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 - Class of 1935

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1935 volume:

VUYAGIEUR 1935 Presented by the Senior Class of Freeport High School HE Class of 1935 dedicates this "Voya- geuf' to Miss Maude L. Marealt, in ap- preciation of her invaluable work as director of dramatics and public speak- ing, and in observance of this, her twen- tieth year of teaching in Freeport schools. Forewor "All the World's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." -WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE HE WURLD, we say, is a huge stage upon which are played many parts, and many acts. With the closing of the school year, we, the class of 1935, complete another act on the stage of life, and venture forth to another scene. We have played in our drama for four years. From the first when we ,made our grand entrance, felt the thrill of a first appearance, until now, when we leave the stage of high school, we have each had a part as members of classes and organizations. We have filled the stage with our ambition and activity. Some of us have been leaders, the stars of our company, while others have had less outstanding roles, but all have been neces- sary to the fullness and completeness of the play. We share the success of our performance with our directors, the faculty. From their wisdom and experience on the stage of life, they have taught us how to play this act of life, and have prepared us for greater parts. But now, this act done, we must move on. There is but one performance. Our troupe, which has played so long together, must now disband, for "one man in his life plays many partsn. In this act we have served our apprenticeship. May we attain great heights, great dra- matic triumphs, in all our future roles! l u Cnntents I. ADMINISTRATION II. SENIOR HIGH Classes Organizations III. JUNIOR HIGH Classes Organizations IV. SPORTS V. FEATURES VI. ADVERTISEMENTS i 1 1 . E 1 1 .1 'fl 7' 'F I I .1 ,v'i' xl Of V1 -.1-,, .,,,w. 'X'5'lXf-ng" We, 4.- -rfN.r' -' .1--Q' 5 1 YH Y f II 1 1 'QI' x. V231-" 11 if C V7 4 fu N- .gf -,,-, 4 ' rW'o'.A,,J' 1 :B -.-JM: A f lg . f. 32+-Ldvq M, X. rg: V 'J 1 ,Qg.f4.. 'k,,V5VV-w.7Vnu 1 "' N' u. H-ec-by I 2: ., Av.,-'54 63 .f-sq. VV ri' 5 . 4 ,w 'I .nn A wr sf vm. . 1.-l""'I-' ,,,0.4.- X 44424 wwf' lf. 1 , , -vvp.--, N12-gawnnim J .' .PJ ' ,U N .1 X' ,Ig -PM .1 mf-gig JL '48 H i hui ???QrH Jia' 1 4 It VT-"' LUQVVQ 7 M I Qi' uf: ,q, Q I 'gr fly' SL ' S xi " f rs Q Af, ,gn X R., ff. vm N.. nk: yr-FCS. -A I I.. -K Fil ,xa N V L K 'v JN 4' .-xfig' '2 K Q-"' Gr,-1 I J Vjifl. ,Jr rf ,Uh 1,-. ,Q ,.,..V. 1 ' K -E .qv N '3 3: 1, ,,,...m---.rzffzf iw ?EK?' 'WT ni .r .' VVVV'i-,.VV?wVVVVVV , ,Ma -pVlV1Wy,i 4 3 'mx 'S-9.5 'if -.SP 35.11 95233 .2 k e -L, YT' nu .Se Li lil an 1 ill! Nil aug.: S'-rr-rv . 56- . Qfgzzf , ' x "'.d'Y 1' f Z K if X.-if V-w . FH1 ,gn Ku dl J-'-1 ...max P' 4 iff. H. Jinx k I-iii" X v :ll ggi? vu wwf .4 J A 'VI P v S .EL gn' lr v-2? "' 'U "' 'U ,c' x W - ,- fr fr -. ogy- x nf, ,A VV.:-s-u,s:.v-4 , :Q . 2 1' 'ld 51.-'M Ali, Q .. Q64 a X,- Af 955311 If pix! fig? v ,pi 2 wr? fs. '-..1X'x"' I W-JP ' 'QV 'Wi .Q-'4,.LVV 'mmm 1. .25-YK ,el 4- 'H X' rwfw 533145-.., L , -n., -'w.,,VV'fx Sf' 45.4, "s.""'-SK -Q."-I Ls ht -. s v ,Vx ,,.Sf:VVV VV .-5.3 - rhy- Q A A ,nf ,s 11 N x v" xns, 'E' x'F'4, 2 4,- R2 55"-1532 2 Jin-sq 1 Q4 J qdidoos-up we-Q-qwwda' . Bug? "Q - v .3185 -fri ' N v 'f-.f l X 5510 H' 4 Pc 1 ' wi Jug. is VVV .,..a4' v .1 vb:-l ' I f xahi 53520. -I 41 1' 1 x "H J, sf 1. :vs ff' rss.,-'Q L 'f I RE .. nv: C ru R.. glv . ff 1. ,Ve -1 0- sf '35 N me 'ms ,, 'LP' 131 w nf V w x fx. -a P' . r. lx 1' ,V 'N 1 VV C VL,,1.r -AMF ' ' 1 X VV 1- 1 84-but b'1l'x'.-vr K' LS: '-'wfu nv, .Qs-Q f wp.. 4"F" 35-ikyf V",- , vvff' 'Q 1 .gh I -.1 Jw JI? Xf :ov m 459 4 1 Q Nq Iva bv? A L, . sr VV' -f1Rfi:i3f5l'3F ...W X A """'4' ' "' f-'-K-Rl'imwv1.m.:w -1'3"-,,.-1-?"':'i'I 1. ...:.-fxZ,'-'f1'2"zu -V I 5 a at 5'-5 . L., P : . . .15 3:2 f ii H' jfiv 5 . 197 1:51 5. 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Howell Frank Seaman C C NCE more the silent wheels of Time their annual round have driven" and once again it is our happy privilege to extend congratulations to a class about to graduate from Freeport High School. Class of 1935-yours has been a record of accomplishmentg you have met the difficulties attendant upon your high school course unflinchingly and smilinglyg in your activities outside the class room, you have "played hard and fair" and have upheld the best traditions of your school. A thoroughly de- lightful group, well worthy of an important place in the remembrance of those whose privilege it has been to teach and those charged with supervision of the business and educational policies and activities of your school. Your Board of Education not only rejoices with you in the attainment of a Hbeautiful goal with race well run," but wishes you God speed. May success crown your every effort all through life and may you all enjoy full measure of health and happiness. GEORGE C. COLYER, President of the Board of Education. GREETINGS T0 THE CLASS OF 1935 Graduates : You have had your part in the open stage of high school life. As student- citizens led by the spirit of F. H. S. you have played with distinction various individual roles and are now to take your stations in the complex drama ahead of you, either in institutions of higher learning or in the community life and its pursuits. As the final curtain draws on the scenes of your high school days, the best wishes of the promoters, producers, managers, directors and coaches attend you. Your high school has trained you for the attainment and preservation of physical fitness, for the elevating use of leisure time, for productive work and thrift, for the sustaining and abiding values of worthy home membership, and for international good will and understanding. May each one of you play well an active role of citizenship impelled hy a spirit of thoughtful, intelligent, al- truistic service. Your richest happiness and truest success will come only from a life lived well. b If you would have people believe in you as men and women, continue to develop those qualities that make for character. With very best wishes, JOHN W. DODD, Superintendent of Schools. T0 THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1935: "Education is training the mind and the will to do the thing you ought to do when you should whether you like it or notf'-Dr. Charles E. Barker. It is often well at the end of a race for a runner to subject himself to a conscious evaluation of his training and technique to see if his record could have been improved. Dr. Barker has given to every member of your class a measuring stick by which you, too, may with profit evaluate your successes and failures as students in Freeport High School. College and business are demand- ing today that men and women he the masters of their minds and wills. This splendid Year Book, which you have so successfully used to mirror the activities and achievements of yourselves and your fellow students, is the product of trained minds and disciplined wills. I have had the unique pleasure of working with most of you for a period of six years. You undoubtedly represent the best and the finest that Freeport High School has ever produced. As you take up new duties and assume new phases of responsibility I wish you health, good fortune, hard work, and enduring friendships. M. M. MANSPERGER, Principal ,..... TO MY FRIENDS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1935- Greetings and Congratulations- If "all the world's a stage", then in this drama of life there must be some part to he played by each one of you. The successful actor on the theatrical stage, if questioned, will tell you of the hours, days, months, yes and years which he has been obliged to spend in practice and preparation before he could even start on his career. His pathway to success has been hard and steep, and it has been necessary for him ever to keep his goal in view, or he would have long since become discouraged. Your school days, my young friends, have been the years of practice and preparation which should make you ready for the opening of your career on the world's stage. I count it a real joy to have been privileged to share with you in your work and play, your discouragements and successes of the past six years, and no one will watch with keener interest than I how you play your part on the stage of life. "Act well your partg there all the honor liesf, Remember me always as one vitally interested in you and in the attempts which you make to reach your goal. Your sincere friend, RUTH E. COCHRAN, Vice-Principal. Nw '11 a A-sv ' 'iMen1ory was giv- en us that we might have roses in Decem- ber." Not for gold would I exchange my delightful recollec- tions of Freeport school life. To all who ever called me uteachern., to t h e graduating class of 1935, and to the Alumni Association I extend sincere greet- ings of appreciation and friendship. In the familiar words of my favorite school song, "Hail to dear old Freeportln Caroline G. Atkinson Great honor is due Mlss Caro line G. Atkinson for the praise worthy achievement of having taught in the Freeport schools for the past fifty years John W. Dodd Adele M. Stevens Margaret Smith Martin M. Mansperger Gladys Moser Blanche Heidelmayer Ruth E. Cochran Cora L. Bockoven Mary Barlow Velnette M. Sickels Phebe R. Skidmore Hilda M. Klinkhart Caroline G. Atkinson Florence M. Clark Emelyn E. Lovelass Mary F. Zabrowsky Frances B. Dorilinger Gladys R. MacArthur Faith K. Hook Ethel Boardman Cecil H. Ma Hood Elizabeth W. Clowes Dexter G. Tilroe George Hollander Willard W. Jones K. Alice Hoerner Sybil E. Sherwood Ruth Baker Mabel Q. Skinner Lilah Cushman Bessie Lapedes Paul M. Jordan Faculty B. S.. A. M.. Columbia Univcrsityj Ph. D., Nea' York University B. S.. Ohio State Universityg A. M., Columbia Unirersity A. B., University of Michigan A. B., N. Y. S. College for Teachers A. B., Park Collegeg A. M.. Colum- bia University A. B.. University of Rochester A. B., N. Y. S. College for Teachers A. B.. N. Y. S. College for Teachers A. M., Columbia University N. Y. S. College for Teachers Nea' York University B. S. New York University A. B., Cedar Crest College A, B.. Russell Sage A. B.. Wellesley B. S., Syracuse University B. S., A. M.. Columbia University A. B.. Morningside Collegeg A. M., Columbia University Rhode Island Normal School A. B., Syracuse University A. B., Westminster College A. B., Hiram Collcgef B. D., Col- gate-Roch ester Divinity School A. B.. N. Y. S. College for Teachers A. B.. St. Lau'renc'e University A. B., Ohio Universityg A. M., Mid- dlebury College A. B., Syracuse Universityg A. M., Middlebury College A. B., Middlebury College A. B., N. Y. S. College for Teachers A. B.. Geneva Collegej A. M., Col- umbia University Superintendent of Schools Secy. to Supt. Asst. Secy. to Supt. Principal Secretary to Principal Assistant Secretary to Principal Vice-Principal, Mathematics English English English English English English English English English, Commercial English, History History History History English, History History History History Civics Latin Latin German, Spanish Spanish French French Science Maud L. Marean Dana H. Smith Hazel A. Hack Leva V. Robbins Wilana Bruner Peter H. Frey Miriam Roberts Mabel C. White Ruth R. Marshall Alice V. Davis Ella M. Davies Nellie S. Clark Bertha A. Triess Carlton 0. Tremper William S. Hughes, Jr. Adella A. Mattson Augustin Cosgrove Elizabeth Lawless Marion E. Turk Helen Hunter Olive M. Swan C. Glenn 0'Donovan Dorothy Clark J. Wesley Southard Irma M. Bates Harriet R. Church Vivian M. Wells Clarence Genner Arthur B. Meyers Lily M. Waller Maud E. Constable T. Redmond McKenna Gladys L. Derrick Harold H. Mitchell Faculty B. S., Syracuse Unircrsity Ph. B., Muhlcnbcrgg A. JI., New York Unilrersify. A. B.. Syracusf' Uizi-vmsity B. S.. Columbia University B. S., A. M., N. Y. University B. S., Dickinson College B. S., N. Y. University A. B.. N. Y. S. College for Teachers A. B., Elmira College A. B., Bucknell University B. S., Neur York University New York University Oneonta Normal School B. S., Univ. of Pennsylvania B. Ed., Keene Normal School B. S., New York University B. S., A. M., N. Y. University Plattsburgh Normal School Plattsburgh Normal School A. B., Adelphi College A. B., Syracuse University A. B., Columbia University B. S., A. M., Columbia University B. P. E., Springfield College B. S., Syracuse University B. S., N. Y. S. College for Teachers B. S., Syracuse University Buffalo State Teachers' College B. S., New York University B. S., Columbia University New Paltz State Normal B. P. E., Springfield College R. N., Rochester General Hospital B. S., M. D., Syracuse University Biology, Dramatics Biology General Science Geography Music Orchestra, Band, Science Music Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Commercial Librarian Athletic Coach Physical Education Physical Education Sewing Cafeteria Cooking Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Art Art Hygiene School Nurse School Doctor 'r 'V5' 5 XX AEZH kim A" IJ 0 ..!"'i .,fr H i:'!f,::,- w' 'B 1' f 1152: Sf' - s 7 'Y ,Ll : x x 312 . . -f ! ' xfs mx ':. N X .L .V X A: X W Senior High Classes From far and lll'll7' we gather on this stagv, With vvvry typo of playvr in our midst. Though spotlight picks but tory fvu' for farm Tlw rvst remain to do thvir lwvflvd bit. Senior Soholastne Honors Valedictorian Robert Keshefsky . . 92.96 Salutatorian Dixon A110 . . . 91.73 Margaret Deterling . 91.58 Charles Friedman . 90.91 Robert Kirchgessner 90.39 Senior Class Uffioers President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Social Secretary . C. 0. Representative Edward Watson Donald Maxwell . Edna Bedell Raymond Forker . Mabel Licence Robert Bartelstone ALBIN, MORTIMER G. O. 1, 45 A. A. 3, 45 G. O. Representative 45 A. A. Council 45 Football 1, 2, 35 Track 3, 4. 1 ALLEN, BARBARA! G. 0. 2, 3, 4, Library Club 45 Debate Cflub 4. ANDERSON, WILBUR Traffic Squad 15 Airplane Club 4. ARONSON, LOUIS G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 A. A- 3, 49 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Class Basketball 2, 3, 45 FlasHingS 3, 45 Voyageur 4. BAKER, ANNE Basketball 2, 45 Hockey 3, 45 Tennis 3, 4, Captain 45 Class Basketball 1, 35 Voy- ageur Typist 4. ALBRECHT, MARGARET Jr. National Honor Society 15 G. O. 3, 45 T aific Squad 15 Usher ' S ng Musicale 25 Fashi ow 25 Hi-Y Club 3, , ouncil Repre- sentati 4 ibrary Club 35 Glee . 'YSTEQID ALL0, DIXONX National Honor Society 45 G. O. 45 A. A. 45 Football 45 FlasHingS Associate Editor 45 Track 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Class Night Committee 4. APPLETON, ARNOLD G. O. 3, 45 FlasHingS Col- umnist 45 Voyageur Business Staff 45 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 25 Class Basketball 15 Hi-Y 3. AUGNER, JULIANCE National Honor Society 45 G, O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 FlasHingS Report,- er 45 Voyageur Typist 45 Li- brary Club 3, 45 Fashion Show 3. BARASCI-I, WILLIAM G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 A. A. 45 Voyageur Business Manager 45 Fl.asHingS Reporter 45 Tennis 3, 4, Captain 4. BARTELSTONE, ROBERT G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Junior Na- tional Honor Society 15 Class Treasurer 25 Class President 35 Class G. O. Representative 45 Student Athletic Editor 45 Voyageur Literary Editor 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Traffic Squad 1, 45 Class Basketball 1, 25 G. O. Nominating Committee 1, 45 Vigilance Committee 35 A. A. 3, 45 American Legion Essay Contest 1, 25 Class Night Committee 4. BEDELL, EDNA G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. Nom- inating Committee 1, 2, 35 A. A. 3, 45 A. A. Council 4, Secretary 45 Traffic Squad 1, 45 Usher 35 "Digging Up the Dirt" 15 Drama Club 1, 25 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Class Basketball 15 Swim- ming 25 Science Club 45 Class Secretary 45 Glee Club 15 Class Night Committee 4. BERKEL, GUSTAV G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Football Manager 45 A. A. 45 A. A. Council 45 Class Basketball 15 Track 45 Usher 4. P .lf CNJ... uf HARTLIEB, ROBERT G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 45 Track 4. BOLL, EMILY G. O. 3, 4, BECKER, WILLIAM G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 A. A. 3, 45 Traffic Squad 15 Track 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 35 Usher 4. BELLMAN, BERNARD Swimming 45 Football 2, 35 Class Basketball 2, 35 Track 4. BIEDERMAN, VERONA G. O. 2, 45 Glee Club 1, 3, 4. BODE, CARMEN G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 A. A. 45 Football Manager 45 Traffic Squad 45 Assembly Commit- tee G. 0. Representative 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Class Basket- ball 25 Usher 15 Swimming l5 G. O. Nominating Com- mittee 45 Biology Club 1. BOWER, MARGARET BOYLE, WILLIAM BROWN, GEORGE G. O. 1, 29 A. A. 49 Foot- ball 3, 49 Basketball 3, 49 Baseball 3, 49 Track 49 Usher 19 Mixed Chorus 19 Traffic Squad 1. BRUMME, EVELYN G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 49 Fashion Show 1. v 4' X f ff KMA-'Yxe 1 I tk , , X U5 BUTZGY, GLADYS if G. O. 2, 3, 49 Debate Club 49 Baseball 39 Voyageur Business Staff 49 Mathemat- ics Contest 3. CARR, GRAYCE G. O. 1, 2, 49 Track 3g Class Basketball 2, 39 Swim- ming 1, 29 Traffic Squad 49 Usher 3. BREMER, ANN BROWN, WILSON "A Full House" 4. BURTIS, RUTH CANALIZO, CARLOS G. O. 1, 2, 39 Track 3, 49 Swimming 1, 4. CASEY, WILLIAM G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 49 Basket- ball 29 Intra-Mural Basket ball 3, 49 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2. CHRISTOPULOS, FRANK COHEN, RUTH COLYER, KATHERINE G. 0. 1, 2, 35 "Nothing But the Truth" 35 "A Full House" 45 "Digging Up the Dirt" 15 Assembly Committee 45 Stu- dent Junior High Editor 1, Joke Editor 25 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 45 A. A. Council 45 Gflee Club 45 Track Manager 4. CORDARO, CHARLES G. O. 1, 2, 35 Class Basket- ball 1, 25 Drama Club 2, 35 Debate Club 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 45 DANIELS, JANICE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Circle Club 3, 45 Library Club 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 35 Voyageur Typist 4. COHEN, FLORENCE G. 0. 2, 3, 45 FlasHingS Typist 35 Tri-Circle Club 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 1, 25 Fashion Show 1, 3. COLMAN, GRACE G. O. 1, 25 A. A. 3, 45 Flasl-Iing'S 3, 4, Columnist 45 Hockey 3, 45 Track 45 Ten- nis 45 Baseball 45 Traffic Squad 15 Usher 1, 25 Glee Club 1. QM F 3 CORBY, ROBERT G. O. 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4. CREVOISERAT, MARIE G. O. 1, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3. DAVIS, MARY ELIZABETH G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 15 Glee Club 25 Art Club 25 Swimming 35 Usher 3. DAVIS, RUTH G. O. 2, 3, 45 Library Club 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Hi-Y 45 Hockey 2, 35 Fashion Show 2. DETERLING, MARGARET National Honor Society 4, President 45 Junior National Honor Society 1, Vice-Presi- dent 15 G. 0.1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. Council 1, 4, Class Repre- sentative 1, Secretary 45 G. 0. Nominating Committee 1, 2, 3, 45 Student 3, 4, Associ- ate Editor 3, Editor 45 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Science Club 3, 45 Class Secretary 35 FlasH- ingS 3, 4, Alumni Editor 45 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 45 Traffic Squad 15 Girls' Week Com- mittee Chairman 4. .Q I 1 4. L DICKSON, MARY 'Q 377, K..- 'A K'-A DODD, ELIZABETH DOYLE, ANNE National Honor Society 45 FlasHingS Associate News Editor 45 Voyageur Business Staff 45 Class Basketball 25 Tri-Circle Club 3, 45 Library Club 3, 45 Usher 3. WRIGHT, GEORGE DI CARLO, PHILIP DOBBIN, LEON G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Drama Club 45 De- bate Club 3, 45 FlasHingS 35 Traific Squad 15 "Fanny's Family" 25 "The Whole Town's. Talking" 25 "Daddy Long Legs" Technical Staff 35 "A Full House" 4. DORNEY, VERONICA G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 49 A- A- 2. 3, 45 Traffic Squad 45 Usher 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Spring Musicale 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 15 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Swimming 1, 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4. DRAKE, EVELYN G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 FlasHingS 45 Library Club 3, 45 Secre- tary 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 45 Tri-Circle 3, 45 Voyageur Club Editor 45 Fashion Show 1, 3. DROBINSKI, JOSEPH G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. Nom- inating Committee 15 Foot- ball 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 45 A. A. 3, 45 Mixed Chgmrus 15 Class Basketball 2, . FORKER, RAYMOND G. o. 1, 2, 3, 4, A. A. 3, 4, A. A. Council 4, Vice Presi- dent 45 Traffic Squad 45 Usher 3, 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Boys' Week Committee 45 Class Night Committee 4. FOX, ROBERT G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 4. GAINER, HUBERT G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 A. A. Coun- cil 45 A. A. 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Football 45 Class Basketball 1, 25 Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Di- rector 45 Spring Musicale 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. Nominating Committee 4. GLACIUS, GEORGE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1. FIRTH, LUZENA G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 45 FlasHingS 4, Typist 4, Reporter 45 Voy- ageur Business Staff 4. FOWLER, RUTH G. O. 1, 25 G. O. Nominat- ing Committee 1, 25 FlasH- ingS Typist 45 Glee Club 1, 45 Traffic Squad 1, 45 Assem- bly Committee Publicity Manager 45 Usher 45 Girls' Week Committee 45 Class Night Committee 4. Society 45 O. Nom- FlasH- Man- Squad 1, 45 7 39 4, Biol- Treasurer 1. GAYN OR, JACK GOLD, JEAN National Honor Society 45 G-. O. 1, 2, 45 Voyageur Liter- ary Editor 45 Debate Team 2, 3, 45 Debate Club 3, 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 3, G. O. Rep- resentative 45 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 FlasH- ingS 35 Glee Club 15 Traffic Squad 15 Usher 15 "Digging Up the Dirt" 15 "A Full House" 4. GRAY, ROBERT HALLOCK, WILLIAM HAYNES, OPHELIA f HORNDRUP, JOHN ISENBERG, MAURICE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4g A. A. 4, Stamp Club 1, 23 Airplane Club 1. GREENLEAF, BETTY National Honor Society 4, National Junior Honor Soci- ety 1, G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 FlasH- ingS News Editor 45 Tennis 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 13 Ush- er 35 Mathematics Contest 3. HANINGTON, ALLEN G. 0. 1, 2, Band 2. HILL, JAMES National Honor Society 43 Junior National Honor So- ciety 1g Science Club 3, 43 Junior Traific Squad 13 Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice President 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Secretary 1: Class Basketball 3, 4. HU LLY . O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Fashion how 1, 3. JENKINS, MARIAN G. O. 1, 33 Class Basket- ball 2g FlasHingS Typist 4. JOHNSON, SYLVIA G. O. 1, 25 Class Basket- ball 25 Assembly Committee 45 FlasHingS Typist 45 Mixed Chorus 1. JONES, MADELINE G. O. 45 Fashion Show 15 Tri-Circle Club 3, 45 Voy- ageur Typist 4. u WM KEOGH, THOMAS KIRCHGESSNER, ROBERT KLEMM, ROBERT G O 1 2 3 4 FlasI'IingS Report 4 Voyageur Busi- n s2S , Traffic Squad 45 bly ommittee 45 Class JB sketbal 2, 3, 45 Library , 4, reasurer 45 Mixed orus 15 Girls' Chorus 45 Swimming 25 Fashion Show 1, 25 Usher 3, 4. i JOKUMSEN, ETHEL f KEARNS, VIRGINIA KESHEFSKY, ROBERT National Honor Society 45 National Junior Honor Soci- ety 1, President 15 G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. Council 3, 4, Vice- President 3, President 15 Class President 25 Class Vice-President 35 Voyageur Photography M a n a g e r 45 Science Club 3, 45 G. O. Nom- inating Committee 1, 3, 45 Band 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Golf Team 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 45 Traffic Squad 1. KITT D , EORGE G. . seball 4. I, X, LANGE, KATHRYN Mixed Chorus 15 Girls' G1-ee Club 2, 3, 4. LEIGH, RUSSELL Traffic Squad 1, Mixed Chorus 1. LOWE, JACK G. O. 3, 43 Science Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Track 3, 4. MACKAY, CATHERINE G. 0.1, 2, 3, 49 G. O. Nom- inating Committee 2g Class Vice-President 2, Student So- cial Editor 4g Voyageur Class Editor 43 FlasHingS 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3g Hockey 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, Usher 3. MALONE, RAYMOND G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, A. A. Coun- cil 4, Drama Club 3, 4, G. O. Representative 4, T r a c k Manager 4, Flasl-IingS Cir- culating Manager 4g Science Club 4, Class Basketball 23 G. 0. Nominating Committee 43 Class Night Committee 4. MARKS, ZELDA National Honor Society 43 G. O. 1, 2, 4, American Le- gion Prize Speaking Contest 43 Assembly Committee Chairman 43 Student Ex- change Editor 4g Voyageur Editor 4, G. O. Representa- tive 4g "Digging Up the Dirt" 1, "Fanny's Family" 2, "Nothing But the Truth" 3g Debate Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Debate Club 3, 4, Vice- President 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 45 Traffic Squad 13 Class Night Committee 45 Class Basketball 1. ,ff 3. LICENCE, MABEL National Honor Society 4g G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 G. O. Nom- inating Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, A. A. 2, 3, 45 A. A. Council 3, 4, G. O. Representative 3, 4, Class Social Secretary 1, 4, Class Treasurer 35 Traffic Squad Captain 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Swimming 1, 2, Science Club 3, 4, Sec- retary 4, F1asHingS 3, 43 Voyageur Sports Editor 4g Girls' W-eek Committee 45 Usher 3, 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Class Basketball LYONS, MARY G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Fashion Show 2, 4, Library Club 43 Tri-Circle 3, 4. MAGAN, ARTHUR MARKS, MARY Fashion Show 1, 4. ff XX fi MARTIN, ROBERT G. O. 1, 45 Traffic Squad lg Football 45 Chess Club 15 "Digging Up the Dirt" 1. MAXWELL, DONALD G. O. 1, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 4, A. A. Council 4, Track 3, 4, Traf- fic Squad 4, Class Vice-Presi- dent 4, Usher 4, Boys' Week Committee 4, Class. Night Committee 4, Stamp Club Vice-President 2. McGEE, GERTRUDE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Voyageur Business Staff 4, Fashion Show 1, 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Debate club 4. MENTIL, VIRGINIA G. O. 2, 3, 4, Fashion Show 1. MEYERS, ANNA G. O. 3, 4. MILLER, GLADYS MCCLELLAN, GILBERT G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative 2, Vice- President 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Traffic Squad 4, G. O. Nom- inating Committ-ee 3, Base- ball 2, 3. M 'NAL AN , 4, Flas ingS Typ- , ass Bask tball 2. MEYER, LOUISE G. O. 4, Tri-Circle Club 3, 4, Fashion Show 3, 4. MIHALIK, OLGA G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Voyageur Business Staff 4, Drama Club 1, Mixed Chorus 1, Li- brary Club 3, Girls' Glee Club 4. MILLER, KENNETH National Honor Society 4, G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. O. Council Assistant Treasurer 4, G. O. Nominating Committee 4, Voyageur Staff Literary Ed- itor 4, Traffic Squad 4, Class Basketball 3, 4, Student Typ- ist 4. MITCHELL, MARIE .fe ff MOORE, ROBERT Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball 4g Class Basketball 2, 33 Track 3. MOSER, LIBBY G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Fashion Show 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. MORGAN, MARY EDITH G. O. 3, 4, FlasHingS Re- porter 3, Typist 4g Hockey 3, 4, Che-er Leader 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Tennis 3, 4,..Traffic Squad 4, Science Club 4g Glee Club '45 Usher 3, 43 Girls' Week Committee 43 Class Night Committee 4. MURATORI, INEZ G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 43 Voya- geur Business Staff 4, Li- brary Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4, Traffic Squad 4, "Digging Up the Dirt" 1, Class Basketball 13 Debate Club 45 Drama Club 1, 2, Usher 4. MOORE, LEONORA MOORE, WALTER Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 A. A. Council 43 Glee Club 4, Basketball Manager 4. MOSER, MARYAN Junior National Honor So- ciety 1g G. O. 1, 2, 3, A. A. 2, 3, 43 A. A. Council 23 FlasHingS Girls' Sports Ed- itor 43 Traffic Squad 13 Hockey 2, 3, Manager 25 Bas- ketball 3. MURATORI, BEATRICE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 G. O. Council 4, Debate Club 3, 4, Tri-Circle Club 3, 4, G. O. Representative 43 S e n i 0 r Traffic Squad 43 Class Bas- ketball 2, 3g Track 15 Fash- ion Show 1, 3, Usher 45 Voy- ageur Business Staff 4, Ten- nis Team 3, 4. NELSON, IRENE NEUMANN, EILEEN G. O. 2, 4, Tri-Circle Club 2, 4, Vice-President 45 Fash- ion Show 4. OSIECKI, WANDA National Honor Society Secretary 4, Junior National Honor Society 1, G. O. 1, 2, 4, G. 0. Nominating Com- mittee 2g G. O. Council So- cial Secretary 43 Voyageur Art Editor 4, Student Alumni Editor 4, G. 0. Representa- tive 4g Traffic Squad 1, Mixed Chorus 13 Girls' Week Committee 4g Class Night Committee 4. PARKS, NEWTON National Honor Society 4, G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. O. Coun- cil Vice-President 33 G. O. Nominating Committee 35 A. A. 3, 4, A. A. Council 4, President 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4g Class Night Committee 4. PAZ, CLARA PECK, MARJORIE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Traffic Squad 1, 4, Glee Club 1, 4, Usher 1, 4. NICHOLS, WALTER National Honor Society 45 G. O. 1, 3, 4, G. O. Council 4g Traific Squad 45 Science Club 45 Usher 43 Band Manager 4, G. O. Representative 4g Class Basketball 3, 4, G. 0. Nom- inating Committee 4. OSTEN, MARJORIE G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Exchange Editor 43 Fashion ?Show 35 Usher 35 Swimming PATTERSON, FRED G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, 45 "Digging Up the Dirt" 13 "Fanny's Family" 23 "Nothing But the Truth" 35 "A Full House" 4. PEARSALL, SHIRLEY G. 1, 2, 3, 45 Voyageur Liter r Editor 4, Traffic Squ ' Hi-Y 4g Drama C ,2, , , ' ging Up ' e ' t" 13 "NotE?.But the " 3, U Full House" 4. PECKE'l'I', HELEN .L - PETERS, JACK G. 0. 1, 25 Boys Glee Club 15 Traffic Squad 15 Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y Presi- dent 3. PRICE, GEORGE Class Basketball 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Football 45 Mixed Chorus 1. RAMSTECK. EDWARD G. O. 1, 2, 3. 4: Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Stamp Club 1, 25 Intermedi- ate Drawinq Prize 35 Boys' Chorus 3. 1 .pi ' fc .1-f V, 4f.,' . , , V RAUTER, CLARENCE G. 0. 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Debate Club 2, 45 Debate Team 45 Science Club 45 Hi- Y 3, 4, Secretary 3, 45 Traffic Squad 1, 4. REES, EVELYN G. O. 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chor- us 1. PLOTSKY, ESTHER PRIMAVERA, JENNIE RANTSCH, HARRY I Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Director, Instrumental Department 3, 45 Dinner Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 45 Librarian, Instrumental De- partment 1, 25 Mixed Chor- us 15 Class Basketball 1, 2. G , 1.1 f RAYNOR, EVELYN G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 45 Usher 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Swimming 3. RENTON, CLAIRE RENTON, MYRTLE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 49 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G. O. Representa- tive, Swimming 35 FlasH- ingS 3. RUETHER, GERTRUDE G. O. 2, 3. SALVATO, JOSEPHINE G. 0. 4. SCHAEFFER, GERARD G. O. 1, 2, 3, A. A. 43 Foot- ball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, Class Basketball, Captain 45 Tennis 43 Swimming 4g Traf- fic Squad 4g Usher 4. SCHWER, MURIEL G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Traific Squad 43 Usher 3, 4g Hockey 3, Glee Club 2. WRIGHT, BARBARA G. O. 1, 2, 35 Class Social Secretary 3, A. A. 2, 3, 43 Traffic Squad 45 Hockey 1, 2, 4, Swimming 1, 2, 3, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 43 Class Basketball 3. RUNCIE, GERTRUDE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Na- tional Honor Society lg G. 0. Nominating Committee 1, 23 F1asHingS Typist 43 A. A. Council 45 A. A. 45 Mixed Chorus 1g Student Typist 43 Traffic Squad 1, 45 Basket- ball Manager 4g Hockey 23 Usher 3, Swimming 2. SAYER, JOHN G. 0. 1, 2, 43 Football 43 Baseball 4. SCHUSTER, VIRGINIA G. 0. 1, 2, 35 Usher 33 Mixed Chorus lg Fashion Show 1, 2. SCOTTI, VITINA I - SEMKEN, LOUISE G. O. 1, 45 FlasHing'S Rue- porter 43 Voyageur Typist 4, Library Club 3, 4. SHEA, EILEEN G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 4, Usher 3. SHIELDS, ORIAN G. O. 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 3. SIMONSEN, FLORENCE National Junior Honor So- ciety lg G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 A. A. 43 Voyageur Typist 49 Mixed Chorus 1, Spring Musicale lg Glee Club 3, Traffic Squad 1, Usher 1, 35 Hockey 3, 4, Track Manager 45 "Digging Up the Dirt" 19 Fashion ghgw lg Class Basketball 1, SMITH, ETHEL SERBY, WILLIAM G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 45 Debate Club 3, Vice-President 43 Hi- Y 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4. 'LVM 0 A LJ SHEPPARD, HERBERT G. 0. 4, FlasHingS Adver- tising Staff 43 Voyageur Business Staff 4. SIEVWRIGHT, RICHARD G. O. 1, 2, 35 A. A. 4, Foot-ball 3, 43 Track 3, 4, Usher 43 Art Club 1, 2. SMALL, DAVID G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. O. Nom- inating Committee 2, 4g Sci- ence Club 3, 4, G. O. Repre- sentative 4g Usher 13 Traffic Squad 1, 45 Football 3, 43 Art Club 1, 2, G. 0. Representa- tive 2g Class Baske-tball 1, 4. SMITH, EVELYN G. O. 4, Hi-Y 43 Library Club 4, Fashion Show 1, 2. SMITH, LOUIS STAROS, EVELYN G. O. 1, 33 Orchestra 1, 2. ST. CLAIRE, IRVING G. O. lg Class President lg Manager of Band and Or- chestra 3g National Honor Society 45 Swimming 4. STEVENSON, AUDREY Glee Club 2, 3, 4. STOKKE, JO G. O. 1, Z," 4g Science Club 3, , e ent 45 Foot- ban 2, 4 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus I K SOPER, RAYMOND Baseball 4. STAUBACH, MADELINE Glee Club 3, Hockey 35 Baseball 2, 3. STEIERT, BARBARA STEVENSON, WILLIAM G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 43 Football 3, 4, A. A. 3, 43 Usher 4. STOKKE, ROBERT Junior National Honor So- ciety lg G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Class G. O. Representative 23 Foot- ball 3, 43 Track 3, 43 G. O. Nominating Committee 1, 2, 35 Traffic Squad 15 Voyageur Literary Editor 43 Usher 19 "Digging Up the Dirt" 1. STEWART, MARJORIE G. O. 1, 2, 4: Class Basket- ball 2. SUTHERLAND, AMELIA G. 0. 1, 2, 3, 43 Usher 35 Basketball 35 Class Basket- ball 1, 2. TONJES, FLORENCE Tri-Circle Club 3, 4, Presi- dent 4g Fashion Show 1, 2, 3, 45 G. O. 1, 2, 4. ULMER, DENNIS VERITY, ELSIE G. 0. 1, 2, 3, Fashion Show 2, 3. SUNSHINE, ELEANOR G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, FlasHingS 3, 4, Feature Editor 45 Li- brary Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 45 Traffic Squad 45 Usher 3, 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, Tennis Manager 43 Fashion Show 13 Swimming 2. SUTHERLAND, JEAN G. 0. 1, 2, 3. TREE, EDWARD "Nothing But the Truth", Stage Manager 3. VEITH, HAZEL G. O. 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 13 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Fashion Show 3, 4. VESTAL, MARY G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, A. A. Coun- cil 4, A. A. 2, 3, 4, Hi.Y 3, 43 Band lg Basketball 2, 3, 45 Class Basketball 13 Hock- ey 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. WATSON, EDWARD G. O., G. 0. Nominating Committee 1, Class Treas- urer 1, A. A. Council 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 3, Traffic Squad 4, Class President 4, Assembly Com- mittee 4, Usher 3. WESTCOTP, CUYLER National Honor Society, Vice President 4, Junior Na- tional Honor Society, Treas- urer 1, G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, G. O. Nominating Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Class G. O. Representa- tive 3, FlasHingS, Reporter 3, Editor 4, G. O. Representa- tive 4, A. A. Council 4, A. A. 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Manager 4, Class Night Committee 4. WILLIAMSON, LOUISE G. O. 1, 3, 4, Tri-Circle Club 3, 4, Library 3, 4, Swimming 3, Mixed Chorus 1. WOOLLEY, LEE G. O. 1, 3, Fashion Show 3, "Nothing But the Truth" 3, "A Full House" 4, Drama Club 3. WEINBERG, SIDNEY G. O., A. A. 3, 4, Traiic Squad 1, 4, Usher 3, 4, Foot- ball 4, Track 3, 4, Swimming 2, American Legion Prize Speaking Contest 1, 3. WHARTON, GEORGETFE G. O. 1, 2, 3, 4, Voyageur Typist 4, Library Club 4. fi-wyff'-'S WOOD, CYRUS G. O. 3, 4, Traffic Squad 4, FlasHingS 3, 4, Sports Ed- itor 4, Science Club 3, Usher 3, 4. Junior Class CLASS OFFICERS President ...... Williani Lindsay Vice-President . . Willard Jones Secretary. . . Dorothy Arnholfl Treasurer . . Harold A. Levin Social Secretary . . Josephine Inglinia G. 0. Representative . . Robert B. Martin. Jr. HIGH HONOR STUDENTS Dorothy Albrecht Myrtle Crevoiserat Willard Jones Mary Kirkhani Betty Letson Anne Lomnitzer Ruth Robins Philip Rothwell janet Runcie Virginia Schwaner Grace Tredwell Alma Weinhold Sophomore Class .A - . ,if . 'N CLASS OFFICERS President ....... James Coulling Vice-President . . Robert Leys Secretary . . Jane Shipper Treasurer . . . Stewart Wallace Social Secretary . . Betty Vanderwerken G. 0. Representative . . Ted Licence HIGH HONOR STUDENTS Jean Ahlgren Irving Akst Sylvia Aronson Shirley Botwin Ruth Britt Ruth Hewlett Alice Hogan Roberta Holcomb Lorraine Magan Joseph Murphy Frances Nygren Louise Owens Jean Rosenfeld Selma Reid ,lane Schiffer Fred Schwer Lorraine Stockinger Grace Sussner Richard Van Tyle Seymour Weiner W W ,z s"'L' Q NX ! 533. 15555. ff? 'V' 3 gn ff. z-' x I -4 'l ' N 20 Qt' Senior High Urganiizautiions To carry out our aims of many years We join in somewhat smaller groups, and try To work behind tho scenes and learn to make A simple thing worthwhile for future flays. National Honor Society OFFICERS Margaret Deterling . . ...... President Cuyler Westcott . . . . . , Vice-President Wanda Osiecki .... Secretary To be chosen a member of the National Honor Society is undoubtedly the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a senior of Freeport High School. The fact that it is a national organization should be sufficient to prove this, but add to it that its members must rank highest in Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service, and the proof is conclusive. The first group of members to be admitted for this year was composed of Margaret Deterling, Robert Keshefsky, Betty Greenleaf, Cuyler Westcott, Mabel Licence, Wanda Osiecki, Irving St. Claire, Zelda Marks, and Robert Bartelstone, who were notified last June before the student assembly and inducted into the chapter at the annual banquet at the Nassau Shores Country Club. The second group to be chosen was selected in an Honor Society assembly on March 7 of this year. Those honored were Newton Parks, Kenneth Miller, Juliane Aug- ner, Dixon Allo, James Hill, .lean Gold, Ann Doyle, Charles Friedman, and Walter Nichols. This year the 1934-1935 chapter has made plans to collaborate with mem- bers of the preceding chapters in compiling a record of achievements of all the members belonging to the society since its origin. This record will be ap- pended to from year to year. As each member graduates from high school and enters either college or business, every worthwhile honor that is accorded him will be registered in the book. In this manner a permanent history of the Honor Society will be on file. A feature of the Society is its annual dinner held at the Nassau Shores Country Club. The noted alumni who are members return to tell of their experiences in scholastic and business life. Always the keynote of their speeches is the importance and significance that membership in the National Honor Society carries. W I k General Organization HE General Organization has just ended one of the most successful seasons that it has ever enjoyed. At the beginning of the year the incoming council was determined and eager to carry on and uphold the lofty standards of former coun- cils. Now, as the school year closes, this worthy and efficient body, with its hopes realized, leaves its many responsibilities to be shouldered by an equally competent General Organiza- tion Council. The Council began its work by conducting a successful sale of Activities Tickets. As a result of the drive, the Cen- eral Organization was able to support the various groups which depend on it for financial aid. Fall sports, including football, hockey, and basketball were given appropriations, and money was granted the girls' hockey team and the boys' football team for entertainment purposes. The literary organs, 6'FlasHingS", '6Student", and "Voya- geur", also received appropriations with which to carry on their important Work. Now, as the term closes, the Council hopes that a most successful year is in store for the newly elected members for 1935-1936. General Organization Council President . Vice-President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Student Treasurer . . Faculty Adviser . . . Senior Class Representative . . Junior Class Representative . Sophomore Class Representative Freshman Class Representative Eighth Class Representative . Seventh Class Representative . "StudentH Representative . "FlasHingS" Representative . Year Book Representative . Drama Club Representative . Boys' A. A. Representative . Girls, A. A. Representative . Chess Club Representative . Jr. High Traffic Squacl Representative Assembly Committee Representative . Science Club Representative . Tri-Cirele Representative . Debate Club Representative . Band ancl Orchestra Representative . Robert Keshefsky . Willard Jones . Edwin Philbrick Margaret Deterling . Miss Mattson Kenneth Miller . . Mr. Jordan Robert Bartelstone Robert B. Martin . Ted Licence . James Brown Walter Mackenzie . Isabel Pettigrew Wanda Osiecki Cuyler Westcott Zelda Marks . Ray Malone Mortimer Albin . Mabel Licence Clarence Rauter . . John Tree . Carman Bode . David Small Beatrice Muratori . ,lean Gold . Walter Nichols Voyagemuur EDITORIAL STAFF Zelda Marks . Wanda Osiecki . Katherine Mackay Evelyn Drake . Shirley Pearsall . Kenneth Miller . .lean Gold . Robert Stokke . Robert Bartlestone Mabel Licence . Louis Aronson . Miss Barlow . Juliane Augner, Chief Typist Florence Simonsen Georgette Wharton Janice Daniels BUSINESS STAFF William Barasch . Charles Friedman Olga Mihalik . Robert Keshefsky Mr. Ma Hood . Gladys Butzgy Luzena Firth Inez Muratori Arnold Appleton Janice Daniels . . . . . . Editor Art Editor . Class Editor . Club Editor Literary Editor, Blank Verse Literary Editor Literary Editor Literary Editor Literary Editor Sports Editor . Sports Editor . Adviser Madeline Jones Anne Baker Anne Doyle Louise Semken Business Manager . Advertising Manager . Circulation Manager . . Photographic Manager Business Adviser Anne Doyle Gertrude McGee Beatrice Muratori Herbert Sheppard Ethel Jokumsen Voyageur FTER a thoroughly enjoyable year of work, the 1935 staff presents the "Voyageur.', The fun weive had assembling the various features, tending to each details, preparing the volume for publication, has been unlimited. We hope sincerely that you, too, will enjoy the 1935 "Voyageur.', With Miss Barlow as our capable adviser, Zelda Marks as Editor-in-Chief, and Wanda Osiecki as Art Editor, the staff has worked enthusiastically to bring new ideas and new features into the "Voyageur." Some of these have been a changed make-up, the commemoration of Miss Atkinson's fiftieth anniversary of teaching in Freeport, original blank verse introducing each section, Wanda Osiecki's modernistic art work, the additional spring sports pictures, and the Elizabethan theme. Then, realizing the importance of the Junior High Depart- ment, we set aside a special section where the classes and activities of the .lunior High are represented. While introducing the new, we have yet left the old, retaining such popular features as the Hall of Fame, the baby pictures and the informal snapshots. The Business Staff, too, under Mr. Ma Hood, has worked very efficiently and industriously to make possible this book, and their valuable work has con- tributed greatly to the success of the "Voyageur." We have finished our work, and the 1935 'nVoyageur" is yours. We hope that you will cherish it, and that it will keep with you always pleasant memories of the many things we have done together, and the people we have known. Student HE 'cSTUDENT", official magazine of Freeport High School for thirty years, member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for eleven years, this year again proved itself to be a worthy representative of the school. At the Columbia Scholastic Press Convention, the MStudent'i was rated second place. This recognizes it in the class of the finest school magazines in the country. Three issues, based respectively on the themes, Transportation, Christmas, and the Thirtieth Anniversary, were brought out under the able direction of Mrs. Bockoven and Margaret Deterling, Editor. The other members of the staff were: Associate Editors, Ruth Robins and Williani Lindsay, Art Editor, Betty Greenleaf, Social Editor, Katherine Mackay, Alumni Editor, Wanda Osieckig Sports Editor, Robert Bartelstoneg Exchange Editor, Zelda Marks, Junior High Editor, Helen Fleming: Typists, Gertrude Runcie and Kenneth Miller, Art Adviser, Miss Constable. This year four new departments were added. There were Book Reviews, Assembly Notes, Club Notes, and the Junior High Section. The reviews were 011 good books interesting to the student body. In Assembly and Club notes, reports were made of the progress and doings in the assemblies and in the various school clubs. The Junior High section was devoted entirely to news of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades, and to contributions from them. The Junior High School has thus co111e to take a high interest in the magazine. Flashings ITH the leadership of Cuyler Westcott, Editor-in-Chief, and Mr. A. L. Cosgrove, Faculty Adviser, g'FlasHingS" has taken another step forward in its progress. The peak of the season was reached at Christmas time, when a six page paper of five column, tabloid dimensions, was issued in place of the usual four. This undertaking was made possible by the efficient work of the business staff under the direction of Raymond Jansen. '4FlasHingS" again met with success at the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association, where it took third place among school newspapers that were entered from all over the country. The entire staff is to be congratulated for its success in continuing to make this paper a favorite with the student body. . . Council OFFICERS President . . . Newton Parks Vice-President . . Ray Forker Secretary .... . Edna Bedell Girls, C. 0. Represelztativv . . Mabel Licence Boys, C. 0. Represmzmtivv . . Mortimer Albin One of the outstanding groups in Freeport High is the Athletic Association Council. ln the past few years. the work of the Council as the governing body of the athletics has been somewhat lax. but through the untiring efforts of Presi- dent Newton Parks and "Morne" Albin, Boys' G. 0. Representative, it has suc- cessfully forged its way into the important position it now holds. The Council has improved its status by revising its Constitution. making such changes and amendments as were necessary for the good of the athletic body, and it has made wise decisions which necessitated careful judgment. This has been a "star" year for the A. A. and we hope it will carry on. Senior High Traffic Squad HE Senior High School Traffic Squad, one of the most important organiza- tions in Freeport High School, merits much praise for its eliicient work dur- ing the past year. From the numerous seniors who willingly offered their services the squad was chosen and divided into the NA" and MB" Squads, respectively, which alternated weekly. The traffic court which was established last year was abandoned this year as there was no apparent need for it. The members of the squads served willingly as ushers at the senior and junior high school plays and band concerts. Under the capable supervision of Mr. Frey, and the fine work of Captains Edward Watson and Mabel Licence, the squad has been very successful during '34 and '35. Assembly Committee Members Zelda Marks . ..... Chairman Ethel Jokumsen . . Program Manager Ruth Fowler ...... Publicity, Secretary Carman Bode . . House Manager, G. 0. Representative Sylvia Johnson Katherine Colyer Edward Watson HE Assembly Committee should be highly commended for the exceedingly attractive and entertaining programs which it has presented to the student body during the school year of 1934-1935. After the first two assemblies, which were the rally for the sale of Activities Tickets and an activities assembly, the committee presented such well-known personages as Dr. Stanley Krebs, Dr. A. M. Nielson, and Mr. Duffield of the L'Tin1es.'7 The band and orchestra presented several musical programs which proved even more successful than those of former years. The Assembly Committee wishes to extend its sincere thanks to those organizations which have helped so Inuch in the presentation of better and more entertaining assembly programs. N V ' ' Debate Club 4 J HE purpose of the Debate Club is to bring together young people who have mutual interests where current day problems and events are concerned. From the members of the club, the debate team was chosen. The team gave many excellent performances, contesting against Oceanside, Baldwin, South Side, Bay Shore, and its traditional rival, Peekskill. This year, the team attained the enviable record of winning all their Long Island debates. Due to the efforts of its President, Ruth Robinsg Vice-President, Willialn Serbyg Secretary, Beatrice Muratorig Treasurer, Charles Friedman, G. 0. Representative, Jean Gold, Team Captain, Zelda Marks, and Faculty Adviser, Mr. Smith, the club has had a very successful season. The most important topic debated was: Resolved: That the federal gov- ernment should give annual grants to the states for the equalizing of educational opportunities. Science Club President . . John Stokke Vice-President . . . James Hill Secretary . Margaret Deterling Treasurer . . . . J ack Lowe G. 0. Representative . . David Small Adviser . . . . Mr. Jordan PROMINENT club in the school this year is the Science Club. This worthy organization comprises thirty students, all of whom are interested in science in all its phases. Each week the club has enjoyed programs which have included lectures, motion pictures, and interesting experiments. The Science Club has visited many places of interest, including the sur- rounding schools and near-by factories. Through these various visits, the mem- bers have gained a great deal of knowledge concerning the diversified fields of science in which they all show such an active interest. Masque and Wig Club i 1 ITH its membership numbered at forty-one, the Drama Club is again under the skillful guidance of Miss Maude Marean, after having enjoyed a successful year under the competent direction of Mr. Jones. The members of this club have presented many worth while one-act plays and recitals. Among the plays were "'Red Carnation," 'LTWO Crooks and a Ladyf, "Just for Justin," "The Burglar," and "The Pot Boilerf, ln the pro- duction of these plays, the undisputed talents of our many dramatically in- clined students have been discovered. The Drama Club cooperated in making Girls' Week a success by present- ing two one-act plays, hlust for Justinf' and "Spreading the News." This club also contributed money for the trophy case fund. The Drama Club seems to gain more popularity as the years pass by, and its members deserve all the praise that can be bestowed on them for their many stellar performances. President . . . Zelda Marks Vice-President . . Harold A. Levin Secretary . . .lean Cold Treasurer . . . . Fred Patterson C. 0. Representative . Ray Malone Adviser . . . . . Miss Marean Tri4CCircle Club Ojicers President . . . Florence Tonjes Vice-President . Eileen Neuman Secretary . Alma Weinhold Treasurer . . . . Mary Lyons G. O. Representative . Beatrice Muratori Faculty Adviser . . Miss Bates ITH Florence Tonjes as its president, the Tri-Circle Club of Freeport High School this year has attained new heights of achievement. The pledge of service to school and community which each member had made has been faith- fully kept. The girls have acted as hostesses and have served on committees at such functions as tl1e Faculty dinner, the Hi-Y dinner, and the reception to the mothers and daughters during Girls' Week. Other activities of the club included entertaining the Library Club at a tea, making garments for the Needlework Guild, sponsoring a fashion show, and contributing money for the 118W trophy case. The alumnae branch which was formed last year has continued the helpful work which the members started during their high school days. Library Club 1 e NDER its organizer and leader, Miss Swan, the Library Club has be- come one of the foremost clubs of the school. In past years, the money taken in through dues, cake sales, movie benefits and other money-making projects was used to buy furniture and books for the library. However, this year, the money was contributed to help pay for a trophy case in the school, and to aid Girls' Week. The purpose of the club is to aid the librarian in her routine and to become better acquainted with the library and with literary works that interest all book lovers. The club has reached its full capacity this year, boasting thirty members, with many underclassmen eagerly awaiting its activities of the new term. President . Eleanor Sunshine Vice-President . . Inez Muratori Secretary . . Evelyn Drake Treasurer . . . . . Ethel J okumsen G.0.Representives ,lean Gabriel, Peggy Kremelberg Faculty Adviser . .... Miss Swan Senior High School Ure hestra R. FREY has again directed a Senior High orchestra of which everyone is proud. A musical organization in which the talent of its individual members has been skillfully blended into a beautiful tonal ensemble, it has received frequent and widespread praise. Among the many special programs in which the orchestra took part were the Baldwin Good Will Meeting, a concert during National Education Week, the Community Christmas Program, and the Christmas Alumni Assembly. The section heads were Margaret Deterling, pianosg Hubert Cainer, stringsg Joseph Dlabola, woodwindsg Harry Rantsch, brassg Arnold Fishkind, bassesg and Pierre Canese, drums. Walter Nichols was manager, Willard Jones librarian, and Hubert Cainer student director. The class of 1935 thanks Mr. Frey and his orchestra for much pleasant musical entertainment. Band HE band has been enthusiastically received whenever it has appeared in public. To every football game it has brought the lively, colorful atmosphere of a college contest, and has spurred the team on to greater efforts. However, the band's playing hasn't been confined to athletic contests alone. It contributed to a large variety of activities. Among these were the dedication of the Meadowbrook Causeway and the Grove Theatre Benefit, where enough money was made to buy chimes for the band and the orchestras. The section heads of the band were Harry Rantsch for trumpets, Joseph Dlabola for clarinets, Millard Dickerson for saxophones, Veronica Dorney for horns, Fred Ohms for trombones, John Stenswold for baritones, Elmer Siev- wright for basses, and Pierre Canese for drums. Walter Nichols was manager, John Stenswold, librarian, and Harry Rantsch was student director. To Mr. Frey and his band, the best of luck is the wish from the class of 1935. Senior High School Girls, Chorus R NDER the direction of Miss Roberts, the Senior High School Girls' Chorus has developed into an active organization. Its membership consists of thirty-five girls who have met three periods every week and who receive for their work a quarter of a unit towards graduation. According to the girls, it is a very pleasant and worth while way to earn credits. Barbara Steiert is their accompanist. During the year the student body has been entertained by their voices on many occasions, among them the Educational Week Program, the concert in November, and the annual Orchestra and Glee Club Concert in May. The highlight of their season was the special Christmas program which they presented for the Junior High Assembly. Many of the old carols were sung by a specially selected chorus. The girls were dressed in long, black robes with deep white collars and were seated on a dimly lighted stage. This was one of the most impressive assembly programs of the year. Cheer Leaders NDER the efficient guidance of Miss Lawless, the cheer leading squad enjoyed a most successful year, both from the standpoint of arousing enthusi- asm in the student body and of serving as medium between contestants and spectators at the athletic contests. Betty Letson, Edward Bechtold and Robert Donaldson formed the nucleus of a squad to which ten active assistants, Charlotte Obey, Caroline Patterson, Adele Frank, Bob Kurz, Peggy Winne, Marjorie Cunningham, Mary Harrison, Garrett Thomas, Ruth Britt and Virginia Schwaner were later added. At foot- ball, basketball and baseball games, assemblies, pep meetings, and the band movie benefit at the Grove Theatre, these red and white clad dynamos were very much in evidence. Probably no organization in our school system has done more to promote school spirit and sportsmanship and to add to the prestige of Freeport High than this capable, energetic group of cheer leaders. f 56 f WNV' umliior High Our youngvr arlors enter on thv scmw And :wen now they smrt to talfv our place. Tlw rolvs zur' play lo tlwm u'0 soon musl Ieaveg Thvir "buds" are not so very far lllflly. fr. 2 1'-'J4 V, ! I ' l HQ!! fl' w vi, A S 44 .- if ' 4 l - rwjfm' F ,1 Freshman Class f A'fff6er,,f rf , A , JW ,111 ,Yiwu V Nw 53. UMW5 r VJ' Lx 1 s ,I 'J if H' U, 'x U H., .,H,.,L.i,cJu-, Lx X-,f,f,-l,, ',,: LJ Nl' I: :lst-F-:N CLASS OFFICERS President ....... Fred Friedman Vice-President . . Virginia Miller Secretary . . . Pearl Lombaer Treasurer . . . . Helen Fleming Social Secretary . . . Geraldine Lombaer G. 0. Representative . . James Brown gf ,W KJ Q F Q Eighth Grade HIGH HONOR STUDENTS Carl Muller Betty Jane O'Brien Doris Run C. 0. Represent t ue .... Walter Macken Seventh Grade HIGH HONOR STUDENTS Vincent Cardinale Betty Muller Robert Smith Phillip Millard Isabel Pettigrew Joseph Sussner Donald J ones George Schutte ,lane Young Donald Miller Kathlyn Smith C. 0. Representative . . . . . Isabel Pettigrew Seventh Grade Gllee Club EIGHTH GRADE GLEE CLUB P ldent ....... Vll'gllll3 Be I -President . Dorothy B etary-Treasu . Mary Cl .Junior High School Urehestra Violins : Seymour Newman Marjorie Ashton Emanual Pupilidy John Haass Constance Moore Milton Wlilliam Virginia Rose David J axheimer Albert Da Silva Margaret Dow Garnetta Shea Cadelia Shea Paul Sands Robert Posner Otto Martinsen M anclolin: Roger Dittrich Cello: Barbara Gockley Director Manager Librarian . Student Director . PERSONNEL Basses: Mary Lutz Rita Strangfeld Jane Young Flute: Joan Giblyn Clarinets: James Harrison Alfred Walters Alto Clarinet: Anthony Klein Saxopliones: Frank Capazzoli Arthur Genniver Trumpets: William Roberts Richard Shebe Fred Essex Robert Starke OFFICERS Trombones: Carmen Rini Jack Boyle Katherine Ward Drums: Thurston Gaines Norman Carnie Louis Klemn Helen Bingham Katherine Eddy Charles Bohlen Pianos: Charles Lutz Shirley Botwin Guitar: Tom Arnold Accordion: Walter Jorgensen Mr. Peter H. Frey Walter Nichols Anthony Klein William Roberts National Junior Honor Society HE Freeport division of the National Junior Honor Society has completed the fourth year of its existence by faithfully upholding the high ideals and worthy principles of its predecessors and the Senior High School chapter. This year the induction, held in January, was written and supervised by the original members, ,lean Fenner, President, Albert Da Silva, Vice-President, Malcolm Komitor, Treasurer, Virginia Miller, Secretary, Edith McKenna, Helen Fleming, Margaret Goller, Audrey Hanse, ,loan Giblyn, Glentworth Lamb and Virginia Stewart. Those who were admitted to the National Junior Honor Society in an impressive ceremony included Horst Schweighofer, Beryl Allo, Billy Thomp- son, Geraldine Lomhaer, Carol Osten, Quentin Wald, ,lean Duncan, Pearl Lom- haer, Ralph Donnelly, Edward Bogowsky, and Mary Lutz from the ninth grade, and Betty Joan 0'Brien, Phyllis Schiff, Carl Muller, Mary Close, Dean Gould, Ruth Conzen, Walter MacKenzie and Julia Lewis from the eighth grade. These students have heen honored according to the four cardinal objectives of the National Honor Society: Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. Thus it may he truthfully said that these are boys and girls who will, in future years, attain prominence in the affairs of our school. 91th Grade CIHOTUS A - Ark.. H-- L-31.7 r4L..., JUNIOR TRAFFIC SQUAD 5410 Captain ....... ,lean Fenner Captain ........ Glen Lamb G. 0. Representative ..... John Tree Junior Red Cross Council - . .eww-Nm.-mmwwm, v-W'-Men-N-1-'mm . .fe-V, M W , EIGHTH GRADE COUNCIL President ....... Edith Arenholz Vice-President . . . Charlotte Keezer Secretary and Treasurer . . . Doris McLain Representative to County Conferences . Charles Helwig Reporters . . Florence Geller, Leonard Freeman SEVENTH GRADE COUNCIL President . Vice-Presiden t Secretary . Treasurer . Representative Reporter . . . . . . Daniel Chapman . . Stephen Keshefsky . . Doris Randall . . . . . Wilbur Hoglander to County Conference . Doris Avidan . . . . . Stephen Keshefsky nruj' 5 XX aw g S 5' 512, , . QQ' 1' J Sports Another group in lighter vein we finrl, Pursuers of a wholesome active fun. They need no flowing robe or stilted style. Their sl-:ill and fortitude Count much in life Football NE cannot help wondering at the pluck and courage the football team displayed after dropping close decisions or playing an agonizing tie game. We pay tribute to our gallant co-captains, Watson and Keleher, and to Coach O'Donovan for imbuing the team with his unconquerable spirit. Although some might consider the season somewhat unsuccessful, no one can detract from the praise and credit which rightfully belongs to a team often outmatched and outweighed, but never outfought. No one will ever forget the thrilling second-half drive to victory in the Textile game, or the grim goal line stands in the Baldwin game. Without attempting to offer as an excuse for losing games the fact that the team had a difficult schedule, we will, nevertheless, prophesy that next year, with a less overhalanced schedule, Freeport will end up with an enviable record. We sincerely hope that Captain-elect Harold Carr may lead the team to victory in every game. Squad list: Keleher, Watson fco-captainsj, Paraspola, Brown, Drobinska, Parks, Allo, Carr, Schaeffer, Aronson, Hershkowitz, Sievwright, Cainer, Can- non, Thorn, Lynch, Freeman, Maxwell flettermenj, Moran, E. Anderson, Cas- sasa, McCabe, Lugrin, Glenz, Moore, Marshall, Morrow, J. Stokke, R. Stokke, Stevenson, Muro, J. Anderson. Boys' Basketball l UR basketball team, captained by Newton Parks, started the season with enthusiasm, annexing six consecutive victories before being defeated by Samuel Tilden in a close game. Then, to show that this lapse was only an accident, they ran up five more victories before slumping again, by losing to Sewanhaka and Mineola. However, the Red Devils recovered quickly and finished the season with four more victories and an unfortunate defeat by Baldwin. To the perseverance and ability of Glen O'Donovan as a coach, we owe the success of our basketball team which ranks with the best 011 Long Island. Its defence was almost impregnable, due in great part to the fine back-court work of Brown and Watson. Verity, Goudge, and Parks complete this re- markable quintet augmented by Hershkowitz, Sternard and Murphy. The team, which was greatly handicapped by the loss of Dickerson and Scudder, our centers, carried on with the aid of the capable reserves, the nucleus of next yearls varsity. Squad list: Brown, Watson, Parks fcaptainj , Verity, Goudge, Hershkowitz, Morrow, Cruickshank, Moran, Sternard, Murphy, Donaldson, Penta, Searfoss, Stareke, Freeman, Freeman, Drobinska, McCabe, Bartlestone. Hockey FTER spending a week in August at a world-famous hockey camp, the hockey girls started practice for a successful season. The excellent coaching of llfliss Clark enabled the girls to win three games tie two, and lose three. At the annual Long lsland Field Hockey Association Tournament, Freeport came out on top when they won three games and tied one in the round-robin games. Our team was successful in getting two girls on the first team and two on the second team of the All-Long Island Hockey Team. Veronica Dorney and "Milos" Licence received the first team honors, and 'nJi1mnie" Elliott and Mary Vestal placed on the second team. Freeport can hoast of a good hockey team. May Miss Clark do as well next year. Squad: Aaronson, Arnhold, Avidan, Britt, Baker, Colman, Cordaro, Dorney, Drescher, Elliott, Hershkowitz, Kurz, Morgan, Mackay, Meighan, Moser, Pupulidy, Rosenfeld, Raynor, Pearce, Richard, Stauhack, Simonsen, Vestal, Van Riper, Weinhold, Weinberg, Wright, Yetman. Licence fCaptainJ, Leihowitz fManagerj. Girlsg Basketball HE Freeport High School Girls' Basketball Team, led by Captain Edna Bedell and Coach Clark, have had a very successful season. The girls have gone through an unbeaten season, nine games in all, and with these nine games added to those of last year, it totals twelve consecutive games for the girls. Witll such sharpshooters as Vestal, Dorney, Runcie, Drescher, and Van Kiper, the girls piled up huge scores to topple their various opponents. These feats of athletic prowess are overshadowed only by the sterling game played by the guards, Bedell, Inglima, and Licence. The unsung heroes of all successful seasons are the unglorified a'scrubs". These girls come to practice every night, take a 6'beating" from the varsity. and come up smiling. They deserve more than a vote of thanks, so let's give theln the 'fNine for the Scrubs". Squad: Ackerman, Baker, Banker, Biederman, Britt, Dammas, Dorney, Drescher, Elliott, Inglima, Licence, Parfert, Mott, Rapp, Runcie, Sheard, Van Riper, Vestal, W'right. Bedell QCaptaini, Runcie, Hicks flilanagersi. Bcovysg Track BOYS, BASEBALL BOYS' TENNIS Girls, Track GIRLS' BASEBALL BOYS' SWIMMING I V K?- S K? x L ,. Cfigqf E se, . gg x ,L , 1 ,'ux Features These features form the program of our play, Each player and his role herein is found, Wvith slight commvnt on that which he has done WW hope that each may play far greater parts. Class Diary P, AND to a new place called Freeport High School where we started an eventful four-year journey to graduation. Next, to the voting place to choose a goodly group to rule us. They, happily, included President Irving St. Claire, Vice President Clarence Rauterg Secretary James Hill, Social Secretary Mabel Licence, Treasurer Helen Newman, and G. 0. Representative Margaret Deterling. To the Freshman Tea Dance and a mighty merry time. This was our first social affair and upper classes talk of our initial success. Heard, in February, a goodly group of speeches at the American Legion Prize Speaking Contest where we were excellently represented by Sidney Weinberg. Verily, we do find, at the National Junior Honor Society induction, those who will heap intellectual glory at our humble feet. They do include Robert Keshefsky, Gertrude Runcie, Margaret Deterling, Wanda Osiecki, Cuyler Westcott, James Hill, Robert Bartelstone, Florence Simonson, Margaret Albrecht, Betty Greenleaf, and Robert Stokke. Pleased mightily and work on towards other projects, gifted with quiet confidence. Away and betimes to school. We are sophomores and nicely pleased. By night to the Senior High School Play where Zelda Marks and Fred Patterson joyously waved our banner. Comes January, and, we are told by friendly upper classmen, of the dreaded tests of learning. By invitation, to examination rooms where we give a mighty leap and successfully clear another obstacle on our way to graduation. On a happy, pleasant morning to choose our escorts. Truly, it was a hard fight, the winners being well pleased. Those so honored were Robert Keshef- sky, President, Katherine Mackay, Vice-President, Helen Newman, Secretary, Robert Bartlestone, Treasurer, Katherine Dunn, Social Secretary, and Robert Stokke, G. 0. Representative. To our accounts, where we find that a goodly number of our class are members of the many clubs and organizations throughout our school. 1934- Up, and a warm morning, to begin a most pleasant season. They do tell us that we are soon to reside in Senior abodes. Thus, we do settle 'down to begin a mighty industrious time. Rumors of the proximity of Senior paradise prove an incentive to our work, much knowledge is thus gained, and new leaders are gladly acclaimed. These are chosen to guide us ever nearer to our goal: President, Robert Bartelstoneqg Vice-President, Robert Keshefskyg Sec- retary, Margaret Deterlingg Social Secretary, Barbara Wright, Treasurer, Mabel Licence, and G. 0. Representative, Cuyler Westcott. Hearing there is to be a National Honor Society induction, we to the meeting place where several enjoy the results of those honored we espy Margaret Deterling, Cuyler Westcott, Mabel Licence, Robert Bartelstone, Rob- ert Keshefsky, Betty Greenleaf, Irving St. Claire, Zelda Marks and Wanda Osiecki. Wie do also find a sports goddess in our midst as Mabel Licence is honored as the first four-letter girl in the history of our school. Truly, this girl does bring great honor to our class. After, to the arena where we do battle the mighty muscled Seniors on Class Day. The sun is dimmed before these dignified sons of F. H. S. recover, for they have lost the laurels of this gladly joyous day to an even lnightier muscled group of Juniors. Now, we do prepare for our last year in the school which has grown dearer as the burning suns of each season floor the skies with a rush of color. A hard battle ahead, but we do feel that the last three years have benefited us in many ways. Expectantly we await the time when we shall once more return to our classes. 1935- This morning, to that long sought goal, Room 200. Faces are determined, joyous, calm, or indifferent, but everyone is glad to begin another season with tried and loyal companions. And so to the gridiron where crowds thrill to the cry of "hold that line." We did glimpse Hubert Cainer and Donald Maxwell among a snarl of tangled arms and legs. Again betook ourselves to the Stadium where Captain Mabel Licence did lead the ranks of her hockey team against all comers. At night to the Senior High Play where Katherine Colyer, Shirley Pearsall, Jean Gold and Fred Patterson did outdo themselves in their successful attempt to scale the heights of Mt. Thespianism. Soon after, to the court where Captain Parks, aided by Edward Watson and George Brown, led our quintet through a satisfying schedule. We do glimpse an exceedingly busy man in Cuyler Westcott, who, this year, leads "FlasHingS,, on to new successes. His companions in the field of literature are Margaret Deterling and Zelda Marks, who have done so well in editing the 'cStudent" and the "Voyageur". The scratching pens of these three, together with their efficient helpers, have clone much to lighten a sometimes tiresome burden. To the meeting place where several of our class are honored by member- ship in the National Honor Society. These wise and learned people do include Jean Gold, Newton Parks, Kenneth Miller, Walter Nichols, Anne Doyle, Julianne Augner, James Hill and Charles Friedman. At last, to the final barrier between us and that long-sought goal, gradua- tion. With merry spirits, we do prepare ourselves to conquer the once-'dreaded Regents. Now, with a truly mighty leap, the last obstacle is cleared. Commencement is approached with hearts both joyous and sad-joyous, perhaps because we do leave an enviable record behind, sad, because we shall bid adieu to the scenes of many a gladly pleasant time. And so we do betake ourselves away. This four-year journey has done much to prepare us for what does lie ahead, and for this preparation, we 'do sincerely thank those who have given us their knowledge so that we can face the world with the quiet confidence that is so necessary while searching for our goal, Success. x -P as 1. in -Q X 5 A i i an 1 9-3 1-131 VK was-nn, ik 2533 I .,.. 4 1 GSA Full Housegg NCE more the curtain has rung down on the last act of the annual Senior High School Play, and another outstanding occasion of the year has passed. The vehicle for this clever performance was MA Full House," a three-act farce by Fred Jackson. Ottily a11d George Howell, bride and groom, Daphne Chartres and Ned Pembroke, lovers, Susie Sponge and Parks, meddling serv- ants, Miss Winnacker, old-maid aunt, Nicholas King, suave crook, Mrs. John Pembroke, society matron, Mrs. Fleming, irate landlady, Vera Vernon, clever chorus girl, Kearney, Mooney, and the Sergeant, pompous policemen, all did their part to furnish an evening of fun in a play such as only our coach, Miss Marean, could produce. Many performers made their last appearance on this stage at this time. The cast included: Katherine Colyer Stanley Cutts . Jean Gold . Fred Patterson . Edith Faber Leon Dobbin . Shirley Pearsall 35 Francis Reilley i ' Loretta Sofield . Betty Letson Lee Woolley . William Lindsay Robert B. Martin WllSOIl Brown . Hallll of Fame oo ' 'Ho fhwh 67' ,N " x 1349! -A9 U 940: 1DAl+9 Edward Watson ,J 4 Zelda Marks Mabel Licence Robert Keshefsky Mar Mary Edith Morgan Newton Parks garet Deterling f '24 Boys, Week HIS year the Senior Class introduced into Freeport High School a feature new to Freeport as well as to the rest of Long Island. Under the guidance of Mr- Mansperger and Miss Cochran, and under the general sponsorship of the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion, we inaugurated a Boys' Week and a Girls' Week. 0ne whole Week was set aside to be devoted particularly to the boys of our school, and another especially to the girls. Speakers were obtained and various events interest- ing to each group were presented. Each of the weeks was student-planned, the boys aided by Mr. Mansperger and the girls by Miss Cochran. Boys' Week took place during the third week in October. At the beginning of the school year, the Boys' Week Committee, elected by the boys' and composed of Chairman Ed. Watson, Donald Maxwell, Ray Forker, Kenneth Miller and Hubert Gainer, met with Mr. Mansperger and worked diligently to plan the week. The boys, aided by the co-operation of the churches, the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion, the Exchange Club, the Village of Freeport, and local newspapers, were most suc- cessful in realizing these objectives. The first day of Boys' Week, Sunday, October 14th, was designated by the pastors of various churches of Freeport as Father and Son xSunday. Fathers attended church serv- ices with their sons and special programs were arranged. On Monday the week was officially opened in the high school. At 8:30 in the morn- ing a mass meeting of all the boys in the school 'was held to hear an address by Major Edward D. Cray. Major Cray, President of the New York Vocational Guidance Associa- tion, was one of the originators of National Boys' Week, and in 1925 was the Executive Director of the New York City Boys' Week. Monday was sponsored by the boys' unit of the Freeport Hi-Y Organization. The theme of the next main day, Wednesday, was "Sports and Development". In the morning Tom Thorp, famous football star and coach, was guest speaker. The evening program was sponsored by the Exchange Club. At this time some six hundred fathers with their sons gathered in the auditorium to hear such interesting speakers as Mayor Patterson, Mr. Richard Winchester of the Exchange Club, Mr, Dodd and MI. Mans- perger. There then followed a concert by the ihigh school band. The boys and their ffihhers later adjourned to the gymnasium, where cider and doughnuts closed an enjoy- a e evening. Friday was devoted to the theme, "How to 'Get the tM0st Out of Life". The main speaker of the day wa.s Dr. Charles E. Barker, noted physician and Rotary Club speaker. At 8:30 he addressed the boys on "What -I Wish My Father Had 'Told Me", after which the boys were given an opportunity to discuss personal problems with him. In the after- noon, Dr. Barker also addressed Baldwin High School, and in the evening the Parent- Teacher Association presented him to a large body fof parents. On Friday afternoon a group of Freeport High School boys had the novel oppor- tunity of taking over the village government. Each of the village offices was iilled by a boy elected by the whole body. Ray Malone took Mayor Patterson's position, Newton Parks became Chief of Police, and Bob Bartelstone became Village Clerk. The Manager of the Sanitary Department was Bill Lindsayg and the Fire Chief was Edward Bechtold. Edgar Whitmore was Treasurefrg Joe Brown, Corporation Counsel, Jack Lngrin, Siuper- intczndenit of Buildingsg Allen Stokke, Assessorg Donald Jones, Manager of the Line De- par men . The week was brought to a close on Saturday by a huge Father and iSon parade. Accompanied by the high school band, more than five hundred fathers and sons paraded to the Municipal Stadium. Here, from especially reserved seats on the fifty yard line, they watched an exciting football game between Freeport and Edison Vocational Tech- nical School of Mount Vernon. The week was a great success, both from the educational and recreational stand- point, and the boys are to be highly praised for the fine results. Girls, Week IRLS' WEEK was held during the first week of April. Near the close of the last school year, the girls elected a committee, composed of Chairman Margaret Deterling, Mabel Licence, Wanda Osiecki, Ruth Fowler and Mary Edith Morgan, to take charge of preparations for the program. These girls worked industriously with Miss Cochran and sub-committees until an interesting week was scheduled. The effort that the girls used to make the week a success was well rewarded, and their objectives were all attained. Girls' Week started on Sunday, March 31. This day was Mother and Daughter Sunday in the churches, and the pastors of various churches held appropriate observances of the occasion. On Monday morning a mass meeting of all the girls of the school was held in the auditorium. Here they heard an address by the eminent Dr. Arthur Frank Payne. Dr. Payne, Consulting Psychologist of City, College of New York, spoke on '6How Can I Understand Myself." On Wednesday afternoon the girls and their mothers met in the High School auditorium. Here the Drama Club presented two plays, coached by Miss Marean, with all-girl casts. One was 'flust for Justin", in which Loretta So- field, Lucille Shore, Marjorie Cunningham, Gertrude Dobbin, Peggy Winne, Geraldine Lombaer and Pearl Lombaer played, the other play was l'Spread- ing the News", by Lady Gregory. The cast of this included Shirley Pearsall, Marjorie Cunningham, Audrey Leff, Jean Gold, Geraldine Lombaepr, Lee Woolley, Lucille Shore, Charlotte Amende, Audrey Hanse and Margaret Goller, Between the presentation of the two plays, duets were sung by Peggy Winne and Winifred Davidson. Another feature of the afternoon was a concert by a special girls' orchestra directed by Mr. Frey. After this entertainment, the mothers and daughters adjourned to the gymnasium, where a reception was held. There, the Parent-Teachers Association, aided by the Girls' Chapter of the Hi-Y, served refreshments. On Thursday, in the morning, the girls heard Dr. Anna Reed, Personnel Director of the New York University School of Education. Dr. Reed, a famous authority on vocational education, member of the National Education Associa- tion, and of the National Association of Deans of Women, and one of America's most outstanding women in the field of education, addressed the girls of the Senior and Junior High School on a'What About the Future?" She remained at the school the whole day to consult with girls about their vocational and educational problems. Dr. Reed also spoke to the members of the High School Parent-Teachers Association after school, when she made many valuable sug- gestions to the mothers and teachers assembled. Friday night, which closed the week's activities, was Sports and Recreation Night. Two large teams, the Red and the White, competed in various indoor games. Another feature of the evening was an exhibition of dancing and acro- batics. The great success of Girls' Week was due to the hard work of the girls, and the enthusiastic co-operation of the school as well as to the helpful support of such outside organizations as the Athena Club, the Ruth Floyd Woodhull Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Town of Hemp- stead Chapter of the Zonta International, and the Parent-Teachers Association. The committee was able to provide something of interest and of educational value for each girl, and the girls deserve to be highly congratulated for this worthwhile achievement. Name Mortimer Albin Margaret Albrecht Barbara Allen Dixon Allo Wilbur Anderson Arnold Appleton Louis Aronson Juliane Augner Anne Baker William Barasch Robert Bartelstone William Becker Edna Bedell Bernard Bellman Gustav Berkel Verona Biederman Benita Blanlns Carmen Bode Emily Boll Margaret Bower Wlilliam Boyle George Brown Wilson Brown Ann Bremer Evelyn Brumme Gladys Bu-tzzy Ruth Burtis Carlos Canalizo Gfrayce Carr William Casey Frank Christopulos Florence Cohen Grace Colman Katherine Colyer Robert Corby Charles C-ordaro Marie 'Crevoiserat Janice Daniels Class Cast Favorite Role Huey Long Quiet May Tarzan's mate Barnacle Bill Ed Wynn Busy Little Bee Samuel Johnson Einstein Helen Wills Moody George Raft Arthur Murray Ten second man Audrey Dracula Ezra Mme. Schumann- Heink Professional mode-l The Deacon Sphinx Miss Skinner Richard Halliburton A good guard Fred Astaire An economist ,Housewife Mathematician Mrs. May Johnny Weissmul-ler Queen of Sheba J. R. the wonder Professor Joe Palooka Snoop Katherine Cornell Big Game Hunter Carideo Two-timer Paderewski Mary Elizabeth Davis Artiste Scene G. O. Meeting In German class In a jungle Good Ship Lollipop English period Makin' "honey" Blacksmith shop Studying In some racket Roosevelt Dancing with tears in his eyes Breaking the tape An innocent bystander A haunted house Lost in a fog Reaching high C Modeling On the platform Listening School room On 'the highway The first team Doin' the Lindy Economics class Home 216 Chevy coupe In a tank Among those present Friday English Getting a Phi Beta Kappa Key Calm and collected Snoopin' Any stage Shooting "ivory" In the courts Worrying about it Music Hall Any good one Lines Ladeez and Gentlemen Ein, Zwei, Drei O-lee o-o-o! Ahoy, mates Tee-hee-is this f-u-n-n-y? Was she fine! Did you hear this one? I gotta study Your serve 7-come-11 May I cut? I'm starting training tomorrow Audrey laughed and laughed and . . . Boo! What? I wanna sing I need some clothes I'm going steady She says, and I says Going my way? Yes, coach Can you follow? My stock went up ' Any new recipes ? Take 2 X y2z3 Saved by the bell Help! Help! Now, Eddie- I'm a Communist! Now, children . . . Ho-hum Got any dirt? Romeo, where art thou? I got spots before my eyes I wanna change my name What to do? Oh, Ignatz to you! Any violets? Name James DeJoia Ruth Davis Margaret Deterling Mary Dickson Elizabeth Dodd Leon Dobbin Veronica Dorney Anne Doyle Evelyn Drake Joseph Drobinski Luzena Firth Charles Friedman Ruth Fowler Robert Fox Raymond Forker Hubert Gainer George Glacius Jean Gold Robert Gray Elizabeth Greenleaf Allen Hanington Robert Hartlieb Marian Haskins Ophelia Haynes James Hill John Horn-drup Polly Hummel Maurice Isenberg Sylvia Johnson Ethel Jokumsen Madeline Jones Virginia Kearns Th-omas Keogh Robert Keshefsky Robert Kirchgessner George Kittredge Robert Klemm Kathryn Lange Russell Leigh Mabel Licence Jack Lowe Mary Lyons Catherine Mackay CLASS CAST-Continued Favorite Role Paul Whiteman Barbara Hutton Sleeping Beauty Mrs. Lloyd Seaman Sophisticated lady Benjamin Franklin Mother "Goose" Mr. Cosgrove's Secretary Katrinka Keith Brown President D. G. E. Rubinoff Irene Beasley Trumpet Player Henry Ford Lady-face Hen-"peeked" Lily Pons Casper Milquetoast Texas Guinan Voice of Experience A vstooge Kate Smith Caruso Charles Atlas Chauffeur Susabella Flag-waver Greta Garbo Silent partner Mae West Mrs. Ace Forest ranger Mussolini Popeye Geo. M. Cohan One of the Jones -boys Lady Mal Campbell Capablanoa Blonde Bombshell Lindy Marie Dressler Edna May Oliver Scene Orchestra Woolworths The Packard Lloyd-ering In the rui-ns With a printing press In the "Red" At the Royal Windmill U-p in the air Keeping order In a barber shop Before the mike Blowing Underneath Track meet In the coop Acting up With Edith A hot spot Barber shop Listening Dancing with my shadow Being heard On a soap box Chauffeuring With a Goo-Goo A short wave set Swimming In Bode's car St. Louis Bridge party A tent With the gavel Angling With a shovel Eating hamburgers Henry Ford's Stooge At the chess board ' Gletting another "F" A cockpit Club meetings Year Book meeting Lines Toot-toot, Wantagh How many? I got a meeting Oh, gosh! Got a match? You can't print that "Ken" you take it? Next I'm in Dutch He flys thru the air . . . Please! Be quiet Not too short Coax me to sing, please Toot-toot Some car! Are you captain? Heyg Peck! Curtains! Yes, dear Hi-de-hi Now, I'd say- Go on I'm getting fat Louder, please Give me seven days Yes, M'aam Oh! Joe! Jake sent me I tank I go home Goin' home? Beulah, peel me a grape Please pass the peanuts !-i'?!!x mosquitoes The meeting will . . Just a fis-h Don't stop me if . . I'll gladly pay No gas! Your move Play, Don- Contact Hello, Aunt Polly No meeting today? Name Arthur Magan Raymond Malone Mary Marks Zelda Marks Robert Martin Donald Maxwell Gilbert McClellan Gertrude McGee Ann McNally Gladys Miller Virginia Mentil Louise Mieyeri Olga Mihalik Kenneth Miller Marie Mitchell Leonora Moore Robert Moore Walter Moore Mary Edith Morgan Libby Moser Marian Moser ' Beatrice Muratori Inez Muratori Eileen Neumann Walter Nichols Wanda Osiecki Marjorie Osten Newton Parks Fred Patterson Shirley Pearsall Marjorie Peck Helen Peckeftt Jack Peters Esther Plotsky George Price Jennie Primavera Edward Ramsteck Clarence Rauter Harry Rantsch Evelyn Rees Claire Renton Myrtle Renton Sylvia Rudloff Gertrude Runcie CLASS CAST-Continued Favorite Role Gene Sarazen The Great Mouthpiece Sally, the stenog Dan Webster Chevalier Bing Crosby The Thin Man Clara Bow Ruby Keeler Minnie Mouse Wrigley's best tomer Chatter box Olive Oyl Shylock Hanger--onner Mrs. Eddie Nat Holman Dapper Dan All-American girl Jean Harlow An alumna Betty-co-ed Mrs. Astorbilt Libby Holman The Thinker Helen of Troy Miss Swan Gigolo ' Walter Hampden Dancing Lady Equestrienne Cal Coolidge Anthony Trini Dick Tracy Dough-boy Mona Lisa McClelland Barclay Al Smith Johnny Davis Mary Mixup Polar Bear Kay Rawls Sylvia Hostess CUS- Scene 19th hole Talking A desk The rostrum French IV class Bar-room Coliseum In the sticks Great White Way Snoozin' Gdzmming the works Talking Barnacle Bill's sweetie U. S. mint Dallying ' With Eddie Basketball court Collar ad Telephone Typing F. H. S. With her college boy The 400 The Choir Band rehearsal Pavillon Library Roseland Going Ham Hamlet With the Hoffman girls Holding the reins Pondering With a library blonde Listenin Knneedin dough Moaning low Drawing crowds Soap box Playing Skidding Breaking the ice Sun and Surf Dre-a-mland Home g 77 Lines So I says . . . Where's the fire? What's on, babe? My worthy opponent - ! 'F ? ! May I sing? Croon to me, Don. C'mup and see me. Hurray Wantagh! ! My pet corn Sh-h-h. Chaw-chaw Go on. I'll come down and 1 you in Gimme! Don't mind me Eddie! In the bucket Where's my valet? I gotta date Benny sent me I wanna pension He go-es to college! I cawn't Sound your A Okay, Pete Her own 2 cents, pliz I'll 'be back To be or not to be Strike up the band Whoa, "Bud" Silence is golden It was a blonde date What's that? 8 Can you spare a dime? Smile, please Hold that pose Down with the Reds! Margie D-o you know? The water's fine Just a big splash Ho-hum. Come on in, boys Name Gertrude Ruether Irving St. Claire Josephine Salvato John Sayers Gerard Schaeffer David Schley Virginia Schuster Muriel Schwer Vitina Scotti Louise Semken William Serby Eileen Shea Herbert Sheppard Richard Sievwright Florence Simonsen David Small Ethel Smith Evelyn Smith Louis Smith Ray Soper Evelyn Staros Madeline Staubach Barbara Stiert Audrey Stevenson William Stevenson John Stokke Robert Stokke Eleanor Sunshine Amelia Sutherland Jean Sutherland Florence Tonjes Edward Tree Dennis Ulmer Hazel Veith Elsie Verity Mary Vestal Edward Watson Sidney Weinberg Cuyler Westcott Reiman Williams Louise Williamson Georgette Wharton Cyrus Wood Lee Woolley George Wright CLASS CAST-Continued Favorite Role Mrs. Piercy Boy Scout Big Sister Moscrip? Pessimist Man who owns one A "Young" school- girl Minnie, the Mermaid Veterinarian Mrs. Peck Bill Robinson Mata Hari General manager Heffelfinger Hockey player The "Colonel" Just a home girl Chem prof Frank Buck Farmer in the dell Artiste Mascot Paderewski Ethel Waters Hornbostel Sully Bench-warmer Gracie Allen Katherine Hepburn Pollyanna Chanel Tom Smith Cab Calloway Fritz Krieisler Henri Charpentier Coach King Henry VIII Lou Holtz A Smoothie Handy Andy Talking Minstrel Country girl Wlild Bill Cummings Cleopatra Silent Slade Scene With Percy Camping Orphan Asylum Football practice C. D. clubhouse Packard phaeton School Meister Beach Graduation Bee Line Dancing feet Behind the scenes Hi-Y club In the mud Randall Field Sleeping Domestic Science cla-ss Chem lab Darkest Africa Sleeping in the dell Sketching Coach's office Piano Bench Surrounded On the track Science Club Bench Listeners Giving off steam Keeping house Fashion show Inventing Cotton Inn Carnegie Hall Cooking Basketball court A harem An audience in THE Packard His car English class Grooming a horse A racetrack Talking Bookkeeping Lines Stars fell in Tennessee Be prepared Yes, children She lives in Baldwin Thatis wrong Ask me I'm going to work Let's go swimming I'm a 3-year grad! ! Hello, James Can I dance? Aw, come on The Yearbook ads, etc. It was this way, coach I got my letter Oh, me. This is so -sudden! Add HKC4H50 Bring 'Em back Alive Next stop, Wantagh! That's good Coach Staubach Practice makes perfect Yeah, Man! My last lap Meeting today Som-e of these days Mama Mia' No! No ice today I just designed this That's going to be some car Ho-de-ho! Fiddle and I This is delicious I made it . . . I . . . Fre-a-ands They can't kill I can get my car Etcetera My bride groom I won I've made my Mark The statement shows fy:-LS' 5 XX -AWE. -T4 yi 1, , -.v fl? V ' if 5.1: rx' ?x 512 3. j .f ' . - 'K xg M ' x L ,1 1 lil X W Advertising Were pleased to welcome patrons of the art. We li'0l'h' with them and they with us, and so Create an atmosphere of friendlines.s find help each other as we go along. Ruth-114 Sunrise Highway FREEPORT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Aadahl, Alfred-274 Rutland Road Abbott, Douglas-24 Connecticut Avenue-1021 Acker, Robert-151 East Dean Ackerson, Robert-57 Pearsall Avenue Adams, Evelyn-83 Hewlett Avenue, Merrick Akst, Elaine-96 East Milton Street-2789 Akst, Irving-96 East Milton Street-2789 Alexander, Mae Evelyn-45 Alexander Avenue Alfano, Joseph-265 South Main Street Allen. William-'Grove Street, Wantagh-Wantagh 1247.1 Alletsee, Doris-281 Miller Avenue Allo, Beryl-33"7 South Bayview Avenue Almeyda, Howard-43 N. Main Street Brodbeck, James-17 Ray Street Bromley, Richard-57 Hillside Avenue-72.1.1 Brooks, Harry-109 Jay -Street Brooks Joe-Cayuza Place, Wanta-gh Brown, Dorothy-285 Nassau avenue Brown, Earle-ll5 Washington Avenue-5307 Brown, Brown, Emanuel-2 Columbus Court James-409 Archer Street-818J Brown, Kenneth-36 E. Merrick Road Brown, Leslie-164 Jay Street Brown, Lillian-2 Columbus 'Court Brown, Britton, Robert-30 Loines Avenue, Merrick-2480W Amador, Ra -146 Lena Avenue Amende, Y Charlotte-39 Merrick Avenue, Merrick-1759J Andersen, Jack-18 Whaley Street-4307 Anderson , Lillian-248 Arthur Street Andersen, Violet-248 Arthur Street Anderson, Donald-89 Denhoff Avenue-1344.1 Anderson Anderson , Francis-204 'Church Street , Howard-228 S. Ocean Avenue-4739 Andres, John-113 Craig Avenue-3014 Appelton, Judith-47 N. Long Beach Avenue-3318 Aragues, John-275 N. -Columbus Avenue-2631 Arata, Alfred-271 N. Long Beach Avenue-6204 Arenholz, Edith-41 Nassau Avenue-1024 Arnold, Thomas-163 N. Ocean Avenue-6207 Arthur, Robert-200 West Merrick Road-5'765M Ashton, Marjory-117 Church Street-5517 Augner, John-37 Harrison Avenue-3878 Austin, Lee--32 W. Dean Street-3299 Austin, Muriel-32 W. Dean Street-3299 Avidan Rosalyn-19 W. Lincoln Place-2454 Balbcoclr, Gerald-46 Sportsman Avenue Bader, Clifford-68 Washburn Avenue Bader, Gertrude-108 Stevens Street Bailey, Edith-27 Hanse Avenue Baker, Mildred-143 N. Main Street-6884 Balchi, Louis-219' Commercial Street Balchi, William-219 Commercial Street Baldwin, David-163 Harris Avenue-3983 Baldwin, Elsie-16 Frankel Avenue-1325-W Baldwin, Harold-90 Smith Street Baldwin, I.e.oy-218 Moody Avenue-1835R Balzer, Kingdom-71 E. Dean Street-2642 Bangs, Harold-301 S. Main Street Bangs, Lavinia-301 S. Main Street Banker, Betty-183 N. 'Columbus Avenue Banker, Jack-183 N. Columbus Avenue Banta, Warren-524 Cornelius Avenue, Wantagh-Wan- tagh l3264M Barbaro, Frances-'73 Buffalo Avenue Barbaro, Jennie-73 Buffalo Avenue Baines Norman-64 Lexington Avenue Barnwell, Helen-114 East Avenue-4965 Barry, Alfred-125 Pine Street-8054W Barquinero, Antoinette-209 Ping Street-4211 Becker, Lillian-59 Bedford Avenue Bedell, William-47 E. Seaman Avenue Bellanco, Rita-917 Washburn Avenue-3041J Bellman, Grace-l2 E. Dean Street Beneville, Albert-88 Denhofl Avenue-4715 Benjamin, Doris-134 Frankel Boulevard. Merrick- Bromneld, Calvin-212 Rutland Road-104.1 Brums, Edward-37 N. Columbus Avenue Bruns, John-37 N. Columebus Avenue Budlong, James-2 Summers Place-4279.1 Bugg, Frances-10 Waverly Place Bunn, Lillian-42 Benson Place-2'774W Bunn, Walter-42 Benson Place-2774W Burch, Aubrey-97 Maple Place Burch, Sylvia-9U Maple Place Buss, Grace-129 Church Street Buss, Margaret-129 Church Street Butler, Ruth-67 Union Street-32'73J Butter, Howard-67 Union Street-32'73W Byrnes, Anna-2 Benefit Street, N. Merrick-2l638R Byrnes, Helen-2 Benent Street, N. Merrick-2638R Cain, Patricia-45 Russell Place-7887 Campbell, Ro-bert-'73 W. Lincoln Place-5033 Candiani-des, Kaliopa-11 Mount Avenue-42'79LM Canese, Irene-14 Joan Court Capozzoli, Frank-46 Alexander Avenue-1699W Cardinale, Croce-215 Commercial Street Cardinale, Vincent-215 Commercial Street Carmichael, Jack-97 Gregory Avenue, Merrick Carmichael, Marie-114 Lillian Avenue-53153 Carnie, Norman-224 E. Dean Street-5429 Carney, Victor-Fletcher Avenue, N. Merrick-3564.1 Carrington, Andrew-129 Glenada COUTU-1112J Carter, Leo-5 Sunrise Highway Carty, Patricia-131 Bedell Street-3805 Celentano, Anthony-132 S. Main Street Ghalker, Victor-131 Union Street Chapman, Daniel-211 S. Bayview Avenue-3834 Cheshire, Virginia-4'6 Rutland Road-5'16J ChlChESt9X', D0l'0theB-47 L9XiI1git0!l AVBIIIIE-4630 Childres, Orville-54 Steven Street Chirneri, Dominick-29 E. Seaman Avenue Chimeri, Hyaslnthus-29 E. Seaman Avenue Christensen, Howard-315 N. Main Street-1299 Chubity, Mary-.1 Pine Street Chuisano, Florence-34 Bennington Avenue Ciotti, Chester-199 E. Seaman Avenue Ciotti, Ethel-199 E. Seaman Avenue Ciotti, John-199 E. Seaman Avenue Clark, Claire-42 Smith Street Clark, Harris-427 Archer Street-2535M Clifford, Charles-167 St. Marks Avenue Close, Mary-312 S. Bayview Avenue-465 Cochran, Margaret-327 Southside Avenue-3570 Codignotto, 'Catherine-802 Cornelius Avenue, Wantag h... 2480W Benoit, Andree-'78 N. Long Beach Avenue-3481 Berge, Dorothy-303 S. Long Beach Avenue-8917 Berge, Virginia-73 West Etnd Avenue-632,121 Berge, William-73 West End Avenue-6321J Bergmann, Robert-423 S. Main Street Bergold. Charles-191 Juanita Avenue-4123.1 Berkel, Althea-216 Pine Street-ll52M 1387.1 Coney, Joseph-52 Main Street Cohen, Florence-D2 Leonard Avenue Cohen, Florence-276 Randall Avenue-253-OR Cohen, Cohen. Cohen Irving-132 S. Grove Street Joseph-195 Washington Street Milton-36 E. Merrick Road Cole, Cladys-23 Independence Avenue Colvin, Judith-165 Smith Street, Merrick-5862W Berman, Gloria-98 N. Grove Street-3343 Bigoney, Edyvthe-117 Harrison Avenue-5l729J Bingham, Helen-63 Hayes Street-3403 Birkel, Marie-39 Willow Avenue Blaile, Maria-43'7 Southside Avenue-315W Blake, Charles-406 Atlantic Avenue-5228 Blake, James-406 Atlantic Avenue-5228 Bleakley, Doris-17 Elm Street Blassom, DeWitt-27 Hanse Avenue Blume, William-'79 Elliot Place-4255J Board, Ruth-72 Pearsall Avenue-3597 Bogart, David-29 Frankel Avenue-258lW Bohlen, Charles-48 Harris Avenue-2'712M Bogolwske, Edward-29 Fredericks Avenue Bolton. Richard-58 Terrace Avenue-3814 Bookman Charles-34 Franklin Square Bookman, Lucille-34 Franklin Square Bookman, Myrtle-34 Franklin Square Bornkessel, Doris-143 E. Seaman Avenue Bowles, Constance-266 N. Hewlett Avenue, Merrick Boyle, Jack-83 Madison Avenue-856W Boyle, Robert-83 Madison Avenue-856W Brady, George-37 Independence Avenue Braren. Grace-57 W. Lincoln Place-4373 Britt, Ruth-24 Claurome Place-936M Combs, Gerald-203 Sportsman Avenue-6016 Combs, Walter-41 Smith Street Combs, Vira-Willis Avenue, Merrick-2966M Condon, Georgia-16 Union Street-l5llJ Conklin, Joan-319 Roosevelt Avenue Constantino, Frank-12 Helen Avenue-908W -Conzen, Ruth-120 Cornelius Street Cook, John-38f7 S. Grove Street Cooke, Jeanne-325 Miller Avenue-5459 Cooper, Lois-51 Lillian Avenue-2255J Coryell, Stanis-l'74 Swezey Avenue Cota Rosario-333 Bedell Street Cotignola, Jerry-'ll Alexander Avenue-7419 Craddock, Willard-334 N. Long Beach Avenue-1911W Crittenden, Donna4'l3 Elliott Place-285M Crittenden, Jane-378 Smith Street-285-M Crouch, Milton-359 Miller Avenue Crouse, Richard-96 Maple Place Crouse, Ruth-96 Maple Place Cruickshank, Janet-41 Miller Avenue-279 Crummell, Ellen-63 Sunrise Avenue Crummell, Florence-63 Sunrise Avenue Cullingford, Mary-Cornelius Avenue, Wantagh?88J - I e . ' - 4 Cunningham Lucille 125 Pearsall Avenue--27 Curley, James-'74 E. Milton Street-3087M PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS PATRONS and PATRONEHSSES Miss Florence Allen Mr. Peter H. Frey Mr. and Mrs. John Augner Mr. and Mrs. M. M. M-ansperger Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Clark Miss Adella E. Mattson Miss Ruth E. Cochran Mr. and Mrs. L. Mihalik Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Cohen Spitzler's Specialty Shop Miss Julia E. Crump Miss Bertha Hull Mr. and Mrs. Henry Muratori Mr. and Mrs. George Mackay Mr. and Mrs. Willard W. Jones Will you have a, good yob A YEAR FROM TODAY? If you are considering a business career We can help you. For you need special training to succeed in t0day's business world. Our system of training girls has been tested and proved through more than 50 years. We teach each student individually . . . giving her experience that parallels actual business practice. Employers know of and appreciate our methods. Since the First of January, 1935, we have received 86 requests for girls trained by us. This was more than we were able to fill. THE C. F. YOUNG SCHOOL SECRETARIAL - EXECUTIVE Established 1884 24 SIDNEY PLACE, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS Telephone MAin 4-0793 Curtis, Joe-28 Coolidge Place Curly, George-64 Washfburn Avenue-2565 Cutter, Mary-104 Wallace Place-1341W Cutts, William-311 Locust Avenue Dahlen, Stanley-'77 S. Babylon Turnpike, Merrick Dahlman, Mildred-Decker Avenue, N. Merrick Dahlman, Muriel-161 Church Street Dalby, Kenneth-14 Morris Street Helen-62 Terrace Avenue Dammas, Dandona, James-81 Lillian Avenue Dandona, Ralph-Bl Lillian Avenue Da Silva, Albert-270 S. Grove Street-1447 Davld, Florence-170 Whaley Street-D'79M Davidson. Lila-100 Albany Avenue Davies, Velma-25 S. Ocean Avenue-64R Davis, Florence47'1 Kenney Avenue, Merrick Davis, Richard-88 Stuyvesant Avenue. Merrick Dean, Dora-135 E. Dean Street-1226R Deas, Margaret-10 Waverly Place DeCarlo, Minnie-31 W. Seaman Avenue DeCarlo, Philip--31 W. Seaman Avenue De Grace, Joseph-279 W. Lena Avenue-'7465 De Gre orio A ostino-22 ro Avenue-2632W g , g 8 S. B okside Delaney, Richard-916 Frederick Avenue Deloney, Lester-'16 E. Merrick Road De Mase, Angelina-67 Broadway De Muth, Donald-12 Mount Avenue-l3'70M Deschuyter, John-80 Bennington Avenue Dl Carlo, Rose-'77 Ray Avenue Dlckerman, Mildred-522 Long Beach Avenue Dlckleson, Jane4'7O Lillian Avenue Dickenson. Dorothy-4-6 Leonard Avenue Dickson, DeWhltt-66 Grand Avenue Dickson, Dorothy-ll Dock Drive-586'7R Dietz, Jack-91 S. Bay Avenue Dill, Betty-2l"7 Lena Avenue Dill, June-86 Center Street D1 Mase, Frederick-45 Alexander Avenue D1 Nardo, Anthony-21 E. Merrick road Dl Nardo, Rose-21 E. Merrick Road Dinl, Fred-315 N. Long Beach Avenue Dlppel, Edwin-167 Juanita Avenue-2986M Di Tomas, Anna-87 Hillside Avenue-3244 Dittrich, Eunice-42 Rutland Road Dittrich, Leroy-42 Rutland Road Dlttrlch, Roger-42 Rutland Road Dixon, Dorothy-172 N. Ocean Avenue Dobbln, Gertrude--121 Commercial Street-428lW Donelly. Ralph-161 S. Main Street Doran, Catherine-'73 Commonwealth Avenue, Merrick Doran, Gerald-90 Hillside Avenue Doran, Jack-90 Hillside Avenue Dost, Fred-131 Grand Avenue Doty, Edwin-30 Orchard Street, N. Merrick-6186.1 Douglas, Grant-15 Helen Avenue Dow, Margaret-68 West Side Avenue-l1'78R Downs, Richard-44 Connecticut Avenue Doyle, John--250 N. Long Beach Avenue Doyle, Robert-'70 Graifing Place-388JM Drack, Gerald-47 Denhoi Avenue-7316 Drake, Winona-59 N. Bayview Avenue Droblnski, Esther-250 Utz Street-6685 Duane, Dorothy-42 Willow Avenue-3480J Du Bois, Richard-41 Rutland Road-1980.1 Duncan, Jean-98 Rose street-een Duncan, Robert-217 N. Long Beach Avenue-l598J Dunn, Mary-107 Ray Street Duryea, Edna-62 Harding Place-811 Duvelsdorf, Theresa-William Avenue. N. Merrick Eagan, William-4 Thomas Street, Merrick Eastman, Frederick-47 Russell Place-5539J Eastman, Grace-47 Russell Place-553'9J Easton, Volnassa-348 Roosevelt Avenue Ebner, Joseph-30 Independence Avenue-2227 Ecklund, Wallace-6 Claurome Place Edelman, Irving-60 Washburn Avenue Eddy, Catherine-66 Pettit Blvd.-2535W Eder, Raymond-51 Montauk Avenue. Merrick Eftang, George-Taft Street, Wantagh Ehlers, Mervin-61 N. Bayview Avenue Ehrlch, Ralph-23 East Avenue-667R Eidenwell, Lillian-43 Russell Place Elss, Gertrude-3 Smith Street Elar, John-63 Buffalo Avenue-1221.1 Engle, Arthur-153i East Avenue Engelhardt, Francis-100' Jeiferson-Merrick 5532M Enstad, Gunnard-45 Hanse Avenue Enstad, Karl-45 Hanse Avenue Ernst, Charles-Richard and Camp Avenues Evans, John-251 N. Columbus Avenue Fagan, Emily-64 Shonnard Avenue-809R Farrell, Richard-54 Utz Street Farrington. Jean-120 Denhoif Avenue Fedden, Joseph-'T Thelma Court-7091 Felice, George-67 Albany Avenue Fenderson, Ruth-63 Sunrise Highway Fenner. Jeanne-314 N. Long Beach Avenue-2746 Ferris, Jacqueline-48 Frankel Boulevard, Merrick-60 19 Ficaro, Helen-106 Stevens Street Fielsa, Walter-393' S. Grove Street Fine, Elaine-61 S. Main Street Findeison, Ernst-58 Brooklyn Avenue Fitzgerald, Robert--109' Gregory Avenue Fitzpatrick, Catherine-221 Wynsum Avenue, Merrick- 4821 Fitzpatrick, Gilbert-11 Morris Street-2539W Fitzpatrick, Kenneth-ll Morris Street-2539W Fleming, Helen-194 N. Ocean Avenue-3795 Florenzle. George-315 South Side Avenue Forvbes, Ralph-1 Pine Street Fowler, Celeste-22 'Connecticut Avenue-5667 Fowler, Ruth-31 Union Street Fox, Dorothy-13'2 Broadway Frank, Livia-54 Leonard Avenue--2849W Freeman, Elizabeth-101 Sunrise Avenue Freeman, Leonard-15 West Lena Avenue-179.1 Freeman, Sidney P.--'18 Wilson Place-3477 Friedman, Frederick-6 Halsey Street-21J Fried, Marjorie-314 S. Ocean Avenue-553 Frlnzelas, Paul-99 Southside Avenue Gaines, Thurston-209 Lillian Avenue-l29J Gallagher, Eleanor-Kinsington Avenue, N. Merrick-573 Gallagher, James--Klnsington Avenue, N. Merrick-57 Gallow. Raymond-Beverly Road, Wantagh Gardner, Betty-10 Connecticut Avenue-1238 Geller, Florence-5-6 Mount Avenue-473W Gentle, Bertha-118 Colonial Avenue Gesecus, Eunice--122 Lillian Avenue-l29R Gevertz, Doris-48 Sportsmans Avenue-4117 Glblyn, Joan-121 Washburn Avenue-5704 Gilleran, Adair-8 Union Street-6765 Glnnever, Arthur-li Smith Street-1282 Gissel, George-336 Southside Avenue-l89lR. Githens, Norman-88 W. Lincoln Place-2218 Glacken, Joseph-221 Miller Avenue-7378 Gockley, Barbara-23-4 Locust Avenue-2269 Goeller, Harold-217 Smith Street-3703 Goldberg, Jack4"l2 Randall Avenue-2'7lW Golden, Aaron-26 W. Seaman Avenue Golden, Lewis-26 W. Seaman Avenue Goldfarb, Allen-56 N. Bergen Place Goldman. Martin-84 S. Main Street-4266 Goller, Margaret-110 Colonial Avenue Goller, Virginia-110 Colonial Avenue Goodhelm, Lillian-Grand and Jay Apts.--413lJ Gorbert, Fred-244 N. Main Street-1548 Goss, Kenneth-137 Washlburn Avenue-5392 Gould, Dean-47 N. Main Street-876 Gould, Gloria-484 Southside Avenue-4588 Grant, Rfosamond-57 Bennington Avenue Joseph-63 Shonnard Avenue-6771 Pauline-31 W. Merrick Road Greco, Joseph-24 Brooklyn Avenue Green, Dorothy-41 Independence Avenue William-41 Independence Avenue Gray, Gray, Green, Greenberg, Lillian-109 N. Bayview Avenue-651 Grenamyer, Richard-315 N. Main Street-1299 Griiien. Gerald-204 Pine Street-549"1 Grinn, Ruth-150 Archer Street Grosberges, Mary-115 Kenny Avenue, Merrick-2498 Grotheer, Albert-308 Atlantic Avenue Grotheer, Ethel-31'7 Main Street Guercio, Josephine-102 Grand Avenue Guesno, Arnold-2 Miller Avenue, Merrick Guesno, Gilbert-2 Miller Avenue, Merrick Guittard, Arthur-41 Lee Place Guilli, David-120 Commonwealth Avenue-505M Gunther, Robert-30 Beverly Road, Wantagh Haack, Mary-49 Russell Place Haass, John--156 Harris Avenue-535 Hagberg. Grace-338 Wallace Street Hallock, Margaret-T74 South Grove Street-6778 Harnble, Lillian-301 Miller Avenue Hamfble, Margaret-301 Miller Avenue Hammond, George-134 S. Ocean Avenue-116 Hankel, Dorothy-239 Rose Street-1158R Hanna, Evelyn-31 Elliott Place-5D'I5J Hanneman, Charles-268 Wallace Street-495 Hanse, Audrey-51 Wilson Place Hansen, Clayton-54 Roosevelt Avenue-81'79R Hansley, Eva-61 Bennington Avenue-5549 Harrer, Norbert--21 Elliott Place, North Merrick Harrison, Doris-20 Lexington Place-2'7lM Harrison, James-185 Moody Avenue-3174.1 Harrison, Margerite-107 N. Ocean Avenue-2'71M Ha rtlieb, Hartman, Marjorie-Jones Avenue. Wantagh-305W Albert-Abbott Avenue, N. Merrick-655M Hayes, Lillian-'14 W. Seaman Avenue-1494R Healy, Anna-75 E Seaman Avenue-4071 Healey, Mary-94 Lillian Avenue-2664 Heenan, Muriel-'70 Harding Place Hederman, Josephine-114 N. -Ocean Avenue I-Ieidelmayer, Dorothy-298 Miller Avenue-5i11R Heltmann, Robert-52 Stevens Street Helwig, Charles-446 Archer Street-4255W Heniggmon, Jack-Potter Avenue, N. Merrick-Freepo 3 rt EXCHANGE CLUB OF FREEPORT ELKS CLUB. WED., 12215 MEMBERS Barasch, Harry Goldschmidt, R. 0. McChesney, Richard G Womenfs Kr Childrenl Freeport Chevrolet Optometrist C10th1I1g Hartmann, John N., Sr. lVLoElhone, Randall J. Beiifgitlged C- Chief of Police Mgr., Kresge Store . Hotaling, Russell E. N' h 1 , Walt r M. Browning, Robert W. Broker 11?,u'jC1eanef, qfriiuralifgh 1 Johnson Hilbert R Place Austin M Cgfliffier Z Eintractor Attorney Freeport Chevrolet Cummins, J. Elmer Kanilgsbefg, J- Clafencf Randall, John J. Physiciariu 1 F J Real Estate D ' r, 'ton ra , 118111 ., r. 2 , F k J. aggdggng Ciloods lst tNatl. Bank, Free- Rfff12?fTefjQh,ne Daggtiiseph W' Leg? David Smith, G. Bennett Diemer, John H. Nassau Auto Elec- Dodd, John W. Supt. of Schools Egan, Clinton J. Arrowhead Oil Co. Fulton, Chester A. Adolph Levy Sz Son Lies, William, Jr. trician Williams Furniture Liota, John East Point House Luther, Lawrence L. Sanitary Engineer Mansperger, Martin M. Wells, Hubert Dodge Kz Plymouth Swezey, Sidney H. Attorney Thompson, Ernest G. Bangiert Electric Von Elm, Henry Insurance Mortician Principal, High School Freeport Bank Fulton, Chester C. Martin, Wm. J. Wihitehead, Edward J. Mortician Martin Coal Co. Hardware Compliments of Compliments R. W. MORROW of Gordon Lindsay, M. D Compliments Of JOSEPH FRIEDMAN Violin And Piano Instructor 244 W. Randall Ave. Freeport, N. Y. James A. Warner Dr. Mervin L. Schloss 'I Compliments of Henry P. Vielbig Compliments of CI-IAS. I-I. RATNER Optometrist 5 Hewitt, Anna-33 Central Boulevard, Merrick I-licks, Charles-57 Alexander Avenue-418 Hicks, Frederick-57 Alexander Avenue-418 Hicks, Edward-57 Alexander Avenue-418 Hicks, Robert-68 Penn Avenue Hite, Joyce-119 Lincoln Blvd., Merrick Hack, William-275 Arthur Street-1783 Hodgkin, John-2361 S. Long Beach Avenue-5251 Hoffman, Christina-508 Archer Street Hogan, Frances-243 Porterneld Place-7493 Hoglander, Dorothy-227 Roosevelt Avenue Hoglander, Willbur-90 S. Bay Avenue Holmes, Craig-25 W. Seaman Avenue Holmes, Henry-13 E. Dean Street-1994R Homan, Jack-59 Frankel Avenue, Merrick-6265 Hooker, Edith-131 Independence Avenue Horesco, Agnes-270 S. Main Street Horkey Anna May-29 Independence Avenue Hroncich, Anthony L.-587 Miller Avenue Hronclch, Anthony N.-444 Woodcleft Avenue Hubbard, Robert-226 Smith Street Hughes, William-341 Roosevelt Avenue Hull, Robert-24 Lendgren Avenue, Merrick Hummel, Betty-134 Bedford Avenue, Merrick Huxley, Eugene-111 Lillian Avenue Hyatt, Grover-167 Randall Avenue Hyatt, Margaret-167 Randall Avenue Iacovina, Celesdla-209 Church Street Irvine, William-216 S. Long Beach Avenue-1573R Esenberg, William-108 N. Ocean Avenue-4311 Jackson, Anita-245 Rose Street-3885 Jackson. Lucia-245 Rose Street-3885 Jackson, Mary-39 Alexander Avenue Jackson, Robert-5 Benson Place Jansen, Raymond-194 Rose Street-455W Jarvis, Flora-4-6 Newton Boulevard Jasses, Thomas-111 Jay Street Jaxhermer, David-61 N. Grove Street-1258 Jenkins, Joan-52 Leonard Avenue-4462 Jenkins, Ruth-42 Nassau Avenue-2660 Jennings, Gwendolyn-200 N. Long Beach Avenue Jensen, Anna-711 Stevens Street-6667 Jensen, Robert-12 Lessing Place-'1388 Johnson Charles-33 Rutland Road Johnson Edward-65 Ray Street Johnson Florence-671 S. Bayview Avenue Johnson, Fern-32 Cary Place Johnson, Flora-506 Archer Street Johnson, Grace-83 Craig Avenue Johnson Justlna-33 Rutland Road Johnson William-155 South Bay Avenue Johnson William-172 Rose Street-4542 Jones, ljonald-18 IW. Milton Street-3472 Jones, Richard-B8 S. Ocean Avenue-749W Jorgensen, Walter-41 Denhoft Avenue -7259 1598W Kurzman, Arthur-215 Wynsum Avenue, Merrick-5202R Kyle, Francis-66 Rosedale Avenue Lamb, Glentworth-174 Washington Street-7690M Lamorey, Virginia-235 Seaman Avenue-2894.1 Lane, Katherine-85 Kenny Avenue. Merrick Lang, Florence-239 Woodcliff Avenue-5895 Langan, Elizabeth-84 Ray Street Langdon, William-411 South Grove Street-1401 Lange, Margaret-43 Bedell Street-453 Lascalla, Jennie-49 Helen Avenue La Scalla, Rose-164 East Seaman Avenue Lauckhardt. Charles-12 Joan Court-2717 Lauckhardt, Grace-12 Joan Court-2717 Lauckhardt, William-12 Joan Court-2717 Lea, 'Charles-18 Gill Avenue-15M Leavcns, Marie-57 East Milton Street Lee, Frank-294 South Long Beach Avenue-15'73M Left, Audrey-14 West Lena Avenue-3452 Lenz, Pauline-Park Avenue, Wantagh Lester, Marjorie-966 Grove Street Lester, Richard-96'6 -Grove Street Levldow, Ruth-256 Miller Avenue-I8'lM Levidow, 256 Miller Avenue-18'lM Lewandowski, Paulfred-198 Washington Street.-18923 Lewis, Julia-27 West End Avenue Leyshon, Annalbell-22 Pearsall Avenue-'704'7M Liebowitz, Marvin-15"l Harris Avenue--568J Llndmark. Mildred-83 Washington Street-5957 Llnts, Eleanor-56 Leonard Avenue-316lM Lockwood, Grace-3-6 West Woodbine Drive-7267R Loewry, Steven-314 Randall Avenue-8146 Lombaer, Geraldine-365 Smith Street-5115 Lombaer, Ethel-365 Smith Street-5115 Lovig, Charles-21 Loines Avenue, Merrick-4616 Lovltt, George-16 Gill Avenue-3002W Lowe, Beatrice-95 West Lincoln Place-6206 Lugrin, Jack-127 Rose Street-2539R Lutz, Charles-38 Leonard Avenue-3348 Lutz, Mary-38 Leonard Avenue-3348 Lyons, Frances-31 Pennsylvania Avenue-6629M Lynch, Robert-187 West Lena Avenue-227W Lynch, Thomas-135 Glenada Court Mack, Earl-145 South Long Beach Avenue-854 Mackenzie, Walter-67 Center Street-290M MacMillan, Mary-183 Ray Street-8175.1 Malon, Mary-309 Pine Street-1852 Mangan, Isabelle-215 Church Street Mangbligimer, Harold-269 Lincoln Boulevard, Merrick... Mapes, Bruce-225 South Grove Street-3943M Marchuck, Janet-37 Pennsylvania Avenue Markardt, Helen-47 Pettit Boulevard-2487'M Marks, Cecelia-Lelfberry Avenue, Wantagh Marlnzullch, John-365 Woodcleft Avenue-18568. Marshall, Albert-26 Ivanhoe Drive, Merrick 5'708R Judd, Sylvia-159 VVhaley Street-4347 Kaesor, Lewis-21 Columbia Avenue-4'760R Karaman, Nick-157 'Church Street-4011 Kareovlch, Mary-Gormleyn, Merrick-4548M Kasodon, E1sle+78 Grading Place-192.1 Keenan, Elizabeth-34 Harding Place Keezer, Charlotte-81 S. Ocean Avenue-1140 Keithley. Robert-37 W. Seaman Avenue-99'7M Kelly, Adrian-42 Utz Street-5647 Kelly, John-Z5 East Avenue-2436 Kelly, Robert--102 Maple Place-2518.1 Kern, Louis-13-'7 Grand Avenue Keshefsky, Stephen-15 Lincoln 'Place-262N Ketcham, Audrey-20 Roosevelt Avenue-7924J Kienzle, Abbie-34,7 Randall Avenue-625R Kimble, Alex-80 Helen Avenue Kimble, Leotha-80 Helen Avenue Kincaid, James-153 Loines Avenue, Merrick-2008M King, Cecelia-15 Waverly Place King, Isavbel-15 'Waverly Place Kingett, William-14 E. Dean Street Kinzler, Catherine-46 Pettit Boulevard Kirchgessner. Herlbert+78 Elliot Place-90R Kelly, Gregor-19 E. Milton Street Kerns, Beth-119 N. Bayview Avenue Klein, Anthony-59 Woodside Avenue Klemm, Lillian-29 Ray Street Klemm, 'William-29 Ray Street Koebel, Dorothy-'75 Triangle Place Kobel, Marie-298 S. Main Street-1868fM Koch, Matthew-15 Gordon Place Koenig, Madeline-6 Troy Place Koenke, Katherine-460 South Bayview Avenue Komitor, Jack-3 W. Merrick Road-885 Komitor, Malcolm-3 West Merrick Road-885 Koncelic, Edith-218 S. Main Street Korostoli, Shirley-13-2 South Grove Street Kory, Jack-228 Juanita Avenue-3134 Krabbeler, William-93 Bedell Street Kraft, Leone-78 North Columbus Avenue Kragle, Janet-292 Pine Street-1663 Kurdop, Richard-142 East Milton Street-l350M Krudop, Robert-142 East Milton Street-1350M Kurz, Robert-58 North Columbus Avenue Marshall, Jack-415 Hewlett Avenue, Merrick Marsson. Henry-324 Rose Street-3373 Martin, 'Catherine-98 Raynor Avenue Martin, Maud-28 Lillian Avenue Martin, Ruth-168, Juanita Avenue-8017 Mathias, Warren-215 E. Dean Street-6622 Marturano, Joseph-140 Independence Avenue Mauersberger, Donald-83 Henry Street-584'7J McCarthy, Jerome-32 Onslow Place-3815 McClean, Doris-85 W. Lincoln Place-7321 McCloskey, William-22 Pearsall Avenue McCracken, Alice-171 St. Marks Avenue-3036M McGinley, Wilbur-268 East Seaman Avenue-6511 McGhee, Rose-174 Miller Avenue MoKecmn, Helen-28 St. Johns Place-4083 McKenna, Edith-117 Grand Avenue-1369 McKnight, Breslin--138 Glenada 'Court-5325 McKnight. Marguerite-48 Alexander Avenue McLaughlin, Mary-30 Maple Street-3253 McLaughlin, William-30 Maple Street-3253 McLean, Madelin-99 South Main Street McLellan. Walter-l9'l East Seaman Avenue-846 McMullen, Edward-96 Sportsman Avenue-348W McShea, Fred--11 Elm Street McShay, Helen--11 Allen Street McQueen, Arlrd-Cornelius Avenue, Wantagh Mehrrnane, Charles-436 Woodcleft Avenue-5852 Melzou, Ernest-10 W. Bayview Avenue, Merrick Menncil, John-10 Leonard Avenue Mercer, Jeannette-2 Annette Place, Merrick Merhize. Patricia-248 Lincoln Blvd., Merrick Meyer, Dorothy-61 East Seaman Aven-ue Meyer, George-21 Independence Avenue Meyer, Henry-146 Washburn Avenue Meyer, Josephine-33 Margaret Blvd.-2l06R Miceli, Rose-46 Leonard Avenue Miligi, Eugene-12 Lee Place-2133 Millard, Jessie-44 Montauk Avenue, Merrick Millard, Phillip-67 North Main Street-587R Miller, Althea-15 Waverly Place Miller. Donald-53 Miller Avenue Miller, Janice-120 Lena Avenue-4375 Miller, Marian-148 Denhotl' Avenue Miller, Virginia-46 Roosevelt Avenue-'75lR. 7584W Tel. Freeport 304-R Reg. No. 451 E. V. COLYER Optometrist - Optician Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Broken Lenses Duplicated Oculists Prescriptions Filled 24 South Main St. Freeport, N. Y. Compliments of Judge George S. Johnson Bellmore, L. I. Best Wishes of Samuel L. Israel, '26 Judge Hilbert R. Johnson Aft01'11Cy-af-Law' '06 Compliments of Sidney l-l. Swezey Compliments of Edwards, Levy, Fishel and George Best Wishes of Raymond Malone Attorney-at-Law 309 Pine St. Freeport Compliments of George C. Colyer Milliga n, Earl-32 Franklin Square Milligan, Victor-32 Franklin Square Mills, Frances-48 Bennington Avenue-130M Mirfield, Lillian-239 East Bayview Avenue, Merrick-1093 Mirileld, Arthur-239 East Bayview Avenue, Merrick-1093 Mitchell, Evalin-270 Rose Street-5226 Mooney, Alice-219 Commercial Street Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Charles-283 Miller Avenue Constance-2 Halsey Street-434J Doris-18 Independence Avenue Emily-213 Church Street-6430 Moran, Joseph-25 Nassau Avenue Morris, Frank-'72 Craig Avenue-4895 Morrison, Edith-80 Independence Avenue Morrissey, Helen-122 Washburn Avenue-l792W Morse. Wilfbur-84 Bedford Avenue, Merrick-14'l'lJ Mortensen, Emma-11 Gordon Place-102J Mortensen, Otto-11 Gordon Place-102J Motel, Frances-224 Church Street-3654'M Mulcady, Margaret--1 Loines Avenue, Merrick-'I551 Mulholland, William-82 Stevens Street-l823J Muller, Carl-97 Whaley Street-3-548 Muller, Frank-198 Juanita Avenue-4546R Munson, Arthur-Lakeview Avenue, Bellmore Muratori, Mario-138 Porterneld Place-2521 Muro, Muro, Patrick-20 Archer Street Susie-20 Archer Street Murphy, Margaret--18 Maxson Avenue-2685 Murphy, Marjorie-398 Babylon Turnpike Murphy, Mary-52 Weberiield Avenue Murray, Schuyler-South Shore Apts.--0960 Myers, Gloria-57 East Dean Street Nass, Leon-51 Mount Avenue-1963 Neglia, Neglia, Nelson Anna-47 Harding Place Josephine-47 Harding Place Alfred-1-66 Rose Street-99W Nelson: Glenn-399 Randall Avenue Nelson, Raymond-166 Rose Street-99W Nelson, Robert-22 Independence Avenue Nellma nn, Muriel-696 S. Bayview Avenue-6589 Neudorfer, John4'74 Stevens Street Neudorfer, Theodore-'74 Stevens Street Newhouse, Jack-140 Jay Street-6317 Newman, Seymour-166 N. Main Street-1527 Nichols, Norton-274 Randall Avenue-7614 Nlclas, Nicoli, Elizabeth-'70 Stevens Street Juanita-3 McCord Avenue, Merrick Nielsen, Frank-9 Sunrise Highway Nilsen, Conrad-117 Center Street Noll, Gloria-81 Stevens Street 0'Bi-len, Betty Joan-'7 Woodbine Drive East-435M 0'Brien, Daniel-615 Miller Avenue O'Brien, Dorothy-202 Juanita Avenue Ollvbrig Olsen, ht, Lillian-95 Grand Avenue, Merrick Alphild-158 Bedell Street-4518 Onderdonk, Gilbert-60 Lexington Avenue Osten, Carol-240 Locust Avenue-7967 Palmer, Lillian-63 W. First Street-6492 Palmer, Thomas-83 Oak Street Pan, Pepltza-13-6 N. Ocean Avenue-5819 Panserella, Katherine-9 Thomas Street, Merrick Paolan Paolan Paolan tonio, Elena-'78 E. Milton Street-7074 tonlo, Joseph-78 E. Milton Street-7074 tonio, Tony--78 E. Milton Street-7074 Parker, Charles-1"T3 Madison Avenue Patterson, Frances-114 South Church Street Patterson, Robert-104 Denhoff Avenue Patton, John-163 Washington Street Paulsen, Catherine-14"I Lincoln Avenue, Merrick Paust, Herbert-30 Commonwealth Avenue, Merrie Pavel, Henry-'72 Lillian Avenue Pearce, Osmond-164 East Merrick Road-6'735R Pearsall, Kenneth-93 Lillian Avenue-2105W Penta, Perez, Carmelia-172 Bedell Street Gladys-270 Rutland Road Petersen, Charmaine--98 Rose Street Pettigr Pettlgr ew, Elizabeth-122 Denhoff Avenue-3301 ew, Isabel-122 Denhoil! Avenue-3301 Phillips, Elsie-62 Connecticut Avenue--1361.1 Phillips, Mabel-416 Atlantic Avenue-7935W Phillips, Robert--164 Parsons Avenue Pislcclo, Savino-339 South Bayview Avenue-6416 Platt, Helen-25 Granng Place-114 Podeyn, Jacqueline-12 Whaley Street-476 Poley, Ruth-11 East Dean Street-5069 Polley, Richard-318 West Merrick Road Poppore, Louis-86 Liberty Avenue Porfert, Muriel-27 East Seaman Avenue-2894R Posner, Robert-102 Lexington Avenue-2009J POSIISI' , Poulak Sophie-32 East Merrick Road-1312 is, John--40 Broadway-5'726'M Prehn, Richmond-182 Miller Avenue-3312.1 Presson. Dorothy-35 Hanse Avenue Preziose, Joseph-33 Lee Place Price, Earl-176 North Main Street-1502 Primavera, Antoinette-43 Hanse Avenue-5629 Primavera, Thomas-43 Hanse Avenue-5629 Pullcaro, Angelina-179' Sunrise Highway k Pupulidy, Emanuel-127 Lillian Avenue-4984 Radcliffe, Lydia, 325 Bedell Street Radin, Helen-67 Dean Street-2650W Ramparts, Joseph-'71 Hewlett Avenue-Merrick Ramsteck, Gilbert-248 Rutland Road-6168 Randall, Doris-78 South Long Beach Avenue-258W Randall, Joseph-115 East Sunrise Highway Randall, Larry-115 East Sunrise Highway Randall, Mary-115 East Sunrise Highway Ravert, Walter-352 South Bayview Avenue Ray, Arthur-64 Rose Street-3375 Alice-19 Archer Street-57M Raynor, Raynor, Arthur-42 Raynor Street-117 Raynor, Betty-180 Sportsman Avenue-2491 Raynor, Carol-293 South Main Street Raynor, Joan-194 West Lena Avenue-2119 Reetz, John-10 Merrick Avenue-Merrick Reich, Joan-98 Grove Street-960 Reid, Marjorie-53 Centre Avenue Reis, Adelaide-47 Pettit Blvd.--248"lM Repard, James-100 Fox Blvd., Merrick Reusch, Mary-Park Avenue, Wantagh Reynolds, Ruth-919 .North Grove Street-549R Rhodes, Doris-102 East Milton Street Rhodes, Marie-98 Harris Avenue-30'79J Richel, Stanley-155 South Grove Street-5953W Rigby, James-357 North Long Beach Avenue-4346 Riker, Horace-128 Fox Boulevard, Merrick-5347 Riman, Ida-366 Atlantic Avenue Rini, Carman-17 Mount Avenue-473R Rini, Lucy-17 Mount Avenue-4'73R Ritter, Marie-71 Loins Avenue, Merrick-395W Rivers, William-42 Alexander Avenue Roberts, William-65 E. Dean Street Robins, Helen-189 Whaley Street-1429R Romaneck, Helen-16 St. Johns Place-8122 Ronai, Louise-47 Woodcleft Avenue-3772 Ronnermann, William-Penn Avenue, Massapequa Rose, Virginia-57' -Harris Avenue-2255-W Rfoughley, Ruth-140 Weberiield Avenue Ruggiero, 'Yolanda-383 S. Grove Street Runcie, Doris-89 S. Ocean Aven-ue-563 Russell, Jack-35 Russell Place Rutler, Jacques-166 Grand Avenue-4014 Ryder, George-18 Southside Avenue-247'l5R Ryder, Norma-21 Wallace Street-6279 Samet. Shirley-284 S. Bayview Avenue-5416 Samlen, Robert-17 Independence Avenue Sanders, Richard-76 Sunrise Highway Sanracco, Teresa-81 Shonnard Avenue-7252 Sappe, Robert-94 Gregory Avenue-Merrick Sarro, William-62 Albany Avenue Schad, Patricia-255 W. Lena. Avenue-1958 Schade, Harold-56 Eleanor Place Schantz, Jacquelin-291 Grand Avenue-2556R Schebe, Harold-50 Park Avenue-189-J Schebe, Richard-231 Commercial Street-4273 SchiH, Phyllis-117 E. Milton Street-1207 Schilling, Burton-148 Rutland Road Schley, Frances-19 Miller Avenue Schneider, Grace-109 West Beltagh Avenue, North B more-.1211 Schneider, Louis--41 Keeler Avenue, Merrick-2792 Schrieber, Mary-93 South Long Beach Avenue-3445 Schurrlisajn, Laurette-224 Lincoln Boulevard, Merrie 42 Schutte, George-16 Summers Place Schwalbe, Lillian-20 Stillwell Place Schwartz, Ruth-162 North Main Street-32 Schweighofer, Hofer-316 Rose Street-13'TR Scott, Anne-313 Pine Street-1050 Scott, Evelyn, 209 Church Street Seaman, Herbert-134 Kirkwood Avenue. Merrick Searioss, Raymond-167 Rose Street-9i9R Sellars, Millard-34 Bedford Avenue Selzer, Mlrian-290 Randall Avenue-2529 Semon, Mildred-24 Elliot Place-575W Seybolt, William-129 East Dean Street Shapiro, Barbara-65 Archer Street-4406M Shea, Cadlalia-'TS East Avenue Shea, Cadlalia-'76 East Avenue-342R Shea, Joseph-68 Lexington Avenue Sheard, Katherine-86 West Seaman Avenue-2474J Sheard, Walter-86 West Seaman Avenue-24-'HJ Sheldon, Grace-50 Independence Avenue Sheppard, Sophie-217 Church Street-3035 Siderius, John-105 Stevens Street-5804 Sigmond, Henry-Foot of South Main Street-1151 Silipo, Felicia-40 Wilson Place Silva, Bella-8 'Columbus Court Simmons, Herbert-16 Colonial Avenue Simons, Frances-60 West Merrick Road Singleton, Charles-124 Albany Avenue Singleton, Chris-124 Albany Avenue Si-ttner, Elsie-101 Nassau Avenue-6263.1 Sittner, Walter-101 Nassau Avenue-6Z63J Bkrivanek, Emma-57 East Seaman Avenue-1511R Skrivanek, George-57 East Seaman Avenue-15'l1R ell k. Sold Repaired + X Wwe 'A A fr? 1, I Wzth Best Wzshes "wwf-"W "-- -A-"" L Qgsgge-- For Your Contmued Success ! i i,e-Yagiggilifg-'es N Freeport Central Council Parent-Teacher 0 Association L. I. Typewriter Company 35 Merrick Road Irene G. Westcott, Pres. Baldwin Long Island Phone Freeport 466 Rented Exchanged + C I T I Z E. N S NATIONAL BANK President ....... .... ....... ............. F r a nk Willets Vice-President .................. Simon Baumann Vice-President ............ Edward S. Keogh Vice-President ...... Robert G. Anderson Cashier ..... - ............................. Percy R. Smith Ass't Cashier ............ Frank W. Pitcher Ass't Cashier .................. Alice L. Fraser "The Bank on Merrick Road" Freeport New York BILLY BLUME, jr. PRINTING Raised Process Advertising Water Color Commercial Thirty-Seven South Grove Street Freeport, N. Y. Freeport 5897 Small, Leola-83 Henry Street Smith, Alexander-31 Merrick Avenue, Merrick-2110 Smith, Alfred-16 Lexington Avenue-341W Smith, Alice-S. Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh Smith, Alvin-115 East Merrick Road Smith, Catherine-70 Hillside Avenue-72lM Smith, Catherine-32 Smith Street Smith, George-Wantagh Avenue-Wantagh 790 Smith, Harvey-362 Pine Street Smith, Irving-60 Westside Avenue-3665.1 Smith, Leroy-28 North Main Street-'73'98J Smith, Margaret-34 Oak Street Smith, Marie-145 Willis Avenue, Merrick-l2l4M Smith, Maynalrd-98 Maple Place Smith, Nathlyn-299 South Grove Street-2888 Smith, Robert-362 Pine Street Smith, Smith, Smits, Steward-3.62 Pine Street William-51 Miller Place, Merrick-4596 Evelyn-1 St. Mary's Place Triebwasser, Herman-40 Lee Place-2852J Trutner, William-319 Rose Street-l3'7'M Adele-50 Rutland Road Jacqueline-14 Gordon Place Mildred-88 Beach Drive-Merrick Tuttle, Tuttle, Tynan, Ullian. Gladys-120 S. Bay Avenue--2830 Ullian, 'Milton-241 Church Street-6184 Ustlca, Frances-24 St. John's Place-l'757W Viola-24 St. John's Place-175'lW Ustica, Utz, Edward-33 Pearsall Avenue Vallone, Basilio-18 Frederick Avenue-36'I8J Valois, Henrietta-400 S. Bayview Avenue Valois, Victory-408 Atlantic Avenue Vandewater. Lewis-308 N. Main Street Van Gorder, Bevier-93. Bedell Street Ness, Ruth-98 Rose Street-0960 Van Van Riper, Mabel-21 East Avenue Van Riper, Ruth-68 N. Columbus Avenue Snedeker, Ray-26 Claurome Place-5l3"7 Sniiien, Claire-216 North Ocean Avenue-6340 Snorteland, Chris-24 Independence Avenue Snorteland, Ragner--24 Independence Avenue Socolar, Arden-26 Miller Avenue-350 Socolar, Rosalie-26 Miller Avenue-350 Solomon, Israel-11 Rose Street Somal, Evelyn+76 Rosebud Avenue-Merrick Sands, Chester-82 Helen Avenue Sonds, Paul-82 Helen Avenue Soper, Arthur-Brookside Avenueawantagh 1241 Soper, Lois-311 Smith Street-7753 Sorries, Henrietta-194 Smith Street Sorrles, Robert-3-6 W. Dean Street Southard, Eva-206 S. Main Street-'7206 Southard. Wesley-125 E. Seaman Avenue Souza, Mary-70 S. Albany Avenue-5446 Spenke, Emn:a+'l5 W. 2nd Street Sprague, Richard-102 Colonial Avenue-2l66R Stadelmon, Robert-105 S. .Bay Avenue-5444 Stander, Jean-80 S. Smith Street-75l6J Staracke, Celest-196 Brookside Avenue-2223.1 Staracke, Robert-196 Brookside Avenue-2223J Van Eise, 'William-60 Moody Avenue Veit, Helen-26 Grafllng Place Veith, Edwin-334 Southside Avenue-2572 Verity, Alice-83 Bedell Street-3990 Verity, John-103 Rose Street-6557 Verity, Madalyn-121 Sportsman Avenue-4l98R Vestal, Fran-ces-48 Leonard Avenue Vestal, Paul-48 Leonard Avenue Vetters, Harryellewlett Street-Merrick Viebrock, Jean-475 Long Beach Avenue-6853 Vita, Joseph-267 North Columbus Avenue Vollmer, Meta-118 Leonard Avenue Vurgason, George-45 W. First Street Wachtel, -Helen-128 S. Grove Street Wagenfohr, Lawrence-Woodland Avenue-Wantagh Wald, Quentin-39 Raynor Street Walker, A-da-76 E. Merrick Road Wallace, Walter-17 Leonard Avenue-2692 Walling, Harry-East Avenue-7366 Walters, Walters, Walther, Ward, Alfred-76 Harrison Avenue-1163 Kenneth-248 Smith Street Helen-295 Rutland Road Katherine-421 Babylon Turnpike Staros, Evelyn-50 Ray Street-6454J Stauback. Martin-193 Rose Street Steller, Constance-97 Petit Blvd.-4324 Stelter, Margaret-8 Central Parkway, Merrick-4807 Stephenon, Macke-Washburn Avenue-87 Sterner, Doris-288 Southside Avenue-2728 Stevens, Lawrence-'12 Ray Avenue Stewart, MarcellaA20 Bedell Street-3501 Stewart, Ollve-18 Frankel Avenue-5681.1 Stewart, Shirley-65 Harris Avenue-5683.1 Stewart, Virginia-65 Harris Avenue-56836 Stiner, Edward-21 S. Bayview Avenue Stocloberger, Marie Grace-598 S. Long Beach Avenue Stokke, Allen-213 Lena Avenue-50'IR. Stone, Ralph-131 Merrick Road-Merrick-747 Stong, Raymond-135 Smith Street-241.1 Stout, Bettina-1-63' Pine Street-8058 Strader, Harlan-233 Rose Street-4714 Stragzzglgld, Rita-216 Smith Street-Merrick-Freeport Stroh, Harold-105 Bedell Street-508 Steuven, John-18 Leonard Avenue Stumpf, Alice-50 Colonial Avenue-3436 Sullivan, Eileen-Potter Avenue-N. Merrick Summers, Merrill-177 Wallace Street-401 Sussner, Joseph-13 W. Dean Street Sutton, Strain-309 Lena Avenue-831W Svenson. Alma-49 N. Grove Street-254R. Swan, Walter-25 Hillside Avenue-2893.1 Sweeney, Thomas-451 S. Bayview Avenue-ll03M Szymanskl, Teddy-203 E. Dean Street Taylor, Ida-39 S, Long Beach Avenue-6476 Teas, I-Ioward473 Stevens Street-2423 Temple, Elmer-269 N. Long Beach Avenue-3866 Terks, Allen-100 IS. Bay Avenue-96W Terris, Raymond-180 Madison Avenue-1892W Terry, Russell-280 Pine 'Street Thom,4 Joseph-2.63 South Merrick Avenue, Merrick- 42 GJ Thomas, Edythe-81 S. Albany Avenue Thomas, Evelina-81 S. Albany Avenue Thomas, Walter-100 Lexington Avenue Thom. Robert-263 S. Merrick Avenue, Merrick Thompson, Greta-126 Independence Avenue-1653M Thompson, William-132 Randall Avenue-5865 Thonnesen, Dorothy-158 Whaley Street-4841 Thurber, Marjorie-403 S. Bayview Avenue Tiana, Betty-208 N. Long Beach Avenue-3668 Tiernan, Ellen-142 Broadway-1347 Tiernan, Anna-142 Broadway-1347 Tletzsch, Robert-1 Coolidge Place-263-6R Tomeo, Michael-70 Stevens Street Tompkins, Paul-'15 Randall Avenue-6571R Tree, John-61 Porterheld Place-1535.1 Tricano, Dominica-408 Atlantic Avenue Washington, Agnes-82 Sunrise Highway Washington, Ernest-20 Helen Avenue Watson, James-224 Pennsylvania Avenue-4088M Watson, Margaret-164 E. Merrick Road Watterson, William-148 N. Main Street-1632 Weed, Nathan-120 Fox Boulevard, Merrick-4902M Weeks, Leola-68 Washburn Avenue Weidlg, Carleton-115 Beach Drive-Merrick Weide, Audrey-267 E. Seaman Avenue Weller, Theodore-25 Dorothy Court Werner, George-96 Craig Avenue Werner, Stephen-8 Shey Court Whaley, Gertrude-'78 E. Merrick Road Wheeler, Jacqlueline-18 W. Dean Street-6013 Wheeler, Janet-18 W. Dean Street-6013 Whethers, Ruth-58 Henry Street-2'T'l4J White, Dorothy-60 Elliott Place-3057 White, Mary Jane-317 N. Main Street White, Lillian-60 Elliott Place-3057 Wiley, Thomas-72 Pearsall Avenue Willetts, Dorothy-35 Church Street Wilkin, Gilbert-'71 Ray Street Willett, Virginia-2"13 Grand Avenue-4538W Williams, George-296 Roosevelt Avenue Williams, Lawrence-82 Helen Avenue Williams, Robert-348 Randall Avenue Williamson, George-22 Gill Avenue-4380 Willis, Harry-89' Sunrise Highway Wilson, Arthur-132 Smith Street, Merrick Wilson, Harold-92 N. Main Street Winne. Jack-321 Archer Street-1945 Withelmansen, Alfred4"l3l Hanse Avenue Wiseman, Mary-132 Porterfleld Place-7321 Wittlen, Martin-42 E. Merrick Road-3468 Wolfe, gganklln-lm South Babylon T-urnpike, Merr 320 Wolff, William-120 S. Bayview Avenue-484 Wright, Edna-102 Raynor Street Wright, Frances-28 N. Main Street-'I398J Wright, Ruth-102 Rayner Street Wright, Valentine-47 Gordon Place-7499J Wulf, Dorothy-161 St. Marks Avenue-4033W Wulf, William-161 St. Marks Avenue-4033W Wurston, .Blanche-12 Summers Place Wurston, Dorothy-12 Summers Place Yesworth, Rosina-125 East Avenue Yetman, Douglas-111 Pettit Blvd. Young, Albert-9 Southside Avenue Young. Jane-161 Rose Street-1893R Youngliniz. George-65 Mount Avenue-1030 Yugel, Walter-43 Denhoil! Avenue Zacher, Andrew-51 Smith Street-Merrick Zachmann, 'Frank-405 S. Bayview Avenue-1465 Zachmann, Howard-405 S. Bayview Avenue-1465 Zwirlein, Irene-39 Wilson Place-3116J ick- FREEPORT SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Ackerman, Eflie-Grove Court Apartments- 6431 Ahlgren, Jean-374 Pine Street-7929.1 Akst, Irving-98 East Milton Street-2789 Alanko, LaVonne-23 Oakdale Court, Wantagh -Wantagh 1335 Albin, Mortimer-447 Southside Avenue Albrecht, Dorothy-312 Grand Avenue Albrecht, Edwin-Cyprus Street, Wantagh- Wlantagh 1669 Albrecht, Margaret-312 Grand Avenue Alcorn, Nonie-396 Atlantic Avenue Allen, Barbara-Gvrove Street, Wantagh- Wantagh 1247.1 Aillo, Dixon-337 South Bayview Avenue Altengarten, Henry-146 Weberfield Avenue- 4897 Anderson, Anna-204 Church Street Anderson, Clifford-248 Archer ,Street Anderson, Constance-89 Denhoif Avenue- 1344J Anderson, Cornelius-142 Glenada Court Anderson, Emil-130 Whaley Street-3437 Anderson, John-204 Church Street Anderson, Wilbur-89 Denhoff Avenue-1344.1 Andres, John-113 Craig Avenue-3014 Appleton, Arnold-47 North Long Beach Ave- nue-3318 Argust, John-121 Stevens Street-5180R Arnhold, Dorothy-35 Morris Street-2539M Aronson, Louis-29 Rutland Road-6514 Aronson, Sylvia-29 Rutland Road-6514 Augner, Juliane-37 Harrison Avenue-3878 Avidan, Doris-19 West Lincoln Place-2454 Bailey, Phyllis-189 Gordon Place Baker, Anne-129 Jay Street-6584 Barasch, William-95 N-orth Long Beach Ave- nue-2250 Barrett, Raymond-25 Washburn Avenue- 4479 Bartglsztone, Robert-242 South Grove Street- 8 Baruccheri, Paul-644 Randall Avenue-258OW Baumann, Leonard J .-212 North Long Beach Avenue-6134 Baumwa-ld, Sylvia-85 Loine-s Avenue, Merrick Bechtold, Edward-207 South Long Beach Avenue-6054 Becker, Nancy-49 Roosevelt Avenue-5858 Becker, Robert-49 Roosevelt Avenue-5858 Becker, William-49 Roosevelt Avenue-5858 Bedell, Edna-39 Bedell Street-6458 Bellman, Bernard-12 East Dean Street-1502 Bergmann, Henry-68 Harrison Avenue-6205 Berkel, Gustav-216 Pine Street-1152M Betts, Walter-22 Gordon Place Biedermann, Doris-84 Willow Avenue-573M Biedermann, Verona-84 Willow Avenue- 573M Binneweg, Daniel-154 Archer Street Binneweg, Marcella Louise-154 Archer Street Bird, Alice-272 West Lena Avenue-711 Bitterman, Herbert-181 North Long Beach Avenue-4286 Blades, Donald-Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh Blades, Evelyn-Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh Blanlgs, Benita-67 North Columbus Avenue- 519 Bloom, Miinnie-105 Merrick Avenue, Merrick -198 Board, Muriel-335 Pine Street-3597 Bode, Cfaggian-185 South Long Beach Avenue Bodine, Howard-Willow Street, W'antagh- Wantagh 1522 Boll, Emily-104 Lillian Avenue-884W Bornkessel, Ernest-143 East Seaman Avenue Botwin, Shirley-344 Wallace Street-1572 Bower, Margaret-Box 121 Railroad Avenue- Wantagh Box, John-Gornley Avenue-:Merrick Boyden, Frank-28 Stillwell Place Boyden, Virginia-28 Stillwell Place Boyle, William-83 Madison Avenue-856W Brady, Virginia-37 Independence Avenue Brauner, Paul-155 North Columbus Avenue- 3357 Bremer, Ann-62 Fletcher Avenue-Merrick Bremer, Harry-62 Fletcher Avenue-Merrick Broll, Edward-100 Rutland Road-2702W Brown, George-36 East Merrick R-oad Brown, Joe-78 Elliot Place-l90R Brown, Wilson-72 Mount Avenue Brumme, Evelyn-715 Cornelius Avenue- Wantagh 679R Budd, Irene-106 Leonard Avenue-3891 Buck,. Erederick-63 Central Boulevard, Mer- ric Budd, William-106 Leonard Avenue-3891 Burch, Warren-97 Maple Place Burliegz Elaine-90 Thelma Avenue-Merrick 8 Burtis, Ruth-294 North Long Beach Avenue -5841W Butzgy, Gladys-Fremarth Place-Wantagh Cable, Dorothy-29 Dutchess Street-531 Canalizo, Carlos-Adams and Roosevelt Ave- nues-5470 Canese, Pierre-14 Joan Court Cannon, J oseph-181 Rutland Road-4042 Carman, Earl-443 Atlantic Avenue Carman, Harriet-217 Bedell Street-200 Carnie, Catherine-224 East Dean Street- 5429 ' NATIONAL SHOES Compliments of Stores Everywhere for All the Family Known for Best Values i935 ' 74 So. Main St., Freeport 28 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook 42 Main St., Hempstead F Telephone Freeport 3098 C. V. BOLLER CO. Clothiers I WEISS Tailors And Cleaners Ladies' Tailor - Furrier 3 Hour Service GOATS TO ORDER Remodeling - Repairing - Storage 70 South Grove Street Merrick Road, Tel. 4405 F x N. Y. East of Malin st. Freeport, N. Y. Report' I Bryer's Ice Cream Sporting Goods, Stationery At Our Toys Soda Fountain Cigars and Cigarettes 1 I "Joe's," the High School Store, It's 'really just next door,' I It's the place where every fellow goes To buy his pencils, pads, and sodas. It's "Joe's." J. ZABROWSKY 62 South Grove Street Freeport, L. I. Carr, Albert-32 Independence Avenue Carr, Grayce-Woodcleft Avenue Carr, Harold-32 Independence Avenue Car-ter, Mary Louise-74 Bayview Avenue Carty, Katherine-131 Bedell Street-3805 Cassassa, Leonard-377 Pine Street-7929W Casey, William-165 Porterfield Place-281M Chambers, Florence-41 Craig Avenue-1832M Chapman, Stuart-211 Bayview Avenue-3834 Christensen, Otto-1001 Bellmore Avenue- Bellmore Chichester, Stanley-47 Lexington Avenue- 4680 Christie, Helen-64 Denhoff Avenue Christopulos, Frank-60 West Merrick Road Clark, John-31 West Merrick Road Clark, John W.-18 Commonwealth Avenue- Merrick 7860 Cohen, Florence-195 Washington Street- 4876 Cohen, Ruth-148 Bedell Street-2261M Coleman, Frederick-155 Jay Street-3215 Colman, Adele-155 Jay Street-3215 Colman, Glrace-193 Lexington Avenue-i909 Collins, Jarvis-210 Eastern Avenue - Bell- more Collins, Ruth-133 Center Street-590 Colyer, Katherine-79 Wlallace Street-855 Cook, J-ohn-387 South Grove Street Cook, Robert-387 South Grove Street Corby, Robert-203 Porterfield Place Cordaro, Charles-Cypress Avenue, Wantagh -Wantagh 1497'J Cordaro, Sarah-Cypress Avenue, Wantagh- Wantagh 1497J Cornell, Errol-200 Merrick Road Crev3s:S'f.t, Marie-45 Lakeview Avenue- Crevoissegtt, Myrtle-45 Lakeview Avenue- 12 Cronin, Elizabeth-24 Lenox Avenue Cruickshank, Harold-41 Miller Avenue-279 Crummel, Sylvia-76 Sunrise Highway Culling, James-63 Southside Avenue-4247 Curtis, Erkel-64 Hills-ide Avenue Cutts, Stanley-311 Locust Avenue Daniels, Frank--77 Grand Avenue Daniels, Janice--247 Roosevelt Avenue-5999 Davis, Dorothy-77 Harrison Avenue-3252 Davis, Mary Elizabeth-77 Harrison Avenue- 3252 Davis, Peggy-77 Harrison Avenue-3252 Davis, Ruth-420 South Ocean Avenue-5930 Davison, Winifred-16 Lexington Avenue- 1226R DeBeauchamp, Robert-207 Randall Avenue- 3022 DeFe-o, James-109 Sunrise Highway De Freest, Edith-91 Nassau Avenue DeMase, Dominick-67 Broadway DeMuth, Harry-5 Van Buren Street Deterling, Margaret-32 West Milton Street- 1541W Deterling, William-32 West Milton Street- 1541W DiCarlo, Philip-77 Raymond Avenue Dickerson, Millard-215 Wallace Str-eet-1072 Dickson, David-11 Dock Drive-5067R Dickson, Mary-11 Dock Drive-5067R Diemer, Katherine-5 Taft Place-791J DiMase, Frank-20 East Milton Street Dittrich, Eunice-42 Rutland Road Dlabola, Francis-21 Willow Avenue-2291M Dlabola, Joseph-21 Willow Avenue.-2291M Dobbin, Leon-121 Commercial Street-4281W Dodd, Elizabeth-Deer Park Avenue, Babylon -Babylon 189 Donaldson, Robert-94 South Bayview-5486 Doran, Jack-90 Hillside Avenue Dorneyg Veronica-80 Weberfield Avenue- 45 0 Dotter, Charles-29 Roosevelt Place-710 Doyle, 5Ai1g1e-250 North Long Beach Avenue Drake, Evelyn-12 Coolidge Place-2905M Drescher, Reta-252 Rutland Road-4489 Drobinske, J oseph-23 Utz Street-6685 Dun-bar, Forrest-23 Onsl-ow Place-1177 Dunn, Jane-11 Prospect Court-894 Dunn, Jeanne-122 Commercial Street Eagle, James-51 North Columbus Avenue Easton, Glenn-348 Roosevelt Avenue-1139 Eidenweil, Marjorie-48 Russell Place Elar, Anthony-63 Buffalo Avenue-1221.1 Elliott, Grace-115 Lexington Avenue-5371 Ellison, Austin-111 Ray Street Ecmra, Richard-220 Smith Street Engle, Helen-153 East Avenue Enstad, Hanse-45 Hanse Avenue Essex, Frederick-154 Denhoff Avenue-4892 Eveland, William-34 Russell Place-1936 Faber, Edith-32 Morris Street-1026 Feinstein, Morton-357 Smith Street--3331 Fenderson, Theresa-63 Sunrise Highway Ferrara, Joseph-57 Rutland Road Fieldsa, Doris-393 South Grove Street Fine, Arnold-61 South Main Street Firth, Luzena-142 East Dean Street-4105J Fishlfggcg, Arnold-64 West Merrick Road- Florenzie, Frederick-315 Southside Avenue Forker, Raymond-97 West Lena Avenue- 425R Forrester, Grace-199 South Gxrove Street Fowler, Ruth-130 Lillian Avenue-407W Fox, Robert-Senaca Place, Wantagh-Wan- tagh 1456 Francis, Searle-98 West Lincoln Place-4128.1 Frank, Adele-123 Park Avenue-5385 Frank, Rita-32 Weberfield Avenue-3518 Freedman, Shepherd-67 East Dean Street- 2650W Freeman, John-'78 Wilson Place-3477 Friedman, Charles-244 Randall Avenue-5945 Fring, Charles-250 Wallace Street-610.1 Fritz, Victoria-26 Cottage Court-744 Funda, Greig-320 Archer Street-4090 Gainer, Hubert-1 Evans Avenue-2428W Gardfieijrg Horace-10 Connecticut Avenue - 2 Gaynor, Jack-77 Shonnard Avenue Gildersleeve, Melba-33 Triangle Place Giller, Edith-58 Mount Avenue-473W Giebel, Joseph-29 Gregory Avenue-Merrick Gissel, Aloha-41 East Woodbine Drive-788 Glacuis, George-82 Shonnard Avenue-437 Glenz, Marshall-88 Atlantic Avenue-7137 Gockley, Elizabeth-234 Locust Avenue-2269 Gold, Jean-75 Elliot Place-315R Goldblum, Seymour-95 North Columbus. Ave- nue-7391 Goldfarb, Earl-56 North Bergen Place DEAN and WILSON Lumber and Building Supplies 55 Russell Place Freeport, N. Y. Telephone Freeport 2540 CAROL GREEN Hosiery - Lingerie - Sportswear Accessories Corset Specialists Tel. Freeport 6163 APPLETON'S 91 South Main St. Freeport Our Policy-To Sell Goods That Will Not Come Back -To Customers Who Will. HILLCREST TENNIS COURTS NORTH BALDWIN Nassau Secretarial School, Inc. 8 West Merrick Rd. Tel. 4641 Freeport Bookkeeping Accounting Brokerage Shorthand - Touch Typewriting Complete Secretarial Courses Civil Service Courses Individual Instruction Enroll At Any Time Tel. Freeport 1 l7rieclman's Pharmacy, Inc. Home Courts for Freeport Freeport High School Tennis Team Paul G. Schuman, Prop. Dilugs P"eSmpt'0nS Evening - Afternoon - Sportwear P Tel. Freeport 2637 Sharlene Modes, lnc. iii . . DEPARTMENT "The Iudwzclual Dress Shop" STORE 62 S. Main St. Freeport N. Y. Freeport Long Island Goldner, Paula-56 Broadway Goldsmith, Arthur-33 Connecticut Avenue- 513 Goudge, Robert - 136 East Dean Street- l603M Gray, Robert-49 Madison Avenue-771 Greenberg, Ray-109 North Bayview Avenue Greenberg, Walter-56 Broadway-7351W Greenleaf, Elizabeth-29 Elm Street-339 Grey,5Egorothy-290 South Ocean Avenue- 4 Guesno, Gilbert-2 Miller Avenue-Merrick Guittard, Neal-41 Lee Place-1045 Haack, Mary-49 Russell Place Haggggtyg, Ruth-54 Beverly Road, Merrick- 4 Hallam, Robert-205 Westside Avenue-6110 Hallock, William-174 South Grove Street- 6778 Halvorsen, Doris-310 Atlantic Avenue Halvorsen, Harry-310 Atlantic Avenue Halvorsen, Madeline-308 Atlantic Avenue Hamlyn, Stephen-14 Gill Avenue-2853J Hamgnagk, Wlilliam-7 Woodbine Drive, East- 14 Hanington, Allen-Wantagh Avenue - Wan- tagh 34 Hanna, Malcolm-31 Elliot Place-5075 Hannlcgrg, Lawrence-340 Roosevelt Avenue- 9 Hansen, Robert-54 Roosevelt Avenue-879R Hargirfgves, Grace-Willow Street-Wantagh Harrison, Mary-107 North Ocean Avenue- 271M Hartlieb, Robert - Jones Avenue-Wantagh 305W Harvey, Norma-108 West Merrick Road- 3848 Haskins, Marion-West Woodbine Drive Haynes, Ophelia-15 South Columbus Avenue Healey, Evelyn-180 South Grove Street-173 Heinrich, Robert-181 South Long Beach Ave- nue-289R Henderson, Ann-194 Smith Street-3510 Henney, Richard-189 St. Marks Avenue Henry, Clarence-38 Morton Avenue-1623J Herrmann, Arthur-161 Stuyvesant Avenue, Merrick-4855 Hershkowitz, Morris-68 Harris Avenue-1434 Hershkowitz, Rose-63 Harris Avenue-1434 Hess, Herbert-14 Morris Street Hetzler, Arthur-66 Independence Avenue Hewlett, Ruth-1 East Merrick Road, Merrick -2726M Hicks, Maude-224 Helen Avenue Hill, Helen-371 Miller Avenue Hill, James-52 Lexington Avenue-259R Hoifman, Curtis-157 Wynsum Avenue, Mer- rick-6507 Hogan, Alice-243 Porterfie-ld Place-7493 Holcgzlribi, Roberta-83 Weberfield Avenue.- 7 Holmes, Lillian-13 East Dean Street-1994R I-Ioman, Anna-Bushwick Avenue-Merrick Hook1er,REdward-131 Independence Avenue- 47 Horesco, Anna-270 South Main Street Hornbeck, Stephen-98 Smith Street-2206 Horndrup, John-33 Cary Place Hudson, James-151 East Seaman Avenue Huestis, George-84 West Lincoln Place-3681 Hummel, Polly-Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh- Wfantagh 440 Hunt, Elizabeth-86 Wilson Place Hunt, Mary-86 Wilson Place Iacovino, Filomena C.-209 Church Street Iacovino, Natalie-209 Church Street Illardi, Josephine-253 Rose Street-7377 Inglima, Josephine-353 Atlantic Avenue- 254212 Isenberg, Maurice-108 North Ocean Avenue Israel, Ralph-30 Bedell Street -4311 Jacobi, John-40 Claurome Place Jackson, Donald-245 Rose Street-13885 Jasi, Sadie-95 Pennsylvania Avenue-833M Jenkins, Marion-52 Leonard Avenue-4462 Johnson, Donald-172 Rose Street-4542 Johnson, Doris-83 Craig Avenue Johnson, Edwin-Woodbine Drive East-503 Johnson, Ruth-172 Rose Street-4542 Johnson, Sylvia-155 South Bay Avenue!- 1103R Jokumsen, Ethel-103 Moore Avenue Jones, Claire-129 Commonwealth Avenue, Merrick Jones, Elsie-290 North Main Street Jones, Geraldine-42 Craig Avenue Jones, Katherine-88 South Ocean Avenue- 749W Jones, Madeline-42 Craig Avenue Jones, Willard-18 West Milton Street-3472 Judd, Edwin-151 Wlhaley Street-4347 Juffros, Jane-397 South Grove Street Kalban, Mildred-18 Miller Avenue-7312 Kampman, Anna-20 Franklin Square-112M Kearns, Virginia-28 South Bergen Place- 4021 Keleher, Joseph-180 Randall Avenue-2137 Kelly, Margaret-102 Maple Place-2518J Keogh, Thomas-214 Porterfield Place-1678 Kerns-Charles-119 North Bayview Avenue Keshefsky, Robert-15 West Lincoln Place- 262M Kertesz, Honora-91 South Grove Street- 7425 Kingett, Robert-14 East Dean Street Kinsey, Marjorie-287 North Long Beach Ave- nue Kirchgessner, Robert - 405 South Bayview Avenue-1465 Kirkham, Mary-255 Pine Street-1172 Kissel, Robert-56 West First Street Kittridge, Geore-84 Madison Avenue-3671 Klemm, Robert-29 Ray Street Koch, Ralph-15 Gordon Place Koppel, Gertrude-404 South Ocean Avenue Kowits, Bertha-108 North Grove Street-965 Krabbeler, Mildred-93 Bedell Street Krapf, William-78 North Columbus-4771 Krasnoff, Irwin-21 Ray Street-1818W Kremelberg, Margaret-211 Grand Avenue- 2921W - Kurz, Marion-58 North Columbus Avenue Langdon, Ellsworth-411 South Grove Street -1401 Langdon, Ruth-411 South Grove Street-1401 Lange, Kathryn-279 Wallace Street Langmal-ri, Paul-Oakland Avenue, Wantagh- 263 Leibowitz, Diana-157 Harris Avenue-5681J Leigh, Myrtle-126 Pearsall Avenue Leigh, Russell-126 Peiarsall Avenue Geo. A. Kuhirt, lnc. Frank D. Hornbeck, President Insure Today-Tomorrow May Be Too Late INSURANCE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES 26-28 South Grove Street Repair, Paint or Remodel Your Home NO CASH NEEDED Pay By The Month ' Cox 6: Van Tuyl, Inc. Phone 3600 Freeport, N. Y. Wantagh, N. Y. J 1. E The u la ' lmmons WISSNER PIANO Beauty Shop FOR STEAM OIL PERMANENTS A SPECIALTY HOME AND SCHOOL 46 W. Merrick Rd., Phone 5285 Near Church Street 27 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N. Y. FPGGPOFL N- Y- Est. 1924 Tel. Freeport 4378 A. Adam and Daughters Florists Tel. Freeport 900 S. BAUMANN, INC. Furniture, Cai-pets, Bedding, etc Branches: Hempstead Babylon , Freeport Jersey City 53 W. Merrick Rd. 298 Fulton Ave. Freeport Hempstead So. Main St. Freeport, N. Y Fashionable Dlressmalcing Alterations and Remodeling' For French Dry Cleaning - Hernstitching Soda Furs Remodeled and Relined ,L Lun-ch Men's Suits Dry Cleaned Candy Telephone 5745 40 S. Main Street 71 Merrick Road Baldwin, N. Y. Freeport Letson, Betty-120 North Ocean Avenue Levin, Harold A.-206 Wallace Street-4341 Levin, Harold H.-102 Randall Avenue-6239 Lewis, Betty-104 Jay Street Lewkovifisky, Irving-67 Merrick Avenue-Mer- TIC Lewneay, Evelyn-83 South Main Street Leys, Robert-193 Washington Street-2422 License, Mabel-27 West Lincoln Place-1728 License, Ted-190 Wallace Street-1361M Lindsay, William-6 Rose Street-980 Logan, William-38 Hampton Place Lomnitzer, Ann-135 North Main Street- 3089R Losee, Hazel-69 Denhoff Avenue-5010 Lowe, Jack-93 West Lincoln Place-6206 Luther, hCharles-124 Bunker Avenue, Wan- tag Lynch, Eileen-118 Centre Street Lynch, Mary-135 Glenada Court Lynch, Mary E.-187 West Lena Avenue- 2270W Lynch, Nathaniel-187 West Lena Avenue- Lyon, Helen-173 Rose Street 2270W Lyons, Frank-101 Webe-rfield Avenue Lyons, Mary Ann-101 Weberiield Avenue Mackay, Catherine-88 Rutland Road-889 Magan, Arthur-23 Miller Avenue-2026 Magan, Kathryn-23 Miller Avenue-2026 Magan, Mary-23 Miller Avenue-2026 Maggiolo, Allison-129 Hillside Avenue Malone, Raymond-309 Pine Street-1852 Mangan, Adelena-215 Church Street Marks, Mary-Lufberry Avenue-Wantagh Marks, Zelda-855 Archer Street-443 Marshall, Rudolph-48 Lexington Avenue Martin, Charles-98 Raynor Street Martin, Robert-426 Pennsylvania Avenue- 3868 Martin, Robert B.-Jones Beach Hotel, Wan- tagh-1028 Martin, William-98 Raynor Street Mauersberger, George-83 Henry Street- 5847J Maxxgrgfl, Donald-350 South Ocean Avenue- 7 McCabe, Maurice-129 Porterfield Place-3620 McClz3an, William-85 West Lincoln Place- 7 21 McClellan, Gilbert-68 Center Street-3588W McCloskey, Edna-22 Pearsall Avenue-3072 McGee, Gertrude-Park Avenue, Wantagh- Wantagh 457 McGinley, Thomas-268 East Seaman Avenue -6511 McLellan, Hubert-197 East Seaman Avenue- 846 McMillan 7 Gene-409 Cornelius Avenue, Wan- tagh-Wantagh 384M McMillan, J ames-409 Cornelius Avenue, Wan- tagh-Wantagh 384M McNally, Ann-132 Washburn Avenue-5282 Megahan, Norma-30 Grundy Avenue, Merrick -816 Mentil, Virginia-93 East Milton Street- 6037J Meyer, Anna-146 Washburn Avenue Meyer, George-21 Independence Avenue Meyer, Louise-61 East Seaman Avenue Miceli, Victor-46 Leonard Avenue Mihalik, Olga-7 South Bay Avenue-7191 Miller, Evelyn-371 South Grove Street Miller, Gladys-43 Miller Road Miller, Kenneth-53 Miller Avenue Minan, Lester-431 Southside Avenue-1914 Mintz, Sydney-57 Gfrand Avenue-4372M Mitchell, Irene-24 New York Avenue-675W Mitchell, Marie-27 Freeport Street and Bell- port Avenue, Wantagh Mohr, Louis-96 Sunrise Highway Monett, Alice-288 Merrick Avenue, Merrick- 2966R Moore, Anne-820 South Long Beach Avenue Moore, Joan-213 Church Street-6430 Moore, Leonore-283 Miller Avenue Moore, Joan-213 Church Street-6430 Moore, Lois-2 Halsey Street-434J Moore, Robert - 140 Washburn Avenue - 3073W Moore, Robert-145 Harris Avenue-528M Moore, Walter-19 Roosevelt Avenue-7924W Moran, Jack-120 Harrison Avenue-15J More, Clement-101 Atlantic Avenue Morgan, John-186 N. Columbus Avenue Morgan, Mary Edith-186 N. Columbus Ave- nue Morris, Buelah-307 Netta Blvd., Bellmore- Wantagh 84 Morrell, Dorothy-244 Grand Avenue-8073 Morrissey, John- 122 Washburn Avenue- l792W Morrow, Kenneth-316 S. Long Beach Avenue -7005 Moser, Libby-218 S. Grove Street-2868 Moser, Marion-50 N. Long Beach Avenue Mott, Dorothy-190 S. Main Street-931W Mulimenko, Michael-4 Slaurome Place-946 Mullen, Vera-Stevens Avenue-1167 Muller, Hope-40 Fox Blvd.-Merrick Murphy, Joseph-52 Weber-'field Avenue Muratori, Beatrice-34 Connecticut Avenue- 3093 Muratori, Inez-34 Connecticut Avenue-3093 Muratori, Laura-138 Porterfield Place-2521 Muro, Joseph-30 S. Long Beach Avenue- 1226M Muro, Paul-30 S. Long Beach Avenue-1226M Murphy, Helen-311 Grand Avenue Murphy, James-52 Weberiield Avenue Murphy, Jerome-14 Oakwood Avenue-Mer- rick Murphy, Margaret-18 Madison Avenue-2685 Murray, Albert-218 Gordon Place-449R Myers, Frances-20 W. Lincoln Place Myers, Marguerite-112 E. Seaman Avenue Negler, Helen-22 Pearsall Avenue Nelson, Carl-352 Southside Avenue-1276 Nelson, Irene-16-6 Rose Street-99W' Nestor, Joseph-110 E. Milton Street-1697 Neumann, Eileen-696 S. Bayview Avenue- 6589 Newell, Bergen-53 Madison Avenue-1591 Nichols, Walter-92 Wallace Street-'764R Nickelsberg, Asher-37 South Bergen Street- 805J Norman, Marion-64 Whaley Street-485R Nussbam, Isadfora-60 East Avenue Nygren, Frances-230 Rose Street-3968 Obey, Charlotte-317 Miller Avenue-411J Ohms, Frederick-122 Church Street-111M O'Keefe, Edward-54 Craig Avenue Osieki, Wanda-177 Park Avenue-3612.1 Annuals Perennials Roses I D A U E R N H E 1 M CORPORATION l Waniagh Long Island Phone Wantagh 0030 Leo Wetter and Joseph Sens l WANTAGH HOTEL Duck, Chicken and Steak Dinners a Specialty Meals Served From 11:30 A. M. To 8 P. M. WANTAGH AT THE STATION LONG ISLAND I Tel. Hempstead 4909 I Hempstead Riding Academy I Alfred E. Deutsch Ku Son, Inc. I MILL ROAD OPP. BRIDLE PATH, Hempstead, N. Y. ' Compliments of the I ' I N D I A N S From WANTAGH l,.i- 1 ilill Osten, Marjorie-240 Locust Avenue-7967 Owens, Louise-222 Juanita Avenue-3174M Palmer, Margaret-83 Oak Street Paraspolo, Johanna-28 Archer Street Paraspolo, Joseph-28 Archer Street Pardoen, Gerard-51 Craig Avenue Parks, Newton-15 Onsl-ow Place-198 Pascal, Beatrice-340 Wallace Street-1544 Paterson, Carolyn-46 Harrison Avenue- 1125M Patterson, Frederick-104 Denhoi Avenue- Paz, Clara-39 Russell Place 368 Pearce, Dorothy-205 Washington Street- 147OJ Pearsall, Shirley-174 Whaley Street-194 Peck, Marjorie-147 N. Long Beach Avenue- 898 Peckett, Edith-17 Stillwell Place-2054W Peckett, Helen-17 Stillwell Place-2054W Pellicio, Jennie-214 Miller Avenue Penta, Charles-172 Bedell Street Penta, Michael-172 Bedell Street Perez, Melvin-270 Rutland Road Peters, Jack-280 N. Columbus Avenue-320R Philbrick, Edwin-322 Archer Street-695R Phillips, Alice-72 Washburn Avenue-6193 Phillips, Warren-148 Thelma Avenue Pirkola, Alfred-'79 Lillian Avenue-1171W Pisciotta, Gemma-94 Broadway-3444 Pisciotta, Helen-94 Broadway-3444 Plotsky, Esther-39 W. Seaman Avenue Plotsky, Solomon-39 W. Seaman Avenue Poetsch, Clara-Lufberry Avenue, Wantagh- Wantagh 1529 Pollack, Murray-22 Pearsall Avenue Porfert, Muriel-27 E. Seaman Avenue-2894R Post, Alfred-30 Claurome Place Post, Harold-121 Denhoff Avenue-4199.1 Powers, Alice-65 Southside Avenue-195 Powers, John-90 Nassau Avenue Preziosi, Joseph-33 Lee Place Price, George-176 N. Main Street-1502 Price, Seymour-176 N. Main Street-1353 Primavera, Jennie-43 Hanse Avenue-5629 Pungle, Ruth-42 Riverside Drive, Wantagh- Wantagrh 1.081 Pupulidy, Helen-127 Lillian Avenue-4984 Pupulidy, Mary-127 Lillian Avenue-4984 Quinn, Eugene-Wilmarth Place-Wantagh Radcliffe, Al-ex-325 Bedell Street Ramler, Hannah-21 East Merrick Road-824 Ramsteck, Donald-248 Rutland Road-6168 Ramsteck, Edward-248 Rutland Road-6168 Rankazzo, John-203 E. Merrick Road Rantsch. Harry-147 E. Seaman Avenue- 8152J ' Rapp, Elaine-83 Raynor Street Rauter, Clarence-38 Rutland Road-3046W Ray, Dorothy-60 Nassau Avenue-1300J Raynor, Audrey-293 S. Main Street-8'7R Raynor, Evelyn-303 S. Bayview Avenue-585 Raynor, Sinclair-303 S. Bayview Avenue-585 Rees, Evelyn-88 Craig Avenue-4535M Regan,kGiertrude-27 Meaden Avenue, N. Mer- ric Regan, Ray-239 S. Ocean Avenue-1287 Reich, Rose-98 Rose Street-0960 Reid, Selma-53 Center Street Reilly, Francis-242 S. Ocean Avenue-1504 Renton, Claire-93 Evans Avenue-2461 Renton, Myrtle-83 Evans Avenue-3605 Reoch, Edith-104 Wallace Street-6686 Rhodes, Betty-102 E. Milton Street Richard, Evelyn-251 Wallace Street-610M Ritter, Dorothy-71 Loines Avenue, Merrick- Fr-eeiport 395W Rivers, Geneva-42 Alexander Avenue Rivers, Eugene-42 Alexander Avenue Roberts, Jewel-114 Lexington Avenue-4322 Robins, Ruth-73 East Avenue-342M Robinson, Albert-76 E. Merrick Road Robson, Gerald-404 Babylon Tpke.-3628 Roelefsen, John-37 Harrison Avenue-3878 Rogner, Esther-336 Bedell Street-558.1 Ronai, Leslie-46 Woodcliif Avenue-3772 Rosenfeld, Jean-70 Wilson Place-5442 Rothwell, Philip-185 Wallace Street-2882 Rudloff, Sylvia-17 W. Milton Street-3565.1 Ruege, Ruth-8 Taft Place-107 Ruether, Gertrude-Austin Avenue, Wantagh -Wantagh 1503 Rullmen, Henry-703 S. Bayview Avenue Runcie, Gertrude-89 S. Ocean Avenue-563 Runcie, Janet-89 S. Ocean Avenue-563 Ruppell, Ruth-295 Grand Avenue Ryder, James-401 S. Main Street-2477R St. Claire, Irving-716 S. Bayview Avenue- 1480.1 St. George, Gordon-535 Archer Street-2408 Salvata, Josephine-182 Ray Street-6455 Samet, Morton-284 S. Bayview Avenue-5416 Sarant, Alfred-507 S. Ocean Avenue-6696 Saunders, Burrelly-63 E. Sunrise Highway Sayers, John - 27 Independence Avenue - 3334W Schaad, Robert-255 W. Lena Avenue-1958 Schaefer, Gerard-223 Church Street-94M Schaefer, Jenneth-274 N. Columbus Avenue Schiffer, Jane-255 N. Long Beach Avenue- 5964R Schiffer, Maxine-200 Independence Avenue Schley, David-19 Miller Avenue Schmid, Marie-66 Frankel Blvd.-Merrick Schmid, Richard-350 Bedell Street-5889 Schuster, Virginia-168 Randall Avenue Schwaner, Virginia-40 Wilson Place-5737 Schwer, Frederick-375 S. Long Beach Avenue 6323.1 Schwer, Muriel-375 S. Long Beach Avenue- 6323.1 Scotti, Vitina-98 Grand Avenue-3992 Scudder, Gerald-114 Brooklyn Avenue-597J Seagle, Anna-213 S. Grove Street Sellars, Virginia-34 Bedford Avenue Semken, Louise-9 Harrison Avenue Serby, William-25 N. Long Beach Avenue- Seybolt, John-129 E. Dean Street 1545 Shea, Eileen-48 Mount Avenue Shea, Virginia-76 East Avenue-342R Sheard, Williaiii-86 W. Seaman Avenue- 2474.1 Shebar, Mildred-Corner Ocean Avenue and Lincoln Place-5619 Sheekan, John-96 S. Ocean Avenue-77 Sheppard, Herbert-217 Church Street-3035 Shields. Orian-216 Lexington Avenue Shore, Nancy-187 S. Ocean Avenue-307 Schroyer. Wilbur-139 Harris Avenue Siegel, Dorothy-211 Pine Street-5705 Siegfraagb Elaine-60 Lincoln Blvd., Merrick Sievwright, Elmer-39 Lexington Avenue Established 1868 Pyle-Gray Real Estate Co. Appraisers - Brokers 310 Ashland Place, Brooklyn Agents Robert H. Gray George H. Gray, Jr. Tel. Freeport 4266 A purchase at GOLDMAN'S Insures Comfort, Confidence and Complete Satisfaction Get Your Shoes at Go1dman's 84 So. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. Compliments of S. and S. CLOTHIERS Freeport, N. Y. The Irving Shop, lnc. Clothier - Hatter Haberdrasher Tuxedos to Hire 80 S. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. I BUICK and PONTIAC Smith and Post ' 38-40 E. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N. Y. LeRoy Smith Freeport 7300 Est. 1884 Adolph Levy 6: Son Head to Heel Apparel for Men Freeport, N. Y. FRED BEERS, Inc. Wholesale arlcl Retail Dealers in Milk arid Milk Products Freeport Division Main Office 25 Bennington Ave. 101-112 100th St. Freeport, N. Y. Ozone Park, N. Y. Tel. Fpt. 8180 Tel. Vlrginia 7-7700 The Leonard Shoppe The Most Complete Specialty Shop on Long Island Lingerie - Sportswear 72 S. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. Telephone Freeport 5898 Sievwright, Richard-39 Lexington Avenue Silber, Lottie-243 S. Grove Street-5659 Simonsen, Florence-64 Southside Avenue- 1449 Skinner, Gregory-82 Bennington Avenue Small, David-212 N. Ocean Avenue Smith, Ethel-Hanse Avenue Smith, Evelyn-60 West Side Avenue-3666.1 Smith, Louis-50 Morris Street-2575 Smith, Marjorie-32 Smith Street Smith, Minturn-28 N. Main Street-7398J Smith, Nina-22 Martin Avenue-2053 Smith, Ray-Wantagh Avenue, Wantagh-790 Sofield, Loretta-50 Nassau Avenue Soloman, Pauline-11 Rose Street-4531 Soper, Raymond-William Street Spader, Richard-263 Smith Street-394 Spokes, Alfred-38 Onslow Place-856R Squires, Grace-16 E. Dean Street Stadelman, Joseph-105 S. Bay Avenue-5444 Stanislaw, Theodore-85 Smith Street-3672 Starcke, Frederick-190 Brookside Avenue- 3174R Staros, Basil-58 S. Main Street-3294W Staros, Evelyn-58 S. Main Street-3294W Stauback, Madeline-193 Rose Street Stearns, Hamilton-381 Archer Street-1352 Steiert, Barbara-78 Rosedale Avenue Steiger, Ida-41 Miller Street-Merrick Steinmetz, Harry-35 Bedell Street-1736M Stenswold, John-101 Atlantic Avenue Sternad, John-129 E. Dean Street Stevenson, Audrey-25 S. Main Street-1290 Stevenson, William-48 Graffing Place-7922M Stewart, Marjorie - 18 Frankel Avenue - 2581M Stewart, Olive-18 Frankel Avenue-2581M Stiegelmaier, William-J53 E. Seaman Avenue -3867 Stockinger, Lorraine-37 S. Gurove Street Stokk-e, John-213 Lena Avenue-507R Stokke, Robert-213 Lena Avenue-507R Strittmatter, Warren-98 Pearsall Avenue- 7804 Stroh, Alfred-105 Bedell Street-508 Strumenger, Ruth-54 Henry Street, Merrick -2615M Sunshine, Eleanor-359 Roosevelt Avenue- 3226 Sussner, Grace-13 W. Dean Street Sutherland, Amelia-2 Smith Street-446 Sutherland, Jean-2 Smith Street-446 Sutter, Winifred-258 S. Bayview Avenue- 2163 Swaninglson, Edith-Cornelius Avenue-Wan- tag Terry, Evelyn-29 Willow Avenue-573J Thomas, Garret-21 W. Lincoln Avenue-262.1 Thompson, Derwent-126 Independence Ave- nue-16-53M Thorne, John-56 East Avenue-6691 Tiedeman, Dorothea-25 W. Merrick Road Tietzsch, Virginia-1 Coolidge Place-2636R Tomasello, Carmine-Neptune Avenue, Wan- tagh Tonjes, Florence-42 S. Grove Street-5388 Townend, Helen - 162 Stuyvesant Avenue, Merrick Trayer, Grace-32 Archer Street-4046 Trayer, Weslie-32 Archer Street-4046 Trayer, William-112 Shonnard Avenue Tredwell, Grace-440 Merrick Road-1719R Tree, Edward-61 Porterfield Place-1535J Triebwasser, Arthur-40 Lee Place-2852J Tschirn, Sophie-Grove Street, Wantagh-954 Tuttle, Paul-30 Rutland Road Turdirk, Louis.-165 Stuyvesant Avenue- Merrick Ullian, Esther-241 Church Street-6184 Ullian, Murray-120 S. Bay Avenue-2830 Ulmer, Dennis-20 Wlaverly Place Valentine, Florence-135 S. Grove Street-666 Van llggr Werken, Betty-328 Archer Street- Van Riper, Mildred-31 East Avenue Van Tgggl, Richard-Jones Avenue, Wantagh Veith, Hazel-334 Southside Avenue-2572 Verity, Dorothy-261 S. Main Street-7327 Verity, Elsie-12 W. Smith Street Verity, Ernest-Johnson Place Vestal, Mary-48 Leonard Avenue Viebrock, Harriet-19 Graifing Place-4236 Von Elm, Robert-338 Archer Street-2024 Wallace, Henry-135 Smith Street-241J Wallace, Stewert-135 Smith Street-241J Wally, Kuni - 122 Commonwealth Avenue, Merrick-6072.1 Walther, Harry-295 Rutland Road Ward, Charles-421 Babylon Turnpike Wardlow, Charles-459 Atlantic Avenue-3234 Warner, Jack-445 Archer Street-695W Watson, Edward-229 S. Long Beach Avenue -2017 Wiehgsggenry-103 Merrick Avenue, Merrick- Weibaldt, Robert-82 Ken-ny Avenu-e, Merrick Weiler, Theodore-25 Dorothy Court, Merrick Weinberg, Arnold-37 W. Seaman Avenue Weinberg, Florence-172 N. Ocean Avenue- 4565 Weinligesgg, Sidney-172 N. Ocean Avenue- Weiner, Seymour-64 Harrison Avenue-1724J Wleinhold, Alma-21 Smith Street Wenk, Harry-383 Archer Street-6018 Werder, Gertrude-98 Shonnard Avenue Westcott, Cuyler-180 Lena Avenue-2189 Wharton, Georgette-4 Mount Avenue Wheeler, Jacqueline-18 W. Dean Street White, Stanley-42 Henry Street Whitmore, Edgar-138 'Church Street-372W Whitmore, Phyllis-138 Church Street-372W Williams, McKendree-156 Bedell Street-4934 Williams, Reiman-348 Randall Avenue Williamson, Louise-22 G-ill Avenue-4380 Winnie, Peggy-321 Archer Street-1945 Wise-Jane-226 Pine Street Wittl, Casimir-177 Park Avenue-3612 Wittlin, Florence-42 E. Merrick Road-3468 Wood, Cyrus-267 W. Lena Avenue-4524 Wooley, Betsey-383 Archer Street-6018 W-oolley, Lee-383 Archer Street-6018 Wright, Barbara-11 W. Lincoln Place-1777 Wright, George-102 Raynor Street Wright, Helen Louise-11 Waverly Place Wright, J ohn-73 Connecticut Avenue Wright, Marjorie-360 S. Long Beach Avenue -1876W Wlforst, Harold-22 Graffing' Place-6258M Yetmann, Betty-111 Petit Blvd. Zahn, Robert-20 E. Seaman Avenue-3005 4 Church Street, Freeport, New York Boulukos' Tea Room Sodas and Lnncheons Tel. Freeport 459 Day Phone 7504 George A. Smith, Jr. GARAGE North Main Street Near Seaman Avenue 24 HOUR TOWING AND WRECKING CAR SERVICE Night Phone 5273 Tel. Freeport 3229 "Service That Satisfiesu Henry Von Elm Insurance 48 W. Merrick Rd. Freeport, N. Y. FRED C. WARE Real Estate Rentals Sales 119 W. Sunrise Hgwy. Freeport 612 l..ieberman's 19 South Grove St. Freeport, N. Y. Stationers and Office Outfitters CIRCULATING LIBRARY Phones 6677-4814 SunRisE Barber Shop Beauty Shoppe 37 Railroad Ave. 50 Sunrise Hgy. Expert Barbers - :- Hairdressers Formerly Tony's Original Central Now Under N-ew Management Julius Iversen - Leslie Ivers-en Formerly of The Penn Terminal New York City Home Made Goodies are made in Wantagh Bakery Railroad Avenue l-lerb's Stationery Store 136 SO. MAIN STREET Phone Freeport 3441 Borden's Ice Cheam Wantash Periodicals, School Supplies Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes Film Supplies, Candies Wm. Tschirn, Prop. Wan. 954 Newspapers Tel. Freeport 4480 Jantzen Swim Suits DANZIIIEJEIR TCJIIII-5, Golf and Buxelvrlll Eqiiifmzcnt Fishing Tackle Trunks and Luggage 70 s. MAIN ST., FREEPORT, N. Y. Jos. H. McCloskey Ray C. Whittaker Best Lumber Co., Inc. Hardware Paints Marine Supplies 38 Smith St. Freeport, N. Y. Tel. Freeport 1509 Official Jewelers Class 1935 Cornioliments of Crescent ewelers THE 1.2 F REEPORT PRESS Manufacturers Of Jewelry and Emblems Quality Printing f 07' Schools, Colleges and Fraternities 84 Church Street Freeport, N. Y. 355-357 Mulberry St. Tel. Freeport 1275 Frank Post, Prop. Market 2-0377 Newark, N. J The Freeport Bank Founded 1892 The oldest bank in F'reeport con- servatively serving our people. The youths of today are the men of tomorrow and the choice of a BANK is almost as important as the choice of a career. FREEPORT, N. Y. Resources over 3 Million Dollars Sold in your School Sold in your Neighborhood Elf qm ICE 5: ,-A-mraxw-sem i rrzncmlvnlrr ,' -j lm. QM' :mmIgI'EI:lu'1f" I, Breyer Ice Cream Co., Inc. Philadelphia New York Washington Newark Stillwell 4-5000 GROVE GIFT SHOP R. Bliss, Prop. 97 S. Main Street, Freeport, N. Y. PICTURE FRAMING CIRCULATING- LIBRARY GREETING CARDS COMMERCIAL AND SOCIAL STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES Full Line of PACE INSTITUTE A School of Business Technology Courses of intensive character, pre- paring for various occupations in business, are given at Pace Institute in daytime and in evening cl-asses. These courses include among others the following: Accountancy and Business Ad- ministration Summary fC.P.A.J Accountancy Secretarial Practice Shorthand Reporting Shorthand Speed Classes Advertising and Marketing Selling and Marketing Credit Science Bulletins, interesting vocational book- lets, and class dates are available up- on request. Inquire of the Registrar by personal call, by letter, or by tele- phone, Barclay 7-8200. Visitors are welcome. PACE INSTITUTE 225 Broadway New York, N. Y. ::::::::::::::::::::::::4 '::::::::::::::::::::::fE?" EEEEEEifllliEilfil5::' .:f::.i5iliiiii55555l' sasesssssazsseasssesss. .:sazzaszaszeszszfessaazsesssass. 'A""""' """"" ' essszassasssssssssv gfzfsesszazzazssi ...mwwwww zezzzsziesasassaal " nv if THE COMMUNITY GUIDE Just as the electric signal directs daily traffic, so does the High School illuminate the pathway of the younger generation. Likewise, the daily newspaper serves as a beacon for the entire community. It spotlights current happenings, re- flects public sentiment and brightens the stop ahead. May you and we be ever alert to our respective oppor- tunities and responsibilies. Congratulations and our best wishes to the class of 1935. t ' ga " 4 av ' i'fqfjK ffl-asswi 'fir . ' N 4 ."v1'1yif'.'1 Ei " ' FI' ' --' K -Q 1'-I .,.. 2: ' in I-:run 'nr : fgtrrvu 'vnrgu Established 1912 JOHN J. JOHNSEN PAINTING AND DECORATING 339 Wallace Street Freeport, L. I. Freeport 2819 FREEPORT AUTO AND RADIATOR AND BJODY WORKS Auto Radiators, Fenders and Bodies Wood Work - Tops Recovered for All Cars - Auto Radiators Repaired, Tested Under Pressure and Guaran- teed Watertight. Phone 3842 42 E. Merrick Road Freeport, N. Y. Freeport Tinsmith and Roofing C0mP1im'9UtS Of Company BOB'S 40 Newton Boulevard Mllhnery Shoppe Sam Fennel' F1'eeP0I't, N. Y. 65 S. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. WILLIAM ADEL Wantagh Meat Market Masem Construction Co., Inc. 70-28 88th St. Glendale, L. I. Tel. Faculty 2-4581 Phone Freeport 2284 Hauser's Flower Shoppe, Inc. 149-155 Sunrise Hihway, West Freeport, Long Island FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of WM. A. MOSER Jeweler South Main Street Freeport, L. I. Tel. Freeport 3698 NASSAU SHOE REPAIRING SHOP F. Montalbano, Prop. Shoes Called For and Delivered 292 N. Main St. Freeport, N. Y. Compliments of JAMAICA TIRE STORES 28 Main Street HARRY'S MEN'S SHOP Freeport Finest Store Compliments of NORMAN'S Specialty Shop Freeport, N. Y. Phone 2516-J BROADWAY MARKET A. C. Kohout, Prop. HIGHEST QUALITY MEATS AT LOWEIST MARKET PRICES 86 Broadway Compliments of Zaret Lumber KL Materials Corp. Baldwin Compliments of MR. A. Sl-IEBAR Compliments of DELTA OMEGA Freeport, N. Y. F RATERNAL COUNCIL No. 1962 'iKngal Arremum Telephone Freeport 5057 TONY'S BEAUTY SHOP 34 W. Sunrise Highway Freeport, N. Y. The oldest Beauty Shop in town, equipped in the newest fashion, Where Tony, the pioneer hairdresser of Freeport, with his clan, offers the utmost in service. Formerly Tony's Original Central 23 Railroad Avenue -u-1 o LARGEST PHOTOGRAPHIC ORGANIZATION IN AMERICA o SPECIALIZED TREATMENT OF EVERY PHASE OF YEAR BOOK PHOTOGRAPHY 0 THE LEADER IN AMERICA'S PHOTOGRAPHIC INDUS- TRY FOR TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS 0 RECOMMENDED BY SCORES OF SCHOOLS AND COL- LEGES FOR ARTISTIC WORK AND SUPERIOR PERSONAL SERVICE Official Photographer to I935 Voyageur APEDA STUDIO, Inc. 212 West 48th Street New York City - THIS BOOK PRODUCED BY THE NASSAU DAILY REVIEW-STAR PLANT f SEA FOOD A SPECIALTY RESERVATIONS MADE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES Phone Freeport 3930 At 21 W. Merrick Roacl FREEPORT - :- REALIZEl - :- We cater to a family TRADE with a menu cost- ing no more than dining at home. Saving all that trouble and work and plus a refined atmosphere with excellent s e r v i c e and music.

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