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 - Class of 1956

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, 1: 5?517iiDf5 W' " 1 1 VH K x f X uy Q R A LIILMO 153410. EHS HONQQS X A X f 1 LT ,, -,, -ff" ,J-1' Y l ' ,xl-1 if 52' f - I, 2' Q ADVISER l FREEPORT SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FREEPORT ILLINOIS 473 'x I CO-EDITORS K If A +I R' If s I Be 1 h J. Ch ley I Table o Orange and Black Pxdminisfrenon Feculfy Seniors Juniors Sopnomores Adivnies Afnlefics Calendar Indexes onfenfs 2-I I I 2- I 6 I7-22 23-4I 42-46 47-5I 52-89 90- I 2 I I22-I32 I 36- I 40 gg ef- t ' W W A .g W 'gf , , , .... writ . E 2"1'f!f"2S'-i'5.L.?Ks2 L 4. i ., wg . ,a xr .A NL , A Ak . 4, ,. . -, yu, ' ' 1 ' 3 Wqf-.'N3 li emi, fx. , x.W. 333515 i g . 3 .Q., figggxi A L, 3+ggx,,ml 1 V . U, ,,,4 ,U . ,. Y Wk, 'V sn' Q. xa ga X-S?g?gf"g'1g V14 1 : 2 :s" 1. b Mm 5 y' ' ' 'F 1 iyiwh' W A ' S M, , :rf i 4 i :Q if 1 TWQM5' L7 f v W 1 f z' Liv., Qi 1 " k 1' :xx 3 5 ' 0 P , ""' K . ,mmf ' Q X X X 4 4 , . f , - it I 4? n ' 3? C- I .X , 0 . ...biq I N 4' .c'f'f'J,k 2 Q 0' "H .af-" Q. , 1: ' A ru. , ,, r we S .4 4 In n. 1 .4 5 I Q, JI , l.. A 4 , VK, X Q ' . ' S., E X -PM E +5 A 1 - 3- - K J 3 ff t, f S 4 ff? N L , 4 ' x - 1, 7 X ' . 'H A 5 -v x Ni 5 Q was ,.r,,,.,qi f . -+- Xb 5 ' wx Z , 1 K i , 1 v- PK ' . .Ky KHX , Q 2 ,, A t A 45? N , 'Nz' 5. , f-O' A , w N Q . . H- , .I i gtq VI vt X . .. - f. sf 4 J XL v , f,:rfff,k gi M f ffaw L.1?'- K X -5 'Z e :J Ml Q2 . . M ggait. , 1 :pf V 'fl xl 1 'I F' 4'U1""- . ' ' - '-Wf r ff- .51 l . ga wry J 'A-7 .ay fvifcil' ln Appreciafion Of His Dedicalion To To Louis E. Mensenkamp, principal and feacher, our 'rhanks for a lesson in living: you have lrue leadership, a deep sense of responsibilily and True dedicalion lo your job. Never foo busy fo sel aside an hour. whenever asked, lo counsel sludenl' or leacher, you have given freely of yourself. Your never-failing sense of humor has helped us all: your underslanding has bridged many a gap belween facully and sfudenf body. We respecl your honesly, your calmness: we admire your look lo The fulure. In you, fhere is purpose and calmness and sfrengfh. We counl' ourselves favored who have known you so well. To you and your gracious lady. who has so unselfishly shared you wifh us. our besl wishes for many happy years of reliremenl' and 'rhe safisfying pursuil' of your many and varied hobbies. Us 5 ,wry ' " ,,,'4y!g 4' ' WI? -11 .-.-., "HQ fl .4 -fc ,vzv :fgi 43:19 if ' 7 mv -lib. xy' 1 X X .. L J " ' X A X i 0 7 ' 'N'--.. 'C QQQQ- 4 , A 4 M X I L ,,y y ,wa -w"?'Y"7'. 1- ' A' '- ' . J 1 , 4' YV, fr NJ ,,,k My-hh 1.4, .,. Q'fQ'w:U':g N " V . 1, ' Y' ' ,- W . . - A 5' ' ""7'?"f' "IW " " uf ' V U 7' 1 - V 44,93 . X I 1 H K .mt vm' A A 7, . V R , It M '71 H' 'lf 9' H V--. N: W H - f I Y ff ' 'K - .ff 33 .' f rf 52 1. 2- M ' ' -25? " S1 vb ggzfz 'LJ .. X5 ima gig .F ,f ,L 35 H ,Z I e f lgxfl AIT -, gf Q 5.9, f Q., ' Q f A V ' , i if 1 ,.f , ' " f' . - , 9, . i : -1' I jr , t . , r , . ,F A A ' A .f.,.4.f HL: X- A Q ' L Q, V 1 is . " 1' A 1 3 1 1 ,g Q 1 x I v Q, , J . A., . v.1,. ...-, ,l..A I .Y .. sqrlilzxx f A - . . ':,z, . f,.l::J,1?,f- LH .X L Tw-. ,. .i 1..f.?-J -. v I f ' 11 1 '1 A f A -4. xffvpfliilf- Lf , --.. W. 4-.giixfz TIA vi' .- " x 41 1, -xr: T11 . 4 I A , T A ..gx,'M.f. .,:'.,.,,'g,,.Q1.,: .i .. Nrlz A-I . x..f""i"""AL if lilly' "-."351-3'7'J'fi'L A' W yu" L31 sql i 4' fv1.4"L'f Riff? .ff r, , . 1 L V'Txl :143vg4L'M'A 5 -F 54" Nq,1,2,1 t,?.,J.,.- U 'v 1: 1 V - P - +--1 T , T 4 .. 1, g: 1'-3,1 ':L1:1,.1'1, 1 ff - 7 I -Turf Sui: F'Lfif"'f', jg j , ' ,V A 521 L ' ""',,. 2.1, lrigxxk ', T, ., 111-xkfl 1 . 1 , f,.,T,,1 I'.1,,.,,. V X . . 1 I..,T"AfA A- -f-VL. ...I , , . g- 12' 14121 T. fgg3,.13"i-fgA,gg5 1- .. ' I "" 'ITXTT' fi!" ..'.l',L.,L,L. i'.'Y"'L'7' LW-, .,, ,Q .. Q' ff,f1 ,1,,L, . , .,.- . . A,,, , 1,1 Z.'L.f1' . ' , ' f ' "J-2 f-A-f..-,.- . L 1 r - 1,f'Lx.'1f1?' T--1-, -M--:'11f,--,Q fr 11.4113 LLL..:.,,L.1 A 1U...:.,1-,,.. . .. . - , Y- ,J Jcfi .k.,-. .-, ,, l.x.!Lx'1 r . If .M - ff L' .I .irq 'J' . .,,- .:'?':.'E,,.L3g"': f 9: ?'H71,.1x.I-bi," A,'v 1, ,r v , .A 1 All! .. ' x4'5'x':- .,,. ,. , -2 .- .IKLIL iiil-Y I?.X"f V 1 ll.. , 1,1 1 . 1 121: J' ff 411111 ... Qi.: "Ir YI'YK'T?T -FEYIH 1 211 f"L1Vf I1 11 JT I ixafl 1 , 1 T .1 ' x L T 1,.,Lr.x lr1':'lTbT 1.1 3, ,. 1 fx.: A .Y .,, ,- -Mg ,- I ... K aw A " . QE' 4' 22,3 1,5 , - A ' rfxtt Lltafik -I ,. '11 JJ' ' 'fm "'l- Ifgifir 4 I, , A.-- W--,.. .....Xv-f..v,..f-v-- V ,,. .. , , . ,... 1 1, ,. w+-fp w 2, ' .- 2 17? A .Al If ., ,n,,, yn I ff. In All . L I 1 iffzlxixyw, .1z'1,'rr1,:Q '.j1 :,x1 xl.lll.J1l: r1:1 1 A ' , . rx v inf: Qliii ,r"1 z f, ,XL J1.,z,. ,,r,kgzvL:3: gl'x,,.x1t:? I 1 L LJ I 111 , z, frxlfzrifrg , .r,-,rx . I.x:....z71, ge '1'1.I"1' 1 . x . I :AJ x1w'x'f':": .5721 Y'l 1 X 1 1 :,1 1 1 Ill, 1'1" 1 f I zfzffrlrm 'sfxgzixizzz ,. . tzfxfxizir' 'fif'gL,I.!f , .1 "'f'. -liix 1 ' fzrri ff:f1.iMQ,: MJ - ,.,,., :'1' lf, .5 r' Vx.: 'T.,!, 71,Y',Z J"i'5':"fr I?,,.l.i1'E!1 'X ., . s, K ir:,z,Q? , ' ' Q:':Z . . - -,-. .',,zr v"i ,V-..,.. ifb. f.I'.7 ,., - .11 . f af, 1' ' . 1' ' ,. ' ' L.,.!1. 52 ' 'WJ I 4 5 1060 M O n F r e e p o r+ Or Freeoorb Gr, Freezer' Crasr fgrf Wrong? Trar ff'-e Take We ba?l around. ROW If on We ground, You are doing Fine. So Co Freeporf QF. Freeood Take of vicfory Wwrough. Gr Freeport Cru Freerfcr' NVe are all MW you! i x, i I ,avr Shing Ygv 'A 'Q I.-....-ew. -we Q4 On Polaris D fl 'ninqle in flee parking lat, FHS- Qur home away from homel Through our lhree years here we have learned To love every nilch and corner of lhe buildingg we have walched wilh an+icipa+ion lhe coming of spring which meanf new grass on lhe sprawling campus and lhe vines which lwine more and more every year around lhe building. Perhaps lhe lavorile places of fhe sludenls are on lhe campus and lhe foolball field, bul you can always find a large group in The parlcing lol and Jrhe cafe- leria, Allhough deserled mosl ol lhe lime during fhe day, al 3:38 lhe lo+ becomes a sea of faces as +he s+uden'rs rush oul of +he school. Aboul The cafeleria, nolhing has To be added: where Jrhere is food, fhere are leen agers. We love lhis school -every perl of if will and does hold memories never lo be forgolfen. 8 -II We Drove And Devoured Everyone has limo 'iw look al lhe phoicgramher excepi "Chico" Voigl--hes loo busy Mpigging if up!" P-f"" Rer1eeLar1e recafcs trvex laina roblem ' . +0 We Ccweqpe Gsm dai- D . . . Cherushed Classroom Memorles "Tiger" Woods vwaverfuily finishes a speech in Joe Spudidfs Engllsh dass. PNN-GV and Ca'-ey Farr 531.9 5 Qgrefu' In soecficn Yo a rvewcorfef. X 6:53 I XS.--,fx Fx Mr. Bwlc shows his class a gocd Baca lo les-ii "wif lincew ou' ol. Praclical Classes Train Us For Everyday Living The primary obiocl ol a school is lo leach lhe lulure adulls lho lhings lhey will need lo lcnow lo have a beller America. Many yearboolcs lorgel 'lhis as lhey lell only lhe social life and alhlelic life ol lhe school year. We are hoping lo show lhal al FHS we do olher lhings besides going lo dances and loolball games-we allend classes live days a weelc from 'I sullen windffied wha' was under fliers," 8:20 Alvl. lo 3:38 al lhe minimum. Besides lhe required courses we have lhe opporlunily +o branch ou? and lalce ones lhal are nol only lun bul also give as a chance lo display our lalenls. When we leave lhese hallowed halls, lhe lhings we will remem- ber besl and lhinlc baclc on lhe mosl londly are 'lhe hours lhal we spenl in lhe classrooms. A lrjw' cl lllf' 'f1l'f S'UOF:l'll f3'C G' 'l C KK in 'nc-ir wil. ,496 2352? 4 Af iiiwilkfiniqn '51ARCHl9S6 Q Q. wfkig, 3 1 3 ,. .1 Q M, , 1.- W' mwmw w+..u,W,f 1 Wmwww .-f'-Mll- N -1 V, , ,A .:."3,'.:Lg3.-4',. lk M VV - I.. . N , 1 Y A , ' ' -I 1 1 . Q I 2 3 yd V... ..- ... .-. ..- 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30 31 I" vw L AI?-KATITII TRA ON P f Ofy HF f 5'Jf'YW1VT 'B' vm 9 "mp V C L H Q4 PVOG7 G V' Cf OVW C W 'urn malred We Wea NC a CarmvaN 'O farm 'NOTT67l fo w QW f ar m wa who mam aqceo 1H+e Maqu ff ww f Mo organ f a X ff F f f Hoo O ,W r A weaioowve our e LW fwka ever fm o an Hue f6GVC + cfvme 0 . E,',1',r-5 -' f 'V' ,' .5 FWS :CW 7,1 - " :QM 5 Qi' , a f-wc" Cu 'i ' . 53 A 1, L" 'f'-11 '19 1, 'il-E' cam "5 ff-3, W, 5Q1i"':' 'iff iijicuffg MC 1 f"LV"n'1 'Vw , , Qwirwf' 4: Jr rwcalw Er: 'Y 'fl-'xii L, RUM, HQ' V if Nu Mawr-FL 'xr' Y.-av"-q fe Q A 33 'I W d pax. -W FJf wx: 1r'XL1105'f'1g!H5 QW T IN Mrs. N cfff A dl 3 . U' wal he ho K Q. , A J 1. 'Lv X r Wwe- gfublkaii ,z Cnr: f emi. H Q che " - K xl P1 , If-Mraz, H ph? 1 - 'gd Nl We e +raf-"'Qui1r even X, M fhc 32 I. T M S, ., X- JA , b QQ YWLTGTI + , 'f ' d ' j, . ,O ,- .. F'- S "v7'Q'-v ""Ai.'x' ,,, ,,h"-vu rd fem, Wg ' 'J' Q? A aff ,Q fv Mr b"' f. 15 .. " rg ,, T' ' "Af, ' 5 'A 'H-'fl ,,..,!' "S ,'f"T 4 f'.5fP2':iA '7 ,- ,L 54? 'nf .g,.'y7?7-4 I. , 2 ,-vi, 'Q-' Aw? - -MF' MC. ff . -, rf . Q-:aw-. 5 'V ' ,.. --Lg? :Z':y:.,f:3: 2 gf,-5" f-Qg5:i3T1? mt? ' 'nb' ..-1-,g::g.:..' -,-ey 4.x,..,,:, .':-?J:5:'::6,g51'.:'k:.-11"f ,' fag? .,., xl., i3i'g1Zi1Zj.i:-:,Y3fi5. , f.. ,...,,. ,..-.,'.- ... '.v-.z-.--:.-M.-.":'-2, 4: .nj-Vx.-,:.3,'4',:.y?.'q:.15iw ..,...,,..,,b7.,W ,. 'ff ' ?rP .,..,,-"M Q i ji" T' .4 Yf - ,a."'v .gn 'g f 'BT-'IEW' 2' Welcome-McPhail Our adminisfrafion consisfs of many people besides fhe ones fhaf we see every day in school. A new memberof fhis friendly organization is Harry R, lvlcphail, Superinf fendenf of Schools, formally of Ames, lowa. Mr, Mcphail has 27 years of experience behind him already, and we hope he will have many more wifh us. When quesfioned abouf his opinion of fhe differences befween Freeporf and ofher fowns he had been, he remarlced fhaf fhe parlrs and churches are exceplional. 'tw New Superimendor' of Schools l-larry R. Mcphail is neve' foo busy lo oreef a "uoer'. 1 19" The Board of Educafior' qo Cue' some bluepfinfg, Sfandinq: Ted Carpenfer, Roberf RT'ninq'on, Dan l-lirfle, C, M. Fuller and l-larry Mcphail, Seafed: Lloyd Giessel, Charles VJ. Fursf Don Jepsen and Earl Beyer. George Kloos Dean cf Boys and Miss Marguerite Huebner Dean of Girls lalre 'haf much-earned liuf seldom-falcon offee break. This year fhe school board is affempling fo puf several new ideas info effecf. Among fhese are: a sfronger arf, music and physical educafion pro- gram: a renfal fexf boolc plan: and a solufion fo fhe overcrowdedness of fhe iunior high. Now we come fo fhe people we see every day af school. Miss Marguerife l-luebner and George Kloos are, perhaps, fhe fwo people who are closesf fo fha maiorify of fhe sfudenfs. If anyone should have a problem, no maffer how large or small. 'rhey are always fhere fo help and give advice. Our cus? da s nqlude Pelez lelel l-lerr cCdJalrsnPauEc 5 S5 G e S UD SCI, ?'7fw,'eVe S Nxksjdvlawmrh . of Us Various Slaffs Perform Services Working wilh lhe adminislralion were lhree im- porlanl groups of people. In charge ol 'rhe cafeleria slall was Miss Genevieve Sheridan. ll was her duly lo plan all lhe meals so fhey were balanced and lo see 'lhal her orders were Carried oul. Miss Mae Boswell served as school nurse and loolc care ol lhe sludenls and lacully members who go? siclc or were hurl during lhe day. The cuslodians have lhe immense job of keeping lhe buildings ol lhe school clean and lhe grounds around lhem lidy. V' 3,4 'Es - 1 7 -4 ,il BOC to Se Tl'ese girls are af your service in 'lie library. 7 Ill l i Seafed' Edifh Haas Lirda Marissa Jo ce Ascher, Susan Kreme' Georgia - - 4 H T Y Thruman and Ruihann Hird. Sfandingt Judy l-lenze, Judy Nelson, Beverly Wade, Carol Donnelly Janef Abels and Carol Dindernnan. Library, Office Workers Perform Various Dufies There are several people, born adulfs and sfu- denfs, who work in fhe library and office. Af fhe beginning of fhe year fhese sfudenfs are picked, keeping scholasfic abilify, personalify and helpfulness info considerafion. The girls fhaf are chosen fo help in fhe library do several fhings: fhey file cafalog cards, find old edifions of maga- zines for anyone who needs fhem, do some desk work, and, of course, check books in and ouf. There are four adulfs who work in fhe office. Besides doing an efficienf iob all fhe fime, fhey are consfanfly helping sfudenfs in any way pos- sible. Mrs. Naomi Anderson, iknown fondly fo fhe sfudenfs as Mrs. A.l originafed fhe idea of a carnival fo help raise money for fhe publicafions The adulf office help consisfs of: Erma Bucrer Assisfanf Secrefaryg lrene Keisler, Bcokkeeperg Alice Freidai Adendance Clerk: and Naomi Anderson. ,ff . deparfrnenf. The sfudenf office workers, besides running errands, learn how fo run fhe swifchboard and fhe various ofher office equipmenf. They also are faughf some- fhing abouf being a good recepfionisf. The girls who work in 're office fc' exfra credit. Row 1, Beffy Zerby, Madha Newberry, Mary Ellen Bauer, Marfha Scoviii Joyce l-lc-nie and Joanne Loring. Row 2. Marie Bolfiel JoAnn Nerneier, l-lannah l-lenning, Birdine lngcid Marilyn Gorham, Sylvia Neidcrmann and Shirley Koonce, Row 3, Aleiha Bergman, Sally Lang, Marilyn Auman. Carol Hubbard, Virginia Gorham Anifa Pfeil and Arlene Miller. l-ligh on lhe lisl ol our high school remembrances shall be The members ol our lacully, who, wilhoul our knowledge. slowly molded us info lhe Cilizens of Tomorrow. Through lheir various personalilies, lhey brealhed lile info lheir subiecls-whelher il be woodworking, chemislry, sewing or lhe lhree NRE". Through home room guidance we learned more aboul our fellow sludenls, leachers and lhe life ahead ol us-whelher il be college, marriage or worlning. --v nf- h..i..,., ff g. A M e ' We shall be lorever In debl' for lhe lcnowledge 'rhey have given us even lhough il somelimes had lo be pounded inlo our heads. However, we will be more gralelul for The friends we have made and lhe 'rhings lhey have laughl us lhal' can never be found in boolcs. ll is for all lhese reasons and many more lhal' we can say-Thanlcsl Ili --13111 L X Q i, In I M'-I 1 lfwlnwl-nklmlhn Huff . ,V U' r X, Charmley, Beulah Jackson Ewgiisw Un wfs N' ci Ww:cc's ' SA. MA. Boyfers, Mabel Lyn Un vw 'g Q, U' K mmf, Unwy",'. V W?51,L's C'3'1,n'f- Wffvi A'X'u"1n A -Nr' Burck, DeWayne 11.2" 2 F . x Hr gb- A '-uv, K v '2':1Q: V-J ,J AHS vs .1 5 uf, f'1'fg,.,, rv q FHS ev. f'ff,m1,af.m AN Bokemeier, Vernon 1' ,xx Vizcnwnmul Arg' 1 uw' I ,- Kiwi SUN Cu f uf B5 V gy S., Z 'X r X , V X C-y ' .' wfgq 5 3. 53 fr' :::"' Baumgariner, Reuben Allen, Frank Merri++ Mgthemsvics Bissonne++e, Joseph Physica! Educafion Unwergify of l1'7no'5, BA. MA. , , pV'YSiCS Afnlefic Director Sfate Univefsiw of Nowa BlC5n'Ch. Kate W 5.-Sfafe Cc! eqe' La C'osse Southern Illinois Un've'si',, B.Ed. Urivcfsify of CaWcfnRa QV 1-:Of-JUUVV I , WW- 5-S- Sfafc Univcrsim of Nowa MA. Los Angeles COWHQC C? 50 'X' CJVC' 'E' B-5 Wws. Sfafe Co 'ege' Os'-moan, I 8 W5 B be ,451 bf, 'Z a Y ' x .1 g 1 gl, , M ' 5 I aff? - 1 , Q i . -1: ' if K Freerlcsen, Floyd Durham, Ralph E. Ccfffwfza CcJ:'7'g ' 'cs 5'J'e Non- 1 BS. 'n Elaifi' c gnslrom, Ralph 52222 Aaqawana Co cqc B A. U' ve'sr, 55 'own MA. Falley, Richard maLs"'a, Emcgr on Eas'e'n H no5Sm1c Col Bradlea Unlvefsllv, MS. Uni-fefslry of Colofado Graduate Work Unlvefslw of l llnols, G'3GU5TQ Wow Farr, Carey S. Bio ogy Den' CO lege BS. SNWYQ Un ve'slY, Oi 'una l Pal QV lc - ymrd Ommandefl Pl-Eli' Wolv- y Woman, V, 5 w ld? l are PM gusewsc, Hansen, Dagmar Hamil, Helen Cnfcaqo A'v 'S' 'Je E'q sf l-1R5+O', :wa Uwj-vs ', 5.A. Cc-1 Cc age 3 A. ww: Shan: Tea?-e's CQ eqf' 3 A, 'own U'3.e's'. S'5c.3'e A':'- U' w:'s", cf W s:c's" NA. Sum Unlv-E'i '. :F lo,-a MA. Heiland, Elizabefln Dmsical Ed.:.a+ion Norvlnem Ill noS Sfye T Collins, B.S. NISC S':v1-:re 'Now U. oi W Qzcnjn -N V? CCQQNKJV U.o5lo a Na -Qffifff Hull, John M. Kane, Reber? Knauff, Don C"" VW' Cfrvvvrvwtnfi Pmg 4,1 ' Eoucaiiow U " W O51 'f S Smv1fA'z-f so CQMNV Q' BS QQ33LQn wx'-'M-fm mm S STC,B.S. M 5. Uwvf-rs:'vu3Qw.1LM A Un ,S O, W Sli, Kubih, Karl H. Band Augushano CQHQQQ, BA. Umiversify of Wisconsin G-raduaic Work ,.f Kuhlemeyer, Ferne rf ' K1 ,- ,fI' QJIZ, rl-,-,, 'W L' ,Wy Fa hx af YO 5 I . ' 1 f Norrrian, Ronald Q., 1 x C-Sxiivn 1' -5 -cg' ': X Q A K I fm 1- P: ,mm 1 , 2 Me H: ' wmv-11 F' f , , V., MA, fm J, V 'A ' 9-If mmf: A ' irgx 1: ry A 1? . new Q' fzfhdgn Zigf'P3ff"W - ff , 1 Lemanski, Pafricia A. L x' 'M 'u7'm f un" gn!! "V 1 , - W. gloyd, Jea neffe Dfymy cs SUT U"w's'v, BA MHA. McWilliams, Karl Bloloqv Scievzc B D'fve' Ec,:a'cr' Eas'e'n N n:'a Sui Te:a:"e'S Co eq? B.E U'ufe's". of ":'s MS. Madden. Lucille C'a9?s 0.3 Stan: Colzeqe B S. McNally, Helen MJLI: Appreecnion Pfam CPOW Gr-1s'Glee Cluo Cornell College B.M.E. Lyle, Edirh Home Economfw 4 . lowa Sfre B,S, I' Ag,-, rdf x 1 Lumby, Richard ixeevewswol De-"cyan SJ Jarze CQ'o':1'm'of D9D3,w Urve'S.', BA. N9"rNes'e'n Un versrr, M. Luebbing, Mary M. U1 .e'5". 3' W s:c'sIn B.S Marks, Eugene lnius' 'J' EJ 1' f fr l fm. Cocacwfw Plxvfev' le Sfme Co reqe B.S. Burilfm M.S 3 3 lor rnamms 3 li W lx l, Marlin, George U. S. Hislof, SKJHETL' Umzcf Iowa UH -1-t's'. BA. Un fvs M cf lowg M A R. A r. Lumby 'S Seven, "U5'faf0: " c em 0655. J O"7pfO,e div crow 1 Schmudf Dorofhea M. an,- ','Sj3, . 4, ' X ?Dq A Nl 'J N-'fx ,- ,-qv T7 . f ff L if sky: 1 a hk,. K 2 ' f f .2 MaHhresen Lmllian Musser, Carolyn Nelgonl DQVOH-ly ra ' E1 5 E V',,VM1s' W D .1 ,,,rx' . NC C 1 x, O' Ev V," K, 'H' C L11 Cl' A KW' Cr " 1 P! D B fff F l H A ' 11' L, V f Lf w Rifzinger, Frances C na! Uw,fw,1v,,B.QS Di" Uwx""5Vx W 'v U S t"s"'-WEA M L L NAA f -f 1' K V X-Mm' ..k,, VN, HQW ,W VNV, .' M U U Hg ay., ,Q Roen, Howard Rubendall, W !f1,,s"wu Ffir1'f" Mnfhrxvrmmci Sw A Wmsmmffx MS. 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Judilh Ann Bloyar Carnival 43 Glee Club 23 Home Ec. Club lPres.l 33 Hmrm. Olli- cer KV. Prese 3-43 Intramurals 3-43 Jr. Red ross 2-3' La Prelz Staff 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Mask 8: Wig 43 Office Ass'i 43 Philos 43 Play Comm. 2-4: Polaris Staff 43 Sec'y Club 33 So-Hi 23 Tri Double l 3-4. Ronald L. Brubalrer Carnival 43 lnduslrial Arts Ciub 5-43 Lalin Club 23 Play Comm. It 'Awai- Roberi George Bennell' Boy's Sfale 23 Carnival 43 Hi-Y 2-33 Hmrm. Officer lSec. Tfeasl 2-3: Jr. Prom Comrr. 3' Masr 8- Wig 23 Play Comm. 3. Marie Joan Bollies Carnival 43 Hmrm. Officer 33 Jr. Red Cross 33 Office Ass'l 2-43 Philos 41 Sec'v Club 43 So- Hi 2: Tri-Y 3-4. Barbara Anne Bruesch Band 23 Carnival 3-43 Home Ec. Club 43 lnvramurals 33 Latin Club 23 Philos 43 Play Comm. 33 Sec'y Club 33 So-Hi 23 Tri Double l 2. Bruce Vernon Besloy A CapDel'a 3-4' Arl Club 43 Boy's Slawe 23 Carnival 43 En- semble 4' Jr. Play 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Masl: Xi Wiq 3-43 Play Comm. 3-43 Senior Play 43 Tri DO.1bi'3 l 4. Roberl George Berger Baseball 2-4: Baskefball 2-43 8oy's Slate 23 Carnival 43 Hmrm. Officer 2-43 lnframurals Z. Jack E. Bruni Cannival 43 Foolball 33 Hrnrm. Officer lSec. Treas.l 33 Spanish Club 3. Samuel Hume Bess A Cappella 23 Band 2-43 Carni- val 43 Cort. Monifor 43 En- semble 4g Foofball 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Latin Club 23 Or- chestra 4' Tennis 2-43 Theatre ofch. 33 fra Double 1 2-4. Margie L Bricl: Cale. Siaff 43 Carnival 4. William Paul Baden: Carnival 43 Visual Aids 4. eam udclle ,Q IU' ,415 Ales.. A-4 v 4""" 'if' if-Q-vi ...qv 'T fi ' " 9 43" ' 'I fa- '09 35131 if i -vm 1---v 45-5 TY' ll a-r-v 1 o s i n a H V,3 t"" f, it 4 sill ll ,. . gh by Y K 1 Ad f -I. HA f ' ,N V Q , x in " 'fi 63 Ig: 'UO Q ' l Y- - xx 3 ' f i" Q ' fl., ' fi .i 1 5' 5, ' ' ' 1. 3 3, 3' b A .3 k.:r:'rn X if 1 V B .. 3 MA., ' 5 ' i if of uf fs v-. 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X Qggv Q ,C , T.. 7 "4--1 ff-f 'ff 'A' or , A ., , 2 5. YI I if r ' n I 15554274 Q -- ' W, SIR , ' s ' 15.4 fi- M. fm ' Y ' ' rv ' gf 1, ,, Aa . ..r r ijsg . lx, V A ' 6 'K A ' fl, . 9 - A , , f 1 ' ,M s 1 , qi' Nui. f f- .l . " N x ' 5 5 A L, ?-' J I Sf, ' , C 3 1- V C 1 . ' A A 1 g ' ' ' T I ', ' I 2 . 3 3 .H ' gl , Fe -'If .mls . I l 2 T 4 ' 3-4g J'4. pldY'3f L3 Pre Sfa'5 S.. I I 5. -f 'fb -35.-,C H22-4l l2, 3 + 3-4. Se 'Q 3 S Yr-li 23 rr arm O 'r. - 1 The p. 4g Tri Do ' I -45 rl- - 5 cal V1 5 . , 3.1 ' Paar 16,41 ' ' ' Q ' 2 - 2 ' s 4. V ' 2 2 1 - - A - I Y , ar ' 5 A 3' r. 1 2 . 1 N. 2-3gS- 'zr 'VY-1. 1 . ' Thomas LeRoy Cook Boy's Stare 33 Carnival 4' Foot- ball 2-33 l-la-Y 3-43 lnclusfrial Arts Club 43 LeHermen's Club 3-43 Spanish Club 23 Track 2. Pafricia Ann Declrlar A Cappella 3-43 Carnival 3-43 Ensemble 43 Glee Club 23 lnfra- rnurals 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 La Pfefz Sfaff 3-43 Latin Club 2-33. Mask 8: Wig 3-43 Philos 43 Secy Club 3' So-Hi 23 Tri Double I 3-43 fri-Y 3-4. William P. Dorman Ari Club 4' Baskefball 23 Cami- val 43 Foolball 23 eau 2-43 I-li.Y 43 Latin Club 2: Lel-+ermen's Club Z-4. i -or 934'-wtf ilu, Q' 'l Sharon Anne Cramer Carnival 43 French Club 2-33 La Prefz Sfall 43 Lalin Club 3-43 Quill and Scroll 43 Trl-Y 3-43 Journal-Sfandard Reporler 43 Future Nurses 3. Barbara Ann Deefhardr Carnival 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 So-Hi 2. Karen Elizabelh Dorsey Carnival 43 Ensemble 23 GAA 23 Home Ec. Club 23 lmra- murals 23 Mixed Chorus 23 Vocal Confesf 2. Yea, iw...- 1 ,fr James E. Dame A Caopella 2-43 Basketball 2-43 Carnival 43 Ensemble 2-33 FTA 3-43 Hi-Y 3-43 lnlramurals 23 Mask 8. Wig 23 Operelfa 43 Tennis 23 Tri Double l 2-4. Judifh Ann Devon Carnival 43 So-Hi 23 Spanish Club 23 Tri-Y 3-4. Gloria Ann Downing A Cappella 43 Carnival 43 Glee Club 33 Tri Double l 4.. Queen-Yea, l lr 3... -:sf Donald E. Dakar Baseball 23 Carnival 43 Home- Szominq 23 industrial Arts Club Sandra Joanne Diddens A Cappella 2-43 Accompanisl 2-4: Arf Club 3-43 Carnival 43 Ensemble 43 FTA 43 Home Ec. Club 43 Instr. Contesf 43 Jerc Board 3-43 Operefla 43 Sec'y Club 43 So-Hi 23 Trl Double I 2-43 rr:-Y 4. Belly Jean Downs Carnival 4: FFA 2.-43 French Club 3-43 Homecoming 3-43 La Prelz Slaff 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Mask 81 Wig 23 Office Ass'Y 23 Philos 43 Fflay Comm. 2-4' Sto- z3 spanish Club 2-33 'l'rl-Y Judyl I I ,I All Mix onli ff 1- .7 v N if 45 If U F, ,.. 1:4 I' lf- "' I 'ilu ' I ff ff ,- A 6 , 'I 4. D. W ""' ,,-,Q , A fx it -:Z .Q 3 F oi .x'.- is - zz, V -J .4 '. . l 7.16 'S 6 ff .' F K V9 1... ' 3 .3 me . l, . -339. , 3, A :and 1 -u.,,u '55 'Q' '?mKg '? 2 kv' x 3 x ,X q I 1 5 y Q. - . ,arf ,,-, afex I 1 4 E . R. f 3 3 I .X .eh- J,,,. 3 'We Are All willn You' Roger D. Downs Carnival 43 Corr. Monllof 2? Foofball2. Mergaref Ann Farnam A Cappella 43 Carnival 43 En- semble 3-43 FTA 43 Glee Club 23 Homecoming 33 Hmrm. Olli- cer 2-4 CSV. Pres.lg lntramurals 2-33 Jr, ommencennenf Ldr. 33 Jr, Red Cross 33 Jr. Play 35 Laiin Club 23 Mask 8: Wi 2-45 Office Ass? 2-33 Sec'y Clulg 3-43 Senior Play 43 So-HI 23 Sludenr Council 43 Thespians 45 Trl Double I 43 Tri Y 4 Sherrill Kay Fogel Carnival 43 French Club 23 Hmrm. Officer 2-33 Jr. Red Cross 2-33 La Prelz Slaff 45 Masv 81 Wig 2' Orchestra 2-33 Sec'v club 3- Sa.:-is 21 Tri Double u 2-33 Tri-Y 3. Kay Therese Dunsirn Carnivn' 4' So-Hi 2. Kay Jean Fawver Carnival 43 Sec'y Clan: 3, Eugene Robert Fowler Baseball 33 Carnival 3, 43 Corr. Monilor 3,4jFoolball4gl1dua- lrial Arfs Club 43 Jr, Prom Comm. 33 Radio Club 3 4: Track 2. Gary Dean Eichmier Carniva 43 lndusfrial Arfs Club 4. Zandra Ann Firebaugh Carnival 43 GAA 23 lnlramurals 2-3' La Prefz Slail 34' Sec' cllle 3- saw 2. Q' l Roger L. Fransen Baseball 23 Carnival 43 Leffer- men's 2, 33 Mixes Chorus, 2. 3. - r.. Q Yi 1' f-'TT' xv, W' v fr 1' x , V . 33 H. is Larry Wayne Erb A Cappella 2-43 Boyk Shale 3? Carrnval 3-43 FFA Z3 Football 23 Trl Double l 2-43 Vocal Confcsl J. Jud iih Rullw Flelcher Carnival 3-43 French Club 2-33 r-lwrny Officer 23 lniramurals 23 J'. Red Cross 23 Jr. Prom Corwv. 33 Mask X: Wig 23 Play Comm. 23 Sec'v Club 3-43 Sr. Card 81 Ann. 43 So-Hi 23 Tri-Y 3.4 Edward Leon Furdge Baseball 23 Carnival 43 Foolball 2, Frank Everett Furs? A Cappella 2: Boy's State 23 Carnival 4 lChairman13 Corr, Monitor 2, 33 Glee Club 2-43 Hi-Y 43 La Pretz Staff 43 Latin Club 23 Lettermen's Club 2-43 NFL 2, 33 Philos 43 Play Comm. 43 Polaris Stall 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Tri Double l Z. Ann Elizabeth Glasow Band 33 Carnival 43 FTA 2, 43 French Club 3, 43 l-lmrrn. Offi- cer CV. Pres.1 23 lnstr. Contest 2-43 Jr. Red Cross 23 La Pretz Stall 3, lCo-Editor 413 Latin Club 23 Mask 81 Wig 2-43 Or- chestra 2-4 fConcert Mlstressli Philos 43 Play Comm. 2-43 Quill and Scroll lPres.1 43 So-Hi lV. Pres.123TheSpian5 43 Tri Double l 2-43 Tri-Y lV. Pres.1 3, 4: Theatre Orchestra 7-4 David E. Guggar Band 2-43 Carnival 43 Debate 23 Football 23 Latin Club 23 Tri Double l 2-4. m Robert James Geisar Band 2, 33 Carnival 43 La Pretz Staff 3, 4 lCo-Editor 413 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Latin Club 23 Mask 8: Wig 2-4: Philos 4' Play Comm. 2-43 Quill ann Scroll 43 Radio Club lSec. Treas.1 3, 43 ghesoians 3, 43 T-i Douchz l ,4. Janice Joy Graft Carnival 43 lntrarnures 2-4' La Pretz Stall 33 Polaris Staff 43 So-Hi 23 Spanish Club 2 4. James R. Gustafson Carnival 43 Football 2' lndus- Qrial Arts Club 43 Span sh Club Athanas G. Gaorgalas Baseball 2-43 Carnival 3, 43 Corr. Monitor 33 Football 2-43 lndustrial Arts Club 2-43 Letter- 'ren'S Club 2-43 Radio Club 4. Frances Mae Graham Carnival 43 French Club 3, 43 GAA 23 Glee Club 43 lntra murals 2-43 J'. Prom Comm, 33 Latin Club 23 Office Ass'f 2, 3. Edith Mae Haas A Cappella 3, 43 Carnival 4 Glee Club 23 Tri Double l 3, 4 Ca rl William Giassal Band 2-43 Carnival 4: Debate 2-43 1-lmrm. Officer 3 QV. PreS.13 Jr. R--d Cross 3-4 lPres. 413 Jr. Ring Comm. 33 Jr. Play 33 La Prrtz Staff 3-4 lBus. Mgr.13 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Latin Club 2: Maal: Hi Wi 2-33 NFL 2-43 Or- chestra 43 Philos 43 Play Comm. 2-43 Polaris Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Senior Play 43 Theatre Orch. 43 Thespians 3-4AV, Pres. 413 Tri Double l 2'4: i-Y 3, 4 lSec. 41. Bonita Kay Grier Art Club 3, 43 Carnival 43 FTA 33 GAA 33 lntramurals 2, 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 La Prerz Staff 3 43 Play Comm. 2-43 Sec'v Club 33 So-Hi 23 Spanish Club 2. Willard Morris Haas A Cappella 43 Cate. Staff 2, 33 Carnival 43 Class Officer QV. Pres.1 43 FFA 2'3Q Football 2-43 Hmrm. Officer 2-43 Jr. Red Cross 43 Jr. Ring Comm. 33 Student Council 23 Tri Double l 4. 'Man Who Came to Dinner' M? -cw 4' iJ ii ff K I 'Sv' vs? if x Q Qt A X -our Tiff! f Q.-so il' .ag ry, 'asf 4 'K ' -v . 1' ' 44 -ff vw '5 an 'CSC' Win 2- XX? 'Y 'hu fy J nm 3 -ab' 'YS as 13 fn:-"Y .af 3,65 xiii, l 1' I Carolyn Jean Hansen Carnival 4 GAA 3 Glee C ul: mrm Ol :cer V Pre Sec Treas J 3 4 Jr Red Cros 3 Library Ass Y 3 Spanish Club Richard A. Heih aseball 2-43 Basketball - 5 Carnival 42 Foolbxll 244: Hrn' . Officer lfPres.l 31 Leffewr, ' Club 2-43 Sfudenf Council 3. Nancy Minefle Herman GAA 2-4 lTreas3 S c.lg Hm' . Officer lSec. Treasl 31 Fumre Nurses 3, 4. Ronald W Hamish Carnival 4 I GUSfrx5l Arls C101 Hannah A. Henning Carnival 4 Hmrrn. Qflk. -15 . ,. Q ,QA " . Dolores Ann Higley rn'val 47 GAA 3, ' 1: ul: 24' , rr . Cu l '7 ask 81 Wig 315' u1"i,' -H123 'i-Y 7 . Joean Lee Harmsh A Caopella 4 A OfTKdl'1lSl2 Ca nlval 4 Ens mble 4 F ench ub34Ge Cli.DZ ann u 2 Tl ouol Joyce Ardiih Henle C5fV'iVf'Sl 43 Home Ec. Club ' Office Asst 4, Mary Ann Hill rn' al 3, Q Q Fr-n n ub 3. 43 . 3 La r, z . if 3 g Lalln Club 23 M Wiq 2: Office As5'l' 33 Pnilzs 3 olaf fall '. DN. , ' l and Scroll 41 eo-Hi s f , IJr. Pro'-1 COWTP7. . t' ff' -I v""? vQ'V1nx ff? Richard A Heffner Carnival 4 Janice Kay Hepner Carnival 43 Glee Cl b 27 Horn, E . Club 4? So-Hi 2. Gerald Earl Hille Band 2-4g Baseball 23 Carnival I"Ga -Q - Hmrm. Office' lSec. Treasl n usgrial Al: Club 43 Ruihann Frances Hird A Cappella 43 Carnival 43 En- semble 3, 43 GAA 2, 33 Glee Club 33 Home Ec. Club 33 Hmrm. Officer lV. Pres.l 23 ln- lramurals 33 Jr, Red Cross 23 Library Ass't 43 So-Hi 23 Spanish Club 2-31 Tri Double l 43 Tri-Y 3. Carol Louise Hubbard Cafe. Sfaff 23 Carnival 2, 33 French Club 23 Home Ec. Club 23 Jr. Prom Comm. 23 Office Ass'r 3. Wayne R. Huichison Carnival 43 Fooiball 2-43 Hi-Y 2. I I i Q -on f 235' 9 Carol Anne Hoebel Band 2-4: Carnival 3 43 r-lem: EC. Club 33 Hr-'r"1. Officer 23 Jr. Prom Comrv . 33 SQc'v Cla.: 33 Tri Double l 2-43 Tri-Y 3, 4. James N. Hugh: Carnival 43 l'i::lusf"al Arr. Club Z, 3. Belly Jean lngold Carnival 43 Hmrrr. Oflcc' 23 Jr. Red Cross 23 ?lav Comm. 33 Se:',' Club 4. Roger Arfhur Homan A Carurella 33 43 Ar' Club 43 Carw val 43 FTA 2-43 French Club 43 Hi-Y 43 Jr. Play 33 Li Prelz Sfaff 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Mask Si Wig 2-41 Play Comm. 3-43 Ouill and Scr:?l 43 Senior Play 43 Spanish ClJp 2-43 Thespians 4. James Ollie Huisinga Carnival 43 Homecoming 23 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Latin Club QPres.l 43 l.eYrermer1's Club 33 43 Magazine Drive 4 lchiifmdhlj Mask Xi Wg 23 Pbilos 43 Plav CCW". 2-4' Tennis 2-4. Birdine June lngold Carnival 43 Ensemble 43 GAA lV. Prcs.l 2, 33 Glue Club 23 31 Hrrvm. Officer LV. Pres.l 42 Jr. Red Cross 43 Office Ass'r 3, 43 So-Hi 3: Nurses Club 3. 'Once upon a QA 'Rza 4' 'X 41-1 'Ili 1' -v-" .r , 'alll """' ' '10-'N 1?'Y"' 1, 49? MI' I, Pafricia Ann Horning Carrival 43 FTA 2 31 Glee Club 23 Home Ec. Club 33 Play Comm. 2: Sec'y Club 3. Judilh Jane Hunfer Carnival 41 Cheerleader lCap1.l 2-43 Class Officer KS-ec. Treas.l 43 FTA 43 Homecoming 4: Hmrm. Officer lPres.l 43 lnlra- rnurals 2-43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Larin Club 2, 33 Philos 43 Play Comm. 23 So-Hi 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Sfudenr Council 43 Tri-Y 4. Donald E. lsely Carnival 43 lnduslrial Arts Club 43 Radio Club 4. 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Officer lPres.l 43 Jerc Boar: 2' Jr. Ring Comm. 33 La Prev: Staff 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 3' Lain Club 23 Mask 8: Wig 43 FTA 43 Play Comm. 33 Senior F' af 43 So-Hi 23 Sfudenl' Coun- Q' 3' Tlfespians 43 Tri-Y 3-4. Eliza befh Sfearns McNary Advisory Board 23 Band 23 Carnival 43 Debafe 2, 33 FTA 43 Hrnrm. Officer lPres.l lSec. Treasj CV. Pres.l 234: Infra- rnurals 2-43 Jr. Red Cross 43 Jr. Play 33 Lafin Club 23 Mask 8: Wig Z-43 NFL 2, 33 Philos 43 Plav Comm. 2-43 Senior Play 43 So-Hi 23 Sfuclenf Council 23 33 Thes- pians 3, 43 Tri4Y 3. Pairicia Almeda Lee Carnival 3 343 FTA 23 G-lee Club 23 Jr. P'om Comm. 33 Office Ass'f 3, 43 Play Comm. 23 33 T ' Y3 4 Joanne L. Loring Carnival 43 Hmrm. Officer lSec. Treas.l KV. Pres., 2, 33 Jr. Red Cross 33 Office Ass'f 23 33 Play Comm. 3. Poriia Palmer McNess Band 2-43 Carnival 43 French Club 3, 43 Hmrm. Officer lPres.l 43 Jr. Play 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Mask 81 Wig 2-43 Or- chesfra 3, 43 Play Comm. 2-43 So-Hi 23 Student Council 43 Theatre Orch. 43 Thespians 3, 43 Tri Double l 2-43 Trl'Y 33 4. The Negalive Coniends f. :Rv . -. f":ie,Z.. "' 33 4 .. . 3 4 i 3 . rf- 1? . X A ,:?,y.L3Q lg . 'Q ,f gk P. .nb abil. , K A I - l 2? 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Club 2: Jr. Prom Comm. 31 Mask 81 Wifi' 2g Play Comm. 3, 4, so-Hi 21 ri-Y 3, 4. Gerald G. Nevenhoven A Cappella 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3: Carnival 3, 43 Ensemble 3: Hmrm. Officer QV. Pres.l 23 Jr. Red Cross 23 Lelfermerfs Club 3: Tri Double I 2, 3. Todd Allen Moore Carnival 4. Dean Bruce Mussar Band 3, 45 Carnival 45 Foorball 35 Orcheslra 4, Theatre Orch. 4. Marlene Joyce Nevonhoven Carnival 43 FTA 25 GAA 2, Latin Club 241 So-Hi 2. Roberl Clarence Moring Carnival 4: FFA 2,43 Hmrm. Officer 23 Jr. Red Cross 2. Thomas Edward Mya rs A Cappella 43 Carnival 43 De- bale 23 French Club 3, 41 Hi-Y 43 Hmrm. Officer 2, 33 Jr. Pla 35 La Prefz Staff lAdver. M nl 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Masta Si Wig 2-43 NFL 2: Opereffa 43 Senior Play 43 Student Council 31 Thespians 3, 43 Tri Double l 41 Philos 4. JoAnn Louise Niemeier Carnival 43 Mask 8: Wig 23 Office Ass'f 41 Play Comm. 41 Sec'y Club 3: So-Hi 2. 'Time Oul' for Ginger' V26 -.a-' i .lr . ., .2 . 24' ag - . , ig ' '1- ,.,,. - 'N vi.- 1 ,Ili "3 -.8 .nl , .av SVS 'Yr' C2 Viv gag 'll ?5' Q? Q' 'on -rx, 'Is C, Ihr 1536? ,PUD QQ' Wim fsr"'l ww 'N-r we ,Qs-f I' b:!"""' Meal Y Carolyn A Onhes A Cappella 4 Arf Club 3 Carn1val4 G-lee Club 3 Mlxed Chorus 2 Play Comm 3 Pamela Ana Paul Carmval 4 Intramurals 2 Charles Joseph Peters A Cappella 3 4 Baskelball 24. Carnival 4 Foolball 24 Homecoming 4, Hmfm Oflscer lllresgy 2, 4, Levlermens Club 3 4, perefta 4 Sex-mr Play 4, S1'udenrCouncal 2 4 Try Double l 3, 4, Track 24. iid! 'LOC' an 4' Q..-.4 A.,- 'rh Je Bull Oxley Carmval 4 Class Offxcer IV Pres 2 Llrr-rm Officer Sec Treasj 4 lnrramurals 2 Lalm Clubl James Le Roy Pell: A Cappella 2 4 Carmval 4 En semble 4 Play Comm 2 3 Spanvslv Club 2 Stale Speech Elem 3 Tru Double I 2 4 Amie Louise Pfell A Cappella 3, 4 Carmval 3 4 Ensemble 4 Latin Club Z Ol flce Ass T 4 So Hs 2, Trl Double l 3 4 TNY3 4 Fufure Nurses Club 3, 4 Launa Mae Painck Ca n wal 4 Home Ec Club 3 Helen Elrza belh Penson Carmval 4 Ensemble 3 Glee Clu 2 3 lnlramurals 2 3 V Comm 2 3 Trl Y 2 S c y Club 2 Royce Allen Pnefer Baslrelball 2 Cam val 4 Fool Dall? 3 Hmrm Ol'scer3 -ff? Qliyrx YWVUQQ QQ' ln.: 'EV Joyce Ann Paul Carmval 4 French Club 2 Jr Prom Comm 3 Play Comm 3 Manlou Jean Penhcoff Ca mval 4 FTA 2 4 Homecom mg 3 Hm m Ofllcer lPresl c T easl 2 3 Jr r omm 3 Lahn Club2 Lrbrary Ass? 2 Ph los 4 Sec y Club 3 4 So :ll 2 Sludenif Councnl 2 ra Duane M Plum Carnnval 4 GAA 2 4 Glee Club 3 4, Home Ec Club 34 lnfra murals 24 Mlxed Chorus 3 Play Comrw 4 Lk? 'fv Marlene Joyce Price A Cappella 43 Carnival 43 En- semble 43 Glee Club 33 Home Ee. Club 43 Philos 43 Sec'y Club gg go-Hi 23 Tri Double l 43 Tri-Y Janis Kathleen Richman A Cappella 3, 43 Carnival 2-43 Debate 2-43 FTA 3' Glee Club 23 Homecoming ag l-tmrm. offi- cer 23 Intramurals 33 Jr. Play 33 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Latin Club 2'.Maslt 8: Wig 33 NFL 2-41 Philos 3 43 Play Comm. 3: Senior Play 43 So-Hi 23 State Speech Elim. 33 Student Coun- cil 23 Thespians 3, 43 Tri Double l 33 Tri-Y 3, 4. John l. Rutter A Cappella 43 Baseball 2-43 Bas- ketball 2-43 Carnival 43 En- semble 4' Intramurals 23 Letter- m5n'5 Club 3, 43 Tri Double I 34. 62" -7, ,W dil- Good Shirley Mae Price Carnival 43 FTA 3, 43 GAA 43 Hmrm. Officer lSec. Treas.l 3, 43 Instr. Contest 33 Mask 81 Wig 2-43 Office Ass'f 33 Orchestra 2-43 Philos 43 Pla Comm. 2-43 Sec'y Club 3, 43 go-Hi 23 Thea- tre Orch. 4: Tri Double l 2-43 Tri-Y 3, 4. Kenneth Russell Richmond Carnival 43 Orchestra 3. Juanita Ann Seger Carnival 43 Glee Club 23 Home Ec. Club lPres.l 3, 43 So-Hi 2. ff e.rQ.,. W, f I 'ar 1 "I V51--,: - 3 iv. , ll if 'Z' 1-J . A43 lr Qjxf' av -10" if 0 O mght Sandra Odessa Reed Carnival 43 Home Ec. Club 23 Intramurals 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 23 Play Comm. 43 Sec'y Club 3. Rose Marie Rockey Carnival 43 Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Latin Club 23 S0-Hi 23 Tri-Y 43 Future Nurses Club 4. Eugene Paul Saxby girnival 43 Industfial Arts Club Sigh Frederick John Rhynders Basketball lMgr.l 2, 33 Boy's State 2 3' Debate 2, 33 Letter- men's Club 3, 43 Play Comm. 3. Gary A. Rodzon Carnival 43 lndusfrial Arts Club 3, 43 Radio Club LV. Pres.l 4. George R. Sehmelzle Basketball 2-43 Football 2-43 Hmrm. Olficer IV. Pres.l 3, 43 Jr, Red Cross 3. 43 Latin Club 534 Le1lerrr'en's Club 2-4: Track 37 bf' -sg, 13' X ' I "'-' A 5, ' ... L 5 Cl is 3 f' 'fi' :2:':' 1? W nf ff , x ,. 5 'F Y, ' . 8 sf fx '73 36 eglnn Susan Mary Schwarh rn l rv mee P es o orfm " ub res sk N Oc? Jv W n 1 4 5 James A Slade a n val 4 -mv' u Lee Nelson Snap C a lrrc 2 5 rr Orr M,35k81Wq2-1' r' jx 'fs 'ees.lA2-235 v'ulT'1?fk z.. '4 egpins 3, 41 f' '3 vl , John Reber? Shnpley Ca n n Clan o H U .ludrfh A Smlfh VAA Ronald L. Snyder G 'ML 4: Qk 71. , . .. .4 Jerry L Marsha 'a R clward A fx 'QQ -me-' I if as Shoemaker Loulse Smliln Frarc s Sclmup Rnchard N Slmler Mmchael J Smnfh Z Jamce Marne Soladay '5 uh e ' 'w M r JoAnne Kay Spaicle Band 2, 33 Carnival 3, 43 GAA 2, 31 Home EC. Club 3, 43 Infra- rnurals 2, 33 Jr. Pfom Comm. 33 Lafin Club 2: Plflos 4: Plm' Comm. 2. 4: Sec'v Club 43 lvl Double l 23 3. - George William Sielmle Baseball 43 Carnival 43 Inlra- murals 2. Rulh Elizabelh Slulh Carnival 43 GAA 2. Dean Gordon Spielman Carnlval 3, 4 l4"c:l' F' '- ban 3, 4- Heir A- +-- --, f --I 2-43 lnduslrzal Aww f . ilerc Boem2 33 Jr, Rnd C oz: , 3. Judifhann Sfeln Carnival 43 French Club 3, 43 GAA 23 Philos 43 Sec'y C' .b 3. Philip Tlwomas Swiher A4 Club 3, 43 Baskelsa l 33 C1rnQval43Gcll3 43 J' Drom Comm. 3' Lelferrm-1's Ch.: 3, 43 Philos 3 4. Richard Allen Sfeele A Cacoella 2-43 Cwvifa' At Cow Monitor 43 Ens- 'nl fc 2-43 l1dusl'lalArY5 Club 43 Og e-'ella 4- l"l Doubll? 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Club 33 Lalin Club 5'Q3SeC'y Club 33 So-Hi 23 Tri- Romanlic Deep Soul'l1 4334 'fir Q....4-' in... is Q59 37 lk :viii -Jim T73 Q6 K3 5' I i '7 A-cf , if -6 'J-Rt. ww-C, ' 1135 'RY x ff' r""'lr, www- "H we-v 'Nutr N ,Junko 'Xfffffr A nur' 'D 'sv I irwxfi ' 'sl -i ,gf "Eff all ' 'Zh 'wwf' -.IJ Momenfs lo Remember Audrey Ann Taylor A Club lSec Y 3 4 Band 24 rnnval 3 4 GAA 3 H Oflcer fPre-sl 3 'nlra nu als 3 lnsfr Corvesf 2 3 Mask 81 W 2, Orchesfra 24, Secy Clu 3' So-H? 23 Sfudeni Coun- ' 33 Thealre Orch. 2-43 ri Double I 2-43 FTA 2. Ruby Lee Trlpplelf A Cappella 4' Carnival 43 GAA 43 Glee Club 2, 33 See'y Club 3' Tri Double l 4. Dorothy Jacqueline Vo re Carnival 4: French Club 33 43 Jerc Board 3 43 Orcheslra 234: so-Hs 23 nz bcubre l 2.4. Lynne Loss Taylor Carnlvul 4 Home EC Club 3 U om mv Om CLD H12 Trl Y Wallace Tripplefl arnival 43 orf. Noni or 3 Foolball 234: Spanish C ub , 3 Track 2, . Beverly Ann Wade Carnival 43 Slew Club 23 Home Ec. Club 33 Phflos 45 Spanish Club 3, 43 Fufure Nurses Club 4, Wayne L Taylor C1rmval4 lndusfrral Arls Club 4 Track 2 Dieler Valk A Cappella 43 Ar' Club 43 Corr. lvlonlvor 23 Ensemble 43 Sen or " 3 F' D l ' . Gladys lrene Walkers Carnival 43 Home Ec. Club 41 Office Ass'l 4. Xv Georgia Ann Thruman C rmval 4 GAA 2 3 ee Club 3 lnlrvrurals 2 3 Mask 81 Wag 2 Sec y Club 3 So Hs 2 T Y 3 4 John W. Voigf Canmlln 2-43 Basebal - 3 rnlval 73 43 Class Olier lPres. fp Debate 2-43 Ensemble 3 o A I ' '- 34 5. 3 ',"1"r. ' C. 3 J ' Cp r . 3 , rn" Dum . 33 Lalin Clu 3 ere? a 43 Play Comm. - of ' 2 A lsfbcrls Ed.l3 Sr. Caro X1 Ann. 33 Slate Sp-ech 'rm -3 Slu'enl' Ccu i 3 ' Etude l 2341 Vocal Con Q 33 NFL 2-4 ll'arliemen1arEanl3 . Class Pla 4. Philip Waller Welfy C rnlval 3, 43 Carr. Monilor 3, 43 Foulball 2 43 Hmrm. fli- c r f' . 33 Induslrial rs Club lV. Prczl lPreS.l 2-43 Jr. Prom Comm, 33 Radio Club 3, 43 Sfudenl Council 33 Track 2-4. V ,va ' " " Edifh Ann Wlmiffen A Cappella 43 Band 2-41 Carni- val 43 Hmrm. Ollicer 33 Play Ccgrnm. 23 Tri Double I 2-43 Tri , 4. Gaul Marilyn Wiflers A Cappella 43 Cafe. Slalf 23 Carnival 43 Ensemble 3, 43 GAA g'res.l 2-43 Glee Club 23 Hmrrn. fhcer lSec. Treas.l lPres.l 2-43 lntramurals 2-43 Jr. Red Cross 43 Lafin Club 23 Office Ass'f 2 33 Philos 43 Sec'y Club QV. Pres.l 43 Tri Double l 4. Shirley Anne Halbling Carnival 4. Connilu Widmer A Cappella 3, 43 Aff Club 4: Carnival 3, 43 Frencr' C.uo 4I Glee Cluo 23 lnslr. Cowles? 3, 43 Jr. Con 'nencemenl' Ldr, 33 La Pre': Stall 3, 4' Jr. Prom Comm. 33 Masf 21 Wig 2-43 Onerella 43 Orvesirha 2-43 Play Comm. 2-43 Pweris Sfaff glfaculfy Div. Ed.l 43 So-Hi 2' panish Club 2-43 Tri Double l 2'41 Tri-Y 3, 4. Duane Edward Woods A Caopella 43 Boys Siale 33 Carnival 43 Debale Z3 Football 2-43 Hi-Y 3, 43 H'nf"3. Oll'cer CV. Pres.J 33 lnduslrla Avis Club 23 Jr. Red Cross 33 Lellernerfs Club 3, 4. Ronald A. Heinrich Carnival 4' Football? Track 3. Beverly Jean Wild Cafe. Staff 3 43 Carnival 43 Home EC. Club 3, 4. Suzanne lrena Yds Carnival 43 Homecoming CAL l'end.l 33 Hrnrm. Officer 23 Jr. Play 33 Play Comm. 23 Student Council 2. Cap, Gown and D 524 1""'? 46 r Q M. is. 4' Y 1, Q Q 3f'1nl . 'S Ci ff'- Gwendolyn Y. Williams ACa lla3,4:C'l4 Glee mb .23 lnlra:'1rlil::a 3 Tri Double l 3, 4. Belly Lou Zerby rnival 4 Mixed Chorus Ca Z 3 Office Ast'l 4. iploma ja ob f i T Q f. N: M -f 'Jaw ,xref flaw' GMA - 1 H In-V"h Bmrvi CLMIWI-" AP' fx v-- CVIJQM'-' ffixvy ,.E'f-'VTNJV' w fx '- Q A- T: wx" Lf '2c'f'C H 1 F Q ,, rx ,.-, V- ,v J, - . ,, ,,'-,,n s. ,a ., Y ,, ft: W' Vx' W 'H -ff Hkwvzn ,,, p, , .,,,k,,, . ,.JU,, -17 19 X N 1. J no' 3 fi 5-- an I' sv IN. Y' w dk Ma v I 10 L A, , L-4., lf. V M V 5 rflr ' A nz, A nw ,r RPN 1: Nrrvva pdY"'f'V SFAMU Pkmow Nancy Parkin, SFamn N-wfenhomr pf-V1 N-f,"varKf fudv Pai' Qwv 2: fcn D'C"f'? Maw Pyle' Je' 2 PV' :S Safe NN-f-:LH Qi" Vim: ?'bef' 7ea's:", Riu, Y: BW NAfff" GV' CNA KQV! 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Row 3: Darald NNcrk'nger Jerry Van Lcr C'a'!e: Tr?p!eH Larry Verwae' Ronald Wacars Came' 7- . naylor Jr" ValLar'a 46 alll .NIO ala 5 Q 3 ll RCI: 3: JCAM' Liv' Ea'- bara Crawford Bavifafa CFurcVH, Euqenli Cama- Han, Bxerwda Cf.g"'h1D', Sally C+TCff"'W6U iffa Busci i1'V1"G Ct" RGWP: Jai CL -'4" '-rw, Levy Uaviv Bnffara Cwrwwlni C5IO!jfU Crarref Nancy Crain Linda Brehd, Carl Brinbmvkfgr, Uawid CSV, Gag' Car:Pc'. Row 3: David jeucher- PTGUVIL' Jolw Bowinr, Wen' dc!! Cox, Larry Bfubakcv Bob C'rJf1arw,DavId Crlddk fylavld Ccxrpor, Bn? Bunmr:U I JH Lv W1 J N' raw' ,r S' '-2. KiZ'C-1 W H- rar.- 1,-.N 4 .N J-i', Viz? rv Vfvza Kake' I' fwvua f""t' N:"':' , . J , y4,,f,,. ,,,, 7 v G 1 Q D as A u, v'4'z1 ' 4 l I V :"0o -v 'Q ' 04.0 " Q I 1 9 r, 4 lf! oi. 'Q' gc, V 'Z Y v ,f .1 "QR . n s 3 ff? -5' u X. Q4-E 3. 1-5 . PQKE-" Pa 1. lr4.:.n-:L -r 315-'d'i J! Qc.-1 1: Pegfzy JL.d-,ff-ieC'Qr,E1fD Kafcm Him?-, DarW man, Vivian Hold ann Har rw, Xxx V-leIrv'cL, Hamsrr me Haf' M Many Rrw 2: Denrig Heffro' Wendcli Garwa , Wal', Hofcovwb Linda Hindi Lucy Hafev Po1Q'Qu'nf' LH? Hidsiw fav' 'J Hn-1" RCN 3: PC-"y H Vw Hf Ewzfr GQQVGQ Hfofn Hineyr ANP H Hari in Ma' . 1+-1' f, Tftdi 1 G-an x N -hi.. 3. ' f E' .J,"'S'Qh ,fw H-- f w , ',,.-0' S 1 Row I: Fay Mellen Mary Mease Joan Lamrn, Janice Mallar1d,JudyLorIng, Rose- rnare Lenoir, Belly Mayes Judf Maples,Sl1lrleyKuolwl. Row 2: Vlrqil Kriens, Karl Kunlcle, Joy Larnm, Joyce Lorenz Mary Locasln Sally Lang Qlerya McCoy Glenn Kqnlcle James Kfal: Row 3: Kennellv Kra'7er, Gary Meyer, Lyle Kaiser Jark Maynard, Jlrn Koerler Bee Maclfensle Jen Qerenz Roger Kulvrernele' Dale Marlrlcx, ow I Llllan Plerson n nle Plaqer, Dlanne Owen Sally Nerlin Delores Nic man, Gall Plowrnan Cnar, lcfle Olfrnann. Row 2: Barbara Qlfen' lwausen, Sarah Orvles Jo- Anne Qlrenlwausen Mary Noble, Janer Penrlcolr' Nancy Pulnam, Cleora Pear- Qfn Jane Olson, Row 3: Jerry Olsen Rasscll Reulner, Jerry Prasse Larry Phillips, Jen Novalr Wlrllarrr Pearson, Bob Reid Rcrmla Prasse, John Nlesrwan George Osborne. 50 H 5'2.a:v.m Row 1: Dv lfury Marlly Beverly May Nvldermann RCN 21 Dirk Moerl, JUA' Randall Ne sreadr, Jolwrw Row 3: Sle Tom Moll. Nevenlwcverv Kenneln Me 9 i I i-F ., ex ..' '- Q gb QP WA' . , ,,.,. . , 'I .'..1'.3 vff i .J y7. Row I: Guerra Srauffacner Sue Srro hacker, Par Sfeefe, Luanne Swank Carol Sfabenow, Connre Sfabenow, Judy Snyder. Row 2: Jarnes Srnul' Karen Sfaas Rosemarre Solierrwoff, Caroi Sorn Jeannerre Tnleie, Barbara Sfeirnre Mawern Snyder Rrcnard Sraas Row 3: Roberf Soanqrer RonaWd Sreb bins Everer' Tav4cr Reqe' Srearrs Arksn Sfubbe Dennis SofeW"van Bn Sfewarr. 6 I 'I ,til as 'T if X . 5, ,F b 'X '41 K V' gm. gag ., J' '-4 , I . if ' rrfhe we Wqfzg,-4"'A J 0 ,Z 1'-1.--' 1, A N-'9',:fa A Q sfmlg Aqua. sv Row I: Virginia Roberfg Becky Rlcrwrnan Nancy Sghrnrrr Hlen Recd Pear' Srnirn Karen Rudy Brenda Sarles. Row 2: Kerrrw SHeiy Jug, Snirley, Lorraine Sanrnan Mary Rlnderrnan Jean Sen- sanbaugn Mary Scnroeder Jean Riclwrer, Gregory Rogers. Row 3: Norrnan Srnpley Jerry Sager, Dougras Reg ers Gerahi Runre Delber' Rcberfs Renard Ricnrnarf Lesfer Rr+'er Jerry Sclnwerke, Y' A .' :nl ga' 'Wa e .. -- QM I 1' ' 'f A m, s S f ,- , - -'fs ,5 ,M A I - -. Q- ' , , ' ' ' 7 V 6 ' ' Row 1: Lonnie VVe1r, Roy Wrfr, Genevieve WaNlcer Sharon Yeager Pnyhif Trrckel Rrcrard Wcrfe Reber? Warren Bri! Zar' mann. Row 2: Greg W'ro"e'. Jr' WrIgPr Wlilranr V333 Cer- 'nan WI'kins JCL' Wien House Fcrd Wagner Harnc Vere Beit Vvlrsng. Row 3: Larry Wlffigceii-1 Wirnas Twrsrin Rrcrmr Van Racerv Kern Zlrnrrw mar J'e Van Dyke FH,-1 W'ia're Afer' Vxfn -3r'j Ruff-' Ta,' r 5 Q Activities M FT! xl W our 1 , I 0 ,- T jf Q 4,5 ' f f .N 2 i g, Are you fhe sfarry-eyed acfress or acfor waifing pafienfly fo nnalce your debuf? Do you lilce fo have your face smeared wifh grease painf, rouge, eye- brow shadow, and lipsficlr? Then Maslc and Wig is fhe place for you. Any sfudenf inferesfed in drama is invifed fo affend. The obiecf of fhe club "was fo sfimulafe and pro- mofe an infelligenf undersfanding and inferprefafion of fhe besf in fhe fields of drama, fhus deriving of fhe greafesf arnounf of pleasure and benefiff' This yearls officers were: Nancy Parkin, presidenfy Margaref Farnam, vice-presidenfi Marilyn Millard, secrefaryg and Tom Myers, freasurer. Af fhe firsf meefing of fhe year, fhe members divided info groups and acfed ouf panfomimes of Broadway plays such as: "Caf on a Hof Tin Roof," "Pefer Pan," "Tea l-louse of fhe Augusf Moon," Row' l. Prrfia McNi3-ss, linda S'r-fffin Willa Barbara Burns, Jan Soladay Mary Keene, Kay Row 2. Mary Sue Sauer, John Graff Bill Millard Diefer lr,-e Snap Trim Nlyi-ri Ann Glas J., Riw' 3, Sharon Mce enberndf Lanne Cwe Kucvz Ayn Hess Cav-i U'nlau' Nancy Par Funclamenfals, Experience Of Acfing In+eres'r Sfudenfs mask and wig "Pajama Game," "Tea and Sympafhyu and "Fanny." lmpersonafions of famous TV personalifies was fhe agenda for anofher meefing. Some of fhe besf lcnown were Liberace, Joe Friday, George Sobel. Arfhur Godfrey, Doris Day and ofhers. The annual Chrisfmas Tea was held December 20 in honor of fhe alumni, 75 of whom were presenf. Paf Declclar, chairman, gave a reading called "Gesundheif," while Richie Solcup and John Voigf sang "Down by fhe Old Mill Sfreamii and i'Sweef Adeline." In Maslc and Wig, fhe basic fundamenfals of acfing are sfressed? a preparafory sociefy for membership in Thespians, members discover fhe mosf imporfanf elemenf of ally whefher doing a fragedy, comedy, farce, or melodrama, acfing is fun. Mmwa .urwrfl lVlf1Y"iiSV'WiTV',COV Giessel Valli Rf if-r Hcman Bruce Besley B'-la Geiser, M-iiom Q ',i,,, p,:,f Swami pa ,am R Map 6-i. aTTer game dance held nn co sponsorship wuTh Mask Speakers, ProlecT Head DramaTlc ACTIVITY LIST fhesplans T ., gk!! ow I Barbara Bu ns Po Tia McNess Sha on Maellenberndf I. e S ap Ca Ge-ssel Mary Keene KaTh Ascner Jan Soladay N R ch e Sokuo Pa' Dec a Ann Mau re Lane Jan s I? hmar' Wendy Bu Kay K ens Tern Myers w za c a ee a u Tz 'ICF an Frank EursT D eser ,I hn VOIQT Maroa Earna ACT well your parT There all The honor Ines WuTh Thus as Theur moTTo Thespnans oT Troop 464 under The dlrecTuon oT Mass JeanneTTe Lloyd had anoTher successTul year Meehngs were held nn The members homes The T:rsT Tuesday oT each monTh Thus years program Included guesT speaker Mrs Emma SmuTh who gave a monologue aT Their ChrmsTmas meehng WaTchnng Television IlsTenlnq To DeaTh oT a Salesman o records and readnng plays were Included IH The pro gram The club also saw The show Cannullea Theur money makung prolecT Tor The year was an and Wug To be elrglble Tor membershup an The Thesplans SocneTy a number oT ponnTs earned Each pomf represenTs IO hours Ten pounTs are needed IH one specnTuc NaTuonaI musT be oT work Tneld oT Thespnans whuch as The honorary dramaTuc socneTy or I4 polnTs In several phases Cn May 3 They held Thelr annual nnnTraTuon ban queT Each year aT Thrs banqueT They admuT an honorary member Thus year s honorary member was Mrs Luculle Madden The nnnTuaTIon consTuTuTes an essenTuaI parT oT The Troop s acTnvuTaes Thus years club oTTucers Tor The EreeporT branch oT Thesprans were Sharon MolIenberndT presndenT Carl Guessel vuce presldenT Mary Keene secreTary Marsha SmuTh Treasurer and Leep Snap clerk 55 0 C I . , . , q a ' e iq 4.1 - T . y of T I E. I ' - - ' " ' . A Pg I T, 4 n I as I 4 L 1 Y ' - Q7 1 I I ax , X X cl Q " I R , I r . rl , r , Q n r. I , ,I I , . Ro 2. T I , Id r G aziws rl, , 7 lc I rf rT , Ro 3. EIT beTh M N ry. DI T r V k Br ce Besley, BTII Kubi Ro, Hom . , Bo' G I , o A 4 ref rn. .. I . . H T. n 1 . . .. . A Z Boys Really Try For 'F' lar HJ 1 RQW l- Judy Debi S'5'U' B5U"7"23"V"" EBAY NM, ,lp,inr",1lC- v'v' ' 'Arla'-f. l-lf1"W1" Kew' S'aas S"a"n Par-ff. G-ra-.lf-,L W, up Row 2. ,fan larrr May Liu l'lf-':'ra' Fur 5 T' 'wr Nha' , Cfi f "dig Sy H QQ-,V-M, Owen, B'e'da Sarle. Bfvl ara Clwrinl Rev-13, Kaw-n Ken' Jan-1-ll3fr:1er l "al'0 Sannmn lanf' l3"'rf'll S'a' n lxlolllei lNA:3'1'?'y'l'ldV"E1' .l.-Ann Mewlo Be", PV: .re Cl v G' l G ' S ln' ur s am porfsmans up gac: Fun is llwe only way lo oescrlbe rne Glrls' fvlnlelic Associalion. Qrqanlzed lo promole belle-r sporlse manslwip and gel more qlrls lnleresled ln sporls, aclivily Is lealured al every rneellng. Aller every bJsiness nneefinq llwe qlrls gel lo- qellwer and played volley ball, baslcelball, baseball and oflwer acllve sporls. Aclinq as olllcers were: Marllyn Wilfer, preslf denlz Nancy l-lerman, vice-presldenl: Juoy Snfrlllw, Seorelary-lreasurerp and Miss Pal' Lemansld served as advisor. Row Z. ,Duane Wi'f1 fa.e My Gr-. run Sf T RCW 2. Rf 15-r WlA'.r1 " 3-1 lvlrayr-' layf- Gam' Neyer" ' von, leHermen's club Tlve lnelglwl ol arnblllon ol many Fl-lg sludenfs ls wlnnlrg an "FH lo pul on llwelr swealers and belong- ing lo llwe Lellernnens Club. llwese allwleles are llwe ones wlwo lwand oul programs and rnalce up llwe clwaln- qang al loolball games. Durlng baslcelball season we Saw llwem as uslwers al llwe games. No one will lorgel llwe game in wlwiclw lbe non-baslcelball leller wlnners played willw our lacully. " fkfn 'rr' Kan-:wr rf Crack Fr-'-2' A , . . HA rnza, Va' Jfnlxuv. A"'..' lVl'f?S Gfvawl . 0- "-Oil' "l-ley, whal' lime are you going fo The Jerc +onighf?" This phrase offen pops up wherever fhere are Teenagers around in Freeporl. The Jerc is following ils purpose, fo provide a place for fhe gang 'ro go and slill have adull' supervision. Mr. Floyd Freerlcsen, arf Teacher al . , FHS and his wife, are in charge. MVVhy don'l we leach The fellows lo infer-bug?" Bop, Pool Head Ac+ivi+ies ferc li This is The firsf lime a couple has run lhe Jerc. L-Lf "This year we have a record membership of well 'W over 500," says Mr. Freerlcsen, who can be seen any D Tuesday, Friday, or Safurclay checking memberships al lhe door. ll only Jerry lnch would Concenlrale as hard on school worlcl Everyone finds somelhing To do. For 'rhe boys, and a few brave girls, There are pool fables and ping-pong fables. The more energelic ones can iillerbug To 'rhe bop from lhe iulcebox, while olrhers find a lasl' game of euchre lhe "mosh" Mi, and Mrs, Floyd Freeilcsnn check the member- I ships ol Two 'novhe's. fix' Desugned To promoTe unTeresT un oTTuce work, any gurl who was enrolled un boTh The shorThand and Typung classes was eluguble To become a member oT The SecreTarual Club The club helps The gurls un expandung Theur pracTuce and knowledge of The busu ness world IT sTarTed ouT uTs year wuTh an unuTuaTuon parTy Tor new members held aT school refresh menTs were served AT Theur OcTober meehng a Tew new members who came un laTe To loan The club were unuTuaTed The new gurls gave slcuTs on how To Be A SecreTary acTung ouT The good and bad ways oT beung a secreTa ry In February The gurls Took a Trup To The Rawleugh TacTory They wenT Through The whole TacTory buT Gurls MasTer ualuTues Of A Good SecreTary secreforucul club sTudued mosTly The oTTuce machunes The TabulaTors and oTher Typung TaculuTues They also wenT Through The pruvaTe oTTuces and were guven Tree samples oT some oT The producTs manuTacTured There An oTTuce worlcer a FreeporT Hugh graduaTe OT lasT year spoke To The gurls on Theur duTues as secre Tarues and also oT The Tun and experuence unvolved un secreTarual work Theur closung meeTung was a pucnuc held aT The Krape Parlc ShelTer House The group Thus year was under The durecTuon oT Muss Frances RuTzunger club advusor Carolyn Juluus presudenT Marulyn WuTTers vuce presnde-nT Mar gareT Farnam secreTary and BeTTy SchulT Treasurer All un all The club had a very acTuve year wuTh Trups guesT speakers parTues and games 58 ow I ga eT a a'n Ba ba a Kue olyn J ec e Sh rley ce u y e e Da a u u y La se e Ty ch e u Ma nes S e y a a y D olden Juoy Bloye Sha Ma fha o a y Lf a a can e Spa de Ma es e Moy M ller C e yl Ke Th PaT W S no . . u. lu. . . . . . . . gf T . ,- .. T, I . ,QU rv , y . if 'Q xr A T pl Q , . nc. L' ' ' v "' Q S A inf "' 'Q' .1 Q x , X-- A T R . Mar r F rn , rl - hl. Row 2. Car ulius, JaneT Ku kl r, Marllou PQMTCQTT, T pri , J d F Tgh r, Bar' V B rni. ' ' T I I Row 3. J d r n, B T S 'ulT Mary Su Sa er, Janice . . . . T , Janlce h l ' M rlemj Gffwafu. ' ' I ' Row 4, S nd l s, ' r ron Rlnderman, r SC vill, M r Ju Herdrn n, Sh ron Pinnow. ' Raw 5, J ry 1 u-ie Bgl-T Charlen er! Jamie l ' . I , h r I , iri 1. ChrlsTmas Tea, Dance Occupy FHS Homemakers home economics club Many successTul acTTvTTTes have been carned on by The l-lorne Economncs Club Thus year under The dTrecTTon of Mmss Lnlluan MaTThTesen and The club oTTTcers Juan1Ta Sager presTdenT Donna ChrTsTen sen vnce presTdenT and Sally Lang secreTary Treasurer Any gurl who IS TnTeresTed IS ehguble Tor member shup Each year The club Traes To do someThTng Tor varnous groups Tn The communTTy Ready Jell s Km sold To earn The money Tor These prolecTs The gTrls have a conTesT To see who can sell The mosT Jell Wanda Kanser and Joanne Spaude were The Top salesmen The mam oblechves QT The orgamzahon were The developmenT OT TnTeresTs TD and knowledge OT home econonncs c1eveloprnenT OT characTer and leader shTp Tnrough DGTTKCIPGTTOH Tn club acTTvTTTes and The TurnTshTrg oT opporTunTTTes Tor socual acTTvTTTes On Decernoer 9 The gTrls held The annual ChrTsT T Wanda Ka se Deanne Lam B Tfy Ma es Mar ene rce Judy Blcye S na TaTe J n s As her JaneT Klec er Ju nze J H pref Saly Lang Joanne Spa de Cheryl Ke Th Jeann ne Bak Sandy Dddens Donna Chrsfensen Rowll Jan ce a nes Ma y J hn on Juamra Sage Jan e e Dooes y Gady WalTers C cl Rudy ae Rudy mas Tea Tor TheTr moThers AT ChrTsTmas Tnme The club prolec was To bake cookTes Tor The people oT The CounTy Farm The cookses were deluvered To The l-Tome a Tew days beTore ChrTsTmas accompanned wTTh small Tavors AnoTher proTecT oT The club was To make scrap books Tor The FreeporT Publnc Lubrary whTch used The books Tor TheTr hospTTal lbrary aT Deaconess and SaTnT FVGTTCIS l"lospTTals 59 o T T ' T T ' . . . . .T - .T T ' X of ' A ' 1-.- l f 'T W-nf' ,M W., - T , I 8- I :P T Q. ff - , T T -KA H, J' T ' V 'K ki , I X , ' , 5 ' T 4 . - Q' . 4 1 , O J E., l ' K -fr L "7 5 T V c l 1 lr , .4 S. r T ,T ' X c I ROW , T r, b fi v , l PT , r 0 T , a,T c ki . Row 2. dy l-le , anTce 9 T , l , T , T., T er, T , T . - - . T M T 4 f c s ' r, Tc ' lVlTll r l r l-lfqle, TS , ar , K nn . , T . .. . I T, , . . . . . . New Uniforms Pep Up Squad cheer leading This pasT year, lilce all years, The cheerleaders, under The guidance oT lvliss ElizabeTh Heiland, have been on hand aT a TooTball game or in The gym dur- ing baslceTloall season, To lead Their Teams To vicTory. The Twelve girls This season have had To endure all sorTs oT siTuaTions, such as Trying To lead a peppy cheer in sub-zero weaTher, or Trying To Turn a CarT- wheel on a rainy nighT when The Tield is slippery. BuT iT you would ever aslc one oT The girls how she lilced cheerleading, The naTural reply would be, T'Oh, I iusT love iT," The varsiTy squad, wiTh Judy T'lunTer, CapTain, inTroduCed several new cheers This year: "LeT's Go, PreTzels," "l:iTTeen Rahs Tor The Team," "7-up," and "Yeh, PreTzels.T' Luanne Swank was capTain oT The sophomore squad. They showed greaT 7mprovemenT oy Tre Time oaslceTTJall season sTarTed. These girls inTroouced Two new cheers: "We GoTTa Tfiffx-M" and "Red l-loT Rumor." The nighT ThaT The varsiTy cheerleaders came on 'he Tloor wiTh Their new uniforms, many people were surprised and pleased. They are black and whiTe. reversible slcirTs and vesTs, wiTh orange le-TTers on The oaclc oT The vesTs. OT course, The cheerleaders were pleased wiTh Their new ouTTiTs, because iT mearT They no longer had To suTTer in The gym wearing heavy leTTer-sweaTers. The varsiTy cheerleaders: lacrossl Phyllis Meeker, Judy l-Tun. The sophomore cheerleaders: Mo ly Bo ender, LuAnne Swank Ter lcapTainl and Nan GusTaTson. lDownl Sara Mellom, lCaoTainl. Jane Olsen Janice Mailand Janel PenTicoTT' and Bonnie Russell and Renee Lane. Bennie Plager, -.J 45 Group S'rresses Skull arf club 'LH The Ar? Club al FHS lS somelhlng new lhls year I was begun lasl fall by Floyd Freerlcsen arl leacher and club advnsor The mann purpose ol The club as lo lurlher lhe sludenls IH eresl ln arl To do s lhey have speakers do sculp mg pa nhng of all and somehmes have meel zngs al' a member s home K.-f ln order lo belong lo lhe club you have lo have made an A or B grade average IW al leasl one yea ol a + from lunror hugh on up '7 V1 3 l'l Q C 'Y am Audrey ayp J1nSfla ay Ivliyrahe n u V' O qer l-l m The lnduslrual Arls Club ol lil-lS made many plans lor lhe Q rn ng sc mg accoroln 0 ge e lvlwr s lrelr v o ne C hese was to a ea lc: frlnlo one ol e C ac orles 'llne elepleo olhcers lor re school year ol l955 56 l w g W l re oenl Dean Sple man Q d and I hl ghs secretary lreasarer Trap Keyno+es AC+IVI+IeS lndusfrlol GffS club N e e es l an we man a G Kas r Alhanas Gee ga ow leene Le d auser n v W v 1 r C J rn u 36 'YQINUUSTRYAL ARTS? - . 1 '. ' ' ,. r ' . -f ' U f f : , I f ' Q I . . . ' - l . lhl . ' ll lur' , I ' lclnds I 1 I , N w 1 Q , . , .W 0 ., if F T , l Rf.-.' l, Pvy Klcllumrfler, Jfrl' Gull Aly H - s Bl: Mlllard T an Swilzev. Q w 2. Dlelor Vall: ,ll-an S'lI'l9c'if'll3dU1l'l,lV1 'l-f- Kunh, T lv, Q W d if' ' S e Ben 'sr Gris-r J dy l-longs' Su fly lllnl Ons. Q A 3. Suze Bf-s'r--yy R 1 X an. O O . . . I RCN l. Qfnn Shlpley, Edwa'd Halzel WZ 'am Vafs Ernrnus n Stees. Pnll Welt, Ro 2. Sf f N of De Sp' l , Rin rl Q , l l m las, R 3. Clclc S l , cnar F ,, Dc Pierce Jff-l E ers, Rc 4. Dan Dickinson, Da e Kase, Norm Bale oclr, l R sn. ,, f - I -. 3 A I Q. 1 X Q g I U1 . ' - 'Q fx, Q gy F' X li Q l 8 X Mr,E. n 1l.Y'ao- L fa ' I I As r, s " pl llelllfu. l .lr lo al I 4 ' s. . A , . - AUG as :elle si Phll' 3 e"y .Q .. at sl l ,Z ' l , vlca-presl enli J'm Council buys a ChrisTmas Tree Tor The TirsT Tloor Une OT The r'nosT imporTanT orqanizaTions oT Free- porT l-ligh School is our STudenT Council, ThaT repre- senTs The opinions and hears The complainTs oT The sTudenT body. STudenT Council is made up oT The elecTed presidenTs Trom each homeroom, which is under The adv sorship oTlv1r R T Lumby This pasT year The prolecTs carried Through in cluded qeTTing a luke box Tor The caTeTeria Taxing The caTeTeria chairs and securing new mirrors Tor The qrls washroom in The caTeTeria Every year The Council Sponsors Juke Box, Fixes Chairs ln CaTeTeria sfuclenf council ning oT SporTs NighT. The Council r'neeTs on Monday mornings during l-lomeroom periods, excepT Tor special meeTinqs or afher acTiviTies. Every sTudenT in The Council was puT on a special commiTTee ThaT covered school problems school acTiviTies and Tor Council proiecTs These included The CaTeTeria l-louse Dance and AcTiviTies Cor'nmiTTees This year The oTTicers Ruche Solcup presidenT Dave lvlellom vice presidenT Nancy GusTaTson ecreTary Treasurer and a Tew oTher represenTaTives hall aT HS were senT To EasT Aurora Tor a STudenT Council Big The acTiveTies included Homecoming Three dances E qhT ConTerence where They all goT ToqeThe on aTTer The various games and a small parT in The plan Their duTTerenT ideas and prolecTs Ba para c l un l-lcidcnrr mu Luanne S ank H r 1h l-lcnnir arqareT Farnan J dy L qhTT T Mar S au avfs a l a n a r Andy S F- zrd warT Nc 'n Bakc cl: Cluclc Fdeis rnan T u T d C H ee cw 4 Ge oe s orr-e R cnard rn n e eloT c VcuqT Norman Shipley Cc l Kerl n Ga y Schrceder Arlan T-laas 5-14 -7 iccis Dave Mellcm rice pres: denT Rich e Solrup presidenT and V Nancy Gu TaTson secre a y Treas i 5 f i uror are q ing over The rninuTe o Q' is asT me ir 1 T 'X 'W' , , . . . A . A V . I I . I F . ' ' . . . . . Y I I V I r T .1 Q y ' as , ' 1 f- "il V h J . 1 ' ' ' 1 E .I . - , , f . f Q .' 1 i'-' ' X. cv H . g' Q , - Y' 2' 15 v I . N L , - 1 f-.a-'fx - ' , ss, X 1,4 r . .I Row l. 'l, Ku2l'i . Sami Mellam, ljcffia MCNV-ss, Judy l-l M-r, Lynne 1' 1 ,-irh Rvsc' Q we Loroir, wi . Row 2. an ia, 1 i rx, M X r , u ' i., ro, y ue S er Jare Ciswn, C11 lc-1-n Downey BeTTy M a, M ry Elon Balm: ST vc B qrwoarwf-1. Row 3, i hp: ,Bill Sfe , ,r , , 'i 2 K lfauel Aclei TW Ba 5-cher. C d Hines, Bch rc-qan, Gfeerde Av R . .cry Q b .. ni' S fn, Fi il R hf ',Bii'Oxl1y .Jirn 4 , T i , ui i , r , , s, 55' Q T , off- ,. T - 1 "2 1 i'n"5 i r S" Q V ii , , T , - 44' s . 3 Q fc c ff? iw "" . ' A fr .255 Q" ,Q cs Yi T K A"' " ' ., ' 3' i 'h' 1 The l er iq. "" T. sa' -U' ' T Q, . ' " I", , Y --Q--. L e,s 62 Row I. Bonnie Plager, Janel Boyer, Marfha Scoville, Janis Shelly, Marsha Smith, Kay Porfer, Diane Young, Wanda Kaiser. Row 2. Bill Mueller, Ron Richman, Barry Groves, Dick Cash, Karl Nienhuis, David Kaiser, Willy Haas. Fred Bess. Row 3. Birdine lngold, Kalhy Liefz, Marilyn Willers, Delbert Roberls, George Schmelzle, Dennis Speilman, Sharon Moellenberncll, Linda l-leinrichs, Janef Borqer, Judy Shirley. Many inleresling proiecls were execuled by lhe American Junior Red Cross, including rhe buying of lurkeys lor The Counry l-lome. The Chrislmas proiecl also broughl much cheer and good will when 'rhey look lrays ol favors and cookies ro 'rhe area old peoples home, including Bensonville, DuBac-Thomas, and lhe Counly Home. This year 'rhe organizalion received several lellers acknowledging gill boxes, which were senl four lo live years ago. Diane Young has one wrillen in Greek. Also received, were some exchange gill boxes from Finland, conlaining books, and lrinkels, prinled and made in Finland. Along 'rhis same line. Officers for lhe year were: Carl Giessel, president Jim Rush, vice- presidenf: and Joan Loring, secre- lary-lreasurer. Miss Mae Boswell, The school nurse, is direclor of 'rhe school organizalion. Cb Organizalion Raises Money To Send Packages Abroad junior red cross 'the Slephenson Counly Junior Council proiecr for rhe year, was conslrucling a wooden chesl filled wilh arlicles sullicienl lo conducl a class ol 30 lor one year. Among The arlicles are: pencils, paper, a volley ball, maps, a Polaris and Lo Prefz, and geo- graphy books. The chesl was senl May l lo lhe Nalional l-leadquarlers, and from lhere will be lor- warded 'ro any scene of disasler. Ar presenl, The home room vice-presidenl is lhe Red Cross represenralive. However, in lhe fulure The represenlalive will eifher be elecred by home rooms, appoinled by an advisory board, or pul on a volunlary basis. an-,W 1 63 .ni T! lil This years varsily debalers, coached by Ralph Enslrom, are The besl in lllinois, Al The Slale Speech Finals on April I3 and I4, Janis Richman and Carl Giessel, allirmalive, and Richie Solcup and John Voiql, negalive, challced up a record ol six wins. no losses lo become lhe undispuled slale champions. Resolved: lhal qovernmenlal subsidies should be Debafers Cap+ure S+a+e Tournamen+ varsify debofe qranlod according lo need lo high school qraduales who qualify lor addilional Training, was The queslion debaled in The lO conlesls enlered, lour ol which were overnighf Trips. The 'ream had qualified lor lhe slale meel by lying for second place al lhe seclional al Wesl Roclclord. S5"'r1: Pal Pye Glcr' HCI,-lc' and Sy .in Schvanof. S'a Maples and Becky Ricnnnar S'and'no: Jack Maynard get-'ff' Jolarsen, Doimlas Firebaufzr Q'- ya: Faiibairn Jasper deVioa and John Giall. John Graff and Orval Fairbairn, aflirmalive, and Roberl Johansen and Douglas Firebaugh, negalive, composed The sophomore debale squad. These sfudenfs debafed lhe same queslion as lhe varsify leam. 64 sophomore clebofe Tournamenls lhey a'Hended included: La Grange, Evanslon, Easl Rockford and Easl Aurora. John Grail represenled Freeporl in aller dinner speaking and 'roolc 2nd in 'rhe Free-porl Dislricf. Programs Feafure La+in Cusfoms, Words lafin club Whelher you call ir S,P.Q.R., Senarus Porolusque Romanus, el' lhe Senale and Peocle of Rome' fhe Lalin Club, under rhe supervision ol Miss Mabel Bowers, compleled a successbl year ol club acriviries. Porly-nine new members were inil"a+ed inle lhe club rhis lall. Aucrioned ol? as slaves, fhefr physical and menlal handicaos, according lo an old Roman cusfom, were publicly announced. These slaves 'rhe' ff!- Row I. Sue Schwarrz l-lapsie Earon, Dee Ellis, Kay Kriens, Karhi Ascher. Row 2. Sara Noeske, Marlene Nevenhzwen, Lynda Raih. xii Q1 fl . - lwln :Pda-' Are ollicers Nancy Parkin Ph' Rehge df Jim l-luisinoa and Janer Beyer piannrg The food 'lc' lhe S.P.Q.P, banouelff carried Their maslersl books To homeroom for one week. While lhe club learured social aclivily, much knowledge was gained concerning Lalin cusloms, mylhological srories and Roman wearing apparel. Ar one meering, members were asked quesrions ranging from fBl0,000 ro rhe summil, S640,000. The guesrions perlained ro Larin words, cusloms, and mylhological characlers. A commercial on Roman iewelry and rogas concluded lhe rneering. The 'rradilional 'banguel' celebraring Larin Week, and lhe rradirional founding of Rome, was held dura ing rhe lalrer parr of April. Officers rhis year were: Jim Huisinga, presidenry Phil Rehleldr, vice- presidenlf Janel' Boyer, secrefaryt and Nancy Parkin lreasurer. Pow I. Judy Paar Par Srailafd, Mary Sue Sauer, Gary Gran? Jerry Engle, Ayn l-less Richard Rover, Bil Sfeward. Bob Reid Russell Spencer, Margaref Berger Judy Map es, Sharon Ner' es. Row 2, Mary Dennis Resenarie Souelholf, Jane? Berger, Cheryl l-lersfrneier Nancy Pu'man Marllyr Aurnar' Sharen Cramer, Saly Ncrrcn, Delores Nieman Brenda Safes Coleen lffwfey. Row 3. Par S?ee'e, Karhy Dterr Luanne Swank, Vonnie Plager Blenda Cfrrnnner Elerr Hansen, L'nda Broosf, Ladine Benr'e'+, Eugenia Carnahan. Pow 4, Fred Bess Virgl Kfens John Grail, Arlan Haas, George Osborne G'ey Widmef, Beb Warren 9 O N I Cooking, Game Sessions Spark Le Circle Francais french club Aclrvlly rs lhe key word lor Le Crrcle Franca: Under lhe guudance ol Mrss Mary Flr Luebbrng and lhe club ollrcers Mary Keene presrdenl Jan Soladay vlce presrdenl and Wenoy Burr secrelary lreasurer lhe French Club has been busy lhrouqhoul lhe enlrre year e a e rench Club wnore adn Frre and lce donwlrnq rhe p roc cd lo lhe Com a n Ga W nl n nfl' a c 3 1 inc say fm ,, Wm I Owl a n qs n 1 anrsh la Nrrrnrrr r Bun Pal Hlldebrandl J rr Sr-Iadzy Mary Ks ow 2 Andy Waca er Sue Schwarl P wan Ann an Ma e Sue Scl C onnue Wldrner P rla M Ness J dy F rrnv n C av Row 3 Dlane Younq Dorolhy Vere Jane. Olsfn N ncy Cra n JL: n T ree Mar my l-lannaw Mary Ann Hull WIA TV-, J 'Rn it 0, S ' exxyxs 66 iq 1 fl' ,a3 ff Xa' Qing! inf rnunnly Chesl One ol The oulslandrnq programs Thus year wa lhe showrnq ol B ll Spahn s color slrdes ol h S Euro pean lrrp Game nrqhls proved 'ro be popular wrlh Le Carole Francars Al one such rneelung members played La Craeoee or French brnqo Topping oll a busy year was lhe annual pucnlc and roller slcalung parly ar The Whale Prnes wrrh 'rhe Spanush Club ,Z OTT'rcers Ann Carpenfer ard Lee Snao T Over The pr qrarn r Tn nexT 'nee 3 Ill T Q., Spanish ChrisTmas ParTy HighlighTs Year's ProiecTs spanish club Saludados amngos' ,Y que Tal7 These words are heard as you enTer room I I I Tor EI Curculo CasTel lano on The Third Wednesday oT each monTh The OcTober meehnq TD honor oT ChrasTopher Columbus TeaTured a skT based on The spnrv of Columbus and a readnnq The Day oT The Race ln December The club enacTed The Tradmonal manger scene Mass DorThea SchmndT The club ad vusor gave a deTauled sTory oT The Mexncan ChrnsTmas and El D a de Todos lnocenTes The Tradrhonal ow l Dave Cox STeohen B n o rqe Ashby Orval Falrbaln Bw l Zarhnann Larry Guonlherrran John Woodhouse ow 2 n nne wen e lf u Mar Jo ansen rc n war n Ma llyn M llard Carc Ulr cuY Judy HunTer Bev rly Wade Audrey Be ow 3 Lmoa Te en Mary La 'wel Marcia Dunwell Donna Kay WoT l-larrle-T Shrpley O, KorTeml r Judy Yarnwng Jeanne Dorman Klane Lamm ow 4 an en anbauq e e ce orse ar O 9 Cal Baumqa seph Da s Ken Ku M ern AeTha roman J yce Lo enz Mldg Me ers aTa which s a Tl u e an ng Trom Tne cel Tlled wlTh qoodues was oroxen and everyone cc ec ed The or ze The meefmq was loseo w slngrnq oT Q Come All Ye Fa Th J n pan' Under The leadershro oT Ann CarPenTer cresroen Ne se Mease vnce rreslden' and Lee Snare ecr Tary Treasurer The cuao concu oeo ne year w Tn TD annual plcnlc and skahrq oarTy aT Tne Wh Te Pun STaTe Parlc w Th The French Club O ix .e Movies Add ln+eres+ L audio-visual aids Every day, llwe sludenfs ol FHS were lorlunale lo be able lo see dillerenl lilrns in various classrooms. All fliis was possible because ol lwenly-five sludenl audio-visual operalors in lne rnain building ol our school, lnej, are under flue able direclion of Mr, Cary Farr. Eleven dillerenl oe iiarlfnonfe may scbedf ule films To belt lne lluClC"l'i Oblnr fi sri- Qfrmaiicn wl'if,r ir., ccuionr qer om of is bool. ilooellier, 260 'c 4 main b 'dino an: oelween 'n 'W and liliy in ine orner SLJAC1 ings. Jans Phillips, Darrel! Aclcerniao. Pvranas Geffza as Wil iam Bucenyg Sleplien Bisis Sara Nxske. 'Hams' Con'rac+ Africa radio club Alfer cornbleling a very eiciling year al lilo llvnilceii ol a very capable Hanzrnilling and receiv7ng eel, We Radie Club relired lo llweir newly remodeled corner of llwe Sealfd Gene Fowler, Ji lin Slwiiilga, VV' Wqlriy Electronics deCa,.+mer,+' Slandir' .. .line Run Biil MU ard RiC'i3'Cl B "rn, Gay Rqggyr Bi'-b Sei'-H I llie pasi year brouqlil up sucr resulis as, "name ming if up" willi persons in many We lar away places su-:li as Germany. French Morocco Soullw Africa, and even rnalcinq conf lacls willi ocean f ef l 68 xh Richie Sokuo Kali Asche' Kay Kriens Bob Geiser Carl Giessel, Ann Giasow and Sharon Crarrc S+uclen+s Visii' ISHSPA quill ond scroll The Nalional l-lonor Socfely Tor oulsrandinq high school iournalisls. Quill and Scroll members are Chosen from The Polorfs and Lo Prefz slalls on The recommendalion ol The advisor and approval ol The Nalional Execulive Secrelary. The applicanls musl be al leasl ol iunior slandinq and in The uooer Third oi his class, This years ollicers were Ann Glasow Co-edilor of The Lo Prefz, presidenly Ned Fursl, circu- lalion manager, vice-oresidenit Sharon Cramer, asf sisranl ediror ol The Lo Prefz, secrelary-Treasurer' and Bob Geiser, co-ediior ol Lo Prerz hlsiorian. Four deleqaresl accomoanied by Their advisor, Miss Beulah Charmley, who Conducred a session on yearboolcs, allended ihe Slale Press Conference held al The Universily of lllinois 'n Urbana. Speakers Describe Japan philos A B plus average is required Tor membership in The Philomalhian Sociery, ard ir is reslricred To seniors. The orqanizalion This year eecfed as ore!- denr, Carl Giessel, viceeoresiderir, Sue Schwarlz, and secrelary-Treasurer, Janis Richman. Miss Dagrnar l-lansen served as Tacully advisor. Two oulslanding meelings Teafurec Mrs. VJ. E Dildine ano Mrs. Philir: Baroell who C'GSG"'EEC ero- qrams on Japan, Mrs. Dildine spolce on Jacanese ooelry. while Mrs. Bardell showed Colored slides and 'rallced on The aqricullural asoeclt ol Jana' inf! reliqious buildings. Row l, Mavere Brie Jed, b'e'1 rf: "i1 1 M'Nr'f Janis l?'f,'s"ar Ca' GD- V- Suse' Saw-a": l McNa'y Befei my Wade Jed, Bivir. Row 2, Baroara Bwrs Ba' Cedar .lan S 'aday Kafhi Axim-i Rizhie Slar Ka, r4"er's T Mgr' Judy T-lun'er Snarssn Mfeiif-'Herod' Ma in- 5 ,i..,. Row 3. MSW Kee'e Arn Gain, Tim Sfiillix' Lee Snare Fark Fus' Ja 5- H-ii"':a B rr Se Bl Mi a'd Jeanne Sea-:J-2 S"'e-, 3' sa N' " X7 'D ul i U -Q 5. 'E 2 1' xo 1 i i rj px i -A-4-5 tywizfbin. -..:,, 1 s Seaffid: John Vf'if1l Simian C'amer, Marv Laghr-lle, Bcnpif' Grim Sfandingz Carl Giessel, .lan Soladay, .le Burl, Zandra Firebauqh, Tom Myers. "Gel The lead oulli "Who slole my galleys?" 'l-ley Annie, why don? you use lhe ears lhis lime? Alfhough il may sound slrange fo you, lhis is 'rhe everyday lingo used behind lhe door and around 'rhe desks ol Room l I5 every sevenlh period. From 'rhis room every olher week during lhe year came a new issue of Lo Prerz News. Somefimes il was orange, somelimes green, bu+ usually a near while. Cofedilors, Ann Glasow and Bob Geiser, spenl many a harrowing hour wilh Assislanl Edilor, Sharon Cramer, in an elforf fo 'rurn oul a paper which The sludenl body would enjoy. Whenever a problem arose, Publicalions Adviser, Miss Beulah Charmley. was consulled and progress resumed. This year, lhe goals se+ by 'rhe slail were 'ro com- plele a prinled headline schedule which would make il easier io 'fell lhe prinler which lypes ol headlines were fo be run and 'ro se+ up a good sfyle shee+ fo slandardize puncfualion. capilalizalion and abbre- vialion. ln early December, lhe sfall was hosl 'ro lhe Big-8 Press Conference. They had displays and workshops which showed whal Fl-lS was doing iournalislically and speakers who informed lhe dillerenl sfafls in 70 Q3 lm V Y , Paper lns+iga+es New Slyle Sheef la prefz news if 4 Si . 'Brill ,EQ gg " . L .g .. ,L Qi r , X anninr-Bakor,SheiiillFoc1f-l Fvafv Fins? Roger lr-lorrvin Wendy broader rerms as lo whal' could be done in high school iournalislic work. To make 'rhe day comple+e, a luncheon and enlerlainmenl were scheduled. Thus Lo Prefz News was a combined eflorl on +he parl of many people lo produce lhe besf possible paper in lhe hislory of FHS. Belween Bob Geiser Annie Glasow and lrierd 'he Fourlh Eslare is faking chaoe. Deadlines, Headlines Keep S+aff Hurried polaris l , lid" M' ' Polaris slalf is worrying over the unaer-class pictures. Sealed: Judy Bloyer. Jan Graff, John Voigr, Jan Soladay, Connie Widrnor. Sranding: Carl Giessel, Mary Ann l-lill, Kay Kriens, Bonnie Grier. If you have ever walked by Room Il5 lbeller lcnown as "'rhe Pubwl, you have probably heard slrange sounding voices shouling, "Bleed ir: guller: lell leg," and olher weird expressions. A person nol' well acquainled wilh 'rhar room would lhinlr il Kalhi Ascher and Richie Solcup are ealing lheir way 'lhrough some Polaris diiiicullies. Q lo be a lorlure chamber lor sophomores. Aclually, i+ was iusr lhe srafl gerling lhe '56 Polaris organized. Lasl year, even before school was oul, rhe Polaris was already on irs way +o becoming a year boolc. The iirsl job al' hand was finding a rheme suilable for lhe boolc. From Whilewarer, Wisconsin lo Free- porl-lrom Freeporf 'ro Whilewaler-imporlanr ideas. copy and layouls passed lhrough 'rhe mail. Then began rhe consulralions with The prinler, The slall chose whar lhey rhoughr would be rhe mosl suirable lype and learned how ro crop and size pic- rures. The division pages were checked and re- checlred and finally decided upon. A cover was designed and revised ar leasr six +imes, bul finally. everyone was sa+islied. During all rhis lime, +he slall was busily wriring copy and inregraling I+ wirh lhe phorographic mare- rial. This was nor always easy-as several limes, il meanl going baclc 'ro school a+ IO P.lv1. in rhe dead ol winler, iusl lo gel a shor ol lhe high school glislening in a new, lresh snowsrorm. I+ was hard and exhausring worlr' bul everyone who had anylhing ar all +o do wi+h ir agreed rha' creating rhe '56 Polaris proviaea some ol 'he bes' +imes ever had a+ Fl-lS. 7 l ruce Besley Jan Soladay, Wendy Burl, Lee Snap Kay Kfens Rrrlw 9 Mary Ann l-llll, Carl Glessel, I ' - I Tame Ouf For Ginger C I lunlor ploy You re wonderfa Gngerl was lusr one ol rne efclarnallons ai flee confused Carollwou3ecold,wl1e" 'ne Wbab. cl gnc' farnry loolc ur foclball as a zasrlrne, Va We 56 Jun'or Class Dlal, Vrnr Cul lor Ginger," When Mr. l-loward Carol, dislingulsned buslness man, gave a speeen al lne local lnglw sclwool assernbly on Nindivldual riglwlsf' he cerlalnly didn? lcnow wlmal llwe ell7ec+s would be: flue glrls ol lne scbool led by nfs +wo oldesr daugnlers, Joan and Jeannie, would do on srrll-ce lo abollsn gym classes' nls youngesl dauglwler. Ginger, would go our lor lcolball, consef guenlly, alrnosl being expelled lrorn scnool: and, lo lop eyery lwng M arol nrrnsell alrnosl loses o T e play was llleo wrln llre lnlarnous anllcs o Lzzue llwe maud Malcung a brrel appearance bu+ a lasrxng one was Mr Wllson llwe Clrool pruncxpal who brouglwr lhe news ol Gungers escapade Included rn llwe cas+ of annusung clnaraflers were Tommy Green Sanger boyfrlend Agnes Carol Glnger s mollwer and Eddy Join s boylrlend The slage selllngs were execuled by Mrs Lucille Madden and lner cornrnullee Mass Lnlllan Malllwvesen and ner coslume cornrnullee nelped lo puck rlwe proper allrre and 'flue properlses cornmlllee under flue able dlreclnon of Mass Helen l-lamrl found all llwe necessary llems lo dress 'rlne lage Mrss Jeannelle Lloyd dnreclor Marslwa Srnullw sludenl dsreclor and Slwaron Moellenberndl prorm ler lwelpecl rnalce our Junior Play a real success' 72 ' 'SLUY7 Bflfl' BRN llwe Cai? ln Llnie Agnes Howaro Joan clE'ri'l Glnger Eddle ns, Torn Myers, order of Appearance: Tornmy Green Mr, Wilson Val lblollrnan CMG Ellzabellw McNary llirldayl Jan Soladay lSa+urdayl Margaref Farnarn llzridayl Kay Kriens lSa'rurdayl R'cn?e Solcup Janls Rlclnman llzrldayl Wclndy Burl lSalurdayl Quzanne Yde llirldayl Mary Ann l-lill lSalurdayl Porlla McNess llzrldayl Barbara Burns lSalurdayl Lee Snap Torn Myers Roger l-lornan llzridayl Bruce Besley lgalurdayl Carl Giessel YR 'og' R PW 'OV' f I I a was named :Wager cf We year' by Life M da- 4 , 90 NUM? 5 my ddUf1L'9Orf! 'Sf'-ETSO"-PGN" X wuwv O "The Man Who Came lo Dinnerfl direcled by Miss Jean- efle Lloyd, lhe '56 senior class play, foolc place in an ordinary Ohio lown, wilh lhe resulls being anylhing buf ordinary when Sheridan Whifeside, a worldf famous personage. iell on +he fron? sleps of Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl T. Sfanley and. al doclors orders, was Confined lo lhe house wifh a broken hip. Whileside, played by Richie Solcupg his secrelary Maggie. played by Barb Burns and Maur- ine Lane: a carefree movie slar. Banjo, played by John Voigt slage adress Loraine Sheldon, This is lhe en? l . -1 - 1? played by Wendy Bur? and Pal Declclarf newspapere man Burhlellerson, played by Ned Fursff and Beverly Carlfon, played by Carl Giessel, were only a few of 'rhe amusing characfers. Thanks To lhe elforls of rhe Misses Edilh Lyle, Carolyn Musser, Dorlhea Schmidl and Mrs. Lucille Madden and fheir comrnilfees, fhe play was a success. Marsha Smifh and Sharon Moellenberndf assisled Miss Lloyd as sfudenl direclor and prornpfer, respeclively. 'Nowlil 15 'ne 3:23 o::':r f a as rside 'ne 'f "my a Go -3 ' ef is Row l. Joan larnm, Luanne Swank Bfrnie Pager, Els:-Pda Crurnmei Judi, Kleclrli-r Barbra Burns, p , i i Rr w 2 al Sieele Judy l-flunw.-r, lvlaiilyri M' iarsi Kaian Kirms J Ann Mi-rw Sylvia Sfhfadef Cf leer' Urwnev Dianne Gwen Kalni Asflwr, Rcw 3. Nanry Crain, Jeanne Jullier, MaryJ1nansern Linainv Sannian fi 'res l-liqirry S'irey Price- Marille Kuehl, Jane Olsar Karen Kenl, Carr, Ullwlaul, Nancy Guslalson, Shiray Kuehl, Marilcu Penlicfiil, Row 4. Judy Paar Jean Sensanbauqh Ae'ha Berdmar Wendy Burl,ivlar'1a'f-lharnam Jcseol Davis Carl Baumann Virginia Gerram, Sharrr' Ne'les Judy lvlacies Pa' Slallarf: Kay Krif-ns. Eclucalors Praclice In Public Schools fufure feochers of america Composed ol' inleresled sludenli, lhe purpose ol lhe Leslie A. Holmes Chapler ol Fulure Teachers ol America, named lor llne Presidenl ol Norlhern Illinois Slale Teachers College al DeKalb, is mainly lo pro- mole a beller underslanding ol leaching. The club had, under lhe leadership ol lvliss Ferne Kuhlmeier. advisory Wendy Burl, presidenl: Covil Kerlin, vice- presidenl: Linda Slellen, secrelaryt and Jane Olson, lreasurer, lhe largesl membership ever wilh 64 members. The club. sponsored by lhe Nalional Educalional 'K CCL ii "X, 76 Associalion and lhe Illinois Associalion oi Fulure Teachers ol America, is primarily a service club. Some ol lhe service and money malcing proiecls lor lhe year were checlcing coals al Teachers lnslilule and lhe Adull Educalion Audubon Series and helping wilh lhe meeling ol Big-8 adminislralors and coaches. For lheir lirsl meeling ol lhe year, lhe members allended a special assembly lor all seniors lrom Freeporlis schools and dislricl schools, in which several prominenl people in llce leaching lield lron' Illinois spolce on leaching and ils possibililies. They also had Mr. l-larry R, lvlcphail, Superinlendenl ol Schools, spealc lo lhem on lhe responsibililies and characlerislics ol a good leacher. A panel made up ol club members discussed lhe qualilies ol a good leacher. Following lhe Career Day lallcs, lhe oilicers lunched wilh Dr. Leslie A, l-lolmes and represenla- lives lrom Norlhern lllinois Slale Teachers College, Laler, belore going baclc lo DeKalb, Dr. l-lolmes mel wilh lhe club lor a meeling and lallced on leaching in lhe dillerenl lields. lvlany ol lhe club members who were inleresled in grade school leaching were allowed lo go lo lhe school ol lheir choice lo sludy lhe lechnigues ol grade school leaching. Clher sludenls, during lheir lree lime, helped in lhe physical handicap room al Empire School. Trips Through Hospilals, Programs Add Knowledge fufure nurses of america Thus school year of 55 56 was fhe second year rhar gurls of Freeporr and Aquun Hugh were guven a chance lo uoun fhe Fulure Nurses of Arneruca Club The purpose of lhe club us 'ro see how well suuled lhe members are for nursung and fo show and explaun dulferenl' phases of lhe worlc Several of lhe mem bers also hold parr fume 'obs as Nurses Audes af rhe lwo Freepor+ hospufals Dururug +he year fhe meel' ungs were held al S+ Francus and Deaconess hospulals The ollucers elecled al lhe ufursl meerung were 1 Marsha Smulh presudenl Janel Boyer vuce pres: denl Carol Ulhlaul secrelary 'rreasurer The ad vusers were Muss Mae Boswell and Mrs Spencer Arlnnan Wuves ol some ol: The Slephenson Counly doclors who also planned 'rhe club program boughf puns and awarded 'rhem lo gurls who allended 75 per cenl of fhe rneelungs The off ce s unclude Carol Urhlauf Marsha Sm rh a d Jane? Boyer Ro 2 Carol Rudy Rose are Splel off Row 3 Karen Rudy Jan s Ph ll ps Judy Henle Sara Noeslce Lynda Rah I3 . l . . . u . . l ei I I 1' X I . I - 3 . X . uf l r ' . I n . Row l. Beverly Wade, Josephine l-leurz. Lynne l'-leidenreich, Linda Franlxlln. W A , rn l I h . . , l I l , , , l . ls ' YJ ' , l sl x . F. I 1 ,I ' ' 7 M .L A S ' Y X an o r u R c a Ju us Rnchard Holber? and Dale Kubafzlre rrv desperalely lo calch Mass Fox e M 5 Fufure Farmers sludy vocahonal agrucul lure wrfh lhe purposes of becomrng a good farmer and puf lherr classroom lraun ng unlo prachce wrfh larmung programs al home Through FFA achvuhes lhey learn leadership and good cuhzenshap uwlaslf baual s R e sheer: Classroom, Home ProIec'rs Shmula1'e Farming ln+eres'I' fufure farmers of america Twenly seven years ago an Kansas Culy a few hugh school sludenls made a creed sfahng rhal l belleve un 'rhe Fufure of Farming Today Thar creed has developed info Fufure Farmers ol America Thus organnzahon has loday over 383000 boys ahhlnaled wrrh 9000 local chaprers ID 48 slares Puerro Rico and Hawan In our local chapfer Thws year lhere were 35 boys and officers as follows Presudenl Ralph Buselcros Vice presldenl Joe Rosensflel Sec relary Ronnie Prasse Treasurer Doug Fzrebaugh Reporrer Roberl Johansen Senhnel Gene Goodsell and Adviser Mr Bokemeuer 'TTT mr-11-1 'gi ow I oodsell ouser ar e e n mu e e Ju J Munz D Fzrebaugh R Slab uns R w 2 C Mease D Kubalzlce R Buselcros l Julius W Larson R Var Raden R Mlnlue R l-lo r sfrel n c D sun Keeler G Runfe X U I Q Q Y J TTT-' 5 RT ' - . ur . Jerfy v L H Lary J llus, zhfa ' v V ' ' ll , ' . f A i P 9, mis . . , , as llo u lve Aw, Larry Pnilln, ol: 17 Johansen and Chucl llyf ln clweclf 'Pe .fur ' 'nelv' . R . E. G , N. H , D. M kl y, R. Press . R. Johanse , J. S l, K. Sh ll y, E. lius, L. Phillips, , , , ' , . b' . o . . , . , . , . ' , . , . . . . ' A . lbe- l. J. Rosen ' , N. De Vries, J. Va L,h, C. y l' , J. T , , . 1 - f ' l i Q I ' . , , . T: .. . 5 I g - J 1 . . Q 3Sc The massed choir and orchesfra broughf Tri-Double-I fo a close wifh fhe grand finale hools Hold Fesfiv fri-double Mass choir, Red and Blue bands, guesf conducforsl If could only be one fhing-Tri-Double-l. Freeporf was hosf school on May 4, l955. Wednesday af 8:00 a.m. fhe buses began fo arrive in fronf of fhe Junior l-ligh School. Then from 8:30 a.m. unfil I l:30 a.m., all members of fhe orchesfra, chorus and bands had pracfice and gof fheir seafing arrangemenfs from fhe various guesf conducfors. Affer lunch, from l:30 fo 2:30 fhere were orchesfra audifions. Freeporf and Dubuque audifioned and were crificized by Professor Dalley, fhe guesf conducfor for lhe orchesfra. Affer fhe audifions. from 2:45 fo 4:30, fhere were massed rehearsals. The firsf of fhe fwo concerfs was given by Clinfon, Dubuque and Freeporf grouped info fwo major bands, fhe Red band and fhe six selecfions under fhe Blue band. Each band played bafon of Dr. A. R. Edgar, fhe 45 Ei Conductors included Karl Kubifz Miss Dorcfhy Nelson Dr. Srnifh ' Orien Dal ey and Erres' Seemen a l I 14? There w affer ho as some close fhree-school harmony even UTS, conducfor of fhe Wesfern Sfafe College Music Camp af Gunison, Colorado. The concerf closed by combining fhe fwo bands for Sousa's "Sfars and Sfripes Forever." Affer fhe concerf, fhe Sfudenf Council sponsored a dance for fhe guesfs in fhe high school gym. The second day began af 8:30, wifh band and chorus audifions in fhe audiforium. The resf of fhe day was spenf on rehearsals. Thursday nighf, fhe mass chorus sang seven numbers under fhe direcfion of Dr. Smifh, who is Assisfanf Professor of Music af fhe Universify of Colorado. The massed orchesfras played eighf selecfions conducfed by Professor Orien Dalley, fhe Secrefary of fhe Nafional Music Camp af Inferloclcen, Michigan. For fhe finale The chorus and orchesfra did an arrangemenf of "The Voice of Freedom." 79 5 uce Besey and the ent cas' sirq 'Every Day ls Ladies Day Casl' lln order Willem Franz Tina Burqomasler Berlha Grelchen Con Kidder Kid Conner Carl Counlress de la Pere Jousua Pennylealher Governor of Zealand 6 ppearancel John Voigl Roger Homan Bonnie Russell Dieler Valle Jan Soladay Maurine Lane Richard Solcup Tom Myers Darrell Ackerman Wendy Burl Roger Gusloff Bruce Besley W Me, 'Y X A. A ' ilk l Rich Solrup and Torn Myers +ry fo escape only fo be cauqhf by Diefer Valk and John Voiqf. Renee Lane sings a love song fo Darrell Ackerman as Roq Homan sleeps peace- fully. J 1, f Qs, .. i .ps T 4 A .,, f .gk We Hear The Angels Sing Every day during slxrln l'rcJr, ine people ln Sruciy Hall l7 and olner nearby roorng Tlnd llwernseves rllilraclrd lrcznw 'rr-lr gfudei and unconsciously lap yung llwcgrr lrvrfl. Tw lm- 1 error: rlwal True A Cargriella Clroir, uncler llwc rlrrcfcllon ol lvllva Dcnrcnlwy lNlelSOn, ml-rear'5.c-5. Tlils ycar, flwe larqc cllelr cenwinecl 86 aluclenrs, lr lwad ere el 'lu larqcfgr fencr FGCLTCFXI, ever ln llwe lwlslory ol FHS, Tlwe llrsl serlez el ccncerfs Wai glven Ter Qcen llcuse, Ncxvcnnlaer S: an fvrernbly lor We ffucienf lXlovernlnr-r 9' and ler Sleplmenson Counly Teacnerr lrvlrlulga Vlf.3vCrTllUcfr TOL Tlwe zencgffers Tren slarra-rj lc Prepare 'or We annual Clrrlsrnwaa Vrqsrger Service, wnlclw was lweld Or' Sunday, Dccernlicr lr. ln llwli ccrcerf, 'ce crer cernblned with 'ne Girls Glee Club, prep Cnelr enfremlblea and Orclweslra ln lrlbule lo llwe Cnrliff 82 cr cappella nnas seaacn. The lwarrnony levers performed lcr several clubs in gown and 'P We lale wlnler lleey began riwrepara- :ren Ter a rnasrcal cernedy Tee Red Mill wrlclw wa prceenled on lvlarclrr 23 and 24. Alrer flue orserella llwe Crorallere lwurrldly lbuiled lremselves wlllw llwe rnJ5ic lcr TrlDouble-l, one cl llne lwiqlwliqrrs ol The year, lneld in May. This year A Cappella, Band and Grcneslra lraveled Lo Dubuque, lewa, lor rlwe Free' lffffl, Cunrcn are Dumaue cencer' an May 9 and IO. User We Civ Ol 'rs-Yr rerun, 'ne clwolr pcllslwefl are lls nm 'c :er 'lee Scrrg Fevlval. l' was a rrrll ing ard beaurilul speclacle rc welcorne ln 'flee sprlng. ln We few ri-mirfg WQGLT We 'fderclaaz-mere bers pri-fared and Qare fc' lne Baccalaureale Serv ice. Row I. Hale' KWINNAZ NeWe Mease Maw LaSHeINe Nofrvg Moves Joann H3fn's?' Kew Done' Mafiwn MiHef, Nancy' Afboqasf, Syn MeN'o" Uafe Yowu Lhfza RaW' Jan? Sohdav EoHh Haas Ma"ene P402 Lihue Sine" JVD' F'fYze"'eFe' Bam Bums KHP" Asde' Cgfolp- Ohfeg 5? 'a K:s'fg'. Row Z. G-vw DeVe' Raves Lane Wsrrvfiw Bu" Nan Gusfafsofw, Arm Wlffen CONN? Wwe'-W' Pa? Desklai Maw Johansen, RubvTr7pr1feH Bonfwif- ihssf-V De' Sf.1'N-wi Namcv Efdfwm, Kav Krkws, Marilyn W'Hfxfs Rwkamw HV1, Glowa Dowfoq Cvol Be!d?n, Carol Ufhfauf Karen Mn-fs Jun: Um' J.w'cQ Mg ms. 'T5 ,. Row 3. Jan Ridvfar' Ma'qa'e? Fa"'Ha", Ji'w Kos-Hen Covil Ke"?o Howie Kes?-ef, Ridle Soho J?'v1 Pelfz Ge-'aid Neverkpven Johw Voiqr Dkk Rm?-2' PH! Re"-efdf Rage' Gusioff W'H?e Haas R-sseW Soencef G'eq W'd"'e' Ronald passe JIM WVQW Wefvcdl Ga"Wa'+ Sai'v Joeoso' A"'a P'eF Row 4, Dave MeUo" Bruce BesWey Jac-r Ruvef CMU Pevfrs John EIMS, Duane Woods, Dave!! Ackerman, Jifw Dame Jerry Inch Roger Hovwgn, Adon Sfubbe Diem' Valk, Lee Snao Rfhard Sveelf' Levy Erb 1 , mv- Bess Ck f!hsJoHnson Tow Mve's, f Gio H '1 I H V Mxss Dvcw. Nf' se' Q fs Ar: S3'1.D'::'-'S 1 'nw "J"v'-MS, E33 C 'fapv paused in fhe midsr ol This lo give The yearly com- plimenlary concerl Tor lacully and sludenls in mid- December. Whereas 'rhe music olayed in The Tall and early winler had been brimarily iazz, popular music and marches now The sluderls oi FHS could hear The slrans oi "Qreheus ir hladesil or The "Finale" Trorn Tchailcovslcyis Fourln. During This lime, The organizaf lion seen? more rirne and eilorl on lone and balance. Then came The highlighl ol The enlire year-The annual concerl. Meanwhile, individual sludenls and ensembles had an opporlunily ro show Their musical abilily in The Dislricl Music Conlesr on March 24 and Those 'rhal received a high raling wenl' on To parlicipale in The Slale Conlesl May 4 and 5, Tri-Doublefl provided a grand finale lo The year as The band Traveled lo Dubuque. Wilh a basl hislory ol Torly-'rhree years, The an- nual band concerl has become somelhing of a lradilion al FHS. The qualify ol music and The musicians Themselves have earned a ralher quiel Tame lor Mr, Kubilz and The band all over lllinois Rain Hinders'KarVs Kool Kaff Even Though The weaiher was quile unlcind io The Tillyflive members oT The Fl-TS Band and Their con' duclor, Karl Kubilz, They all agree 'rhey had a highly successful season. Slarling righf our in The Tall wilh The Toolball games, They were disappoinled al Homecoming and olher games when i'r rained and They could nol give The shows lhey had planned. Bul, on Oclober 28, in spile oT The wealher, The band pul on a show called llBeverage Timel' wilh Tour Tormalions: a millc bollle' a iug: a wishing well: and a 'rea lcellle. Baslcelball season Tound The band again aclive as They played al every game which Tell on a school night This year, due To The high lemperalures ol The bandsland during lhe games, The band members did noi wear Their uniiorms bul inslead, wore school panls or slcir4s wilh while slcirls or blouses. Then The band blunged inlo heavier music in preparalior lor Their annual concerl in April. They band Karl Kuoilz ana son, B'lI, keep up The band ?'ad'rion af FHS. 85 m.Mg- we ,Jann ' 1 s 1 T ll 5 , T s n 2 E 5 ? 2 dh 5x .Amu- 1, ,., A, ,A W, .A ,v...,M . i . 1 1 2 2 l 1 rl C f' 'Q-F' IN 4 'fb' mweai . 'Ill wg-vs. .pp-X ' . - , Seeman Swings Bafon Frequenfly A Tull schecje OT concern cenfesi ami broad' caiz kecf Thu year! erchezlra, under fee balen of Ernezr Seemed hard af work Trcm Serilember le June. To lneqln Thr- gf,-nr, The Tory piece slrlncq mecllon lm e recordefz fa Uleen rnlnlfe rmjlw brce'lcf1-,T Ter WFRL which Shlrcv Pr7ce narraled. The si-,lv piece Tell ercheslra beqan Els schedJle eT Scheel zrrograms wilh a concerf Ter Qpen hleuse on Nevennber 8. Thl5 was also brcajcael, Two fave laler lhev played Tor The Slephc-' cv' Coenly Tf'acher5 lnsllldle. The monlh nl December held Two c-xchnq evenfw Tcr The ercheiret The Tire? beirq The annual Chrfsrrnefi Veicer Service en December II. The second was The les? concc-rf Ter T955 Ei :vreqram el Chrlslmaf cerels and SO"Q'i Ffzr e Senior High Scheil fa-f-emblv. 86 ln Jamarv Junior H' rnwmca' 1 'WO SCll'7l ln llrr 'hmlfqhl 'K 'he ann tl Spring FM gram vfie Perlman 1 rn The TNQ lc lu' llc- iz" F rw anc: vu Thc- TZVKTT .cr BW- ' 'Wriflfri eh UL Ll The ercee Scnen .1 fec3e'ec'r'f orchesfra -,lm held fa ccncerl Ter The Jdenk arg: Tacullv. Thi-ne always if-em To lurlnc The flmczr :Sql-Ther. " rlnq, llv Src ln-Klriil' Tun: y lurnrffl lo :lf -vllval f1""' ' fwr'5wvlS. l'nr'w'-flhalerly .ilfwr lfa Ter Cc erl, Lrfac"1W- Tw-cmr' :er We flval wec' f1r'iT'w was fl ccmblned pref The chefs emi i?Vli36VT1lDlS5. 'hw lvlcmf, ' fanrl 'noel nnllclpnlefi dale ' 'rn C 4' 1' war. Tr' Dimlvlc- l. Travel .w'1,,4- sn 'lhq Tc r 1'-y :une haul ,lr Tit, f-:r VT'11WEi"l Tn Thy crgg-Q FT ,efxlule e-' fe. 1 fra li' Af' were fwwiylw The muff ,qrygip an - rgwg' Q ,XJ ,W X hefcf-nfnl. Thef- ef Jndcri 'a 'mem 6 l f s f l l c s Z i l ' 1 - Q r l 5 l i 9 1 l . l lf. l g i-s E 5 Q u S :- ."' Q -7, ' . if , :Ty Q3 4 v Q Y lsl' Violin: Ann Glasow, Audrey Taylor Sharon Moellernbefndl, Wendy Burr, James Seeman, William Zarfman, Harriell' Ealon. 2nd Violin Charlolle Ollmann, Carol Dinderman, Sue Schwarfz, Gloria l-lerendeen, Sharon Busker, Wesley Millelsleadl, Karen Kinlzcl, Roberl Moore. Bass: Ken Klinq, George Ashby, Sharon Yeager, Kalhryn Doerr Amanda Maxey. Viola: Gordon Becker, Arlon Slubbe Pal Hilde branf, Dorolhy Vore, Lyle Kaiser, Francis Wilsey. Cello: Karl Nienhuis Ruaacii Spencer, Helen Forlney, Luanne Shelley, Larry Slamo, Dianne AN Ernie Seeman snows Concerl Mis- fress Ann Glasow how nor fo handle a violin at j"ls4r an Kinman. Harp: Connilu Widrner, Shirley Price, Marilyn Millard. Flule: Karen Sleflen Carolyn Sward, Jane? Boyer, Marsha Smith. Oboe: Peqciy Heindrich. Bassoon: William Kubilz, Sharon Nerlles. Clarinel: P illip Rehfeldl, Porria McNess, Ann Carpenler, Steve Bishop. Corner: Ronnie Landgral, Carl Giessel, Sam Bess. Horn: Juslin Sfroclc. Trombone: Dean Musser, John Moerlr, Larry Brubaker. Percussion: Mary Keene, Gary Diefmeier, Mary Sauer. Librarian: Audrey Taylor. Sfudenl Manager: James Seeman. 87 A+ p'ano. Sandy Diddens. Baclr Row. Dieler Vallc, Phii Rehieioi, Tc'n Mx.e's Ricriara S76ClC Dane Aclreirnan Gerald Neven haven, Larry Erb Covil Kerlin Fred Bess The fellows in fhe Boys' Ensemble enioyed singing all lcindi oi music. Their direclor, Miss Doroihy Nelson, had them doing songs oi a llghler lype ihroughoui ihe year, ihey weni in for harnnony, rhylhm and bounce. The ensemble sang several songs lor Cpen l-louse and Carnival wilh ihe same characierisiics. Balancing ihe Tone and harmonic blending were fwo Jrhings praciiced. fxiier lhe exiensive praciice. The boys enlered lhe S+a+e Music Conlesl and sang in 'rhe Spring Concerl. Ensembles Sfrive For Blencling,Appearance ensembles The blending qualify of voices and good siage aopearance were fwo poinls considered by Miss Dorolhy Nelson when she had iryouis ior ihe girls' ensemble. These girls pracficed on lone produciion. This year, ihey have sung all Jrypes of music, boih secular and sacred. Much praclicing was done in preparaiion ior lhe Siaie Music Coniesl and ihe iormal Spring Conceri. Even ihough The ensemble did noi malce many public appearances ihis year, ihey did preseni al ihe Chrislrnas Concert lheir always delighiiul Chris?- rnas lree numbers. Raw I, Ma ene Price Jaref Friizenmeer Jeanie l-larnisn, Norma 'viavcs Rc N 2, An' W'i"en Pai Declan Ka'h Ascner, Kay Power. Row 3. Arlene Miller Liz Penson Rufn Ann l-lird Cflleen Ur-wney. Row 4. Kalry Leilz, Anifa Phiel. S? 5 I inf Row l. Richard l-loiberT, Jerry Sager, Carolyn l-lansen, Sharon Baurngarmer, Karen KinTzel. Marfna T-lariow, Connie Slabencw JudiTh Snyder. AT The piano, Judy Devon. Row 2. Joyce Slabencw Joann From The walls oT room Ilo during Third hour could be heard The sTrains oT 'lVelveT Shoesl' or perhaps "I'll Walk WiTh Godfl The Grlee Club. which was a selecTed group oT girls under The direc- Tion OT Miss l'lelen McNally, meT daily aT This Time To sing various songs. The girls were audiTioned aT The TirsT of The year similar To A Cappella TryouTs and were chosen by Miss McNally. Being in Glee Club, The girls usually had preTerence over oThers ii They Tried ouT Tor A Cappella, as These girls goT much experience. The Glee Club made iTs debuT on December IO aT The annual ChrisTrnas ConcerT. They also parTicipaTed in The Spring l:esTival held in May. Merkie, Carol Connery, Phyllis Trickel, Carolyn Cramer, Rebecca Davis. Choirs Learn AppreciaTion of Music, Perform Well The PreparaTory Choir which learned The "Tricks oT The Tradell Trom Miss McNally meT TiTTh hour each day. Miss McNally insTrucTed These boys and girls in The TechnicaliTies of music TundamenTals. While They did noT spend Too much Time vocalizing, Miss McNally gave The Prep-Choir an opporTuniTy To sing a greaT varieTy oT songs such as ballads, Tolk Tunes and oThers. Row I. Lorraine BurTen, Jud Munz Ka en Sfeffen. Ro al'nde Fre ,Thelma Fambro Blenda Crurnrner v T r S I Y BeTTy Rurnan, Ladine BenneTT, Judy DuranT, Judy Shirley, Judy Burfcn. Row 2. Karen STaas, Frances Graham, Mary Mease, Peggy Heinrich, Ncrrna Palmer. Luanne Swank Sharon Downey, PaT Wirsing, Sharon Pinnow, Shirley Bruce, BeTTy Maves, Pearl Smifh Row 3. PaT l-Tarnish, Dianne Owen, Sue Kramer, Donna Chrisfensen Janice Connery, Mary Dennis, Rose Lenoir. Liz KinTzel, Sandra Ludewiq, Jean Fahey. Shirley Erdrnan, Linda Franklin, Raw 4. Jeanne Fulfer, Mary Rinderrnan, Barbara Churchill, Liz Penson. Cheryl l-lorsTmeier, MargareT Berger, Hazel Greene, Nancy l-lerman. Nancy PuTnam, JaneT Berger, Sharcn Rinderrnan, Carolyn Julius. Jane Olson. G 0 F2059 XX Athleucs X f A Leyden halfbaclc is dropped in his sfeps as Prefzel -5 lf's borlorns up for this Aurora defender! Despite fhis awkward position, if's good enough fo also up-end .lim Vallarla, Prelzel ball carrier, Gridders Pos+ 2-5-2 Record ToVaca+e Big Eigh+ Cellar vcrrsify foofball A weelc before classes began, Coach Don Knaulhs Free- porf l-ligh School gridders donned clears and shoulder pads lor Three weelcs ol inrensive pracrice before rheir inilial game of lhe season wilh Dubuque. When lhe lblh of Seplember rolled around, however, lhe Prelzels found 'rhemselves on rhe shorl end of a I4-O score. 2600 fans saw 'rhe game in which Freeporl won slalislically, bu+ nor in score. One weelc laier was deslined To be one of The high momenls in Freeporr loolball in many years. Leyden ol Franklin Parlc came 'ro rown, and lhe Preizels, playing heads up ball, won rheir hrsl grid game in 3 years, IO-6. Richie l-leilz uncorlced a pass from fhe 43 yard line fo K K Vernon McDonald for 'rhe winning margin. Freeporl ran in+o expecled lrouble af Elgin, and 'rhey golf plenly of if. The Maroons whaclced our gridders 32-O, as lhe Prerz gained only 2 ner yards. Homecoming was a grand sighr on 'rhe FHS. campus, buf nor so on rhe grid iron. Wesr Aurora downed our boys I8-7 afier irailing 7-6 a+ rhe close of ihe half. A+ Beyer Sradium, in Rockford. on Ocrober I4, ihe Preizels fell vicrim +o Easr Rocldord, 6-O. Freeporf was down 'ro rhe Rabs I2 yard line buf were unable +o pu? fhe ball over. On Ocrober 20, rhe Prerzels dropped a 25-I3 ball game fo LaSalle-Peru Cavaliers. A fourrh-down pass from Richie l-leifz 'ro Ron Richier ne'r'red rheir 1'irs+ TD. The second Freeporf iouchdown came when Richfer in+ercep'red Richie l-leiiz applies inilial pressure, quickly 'ro be aided by Vern MacDonald and Don Regez. The 30 yard line becomes the sfopping poinf of this Blaclrhawlr, as Milne Smirh and Richie Heirz come in wirh a high- Iow faclcle. 'L SJ! X ll' . , r Foofbalk Soorob of '55 Freeporf O Dubuque Freeporf IO Leyden Freeporf O Elgin Freeporf 7 Wes? Aurora Freeporf O Easf Rockford Freepor+ I3 LeSallefPeru Freeporr 6 Wesf Rockford Freeporr O Easf Aurora Freeporf 20 Jolief aa pap. cmd Weil 70 yards fo :U ,y-dirf. l6XkOUVkk1-?QGF?CdF'oiS5+,VOITW Hell fo BT Ar'NGfaQ1oJ for We Drefzevsx only foucwdowe as fkwey 'led 'wfeaf Roo 6-6. Free nor' oowovor, won 'He Sfdqfyiik war Ie e o F every deparweer Crue of We besir Jrearws in We stare kelf Um MR o Hue Frooporr e'eyfers af, Emi Aurora wal kwekd io Q1 foo he or Hwrr W fwcld, Vw- qramo ff'woodw-M11 ffm pr ei w on We Tomoeg one arm lim-, Aviwoudo A kOJQL C Y , 5 MHPVQ Bitfi fose, if inspired our qrlddors Mi e 20-S yffory over J N :lf me .fxmk-,sdw ' In Hwe gina! QCEME of Hwe feaf-or lfwas"1ef'rsfqr5d Big Hgh? Comoefiflom for Freezorf In :our year, ' Voiqf. Gerry Hlokmarw emo Mike Srvffn Scored Dre fouokmdowns. 1 L 4 3 X 1 5 Y-,ff ge . -5-'Xxx u X 7 X H . yfk I y .'-'. 1 R gf 5' Y r fe . , N X H .Q V ry - N, N If W! -z K Q xx I L' X' XX X W1 kk A 2- - lk, I 'J , V i NK ., f x 1 XJ '91 ,ff I ' 'A '- xx Q. x f 32 5' . Wx, , u Row l, lelf lo righf: Sam Bess, Bill George, Fred Busker, Jerry l-lille, Norm Babcock, Ar? Miles, Duane Woods, Jerry lnch, Chuck Pelers, John Ellis, George Schmelzle, Dave Mellom and Tom Balz. Row 2. Dave Ganll, Vernon McDonald, Don Regez, Paul Tafoya, Carl Sarirnan, Arlan Haas, Jim Manlzke, Bill Larson, Willard Haas, Wayne Hulchison, Dick Kasch, Ronnie Richler, Mike Srnirh and Tom Anderson. Row 3. Coach Ron Norman, Coach Don Knaull, Richie l-leilz, Glenn Ollo, John Voigf, Gene Fowler, Ed Purge, Jim Vallarra, Bill Arndf, Bill Meyers, Jim Gilliand, Gary Schroeder, Phil Collalli, Gerry Hickman, Coach Ered Prall and Coach Joe Bissonnelfe. Al lhe end ol lhe season, Coach Knaull gave lellers lo seniors Bill Arndl, Norm Babcock, Ed Furge, Willard Haas, Richie l-leilz, Jerry l-lille, Wayne l-lulchison, Vern McDonald, Dave Mellom, Chuck Pelers, George Schmelzle, Mike Smilh, Paul Tafoya, John Voigl and Duane Woods. Lellers were also given 'ro iuniors: Ered Busker, Phil Collalli, John Ellis, Bill George, Arlan l-laas, Gerald l-lickman, Jerry Y' fe Inch, Covil Kerlin, Jim Manlzke, Arr Miles, Don Regez, Ronnie Richler, Gary Schroeder and Jim Vallarla. The Prelzels elecled Don Regez as lheir caplain lor nexl year. Willard l-laas, sparkplug guard, was selecled as lhe leam's rnosl valuable player. Sam Bess and Phil Welly were given managers lellers. 11 4 , 3 . l, g 4 X "' 2 K -3 ' - 4 " C2 - 1' , 'ii sy ' 4' i .ff ' f" 2 h A J 7 B A rw 'X X f X ip . f si, is ' , 2- 'F f I in V xx fi ' x , -IL: A - .ful 1' Q I 1' l X ' NQ . S i J 'Z lx :fi if ' I K if 'X f i 'Y '11 i I -r-Gee. The FreeporT iunior varsiTy TooTball Team sTarTed ouT Their successTul season, under The coaching oT Joe BissonneTTe and Fred PraTT, wiTh a I3-I3 Tie wiTh Janesville on SepTember 28. Jim Gilliand scored a TeaTure 95 yard run Tor a J.V.'s Turn ln Fine Record Of 2-I-I Over Area Teams junior varsify T.D. when The PreTz played hosT To Rochelle, OcT. 3. All FreeporT scoring was done in The 3rd period. Dave GanTT Took a Tourryard pass Tor The TirsT Touchdown while Phil CollaTTi wenT 3 yards Tor The second, To make The Tinal score 20-7. fda '51 T X W MV X Row I leTT To rignT Wayne HuTchison Jim ManTzke Gene Fowle Gary Schroeder Bill George Jim Glland Bll Meyers 1 CollalT Gerry Hickman and Arlan Haas R 2 Paul Tafoya Fred Busker Dave GanTT John Ellis Carl San an Glenn OTTO Bll Larson Jm VallarTa Je ry Hille an Tom Anderson Row 3 Coach Joe BssonneTTe Tom Balz ArT M les Don Regez Jerry lnch Don RichTer No rn Babcock Ed Furge Dick Kasch and Coach Fred PraTT Our single loss was suTTered aT The hands of Rochelle The nexT week The 2I 6 score was lnducaTive oT The Rochelle improvemenT Bill Meyers scored The lone F l-T S Touchdown Phil CollaTTu scored all Three T D s as BeloT dropped a I9 7 decision To The PreTz on OcToloer 24 AlThough BeloiT scored TursT CollalTi wenT across Twice To give us The lead aT The halT T2 7 The Tinal mark came in The Third period. Coach BissonneTTe handed ouT leTTers aT The end of The year To seniors: Tom Anderson, Gene Fowler, Tony Georgalas, Bill Larson and Wallace TrippleTT. Juniors: Dave GanTT, Jim Gilliand, Bill Meyers, Glen OTTO, Carl Sanman, Dick Spangler and Roger Wis- dom. A managers leTTer was given To Tom Balz. 96 1'-mlb? i- - 1 W 1' 5 Hx 02 4! X Valuable Experience Gained By Sophs Despife I-8 Record sophomore foofball Along wifh fheir varsify counferparf, fhe Freeporf l-ligh Prefzeleffej foolc fo fhe griciron on Sepfember lo for fheir firs' game wifh fhe Dubugue Lambs. When fhe gun sounded, fhe score sfood l2fO in favor of Dubuque. The Prefzeleffes again failed fo score as Leyden of Franlclin Parlc downed our boys I9-O. ln a high scoring game wifh Elgin, fhe sophs found pay-dirf fhree fimes. The Mae roons, however, wenf for fouchdowns fwice more fo win fhe game 3I-QI. Coaches Ralph Dur- ham Gnd Gene M645 Wesf Aurora became fhe fourfh fhorn discuss facfics for an Upcoming game. in fhe side of fhe Prefzeleffes as fhey scored a I9-O vicfory on Ocfober 8, Aurora had a fremendous punf average of 41.5. The sophs found 24 poinfs foo greaf fo overcome, as fhey fell fo fhe Easf Rockford Rablefs, 24-7. Qur boys again found yardage and fouche downs hard fo come by as fhe LaSalle-Peru lncas downed fhe sophs 3l-O. George l-lively rroves in fo bring down a Jolief runner as Dennis Speilrran comes up fo assisf in fhe faclcle. Row I. leff fo right: Sfeve Nesbif, Dave Dauphenbaugh, Todd l-lines, Jon Novak, Keifh Zimmerman, Ronnie Nevenhoven, Charles Dyslin, Doug Rogers, and Jasper deVidal. Row 2. Howard Keisfer, Fred Bess, Marfie Hill, Arlan Sfubbe, Roger Sfearns, Dennis Speilrnan, Bill Mueller, Larry Hufmacher, Greg Widmer, and Bill Johnson, Row 3. Coach Ralph Durham, Earl l-liclcrnan, Jim Wrighf, Dan Johnson, Bob Cregan, George l-lively, Roger Gusloff, Gary Granf, Percy I-lilfon, John Niesrnan, and Coach Gene Marlcs. 1 .ggi ,. n - l :vis is The Wesl' Rockford Braves found The Prelzelelles sornelhing fo reclcon wilh, buf evenlually came oul lhe winner I4-I2. Bill Fambro and George l-llvely scored louch- downs in lhe Two polnf loss. Things look a lurn lor lhe beller on November 4 al Easl Aurora, as The Prelzel- elles ended a seven game losing slrealc by lurning back lhe Aurora eleven I2-6. ln 'rhe season finale lhe sophs dropped a 3243 decislon lo lhe Jollel Sfeelrniles. X f ' J if . 'ir Fo'd Wagner Bill Creqar' Dercv Hlfcn Coach Gene Marks gave leffers af fhe end of +he season +o: Fred Bess Bob Cre- gan Charles Dyslin Bill Fambro Gary Granl Roger Gusloff Earl Hickman Percy Hilfon Todd Hines George Hiveley, Howie Nevenhoven John Novak John Neisman Douglas Rogers Dennis Speilman Arlan Sfubbe Ford Wagner Keifh Zimmerman Dan Johnson Roger Slearns and Manager Bill Johnson. George Hiveley was elecfed Dan Johnson honorary capfain by his feammafes. Keisler, Larry Hulmaker, Bill Mueller, Ron 1 I f i, , 1,1 Todd Hines Hof-'ard Keisfei Anoiher Joliet speedsfer bifes fhe dusl as Earl Hickman is successful one-armed fackle affempl, Dennis Speilman Keifh Zimmerman WW Pre'rz Win I4 Games Despi+e Grea+ I'IeighT DisacIvanTages vorsify baskefball Under The coaching oT Ron Norman and MerriTT Allen, Free- porT I-ligh esTablished a season record oT I4 wins and I2 losses. Many oT The games were played aT a greaT heighT disadvanTageI buT, wiTh a loT oT Team drive and deTerminaTion, The PreTzeIs ended wiTh a crediTable season. FreeporT sTarTed The season wiTh a bang, beaTing Dixon 7I'52. Even scoring was TeaTured in The game, as every PreTz sTarTer pumped in Tive baslceTs. Their TirsT deTeaT was handed Them by STerIing, 8I-65. The highly-raTed Golden Warriors had a Tairly easy Time in winning, despiTe The deTiniTe eTTorTs oT Vernon McDonald and Tom AusTin, who each scored I7 poinTs. The PreTzeIs conTinued The season wiTh an 83-59 vicTory over The Dubuque Rams. AusTin hi+ The hoop Tor 20 poinTs. Balanced scoring, again led by McDonald and AusTin wiTh I7, helped To whip SouTh BeIoiT, 70-56, in a well-played game. AlThough Roclc Falls shoT aT a niTTy .48I pace, FreeporT overcame Their red-hoT shooTing, 68-64. McDonald conTribuTed 29 poinTs To The cause. The PreTzels sTarTed Their Big-8 ConTerence race in The righT direcTion by lmoclcing oTT WesT Aurora, 72-64. McDonald and AusTin hi+ 24 and 20 poinTs respecTiveIy. In a deTensive baTTle, The FreeporT Tive whipped DeKalb by Tour poinTs, 60-56. Mc- Donald Toolc scoring honors wiTh 23. McDonald scored 22 poinTs and made The game-winning lay- up in The 59458 vicTory over FasT RocIcTord. AIThough FasT shoT a TerriTic .452 average, The FreTzels Toolc 40 more shoTs Than The F-Rabs and came ouT on Top. Two deTeaTs marred FreeporT's record as The PreTzels played Vern McDonald Tinds a hand in The wa as Nolden GeriTry, All-STaTer Trcrn Wea RocIcTord, blocks beaulifuliy a one-hande lump shoT. Finding himself behind The oasker Rich? T I-IeiTz hoolcs a shcT baclc 5 one :T F' 'ea'nma'es. Row I. OaTher Taylor, Torn AusTin, Geerge Scrn-cizie, Ven- Mellrznad Mir.. 5'-I-U Ry, Rgimei Richie HeiTz and Gerry I-Iiclcman. Row 2. Coach MerriTT Allen, Mgr. Fred Rhynders, Covfl Keilin Fred Buslcer Ar' Mfaes Cnuck Pelers DelberT Jehnzcn Andy Shepherd JQTT Frifzer' M12 Larry VieT"e'er and C-5-r Rr- Nfvnan 43 xl Chuck PeTers finds a few fingers on The ball buT a LaSalle opponenT brings down The rebound. in The CenTralia Holiday TournamenT. A close game was played wiTh Belleville, The PreTz geTTing nipped 62-59. AlThough FreeporT shoT .4I I and made Tour more baskeTs Than Belleville, They losT in The Tinal minuTe oT play. The oTher deTeaT was deaTT Them by Champaign, 73-69, despiTe The eTTorTs of McDonald, who scored 3l poinTs. 5hooTing a TanaTical .523 average, Coach Ron Norman's boys whipped JolieT, 86-75, Tor Their Third Big-8 win in as many sTarTs. The WesT RockTord sky-scrapers proved Too much Tor The PreT2els as The Warriors won handily, 73-50, WiTh The help oT McDonald's 24 poinTs, l:reeporT bowled over a weak WheaTon Team, 67-44. The PreTzels shoT .406. LaSalle proved To be Too Tall Tor The PreTzels as The Cavaliers pumped in 86 poinTs To Their opponenT's 70. Tom AusTin collecTed 20 poinTs. The FreeporT Tive were OTT The beam as They re- ceived a sTunning upseT Trom Rochelle, 67-62. SmiTh chalked up 20 poinTs. AlThough FreeporT led in The TirsT quarTer, The Elgin lvlaroons came Through wiTh a .496 average To down The Preliels, 90-65. FreeporT goT The saTisTacTion oT Twice beaTing EasT RockTord, The second Time To The Tune oT 75-65. The PreTzels noT only shoT well aT .452, buT played a l02 AnoTher rebound awaiTs The fingers OT Vern McDonald as EasT Rockford defend- ers make frantic eTTorTs for The ball. 0 FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT l:reeporT FreeporT FreeporT Freeporl' Freeporf FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT FreeporT RECO 7l 65 83 70 68 72 60 59 59 69 86 50 67 70 62 65 75 68 66 74 57 80 70 78 69 29 CQ? T? ,, X 127 U3-Egg W 5 i is 0 ,Y 'Auf '45 'U X11 fy .in 'bat' 4 .IW 5 4 Eg? at Q .fx . , If an , i f?WQf,f'v'f Al awail in vain as Tom Austin lmiTs a lump sTioT from Tbe side. Tine deTensive game. EasT collecTed only six rebounds in The second lwalT. EasT Aurora scored one less bas- lceT Than The PreTzel Tive, buT won by eigT1T poinTs, 76-68. SmiTl1 collecTed I8 poinTs. ln Their second meeTing wiTTiTl1e gianTs Trom WesT Rocldord, The PreTzels Tared muclw beTTer, buT Ios+ 88-66. WesT sT1oT a l1oT .464 pace. A lasT second slToT by Terry Asbury resulTed in a TiearTbrealcing loss Tronn Tlwe Belvidere Bucs, 75-74. Pine slTooTing was again displayed in The nexT game as boTl1 Teams sTioT over .400. L.P.'s Cavaliers, Tiow- ever, were Too big, and deTeaTed Tlwe PreTzels, 67-57. ln Tlwe l:reeporT Regional Tournament FreeporT beaT Lena, 80-69. Junior OaTlwer Taylor was high man Tor The PreTz wiTlw I3 poinTs. AlTl1ouglw Tive poinTs beliind aT The T1alT, l:reeporT came Trom belwind To beaT EasT Dubuque, 70-63 in The second regional game. Taking Tlne FreeporT Regional crown, The P,reTzels sl1oT aT a .453 pace To wlwip SouTlw BeloiT, 78-73. McDonald pumped in 35 poinTs. Advancing inTo Tlwe T-larlem SecTional, l:reeporT beaT l:ulTon, 69-68. AlTlTougl1 alwead by l3 poinTs wiTl1 Tour minuTes leTT, FulTon came up and made a Thriller ouT oT iT. Playing a ball-possession game, Freeporlr was beaTen by WesT Rockford, 49-29. l:reeporT missed The sTaTe Tinals by one game, buT losT To Tlie Team who became The champions. IO4 1 fflffpyyl Eg" George Hiyely drives in for a layup againsf Wesf Aurora as Bill Pearson loolcs for possible rebound. Led by head coach Joe Spudich and assisTanT coach Joe Bissonneffe. The Freeporf PreTzeleTTes ended The '55-56 season wiTh a I0 and I I record. The underclassmen opened Their season by defeaf- ing Dixon 46-4I. AT one Time during The game, FreeporT led by a 44-27 score. George l'IiveIy led Freeporf wiTh I9 poinTs. They Icepf in form by de- feafing Sferling To The Tune of 47-45. Wagner hiT I4 poinfs and his drive-in baslceT provided a Tie laTe in The game. Three l:reeporT free Throws Then won The game. The Prefzeleffes confinued winning when They de- Pre+zeIe++es End Season WiTh I0 Wins, II Losses sophomore baskefboll feafed Dubuque 56-40. Bill Pearson hiT I9 poinfs as Coach Spudich's boys shoT .339. Our boys nexT defeafed Soufh Beloif 60-4I. The game resembled a foofball game as Coach Spudich roTaTed Three Teams. Alfogefher, I5 Freeporf boys played. Jon Novak hif I2 poinTs. On The following day The FreeporTers played The Tall and undefeafed Rock Falls Team. Rock Falls ended our winning sTreaIc by a 50-37 score. Hively puT in I0 for Freeporf. The PreTzeIeTTes resumed winning ways by defeafing Wesf Aurora 53-40. This was The conference opener. The PreTzeIeTTes sTarTed slow buT were leading 26-I5 aT The half. Jon Novalc puT I6 poinTs on The scoreboard. Free Throws defeaTed our boys in Their game againsf DeKalb. DeKalb made I9 free Throws as They won, 54-4I. DeKalb also had a heigh+ advan- Tage. Jon Novak made I3 poinTs. On The Thursday before ChrisTmas, EasT Rockford beaT The sopho- mores, 68-58. The E-Rabs shoT .45l and made 28 poinfs in The Third quarTer. Jon Novalc led Freeporf wiTh 22 poinTs. Affer Chrisfmas vacafion The PreTzeleTTes resumed acfion by defeafing Jolief, 59-52. AT The Time all Row I. Mgr. Diclr I-lolberl, Ear I-liclrrnan, Fred Eberle. Fred Williams, Wendall Cox, Larry Dame, Dan Johnson, Dennis Spielman and Bob Cregan. Row 2. Coach Joe Bissonneffe, Coach Joe Spudich, Jim Nelson, Bill Reid, Ford Wagner. Bill Sfewarf. George T-lively, Roger Sfearns Jon Novak and Arlan Sfubbe. Big-EighT Teams had I-I records. The vicTory enabled l:reeporT To remain Tied Tor TirsT. Bill Pearson paced The oTTense wiTh 22 poinTs. FreeporT nexT losT a hearTbreaI1er To WesT Rock- Tord by a 47-46 score. This dropped The PreTzeleTTes ouT oT The conTerence lead. George lnlively led Free- porT wiTh I2 poinTs. FreeporT squeezed by WheaTon 45-43. As The score indicaTes, The game was hard ToughT and The PreTzeleTTes won by using ball conTrol near The end oT The game. George Hively hiT I9 Tor FreeporT. Ron Imm's drive-in baslceT Tor LaSalle-Peru de- TeaTed The Sophs, Sl-50. This was The second game The sophomores IosT by one poinT. Jon Novak led FreeporT wiTh QI Tallies. Rochelle deTeaTed our sophs, 47-46, This was The Third game losT by one poinT and The second in Two nighTs. George I-lively led I:reeporT wiTh I6 poinTs, while Dan Johnson hiT Tor I I. I:reeporT, nexT Toolc To The Tield oT baTTle againsT Elgin, Elgin, however, proved Too much Tor our boys and won 70-53, This was in spiTe oT I:reeporT shooT- ing 429. Wagner and I-Iively led l:reeporT wiTh I3 poinTs each. For The second Time, The sophs losT To EasT Rocldord by a 78-50 score. Jon Novalc made a ToTal oT 2l poinTs Tor The PreTzeleTTes. The PreTzeleTTes snapped Their Tour game losing sTreal1 by deTeaTing IfasT Aurora by a 58-48 score. The game was played on The EasT Aurora courT. I-lively spearheaded The l:reeporT aTTaclc wiTh I6 poinTs. A weelc laTer WesT RoclcTord beaT our boys, 42-38, in a hoTly conTesTed game. Bill Mueller and Wendell Cox hiT eighT poinTs Tor l:reeporT. FreeporT nexT meT Belvidere: The PreTzeleTTes emerged vicTorious by a 46-39 score. ATTer This game l3reeporT had a nine-nine record. Bob Cregan and T-lively led FreeporT wiTh I3 poinTs. In The IasT game oT The regular season, The F'reTzeI- eTTes meT LaSalle-Peru, LaSalle-Peru won by a 67-50 score. This game also ended The conTerence season. Jon Noval: hiTs on a iurnp shoT despiTe The eTTorTs OT an EasT Rccldord opponent These are The Times when minuTes seem like hours. The ball Tinally comes down, however, To be Taken OTT by Bill Pearson, FreeporT Torward. All righT, leT's brealc iT up. IO6 it WJ5'K , r , I ff X I - X it i u 1 2' 5, l S - H' 'y Q. Xp ' V, Q. " Q: Y 4 I H V i 5: ,El Wt N l Floyd Jones drives pasT a SouTh Beloif Rag Minlcie goes way up Tor Two poir1Ts. FUBH. The I955-56 Junior VarsiTy BaslceTball Team com- pleTed Their season wiTh Three wins and Tive losses. MerriTT Allen did The coaching wiTh assisTance Trom managers Dicic l-lolberT and Larry Vehmeier. The squad opened Their season by Traveling To Belvidere. There They ran inTo some sTiTT compeTiTion and were l3eaTen 68-62. The nexT game was wiTh WesT RoclcTord aT Free- porT. ATTer Tour quarTers oT TighT play, Roclocord emerged The vicTors, 66-53, handing The J.V.'s Their second loss oT The season. The Tollowing game againsT EasT Rocldord aT EasT proved To be a Tough game. EasT was leading aT halT-Time 39-30 and came ouT ahead in The long run 73-52. ATTer a Three game losing sTrealc, The J.V.'s meT Janesville aT FreeporT. ATTer Two quarTers OT Row I. Andy Shepherd, JeTT FriTzlen, Coach Allen, Covil Ker Row 2. OaTher Taylor, ArT Miles, Ron RichTer, DeiberT Johns Junior VarsiTy Cage Team Improves ATTer Slow STarT j-v baskefboll gruelling play, FreeporT was ouT TronT 36-32. Qur boys conTinued Their hoT play in The lasT halT and won The game 67-64. l-ligh scorers Tor l:reeporT were Covil Kerlin wiTh l4 poinTs and Jones racking up I3 poinTs. The game againsT BeloiT conTinued aT a rapid pace To The Third sTanza where The score sTood 55-44, BeloiT. ln The lasT quarTer, The J.V.'s wenT all-ouT and ouTscored BeloiT 24-I4 buT Tell one poinT shorT. The game ended 69-68 wiTh Ron RichTer Top man Tor FreeporT wiTh 22 poinTs. The J.V.'s encounTered Rochelle here in Their nexT game. This one proved To be enlighTening Tor Free- porT as They came ouT on Top 723-7l. Gur boys losT The nexT game To WesT RoclcTord 53-35, buT beaT EasT Rocldord in The lasT game oT The season 67-6I. lin, Gerry Hickman. on, Fred Buslcer. EP Thinclads Win I7 Le++ers: Mike Smi+h Cops S+a+e 880 frack QA 2 JY Mu e Smufh funlshes The half mule way a ead of five oilwers aw' Hue Rock ails mee-1 H-Q, af my . V 4 Roq Henm dears fhe las? hurdle and pro paras fo overfalce has foe x +0 J Q X 'S XB ox OOM gc WX 066 Q XOXO: 'o ORG IIO Three days laTer, The PreTzels Tell vicTim To an aggressive Oregon Team 7l-I7. Double winners in- cluded Bill ArndT, quarTer mile and pole vaulT: Chuck PeTers, discus and shoT puTg and Mike SmiTh, halT mile and broad jump. On Tuesday, April I9, FreeporT deTeaTed Hono- nega oT RockTon and SouTh BeloiT in a Three Team meeT on The FHS Track. The PreTzels ended wiTh 83lf2 poinTs compared wiTh l-lononega's 32lf2 and SouTh BeloiT's 32. In a duel maTch wiTh STerling on April 26, The PreTz won Tive evenTs buT, because oT a Tew second places, Tell behind The Golden Warriors 78'f2 To 3Olf2. AnoTher brighT spoT was Chuck PeTers, break- ing his own FHS discus record. Back aT STerling again on April 29, The PreTz parTicipaTed in The STerling Relays. Ken Bardell, Mike SmiTh, Jerry Friesnecker and Bill ArndT broke a school record in The mile relay, wiTh a Time oT 3:3l.8, alThough They Tinished 4Th in The evenT. AnoTher school record was broken in a duel meeT aT WesT RockTord. Mike SmiTh ran The halT mile in 2:OI.7 in an evenT he easily won. DespiTe SmiTh's running, WesT Took The maTch 73-45. lT seemed To be The year Tor record breaking as CliTT Lang, in The DeKalb Relays, came Through To Tie The school record wiTh a high jump of 5' IO". N.-f"i Fl-lS's mile relay Team, Bill ArndT, Mike SmiTh, Jerry Friesnecker and Kenny Bardell, pose Tor a porTraiT Tor posTeriTy. Charlie Johnson appears To be execuTing a graceful dive as he clears The pole-vaulT bar. 'rs x as -s 'Q The mile relay Team and Mike SmiTh broke meeT records, buT FreeporT ended in TourTh place wiTh 2Olf2 poinTs. Schmelzle, TrippleTT and Smifh sTarT ouT To rack up a Tew more poinTs Tor The PreTzel cindermen. L Bissau! KR' 'Q Q? is . Vs, . . A,-..,, - ,H -Mi-f. Av, . 1 ' ,yiyf .-ff1ewe.Pg'ei is ' fi swf: is . W' gm A M 2 "ff gr K-'alma "' V 1 ii : V wn Smilh grils his leefh as he breaks lhe lape iusl ahead ol lhe woe-belallen "Wee Willie" Amdi Comes Ouf On +56 GVVIOT. On May IO, Freeporl beal Dubuque 63-54 by winning lhe linal evenl, lhe mile relay. Freeporl lied or won seven evenls. On May I4, Mike Smilh broke lhe dislricl record in lhe hall mile wilh a lime ol l:59.3. The mile relay leam also qualified lor lhe slale linals, bul Charles Tripplel missed qualifying by I,!IO ol a second. The Prelz finished lourlh wilh l9lf2 poinls. Freeporl claimed lhe hall mile champion on May 2 I, as Mike Smilh look lhe slale lille running a lorrid l:59.3. Blue lsland won lhe meel wilh I8 poinls. Salurday, May 28, Mike Smilh look lhe Big Eighl hall mile lille wilh a lime ol 2:O2.l. Easl Aurora long end ol a close race. look lirsl place wilh 57lf2 poinls. And lhe varsily Freeporl ended in lillh place wilh I6 poinls. Olher winners included Pelers, Lang, Arndl, Tripplel and Calher Taylor. Al lhe end ol lhe year, Coach Prall gave varsily lellers lo Gary Fawver, Don l-lerdman, Ken Bardell, Floyd Jones, Mike Smilh, Jim Smilh, Charles Tripplel, Bill Arndl, Jery Friesenecker, Bill Meyers, Ed Cox, Chuck Pelers, Clill Lang, Charles Johnson, Karl Miller and Oalher Taylor: J. V. lellers lo Ralph Lenior, George Schmelzle and Norm Babcock: sopho- more lellers lo Gerry l'-lickman, Phil Collalli and Bob Pearson. Manager lellers were given lo Phil Welly and Kermil Farrar. Appearing lo be runninq in air, Gerald Hickman soars lo anolher broad-iump viclory. ! ., C5 PreI'zeI Nine Loses Cnly Four Games During Year baseball Barfing , .454 Ronnie Snyder HHS . I3 . . Jerry Hill Doubles 2 Bob Hooper Bolo Lower Triples I . Jerry Hill John Voigl Homeruns . I .. . . . , Jerry Hill Jerry Nevenhoven Runs , I I Gene Penficoff Ro R. Ro A. Ro W . W . Nevenlw w I. R. Hooper, R. Lower, D. Kaiser, R. Picking, B. Groves, W. Fogel, R. Wisdom, E. Penficoff, Heiiz, J. Voigt 2 C oach Gene Marks, S. Asclwer, J. George, E. Fowler, R. Borqer, E. Ferdqe, J. HEII, R. Snyder, Georqalaus, C. Marks. 3 J r . Ruffe, K. Nienlwuis, M, DeBoer, D. Ganff, D. Spangler, V. McDonald, T. Kampmeier, G. oven, R. Riclvfer, L. Pefferson. B. Schramrn. Coach Mailu Tallxs me' The 'uf I The umpires. Coach Gene Marks PreTzeIs opened Their base ball season Wedresday. April 6, by Thumrning DaIcoTa IQV3. The PreTz Tagged Tour opposing p7Tchers Ter I7 hiTs as Jerry I-Iiil allowed The Indians only one hi? during a six inning span, On April I2, The PreTz meT Their TirsT Roclc Valley ConTerence Toe, VVesT RocI4Tord, and aTTer 8 innings came ouT The vicTor 8-7. Freep-crT Trailed 6-O aTTer 3 innings oT play buT narrowed The lead To one run in The sixTh, and Then won iT in The eighTh. Leading FreeporT's aTTacIc was Vern McDonald wiTh Three hiTs. The PreTz IosT Their TirsT game on April I5 aT Belvi- dere, 2 O. The game was a piTcI'ers baTTIe as Free, porT's Jerry I-IEII sTrucI ouT IO baTTers. I-Till coIIecTed Two oT his Teams Three hits. EasT RocIcTord became I:reeporT's Third vicTim as They bowed To The PreT7 5-4 in I I innings. The game. played al' RocIcTord's Beyer STadium, gave FI-IS a 2-I record in Rock Valley compeTiTion. The Rabc led by Three runs buT The I9reTz IcnoTTed The score aT 3'aII in The TirsT half oT The sevenTh. In The eIevenTh, succes- sive singles by John VoigT, Gene PenTicoTT and Jerry I-IiII broughT The winning run across The pIaTe. On April 29, The PreTz IosT To The WesT RocIcTord Warriors 53. T-IiII connecTed Tor Two hiTs, including a Tremendous TourTh inning homerun. Q-anTT, Wis- dom and Snyder also coIIecTed hiTs Tor FreeporT. The PreTz avenged an earlier deTeaT aT The hands oT Belvidere by whaclcing The Buclirl I-4 on May 3. IT marlced The TirsT loss Tor Belvidere in TourTeen II4 .ff gn?-2? Wm "The Babe" gives a few signas cf his Teamma A soecTaTer's e 'T 1 "me-run , vs c -1 Jerry Hill winds up To deliver anolher sTrilce. games. Jerry Nevenhoven hiT a grand slam homerun in The TirsT inning, and ThereaTTer The PreTzels were never headed. The hiTs were evenly disTribuTed as FreeporT's leading hiTTer was Snyder wiTh Two saTeTies. The PreTz conTinued Their winning ways on May 6 wiTh a 5-3 win over ST. Thomas. The game was lcnoTTed up aT 3-all in The TourTh when FreeporT exploded Tor Two runs. PenTicoTT and Snyder led The PreTzels aT- Taclc wiTh Two hiTs apiece. Hill was The winning piTcher as he sTruclc ouT Twelve Tommies in The lasT Tive innings. The PreTz ran inTo an anTicipaTed Trouble on May IO, as They were Torced inTo exTra innings by a hard hiTTing Orangeville Team. PenTicoTT and McDonald boTh had Three hiTs apiece buT iT was Snyder's single in The lasT OT The eighTh ThaT broughT in The winning run To malce The score 4-3. On May II, The PreTzels downed ST. Thomas Tor a second Time, 4-2. GanTT was The winning piTcher as Hooper and Snyder were FreeporT's leading hiT- Ters wiTh Two bingles apiece. The PreTz collecTed Two runs in The TourTh inning and one in The sixTh To pro- vide The winning margin. The nexT day The DalcoTa Indians gained revenge Tor The Tremendous walloping earlier in The season, by beaTing FreeporT 6-2, Thus eliminaTing The PreTzels Yi Vi A .. Trom disTricT compeTiTion. Nevenhoven hiT a single in The TiTTh and Bob Lower hiT one in The sevenTh Tor The only hiTs OTT LeTTy Don STebbins. In The season's Tinale FHS IosT To The EasT RockTord E-Rabs, May 23, by The score OT 4-3. A big TiTTh inning, in which The Rabs scored Three runs, proved Jacl: RuTTer sizes up The baTTer beTore he ascends The mound. NeTmen Face Rough Season fennis The '55 Tennis Team under The coaching oT C. C. Clarno compleTed The season by winning Tour ouT oT Their ThirTeen maTches. Only Two oT The six leTTermen reTurn nexT year. The FreeporT neTmen opened The season wiTh a loss To EasT RockTord I2-31 They Then came back To record Their TirsT win over WesT RockTord by The score OT 7-3. Again sTaggering Their wins and losses, They were deTeaTed by Dixon buT came ouT on The long end oT a 5-2 score upon meeTing Monroe. ATTer bowing To Belvidere, 7-O, They conquered MT. Morris 9-33 however, The PreTz could never geT any sus- Tained winning sTreak going as They dropped a decision To STerling Three days laTer, 5-2. Bill KorTerneier prepares To slam a reTurn back To his opponenf. lp' iff Nf Row I. Don BenneTT, Bill Korferneier, Jim l-luisingua, Dave Poasf, ArT Miles and Jason Seubold. Row 2. Phil RehT'eldT, Jerry lnch, Jack Krieris, Sam Bess, Don Pierce, Russ Spencer, Andy Shepard, Jim Seernan, Ronnie Landgraf and Coach Ted Clarrio. Don BenneTT leans back To geT a Tull swing aT The ball. J ,avi-1I"iW xx i -' , v , 'ke i 1 A, ln reTurn maTches wiTh boTh EasT and WesT RockTord, The neTmen Tound Themselves on The shorT end OT idenTical scores, 4-3. Dixon also downed our boys again, buT The PreTz Tound Their winning ways by whipping MT. Morris 9-O. They Then TalTered and losT 4-3 decisions To boTh Belvidere and Monroe. The Team closed ouT The season by ending in The base- menT OT boTh The disTricT and Big EighT meeTs. Coach Clarno handed ouT leTTers aT The end oT The year To Bill KorTimeier, Jim l-Tuisiriga, Jason Seubold, Don BenneTT, Dave PoasT, and ArT Miles. Bill KorTirneier was elecTed The mosT valuable player oT The year. II7 I April I5, was Hue lee off dale for Hue Freeporr Prelzel linksmeru as Huey responded by downing Hue Belvidere Bucs, I2-O, followed by an B-2 viclory over Monroe. On April 22, Hue Prelz were dealu' Hueir lirsl loss of Hue season, as Pekin downed our boys I7-7. Bill Dorman and Ken Zier were low for Freeporu wiHu eiqluleen luole 'roials of 80. ln malclues wiHu Easf Rockford, Freeporf faired poorly as Huey losu Two meefs, l5-3, 8lf2-6lf2, and also dropped Hue Big Eiqluf HHe lo Hue Rabs. Lauren Madden poinus our lo Tom Swifzer wluaf l'ue can do lo improve luis slroke in Hue picfure below. II8 Linksmen Place 2nd In Big-8 Conference golf aclu Bill Erickson, Tom Swifzer, Bob Moren, Ned Furs? Lauren Madden and Dorman are qerlinq ready lo lee off. Beloiu, Ml. Morris and Slerling all fell helpless lo Hue Prelzels, as Huey bowed +o lOl' I,f' 7-4lfQ, 9lf2-8lf2 and I2-O scores respecuively. ln dislricr compeuiuion, Bill Dorman qualified fo go downsuare posuirug an I8 Iuole uolal of 78. Wesr Rockford was lirsr, Freeporl second, in Hue meer. A+ Cluampaigru Bill posled an 89 and a 79 for a 36 luole lolal of I68. A+ Hue end ol Hue year, senior Ken Zier was elecued capfain and mosl valuable played by luis ueammales as Coaclu Bill Erickson gave leflers lo: Bill Dorman, Ken Zier, Ned Fursu, Bob Moren, Alan Rubendall, Tom Swiuzer, Lauren Madden. Q .x 5 af D'-n Regez. Bi' Meyers, Earl Hickman 7-TN J wr A new sporT was added To The Fl-TS aThleTic pro- gram This yearea swimming Team. Under The coaching oT Glen Tucker, The PreTzel Team opened The I955 season wiTh a near win, losing To LaSalle- Peru, 39-38. EasT Rockiord whipped Freeport 60A I 7, aT The TirsT home meeT, Tollowed by a 49,28 loss To WesT Rock- Tord. The PreTzels dropped The nexT rneeT To DeKalb, Frogmen Add New SporT To AThleTic Program swimming feam 4l-3 I , and aT EasT RockTord They meT a 62-I5 deTeaT. ln The nexT meeT, The l:reeporT Trogmen won a 43-3I vicTory over LaSalle-Peru, wiTh CapTain Bill Meyers seTTing Two new records. Swimming againsT WesT RockTord, FreeporT was dawned 58-I9. The PreTzels closed The regular season by losing To De- Kalb, 44-34. As The Team placed TiTTh in The Big-8 meeT, Meyers Tinished Third and TourTh in The 50 and I00 yard Tree sTyle: Don Regez, who had been un- deTeaTed, placed TourTh in The l00 yard backsTrokeI The 200 yard TreesTyle and 200 yard medley Teams placed TourTh and TiTTh. Meyers, Regez, and Earl Hickman, diver, qualiTied To enTer The STaTe Swim- ming lVleeT. Row I. Dick Spangler lmanagerl. John Ellis, Karl Nienhuis. Glen T-loeTer. Bill Meyers. Dave Mellor' Sam Bess, Roger GusloTT, Jim Manski lmanagerl. Row 2. Phil RehTeldT. Richard Kascn, Den Reoez, Roqer Kanick, Roger Wisdom, Earl Hickman. Glenn Kunkle, George Osborne Bill KubiTz. Bi,-K 'nee 'we C-xg-rcisiriq ol brains, fre boys algo speril iim- fieveffpiriq llieir musclef iri gym Ciagies. All effezf ffmicfra, speiil 'waive weelrf fmdyirq i 1 'N ir?: lwe-'ily leur week, ie-awffq "ie gre afis ' ivfira '5 itrw. Every lJr,v,c1.a'7, rain yr -'rife llwey rvncned We iJr1iOrl1iQl1 pool lor a epfrilg-U game ol w1'f-V zClC. U " '4eaJi5 Qormlifx Noriiiiirw are N4cfr"' A iem leo Vw 'ri 'Wcdqli 1-ur Caligllieriicf. ard e-Q'-rffrq. llie ' ' -were were 'auqlil riminfy "-Q :m1a"We'+als i fi 're gave, v.1"fe 'lee fwfr. rT'5C"ced ' ' f-arvec if r fi, ea? :imc rfczerlg. 4' if mire arhiolirrriroec if-Fifi :rec ir lfifcg "e -,rrlicrrores and We reg' rs1f":'ra'eCl v- " 'lt iwicri, Mmcle' fri 'f'GEiCG r 're fm- rr l-in H" Je ,i it Me, i'f'E'iO ,i 1 ' mfg- vez r f ' f Boys' Spor+s Provide Skill In Various Ac+ivi+ies boys' sporfs llwe dayiia aclivfly. Early lial raw 'lei-iw oulside kirkirg Tre lecfball irouigt, A 're ii' 1.' :il a lil'l5fQ'flf1e' flc-', 'N'fV5'f7 iw-'Jw ' i " 'Ni :'i1Jf"TiCVX'iV:Wlt'LlLQJF 'riic wi'l' We mikwrm. Drlrzrrliwq, iliowlfriq, ann uieiefo were 'iauqlw mi vw gmiable irisilrmlfmrs. Vcivlle,-',iwall lwzixi fi wff 'im '-"'r-Vwq wr-rv 'le ifjlivilif 'dleri .Jr ri, .ir flfw 'rfead al lf,-iirrirc v. gk ifrwe vw- ip' VW,-.1fleiixlnlfimf-'P iT1OXifQ1.1": WVCliii"fl. fiwe ' "www iourid il lmrci fe -'farm .iii ,EMU if -Y., ., w,+Q in lnjrrvb QQ C13 ' P9Qc'i""g -.ami 'f"i7..Q'i +9 QC cfsde arc 'reg QQ' iq "Ac .5 19:1 we-Q efc 'rfacl f Sei. Bening lXi'p"'i'fI, 5' irq arg: ryuririq were lauqr' fc :age itil 'xiii' 1 , fevirls 'wick eveel, were C:iC'E'fT 'G with -fre,-"iff ari ': reed, lure- lOO V3 2fC ,Wd Caffe' wi-"1 r 1 ' Nqr iffi-'eg i2'f3'I4 irc err 'rw' '- V, K ,, Au.. , .. , Hin Ai F'-'E 1 r -2-, . . i 1. PL . wg, 's Migg Berry T-lgilgrd gin fared? T a. her girls can heccrnf' Judy LighTT'ncT wil go Te any mc-ans To be "Tree as a bird. l prcs so quicloy Miss T-leiland Teac' "e lr'er'rediaTe Swimmers how To diyn The girls cnysical eoucarion deparTmenT This year oTTered rnani, scorTs in which The girls parTicipaTed. The niozT fm:iorTarT being volleyball, baslceTball and swimming. held hockey SPG soccer are The TirsT sporTs olayed oy The gina. 'n large classes The c'ass ofvides up ?nTo 'nree Teams, The 'eams Then pfay in a Tournamenr The Team confvs of eghf players who volley ' The back and 'Crm across The neT. The Thru ii1'NCE'lCSCCPS'SiS oT heal'h, The serior gfrls so noT oa"'c'caTe for This cerioo and go To sTudy hal: 137653. Tre inier girls sfudieo abouT 5irsT-ad. 'ns' ,ic'ion in saTe'y ir The homes, in The cornmuniTy and 'n 'ne schools was also given To 'nern The zccnerncres sTuo7ed aoouT physiology. BaireTbal' 's :::orT not only enioyed by The boy. oT Fl-TS buT oy 'ne girls as well. The girls Team cor' Miss PaT Lernanslri orVr-Ts 'f a Trw- 'TT The Tuner basl1eTballslcill Girls' Sporfs Provide Fun, Amusement Exercise girls' sporfs sisTs oT six players. The addiTTon oT Three Torwards and Three guards malce The rules even more resTricTed. Friday nighTs aTTer school, homeroom baslceTball Teams played in a Tournament The winner was de- Termined by poinTs. When spring rolled around The sporTs Turned To The greaT ouTdoors. Baseball was popular Then. In This class The girls learn To caTch, Throw and run. AlThough we had no Babe RuThs, by The middle oT The season many oT The girls could HT "homers.l' Archery is anoTher popular soring sporT wiTh The girls aT Fl-TS. This year TourramenTs were held in each gym class. Each archer had six arrows and The girl wiTh The mos? ooinTs mace on The TargeT wins. The girls physical educaTion classes are TaughT by Two graduaTes oi FreeoorT T-ligh, Miss BeTTy T-leiland and Miss PaT Lemanslci. l2I Calendar fi L 7UD0 QOL ff Y ff X? QSM Judy LighHoo+ Reigns As ueen Wesi' Aurora Tops Freepor+ I8-7 ND I x 1 ' ' v Ve Hnnecornlnq ro-yalfy Include: Ann Ealin, Geefqe Hlvely C'l Me ':'n Be'ly Downs lienior ai'endanTl, Chuilr Peferz, Bill Arno? urn l-lornecomlng-Qefober, 1955. A suoden hush fel' over lhe crowd lhal lllled lhe gymnasium as Phl' Rehleldls bono hll lhe oownbeal lor the pro' cesslonal march. Down The aisle and under lhe arch ol rhe varslly loolball honor guard Came +he lhree evendanrs: Colleen Downey, Bonnie Russell and Be'+y Downs, senior' followed by lwo pages, Anne Ealon and Bobby Moellenberndr, carrylng fhe seep' fer and Crown. homecoming H, .QI .. 279'-6? Ur wr,-, g'.,L1","HYr'l1"f-"'1r5f'lll Qu'-ff .nl lw1"f B'-nnle Ruff-1 llunior a"er'can'l. A+ fhe flrsl nole of The fanfare, Queen Judy Llqhlfoo' enlereo on fhe arm of David Mellc,:rn. Dove 1-raced 'rhe Crown on Jung, I head, ana 'ne lrodlllonal kia: lollcweo. Humorous Skim by lhe three Classes were ne-T on lhe oqenoa. The sorihornores leo oll wilh KIng ol lhe Homecoming, a cornplefe Qwllch lrorn lhe original. Each Big Elqhr mhool waf renresenfeo by a junior boy who compelled ln a rnoclc bfalhlnq lr Senlcr Sli' Lee Snap Fnwlfg M115 Rflfkfmd lla' WW mmf afuer MISS Dlfhgl Bird lJoPl Solaoayl Fglwx mwdone ky M553 909594 Th, S,xOu?,,T,,,, knlifw, 3 P b9fC"'3 l55lllUQ l"'5" 'he S64 OOO 'lar rfghll ln We lunfor slnll up Humor 'Y-Tnq. quefron ,,..wJ,,, 'Q 1 beaufy confesf. The seniors version of fhe TV favorife "S64,000 Quesfionu feafured Pergafory Shofish as emcee. Miss Dirfle Bird. an eccenfric, old man-chaser, was fhe confesfanf, Superinfendenf of Schools Harry R. lvlcphail gave a brief, forceful message fo fhe sfudenf body. "Win or lose, fhe crowd should baclc fhe feam all fhe way," he asserfed. This fhe crowd did, even fhrough drizzling rain. When fhe game was over fhe spirifs were sfill high even fhough we had been beafen l8-7 by Wesf Aurora. Thaf evening affer fhe game, Queen Judy and Dave officially opened fhe dance which was approp- riafely called Hlvlomenfs To Remember." . .- Queen Judy, surrounded by her affendanfs, Beffy Do fhe half-Time fesfivifies. Judy fella Sara Mellom fc sfco poufing and have fun as brofher Dave sfands by, wafching. N E Q VX ,.,s I. N57 ' Colleen vu .. s , V cy Downey and Bonnie Russell, wafch 'K I25 4 I L I av On Safurday, December 3rd Freeporf High School was hosf fo fhe 29rh Annual Big Eighf Press Conference. Over l50 rep- resenfafives of five Big Eiqhf high school newspaper and yearbook sfaffs affended. These included Easf Aurora, Elgin, Easf Rockford, Wesf Rockford and Freeporf. Presidenf of fhe conference was Richie Sokup, coeedifor of Freeporf Highs Polaris. Main speaker of fhe conference was Donald E. Brown, direcfor of ISHSPA and associafe professor of iournalism af fhe "Get your narne cards here!" Professor Don F. Brown speaks on "Expanding Hari, Ions in Journalism." 126 FHS Sponsors Conference big 8 press meef I? I? Pubkcafions advisers ai fhe press conference included lS?andingl: Louis Menserkamp, FHS principal: Miss Beulah Charmley, FHSQ Profesicf Donald F. Brown Universify of Ill., Miss Marisrie Briffain, Wesf Rockford, Carl Pride Flqin: Jack Marvin, sfudcnf leachc-r, Fas? Aurora: and Ralph Blackman Fasf Aurora, lScafeol: Miss Caroline Schick Fasf Aurora: Miss Mary Margaret Luebcng FHS hosfess: and Mrs, Shirley Simandl. ,,,,.. Universify of Illinois, who spoke on "Expanding Horizons in Journalism." "Journalism has ifs inspiring momenfsfl Brown sfafed, going on fo fell of several insfances in which people wifh a desire and will had mef wifh success in fhe field of iournalisrn. Following an address of welcome by Louis E. Mensen- kamp and a shorf business meefing, Donald E, Breed, edifor-publisher of fhe Freeporf Journal-Sfondord spoke on "An Edifor Abroad." Toasfmasfer of fhe luncheon which concluded fhe day was John Voigf, sporfs edifor of Lo Prefz News. Fnfer- fainmenf consisfed of school songs and cheers: several harp selecfions which Connie Widrner played: and a novelfy duef was presenfed by John Voigf and Richie Sokup. Q Yule+ide Season Brings Joy chrisfmos Chrisffwas fs a sassy season' Heads are Fiwed WHM giving, eyes ife bf5g", feCe'v'1g, Were is so much fo do' we seq We aqed Cerlsimas Cards. we +rim We free, we wfnc eedv QW WWE jo, --e and fhen, suddenly, Ns LTGVC. Wifh gladmess dvd fbawksglvlnq we qs fo dwrcr fo ceiebrafe HG bkibdav iV'1"WQ WM We WHORE wide world We g:'ea+es' 'M sz-Ewa: euierieece. Chisfmas 7s :cr 5133 35 .1 God Q ess .s, evefy ovef EXCPGFQAVQ YJ'C'-'JC qfee"1gs afe JM Dame, Ned Hr? AM Glascw and Reve'ee: Csades N. Died. 127 E3'Ad is "WU La" c"a,vmarT NPI . ac Arde s a Crime have wan The Cafhiva A carnival mighT be compared To a Tirecracker. ThaT is, aTTer lighTing The Tuse, iT sbuTTers Tor a momenT, Then springs Tull-blown inTo The air, There To bursT inTo a dazzling array oT color. lighT and acTion. And aTTer iT's gone, you can sfill see The brilliance in your mind's eye. And so iT was wiTh The FreeporT Senior High School Carnival, l956, When on Tuesday, December 20, elecTions were held fO elecT The kings. queens, and beauTy queens, The maTch was Touched To The Tuse. The class leaders were announced aTTer ChrisTf mas, and The various commiTTees began To Take shape. Monday, January 30, was The oTTicial open! ing daTe Tor all The ore-carnival acTiviTies Thaf The classes soonsor To raise money. The Tuse began To spuTTer. DownTown, There were rummage sales and bake sales. Each class sponsored a posT-game dance and had a cohcession aT The STepnehson CounTy Tournaf menT. ln The high school iTselT, you could see mem- bers oT each class exTolling Their wares: each producT being superior To ThaT sold by The oTher classes. r"'c rr Once Upon a Time Lead in School Sales n aerndT i-.iT nladay. Successful As Srs. so carnival according To Them. STaTionary, memo pads, cards and giTT-wrapping paper, megaphones, "LeTls Go PreTzels" pins and picTures of The kings and oueens were eagerly peddled and willingly boughT. The carnival assemblies broughT in Their share Too. The Three oT Them, one puT on by each class, consisTed oT shorT skiTs, enacTed by The sTudenTs. In The halls aTTer school, you could buy anyThing Trom icefcream bars To Tudge, and you usually did! Cn Monday. January 30, The day oT The big evenT, The acTiviTies became even more Trenzied. The gym was TransTerred Trom iTs everyeday appearance inTo parTy dress under The sharp eyes oT co-chairman Ned T3ursT and Jan Soladay and The help eT The six class advisors. STrange To say Tew Teachers have ary homework ThaT day. AbouT 7:00 ThaT evening, people began arrivirg in Twos. alone and in groups, and The checkroom did a good business. BuT you couldn'T really say TT'aT The carnival began aT 7:00, Rafher, The Tirecracker wenT oTT all oT a sudden wiTh a big bang. The prcgram began wi'h a baby show and The The rmar, includes: fi'lT'x mfr' Li.M"n- 3.-.ini and Nlf' ld lf"- Speilf-Tar: ' fliers Lyrne T-lr-vin fh ara TW- r- K'-rr 'fm f"'T' ,- T T K, 5 Roq Gusloff and Kafhi Ascher mode Tor The sfye show as co-chairmen Marsha Smirh and Dave Gugger describe Their clorhes. honors were Taken by a seT oT Three year old Twins. Nexf was The sTyle show, wiTh sporTs wear, school cloThes, and evening dress Tor boTh boys and girls. NexT was The TirsT performance of The play "For a Rainy Day," while aT The same Time back in The gym, a quarTeT oi high school boys sang several numbers, and oThers puT on a humorous skiT. From Then unTil The end of The carnival, Al Bolin- ger's band played dance music, and couples enjoyed Themselves in a roped-oTT space in The cenTer of The gym Tloor. AT IO:I5 The winners of The beauTy con- TesT were announced. According To cusTom, The pic- Tures were senT in To a movie sTar. This year iT was Richard Todd, and he chose Mary Ann T-lill, Connie Widmer, and Molly Bolender, in ThaT order, as 'Cinderellas' and The coronaTion of The senior royalTy was aT I l:OO. The Theme This year was 'Once Upon a Time', and iT was well carried ouT in The booTh decoraTions, The sTage and a 'MoTher Gooselmobilel ThaT was hung Trom The ceiling. The booThs were named aTTer famous characTers from books, and The sTage was seT as The enTrance To a casfle, wiTh The Two Thrones Tor The royalTy on eiTher side OT The 'drawbridgef The whole Teeling was one OT make-believe, as if iT would all vanish on The sTroke oi midnighT and leave only The clean-up crew behind. As you came in The door To The gym a crowd of happy people, young and old, greeTed you. All was color and confusion, wiTh Iighfs flickering on and oTT around The room, movies, booThs, sTage acTiviTies and preTTy girls in dresses oT every shade all compeTing Tor your aTTen- Tion. There were Three booThs ThaT sold Things To eaT, and many games. Beginning wiTh The sophomore royalTy, Lu Ann Swank and MarTin Hill: Then The iuniors, Lynne Heidenreich and MilTon KoesTerq and ending wiTh The seniors, Maurine Lane and Dean Spielmant each couple reigned Tor an hour on The sTage. Class kings, queens, advisors, parenTs and sTudenTs . . . every one did his share well and willingly, To make The '56 Carnival a wonderful memory, and an example To be Tollowed in The TuTure. And The Tirecracker dropped back To earTh, leav- ing a Tire in The mind ThaT would noT go ouT. adding The Tinal Touch! Senior Queen Renee Lane has lu5T Four members of The Boys Ensemble, Crowned King Dean Speilrnan and is Pow Dfeller Valk, Dick STeel, Darrell Ackerman and Covil Kerin, give us Their versio OT "He", Showboal Tours 'Deep Soulh' prom Our prom . . . June, l955. We gol up as usual lhal morning loul lhere was a magical leeling in lhe air lhal lonighl was 'llhe nighl." Soon we were oll lo lhe gym busily selling up lhe decoralions lhal had been worked on so hard during lhe pasl weeks. Slowly an unbelieve-able change came over lhe gym. ll was lranslormed inlo a soulhern planlalion wilh silhoulles ol Tom Sawyer, Old Black Joe and soulhern mammies. Cruising down lhe Seeking an unc o ded Co ner a e Ann G-laso and Bob Gves 'lriverl' al lhe lar end ol lhe plan- lalion was a large, sideewheeling showboal. l-lundreds ol lresh roses and peonies inlerlaced on high lrellisl. Now lhe decoraling was corn- plele. Painl smudged laces changed lo radianl ones? jeans lurned inlo lormals and lux's. Dales arrived wilh Corsages and oll we wenl lo lhe banquel. Pink and purple programs wilh liny balls of coffon were ar each place lceynoring The color 7 scheme of lhe evening. The Reverend Paul Bloom- quisl gave The invocarion. John Voigr, who served as foasfmasler, recalled several humorous incidenls abou? boih iaculry and sludenls. "Beau+iiul Dreameri' was rhe Theme oi Junior 5 Sharon Moellenberndiis Talk. Lauren lRheHl Mad- A It. den, senior, compared +he pasr year ro The 'firle of I 5 i The boolc, Gone wifh fhe Wind. lcolonell Louis E. X . I Mensenlcamp +i+led his message "Tomorrow ls An- K olher Day. J fwagha l A Louis E. Mensenlcamp speaks on "Tomorrow is Anofher Day" while John Voigf ponders. Airer 'rhe various speeches we se+'rled back for rhe musical enfer- fainmenf. Now came 'rhe momen+ for which we had all been wailing. The doors lo rhe gym were Thrown open and fhere before us lay lhe "Deep Sou+h!" The music began and 'rhe floor was rranformed inro a perfumed garden of soulhern belles and rheir gallanl escorrs clad in 'rhe mosi regal dress. Al' I2 oicloclc began The iradiiional Grand March and finally, +o ihe sfrains of "Goodnigh+ Swee+hear+," we lefl' +he gym. Home we wenr, soon lo reappear in new oulfiis, ready fo see The movie ar fhe Freeporf Thealre planned by The Freeporf businessmen, "The Annapolis Sroryf' A+ 4:30 a.m., when rhe show was over, many eyes were almosr closed bu+ srill, on we wenf - +his +ime lo +he Counfry Club for a sourhern brealciast Our drearnnighl had reached ifs climax: bu+ nor really. We may forge? who was wilh whom, bu+ lhe par? of us ihal is imaginahon, will live over and over fhose few wonderful hours in rhe "Deep Soufhf' The faculry rnusf ear, foo! lniermission finds fhe couples gafhering wilh rheir friends. Judy Lighffoof and Dave Mellom prepare fo slarl fhe grand march. John Voigl and Mary Keene co-chairmen oi +he ororn and fheir dafes Kay Kriens and Bob Spahn, gaiher 5' fhe punch lable. I3I I L When anyone Th nks oT graduahon The TursT ThoughT ThaT comes To mind as The much used much laughed aT phrase Thus us noT The end Thrs es only The beginning No maTTer how hard we Try To geT away Trom Thus ThouqhT we know ThaT :T us True BuT aT many gradua Tlons Thus us The exTenT oT The Teelnng AcTually There are many more 1mporTanT Thungs ThaT rnusT be Taken mTo conssderahon We The TuTure adulTs of Amernca are now Taking one oT The bnggesT sTeps oT our hves BUT leT us look back how drd we geT Thus Tar7 LeT us all agree ThaT :T hasnT been easy Some T32 'Tv IIA Sensors Seem Melancholy AT Close OT Three Years gracluahon people manage To receive all The honors These people are To be conqraTulaTed buT whaT abouT The lnTTle men7 They have undoubTedly worked lusT as hard :T noT harder Tor Theur sheepskin They should noT be TorgoTTen For many people graduahon means The end oT all schoohng Tor oThers :T ns lusT a sTeppung sTone on To college WzThouT The assusTance and consTanT prod dung oT boTh parenTs and Teachers many oT us would noT be here We owe Them a debT oT graTlTude ThaT we wlll never be able To repay Thus mosT of us wrll roT realuze Tor many years maybe never aT any Trme However may we say Thanks anyway Tor The chance To graduaTe and become beTTer cnhzens of The TuTure -1 . . 'T 4 . . F, s ,, ,F 7. I , T' if T .51 ' 1 V. , 4 'f ' - I . . ' v h- . I 14 - , . A , u I?" I U ' ' s ll. I 4 'lx , I I I . I . . . . , - I - . 1 ., . . . . . . . .. . 1 - I . I I I . . . I I . I . . . ' T , l . , - I I -41-if :m' -g9di?-lA . 1" ' ' a-6-'r.Q"':'- '11 .... ......':.":.....--..-- -'. an-K -7.-.anqf----.... - . -7- .,f..i.,'!..- .....4., , 'v gat'-, ,x. ..,- -f avi' Lg- .a v, , T MJ 1 I . i l FRN . I9 .. 29 1 'gy Q .- 'ze , 13 A '23 ' 'Zi . 'J X M U l 0 I .if N , .....- 3 o j r '0Oos...'. .C I Q 5 ff5:g.i3v, 1 'VI w 5 :f 1 Y-if , In 'ggihg A, .2314 , Q k 4 .LQ Pill V uf W ,-.tfhgifk Y... , H" 4 My ,J I "0 . , Y K f X' ,N, fm- ,w ,Qi , 12 vi -1 -, M' ,,m,,b K. .wr - . iq. Qigqgv-.'r ,. , 7 ,rkir J.. up , 0' . V 2 ,N K ff. ', .. 1 1, X Q .,f9,x:k,- vf ,gmt Qin ww Q - 2' VA fr- f 47 ,2,f,:P. JL , K im lap. 4? 4 ,V . Z' ,QQ .. 7 y . ff ' 'f U14 HW " - W - I 1 'W .1 , ' , ,Af.V'f1f,, 'W '- - www . 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Ph11.p Connery Caro1 Connery Jan1ce Cook Thomas Cooper Dav1d 268956 Cox Cox Cox Cox Cra Davrd Donna James Wendell VH Nancy 3 Cramer Carolyn Cramer Sharon Crawford Barbara Cregan Roberr Crnddle Dav1d Crofhers Cyrus Crummer Slenda Cummms Barbara Curnrnms Larry Dame James Dame Larry Dash Janet Dash JoAnn Caferrnan Gary Daughenbau h Davnd Davls Josep Davvs Rebecca DeBoer Donalo DeBoer Marvm Decklar Par Deefhardf Barbara Deerhardr Howard Denz Judrfh Dennls Mary DeVon Geraldlne DeVon Judnh DeVr1es Norman deV1dal Jasper D1ckenson Dan1el Dddens Sandra Diehl W l 1am D1efme1er Gary D1erner Bonn1e Dnnderman Carol Drrksen Harley D1lswor'lh Jud Th Doerr Karheryn Dole Sandra Lee Donnelly Carol Dorman Jean Dorman W1ll1am Dorsey Karen Downey Coleen Downey Davnd Downey Sharon Downrng Glona Downrnq Rurh Downs Befiy Jean Downs Roger Duranl' Judrfh Dunslrn Ka Dunwell Marc1a Dyslln Charles Dyson Ralph Dyson Vnvlan Eafon Hamel Eberle Fr derrck Edler Dan1el Ehrler Helen E1chrr1e1er Gary Enchmener L1nda Ellvs Deedrne Ellis John us Pafr Engle Gerry Engles Roger Erb Larry Erdman Nancy Erdman Sh1rley Evers Joel Ewalf Mary 48 65 43 67 27 59 48 56 95 96 48 67 48 56 66 48 66 28 65 69 0 48 62 97 98 48 65 76 8 48 67 58 59 66 8 62 65 76 88 43 54 78 97 43 65 95 96 29 82 8 Fahey Jean Fa rbalr Fambro Farnbro Farnarn Farrar Fauser Fawver Fawver n Orval Thelma W1ll1am Margaret Kerm 1? 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Suggestions in the Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) collection:

Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Freeport High School - Polaris Yearbook (Freeport, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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