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nu-M-1 nw f -, 4 Qu-4. .. Q-M 1w,w4wg,g.11,ge,g,, 1- , A Mk X, , I V, ' ' ' ' ' A' W ' ' x 'G 'sslfw,Vs1,1x4-'mia -HBR 'v'FM5l'aP.1Kr2' MQW .4,!?1'+'1. .Siva 172513. a.1ii"u4',w vi! 5096.15 'Lam H 4 .1 rWA, : ,"ji'!K'1il"lH!cQ:. 4g,ZZi'? d.Eu-ai51'0bS,1-61339-1 L' , ' , aff: 'Y Cf f 1,4 I .. L-QL' M S, E S if ' f. "'-v. if ' Wi X i in fm L' 1:32, PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-SEVEN FREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL 0 FREEPORT, NEW YORK FQREWORD HE Theme oT The yearbook oT The Class of '47 is "A CommuTing Public". IT you were To look abouT you and Take a survey oT The business people oT Freepor-T, you would Tind ThaT over halT oT Them are commuTers. Indeed, wiThin The lasT Tew years. The communiTy has been seTTled by commuTers who, alThough Their livelihood is in The ciTy, prefer To live in This convenienT suburb of The Throbbing meTropolis. Trains, buses, cars-all Types of vehicles-carny These commuTers in all direcTions To Their iobs. Now iusT as FreeporT is The commuTing cenTer Tor Thousands oT adulTs. so Too is FreeporT High School The commuTing cenTer Tor Thousands oT sTudenTs. Year aTTer year sTudenTs board This express and are carried Through Their six years oT hard diligenT work To Their long-awaiTed desTinaTion--ThaT well-earned and eagerly-yearned-Tor diploma in June. As The parTs oT The commuTing Trains are inTricaTe and complicaTed, so Too are The various parTs oT This educaTional Train. AT The head OT The Train, supplying The push and pull needed To sTimulaTe and guide The Trail-blazer is The locomoTive, in our case. The AdminisTraTion and FaculTy. ITxis The work of This deparTmenT To insTrucT The minds of The sTudenTs as well as To guide Them in morals, conducT. and behavior. i NexT come The acTual cars oT The' Train--The sTudenTs Themselves. This uniT Tills a greaT many cars. some even To overTlowing. Some oT These commuTers are Taking The ride Tqdr pleasure and Tun: oThers are There wiTh a vision oT The TuTure beTore Them and Thus are making The mosT oT Their Trip. Also gliding along The -Track are The pleasure cars needed in every Train ThaT has seT ouT Tor a long iourney. How boring and Tedious life would be To The voyageurs if iT were noT Tor These cars oT enTerTainmenT in The Torm oT exTracurricular acTiviTies. These cars are Tilled To capaciTy all The Time. All sorTs oT screams. shrills. and cheers resound Trom This secTion as iT whizzes by! I hope ThaT you. who are abouT To Turn The pages oT This book. will .enioy The record of your iourney Through school and will long Treasure The memories ThaT iT brings TorTh. Here is your yearbook. Take iT, Voyageur. Bon Voyage. fffgfxk N X N RQ YN J 'Y N X i X llWMgihkx 'Kms-xwnkihwx F I 'mwiw p,' 4 - X f X QNX S 'ii . s fd '7 1 ,fflfih ,UO ' ZLCXQIL-ff Xblr 4 xi - if is if f X To be good-mz!zz1'ed if In be gifted: To be flmzfght nf41.nzf1'ie11cl if to be 1'e.fpeL'lw1'.' To be 1'6'llIC'1lI!i6'1'6d iss' to be eyzeenferzh T is in recoqniiion of ihese rare qualifies which she possesses and in appre cialrion of her sincere guidance and Jreachimg frhaf we, The Class of I947 dedicaie 'rh's Voyaqeur 'ro MISS MABEL SKINNER. 1 W E V I I S f' ' if 2 qw I I f 4 H 6 ' . lfff. A Ax 'A 1" EA 'K -BX iM WW , Q ff' N X a X' ' ' Xb, f X x Q W JN wh A X E 4 NW? 5 wx . 1 F-2, Ag V! NNN X 1 I Z is 'lik xx- Mg! , FR Ax i, Qi Q... ,ZQZ p EEF fl: ,, y CATH Q59 I L .l,tfm Xxx J ' ,Jrr E 3613 WSW gl A2 - M" N fl O my , N-. ' A f. Q N K N xxllllvllmw J i X 'Q x . , - 1 U M X ' ' f ff W i 1 f Q L-J Aff' 4 - 'W W! iffigj f i X Qfilf K il f fff I I ' y This Iocomofive represenfs Ihe guiding force of our frain-'I'he adminisfrafion and 'Ihe faiculfy. If is fhl-ough Ihe powerful knowledge fhey have ready fo dispense +ha+ we accumulare ihe sfrengfh +o malze Ihe long sleep grade. Nor is fhis fheir only funciion and ac1'ivi'ry. I+ is fhey who awalren, sfimu- Iaie, and free in us our dreams. They embody our visions of Ihe visias open 'Io us: fhe 'Freedom of a democracy where we can climb fo Ihe heighfs. ADMINISTRATION If llW'lllllar.4fzr..r k,,HW Im , X.-K XXNX -I .I -xy f , 1,, '- - Y f '-2, WffWfW11:-is Q, '- l mi X X, ' K , A 4. -.. ly 5 Jfi xi-rv . If I B of-ll X le ii ff V 1 ffl - A f X - y I mu X im I f . , f -, .,1' f ' M g 1 - - , wg , - ,L - 1. GreeTings To The Class of I947 NCE again iT is my happy privilege To exTend greeTings To a class abouT To graduaTe Trom FreeporT High School. The record oT The Class oT I947, Scholas- Tically, AThle+ically, and Socially, has been one oT accomplishmenT. The Yearbook pre- senTs a word and picTure sTory oT your service To l:reeporT High School and is des- Tined, ThereTore, To become one oT your mosT Treasured possessions. The worlc oT your class, your clubs, and your organizaTions is recorded here. lvlay iT ever remind you oT loyal devoTion To TTuT'h, Honor, and Learning. Some wise person has said, "IT I could give buT one giTT To my children, I would endow Them wiTh a liberal educaTion." Through educaTion, young people are TaughT To live nobly, To worlc valianTly, To Thinlc clearly, and To serve well. The Theme oT The Voyageur This year-CommuTingfis mosT appropriaTe Tor a l:reeporT publicaTion. FreeporT is a commuTing communiTy. ThaT, in everyday liTe, sug- gesTs railroad Travel, As a greaT railroad Train sweeps by over ribbons oT sTeel, we sTand in TascinaTed awe. This peculiar TascinaTion which The speeding Train holds Tor us comes Trom The evidenT progress IT is malcing Toward The deTiniTe goal ahead. IT, ThereTore, Teaches us a lesson. Every individual should have a purpose in liTe worThy oT inTense eTTorT and consTanTly worlc Toward The deTiniTe goal ahead. ln your Travels in school Thus Tar, you have successTully passed The sTaTions in elemenTary and iunior high school and soon you will have passed The senior high school sTaTion. Symbolically, The sTaTions ahead may be college or business. As you enTer upon oTher spheres oT acTiviTy and inTeresT upon your graduaTion Trom Free- porT High School, may conTinued success aTTend your every eTTorT. May each oT you be blessed wiTh happiness and good healTh and may The TuTure see you success- ful in obTaining The worThwhile Things you desire. CongraTulaTions To The members oT The Class oT I947! LEO ll. GIBLYN PresidenT, Board oT EducaTion LeTT To righT: Mr. C'iTTon B. SrniTh, Dr. E. Freeman Miller, Mr. Leo F. Giblyn, Mr. OTTo Jenser' Mr. Harold Pearson. 6 GreeTings To The Class of I947 HE Theme oT The l947 yearbook-CommuTing-challenges ThoughT and imagina- Tion. IT inTerpreTed To imply ThaT progressive advancemenT To a chosen goal is The keynoTe oT your Yearbook, The quesTion is:-On whaT road are you commuTing To reach your desTinaTion? The "Lower Road" over liTe's iourney is down-grade all The way. IT aTFords easy means oT TransporTaTion-There are TuTTed seaTs in all conveyances: There are gay and hysTerical crowds To cheer you as you pass: There are bands and orchesTras To make music: There are many mirages and opTical illusions To lead you on, and There is much "leisure" among The happy-go-lucky wayTarers. Yes, This lower road oTTers enchanTmenTs OT a varied naTure unTil you geT by The lasT connecTing paTh To The greaT highway oT Progress. Then you experience hunger Tor more pracTicaI and permanenT Things. You Teel The pang of wasTed opporTuniTies and suddenly you are iolTed by a husky voice crying ouT, "All OTTI Far as we go." The "Upper Road" over liTe's journey is Traveled by Those who have The quali- Ties and virTues To overcome diTTiculTies, surmounT obsTacles, and sTick To ideals. IT is uphill and down. You will pass Through Toul and Tair weaTher: you will encounTer sTeep grades, rocky slopes, and narrow passages, and There will be many evidences oT sTruggle by The wayside. You will see The by-paThs here and There which lead OTT To The "Lower Road," buT The main highway is plainly marked aT every Tork and iuncTion, so ThaT he who runs may read, and if you Tollow The sign OT Progress ThaT marks The way, you will reach your goal and experience The keen joy OT having won. Success To you on your journey. 'May your Travels be along The righT road. May happiness and all good Things worTh having be yours and may The Training which you have obTained in FreeporT High School aid in The aTTainmenT oT your ambiTions. BesT wishes Tor success in every endeavor. JOHN W. DODD SuperinTendenT OT Schools 7 A CommuTers' Paradise REEPORT is oTTen spoken oT as a "Commu- Ters' Paradise." More Than l40 Trains run on a 20 minuTe schedule daily carrying men and women To and Trom work in The largesT ciTy in The world. A lisT oT FreeporT's commuTers includes naTionally known arTisTs, wriTers, economisTs, edu- caTors, and many who are ouTsTanding in The business world. These men and women who con- TribuTe so much To The arTisTic, business, and pro- Tessional liTe oT a greaT world meTropolis have chosen FreeporT as a good communiTy in which To make Their home and rear Their children. These neighbors oT ours chose FreeporT as Their home Tor many reasons. Among Those mosT Tre-- quenTly menTioned are: FreeporT is TiTTeen minuTes Traveling Time Trom The greaTesT ocean beach in The world-Jones Beach STaTe Park. The climaTe is mild. WinTers are shorT and summers on The average are I5 degrees cooler Than The TemperaTure recorded in The ciTy. FreeporT is blessed wiTh good sTores. Large and well sTocked Tood markeTs supply a shopping pub- lic oT more Than 60,000 people. Churches are well supporTed and each TaiTh is ToleranT of The belieT oT oThers. FreeporT led The naTion in an experimenT in Tolerance and good will. The lnTer-FaiTh Clergy Council has been ac- cepTed as a model Tor The whole counTry. The FreeporT schools are among The besT in The naTion. Many people come To FreeporT in order ThaT Their children may have The advan- Tages oTFered by The public schools. College Board ExaminaTions are seldom required oT Free- porT High School graduaTes Tor enTrance To The besT colleges oT The naTion. GraduaTes oT Free- porT High School may oTTen be Tound on The Dean's Honor LisT oT such schools as Yale, Harvard, M.l.T., R.P.I. SmiTh, Vassar, and MT. Holyoke. IT is well ThaT The Class of I947 should dedi- caTe iTs yearbook To ThaT parT OT our communiTy mosT TrequenTly spoken oT as commuTers. Some oT our besT leaders and a number oT The honor pupils oT your class come Trom commuTers' homes. The TirsT duTy oT The Class oT I947 is To sTrive To keep FreeporT a communiTy ThaT will conTinue To aTTracT The besT people To make Their homes in our midsT. ThaT you may be willing To accepT This challenge oT ciTizenship is The wish oT your principal and Triend. MARTIN M. MANSPERGER AdminisTra'rion and Guidance EPARATED Trom The high school oTTice by a swinging gaTe is a corridor: oTT This corridor are The rooms which house Three adminisTraTive oTTicers. In The TirsT oTTice is Miss RuTh Cochran, The genTle lady who gives so much oT her Time, ex- perience, and inTeresT in helping all oT us who aT- Tend FreeporT High. ln her oTTicial role oT Vice Principal and Dean oT Girls, she is conTinually working and sTriving To assisT each and every sTu- denT. The girls are her special deparTmenT, and There are many who have been helped by her guieT undersTanding. Miss Cochran's oTher duTies consisT oT Teaching a class oT TrigonomeTry and sponsoring The Junior Honor SocieTy. One OT FreeporT's mosT beloved TradiTions is ThaT oT The ChrisTmas Bible reading by our "TirsT lady." There is none oT us in FreeporT High who will soon TorgeT Miss Cochran. In The nexT oTTice, Mr. C. OverTon Tremper is busy aT work arranging The schedules oT FreeporT Senior High sTudenTs. This man is a special Triend To The Seniors, since iT is he who places Them in jobs and helps Them geT inTo colleges. In addiTion To These duTies, he adminisTers The Kuder PreTer- ence TesT To each Senior To deTermine vocaTional apTiTudes and inTeresTs. Mr. Tremper is also re- sponsible Tor The disseminaTion oT inTormaTion concerning scholarships and adminisTers such TesTs To aspiring Seniors. IT is This same Mr. Tremper who so ably coaches The baseball Team. ln The Third oTTice is Mr. John Randolph, The Junior High Guidance counselor and Supervisor oT ATTendance. This able genTleman plans The schedules Tor all Junior High pupils, holds con- Terences wiTh Them To aid in Their orienTaTion To The school and iTs policies, and in general acTs as a good public relaTions oTTicer boTh in his coun- selling and aTTendance duTies. lT will be a long Time beTore These Three "guid- ing lighTs" oT F. H. S. Tade Trom our memories. Mr. John Randolph Miss RuTh Cochran Mr. C. OverTon Tremper Wulf ff' W" ,M V NGLISH PARTMENT X ' AND LIBRARY M MISS BARLOW. Chairman Mrs. Beck Miss Boyce Miss Ciark Miss Cree-gan Miss Didas Miss Esiock Mr. Frankiin Miss Groesbeck Miss Lifiieiield Miss Loveless Miss Nickerson Miss Sickeis Mrs. Sieqiriedf Miss Skidmore Miss Swan Mrs. Woodcock LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT MRS. HOERN ER, Chairman Miss Brown Miss Cushman Mrs. Kan+z Miss Skinner Mrs. Livingsfon SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT MRS. HOGK, Chairman Mr. Asiiiey Miss Bird Miss Boardman Mrs. Carmen Miss Clowes Miss Creeqan Mr. Joy Miss MacArfi1ur Miss More Miss Nickerson Mr. Poweii Miss Robbins MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MISS WI-IITE, Chairman Miss CarpenIer Miss Davis Miss N. CIarIc Miss Liffleiield Miss Cochran Mr. Terry Miss Cree-gan Miss Quinn Miss Davies Mrs. Woodcock SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. JORDAN, Chairman Mr. Case Mr. Hesse Mr. Chemnifz Miss I-Ioppe Miss I-lack Miss Seifz Mr. Wikander ART DEPARTMENT MISS WALLER, Chairman Miss ConsIabIe Miss MiIner MUSIC DEPARTMENT Miss Bruner Mr. Tavis Miss Robe-rIs Mr. Wefflaufer COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MISS MATTSON, Chairman M Moger Miss Reed M P Ic M' T Ii PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT MR. SOUTHARD, Chairman M CIarIc Mr. Augusf HEALTH DEPARTMENT Miss Becker Miss Derrick HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT MISS CI-IURCI-I,CI1airman Miss Cozine Mrs. Rowe Miss TempIe INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT MR. MYERS, Chairman M Germer Mr. McEm y MPI4 ,+ A 4, 7 4 Q N 1 sf l lirwgi li l 'Yew l .1 'Tis .X , K s 4 X X TX s X 'N In .Qs-. X 1 ' " ' x f , 1 ,g gi I J 1+ cz f " ll x X N X , i f W i lm l 5 il ers lk ll ii ill l X f - . V. X ,T Y y ff I N " , ' : ' if 1 l will " ' El fi ll! Q is-N, llfk I Y- 45,11 i N AQ ' 4 . 'lf' Q K J: fy X ' 'i f X -YT X., ff 'V TX f fm X f Sx 13' I X, c, , yf W i -cc . -L X - - ffm I' 1 I f 4 , 'uh if IX N K iq fl 2: 6J.:l' ,' N l l '47 '-2 H! x r ' - hr Tx' J will rf l f-5 sd X E . My, i cfffi yntjhi -3,-, lilgitfl, N.1,Jf'.'N' N I923, aTTer Teaching music and arT in lvlinnesoTa, Indiana, Penn- sylvania, and New York, lvliss Lily lvluer Waller came To The ArT DeparTmenT of FreeporT High School. Here as boTh Teacher and ArT Supervisor she has increased The original offering oT Two arT subiecTs To Ten and has been insTrumenTal in geTTing recognized an accrediTed ArT major and ArT diploma in F. H. S. Her service in developing creaTiveness in her sTudenTs has been inesTimable. Proudly she can number among her successes arTisTs in The Tields of carTooning, silk screen work, inTerior decoraTing, Tashion design, window design, liThographing, oil painTing, and archiTecTure. In recogniTion of her help, one of her sTudenTs offers annually The Waller ArT Prize in one of The New Jersey Schools. Too, Miss Waller arTisTically pracTices whaT she Teaches. Her own creaTiveness has found expression in oil painTings, prinTs, eTchings, and ceramics. Some oT her work has received public acclaim in "De- sign." Her years of service in FreeporT have noT been unappreciaTed. So iT is wiTh deep graTiTude ThaT The "Voyageur"-speaking Tor all sTu- denTs of F. H. S. pasT and presenT-Thank her and wish Tor her in- reTiremenT many years oT happiness. I3 v ? I , ff if V If f 7 5 , xf ' F A -Aix ,v , 1 X- If ig in W f ffwam Mx .9 M W Gem: I W ,W ,V ' ,-f:::- 13-2 Y 'M f W- ' .,, fi ' NX W4 Q My 6 A i --XM ' C. -ir ' -' J "XX f M IP- , Q - : , - , 2 f!:w2i,y w X 1 , j A7 W W' in R ' X X ,iff -v X f UN X if "' xf X 0 3 Fdgfj V! .XX i Nxxwxxgux VZ Mgjffw ' i 1 .-'A My M N m6W"? ' fi NX N W I X 'Sax W it s , 3907 X . .,7 X ,f 1' W1 i X llx N W X i The main secfion of our frain represenfs fhe classes and sfudenfs in fhe school-fhe s+uden+ body. We are on fhis frain headed for fhe fufure because of our ambifions and desires. We visualize in our mind's eye all fhe opporfunifies and hardships in +he world of Tomorrow. Some of us will become engineers +o build +he fuiureg some of us will be- come chemisls 'lo keep fhe world advancing: some of us will become teachers +o help o+hers in life. No ma'H'er whai' we dream of now-whefher il' be of science, agriculfure, or home-life-fhe future is ours fo build. Lei' our lrain pull info ihe siaiion. Lei' our visions become realiiies, and our ideas, acfualilies. CLASSES + 1 Q' M x L QA . I. E 1 yr e ss Y s i QS wxkx ' L 3: . ' 5 Q S ., 'Q - C , 4 Ei ,Q 4 H'f?':1: S' -ff, , 54 Z - A Y iT- Q 1,A T- Y ,, V y A., h, s,x ,T X f- ' 2 ., .- -'L ' : -f-.ei 7 ' f ' X' -Vi' J? Q f -1 233' " -'-.. -A-v 5 Eg f g i--QV II 5.41 I' THE CLASS 'Twas in nineTeen hundred TorTy one, On a cool SepTember morn, Boys and girls To school did run, The class oT TorTy seven born. From Columbus, Cleveland, Archer STreeT, The Grove, and Seaman Schools, The kids from FreeporT came To meeT The Teachers and The rules. We Took The TirsT dance in our sTride. Each laddie and each lass: We boughT our TirsT G. O. wiTh pride, And The year did quickly pass. Lockers Tor The boys and girls- Now we're all grade eighTers When femmes wore saddle shoes and curls, And boys were "wimmin haTers." This year we boughT boTh bonds and sTamps: Our counTry ToughT The Japsg In Shop, The boys were making lamps And saving all The scraps. In TorTy Three, each girl and beau Had on Their Taces grins. We puT on a VarieTy Show And wore our freshman pins. LipsTick and heels aT every dance The Freshman girls did wear: The man gave every chick a glance And combed and combed his hair. Ib OF '47 Our Sophomore year was loTs oT Tun: The Tellas sTarred in sporTs- On Tracks and Tields did many run, On diamonds and on courTs. The RegenTs we all Took in June- Biology and Spanish: The girlies heard SinaTra croon: The boys wished he would vanish. ln nineTeen hundred TorTy six Our Junior year, you know, The boys were daTing lvlepham chicks: Each girl, a Baldwin beau. We had swell Tun wiThouT a doubT: Remember The RegenTs in Trig? In many clubs our class sTood ouT- The Band, The Masque and Wig. Our Senior year, aT lasT our goal! So, gang, Throw ouT your chesTg We held a populariTy poll: Our VarieTy Show was besT. We wore our rings, boTh black and red The prom beneaTh The moon: O gee, how quick The year has sped! CommencemenT is in June. So, TuTure builders oT The peace, Who'll make The world a heaven, Aren'T you glad you goT a lease On The Class oT ForTy Seven! JOE EISENBERG S -: X-xv' wus--1 'Q X' Vyx-K Kg. fx:X,, -.D Y NskgXN XLAXX XI -KK-Lgxxt SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President FRANK PITCHER Secrehary, DON PORTER Vice-President BILL CIARVINO Treasurer, DON DAVENPORT Social Secrefary, DOROTHY YAI-INER G. O. Represenfafive, JACK I-IUDOCK I 7 ROBERT ABRAMSON G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. Mgr. 3: Forum 4: Bowling 3. FLORENCE ALLETSEE G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross Council I: Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling 3. XANTHEPPE ANADOLLIS Girls' Chorus I, 2. ALICE VIRGINIA ANDERSON G.O. I, 2, 3: News Service 3, 4: Librarian 2, 3, 4: Library Club 3, Secrelary: Jr. Red Cross Council 2: Jr. Band I: Sr. Band 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus I: Table Tennis 2, 3: Bowling 3: Archery I. EDWARD ANDREWS G.O. I: Sludenl Leader 2, 3, 4: Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 4: J. V. Foolball I: J. V. Baslcelball I: Track I, 2, 3, 4. AUDREY ANFINSON G.O. I, 2: Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. MABEL ANFINSON G.O. I, 2. FRANCES LOUISE APFEL G.O. 2, 3, 4: News Service 4: Senior Play 4. JEANNE RAY BALLOT G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: News Service 4: H. R. Mgr. 2: Masque and Wig I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 2, 4: Forum 4: Assembly Commillee I: Jr. Red Cross Council I: Orcheslra 4: Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Hoclcey 2: Chess Club I. MARIANNE BARONE G.O. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociely I: News Service, Associale Edilor 4: Malh Club 3: Assembly Com- millee I: Jr. Red Cross Council I, 4. JOAN LILLIAN BEHRLE G.O. 2, 3, 4: Bowling 4. MARY JANE BERGER G.O. 2, 3, 4: Flashings 3. ARLENE BERGMAN G.O. I: Library Club I: Jr. Band I: Sr. Band 2, 3. RITA BIAMONTE Girls' Chorus 4. THEODORE B. BICKMORE G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: G.O. Council 2: Jr. Honor Sociely, Vice Presidenl I: H. R. Ivlqr I, 4: Track 3, 4: Class Ollicer I, 2. DOROTHY BISCHOFF G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4. GERALDINE FRANCES BOLAND G.O. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Band I: Bowling 2: Badminlon 3. LOIS BRADY G.O. 2, 3, 4: H. R. Mgr. 4: Dance Comrnillee 3, 4: Sr. Red Cross 4: Cheerleader 3, 4. MARCIA BRENNER G.O. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociely I: Flashinqs 4: Masque and Wig I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 2, 3: Forum I: Jr. Red Cross Council I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM BRESLIN G.O. 2, 4: Flashinqs 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Boys' Chorus 3, 4: Boys' A. A. Council 3: J. V. Foolball I: Traclc I, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4. SUSAN BRIGHTSON G.O. I, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Badminlon, 2. 1.4 r If G.O. I, 2, 3: 6.0. Execu+ive Commillee 3, 4. JAMES BUTLER ZARAFINO CARILLO G-.O. 4. DONALD H. CASE OO. 4. DORIS JEAN CHAMBERS G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. Mgr. I:Jr. Red Cross I: Girls' Clworus I, 2, 3, 4: Hoclcey I, 2, 3, 4: Volley- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Sofiball I, 2, 4. APHRO CHAMOUSIS G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. Mgr. l:OrcI1esTra I. RUTH CHILDRES G.O. I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM IGNATIUS CIARVINO G.O. I, 3.4: 6.0. Council 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociely I: Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Voyaqeur 4: Masque and Wig 3, Presidenf 4: Senior Play 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross Council, Presiclenl I: Boys' A. A. Council, Vice Presidenl 4: Siudenl Leader 3: Varsily Foofball 3, CO-Caplain 4: J. V. Foofball 2: Track 2, 3, 4: CI s Treasurer 3, Class Vice-Presiclenl 4. . ROBERT V. CLARE 6.0. I, 4: Jr. Band I, 2: Sr. 3, 4 G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Masque and Wig , :Sen 3, 4: Assembly Commiflee 4: Sludenf Leader , : Foolball Mgr. 2, 3. J LAWRENCE C. COLBYE 4 r 4 CLIFFORD A. COMBES, JR. G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Forum I: J. V. Foofball : Rifle Team I, 2, Caplain 3. LOUISE COMBS G.O. 2, 3, 4: I-Ioclcey 4: Baclminlon 3: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: B'aslce+baIl 2, 3, 4: Sollball I, 2, 3, 4. ln ' fl! GEORGE COOKE G. IHLL2, 3, 4: Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Sr. Band If ' I, 2, 3, 4. . 4 y KEFIETH CROOK QJO I, 2, 3, 4: yageur, Ass? Ari Ed. 4: Baslcel- L ,fi Eau 4. I fb ' 'SANFORD J. DANZIGER V G, . I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Band 2: Rifle Team 4. , V O , ' ,an DON DAVENPORT U?00SEVELT2 - f gs I r""' ,nga-"n I rf fur fnwrfs Q -..... ... . W" som: com: mom rAR".C?ii'.'0" . " ,Ii 2 3 C af . c fr' I J r ET "TT Ia. 1-- 7 " rf 'A , a . CATHERINE DEL ROSSO 6.0. 3, 4: Library CIub 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross CounciI 2, 3: 6irIs' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA DOBBINS 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. CounciI Commiffee 4: Busi- ness PubIicaIions 3: Fiashinqs 3, 4: Dance Commif- ree 4: 6irIs' A. A. CounciI 4: Sfudenf Leader 4: Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: VoIIeybaII I, 2, 3, 4: BaskeIbaII I, 2, 3, 4: SoIIbaII I, 2, 3, 4. JEFFERY DOREMUS 6.0. 2, 3, 4: Badminfon 3, 4: VoIIeybaII 3, 4: Baske'rbaII 3, 4: SoI+baII 3, 4. JOAN DOREMUS GO. 4. MARY DOTY 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Business Pubhcaiions 3: Dance Comrniffee 3, 4. MARY JANE DOYLE 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: SoI+baII I. BETTY DRINKWATER 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Fiashinqs 3, 4: Dance Commiffee 3, 4: AssembIy CommiIIee 4: Cheerieader 3, 4. PAT DUFF 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Execufiye ComrniI+ee 4: 6.0. CounciI 4: Flashinqs 3: I-I. R. Mgr. 2: Dance Commiffee 3, 4: Cheerieader 2, 3, 4: VoIIeyboII 3, 4: SoI7IbaII 2: CIass Treasurer I, 3. JANE D. EIDEL 6.0. 4: 6.0. Council 4: News Service 4: H. R. Mgr. 4: Red Cross CounciI 3. JOSEPH EISENBERG 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. CounciI 4: Voyaqeur, Ass'I Ed. 4: Fiashinqs 3, 4: Masque and Wig 4: Senior Piay 4: Science Club 2, 4: AssembIy CornmiI'ree I: 0rches'rra I, 2, 3, 4: SecIion I-Iead I, 3, 4: Boys' A. A, CounciI 2: J. V. BaskeIbaII I, 2: J. V. Base- baII I: Cross Couniry 2, 3: Chess Club 2. ROBERT D. ERTL 6.0. I: Marh Ciub 2. ROBERT ERWIG JEANNINE ETZKORN 6.0. I, 2, 4: Jr. I-Ionor Sociery I: Library CIub I. RUTH FISHER RONALD M. FISHKIND 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociefy I: Voyaqeur 4: Flashinqs 4: Forum 4: Jr. Band I: Sr, Band I, 2, 3, 4: 0rches+ra I, 2: S+uden+ Leader 3, 4: Varsiiy BasebaII 3: J. V. BasebaII I, 2: Track Mgr. 4: Rifle Team 3, 4. THOMAS FLECKENSTEIN 6.0. I: I-I. R. Mgr. 2: Senior PIay 4: AssembIy ComrniI+ee 4: Sr. Band I, 2. MADELINE FOSTER 6.0. 3. 4: Business Publicafions 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3, 4: BowIing 3, 4: Archery 2. CHARLES FRAHME FRED FRANKEL 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. CounciI 2, 3, 4: Jr. Hono Sr. Band Mgr. I, 2, 3, 4: 0rches'rra I, 2, 3, 4: S+udenI' Leader 4: Rifle Team 3, 4. Sociefy I: Masque and Wig 4: Senior Play 4: MX HAROLD FRIED MAN 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Band I: Varsify I:ooIbaII 4: J. V. FooIbaII 3: Track 3, 4. DORIS ARLENE FUCHS 6.0. 4: News Service 4: Sr. Red Cross Counclf 4: 6irIs' Chorus I. ROBERT FURMAN 6.0. I, 2, 3. 4: Sfudeni Leader 3, 47 J. V. FooIbaII I1 J. V. BaskeIbaII I, 21 Varsify Baseball 2, 3, 4, Cross Couniry 2, 3. MARILYN B. GALLO 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: News Service 43 Librarian 47 Library Ciub 4, Masque and Wig 4: Senior PIay 4: Science Club 45 Sr. Red Cross Council 45 6irIs' A. A. CounciI 31 Badrninion 2, 41 VoIIeybaII I, 2, 3, 4, BasIceIbaII 2, 3: SOIIbaII I, 2, TabIe Tennis I. LOUIS GATHERS 6.0. 2, 3, 4, J. V. Faa+baII 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3. BEATRICE GENNER Sr. Band I, 2, 3, 43 0rcIiesIra, I 2, 3, 4: 6lrIs A. A, Council 2, 3, 41 I-Iockey I, 2, VoIIeybaII I, 27 BasIceIbaII I: Archery I. HARRIET GOLD 6.0. 2, 3, 43 TabIe Tennis 2, 35 Bowling 2. ELEANOR I. GOODING 6.0. 2, 3, 4, Jr, Red Cross CCunciI Ig Badrnirdon 3, 4: VoIIeybaII Ig SoIIbaII 2: BowIinq 2. GORDON GISSEL 6.0. I, 2, 3, 41 0rcI'iesIra I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD GREMPEL Track I, 2. DOROTHY GROVER 6.0. I, 2, 3, 43 6.0. Execu+iye Comrni'rIee, Vice Presideni 3, Secrefary 43 6.0. Council Commiifee 3, 41 Jr, I-Ionor Socieiy I3 Sr. Honor Socieiy 3, 4, FIasIiinqs Ig I-I. R. Mgr. I: Masque and Wig 3, 4, Senior PIay 3, 4, Dance Cor'nmiIIee 3, 43 AssernbIyIi Cornrnifiee Ig Jr. Band I: Band TwirIer 2, 3, Drum 5 I, 2, 33 SoIIbaII 27 CIass Presideni I, 2. f JOHN W. GROVER DIANA HALLAM ' 6.0. 2, 3, 47 Vcyaqeur 4, BowIinq 41 FIasI1inqs 4, Maioreiie 4: Hockey I7 VoIIeybaII I, 25 Basker II' WI ,FN I ROGERT T. HAMMARLUND 6.0.1 FIasI1inqs 43 Science CIub I, 2, 3, RiIIe Team I 3: Chess CIub 3. RUTH MARIE HASSELT 6.0. I, 2, 3, 43 FIasI'iinqs 4, Dance ComrniIIee 3, 43 I-IocIcey 2, 3, 43 Badminfon Ig BasIceIbaII I, 2, 31 SoIIbaII 2, Bowling 4. MARILYN HEIMER 6.0. 2, 3, 47 VoIIeybaII 27 Archery 2: CI1essCIub I. THELMA HOFFMAN 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4, News Service 43 Flasbinqs 3: I-I. R. Mgr. 2, 3, Librarian 3, 41 Library Club 3, Presi- denf 47 AssernbIy Comrnifiee Ig Red Cro's Coun- ciI I, 25 Badrninion I, 3, 47 BasIceIbaII 3, 4: Table Tennis 4. ' -3. mms com: nv sms, , "L: .....,-. . f ' 5 if by ,ff .r' .mf - - 'P EKG". X sf- J -,. ,. 5' I L - .X xx I f 7 3 'B' G" ! ' ,rx . ' f x "' ' K I 5 A1 .1 gj .. - , D -- " f y X ' ' ff "SOME COMF. FROM NEAR U ii D .ff Kgbbov ALAN HOGLE 6.0. 43 Senior Play 4. NANCY HOLLE 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4, Flaslwings I, 2, 3, 4g H. R.fMqr. I5 Dance Cornmillee 43 Jr.'RecI Cross CounciI'Ig, Sr? Band 2, 3f47 pnd Twirler 2, 3, 4' ,lf 'I ,f , ff f A4 fisoii Houeffbl 3,i4: 6.0: Exegdiiilfe COmrniIIee, Vice I I' 4' yh.'V3, Presiden! ?i6.0. Council 3, 41 Jr. qlrlioncyr Socie-I Honor Sociely 31 jsiiirfqs 43 Xfssss bly C millee 3, 41' Boys' . Council 23 Sludjlnl Leader 2, 3, 4: Varsilygagkelball I, 2, 3, Caplain 43 Track I, 2, 3, 4q' Class Secrefary I, i 1 Treasurer 2, Presidenl 3. GEORGE HOWARDELL 6.0. I, 2, 47 Masque and Wig 2, 3, Vice Presidenl 47 Senior Play 2, 3, 4: Science Club 35 Sr. Band 47 Vaisily Foolball Mgr. 2, 31 J. V. Foolball Mgr. Ig DAVID HOWE 6.0. I, 2, 4: Boys' A, A. Council 43 Sfudenl Leader 3, 4: J. V. Foolball 2: Track 3, 4, Cross Counlry 4. VIRGINIA MARY HOWLEY 6.0. I, 2, 3, 41 Senior Play 47 Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil I: Band Twirler Ig 6irls' A. A. Council 4: Bad- minlon 2, 33 Baskelball 27 Table Tennis 2: Bowling 2, 3, 4. JACK N. HUDOCK 6.0. 3, 4: 6. 0. Council 45 H. R. Mgr. 41 Boys' A. A. Council 3, Presidenl 43 Sludenl Leader 3, 43 J. V. Foolball 3, Track 2, 3, Co-Capfain 4: Class 6.0. Rep, 4. JOHN I-IUNDT 6.0. I, 2, 3, 47 Masque and Wig 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 37 Assembly Coimmilfee 47 Sludenl Leader 3, 4, Track 2, 4. ROSWELL S. HUNT, JR. Senior Play 4: Boys' A A Council 47 Varsily Base- ball 3, 4. FAYE JOHNSON - I 6.0. I, 3, 4: H. R. Mgr. Ig 6irIs Clnorus I, 2: Soflball 2. IRENE JOHNSON 6.0. I, 2, 3, 43 Flashinqs 41 Assembly Commillee 33 Jr. Red Cross Council 23 Hockey 2, Volleyball 3, Baskelball 2, 3, Soilball 2. JOANNE JORGENSEN 6.0. 3, 47 Business Publicalions 47 Flaslwings 45 Masque and Wig 4, Senior Play 3, 4, Baskelball 4. JOAN KATZ 6.0. I, 3, 41 Jr. Red Cross Council I, 2, 3. HYACINTHE KILLIKELLY 6.0. I, 2, 3, 47 Flaslwings 3, 47 Masque and Wig 3, 4, Senior Play 3: Dance Comrnillee 4, Assembly Commillee 41 Jr. Red Cross Council I, 2, Volley- ball 2, 3: Soflball 2. ALLEN W. LANG DORIS JEAN LANG 6.0. 41 Senior Play 4, Forum 43 Assembly Com- millee 4, Badminlon 4. FRANCES LANGDON 6.0. 2, 3, 4. GLADYS LANGDON 6.0. 2, 3, 4. IMOGENE LANGIS PATRICIA LANGIS JACK LAYTON 6.0. 4: Varsily Foolball 47 J. V. Foolball 37 Track I 1.2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA M. LEE 6.0. 2, 3, 43 News Service 3, 4, Flashings 3, 47 Masque and Wig 3, Treasurer 47 Senior Play 3, 43 Forum 41 Dance Commillee 47 Assembly Commil- lee 4. DAVID LEVENE 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4, 6.0. Council 2, Flashings 2, 3, 43 Masque and Wig I, 23 6.0. Rep: Senior Play 2, 3, 4: Forum 47 Assembly Cornmillee 47 Jr. Band IgTracIc 2, 3, 4: Cross Counfry 3, 4. BARBARA LEVEY 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Flashings 4, Senior Play 4: 6irIs' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Archery 2. KENNETH LOZIER 6.0. I, 27 6.0. Council 31 Flashings 3, 4, Masque and Wig 3, 43 Senior Play 2, 3, 41 Assembly Com- millee 45 Sr. Band I, 2, 3, 47 Orcheslra 4, Boys' A. A. Council 3, 41 Srudenl Leader 2, 31 Varsily Foolball 3, J. V. Foolball 2g Varsily Baslcelball 31 J. V. Baslcelball 23 Varsily Baseball 2, 3, Co' Caplain 4g J. V. Baseball I. DAVID MAHNKEN 6.0. 2, 3, 4: H. R. Mgr. 23 Assembly Commillee Ig Jr. Red Cross Council I. GEORGE H. MAHNKEN 6.0. I, 2, 45 Voyageur 4, Pholo Ed 4. SYLVIA LEA MARLOW GO. I, 2, 3, 4. JANE MARIE MARSHALL Senior Play 4: 6irls' Chorus 3, 4, SARABELLE MATTHEWS GO. 2, 4. SELENA RUTH McKNIGHT 6.0. I, 2, 41 Librarian 2, 31 Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil Ig 6irls' Chorus I, 27 Volleyball Ig Table Ten- nis I. NANCY McLAUGHLIN 6.0. I, 2, 3, 45 Flashings 4: Dance Commillee 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, Caplain 41 I-Ioclcey I, 2, 4, Volleyball Mgr. I, 2, 3, 41 Baslcelball I, 2, 43 Soil- ball 2, 4, Archery I. LILLIAN P. McMURRAY 6.0. I, 43 H. R. Mgr. Ig Jr. Red Cross Council Ig Sollball I. JAY MERKLE JOAN MITCHELL 6.0. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociely, Sec. Ig Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 4, Voyageur, Edilor-in-chief 47 News Service 47 Flashings 2, 4, I-I. R. Mgr. 3: Masque and Wig 43 Senior Play 4: Assembly Commillee Ig Jr. Red Cross Council I, 3, 43 6irIs' Chorus I: American Legion Prize Speaking Conlesl Winner 4. ROSALIE MORMINO Jr. Red Cross Council I, 2. fofrfmrxazv j no 274125153 I i WH Q49 mmcim C' "M f M W 'W -1- Ly has -,ML 'f"' omr. come ron Fool. IN frm' -:J 1 F4 my ' 2 X' A f g ff :-.., inf-,f wr vw I Q , A If f mr Xi Aj X., r I 'L 2' l n .3- ,I . I -1 J v I ,I x L sv W. 1 d ' Q ' VINCENT DEAN MoRRrEoN ' G.0. 4g Selior Play 4g Sr. Band 4. JIM MURPHY G.0. I, 2, 3: G.0. Council 4: Senior Play 3g Boys' A. A. Codwcil 4g Shidenif' Leader 2, 3g Varsily Fool- ball 3. Cp-Cspliain 4g J. V. Foolball 2g Track I-4. ' ROBERT MURPHY GD. 1.3. 4: Cheerleader I, 33 Sludenl Leader 3, 4g J. V. Baskeibali 3g Track I, 2, 3, 4. W JEAN MYERS' Q G.0. I, 2, 3, 43 I-I. R, Mgr. lg Librarian I, 2, 3, 4g Library Club I, 2, 3, 4g Jr. Red Cross Council I, 2g Girls' Chorus I, 2g Volleyball I, 2g Archery I. ELIZABETH ANN NELSON G.0. I, 2, 3. 4. JEANNE NEWBERGER G.0.l ,2,3,4g Council 4g Jr. I-Ion. Soc. Pres. Ig Sr. I-Ion. Soc. 3,43 News Ser. Ass'I Ed. 4g Flashings 4g H.R. Mgr. I,2,3,4: Masque 81 Wig 2, 3,4g Forum 4g Assembly Com. 4g Jr. Red Cross Council I,2,3g Girls' Chorus I, 2,3,4, Acc, 3.4: Girls' Siale 3g A. L. Prize Speaking Conlesi Winner 2,31 Mixed Chorus 3,4, Acc. 4. LOIGENE GRACE NICKEL G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g Council 4g Jr. I-Ionor Sociely Ig News Service 3, Ed.-in-chief 4g Flashings 4g Dance Com. 3, 4g Assembly Com. Ig Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil lg Sr. Band 2, 3, 4g 0rch. 3, 4g Girls' Chorus I. AGNES A. NOLAN G.0. I, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4g Badminion 3g Volleyball 2, 3g Baskelball 3g Soilball I, 2, 3. HARRY G. OGDEN G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g Boys' A. A. Coun. 4g Var. Baskelball 4g Track I, 2, 3, Co-Capi. 4g Cross Counlry 2. JUNE OLSEN G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g Jr. I-Ionor Socieiy Ig Sr. I-Ionor Socielgy 3, 43 News Service 4g Flashings 3, 4g Forum 4g Jr. Band lg Sr. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Seciion I-lead 3, 4g Orchesira I, 3, 4g Girls' A, A. Council 3, 4g Sludenl Leader 3, 4g Volleyball I, 2, 3g Baskelball I, 2g Archery Mgr. I, 2g Class Soc' I ecre r I. ROBERT OLSE J, G.0. I, 3, 4g J. V. Baseball Ig Rifle Team , 4. ", DOLORES PALMER U G.0. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' A. A. Council 4g Hockey I, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Soiiball I, 2, 3, 4. JANET PASSAFIUME G.0. I, 3, 4g Librarian 2, 3, Vice Presidenl 4g Library Club 2, 3, 4g Red Cross Council I, 2g Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. JOCELYN PATTERSON G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g Flashings 4g Masque and Wig 4: Senior Play 4g Forum 4g Assembly Commiilee 4g Baskelball 3g Soiiball 3g Archery 2. AUDREY PEARSON G.0. 2, 3, 4g G.0. Councilg Flashings 4g Librar- ian 3g Library Club 3g Masque and Wig 3, 4g Sen- ior Play 4g Assembly Commillee 4g Cheerleader 2, 3, 4g I-lockey 2g Volleyball 3, 4g Softball 3, 4. CAROL PERRY G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g News Service 4g Badminlon 3, 4g Baskelball 2, 3, 4g Soilball I, 2, 3, 4g Bowling I, 4. SADIE F. PIECORA G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g News Service 4g Librarian 3, 4g Library Club 3, 4g Jr. Red Cross Council I, 23 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4g Badminion IgTable Tennis I. ELIZABETH PINTO G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g Bowling 4. CARL PISACRITA G.0. 2, 4g Boys' A. A. Council 4g Sludeni Leader 3, 4g Bowling 2, 3, Caprain 4. FRANK PITCHER G.0. I, 2, 3. 4g Jr. I-Ionor Sociery Ig Flashings 3g Varsily Foorball 4g J. V. Foolball 2g Varsiiy Baskei- ball 3, 4g Boys' I-Ii Y, I, 2, 3, 4: Class G.0. Rep. I, Secrelary 3, Presidenl 4. DONALD PORTER G.0. I, 2, 3, 4g G.0. Exec. Com., Treas. 4g G.0. Council 4g Voyageur 4g Flashings 43 Jr. Band Ig Sr. Band I, 2, 3, 4g Boys' A. A. Council 4g Sludenl Leader 2, 3g J. V. Foolball 2g Var. Bask. Mgr. 4g J. V. Bask. Mgr. 2, 3g Track 3, 4g Class Sec. 4. JOAN E. POST G.O. I, 2, 3, 4. 5 DONALD POWERS G.O. 3,'43CI1ess I. MARY-3 POWER G.O, I, 2, 3, 43 Flaslwinqs 3, 43 Masque and Wig 43 Senior Play 4. GEORGE PRIEST G.O. I, 2. AUDREY VIRGINIA PURTILL G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 Bowling 2, 3, 4. FRANK RAGUSA G.O. I, 3, 4. SIDNEY RAPPAPORT G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 Science Club 3, Treas. 43 Forum 43 IvIa+I1 Club 33 Chess Club 2. JOAN REMSEN G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 Librarian 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Jr, Red Cross Council 23 Girls' Cliorus I, 2, 3, 4. SIMAN RIMAN G.O. 3, 43 Track 3, 4. JOHN RYAN . ' I G.O. 4. , , fl' I I LI . . I I y G , 3 ' if ea ig 3 Senior y ' W J. oolball alsi , f . E fuk X 1 nf- , . , 2, 3, 43 .Cou il 3, 43 Jr. o d ggjci- 2 ' I3 Sr, 'I-Io Socieiy 3 Vice Presidenf 4' oy f , Y . 3-v - , J . ageur 43 Flaslwings 3, Edilorrin-clwief 43 Forum 43X,5, I 'Assembly Commilfee 43 Sr, Red Cross Council 33,-j Sr. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Secfion I-lead 43 GirIsI"7T? A. Council I, 2, 3, 4, G.O. Rep. 3, Presidenl 43 Sludenf Leader 43 I-Ioclcey I, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 43 Baslceiball I, 2, 3, 43 Sofiball I, 2, 3, 4. DON SCHANTZ G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 I-I. R. Mgr. 43 Varsily Foolball 33 J. V. Foofball 2. RAMONA SCHOLZ G.O. 43 Voyaqeur, Ari Ed. 4. ELEANOR MAY SCHRANK G.O. I, 2, 33 Flaslninqs 3, 43 Masque and Wig 43 Band Twirler I, 2, 3, 4. I 4 f ,, Q THEY vorao Ms J CH MMP ff i ' ' TI-is sov Mosr T0 7745 f'5 Nj J LIKELY T0 succaso 7'0" " Jin K um.N ' X.. som: come ron A cAneen"....... 'J 5' i , Q33 3 -: Fpris, N,-'IDI' I Lara . Ai Ian!-..l Q OA ' g in - ' S2 -- 'Q' ., U JV! QI S' PHEBE SHEARD 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: FIashinqs 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociery I: Library Club 4: Masque and Wig 2, 3: Forum 4: AssernbIy Cornmiffee, Chairman 4: Sr. Band 2, 3, 4: Band TwirIer 2, 3, 4: 0rchesIra 2, 3, 4: 6irIs' A. A. CominciI, Vice Presidenr 4: Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: VoIIeybaII I, 2, 3, 4: BasIceIbaII I, 2, 3, 4: SoiIbaII I 2, 3, 4: Class Vice Presideni' I, 3. ANNETTE E. SIGWART 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Library CIub 2, 3, 4: Sr. Red Cross CounciI 4: Badrninion 3, 4: VoIIeybaII I, 2, 3, 4: BowIing, 2. HELEN CAROLYN SMITH 6.0.2, 3, 4: FIashinqs 3, 4: Masque and Wig 4. HERBERT E. SMITH 6.0. I, 2: Boys' A. A. Council I, 2: Varsiry Foor- baII I, 2: J. V, FooIbaII I:TracIc I, 2, 3. LIONEL SOCOLOV 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Business Publicarions 4: Marh Club 3: Jr, Band I, 2: Boys' Chorus 4: J. V. FooIbaII 2, 3: Varsify Baseball Mgr. 4: Track 3: Rifie Team 3, 4. MORTON SOLOMON 6.0. 2, 3, 4: Hashinqs 4: Science Club 4. GEORGE STEIGER 6.0.2, 3, 4: I-I. R. Mgr.2: Bowling 3, 4. RAMONA STOKES GERTRUDE V. SUMNER I 1 If +??'2:3hf'f4J"A" 6 4JbIQuLU6vi u .J glfeas 3, Pres. 4, 6 rs C orus I, . MJUIRED JEA I f - i ' ii 2 ', 6..I. 1,35 3' p on-:Y SWEENEY D o WILLIAM TAIT 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 3: VarsiIy Foofball 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA TERRY 6.0. I, 2, 3: 6irIs' Chorus I, 2. THERESA TED ESCO JOH N TI ERNEY 6.0. I, 2, 4: Jr. Band 2: Sr. Band 2, 3, 4: 0rches- Ira 2, 3, 4: Jr, 0rchesIra 2. ADELAIDE TIETJEN 6.0.2, 3,4: Business Publicarions 3: H. R. Mgr. 3, Dance Commirree 3, 4: AssernbIy CommiIIee 4: Hockey 3: Volleyball 2: BasIceIbaII 3. MARY CAROL TIETZSCH 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: FIashinqs 4. JAMES E. TRAPP Jr. Band I, 2: Sr. Band 3, 4. MAE ULLIAN 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4: Library CIub 3, 4: Senior PIay 4: AssembIy Cornmirfee 4: Bowiing Mgr. 4. ANN VALLONE 6.0. 2, 3: 6irIs' Chorus I, 2, 3. WINIFRED VAN EN 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. I-Ionor Sociery I: FIashings 3, Assoc. ECI. 4: Dance Cornmiriee 3, 4: Jr. Band I: Sr. Band 2, 3, 4: 6irIs' A. A. CounciI, Sec. 4: I-Iocicey 2, 3, 4: VoIIeybaII 2, 3, 4: BasIceIbaII I, 2, 3: SoIIbaII 2, 3. MARY P. VARELAS K G.O.3 Girls' Chorus I3 Badrninlon 4. DON VERITY G.O. I, 3, 43 Sludenl Leader 43 Track 3, 43 Cross Counlry 3, 4. LORRAINE VERNON Jr. Red Cross Council I, 23 Girls' Chorus I, 2. LIONEL WALLENROD G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 Voyageur 43 Masque and Wig 43 Senior Play 43 Science Club 3, 43 Forum I, Pres 43 Malh Club 3. DORIS LOUISE WALZ G.O. 43 Badminion 43 Table Tennis 43 Bowling 4. MARILYN WESTON G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 Voyageur, Typing Ed. 43 Jr. Red Cross 23 Girls' Chorus 23 Bowling I3 Archery 2. ED WHITE G.O. I, 2, 4: Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 43 Sr, Play 43 Varsily Foolball 3, 43 J. V. Foolball I, 23 Varsily Baseball 3, 43 J. V. Baseball I, 2. PATRICIA WHITE G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 Flaslwirigs 43 Dance CornmiIIee 3, 43 Hoclcey I, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball I, 2, 3, 43 Solfball 1 I, 2, 3, 43 Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4. I WILLIAM WINN ! fx G.O. 23 Jr. Band 23 Orcheslra I3 Boys' Chorus I3 A Sludenl Leader 3. 1 f ELIZABETH WOODCOCK ' 3 G.O. I3 Masque and Wig 33 Senior Play I3 Sr. Red 'Cross Council 33 Jr. Band 23 Girls' Chorus 43 If f Public Speaking Conlesl I. ELAINE WURTZEL I G.O. 2, 3, 43 Voyage-ur 43 Flashings 43 Librarian 43 - Library Club 43 Ivlalh Club 33 Assembly Cornmillee f 43 Girls' Chorus I. DOROTHY YAHNER ' GO. I, 2, 3, 43 G.O. Council 43 Jr. Honor Sociely I3 Sr. Honor Sociely 3, Treas. 43 Voyageur 43 Flashings 3, Ass'I Ed. 43 Forum 43 Jr. Band I3 Sr. Band I, 2, 3, Sludenl Direclor 43 Orcheslra I, 2, 3, Sludenl Direclor 43 Siudenl Leader 3, 43 Baskelball I, 23 Jr, Orchesfra I3 Class Social Secre- Iary, 4. MARGUERITE YOUNG f eo. i, 2. JOY YULE G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 Dance Comrnillee 3, 43 Jr. Red Cross Council I3 I-Ioclcey 3, 43 Volleyball 3, 43 Bas- Icelball 2, 3, 43 Bowling 4. MARGARET ZIFFER G.O. I, 2, 3, 43 News Service 43 H. R. Mgr. 43 Librarian 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Badminlon 2, 3. 43 Table Tennis 2, 33 Bowling 2, 3, 43 Archery 2. RICHARD BALDWIN ROBERT BERGER ROBERT BOYLES FREDERICK BROOKS ROBERT BROWN FRANK CIZIN ROBERT CRANE LEON DE BREMONT GENE DeFAU UNPHOTOGRAPHED SENIORS LOUIS DeSALVO ERNEST DOTTER PETER ELAR JOAN FINN GEORGE FISCHER JAMES FORKER WARD FROST MELVILLE GEVERTZ JEAN GUMBS NORMAN HOLMES x HARVEY JACOBS ' ROBERT JUFFRAS WALTER KAMP GERALD KELLY STEVEN KERN ROBERT LANGAN VVILLIAM LEYS WILLIAM MARSHALL WILLIAM MULOOLY BEN MULVEY JOHN MURPHY WARREN SCHLEGEL WILLIAM SCHREIBER DONALD SEAMAN ERNEST SWANSON JEREMIAH TUTTLE PETER VALLARO KAY WEBER LEROY WILCOX EMORY WRIGHT DOTTIE O FRANK PAT ' DAVE NOST POPULAR + ATTRACTIVE CUTE S T PHEBE 0 BU-L BETTY ' KENNY MGS? REPQESENTATBVE CLETESY CCfUFPiM? NQCE ST DERSONAi,,2T153S sm-:Av A I MASH mos-,'r ATH1.ETec EDSTH 0 LEON HAVE DONE NOST FOR EHS ,, BARBARA 0 AQ.. NKZEST SME 1.58 AUDREY e non Loiesmi o nom suv 0 oven smoornssr BEST :messes essw mncens l O JOY 0 JIM PAT ' BUGS WIN! AL Q I BEST FIGURES CLASS NITS . FRIENDLIEST ' Q W if J x Law.: gg , A, M ,3VL:i LMA K ' .f 23522 agzgfziifiieen'f5i5g,?Eigi,?Qifffig f Q X M 5, 4 - - , ffl YJ 3f?fghQ,zHQ':5r:f ::g,,jQxfl "1 iii' YQ' Z f- ' f .7-Q 5 'fy Hel m" '1"ff:KW::5:z" ,fx . .'.f,3.5T'mf" ' if ' E 0 . . ., - an 'fffV3'VlfWVz3s":2 'xx 5, H5 ,N , ,f. 'e?f',LE7MQ.i, K. Ncgwfgwgq ,K .XX 35, .,. Lyjigtgf.. J Q W ? .:..,, ,:,A 5 ',-', A"' - -' A - X i t .A E zlzl g ., bm ,,,, ZIA E:,.., i . ' .ti ' ' , fy , L' if ..',A :roms Meer LQKELY LEON Qllf-5543325 WEATHER Tomorrow, followed by occasional Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc. I I ' I . I : : i VOLUME I, NUMBER 205 SEAFORD DELEGATION TO U.N. AMBUSHED! INDIANS ROUTED BY NEW WEAPONS . Last night, a group of twenty-two Indians, presumably from McCloskey's Steak House in Belmore, ambushed a group of three persons, including the Seaford Delegation to the U.N.O., in the Bellmore Woods. U 'Mr. Robert Langan, President of the Seaford Chamber of Commerce and one of the victims, described the attack in a statement to the press which read: "We were riding along very peacefully in the Seaford School Bus when all of a sudden Tom Fleckenstein, the tail gunner, sounded the 'battle stations' alarm. A squadron of twenty-two Seaford Harbor In- dians mounted on gigantic sand crabs were gaining on us rapidly. Fleckenstein fired on them time and time again with his pea-shooter, but to no avail. Our lives seemed doomed, for the crabs were almost on us and John Grover, the bus-driver, announced that we had only enough fuel for two or three minutes." At this point Mr. Langan passed out. However, a miraculous episode was to follow immediately. Out of the brush with the ferociousness of a hundred lions stormed Don Davenport and Dolores Palmer, armed with weapons which were considered too too horrible even for such atrocious warfare as this- rolled up copies of the "Daily News." They waded in among the Redmen, and with the help of Carol Perry and "Scarfie" Gilbert, who answered their cries, managed to over- power thirteen of the killers. However, nine of the Indians failed to fall under this mur- derous attack and continued in hot pursuit of the boiling bus. just as our brave Seafordonians were about to be overtaken by the sand-crab-mounted Red Skins, two battalions of Freeport's own theatre ushers led by Bob Murphy, manager of the Grove Theatre, and Harry Ogden, new magnate of the Century Theatre System, arrived by helicopter and showered the Indians with a barrage of chocolate-covered ice cream pops stolen from Wagstaffs. The Indians fell under this relentless attack and retreated to Mc- Closkey's fto eat their ice-cream popsj. Nevertheless, Ruth Hasselt, public relations clerk of the Freeport Immigration Office, warned the Seafordonians that Mr. Robert Erwig, an Indian sympathizer, had been inaugu- rated as manager of McCloskey's recently and that the attacks might recur more frequently unless some action was taken in the near future. Awarded Physics Prize! Prof. Fred Frankel, B.A., O.D., J.E.R.C., a graduate of Freeport High School and Harvard University, recently returned to LOCAL MUSICAL GENIUS HITS COLD SPOT IN CAREER New York from Oslo, Norway, where he was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics. Prof. Frankel discovered a new physical component, Exo-Lacto. '47 Alumni Reunion Recalls Variety Show The 20th reunion of the class of '47 was held at Brenner's Brunch Monday. After a sumptuous repast, Toastmistress Newber- ger, president pro tem of the United Na- tions, rendered a soprano solo, "Glory to the Safety Catch on the Atomic Bomb." After a tremendous ovation, the little kiddies of the original "chicken octet" mem- bers peeped just delightfully through the chorus of "The Little Red Hen" and then disappeared, presumably to their nests. The next feature was a table dance by the in- comparable ballerina, Louisa Combse, whose troupe has been acclaimed the most inter- pretative of the interpretors. Following in some sort of order came a clever little play- let, "The G.I. Gives or A Napple for the Reacher" by the Goon 'n Loon Layers. Next was to be a sedate version of the Floradora dance, but alas time had so dealt with the cast that even a languid kick was impos- sible. At this point the Brunch electrician, Howardell, overcome by nostalgia blew a fuse. The program was concluded in the darkness by a thanksgiving intoned by Bishop Hogle. Miss Dorothy Yahner, famous maestro of international fame, arrived at Reykavic, Iceland, recently to conduct the Seal Skin Symphony in a series of Arctic concerts. A new repertoire of music has been pre- pared for these polar concerts by Miss Yahner. A feature number will be Hoagy Carmichael's new arrangement of "Stone COLD Dead in the Market." Mahnken Mangles Salter Wild Willie Salter, the former tissue weight boxing champ of the Sth period gym class, finally met his Waterloo fight- ing in the feature bout last night at the Brookside Avenue Armory. Wild Willie was knocked out by Jostling Jorge Mahn- ken, up and coming heavyweight. With only three seconds gone in the first round, Salter looked into the audience to try to steal a glance at his former history teacher, Miss Ethel Boardman, and Mahn- ken caught him with a resounding left hook. Salter staggered under the blow and was finished off neatly with one of Mahn- ken's vicious right crosses. Salter fell flat on his face right in front of Miss Board- man-again at her feet!! Donald Powers, the famous fight promoter, immediately signed Mahnken up for another fight, this time with the undefeated heavyweight from South Freeport, "Biting Bill" Tait. 30 FREEPORTL WORLD OF SPORTS Pitcher Pilots Pros, Hunts Hong Minus the services of one of their stars, Leon Hong, the Harcher Street Fags eked out a thrilling 9-4 win over the Columbian Avenue Blobs last night in a South Free- port basketball, football, chess, backgam- mon, cribbage, and croquet league game. Frank Pitcher, player-coach-waterboy of the Harcher Fags, was the star of the game. Pitcher hit the cords for thirteen points- nine for Harcher Street-four for Colum- bian Avenue. Mr. Hong did not show up for the game, and Mr. Pitcher has not heard any official word of his contemporary star for more than three days. Unconfirmed rumors inti- mate that Hong fell in a vat of chop-suey in his father's restaurant, but we'll have to wait a few days until an X-ray of the stomach of everyone who has eaten chop- suey in the last ZW days can be made be- fore the report can be confirmed. Olympic Team Tops The U. S. Olympic Tiddley-Wink Team won its final match against Russia yesterday in the International Olympic Games layed at Berlin. The U. S. team sparked gy the sharpshooting of Ed White and jack Hudock came from behind to win a close game 36-35. The game was also marked by the outstanding defensive game of Corky Andrews, who broke up shot after shot. Andrews, however, was forced to leave the game when he was hit on his left big toe with a loaded tiddley. Ken Lozier also was an outstanding performer for the Yanks but was unfortunately removed from the game in the closing moments for five personal fouls. For the Soviets, jim Murphy was the star scoring all of Russia's 35 points. Although Murphy scored all of the Red's points, he was assisted greatly by Auton Schmaltzo- witz, who set up most of the scoring plays. The lineups: U.S. F.G. F. T. White, rt. 6 1 15 Andrews, lt. 0 1 1 Tait, c. 2 1 5 Hudock, vg. 5 3 13 Lozier, rg. 1 0 2 Kobel, lg. 0 2 2 14 8 36 Russia FG. F. T. Kronowski, rt. 0 0 0 Hizziffiganski, lt. 0 0 0 Traspozowicz, c. O O 0 Pandoffnowyk, vg. 0 0 0 Schmaltzowitz, rg. 0 O 0 J. Murphy, lg. 15 5 55 15 5 35 CIRCULATION Outside of N. Y. C. ................. ........... 0 Inside of N. Y. C. ......,... ........... 0 Total Circulation ,.......................,................. 00 NEW YORK ' JUNE 22, 1962 Battlin' Bruisens Skin Don Cossacks 5,000,000 Witness Annual Football Spectacle Led by that triple threat, All-Western Hemispherian Mg back, Ginny Dobbins, who scored 43 points, the Battlin' Bruisers from Raynor Park went on yesterday to eke out a close victory over Soviet Russia's Don Cossacks, 163-3, thus capturing the Wor1d's Football Championship. Thus, for the lirst time in history the title went to a women's organization. Also doing much of the scor- ing for the Bruisers were those two touch- down twins, Nancy McLaughlin and Wini Van En, who each racked up 34 points. Playing a fine defensive game at V3 back was Phebe Sheard, however, Phebe, who intercepted four enemy passes and ran them all for touchdowns, was forced to retire from the game late in third period because of a sprained fingernail. The 5,000,000 spectators, largest crowd ever to assemble in Molotov Coloseum, also witnessed one of the finest passing perform- ances in many a contest. Edith Schaffer, the Bruiser's 2X3 back, completed 47 out of 48 aerials, most of them being received by Pat White, All-Irish end from 1951-1959. Not to be neglected, of course, was the out- standing Bruiser forward wall, with co- captains Pat Duff and Doris Chambers at right guard and left guard, respectively, and Alice fMiss Afghanistan of 19571 Ander- son at left and right tackles. Louise fKick- 'em-in-the-Teeth, Combs and Jeanine fGol- den Glovesj Etzkorn alternated at center, both playing superb games. Doing a magni- ficent job at line-backer-upper was jean Myers, world champion wrestler, who to- gether with Marilyn Gallo, woman hog-call- ing champ of North America, completely stymied the Don Cossacks' offense. Not to be overlooked is the person to whom most of the credit for the success of the Battlin' Bruisers is due, it is none other than that famous coach-water boy, joe Eisenberg, through whose relentless efforts, the capturing of the world championship title was made possible. Coach Eisenberg's consistent violin concertos from the bench gave his team renewed vigor and kept the girls in a lighting spirit. SANITATION DEPARTMENT BACKFIRES INDIRECT STRIKE CAUSES oDoRS The entire town of Freeport was thrown into a panic yesterday because of the worst rebellion in the history of the Freeport Sanitation Department. Commissioner William Ciaravina was dumbfounded when the first reports of the disaster came through to his office. The garbage collectors, instead of emptying the garbage cans, and removing the refuse, simply poured more and more garbage into every available refuse container in Freeport. The revolt, led by Leon De Bremont, john Hundt, and Dave Howe, pilots of trucks No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3, respectively, was caused by the refusal of the department offi- cials to raise the workers' salaries. Three workers in particular, Lieutenant Bob Abramson, Sergeant Loigene Nickel, and Corporal Gladys Langan, who have served the department for fifteen years, have demanded 110fZ, raises above their present salaries of 35500 a week. Harold Friedman, president, and Jeanne Newberger, vice president of the Garbage Col- lectors Union, Local .037, pleaded with workers to hold a strike. However, Audrey Pear- son, speaking in behalf of her fellow garbage collectors, argued that their method was much more effective than a mere strike. The source of tons of garbage, which the garbage men have used in stuffing the pub- lic's refuse cans, is yet unknown, however, the Acey-Ducey Detective Service, headed by ace sleuth Dick Grempel, is on the job, and location of the garbagesource is expected within seventy-two weeks. In the meantime, the situation is gradually becoming unbear- able. Chief of Police Dean Morrison has ordered his fighting squadrons out to combat the millions of flies feasting on the garbage. A new germicide, D.G.E., is being put into use for the first time, and immediate results are promised. Until the revolt is subdued and the workers are appeased, all loyal citizens of Freeport are urged by Mayor Roswell Hunt to cease consuming foodstuffs or using any other materials which produce waste products. The garbage cans, indifferent about the entire mixup, were quoted by reporters, Jack Lay- ton and Diana Hallam, as replying in answer to their queries-"It's a stinkin' situation." New Restaurants to Open Soon Soon to afford considerable competition to such chain restaurants as White Castle and Howard Johnson's is the new chain of hamburger stands under the management of Francis Apfel called Frankie's Fritter Frizzles, which will serve all sorts of con- glomerations of foodstuffs. There are stands already hrmly established in all the major cities of New Zealand, Iran, and Afghan- istan-to say nothing of the three major concessions in Amchine, Mizzuza, and Kunckamonga. BUGS' BUGGY RIDES! ! ! Guided tours to all scenic spots of Nassau, including such historical places as: -Freeport Municipal Stadium- -Freeport Memorial Library- -jake Kedenbur's Bank- -Freeport Incinerator fluke warmj- -Columbian Bronze fBlazingj- --South Long Beach Ave. fRed HotJ-- SACRIFICE SALE! ! R. Furman 8: Sons-Hubba-dashers Long line of used and unused T-SHIRTS Sr JERSEYS Personalized with your own school initials in beautiful India ink ex. F.H.S.-5 Stockroom F.H.S. Gym J. Augustine-Sales Mgr. FREE!! FREE!! -N0 Strings Attached- "YOU TOO CAN AMUSE"-says Dr. A. Bishop Hogle "Learn to be the death of the party." Send for Dr. Hogle's FREE course. TODAY Send no mil: for this amazing offer. fPlease enclose 355,000 in stamps, for mailing.j WANTED! ! One Political Economist for, Corporation Lawyer-willing to go abroad flndia, China, etc.J MUST: be a New Dealer and Faithful Democrat, play clarinet or saxaphone Huently-Female preferred. See-Ted Bickmore-20 3 COMING SOON!! fto the Plazaj Dorothy LaGrove 8: Dave LaVene in "Gilbert" Porter's and "Sullivan" Fishkind's daring extravaganza "THE MILKMAN LEAVETH- Cone heavy cream, "Stimulating'--Groesbeck--"Leader" "Stirring"--Barlow--''FlaShingS" ''Stinks''-Skidmore--'Daily News" 99 BARGAIN! Z So1omon's Supper Suits Lipstick-Stained Dinner jackets Any Desired Shade With buttons, 32, With lining, 32.50 With lapels, 353g With sleeves, 356.00 With buttonholes, 33.50 Total for one jacket-317.00 fper hr.j fplusj 3550 deposit fno risks takenj 3I PUBLICATIONS BUSINESS STAFF General Business Manager Lorraine Rubin AdverTisirig Manager, Flashings Agnes O'Neill AdverTising Manager, Voyageur Lionel Socolov AssisTanT AdverTising Manager, Voyageur Joanne Jorgensen Copy EdiTor, Flashings John Bradshaw Copy EdITor, Voyaqeur Dolores Andrews AssisTanT Copy EdiTor, Voyageur Joan Shean AssisTanT Copy EdiTor Barbara LeTT STaI'T Bookkeeper . RuTh STockberger Solicifors Barbara Combes Mariorie Ferris Colleen McKinley Jerry BenneTT Adviser-W. C. Moger GY Business STaTT ONEY, money, money, money money is The incessanT plea coming To The P. B. S. Trom boTh pubIicaTions. There's noThing To do buT go ouT and GET THOSE ADS ThaT are neces- sary To pay The bills. l.iTe is no bed oT roses Tor These people. Among These capable "Thorned" people is Lorraine-I'll Scream-Rubin who Takes dicTaTion, Types leTTers Tor Mr. Moger, and keeps The imporTanT documenTs under lock and key in her desk. RuTh-Gas STaTion-STockberger, The capable girl who works her brain each day To "balance The books" is also one oT our ACE soliciTors. John-Copy EdiTorfBradshaw seTs up The dummy each issue and screams when he can'T Tind all The ads. Agnes-ConsTanTly aTTer The Kids-Q'Neill collecTs Their ads and money. Then There's Dolores-The Eixer Upper-Andrews who seTs up The dummy Tor The "Voyageur" and her assisTanT, Joan Shean. There are also Barbara Combs, Colleen McKinley, and Marjorie Ferris who helped us ouT whenever we were in need oT Them. Soc closed his books when he ThoughT The campaign was over, buT no, Mr. Moger, our slave driver, goT his liTTle kiddies ouT To work some more. When oTher boys and girls are in Their warm homes eaTing hearTily, The clean-up squad is ouT in The cold geTTing ads. In rain, snow, sleeT, This squad is looking Tor Mr. Moger's Kiddy Car 45 C. P. If we reTurn wiTh an ad, Mr. Moger asks, "How much?" IT noT, we almosT always hear, Que lasTimaI For one monTh we wenT ouT every Tuesday and Thursday and collecTed an average oT a hundred dollars each Time. The PubIicaTion Business STaTT has a Tough iob and is seldom recognized Tor The viTal work done Tor The "Voyageur" and "Flash- ings." YeT all The sTaTT and soliciTors know we came Through wiTh a good record. We hope our conTribuTion will help make The I947 "Voyageur" The besT one yeT. EUR Edi+oriaI STaTT S The work oT The Voyageur sTaTT comes To a close, we iusT now realize whaT a privilege we have enioyed. AT our TirsT meeTings early in QcTober when we elecTed oTTicers and goT To know one anoTher, we hadnT realized The hard work ahead oT us. STormy sessions Tollowed and ouT OT Them came our decisions Tor a Theme, Tor a cover To embody The Theme, Tor divider pages To augmenT our Theme, Tor a sTyle To clinch our Theme, Tor carToons To capTure The spiriT. ATTer Those TirsT meeTings, we Tound iT Tar more eTTicienT and quick To work in small groups or as individuals on assignmenTs. IT is The individualiTy OT This sTaTT ThaT we shall always remember. Georges capabiliTy really showed when we were all Tangled up wiTh senior picTures and club acTiviTy shoTs. Bill, our TooTloall champ, kepT us up To daTe on TooTball scores and wroTe some swell arTicles on sporTs. Then, oT course, Ronnie and Don were always around To supply Their abundanT wiT which Tound immorTaliTy in The "L. I. Ex- press." Edifh, DOT, and Elaine, despiTe band and sporTs and all Their oTher Time-consuming acTiviTies, wroTe Tor The Voyageur Too-sporTs arTicles and club blurlos. Lionel, our realisT, ground ouT good club arTicles. Marilyn and Diana, The TypisTs, had a Tremendous iob To do Typing up our whole yearbook and working To meeT ThaT deadline daTe. As you see, Though, They did iT and iT was a iob well done! Kenny's cuTe carToons poinTed up The book, and his eager ambiTion drove iT To a Tinish. Ramona's ouTsTanding TalenT has made our book a rare arT TreaT. LasT, buT noT leasT, is The associaTe ediTor, Joe. Joe's deTermined aTTiTude and cheerful per- sonaliTy added To The spiriT OT ediTing our yearbook. All These individuals, and I really mean individuals, made up a wonderTuI sTaTT. So, To all oT you who have made This yearbook possible, I say Thanks Tor The co-operaTion, good Tun, and This I947 Voyageur. J. D. M. EDITORIAL STAFF EcliTor-in-ChieT .. , ,, . Joan Mifchell AssisTanT EdiTor ,. . Joe Eisenberg PhoTographic EdiTors George Mahnken Ronnie Fishkind ArT EdiTors Ramona Scholz Kenny Crook Typing EdiTors Marilyn WesTon Diana Hallam lndispensables Bill Ciaravino EdiTh SchaTTer Don PorTer Lionel Walenrod DoroThy Yahner 'fr 'fm 7: W 'V K , ww fs sig! M' 1' it Zi' ,FF Y? iii All yggf .5 Q, ? 49354 f 5 sg Q Senior NaTional Honor SocieTy HE highesT honor ThaT can be besTowed upon any high school sTudenT is mem- bership in The NaTional Honor SocieTy. The impressive candlelighT ceremony, The spring banqueT, and The early 8 o'clocl4 meeTings in Mr. Manspergerds oTTice are long remembered by The alumni oT F. H. S. This year, The sTudenTs in The organizaTion will have even someThing more To remember, The "Hall oT Fame" oT FreeporT High School, in which sTaTues oT ouT- sTanding sTudenTs were puT Tor all posTeriTy To see, was sponsored by The Honor SocieTy. WiTh menTal and physical exerTion, The proiecT Took shape under Their capable hands. A commiTTee composed of The members oT The socieTy elecTed Those seniors who had conTribuTed in some ouTsTanding way To F. H. S. Then, wooden sTaTueTTes were made by The boys of The Honor SocieTy. AnoTher commiTTee arranged The Tigures and decora+ed The display window. AT The beginning OT The year The Honor SocieTy Toolc a Trip To SouThside To see The inducTion OT The laTTer's new members. WiTh This in mind, F. H. S. members underTook Their own annual March ceremony. Speeches on The Tour cardinal prin- ciples of The NaTional Honor SocieTy-characTer, scholarship, leadership, and service -were eTTecTively given. Eager and worried sTudenTs were happily relieved and honored as They held high Their Torches pledging Themselves To The high ideals OT The NaTional Honor SocieTy. OFFICERS PresidenT .. ,cc....,, .. ....,,..,,.,,,,,.,,,.....,,,,,, ,.,,,,, , ,.William Ciaravino Vice PresidenT .,,.... EdiTh SchaTTer SecreTary .....,.,... ,,....,..,, J eanne Newberger Treasurer .,,... c,,..,,.,. ,.,,.....,,, D o roThy Yahner 35 , ff , . , V7 1 I., A 4 V - X i ' ll I lj' IEA-f'fX7X J XX' W. ' f' ' ' 1, . A. , . ll-'J ll l ll X 1' ' "' l ip lin l 'fo -' 'N' " ' i xr-' 'J' " ' ll y. 0 n A X f 1 Ju IDR QA. r. , P . it , y 1. U: l sr -f' ' f . ,, fn I I N 'Ai L t i K 5 1 Qlllv Q' if", if ' ,gli Alf " C? M 'f 1 . M. 36 ,V ,V HERE comes a lime of +he year, around Sepfember, +ha+ each class elecls fellows and girls info olllice. All well and good, buf There The class funclioning seems fo end. We have a 'rreasurer buf no money, a so- cial secrelary buf no social funcrions, a secrelrary buf no meelinqs To record, and a presidenl and vice-presidenf buf no meer- ings lo conducjr. Nor lonq afler mid years lhe Junior class, previously a vicfim of inerlia, began Jro de- velop some real spiril. Our class olllicers be- came re-vilalized and mer lo discuss plans for a class funclrion. Allerconsidering many possible acliviiies, lhey decided Thai a dance miqhl be Jrhe beslr way +o express Jrheir new spiril. This, however, proved lo loe impossible lhis year. , CLA S Q 0 I' . H's safisfying lo see 'rhe class come lo life. More Jrhan +ha'r, such spiril is good for F.l-l.S. since from if 'rhere comes more school spirif. Who knows buf whal every class will realize fhe service 'rhey can per- 'Forml Prompled by such spiril, Those dreams lhe sludenls cherished of a Colce Bar or whafever else, may become a realily and a real conlribulion lo lhe whole school. Whal can'+ a class working loqefher as a well lcnil, loyal, school-spiriled group clol Class Officers Presidenf .,,,,,,,,,,,, ......,..,...,..,..,,,,,,,s,, , ,,,,, T om Doane Vice-Presiclenr . ,, ,,,,, ,Pefer Hansen Secrelary .,,...........,,..,,,,c, ,,.c. .... B e Hy Lou Bond Social Secrefary .,,,,,,,,,, .. ,,,. ,,...... A l-lazel Dixon Treasurer .,,s.s...,.....,..,,.,,,,cc,, .,............ H elen Raynor 6.0. Represenlaliye... ,.,.,,,.,,,,, l-lugh McLeod f . . ff -aff-voi,,zffN f ' effff f -y - 15.2 -V 47. g i ,.f x 74,1 , , -7 'Q fl , jf! Mfg, 1244-4,-jf ., ff f H' fffjy 4, S .ly sv Sl I AY back in I943 a conglomeralion of eager young sludenls represenl- ing lhe six Freeporl grade schools galhered in lhe upper hails of lhe Grove Slreel building and formed lhe class of I949. ll didnll lake us long lo make ourselves known: before lhe year was over some ol our girls were being dared by Sophomores and Jun- iors, and our many "dirl columns" began fo rival "Flasl-lingS". Since lhose days many ol us have shown lalenl on fhe F.l'l.S. slage in lalenl shows, in our Freshman Variely Show, and in lhe American Legion Speaking Conlesls. l hope lhe remaining hidden flalenl will be dragged ou+ in lime lor lhe Senior Variely Show and Senior Play. We sophomores have chalked up a really line record lor parlicipalion in all lhe boys' and girls' sporls, and don'+ lorgel lhe Sophomore girls on lhe cheerleading squad cheering lhe Freeporl alhleles on. Wha+'s i CLASS ThaT? You can'T geT 'em OTT your mind? I see whaT you mean. GeTTing on To The oTher school acTiviTies, you'll find Sophs in all The organizaTions such as The 6.0., Band and OrchesTra, De- baTe Club, Masque and Wig, Science Club, Choruses, Honor SocieTy, and "Flasl-linqS" sTaTT. Yes, we TorTy-niners have our hands in everyThing. Why, iusT give us Two years and we'll pracTically run The school! P. G. S. 7 Class Officers 'l0"A lf1"11 S as-N4 ,AL-4, sas- 'aw4..' PresidenT .,,,,,.s.....,,,,,......,.,s,,....,.,,,,,,s...,,...,,. Paul Schulze l . Vice-PresidenT .......... ..A.Y,c,,...... B eTTy Johnson i ' f SecreTary .,..,...,...,,,,,s.As ..,.,,,....,. l-l arold Davidson ' fi 1 K Social SecreTary .,.,....,Y.,s,c.,s Jacqueline Brandies ,120 'J Treasurer .,,,,c,..,....s..c.,,......, .....,,...,......... F loyd Miller A " M J ' 6.0. RepresenTaTive ....... ......,....,.,. T om Raynowjlv' +6-g jj a ,ni Tcl L12 X Q ,V1 C. fwfi 1 1 39 5 'i if 5' yr. FRESHM E climbed expecfanfly aboard The good ship F.H.S., Jr. and found Jrhe lower deck in a slale of confusion. Five or six dilllerenf Teachers, seven diflerenf rooms, and whal' seemed like endless mazes of halls made our firsl' week rarher bewildering. Afier six years oil comparaiively smoolh sailing lhe seeming chaos inlo which we slepped made Jrhe seas seem rarher rough. The slorm subsided, however, and we found our caplain really had a head and our officers were human afler all. We lived in our own liHle world on 'lhe lower deck. li was a very happy year we spenlr Jrhere, perhaps for many, The happi- esl'. Belween our more 'redious chores we found lime for clubs, parlies, and sporls evenls. One day our caplain Jrold us 'lhal because of our good behavior and accom- plishmenis we were To move up To lhe nexl deck. I+ would be harder, he warned us: .71 CJ , 5-N CLASS ii QA ' MTC I X T ' xc T, 'f-gf J 6 4 s J ' 2 X 54 There would be less Time Tor Tun buT 'K - X .V sTrangely, even Though we had loved The I if lower declc, we were anxious To more on Cl, and sTarT up. This deck wasn'T so very diT- K cyl, TerenT Trorn The TirsT. We Tound ThaT iT and The nexT succeeding one gave sorneThing very essenTial To our growTh. WiTh These happy years loehind us, we, The Freshman class oT F.l-l.S., sTand ready To board The sisTer ship, The F.l-l.S., Sr. Class Officers PresidenT .... ..,., ,,,, , ,c,, ,,,,. . A . Virginia CarpenTer Vice-PresidenT ,c,,,c ,,c,,,c , ,, ,John Cleary SecreTary ,,,,,,,,, , ,c,,,, Diane Jordan Sylvia Davidson Social SecreTary ,,,c,,,s .A ,.,, ,,,,,, , Treasurer ....,...,....,.,..c,,c, .......,c.c..,sss N aomi Lewis 9.0. RepresenTaTive .,,.., ,Edward O'Meally x 4 I EIGHTH GRADE 42 SEVENTH GRADE 43 'Yi A Ei, ii . i LA i Nw, M is vQx' ' firm ,,,,f.9"" WW' ,Q-Wawwaw-vw 5 .usa-'wifi L-T3ia's.AQ " ' swf N V57 7 " X X? 4 A Q3-Q ff , ,ff X 'ff , - 0' "nf 1 N ' XX' x - kk t" X X ' Q N X 'ffff ,J QU -' N ig If W' :A fi Q SX X. X '.-' T ff M my ' 4 3 .1f - fefffmvfm X 1 IW! 'L NU X W f - xg Q Q f 'Mix ef Q a X X ' A3 x jf- -P ff Q ,MS 'L it - Q: XIV-XTX x W ww' X XX Xxx x - 'Q 0, , m"""g1'g W lax 'I X Z l 'ln,,,.- Q I gg K5 x xx -lf 5 sw W I' ,llx KN: -N If 5' - X . ' xx W ' -'Si ' if Q -QQ, ' .Mix , Z ffzwxwxxbgn 5 -Q54 '- XXX elf ' P 0 X, X Mfxf' M'M4ff"?m""mx 77 'F 8 1 ' -M 'W 'N f ' ' ff 11 X f . Nm , g A 1 f K f ,' ",A,' f ' .,f-!?ii3f?afl'9 ' , f fi Q- f Q X XSP Q vs .. wg. - 42 If V -xx. 5 7 XM X 'X X X-,K 1 XXX xx X- K 1-.f The club cars and double-declzers on commufing Irains correspond I-o 'Phe ever-presen-I' ourside ac- +iviI'ies of Ihe s'I'udenI's in I'he school. The sporI's, clubs, school sociefies I'haI' we parricipare in noi' only afford us pleasure in our leisure lime bul also develop in us a 'Feeling of responsibilily and ambi- fion. we Icnow fha? Ihe only way Io obfain Ihose laeauliful sI'a'I'ues and medals of achievemenl' is 'Ihrough our own energy. No one else can lake our responsibililies and dulies. We all dream of honors in our special exlra-curricular ac'I'iviI'ies, Ihese acfivi- 'Hes +o become perhaps +he base of our fu+ure jobs or nerve-saving leisure I'ime relaxalions. ACTIVITIES lfzllnlu. I 4 -'em Q' 1 V - WH, F T L.ITMEXYI5?I2Ys 'ix Ly ,F ' If I I 4 I f ' Q Q IZ4Ilg"WQ: 6 5 1-I , lIfQ?I7 X -- vi--f .- 9 :Alu mr Ill ll,,J,yry Z 1 :Em 'gi-3.-fig.. y - ,Q Q A swf- MQW , 2 Ve- a g - ":--' ' - f -1 H bf-4 WT? QT? ' ' YE? Q: "' K CNM " ' X 'T - QNX uf, NX xxx K .9 'kxcj TX X X G. O. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The 6.0. ExecuTive CommiTTee was Tormed abouT eiqhT years ago when There arose a need Tor a cen- Tralized commiTTee To adminisTer The ever-growing, increasingly compli- caTed Tinancial sTrucTure oT The 6.0. This commiTTee is composed oT The principal, Tive TaculTy members, and The elecTed oTTicers oT The 6eneral 0rganizaTion. G. O. COUNCIL For The lasT TwenTy-Three years The 6.0. has sponsored The social and aThleTic evenTs oT F.I-I.S. under The supervision oT The Council which cle- cides The policies of The 6.0. and Tries To solve The many problems con- necTed wiTh running a selT-supporTing plan oT aThleTics, dances, clubs, and acTiviTies in which The sTudenTs oT our school parTicipaTe. The Council meeTs once a monTh under The supervision oT Mr. I-Iesse, a mosT capable adviser. SENIOR HOMEROOM MANAGERS Through The eTTorTs oT This ener- geTic and unTiring group, The I:.I'I.S. sTudenTs are lcepT 'Iin The lmnowl' abouT all currenT 6.0. sponsored evenTs. This group promoTes acTiviTy TicIceT sales, disTribuTes "Flashings" in The homerooms, and in general provides The sTudenT body wiTh a service ThaT is necessary To Them as well as To The 6.0. NEWS SERVICE Every nighT in 203 a busy group oT sTudenTs can be seen amidsT papers, clippings, and TypewriTers. This is The sTaTT ThaT puTs The name oT El-l.S. in The news. IT is Their iob To collecT and send all The acTiviTies oT our school To The newspapers. Under The supervision oT Miss Mary Barlow, The "dead-liners" keep The public inf Tormed. s iiw-'Jl"D,E f-,MV 1 Q . y ' g 'Jw fl-L 1,84 r v' X 'V Kew we-ws l"T'b-' ll ' X-J ,X 's X. , . -., FlasHingS WiTh columns Tinally in, wiTh Typing Tingers sTill clinging To The keys, wiTh a loud roar-Flasl-lingS goes To press! Every Third Wednesday. FreeporT l-ligh's own deadline breaker makes iTs way inTo The sTudenTs' hands. Twelve issues, a larger paper, new columns, carToons, and more picTures appeared This year. Room 2l5's com- binaTion oT Tame, Tooling, TorTune, and Trenzy oTTers an opporTuniTy To wriTe and be wriTTen abouT To The sTudenTs oT iTs sponsors, F.l-l.S. THE LIBRARY CLUB These club members, under Miss Swans guidance, may be seen perf Torming any oT several library Tasks, These girls puT in long hours aTTer as well as during school To assisT The pupils and Teachers coming To The library. Their work includes receiving and checking ouT books, collecTing Tines, and in general keeping The li- brary in good order and aiding in iTs managemenT. . .A do DANCE COMMITTEE Since I938, when our TirsT Dance CommiTTee was Organized, The l:.l-l.S. bi-mOnThly dances have been greeTed enThusiasTically by The sTudenT body. Eagerly They scan The bulleTin boards Tor Those aTTracTive pOsTers inTorming Them OT The coming evenT. lnhome- rooms They read The adverTising jin- gles The commiTTee spenT many nighfs composing. Under The supervision OT Miss Bird, The commiTTee has spon- sored many successes: The l-lolly Hop, The RiTT RaT'T Romp, and The Red Devil Dervish. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Through Thick and Thin, The mem- bers OT The Assembly COmmiTTee un- der The direcTion OT Miss Doris Groes- beclc have meT To arrange The assem- bly programs Tor F.l-l.S. sTudenTs. Be- cause OT Their planning, comical and dramaTic producTions, lecTures, mov- ies, and OTher enTerTainmenTs have been presenTed aT FreeporT High. MASQUE AND WIC-3 This OrganizaTion, embracing all who have shown a desire To parTici- paTe in dramaTic producTions, Tunc- Tions as a source OT sTudenT TalenT Tor The varied school presenTaTiOns. Un- der The direcTion OT Miss Groesbeclc. These amaTeur Thespians OT The Free- pOrT Playhouse so arTisTically inTer- preTed ThornTon Wilder's masTer- piece, "Our Town," ThaT as a Senior play iT earned proTessional praise. SCIENCE CLUB Formed To advance The sTudenTs' inTeresT and knowledge in all phases oT science, This club, under The direc- Tion oT Mr. Jordan, meeTs weekly To discuss Topics oT inTeresT in The Tield. FreguenTly They conducT various Types oT experimenTs or arrange inTeresTing group programs. Thus The world-wide inTeresT in recenT imporTanT physical discoveries, aTomic and oTherwise, have been reTlecTed in F.l-LS. BOYS' A. A. COUNCIL The Boys' Afx. Council is com- posed oT all The capTains and man- agers of The maior and minor sporTs. This council has compleTe conTrol oT all maTTers concerning aThleTics in FreeporT High School. Each year They handle The leTTer recommendaTions and voTe upon all Those who deserve This award. l-ludoclc, Ciaravino, Og- den, Kobel, and Jim lvlurphy are The oTTicers. TRIANGLE FORUM CLUB This organizaTion, successor To The DebaTe Club, has already aTTained The sTaTus oT a well-organized discus- sion group in iTs TirsT year in Fl-LS. FuncTioning under The leadership oT Miss Boyce, The club has had numer- ous meeTings wiTh The oTher members oT The Triangle, Garden CiTy and ManhasseT, To discuss currenT Topics oT inTeresT. lTs members won'T readily TorgeT The discussions which so oTTen provided The only evidence oT warmTh in an oTherwise unheaTed room. 1 Q 4 X T s S rT JUNIOR RED CROSS The Red Cross reaches The sTudenT body Through represenTaTives in each homeroom. Each year, in every way They can, These Juniors aid in all Red Cross acTiviTies. This year, as always, They have done Their share To help in relieT and chariTy worlc. Over TiTTy- eighT dollars was raised in The mem- bership drive and TwenTy ChrisTnnas sTocl4ings were filled Tor The veTerans aT NorThporT I-IospiTal. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY To Those in Junior I-Iigh who meeT The high qualiTicaTions oT leadership, scholarship, characTer, and service goes The honor OT becoming a mem- ber oT This socieTy. WiThin The ranks oT This organizaTion can be Tound The poTenTial leaders oT our communiTy, who by Tollowing iTs high ideals can- noT help buT aTTain success in IiTe. JUNIOR HOMEROOM MANAGERS RepresenTaTives Trorn each I:.I'I.S. homeroom make up This acTive organ- izaTion and do a crediTable piece oT work. They, Too, Iceep The sTudenTs in Their respecTive homerooms informed on all 6.0. sponsored TicIceTs, and disTribuTe "I:IasI-IingS." JUNIOR BAND Eager youThTuI Taces, sTirring sTriv- ing minds-These are members oT The Junior Band. They are noT living Tor The presenT rnomenT alone, buT Tor ThaT oT The coming glory oT The Sen- ior Band. "ProT" WeTTlauTer Trains The band Tor iTs public appearances which include some oT The J.V. TooTball games, Sunday ATTernoon ConcerTs, and The Memorial Day Parade. NINTH GRADE CHORUS This group is The sTepping sTone To The Senior Girls' Chorus. I-Iere The ninTh graders learn The TundamenTaIs oT choir Technique and are placed ac- cording To Their voice range. Their young voices have greeTed us aT The Spring ConcerT and CommencemenT exercises. IT is here ThaT The girls Through bi-weekly pracTices acquire The pre-requisiTes Tor The Senior Chorus. STRING ORCHESTRA This group oT sTring players rneeTs Twice a weelc in order To improve The Tone and Technique oT iTs various sTringed insTrumenTs. Mr. WeTTlauTer Trains These members in The Tunda- menTaIs oT orchesTral playing. Under This exTensive pracTice and "ProT's" Teachings, They will be ready and able To enTer The Senior OrchesTra. Y" l:-ff -Y: H' vr- -- ....v.-,.......h...,,.,....,..N V , .Xf!'?""".b -"ff ,fy 1. W - A ox ijuq X k n H i, ...-g!:-".Z I3 Q Kg 2 an' ' af' ,X X . 'X .. lx f xl ,wmiim ,K fir V - 1' flis V N ww .li1:Ifuf' 'amp ,Q ,, Q, I 9 Kxmwf f 10 8' Q1 l 42.8 Y M?'Fv.....,, U. .- ,ax s E519 ,elif ,f L ,fl Q were MMT f 1 ' .T f T SENTTIOR BAND QW ,illwl M Lou oT TrumpeTs, were oT wombones-SLT Tlavor wiTh The mellow Tone oT clarineTs, The rhyThmic beaT OT drums, The sooThing saxaphones, The inspiring horns, and Prof-resulT-The F. H. S. Bancl. This is THE BAND you've heard abouT, read abouT, and seen. Here is The band ThaT perTorms concerTs Tor The sTudenT body, concerTs Tor The communiTy, and concerTs Tor areas near and Tar. WiTh The opporTuniTies in sighT oT again visiT- ing WesT PoinT and oT again Traveling To The Tour corners oT The counTry, THE BAND will bring Free- porT's name even greaTer Tame in The TuTure. STudenTs will always remember iTs engagingly vivid personaliTy, iTs abiliTy To change noTes inTo almosT audible worcls oT music, and iTs color-The blazing red and The snow whiTe ThaT combine wiTh The gold and silver oT The insTrumenTs To Torm a dazzling array. We BAND members who graduaTe This year will remember The Tun covered by a period oT more Than Tour years Tor mosT oT us. The prac- Tices ThaT made perTecT, The rehearsals ThaT began in The day and passed inTo nighT wiThouT our reali- zaTion. And above all, we'll remember The man who is To us The man who has made THE BAND whaT iT is, PROP. T g. . t0g-,,.-,'Pf-iJfA4J 2,-f""' 1 1 V ' .1 ' T . 4 , ...4 1 iff' . f' ,611 ' . 0 1 i - .Al -l' -FS SENIOR ORCHESTRA HERE is no musical organizaTion Thaf can maTch The volume, warmTh, or depTh of a Tine orches- Tra. To produce This Type of organizaTion is The goal OT Mr. WeTTlauTer and his orchesTra members. As noThing worTh while is easily gained, This group musT and does conTinually sTrive Through individual and uniTed pracTicing To reach The peak To which They aspire. Under ProT's baTon, They played Tor The Senior Play, "Our Town," The Annual Spring ConcerT, The Prize Speaking ConTesT, and The Sunday ATTernoon ConcerTs. Many Times ThroughouT The year This group was called on To perform Tor various organi- zaTions in EreeporT: lnTer-EaiTh Clergy meeTings and The Exchange Club. The FreeporT High OrchesTra is an organizaTion ThaT is rising and will conTinue To rise unTil iT reaches greaT heighTs, Those heighTs which Prof dreams of Tor his orchesTra. SENICR GIRLS CHORUS HE sTudenTs are seaTed in The audiTorium. Every- one is Tense waiTing Tor The program To begin when Trom The disTance The soTT humming oT The Girls' Chorus can be heard. The humming driTTs slowly inTo words, which can readily be disTinguished as The LaTin phrases oT "AdesTe Fidelisf' The procession sTarTs To move down The cenTer aisle. Each girl is dressed in a long maroon robe, and in her hands she holds a candle. This impresf sive ceremony has been The ChrisTmas TradiTion Tor many years. Miss RoberTs has capably direcTed and made iT one oT The ouTsTanding assemblies oT The year. Seniors are heralded by These voices aT gradua- Tion exercises. AT The Spring ConcerT The girls asf semble on sTage in a colorTul array oT pasTel colored gowns signiTying The beginning oT The spring season. Many Trom These same ranks have represenTed F,l'T.S. in The AllfSTaTe Chorus aT Malverne. Those who are TorTunaTe To possess ouTsTanding voices are encouraged To sing solos. This year The Chorus has been TorTunaTe in having in iTs ranks such singular voices as Those oT Jane Marshall, BeTTy Woodcoclc, RiTa BiamonTe, and Lorraine Form, ably accompanied by Jeanne Newberger. This group has added much To The appreciaTion oT music aT F.T'T.S. HONCR TEAMS Hockey Belly Bagshaw Mary Brown Doris Chambers Louise Combs Virginia Dobbins Marilyn l-leidelberger Joan Mason Volley Belly Bagshaw Mary Brown Flo Carman Louise Combs Virginia Dobbins Nancy McLoughlin Ann McQuiggan Dolores Palmer Edilh Schaller Phebe Sheard Wini Van En Pal While Ball Nancy McLoughlin Dolores Palmer Rose Vallone Pal While Marion Yenlsch Baslcelball Belly Bagshaw Mary Brown Louise Combs Ginnie Dobbins Jell Doremus Lorella Olsen Dolores Palmer Edilh Schaller Phebe Sheard Doris Walz Pal While Marion Yenlsch Individual Sporls Badminlon Mary Cleary Jell Doremus Ellen Moller Pailh Rahmer Marilyn Thomas Doris Walz Bowling Janel Colrances June Johnson Louise Sanla Maria L. Sanla Maria Doris Walz Margarel Ziller Table Tennis Barbara Baircl Belly Levene Belly Posenslein GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Take up our rhallenge to the worldg From Seafordir hillf I0 Freeporff paris, Wilh Jpirilf high and hair mzmrled, Raiie high the mme of girly' Jporfyf NCE again a school year comes and goes: once again a group oT Seniors musT deparT. Many oT us who are leaving can gaze back To a day when as Timid Freshmen, we braved The swings oT our older companions To go ouT Tor hockey and badminTon, To begin a career in girls' sporTs. Four years pass all Too quickly. STilI we remember a proud Teeling received when our names appeared on class Teams, a ''can'T-explain-ThaT-Teeling" when our names showed up on honor Teams: and Then There's The gold award which speaks Tor iTselT. The Two women responsible Tor The good showing oT FreeporT's girls' sporTs Teams are Miss DoroThy Clark, who is known and loved by The girls, and Miss June Becker, a new buT already Tamiliar and popular direcTor on The aThleTic Tield. Now The sTage is seT Tor The Girls' A. A. To gain even greaTer presTige and popu- lariTy. All The girls in F. I-I. S. are The casT: The gym is The plaTTormg The Girls' A. A. Council is The board oT direcTors who guide and supporT The casT1 The Tellows and The TaculTy are The audience. IT is To The girls who will conTinue To parTicipaTe in girls' sporTs ThaT we who gradu- aTe This year say, "Remember us who leave This year and make us proud by making F. I-I. S. proud oT The Girls' A. A." 59 ffly. -. yy' T M CHEERLEADERS ll CapTain . . . . Nancy McLaughlin F you were To wander innocenTly inTo The gym one Tine day during baskeTball or TooTball season, you'd Think all bedlam had broken loose. On lisTening careTully, Though, you could hear, "Are you ready! l.eT's go." Yes, ThaT's The signal ThaT The cheerleaders are here again and rarin' To go. These are The "iumping iacksw ThaT are TliTTing around aT every game inspiring The crowds To give ouT a real yelll AT The TooTball games, The gals go Through rain, hail, sleeT, and snow To be on hand wiTh a "Score, Team Score" or "Nine Tor The Team"! KerchieTs proTecT Their curly locks Trom lvioTher NaTure's dampness, and TluTTy bunny miTTens keep Their Tingers Trom Treezing solid. This year, new warmer sweaTers were added To The girls' ward- robes along wiTh whiTe pleaTed skirTs. They cerTainly are a cuTe sighT doing Tlips, CarT- wheels, and generally Turning Themselves inside ouT, The girls are aT all The baskeTball games Too, going Through Their unusual rouTines in "Baby in The l-lighchairu and "l-li de I-li"l All oT These cheers and rouTines Take an enormous amounT oT Time and energy on The parT oT The girls. Three days a week during TooTball season and Two days a week during baskeTball season were needed To puT a brighT polish on Them, buT long hours, an endless supply oT energy, and The very capable direcTion oT Mr. SouThard broughT The girls and Their cheers To perTecTion. 60 vw ii MW! MSS ,Q-spa Q :. Q wi' ? W Q , ' . Q , E A .4 . . y, .1 , 2 A 'ef -W ,. Nh .A. .. ,, MW-sf--N..,,,WwMM!mm "WWA-44,. yv fx of VARSITY FOOTBALL I-IIS year FreeporT can well be proud oT iTs TooTball Team. Through The experT coaching of Bill Ashley and his assisTanTs, C. O. Tremper, Lou Franlclin, Baldy Moore, and Randy Powell, The Team compleTed a successliul and vicTorious season. The Red Devils played eighT games, winning six and losing Two. ReTurning from The service, Coach Ashley capably and skill- Tully coached The boys so well ThaT The FreeporT Team once again Toolc iTs place among The besT high school elevens on The Island. Allrhough lacking size and experience, The mighTy beavers overcame These handicaps by Their deTerminaTion and Team spiriT. The Red Devils rose To Tame deTeaTing PorT Jelzlerson, Chami- nade, l-liclcsville, Mineola, Sewanhalca, and lasT buT noT leasT of all- our big rival, Baldwin. They were beaTen only by I-lempsTead and WesTbur'y. 62 Free porT FreeporT Free porT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT Free porT FreeporT 2I 6 I2 I3 28 6 33 7 SCORES PorT Jefferson Chaminade HempsTeacI Baldwin Hicksville Mineola Sewanhalca WesTbury 0 0 4I 0 I4 0 I4 I9 FreeporT Freeporf Freeporf FreeporT FreeporT Freepori' FreeporT FreeporT 2I 20 24 0 I3 3l I4 27 SCORES Sewanhaka Baldwin Chaminade Oceanside HempsTead Sewanhaka Baldwin Oceanside 0 I2 6 0 O 7 0 0 .IAYVEE FOOTBALL NCE again The FreeporT Junior VarsiTy FooTball Squad has compleTed an undeTeaTed season. Much oT This success is due To Their coach, Lou Franklin, who has TaughT This Team how To play good clean TooTball. By giving The J.V. This excellenT Training, Coach Franklin is preparing The men Tor varsiTy TooTball years. This year The J.V.'s won seven games and were Tied only once. Even Though They do noT receive so much publiciTy as The VarsiTy, we should all be proud oT Their spiriT and sporTsmanship. This Two- year unde-TeaTed record marks our J.V.'s as The TinesT club on The Island. Our J.V.'s can be especially remembered Tor Their deTermined TighTing spiriT. Every bruise, every scraTch, and every bump was worn proudly. NOT once was a complainT heardg in iTs place was a spiriT which led Them on To vicTory,and Tam-e, gk' E - ' f 4...J' .ef ,Ao i ffl M T' ' gr. T if r 4 X y T 1555? y ' 'fix " ' ,. J' X y gg M, Q Y' is W si A ,ff S5545 f' Q -T Q 5' H mfs Q Q E f Sw? Q -- - - , if . A ,-, ::.::,- A Jlrf' lf f i 9 'gr T l I Q' fl 6 f A N:-Q' l ' My r A i , ffl ,W'llJl i l.lWlM W T VARSITY BASKETBALL Ally T REEPORT HIGH SCHOOL has always been represenTed by an ouTsTanding basl4eTball squad. This year, in order To uphold This Tine TradiTion, Coach Harry EreharT produced a Team ThaT was comparable To any quinTeT on The lsland. Handicapped by injuries ThroughouT The season, This Team oT Teams consTanTly "played Their hearTs ouT," and on many occasions, The subsTiTuTes capably demon- sTraTed Their basl4eTball prowess. This year, CapTain Leon Hong will graduaTe wiTh The disTincTion OT having earned Tour leTTers in baskeTball and having been elecTed To The All-ScholasTic squad in his Sophomore year. Franlc PiTcher, anoTher member OT The class oT '47, has been voTed among The besT cenTers on Long Island. OuTsTanding Teamwork and good sporTsmanship accounTed Tor FreeporT's winning TourTeen OT Their sevenTeen games. The TacT ThaT our squad undoubTedly ouTplayed HempsTead in The lasT game shows ThaT The boys were capable oT winning The championship TiTle. 64 .A ,, L J.V. BASKETBALL HE experience needed To play varsily baslcelball is gained only lhrough long hours of praclicing wilh lhe J.V. squad. This year, under lhe Jrulelage of J. Wesley Soulhard, lhe Freeporl J.V. squad produced a numloer of capable players who will undoupledly be play- ing varsily ball nexl year. This season Jrhe iunior quinlel won lwelve of lheir rhirleen games-a record which looks very promising for lhe lulure of baske?- pall in F. l"l. S. The success of The Team was allripuled lo line 'reamworlc and beller sporlsmanship. Wilhin a few seasons, Jrhe names of Dodd, l-lochman, and Nelson will be among Jrhe baslqelloall "grea+s" of Freeporf l-ligh School. ii, in 0 'if s ' ilia, 7 in if r 5 gg fu, , , is I 5+ 5 jk . ,w If Sl sim A, -ff- limi ,- .3 V f 4 I K. ign- fw . 5 66 T1 1 BASEBALL N aTTempTing one oT The mosT diTTiculT schedules in FreeporT l-ligh's baseball hisTory, This year's squad accomplished a TeaT which has no precedenT on Long Island. Early in The spring, preceding The regular season, The F.l-LS. "nine" Traveled Through The SouThland, maTching Their abil- iTy wiTh several academy Teams. No oTher local high school Team has ever aTTempTed such a Trip. CapTuring six ouT of The seven games played, The Red Devil excursion proved highly successful. Under The experT leadership of Coach Tremper, one of The ToremosT baseball Tig- ures on Long Island. The squad produced a record oT l4 wins, 9 losses, and 2 Ties. A greaT season-a greaT coach-a greaT Team!! w9 r gnobffclkisxzgvi' QQQDQTRACK S soon as Old Man WinTer reTreaTs and Lady Spring begins blowing her warm breezes upon us, The Track candidaTes of F.l'l.S. begin To do push-ups, siT-ups, and oTher muscle-Toning exercises so ThaT They may sTreTch The ligamenTs ThaT have slowly TighTened up during The winTer. A Tew weeks laTer These capable a+hIe+es hiTch-hike To Randall Park and jog around The Track under The waTchTul eye of Head Coach "Bucky" SouThard. Having TaiThTully execuTed Their warm-up exercises, The boys reTreaT To Their respecTive corners of The park and begin Throwing shoT-puTs and dis- cuses, iumping hurdles, pole vaulTing, and broadiumping. ConTinuing around The Track are The sprinTers. milers, and relay men. AssisTed by Mr. Ashley and Mr. Mc- Kenna, Mr. SouThard did an excellenT coaching iob aTTer serving Three years as a lieuTenanT in The UniTed STaTes Navy. l-lis Triendly naTure and sincere aTTiTude make Mr. SouThard noT only a Tine coach buT also a personal friend of every boy. 1-. TRACK SCHEDULE FreeporT 95V2 Islip FreeporT 45 Sewanhaka FreeporT 46V2 WesTbury FreeporT 39V2 CenTral Freeporf 67V2 SouThside Baldwin FreeporT 60 Lawrence FreeporT 3I HempsTead FreeporT 26 Mepham .is Q anrrnl- BV: 50 57V2 55V2 29V4 2 I V4 35 73 78 X , If if CRCDSS COUNTRY 0 5 BASEBALL player musT be able To hiT and Tield. A baskefball player musT be able To Throw a ball Through ThaT liTTle hoop. A cross coun- Try man, however, musT have a sound body and an excessive amounT oT inTesTinal TorTiTude. Yes, iT really Takes a loT To run a Two and one halT mile sTreTch aT a pace ThaT makes a iackralobiT look like , KC' a piker. Cross counTry sTarTs abouT The same Time ThaT TooTball does and ends a Tew weeks earlier. On many a cold winTry day, one Tinds These able harriers running briskly around The Raynor Field Track. A good runner does noT go home unTil he has circled The Track TiTTeen or sixTeen Times. During The season, The harrier musT religiously ob- serve his Training rules and sacriTice many pleasures Tor The sporT. This year, lvlr. Thomas Blain, a Cleveland Avenue Teacher, did a Tine job in replacing Mr. McKenna Trom lasT year, The squad won Tive oT Their seven meeTs. Placing among The TirsT Tive Tor FreeporT in Three guarTers oT all The meeTs earns one a leTTer in cross counTry. f T ,ik YY? . as coach. Paced by The Three leTTermen reTurning 'i 68 CLUB MEMBERSHIP SENIOR BAND SI'uden'r Direc'I'ors Jack Nolan Doroihy Yahner Secfion Heads Tom Raynor Bill Rieiensiahl Doris Rudolph Lucille Sanrocco Nicky Sanrocco EugenegSchaFFer Roberl Schullz Jorge Smilh Leonard Smilh Tom Suiion James Thomas James Trapp Norman Tucker Wini Van En Roberl Wallers Clarinels ,.,.,,....,. Flules ..........,. Bassoons ......w.... Saxa phones ..,...,. French Horns ...,..,. Corneis ............ Trombones ......... Tubas ........ ,... Ba rilones .... Bill Abboi Alice Anderson Warren Anderson Colerle Balloi Roberl Behrle Lynn Benedicl Jerry Benneli Kennerh Bliss John Bradshaw Jackie Brandes Roberf Burkhard Roberl Carmen Roberi Clare Leonard Coker Roberl Conway Bruce Cook Gene Des Isles Frank Dorman Muriel Dragonefli Lorna Dynes Bill Els Richard Fennema Jack Fischer Marilyn Fischer Lorraine Form Fred Frankel Jean Frankel Marlene Fulion Belly Genner Doroihy Yahne r, Edilh Schaffer Lillian Scopinich Louise Myers John Tierney Hazel Dixon June Olsen Don Porler Ronald Fish kind H e n ry S p iizl e r Elmer Kordes, George Cook Muriel Gilberl' Barbara Goldblum Jack Hibbard Joyce Himmel Charles Jordan Diane Jordan John Joyce Neil Kelly Peggy Kelly John Knighl Charles Kranz Melvin Lawson Naomi Lewis Ken Lozier John Mansperger Nils Marquardi Jay Merkle Warren Millard Floyd Miller Dean Morrison Marqueriie Morrison Wilbur Mueller Joan Munkeli Loigene Nickel Jack Nolan Loreiia Olsen Ann Perez Jerry Price Helen Raynor George Seaman Beverly Sellers Joan Shean Ruih Single Doi Grover .......,.,. Phebe Sheard Nancy Holle Beri Wells Dick Welflauier Rosemary Willig James Yahner Twirlers Maioreffe Jane Conway Elly Schrank Joan Berkel LIBRARY CLUB Presideni .,.......,...,..,... Vice-Presidenl ............ ,.,....,,..Thel ma Hohfma n nel Pa ssaliume Secrelary ..,.,,.....,,, ....,,,..,.,,,,, B elly Borgen Treasurer .,.................................. ...,....,... A gnes O'Neill G.O. Represeniaiive .............. .,..,,................... A lice Anderson Janel Bergman Lois Bernlhon Joan Bock Calherine Del Rosso Louise Donnelly Palricia Mecking Jean Myers Slephanie Pearson Sadie Piecora Phyllis Rego Joan Remsen Phebe Sheard Anneiie Sigwarl Mae Ullian Elaine Wurizel Margarel Zilzier NEWS SERVICE STAFF Loigene Nickel .................................................,.,....,,.......,,...,.......,..,.,...,.,,,, Edifor Marianne Barone, Jeanne Newberger ,..,....,.,. Assisianf Ediiors Francis Apiel Jeanne Ballol' Berry Bergen Jane Eidel Dorolhy Fennema Doris Fuchs Thelma Hoffman Virginia Lee Joan Miichell Joan Munkel+ June Olsen Carol Perry Sadie Piecora Mildred Sulherland Margarei Ziiiier BOYS' A. A. COUNCIL JUNIOR BAND Presidenl .,.,.,.......,,, ....-------- J BCI! Hudock ViCe-PreSiden+ ,,-,,,., ,,.,.,.,.,, B ill Ciaravino Secrelary ..,.....,................. ,.,.,..-....... H any Ogden G-.O. Represenlalive .,,,, ------------' B ob KOIDGI 6.0. Represenlalive ........... .............--..---------------Y-,-- J im MUFPIIY Ronald Fishkind Fred Frankel Leon Hong David Howe Bob Langan Kenny Lozier Carl Pisacrila Donald Porler Norman Tucker GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Presidenl ..............,. Vice-Presidenl ..,..... Secrelary .......... Treasurer ......................,L.. G.O. Represenlalive .... ......... ...A.,--Y---- ..-------4- Dolores Andrews Edilh Andrews Connie Allen Belly Bagshaw Barbara Baird Jean Barbar Carolyn Bedell Joan Berlcel Mary Brown Florence Carman Mary Eslher Carmen Doris Chambers Louise Combs Jellrey Doremus Muriel Dragonelli Jean Frankel Belly Genner Ann Gumas Rulh Hassell Marilyn Heidelberger Helen Herberger Marie Kinkel Barbara Lell Jane Lewis ilh Schalle r ebe Shea rd ni Va n En .......,....DoIores Palmer Ginny Dobbins Joan Mason Lynn Mallhewson Nancy McLaughlin Ann McOuiggan Pal Meclcing Susan Miller Ellen Moller Belly Mulberger Belly Mueller Agnes Nolan June Olsen Lorella Olsen Carol Perry Failh Rahmer Helen Raynor Belly Rosenslein Joan Sheen Annelle Sigwarl Louise Suarez Pal While Ann Whillalcer Nancy Wise Marion Yenlsch Margarel Ziller Berlha Adams William Barnell Roberl Barrel Sleve Barone Beverly Bales Franlc Bordell Jerry Brandes Barbara Breen Doris Brelzger Barbara Brockmeyer James Burlce Joan Carle Harry Coburn Julius Colfer Barbara Carelly Shirley Corwin Slanley Davidson Frances Del Rosso Jessie De Rosa Nancy Dumper I'-Iarriel Ebbells Joy Ebberl Sue Eclcles Abie Erlandsen Irene Esser Teddy Fishlcind Ernesl Foersler Peler Gulhy Allen Harris John Herberl Lucille Heir John Hesse Belly Howee John Kelly Charles Koenlce Douglas Knellle Carol Korl Dorolhey Kordes Norma Larson Roberl Le Drew Jacqueline Levy Barbara Luslig George Lyons Don Mahnlcen Jack Merk Joe Monlesano John Moran John Morgan Harold Morris Judilh Nauheim Rulh Noll David Olsen Marianne O'NeiI Paul Perez Norman Popeil David Porler Lowell Rayner Gerlrude Riman Leonard Rundell Arlhur Samuels Allred Scoponich Jay Siegel Jerry Simandl Ed Slane Mary Sprague Ronald Lllip Daniel Walz Joyce Weiss David Winler Roberl Yarrow ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Larry Colby Jeanne Newberger Thomas Fleclcenslein Jocelyn Pallerson Leon Hong Audrey Pearson John Hundl Edilh Schaller Hycie Killikelly Phebe Sheard Doris Lang Mae Ullian Virginia Lee Elaine Wurlzel SENIOR GIRLS' Frances Alicaslro Florence Allelsee Audrey Anlinson Harriel Beniamin Janel Bergman Rila Biamonle Dorolhy Bischoff Doris Box Lois Boyles Ramona Cardaro Florence Carman Doris Chambers Peggy Church Barbara Combes Barbera Dedericl: Janel Dunlcer Mariorie Ferris Lorraine Form Madeline Fosler Adrienne Garlinlcel Ann Gumas Doris Hall Vivian Harrison Kalhleen Haverly Barbara Heagney Marilyn Heidelberger Belly Jaccard Barbara Levey Ann Lewis CHORUS Gloria Lozier Sylvia Marlow Jane Marshall Palricia Meclcing Alice Meliclc Belly Ann Miller Jacqueline Miller Ellen Moller Joan Newman Jeanne Newberger Agnes Nolan Janel Passafiume Slephanie Pearson Lena Perrollo Sadie Piecora Edna Phillips Janel Powers Failh Rahmer Julie Rancourl Dorolhy Ray Phyllis Rego Joan Remson Lucrelia Simone Anila Slolces Rose Vallone Lorraine Van Rees Dorolhy Weisensee Belly Woodcoclc MIXED CHORUS Frances Alicaslro Jud Allen Edmund Bein Harriel Beniamin Janel Bergmann Dorolhy Bischoll Joan Bock ' Bill Breslin Bruce Campbell Florence Carman Doris Chambers Barbara Combes Larry Cone Ramona Cordara Eleanor Curley Gloria Davis Barbara Dedericlc Joe Del Rosso Gene Des Isles V James Dowling Janel Dunlrer Donald Durlacher Chesler Ehrmann Mariorie Ferris Lorraine Form Adrienne Garfinlxel Ann Gumas Doris Hall Rulh Harrison Barbara Heagney Paul Heller Belly Jaccard Barbara Lell Barbara Levey Ann Lewis Gloria Lozier Jane Marshall Alice Meliclc Belly Ann Miller Ellen Moller Waller Neslvogal ' Jeanne Newberger Herberl Paulson Slephanie Person Lena Perrolo Marilyn Pelersen Edna Phillips Lillian Plumer Janel Powers Failh Rahmer Nalhaniel Rivers Charles Shebar Roberl Spilzler Thomas Slarr Henry Thomas Deno Troumbas Lorraine Van Rees Belly Wooclcoclc NINTH GRADE CHORUS Marjorie Balmer Collelle Ballol Ann Boerum Gloria Chailco Lynn Cole Mary Conen Anila Flaclc Lee Flelcher Eleanor Henningsen Diane Jorian Carol Kissinger Shirley Lenlcer Rulh Lolz SENIOR RED Francis Alicaslro Marianne Barone Lois Brady Marcia Brenner Peggy Burke Eleanor Ciaravino Jane Eidel Mariorie Ferris Doris Fuchs Arlene Grosser Barbara Heagney Mildred Kline Belly Kunlnocher Jean Lang Mary Marlcey Barbara Marra - Florence Moslcowilz Pauline O'Donnell Ann Pielro Janel Pridham -Judy Rabin Kay Rosenslein Arline Smilh Nancy Slrong Carol Jean Slumpl Mary Willel CROSS COUNCIL Joan Mack Palricia Meclcing Joan Milchell Palricia Murdy Jeanne Newberger Margarel Newbrand Slephen Pearson Dorolhy Ranlsch Roberl Shaller Joan Shean Annelle Sigwarl Helen Underwood Norma Vooris JUNIOR RED Joanne Anderson Mariorie Baker Collelle Ballol Virginia Bedell Barbara Breen Barbara Brockmeyer Virginia Brulon Edward Cakouros Ann Canlilli Virginia Carpenler James Clark Virginia Crouse Dorolhy Devonshire Cornelia Fennema Rulh Fennema Frank Filkins Joan Fisher Palricia Flanagan Belly Lou Gill Roberla Hahn Sally Hansen Eleanor Henningson Barbara Kaglan Slephen Kalz Jack Kelly Joan Krelh David Lane Shirley Lenker CROSS COUNCIL Mary Markey Gale Marshall Carl Maure Palricia McKenzie Palricia McLeod Fleurelle Merrill Palricia Newhouse Grace Olsen John Perollo Melzi Pelrovils Janel Powers Janel Prillam Brooky Redivo Renale Riemero Marlin Roache Joan Rukoy Roger Sammis Arlhur Samuels Lillian Scopinich Lucille Shear Carol Soll Berkeley Swezey Gloria Townsend Jane Vose Kennelh Walson Jane Yarrow Jeanne Zueck Plas:-rings STAFF Edilor ................,.............,............... Associale Edilors .........,.,.. Exchange Edilor ........., Fealure Edilor .,........ Adviser ............... Alice Anderson Mary Jane Berger Lois Brady Flo Carman Eleanor Curley Ginny Dobbins Mary Doly Belly Drinkwaler Joe Eisenberg Ed ilh Sc h aller ...,........Dol Ya hner, Wini Va n En Ba rba ra Levey u n e Olsen Randall Powell Seniors Ronny Fishkind Eleanor Gooding Diana Hallam Roger Hammarlund Rulh Hassell Thelma Hollman Nancy Holle Leon Hong George Howardell lrene Johnson Joanne Jorgensen Hycie Killikelly Ginny Lee Dave Levene Kenny Lozier Nancy McLaughlin Joan Mifchell Jeanne Newberger Loigene Nickel Lorry Palmer Jocky Pallerson Audrey Pearson Don Porler Joy Ann Ball Eileen Bennell Joan Berkel Dol Bond Mary Brown Peggy Ann Burke Joan Coker Jacky Corwin Hazel Dixon Jean Drinkwaler Dol Fennema Belly Powers Elly Shank Phebe Sheard Helen Smilh Morly Solomon Gerl Sumner Bill Tail John Tierney Addie Tielien Mary Tielzsch I Ed While Pal While Elaine Wurlzel Joy Yule Juniors Marily Heidelberger Don Hubsch Polly Jackson Colleen McKinley Joan Munkell Joan Newman Helen Raynor Ann Mary Whillaker Nancy Wise Marion Yenlsch NATIONAL SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Elecled I946 William Ciaravino ..............,.,...,..,.....,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,A,A,,s Edilh Schaller ......,. Jeanne Newberger Dorolhy Yahner ....., George Cooke Dorolhy Grover Leon Hong Jane Eidel Loigene Nickel Theodore Bickmore Lionel Wallenrod Phebe Sheard Marianne Barone Frances Aplel Ronald Fishkind ...,.........Vice Preside nl ................Secrela ry ......................Trea su re r Joan Milchell June Olsen Ed While 947 Marcia Brenner Winilred Van En David Levine Joseph Eisenberg Madeline Fosler Doris Lang Dean Morrison Rulh Hassell ..............Presidenl Diane Jordan HOMEROOM MANAGERS Connie Allen Colleiie Balloi' Virginia Benneii Ted Bickmore Beiiy Lou Bond Lois Brady Emil Buienger Cecilia Caniilli Virginia Carpenier Larry Cobb Virginia Crouse Sianley Davidson Bill Dodd Jack Durbin Jane Eidel Doroihy Fennema Ted Fishkind Aniia Flack Marilyn Fyvoleni Janice Gabsen Barry Hari' John Hesse John Hibbard Roberi Hudock Jack Hudock Joan Kramer Joan Lawson Ruih Loiz James Magidson Colleen McKinley Susan Miller Billy Milner James Miiihaurer Carol Munkeli' Joan Munkeli Jeanne Newberger Eddie O'Meally David Porier Rachel Posner Donald Schaniz Paul Schulze Lillian Scopinich Bari Sheard Jerry Simandl Lois Todhunier Wini Van En Janei Werner Richard Whiie David Winier Roberi' Wiseman Alice Wiseman Masque 8: Wig ........,., ,..........,.. J eanne Newberger Girls Chorus ..............,.,.. ,,,.,,.,,,.. M arilyn Heidelberger Dance Commiiiee ....,.,.., ....,...,..,.........,,.....,....... P ai' Duff Girls' A. A. ,.... , ,.... ,,,, , ,,,.,Ginny Dobbins Boys' A. A. ,...... ..,,...,..,, B ill Ciaravino Cheerleaders ........, ..........,. B eHy Lou Bond Voyageur ......,. FlasHingS ,... , ......, ....., , ,. Assembly Commiiiee ,....., Library Club ........,...,,.... Band ............,....,.. Orchesira ....... Treasurer .,.....,...,., Faculiy Adviser .......... Porier , ith Schaffer ....,..,....Audrey Pearson ,,,,,,,s...Alice Anderson .,..........Do+ Ya hn e r Fred Fra n kel r. Pa rker r. Hesse TRIANGLE FORUM CLUB Lionel Walenrod ..........,... Jeanne Newberger ...... Bob Abramson Jeanne Balloi' John Bradshaw Joe Eisenberg Doris Lang Pres: d e ni ..,,,.....,.,,.,,..,.,.,.....Secreia ry Joan Munkeli June Olsen Jockey Paiierson Sidney Rappapori' Bob Shaffer Neal Kelly G. O. COUNCIL Presideni' ..........,.....,, Vice-Presideni ........... Vice-Presidenl .....,.... Secreiary .,....,.,... Treasurer - ............,.,,.,.,., ..,.......,..Leon H on g .............Tom Doa n e Peie H a nsa n .....,Doroihy Grover ,.,.,...,.,Donald Porier Social Secreiary .................... , ......., ...,.,,,,,.,.,.,,,,,, P ai Duff l2ih Grade Represeniaiive ....... ,.,..,,...,,,, J ack Hudock ilih Grade Represeniaiive ....... ...,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, H azel Dixon I0'fh Grade Represeniaiive- ......... ...- ...... Edmund O'MealIy 9+h Grade Represeniaiive ..... ... .,.,. - .... ..... s ......,... T om Raynor 8'rh Grade Represeniafive .... ........... V irginia Benneff 7il1 Grade Represeniaiive .....,,.,s, ,.., ,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,4 Dave Pori-er News Service Siaff ........... .. .............. .... - - .,.,,. Loigene Nickel Virginia Lee David Levene Joan Shean Phebe Sheard Doroihy Yahnerl CHEERLEADERS Nancy McLaughlin, Capiain Joy Ann Ball Beiiy Lou Bond Lois Brady Peggy Church Joan Coker Jackie Corwin Beiiy Drinkwaier Pai Duff Florence Grimm Beiiy Johnson Joan Mack Lyn Maihewson Colleen McKinley Suzanne Miller Be++y Muller Barbara Neary Audrey Pearson Joan Trenholm Marian Yenisch SENIOR ORCHESTRA Sec+ion Heads S'I'rings ............. .................................................,..,........,....,.. Woodwinds ....,. Brasses ............. Warren Anderson Arfhur Bahr Jeanne Ballof Lynn Benedici' Sue Brighfson Leonard Coker Jane Conway Muriel Dragoneifi Frank Erlandsen Jean Frankel Marlene Fulion Berry Genner Gorden Gissel Paula Goldslein Roberi' Haass Kennelh Hill Neil Kelly Peggy Kelly Elmer Kordes Charlie Kranz Melvin Lawson Naomi Lewis Ken Lozier Joe Eisenberg Dororhy Yahner Louise Myers John Tierney Henry Spifzler, Jack Nolan BASKETBALL LETTERMEN Leon Hong. Capiain Harry Fredlund Frank Pifcher Don Fellman Tom Doane Don Moran+ Lou DeSalvo John Mansperger Jay Merkel Warren Millard Margueriie Morrison Salvaiore Nania Emily Nauheim Marilyn Nauheim Loigene Nickel June Olsen Lorelia Olsen Florence Parmiier Jerry Price Bill Riefensiall Lucille Sanrocco Carol Schlueier George Seaman Prebe Sheard Ruih Single Jerry Trainer Norman Tucker Jeanne Vooris Berl Wells Dick Welllaufer FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Bill Ciaravino. Co-Cap'i'ain Jim Murphy, Co-Capiain Ed Andrews Bob Langan Vinny Burns Kenny Lozier Ed Bogel Kenny Miller Tom Doane Harry Fredlund Bill Fuge Norm Harris Bob Kobel Joe LaBella Jatk Layfon Don Morani' Frank Pifcher Herb Smilh Bill Tai? Bob While Ed While BASEBALL LETTERMEN John Callahan Kenne+h Lozier, Co-Cap'rain el Tom Daone Harry Fredlund, Capiain Roberi Furman Dan Hoialing Roswell Huni' Roberi Kobel Bill McKenna Edward Moran Kenneih Murphy Roberi Raynor George Lane, Manager John Georgas, Manager Roberr Langan, Co-Caprain eleci TRACK LETTERMEN Dave BarreH Vin Burns Herb Cohen Bill Cleary Henry Drinkwaier Louis Gaihers Leon Hong Jack Hudock Bill Keller Edward Norrhrup Harry Ogden Oscar Pulrz Lee Whefhers Len While Jim Crane CROSS-COUNTRY LETTERMEN Dave Howe Na+ Rivers Don Verify Bill Breslin Dick New Eugene Ganfi' BC JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Kennelh Alves Kalhryn Andrews Doris Bedell Emil Brelzgar Anna Canlilli Carol Clarke Roberla Gray Rulh Hudock Nancy Johnson DANCE Pal Dull .,..................,. Winnie Van En ........, Lois Brady Jacqueline Brandes Peggy Church Hazel Dixon Mary Doly Belly Drinkwaler Dan Ellreich Marlene Fullon Rulh Hassell Hycie Killikelly Don Fellman Jean Lyon Norma Nicolich Judy Pinsley Joan Richards Nancy Sudermeisler Rulh Sulherland Claire Tanner Vivien Terry Adrienne Vernon COMMITTEE C h a irma n Secrela ry Jean Kobel Virginia Lee Barbara Lell Joan Mack Colleen McKinley Nancy McLaughlin Helen Raynor Adelaide Tielien Pal While Joy Yule SCIENCE CLUB Presidenl ................... Vice-Presidenl ..........., Secrelary .......,..... Treasurer .,.....,.,.,..,,.,............. G.O. Represenlalive ......... Ihomas Careckson Dorolhy Fennema Richard Fennema Bob Hudock Bob Liep Richard Mayer Karl Ruger ild red Sulherla nd o h n B ra ds h aw Joan Munkell id R a ppa po rl ...........Joe Eisen berg Bob Shaller Lillian Scopinich Joan Shean Morlon Solomon Bob Spilzler Leonel Wallenrod NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Virginia Carpenler Wanda Dickerson Anila Flack Eleanor Henningsen Joyce Himmel George Arala Mariorie Baker Richard Burkell Lawrence Cobb Manon Drale Jacqueline Ehrel Edward Filzgerald Barbara Forry Irene Genner Diane Hogan Roberla Hahn Barry l-larl Elecled I 946 John Joyce Melvin Lawson Roderick Schull Lillian Scopinich Cynlhia Smilh Mary Vogl Elecled I 947 Lucille I-lerr Carol Jennison Marilyn Lang Naomi Lewes James Magidson Roberl Mazelsky Carol Munkell Jane Ogden Edmund O'Meally Roberl Parisi John Passaliume Ann Pielro Frances Prall CHEERLEADERS Nancy McLaughlin ...... , Joy Ann Ball Belly Lou Bond Lois Brady Peggy Church Joan Coker Jackie Corwin Belly Drinkwaler Pal Dull Florence Grimm plain Belly Johnson Joan Mack Lynn Malhewson Colleen McKinley Belly Muller Barbara Neary Audrey Pearson Joan Trenholm Marion Yenlsch 5 E z f M 2? 23 5 if Q ii gi 1 4 Q 1 3, faq 6 xl' . H A V -A -M :in-Y-:?2'i' '- " 'U"', 1 . .,.::,z,. ' .x:"'- ' ' N. - " ..,. I "' ' . ,,4.,pNf, ' nity' If W VARSITY, SHOPS CLOSEQW 21 PEN 0 8.00 - 845 AM i H oo AM ' liooxw S-Sembiy Persods 1 A. .. f M 57f4Pff M W A w D I ,..,,, Wg ws s 5 Magi 5,23 ADVERTISEMENTS AUTOGRAPHS I EXCHANGE CLUB OF FREEPORT NAMES - Rosfer of Members - January I, CLASSIFICATION BAILEY, CHARLES H. . ................ - ,...... ......Wood Producfs BARASCH, HERMAN - ..... -..M ,...... .,.....- ,,.. -.-..-...-Merchanf 'BERGE, FRED C. , ......... . ........,...,.,.....................,.............,.,,...,.... Audiling BIEDERMANN, HARRY ..,..,. ., ,,... Wholesale Bairery Dislr. BILLMEYER, WM. B., Vice Pres..-...,.- ......... Public Ulilily BLACKER, WALTER R. ... .,... ,... .... -.... ..,...,.,......... -Merchanr CHAIKO MICHAEL V. ...... -- ....... ...,.-- ..... ...Manufaclurer CHARLES, LEWIS H., vice Pres .,.. ..,..,....,.,.... . ..... M orfician "CUMMINS, J. ELMER ..,,.. -.-............ ..... . ,....,............... ...Physician DANZIGER, MILTON ...... -,..,-....-...-.. ..... Sporlinq Goods 'DIEMER, JOHN H. ,.,........ . ......... - ..... .Aufo Elecfric Service 'DODD, JOHN W. .. .,.. .. .,....,. . ..,........ Superinlendenf Schools DURYEA, LYMAN .. .........,,...........,.,..... .. .... -........ ..,.., , ..... .. ..... Florisf FRENGER, EMIL ..,.... ............... .,,, ...... . .........,....... . ,...... . , ,......... . . Banker 'FULTON, CHESTER A. -.... ..............,.. Morlician 'FULTON, CHESTER C ............ .. ..........,...... Morfician GERDE, STEPHEN F. .. .....,...,...... .... , . ,.,.,....... . .........,,,..,,,, Physician 'GOLDSCHMIDT, ROBT. O. ........ . ....,,, ,.........,. . ..... A ufomobiles "HOTALlNG, RUSSELL E., Secy... .Municipal Employee HUNT, STEPHEN W. .. ..., ,..,........, .,.,.,,,, ,.....,, V i I Iage Treasurer JAMISON, HARRY ......., ,. ,...,., . .,........., Plaslic Manufaciurer UOHNSON, HILBERT R. ..,....... ,... ,..,,.... Police Juslice "LEVY, DAVID .......... ......... ......, . .... .. . ...... , ,....,. . .... ... .... . ,.... Clolhier LIES, WILLIAM, JR. -- ............ ............ .................,, .,.... F u r nilure LIOTA, JOHN -..,... ..,.. - ,......................,..,., ,... .....,......... ..... . ..... R e s 'rauranf 'MANSPERGER, MARTIN M .... ,.....,, P rincipal High School 'McCHESNEY, RICHARD G. ,- ........,,.,......,......... . ..... Opfomelrisi " PAST PRESIDEN' I 947 NAMES CLASSIFICATION NELSON, CARL P. ................ ,. . .........,..,,......,,,. .Chlroprador NICHOLS, WALTER J. ..,,......... ...,.,........... Rug Cleaning PINKNEY, O. B. ,....,..,............., .. ............ . .... .Propellers PROVENZANO, JO'HN J. ........... .... ..... . . , ...................... ...,.,Den'ris'r "RANDALL, JOHN J, ,.... .,,.. .,,... ,...,..........,....... R e al Eslale ROSSMAN, LIEUT. MORRIS M. .....,. ...,.,.......,... . .Physician RIVKIN, A. BRADLEY ,, .,,..., ........ . .. .,.. . ......, ...,Pharmacis'r SCHLOSS, MERVIN L. ..,............. ..,........Denl'isl SEAVER, GEORGE A., Treas ...... . ,.........,.. Manufaclurer SHOOK, SELWYN R. ...............,....., ............,,...,,., ,,,...... B o Hier SMITH, ALBERT A. ...... ..,. ..,, ......., . ....., . , .,.,,.. M a rine Sales SMITH, GEORGE J. ,....,,,,,., ,,........... . ,... .... . ,,..... . E ngineer SOUTHARD, M. BURFORD ...................... .Funeral Direclor SWENTZEL, FREDERICK J. - .... ,... ......... Naval Inspeclor SWEZEY, SIDNEY H. .....,. ...,.. .....,.,....,,,.. .....,,............. A I I orney 'VON ELM, HENRY ... .... .- .... , ,... ........ , . ........... ... ........... .Insurance WEERSMA, KAREL R. .... , ..,,, ,,..,...,........... M arine Consullani WEINBERG, BERNARD D. ,..........,........ ....... .,,...........,..., ..... .... , , D e nlisl' WELLS, EUGENE S. ...,,.., . ........,..,.........,......,.,.,,.,. . .... . ........... -Insurance "'WELLS, HUBERT L., lmm. Pas? Pres ........,...,.,...., . ...., Banker WILLIG, CHRISTIAN ..,,, ............... E Iecfrical Conlraclor WOOD, HERBERT M., Pres .,,,.,............. . ..,....... . .,.... , ...., Engineer HONORARY MEMBERS AULT. ERNEST W. ... .,,,,.. . ................ . ...,,.........,,.,, .....,.,.,.,. , ...,....... D ruqgisl' AWTRY, JOHN H. .,,. .. ..., ,,.....,...... P asf Nafional Presidenf DAVISON, F. TRUBEE .,....... Presidenl, American Museum of NaI'ural Hislory Complimenls ol CHARLES L. KRAEMER Sparlan Lodge No. 956, F. 8: A. M. Archer Slreel' Cleveland Avenue CENTRAL COUNCIL Parenl-Teachers' Associafion of rhe Freeporr Schools Columbus Avenue Grove Slreer Seaman Avenue Mrs. Herberr Bond, Presiclenl' COLUMBIAN BRONZE CORPORATION Manufacfuring ' MARINE PROPELLERS ' HYDRAULIC CONTROLS ' ACCESSORIES ' CASTINGS Bronze Iron Aluminum A MAJOR FREEPORT INDUSTRY Complimenfs of SPITZLER'S 34-36 WEST MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. Phone FReepor+ 8-6400 Home Made French Ice Cream I IsRANTI.Y's Auro REPAIR V ' E B R 0 C K 5 Lubricafion - Brakes - IgrII+ion -for- SODA-- LUNCH -CANDY COR. N. MAIN SI WOODSIDE Freeport N. Y. 40 S. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. School Supphes Greefing Cards CompIimenIs of STATIONERY STORE S A M E T S 86 SO. GROVE STREET Freeport N. Y. 69 SO. MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. FReepor+ 8-4964 ICE CREAM CANDY ISLAND ELECTRONICS CO. RADIO - TELEVISION - APPLIANCES 2l SO. GROVE STREET FREEPORT Telephone FReeporI' 8-0738 8I PUBLICATIONS BUSINESS STAFF A C E S RUTH STOCKBERGER . . . 5225 LAUREN RUBIN . . . SI45 DOLORES ANDREWS . . . SI23 BARBARA COMBS . . . SI37 AGNES O'NEILL . . . SIOO "Ne-iTher snow, nor rain, nor heaT, nor gloom oT nighT sTayecI THESE soIiciTors Trom The dogged compIeTion of Their appoinTecI rounds." APPRECIATION 45-CP THE VARSITY SHOP Serving The STUDENTS oT FREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL wiTh School Supplies - Books - NoveITies ancl Game TicIceTs in Advance I5,000 SALES THIS YEAR ConcIucTecI by RETAILING II STUDENTS W. CHAPIN MOGER. CoordinaTor 82 P R U F of llll -- SHIITTER PAINT- GROVE GARDENS if Tel. FReeporT 9-I76I Belief I Q44 TT Profeciion wgfflfbfrr, Finer BAYVIEW MEAT MARKET ,..,, Appearance PRIME MEATS PouI'rry and Provisions For Home Made of highesr qualify ma- hrials: insures maximum prefec- 'lion under all weather condilions and climafe. AMPRUF Trim and Shuffer painl' is easy fo apply. Covers ade- quafely in I coal. Dries over- night. 359 ATLANTIC AVENUE Freeport L. I. Nine afiraciive colors-greens. Complimems of arlorns, maroon, vermilion and Also usecl on frellises and ouf- JOHNNIE'S SWEET sr-TOP """u'n"u"' ICE CREAM - SODAS A. SIEGEI- 31 CO. 99 SO. MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. FReeporT 8-6lOO - 8-6IOI ZOO NO. MAIN STREET FReeporT 8-3832 Freeport L. I. T. Compumems or CompIimerTTs OT MOON COAL and OIL CORP. ZACH'S SERVICE STATION Joseph I-Iarris, Presidenf SUNRISE I-I'W'Y 81 MCKINLEY PLACE HENRY STREET Freeport L. T. F'eePO'I- N' Y- Opp. Powerhouse FReeporT 8-9339 i 1 Q 83 I FReeporI 8-O4I8 RUDY MOTORS, Inc. Dodge and Plymoulh SALES AND SERVICE "Dependable Used Cars" 22 EAST MERRICK ROAD FREEPORT, NEW YORK HERB'S SERVICENTER No. Main SI. and Randall Ave. Phone FReeporI' 8-3272 Complimenis of ELECTROCON CORPORATION PIANOS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS JACK KAHN MUSIC CO. "EVERYTHING MUSICAL" I26 S. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. FReeporI 9-2233 -9-2234 N. VALENTINI CLEANING AND TAILORING CENTER ONE DAY SERVICE I64 NORTH MAIN STREET FreeporI', N. Y. FReeporI 8-5I47-R THE HOUSE OF FRISBY "Nassau's Eleclric CenIer" Wesfinghouse Laundromals - Dumonf Television Lighlolier Lamps 3I5 SUNRISE HIGHWAY FReeporI' 8-0162 ACETYLENE 8: WELDING EQUIPMENT CO. Division of RAYNO DISTRIBUTORS, Inc. Linde Oxygen - Presl-O-Lile Acelylene Lincoln Elecrric Welders Everylhing for Ihe Welder 40 NEWTON BLVD. FReepor'I 8-5560 TAIBER PHARMACY Under New Managemem' AL RESSA, Ph.G., Prop. Phone FReeporI 8-7777 OLDSMOBILE SALES - SERVICE BLACK OLDSMOBILE, Inc. I46 W. Sunrise Highway FReeporI 8-I4-40 Harry and EveIyn's AQUARIUM CAFE See Our GoIdIish-BowI Bar 25 SOUTH GROVE STREET Freeport N. Y. FREEPORT GLAZING WORKS Safefy Glass for Au'ros and Trucks Mirrors - House GIazing Amos J. C. Baldwin John D. CorneIius Pau' RudOIpII' Prop' Herberr M. Wood George C. PhiIIips Baldwin 8: Cornelius, Inc. IES+. 18901 RUDY'S Wafch, Jewelry and Opfical Repair Shop Successors +o Smirh 81 Malcomson, Inc. Municipal and CiviI Engineers Surveyors Telephone FReeporI' 8-6760 39 SOUTH GROVE ST' Ffeepoff- L' " in w. suNRusE H'w'Y Freeport N. Y. TeI. FReeporI 8-0224 NASSAU AUTO ELECTRIC CO. 38 NEWTON BOULEVARD Freeport N. Y. Complimenfs of MEROKE CANDIES 66 S. GROVE ST. Freeport L. I. Opposife Grove Srreer School TeI. FReeporI' 8-2939 HARVEY 81 STORDEUR Aufomofive Accessories Hardware, EIecIricaI and Plumbing Supplies GROVE 8: PINE STREETS Freeport N. Y. GILL'S GULF AUTO SERVICE W. MERRICK RD. 81 SO. OCEAN AVE. Freeporf. N. Y, FReeporI 8-94-I6 Gilberi Kopper, Prop JULIUS POSNER OPTOMETRIST FReepor+ 9-404I 8-l3l2 8 W. MERRICK RD. Freeporf TeIephone: FReeporI 9-ZI20 LORRAINE STUDIO DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITS Weddings, ChiIdren and Commercial 26 CHURCH ST. Freeporf. N. Y. Lucien A. MuIeI FREEPORT DELICATESSEN 8: RESTAURANT, Inc. 97 SO. MAIN ST. FReepor+ 8-682I From a Sandwich 'Io a MeaI Phone FReeporI 8-l256 MAIER'S BAKERY 49 S. MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. FREEPORT MUSIC STORE "EveryIhing Known in Music" Agenis for HARDMAN GRANDS and MINIPIANOS 25 SO. MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. Phone FReepor'I 8-3857 SALADS AND FANCY GROCERIES LORENZEN HENNINGSEN DELICATESSEN 306 N. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Tel. FReepor+ 8-74-I7 Cornplimenfs of BOULUKO'S TEA ROOM Sodas and Luncheons 4 CHURCH STREET Freeport N. Y. LEONARD SHOP, Inc. Freeport N. Y. The mosf compIe+e Lingerie Sporfswear Shop on L. I. 72 S. MAIN STREET FReepor+ 9-I6I8 Tel. FReepor+ 8-O2l7 Member LENKER GREENHOUSES 285 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeport L. I., N. Y. Esfafe of OLIVER E. U. REYNOLDS PLUMBING AND HEATING Wafer Sysrems - Oil Burners - Pumps Sream and Ho+ Wa+er Heaiing 54 N. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone FReeporI' 8-H62 LANG'S MARKET Prime Mears. PouI'rry and VegeI'abIes Special Care Given 'Io Phone Orders I95 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. WALK OVER SHOES - RED CROSS SHOES THE FLORSHEIM SHOE THE NEW SHOE STORE Es+aIoIished I9IO 46 SO. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone FReeporf 8-I335 Fishing Tackle Sporfing Goods Pho+ography Supplies Developing 81 Prinring S C H U L T Z Sporfing Goods Co. I22 NASSAU STREET New York Ciry 4I W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport New York Telephone FReeporI' 8-4-367 Overhead Garage Doors Kifchen Cabinefs Linoleum Sink Tops SORRIES SUPPLY COMPANY Builders' Specialries I47 SOUTH MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. Phone FReepor+ 9-22l0 TeI. FReepor+ 8-293I Row Boafs BII.L'S FISH MARKET All Kinds of Sea Food WOODCLEFT AVENUE FREEPORT, N. Y. Office Hours: 9-ll AM., I-3 P.M., 6-8 P.M. DR. P. L. DUNNET Freepori' Dog and Car Hospifal 26I W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. INear Bayview Ave.I FReepor'I 9-3822 Complimenfs of I DR. MORTON SAMET Complirnenfs of BROADWAY FOOD STORE 88 BROADWAY Freeport N. Y. Phone FReepori' 8-4073 Complimenrs of SAVOY INN Complimenfs of SAMUEL L. ISRAEL SARANT MOTORS, Inc. AuIhorizecI Dealer SALES - SERVICE 280 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY AI' Bayview Avenue FREEPORT, N Y Telephone FReeporI 8-OI67 TeI. FReeporI 9-I67O IRVING TESSLER CERTIFIED RADIO AND APPLIANCES TELEVISION S25 Reward for any Radio we cannor repair 6 BROOKLYN AVENUE FREEPORT, NEW YORK FReeporI' 8-721 I HENRY G. AVIDAN Real EsIa+e and Insurance Properry Ivianagemenf III SUNRISE HIGHWAY FREEPORT, L. I., N. Y. FReeporI' 8-I275 Frank Post Prop. THE FREEPORT PRESS PRINTERS 84 CHURCH STREET FREEPORT, N. Y. GROVES PHOTO "EveryII1ing in PI'1oIograpI1y" One Day DeveIoping and PrinIing 8mm. and I6 mm. SiIenI' and Sound Movie RenI'aI Library 23 SOUTH GROVE Phone FReepor'r 8-6276 ALEX. ADAM 81 DAUGHTERS FLORISTS 53 WEST MERRICK ROAD Freeporl, N. Y. FReeporI' 8-2435 Complimenis of ALFRED THE TAILOR Alfred Fassino 290 NORTH MAIN ST. Freeporf, N Phone FReepor'r 8-5473 Y. Income Tax Relurns Federal and Siale WESLEY K. BENDER 81 CO. I2 EAST SUNRISE H'W'Y - FREEPORT, N. Y. FReeporI 8-8780 Accounlanis Tax Consullanls SIMON BAUMANN, Inc. Furnilure - Elec+rical Appliances 52 SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Special Cosmefics for The Teen Age FREEPORT DRUG STORE, Inc. H. J. Cohen, Mgr. J. Himmelfarb, Ph. 6 76 SOUTH MAIN STREET Phone FReepor+ 8-O077 Freeport N. Y. cl-IAS. H. RATNER, Op+.D. EYE EXAMINATIONS 3 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeporf, N. Y. FLASTER'S TOYLAND Bicycles - Carriages Juvenile Furnifure I3 W. MERRICK ROAD Phone FReeporI' 9-I888 FREEPORT PAPER AND SUPPLY COMPANY 45 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeporl, N. Y. Hoiel, Bar, Resiauranl' Kifchen Equiprnenf Parry Favors FReeporI' 9-I820 Radios - Phonographs - Records - Refrigerarors - Freezers - Washers Ironers - EIecIricaI Appliances - Repair Service SUNRISE MUSIC SHOPS 38 SO. MAIN STREET FReeporI 9-2IOI Tel. FReepor+ 8-4554 MUTUAL MERCHANDISE MARTS, Inc. 50 WEST MERRICK RD. Freeport N. Y. CompIimen'rs of J. S. THORNE MURPHY REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 22A W. MERRICK RD. FReeporI' 8-6470 A HeaIII1IuI Nourishing, Energy Food iff!" I :cn ' Emu BREYER ICE CREAM CO., INC. LONG ISLAND CITY I. N. Y. STRASSLE BROS. DE SOTO- PLYMOUTH DEALERS REPAIRS ON ALL CARS 55 E. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. FReepor+ 8-O98I Tel. FReeporI 8-7 I 75 OGDEN BROS. GARAGE FRAMES - AXLES and WHEELS IOI E. MERRICK RD. Freeport L. I. BAY RIDGE sERvlcE sTATloN -"MS MARKET TEXACO PRODUCTS Brakes Relined Cars Washed and Lubricaied Complimenls of GERKEN DELICATESSEN FREE DELIVERY I68 NO. MAIN STREET Phone FReepor+ 9-3869 "A FRIEND" Daily Specials in FRUITS - VEGETABLES - GROCERIES and DELICATESSEN Corner Sunrise Hwy. 81 Long Beach Ave. Tel. FReeporI 8-9296 MAURICE D. HOLLAND Television and FM Radio Public Address Syslem Ship Io Shore RCA Marine Radio Telephone Sales - Service - Repairs I7A WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Phone FReepor+ 8-8OIO Phone FReepor+ 8-5897 BILLY BLUME, Jr. PRINTING ENGRAVING OFFSET 355 ATLANTIC AVENUE Freeport N. Y. 'f lR Q ' .I. li CHEVROLET I " B Lmwlmx THE I947 CHEVROLET The Car Wor'rh Waifing For FREEPORT MOTORS EAST SUNRISE HIGHWAY EReepor+ 8-55lO PATSY SERVICE STATION 30 Eas+ Sunrise Highway GAS AND OIL FREEPORT POINT SHIP YARD INC. T I phone FReeporI 8-2869 NEEDLE CRAFT YARN SHOPPE 42 W. MERRICK ROAD FREEPORT, L. I., N. Y. FReeporI 8-8700 WALTER "JUMBO" BROWN Former Major League Pifcher N. Y. Yankees I93I-'32-'33-'35-'36-'37 N. Y. GIanI's I937-'38-'39-'40-'4-I SPORTS EQUIPMENT - FISHING TACKLE I5 WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeporf, N. Y. Complimenls of W. WOOLWORTH CO Complimenrs of HENRY P. VIELBIG Tel. FReepor+ 8-4480 JANTZEN SWIM SUITS DANZIGER Tennis. Golf and Baseball Equipmenr Fishing Tackle Trunks and Luggage Riding Equipmenf Games and Toys 70 SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Complimenls of WM. A. MOSER JEWELER Caslfm or Credil 63 S. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Plwone FReeporl' 8-4093 LOUIS CURTAIN SHOPPE Linens, Blankels, and Dress Goods Curlains and Slip Covers Made io Order 7I SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Tel. FReepor+ 8-3I7l Piano Movers SUNRISE STORAGE CO. Moving - Shipping - Packing l.C.C. - P.S.C. Carriers 20 E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freepori. N. Y. Freeports Largesf Mea+ Markef SUNLIGHT MEAT MARKETS I2I SO. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone FReeporI 8-4848 CompIirnen'rs of MURRAY'S LUNCHEONETTE. 5 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeport L. I. FReeporI 8-6652 Freeport N. Y. I Sporfswear Cen'I'er of Long Island Hempsfeaol, N. Y. WILLIG BROS. ELECTRIC SHOP 43 CHURCH STREET FREEPORT, L. I. Garden Ci'Iy I84O FReeporI 8-7800 EDWARD GRIMPEL Long IsIand ReaI Es+aIe I6 SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Edward C-5rimpeI ALVIN'S Smarf CIoII1es and Sporfswear for Men and Boys 83 SOUTH MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. Phone 9-3742 MAURICE STUDIO SpecIaIIs+s in FINE PoRTRAlTuRE GROVE THEATRE BUILDING PI'1one EReeporI 9-2877 eI. FRe epor+ 9-32I6 IDEAL FLOORS, Inc. AspI1aI+ TiIe and Linoleum 53 SO. GROVE STREET Freeport N. Y. Complimenfs of PAT'S PET SHOP Complimenis of Phone FReeporI 8-3600 GEO. A. KUHIRT, Inc. INSURANCE 33 S. GROVE STREET Ereeporf, L. I. Complimenis of FRANK WHITES BARBER SHOP IO3 CHURCH STREET Freeport N. Y. CompIImenIs of H. C. DUNKER EDDIE'S FRUIT MARKET EDWARD SANTA-MARIA, Prop. FRUITS and VEGETABLES FReepor+ 8-69II 49 SO. GROVE STREET Hardware - Mason Malerial - Painl' - Oil Millwork - Marine Supplies - Lumber C. MILTON FOREMAN LUMBER YARD 36 Commercial Slreel FReeporI' 8-OOI9, 8-O24-7 HARDWARE STORE MAIN ST. 81 BROOKLYN AVE. Freeport N. Y. FReepor'r 8-0256 SCHLESINGER PHARMACY A. B. 8: J. Rivlcin Phone: FReeporI' 8-0O4I Juncfion MAIN and CHURCH STREETS Freeport N. Y. FReeporI 9-2284 Flowers Telegraphecl 96 BROADWAY FREEPORT, N. Y. MILLANG'S EXW. FREEPORT FLORIST Radio Service Phone FReeporI' 9-3l59 Gus Herrman John Herrman Sales Flowers for All Occasions I55 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Aufo Paris Garage Equipmenl' COLVIN MOTOR PARTS Frank O. Colvin 45 EAST MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. Machine Shop Tel. FReepor+ 8-8022 E. V. COLYER OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined - Glasses Filled Broken Lenses Duplicared Oculisls - Prescripfions Filled Service Telephone Il S. MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. FReeporI 8-2420 C I' + Complimenfs omp 'men S of of W. T. GRANT NORTHEAST MEAT MARKET HILDENBRAND-VAN HAGEN Real Esiaie - Insurance 40 BROOKLYN AVENUE FReeporI 8-0523 - 9-3906 P. 81 E. BERENBAUM IForrnerIy Michno1CfI I27 BROADWAY Freeport N. Y. CompIimenfs of SUBURBAN PAINT SPRAYING Inc. I82 EAST MERRICK ROAD Freeporf, N. Y. FREEPORT ELKS CLUB RESTAURANT Open To 'The Public DeLuxe Dinners Served DaiIy, 5 fo 9 P.M. AII Day Sunday I7I W. MERRICK ROAD Phone FReeporI 8-I254 Phone FReepor+ 8-6 I 97 CENTRAL BARBER SHOP TONY and JOE MASONE, Props. 9 SO. MAIN STREET Freeporf, N. Y. All Year and Every Year The Thing Io Do: Visi'I' BEIER'S - Famous for -- ICE CREAM - CANDY - GIFTS LUNCHEONS 81 NOVELTIES 30 WEST MERRICK ROAD Phone Freeporf 8-I874 Phone FReepor+ 8-3994 GEORGE DEUTSCH Upholsfering 81 Inferior Decora+ing II5 WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. ATLANTIC MILL PRODUCTS Inc. Special MiIIworIc 200 E. MERRICK ROAD Freeporf, N. Y. Fl.. .- ..,,:.W A:.:.:,,, . ,.,. ,. . .V .:1.:e:2 '1ifiiWf1f122- ' 1 Pori-able Typewrifers I .I AZAIQAAA 3 .::,,52 or Business Use 43 WSUNRISE HIGHWAY F ' - 7llo75R.A. INC. I4 BROOKLYN AVENUE FREEPORT, NEW YORK Opposile Railroad Sfaiion Telephone Flleeporl 8 0048 Aufo Body Refinishing and Mechanical Repairs for ALL MAKE CARS Complimenfs of KELLY'S GARAGE Complimenfs of PHILIP BLOOM, D.D.S I6 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Complirnenis of GEORGE V. FLECKENSTEIN HUNT MOTORS. Inc. ao MERRICK Row Freeport N. Y. FReeporI' 8-2IO5 99 CompIimenI's of SKYLARK CREATIONS GaIa Formals for II1a'r "Special Dance" II W. SUNRISE H'W'Y Freeport N. Y. Tel. FReepor+ 92929 D A S I L VA REALTOR Member Long Island ReaI Es'IaIe Board 45 W. SUNRISE I'I'W'Y Freeport N. Y. FReeporI' 8-0385 M. BLAILE A. BLAILE BLAILE'S RADIO SHOP HOME 81 AUTO RADIOS ELECTRIC MOTORS 81 APPLIANCES SALES AND SERVICE Tel. FReeporI' 8-9I50 Res. R.V.C. 6-2372 37 SO. GROVE ST. Freeport N. Y. Serving an inIIuenIiaI cIien'reIe since I904 a-nd Iheir enII1usias+ic recomnnendaIion is a genuine +ribu+e +o Venditr Cloflrmes and Service JAMES VENDITT EsIabIisI1ed I904- 'I'aiIor Io Men ExcIusiveIy 53 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone FReeporI 8-0583 SaIes CADILLAC Service PONTIAC JOSEPH H. GRAY, Inc. I7O W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY FReeporI 8-I I3O FREEPORT, NEW YORK Complimenfs of ALBERT H. HAMMOND Tel. FReepor'I 8-5288 MACKEN MOTORS CI1rysIer - PIymouII1 Sales and Service I74 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. HOUSE OF REAL VALUES Q IOO MAX SOCOLOV LINOLEUM - RUGS - CARPETS - BROADLOOM Complefe Line of Kiichen and DineHe Furnifure COR. MAIN ST. 81 MERRTCK RD., FREEPORT, L. I. FReepor+ 9-3750 THE SOLOMON'S MEN'S SHOP TOWN CLEANERS 8: DYERS Tuxedos and Summer Eormals . + H' Cleaners, Tarlors and Dyers O Ire 30 SO. GROVE STREET 52 WEST MERRICK ROAD Phone FReepor+ 8-8487 Freepori' Long Island 3l S. GROVE STREET FRED C. BERGE Accounfanfs - Audifors Tax Consulfanfs Cosf SysJrems Business Advisors FREEPORT 8-2887 R I E M E R' S 27 sown-1 MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. IOI FReepor'r 8-4857-8 Res. R.V.C. 6-0746 I. LESTER WOOD REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE I5 E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY FreeporI', N. Y. CompIimen+s of SMITH MOTORS Aufhorized Buick Sales and Service 50 E. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. Phone FReepor+ 8-7300 LE ROY SMITH, Prop. FReeporI' 8-77IO THEODORE J. STEFFEK GeneraI Confracfing Alrerarions Painiing and Decora+ing 49 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. TEXAS RANGER Mexican Chili - I'Io'r Tamales Texas SIyIe Hamburgers and Weinies FREEPORT, N. Y. Ladies Invired Tony and Pefe Pappas Complimenfs of THE FREEPORT BEDDING CO Inc. H. JAMISON Cus+om Molder Iniecrion and Compression Molding 7I E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport L. I.. N. Y. Phone FReeporI 8-8400-OI Sun rise Division of HOUSEHOLD FUEL CORP. "BLUE COAL" J. J. STEFFEL Phofo Research Labora+ory 2555 WEBSTER AVENUE New York 58, N. Y. SEclgwiclc 2- l 364 Complelely Equipped +0 Render The l-lighesf Qualify Craffsmanship and an Expedilecl Service on bofh Personal Porfrailure and Phoiography for School and College Annuals Official Phofographer 'lo 'I'he I 947 VOYAG EUR IO3 We Operare Our Own PIan+ on Premises , CompIlmerl'rs cempllmenle of er Chase Cleaning 8: Dyeing Co. Work Called for end Dellvefee JOSEPH D- HUGHES Phone FReepor+ 9-28l0 23 W. MEl2RlcK RD. Ffeeperl, L. l. Telephone: FReepor'r 8-3229 "Service Thar Safisfiesu HENRY VON ELM, Inc. INSURANCE 48 WEST MERRICK ROAD FREEPORT. N. Y. Congra+uIa+ions and Bes+ Wishes Compiimenfs of GRADUATES K E R N ' S GROVE DINER SUNRISE AND MAIN Freeporf 63 W. MERRICK ROAD Smarf Apparel for Boys and Young Men Freeporf, L. I, Tel. FReeporI' 9-3034 Compiirnenfs of RUDOLPH L. HIMMEL HYGRADE MEAT MARKET Prime Mealrs and Groceries Teiephone Fkeeporf 8-2I7l 33 WEST MERRICK RQAD FREEPORT. I.. I. IO4 66.4 0 'EEZ WELL ' J ALFRED LEI-IMANN - EDWARD J. MURPHY Dispensing Op+icians Have an Oculisi leye physicianl Examine Your Eyes We do noi prescribe - We accuraiely dispense Telephone FReepor'r 8-2259 I7 SO. GROVE STREET AI' Sunrise Highway Freeporf, N. Phone FReepor+ 9-2663 ANNETTE Exclusive Sporiswea r a nd Lingerie 50 SO. MAlN STREET Freeporf, N. Y. Same Fare Day and Nighi FREEPO RT STATION TAXI Telephone FReepor+ 8-9602 STAND AT R. R. STATION Try Our Home Made Candy And Ice Cream E R I C ' S in Plaza Theafre Building Phone FReeporI' 8-4582 6 S. GROVE ST. Freeporf, N. Y. BRAITHWAITE COMMERCIAL STATIONER Greefing Cards for All Occasions IO CHURCH STREET Freeporf, N. Y. Phone FReepor+ 9-2458 Complimenfs of GEORGAS' LUNCHEONETTE Phone FReepor+ 9-25I4 FURNITURE OUTLET CO. Furnifure - Bedding - Linoleum Auciion Merchandise Our Specialfy 39 WEST MERRICK ROAD Cor. Church Sf. Freeporf, N. Y. Louis Neuwirfh BARASCH'S YOUTH CENTER 6l SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeporf, L. I. KAYLE HAT SHOP 46 WEST MERRICK ROAD Freeporf, N. Y. TeI. FReeporI 9-3590 JACK 81 JILL "Fashions for You+h" 83 SOUTH MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. We Thank you one and all, for your pasf pafronage and may "AIIoer+s" confinue io be your Favorife Shopping Cenfer. ALBERT'S HOSIERY AND LINGERIE SHOPS 94 S. MAIN STREET FReepor+ 9 I69O f IO6 FREEPORT SWEET SHOP Under New Manaqemenl Soda, Candy and Ice Cream I7 E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Nexf Io Freeporl Thealre FReeporI' FREEPORT VALET SERVICE Experi Shoe Rebuilding While You Wail' HAT CLEANING 45 S. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. 8-I8I6 Tel. FRee Free Delivery Tel. FReeporI' 8-5579 DURYEA'S FLOWER SHOP por'r 9-3770 Complimenls of NORMAN'S Goals - Suiis - Dresses 83 S. MAIN STREET Freeporl, N. Y. Phone F 8 NORTH MAIN STREET FREEPORT. N. Y. Flowers For AII Occasions Reeporl 8-0288 LOUIS R. POSNER Sales Agenl NEWSPAPERS - MAGAZINES and STATIONERY 29 RAILROAD AVENUE Freeporl, N. Y. IOpposiIe Railroad Slalionl Eslablished I884 ADOLPH LEVY 8: SON APPAREL FOR MEN IOO SOUTH MAIN STREET FREEPORT, NEW YORK I07 BEF LEBTIUHS oF you and your classmates upon your school lite achieve immortality in a carefully planned and executed yearbook. From the arid desert ol: Arizona, and the sultry green island OF Puerto Rico, to the snow-blanlceted slopes ol: Northern New England, we have traveled, happy and proud to have been an instrument in the translating into print, the humor pathos, excitement, and sentiment Found in the campus life ot over seventy-tive colleges and preparatory schools. As Former members of yearbook statins in our school days, we bring into our professional duties a real understanding ol: the many problems confronting each yearbook editor. MEMBER OF COLLEGE ANNUAL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION AND AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS ..,., k 1 1 I .QL 641228213 LTI!"-4fiT'f'52ix-'IQQQQ' , 4 .f L x . ' 7 1 -ff' ' ,if gi ' 'glib' . . -K - L i .V '4 4 Az, J, , K. V .el ' ' fi ' Aff, JE? f ny. , . ' 4, 3511, ,' :V-11 f , rf, . , L5 Y , ,J 5. , Q , gf, , "J 'f x fl.. 1 , - .. ,V , ' 'M 'A 'Q s ' .gg r 77 , 5. f ' 'il 1 ' ,Q ,..k ,, 33 ,. 3 . Q. X . , 1 I 5 . . ., w . 1 1 1 ' ' , ,rpm an ' ' ' ' ' -' k'::4JdI4i1H5 i 23M?isiL.iwlDAX2'!kE'4f1i6AB.'W E' umgi. ,gr A 9,5 V 5. iw vs? fix: 9 , N 'Tm di,-W3 C 'ei 1 f Y 15 e ' -w ,i, -1 S191 '-2232+ 'iv .Let 0 1 ' ' ..5f?'Ju as ': ..l'1f,+f4 -V ' 2- ,Q L 11:2 Ilfk- 'H "'-rl' 'lf . 1 1."ii'A"' 1 .".3i',1?iQTE4Il4Qirz?R.s2.353'52.i.f'i. 4 bfi .. rv I': , 5: all M va .."2:t:,!J4"3Sw., K3'Sa?i5F,s'ilfff32:Kk'iY!EMi !3 ?,H. 1

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