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I I .i its -NJ lil 'JI -,fy 5 Mptv-3 QAFQP. . fs. N ge V Sa V ' V-h-'fu H rf.- vs'fYpfw,,D" V J 'IMJU vffpj to ef- -Psp' LM' - ' K, ' cy! WV ' I K in 5 POLARIS CABINET Mziryf Lou Mawr jim Zzlrtmzm . Myrna Samcl Jima Snook . Russell Fcrtitta Ivlary Mairgelrct gan . . . . . .CofEditor . . .CofEditor . . ....... Art Editor . . .Busiucss Manager . . . . . . . .Business Manager Lucbbing . . . . .Advisor , x f x I X 9 1 l 1 1 I 'H ? PW 'J IT ll Q ' 'kPcacc, prosperity, power and equity for all". . . Principles of thc IrwquoiQ Luigi FREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL 1946 Lmnudw T.1ft's Status "Black Hawk" On Rwck Rivcr Urcgon, Illinois The high school student of today has witnessed almost un' believable advances in the fields of science and industry, ad' vances which will necessarily alter our way of life. We must change as our world changes if we are to survive the destrucf tiveness of the civilization which we have created. Une of the biggest factors necessary for a peaceful world of tomorrow, in which men of all races, colors, and creeds will rub elbows, will be a concerted effort towards racial tolerance and understand' ing. Because we, the high school students of today, will be that world of tomorrow and because of the acute necessity for racial tolerance, a necessity which affects us directly, we have tried to convey a plea for universal understanding among all men as the underlying theme of our book. In using the Indian as an art motif we have idealized his principles of honesty, tolerance, and fair play and set forth these ideals as an example for future generations to follow. THE EDITORS. s ,IW , . P ' -, ' Fu.: :"'y . . 'Q ' a Mf, "K, n , -331' '.4 s .i-. ,Q ll ' . 1 . ,, 2 ...F- x 1 -9 Jga -S ,f'7'L:QQ:m-5 X -f TQ. f' HALT W ?..,1r31:wL 21 Z I k " X' 'NF VI , H-, 'A :Q N ' V . f V . Ei, r. b , w x I K , f 1 I QM I A .Ng:w.T3 . ,rr A ,lT'7. -435, H lf X "Af x "F ,I . 4-..' W- f4lhf'i..x::. 3- , ' 11 R egg , a -W. A f M, wvmw - W 'y lf. V55 L' 5 x Af ,.f:1'lA.' 'Tw ff ZW: '?':', . "1'4,-apt-:A 5. 'gf fm . Lq, W.. , uf. w vb K, ' num-v7.. -A ,- 'Ly' , , - 'AL 4 vs' TT " Q' -T1 .K If ' .fx 54-X 'f T " 'Fi ff' IHQA' ' "' 'ri I L 'f' ' 6 ' f 715 b ig? A ,f if 'V I , r Ai, ,., ,. , . - 4 W V, M A 3113... 1--M ,Z 8 .W x , , ' 'V ' . , ' ' - . ' If -na , ' , w T .V i Aj 1 . . ' t ' '- 3 7- f My , . Q A . W , f x nc. f A . v J. .5341 in .. ' ,, ,v,,5, x -f 'fra .-rf J, N ' fi Qf- , fmfifxw ' " wt ' ,L ' : 'j' L., ' .v A W f Q-'1 M ff' Ee n I 'lfgila' L Psy, . dz' if I - Q "" l F - lv A 1 , -- Q . . ff? ws' . ai . . 'pf Q-1 1 Q af ' ' , - I N ffpflvi' I 1 '?n1"fK'dN "la 'QL 11 ' , wx V"-asf-K sk N ' Q 1 1. ,Q I U-f.frJf'.+ ,.,f ,..f,.. Z, - '+L A i ,f 'B 5 A 1' .l' ' ' y Q. , wi ,.,,.w+r -, vfxak ' f ., ' -4 nf ' v". -f J ' V, f -1- ' - X 1 fhftg, ' ,?df':7:J7 , 5 ' ' ' vw , , l Q V K 4.5 We-ig, my yr. in .I J I '51 Q fs' ily, vm .1 . . ' "f1u..,.- X Q " .' 1 L, : zz, " W 2,f,i01,,,' -, AJ VI.. , f ' I ' " , ' ' 4 A I phil. I Y 4: 'lf:f904 A' 1 1 '+'f ' ' .illflg .1-uf 4 1 I f 5 My Z "'Q'Z'-1 sf " , ui f , V . K X1 V ff, Mg y - . Qzquzkk Z xy . ,-fwfr ilwgds' il, Nkxigijffg QNQ, ff I 'z 'N ff nv V. I 3 3432 5 'f , if U lf? A 7. 4 L: kk? 1s:2'2il6fi' , . , ,. H. it '51 "M ,I M. .1 ,, W 'J' H A Mi U A4 f ,W 1 3" .', , V , K' ,K " ' H " 0 wg . f l . fm ' ' ,ma "There are birds of many eolorsf fred, blue, green, yellow yet it is all one bird. There are horses of many colors- brown, black, yellow, white -- yet it is all one horse. So cattle, so all living things animals, flowers, trees. So men: in this land where onee were only Indians are now men of every colored white, black, yellow, red-yet all one peof ple. That this should come to pass was in the heart of the Great Mystery. It is right thus. And everywhere there shall be peace." Hiainovi QHigh Chiefj QChief among the Cheyennes and the Dakotasj To the Great Chief at Washirigttmii, and to the Chiefs of Peoples across the Great Water. The Indian Book by Natalie Curtis, published 1907, Harper Brothers, Permission granted by Paul Burlin. CONTENTS FALL MOQNS . . WINTER MGONS . . SPRING MOONS . A f?x IVX nEu ,SWR gm. . , 5? 23 -Q-il" 35 fs .Q K 5 1 x eww . - . V ' 2' 3 Y! ., V m X. X 1 H- - L . ' -. ' l f W' A V wr' fx xwixlf W""" .W -J, , N, AF Yssw-452: fy- ' D 1 K . f", -, .f R- - 532 9 5 - ..,, , - 5? X gpllfta lan! 'C' X W' , Wifi.. x A x i k 3:1 5 z it 5 Q - di-A f. X kg x ii S i f-7 .. .:.:' l 9 .fn Q -.-...,.W..,,,..,.,,...2 X Margurite Huehner Dean of Girls Anna Mele Lyon Naomi Andersen Record Clerk Secretary George Kloos Assistant Principal The average high school student knows very little of the problems and perplexities encountered by the aclminisf trative hraneh of Freeport High School during the course of 11 year. Registration of new students, schedule nd' justment, sale of athletic tick- ets, and keeping the sehool reeordsf fthese are exemplary responsihilities to he met hy the administration. L '... but I do nut want war. Mon wi1uz1i't'suwist' .ls to mukc so mzmy woiitlcittil things siwtlld find at way tu scttlc thcir trutiblcs without ciiusf ing so much wrctchcdncss and surf ruw and fCLlI'S.u Mattie, thc dJlllQli1lCl' nl cihllfiv Slwnkuii M..,..1-,tim 0, cn. Howl.,-tl, 111111 I"umuu.s Imiitm Ciucfx I Have Kiwwn Apylctuiifffviitiixy Cn. 14 SEPTEMBER TIIC FTIUI Nloml OCTOBER The T7'd1VCil7lg Mcvcvii NOVEMBER 'The Beaver Nfoon Well, the little "Ereshies" really got around this year, didn't they? Take for instance Donna and "Big Will." Don't they make a darling couple? . . . Johnny Youngs takes a liking to freshmen too, doesn't he, Dorothy? . . . Did you see the telegram "Jerc" sent Donna from Elgin? QPardon us while we droollj . . . Bill Kloos, please don't drive with one arm out the window. It makes us nervous. . . . Speaking of cars, where does Karl Tabby Coke Mona Kasten QWe don't know which he prefers.J drive on Sunday afternoons? . . . Chuck Blodgett must be quite a guy to have three girls fighting over him. . . . Elmo, maybe if you grew a little, Nookie would notice you .... Eva Reining and Margie Moen just love to go to Community Concerts. fNot for the music eitherlj . . . Amaretta, what did you find in your locker on Valentine's Day? QThrill, thrillj . . . Joanne Wagner and Dick Staas have made up again. We hope for keeps .... Millie and Clie really do their stuff in gym. They're soooo limber! . . . How Joanne Toussaint has changed since junior high. Hubba Hubba! . . . Don't you just love Harry Foley's white pants? . . . Arlene, where did you learn to be such a good dancer? . . . The freshman class boast their own Van Johnson!-Stan Altenbern. QHe can also knitlj . . . Daryl Burns, the little man who is always there .... Maribeth, did you say you loved his yellow sweater and maroon shirt? . . . Paula Lou, you'd better keep your eye on Kenny Fitchner. You've got plenty of competition. . . . Norma McLain and Audrey Staas just can't sew. Oh well, girls, maybe some day you'll learn .... Whose picture does Phyllis Cblander keep under her pillow each night? . . . We're proud of the fine work Ray and Willie did on the basketball team. Willie, does Beatrice give you all that pep? . . . Merrilyn Hecht could really take a few lessons from Elsie Binninger or Dorothy Lawson when it comes to algebra .... George Fogel never takes his eyes off cute Elaine Kutsus in English .... Why does that Fink boy always manage to be outside Miss Kuhlemeyer's room 9th hour? Couldn't be that Dolores Ortscheid has algebra then, could it, Jim? . . . Three of our freshman gals have been very interested in the senior class. Betty Lou has Doug's ring, Pauline wears the pretty scarf Tom gave her, and Dolores is flashing Bob's boy builder pin .... You should hear Jack Clock swing out his sax .... Barbara Borneman's collection of Van Johnson pictures now numbers 104. How she loves that man .... Will Davie Womelsdorf ever get up enough courage to ask Ann Wheat for a date? That is the S64 question. . . . Bill Brokhausen and Neily Hammond had quite a time diagramming sentences in English. Bill solved the problem by having that lovely, lovely gentleman from the junior class do his English for him. . . . Joanne Kull's diary ought to be published. It would break all bestfseller records .... Patsy Whalen's whole face lights up when she dances with "Boom Boomf '... Joyce Engle has more fun when she goes to Dixon .... By the way, Ray, why do you run down towards 104 after second hour. Is it be' cause you like that study hall? Could be! . . . Nookie's our new cheer leader. Nice going, kiddo. . . . Keith Gaengle is interested in a junior project, aren't you, Keith? . . . Donna Smith, where do you get all your bubble gum? . . . Web and you get along, don't you, Cookie? . . . Have you milked any squirrels lately, Dopey? . . . "Don Morrow," I have a nice blonde for you .... Bill McLenahan and his Venetian blinds .... You ought to be shot, Mac .... Mr. Martin, do you know how to make plaster of paris models now? . . . How's little Jackie Harrison doing in algebra this year? Time will tell .... I wonder why Galena seems so far away for some people .... And, of course, you can hardly forget Melvin Lcmanski, darn it. Only kidding, Willie. YE 'ww if V gf , A: - f N ' .. if 1' if ,K as wifi f ",'. I f"'Qf? :Q 4 -Ji MJ fu- PAPOOSES Row 1-J. Bowerman, V. Boyd, B. Buhlmann, F, Anderson, B. Baldwin, B. Althoff, A. Becker, D. Burns. Row Zi M. Becker, D. Boos, W. Bessert, D. Bower, S. Altenbern, C. Blodgett, J. Altlilish, B. Brokhausen. Row Sf--D. Barrett, B. Anderson, B. Broege, C. Barker, R. Buss, D. Bingner, D. Bar' klow, N. Atherton, M. Barker. Row 1- B. Borneman, D. Byler, C. Bolender, E. Binninger, V. Balrock, P. Connor P. Cowan, D. Clark, L. Demeter, S. Campbell, J. Ellsworth, A. Earlenbaugh. Row 2-WB. Cook, E. Clark, R. Daughenbaugh, W. Diddens, D. Epping, C. Clark T. Cummins, D. Dagel, Chamberlin, W. Dunn, M. Drewelow, L. Dassing R. Duthler. Row SED. Engbert, B. Doerr, O. Eckert, D. Atherton, R. Erickson, J. Elliott, A. Dil dine, J. Crawford, J. Coble, J. Clark, J. Engle, P. Celander. Row If B. Falkenburg, P. Geiger, N. Fink, J. Fluegel, D. Gundry, S. Farnham. Row Zf-R. Gallagher, E. Griflin, H. Earnest, G. Fogel, E. Giles, G. Gibson. Row 3-fK. Gaengel, K. Fricke, J. Green, J. Gift, H. Foley, R. Ferguson. . 1. , ...,,. PAPOOSES Row 1-f--N. Highharger, N. Hopkins, P. Higley, R. Kutzke, L. Hyle, E. Kutsus, N Krueger, M. Hecht, B. Herhig, S. Herold, B. Keefer. Row 2-f-A. Klosa, T. Jansen, N. Hammond, B. Koon, P. Castmann, E. Hawley, D Hihst, R. Krueger, E. Hihst, F. Heimhuch, J. Kerr. Row 3fB. Kloos, K. Kasten, J. Harrison, B. Hannah, Hannah, G. Kish. Row 4f P. Kielsmeier, L. Kerr, J. Hickman, H. Henderson, Krell, M. Hill, C. Husey J. Kracht, B. L. Kieckhaefer, B. Holhert. Row 1-M. LeBaron, N. Lyon, J. Millam, M. Morgan, D. McLeRoy, R. Meile, C Marassa, D. Naylor, M. Moen, D. Lawson. Row 2-N. Mellen, D. MacKenzie, C. Lameyer, W. Modica, W. McLenahan, D Morrow, M. Lemanski, B. Lieber, J. Lighthart. Row 3-R. Maack, R. Loos, B. Meyers, W. Millam, T. Mead, N. Mazurane, B. McCaff frey, J. Lenz. Row 4413. Julius, N. Nickel, S. Neuges, D. Mensenkamp, P. Myers, M. Mogle, M Lamm, M. Metz, E. Lamm. Row lf -E. Morrison, D. Ortscheid, E. Reining, P. S. Poole, J. Packard, B. Rasmussen B. Philhrook. Row 2 -fM. Pearson, L. Royster, A. L. Parker, H. Rockey, D. Reed, P. Ohlander. Row SWK. Puskas, J. Roche, C. Reed, B. Riley, V. Runge, C. Rees, J. Roddewig. Row 4fH. Parriott, D. Ransom, W. Reedy, J. Ostendorf, B. Popp, S. Rinehart, V Rhode, R. Olomon. an .4 if 1 153 0 if iwgsfr 'GMM PAPOOSES Row 1--B. Stewart, L. Solace, V. Symanek, M. Staas, C. Strohecker, J. Smith, D Spedding, D. Smith. Row 2-P. Smith, M. Schaeffer, S. Shade, J. Scofield, B. Sager, M. Snyder, V. Steb- bers, M. Schneider. Row 3-A. Staas, J. Sorn, R. Schultz, H. Schultz, W. Sandifer, J. Strobel, D. Siemsen J. Spaide. Row 4-B. Stine, H. Smith, L. Smith, Shick, D. Stevens, G. Shafer, C. Shenberger D. Staas. Row 1-D. Winslow, J. Thruman, D. Vohlken, A. Timmer, R. Vaughan, A. Vohlken C. Wagner, C. Tobler. Row 2fD. Thompson, J. Zimmerman, E. Watson, C. Wallbaum, D. Zimmerman P. Whalen, J. Wilson, J. Wagner. Row 3-W. Wells, D. Vkfomelsdorf, J. Toussaint, J. Turner, A. Wheat, C. Wachlin J. Vore, Tom Taylor, Eugene Williams. Row 4-L. Wallis, B. Whitcomb, M. Zimmerman, M. Theviot, C. Watson, H. Wat' son, P. Wootan, B. Wienand, H. Tucker. Row IXB. Wheat, E. Martyn, H. Geiseman, M. Freel, B. Heilman, J. Quies, K Spencer, B. Willhite. Row 2-R. Larson, C. Johnson, P. Anderson, L. Carter, R. Meier, R. Castle, M Mayo, B. Jury, A. Sager, J. Locash. 4 Row 3fL. Calam, M. Donahue, J. Mead, N. Snyder, S. Abernathy, T. Carnhart L. Howe, P. Herbig. , ... -... M..- 1 9 'X PAPOOSES Row I nl. Stine, L. Casselman, P. Scanlon, D. Graff, A. Hird, N. McLaughlin, B. Zimmerman. Row 'Z R. McLain, B. Kilker, K. Lemanski, B. Moore, Clock, Hoefer. Row 37- D. Lenz, P. Scott, P. Homzin, A. Hunter, H. Foots, H. Kellem, R. Lalley. Row 4 J Stevens, R. Michael, B. Muittchler, XV. Zipsie, D. Pantnack, T. Garman. Row l f Row 2 Row 3- Row 4 Row 5 President . . . ..... Gene Reed Vice President .... .... C harles Blodgett SecretaryfTreasurer .... Frances Anderson . Fogel, T. Carey, N. Baxter, J. Maurer, K. Mzirkel. . Wzatkixis, R. Oswalt, T. Petta, D. Harlwuch. . Huenefeld, P. Rogers, P. Kleckler, M. Robinson, D. Schoonhoven. Zeis, E. Ueiseman, Gilchrist, D. Steffen, C. Love, R. Stewart, R. Waller Mellnick, J. Rosebrook, D. NVillhite, H. Rogers, K. Fitchner, D. Wzagiier Row 1 C. Toussaiint, K. Hill. Kraft, C. Vwhildcckcr, B. Dcalncr, C. Drcihclhis. Row 2' M. Drcwclou, -I. Zllfflllklli, S. Laughlin, E. Schirmcr, E. Kiihl, M. Kocllcr. Row 3 tl. Craft, D. bl. Tuckcr, M. Voss. L. Cortcs, L. Pnidticld, J. Dixvn, A. Hutchins, B. Eckcrt. Row 4 - G. Klaus, D. Wailcs, bl. Snook, A. Scitz. .lv Kuhlcincycr, P. Rcccc, B. Pchlcr, L. Nelson. Row 5 R. Schoctllcr, L. Rxislnusf scn, -I. Ely, N. Rockow, M. Ridcout. N. Mcnscnkzunp, S. Kaiiscr, R. Kurth, Al. Kristen. Row 2 S. Cairtmzin, P. Sclkc, M. Kcnt, D. Pcck, B. Young, M. Shoucr, bl. MaicKcn:ic. CLINE. Row 4 B. Higlcy, B. Smith, D Voss, D. Randolph, A. Clairk C. Bing, R. Staihcn, B. Rccd. Row 5 M. Kcnncdy, E. Fox, B Ely, R. Fcrtittgi, P. Bnrdcll. 'I Holtuin. Kgihl, P. DcVorc, H. Crcitz, -I Olson, L. Luchhing, C. Mocn. LATIN CLUB The Socict.1s Romiingi, though h.1rdly gi group of Romans us the nzunc would indiczitc, is opcn to thosc who hgivc hccn ncxposcdi' to the Laitin lainguiigc for nt lczist onc ycau' :ind who continuc to study that lainguugc. Thc first Vsfcdncsdxiy of cvcry month, Lis soon its thc sixty odd mcinhcrs hzivc settled down :ind thc husincss is disposcd of, ai stimulating cducaitionzil progriun is givcn hy tht- incinhcrs of thc socicty. During thc coursc of thc ycalr thc cntcrtziinf incnt took tht- form of at study of thc constellations, Romgiri history :ind cvcn ai Liitin play. sill pertaining to sonic phase of Romain culture. At thc hcginning of thc ycgir othccrs airc clcctcd hy popular votc of thc cluh, thc orliccrs of this yciir including Phyllis Rccl, prcsidciitg Dick Randolph, vicc prcsidcntg Shirl Laughlin. trcaisurcrg Bgirlmiui Pchlcr, sccrctziry. Thu YCQIFNS zictivitics wcrc hrought to ll closc with thc zinnuul picnic hcld in junc Mlllwk-1 lgmwl-5 and fcxituring somc dclicious food prcpurcd hy the cluh's rldviscr. Miss Bowers. L.lim 26 Row 1 B. Haicft, C. Mcrchxint, Row 3 B. Palrriott, V. Murray, H. Andcrson, B.Wlicait, J. Howf ington, D. Wtirzhiirgcr, C. Mzirf Row 6 M. Stark, L. Kutsus. L Row 1 Springer, L. Long, C. Waiiiisley, N. Ferguson. Row 2 fC. Truehlood, M. Mor' gan, A. Erdmier, N. Shewman, D. Freidag. Row Sf'-F. Gray, S. Rideout. S Kliene, M. Splietotf, R. Mantzf ke, bl. Barrett. Row 4 - S. Jury, B. Banter. Al. Rhinehart, M. Whitiimere, B Heiland. Row 1 N. Kerch, I. hlacohs, L. Swank, N. Rance. Row 2- J. Bruhaker, D. Frank, B. Wailker, tl. Youngs, W. Stukenf here Row 3 VR. Seely, A. Chiames, L. Miller, M. Bardell, Barrends. Row 4 -T. Swartz, D. Seeks, R. Gallagher, j. Miehel, C. Butcher. l SPANISH CLUB Once a month, after a hard da 's work we of El Circulo Es wanol flock to room Y s I lll tor an hour of happy diversion. Wheii oihcers 'kRachel" Ferguson, 'iloyau Springer, and "Carlota" Waliinsley or Adviser Senorita Schmidt get that gleam in their eye, memhers hold their hreath and wonder if they will he called on to parf ticivate in the vrovram. Perhaws with some reluctance the vraetice for a Swanish l l 5 l s Y l l play, prepare a discussion ahout South America or Mexico, introduce the outside speaker, or act as master of ceremonies for a contest. Soon the reluctant enter' tainer finds himself enjoying it as much as the other memhers. Students are eli fihle for active mcmhershi if they are enrolled in a Swanish class he ond the R P , l Y first semester or have com vleted three ears ot S anish. l Dmwthm Schmidt And then with the year topped off hy the annual picnic, we say adios to Spanish Quinito and Zarguetaff-hasta septiemhrel i 27 Ruw I L. lmltitfltl. Al. Spriiigcr, Nl, Bttlxcr, L. Stukciilwcrg. Rum' 2 L. Sxxuuilt, AI. l5.lLlgltCI1lWLlLlglt, L. Nclsun, B. McMillzu1. U. Burkliultlcr, B. liatusclicr. Ruw 3 U. Kulluiu. D. Lung, bl. Fickcrt, bl. Quiiiccr, tl. Sturtvvguit, D. Buss. Ruw 4 nl. Lung, M. Kurtz, D. Latymzuiii, bl. Squvill, A. Sclilcuiiiiig, A. Dcllaui. Row 6 H. C1't'it:, R. l5ulilmguiu, A. Simlur, T. Frguik, E. Rocktww. D. Ritxl. Ruw 7 M. liruwii, l. Micliul, D. Musicr, V. Fiultlwiiicr, V. lyxtrriott, ll. Slit'Qt:, il. Tlwlimii, sim, L. Cftwrtus, Cl. Crzuucr. R. Stuiicr, E. Stcalriis, l'. XVAIISKJII. SHCTRLTARIAL CLUB Tlit- Sccrct.u'i.1l Cluli pruiuutus .ui iutcrcst in lwusiuuss lwy its mcctings, discus' sirius, lucturus .mtl tiultl trips. A 1'cct'1it licltl trip tliruugli Crum gtml Furstcr's sliuwt-tl tliusc stutlcuts iiitt'rt'stt'tl iii lwusiucss cgtrucrs liuw at typical urlicc is run. At still :uiwtliur muutiiig, Mrs. Etl Sttlltculwcrg gtdtlctl ll culwiltil tliscussiuu uf licr trip tu tlit' Wt'st tim tliti ululfs utlciitlati' fur '46, , Tlit- i't'tpiit'ciiiuiits Iiur mt'iulwt'i'sliip iii tliis clulw strc tlint iiiciiilwws must lm cn' iwilltml in lwutli typing auitl sliurtligmtl. Tlic group mccts on tlic tliirtl Muiidaty ul' vvury muutli. Flirty tiuturt' svci'ct4ti'ics iiuw atusw-Jr rull cull, gmtl witli tlic gmwiiig iutvrust iii wiiiiiiciriatl stilwjccts. Qui iiitrcgtsctl mcmlwvrsliip is atiiticipntctl iii A47. Hmvt'vcr. tliis gruup is uut ciitiruly sclitvlgistic iii its pursuits. A galil Cliristmzts party puut'tua1tt'tl tlit' limit- ul atcaitluiuic ttctivitics with at tlaisli uf tlic l-cstivu. During vgtriuus llllillflll-ll tliscussitwus tht- ptrrsuiiiility, .ippcatrauicc auitl LlClllCLlllUI' uf tht- lwtisiiicsswuiiiuii wui'c imttlyzt-tl zuitl atrguctl. lu sliurt, tlic Sccrctztrigil Clulw nut truly survcs its :ui iuspimtiuii In its iiiciiilwms, lwut it gtlsu pruvitlcs rcci'cattiuii amd ciriuyf mviit. Ulm yrs, tlit-ru's guutl ucws lruiii tliis group iii '-1-7. Ufliccrs: Luirtiiic -- SIllkQl1l1Ql'g, prtwitltptg .lugui Spriiigtrr, vicc prusitlcutg Mni"1ui'ic Bglkcig st'ci'cta1i'y: Lyurttc l'4ttltiultl, ti't'.istii't'r. ' 28 L Q M. Mui'i'uxv, li, kltlllll' Frances Rilllllgtl' uiuuiiifs. l3t1sii1cssCtuirs0s Action in the Game with Rockford, East VARSITY FOOTBALL The high school gridders, although handif capped hy a months delay in their practice schedule due to the local work of the polio hug, were ahle to show quite an impressive record for their three game schedule. The "germ" wasn't content with his work in Freeport alone and caused quite a disf turhance in hoth of the Rockford camps, causing the Big "8" conference race to he limited to live games and eliminating Freef port and Rockford from the conference. Every Freeport fan was confident as the season progressed that had there heen a full schedule and two weeks more practice, the local squads would have made a very praisef worthy record in conference competition. The first test came for the Pretz in their encounter with Thornton, whom they promptly turned hack 13 to 7. The work of Cowan and Engelhart in the hacklield and Dreier and Symanek up front was especially outstanding in this ine victory. I ' yfrjff DV The Big Three ww if wwf i wff IL!! i Row Rc aw Rom Row Y w V A R S I T Y D. Donaliue, Mgr., AI. Harlvaeli, P. Ross, C. Engelliart, D. Symanek, C. Lenoir, F. Cowan, bl. Spangler QI. Seeker. D. Byrnes, Mgi'. E. Soliday, VJ. Cooper, J. Kellner, B, Seliroeder, E. Adams, P. Franklin, W. l'liekman, D. Shepard, E lufClL'l'. H. Weber, Coaeli, K, Vv'aliler, B. Nunemaelier, D. Len:, J. Hartman, N. Kulilemeyer, W. Stukenlverg L. Sliasker. bl. Zartman, W. Fulkerson, Coaeli. C. Toussaint, AI. Willt'ts, C. Deuster, L. Otte, -I. Stukenfwerg, bl. Knolwel, J. Mapliis, E. Seliirmer, M. Kiro After several tentative eontests were eaneeled due to tlie opposing teams' fear of the Pretz for was it tlie polio7j, our lwoys journeyed to Elgin, wliere they were met and downed by the lvlaroons 27 to O. The final game of tlie season found us playing liost to the East Rockford Ralws. The contest featured some fine running and lwloeking on tlie part of lwotli teams, with Roekf ford pouring on the steam in the last half to take a 27 to 13 victory. Altliougli Dreier, Ross, Symanek, Seeker and Adams will be sorely missed, mueli is expected next season from several promising juniors including: Cowan, Engelliart, Franklin. Seliasker. l'lultquist and Hickman. 30 Bs wlv Scl11'mxlc1' M lllllllu Lloyd Scluzlskcr "Shock" l,.lLll Russ "lVlLmfL'N Elliott Suliclaly usoupyu Framli Cowan A'Frz1nlC' jim Kcllllcr 'hlfrwulwlfwyll VARSITY lim Suqkur Elplcm Drcicr Bill Hickmgm "-lixnu 'll5ull" 'AVs'1ll1c" EklXV.ll'Ll Adams Dun Symgmck Dzllc Shupqn-Ll "Edd1c" "Sy111ic" "fllmrl1c" Chuck Eugullmrr Pcrcy Frzmkliu V vww-sv? tm uCl1L1cli" l'PCrc" il, dLJAf'?fu,,'df,,, -lolm Mzllwluis KCIIIW Hultquist uiltlllllv 'kAlWlwttu -Y -...N .. . , -. 1 X X. Row Row Rt nw IR! lXV R4 uw FRESHMAN f SOPHOMORE U, Msickcrt, L. Krucgcr, P. Hutmachcr, E. IVlcClanahan, L. Mitchcll. C. Stout, ll. Stcvcns, H. Smith, D Stearns, yl. Crccnc, N. Stcinhoff. D. Cramlcy, R. Cravcs, W. Kloos, W. Harold, Vxfright, W. Hall, C. Bloclgctt, S. Altcnhcrn, D. Domi nick, R. Mackcy, B. Kinzig. D, Staas I. Harrison, l. Hannah, D. Smith, Al. Rocltlcwig, F. Hcimhuch, R. Nlycrs, C. Fogcl, C. Nlaxcy C. Thom wson, C. Kastcn H. Folc , B. Brokhauscn L. Cummins, B Antlcrson, D. Rinchart M. Zimmcr l 1 Y v , man, l'. VVootan. l. Sputlich, Coach, H. Kincrt, Coach, C. Butcher, C. Hickman, B. Curlcy, R. Cook, bl. Gift, tl. Lighthart Mgi'., D. lvlammoscr. FROSH f SOPH FOOTBALL Thc Hyoungcr gcncrationn of Prctzcl foothallcrs, also hantlicappcd hy a clclay in thc start of practicc and an ahhrcviatctl schcclulc, gavc a good account of themselves in thcir two tcsts. After thrcc wcclcs of grooming ta proccss inclutling scvcral scrimmagcs with tht- varsity sccontl tcamj, Aloc's hoys mct the Elgin untlcrclass tcam on forcign soil antl found them a little morc than they could hancllc. Scorc: Elgin 20, FroshfSoph 0. Thc following wcck tht- local minors showctl vast improvcmcnt and fought the East Rock' fortl youngstcrs on an cvcn hasis until a latc scorc matlc the final count: Rockford 25. FroshfSoph 13. The linc work of Krucgcr, Wrigl'1t, IVIcClanahan, lvlaclacrt, Stout. Mitchcll, and Cramlcy intlicatcs a tinc showing from ncxt ycar's varsity suuatl. ' mm M ' ww .RW sa -,,,.,,..4vl"' -y........., , Bill Hull "Bill" Neil Steinlioff "Neil" ,lzunes Green 'flimi' Dale Grznnley " Dale" FRESHMAN 1 SOPHOMORE Leland Mitchell Leo Krueger Paul Hutnizielier ulvliteliu "Lippy" "Hoot" Oliver Maickert Clifford Stout Dwane Stearns "Ollie" l'Buclc" "Stearns" ,. yur, ,Y I .K ,. i John Wright i'Cl1 um" Stanley Altenlwern "Stan" Willie Sandifer 'iWilliC" Edward MCCl2il1Rh2ll1 'AEddic" 33 R ow 1 M. Homan, G. Wtiiiscl P. Reel. Row 2 M. Siemsen, N. Landtck L. Royster, J. Milo, P. 'i l7l'UUliL'. Row 3 N. Ferguson, J. Kuhlc me fer, S. Law, E. Lamm Vs. i i Kiefer, E. Vsfatson. Row 1 D. Siemsen, D. Tucktr B. Doerr. Row 2' B. Ross, Krell, A. Len j. Harris, E. Stahenow, D. Buss Row 3 P. Wiiiter, G. Cramtr 'S Folgate, J. Fickert, R. Stone r D. Lawson Row 4 J. Ely, P. Conner, B. Fi lc enhurg, P. Vsfatson, M. Voss E Spliethoff. i wif V f l . L X V N J ll X v I ly. i ,lx l H - ' X il X G. A. A. " ' - l llasliethall, hasehall, hadminton, archery, howling, volleyhall all are familiar to K i the Clirls' Athletie Association. Their athletic meets are held in the gym Friday nights after school, and there is howling after school on Monday nights. The whistle sounds early in Septemher, heginning officially the G, A. A. season of sports for .ill who "can do" or want to learn. This year a lively initiation party accompanied the opening fall tournaments, adding some hilarity to the already aetionfpaeked season. During the hadminton tournament Nancy Ferguson walked ofli with top honors, this event heing followed hy local tourneys in ping pong, haskethall, skirmishes, and finally, the state howling and hasket throw contests. Comes the spring and also the U. A. A. swimming classes at the Y. M. C. A. However, the highlight of this season and of the fall is a play day held twice a year at two of- the neighhoring schools. At this time the U. A. A. flock migrates en masse on hieycle, in automohile or hy dogcart to some nearhy town to spend a day venting their prowess in athletic frolics. Elizaheth played hostess in the fall and Stockton in the spring. Witli the advent of archery and hasehall the school year comes to a close, and the U. A. A. turns to summer camp for its recreation. Ofhcers: Gertrude VVunsch, president: Phyllis Reel, vice presidentg and Mary -lane Homan. secretaryfti'easuret'. N Lucile Poynter Physical Education Row 1 Vera NVerntz, Louis Kailey, Ivlayme Southwick, and Margaret Hawes. Row 2 - D. Green, N. Lyon, B. Baldwin, E. Bininger, M. B. VV'hitmer, D. Tucker, L. Hile, R. Miely, C. Bolender, C. Cien app. Rt uw 3 N. Mayer, C. Staulfer, L. Vxfirtjes, E. Runte, A, Lenz. D Vv7ales, P. Vsfatson, B. Parriott, N, Piile. Row 1 S. Campbell, L. Brink meier, H. Wirt-itfs, E. Stabenow B. Weckcrly, J. Kuhlcmeyer, M Voss, M. Shouer. Row 2 O. Salter, D. Peifer, V Stebbins, D. Schlegel, Crawf ford, D. Vkfinslow, V. Brubaker, B. Heiland, J. Lenz, S. Smith, C. Snyder. Alma Rucker Home Economies Cafeteria Superintendent C il s CULINARY ARTISTS The cafeteria! Vw'hat would we do without it? With an average of more than four hundred customers every day, it seems to be quite an important place in the lives of many hungry F. H. S, students. From all indications, everyone is thankful for such a line place to spend the noon hour and satisfy that desire for vitamins 'n vittles. About the only complaints ever heard are that one doesn't get enough to eat. This goes to show that the food is so good that a generous helping just makes one want more. The limit of one dessert is hard on some "kids," but we are doing this for the benefit of the girls who just haven't the will power to take just one, but still want to control their waistlines. fDon't take me too seriously: there is a shortage of sugarj There is always a waiting list of those who want to work here. A bonus is given to workers who are present each day of the semester, and Mrs. Rucker and her adult helpers in the kitchen give a nice Christmas party each Christmas season. It's a fine place, don't you think so? 35 MX-. - w 'x!+,!f f if -, ' i aff-i5f'P5 ' X' k 3 x 'Q , My ,M f q , Q' ww nf , P'J n. Qt 2 1 i s STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY One day each year the task of running the city of Freeport is turned over to the students of Mr. Lumby's government classes. As the designated day rolls around, the various classes are divided into two parties, namely the People's and the Citizens After candidates have been nominated in each group for the posts of mayor, police magistrate, city clerk and city treasurer, campaign managers are appointed, platforms are prepared and the campaign of each candidate terminates in a student election choosing the officers for the day. During this period of a state of laissezffaire in the city of Freeport, the students appointed to the various posts are permitted to accompany the police oiiicers on their rounds or ride in the fire trucks and, in general, learn the workings of Freeport's administrative bodies. It seems that one of the chief joys of the newly appointed "officials" was to dig up old laws, which have never been repealed, from some musty book of city ordinances and use their newly acquired powers to book other less fortunate Joes for violations of these laws. And, although it may not be on the books, even a member of the faculty was taken in on suspicion of high crimes and misdemeanors. QSee Miss L. for the particulars of the trial.j Finally, Mayor Engelhart put away his latest plans for the straightening of Freeport's streets, Symmy collected his last fine as Police Magistrate, and the city returned to normal after giving the students a view of the practical applications of their govern' ment lessons. Charles Engelhardt . . . . . Mayor Mary Lou Nichol . . . . . City Clerk Mary Lou Morgan . . . . . City Treasurer Don Symanek . . . . . . Police Magistrate REPORTERS Sorry, Bill, no dinner for you todayg we gotta make that deadline! Ah, the life of a reporter! Wliile Wiiicliell gets flashes, we dash madly around and any' thing we get resemhling a flash is purely coincidental. Reporting for the High School News isn't to he taken too lightly, however. Since the reporters receive checks from The journal Standard hifmonthly, they are actually employed and expected to perform their duties to the hest of their ahility. With helpful suggestions from our aidesfdefcamp, Miss Hansen of the English department and Miss Barnett of The journal Standard, we write, ref write, and refwrite stories we get hy covering the office, clubs, student council, assemhlies, dehate, dramatics, Polaris, and the English, social studies, music, and home ec. departments. And like everyone else, reporters can make mistakes the office discovered this the hard way when the entire population of Freeport telephoned the school to correct the High School News on the date of the Rockford game. We stand corrected! But even during the uneventful periods, reporting was fun and interesting as well as heing good journalistic experience. In Decemher, hecause the carnival cofchairmanship called her attention else' where, "Brenda Starr" Ferguson was replaced hy Joan Springer. And now f we go to press! 38 Dagmar Hansen English V. Boyd. low 'Z' E. Reining, C. Crowe, G. Watchliii, M. Rideout, P. Myers. low 3 ff f L. Miller, Graff, M. .low 1 s s J. Krell, M. Hecht, D. Row lf fS. Farnham, Waigiier, D. Atherton, M. Mogle, P. Oh' lander. Row 2 J. Toussaint, N, Rasmus' sen, D. Smith, T. Harrison, M Kennedy, R. A. Hruheeky. Row Sf P. Grattelo, J. Howingf ton, H. Gaar, B. Wzllter. Peck, M. E. Broge, E. Morrison, Voss, J. Harris, B. Ross. PAINTS AND PATCHES In order that the freshmen and so vhomor h h d . I es ave a c ance at ramatics too, the Paints and Patches has heen organized. It offers opportunity for underclassmen to get their start in drama. Those with interest and talent are selected as memhers. Their talents are furthered hy the chance to he in short plays, pantomimes and other dramatic activities. A demon contours and coloring, smearing grease paint and experimenting with makeup on each other. The girls were intrigued with ite--hut the hoysfno! stration in stage makeup at one meeting had the memhers analyzing facial If wcrchance ou assed room 118 on a Thursda evening ou ma have heard l Y P Y 5 Y queer sounds or witnessed unusual scenes'-it was just the dramatic cluh practicing stage screams or laughs and learning how to tall without getting hurt. Cr it you caught someone studying you intently, it was just a member practicing ohservation so that she would do justice to character parts on the stage. From this group are expected the future Fontaines and Lunts for the class plays. -X -f .. . ., 5 ix. fp.. it ., I X E. yy . , L we . , 1 s .X lt P R l I Kuhl mt tr L Nelson C. Waldecker, L. Kutsus, P. O'Conner, D Row l N. Ferguson, Snoog . ee , A. e fyt , . , Speilinan. Row 2 P. Hill, B. L. Rasmussen, C. Sanders, bl. Nionroe, L. Kahl, M. Bray. MASQUE AND WIG As the first Ivlonday of every month rolls around, the Maisque and Wig memf hers gather for their cluh meeting. After they have answered roll call with the name ol' a favorite actor or actress, the husiness meeting is conducted. Then comes the more entertaining part of the program. Sometimes impromptu skits are given hy groups, and at other times readings and other dramatic enterprises provide the amusement. Refreshments conclude the gatherings. Starting with the Fehruary meeting, the Mzisque and Wig and Paint and Patches joined to make one hig cluh. The newly merged group presented a play for the enjoyment of the dramatics students and practiced the art of makefup on one another, varying their technique to suit characters of motley descriptions. Next year new memhers will he initiated into the cluh according to the followf ing requirements: Everyone must he for have heenj in dramatics class or have heen in a play. Only juniors and seniors may helong. The initiations are quite strenuous for the newcomers, whose cavortings hring much laughter from the veteran inemhers, who serve as judges. And with this comedy, a highly successful season is hrought to a close. Uthcers are Caryl A. Waldecker, presidentg Joyce Kraft, vice president1 Fawn Gray, secretaryz Lois Kahl, treasurer: Rohert Henry, program chairman. 40 B. Pehler, bl. Kraft, M. Spliethollf, A. Seitz, B. Banter, Harriet Bushman Speech. Drannatics 1 SEHIUH Long hours after school, warmed over meals, brunches of Ritz crackers and Cho' chos and dropping of our dummy Mr. Arbuthnotg all resulted in a most stupendous production of the mystery farce "Ramshackle Inn." Murdered dummies, old traveling trunks, and silhouettes of the cast placed in the halls advertised this play to a more than capacity crowd which brought down the house when Gilhooley, with his non' chalant air, chewed away on his cigar. just before curtain time, under inches of grease paint and costumes too big or too small, last minute instructions echoed forth from everyone to the lovers, Ike and Mary Lou. "Put some feeling into it." "Make it a good one, Ike." Arbuthnot calmly said, "Please don't drop me," as Weckerly bellowed, i'Where's my gun?" Mrs, Bushmans last remark to the leads was, l'Punch those lines." - CAST OF CHARACTERS ljllllllll .... . Arlwutlmut . . , juycc Rugcrs . Nlaxmc Phillips . . . Constable Small . . B-:limlzl .......,. Coninimlurc Lucius Gail Russcll ..., . Alice Fislicr . . . Dr. Russell Bill Phillips Mr. Tcmplc . . Mzlry Temple . Uillwulcy . . . . Fred Portcr ..... Student Dircctur Prumptcr ....... Sound Effects . . Ti iwscr l'lz1ri'y . . . Luc Vxfcckcrly . . . Sliirl Liuglilin . . . Nancy Ferguson . . . . jim Kuimcc . . Russcll Fcrtittgi . . . Phyllis Rccl . . . Scllwy l'l1lLlIWCl'l . . Clicric S.uidurs .... . .. .lmui Mum-iw Willikllii Liclitcnlwcigci' . . . . . . lvgui Silllllwilifl' . . . Dim Synmncli .. MllI'y' Lou Miwrgziii .. wlainics Zllfflllllll . . .Iuincs Stcplicnsuii .. . . . . . . -Lim' Siiuuk . . . -luuiiiinc Rilylium Slalglit, Don Syniaiiick Cues went nfl slick, with nn prmnpting nr tlrzigging - slwwing at professional joh done lwy till and six weeks spent well worth while. Conf grants tn Mrs. Bushman and east! The eurtziin went up to the weird noise of the ruin and thunder and lightning :intl the constant drip,nlrip,Llrip, drip through the leak in the roof, :ill of which lent the aitxnnsphere for the mystery through' nut. 43 sn ihgii whun thuy finish stflinnl, thfy are .thlu tn tatkc up whcrc Mr. Funk left ntl Rt R Cgnnurat iiluh qnnsists ul' scvcml vcry tircd lnnking huys lugging cinncrits ztnt lights itll uvui' annul hunk atgatin Atntl un irattu instructor who is cwntinuztlly yclling 5 whilst- niatin ptiqwst' in litf is tn get ynu tn strain ynursclt till ynur cycs hulgc trying tn hnld sonic unconvciitiniml pnsc ufnr just unc incurs sccomlf' Hnwuvcr, tht' purpnsc nl' this twgztiiigattinii is nut to try thc pgtticncc nf thc stutlcnt hotly tn thu hrcatking point hut ratthcr tn prtrinntc the suhjcct nf plinttmgtttpliy its tt hnhhy. During tht' cnursq nf tht- ycxtr the mcmhcrs nrt' taught the innny prnccsscs of plintngrgtpliy, limit ltntrning tn fcntl at light inctci' to cnlatrging thc iinishcd prnduct tw l R. l'lut'flc, E. Hncllc, A. lirnwn, VI. tlushatrt, li. l5c.tnt'i', W. Liclitciihci'gct'. A nw Z W. Stukvnhurg, N, Stcinliuif. R. Stnhuii, R. Smith. ' Cf, Mnun, H. Slqtghr. L. Swank, J. Stukcnhcrg, U. Bing, H. Antlcrsnii. CAMERA CLUB In tht' uycs nl' thc mtinihurs nf hand and nrchcstrat nr nt sninc plity cast tht' uint' iiiwlit-rt-in stattcincnts athtmut hnlding still and lnoking alt rlig canncrxt at intl gct snnic rcnl unjnyincnt from plintngrxtphy zts tt hohhy. Liku cvcry nthur cluh, this group hats its niliccrs, who strc clcctctl cvcry schnnl yan: Thu nlhccrs this ycztr inclutlctlz Binh Smith, prcsidcntg Gordon Bing, viccf Ivlurry Funk pi't'siLluiitg Bill Liclitcnhcrgcr. sccrctxtry: ,lnztnnc Uushztrt, trcatsurcr. Cilwnnsrry, Am-tiiiiiti 44 it OPEN HOUSE This year Open House was a special event, in that the parents were given the opportunity to attend the classes in which their youngsters were regularly enrolled. This was done at the suggestion of our newly organized Parent' Teacher Association, and was a change from the Open House ordinarily held for parents and students. One of the high lights of the evening was the assemhly in the gym, which opened the program. This consisted of a program given hy the high school orchestra and hrief remarks hy the president of the P.T.A. and Mr. Ivlensenf kamp. At the conelusion of this assemhly the regular periods of the day were run through on an ahhreviated time schedule. Both the faculty and students felt that the parents profited greatly hy this innovation. 45 xx1111 t11Lx w11111' 111.111, 11111. U111' 111114 l1111s1 111' f1Li1111 :11111 g111111.u 111' 11111' 1111.11 31111111 1'11111111g111111'11 11111 V11 11111 111 1111 1111111f111w 1 1111 . . 1.0. W1' IIILISI 11111 11!111 111' 1.1111 1111111 11111' .111111111'1' s111y g111111 l111l1QS. XN1' 11111s1 111' 11'i1'1111s XY1111 1'v1'1'y111111 DECEMBER T116 Hl171l171g N1111111 H" 'X"1"'! B"'1' JANUARY T11cC1111i M111111 11' l111111q 111' I111' A1111'1'11'1111 1111111111, 11111111 c1ll!'1QllK1, 1923. H.lI'17L'I' 11111-, FEBRUARY T110 S'HUL1'X N101171 4? We, thc sophomores of 1946, have a "Bug"ologist in our classffnamely, john Barrett .... Flash! "Charlie" Butcher has finally learned how to dance cheek to cheek. Nice, huh, Lorna? . . . Fritz Gill and Hobbie Howington seem to be the men of an undying supply of corsages. But the joan's don't mind, do you, girls? . . . jack Harrison is "SIMM"fering over Charleston, West Virginia. Ain't it the truth though, Jack? . . . We think it is an awful shame someone doesn't notice Molly Rideout's long blonde hair .... Sally Rideout has quite an interest in the basketball games this year. It couldn't be that blond "Itchy" Fritz, could it, Sally? . . . Another little girl whose heart turns towards an upperclassman is Queen Reed. You sure made an attractive queen with that handsome Gramley boy along side as king. . . . In there Hghting for Kinertman honors on field and hardwood were--J. Wright, J. QLittle Tulip, Stevens, N. Steinhoif, "Corky" Mackert, "Lip" Krueger, D. Gramlcy, L. Mitchel, D. Stearns. Good work, fellows .... Hey, Dave, what has Aquin got that Freeport High hasn't? . . . We all envy "Jerc" Gallagher and his trip to the South this year. We aren't the only ones that will miss him. Right, Donna. . . . Say, "Buck," just who has that I. D. bracelet of yours right now? It seems to change "hands" quite often .... Among some of the quieter people around are "Lip" Krueger, Iola Henry, Warren "Coop" Cooper and Dorothy Yankie. What's thatfnothing to say? . . . We also have a few new corners who arefAllan Kerchberg, hailing from Huntington, West Virginia, Frank "Negative" Stanfield, Iowag Corrine Ranney, Southern Illinoisg Jean Kirkman, Canada, plus one representative from Stockton .... Donna Wahler seems to like the pictures at the Patio Theater much better this year, especially "Don" Where the Blue Grass Grows .... Karl DeFrane and Raymond Vallarta look pretty snazzy in their new Bell Bottom Navy Blue's .... Rita Ann, just how did you get those cookies delivered, huh? Maybe Joe would know!! . . . We would also like to know what are in those small pieces of paper Norma Rockow receives between classes. How about it, Norma? . . . Duane Stearns and Margie Drewelow have deserted us to go to Lena High. Everyone was quite surprised when Duane appeared on our basketball floor to play against us with the Lena team. Good luck, kiddies! , . . Wayne Finkboner and Keith Gaengel just can't wait until Springf"er" comes .... Also upholding the propositions for debate are Malcolm Kennedy, Mary Ellen Broge, Norma Born and Frank Stanfield .... Why is it that "Roe" Kinzig always likes it when "Dobber" Camerer can have the car? Is it because you can get around quicker that way? . . . "Doc" Schlaefer must enjoy being surrounded by lovely women OJ in the tenth hour history class. At least, when the teacher tries to change his seat he always seems to have a very good alibi for staying .... Leonard Christenfyou geometrical whizgyou! . . . The "G. I." that Glory George has a purple passion for isn't Government Issue but private property .... Betty Young is the "jack" of all trades .... Laura Dean's theme song isn't "Oh, Daddy!" It's "Oh, Mammy!' '... Kendel Wagner was really biting his nails over his first speech. But he lived through it though, but don't we all? . . . Can and do the telephone operators listen in on conversations? Ask B. Schimelpfenig and Bauers-they know .... june Sisler is quite the early bird at school. Couldn't be your "Buddie" that is the strong attraction, or could it? . . . Harold Schultz is the man you see on one of those zooming motorcycles .... That was nice work you did on your oratorical speech, Pat Selke. If anyone deserved the prize it was you. Congratulations!! YE 5332 Bm 'Q iw: me .QV f 157 .X an 'm,g:, I .,,. , I W5 rw , tb 5 X. ,.,x gk Q... ,mqm 09 fav ASN Wv hy ,A 'JH R vary ,. - 3 'IT 3: W 4 . ' ' f-ffm '1 a 4 .v 425445 49? I X 2'5- M , RWM 2 ,WMA ,E Ei, if fi AY 'nib- Kl' 6' 31" vi? BRAVES Row 1fN. Born, P. Burns, B. Breeze, L. Brinkmeier, J. Bauer, M. Bast. Row 2-D. Bishop, L. Beeke, L. Bowers, J. Bauseher, J. Bentley, J. Barrett. Row 3fR. Camerer, J. Boeke, N. Bessert, M. Bardell, J. Berends, R. Brown, C. Butcher. Row 1-P. Dorsey, D. Davidson, C. Crowe, N. Dieterman, O. Delzell, A. Connors, M. Drewelow. Row 2-J. Dyslin, L. Dean, C. Dreibelbis, A. Chiames, E. Davis, A. Campbell, D. Dominick. . Row SWK. Datt, R. Cronau, L. Christen, R. Dorsey, R. Ditzler, W. Dickens, D. Christensen, S. Best. President .... .... W illis Dickens Vice President . . .... Keith Garns Secretary-Treasurer .. . Bill Kinzig Row lfC. Garrett, D. Graff, J. Graff, S. Gibson, D. Goard, K. Elliott. Row Zi-R. Garrett, N. Gross, J. Ely, G. George, G. Geinapp, R. Graves, F. Gill, K. Garus. ' Row 3fH. Gaar, B. Guffey, D. Eisenbise, K. Gore, D. Frank, W. Finkboner, R. Eder, K. Greene, D. Gramley. Row 4AE. Fike, D. Eastman, B. Ely, J. Fink, P. Grattelo. P? i , BRAVES Row 1- fM. Hyslop, J. Harris, R. Hrubecky, S. Jury, P. Johnson, I. Jacobs, D. Haight S, Highharger, A. Klaus, H. Huesing. Row 2 fJ. Kasten, M. Kent, E. Kant, R. Kurth, B. Kahl, M. Koeller, S. Kaiser, J. Kerkf man, C. Hawley, J. Klosa. Row Sf-C. Hickman, B. Herold, I. Howarth, B. Kinzig, B. Heilman, M. Kneller, C Homan, S. Koch, J. Knauff, M. Jacobs, C. Klaus. Row 4vP. Jeffrey, M. Kennedy, J. Kneller, E. Hoefle, J. Hess, B. Koester, J. Howing- ton, W. Kempthorne, D. Kutzke, D. Hannah, L. Krueger, B. Higley. Row 1fD. Law, B. Marsh, S. Morden, D. Mantzke, E. Mocder, V. Murray, B. Meyer P. Miller, T. Nack. Row 2-A. Lenoir, C. Miller, M. Ncserneyer, C. Nelson, J. Maukstad, M. Maukstad M. Lee, L. Luehhing, J. MacKenzie, E. McClanahan, J. McGee. Row 3 -P. Mackey, H. Lawson, B. Long, L. lvIcNair, C. Merchaiit, N. Mensenkamp N. McGee, B. Luhhers, B. Hall, P. Hutmacher. Row 4-WD. Iviammoser, L. Mitchell, D. Lenz, J. Noeske, C. Maxey, C. Marcum, W Liehergcscll. Row lfS. Rahn, N. Rance, M. Remmers, M. Regex, D. Peck, S. Rideout. Row 'lk L. Cttc, M. Clson, M. Phillips, D. Peifer, F. Reid. Row 3 B. Reed, Olson, N. Rockow, M. Rideout, B. Ross, C. Ranney, Pashley J. Panske. Bk Zun- A-wwf Sv x ,, . if 1.4.5 . V I Q Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row BRAVES 1fB. Stewart, E. Smith, M. Springer, N. Staas, C. Spielrnan D Sehlegel B Schimelpfenig, J. Sisler. 2fC. Stauffer, R. Sahin, J. Stanfield, G. Snyder, D. Stearns Cv Stees J Stoeker C. Sorn. 3fC. Searos, P. Sellke, N. Steinhoff, C. Stout, J. Schrader J Stevens D Smith M. Shouer. 1--H. Wirtjes, D. Tucker, D. Wales, B. Weckerly, J. Weegens D Viaeh D Townsend. 2fB. West, J. Willets, M. Voss, B. Young, N. Waller 3ffH. Walters, D. Yahnke, J. Vietmeyer. 4fI. Valkema, K. Witte, E. Tucker. 5-B. Walter, D. Waehlin, C. Thompson. 6fB. Wheat, R. Vohlken, B. Wright. K ?l STUDENT COUNCIL As Cfuiigrcss i'cwi't'st'1its tht' wuwlt' ul tht- u.1tiun, su tht' Stutlcut Cuuiicil ntl l I - vistxl hy llcui'gt' Martin, i1'pi't'st'iits thu stutlcuts uf our high schuul. Eiich prusif . . . . , . . prcsitliug, wurtliwliilt' sugg-:stiuiis tm' tht' huttcriiiciit uf our schuul :mtl stutlc Iwutly nrt' givcu vuicc. Thc Cwtiiiuil, during tht' yuaug hits pi'utIuct'tl m.u1y iiiipi'uw1iit'iits such tis: 'i lmwiizt' pliiqtiu tlt'tlit':ntt'tI In uur scliuul's service mcii whu gatvt' tliuir lives tluriii tht' palst warg ai scrvict' iuuuis gusst rt'gistc1', which has lvccu plaiccnl iii thu iimiii hull, ctc. It has also suut sums ut' its iuumhci's tu uthci' schuuls tu stutly tht-ir 7 stutluut cuuucils. It wurks iii cufupuizitiuii with thc I .T. A. in hringiug thc stu tlcut vicwpuint un various sulwjucts, its rccui'tlctl hy Sccrctairy Maury Ethel Citltlicx lwfurc tht- p.u'unts ut' uur high scliuul stutlcnts. Also iiiulutlctl in thc ytuifs gnctivf itics :irc tht' tlzuiccs givcu hy tht- Cuuiicil ailitcr ggimus :mtl the Cfhristmgis Iiulitlziv itl Iluw 4 IVI. Nichul, Al. Iiiclich. tlunt ul ai limit- ruum t'.u'rics thc stutlcnts ideas tu thc Qiuuncil uvury Tliurstlny lui' tlisttussiun. Hcrc, with I'i't'sitIuut Rugci' Frit: ur Vice I7rcsitlt'iit -Iuzui Spriiigci' III 1 ' 1 lxuxx' I IU. Ij.lX'ltlSlll1, L. Vvuclxti ly, Il. I"l'lII,, II. Q-utluy. II. lyhll lii'uulxt', I7. Vuhllicu. Rim' 2 l'. Rt-ul. VI. Yuuiigs. Hill, KI. Ivliixcy, A. CIu1iiit'i's. I Atlmcrtuu. 1 w r ' Ixuw .N ul. Vwriglit. N. Iiuru, 3 I31't'clitt'l. CI. Eugclliairt. L. I7tWui M. Utilfvy. A. I7clI.ui. S. Ath -Jrtuii, Fiuli. Ruw I NI. Kofi. NI. H.uin.ili, C KQlI'l. N. K.iisu1', II. IVIilltii'. Row Z H. Fulcy. Ii. Yuuglwlut II. Smith. R. klctfity. Iluw F l'. I3t'Vui'c. KI. SPl'IlIQt'I'. I Ivlitchcll. M. Milt-ii, EI. Kms Russ. Slmitlu. st'mifliui'1ii:nl. All in gill, tht' Studt-ut Cuuucil is gui impurtgmt ui'g.ui iii thc luut' CIt'ui'gu IVIau'tiu tiuuing crli our stghuul auitl much credit is tlut' it guitl its uiIicurs. 56 sw-.sii. ix-imp Mary Luehhing English, French Row 1 bl. Stukenherg, J. Boyett, N. Lyon, J. Wilsn11i,M. LeBaron, C. Sanders, Vore, E. Vore. Row 2 R. Mantzke, B. Kieckf liaefer, M, E. Hoisington, M. K. Tice, J. Daughenhaugh, N. Long, S. Miller. Row 3 f - R. Eckert, P. Poole, E. Morrison, S. Denton, B. Doerr, C, Ranney, S. Earnham. Row 1 -M. Morgan, bl. Snoolc, P. Reel, S. Gartman. Row 2 N. Ferguson, Springer, M. Curley, V. Parriott, M. Hof man. Row 3 R. Eritz, R. Ecrtitta, P. Bardell, A. Lenz, E. Spliethoif, R. Mantzlce. E R E N C H C L U B Witli the numher increasing each year, of those students who delve into the French language heyond the Parlezfvous francais? stage, the refestahlishment of the Erench Cluh was inevitahle. One of the younger of the various social and inf structive groups associated with some academic suhject, its function is to foster in the students a greater interest in the Erench language and culture. At monthly meetings a wide variety of educational entertainment is presented hy memhers of the cluh, ranging from games played in French to scavenger hunts. The officers elected at the heginf ning of the year included: Ronald Manf tzke, presidentg Marjorie LeBaron, vice' president: Shirley Miller, secretary. Margaret Davenport Lihrarian Josephine McHenry English P H I L O S Book reviews, recordings, literary games, the annual initiation pienic,outside speak' ers-these are some of the forms of the entertainment enjoyed hy the Philomaf thians fPhilos for shortj, our high school literary society. Memhership in the Philos is hased on scholastic standing, a straight A average in English and an average standing in other suhjects heing the requisites. Bef cause of these high standards set for adf mission, memhership in this group is an honor worth the efforts of every English student. The oilicers of this year's cluh are: Philip Bardell, president: Audrey Lenz, vicefpresidentg Eleanor Spliethoff, secref taryg Roger Fritz. treasurer. Merritt Allen Baskethall. Physical Education Row 1 K. Hultquist, R. Raw leigh, Bloom, R. Finkhoner, A. jogerst, F. Cowan, D. Symanek Row 'Z P. Ross, R. Chapman, K Waililer, R. Nelson, R. Jeffrey R. Borchers, R. Willizinis, P Franklin. Row 3 R. Randolph, Spangler B. Hickman, D. Shepard, R Schroeder, E. Soliday, W. Dick ens. Row l C. Englehart, F. Toelle, D. Gramley, C. Stout, E. Adams, L. Krueger, Harhaeh, C. Tous' saint. Row 'Z D. Ivlorton, Zartman, R. Nuemacker, O. Knodle, B. Maekert, J. Wriglit, W. Gahel. Row 3 j. Cramer, R. Miller, E. Schirmer, Seeker, R. Fritz, D. Seeks, E. Dreier. LETTERMAN'S CLUB Wheii you step inside the door at the haskethall game, a hoy in a hright orange sweater steps up to you and says, "M:1y I show you to your seat, Sir?" These hoys are memhers of the Letterman's Cluh. They are proud of the cluh which they represent. They have shown some achievement in either foothall, haskethall, track, tennis or golf. The annual Letterman's-Faculty haskethall game was held again this year, during which the faculty trimmed the lettcrmen 22 to 17. The last highlight in the clulfs program is the long awaited picnic, when new lettermen are initiated. By the way, those raw eggs are kinda' hard to digest, aren't they, boys? After the initiation you can have all you can eat if you can eat. This year's officers are: Frank Cowan, president: Eldon Dreier, vice president: -lack Cramer, secretaryftreasurer. E1 5 Ex . 3 !.SV,i.Yigi I i . Q'1 : Q k P , 5 i YF M it tiyx 1 ? ' Jr Q ,gg FWXB L 9' -'-E , 9 V fx f Egg if .5 1 ' gk K if 53" Jw A air EQ ,gg A Q 1 3 f S , any r kh f Q f i e ii .xi 5 iff L' K I k x ,W A sa,,f ., 5 sk, as My Qs . ff iff 4 i 9 N x Q Q L , Q flfgtsy Ng? E m . 5f7,f4,QNi',f ws' Q" Q i 43 '-" ' x s. E - Vw' ..- in is -: -5 K fa ., V , S ,A K ' v 3 'fx 5, Q V i S W A Q ,w W -A Q, i gf Q 1? gg. it as X ,Gs N ga gl if lx 4 Q W s QA If K .k.. EU! K K V K 9 K 3 - .Z R X S 2 - 2, X xv vi? Y v g x ig ' . ii' 'zv X5 5 , xg EN? ii 11 Y if K a- ? Q a' VARSITY BASKETBALL The "Pretzel Majors," under the return management of Coach Me1'i'itt Allen, hegan their season hy hreaking even on two nonfconference starts. The Freeport cluh then hit the road to take their conference starter from LaSalle hy a margin of 42943. Returning to their home court they trounced the West Aurora 'kHawks" 6047 for a clean conferf ence slate. The Pretzels then journeyed to the Waaukegaiii Tournament only to he sent home in the cellar. Freeport then fell hefore the onslaught of E. Rockford and Joliet. The Pretzels washed the hitter taste of defeat from their mouths hy heating the W. Rockford "Vs7arriors" 33727 and the following night smothering a Duhuque eluh 7167. Still not content they handed LaSalle their second defeat hy scorching the nets 9733. Elgin then nosed Freeport out in a 4740 hreathftaker and the next night Freeport outf scored lvloline 47139, Again the E. Rockford "Rahs" walked over F. H. S. and the folf Chuck Schmelzle Roger Fritz Orville Knodl A'-Iiggerdoou A'Vv'aupa" uhlieeteru -,. he lflll. 'E' 3 'T Lil j ' ,, gk Q V . 5 7 l 3... .fii A ' Merritt Allen Varsity Coach jim Bloom "Pinky" Percy Franklin lowing night E. Moline did the same. The "Allenmen" then finished the conference season in fourth spot hy a margin of two conference wins and in addition slaughterf ing two nonfconference opponents. Freeport then hegan the regional tourney hy rolling over Orangeville and War' ren. They then conquered a determined Stockton crew 4984 in a rough and tumble contest to cop the Regional championship. The varsity hrought their season to a close with a record apex.. Willie Hickman of fourteen wins and eight losscs. --Wmien The second annual presentation of thc Larry Kahl Free Throw Trophy went to Dale Shepard. Boh Schroeder 'klohnl' Dale Shepard Russel Leopold Ken Hultquist "Charlie" "Russ" Ufxhhott" 90 705' ff? 'ii . ' v A E, . VARSITY BASKETBALL M A ' Rmv 1 urritt 11c11,Coq1c1u, 1. Fram1c1in, R QL mm Ll D Slmpun W H1 kmm 131oc1m, , -- Row 2 R. LV11pu1L1, C, 5C11mU1 Rww 3 J. Crguucr, R, M.lI'Clll11 Fl'cCpu1't . . Stcrliug . . 1':l'CL'PtJI'L . . F1'QUpm't . , WLlllkk'QQl11 T11lJl'l1tl1I1 . E. 1lIlL'1i1-17111 bluliur .... Frcupwt . . FrUupmn't . . F1aL'CIWll1't . . hlgm .... Fl'uUp4ml't . . 1f. 1RllC1i1-H111 E. M4311l1k' . Fl'CCpuI'I . , Fl'L'CIHllI'1 . . Fl'ccpm't . . F1'ccp4n't . . Frucpm't . . F1'ccpm't . . Frccpurt SCHEDULE 34 411 48 G11 61 32 FS 26 91 37 -15 47 if 43 54 41 44 41 57 47 49 Dixmm . . . Frccpmt . . LQLSQLIIQ .... W. Alllllfil . 1':l'CCp41I'l . . . Frcqwmt . . Fl'Ucpm't . . . Frccport . . . VJ. R11c1if'cJl'L1 Du11uquc . . La1Sz111c . . Frccpwrt . . Mnwlilmc . . Frccpm't . . Fr-Jcport . . Du1Wuquc . E. ALll'lJI'll . Bclvidcrc . . W. Ruck1'm11 Ulxmgcvillc Warren . . Suvcktnm . . Llc, K. Hultqum U Knodl R nt ,F.Cowg1n,A 1'1utL111n D FIL1k1l mu 1 29 31 43 47 Qi 31 36 ZH 27 .,.. nn 33 40 39 35 'li 37 34 34 39 41 31 -v A 4 Ray Gallagher ..Ray.. Willie Sandifer Nvvfillicn Harry Foley 'iHarry" Stanley Altenhern 'lstann Harry Kinert Frosh Coach FROSHfSOPH BASKETBALL For the second straight year, Coach Harry Kinert came up with a group of fighting underclassmen who showed that they had what it takes when it comes to winning games on the hardwood court. The yearlings showed prom' ise of good things to come when they won a close battle from Dixon in their season's opener 36445 . They continued in their winning ways with successive victories over Orangeville 35-27 and Sterling 43-24. Exhibiting a well- halancecl offensive and defensive attack, the pretzelettes opened their Big Eight season, using twelve men in each game to romp over LaSallefPeru 59-27 and West Aurora 4862. Their first setfback came the following week where, after a poorly played first half, they lost to East Rockford 4384. Unwilling to assume the role of the underdog, the youngsters promptly turned hack Joliet 46f26 and Lena 63145, with Willie Dickens and Buck Stout together ac' counting for fortyffour points. fContinued on next page, Bill Kloos Dick Schweder Roger Gallagher "Bill" l'Dick" "jerk" Qflontinued from preeeding pagej West Rockford seemed unimpressed hy our seven previous wins, however, and nosed us out 3632. Continuing on their seoring spree they proceeded to swamp Duhuque Flflfl, LaSalle again 44723, and Elgin 4269. Their win over Orangeville provided an ineentive and they avenged their previous loss to East Rock' lord with an impressive 4668 victory. After trimming East Aurora uTomeats" 5432, our youngsters found themselves Lied for the Big Eight Conference lead with W't'st Roekfoixl, hoth teams having seven wins and two losses. The championship game was played on the local court with a eapaeity erowd watehing our underelassmen stage a hattle royal without the serviees of Dickens, who had heeoine eligihle for varsity eomf petition. The game was nip and tuck throughout, with West pulling away in the final minutes to win 4085. The season elosed for the FroshfSophs with a record of fourteen wins and four losses. Ereepoits Buck Stout led all seorers in the underelass division with a total of 136 points. Willis Diekens Clifford Stout to lxiutgti k'XVillie" "Sleepy" Lippx jzfv' Row Row Row Row 1,L 2 fa J 4 FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL R. Sehweder, W. Sandifer, C. Stout, W. Dickens, L. Krueger, R. Callagf her. Harry Kinert, Coach, R. Gallagher, C. Blodgett, W. Kloos, K. Kasten, S. Altenbern. B. Volken, D. Boos, J. Fink, J. Stevens, R. Mackey, D. Gramlcy, Mgr. D. Staas, K. Fricke, W. Bessert, F. Heiinlvuch, NI. Elliott. S C H E D U L E Freeport . . . . .36 Dixon ....... . .35 Freeport ....... 35 Orangeville .... 27 Freeport ....... 43 Sterling ....... 24 Freeport ....... 59 LaSalle ........ 27 Freeport ....... 43 W. Aurora .... 32 E. Rockford .... 43 Freeport . . . . . .34 Freeport "B" . . .34 Lena "B" . . . . .34 Freeport ....... ' Lena .. 45 Freeport ....... Joliet . . . 26 W. Rockford Freeport . . . . . .32 Freeport ....... Dubuque ...... 20 Freeport . . LaSalle . . 23 Freeport . . Elgin ..... . . .39 Freeport . . Urangeville 35 Lena . . . Freeport .... . .33 Freeport ....... E. Rockford 38 Freeport ....... E. Aurora 32 W. Rockford Freeport . . . . . .35 Freeport ....... Belvidere . Marcngo ...... Freeport ....... 24 43 K Top HifY Row I R. Fritz. lx. Hill, A. .lo gerst Row 2 D. Doiiahue, Cl. Butcher, R. Schroeder, U. Shepard, K Vxfahler, C. lliigelhart, xl. Wi'iglit. Row 3 bl. Youngs, E. Dreier. W, Uickeiis, ll. Schirmcr, K. Hult tiuist, ,I. Cramer, 66 Ou L rw, Tl' " ' f,s'v:- lvfl, 1 eq I 76? 1 'H Bottom Cheerleaders D. Smith, K. Llohiisoii, R. Henry, F. Gray, B. Deaner. HlfY 'kTo create, maintain amd extend throughout school and community, high stamdard of Christian characf tern is the motto amd goal of the HifY cluh. At hifmoiithly meetings the memhers and their adviser Mr. Harry Kinert work together in prof grams designed to develop the ideals of the cluh. From time to time speakers talk to the cluh on suhjects of interest to the memhers, ln Decemher the cluh sent its othcers and delegates to the tlivif sional state HifY conference at Oak Park. Here the memhers learned many new ways to hetter the cluh. Wlieii haskethall season came, the I-lifY furnished programs to all sports tems free of charge. Also many dzmees for the students were sponsored hy the cluh after games. Witli the year drawing to a close the elulw may look hack on a trail of service in huildiiig character and serving the school amd community. Oilicers are Karl Hill, president: Charles Schmelzle, vice president: Allen ilogerst, treasurerg and Roger Fritl, secretary. CI-IEER LEADERS "YcafffFreeport." echoes iii the gym as the cheer leaders rim for the sidelines :md the game is heguii. And so it is at all athletic contests. The ones who add the pep and spark to the tcam are our cheer leaders. Their seemingly never endf ing pep and lively actions leiid flavor to a contest that would othcrf wise he dull amd colorless for lack of spirit. Certainly, much praise is due them in the face of chilly autumn weather amd winter has' liethall. Harry Kiiiert Adviser ii? 5 f E H l. G, R. Promptly at 7:30 UU every Tuesf day night Mziry Ethel Guifey, presif dent of Hi. U. R., or Vice President Betty .lean Burr, ealls the meeting to order. just as Roberts Rules of Order specifies, the seeretary, Ivlary Kay Tice, calls roll and reads the minutes of the last meeting, After the treasf urer's report hy Phyllis Baker, either lvlary Ellen Hoisington or Phyllis Huher, dance ehairmen, announces the shifts for the dance after the game Friday. Wlieii the complaining and groaning have ceased fl wonder what Rohert would say ahout our parliaf inentary procedure nowlj, Nancy IVIeCool, program chairman, starts the program rolling. During the course of the year, Hi. U. Rfs have had many informative speakers, sing fests, parties, and other forms of entertainment. As well as other soeial services, donations were given to the Y.W.CI.A. and the Red Cross. So a little Work and a little play, plus a lot of good friends, make ieining this elan something to which the underelass lass looks forward. -mv af The a cappella choir, as you see, is a mixed group like chorus. The two differ in that the a cappella memhers have had more extensive musical training. Anf other difference is that when the choir performs in puhlic, it is without any accompaniment whatsoever. The name a cappella itself, derived from Latin, means "sung in the old church style," which was without accompaniment. There are five hasic voices in the choir: first soprano, second soprano, contralto, tenor and hass. However, there are musical numhcrs which require a division in the contralto, tenor and hass groups too, although they are not so numerous. Since the heginning of the year, the choirs range of activities has hecn greatly hroadened. Not only did it participate as an individual group in the Spring and Christmas concerts, hut it also exchanged concerts with the Rockford choirs, perf formed for various organizations, such as the P.T.A., and went to Rochelle to participate in the music contest held there. The director is Mr. Doolin, Phyllis Reel is the choirs president, and Mary .lane Homan does what accompanying is needed during rehearsal. Howard Dkklllll Music Supervisor CAPPELLA ., x , Row 1 -f P. Devore, M. Row 2-P. Burns, N. Gal' Row 3-J. Thornan, V. Par' Siemsen, P. Reel, R. Ely. lagher, N. Born, N. Pfile, riott, B. J. Burr, I. Wes'- H. Slaght, E. Runte, K. Ll. Howington, W. Gabel sels, J. Pansky, L. Padlield, Noltemeier, M. Homan, G. Scheffner, H. Luhhers, M. A. Meile, A. Snyder, G. Wuiisch, S. Miller. L. Pinnow, L. Dean, J. D. Long, A. Lenz, N. Kasten, L. Stukenherg. Landeck. lsr VioLiNs james Zartman, Concertmaster Miriam O'lVIay Caryl Vxfamsley Ivan Schlaefer Priscilla Wartsumii Eleanore Spliethoff Don Wzlchliii Willizilii Guffey Willis Dickens Gwen Wachliii Barhara Parriott Bette Thorpe K lrl Kuhitz trunitnt rl Music CRCHES T R A Karl H. Kuhitz George Kloos ....................... Financial Manager Gertrude Wuiisch and Marry Jane Homan. .Student Leaders ZND V1oL1Ns Joanne Ely, Principal Eva Mae Reining Gordon Snyder Norma Waller David Eisenhise Mila Jacobs james Elliott LaVerne Royster Wilfred Dunn Elaine Kutsus Mairie Rockey Ruth Vaughan jane Cohle Ray Gallagher VlOL.AiS Selhy Haupert, Principal Carl Thompson Pauline Miller Mzirjorie Ivfoen 'CELLOS Marry Ellen Hoi Leland Mitchell lvlerrilyn Hecht Norma Nickel sington, Principal Throughout the many years of its existence the Freeport High School Orchestra has served as an expressive organ for an ever increasing num' her of students. Under the ahle leadership of Mr. Kuhitz this group has increased both in size and ability until at the present time nearly one hundred students gather in the tower every Tuesday, Thursday and Eri- day the ninth hour to hecome hetter acquainted with the old masters PERSONNEL . . . Director Nancy Ferguson .... Eleanore Spliethoff . . . CONTRABASSES Gloria Klaus, Principal Dorothy Lawson Arnetta Campbell Barbara Doerr HARP Merrilyn Hecht FLUTES Gertrude Wuiusch, Principal Lois Jean Kahl Lillian Kutsus OBOES Norma Landeck . . . Student Manager Librarian CLARINETS Mary Jane Homan, Principal Shirley Jean Gartman Phyllis Jean Baker Betty Jane Young BASSOONS Nancy Ferguson Joan Olson TRUMPETS Don Seeks, Principal Frank Stanield Priscilla Dorsey HORN s Dick Randolph, Principal Elvera Bott Nancy Fink Joyce Albrecht TROMBONES Roland Borchers, Principal Andrew Hutchins William Kracht PERCUSSION james Brubaker Harlan Anderson and some of the new contained in its extensive repertoire. During the year, the orchestra appeared as a group at the Open House, at the Christmas Concert and at the May Festival, and various ensembles were called upon to entertain at other programs also. Though the average student knows or hears little of the orchestra, playing with it is a privif lege that few of its members would care to relinquish. Ernest Seeman Instrumental Music ll i g gf Q . l I 3 t .. nd, 's P. . "" H. Slaght, NV. Cialwl, B. Dc.i1it'r, ll. DcVoi'c, lj. Rc-cl, M. vl. Homan, il, Wtiiiscli. N. Lantlccla. Rlllllt, lf. NlllIt'l11t'lt'l'. MAIJRILIALS Thu inatlrigal group camc into hcing cluring hcr of singcrs in such a group has variccl from rliv lith :incl loth ccnturius in Italy, although thrcc to tcn. Our group consists ot' two hrst it was in lfnglantl that this group hacl its grcatf sopranos, two sccontl sopranos, two contraltos, cst tlvvt'lopint'iit. lt was thc custom for thcsc two tcnors ancl two hasscs. During thc ycar, singcrs to sit arouncl a talalc, anal tlici'ct'oi'c they takc part in thc Christmas Conccrt as a thcir music is ottcn i't'l'cri'ctl to as tahlc music. solo group, ancl sing for various local organi:a' Rcgular matlrigal music is sct to pocms of tions whcnuvcr callctl upon to clo so. This ycar pastoral or amorous charactcr, without accom' thcy also cntcrccl tht- music contcst hcltl at panimcnt. Vtfitli tht- passing of timc, thc numf Rochcllt- antl hurc in Frccport, ACCUMPANISTS Thcsc four girls arc an csscntial part of thc various vocal organizations of F. H. S. Surving as an accompanist rctluircs a high tlcgrcc ot' musical ahility ancl vcrsatility, which all in- spiring young pianists do not posscss. ln thc coursc ot tht- ycar this ahility was wull clisf ' playctl hy our group ot' accompanists. Mtlcli crctlit should hc givcn to thcsc pianists for thcir finc work in the Christmas Conccrt antl thc lvlay Fustival and also for thcir work throughf X R out bthc untirc ycar, taking the criticism for 'C thc sour notcs as wcll as thc praisc tor tht- oocl oncs, Sv I Ross, D. Vohlkcn, M, Homan, L. Kahl. Kim: ,mn QVEEN CHARLES SCHMELZLE, P1-IYLLIS REEL "Wiiuld you like to huy a ticket or a hot dog? Only ten cents." 'Tut xi penny in my hoxf' Ivioneyl Ivioneyl The whole student hody turned mercenary and remained that way through the weeks that led up to the carnival, which is sponsored hy the senior class to raise the money needed to meet the extra expense incurred in the making of our year hook. If the net profit from the carnival is sufficient, the Polaris can he sold to the students at a popular price without containing any Qeontinued on next pagej Il EW, 7 .TA L w 5? ? S , wg Rf 1' Y .., K y , E 12 1 ? 19 Q S5 b ff? R JA N RN 'H , -Q if s is - si 4 nl Qs ,A W gi b,- ' sz s 1, .V I- ,J Wa Q Ii ,, gi ,L WW! 3 ef Q Y ,f' ww 8 'x Q Burn 1 Rasmussen Ray C tllagher FRESHMAN CANDIDATES E Lorraine Stukenberg Bob Smith JUNIOR CANDIDATES From a great number of experiments and trials the following conclusion has been found to be undeniably true: The number and frantic intensity of conferences between king and queen candidates, their advisers and managers are directly proportional to the number of days until the carnival. But all the hair lost trying to pull ideas from an unresponsive mind showed definite results in that the carnival for 1946 grossed approxif mately 32500, more than has ever before been taken in. There were bake sales, sponf sored movies, novelty sales, special programs, rummage sales, assemblies, and numerous other activities which, when put together, made this year's carnival an unprecedented success. On the evening of January 14, Nancy and Don heaved a great sigh of relief to sec that it had actually "come off" as planned and surveyed the hectic scene. The turtle race, ghost walk, dart game, basketball game, pillow fight and other concessions enter' tained the crowd until eleven P.M., that fateful hour. Qlncidentally, Connie still doesn't know how to induce a turtle to run a race with another turtle., Finally Ermina got around to naming the winners, and the shout that went up when Charlie and Phyl were announced school sovereigns rocked the rafters as no basketball yell ever has. Runnersfup were the freshmen candidates, with the sophomores and juniors placing third and fourth respectively. Nancy, Don and all their cofworkers deserve a great deal of credit for a big job well done, and, although Charlie thought his box of candy went too quickly fjoanies fault, no doubtj, everyone else had a wonderful time. Betty Recd Dale Crimlcy soPHoMoRE CANDIDATES ,NH ! 'U L. Wy u Q ' f Fw My 9' ,N if, I...-. Q-3555 S 5 1 tt, to l is Q if Q X it Hermin Wiiitei' Clyde Jaekson Pete Zwittel lhil Rthfeldt Ruth Dinley Boyd Dneth CUSTODIANS Mother does it git home for the first years of our life, hut when the kiddies grow up aind are out of her hainds for the entire day, some provision must he made for elezining up the inevitgihle mess left hy the younger generation. Thats where these people under the elazssiriezition of eustodizins come in, .ind though it seems hzirdly possihle that the mass of papers, etindy wrappers, hziirpins and dirt they eolleet every evening eould halve zleeumulzited in one day, the next dziy it is the same story over again. During the full there is the held to he limed and rolled: in the winter the walks must he shoveled: and eome spring the grass must he kept mowed and the truck leveled, alll falling to the lot of our eustodizins. Freeport High is indeed fortunate in having ai stuff that is zihle to egtrry out its million and one little tasks :ind still have time for ai smile and it gvod word for the students who mess up their niee eleain halls ezieh and every day without fail. 'UQ f""'x rf Q a F I my 'WK ivk A 'ww 1, . .. 1 ' 6 of 2 . an ' .46 ' 'Q x YY ,. if - n :gr A Y B 1 fr , , , .... . , - M-vfj .. H MITLJ M", . . ML 'gn - ,1a:'t!i+,..: . y 3- . Q ' Lf::1:22,f1..:,,.x Nw: as We v'31fg,sf,, K, .:xa.Aawf-f-f-1g,-1-- , - 'mi .MY 7' ,x W N, MQW my ,g f , '-M .rw 1- Q 153 ii"-FA-Q 1irr3.'::i?.t., 113 'Mm 1 ,Af fx- .ilxwf-1:-13:56 fir L W ,,,,K, , A ,. Y, Q JT. , L wsswwmmqm 4 an 1 , Q Q5 1 Q 14" L Q 1 ' , 5 .J . if Y 4 ' ffl 7, ' 3 Q S A F' Q gi . x A v 21- Q., if A f YPJF Wig i . Z ' M ' ' ii , fu W.5i'5Q, i I9 f f 1 , w ' ' xi L1 .- Af " 1253 'Mi' A- -1' . kv lg- ' . , M ' 7 ' 9 K . ff K X .3-5 F5-ag gif 8 U 1,- 4-has W, , ,X :Q,,,. .02 5 ,Q yi V' fist 'Qi wg 5' J' vw -94 WIN, A XXI, ggmsgwg ig V -.. R 1 3 r Ruw Ruw Ruw Row Row W'illz1rd Ruhendall. Mathematicsg Edith Lyle, Home Economics: Richard Nicklas. WOOdM'O7'li171j1, Pattern Malgzaigg Fern Kuhlemeyer, Mathematics. Helen Hzimil, History Thomas Spring, Biology Dorothy Rogers, Cmnmerrialq Theodore Carpenter. Cum' meriial. janet, Rohinsun. Eviglishg Dorn Darner, Home Ecmmniicxq -luyce Staples. Cmnmeri-mlg Irene Sullivan. Math' emallcx. Wiumxdrrrw Fulkerson. Football, Physical Education: Esther Suhr, Crmimercialg Boyd Cairns. Mawiiaal AYlSj Carolyn Mllsscr. Engllsh. Hurry Kruse, Machine Slmpg .loc Spudich, English, Physical Edufatiung Marry Malrtiii, Nfallicniatxcxg Paul Gcrmzmn, General Science. Y! 'y all' T X hit gt it The art department, under the supervision of Mr. Blackwood, performs its own miracles. Posters for school activities and community organizations must he finished in a short time, hesides heing done accurately. Many of the high school's aspiring young artists display their talents and originality in their own creative work, such as painting points of interest in the school huilding and in the neighhoring community, and in painting murals. Results of their efforts are shown hy their winf ning contests at the Burpee Gallery in Rockford. The seniors spend a large portion of their time in the art room, designing their yearhook with splendid effects. Uur future Remhrandts and Grant Wniiids also provide an interesting art exhihit throughout the school year in the art annex adjoining the art room. Merle Blackwood rt Lucille Madden Crafts Arts and crafts, the home of our future industrial designers, is under the direction of Mrs. Madden. The diligent students hegin their work hy studying color and design as it is applied to the various crafts. Multif colored rallia is transformed into mats and haskets, hoth large and small. Tahle mats, scarfs, helts and purses are woven on looms, the Weavers using the complicated pat' terns of antique coverlets. The new and popular plastic is the material used for making costume jewelry which every girl delights in making and wearing. A new type of clay is heing molded into lovely pottery which can he tired in the ordinary oven. The student enjoys many hours of fun, gains experience and appreciation of craft work, and is proud of his production when hc comf pletes his semesters work. LEGENDS Ah, yes--there's good news from the juniors this year!!! Orchids to their majesties "Babe" Stukenf berg and Bob Smith. Ditto for our class officers, "Pooch" DeVries, Dick Randolph, and Sylvia Folgate. . . . Flash!! New faces-Patty O'Conner, Morris Honda, Akira Yoshida, Arlis Brown, and not a 'stranf ger, but new in the halls of F. H. S., "Knobby" Kellner .... Talk about your women drivers-have you ever driven with Jeannine QThrow out the anchor, there's a stop sign!J Dixon? . . . "We of the affirmaf tive" Hill says, "I know what I want to say-but I just can't say it!' '... Have you ever tapped your foot to the syncopating rhythms of Andy Anderson's band? Sayfthat boy is really a "mellow fellow." . . . A bit of praise for the muscle men of the junior class, who composed most of the varsity teams this year. We'll be looking for more good work next fall from Frank Cowan, Chuck Engelhart, Percy Franklin, "Pinky" Bloom, Ken Hultquist, Willie Hickman, and "Skeeter" Knodle .... A vote of thanks also goes to our cheerleaders, who breathed the breath of life and spirit into 'ole F. H. S .... By the way, Katy Johnson, we don't dance cheek-tofcheek in Rockford, do we? . . . Karl Fairburn, who sticks to facts except when it comes to fish stories, is one of our intelligensia .... If you need some help with those "brain-busting" problems, consult our quiz kids, "Ozzie" Kahl, Bob Eckert, Caryl Wamsley and Joy Springer .... How about those enormous white hairbows and big red suckers? Shame on you "Dittoes," you "adolescent exhibitionistsf '... Never fear-John Youngs always comes through with some witticism. fThat's a joke, Son-a joke that is.J . . . Government day went over with a bang!! Just ask Mayor Engelhart, and how did you like being health examiner, Joyce Sturdevant? Did you have trouble making connections, Barbara Parriot? Joan Baxter had a wonderful time sliding down the pole. For his splendid job of campaigning, Jack Hartman was awarded the job of cruising patrol' man. f'Love that spoil system.J . . . "Muddy" fthe wolfj Wahler seems to have an interest in the senior class .... Caryl Ann Waldecker, the pinfup girl of the Swedish navy says, "A letter a day keeps Swede coming my wayf '... Does Jim Brubaker own an orchid farm, Greek? What did you do to deserve 'em? . . . Butch Gushart and John Maphis, the couple of the year . . . lovely . . . lovely . . . lovely .... Miriam O'May, don't we love that Irium smile and that picture of Neil!! . . . Janie Kuhlef meyer, save me a sandwich! . . . You say you practically live in the typing room, Gayle Cramer? . . . The latest headache to the faculty members of F. H. S. is the jangling bracelets worn by so many junior girls .... "You can never go wrong with Wright," can you, John? . . . Guess that surprise party for Anson Green was a big success! . . . Bruno Nelson, "the Casanova of F. H. S." keeps all the girls happy. . . . Careful, LeRoy Smith, don't fall off your "brudder's" motor scooter! . . . Do you think that F.H.S. will ever Ketchfa-loffer? . . . Say, this moving fever must be catching. A hearty goodfbye and good-luck to "Jadie" Kraft, Don Seeks, Margaret Stark, "Tip" Hill, and Lou Nelson!! . . . Elmer Schirmer, where do you get those flashy shirts? . . . You can usually see Jack Willets at Fol's gate .... Mr. Seely, you certainly do see a lot of Mr. Kloos, don't you? . . . Stukenberg is always late for first hour-car trouble again, John? . . . If you happen to pass Miss I..uebbing's room first hour, you'll hear Joanne "Antoinette" Daughenbaugh and Mary Kay "Georgette" Tice flinging the French .... "No, we don't have any nylons!" says Marge Baker, who works in the hosiery department at Reads E gy .mf f w if 'TZ' X 5, N BEM' fm V, , 'Wm-1.112-1' ,wavwag rn A ' .11 .nl- '--Q-.....,fi ei 'Nr ii un. WARRIORS Row 1-J. Baxter, B. Banter, A. Brown, D. Buss, M. Baker, S. Brechtel, M. Bray C. Brydson. Row ZSD. Brown, Barker, J. Brumfield, G. Bing, H. Anderson, C. Bessert, C Bunnell, P. Bordner. Row 3-E. Baker, B. Burr, E. Bruce, B. Bauscher, S. Binninger, G. Burkholder, J Albrecht. Row 1-B. Deaner, P. DeVore, J. Dixon, M. Cole, J. Duitsman, J. Daughenbaugh H. Creitz. Row 2-R. Brubaker, J. Dominguez, B. Eckert, D. DeV1'ies, R. DeNure, F. DuBois Row 3-M. Cox, S. Cline, C. Englehart, F. Cowan, C. Deuster, L. Cordes, G. Cramer President .... . . . Dale DeVries Vice President . . . .... Dick Randolph Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Sylvia Folgate Row 1--C. Fairbairn, R. Gallagher, B. Gretler, P. Franklin, A. Green. Row 2--J. Gushart, F. Gray, J. Fickert, V. Finkbeiner, M. Fluegel, J. Greier, S. Fol gate. 5 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row WARRIORS If-M. Kurtz, B. Hansen, K. Johnson, bl. Kraft, M. Hoisington, P Hom irth Kuhlemeyer. ZWR. Hoefle, C. Harlwaeh, R. jeffrey, R. Henry, ul. Kellner, K. Hill B Hiekmin D. Heck, K. Hultquist. 3 -I. Hogins, N. Kerch, B. Heiland, M. Honda, L. Kutsus, L. Kahl j He itli 4--J. Hartman, Hessenius, R. Koester, Z. Klupp, Kennedy, A Hutehin N. Kuhlemeier, C. Kasten. lf N. Mayer, N. L mmxm g, C. Naiek, Loring, bl. Mieliel. 2 -fC. LeNoir, K. Forrester. 3fB. Ludolph, L. Messman, C. Deininger, C. Korres, R. Nelson. 4-D. Mullarkey, B. Nunemaeher, C. Moen, R. Miller, D. Hopke 5-N. M. Mayer, S. Miller, D. Laymzmn, S. Lzipp, L. Nelson. ow--I. Manthei, D. Miller, R. Nelson, B. Neuges, C. McConnell. 7-B. McMillen, D. Lindgren, T. McLeRoy, B. Meier, V. Maile. 3? CE -n ,o-, ff J 00 mx 'Www ,Q I. .1 , .,4 J' ,4v'...a ffl A . Q ,N x 1 WARRIORS Row 1-B. Parriott, J. Quincer, J. Pohl, L. Padfield, D. Reid. Row 2-H. Phillips, D. Reed, M. O'May, A. Rogers, J. Rinehart, L. Otte. Row 3fR. Rawleigh, B. Pebler, N. Pfeil, I. Rosemeier, B. Paulson, D. Randolph L. Brown. Row 1-E. Stearns, A. Seitz, J. Shay, R. Stoner, J. Scovill, J. Schrack, P. Sheetz. Row 2-A. Sirnler, M. Stark, J. Sturtevant, L. Stukenberg, P. Sword, M. Salzman M. Spliethoif. Row 3-D. Snap, L. Smith, J. Seeker, Stukenherg, B. Seeley, M. Stewart, D. Scott H. Schlegel. Row 4+-E. Schoonhoven, J. Spangler, E. Schirmer, L. Schasker, D. Seeks, R. Smith, L. Smyth, J. Brubaker. Row 1-M. Wallis, D. Vrtol, J. Wadleigh, D. Towns, J. Thoman, L. Willits, C. Waldecker, M. Whitmer. Row 2fM. Strohecker, M. Tice, I. Wessels, K. Wahler, A. Thinnes, M. Zimmerman, C, Wamsley, P. Watson, E. Vore. Row 3fA. Yoshida, Wright, H. Winter, D. Wurzhurger, Youngs, R. Williams, V. Voss. Row 4fJ. Whalen, W. Thiel, J. Willits, C. Toussaint, G. Underwood, D. Voss, R. Tippetrs, G. Urt. a a "And I will tuzlch you the wisc words ui thc great white Walkuiif difs sun, who died bcczlusc hc loved :ill thc tribes. It is an tcziching of wcncc si tczvhin Y that we he kind L, our manila --P MARCH-The Green M0011 Wl,,C1,,i,,.buy APRIL-The Moon of Plants Indian prophet Moon of FIOWCTS Indian 'Tlili-.w and Otlzcrx, -Iolin G. Nei' imrdt, 1926, MacMillan Co. Hot MOON -,fm JUHIUH 'RING GREEN C.xs'r or CiifxR,xc:'i'i2Rs Nina Cassell ..... Mrs. Rumhle . ., Semitic C2lSSL'll . . Mr. lylllllillll . . . Tony Cassell . . l'inkie Ames . . Dunk Doyle .. Bing Hotchkiss .. Genevieve Jones . . Major Todd ..... T. Newton Todd . Eula Hotchkiss . . . Dr. Luther Blodgett . . . . . . . . . . Nancy Ferguson . . lvfarian Johnson . . . Jane Kuhlemeyer . . . . Russell Fertitta ..... . . . . Phyllis Reel . . Betty Lou Rasmussen . . . . . . Lee Weckei'ly .. Bill Lichtenherger . . . . lvfyrna Samel . . . , Roger Fritl . . blames Zartman . . Cherie Sanders .. Harry Slaght JUNIOR PLAY Officer Ryan . . ...... George Aurand Billy ...... ............. K arl Staas Director . . . . . M1's. Harriet Bushman Prompter ....... ....... h Ioan Springer Student Director . . . . . . Iviary Ethel Guffey Un stage in five minutes! At this signal, lifteen jittery memhers of the Spring Green play east hurriedly ran around making preparations for their first stage dehut. All were a hit green, hut the curtain went up and came down amid roars of laughter, Newton, at the end, still did not know whether he called the word k'Salome" or "Sali3me." HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economies Club has heen directed hy very capahle officers: Audrey Jean Lenz, president, Shirley Kaiser, vice presidentg Mildred Spliethoif, secretaryf treasurerg and Mary Ann Meile, who has done a splendid joh as program chairf man. This cluh meets the fourth Vxfednesday in every month and has for its meetings outside speakers who give the memhers many helpful points and good advice on varied and interesting suhjects. At the Christmas meeting the girls chose to lvring gifts for The Kings Daughters Childrens Home, rather than for themselves, which was a fine gesture. An outstanding project in their year's work was to present a large mirror as a gift to the women teachers of Freeport High School, to he placed in their rest room on second floor. Another nice feature of their year's program was a Mnither's Day tea, which is always held in May. Their June meeting took the form of an annual picnic, as is always the custom. Alma Rucker Advisor Home Economics Director of the Cafeteria Row 1 - B. Luhhers, D. Spielman, A. Zimmerman, D. Buss, M. Splietoff, G. Wuiisch, B. Kahl. Row 2 M. Keller, S. Kaisf er, P. Doison, E. Splietoff, A. Lenz, J. Dyslin, D. Wziles. Row l --ff A. Erdmier, D. Tucker, I Henry, M. Bak' er, J. Lapp. Row Ze- M. Meile, J. Stuff tevant, U. Cramer, S. Folf gate, G. McConnell, I. Wessels, B. Banter, A. Knodle, D. Laymann. Lillian lvlatthieson Home Economies 93 til x l 7' l , X Rxxxx' I H. llxxslxmaxxx. M. Allcxx, l'. Rccl, KI, NVilcxxx. Rxxw 2 N. Axxxlxwuxx, L. Vx7x'clxcx'ly, -l. cll'ilIHLxl', ll. Martin. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Uxxx' ,xxwxxxlxllcs xlxxxxx lLl4I lmxppcxxq tlxcy xru xlxxx rcsxxlts xxl lxaxxxl wxxrk on xlxx' pxxrt ul xlxv .xsfvxxxlxly cxxxxxxxxlttxw. Tlxls grmxp, uxxxxpxxscxl of tlxrvc stxxxlcxxts Qxppxxintcxl lwy tlwu xtxxxlvxxl cxxxxxxuxl x-xx'ux1t1x'cs, .xml HW llxcxxlty mulxxlwcrs, zxrc tlxu l1x'.xixxs lwclximl xxux' pop .xxwxxxlwl1w, Ulllxlkla' SIM'.llix'l'4, gxml v.xx'ixxxxs xxtlxcx' xxmusixxg .xxxxl cxlxxuxtixxxxaxl zxsscmlwlics. Mx: Vxfxlcxxx xxx,xlxx's Sxxrv tlx.xt tlxc pxxlwlic .xxlxlrcss systcm is sct up wxflx timu :xml Mr.Allx'1x llx.xt tlxv clmxxx .xx'x' .xll rxwxxly, Boing xxxx tlxis uxxxxxxxittcf x'x'xlx1i1'cs ixxithxtivc, lx.xrLl wxxrlx ,xxxxl llxxxxlvllxt. l Dux' Z.xx'tm4xxx Hcrx' Clarxxxx P. DeVore, D. Altenhern, M. A. Meile, S. Rideout, A. jogerst, B. Guffey, B. Smith, A. Staas. Row 1 N. Rasmussen, B. Banter, B. Falkenherg, D. Siemsen, N. Kerch, Koonce, P. Cowan, M. Staas, B. Ely. Row 2 -41. Olson, G. George, L. Cordes, N. M. Mayer, H. Phil' lips, M. L. Siemsen, K. Green E. Griffin, D. Hannah, Boyett. Row 3-D. Ortscheid, P. Ohlandf er, J. Vore, S. Farnham, B. St wart, J. Gift, D. Staas, B. Brokf hausen, J. Lighthart. Bessie Carnahan English, Latin cu C, JERC BOARD The Juvenile Educational Recreational Center is a place to go after the game or show. There you can dance, play pingf pong or indulge in a good magazine. The students are the ones who run the cluh, with the help of an adviser. This year the advisers are Bud and Jayne Lafferty. The jerc Board is comprised of high school students who meet once a month and discuss prohlems of operation and hring them hefore the Adult Board. The memhership now totals around four hunf dred and thirty students. These students thank the people of Freeport for their generous donations, which keep the cenf ter running. JUNIOR RED CROSS The ,lunior Red Cross has had an ex' cellent record this year in all its under' takings, due to the fine performance of its officers and adviser. lts first prof ject was the inemhership drive, which netted a ION? response from the stuf dents. During the March of Dimes cam' paign this group collected 551110 from the student hody of F. H. S. Although the war is over, there are still tasks for the Red Cross to do. It has laeen a successful year for the junior Red Cross in our school. Oflicers were: Betty Lou Rasmussen, president, Buck Stout, vice president: and Rita Ann Hruheclty, sccretaryftreasurer. Hill, L. Vxfeckerly, B. Smith, R. Frit: DEBATE The proposition studied hy till dehzite classes in the state of Illinois for the past season was an timely one "Resolved thin every nhlefhodied nizile citizen in the United Staites shaill halve one yesir of full time military training hefore attaining the nge of tvveiityffoiiif' Rog Fritz and Lee Weckerly, vcteriin dehaiters composing the aiihrmzitive teaun, and Harlan Anderson and Boh Smith, dehzlting negatively, did Qin exceptionally line .ioh of Conf vincing the judges :ind their colleagues that military training should or should not he adopted, as the ciise might he. Traveling over most of northern Illinois during the course ot' the year, they turned in the following impressive record: Tuuriimneiit Downers Grove Elgin Mendota VJ. Rockford Augustana Big 8,E.Aurori1 Sterling Dare XfVmi Lost Timex Dchuted Dec. NonfDecision 12 jan. 5 i lain. NonfDecision S Jzin. l4 2 lllziccd Ind Fell 5 7 Feh. fm 6 Placed Znd Feh, 7 'T Placed 2n-l Vxfon 37 Lost 23 Besides the regular dehiite trips, the texun presented its airgunients hefore the Aniericain Legion, the Auxiliary of the American Legion rind many other groups, hence giving the hoys ai knowledge of puhlic speaking which few high school students receive. i.. - ',e.i 4 . - H. Anderson, R. Hivley, F. 5 Stzintield, J. Koonce, N. Born, C. Engelhzirt, C. Tvloen, P. Hill, M. Kennedy, N. L.indeck, C. Faiirhgiirn. George Martin Speech. Dchntc SCIENCE CLUB For the members of the various science departments who are interested in some special subject or project, the Funnel and Flask serves as a group upon which they can inflict their views and ideas without fear of being told to "cease and desist." fShut up, that is.j The prof grams given at bifmonthly meetings are presented by one of the members and take the form of anything from a discussion of rockets fMr. Ely's pet subjectj to a demonstration of all sorts of radio apparatus and turf nishings. Our science club has been a registered memf ber of the Science Clubs of America since 1942, when it was started by Mr. Funk. Established for the purpose of creating an extracurricular interest in science and to encourage independent thinking, the Funnel and Flask has developed into an organization which provides a stimulus for the project minded students in school. This Clarence Clarno Physics, General Science Row 1 S. Best, B. Nunemacher, B. Kracht, B. Ely. Row 'Z'-J. Kennedy, N. lvlazurane, J. Lighthart, D. Dagel, Altfif lish, D. Randolph. Row 3-- -J. Rayhorn, R. Schoefller, J. Barrett, W. Dickens, L. Smith. Row 1- D. Shepard, K. Staas, C. Karl, M, Stuart. Row 'Z-fV. Voss, A. Merkle, R. Vohlken, R. Marcum, K. Henk. T. Glade Wiletix Electroflvlechanics, Radio year's officers included: Dick Randolph, president: Bob Nunemaeher, vicopresideiitg Bob Ely, secretary. 'L' PUBLIC ADDRESS To this group goes the credit for the lack of earstrain on the part of the student body during an assembly. Comprising the operators of the public address system, these boys are chosen from amongithe pupils of Mr. Vsfilcorfs electrofmechanics classes, and it is their ref sponsihility to see that the mike and the rest of the apparatus are in good working condition and will trans' mit the voices as desired. Though there are times when a loud screech or singular bray fnot coming from the lecturerj startles the listener, the boys deserve a lot of credit for their work in keeping the system in good order. 97 ..- -if' ,.-f VISUAL AID Rusu.ii't'li incn in tlic liultl of ltnowlcdgc liavr statcd that tlicrc are thi-uc typcs ul' lcarning: luarning from visual mcmory. from a mental nicniory of a writtcn pagv and from audio incniory, and tliat, of thc tlircc. visual memory is tlic lwcst. Cloinliining lwotli visual and audio lcarning, tht- Visual Aid system rcnts lilins of cducational valuc and intcrust wliicli arc sliown to tlic various classes to wliicli lllvy pt'l'I.liI1. Tliusc lwoys comprising tliq Visual Aid group arc instructcd in tlic usc of tlir sound pi'o'1cctioii iuacliinc lay Mr. Luiulwy and arc called upon to opcratc it during tlit-ir l'rtx- puriods. A widu variety of films is sliown during tlic course of tlic year, illustrating suicntific cxpcrimciits. novels, liistoric cvcnts and many otlici' intcrf usting l'catui'cs. As a supplcniunt to tlic usual instruction this unit is a great assc! In tlic scliool and tht- cducational systcm. 98 Aliiu Brulwalicr, D. Wlll'Zl7LlI' vcr R Millci' B Mciir s f 4 w - L Q C. Bcsscrt. L. Vxfcckcrly, R Row l Olonion. D. lvloiiow, C lvlocn. tl. Liglitliart. Row Z C. Dcustcr, M. Kun ncdy, D. Sucks, bl. Holtuni P. hlcllrcy. Richard Luniliy Sofial SfllklICh STATE ONEfACT PLAY The state onefact play, The Valiant, was one which relied for its success hoth upon suhtlc characterization and accurate inter' pretation on the part of the actors. Neither was lacking when, in Ivlarch, F.H.S. dra' matics students presented their hit hefore the sectional speech contest at Rockford. In the oflice of Wairdeii Holt QBi11 Lichf tenhergerj, the prisoner James Dyke fLee Vxfeckerlyl, awaits a visitor who helievcs him to he her prodigal hrother. This visitor, Josephine Paris QPhyllis Reelj, pleads with him to admit his identity. The scene, which calls for emotional restraint, was done conf vincingly hy these three young actors. Also, in minor roles, doing a fine joh of acting were Harry Slaght as Father Daly and Selhy Haupert as the jailer. DRAMA ' ' SPEECH INDIVIDUAL EVENTS A fine record was turned in hy Freeport High School students at the sectional event held at Rockford East this year, including dehatc and dramatic departments of twelve schools in Northf ern Illinois. The overall count of points of Freef port gave it a high second place, heing edged out of first hy Elgin High with a mere halt' point margin. In the individual events Charles Englchardt placed first in oratorical declamationg Cherie Sanf ders first in verse reading, Boh Smith first in origf inal oratoryg Phyllis Reel fourth in serious read' ing: and The Valiant second. Thus rated, these students were entitled to journey to Champaign, Illinois, for the state contest, including first and second place winners from sectional contests throughout the entire state. Here our contestants again turned in a line record card, with Boh Smith placing second, Charles Englehardt third, Cherie Sanders fourth, in their individual events, giving Freeport an cnf viahle place among the schools of the state. Rcading uw l'. Rccl, M. Holnan, N. Fcrguson, H. Slaqht, R. Fcrtitta, . Swringcr, I. Zartman, M. Moruin . I . . I . . . NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Activc lcadcrship, high scholastic stand' ing, upright charactcr, and outstanding scrf vicc arc thc four qualitics mcnihcrs of thc ATIQNQ National Honor Society must cxcmplify. 'flag Cl Each ycar fivc per cent of thc junior class W f 1 W and tcn pcr ccnt of thc scnior class arc Q' f choscn hy thc administration and faculty to 6 P hccoinc incmhcrs of this outstanding socicty. ,J s Bccausc of thc small pci' ccnt sclcctcd it is - 4 truly an honor to hccomc a mcnihcr and hc ii we . j hcstowcd with onc of thc fincst privilcgcs one can rcccivc in high school. 100 Maihcl Bowcrs Latin BAND INFCRMALS In the Freeport High School Band Mr. Ku' bitz has achieved an organization which is a great asset not only to the school but to the entire community as well. What would a pep assembly, a basketball or football game be with' out the stirring beat of the marches or the "rockin' rhythm" of such numbers as "The Gremlin Ballv? A fair question, and I believe the majority would answer just as fairly that it would be sorely lacking in a certain indefinable element QMr. Kubitz' hat, ear muffs and dark glasses, perhaps?J. Though the band is probably better known for its endeavors in the modern field, this type of music is only a minor portion of the numf bers studied during the year. The works of such masters as Tchaikowsky, Schubert, and Mendelssohn are contained in its repertoire, and the student derives from their study the knowledge and perspective along instrumental lines which is invaluable in the appreciation of Hne music. The fact that the Freeport High School Band has long been recognized as one of the top high school bands in the northwestern part of the country is proof that under the direction of Mr. Kubitz the members receive a high def gree of musical training and background. Besides its game and assembly appearances, the band gives an annual Christmas Concert for the students of F. H. S. and a Spring Conf cert for the general public. Though memories of frozen fingers at football games and shirts soaked with sweat after a basketball contest will linger, in later years the personnel of the band will remember most the enjoyment def rived from playing with a group of this caliber. 101 l I 1 l . Q. FLn'riis .-mn PIIKIOLQJS Ucrtruclc Wuiiscli, Principal Lois Kalil jack Cramer Lillian Kutsus Alicc Ann Scitl Mrs. Mcntor Wlicalt Honorary Mcinlwr, lirccport Hlgli Scliool Band f ge, vi' BAND Karl H. Kulwit Ucorgc Kloos ...... , . . Financial Managcr Mrs. Mcntor Whcxlt .......... ...,. H onorary Mcinlicr Ucrtrudc Wuiisch and Mary blanc Hoinan. .Stuclcnt Lcatlcrs Lcc Wcckcrly ....... Nancy Ferguson . . Molly Ritlcout Bucna Rasniusscn Enid Morrison Mcrrilyn Hcclit Unions Norma Lanclcclc Lorna Luclwlaing BAssooNs Nancy Ferguson ,Ioan Olson CL.-XRlNE'I'S Mary blanc Hoinan, Pr Sliirlcy .lcan Qi2lI'tll1Rll1 Phyllis Bakcr .loannc Gusliart Betty Young Mary Etlicl Uutfcy Bctty jcannc Burr Elizalactli Kalil Ronald Stalwcn Rolicrt Brown -lcanncttc Kraclit incipal ......,.. Drum Major . . . Stuclcnt Managcr Norma Krucgcr .lean Packard Barbara Olson Marlcnc Sclincitlcr Mary Lou Donaliuc AL'I'lJ CL.-xR1Ni5'rs Lcvonnc Swank Lynncttc Paclticld Bass CL.-xiux Hr ,locl Stcvcns Ano S.xxoPnoNLs black Hartman, Principal joycc I-logins Quentin Valkcina TENoR Sfxxovnoxiis Charles Butclicr Rolvcrt Camcrcr B.'XRl'I'llNIi Saxoifnonii Rolwcrt Scclcy PERSONNEL . . . Director Betty Jane Young .......................... Lihrarian Evelyn Stearns, Mary Lou Nichol, Pat Tavenner, Corinne Ranncy, Betty Lou Kieckhaefer, Donna Wahler ..... CORNETS Shirl Laughlin, Principal Don Seeks Rohert Ely Jack Bauscher Anne Wheat james Rosemeier William McCaffery Peggy Sue Poole Phyllis Smith TRUMPETS Frank Stanfield Priscilla Dorsey David Womelsdorf HoRN 5 Dick Randolph, Principal Elvera Bott Shirley Miller Jo Anne MacKeiizie Priscilla Watson Nancy Fink Eva Mae Reining . . . . . . . . . Majorettes TROMBONES Roland Borchers, Principal William Kracht Andrew Hutchins Joe Noeske Stanley Altenhern Peggy Myers Nick Mazurane BARITON ES James Zartman Lee Weckerly Jack Clock TUB.-XS Willis Dickens Carl Thompson STRING Bass Gloria Klaus HARP Merrilyn Hecht MARIMBA Phyllis Sheetz PERCUSSION '-'Qs James Brubaker, Principal Harlan Anderson Willard Rohhins june Sisler Karl Kuhit: Instrumental Musi Row 1 Wrii. McLcnahan, E. Hawlcy, D. Thompson, D. Snap, K. Dart, C. Kortcs, M. Lcmanski, -I, Domin gucz, U. Fogcl. Row 2 A. Staas, C. Vxfagncr, E. Kutsus, F. Anderson, J. Englc, P. Cowan, V. Bahcock, nl. Kcrkman, ,I Spaitlc, -I. Wilstwii, M. Hill. Row 3 E. IQUSS,LlCC1lll1I3QllllSt1 P. Uhlanclcr, N. McLain, E. Rcining, N. Bcsscrt, B. Phillrook, D. Sicinscn M. Morgan, A. Bcckcr, D. Spccltling. Row 4 M. Mocn, D. Roth, A. Diltlinc, A. Vohlkcn, NI. Crawford, L. Millcr, J. Graff, D. Vohlkcn, B. Bornc man, CI. Krcll, LI. Turncr. CHORUS Clliorus is thc organigation in which all aspiring singcrs arc placccl whcn thcy hcgin their vocal carccrs in high school. This group is a niixctl group coinposccl of sopranos. contraltos, tcnors and hasscs. Bccausc its nicmhcrs arc in largc part incxpcricncctl singf crs, inost of thcir study consists of practicc in tonc hlcncling,cxprcssion,and sight rcatling, antl thcir music, although varictl, is not clilhcult. Thc two activitics in which nhcy participatc annually arc thc Christmas and spring conccrts, in which thcy sing with thc othcr vocal groups as onc largc chorus. For thc past thi-cc ycars, Miss Dorothy Nclson has hccn thcir tlircctor. Thc accompanists arc Donna Vohlkcn and Irina Ross. H. Slaght, W. Clahcl, E. Runtc, K. Noltcmcicr QUARTETTE The hoys' ciuartcttc of Frccport High School is choscn from thc hoys in thc a cappclla choir hy try outs. Thc group niccts oncc a wcclx for practicc. Thcy givc programs to various civil organizations throughf out thc city hy invitation. TRIPLE TRIO I AND II Freeport High School is far in advance of other schools of similar size in that it has two girls' triple trios. A triple trio consists of three first sopranos, three second soprano: :ind three contrziltos. Included in their repertoire :irc popular, light classical and sacred music. Although they have made several puhlic ztppeurunces, these two organizations have heen formed mainly for the enjoyment the girls ohtgiin from singing together. TRIPLE TRIO I M. Siemsen, M. Kent, N. Krueger, J. Spade, M.Voss, J. Sisler, M. Bust, M. Pearson. TRIPLE TRIO II A. Vohlken, A. Dildinc, L. Pzidfield, I. Wessels, A. Lenz, B. Luhhers, M. A. Meile, L. Pinnow. 105 TREBLE CLEF A ' ' two trehle clef groups, Trehle ill llit tilt-li A , tlirectetl lay Mr. Doolin, is the more atlvancecl. As the name implies, the trehle clel consists ol only trehle, or , iices. Thus it is rnacle up of first high vi sopranos, secontl sopranos and altos. This ycar they sang with Trelvle Clef B as a colnlwineel group for hoth the Christmas .intl Spring concerts, This group also has inatle other appearances hetore local organi:ations, 106 K 1 TREBLE CLEF B From chorus, the girls advance to Trelvle Clef B, which is Llirectctl lay Miss Dorothy Nelson. As an intliviclual group, tht- girls stutly light classical and saerctl threefpart songs. As in chorus, much ol' their time is spent in tone hlencling, ln atltlition, they have reeently heen worlv ing to ohtain accurate pitch without the help of any accompanying instrument, which will he of great help to any of the girls who wish to heeonie inemhers ot a eappclla choir. Lois Kahl is the accom' panist. TREBLE CLEF A Row I R. M. Buhhnan. l'. Scllce, S. Lapp, M. Alacolis, N. Rance, N.Mensenlianip R. Kurz. C, Merchant, H. Creit:. Row 2 D. Haight, S. l-lighf laarger, M. Shaucr, l'. Sheetz. M. Salzman, S Kaiser, bl, Sisler. M. E. Bast, l. Hcnry. TREBLE CLEF B Row l N. Long, M. Nese meyer, D. Zimmerman. V Boyd, N. Hopkins, B. Luli hcrs, l'. vl. Miller, M. Lee l', Higlcy, E. Davis. 'l M. Voss. M. Koel Row ler, ll. Dyslin, B. Rintler man, l.. Kahl. B.Buhlinann N. Staas. B, Schimelpfenig E. Ross, B. L. Kieckliacfer 3 E. Feltl, l'. Wzitstmii Row D. Reicl, Al. Sehratler, M Taylor. M. Riinniers, M Mcugltx. Dorothy Nelson Vocal Mllxlx' Mary Luehhing Advisor Row I J. Springer, j Snook, M. L. Morgan. Row 'l N. Ferguson, R. Fertitta, H. Anderson, U. Bing. Row 3 - -- S. Laughlin, K. Younghlut, R. AFrit:, J Cramer, B. Lichtenherger. Row I C. Truehlood, P. Hill, B. Coomher, M. Samel, Row 2 - M. Curley, M. Tretter, M. J. Homan, G. Vsfunseh, S. J. Gartman, P. Baker. Row 3 P. Reel, B. Chapf man, Zartman, L. Long, H, Slaght. POLARIS STAFF There has heen a new addition to the ranks of those little gems of literature coming under the general classification "Famous Last W4Jfd5.ll Lou hecame fully aware of this fact when she returned from the printers one day and announced. "Mr. Rice has set our deadline up two weeks." Therehy hegan one of the most frantic and hectic weeks which that secret little room on second floor has ever witnessed in an effort to put the hook through on time. However, the work of the Polaris Staff was not limited to one week or even to one month hut has continued throughout the entire school year. The memhers of this staff are selected hecause of some special ahility in the fields of composition, art work, etc., and whether or not the hook is a success is due much more to them than to any padded covers or thick paper. In a system such as ours where there are no journalism classes, all work on the yearhook must come as an extracurricular activity and considerahle credit should go to these students for accepting the responsihility and giving up much ot their free time in order that the annual might he a success. it 'W hf.fMi.. Bill Lichtenberger, Kenny Wzihler, Andy Hutchins, Bob Chapman, jim Kerr, Clark Toussaint, Karl Hill. GOLF This golf season was not an ex' ceptionally fine one, mainly because the team was entirely new with the exception of one letterman, Bob Chapman. They were a group of boys who tried hard to win each match and gave the team the best of their efforts. They finally got into the "swing" and ended the season by blanking the Dixon "Dukes" 190. Most of the boys, being underclassmen, have at least two seasons of competition left and should turn in some fine scores. GCJLF and TENNIS TENNIS The latest edition of the Pretzel tennis squad was the finest turned out by the local "tribe" in many years. Breezing through six dual meets without a loss, the uracquetf eersu then went on to place second in the Big "8" conference meet and take top honors at the section' al tourney. As a result of their fine work at the sectional meet, the FranzfHaberkamp doubles combinf ation and Butch Borchers were elif gible to compete in the state finals at Champaign. With three letter' men returning fButch Borchers, jack Cramer, and Wzilly Cabell, the prospects for the coming season look more promising than ever. 108 Jack Cramer, Roland Borchers, Wallace Gabel, jack Willets. The track season of '45946 was better than average, being accented by the breaking and rebreaking of records. Dick Randolph's outstanding performance in the mile run added interest and significance to this field of sports. At the Big Eight meet at East Aurora, Dick lowered the school record 14:47.51 in this run, which had not been cut down in the sixteen years of its existence, to 4:4O.4. Dick has another season of comf petition and is predicted to be one of the foremost milers in the state next season. Another feature man was Captain Donn Hershberger, who severed the school record in the 120 yard high hurdles. "Hershy" ran his best time at the State District meet in 115.4 seconds. "Hershy" was also a consistent point winner in the shot put. Freeport copped 4th place in the Conference meet and also took 4th in the State District meet. At the latter meet "Hershy" qualified for the State meet by taking top honors in the shot put and second place in the high hurdles. Chiames' best competitive work for the season was during the Conference meet, when he tossed his discus 127'21k" for second place. The Sth annual occurrence of the fContinued on the next pagej 109 Row I L. Uttc, B. Cook, P. Franklin, A. Georgalas, E. lVTcClanalian, nl. Harhach. Row 2 Cl. Stout, T. Kerr, D. Hershherger, W. Cooper, G. lvlaxey, -I. Iviaphis. bl. Youngs, W. Stukenherg. Row 3 B. Ural, L. Miteliell, D. Randolph, B. Snook, B. Howard, E. Schirmer, ul. Stukenherg, F. Ross. Row 4 Harry Kinert, coach: B. Ely, R. Fertitta, D. lvlorton, K. Heimhuch, bl. Wlirileii, Howard Weher, oiti fflontinued from the preceding page, ljentathalon attracted a record turnout of over -lil participants. These events are a test which reveals the hest allfaround athletes in the track curriculum. Top honors in this contest went to Elmer Schiriner, who won a gold medal. The second prize of a silver medal was awarded to Tom Kerr, and a hronze medal. third place, went to Frank Cowan. This season was the 3rd annual running of the Freshman "SSH" and Sophomore Mile. These annual events help to predict alwility and induce competition in the distance runs. The following hoys, all underclassmen. show definite promise for the future: Dale Gramley, lst in the Freshman 880 Yard 2:2-4.0, 'lnd Eddie IVIcClanahan, 3rd Sheldon Best: lst in the Sopl Radcliff, time 51182, ind Elmer Schirmer, Grd Boh Nunemacher. Run, time lvlile, Dave IVTCCI l'raetice. . Dual... Dual. .. Dual. ., Howard Welaer lkllxlfil y Track floacli 110 Triangular. . . Dual ...... . TABULAR RECORD lst Freeport . . lilo'-4f E. Roekford.62 Freeport ...73f1f.1 3 -Q . Freeport . . .69 . E. Rockf'ord.S2f1f.w VJ. Rockford . 76 Conference ........,....... State District ............. Gateway Relays fat Clinton? lvfadison Relays ........... E. Rockford Relays .... -v 2nd W. Rockford . 5 7 Beloit ..... 3112! Dulauciue . . .44 Freeport .. .3Uflf Freeport .... - 7 Freeport . . Ffeept nrt f Freeport - Freeport Freeport V THIUOYC 311 Freeport 4th place 4th place 4th place 17 points 9 points l fait yi .W 'Mm A HW,W.m., wWW , -vwuwuva W M' ?,,,,w v"""" i S 1, ... A' -M JF 9 ES i ,- MQQ41fm 1 ,,1 - M, . 3- 4 22 t Q f gf,,,3,,f5f 5 J .Q 5 4. ' , . Z 3 Q vs Mi!! 1 if A "lgJ?? ' , iiIII'E . H, A v S d Uk :H M wwf L- ,vmmr 5 A vf Q . .L p lx! 44. .A dv LEGENDS Vxfc would just like to inform you that Butch Hnally has windows in his Ford. They go up and down, too! . . . Mr. Tilkemeier, you do not address a member of the faculty as, "Hey, Funk!" . . . Allan Merkel ought to be appointed park cop. He's cut there enough .... Could Rideouts have bought Fritz's car? I hardly think so but it sits out in front of their house most of the time. Hubba Hubba! . . . Says, Norma jean, "I always have a good tim: when I go to Elgin." Why is it, Norma? . . . Say, has anyone heard of those latest traffic rules the police are enforcing, such as: Qlj Come to a full stop, look both ways, shift and drive on, at all stop streets Q21 Speed limit 30 mph on Stephenson and Main? Ask some experienced members in the senior class about them, mainly john Knobel, Roger Vohlken and Connie Trueblood--also jiggerdoo Schmelzle .... Kurz, where on earth did you get that nickname? Are they your buddies? . . . Congrats to Dale and Ruthie on being our couple most likely to succeed. They've stood it the longest. Oh joy! . . . I wonder what Andy's girl is doing with all her spare time now that she doesn't have those 4th hour "letters" to write .... Alfred, is it just natural for you to be nice to all the girls? . . . Says Tom Wick, "I read my lesson, but I just can't remember it." . . . "World Affairs" is a vast topic to talk about if it keeps going from eleven to three o'clock, isn't it, Queenie? Is the Russian situation settled yet? . . . "Led, be quiet!" "But, Miss Sullivan . . . . " . . . Myrna, you'd better stop singing those songs in the girl's gym locker room, Miss Poynter's gonna hate you! . . . Stuie, do you make a habit of breaking a girl's clean slate? . . . Are the letters still coming through, Jeanette and Audrey? . . . Phyl, Jim says to ask you if he isn't sweet seventeen .... What went on in English VI? Between Laughlin and Eertitta, I couldn't hear a thing .... According to George Scheffner, "I think this book's dumbf '... Shirley Rietz, is it because you get along so well UQ with Mrs. Rucker that you love foods so much? . . . Tom Schwarz makes a beautiful flower girl, but his feet are a trifle large for girls' shoes. Size 15, my goodness! . . . Now, G. I., take it easy4don't get excited! . . . Mary Lou Nichol says, "I talk" to everyone but joe, ain't so, John? . . . Say, Shirley Jean Cartman really looks nice with her new hairdo .... Janie, E. P. remember E. P .... Lou's doing all right as president of the Hush Hush Club, isn't she, Dan? . . . George could tell all by himself that the girls were going out to the cabin. Must be his instinct .... Heh, where do they keep the rubber cement, Beatie? . . . Pat Zimmerman really knocks the pins out from under you .... The "Roller Queens" are Verna Rahn, the Thruman girls, Donna Roemer and Elinor Keefer .... Den't throw that baton, Mary janeg its aluminumgor you either, Certie .... Eleanore Spliethoff is a good cook-just ask Karl Nolte- meier, he knows .... Got your stock watered, Willie? . . . Margaret Morrow types so fast it makes us dizzy! . . . Any time you need some one to work on a food committee just call on Audrey Lenz. Tain't so, Audrey .... "Put your hair up or, so help me, I'll Cut it off!" threatens Datt's mother .... "Red" Snyder is a "Rawleigh Rat" for life .... Boom Boom's getting pretty wise now that he's sporting that letter sweater .... Norma Tretter really did some fast stepping to keep up with the photographer when they took class pictures .... Sometime, Led, you'll have to dump the crackers out of the back seat of your car and give us a ride .... With all those bracelets, how does Audrey Sorn manage even to drag herself around? But she managed well, and sodid the rest of us !- through four years of knowledge, fun and companionship. W ,, .f Lk'f. . 1-vu:-Q ' ,Ai 1 Y 'Q ,am fm .4- +V X.-.J -an-1' :rin FQ. if iff F 57 Q X XX Vx E 4 -I J: X X 'K XX-as-X X X 'NPI' f i K XX Xfvw XX 35+ 'vw X - ,X ,... X X X X 'zwfg - X Q X XX -ws.-i.X :X - M 5 X - 1eXfS, Xf5L- X-fSXw,. X - X ,X X X XY Q lz ivfffil - XRS X ' S S 5391551 SXSW: igfiw- "Si m 'N- ASSE? SP X V ' 'E N X 1 " - ' X X F 1 X ' X . - iw " Sf " :si fXf?Xifs ' X QX X XX 5 xx X az: E I i " NTS ? Q if X - ' 'SXXXXSQX - X i Xwsgxgf-ij KSN X .:Xzs:X,Xf'-if QM -- f 1 - X S-,Q - - X ff ,F X L ' -11--XXXXX Aff Xkfiwvizf -F5 X ,f K mm X XX Xf -XX X 1 , XX,-121,-gfffz' g5,2SXg4.Xfggs 'xi iigz k ik S- X X UXAX XDXNX-QMAUV X X XX m mf S 5 w Xflfisii'-1l'YX1F' XX .1 'vw W w e ,pd ' X an I X9 5 5 .. x 9 X V, -ft N AMN i QLLIL Q - Y K f H S: 'L H X x M W b A ,Trl -. I A . 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Q 5 JW, gm-fi-f 17-,, :,X5fk lr m , if . ,L.,,,.M 4- X 'in I iii as , Q 4 W ' ,Q ' fi F 1 Ykikt. kt if I njff M I 5 M. if M? "M 'Z If . v: 'DEW 9: X f Q t ' SQ ., 'W f ,.,AL 4 Ljif x , V CHIEFS Jra Janice Koonce William E. Kracht Shirley J. Kronberg "Roger, dodger. He really jars them. She's ittyfbitty! you old codger. Dorothy Mae Lamm Sheep's a good girl. Marian Kuhn I like Kuhn hunting. Norma Jean Landeck Ham and Eggy. Shirl B. Laughlin Lippy. William B. Kurz Doggy has one ofthe strangest tales. Joyce T. Lapp Shes on her last Lap-p Audrey Jean Lenz But she never borrows. w 9 :mm 'maae1.:f at .4-l wr.. naval W if 'ft ....-- x If ' Rl' -..,, ka X . . 3 W. gg , fl ., .R H-Q, 'i gy --W AW , .ww 5 W M ff V tk ,eff AM 5 23. 2,1 L ds. rj. ,Q ' x 'ix Q f A ,, , ' . 7 uk. 1. H ...,. lv ' ', -ffxwzx .L aw as ' ff ? h x H .- hams! Af ,, , N' Q 1 , -5 .. A' , Q K- if ,. -f K cw , 1- f i 1 , YQ gd. V 5 Wifff if ' My . i,f, ,fW.4 A 4 ef: 3 L 1 - ,fl-' ulinc A. Miller joan Patricia Monroe D. A. M., please." "l'd rather have a Rollief' CHIEFS Nancy McCool Lovely, lovely, lovely! Mary Lou Morgan Moose, Muddy, Muck and Morganffmixfupl Barbara C. Martin Hea'uen's gift to the men. Mary Ann Maile Lovely, is it 'Yll1lf1.L'I'lJ.lly curly. Margaret Mae Morrow One of many. 7 Lila june Martin Slie talqex the cake. Allan Markle "Hop in, wim1nm." Douglas Morton Hi, Bob' 123 ,,v.f.,.V ,. ,,,, f ,, M , w, N. 'R X ' 3 .1 02: 1 'W' K Qc ei, , if y ., A .Li P : 'C Q! .1 W' Y, ff n ,. , vm F y .. -i 4 Q ,, J xi .". x A 7 - A L Jig: A.., Q 3 Q . 'SEQ A . ',- .. '12 f ' 15 - ve ,IZA ' ., ,..1 ,'W'-L " f .V wg, :gf 0, :, K Zinc: ,. V , Aff' f V ,, Meg V K, ,b 9 ,fl if ' , " 'ff . Q5 -A A H my J: K 4 W,gx.m.1-ef ,d,kr,'gw2.S,., .8 Q ss! i f 5 ' M' 4 1 1' 'Q U isf yfw " "' o s A , , if e' 1 V 1 - 4' ' - ,, ,, . ,. U' ' f f. 9 5 ," ,.i5N' :,f71F1?x'f:?,f 4- .. 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F K l 5 V J M , .K ,Y K fm 5, MS M Q ., f k f Y , -, N 1 V wi 2 EM' L ,X -if S L 3 , cv 1 . ffm , L mi X, .JH 9 532 ff? 4-'62 fs A - V Q 5 yqag' 0732? C H I E F S le C. Shepard Nancy Jane Shewman Mzlry Lee Siemseu Shep or Sheff Theres one man she WI7dI'S he Schleich? does11'LShew. 4, ei gf Robert J. Schroeder "Butdon'tte1l Katie." james Seeker A Seeker bum every minute. Harry L. Slaght He fS'l1'fSl!lghli'V1g in his work. Harry W. Schwarz, Uuv Paul Bunyan. Edith E. Shain Shumftl what she used to be. Barhara E. Smith S. M. I. T. H. than is 127 J' W- Q. 'K K Haag 9 Q 4 3: xx as 9X 9 2 f- 1..,,., .... na .017 . . , . -- Q Q . 'nf A 4 Q '9 jf A fs-fy ' V ...1 p sq. we Q as MX W "' fw- g uy? .f 4 vw- , ,f K Ka , 4 , . .M- H416 ll-zfwf 0 Z A 2 KM 5 Z n, - as W VW ,wg . I vii ,,g,i M? 4 fs, f uf Q 3 ,E W 8 K X fbffx W ,..,f :M ,fm My Www? vbff ff Vg! W, A lp N PM Hr Q f W J mf ' 'ix 5 19 M . .- q ' ik' fi .. , ' : W , ' W 51 1251 5 ' '-,ea.6v,lg:-,QM :Q ,g .-wwf: k H gig? 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Truclvlood Roger Vohlkeu Homer Wales Lce D. Weckerly :fd lvcllcr Tretftev mu' The Co11xtanfslo1'er, "But I had no work at But not loudly. Valentino lives again, 130 the dairy, Mixs Hamilf' S,Q,W.g,,, 3.,W,w,,,- , V. yymk X rw ,ff , l ' ' Wi 1' L 1-' w f '3 fl i 5 ? . M ,V '30 W ii f A . V - ' P A "" i ' vf . v V 1' if 15. -M I is iffg-355' V L- . sf f ' -f V ,,. k k, ' I ,V w " K V QQ. Q3 ' 1 , r 1, , 1 H I si N ' 5 1 "- 7 ' ' f" Qc, Q, 5 -Nerf V f H .M f flf f 'S jiff 1i fQ 4 1: X' U L 7 Wm '52 ff, ,J 9 -. mm , ytimixf ' Q, k, ,f'v, Q , "iffy ' -. .- . 5 ,ig A ,Q K 4, X ,X 9655 ff- WY ,Q A Betty Zimmcrmzm Patricia A. Zimmerman 1:ll't'j'UUl two and "Tex, Mrs. Rlackerf' vyrm nj blue" President .. .. jim Zzirtmnn Viccfljrcsidciit . . . . Shirl Laughlin Sccrct:1ryfTrcasurcr .... Maury' Lou Nichol yrn.1 Maur Zimmcrmgm Gcurgc David Aurzm XVL1Hg1n1u'l1' Hello again' NAMES OF SENIOR S WHOSE PICTURES SERVICE MEN Frank Bosdorf Gordon Conzett Maurice D. Dyslin Miles R. Frankeniield William S. Forrester Rohert Frink Emmanuel H. Oeorgalzis Laverne O. Graff Robert Frederick Grimes Dwaine Richard Guhl Thomas W. Hamon Richard R. Kiefer jack Earl Leinhach john Henry Luhenow William B. McHoes James Frederick Peifer Glen Harold Schunk Paul Roger Simler William Stewart Vernon Veer Frederick E. Wahler Dale Yoder DO NOT APPEAR Q6 133 134 SENIO ADAMS, EDWARD CARLTON Letterman's Club 2-3-43 Football 1-2-3-43 Red Cross Representative 3. ALLEN, DOROTHY MAE Home Ec. Club 2-33 Treble Clef A 33 Treble Clef B 23 Mixed Chorus 13 Carnival Comm. 43 Home Room Red Cross Rep. 13 Defense Work 2-3. ANDERSON, ROBERT AURAND, GEORGE DAVID Latin Club 1-23 Orchestra 1-2-3-43 Band l'2'3'4Q A Cappella 23 Operetta Orch. 23 Instrumental Contest 13 Prom Comm. 33 Class Play 33 Track 2-3-4 CLetter ProvisoJ3 Letterman's Club 3-43 Government Day Fire Chief. BAKER, PHYLLIS A. Latin Club 23 Student Council 33 Orchestra 43 Band I-2-3-43 Instrumental Contest 2-33 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 33 Home Room Pres. 33 Theatre Orch. 4 fSr. PlayJ. BARDELL, PHILIP W. Latin Club 2'3'41 Philos 3-4 Pres.3 Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 33 Track 43 Defense Work 1-2-3-4. BIRD, FLORENCE W. G.A.A. 2'3Q Carnival Comm. 4. BORCHERS, ROLAND H. Latin Club 23 Paint and Patches 13 Letterman's Club 2-3-43 Orchestra l'2'3'4I Operetta 13 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Tennis 2-3-43 Home Room Vice-Pres. BOSDORF, FRANK BOTT, ELVERA MAE Orchestra I-2-3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 Instrumental Con- test 3-43 Carnival Comm. 43 Defense Work 2-3-43 Band Librarian 1-23 Orch. Librarian 2. BOYETT, JAMES VANCE French Club 43 Home Room Red Cross Rep. 4. BRINKMEIER, LIDA RUTH Home Ec. Club 13 Mixed Chorus I3 Carnival Comm. 4. BRUBAKER, MARGARET VERLENE Operetta 1-23 Carnival Comm. 4. BUHLMAN, ROSE MARIE Secretarial Club 43 Treble Clef A 43 Carnival Comm. 4. BUSS, BEN J. Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Assembly Comm. 43 Football 3-4. CHAPMAN, ROBERT P. Letterman's Club 1-2-3-43 Polaris Staff 43 Prom Comm. 3g Carnival Comm. 43 Golf 2-3-43 Manager of Athletics I-23 Home Room Ofhcership 1-2-33 Class Sec.-Treas. 23 Defense Work 2-3: Ganome 2. CHRISTENSEN, EVELYN I. Home Ec. Club 13 Carnival Comm. 4. CLARK, ALFRED L. Latin Club 43 Paint and Patches 23 Mixed Chorus 23 Prom Comm. 23 Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 3-43 R INDEX CLARK, DOUGLAS JAMES Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 4. CLEMENT, NORMA ISABELLE Band 1-23 Carnival Comm. 43 Home Room Vice- Pres. 33 Ration Board 3. COOMBER, BEATRICE ARLENE Polaris Staff 43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 4. COOPER, WARREN L. Letterman's Club 43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Football 3-43 Track 3-43 Home Room Sec. 43 Armed Service 19463 Defense Work 4. CONZETT, GORDON CRAMER, JOHN W. Latin Club 2: Letterman's Club 2-3-4 S6C.'TfC3S.Q Polaris Staff 43 Hi-Y. 43 Student Council 3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 Instrumental Contest 2-3-43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 33 Assembly Comm. 43 Basketball 1-2-3-43 Tennis 3-43 Home Room Oili- cer 3 Pres., 4 Vice-Pres.3 Class President 33 Carnival King 3. DATT, NORMA JEAN Nurse's Aid 1-23 Secretarial Club 3-4 Sec.3 G.A.A. 13 Home Ec. Club 13 Prom Comm. 3g Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 3-4. DEEMER, RAMONA ELAINE Hi G.R. 13 Carnival Comm. 4. DE GAN, ALBERTA MAE Spanish Club 13 Hi G.R. 43 Secretarial Club 43 Home Ec. Club 2-33 Student Council 43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Home Room Pres. 43 Ration Board 2. DEUTH, CHARMAINE EVELYN Secretarial Club 33 G.A.A. I-2-3 Sec. 43 Home Ec. Club 3-43 Mixed Chorus 13 Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 43 Home Room Sec. 33 Ration Board 3. DIR, IRMA LAVONNE Home Ec. Club 1-23 Student Council 33 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 33 Play Comm. 1-33 Home Room Oflicership 3 Pres., 4 Vice-Pres.3 Ration Board 3. DONAHUE, RICHARD LEON Letterman's Club 4b3 Hi-Y 3-43 Prom Comm. 33 Car- nival Comm. 43 Manager of Athletics 3g Home Room Oflicership 3-4. DREIER, ELDON W. Letterman's Club 2-3-4 Vice-Pres.3 Hi-Y 43 Prom Comm. 3: Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 3-43 Foot- ball 2-3-43 Track 43 Defense Work 2-3-4. DYSLIN, MAURICE D. Paint and Patches 13 Hi-Y 13 Sophomore Oratorical gl Basketball 13 Football lg Golf 13 Armed Forces years. ERDMEIER, ANNA LOU Spanish Club 43 Hi. G.R. 3-43 Home Ec. Club 2-3-43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 2-3-43 Defense Work 2-3. EULER, DOLORES LUCILLE Spanish Club 33 Home Ec. Club 1-2-33 Treble Clef A 23 Operetta 23 Treble Clef B 13 Mixed Chorus 13 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 4g Play Comm. l'2Q Assembly Comm. 43 Football 23 Track 3-43 Golf 3. Defense Work 2-4. SENIOR FERGUSON, NANCY ERMINA Latin Club 2-33 Philos 3-43 Paint and Patches 1-23 Mask and Wig 3-43 Honor Society 3-43 Spanish Club 3-4 Pres.3 Polaris Staff 43 Hi. G.R. 3-43 Nurse's Aid I-2-33 G.A.A. l'2'3'41 Orchestra 2-3-43 Band 1-2- 3'4Q Operetta 13 Treble Clef B 13 Instrumental Con- test 1-2-3-43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 4 Gen- eral Chairman3 Home Room Vice-Pres. 23 Class Vice- Pres. 2g News Reporter 43 Carnival Queen 33 Junior Play Major Part 33 Senior Play Major Part 4. FERTITTA, RUSSELL J. Latin 43 Philos 3-43 Honor Society 3-43 Polaris Staff 43 Funnel and Flask 13 Student Council 33 Carnival Comm. 4g Play Comm. 3-43 Track 2-3-43 Home Room Ofhcership 1'3Q Jr. and Sr. Play Major Part 3-4. FINK, WILMA L. Secretarial Club 33 Home Ec. Club 2g Carnival Comm. 4. FINKBONER, ROGER L. Letterman's Club 1-2-3-43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 4g Manager of Athletics 1-2-33 Home Room OH'icership l'2'4Q Class Sec. 23 Corridor Monitor 4. FLEISCHER, ROBERT FRANK FORRESTER, WILLIAM S. FOX, EUGENE N. Latin Club 4g Paint and Patches 1-23 Spanish Club 2-33 Camera Club 1-23 A Cappella 3-43 Operetta 23 Madrigals 3'4Q Mixed Chorus 23 Boys' Quartet 33 garntilval Comm. 4g State One Act Play 2g Ration oar 2. FRANK, THEO MAE f Secretarial Club 3-43 Carnival Comm. 4g Home Room Vice-Pres. 3. FRANKENFIELD, MILES R. FREIDAG, DALE H. Manager of Athleticsg Ganome 3-43 Corridor Moni- tor Chairman 3-4. FRINK, ROBERT FRITZ, ROGER J. Latin Club 2g Philos 3-4 Treas.3 Letterman's Club 1-2 Sec.-Treas., 3-43 Polaris Staff 43 Hi-Y 1-2-3-43 Student Council 43 Band l'2Q Instrumental Contest 1-23 Prom Comm. 3g Carnival Comm. 43 Debate 3-43 National Forensic League 3-43 Forensics 2'3'4Q Play Cast Major Part 33 Basketball 1-43 Football 1-23 Track 13 Tennis 3'4Q Home Room Ofhcershi 1 Vice- Pres., 4 Pres.3 American Legion Oratorical? Contest 23 Jerc Board 33 P.T.A. Board 43 President Roosevelt Memorial 3. GABEL, WALLACE PAUL Letterman's Club 43 Spanish Club 2-33 A Cappella 33 Operetta 13 Madrigals 3-43 Mixed Chorus 13 Boys' Ensemble 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Tennis 3-4. GALLAGHER, NELMA LORETTA Paint and Patches 1-23 Polaris 43 A Cappella 3-43 Treble Clef A 23 Treble Clef B 13 Mixed Chorus 13 Triple Trio 3-43 Vocal Contest 1-2-3-43 Prom Comm. 3g Carnival Comm. 4. GARTMAN, SHIRLEY JEAN Latin Club 2-3-43 Philos 3-43 Polaris Stall' 43 G.A.A. 23 Orchestra 3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 Instrumental Contest I'2'3Q Carnival Comm. 4g Play Comm. 3-43 Theatre Orch. 3-43 Band Librarian 2-33 Prom Comm. 3. INDEX GEORGALAS, EMMANUEL H. Letterman's Club 2-3'4L Hi-Y 3'43 Cfchestfa 13 Operetta 1-2-33 Basketball 3-43 Football I-2-3-43 Track 2-33 Armed Forces May '42 - Oct. '45. GILES, IRENE MAE Secretarial Club 33 Home Ec. Club 13 Carnival Comm. 4g Defense Work 3. GORHAM, KATHRYN ELLEN Carnival Comm. 4. GRAFF, LAVERNE O. GREENE, GEORGE ALFRED Spanish Club 2-3-43 Prom Comm 3g Carnival Comm. 43 Track 3. GRIMES, ROBERT FREDERICK GUFFEY, MARY ETHEL Latin Club 2-33 Paint and Patches I-23 Mask and Wig 3g Polaris Staff 43 Hi G.R. 3-4 Pres.3 Student Council 4 Sec.-Treas.3 Band 1-2-3-43 Treble Clef A 33 Treble Clef B 23 Prom Comm. 3 Co-Chairman3 Carnival Comm. 43 Play Comm. 3 Student Director. GUHL, DWAINE RICHARD HAGERMAN, BARBARA ANN Hi G.R. 33 Operetta 13 Mixed Chorus 1-23 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Home Room Red Cross Rep. 43 Home Room Vice-Pres. 4. HAMON, THOMAS W. HAUPERT, SELBY ALLEN Latin Club 23 Paint and Patches 1-23 Mask and Wig 33 Student Council 23 Orchestra 1-2-3-43 Instru- mental Contest 43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 4g Cheer Leader 1-2-33 Home Room Vice-Pres. 1-2 Pres.3 Ration Board 2-33 Senior Play Major Part 4. HECKMAN, ALICE MARIE Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Home Room Red Cross Rep. 2g Home Room Oflicership 4 Sec.-Treas. HENK, KENNETH WILLIAM Camera Club 2-33 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 43 Basketball 23 P. A. System 2-33 Stage Crew 2-3. HOLTUM, JOHN A. W. HOMAN, MARY JANE Latin Club 2-33 Philos 3-43 Honor Society 3-43 Po- laris Staff 43 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Sec.-Treas.3 Home Ec. Club 23 Orchestra 3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 Treble Clef A 23 A Cappella 3-43 Operetta 13 Madrigals 3-43 Treble Clef B 13 Vocal Contest 3'4Q Instrumental Contest 1-2-3-43 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival 43 Play Comm. 43 Student Director Band Orch. 43 Co-Chairman Com- munity Concert Ass'n 3-4. HUBER, PHYLLIS A. Hi G.R. 2-3-4 Oificerg G.A.A. 13 Treble Clef A 13 Prom Comm. 33 Carnival Comm. 4g Play Comm. 33 Home Room Red Cross Rep. 3. JACOBS, DOROTHY IRENE Latin Club 23 Home Ec. Club 23 Operetta 1-23 Treble Clef B 2g Mixed Chorus 13 Prom Comm. 3g Carnival Comm. 4g Defense Work 2-3. JESSUP, MANLEY T. Student Council 2. 135 SENIO JOGERST, ALLEN L. Letterman's Club 2f3f45 HifY 3 Treas. 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming Instructor at Y.M.C.A.5 Manager of Athletics 2f35 Defense Work 2-35 Drooler 2. JOHNSON, BETTY JEAN Hi G.R. 4: Secretarial Club 3-45 G.A.A. 1125 Car' nival Comm. 45 Ration Board 3. JOHNSON, MARIAN ELLEN Play 3. JONES, LEO JUSTICE, JOHN RAISER, BETTY JEAN Secretarial Club 35 Carnival Comm. 4. KAISER, NORMAN Student Council 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 3-45 Stage Manager 3145 Home Room President 4. KARL, CLARENCE R. Student Council 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Officer 3'4 Pres. KASTEN, LOWELL H. Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. Vice-Pres. 4. 45 Home Room KEEFER, ELINOR LOIS G.A.A. 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 2-35 De- fense Work 35 Ration Board 3. KELLEM, ODESSA WILMA Spanish Club 25 Secretarial Club 3f45 G.A.A. 25 Home Ec. Club 15 Treble Clef A 25 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Defense Work 3f4. KELLER, FREDERICK LINCOLN KIEFER, RICHARD R. KNOBEL, JOI-IN E. Spanish Club 2'35 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball 25 Football 45 Track 3-4. KOCHSMEIER, MAXINE RAE Hi G.R. 3f45 Nurse's Aid 3f45 Student Council 15 Treble Clef A 35 Operetta 1: Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 3145 Home Room Officership 1f4. KOONCE, LORA JANICE Mask and Wig 45 Hi G.R. 2f3f45 Band 1f2f35 Car' nival Comm. 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Debate 35 Car' nival Play Director 45 News Reporter 2. KRACHT, WILLIAM E. Funnel and Flask 3f45 Band 1f2-3f45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Assembly Comm. 1'45 Home Room Oflicership 1. KRONBERG, SHIRLEY JEAN Spanish Club 15 Nurse's Aid 25 Home Ec. Club 15 Treble Clef 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Carnival Comm. 4. KUHN, MARIAN ELAINE G.A.A. 15 Home Ec. Club 15 Prom Comm. 35 Car' nival Comm. 45 Home Room Sec.fTreas. 15 Ration Board 3. 136 R INDEX KURZ, WILLIAM B. Spanish Club 1f25 Band 1-2'35 Prom Comm. 45 Car' nival Comm. 45 Defense Work 3-45 Ration Board 3. LAMM, DOROTHY MAE Secretarial Club 35 Home Ec. Club 25 Carnival Comm. 4. LANDECK, NORMA JEAN Latin Club 25 Spanish Club 35 Girl's Club 15 Nurse's Aid 1f35 G.A.A. 1-2f45 Orchestra 1f2f3'45 Band 1'2f 3f45 A Cappella 3'45 Madrigals 45 Vocal Contest 2f3'45 Instrumental Contest 1-2f3f45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 35 Debate 45 For' ensics 45 Home Room Ofhcership 1'2'3. LAPP, THEORA JOYCE G.A.A. 45 Home Ec. 45 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Oflicership 2. LAUGHLIN, SHIRL B. Latin Club 2'3f45 Polaris Staff 45 Student Council 15 Orchestra 35 Band 1-2f3f45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball 25 Home Room Ofiicership 1 Pres., 2 VicefPres.5 Class Vice'President 45 Senior Play, minor part 4. LEINBACH, JACK EARL LENZ, AUDREY JEAN Latin Club 25 Philos 3f4 VicefPres.5 G.A.A. 3f45 Treble Clef A 35 A Cappella 45 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Triple Trio 3f45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 4. LEOPOLD, RUSSELL Letterman's Club 45 Spanish Club 1f2-35 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball 3-45 Track 25 Defense Work 3-4. LICHTENBERGER, WILLIAM H. Latin Club 2f35 Paint and Patches 2 Vice'Pres.5 Mask and Wig 35 Camera Club 1f2'3-4 Sec.5 Polaris Staff 3'45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 2f35 Football 35 Golf 1'2f3f45 Home Room OfEcership5 News Reporter 45 Jr. Play Major part 35 Sr. Play Major part 4. LIGHTHALL, RICHARD R. LONG, DOROTHY LOUISE Secretarial Club 3'45 G.A.A. 25 Home EC. Club 2-35 Treble Clef A 25 A Cappella 3f45 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Triple Trio 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Defense Work 3f45 Ration Board 2. LONG, JEANNETTE RUTH Hi. G.R. 45 Secretarial Club 45 Chorus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 1f25 Ration Board 3. LONG, LEDYARD JR. Spanish Club 3f45 Polaris Staff 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 3'4. LUBBERS, HOWARD ALBERT A Cappella 3f45 Boy's Quartet 35 Carnival Comm. 4. LUBENOW, JOHN HENRY MCCOOL, NANCY J. Latin Club 2-35 Hi. G.R. 3f45 Secretarial Club 35 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B Pianist 25 Instrumental Contest 25 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 35 Home Room Oificership 2f3. SENIOR INDEX MANTZKE, RONALD Philos 3-45 Spanish Club 1-2 Sec.-Treas., 3-45 French Club 4 Pres.5 Student Council 25 Home Room Pres- ident 25 Cafeteria 1-2-3-4. MARCUM, MAX ALLEN Carnival Comm. 4. MARCUM, ROY RAY Paint and Patches 15 Student Council 2-35 Mixed Chorus 45 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball 2-45 Foot- ball 45 Track 1-35 Tennis 35 Home Room Pres. 1-2-3, Vice-Pres. 4. MARTIN, BARBARA CAROLINE Mixed Chorus 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Defense Work 3. MARTIN, LILA JUNE Hi. G.R. 3-45 Secretarial Club 35 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Ofhcership Vice- Pres 2, Sec.-Treas. 4. MCHOES, WILLIAM B. MEILE, MARY ANN Girls' Club 15 Hi. G.R. 3-45 G.A.A. 1-2-35 Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-45 Student Council 1-25 Treble Clef A 2-35 A Cappella 45 Operetta 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Triple Trio 3-45 Prom Comm. 45 Carnival Comm. 3-45 Play Comm. 1-2-3-45 Open House Play 25 Home Room Officer 1-25 Jerc Board 3-4. MERKLE, ALLEN H. Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Track 3. MILLER, PAULINE A. Secretarial Club 35 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Carnival Comm. 4. MONROE, JOAN PATRICIA Latin Club 25 Paint and Patches 1-25 Mask and Wig 3-45 Hi G.R. 3-45 Nurse's Aid 1-25 G.R. 1-25 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 3-45 Play Comm. 1-2-35 State One Act Play 25 Carnival Play 35 Home Room Oflicer5 Drooler 35 Senior Play 4. MORGAN, MARY LOU Philos 3-45 Paint and Patches 25 Honor Society 3-45 Spanish Club 1-2-3-45 Polaris Staff Co-Ed. 45 Hi G.R. 3-4 Sec.-Treas. 35 G.A.A. 1-25 Student Council 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Senior Play 45 Home Room Officer 15 Class Sec.-Treas. 35 Defense Work 35 Girls' State 35 Swimming 1-2-3-4. MORROW, MARGARET MAE Hi G.R. 45 Secretarial Club 45 Treble Clef A 25 Operetta 1-25 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Ration Board 35 Home Room Officer 15 Carnival Comm. 4. MORTON, DOUGLAS M. Letterman's Club 2-3-45 Track 2-3. MORTON, ROBERT G. NAMPLE, BILL B. Basketball 45 Carnival Comm. 4. NELSON, MERLE H. Defense Work 4. NELSON, MILDRED JANE Carnival Comm. 4. NICHOL, MARY LOU Latin Club 35 Hi G.R. 3-45 Student Council 3-45 Drum Majorette 3-45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Ollicer 3-4 Pres.5 Class Sec. 4. NOLTEMEIER, KARL WILLIAM A Cappella 2-3-45 Operetta 15 Madrigals 45 Mixed Chorus 15 Boys' Quartet 3-45 Vocal Contest 3-45 Carnival Comm. 4. PALS, ROBERT ERNEST PARRIOTT, ROBERT EARL PARRIOTT, VIOLET O. Philos 3-45 Hi G.R. 45 Secretarial Club 45 Treble Clef A 35 A Cappella 45 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Triple Trio 35 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Red Cross Rep. 15 Ration Board 3. PATTERSON, BERNICE I. Home Room Sec.-Treas. 45 Defense Work 3. PAULSON, BARBETTA MAE Hi G.R. 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 25 Red Cross Rep. 3. PFISTERER, ELSABETH R. Spanish Club 1-2-35 Secretarial Club 35 Carnival Comm. 4. PEIFER, JAMES FREDERICK PINNOW, LOIS MARIAN Hi G.R. 3-45 G.A.A. 1-2-35 Treble Clef A 35 A Cappella 45 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Triple Trio 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 35 Defense Work 3. RAHN, VERNA MAE Carnival Comm. 45 Ration Board 3. RASMUSSEN, BETTY LOU Latin Club 45 Paint and Patches 1-2 Pres.5 Mask and Wig 3-45 Spanish Club 1-2-35 Girls' Club 25 Hi G.R. 3-45 Nurse's Aid 3-45 G.A.A. 25 Student Council 2 Sec.-Treas.5 Orchestra 25 Band 1-2-35 Treble Clef A 25 A Cappella 2-35 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B 25 In- strumental Contest 1-2-35 Carnival Comm. 45 State One Act Play 25 Swimming 25 Home Room Oflicer- ship 2 Pres., 3 Vice-Pres.5 Drooler 35 Carnival Queen 15 Red Cross Chairman 45 Play 3. RAMPENTHAL, GERALD ROBERT Paint and Patches 15 Letterman's Club 15 Funnel and Flask 15 A Cappella5 Operetta 15 Mixed Chorusg Carnival Comm. 45 Manager of Athletics5 Corridor Monitor. RAYHORN, JEANNINE J. Latin Club 25 Paint and Patches 1-25 Mask and Wig 45 Hi G.R. 3-45 Funnel and Flask 45 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 1-2-3-45 Play Prompter 45 Home Room Oflicership 1 Sec.-Treas., 2 Vice-Pres.5 Ration Board 3. REEL, PHYLLIS CLAIRE Latin Club 2-3-4 Pres.5 Philos 3-45 Paint and Patches 1-25 Mask and Wig 3-45 Honor Society 3-45 Polaris Staff 45 Hi G.R. 35 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Vice-Pres.5 Student Council 45 Treble Clef A 35 A Cappella 3-45 Oper- etta 15 Madrigals 3-45 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Vocal Contest 1-2-3-45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 35 Assembly Comm. 45 Home Room Oflicership 3 Vice-Pres., 4 Pres.5 Speech Con- test 2-45 Play Major Part 3-4. 137 SENIOR INDEX RIETZ, SHIRLEY L. Polaris Stall' 35 Carnival Comm. 4. ROCKOW, EILEEN L. Latin Club 25 Hi G.R. I-2f3f45 Secretarial Club 41 Home Ec. Club Z5 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Red Cross 2. ROEMER, DONNA MAE Nurse's Aid 15 Home Ec. Club 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Defense W'ork 2f35 Ration Board 2. ROSS, PAUL I. Letterman's Club 3f45 Student Council 45 Carnival Comm. 45 Football l-2'3f45 Basketball lf25 Track 3145 Home Room Pres. 4. SALTER, ORVILLE WAYNE Carnival Comm. 4. SAMEL, MYRNA EILEEN Paint and Patches 1-25 Spanish Club 1-25 Girl's Club 15 Polaris Staff 3f45 Hi G.R. I-2'3f45 G.A.A. l'2f35 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 35 Swimming 1-2-3f45 Home Room Oflicership I-4 Sec: Treas.5 Ration Board 35 Junior Play 3. SANDERS, CHARMAINE ARDELL Paint and Patches 1-25 Mask and Wig 3'45 Spanish Club 15 Hi G.R. 3f45 French Club 2f3f4 Sec.5 Mixed Chorus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 1f25 Play Cast 3-45 Art Contest 45 Poster Contest 35 Speech Contest 3f45 G.R. 1f2. SCHROEDER, ROBERT JOHN Letterman's Club 1f2f3'45 Hi'Y 3'45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball If2f3'45 Football 3'45 Track 2f35 Golf 45 Home Room Oflicership 3. SCHEFFNER, GEORGE I. A Cappella 2f35 Operetta 15 Prom Comm. 35 Car' nival Comm. 4. SCHLAEFER, IVAN D. Latin Club lf2: Paint and Patches 15 Visual Aid Society 3'45 Orchestra 112-3-45 A Cappella lf25 Oper' etta I5 Madrigals 25 Boy's Quartet 1125 Vocal Con- test 35 Instrumental Contest lf25 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Sr. Play 45 Corridor Monitor 4. SCHLEICH, MELVIN M. Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Vicc Pres. 2. SCHMELZLE, CHARLES F. Latin Club 25 Polaris Staff 45 Visual Aid Society 3f45 HifY 3f4 Vice'Pres.5 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball 1f2-45 Track 2'3-45 Tennis 45 Ration Board 35 Carnival King 4. SCHLEUNING, AUDREY JOAN Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Ration Board 3. SCHOEFFLER, RUTH M. Latin Club 2'3'45 Spanish Club 1: Hi G.R. 3'4: Nurse's Aid 2f35 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play 4. SCHUNK, GLEN HAROLD SCHWARZ, HARRY WALTER JR. Spanish Club If2f3'45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 3f45 Defense Work 3f4. SECKER, IAMES HARRY Letterman's Club 'Z'3f45 Student Council 1325 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Pres. 1'25 Defense Work 3. 138 SHAIN, EDITH ELLEN Carnival Comm. 4. SHEPARD, DALE CHARLES Letterman's Club 2'3f4: HifY 3-45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball'1'2f3-45 Football 2f3-45 Track 2f35 Defense Work 2'3f4. SHEWMAN, NANCY JANE Latin Club 2f35 Spanish Club 3-45 Hi G.R. 3'45 Nurse's Aid 1f2f35 Home Ec. Club 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 2-45 Home Room Oilicership 35 Class Secretary. SIEMSEN, MARY LEE Latin Club 25 G.A.A. I-2-3f45 Treble Clef A 35 A Cappella 45 Operetta 15 Treble Clef B 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Triple Trio 35 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 3f45 Home Room Sec. 15 Red Cross Rep. 3-4. SIMLER, PAUL ROGER Armed Forces. SLAGHT, HARRY L. Latin Club 2135 Philos 3f45 Mask and Wig 45 Honor Society 3-45 Camera Club 2f3f45 Polaris Staff 3'45 A Cappella 2f3-45 Operetta 15 Madrigals 2'3f45 Mixed Chorus 15 Boy's Quartet 35 Vocal Contest 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 45 Stage Manager 35 Boy's State 35 Ir. Play Cast 3. SMITH, BARBARA E. Spanish Club 35 G.A.A. 15 Treble Clef A 35 Oper' etta 15 Treble Clef B 25 Carnival Comm. 4. SMITH, ROBERT RESH Latin Club 2f35 A Cappella 35 Operetta I5 Mixed Chorus 1-25 Vocal Contest 1f2-3-45 Carnival Comm. 45 Red Cross Rep. 3. SNOOK, JANE Latin Club 3f45 Philos 3-45 Mask and Wig 3f45 Po- laris Staff 45 Hi G.R. 3f45 Orchestra 1: Instrumental Contest 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 3-45 Defense Work 35 Senior Play Student Director 4. SNYDER, AUDREY ANN Hi G.R. l'2'35 Treble Clef A 35 A Cappella 3-4: Treb'e Clef B 2: Mixed Chorus 15 Triple Trio 2f35 Vocal Contest 25 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 1. SORN, AUDREY SPIELMAN, DONNA JOY SPLIETHOFF, ELEANORE HILDEGARDE Latin Club 2-35 Philos 3-45 G.A.A. 3f45 Home Ec. Club 1-3-45 Orchestra 1f2f3'45 Prom Comm. 35 Swimming 2f45 Defense Work 3. SPRINGER, JOAN BEVERLY Philos 3f45 Honor Society 3f45 Spanish Club 2'3 Pres. 45 Polaris Staff 45 Hi G.R. 3 Vice'Pres. 45 Nurse's Aid 35 Secretarial Club 3f4 VicefPres.5 G.A.A. 3'45 Home Ec. Club 25 Student Council 3 Sec.fTreas. 4 Vice-Pres.5 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 2f3-45 Play Prompter 35 Home Room Ofiicership 2 Sec.fTreas. 4 Vice-Pres.5 Defense Work 3f45 News Reporter 45 Carnival Queen 25 Manager for Queen If4. STAAS, KARL I. Junior Play 3. SENIOR INDEX STAAS, MARILYN JOAN Latin Club 25 Hi G.R. 45 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Carnival Comm. 4. STEINHARDT, DONALD C. Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 3-45 Golf 45 De- fense Work 3-4. STEPHENSON, JAMES R. Carnival Comm. 3-45 Sr. Plav Minor part 4. STEWART, WILLIAM STINE, NORMA DARLENE Home Ec. Club 25 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 45 Defense Work 3. STONER, ELVIRA FERN Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 3. STROHACKER, HOWARD RALPH Carnival Comm. 45 Defense Work 3-4. STUKENBERG, WESLEY WYLER Latin Club 25 Letterman's Club 45 Spanish Club 2-3- 45 Camera Club 2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Track 3-4. SWARTZ, ROBERTA JEAN SYMANEK, DONALD HOWARD Letterman's Club 2-3-45 Student Council 1-35 Car- nival Comm. 4 Co-Chairman5 Sr. Play 45 Play Comm. 45 Football 1-2-3-45 Home Room Officer 1-35 Class Vice-Pres. 35 Carnival King 2. TAYLOR, MARILYN JEAN Home Ec. Club 2-35 Treble Clef B 3-45 Mixed Cho- rus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 4. THORPE, BETTY JEAN Spanish Club 1-25 Secretarial Club 35 Orchestra 1-2- 3-45 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 1-2-3-45 Ration Board 3. THRUMAN, BETTY MAE Home Ec. Club 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Defense Work 35 Ration Board 3. THRUMAN, DOROTHY JEAN Nurse's Aid 15 Home Ec. Club 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Defense Work 35 Ration Board 2. TILKEMEIER, ROGER W. TOBIN, CHARLOTTE E. Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Sec.-Treas. 2. TOBIN, SHIRLEY MAE Home Ec. Club 1-25 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 1-25 Defense Work 1-4. TOELLE, FRED L. Letterman's Club 2-3-45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball 2-45 Football 2-45 Track 3. TRETTER, MARJORIE ELEANOR Polaris Staff 45 Carnival Comm. 4. TRUEBLOOD, CONSTANCE MARGARET Paint and Patches5 Spanish Club 3-45 Polaris Staff 45 Hi G.R. 3-45 G.A.A. 1-25 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 4. VEER, VERNON VOHLKEN, ROGER G. Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Defense Work 35 Corridor Monitor 4. WAHLER, FREDERICK E. WALES, HOMER L. Latin Club 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Carnival Comm. 45 Basketball 25 Defense Work 2-3-4. WECKERLY, LEE DEWITT Mask and Wig 45 Visual Aid Society 35 Student Council 3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Drum Major 45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Assembly Comm. 45 Debate 2-3-45 National Forensic League 2-3-45 For- ensics 2-3-45 Football 1-25 Home Room Officership 3-4 Pres.5 Play Cast Major part 3-4. WICK, THOMAS H. Carnival Comm. 4. WIENAND, GERALDINE A. Treble Clef A 35 Operetta 35 Treble Clef B 25 Mixed Chorus 25 Defense Work 3-4. WINTER, HENRY GENE Carnival Comm. 45 Football 1-25 Defense Work 35 Corridor Monitor 4. WINTER, PHYLLIS MARIE Nurse's Aid 2-35 G.A.A. 1-2-3-45 Funnel and Flask 45 Home Ec. Club 1-25 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 2-3-45 Swimming 2-3-45 Defense Work 35 Bowling 2-4. WIRTJES, LEROY MELVIN Carnival Comm. 4. WUNSCH, GERTRUDE E. Latin Club 2-35 Polaris Staff 45 G.A.A. 1-2-3 Pres. 4 Pres.5 Home Ec. Club 2-45 Orchestra 2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Treble Clef A 25 A Cappella 3-45 Madrigals 3-45 Vocal Contest 3-45 Instrumental Contest 1-2-3-45 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Play Comm. 3-45 Home Room Vice-Pres. 45 Student Conductor Band and Orchestra 4. YODER, DALE YOUNGBLUT, KENNETH C. Latin Club 2-35 Paint and Patches 15 Polaris Staff 45 Funnel and Flask 15 Student Council 3-45 A Cappella 25 Operetta 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Prom Comm. 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Home Room Oflicership 2-3-4. ZA RTMAN, JAMES N. Latin Club 2-3-45 Paint and Patches 1-25 Letterman's Club 2-3-45 Honor Society 3-45 Polaris Staff Co-Ed. 45 Funnel and Flask 15 Student Council 1-25 Orch- estra 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 A Cappella 25 Mixed Chorus 15 Instrumental Contest 1-2-45 Carnival Comm. 45 Football 1-2-3-45 Home Room Pres. 1-25 Class President 45 Play 3-4. ZIMMERMAN, ADELINE MARIE G.A.A. 2-35 Home Ec. Club 35 Carnival Comm. 45 Swimming 35 Home Room Oiiicership 1-2-3. ZIMMERMAN, BETTY DELORES Carnival Comm. 4. ZIMMERMAN, MYRNA MAR Treble Clef A 25 A Cappella 3-45 Treble Clef B 1. ZIMMERMAN, PATRICIA A. Secretarial Club 3-45 Carnival Comm. 4. 139 I ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Irving O. Blankenberg, Photographer Merle A. Blackwood, Art Adviser Robert Kohlemeier, Photographer Murry Funk, Camera Club Adviser Dwight Garnhardt, Photographer David J. Malloy Company, Covers William LaVelle, Photographer Freeport Printing Company tif Q5 A UK!!! zzmifmikix P y af 5 f 7 N .tt F! 1 'X N 1 P p-gr - 1 i we-, S sf ' UTP ' -cfm fa H fo- if M41 1 aussi?" rink E L ss- F , 'XIAHN 8 CLLIER AGAI " The slogan that's lmaclzed ivy genuine goodness in quality and service, the result of 43 years successful experience in the yearlmoolz field. We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- lmoolz publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7. ILL. 140 A Cappella . . . Accompanists . . . GENERAL INDEX Acknowledgments . . . Administration . . . Art .............. Assembly Committee Autographs ....... . Band .... Basketball .... . Boys' Quartette . . . Cafeteria Help .... Camera Club . . . Carnival . . . Cheerleaders . . . . Chorus ........... Christmas Concert esper Servicej . . QV Custodians .................... Debate . . . Faculty . . . Football ...... French Club .... Freshman Class . . . G. A. A. .... . Golf Team . . . HiG.R. HiY ............. Home Economics Clu J. E. R. C. Board ... Junior Class .... junior Play ....,... b junior Red Cross Council . . . 69 72 ...140 ..12f13 81 94 l41f144 101f103 ..59f65 ...104 35 44 ..73f77 66 ...104 68 77 96 80 ..29-33 57 ..16f25 34 ...108 67 66 93 95 ..82f89 92 95 141 142 GENERAL INDEX Latin Club .... .... . . . Lctterman's Club . . . Madrigals .... . Mask and Wig ..... . . . . . Natim mlmzl l H1 J11c1 r Society One Act Play .... . . . Open House .. Orchestra . . . . . Paints and Patebes . . Pliilos ....... . Polaris Cabinet . . . Polaris Staff ,..... . Public Address System . Reporters ......... Science Club . .. Secretarial Club . . . . Senior Class . . . Senior Index .. Senior Play .... .. Sophomore Class .. Spanish Club . . Student Council ........ . Student Government Day . . . Tennis Team ........... Track Team . . . ' Treble Clef A . . . Treble Clef B .... Tribute ...... Triple Trio I . . Triple Trio II .... Visual Aid . .. 'r -X, UU-us 4-wv.'K' "M"'l" 'L 901-4-.. L+1.L0.t ,,0"'-.J SL -L.:-1-Q11 26 59""""f'J is 72 4O ...ion 99 45 ..7Of7l .. 39 S7 .. 1 ...1n7 97 .. as 97 27 I 112,133 . 134,139 ..41f43 ..4sfss .. Z7 56 ..36-37 ...IOS 109-111 ...IO6 ...106 .. S . ..1Oi ...1O'3' 98 , K. AUTQGRAPHH . -. 'I' Q . . ,3'x ' . . W if uk. .X Xf Wah or ? Qglkqlxbu ' . A1 f' 5 . gf, 2 W Q Q W W 2.2 ffl 4 6, ..x 'N .5 9 .,, ,ff ' , 1 QL. . 'W . M av Kiwi? Q My . C 5: 753-'fg' Fw ' ' , . .V M-4 , n rx-fidjqh - 14,6 ' " 'i " x KTLA 41' , y . by Q33 K' - ki up 5 ' A A , r mm , 1. j 5 Y . I .N D .Q f7 j' 4 K -f . Q X W X55 Fi A L . Q-gg J , . ds . M A CZ - H x , ' ri X . D P u 7 .fl XT .. A' 4 QR Q QV :sg X W5 Q, ' . t' Q ' .eu 39,3 x J Q! if fk-1 1 I , -N .. I. 1 v ' V I . - , -. W R ' - I. , x, 1 K . " L , s ' 5. . f K I ' x.- - . . X . a. , 1 jl U A 1 . W . , 1 . X X x x ' , 1 A ' ,-4. ' - .' ' K NN ,YI W q E! 4 . N 4 x . Y v 1 -15 V Henk -W1 . ' X X .xx V, FA Vg VX J ' x H. -, N " ' Q Ang efm , 1 H. ff . M, 55" Ni AUOGA , + fi Q G . 4 32 ,f f -s N QW' ' 1 Jw! W 55 Q? www ygg W f .x -' 'A 'yd P4kfj . XJ K9 ,n f Qf4 g f61fwffL 'Ljpf 'U,5w"'N3 Q w V V, 4, ' V, ,MW Awww ff I , , . . 1 . , Y ' 1 1 2 - lf , y . V ,ax if 1'?L1.,,-- J3f5,mJVy!P,gw"f KJQ,o,,,,,,gvmkA N 5 wwf? 63-ffW"a,MLw CGWM 'WU -... 2: f. X ,N , 451.526 Q X 5, 14,5 J -f-Q5 ' U ' it a D 16-xf 4 fy ' ! 1 -aff Ines-T L U-,cf C ,L,,-qv' 'L., L, qi? 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Vx .1 M It K in h 4 4 5 Q 1 3 I. rv.-.. x'.,z f- .- .64 .J -' H inf.-Q if are , ' 5 fe A -Q ,, 3 4' . 3 i 1 Z X ,ff "ff: V x' .WAI ,Y , 5 , -' ' - YJ? rm , ,, 4 A - Q,-E 'L , ,, . f 5 ,A ' ' 4 - .1 x an F .FQ .1 5 H .- ' 1 ', fr-'J f Q - ' KA 4 ' A WX lv

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