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 - Class of 1958

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-.f. 'xi .NJ 'Le Y. -..-V----7 NQK, , . fr-.,,-1 W, A A.: , , f-' ,I .- X vi 'fl X5 x. X v"w..-' ,Af 1 " J l .Q -Q- . K 3 V A . ,Q 1 1 L 'K xv, , 5 ' 1 .Fi 'x X-:,,,,J' A f 2 riff , V I Nr sl F mx ,-., 1 2'3'7 .ks , 22 lv, dx ff' YJ 'ar 'Q f 1 x."4 2 L 3 , ., , 1512 'Uh r fr Ll fl 1 . Ldv, I, .2 qw , ' LW .' f. 'M ' F, 'f F1 E, ' s xl 24 2 I .I '3 1 ' 5 rx -- NT 3,45-QNP 1 ' if 11-4 yi 75? if . w i I I WM. 1 "F 5 5' guy -h -MJ. '." . 'V E 1' ff "fl 4 'L 'N I' I! ef"- Co Edrfors Duvnsuon Ednfors Admunlsfrahon Sensors Qfher Classes Qrganuzahons Afnfefucs !AXC+IVI+IGS fXr+ns+s Buslness Manaqer Czrcuiafuon Manager Adviser ugpqess Advnsers X Q X J Staff Box Ladune Benneff Ken Knng Cl'1eryU-lorsfrnemer Luanne Swank Jerry Engle Mary Dennvs Ron Nevenlneven Eugenia Carnahan Nyn Hess Bonnme Wager Ron Prasse Qrvas Faurbarrn M1ss Bemnan J Cnarnney Charles Evans Wl11ard RubendaU f N A . , ' u U I V , A A x I 5 . . g " , . ' 7 ' 1 J 9 l Q' I I ' 1 O X Y s sz xy 1 'K V S X' . rx" - S' ,. I' J 7 if fi P A .Y vi X , Q -' X ' xnygf p 1., NJ1 T 'r V ' '-ilu XX, N1 . -71 U 1 1 Q ! Q -NX 'K cf 1. A . x A I . N 5 fix' ,V A-P f 'ff X. ' y, fx 2, 'Ii .V ,xg 41' 'Y . . ' nf' ff ' . 3 7:-'f Juv " .J . -A N . J V ' gf - - Y - I ,J .M .,i,,,, 5 . I ' J -f 1 7' 'J ' . . Q . 1 s-I - ' fin. i j A I + ff - f 1 1 . . ,1 I ' - ,V F . . V A 1 u k H A A V . . . A i A rr! V i . B . . , 's X . Av. X X V. ' X 'Q-7 5 I s Q ua . ff Y Y CE, . KX .. L, J p X," ' ii XA Un f' F X J V X S7 ,U -'X K K L 1' 6' xx X V Q lg' M WT, S '5 J 4 fx rf 1 T EJ gyjv ' 'NV XLR K 1 3 - I S X3 xl J 5 Q K! -4 X' ' Q ' if -SK X' 525 5 A A X , . J" J JJ, r, f Ap- 'yd I AI Table of U ijmtengs Ir1'1roduc+1or1 fAXdFTTlV1IS+FG+IOU Se-mors Cfher Ciasses Orgamuzahoms A'1P1fe11Qs AC+IV11I9S Index Wav 4 H56 H1100 1 11 1' T 3,1 1 P " V V F7 2 3 f 34N 5485 U 86-I7 sa 11 V xy I8 Jllffw 'J 4 N ff 'J 1 3 J 11 ' 10 1 J' . ,f' ...7 - Z ' 5-f J JJ if" - -W -f - ' 'ff' 1" ,, ' A I - I 1 4' ' vu' ,.v. 1 I .,"" 1 V I 3 6 ,-"', Q 'NIJ' + I " 'L XL! fa. If - 11- 1 .f 'is' .f-1' Q' 41 N "HTL C1 JA' f ' 15, K -- ,U U, 1 Q -1-I . .. . X 1 S A 'IQM J - 1 I ,J 1 Y ,I 1' X xx A I 1 3 J Tx I 1 1 xl 5 X Lf T ' X 5,79 ixjbj A P Aki ' ' 5 Xa , ,QW 1 Q 'nf X g K K J PD!! 153' 1, ' WX 1-ff-' T11 . I: . l 5 -,V f tix FV, 1' J W . 'EQ' - I -Q 11,11 M11 M2 .JV ,IX .1 lx' lx XM 'U xy-j B - 1 K f R ' 4-5 1, J ,pg NV - X , Nw . 1 X., J- ,f , . 1 1 B 1 V J X 1 1 1111+111 W . JAY fix fj13'1 WP Qi 13514 ' , .1 1 , 51 1 My 119 Q' 4- ' L 1-J1, I ik, 1,11 PSV 1 Nik -Pi . 'V Xu V -'J -qv, why ' in. LL ' ' Q Li lv K 1 X1-Ll' V V I ri :Kal 1:6 L1 t -A 1 V' J 'Mb , H ., if I 'Q fffp t1'LXL lg, gli",-'af' NI' kl 'VK Egnl' J fy" 1 ' ' ' L,-ki, ' h R I 'lf' M I I if J ,. , , ,, 1 1 ff 1 3.1 5? X -V N R X J Q: Y D kj 1 -'Liv 1 1 0 4- , JP' -111.111 J IQ 1, . 11- .ui :1 151111. J r '5 -dl -4-vnu ' xflo' 1 1' Jw' An, ,'. iilqilx 1' ' J pr v I ty X xl, FZ 'Lx 1 I W .K V., , 4 ik X - X J j V i, i Q F ,X :,bLV 1 fl! 'xy 5 f I x'x 7 :rv 'N ' J A I I ,412 ,H LQQNNE uieufutw, Ag" ,lavage QQQQQ ff 5 Qaeda at '- V , 25 F -al' l K'-'Au 4 Q gl' ' ... 5 8- gdb ,Q oogikx. -V 1 X-,'E-QM L - H 'fl 'QQ' - '.X lf- . Ded1cat1on 596 you CIIIZCHS of Freeport are soon to celebrate the centennlal of the Lmcoln Douglas Debate We feel that, slnce we students are soon to step 1nto l1fe and become c1t1zens of Freeport we should Jom wlth our elders 1n the fest1v1t1es and pay homage to the communlty 1n whlch we l1ve We do belleve that ' the fate of a nat1on was declded on that day of days, long ago, on August 27 1858, when a tall, lean pra1r1e lawyer, turned statesman took h1S stand on freedom and equallty Therefore, as he V1S1tS us th1s day of days, 1n 1958, we humbly dedlcate thls, our yearbook, to the l1v1ng Splflf of Lmcoln, whose ldeals have been wlth us all of our days and have been an 1nsp1rat1on to us as they have penetrated lnfluenced, and gulded us 1n our da1ly l1VCS Lmcoln V1s1ts Freeport High tjyl t ar! lolgitediwfs ' ' 0 l ofmcaw Wliffwffgfll L2 , ?lVWM QM fum, 3 M y M 5 I l 5 N l '-7 N3 AX 1 ,xxx E' fx XX X X: '95-jx Qfv xb 'X ,NGS W sf, wX .B t-xl N fl Q Ov- 1 W 'T C, fl-' 1 v,C.,-w an fe 'se SWF' Wm 'M r+f Q IX l wkjvwfolx 0 0 X 'xx' I VK! lfk I o o 0 Q U FP . O I C O 0 u o n o o o , I Q O O o o C 0 o 9 Q Q O 3 U o I Q Q 0 a a o o o o O Q Q , 0 Q 0 o 0 O 0 0 .CQ 0 lg, ' I 1 A X 0 0 , Y 5 TH - Lexar' gN KE 'Vue ENNX5 Q -50 AT Nb n . A 5 1 PY M v Nl' .r.- , 1 !8fA ',,' J , 1 4 ' 1 . xy I. I . A , 1 V 5 ' o ' e Q 0' 5 1 Q , ' K' L as . s t Wifrh ?he aid o? poe?ry and pic?ures, we've ?ried ?o pain? ?he pic?ure 0? our building ?or you ius? as we've seen i? ?hroughou? ?he seasons o? a year. To us, Mr. Lincoln, each season mean? ?ar more ?han ?empera?ure changes and scenery al?era?ions. Win?er, ?or ins?ance, never mean? ?he coming o? snow and ?ros?, bu?, ra?her, i? mean? ?ha? ?he baske?- ball season was soon ?o reign as lcing o? spor?s dur- ing i?s shor? s?ay. l?s subiec?s, ?he ?ans, were always ?o be ?ound eagerly awai?ing ?he ?irls? home game of ?he season, ?he ?lashy warmupslo? ?egms, lljMQ'iBBI'1d'S varie?y ,, I , o? numbers, ?he ?irs? "lump ball," ?he ?irs? baske? o? ?he game, and, ?inally, ?he ?irs? vic?ory celebra?ion and a??er-game dance ?ollowing ?he game. Win?er also mean? ?ha? ?he Chris?mas Formal was soon ?o come, ?ha? ?he ?irs? semes?er was soon ?o come ?o an end, ?he Carnival, ?he Chris?mas vaca?ion wi?h i?s reunions wi?h alumni, and ?his year, ?or ?he ?irs? ?ime, our Varie?y Show. Win?er, no ma??er where we shall be, will always bring baclc all o? ?hese memories and so many more, all o? which made our Win?er a? Freepor? High a pleasan?, memorable season ?o endure. I vi' A ' 4 .J hi' , J , W Q l Y- rl i o-vm.. xl E, lf -7 ff! XX 1 J? M M 81 M R' 4-1 xj r-1 ' L Rx ' a pw A 1' ,fi Cpu, QMS: 8 ml , J Jus .,y 57 V, J 51 ' ' . -f 1 X , X 6 milf G .-a.q,92,..Xr'C'?-sync QL-JNAQJGN i c'V"V'-' , X 77 wi! fl ivwfiiivffiliffii I Eall mean +h hooh? lYes, Mr. . In . .k . . o b o, Ji W e nf, ojhdr fhlngs whichgav om fofgigih S c ar cferislics of Fall. ' F ll me +o us lh ursi foofball me, 'rhe band's . ass , Homecoming, and -PM sh ws, e uneasiness 'rhe year's firsf 1' 'r 'meg r I will we e e forgel lh n siasm spenl' in our an- nual Magazine Driv is, Mr. Lincoln, was our Fall, may we never for el' if! Remember ..... Springiime ar our school The The The The Na+ure's soil, genlle breafh firsi greenery on our lawn robin refurning from his Soufhern long walks across our campus clear Spring air How glorious!! visil l C 'lid f-..J 4: K4 - JL.. f YJ. l1"x--V3 ml Vw! 'cn f 14.- I .1 X A6 QJ"k.,Ls,K J , , . g- ex- 5 -.,l... 'p Las, Q fx .:a1I,,x,j-kyldri ',fv,,x TANK'-4'x,n lc." I l .. , K A ,A , . A , K K, Ky WA , x, 1. A Y.-,else c. 4 . lflsgc , - V' ,""-A-A-1.,+.'X T KL V. Spring, fhe baseball season ' Our piicher preparing for a "s+rilce" Our ba1'+er hiifing one +o The farihesf corner Our home runs... Spring's marvelous The Junior Play The long rehearsals The fedious hours Thar final performance All accenfed by 'rhe warm Such funllll The Prom in Spring. The genfle music The soil' lighls Thar lasf dance ..... breafh of Spring. Pure heaven!! And fhen Graduafion .... And memories . . All fhis againsf a background of Spring. 7 fhv sy-ir4"'a WL 5 " "GoHy, I never Moughf giving a speech wcuxd be this easy K f f ' 7 1 ' V 5 a L wf ",4f ', - ff ' f ' L , U ,J If J I If I C f f 1 A ' - 'zif' ,f ,J L V X 1 L , V VV I Z L ' - I f d ,ff ff 1' 1 , 1 Q 4. ' . f' r , 4 4 f V, ' ' L if ,lffifff If 'ff ,Lg ,, 7 VI 41"L It aff L", f 4 , L 4 ,f- ,fn k w ,L L' 'f " f My 11. f L ' Q L ' L ' , ff' ,J 4 ' ' ' , lf' ,- f y 'FL yy ' Lic 1 f L' ' f w fff M .ef fm "!f5f,lL ,, ' fy V J' 1,25 ' - c-f Liutfeg ,7fn,Q'4J',,f..,,,f ,.Mf.L,L:-z. A ,f J .H ' 'Q ' ff' 2iL4.f'ff-W be 'lf AQ! QV Paz, L QL -fueaffgfz 4,a,?'4f-. ,VP Q Mix M Q,,.,Mee f ee-1 e T if .flwfff ff yemffe ff ' WWU 4'5 e:, ff :hfaie JH ' ' ' if ' 5 3-CJLJA' Q,, 5Q4,4. 'C f 0144 CLASSES - We mos? Xmporfarf car' of cm yearz a+ FHS. We seven Yong Hours of each sciccl day we spew? in We 'ro3I and, aomeirrez imagery of dass work seem fo rwelf away So qqlcidy 'wc afcffef Year. OV 'Fefe waz Mme eu? 50 im'-fX'5f'f , . . Cm Hays Canfvac, alzemeiiei, awe 'new' gf away, one had 'Q 'QMGTWCGV We LHC cf beak in 'fe neil af horve, walrfrq 'Q oe scene-21. Cie? wvere wel!-Ughfed classrooms Pwcdern fad'- 65 and cemheiz bceks are aYr'wce+ iakef fer graded. ed' Cf T- C: FHS S'ar"'g WV? CLASSES, Say. did I ever 'e' ycu about We 'lfwe In Seah Be'ci+ whev my Urcie Ed.,.' Q Li! ' ' - , ff? , 7 'Llp' ryk' f'VZffV'7,1 3 X M 631V i,!,f"' U 411 1 ML? 411 Jfdf fpwnjfih ,K if WL ' 9 ff" W I " Lf' " V ' f ' 1,-if faJ "BUT Mr, Freelrsen you said flwe sky should be pale! I, I4-it ,Q 11 A 'f K To you, Mr. Llrcdv sway wear? walidfg fwewfy iles so borrow a few books, hen readlfq GAG amhg H-em by We meager Hghf of a flredaie. I e have advanced in our :Nov mefbcds fo We V' CVC6' ,C . CW ,CJ 'TEES GCVBACCC. WE f"5 1-A " el ' I --.-.,..... .,,,-1' Mr. Lincoln, you, no doubf, are aware ol +he responsibilily lhal falls upon an adminislralion. We would like you lo meel our adminislrafion and recog- nize, as we have, lhe accomplishmenl of ils numerous laslcs. Our principal, Mr. Baumgarlner, alfhough slill fairly new al his iob, has rapidly gained lhe 'rrusl and confidence of rhe sludenr body. Counselors Huebner and Evans have won our genuine respecl' lhrough 'rheir inl'eres+ in our prob- I O lems, bofh academic and personal. Allhough faculfy members are expecled lo 'reach lheir various subiecls lo fhe besl of lheir abilily, our inslrucfors, Mr. Lincoln, nof only have shown lhis abilify bul also 'rhal qualily of leadership which is so oflen associafed wifh you. There are several more jobs which should nor go unmenlioned, lhose of nurse, cafeferia sfalf, office workers, and cuslodians. Their physical labor shall never be lorgollen and forever admired. ,rvh .QA L , "They were pillars of the temple of liberty." aww gg, ' x.. . ww ' V eff, I I Reuben A. Baumgarfner MR. PB" HELPS EVERYONE Our communily and our schools have changed since your parficipalion in lhe LincoIn4Douglas Debale in Freeport The area where lhe campus of Freeporl Senior High School is now Iocaled was nol even a parl' of our cify. Over lhe years, our sfudenls' inleresls and allain- menls in arf, dramalics, music, publicalions, speech and olher areas have been ou+s+anding. Lasf year, Ihe Universily ol Chicago asked us lo send a copy ol our Polaris. Laler when a represenfalive from lhe Universiry came fo see us, he commenfed on lhe high alrlainmenl achieved by Freeporl Senior High School in lhe above areas. Il' was unusual, he said, lo find a high school excelling in so many fields. I+ is our hope lo conlinue lhis lradilion. Yes, a good educafional background is imporlanl in learning fo 'rhink clearly. The abilily lo 'think clearly and ser down lhe resulls of one's lhinking in precise language was one of your greaf arlribules. We hope To conlinue lhis lype of educalion al Freeporr Senior High School. As you see, Mr. Lincoln, our eflorls are poinfed loward helping young people learn how lo lead happy, useful and crealive lives and al lhe same lime gain knowledge lo serve all mankind in lhe pallern you ser 'lor us. ADVISORS PROVIDE GUIDANCE THROUGH FRIENDSHIP Guidance is essenfial Io each one of us somelime Ihrough high school and should be considered one of +he mosl imporlanl 'rhings foward our lulure. Through The friendly guidance of Miss Marguerife Huebner and Charles Evans, girls' and boys' deans, we can gef lhe advice we need a+ almosf any lime, whe+her our problems are large or small. Through fheir careful consideralion, lhey guide us in selecling Charles E. Evans our 'fulure iob or college: help us wilh our personal problems and help us 'ro aHain a solid educalion. Even when doing all +his lhey acl as good friends. One ol lhe mosl' necessary persons needed on lhe FHS business sfafl is Willard C. Rubendall, our busi- ness manager. Being in charge of 'rhe money needed lo 'finance all of lhe various schools aclivifies, he has fulfilled a year's hard work. Marguerile J. Huebner Willard C. Rubendall MCPHAII. CDMPLETES THIRD YEAR superinfendenf of schools As superinTendenT oT schools Tormerly Trom Ames, Iowa, Mr. Harry Mcphail has compleTed his Third year oT service To our schools. Being a Tormer class- room Teacher, elemenTary school principal, and a coach, Mr. McPhaiI is baclced by 27 years oT ex- perience. GvraduaTing as presidenT OT class Trom Balmer Uni- versiTy in l932, he received his B.S. degree in busi- ness adminisTraTion and a minor in educaTion. Always willing and never Too busy To meeT a sTudenT is our SuperinTendenT OT Schools. SuperinTendenT oT Schools Harry Mclnhail. BOARD PLANS IMPROVEMENTS, ADDITIONS FOR '58-'59 The Board OT EducaTion, under The direcTion oT Lloyd Giessel, presidenT, has planned To Talce on improvemenTs and addiTions To The schools oT The I45Th disTricT. This year's plans included a big curriculum survey direcTed by The UniversiTy oT Illinois' Field Service Division, which involves ioinT sTudy by ciTizen and TaculTy members oT our educaTion program. The purpose is To deTermine goals and obiecTives and how To plan sTudy programs To reach These goals. This survey is To be compleTed by June oT I958. school board To ease a criTical shorTage oT.elemenTary class- rooms, The school board proposed a 5700.000 bond issue To Tinance The consTrucTion oT a new elemenTary school in NorThwesT FreeporT and To pay Tor The renovaTion oT The FirsT Ward school. Also on This lisT which was puT TorTh and passed by ciTy voTers, was The necessiTy To avoid "double sessions" in classes and To provide improved TaciliTies Tor rural children of The disTricT. lvlosl' OT These improvernenTs and building pro- grams will go inTo eTTecT This summer. Members of The School Board: RoberT RemingTon, John WhiTon, Ted CarpenTer, Harry McPhaiI, Lloyd Giessel, Dan HirTle, Charles FursT, Don Jepsen, Earl Boyer. Y' f Mr. MeTTelka goes rve' a Tew iTerns w?Th his secreTary, Mrs. Paf Conler. Eleven sTudenT workers assisTed Miss KaTe Bicanich and her secreTary, Mrs. Laura EnsTrom, in The library. Their eligi- biliTy Tor This work is based on scholar- ship, ciTizenship and general characTer. Under The supervision oT Miss Bicanich, They perTorm such Tasks as desk work, processing new books, circulaTion, Tiling caTaIog cards, obTaining magazines, and checking in library mail. They help To keep The library running smooThIy. Back among The magazines in The library annex we Tcund Miss Kafe Bicanich working long hows wiTh her secreTary Mrs. Laura EnsTrcm. SERVICES PROVIDE LEARNING AdulT EducaTion is noT a new program To FreeporT. For many years, adulTs Trom This area have had The opporTuniTy To enjoy This inviTaTion To learning. During The I957-58 school year abouT ISOO people enrolled in The nighT school. There were 59 varied courses dealing wiTh everyThing Trom geTTing college crediT To using your leisure Time creaTively. Classes, which were held in The Junior High School, and in The IndusTriaI ArTs building aT Senior T-Iigh School, ran Tor periods OT Tour To Ten weeks. NorberT J. MeTTelka, direcTor, and Mrs, James ConTer, regisTrar, worked all year keeping Things running smooThIy. 1 Iflllll ,. 4 STudenT library workers are, Trorn I. To r.: Sally NorTon, Karen Jones, Corrine Ryan, Carolyn Cramer, Darlene Kasch, Carol Donnely Rcsernarie Sb eiT"IT Mary BeTh Wilson, Sandra I-Iayner, Janice Ascher, and Judy Snyder. Helping sTudenTs use The library To iTs TullesT exTenT is whaT Miss KaTe Bicanich likes mosT abouT her job as librarian. She also seIecTs and orders books and seTs up The inTeresTing displays. She seIecTs beTween 750 and 800 books To be added each year To The book sTacks and The subscripTion lisT numbers near 70. This year Miss Bicanich had an assisTanT, Mrs. Laura EnsTrom, who served as her secreTary. Mrs. EnsTrom did a greaT deal OT Typing and Tiling. I 5 Miss Mae Boswell reads The lafesf Red Cross nalional nofes ro fhe Monday morning meefing. lf one were lo lake a look al our school building and grounds, fhe iirsl 'rhing he would nolice would be how nice our cam- pus and building appears. Keeping Them clean and in good condilion is lhe duly of rhe cuslodians. They work very hard and do a good job of making Freeporf High one oi lhe mos? beauliiul schools in lhe siale. They are lo be commended for mainlaining The school grounds in such pleasing condirion for us. I 6 Miss Genevieve Sheridan, supervisor of 'rhe FHS caieleria, has again lived up lo her repuialion of serving well-balanced meals and keeping lhe sludenls happy and well-fed. To Miss Sheridan goes ihe job of planning meals, ordering food, and lhen, lhe biggesl job of all- serving meals To hundreds oi hungry sludenls during lheir lunch hours wilh ihe help of her excellenl slaii. Sludenls all go for lhe "home-cooking" and genuinely lhank Miss Sheridan. 'PRECIATE UNSEEN SERVICES FROM STAFFS Anyone, bofh sludenl' and faculfy member, who has ever been sick or injured during lhe school day has become acquainied wilh Miss Mae Boswell, school nurse. Her office, which is localed in l'he Junior High School, is always lull oi sludenls who require some sorl of medical frealmenl. Miss Bos- well has her hands full faking lemperaiures, laping sprained ankles and fingers, bandaging culs and scrafches, and ofher ailmenfs. Besides 'rhese duiies, Miss Boswell is also adviser lo lhe Junior Red Cross and The Fulure Nurses Club. CUSTODUKNS: Row I: Lern l-lauger, Paul Euler, Herman Winfers. Row 2: LaVerne Schoonhoven, Clyde Jackson, Ruth Burgefl, Harold Homan, and William Shay. -sf' x JI v I' X '36 "lv Gia' 6 ' 2 7 10' Allen. F. Merril? Barnes,RIcl'1ard A. Barflwolomew, Bernard R. Beneflel, Farrell C338 'Q "Ls" 3 Ads Sc." Els' M sscx 811+ Cc G 3.53. '--:-1'I- .WSH NHS. 3.E. we f L'sIr"" 'GIS swf sw-I Bokemeier, Vernon . . , . v':13' "1 AV I mf 5 I'ff,9',, gd iw: --qv 5 'lr G ' Bowers, Mabel -5- - Brownlee, Jol'1n C. o' .f'f". :J Kg' ES EA St Vie ,- .e '.1f .w g fi - HLA. VJ- 'Q ' f' rzjf- 5,1 P"-.'1:' Fi'::f . r P:"'1 F'Z1' Burclr, Dewayne W. A.. WORK IN ON Illvllf? PAINT! foculfy GF S if 'SJ' a-07' 'D Q..f x.. W Charmley, Beulah J. Enq ls? Jo."u: S" Uvwfs M zl C' 'rm Un,,"gv,f1"Mn'f,nz 1 B A. N U' wwf, gf Cc, fi fo Durham,ARalph E. CcW""f':1zl Cczznmq ll -rw: 5 Sul? New 3 U". BS, Enslrom, Ralph SLCECF Dcbafe A.Q,5'.V3 Ct .fqf ELA. Un .-wwf. cl lOwx M A, Farr, Carey S. Biology Penn Cdlvqc, B.S Smlo Un vers-W ol Iowa, M.S. Freerlrsen, Floyd Af? C":aqo Af? lwsfivuic lows Un ve'5Ff,', B.A. G'dCJ6fS Wow lows Un've'slr, Hamil, Helen Hisfor. lows Sum T,,,h,.ff QC 'hgh B- 5lJ'C UH vC':l', of le.-fn MAA. TERM PAPERS T0 READ-UGH! foculfy Mr. Kane gives a lesson on how fo wrife your boyfriend in shorlhancl. Hamillon, John D. Socml Sludles Cr W-r'w'QnT HCIISEY1, Ddqmdl' E"3l':M Enqhsl' Uerwiuf' Ufvlvf-rSw'f, BJK. Nu"'w"sfa"n Um.f-'sl',', M.A. Cue Collrql-, BIN, U- wwf, c'WSc:'swf1 MA Heilandl EIi1db9+h f:fuH,Jof'1n M. L, ,.., ., K , .A , S gsp Lf, Johnson, Nafe D' w'3 E,:-fa'.'v fre te E:..,g' -' Ccac' no Q f e'si', :F Kane, Roberf C5""f"1'11 Q N , ,. 5. .J wl- Ar s Lkv-'SM fp' wwf MA Kubih, Karl izn. F-...mgfvw Cf" - Q' B A G':JJw+f, M'Jr'. LN ,eww 04 vhs 'S ' Kuhlemeyer, Ferne V3"f"e' is ,',f'f',i: " V SA Q' . wi NPA xy X131 BQ' 1,9 4-gsuvfv' "!,'f::'-W Q-dx gin- , U' Y Us V, nl Wlsi Lurnby, Richard G:vf3"v"e'vf P'obl-amz of Dewocfac, U. S. Hlslory Fcyelgw Relalior-S De Pun Unlvefsllu BA. 'Xl3'Y'w,-S'9'v UV.:-fs", NEA. Sxwqye Wvk Nc"hwes'e'n Unlwfws M UmQve'a'M of lllino 5 NC'?lvr'-rm llllnols Slam Team Q if OH, THOSE FACULTY MEETINGS foculfy C llf- - O qc as . Lyle, Edilh Hsu' Efovormcs Az S' W- Collegqf- BS. Liscom, Royal W. Um'vfNrs W of llllnols, B.S. Rf'f1ls?fK'f:r1 Professlowal Ewq 'SC lv ul' no's Me" LU of A,l.E.E. McWilliams, Karl Blolocw Dfmw Efluiqllonl EJs'c-W w3'ols Umvzvswv. B.W. Mr, l-lamlllcn Craclrs The wlupl Urm? s", of ll i'o's MS. Marks, Eugene E. Marlin. George . D ll' U. S. Hlslofy Madden, Lucnlle Cgdclflig Speech CUIVS W?s'z15'H Surf: C: -sq-2 B.S U::L' like U'T.e'sl :Au S'1'e Col ftqe' B S. 5199, U'-',e'g". MS. U' ve's', Q' lowa, M A Mafilmiesen, Lillian Hr"-0 Eccvoowcs lc'-2 S'u'e Cfl-1-qc B.S. M,S C1 1,390 Work C' 1113 S'1'9 Co I-Jqf: C "M U' wus f, C' Lago Unl.,-VSA, Musser, Carolyn English B' 2 ' Collage: BA. I Un .wsm ov Wlsco's rl MA Nelson, Dorofhy Vocal Musfc Know Col age, B.M,, B.M,E. NQ'fnwes'e'1 Unlwfefslfy. M.A. Gnuouare Work U'lvc'sl', of Scnnern Cal lo'nia Urwersh, of Wasr-Jnqfof, Norman, Ronald C. Plmslcal Educarlon Coaching Iowa Shure College, B.S. Drake Unlverslryx M.S. Praif, Fred H. Bioloqf Drivfys Eduzarfc-l U. S, Hisfory Coaching Unlrefslf, cl Ill'-lolz BS. Unlvfysin of Wiszonsnx MS. Rihinger, Frances Corwnefoal Drake Unlve'SH,f BS. Graduate Worr Dewar Unlversif ACT, REACT, PROJECT fcrculfy Look man. you've qof fo qel' wifh If and cool ill Rubendall, Willard Mafbemafics Ill nois College, BA. Universlfy of llllnols, M.A. Schmidt, Dorothea Sparrsn Un vsfrsity oi Wisconsin B.A. M'f1i1l6bory Collffqc, M.A, Scholten, Milton G. Mixed Chorus Boy's G-lee Club C-:'1t'.3l University oi lowa BA Stow? Uriive'sity ol lowa, M.A. Seeman, Ernest Orzihnstra i,lw1:i-,Wfslf-v.1n Us .Qs ', B. QQ mate Www .mx g.:st pmiessor ot Uoivf-'s'tv'oiMiCtiif11n U' v-:'5i?v'OfNf:U'aSk1 Spudiclw, Josef English Coacrfnq Mclievdree Collvqc, BA. University oi Mssnuri, MA, Graduate Work Columbia University Sullivan, Irene Mathematics University of Illinois, 5.5. M.S, Graduate Work University of Wisconsin University of indiana University of Colorado ROCKET TO THE MOON foculfy i i X W nf" '25 .f Miss Weeks' question seems to liave perplexed the class. X, f QAA- U 3 ff- 'V ,kL.,.f-.. . 49, Aon. "N" " .,- A' ii N5--f ' 7 JA. .Up-4 ' ! - . NL ww W- . 7 I - 5 Weeks, Ffamela D I. ' B ,T yndcirzwoiiocse, BA. Q I, i F ww 'I fif ffm' -'T gi? ' f V , BW L, H10 THEN . . . ...Now This, Mr. Lincoln, is fhe senior class of I958, our class! We believe +he word "our" lceynoles 'rhe feeling of unify which has come To be a characler- islic of our induslrious group, rhis year under lhe guidance of Wendell Cox, presidenl: Jaclc May- nard, vice-president and Luanne Swanlc, secrelary- freasurer. We wish, Mr. Lincoln, on lhinking baclc, you could have been wilh us on The nighl when Jim Nelson, our foo+ball capfain, crowned Luanne Swank as Homecoming Queen: 'rhe nighfs when we proudly wafched our class-males presenf "The Curious Sav- age": rhe nigh? of "Le Tour Du Monde", our carnival, as we sfrolled around lhe gym gazing af lhe decorafions on which nof more fhan a few hours before we had puf finishing +ouches. These are only a few of lhe many memories we shall cling 'ro as we recall our year as . . . Seniors. 23 X--1 Q i- As SENIORS, we rehearsed our plays , .. Q ,, V Z I Q V1 S , ' 1' zgff., f g f 1 - - ,fx . . ' Q Ji w. 4. a ll 36 G x I 1 a sf' , , . K . N u ' u Qi , ' Xf'if?!,, . I Q. g, I . Q-A 2. , L 81 55- ' 7 ' .Xa 5 .1 Mika 53' , 1. ir' VH " 'nf . M . . 1, ,t -if Lbf,-Hlwibz. .JA ',. Q a x 5 x tx ' w f Q R f x ' V f ' ' eg , a t I o A Y 'M J J 3 ,ff 1 , ' v Y' , f P . benefifed from Career Day f talks... A ff :Wh . sfruqqled 'through a Trig fesf . . , and slaved over cur Macbefh projects. p....,.. ,.....,.? ,.i.1... ,-.......,.. V.-Q... ,-......... ,..-...... THEN . . . ...Now Juniors! l-low we vowed lo malce our class a good one and benefil from our previous year's mislalces. We were by no means "miserable" as sophomores. Mr. Lincoln, bul you surely can undersland how eagerly we loolced lcrward fo a year we would always cherish. And wha? a year il was! We began by elecring class officers, Don Miller, president Barb Rurenbeclc, vice-presidenly Erma Sanman, secrelary-lreasurerf 44 who led our class lo numerous accomplishmenls. Our lirsl accomplishmenl was in becoming lhe lirsr class ever lo sporl lwo Homecoming allendanls insread of lhe usual one as lhe resull of a lie. Our nexf leaf was more glorious, as we worlced hard and wilh spiril lo win lhe Carnival. Perhaps wilh guidance and leadership, which is synonymous wilh you, Mr. Lincoln, we shall malce nexl year bigger, beller, and more memorable. gk WJVV r: Ma'ic'r DaWe, Grefdvem Bunk.: Karan Brnlc, Semzra Ca'- " W ludy Adm Cfwwmcr, Marbr AW Casiana, Nancy Clark, ROW 2: Judy Cogmber John Conner, Jcrvy Cook Tom Briwlharf, Ray- 'wrd Bfawiil, Lee Carfer, Gerad Bfzwaorv Heanor Canfidd. ROW 3: Judy Ciarlx, Mawdne DeVcn, Car'1iCranOa3l,Barbafa Born, Mar- row Bcfchafdf Sbarsn Husker Vin a"ia Bw"e3s+er. QQ f' ' v vw , VJ ' SVU, Da-ff' -1 FWHM f M3 2 , Sv -5f.AA.-,,,. 1' .3 Axswf' 5: C. "f"":"' QCW .2 ,M Aww, k -f A , grew ""a' -air F""E"i'- WWVV 3: Je"s Ba 4 Q ,QW Bari' xv"'Ja" A !:"":" Ka, 5a-:' ?':c1a Ba"- QCW N: DC'C"'y Far-- 'sFer ar-'ce ,J ef QCW f- Cd.: , ,Nh ,, Ware 5K5" ,, i', P':Q'1 45 'sr .ax ' Girieia Hr-renneen Jerry Hunfer, :fr .S M 4 Mariiyn H' and Sandra Hayner, Pa' Hiiafrrrar-d' Diana- Green. ROW 2: Li 'e H: Wand, Judy Haiwfi Jeannrfg Heid, Huida G'avr-nifrir' Cami Hr,-inii Verieo Hesseibadie' Myrna Harnisiw. ROW 3: Jzan Hcndfldcs, Richard Hf'e"an Tyr Hgeile EGL: Heif rnan James Girnafn Gerald Hoof, Ri' rnle Hesieibacner. ROW If Ncnie Kiosa. Kariene Keieinuf, Janice Jenner Karen Jones, Andrea Jarvey, Mary Jo Ke ef. ROW 2: Harry Jcnnscn, Caro! Lee Mc- Kinney, June Kneiler, Barbara Jenner, Janice Kasprzak, Terry Keriin. ROW 3: Fred Kiufii, Reqer Janssen, Marvin Kiernrn, Jack James, Don Juiius, Maryin Janssen C' ig? ROW I: Sandra Lcewe Kaiiepe Maaqarie, Barbara Kaufman, San, dra Kubawke, Nancy Mead, Carol Lee. ROW 2: Carl Kunidee Karen Koa? Ra' Mccarfi-y, Penny Luck, adc Cate Kgcnbadr Mary Lou Law Merrie Jyrscn ROW 3: Tern Lough in Gary Ma'si'ia L Jcrvn K. Linccin Larry Knauff, Sianiey Madd'e:i Jifv Lana, Mike Lafay- eve Dgnaid Lee. i' i-'T ROW I: Berry Pafker, Care Nnoske, Barbara Price, Carrie Sue Ne scn Jcfxnn Pri lips Lyn Osnef- eif, Aucrey Pairfer, RCW 2: Marr Cla Qiflcnaid Hank Perdue Trny Pfeiffer, Bruce Olsen Bob Norton, Jim Nye Larry Papp, Anna Nief rrcxei RCW 3: Ernie Neiderrrann Norrnan Pfie, Dan Niciaois. Dennic PraH, Jim Pirinow, Phil Pearson Jim Pakfieid, Norman Neuqes. s vi L- 1 g . km :INV Sian N 4 Fa' VN C--'HI' Ma . Mem, a' Na C43 My :fa Na QCVV ite' ' Mf- 5 V1".jw A N' P ' N' S W-Z'1, Pr. f Mega QCVN Se-'a 1: M " En vii?--I Q, Mi' Qize' M,e's R:na Mi er ,gr Mn:'e, 'S .4 R S QW 1: J.9 ,d,i, Sne if frm" S Sgnwerer Juc Sc' "anion -a"ce Finer' 5a'r 'e'Le:r L1'2S'e'wC' QCVV Hare' S' :Gy Nari Scrlmuvef ,V-Y-,E S5 Wi' 23" fee f - -, 'Q . Sy Sm-Q' ?'i"'a A ,,, Sf' .1 ,, V K L14 Jf-" ROW I: Sandy Siaifz Rose Wafier, Nancy iernark Janice Sfum, bauqn, Judy Stockfqn, Pa? Tniurnan. ROW 21 Biii Taepfer, Rosa Thompson, Kay Tueli, Karen Sfucky, Mary Kay Tnofnoson Jerry Vincent RCW 3: Frank in Walk' ef Tnornas Swank, Larry Suifefin, Jim Tiqi, Jus- iin Siroclr, Dan Toelie. ROVV i: Giniia STQQG Cannif' S'ai1f'n'w, fX'fJf'i'W Svnbbinf Simi' n Sii-'rf-fu' Kaii-r' Smffwn Nina SH f- PCXW f Mfr Srwif-i"'an SN- rj, Swrr ' 'ffiif Siafif- Eii G11-A S'fs'G"f'1 Ba", Sw aff! Mafy Lm SPC4,-'rialfq ff-arvr Sicwav, WCW 3: Janlm- Siadff"'a'1" Rim S'iftwj"m Jud Svfnfcwin Jail S" snake' Wa'- rv S'n"' Cyrvna Smdef Sw? ionic S' " J.oy Si acc: ROW it Ka'ny Yoder, Sandie Wefy Jac-y Yiwi Cnafyi Win: Bova Zwewei Jgiyes Wi cj. RQVV 2: Jg Wi,'V'f'i Qgnfa Kay W Ai Ju Ann Wesea' Aiite Wnifir' Frances Wiigey, Linda Wiid Maiy B. Wi szn. POW 3: Ffed Wi iiafns Amer' WIi'a'fs Andy Wacase' MQ Wfign' M15 Yeage' Pea Wi"e :lik NN: fa ,I fQ'N-xx. JL 'GN' Qty! Y vw' xx A95 'Nl' ROW I: Tammy Cazei. Sherry Bceke Kamryn Casde, Marfva Bunch- marv. Jane? Busekrrs Sandra Cary, ROW 2: Karer1Bc:se Nancy Cai? Pafricra Boek. Linda Breckwrek, Kay Buss, Sandy Bowen Verma Bocmqarden: ROW 3: Dennis Bree Ray Carre' Rfck Auwack, Dan Breaks, Larry Casfcrd, MeNnn Cabery, BME Bc'- :r1.ROW 4: Max Bfeke Ra' Bute: Rau Ccrwder Jcrr' Barc'er: Jce Brcwn Rcrwb Brasseaa BH' Bwak. y i 4 ' J ROW I: ffarene Abby? Jean Becker, Judy Brgvfo Dgrcfby Barker Jayco Aden Sa -y Arofa, Julie Beard Marrkyrw Albrecrr. ROW 2: Srrrley Base Mike Asdver Ro'a0 Bare' Ray' Baker, Mrke Amor Unk Bed Ea'r1eAoes, Jarwef Bev. ROW 3: Syfa 5"'rwer Mike Amder 'rw Ar' L7'ere"'an Barb Baugh Mar' ym Berder Jerry Adams, Gary Bower, Rat Ander- son, ROW 4: Adrian Andree, Jerry Breeze Furl Aicrver Bill AI, ken, Marvin BYazkr:'errv Kenrofrw Berws n Jurre Bank' Crares A'- jergfrand. L4 W7 1 Q s..n-rl Ko Q ff' Q E RCW li May' C',,f Vggwrfve Haw Liar-a Ewff Liar' j,g5r Laferr Daszner Sufe Flwserfe' Sywra B257 Fa' Qawg, ROW 2: T61 Erere Rf-ii Ciik Dafd Dev-fd Carry' L,,'i"k Gary Cid, dWe, Div Czrmarw Larr, Bang K'fk Dl9""Qrff', 31 95+ Efafs July Qccefs ,-:1, leaf' Pa' Caszfw May E':'r:" Bee Q5"'i' Maine C.""'fi Jerk Pre, ROW4: Fe- R C31 Terr, Ci""a' 'fi' R. Qwfrc Vzways E':"a' ."C:"':f:' Rf' iq, - , ,. - . -afe Crewe' " ", 'O err Ja. : .,Q'ff EY s .4 vs VH' ROW I: Reberf Helden, Penn Haffirnancis Sharon Hannrnond, Care yn Haze! Dane-ne Huqlns. Care! Hennlng, Je'ry Hawes. ROW 2: Denn?s Hernan Roger HH, Doug Hansen, Gary He-F"er, PHI HD Haf- brader, Cecil Haas Le'and Hauser, RCW 33 Ka'nryn HCNand Kivfye Lia Ha""an Ba'C Hi 9, .ladle Hepne' Judy Hannar Mary Hide rnan. RCW 4: Uidc Hauqor, Den, nls HiWa"d Pau Hubbard, Jen He-Dre' Howard Hessen, 1' ,: ' 'Q 'Tv' V X,4 ' 1 4 s by 1 x ! -K.. Q RGW I: Sus7e Page fx Sarafa B'eIe', Eizabe-'P Gasif- Ka"e Gifs! Pa' G"e'a's Nan Gff- f"' S'a'fn Gaia PQW 2: Bay Gunderscr Dau: Guzizrr' Canine Gan: Jawa- Fr"zer"eIe' Mary G'a'ney Sancra Fcge. ROW 3: Rcss Pago' Jenn Ginae' Gary Fe"er Hank FCHL ney Joe Gfnqer Jonn FuH:ers:n, Judy Graff. ROW 45 Mike Forrner Wayne Grayenveln, Cafscn Grrr-neil, BNI Fernsreadf, Don Glasser. Dae Graff, -1.1 Q fn ' ' QW N: Sa'G'a Karse ,rua ,Wes L,"'1G Kr'- .L Miz ,,""f Nibf, .Q ,-au,- Spun J--n, n Q, K " a RCW! f:Hz' 1-i"s ' WVVIC P iv-. Gaz ' -: vfif vii 'i . ff, , I V .4 "n , " K i.,-1 Ja", D- ,qwf :AW gm... - ,, -., .H u - .ff 3: ge :a '4 'Wa' ,e'ft, 'Sz' ..-E:', N gl' igefrigni Bi fu: 'Q Fzij' QGVQ' 4 Nr.: Sn, f. r- .,.. ,., , , ,ir . . .1 M., ,Ain ,f.-.M .fm .',f,.- .1-,E 1 - N . uf' Xa' ROW I: Penny Miler. Jane? Miller, Care Of- fenhausenl Marfna New- berry, Nora Kay Muse, Lecra Pearson ROW 2: Dayrd Pa?+af Cinafie Murpny, Rfcnavd Menre qgld, Reber' Mrwler. John Meyers, Jerry Mc- Lain, Leroy Moy Dafe Pam. ROW 3: Karol Odqiesen Jear Morey, Janice Mehaif Esaie Pafferson, JC, Mi'c?ck Diana Mess Mary Os- bgrne. ROW 4: Ar' My- ers, Barney Pfefef Jenn Pearson, JIM Nescn, David G'fV7"dT'V', Jack Pefers, Lee Ocicer Bob Meyefs. I ' ,Loy -L 4, . ri, . r, L... ROW I: Judith Lebrecn' Barbara 'v1er+ens Linda Kubarzife Mary Lu Maffer, Jean Knelef Barbra MayfIeNd Snargn MgNe'l, ROW 2: Jlrn Lf-renze S'efe Kren' Dick Lakfe, Hunfer Lrrcfn Vernon Merdef, Ray Knewer Larry Law- sen. ROW 3: Sa Ly Kepoein, Pafrir :ia Libby Mari-yr La""n Snarcn Lamb Judy Linder Manewa MQ' O:'a'd SfeDLan'e KVI. ROW 4: Afisen Lecke'+ JM Messe Eirad- fzrd Kuby MeC'ae1 L'eTz Dave McNary Monvre Lrve Jfel Mr' Crnwccn Rnbew KnIQseF7eld. 'sf' W I eck Judy rc er an Beify Rus' A o ey Snr arcl Sdnweoer ROW 2 Ewyn e a :J Rm' a ne R e s e Q Duare S Q W a e f' a F? Q Ray S L W 4 L na L f Ga S. w' siey nry e G V e ee W VY W L: r Q : LO :Fa . -iii' 1 ROW N: Beahice Veer Myrna Tcepfer, Pa? Wazzner Theresa Sfuarf, Jane? WaNTon Bern Vidrery Karin Wafernouse, Mary Stone. ROW 2: Jarnes Van Heenen, Aiken Swarm, Denny Swank, Karl Tresier, Hamid Tnornpson, Anwar Sfede P010 Sruksznbcrq, Pau! Waqqoner, Jrnn Watson. ROW 3: ToniSfin1 port Marcia Vcro, Barb Sfirnpson Jan Toepfor Enzabofn Ward, Un da Sunday, Curnce Van Buekirk Kafny Ufnauh ROW 4: B'ucf1 Srmnackcr, Harry SMMZ Rf-yr Wa'- ace, Jerry SVUQ Gary Wagner Jann Taylcr BN Wagner Ronnie Tfvbin Dan Torrnlark. X .. 4" O. .. fl QOVV W: wc, Srrwf Jud. S'a"Z Benn' , Sw-aim 5-559 Swift" May Mas" S""' Man Sc, 'QQ QOW 2 Nfreda S" " JA" Snay :Er S""' :rin a'O S: ate B' Sf-' ref: Sa'f1'a Swzifas Snar"S'frfe1. POVV 3' Sana, S'e'r Crrdn, SPN" Barrera S:'f'if2' Crane SnL,"'a'i1 Jn?-nrr-r S'n3fn Mary Ann S'n"" Pafq Swine-:'Q, QOW 4: Dayfd 5'6" Jarv Sfaa' Gary Swa" DG-rid Srd2"' Rf' SSW' 'nan La"y Spanne Jerry Spulecn. , .. 3 vs Q.-M qv ROW li Dir' Wcrfeng befqer Judy Wcosey Kanciy Weik Karen Wi- VeW"s Judy W3r"e's JIM Wfffl ROW 23 Save Wczdriuse Bch Yew' Gafy Casne Larry VVS" 'nan Gary Wihgn JP' W0 fe Nei Wi rams ROW 3: Mefn Wfi VQW15 Mfjrrael Wrrfffen Dean Wriin DJMVG We 9' PatQ"W'rff3 Eric' Wienfje. 53 kiddie! 1902540 fknlax Q ,eu,,fAj' df L45 . A, . ... fill' fd 9234291 1523 t2Um mm me M f4Q ff mf 1 fidflffy ,llama Zb44' U!aiZA4fy?5 cWwydf .CZfff4f5gg74z7 1 Lyra, Age, Q6 ,W 'Qaf-fffaf flfifuf bifffzi jdffawiigfjm, dp QW!! ww M 1 ' -W 7 2 L y W 67 Qwza ai lbw Q dfwjzf' vouailwf ffzfgwe W .450 Mm ZYZJQQ 42404 'MPMZ Jimmie, gym ,dawg AQ?-Qiwdfd WK? fdzddfd 87 mod Z5 Q56 773' aww ,Milf WW WQJMQ divicff A405411 ,Za f5!Q Men WZKJ fl? T Ou school so Orgeyi 'p fha? we fhwfp Cience , Racfgglub, or Fufure A K I+ h one illnforflfvy mi eh, for + e fime arfs fhere was nafe , mosf eie clu were u if W1 X fhe 'f V g h V u ' UPS. 6gYg Lincolh,g Eeir gurhs a We veg, eheiuic T ese groups. f purpos have sfemm d fro oriquws of a simple fhey fur ish f -h many !! ugh, and you wou ours un, we have Come a ay wifh knowledge joyed parficip 1 fhe . ff A I ich w wo 0+ have 0+ wise possesid. Leag- VAXDF bgjjsfs, +here65,Spanish, F?fgELLa+in, fl! ' h ofhers He ' K hilo Club. For +hose inferesfed. I. + e sciences, an ahrribufe which v9a We +0 share wifh you. X ggfygf my deja 4 u ,Z , D fp In , ',q f alll 47 gd ga :aa f-lc J J fzfuev , fu Qzfff ff cfm www We 7 ...UA government of the people, by the people, and for the people." eww-..,,-5-hh HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS MEET T0 DISCUSS PROBLEMS Elecled lo represenl lhe sludenl body, lhe sludenl council consisling ol ils ollicers, homeroom presi- denls, and class presidenls, and slale conyenlion delegales, mel each Monday ol lhe school year lo discuss problems, suggeslions, and proiecls ol lhe sludenl body. Under lhe advisorship ol Richard T. Lumby lhe ollicers, presidenl Larry I-lulmacher, vice-presidenl Ernie Niederman and secrelary-lreasurer Lynn Usher- oll led lhe council consisling ol lhirly-seven members. The council gol oll lo a good slarl as lhe home- coming commillee headed by RoberlJohanson com- bined ils ellorls and ideas wilh lhose ol lhe sludenl council lo bring aboul a successlul homecoming. Following lhe homecoming aclivilies lhe council began lo draw up plans lor nexl year's homecoming aclivilief Lell, Ernie Neiderman, vice-presidenl cenler, Lynn Osheroll, secrelary-lreas- urerq and righl, Larry Hulrnacher, presi- denl. I I I L Q sludenf council Sludenl council sponsored dances were lhe respone sibilily ol Belly Maves, chairman ol lhe dance commillee, assislanl chairman, Luanne Swanlc, and lhe commillee. Culling in line during lunch, running in lhe cale- leria, messy lables, were all problems ol lhe caleleria commillee headed by Jane Olson. Special recorded programs played during lunch, were one ol lhe more enjoyable proiecls. Among olher lhings, lhey succeeded in gelling a double lunch menu consisling ol a choice belween lish or meal lor lhe main course on Friday. Don Miller was selecled head ol lhe newly organ- ized Conslilulion Commillee. This commillee con- sidered any revisions in lhe conslilulion ol lhe sludenl council. "Good Grooming Day" was anolher one ol lhe proiecls ol lhe l957-58 council. On lhis day, slu- denls were asked lo dress wilh a Iillle exlra allenlion lo nealness. Delegales lo lhe NE-NW convenlion held al Riverside-Broolrlield I'ligh gained inlormalion which will be valuable lo nexl year's council as FI-IS will be hosl lo all schools in lhe NE-NW dislricl ol Illinois al lhe annual convenlion held November ol I958. Sludenl council members were: Row I: Don Wollensburger, Belly Mayes, Janel Wallon, Jerry I-Iunler, Nancy Grillilh, and Jerry I-lawes. Row 2: Luanne Swanlc, Karlene Kelelhul, Mary Lou Maller, JoEllen Meyers, Joyce Korlemeier, Belly Parlrer, Judy Winlers, Bev Gunderson, and Ladine Bennell. Row 3: Jane Olscn, Janel Penlicoll, Bruce Schrnidl, Sharon Nellles, Norm Shipley, Don Miller, Anna Nierneier, Karl Kunlrle, Doug Gugger, and Killy Lou I-Iarlman, Row 4: Tom Bader, Dave Johnson, Jerry Rehleldl, Gary Slearns, Kenny Kacsh, Wayne, Torn Doyle, Gary Dielrneier, Dan Toele, and Bob Johansen. nl Row I: DoroThy Miller, Karen Bose, I-IarrieTT Shipley, CynThia Snyder, Marcella Wilkins, Nancy Kleihauer, Pearl SmiTh, and Mary Mease. Row 2: Dick Bell, Carol STabenow, Sandra Grier, Jerry Miller, Joyce Spielman, Sue Secker, Barb Bauch, Phylis Meads, Mary Kay Thompson, Janice Mefcalf, Bill Mor- row, and Nancy Frazier. Row 3: Jerry Keeney, Dean Wilson, Paul Rogers, Larry Knauf, Dennis PraTT, Dave McNary, KenT Lincoln, Dave OlTmann, and Chuck Fish. COUNCIL IOINS INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PROJECT Under The supervision oT Miss Mae Bosewell, school nurse: Ellen T-lansen, presidenT7 Gene I'IiIle, vice- presidenT, and JoAnn Wesson, secreTary-Treasurer, several worThy proiecTs were compleTed by The American Junior Red Cross. The year began wiTh The annual Red Cross enroll- menT drive. A ToTal oT 566.74 was donaTed by The school, Thus enTiTling FreeporT T-Iigh School To mem- bership in The American Junior Red Cross. SixTeen homerooms had IOOCVO parTicipaTion. The group ioined in The InTernaTional Music ProiecT. A record made by The music deparTmenT was senT overseas. The sTudenTs oT Toreign schools also made a recording, characTerisTic oT Their counTry and senT iT To us in exchange. The members oT The Red Cross "adopTed" Two orphans Trom The Kings DaughTers T'lome. By adop- Tion, They were remembered on Their birThday and aT ChrisTmas wiTh presenTs and several members oT The commiTTee Took Them To a movie. A Sadie I-lawkins Dance was given as a Tund- raising proiecT aTTer The WesT RockTord game, Feb. 28. The idea was Taken Trom Al Capps "LiTTle Abnern Sadie I-lawkins Day is noTed Tor The women chasing The men, Trying To caTch one who will be- come her husband. The dance was a modiTied version oT This cusTom. Girls did The inviTing and everyone wore old cIoThes. A minisTer 'narried The coacles, giving Them imaginary marriage cerTiTicaTes. This year The Red Cross made ChrisTmas merrier Tor Those a' The VeTerans T-losciTal aT Downey, Illinois, oy sending 'oem eighT dozen cookies. The hosoETal red cross OTTicers: Ellen Hansen, president JoAnn Wesson secreTary- Treasurer: Gene I-lille, vice-presidenT. received nuT cups on SainT PaTrick's Day and EasTer, complimenTs oT our school. The March oT Dimes campaign was launched by a recording oT The voice oT Judy WolTe, I955 vicTim OT polio, urging sTudenTs To conTribuTe To The Tund, because The eTTecTs oT The disease are sTill disasTrous. She also Told sTudenTs who had noT received polio shoTs, To do so. The AssociaTion oT The Red Cross was sTarTed in IB66 by The Reverend T-lenry Bellows, presidenT oT The Un'Te:: STaTes SaniTary Commission, which served in Tne Civil NfVar. In IBBI, Clara BarTon and oThers Tormed The American Red Cross. The Red Cross service Tunds includes disasTer areas in peace and war, in every corner oT The world. CerTainly FreecorT T-Iigh School has done Their carl' This year. 57 PANEL DISCUSSION, SPEAKERS ADVISE MEMBERS The purpose of The Leslie A. Holmes ChapTer oT The FuTure Teachers of America, named Tor The presidenT oT NorThern Illinois UniversiTy aT DeKalb, is To promoTe inTeresT in and beTTer undersTanding oT The Teaching profession. The club is sponsored by The NaTionaI AssociaTion and The Illinois AssociaTion oT FuTure Teachers of America, and is primarily a service club. Under The direcTion oT Miss Ferne Kuhlemeyer, advisor: Miss Pamela Weeks, assisTanT advisor: Jane Olson, presidenT7 Kaliopee Malagaris, vice presidenT: Joyce Spielman, sec:-eTaryg and Janice Mailand, Treasurer, The club had a prosperous and busy year. is I I I T Row I: Darla Van Buslrirlr, Julie Klosa, Susie Fogel, Befh Viclcery, PaTTy STeinesTel, Faifh I-Iafiimanolis, DoroThy Fawver. Row 2: KaThy UThlauT, Gail DieTrich, Sally Koppein, Kafhie Gorslci, Leonard Fauser, Janice Mailand, Ellen Hansen, Sandra Hayner, Sandy Snodgrass. Row 3: I-larrieT Shipley, Kaliapee Malagaris, Marilyn Millard, Linda Kinfzel, Jane Olson, Joyce Spielman, PaT Casford, Jeanne Fulfer, KaThy Doerr, Judy HaighT. Row 4: CynThia Seeley, Carol Falls, PaT McCarThy, Sharon NeTTIes, Carl Baumann, Dan Nichols, John Woodhouse. Judy Geiseman, Mary EnsTrom, Mary Dennis, Erma Sanman. 58 fufure Teachers of america Harry McPhail, school superinTendenT, spoke aT The TirsT FTA meeTing of The year. Members ushered aT Open House as one of The club acTiviTies. Senior members of The club were given an opporTuniTy To do cadeT Teaching in The grade schools if Their schedules were arranged. Following The Career Day Tallcs, The club had a special luncheon Tor Dr. Leslie A. Holmes and some members OT The NIU sTaTT. Dr. Holmes presenTed The club wiTh a gavel aT a meeTing aTTer The luncheon, and also, as in previous years, exTended an inviTaTion To The members oT FTA To visiT NorThern Illinois UniversiTy in The spring. V Y'WIY3ifIHl" Y011vL'6i1TA1YI!i 44 stu, Hin,-f4fi,fl1J r'I!1u1TE X 5 Q, QQ sz ' S A ' 7 2 ' TlQ'?IrwJfi x 'Jinx XMAS TEA HIGHLIGHTS YEAR fhesplcms Ac? well your par+ for 'rhere all honor lies All Thespians have learned io recognize 'rhese words and fo follow fheir advice in any acfivify Each Thespian musl' earn his or her membership by achng or parhcipahng in slage crew worlc for one hundred hours In fhe spring an annual banquef was held lo innhale lhose who had mei lhis requiremenl Meehngs were held an lhe members homes and Thespians enjoyed varied programs. A+ one meeling Miss Pal Lemanslci showed sl'des of her lrip in Europe. Miss Jeanefle Lloyd club adviser showed scenes from The iunior and senior class plays af anolher meeling. Officers elecfed for lhe year were: Jane Olson presidenf' Bonnie Plager vice presidenf' Ellen Han- son secreiary' Ron Prasse Treasurer' and Lynn Osheroli clerlc. ri ja Xfff 615590 LAR -f,J The annual Chrislmas alumni lea was held Decem- ber 22 a+ lhe Embury Parish l-louse. lnvirafions were senl +o members who had graduafed wilhin lhe las? four years. The program included music and The reading of The Chrislmas slory. Afler lhe program refreshmenfs were served and ihe remaining lime was spenf socially. Row I: Ladine Benneff, Genie Carnahan, Sally Cheeseman, Sandra l-layner, Blenda Crummer, Ellen Hanson, Lynn Osheroff. Row 2: Janice Mailand, Cynfhia Snyder, Bonnie Plager, Dianne Owen, Barbara Price, Luanne Swank, Molly Bolender. Row 3: "My Fair Lady" was lhe play Thespians chose fo see fhis year. Brighf and early February 9+h, club members boarded a bus for Chicago, arriving in Time fo browse in ihe ar+ museum or shop in ihe sfores, before 'rhe mafinee. Then on fo 'rhe fheaierl Marilyn Millard, Jeanne Fulfer, Sue Sfrohaclzer, Sharon Neffles, Judy Geiseman, Marilyn Auman, Jane Olson, Mary Dennis. Row 4: Jim Wrighf, Gary Diefmeier, Carl Baumann, Orval Fairbairn, Jim Nelson, Alyn Hess, Ron Prasse, John Graff, Leonard Fauser. Members also subscribed fo Dramofics, a maga- zine for direclors, feachers, and sludenfs of dramatic arfs. This magazine is published monlhly and con- lains scenes from various high school producfions, hinls aboul' acfing, play reviews and lelfers from high schools recommending differenl' plays. 59 Officers, lefl: Joseph Davis, presidenlz Kaliopee Mala- garis, vice-president Marie Casiana, secre+ary-+reas- Ufef CLUB SPONSORS DANCE french club For approxirnalely lhirly years "Le Cercle Fran- cais" has nnel, wilh lhe purpose of gelling French sludenls logelher, and 'ro work on proiecls. With lhe guidance of Miss Mary Margarel Lueb- bing and The club officers, Joseph Davis, presidenlq Kaliopee Malagaris, vice-presidenly and Marie Casiana, secrelary-lreasurer: lhis year was very busy and rnosl successful, ln lhe lall, French Club sponsored a dance, lhe rherne ol which was "French Flarew, and donaled 'rhe proceeds of S47 lo rhe Communily Chesl. Dancing was in 'rhe alrnosphere of a French Cale decoraled wilh brighl' colored balloons and slrearners. 60 Row l: Dorofhy Fawver, Carol Lee, Kafhlyn l-lasfings, Mike Ascher, Belle Zweifel, Karen Waferhouse, Marie Casiana, Row 2: Pal Hildebrandt Judy Haight Sandra Bowen, Dianne Owen, Mary Hickman, Kaliapee Malaqaris, Carolyn Cramer, Linda Wild, Gloria l-lerendeeri. Row 3: Sylvia Volkers, Marcia Vore, Dee Dollich, Mary Whilon, JoAnn Wesson, Duncan Gilchrisr, Marvel Borchardl, Janice Melcalf, Susan Auvinen, Ellen Rood, Row 4: Pal Evans, David Slein, John Woodhouse, Joseph Davis, Jasper DeVidal, Wyra Jones Ron Spielrnan, Barbara Johnson, Mike Kaney, Ralland Ruhl, Barbara Bama Ore ol lhe highlighls ol lhe year was lhe making of "Les Chapeuxl' or hals. Fashions ol 'rhe day were Spulnik. which won lirsl place lor being rhe lunniesl, La Plurne lor being lhe prelliesl, Ode fo a Spaghelli Maker lor lhe sirnplesl, and Uller Confusion lor being lhe nnosl original. Judges lor lhe day were +he hgh and fashionable ollicers, French parlines were lhe subiecl ol lhe cooking session and were very enjoyable. Many longues were pusy wilh lhe lasling ol lhe candy and were very sa'isiied even lhough il 'rurned our like soup inslead of candy. 'Did you find one," were lhe remarks of The French Club sludenls on a scavenger hunl in lhe school. Looking behind doors and on lop of lockers. lhey hoped lo lind a piece ol lhe Chrislmas 'rree so rhey could win lirsl prize, Sornelhing new which was added fo Le Cercle Francais lasf year and carried on lhis year was receiving ol pins by fhe sludenls who wished lhern. We rnusl nol lorgel lo menlion lhe "food" which all lhe Frenchrnen are noled lor. Al all rneelings relreshrnenls were served and helped lhe sludenls gel acguainled wilh each olher by silling around and ralking. To end a very busy and enioyable year came lhe lime lor 'rhe annual picnic and roller skaling parly a+ +he While Pines Roller Rink wilh lhe Spanish Club. Row l: Diane Green, Paf Wagner, Nancy Kleihauer, Jerry l-lawes, Dick Bell, Dave Woodhouse, Janef Walfon, Befh Vickery, Sue Fogel, Row 2: JoAnne Smifh, Janice Mailand. Curfice Van Buski-k, Carol Noeske, Louann Shelley, Dave Cox. l-larrief Shipley, Joyce Korfemier, Dianne Owen, Joann Shelley, Kalicpee Malagaris. Row 3: Kay Buss, Marilyn Millard, Jackie l-lepner, Joan Hendricks, JoAnn Wesson, Jean Sensanbauqh, Joyce Spielman, Elizabefh Ward, Barb l-lille, Barbara Jenner, Joy Mordick. Row 4: Phyllis Meads, Douglas Gugger, Lonnie Well' Neel Schmiff, Orval Fairbairn, Norm Pfile, Joseph Davis Ken Kling, John Woodhouse, Gary Wilson, Alfred Moy, Erma Sanman, PROGRAMS ENTERTAIN CLUB spanish club Spanish Club 57-58, under fhe able supervision of Miss Dorofhea Schmidf and fhe club's officers which included Dianne Owen, presidenf, Joseph Davis, vice-president and Marilyn Millard, secrefaryfrreas- urer, complefed a fun-filled as well as highly suc- cessful year. ln Ocfober, fhe Spaniards elecfed fheir officers. The following monfh broughf fhe long-awaifed cook- ing session. While some of fhe members donned fheir aprons and chefls hafs making Chicos Alegres lJolly Boysl, fhe ofhers were in room l I I playing "El Espanol" which is a word playing card game. As Chrisfmas fime rolled around our "amigos" sang Spanish carols along wifh new records boughf for fhe occasion. Charades in January broughf some confusing momenfs while skifs provided by fhe older members were on fhe February program. One of rhe mosf inferesfing programs was fhaf Officers, leflz Marilyn Millard, secrefary-freasurerg Miss Dorofhea Schrnidf, advisory Dianne Owen, presidenfg Joseph Davis, vice-presidenf. given by Miss Cecilia Ballesferos formerly of Quifo, Ecuador: now of Orangeville, Illinois. The fheme of her falk cenfered around Spanish-American cusfoms. April I4fh broughf Pan American Day. This day is sef aside fo culfivafe our friendship and fo have a beffer relafionship wifh Soufh America. The annual picnic and roller skafing parfy wifh fhe French Club held af fhe Whife Pines wound up 'rhe year's acfivifies in May. Ten dollars was senf fo a former Freeporf High School Spanish sfudenf who is living among fhe hill fribes in Vief Nam. They have no wriffen language and his plan is fo creafe a scienfific alphabef and franslafe fhe Bible To fhenn. ln order fo become eligible fo ioin, one musf have ar leasf one semesfer of Spanish. The club meefs fhe 2nd Wednesday of The monfh affer school. All inferesfed Spanish srudenfs are welcomed. 6 I Row I: Carol Schweder, Julie Beard, Pafri Daws, Darla Van Buskirk. Row 2: Becky Rolinger, Judy Smilhe, Pafly Sleineslel, Susie Slellen, Darlene I-Iughs, Barb Rurenbeck, Nora Kay Muse, Julia Kealon, Row 3: Nan Griflilh, Charlolle Ollmann, Sherry Russell, Kalhy Ulhlaul, Sandy Snodgrass, Sherry Boehe, Dorolhy Barker, Gail Diefrich, Sandy Sfolrz. Row 4: Kalhie Gorski, Mary Osborne, Sandra Greier, Mike Ascher, Roberl Schroeder, Ray Kemp, Don Wollensberger, Janer Busekros, Karen Bose, Marlha Bunchman. Row 5: Allen Swain, John Conner, Paul Waggoner, Pele Slukenberg, Adrian Andree, John Fulkerson, Carl Gang, John Meyers, Dennis Breo. MEMBERSHIP IS LARGEST IN HISTORY S.P. R. Senalus Poplusque Romanus, ol 'rhe Senare and People of Rome, belrer known 'ro Ihe sludenls of F.I-I.S. as lhe Lalin Club was highlighled rhis year by many inreresling programs. Lalin Week, observed each year, slarled April 2I. The Iradirional Lalin banguel was observed Ihis year during February. Membership lhis year was lhe Iargesl in lhe hislory ol S.P.O.R. Eighly-nine sludenls ioined making Lalin Club one of Ihe Iargesl organi- zalions a+ F.I'I.S. VergiI's birrhday was celebraled during lhe ad- vanced Lalin sludenls regular class on Oclober I5. lahn club Each sludenl wrofe our lhree queslions aboul VergiI's life lo ask lhe orher sludenfs. Sludenls were eliminaled when Ihey failed lo answer a gueslion. Gail Dielrich, winner, received several pencils as a prize. One pencil was given lo each ol Ihe remaining sludenls as a favor. Officers Ihis year were Charlolle Olrman, presi- dent Anna Neimeier, vice presidenl and program chairman: Gail Dielrich, secrelaryg Barbara Rulem- beck, 'rreasurery and Miss Mabel Bowers, adviser. Row I: Judy Winlers, Elizabelh Glasow, Judy Schimelplenig, Bev Gunderson, Sandra Fogel, Marcella Wilken, Sally Koppein. Row 2: Sandra Slein, Judy Korn, Darlene Kasch, Pal Caslord, Marilyn Larnrn, Barbara Kaufman, Dorolhy Smilh, Linda Kinlzel, Kalhy Doerr. Row 3: Jill Frilzlen, Mary Gramley, Sharon Lamb, Cynfhia Seeley, Barb Bauch, Anna Niemeier, Mary Enslrom, Janer Hoffmann, Marvel Borchardr, Row 4: Judy Dean, Dave Johnson, Jon I-lepner, Lee Ocker, Gary Criddle, Joel McCulloch, Jirn Massie, Dick l'Iauger, Wanda Schull. Row 5: Torn Doyle, David Ollmann, I-larry Kenl, John Borchers, David McNary, Sfeve Seeman, Jim Coomber, Bob Reid, Mike Lielz, John Taylor. I 'KJ 'rv Row I: Darla Van Buskirk, Shaun McNeil Susie Fwy-wI, Befh Vickery, Nan Grifiirh, Dick BCI! PaIWa1ner, Becky Rrlinder Grehhrrn Brunka Judy Srnifho fforcrhy Fawfef. Rf N 2: Sue Naih, Carol Lee, Sandy Sncdfzrass, Drsrafhy Barker Sandra Hayner Peggy Heinrich. BIenda Crurrfrner Karhie Hasrings, EIIen Hanson, Mary Lou MaHcr, Kafhy Urhiaur Lynn Osherr OIT, Pariy Sreinesref Dar'ene Hughs. Raw 3: Kaiicpee Ma'a- garis Luanne Swank, Barbara Price, Bonne Hager Jc EIIen Myers, Karhie Gcrski Jeanne FuIfer, Dave Cox Dianne Owen, Janice Mai5and, Harrie? Shipiey, Cynrhia Snyder, Sfeffenie SmiIh, MoIIy BoIender. Row 4: Jerry Hunrer Jane Olson. CharyI Wing, Janire Finkbf-iner, Z0 da ICir""an Jackie HED- ner Sue Srrfhacker Judy Dean Mary Ens""'r JiII Frifzbn Ar? Myers, Hulda Gravenzfein Dcnna Wcifr, Ekzahf-'h Gias' w SaIIy Koppein, Row 5: CurIice Van Buskirk, Barb Bauch, Barb Hille Par Mccarrhy, Judifh Geisernan CarI Baumann, Orvai Fairbairn Aiyn Hess Jasper de Vida, Barbara Johnson John Graff, Sharon Neifes, MariIyn Aurnan Kay TueII, Doug Gugger, Berry Parker. MASK AND WIG ACTIVITIES ARE RENEWED Inferesred in dramafics or working on scenery? Then Mask and Wig is for you, II is open Io everyone who enioys work connecfed wirh any phase of drama. Affer undergoing reorganizarion, officers were eIecIed ar Ihe beginning of second semesier. They are: John Graff, presidenr: Barb Bauch, vice presi- denif Alyn Hess, secreraryx and Dave Cox, Treasurer, wirh Miss Jeanerre LIoyd as Ihe club advisor. Thes- pians are auIoma+icaIIy members. Acriviries include Ialks abouf cosruming and make- up, skirs, reading, paniomines, and many more inier- esring dramaric skiIIs. 1:1 i1-.-.-l mask and wig I.e+'s Iurn Ihe calendar back and find our how Mask and Wig Iirsr began. "A Tailor-Made Man" was Ihe beginning of Mask and Wig. This was a pIay given in I93 I. On February IO, Ihirfeen rnaior acfors of rhe play formed Ihis cIub, which grew as Ihe school year progressed, under Ihe leadership of Miss Whi+TieId. "To s+imuIa+e and promoie an in+eIligen+ under- sfanding and inferprefafion of Ihe besi in rhe Iieid of drama, Ihus deriving The grearesr amounf oi pleasure and benefit' were Ihe words urrered in fhe I93I Polaris, as Ihe purpose of Mask and Wig. A gIorious IiIe oi 25 years was enjoyed by Ihe ciub. fncliding such acfiviries as wrI'ing cIays aoci-ying make-uo, buiidirg scenery and, of course ac"rg in ckarades. carrornines, and irncersona"ng famous ceIebri+ies. In !956 :ur chb 'ner irs oeakh, However. an ecY sash is noi necessary, Tor ir came 'c Ire in February I958 wich a membership of 7II Trougr Sui' oe"'no underway Mask and Wig cf fert good e-refence 'n ai chaies of ac'ing ar: 'E , grea' if ai agreeI 63 VARSITY DEBATERS: Roger Gusloff, Ji Graff, Todd I-lines, Orval Fairbairn. colleagues, buT The Team was sTill unable To place. AT The EvansTon TournamenT, The FreeporT Teams disTinguished Them- selves by placing in Two diTTerenT divisions. The junior varsiTy, com- posed oT Marie Casiana and Kay Bauch, aTTirmaTive, and CurTis Van- Buslier and Barbara Bauch, nega- Tive, placed second ouT oT The TwenTy schools which compeTed, while The sophomores placed Third. During The TirsT half OT The sea- son The proposiTion was-Resolved: ThaT all UniTed STaTes Toreign eco- nomic aid should be adminisTered Through The UniTed NaTions. On The TirsT oT The year The guesTion was oTTicially changed. JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATERS. Row I: Carol Crandall, Barb Kaufmen. Row 2: Kay Bauch, Marie Casiana, Kay Fawver, ,.1- s K 59' f rn WrighT, John VARSITY CAPTURES FIRST debafe The greaTesT accomplishmenT oT The varsiTy debaTe Team during The TirsT halT oT This debaTe season was The capTuring oT TirsT place aT The Illinois Normal DebaTe TournamenT, The l3reeporT varsiTy composed oT Todd I-lines and Jim WrighT, aTTirmaTive, and Roger GusloTT and John GraTT, negaTive, wiTh Orval Fairbairn, alTernaTe, Tied wiTh WoodruTT Tor The TirsT place. The I:reeporT Teamls superior raTings pulled Them ahead and brolce The Tie. LaGrange, The TirsT TournamenT oT The season, Tound The varsiTy aTTirmaTive unable To aTTend. The iunior varsiTy members Tools over Tor Their missing Sandra I-Iayner, STeTTenie SmiTl':, Karlene KeTelhuT. Y.. K N,F.L. Row I: CurTice Van Buslrirlr, Sandra STein, Sally Kop- pein, Barb Bauch, Mary EnsTrom, Judy Dean, Sandy Bowen, Nora Kay Muse, Row 2: DoroThy Fawver, Kay Bauch, Carol Crandall, STefTenie Srnifh, Marie Ann Casiana, Karlene KeTel- huT. Row 3: Sandra I-Iayner, Diclr Bell, Doug Gugger, Orval Fairbairn, Roger GusloTT, Todd I-lines, John Graff, David McNary, Doug Firebaugh, Jim WrighT, Mr. Ralph EnsTrom, advisor. The NaTional Forensic League is an I'lonor SocieTy Tor debaTers. Any high school sTudenT having qualie Tied Tor The "Degree oT Iv1eriT" and ranlcing in The upper Two-Thirds oT his class is eligible Tor meme bership. This year, Tor The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT our local chapTer, Two sTudenTs were elecTed To each oTTice. They were: Todd I-lines and John GraTT, presidenT: Kay Bauch and Roger GusloTT, vice- presidenT: and Marie Casiana and Orval Fairbairn, secreTary-Treasurer. Row I: Penny Luckado, Barb Rufenbeck, Lynn Osheroff, Nora Kay Muse, Linda Kinfzel, Jeff Balmer, GeraId MiIIer, Row 2: Mary Lou Law, Fran WiIsey, Carol Crandallr Doug Firebauqh, John Graff, John Moerk, BiII Zarrrnan. Row 3: Par Mccarfhy, Barbara Born, Joann MerIrIe, Wyra Jones, Janice MaiIand, Dave Cox, Larry Knauff, Barry Sfallard. Sranding: Dorofhy Fawver, Alfred Moy, David MiIIer, George Ashby. MEMBERS WORK ON SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS The main idea of rhe Science CIub of I957-58 was To qive groups of srudenfs who were inferesfed in any ohase oi science a chance Io work on scien- Iiiic proiecrs. These differenr proiecfs included such Ihinqs as cancer EB., x-rays, and IuIcennia. Rocks, r'nineraIs, Ieaves, a+ornic energy, pholrography, and airpIanes were aIso incIuded. The club also had a number of professional speeches Ihrcughour rhe year. The Ihirryfhree members mer every orher Tues- day wiIh Mr, John I-IuII, advisor. Officers for Ihe year were Pau' Rogers cres7den+' David M'3'er vice- ores'der+- and Barbara Born, secresaryffeasurer. science club 65 7, Q7-'24, my Orgy ,117 3' ,X vo NJ - J' ' Af. VT ' . JJ' is C aff s-fp sieiffwxf is ' , .HV ,, J' -ui, pf, ' JJ -5- ' f :'efNf7Q.Lj,,TV lf, J, jfgflff , 33, G W, it-a,,fgf. Anas-J A ,LJ Ugg J, ' ,if my My - .sf eff fffft P . Fo :Vinh fb. .NN 'mx-v 'N if , if ,sif, T, fshgllifeouqwmefsigigvsfnvf COMMUNITY WELL Tiger ysfiruf -5- "0.gD'p,sJ, 'U V55 nyffy home economics club ECN VJ W of pl Q S Jinffgw-J Ao fafgxoqjy f safVgNJ,,JjT QV 'JKT' QT? 'ri TMJ X Grp V 33- 5 'J Q52 as A .,J- ,f Lip ,PHQ HQ'J'-9J,iTxy"1p .PV F Aldo cy.. nm ,wxy . OT gi.-,Gig ,Cy-7STnaJr1'iggjlTgJ:5Jo 'J ar off in The righT manner candy for The STephenson Counfy Home. Anofher BU gi , fj5g5e no ' s Club under The guidance of I v iss ' , NQT iesen, home economics Teacher, y 'WJ ogglgldjajjgkle-lighT iniTiaTion for The officers, elecTed Qvoil y aT. The final meefing. Heading The club was neT PenTicoTf as presidenT Working wiTh her To sJ ri-yi 35" 5 make This year's club a success was vice-presidenf, Lf, Iona Bush and secreTary-Treasurer, Nancy Frazier. The Home Economics Club was sTarTed in i925 by Lucy Nomile and Helen Jody. The club meT Twice a monTh and had 56 members. Miss lvlaffhiesen be- came The club advisor in l948. The Home Economics Club noT only cooked buT did many Things for chariTy. They planned Three large proiecTs To compleTe during The year, The firsT of which consisTed of making ChrisTmas cookies and Row l: Linda l-linrichs, Sharon Yeager, Nancy Frazier, JaneT Penficoff, Iona Busch, Karen Rudy, Malvern Snyder. Row 2: acTiviTy was The annual moTher and daughTer ChrisT- mas Tea. The members baked cookies represenTing difTerenT lands and formed Them inTo a cookie Tree. The lasT projecf is The Tradifion of The club. Each year They buy an arficle for The Home Economics DeparTmenT or school. Plans Tor The year were made inTo a club calendar. AT The Ocfober meeTing The club held a scavenger hunT. For The February meeTing The club made scrap- books Tor The hospiTals. The lasT meeTing in May was a picnic where The nexT year's officers were elecTed. The girls have had Tun doing Things Togefher for Themselves and oThers. All girls holding membership in The club can be sure ThaT They were an asseT To FHS and To The communify. Janis Frey, Sandra Loewe, Karen Plowman, Carol Falk, Fran Wilsey, Sylvia BiTTner, Barbara Price, Gloria Sfees, Darlene AbboTT. 3 Seafed: Judy Kefelhuf, Sandra Schulfz, Audrey Besserf, Joyce Lorenz, Karen Kenf, Beverly Moyer. Sfanding: Janice Jenner, Judy Haighf, Janice Sfadermann, Dorofhy Diehl, Charyl Wing, June Kneller, Eleanor Sfewarf, Carol Sorn, Sue Ellen Balmer Myrna l-larnish, Gloria Syees, Nancy Clarlc, Sharon Siegmeier: Nancy Ter Harlr, Joyce Nasf. FUTURE SECRETARIES LEARN OFFICE SKILLS Again fhis year as in fhe pasf, fhe girls in shorf- hand and fyping classes desiring fo learn more abouf office work ioined fhe Secrefarial Club. The club's purpose was fo promofe an inferesf in office worlr and mef fhe fourfh Thursday of each monfh, in fhe fyping room. Wifh fhe Ocfober meefing came inifiafion. If consisfed of reading a scarey Halloween sfory and passing around such fhings as peeled grapes fo infer- pref fhe sfory. Held in fhe fyping room, refresh- menfs of pumplcin face coolcies were served. ln fhe spring, fhe main affracfion was visifing a secrefarial club big downfown office. Upon fheir arrival fhey were shown fhe differenf machines and how fhey were operafed. This gave fhe girls a beffer knowledge of whaf goes on in a large office. To close fhe year, fhe club had a picnic af fhe Krape Park shelfer house. A greafer maiorify of ifs 30 members showed up for fhis fhan for any ofher meefing. Musf be fhaf fhere was food involved! The group was under fhe direcfion of Miss Frances Rifzinger, Joyce Lorenz, presidenf: Beffy Amans, vice-presidenfq Rose Lenoir, freasurer: and Judy Kefelhuf, secrefary. 67 f "I h 1 I K M r r I.. if I 4 2 Iii N f J . ,fll ,f 2 f X , up ., g-VH J -V y, Xf , ll ,r , fi 1 A I : ' V-:AN " 7 ll i A L I J 4" I' I, ' ' L xxx h If I 'iz XI-f rf!!! "I i ' . ,4"' I JT! ii I 'XT fl! ,Ui QL: X -4, - I Sli nbaugh, n 'Lucka oi Alyn I-less, Fr nk D nf, Evansg Susan Auvinen. Row I: Mr. Gene Marks, Frank I-Iadiokos, Gerald Bowden, Jerry Vincenf, Lee Carfer, I-Iarold Thompson, Row 2: Gerald Miller, Gale Piffsley, Ronny Clark, Ray Carfer, Ross Fagof, Dave Daughenbaugh, George Ashby. Row 3: Gerry Spwegeer, Dan Ter I-lark, Jack Sfaas, Leonard Fauser, Larry Knauff, Charles Slandring, Edward Halzel' David Miller, Percy I-Iilfon, Dave Heilen, Gary Fefier. 68 CLUB EXHIBITS PBOIECTS indusfrial arfs club Ari Club is an organizaiion of arf sludenis wifh an A or B average. The purpose of Ihe club is Io promole a beiier undersianding of arf in Ihe school and Io keep up Ihe inieresr in arf by geiiing sfudenls Iogeiher Io work creafively. Under Ihe guidance of Iheir advisor, Mr. Freerk- sen, Ihe club has underiaken many inleresiing proiecis. Skefching Irips, walercolor work, and sculpiuring are buf a few. Originaliiy is Ihe key word of The arl club. An example of 'rhis is a pariy which was held called "A Sack of Junk". Each person broughr a sack of junk and clever New Year's Eve hals were made. Wiih "IeI+ overs" many inieresling designs and picfures Iurned up. Club business meelings were held Ihe iirsf Tuesday ol every monlh. The Ari work was done aI Ihe homes of various members aboul' once a monlh. Officers for Ihe year were: President Alan I'Iess: vice-president Carol Kuichback: secreiary, Jean Sensanbaugh: Ireasurer, Carol Dilly. ORIGINALITY KIEYNOTIES CLUB arf club Under Ihe direciion of Gene Marks, The Induslrial Aris Club meels once a monih. The purpose of Ihe club is Io encourage Ihe inI'eresI in indusrrial arI's, olher fhan iusl a Iwo credii' course. The club is open Io anyone inieresied in or enrolled in induslrial arrs. The officers of Ihe club are: Dave Miller, presi- dent Ed I-Ialzel, vice-president Jerry Spurgeon, secreiary. The membership numbers 75 sludenis who alrend regularly. On November I2, Ihe club charlered a bus and wenf 'ro Ihe Museum of Science and Induslry. The boys were allowed 'ro splif up and see The exhibifs Ihai inreresied Ihem mosi. In The spring, Ihey had an exhibil of Ihe differenf proiecis Ihe boys had made in Ihe classes. They also help Ihe mainfenance men make repairs around school. . - T Z ky,N hr' U I -sys.. L, li , v Ov, VAH.u F rv ' MVT ,Lil Q57 R ' ' ' L' 'JU X f T BOYS MEET FOREIGN "HAMS" TL -X, 1' Q31 Cnr Jafalgwjfs. 5, Tj xr radio club ffl DM T CLK My rdf' 5,ffKQaT5yVfT -Lfi 'i ' U rv l XJ Fa EXf3,T1,X.iZEj'iT.i'A,.YVEf,T.f.Zf5Z'ZZfL.,.l f X LX ' ,gf xg? J N919 is ,T heard Trom one of The rooms. ln This room a group ,ffvw Raw I: Richard' Blaim, Larry of boys gaThered around a large swiTchboard seemed unusually busy. One of The boys was Talking inTo The microphone. Looking around The room a Io+ of equip- menT appeared To be in use. Glancing aT The clock and The calendar, iT was 7 P.M. Tuesday evening. This was The weekly meeTing of The Radio Club. This year Bernard BarTholomew was TrusTee: Jack Shoemaker, presidenT: Larry GunTherman, vice-presi- denT: Roger Engels, secreTary-Treasurer. ATTer The meeTing had been called To order by The presidenT or vice-presidenT, old and new business was discussed. Then The boys worked on Their radio equipmenT or operaTed The radio sTaTion. The sTa- Tion's call leTTers were K9DXG and K9Gl-TO. The main purpose oT The club is To Teach The boys abouT The radio equipmenT and how To use iT. Aid- ing a Tellow "ham" geT his radio operaTing license is also a maior proiecT. FILMS AID INSTRUCTORS visual aids EducaTional Tilms played an imporTanT parT in modern educaTion. Through These Tilms F.H.S. sTu- denTs were able To see Things Trom which They would oTherwise be deprived. Courses were made more inTeresTing and are more easily undersTood because of These Tilms. Carey Farr headed The visual aids deparTmenT wiTh approximaTely TorTy-Tive sTudenTs, who operaTed proiecTors, working wiTh him. These sTudenTs showed The Tilms in Their classes and were someTimes called Trom Their sTudy halls To do so. One half crediT a year was received by The sTudenTs Tor showing The required number oT Tilms. F.l-l.S. has quiTe an adequaTe visual aids deparT- menT. IT does noT consisT of movie proiecTors alone as some people would Think. The deparTmenT has Tour movie proiecTors, Tour slide and Tilm proiecTors, six record players, Three Tape recorders, and a library ThaT has many TilmsTrips, picTure Tolders, recordings, and Tapes. Row 2: George Ashby, Jack RoberT Knipschield. ieaTed: Orval Fairbairn. STanding: David STein, Ross FagoT, I S h ' ee c miTT, Gary Babler. kgifgybouq Firebaugh. CenTer: Joann Merkle. RighT: George 69 QA? Row l: Fred Bess, Sleve Nesbil, Greg Widmer, Marly Hill, George Osborne, Ford Wagner, Delberl Roberfs, Earl Hick- man, Gerald Hoof. Row 2: Roger Gusloff, Bob Cregan, Bill CLUB SPONSORS lNlTlAllON leHermen's club One of fhe lop ambilions of mosl boys in high school is lo win a varsify "F" in some sporl and lo join lhe Lellerman's Club. Membership in lhe LeHerman's Club is open lo varsily leller winners in any of fhe major sporls such as foofball, baslcelball, baseball, and lraclc, or in any of lhe minor sporls as swimming, golf, and lennis. Members as well as prospeclive members are loolc- ing forward lo a new melhod of inilialion lhis spring. ln place of fhe old inifialion fhe Lelferman's Club has decided lo have a dance for lhe old and new members and lheir guesls. Along wilh fhe dance fhere is lo be a formal inilialion. Row l: Judy Snyder, Marie Ann Casiana, Janel Miller, Rally Sleineslel, Belle Zweifel, Nora Kay Muse, Mary Mason Smilh, Barb Rulenbeclc, Mona Johnson, Darla Van Buslcirlr. Row 2: Karin Walerhouse, Gail Dielrich, Sherry Boehe, Sandy Snod- grass, Nancy Kleihauer, Sandra Bowen, Sandra Hayner, Pal Wagner, Kaliopee Malagaris, Kafhy Ulhlauf, Judy Woolsey, Judy Bishop. Row 3: Sandi Welly, Gloria Slees, Karlene Kelelhul, Mary Osborne, Curfice Van Buslrirlr, Linda Wild, ,pu-1. N if V2 Mueller, Gary Granf, Jon Novalr, Doug Rogers, Keilh Zimmer- man, Dennis Spielman, Dan Taelle. Row 3: Advisor Ron Nor- man, Bob Reid, Charles Sfandering, Roger Sfearns, Advisor Nale Johnson. GIRLS GAIN SPORTSMANSHIP gaa Acfivilies included bowling, swimming, soccer, volley ball and baslcelball. Members worked hard lo have an ice slcafing and Chrisfmas parfy, a dance, dad's nighl, mofher-daughler banquel, and roller slcafing parly. Money-making proiecfs included lhe selling of lolaclc and orange Prefzel pins, foolball programs, sponsoring a balce sale and a dance called lhe "Baslcel Ball." Some of fhe more falenfed bowl- ers and swimmers compeled in inlersfafe meefs. Officers elecled lasl spring were Karen Kenl, presidenlg Gloria Herendeen, vice presidenlg Phyllis Meads, secrelaryg Carol Crandall, lreasurer: and Barbara Born, publicify chairman. Joyce Korlemeier, Mary Lou Maller, Karen Sue Bose, Kalhie Gorslci, Janice Riclcerl. Row 4: Marcella Willcen, Phyllis Triclrel, Mary Lou Law, Pal Casford, Linda Kinlzel, Belly Parlrer, Janel Hoffmann, Sandra Slein, Fran Wilsey, Judy Riclrerl, Bev Gunderson, Janice Sladermann, Row 5: Sandra Greier, Nancy Richfman, Kay Buss, Penny Luclcado, Barbara Born, Linda Brechlel, Barb Bauch, Mary Enslrorn, Phyllis Meads, Carol Crandall, Judy Linder, Pal McCarlhy, Janel Besl. CHEERLEADERS BOLSTER SPIRIT cheerleaders Miss Elizabelh I-leiland slepped oul onlo lhe lloor. You could have heard a pin drop, lhe brealhing almosl slopped. Finally she gave lhe much wanled news. Seniors, Bonnie Plager, Luanne Swank, Jane Olson, Janel Penlicoll, and iuniors, Slellenie Smilh and Karlene Kelelhul had been chosen as varsily cheerleaders. Aller lhis exciling day, lhe new cheerleaders gol lo work. Lasl year's squad laughl lhe new one some ol lhe cheers and helped lhem gel slarled. Bonnie Plager was chosen as caplain and a lew praclice sessions were held during vacalion. As school and loolball lime rolled around, lhey were ready lo go. When baskelball season came, lhe girls were seen in new while blouses wilh orange prelzels em- broidered on lhe collars. This peppy hardworking leam perlecled and changed many ol lhe cheers and pul on several pep assemblies. Working wilh lhe band, lhey pre- senled 2 new pep songs lo lheir enlhusiaslic backers. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Pal Mccarlhy, Mary Hickman, Lynn Osher- oll, Allreida Smilh, Sally Koppein, I-Iarriel Shipley. 1? VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Clockwise slarling bollom - cenler: Karlene Kelelhul, Slellenie Smilh, Bonnie Plager, Janel Penlicoll, Jane Olson, Luanne Swank. CHEERING PROVES REWARDING f. v. cheerleaders As lhe leam enlers, lhe Junior Varsily cheerleaders work begins. Ol course, lheir aclivilies began as soon as lhey were chosen: learning lhe cheers, making up new molions, knowing when lo slarl side yells and which cheer lo do. All in all, lhe Junior Varsily cheerleaders: Sally Koppein, Al- lreida Smilh, Mary I-Iickman, Lynn Osheroll, I-larriel Shipley, and Pal lvlcCarlhy had a good year, and good cheering lrom lhe crowd. 7 -uugiiil - 5 Qu' DD .. 5 W .... ,W w Q , r - QQ- 6 3, Mgpiiif 1 X L if , Q , , F42 'F , 42 Qgsw ' Q M a, ,X iff Lk 5 , B if ul ,K , QQQ1' W '44 , G mr ,s rf W W' I la uh W, s Qpgf , W1 9 any 4 W 5 i K f55f4 I Q ? I I G' W if az!! w if W ' Q V pf Y Jerry Munz relaTes a humorous incidenf To some of The boys aT The fair. By The Time his high school career is ended, iT is very possible To have a Thousand dollars invesTed in live- sToclc or crops. lnvolved in This course aside from "work" is co- operaTion. ln mosT cases parenTs are glad To help and encourage The developmenT of Their son's Tarm- ing program. CoordinaTion beTween The sTudenT and Teacher is needed To keep an accuraTe record of The boy's proiecTs. Records consisT oT Teeds consumed, birThs, deaThs, expenses. and mosT imporTanT, in- come. lT is necessary To keep good records in Ag. The FuTure Farmers under The assisTance oT Mr. Vernon Bolcemeier and iTs officers, have compiled a very successful year. The December meeTing was spenT ChrisTmas caroling several places in FreeporT and delivering Two boxes of Tood To needy Tamilies. ln The monTh oT February, The annual parenT'son T ',f' banqueT was held where all awards were presenTed To ouTsTanding members. Special awards won by The chapTer were in public speaking, parliamenTary procedure, and dairy fudg- ing. ln The pasT year The FreeporT ChapTer has had Two secTion officers. SecTion oTTicers are chosen Trom TwenTy schools in This area. Ralph Buselcros, a former F.H.S. sTudenT and Douglas Firebaugh, senior, received The American Farmer and STaTe Farmer Degree respechvely. ln AugusT, The FuTure Farmers enjoyed exhibiTing Their proiecTs aT The STephenson CounTy Fair. TwenTy-six members enTered proiecTs in The Sec- Tional F.F.A. show held aT FreeporT in l957. EnTries were made in dairy, sheep, beef. swine, and poulTry classes. Jim ,Koeller and Jim Smull prove ThaT Tossing Doug Firebaugh and Dave DeTwiler display Their blue-ribbon sheep ouTside hav 'S no GBSY wb. of The FFA baafh. mpg TABILB hifi!! . A is SHEEP 73 X 1 X Row I: Julia KeaTon, Sandy STolTz, GreTchen Brunka, Karen Book, CharloTTe OlTmann, Mary Mease. Linda BrobsT. Row 2: Judy Haight Doris Moss, Judy Clark, Marcella Wilken, Karen Jones, Eleanor Canfield, Barbara Jenner, ArdeTh STebbins, Sandra Greier, Becky Rolinger. Row 2: Diane Ryckman, .1 . FK 5 XJ T Ni There is more To a nursing career Than soofhing vered brows learned The FuTure Nurses oT America .Sr- SJ J in The '57-58 school year. To sTarT The season oTT, The girls were enTerTained aT a picnic given by The freshman class of The Deaconess HospiTal School of Nursing aT The Read Park shelTer house. Included in The November meeTing was a Tour of ,fy The laboraTory aT Deaconess HospiTal. KeiTh Clark, fy Tl5boraTory Technician. showed The club how a para- N phine mold was made. ConTenTs of an appendix and ,,, specimens oT a cancerous lung and sTomach were gi F oTher sighTs. The members inspecTed The blood bank il Ni Q ing The donaTion OT blood. Packages conTaining cookies and candy and AN-and received an explanaTion oT The TacTors concern- 3 decoraTed in brighT holiday wrappings were made Xgqlj by The girls in December. These were delivered To HarrieT Shipley, BeTTy Parker, Mary Lou Law, Midge Meyers, Sharon Busker, Sue Ellen Baker, PaT Anderson, Shirley Baum, Dolores Moss. Row4: Sandra SchulTz, Margery Hannah, Mary Kay Thompson, MargareT Borger, Barbara Johnson, Marilyn Beidler, Phyllis Meads, JaneT Borger, Sandra Kubahke, Joyce Lorenz. FUTURE NURSES TOUR HOSPITAL, ALSO HELP OTHERS fufure nurses ln February, a nurse who had specialized in anes- Thesia, explained The possibiliTies oT a career in This Tield. March Tound The club Touring operaTing rooms and learning The procedures which are used To pre- pare a paTienT Tor surgery. AnoTher branch oT medicine, called psychiaTric nursing, was discussed in April. During a candle lighT ceremony, members of The club received pins aT The May gaThering. A girl musT have been presenT aT 75 per cenT oT The meeTings To qualify Tor a pin. PresidenT during The '57-58 school year was Rose- mary Rhynders of Aquin. Brenda Sarles and JaneT Borger Trom FreeporT High were vice-presidenT and secreTary-Treasurer respecTively. Miss Mae Boswell, school nurse, was The club's advisor. This was The TourTh year ThaT The FreeporT Medical Auxiliary has sponsored The club. Any girl from - The paTienTs aT The hospiTals of PreeporT. FreeporT or Aquin High is eligible Tor membership. Swimming headed The agenda aT The January ForTy-eighT girls were members of The group This if meeTing when The club ga splash parTy aT The year. The purpose oT The organizaTion is To give y FFGGPOFT JUNTOSHTQQ SCHO POTPL 6uesTs Were The girls an opporTuniTy To decide wheTher or noT nursing i sTudenT n rse . XS X is The career Tor Them. S, Xxx Q Filly X 41' xo xx A Q ' Hx X T5 ' X cg "ff X N, K, 3' ', f ly X l lk T 'X I KET' , Q- v r- W ' .R L Q N ' -' Y y 1 Q is T .3 , N - sf-1' T 'Q.1:wl'4l,- 'ff 32 T R r A T y"fil"3 T hi E ug! -,T Ii V 2 is a ' T . 1 , A .451 ff, ,l" sg ES S i T ,T Nj 4 Q Q .2 - f ' 'X xxfg 'rx XT PT' 1' Sfangiho: Bob Refd. Row I: Maflyn Milard Sharon Neflles, Ladine Bennerf, Row 2: Alyn Hess L-a"'e Swaw Ja":e Maiard 6e'e Ca"a'ar PHILOS VISIT CHICAGO philos Philos, shorf for Philomacean which means "lover of learning" is fhe honorary English Sociefy af Free- porf High. A requiremenf for membership in fhis worfhy organizafion is a B+ average in English. The club, composed enfirely of seniors, wifh Miss Dagmar Hansen as fhe advisor, sfrives fo enrich fhe knowl- edge of good Iiferafure. The firsf meefing Sepfember I9, was fhe scene of elecfion of officers who were as follows: presidenf, Roberf Johansen, vice presidenf, Charloffe OI+- mann: and secrefary-freasurer, Audry Besserf. Miss Mary Johnsfon-, a former professor af Mac Murry College, was fheenferfaining speaker al fhe December IO meefing which was fhe annual Chrisf- mas banquef of fhe club. A frip fo fhe play "My Fair Lady" in Chicago was planned for January. A+ previous meefings books from fhe library were reviewed. Anofher annual evenf of fhe year is fhe inifiafing picnic in fhe spring. The old, oufgoing members fhen inifiafe all ofjfhe eligible iuniors. Rzw l: Serie Carnanan Ladfe Bernelf, Ja"i:e Maiand E en Harscrf C'a':"e O""a"n and Audrey Besseri Rcw 2: Mary Ewa? Carol ri Cramer Ellen Rcfd Y Marilyn Millard Karen Kenf, Diane Owen Lcarr-9 Swank, and Rosemarie Sclefffl. Row 3: Jane Olsen, Bev Mover S'a':'1 Neff es, David Miler, Bob Johanszn Ker' King Bill Za'rrnan Margery Hannah and Miss Dagvwar Hanson, advisor, RCN 4: Doug Eirebaugh, Bob Cregan, Todd Hres, John Moerk. Bob Reid, Arlen Sfubbe, Alyn Hess, Orval Eairbairn. REID HEADS IOURNALISTS quill and scroll The Nafional Honor Sociefy for oufsfanding sfudenf iournalisfs, Quill and Scroll, which sfarfed in Freeporf High School in I95O, requires an appli- canf fo pass four fesfs before becoming eligible for membership: he musf be a+ Ieasf of junior sfanding and in fhe upper fhird of his class, he musf have done superior work in some phase of iournalisfic or Iiferary endeavor, he musf be recommended by fhe advisor, Miss Charmley, and approved by fhe execufive secrefary. Each year in The spring an annual banquef includ- ing candle Iighf services is held for all members and journalism sfudenfs. Al fhis fime officers are elecfed and new members who are inifiafed receive fheir Quill and Scroll pins. This year's officers were: Bob Reid, co-edifor of The Prefz News, presidenfy Marilyn Millard, also co- edifor of The Prefz News, vice presidenf: Sharon Neffles, assisfanl edifor of The Prefz News, secre- fary-freasurer: and Ladine Benneff, co-edifor of fhe Polaris, hisforian. Bl-WEEKLY The very insTanT you sTepped inTo The school build- ing you could sense The urgency in The air even above The usual uproar. Progressing TurTh'er, if you desired, To The second Tloor you could see The source oT all The TumulT and busTle in room I I5. WhaT secreT conspiracy, whaT disTurbing evenT was Taking place? To The informed observer, all was as iT should be. The day of reckoning was noT aT hand, The Prefz News was merely being disTribuTed. T-lere, in room I l5, presided a biT ou' The dash and exciTemenT oT a rneTropoliTan newspaper agency. PAPER COVERS CAMPUS NEWS prefz news Headed by co-ediTors Bob Reid and Marilyn Mil- lard, The sTaTT oT The Prefz News furnished The sTudenTs oT Fl-l.S. wi+h coverage oT The news as well as many oTher inTormaTive and enlighTening iTems of general inTeresT. Whenever one oT The ineviTable problems oT The TascinaTing business oT prinTing a newspaper arose, The eleven seniors on The ediTorial sTaTT were able To consulT Miss Beulah Charmley, PublicaTions Advisor, Tor The correcT inTorrnaTion. Charles Evans and Willard Rubendall, Business '58 POLARIS ARRIVESQ PRIDE 0F STAFF "Bleed iT!" "Pick up The galleysl" WhaT's This? JusT The l958 Polaris sTaTT on The job! Deadlines, guTTers, heads, and dummies all be- came parT oT Their daily lives. Planning Tor Polaris acTually sTarTed lasT year be- Tore school was ouT when The Theme and colors were picked. During The summer, Ladine Benne'TT and Ken Kling, co-ediTors, worked making a miniaTure dummy including The exacT plans Tor every page. ATTer polaris being approved by Miss Beulah Charmley, TaculTy adviser, iT was made inTo a dummy The acTual size OT The book. From This The sTaTT carried ouT iTs plans ThroughouT The year. Then, wiTh The help of The prinTer, The sTaTT chose The Type They ThoughT would be mosT suiTable. Learn- ing how To size and crop picTures, and deciding The besT way Tor The book To be laid ouT were The nexT problems To be solved. Ken Kling had an idea Tor The cover: since iT was 'MF 'Q XX Al I! 1 Polaris sTaTT Tor l958 were: SeaTed: Genie Carnahan, Luanne Swank, Jerry Engels, and Bonnie Plager. SeaTed: Ron Nevenhoven and Mary Den agreeable To everyone, Alyn Hess, The arTisT, wenT To work. Many hours oi designing and revising Tol- lowed unTil iT was approved by all. Meanwhile, The sTaTT and The journalism class were wriTing copy and doing The legwork Tor The book. NexT iT had To be inTegraTed wiTh The picTures. Classes, clubs, acTiviTies, and sporTs are The Tour main parTs oi The yearbook. Division ediTors were FaculTy, Cheryl l'lorsTmeier3 Seniors, Luanne Swank: oTher classes. Jerry Engle. EdiTors of The oTher sec- Tions were Clubs, Mary Dennis: AcTiviTies, Genie Carnahan: SporTs, Ron Nevenhoveng and carToonisTs. Alyn l-less, Bonnie Plager, and Linda l-lenrichs. nis. Much hard work and Toil wenT inTo making The yearbook. Problems arose ThaT had To be solved, and deadlines had To be meT. They can also have saTisTacTion in The good job They have done in producing Polaris '58. Looking over The '58 Polaris are co-ediTors Ken Kling and Ladine BenneTT. Row I: Bi'l Zarrman, concerTmas?er3 DoroThy Barker, Bob Kaderauch, Miriam MiTchell, Joanne SmiTh, Arlon Sfubbe, Elizabelh Ward, Louann Shelley. Row 2: PaT Hildebrandf, Liz Glasow, Kay Bauch, Jann BiTTner, Sharon NeTTle Linda Eichrneier, Par STeinesTel, Sharon Buslcer, David Oilmann Sandy Grier. Row 3: CharloTTe Olfmann, Janice MeTcalT Adrian Pxndree, AgaTha McKenzie, Carol Noeslre, Mary Os borne, CynThia Seeley, Ladine BenneTT, Genie Carnahan Marilyn Millard, Karen KinTzel, FaiTh I-laTiimanolis, Earl Sager FREEPORT PLAYS HOST FOR TRI-DOUBLE-I As The FreeporT High School OrchesTra brings The I957-58 season To a close, we can all look back and almosT visualize whaT They have accomplished in The pasT year. Did you ever sTop To Think how long FHS has acTually had an orchesTra? Many don'T realize ThaT Mr. ErnesT Seeman, presenT conducTor, has only been wiTh The orchesTra since I94O. Before ThaT, Mr. Karl KubiTz was direcTor oT boTh band and orchesTra. Mr. Seeman came To FreeporT orchesfra in l94O as The assisTanT conducTor oT The sTring secTion. December I5 was The annual ChrisTmas ConcerT held in The Jr. High AudiTorium, in which all choral deparTmenTs and The orchesTra Took parT. The song "Toy Train" was very amusing, due To The sound eTTecTs ThaT imiTaTed a Train. A combined group of ZOO voices and The orchesTra ended The concerT wiTh The "Hallelujah Chorus"-under The direcTion of Miss DoroThy Nelson. Mr. Seeman discusses wivh Ccncerfrnasfer Wi ie Zadmar 'he poesibiliw ci using an cverfwe io The ne T c n rT Lyle Kaiser, Row 4: Joanne Shel ey Bcb Moore, Joanne Green Kubafylie SUSIQ STeT'T'en. Sfanding: Ken Kl n Andy Wa asf B Marvin Janssen, Denny leleffnrfr Jerry RehT'eldT Karen ose, Gagrqg A5hOy Linda Sunday Shaun Yeace KaThy lf Ju ia Klosa, Kay luelf Jusfin Sfrocli Eric Woerle CllG"l6S Sandy Kaiser Mr,ErnesTSeer'1ar1,Condu:To Gary DieTmeier STrandring, Wendell GarnharT, Wayne Fawver. Row 5: .laneT John Woodhouse, John Fu lcerson, Walfcn ,lim Coornber Larry Brubalrer John Moerlr Sandy Programs ThroughouT The year were given Tor The Junior High. sTudenTs as well as Tor The high school. Cn December 20, The orchesTra gave a ChrisTmas assembly in which The high school sTudenTs sang carols and also enjoyed hearing The orchesTra play oTher ChrisTmas numbers. AT The beginning of l958, soloisTs and ensembles were Tound geTTing Their songs ready Tor The disTricT conTesT aT Lanark and Then To compeTe Tor sTaTe Tinals aT Peoria. SecTion leaders consisTing oT Bill ZarTman, Char- loTTe OlTmann, Arlon STubbe, Luanne Shelley, Kenny Kling, and Sandra KubaTzl4e made up an ensemble ThaT played Tor various organizaTions. Among These were The RoTary Club, W.F.R.L. and church groups. "WinTer Wonderland" was The Theme chosen by The masical direcTcrs Tor The VarieTy Show held February 2l and 22. 'lh7s was The TirsT Time ThaT such a show had been Tried Tor a money-raising :iroie-cT. The sTudenT body as a whole disolayed Their Tale'wTs in various acTs wnch were al' cenfered around The Theme. Srce Freecom was The ho? :cr Tri-Doublefl, The Crcherra oerscrre Norlced ver, 'arc A' :reid 'no , Ther music. Lei real., do c-r beer was the - +V D1 'P 4 LAM: 'ii F' mernocrs mc cf, ay g cr - r, gay a fl com- mehcemen' made " a Winder: ,Cari era :ir The Mfgowa o-.,.T - fx f - Row I: Jerry Rehfeldlh Dennis T-lelT'ner, Sharon Yeager, Sharon NeTTles, Linda Eichrneier, Peggy Heinrich. Row 2: Adrian Andre, Marvin Jansen, Joan Green, Jeannine Held, Eleanor Canheld, Karen Bose, Julie Klosa, Kay Tuell, JusTin STroclr, ..!.u40n-A.. ., Eric Woehrle, Jane Laible, CynThia Seeley, Ladine BenneTT, Eugenia Carnahan. Row 3: Dianne Ryclmman, Nancy GriTT'iTh, Barbara T-lille, John Woodhouse, Susan NaTh, Joy Mordiclr, Wanda S-chulT, David OlTrnann, John Taylor, Malcolm Mifchell, BAND PEREORMS AT GAMES AND ASSEMBLIES From The band Tower oT old FHS, be-bop, iazz, swing music, popular Tunes, marches, and classical music were heard by "Kool Karl's Kampus KaTs." STarTing ouT in The Tall, The band members bundled up in Their warmesT cloThing and pracTiced inTricaTe maneuvers and paTTerns which They presenTed during The halT-Time oT varsiTy TooTball games. This year our Karl KubiTz direcTs band manager Gary DieTmeier in The process of puTTing The Tympani away. band band pulled Through Three shows: "When Grand dad Was a Lad" and Two Droodle shows. When noT on The Tield, They were playing on The bandsTand. BeTore The band members goT a chance To Thaw ouT Trom The TooTball games, They were suTTering Trom heaT sTrolces aT The baslceTball games. STrains oT Big EighT loyalTy songs and popular music TloaTed down Trom The bandsTand. Our El-TS band played aT every game ThaT Tell on a school nighT. While all This was going on, The organizaTion man- aged To malce room Tor The bands I957 Tag day which was Their main money-making projecT. This year They collecTed 575615 Tor Their numerous acTiviTies. The PreTzel Band gave a shorT concerT on The courThouse lawn. LaTer on in The year The Band and OrchesTra also sponsored a candy sale Trorn which S960 was made. The maioriTy oT This money was puT Toward new band uniTorms which you will see your band sporTing around This coming year. On December I8 The band presenTed an all school ChrisTrnas ConcerT. "TrumpeTs Wild" wiTh a Trio oT Mike Yeager, Dave Cox, Gary Wilson, Joyce Korfemeier Dee Doflick, Pa? Libby, Barbara Merfins, Marilyn Millard Row 4: Charles Sfandering, Sfeve Seeman, Wayne Fawver Wendell Garnharf, Torn Doyle, Kirk Diefmeier, Tom Gelwicks Wayne Fawver, Tom Gelwichs and Sfeve Seeman sfole fhe show. The program closed wifh "A Chrisf- mas Fanfasyf' The conclusion of fhe baskefball season broughf fhe solo and ensemble confesf in which several band members parficipafed. The Disfricf Music Confesf was on March I. Those who received a superior rafing wenf on fo parficipafe in fhe Sfafe Confesf, April I8 and I9. On March 28, fhe Forfy-sixfh Annual Band Concerf was presenfed af fhe Junior High Audiforium under fhe able direcfion of Karl Kubifz. Freeporf was hosf fo fhe annual Tri-Double-I music fesfival for fhe musicians from Clinfon and Dubuque. l-lugh McMillen of fhe Universify of Colorado was fhe Direcfor of Bands. The nexf move for our Prelzel Band was fo march in fhe Memorial Day Parade. Every school day sixfh hour you heard FHS bands bl members perfecfing music. Band officers were: Drumfmaior Ken Klingt Sfudenf leader, Marilyn Mil- lard? Sfuderf manager, Gary Diefrneier and Welfare chairman, Ladine Benneff. FHS is iusfly nofed for fhe excellency of ifs band. Much of fhis credir goes fo Karl l-l. Kubifz, who has devofed 33 years of his very capable falenf fo our successful band. Janef Walfon, Don Lee, Jim Coomber, Larry Brubaker, John Moerk, Susie Sfeffen, John Borchers. Sfandingz Mr. Karl Kubifz ldirecforl, Andy Wacaser, John Fulkerson, Bill Zarf- man, Gary Diefmeier. S ln l r 8 l Row I: Miss Dorofhy Nelson, direcfor: Janice Ascher, Belfy Mayes, Grefchen Brunlra, Ellen Hanson, Kaliopee Malagaris, Dianne Owen, Brenda Sarles, Janice Siaderman, Donna Kay Wolfe, Joyce Spielman, Nonie Klosa, Malvern Snyder, Blenda Colleen Downey, Janice Jenner, and accompanisf Ladine Ben- neH'. Row 2: Joanne Dashn Luanne Swank, Ardifh Sfebbins, Carl Bauman, Fred Bess, Howie Keisier, Wendell Garnharf, John Woodhouse, George Osborne, Jim Wrighl, Dave Cox, Crummer, Nancy Clark, Connie Sfabenow, Karen Kinfzel, Eugene io , ell, Judy Cla lc, M v Mease, Ellen Rood, S lly MQ- Onxgif-' A ' .. ,L Q i Mffcfj of AMWJU .1 . eff' We , . 1 .1 -1-is in T sy - fs -llf 0" A .A - 64 -U' , ,girl A 7 if? ffl ' " 3 , ... 7' ff 2 K", i Of' 1 yn-4 9 , my U gy KVM A-Lfrgs QlA"i'I ' ,M i --Q -196 . 5 A f - Mi Lib - L AA - ' , i .. f 1. F .,- fy ' ' 14 , ,--'L -H 'Ay 3 , f - , - f , . Ggfi-Al: ,Q 'y3LQJv 'xii' i',,. lb la LAL ful fflflilli 'iq , l" Vip 0 fl C ' C W f s4'li2yCAPPE'Ll REP l: 'S' ARTMENT 'cliffs 'si . fi ', X12 lpv.f.- . ,,. A ,ff owvl, ,Q Qffn. , ii ' . O X8,y,C2jL-,VCA L ' . ' i, J ' . -i l-'f' A R ' ' V' , ' ., 'L i i ' i ry. ' l. ,. - f I , -.Q 1 ,G , ,luv , , CU e , 9' ., l 'V' B fi iff f -5 5-V . , f ls if 12- C-1 is lf 'A X' ANAL" l A jf ,GIMCJZX ,gif ey..-'A' A . 4 i l 14' ij 0'-'A 'i ,fy 7 ' f' ' of f7 , i ,- . z A N--170 A A Q5 . fl ' 'A' , - if lla 4 ff fr 1,.a'V . Q4fW'i" .. 1' ,'L0' J f lvlf A fi ul' ,, X IL." ' gc L1 Y i , ' k,?l'l" if 5' g,,ffyfi..,L?, g Lf-JGJL y J L i . I il! ,iff Xiu' I 'JT V ln: 1, ll fcmfwvyglj A fffiwl Qj JAAJ ci. X lf lkfwd,fi.f' fjkl Lv-5-ff'---M X KV ,Dig .F I A xx Jpxdfyflf , h x f , 1 0 S 1 A,.b,L,l 'A LSwee s+rains'of song lloaled oul of room II6 kj A i' L' , , 1 7 ' l each eighfh hour lhis year lmuch lo The delighl' of A . N N hip. . 'ix c 'x 'Tv , Miss Nelson and accompanisf Ladine Bennefl' pause fo smile for 'rhe "birdie" +he second floor siudenlsl, as lhe golden-ihroafed A Cappella Choir rehearsed under lhe capable direclion of Miss Dorolhy Nelson. Again 'rhis year, lhe choir se+ 'rhe Chrislmas spiril' aglow wilh one of ihe annual conceris presenled lo 'rhe sludenfs and faculfy of Freepori High School. During lhe pageant lhe whole audiiorium seemed lo calch fhe lrue meaning of Chrislmas. The high- lighl of fhe program was fhe combined choirs and 'rhe orcheslra under +he.direc+ion of Miss Nelson singing 'rhe beaulilul "Hallelujah Chorus" from Han- del's The Messiah. Tri-Double-l was held in Freeporl lhis year. Aside from pracficing for +he usual concerls and assem- blies, lhe choraliers decided fo do somelhing enlirely cliflerenl fhan has ever been done before in The f Cheesernan, and Karen Book. Row 3: Marilyn Holland, PeqQY d h Heinrich, Cynihia Snyder, Belly Parker, Larry Phillips, Doug M Y as Slqoqe Firebaugh, Jim Nelson, Roger Gusloff, Greg Widmer, Chuck e M d Wl Dyslin, Greg Rogers, Jack Sfephenson, Sharon Busker, Rose- R P 'l ll M Y d L C fe marie Lenoir, Joann Wesson. Phyllis Trickel, Sharon Richman, Cl P Al e M ,wfdweeuw jp Aw! Qgcwweeff ,f,W QfQM37QQ7 T f5r?26ai.f1e f f X 1, . ,, gfff W QwZ4Zw5wM?fwfA74dA4A! f,aJffM!ff' .fir ,VA., Luigi ,VJ j',ffff,7'f"'f I J T f T me! jf4fJ5f'Af!6,!Z,ff!! if his. or ?fjf!.q.Sf'Tn Ggeflo Tinance fhe program.'W4 M Wirh Miss Nelson and Mr. Seeman achng as co- direclors, Miss Nelson in charge of The ads, and ,Q Mr. Seeman heading fhe accompanying deparlrnenr, 'rhis ambilious group pu? on a 'ralenr show on Febru- ary 22 and 23. Talenfed sludenrs orher lhan mem- bers of The choir also look parl in 'the presenlafion. Soon affer lhe falenl' show ended, The choir worked doubly hard in preparing music for Tri-Double-l. This year, conlrary To ofher years, +he A Cappella Choir consisls of only iuniors and seniors. The prac- fice hour was also changed from sixlh period 'ro eighfh. Afler a busy season, 'rhe choir began fo rehearse for i'rs lasf appearance as fhe same group logerher al Baccalaureaie services. The seniors were some- whal sad when They realized +hey'd never sing logerher again, and 'rhe juniors were looking forward To anofher 'wonderful ear in A Qa ell - I 2 f 01111102 5 5 ,QOW ',' w2d4M4Qf 7 !4Qfflf4449?fff5Zf4 y A- I t 'J fmf.,cf!4ff'f6f 45" 'V nf 83 4 j a u. fi Row I: Lillie HilTon, VioleT Hall, Shir'ey Johnson, Judy Lebrechf, Judie Allen, BeTh Vickery, Jacgualine Hughes, PaT Wagner, Karen Sfaas, JaneT Miller, Row 2: Marlys Ascher, Jeannine Evans, Sharon AlberTus, Nancy Kleihauer, PaT Hilde- brandt Molly Bolender, ColeTTe Sullivan, Darlene Hughs, Audrey Shipp, Row 3: Theresa STuarT, STephanie KuTz, Linda Sunday, Carolyn Cramer, Mary Jones, Iona Busch, Nellie Shipp, KaThy UThlauT, Sherry Boeke, Linda Jones. Row 4: Judy Hannah, Sandra Fogel, Bev Gunderson, Karen Wilhelms, GIRLS', BOYS' Voices blended TogeTher in beauTiTul harmony was symbolic oT The Girls' Glee Club, and a Thrill was always in sTore Tor us while waTching Them perTorm. Members oT The Girls' Glee Club were selecTed by TryouTs, and a good voice was necessary. Under The direcTion oT Miss DoroThy Nelson, The acTiviTies included such Things as parTicipaTing in The Spring FesTival and The ChrisTmas ConcerT. ln February They helped puT on The varieTy show, "SweeT sounds, oh, beauTiTul music, do noT cease!! sums up our Teelings of The Girls' Glee Club. 'QP K L . Jill FriTzlen, Darlene Kasch, Nancy Frazier, Shirley Baurn, Frankie Rurnan, Row 5: Diana Moss, Linda KinT1el. Diane SouThard, Marcia O'Donald, Zelda Kinman, Judy Linder, Carole Sue Nelson, Becky Richman, Karen Anderson, Jackie Hepner. Row 6: Nancy RichTrnan, Sandra SchulTz, Mary Gram- ley, Norma SmiaThers, Phyllis Meads, Linda BrechTel, Manerva McDonald, Essie PaTTerson, Marilyn Beidler, Jean Morey, Nancy Schumayer. GLEE CLUBS APPEAR PUBLICLY girls', boys' glee clubs This year, Tor The TirsT Time, The halls oT P.H.S. echoed wiTh The enThusiasTic voices oT The Boys' Glee Club. This group was made up oT abouT 30 Tellows who meT everyday iusT Tor The enioymenT oT singing TogeTher in unison or Two parT harmony. Under The direcTion oT MilTon ScholTen, The club elecTed as oTTicers This year: presidenT, Earl Hickf man: vice president Dean Wilson: and Treasurer, Gary STearns. Aided by accompanist Janice Jenner, The TirsT year passed smooThly and swiTTly in harmony Row T: Charles Murphy, Paul Waggoner, Gary ThursTon, Roger Kuhlemeier, STeve Krehl, Dick SmiTh, Earl Hickman, Gene Good' sell, Billy Loring. Row 2: Ray Kemp, Ray CarTer, Bill Mercier, Larry HuTr'nacher, Russell Taylor, Gary Criddle, Jerry Corrnan John Pearson, Larry Schrader. Larry Eva ans, Harold Johnsen, Terry Kerlin. Row 3: Phil Pearson, Don Julius Gary STearns, Dean Wilscn. John Klinger Gerald RunTe, Wayne Gus- loff, RoberT Heilman, Ken Reid, Dennis PraTT, Paul Hubbard, Harry KenT, Jerry STocks, Carl Baurnann David Deiwiier, Bill Selke. SeaTed: Janice Jenr-er Mr. Schchen. Girls' SexTeT: I. To r.: Hazel Green, Rose Lenoir, Kaliopee Malagaris, Sharon BOYS' QU5"lelI93 lb I9 V- JSVVY Enslff Kunlmle, Ellen I-Iansen, and Nancy Clark. AT The piano is Janice Jenner. Wefrdell GGVOIWVAI Dave COX- and -lm' Koeler. HARMONY, FRIENDSHIP GUIDE VARIOUS GROUPS THROUGH YEAR PracTice, pracTice, and more pracTice. This word can besT describe The acTiviTy oT The girls' sexTeT This year. The group consisTed OT I-lazel Green and Kaliopee Ivlalargaris, TirsT Sopranos: Rose LeNoir and Ellen I-lansen, second sopranos7 and Sharon Kunlcle and Nancy Clarlc, alTos. These six ambiTious girls were all members OT The A Cappella Choir and were direcTed by Miss DoroThy Nelson. They enTered The DisTricT Music ConTesT aT Lanarlc and came home wiTh a blue ribbon. Also included in Their schedule was The DisTricT P.T.A. TvleeTing, which was held AnoTher group ThaT loved To sing is The boysi guarTeT, This group oT Tellows included Jerry Engle. bass? Wendell GarnharT, bariTone7 Jim Koeller, TirsT Tenor: and Dave Cox, second Tenor. Mr. lv1ilTon ScholTen direcTed The guarTeT during Their pracTice mixed chorus, ensembles sessions, and They were accompanied by Janice Jenner. All Tour oT These guys were Trom The A Cap- pella Choir also. They have sung Tor The DisTricT P.T.A. TvIeeTing and have enTered The DisTricT Con- TesT aT Lanarlc, coming home wiTh a superior raTing. The singing oT This group has been rewarding Tor The eTTorT ThaT each oT The Tour Tellows has puT inTo The malcing and success oT This quarTeT. IT you are a person who is noT especially TalenTed in music, yeT you'd lilce To learn more abouT iT, you are gualiTied To loin The mixed chorus. This singing group also helps prepare you Tor singing in mcre advanced groups such as The Glee Club or The A Cappella Choir. The mixed chorus was under The direcTion oT Mr. ScholTen also, and is accompanied by Janice Jenner. I I Mixed Chorus: Mi 'zn S:hclTen direcTor, Kathi Gcrzki, pianist Rcw I: Darene l-lar"'an, Lorr faire C11 BeTTy Zw'eTel Kafen Wa'err:use, Sand'a WelTy Karen In er Jcanre Blaclc, Jud Y Korn, and Jane? I-l:TTman, Row 2: James Lorenz Paul Ccx Roger Karlemeier Safd S'e'f Jerry Adams Warren S"i" Lany Wa ace Bug Schaue' ana M'lre Fenner .gli Q 1 '3 . K EA. 1 n WV I A Q, fn' . ' A " 9 AA 1 1 - V . at A 1 ' Y ' , '1 Q . -f 1 .Y , , , ' I ' I2-BI 5 J -' 0 2. li iffy -D ,b , .V -. F 3 3 L. , ' 4 3 ' 2 , vga V 5 u -4 f Af. 9 4 . - Q A :ww ,1 V . Vw ' '?" 'fV 4' f "'5 ,LQQQV ,V V 'N , V M., .ini - 2 ' 2' Q am .- V V V V V, J EV, QM? .1 l r Mwzgbgfglwagigw f A 4 nl Z Q .1 0 ww 6 1 , y ,.4k-..6g54f,,gVrf?,Wa?fsffQWQMQ4Axim? F 1 ,ra -vm.-wr. f.. QV, x. My my K V L. A W Aft' . f V- ' ' '- --,L I , V , V- V V ,' ' V ' Z 'V . M1754-5 '7'fwTzQi41"fvL'p:f"-'Mig -V V V V -wr - L' - , 1 J ., I ., , 1' . gel -35 i i V. P u ' J. ' ,- J W , L Y ,. 1 , yi exgwtzgiqaf. 4 .A",m 1 . V fq , -. ,. if-. A 1 V 5V W ,fm 4 yi, 41 V L Q, 4 ,-vq 2 V 'V eg ,ff Z' xl 41 L 'Y - - VV V VV if V ' if ' 1 . 1 Q Vx, yf Q H nik' k W. Vp jf 1 if W, . 4 4, I mf 31, Vyw V , V 4 1-f v ,,f , V . 3 , .Mu V I '- . ' r gg Q, yn L. x -If ,. V .l ff o- 1 Y - 'W ul' ' 'R 7 . M lx K 1 +- ' lq5:1Q' ' I 'C Coach Naie Tells Jerry Rehfeldi To gel' in ihere and be a leader. Playing hosl To l-lall Township of Spring Valley, The Freeporlr Preizels opened 'Their l957 gridiron season wilh a I3-I2 loss To lrhe Red Devils gridders on Seplrember I3. The slim margin of an exlra poinl decided The ouicome, Bill Eambro scored bolh Freepori TDs. On Sepfember 20, The leam Traveled To Dixon and suiiered a 7-O deieal al lhe hands oi The Dulces, The sirong deiense ol The Dixon Team made The big difference as They held Freeporl lo 64 yards gained. The Eollowing weelc The Prelzels came back wilh a 26-6 win over Joliel in ihe Preizel bowl. Sopho- more baclcs Dean Wilson and Gary Slearns paced The aliaclc wilh Wilson geliing Two TDs and Slearns one. Bill Mueller also scored a Touchdown and an exlra poinl, and Jim Nelson converied an exlra poinl. Cn Qciober 4, The Freeporl squad Traveled To Elgin and The Maroons ran rough shod over The ilu- ridden Prelrzels, 38-6. Gary Slearns scored Ereeporhs lone Touchdown. A weelc laier, The Prelzels mei Wesl Aurora al The Prelzel bowl in Their homecoming game. Inspired by This Tacl, The Team almosr succeeded in upselling The l-lawlcs, bul dropped a close one. I2-6. Ailer Qdnq NATE'S CHARGES BETTER THAN 2-6-T RECORD SHOWS vcirsify foofball 31-s The l957 varsily 'ioolball Team were Row l: Mille Laiayeffe Norman and Fred Prair. Row 3: Earl Hickman Fred Wi 'iams Biil Farnbro. Dennis Spielman. Caol Jim Nelson. Fred Bess Dave Daughenbaurilr- Eer, l-lodson. G,-req Rrgers Bili Gage Wendy Cox, George l-liyeley, Bill Mue ler, Percy l-li'l:n Howie Rrfizevefr Mazigue Jim Pinncw Barry Slallard l-larry Jonnson Keis'er Trrfi Johrcrn lmanagerl and Jerry Hoc? lrnanagerl. Nirrn Snoley and l-larlx Perdue. Row 4: Dean Wi srn, Ernie RCN 2: l-lead Crach New Jirnsrr Gary S'earr's Mfnrce N-rderrran Jrei Euler, Rrger Meyers Kei" Zfmrnerrran Jon Johrstn Dan N'c'os RusseilTaylir Gaf' Pirrseiy Jaclc James. Nnaif Ren Nefenhfen Reg Snauer Norm Neuges Rig Doug Rciers Dan Johnson, Al Moy Assisfani Ciaches Ron Qu 'Ti Harry Kerf and Rig Sfearrz. Dennis Spxelman guard Jon Novalr en Brll Mueller quarferbacl: Jerry Rehfeldf quarferbacl: VARSITY SQUAD Rr, Bull Fambro fullback I rm Nelson Cap? can r Wendell Cox 9 Q guard halfback Fwd Bess Roger Gusloff guard Kelflw Znmmerman V J facile Harry Ken? qua rferbaclr Ron Nevenlwoven faclrle halfbaclr George Huveley r end Home Kessler guard We Q N F' if 105 A 1 'UQ 1' Ik J Z 2+ Q A ., , W 5 'Wm L my ig! fi I 'E Oclober 25 was iusl nor Freeporfs nighl as The learn could only gain 41 yards compared lo LaSalle- Peru's IBO in a I4-D loss 'ro The Cavaliers. The following week lhe Pre+zels came back againsf Wesl Rockford wirh a 2548 viclory. A lale rally again produced 'rhe win. Bill Mueller scored Two 6 poinlers and Harry Ken? and Fred Bess each scored one. Bess also added an exlra poinl. Winding up Their season on November 8 in a rousing fashion, The Prelz almosl upsel Easl Aurora, evenlual Big 8 champs. The Tomcals scored The winning rouchdown in The lasl minule of The game as lhey recorded a 2I-I4 win. George l-liveley scored a Touchdown and a poim' afrer, and Jerry Rehfeldl scored a TD wilh Wendy Cox adding The poinl. A+ 'rhe end of +he season, Coach Nare Johnson awarded le+l'ers lo seniors Bill Mueller, Fred Bess. Wendy Cox, Ford Wagner, Roger Gusloff, l-lowie Kiesler, Capl. Jim Nelson, George l-liveley, Jon Novak, Doug Rogers, Dennis Spielman, Ron Neven- hoven, Kie+h Zimmerman, Earl Hickman and Bill Fambro Juniors receiving lellers were Jerry Reh Teldl Mike LaTaye++e Fred Williams Norm Neuges Joel Edler Percy l-lillon Jack James and Roger Two iopcnenls close in in Mike Lalayefw ai he culs around fl-9 and Schauer. Sophomores who received varsily lellers were Dean Wilson, Gary Slearns and l-larry Kenr. Tom Johnson and Gerald Hool were awarded manager lellers. George l-liveley, end on 'rhe Prelzel squad, was named +o 'rhe All Big-Eighf leam a+ +he end of 'rhe season and was named mosl valuable by his leam mares Jerry Rehfeldl was named capraun elecl by his leammales sad a o hep an undenlfed P +2 R ckiord Warr or C ,', 5 ii s i' P,ef'e . The PreTzel Junior VarsiTy TooTball squad ended The season wiTh a 2 and I record, winning Trom Belvidere and Rochelle and losing To Janesville. On SepTember 23, FreeporT was hosT To Rochelle, sTomping Them 3I To O. Gary STS-arns, l-larry KenT, Harry Johnson and Norm Neuges scored -TD's Tor The PreTzels and l-larry Johnson goT The only exTra poinT. Gary STearns scored Two oT The Tive 'TD's. On SepTember 3I, The gridmen Traveled To Janes- ville To be deTeaTed I3 To O. Even Though They played hard They Couldn'T seem To break Through The Janesville deTense. FreeporT was hosT To Belvidere on OcTober 7, winning easily, l I To O. Gary STearns, The Freepori' Tullbaclc, scored The only Touchdown oT The game in The second quarTer, and Dean Wilson added The exTra poinT. CenTer Joel Edler was The defensive sTar oT The game scoring Two saTeTies, one in The Third quarTer and one in The TourTh quarTer. Joel broke Through The Belvidere deTense dropping The passer behind The goal line Tor boTh saTeTies. AT The end of The season leTTers were awarded To RoosevelT Mazique, Monroe Johnson, Dan Nichols, l-larry Johnson, Jim Pinnow, Greg Rogers, Barry STallard, l-Tanlc Perdue, Norm Nueges, Norm Ship- ley, Ernie Niederman, Al Moy and Dave Daughen- baugh. Head coach Nafe Johnson and assisTanT coaches Fred PraTT and Ron Norman check The I. v. rosTer Tor nexf year's pros- pecTive varsiTy eleven, lV'S BATTLE AREA TEAMS: PREPARE EOR VARSITY jv foofball 7211247 The I957 Fl-lb sophomore rea-ii consisieo or i, to r. row I: Bruce Schmidf, Vernon Mercier, Dick Dorman, John Meyers, Mike Anderson, Jim Klouser, Larry Casford, Darryl Dornick, Bruce Sfrohacker, Dane Rogers, Jack Sfocks, and mgr. Dave Sfein. Row 2: Ray Kemp, Mike Cook, Gary Kirkpafrick, Jerry Sfocks, Dave Johnson, Dan Brooks, Charges Aggersfrand, Jerry Kiefer, Paul Waggoner, Doug Hansen, Mike Kaney, John Fulkerson, Willie Keys, and mgr. Howard Hodson. Row 3: Coach Gene Marks, Bill Allen, Ken Kasch, Gary Wagner, Sam Herron, Ken Reid, Carson Grinnell, Gary Criddle, Paul Conder, Paf Butler, Fred Johnson, Joe Brown, John Klinger, Jim Place. and Coach Farrell Benefiel. UNDERCLASSMEN HAVE TROUBLE ADJUSTING T0 BIG 8 The Freeporf High sophomore feam experienced ugh going fhis season as fhey losl all of fheir Big ighf conference games, and finished in lasf place. heir overall record for fhe '57 season was fwo wins nd seven defeafs. The Prefzeleffes sfarfed fhe season by walloping all Township High School of Sping Valley, I8-O. coring fouchdowns were leff halfback Willie Keys, ghr halfback Daryl Dornink, and fullback Jerry iefer. Jim Place called a good game af guarferback nd also ran well. ln fhe fourfh quarfer Coach Gene arks flooded fhe field wifh subsfifufes, and neifher am fhreafened seriously. During fhe course of fhe ame 35 players were used. Coach Marks Prefzeleffes confinued fheir winning ays by edging Dixon I2-6. Touchdowns were scored y Jerry Kiefer and Daryl Dornink. Dixon almosf C1 sophomore foofball 'f.Nuc.,o. Bencff-. ,na ...or-.- fall: over a few plays during pracfice. scored during fhe firsf guarfer of fhe game, buf Willie Keys caughf fhe Dixon runner on fhe 8 yard line. The vicfory gave Freeporl a 2-O record on fhe season. Then frouble began. The sophs losf Their firsf conference game of fhe season being edged by Jolief 7-6. Enfering The fourrh guarfer, Jolief held Jerry Keifer rro es 'r' " he o a swafroed cuooy. 93 ,fy v..An..fLJ "' 'J ffpqikwp ,QT-L4uc.1,4L flfflf- 4 Qwscf cf? fa My if .sew f f 'Q ' cg Z 1 velcro' a lead which was quickly reduced To 7-6: whenfof dglfvgjy. Every Wagner Willie Keys raced around eno Tor PreeporTs sole llhf- Cl' fha 'Q' K Q u.a65165-4 U! lurk fl db 'x. fu ,- 71 Touchdown. The conversion was missed which ac- , ' ' . f counTed Tor The diTTerence in The score. -L7 521-TTMQ ' -PZLLEV KYLE' ikjkoiifxxxa FreGPOrT suTTered iTs second loss oT The season as 0"'7Lp dba F a"l"QLq The Elgin Ponies romped To a 39-I9 yicTory, Bruce J i , I-'v STrohacker led l3reeporT's scoring by caTching Two f7.,lff-flykj ' h Xf'7L IL f-LOLQ ig... 1 Touchdown passes. Jim Place scored Trom The 3 ,.,Lsf7Z4,,l, ,QCA-CAT? in yard line Tor The oTher PreTzeleTTe Touchdown, Flu l QL4Qf4I7'YL QJQf2,61fC' Played on Elqins side as several Players missed The YI 6, - qi O 7 ro A game. " -' -Af , WesT Aurora handed PreeporT's sophomores Their 1 M L?'lw' , Third consecuTive Big 8 ConTerence loss, Ql-I3, Daryl VLA-L 'D UM-f y 92.14 5-'Leif KL C147 U-I Dornink and Bruce STrohacker accounTed Tor The Free- ,Cc-Leif, fgfjgfifl ' '7 porT Touchdowns wiTh Carson Grinell kicking one r?L"gAd JC ,D Z0-vc L, f exTra poinT. AT halTTime PreeporT held a I3-7 lead, I f 4 only To see The margin disappear as The l-lawkleTsQ Rez' A 2 52 Cf! dffffvtxf 7 K ! Jvc, f ,401f,'fz.f KZ . s A . 'E scored I4 poinTs in The Third quarTer, L iC,u,c.,c.L: 1,. 177 J 4 KQLQLD gf. cf paced I y XSS jet-5, --1' me Kldt' . ffffc.. ' , T Bd Q . 'yfgc 5, ,QB ofa, Zfffafdfg' 5 P ,Q 12 zu L'zZfI'67f4L7 fd 'lap T T 54, , t4 76.11. In 'i 6 -'f 6 Llgjerry Kiefer Danny Brooks gxltd A lj Lryffgxigjullback Tackle flevf. ' Q '92-ef-wi . 'UT ff z' , are Xiao fi " 4 X g . ' ' ff lf, 4ZQL'iCi'2f' ,yffccf c A jlL!CQQi C dd' '21 5' ', ,f f' ' :Dfw e f' ,J Kids 4 924 fl 555 be L hyslfbiffn mend' e 76611 ' 6, ,4,,-J,'4,L in iff. ' " fr 1. - XO. 'ke C.KL..fl4C f gr 21 ff yu I A P 1 I ++ dT b k 'T iii, Z6iCg,g1'fc'xQf' C P ' re zee e s ee ser rea s in o e ' I 4 , 'YF - i A, clear Tor a lonqpqain. fini: . , r is '1 9 ' ' Algy , gf!-4234 ya A ,cava 5344 9,74 Hampered by The loss oT Three members The! VOPQ sTarTing backTield due To iniuries, FreeporT's PreTzel7 Gael' 5 T eTTes were Trounced by The RableTTes oT EasT Rockff AA Z Q I 1 . Q 'Q , Tord, 26-O, aT Beyer STadium Tor Their TourTh sTraighT'77f!f4C Lf A f - Z ' , f , ii lg conTerence loss. VHIWZ, . K One man roved To be Too much Tor The PreTzelf f f if ' ,fl'C,.L.1 fi, CC 1 P g, . Je dec . ,. eTTes as They journeyed To LaSalle-Peru Tor Their TiTTh .A 1 ,Y y f f Qfqflij B I- V ig A sTraighT loss in The Big 8. Ron Harmon oT The lncas KAL A C Liylflylqc ii' Gif-Kirkpafrick T J 'fi ' scored Three Touchdowns To lead L-P To a 20-6 'P If AL 07? V, Z C4 CCGI-'afd I conguesT over The PreTzeleTTes. Jerry KieTer ac- ' 4 I, QT 3 Jgilgf, jf ?l, . E counTed Tor FreeporT's only Touchdown. L" fi I L f I Q Q N7 L , ' Coach Gene Marks' PreTzeleTTes losT Their sixTh fi -ff'2,,K54'e57 -w 1 'C' conTerence TooTball game, bowing To WesT RockTord lj Q ff, 0 26-I3. Scoring Touchdowns Tor FreeporT were Bruce ' L LM STrohacker and Jim Place. Willie Keys ran Tor Free- porT's lone exTra poinT. 94 ' se ,, S ... . .4 K Dame F335-'Q rqfg D 51.5 hy' ,. or ous, ,.K,.Q -r- i l5fK'f3 .Z De ww,ih A155 54 fn -4 J . V 1 H . X R v - I John Klinger Kenny Reid Fullbaclr Quarlerbaclc Bruce Sfrohaclrer Carson Grinnell l-lalfbaclr E d :gg , .4 fr x . 555g Q . Larry Caelfrd X Cen'er P fi ' ,.m -ar X 11 l-lalzca K 'J' MXL :Q The Prelzelelles concluded Their loolball season al lfasl Aurora, where lhey were cleleal'-ed l8-6. Vrfillie Keys scared Freeoorhs only louchdown. Jim Place was honored by his leammales when lhey Famed him honorary caolain ol lhe '57 squad. Coach Mari-'s :reenled fe+lers lo 38 players. Re- cioienrs ol lhe leglers were: Charles Agerslrand, Bill Allen, Mike Anderson, Dan Broolcs, Joe Brown, Pal Baller, Larry Caslord, Paul Conder, Milne Coolc, Gary Criddle, Diclc Dorman, Daryl Dorninlc, John Fulkerson. Carson Grinnell, Doug Gugger, Doug l-lanson, Sam l-lerron, Dave Johnson, Fred Johnson, Milne Kaney, Ken Kasch, Ray Kemp, Willie Keys, Jerry Kiefer, Gary Kirlcpalriclc, Jim Klouser, Milce Leilz, and Vernon Mercier. Also honored wilh sophomore lerrers were: John Meyers, Jim Place, Ken Reid, Dayne Rogers, John Slaas, Jerry Sloclrs, Bruce Slrohaclcer, Bruce Schmidt Gary Wagner, and Paul Waggoner. Man- ager lerrers wenl lo David Slein and l-loward Hod- SOD. Down lilre a bowling pin goes fhis Free porrl player, buf a feamrnare saves The day wilh shoe-slring faclcle. SOPHOMORE RECORD - Freeporl' l'lall Twp. lSpring Valleyl O Freeporl Dixon 6 Freeporl Joliel -7 lzreeporr Elgin 39 Freeporl Wesl Aurora Zl Freeporr Easl Roclclord 26 Freeporr LaSalle4Peru 20 lzreeporr Wesl Roclclord 26 Freeporl Easl Aurora l8 95 L-l W- '5 EBV E The I958 varsiTy baslreTbalI Team: Row I: Wendy Cox, Wayne Fawver, Jon Novak Melvin WrighT. Roger Schauer, George T-Iiveley, and Russell Taylor. Row 2: Coach Ron Norman Man. Gerry T-IooT, Milne LaTayeTTe, Harry Johnson, Bob Cregan, Joel Edler, Don Morse, RoosevelT Mazique. Jerry RehTeldT, Dan Toelle, Don Miller, Man. Tom I'-IoeTTle, and Coach Fred PraTT, LACK OE HEIGHT HINDERS PREIZELS: HAVE .500 SEASON The I957-58 version oT The I:reeporT PreTzel cage Team weren'T world beaTers buT They surprised a loT oT people. Laclc oT heighT was probably The biggesT single problem encounTered. Considering This laclc OT heighT The PreTz didn'T do Too bad as They losT many games To Taller Teams by iusT a Tew poinTs. Opening Their season aT DeKalb, The PreTzels goT OTT on The wrong TooT and losT To The Barbs, 58-4I. Jon Novak led FreeporT wiTh 20 poinTs. EnTerTaining Monroe The Tollowing nighT, The PreTz won easily over our neighbors Trom Wisconsin, 68-54. George T-Iiveley, Mel WrighT, and Jon Novaln had I5, I4, and I3 poinTs respecTively. A weelc laTer, I:reeporT Trounced sTerling 77-46 in a runaway. WrighT led FreeporT scoring wiTh 22 poinTs and I'Iiveley added I9. FreeporT was vicTorious again The nexT nighT, deTeaTing The Dixon Dukes, 58-47. I-Iiveley, WrighT and Wendy Cox each hiT Tor I2 poinTs. varsify baskefball Traveling To LaSalle-Peru on December I3, The PreTzeIs losT a close conTesT, 5I-46. The Team shoT a good .406 percenTage Trom The Tield buT iT iusT wasn'T enough. The nexT nighT, The PreTz enTerTained Rock Falls, a well-balanced Team who Ia+er wenT inTo The sTaTe Tinals. The squad played anoTher good game buT jusT couIdn'T compeTe wiTh The Taller RoclceTs and losT, 60-50. On December 20, FreeporT played hosT To anoTher evenTual sTaTe Tourney TinalisT, WesT Aurora, and nipped The Blaclahawlcs, 58-54. Jon Novalc and Mel WrighT each poured in I7 poinTs. Over The ChrisTmas-New Year's holiday, The PreTzeI quinTeT Tools parT in The DeKalb Holiday TournamenT. In Their TirsT game, FreeporT squealced pasT Amboy, 69-68. George Hive-ley dumped in I8 marlcers To lead The PreTz. Sycamore edged FreeporT in The nexT game by 49-48 To eliminaTe Them Trom The Tourney. Russ Taylor rnalres a lay-up as Mike Jon Novak and -.Q LaTayeTTe and Wayne Fawver Wendy Cox se leap Tor a e up a screen. bound. Rog Schauer fighfs for a rebound in fhe Jon Novak fhinks he may go ouf for ballef! George Hiveley has his shol blocked by Jolief game. an Ausfin defender. Sfarfing of fhe New Year againsf Ausfin of Chi- cago, fhe Prefzels beaf fhe Windy Cify quinfef, 65- Freeporl DeKalb . . 57. George I-liveley had 23 poinfs fo lead Freeporf Freeporf Monroe . . scoring. A week lafer fhe sfory was differenf as Easf Freeporf Sferling . Rockford spilled fhe Prefz, 72-59. As usual, fhe Freeporf Dixon . ,. Prefzels were on fhe shorf end of fhe heighf ad- Freepori LGSGIIG-PSFU vanfage and couldn'f rebound enough fo counf. Mel Freeporf Rocls Falls . I Wrighf paced Freeporf scorers wifh 2I poinlrs on 8 Freeporl WSST Aurora . I field goals and 5 free fosses while Wendy Cox added Freeporf Amboy . I 3, Freeporf Sycamore . .. . The Prefzels evened fheir conference sfandings Freeporf Ausfin of Chicago wifh a 63-58 vicfory over Jolief in fheir nexf game. Freeporf Easf Rockford . The game was fighfly confesfed unfil Wendy Cox Freeporf Jolie+ . . broke if up lafe in fhe fourfh quarfer wifh an ouf- Freeporf Wesf Rockford . bursf of free fhrows. The 'ream was aided by a forrid Freeporf LaSalle-Peru .... .656 average from fhe line. Mel Wrighf again led Freeporl' 54 Glenborcl IGISH Ellyrll Prefzel scorers wifh I6 markers followed by Wendy Freeporl' Elgin , Cox wifh l5, Rog Schauer wifh I5, and I-liveley wifh Freeporf Easf Rockford IO fo round oul' a balanced scoring affack. Freeporf Belvidere One liffle man spelled frouble for fhe Freeporf Freeporf Easl Aurora quinfef in fheir nexf game as liffle Bill Cacciafore hir Freeporf 44 Wesf Rockford for 28 poinfs 'ro lead Wesf Rockford fo a 58-46 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Freeporf 85 Dakofa Freeporf 65 Sfockfon Freeporf 60 Lena . . SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Freeporf , . 65 Forresfon . 98 vicfory. Freeporf had a very poor showing from fhe field wifh a .294 average. George Hiveley hif for I6 fo lead fhe Prefz. Mel Wrighf led Freeporf fo a 59-5I revenge vicfory over LaSalle-Peru in fheir nexf oufing. The iunior cenfer scored 26 poinfs as fhe Prefzels gained revenge for a defeaf suffered af fhe hands of fhe Cavaliers earlier in fhe year. The Prelrz combined a whopping field goal average l.596l wifh speed and aggressiveness fo gain fhe vicfory. rf X 71'fP3,y.1+O r ff, lplidlgg 'E-,gg-Av . 5x , L oe I :'!r XX NT fn N , il i,i ly,.o. J If ' . :' f' -Q, g f ff. B 1 Q I-lJ if '- ' c , r. The Prefzels mef a non-conference foe in fhe form of Glenbard of Glen Ellyn on February l and fhe I-Iillfoppers defeafed fhem, 64-54. Wrighf led Free- porf wifh 23 poinfs. Meefing fhe evenfual conference champs in fheir nexf acfion, The feam couldn'f sfand up againsf fhe faller Elgin squad and dropped a 65-47 decision. Elgin used one big man, 6-8 George Clarlc, and one Iiffle man, 5-9 Flynn Robinson, fo dominafe fhe game. The following weelc fhe Freeporf quinlef hosfed Easf Roclcford and gave fhe E-Rabs a scare before losing 53-45. The E-Rabs didn'f puf fhe game on ice unfil fhe final minufes. Traveling fo Belvidere fo baffle fhe Bucs on Feb- ruary I5, fhe Prefzels defeafed fhe Bucs 53-43, behind Mel Wrighf's 30 poinf oufbursf. Mel dumped in I3 goals and 4 charify fosses in reaching his highesf oufpuf of fhe season. Ausfin, I-Iiveley scores fwo poinfs for fhe Prefzels againsf Melvin Wrighf shoofs as Rog Schauer pre pares fo rebound. In fhe nexf conference fill, fhe Prefz couIdn'f seem fo do anyfhing righf and losf a hearf-brealcer fo Easf Aurora. 68-66. Bad passes, fraveling violafions and poor shoofing spelled defeaf for fhe Prefz. I-liveley burned fhe nefs for I9 fallies as he hif for 7 ouf of 7 field goals and 5 ouf of 6 free fhrows. Playing Ihe conference final againsf Wesf Rock- ford, fhe Prefzels scared fhe Warriors before losing a close game, 46-44. Bill Cacciafore again led fhe Warriors in fheir vicfory by leading a fourfh quarfer come baclc. George I-Iiveley fossed in I I poinfs fo lead Prefzel scorers. Enfering regional fournamenf acfion af Sfoclcfon againsf Dalcofa, fhe Prefz ran rough shod over fhe hapless Indians. Mel Wrighf dropped in I7 and Wendy Cox I6 fo lead fhe Prefz over fhe oufranlced Dalcofa quinfef. In fheir nexf fournamenf acfion, fhe Prelz had Iiffle lrouble dropping anofher small school Varsify coaches Fred Praff and Ron Norman dis- cuss sfrafegy of fhe coming sea- scn. .,,,,...--- Fighling lor Ihe ball are Jon Novalc and Iwo Jolief defenders. in Ihe 'Form of Slocldon, 65-46. Mel Wrighr gunned lor I I field goals and I free Throw fo lead all scorers. In Ihe championship game, Ihe Ieam defeared Lena 60-47 'ro 'rake Ihe honors. Wayne Fawver scored I9 marlcers To lead Freeporl. In Ihe seclional lournamenf, held al Wesf Roclc- ford, 'rhe Prelzels were upsef by Forresfon, 69-65. The Prelzels couldn"r slop ForresIon's big man, 6-5 Don Dralce as he poured in 34 poinrs Io lead Ihe way for his small school. Jon Novak had 20 poinrs for Ihe Prelzels. Forresion was lafer delealed by Roclc George I-Iiveley fires from our in front as Fawver races in for 'rhe rebound. Falls, who wound up second in Ihe sIa+e rournamenr. A+ Jrhe Ielfers award assembly, Coach Ron Norman awarded varsily leHers +o Jon Novalc, Wendy Cox, Bob Cregan, George I-Iiveley, Mel Wrighr, Russ Taylor and Rog Schauer. George I-liveley was awarded Ihe Keene Irophy afler being voled by his Ieammales as 'Ihe mosl' valuable player. George was also named caplain ol The Ieam on an honorary basis. Wendy Cox was awarded Ihe Larry Kahl Irophy for Ihe besr percenlage of free Ihrows made in con- ference games. Rog Schauer is fouled on his alfempfed layup. IOO "HeIpI" fr X Y' . rf I ,rs ,W I wwf 2' ,ne 56,595 wx.. fa X XO ac Me Wrigl-T has a hard in The acfcn QT' an cpponeni IV CAGEMEN CAPTURE SIX: G0 UNDEFEATED Guided by The hand OT Coach Fred PraTT, The FreeporT JV's ended Their I957-58 season wiTh The besT record Tor The pasT Tive years. They had six wins and no deTeaTs. The I3reeporT cagemen Traveled To Belvidere Tor Their TirsT win oT The season. They won by I4 poinTs, 57-43. Roger Schauens 30 poinTs and Mel WrighT's I5 paced The winners. For Their second win, I3reeporT was hosT To The WesT RocIcTord Warriors. FreeporT ouTscored The Warriors in every quarTer excepT The IasT, winning 48-44. Rog Schauer led The scoring wiTh I6 poinTs and Mel WrighT was second wiTh I4. In Their Third game oT The season, I:reeporT sTopped The BeIoiT Bucs by a score oT 59-54, ouTscoring BeIoiT in The TirsT Three quarTers. For I3reeporT, Rog Schauer The I957-58 J.V, baslfefball Tea' w'e'eI Mel W' QM RTTSQVC ' Mazique, Don Morse RCI: Schaee' Wa-,fre Fafwer Jiel Ed- i.v. baskefball scored I5 poinTs, Mel WrighT I4, and Don Miller 8. AIThough Topped in The whole IasT haIT, I:reeporT beaT EasT RocIcTord Tor Their TourTh win oT The season. The Tinal score was 55-5I. Schauer led The scoring and Mel WrighT placed second. scoring I6 and I2 poinTs respecTiveIy. In Their second game wiTh The WesT I-ligh War- riors, I:reeporT won again, 60-55, Tor The TiTTh win OT The year. Don Miller led FreeporT wiTh I6 poinTs, and Mel WrighT had I2. For Their Tinal win, The PreTz sTopped Janesville 70-60. Winning This game gave I:reeporT a perTecT record Tor The year. Mel WrighT led The scoring. Coach Fred PraTT's Team had an average oT 58.I poinTs per game, and Their opponenTs, an average oT 5I,I poinTs per game. le' Jerry RehTeldT, Dan Icelle, Harry Johnson Milne Lafay- eTTe, Don Miier, Mgrs. Jerry HCQT, and Tam I-Ioeile. mann' The I957-SB sophomore basI:eTball Team were: Row I: Richard Kidd l-larr KenT Gar Wa ner Carson Grinnell Ken R id SOPHS SUCCESSFUL The PreTzeIeTTes oT FreeporT l'Iigh had a Tairly suce cessTul season under The coaching oT Farrel BeneTiel and his assisTanT NaTe Johnson. AT The close oT The season The PreTzeIeTTes had a record oT IO wins and IO losses. Five oT The wins came in conTerence play and an equal number in non-conTerence acTion. The TirsT game oT The season Tor The FreeporT Team was played aT DeKalb. ln This game a IasT minuTe rally by The PreTzeIeTTes was haITed wiTh 3 seconds remaining in The game when DeKalb's cenTer STeve Land hiT a IO TooT iump shoT. When The horn sounded The score was DeKalb 46, FreeporT 44. Richard Kidd was high man Tor FreeporT wiTh I4 poinTs, Tollowed by Gary STearns wiTh I2. Bob Tv1cAllisTer was high Tor DeKalb wiTh I3, Tollowed by Land wiTh I I. FreeporT Johnson, Jim Klauser, Jaclc Sfaas, Terry Gorman, Jerry STocIcs, Marvin Blaclcbourn. John Klinger, Jim Place, Dave Johnson, John Meyers, and Coach Farrell BeneTieI. IN FIRST YEAR UNDER BENEEIEI. sophomore baskefball did much beTTer in Their nexT Three games, winning The TirsT oT The Three Trom Monroe 5345I. This game ended wiTh everyone Talcing a sigh oT relieT, Tor The PreTzeleTTes had iusT survived a rally To win The game. Ken Reid was high Tor FreeporT wiTh I4, Tollowed by I-larry KenT wiTh I2. Bill CarTer was IvIonroe's leading scorer wiTh 2I poinTs. STerling was The nexT vicTim To lose To FreeporT. The Tinal score in This game was FreeporT 4l, STerling 34. The PreTzeleTTes won This game on The sTrengTh oT a sTrong second halT. Gary STearns Topped Free- porT wiTh I2 poinTs, Ivlilce TaTT was STerIing's leading scorer wiTh I I. The PreTzeIeTTes won Their Third successive game by downing Dixon 38-24. Gary STearns was again FreeporT's leading man wiTh I7. Phil Keely paced Dixon wiTh B. FreeporT IosT iTs TirsT Big B ConTerence game aT LaSalle-Peru. In This conTesT a IasT guarTer surge by The RreTzeleTTes wasn'T guiTe enough and The lncas squealced Through To a 47-45 vicTory. I-larry KenT was high man Tor FreeporT wiTh I I poinTs. Joe Rossi was high Tor The vicTors wiTh I5. The PreTzeleTTes Then won Their TourTh game oT six sTarTs Trom Roclc Falls 48-40. I-larry KenT paced Free- porT's balanced aTTacIc wiTh I I. Ed Johnson and Jim BroTheridge shared scoring honors Tor Roclx Falls wiTh I4 poinTs. FreeporT IosT Their second consecuhve Big 8 game 'fer Red Eg 'fs ' r., Gam S' 'rg ard Jim ,K F . fo Wesf Aarora 48-4I in an overfirne. Af the end of fhe regalar game, fhe score was Ifnoffed af 4I-4I, baf fhe Rrefzeleffes were oufsccred 7-O in fhe over- fime. Gary Sfearns caced Freeborf wifh I5 reoinfs, Jim Konrad was high man for Wes? Aurora wifh 25. Sfillrra' Va Iey was PC rnafih for The Rrefzeleffes as fhey sforrneo fo a 50-I9 vicfcry. Again, Gary Sfearns was high for Freeoorf wifh I6. Joe Robinson was hah fcr 5fiI'r'wan Valley wifh 9. Jim Klouseris field goal in an overfime broved fo be fhe decisive margin as Freeborf downed Easf cor w"n 6, 5: ICNEU by Rchard Kidd w"h I5. Boo Frih had I4 for Glenbard. , ef-11" orocced a seemingly Jnbelievable ganne n, XVV- I I seconds leff In fhe game, fhe pref- iife ei rad a fhree boinf lead, Then fhings changed? Din 'fam' was :za GU f'-vice malcfng fear free 'hrows wncn 're Denies a 36-35 vicfcry. Rich Kiad was Freezio 'i eadng scorer wifh I2 poinfs. If was dis- iivefe 'f-r 'na' 'wo of Flgirtis clayers were ineli- gce aw Freercrr won fhe game by forfeff, 2-O. Fri-er ' :eaf Fasf Roclcford for ffe second fime Gan Sfflars a 'a , rrf-'J--e",-5 I- ay. in -3 r' Fdndm Roclcford for ifs firsf conference win, 54-53, af Easf I-ligh. Gary Sfearns fallied 2I poinfs for Freeporf followed by Richard Kidd wifh I2. Dennis Willis paced Easf wifh I6, followed by Ron Fearn wifh IO. A second half rally wasn'f guife enough fo save fhe Prefzeleffes from losing fheir fhird game in Big 8 compefifion 54-48 fo Jolief. Richard Kidd and Gary Sfearns shared scoring honors for Freeporf, bofh having I4 poinfs. Tyrone Fosfer was high for Jolief wifh I7. Wesf Roclcford handed Freeporfs Rreheleffes fheir fourfh Big 8 loss 47-36. Gary 5fearns was Free- porfis high man wifh I4. Ed I-lenby paced Wesf wifh 20. The Prefzeleffes made up for an early season de- feaf af fhe hands of LaSalle-Peru by handing fhe lncas a 52-37 defeaf. Richard Kidd focoed Freeporfis balanced affaclc wffh I3, followed by Gary Wagner wifh IO, and Carson Grinnell wifh 9. Jerry Orlandini was high for I.-P wifh I3. By fhe margin of 8 free fhrows, Glenbard sfoooed Freeoorf 49 fo 4I, Gary Sfearns was 'fgr for Free- Up dces Cars' n Grf-re fo Swish anofher buclref. I VI in as many games by barely edging pasf The Rablefs 42-4I. Richard Kidd was again high for Freeporf wifh I4 poinfs followed by Carson Grinnell who scored I I. Ron Fearn paced Easf wifh I6. Combafing Belvidere in fheir nexf filf, fhe Pref- zeleffes found easy going affer being behind af fhe end of fhe firsf quarfer, I2-8. When fhe game ended, fhe score was 5I-3I. Carson Grinnell and Gary Sfearns each neffed I I poinfs fo share scoring hon- ors for Freeporf. Chamberland scored IO fo be high for Belvidere. An even foss, berween Freepcrf and fne Jolie? sophs. R RECORD Ereeporf 44 DeKalb 46 Ereeporf 53 Monroe 5I Ereeporf 4l Sferling 34 Ereeporf 38 Dixon 24 Ereeporf 45 LaSalle-Peru 47 Ereeporf 48 Rock Ealls 4O Ereeporf 4l Wesf Aurora 48 Ereeporf 50 Sfillman Valley I9 Ereeporf 54 Easf Rockford 53 Ereeporf 48 Jaliel 54 Ereeporf 36 Wesf Rockford 47 Ereeporf 52 La5alIe-Peru 37 Ereeporf 4I Glenbard IGI. Ellynl 49 . , Free orf 2 Elgin Eorfeif , O ,, ,, , ,, , 4 ,V Cl:l!lli?bZiie,i?,SS,-fo have fig Ereegorf 42 Easf Iiockfordl , 4I Dam' Says Grinnell' l missed if Ereeporf 5I Belvidere 3I Ereeporf 34 Easf Aurora 45 Ereeporf 50 Wesf Rockford 45 Belvidere Erosh-Soph Iournamenf Ereeporf 74 Sf. Edwards lElginI 58 Ereeporf 4I Wesf Rockford 49 Easf Aurora, fhe league leaders, handed Freeporf a 46-34 defeaf af Easf. Sfearns scored I3 and was high man for Ereeporf. John Coil fopped Aurora sheefs wifh I3. The Prefzeleffes concluded fheir regular season by defeafing Wesf Rockford 50-45 fo wind-up wifh a 5-5 record in fhe Big 8 Conference. Four players ac- counfed for all of Ereeporfls poinfs, They were Car- son Grinnell wifh I6, Richard Kidd wifh I3, Ken Reid vvifh I I, and Gary Sfearns wifh IO. Ivloff fopped fhe Braves wifh I6. In fhe fhirfeenfh annual Belvidere Erosh-Soph Iournamenf, fhe Grange and Black won ifs firsf game 74-58 from Sf. Edwards, Ken Reid and Gary Wagner shared honors wifh I6 poinfs, followed by Gary Srearns wifh I5. Gill Sfiney and Phil McDonald each ooffed I7 for Sf. Edwards The Rrefzeleffes finished fheir season's schedule by dropping a 49-4I decision fo Wesf Rockford in a guarfer-final game in fhe Belvidere Tourney. Richard Kidd paced Ereeporf wifh I4 poinfs, while Ed I-Ienby and Riley Goza each scored I4 for Wesf. IO4 An unidenfified nurnber 22 seerns fo be floating on air as he wafches Carson Grinnell sink one. Coach Benefiel presenfed leffers fo fhe IO players of fhe major squad. Boys who received fhern were Gary Sfearns, elecfed capfain by his feammafes, Richard Kidd, Gary Wagner, Ken Reid, Carson Grin- nell, Harry Kenf, Dean Wilson, John Klinger, Curfis Johnson, and Jirn Klouser. CINDERMEN SNARE 5TH IN BIG EIGHT Track I957 Track Team-L.-R. Row I-DeIberT RoberTs, Tom Swank, Jerry Sager, Russell Taylor, Mike LaFayeTTe, RooseveIT Mazique, Charles TripleTT, Bill Mercier, and Coach Fred PraTT. Row 2-Wendell Cox, Tom Johnson, Eldon Julius, Norman Phile, Norm Nueges, KeiTh Zimmerman, Wayne Fawver, Harry FreeporT's Track Team successfully opened iTs sea- son wiTh a 73-46 vicTory over The Bucs of Belvidere. OaTher Taylor led The way wiTh a vicTory in The I8O yard low hurdles and discus and Tied Tor TirsT in The pole vauIT. All Told he had WIA poinTs. Jerry Hick- man and Mike LaTayeTTe added anoTher 26lf2 poinTs as The PreTzeIs won all buT Three evenTs in an easy vicTory. OTher poinT winners were KieTh Zimmerman. Charlie TrippIeTT, Dan Nichols. Del RoberTs and Earl Hickman. In Their second ouTing The Track Team edged Har- lem, 55lf5-52y5, in a Triangular meeT April I9, aT The PreTzeI Track. The Third Team, Oregon, had 4O2f5 poinTs. The deciding poinTs came when OaTher Tay- lor won The high iump aT Tive TeeT six and a haIT inches over Ralph Vance oT Harlem. Charlie TrippIeTT in The 880, Jim ValIarTa in The 440, Jerry Hickman in The broad iump, Taylor in The high jump and pole vaulT and The mile relay Team won FreeporT vicTories. The nexT meeT was held in Free- porT also wiTh STerIing providing The compeTiTion. The Golden War' "Corrie on, Jerry, push a IiTTle harder," Johnson, AssisTanT Coach Wes Luedeking. Row 3 - Doug Rog- ers, Earl Hickman, Tom Gelwicks, Gary HarT, Alfred Moy, Bob Cregan, Glen OTTQ, Jim Pinnow, Coach NaTe Johnson. Row 4- DeIberT Johnson, Joel Edler, Bill Fambro, Jerry Hickman, OaTher Taylor, Jim VallarTa, Tony Anderson, KermiT Ferrer. OaTher Taylor capTured I5 poinTs wiTh Three TirsTs while Mike LaTayeTTe, Jerry Hickman and Charlie TrippIeTT gaThered in II, 9If3, and 5 poinTs respecT- ively. Traveling To 5Terling Tor The STerIing Relays, April 26, was nexT on The PreTzel agenda. There They wound up wiTh I2 poinTs Tor 7Th place. WesT RockTord won The meeT wiTh 82 poinTs. OaTher Taylor Took TirsT in The pole vauIT wiTh a I2 TooT eTTorT which broke The FreeporT record in This evenT, Though, because Their oTher vauITers Tailed To place. The mile relay guarTeT oT Cregan, VaIIarTa, LaTayeTTe and TrippIeTT pro- duced a mark of 3139.2 Tor a Third place and The besT PreTz showing. The nexT week The FreeporT squad Tackled The WesT Rockord Warriors and were swamped 85-35. WiThouT The help OT OaTherTayIor, who was ineligible. The PreTzeIs couIdn'T come close To The well balanced Warriors. Mike LaTayeTTe Took Two TirsTs in The IOO and 220 yard dashes and was FreeporT's only riors nipped The PreTzeIs 6353 To 54lf3, Each Team Took seven TirsTs wiTh 5TerIing capTuring a big one in The mile relay when They edged The PreTzeIs by abouT 3 yards. ' double winner. Charlie TrippIeTT came up IaTe To Take The 880 and anoTher PreTzeI TirsT. Their only oTher vicTory came when DeIberT RoberTs and RoosevelT Mazique IO5 SpecTaTors cheer eagerly as Charlie TripleTT crosses The Tinish line. Teamed wiTh LaTayeTTe and TrippleTT To capTure The mile relay. On SaTurday, May 3, FreeporT's delegaTion wenT To DeKalb Tor The annual DeKalb Relays. The squad gaThered 8 poinTs Tor 9Th place in The sTandings. Rock Falls capTured TirsT place in The Relays wiTh 58lf2 poinTs. The PreTzel poinTs came on Two 4Th places and Two 5Th places. Mike LaTayeTTe in The IOO and The Frosh-Soph 440 relay Team Took The 4Th place while Jerry Hickman and The mile relay Team Took The TiTTh. Coach PraTT's Team Traveled To Dubuque nexT where They sTopped The Rams 68-48. The PreTz cindermen Took eighT TirsTs and Tied Tor anoTher. OaTher Taylor aTTer a week oT ineligibiliTy came back sTrong wiTh a record I2 TooT 3 inch eTTorT in The pole vaulT. IT broke boTh exisTing school's records Tor The evenT. AnoTher shining perTormance came in The mile relay where FreeporT, aTTer leading Tor Three quarTers, sTarTed falling back. Then Charlie TrippleTT Took over and ran a Tremendous lasT lap To Take The vicTory. Mike LaTayeTTe made a good show- ing in The IOO which he ran in :I0.4. He also ran second To Ron Orr oT The Rams in The 220. Jerry goes over The bar in championship Torm f L. 'rf gf Jerry Hickman Takes a Tlying leap in The broad iurnp evenT. On May Il, The Team Traveled To RockTord To compeTe in The disTricT Track meeT aT Beyer STadium. WesT RockTord won The meeT and FreeporT placed TiTTh. QualiTying Tor The sTaTe meeT were OaTher Taylor, pole vaulT: Mike LaTayeTTe, 220: Charlie TrippleTT, 880: The mile and 880 relay Teams. Taylor Tied Tor TirsT in The pole vaulT, LaTayeTTe placed second in The 220. BeTore going down sTaTe The Team elecTed Charlie TrippleTT capTain and Tinished The penaThalon wiTh Jerry Hickman Taking TirsT place and OaTher Taylor and Del RoberTs placing 2nd and 3rd respecTively. On May lb, Coach PraTT Took his qualiTiers down sTaTe To Champaign To The sTaTe meeT. OaTher Tay- lor missed qualifying Tor The Tinals by going ouT aT ll'4" in The pole vaulT. The mile relay Team oT VallarTa, Cregan. LaTayeTTe and TrippleTT missed qualiTying by Two-TenThs oT a second. They placed sevenTh ouT oT 45 and The TirsT six qualiTied. Mike LaTayeTTe ran a good 220 buT missed gaining The Tinals by halT a sTep. The 880 relay Team oT Hickman, RoberTs, Taylor and LaTayeTTe missed also as did Charlie TrippleTT in The 880 yard run. On Tuesday, May 2I, The squad journeyed To Rock Falls where They Tell To The RockeTs 74-44. AlThough ,,,,,,,. FreeporT Took 6 ouT oT I4 evenTs The depTh oT The Rock Falls Team beaT Them. Mike LaTayeTTe, a sopho- more speedsTer, had his day when he broke The PreTzel record in The 220 by Vic oT a second. T-lis Time oT :22.5 erased The old record oT :22.6 seT by Don PenTicoTT in If-753. Mike also ran his besT l00 oT The season wiTh a :l0.2 showing. OaTher Taylor was again busy gaThering poinTs as he Took TirsT in The pole vaulT, second in The high jump, Two Thirds in The shoT and discus and ran a leg in The winning 880 yard relay. The PreTzels ended Their season on May 25, aT Beyer STadium in RockTord in The Big 8 conTerence meeT. The PreTz placed TiTTh behind EasT Rockford, WesT RockTord, EasT Aurora and Elgin in ThaT order. OaTher Taylor again won his specialTy, The pole vaulT, wiTh a leap oT I2 TeeT. AnoTher FreeporT vicTory came Trom The mile relay Team composed oT Jim VallarTa, Bob Cregan, Mike LaTayeTTe and Charlie TrippleTT who came up wiTh a Time oT 3:35.8. More poinTs Tor The Team came on Third place Tinishes by TrippleTT in The 880, Jim VallarTa in The 440 and The 880 relay Team. AT The end oT The season Coach PraTT had leTTers Tor seniors Jim VaIIarTa, Charlie TrippleTT, OaTher Taylor and Jerry Hickman: iuniors Bob Cregan, Bill Eambro, Earl Hickman, Delberr RoberTs and KieTh Zimmerman: and sophomores Mike LaTayeTTe and RoosevelT Mazigue. JV leTTers were awarded To Wendell Cox, Dan Johnson, Doug Rogers, Russell Taylor and Tom Johnson. Sophomore awards were given To Wayne Eawver, T-larry Johnson, Bill Mercier, AlTred Moy, Tom Swank, Norman Pfile, Norman Nueges, Jim Pinnowg and manager leTTers were given To KermiT Farrar and DelberT Johnson. OUT in fronf, Jim's vicTory is cinched. Mike runs almosT unhampered aT The WesT Rockford meeT. Every year aT The close oT The Track season, The poinTs are added up Tor each man. To The man wiTh The mosT poinTs goes The Bill Young Trophy. This year The Trophy wenT To a sophomore Mike LaTayeTTe, who iusT barely nosed ouT OaTher Taylor in The baTTle. BoTh men were insTrumenTal in The success oT This year's Team. Mike ran The 220 yard and l00 yard dashes Tor The Team and OaTher compeTed almosT any place Mr. PraTT puT him, buT his specialTy was The pole vaulT. All Told, Mr. PraTT's Team had a Tairly good sea- son. They had Three wins and Three losses in separaTe meeTs, and had some good showings in The relays They enTered and in The disTricT meeT. They're off! Jim VallarTa TighTs To mainTain The lead ,..-f gl-1 T 4 fg F 1 lil .igy' yli f1':"F' l ff I ' .L 15 Q T i ll ,.. WA A ! ' .m 0 ,- ., +4 Mike sfrains lo re I2O yd IOO yd. seo yd 880 yd 440 yd High Hurdles Dash . . . . . Run . . . Relay .,.A Run . Pole Vaull .....,., l80 yd. Low Hurdles Broad Jump . .H Mile Run . 220 yd. Dash l.,. Discus Sho? Puf . . High Jump ...A Mile Relay .. . ach the line hrs? HIGH MARKS :I6.9 :lO.2 2:0l ..,..... I:35.6 52.9 . I2' 3" 22.8 . 2l'9" 4:56 ... 22.8 I28' IO" 44' .. 5' 9lf2 Hickman. Roberls, A beautiful swan dive is ad ed a c d of onlookers. . Wayne Fawver . Mike LaFayeHe Charles Trippleh' Taylor, LaFayeHe ...........JimVallarl'a . , Oalher Taylor . . Oafher Taylor . . Jerry Hickman . . . . . Bill Mercier . Milce LaFayeHe . . Oalher Taylor Keilh Zimmerman . . Oarher Taylor 3:32.4 . .. Vallarla, Lallayelle, Cregan, Tripplelr Row l-Mgr, Keilh Gingrich, Barry Groves. Jerry Rehieldl, Bill Morrow, Dave Ganll, Jim Gilliland, John Niesman, Howie Kiesler, Req Wisdom, Mgr. Duncan Gi chrisl and Mgr. Ronnie Milrer. Freeporl opened ils baseball season by losing lo Beloil Calholic al lhe Crusaders' Summil lield. Beloil's delensive play caplured lhe win as lhey had lwo double plays lhal brolce up Freeporls chances ol scoring. The Prelzels' only run came when Gary Grarl wallced wilh lhe bases loaded lo lorce in a run. The leam could garner only lhree hils oll lhe Cru- sader hurler. The Beloil leam had lour hils oll lhe lwo Prelz pilchers, Ganll and Nienhuis. The Prelzel baseball squad enlerlaineo lhe Wesl Roclcloro leam in lheir second game ol lhe season and soundly lrounced lhe delending champs al lhe Read Parlc lie-ld. Combining sound billing wilh lhe lhree hfl :ilching ol Dave Ganll, lhe sgaad had lillle lrouole disposing ol lhe Warriors, I4-l. The Prelzels scored lour runs in +he inilial inning and added eighl more in lhe lhird lor lheir biggesl innings. The learn had bul six hils bul used lhem well as every hil drove in a run. Freeoorlls JV's also oowneo Wesl s JV s. I3'7. BAT WIELDERS BOAST ll-4 RECORD baseball Row 2 Coach Gene Marks Ernie Nederman George H ey Bob Red Jon Novak Karl Nrenhuis Roger Schauer Ron Picl: ng Larry Dame and Assislanl Coach Joe Spudich Playing lhe league leaders Belvidere April I2 lhe Prelzels mel lvlarlyn Morehead mound ace ol lhe Bucs who slruclc oul I8 Prelzels and limiled lhern lo lwo singles. Barry Groves, Freeporlr p lcher aro pilched a credilable game as he slruclc oul sx wallced lhree and gave up six hils Cn April IS he Prelzel JV squad played Aouin l-ligh on lhe Read Park diamond and beal lhe Bull s 4 l Morrow allowe seven l slrac oul 9 ano wailced 4 as he pilched a good game lor lhe unoerclassmen A pilchirg duel belween Joe Laslcy ol lfasl Roclc- loro SHG Dave Ganll ol Freeporl was brolcen up in lhe sixlh inning by lhree Prelzel errors which gave lhe E-Rabs lhe winning run on April I6. The lwo hurlers were bolh rnaslers ol conlrol as no wallcs were issued in lhe seven inning game. Laslcy slruclc oul eighl and Ganll seven. Rehleldl, Wisdom ard Keisler were lhe only Prelzels lo hil salely as lhe learn absorbed ils lnird deleal. lO9 ,NK Moose" heads for home. 941.4- "l-lif fhe dirfl' Big Jon gefs sei' fo show 'em how. "Run, George, run!" On April I7, fhe Prefzels played Sf. Thomas af Blackhawk Park in Rockford and downed fhe Tom- mies, 5-2. Barry Groves furned in a beaufifully pifched game allowing 2 hifs, 2 walks, and sfriking ouf 5. Bob Reid and Jerry Rehfeldf led Freeporf offensively wifh 2 hifs each. Traveling fo Dixon on April 24, fhe Prefzels suf- fered anofher defeaf af fhe hands of fhe Dukes. lf was fheir fourfh conference loss and firsf shufouf of fhe season as fhe Dukes blanked fhem, 3-O. Ganff or . AS G ' l 'I 1 ! fi -I 4 K - 1 1 1 ,tvs J Q! if I' ' .N F5 , ..', , 7, 1 ' lA, ,Xl N, -.. -1. Q '1 l lO pifched a good game buf his wildness in fhe fiffh. along wifh Prefzel errors, gave Dixon fheir fhree runs. Reid collecfed fwo hifs, a single and double, and Rehfeld+, Groves and l-liveley each had one safefy. The Prefz leff eighf men sfranded on fhe bases and couldn'f advance a man as far as fhird. On April 26, fhe squad journeyed fo Rockford where fhey proceeded fo wallop Wesf af fhe Beyer Sfadium annex. Freeporf played errorless ball, a I4 hif affack and Barry Groves' sfrong hurling fo com- plefely overpower fhe Warriors. The Prefzels sfarfed in fhe firsf inning wifh Nienhuis blasfing a homer and Keisfer slapping ouf a single fo drive in a run. Seven players had fwo hifs: l-liveley, Wisdom, Nien- huis, Reid, Groves, Keisfer and Novak. On April 30, Ganff, Freeporfs dazzling righf- handed fasfballer, fhrew an 8-O no-hif masferpiece af Beloif Cafholic on 'rhe Read Park diamond. l-le was complefely in charge of fhis game as only five players reached firsf base. 3 ....,.-1q I' ' . -if. - -"-I . ch ca s or a nard smash. Nienhuis gave GanTT good help as The big Third baseman made Three sparkling deTensive plays and drove in Tour runs wiTh his big baT. l'le had Two singles and a double To accounT Tor The Tour RBI's. Reid and KeisTer each had Two singles and Two RBl's. On May 7, The PreTzel squad gained revenge Tor an early season loss To Belvidere and Took care oT Marlyn Morehead, an old nemesis, by handing him his TirsT loss, 6-3. l-le was knocked ouT oT The box aTTer Tour innings, during which he allowed 7 hiTs and 3 runs. Novak and KeisTer each had Two saTeTies Tor The PreTz, while Wisdom, Hiveley, RehTeldT and Groves each had one. Un lvlay I4, The PreTzels whiTewashed Lena, 9-O, in The disTricT TournamenT To Take The Trophy. Free- porT had liTTle Trouble downing The Lions in The game which was called aTTer 5 innings because oT rain. ln The TiTTh inning, The PreTzels deliberaTely sTruck ouT so The mandaTory Tive innings could be declared. ln The disTricT TournamenT, l:reeporT sTopped Thom- son wiTh ease, lb-3. The PreTz used a big inning in coasTing To vicTory. FourTeen PreTzels baTTed in The second inning and 7 hiT saTely. Novak led The Team aT The plaTe going 3 Tor 4 and geTTing 4 RBl's. Nien- huis gave up 3 hiTs, sTruck ouT six, and walked 2. ln Their nexT conTerence ouTing, The Team won over Dixon, 3-2. WiTh The score 2-l in The sevenTh and Two ouT, Nienhuis sTepped To The plaTe and cracked ouT The game winning hiT. The game was an 'mi-' , .4 . Trouble for The PreTz lve gof ir! eIdT digs arcuno Third. exciTing piTching duel beTween Barry Groves OT The PreTz and Maurice Figely oT The Dukes, who bofh wenT The disTance. Groves, in winning, recorded his sixTh win oT The year againsT one loss. Paced by Nienhuis' one niT piTching, The PreTzels blanked ST. Thomas, 9-O, aT Read Park in Their nexT game. Big Karl didn'T have any Trouble wiTh The Tommies as he seT Them down in order in all buT The TiTTh and sixfh innings. The squad combined eighT hiTs wiTh Tew errors To gaTher Their nine runs. ATTer Their ST. Thomas game, The Team Traveled To RockTord where They baTTled wiTh EasT and losT, 9-2. The PreTzels iusT couldn'T click as They com- RECORD miTTed nine errors and leTT I4 men sTranded on base. Bog Schauer, sophomore, sTarTed The game Tor The PreTz, buT received liTTle supporT as he gave up nine hiTs in his seven inning sTinT. ln The regional TournamenT, The PreTzels blasTed ForresTon, I3-3, Tor The TiTle. The squad used an eighT run Third inning To coasT To The win. Nienhuis and Groves each had Two hiTs Tor The PreTzeIs and Groves had Two RBI's. GanTT had no Trouble wiTh The Cards as he gave up six hiTs and Three runs in chalking up his TiTTh win oT The season. Coach Gene Marks awarded leTTers To Dave GanTT, Jim Gilliland, Barry Groves, Karl Nienhuis, FreeporT I BeloiT CaTholic 3 FreeporT I4 WesT RockTord I l:reeporT O Belvidere 6 FreeporT I I Aquin . 4 FreeporT 5 ST. Thomas 2 FreeporT O Dixon 3 FreeporT I4 WesT RockTord 3 I:reeporT 8 BeloiT CaTholic O l:reeporT 6 Belvidere . . 3 FreeporT 9 Lena .. 0 Big Moose waiTs Tor The relay. Freeporf E g 3 Dixon E I I 2 STrreTch, George! FreeporT 9 ST. Thomas . O I:reeporT 2 EasT RockTord 9 FreeporT I3 ForresTon 3 l:reeporT I6 Thomson . 3 PreTzel Coach Gene Marks asks for a few poinTers Trorn some of The boys. Ron Picking, Rog Wisdom, Gary GranT, George I-liveley, Howie KeisTer, Jon Novak, Bob Reid, Jerry RehTeldT, and Rog Schauer. JV leTTers were given To Jerry Edler, Gary Marsh, Don Miller, Bill Morrow, Ernie Niederman, Larry Dame, Jerry Engle, Jerry Keeney, Bob Moore, John Niesman, Jim WrighT, Norm Shipley, Jerry Miller, Jerry VincenT, and Wen- dell GarnharT. Manager leTTers were given To Ronnie Miller, KeiTh Gingrich, and Duncan GilchrisT. The players elecTed Rog Wisdom honorary capTain and Karl Nienhuis as mosT valuable player. II2 E TANKSTERS PROVE ABILITY DESPITE HANDICAP Considering fhe feam's decided lack of experi- ence, fhe FHS swimmers posfed a very respecfable record for Coach Larry Bullard. The final slafe showed fwo wins and five reversals in dual compefi- fion, a 2nd in a friangular meef, and 4fh place in fhe Big Eighf meef. In fhe season's opener on December I3, Elgin oufpoinfed fhe Preli 47-39. Dave McNary won fhe IOO yard backsfroke and Frank Dyson and Earl Hickman finished Isf and 2nd, respecfively, in diving. Coach Bullarcl's crew evened 'rheir record fh-e following week, downing DeKalb 47-39. McNary was a double winner and Tom Doyle, Tom Gelwicks, Frank Dyson, and fhe I6O yard medley feam added ofher firsfs. On January IO, fhe Prefz played hosf fo Easf Rockford and LaSalle-Peru. Final fabulafions showed fhe E-Rabs wifh 78 poinfs, Freeporf wifh 53, and L-P wifh Zi. Dave McNary again won in fwo evenfs. 1 . -I V , xx .2 1 - W , s ff- -1 1-fi-1 1'Lq-, -gn,- , N -' ' If lf.. 'W I-.L i zi -' Va l' - i---q ..- .Zi gl ",, swimming feam ln a refurn engaqemenf af Elgin on January I7, fhe Prefz were again furned back by fhe Maroons. fhis fime by a 49-37 counf. Firsfs were capfured by McNary and fhe I6O yard medley feam. A+ Wesf Rockford on January 3I, fhe Prefzels were fhrofflecl by fhe powerful Warriors, 70-I6. The following week found Freeporf again bowing fo Wesf, 65-2I, buf This fime Tom Gelwicks and Frank Dyson bofh grabbed firsfs. The Freeporfers again broke info fhe win column on February I3, wifh a 48lf2-37lf2 conquesf of DeKalb. Dave McNary was again a double winner, wifh ofher firsfs coming from Tom Doyle, Tom Gel- wicks, Jim Massie, Larry Knauff, and Frank Dyson. On fhe I5fh, Freeporf placed fourfh in fhe Big Eighf meef. ln fhe season's finale af Easf Rockford on Febru- ary 20, fhe E-Rabs roufed Freeporf 77-I8. Tom Doyle snafched up fhe Prefzels' only firsf. Row I: Ray Kemp, Jack Arrnsfrong, Leroy Moy, Bryan McGinnis, Mike Forfner, and Coach Larry Bullard. Row 2: Earl Hickman, Bob Meyers, Carlile Ganfz, Jon Hepner, Dick Laible, John Fulkerson, and Wyra Jones. Row 3: Jim Massie, Tom Gelwicks, Tom Doyle, Dave - McNary, Larry Knauff, and John Borchers. Golf Team: Row I-Spencer Arfman, John Conners, Dick Beem: Row 2-Marfy Hill, Greg Widmer, Sfeve NesbiT: Row 3-Larry Knauf, Richard Hifeman, Dennis PraTT, and Coach Ron Norman. "Oh, broTher!" Probably due in a large parT To The graduafion of senior leTTer winners, Bill Dorman, Tom Swifzer, and Ned Fursf, and The loss of anoTher brighT sophomore prospecT, Bill STewarT, The Prefzel golf conTingenT encounfered some raTher rough sledding during The T957 fairway season. The Team. which was coached by ThaT jack-of-all-sporTs, Ron Norman, did have iTs brighT spoTs Though. ln Their iniTial maTch of The season, The Freeporf squad bowed To WesT Rockford by an IBVZ-IV2 counT. On April 23, The Prefzels clicked againsT Harlem of Rockford, gaining whaT proved To be Their only vicTory of The season, I2-8, in a I3-hole affair. On April 25, The Freeporfers seemed unable To find The range againsT Monroe, and were blanked 20-O. Then on The 27Th, The Prefzels parTicipaTed in a quadrangular meeT wiTh BeloiT and Easf and WesT Rockford, and finished wiTh a Team Tofal of 495 sfrokes. The E-Rabs. however, capTured TirsT place wiTh a 400 sfroke ToTal. Heading info May, The FHS squad again faced The EasT Rockford ouTfiT, This Time in a duel maTch and were shuT ouT, IOVO. On May 6, Freeporf meT WesT Rockford in a remaTch, which The Warriors Took To The Tune of I8-2. The nexT day found The Prefzels playing hosf To Oregon's golfers and being seT back by a score of 7lf2-Zlfz. On May IO, The local Team engaged in a reTurn maTch wiTh Harlem, This Time bowing To The Huskies 7-3. II4 LINKSTERS REBUILD '57 SQUAD golf "Unnhh!" In The disTricT meeT on May II, FreeporT placed ninTh ouT of I6 enTranTs wiTh a 367 sTroke Team Tofal. Greg Widmer paced The squad, posfing an 87, and followed closely by Marfy Hill, who shoT an 88. The Prefzels bid for revenge againsT EasT Rockford on May I4, was drowned by a l9lf2-V2 reversal. In Their final maTch of The season on The following day. The Prefz golfers.gained a moral vicTory in losing 6-4 To a Monroe ensemble, which had earlier humiliafed Them 20-O. Freeporf also had been scheduled To appear in The Big Eighf conference meeT, buf foul weafher posTponed The meeT, and complicaTion prohibifed The Prefz from parTicipaTing aT a laTer dafe. ln The awards assembly aT The close of The season, varsiTy leTTers were awarded To MarTy Hill, Dick Hifeman, Sfeve NesbiT and Greg Widmer. Hill was voTed honorary capfain and mosT valuable player by his Teammafes. RACKETEERS COP THIRD IN BIG EIGHT Tennis . ,J- ...and Fred scoops up his reTurn. The '57 Tennis Team, coached by Farrell Benefiel, finished The season wiTh Three wins ouT of Their Ten meeTs. The squad placed Third in The disTric+ meeT wiTh IO poinTs. The conference meeT was posTponed on accounl' of rain. The neTmen opened The season wiTh EasT Rock- ford handing Them a 9-O defeaT, followed by anoTher shuT-ouT from Dixon on The home courTs. FreeporT Then Traveled To Belvidere To obTain Their firsT win 4-V2. Confinuing Their winning sTreak They Tromped MounT Morris 7lf2-I on The FreeporT courTs. Free- porT bowed To WesT Rockford 7-2 and EasT Rockford 9-O. The neTmen dropped The nexT Three maTches To Dixon 9-O, Wesf Rockford 7-2, and Easf Rockford 9-O7 Then finished Their season wiTh a 4-2 win over Belvidere. The disTricT meeT was held in Rockford, Safurday. May 4. ArThur Miles and Fred Bess. seeded firsf Coached by Mr. Farrel Bene- fiel, The Team consisTed of Jerry HooT, Dan Toelle, George Os- borne, Fred Bess, Ken Kahl, ArT Miles and Charles Sfandring. Arf slams a driving serve... doubles Team in The meeT, won Their firsT maTch againsT Paul Tingleff and Barry Birchfield of Crysfal Lake 6-O, 6-2. They followed wiTh a vicTory over Tom Walder and Don I-lighbarger from MounT Mor- ris 6-I, 6-2. One maTch away from The STaTe Tennis MeeT, They were upseT by Jerry Sundley and RoberT Spooner of WesT Rockford, in The highlighfed maTch of The day. WiTh ArThur Miles playing a very bril- lianT neT game, They Took The firsT seT: buT, due To The cramped aTTernoon schedule, They gave ouT in The lasT Two seTs, which kepT Them from going To Champaign. The scores in This maTch were 6-3, 4-6 and 5-7. Dan Toelle and Gerald l'looT, doubles Team, re- ceived a bye The firsT round, giving FreeporT Two poinfst and dropped Their second round To Paul Conrad and Roger MarTin of Easf Rockford 6-I, 6-0, who wenT all of The way To win The doubles Trophy in The meeT. George Osborne, obTaining anoTher Two poinTs for The FreeporT neTmen The firsT round. wenT on only To be defeaTed by Dave Nippa of WesT Rockford 6-I, 6-3. The oTher singles represenTaTive from Fl-IS, Charles STandring, byed The firsT round, Thus giving FreeporT Two more poinTs. The second round, he was Tromped by Donald Bruns of WesT Rockford 6-I, 6-2. Fred Bess was elecTed by his TeammaTes as cap- Tain and mosT valuable player on The Team and received The Team's Traveling Trophy. The varsiTy Team's leTTermen were ArThur Miles. Fred Bess, George Osborne, Dan Toelle, Gerald I-looT, Charles STandring and KenneTh Kahl. IIS NEW LOOK FOUND IN GYM boys' p.e. The l957-58 ediTion oT boys' physical educaTion aT Fl-lS sporTed a new look, as direcTors lvlerriTT Allen, Ron Norman, and NaTe Johnson planned a new and highly successTul program Tor The year. The basic obiecTive, ThaT of building sound bodies and alerT minds, was sTill carried ouTq however, The general schedule oT acTiviTies and classes underwenT a decided change. For example, raTher Than mixing seniors inTo iunior and sophomore groups, The upper- classrnen meT Twice a week in classes oT Their own. RequiremenTs Tor The underclassmen included Three weeks oT healTh, Three weeks oT swimming and Twelve weeks oT physical acTiviTies per semesTer. The senior program was nearly The same, The excep- Tion being ThaT, raTher Than healTh, They spenT Three weeks per semesTer in sTudy hall. The TirsT nine weeks oT The year were divided inTo six weeks OT playing Touch TooTball while The weaTher permiTTed, and Three weeks oT indoor acTiviTies when The days became chilly. The nexT Three Tound under- classmen aTTending healTh class, while The seniors wenT To sTudy hall. '-S eye oT Mr, Allen. John GraTT and an unknown "Gorgeous George", baTTle iT ouf. Y Ni as l T 1 ,,.: -:li l 14 -7. If fl la I et 51 :Z The sophomores were insTrucTed in personal healTh and grooming. They also learned oT The eTTecTs oT alcohol, Tobacco, and narcoTics. FirsT aid and saTeTy rules were TaughT To The juniors. The sTarT oT The Third six weeks period Tound all boys parTicipaTing in The new swimming program, calling Tor Three sTraighT weeks oT swimming, raTher Than The usual swimming every Tuesday. The end oT The TirsT semesTer again Tound The boys in The gym playing baskeTball and volley ball. Swimming and healTh requiremenTs Tor The second semesTer were The same: however, The physical acTiviTies changed wiTh The new year. During The cold monThs OT '58, classes were insTrucTed in such Things as Tumbling and wresTling TundamenTals. WiTh The coming oT spring and Tair weaTher, The boys once more venTured ouTdoors Tor soTTball and Track evenTs. Thus, anoTher enioyable and successTul year wenT inTo The records oT The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT. A P.E. sTudy hall works under The careful ill pares To deliver a smash. 'Tl smell a spike" yells one of The iunior boys as a sophorr-we pre- 1 Under The guidance oT Miss ElizabeTh Heiland and Miss PaTricia Lemanski, girls physical educaTion in- sTrucTors, many acTiviTies were carried on in The girls gym classes ThroughouT The year. Soccer, hockey, and speed-a-way highlighTed The Tall acTiviTies Tor The sophomores, juniors, and seniors, respecTively. ATTer six weeks of Tield play, Three weeks were spenT in healTh classes. Body TuncTions and TirsT aid were The Topics Tor ThaT Time. The remaining period was spenT playing volleyball by The sophomores and juniors: and Tor The TirsT Time, This year The senior girls played badminTon. P.E. SCHEDULE REVAMPED girls' p.e. As spring came, sophomores, juniors and seniors parTicipaTed in baseball, archery and golf. ThroughouT cerTain periods of The year, The girls swam, under The direcTion OT Miss l-leiland, Miss Lemanski and Junior High swimming insTrucTor Mr. Ray Bullard. Classes were divided inTo Three groups: beginners, inTermediaTe and advance. The advance course oTTered junior and senior life-saving. Miss Heiland explains a rule To an aTTenTive gym class. As baskeTball season rode in wiTh cold weaTher, The girls once again dressed in Their green regulaTion gym suiTs and enjoyed baskeTball, using a special seT of rules ThaT made The game less sTrenuous. ATTer baskeTball season, healTh classes began again, Tor The sophomores, a course in personaliTy: and Tor The juniors, a course in home saTeTy. Senior girls were noT required To Take healTh. "Now, everybody do Two iengThs of The side sTroke," says Miss Lemanski. 1 mv- .,,, 4 , K K ,f Q 4? x B wt N 4 I ,mi hw ,, I if , l 4 'gg g5"i?Ww '1 g 4 f Yha - ww!! Q. Yr 'I ,K X 2 ,X , , Q Q " " 1 AQ,-' W F, ' , , M Q , W ....-,,, . ' Q 4 f A , M352 'W ,A., , wAA pg ' W - V I f' , - I I .':- .,, fl . ' , x . K ' .E ,W L ' A , QW Q A 'IW .Q -+ 4 5 5 ' xv? QV A Wrby V 'Mk Arkr w m'k!" " "W M W ,K ' -V fi my in , ,,.. ff A lk' Aw ,'A"V -21 ' ff Q L W ? 'J sb A f,k i - 'em . ef-,r lr 6, .gs N gb: X' ' 1 "'2i5?fi1 if: Q, Sa ' ' '7 I ., kr f., n g ,,L. mwk ,S-ff ,QL I , , f . f , 1' 5 ,A X W Q if ? ff ' A t W W in ul K 'figs-A A 1, f, 3 ia . vm, . , k'A rn 27 . : - :':.1' 'S .sg -f ' 3 :,,,:, , , lv, ww 1553, 4 TX i 1 S. as AW ,, Q X sw S ig 2 ' ' XX fiffw-A. 2 X .. - if 1 x, 1 , ,J 5 4 Y QM gf? ' 3' ' Q a A 5 ' Y s .- ,, . ' sf' .J H1 1 N , iv, is 53g g HOMECOMING ROYALTY FOR 1957 58 Luanne Swank Judy Winfers Penny TEDDY BEAR IN SPOTLIGHT AS MRS. SAVAGE BIDS EAREWELL senior play if ATTer The weelcs oT hard worlc and laTe hours, The casT receives Their iusT Thanlcs. "The Curious Savage," direcTed by Miss Jean- neTTe Lloyd, was The skillfully presenTed and well received '58 senior class play. The scene was The living room OT "The CIoisTers" in a Town in Massa- chuseTTs. ETheI P. Savage, "The Curious Savage," was The Triendly, compassionaTe and weaIThy woman whose dream was The esTablishmenT oT a happiness Tund Tor Tools OT good hearT. I-Ier sTep-children have commiTTed her To "The CloisTers," a resT home. The paTienTs awaiT The arrival oT The new guesT wiTh The anTicipaTion and coniecTure oT Those To whom such an exciTing evenT is rare. "You won'T hurT my Ii+TIe John Thomas, will you?", aslcs Florence, Mrs. Savage was lovingly accepTed by The group, who Tound The sTrain and sTress oT The ouTside world beyond Their endurance. She carried an oversized Teddy Bear wiTh her aT all Times and Tully reTurned The love and aTTecTion oT The Tive genTle and charm- ing "guesTs": Fairy Mae, an angularly plain girl, who ThoughT she was beauTiTul3 Mrs. Paddy, a woman who ThoughT she was an arTisT, buT couldn'T acTuaIIy painT and hasn'T spolcen OT anyThing buT her haTes in TwenTy years: I-lannibal, a Tormer sTaTisTician who ThoughT he was a vioIinisT, buT who couldn'T really play a violin: Florence, an aTTecTionaTe moTher, who had no son, buT believed a doll whom she called John Thomas To be her child: and JeTTrey. a real pianisT, who no longer plays, because he ThoughT an imaginary scar on his Tace made him repulsive. Besides EThel, The Savage Tamily was composed oT TiTus, a senaTor unwelcome aT The WhiTe I-louse: Samuel, a BosTon judge whose repuTaTion Tor hav- ing mosT oT his decisions reversed was well lcnown: and Lily Belle, The spoiled and six-Times married daughTer. The sTaTT consisTed of Miss Wilhelminia, a nurse who was also ..leTTrey's wiTe, and DocTor EmmeTT, The psychiaTrisT. The Teddy Bear did it," says Mrs. Savage, The tirial scene was ot great emotional impact on the audience as the lights went out and tor a moment there was no sound, and then came the sottly sweet and muted strains ot a violin. Each CAST CHARACTERS FRIDAY SATURDAY Florence Marilyn Auman Sharon Nellles Hannibal John Graff Tom Bader Fairy Mae Ellen Hanson Jane Olson Jeffrey Jim Wright Orval Fairbairn Mrs. Paddy Eugenia Carnahan Blenda Crummer Ethel Savage Luanne Swank Molly Bolander Titus Savage Jasper Devidal Carl Baumann Samuel Savage Gary Dietmeier Gary Dielmeier Lily Belle Savage Dianne Owen Bonnie Plager Miss Wilhelmina Jeanne Fulfer Sue Strohacker Dr. Emmett Ronald Prasse Ed Anderson T-L John Tomas Steve Nellles Steve Neltles 'l-lere is your song," says Hannibal. "And naw l feel I really belong." l T- I' .ni X114 ,IV I.. ' 85" l l-Y- if Iififffx vw l A .'i'X Ax..- feb X e character was portrayed as he saw himselt in his dreams. Mrs. Savage put down her Teddy Bear and Jett slowly. Cnly the Teddy Bear sitting alone in a spot ot light was seen as the curtain tell. Deep appreciation was given to the tollowing taculty advisers and their committees tor their help in the production: stage design, Mrs. Lucile Mad- denq properties, Miss Mary M. Luebbingg advertis- ing, Miss Caroline Musser: costumes, Miss Edith Lyle: lighting. Richard Barnes: and the program, Floyd Freerlcsen and Mrs. Florence Schoonhoven. Student directors were Mary Dennis and Marilyn Millard. Jan Mailand and Dave Cox prompted. "What were you doing behind the couch7", aslrs Fairy Mae Sie, wi W., 5 'S IUNIOR CLASS PRESENTATION CENTERS AROUND ST. LOUIS "MeeT Me in ST, Louis," our Junior Class Play, under The direcTion oT Miss JeanneTTe LIoyd, Took pIace in ST, Louis in I904, aT The home oT Mr. and Mrs. SmiTh, Their Tive chiIdren, Lon, Rose, EsTher, Agnes and TooTie, Grandpa and KaTie, The maid. Mr. SmiTh's job required his Transfer To New York CiTy, abouT which The resT oT The Tamily was noT very happy, especiaIIy The Two youngesT girIs. Agnes and TooTie discover a need To Take maTTers inTo Their own hands, In Their numerous schemes, They wenT as Tar as deraiIing a Trolley by puTTing a dummy on The Track and geTTing Their TaTher Tired. junior ploy BuT all ends weII as Mr. Dodge TinaIIy undersTands and rehires Mr. SmiThj and The TamiIy remains in ST. Louis. Adding To The hiIarious anTics oT The pIay were Roses and EsTher's beaus, John Shepard and Fred Gregory, Mrs. Waughop, The Tussy old neighbor Iady, and Mr. DuTTy, who wanTed To move up To Mr. SmiTh's job. The vicious LuciIIe PenTard and shy Ida BooThby Tind Lon aTTracTive while The Two conducTors Tind no humor in Agnes and TooTie's derailing Their TroIIey. Under The careTuI assisTance oT commiTTee work, The SmiTh TamiIy and Triends Take a TinaI curTain calf, Tired buf happy. direcTed by The Misses CaroIyn Musser, EdiTh Lyle, Mary M. Luebbing, Fern KuhIemeyer, Mrs, LuciIe Madden, Richard Barnes, and Duanne SmiTh, The pIay was a success. DirecTors Jane OIson and Ladine BenneTT and rrompTers SaIIy Cheeseman and Mary Dennis were assisTar'Ts To Miss LIoyd. I24 'Bing him harder, TocTieI' sEzuT Agnes and Rose. . I 439 . w, CAST Mr. Smith Mrs. Smith Rose Esther Agnes Tootie lon Katie Grandpa Prohpater John Shepard Fred Gregory Mrs. Waughop Lucille Pentard Ida Boothby Friday Jasper DeVidal Sharon Nettles Sue Strohacker Marilyn Millard Janice Mailand Ellen Hansen Fred Bess Janet Borger Ron Prasse Todd Hines George Osborne luanne Swank Jeanne Fuller Janet Penticoff Saturday Roger Guslofl Marilyn Auman Molly Bolender Bonnie Plager Blenda Crummer Eugenia Carnahan Howard Keister Colleen Downey Joel Evers Jim Nelson Bill Mueller ladine Bennett Dianne Owen Barbara Churchill I L Mr. Dodge John Grafl Ron Nevenhoven " ' Mr. Duffy 0rval Fairbairn Tom Bader Conductors Carl Bauman Dave Cox larry Philips Alyn Hess "l hate you, John Shep. "Oh yes," says Lucille Peat hard!" ard. i'John and I are goo friends." Q . 1-ff : aw 41? 'r'f:v P-, 'f 'I il 4: i, N . fer, ... - .. pb l x - E , M4 Z,lIll,I T- .h riff' srl, f of-X ,diff - F Q". K .., X qx y' , . LZ 7,7 .7 ,F - IKQ-J? x 1 4 1 W - W -' v F "' rijh FP 4115 4117 - , Y Y --' H -,,l,.? -- --F F 'Q 1-, 5 -A me an ..-.. A 2" V Fyrf 'hey 'Ffa he a a af 'ra' Nfw they thrgff wafer 'Oochl Lcclr at all those ceamilui sxyrccke s and Roman vm mel" sand es! ,I I 0 Roger G-usloff models, for The Third year, PfeTTy girls, bofh big and liTTle, capfivafe Joel Evers Tells "Dulce" Fish and "Wags" wiTh Colleen Downey. The audience Wagner To play if clean. SENIOR CLASS EMBARKS ON 'LE TOUR DU MONDE' All Through The evening of February 3 The sTrains of The song "Around The World in 80 Days" could be heard flowing from The F.l-l.S. gym. This was The Theme song of The senior carnival "Le Tour du Monde", which was headed by co-chairmen Jane Olson and Doug Firebaugh. This nighT was The climax of The compeTiTion be- Tween The Three classes in raising money for The evenT. Some of The money making proiecTs which had been going sTrong for some four or five weelcs preceding The carnival were: balce sales, novelTy sales, hall sales, dances, and sales of cards and wrappings. A large map of The world behind The sTage was The firsT Thing To caTch one's 'eye upon enfering The gym. To carry ouT The Theme, flags of many nafions were sfrung across The middle of The room wiTh The carnival American flag hanging over The sfage, higher Than The oTher flags. ForTy-five ToTs parTicipaTed in The baby show To provide The opening enTerTainmenT of The evening. The winners of The baby show were Karen Sue Vallcemas and Todd Meyers. Nexf on The agenda was The sTyle show wifh Luanne Swank and Jim Wrighf describing The clofhes worn by The various F.l-l.S. sTudenTs who modeled for The show. Some of The ouTfiTs worn included sporTs wear, formals, suiTs, baThing suiTs, and even The Ia+esT Chinese dresses. Following The sTyle show came The play enTiTled "DaTe Time." AT This same Time more acTiviTy sTarTed in The booThs surrounding The gym. These booThs remained open all evening and provided much en- TerTainmenT for everyone. The games and The Z! Carnival royalTy: Soph. king and queen: Dave McNary, Judy Srnifh, page, Jaclc Wagner, , - XL! M!! 4 , senior icing and queen: Mary Ewalf and Gary Deifrneier, page, Sharon Henry, and junior Q f icing and queen: T-larrief Shipley and Ernie Neiderman, 21-44 fiff-1 'fy' Lg., . Z f 7 f f T 514' f ffhj-7: -f.f,4f fn f .4 ,f,7.,C 'Z if-470 1 -f f ' XJALJ ,M 1.7 ,fm .f.,1vg-,M r -- ' decoralrions for +he boorhs were cenlered around diflerenr counlries, such as: Mexico, ring 'rhe bull: China, shoof oul lhe candles: Scofland, pifch pen- nies? England, a horseshoe game: and Swilrzerland, a game wirh cowbells. "Moulin Rouge wri'r'ren over an arch-way in The middle of fhe floor decked lhe enfrance of lhe dancing area. Here many couples enjoyed dancing lo The music of Emery Meeker's band while wailing for fhe clirnaxes of 'rhe evening. Harrier Shipley and Ernie Neidere man, queen and king of lhe win- ning class, reign proudly, Tens+hir+y broughl' one of fhe long awaired momenrs of rhe carnival, +he disclosure of who was +o be "Miss Universe." Dave Gar- roway, a T.V. personaliry, had chosen +he beaury queen from a group of picfures 'rhar had been senr To him. Her idenfiry re- mained a secre'r unril Jane Olson and Doug Eirebaugh opened rhe envelope and handed Barbara Born a bouque'r of sweefhearf roses. Susie Fogel, Harrier Shipley, Sue Sfrohacker, and Luanne Swank, were fhe ofher girls chosen by E.H.S. srudenrs as 'rhe mosf beau- riful girls in school. Sharon Henry and Jack Wagner, fhe fwo pages who led fhe royal procession on'ro fhe sfage, enrered 'rhe gym fo 'rhe fheme song. Following rhe pages were lhe king and queen of each class. They were: Judy Smifh and Dave McNary, sophomores: Har- rier Shipley and Ernie Neiderman, juniors: and Gary Diefmeier and Mary Ewalf, seniors, who reigned fhe remaining parf of fhe Sfyle show co-chairmen Jim Wrighf and Luanne Swank narrafe as model Molly Bolender looks on. evening. Affer The coronafion of fhe senior king and queen, Mr. Evans announced fhe amounfs of money rurned in by each class. The iuniors led wirh 579518, followed by 'rhe sopho- mores who had 556749, wifh fhe seniors close behind wifh S56232, making a grand loial of SI,925.99. The enlire cas? of The variely show assembles for a final bow. The audience W05 Taller' On 5 Hslelqh Ride" bY The GTVS Freeporl I-ligh Schools lirsl variery show, "Win+er Wonderland," was held in The Junior High School audilorium on February 2I and 22, l958, al 8:00 P.M., under The direciion of Miss Doroihy Nelson, Millon Schollen and Ernesl Seeman. The show was a success, wilh large audiences boih nighis. The 'rwenly-live acis were varied, feaiuring insirumenlals, orcheslralions, lap and Toe presenla- lions, original monologues, sliils and The F.l-l.S. Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, Mixed Chorus, ACappella Choir and Orcheslra. Some humorous highlighls oi The show were Blenda Crummer as The rope puller, a slcir by The Boys' Glee Club and original monologues by Darla Van Buslcirlc, Barb Bauch and Sally Koppein. The inslrurnenlals were by Anile Rocldewig, Dee- Ann Dollich, Marilyn Millard, Ladine Benneini, John Moerlc and Sieve Seeman. Vocal numbers were presenied by Kaliopee Mala- garis, singing "Tammy" and 'rwo "Rock and Roll" numbers by The Rhylhm Rockers, slarring Janice Jenner, Fred Bess, Ronnie Prasse, Gregg Widmer and George Osborne. Two dance numbers were presenled, a lap by John Grail and a loe by Carol Lee and a Trampoline skil by Francis Dyson and Earl l-liclcman. This iirsi show was well-received and if is hoped by The music deparimenr lo be ihe Tirsl of many such mileslones. Panfcrfnis' Barr: Bauch :z'i1+ Kalcpee Ma agaris and fri? Wi' Cf CYLJW Rice-so Banda Crumw r a 3 "fee Jinn G'alT, l28 Glee Club. STUDENT TALENT SPARKLES IN "WINTER WONDERLANDH variefy show The A Cappella Choir presenfed The glamorous "l Co Have Danced All Night" U 090 A s'anding Qvafien is given lo co-edifcrs Janel and Kar as lhe '57 Polaris is revealed. EDITORS OPEN 'TREASURE CHEST' polaris day "Whal color will il be?'l "The co-edilors are wearing blue and while. I bel lhose will be lhe colors." "Do you know whal lhe lheme is?" These are iusl a lew ol lhe remarks lhal were heard on PQLARIS DAY, I957, as lhe sludenls came lo school lhal Friday morning. Everyone was pre- pared wilh aboul lhree pens or a bollle ol ink and by noon, all lhe sludenls were anxious lo gel down lo business. The lucky ones who had lunch lillh period were lirsl in line as school was dismissed al l:OO o'clock. Because ol rain, lhe gym was opened and lhere were groups ol sludenls scallered all over lhe lloor and bleachers. Much lhoughl wenl inlo lhe bils ol prose wrillen lhal day. Every one ol lhem had a special meaning lo lhe boy or girl lo whom il was wrillen. The pages marked "saved" lor your besl lriend may have been aulographed by someone else. bul lhere were no hard leelings because il really didn'l maller where signalures were wrillen. As we glance lhrough our POLARIS and read each verse, we remember lhal day, and lhose memories will slill be cherished 20 years lrom now when we look back on POLARlS DAY, I957. Hammered by rain, we galhered in lhe gym lo ex- change iuicy bils cl orcse. We vcppec -r 'he Everyone crowds around lo see lhe oulslanding "F" of lhe loolball division. All lhe Polaris and Prelz slall members, pasl and presenl, have lo gel Miss CharrnIey's aulograph. The lloor and bleachers made lernporary desks lor lhe allernoon R "All ready, kid?", , Jim asks Luanne. I . :- GYM BLOSSOMS 'lNTO 'PARADISE' prom Prom ..... I957. This day, May 29, slarled wilh lhe magic singing of lhe robin and ended wilh many beauliiul lhoughls for all who allended "Paradise lsle." As our ship sailed lor lhe soulh seas, we found rhe F. H. S. caleleria our deslinalion. Afler drop- ping anchor, lhe Junior-Senior banquel, given by lhe Class ol i58, was aboul 'ro gel under way wilh 'rhe Reverend Anlhony Landgral giving lhe invo- cafion. The calieleria was lranslormed info a place of beauly wirh a colorful bullerily-covered backdrop behind lhe speakers' Table on lhe easl wall. All columns had become palm lrees and flowers were placed 'rhroughour rhe room. On +he fables were black and green programs. "Gee, I wish +hey'd hurry up and open lhe caleleria. l'm hungry!" Todd's speech brings laughler from all. Todd and Dean head fhe way fhrough the inrricare sfeps of lhe grand march. We wen? 'round and 'round and 'round . , . ?' Nu g.,-,..f,.fi- gf!! l S.-ngf f 'X Vnvff, 'Nix if .j I .' Yi ,. 1 'vi fl ' I gg I 'xi fx-V' If ff av ,5 .... fl f" r ,al f I ... ff 1 , 1 . ' . 1 Q.. fl "5 13511 Af?-er 6"ify'i"Q our meal Jenn Graff, 'oas"ras'er inlroduceo junior class cresoenf Todd l-lines. who followed w"h fne weliome. Graduafmq senior Fred Buslcer gave +he resccnse :cr his cfass ai'er which Jim Wr'gh' enlerfaineo wifh a song. 'Palms NVavei was lhe +heme oi lhe iunior icealrer, Genie Cava- han. Beiween songs by 'he Boys Quarlelle and Gfrls Ensemble came Linda S+efien, who voiced fre senfcr viewpoint enlilled. "O Paradisel 0 Paradisel' Voyaginq lo lhe nex+ isle, which was our qynn- nasium, a bamboo hul and several small islands came inlo view. This was our "Paradise lslef' Briqhl colored birds and bulferllies formed a ceiling. As we danced lo lhe music of Gus Fuhrman, The almosphere of a lropical islahd seemed +o surround us lilce a cloud of magic. All +oo soon came lhe fradi- iional Grand March al midniqhl, led by Todd l-lines. Fred Buslcer, and Their dales. Afler a while, she island seemed +o iade away in fhe horizon. l-lome we wenl, soon lo reappear in new ouliils. ready lo allend a movie, "The Busler Kealon Sloryf' pul on by lhe Freeporr businessmen. Brealclasf and enlerlainmenl was held al The Veferans Memorial Home slarling a+ 3:00 A.M. Before we could calch our brealh, fhe Soulh Seas seemed fo fade away in lhe misls of lime. As our lives go on, we shall all loolc baclc +o lhe Few wonderful hours we spenl on our Mparadise lsle.' We a'l danced and dreamed fo lhe music of Gus Fuhrman. Dancing sfops Temporarily as ihe crowd qafhers io view a hai iam session. Senior class presidenf Fred Buslcer, his dale Sue Sfro- haclrer, iunior class presiden+ Todd Hines, his dafe and lhe general co-chairman of the prom Ladine Benneff, prom co-chairman Ronnie Prasse and his dale Sue Schrader all sample fhe punch, The grand march incorporales syrnmelry in ihe ilfunnel of arms". As Luanne si... 'C change I beiore The 'ncvrie are says I I "Thanks ic' 'ne s' saf' of' a :rely ere" A salufe +o our flag marlced fhe end of our beginning. WE'LL REMEMBER ALWAYS: GRADUATION DAY Graduaiionl l+'s finally here. Bul' whal are our fhoughrs as we walk down fhe aisle in our 'flowing robes 'ro ihe beauliful, sralely sirains of "Pomp and Circumsl'ance?" ls il' The beginning of 'rhe end or fhe end of lhe beginning? As we march clown +o receive our diploma, ihe lcey To our fufure, evenis of our high school years pass before us. We remember lhe carnivals, bul' 'rhere is a special place in our hearfs for "Le Tour du Monde." There were hurried days when we had lo ge'r 'rhe Prelz News our or wrire a Term paper. We remember fondly The hours speni on "Meer Me In S+. Louis" and "The Curious Savage", and how can we ever forgel lhe lasl home looiball game? I+ is wifh mixed and sad feelings 'rhaf we leave FHS. No, il' is nor The beginning of fhe end, buf rhe beginning of a new phase of our lives. Whefher we are going on 'ro school, working, gelfing married, or going info lhe service, we loolc baclc on our high school days as lhree of 'rhe besi years of our lives. I32 Nervous anficipafion brings laugh- fer from Fred and ihe gang. 1 Q .IUI1 Jane Ofson and Luanne Swank led 'rhe eeders of the 58 class foo X W I The ceremony! over, now we head +owards e wr!! no? forget Hxougn we be far, far away," 1 ,ff marriage, and a brignfer fomorrow. 1 V, ,- ads -X 'rhey were L-L ' Q 1 cofleqe. offices I.: ff f M ,MU QWWQZ dl Kinja wk A? fl f 611344 I All A4 ,ifffcpazjx ff fag 66 in Kun! 'nj M fs 13, Last Word 5 K Xfifdwffdf X Jn AnoTher Polarls as Tlnushed' And how glad we are To see The end In svghT BuT To The sTaTT and us :T :sn T 'usT anoTher book :T s someThung whnch we have bualT and waTched grow Trom The mannaTure dummies To The acTual bound book So :T as wlTh mrxed emo Tlons ThaT we rad ouT The locker Take down our sugns and pucTures and clean Pub Tor The lasT Time We sTarTed plannnng Thus book and drawnng up The dummnes lasT sprung and over The summer monThs we slaved on The lay ouTs To geT Them DeTnnuTely we could noT have produced The Tlnlshed book :T IT had noT been Tor The people who conTrnbuTed so much To The T958 Polaris To Gene Hayes our phoTographer Trom Blanken burg STuduo goes our deepesT Thanks Tor beung on call almosT 24 hours a day and Tor a 'ob well done WnThouT The consTanT advice and assnsTance oT our prnnTer Jack Dupee oT STephenson Carroll Pub llshers we would hav been sTumped many Times on lay ouT and prnnTnng problems Luanne Swank sensors ednTor we Thank you Tor an excellenf 'ob oT compllung and Typing The lnsTs oT sensor acTnv1Tues Tor schedulang and re schedulung all The sensor pucTures and Tor your perTecT head :nes Cheryl HorsTmeuer admunnsTraTnons ednTor your Tnne lob oT gaTherlng TogeTher The TaculTy and ad m1nusTraTnon dsvuslon was deeply appreclaTed A voTe oT Thanks goes To Jerry Engle oTher classes eduTor Tor The Tune 'ob oT co ordlnaTung all The rambunchous underclassmen Tor Thexr phoTographs To Mary Dennis organlzahons eduTor we snncerely express our Thanks Tor a year long 'ob oT handling The b:ggesT secTnon oT our book Conquerung The many problems whnch you encounTered and produclng so much copy Trom The J s was a Tough assngnmenT whnch you TulTllled excellenTly Miss Charmley words cannoT Tell our apprecnahon To you as advnsor Tor The innumerable hours you devoTed To our cause Your calm approach To every small dllemma even when I35 covers were mls placed proved To be a sTaTT upon which we learned To depend Thanks To Genre Carnahan our acTuvnTnes edaTor we were able To cover all campus acT1vnTues an an eTTrcuenT manner Thanks Too Genue Tor all The excellenT copy you Turned rn Tor oTher secTuons oT The book Ron Nevenhoven Thank you Tor puTTung up w1Th a rough one whnch you managed very successTully WnThouT arTusTs Bonme Plager and Alyn Hess we would noT have possessed The excellenT carToons and arTwork whnch are seen ThroughouT The book Our Thanks To Ron Prasse Tor keepung careTul waTch on Polarls Tunds and Tor p1Tchung nn second semesTer on The admrnlsTraTxon secTlon The one blg day which you and your sTaTT puT In was much apprecnaTed Orval Falrbalrn WnThouT your and In dusTrubuTlng The Polaris and checking The blue cards Polarus Day would noT have been a success Our hearT TelT Thanks goes To The busrness and admnn1sTraTuon oTTnce sTaTTs Tor gnvnng us so much helpTul cooperaT1on durxng our rushed monThs T aCTlvlTy We Teel sure ThaT wnThouT The excellenT help on cover desugn Trom DeLuxe CraTT Cover Company oT Chncago and The Tune 'ob oT bnndnng done by Vass Bmdery oT RockTord our book would noT have had such a pleasnng appearance LasT buT noT leasT many Thanks To The oTher Publucahons members and The lunuor lournalasTs Tor all The copy so quickly Turned IU and excellenTly wruTTen Your assnsTance was Truly apprecuaTed To call :T 30 we wush The besT luck To nexT year s sTaTT Tor a bugger and beTTer Polaris and we hope we have pleased everyone wnTh The T958 ed1Tuon Sincerely I Draw Ts, es. MCM: fi UWM ONT LZi"'ET.fZmeH 9 bw bg fififvvujocs JJJUYHQWJJLSESL Q.LvJ1,oJ.wx BD B CO EdITOfS X YYILQAJYYT-LIYNK' Mxum SKULL l'b0.zQ-,bJ.,v.fvx. Q Tfh,glSvZggsQ6TL1mQ'C 025342, O., Iiifqllmge Lgnpqf. QKQAQ L Um T 1 - N L VUGLU-cl. 9 ijlqfyvo-1.-.J O-LL,'.lL9- 33-L Us-f I , 'UC lLU-fl-0-'- Mlmwajegcu 'Duc ffl. 7 T Xi .4 s as fe' W . V f , , Cfff 'K " , , J ,' I ,9 ' V ' , ' T' ff' T f' f ,1 1 lk ' L , ' 7 fu! ', N" VC -ff If JXQ, Jfif ' ' Z W1 , ' 1' T. Q, ,cf f Q u' T " f V '7 .f C ' ' "K exacTly as we wanTed Them. us as we griped Tor sporTs copy. Your secTion was l' . ' ' o ll T, , U . . ' 'll ' ' v ' ' lr' V I I I l T-I l l' S- - , ' ' I Q , - MQAUNLJLGXTJL ff 77,7567 I A Cappella cj CQ, Z Acknowledgmenfs Alfbgvfeff. CA' CUT Baseball Basketball Varslf mug Board ol Educaho Boys Glee Club 5 P M, oys eer ea Classes 39222 edrcahon Employees Faculty Foofba Jun or Va s fy Soplho rl n h Fu u ur G1rlS G1rlS Gnrls Glrls Golf Gra H A5 ZW e Econom1c5 Club srr1aI Arts Club rodpctron k M 412-3 ff 12 f 41,1 Toplcal Index MJ H O M Lgffnfclub .ff 6 04 Lefler, he Ed 6 W Left 'OC rxed Orchesf v l'fEElND5 W I X8 nmpal W fsna Sgaoll 88 95 88 9l 9 5 .V X2 Cl 5 si51?2f.51uc1ub ' U Sen1ors ,sf Senuor xf ms C ub af u Coun Su r1nr ook lehc Assomaho e of Come if X Tennis., I Ma Z' lv Fu . I Sexrei nl W ,- omunq -ff! ,IQ 1.11.1 f ,A MWAMM, Baries Rcha 0 JW Bene I8 Bowers abe l'OW e Burc De Char T 11 ah J Durham alph E MA F v I Freers oyd m o Hansen Dagmar He1Iand Ehzabefh H o Johnso Nae Kane Kublfz Kuhleme Lernanslu Pa r1c1a A HS fluff iw? 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Suggestions in the Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) collection:

Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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