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,su L P E I 4 1 E A ew Y T ' N FAN? - J FH-154 RANQAIAL 6' Vt , 4,ps4'M,,1Z,4Ip A Fyeeiyvvf. 'f""f'JAY M . .,,T,?T77,,.,....!-, ,., Y -, -...T.,.i.a. , 4'.,--...,,,..- -.,..,--..,-,. UU TMS , 4 D , " U A ff D' . V D - 55321 , l K. ' , ' ' . iff. N . . , QLVHQ '- ' ' A 'rfbifi lv ' 1. -LL. 'F Fil? ' ' ' ti ' .N --.- , 1 5 , v ' 'AT K , . , 34 v , Q w l, '- 1 I v 1 . w -:N v f Q , -m 71 - 5 Vi 9 r , V '. ' I N 'N x l 9 -Av 1 ' , .N 5 I x 1 1 . V1 1 ' ' I W i I k 'I N .. r . 5 3. W., k Q ' '4 mx 1 1 'l 5 -jfs A ' . 5 f T E. l L X 1 -, 5 . , . L 4 , .',1 ' F- i 4 ' A xwlrr 6 Q il A . 1 V. I A! qi: , i 5 ' . X U , xl , o' u ' ' f pr v 0 ' f' I . xf W .,,-A,Ji- ,.N ,, ,A,H ,, g-W, M3 'FE L 4 x E. r 1 S- , A rw ' I -, P F 0,43 . , .gy 4 N Q F THE 1942 VOYAGEUR PRESENTED BY THE SENIGSR CLASS EREEPORT HIGH SCHGGL EREEPORT, NEW YORK DEDICATION You know, when you've been living some place for two, three, four, or more years, you become rather attached to it, and that's the way we feel about our town of Freeport. Here most of us went to grammar school, and junior and senior high school. Here, too, many of us will live and work. There- fore, it is with the deepest respect and loyalty that we dedicate this Voyageur to Freeport, our town. ' 1 I . 5 I -3.1 1 41 3 ' I 1 AS YOU HAVE READ, THIS BOOK is dedicated to our town of Freeport, and we're going to take a little jaunt through the community and note the things that make it such an interesting place. Our town began in the year of 1650. Before that time, the Meroke Tribe, a band of Indians, inhabited the region north of Seaman Avenue along the ridge of woods extending east to Main Street. At that time, nearly all of the section north of the rail- road Was covered with dense forests. Free- port received its name because, as tradition goes, just south of our town is Jones Inlet, a water route leading from the bay to che ocean, and trading vessels could sail through the inlet and land goods Without paying a M NISTR T O duty, at a free port. In 1790, one of our first important historical events was Presi- dent George Washington's visit to Long Island, and it is believed that he stopped at a home located in the eastern part of Freeport. The house was a one-story build- ing with a sloping roof, and had an outside stone chimney on the west wall. The log cabins built by our early settlers remained until 1783, and then frame houses began to rise. By I795, there were about 24 dwell- ings in Freeport. Our first post office was established in 1858. For some time prior to this date, Freeport was called Raynortown, due to the many families of that name residing there, but when the post oHice was established, the name was changed to the present one. The stage coach was our only means of transportation until the year 1868, when the South Side Railroad Company laid out our present line of communication oc- cupied by the Long Island Railroad Com- pany. Because of this new means of travel, Freeport gradually enlarged in population, and on june 18, 1892, a group of citizens met on Main Street to discuss incorporation. Several months later a certificate was filed in the Queens County Clerk's Oiiice at Ja- maica, duly certifying that Freeport was now an incorporated village. After this, Freeport grew rapidly. It has its civic, social, educational, and religious centers, just like any other community of about 23,000 population. In the Atlas, we read, "Freeport, Nassau County, New York: On the Long Island Railroad, a residential sub- urb of New York situated six miles from Jones Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world." And there you have it-that's Freeport in a nutshell. Mr. Leo F. Giblyn, Pres. Mr. George E. Williamson Mr. Clifton B. Smith Mr. Otto Jensen Mr. Harold Pearson BOARD OF EDUCATION BUT THERE'S MORE THAN THAT, over on Pine Street there,s the Junior-Senior I-Iigh School. That's kind of a nice looking place. It started out to be a little brick building beside the cemetery, but ended taking up the whole block and they had to move the cemetery to do it. Now again, there are so many students that the officials are looking around for a site for a larger school. Yes, it's a little crowded, but they have two sessions now-a-days and, of course, that makes it more convenient. It would be largely due to the efforts of the energetic Board of Education if a new school were built. The board is very, very progressive. They are anxious to provide all the additional facilities that are found in any other community. In addition to the 8 regular class work, they have introduced such things as all the shop and domestic science courses such as sewing and cooking. There are defense classes held in the evening in our high school, turning out many trained workmen to represent Freeport in American industry. The BOARD OF EDUCATION under the leadership of Mr. Leo F. Giblyn also make it possible for all the sports and extra-curricular activities and programs to be carried through by providing for the fur- nishing of the necessary facilities for proper physical and social education. They give long hours of time to school problems in our town. DR. JOHN W. DODD SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM IS HEADED by a man who has been honored by the State Teachers' Association in being elected its president. This superintendent, DR. JOHN W. DODD, is highly responsible for the annual town-Wide Community Christmas program. He signifies the spark that lights the flame that stands for all the work the Board does. Dr. Dodd is also interested in many civic organizations other than just being head of the school system. He is very active in service clubs and fraternal organ- izations. These men take care of the running of the school, but there have to be directors more closely related to the students. Mr. Martin M. Mansperger is Principal of the high school. Along with many of his duties, MR. MANSPERGER is sponsor of Freeport's chapter of the National Honor Society. MISS RUTH E. COCHRAN, and MR. CECIL M. MAHOOD are Vice-principals. They have somewhat similar duties, both being advisers for Girls' Week and Boys' Week, respectively. Miss Cochran is dean of girls and sponsor of the junior National Honor Society. Mr. Mahood is dean of boys and one of the advisers of the G. O. Coun- cil. Perhaps the two men most closely re- lated to the students are MR. C. O. TREMPER, and MR. FRANK PIERSON, the guidance counsellors of the Junior and Senior high schools. With such fine people as these at the head of the school system, there's no wonder that Freeport's so proud of its educational opportunities. 9 MARTIN M. MANSPERGER PRINCIPAL Freeport, as you know, is situated along the water front, and you can see some mighty picturesque sights down there along the canals. In the summer, you can see the fishing boats going and coming all day long in a continual stream. Freeport is noted all over the eastern seaboard for the opportunity it offers for the ardent sports- man or tired business man who finds great diversion and relaxation in spending ga quiet day out in the great open air. Aside from the many pleasure cruises, there is also a great variety of commercial fishing boats, daily leaving the docks of Freeport during the fishing season, and returning with an abundant supply of the many different kinds of fish that so delight the palates of the Long Island residents. Freeport also IO helps to supply Long Island with all sorts of shell fish. The many "fishing shacks" and "seafood grills" along the shore are well known to summer visitors as well as native Freeporters. And over on the other side of the village there's Sterns Park, and the Freeport Oaks, where some of the loveliest homes on Long Island can be seen. In the business section along Main Street and Merrick Road are many, many stores, where you could buy anything at all you'd like--and people come from villages all over the county to trade in the Freeport shopping center. Freeport is ideally located for any num- ber of things. It is only 24 miles from New York City, where one may easily go in an hour to seek higher for lowerj class enter- R CECIL M MAHOOD MISS RUTH IE. COCHRAN R FRANK PIERSON MR. C. O. TREMPER VICE-PRINCIPALS AND GUIDANCE tainment. It is near to many state parks, where one may have picnics, or go canoeing, or float model sail boats. There are plenty of golf courses, conveniently located, for anyone who desires that kind of activity. Only six miles away is jones Beach where thousands of people spend hours every sum- mer day sun-bathing on the beach, or swimming in the surf, the bay, or the heated pool. And for winter sport enthusiasts, Bethpage State Park, only fifteen miles away, offers ample provisions for skiing, skating, and sledding. Right in our stadium, midget auto racing and semi-pro football and baseball games are held every year- and the high school gymnasium is often used for semi-pro basketball games. Two airplane factories, about twelve miles away, offer work for a great many young men, looking for a start in some field. Mitchel Field, a well-known army air field, is only five or six miles away. Thousands of men and their families live there. All the roads in Freeport are fine for traveling to the village for shopping, or going to the first-class Post Oflice, or the well-equipped Public Library. In addition to the high school, we have five grade schools, and our churches, twelve different denominations. And we have a power plant, two water towers, a municipal stadium, a bronze factory and ibrvc theaters. Yes, it's a very nice place, this town of ours-Freeport. II E 6 Mr. Ashley Miss Barlow Mrs. Bechtold Miss Bird Dr. Bird Miss Boardman Miss Brown Miss Bruner Mr. Burdick C'0h. Bgfjzflf Mr. Burnett Mr. Burroughs Miss Church Miss Clark, D. Miss Clark, F. Miss Clark, N. Miss Clowes Miss Cochran Mr. Collister Miss Constable Miss Cushman Mr. Davenport Miss Davies Miss Davis ' Miss Derrick Mrs. Duif Mr. Erehart Mr. Franklin Mr. Genner Mrs. Grebinar Miss Hack Miss Hand Mr. Hesse Mrs. Hoerner Mr. Hollander Mrs. Hook Miss Hunter Mr. Jordan Mrs. Kantz Mrs. Klopp Miss Koster Miss Landon Mr. Lee Miss Liebensberger Miss Lovelass Miss MacArthur Mr. MaHood Mr. Mansperger Miss Mattson Mr. McKenna Mr. Mogcr Mr. Myers Mr. Parker, C. Mr. Parker, W. Mr. Pierson Miss Quinn Mr. Randolph Miss Robbins Miss Roberts Miss Seitz Miss Sickels Miss Siegel Miss Skidmore Miss Skinner Mr. Southard Miss Swan Mr. Tavis Miss Temple Mr. Tirrell Mr. Tremper Miss Tricamo Miss Turk Miss Waller Miss Wells Mr. Wettlaufer Miss White Mr. Wikander TO GET BACK TO THE HIGH school, around which most of the village's interest centers, there are about 1700 stu- dents enrolled now. This year's senior class is about average-214 graduates. Those 214 kids started their Freshman year off with a bang in I938, electing offi- cers, and good ones, too: President, Joseph Crassong Vice-President, Stanley Krasnoffg Secretary, 'Janet Hirng Treasurer, Harry Rawlinsg Social Secretary, Eunice Eddy, and G. O. Representative, Oliver Coulling. The class held a tea dance that year and it was their outstanding event. They didn't make much, but everyone had fun and that's all that mattered. Being inducted into the Junior Honor Society means a lot ASSES to all Freshmen, and sixteen of the class members got in: Gifford Doxsee, Gale Ab- bott, Harry Rawlins, Joan Nygren, Stanley Krasnoff, Olive Mary Walter, Harry Guen- ther, Clara Jane Berton, Ruth Biedermann, June Blank, Joseph Crasson, Robert Dickie- son, William Schneider, Caroline Smith, Edith Snyder, and Janet Hirn. A few of the boys made a startin sports by going out for the Junior High teams. These were Pete Bronson, Al Scotti, Eddie Yazijian, A1 Fass- nacht, Murray Siegal, and Don Abbott. The class was also represented in the annual American Legion Prize Speaking Contest. In their Sophomore year, the first thing was to again elect officers. That year Harry Rawlins was elected as President with Lor- raine Sutter as Vice-President, Irma Brown as Secretary, Robert Licence, Treasurer, Frances Franco as Social Secretary, and Eunice Eddy as G. O. Representative. The year was rather uneventful for the class, although a few members shone in the sport light, namely, Pete Bronson, Steve Paras, and Bud Presson in football, Don Abbott and Walter Oates on the basketball court: and Steve Paras and Don Abbott on the baseball diamond. A few members of the class were given parts in the senior play. In the junior year, the oflicers were Don Abbott, Presidentg Joseph Crasson, Vice- President, Dorothy Manning, Secretary, Gale Abbott, Social Secretaryg Oliver Coul- ling, Treasurerg and Tom Stroh, G. O. Rep- resentative. That year Stanley Krasnoff defeated the senior candidate in the Prize Speaking Contest. As Juniors, these stu- dents acted as ushers for Commencements, Class Night, and Baccalaureate Service. Be- sides serving as ushers, they were also represented in various groups namely Cheerleaders, Bank and Orchestra, Dance Committee, Publications Staff and many others too numerous to mention. In june several of the number were awarded-the highest honor of the school-membership in the National Honor Society. These students were Donald Abbott, Harry Rawlins, Eu- nice Eddy, Gale Abbott, Dorothy Kerns, Gifford Doxsee, Stanley Krasnoff, Joseph Crasson, Dorothy Manning, Ruth Bieder- mann, Doris Lockwood, and Janet Hirn. Harry Kranz was selected for the title role of the senior play, with Irma Brown as an- other of the main characters. Then came the last and final year for this influential class. For this year Donald Ab- bott, Joseph Crasson, Oliver Coulling, Janet Hirn, Robert Licence, and Irma Brown were elected to lead them to the triumphant climax of their high school life. In the fall, joe Devlin, Frank Lawrence, Walter Pres- son, Pete Bronson, Steve Paras, Monroe Raynor, and Richard Kennard were heroes of the gridiron. On the basketball court, 'Walter Oates, Don Abbott, Steve Paras, Pete Bronson, and Tom Sindler helped the school to have a successful season. With new twirlers and drum majorette, the band made more outstanding formations and per- formances, again earning the right to the title of the best marching unit on Long 16 Island. The cheerleaders, captained by Mar- tha Winter, and Donn Githens pepped up the sports events with their snappy forma- tions and cheers. This year the Masque and Wig Club gave one of the best performances ever witnessed in the auditorium of Free- port High School, "You Can't Take It With You." Harry Kranz, Irma Brown, Robert Licence, Oliver Coulling, Lee Estes, Eugene Lynch, Claire Fischer, Frank Pavia, and Virginia XVright played important parts in the play. In March, more students were honored by being elected to membership in the National Honor Society. This year, in- stead of giving a regular class night pro- gram, the senior class decided to differ from the custom and present a program with the proceeds going to the American Red Cross. In June the class will sponsor the annual formal Senior Prom, followed in a day or two by graduation, an event long looked forward to by the members of this class. Now those 214 students are men and women, no longer the boys and girls of not so long ago, and they have a job to do-a job they will do to make Freeport as proud of them as they are of Freeport. OFFICERS Prrsizlcnt Virr'-president Svrrrfary Social Srcrrfary Treasurer G. O. Rvprcseniuiivr' SENIOR CLASS DONALD ABBOT OLIVER COULLII' JOSEPH CRASSC ROBERT LICEN1 JANET HIF IRMA BRONX hTT, DONALD ABBOTT, GALE ALBRECHT, DoR1s 'OOD, HENRY BAER, EDITH BANG, CHARLES ELT, Lois BATCHER, JERRY BATCHER, WALTER HEIM, CHARLES SERGOLD, ROBERT BIEDERMANN, RUTH BIRKEL, KARL BLANK, JUNE BLEXVETT, 1 BRANAGAN, ROSEMARY BRON SON, GEORGJ BROWN, BURNS, MARGARET BURROUGHS, HARI BUSH, GL CANNON, JEANNE CARPENTER, STEPH CARTWRIGHT, MAE AMBERS, CHESTER CHARPEK, MARY CHRISTENSEN, EUNICE RAVINO,- BENEDIOT 1 CLARK, BOYD CONWAY, JOHN ILLING, OLIVER CRASSON, JOSEPH CUMMINS, BARBARA A, ANTHONY DALY, ALICE DALY, HELEN DANZIGER, ARTHUR DE Jom, FRANK DERHAM, Josl DEUTSCH, MORTON DEVLIN, JOSEPH DICKIESON, ROB DE MASE, FRANK DOXSEE, GIFFORD DURYEA, ELA EDDY, EUNICE EIDENWEIL, CHARL ENGEL, ER, HENRY ESTES, LEE ETZRORN, ROBERT LSNACHT, ALFRED FIERRO, LOUISE I FISCHER, CLAIRE I JG, JACK FREDLUND, WILLIAM FRANCO, FRANCES DMAN, SONYA GEIBEL, JUNE GITHENS, DoNN GLICKMAN, SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN, JACQUELID GOLLER, DOROTI GORDEN, ELIZABETH GOREN, HARRY GOREN, PE GREENSTEIN, NORMAN GRIFFIN, DOROTHY GROGAN, P GROTHMAN, DOROTHYI GRUBER, HAROLD GUNDEL, ISSELT, BETTY HIRN, JANET HOSEK, GRACE QKINS, RICHARD J JENSEN, GLADYS I JOHNSON, GERTRUDE fINSON, Lois OIFINSON, THEODORE KARPOWICH, LEON POWICH, OLGA KAUFMAN, GLORIA KENNARD, RICHARD KENNEY, MIRIAM KERNS, DOROTHY KING, LoL KNOESS, WILLIAM KRANZ, HARRY KRASNOFF, STANI KROFT, GENEVIEVE KURTENBACH, HENR5 LAKE, JA LANE, ETHEL ' LANE, NORMA LANGDON, VIRGN XRSEN, JULIA LAWRENCE, FRANK LEIBOWITZ, ESTELLE EONARD, PATRICIA I LEVIN, RITA N LEWIS, BETTY LIENCE, ROBERT LITWAK, SEYMOUR LOCKWOOD, DORIS EE, CALVIN LYNCH, ANTOINETTE LYNCH, EUGENE ,EL ,I MACDONALD, BRUCE MANNING, DOROTHY MANUGARRA, FRANC MAsoN, WALTER MAXWELL, ANNABELL MAZELSKY, BERNA MCCARTHY, MURIEL MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICIA MCMEEKIN, ELNO MCSWIGGAN, ELIZABETH- MENDES, BENJAMIN METERS, MILD :INTZ, JULIUS MORAN, AUDREY MOSBACHER, CLIFFORD IOTT, DOROTHY MURDOCK, WINIFRED MURRAY, ROBERT YERS, JEAN NEWHOUSE, MABEL NICKELSBURG, ARNOLD NNS, DOROTHY OATES, WALTER OBERG, CATHERINE O,CONNELL, RITA O,KEEFE, HELEN ONDERDONK, DoRoTH OVERTON, WILLIAM PAOLANTONIO, PERRY PARAS, STE PATTERSON, JOSEPHINE PAVIA, FRANK PECKETT, MA PETERS, CONSTANCE PETROVITS, LILY PLACE, HELL vsr, JEAN ' PREssoN, WALTER PSCHORR, FRANK IRCELL, ELISE W W RAWLINS, HARRY RAYNOR, ALVIN LYNOR, EDITH RAYNOR, MONROE REITZ, GRACE HARDSON, ELEANORA , RIMAN, SAM ROMANELLI, JULIA RUDLOFF, BEATRICE RUSSELL, ROBERT RYDER, HELI SALZER, DONALD SARRO, CARMELLA SCHEBE, ELEAN+ SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM SCHRIEBER, ROBERT SCHULTZ, RICHX SCHULTZ, VICTOR SCOTT, JAMES SELESKA, R :HAFTER, DENISE SHERMAN, NELVA SILVA, FRANCIS MON, DONALD N SINDLER, THOMAS BINGLETON, CHRISTOPHER IIITH, CAROLINE SMITH, MARGUERITE 7 SMITH, SHIRLEY YDER, EDITH SONNECK, MARIE SOUTHARD, CHARLES SOUTHARD, RUTH STIEGELMAIER, BETTY STROH, T1-IOM STROMBERG, LORRAINE SUTTER, LORRAINE TALTY, MA1 THOMAS, ALFRED THOMPSON, IRENE TUTTLE, DOROTII TUTTLE, ELAINE VALLONE, DOMINICK VILLECO, ALVI ,TERS, MARION 'I-IITTARER, CHARLES WIDYN, JEAN IE, DORIS WILHELMSEN, JARL WILKIN, ROBERT TER, MARTHA WINTHER, FRED WRIGHT, ALICE QHT, VIRGINIA WULF, ARTHUR YAZIJIAN, EDWARD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IN FREEPORT THERE ARE, as in every village, a certain number of people who are noticeably out- standing in politics, in church work, in defense work, in welfare work, or in others too numerous to mention. In high school are found the same types-those outstanding in scholarship, in character, in leadership, or in service. But as it is the most outstanding person in a village who leads in numerous ways, so it is that the most out- standing students are well repre- sented in the four principles afore- mentioned. In high school they are elected to membership in the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Last June twelve members of the Junior Class-were inducted. They were Donald Abbott, Harry Rawl- ins, Eunice Eddy, Gale Abbott, Dorothy Kerns, Gifford Doxsee, Stanley Krasnoff, Joseph Crasson, Dorothy Manning, Ruth Bieder- mann, Doris Lockwood, and Janet Hirn. During the Senior High Induc- tion Assembly on March 3 1, mem- bers of the senior class were simi- larly honored. They were Lois Bar- telt, Irma Brown, john Conway, Oliver Coulling, Robert Dickieson, Lee Estes, Jane Geibel, Dorothea Goller, Grace I-Iosek, Gladys Jen- sen, Gloria Kaufman, Clifford Mosbacher, Frank Pavia, Frank Pschorr, Beatrice Rudloif, Caroline Smith, William Schneider, Betty Stiegelmaier, Lorraine Sutter, Charles Whittaker, and Virginia Wright. 34 SCHOLASTIC HONORS Graduating Class of June 1942 Vnlczlictorian Gifford Doxsee 95.77343 Salufaforian Clifford Mosbacher 95.41921 The following students have maintained an average of 90927 or better over a period of 3 M years: Stanley Krasnoff Janet Hirn Gale Abbott Ruth Biedermann Joseph Crasson Harry Rawlins Beatrice Rudloif Dorothy Kerns Jacqueline Goldstein Dorothea Goller Jane Geibel Gloria Kaufman Donald Abbott Norma Lane William Schneider ABBOTT, DONALD-Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4g Basketball 2, 35 G. O. 1, 2, 45 Junior Class President5 Senior Class Presidentg Honor Society 3, 4, President 4g Usher 35 Boys' Week Commit- tee 4. Ambition-"Mr." Nickname-"Arb" ABBOTT, GALE--Senior National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Riding Club 1, ZQ G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Council Secretary 4, Executive Com- mittee 43 Class Social Secretary 35 Senior Red Cross, Vice-President 23 Flasbings Staff 3, 45 News Service Staff Librarian 43 Cheerleading Squad 3, 43 Hockey Class Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor'Team 35 Volley Ball Class Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Team 45 Manager 2, 3, 45 Basketball Class Team 3, 45 Baseball Class Team 2, 3, 45 Baseball Honor Team 3, 45 Voyageur Staff 43 Girls' A. A. 2, 3, 45 Council Treasurer 42 Hi-Y 3, 4g Treas- urer 45 Usher 3g Junior Honor Society IQ Junior Traffic Squad IQ Girls' Week Committee 4. Ambition-"Mrs." Nickname-"Windy" ALBRECHT, DORIS-Hockey 3, 45 Volley Ball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4. Ambition-Business School Nicknam?"Driz" ASTWOOD, HENRY-Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, Captain 25 V. Football 1, 2. Ambition-Teacher in Commercial Arithmetic Nickname-"Been" BAER, EDITH- Arnbition-Medical Secretary Nickname+"Red" BANG, CHARLES-G. O. 3. Ambition--Commercial Artist Nickname-"Slim" BARTELT, LOIS MARTHA-Traffic Squad IQ Junior High Red Cross Council IQ Senior High Red Cross 2, 35 Tennis 3, 45 Ping Pong 3, 42 Bowling 3, 4Q G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior High Assembly Committee ,45 Vogfagcur Editorial Staff 4. Ambition-Language Teacher Nickname-"Shorty" BATCHER, GERALD F.--Junior High Com- mencement Program5 lntra-mural Basketball 32 4- Ambition-To become a multi-millionaire. Nickname--"Jerry" BATCHER, WALTER-G. O. 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 4. Ambition-Electrical Engineer Nickname-"Batch BERESHEIM, CHARLES- Ambition-Accountant or Bookkeeper. Nickname-"Charlie BERGOLD, ROBERT-Boxing 35 G. O. 3, 4. Ambition--Coast Guardsman Nickname-"Robbie" u 19 BIEDERMANN, RUTH-Home Room Manager 1, 45 Junior High Commencement Programg Junior and Senior Traffic Squad5 Junior and Senior Honor Society5 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4Q Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, 45 News Service Staff 3, 4, Editor 45 President of Girls' A. A.5 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Usher 35 Girls' Week Committee 4. Ambition-To be a doctor Nickname-"Bundy" BIRKEL, KARL-Freeport Model Aero Club. Ambition-Aviation Mechanic Nickname-"Birk" BLANK, JUNE R.-Trafhc Squad IQ "The Happy journey" IQ junior Assembly Committee IQ Home Room Manager 25 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior High Commencement Program 1. Ambition-To become a teacher Nickname-"J" BLEWETT, DORIS ANNE-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey Class Team 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball Class Team 35 Basketball Class Team 35 Tennis 2, 3, 43 Hockey Honor Team 43 Riding Club 1, 25 News Service Staff 45 Library Club 43 Voyageur Staff 45 Usher 3Q Junior Red Cross ZQ Manager Volley Ball 3, 45 Senior Traflic Squad 45 Girls' A. A. 2, 3, 4. Ambition-To be a teacher Nicknames-"Doe," "Dody" BRANAGAN, ROSEMARY-Fashion Show IQ Senior Red Cross 35 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 42 Usher 3. Ambition-To be a private secretary . Nicknam?"Rosie" BRONSON, GEORGE-Football Varsity 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 G. O. 1, 2, 4. Ambition-To grab me a babe. Nickname-"Pete" BROWN, IRMA REGGIO-Assembly Commit- tee 4Q G. O. Representative 45 Secretary of Class ZQ Masque and Wig Club 3, 42 "What A Life" 35 Tennis 1, 23 Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 23 Riding IQ Cheerleading 2, 3, 43 G. O, Representative 35 "You Can't Take It With Young Traffic 4. Ambition-a man Nickname-"Reg BURNS, MARGARET-Fashion Show 1, 25 G. O. 3, 45 Red Cross 35 Usher 3. Ambition-Secretary or Bookkeeper Nickname-"Margie BURROUGHS, HARRY-Football 3, 43 Intra- mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Week Town Officials 33 Track 2, 3, 45 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambitious-Navigator, and a good football player as u Nicknames-"Hep," or "Shorty" BUSH, GLENAH--Fashion Show 3. Ambition-Marriage Nickname-"Glen" 35 CANNON, JEANNE MARI-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Junior Editor IQ Red Cross 1, ZQ Riding Club 1, 2, 33 Horse Show 1, 3, Secretary 2, 33 G. O. Committee 2, 3, 43 Drama Club 3, 45 Publicity Chairman "What A Life"3 Flasbings 43 Home Room Manager 43 G. O. Nominating Committee 2. Ambition-Marriage in Hawaii Nickname-"Jeannie" CARPENTER, STEPHEN- Ambition-To be a carpenter Nickname-"Steve" CARTWRIGHT, MADELINE-G. O. 4. Ambition-To learn to fly Nickname--"Maddy" CHAMBERS, CHESTER--Debate Team 3, 4g Debate Club 3, 4, President 43 Speech Club 3, 43 National Forensic League 3, 4Q Habe and National Speech Tournament 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4Q Gay Nineties Review 35 English Forum 3Q G. O. Manager IQ Math Club 4, President 42 Educational XVeek Program 42 Flasbings 4. Ambition-U. S. Naval Academy Nickname-"Ches" CHARPEK, MARY-Art Club 23 G. O. 2, 33 Courtesy Committee 3. Ambition-Math teacher in F. H. S. Nickname--"Mazie" CHRISTENSEN, EUNICE-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Tennis 3, 43 Fashion Show 2, 43 Bowling 4Q Baseball 4g Assembly Committee 43 G. O. 43 Courtesy Committee 33 Rifle Club 4. Ambitions-Dress Designer and Figure Skater Nickname-"Nunie" CIARAVINO, BENEDICT-Junior High Traf- fic Squad3 Junior High Red Cross3 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 33 Science Clubg Golf 1, 23 G. O. 3- 4- Ambition-Golf Nickname-"Ben" CIULLA, STEPHEN- Ambition--Bookkeeper and Typist Nickname-"Stevie" CLARK, BOYD-Assistant Track Manager 33 Manager 43 J. V. Football 33 Boys' XVeek Com- mittee 43 Usher 33 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition-College Nickname--"Bud" CONWAY, JOHN-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Band 2, 3, 43 Traffic Squad 1. Ambition-To become an aeronautical engineer Nickname-"Johnnie" CORNELL, CHARLES- Ambition-Conga Nickname-"Charlie" COULLING, OLIVER-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Traflic Squad 1, Co-Captain IQ G. O. Representative IQ "Skidding"3 Drama Club 1, 2, 33 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Home Room Manager 1, 2, 43 36 G. O. Nominating Committee.1, 2, 3, 43 G. O. Vice-President 33 G. O. Executive Committee 33 Junior Class Treasurer3 Class Vice-President 43 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleading 3, 43 Dance Committee 43 Citizen Group 4. Ambition-Mechanical engineer Nickname-"Ollie" CRASSON, JOSEPH KENNETH-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 President Freshman Classg National Junior Honor Societyg Tennis 1, 2, 35 Tennis Team 45 Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 45 President 3, 4Q Debate Club 3, 4g Debate Team 2, 3, 45 Math Club 3, 43 Masque and Wig Club 1, 2, 35 "Why the Chimes Rang"3 "Double Door"3 President 4Q Vice-President Junior Classg Secretary Senior Classg National Honor Society. Ambition-To read a million books Nickname-"Joe" CUMMINS, BARBARA ELIZABETH-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Red Cross Council, Secretary 2, Vice- President 3, 43 Flashfugs Feature Editor 41 Tennis 4g Bowling 3, 4g Ping Pong 3, 4Q Cour- tesy Committee 33 Citizenship Committee 43 Junior High Commencement 13 Fashion Show IQ Usher 3. Ambition-Dietetics Nickname-"Bobby" CURRA, ANTHONY-Traflic Squad 1. Ambition-Bookkeeper or accountant Nickname-"Toby" DALY, ALICE-G. O. 3. Ambition-To pass History C Nickname-"Al" DALY, HELEN- Ambition--To gain zo pounds Nickname-"Hudda" DANZIGER, ARTHUR-G. O. Representative 4Q G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4Q Band 1, 2, 3, 4Q Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 2, 3, 43 Science Club 3, 42 Debate Club 1, 45 Debate Team 45 Assembly Committee 45 Trafiic Squad IQ Tennis Team 31 4- Ambition-M.D. DEDNER, WOLFGANG- Ambition--Movie star Nickname-"Wolf" DE MASE, FRANK-G. O. 1, 2, 35 Gold Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Show 25 Intra-mural Bzsket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 2. Ambition-To become a professional golfer Nickname-"Gt-echie" DERHAM, JOSEPH-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. Nominating Committee 45 Traflic Squad IQ Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Home Room Manager 35 As- sistant Treasurer of G. O. 35 Treasurer of G. O. 45 Assistant Track Manager 25 Science Club 3, 45 Dance Committee 35 G. O. Council 3, 42 Usher 3. Ambition-To be an M.D. NiCkR3m.'?'lJ03,, DEUTSCH, MORTON-Rifle Club 2, 3, 45 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Stag: Electrician 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Army Nickname-"Moose" DEVLIN, JOSEPH-G. o. 2, 3, 42 Football 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 35 Intra- mural Basketball 3, 45 Boys' A. A. 3, 45 Fresh- man Basketballg Usher 31 "Thank You, Dccto: Nicknamw"Art" N 3. Ambition-College Nickname-"Joe" DICKIESON, ROBERT-National Junior Hon- or Society5 Rifle Club 35 Traffic Squad IQ Wres- tling Manager 4Q Assembly Committee IQ Baseball Manager 45 Boys' Week Committee 4. Ambitions-U. S. Naval Officer, Agriculture Nickname-"Dick" DOXSEE, GIFFORD B.-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 42 Na- tional Junior Honor Society, President 15 National Honor Society 3, 45 Traffic Squid I1 junior Red Cross 1, 25 President I1 Bowling Club 2, 3, 45 lntra-mural Basketball 25 Flasbingx Staff 1, 3, 4, Editor 45 Debate Club 35 Hi-Y 1, 3, 45 President 45 Home Room Manager 25 "Why the Chimes Rang" 25 Boys' Glee Club 3, 4g Boys' Week Committee 41 Color Guard for Assembly 1. Ambition-Editor Nickname-"Fish" DURYEA, ELAINE- Ambition-To go to business school Nickname-"Cleo" EDDY, EUNICE-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Social Secretary IQ Class G. O. Representative 25 Traffic Squad 1, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 42 Orchestra 1, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 35 Publications Business Staff 35 Flash- iugx Editorial Staff 4Q Voyagcur Editorial Staff 45 Assembly Committee 45 Honor Society 3, 4Q Citizenship Committee 45 Girls' Week Repre- sentative 3Q Usher 35 Girls' A. A. 2, 3, 45 Speech Club 35 Parliamentary Procedure Club 23 Home Room Manager 45 Red Cross IQ Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 45 Production Staff Senior Play 3, 4Q Girls' Wfeek Committee 45 Chairman 43 Year- book Editor 4Q Drama Club 42 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition-To be CWJ right. Nickname--"Rusty" EIDENWEIL, CHARLES-G. O. 2, 35 Football 25 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2. Ambition-Work Nickname-"Charley" ENGEL, JUNE-G. O. 2, 3, 45 Fashion Show 1, 2, 3. Ambition--Stenotypist Nickname-"Chick-a-dee" ESSER, HENRY-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 2, 3, 45 Rifle Team 45 G. O. Representative 33 Science Club 3, 45 Treasurer 42 Usher-Bacca- laureate, Senior High Commencementg G. O. Nominating Committee 33 Riding Club 25 Traf- Fic Club 4. Ambition-College Nickname-"Junior" ESTES, LEE-Boys' Hi-Y 3, 45 Debate Club 35 Senior High Play 45 Sports Editor Flasbings 45 Photographer-Flashings 4. Ambition-Own a car Nickname-"Crip" ETZKORN, ROBERT-Tennis 1, ZQ Rifle Club 1, 2. Ambition-Gob Nickname-"Bob" FASSNACHT, ALFRED-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 25 Boys' Week Com- mittee 3, 45 Home Room Manager IQ G. O. Nominating Committee IQ German Club 2g Freshman Class Nominating Committee. Ambition-Aviator Nickname-"Fuzzy" FIERRO, LOUISE-Usher 3. Ambition-XVork Nickname-"Louichie" 37 FISCHER, CLAIRE-G. O. IQ Riding Club IQ Science Club 45 Art Club 45 Debate Club 4Q Usher-Senior High Commencement SQ Tennis 4g TraHic Squad 45 Volley Ball 2Q "You Can't Take It With You." Ambition--Actress Nickname-"Fish" FLAIG, JOHN-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4Q Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Week Nominating Committee 1, 45 Usher-Senior High Com- mencement 35 Traiiic Squad 45 Science Club 45 Debate Club 45 Debate Team 4g Baseball Man- ager 3, 4. Ambition-Politician Nickname-"Flaigsy" FRANCO, FRANCES-G. O. 2, 4g Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 3, 45 Girls' Week Repre- sentative 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 41 Honor Team 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Team 45 Volley Ball 3, 45 Honor Team 45 Tennis 4g Ping Pong 23 G. O. Nominating Committee 25 Fash- ion Show 2, 3, 45 Usher-Senior High Com- mencement5 Trafiic Squad 35 Flasbings 45 Class Social Secretary 4. Ambition--Journalist Nickname-"Frannie" FREDLUND, WILLIAM-Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4Q Rifle Club 45 junior Red Cross 1. Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Nickname--"Little Willie" FREEMAN, DOROTHY- Ambition-Marriage Nickname-"Dot" FRIEDMAN, SONYA-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Home Room Manager 23 Red Cross Council 25 Tennis 25 Basketball 3, 45 Bowling 4. Ambition-College Nicknamir-"Sonny" GEIBEL, JANE-G. O. 3, 45 News Service Staff 43 Traffic Squad 43 Dance Committee' 3, 45 G. O. Council 45 Bowling 45 Senior High As- sembly Committee 45 Citizenship Committee 4. Ambition-College Nickname-"Teapot" GITHENS, DONN-Track 3, 4g Dance Com- mittee 35 Citizenship Committee 45 Home Room Manager 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 25 38 G. O. Cheerleading Representative 22 Cheerlead- ing 1, 2, 3, 4Q "Skidding." Ambition--Pilot Nickname-"Gith" GLICKMAN, SHIRLEY-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4Q Art Club 3, 45 Vice-President Art Club 4Q Science Club 45 Debate Club 4g Riding Club 1, 23 Ping Pong ZQ Voyugeur Art staff 43 Usher-Baccm laureate 45 Courtesy Committee. Ambition-College Nickname-"Senorita" GOLDSTEIN, JACQUELINE-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Ambition-Secretary Nickname-"Jackie" GOLLER, DOROTHEA-G. o. 1, 3, 4g Pub- lication Business Staff 25 Traffic Squad 42 As- sembly Committee-Chairman of Posters 45 News Service Staif 4g Art Club 45 Voyagenr 45 Usher-Baccalaureate Service 35 Senior Ring Committee. Ambition-Secretary Nickame-"Dottie" GORDON, ELIZABETH-Fashion Show 1, 2, 3: 4' Ambition-Nurse Nickname-"Betty" GOREN, HARRY-Science Club. Ambition-Veterinarian Nickname-"Hesh" GREENSTEIN, NORMAN-Boys' Tennis 2, 3, 45 Debate Club 25 Flashing: Publication Staff 3. Ambition--Math Teacher Nickname-"Teddy" GRIFFIN, DOROTHY-Riding Club 25 Red Cross 3, 45 Tennis 25 Ping Pong 25 Basketball ZQ Baseball 2. Ambition-Travel Nickname-"Duchess" GROGAN, JOSEPHINE-Fashion Show 1, 2, 3. Ambition-Money Nickname-"Rosie" GROTHMAN, DOROTHY-G. o. 1, 2, 3, 4, Fashion Show 23 Science Club 4. xx n n Ambition-Nurse Nickname--"Dot GRUBER, HAROLD-G. o. 1, 3, 4. Ambition-College ' Nickname-"Hal GUNDEL, CARL- Ambition-Mechanic Nickname-"Carley HASSELT, BETTY-G. O. 1, 2, 35 Baseball 25 Library Club 35 Flasbings Staff 35 Literary Club 35 Senior High Assembly Committee 4. Ambition-Travel Nickname-"Bet" HIRN, JANET-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior High Honor Societyg Junior High Red Cross Councilg Junior Hi-Y5 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 G. O. Rep- resentativeg Girls' Riding 35 Flasbings, Reporter 45 Usher Class Night5 Math Club 4g Spring Musical 1, 2, 3, 42 National Honor Society5 Home Room Manager, 1, 25 G. O. Council 3, 45 Library Club 42 Secretary of Freshman Class5 "Why Chimes Rang"5 Girls' Week Sub Commit- tee 35 Nassau County Chorus 2, 33 Vice- President Senior Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Girls' Week Committee 4. Ambition-Singer Nickname-"Rusty n HOLMES, ANDREW- Ambition-President Nickname-"Andy" HOSEK, GRACE-G. O. 2, 3, 4g Red Cross Council 1, 2, 35 Home Room Manager 35 Senior Assembly Committee 45 Voyageur Staff 45 De- bate Club 45 Fashion Show 1, 25 Tennis 2, 35 Ping Pong 35 Traffic Squad IQ Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Bowling 3, 45 Usher--junior High Commence- ment 3. Ambition-Secretary Nickname-"Gracie JENKINS, RICHARD-Track 1, 3, 4Q Basket- ball 1, 45 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 25 Science Club 1. Ambition--Professor Nickname--"Stretch" JANSEN, GLADYS-G. O. 2, 4g Junior High Assembly Committee IQ Chorus IQ "The Chimes Rang"5 "The Happy Journey"5 Usher--junior High Commencement5 Riding 35 Bowling 45 Spring Concert IQ Fashion Show 2. Ambition-Secretary Nickname--"Gladie" JOHNSON, GERTRUDE-Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 2. Ambition-Public Accountant Nickname-"Gertie" JOHNSON, LOIS--G. O. 1, 2, 35 Girls' Baseball 25 Fashion Show 25 Riding Club 1, 2, 4. 1: Ambition-A model Nickname-"Johnnie" JOHNSON, THEODORE- Ambition-Flyer Nickname-"Ted" JONES, ELEANORE- Ambition-Receptionist Nickname-"Nora" KARPOWICH, LEON-G. O. 4. Ambition-To graduate Nickname-"Trotsl-ty" KARPOXVICH, OLGA-G. O. 4. Ambition-Marriage Nickname-"Ollie KAUFMAN, GLORIA--Junior-High Band, Or- chestra5 Senior High Band 2, 35 Spring Concert 2, 35 Junior High Commencement Play IQ G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 junior High Traffic Squad IQ G. O. Nominating Committee5 Tennis 25 Debate Club 3, 41 Secretary 45 Senior Assembly Committee 45 Voyagcur Editorial Staff 45 Rifle Club 4. Ambition-Radio Script Writer Nickname-"La Senorita" KENNARD, RICHARD--Football Team 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Dodger hero UQ. Nickname-"Bruiser" KENNEY, MIRIAM-G. O. 2, 3, 45 Senior Red Cross 35 Voyageur Editorial Staff 45 Citizenship Committee 4. Ambition--First Lady Nickname-"Mir" KERNS, DOROTHY ANNE-G. O. Dance Committee 1, 25 G. O. Social Secretary, 3, 45 Junior High Red Cross IQ Senior High Red Cross 3, 4g Masque and Wig Club 3, 45 "What rx a Life"5 President Girls' Rifle Club 45 G. O. Nominating Committee IQ Art Club 25 G. O. Ticket 1, 2, 3, 42 Courtesy Committee 33 Fashion Show IQ Usher--Senior Class Night 35 Girls' Intra-mural Basketball 25 Advanced Rid- ing Club ZQ Horse Show 25 Senior Class Election Committee 45 Chorus 1, 35 Honor Society 3, 4Q Traiiic Squad 45 Science Club 43 Flashing: 4. Ambition--Petty girl Nickname-"Dolly" KING, LOUISE-Red Cross 1, 25 Fashion Show 1, 2, 35 Traffic Squad IQ G. O. 1, 2. Ambition-Dressmaker Nicknames-"Weasie" or "Gypsy KNOESS, WILLIAM-G. O. 2, 3, 4g Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3, 45 G. O. Dance Com- mittee SQ Wrestling 4. Ambition--Commuting from Wantagh - Nickname--"Wee Wee KRANZ, HARRY P.-Senior Play 35 Dramatic Club 35 Vice-President Dramatic Club 45 G. O. 3, 45 Senior High Commencement Usher 3. Ambition-Hotel Manager Nickname-"K1'anzie" KRASNOFF, STANLEY-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President5 Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 43 G. O. Representative 1, 2, 3, 45 Debate Team 2, 3, 45 Junior Assembly Committee XQ Junior Honor Society, Treasurer lj Senior-Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, Publicity Di- rector 42 G. O. Point System Revision Commit- tee IQ G. O. Nominating Committee IQ American Legion Prize Speaking Contest, First Prize 2, 35 Senior TraHic Squad 4, Captain 45 G. O. Point System Committee 4Q News Service Staff 45 Senior Assembly Committee, Chairman n ln 4. Ambition--A Politician Nickname-"Stan" KROFT, GENEVIEVE B.-Riding Club IQ Horse Show IQ G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. Home Room Manager IQ Junior High Traffic Squad IQ Art Club 15 Red Cross 25 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 39 Junior High Commencement Play IQ Hi-Y 1, President IQ Flasbingr Editorial Staff 35 Flash- ing: Business Staff 35 Senior High Traffic Squad 45 Voyugeur Editorial Staff 45 Voyageur Art Staff 42 G. O. Dance Committee 3, 45 Senior High Commencement Usher 35 Girls' Week Usher 3. Ambition-Private Secretary Nickname-"Genabean" KURTENBACH, HENRY-Rifle Club IQ Freshman Basketball 1. Ambition-A Sailor or Admiral Nickname-"Kurt" LAKE, JANE-Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3, 4g Riding Club IQ Basketball 1, 2'5 Cheerleading Squad 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Red Cross IQ Girls' Chorus 2. Ambition-A model Nickname-"Sug" LANE, ETHEL-Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4g G. O. News Service Staff 43 Tennis 3, 45 Basketball 25 Base- ball 45 Junior High Traffic Squad 1. Ambition-Painting kitchen chairs Nickname-"Pete" LANE, NORMA-Girls' Chorus IQ Junior Red Cross 25 News Service Staff, 3, 43 Voyageur Art Staff 4. Ambition-Veronica Lake Nickname-"Tiny" LANGAN, VIRGINIAf-G. O. 3, 43 Basketball Class Team 3, 45 Baseball Class Team 3, 45 Manager 3, 45 Bowling IQ Tennis 45 Fashion Show 35 Publications Business Staff 4, Secre- tary 4. Ambition-Secretary Nickname-"Ginny" LARSEN, JULIA-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 35 Fashion Show 25 Girls' Week Usher 35 Bac- calaureate Service Usher 33 Art Club 1. Ambition-Interior Decorator Nickname--"Julie" 40 LANVRENCE, FRANK-Freshman Basketball IQ jayvee Football 25 Varsity Football 3, 43 G. O. 3, 4Q Baseball 25 Vfrestling 3, 45 Fire Squad 4. .Ambition-Wings for the Army Nickname-"Curly" LEIBOWITZ, ESTELLE-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Manager 1, 25 Baseball 1, 2, 4Q Riding Club 1, 2, 32 Horse Show 1, 25 Bowling 25 Tennis 35 Girls' A. A. 2, 3, 4. Ambition-U. S. Treasurer Nickname--"Stelle" LEONARD, PATRICIA M.--Fashion Show 1, 2, 45 Riding Club lj G. O. 1, 3. Ambitions-XVork5 marriage Nickname-"Pat" LEVIN, RITA E.-Fashion Show 1, 45 G. O. 2, 45 Ping Pong 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Red Cross 3, 4. Ambition-Dietician Nickname-"Reet" LEWIS, BETTY--Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 4Q Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Team 45 Girls' Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Team 3, 45 Bowling 2, 3, 45 Honor Team 3, 42 Publications Business Staff 35 News Service Staff 45 Hockey 45 Honor Team 45 Home Room Manager IQ G. O. 2, 3, 45 Spring Concert 2, 3, 43 Girls' A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Week Committee 4. Ambition--Secretary Nickname-"Betts" LICENCE, ROBERT--Track 2, 3, 43 Class Oili- cer, 2, 45 Traffic Squad 1, 45 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4g G. O. Nominating Committee 35 Cheerleading 2, 3, 4Q Fire Squad Captain 45 junior and Senior Commencement Usher 35 "The Valiant" 35 "You Can't Take It With You" 45 Intra-mural Basketball Captain 2. Ambitious-Businessg good musician Nickname--"Bob" LITWAK, ROBERT-Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Boxing 2, 45 Va- riety Shows 3, 45 Boys' NVeek Committee 45 Senior Fire Squad 45 Science Club 3, 45 G. O. Nominating Committee 25 Baseball 3, 45'Intra- mural Basketball 3, 45 Flasbiflgs 4. Ambition-Navy Doctor Nickname--"Bula" LOCKWOOD, DORIS--G. O. 2, 3, 4g Golf 21 Girls' A. A. 3, 45 G. O. Representative 45 Business Publications Staff 3, 45 Advertising Manager Voyugeur 45 Hi-Y 3, 4Q President 45 Council Treasurer 45 Volley Ball 2, 3, 45 Honor Team 2, 3, 45 Manager 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Honor Team 45 News Service Typist 35 Class Night Usher 35 Bowling 45 National Honor Society 3, 4. Anibirion-Stenographer Nickname-"Skippy" LOSEE, CALVIN-G. O. 2, 3, 43 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track Team 1, 2, 3. Ambition-Cigars, cigarettes? Nickname-"Bonnie" LUTHER, FRANK- Ambition-Army Nickname-"Luke" LYNCH, ANTOINETTE-G. O. 2, 3, 45 Ten- nis 35 Fashion Show 25 Voyagvur Editorial Staff 45 Senior Trallic Squad 4. Ambition-Secretary Nickname-"Toni" LYNCH, EUGENE-Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 35 Junior High Commencement Program IQ G. O. 3, 4. Ambition-Army's Ace Pilot Nicknames-"Gene" or 'iLover" MACDONALD, BRUCE-Traffic Squad IQ Boys' XVeek Nominating Committee 2, 35 G. O. Council 3, 45 Senior Fire Squad 45 G. O. Nomi- nating Committee 35 Science Club 3, 45 Home Room Manager 45 Assistant Basketball Manager 35 Assistant G. O. Student Treasurer 35 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Agricultural college Nickname-"Spruce" MANNING, DOROTHY-Senior Honor So- ciety 3, 43 junior High Trailic Squad5 junior High Assembly Committee5 Flusbiugs IQ Li- brary Club 2, 3, 4, President 41 Masque and Wig Club 25 Class Secretary 35 Senior Traflic Squad 45 Senior Assembly Committee 45 Twirler 45 Voyageur Editorial Staff 45 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 "What a Life" 35 Usher-Junior Commence- ment, Senior Commencement Class Night, Bac- calaureatcg Basketball 2, 35 Volley Ball 2, 33 Tennis 2, 3. Ambition-College CCO-edl Nickname-"Dotty MANUGARRA, FRANCES-Dance Commit- tee 3, 42 Social Secretary 25 G. O. 2, 3, 45 Home Room Manager 35 Volley Ball 2, 35 Fash- ion Show 32 Publicity Manager 4. Ambition-A secretary Nickname-"Gat rs 19 MASON, WALTER-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 42 Intra- mural Basketball 1, lg Basketball 3, 45 Track 35 Usher-Junior and Senior High Commence- ments 3. Ambition-Railroad Engineer Nickname-"Slick" INIAXWELL, ANNABELLE - Girls' Senior Chorus IQ Organ Music 1, 2. Ambition-Musical Education Nickname-"Anna" MAZELSKY, BERNARD-Debate Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Senior Orchestra 45 Boys' Chorus 3, 45 Par- liamentary Procedure Club 23 Vice-President of Debate Club 43 Debate Team 1, 25 G. O. 3, 45 Senior Variety Show 3, 45 Applied Music 1, 2, 3, 4Q Spring Concert 3, 4g Dramatic Club 45 Senior High Play 4. Ambition-Maestro Nickname-"Bernie" MCCARTHY, MURIEL-Bowling 4g Ping Pong 43 Junior Red Cross 35 G. O. 3, 45 Usher-Girls' Week 3, 4g Tennis 3, 43 Senior Trailic Squad 4. Ambition--College Nickname-"Moo" MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICIA-Basketball 42 Bowling 45 Tennis 4. Ambition-Singer Nickname-"Pat" MCMEEKIN, ELNORA-Member Girls' Chorus 42 Masque and Wig Club 45 Senior Play 3, 45 Fashion Show 35 Senior Red Cross. Ambition-Doctor Nickname-"And" MCSWIGGAN, ELIZABETH-Girls' Chorus I. Ambition-To become a stenographer Nickname--"Betty" MENDES, BENJAMIN-Senior Band 25 Boys' Chorus 2. Ambition--Doctor Nickname-"Ben" MEYER, MILDRED-G. O. 4g Fashion Show, 2, 35 Usher 35 Basketball 1. Ambition-To work in the Telephone Company Nickname-"Mid" MINTZ, JULIUS--junior High Assembly Com- mittee IQ Stockroom Manager 35 Basketball Manager 45 Boys' A. A. 45 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' XVeek Committee 4. Ambition-Dentist Nickname-"Jules" MORAN, AUDREY-Hockey 1, 21 Fashion Show 1, 25 junior Red Cross 1, 2. Ambition-Math. student at Harvard Nickname-"And" MOSBACHER, CLIFFORD-Track 2, 3, 4g Voyageur 1, 2, 3, 4Q Flasbings 41 Senior High Red Cross 2, 3, 45 News Service Staff 45 Junior High Traffic Squad IQ Boys' Week Nominating Committee IQ junior High Assembly Commit- tee IQ G. O. I, 2, 3, 45 Math. Club 4. Ambition-College Nickname-"Cliff" 41 MOTT, DOROTHY-G. O. 2, 33 Fashion Show 2, 33 Chorus 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Dress Designer Nickname-"Dot" MURDOCK, XVINIFRED-junior High and Senior Red Cross 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Ping Pong 1, 2, 33 Business Publication Staff 3, 43 Baseball IQ G. O. 2, 3, 4. Ambition-School Teacher Nickname-"Winnie" MURRAY, ROBERT-Jayvee Basketball 32 Varsity Basketball 43 Boys' Week Committee 4. Ambition-Graduate from High School Nickname-"Bob', MYERS, JEAN-Senior Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 4Q Library Club 4g Flatb- ings Staff IQ Freshman Class Play3 Ping Pong. Ambition--An experienced typist Nickname-"Jeanie" NEWHOUSE, MABEL-Chorus 1, lj G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Ping Pong 15 Bowling 33 Junior High Graduation Program 1. Ambition-R. N. B. S. Nicknamz+"Betts" NICKELSBERG, ARNOLD-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 25 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 32 Varsity Show 2, 33 Class Executive Committee 1. Ambition-Business Nicknamr.+"Joe" NUNNS, DOROTHY-junior High Red Cross 1, 2, 33 Home Room Manager 33 Fashion Show 2, 33 Senior High Traffic 4Q Tennis 2, 3, 43 Basketball 3, 4g Ping Pong 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, 43 Council Representative of Alpha Hi-Y 43 Busi- ness Staff 3, 43 Bowling 3, 43 Golf ZQ G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Fashion Designing Nickname-"Dottie" OATES, WALTER-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Cap- tain 43 G. O. 43 Boys' Week Delegate-Mayor3 A. A. 3, 4. Ambition-College Nickname-"Oatsi" OBERG, CATHERINE--Basketball 3. Ambition-Nurse Nickname-"Katie" O'CONNELL, RITA-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Fashion Show IQ Riding Club IQ Hockey IQ Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 lntra-mural Basketball 23 Ping Pong 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 43 Library Club 43 Girls' A. A. 4. i Ambition-Secretary Nickname-"Oke" O'KEEFE, HELEN-G. O. 1, 23 Fashion Show 43 Girls' A. A. 3. Ambition-Fashion Buyer Nickname-"Helen" ONDERDONK, DOROTHEA-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 1, 23 Riding Club IQ Freshman Graduation Program IQ Volley Ball Class Team 2, 33 Baseball Class Team 2, 33 Basketball Man- ager 3-Girls' A. A. 3, 43 Senior Red Cross 23 Usher-Freshman Graduation 33 Tennis Honor 42 Team 4g Tennis 33 Senior High Traffic Squad 43 Manager Publications Business Staff 4. Ambition-Secretarial job Nicknames-"Dippy," "Dunk" OVERTON, WILLIAM-Baseball Squad 2, 33 Basketball Squad 33 Home Room Manager IQ Parliamentary Procedure 3. Ambition-A good job Nickname--"Ovaltine" PAOLANTONIO, PERRY-Senior High Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior High Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 4g Varsity Show 33 Boys' Chorus, 3, 4Q Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Ambition-Musician Nickname-"Plops', PARAS, STEPHEN CHARLES-Freshman Bas- ketball IQ Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Jayvee Football IQ Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Boys' NVeek Program 2-Head of the Sanita- tion Department3 Boys' A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition-To make a million dollars a week Nickname-"Ace" PATERSON, JOSEPHINE-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Volley Ball 1, 4g Tennis 3, 43 Library Club 4. Ambition-To get zo in a History C test Nickname-"Jo" PAVIA, FRANK N.-Junior Orchestra IQ Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4g junior High Tralic Squad IQ Rifle Club 2, 3, 43 G. O. Representa- tive 4j G. O. Council 43 Rifle Team 2, 3, 42 Math Club 3, 43 Science Club 43 "You Can't Take It With You" 42 G. O. 4. Ambition-West Point Nickname-"Frandie PECKETT, MARY- Ambition-Telephone Operator Nickname-"Peck" PETERS, CONSTANCE-Library Club 3, 45 Red Cross 3, 4g Bowling 4. Ambition-To be a successful secretary Nickname-"Connie ss as PETROVITS, LILY-Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee 35 Riding Club 1, 2, 35 Treasurer 35 Horse Show 1, 31 Home Room Manager 23 G. O. Nominating Committee 25 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 42 Girls' Week Committee 4. Ambition-Sandpapering Pianos Nickname-"Petro" PLACE, HELEN-Fashion Show IQ Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 25 Red Cross 3, 45 G. O. Council IQ Bowling 1. Ambition-Nursing Nickname-"Daisy Mae" POST, JEAN-Fashion Show 2. Ambition-Oh-Harvey! Nickname-"Shorty" PSCHORR, FRANK-Science Club5 Rifle Clubg Math Clubg Boys' Week Committee. Ambition-Vocalist on T. D.'s program Nickname-"Eric" PURCELL, ELISE-Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Volley Ball 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 35 President 4. Ambition-Nursing Nickname-"Percy" RAXVLINS, HARRY C.-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer IQ Captain of Color Guard IQ Vice President of Junior National Honor Society IQ President of Omicron Hi-Y IQ Vice-President 35 Vice-President Jr. Red Cross Council IQ Red Cross Council Member 25 Flaxbings reporter IQ German Club 15 Class President 23 Home Room Manager 2, 3, 4g Science Club 2, 3, 45 Vice- President 3, 45 Rifle Club 2, 3, 45 President 3, 4Q Tennis Club 2, 3, 43 Team 3, 45 G. O. Nominat- ing Committee 2, 35 Guidance Department Play 25 Hill Billy Play 25 News Service Staff 3, 45 V0fj'dgl'7lf Editorial Staff 45 G. O. Dance Com- mittee 3, 41 National Honor Society 3, 4g Vice- President 45 Usher at Baccalaureate and Com- mencement 35 Red and White Committee 3, 4g President Math Club 45 Hi-Y 45 Secretary Boys' Week Committee 42 Citizenship Committee 4. Ambition-College Nickname--"Hare" RAYNOR, ALVIN-G. O. I, 2, 3, 45 Jayvee Football 25 Wrestling 25 Rifle Club 3. Ambition-Who Knows? Nickname-"Alvie" RAYNOR, EDYTHE-G. O. 1, ZQ Fashion Show 1, 2, 3. Ambition-Telephone Operator Nickname-"Edie" RAYNOR, MONROE-Jayvee Football 25 Var- sity Football 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g G. O. 2, 3, 45 Senior Trafiic Squad 4. Ambition-To have' curly hair Nickname-"Monny" REITZ, GRACE-Riding Club 35 G. O. 2, 45 Fashion Show 3. Ambition-Secretary Nickname-"Gray" RICHARDSON, ELEANORA Ambition-A school teacher RIMAN, SAM-G. O. 3, 45 Ambition-To be a "gob" Nickname-"Stretch" ROMANELLI, JULIA--Hockey 2, 3, 43 Honor Team 45 Ping Pong 3, 45 Honor Team 35 Volley 2, 3, 45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Class Team 2, 35 Basket- ball IQ Usher at Senior Graduation 35 Fashion Show 25 Girls' A. A. 2, 3, 4g Secretary 45 G. O. 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Just a stenographer Nickname-"Julie" RUDLOFF, BEATRICE-G. O. 1, 25 Traflic Squad IQ Red Cross 35 Dance Committee 3, 45 Copy Editor of Voyagvur 3, 45 Copy Editor of Flasbings 35 Solicitor of Flushings 45 Trophy Case Committee 3. Ambition--To become a Fashion Designer and Commercial Artist Nickname--"Bea" RUSSELL, ROBERT--G. O. 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity 43 Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Range Manager 2, 35 Track 1, 2. Ambition-Soda jerker Nickname--"Sailor" RYDER, HELEN--Graduation Exercises 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus I,,2, 3, 45 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4g Riding Club 1, 2, 35 Bowling Honor Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Horse Show 1, 35 Volley Ball lj Ping Pong IQ Basketball 35 Rifle 4g Baseball Class Team 35 Tennis 2, 35 Girls' A. A. 2, 3, 45 Publications Business Staff, Copy Editor 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Usher-jr. Graduation 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Yes, Mr. Moger! Nickname-"Flash" SALZER, DONALD--Assembly Committee IQ Science Club IQ Flasbings 1, 2, 35 Jr. Band 1, 25 Managing Editor Flasbings 43 Sr. Marching Band 2, 35 G. O. Nominating Committee 1, 35 Red Cross 1, 25 Bowling 3. Ambition-20 pounds? Nickname-"Bud" 43 SANDERS, EVELYN-Fashion Show 1, 2. Ambition-Beautician Nickname-"Evie" SARRO, CARMELLA-Chorus 1, 2, Fashion Show 2, 3, G. O. 3, 4. Ambition--Dress Maker Nickname-"Millie" SCHEBE, ELINOR-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Com- mencement Exercises 3. Ambition-Mama Nickname-"Sch:b SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM-Rifle Club 2, 3, 4, Riflle Team 3, 4, Bowling IQ National Jr. Honor Society IQ G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4g Math Club 3, 4g Intra-mural Basketball 2. Ambition-To own a car Nickname-"Oaf" SCHOLZ, VICTOR Ambition-Steel Worker Nickname-"Dutch" SCHREIBER, ROBERT-Flasbings Business Staff, G. O. Representative 4, "Why the Chimes Rang" 1, 2, Tennis Club 3, Orchestra IQ Chess n Club 1, 25 G. O. 2, 3, 4. Ambition-To become a "yes man" Nickname-"Schr:ibe" SCHULZ, RICHARD-Band, Concert and Marching 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, Boys Hi-Y 3, 4, Intra-mural Basketball 2. Ambition-Study fiend Nickname "Dick" scoTT, JAMES Ambition-Hitch Hiker Nickname-"Bud" SELESKA, ROY-G. O. 4, Football 3, Track I. Ambition--Rattle Rattle! Nickname--"Selesk" SHAFTER, DENISF.-G. O. 3, 4, Ping Pong 35 Basketball 3, Tennis 43 Bowling 4. Ambition-French teacher Nickname-"Denny" SHERMAN, NELVA-Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Voyageur Staff 4, Traffic 4, Li- brary Club 4, G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition-To remember Nickname-"Gonna" SILVA, FRANCIS-Boxing 1, 2. Ambition-Business Nickname-"Xavier" 44 SIMON, DONALD-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Trafhc Squad IQ Science Club 3, 4, President 4, Tennis Club 3, 4, Chess Club 1, 23 Boys' Week Nom- inating Committee 2, 3, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 43 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Riding Club 4. Ambition-"Second fiddle" Nickname-"Simon Legree" SINDLER, THOMAS--Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 3, 4, Boys' A. A. , Boys' Week Com- mittee 4. Ambition-Duck hunting on school days Nickname-"Buck" SINGLETON, CHRISTOPHER-G. O. 45 In- tra-mural Basketball 1, 2, Football, 1, 2, 3. Ambition-National Defense First! Nickname-"Rochester" SMITH, CAROLINE-Jr. Trafhc Squad lj Jr. High Commencement IQ Jr. Honor Society IQ Red Cross 1, 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 42 Hockey 4, Volley Ball 4. Ambition-Longer Pigtails Nickname--"Pigtails" SMITH, MARGUERITE-G. O. 4. Ambition-A school teacher Nickname-"Smitty" SMITH, SHIRLEY-Basketball 1, 2. Ambition-Model for athlete's feet Nickname-"Lee" SNYDER, EDITH-Jr. High Assembly Com- mittee, National Junior Honor Society, Ping Pong 25 Tennis 2Q Bowling Honor team 2, 3, 45 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition--Soap box speaker Nickname-"Edie" SONNECK, MARIE-Riding Club lg Jr. High Commencement IQ Art Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition--Public Speaking teacher Nickname--"Sonny" SOUTHARD, RUTH Ambition-Dental Assistant Nickname-"Carrots" SPARINO, CHARLES-Football IQ Track IQ Intra-mural Basketball. Ambition-X-4-Y-Z:Nuts Nickname-"Chuck" STIEGELMAIER, BETTY-G. O. 1, 2, 5, 45 jr. Orchestra, Sr. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Jr. Traffic Squad IQ Sr. Traffic Squad 4, Girls' Captain 45 Art Club 3, 45 President 4Q Ping Pong 1, 2, Basketball 1, 21 Intra-mural Captain 2, Baseball 2, Class team 2, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus IQ News Service Staff 45 Sr. Assembly Committee 4, Tennis 2, Fashion Show 1. Ambition-Silent partner Nickname--"Sue" STROH, TOM-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, J. V. Football Captain 3, Varsity Football 4, Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Captain 2, 3, 4. Ambition-Traveling Salesman Nickname-"Sumo" STROMBERG, LORRAINE-G. O. 4. Ambition-To be a designer Nicknam?"Lucky" SUTTER, LORRAINE-Traffic Squad 1, 43 Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3, 41 G. O. Nom- inating Committee 1, 2, 3, G. O. 1, 2, 3, 41 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Class Vice-President 2, Ping Pong Honor Team 3, 42 Riding Club 1, 2, 3, Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Bowling 4, Girls' NVeek Com- mittee, 4. Ambition-Donning a Bob Nickname--"Lorry" TALTY, MARY-G. O. 4. Ambition-To play the piano Nickname-"Mar" THOMAS, ALFRED-Boxing, Track, Football. Ambition-To get a letter which I know I won't get Nickname-"Buddy" THOMPSON, IRENE-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 2, 3, Vollcy Ball 25 Fashion Show 39 Nominating Committee 2, Chorus IQ Sr. Graduation Usher. Ambition-Beans Nickname-"Rene" TUTTLE, DOROTHY-jr. High Traffic Squad, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Volley Ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Manager 2, 3, 4, Girls' A. A. 2, 3, 43 Solicitor on Publications Business Staff, 2, 3, 4, Flasbingr Staff 4, Hockey 4, Jr. Chorus IQ Sr. Chorus 25 G. O. 42 Spring Concert 1 2. Ambition-Physical Instructress Nickname-"Tut" TUTTLE, ELAINE Ambition-Patient-killer Nickname-"Red VALLONE, DOMINICK-Intra-mural Basket- ball 2, 4, J. V. Football 3, Baseball 3, G. O. 4. Ambition-Bigleaguer Nickname-"Scooter" is VILLACO, ALBINA-Fashion Show 2, 3, 4. Ambition--Tonsil-tickler Nickname-"Bee" WALTERS, MARION-Jr. Band and Orchestra, Sr. Band and Orchestra, Jr. Traffic Squad. Ambition-To grow an inch Nickname-"Peanuts" WARREN, WALTER Ambition-My own girl under 300 lbs. please! Nickname-"Whitey" WHITTAKER, CHARLES-Intra-mural Basket- ball 1, lg Varsity 3, Boys' Week Committee, Jr. Traffic Squad IQ G. O. 2, 3, 42 Jr. Hi-Y 1, 2. Ambition-A Valentine Nickname-"Little Whisk" WIDYN, JEANNE-Hockey 2, 3, Honor Team 43 Volley Ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Ping Pong 33 Tennis 2, 3. Ambition-A success Nickname-"Jeanie" WILDE, DORIS-Fashion Show 3, 4. Ambition-Roasting peanuts Nickname-"Dot" WILHELMSEN, JARL--G. O. 1, 2, 4Q Co- Captain Sr. Traffic Squad 4. Ambition-Traiiic cop Nickname--"Hey-you! " WILKIN, ROBERT-Football J. V. 3, 42 G. O. 2, 42 Intra-mural Basketball 3. Ambition-Short-stop for Yankees Nickname-"Wilks" WINTER, MARTHA-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Riding Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 31 G .O. Rep- resentative of Cheerleaders 4, Home Room Man- ager 4Q Horse Show 3, Citizenship Committee 4. Ambition-Latin XIII Nickname-"Wim" WINTHER, FRED-G. O. 4, Bowling 1, 2, 3. Ambition-National Defense first! Nickname-"Fritz" WRIGHT, ALICE Ambition-"Stenog" Nickname-"Al" WRIGHT, VIRGINIA-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 42 Jr. Traiiic Squad IQ Sr. Traiiic Squad 42 Science Club 4, Fashion Show 1, 2, 43 Masque and Wig Club 42 Spring Concert 1, 2, 45 Glee Club IQ Vollcy Ball 1, 2, Hockey 1, 2, Basketball IQ Graduation Exercises 1, 2, 4, Sr. High Play 4, Mixed Chorus 4. Ambition-To become a graduate nurse Nickname-"Ginny" WULF, ARTHUR-G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4g Assistant Manager Football 31 Varsity Manager 4, XVres- tling 1, 2, Intra-mural Basketball 1, 2, 3. Ambition-Soap Box Speaker Nickname-"Baron" YAZIJIAN, EDWARD Ambition-"Chorus Girl" Nickname--"Ed" 45 Ahlstrom, Nlichael Anderson, Ethel 3 Anderson, Lillian A 5 'I IS 'VU 17 ronson, Ruth Bardenhagen, Anne Bean, Evelyn Bedell, lhlarjorie Bellanca. Stephen Bcrcsheim, Charles Bergmann, Arthur Bitter, Victor Blades. Norman Blinn. Dorothy Bloomer. ,lune Bodie, Erle Boehm. Lenore Boehm, Roberta Bonaparte, Elizabeth Bookman, lkflarion Bosworth, Gene Brall. Adelaide Brandrnp. Gertrude Braren, Ruth Brockmcyer, Lillian Brown, Dorothy Brown, Gloria Burke, William 'Vi 31 Q1 Bnrkhardt. Charles Burns, Eleanor Callahan. Jean Campbell. Donald Campbell. Jeanne 46 4 Campbell, Nlargarct Canese, Rita Carman, Nlortimer Carman, Stewart Carpenter, Stephen Carr, Frances Carr, Robert Carten, Doris Cassin. Lois sCll2l0, Thaddeus AgCiuravin0. Frances Ciulla, Stephen A5Coburn. Robert Agffc-hen, Victor Cole. Patricia Combs, Jean gonstangno,-Therese .ooper. orxa 5. Craig, joseph Crokus. Gloria Curra, Anthony Davis. Robert gc DiGregorio. Anthony Dilthey. Alfred Doxsee. Eleanor f'Dnnn. ,lean f1Dnnne. Irene Duryea. Elaine bl Erklnnrl, XVillinm Eilingcr. Doris Elar. Peter Eltlred. Jkrthnr JUNIORS Ellson, Thomas bblinsenbach, hlargaret Etzkorn, Dorothy up Faries, Estelle 5 Fellman, Raymond Festa, Nlargaret Ficarro, Antoinette Fisher, Robert Fitzpatrick, Bruce Foley, Virginia Freeman, Dorothy wfirevert, Richard 71Fritsch, Stephen Furey, lkflargaret odden. Ralph ' Ould. Virginia Grail, Doris Green, Nlurray Grimm, Edythe Grover, Rose ighlercio, Rose Gwathney. Jacqueline Haas. Philip llaberman, Sylvester Hallam. Geraldine Hannon. Lois ' Hard1:astle.Nl'ary Harclee, ,lamesena Harris. Alfred qsHatt, Shirley Heckler, Helen Henninger, Roberta S Herr, Dolores Hirsch, Julius li olze, June Hopkins, Lewis l0dHotaling, David Houghton, lkflarian Hoursey, Corinne Howe, Maureen Jensen, Ruth Johnson, Leonard Johnson, Theodore Josephs. Dorothy Karaman, Nlary Kinsey, Irene Ilsliormendy. .lohn -'I Kranz, Doris Iufliilpersmidt, Gilda LaBarbara, Richard Lampasona, Gregory Langdon, julia Larsen, Ethel Lawlor, Thomas I1fL:atvson, Kenneth Lenfesty, Frank Lovelass, Lester ,MLt1ndergan, Robert Lynch, Ioan Maher, Robert Malone, Ioan f,!Malone. Raymond ljflhiarks, Edith lklarshall, lVilliam 050 Masicotr, Eva Range, flick I J' h- c art xy, aymona 5LMcC'rackcn. Doris MrGralh, ,lohn McLaughlin, Nanette McSwig:gen, Elisahelh ,, Xleehan. Grace 0 QF hlvrrilt. Audrey Meyer. Caroline Miller, jean Ann Montross. ,lune j 4x0-Ioore. Tliomas Qloran. 'gilicmrore . orris, , osep 1 I H 4 Noise. Robert Xvlpiers. liolgrt Xe sen. : u rey U48 Nolan, .lcrome Nolan, lllarilarct O'Xleally, .lnhn 'sl Pall, Emma Paris, Henry Parsons. Margaret ,,Paul, lValter lg! Post. Ruth Powell. llarry Ilzrezio? Nick rice, 'race 'M Raynor, Dornlliy f9IRaynor. Xvilliam 'UL Reich. Irvin!! - 5 Reid. Donald 69 Reim. Vivian 'n'4fRcinhardI. Ethel lgtlleyuolds, William Eichardson, Elfanc-ra iman. 521111116 Ibfllizzo, Helen fh Robinson. Alnhn lj! Rnbinson. Marian Rodrigues. Viola Roker. Naomi Russell, Richard Ryan. ,lcanne ',fgSari1ers. gixielyn Sam ers. , o m Sanders, Ralph f,qSchebe, Robert .SQ Sclielwc-, Ruth bclupper. Betty 'iz' Sclilepel, john Schrelllcr. Velma Liclnirnmari, Roberta ,' St mile. .mis lisakliivriner, Constance Sfirica, Frank gs Sr-hold. Andrew Q Shalders. l'7onald lyeSl1anks.Barl1ar:l Shea, Franres Shinn, Gloria JUNIORS Sifgal.lB:lrl1ar:l Si val. 'iran'is lqfsiurrfr, Dgolhy Sma ing. orolhy iq rSmi1h, Eua Smith, Gertrude 'q1Smith, Howard X Qmitli, jimi? ci' abimit i, S iir ey Aoagnodgriisi. Philip oper. R u in Sontllard. Ruth J ' pokes, Howard 8' ilarcke, Cynthia 6 Slandt, Robert g7S1eiler. Natalie ofStockber1:er. Lorraine Story, Gloria Sturliel, Wlilhelmina A Sudak, Gene QI If Sudak. NVanda gig Sullivan. Eugene I Summers. iliuclrey it Sutton. Shirley Sweeney. Irene Taylor. Oliver Tliiele. Beatrice Thom :on e1n gn , n- .J- 'I mlhumer, Muriel Thomas. Shirley Q3Trenclmrd. George A24l'roolmirk, Eugene Turner, Wilson 7 ejulllle. lainrothy 'zine al. T orence Q3BVilIlCllil. Virginia a27.X:ilfIEIL Howard VanRiper, Anna Verily. Robert 13231, Nfeuer. Kaiie X na, Anna K Rfalter. iXda I - a 'er. .emne a37lVeil2lnan, Bernard v george ' I ce. ms 924C2Wilkinson. hlarion Yvillet, Robert lVilliams. lflmae Williams. joseph ,?4lf,'xx'iSmmn. Philip BRJQL-r:1er.kDErisl 'Unk FOI: '. ut l JV XVright. Alice W'riglit. Lillian XVlll'l7Cl. I.eo Yazijian. Eilwzird Yazijian, Mary Xfongen. Eileen af Yohunglins. Teddy 21 Zamnr. Canhcrine Znlli. :Xntoineue A iqliollmer, Rim Y In every village there are many things which are noticed and appreciated and yet there are many things that are highly re- sponsible for the noticeable things, which are never noticed. For instance, in Freeport we all know about the Yacht Club, the Memorial Library, the Municipal Stadium, the Post Office, and the Bus Terminal. But how many of us know that there are sixty- one miles of sewers in Freeport? How many of us know that the municipal building cost a quarter million dollars? And how many of us know the assessed valuation, how much the school system costs, how large our police force is, and how many trains stop at Freeport daily? No, we don't know, and why not? Simply because we're all so busy noticing the big things going on, that we donlt notice the others. But we admit Free- port is about the nicest place there is, and it's these overlooked things that sum up to a nice place. ' Well, that's the way it is in Freeport High School. Everyone knows all about what the Senior Class is doing-about their class night, and prom and graduation, and so forth. But hardlyianyone notices the hardy Junior Class in the shadow of the graduat- ing class. Yet how would there be any seniors if it wasn't for the juniors? It's the grand junior class who supplies ushers for the commencements, for Class Night, and for Baccalaureate Services. This year's junior class is next year's senior class. And this year's is an exceptionally fine junior class. Wfhen they were Freshmen, Jean Ann Mil- ler was voted president with Tom Moore, Vice-President, Anthony DiGregorio, Treas- urerg Marjorie Bedell, Secretary, Trudy Smith, Social Secretary, and Robert Yaspan, G. O. Representative. Of course, they had their tea dance, which is usually about the only social event the freshman class puts on. Then came the eventful day, when they stepped upon the stage in the auditorium, still members of the Junior High School, and stepped off, proudly clutching their diplomas, full-fledged Senior High School- ers. After this step, the class selected Thomas Moore for President, Ethel Rheinhardt for Vice-Presidentg Anthony DiGregorio for Treasurer, Trudy Smith for Secretary, and Frances Manugarra for Social Secretary. Ruth Braren was chosen for the class G. O. Representative. The sophomores are well known for their ability to do nothing, and this one was no exception, although some of the boys participated in sports. The officers for this year are as follows: President--Tom Mooreg Vice-President- Marian Robinson, Secretary-Steve Fritschg Social Secretary-Ralph Goddeng G. O. Representative-Anthony DiGregoriog and Treasurer-joan Smith. Besides ushering for the many programs, the juniors help out in many other ways. They have members on the cheerleading staff, the dance committee, and on the FlasHingS Staff. Like every other class, they have their scholastic leaders. These are Roberta Boehm, Jean Callahan, Anthony DiGregorio, Dorothy Etzkorn, Rose Grover, Rose Guercio, Ethel Larsen, Jean Miller, Jerry Nolan, Joan Smith, Ber- nard Weitzman, and Ruth Woodcock. Perhaps the junior class never is noticed. Perhaps they are under the shadow of the upper class, but next year they'll be seniors, and will have the chance to shine for all they're worth. We, of the senior class, wish you juniors all of the luck in the world in your senior year, and we warn you to make the best of it, because it goes by mighty fast. ' In a village, it's not only the officials and other high people who are important to the 49 in 1 AUX , 'dl ,Idi . 4 , 1 ,Ji M ,if ., Q ' ,H , l' Ya af 5 .ff , if lf if j Albin, ,lean ,..-Nmaclor, Gladys Anderson, Ronald nllndrew, Gloria Q Andrews, Gloria Ankenmann. lhiargnerile 1 Arenholz, William fXlll2EIlll13lEl", August .ivida11,RRioliard me . nu flqiahcock, Arlene Bapshnw. james Bahr, John Barbalo, ,loseph l'Bellone, Catherine '0Benoit. lilanrice I' ernian, Ronald I Killa, Marcella Birkel, George BoCl'i. Xvalter Box, Gloria Boyles. Robert Boyles, William aqllrann, Dorothy Brown, Thomasenz vliurkc. ,loy Burkhard. Joyce iuwen, Nlarilyn Byrne. ,lohn Carman, .lohn Carnie. Romer Chambers. john '53 Chapter, Shirley SO L. -,f X V '54-f Childers, ifim Christopulos, Tony Chuisano, Viola '51 Clark, Manila 8Claiisen, Edna a1golnirri.Bl'alrioi:l o len, ernar 4,ICuleman, Rita Collins. Irene Coller, Nlilclred Wombs, Lois giomellas, Dolores Conrad, Calvin 47Qonway,CHarold Cooper, arrie Cummings, Arville funningham, Elinor Bvgulhbeir, lGordon 335. 'Ve vn Defosla, Ellen ?l?i5rancii. ,llohn ce oza, .ea Diclcieson, James 5? Dobbins, Leonard Donnelly, Nlaclellne gonfxhne, Catherine on ey, Patricia vo Dotlerweich, Alice 0 ,owney, Priscilla 0 Drescher, Richard 6 Dnnkcr, Barbara Dunlop, Elizabeth Earl, Dorothy SOPHOMORES Edwards, Frederick bvflmiger, Joyce Essex, Carolyn 7oliaries, 'XVarren 7l1'arvrm, ,lean I Felice, Dominick Ferrara. lX'Iary Fierro, Anthony Fitzgerald, Edward hlfleckenstein, Georgia 7l7leich, Eileen Forkeii Edward 'ox, oberr 7,Fraser, Patricia 3' lfriedmasnullhyllis 'rosr, 'ar 'uge, Charles Fnpe, Margaret Gallagher, john Gardali, Palriclc Garrily. Dorolhy Geib. Frederick Gibiliso, Xlarie 7foldilTln.m, llelen q oorlielm. Roslyn Gooding, Arlme Gorbcrt, Robert Gordon. Rudolph Gray, Irving Gray, Peter qiGriflin, Kalhlecn Guercio, Vincent fwllarris, Lloyd YL IDI Harrison, Ruth ,0'l'I'lealey, K-alhryn Herbert, lxennelh Hickey, Helen flicks, Jennie .o9nan, Rana.-J lo llirn. lrcne lg l'loHman, Harry 541 l lollman. hlax ollollc, Edward Gt' Howland, RoberL H llluhba rd, 'Richard 'Innlcr, William Hutchinson, Richard Hyman, MElX'lll HS rl 9 Jacobs, Harvey laycox, Gloria lenkins, Paul ilqilohnson, Richard I9- Iones, Elbirda Karban. Doris Karpowich, Nlary Kedcnbnrg, l.:-P Keeler, Plivllis Kelly, Gerald Kelly, Gloria 7 Kenney, ,loseph Kessell, George Kleen, Richard ' Knowles, Benjamin Kobel, Rita Kohler, Barbara 3 lallliranzler, Robert. 5, ill Riff Q ,afl , , ,MZ ST, bt fwdkl , ..:- " 'x ll Jw 3-AL Larnbright, Walter I zclllangan, William anquist, G nria l3xLau'son. Ruth Leaveus. ,lack ,Rfb Lee. Patricia q I1.ivirigstEii,l.Qe 1 1, .ost-e, Nutr one ijowel, Allaed F .i'nt' 1, nm '. lv inch, lohn J. I ULynch, Klarion i Lyon, Virginia I4 lackenzie. Douglas- 5-t.KlMlffii" Bmllm I Liacl i an." 1 y lff Mtuman, Vhgziiriia Klanisralcn. Vera Klasse, Margaret Mattson, Clarence Qlattson, ITTI faxwc . J rene Nlt'Bride, Caroline I Xlcllunald, ,loseph sC'Mcln1yxe, Ina llg,JXIclSeeman, Edith Nlclxmgltt: Irving y0"LNlcI.aughlin, Barbara Nlch-leekin, Ruth Igdklerkin, Annette Milckonen, Russell 'kXflilbank. Dorothy gil Miligi, Gloria hliller, Jacqueline ll hlinan, Nlztry Jane ,Z Morris, Thaddeus I Morrison. lllilliam Y Mutt, john 1 7 Murphy, Charles I7 Murphy, Dorothy I7 Xlurphy, Patricia Murphy. Richard Murphy. Walter q.J'iltirray, lRichard lle snn, larvey I Newbery Nisbet. Helen golaiimhlxirgaret 'owas'y, hlary ls4O'Brien, Stanley Oetker. William O'Meally. Kathleen 0'Neill, Florence Parsons, XVilliam Iiclpatersnn. Betty ngllatterson. Thelma Paul, hlildred Paulson. Harry' l1' Pendleton, Clifford q Pendleton, Myrtle l Pfutzner, Rudolph bPost, Mary Lou Post, Ruth reziosi, Vincent lrice. Gerald Qgl'rice, Yiolet 4Prittinx. ,loan er. Richard. SOPHOMORES 1 Rafferty, Constance Q' Renton, Audrey fc i Reynolds, William Rhinehart, Kathryn ao Rini, Frank 64 Roemer, Robert 3,3 Rtiss. Larry I fa zer, Hamel o.,gavatakis, Louis all Schaffer, Ramona ci cpe , arren 'ali-hchueider, Xlary 'jchrefllen Nlarjrnrie Qlgschulz, Anita Jig Schwartz. Xliltmi Seage, Eleanor Seaman, Bernice df Zgiciinintisi Nprman ieaar, ewis an Shkursky, Albert Shkursky, Edward an-3Simeona. Helen Smith, Barbara 3-KsSnxith. Conand aabgmilli, Evelyn .mit 1, eorge 337 Smith, Susan Squire, Charlotte Stains, lvilliztrn Steflek, Edwin Steiger. Gloria Stevenson, Edward Sumner, joseph 2 Sutherland, Henry Svcnson, Ilelen Swanson. Marion Taylor. Patricia ffliunias, Glgzria nsg 'hompson, ,anet Trayer, Donald Tunstall, Edward Zlltnttle, lercmiali utt e, firginia Ullian. Howard Vincent, Irene Yollmer, lvalter Wagenfolirh Howard J'vf'Walters, .- ice Walther, Mabel ash Wailicltlf Gloria Weib, ,ames Weiner, Wanda ,S Wellglnrn, Efqdwatl r ann. ran' J 1QV!mer, hilirgam as Vheeler, le en 3 Wliritenoig, Alrnold Wi gus. orot my 2bsgqWilkinson, Lpuis Wilson, hilarjory abs, lvise. Lorna J bwnlfl, Harold gqlfriglit, Raymond Vull, Eleanor xgzaiic, Nluriel Zireck, Marion 'SW SI ffwlwff 32 2 3 3 i Q H 3 5 Q village. Without the less important folks the town wouldn't be real. And that's the way in a high school, too. A school can't be composed of only seniors and juniors, but it has to have some lower classes, too. ln Freeport High, the lowest class in the senior high school is the sophomore class. The sophomores never do much-maybe it's because they have to get around a little more and find out what's what and what they can do about it before they Cry any- thing. A when the class of 1944 were freshmen their first duty was to elect oiiicers. They chose Pat Coburn for President, Harold Conway for Vice-President, Ruth Harrison for Secretary, Lloyd Harris as Treasurer, Gloria Kelly as Social Secretary and Ray Wright was voted to represent the class at G. O. meetings. On the athletic field Gerry Kelly, George May, Charlie Murphy, and Walter Vogt were seen specializing in one or more sports. Not to be outshone by the fellows, Gloria Kelly, Virginia Mangan, Catherine Donahue and Betty Paterson went out for the girls' sports. No class would be complete without its share of scholastic stars. When they were freshmen, Pat Co- burn, Lloyd Harris, Pat Dooley, Vincent Guercio, Al Shkursky and Pat Lee were leaders. Barbara Dunker made a fine showing in the American Legion Prize Speaking Con- test, when she was awarded second prize for her inspiring speech after competing in the auditorium and became full-fledged mem- ber of the senior high school. As sophomores they chose the following ofiicers: Pat Coburn, President, Lloyd Har- ris, Vice-President, Rita Coleman, Secre- taryg Gloria Kelly, Social Secretary, Ray Wright, G. O. Representative, Harvey Nel- son, Treasurer. As is mentioned above, the sophomores never do much of anythingg however, some of the more ambitious boys and girls do go out for various athletic teams., For example, Ray Wright, Huch Murphy, George May, Bill Greaney, and Gerry Kelly represented the boys, while Gloria Kelly, Joyce Burkhard, Martha Clark, and Virginia Mangan shone for the girls. Ruth Harrison was the new drum majorette for the band and she led them through many clever manoeuvres which again gained the band the title of the best marching unit of Long Island. Gloria Miligi was head twirler of the band, and many other sopho- mores were members of the organization. Pat Dooley represented the class in the Prize Speaking Contest. The sophomores help out in many different ways. They are members of the Library club, the Art club, the FlasH- ingS Staff, the production staff of the senior play, the cheerleaders, the dance committee, the G. O. council, the girls' and boys' A. A.s, home room managers, the Red Cross, the various choruses, the band, the News Service Staff, the Debate club, and other groups of Freeport High School. Some of the early honor students were Catherine Bellone, Martha Clark, Patricia Coburn, Irving McKnight, Mary Jane Minan, Peggy Nolan, Stanley O'Brien, Anita Schulz, Helen XVheeler, and Lorna Wise. ' No, the sophomores don't ever really do anything spectacular, and very often we completely overlook them, but if there weren't any sophomore class, we'd certainly miss it. And that's just the way it is in Freeport-if there weren't any of the com- mon every-day folks, we'd really miss them, because they're what make Freeport, and the Sophs are what make the high school so grand. S3 THERE ARE ALWAYS BUSINESS and social organizations in a village. There's the village board and the village council who do all the business work, and there are the Elks, Kiwanis, and Exchange clubs that represent the social side. For instance, in Freeport there is a pub- lication called The Leader, which can b'e compared with Freeport High Schoolis F1asHingS. Freeport has its own football team, too, the "Freeport Lions," just the way the high school has its "Red Devils." Both teams play at Freeportfs Municipal Stadium and both ably represent Freeport in athletics. The Athena Club and the Freeport CTI Choral Club might be likened to the numer- ous choruses and other musical organiza- tions in high school. Both groups are known as fine musical organizations. The village council keeps Freeport on its feet the same Way the G. O. Council keeps the high school going. Without these coun- cils the village and the school, respectively, would be exceedingly disjointed. Perhaps these organizations are most important of all in the village or in the school. It's the same way with social clubs, too. For example, in the village there are the above-mentioned Exchange, Elks, Lions, Kiwanis Clubs, and many others. In high school there are the Assembly Committee and the Art Club and so forth. There's a Freeport Yacht Club which holds regular ES dances and other social events, while in school there's the Dance Committee which puts on about ten dances throughout the year. And both the village and the school have libraries, whose ofiicers have much the same duties. That's the way it goes-whether in high school, as boys and girls, or in the village, as men and women, every person in the community plays an important part in mak- ing the place outstanding, therefore, it is important training for the future to have the government of a school run in much the same way as the government of the village. That's the way it is in Freeport! The general scheme of our town govern- ment is, as you will see, most surely paral- leled by that of our school. For example, we have our Village Board but under the title G. O. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. These representatives are a highly selected group, in fact the cream of the crop. Of the six students on the committee, five are the G. O. officers and the sixth is elected by the Council. This Council just mentioned is our Village council more generally known as the G. O. COUNCIL. All the G. O. clubs and organizations are represented in this body which promotes and skillfully directs, under the guidance of Mr. Mal-Iood, the general activities of the student body and the school as a whole. Both the G. O. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and G. O. COUNCIL work hand in hand insuring the smooth performance of their student government. Financial matters are perhaps their most vital concern. With clubs and teams hounding them for larger allowances and prices everywhere advancing, sales resistance in massive quantities is a decided asset, and surely no one can complain about the activity ticket drive. Realizing the values derived from possessing one of these little blue cards, the Freeport scholars backed the sale to the limit and shattered previous records by buying over Iooo tickets. The new system inaugurated providing for family tickets met with a mass approval and greatly aided in boosting the sales. . Let us now view their social achievements. The courtesy campaign and the all-out war against "blop doppersf' After the intensive efforts of the council you no longer see gum and paper in the fountains or so much running and shouting in the halls. You never can tell but with such improvements going on, coming to school may in time become a genuine pleasure. Not to be forgotten in the least are the splendid G. O. Dances sponsored by our General Organization. With the BOYS' and GIRLS' A. A. COUNCILS on the job, X worries over the solution of ath- I letic problems fade away in the breeze. Keeping fit is the cry of the day. Exercise and participate in sports to build yourself up. Be a Charles Atlas. No pills, no special breakfast cereal, no muscle build- ing tonic is prescribed. Just play a sport or two or three. Don Abbott is the Boys, president. These cap- tains, managers and lcttermen of the major sports keep Freeport's Boys' athletic world ticking like a S6 .fryurv "' Jun-'v" W i r Hamilton, while the Girls' Athletic Association, led by Ruth Bieder- man, administers to the athletic problems of the fairer sex with as great ability. All recommendations for awards originate with these committees. Sportsmanship as well as performance is taken into con- sideration when making these rec- ommendations. The traditional celebrations of Boys' Week and Girls' Week most certainly equaled if not surpassed those of former years. The BOYS' and GIRLS' WEEK COMMIT- TEES w'ere under the presidencies of Oliver Coulling and Eunice Eddy respectively and deserve Commendation for their achieve- ments. The speakers obtained for the occasions were both interesting and instructive in their talks on youths' problems. The boys again took over the town oflices on Fri- day afternoon and held the reins of government in their hands for the afternoon. The girls again held their annual colorful fashion show and everyone attending seemed to . , - thoroughly appreciate their won- derful work. Highlights of both celebrations were the Boys' XVeek Dance and the Girls' Tea Dance. Climaxed by these events the fes- tivities are sure to remain in the memories of all. Among other governing bodies the M. P.'s of F. H. S. are the SENIOR TRAFFIC SQUAD. Un- daunted by occasional hall law breakers, these guardians of the peace on our internal highways to "book larnin"' stand their posts day in and day out maintaining courtesy and order in the school. The morning squads captained by Chester Chambers and Lorraine Sutter and the afternoon force led by Stanley Krasnoff and Betty Stie- gelmaier all co-operate 'in their efforts to keep down any "Law West of Tombstone" movements in the halls, and results prove that they are very competent. During the Courtesy Campaign the entire squad were especially on their toes and a still greater perfection was evidenced. The "blop dopper" ex- S7 E . termination campaign was also enthusiastically supported by both the traHic squad and their advisor Mr. Franklin. In all respects Freeport High may well feel proud of its traliic officers. The spokesmen of the General Organization are what the HOME ROOM MANAGERS may be called. When any notice, regulation or policy of our governing body must be brought to the students' attention, it is usually the home room managers who perform the task. "Bring in activity ticket sales greater than any other year," was the request by the G. O. and the managers replied by depositing with the G. O. Treasurer over one thousand first payments. Keeping records of receipts and pasting those little red and gold stars on home room charts are also their job. In the latter part of the year the selling of defense stamps was largely entrusted to this right arm of the G. O. Not only were they the collectors of your grcenbacks but acted as newspaper distributors of the FlasHi11gS and the Rofo. Chosen on a basis of reliability and efficiency these students are well qualified for their positions. Mr. Tirrell has very competently advised the group throughout the year. All work and no play may make jack but it certainly isn't fun. What the students needed was good entertainment and the SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE supervised by Miss Davis was just the group to accommodate them. With such an imposing list of varied programs to their credit as is displayed by these people it indeed seems that they hold a cornucopia of amusements. They possess the power to free the wearied minds of industrious scholars from the care and worry of toil fjokej providing them with relaxation and an added incentive to get all A's on their report cards. You no doubt I . nhl V: iw tim yeas: ul' ""' mi , :L . gi- 5 h Y ,' .. my M I ' JL ., ,mr . - . A-i . .1 , .,,, - .V sl W f i t. , w,,.mi! v .' '-, "lib " rr ..,, V, , -P: . l, wife 'Ag - x l f I I . - X' W i ' '6,.s a if i I .t , J I' R 31 rumen: 112, ' ' rl U, We Ji K Magix' 5 'A L wx : , QSJ wk H ll i if' l .F - .J B 10 VX 'EW I ' -in f JPN' ,V y :-1' in all l! l f A l u ,g .s,1:3 recall the interesting demonstration by the Alfred University pro- fessor who fried eggs with liquid air and then scrambled them with a hammer, or the speaker who amusingly told us of the importance of proper diction and articulation, or the other innumerable programs which caused everyone to look forward to the assemblies. While on the subject of pleasure and recreation the G. O. DANCE COMMITTEE immediately comes to mind. Perhaps the Alumni Xmas Dance or the Shamrock Shindig revives some pleasant memories. It can easily be seen that this committee is conscientious and enthusiastic in its desire to produce bigger and better dances. Engaging some of the most popular orchestras on the Island and decorating both appro- priately and attractively these hop cats have given the students of F. H. S. many enjoyable hours. The popularity of Frecport's dances is shown by the great number of out-of-town students who attend and comment very favorably on them. Invitations were sent to Baldwin and Mepham for "friendship" dances and a large turnout resulted. Although interscholastic relations may not have been vastly improved, everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. The Dance Committee and Miss Barlow, the advisor, are in line for congratulations. This book which you are at present reading is the I942 Voyageur, the annual year book of Freeport Junior-Senior High School written and edited by the 1942 Voyagrur staff. To give you a little idea of how this book is put together, we will describe some of the preliminary operations. First of all, a group of seniors was gathered in Room 107 at the end of last June and labeled exhibit A. As you may have surmised this is to be the Staff. Pep talks and admonitions shaped this disorganized group of humanity into a receptive unit .JY 1. , L - 1 . f X als-- - I , J. 'L x w jx ' ?j'l,l ,' ' 7 - -3' -1 -- il 1 5,-f 'lfhl-llQBJll:i, , 3 ,Q ,.-,lW4"H'- Nl I m f3.,'x'is, - -1' " ' "- min! if' ' ix T" f f sag fr? -E-:. JL x N WE X Y ? 'Yr TE N' rr Kvjg- Qi' 5 I Y 1 if, 1 ""' 'f!f I - ' 'K V iw, V ulvvtill ready and anxious to begin Work Securing these was perhaps the ini tial step. After suggestions and deliberation a new idea broke forth. The theme would be "Our Town." The written material would not follow the conventional lines but would be fl continuous story cen- tered about that main topic, "Our Townf, The summer vacation then came on and reluctantly we bid adieu to fair Alma Mater for sev- eral months. With the arrival of a new semester, more meetings took place. The financial situation was discussed. We all held our heads. Everything turned out well in the end, however, and more than com- pensated for our forebodings. As the next step was not within the scope of the general staff, the art department and several experts took over the job of making out a dummy book. With this as a guide, we could figure on the number of words necessary and work accord- ingly. Finally the reams of manu- scripts were sent to the printer and here is the finished product. The Editorial Staff now submits this book for your approval. The real financial wizards, how- ever, are the PUBLICATIONS BUSINESS STAF money is the incessant F. Money, money, plea coming to them from both publications. There's nothing to do but go out and get those ads that will satiate their desires. Life is no bed of roses for these people. General Manager of the organizatio Onderdonk whose t n is Dorothea wo years of bookkeeping are highly essential to her position. Soliciting ads, although most important, is by far not the sole task of the Staff. The performance of other duties also utilizes a large part of their time. Col- lecting bills, typing reports, and filing all sorts of material are but a few of the as- signments. Acting in a similar manner to home room managers in one respect, they collect and record all subscriptions for F1asHi11gS and the Voyagvur. Two ad- vertising managers, two copy editors and a Staff secretary assist the general manager. It is an odd fact but all nine of the solici- tors are girls. But from their splendid record this year it certainly seems to prove that a cheery smile and a sparkling eye produce the required results. Mr. Moger may well feel proud of his staff. just as Freeport has its newspapers, the high school has its publications and while the Newsday .and Leader keep the town informed, the news sleuths of the FlasH- ingS ferret out all sensational school stori'es, edit them, print them and present them to the students in their semi-monthly edi- tions. The Staff under the editorship of Gifford Doxsee has received invaluable ex- perience and instruction in many phases' of newspaper work and are on the road to a journalistic career should they desire to con- tinue. Great initiative must be exercised in following leads and marshaling the facts in a well organized and attention-getting arti- cle. "All the news that's fit to print" and maybe just a wee bit on the border line issue from this publication. Popular columns which have kept you grinning and en- thralled through the year are: "The Wolf Call," "Drippings From Rival Faucets," "The Inquiring Reporter," and "The Hot Box." Those two editorials by Sally Mac- Millan and Donald Salzer were also the cause of much interest. Mr. Neal Burroughs shouldered the task of acting as combined faculty advisor, proofreader, and general supervisor of primary and secondary oper- ations. G. O. Election returns, Prize Speak- ing Contests, and excursions of our famous band and orchestra are merely a smattering of the subjects elucidated in the FlasH- ingS. One whole page is devoted to sports stories and write-ups of our hard fighting teams bringing to the students not only interesting articles but also those vital sta- tistics which reveal the strength of each team. Where there is an interest in music, there is usually a means for its expression. Our town has ably provided this means through the creation of various musical groups such as the Athena and Chopin Clubs. We of F. H. S. with the same interest in mind have organized a BAND for the benefit of the music-lovers of our school. The BAND is composed of talented musicians, who con- tribute a great deal of their time to re- hearsals for concerts, football games, and for numerous other public appearances. For the past few years the BAND has been invited to play at the Sportsmen's Show in Grand Central Palace, and is always especially well received by those who are fortunate enough to hear them play. In addition, this organization has appeared at Ebbets Field as the guests of the Brooklyn Dodger Football Team. Indeed, the Freeport High Band has earned the right to be called "one of the best high school bands this side of the Mississippi." Under the same able direction of Mr. J. Maynard XVettlaufer, known to the students of Freeport as "Prof," the high school ORCHESTRA has distinguished itself for the many successful concerts it has given. Every spring this organization together with the other musical clubs of our school takes 6x an active part in the Spring Concert, and is repeatedly heralded for its excellent per- formances. Each year an outstanding mem- ber of the ORCHESTRA is chos'en to fulfill the position of student director. This year that honor belongs to Steve Fritsch, head of the flute section. Incidentally, Steve is also student director of the band. Heihas been featured as a soloist at many of the concerts given by the band as Well as the ORCHES- TRA, and thereby has established quite a reputation for being a fine musician. It must be remembered that the orchestra provides the musical interludes at plays and at other programs given by the school, and this group plays practically every week at our assemblies. 62 But one cannot comment on the musical activities of Freeport High School without mentioning those of the celebrated GIRLS' CHORUS. This group sings at the Annual Spring Concert, at the Commencement Exercises, and at various other programs which are presented by the school. When- ever these girls appear, they are very well receivedg for by their hard work they have established for themselves the reputation of being an outstanding choral group. But in praising the girls themselves we must not overlook the fact that without the fine coaching of Miss Roberts, their faculty ad- visor, this group might not be as well trained as it is. In our school we not only have fine musicians, but we also have line actors. These thespians have formed a MASQUE and XVHIG CLUB and present many excel- lent plays throughout the year. A Senior Play is put on by the members of the club annually, and this year's production of "You Can't Take It With You" was particularly successful. Starring in the production were many of Freeport High's outstanding actors and actresses. Every part in the play was perfectly cast and admirably portrayed by each member of the cast. Mr. Burnett, the coach of the DRAMA CLUB, is to be con- gratulated along with the club for the fine work both have done in the way of enter- taining the students of F. H. S., their parents, and the faculty. In our present national emergency every- one must support our war effort. Many Red Cross Workrooms are located in the village for this very purpose. The students of Free- port High, not to be left behind in efforts to relieve universal suffering, have united in the SENIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL. Working like proverbial beavers, their group has made menu covers for the "gobs" in the Pacific, and Christmas cards for the honored veterans in Northport Hospital. Their most gigantic achievement, however, was their very successful Red Cross Festival on March 27th. All the merchandise sold at the fair was donated to the cause by people of the town and merchants of the vicinity. It was the council members themselves who scurried around town to solicit the numer- ous things. They were fittingly rewarded by the splendid manner in which the Festival went over. The President, Joseph Crasson, presided over the regular meetings and vari- ous activities of the organization while Miss Landon, in her capacity as faculty advisor, lent her valuable suggestions and support through the entire year. Freeport, our gigantic little town, boasts of one of the finest libraries on the Island. Freeport High School also throws out its chest when referring to the school library. In comparison with the Memorial Library, ours is fundamentally the same. Both have head librarians responsible for their main- tenance, and both have assistant librarians responsible to the head librarian. Thor- oughly and willingly the girls of the LI- BRARY CLUB perform their duties as assistant librarians. They replace and prop- erly arrange books on the shelves, check books coming in and going out, aid other students in selecting the proper books for their use and make themselves generally use- ful around the room. When looking for an industrious person, find a Library Club member. These are the girls, with the expert supervision of Miss Swan, who open the storehouse of extra curricular education to the student body, and allow the light of wisdom to fall upon their noble brows. Giving up study periods, Junior Assembly periods, and time after school for their work these custodians of knowledge deserve the undying gratitude of the student body. The girls under the presi- dency of Dorothy Manning put on a cake sale and had their annual induction banquet this year. Do you know why Freeport High has held such a prominent place in the local news- papers this past year? The NEWS SERVICE STAFF is the key to the answer. These news hounds search around the school for inter- esting bits of copy and upon finding their material, they write it up and submit it to N 6 s the papers. John Public has seen a great number of stories resulting from the efforts of this group. He has become better ac- quainted with the school and its activities and realizes more fully the importance of their purpose. The News Service's scrap- books are bursting with clippings submitted and published. In its second year of existence the staff has proved a marked benefit to the school. Miss Barlow, indispensable advisor of the group, and Mr. Mansperger approve all arti- cles before they are sent to the professional newspaper world. Editor-in-Chief of the re- porters is Ruth Biedermann, who presides over the meetings and has charge of giving out the individual assignments. These quan- tities of newspaper material are sent to Newsday, the Nassau Daily-Review-Star, and the Frcvporf Leader. Thus it is that quite often stories pertaining to our hon- ored institution have appeared in several of these papers simultaneously. 66 Representing some of the oratorical scholars of F. H. S. is the DEBATE CLUB. They carry on controversial discussion not only at their own meetings but at state and national tournaments as well. Although it may appear to a few that these Cicero's and Hortensias' must be in a perpetual argu- mentative mood, that is most assuredly not the case. They are primarily interested in vital problems of the day on which subjects they marshal all possible speaking ability, logical reasoning, and clever phrasing to outwit the debating opponent and thereby confuse him. The Debate Team springs from the most able of the Club's membership and these debaters are not accustomed to mince words. Bernard Weitzman captains this group and Miss Tricam skillfully advises them as to technique. Mrs. Hook is the club advisor. She sees to it that the discussions of these budding orators are properly con- ducted. The Club is a member of the Na- tional Forensic League and Honor Society for High School Debate. The defeat of Mal- verne was one of their outstanding victories. "XVho spilled that sulfuric acid on my tie," or "Why does S S Big jif' might well be the type of question heard while passing 2 I4 during a SCIENCE CLUB meeting. The purpose of the club is to give scientifically minded students an opportunity to perform experiments and give talks on subjects in which they are interested to other members. As the nature of the club is decidedly on the semi-technical side, Mr. Jordan was called upon frequently to clear up some matter beyond the knowledge of the mem- bers. At the regular meetings, besides ex- periments and talks, slides and motion pic- tures were shown which instilled further knowledge in the attentive audience. XVho knows but what a second Louis Pasteur or Alexander Graham Bell may one day display his talents to the world and be hailed as one of the greatest scientists of his day partially through his training and ex- periences in the Freeport Junior-Senior High School Science Club? But this is for the future to decide. Returning to the present we recall the enjoyable scientific outing to Hofstra. Turning now to fmathcmaticalj figures, we find ourselves in the MATH CLUB, the members of which are called Pythagoreans. In one respect this club is very like the Science Club. The Pythagoreans also run into technical difiiculties occasionally. Miss White, however, is always very Willing to elucidate on the finer points of math. The successful completion of Intermediate Al- gebra is the primary requisite for member- ship and a definite interest in mathematics is the secondary qualification. Harry Raw- lins, president, presided over the meetings of the past season. The programs for the biweekly meeting were varied. There were talks on famous mathematicians, navigation, the use of the slide rule, short cuts in addition and multi- plication and many other topics. 67 ALONG TOWARD THE END OF November last fall, a fairly large group of fellows congregated in the gym, met their new coach, Mr. Erehart, and under his tutelage, started to learn how to play a game commonly called basketball. Mr. Erehart cam'e to us from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Over a period of years he has made an enviable record in coaching ath- letic teams. A system of instruction was introduced beginning in the grades. Through inter- grade competition the boys gain valuable experience in the art 'of play and at the same time learn the fundamentals of the game. In the High School group much interest was evident. VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Freeport Sewanhaka Freeport Westbury Freeport Mcpham Freeport Patchogue Freeport Lawrence Freeport Lynbrook Freeport Hempstead Freeport Adelphi Freeport Baldwin Freeport Westbury Freeport Hempstead Freeport Lawrence Freeport Oceanside Freeport Glen Cove Freeport Oyster Bay Freeport Sewanhaka Freeport Baldwin Freeport Southside These fellows were split up into varsity and junior varsity teams. Both groups prac- ticed afternoons and evenings, learning the fundamentals of good basketball, smoothing out the rough spots in their game. Some of the fellows had played the game the previ- ous year and formed the backbone of the team. From November to March, the Freeport High basketball team played around the Conference, finally coming out on top of that group. Along the way, with a few non- 68 Conference games thrown in, they picked up twelve victories and dropped three games: to Lawrence, Baldwin, and Sewan- haka. They entered the Nassau County Basketball Tournament at the end of the season and in those county-wide playoffs, Freeport managed to annex the county title. In doing this, the team defeated three other schools, namely Oyster Bay, Glen Cove, and Rockville Centre. This county title had been within our grasp in three previous years. The competitors were all worthy opponents and we feel mighty proud of the way our boys went on to win. The lettermen of the varsity squad are Walter Oates, Bill Owen, Tom Sindler, Steve Paras, Gene Sullivan, Don Abbott, George Bronson, and Julius Mintz. Our boys of the junior varsity squad, who are the members of the future varsity had a banner season under Mr. MacKenna. Win- ning fourteen out of sixteen games, our future prospects look very good. That group of jitterbugs that capers around and just makes you sit up and cheer are just as much a part of our sports picture as any of our athletic teams. Many long hours of practice behind the scenes with FREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport 25 Sewanhaka 24 Westbury 13 Patchogue 2 x Lawrence Q7 Mepham 4 I Lynbrook zz Mepham 47 Hempstead 46 Adelphi zo Baldwin 14 W'estbury 15 Hempstead 27 Lawrence 30 Oceanside 3 1 Sewanhaka 24 Baldwin Freeport X9 Westbury o Freeport o Hempstead 25 Freeport 28 Mepliam o Freeport o Baldwin I3 Freeport 7 Lawrence o Freeport 6 Sewanhaka 7 Freeport 6 Englewood 9 Mr. Southard make these groups smooth functioning units. Our teams would not seem properly represented without this peppy group captained by Donn Githens and Martha Winter. 70 The coming of autumn not only heralds the beginning of school in Freeport, but it also shepherds in the football season. Mr. Ashley, the football coach, and his assist- ants, Mr. Tirrell and Mr. Erehart, hie them- selves down to the stadium and start train- ing the members of the football squad. They say practice makes perfect. Well, our football team certainly practiced. Of course, Baldwin did down them, but Free- port in turn succeeded in beating Lawrence, a team which had gone undefeated for three years. You have to give the fellows credit who go out on the gridiron to fight for their school. The members of the football team are awarded letters as a symbol of their school's appreciation. Those small pieces of cloth mean something to the boys that earn them. Only the best qualify for these awards. E This past year, twenty fellows attained the honor of winning their letters: Co-cap- tains Steve Paras and jamie Greaney, George Bronson, Joe Devlin, Leal DeRosa, Dick Drescher, Al Fassnacht, Gene Franklin, Gerry Kelly, Al Kenny, Frank Lawrence, BASEBALL RECORD Freeport to Westbury 1 Freeport z Mepham o Freeport 6 Great Neck 7 Freeport 2 St. Paul r Freeport 3 Lynbrook 1 Freeport 1 Great Neck 0 Freeport 3 Hempstead 2 Freeport 3 Woodmere x Freeport x St. Paul o Freeport 4 Sewanhaka 2 Ray McCarthy, Bert Miller, Monroe Raynor, Bob Russell, Bill Teas, Bernard Weiss, Ray XVright, and the two managers, Lee Living- ston and Arthur Wulf. Every season has its own sport. In the fall, there's football. Wintertime brings basketball. When spring rolls around, we have baseball and track. Leaving track for now, let's read a bit about Freeport High's "nine." Besides many other valued possessions, our town owns one of the finest stadiums on Long Island. There are sections of it for a football Held, midget auto racing, and, of course, tucked away in one corner is a well- kept baseball diamond. The grass there is greeng the basepaths are well defined. High Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport Freeport tx 8 7 4 3 8 I0 I0 I2 7 Oceanside Hempstead Baldwin Oceanside Sewanhaka Woodinere Adelphi Baldwin Baldwin Westbury Lawrence 71 TRACK RECORD Freeport 68 M, Westbury 26M. Freeport 61, Hempstead SQW, Oceanside I7n. Freeport 59, Sewanhaka 36. Freeport 69M, Baldwin 352, Lawrence 14. Long Island Relays-one mile Class A champions. Mepham 4325, Freeport 4Om, Pelham 342. Conference--Second place. Long Island Championship Meet- Champions, Nassau County. above the ground, powerful lights perch precariously on their standards. These are to light the Held for night games. From April on, one may see many ambi- tious fellows throwing, catching, or batting balls around, in preparation for their twenty-two game series. The baseball team played many night games last year, in addition to the usual day games. They had a most successful season as a glimpse at the records on page 71 will show. Of those who played in 194 I, the follow- ing earned their letters: Captain William Runcie, Edward Glacken, Steve Paras, Don Abbott, John Inglima, Dick Perlman, Steve Fritsch, Ray Hague, George Trenchard, Bob Berkel, Harold Bedell, and of course the managers, Albert Gaines and George Felice. About the same time the baseball team Hrst heads forthe stadium to practice, the track team don their jerseys and start the long hike to Randall Park. There, they rapidly get in shape with strenuous exercise -running, hurdling, jumping, pole vault- ing, and shot putting. Hard workouts pay off. Last year, 1941, the track team came through to win Nassau 72 County Championships. The fellows also ran away with the mile event in the Long Island Relays and took second place in the Con- ference. Yes, Mr. Southard and Mr. Ashley cer- tainly turned out a championship team. Win XVright set new Long Island, County, and Conference records in the shot put. Besides Win, Gene Sullivan, Bill Ecklund, Nick Romanelli, Frank Dejoia, Bill Jeffries, Charlie Murphy, Louis DiGennaro, Bill Downey, Tom Moore, Ed MacMullen, Bill Teas, Fred Roemer, Tom Burke, Bert Miller, Herb Muller, Gil XVerner, and Gene Frank- lin won their letters. Sam Nass and George Duryeas were managers of the team that Bert Miller captained to such a successful season. Backhand to forehand, forchand smash and a high swing. That's what you'll see on the TENNIS courts of Raynor Street Held, where Randy Mitton, Oliver Coulling, Harry Rawlins, Bob Hannam, Edwin Lorey and Milton Fcinsilber all won letters. just as competitive, but much more strenuous are the bouts of our ugrunters and groanersf' the boys of the WRES- TLING squad under the guidance of Mr. Hollander. The team really piled up quite a record this year, suffering only one defeat in eight contests. Letter winners in this sport are Harlan Merhige, Carl Henry, Peter Gumas, Anthony DiGregorio, Frank Dejoia, Dominick Vallone, Gerry Kelly, Frank Law- rence, Walter Presson, George Kesscll, XVil- liam Knoess, and Fred Geib. Our boys are also learning to shoot straight. The team is composed of mem- bers of the RIFLE club. Mr. Randolph and Mr. Wikander work with this club. Lettermen this year were Sylvester Haber- man, Harry Rawlins, Bob Coburn, Cliff Combes, Bill Schneider, Frank Pavia, Henry Esser, Bob Etzkorn, and Richard Russell. 73 GIRLS' HONOR SPORTS BOWLING Helen Ryder Marion Houghton Ethel Lane Betty Lewis TENNIS Adelaide Brall Frances Franco Rose Grover Dorothea Ond :rdonk HOCKEY Ruth Biedermann Doris Blewett Doris Albrecht Audrey Edmonds Margaret Ensenbach Julia Larsen Betty Lewis Doris Lockwood Julia Romanclli 74 Jean Widyn Jean Combs Jean Anne Miller Ethel Anderson Helen Rizzo VOLLEY BALL Gale Abbott Ruth Bieclermann Frances Franco Doris Lockwood Dorothea Onderdork Dorothy Tuttle Ethel Anderson Adelaide Brall Ruth Braren Jean Combs Ruth Jensen Doris Woerner PING PONG Audrey Summers Barbara Miller Joyce Burkhard Ann Baird Julia Romanelli BASKETBALL Gale Abbott Adelaide Brall Eunice Eddy Ruth Jensen Betty Lewis Dorothy Tuttle Frances Franco Rose Guereio Doris Woerner Doris Lockwood Jean Anne Miller Lois Schutte BASEBALL Gale Abbott Adelaide Brall Eunice Eddy Rose Guercio Betty Lewis Doris Effinger Miriam Werner Agnes Young Elise Purcell Winnie Jones Virginia Mott Fanny Felice Elizabeth MaeCraeken RIFLE Eunice Christensen Dolores Comellas Cornell Barbara Joyce Elmiger Dorothy Esser Jean Farrin Margaret Fuge Jimmie Hardee Gloria Kaufmann Dorothy Kerns Grace Meehan Grace Price Eleanor Seage Q Anita Schulz Q Evelyn Schneider Lorna Wise , P If YQ N KF' A 'i f jaw yi + 1.50 i , 5 S X sg gf SEEMS TO ME THAT MOST PEOPLE don't take enough notice of our Junior High School. Why, each year We have here hundreds of students Working and studying, each one trying to mov'e higher up the lad- der in our high school. This year our school was made a six-year high school. That means that each student from the seventh grade on up is a full-fledged member of the F. H. S. and not only a Junior-Higher. Well, when each September rolls around, We of the Senior classes watch the lowly seventh, eighth, and ninth graders stum- bling around, dazed looks on their faces and even more dazed thoughts in their heads. Here in the Grove Street, eighth, and ninth grade halls they struggle to accustom them- lx' vi Y i f ,I N Y MK: it -ff an JP N x JF pf p , so X X af' .I- X , i s UN UR GH selves to this business of being a high-school student. Seems to them as though the day of graduation from the Freshman class will never come. XVell, it finally does come and all too quickly, too. You know, the business of being a "Fresh" is pretty pleasant most of the time. Yes, the Junior High School does a lot for preparing our future graduates for extra- curricular activities in the Senior High. Why, the Junior Red Cross, the Grove Street and Freshman Traiiic Squads, Junior Home Room Managers, and the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Grade Choruses all do their part in readying students for clubs and activities in later years. Yes sir, we just wonder what the Senior Red Cross, Senior Assembly Committee, Senior Traffic Squad and all those other important student-pan ticipating clubs would do without the fresh ideas and vital personalities that are intro- duced each year from our junior High-ers. And we wonder what our G.O. would do without those helpful representatives, and what Mr. Burnett would do without young talent to present to the students and fac- ulty in innumerable comedies, dramas, and various skits presented throughout the school year. Yes sir, it's certainly the Junior High School that's infusing new blood into the stream of life that's winding its way around the halls of Freeport High School and into the heart of our town. ol- 1 lv ,I , . we ffgifl 'y !!-fMV', 3 f " Qy . . ,r to 1 IX NINTH R E ' I f ' 1 'J 1 'fri' 'Q 'lAlmelyda, John Carpeucr, , eph Dotter. Harold Hahn, Carolyn ,fi 'B ,,- 1 , j 2A1i15dor, Martin Carpet ter, uricl Dowling, James Hahn, Ralph 1 fl! -5' ' 5A.T1derse11, Bernice Carrol Sh' y Drinkwater. Henry llalvorsen, William g P ,.Ant0nio, Daniel Casin . ha Dull, Doris llil!l'l!Tl0YlLl, John ' f Antonio, Lillie-Nlae Ch: , ' er Duryea, Robert Hansen, Edwin ri ' Augentliailer, August Cha 1 rs ' liidwzirds, Bert llzirdrzistle, Kate Lv J Bnlche, Madeline Cl rpek Jo Wligari, Ire11e Harris, Fleeter ,ft l 5 L11 Baldwin, Frank CI islopt s, ary Ehlers, Wilbur Harris, Gordon fl' -" 5-"I Barnes. Jeanne Q isan J 1 lllerxnann. Frances Haskins, Barbara. , 'dl -sd lblieclell, lX'Inriel 1 'i .-Tlt esn lnmzelke. llarriet l'lz1n'l:ins, W'arren l ,ll ' ' ll Bedell. Virginia nl , Jeter lirll, XVillian1 Ilellernian. John fl' jjBehrlc. Doris .och al. VVi iam lisltin, Rona lleinter, Vllnller p5Bellone, Edwarc ofran , xest V' Esscr. Dorothy Henry, Carl ,I Igelika, Allen .olterw 1:1 s Fielding, Joan Heywartl, Harry if' I erger, Robert omb . Cl ord Fischer, John llildreth, Nlariain ' Bickmore, Bai-bar Corn s. 'arrietle l:l'lCll!ll3Illl, Wallace Hinch, Rose Biedermann, lX'In fra , Ge ge X Fnrtu'engler, Frederick lludgkin, VVesley flilinn, Norm xg e, Ro err Gotland, fxutl lloltleiier, Jxnnes K 'i XY Bortlcll, hflare .r v. Ge e Gzny, Lorraine Hubscli, Allen . 1. ngotwin, ller uch, il Geibel. Clll'lSfflDllCl" llubschmitt, Joyce X on'n1an, l'l'rri mins Eileen Gerdes, llerbert lzlzir, Mary 1, tix " Box, Charle Q C rti. .roltl Geverlz, Melville Jz1cobse11, George K: ' 1 Boyle, Gera Dzvid Joseph Gibson. Herbert Jasses, George 'X ' Briefs, lilin Divid o , Vernez Gillespie, Lionel Jennings, Barbara ' eq ' iripzizs. June -C. n, Rose Gomes, Andrew Jensen, Elna 'R' '1 Brill, Helen 7 NCHIHIYD, Adeline Goon:111, Willian1 Johnson, Edward .fi l Burchelt, Calvin D Moore, Katherine Gnren, Evelyn Johnson, llubert XX Burke, Albert I7 lonre. Rnsettal Gottlieb, Seville Johnson, James A Burns. James D ilu. Jenn Grcztney, William Jul1nso11, Jean Aj 5, Buss, Mildred Dex ' , VVillia111 V. Grempel, Joyce Jolinstni, Jean Nl. YS X' Cansele, Garfield Dickson. Cnnstanef Griinrn, Eileen Johnson, Robert f X, "5 ' Cantilli, Edward Diensn, Elinnre K Grover, Albert Johnson, VValter ' sb Carman, Jean Di lXf1:1se. Rocco ,- Qmliutiias, Peter Johnston, Ethel ' , -, X' I Carman, Shirley llipple, Joan ' Rf, Gundel, lfrcdericl-c Jones, Ileywnrd wx xxx Q Farniicliael. William Dixon. Genevieve , - llngue, Rziyninnd Jnllras, Robert ' Ot ., Carpenter, Jean Dnmztnicu, CJall'?l'lI - , jx if llzlhn, Adelaide Kanter, James wi . ik , ,- ' 1 gn F X' ' 2. H- 1 .. . f si B i ' s x l - 1 wr 7 +R R - - X.. .KJ g ggi? is 1 if te 'K X FJ l K, X. f M Xl T . I . l ,1,il' lf, '. r XX alll lm wig., bmrge Kearns, Genevieve Kcllc , 7' ': lxcllr-' 'f v r lxv: win, Claire Kesselman, Wnlle -' opp, lilililhclll iv? Elien. lillu-:ml 'I 1 i nlv,l 4 l, .Al fl. ' ,I l l llii fl' I' Korher, Constance 1.n"1i.ir1wi1., Lillian Ln Bella. .losephix IC . ,ff 'fs :lf Kr lllurold 1 f li , 4 L:lrgn, hlnsvph Lqrnv. Glnrirl Larkin. james Larner, .lnhn Ln Spisn, Anita Levin, Ruth .ewnndnn-ski, Waller Lays. William 1 l.iI1l'll111ll'li, Rnlh Lovclzlss, Inez Lynch. .lean Lynch, 1'lilU!iII'El TXI:lcl3onnlrl, Kr-nr MacI.end. Bcity Xlnhnlccn, llelen Marino. William Nl2ll'SllZlll, George Xlnrlens. lVillinlnI nrlh Haier-ol.R:ll-lrcd Y V s, nlllclhglf! l IX? Qliiliiisililflrglsgflililelll lm lvl jliljillilfllfigllild XUX Mll spar Al l' ck, ll all .J lll l Xl ,ll 1 Q4 .pl ,ll X ll-lrlhlllrray, Doris N-lcclnglin, Grate Melifk, Rnlh Meyer, Bruce Meyer, Hazel X l Meyer, Robert Miller, Barbara Miller, Charles Nliller l.lcln1 'me ,.lLi11au,,,,1,nrr:i inc , xlills,-m.glfj Rlzlry MDC. lillrn R-lorris. Rnrh Nlosknwilz. Kenneth lX'Inlliollunnl. Marie IX-lnller, llcrherl Mulvey. Bernard Llurn. Fran' hlnrphy, ,lnhn Nelsnn. llurry N1-wrnzin. Mona 1 Nicnlinn, Anna ' Nielsen. Xlxirk Nnrworllx, Ned Ohnnhein :Xlfrecl U'Brieu. lluwarcl Oslerlol, Carl Painter, George Parish, Rim Parisi. Anlhuny Parisi. Antoinvsllv l':1vi:l. Salvatore Peters. Naxillal Petersen, Arthur Petersen, Virginia Ponl-rs. Allred Rnsenmry Pnl rxcni 5 4 6945 -N0- Mt. omen, Elizabeth C ,yr ,. ,X I Q-f, i.. .f ,f ,f - M34 4 Wil X L ww X X Wx M "Rl24li"i ' ffX?' lQ' if ' f l X jf, A , til 53, F M g. xi' sliitvif' ..- Z ' -All WIAW N ., V, . fs i iw ifh'.1"li xiii it N' My vi. 80 s. We 11 gt MM NINTH GRADE Well, by the time a student reaches the exalted position of being a Freshman, it seems his head is turned a trifle. They seem to lord it over the seventh and eighth grade underdogs by tramping the halls kind of noisily and carelessly. NVhy, a Freshman is really big-time, according to them. The Frosh enter the world of Math, Science, Language, and Art kind of defiantly and in a devil-may-care Way. The Freshman Tea Dance, once flat' social event of their year, is no longer. The G.O. seems to have stolen some of the Freshman thunder in this respect. But this class, you know, doesn't let a small matter like that disturb them! No sir. They're just as busy as bees deciding on a class gift to the school, and choosing the class pins. This year the oflicers for the class are: President, Harold McLaughlin, Vice- President, Lester Wfoodcockg Secretary, Katherine Hardcastleg Social Secretary, Barbara Bickmoreg Treasurer, Joseph Ustica, and G.O. Representative, Helen Smith. The six officers and six runner-up candi- dates for class oHicers made up a committee to choose the class pins. EIGHTH GRADE You know, all of those eighth graders have to have a lot of courage to come out from behind the protecting wing of Grove Street and face the cold reality of Pine and Church Streets. This year's G.O. Representative was Dan Hotaling who ably represented his class. Yes sir, the eighth grade is a very bewildering year. Such subjects as Science, History, English, Art, Math, and Music occupy much time and provide many hours of hard work after school. The variety of subjects helps a student realize what he desires to major in and which ones he would care to take as secondary interests. These early high school days do much to build and strengthen a desirable character and good morale. It seems that it's during these early years that each Freeport student becomes definitely a part of and attached to our town. While climbing thousands of stairs and cramping hundreds of steps along corridors, he grows more and more into a pattern in keeping with Freeport's high standard of living. gggxinii ' 1 X .I x fx ' 5' 3" 'fm A1770 Ahlstrom, Katrina Alves, john Anderson, Roger Andrews, Edmund Angelo, Veronica Armitage, Pollyanna Artope, Irene Ashdown, Charles Bailing, Lois Baker, Ewiglit Baldwin, Peter Barnes, Rutlxabella Beattie, Joseph Benedict. ,leanne Benoit, Florence Berntlion, Leroy Biando, lhlichael Birkel, Harold Bliss, Charles Blossom, George Boger, Barbara Bonapart, Charles Bond, Edith Bosworth, Nlargaret Box, Theresa Braun, Joan Brightmann, XValter Broadribb, llflarylin Brooks, Louise Brown, Robert Brown, Rodger Bruns, Cecelia Bubcck. Irving Bugg, James Buhler, Paul Burch, Richard 82 EIGHTI-I GRADE Burke, Elizabeth Burkharclt, Helen Burmester, Eleanor Burns, Charles Burrowes, Lois Butler, Donald Butler, Natalie Byrnes, Agnes Callahan, ,lack Canese, Robert Cantilli, Beatrice Cardinale, Peter Carle, Virginia Carlino, Santa Carman, Margaret Chubity, Frances Cleary, William Cohen. Herbert Cole, Harold Cole, Paul Cole, Ruby Coleman, Donald Connellan, Douglas Cornell, Barbara Crane, Nancy Cunningham, jane Dashill, Harriet Davis, Leona De Bremont. Germine De Leston, James De Leston, h'Ia rguerite Devlin, Audrey Di Gregorio, Gloria Di Mase, Anna May Dittrich, Dorothy Dodd, Dorothy Dodd, Edmund Donheiser, Walter Dotter, Ernest Dowling, jane Dowling, lVilliaxn Dugan, Lawrence liflinger, Herbert lflfreich, Alice Ellson, Florence Elmer, Barbara Engel. Peter Engelke, ,loan Ennis, Lillian Falk, Harold Ferrara, Leonard Festa. Cosmo Finn, joseph Fisher, John Fisher, Mary Jane Flinn, David Fredlund, Harry Fring, llflildred Gaiser, john Gardner. lvlabel Garretsou, Joan Garrity, Ethel Georgas, John Gilbert, Dorothy Gilroy, Warclner Gobetz, Raymond Godfrey, Elizabeth Godfrey, ,loan Golden, Barbara Gomes, Gloria Graff, Robert Grant, Norine Griffm,Iames Gristock, Richard Grosser, Robert Gumas, Charles Gwatlimey, Donald Haas, Robert llagglund, Ruth Handfield, Dorothy llarner, lt-lichael Harwood, Thomas Hawkins, Helen Heath, Donald Henry, Dorothy Hollman, Arline Holcomb, Royce Holmes, Edna Holmes, Harold Holmes, William Hotaling, Daniel Hoursey, Kennetl Hughes, Clyde Jeffery, Joan Jensen, Esther 1 Johnson, Allied johnson, Doris , Johnson, William Kagan, Clarence Kallmeyer, Audrey Kelsey, Ellen Kelly, Marie Kessell, Stephen Kimball, Diana Kimball, George King, Elsie Knapp, Carol Koch, Nvilliam .13 , .At J if ll L' a ' cvlllaxu .ru-lr t '.:.' rf' lf' 1 I If f ,fell f' Iliff l ,.f" '? , 4: at fl ,itll -, 1 rr cr 'ifflt f X. ei? Kost, john liropp, Frederick Kunemunrl. Richard La Bella, Mary Lambriglu, Rosahella Lztngdun. Vivian Langis, Gloria Larner, Susan l.a Spisa, joseph Lee, Beulah Lee, Dorothy Lemyre. Frances Levy. Rosemary Lewis. IYIOIIIBZ Liebler. ,lune Litin. Murray Lotz, Richard Lyons, ,loan h'lacl.aelilan, Charlotte Maclairlilan, Doris MacMillan, Marjorie Nlngee, Doris Nlalone, Alice Manning, Ray Marschner, Ruth lylarti, Lillian hlathewson. Bruce Mathews, john McClelland. William Nlcllwain, Robert McKnight, Merdesley Nleltor. Cnlleen Meltor, Eileen Nlerhige, Harlan Merrill, james Nleyer, Calvin Meyer, Roberta Mitlrlleton. Adrienne Nliller. Gloria Nliehell, Mildred Mogelnirki, Martin Moran, Edward Nlurant, Isaiah Nelson. Donald Newhaus, Barbara Nolan, hflarilyn Northrup, Edgar Oberg, Walter O'Brien, James O'Connell. Jane Osmnndsen. Valerie Parish, Perlina Passaliume, Basilla Patterson, john Pearsall. Mary Peters, Nancy Petry, Allan Pilkington, Dorothy Pinckney, Catherine Plumer, Arnold Popiel, Ruth Pressun, lVinifred Price, Virginia Priest. George Pulicaro. Nieholas Pultz, Oscar Rand, Arnold Ray, Richard Raynotg Robert Reim, Edwin t EIGHTI-I GRADE Reynolds. Charles Richardson. Bartholnniew Rirker, Christine Riman, Sarah Riman. Simon Ross, Shirley Rothwell, Betty Ruger, liarhaza Russo, Anna Sarro, Rose Srhmidt. Robert Schmidt, William Schmieder, George Scholz, ,luanita Schreiber, William Schute. ,lean Schwan. Dorothy Scnpinich, Frederick Seaman, Harvey Eegall, Lilla-Ellen Sellars, Kenneth Semen, lVlma Shepherd, Russell Siegal, Paul Silipo, Anna Simandal, Dorothy Single, Robert Singletnn, llermena Sintlleton. Josephine Smith, Barrie Smith, Bernarrl Smith. llowartl Smith, ,lane Smith. Ray Smith. Louis Smith. lX'l:trianne Smith, Oakley Smith, Pobley Snedeker. Elizabeth Sprower, ,lean Staros, George Slockberger, Ma ry St romberg, Robert Sutter, john Sutton, William Tate. Eleanor Taylor. Ruth TlmmaS. Arlene Trenhnlm, Virginia Tucker, Mary Tucker, Olive Turella, Marietta Ullian, Bertrand Ullian. Israel Vallaro, Peter Vallone. Pasquale Vallone, Rosario Yarelas, Thomas Venfh. Margaret Villecco, Alfonse Vollct, Betty Jayne Walker, Constance Smith, Bernice Smith. Frances Smith. George Smith, Ilerbert WValker, Kenneth W'alling, Millicent NVartl. Nancy XVarlield, Jeanne 3 ' Abramson, John 1 ' -Antonio, Alemetta ,' -Allctsee, Florence 4' 'Anderson, Alice fl Applegate, ,lean I' 'Bailing, Doris 1-vliallot, Jeanne 1 -Banks, David ' 'Barbaro, Carman IU' -Barone, Marianne ' 'Barry, Catherine . 'Bean, Merlorx ,3 f-Bedell, William .Behrlc, joan .Bellunca, joseph -Benka, Eugene . -Berger, Mary jane ' 'Bcrgman, Arlene lqBickmore, Theodore .ABingham, Herbert . -Blezinger, George ' -Bonapnrl. Gertie Iylae ' 'Bond, Doris ' 'Box, Margaret 'Lg -Boyle, Russel 9.h'Brady, Lois -Breden, Muriel 'Brenner, Marcia 'Brip:htson, Susan Brill, Joseph 'Brower, Ruby -Brown, Rosabella -Burmester, George 34 Ll C, SEVENTH GRADE 'Butler, James 'Cardinale, Doris - Carman, Florence 'Carter, William 5Cassin, IX-Iarilyn . Celentaro, Marie .Chambers, Doris ,Chamousis, Aphrodite .Charpek, Henry 'LChildres, Ruth 'Ciaravino, William 'Cleary, Robert 'Cobb, Donald . Cole, Robert 'Colter. Abraham 'Colter, Laura 'Colter, Nfahel 'Cornbs, Louise Connelly. Hillary' -Cooke, George -Cool-ae. ,lohn -Cooke. Richard 'Coswin, Edwin 'Crassorn Vlfesley 'Cumminp:s, William 'Cunnirigham, Grace Curley, Eleanor 'Daisey. Earl - Dalessio, joseph - Daler, Ruth .Danziger, Sandford 'Deas, joelritha fp 0 De Bremont, Leon -De Leston, Dorothy ' Del Rosso, Catherine 'Del Rosso, Joseph .Dcnt0n, Jacqueline LX-Dobbins. Virginia f Donnelly, Louise -7o'Donahue, John 'Donavan, Dorothy 'Boremusn gellery - oremus, ,nan Draude, William 15: Dull, Patricia - Eames. Patricia jlvdidelman, jean ' Eisenberg, joseph .Elclred, Marylin 60- Essex, Dorothy i litzkorn, Jeannine .Feinman, Elliott -Fenster, George sqferlrintg. fgeraxilnio ' 7isi'in , ona 'l'lynn, ,lames .Fonlana, Frank . gordix Fagiegne . ran 'e , re -Friedman, Harold -Furman, Robert .Furtado, Helen -Gaffney. .loan 'Gafl'ney, Johnl '-Gathers, Bernice C'1Gathers, Louis l Qmenner, Beatrice nGibson, Jeanne ,Gissel, Gordon Mfiitlxens, Nlarilyn .Golder, Harry 'Goonan, Teresa ' Gordon, Chester lo17Goreu, Gloria .Green. rlames . Green, Richard ,g0Grempel, Richard 'Grosser, Fred ' Grover, Dorothy -Gumas, Nicholas 'Ha:is, Arthur 'Hallam, Diana 'Harris, Norman n1Harwood. XVilliam Hasselt, Ruth Hayne, Barbara nblledges, John .Hensley, Harvey -Hepner, Charles 'Herstek, Dorothy ' Heyward, Robert 1 l'IoHman, Thelma Holle, Nancy Holmes, Norman '31 , Hong, Leon p Houston, John 'Hon5e, David 1fHowley, Virginia Jllnghes, Michael fluntlt, john llunter, Lillian llytnan, Rita lohnson, Dorothy flnhnsnn, Fay -lohnsnn, Kirkwood loluiston. Albert ,l-wyner, Alice Karaman, llarry Katz, ,loan Keeler. ,loyce Kerr, Edward King. Shirley - Kinsey, Virginia Knob. Elsie Rosle, Leroy K-Jtze, Lorraine Kranz. Charles Kranztohr. Carol Krnpp, Charlotte Kmpp, William Lamb. .lolm JLangdon, Frances flmngdon. Gladys vl.angiS. Imogene J1.angis. Patricia ,fLeiph, Warren'ene, David Vl.evey, Barbara Loving, Dorthea Lozier. Kenneth Lynch, Ralph MacLean, Gem-ge I SEVENTH GRADE 'fMabnlLen, David yfPiecoro, Sadie Malmken, George Mangan. Lee McCarthy, Devercanx McGregor, Frank McKnight, Selena McLaughlin, Nancy if jlX1cMurray, Helen vMcMnrray, Lillian Meaney, ,lean Medagalia, Louis Miller, David Minen, Theresa hlitcbell, loan Nlogelnit-ki, Peter bluran, Donald Mormino. Rosalie hltllbollantl. George lllyers. ,lean Nelson, Elizabeth Newberger. ,leanne 'irolino. Ilarry 'ietsch, Richard Nolan, Agnes Oakley. Ruth Ogden, llarry Oliver, Eleanor Olsen, ,lnne Otten. Leonard Jptre-las. Dolores , . arisi. Oliver l'ass:tlinme. ,leannelte llarterson, Raymond Pelry, Ruth Yl'ilkini:lon, Norman J1'orler. Donald Vl'ost, joan Power, William ljowers. btlary Yl'nltz, Albert l'nr!ill, Audrey Ranzinger, George Rappapori. Sidney vRalner, Molly Rcmsen. Juan Rbinebarl. Dorothy Rickert. Adani Riekert, Frederick Rickerl. Peter Rodriguez. ,loan Rendelet, Robert lfRnse. Marilyn Russo. Josephine Salley. Abraham Samuels, Leonard Samuels. Muriel Samnelsen, George JScliaHer, lidith qfllilllll, Donald Nfktfliellinger. Florence Scholz. Ramona Srhrank. Eleanor Seage. Janice xlSeaman, Constance Seaman. Donald Seaman. jnyee fsepp. llatriria Ann Jseymonr, Phyllis V Shanks. Lee Jsllwa, Phebe ' Simeuna, Mabel Sindler, Robert ,fSmith, llarold Smith. Kenneth Smith. Nlartha Smith. Thomas Soeolnv, Lionel Soper, Kay Starr, George Steiger, George Stevens, ,lohn '-fsonlherlantl. Mildred Nffale, William Taylor, Eugene Tietzsch. Mary Tobin. Martin Trapp. ,larnes Tudier, Clarence Ullian. Nlae Underhill. Gladys Vailes. ,lnhn Vallone. Antoinette Vanderbeck, Daniel 'an En. Winilred Yan Rees, Cornelius Varelas, Mary Verity, Donald Vernon, Lorraine ylwalenrod. Lionel- Xvalker, Xvilliam yflllaszmer, john .. 3 6 W I , of I y g33L9,5,,g if SEVENTH GRADE To the lively halls of Grove Street School, the seventh graders flock, fresh from the elementary schools of Freeport. Archer Street, Columbus Avenue, Seaman Avenue, Cleveland Avenue students, all fuse into the upper halls of Grove Street School. In these halls, the new students learn to study and learn to be a bit more independent. They begin to realize a little more the responsibilities and privileges that face them all. New teachers, new studies, and the process of moving from class to class finstead of remaining in one room all dayj make life more enjoyable to the high school's new inhabitants. Help- ful faculty advisers do their best to smooth over students' rough edges, for the change must not be too swift. They are now a part of the high schoolg now they can purchase G.O. tickets, enter clubs and activities, go to assemblies, and take part in the high school sports. Our school gains new spirit, new life as the seventh- graders enter vigorously into these various sections of school life. 86 ,ff '17 ' 41 ' W, .N 3 The Senior High School has its National Honor Society, whose members are the most outstanding in school. Not to be outdone, the eighth- and ninth-graders have become a chapter of the Junior National Honor Society. In order for a student to be inducted into the Junior Honor Society, he must possess the same four cardinal principles necessary for membership in the Senior National Honor Society, Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Not only must a student, in order to become a member of this society maintain a high scholastic rating in all of his studies, but he must possess an upright and outstanding characterg he must serve the school, community, and fellow- classmates in any way and in any capacity that he is able, and he must have the ability to head clubs and other activities. It is every student's highest desire to be- come a member of the Junior Honor So- ciety, as this honor symbolizes the highest achievement possible in Freeport Junior High School. Only those entirely worthy of the high honor are chosen. Again, like the Senior chapter, the Junior Honor Society holds its annual dinner in May of each year in the high school cafe- teria. All former members of the society are invited to attend this banquet. The officers of the organization for this year have been President, Lester XVoodcock3 Vice-President, Mara Sheardg Secretary, Mona Newmang Social Secretary, Kate Hardcastleg and Treasurer, Betty Thomp- son. Miss Cochran is faculty adviser of the group. The induction of the new ofiicers was held on January 15, 1941, in the high school auditorium. After gaining the distinction of being a member of the Junior National Honor So- ciety, every boy and girl continues his or her good start to gain even further honor by 37 being inducted into the senior organization. You know, we think Freeport High School has pretty swell trafic squaris. Wliy, each day rain or shine, snowstorm or hail- storm, the seventh grade and the freshman traffic squads are standin d . g on uty, keeping the traiiic moving quietly, rapidly, and in an orderly manner. B ' esxdes that, they keep the halls free from waste paper. This year a large campaign was held to impress upon the minds of the students the necessity of keeping drinki f ng- ountains clean and of having quiet in the halls. Large posters were seen illustrating this theme and the y attracted much attention. The cam- paign produced good results, too, and an improvement was made in the halls. The squad reports at 8:15 each day and each member stands on h' is post between periods and from 8:15 to 8:30 every morn- ing, and from 12:40 to 12:55 each after- noon. They leave their posts only when school is over and when the halls are emptied of most of the traffic. The squad also ushers during jr. High assemblies, too, and at various occasions during the year. Mr. Wikander is the squad's faculty adviser. The Seventh Grade Traflic Squad also keeps the students moving in an orderly manner and keeps the Grove Street halls clear in much the same way the job is done in the high school halls. They have arm bands to wear which make them really important. These squads prove a training school for members who wish in later years to become members of the Senior Traffic Squad. Those junior High Hom R 1 e oom Managers do a fine job too. The G.O. appoints one manager for each home room of average size and ' sex eral for rooms 100 and zoo. All year long we find these managers working and scurrying about ur in h , g g t e sale of G.O. tickets, collecting payments, and doing other jobs around th h e ome rooms. They ,T-"fl"-if. MTQXT TN . Mn, ,w'TTxI 'er ?-V7 f .0 E u Y .1 ' T 4 3- .tv V gl' a J Hlifl M nut. x. g if C114 . 'Ei' sv "fl-1 ' my "f -ff' 5. lr. vc Hil f e" 1' mem! ',. - fat . .-: -".,,,. keep the G.O. Honor Roll up to dat report at Co . e, and . uncil meetin s ' ' u g . This job tak p a great deal f ' es . 0 time and h deser' t e managers se a lot of credit. Under the supervision of Miss Davis, the junior Assembly Commiffvr works out, each year, plans for enjoyable and informa- tive assemblies to present to the Junior High students and faculty. This year the committee was composed of Jack Schulze, Rona Eskin, james Kantor, Violet Sclair, Dorothy Dittrich, Nancy Elmer, Robert Hlaas, Ruth Marschner, and Joan Garrett- son. Some of the programs planned by this committee are, naturally, more eagerly re- ceived than others. Some of these include Professor Paul Saunders, who spoke on "Liquid Air", and "Information program ' , Please" , with some of the faculty members acting as experts, and Mr. Armitage, who impersonated characters from books. Dickens' During the present war, there is a great need for such entertainment as this, but there is the working side too. The junior Rell Cross every year works admirably and enthusiastically. Under the guidance of Miss Quinn and the Misses Nellie and Florence Clark, the Council co-operates with rh Senior Red Cross in th C e annual R Fair, sclli ' ed Cross ng f oods tufi s, clothing, and deli- cacies to aid the ne d e y and come to the aid of the school, members serv ' e in the cafeteria day. And to h helpless. To the Council duri ng the elp with N ' th ational Defen ey collect used papers, and k of clothing. They also make toy of the needier children of the v make up baskets at Thanks ' Chris tm sc, nit articles s for some illage, and giving and as for some f o the less families. The S01-'l'l1fl7 rigbfl fortunate ., J, and ninfb grade vboruxes, under the direction of Miss Rob- erts and Miss Bruner f , per orm on n L1I11CI'OLlS 89 ls? 1 - ff' gnu' FK H lllfll' X. l l ij lllllllll HIM llll 1 M i sis slllil ii itllW 'i occasions throughout the school year, mainly the Spring Concert, the Sunday Afternoon Music Hours, the Christmas Program, and the Junior High Graduation. They have also sung at assembly programs, lending much to the effectiveness of plays and concerts. Freeport High School's band is known all over Long Island for both its marching abil- ity and playing ability. But if these sixty odd members should come to the high school without any musical knowledge, it would be a sorry state of affairs. For that reason, the junior High Band is very impor- tant. However, not only does the Junior band give an opportunity for the necessary training for future years, it also does a lot in the way of representing the school. These boys and girls play at some of the Sunday Afternoon Music Hours and in that way are given a chance to show off their prowess at concert music. They aren't a bad marching unit, either, and come to the aid of the Senior band in the Sunday School and Mem- orial Day Parades, and they also play at some of the junior varsity football games. Whenever there's a vacancy in the Senior band, there's a Junior band member all ready to substitute in the emergency. Yes, it's a valuable organization, our Junior High School Band. The band's not the only musical organi- zation in the Junior High School under the direction of Mr. J. Maynard Wettlaufer. We mustn't forget the junior orchestra. This group also sometimes takes a part in the Sunday afternoon concerts. Another very important duty is to play for the Junior assembly programs. Their peppy marches and well-executed overtures make the junior High orchestra an organization all the boys and girls in the Junior High School may be proud of. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Lois Bartelt Gloria Kaufman Arthur Danziger Stanley Krasnoff Irma Brown Grace Hosack Gifford Doxsee Dorothea Goller Eunice Eddy Betty Stiegelmaier Dorothy Manning Betty Hasselt Jane Giebel SENIOR BAND Jeanne Benedict Michael Biondo June Bloomer Joyce Burkhard Edward Cantilla Jack Carman Mort Carman Lois Cassin Martha Clark Herbert Cohen Harold Conway John Conway Florence Felson Dominick Felice Raymond Fellman Richard Frevert Stephen Fritsch Patrick Gardali Betty Genner Herbert Gibson Ralph Godden Warren Hawkins Roycie Holcomb David Hotaling Ellsworth Jennings John Kost Robert Kranzler Fred Kropp Jack Leavens Patricia Lee Murry Litin Seymour Litwak Virginia Lyon William Marshall Helen Nisbet Gerald Nolan Donald Porter Ruth Post Gerald Price Edwin Reim Vivien Reim Frank Rini John Robinson Marilyn Rose Larry Ross Jack Schulze Richard Schulz Andrew Sebold Marianne Smith Howard Spokes Helen Svensen Donald Trayer Jean Trayer William White Eugene Wolsk Dorothy Yahner- Lorraine Young Muriel Zaiic CLUB I DEX BOYS' A. A. COUNCIL Don Abbott Steve Paras James Greaney Walter Oates Bill Teas Walter Presson Bud Clark Jack Flaig Julius Mintz Lee Livingston Arthur Wulf BOYS' WEEK COMMITTEE Don Abbott Bud Clark Ollie Coulling Joe Crasson Bob Dickieson GiB'ord Doxsee Seymour Litwak Bernard Mazelsky Jules Mintz Frank Pschorr Harry Rawlins Tom Stroh Charles Whittaker CHEERLEADING SQUAD Gale Abbott Irma Brown Ollie Coulling Georgia Fleckenstein Mel Geverirz Donn Githens Helen Heckler Joyce Hubschmidt Gloria Kelly Jane Lake Bob Licence Barbara McLaughlin Eileen Meltor Lily Petrovits Marion Robinson Helen Smith Trudy Smith Pat Taylor Florence Vanella Alice Walters Martha Winter DANCE COMMITTEE Jeanne Cannon Ollie Coulling Ray Fellman Jane Geibel Donn Githens Al Harris Helen Heckler Dolly Kerns Ray Malone Frances Manugarra Tom Moore Harry Rawlins Ethel Reinhardt Beatrice Rudlolf Lois Schutte Trudy Smith Martha Winter DEBATE CLUB Stanley Krasnoif Gloria Kaufman Arthur Danziger Shirley Glickman Bernard Wietzman Bernard Mazelsky Walter Heimer Chester Chambers Jack Flaig John Hammond Richard Russell Eleanor Dienso Harold Curtis FLASH I NGS STAFF Gale Abbott Gladys Amador Adelaide Bra.l Jeanne Cannon Eunice Christensen Rita Coleman Barbara Cummins Gilford Doxsee Eunice Eddy Lee Estes Harold Curtis Rona Eskin Frances Franco Helen Hickey Janet Hirn Dolly Kerns Seymour Litwak Sally MacMillan Gloria Miligi Charles Miller Jean Anne Miller Mary Jane Minan Clifford Mosbacher Helen Rizzo Donald Salzer Harold Salzer Violet Sclair Lois Schutte Bud Turansky GIRLS' A. A. COUNCIL Gale Abbott Ruth Biedermann Peggy Ensenback Doris Lockwood Julia Romanelli GIRLS' CHORUS Marguerite Ankenmann Doris Chatelaine Viola Chuisano Frances Ciaravino Patricia Dooley Elizabeth Dunlop Georgia Fleckenstein Arline Gooding Doris Graff Irene Hirn Janet Hirn Gloria Jaycox Gertrude Johnson Elbirda Jones Gilda Kupersmidt Gloria Lanquist Vera Maniscalo Edith Marks Elnora McMeel-tin Dorothy Mott Jean Myers Helen Nisbet Mary Nowaskey Kathleen O'Meally Thelma Patterson Helen Place Ruth Post Grace Price Violet Price Joan Pritting Constance Rafferty Eleanor Richardson Marion Robinson Ramona Schaifer Gloria Steiger Natalie Steiler Dorothy Sirtner Barbara Smith Dorothy Tuttle Lorna Wise Virginia XVright Mary Yazijian Eileen Yongen Marian Zweck GIRLS' WEEK COMMITTEE Gale Abbott Ruth Biedermann Eunice Eddy Janet Hirn Betty Lewis Lily Petrovits Lorry Sutter G. O. COUNCIL Gale Abbott Ruth Biedermann Irma Brown Victor Cohen Ollie Coulling Arthur Danziger Joe Derham Tony DiGregorio Doris Duff Jane Geibel Janet Hirn Daniel Hotaling Dolly Kerns Stanley Krasnolf Doris Lockwood Bruce MacDonald Tom Moore Sam Nass Harvey Nelson Frank Pavia Helen Place Helen Rizzo Marilyn Rose Bob Schreiber Lois Schutte Helen Smith Trudy Smith Tom Stroh Bob Willet Martha Winter G. O. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Tom Stroh Tom Moore Trudy Smith Dolly Kerns Joe Derham Gale Abbott HOME ROOM MANAGERS William Arenholz Ruth Braren Edna Clauson Jean Combs Oliver Coulling Eunice Eddy Ray Fellman Fred Geib Ruth Harrison Rita Kobel Tom Lawlor Bruce Macdonald Frances Manugarra Barbara McLaughlin Betty Paterson Harry Rawlins Helen Rizzo Robert Roemer Howard Spokes Joan Smith Lorraine Sutter Patricia Taylor Wanda Weiner Martha Winter NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Donald Abbott, President Harry Rawlins, Vire-Presi- dent Eunice Eddy, Secrriury Gale Abbott, Treasurer Lois Bartelt Ruth Biedermann Irma Brown John Conway Oliver Coulling Joseph Crasson Robert Dickieson Gifford Doxsee Lee Estes Jane Geibel Dorothea Goller Janet Hirn Grace Hosek Gladys Jensen Gloria Kaufman Dorothy Kerns Stanley Krasnoif Doris Lockwood Dorothy Manning Clifford Mosbacher Frank Pavia Frank Pschorr Beatrice Rudloff Caroline Smith William Schneider Betty Stiegelmaier Lorraine Sutter Charles Whittaker Virginia Wright LIBRARY CLUB Lillian Anderson Barbara Bickmore Doris Blewett Ruth Braren Jeanne Campbell Dorothy Earl Rose Grover Helen Hickey 92 Janet Hirn Virginia Langon Dorothy Manning Grace Meehan Audrey Merritt Jean Anne Miller Jean Myers Rita O'Connell Kathleen O'Meally Margaret Parsons Jo Paterson Connie Peters Audrey Renton Helen Rizzo Lois Schutte Nelva Sherman Helen Svensen Irene Sweeny Rita Vollmer DRAMATIC CLUB Irma Brown Trudy Smith Joseph Crasson Edith Marks Harry Kranz Elnora McMeekin Dolly Kerns Lorna Wise Jeanne Cannon Eugene Troobnick Joe Morris Gloria Shinn Ollie Coulling Doris Duff Connie Peters Natalie Steiler John Hammond Marie Sanrocco Irving Reich Claire Kerwin Rita Colman Rita Kobel Eunice Eddy Paul Jenkins Suzie Krantz Bruce Macdonald Virginia Wright Murray Green John Stratton Bernard Mazelsky Cris Singleton Lee Estes Robert Licence Claire Fischer Eugene Lynch Henry Esser Betty Steigelmaier Steve Bellanca W George Paintor Arlene Maxwell Ethel Reinhardt Rona Eskin Helen Smith Pat Dooley Ray Malone Al Harris MATHEMATICS CLUB Harry Rawlins Joseph Crasson Janet Hirn Adelaide Brall Chester Chambers Robert Coburn Jack Flaig Audrey Merritt Jean Anne Miller Clifford Mosbacher Frank Pavia Frank Pschorr Bill Schneider Donald Simon Bernard Weitzman Ruth Woodcock Catherine Zainor Joe Morris Ralph Godden Jack Sopir John Kormendy Bill Reynolds Lee Kedenburg Bill Ecklund Bill Lundergan Benny Ciaravino NEWS SERVICE STAFF Gale Abott Ruth Biedermann Doris Blewett Eunice Eddy Jane Geibel Dorothea Geller Stanley Krasnoff Norma Lane Mary Jane Minan Jean Anne Miller Harry Rawlins Betty Steigelmaier SENIOR ORCHESTRA Lillian Anderson Jean Bosworth Lillian Brockmeyer Joyce Burkhard Jack Carman Mortimer Carman Lois Cassin Martha Clark Harold Conway Raymond Fellman Richard Frevert Stephen Fritsch Patrick Gardali Ralph Godden Ruth Harrison David Hotaling Robert Kranzler Seymour Litwalt Bernard Mazelsky Helen Nisbet Gerald Nolan Frank Pavia Ruth Post Marie Sanrocco Howard Spokes Betty Stiegelmaier Donald Trayer Jean Trayer William White Wanda Wiener Lester Woodcock Muriel Zajic BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS STAFF Therese Constantino Rose Grover Helen Hickey Virginia Langan Doris Lockwood Winifred Murdock Jerry Nolan Peggy Nolan Dorothy Nunns Kathleen O'Meally Dorothea Onderdonk Audrey Renton Beatrice Rudloif Helen Ryder Dorothy Tuttle Virginia Tuttle Katie Vetter RED CROSS COUNCIL Marguerite Ankenmann Frances Ciaravino Joe Crasson Barbara Cummins Madeline Donnelly Pat Dooley Roslyn Goodheim Dorothy Griffin Kathryn Healey Helen Hickey Gloria Jaycox Dolly Kerns Stanley Krasnoif Gilda Kupersmidt Marion Lynch Edith Marks Helen Place Ruth Post Connie Peters Joan Pritting Harold Salzer Ramona Schaffer Nelva Sherman Dorothy Sittner Natalie Steiler Roberta Schurman Mabel Walther Virginia Wright Louis Wilkinson Mary Yazijian Catherine Zainor SCIENCE CLUB Marjorie Bedell Steve Bellanca Lois Casson Ben Ciaravino Bob Coburn Victor Cohen Henry Esser Estelle Faries Claire Fischer Shirley Glickman Jimmie Hardee Walter Heimer Irene Hirn Lee Kedenburg Patricia Lee Robert Litwak Virginia Lyon Joseph Morris Frank Pavia Ruth Post Frank Pscharr Harry Rawlins Phyllis Risely John Sanders Donald Simon Catherine Zainor TRAFFIC Ruth Biedermann Chester Chambers Jarl Wilhelmson Dorothea Onderdonk Lorraine Sutter Toni Lynch Genevieve Kroft Eunice Eddy Henry Esser Monroe Raynor Betty Stiegelmaier Stanley Krasnoff Virginia Wright Dorothy Manning BASEBALL TEAM Donald Abbott Harold Bedell Robert Berkel William Clauson George Felice Albert Gaines Edward Glacken Raymond Hague john Inglima Stephen Paras Richard Pearlman Harold Runcie George Trenchard VARSITY BASKETBALL Donald Abbott George Bronson Alfred Fassnacht Walter Mason Theodore Moran Walter Oates XVilliam Owen Stephen Paras John Schlegel Thomas Sindlcr Eugene Sullivan Charles Whittaker MANAGERS Julius Mintz Samuel Nass JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Leonard Dobbins Irving Gray Andrew Gomes Raymond Hague Garden Harris George May Raymond McCarthy Thomas Moore Walter Murphy Harvey Nelson George Trenchard Harold Wolff MANAGERS Victor Cohen Harvey Nelson Harold Salzer Dwight Baker VARSITY FOOTBALL Walter Batcher George Bronson John Chambers Dorothy Nunns Dolly Kerns Robert Licence jack Flaig Irma Brown Dorothea Goller Martha Winter Jeanne Cannon Muriel McCarthy Lily Petrovits BOYS' Leal De Rosa Joseph Devlin Henry Donnelly Richard Drcschcr Alfred Fassnacht Eugene Franklin Ralph Godden James Greancy Gerald Kelly Richard Kennard Joseph Kenny Frank Lawrence Raymond McCarthy Bert Miller Theodore Moran Stephen Paras Walter Presson Monroe Raynor Robert Russell Murray Siegal Thomas Stroh William Teas Bernard Weiss Raymond Wright MANAGERS Arthur Wulf Lee Livingston JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Walter Bock William Boyles Harry Burroughs Peter Ciulla Ernest Cofrances Robert Crane William Devlin Anthony DiGregorio XVilbur Ecklund Fred Edwards Robert Fox NY'illiam Greaney Raymond Hague Wesley Hodgkin Robert Juffras George Kessel Richard ,LaBarbara William Langdon john Matthews Clarence Matson George May Harold McLaughlin Thaddeus Morris Charles Murphy Vincent Preziozi William Raynor Thomas Spence Edward Tunstall Robert Wilkin Theodore Youngling VOYAGE UR STAFF Eunice Eddy, Ediior Gale Abbott Doris Blewett Dorothea Goller Grace Hosek Gloria Kaufman Dorothy Kerns Miriam Kenny SPORTS RIFLE CLUB William Arenholz Robert Coburn Clifford Combs Victor Bitter Arthur Danzigcr Harold Dotter Morton Deutsch Henry Esser Robert Etzkorn William Fredlund Maynard Funch Murray Green Vincent Guercio Sylvester Haberman John Hopkins William Huntcr Lee Kedinburg Kenneth Lawson Bruce Meyers Joseph Morris Robert Morse Richard Newberger Frank Pavia Richard Russell Harry Rawlins Harold Salzer Andrew Sebold Robert Schebe Warren Schlegel Donald Shalders Jerry Tuttle TENNIS TEAM Oliver Coulling Joseph Crasson Milton Feinsilber Ward Frost Norman Greenstein Robert Hannam Richard Johnson Edwin Lorey Albert Lowe Randolph Mitton Harry Rawlins Donald Simon TRACK TEAM Thomas Burke Joseph Burns Julius Chambers Jack Chambers Martin Collender Robert Crane Joseph Devlin Louis DeGennaro August DeGregario Frank Dejoia William Downey Donald Drach William Ecklund Genevieve Kroft Norma Lane Toni Lynch Dorothy Manning Clifford Mosbacher Harry Rawlins Julia Romanelli Nelva Sherman Eugenie Unger Fred Edwards Alfred Fassnacht Bruce Fitzpatrick Eugene Franklin Patrick Gardali Donald Githens Ralph Godden Gorden Harris William Jeffries Gerald Kelly Robert Licence Calvin Losce XValter Mason Bert Miller, Captain Thomas Moore Joseph Morris Thaddeus Morris Clifford Mosbacher Herbert Muller Charles Murphy Jack Murphy Leo Painter Eugene Sullivan Donald Trayer Monroe Raynor William Reynolds Fred Roemer Nicklos Romanelli Daniel Sanders Murray Siegal William Teas Gilbert Werner Win Wright Raymond Wright WRESTLING SQUAD joseph Bellanca William Cleary Hillary Connolly Gorden Craig Frank Dejoia Anthony Di Gregorio William Dowling Fred Edwards james Flynn Fred Geib William Greaney Peter Gumas Carl Henry Robert Juifras Gerald Kelly George Kessell William Knoess Frank Lawrence Harlan Merhige Charles Murphy Henry Paras Walter Presson Thomas Stroh William Tait Dominick Vallone Theodore Wolfe Theodore Youngling 93 JUNIOR HIGH ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Dorothy Dittrich Nancy Elmer Rona Eskin Joan Garretson Robert Haas James Kantor Ruth Marschner Barbara Miller Jack Schulze Violet Sclair JUNIOR BAND Jeanne Benedict Arlene Bergman Michael Biondo Norman Blinn James Butler Herbert Cohen George Cooke John Cooke Jack Donahue Florence Felson William Estes Leon de Bremont Elliott Feinman Jack Fischer Ronald Fishkind Harold Friedman Jack Gaiser Betty Genner Peggy Godden Albert Grover Charles Gumas Warren Hawkins Kenneth Hoffman Roycie Holcomb Daniel Hotaling Michael Hughes Robert Johnson William Johnson Heywood Jones John Kost Lorraine Kotze Charles Kranz Charlotte Krapp David Levene Murray Litin Kenneth Lozier Ruth Morris June Olsen Donald Porter Robert Raynor Edwin Reim Marilyn Rose Edith Schaeffer Warren Schlegel Evelyn Schneider John Schulz Robert Single Lionel Socolov Jane Smith Marianne Smith Thomas Smith William Tait James Trapp Pat Vallone Winifred VanEn William Weber William Wiener Frank Willie Allen Wilson 94 JU IOR I-HGH CLUBS Willie Winn Dorothy Yahner Lorraine Young 9TH GRADE CHORUS Bernice Anderson Irene Atrope Doris Behrle Elinor Briefs Mildred Buss Muriel Carpenter Mary Christopulos Adeline De Ginnero Marguerite Dc Leston Rose Di Carlo Catherine Domanico Francis Ellerman Evelyn Goren Adelaide Hahn Barbara Jennings Jean A. Johnson Genevieve Kearns Josephine La Bella Anita La Spisa Helen Mahnken Rita Mason Colleen Meltor Edna Jane Miller Anna Nicolino Alcen Pritting Florence Pritting Jean Pulrz Faith Putticl-I Marie Sanrocco Violet Sclair Ethel Shepherd Muriel Slater Florence Stewart Betty Thompson Jean Tierney Francis Tomeo Jean Waszmer Sally Werner 8TH GRADE CHORUS Katrina Ahlstrom Polly Armitage Lois Bailing Ruthabelle Barnes Marilyn Broadribb Robert Brown Cecilia Bruns Eleanor Burmestor Lois Burrows Agnes Byrnes Beatrice Cantille Donald Coleman Jane Cunningham Harriet Dashiel Leona Davis Germaine de Bremont Audrey Devlin Gloria Di Gregorio Walter Donheiser Alice Elfreich Nancy Elmer Joan Engelke Mary Jane Fischer Mildred Fring Joan Garretson John Georgas Wardner Gilroy Raymond Gobetz Betty Godfrey Joan Godfrey Barbara Golden Norine Grant Ruth Hagglund Dorothy Henry Arline Hoffman Joann Jeffery Alfred Johnson Doris Johnson Audrey Kallmeyer Ellen Kelsey Carol Knapp Mary La Bella Joe La Spisa Rosemary Levy June Liebler Joan Lyons Doris Maclachlan Marjorie MacMillan Doris Magee Alice Malone Ruth Marschner Lillian Marti William McClelland Adrienne Middleton Gloria Miller Mildred Mitchell Marilyn Nolan Barbara Neuhaus Jane O'Connell Catherine Pinckney Virginia Price Sarah Riman Christine Ricker Shirley Ross Betty Kate Rothwell Barbara Ruger Anna Russo George Schneider Jean Schutte Lila Segall Wilma Semon Dorothy Simandl Kay Smith Betty Snedeker Mary Stockberger Ruth Taylor Arlene Thomas Ollie Tucker Marietta Turella Betty Vollet Constance Walker Nancy Ward Mary Jane Welborn Barbara White Margaret Whittemore Joan Wood Joan Zainor Vera Zyder 7TH GRADE CHORUS Robert Abramson Florence Alletsee Alice Anderson Zelmetta Antonio Jean Applegate Doris Bailing Jean Ballot Marianne Barone Catherine Barry Merton Bean William Bedell Joan Behrle Eugene Benka Mary Jane Berger Arlene Bergman Ted Bickmore Doris Bond Peggy Box Maurice Bolden Marcia Brenner Sue Brightson Lois Brady James Butler George Burmester Florence Carman Marilyn Cassin Doris Chambers Aphrodite Chamousis Harry Charpek Ruth Childers William Ciaravino Robert Cleary Donald Cobb Mabel Colter Louise Combs George Cooke John Cooke Richard Cooke Grace Cunningham Eleanor Curley Earl Daisey Joe Dalessio Ruth Daller Joelritha Deas Catherine Del Rosso Jacqueline Denton Virginia Dobbins Jack Donahue Jeffery Doremus Joan Doremus William Draude Patricia Duff Pat Eames Jean Edelman Joe Eisenberg Marilyn Eldred Jeannine Etzkorn Elliott Feniman Ronald Fishkind Catherine Ford Fred Frankel Robert Furman Helen Furtado Betty Genner Jeanne Gibson Gordon Gissel Sally Githens Teresa Goonan Gloria Goren Richard Grempel Fred Grosser Dorothy Grover Nick Gumas Arthur Haas Norman Harris Ruth Hasselt Barbara Hayne John Hedges Harvey Hensley Dorothy Herstek Kenneth Hoffman Thelma Hoffman Nancy Holle Norman Holmes Leon Hong Betty Horwood John Houston David Howe Virginia Howley Michael Hughes John Hundt Lillian Hunter Dorothy Johnson Fay Johnson Kirkwood Johnson Albert Johnston Michael Karanian Joyce Keeler Shirley King Elsie Knab Leroy Kose Lorraine Kotze Charles Kranz Betty Kropp Charlotte Kropp Gladys Langdon Imogene Langis Warren Leigh David Levene Barbara Levey Kenneth Lozier David Mahnken George Mahnken Devereaux McCarthy Nancy McLaughlin Frank McGregor Selena McKnight Jean Meaney David Miller Theresa Mineo Joan Mitchell Donald Moran Jean Myers Elizabeth Nelson Jeanne Newberger Agnes Nolan Ruth Oakley Harry Odgen Dolores Owens Jeanette Passafiume Sadie Pieccoro Norma Pilkington Donald Porter Joan Post Mary Powers Audrey Purtill Sidney Rappaport Molly Ratner Joan Remsen Dorothy Rhinehart Adam Rickert Frederick Rickert Peter Rickert Marilyn Rose Josephine Russo Edith Schaffer Florence Schellinger Eleanor Schrank Ramona Scholz Connie Seaman Joyce Seaman Janice Seage Patricia Scpp Lee Shanks Phebe Sheard Mabel Simeona Bob Sindler Martha Smith Thomas Smith Lionel Socolov Morton Solomon Kay Soper George Steiger John Stevens Mildred Sutherland Bill Tait Mary Tietzch James Trapp Mae Ullian Gladys Underhill John Vailes Ann Vallone Daniel Vanderbeck Winifred Van En Cornelius Van Rees Mary Varelas Donald Verity Lorraine Vernon W'illiam Walker John Waszmer Bill Weiner Virginia Welch Edwin White Eveory Wright Dorothy Yahner Anton Yzquierdo Margaret Ziffer JUNIOR HIGH HOME ROOM MANAGERS Marjorie Biedermann Florence Benoit Teddy Bickmore Helen Burlthardt Marilyn Cassin Peter Ciulla Adeline Di Ginnero Dorothy Dittrich Virginia Dobbins Robert Duryea Marilyn Githens Eileen Grimm Robert Haas Daniel Hotaling Jean M. Johnston James Kantor Rosemary Levy Rita Mason Eileen Meltor Ruth Popiel Marie Sanrocco John Schulze Helen Smith Marianne Smith Nancy Ward William Weiner Teddy Wulf JUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY Lois Ruth Burrowes Agnes Byrnes Harold Curtis Dorothy Dittrich Florence Ellson Rona Eskin Joan Garretson Norine Grant Kate Hardcastle Ruth Marschner Barbara Neuhaus Mona Newman Mark Nielsen George Painter Mara Sheard Marianne Smith Betty Thompson William Wise Lester Woodcock, President JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Jeanne Benedict Michael Biondo Barbara Boger Margaret Bosworth Susan Brightson Aphrodite Chamousis Herbert Cohen Joseph Eisenberg Florence Felson Ronald Fishkind Betty Genner Gordon Gissel James Greene Joyce Grempel Robert Haas Warren Hawkins Constance Korber Murray Litin Frank McGregor Barbara Neuhaus Mary LaBella June Olsen Raymond Patterson Donald Porter Edwin Reim Marilyn Rose John Schulze Mortimer Selzer Mara Sheard Phebe Sheard Jane Smith Marianne Smith Dorothy Yahner Lorraine Young JUNIOR HIGH RED CROSS 9TH GRADE COUNCIL Herbert Botwin Mary Christopulos Theresa Ciaravino Nancy Crane Harold Curtis Joan Dippel Genevieve Dixon Wilbur Ehlers Rona Eskin Dorothy Esser Melville Gevertz Evelyn Goren Adelaide Hahn John Heiernan Allen Hubsch Mary Izlar James Johnson James Kantor Josephine La Bella Anita La Spisa James Larkin Ruth Levin Ruth Lindmark, President Charlotte Maclachlan Charles Miller Valerie Osmundsen Naida Peters Morty Selzer Alice Tait Betty Thompson Eugene Walsh Margaret Werdann Sally Werner Grace Yamin JUNIOR RED CROSS STH GRADE COUNCIL Micheal Biondo Lois Burrowes Jack Callahan Nancy Elmer, President Dorothy Gilbert Joan Godfrey Dorothy Henry Joe La Spisa Mildred Mitchell Marjorie MacMillan Basilla Passafiume George Schneider Lila Segall Ollie Tucker Joan Wood Norman Woodcock JUNIOR RED CROSS 7TH GRADE COUNCIL Marcia Brenner Marianne Barone Doris Chambers Robert Cole Patricia Duff Joseph Del Rosso Bernice Gathers Arthur Hayne John Hundl. David Levene Jean Newberger Ruth Petry Joan Post Janice Seage Eugene Taylor Mae Ullian Emory Wright JUNIOR HIGH TRAFFIC Walter Chaiko Doris Duff Rona Eskin Dorothy Esser Mel Gevertz Evelyn Goren Adelaide Hahn Allan Hubsch Elna Jensen Ethel Johnston Claire Kerwin Anita La Spisa Walter Lewandowski Ruth Lindmark Margaret Lynch JUNIOR HIGH TRAFFIC SQUAD Harold McLaughlin Mona Newman Naida Peters Marie Sanrocco Violet Sclair Mara Sheard Helen Smith, Captain Betty Thompson Jean Tierney Sally Werner Eugene Wolsk 95 Mr. and Mrs. Mr Mr. Theodore Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Patron Mr. David Price Mr. I. Les+er Wood . and Mrs. Miss Cochran Willa Meyer Mr. Meyer Mr. Galvin List Frank W. Hickey Mariin M. Mansperger Spiizler Cecil H. MaHood W. Chapin Moger Ray Langan Miss Adella E. Ma+'lson . and Mrs. Frank Consfanlino . and Mrs. John F. Hesse Bruno Krien ke . and Mrs. R. H. Schreiber . Harry Engelsher Mr. R. A. Wursl'on CENTRAL COUNCIL Parent-Teacher's Associations of the Freeport Schools Junior-Senior High Archer Slreef Cleveland Avenue Columbus Avenue Grove S'I'ree+ Seaman Avenue 0 MRS. CURTIS T. BRALL-Presideni Exchange Club of Freeport Names Classiiicalion Names Classincafion Barasch, Herman Wearing Apparel McHccd, Cecil H, Dean gf Boys Berge, Fred C. Audi+ing Mangpcrgci-I Mar-I-in M, Billmeyer, Wm. B. Public U'l'iIi+y Principal High Schccl BUZIKIBY- Edriflrl S- FiShin11Tackle McChesney, Richard G. Opromelrisl' Bir - Samue D- P YSICIBH Morrow, Raymond W. Denlisl' CIIGIICO- Michael V- Builder PaH'erson, Roberi' E. Insurance Charles, Lewis H. Morfician Place' Aus-lin M, Aufo Sales Cummins. J- Elmer PI1YSICl-in Randall, John J. Real Eslale CODCBDNOH- Edward B- Banker Raynor, Judson F. Elecfric Dis'l. Cheshire, Edmund Municipal Employee Rossman. Mc,-i-is M, Physician Ddhllgef, MllT0h SPOI'TlfIg Goods Sclqlegsingerl Harry Druggigf Diemer, John H. Aulo Eleclric scoff' Clark I. Banker Dodd' Jfhn W' Supi' Schools Smifh, Alberf A. Marine Sales Egan' Clmilion 'I' OII Smi'l'h, Donald B. Chain Siore Mgr. Fulfon, Ches+er A. Morfician Sweze Sidne H Anome Fullon, Ches+er C. Morfician V Ely' H Y ' I Y Goldschmidr, Rob+. O. Aufo Sales on m' enry nsurance Holaling, Russel E. Municipal Employee WBIIS- Huberil Bfnker Huni, Slephen W. Village Treasurer Wood' Herberi M' E"'9'nee" Johnson, Hilberf R. Police Jusiice WIIII9- Chrlsilan Eleciflcagconi- Levy' Dayicl Clcihici- Weinberg, Bernard D. en'l'isf Lio+a, John Resfauranr YouaH, James R. Refirecl ll. 1 DEAN 81 WILSON Complimenfs of LUMBER 3. BUILDING MATERIAL ApEDA STUDIO, INC. BOAT LUMBER 212 West 48th Sfreel' New York City I 27 Henry Sf. Freeport. N. Y. Telephone: Freeporl 2540 Ofllcial Phofogrephers Io I942 Voyageur Complimenls of . . . I Sold In your school Sold in your neighborhood I A, 4". an fl X- I lxxge affwr ICE CREAM .www BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY ' INC 34-09 Queens Boulevard Long Island City, New York I I f Phone: STiIIweII 4-5000 I EARL'S MARKET Choice Meats, Poultry, and Provisions Groceries, Fruits, and Vegetables 12 Church St. Freeport, L. I. Phones Proprietors 9l2 and i900 Matthias and Paulson Tel. Freeport 6263 ANNETTE Exclusive Sportswear 8: Lingerie Fifty So. Main Street Freeport. L. I. Be on the Alert with a Portable Available tor a Limited Time Prices From SI9.95 Lowest prices-easy terms Expert Radio Repairs CERTIFIED RADIO SHOP 6B Brooklyn Ave. Tel. 6670 Freeport, L. I. School Supplies Greeting Cards GENE WAGSTAFF Stationery Store Next to Post Office 126 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, L. I. Phone 4964 ICE CREAM CANDY Auto Parts Garage Equipment COLVIN MOTOR PARTS FRANK o. coLvuN 45 East Merrick Road Freeport. L. I. Machine Shop Telephone Service Freeport 2420 Phone: I9, 247 8: 256 Hardware Mason Material Paint-Oil Millwork Marine Supplies Lumber C. MILTON FOREMAN LUMBER YARD 36 Commercial Street HARDWARE STORE Main St. 81 Brooklyn Ave., Freeport. N. Y. With a Columbian Propeller Behind You Will Come Out Ahead in the End Compliments ot the ' COLUMBIAN BRONZE CORP. Freeport, L. I., N. Y. For Appointment Frpt. 5875 GUSTAVE The Home ot Custom Hairstyles--Permanents Deluxe Figure Reiuvenators I0 operators in attendance 31 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport Compliments ot . . . WM. A. MOSER JEWELER Cash or Credit 63 South Main St. Freeport, L. I. Phone: Freeport 5897 BILLY BLUME, JR. PRINTING Raised Process Commercial Engraving Advertising 70 South Grove Street Freeport, N. Y. C. V. BOLLER COMPANY ' Quality Tailors, Clea ners, Dyers Same Day Service 70 South Grove Street, Freeport, N. Y. OLIVER E. U. REYNOLDS PLUMBING and HEATING Water Systems Oil Burners Pumps Steam and Hot Water Heating 5 llyl. 54 No. Main St. Freeport. N. Y. Phone II62 Tel. Freeport 4480 JANTZEN SWIM SUITS DANZIGER Tennis, Golf and Baseball Equipment Fishing Tackle Trunks and Luggage Riding Equipment Games and Toys 70 South Mein Street Freeport, N. Y. Amos J. C. Baldwin John D. Cornelius Herbert M. Wood George C. Phillips SNYDER GARVEY, INC. BALDWIN 81 CORNELIUS CO., INC. Successors to Smith 8: Malcolmson, Inc. Established l890 "The Reliable Store" Radios - Refrigerators - Ranges Municipal SHCI Civil ETIQIFIGSFS Washers - Ironers - Sewing Machin Surveyors Records Telephone, Freeport 6760 117 W. Sunrise Highway, Freeport. N. Y. 45 So. Main Street Freeport N Compliments of . 1 . RUDOLPH L. HIMMEL Hygrade Meat Market Prime Meats and Groceries Phones2I7l -2l72 33 West Merrick Road Freeport, L Complime SIMON BAUMANN, INC. FURNITURE AND BEDDING Hempstead Freeport "Say it with MILLANG'S FIowers" Deliveries Everywhere 224 W. Merrick Rd. 'I55 W. Sunrise Hy. Merrick. L. I. Freeport, L. I. Tel. Freeport I240 Tel. Freeport 2284 ntsot... s AV OY IN N FREEPORT L ui IO0 Complimenls of . . . E. FREEMAN MILLER, M.D. Phone Freeporl' 5555 FRANK JOHNS. Prop. GROVE Bowling 81 Billiard Academy Accommodaiions for CLUBS and TOURNAMENTS So. Grove St., Corner Merrick Rd. Freeport. L. l.. N. Y. Sales Service CADILLAC PONTIAC JOSEPH H. GRAY, INC. 170 West Sunrise Highway Freeport, N. Y. Phone: Freepori ll30 Tel. Freepcrl 2458 Piciure Framing - Pariy Goods School Supplies BRAITHWAITE COMMERCIAL STATIONERY Dennison Dealer - Fine Sialionery Greeiing Cards for all Occasions 10 Church Street Freeport. N. Y. Telephone: Freepori 7 I 75 OGDEN BROS. GARAGE Specializing in Fron'l Axle Alignmenl--Brakes Wheels Exchanged and Repaired 101 E. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N. Y. Complimenfs of . . . F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. IOI W. T. GRANT CO. KNOWN FOR VALUES 104 South Main Street Freeport. N. Y. Compliments ot . . Compliments of . . . GREANEY'S CAFE A FRIEND Corner Merrick Road 81 Church St. Freeport Compliments of . . , Tel., Freeport 2l7 Member F.T.D ALBERT H. HAMMOND LENKER GREENHOUSES 285 North Main Street Freeport's Largest Meat Market SUNLIGHT MEAT MARKETS, INC. A Freeport, L. I.. N. Y. 121 So. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. Phone: Freeport 4848 IO2 Phone: Freeport 3229 "Service That Satisties" HENRY VON ELM, Inc. INSURANCE 48 West Merrick Road Freeport. N. Y. Nassau Sole Distributors Rose Lairds Young Skin Preparations F REEPORT BEAUTY SHOP 52 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport Compliments of . . S. DEARBORN BIRD, M.D. Sincerest Wishes for Success 8: Happiness FEMININE ACCESSORIES Freeport Hempstead CompIimen'rs of . . . PROMPT AND IMPROVED FAMILY LAUNDRIES, Inc. DRY CLEANERS-RUG CLEANERS 56 Prospect Street Hempstead. L. I. Tel. No. Freeport 7495 Compliments of . . BOULUKOS TEA ROOM Sodas and Luncheons 4 Church Street Freeport. N. Y. TELEPHONE CARBURETORS 224 FREEPORT AUTO ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS SPEEDOMETERS NASSAU AUTO ELECTRIC CO. 38 Newton Boulevard Freeport. L. I. IO 3 T Q Compliments ot . . FREEPORT DRUG SHOP 76 S. Main St. H. J. COHEN, Mgr. I A. ADAMS I and DAUGHTERS FLORISTS 53 West Merrick Road Freeport. N. Y. Compliments ot . . . FRANK WHITE'S BARBER SHOP 103 Church Street Freeport N. Y. Telephones: 283-l400 I Compliments of . . . W. J. MARTIN COAL CO., INC. COAL and WOOD "For Better Heating Use Martin's Coal' 99 Russel Place Freeport, N. Y. SAME FARE DAY AND NIGHT FREEPORT STATION TAXI Telephone 9602 Freeport Stand at R. R. Station Compliments ot . . ALFRED THE TAILOR Altred Fassino 290 North Main St. Freeport. N. Y. JACK KAHN MUSIC COMPANY Exclusive Representative For Selmer 8: Bach Easy Terms Trades Accepted Phone: Freeport 2252 Instrument Rental Plan Cash Paid For Your Old Instruments 174 W. Sunrise Hwy. Freeport. N. Y. Compliments ot . . . CHARLES F. FRITZ PLUMBING and HEATING 67 West Merrick Road Freeport, N. Y. Phone: Freeport 744 QUALITY SERVICE SINCE 'I908 104 Compliments ot . . HENRY P. VlEl.BlG Compliments ot . . . MERK'S MEAT MARKET and JOHNNY'S FRUIT 81 VEG. MARKET Phone 220I 64 S. Grove St. Freeport WALK OVER SHOES-RED CROSS SHOES THE FLORSHEIM SHOE THE NEW SHOE STORE ESTABUSHED mo 46 So. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. Phone: Freeport l335 FREEPORT MUSIC STORE "Everything Known in Music" Serving an influential clientele since l904 and their enthusiastic recommendation is a genuine tribute to Venditt Clothes and Service. JAMES VENDITT Tailor to Men Exclusively Established I904 53 North Main Street Freeport, L. I. Phone Freeport sas Phone Freeport 3600 GEO. A. KUHIRT, INC. INSURANCE FRANK D. HORNBECK President 33 So. Grove St. Freeport. L. I. Tel. Freeport 8022 E. V. COLYER OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Brolcen Lenses Duplicated Oculists Prescriptions Filled 15 So. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. Phone: Freeport l256 Agents tor Hardman Grands MAIER,S BAKERY and Minipianos 25 So. Main St. A Freeport. N. Y. phone 35357 49 So. Main St. Freeport. N. Y. IO 6 ,ef hawk ee ,g - - ofulear ln the Home fi eieee...Pdif11 Distributors For Thibaut Wallpaper -:- Moore's Point -:- Sanitos I A. Siegel J. W. Miller A. SIEGEL 8. CO. 99 South Main Street Freeport. N. Y. Telephone 6l00 FREEPORT JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Objects- First: to promote the weltare ot children and youth in home, school, church, and community: to raise the standards ot home lite: to secure adequate laws tor the care and protection ot children and youth. Second: to bring into closer relation the home and the school that parents and teachers may co-operate intelligently in the training ot the child: and to develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure tor each child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. 205 All Parents, Teachers, and Friends of our High School Students are invited to ioin in helping to realize these worthy Aims. Membership: One Parent-One Dollar a Yearg Both Parents may belong tor One Dollar and a Halt a Year. I FREEPORT JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION IO7 Publications Business Stall: . . Theresa Consfanfino Rose Grover Helen Hickey Virginia Langan Doris Lockwood Winifred Murdock I SGHDOL miss DUNBAR s SECRETIIIIIIII. TRAINING FOR GIRLS A s cc ssfl combinoI'on of 'n- d' 'd cl couch' 9 and carefully 9 dedgo pwoke ablesevey cl I to I h Ih I 'I I Us. -2' slllxo en r U rl1 I: r Ihe l u ime. K 186 IORALEMUN ST. - BKLYN, N.Y Jerry Nolan e grim, p e mos I Peggy Nolan CoIIegeMGr4::uaies on s Doro+l1y Nunns High School Gruduuies Kalhleen O'Meally 10 Momhs Dofofhea Onderdohk Pnczmsur smvlc: me - - DAY CUIIRSE 0NlY Rosemane R"b"'s"" nzcusmnnous Now ncczmn Beafrice Rudlofl: Catalog on request Helen Rvdef C'ia'Zi'L'ZL"'ila'ui'3'fifJuli" Dorolhy TuHle Ka+ie Ve++er Phone TR1angIe 5 7420 I Complimenrs o'F . . I l CASCADE LAUNDRY I IO A MLLMR, .MI Lira! XM, - Freeport Valet Service, Inc. 'S 3 ' ' ' P g Expert Shoe Rebuilding Q E7 6' ' I 55- while you wait -1' -'E S . A-' S 45 s h M ' s W1 iq' W. M... EM EW I ,332 ...ttf -Ill-MIM I-IKE' N 'V 'ET' Near Sunrise I'II9hwaY ----rf " "IL APUPOIIT and ELLEII PAINTS -:- WALLPAPER ARTIST MATERIALS FREEPORT JAMAICA HEMPSTEAD Established I 884 ADOLPH LEVY 81 SON APPAREL FOR MEN Freeport. N. Y. Rooms with Private Baths Running Water in Every OPEN ALL YEAR CRYSTAL LAKE HOTEL WARD R. FROST, Prop. Phones: II8 8: II9 Freeport Dining Room Seating 250 For DANCES, BANQUETS, MEETINGS Freeport. New York Room Home Made French Ice Cream VI E B R O C K ' S -tor- SODA :-: LUNCH :-: CANDY 40 South Main Street Freeport, N. Y. Phone: Freeport 3994 GEORGE DEUTSCH Upholstering 8: Interior Decorating 115 West Sunrise Highway Freeport. N. Y. Phone: Freeport II93 WILLIG BROTHERS Licensed ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Mazda Lamps Stewart Warner Radios Lighting Fixtures G. E. Appliances 43 Church Street LANG'S MARKET p PRIME MEATS, POULTRY 8: VEGETABLES Special Care Given Telephone Orders 'I95 North Main Street Freeport, N. Y. Phone: Freeporf 288 United Cigar Stores Co. LOUIS R. POSNER, Sales Agenf Newspapers, Magazines and SIaI'ionery 29 Railroad Avenue Freeport. N.'Y. ' IOpposi+e Railroad Sfafionl Phone: Freeporf I275 PRINTERS THE FREEPORT PRESS 84 Church Street Freeport, N. Y. FRANK POST, Pro prieror Office Hours: 9-Il A.M., I-3 P.M., 7-9 P.M. DR. P. L. DUNNET FREEPORT CAT 8. DOG HOSPITAL 261 W. Sunrise Highway, Freeport. N. Y. lNear Bayview Ave.I Freepori 3822 All Year and Every Year Ihe Thing To Do: VISIT BEIER'S IFormerIy ZaneH'iI -Famous for- ICE CREAM-CANDY-GIFTS LUNCHEONS 81 NOVELTIES 30 Wesl' Merrick Road Phone: Freeporf I874 - Complimenrs of . . I SMITH MOTORS AUTHORIZED BUICK SALES AND SERVICE 38-40 East Merrick Road Freeport. N. Y. Phone: Freepori 7300-0 I LE ROY SMITH, Prop. IIO Phone: Freeport I 404 TRY OUR SUNDAY DINNER Always Welcome to M I K E ' S I N N SEA FOOD -:- STEAKS -:- CHOPS Outings ancl Parties Accommodated 360 Atlantic Avenue Freeport. N. Y. INear Bayview AvenueI Freeport, New York IIEFFLEY CIIO III. nnalsrsnxn BY 'rms Bonn or nsnmrs Y BUSINESS and SECRETARIAL TRAINING DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS Catalogue upon request Williamsburgh Savings Bank Bldg. UNE IIANSON PLACE At Flatbush Avenue, BROOKLYN Telephone: STex-ling 3-5210 I No Branches Operated FREEPORT TAXI SERVICE DAY AND NIGHT Station to Prince Streetl Station to Front Street 1256 Per person Telephones: 'I6 81 413 Freeport Office at: 21 Railroad Avenue imww HMEJEWR E W HQ v if Day or Night Freeport 3202 Sales Service INTERNATIONAL Motor Trucks KELLY BROTHERS GARAGE 157 East Sunrise Highway Freeport, N. Y. -Remember- Joe zAaRowsKl come out and see him at the new address 323 Merrick Road Massapequa, N. Y. Compliments of . . Patrick McClosky Manager of DILBERT BROS. INC. 61 South Main Street xg FREEPORT A N v 6? Mum., mm :Q 6 .J not TnnmES was ,N fo X TMS Freeport. N. Y. , sm: wmsunnzas ' A 4 smcwfnvres' a Win? G, 3 0.13 ' I 2 Lnmfslwvrfiil f0Nt+PETf PAPPRS 4 I in an lou nnnln uxuu x x w xl Nunn nuun s - III 'I fxf-sf-sf-wffsf SQ ,Xiu Xt! It Ilia XQ- Z 0, ., ., Q -, .,, Y, W, -v, ., -, ., Y, v, v, -, ., ., ountr ife Press orporation GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK TELEPHONE GARDEN CITY soo PRINTERS dv' , BOOK MANUFACTURERS NEW YORK OFFICE o 111 EIGHTH AVENUE, ROOM 200 TELEPHONE CHelsea 2-3177 DIRECT LINE: NEW YORK TO GARDEN CITY vigilant 4-0433 'H .,,f'Nk- ,f"f,N'l 1'---"E -C:-NA A f-I W f.-fsn 4..15.5.... ,Z ,--...s ' P f ,e rf I Z gif' N 1 ' 11'-231'-'f' ' ?'iW"R R' ' X Ein- .. A I" .,5ggg!gg1fgL f -' -Ea Y- ' -Iii ' , ,.,. . . Q., Q . A' " "" -'J' " f"7f.. 17" gf 1, . QW" -a.f:A15'3f' 2:11 TTR' -1.-1-wmnfsasfs-f -I EM- :":if'i1'A"i 'Q ' - .V -f :LQ , ' , T 55, , 4 -- Y :,:'y':A'.Trfewr,tEQ1 1 5.9 12.:xtw.3 znefgz f :"Q-5.1511 V, E535 - 31:1 -gtg A ..--A - V .5 .nd fr:-Q5-ggzl, ,, .vw--3 5--ffffg-'-If-"1' Fl- -4, - -' ' ig, ff? - .kL?"i- 557 ' P. " 41? g li? ?1YQ?5HeS'-'sg' Q-'55 2 gf '3 1Q'.l'f '. , ' ,,, ," ',1 Ff.f: : T 'ITfTTfI..'bT'fX-13 - ' 91 Q I ,Q "I v ' V 7"A 1f' " wa Jhscflh ' D' if T r- - P' uf . . - w- . 4 .cn T ,. VM,-,A .1 II2 4- 1? 4 r K P .. x -2 1 4' 'f 1 5 I 1 Z 9 2 V, 1 K , I i ff' . 4, x4 , : lg 3. I . I 5 f .J - I 3 5?

Suggestions in the Freeport High School - Voyageur Yearbook (Freeport, NY) collection:

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