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X I, f 376511 7.0 ck Q C K Jo' I1 . 11, J. Q lf. Ei 5 5 E: 2 if P! ar ggi 52 ik ,zz 4 Ei if .if -J TQ IH L J .. ,. 'Q TIHHE H046 VUYAGIEQUR T H IE .I O O I U an I LD I sr. L2 Io H 1 LLI LLI Ll- FRFEPURT-NEW vonlf IZI mil 211 WMEEIUID Published By THE CLASS QF lm IZHIJXX If Y? l ORlEVxVUlRiD USY brisk Seplember ol lhe year I946, a group ol youlhlul heads 1 logelher, a leacher's calm inlorming voice, and an almosphere buzzing wilh miscellaneous ideas springing lrom lreshly wound imaginalions - lhal was lhe day our Sundial lirsl lound a place in lhe sun. You see, our ship was already wailing in harbor, We all lumbled on board, dragging lypewrilers, drawing boards, and old Voyageurs behind us. The very firsl lhing we did was lo climb lopside, and lhere, righl in lhe middle ol lhe deck, was our sundial. all shining and maieslic in lhe warmlh ol lhe Indian-summer sun. Il seemed lo send rays ol encouragemenl and inspiralion. A linkling spray ol sally sea, a bollle ol soda pop smashed againsl lhe red and while bow, a law bars ol an unknown overlure like lhe iaunly euphony ol bagpipes, and we were oll wilh hope and sundials and saucy red devils in our hearls. ll wasn'l supposed lo be a pleasure lrip, bul we couldn'l help picking up bils ol enioymenl along lhe way. We cerlainly were an inexperienced crew, bul our caplain was a gallanl soul, and lhe sundial was our lailhlul guide, our lairy godmolher. We even elecled a galley chiel lo preside over our slore ol candy and crackeriacks. in case you don'l undersland whal lhe real purpose ol our lrip was, I'd beller explain lhal we sel oul lo observe lhe cusloms and happenings ol a very special group ol people. These were lhe high school Seniors who dwell blissfully on an enchanled lillle isle called Freeporl. We rolled along on waves and waves ol ideas and afler awhile we grew used lo lhe rhylhm and lhe sea became as smoolh as a killen's back.iThe crew came lo know each olher beller loo. The more lhe ocean slipped by benealh us, lhe lighler became lhe bonds among us. We'd all slroll up on deck once in awhile, bend way over lo lry lo see beyond lhe horizon. Many were lhe limes we 'wished we'd broughl along a gypsy lorlune leller lo reveal lhe evenls lhal were lo accompany lhe nexl lenglhening ol lhe shadow on lhe sundial. One morning when lhe sun shone even brighler lhan il usually does, and our sundial casl ils shadow even deeper lhan il usually did, we heard lhe lill ol merry laughler and snappy cheers skipping on lhe morning misl. Looking up we saw lhe gay red and while banners ol our promised island. A marching band slepped up lo meel us, and lhe nalives look us lo lheir hearls.immedialely. We smiled al lheir quainl language and lell a lhrill ol gralilude and comradeship al lheir willingness lo help us. We dug up their lreasures and caplured lheir spiril, and lhen we slarled lor home. On lhe way we rode inlo slorms now and lhen, and somelimes lhinking our crall would break down, we had lo work harder lhan ever lo keep lhings going. Then we suddenly realized lhal our minules were vanishing like silver slars in a dawning sky: so, we hurried lo reach home belore lhe sundial's shadow fell on our zero hour and our golden vessel lurned inlo a bullerscolch sundae and our magic seahorses inlo lillle red devils lhal couldn'l swim. Bul you see, we did make il. and oh' whal a lhrill ol happiness lilled our hearls as we sailed inlo porl wilh our record, a record so precious lhal in all our lives lhe sundial will never meas- ure a sweeler or a sunnier episode. P10 I5 iDiEDilCATiiiON I+ is wirn sincere grafilrucle and ap- precia+ion Jrhar we, Jrhe class of I946, dedicare Jrnis Voyageur ro MISS ETHEL BOARDMAN whose charm and inspired reaching will be remembered by every one of us. mx .. A UQ, if iffy 1 W' ff 6 xx gif 0 . f22X3kRQw,Qc3 4 g, '. ""-ng-,-nllpvr Y , V ,f ' 5 K Af' 'vw w O E. efv l QHHIIIEHII 1 is 'a A! My l BOARD OF EDUCATION GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF I946 OR Tour years we have worked under a war-Time program in our naTion, our communiTy, our homes, and our schools. The whole emphasis oT living was direcTed Toward winning The war. Now, The swing is back To normalcy and educaTion Tor peace-Time acTiviTies. The public school is a highly eTTecTive Training ground Tor democracy. lT musT develop in young people The knowledge and deTerminaTion To piTch in and make democracy work aT every level, Trom Tamily and neighborhood To The new "one world" which science has esTablished. l-lisTory, geography, and governmenT can Turnish a rich background Tor undersTanding boTh in our own counTry and oTher naTions real- isTically and inTelligenTly. Working TogeTher in high school acTiviTies is a mosT eTTecTive preparaTion Tor The applicaTion oT The principles oT uniTy and cooperaTion in adulT scivic liTe. Learning To Tace issues squarely in sTudenT liTe is The besT Training Tor making unbiased decisions in adulT liTe. We hope your school acTiviTies have been viTal and inTeresTing. You have enTered inTo Them wiTh enThusiasm. Your record has been accomplished by consTanT good work. CompeTiTion is keener now especially Tor high school graduaTes whose ambiTions and aims are high. A careTul check oT successTul men in business and proTessions indicaTes ThaT The besT anyone can have is The desire and The abiliTy To work hard. There never has been Tound a subsTiTuTe Tor good honesT work. lvlay happiness and all good Things worTh having be yours and may The Train- ing which you have obTained in FreeporT l-ligh School aid in The aTTainmenT oT your worTh-while ambiTions. Cn behalT oT The Board oT EducaTion, which has always aimed To encourage and promoTe every school acTiviTy essenTial To a real educaTion, l say, "CongraTulaTions and God speed" To each member oT The class oT l946. LEO F. GIBLYN PresidenT oT The Board oT EducaTion LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. CliTTon B. SmiTh, Dr. E. Freeman Miller, Mr. Loo F. Giblyn, Mr, Harold Pearson Mr. OTTO Jensen. 8 JOHN W. DODD GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF I946 O chronicle The acTiviTies oT FreeporT High School, To capTure someThing oT iTs spiriT, and To esTablish a means oT recalling To The sTudenTs Their IiTe in FreeporT High School is The purpose oT The year book. No oTher acTiviTy is more deTiniTe or more worThy in iTs aim. To every sTudenT in high school There is an irresisTible ap- peal abouT The sTory which These pages Tell: The sTory oT achievemenT, abiliTy, iniTiaTive, indusTry, and knowledge: The sTory oT a group inTensely in earnesT abouT puTTing The besT ThoughT inTo work: The sTory oT all phases oT school liTe - aThleTic, social, and scholasTic. The "Voyageur" presenTs a word and picTure accounT oT your service To FreeporT High and is desTined, ThereTore, To become one of your mosT Treasured possessions. ln a happy liTe, as in a happy school, There is always an abundance oT service. The class oT 1946 - The TirsT peace-Time graduaTing class Tollowing World War ll, has a greaT opporTuniTy Tor service - service which requires sTraighT Thinking, The capaciTy Tor criTical Thinking, and undersTanding oT uniTed and cooperaTive eTTorT, good work habiTs, respecT Tor The abiliTy and righTs oT oThers, and The capaciTy Tor adulT living which will yield The maximum oT saTisTacTion. "Think Tor yourselT," exhorTs PresidenT ConanT, "and lisTen To The opinion oT Those who are more experienced Than yourselT." "Think Tor yourselT," advises PresidenT HuTchins, "and Take parT in The worThwhile acTiviTies abouT you." No Two words are oTTener on our lips Than The Two words, "Thinking" and "ThoughT." IT you would experience your TondesT hopes and greaTesT amloi- Tions, puT your besT ThoughT inTo your work and aim To develop an orderly mind. BesT wishes To The class oT I946. JOHN W. DODD SuperinTendenT oT Schools 9 YOUTH IN AN I-IE youlh ol Ihe world sland al Ihe cross- roads. One palh goes forward Io enlighlen- menl, cooperalion, underslanding, securily, and lasling peace. The olher poinls back Io ignorance, inlolerance, fear, halred. Tyranny, aggression, and war. As world cilizens, you share wilh lhe youlh ol olher lands a responsibilily never belore as- sumed by Ihe youlh ol any previous generalion. You can besl' share in lhis responsibilily by lalc- ing invenlory of yourself. I. I-Iave I made lhe besl' use of my Ialenls in Ihe years Ihal I have spenl in high school? I-Iave I prepared myself lor living or have I iusl fril- 'rered away my lime gelling only lhe necessary credils lor gradualion? 2. Do I have an open mind? Can I see beyond my own environmenl? 3. Do I comprehend Ihe deep underlying currenls and lrends in world alllairs and lhe needs oi a suffering humanily? 4. I-low sincerely do I 'fry Io undersland lhe minds and hearls of lhose of olher' races, creeds, and color? MARTIN M. MANSPERC-EER ATOMIC AGE You have reason Io Ihanlc God lor your American cilizenship. America srands lorlh as a beacon of hope lo lhe peoples of olher lands. The youlh of Ihe world is Ioolcing lo you for leadership. In Ihis, you dare nor fail. Class ol I946, Ihe high school has given you lhe besl in Iraining and equipmenl. You have been acquainled wilh every greal ellorl' which has been advanced by nalions lor Ihe building ol a peaceful world. Your class rooms have served as forums in which you have been able Io discuss problems conlronling you as cilizens ol America and ol Ihe world. As you slep across Ihe Ihreshold, by gradua- Iion from Freeporl I-Iigh School, Ihe prayers and hopes ol your Ieachers and your fellow-sludenls go wilh you. God bless and slrenglhen you for lhe greal and glorious Iaslcs before you. MARTIN M. MANSPERGER Principal CONGRATULATIONS TO MISS COCHRAN! O us, The Seniors, I946 is an all-imporTanT year. iT is none The less imporTanT To FreeporT High School, Tor This year marlcs a milesTone in The eTTicienT devoTed service oT FreeporT's rnosT "gracious lady," Miss RuTh E. Cochran. TwenTy-Tive years ago, The "liTTle red school- house" welcomed a Teacher Trom The mission Tields oT lndia. MaTh was her subiecT, and Tor seven periods a day she TaughT iT paTienTly, in- spiraTionally - elemenTary alegbra, plane geom- eTry, inTermediaTe alegbra, TrigonomeTry, solid geomeTry, and advanced algebra. As The sTudenT body increased Trom Tour hun- dred To Tive hundred and upwards, a new school was builT. WiTh The new school came new Teach- ers, and Miss Cochran was relieved oT some oT her classes so ThaT she mighT assume The respon- sibiliTies oT a new posiTion, Vice-Principal and Dean oT Girls. We lcnow her as a Trig Teacher whose maThe- maTical deTTness is a consTanT source oT admira- Tion, as a Dean oT Girls who is always ready To help wiTh lcindly inTelligenT advice, and as a Vice-Principal who is lceenly inTeresTed in us, our problems, and our progress. We shall remember her Twinlcling eyes, her ready smile, and her warm voice reading The ChrisTmas STory Trom The Bible aT each ChrisT- mas Assembly. We shall remember her Tor her compassion, her sTeadTasTness oT purpose, and her devoTion To duTy. Her example will serve as a guide Tor us and, we sincerely hope To many many TuTure gradu- aTing classes. Guidance DeparTmenT HE Junior-Senior Guidance DeparTmenT plays an imporTanT parT in The liTe oT every sTudenT in The school, since in iTs TuncTions oT boTh voca- Tional and personal guidance iT comes inTo con- TacT wiTh everyone. Few realize The Tremendous job oT planning period Tor period, hundreds oT schedules each semesTer. Besides This service To The school, Mr. Tremper advises The Seniors on colleges suiTed To each one's chosen Tield and Tries To obTain as many scholarships as possible Tor ambiTious graduaTes. Once a monTh Mr. Tremper holds guidance classes Tor Seniors where The Kuder PreTerence TesT is given To discover The ouTsTand- ing inTeresTs oT each parTicipanT. For Those who do noT inTend To go To college, Mr. Tremper helps To Tind well-suiTed iobs. Miss Virginia Rapp plans The schedules Tor The Junior High, where sevenTh and eighTh graders carry as many as eighT subiecTs. Her duTies also include The all-imporTanT Task oT aTTendance checking, which plays such a viTal parT in any scholasTic-conscious school. ln order To help The newly-arrived sevenTh graders, Miss Rapp holds orienTaTion classes To accusTom The boys and girls To high school liTe. Mr. Trernper Miss Cochran Miss Rapp 3? ,EM 525'i .3 -:Pwr 'y 'iii -6'3" X y S is kgs, Qty W, y, f .V , , , r mi' A R., -v K ff' x.L3LEs V, Q N X w 55, 1 S..-w,,,.v-'f W' ".. 'P' 3 w A 535 '? H f z -, 7 E543 Q1 Wm E .M M, w, -num ll , sf Wg V? 4 TM" W' 5 Miss Miss Miss Miss MATHEMATI s. DEPARTMEN II' Miss WIEIIIE, Chair' n Carpenfer Miss vis CIarIc Miss Quinn Cochran Mr. WhiIe Davies Mrs. Woodcock SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. JQRDAN, Chairman Mr. Chemniikz Miss I-Ioppe Miss Hack Mr. Levine Mr. I-Iesse Miss Seifz ART DEPARTMENT Miss MU Miss Miss M ISS WALLER, Chairman Consrable Mrs. Grebinar SIC DEPARTMENT Bruner Mr. Tavis Rober+s Mr. WeI+Iaufer ww-aww mm x K? 4 X .ef G ,J K I- 5 1 5,5 4 gr ii!-M 'fr auf' lNJ'l 'I 3 STU-W 'C . , -e 2535 A rn ,. I x 5 S 5 5 A i' ig' 4 is F.H.S. FACULTY HONCR ROLL 'William Ashley 'Samuel D. Bird "KEcli+h H. Boyce Henry BurneH O. Neal Burroughs E. Gordon Collisler Rufh Evans 'George G. Hollander Donald T. Kelleil JKC. Sheard Parlcer 'William Parker Franlc Pierson John S. Randolph U. Wesley Samara 'Roberl Tavis William H. Tirrell Samuel H. Wilcander ik Those who have relurned +o F.H.S. z fy A 11141 ', 1 f x GL at WN ZZ! f W fx ja W" 'W , U 'wha v 07, 'N ' W A QV' N ,fl M f ,Q X IN 9 1' 3 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BILL JOHNSON Presidemk JOHN LI NDENTI-IAI. Vice Presndem' J OAN ZAINO R SocIaI Se-crejrary NANCY ELMER Secretary BOB HAASS Treasurer BOB RAYNOR G.O Rep 3. IS E I8 KATRINA ANN AHLSTROM "Ki++y" 6.0. I, 2, 3.4: Flashings 2, 3, 4: Jr. Band Twirler I, 2: Chorus I: Cheerleader 4: Girls' A.A.: Slu- denl Leader 3 4' I-Iocke I 2 3 . . y . . . 4: Honor Team 3, 4: Volley Ball I 2 3 4' Baskelball I 2 3 4' ' ' 'SollbaII I, 2, 3,I4.I I I ROGER ANDERSON HROQ.. 6.0. I, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Foolloall 3, 4. IRENE S. ARTOPE "Cookie" G.O. 2, 3, 4: Hockey I, 2: Volley Ball I, 2, 4, Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Sollball I, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES ASHDOWN "Charlie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Boys' A.A. 3, 4' Boys' A.A. Council 3: Bowling 2. 3. 4. GEORGE BAIRD "George" 6.0. I, 2. 3, 4: Assl. Treasurer C5.0.: Council 2, 3: G.O. Rep. 3. PETER C. BALDWIN "Pele" Track 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Corps 4. ESTHER BARBATO "Deedy" DAVID BARRETT "D.C." Foolball 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Cap- Iain 4: A.A. Council 4. RUDOLPH BAYER "Rudy" Baseball 2: Cross Counlry 4: Track 4. JEANNE LOIS BENEDICT "PeanuI's" G.O. 2, 3, 4: Nalional Jr. Honor Sociely: 6.0. Nominalinq Com.: Home Room Manager 2: Junior Band I: Junior Orcheslra I: Senior Band 2, 3. 4: Senior Orchesfra 3, 4. U FLORENCE BENOIT -'Huey-' GO. I, 2, 4: Red Cross Council 2: Bowling I, 2: Badminlon I, 3: Archery 3: Table Tennis 2, 3: Volley Ball I, 2. HAROLD BIRKEL "Harold" NORMAN M. BLINN, JR. "Norm" Concerl Band I, 2, 3: Senior Ore cheslra 4. JOAN BARBARA BRAUN "Jay Bee" 0.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Council 4: Social Secrelary 4: Co-Caplain 4: Flash- ings 2, 3, 4: Exchange Edilor 4: Dance Commillee 2, 3, 4: Chair, man 4: Baskelball 2: Bowling I, 2: Cheerleading 2, 3.4. ROBERT BROWN "Bob" ELIZABETH BURKE "Belly" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Man- ager 3: Red Cross 2, 3: Dance Commillee 2, 3, 4: Chairman 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Archery 2, 3. 4: Girls' A.A. 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball 3, 4: Hockey 4. ELEANOR BU RM ESTER "Ellie" 6.0. 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4? Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 4: Sollball I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Com. 4: Masque and Wig 4: Sfudenl Lead- er I, 2, 3, 4. AGNES BYRNES "Bunnie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Soc. Sec. Jr. Honor Sociely: Masque and Wig Club I, 2, 3.4: New Service Slalil 3, 4: Assembly Com. 4: Hockey I, 2: Volley Ball 2: Archery 2, 3: Badminfon 3: Table Tennis I: "Growing Pains": "Janie": "My Sisler Eileen." 'F 4 'fo 7" EDWARD H. CAHILL ..Ed.. Leaders' Corps 4. JOHN CALLAHAN "Jackshun" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Rep. Boys' A.A. 3: Vice Pres. Boys' A.A. 4: Assembly Com. 4: Flashings 4: Masque and Wig 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: J.V, Baskelball 2: Baskelbgll 3: Cross-Counlry 4: "M Sis 3 Eileen" 4. I U' Kc,-+21 Wdioj f X,-. r, ' Elle E ff OBEQRTXQXNESE IX-JD "Bob" Q orus I, 4: Baseball 2: Baskelball Mgr. 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: A.A. Council 3, 4: Leaders' Corps 3, 4: Cross Counfry 4. BEATRICE M. CANTILLI ..B.. Girls' Chorus I, 2. 3. 4: Bowling I: Archery 2. jgfewbdl C-5.0. Nominaling Commillee I: Homeroom Manager I, 2, 4: Jr. Assembly Com. I: Class Treasurer 3: Science Club 4: Sec.-Treas. Boys' A.A. 4: Foolball 2: Cross- counlry 3, 4: Co-Capfain 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: "My Sis+er EiIeen" 4. HERBERT COHEN "Herbie" Band I, 2, 3, 4: 0rchesIra I, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3. 4: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Boys' A.A. Council 4. ,WILLIAM CLEARY, JR.!7 AArrI'4, ?Reveren ' I MN L ,Up Ely MYRA COHEN "Tracy" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Assembly Com. 4: Sludenl' Leader 3, 4: Baclminfon 3, 4: Volley Ball I, 2: Table Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Archery I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball 3, 4: 6irIs' A.A. 2, 3, 4: "My Sisler Eileen" 4. DONALD M. COLEMAN "Baldy" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Clwess Club. CAROLYN COMBES "Carolyn" Table Tennis I: Volleyball I, 2: Baskelball I, 2. OLYMPIA CONSTANTINO "Kiki" Library Club I, 2. JAMES M. CRANE "BuHer Ball" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Voyaqeur: Track 2, 3, 4: Cross Counfry 4. JAMES CREEGAN "Jimmy" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Flaslwinqs 4: J.V. Foolball 2: V. Foofball 3, 4: J.V. Baseball 2: "My Sisler Eileen" 4. GRACE CUNNINGHAM "6racie" 6.0. I, 3, 4: Cliorus I, 3, 4: Hockey I: Baskefball I, 3, 4: Soff- ball I, 4. PAULA CWIEK "RuFTIes" Assembly Com. 4: Dance Com. 4: Srudenl Leader 4: Volley Ball 4. HARRIET ANNE DASHIELL "Hal" Library Club 4: Masque and Wig 3, 4: "Janie": "My Sisler Eileen." RICHARD PERRY DAVIE "Dick" 6.0. 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3: Bowling 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Cross Counlry 4. LEONA DAVIS " Lee" 6.0. I, 2, 3: Jr. Band I: Sr. Band 2, 3: Table Tennis. MARION P. DAVIS "SI'1orIy" Hockey 3, 4: Volley Ball 3, 4: Bowling 2: Soflball I, 2, 3, 4. GERMAINE DE BREMONT "Pinky" G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: G.O. Council 4: Jr. Honor Sociely: Sr. Honor So- ciely 3, 4: Assembly Com. I7 Edifor-in-chief, Voyageur: Home Room Manager 3: Masque and Wig I, 2, 3, 4: News Service Slafl 2, 3, 4: Librarian 2, 3: EdiIor-in- chiel 4: Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Sec. 3: Vicevpres. 4: Hockey I: Volleyball I: Baskelball: "Growing Pains": "NoIhing buf 'Ihe TruI'h": "Janie": "My Sisler Eileen." ANNE DE GAETANO "Peggy" G.O. I, 3, 4: Business Publicalions Sfafl 4: General Business Manager: Chorus 3, 4: Library Club 3, 4: Treas. 4: Bowlinq 2, 3, 4: Archery 2, 3, 4. AUDREY DEVLIN "AucI" G.O. 2, 3, 4: Business Publicalions Slaff 2, 3, 4: Solicilor 2: Clerk 4: Bookkeeper: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling I, 2, 3, 4: Archery 2, 3, 4. GLORIA DI GREGORIO "Gloria" Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Baskelball 2: Soffball I, 2, 3. DOROTHY M. DITTRICH "DoHie" G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Man- ager I: G.O. Norninaling Com. I: G.O. Secrelary 3, 4: G.O. Execu. live Com. 3, 4: Jr. Honor Socielyg Sr. Honor Sociefy 3. 4: Sec. 4: Class Presiclenf I: Voyageur: As- sembly Com. I: Dance Com. 4: Jr. Band Twirler I: Sr. Band Twirlar 2: Drum Maiorelfe 3, 4: Bowling I: Archery I, 2: Volleyball 3: Bas- kefball I, 2, 3. 4: Mgr. 3, 4. ROBERT DU BOIS "Bob" G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Band 2, 3, 4. HERBERT R. EFFINGER "FrHz" GO. I, 2, 3. ALYCE ELFREICH HHIFJSOI. G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Man- ager 2: Flashings I, 2, 3, 4: Asso- ciale Ed. 4: Dance Commillee 3, 4: Soc. Sec. 4: Cheerleading 3, 4: Sfuclenl Leader 3, 4: Girls' A,A. 2, 3, 4: Hockey I, 2. 3: Manaqer I, 2, 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Bas- kelball 3, 4: Sollball 2, 3, 4. FLORENCE L. ELLSON "FIossie" G.O. I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Band I, 2, 3. 4: Sludenl Direclor 3, 4: Sr. Or- cheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Honor So- ciely: Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Slu- clenl Leader 3, 4. NANCY ELMER "Schnookie" G.O. I, 2, 4' G.O. Norninalinq Com. 2, 3: Clans Sec. 4: Chorus I, 2, 3: Pres. 3: Assembly Corn. I, 4: Sludenl Leafler 3, 4: Cheer- leader 3, 4. ELIZABETH JANE ENDERS "Jane" Business Publicalions I, 2, 3. 4: Ass'+ Adverlising Mgr. 3: Adverfis- ing Mgr. 4: Hockey I. 2, 4: Honor Team 4: Baskelball I, 2: Solfball I, 2, 4: Honor Team 2. PETER ENGEL "Bud" GO. I, 2, 3, 4. JOAN VIRGINIA ENGELKE "En:eIIe" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Mgr. 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Chess Club Sec. 3. GEORGIA ROSE FICKE "6inqer" Chorus 3: CAROL FISCHER "Carol" 6.0. I, 2, 3: Flashings I, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4. MARY JANE FISCHER "Fish" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Baslfelball 2. JACK FISHER HJGCICII DAVID J. FLINN HDGVGH G.O, I, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3: Bas- Irelball 3, 4: Traclc 2, 3, 4: "Janie," HARRY M. FREDLUND "SIaIko" Boys' A.A. Council 4: J.V. Baslcel- ball 2: Baslcelball 3, 4: J.V. Base- ball I, 2: Baseball 3, 4: Caplain 4: J.V. Foolball 3: Foolball 4. MILDRED AUDREY FRING "Millie" Badminlon 2, 3, 4: Sollball 2. LEONARD GAST "Leonard" JOHN GEORGAS "John" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociely: Flashinqs 4: Boys' A.A. Council 4: Baseball Mgr. 3, 4: J.V. Baseball 2: Foolball 3. DOROTHY MARGARET GILBERT "Dol" 6.0. 2, 3, 4: Adverlising Mgr. Voyageur 3, 4: Bowling I, 2: Archery I, 2: Volleyball 3: Table Tennis 4. PEGGY GODDEN "Pansy" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Council 3: 6.0. Norninalinq Com.3:Sr. Band I, 2: Sr. Orcheslra 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Library Club 4: News Service Slalil 4: Science Club 4: Assembly Com. 4: 6irIs' A.A. 2, 3, 4: Bad- minlon 2. 3, 4: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Table Tennis 2: Archery 2, 4: Bowl- ing 3: Baslceldball 4: "My Sisler Eileen." BETTY GODFREY "BeHs" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Flashings I, 2, 3. 4: 6irls' A.A. 3. 4: Baclminlon 3, 4: Table Tennis I, 2.4: Bowling 2. 3, 4: Manager 4: Archery 2: Bas- lrelball 2: Sollball 2: "My Sisler Eileen." JOAN GODFREY "Jaygee" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Nominaling Commillee 2, 3: Class Secrelary 2, 3: Soc. Secrelary 2, 3: Flashings I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Commillee 4: Badminlon 3, 4: Honor Team 4: Table Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 3: Archery 2: Soflball 2: "My Sisier Eileen" 4. BARBARA GOLDEN "Bobbie" 6.0. l, 2, 3, 4: News Service Slall 2, 3: Librarian 2. 3: Library Club 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Hoclcey I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 4: Volleyball I, 4: Table Tennis I: Bowling I: Archery l: Soflball 4: 6irls' A.A. 2, 3, 4: Siudenl Leader 4. RINE CATHERINE GRANT "Renie" ager 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociely I: Cla Treasurer I: Masque and I l, 2, 3, 4: Vice Presidenl 3: ance Commiffee I, 2, 3, 4: cience Club 2, 3.4: Secrelary 4: Jr. and Sr. Girls' Chorus l, 2.3.4, Business Publicafions Sialil 2: News Service Sfaif 3: "My Sisier Eileen" 4: "6rowing Pains," "NoIhing Bul lhe Trulh," Table Tennis 2, 5 2, 3, 4: Home Room Man- RICHARD GRISTOCK "Dick" Traclc I, 2, 3: 6.0. 4: Cross Coun- lry I. ROBERT GROSSER "Bobby" ROBERT HAASS "Bob" 6.0. l, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Sr. 0rch. l, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Band 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Jr. Honor Sociely: Senior Honor Sociely. MARGARET HANNIGAN "Irish" JOAN ALVA HASKINS HJC.. 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Archery I, 2: Bowling 2. PATRICIA HELLER ..Pa+.. 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: News Service Slalii 4: Baclminion I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 3. 4: Table Tennis I, 2, 3. 4: Honor Team 3, 4: Baslcelball 3, 4: Soflball 2, 3, 4: 6irls' A.A. 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY E. HENRY "Dol" 6.0. I, 2. 3. 4: Home Room Mgr. I: Sec. 6irls' A.A. 4: Elashings 2, 3, 4: Jr. Band Twirler l, 2: Sr. Band Twirler 3, 4: Red Cross I, 2: 6irls' A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 2, 3. 4: Baslceiball 2, 3. 4: Honor Team 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 3. 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 3: Sludenf Leader 3, 4. ELEANOR CECILIA HOGAN "Ellie" 6.0. 2, 3, 4: Business Publicalions Slaii 4: Red Cross Council 3: Bowl- ing l, 2: Archery 2, 3: Table Tennis 4. l WILLIAM HOLMES "Wild Bill" Freshman Baskelball: J.V. Baskel- ball 3: J.V. Foolball 3: Co-Cap- Iain 4. DANIEL HOLTER "Danny" 6.0. I: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Caplain 4: Baseball 3, 4. DANIEL HOTALING "Doady" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Nom. Corn. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Vice-Pres. 3: Jr. Honor Sociely: Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Class Sec. I: Class Pres. 2: Class Vice-Pres. 3: Sr. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Sr, 0rcI1esIra 3, 4: Jr. High Assembly Corn. I: Pres. Boys' A.A. Council 4: J.V. Baskelball 2: Varsily Baskelball 3, 4: J.V. Baseball 2: Varsily Baseball 3, 4. JOSEPH M. JAYCOX "Mike" Home Room Mgr, 2: Jr. Band I: Sr. Band 2, 3: Sr.0rcI1es'rra 2, 3: Track 2. DORIS JOHNSON "Tommy" Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD WILLIAM JOHNSON "Bee Jay" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Nom. Com. I, 2, 3: 6.0. Rep. 2: Class Pres. 3, 4, 6.0. Vice Pres. 3: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Vice-Pres. 4: Band I, 2: Fool- ball 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. CLARENCE KAGAN "Larry" AUDREY KALLM EYER "Annie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Mgr. 2: Dance Com. 3, 4: Cheerleading I, 2, 3, 4: Flashings 2, 3.4: Baskel- ball 2, 3: Table Tennis I, 2, 3: Archery 2: Bowling I, 2, 3. WILLIAM KELLER "Bill" Masque and Wig 4: "My Sisler Eileen": Sludenl Leader 2, 3, 4: Boys' A.A. Council 3: Foolball 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Caplain 3. STEVE KERN "Coin" 6.0. 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Ex. Council 3, 4: 6.0. Treasurer 4: 6.0. Nom. Corn.: Foolball Mgr. 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Boys' A.A. 4. CAROLE KNAPP "FrencI1y" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Edilor Flashings 4: Flashings Slalrl I, 2, 3.4: Voya- geur Pub. Slalil 3: Dance Com. I, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Sludenl Leader 3, 4: Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: 6irls' A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Vice-Pres. 4: Hockey Honor Team 3, 4: Hockey Mgr. I, 2. 3, 4: Vice-Pres. Sluclenl' Leader Club 4. MARILYN JUNE KNIGHT "Scoochie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 47 Jr. Band I, 27 Library Club 4: Masque and Wig 3, 4: Science Club 4: News Service Slalil 4: Volleyball 4: Table Tennis I, 2: Archery I, 2, 3, 4: Basker- ball 3, 4: Badminlon I, 2: 6irls' A.A. 2, 3, 4: Bowling I, 2: "Janie" 3: "My Sisler Eileen." MARY LA BELLA "La Bell' 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. and Sr. 0r- cheslra I, 2, 3. 4: Table Tennis 2: Volleyball I, 2. GEORGE LANE " Porky" Flashings 3, 4: Sfudenl' Leader 3, 4: Boys' A.A. 4: J.V. Baskelball 2: 3: Baseball Mgr. 4. JOSEPH LA SPISA "Joe" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Mgr. I: Science Club I, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. ROSEMARY LEVY "Rosie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Council 4: Masque and Wig Club I, 2, 3, 4: Sec. 3: Pres.4:Chairman Assembly Com. 4: Cheerleading I, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Secrelary 3: Flashings I, 2, 3, 4: Exchange Edi- Ior 4: Dance Com. I, 2. 3, 4: As- sembly Com. I, 4: Business Publi- calions 3, 4: "6rowinq Pains" I: "My Sisler Eileen" 4. JOHN WALTER LINDENTHAL "Johnnie" 6.0. Nom, Com. 3: Sr. Honor So- ciely: Class Vice-Presidenl 4: Fool- ball Mgr. 4: "My Sisler Eileen" 4. JOAN F. LYONS "Pinky" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross Council I: Business Publicalions I, 2, 3, 4: Voyaqeur: Bowling I, 2: Soilball I, 2, 3.4: Class Team 2, 3: Basker- ball 2, 3: Class Team 3: 6irIs' A.A. 3, 4. DORIS MACLACHLAN "Mickey" 6.0. I, 2. 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. Sollball I, 3, 4: Volleyball I. MARJORIE MacMILLAN SIreIch" ELLEN LOUISE MAHER "Squeaky" 6.0. 2, 3, 4: Library Club 4: Voyageur 4: 6irIs' A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: Table Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Manager 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Soli- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Archery 2. ALYCE MALONE "RusIy" 6.0. 3, 4: Secrelary Red Cross I: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey I, 2, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 4: Archery I, 2, 4. v RUTH ANN MARSCHNER "Ru+hie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Mgr. I, Jr. Honor Sociely: Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Red Cross Council 2. 3: News Service Slalif 4: Badmin- Ion I, 3, 4: Archery 2, 3, 4: Table Tennis 3, 4: Baskefball 3, 4: 6irIs' A.A. 3, 4: 6irIs' A.A. 3, 4. LILLIAN MARTI NUI.. 6.0. I, 4. ANTHONY MARTIN "Tony" C'.0. 3, 4: Leader Corps 3, 4? Baslcelball 4. VIRGINIA MARTIN neinnyi. 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Business Publica- Iions 3, 4: Dance Com. 4: 0rches- Ira I, 2, 3. 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Table Tennis I: Archery 2: Baslcelball 3. 4. D. BRUCE MATHEWSON "Bruce" Masque and Wig 2, 3, 4:AssembIy Com. 4: Band 4: Fooiball Mgr. I, 2, 3: Siudenf Eleclrician I, 2, 3, 4: "6rowing Pains," "NoIhing buf Ihe TruIh," "Janie," "My Sisler Eileenf' Sr. Variefy Shows I,2, 3,4. ALEX McCATTY "Sandy" 6.0. 4: Chess Club 3, 4: Presidenl 4: Treasurer 3. MERDESLEY EILEEN McKNIGHT "Mi+zi" Chorus I: Volleyball I, 2: Class Team I, 2: Baskelball I: Class Team I. JAY MERKLE way.. 6.0. 4: Baseball 4. ADRIENNE MIDDLETON "Bunnie" Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Assembly Com- nniilee 4. GLORIA ELAINE MILLER "ShorIy" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross Coun- eil I, 2: News Service Slalil 4: Bowling I: Table Tennis I. MILDRED MITCHELL "TocIcIy" Horne Room Mgr. 3: Table Tennis 2: Baclrninion 2: Bowling I, 2, 3: Honor Team 3: Solfball 2. ELIZABETH MONTESANO "Belly" 6.0. 2, 3, 4: Masque and Wig 4: Assembly Com. 4: Chorus 3, 4. JACQUELINE R. MURDOCK "Jackie" 6.0. 4: Jr. Honor Sociely: Sr. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Voyageur: Library Club 3: Red Cross Coun- cil 3. MARITA MURPHY "Murph" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Leader 3 4: Bowling I: Archery I, 2: Masque and Wig 4: "My Sisler Eileen." BARBARA EVA NEUHAUS ..BOey.. 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Council 4: Jr. Honor Sociely I: Pres. I: Class Vice-Pres. I: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Pres. 4: Assembly Com. I: Masque and Wig 2. 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: 0r- cheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Flashinqs 3, 4: Associale Eclilor Voyaqeur: 6irls' A.A. 2. 3, 4: Table Tennis I: Bas- lcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Archery I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 3: "My Sisler Eileen." CHARLOTTE M. NEWMANN "Charlie" 6.0.2, 3, 4: Home Room Mgr. 4: Archery 2: Badminlon 3. BERGETH NODLAND "Belly" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: SoI+baII I. EDGAR NORTHRUP "NorIh" Baseball 2: Traclc 3. 4. JANE O'CONNELL "Oke" 6.0. l, 2, 3, 4: Flashings I, 2, 3 4: Fashion Ed. 4: Dance Com. 3 4: 6.0. Nominalinq Com. 2: Table Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 2 3, 4: Basleelball 2: Baseball 2 Archery 2: Bowling 2, 3: 6irIs A.A. 4: "My Sisler Eileen." EILEEN DAVIS OTT "Lee" Table Tennis 4: Baslcelball 4. ALICE PANDOLFI "PancIy" Home Room Mgr. 3, 4: News Se'- vice Slafi 4: Baslcelball 3, 4: Soil ball 3: Hoclcey 4: Table Tennis 4. CELIA PASSAFIUME "Lee" 6.0. 2, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Li' brary Club 3, 4: Table Tennis I, 3: Archery 2, 4: "My Sisler Eileen." MARY ELIZABETH PEARSALL Baslcelball 3. NANCY PETERS ,.Mary,. Augusl '45 6raduaI'e ARNOLD PLUMER .iAmy.. 6.0. l, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4. RUTH POPIEL ..POp.. 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Council 4: Flashinqs 2, 3: Co-Edilor 4: Dance Com. 4: Home Room Mgr. I, 2: Jr. Band Twirler I: Sr. Band Twirler 2, 3. 4: 6irls' A.A. 3. 4: Baslrelball 3, 4: Table Tennis 2: Volleyball 3: Archery 2, 3: Bowling I, 2. JESSIE S. PRESCOTT "Pussy" Table Tennis 4. JAMES PU LTZ "Oscar" 6.0. I, 2, 3: Foofball 2, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Leader 4: "Janie": "My Sisler Eileen." ARNOLD RAND "Smoky" 6.0. 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4i Chess Club 3: Track Team 3. ROBERT RAYNOR "Bob" 6,0. Rep. 4: Sr. Band I: Football 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: J.V. Foolball 2. EDWIN JOHN REIM lIEdII 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4. CHRISTINE ANNE RICKER "Chrisie" 6.0. I, 3, 4: Jr. Honor Sociely I: Bowling I, 2, 3, 4: Archery 2: Badminlon 3: 6irls' A.A. SARAH RIMAN "Sarie" 6.0. 3, 4: Voyageur 4: Bowling I, 2, 3. 4: Archery 2: Baclminlon 3, 4: Solfball 3: 6irls' A.A. 3, 4. MARILYN ROSE "Punk" 6.0. I, 2, 3: Nom. Corn. I: Dance Com. I: Baskelball I, 2: Hockey I, 2: Volley Ball I, 2, 3: Baseball I, 2: Jr. Band I: Jr. Orcheslra I: Sr. Band I, 2, 3: Sr. Orch. 2, 3, CLAIRE RUBIN "Claire" 6.0. 3, 4: Archery 2: Volleyball 4: Badminlon 4. BARBARA JEAN RUGER "Bobbie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Flashinqs 4: Dance Corn. 3, 4: Band 4: Bowling I: Archery 2: Baskelball I: "Janie." CATHERINE RUTTURA Augusl '45 6radua're MAURICE SAYLOR "Maurice" Baskelball I. ROBERT SCHMIDT "Bob' 6.0. I, 2, 3.4: 6.0. Nom. Com. 2, 3: Flashings 3, 4: Assembly Com. 4: Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4: Track 3. JEAN SCH UTT "SchuHIe" Jr. Honor Sociely: Chorus I: Jr. Band 2: Sr. Band 3, 4: Sr. Orches- Ira 3, 4: Table Tennis 2: Baslcelball I, 2, 3: Soffball I, 2, 3. DOROTHY SCHWAN " Dol" G.0. 3. 4. PAUL SIEGAL "Pablo" 6.0. I, 2. 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Chess Club I, 2, 3: Track 2. DOROTHY SIMANDL "DoIom" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Team 3, 4: Volleyball I, 3. 4: Honor Team 4: Baskelball 4: Soflball 4. ROBERT SINGLE 6.0. I, 2.4: Jr. Band I: Sr. Band 2, 3, 4: Chess Club 2: J.V, Base- ball Mgr. 3: V. Baseball Mgr. 4. HERMINA SINGLETON "He-rminan JOSEPHINE SINGLETON "Josie" Red Cross Council I: Chorus BARRIE T. SMITH "Barr" Traclc 3, 4: "My Sisler Eileen. BERNARD RALPH SMITH "Bernie" GEORGE BENNETT SMITH "Smi++y" GO. I, 2, 3, 4. June '45 Graduale HOWARD SMITH "Howie" Red Cross Council 2. JANE M. SMITH "Haggard" 6.0. I, 4: Flashings 3, 4: Fealure Ed. 4: Dance Com. 3, 4: Sr. Band I, 2, 3.4: 6irls'A.A. 2, 3, 45 Val- leyball 4: Badminlon 2, 3, 4: Soil'- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Sollball Mgr, 3, 4: Archery 2, 3, 4. KAY SMITH ':Smi++y" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: News Service Slaltl 4: Dance Com. 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 4: Soflball I, 4. MARIANNE RHONA SMITH "Red" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Man- ager I: Jr. Honor Sociely: Band I, 2, 3: 0rcI-ieslra 3: Flashings 2: News Service Slarl 3, 4: Librarian 4: Library Club 3, 4: Presidenl 4: Assembly Cornmillee 4: Voyageur 4: Sludenl Leader 3, 4: "NoIhing bul The TruIh." OAKLEY SMITH "Hey, smnhr' ELIZABETH SNEDEKER "Belly" 6.0. 4: 6irIs' Chorus I, 2, 3, 41 Chess Club 3. JEAN SPROWER "Jeannie" Winner, Prize Speaking Conlesi 3: Allernale, Prize Speaking Conlesl I: Masque and Wig 2, 3, 4: Treas. 4: Assembly Com.4: "NoIhing bul The TruIh": "My Sisler Eileen." GLORIA BETTY STANFORD "Glo" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Flashings 2: Home Room Mgr. 3, 4. MILDRED M. SWANINGSON "Millie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Red Cross Coun- cil 3: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Presidenl 4: Voyageur Typing Edilor: Bowl- ing 2. MARILYN JOAN TREPPEL "Trepie" 6.0. I, 2, 4: Chorus I, 2: Science Club 2, 3: Bowling 2: Badminlon 3, 4: Table Tennis I, 2: Baskelball 2, OLIVE TUCKER "OIIie" 6.0. I, 2, 3.4: 6.0. Nom. Com. I, 2: Flashings I: Chorus I, 2: Hockey I: Baskefball I, 2: Volley- ball I, 2, 3: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Co-Caplain 4. JEAN VANDERVEER "KiII'en" Newcomer 4. THEODORE VIGELAND "VigiIanIe" 6.0. I, 4: Track 2: Football 2, 3, 4. BETTY-JAYN E VOLLET "Belly" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Corn. 3, 42 Elashings 4. CONSTANCE IRENE WALKER "Connie" Jr. Band l, 2: Sr. Band 3, 4. NANCY E. WARD "Peroxide" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Man aqer 4: Dance Com. 3, 4: Volley- ball I: Baslcelball 3, 4: Bowling 3 Archery 3: "My Sisler Eileen." DOLORES MARION WEAVER "Bubbles" 0.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 43 Sec. Treas. 4: Bowling 2, 3:TabIe Tennis 4: Sollball 3, 4. REGINA WEIS "Jeanne" MARIE WEISENSEE "Randy" 0.0. 2, 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA WEISS "Pal" 6.0. 4. MARY JANE WELBO RN "Jamey" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: News Service Slalll 3, 4: Assembly Com. 4: Chorus I: Badminlon 3, 4: Archery 2, 3, 4: Manager 2: Bowling 3, 4: Man- ager 3, 4: Table Tennis 2, 3, 4. JOAN WENK "WinIcie" Newcomer 4. MARGARET WERDANN Mpeg.. BARBARA JEANNE WHITE "Wheel" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Man- ager I: Flashings I, 2, 3, 4: News Eclifor 4: Cheerleading 3, 4: Masque and Wig Club 3, 4: As- sembly Com. 4: Jr. Band Twirler I "Janie": "My Sisfer Eileen." LEONARD WHITE "Ace" C-3.0. 3, 4: Baslcelball 2. 3: Tracl: 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 4. Joi-IN wn.KlNsoN "Big John" 6.0. 3, 4: 6.0. Nom. Com. l Science Club 4: Assembly Com. 4 "Janie", "My Sisler Eileen." FRANK J. WILLE, JR. "Franzel" Sr, Band l: Science Club 3, 4 Presidenl 4. JOAN WOOD "Woody" Assembly Com. 4: Masque and Wig 41 News Service Slafl 3: Chorus I, 2, 3, 47 l-loclcey l. NORMAN H. WOODCOCK "Wormo" 6.0. l, 2, 3, 4: 6.0. Presidenl 45 6.0. Nominaling Com. 2, 3: Home Room Mgr. li Boys' A.A. 3, 47 Track 3, 4i J.V. Baslcelball 2: "Baslcelball 3, 41 Caplain 4. -. J' . . N ' ! 34 ,ff l LORRAINE YOUNG "Lorraine" JOAN ZAINOR "Joanie" 6.0. I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Mgr. 27 Social Sec. 2, 4: Sec. 3: Flash- ings 2. 3. 4: Dance Com. 4: Bowl- ing I: Baclminlon 2, 3, 4: 6irls A.A. 4: "My Sisler Eileen." JERRY ZULLI "Frenchy" 6.0. 2, 3. 47 Senior Honor So- ciely 3, 4: Voyageur 47 Masque and Wig Club 27 Assembly Colm. l: Chess Club 4. VERA ZYDOR "Vera" Flashings Publicify Slaff 47 Library Club 3, 4: Sollball 2. I . , KLXVLX, 'uf A 'f ' 1 'Jw . J J . x, .1 'dh ' fl lf ' 1' , is . . ' UNPHOTOGRAPHED CLASS MEMBERS f iff CARR, ALBERT ' JACOBS, BILLIE fi QCREANGE, MILDRED JENSEN, ESTHER , 1 DOWLING, JANE MELTOR, EILEEN GILROY, WALTER "' SCOPINICH, FRED 'Augusl '45 6raduale WESLEY, ERNEST 33 BARBARA AND JOHN Mos+ LiIceIy Io Succeed JOAN AND BILL Cufesf CoupIe CAROLE AND OSCAR Nicesf SmiIes NANCY AND BILL Besf Singers 2. 6. IO. I4. DOT AND DAN Done Mos? For FHS AUDREY AND BOB Besf Dressed DOT AND DAVE Besf Dancers KAY AND JACK CIass WHS AU DREY Cuiesf DOT AND HARRY MOST AII1IeIic ALYCE AND BILL IVIOSI I9opuIar OLLIE AND CARLTON Good Form 4. 8. I2. Ib. ROSEMARY AND NOR MAN Ones fo be Remembered JOAN AND CARLTON Bes+ Looking ALYCE AND HARRY Besf Personaliiy JOAN AND BILL Cufesf CoupIe again NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY HE NaTional Honor SocieTy is synonymous wiTh The words: characTer, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. We can menTaIIy picTure The emblem, The Tlaming Torch, aT whose base are Hue IeTTers C, S, L, S, represenTing Hue Tour cardinal principles oT Hue socieTy. We reTIecT on each word OT The organizaTion's name separaTeIy -M NaTionaI Honor SocieTy, and we are proud ThaT our school is a member oT Huis naTionaI body, ThaT so many OT our sTudenTs are so honored. Une oT Huis year's ouTsTanding assemblies occurred on March 7 when sevenTeen oT our mosT deserved seniors were awarded The schools greaTesT honor, membere ship in Hue NaTionaI Honor SocieTy. We remember The brighTIy lighTed sTage, Hue large gilded emblem wiTh iTs glowing Torch, The maroon gowns which eleven seniors .who were TorTunaTe enough To be eIecTed To The socieTy IasT June were wearing, Hue presidenT's preTaTory speech, Hue speeches which members made on Hue Tour principles, and Tinally, Hue hushed anTicipaTing audience IisTening as Mr. Ivlansperger rose To read Hue names oT Hue eIecTees. The cluapTer Thoroughly enioys Hue Tellowship which such an organizaTion builds. They have had Tun piling inTo cars and going To SouThside To observe Their inducTion ceremony. They have lilced being convoyed Through The school and invading class- rooms. They have been, perhaps, iusT a IiT+Ie pleased wiTh Themselves, Tor iT is Their cIuapTer which has been successTuI in convincing The 6.0. To malqe a place in iTs budgeT Tor The buying oT The emblems OT all TuTure members. In TruTh, They lived and learned and were honored in I:reeporT High School. OFFICERS PresidenT . . , .. Barbara Neuhaus Vice PresidenT William Johnson SecreTary DoroThy DiTTrich Treasurer , .Daniel HoTaIing 35 Fit to Pass Over All the News That's I I I . 1 VOLUME I NUMBER 204 FREEPOI HIPSO'S HIDEOUT OPENS SATURDAY ELFREICH SPONSORS NEW NITE CLUB Saturday night will mark the grand opening of a brand new nite spot which promises to be one of New York's favorites. Ever since last August when Alyce Elfreich announced her plans for the building of a club similar to her ever-popular "Cocobanana" in Miami, our city's gay blades have eagerly awaited the great event. Kitty Ahlstrom, the "Hideout's" manager and close friend of Miss Elfreich, recently remarked, "This cabaret is the most ultra-modern in the country." This stateu ment was echoed by head bartender, Ed Reim, who added, "The revolving bar deco- rated with pink hippopotami is a bar- tender's dream." Miss Elfreich disclosed to the press today that all was in readiness for Saturday night's opening. Patrons will dance to the sweet and low notes of Connie Walker and her "Simple Syncopatorsf' The show will also include comedienne Kay Smith, singer of the famous "Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen" in the Broadway hit, "Hades Is Hoppin"'g ace bubble gum blower, Betty Burke, tap artist, Flo Ellsong and Bea Can- tilli, last season's lovely "Met" primadonna. Miss Elfreich also expressed her hope that "Hipso's Hideout" would be a happy haven of hilarious harmony for hungry humans. ATOMIC PERSONALITIES LAUNCH ROCKET STARS TO SPEED, BY JUPITER A new era in flash traveling was ushered in last week by the opening of the fiftieth transplanet rocket, affectionately called The Spirit of P.A.D. Speeches in dedication were radared by Frank Wille, constellary engineer, E.E., Ph.D., D.D'.T., L.S.M.F.T.g Norine Grant, assistant planetary engineer, M.E., C.C.C., R.F.D., WGBB.g Robert Single, 'president of Atomic Appurtenances Incomplete and sponsor of the plightg Oakley Smith, third MARITAL INSURANCE We insure for steady de- pendable life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. BRAUN and JOHNSON ,l. POSITION WANTED Ace john of all trades: Competent as crooner, wave-setter, soda jerk, Would prefer, how- ever, beach combing at Jones Beach. Tel, John Georgas Live Wires Plug Nickels SHOCKING BUSINESS Current Jokes Positives Accentuated Bruce Matthewson All Electrick Appliances ... -t WANTED New car, durable, suitable for rough driving, big windshield for gazing at seaford farms. Rog Anderson Senator pro tem from New York, LL.D., W.P.A., T.N.T. Applause was supplied by the plausimeter invented by the consulting engineering staff composed of Peter Engel, N.R.A., S.O.S., R.N.g William Cleary, R.S.V.P., G.O.g and Howard Smith, A.A.A., O.P.A., Y.W.C.A. The initial run was catapulted from New York at 1400 and was heard by radiotone to be whizzing past Venus at 1401 E.S.T. Passengers fully equipped with oxygen tanks included Joan Godfrey, Miss Frozen- fire of 1954, Richard Davie, President of Telewoman Inc., Jerry Zulli, American Am- bassador to the French Colony at Devil's Islandg Jeanne Vanderveer, renowned elbow painter, Dorothy Dittrich, secundus balle- rina of the Ballet Busse of Del Monteg Leonard White, press agent for Vargag Mil- dred Swaningson, co-author of "How Not to Work and Yet Pay Income Tax"g and Norman Blinn, consulting chiropractor for the Spirit. Mr. Tony Martin announced today that he has secured Miss "Bubbles" Weaver as the dancing lead in "Martin's Follies." Miss Marilyn Treppel of "Embraceable You" fame is the show's chantootsie. PERSONAL Dear Dot, Please come home. Never more RENEW! RENEW! Special Oifer This prophetic paper now makes to you a very special suggestion to renew your subscription to Li Xpress. All you need for payment is a genuine interest in the lives, activities, and dreams of the members of the Class of 1946, a sincere support of F.H.S., and a desire to make Freeport proud of the class. You may renew your subscription merely by appearing at the head of- fice, which will be located at all alumni meetings. PERSONALS Miss Jeanne Benedict, well-known cc cert clarinetist, astounded audiences receni by playing "The Flight of the Bumble Be in one breath. Dr. Ruth Marschner, Ph.D., mathemat professor at M.I.T. has published a n4 interpretation of Einstein's Theory, "Ht to Handle Relatives." Miss Alice Pandolfi has just been vot the most popular of the Handolive So Company's models, Mr. Daniel Hotaling, world-famed rr gician, proudly announced that his fo red-headed sons: Mark, Sterling, Shear and Dan Jr., have received the roles of t sons in the ever popular "Life With Father Mr. Oscar Pultz announced today that , will open a new barber shop, "The Dan ruli' Haven." Opening tomorrow, the shi will specialize in pompadours, crew cu and bowl cuts. "The shop's motto," d clares Mr. Pultz, is "success or your loc back." Mr. Donald Coleman, renowned sto broker and financier, has recently announc the opening of another bank of the Bai of Coleman fame. "The bank," Mr. Co man proudly says, "will be able to mana investments from five cents to five dollar: Every senior should be sure to buy copy of the new 5,000 page book, "Shc Cut to Algebra," written by Paul Siegal, 1946 alumnus. Miss Joan Lyons, editor of the famo "Femme Fatale," when asked to give word of advice to the gentlemen said, "' guard against some fatal femmes read ea edition for yourself." 'Miss Ginnie Martin's Spanish pood Ojos Negros, won first prize last week the Nat'l Rover Show. The red, purp and green argyle socks that his mistn knitted for him were the high spot of t will I roam. show VOTE FOR ME James Remotes Creegan. ' FOR MAYOR EXPERIENCE PLUS KALLMEYER, LEVY, GODFREY Cheek to Cheek Top to T01 I have run for DESK CLEANING ENROI-L NOW P.A.D. class A SPECIALTY THE SCHOOL Gym class Yellow paper ..,..,...........,.......... lc of Editorial staff Kleenex .......................... ....... 3 C FORCOTTEN ARTS Oratorical practice Sandwiches ...,.. ....... 1 Oc Featuring this week: Bus to Merrick Candy bars ......... ....... 1 1c BLUSHING Germaine de Bremont Comic books ..... ....... 0 Ear to Ear Toe to T01 INDEPENDENT Phone 200 F.H.S. John Lindenthal, Pres. XPRESS Weather: Humidity 150 Ceiling: 3 Feet Under NEW YORK JUNE 26, 1961 F.H.S.F.E.A. MEETS AND EATS AT FREEPORT Another important athletic gathering graced the health-giving environs of Free- port when the Freeport Athletic and Sea Food Eating Association met at the Lo- boister Inn, famous local marine life bares- taurant. Responsible for the table-training repast of shrimps, lobsters, clams, blowfish, barracuda, vegetable oysters, and mariners' delight seafoam were cross harbormen, Rudy Bayer and Bob Canese. Among the notable guests were Doris Maclachlan and Dorothy Schwan, champion ligure-eighters of the revue, "Follies on Ice", Alyce Malone, pilot of the S.A. 17, Mars Mounterg Dorothy Henry, national honor team captain of Sports lnc.g and Ellen Maher, coach of the famous pro- fessional football team, Greenbay Punters. Charlotte Neuman, winner of the "Keep the Ball Rolling" contest, wound 250,000 skeins of wool and is challenging anyone who feels able to surpass her record. Follywood announced today that Bob Schmidt, former double for Victor Mature, has been given the role of Heatclilf in "Sweltering Heights." James Crane is opening an exhibit of antique "pitchers" ranging in date from 1940-1946. All welcome. Admission free. The Misses Paula Cwiek and Myra Cohen returned Wednesday from their annual ex- pedition to New York. They successfully covered Gimbel's Basement. Miss Nancy Elmer, "bud"ding young chemist, has decided to go "West" for better or worse. Miss "Bowing" Neuhaus is in town for a brief visit with her parents who live at 5005 Tribulation Drive. Miss Neuhaus is the 51st violinist in the famous Haleing Crimphonette. Miss Christine Ricker, former instructor with the Maruther Hurry School of Danc- ing, has started classes of her own in the Modern Balling Alley on Tripping Street. Farnum and Kailey's, camped in our town for their winter quarters, announced today that they have hired one of our local boys, Norman Woodcock, to replace their tall man who died tragically last month. The former employee collapsed while danc- ing a rumba with Miss Adrienne Middleton. SIDEWALKS STRIKE IN FREEPORT TOWN IS DEADLUCKED Disaster struck in Freeport early this morning when the public sidewalks refused to leave their terminal building on North Main Street, tieing up all activity in the town. The strikers demand shorter hours and a decrease in use. Their main complaint, however, is against the groups of high school students who continuallv congregate in certain areas of the village. The walks, which usually go down at 6 A.M. BAYER BILLIONS BESTOWED F.H.S. TO BE SUPER MODERNIZED Because of the generous contribution of several billions from Mr. Rudy Rockerfeller Bayer, Freeport High School is destined to become an important cog in the wheel of the great world Progressive Educational Program, as soon as some ground work can be done. Under the inspired planning of Principal Moe Merhige and Vice-Principal Marilyn Rose, there'll be some changes made. Pro- posed improvements include a swimming pool to be built between the east and west wings. Also, for the pupils who go to the beach for other reasons, Mr. Merhige is having ten thousand tons of sand brought from "J, B." in order to have Grove Street playground made into one tremendous dune. There will be a floating smoker, patterned after the L, I. coaches, shuttling between Grove and Church Streets every five min- utes. Another improvement will be the chaise lounges in the first three rows of the auditorium for seniors who have attained the grade of "King-Bag." Also, a new de- partment will be added to the Varsity Shop. Under the efficient management of James Forker, there will be dispensed bubble gum, soft drinks, comic books, cigarettes, chew- ing tobacco, and "Coca-Cola plus aspirin" for those students who "Never Touch the Stuff." These ambitious projects will be begun as soon as the term is over. Mr. Merhige and Miss Rose both hope that they will be completed by September 1. - .-1. "The Itch," our town's leading news- paper, told reporters today that they have signed a six weeks' contract with Jay Merkle and his band. Jay recently received over a million votes in the "Crowded Ballroom" poll, defeating both Francois Swoonatra and Bingo Crosley. HAMBURG HEAVEN ALL SIZES, SHAPES, TASTES OUR SPECIALTY 1-Slam against the wall SCHOOL OF DANCING LEARN TO DANCE in FIVE EASY YEARS and are taken up by 12:30 P.M., claim that their heaviest work occurs at noon in the vicinity of Viebrocks and between 3:15 and 5:00 P.M. in the Wagstalf area. This con- gestion is due almost entirely to student traliic. Chief of Police Herb Cohen has placed guards around the terminal building to pre- vent any riots or violence. Superintendent of Schools Jack Callahan closed all schools because without sidewalks there is the haz- ard of sinking into the mud. Under orders from Fire Chief Norman Woodcock, the firemen are patrolling the streets in order to extricate people who get stuck in the mud. Fireman Bob Raynor saved a young lady from near tragedy on Long Beach Avenue about 3:00 this afternoon. Miss Marita Murphy, English IV teacher at the High School, sank three feet into the mud under the weight of an armful of books, Her cries for help were heard by Raynor who rushed to the scene, whipped out his "Lone Ranger" lasso, and rescued the exhausted pedagogue with one hand. Miss Murphy suffered no serious injuries, but her best pair of dunga- rees was completely ruined. Mayor George Lane has already appointed a mediation board, headed by Harry Fred- lund. The board will render its decision in an attempt to settle the dispute at a meeting in the town hall tonight after the facts have been presented by Rosemary Levy, speaking for the village, and Frank Wille, attorney for the sidewalks. i Mr. and Mrs. Zainor of 203 Doug Drive announced today that their daughter Joan, serving as a hellomen in the U. S. Ripples, assumed charge of McKenzie Naval Base. CONSOLIDATED FRUIT DISTRIBUTORS Specializing in Bananas ..,.,..,.........,........,, Fredlund Apples .......,........,..,....,....,.,.. Canese Lemons ...,. .....,. M artin Oranges .,... ,....,. K ern Tel. 212 F,H,S, AUCTION TODAY ARTICLES CHEAP Dorfs Galore - Companions to Caesar Gym Towels - Shower Curtains Signed Permit Slips 2-Cross room catch Fegpm-ing Signed Report Blanks 3-Sawdust roll The Flinn Fling Test Tubes - Band Music 4-Yo-yo drop and Sponsored by Class of '46 .ofdef by Nffmbef Tarzan Crouch 2,00 P M Joe La Spisa Bones Beach D, Flinn 5000 Merrick ' ' ' Neuhaus Bam BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS STAFF I-IE Two-ThirTy bell rings announcing The end oT The sixTh period. MosT oT The FreeporT I-ligh sTudenTs enTer Their respecTive sevenTh period classes, buT Tor The members OT The Business PublicaTions STaTT, The Tormal class day is over. From Two-ThirTy unTil Three-TiTTeen each day, The members OT our honored sTaTT and Mr. Moger, The adviser, Talce on The responsibiliTy oT all aclverTising ThaT is puT in The "Voyageur" and l'I:lasl'lingS." As each member enTers The VarsiTy Shop, she begins her iob. Madeline and DoT are The eTTicienT girls who "balance The books" and Talce care oT The adverTising money. Peggy is resigned To her TaTe oT Talcing dicTaTion and Typing leTTers Tor Mr. Audrey and her Tiling cabineT are inseparable and she can reciTe The alpha- beT Torwards, sidewards or upside down. Jane and Lorraine con- sTanTly have ThaT "deadline daze" in Their eyes and are conTinually hunTing down The culpriT on The soliciTing sTaTT who has commiTTed The hideous misdemeanor oT Tailing To geT her "ad" in on Time. Jaclc and Ginnie have The "dummy copy" nearly compleTed when iT is discovered ThaT a cuT is missing. All in all, pandemonium reigns. Then Mr. Moger calmly pulls ouT one oT his pepperminT liTe savers and aTTer a hecTic Tew minuTes, all is in readiness Tor The prinTer. Deadline day has passed again unTiI The nexT issue musT be readied To "go To press." New places oT business ThroughouT I:reeporT were soIiciTed Tor The "Voyageur" adverTising and alThough iT was a long and diITi4 culT iob, The Business PublicaTions STaTT has come Through wiTh l'Tly- ing colors" and has conTribuTed much in malcing our IQ46 Voyageur a success. VOYA General Business Manager Anne De GaeTano AdverTising Manager, Flashir Jane Enders AdverTising Manager,Voyags DoroThy GilberT Copy EdiTor, Flashings Virginia MarTin Copy EdiTor, Voyageur Jaclc Nolan Ass'T Copy EdiTor John Bradshaw STaTT Boolclceeper Madeline FosTer STaTT Clerk Audrey Devlin Adviser Mr. Moger SoliciTors: Virginia Dobbi Mary DoTy, DoroThy Fennen Eleanor I-logan, Rosemary Le Joan Lyons, Diedre Moes Joan MunlcelT, PaTricia Nea Agnes O'NeiIl, Kay Smi Adelaide TieTien. E ge, N GTEUR Edilor-in-Chief Germaine de Bremonl Associale Edilor Barbara Neuhaus Arl Edilor Sarah Riman Typing Edilor Mildred Swaninfzscn Pholography Edilor James Crane Adviser Miss Didas lndispensaples: Marianne Smilh, Jerry Zulli, Jacqueline Murdock, Joan Lyons, Dorolhy Dillrich, Ellen Maher. EDITORIAL STAFF FTEN on dark, cold, winlry nighls many ol you would come lrom band rehearsal, hockey game, or loolball praclice and see lhe lighls ol 224 burning lorighlly. Al lirsl you wondered: laler you look lhem lor granled -- "Oh, il's lhe Voyageur slall al work." Meelings were scheduled lor 3:30 Mondays and Wednesdays ollicially - and Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and holidays unollicif ally. By 3:45 manila lolders, reams ol paper, pencils, pholos, sched- ules, pasl Voyageurs and olher yearbooks covering lhe lronl desk helped lo gel us working. We wrole and re-wrole, played wilh page layouls, discussed piclure arrangemenls, and prinling puzzles. We yelled, "Hey, lhal's il, lhal's righll' when we really gol an idea. As il grew darker and colder oulside, healed discussions ollen helped warm 224 in place ol healless radialors. When discouraged, we were hearlened again and again loy a "Yeah, kids, lhal's GOOD" lrom Miss D. When lhal emply leeling spread lrom our heads lo our slomachs, we pooled pennies lor eals: candy specials lrom ll. W., polalo chips, slale cookies. Jimmy swealed over piclure schedules. Ellen divided her lime among sporls wrile-ups, candy bars, and chemislry. Dollie conlrilou- led poise and inspiralion. Qur lwo J's, Jacky and Jerry, were loun- lains ol wisdow. Sarah drew and as she drew her crealiveness grew. There were Millie's quiel charm and inspired pen, Joan? ready willf ingness, and Marianne's eagerness. And lhen lheres Boey, who occupies a special place, lor she has given unslinlingly ol her lime, abilily, sell, and even her home lo us. And so each, in his way, helped lo make il a loyal, hard-working, spiriled slall. No edilor anywhere ever had a "nealer" group ol kids lo work wilh or a liner adviser. G. de B. 1-1, Y ' if 3125 J" QW ' 'Gif-ff Aft!! ff ,,,--YWXZY-""'3' ful f W ,, w ,Jr af K., - 1 f f 5 f..l 7, Jaffy ' DON DAVENPORT G.O. Represenfafive A. A:V A X. rl' 0 , A I Xx K L, JUNIUR WW I f 5. W FRANK PITCHER A ffdlj V My Secreiary Af! lf: V Dv l M kv QJW U L LEONII-1546 ff Presidenf X :Af I 40 f , ' 11, 4, , ' KVI! f 'I .- ASS f',.,2- BILL CIARAVINO Treasurer PI-I EEE SI-I EARD Vice-Presiderd 4I K ' I J f 1 , f , ff, , O! f VIRGINIA DOBBINS Social Se-crehary TCB.fz4SX'gLo'iD....,a..2...0-4 'E KM- My M. R0 BERW S CO P HWQM O 6.0. RepfeSen+a+zve sb' 'bfi-S15-"' QE,- vufffz W5 BETTY BORGEN X Secrehary qljsxw 'V' T f ,2 , ch ROBERT WHITE Presidenf 42 4 . x Thi' fv'Pf'4-'W Q-14,44 1,,ff"2w If f- 1 ,xv U1 -4x4x . lr . , I Q Q 15:7 Q,4g.,slL !i"l6.oJ 61,5 , R E CC L A S ,K L51"Q.f'1 , f JOAN COKER f V L' 4' x-, ' "' A ' j F ' ' Social Secrefary .-7:1 ' Q nf X . 'vw A 6, A4 W! , .xx 'J 'K A JANE CONWAY W 9, 17" f X1 Xfl If Treasurer Vjmf I ' , ,r, PETER HANSEN Vice-Presidenf 43 f .f."- -N1 I .5 L4A,+, A I x .- 5,65-1' X f X J 14 X bis VC.9J'1 ALVIN DAVIDSON 9.0. Represenfafive IFRESHMAN IRENE LARSEN Se-crefary PAUL SCHULZE lnv, 1 2.5 1 Presidenf ' 1.1-'A 1 ,' ,W 4 .,, TM.. I., -,LI 44 GLASS BU TY JOHNSON Vice-Presidenr DAVID DAVIDSON Treasurer 45 PEGGY CH U RCI-I Social Secrefary Haig gs K, ww Hr Q ny 1 ' W 'f M , ,, kw , gn r WW .V Nw 5, " . ' 55 1 A H 5 E Y 3 2 S si ii if is - 4, - y . ,W mmmmf ...... .m-, -A, -W A -lmwwwmnwymwf , ,WIS m ik ff b ,-.. M , ss, V . - A 1. mammmnwu G. O. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Among The many duTies OT This commiTTee are Those oT discussing and deciding upon Tinancial guesTions and policies oT The 6.0. and Those oT The presenTaTion oT awards. This commiTTee is composed oT The elecTed 6.0. oTTicers and oT Mr. I-lesse, Mr. Mansperger, Mr. McKenna, Mr. lvloger, Mr. Parker, and Miss Clark. G. O. COUNCIL The governing body oT FI-I.S., The 6eneral 0rganizaTion Council, is com- posed oT elecTed represenTaTives oT The various classes and clubs in school. Under The supervision oT Mr. I-Iesse, iT meeTs monThly To discuss The problems and The policies ThaT con- cern The sTudenT body. HOMEROOM MANAGERS UnTiring in Their eTTorTs To increase The sale oT 6.0. TickeTs, The home' room managers conTribuTe many hours oT service. Nor are These hours wasTed, Tor by Their eTTorTs The 6.0. reaches inTo every homeroom, I:lasI-I- ingS comes To ouTsTreTched hands, and sTudenT body policies and acTions become a parT oT sTudenT knowledge. NEWS SERVICE A+ ils weelcly meelings, lhe News Service sraicl, under lhe supervision ol Miss Mary Barlow, assembles marerial lo send lo cornmunily newspapers so 'rhal The public may be inlorrned ol school aclivilies. Through lhe dili- qence of lhis group, accurale iniormf alien reaches lhe communily reader and lilcewise in lheir scrapbook bef comes a parl ol school records. FLASHINGS To any buf a real iournalisl, Room 2I5 would seem Bedlam wilh lype- wrilers hacking, Rulh and Carol labf oring over wrilefups, newspaper iar- gon circulaling, buf i'r's really The Flasl-lingS room on deadline days. The slal3F's lwelve issues, however, iusliiy lheir endeavors, lor lhrouqh 'rheir medium sludenls learn ol ?he lalesl goings-on in El-l,S. LIBRARY CLUB Under lhe supervision ol Miss Swan, members ol fhis club acl as librarians bolh during school and eller schcol hours. They can be seen receiving boolcs, checlcinq oul lomes lo vorac- ious readers, colleclinq coins and even bills, and in general being of inesli- mable service in The library. DANCE COMMITTEE Wandering abouu Hue lualls out Alma Maier, one luas seen decoraiive pos- 'rers on Hue bullelin boards announcing Hue Cornsiallc, Hue Noel Noclurne, Hue l-lear+Hurob Hop. l-leaded by Mrs. Siegucriedu, Hue commiiuee plans fine enuerlainmenl Tor Hue luepcais and bedeclcs Hue gym appropriauely for each occasion. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Thursdays invariably mean relaxa- 'rion Tor Fl-l.S. pluggers. Because ol Hue planning of Huis elllicienl assembly commiHee, supervised by Miss Groes- beclc and Mr. Tavis, sludenus luave en- ioyed Hue solid sending of Glenn Brown, Hue slirring sfories of "Muiiny on Hue Bounulyn and "A Tale of Two Ciliesf' and a variely of sludenl lal- enl. MASQUE AND wie Fufure Bernluardls, Barrymores, or Bel Geddes? Could be. ln any event Huose wluo luave sluown worHuy inleresl in Hue various pluases of dramalics are elecled lo membersluip in Hue club and are inilriaied info Hue mys- ueries of Hue Huealre. Under Hue direc- 'rion of Miss Groesbeclc, Hue club sponsored Hue annual senior play, "My Sisfer Eileen," wluiclu was pre- senued in l:.l"l.S. and in Hue Grove Tlueafre. SCIENCE CLUB Once a weelc This group ol young scienlisls meels Io discuss mallers ol imporlance in The scienlilic Iield. Their meelings are somefimes given over Io a discussion ol a currenl problem or Iheory, somelimes Io ex- perimenls. Occasionally Ihey are lav- ored by a Iallc from a scienlisl in The field. II is a praclical organizafion and an enioyable one. BOYS' AND GIRLS' A.A. COUNCILS Under The guidance of Miss Dor- olhy Clark, The Girls' FLA. Council arranges a spring assembly al which awards are dislribuled Io all who have earned Ihe required number ol poinlrs in sporls during The year. The Boys' AA. Council, under The supervision of Mr. McKenna, con- siders all lelfer recommendalions, handles all leller assemblies and passes on all alhlelic policies. MATH CLU This newly organized club, alre y become popular, meels weekly Io dis- cuss mafhemalical problems. Under Ihe supervision of Mr. John While, 'rhe members delve deeply in+o probs lems nol a parl ol The prescribed clasi work, learn ol Ihe conlribulions of malhemafical figures ol slalure, and even solve malh puzzles wilh The ease ol a Poe. JUNIOR RED CROSS No school campaign receives grealer response from 'rhe srudenl body Ihan a Red Cross drive. Some- Iimes i+'s a baslcelball game, a lea, a dance, a box wilh a red cross sig'- nilying i'rs purpose. In all cases under Ihe leadership ol social-minded Iac- ulfy advisers and diligenl homeroom represenfalives, F.I-I.S. becomes an imporlanl conlribulor Io Ihe greal Red Cross organizalion. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Slanding on The Iirsl rung OI Ihe ladder of success, Ihese pupils are Junior I-Iigh's pride and ioy. Here Ihe qualifies of characler, scholarship, leadership, and service are recoge nized. May Ihis honor so inspire Ihese boys and girls Ihal Ihey will conlinue Io conlribule Io I:.I'I.S. by Iollowing Ihe Honor SocieIy's high slandards. JUNIOR HOMEROOM MANAGERS A+ Ihe beginning of each year a capable and dependable sludenl is selecled in each homeroom Io serve as homeroom manager. Energelically, each collecls payrnenls lor aclivily Iiclcels, dislribules Izlasl-IingS, and ree porls Io Ihe homeroom Ihe how, why, and where of 6.0.-sponsored evenls. JUNIOR BAND These beginners in music are Ihe embryonic members of The Senior Band. Under Ihe direclion of Mr. Weillaufer, Ihey praclice Iwice a weelc in school Irying Io assimilale 'rhe Iechnigue of ensemble playing. They add zesl Io 'rhe Memorial Day parade and Io The Sunday School parade, and furnish good enrerlain- mem' al Sunday aflernoon concerls and al The J.V. games. JUNIOR GIRLS' CHORUS Under 'rhe direcfion of Miss Miriam Roberls, Ihis ninlh grade chorus meels Iwice a weelc. Oflenlimes Iheir dulcel Iones Iloal oul and inlo Ihe courI where Ihe sfrains ol "Dark Eyes" or "Passing By" may charm any Iisfener. This group appears in Ihe winfer and spring concerfs and ai Ihe commence- menl exercises. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Eagerly sfriving for perfeclion, Ihese young musicians spend Iwo re- hearsals a weelc under "ProI" Woll- Iaufer in praclice Ior Junior I-Iigh assemblies and for Iheir annual con- cerl. I-Iere Ihey gain Ihe Iraining and experience necessary for graduafion Io 'rhe Senior Orchesrra, The goal of every musician. 1 w , 1 ' K 4' 1 1 L' ' A V F 7 '7 ' Q . A x . l w of WWfWW'Wyga7fWae N, i y FBJEEPORT HIGH SCHOCDL BAND , Rl3lEN+l1e word, iilireeporlfi is menlioned lo Hcivili n " lie invariably exclaims " a Kg band sni il' And riglwlly so, because :ls long dy? W a a , , S y, M jvfals 'rlwe iown willw llwe ouisranding liiglw school J I .K , . . ff X l l 'X .rx 3 i ,IL N A 1 f lisl of accomplisbmenis bas earned ilie Pl-l.S, band iusi lame. Again lbis year under ilie palienl - persis- lenl and inspired loo - baion and wliisile ol 'lProl" J. Maynard Weillauler, ii lrias conlinued v X ils upward march and naiurally in perlecl lormae lion. Wiili lvlaiorelle Doi Dillriclw ai iis bead, ilie band drilled for liours lo perleci flue new forma- iions on ilwe anclwor, ilwe airplane, llie eiglwlrli nole, and llwe U.S.A. Tlwe band was privileged lbis year lo perform ai llie opening loolball game al Yanlcee Sladium and al llie Air Corps game al llwe Freeporl Sladiurn. Tlieir lormaiions were oi sucli gualily ilwal ine "World Telegram" gave ilwem a lull- page spread. Needless 'ro say, Freeporlers bouglwi many copies ol llial December eiglfillw issue. Sube seguenlly, lliis snappy scliool organizalion in all iis precision performed al every scbool looiball game, al ilwe Sunday concerls, and ai ilwe annual spring concerl. li is lruly a salislying experience for every band member +o be one ol ilne corps, lor ilieir spirii pervades llfie band room, line loolball lields, llwe audilorium, and binds every parlicipanl lo llwe organizalion and ils general, "Prof" Phmas oi band lormaiions by "New Yorln Wor'ld Telegram" V ' JM - V: , Y W 2 , wi Q .mwwtww .,..W.h..,,..g .... .gy W V 4 , I ,' Y I 1 f f V ' 1 5 ,QP X .QQ N wg if f' em? 63125 'Q .f ,997 ff V l if 1' -si ' -' 1 ' 'EK ' vii? xr! i H le I . RM 1 ma I 1- w 1' s 1,5 ,, ' Qi 5' ' ff .1 , ,gm ,I If Q IV ...H V .,.. , 1 . 2 ,V E x 'av . W u . 4 Y, M , .ax ,li ,I + , . ., Y , , -'EA M5152 .1 f .K Q is S 3-. J, ii Ii xxmwwgfiawa - , ...H 'W' 'U i'6 ,211-wx -rv' '- 'W f ,U 1. 4 f .AS V x I , ,X 1 X, 1 1 I x 1 ff X Q P- , 1 4 f vw' , 1 -why. -vw! S? 3 55 'wie 155 ..,3. mf IQ' 31:,l ff! . f f . S' Y, U., E X x v z S R N X EX SRX xx , N 1 X X x Q 1 x Z . 2 x Q x I . V ++v5' X fa .fx X! I . , . A 1.5 271 'ELSJM 'R QQBJMQ' x v iff. , iff! ia fi 4 Q, X X 1 S 3. X A. 3? '. 1 , Qi 5 5 t: 5 if X K 3, ,. V4 ,. ,' X x X 5 , . l? 6 ig, 2 I xx XX 1 U D , 1 X X 1 X X X X X X X N. 1 X X X U., fl , s N. Xe SN X UST as a violef flourishes in fhe shade of a rose, so fhe Qrchesfra is fhriving, alfhough if lacks flue pomp and blazonry of fhe Band. Wifh fhese musicians if's fhe spirif fhaf counfs - fhe friendliness of counfing measures wifh fhe fellow siffing nexf fo you, fhe weak feeling in fhe flue fisf's sfomach when fhe clarinef has a solo, fhe unanimous suppressed giggle fhaf follows fhe silence-breaking nofe of a sfring plucked by mis- fake, fhe speedy whisper from rack fo rack, "The repeafs will be skipped fhis fime." These seem- ingly unimporfanf defails mean fhe success of fhis organizafion. This year, as in fhe pasf, fhe Orchesfra has ushered in fhe sfudenfs for assemblies fo fhe well-known sfrains of "The Record," "The Lum- beriackf' or l'The Marine Band." This organiza- fion has also provided fhe music for fhe Free- porf Forum, fhe Senior play, l'My Sisfer Eileen," and fhe Annual Prize Speaking Confesf. The big evenf for fhe Crchesfra comes wifh fhe Spring Concorf, af which fime fhe musicians appear in full dress and charm fhe audiences wifh fheir playing. "Prof" Vlfefflaufer deyofes fhree prac- fices a week fo fhis organizafion, rehearsing for public appearances or iusf for improving fhe arf of playing fogefher. Truly, if confribufes fo fhe musical enioymenf and educafion of fhe school. SENIOR GIRLS CHCJRUS HE Senior Chorus is composed of sevenly girls who by blending Their voices produce sweer harmony, somelimes in The form of a beau- lilul classic melody, somelimes in +he form of a dreamy or lively modern ballad. And lhey enioy singing loo, as any speclalror who has warched lhem on The numerous occasions They appear can lesrily. Their public appearances have been numerous: lhe Counly Chorus, The lvlalverne Cenfennial program, The All-Slafe Chorus ar Riverhead, fhe Sunday allernoon concerrs, ihe spring conceri, and lhe gradualion exercises. Freeporr l-ligh slu- denls remember senlimenlally The impressive can- dlelighl procession al The Chrislmas assembly and The ellecliveness ol Their inlerprelalive sing- ing of The Nalivily. Theirs is an organizarion lhal renders service loo -- al The War Bond Rallies and The Red Cross benefils. Under The experl and inspiring direclion oi Miss Miriam Roberls, fhese girls have discov- ered lhe ioys oi group and solo singing, The salisfaclion ol being a parl of a line organizaiion, and The lun of musical expression. Truly ihe school and communily can be proud ol Jrhis group which so willingly conrribules many hours lo praclice and +o public appearances. Q .Ligue .K R . 5 3 . ' M Q . . -up SEG? 2' , . , QM 1 si? ,,:, A I f ,::1::.:. . : W I J A ' 4 . W 0' S PR QM . ZX V .,. . f K' .... Wi, W 5, u w f ' ' K g, ' ,, e Q Q - rf . A 1 2 2. wi' A K A , .H ,V I ' Q . J , . , 3 - M 5 . f !5 X,, 6 F YJ V . L jf ,i I l ,. W? Y , 42 ilvi g3E.,: Zzi A ,A:. .,f-:v -.: Q 'f 2 Q 9 9 9 ? E A 1 ' ' . . ,a Q f f A . 2' ' 1 W Q Q- 21+ Y, Q' 7 K K V , ,yy . x , , . ' I " . 1 ' ' n ' , , X. , . f Q y ' ' - Z , ' ,Q 2 , ' , r I A Q Q , MM 1 gif , 19 .E ' o k 1 N Q vga f ' lj V' H Y 2 f 1? Qi b K! 2 -Q 1? Q5 E! E fi. Q I 23 V Aff!!! kl P1 I ' , 1 1 if I f , i y fff CHEERLEADERS If W! XJ, A , I I ,ff Rv T, ,f f ' T f f I T y! if V! , 'J h ll IICOME on, RED: come On, Wl-llTE." This spiriTed yell was heard many Times ThroughOuT The year in suppOrT OT The school Teams. Under The acTive leadership OT Co- CapTains Joan Braun and Ollie Tucker, This lively squad added color and pep To The TOoTball and baskeTball games. Any menTiOn OT The cheering squad evokes a memory OT The gyraTiOns OT The Tlips, The sway OT "We've GOT Your Nanny," and The pull OT The LocOmOTive. The sTudenT body is keenly aware OT The deloT iT owes These Tellows and girls who lead iTs cheers. So TO These -Thanks and haTs OTT TO you. VARSITY FCJOTBALL LMOST as soon as school sTarTs in The Tall, The call Tor TooTball candidaTes goes ouT. A Tew days laTer you can see some oT The boys covered wiTh scraTches and bruises, limping Through The halls. IT was only The greaT love oT The game ThaT lcepT These boys going, Long hard hours oT pracTice, under The supervision oT Mr. Harry EreharT, oTTen on a weT muddy Tield, didn'T sTop The Red Devils. No, noT even receiving one beaTing aTTer anoTher brolce Their spiriT. Hindered by laclc oT experience and greaTly ouTweighed in The line and baclofield in all Their games, These Tellows showed The ouTsTanding char- acTerisTic oT The Red Devils - sTubbornnessl FreeporT High School can well be proud OT iTs TooTball Team even Though iT didn'T win any games. These boys showed whaT really counTs - a spiriT and willingness To baTTle againsT even The greaTesT odds. No praise is Too greaT Tor This hard-playing, clean-TighTing Team. A new capTain or new co-capTains were elecTed Tor each game, wiTh Danny l-lolTer winning The Tinal honor aT The end oT The season. Since mosT oT The boys were Juniors and even Sophs, The maioriTy oT The I945 squad will be baclc again nexT Tall, plugging as hard as They can Tor Their alma maTer. FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT SCHEDULE 0 Chaminacle 6 HempsTead O Hicksville 0 Mineola 6 Sewanhalca 6 Baldwin 0 WesTbury JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Freeporl Freeporl Freeporl Freeporl Freeporl Freeporl SCHEDULE Chaminacle Sewanhaka Baldwin Mepham Hemps+ead Oceanside ll l'lEY'RE a greal bunch ol lellows, lhe besl leam l have ever had lhe pleasure ol coach- ing," said lvlr. Franklin, J.V. loolball coach. This year's J.V. loolball leam will be well re- membered by F.l-l.S sludenls because in lhe hislory ol Freeporl l-ligh lhere has never been such a Junior Varsily leam as lhis one. Playing six games, lwo ol lhem al nighl down al lhe sla- dium, lhey were unbealen, unlied, and unscored upon. Fulure squads may look back upon lhis record and sel il as lheir goal. Under lhe walchlul eye ol Mr. Franklin, ably assisled by "Baldy" Moore, lhe learn whipped ilsell inlo shape by hard and heavy praclice. ll was because ol lhis sweal and loil +ha+ lhey be- came lhe smoolh-working, smarl-playing leam lhey were. ll's hard lo call any one ol lhe boys oulsland- ing since lhey were all so good in lheir respeclive posilions. For inslance, -Zweck, kicking: La Bella, "one ol lhe besl linesmen" lvlr. Franklin has seen: Leighlon, excellenl quarler back: Vinnie Burns, greal runner and passer: Jack Fisher, lell handed passer: Goodwin, plunger: Moran, a greal end: and so on down lhe line. Aboul lhe middle ol lhe season, eighleen more lreshmen came under Mr. Franklin's wing. These boys will be lhe ones who will lill lhe shoes ol lhe regulars who make lhe Varsily. BASKETBALL Freeporl 4I Freeporl' 4I Freeporl 30 Freeporl 35 Freepori 35 Freeporl 34 Freeporl' 30 Freepori 4I Freeporf 25 Freeporl 42 Freeporl' 43 Freepori 53 Freeporl 38 Freepori 54 Freeporl 34 Freepori 55 Freepori 4I Freepori 40 JUNIOR Freeporl I7 Freepori 27 Freeporl' 30 Freeporl' I9 Freeporl' 22 Freeporl 30 Freepori 34 Freeporl' 23 Freeporl 24 Freeporl 20 Freeporl 40 Freeporl 33 Freeporl 29 Freeporl 44 Freeporl 22 Freeporl 37 Freeporl I8 Oceanside Farmingdale Lynbrook Mepham Hempslead Woodmere Lawrence Baldwin Malverne Ceniral Sewanhalca Mepham Hempslead Lawrence Baldwin Malverne Cenlral Sewanhalca VARSITY SCHEDULE Sewanhaka Cen'I'raI Malverne Baldwin Lawrence Mepliam Sewanlialca Cen'I'raI Malverne Baldwin Lawrence Woodmere Hempslead Mepham Lynbrook Farmingdale Oceanside VARSITY GAIN This year The FreeporT I-ligh School Teams, VarsiTy, capTained by Norman Woodcoclc and coached by Mr. EreharT, and J.V., coached by Mr. McKenna, mainTained Their excellenT records - The VarsiTy winning I4 ouT oT Their I8 games and The J.V. winning I2 ouT oT I7. Up To The Time The VarsiTy played Sewanhalca on March l, The Red Devils were Tied Tor TirsT place in SecTion I oT The SouTh Shore AThleTic League wiTh The Floral Parlc quinTeT. On ThaT nighT The FreeporT Tive meT iTs "WaTerloo." The Tellows played Their hearTs ouT, The boys on The bench sweaTed iT ouT, and The cheering se-cTion yelled, groaned, prayed, and pleaded, buT all To no avail. We had a good Team, a swell Team, buT Sewanhalca had a beTTer Team and ThaT's all There was To iT. I-lowever, mosT oT The l945-46 squad will be baclc nexT year To Try To revenge This year's hearT- biealcing loss. I-ligh scorers Tor The FreeporT cagers were Frank PiTcher, who was also one oT The Top scorers in The counTy, wiTh I48 poinTs: Lou DeSalvo, who held The high scoring record Tor one game, I8 poinTs, wiTh l2I poinTs ToTalq and Tom Doane wiTh I I6 poinTs. The JayVees invariably puT on an exciTing conTesT beTore every VarsiTy game. .IT is The besT oT These players ThaT will Till in The ranks oT The VarsiTy nexT season, and we wish Them as much success as This year's Team had. JAYVEE 67 NOTI-TER baseball season has come and gone, and our wins and losses have gone down in The record boolcs as respecTively six and six- Teen. Under The Tine capTaincy oT Jaclc Callahan, The Team worked hard Through a Tough schedule. As mosT oT The club were young and inexperie enced, They Tound iT hard To compeTe wiTh seaf soned opponenTs, buT They l4epT Their eyes and ears open, Their minds alerT, Their memories Tena- cious. So The '46 season promises To be a success- Tul one. l:reeporT's own Leo Durocher, Mr, C. OverTon "Tremp," worked hard and long wiTh The boys down aT The sTadium, noT only aT pracTice buT during The games Too. His cheering words To Callahan To Hloolc alixeu ouT on second base, and To The baTTer To Nsmash iT" were highlighTs Trom The dugouT. Again This year The games played under The lighTs down aT The sTadium proved To be quiTe popular wiTh everyone. Now ThaT The war is over, you can expecT To see a bigger and beTTer crowd aT These nighT games cheering The FreeporT 'lninell on To vicTory. BASEBALL SCHEDULE FreeporT Long Beach 2 FreeporT Woodmere 3 FreeporT Chaminade I FreeporT HempsTead 6 FreeporT Chaminade 4 FreeporT Sewanhalra I2 FreeporT Lynbrook 3 FreeporT Mepham 2 FreeporT Oceanside 5 FreeporT Baldwin 5 FreeporT CenTral 3 FreeporT Lawrence 9 FreeporT Baldwin 6 FreeporT HempsTead 0 FreeporT Woodmere 7 FreeporT Sewanhalca 8 FreeporT Mepham 6 FreeporT Lynbrook 2 FreeporT Baldwin 3 FreeporT Oceanside 6 FreeporT CenTral 4 FreeporT Lawrence 2 i 'GP 132, ah- . us9"'hoY"5' .wife , TRACK FreeporT FreeporT Free porT FreeporT Free porT FreeporT Free porT SCHEDULE 62V2 Long Beach 32lf2 46M Sewanhaka 47 36lf2 Cenfral 58V2 Baldwin I8V2 47 T' k SouThside 53V2 37V2 Mepham 53V2 28 HempsTeacl 67 32 Chaminacle 63 69 lTl-l The coming oT spring and The advance oT warm weaTher, Track is a popular sporT aT FreeporT High. Coached by Mr. "Mac," The '45 Team sTarTed OTT wiTh a vicTory over Long Beach louT ran up againsT an unusually sTrong Chaminade Team. The meeT wiTh Sewanhaka proved To be very close louT Sewanhaka edged The boys ouT by Two- Thirds OT a poinT. The Triangular meeT held aT Allen Field, Rockville CenTer, The locale where The SouTh Shore AThleTic League Trials are held, wasn'T seTTled unTil The lasT evenT, The loroad jump, which SouThside won, Thus Taking TirsT place. FreeporT came in second, and Baldwin lasT. Our average aT The end oT The season was one win and six losses. RepresenTaTives oT The Red and WhiTe senT To The Long Island Relays broughT home Tor The TirsT Time a record in The 440. This championship Team was composed oT Charles Burns, Leon l-long, Jack Schulze, and Bill Young. In The S.S.A.L., Free- porT's men Took TourTh place, and in The SecTion 8 meeT Took sixTh place. We would like To congraTulaTe Jack Schulze, hurdles, and Dave BarreTT, shoT puT, Tor Their ouTsTanding work. AlThough many of The men who earned leTTers in I945 have leTT school, The Track Team OT '46, under The guidance OT The reTurned Mr. SouThard, promises To be one oT The besT on The Island. CROSS COUNTRY VER hill, over dale, over dusTy or muddy Trail run The harriers oT FreeporT l-ligh. NoT only do The cross counTry men have To run a grueling Two and one hall: miles, buT They also have To buck cold winTer winds and slcirT jungles oT weeds and waTer hazards. Besides all This naTure compeTiTion, The looys have To beaT ouT Their Tellow runners. So very oTTen They sTarT OTT on This jaunT as iT They were compeTing in a hundred yard dash. Cross counTry candidaTes sTarT pracTicing abouT The same Time The TooTball men do. They run mosT of Their pracTices aT The Raynor STreeT Playground. Any one oT These boys will Tell you iT's no picnic running around ThaT Traclc aloouT a dozen Times every aTTernoon aTTer school and Then on some aTTernoons going over To l-lempsTead Lake STaTe Park Tor Time Trials or meeTs. Cross counTry enjoyed iTs second major year aT FreeporT High School This year, and The increasing number oT Tellows coming ouT indicaTes ThaT iT will loom larger and larger on The aThleTic horizon. WiTh Mr. McKenna sTill as coach and wiTh mosT oT This year's runners baclc, The season undoubTedly promises To be a successTul one. ln The SouTh Shore AThleTic League The Team capTured TourTh place, and in SecTion 8 The boys Toolc TiTTh place. 'SCH EDU LE FreeporT 35 Sewanhaka 29 SouThside 56 FreeporT 24 Oceanside 3 I FreeporT 37 Malverne I8 Freepori' 40 Mepham I5 FreeporT won by forfeiT Lynbrook 'The lowes? score wins 70 Dan Holaling ....... Jack Callahan .. Bill Clear ..., THEY ALSO SERVE BOYS' A. A. SENIOR BAND .. .. Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary-Treasurer Ken Loziel ....,. .. .,.... G.O. Represenlalive Bill Breslin ........, , ..........,.. Minor Sporls Herb Cohen . ,... ...... ,. ..... Minor Sporls Dan Holler ..,,......,.,....,.,. ,..,,...,.... F oolball caplain Norman Woodcoclc Harry Fredlund ..., . Dave Barrell ....... Sleve Kern ..,.......... John Lindenlhal . . Bob Canese ...,.. ., George Lane .,.... John Georgas ,. Dol Henry .,...... Ellen Maher ..... Edilh Shaller ..,.... Baskelball Caplain Baseball caplain . Track caplain .. .4.,,,, Foolball Manageer .. .....,,. Foolball manager Baskelball manager Baseball manager Baseball manager Secrelary Treasurer G.O. Represenlalive GIRLS' A. A. Elenore Burmesler ........,..,.,.,...............,.. ,,..4,....., P residenl Carole Knapp ....., Killy Ahlslrom Joan Anlhony Irene Arlop Belly Bagshaw Julia Blood Mary Brown Belly Burke Agnes Byrnes Florence Carman Doris Chambers Myra Cohen Louise Combs Marion Davis Gloria di Gregorio Audrey Devlin Dol Dillrich Ginny Dobbins Jell Doremus Alyce Ellreich Jane Enders Mildred Fring Marilyn Gallo Belly Genner Peggy Godden Belly Godlrey Joan Godfrey Dol Grover Barbara Golden Rulh Hassell Marilyn Heidelberger Pal Heller Marilyn Knighl Jane Lewis Joan Lyons ..........4.,,..,...,,Vice-Presidenl Nancy McLaughlin Ann McOuiggen Alyce Malone Rulh Marschner Pal Mecking Mildred Milchell Belly Mullberger Barbara Neuhaus Agnes Nolan Jane O'ConnelI June Olsen Dolores Palmer Carole Perry Rulh Popiel Helen Raynor Sarah Riman Barbara Ruger Chrisline Ricker Marilyn Rose Jean Schull Joyce Seaman Phebe Sheard Dol Simandl Jane Smilh Kay Smilh Louise Suarez Lucille Sudak Ollie Tucker Winnie Van En Dolores Weaver Mary Jane Welborn Pal While Ann Mary Whillaker ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Agnes Byrnes Jack Callahan Paula Cwiek Nancy Elmer Peggy Godden Norine Granl Leon Hong Rosemary Levy Bruce Malhewson Elizabelh Monlesano Marianne Smilh Roberl Schmidl Jean Sprower Mary Jane Welborn Barbara While John Wilkinson Norman Woodcock Drum Maior, ..,...., ,..,...,.,,......,..,,............,... D orolhy Dillrich Twirlers: Dorolhy Grover, Dorolhy Henry, Nancy Holle, Rulh Popiel, Phebe Sheard. Managers ..... ..,....,. William Abboll Alice Anderson Warren Anderson Roberl Behrle Jeanne Benedicl Lynn Benedicl Jerry Bennell Arline Bergman Kennelh Bliss John Bradshaw Jacqueline Brandes Roberl Carmen Roberl Clare Herberl Cohen George Cooke Hazel Dixon Franli Dorman Roberl Dubois Muriel Dragonelli Florence Ellson Marilyn Fischer Jack Fischer Ronald Fishkind Lorraine Form Marlene Fullon Jean Frankel Belly Genner Jean Gerde Muriel Gilberl Roberl Haass James Held Kennelh Hellman Daniel Holaling Roberl Johnson John Joyce Neil Kelly William Kerwin Elmer Kordes John Knighl Charles Kranz Fred Frankel, Berl Wells Melvin Lawson Naomi Lewis John Mansperger Ginny Marlin Warren Millard Floyd Miller Joan Munkell Louise Meyers Barbara Neuhaus Loigene Nickel Jack Nolan June Olsen Lorella Olsen Anne Perez Donald Porler Jerry Price Helen Raynor Thomas Raynor Edwin Reim Bill Rielenslahl Marilyn Rose Lucille Sanrocco Eugene Schaeller Jean Schull George Seaman Beverly Sellers Roberl Single Jane Smilh Leonard Smilh Henry Spilzler James Thomas John Tierney Norman Tucker James Trapp Winilred Van En Conslance Walker Bobby Wallers Dick Welllauler Dorolhy Yahner Lorraine Young JUNIOR BAND I William Adams Sleve Barone Frank Bordell Louis Boulognese James Burke Richard Burkell Roberl Burkhard Belly Brockmeyer Joan Carle Julius Coller Lorna Dynes Sue Eccles Jules Elman Harry Farmlell Ernesl Forsler Allen Harris James Held John Herberl John Kelly Peggy Kelly Norma Larsen Joseph Monlesano Harold Morris David Olsen Marianne O'NeiIl John Posl Gerlrude Riman Doris Rudolph Leonard Rundell Roberl Schullz Lillian Scoponich Jerome Simandl Mary Sprague Marilyn Thomas John Vasseur Joseph Washinglon Julia Wasmer Richard Wesl David Winler James Yahner JUNIOR BAND II NINTH GRADE William Abbol? Lynn Benedic? Jacqueline Brandeis Doris Brelzger Rober? Conway Bruce Cook Roslyn Cowan William Els Alice Erlandsen Eugene Feile Marlene Ful?on Richard Fennema Frank Gessner Barbara Goldblum Lucille Heir Jack Hubbard SENIOR GIRLS' Joyce Himmell John Joyce George Lyons John Mansperger Nils Marquard? John Moran Wilbur Mueller Edwin O'Meally George Rie?ens?ahl William Rieiensfahl Nick Sanrocco Joy Siegal Thomas Su??on Ronald Ulip Joyce Weiss Rosemarie Willig CHORUS Harrie? Beniamin Jane? Bergman Joan Bock Karen Brincherhoicf Helen Burroughs Mary Es?her Carmen Margare? Church Hope Copeland Barbara Dederick Eileen Dieiz Jane? Dunker Lois Edwards Mariorie Ferris Norma Flynn Adrienne Garfinkel Vivian Hamson Ani?a Har? Doro?hy Hawkins Adeline Klepthorn Irene Larsen Barbara Lelzl CHORUS Ann Lewis Gloria Lozier Lynn Ma?hewson Alice Melick Be??y Muller Ellen Moller Emma Morgan Margueri?e Mon?albanc S?ephanie Pearson Marilyn Peierson Lillian Plumer Faifh Rahmer Juler Rancour? Doro?hy Ray Be??y Rosens?ein June Shepherd Lucrelia Simore Arline Smi?h Joan Van Nos?rand Lorraine Van Rees Louise Wes? Mildred Swaningson ,..,.... ., ...,.......,.......,.,......,.....,.... Presiden? Germaine de Bremon? ,,.,......, ........,.. ...,..,..,...,, V i ce-Presiden. Joan Coker .......,........,......................,..,, G.O. Represen?a?ive Barbara Levey and Bar bara Golde n .,.Wardroom Mis?resses ,Secre?ary and Treasurer Pa? Heller ..,............. ..............,......,.. Peggy Godden ........,..,,.... . ,.....,.. . .,...,..... Publici?y Manager Jacqueline Miller .. Frances Alicas?ro Florence Alle?see Ann Ama?o Sandy Anadollis Audrey Anfinson Doro?hy Bischoff Doris Boyler Doris Box Romona Cardaro Florence Carmen Lee Chamberlain Doris Chambers Joan Coker Geraldine Cook Grace Cunningham Eleanor Curley Germaine de Bremon? Ann De Gae?ano Cafherine Del Rosso Audrey Devlin Gloria De Gregorio Joan Engelke Georgia Ficke Mary J. Fisher Lorraine Form Madeline Fosier Peggy Godden Barbara Golden Theresa Goonan Norine Gran? Doris Hall Marilyn Heidelberger Pa? Heller Be??y Jaccard Doris Johnson Accompanis? Pa? Kelly Marilyn Knigh? Phyllis Lerch Barbara Levey FlasHingS STAFF Carole Knapp, Ru?h Popiel .4.,.....,,,,..,,..,..,.........,.., Co-Edi?ors Alyce Elfreich ,...........,........,...,. ..,....,,. A ssocia?e Ediior Joan Braun, Rosemary Levy ........ ......... E xchange Edi?ors Barbara Whi?e ,,,,...,..- ....,.,..........,. .,,,.,......,. N e ws Edi?or Jane Smi?h, Joan Zainor ....................,. .,....... F ea?ure Edi?ors Joan Godfrey, Jane O'ConneII ,,.....,,.4.,..,....,, Fashion Edi?ors Ki??y Ahlslrom, Doro?hy Henry ........,...., Girls Spor?s Edi?ors Doris Maclachlan Alyce Malone Jane Marshall Pa?ricia Mecking Adrienne Middle?on Jacqueline Miller Elizabe?h Mon?esano Elizabe?h Mueller Jeanne Newberger Agnes Nolan Pa?ricia Nolan Celia Passaiiume Lena Perro?o Sadie Piecora Doro?hy Ran?sch Joan Remsen Doro?hy Rhinehar? Be??y Snedeker Louise Suarez Lucille Sudak Mildred Swaningson Pa?ricia Terry Ann Vallone Rose Vallone Lorraine Vernon Margare? Waiers Dolores Weaver Marie Weisensee Joan Wood Be??y Woodcock SENIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL Marilyn Cassin Paula Cwiek Jane Eidel Florence Ellson Marilyn Gallo Virginia Mar?in Joan Mi?chell Jeanne Newberger Alice Pandol?i Edifh Scha??er Jean Sprower Rober? Schmid?, Norman Woodcock ..,. Boys Spor?s Edi?ors Frank Pi?cher. Carlion Rounds ,.,,.,.,........,......,.. Pho?ographers Mr. Randall Powell ...,......,4.,...,.....,. ...,..,..,..,....,. A dvlser William Breslin Be??y Burke Jack Callahan James Creegan John Georgas Be??y Godfrey Norine Gran? George Lane Mary Jane Berger Be??y Drinkwa?er Pa?ricia Duff Joseph Eisenberg Ronald Fishkind Jean Gumbs Thelma Holifman Nancy I-lclle Irene Johnson Hyacin?h Killikelly Eileen Benne?? Doro?hy Bond Peggy Anne Burke Joan Coker Jacqueline Corwin Dan El?reich Joan Mack Suzanne Miller Seniors Barbara Neuhaus Rober? Raynor Marilyn Rose Barbara Ruger Kay Smifh Be??y Volle? Nancy Ward Juniors Virginia Lee David Levene June Olsen Mary Powers Edith Schaffer Eleanor Schrank Helen Smi?h Wini Van En Doroihy Yahner Sophomores Donald Hubsch Kenneih Lozier Hugh MacLeod Colleen McKinley Deiedre Moesel Ann Mary Whi??aker Freshmen Jean Van de Wa?er HOME ROOM MANAGERS Roberl Abramson Edilh Anderson Collelle Baller Virginia Bennel Joan Berkel Mary Eslher Carmen Virginia Carpenler William Cleary Lawrence Cobb Joan Coker Alvin Davidson John Durkin Joan Engelke Dorolhy Fennema Edward Filzgerald Marilyn Fyvolenl Theresa Gebler Jean Gerde Gilberl Goller Norine Granl Jean Gumbs Roberla Hahn Diane Jordan Roslyn Kashdor Margarel Kelly Joan Kramer Jean Lang Roberl Marron Floyd Miller Joan Milchell Marilyn Morris Joan Munkell Kennelh McKenna Colleen McKinley Charlolle Neumann Jeanne Newberger Alice Pandolli Kennelh Porler Anlhony Primevera Dorolhy Ranlsch Dorolhy Ray William Reilansdel Paul Schulze Lillian Scopinich Gloria Slanlord Janel Tienan Marion Tienan Adelaide Tielien Nancy Ward Janel Werner Neil Kelly Richard While G.O. COUNCIL Norman Woodcock ......,..,........4.......,..,........,,. ..,4,.., P residenl Leon Hong ............. ....... V ice-Presidenl Dorolhy Grover ..,. Dorolhy Dillrich ........ Sleve Kern .,.. .,......,. Joan Braun Mr. Hesse Mr. S. Parker .......... Virginia Carpenler Joan Coker ......,Vice-Presidenl Secrelary ...,.,.4Sludenl Treasurer Social Secrelary Advisor .....4......4..,,,...,,...,,,.Treasurer Barbara Neuhaus Rulh Popiel Germaine de Bremonl Anlhony Primavera Fred Frankel Bob Raynor Joe La Spisa Edilh Schaller Rosemary Levy Vera Zydor Kenny Lozier g LIBRARY CLUB Presidenl ....,. ....,....,..,.,,..,,,.,,,,,..............,. M arianne Smilh Secrelary ,..... Treasurer ,. , ..,.......... .. G.O. Represe nlalive Belly Borgen Olympia Conslanlino Harriel Dashiell Kalheririe Del Rosso Louise Donnelly Marilyn Gallo Peggy Godden Thelma Hollman Marilyn Knighl Ellen Maher Alice Anderson Anne De Gaelano Vera Zydor Jean Myers Agnes O'Neill Celia Passaliume Janel Passaliume Audrey Pearson Sadie Piecora Annelle Sigwarl Mae Ullian Margarel Ziller NEWS SERVICE STAFF Germaine de Bremonl ..,.............. .. Marianne Smilh ...,.,..,.. .,...., Alice Anderson Agnes Byrnes Marilyn Gallo Peggy Godden Pal Heller Marilyn Knighl Rulh Marschner Jean Myers Loigene Nickel Joan Remsen Kay Smilh Edilor Librarian MASOUE AND WIG Jeanne Ballol Marcia Brenner Eleanor Burmesler Agnes Byrnes Jack Callahan Bill Ciaravino William Cleary Myra Cohen Lawrence Colby Jane Conway Thomas Copeland Eleanor Curley l-larriel Dashiell Germaine De Bremonl Hazel Dixon Dave Flinn Marilyn Gallo Theresa Gebler Belly Godlrey Joan Godlrey Theresa Goonan Norine Granl Dorolhy Grover Jean Gurrrbs George Howardell John Hundl William Keller Hycie Killikelly Carole Knapp Marilyn Knighl Virginia Lee David Levene Kennelh Lozier CHEERLEADERS Joan Braun ...., Ollie Tucker ..., Killy Ahlslrom Lois Brady Belly Lou Bond Joan Coker Jackie Corwin Belly Drinkwaler Pal Dull Alyce Ellriech Nancy Elmer Audrey Kallmeyer Carole Knapp ....,..,......Co-Caplain Co-Caplain Rosemary Levy Joan Mack Nancy McLaughlin Belly Muller Audrey Pearson Barbara While Arlhur Bahr Greg Merhige Bob Murphy Dick Nielsch SENIOR ORCHESTRA Florence Ellson ........ Fred Frankel , ..,.... , George Seaman Berl Wells .........., ..,... Warren Anderson Arlhur Bahr Jeanne Benedicl Norman Blinn Sue Brighlson Herberl Cohen Jane Conway Hazel Dixon Lois Edwards Joe Eisenberg Florence Ellson Frank Erlandsen Jack Fisher Ronald Fishkind Jean Frankel Belly Genner Gordon Gissell Paula Goldslein Peggy Godden Roberl l'laass Kennelh Hill Daniel Holaling Elmer Kordes Charles Kranz Melvin Lawson .......Sludenl Leader . .,........,... Manager ........... Manager ...,.....,.,..,.....4....,.Manager June Levine Virginia Marlin Louise Myers Salvalore Nania Barbara Neuhaus Loigene Nickel Jack Nolan June Olsen Lorella Olsen Francis Pallerson Jerry Price Edwin Reim Marilyn Rose Jean Schull Phebe Sheard Rulh Single Henry Spilzler John Tierney Jerry Trallner Norman Tucker Jeanne Vooris Louise Wesl Dick Welllauler David Wolsk Dorolhy Yahner SPORTS LETTERMEN JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Foolball Ed Andrews Dave Barrelf Bill Ciaravino Jim Creegan Tom Doane Harry Fredlund Harry Holmes Dan Holler, Caplain Bill Johnson Bob Kobel Ken Miller Jim Murphy Oscar Pullz Bob Raynor Ed Reim Auslell Sadler Herb Smilh Ted Viqeland Lee Welhers Ed While Bob While Sleve Kern, Mgr. John Lindenlhal, Mgr. Baseball Jack Callahan, Caplain Gene de Fau Harry Fredlund Bob Furman Dan Holler Dan Holaling AI Hubsch Bob Kobel Bob Langan Ken Lozier Ed Mc-ran Isaiah Moranl Ken McKinley Lee Ramsdell Bob Raynor John Georges, Mgr. George Lane. Mgr. Chosen l945 Germaine de Bremonl Dorolhy Dillrich Florence Ellson Rolserl Haass Daniel Holaling William Johnson Elecled in l945 Jacqueline Brandes Bruce Campbell Mary Eslher Carmen David Davidsen Alvin Dadidson William Dodd Elizabelh Johnson Irene Larsen June Levine John Mansperger Cross Counlry Bill Breslin Bob Canese Bill Cleary, Co-Caplain Hank Drinkwaler David Howe Don Hubsch Larry Kelly Nalhaniel Rivers Track Dave Barrell Charles Burns James Burns Hank Drinkwaler Leon Hong Bill Keller, Caplain James McBride Oscar Pullz Jack Schulze Paul Terry Allan Vollmer Lee Welhers Bill While Les Woodcock Norm Woodcock Bill Young Waller Chaiko, Mgr. Baskelball Lou De Salvo Thomas Doane Harry Fredlund Roberl Haass Leon Hong Daniel Holaling Frank Pilcher Richard Ray Norman Woodcock Bowling Charles Ashdown Herberl Cohen Carl Pisacrila Oscar Pullz Ralph Truill William Abbol Kalherine Andrews Doris Bedell Lynn Benedicl Jacqueline Brandeis Anne Canlilla Roberl Conway Bruce Cook Roslyn Cowan Inez Edwards Alice Erlandsen Richard Fennema Marlene Fullon Frank Gessner Barbara Goldblum Roberla Gray Joyce Himmell Rulh Hudock Nancy Johnson John Joyce John Mansperger Nels Marguardl Nelbus Mueller Norma Necholick Edwin O'MealIy Florence Parmeler Joan Richards William Rielenslahl Rulh Sulherland Vivian Terry DANCE COMMITTEE Joan Braun , ........,..,........,....,... .....,,....,.. ,........, ...... , , Eleanor Burmesler Belly Burke Paula Cwiek Dol Dillrich Alyce Ellreich Joan Godlrey Norine Granl Dol Grover Jean Gumbs Audrey Kallmeyer Carole Knapp Chairman Rosemary Levy Virginia Marlin Loigine Nickel Jane O'ConnelI Rulh Popiel Barbara Ruger Jayne Smilh Kay Smilh Belly-Jane Vollel Palricia While Joan Zainor MATH CLUB Presidenl ........,.....,. ..,.....4.,..,..,.,.......,........,,... Vice-Presidenl Secrelary ,.., ..., .... Treasurer .........,....,.. Peggy Ann Burke Cecilia Canlilli Jane Conway Rulh Marschner Warren Millard 4 NATIONAL SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY John Lindenlhal Rulh Marschner Jacqueline Murdock Barbara Neuhaus Jerry Zulli Chosen I946 Jean Benedicl Agnes Byrnes William Cleary James Crane Norine Granl Rosemary Levy Ellen Maher Alice Pandolphi Rulh Popiel NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Lynn Malhewson Arlhur Miller Marguerile Monlalbano Louise Myers Rachel Posner Gerald Price Thomas Raynor Paul Schulze Jeanelle Werner Elecled in I946 John Bradshaw Belly Brockmeyer Virginia Carpenler Thomas Copeland Virgilio DeCarlo Wanda Dickerson Muriel Dragonelli Anila Flack Eleanor Henningsen Helen Herberger George Himmel John Joyce Jean Kimbell Peler Hansen Donald Fellman Erll Van Tuyl Charles Raynor Lionel Socolov Whiling Thayer Nancy Wise Chrisline Ricker Sarah Riman Jean Schull Marianne Smilh Jean Sprower Mildred Swaningson Conslance Walker Leonard While John Knighl Melvin Lawson Alice Melick Ellen Moller Failh Rahmer Roderick Schull Lillian Scopinich Cynlhia Smilh Leonard Smilh Mary Vogl Louise Wesl 'Q Yb Ai 4 Aa, f 5 11 N EXCHANGE CLUB OF FREEPORT - Ros'Ier of Members - January I. I946 NAMES CLASSIFICATION NAMES CLASSIFICATION BARASCH, Herman ,.,.., . ,..........................., Merchanl MILLANG, Augusl, Jr. .. .......,...,...................,, Florisf NBERGE, Fred. C. ,..,..,... ......................,....,...,... A udifing NELSON, Carl P. .......,...... ......,,........ C hiropracfor BIEDERMANN, Harry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wholesale Batfery Digfr, PATTERSON, Roberl E. ......,.............,,. ........... I nsurance BILLMEYER, Wm, B,, Trees, ,,,,.,,4,,,4,,,.,,,, Public Ufilify PINKNEY, O. B. ...............,.,..................,............. Propellers CHAIKO, Michael, V. .,..,....,..... ............ M anufaclurer "RANDALL, John J.. lmm. Pas? Pres .......... Real Eslale CHARLES' Lewis Hu Vice pres ,,,4,,,..4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v Mo,-fician ROSSMAN, Morris M. ,..........,.,,,... ..,................... P hysician "'CUMMlNS. J. Elmer ,................,.......,.....,..,,.,...... Physician SEAVER, George A. ..... .... ........... M a nufaclurer DANZIGER, Milfon .,,. ,...,............,.... S porfing Goods SHOOK, Selwyn R. .,.. .......,..,,.....,.. B olfler HDIEMER, John H. ....... .......... ......... A u Io Eleclric Ser. SMITH, Alberl A. ....,.........,. ..,,..., M arine Sales "DODD, John W. .......... .......... S uperinlendenl Schools SMITH, George J. ....,,.....,... .................... E ngineer FRENGER, Emil .......,,.....,.... .............,....................... B anker SOUTHARDI M, Buff,-,rd ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, F une,-al Diredor "FULTON, Chesler A. ...,... .......... M OFIICIBH SWENTZEL, Frederick J. ....... ,..,..... N aval lnspeclor "FULTON Ch'-fsfef C- --------"--- ----------i M Offifief' swszEY, Sidney H. ........,... ....,..........,.... A Horney GERDE, Slephen F. .........,........... ...,...... ........... P h ysiclian KHIVON ELM' Henry ..--.A-A,AA-- .""44..--'- '-IIIIl,A-,-- I n surance O. ........,....,.......... Aulomoblles Secy. .... Municioal Employee HGOLDSCHMIDT, Robl. HHOTALING, Russell E., HUNT, Slephen W. .......................,Village Treasurer WEERSMA, Karel R. ........ .. WEINBERG, Bernard D. WELLS, Eugene S. ...,.,,.. . ....,.....Marine Consulanf ......,,..,.....,.......Denlisf ...........................Insurance JAMISON- Haffv -A-ir..-r-4- --'----' P IGSIIC Manufacfufef WELLS, Huberl L. Pres. ...........,........................,....,.. Banker :JOI-INSON, Hilberl R. ..,... .............,.... P olice Juslrce WILLIG, Christian ........................ Eleclrical Contraclor LEVY' Davgd --------""""" """"""" C Iollue' WOOD, Herberl M., Vice Pres. ........................ Engineer LIES, William, Jr. .....,.... ................ F urmlure LIOTA, John .........,.....,......... .... .,,.....,........ R e sfauranf HQNQRARY MEMBERS MCKEEMAN, Edwin C. ......................... Supl. Sanilalion UMANSPERGER, Marfin "McCH ESN EY, Richard ' NOW IN MILITARY SERVICE. M. ........ Principal High School G. ...... . ........,.......,.,.. Opfomelrisl' 'AW'I'RY, John H. .... . 'DAVlSON, F. Trubee .. AULT, Ernesl W. ,......,......,............ ........,.,,............. D rugglsl ...........Pasl Nalional Pres. Presidenl, American ..........Museum of Nafu ral H isfory "' PAST PRESIDENT. FREEPORT JUNIOR-SENIORHHIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Obiecls Firsh Io promole lhe welfare of children and youlh in home, school, church, and communily: Io raise Ihe slandards of home life: Io secure aclequale laws 'lor Ihe care and proleclion of children and youlh. Second: lo bring inlo closer relalion Ihe home and Ihe school lhal' parenls and Ieachers may co-operale inlelligenfly in lhe Iraininq of Ihe child: and 'ro develop belween educalors and 'Ihe general public such uniled ellorls as will secure for each child Ihe highesl advanlages in physical, menlal, social, and spirilual educalion. All Parenls, Teachers, and Friends of our High School Sludenls are invilecl lo loin in helping Io realize Ihese worlhy Aims. 77 COLUMBIAN BRONZE CORPORATION One of The largesT IvlanuTacTurers oT Marine Propellers ancl Ship ConTrols in The World A FREEPORT VICTORY PLANT Marine I Now acTively engaged In Propellers melding ,fhe from demands of commercial 2 inches To I2 TeeT and in diamejrer pleasure craTT operaTors weighing up To I0 Tons The world over CreaTIng Employing a 400 55,000,000 Local Income Men and +0 me Women ConnmuniTy PRODUCING ,FOR PEACE 78 Freepori' I Sporfswear Cen+re of Long IsIancI I-Iempsfead TeI. Freeporf 2I7 Member F.T.D. LENKER GREENHOUSES 285 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeport L. I., N. Y. TeI. Freepori 7I75 OGDEN BROS. GARAGE FRAMES-AXLES and WHEELS IOI E. MERRICK RD. Freeport L. I. HERB'S SERVICENTER No. Main St and Randall Ave. Phone: Freepori' 3272 Phone: Freeporf 3600 GEO. A. KUHIRT, INC. INSURANCE 33 S. GROVE ST. Freeport L. I. Phone: I9, 247 81 256 Hardware - Mason Maferial - Palni' - OII Millwork - Marine Supplies -- Lumber C. MILTON FOREMAN LUMBER YARD 36 Commercial SIreeI HARDWARE STORE MAIN ST. 81 BROOKLYN AVE. Complimenis of BOULUKO'S TEA ROOM Sodas and Luncheons Freeport N.Y. 4 Church Sfreei' Freeport N. Y. M. BLAILE A. BLAILE Complimenfs OI BLAILE'S RADIO SHOP ZACH'S SERVICE STATION HOME A AUTO ELECTRIC MOTORS RADIOS R APPLIANCES SUNRISE H'w'Y 8. MCKINLEY PLACE SALES AND SERVICE Freeporf, N. Y. Opp. powerhouse Freeporf 9339 Tel. FreepOrI 9I50 37 SO. GROVE ST. Res. R.V,C. 2372 Freeport N. Y. FREEPORT ELKS CLUB RESTAURANT CornpIirnenIS of BROADWAY FOOD STORE as BROADWAY Open To The PubIiC DeLuxe Dinners Served DaiIy, 5 IO 9 P.IvI. AII Day Sunday FVGGPOVI- N- Y- I7I W. MERRICK ROAD Phone: Freeporf 25I6 Phone: FreeporI I254 9 268 FULTON STREET I-IEMPSTEAD The STOre For GAIL GREY Junior Dresses and PAT I-IARTLY Classics 0 COATS o DRESSES o SPORTSWEAR o ACCESSORIES AS ADVERTISED IN ALL TFIE LEADING MAGAZINES 80 84 Ch eporI 1275 FRANK POST, Propriefor THE FREEPORT PRESS Priniers urch Sfreef Freeport N. Y. Complimenfs of SUNRISE COAL CO., INC. Complimenis of SMITH MOTORS Auihorized Buick SaIes and Service 50 E. MERRICK ROAD Freepori, N. Y. Phone: Freeporf 7300 LE ROY SMITH - Prop. SCHLESINGER PHARMACY A. B. 81 J. Rivkin Phone: Freepori 4I Juncfion MAIN and CHURCH STREETS Freeport N. Y. II IIII - ffllfms SWALLPAYVAS INEHPENSIUE When you select THIBAUT Wallpapers you are sure of exclusive designs. Practical as well as beautiful for "De- signs of Today" are Wafer- fasf, Lighf-Tesfed and ln- expensive. Abraham Siegel J. Wesley Miller A. SIEGEL 8: CO. Telephones: 6IOO-6IOl 99 SO. MAIN ST. Freeporf, N. Y. RIEIvIER'S 27 soUTH MAIN STREET Free porI', N.Y. 8I Cornplimenfs of THE TOWN SHOP OF FREEPORT Freeporfs I.argesT Meaf Marine? Dr. Peppy'S Sfrong Cough SUNLIGHT MEAT MARKETS Mixlfure l2l SO. MAIN STREET 50C Freeporf, N. Y. Phone: Freeporf 4848 TAIBER PHARMACY T52 S. MAIN STREET Serving an inFluen+iaI clieniele since l904 and their en+husiasIic recommendafion is a genuine Tribufe To Vendiff Clofhes and Service. Home Made French Ice Cream JAMES VENDITT VIEBRQCKIS Established I904 Tailor To Men Exclusively -lor- SODA - LUNCH - CANDY 53 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeporf, N. Y. I 40 S. MAIN STREET Freeporf, N Phone: Freeporf 583 WILLIG BROS. Complimenfs LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS of Phone: Ereepori II93 43 CHURCH ST. Freeporf. N. Y. HENRY P. VIELBIG Phone: Freeporl' 2284 Flowers Telegraphed MILLANG'S FREEPORT FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions I55 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Complimenfs of SKYLARK CREATIONS Gala Formals for 'rhal "Special Dance" Tel. Freeporl 8989 II W. SUNRISE H'W'Y Freeport N. Y. Phone: Freeporl' 26IO Freeporf Marine Supply Co. Marine Supplies SI WEST MERRICK RD. Arlhur Ross Freeport N. Y. FREEPORT SUPPLY COMPANY 45 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. HoI'eI, Bar, Reslauranl Kifchen Equipmenl' Parly Favors Freeporf 820 Complimenls of GEO. A. PACKARD ChiIdren's Shoes 60 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. Always Somelhing New al FREEPORT OUTLET STORE DAVID BECK Piece Goods and Trimmings Symplicily and Vogue Palferns Phone: Free porl 3070 I3 E. SUNRISE H'W'Y Freeport N. Y. STRASSLE BROS. DA SILVA DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH DEALERS REALTOR REPAIRS ON ALL CARS Member Long Island Real Eslale Board 55 E. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. 45 W. SUNRISE H'W'Y Freeport N. Y. Freeporl 385 Phone: 98I Complimenfs of GEORGAS LUNCH EONETTE I Complimenfs of I The Freeporf Bedding Co., Inc. Freepori' 9898 EsIabIished I93O 'IThird Generaiion in Jewelry Business FRANK'S JEWELRY SHOP 43 SOUTH MAIN STREET aI Sunrise H'w'y Freeport N. Y. Income Tax Returns Federal and SIaI'e WESLEY K. BENDER 81 CO. Complimenis of I I2 EAST SUNRISE I'I'W'Y - FREEPORT. N. Y. Elecirocon Corporahon I FreeporI 8780 Accounfanfs Tax ConsuI'ranIs Compliments of EDWARD SANTA-MARIA, Prop. I E. 8: G. Machine and Tool Co. FRUIT-S ar1CI VEGETABLES 64-66 SO. GROVE STREET I Freeport N. Y. Freeporf 69II 49 SO. GROVE STREET I....-- SchooI Supplies Greefing Cards GENE WAGSTAFF STATIONERY STORE 86 SO. GROVE STREET Free port N. Y. Phone: 4964 ICE CREAM CANDY OLDSMOBILE SALES-SERVICE BLACK OLDSMOBILE, INC. 146 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY SAME FARE DAY AND NIGHT FREEPORT STATION TAXI TeIephone 9602 Freepori Sfand a'I' R.R. Siaiion The Town Cleaners 8: Dyers Cleaners, Tailors and Dyers 30 S. GROVE STREET Phone: Freepori' 8487 I Sam's Bicycle Shop 43 CHURCH sr. Ereeporf, N. Y. Phone 3546 THEATRE SERVICE STATION Vicfor G. Rome Auio Repairs SI SOUTH GROVE Tel. Freeporf 2I05 Fishing Tackle Sporiing Goods Phofography Suppiies DeveIopingV 81 Prinfing SCHULTZ Spor+ing Goods Co. I22 Nassau Sireei' New York Cify 4I W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport New York Complimenfs of PHOTO MART 23 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeporl 354 Tel. Freeporl 4I 8 RUDY MOTORS, INC. DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS 22 EAST MERRICK ROAD Freeporf, N. Y. 1 Tel. Freeporf 4480 JANTZEN SWIM SUITS DANZIGER Tennis, Golf and Baseball Equipmenf Fishing Taclcle Trunks and Luggage Riding Equiprnenl Games and Toys 70 SOUTH MAIN STREET Freepori, N. Y. Special Cosmelics for The Teen Age Chas. H. Ra+ner, Op+D EYE EXAMINATIONS FREEPORT DRUG STORE, INC. H. J. Cohen, Mgr. J. Himmellarb, PIw.G. 76 S. MAIN ST. Freeporf, N. Y. Phone: Freepori' 77 3 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. BILLY BLUME, JR. Process Priniing and Engraving Phone: Freeporl 5897 70 SOUTH GROVE STREET Commercial FREEPORT N Y 86 Junior - Senior High Archer Sfreel Cleveland Avenue CENTRAL COUNCIL Parenf-Teachers' Associahon of Ihe Ereeporl Schools Columbus Avenue Grove Sfreef Seaman Avenue Mrs. Roberl P. Munkell-Presiden+ Phole: Freeporr 3229 48 WEST MERRICK "Service Thal Sa'risI'ies" HENRY VON ELM, Inc. INSURANCE ROAD FREEPORT. N. Y. Cornplimenls of RUDOLPH L. HIMMEL HYGRADE MEAT MARKET Prime Meals and Groceries Phone 2I7I 33 WEST MERRICK ROAD FREEPORT, L. I. Phone: Freeporf 6197 46 WEST MERRICK ROAD CENTRAL BARBER SHOP Freeport N. Y' TONY and JOE MASONE, Props. Tel. Freeporf 3590 9 SO- MAIN STREET Free port N. Y. 87 WALK OVER SHOES - RED CROSS SHOES THE ELORSHEIM SHOE THE NEW SHOE STORE Esiabhshed I9IO 46 SO. MAIN STREET Ereeporf, N. Y. Phone: Ereeporf I335 Comphmenfs of SAVOY INN FOOD STORESA Complimenfs of WM. A. MOSER JEWELER Cash or Credii 63 S, MAIN STREET Ereepori, N. Y. RAPOPORT and ELLER PAINTS - WALLPAPER ARTIST MATERIALS FREEPORT JAMAICA HEMPSTEAD Esfafe of OLIVER E. U. REYNOLDS PLUMBING AND HEATING Wafer Sysiems - OII Burners - Pumps Sfeam and Hof Wafer Heafing 54 N. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone: I 162 Precision Wa+ch Service Specialisis in Waich and Clock SaIes and Repairs I7 WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Complimenis oi F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Try Our Home Made Candy And Ice Cream ERIC'S in Plaza Theaier Building Phone: Freepori 4582 6 S. GROVE ST. Freeport N Telephone: Fpt l5l4 FURNITURE OUTLET CO. Furniiure - Bedding -- Linoleum Auciion Merchandise Our Specially LOUIS NEUWIRTH 39 W. Merrick Rd., Freeport N. Y. FREEPORT MUSIC STORE "Everyihing Known in Music" Agenis for HARDMAN GRANDS and MINIPIANOS 25 SO. MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. Phone: 3857 Complimenis of FRANK WHITES BARBER SHOP IO3 CHURCH STREET Freeport N. Y. C. and R. CAFETERIA "A Good Place 'ro Eat' Home Cooking and Baking 43 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. FREEPORT VALET SERVICE Experi Shoe Rebuilding While You Waii HAT CLEANING 45 S. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone: Freepori IBI6 89 All Year and Every Year The Thing Io Do: Visif BElER'S - Famous for - ICE CREAM - CANDY - GIFTS LUNCHEONS 81 NOVELTIES 30 WEST MERRICG ROAD Phone: Freeporl' I874 Tel. Freeporl 66 I 0 Cer+ified Radio and Appliance Co. PROFESSIONAL RADIO SERVICE Serving Communily I6 years 6 BROOKLYN AVE. Irving Tessler Freeport N. Y. Tel. Freeporl 8022 E. V. COLYER OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined - Glasses Filled Brolnen Lenses Duplicaled Oculisls - Prescriplions Filled II S. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. BRAITHWAITE COMMERCIAL STATIONER Greeling Cards for All Occasions IO CHURCH STREET Freeporl, N. Y. Phone: Freeporl' 2458 Aulo Paris Garage Equipmenl COLVIN MOTOR PARTS Franlr O. Colvin 45 EAST MERRICK ROAD Freeporl, N. Y. Machine Shop Telephone Service Freeporl' 2420 Phone: Freeporl 3994 GEORGE DEUTSCH Upholslering 84 Inferior Decoraling I I5 WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Complimenfs of GEORGE V. FLECKENSTEIN FLASTER'S TOYLAND Bicycles - Carriages Juvenile Furnilure Phone: Freeporl I888 Com plimenls of W. T. Granf Sales CADILLAC Service PONTIAC JOSEPH H. GRAY, INC. Freeporl II30 I7O W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY FREEPORT, NEW YORK Freeporl 77 I O Free Delivery Tel. Freeporl 5 THEODORE J. STEFFEK General Conhacling Alleralions Painling and Decorallng 49 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeporl, N. Y. DU RYEA'S FLOWER SHOP 8 NORTH MAIN STREET Freeporl, N. Y. Flowers For All Occasions 9I Complirnenfs of ALBERT H. HAMMOND HARREES MEN'S STORE Hart Schaffner gl Marx CIoII'Ies ManI1a'r'ran Shirfs - Sporfswear Freepori' New Yo rIc PIANOS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Jack Kahn Music Company "EVERYTHING MUSICAL" I74 WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. Phone: 2233-2234 CornpIimen'rs of MOON COAL and OIL CORP. Joseph I-Iarris, Presidem' I-IENRY STREET Freeport L. I. Complimenfs of NIMRODS 90 SOUTH GROVE STREET Freeport N. Y. YOUNG'S DELICATESSEN 68 WEST MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. Phone: Freeporf 4549 "A FRIEND" We Thank you one and ell, fo-r your pasi paironage and may "AIberIs" comtinue Io be your Favoriie Shopping Cenier. ALBERT'S Hosiery and Lingerie Shops 60 S. MAIN STREET Freepori I69O Compiimenis of KELLY'S GARAGE C. V. BOLLER COMPANY Qualify Taiiors. Cleaners, Dyers 70 SOUTH GROVE ST. Freeport N. Y. CompIimen+s of SPITZLER'S 34-36 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. Phone: Freepori 288 UNITED CIGAR STORES CO. LOUIS R. POSNER, Sales Ageni' Newspapers, Magazines and Siaiionery 29 RAILROAD AVENUE Freeport N. Y. IOpposiIe Raiiroad Stafioni Complimenis of J. S. THORNE MURPHY REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE 20 W. MERRICK RD. Freepori' 6470 Tel. Freepori 224- NASSAU AUTO ELECTRIC CO. 38 NEWTON BOULEVARD Freeport N. Y. I' I Alvins Fine Clolhes and Sporlswear For Men 81 Boys 83 SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeporf, N. Y. Harry and EveIyn's AQUARIUM CAFE See Our Goldfish-Bowl Bar 25 SOUTH GROVE STREET Freeport N. Y. Negalives of mosl' of Ihe pholographs appear- ing in This bool: are in our files. Addilional fine finished porfraifs may be purchased af special school raies from: APEDA STUDIO 2l2 WEST 48+h STREET New York I9. N. Y. Circle 6-0790 Official Pholographers Io Ihe I946 Voyageur Tel. Freeporl 6263 ANNETTE Exclusive Sporiswear and Lingerie FIFTY SO. MAIN STREET Freeporl, N. Y. A. ADAMS and DAUGHTERS FLORISTS 53 WEST MERRICK ROAD Free porl, N. Y. Amos J. C. Baldwin John D. Cornelius I-Ierberl M. Wood George C. Phillips, Baldwin 8: Cornelius Co., Inc. IESI. l89Ol Successors lo Srniih 81 Malcomson. Inc. Municipal and Civil Engineers Surveyors Telephone: Freeporl' 6760 II7 W. SUNRISE I-l'VV'V Freeporf, N. Y. SIMON BAUMANN. INC. Furniiure - Elecirical Appliances 52 SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. 94 T... TWO STORES FOR SERVICE M. M. ECKHARDT FEED AND COAL OO.. INC. HAY, GRAIN AND SEED COAL, COKE, AND FUEL OIL Poulfry - Horse - Cow feed - Dog Supplies Ferfilizer - Seed Pofaioes Baldwin Freepori' SI CHURCH ST. 35 CHURCH ST. Tel. Bald. I34O TeI. Frpt 28I8 Paul Ru,cIoIph, Prop. RUDY'S Wa'rch. Jewelry and Op'ricaI Repair Shop 39 SOUTH GROVE ST. Freeport L. I. Compiimenis of ROBERT PHILLIPS Real Es'ra're 40 BROOKLYN AVENUE Freeport N. Y. Phone: Freeporf 523 Complimenfs of TRIANGLE GROCERY AND DELICATESSEN Freeporf 3423 Coins-Stamps-Airplanes Nassau Hobby Cen+er Freeporf 4266 GoIdman's Shoe Shop 84 SOUTH MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. JACK 8: JILL "Fashions for You'rh" 83 SOUTH MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y. i SARANT MOTORS Aullfiorized FORD Dealer Tel. Ereeporl 2959 280 W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY al Bayview Ave. FREEPORT Complimenls of MAURICE D. HOLLAND Radio Sales and Service Tel. Ereeporl 756 IDEAL FLOORS, Inc. Asplialr Tile and Linoleum 53 SO. GROVE STREET 'Freeport N. Y. J U LlETTE'S BEAUTY SALON Formerly will: Pele Specializing in Permanenl Waving 52 SO, GROVE STREET Above Ken? Slore Tel. Freeporl 7668 Freeporl, N. Y. Freeporl' 2939 Radio Repairs HARVEY 81 STORDEUR Aulomorive Accessories Hardware, Eleclrical and Plumbing Supplies GROVE and PINE STREETS Freeport N. Y. Complimenls of Nor+l'1eas'r Meal' Markei' Complimenls of FREEPORT GLAZING WORKS Complimenis ol A FRIEND F.M. -- Television - Dociors' Equipmenl' Freeporf 738 Island Elecfronics Co. 2I SOUTH GROVE STREET Freeporl, N. Y. RECORD CHANGERS - SOUND SYSTEMS JIM'S MARKET Daily Specials in FRUITS - VEGETABLES - GROCERIES ancl DELICATESSEN Corner Sunrise Hwy. 81 Long Beach Ave. Tel. Freeporl 9296 Phones: Freeporr 4857-8 Res. R.V.C. 746 I. LESTER WOOD REAL ESTATE- INSURANCE I5 E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeporl, N. Y. Congralularions and Besr Wishes GRADUATES KERNS SUNRISE AT MAIN - FREEPORT Smari' Apparel for Younger Men Tel. Freeporl' 34 Tel. Freeporl' 293I Row Boais BILL'S FISH MARKET All Kinds of Sea Food WOODCLEFT AVENUE FEEPORT, N. Y. Telephone: Freeporr 6020 Lorraine Sfudio DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITS Weddings, Children and Commercial 26 CHURCH ST. Lucien A. Mulel Freeport N. Y. -LmL7to75R.A. I4 BRUIIKLYII AVENUE PHIINEZ FREEPIIIIT 48 OPPOSITE RAILROAD STATION FREEPUIIT, NEW YIIRK AuIo Body Refinishing and Mechanical Repairs for ALL MAKE CARS FREEPORT POINT SHIP YARD INC. SALADS AND FANCY GROCERIES Tel. Freep I 3I7I Piano Mov LORENZEN HENNINGSEN Sunrise SI'orage Co. DELICATESSEN Moving - Shipping - Packing I.C.C. - P.S.C. Carriers 306 N. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Tel. Ffeepori 74I7 zo E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY FREEPORT. N Est I884- ADOLPH LEVY and SON Apparel for Men I00 SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeport New York 98 OITice Hours: 9-II A.M., I-3 P.M.. 6-8 P.M DR. P. L. DUNNET Freepor'r Dog and Calf Hospi+aI 26I W. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport N. Y. INear Bayview Ave.l Freeporf 3822 Have an Oculisf IEye Physicianl Examine Your Eyes Once a Year LEE'S OF FREEPORT ALFRED LEHMANN OPTICIAN I7 SOUTH GROVE STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone: Freepori 2259 RAY JEFFERSON. INC. MARINE RADIO TELEPI-IONES 40 E. MERRICK ROAD FREEPORT. N. Y LANG-'S MARKET Prime Mea+s, Pouliry and Vegefaloles Special Care Given To Phone Orders Complimenis of ALFRED THE TAILOR Aiired Fassino T95 NORTH MAIN STREET 290 NORTH MAIN STREET FREEPORT. N. Y Freeporf, N. Y. Phone: Freepori' 5473 3I S. GROVE ST. FRED C. BERGE Accounlanls - Auclilors Tax Consullanls Cos? Syslems Business Advisors FREEPORT 2887 BARASCH'S YOUTH CENTER Navy Flannel Sporls Coals oPToMETRisr Sizes ,O-22 While Flannel Trousers Freeporl' 404-I 8 W. MERRICK RD. Sizes I0.22 l3I2 Freeporl MAIN STREET FREEPORT Tel. Free por? 3770 Jack 8: Jerry Delicafessen Complimenh Of formerly Haqers NQRMAN'S The Besl Sanclwiclies in Nassau X U Counly Qoals - Suufs - Dresses 97 SO. MAIN STREET 83 s. MAIN STREET Fmeporfi N, Y. Freeport IOO GiII's Gulf AuIo Service W. MERRICK RD. 81 SO. OCEAN AVE. Freeporl, N. Y. Freepori 94I6 Gilberi' Kopper. Prop. Sourh Shore Moiive Par+s Co., Inc. Slandard Brand Replacemenl Paris for All Cars and Trucks Cylinder Grinding and General Machine Work 225 MERRICK RD. 23 E. MERRICK RD. Lynbrook, N. Y. Freeporl. N. Y. Phones: Lynbrook 8212-SZI3 Franklin 234 Freepori 424 - 870 I-Iempsfead 870 TEXAS RANGER Mexican Chili - I-lol Tamales Texas Slyle Hamburgers and Weinies Freeport N. Y. Ladies Invifed Tony and Pele Pappas THE CIRCUS CLUB Specializing in Sea Food - Sleaks - Chops and Iealuring The Animal Cage Dance Floor Donald Millhauer, Hosl IO SO. END PLACE For Reservalions Freeporl, N. Y. Call 4894 C. STUMPF Special Millwork 200 E. MERRICK ROAD Freeporl A I-Ieallhful Nourishing, Energy Food fy! I fflfa Eatffnk kqx-f ' 1cr:"'E'iitAM ,A xi BREYER ICE CREAM CO., INC LONG ISLAND CITY I, N. Y. IOI CompIImenIs of MUTUAL MDSE. DEPT. STORE 50 W. MERRICK ROAD Freeport N. Y. Complimenis of LOCAL TYPEWRITER CO. Complirnenfs of MARGROVE SERVICE STATION H. JAMISON Cusfom Molder INJECTION 8: COMPRESSION MOLDING SGIGS - Repairs 7I E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeporh Long IsIand, N. Y. 43 W. SUNRISE I"I'WAY FREEPORT Phone: 4896 TeIephone: Freeporf 8400-OI WILLIAM'S SWEET SHOP UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Sodas, Candy and Ice Cream I7 E. SUNRISE HIGHWAY Nexf Io Freeporf TheaI're CompIImenIs of Joseph Van Blerck and Son 397 WOODCLEFT AVE. Freeport N. Y. Complimenfs of GERKEN DELICATESSEN FREE DELIVERY I68 NO. MAIN STREET Phone Freeporf 8869 Overhead Garage Doors Kifchen Cabinefs Linoleum Sink Tops SORRIES SUPPLY COMPANY BuIIcIers' Specialfies I47 SOUTH MAIN ST. Freeporf, N. Y. Phone: Freeporf I2IO Complimenfs of LEO MICHNOFF I27 BROADWAY Freeporf, N. Y. BROADWAY RADIO Experf Radio Service Phone: Freeporf 5I59 96 BROADWAY FREEPORT, N. Y. Gus I-Ierrman John I-Ierrman Sales RELIABLE AUTO SERVICE NO. MAIN ST. and LILLIAN AVE. Phone: Ereepor+ 4l46 GROVE PHOTO 'Everyfhing in Pholrographyn One Day Developing and Prinfing N. VALENTINI CLEANING AND TAILORING CENTER 8mm. and I6rnm. Silenf and Sound Movie Renial Library I64 NORTH MAIN STREET 23 SOUTH GROVE Phone: Freeporf 6276 Freeport N. Y. Phone SI47-R BAY RIDGE SERVICE STATION Texaco Produds Cars Washed and Greased Complimenfs of Freeporf Aufo Radiafor and Body Works M. Wifflin 42 E. MERRICK ROAD' FREEPORT, N. Y. That I have known the heaaty in a :lay Feared at night the Harry myrtery Ami felt the realnesf of a friend Thix hay mafia done for me THE PEE-WEE PHILHARMONIC DAVE RALPH STEVE JERRY HOWIE JORGE ANGUS and J. MAYNARD WETTLAUFER Solomon's Men's Shop Tuxedoes and Summer Formals Io I'IIre 52 WEST MERRICK ROAD Freeporf Long IsIancI LEONARD SHOP Inc. Ereeporf, N. Y. The rnoslr compIeIe Lingerie Sporfswear Shop on L. I. 72 S. MAIN STREET Freepori 5898 Phone: Freepor+ 4093 LOUIS CURTAIN SHOPPE Linens, Blankefs, and Dress Goods Cur'raIns and Slip Covers Made +o Order 7I SOUTH MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. Phone : Free porf I 256 MAIER'S BAKERY 49 S. MAIN STREET Freeport N. Y. MAURICE STUDIO SpecIaIisIs in Iine por+raI+ure GROVE THEATER BUILDING Freeporf 877 THIS YEAR'S PUBLICATIONS BUSINESS STAFF SoIici+ed more ads Ihan any ofher sfahf. I have had ACE SOLICITORS AUDREY DEVLIN-SI65. MADELINE FOSTER--5125. DOROTHY GILBERT-SI58. JANE ENDERS-SI00. Sincere Thanks Tor The Exfra Hours You "Aces" Spenf W. Chapin Moger Business Advisor Phone: Freeporf I527 Complimenfs of B. NEWMAN DeIica+essen 81 Fancy Groceries SAMETS I66 NORTH MAIN ST., FREEPORT, L. I. 69 SO. MAIN ST. Freeport N. Y Near: Washburn Ave. Freeporf 5OIB MARS SUPPLY CO., INC. DisIribuIors of "ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT" CompIe+e Iine of Marine, Aujro 8: Radio SuppIies I2-I4 WEST SUNRISE HIGHWAY Freeport L. I. For EconornicaI Tra nspor'ra+ion cm1vARo1.m' I L L - FREEPORT MOTORS EasI Sunrise Highway Free porI 55 I 0 THE VARSITY SHOP IS IN BUSINESS! OPERATED BY THE RETAILING STUDENTS FOR SCHOOL CREDIT! DROP IN IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING RUN A SMALL STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES - NOVELTIES FREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL BEF LEB'I'IDI1i3 ol: you and your classmates upon your school lite achieve immortality in a carefully planned and executed yearbook. From the arid desert ol' Arizona, and the sultry green island ot puerto Rico, to the snow-blanketed slopes ol: Northern New England, we have traveled, happy and proud to have been an instrument in the translating into print, the humor pathos, excitement, and sentiment Found in the campus lite ol: over seventy-tive colleges and preparatory schools. As Former members ol: yearbook statts in our school days, we bring into our professional duties a real understanding ot the many problems confronting each yearbook editor. MEMBER OF COLLEGE ANNUAL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION AND AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS -5 F :GJ A A M.-U.: f r V, 2 i i -U , mu . ,W-km gp nf eff 5 X-,X W? , , L6 12 hr. V if ,mr ' f 525 .- A5 tl, 1 5 ., VA, Q-K. . ,p,,. HZ' 2, X if , A Bag ' 'w .S ,if ' ., 'Q aa .1 Lv, W ,435 'Q K gl! my .V gc wif' xi 1" 2 MN 1 .Q ,li ai .1 fi ? h Y?-fi. Jgggif M , , .ggi .gif -hifi P fi -, hu. , '-E -S if-1fg1:.'-A fzmgliji 2 4 wiv . f K w if .1 E lt si ff' ia Sim 1 E E Yi G: W il .V lu 1 ' fn 4 X. X

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