. class there. A business career awaits THOMAS DESSART Brown-haired, blue-eyed Tom was a valuable participant in the junior band. He likes rock 'n roll, boating, water-skiing, fishing, boats, mechanics, cars, and girls. We see a Hne future for him in diesel mechanics. ROSANNE DEUTSCHER Attractive Rosanne has long, flowing dark hair in contrast to a peaches and cream complexion. A tennis, -swimming and dancing enthusiast, she has belonged to Courtesy Committee and F.T.A. Rosanne looks eagerly toward entering college. FRED DILSNER Freddy's four-year membership in the G.O, shows his consistent support of all Freeport High activities. During his free time heys never happier than when indulging in sports. To own his own business is his goal. BARBARA DONAHUE Bobbi, pleasant and full of fun, is always ready for excitement. She was extremely active in Bishop McDonnel High School and was chosen President of her freshman ART DONATO Art, a quiet and reserved individual, was a member of the baseball, bowling, and track teams. Art's main interests lie in the Fields of sports and mathematics. He is sure to succeed in any field hc enters. JOY DONATO Slender, dark-haired Joy goes in for un- usual earrings. Besides enjoying dancing, she likes shiny cars. Joy has participated in the Girls' Chorus. Her lifetime ambition is to be a model. Bobbi. MIRIAM DRIVER A friendly smile sets off Miriam 's pleasant personality. Nothing could suit her better than a weekly schedule of movies, bowling, parties, and sorority meetings. The hours she spends on art will pay oHA with a good job in this Held. GERRY DURLAND "Lump," a good-looking and likable guy with a contagious grin, is popular with all. A member of the Key Club, he was elected Secretary this year. Gerry, "one of the boys,'i likes the L.A. Dodgers. His path seems to be guiding him toward a writing career. ALLEN EDWARDS Good-looking, even-tempered 'KAl" has many interests among which are cars, girls, food, and traveling. His grand per- sonality helps him make many friends. After going to college, Allen will make his mark as a draftsman. 37 EDWARD ENCISCO, Jr. Tall, rugged, and sportive, Ed goes in for just plain "fun.,' Besides being a Debate Club member, he holds down ajob after school and on weekends. All water sports - skin diving, spear Fishing, and water- skiing i interest Ed. His future looks bright as a foreign courier for the Stat: Department. GRACE JANE ENGEHOLM Grace, Vice-President of the Senior Honor Society, President of the F.T.A., and Voyageur's Literary Editor, is a girl that really exempli- nes ambition. The possessor of both an enchanting smile and a lovely voice, she has been a welcome member of the Girls, Chorus. Vivacious Grace will make an ex- oellent teacher. CATHERINE ENNIS With her ready smile and affable personality, Cathy has been a wel- come addition to the Courtesy Committee. Always willing to help out, she is a favorite among her friends. Cathy will make some lucky fellow a fine wife. -eg, BARBARA ESPOSITO Tall and stately with long brown hair, 'LBobbi,' aims to be a secretary and enter the world of typewriters, coffee breaks, and handsome executives. At present she is enjoying life, especially when she's water-skiing, dancing, or driving. 1'-R ff' . X ll F A li Q f K K 'Ss frm K, 'l x 9 as -1 ' I Y. C O l CAMILLE FONTANA Quiet and reserved, Camille ap- preciates holidays and vacations. Sports-minded, she is especially in- terested in baseball, football, and basketball. Camille hopes to have a successful career as a secretary. IRS KATHLEEN FOY Kathy, a pert and cute gal, is an active member of News Service Staff and Girls' Chorus. She has participated in girls' sports and is a FlasHingS typist. Kathy aspires to be a successful secretary. CATHERINE ESPOSITO As mischievous as they comeg that's "Poppy.' Her industrious attitude makes her a definite asset to the Senior Band. Her imagination and talent will make her a favorable addition to the field of art. KENNETH EVANS Congenial and fun-loving "Ichabod" is a sports-minded member of F.H.S. He has been active on our football and baseball teams. Kenny enjoys having a good time with the gang and listening to good music. He is sure to succeed in any endeavor. ANN FRANK "Babe" is an attractive Miss Arnold Con- stable Finalist. She is a member of the Girls' Chorus and the Courtesy Commit- tee. Ann likes dancing and boating. Her Hair for art will make her a top-notch Eashion designer. 38 FRANK EVANS A real "he-man," short and rugged Frank spends most of his out-of-school time work- ing as a mechanic. In the immediate fu- ture he plans to join the National Guard, but later he hopes to become a mechani- cal engineer. SUSAN EVERETT It would take two pages to list all the ac- tivities ofthe ever-popular Susie. A few are: Senior Class President, cheerleading Co-Captain, G.A,A. President, and Honor Society President. Susie, indeed the back- bone of our class, is sure to do well in whatever career she chooses. LU ANN FRANKLIN Lu's sweet mannerisms have certainly won many friends. Her athletic abilities have led her to achieve honor team stand- ings. In addition to being a cheerleader and Honor Society member, she has capably served as G.O. Secretary. Lu Ann is sure to succeed as an elementary school teacher. GERALDINE FREITAS 'lGerri" has been an active member ofthe Library Club and the badminton and the volleyball teams. In her spare time she en- joys dancing and swimming. "Gerri" will make a good secretary after Finishing business school. LINDA GERSON With an infectious giggle and twinkling eyes, Lynn brightens any scene. She has lent an able hand to the Business Publi- cations Staff and has a definite interest in sports. Lynn sees a bright future as a medical secretary. LAWRENCE GILBERTI Tall, good-looking, and musically inclined, Larry rates jazz, cars, and Hi-Fi top on his list ofinterests. A member ofthe Sen- ior Honor Society, Larry hopes to return to Freeport and set up an office as a doctor. RICHARD FRENZ Where therels life, there's 'lRick." Husky, blond, and friendly, he can always be found at a good beach party. A trackman in the tenth and eleventh grades, he is very interested in boating, skin diving, and science. We see him in a scientific ca- reer after college. ROBERT GIANNUZZI Bob is a uhappy-go-lucky" carefree guy. His interests are widespread, and he finds enjoyment in almost everything. After graduation, he will try to reach his goal of making his First million - good luck Bob! JOAN A. GIORDANO A pert, pretty, and petite miss, "Cookie', has been one of our talented twirlers for two years. An informative member ofthe Courtesy Committee, "Cookie" likes ice- skating, the country, and convertibles. She is destined to become an excellent private secretary. 39 HARMON GARFINKEL A nice guy and hard worker, Harmon was an asset to the Science Club for two years. He especially enjoys rock 'n roll music and '55 Chevys. He plans to enter the Held of science after attending college, Qi CHARLES GLANDORF Charlie is a happy-go-lucky fellow who is well-liked by all. He is the cross-country manager and a G.O. supporter. Water- skiing and bowling are among his many interests. He will certainly succeed in any Held of endeavor, BARBARA GENNER Cute and loquacious, l'Barb" is a chic dresser. She is a member of both the Girls' and Mixed Choruses and the G.A.A. Barbara has been an energetic badminton manager for four years. The secretarial world welcomes this miss. 1757 NORMAN GOLDSTEIN A member of F.H.S.l football, wrestling, and lacrosse teams, strong and silent l'Norm" was also a member ofthe junior Honor Society, His interest in raising ani- mals will insure his suocess as a veterinarian. AUDREY GOODMAN 1'Audie," cheerful though quiet, has been an efficient homeroom manager, an enthusiastic girls' sports participant, and a Science Club and News Service Staff mem- ber, Her activities in the F.T,A. should be valuable in her eletnen' HEATHER GORDON Heather, pretty and artistic, has partici- pated in many school activities. She has been a homeroom manager, a member of the junior Honor Society, News Service Staff, and the rifle and badminton teams, Her next stop is college and then a career in industrial design. ELLEN GRAY Ellen. a cute and charming miss in every way, was an active member ofthe Red Cross and News Service Staff. She also participated in the Science Club. Ellen likes winter sports, swimming, and archery, This cheerful girl will make an excellent HUFSE. WILLIAM GRAY Tall, handsome Bill has shown his interest in sports by being on the basketball team. His other interests are cars and the Free- port fire department. Bill is sure to be- come a success as a Navy electronics technician. tary school teaching career. MADELYN GREEN Friendly, smiling Mady is destined for success in her art-teaching career. She de- voted much time to the Chorus, Library Club, and F.T.A. and helped with thc Senior Play as an industrious committee worker. She enjoys good art and well- RICHARD GREENE Dick has spent the greater amount of his time and effort on a urunningn basis as a member of the track and the basketball teams, This casual young man was also a member of the Key Club, After gradua- tion, he will attend college. DONALD GREENHAUS Gay and lively 'lGreeny," a hard worker on the Flasl-lingS Staff, likes sports and enjoys life in general, Being able to get along with people will easily help insure his success as a dentist. played jazz. NANCY GROSSER Nancy has a quiet, sweet Charm all lier own. lt's a pleasure to hear her play the organ. She was a member of both the junior and Senior Honor Societies. Nancy enjoys swimming and parties. Her gentle manner will make her an ideal nurse. 19 SANDY GROVES Sandy, the possessor ofa clever wit, is a valued member of Masque and lVig. He also participates in wrestling, Sandy's profound ability for writing made him an asset to the FlasHingS staff Bio-chemistry is his choice of career. GARY GUTTMAN Key Club President in his senior year, de- pendable uPancho" has also shown him- self an outstanding athlete, receiving his letters in football, wrestling, and lacrosse. Gary was elected a member of the Senior Honor Society in the fall, His plan for the future is to become a nuclear physicist. 40 GAIL HANINGTON Friendliness is this girl's secret of popular- ity, Gail, who is a rare six-year member of our G.O., likes such sports as swimming and ice-skating. It will be a lucky business man who gets Gail as his typist and clerk. EVELYN HANUS Pleasant and charming, 'iEvie" is a mem- ber of the Senior Courtesy Committee. Her pet peeve is history class, but she especially enjoys her sorority meetings. Evie is sure to succeed in her dressmaking career. FRANK HARTENFELS Easy to get along with, "Kirby" works as a pgoduce clerk in a food store. He likes Jspgrts, mathematics, and hunting and dis- likes long homework assignments. After graduating from high school, "Kirby" will get a job with the Sinclair Oil Company. -nr ALICE HAZARD . "Allie,' spirited and fun loving, has been an active member of the Library Club and Red Cross. Active on the Courtesy Com- mittee, uAllie" likes art, sports cars, and talking. Her sincere interest in art guar- antees her success as an interior decorator. 4 KAREN HEIN Karen, a loyal G.O. supporter, is a versatile girl with diverse interests: swimming, driving, pizza pie, Latin- American dancing, and music. She has been an industrious worker and member of the Library Club and F.T,A. Her goal is a B.A. degree. BARBARA HICKS Bobbie has a pleasing and sincere person- ality. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing and dating. Homework and history do not rate highly with her. Following gradua- tion, she will take her place in the business world as a secretary. ROBERT HIGBIE Bob's pleasant personality helps him make many friends. When not working, Bob spends his time tinkering with his car. On week ends and vacations, he enjoys hunt- ing and fishing. After attending college, Bob will surely succeed in his chosen held. w JAN HILDENBRAND Jan, with his happy-go-lucky personality, will long be remembered at F.H.S. His special interests include wrestling, classical music, and girls, An eager beaver for work, he will make a successful social worker or research scientist. TEDD HOPE STEVEN HITTNER Lively Steve is always on hand when there is fun to be had. Among his favorite sports are water-skiing, swimming, and boating. Hels a real "lady-killer." Steve's out-going personality will help him in his chosen Held of business administration, CARYL HODSON Caryl, cute and friendly, is well known for her long, blond ponytail. She has been a valuable member ofthe Girls, and Mixed Choruses. Caryl can usually be found watching a fast game of football or lacrosse. She is bound for a nursing career. 4-1 Handsome, friendly Tedd has a big smile and blond hair. He has been an active member of both the track team and the wrestling team. Girls, parties, pizza, cars, and boats find Tedd's favor. He hopes to become an aeronautical maintenance technician. MARTHA HOVVARD "Marti," a girl with a keen eye for fashion, has an interest in rock 'n roll. She also is an enthusiastic col- lector ofuanythingf' Her sweetness and charm make a successful mar- riage an easy goal for her to attain. IRENE HUEBNER "Cookie," a gay and lively gal who's friendly with everyone, favors such pastimes as swimming, bowl- ing, and listening to various types of music. One of her main interests is traveling, perhaps she will com- bine this love with her career in the business world. ROBERT l-IUEGLIN Bob, an intelligent and likable fellow, con- tributes much of his time to F.H.S. even though he holds a job after school, An active member of the Key Club and the News Service Staff, Bob is interested in science and radio technology outside of school. He plans to study chemical en- gineering after graduation. fl"-' Qfe'-1+ X? uiylufa, W' ,if EMI' 5.A7f'v if GLEN JESTER Glen is good looking and a favorite with everyone. He has shown faith- ful service to the Leader Corps for two years. His leisure time is spent enjoying cars, boats, and water- skiing. Future plans consist of col- lege, the service, and an early retirement. -Y. BARBARA ANN JOHNSON "Babs" has shown a great interest in music by being a member of the Senior Girls' Chorus for four years. She also likes to col- lect records and dance. After Finishing school, HBabsl' hopes to become a success- tiil legal secretary, L 4 1 ALLAN HYMAN Besides being our Masque and Wig star, Al has contributed much to FlasHingS. NVe find this sharp dresser interested in cars, boats, and submarine races. He has an aversion to blonds and homework. To be a lawyer is his goal. RONALD JACOBSEN Tall, blond-haired Ronnie has a quiet and sincere personality. His special interests include cars, boats, and planes. Ronnic's lbndest ambition is to Join the Air Force, and we know that he has the qualifica- tions to become a four-star general. JOEL JOHNSON Joe, liked by everyone, is best known for his outstanding sports ability, He has been an active member of the football, basket- ball, and baseball teams throughout high school, Joe plans to become a lawyer. 42 JEROME JACKSON Jerry, Freeport's ever-popular varsity foot- ball, basketball, and lacrosse star, has been a Key Club member for the past three years. He enjoys swimming, horseback riding, and counting money, We are cer- tain ofJerry's future success as a business- man. RICHARD JANKE Cool, serious "Cub" was an asset to the football team in his freshman and sopho- more years. He likes cars, auto races, and money. In his spare time he works on his car, and he hopes to become one of the fast men in the midget racers. JOYCE ANN JOLY Joyce, who adds fun to any gathering with her exuberant spirits, lends her lovely voice to the Mixed and Girls' Choruses. Swimming, skating, and dancing occupy her spare time. Joyce's nimble feet will lead her into a career as an outstanding tap dancer. i ll MARY ELIZABETH JONES Mary Elizabeth is a neat package of charm and personality. A member ofthe Science Club and the table tennis team, Mary also has added pep to our school band with her musical talent. She hopes to earn her white cap in the field of nursing. JACQUELINE KATZ Cute and companionable Jackie has been President of the Library Club and Vice President of the F.T.A. Her other activities include membership in the Science Club and News Service StaH'. She enjoys talking on the telephone and listening to good music. Jackie's interest in children will make her an outstanding teacher. CHARLES KERN Quiet and sincere, Charlie has spent much of his free time participating in track and the Boys' Leader Corps. He is also a loyal G.O. member. Charlie's interests include reading good books and seeing good movies. His ambition is to become a mechanical technician. JAN JORDAN Tall, blond, and handsome Jan has a pleasant and-easy-going personality. These assets could help him capture any awards given for interesting conversations. A par- ticipant in Freeport High sports, Jan's main interests are cars and swimming. His ambition is to earn a Five-Figure salary. PAUL KELLY Paul is a friendly addition to F.H.S. from the Cathedral College of Immaculate Con- ception. He has been a hard-working member ofFlasl-IingS. Sailing and gunning are among his special interests. Paul's ambition is to follow in his fatherls foot- steps as a lawyer. KAREN KERNER Karen, a stage struck member of the senior class, was one of our brilliant stu- dents. She was a conscientious member of FlasHingS, a great asset to the Senior Play, and Senior Honor Society. Karen should become an outstanding lawyer. 43 KATHRYN ANN KADANE Kay, intelligent and self-assured, completed high school in three years. A Senior Honor Society member, she has belonged to the Press club and has been an usher. Kay enjoys the flute and reading. We know she will make an excellent housewife. Qi JAMES KIMBIS Friendly, quiet Jim is liked by everyone. His dark hair lends much to his good looks. In the future, he intends to go to college and see the world, preferably with- out the Navy. CHARLES KALB A quiet but sincere guy, "Budcly' is especially interested in boating and fishing. An avid handball fan and player, he also enjoys gay party life. "Buddy" plans a career in the Coast Guard. X957 KEVIN KINIRONS Fun-loving Kevin enjoys himself when he's traveling by boat or by motorcycle, He also likes swimming and other water sports. Kevin's past experiences on the water should help him become a Fine merchant seaman. MARJORIE KIRK Behind Margie's cute freckled face lies a warm, friendly, and cheerful personality, She was an industrious member of F.T.A. and, being sports minded, she was a valuable player in hockey and archery. To graduate from college is her ambition, R JOHN MICHAEL KISS johnny has been a student of F.I'I.S. since his sophomore year. His chief hobby is meteorology. .Iohnnyls special interest in engineering and designing will be a great asset to him as a civil engineer, BERNARD KLEIN Fun loving Bernie is always on the look- out for a good time. Among his favorite pastimes are attending fraternity meetings and playing handball. Other likes and in- terests include parties, dancing, boating, swimming, and fishing. Upon graduation, Bernie aspires to become an engineer. DENNIS R. KLEIN 'lBoom-Boom" was the tall, good-looking redhead seen in the Senior Play. He has been a valuable addition to the baseball teams, too. In addition to athletics, he enjoys good parties. Dennis' ambition is to become a historian. YQ' MARCIA KLEIN Marcia, a congenial girl with a sweet smile, has been a faithful supporter of the G.O. and a member of the ETA. She de- lights in sports and traveling, To be a teacher is Marcia's ambition. DOROTHY KONECNY Dottie is a casual miss with a pleasing smile, She likes all sports and participated in softball and volleyball. Her outside interests are rock 'n roll music and Mario Lanza. Before settling down, Dottie wishes to travel around the world. vii ENN A, .fi , WALTER KONECNY A member ofthe Naval Reserve, 'fBig Walt" is a nice guy to know. Full of fun and mischief, he is interested in dancing and going to the movies. He plans to be- come a butcher. EVELYN KOPPER "Evie," a loyal G.O. supporter, has a friendly and warm personality. Her likes include vacations, study- hall, flashy cars, and driving. "Evie's" passion for cooking will help her to attain her desire to be a successful housewife. IR GEORGE KOUFAKIS Friendly George likes everyone and doesn't have an enemy in the world, An ardent sports fan, he participated in basketball and has a strong passion for boxing. Vile know that George will make a Fine detec- tive. 8, .Ps 1 5 -. -. -1 KATHALEEN KRAEMER Quiet and amicable Kathie was an active member of the Library Club and both Mixed and Senior Girls' Choruses. She likes flashy red convertibles and loves to read good books. The future holds a career u a successful secretary for Kathie. 44 GEORGE KRUMMENACKER "Krum's" friendly, sincere, and likable personality makes him one of F.I-I,S.'s most popular students. Sports-minded, he lends his talents to the cross-country and track teams. Like everyone else, George favors money and sleep, A degree in civil engineering is in Georgeis future. PATRICIA KUCIN Attractive, congenial, and efficient, Pat, who had the key position as Editor-in- Chief of Voyageur, was also Secretary of the Senior Honor Society and a member of the junior Prom Committee. Among her likes are neat clothes, gay parties, and Italian food. Becoming an executive secre- tary is Pat's wish for the future. ,IOHANN LABARTH Cute and petite "Joni" enjoys swimming and cutting the rug at those rock 'n roll parties. Her hope for the future is that she will succeed in becoming an expert beautician, and we know she will. LORETTA LABARTH "Lori," a girl who's always pleasant and fun-loving, is a dancing enthusiast but also enjoys music and reading. Her sweet per- sonality and ability as a typist will help her succeed as a secretary. BARBARA LA CI-IICOTTE Scientifically-minded 'fBarbyl' has devoted much of her time to the Science Club, Slide Rule Club, and Library Club. A Senior Honor Society member, her main outside interest is horseback riding. Barbara plans to enter the field of engineer- ing. ALBERTA LA PLACA "AIU is known for her friendly and cheer- ful manner. She has been a loyal supporter of the G.O. plus ably serving on the Courtesy Committee this year. Sewing and English are among her interests. HAI" sees a fut e in the secretarial Held. l LARRY LARSEN This happy-go-lucky senior is an avid sports enthusiast. Larry has participated in baseball in both his junior and senior years at Freeport High. Larry also likes boating. He is sure to succeed in any field he chooses. RONALD LAUFER Mechanical engineering is Ronniels goal. A combination of goodlooks and intelli- gence makes him popular with everyone. He has been an active and indispensable member of Masque and Wig. Ronnie also lent his voice to Mixed Chorus. WM K NNETH LAUX This happy-go-lucky boy is better known to his friends as "Ace.l' He was a partici- pant in football and basketball. Good looking 'fAce" likes racing boats, cars, and girls. His future looks bright as a businqss executive, ' JAMES LAYTON Tall, handsome Jim has been an asset to the F.H.S. baseball team for four years. Among his likes are cars, and the doctor- ing of them is Jimls greatest challenge. After graduation Jim hopes to become an engineer. 45 DEBORAH LAZAROFF Versatile, friendly, ancl well-liked all de- scribe Debby, who has been active in the F,T.A., Science Club, Library Club, and the Chorus. At any successful party you will End Debby seated at the piano. Debby hopes to be an elementary school teacher. TERRENCE LEE Terry, a good-looking and likable guy, has won many friends with his cheerful and out-going manner. In addition to supporting F.H.S. activities, Terry has an aftersschool job. After graduation he will con- tinue his education to reach his desired position as an engineer. RONALD LERCH Handsome and well-built describes this strapping young man. A lover of the great outdoors, he devotes much of his time to water-skiing and hunting. Although Ronny's future is undecided, success will surely follow him. Qi l.YNli'l'I'li LIEPPE "Lynn," a girl with charm, looks, and personality, is not only intelli- gent but is also athletic. She was thc- l"lasHingS ,Xssociate Editor, a hotnt-room manager, it member of both .junior and Senior Honor Societies, G..X..X.. Xlitsquc and Wig. and l'..X. Stall, 'll.xrm" hopes to lat-cotiic n wscarcli scientist. CAROL LEVINE A transfer to Freeport in herjunior year from Lincoln High, Carol has made new friends very quickly. She likes to spend her time listening to good music and seeing plays. This amiable girl plans to become a teacher. X959 HENRY LOBL Quiet and sincere Henry has been a reli- able G.O. supporter for four years. His favorite pastimes include riflery. bowling. reading, and philately. His love for animals mill certainly help to insure his success as a veterinarian. Q' DOROTHY LEVY Lively and energetic, K'Robbie" has been especially active in sports: hockey, basket- ball, volleyball, and softball. In her free time. she also enjoys playing the piano and singing, She will make her mark in social service or business. JAMES LEYS The proud possessor ofa crop of wavy black hair and a carefree, lively nature, t'Bubbles" is an expert at customizing cars and enjoys racing hot-rods. After graduation, he will earn his living as an electrician. TOM LOCKYER Quiet and sincere, Tom wants to become an engineer. He likes girls, enjoys big parties, traveling, duck hunting, and work- ing on cars. The only bane ofhis existence is hearing the alarm clock ring early in the morning. 46 V. ROSALIE LEWIS "Ro" is the epitome of charm and sophis- tication. She has been an actiye,l".T.A, member. Sincere and ambitious, MRO" en- joys all forms of art, but modern dancing is top on her list. Her career as a modern dancer will certainly be successful. JEFFERY LIENHARD Friendly, good-looking Jeff enjoys outdoor life. During his summers in Vermont, he likes to go fishing, swimming, and boating. A part-time job takes much ofjeffs time. After he graduates, he wants to study either mechanical or electrical engineering. ARDETH LONG "Nice things come in small packages" and such is the case with 'lArdy Lou." Full of charm, she is a loyal supporter ofthe G.O. lVhen this future veterinarian isn't hitting a ball around the tennis court, she can be found driving around in a blue Renault, THOMAS LONG Tall and handsome Tom is Freeport's First drum major. His spare time is devoted to his dance band, "The Continentalsf' Among Tomls many likes are Senior Band, jazz, and Louis Armstrong. uShorty', wishes to go further in the field of music. JEAN MACKENZIE Known as a girl who enjoys a good joke, Jean was active in hockey and volleyball and is interested in all types of outdoor activities. The coming year will find Jean as a college student. JOHN MANGAN Dependable and considerate best describes Johnnyls sincere manner. As a freshman, he was elected to the National Junior Honor Society. Boats and cars are among his specialties. John is aiming for an en- gineering career. LYLE LOSEE Lyle, a devoted fraternity man, has been spreading his cheerfulness through Free- port High School for many a day. He likes sports and girls. Lyle hopes to join the Navy and usea' the world. JAMES MALLIN This good-looking blond is known to all as 'KHop." His likes consist of parties, cars, and playing baseball for F.H.S. Furthering his education in automotive engineering is his goal. DANIEL MARKOWITZ Danny's enjoyment of sports has kept him active on both the track and cross-country teams during his years at Freeport. Out- side of school his interests turn toward cars and girls. He is sure to make a successful lawyer. 47. PATRICNIA LOWENTHAL Good-natured and full of fun, Pat is one of our most popular twirlers. She is also a member ofthe F.T.A. and the Masque and Wig. Pat hopes to twirl in a college band and then to become an elementary school teacher, FRED LUDWIG 'iSkip's" interests are mainly cars, girls, money, and sleeping. He dis- likes work and getting up early. He always enjoys a good party and likes to have fun. After finishing high school, "Skip" will enter the Navy. l . S T - rw' 2 lil lla l iff l lil, 'll ll l .1 BUY ,ll H, ,gi ll H it ilk l P iff? it G O f ill X . . ' Al pf. ' lf 1 4 THOMAS MARSHALL Fun-loving Tom is always where there is a good time. When not working at his part- timejob, Tom likes to tinker with all kinds of cars. He is sure to be a great success as an electrical engineer. DOLORES MARTIN "Deen takes a great interest in the writing and reading of books and plays. She also enjoys good movies, music, and art. "Deels" traits show that she is destined to someday be- come a fine beautician. 1515 LIAM MARTIN "Lees" favorite pastime and great- est joy is working on automobiles, whether customizing them or re- working their engines. Quiet and softspoken, he's sure to be a success in his chosen career as an auto- Navi HELEN MCCLOSKY Dark-eyed 'KPat" enjoys participating in sports and watching television. Although her plans for a career are not definite, her main ambition after graduation in June B to be successful and happy at whatever she does. JE.-XNNE MCDONALD JAMES MCGUIRE "Mac," our Editor-in-Chief of News Serv- Husky, handsome "Mickey" helped our ice Staff, is a cute, blond package of fun. football team and ably lent his talents to She is an active member of F.T.A. and the basketball team. He enjoys parties, Dance Committee and was a member of girls, money, fast cars, and sports, A career the Senior Honor Society. Her interest in in the Navy is seen in Jim's future. children will make her an excellent mechanics teacher. 5 JUDITH Mr-GUIRE Judy, a keen-minded young lady, has bt-en our hard working Editor-in-Chief of FlasHingS. G.O. Representative ofthe Honor Soeiety,Judy has also been active on the Dance Committee and displayed her acting talents as Mrs. Jordan in the Senior Play. NVe know Judy will be a success in college and will make her mark in the world after graduation. GAR RETI' McKENN.-X teacher, CAROLYN McINISH Carol, always pleasant and friendly, has been a tnember of the hockey and the bas- ketball teams. In addition, she has lent her silvery tones to the Mixed Chorus and the Senior Girls' Chorus. Carol will be a welcome addition to any office. JOHN McKAHARAY John, congenial and fun-loving, is a loyal supporter ofthe G.O. and a favorite among the students. He likes girls and tinkering with cars, but dislikes manual labor. Welre sure of his future success as a mechanical engineer. Tall and friendly. Gary has taken active part in both football and lacrosse. ln addition, Cary was also a homeroom manager. His leisure time is spent behind the txheel of his tar. .Xfter college, he plans to teach. PETER MCLAUGHLIN A reticent guy with an amiable nature. Peter plans to enter the field of science, Fraternity tneetings and ajob at Jones Beach command all his spare time. He has been active in cross-country and on the Dance Committee. -qm- 3 PHILIP fvIcSWEENEY Sports-minded Hfvfackw has taken an active part in the varsity lacrosse and football teams. Among his top ten interests are cars, sports, girls. and moneyg he dislikes getting up early. 'lMack" is sure to become a good civil engineer. 48 VIKTORIJA MIIKSS "Viki," lively and sweet, has participated in girls' sports and has been a member of the Junior Honor Society, Red Cross, Science Club, and Girls' Chorus. Viki, who enjoys playing the piano, dancing, and parties, sees a future as a pathologist. i RICHARD MICI-IEALSON Handsome, friendly, good-natured Dick has been an asset to the varsity track team for two years. Handball and other sports, gymnastics, and physical fitness programs rate high with him, His love for physical perfection should makelhim an outstand- . . . a ' ing physigal educatgoln siiistructpr. I W '2, at 5 sf Je' . s ' 1 t t .t 5 L i w 11 iv ii li L rift 'Ni i lldii il X. I yi ' VW' if lf ii I ' ' 1 f' , E UQ i B.. .H A s -fliivp ,F L I TF , If f ' 1 ' ax ti" fl Nfl! ill iii Sei: ,iv 5 L-'L' i f , ,. ,fy 1 lg, P ,I It If :sf jr .I ,f yi X? il! fjflyiv 1' f I sf PATRICIA MORLEY A girl with a pleasing nature and a cute smile, Pat lent'her lovely soprano voice to the Senior Girlsf Chorus for two years. She enjoys cooking, bowling, and parties. Pat aspires to be a secretary. LINDA MORSE Known to all for her cheerful and amiable disposition, "Lin" has actively participated in F.T.A. and the Library Club. She has also lent her pretty voice to Girls' Chorus. Because she enjoys traveling, her greatest ambition is to see the world, SUZETTE MIFSUD Full of fun and a sweet personality are just two of'4Little One's" good traits. She finds great pleasure in sport-car racing, bike- riding, social life, sorority meetings, and traveling. After a working career, come marriage and-a large family. ,JANE MUECK janie, a loyal and sincere person, was Vice-President of the F.H.A. in herjunior year and participated in basketball and volleyball. A well-rounded personality lurks behind that freckled face. Lucky will be the boss who has jane as his secretary. DELORES MORO "Dee," sweet and pleasant, gets along with anyone and everyone. She has been a participant of the Senior Girls' Chorus. She enjoys horseback riding and fishing as well as studying Spanish. '1Dee" will surely find success as a secretary. teacher. 49 PAT MILLANG During her years at Freeport High, Pat has been very active in baseball, basket- ball, volleyball, and hockeyg however, her favorite sports are water sports. Pat's part- time job will help her become a successful bookkeeper. MARY MULLER Cute, sweet, and unassuming, our Betty is popular with everyone. She is the G.O. Representative of the Library Club. Sports and fashions are among her interests. Betty will certainly make an understanding parties, his fraternity and cars In the future, he hopes to attend the Coast Guard Academy MONIKA MORRACK Vivacious and pretty, KfMon" is one of our favorite cheerleaders. She is a member of the G.A.A, and is active in girls' sports. Monika, a Miss Arnold Constable hnalist, successfully displayed her acting talents in the Senior Play. To be a successful medical technologist is her ambition. to succeed in ani endeax or JAMES MON -XI-I ANI Here's fun and mischief behind a freckled face jimmy has taken an active part in the Science Club Slide Rule Club and Gym Leader Corps. Among his interests are j.-XXIES NIL RPI-IX Quiet in school this congenial gm enjoys a good time after classes Work takes up much of im s time but he will alxsaxs find time for a party or dance His special interests include boats and cars un is sure JOAN MUSTACCHIO Neat and sophisticated Lloanie ranks high in popularity. Her friendly and sincere personality made her a success as P.A. presi- dent, Masque and Wlig G,O. Rep- resentative, Art Editor of Voyageur, Senior Class Treasurer, and a hard- working Senior Honor Society member, vloanie's talents as an artist will insure her success as an art teacher. 9? MARY O'NElL An attractive transfer from Sacred Heart Academy. Mary possesses a pleasant disposition and a ready smile. She was a hard-working contributor to FlasHingS and enjoys painting and playing the piano. Mary hopes for a career as a Iawyer's secretary. vo 'ZIP '44 RICHARD NATHAN t'Richie,,' the popular Vice-President of the Senior Class and the captain of Free- port's '58 '5Red Devils," was also active in wrestling, lacrosse, and the Key Club. His hi-6 is his main outside interest. He aspires to become an electronic engineer. X757 ELIZABETH ONEILL Betty, the possessor of flaming red hair and sparkling personality, was a partici- pant in girls' sports. Particularly fond ot' dancing, swimming. and cheering at foot- ball games, Betty always inspired other enthusiasts. She is sure to succeed as a secretary. KAREN NELSON Statuesque 'lNelly" has Striking dark red hair. She was an active participant on the basketball team and was in the chorus. Rock ln roll, travel, and dancing are high on her list of interests. She hopes to be- come a secretary after graduation. FRED NINTZEL A good-natured guy and possessor ofa friendly grin, Fred was a member of both the track team and the Senior Play Com- mittee. His outside interests include parties, cam, and swimming. After college, he will enter the engineering held. MARGRETTA O'NEILL Peggy's effcrvescent personality is always a pleasure to witness, Her time is divided among F.T.A,, Science Club, and Business Publications StaFK However, she still man- ages to find time for reading. She plans to enter the Field of teaching. 50 NIEFFERY NESBITT Serious and sincere, jelsl' participated in F.H.S. track for three years and enjoys outdoor activities, especially swimming and boating. Jeff also is interested in cars. A prosperous engineering carcer is ahead of him. ff! YW BARBARA OAKLEY Quiet and sincere Bobbie has lent her musical talents to both the Senior Girls' Chorus and the Mixed Chorus. Swim- ming, bowling, golf, and basketball rank high on sports-minded Bobbiels list of hobbies. Her ambition is to become a secretary. SARA O'NEILL Sweet and gay, Sally has many friends. Her special interests are painting and sewing, Throughout high school she has taken an active part in girls' bowling. Sallyls aptitude in designing will be an asset in her work as an interior decorator. MARITA PALLAS Another Florence Nightingale, this fair- haired miss has been a wonderful help at Doctors Hospital working as a nurse's aid. The Library Club is one of her enjoyments along with dating and reading. Nurses' training will follow graduation, MICHAEL PERRONE "No chemise, please" is this boyls constant lament. A real ladies' man with dark wavy hair, Mike has been a wholehearted sup- porter of all F.H.S, activities. His future holds college and a veterinary career. LILLIAN PLANT Our "Lil" has been a faithful G.O. sup- porter and a member of the F.H.A. Quiet and friendly, Lil Finds small children in- teresting and history very uninteresting. Her dexterity at the typewriter, her pa- tience, and her perseverance insure her SUCCCSS 35 3 SSCFCIBFY. JOEL PANAGAKOS joel, a fun-loving fellow, is best known for his talent on the bowling team. He enjoys tinkering with cars, especially sports cars. After graduation, Joel plans to go to col- lege, then a career in engineering awaits him. STEPHEN PFISTER Carefree and full of fun, Steve's activities included football, track, Leader Corps, and Senior Play Committee. His chief interests lie in boating, dating, and cars. Success is the goal of this handsome young man. THOMAS PORTALE There's never a dull moment with Tom- around. He enjoys tinkering with cars and outboard motors. Tom takes pleasure when summer rolls around, for then his only interests are boats and fishing. He hopes to make the grade as an engineer. 51 CAROL PEACE "Peacie," a blond and blue-eyed miss, adds fun to any gathering. She is an active member of the Senior Honor Society, the F.T.A., the Courtesy Committee, and the volleyball team. Her outside interests in- clude membership in a sorority and at- tending football and lacrosse games. Carol will certainly succeed in any career she may choose. BARBARA PERRELL Bobi, Freeporfs personality-plus girl, will be well-remembered in F.H.S. Our Miss Aronold Constable, Masque and Wig President, FlasH- ingS Associate Editor, G.O. Social Secretary, and Honor Society Mem- ber is also active in girls' sports. VVe wish her the best of everything. 57' 1f':l:?ll11-4: ngsfiif-za? 1.93. E:1w7ffv. .fW t aa ff .,.f! In I f lu ' lxigxg 1 X GERALDINE PRATESI A nice person to know, '4Diane" has an outgoing personality that has won her many friends. An able addition to the bowling team, Library Club, and F.H.A., "Diane" also enjoys reading. Her interest in children will make her a top-notch teacher. RICHARD PRATT Richard, called "Rich" by his many friends, enjoys boating and tinkering with his car. He also likes sports such as swimming and bowl- ing. His passionate interest in mechanics assures his success as an engineer. PATRICIA QUINN Reserved, but friendly and fun to be with, Pat was an active member ofthe Library Club and the F.T.A. Her participation in girls' sports and interest in swimming and horseback riding will help her be- come a successful physical educa- ROBERT RAMSDELL Bob, our big, brawny football and lacrosse player, has a way with the girls. He likes money and dancing but takes a special interest' in sports. His congeniality and sense of humor will make him a top-notch salesman. zsf' . . ' i x thi. A A HAROLD RAMSDEN An avid G.O. supporter for six years, this friendly fellow has an easy-going disposi- tion and enjoys having a good time. A freshman and sophomore lacrosse player, Harry also enjoys tinkering with cars. He aspires to be a millionaire in the future. Q1 PI-IYLLIS RANIERI Quiet but friendly, "Phil" especially en- joys rock 'n roll, pizza pies, and good times. Horseback riding and other sports capture her interest, "Phil" hopes to have a pleasant future as a secretary for some hard-working executive. tion teacher. LEWIS REED Tall, dark-haired Lou likes basketball, music, and naturally, girls. He was a valu- able participant on the track team. He is one of Freeport's great contributors to the recording world. As for the immediate future, Lou has no plans. but will take life MARGARET REGAN This pint-size cutie is known to all as Peggy, She was an active member of the band and Executive Council. Peggy enjoys swimming, pizzas, and sorority meetings. Her ardent love for children will help her as a worker in a foundling home. fv' RITA RESNICK A likable and busy miss at Freeport, Rita has worked on the News Service Staff, Business Publications Staff, and Senior Play Committee. Her interests include horseback riding and dancing, Rita will beoome either a social worker or a speech as it comes. Q GEORGE RODRIGUES "Larry," a regular outdoor man, divides his time between sports and gardening. He is never happier than when he's indulging in his lavorite sports, bowling and swim- ming. He is sure to be a succes in any held he enters. is if JAMES ROSS Though a serious guy, jim is also the possessor of a handsome grin. LIim's spe- cialty is building cars, but he also enjoys swimming and racing boats. jim looks forward tn graduation and future success. -U, 2,1 .. ielfiffge ME? fists gs-Q 1 s .git th erapist. ANGELO RUSSO A really likable fellow, Angelo is both fun-loving and ruggedly good-looking. His main interest is cars, but boats also intrigue him. This affinity for ships will come in handy when he joins the Navy after graduation. 1. t Y'--7 52 FRANK RUSSO Therexs never a dull moment with Frankie around. Active in football and lacrosse, Frankie enjoys taking long trips by car. His ambition is to open up a chain of "Nikki's." He's sure to he a success. - 13337 --J ROSE MARIE RUTTURA Rosie, a real party girl who enjoys having lots of fun, has been a loyal G.O. holder. She likes Italian foods, rock 'n roll music, football and basketball games, and collect- records. Her goal is to become a secre- tary. JESSE RYKERT l'Otto,' has worked industriously as a photographer for Flasl-lingS and has been an avid member of the Masque and Wfig Club. His acting experience, along with his quick tongue and fast thinking, will make him a success as a U.S. diplomat. A PAUL SAMUELS Paul, seemingly quiet and reserved, always has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Although he may frequently be found on handball courts, Paul also Finds pleasure in singing and dancing. His future holds a career in the Marines. RICHARD SAUNDERS Three little words: happy, hep, and hilarious best describe Richie's endless storehouse of energy. He has served F.I-I.S. well as Cross- Country Co-Captain and as Treas- urer ofthe Key Club. Richie's optimism will undoubtedly lead him to enjoy a rich and bright ENITH SAYLOR "Eniel' is cheerful and always fun to be with. She was a member of the badminton, basketball, and softball honor teams, and of the volleyball class team. She also was a member of the Library Club and Girls' Chorus. "Enie,s" future lies in teaching. CATHERINE SCHAFFER Serious, reserved Cathy has lots of school spirit. She was on the volleyball team and the Business Publications Staff Swimming, boating, and just having fun rate high with her. We see a great future for her as a certified public accountant. future. ARTHUR SCHEER "LesU has a pleasant personality, red hair, and a smile for everyone. The track team will lose a good pole vaulter when he leaves. He is a demon behind the steering wheel. We forecast a great future for him in engineering. ROGER SCHENKE Good-looking i'Schenk" has boundless musical ability. After Eve years of service in the F,H.S. Band, he is President of the Executive Council and clarinet section head. He enjoys drive-ins and his '55 Packard. In the future, we will be address- ing him as Dr. Schenke. BONNIE SCI-IILLER Gay and pleasant to be with, Bonnie has been an active member ofthe F.T.A. and participated in girls' bowling. Her affec- tion for children and her agreeable per- sonality are sure to make her a successful teacher. 53 BRIGITTE SCHILLINGER Sweet and sincere, Patti was social secre- tary ofthe Senior F.H.A. and a participant in volleyball and basketball. Other sports she enjoys are tennis, skin-diving, and sailing. Someday soon she hopes to make an engineer a fine wife. t CAROL SCHIMMEL Carol, a gal who looks serious is nevertheless always ready for- a laugh. She dislikes homework, but really goes for Italian cooking. Carol's interests revolve around her record collection. She plans to be- come a secretary. GERALDINE SCHLEIFER Geri, one of those pleasing mixtures ofcharm, sophistication, and talent, has been Masque and Wig Secre- tary and Treasurer, Library Club Treasurer, and Science Club Presi- dent, She enjoys playing the piano. Geri's friendly way will help her toward success as a math teacher. C C25 RICHARD SIGAI. Good-natnrcd and good-looking Rich was vo-captain of our famous boy cheerleaders. He also partici- pated in track and wrestling. Fish- ing. swimming, and his car are among this popular boy's likes, Like many other people. he hates homework and Monday mornings. Rirh plans to bt-come a marine biologist, ...iff GIRA SCHMIDT A girl Filled with gaiety and vitality, Gira participated in hockey, volleyball, and bowling for two years, and Girls, Chorus for three years. She takes a special interest in parties. Gira aspires to be a secretary. 1757 LUCY SILVERMAN Lucy. a demure gal with a charming personality, enjoys swimming and boating, A prodigious reader, she has acquired an astounding vocabulary, This year she has gained excellent experience for her writing career by being a reporter for Flasl-IingS. fl 1-,Q '17 JUDITI-I SCI-IORER "Judy," an unusual combination ofbeauty, brains, and sunshine, has been a member of the Senior Band, News Service Staff, Science Club, Library Club, and FlasH- ingS. In addition, she attends modeling school and dances. L'Judy" plans to be- come a medical technician. JOYCE SHUPPE A perky, blue-eyed blonde, "Little Shupp" has been a sports participant, a home- room manager, an F.I-I.A. member, and a steady G.O. supporter. She especially likes cars, parties, and pizza. Being a secretary in the new high school is her goal. MARIETTA SIMONE Cute and lively, "Mata" was an informa- tive member ofthe Senior Courtesy Com- mittee and was active in hockey, volleyball, basketball, and softball, A girl who enjoys parties, football games, and swimming, she will be an asset to any office as a receptionist. 54 JOHN SEELEY Quiet and handsome, John has been one of Freeportls most popular football players. A member ofthe lacrosse team and Key Club, he enjoys swimming and other outdoor sports. He will make an excellent engineer, 'Z' STEPHANIE SICILIANO "Stephy's" lively personality has made her an integral part of the Library Club, Science Club, choruses, and other activ- ities. When not helping others, "Stephy" likes to sew, read, and listen to music. She is destined to become a wonderful nurse, EDWARD SLATER Eddie, tall and good-looking, was a recent addition to Freeport High. A transfer from St. Paul's Academy, he had participated in football, cross-country, wrestling, and baseball there. I-Iis out-going personality will assure his success in his future career as a hotel manager. ELIZABETH SMITH Friendly and versatile Betsy has been a Senior High usher and a student leader. Her agility has helped her achieve Honor Team status in several sports. Pizzas, 'fp.j.'l parties, and dreamy music are favorites with Betsy. To be a dental hygienist is her goal. CAROL STAGNITTA This cute and blond "social-butterfly" known to all as "Gabbee,', loves parties, dances, sorority meetings, and football games. Carol has given her assistance to the Library Club for two years. She will make an efhcient secretary and later a fine wife. CAROL ANN STANEK "Stan," a sophisticated miss, willingly gave up her sixth period every clay to serve as an efficient member of the Senior Courtesy Committee. She also participated in the Future Homemakers of America. Her goodlooks will be accentuated in a Wacls uniform. PATRICIA SMITH Attractive, fun-loving Pat has been active in hockey, archery, bowling, and table tennis. Like most everyone, she detests getting up early and lots of homework but likes sports, cars, football and new fashions. MARY JOAN STAMPF "Jiggs," a fun loving combination of sugar 'n spice, was an F.H.S, twirler and really added zest to our band. This future elementary school teacher has been an active member of the Science Club, G.O., F.T.A., and Business Staff. Mary loves football games, PJ. parties, and just plain fiin. CHARLES STEIN "Chasl' has a great personality. Fast cars, bowling, and spending money rate high with him while hard work, slow cars, and school rate pretty low. He will make his mark in this world with a career as an electrical engineer. 55 MARJORIE SOMMA Margie, a faithful member of the G.O. throughout high school, is a cheerful and petite miss. She loves those Friday night dates, ice-skating, and parties. A keen sense of style and color insure her success as a fashion buyer, CHARLES SPINELLI Dark and good-looking, Charlie has been on the rifle range for two years, He really "digs" Italian dinners, baseball, and cars. Either studying engineering in college or joining the Navy are Charliels future plans. KATHERINE STEWART A member of Senior Girls' Chorus and one of F.H.S.'s most energetic players in girls' sports, Kathy has a reserved but fun- loving disposition. Her interests range from horseback riding and boating to music. She plans to be a secretary. RICHARD STROBEL Quiet and sincere, Richard is fre- quently seen driving around in his car. He has been a reliable mem- ber ofthe G.O, throughout his high school career. After graduation he aspires to become a law enforce- ment officer. 41' KATHLEEN SULLIVAN Quiet and sincere 'tSull" has served faithfully in the Masque and Vtlig for four years. Her interests in sports revolve around badminton, bowling, and basketball, Kathy's future plans include graduating from Katherine Gibbs. , -.4 DAVID SWANSON "Swan," a born lady-killer with a crew- cut, has been one of Freeport's football and lacrosse stars, A loyal G.O. supporter, he likes girls, parties, water-skiing, and talking. Dave's happy-go-lucky personality will take him far and insure his success at college. R 1 KATHELEEN SWEEZY Sweet and fun-loving Kathy has displayed her friendliness by her ever-ready smile. She Finds great enjoyment in swimming and Friday night basketball games. NVe know she will rank high as a beautician. CHRISTINE TARGIA Connie, Freeport's fashion plate, has been a loyal G.O. holder, and a member ofthe hockey and table tennis teams. She is also active in the Red Cross and on Courtesy Committee. Connie likes sincere people. She is especially interested in modeling. To graduate from college is her goal. 21 ANN 'll-XYLOR Ann, our Miss Fashion Plate. is well known and liked by all. In addition to being a member of the Honor Society and Dance Committee. she has participated in girls' sports. Ann's future plans are based on graduating from a good college. JUDITH ANNE TITUS RALPH THAYER Good-looking, always happy and friendly, Ralph is well liked by his friends, In school he has given his time to the track team and FlasHingS. Sports, cars, and boats are of special outside interest to him. In the future, Ralph will be found in a laboratory studying chemistry. KENNETH THOMPSON 'lSam" was Brooklyn Tech's loss and Free- port's gain. A newcomer in his senior year, "Sam" is quiet and unassuming. He enjoys roller-skating and icc-skating. We know he will succeed in his chosen career as an electrical engineer. Petite and peppy Judy is one of F.H.S.'s outstanding seniors. Her activities include sports, prom com- mittees, class ofliceships, the Honor Society, and Club Editor of Yoy- ngcur. As co-captain of the cheer- leaders, she helped to cheer our trams to victory. A college degree is kludys goal. 155 x QI' J I ELIZABETH TROIANI A member ofthe volleyball team, Courtesy Committee. and a faithful G.O. supporter, our "Liz" is a pretty and trim fashion plate. Her special interest and aptitude in sketching and painting insure her success in the world of fashion designers. 1'- 'R 'P' Tv' JAMES TUCKER Jim, our ever-popular G.O. President, is a sure hit anywhere. uMr. VVonderful" of cross-country and track, jim has proved to be one of the finest runners in the history of Freeport. In addition, he has served as Vice President of the G.O. and the Junior Class. Success is certain in college. 56 EUGENE TUTTLE There's never a dull moment when Gene is around. Well liked and full of fun, he takes special interest in the essentials Y girls, cars, and money, Gene has been a definite asset to the wrestling team. To have an air-conditioning business is his goal, jL vxv nt: .ge 'S A 'f1" i .ft ji" . s , ELLEN VALDIMER Vivacious and charming, that's our Ellen, A member of FlasHingS, F.T.A., and Senior Dance Committee, she has also found time for bowling, volleyball, and basketball. She likes football games, crew Cuts, and talking. Ellen's ambition is to become a teacher. JAMES VALENTI Jack is a happy and congenial guy. Athletically inclined, he played baseball in his sophomore year. Recently he has proved to be a great asset to the track team as shown by his letters. He likes cars and the ever-popular Yankees. A career in teaching lies ahead for Jack. INTA VANAGELIS Willowy and lovely 'ilnz' lends her athletic knowledge to the position of Sports Editor for the '59 Voyageur. This active G.A.A. member has occupied her time with the badminton, volleyball, basketball, and archery teams. Inta also belongs to the Senior Honor Society. Obtaining a col- lege degree is her main goal. BARBARA VAN RYAN Quiet and soft spoken, "Barbie" is a welcome transport from Newton High School. Among her special interests are psychology and dra- matics. Barbie has given her talents to both the Girls' and Mixed Choruses and this experience will help her achieve her goal as a top- EDMUND VELTEN i Ed has been an enthusiastic supporter of all Freeport High activities. Cars and boat racing occupy much of his free time. This boy's jovial and out-going personality definitely assure his success as a salesman. ROBERT VIVIAN Bob is a sincere, studious, and friendly person. The track and cross-country teams have benefited from his efforts. His aca- demic ability, which helped him gain membership in the Junior Honor Society, is sure to help him become a successful engineer. notch singer. ROBERT VOGEL Bob, a sincere and amicable senior, was an active member of the P.T.A. Staff and Business Publications Staff He has also participated in FlasHingS, Red Cross, and cross-country. He gained much distinction from the Senior Play. Bob hopes to become a pediatrician, GLADYS WASHINGTON Lively, likable, vivacious Gladys was a basketball player. She likes to cook, and in her spare time reads a lot. We see a future for her in the field of nursing. EDWARD WENDELBOE Tall, sincere, and good natured, Eddie has been a great help to our riHe team for the past four years. Besides his Hair for rillery, Ed is also quite interested in tropical Hsh. Ed is sure to 'Khit the mark" and become a success in any Field. l 5 7 GERTRUDE WENG A good-natured gal with an easy-going personality, i'Trudy" is always ready for daring fun and enjoys meeting new and interesting people. "Trudy'sl' career is set in the business world where she plans to be a secretary. ROBERT WENK Likable and friendly, this witty young man can liven up any gathering. Active in track and cross- country, Bob has contributed much to each team. His outside interests include swimming, the Milwaukee Braves, and his car. Bob aspires to become a metallurgist. SHARON WENK Vivacious Sharon has been a short story writer for 'fFlasHingS," a table tennis champ, and a member of the Red Cross. However, she still Ends time for horseback riding and dancing. The fields ofmeclicine and physiotherapy hold a great future KEITH RALPH WEST Quiet at first, but look again! A regular outdoor man, Keith has been a member ofthe Boys' Leader Corps and a faithful G.O. supporter. His interests include water skiing, hunting, swimming, and other sports. Forestry is a wise choice of occupa- tion for this outdoor enthusiast, for her. FRANK WHITE K'Angel," full of fun and mischief, has been one of Freeport's top-notch wrestlers and baseball players. His likes include girls, swimming, and participation in sports. W'e wish him luck in his future occupa- tion as a hair stylist. CAROLE WILLIAMS "Bushky," tall, blond and attractive, was one of our most energetic cheerleaders. She has also used her agility to advantage in girls' basketball, volleyball, and softball. Her interests include dancing, parties, and modeling, Carol is bound to be a first- rate physical education teacher, 'Z' WILLIE MAE WILLIAMS Willie, possessor of a live-wire personality and a favorite with everyone, has been a valuable asset to the girls' hockey, volley- ball, basketball, and softball teams. Willie enjoys listening to good jazz music and collecting jazz albums. Her interest in math insures her future sucoess as a certihed public accountant. HARRY WREDE Harry, the hard-working Photog- raphy Editor of Voyageur, is a member of the Senior National Honor Society and Senior Dance Committee. This collegiate dresser enjoys hi-Ft, electronics, and good times. He aspires to build his own 'tUnivac" as an electronical engi- neer. 1 LYNDA WRIGHT "Sabrina'l is an easy person to know and to like. She has added much to the golden sound of both Senior Girls' and Mixed Chorus. jazz concerts and her jazz albums occupy much of her time. Lynda aspires to become a fashion buyer. l l JYUQ, .eggs .IO-ANN WOELL WILLARD WRANN Pretty, petite jo-Ann is a picture in her- "Will," dark and handsome, has a mis- self. Her special interest is art which she chievous twinkle in his eye. Sports and greatly enjoys. She likes to spend her cars interest him, while school and work spare time with her many friends. jo-Ann do not. His even temperament and perse- is destined to become an excellent beau- verance insure his success in any Held he 9 tician. may enter after college. Y ROBERT WRIGHT Ajob in a Baldwin gas station occupies most of Bob's time. This is an ideal situa- tion for him, because he's happiest while tinkering under the hood ofa usouped-upl' car. A 'Lcooll' future as an air-conditioning engineer lies ahead. ' W' 58 J" - j,ZlMV?'l G' I ml 4 W d J O WARREN WRIGHT ' 5, ' X, "junior" spends most of his time eithdf a f I his after-school job or tinkering with racing cars. Swimming is another of his interests. 'Jpon completion of school he hopes to xwn his own trucking business. BARBARA WULFFEN "Bobi," a pretty girl with a warm person- ality, has participated in F.H.A. and in hockey. Her talent for singing has made her an active member of Girls, Chorus for four years. She is sure to be a wonderful secretary. RICHARD ZEHNER The possessor ofa magnetic and sparkling personality, Richie doesnlt seem to have a care in the world. During his years in high school, he has become well-known and well-liked by many. Richie,s career lies in the Navy. ERNEST ZAFONTE Ernie, lively and fun-loving, was one of our Senior Class officers. This sports- minded young man was active in cross- country and track. He was one ofthe top men on each team. Ernie was also one of our boy cheerleaders. After graduation he will study civil engineering in college. ROSALIND ZEICHNER This ambitious and versatile miss has certainly not wasted her years at Freeport. "Roz's" activities include Flasl-IingS, F.T.A., and the P.A. Staff She was also a member of the Junior and Senior Honor Societies. Outside of school her activities include bowling and swimming. Rozis ambition - to be a teacher. LEO ZAFONTE You couldnit meet a nicer guy than Leo. In school he combines his athletic prowess with academic ability and comes out on top in both. His Honor Society member- ship proves this. In track and cross-country he can always be counted to do his best, which is usually outstanding. After he SUSAN ZARCHY Fun-loving and congenial, that's our Sue. Very active in girls' sports, a member of the Business Publica- tions Staff and Girls' Chorus, Sue likes pizzas, convertibles, good music, dancing, painting, and bowl- ing. Her ambition is to become a graduates, Leo will go on to college to teacher- prepare for a teaching career. SH TTER SHY Bryan Brady Stephen Cleary William Corwin Thomas Dowdeswell David Hambley Harold Herman Helen Karmin Lawrence Olsen George Pfitzer Terrence Swiger Lynn Tarkington Marjorie Thau I Brian Yourn Elizabeth Peterson 13,10 l lfyf li W 5, ,zxwyis L 59 In Memoriam f SENIOR AU ll , I W ff' I UL yy y fkwff ? Xjlffifff ffM wkgfjff MMM SJLGGQQ QQMMQXUQ Qiwwgiiwfwi WQEQLVWMQ QGR A P H s My am, W W j Jbphi-1,fi, -W' x, I Y U . , gm... -A X Lgq,ll,ll-ss 44,5lu-Aw Zia-OV-0-M-' 4.9km- A 5 FRf.aPoRT mc-.H Szaoon.. x gENG.EAl- OQGRNI7-ATIOIV 'plbv-N,-.- AL-L-.-1. aww!-or ,Ltr dxf' .JG-0-4-P ,L-A+ Q.-...M 'la--A0 Io. 'X fe? Z2 perl ? xv F Skiing? Z- 5 ii cc-4-PQ'-' 4,ganAd-ot.-sf oq5u,- O fl agusloo- 44, '67- THE HOMEROOM 'cThe Spirit of the Red Devil" is the theme for this year's Voyageur, and it wouldn't seem quite ri ht to think about this spirit without mentioning 8 one of the places where it develops - the home- room. Seventh and eighth graders are introduced to the spirit of the Red Devil when they purchase their first G.O. tickets and when they read their first copy of FlasHingS. In high school, the home- room becomes more of a social center where up- perclassmen hear the latest gossip about whois going with whom, talk over homework assign- ments, and are brought up to date on the latest fashions, football scores, and parties. The homeroom is the place for P.A. announce- ments, making out schedule cards, receiving report cards, P.T.A. notices, and blue slips, and taking mid-term examinations. , It is truly the keystone of our school affairs and the focal point of our social activity. In the future we shall remember it as the foundationlupon which our school spirit was built. 0GUg ,Mx WJ" ,JVM :WMM fi,-H MV!! xg! Rx f M 115 ' 5? -x xr ,, " ll wifi' 7' 4 'r - -1' ' l RSP RT CRW 2 ll iii -1 g sg-L ,n vi 'X ry - --- at f:if,.iAff it , l Jia- QQ' 1? in g U 'ztjx nov- 14'-12" :1ac'?AE'- 'Z-1'-2-1 .-f-3'-'H -.7.. T, King and Queen Crowned at junior Prom LEFT TO RIGHT' Lynn Murray, Valerie Diehl, Sophie Poulos, Richard Nathan, Margaret Cleary, Robert Ness, Susan Everett, Robert Woelfel, Robert Smith, Robert Taylor. .IU IOR CLASS OFFICERS '22 Nd 1325 Mr. Russell Terry Sophie Poulos Robert Woelfel. Faculgi A dvisor President Vice-Prexidenl , V i i be , S Robert Smith Robert Taylor Lynn Murray jackie Snycler 'T,m5,,,,-y Serrelary S0rialSec1elap' GO. Repferenlalive Mr. Powell FIRST ROW L. to R.: Mr. Powell, S. Addison,J. Adkins, L. Berman, M. L. Belmont, T. Blum, C. Apter. SECOND ROW' S. Brown, T. Arenella, Albach, D. Areuri, E. Berner, B. Brainin, E. Beers, K. Bagatelle. THIRD ROW: M. Baldwin, G. Albee, P. Angus, W. Buck, A. Bergman, M. Bluestein, D. ELEVE lvlrs. Buley FIRST ROW L. to R.: Mrs. Buley, D. D,Amico, Cormack, A. Cominos, H. Dengel, C. Crutchfield, L. Cureton, D. Denya SECOND R0 W' B. Cohen, T. Condoleo, K. Cruickshank, C. Cropper, M. Christensen, C. Cavaco, S. Dean, C. Cooke, B. Cowan. THIRD ROW' V. Diehl, M. Cote, V. Cruickshank, R. Homeroom 107 Blumenthal, D. Brown. FOURTH ROW' R. Barchas, Alex ander, J. Burger, B. Braverman, C. Biathrow, M. Berman, J Altiere, D. Briggs. Not shown: Casquarelli, T. Bade, R. Benson T. Bernhardt, D. Bricker, M. Cannon, E. Alfano. TH GRADE Homeroom 109 Craddock, E. L. Davis, K. Chaiko, M. Cleary, F. Carney, L Deis. FOURTH RO W' D. Cruickshank, C. Conrad, A. Cataldo A. Carillo, W. Cominos, R. Carlisle, L. Devonshire, W. Dengel W. Cook. No! Jhown: H. Craddock, H. Dillon, Cofield, J Clougher, Carucci, Capozzoli. Mrs. Albert FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Albert, J. Kunkel, C. Kraus, E. Kramer, M. LaBrutto, L. Lauro, B. Lasky, A. Leap. SECOND ROW: R. Lobdell, W. Kress, R. Kinberg, P. Klenert, T. Loefiller, M. Klein, B. Kriedman, J. Kron. THIRD ROW: D. Klein, J. Levitt, D. King, G. LaTerza, Mrs. Carmen FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Carmen, P. Mucciolo, L. McLaughlin, N. Moran, L. Minnerly, C. Mercer, M. Love, E. Martin. SECOND ROW: K. MacDonald, M. Miranda, C. Lundstrom, B. Miller, F. Makin, A. McDermott, E. Mills, J. Miller. THIRD ROW: Homeroom 119 S. Lieberman, E. Larsen, W. Lambert, R. Koopman. FOURTH ROW: J. Kobell, P. Landau, S. Kitt, H. Lopato, T. Lockyer, W. Kreppel, F. Lomangino, L. LaMotte. Not shown: T. Long, E. Kopper, P. Larson, D. Konecny, K. Kinirons. ELEVEN TH Homeroom 121 C. Lundstrom, P. Mortak, B. McCann, P. McKeown, A. Lyke, J. Mack, B. Mitchell, W. Martin. FOURTH ROW: J. Maikisch, S. Lory, B. McCrum, B. Lutsk, R. Mortak, C. Metz, J. Lysaght, E. Magnus. Not shown: E. Lynch, M. J. McNally, M. Moretti. '11- ' ' 68 . Band Rehearsal GRADE Miss White FIRST ROW, L. to R.: P. McDonald, D. Nelson, E. Murray, H. Norton, S. Muller, Miss White. SECOND ROW: M. Rokaw, M. Nilson, R. Perrick, M. O'Brien, P. Mulclowney, E. O'Brien. THIRD ROW: K. Nelson, Homeroom 216 C. Pearsall, L. Murray, Y. Mutel, B. Pesca, B, Olsen C. Nonnenbacher. FOURTH ROW: V. Papaeosma D. Padgett, R. Ness, M. Palley, R. Perez, R. Pauze J. Penny. Not shown: R. Ozsvath. " 69 Mrs. Schilling FIRST ROW, L. to R.: K. Roper, J. Russo, G. Ringel- heim, A. Ruiz, M. Pisano, Mrs. Schilling. SECOND ROW: M. Reed, C. A. Rasp, J. Preziosi, C. Posnock, R. Quinn, M. Phillips. THIRD ROW: B. Phillips, Miss Nickerson FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Miss Nickerson, K. Schmidt, L. Shufer, E. Sullivan, J. Snyder, H. Selbert, J. Scopinich, L. Smits, G. Schreiber. SECOND ROW: H. Schwartz, H. Smith, M. Shefferman, J. Strutin, M. Sloan, J. Sulak, S. Schanz, P. Summers. THIRD ROW: N. Smith, Homeroom 220 R. Pratt, E. Petassi, S. Poulos, P. Russell, R. Presno, A. Russo. FOURTH ROW: J. Reis, W. Redwood, D. Ruiz, R. Peschieri, M. Ranish, P. Rowan. Not shown: A. Rolfe, J. Petrelli, P. Samuels. ELEVEN TH Homeroom 222 O. Simpson, J. Scopinich, K. Schwarz, R. Sequino, C. Smith, J. Shebar, S. Sullivan, R. Smith, J. Schoonmaker. FOURTH ROW: S. Somma, Stoner, K. Towle, Shapiro, A. Soper, R. Taylor, A. Taus, P. Snedeker, M. Sellars, M. Thyben. ., A Q ', A . in V vigrx J is , ,.:,x Q' "1 A' 4-jgggcfafr. 70 Mrs. Tessier Homeroom 224 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: P. Wright, V. Vanderholif, J. Waldman, D. Van Nostrand, R. Whitty, J. Wahl, B. Walsh, Mrs. Tessier. SECOND ROW: J. Turella, W. Van Vorst, R. Watts, J. Trapani, H. Wallerstein, K. Ziegler, E. Wilson, E. Wrann..THIRD ROW: C. GRADE Mrs. Thompson's Junior English Class Utz, J. Winter, B. Tucci, W. Wahl, R. Woelfel, M. Tuthill, J. Wood, Y. Williams. FOURTH ROW: W. Tydeman, E. Voelker, J. Uhl, P. Wille, C. Willus, R. Watson, J. Turner, D. Winans, C. Zimmerman. Not shown: R. Verdecchia, C. Vollmer, R. Vailes. Mr. Moger's Retailing II Class 71 17 X Miss Ruth More Farulty Advisor " ' ' 5 ,W joseph Epstein The hall remembered by every sophomore Pfefident SOPHOMURE CLASS . J' viiilsfv Jane Erwin Stella Pavlakis Vice-President Secretary 40x Fred Bloom Joan Verona Martha Bryant Treaxurer Social Secretary G.O. Representative 72 Mr. Moser FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. Moser, D. Bern, B. Ashley, J, Canui Bristow, C. Ciotti, D. Cormack, J. Bailey. SECOND ROW: J. Blake, P. Creamer, H. -Berns, W. Brault, R, Canaco, E. Barbeau, J. Cardone, R. Berthold. THIRD ROW: D. Cooper, J. Brophy, S. Barasch, Homeroom 100 A. Brasch, R. Bayer, R. Cossio, B. Barrett, P. Baker FOURTH ROW: Carswell, F. Bloom, R. Barrett R. Broderick C. Berger, M. Bernstein, M. Beneville, R Brown. Not shown: B. August, R. Browning, W. Connoly J. Cornwell. TE TH GRADE Miss Simpson FIRST ROW, L. to R.: I. Balazs, P. Cook, F. Bau- mann, L. Baumann, J. Abel, L. Bagowitz, J. Alcorn Miss Simpson. SECOND ROW: N. Andreu, C. Bern- stein, S. Creamer, D. Bannon, M. Bryant, L. Bochan B. Campana, V. Costello, C. Baldwin, D. Corwin. THIRD ROW: M. Almeyda, L. Anton, L. Balchi, J. Clewner, S. Calkins, M. L, Combs, J. Cacciatore, A. J J Homeroom 100 Crutchield, E. Carter, B. Cesta. FOURTH ROW: C. Blanche, C. Cramer, H. Brower, P. Behlen, T. Azzara, J. Allen, P. Corrigan, K. Avy, B. Baehr, H. Dangerlield. FIFTH ROW: V. Corsones, D. Blanck, H. Conrad, L. Bushell, D. Cooke, C. Briggs, C. Borea, G. Bragg, P. Cote, I. Barth. 73 A V I 7 Miss More FIRST ROW, L. to R..' M. Kirnball, S. Krieger, F. Lambertson, D. Lewis, R. Mandelbaum, J. E. Lang, B. Martin, Miss lXlore. SECOND ROW: H. Kessler, Lessall, B. Langsam, M. Kraus, E. Kennedy, D. Klar, L. Maness, W. Marinaccio, E. Lacy. THIRD ROW: R. Miss Estock FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Miss Estock, J. McGee, J. Mil- ler, B. Meyers, P. Moore, J. M. Newbery, K. McLaugh- lin, L. A. May. SECOND ROW: J. A. Miller, L. Masterson, G. Medaglia, H. Moore, J. McLeod, D. MeNiff, D. L. Murray, B. Mazor, S. Ness, J. Neary. THIRD ROW: A. Munro, M. Nierman, B. Morek, J. 'ii ff' Homeroom 1 10 Klein, King, H. Kiss, D. Kimball, M. Levy, T. Kelly, W. Lampert, R. Lampert, S. Lafata. FOURTH ROW: R. Martin, J. LaFreniere, S. Koehl, W. Mapes, J. Mal- lin, W. Lanzarone, T. Laveglia, R. Lang. Not shown: A. Marsieo. TE TH Homeroom 1 12 MeGrorty, J. McCormack, D. Morrack, M. L. Miller, S McIntyre, L. Murray. FOURTH ROW: C. Matteson T. Moeller, F. Moore, H. Meyers, J. Muth, P. Mead J. Moran, G. McAfee, L. Mintz. Not shown: H. Neicl bardt, R. Nelson. ' -I .xx ik fx'- 76 Miss Burguillos FIRST ROW, L. to R.: C. Olsen, P. Reed, P. Pas- chette, T. Oliver, W. O'Neill, K. Provenzano, D. Odell, Miss Burguillos. SECOND ROW: T. Primavera, C. O'Brien, S. Pavlakis, A. Pietro, P. Regan, J. Nilson, O. Popov. THIRD ROW: Ringer, R. Peterseu, K. Re- back, M. Rerecich, R. Regan, T. Oddo, R. Posa, D. GRADE Mr. Butler FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. Butler, J. Salmon, Sanh dak, A. Simone, P. Snyder, M. Simmons, K. Shields, M. Simmons, P. Segall. SECOND ROW: G. Schandel, S. Smith, J. Seopinich, A. Russell, C. Schorer, G. Slo- min, S. Smith, R. A. Smith. THIRD ROW: F. Sohn, J. Rubie, S. Somers, R. Smith, W. Rubin, A. Schneider, Homeroom 1 16 Rivers. FOURTH ROW: R. Phillips, E. Riley, W Reader, A. Rasmussen, B. Potowski, G. Roberts, R. Rob inson, S. Ozsvath. Not shown: F. O'Connell, M. O,Con nell, J. Pappas, G. Passafiume, R. Reed. Homeroom 1 18 P. Silas, C. Sheedy, M. Silverman. FOURTH ROW. F. Sellars, W. Russell, P. Schmittzeh, J. Rolle, D. Solo- mon, C. Schoemmell, T. Schlegel, W. Smith, D. Rykert R. Ryan. Not shown: L. Schuhen, M. Schuhen, C Smith. 77 Mr. Cazzettzfs 9th grade homeroom. FRESHM Miss Esther Brown A d visor Daniel Ciotti President CLASS GFFICERS Allan Homan Vice-President Chuck Lieppe Secretary ,A Jane Phillips Treafzzrcr fy - Q yycf' Cleo Nichols Social Sesretary 80 lvl Nancy Bcnnzin G.O,Repre5erzt11tz f' Miss Robertson FIRST ROW, L. to R.: N. Berman, P. Arcuri, W. Bannon, E., Arenella, J. Berger, T, Bannon, Miss Robert- son. SECOND ROW: V. Agnitti, R. Berman, J. An- drews, K. Baumann, J. Bagatelle, C. Albach. THIRD ROW: C. Binder, C. Behren, E. Bechtold, R. Berg, G. Homeroom 14 Akst, D. Ahrens, C. Alrneyda, J. Atwell. FOURTH ROW.' G. Birk, A. Adkins, S. Becker, L. Barber, A. Bar- chas, N. Baselice, J. Barnes. Not shown: G. Anderson, F. Batecas. N IN TH GRADE Mr. Pesca FIRST ROW, L. to R..' Mr. Pesca, B. Campbell, N. Cardinale, R. Burger, T. Brown, V. Birnberg. SECOND ROW: R. Browning, R. Brown, M. Cox, M. Burger, R. Brown, B. Boriss, P. Bresnahan. THIRD ROW: Homeroom 102 S. Brady, R. Carneyp F. Carillo, R. Braceo, T. Carroll, S. Burnis. FOURTH ROW: L. Carvell, E. Carle, R. Burg, N. Brown, G. Bosch, R. Camarda, R. Braaten. Not shown: P. Casale. 81 N? Mr. 0'Connor Homeroom 104 FIRST ROW, L. to R..' E. cleLutio, D. Ciotti, Co- senza, S. Conrad, Denza, L. Cook, Nlr. O'Connor. SECOND ROW: K. Combs, A. Curran, A. Coppolo, E. Casquarelli, C. Cusumano, H. Crispyn, R. Collins. THIRD ROW.' S. Detko, C. A. DiCrcgorio, S. Collins, Mr. Coupe FIRST ROW, L. to.R.: F. Farhadi, A. Egeland, C Frcdricson, A. Edwards, P. Fontana, D. Feinsilber, Mr. Coupe. SECOND ROIV: T. Dilco, Di Raimondo R. Elisca, K. Espinet, G. Engels, M. Egan, D. Duck worth, S. Falk. THIRD ROW: K. Fisliel, A. Faigelman K. Dicsl, Y. DcVcau, G. Dcis, V. Coughlin, P. Dietricli. FOURTH ROW: C. Cruickshank, V. D'Arcy, A. David- scn, J. Cattano, D. Danig, V. Cordes, B. Comrie, T. Denton. Not shown: K. Cassidy, J. Cleary, J. Cunning- NIN TH ham, C. Dangerfield, L. Davidson. Homeroom 1 10 J. Fischer, R. Fcinson, L. Enos, M. J. Fellrnan, R Equi. FOURTH ROW: L. Feder, M. Frank, R. Dillon H. Elias, W. Enright, R. Fey, R. Gulotta. Not shown B. Doran, R. Dreschcr, J. Dunnet, J. Esposito. Y7 82 Miss Schelkoff Homeroom 112 FIRST ROW, L. to R: Miss Schelkoff R Sweene - 1 - Y: A. Thayer, P. Smith, R. Stock, S. Smith, S. Stamper. SECOND ROW: J. Taylor, M. Stein, L. Southard, D. Simson, T. Stamm, R. Sylvester. THIRD ROW: R. GRADE Terry, T. Rice, V. Somers, K. Ryan, W. Supon, J. Tal- bot. FOURTH ROW: L. Smevik, A. Smith, M. Simp- son, F. Sutherland, J. Slingerland, K. Stebner. Not shown: P. Sullivan, B. M. Stauffer. Mr. W. Sullivan Homeroom 1 16 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. W. Sullivan, I. Goldstein, C. Goldstein, J. Helfand, M. L. Gold, R. Gordon, R. Hauser, S. Gittlitz. SECOND ROW: B. Glade, V. Guil- foyle, R. Gerzof, A. Grosser, E. Gasper, R. Hemeke, B. Fries, A. Frost, R. Harrington. THIRD ROW: M. Ger- aghty, P. Hall, J. Gunn, W. Gronick, V. Grosser, B. Goodhue, W. Glandorf, S. Guittard, W. Hammond, R. Gross, G. Handley. FOURTH ROW: H. Greenberg, W. Gerdo, L. Harding, W. Gilreath, G. Garrett, T. Hemeke, M. Grodd, W. Gagliardi, L. Hanson, W. Greene. 83 Mr. Posses FIRST ROIV, L. to R.: S. Hiller, Joekin, G. Hol- gren, S. Jztnziver, hi. Jenkins. A. Holster. KI. Hetzel. hir. Posses, SECOND ROW: Jones, L. Knlhzm, A. Ho- rnun, C. Key. Keene, R. Jawhson. L. Hennessy. A. Kusof. TIIIRD ROIV: B. Jerrum, Herendeen. H. Mrs. Bauer FIRST ROW, L. to R.: lXIrs. Bauer, XV. Kmemer. G. Klein. S. Kretko, lXI. Krieger. Lovgren. L. Lambert. SIfC.'O.YD ROW: S. Kovimnni. P. Lessler, XY. Koehler, R. Klowzis, NV. Levy. R. Levy. L. Lorie, Y. Laing, T. Loefrler. TIIIRD ROIV: R. Levitt. G. Kuehling. V. -' Homeroom 1 1 8 Holzman, R. Kern, K. Jarris, L. Johnson, K. Hughes, lvl. Keleher. FOURTH ROW: L. Jansson, F. Justice, C. Kent, L. Jackson, F. Joyner, R. Hueglin, S. Hoffman, C. Herherger, B. Jefferson. Not shown: R. Jones, W. Joseph, L. Joerger, C. Holmes. l N INTH Homeroom 120 Lee. C. Lnino, Levine, lvlztreus, Koehler, D. hlnlhurg, P. Long. FOURTH ROW: R. Kohlmeyer, W. Martin. S. Luvizxr. J. Kunzmann, F. Leone, C. Lieppe, J. Mztjezuk. E. MeCz1vley, F. Luther. Not shown: T. Kuhner, D. Lzxwrenee, E. Levin, Kilgannon. abil K., I X F l 1 Bb ! J ', I. f 84 Mr. Teich FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. Teich, R. McNutt, R. Nass, M. McLaughlin, R. Melle, E. Mitthauer, S. Nei meth, C. Nichols. SECOND ROW: M. J. McKillop A. Messing, W. McDougall, G. Moralez, E. Nolan, L. Nelson, P. Nagy, W. Monestere. THIRD ROW: T. McDonald, P. Mintz, R. MeKaharay, D. Mahnken, L. GRADE Mr. Bellamore FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. Bellamore, A. Poses, D. Pirodsky, W. Park, Paz, Pawelka, M. Pugh, M. Radin. SECOND ROW: G. Pauze, M. Rapp, T. Re, J. Riccardi, F. Pallas, K. Rhodes, Pettengill, N. Pan- agakos, Raynor. THIRD ROW: Phillips, Ost- Homeroom 122 MacMahan, C. Mclntyre, J. Michealsen, A. Mogtacler R. Melito. FOURTH ROW: B. Molese, R. Murmah A. Meinhold, S. Meringoff, K. Muldowney, M. McCor- mack, A. Newell, H. Myers. Not shown: G. Montross K. Morley, D. Morton. Homeroom 126 rander, A. Noll, M. Ott, C. Renton, C. Porter, A. Roth, D. Reback, W. Olsen, B. McC1'eary. FOURTH ROW: J. Pelliccia, A. Rizzo, E. Phtzer, A. McGuirk, A. Rosen- bloom, Ratkowitz, F. Rizzo, R. Powell, R. Ochs. .V, J. IN A 85 The Hard Work1ng Yearbook Staff Mr. Cazzetta FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Shebar, W. Schuessler, P Sheehan, L. Sanders, E. Sogliuzzo, J. Scherer, Mr. Ca Zena. SECOND ROW: sl sakon, N. Sehaap, A. saver A. Sanguigni, P. Rubie, R. Ruggero. THIRD ROW S. Seotti, M. Rothstein, A. Saczynski, G. Sanders, G Miss Buckovich Homeroom 224 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: W. Wiesenecker, R. Vogel, G. Velten, J. Tyler, J. Traver, M. A. Trotta, V. Wrann, Miss Buckovich. SECOND ROW: O. Young, M. Vezi ris, D. Williams, E. Waite, D. Walis, W. Walsh, C. Voll mer, M. Wolland. THIRD ROW: H. Wiley, J. Weed, E. Varrnus, J. Vorbeck, L. Wechsler, N. Vigiani, J. Wil son, R. Wallace, N. Yoscopoulos. FOURTH ROW. R. Warnke, R. Wilson, L. Worsley, T. Waters, N. Toelle G. Zipper, E. Zezima, K. Wimmer, A. Wolff. Not shown K. Stanchi, T. Walsh. Mr. Franklin's German Class 87 r Mrs. Ramsc-:y's Class FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Ramsey, P. Strattou, C. Winne. SECOND ROW: V. Luistrom, C. Williams, E. Hellniou, W. Hidalgo, R. Compese, A. Soswoiy, D. Corey, C. Mueller, J. Goess, E. Carnion, R. Freund. ' Q M1ss Kelly s Class FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Miss Kelly, J. Moran, S. Moran, P. Wilson. THIRD ROW: J. Collins, Ci Jones, A. Back V. Spivey, P. Bolger, D. Rhodes. SECOND ROW: E. Scanlon, M. Weber. C. Schuls, J. Schuls, M. DeVincenzo, G. Brambach, wg! ,X ff ,HQ aT,,,.. . A Y. l id lv D as . Z . Tung.. EIGHTH GRADE Mr. O'Connor's English Class Mrs. RoWley's Homemaking Class Mr. Merk Homeroom 228 FIRST ROW, L- fo R-f Mr- Mfffk, D- DeGf0ff, J- oio., V. Valois, W. Willets. THIRD ROW: R. Goffiolo, D,AmiCO, S- Mifmeflv, E- Cornish, S- Hfiftenfels- SEC- G. Richardson, D. Brook, B. Hilko, s. Marshall. Not OND ROW: R. Marinaccio, C. A. Grempel, G. Spinoc- shown.. R. Evans, A- Glover. Q. 4, -f nv.: .. F . 'V rig! ri PI Q ?""4' le ll. .5 E: -'-Q':"i . -- "7 ,-.,..--.kd XJ., . 89 Mrs. Monkemeyer Homeroom 129 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Monkemeyer, F. Albert, N. Akst, H. Bailey, M. J. Bauer, S. Bogclen, B. Blumen Lhal, L. BrinDamour. SECOND ROW: P. Bitcon, W Babington, I. Bussanich, M. M. Amatulli, N. Baldwin, E. Bernstein, C. Bishop, B. Barasch. THIRD ROW: C Miss Clowes FIRST ROW, L. to R.: P. Chipouras, R. Camarda, D Burke, P. Cohen, M. Constant, J. Brown, C. Couluris Miss Clowes. SECOND ROW: R. Christolfers, J. Corn- ish, H. Cobb, N. Burghardt, F. Chobot, R. Burkhart, R Cooke, J, Caracappa, R. Dedrick. THIRD ROW: H Boriss, V. Ashby, J. Berman, J. Barbaro, J. Bennetter, G. Berns, B. Bledsoe, M. Abrams, J. Abreu. FOURTH ROW: P. Breihof, C. Baumann, C. Belliteri, A. Alba- nese, D. Anderson, J. Bennett, R. Adshead, G. Ambrose. EIGHTH Homeroom 152 Brose, J. Caruso, P. Collins, D. Caldiero, C. Carswell, S. DeCarion, R. Corwin, R. Ciuffreda. FOURTH ROW: J. Daller, D. Chafhn, E. Carlin, F. Cook, B. Brown, L. Brown, A. Carri, C. Coleman. Not shown: J. Danielo. L.- 90 Miss Clark Homeroom 133 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. J. Donahue, G. Enz, J. DiGiovanni, D. Fischer, C. Delaney, B. Feldman, J. Elder, Miss Clark. SECOND ROW: W. Enciso, W. Far- rell, A. Ferrara, T. Field, K. Durkin, M. Esposito, S. Dittberner, R. Eschwege. THIRD ROW: L. DiTomas, GRADE Mrs. Gould FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Gould, C. Grosser, M. Gulit, A. Halvorsen, R. Groome, G. Guerriero, K. Geco. SECOND ROW: l. Garbo, A. Gomberg, B. Grossman, M. Fleischman, J. Gallagher, C. Haas, V. Galanti. THIRD ROW: L. Frazier, M. Fulton, D. Goodhue, S P. Edelman, R. Diaz, F. Ferris, W. Eagle, N. Eisenstadt, R. Duda. FOURTH ROW: R. Donaldson, R. Farm- lett, C. DeVita, K. Dannemann, J. Fiordiliso, A. Elli- son, B. Edwards, B. Feustel. Not shown: M. Fenyo, P. Doran, B. Durlancl. Homeroom 134 Goodman, G. Ray, G. Mike, P. Gress, J. Gritmon. FOURTH ROW: G. Gelling, L. Gaby, B. Glass, J. Frank, G. Gould, T. Gilligan, R. Grant,,M. Gilliard. Not shown: G. Guttman, J. Goeh, W. George, J. Forker. 91 1? Q W! Mr. Newton FIRST ROW, L. to R.: R. Jennison, J. Keating, R. Haynes, J. Homer, K. Inglis, W. Handel, R. Kelley, Mr. Newton. SECOND ROW: S. Irvine, M. Kelly, B. Kennedy, S. Henry, G. Johnston, S. Harrison, B. Han- sen, P. Key. THIRD ROW: F. Jones, K. Hausfather, Miss Maxwell FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A. Klein, E. Krieger, R. La Barbera, D. Lotint, K. Key, K. Lauckhardt, Miss Max well. SECOND ROW: C. Lomangino, K. Lampert, V. Lombard, Lobl, L. LaMotte, V. Lee, G. Kraus. THIRD ROW: B. Kramer, E. Kusky, R. Koneeny, D. Homeroom 1 5 5 R. Hubschmitt, L. Karcher, J. Keegan, E. Jaworowski, K. Gresham, M. Heimowitz. FOURTH ROW: M. Gil- liard, W. Jackson, W. Hosendove, T. Kelleher, M. Irwin, N. Heitmann, Hedin, R. Hatfield, G. Hoyt. Not shown: G. Helwig, G. Hills. EIGHTH Homeroom 136 Lerner, P. Loze, L. Lo Presto, A. Klein, E. Lauro. FOURTH ROW: R. Lanz, D. Gilliard, M. Leach, L. Larkin, L. Lee, P. Liehtiger, D. Kirnmelman, E. Leon- ard. Not shown: S. Lehman. L .. ., 92 Mr. McLellan FIRST ROW, L. to R.: N. Mazey, L. Murphy, K. OlLeary, G. Matuza, R. McClain, W. Mahnken, T. Ludwig, Mr. McLellan. SECOND ROW: R. Martin, J. Maikisch, G. Meekins, R. Manvell, P. Marshall, J. MeCrum, G. Mooney, A. Meltzer. THIRD ROW: G. Murphy, C. Muller, P. McLellan, R, MacDougall, A. GRADE Miss Woodsum FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Miss Woodsum, J. Rizzotti, M. Orobello, J. Primavera, P. Paftinos, W. Roenbeek, A. Rosmarin, D. Rubie. SECOND ROW: M. Rosen- blum, P. Pisano, D. Paul, J. A. Ranish, G. Rerecich, D. Quick, J. Rosenberg, L. Rolnick, Owens. THIRD Homeroom 137 Mclnish, D. Mauersberger, R. Martin, R. Matteson. FOURTH ROW: J. Mulvey, R. Nugent, W. Newman, D. Matulich, D. McCann, J. Martin, I. Moretti, J. Mc- Goey. Not shown: M. McCabe, R. Miller, J. Mohlen- hoff, A. Mulligan. Homeroom 227 ROW: D. Rose, M. Portale, L. Piperno, L. Reeh, G. Riecardi, W. Plant, G. Pesca, A. Robb. FOURTH ROW: J. Rasmussen, P. Reinhard, J. Peterson, D. Prich- ard, B. Perrell, R. Rice, J. Patsalos, L. Powell. Not shown: A. Reilly, E. Quinn. ' 93 Mr. Montgomery Homeroom 231 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. Montgomery, J. Spitz S. Segall, R. Sogluizzo, G. Soper, N. Smith, F. Schneider, S. Solmonsohn. SECOND ROW: G. Strobel, R. Schoem- mell, A. Saxon, R. Rubin, C. Sarch, B. Schultz, S. Smith J. Schak, E. Skidmore. THIRD ROW: G. Sanders, E Mr. Crisafulli FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. Crisafulli, G. Vollet, B. Torres, M. Townsend, L. Sweezey, E. Steiner, F. Saylor, W. Voelker. SECOND ROW: R. Tucci, J. Vailes, P. Stolbeng, J. Schultz, E. Teller, A. Taylor, G. Swanson, V. Thaler. THIRD ROW: M. Trachtenberg, L. Tarty, Smith, T. Sherman, F. Schwanewede, M. Saylor, Sparling, Z. Seldes, J. Sawyer. FOURTH ROW: I. Ryan, L. Scheman, R. Schmidt, S. A. Smith, J. Siglain, J. Silipo, T. Sommers, A. Starks. Not Jhown: M. Sealey. EIGHTH Homeroom 252 P. Stowell, R. Turella, A. Todd, J. E. Strassle, J. Stark, F. Utz, L. Vernon. FOURTH ROW: D. Valenti, R Tarulli, J. Tobia, A. Sulak, H. Stumpf, A. Theiss J. Steele, I. Turner. 94 J Miss Williams Homeroom 234 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Miss Williams, L. Zimmerman, Warfield, E. Wulffen, B. Weston, L. Vernon, S. Walters, R. Volpe, S. Waddell, M. A. Wilson, H. Zipper, M. B. Worsley, B. Weed, Y. Wilensky, V. White. FOURTH Wells, D. Wright. SECOND ROW: W. Watson, M. ROW: N. Wilson, V. Warm, L. Young, A. Wieck, J. Taylor, S. Young, M. Walsh, L. Wolleman, H. Whri- Winant, J. Yeno, E. Witt, N. Wright. Not shown: tenour, S. White, S. Zajkowski. THIRD ROW: R. N. Wallace. Miss Bird Homeroom 229 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Miss Bird, C. Schoonrnaker, Carlisle, A. McLaughlin, F. Albrecht, J. Blewett, A. A. Fitzpatrick, J. Kron, B. Carman, J. Perry. SECOND Holzmacher, J. Dandona. Not shown: E. Jensen, J. ROW: C. Marius, G. Spelina, A. McLellan, P. Masterson, Schrody. B. Wille, M. Ruland. THIRD ROW: Johnston, B. 9 5 -sf WM? X . x N1 --...K M... I 1 Mrs. Stravin's Science Class SEVENTH Mr. McElroy Homeroom 230 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: F. Valenti, W. Schoen, K. Ambrose, D. Halliwell, A. Pierson, G. Fox, Mr. McElroy. SECOND ROW: C. Garrison, P. Montiel, E. Evans, D. Diottino, G. Tschuschke, J. Walsh, D. Keller. THIRD ROW: M. Johnson, D. Stanohi, M. Burke, D. Roberts, L. Hill, R. Moore. FOURTH ROW: S. Glover, R. Wolters, P. Gavanagh, T. Gonnars, B. Hetrick, T. Wiluy, W. Jones. we 'K K 5, ALA. A 4.9 . 5 f 96 Miss Brown Homeroom 128 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Braverman, B. Moore, C. Durkin, A. Greene, L. Burke, C. Sohn, C. O'Reilley. Beverson, G. Ross, J. Anderson, T. Mallin, Miss Brown. FOURTH ROW: B. Williams, S. Blush, L. Zozzaro, SECOND ROW: N. Guittard, S. Berg, E. Ward, Tuitt, M. Washington, D. Glass, E. Slattery, F. Malcolm. Not R. Davis, J. Sulak. THIRD ROW: W. Rydlewski, A. shown: L. Domashevich, P. Murphy. Miss Beckley Homeroom 227 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: R. Arenella, L. Amatulli, J. S. Beneville, F. Baehr, J. Arch, L. Ahders, R. Atkinson, Addison, L. Boate, C. Berner, M. Alcorn, Miss Beckley. K. Blie, M. Baldwin. FOURTH ROW: E. Balfe, C. SECOND ROW: J. Bauman, A. Becker, M. Birgenthal, Armestrong, S. Bernstein, S. Alecksynar, L. Bloom, P. S. Barter, S. Barbeau, F. Amentler. THIRD ROW: Benjamin, D. Berg. Not shown: L. Adkins, K. Antilla. 97 fl Mr. Colino FIRST ROW, L. to R.: R. Brown, R. Brown, R. Cassar, N. Berman, E. Brambaeh, B. Carlton, Mr. Colino. SEC- OND ROW: P. Carroll, G. Brown, P. Brown, A. Car- rington, P. Cervini, B. Briggs, M. Bocchiaro. K. Boltrek. THIRD ROW: P. A. Czlrbaugh, D. Burnett, H. Bush Homeroom 229 P. Burkett, G. Caraeappa, A. Baxter, Caraco. FOURTH ROW: B. Brood, M. Bolger, C. Chirrick, P Cannon, T. Capozzoli, R. Burtis, V. Brogan, K. Bur- rowes. Not xhown: D. Borella. SEVENTH Mrs. Dewing Homeroom 250 FIRST ROIV, L. to R.: V. A. Cumming, C. Cruteh field, F. Delaney, S. Crouse, S. Cohen, I. Clohessy, B, Daye, R. DOH. SECOND ROW: D. Dilsner, M. A. Crispyn, T. Doufct, P. Cook, E. Dickerman, Cunn- ingham, T. Creamer, A. Cosenza, Mrs. Dewing. THIRD ROW: M, DiPreta, K. Cowan, C. Ciarfello A. Corretty, T. Cullen, C. Devereaux, D. Dauria, C. 7 Cotter. FOURTH ROW.' R. Donaldson, W. Clougher, G. Cruger, R. Deern, DeVita, S. Cruiekshank, Cre- voiserat. 98 Mrs. Stravin Homeroom 231 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Stravin, A. Feinsilber, R. Evans, A. Fink, A. Fischer, C. Galata, J. Garraway, J. Frazier. SECOND ROW: S. Erlandsen, L. Fishel, P Fehleisen, R. Furlong, D. Fleischer, Furman, R. Far- rell, Ferdinand. THIRD ROW: M. Gagliano, J GRADE Freeman, B. Ford, R. Freeman, S. Eader, T. Falb, C Dunne, A. Farber. FOURTH ROW: G. Ferrara, G Durland, K. Durand, J. Gagliardi, J. Flinn, J. Franklin B. Frederick, C. Fox. Not shown: Esposito. Mr. Pollard Homeroom 232 FIRST ROW, L. to Mr. Pollard, M. Heller, L. Greenberg, D. Gresham, G. Gissel, S. Greene, N. Gey- gan, C. Grempel. SECOND ROW: W. Grabowski, E. Goldman, J. A. Gronim, S. Gilner, M. Glenz, D. Green- blatt, R. Grossman, G. Haberle. THIRD ROW: A. Grimpel, G. Hanson, M. Gelling, G. Geraci, D. Heit- karnper, M. G-ommlich, P. Gigliello, R. Greenberg. FOURTH ROW: T. Gibson, C. Gillard, E. Gerstler, K. Hanson, N. Heller, B. L. Healy, P. Hart, W. Gregor. Not shown: R. Giannuzzi. 99 Y S Mrs. Javorsky Homeroom 253 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Hewitt, C. Hymans, M Jacobson, B. Hittner, C. Hctzcl, S. Israel, Mrs. Javorsky SECOND ROW: R. Himmelfarb, T. Henry, Huestis C. Hucglin, G. Holmes, K. Holmes, V. lndrizzo, R Jackson. THIRD ROW: H. Jacobson, P. Howard, A Mr. Joy FIRST ROW, L. to R.: F. Kaminsky, Kalban, E Kalman, M. Klaes, C. Kelly, D. Keslow, B. Johnston, M1'. Joy. SECOND ROW: Kelly, B. Kearney, R. Ka land, V. Kropp, N. Kesin, A. Lovgren, J. Killorin. THIRD ROW: M. Kelly, A. Katusha, M. Kitterman, 2 Iol, C. Johnson, K. Humsjo, J. Jenkins, S. Hopkins, L Henwoocl. FOURTH ROW: E. Hume, R. Hoffman P. Healy, C. Johnson, J. Jenkins, J. Hilton, A. Inmoor A. Hyman. SEVENTH Homeroom 2 34 C. Keller, A. Klubinski, Z. Kondratjeus, L. Kreischer, J. Knoeller. FOURTH ROW: R. Knothe, L. Jones, J. King, W. Kappel, P. Kopper, P. Johnson, R. Kirk, N. Judwin. 100 Mrs. Hegmann FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Hegrnann, R. Lyke, L. Krut, R. Krueger, W. Lee, J. Lisi, A. Lombard, D. Long- enecker. SECOND ROW: S. Leiter, P. Kalban, J. Landman, D. Lowenthal, H. MacDonald, G. Laricos, B. Lefkowitz, M. Leone. THIRD ROW: J. Liebler, D. Lo- GRADE Mr. Nagle FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Matuza, J. Millang, S. Markowitz, O. Martin, J. McDonald, H. Meyer, N. Mc- Manus, R. Miller. SECOND ROW: K. Mahlstedt, M. McGoey, E. McVey, J. Mauersberger, L. McGinnis, K. Migdol, K. Meinking, R. Mapes, Mr. Nagle. THIRD Homeroom 235 pato, J. Lovgren, B. Levy, J. Langen, A. Levy, J Luna, B. Larson. FOURTH ROW: E. Lee, B. Lutsk J. Lucente, L. Lanz, G. Leftakis, B. Lemus, K. Loefller D. Laisy. 'S Homeroom 127 ROW: T. Martine, P. Mack, G. McClusky, D. Mc- Guire, J. McDougall, M. Miller, Makin, S. Micheal- sen. FOURTH ROW: E. McGuirk, W. Meyers, P Mass, G. Maynes, R. Meyers, J. McKeeyer, B. MeCreary Not shown: J. Mercer. 101 7 Mr. Etkind FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mr. Etkincl, N. Moore, R. Mohr, E. Moskowitz, E. O'Brien, J. Norton, B. Murray, S. A. Moralcz. SECOND ROIV: S. Ivloran, A. Newman, J. O'Ncill, M. Moro, D. Noll, Morley, L. Ostrow, S. A. Mitthauer. THIRD ROW: A. Mullcr, I. Nagy, Mrs. Hirshman FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Posa, G. Probeck, R. Pilatsky M. Prisciotta, M. Rabinowetz, R. Prichard, G. Pros, E Paftinos, Mrs. Hirshman. SECOND ROW: E. Peters, E Phillips, T. Price, J. Petersen, S. Rasp, G. Otto, E. Ra- gones, R. Pierson. THIRD ROW: L. Pesca, F. Paz, D J Homeroom 128 L. Montross, B. Mills, D. Nelson, R. Mutel, K. Osborn, J. Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: L. Odell, R. Murray, D. Newman, O'Brien, R. Mulligan, B. O,Reilley, O'Rourke, L. Mills. Not shown: P. Murphy. SEVENTH Homerooom 129 Post, T. Picarclal, R. Powell, M. Patterson, J. Proven- zano, N. Plotkin. FOURTH ROW.' B. Perez, N. Phil- lips, G. Prunty, M. Pfister, M. Penny, G. Potthoff, B. A. Plant, E. Quick. Not shown: M. Quinn. 'VFW' l02 if Miss Elstad FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Ruland, B. Rush, E. Ryd- berg, A. Resnick, W. Richter, C. Sandak, J. Ruger, Miss Elstad. SECOND ROW: J. Rosenberg, M. Rickert, L. Samuels, C. Reader, B. Ray, R. Rizzo, W. Ruben. THIRD ROW: L. Rothamel, L. Sanchez, K. Rommel, GRADE 1 up Homeroom 132 L. Rousseau, D. Saunders, R. Reardon, J. Rosenberg R. Ringer. FOURTH ROW: S, Scammon, J. Raynor M. Rogers, R. Ruggero, W. Sandbrook, D. Roth, P. Rosj enzweig, J. Redwood. Not shown: P. Rhodes. Mrs. Birgenthal Homeroom 133 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A. Schanz, N. Scheman, L. Schubert, B. Schuh, J. Slattery, D. Skinner, Mrs. Birgen- thal. SECOND ROW: P. Schwartz, C. Shefferman, H. Shapiro, K. Schultz, J. A. Scharmann, E. Smith, R. Schmilowitz. THIRD ROW: J. Sheedy, A. Smith. D. Schuster, B. Schiller, L. A. Sciarrillo, M. Shapiro, C. Simson. FOURTH ROW: J. Schmidt, M. L. Schmidt K. Siegel, S. Siglain, E. Smith, P. Seldes, I. Simmons Not shown: B. Schlachter, E. Schrady. Kffmfa- .I ,, 103 7 J Mr. Renken FIRST ROW, L. to R.: C. Smits, P. Smith, C. Stein, R. Jeller, D. Taylor, A. Thomas, G. Soklin, Mr. Renken. SECOND ROW: S. Snyder, K. Sullivan, E. Starnpf, R. Stumm, R. Sparling, T. Sweeney, R. Sweezey. THIRD ROW: M. Sweeney, L. Starks, C. Spinocia, S. Supina, Mr. Burns FIRST ROW, L. to R.: E. Vorbeck, L. Tucker, P. Terry H. Townsend, J. Washington, L. Waldman, P. Volpe Mr. Burns. SECOND ROW: L. Van DeWater, P. Wati tenmaker, R. Varone, R. Tuitt, P. Unger, W. Vivian R. Weiler. THIRD ROW: H. Tomaszewski, T. Valenti J J Homeroom 1 34 J. Sommers, H. Thal, R. Spesling. FOURTH ROW: J. Southard, W. Stevans, J. Stevens, R. Tullent, T. Stasichin, P. Tobia, P. Thomas, M. Stratton. Not shown: L. Sutton, R. Smith. SEVENTH Homeroom 135 E. Wade, C. Tyson, T. Waitzfelder, D. Thomas, P Tyrrell. FOURTH ROW: L. Tickner, W. Tree, J Tocknell, D. Vandergucht, R. Wesley, V. Thomopoulos R. Wainz, W. Ward. ' 104 Mrs. DeWing's Seventh Grade Math GRADE Mrs. Fischel FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Fischel, F. Wiener, Whelon, P. Wright, P. Wolder, A. Young. SECOND ROW: E. Wulffen, N. Wiley, C. Yanover, C. Willus, M. Zezima, K. Wolleman. THIRD ROW: S. Willig, Homeroom 137 D. Winge, W. Winne, K. Wood, S. Wood, M. Zepess FOURTH ROW: W. Winter, G. Woisin, K. Wistuba W. Zarchy, W. Yahnker, J. Townsend. u 105 F N U cfiui ie 11 I, 6 .W 1 1 1 1 1 I I A 14 1 1 1 I 11 1 1, X ' 1' V H l A Yi blk A1g. ,I--W T' - X YY i 5 2 e Wx StLldCI1t CO1lI1Cil FIRST Row, L. to R.: S. Poulos, Tucker, B. Perrell, R. Woelfel. SEC- OND ROW.' B. Muller, R. Bloom, L. A. Franklin, M. Bryant. THIRD ROW: R. Saunders, S. Cleary, L. Lieppe, Breakstone. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Major, J. McGuire. GENERAL ORGANIZATIO The backbone of all activities, and the student governing body of Freeport, the G.0. has been di- rectly responsible for the success of our school year. Headed this year by Jimmy Tucker and advised by Mr. John Major, it has been an indispensable part of all of our school activities. In the spring of last year the Red and YVhite parties were organized, caucuses were held, and an exciting election campaign began. Using authentic voting machines, the G.O. members elected a capable slate. In the fall the ticket sales began. The percentages skyrocketed until we were sure of another record- breaking year. Red Devil weekend was highlighted by our Baldwin victory, and the spirit of our school overflowed into the community. Four dances were arranged in addition to an informal dance follow- ing the Calhoun basketball game. When the year was over, we knew that the G.O. and its officers had accomplished their goals - to promote the activities of the school and to represent the student body. YQ. G. O. Officers SITTING, L. to R.: R. Woelfel, J. Tucker, S. Poulos. STANDING: L. A. Franklin, R. Bloom, B. Perrell. Z.. 108 'QQ FIRST ROW.' Sophie Poulos, Vice- President. SECOND ROW: Robert Woelfel Vice-President, Richard Bloom, Treasurer THIRD ROW: LuAnr1 Franklin, Secretary Barbara Perrell, Social Secretary. 1 NATIONAL Nong Seem? g y 'ff 24 : 4 2.3 W5 1.5 Membership in the National Senior Honor Society is one of the ultimate goals of every Freeport High School student. From the top fifteen percent of the class, members were selected on the basis of their achievement in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Under the advisorship of Miss Mary Didas, two formal induction services were held, the first in the spring of our junior year and the second in the fall of our senior year. After president Susan Everett Senior Honor Society FIRST ROW, L. io R.: R. Hueglin, L. Gilberti, G. Guttman, L. Zafonte, H. Wrede, R. Vivian, P. McLaughlin. SEC- OND ROW: Chapman, P. O'Neill, L. Silverman, J. Mustacchio, B. Perrell, L. Lieppe, J. McGuire, P. Kucin, S. Everett, G. Engeholm, B. Bianco, Titus, Off1CCfS s1TT1NG.- Pres. sue Everett. STAND- ING: Treas. Betty Jane Bianco, Vice-Pres. Grace Enge- holm, G. O. Rep. Judy McGuire, Sec. Pat Kucin. ATIG AL introduced the program, Lynette Lieppe spoke on scholarship and its relationship with the other prin- ciplesg Judy McGuire explained the values of a good character, Judy Titus deHned true leadership and expained how it can be attained, and Bobi Perrell spoke of the services which every one of us can perform. Patricia Kucin then explained the symbol of the society and the inductees pledged to uphold the ideals of our school. R. Zeichner, L. Bloch, K. Kerner. THIRD ROW: R. Lewis, N, Grosser, M. Carroll, K. Kadane, B. La Chi- cotte, B. Smith, S. Siciliano, M. L. Cornwell, J. Katz, M. Burkett, C. Peace, Mr. Southard, Miss Didas, Faculty Advisor, E. Valdimer, L. A. Franklin, R. Resnick, G. Schleifer, I. Vanagelis, J. MacDonald, A. Barber. ,. -,.,.w,,... . . . V. 4.31.-f.-........,a.a-. V ,, f.- ... -.. -.1 I V 'LST 'S 1 -.3 . unior FIRST R. Elsicu, A. Davidson, S. Falk, Faculty Advisor Miss ROW, L. to R.: C. Goldstein, M. Wolland, J. A. Jones, J. Phillips, R. Gross, V. Somers, L. MacMahan. SEC- OND ROW: J. Michealson, N. Pangakas, C. Nichols, HO OR SOCIETIES "To promote scholarship and good citizenship" is the worthy aim of the National Junior Honor Society. Requisites for membership include not only excel- lence in scholarship, but in leadership, service, character, and citizenship as well. This is illustrated by the fact that the members have attained not only an outstanding scholastic rating but they have also K. Diesl, K. Jarvis, C. McIntyre. our school and our community. L. TO R.: Treas. Julianne Jones, Pres. Jane Phillips, Vice-Pres. Robert Gross, Sec. Valerie Somers. 111 Davis, J. Vorbeck, R. Brown, P. Lessler, E. Varmus played an important part in the activities of both Throughout the year the club has been very active They had a carnival to raise funds, they planned a beach party, and they conducted an Induction Serv ice. The group, composed of eighth and ninth graders, was advised by Miss Alice Davis. TI!-T' 1 . I xi, Grace Engeholm Literary Editor Mary Lou Cornwell Class Editor Maureen Carroll Typing Editor 419' M Inta Vanagelis Judy Titus joan Mustacchio Sports Editor Activities Editor Art Editor 1959 VOYAGE R STAFF The clatter and roar emanating each Monday afternoon from Room 119 was not the sky falling out but the energetic activities of the Voyageur Staff. Putting out the best possible yearbook was hard work but well worth the trouble once the final prod- uct came back. A glance into the room on any afternoon revealed at least one person working. If it wasn't Maureen tapping away at the keys, it was lX1ary Lou trying to keep up with the ever-changing graduation list, or Ann searching to uncover the countless number of 'gjohn Doesf, But if some members were missing. they weren't sleeping. Harry, the photographers shadow, was running around the school helping to usnapa' our memories. Long into the night, Judy racked her brain and magazines for new lay- outs, and Grace tried to arrange photo schedules with the faculty and administration. lnta efficiently kept track of the wins and losses of the teams, while joan was always on the spot to fill in Mwhite spacef' If we wanted a picture of a devil, prcstol the devil was ours. In the background were the junior trainees, running errands, alpha- betizing senior copy, or sorting pictures. All these energies, of course, were not undirected. Behind all this was Pat, overseer of all. who made all our problems her problems, and of course M1's. Albert. With her critical eye and a nod of approval, our pages fell into place one by one. By spring the staff heaved a sigh of relief when we knew the presses could finally roll. FIRST ROW, L. to R,: M. L. Cornwell, C. Heller, A. Lyke. SECOND ROW: S. Schanz, E. Petassi, S. Poulos, C. Posnock, J. Mustacchio, I. Vanagelis, A. Birgenthal. THIRD ROW: P. Kucin, H. Wrede. Z7 Y., ' 11,14 112 Ann Birgenthal Harry Wrede Identifications Editor Photography Editor Senior Staff L. TO R.. 1. vm- gelis, H. Wrede, P. Kucin, Mustacchio, M. L. Cornwell, A. Birgenthal. X Patricia Kucin Mrs. Fredericka Albert Editor-in-Chief Advisor 111511013 TIZIHCCS SITTING, L. to R.. s. Poulos, J. Feinson, C. Heller. STANDING: C. Posnock, E. Petassi, Advisor Mrs. F, Albert, A. Lyke, S. Schanz. Editor-in-Chief Judy lVIcGuire STANDING, L. to R.: Paul Kelly, Editor-in-Chief Judy McGuire, John Uhl. SITTING: Lynette Lieppe, Joyce Chapman, Karen Kerncr, Bobi Perrell. F LASHI GS 'LFlasHingS will be distributed in the homerooms today . . . " When those words come over the PA., excitement in the homerooms begins to mount. cWVhat will this issue of FlasHingS contain?" Our renowned newspaper, which is published seven times each year, has been made possible only through the diligent work of Judy McGuire, Editor-in-Chief, her able assistants, and their advisor Mr. Joseph P. Pollard. This year's staff expanded the paper, and two new columns were added. The Hlnquiring Reporter" asked questions of various students and faculty members pertinent to our school life. '4The Big Bopper" kept us up-to-date with the happenings in the music world. Almost every day found the FlasHingS staff mem- bers hard at work in Room 135 preparing for the next issue. They certainly deserve a gold medal for their efhciency and hard work. STANDING, L. to R.: E. Valdimer, L. Bloch, G. Schleifer, R. Zeichner, R. Drain, S. Barasch, R. Greenblatt, J. Schorer, B. Adxisor Mr. Joseph Pollard Lasky, B. Kriedman. SITTING: J. Alexander, J. Dray, K. Foy, H. Wallerstein, E. Feinsilber. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: E. Feinsilber, H. Wallerstein, B. Furman, P. Mucciolo, A. Steiner, K. Cruick shank, Advisor Mr. Lucas. SECOND ROW: S. Goldstein. L. Miranda, J. McDonald, R. Grimpel O. Popov, S, Muller, J. Schorer. THIRD ROW: S. Pavlakis, C. Utz, K. Joyce, H. Gritmon, Shapiro, A. Hobbs, B. L. Carbaugh. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Stampf W. Brown, K. Schaeffer, D. Applebaum, Advisor Mr, Newton. SECOND ROW: P. O'Neil1, M. Klein, B. Lasky, B. Kriedman, E. Feinsilber. THIRD ROW: C. Levine, B. Miller, B. Furman, H. Wallerstein, P. Quinn. PUBLICATIONS STAFFS Under the guidance of Mr. Ernest Newton and the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Deanna Applebaum, the Business Publica- tions S my was responsible for the financing of the Voytgeur and FlasHingS. With persistent and efficient ad-canvassing, they have collected enough money to help defray the rising cost of publications in our school. In Room 103 on Monday afternoons, the members of the News Service Stal? could be found collecting and organizing material to inform the public through the local newspapers of the events and happenings in F.H.S. Editor-in-Chief Jeanne McDonald and Advisor Mr. Walter Lucas contributed their time and effort to make the club a success. 115 - A.4u. 1.. , fxlf 1' XY CL x 4' 0 9 154' NAT X 1, FIRST ROW, L, to R.: R. Greene, B. Lutsk, R. VVoelfel. R. Fink, Advisor Mr. R. Reed, 1. Reis, R. Saunders, R. Bloom, D. Goldsmith, D. Swanson. SECOND ROW: C. Biathrow. VT. Tucker, V. Papacosma, S. Barasch, B. Ma- zor, L. Coleman, K. Bagatelle, C. Schorer, R. Sigal, R. Hueglin. THIRD ROW: A. E, Neuman, Epstein. R. Ness, R. Smith. R. Taylor, M. Ranish, J. Uhl, G. Durland, S. Cleary. R. Clements, E. Chilinski. KEY CLUB The Key Club, the most valuable service club at F.H.S., is composed of select members who are chosen on the basis of their scholastic ability and their contribu- tions to the school. Included among the many services the Key Club members performed were sell- ing candy at basketball games, programs at football games, and instituting dress-up- day each Friday. VVith the money they earned plus their profits from selling wreaths at Christmastime, the club was able to send F.H.S. representatives to the National Key Club Convention, Gary Guttman, president, was aided in his leadership by Mr. Foster Hoff and Mr. Richard Reed, Advisors. "Five cents, please!" ' "' Even Mr. Nathan lends a helping hand is If Z Q N .,s, , fy, if 'Wa , -1 F , Q Q s at ' .ti w Nz Ti HQ. QQ I' C 1 i.."rx V Y I W ti 'Ps x if . I Ll : Q.. ., Q -. A - I Future Teachers of America FIRST ROW, L. to R.: C. Bernstein, M. Getter, Fairberg, J. Verona, B. Langsam, H. Smith, D. De- Carion, V. Diehl, S. McIntyre, L, Devonshire, G. Enge- holrn, J. Katz, R. Zeichner, M. L. Cornwell, Advisor Mrs. Schilling. SECOND ROW: S. Pavlakis, G. Pra- tesi, P. Quinn, O. Popov, M. Kirk, C. Peace, S. Zarchy, B. J. Bianco, E. Valdimer, J. Burstein, L. Morse, L. Gerson, M. Klein, M. Stampf, THIRD ROW.' A. F. T. A. The Leo F. Giblyn Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was advised by Mrs. Phebe Schilling and had an active membership of about eighty. One of its main activities was Cadet Teaching which enabled many seniors and juniors to assist teachers in the elementary grades, thus gaining valuable Hrst hand experience in the educational Held. The mem- bers also attended a workshop in Bethpage, heard interesting speakers, saw Films, and reported on books and magazines. This year's officers were Grace Enge- holm, President, Jackie Katz, Vice-President, Rosa lind Zeichner, Recording Secretary, Linda Devon- shire, Corresponding Secretary, and Sally McIntyre Treasurer. Birgenthal, C. Utz, K. Joyce, C. Heller, H. Gritmon L. Smits, G. Schleifer, C. Kraus, J. Shapiro, D. Lazaroff P. Lowenthal, S. Fleischer, R. Deutscher, K. Hein. FOURTH ROW: E. Enciso, D. Nelson, J. Helfand, T. Blum, V. Apter, B. Brainin, C. Posnock, R. Smith, L. Anton, S. Somers, A. Friedland, M. Kearney, L. Berman. FIFTH ROW: M. Phillips, K. Chaitko, J. Wahl, E. Cohen, L. Silverman, L. Bloch, J. Tuthill B. Schiller, E. Hunt, A. Hueglin, D. Applebaum, P. OlNeill. 1 2 RED CROSS Once again, as in years past, the Freeport Chapter of the American Junior Red Cross conducted a suc- cessful fund-raising campaign and fulhlled Free- port's membership quota. Nloney was collected by representatives in each homeroom of both the senior and junior high under the supervision of Miss Flor- ence Clark and Miss Ruth More. The money was used to buy gifts of cigarettes, candies, and nuts to till Christmas stockings for wounded veterans. Red Cross FIRST Row, L. to R.: P, Smith, B. L. car- baugh, R. Geller, D. Swanson, B. Oakley, P. Kelly, K. Bagatelle, S. Fleis- cher, T. Wilensky. SECOND ROW: C. Posnock, M. Eastwood, C. Pearsall, M. LaBruto, B. Mazor, M. A. Hanley, F. Makin, L. Smits, R. A. Smith, M Ingber. THIRD ROW: McDonald, R. Resnick, S, Koehl, C. Olsen, S Targia, J. Alexander, Advisor R. More, K. Joyce, H. Gritmon, L. Devonshire J. Wood. A AN u x9 lf Q 2 4 D F625 CROCUCD J Senior Homeroom Managers: FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Emerson, C. Kraus, M. Bly- ant, K. Friedman, NI. Cleary, Scopinich, M. Phillips, Mr. Major. SECOND ROW. M. Levy, H. Gritmon, K. Joyce, R. Zeichner, H. Gordon, S. Everett, Breakstone, J Friedman, S. Melntyre. THIRD ROW: L. Young, B. LaChicotte, S. Pavlakis, D Jackson, R. Ness, C. Mctz, J. Caruso, L. Lieppc. FOURTH ROW: R. A. Smith, H Wrede, Uhl, K. Bagatellc, Mustacchio, R. Resnick, Verona. HOMEROOM MANAGERS Throughout the school year, the homeroom managers serve as the agent through which the G.O.'s various organizations may reach the student body. From the G.O. ticket campaign in the fall to the distribution of FlasHingS at the end of each month, the homeroom managers, under the leadership of the G.O. officers and their advisor Mr. John Major, have completed another successful, sales-breaking year. junior Homeroom Managers: FIRST ROW, L. to R.: G. Ross, S. Henry, P. Cervini, J. Gronim, N. Judwin, W. Zarchy, G. Preston, Mr. Maj-or. SEC- OND ROW: N. Wilson, J. E. Strassle, C. Boriss, D. Rose, B. Edwards, J. Cornish, K. Hass, C. Albach. THIRD ROW: P. Mack, M. Rogers, B. Lutsk, J. Peterson, R. Levy, R. Arenella, E. O'Brien. FOURTH ROW: L. McMahan, K. Fischel, W. Gronick, V. Somers, K. Diesl, K. Jarvis, R. Warnke, L. Fishel. ff f, 376 Xu F, iff 1 18 STANDING, L. to R.: Uhl, McGuire, Shapiro, H. Wallerstein, M. Cleary, R. Vogel, K. Joyce, A. Hyman, B. Perrell, D. Cruickshank, R. Zeichner, G. Schleifer, L. Lieppe. SIT- TING: G. O. Rep. R. Saunders, President J. Mustacchio, C. Utz. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Mustacchio, President, Miss Mary Barlow, Advisor: Richard Vogel, Caro- lyn Utz. ASSEMBLY USHERS The courteous and helpful ushers, who have guided us to our seats at school assemblies and other activities during the school year, have helped to keep confu- sion at assemblies down to a minimum. Under the direction of Miss Maud E. Constable and Miss Doris Nickerson, the ushers have performed an important serv- ice to F .H.S. PUBLIC ADDRESS STAFF "Todays news today . . ." That's the motto of Free- port's cheerful P.A. announcers. We have never been at a loss for news in F.H.S., for our diligent commentators keep us informed about all school activities. Under the guidance of Miss Mary Barlow, ingenious staff members have added a touch of elegance to the daily announce- ments by singing jingles, reciting poetry, and playing records for our en joyment. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: P. Rowan, Co-Capt. S. Schanz, S. Goldstein, K. Kadane, J. Dray, W. Fletcher. SECOND ROW: V. Diehl, P. Russell, Tuthill, S. Poulos. THIRD ROW: J. Reis, L. Devonshire, M. Phillips, B. Lutsk. FOURTH ROW: Advisors Miss Doris Nickerson and Miss Maud E. Constable. 119 SCI1iO1T DZIHCC COI11I11ittCC FIRST Row, L. to R.: B. Perrell, A. Taylor, M. Burkett, E. Valdirner, J. McDonald, A. Bir genthal, J, Mustacchio. SECOND ROW: S. Everett, L. Bruton, J. Break- stone, W. Jaworowski, J. McGuire, L. Miranda, S. Cleary, L. A. Franklin THIRD ROW: S. Pavlakis, H. Craddock, H. Wallerstein, M. Cleary, W. Fletcher, P. Russell, S. Poulos, P. McLaughlin. FOURTH ROW: C Berger, B. Lutsk, Erwin, V. Diehl, S. Franklin, H. Wrede. AN CE COMMITTEES Decorators, organizers, and supervisors for this yearls G.O. dances, the Dance Committees, advised by Mr. Eric Smithner and Mr. James Crisafulli, deserve the appreciation of all of us who attended these social affairs. Headed by Bobi Perrell, Social Secretary of the G.O., and with the assistance of Meri Shebar, the Dance Committees auditioned bands, publicized their dances, provided refreshments, and were generally responsible for the good time had by all at 'LSchnikelfrit2,H 'The Harvest Hopf, and the '4Basket-Ballf' which was held after the Calhoun game. 120 B. Perrell President "U'f'w,. ...V f . uI1iOf DZIICC COII1I11ittCC FIRST RQWJ L. to R.: C. Albach, B. Boriss, B. Fries, A. Feinsilber, M. Birgenthal J. Berman. SECOND ROW: P. Lessler, E. Varmus, J. A. Jones J. Phillips, M, Taylor, C., Boriss, M. Shebar, R. Gulit, A. Ringer. THIRD ROW: K. Diesl, K. Jarvis, V. Somers, S. De Carion, B Edwards, B. Barasch, C. Bernstein, C. Leftakis. FOURTH ROW: Advisor Mr. Crisafulli, N. Shefferman, J. A, Strassle, V. Warm, R Perrell, C. A. Pernbleton. 121 J ,"" 'gl .. '-, . N - 2 - X Qlllll fff' XXX :Im -...- " . , , KW f sf? . , riff' A ll W, ,,,,, ..- .. .Mnn Y.. .-f if FIRST ROW, L. to R.: C. Ennis, A. Frank, Gior- THIRD ROW: M. Burkett, M. Carroll, E. Cohen, . dano, E.. Troiani, A. La Placa, L. A. Franklin. SEC- C. Stanek, S. Cleary. FOURTH ROW: A. Hazard, OND ROW: C. Peace, R. Deutscher, V. Coppolo. Miss Constable, G. Schleifer, E. Hanus, C. Williams. SENIOR COURTESY COMMITTEE Have you ever been lost in the halls of F.H.S.? Under the guidance of Miss Maud E.. Constable, eighteen senior girls gave up their study halls and were assigned to posts in the corridors to help bewildered students and visitors End their way. They also acted as guides at the exhibit, visiting day, and other school affairs. JU IOR FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Stravin, G. Gissel, P. Terry, Z. Kondrat C0 I l R I jevs, H. MacDonald, T. Cullen, R. Evans. COMMITTEE V The seven Junior High School traffic officials, under the leadership of Mrs. Louise Stravin, safe-guarded their fel- low students as they passed through the halls. They often met in Room 23l to decide punishments for traffic violators, and they handed out warnings for first offenses. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Advisor Miss Mary McIntosh, E. Ford, G.O. Representative B Muller, S. Goldstein, President J. Katz, Secretary W. Brown, Treasurer G. Schleifer, B Chafhn. SECOND ROW: T. Azzara, B. LaChicotte, M. Conen, G. Freitas, D. Lazaroff K. Hein, M. Klein, R. Grimpel, H, Dangerfield, E. Moore, M. Thyben, M. Nilson, E O,Brien, M. O,Brien, D. Klar, D. Levy. THIRD ROW: Adkins, Albach, K. Kraerner S. Siciliano, R. Gordali, L. Morse, J, Schorer, G. Pratesi, C. Snyder, L. Davis, A. Goodman SCIENCE CLUB This yearis Science Club, under the leadership of Mr. Robert Stern, has helped encourage scientifically minded F.H.S. students to go beyond their classroom doors and explore .the vast Held of science. Informa- tive debates and Held trips highlighted the year's activities and helped make the Science Club an ex- tremely worthwhile and informative organization. LIBRARY CLUB Because of the eflicient and diligent work of the Library Club members, under the supervision of our capable librarian, Miss Mary McIntosh, students are never at a loss to find the books of their choice. The members unselfishly gave their time in checking out, classifying, and arranging books. They deserve special recognition for a hard job well done. Q 177 V' FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Klar, D. Yekel, D. Blanck, M. Goldstein, J. Burstein, J Schorer, G. Schleifer, Uhl, A. McDermott, M. A. Hanley, L. Devonshire, L. Berman. SECOND ROW: M. Stampf, D. Odell, M. Driver, P. O'Neill, D. Applebaum, M. E. Jones J W. Brown, L. Morse, S. Schanz, J. Adkins, J. Albach, L. Smits, J. Shapiro, D. Lewis, O Popov. THIRD ROW: S. Fleischer, B. Mazor, B. L. Garbaugh, J. Monahan, W. Goodhue, f J. Kiss, Advisor Mr. Stern, M. Neirman, D. Cooper, P. Keil, B. LaChicotte, A. Steiner, K. Cruickshank. ff X fl FIRST ROW, L. to R.: E. O'Brien. R. Brown. S. Erlandsen. C Crempel, Advisor Mr. Colino, A. Feinsilber. L. Schubert, Pres. M YORKER CLUB In only its second year at Freeport High. the Yorker Club has been a highly successful and popular organiza- tion. lts purpose was to study fully the history of our town and state. Directed by Mr. Robert Colino and Bliss Mar- garet Blstad, membership was a stimu- lating experience to all seventh graders who belonged. During the year they be- came involved in many interesting projects. They held a Christmas party and went on excursions to museums. Marcia Birgenthal, president, also rep- resented Freeportls chapter at a conven- env Birgenthal. C. Cotter. SECOND ROW: P. Cervini. B. Briggs. Z Kondratjeus. M. Sweeney. K. Wlood, P. Howard. M. Zezima tion at Farmingdale. THIRD ROW: V. Cropp. J. McDougall, L. Sutton. H. MacDoan- ald, Treas. B. Schiller, P. Wattenmaker, B. Perez. Furamn, R. Wesley. T. Cullen. FOURTH ROW: S. Friedman. Vice-Pres. D Schuster, C. Shefferman. P. Mass. N. Berman. S. Leiter. H. Thal, B. Ford. FIFTH ROW: G. Ferrara, Sec. L. Tickner. C. Devereaux, N. Heller. K. Loclller. C. Sandal-1. B. Levy, L. Guzzo. P. Johson. unior F. H. A. R.: Advisor Miss Burguillos, D. Disler, P. Carbaugh, Z. Konclmtjeus. C. Sandak. R. Greenberg, C. Cotter, M. Sweeney, K. Wood, E. Goldman, Advisor Mrs. Monke- meycr. SECOND ROW: J. Cornish, S. Waddell, A. Young. H. MacDonald, P. Howard. N. Heller, K. Siegel, D. Winge, E. Smith, C. Jones. THIRD ROW: E. jaw- FIRST ROW, L. to orowski, J. Cornish, D. Paul, N. Scheman, C.,DeVcra1ix, R. Ruggiero, J. Makin, J. MacDonald'.f ,BiQ Laster. FOURTH ROW: vi, warmg A. rol, J. Rosenberg,fK. yBoltrelg,t,Dr.',liLbpagaQ,.A.gj.QoSze'ner, J. wright, L. Taumef, Redwqoqlyj.FIE17H1..jRotWgg.L. Clearwater, SM.,ff 'V" B. Lew, C- ReadwpMer.r.A+.ItCrfwfr,Gazgwiligsiwftggresvf . f f.,..f.. .,.. V. . .f.... ..,,f f f .f,. N,pf...f,MW.f.f.,...f,f,-..ff.,.. P w . .. 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V, ,JL Q f',f LV V i'v1"VV'VL,7iVVf'r , fi A VVWVI5 V ' V X 'f'ijV V ' fig? , f , ,:QV:i, M fVy.V,V5,V,L,VVfV',,, f ,V V,f,Vf,V ff I f "" ,LV 'Vic'3Q" QV if ,,: :QL VV V, V f ,.V,,,,VVC'fV'LV f , V1xz:,,rf 'V V' f V 4199: ' "" , X X X X X , f f f f , X f , f V,,, ,- V V , V, ,X , fV,, ' V, ,!X,'iZ,'V',7i,f: V f , V V,V,f,,V Almost everyone is happy SENIOR PLAY Oh, my aching foot! 126 LEFT TO RIGHT: L. LaMotte, J. Buf- stein, H. Norton, S. Pfister, C. Peace, R Saunders, A. Hazard. MLB FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A. Hyman, D. Klein, P. Kelly, R. Vogel. SECOND ROW: D. de Lambert, S. Sullivan, M. Morrack, J. McGuire, R. Kinberg, H. Wallerstein, L. A. Frank- lin, B. Kriedman, K. Kerner, B. Ferrell. "TOC YOUN Advisor Mr. Henry Burnett, and student directors Sue Cleary, Geri Schleifer, and Lynette Lieppe. TOO OLD ART CLUB The aim of the eighth grade Art Club was to expand and en- rich its members in the experiences and appreciation of art. Un- der the supervision of Mr. Jack Merk the members entered art contests and took trips to art galleries and museums. A few of the talented members received recognition and prizes in the National American Art Association contest. 2 S FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mustacchio, B. Ferrell, G. Schleifer. SECOND ROW: H. Wallerstein, Burstein, J. Schorer, R. Kinberg. THIRD ROW: R. Zeichner, K. Ka- dane, M. Morrack. FOURTH ROW: C. Peace, L. Lieppe, A. Ferrer, 'H. Norton. FIFTH ROW: P. Lowenthal,. K, Kerner, R. Sweeney, L. Bloch, V. Birk, A. Hazard, A. Hy- man. SIXTH ROW: R. Resnick, J. A. Rubie, D. DeLam- bert, D. Yekel. SEVENTH ROW: L. Coleman, Rykert, S. Pfister, L. A. Franklin, Advisor H. Burnett. .IU IOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS. Under the guidance of Miss Jeanne lN4aXwell and Mrs. Shirley Fishel these diligent girls could be found cheering the Freshman teams on to victory on the cold fall mornings during the football season and throughout the basketball season. Led by ninth-grade captains. hferideth Shebar, Nancy Berman, and Beth Fries, and eighth grade captain, Blary Gulit, the girls added enthusiasm and support to their Junior High teams. 128 t -L. . X 3 6 E xv, XX life-f 1-1ff1.-eff-'-2 11... ' :g.w::szs ' 7,,fyi,6y7?7,mZ7,W yafffwya-mfmyfmguW,W7M.f,f,W-WZ, .wwfyy-ff gn: l ,s FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Paul, S. Siegel, A. Halvorsen, B. Feldman, V. Vollet, S. Bogden, Advisor Mr. Jack Merk. SECOND ROW: J. Lobl, N. Eisenstadt, V. Lee, L. Lee, A. Todd, A. Meltzer, L. Larkin. MASQUE AND Wie The tremendous success of this year's Senior Play, "Too Young, Too Oldl' can be attributed to the untiring Masque and Wig Club members who gen- erously gave their time and talents to the long hours of afternoon and evening rehearsals under the direction of Mr. Henry Burnett. This year the Masque and Wig Club inducted a record number of mem- bers who, for their hard work in this year's play, deserved special recognition for their outstanding efforts. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Shebar, N. Berman, B. Fries. SECOND ROW: M. Gulit, C. Boriss, S. DeCarion, R. Ruggiero, T. Loefller, J. Taylor, M. Keleher, P. Lessler, M. Taylor, B. Barasch, J. Berman. 129 lit. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Garbo, D. Hotten, N Tuthill, L. Minnerly, P. Morley, K. George, Mon- ahan, C. Stein, D. Brook, G. Johnson, B. Genner B. A. Johnson, B. Watson, C. Hodson, C. Mercer E. Dougherty, Kunkel. SECOND ROIV: P. Snyder, M. Simmons, L. Anton, Waldman, S. Thomas, R. Giesno, R. Bravcrman, T. Portale, R. Cossio, Muth, J. Muth, Moran, K. Cruickshank, C. A. Rasp, O. 3 Popov, D. Yekel, S. Wells, E. Murray. THIRD ROW. V. Cordes, B. Van Ryan, C. Mclnish, Sulak, K Towle, J. Stoner, F. Makin, M. Love, B. L. Carbaugh J. Wood, R. A. Smith. FOURTH ROW: J. Lessall R. Smith, S. McIntyre, H. Gritmon, T. Feustel, L Hoffman, J. Carswell, R. Carlisle, W. Cook, M. Bern- stein, F. Bloom, J. Joly, A. Cataldo, H. Dangerfield A. Rolfe, M. Phillips. MIXED CHORUS The harmonious sound of our Mixed Chorus, composed of boys and girls from the senior high school, will long be remembered by all of us. Under the direction of Miss Mir- iam Roberts, the chorus displayed its exceptional ability in the Christmas Assembly as it sang "A Gay Norwegian Carolw and 6'Christmas Tide," a medley of familiar carols. The chorus also participated in the Sunday Afternoon Music Hour and the Annual Spring Concert. The chorus members deserve recognition for furthering the success of Freeport's musical program. 130 3 NINTH GRADE CHORUS Under the direction of Miss Miriam Roberts, the Ninth Grade Chorus excelled in this year's singing presentations. Attired in dark skirts and white blouses, the girls were an added attraction to our impressive Christmas Assembly as they sang "I Have a Little Dreydl" in celebration of Han- nukah, "Sing Gloriaf' and "In the Candle's Rayf, The girls also sang in the Spring Concert and Com- mencement exercises. We certainly owe the girls in this chorus much credit for giving their time to uphold Free- port's traditional musical excellence. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A. Egeland, C. Cusimano, B. Goodhue, R. Vogel, C. Nichols, G. Holgren, O. Young, M. Radin, A. McLellan, J. Lovgren, E. Varmus, C Di Gregorio, G. Kuehling, S. Minnerly, M. Wolland, A Poses, C. Holmes. SECOND ROW: A. Silver, E Gasper, P. Rubie, S. Brady, W. Schusler, V. Rand B. Glade, J. Sandowski, C, A. Fredrichson, M. Stein S. Collins, M. Kreiger, C. Albach, G. Klein, S. Koui- mani, S. Saxon, B. Carlisle. THIRD ROW: D. Duck 3 ' .-4 i 1 1 giksgifggfzas J 'TZ is-5. .-' -X Li? T , A 3. - JC,-5-ff?--..1., 44.2- worth, Phillips, Perry, Y. Deveau, A. Jones, W. Gronick, V. Grosser, L. Southard, P. Lotze, P. Lessler, B. Boriss, J. Taylor, T. Carroll, M. Simson, D, Malburg, J. Levine, L. Lambert. FOURTH ROW: P. Sheehan, A. Zexima, J. Michaelson, K. Fischel, V. Summers, K. Diesl, K. Hughes, L. McMahan, K. Jarvis, G. Engels, C. McIntyre, S. Smith, C, Herberger, D. Ryder, M. Scammon, C. Cruickshank. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: S. Kretko, D. Hotten, L. Mc- Laughlin, J. Kunkel, P. Mucciolo, K. Cruickshank, B. A. Johnson, L. Bochan, N. Geyan, C. Hodson, P. B1-esnahan, R. Mandelbaum, G. Ringelheim, T. Oliver. SECOND ROW: P, Morley, S. Thomas, S. Holland, L. Morse, V. Birk, Y. Lang, D. Yekel, D. Edelman, I. Irby, F. Makin, E. Murray, T. Loefller. THIRD ROW: R. Giesno, A. Rolfe, J. Shapiro, C. Posnock, M. Christiansen, B. Genner, J. Petrelli, M. Love FOURTH ROW: H. Dangerfield, S. Lieberman, D Moro, B. LaChicotte, B. L. Carbaugh, E. Carter, V Butler, A. Schneider, D. Lazaroff, C. Mclnish, C Dangerfield, M. Phillips. OffTCCI S FIRST ROW, L, to R.: M.'Christiansen. T. Loefller, M. Phillips. SECOND ROW: B. L. Car- baugh, C. Harris, F. lkfakin. THIRD ROW: J. Stoner. N. Smith. T. Feus- tel. Miss Miriam Roberts, Director P"""' FIRST ROW, L. to R.: B. Towle, M. Simmons, L. I THIRD ROW.' E. Saylor, E. Ford, K. Kraemer, N. Minnerly, K. George, J. Alcorn, E. Dougherty, P. Reed, Smith, P. Wright, M. Rerecich, S. Study, H. Smith, L. M. Emerson, P. Hoyt, B. Meyers, A. Werder, L. Miranda, Young, R. Vailes, A. Cataldo, J, Waldman, D. King. Miss Roberts. SECOND ROW: S. Muller, C. A, Rasp, FOURTH ROW: J. Miller, J. Sulak, K. Towle, B. Van P, Sullivan, N. Andreu, E. Alfano, G. Schreiber, S. Wells, B. Wulffen, L. Wright, D. Levy, D. Blanck, J. Wood. Ryan, J. Stoner, V, Cordes, D. Wright, P. Sullivan, C. Hammond, J. Joly, T. Feustel, I. Barth, S. Schanz. SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS The Senior Girls, Chorus has greatly contributed to the tradition of F.H.S. Under the direction of Miss Miriam Roberts, the girls highlighted the Christmas Assembly with their candlelight processional and the singing of "O Come Emmanuel" and ':Adeste Fidelisf, HWhat Child is Thisw and the beautiful "Ave Marian were also among the other songs sung. The girls in the chorus devoted much of their time attending afternoon rehearsals to prepare for the Sunday Afternoon Music Concert, the Spring Concert, and the Commencement exercises. They were led by oflicers Carol Harris, President, Betty Lou Carbaugh, Vice-President, Melanie Christiansen, Secretary-Treasurer, Terrie Feustal, G.O. Representative, and Norma Smith, Publicity. 133 i . r FWHM GIIIS, Glee Club FIRST Row, L. to R.: D. Rubie, R. Greenberg, H. Shapiro, Lisi, E Vorbeck, A. Grimpel, L. Greenberg. E. Rydberg P. Brown, A. Schanz, B. Hansen, S. Erlandsen, L. Boate B. Day, L. Sutton. E. Goldman, S. Baxter, L. Schu- bert, M. Birgenthal, P. Carbaugh, Friedman, SEC- OND ROW: C. Sheflerman, C. Boltrek. A. Klubinski P. Tyrrell, D. Laisy, D. Lopata, N. Phillips, V. Cropp C. Smits, Rosenberg, L. Lee. Garoway. M. Pfister. L. Krut, A. Cosenza, P. Howard, M. McGoey. H. Town- send, T. Gorman. A. Carrington, J. Gronim. P. Cervini GLEE CLUBS Enthusiastically displaying the traditional fl E. Gersler. THIRD ROW: L. Sanchez, J. McCrum, N. lNilson, G. Draus. B. Edwards, Siglain, C. Arm- strong, H. MacDonald, C. Cotterm, S. A. Smith, E. Smith, S. Barbo, Spitz. M. Zezima, R. Schmidt, P. Mass, J. Petersen, D. Burnett, S. Willig. FOURTH ROW: M. A. Prischotti, S. Andrews, C. Johnson, K. Durand, Z. Kondratjeus, L. Jones, M. L. Schmidt. M. Rogers, S. Cruickshank, L. Rothamel, K. Wood, Owens, P. Carroll, A. Katuska. J. Strassel, C. A. Bishop, S. Michaelson, G. Ferrara, B. Prez, M..Amatulli, I. Garbo, G. Woisen, G. Laricos. musical excellence of F.H.S., the Girls' Glee Club, composed of approximately ninety junior high school girls, and the seventh grade Boys, Glee Club, consisting of thirty- Five members, sang their way into the hearts of their audience at the Junior High Concert held in January under the direction of Miss Jeanne Maxwell. A select group of the girls also competed in the Nassau Music Festival in the spring. Boys' Glee Club FU, ST ROIV, L. to R.: C. Grempel, B. Lefkowitz, M. Glenz, D. Fleischer, L. Feischer, R. Him- melfarb, L. Adkins. B. Johnson, S. Leiter, E. Ragones. SECOND ROIV: C. Durland, Mausberger, D. Berg. E. Dickerman, E. Stampf, N. IN'ICINIanua. F. Vfeiner, VV. Vivian, L. R. lN'eiler. IXI, Shapiro. THIRD ROIV: L. Odell, M. Kelly. R. Meyers, J. Arch, C. Tyson, P. Johnson. A. Inmoore, A. Muller, R. Atkinson, J. Jenkins. m C nfs A FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Rubie, I. Garbo, L. Sanchez, C. Johnson, M. Zezima, A. Thomas J. Hlashington, R. Evans, L. Schubert, J. Petersen, G. Kraus. SECOND ROW: J. Spitz, M. McGoey, R. Greenberg, D. New- man, B. O'Reilley, K. Maldstedt, H. Jacobson, P. Carbaugh, D. Burnett, B. Hansen. THIRD ROW.' McCrum, K. Durand, A. Grimpel, P. Schwartz, P. Benjamin, K. Osborne, P. Cervini, P. Mass, C. A. Bishop, S. Michaelsen. FOURTH ROW: N. Wilson, R. Kirk, V. Brogan, T. Stasichin, L, Ahders, F. Baehr, C. Chirrick, S. Siglain, Owens. A CAPPELLA CHOIR 7 This select group of seventh and eighth grade choristers could be found at Christmas I W T' I time singing carols in the village, at various hospitals, and in the halls of F.H.S. In ad- dition to the Junior High Concert, they also lent their musical charm to the P.T.A. supper program and the Nassau County Music Fes- tival. Special recognition should go to their accompanist, Richard Evans, and director Miss Jeanne Maxwell. Junior Orchestra HRS, ROW, L. to R.: B. Levy, S. Gittlitz, N. Akst, B. Peters, S. Bern- stein, R. Diaz, E. Kalman, L. Young. SECOND ROW: L. Pesca, K. Lauckhardt, M. Klaes, I. Nagy, R. Gross- man, R. McClain, S. Mclntyre, C. A. Bishop, J. Ras- mussen, L. Sweezy. THIRD ROW: D. Vandergut, J. JU IOR BAND AND JU 1011 ORCHESTRA From the ranks of the Junior Band and Orchestra come the future Senior Schmidt, B. Schuh, E. Rydberg, R. Powell, A. Todd, S. Smith, M. Sweeney, C. Cotter, A. Rasmussen, R. Brown. FOURTH ROW: E. Steiner, R. Groome, S. Harrison, C. McIntyre. FIFTH ROW: R. Ruger, G. Gould, L. Zimmerman. Bands, these junior high musicians form the very backbone of our renowned Senior Band and Orchestra. With patience and a determination to learn, the young musicians are ably guided and taught by Dr. Maynard Wettlaufer and Miss Jeanne Maxwell. The Junior Band performed for our enjoyment in the Memorial Day parade and at the Sunday Afternoon Concert. The Junior Orchestra performed at Junior High assemblies and at other concerts throughout the year. l K X ...if X unlor Band FIRST ROW, L. to R.: S Carracapa, K. Inglis, G. Coleman, J. Sawer, G. Zipper, L Sanders L Vernon L La Motte E Carle Makin, D. Mauersberger, V. Valois, B. Ford, J, Rasmussen, S. A. Mogtader, J. Addison, D. Pirodsky, J. Sililngerland N. Berman, C. Willus, S. Scammon. SECOND ROW. A. McLaughlin, L. Stark, L. Vernon, A. Green, G. Hab- erly, DiGiovanni, Scheriuann, S. Markowitz, D. Longnecker, H. Meyer, D. Schuster, R. Eilscu, G. Guerno, S. Hoffman, D. Greenblatt, F. Kaminsky. THIRD ROW: R. Lyke, B. Levy, R. Eschwege, M. L Gold, R. Groome, E. Steiger, F. Lather, W. Watson, J 1 Greene, M. Rabinowitz. FOURTH ROW: G. Maynes, L. A. Matulli, K. Cowan, G. Gessel, W. Tree, G. Soper, R. Duda, N. Judwin, R. Corwin, D. Burke, G. Akst, M. Grodd, G. Gould, H. Cobb, E. Carlin. FIFTH ROW: C. Volbet, R. Ruger, W. Ruben, G. Prunty, R. Terry, D.'Glass, W. Ward, R. Pillatsky, R. Deem, W. Yahnker, W. Willets, L. Zimmerman, A. Robb. X 1 A-L 11 ET MARCHIN G BAD On the job - Ann Birgenthal, Catherine Esposito, Roger Schenke, and "Prof" This year, although greatly reduced in size because of split sessions, the Marching Band did not curtail the quality of its music. Because of the enthusiasm and diligence of the band members and their director, Dr. Maynard Wfettlaufer better known to all in F.H.S. as 'fProf," the band performed at football games with its customary excellence in formation. In addition to playing at such school functions as the Sunday Afternoon Concert, the Spring Con- cert, the Memorial Day Parade, graduation exercises, and assemblies throughout the year, the band played at many outside events. In New York City it was heard at the Paramount theater for the premiere of 6'Mardi Gras," and at the Norwegian Parade. Seen on television and featured in parades and premieres the Freeport High School Marching Band has con- tinued to be a source of great pride for Freeport. EXCCHIIVC CO1l1'1C11 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: E. Kennedy, A. Birgenthal, C. Esposito. SECOND ROW: J. Schorer, M. Shefferman, S. Dean, H. Bishop, R. Steckler, D. Hanna, M. E. Jones, R. Schenke. Xl t 136 5- fX,.!" Yeh!! NV W X NX, Q .J N :xx X'-P i, ,,.--1-1 X 137 - '1 x E 9 S E SCI1iOl?S LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Esposito, R. Schenke, M. E. Jones, J, Giordano, H. Bishop, P. Lowenthal, S. Everett, A. Birgenthal, J. Schorer. .Lx ...W C 138 Section Heads FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A. Lyke R. Steckler, E. Kennedy, R Sehenke. SECOND ROW: S Dean, M. Shefferman, A. Birgen- thal, H. Bishop, D. Hanna, D Jackson, G. Albee. .,,f,. .BN -... Lg - COIICCIT Band FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A. Birgenthal, R, Schenke, M. Gould, E. Kennedy, B. Baehr, G. Esposito, S. Pavlakis, S. Everett, K. Joyce, S. Fleischer. SECOND ROW: B. Larsen, J. Raynor, J. Sweezey, R. Henke, J Weed, D. DeCarion, D. Jackson, O. Popov, H. Gritrnon, M. Shefferman, J. Schorer, A. Adkins. TWirlCfS KNEELING: J. Miner, J. THIRD ROW.' S. Mclntyre, C. Heller, G. Utz J. Sandowski, M. E. Jones, C. Eckhardt, H Meyers, D. Hanna, R. Steckler, D. Briggs FOURTH ROW: M. Nierman, W. Ierna, L. Bago- witz, W. Goodhue, W. Maps, E. Voelker, A. Lyke FIFTH ROW: J. Flannery, S. Dean, G. LaTerza, H. Bishop, R. Harger, J. Flint, G. Albee. Helwig, J. Snyder, E, Petassi. STANDING: P. Lowenthal, M. Starnpf, J. Giordano. fi' 139 Thomas Long, Drum Major Dr. J. Maynard Wettlaufer, Director Twirlers LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Miller, J. Snyder, P. Lowenthal, J. Giordano, J. Helwig. 21 .-N ' 2. 140 .Ei Our MISS Arnold Constable VOTL F052 Y... C1 r 6 it 1 'lx' .-1,-, Our choice M 5 . nc RULE L s W' TN S " YM!! Hof Qi!!! T x I June, our number Y , Lf' E one campaigner Q , QR we Pwr b,lOHf1 51351 rrnr l' f r , X na fuffev A SS F533 r Y. X X f . , .r1,. .,iA:l o K r X E 53M , . xxymwfm Q 4f7,wW,. r 5 W 1 f ea ff r A M' ff Xb gg V. .A'-l I N M we . , mn.AV . 'jill' Vote Whrte! , ,, - -, 'xh' :,, ,,,f, lf - 7 5 x':"4 " "'-': -E' 'o'ri .ox, of f G+ QV I F I 1 x Nfl N X x ll - arfa 2553 FRONT ROW, L. to R.: Co-capt. S. Everett, Co- C. Williams, L. A. Franklin, L. Murray, V. Cruick- capt. Titus. SECOND ROW: S. Study, Shank, S. Edwards, E. Cohen, P. Snyder. B. Wrann, M. Eastwood, M. Burkett, M. Morrack, CHEERLEADERS The "Spirit of the Red Devilv is best exempli- fied by the energetic Freeport cheerleaders. Co- captained by Sue Everett and Judy Titus and advised by Miss Ruth Richter, these vivacious girls are responsible for boosting the spirit of the school. We will long remember their peppy cheer- ing at the football and basketball games and the zest they added to the pep assemblies. To enable football fans to attend the Mt. Pleasant game at Schenectady, New York, the cheerleaders held RF- ' 1 JAc:4oN GO Qs? in I 'l . , 19' , 'r WS.. 21 Richard Sigal ' , Judy Titus a 'fSoc Hopn and raised enough money to charter buses. The agile boy cheerleaders have almost be- come a tradition at Freeport High. With their acrobatics and original cheers, they have ignited many football fans. Co-captains Richard Sigal and Carl Biathrow are to be given credit for their fine leadership. Mr. Henry Puff, advisor, should certainly be proud of the way these boys have added to Freeport's spirit. Co-Captains Sue Everett , Carl Biathrow FRONT ROW, L. to R.: Co-Capt. C. Biathrow, Co-Capt. R. Sigal. SECOND ROW: T Arenella, R. Smith, R. Taylor, R. Ness, P. Emerson, B. Connelly. J.V. Squad "Let a Smile be Your Umbrellav Varsity Squad Freeport's Cheerleaders? FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS FHS o..... o..... ...... t..... o.v... ....oo ...... o..... ...... FHS FHS FHS FHS Football SCGRES Basketball FHS ...... 45 Massapequa . . 28 Mont Pleasant .. 12 FHS ...... 46 Wantagh ,... . l4 Lawrence .... , . 6 FHS ...... 47 Long Beach . . . 40 Lewittown . . . . . 14 FHS ....., 51 East Meadow . 31 Brooklyn Tech .. 20 FHS ...... 54 South Side 6 Hempstead . . . . 0 FHS ...... 53 Elmont .... . . . 20 Hicksville . . . . 13 FHS ...... 53 New Hyde Park 41 Massapequa . . . 0 FHS ...... 35 Hempstead . . . . 33 Baldwin . . . . . 6 FHS ...... 65 Calhoun . . . . FHS ...... 48 Hewlett . . . Wrestling FHS ...... 48 Long Beach .. FHS ...... 53 East Meadow . FHS ...... 53 South Side 10 Mepham -- -- 41 FHS ...... 52 Elmont ,.., . .. 24 Southside ' - ' ' 16 FHS ...... 50 New Hyde Park 21 Ma55aPeC1ua - - ' ' ' ' 24 FHS .,.... 46 Hempstead . . . . 37 East Meadow ' 0 FHS ...... 44 onlnonn ... . 22 Oceanside - ' - ' ' 21 FHS ...... 48 Hewlett . . . . 26 Amityville . . . 19 20 Calhoun 15 2 32 Long Beach . .. 12 30 Huntington . . . . ll 7 16 Central . . . . . 22 26 Seaford .... .... 2 3 Cross-Country Southside ....,.......... 46 Malveme ....,.... . East Meadow ,... .... 3 4 Valley Stream So. . . . . Valley Stream No. . .... 36 Lynbrook ..... .. Calhoun ....... .... 4 3 Hewlett . . . 146 Richie Nathan, w Joe Caruso i Gary Guttman HQ ,U KW flu ,f J ohn Cappazzoli Dave Padgett 5 Ray Ozsvath ie? FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mgr. H. Selbert, J. Jackson D. Padgett, R. Ramsdell, J. Caruso, D. Swanson, Capt. R. Nathan, Seeley, R. Woelfel, G, Guttman J. Cappazoli, R. Tamarro, Coach W. Ashley. SEC- OND ROW: Keleher, N. Goldstein, E. Geyer, R. Ozsvath, K. Evans, M. Ranish, R. Carlisle, K. Doran 5.6 G. McKenna, J. Reis, P. McSweeney, J. Pappas, Coach V. Zuaro. THIRD ROW.' Coach G. Moser Coach P. Sullivan, J. Epstein, B. Philips, R. Ben- son, P. Summers, J. Kobel, J. Carucci, E. Chilinski D. Goldman, R. Sequino, Shebar, Coach D. Costlow. VARSITY FOOTBALL ,wi I 1-fr . Coach Ashley Coach Bill Ashley was highly instrumental in the success of the 1958 Varsity Football Team, Under his dogged tutelage, the Red Devils in the 1958 season lined up their 22nd consecutive victory. In the nineteen years of Asl1ley's coaching at Freeport, his teams have won 101 games and lost only 22. This cer- tainly is a sterling record. Bill Ashley has been chosen as the "Coach of the Year' by the Long Ixlanrl Pzrxg and has been recognized as an outstanding coach by the national niagavine "Newsweek" and various New York newspapers. The Fiery spirit of the Freeport Red Devils sparked the team to an undefeated season, thus enabling them to win the South Shore Athletic League Class A Championship. Our brilliantly performing team under the able leadership of Cap- tain Richie Nathan had the brawn, stamina, and determina- tion that was necessary for the eight victories. Halfback Jerry Jackson attained top honors, All-Scholastic, and Nassau- Suffolk All-Star, with his expert ball handling and depend- able running, tallying a total of nineteen touchdowns during the season. Other outstanding players who contributed to the team's success were Bob Ramsdell, who was chosen as All- Metropolitan and All-Scholastic, Richie Nathan, John See- ley, John Cappazzoli, Dave Padgett, Gary Guttman, Joe Caruso, Dave Swanson, Ray Ozsvath, Joel Johnson and Bob Woelfel. A first in Freeport's football season was the T.V. telecast of the Freeport-Hempstead game. This game was an exciting challenge to both teams as they struggled on a muddy grid- iron. In the fourth quarter viewers witnessed the defeat of the Hempstead Tigers as Jackson tallied a touchdown. The Freeport-Baldwin game ended the 1958 season. Quot- ing one of Long Island's daily papers, "Red Devil week- end in Freeport brought out all the colorful pageantry imagi- nable to add lustre to a scholastic rivalry that ranks as one of the biggest on the Island and dates back to 1924? This seasonls triumph gave an 18-17 edge to the Devilsin the series with the Golden Waves, Although many of the key players are graduating, the spirit of the Red Devil and Coach Ashley will remain to guide future teams to victory. 1-18 J. V. FOOTBALL FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Coach A. Renken, A. Hen- nessy, D. Cormack, R. Vivian, M. Dray, W. Lambert, B. Doran, T. Van Dammalin, M. Versocki, J. Cor- mack. SECOND ROW: B. Mazor, C. Schorer, G. The success of our Varsity Football Team cer- tainly is due to some extent to the excellent training many of the boys get playing Junior Varsity and Frosh football. Under the supervi- sion of Coach Al Renkin, who instructs the J.V. team, the boys learn the fundamentals of football as well as good sportsmanship. Both Wright, M. Goldstein, M. Beneville, R. Phillips, H. Tibbs, Coach R. Reed. THIRD ROW: R. Barrett, W. Walker, B. Hyman, L. La Motte, D. Rykert, W. Ashley, J. Cardone. teams had a successful season, but more impor- tant is the experience the players gained. On the J.V. team Versocki, Cardone, Dray, Phillips, and Epstein appeared to be good varsity ma- terial. The Varsity squad is insured many suc- cessful seasons in the future. ' F ROSH FOOTBALL FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Pellicio, B. Comrie, J. Sawyer, A. Meinhold, N. Baselice, F. Leone, L. Jack- son, D. Ciotti, A. Wiley, A. Barachas, A. Homan, J. Atwell. SECOND ROW: G. Ricarrdi, W. Gil- reath, W. Greene, W. Olsen, M. Joerger, N. Sheffer- man, C. Lieppe, K. Muldowney, A. Hennessy, D. Simson, S. Scotti, Coach J. Devlin. THIRD ROW: Coach W. McElroy, A. Kasoff, B. Gerren, J. Cat- tano, H. Meyers, W. Enright, D. Wallace, J. Ca- zena, B. Ruben, A. Stalks, R. Gulotta, M. Saltzman. FOURTH ROW: R. Nugent, N. wright, R. Rice, W. Hosendove, T. Denton, L. Burke, J. McGoey. FIFTH ROW.' Coach Crisafulli, R. Martin, Privavera, R. Volpe, S. Goodman, P. Stollberg, J. Tuitt. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Altiere, G, Krummen- acker, R. Posa, L. Zafonte, J. Tucker, E. Zafonte, D. Cruickshank. SECOND ROW: R. Drain. I. Ringer, C. Metz, B. Lutsk, Maikish. R. Vivian, Undefeated this year was the 558 Cross-Country Team coached by "Recl,' Miller. Led by co-captains Jim Tucker and Richie Saunders, the team placed third in the South Shore Meet and second in the Nassau County Sectionals. This striking record was attained because of painstaking practice sessions and the indefatigable determination of the team. jim Tucker, the Finest runner in the history of C. Clandorf. THIRD ROW: Coach R. Miller, R. Saunders, H. Berns, S. Barasch, P. Bowers, P. Mc- Laughlin. Coach Bessell. F.H.S., has been top harrier since his sophomore year. In addition to winning all the season's meets, he placed first at St. Johnjs Invitational Meet and at the N.Y.U. Interscholastic Meet. Our 'LMr. Wonder- fuln has also taken first place honors in S.S.A.L. and Section Eights. At the N.Y. State Championships, Tucker placed third, and was the only runner from Freeport to compete in the state meet more than TENNIS Racket Squad i . .r r if T .tPf?Sf?Uff 1 iinexpffieffced ttritr i..rj Sm? Pmmigelfor r.t: f expert Washing sf. R?9155f?llr t't.r. team spirit. r r Jack varattyasd Yourri, ser1iOrSQ r alongii ii ywithit gi T Mortak, Albert 9 Hausfather, and Rich-T ard Eisman, juniors, made ra fine show- ing at the games. The future success of the team is insured by upcoming sophomores and juniors. the boys dsvelbped 6116 trechrriquesi T CROSS-COUN TRY once. Other harriers making a fine showing at the meets were "Whitey'5 Kress, who placed eleventh in Section Eights, Bob Vivian, Leo and Ernie Zafonte, Peter Bowers, Richie Saunders, and john Maikisch. Although six of thc top eight runners will be graduating, promising underclassmen should make the '59 team successful. ITY f ' V, hymns,- 1 FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J Rolle, B. Lutsk, A. Kellock OND ROW: Coach J agos, D. Klein. BASKETBALL Though the Freeport hoopsters were not as successful as in previous years, everyone will agree they deserve credit for the tough com- petition they gave their opponents. Each game was an exciting challenge that displayed unity in teamwork and school spirit. Co-captains Jerry Jackson and Joel Johnson and Coach Glacken are to be congratulated for their serv- ices. Creclitable performances were handed in by Bruee Lutsk, Bill Tydeman, Mike Frank, Jerry Rolle, and Pete Rowan. Because many of these boys are returning and because of the potential of the J.V. players, next year's squad should be a victory team. P. Rowan, T. Ernst. SEC- Glacken, M. Frank, W. Ty- deman, J. johnson, J. Pan- J. V. Basketball FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Car- done, D. Durland, H. Tibbs, W. Martin, J. Ringer, M. McCor- mack. SECOND ROW: Coach G. Coupe, T. Wilensky, R. Kel- ler, R. Wilson, G. Gibson, T. Walsh. Frosh Basketball FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Mgr. R. Gerzof, H. Cobb, F. Carillo, H. Greenberg, B. Ruben, C. Leippe, N. Shefferinan, J. Herendeen, A. Meinhold, Mgr. SEC- OND ROW: L. Jackson, F. Randall, M. Salzman, L. Feder, G. Birk, G, Gould, B. Comrie, Coach W. Sullivan. 'Q wil? FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Padgett, G. Guttman, Smith, E. Elson, D. Cormack, S. Zimmerman. J. Turner, R. Woelfel, F. White, P. Emerson, R. THIRD ROW: H. Selbert, K. Doran, J. McCor- Taylor, R. Feldman, W. Ashley. SECOND ROW: mack, J. Brophy, J. Pappas, R. Watson, W. Vivian, P. Willie, G. Roberts, T. Doran, R. Vivian, R. Coach V. Zuaro, Coach A. Renken. WRESTLI G The F.H.S. wrestling team took third place in the S.S.A.L., Section II league this year. Led by co-captains Frank White and Gary Guttman, the team placed five men in the finals of the sectional tournaments. Gary Guttman and Don Chaiiin captured Hrst place in their respective classes while Frank White, Bob Taylor, and Dave Padgett secured second place. Coach Vince Zu- aro was impressed with the entire team's show- ing and predicts a banner year next season. E , .swat Co-capts. Gary Guttman, Frank White FIRST ROW, L. to R.: R. Posa, S. Krieger, C. ROW: Coach W. Joy, R. Harger, G. Davis, P. Berger, L. Mintz, K. Reback, A. Munro. SECOND Bowers, E. Wendleboe, J. Carswell, R. Henke. RIFLERY This year as in previous years the riflery squad set a new record high of 925. Although the com- had an excellent season. The riflemen, under Mr. ing year will miss the performances of Pete Joyls expert coaching, won four consecutive divi- Bowers, George Davis, and Ed Wendelboe, under- sion championships and three South Shore Cham- classrnen like Bob Harger, Bob Henke, and Jim pionships. Captained by Pete Bowers, the squad Carswell insure another sterling season. BOWLING The bowling team, ably coached by Mr. Randy Powell, finished an excellent season by placing first in the South Shore Section II League. Placing First gave them the right to partici- pate in the Long Island Tourna- ments. Captain Mike:Berman, Arthur Kent, and Joel Panaga- kos were this year's outstanding keglers. Another successful sea- son is assured next year because five of the letter men are re- turning. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: E. Fishmen, Captain M. Berman, Panagakos, B. Yourn. SECOND ROW: G. Bosch, D. Goldsmith, M. Bernstein, F. Bloom, R. Eisenstadt, Coach R. Powell. 155 VARSITY LACROSSE FRONT ROW, L. to R.: P. Moore, R. Nathan, J. Pappas, W. Pennell, R. Finley, R. Riccardi, D. Padgett, J. Woelfel, G. Couluris, Coach Ashley. SECOND ROW: Mgr. H. Selbert, R. Ramsdell, T, Donnelly, D. Swanson, J. Jackson, J. Boland, A. Ashley, V. Papa- Freeport High School can certainly be proud of the 1958 lacrosse team. The stickmen completed the sea- son with twelve victories and only two defeats. This excellent record was achieved only through vigorous training, determination, and the expert coaching of Bill Ashley. Co-captains Dick Finley and Bill Pen- cosma, J. Seeley. THIRD ROW: J. Caruso, B. Comi- nos, J. Shebar, F. Russo, R. Verdecchia, P. McSweeney R. Ozvath, C. Jackson. FOURTH ROW: R. Barrett, R. Woelful, G, McKenna, N. Coldstein, B. Philips, G, Guttman. J nell, two outstanding players, were responsible for keeping up the spirit of the team. Although the '59 team will miss the performanceof All-Scholastic Charlie Jackson, Ricki Riccardi, Dick Finley, and Tom Donnelly, it should prove victorious again with many lettermen returning. UNIOR TRACK AND FIELDT FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. Hanna, H. Kiss, H. Berns, Ringer, E. Kennedy, R. Campani, G. Mc- Afee, P. Diamond, M. Goldstein, A. Russell, M. Ford. SECOND ROW: M. Trachtenberg, J. Muth, P. vw Posa, B. Braderick, L. Mintz, Berver, 'F. Bloom, 3 s. Barasch, J. Nilson, Coach Vs. sneak, THIRD ROW: P. Cohen, L. Johnson, S. 'Whi5te, G.- Hines, A D. Brooks, B. Ack1ey,iD. Hanson, J, 'Flintf f A . .t AN s. J. V. LACROSSE FIRST ROW, L. to R.: M. Dray, G. Sch-orer, K. Doran, R. Vivian, W. Ashley, T. Doran, B. Hyman, R. Ta- marro, T. Van Damrnalin. SECOND ROW: J. Geary, M. Versocki, M, Beneville, F, Leone, W, Lambert, C, . , f ,.,f yy. I Kaars. THIRD ROW: G. Ricarrdi, R. Drain, H. Meyers, N. Sheffennan, R. Benson. FOURTH ROW: Coach A. Renken, J. Rolle, E. Geyer, J. Carucci, D. Chaiiin, L. Murray. Although the 1958 fraCknWfeaffgfrs5r.g:eeQrc1 .yyri ,.,, yyjohgmpiqnships, 'others faking reyr.. ggdiyid. outstanding one, the V. f Traelitenbeiigoanfl Spirit and good. M eBobnrfBraveffnau,b0fh bf whom PlacedRiDfff1iC.,fS5Cfi011 fain Jim Duffy.canbefcfeaifedfkfrsrr,fakeep,i1dgfm-ggrifeaiiiO -,erjzsqufhre.Shorero1aampiQnShips,1 L R, rj, in fighting Spirit. Coach My Rr,R I f The ,season promises rton be a rsuccessftilgfbije light for Tucker, the R.,, 5 R fand Ernie,Zafonter as coQcapt2insL .,.n ffl? who" placed thirdfitr r.R. b wh, Wthe fy .e,e O y . r R W, Y yeyy y R y W W W R D W FIELDW fr gFIR3Tr ROW..?if.4y7iQf'Q2kfQpic1igrffByii255.rf1Lg1L,Bi2rQh4SgF1 2 PhiHips,,RBR.y Tf4chfgnbefg,.Wr3. :Qf,ii1'1I1,'J.'V Randolphgy - J'5',P4,MCY?r,1.R.',CfoiiSFt51ffQ ,r..J .y.. THIRD ,",R,OWZ, oogchy Reep1,fC,y Biarhlfow, R4 ' 'T Qoleman.,13grggi2Si11if1w3gKeisg,.B.g,jr.ZafQnteagiDf,Basra ,ry.r 41 Qj'viyi2m,Q R.. Bfmmw, T+.Guisw, R. rsaundeersf in , 'V '.i,' ef V, VP. Wi11ie,"I."LYsagh'i, R. Berreville, J Di1fty,,M"!', V' XffSEC0NDyWn2R0WfTjfWR1VG?ff?1wRf1We.Ne5Sf y.RW.RR 1?if.f5Ghi??rs.rJi-7x RWWRW R 4 nG4Mer2, SeLfG1w1v-R 4 W R W reyy r rR wwf f T W R W , ft .,Ai:. 14.. ' ' ff. ff y f' f R . 1. . R I ... V V . 2 l L l Z1 ,Q A- l,A-2? g 'T I wall 1 'st . W . 1 5, 4V,, ff ,. .,.,5,.1. Q, 2 ,L,, . 1. ai' 1: KKK, ss " ' "' '-f M, 4 -0 ' W as E0 FF 4, F 'Q W EPf is Q, 9 9 ' ? g v fr' z.. . X J:-I N , 5 f Q, . fs f E," f ' ' V V QEPDII A ' . in F ROSH FIRST ROW, L. to R.: Coach McElroy, W. Glandorf, M. Mc- Cormick, D. Dui-land, B. Ruben, B. Morck, J. Epstein. SECOND ROW: H. Tibbs, L. Donow, B. Mazor, P. Goclt, J. Moran, R. Peterson, R. Hennessy. - " , h , bag, , 2, rag, 1 A 4, ,bnef . Qeppw ,, rl ,iff .N f 5 .q'cEPU,f Q AVFPOQ. ii , 5. V. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: A Leap, K. Evans, M. Bluestein M. Shefferman, P. Emerson B. Fink, R. Kinberg, T. Are- nella. SECOND ROW: Coach J. Glaeker, D. Goldman, J. Hiller, R. Bloom, W. Tyde- man, E. Fine, G. Davis, W. Wahl, T. Ernst. I 23? VARSITY FIRST ROW, L. to R.: F. White, L. DiPaola, J. Slo- cum, B. McGoey, R. Vogt, E. Chilinski, B. Watson, L. Larsen, Manager F. Farhadi. SECOND ROW:' Coach Tuttle, R. Ciotti, F. Medag- lia, A. Donato, B. Toelle, D. Klein, B. Haverbusch, Lay- ton. BASEBALL The ,58 Baseball team ably coached by Mr. Wins- ton Tuthill completed the season by capturing third place in the League. Buddy McGoey as captain led his team through ten victories and seven losses. Lynn Di Paola, on the basis of his fine records of seven affix X W f wins and no losses, was voted the Most Valuable Player. Other outstanding players were Richard Vogt, Frank Medaglia, William VVatson, Frank White, Bruce Toelle, and Roger Ciotti. The '59 team should prove successful with Frank White as Captain. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: T. Arenella., W. Connolly, J. Monahan, P. Emerson, R. Smith, W. Wahl. SECOND ROW: Mr. Augustine, W. Cook, G. McAfee, S. Pfister, W. Crispyn, R. Michaelson, Mr. Tuttle. BOYS' LEADER CORPS Under the capable supervision of the Boys' Leader Corps, the boys' gym classes have been running smoothly and efficiently. These boys are chosen on the basis of leadership and their familiarity with sports and exercises. Devoting a period each day to help Mr. Tuthill and Mr. Augustine conduct the large gym classes, the boys are responsible for leading exercises, refereeing games, and conducting the de- cathlon tests, which are given annually. For his in- valuable aid, each boy is presented with a letter at the end of the year. 160 who, how, why? just pure luck! FIRST ROW, L. to R.: J. Scopinich, E. Petassi, V. ray, B. Kihl. SECOND ROW: A. Birgenthal, E. Smith Cruickshank, W. Jaworowski, D. deLambert. D. L. Mur- E, Saylor, J. Scopinich, S, Edwards. STUDE T LEADERS A necessary cog in the gym machinery is the student leader. Conscientiously she guides the girls through the exercises, teaches some techniques in various sports, takes attendance, and helps the gym teachers, Miss Dorothy Clark and Mrs. Miriam Moser. Each spring at the G.A.A. Assembly new girls are chosen to replace the graduating student leaders. To qualify, these girls must be dependable, skilled, and competent. As a reward for the fine work they do all year, each sen- ior student leader is presented a gold key. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: D. L. Murray, B. Kihl J. Scopinich, W. Jaworowski. SECOND ROW. D. deLambert, A. Birgenthal, V. Cruickshank, S Edwards. THIRD ROW.' B. Smith, E. Saylor, J Scopinich, E. Petassi. LuAnn Franklin Vice-President Susan Everett President 'S-'V ew' WE' f , . t Miss Dorothy Clark Advisor 13' Margie Burkett Z Carole Williams June Breakstone Secretary Treasurer G.O. Representative GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO By participating in various sports a girl may attain her first award, 125 points, and become a member of the G.A.A. As a member of this organiza- tion she must have participated in two sports each year, and she has the privi- lege of voting for G.A.A. oiiiccrs. Points for awards are earned by attending practice, playing on class teams and honor teams, refereeing games, and G. A. A. FIRST ROW, L. to R..' Breakstone, C. Williams, L. A. Franklin, Burstein, M. Morrack, B. Genner, E. Saylor, S. Everett. SECOND ROW: S. Cleary, W. M. Williams, passing written examinations. Upon at- tainment of 600 points, a girl receives her gold key, the highest honor in girls, sports. Each spring at the G.O. Girls' Sports Assembly campaigning for G.A.A. offi- cers gets under way. The highlight of the year is the annual G.A.A. Spring Banquet. At this time awards are made and new ofhcers are announced. Seniors A. Birgenthal, E. Cohen, B. Perrell, A. Tay- lor, C. Peace. THIRD ROW: I. Vanagelis V. Mekss, P. Smith, B. Smith, M. Simone: M. Burkett, P. Millang, B. L. Carbaugh. 162 Sue Everett G.A.A. Ojjrzcerx - L. TO R.: Sue Everett, LuAnn Franklin, Carole Williams, Margie Burkett, June Breakstone. Senior Student Leaders - L. TO R.: Diane de Lambert, Enith Saylor, Betsy Smith, Arm Birgenthal. Betsy guarding Pat. 163 .fly K ... . . . .. Ln.-. ..-,...,, ,W 5 t ' HOCKEY Monday and VVednesday afternoons found the girls trudging to Raynor Field for another hockey practice. Ahly directed by Miss Dorothy Clark, the girls practiced hard to master the various strokes in their action-packed game. The team climaxed the season with Honor Team Playday at Uniondale. LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Meclaglia, E. Saylor, L. A. Franklin, S. Poulos, D. Jackson. 65 QQ Q92 QQ- W. M. 'VVilliams, L. Murray, S Franklin, C. lVilliams, L. A. Frank lin, B. Smith, E. Saylor, B. Lasky. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Millang Ist Award BADMI TO Badminton, a fun-filled sport, is characterized by the familiar "birdies'l and rockets. This fall every Tuesday and Thursday our badminton players practiced vigorously to perfect their game. Climaxing the season, a ladder tourna- ment was held to determine the Honor Team. Combining accuracy, skill, and stamina, the Honor Team placed third on Honor Team Play Day held at Oceanside. FIRST ROW, L. to R.: S. Everett, Burkett, L. Murray, Erwin, E J. Breakstone, P. Millang, B. Per- Moore, B. Smith, C. Williams rell, V. Apter, V. Mekss, P. Regan. B. L. Carbaugh. SECOND ROW: M. Eastwood, M. VOLLEYBALL Volleyball, a favorite sport with all, once again com- menced this fall with a large turnout of girls. Tuesdays and Thursdays found the girls playing in ushiftsl' because of the large groups. Under the able supervision of Mrs. Moser, the girls learned new techniques in mastering the popular sport. From the class teams, the Honor Team was chosen, which made a line showing at Honor Team Playday at Baldwin. 165 FIRST ROW, L. to R,: B. Martin, E. Cohen, S. Everett, B. Smith, H. Gritman. ARCHERY "Is it harder to hit a bull's eye or to find lost arrows?', That was a question discussed by Free- port's archery participants. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, under the direction of Mrs. Moser, the girls practiced diligently at Raynor Field. The girls who accumulated the most num- ber of points at the practices represented Freeport at the Honor Team Playday in Mepham. SOFTBALL Again this spring we saw Miss Clark's girls rac- ing down to Raynor Field every Monday and Wednesday afternoon eager to begin another sea- sonas practice. c'Practice, practice, and more prac- ticea' became a familiar term among the girls. The girls' determination and fine sportsmanship were important factors in their making a fine showing at the Honor Team Playday at Mepham. FIRST ROW, L. to R: L. Murray, W. Williams, M. L. Johnson, P. Millang, C. Jackson, C. Williams, M. Moore. SECOND ROW: J. Edwards, K. Stewart, N. Treuman, J. Scopinich, E. Saylor, B. Svoboda, L. A. Franklin. Leaping Ernie Zafonte Who wears short shorts? r ,ooo f i , ,,..,,. v gagm.j:11:,3:gi1,gz:gg.?g:2f:i61i f' :ZAz,1'fL,'.1c,:cf?,L,J2.L'XA George Davis and Kenny Evans - our Babe Ruths! ' wi viii. 1.55 Af1:f:af',f1 , 4 :wwvfwi Richie Nathan and David Swan- son show their form. Richard Michealsen goes over. up and 169 POLL O P U L A R I T Y - Most Representative, Class W its Greatest Sefvige wiiiie Mae Williams and Richie sauiiders Susie Everett and Jim Tucker Best Actor and Actress Best Students Bobi Perrell and Alan Hyman Susie Everett and Gary Guttman 1 f Diane Best Figure and Build deLambert and Jerry Jackson 5? 4 , til A ,U f Nicest Smile, Most Versatile Most Attractive Susie Everett and David Swanson Monika Morrtck and Jerry Jackson I Most School Spirit Carole Williams and Richard Sigal Q A, f Q f ,a.,fg,-f.vw5wq oo"o 1 ' X - S he S oioi est ICSSC I i K ' ' -'-- - X 'A .ff M4 4-ga wi Joan Mustacchio and Jerry Jackson V V i,,f41,1v.,f'f-1-19. ,N ish: ' 535: ,Qu KiL3Vis,k.V5L.3i,M:WZi:p,:l!.iH 'L M iyi- AWN' 'fv9'5iE"'-L '-ilwlif f 'Q . f 3 ,QP 'E' ff " ' , ,,.g. .a,. . , i - .. ..-,Lq.-evgfr.-irsgeziw,M3932 ' 1. X K , ,- 1 5g5L25:'-61iff-1z':f2i1'2f2'52,f.::p',.-gi' ' , ,- ' H - -'QQES Sw'- , -fe'::.-HES'.-isnff,v-21.1115 2--img s11T:.::- 2 X L 1, ig, .11-. 'i f f-' r:'ezsf-4,36-ff wi w,f'.fa4ig1,gy,,fQ - ' M.. .,,..., -52.4 ,L ,. V .sg .- -11,-4 9 v- K . 1 '- wifi ' -f' K ' -S 1: .vw Most Musical Ann Birgenthal and Roger Schenke Most Original Connie Targia, and Bob Rarnsdell Lu Ann Franklin and Jerry Jackson Most Popular, Most Likely to Succeed cutest COUPIC Susie Everett and Jim Tucker Susie Everett and Richie Nathan ...-,W-fm: a- , . .. . . . 1., ... -.-w , , 1 . - 1., f..-,,.,,-,- SENIOR DIRECTORY Abel, Joan 30 Ackerman, Alan 30 Anderson, Frederick A. 30 Applebaum, Deanna 30,115,117, 123 Arcuri, Adrienne 30 Assante, Corine 30 Bade, Thomas 30 Barber, Anne 30,110 Batcher, Joyce 30 Bayer, Robert 30 Beneville, Regis 31,157 Beverson, Richard 31 Bianco, Betty Jane 31,110,117 Bierweiler, Carole 31 Binder, Charles 31 Birgenthal, Ann 31, 112, 113, 117,120,136,138,139,161, 162, 163, 171 Birk, Susan 31 Birk, Virginia 31, 128, 133 Bishop, Hewlett 31, 136, 138, 139 Bloch, Lois 31,110,114,117, 128 Bloom, Irwin 32 Bloom, Richard 32, 108, 109, 116, 117, 158 Bock, Phyllis 32 Boulukos, William 32 Bowers, Peter 32, 150, 155, 157 Braaten, Ron 32 Brady, Bryan 59 Bragg, Ellen 32 Braz, Douglas 32 Breakstone, June 32, 108, 118, 120, 141, 162,163, 165 Brown, Carolyn 32 Brown, Richard 32 Brown, l'Valda 33, 115, 123 Brubaker, Joan 33 Bruton, Leslie 33, 120 Burkett, Marjorie 33, 110, 120, 122, 144, 162, 163,165, 166 Burstein, Jessica 33, 117, 123, 126, 128, 162 Calcagni, Carl 33 Caldiero, Robert 33 Carbaugh, Betty Lou 33, 115, 117,123,130,132,162,165 Carlisle, Cynthia 33 Carrington, Marlys 33 Carroll, Maureen 33, 110, 112, 122 Carson, James 34 Caruso, Joe 26, 34, 118, 147, 148, 156 Cattano, Conrad 34 Chaflfin, Beverly 34, 123, 125 Chapman, Joyce 34, 110, 114 Chilinski, Edward 34, 116, 148, 159 Chimeri, Georgette 34 Christiansen, Melanie 34, 132 Christofifers, Charles 34 Cleary, Stephen 59, 116, 157 Cleary, Susan 34, 108, 120, 122, 127, 162 Clement, John 35 Clements, Ralph 35, 116 Close, Michael 35 Cohen, Barbara 35 Cohen, Ellen 35, 117, 122, 144, 166, 168 Coleman, Lawrence 35, 116, 128, 157 Conen, Margaret 35, 123 Coppolo, Valerie 35, 122 Cornwell, Mary Lou 35, 110, 1 12, 113, 117 Corwin, William 59 Craven, Rita 35 Crispyn, Walter 36, 160 Croasdale, Richard 36, 157 Cropper, Timothy 36 Cureton, Lorraine 36 D'Arnico, Mary 36 Davis, George 36, 155, 158, 169 172 Dawson, Patricia 36 De Grouttola, Al 36 De Kam, John 36 De Lambert, Diane 36, 127, 128, 161, 163, 170 DelMese, Barbara 36 Dessart, Thomas 37 Deutscher, Rosanne 37, 117, 122 Dilsner, Fred 37 Donahue, Barbara 37 Donato, Art 37, 159 Donato, Joy 37 Dowdeswell, Thomas 59 Driver, Miriam 37, 123 Durland, Gerry 37, 116 Edwards, Allen Gordon 37 Enciso, Edward Jr. 37, 117 Engeholm, Grace Jane 37, 110, 112, 117 Ennis, Catherine 38, 122 Esposito, Barbara 38 Esposito, Catherine 38, 136, 138 139 Evans, Frank 38 Evans, Kenny 38, 148, 158 Everett, Susan 26, 38, 110, 118, 12O,138,139,144,170,171 Fontana, Camille 38 Foy, Kathy 38, 114 Frank, Ann 38, 122 Franklin, Lu Ann 26, 38, 108, 109,110,120,122,127,128, 144, 162, 163, 164, 166, 168, 171 Freitas, Geraldine 39, 123, 125 Frenz, Richard 39 Garfinkel, Harmon 39 Genner, Barbara 39, 130, 132, 162 Gerson, Linda 39, 117 Giannuzzi, Robert 39 Gilberti, Lawrence 39, 110 Giordano, Joan A, 39, 122, 138, 139, 140 SENIOR DIRECTORY Glandorf, Charles 39, 150 Goldstein, Norman 39, 148, 156 Goodman, Audrey 40, 123 Gordon, Heather 40, 118 Gray, Ellen 40 Gray, William 40 Green, Madelyn 40 Greene, Richard 40, 116, 157 Greenhaus, Donald 40 Grosser, Nancy 40, 1 10 Groves, Sanford 40 Guttman, Gary 40, 110, 147, 148, 154, 155, 170 Hambley, David 59 Hanington, Gail 40 Hanus, Evelyn 41, 122 Hartenfels, Frank 41 Hazard, Alice 41, 122, 126, 128 Hein, Karen 41, 123 Herman, Harold 59 Higbie, Robert 41 Hildenbrand, Jan 41 Hittner, Steven 41 Hodson, Caryl 41, 130, 133 Hope, Tedd 41 Howard, Martha 41 Huebner, Irene 42 Hueglin, Robert 42, 110, 116 Hyman, A112141 42, 119, 127, 128, 170 Jackson, Jerome 42, 147, 148, 156, 170, 171 Jacobsen, Ronald Edward 42 Janke, Richard 42 Jester, Glen 42 Johnson, Barbara Ann 42, 130, 133 Johnson, Joel 42, 152 Joly, Joyce Ann 42, 130, 133 Jones, Mary Elizabeth 43, 123, 136, 138, 139 Jordan, Jan 43 Kadane, Kathryn Ann 43, 110, 128 Kalb, Charles 43 Karmin, Helen 59 Katz, Jacqueline 43, 110, 117, 123 Kelly, Paul 43, 114, 117, 127 Kern, Charles 43 Kerner, Karen 43, 110, 114, 128 Kimbis, James 43 Kinirons, Kevin 43 Kirk, Marjorie 44 Kiss, John 44, 123 Klein, Bernard 44 Klein, Dennis 44, 127, 159 Klein, Marcia 44, 110, 115, 123 Konecny, Dorothy 44 Konecny, Walter 44 Kopper, Evelyn 44 Koufakis, George 44 Kraemer, Kathaleen 44, 123 Krummenacker, George 44, 150, 157 Kucin, Patricia 45, 110, 112, 113 LaBarth, Johann 45 LaBarth, Loretta 45 LaChicotte, Barbara 45, 110, 1 18, 123, 132 LaPlaca, Alberta 45, 122 Larsen, Lawrence 45, 159 Lauffer, Ronnie 45 Laux, Kenneth 45 Layton, James 45, 159 Lazaroff, Debby 45, 117, 123, 132 Lee, Terry 45 Lerch, Ronald 46 Levine, Carol 46, 1 15 Levy, Dorothy 46, 123, 133 Lewis, Rosalie 46, 110 Leys, James 46 Lienhard, Jeffrey 46 Lieppe, Lynette 46, 108, 110, 114,118, 119, 127,128 Lobl, Henry 46 Lockyer, Thomas 46 173 Long, Ardeth 46 Long, Thomas 47, 140 Losee, Lyle D. 47 Lowenthal, Patricia 47, 117, 128 138, 139, 140 Ludwig, Fred 47 Mackenzie, Jean 47 Mallin, James 47 Mangan, John 47 Markowitz, Danny 47 Marshall, Thomas 47 Martin, Deloris 47 Martin, Liam 48 McClosky, Helen 48 McDonald, Jeanne 48, 110, 115, 1 17, 120 McGuire, James 48 McGuire, Judith 48, 108, 110, 114-,119,120,127 Mclnish, Carolyn 48, 132 McKaharay, John 48 McKenna, Garrett 48, 148, 156 McLaughlin, Peter 48, 110, 120, 150 Mcsweeney, Philip 48, 148, 156 Mekss, Viktorija 48, 162, 165 Michealsen, Richard 49, 157, 160 Mifsucl, Suzette 49 Millang, Patricia 49, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 168 Monahan, James 49, 123, 130, 160 Morley, Pat 49, 130, 132 Moro, Dee 49, 132 Morrack, Monika 49, 127, 128, 144, 162, 170 Morse, Linda 49, 117, 123, 132 Mueck, Jane 49 Muller, Mary 49, 108, 123 Murphy, James 49 Mustacchio, Joan 26, 50, 110, 112, 113,'118, 119, 120, 128, 171 SENIOR DIRECTORY Nathan, Richard 26, 50, 147, 148, 156,169,171 Nelson, Karen 50 Nesbitt, Jeff 50, 157 Nintzel, Fred 50 Oakley, Barbara 50, 117 Olsen, Lawrence 59 O'Neil, Mary 50 O'Neill, Elizabeth 50 O'Neill, Margretta 50, 110, 115, 117 O,Neill, Sara 50 Pallas, Marita 51 Panagakos, Joel 51, 152, 15,5 Peace, Garol 51, 110, 117, 122, 126, 128, 162 Perrell, Barbara 51, 108, 109, 110,114,119,120,127,128, 162, 165, 170 Perrone, Michael 51 Pfister, Steve 51, 126, 128, 160 Pfitzer, George 59 Plant, Lillian 51 Portale, Thomas 51, 130 Pratesi, Geraldine 51, 117, 123 Pratt, Richard 51 Quinn, Patricia 52, 115, 117 Ramsdell, Robert 52, 147, 148, 156, 171 Ramsden, Harold 52 Ranieri, Phyllis 52 Reed, Lewis 52 Regan, Margaret 52 Resnick, Rita 52, 110, 117, 118, 128 Rodrigues, George 52 Ross, James 52 Russo, Angelo 52 Russo, Frank 52, 156 Ruttura, Rose lN4arie 53 Rykert, Jesse 53, 128 Samuels, Paul 53 Saunders Richard 53 10 116, 7 5 85 119,126,150,157,170 Saylor, Enith 53, 133, 161, 162, 163. 164. 166, 168 Schaifer, Catherine 53, 115 Scheer, Arthur 53, 157 Schenke, Roger 53, 136, 138, 139, 1 71 Schiller, Bonnie 53, 117 Schillinger, Brigitte 53 Schimmel, Garol 53 Schleifer, Geraldine 54, 110, 114, 117,119,122,123,127,128 Schmidt, Gira 54 Schorer, Judith 54, 114, 115, 123,128,136,138,139 Seeley, John 58, 147, 148, 156, 169 Shuppe, Joyce 54 Siciliano, Stephanie Carol 54, 110, 123 sign, Richard 54, 116, 144, 145, 171 Silverman, Lucy 54, 110, 117 Simone, Marietta 54, 162 Slater, Edward 54 Smith, Elizabeth 55, 110, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 168 Smith, Pat 55, 117, 162 Somma, Marjorie 55 Spinelli, Charles 55 Stagnitta, Garol 55 Stampf, Mary Joan 55, 115, 117 123, 139 Stanek, Garol 55, 122 Stein, Gharles 55, 130 Stewart, Katherine 55, 168 Strobel, Richard 55 Sullivan, Kathleen 56 Swanson, David 56, 116, 117, 147, 148, 156, 169, 170 Sweezy, Kathy 56 Swiger, Terrence 59 Targia, Christine 56, 171 Tarkington, Lynn 59 Taylor, Ann 56, 120, 162 Thau, Marjorie 59 Thayer, Ralph 56 Thompson, Kenneth 56 174 J Titus, Judith Anne 56, 110, 112, 144 Troiani, Elizabeth, 56, 122 Tucker, James 56, 108, 109, 116, 141,15O,151,157, 170,171 Tuttle, Eugene 56 Valdimer, Ellen 57, 110, 114, 117, 120 Valente, James 57, 151 Vanagelis, Inta 57, 110, 112, 113, 162 Van Ryan, Barbara 57, 130, 133 Velten, Edward 57 Vivian, Robert 57, 110, 150, 157 Vogel, Robert 57, 127 Washington, Gladys 57 Wendelboe, Edward 57, 155 Weng, Gertrude 57 Wenk, Robert 57 Wenk, Sharon 58 West, Keith Ralph 58 White, Frank 58, 154, 159 Williams, Garole Virginia 58, 122, 144, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 168, 171 Williams, Willie Mae 58, 162, 164,166,168, 170 Woell, Jo-Ann 58 Wrann, Willard 58 Wrede, Harry 58, 110, 112, 113, 118, 120 Wright, Lynda 58, 133 Wright, Robert 58 Wright, Warren 58 Wulffen, Barbara 59, 133 Yourn, Brian 59, 151, 155 Zafonte, Ernest 26, 59, 150, 157, 169 Zafonte, Leo 59, 110, 150, 157 Zarchy, Susan 59, 117 Zehner, Richard 59 Zeichner, Rosalind 59, 110, 114,117,118,119,128 SPORTS DIRECTORY Archery ............................................................. 168 Badminton ...... 164-165 Baseball .......... 158-159 Basketball - Boys, . . . 152-153 Basketball - Girls, . . 166-167 Boys' Leader Corps .... . . . 160 Bowling - Boys, . . . . . 155 Bowling - Girls, .... 166-167 Cheerleaders .... 144-145 Cross-Country .......... 150-151 Football ................. 147-149 Girls' Athletic Association .... 162-163 Hockey .................. ..... 1 64-165 Lacrosse .......... . . . . 156-157, 169 Riflery ........ . . . . . 155 Softball ......... ....... 1 68 Student Leaders . . . . . . 161 Table Tennis .... 167-168 Tennis ......... 150-151 Track and Field . . . 156-157 Volleyball ....... 164-165 Wrestling . . . . . 154 ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY Art Club ..,........... 129 Assembly Ushers ......... . . . 119 Business Publications Staff ....,. 115 Concert Band ........... . . . 139 Courtesy Committees .. ...... 122 Dance Committees ........ 120-121 FlasHingS .................... 1 14 Future Homemakers of America ..... 124-125 Future Teachers of America .... 117 General Organization ....., 108-109 Homeroom Managers .......... 118 Junior Band ........ .. . 135 Junior Cheerleaders . . . . . 129 Junior High Choruses Boys' Glee Club .... 134 Girls' Glee Club .... . . . 134 A Cappella Choir .. Junior ,Orchestra . . . Key Club ...... Library Club ........ Marching Band ....... Masque and Wig Club . Mixed Chorus ........ National Honor Societies News Service Staff ..... Ninth Grade Chorus P. A. Staff .........., Red Cross ......... Science Club ........ Senior Girls' Chorus Voyageur Staff ....... Yorker Club .... ....134 ....135 116 123 136-140 128 130 110-111 115 . .... 131 119 117 123 132-133 112-113 124 I 1 f gm, U VV L I Q .Nm . x Q , xx-...W ,.,, iwx V Q -X A Lbzy ' i -h f..,..4,,-,I V' , A e X A P gh, J f!..J..Jj..,,L.4 'V' .. HI ' , ,X Y 1 , I rf ..-x kj'....u-m A-' 1 K, ff , K A .K ww " x x" 'J.4-LI.,..f J. ' 'Mwluwn..,..,.. Y ' I E f I I I1 ' , W 1 A u' F . 0 Wx ' R Aguentlldqmew 5 I 1 V 1 ' + at u e- L, ? X ll' i -2- . ' - ,2 -Q 77 YYv?iL +2 - 7,5 -N., 9 ff ,l A ,Z f f vv 2 -4. of ' The Savings are always great when you buy Cn The W. T. GRANT "Charge lf" Plan Enjoy revolving credit Inquire 'roday Known for values for 52 years 178 Compliments of FREDERIC P. WIEDERSUM PHI DELTA OMEGA SORORITY Marie Baldwin Milanie Christiansen, President Pat Corrigan Linda Gardali Susan Guest Carle Kraus Mary Kraus -Jeanette Kunkel Gloria La Terza Judy Miller Donna Lou Murray Barbara Olsen Elaine Petassi, treasurer Beatrice Pesca Carol Posnock Peggy Regan, secretary Judy Shapiro Norma Smith Rita Smith Carol Stagnitta, Vice President Joyce Shupee, social secretary Judy Wahl Maureen Christiansen SWEET CLOVER DAIRY MILK 81 MILK PRODUCTS Nassau Rd. 81 Babylon Tpke. Roosevelt, N. Y. Just pour off the cream 8. whip it. Buy from your local dairy Fr. 9-8751 56 Beach St., Bayshore Fr. 9-l66O Mo. 6-6467 cn' ,A ' ,.4...,c,,1. THERESA'S GOWNS Exclusively Designed Cocktail - Formal - Prom l03 So. Main St. Q Freeport H W l DAPPER DAN CLEANERS Shirt Launderer 77 S. Grove St. Freeport, N. Y. BAYVIEW PHARMACY 379 Atlantic Avenue K Freeport, New York Compliments of FOSTER 8 CAFARELLI Consulting Engineers 44 Whitehall Street New York 4, New York RAYHON 81 CORNELIUS Cigars - Newspapers - Magazines Ice Cream and Sodas 3'lA Railroad Avenue Freeport, N. Y. WILLIAM BUCK DELICATESSEN 372 Atlantic Avenue Freeport, N. Y. Compliments of DOW REALITY Freeport, N. Y. House Sales 81 Insurance MARESCA'S BOATYARD INC. Marine Railways, Engines overhauled, boats stored and repaired caulking - painting - varnishing 199 Woodclett Ave. Freeport, L. l., N. Y. . 1. es -Vx. FReepo rt 8-0288 Louis R. Posner UNITED CIGAR STORE Newspapers - Magazines - Stationery ROMA Italian-American Delicatessen Imported 8. Domestic Olive Oil - Cheese - Ricotta - Mozzarella 29 Railroad Ave. Freeport, N. Y. Fresh Scusoge Our Specialty lOpposite R.R. Stationl 58 So. Grove St. Freeport, N. Y. Compliments of FRANK D. BRADFORD INSURANCE AGENCY 64 So. Grove St. Freeport, N. Y. Freeport 8-0908 l FReeport 9-2458 L. H. Martin, Owner BRAITHWAITES Commercial Stationery School Supplies - Esterbrook Pens Barron Review Books e Hallmark Cards IO Church Street Freeport, N. Y. 1s"'fff'T" - '13 T' 5 Vi J' 'A ' 'Vik .Ianfzen Swim Suits DANZIGERS Tennis, Golf 81 Baseball Equipment Fishing Tackle Trunks 81 Luggage Riding Equipment Games 81 Toys ,Ls lRVING'S MEN SHOP Clothier - HaHer Haberdashel 80 So. Main Street Phone: FReeport 9-3371 HUNTER CLOTHES Clothiers and Haberdashers Men's - Students' - Boys' 92 S. Main Street Freeport, N. Y. Compliments of NORMAN'S Coats - Suits - Dresses 53 So. Main Street Freeport, N. Y. F Ree po rt 9-3770 Telephone: FReeport 8-8322 WEAVER'S PAWNBROKERS Established Over l0O Years 8 Church Street Freeport, N Bargains in Diamonds - Watches Jewelry - Binoculars - Clothing Sporting Goods - Storage Facilities Compliments of JAN'S JEWELRY, INC. 6 W. Merrick Rd. Freeporf, N. Y. FReeporf 9-2540 ADOLPH LEVY AND SON Apparel for Men 98-ioo scum Main sffeef Fr eepo rf, N. Y. Telephone FReeporf 9-2435 Night FR 9-8598 ALEX ADAM 8. DAUGHTER FLORISTS 53 West Merrick Rd. Freeporl, N Poul E. Hendrickson Homemade French lce Creom VIEBROCKS for Sodo - Lunch - Candy Q , . I i . s' S gs.. sl, K ,fizsq yr --W f Your Future Is Ahead of You . . Save For If SOUTH SHORE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MAIN OFFICE 46 Sunrise Highway 47 W. Sunrise Highway Massapequa, New York Freeport, New York L. I. I-9500 FR 8-6200 Current Dividend 3W'Xa Per Annum 189 1 f,1' f ,Q Q! .V 0. . lm f 1" ,, ,LJ We V' . , ,ii 7u4gmf , , .r 0 Biggest help you can give a student - .::. "'- ' 04. dvgf-- , . : g, 90 We e 9 'W Q90 95' '-" .L 903579, 99, '.- ur-. g gg 0 1, KNMQ. ".- r we.f"a- '95 if ij:3je....,,.F'a : - LOCAL TYPEWRITER CO., INC. The Famous Olympic Lightweight 569.50 Full Price Lifetime Free Lubrication Guaranteed 2 years 43 W. Sunrise Highway Freeport, N. Y. Fr 9-4770 rizeepoff 8-1256 GROVE BAKERY Peischel Co. 85 So. Grove Street Freeport, N. Y. FACULTY BOOSTER PAGE Fredericka Albert William Ashley Delphine Bauer Christopher Bellamore Joseph Bessell Vivian Bird Mary Birgenthal Henry Burnett Nunzio Cazzetta Henry Chemnitz Robert Colino Maud Constable James Crisafulli Lilah Cushman Alice Davis Gladys Derrick Joseph Devlin Shirley Fischel Carl Fixsen Irving Franklin Constance Gronenberg John Hesse Elsie Hirschman Foster Hoff Paul Jordan Abby Kelly John Major Jeanne Maxwell William McElroy Mary Mclntosh Lillian McNutt Robert Miller Ruth More George Moser Mariam Moser John Nagle Ernest Newton Thomas O'Connor William Parker Lewis Pesca Joseph Pollard Norman Posses Henry Puff Richard Reed Helen Robertson Alma Rowley Phebe Schilling Welnette Sickles Ellen Simpson J. Wesley Southard Robert Stern Louise Stravin Paul Sullivan William Sullivan Ethel Temple Winston Tuthill Edward Vall-Spinosa J. Maynard Wettlaufer Mabel White Alice Williams l l l l 1 l l l l r l l 1 ,,, ,,,,, Compliments of FRED C. BERGE CO. FReeport 9-2039 KORN JEWELERS Expert Watch and Jewelry Repair Jewelry - Diamonds - Watches 30 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N Compliments of ALLINSON 8: GERZOF 91 3 , In , af , I QQ , ' ffwxyz : 4 , I, , A VV f Wff w 'V z f fZW ,ff" ' f i A . Compliments of your SINGER SEWING CENTER 20 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N. Y. Freeport 8-0494 LEE'S OPTICIANS 75 W. Sunrise H'woy Freeport, N. Y. Fr. 9-2259 FReepo rt 8-2040 ORIANI OPTICIANS 52 So. Grove St. Freeport, N Closed Wednesdays Maurice J. Moore, M.D. Julius Posner, Optometrist PRQFESSIONAL PAGE 294 W. Merrick Rd., Freeport 8 W. Merrick Road, Freeport Gordon's Kosher Prime M Grove Watch Clinic Coldiero, Robert Hillenbrand, Mr. 8. Mrs. Pfister, Harry BOOSTERS The Village Book and Gift Shop eats Couluris, Mr. 8. Mrs. Papacosma Cattarinish Conway, John J., Mrs. Conway, John J., Jr., Mr. 8. Mrs. 'Um 194 Compliments of BETA PHI GAMMA SORORITY Woldo Brown Mory Lou Cornwell Deonno Appleboum Miriom Driver Peggy O' Neill Mary Eliz Jones Groce Engeholm Cofhy Esposito Mory Sfompf W 195 WHERE MAIN MEETS HULLUWAY Mil we 196 4 ,M M, .W W, V , ,,V,.,, ,, E E "" :iwfz '." X " fp L wx, I ,Aw FINE CLASS RINGS i ANNOUNCEMENTS i YEARBOOKS i AWARDS J O S T E N Since 1897 Mr. Andre Arceneoux 11 Bennett Avenue North Bellmore, New York Phone: Sunset 1-7448 'Si 197 Tel: Freeeporf 8-7911 - 8-7910 FREEPORT PLUMBING 84 HEATING Kitchen ond Bathroom Modernization Automatic Heoting ond Air Conditioning 50 North Moin Street Freeport, New York If 1+ DIAMONDS ' ' My 1+ SILVERWARE I I f ir WATCHES - g I nr THE sluswuui IZLIIEH JEWELRY F 4: . ee e 'e 1 and ' , I I ' WATCH RPI Freeporfs Foremost Credit Jewelers REPAIRING STERLING SILVER BY GORHAM and NTERNATIONAL I H 77 SU. MAIN ST. FREEPORT. N. Y. 1 198 ADDY OLDSMOBILE INC. 268 N. Main Sfreef FREEPORT, L. I., NEW YORK OLDSMOBILE ...inaclass byitseq' FReeport 8-1440 1 If Compliments of RUDOLPH L. HIMMEL HYGRADE MEAT MARKET Delivery Service 33 W. Merrick Road Freeport, N. Y. Fr. 9-2171 Est. 1924 ALLYN OIL HEATS BEST 330 West Merrick Rd. Freeport, New York Fr. 9-2727 V i T Mwvf' LLCYDS JEWELERS 70 S. Main Sfreef Freeport, N. Y. SHIPS INN 435 Woodcleft Ave. Freeport, N. Y. Fr. 8-7575 THE TOWN CLEANERS 81 DYERS 8 Dyers Cleaners - Tailors - Dyers 28 So. Grove Sfreef Freeport, N. Y. I 11 . ZIPPER'S PHARMACY Prescriptions - Drugs Vitamins - Cosmetics - Baby Needs Free Delivery Service Fr. 8-9449 - 8-9238 Grove 8. Pine Streets Freeport, N. Y. SEA GULL RESTAURANT open all year Russ Redfield 8. Louis Bosch pro ps. 387 Woodcleft Ave. Freeport, N. Y. Fr. 8-9664 SIGMA TAU DELTA GAMMA CHAPTER Pat Russell Sophie Poulos Kathy MacDonald Elin Holgren June Scopinich Jane Scopinich Emily Wilson Ginny Cruickshank Jackie Snyder Wanda Jeworowski Jane Tuthill Marge Cleary Stephie Franklin Marge Cleary Lyn Miranda Sue Edwards Lyn Murray Valerie Diehl Leslie Shufer Mary Phillips Jean Penny Hazel Smith Freeport 8-5579 DURYEA'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 70 So. Grove St. Freeport, N. Y. BAYVIEW HARDWARE STORE H, Heitmann, Prop. Hardware - Paints - lnterlux Marine Paints Mercury Motors - Marine Supplies Fr. 9-2094 386 Atlantic Avenue Freeport, N. Y. Compliments: JAMES MCCULLAGH CO. INC. Plumbing 8- Heating Contractors CO"'P'i"'e"'S of ASSOCIATED OF FREEPORT BOULUKOS TEA ROOM 361 Atlantic Ave. Sodas and Luncheons Between South Bayview and Homemade Candies St. Marks Avenue Church Street Freeport, N. Y. Free Parking for Hundreds of Cars BEIER'S Harry Wrede, Prop. Distinctive Confections Luncheons - Dinners 30 W. Merrick Road Freeport, N. Y. 203 THE BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS STAFF Deanna Applebaurn - Cathy Schafer Walda Brown - Barbara Cohen Peggy O'Ncil - Solicitors - Typing - Editor-in-Chief for five years a willing member of the Voyageur staff. She has bourne the burden of organizing the material and supervising the soliciting of ads. Typing Editor - shouldered the job of soliciting through the mail, and her staff aided in setting up the ad pages for this year's endeavor. For four years she has worked diligently on the yearbook staff. Due to her capable assistance this yearbook has been made possible. Able assistant to the Editor. For several years her work has made the Voyageur a success. Although only a member for one year, her diligent work contributed greatly to the production of the yearbook. Harriet VVallenstein Judy Wlaldman Barbara Cohen Linda Gerson Peggy O'Neill Mary Stampf Barbara Furman Enid Feinsilber Barbara lXIiller Bonnie Lasky Marcy Klein Barbara Kriedrnan Pat Quinn Alan Ackerman Trudy VJ eng Ann Hobbs Wlalda Brown Deanna Applebaum Cathy Schaffer Typing Editor Trudy YVeng 204 51 Rayner elcf fllma R05 EEQEEPEJIRF MQUIXWUGUIME SFAIDUEDM ifwzwaz wif.. Gmmwr QQ. QCZUU5. 13Aq'4f'5u-5 1 Concord Music DANZIGER R W WooLWoR1'H co. vus mvcfxs ,. - .. . W f-l-h:f- fl "' f'--l- -1 -ff -'-'-:fs --1-J -- -? 'TLZE-if L1 A , 41L-,.i' '- -L ,, Mahi--i - 351-f-' :ik ,?.-- 4i e nn ' Que' X ' BRAITHWAlTE'S BUULUKD5 TEH ROOM FREEPQRT X mill 4113.1 1, ,gd N A , 49 O EAST Pomr House w1"f"l1f5Hyyf Q V dx A A E m x GROVE IF FMR FREEPoRT LIBRARY ' , if G D ll E, '1!'i "fl f fl, I ' A 4 L 1533-lV":ii '6'N?'?F7'jj'- ' 4' , ' af.,--:ful - , ,V - :E 1 .:'f.' fV1f'1.' X EE In w. L ?7?,?7f3"f,.r'f"'-ga 51 U' 32 Lei.-7 1 K 5:54, ' Nils, fQ2ig2'i V " ENN -f , 1 ' f '- - 'X ' wffw w r 1 x 2 -w g. -'Q N x i X z1PPER's R mr cf S 6- w N

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