Freeport High School - Exporter Yearbook (Freeport, TX)

 - Class of 1951

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46 my al FI! My Qgfwi if I I ' 4 Iii fi ev Q 'T' ,fb Q, tu ixyipl ,,., ff' 'Q I DREW 01117 1111 1 1111 If 1111111 1 11111 1 11111 11 YPdl 11 F H Q N 1114 H1111 1' 1111111 1111111111111 11 I1 1111, 11111 111 1 111 11111611112 X1 ll llclkfh 111111 11111111 1111111 11111 Q' 1 T 7' 11is111111' 1 11 1 251 fy 'llr 111 C' ff 1 111111 IT11'1l1I'C 111 1111 A '-'1 ge We, 11111 11111111111 flilff. 1111p1- 111111 111- 1l'l H .' "111'111f11 111 1'11p1111'111,g 1111' you 2 1 " 31.5 '1 y11111' s1-1 1111 C1'J'5' 111'13111s11f1'l-"1' will 1 - ' V' ' 111 ' '- V11111- 1 3 111 you. SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE And so 1t's annual tlme agaln, wlth another class ready to graduate and leave Freeport Hlgh Thls has been a good year, we have accompllshed many thlngs and we have made much progress The success of any school always depends IH a great measure on the attltudes and efforts of the students, so, much of the success whlch we clalm must be attrlbuted to you As your Superlntendent, let me say, WThanks a mllllonn' As your frlend, let me say to the senlors, Whay you have the best of every thlng for your future come back and see us when you cann, and to the students who wlll be wlth us for another year or two, HJust keep up Qlwsxw the good work PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE TO THE SE1IORS My Congratulatlons on a Job well done My best wlshes go wlth you TO THE ONES WHO WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR You have a wonderful opportunlty IH the flne educatlonal facllltles thls school dlstrlct has provlded for you My hope lS that you take full advantage of these facllltles Let our alm for 1951 52 be UThe Best School 1D the Natlon W I w1sh each of you a pleasant vacatlon TO THE FACULTY Best wlshes to each of you I am lOOklHg forward to n Xt year 1n our new plant Slncerely, H J Gore .H l as you leave us. May you have a useful and a happy life. ' I ' 1 gli M.m?iitE'g52 ' " ' 'sas' V 1 4' .N - 4, ' 1, 1: 'J' -2- ,1. Lg' ' uw' J f 1. , M 4 .yi 4 1 4. N I ik 4 t A il ig! 'FQ 1' 'Y t in J! ' , 'fe' 1 -n Mu ,A -V , ,Liyi'fp,, ,. Awfggggw, X , ,, ,WL . sv - .Q-W VA W " zygzrrxrcf " A bag E avian ua,.x., yan MIXER. rw 'ef II 3 A -W ff ' 2 - f., gm! wwf 'A-MMS 25 i 2 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS J UN IDRS SDPHOMDRES FEATURES SPDRTS DRCANIZATIONS STUDENT ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS CONTENTS ADMINIS 5 . ?P", ,"" Q ' g46 ,Q 5 TRATICN .gf 1 'K wr' 7, its ,tilki-.35 as-5"'i . 1, R . le v Ek l X Q 4' . an dx Q , A . ' 1- Y ,Z :WW V 4 ia I eff: i - . ' 1 s. fi xg z TWA A THE BRAZOSPORT SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Ray Gayle. Glen Harris, L. N. Skinner, W. P. Schambra, President, T. W O g Superintendent D. M. Kimbrough, R. W. Spencer, L. E. Bumgarner. Seated: . g , . E. A. Muckelroy, Secretary. '-"'?' 0. B. King Gladys Polk -f Ellwrta Marlin J. Ray Gayle Business Manager 'Q -Q C. A. Brannen Mrs. H. I. Gore Rachel Raines H. M. Wade Director of Transportation FACULTYIIL--1 We sylfl-X H. J. SURF. Mak 5 , nmcmx 'Q ' aotd is "' X ,VXA , fa. ' if . -M-mit, if N. L. NICHOLSON B.S. Physical Education. Biology . 5 . K fins-rv aa' ERNEST ROBERSON B.S. Physical Education JL JOE ROGERS B.A.. M.A. Counselor LOUISE POLSON PAULA POPLIN B.A. B.S. Language Arts Homemaking 44" Vx ETHEL ROBERSON B.A. MARIE ROEHL B.A.. M.A. Guidance HQ! KATHERINE STREET JOHN TAYLOR B.A.. M.A. B.S. 1 Mathematics Mechanical Drawing. Shop PEARL TRAVIS B.A.. M.A. Language Arts 'Q' ROBERT WAGSTAFF LOLA WALES B.S.. M.A. B.A.. M.A. Physical Education. Math Librarian GERALDINE WINDECKER DOLORES WITTNEBEN QUIDA ZARAFONETIS B.A. B S S Language A rts Homemaking Language Arts V E A """",. 1:-fig---M W ,. HD v. W ,qv , lvn ,.. 3 P! ABNEY, DEAN LEE Debate Club, Soph-Jr-Sr, Distributive Educa- tion, Sr. ADAMS, GENE Safety Patrol, Soph-Jr-Srg Travel Club, Sophg Projector's Club, Jr, Pep Squad, Jr. ALLEN, BETTY JANE Typing Club, Sophg Pep Squad, Soph-Jr, Drum Corps, Jr-Srg Band Council, Sr, Rec- reation Club, J r. ANDREWS, PETE Masque Club, Sophg Clef Club, Jr, Football Manager, ,Ir-Sr, Track Manager, Jr-Sr, Bas- ketball Manager, Jr. inn! QB BADDERS, TOMMY 4-H Club, Soph-Jr-Sr, SportSman'S Club, Sophg Football, ,lr-Sr. BAKER, J. D. Distributive Education, Sr, Sportman's Club, Soph. BARTON, LESTER Sportsman'S Club, Sophg Track, Soph-Jr, Projt-ctor's Club, Jr, Pep Squad, Sophg As sistant Track Coach, Sr. BEASLEY, PAT Baske-tball, Soph-Jr, Golf, Jr: Pep Squad Soph-,lr-Sr: FHA, Soph-Jr-Srg Social Chair man, jrg President, Sr, Masque Club, Soph Sr, Vice President, Sr, Y-Teens, Soph-Sr, Clef Club. Soph-Jr. BROWNING, GLENN Football Manager, Sr, Basketball Manager, Soph-Jr-Srg Sp0rtsman's Club, Sopb. BRYANT, JOAN Y-Teens, Sophg Pep Squad, Soph-Sr. BRYANT, RICHARD Band, Soph-Jr-Sr: V.l.C. Club, Srg President, Sr. BUNDY, THOMAS E. Band, Soph-,Ir-Sr: Band Council, Srg Month- ly Bugle, Jr: Model Club, Sr. BEDDINGFIELD, NEWELL BLACKSTOCK, RUBY Typing Club, Sophg Y-Teens, Soph. BOWMAN, NANCY VESTAL Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Sr, Choir, Jr-Sr, Clef Club, Soph-,Irg Pep Squad, Soph-Jr-Srg Gulf Breeze Staff, Srg Typing Club, Jr, Basketball, Sophg Volley Ball, Soph-,lr-Sr. BROCK, VELMA 1 CABRERA, FELICITA Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Srg Charm Club, Sophg Band, Soph-,lr-Sr, FHA, Srg Pep Squad, Soph. CALVERT, WANDA Band, Soph-Jr-Srg Travel Club, Sophg Y- Teens, Jr-Srg FTA, Sr, Junior Guild of Fine Arts, Srg Model Club, Jr. CASKEY, Jo Ri-creation Club, Sophg Pep Squad, Sophg Reading Club, Jr, Typing Club, Jr. CHUTER, WILLIE 3 T A""!i 3- K9 l W' ii , RK 5 My t COBURN, J. E. COCHRAN, LARRY Q--' Masque Club, Soph-,Ir-Sr, Interscholast ic Play, Sr, Band, Sophg Choir, Jr-Srg Debate Club,, Debate Team, Ir-Srg D bate Club President, Sr. COLDIRON, VONNIE VERNELL FHA, Sr, Hobby Club, Sopb. CoNovER, DAYTON e. Band, Soph-Jr-Srg Monthly Bugle, Sophg Model Club, ,lrg Band Council, Sr, President, Sr l:s1fBnn-Y.. A DAMIAN, JOAQUIN FTA, Srg Baseball, Sr, Lettermank Club, Soph. DAVENPORT, GERALD DECKER, RUTH Band, Sophg Charm Club, Sophg Miss Charm, Sophg Typing Club, ,Irg Reading Club, ,lr. DIENER, BETTY MAUD Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Sr, Cabinet, Jr-Sr, Pep Squad, Soph-Jr-Srg Masque Club, Sophg FHA, Sr. CORLEY, NELDA X-TPPIIS., FHA, Sr: Basketball, boph-,lr-Sr, Co-Captain. Jr-Sr: Recreation Club, Sophg Volley Ball. Sophg Most Athletic Cirl, Sr. CORPORON, SHIRLEY Monthly Bugle, Jr: Junior Guild of Fino Arts, Sr: Band, Soph-lr-Sr, All State Band, Sr. Cox, DON Sportsman's Club, Jr. CROUCH, MARCELYN Y-Teens, Soph-,lr-Srg Masque Club, Jr, Gulf Breeze Staff, Sr, Clef Club, ,lr-Srg Typing Club, Jr, Pep Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr. ing ti I.. I DOMINGUES, LoLA BEA Clef Club, Sophq Y-Teens, Soph-Ir-Sr, Band, Soph-Jr-Sr: Band Council, Sr: Junior Guild of Fine Arts, Sr, DORSETT, EDGAR Football. Soph-Jr-Sr, Student Council, Sr, Basketball. Soph, Track, Soph. DUNN. BILLIE JOYCE ADKINS Y-Tm-ns. Soph-Jr-Sr, Cabinet, Sr, Student Council. Soph-Sr, Clef Club, Sophg Cheer- leader, Soph-It-Sr. DUNN, FRANK Key Club, Sr, Travel Club, Sophg lnterscho- lastic Typing, Jr: Library Club, Sr, Pcp Squad. Sopli. EFIRD, YVONNE Pe Scuad So h,Ir' Basketball Sophjr Sr, p-1.-v-,- ,- Class Treasurer, Sr, Came Club, Sopbg Vol- leyball, Jrg Library Club, jr. EISENHUTH, MARY ANN Y-Tec-ns. Soph-,Ir-Sr, Buzzer Club, Soph-jr, Pep Squad, Soph-Jr4Sr. ERTELL, EVA Pe Qquad io Sr Clef Club S0 h EVERSOLE, CHARLES Key Club, Jr-Sr, President, Sr, Class Pre-si dent, Sr, Exporter Staff, Jr-Sr, Boy's State Jr: Safety Patrol, Jr-Sr, Most Likely to Sue ceed, Sr. P - ' - P ' '- 3 J y - I Typing Club, Jr, FHA, Sr, Choir, Soph-Jr?Sr. "fb GAFNER, ANITA Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Sr, Cabinet, Jr, Clef Club So h Mas ue Club Soph Jr Sr' Treasurer - P 2 - CI - ' ' y 1 I Sr, Pep Squad, Soph-Jr-Srg Choir, Soph-lr- Sr. GARCIA, PETE Lt-tterman's Club, Soph: Track, Sophg Foot ball, Soph-Jr, Baseball, Jr. GARNER, JOYCE Vollt-y Ball, Soph-Jr: Band, Soph-Jr-Sr, Cl:-f Club. Soph-,lrg Debate Club, Jr-Sr: Secretary, Sr, Typing Club, Sr, lnterscholastic League Typing, Sr. GARRISON, BONNER Band, Soph-Jr-Sr, Model Club, Soplig CII-f Club, ,Irg Key Club, Sr. FAIRCHILD, EDDIE Band. Soph-Jr-Srg Librarian, Soph-Jr-Sr, Jun' ior Guild of Fine Arts, Sr, Secretary, Sr, Band Council, ,Ir-Sr. FIPPS, JAMES Football, Soph-Jr-Sr: Projector's Club, Jr. FLOYD, RICHARD Exporter Staff, Sr, Football Manager, Soph- jr-Srg Basketball, Soph-Jr-Sr, Captain, Srg All District Basketball, Sr: Baseball, Sopl'I-lr- Sr, All District, Jr. FOWLER, HAZEL GIFFORD, JIMMIE Lou Student Council, Jr, Y-Teens, Soph-Jr, Pep Squad, Sopb-:Jr-Sr, D.E. Club, Sr, Secretary, Sr. GILLIAM. JACK Proje-ctor's Club, Jr, Football, Soplxg Sports- man's Club, Jr. GIROUARD. JOHN Football, ,lr-Sr: Basketball, Sopb-Jr-Sr, Base- ball, Sopb-,lr-Sr, Sp0rtsman's Club, Sopb, l3oy's State, Jr, Safety Patrol, Sopb-Jr-Sr, Favorite, Sr, Projector's Club, Jr, President, Jr, Key Club, Jr: Golf Team, Sr. GLEASON. SHIRLYE TAYLOR Band, Sopb-,Ir-Sr, Band Council Secretary, Soph-,lr-Sr, Majorelte, Sopb-,lr-Srg Head Ma- jorette, Sr: Y-Teens, ,lr-Sr, Cabinet, Jr, Class Treasurer. Sophg Gulf Breeze Staff, Sr, Clef Club, Sopb. ,...,.3 ..m. ,. '1 3 , x ' 1 lun ,YH-5 'Q 11' 5' if 3' ft"+fl1ij3" 11' " 'S Pu- GLENN. NATALIE Y-Teens, Sopbg Pep Squad, Sopb. GUIDRY, BARBARA Charm Club, Sopbg President, Soph, Y- Teens, ,Ir-Sr, Volley Ball, Jr. HALL, EARL RICHARD Key Club, Sr, Masque Club, jr-Fr, Library Club, Sr, Vice President, Sr, lnterscbolastic League Number Sense, Sr, Pep Squad, Soph- ,lr-Srg Travel Club, Sopbg Secretary, Soplig Conservation and Wild Life, Jr. HALL, TOMMY Basketball, Soph-Jr-Sr, Baseball, Soph-,lr-Sr, Football, Sopb-J r-Sr. HEFLIN. JO ANN lllioir. ,lr45r: Y-TPPHN, ,lr-Srg Calvin:-I. Frg Nia 1 ue- flluli ir' lntf-rsrhnlaelil' l,t'8pLllt' Play, . N1 . . . . Sr: l'v-p Squaul. ,lr-Fr. HINRLE. Nl.-XRYAN Y-'IX-r-nw. lr-Sr: FTA. Sr: Tvnni-. Suplifjr-Fry Pe-p Squad, jrg Junior Guilfl of Fine Arla Fr: Xloelr-l Club, jr: Typing: Club, jr: Klu- jon-Ito-. 50pl1-,lr-Sr: Monthly llugzlr- fllulr, lr, l"ll'NTSMAN. VICTOR Sportsman! Club, 50pl11 lsuutlmull. .lr-5V Travk. Jr. Hl"rsMAN. BENNA Loi' X-'I'-mm. Soph: Pe-p Squad. Slilflll llARr:Rm'r:. DUNN Fllflllvqll. lfo-Captain, Srg All Ilia- tiir! lwwtlvall. 5r: Class Pre-Qinlr-nt, Snplig tile-f filulm. JY: 'l'ruc'k. lr-Fr: Sllllllglll lfounvil, Supli. IIARLAN. ALICE SPE Y-Tw-ns. Sopll-.lrz FHA, .lrz fllvf lfluli. Sopliz l"'p Squad, Sopli. HARRIS. BOBBIR ANN TURNER Y-'ff-f-iw. Soph-Jr-Sr: Pep Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr: Gulf Br:-Rn Staff. Frg Clef Club, Sophg Typ- ing Club. Soph: Volley Ball, Jr. HARSDORFF. CRRISTENE Rc-creation Club. Sophg Choir, Jr-Sr: Reading I ulm. lr. R JACOBS, GLORIA Pep Squad, Jr-Sr, Band, Sophg Golf, Jrg Majorette, Sophg Basketball, Sr, Masque Club, Srg FHA. Jr-Sr, Clef Club, Sophg Lib- rary Club, Jr. J AUREOUI, CLOTILDE Pep Squad, Jr: Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Sr, FHA, Sr, Drum Corps, Jr-Sr: Charm Club, Soph: Typing Club, Jr. J ONES, BETTY RUTH Y-Teens, Sophg Typing Club, Sophg Charm Club, Soph. J ONES, DOROTHY MAE Clef Club, Soph-Jr, Band, Jr-Srg Pep Squad, Soph. 53 , JONES. WADE ALEXANDER Pro'ector" Club Jr' Hobby Club, Sophg J A A . , Gulf Breeze Staff, Sr. KEISTER. MELVIN PAUL Key Club, Jr-Sr, Basketball, Soph-Jr, Football Soph-Jr. KESSNER, ERNEST ll.E. Club, Sr. KONIECZNY. CLARA Library Club, Sr: Secretary, Sr, Basketball, Soph-Jr-Sr, Volley Ball, Jr, Pep Squad, Soph- Srg FHA, Srg lnterscbolastic League Typing, Jrg Clef Club, Sopll. G' LANTHRIP, JAMES Typing Club. Sophg Culf Breeze Staff, Sr, Editor, Sr, Key Club, ,Ir-Sr, Regional in Fea- ture Wfriting. Srg Statistician for Football and llasf-ball, Soph-,Ir-Sr, Baseball, Soph. LEBOEUF, DORIS Typing Club. Soph. LEWIS. THOMAS LINDSEY. VANNOY Baskvtlmall. Sophnlrg ProjectOr's Club, jr, lfootliall, jr, Y.l.C. Club. Sr, Sportsman'- f.lub, Jr. KOYM, SYLVIA Y-Teens, Soph-jrg FHA, Soph-Jr, Clef Club, lr-Sr: Drum Corps, Jrg Pep Squad, Sophglr- Sr. KYLE. lVTlLDRED YTun' 90 hJrSr FHA So hjrgr 'UN-P"-Z v P"-I Charm Club, Sophg Basketball, Jr-Sr: Band, Soph: Pep Squad, ,Ir-Sr. LANDRY, DORIS LOUISE Basketball, Soph-Sr, FHA, Sr: Y-Teens, .lr- Srg Cl:-f Club, Soph-jr, Typing Club, jrg Pe-p Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr. LANIER, BILLY lfootball, Jr-Sr, Baseball Jr-Sr, Track, Sophg V.l.C. Club, Sr. Gif Q. f i I MAGOUIRK, KENNETH MARTIN, GEORGE TEDDY Projector's Club, Soph-Jr, Baseball Manager, Jr-Sr. NIATULA, JOE Projectofs Club, Jr, Sgt. at Arms, Jr, Travel Club, Sopbg Sgt. at Arms, Sophg V.I.C. Club, Sr. MERRILL, WILMA DEAN FHA, Soph-,Ir-Srg Publicity Chairman, Jr, Social Chairman, Sr, Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Sr, Clef Club, Soph-Jr, Basketball Manager, Sr, Pe-p Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr. at I I a"N .awe NIETCALF, ARTHUR Pep Squad, Sophg Basketball, Sophg Football, Jr, V.l.C. Club, Sr. MEYNARD, CLAUDIA Pep Squad, Soph-,Ir-Sr, FHA, Sr, Typing Club, Jr, Drum Corps, Sophg Clef Club, Soph. MILES, BILLYE NELL Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Sr, Exporter Staff, Sr, Gulf Breeze Staff, Sr, Pep Squad, Soph-jr- Sr, Class Secretary, Jr, Favorite, Sr. MILLER, RUTH 41" MCADA. ANNA RUTH LODEN NICCOY, ROSETTA Studi-nt Council, Fopli: Y-Twins, Sopli-lr: Clm-f Club, jr-Sr, llaske-tball, lr: Golf, ,lr-Fr: Choir. jr-Sr, Hand. Sopbg Ho-all Nlajorw-ttf-. Soplig Pep Squad, ,lr-Sr. Mclloucm., WEYLON Charm Club, Sopbg Typing Club, Jr. NlClVlASTER, Jos Football, Sopb-jr-Sr: Captain, Sr, All Dia- trict Football, jr: Masque- Club, Soplig Clc-f Club, Jr, Student Council, Sopb-,Irg Cla-s President, jr: l"avoritv, ,lrg Buffs Statu, Jr. lN'llNOR, MARILYN Y-Tw-ne-. .lr-Sr: Tennis, Jr, Basketball, Sr: llanel, Sopli-,lr-Sr, Hobby Club. Soph. Moomz. Bon Travk, Sopb-,lr-Sr: Football. Sopli-Jr-Sr: Class Tre-asurs-r, jr, Cl:-f Club, ,Irg FHA Swvvtlivart, Sr. lN'lORHAIN, VIVIEN Tran-1 Club, Soplig Arts and Crafts Club, Jr. MORPHEW, DANNY Boyds Statv, Jr: Student Council, Sopb-,lr-Sr, Vim- Pre-side-nt, ,Ir-Sr, Masque Club, Sr, Pres- ident, Srg Class Vice- President, Sr, Key Club, ,lr-Sr, Treasure-r, Sr, Exportrr Staff. ,lr-Sr, Most Rf-pre-sc-ritative-, Sr. -1- I N CMILLEN, KATHERINE .Pl Club, Soplig Pe-p Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr: Typing Club. Jr: Y-T1-Pns, Jr-Srg Masque Club, Sr: Golf. .lr-Sr. NEVILL, ARv1L Projvctofs Club. Sophg Basketball, Sopli-JL Sr, Pep Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr: Typing Club, Sr, Safety Patrol, Foph-,Irg Volley Ball, Jr: Gulf Brvvzv Staff, Sr. O7BERRY, JOYCE Pep Squad, Soph-Jr, Y-Teens, Sophg Clef Club, Soph: Typing Club, Jr, lnterscholastic League Shorthand, Sr. OVEREAUGH, BARRY Tennis Team, Srg Clef Club, ,lrg Band, Soph- Jr'5rg Safety Patrol, Srg Key Club, Sr, Model Club, Soph. Rfk , .4 W. 7, ,. PARKER, JACKIE Band, Soph-,lr-Sr, Key Club, Sr, Clef Club Jr, Model Club, Soph. PARROTT, GENEVA PATTERSON, MICHAEL PAYNE, MARY HELEN ff! ra f" X. - Yr X1 if 2, N , fl it 5, ,iff tiff'-ippqljff JJ, M 4, M PETTER, DELORES POLAND, DELORES Charm Club, Soplig Y-Teens, Soph-.lrg FHA, Foplt-Jrg Library Club, Srg Gulf Breeze Staff, jr. PoLR.GwEN Student Council, Soph-,Ir-Srg Secretary, Sophg Pre-ide-nt, Jr: Corresponding Secretary, Srg Y-Teens. Sopli-jr'Sr: Cabinet, ,lr-Sr, Pep Squad. Soph-jr-Sr: Class Secretary, Sophg Fumritv, Supltz Most Representative, Jr-Sr. Powf:t.L. FOY F Wi PENNEY, CURTIS Band. Sophg Sportsman's Club, Sophg Pro- jector's Club, jr, Vice President, Jrg D.E. Club. Sr: View President, Sr. PENNEY. ROY Band. Sophg Projectofs Club, Sophg Pep Squad. lr: Typing Club, Jr: D.E. Club, Srg l,l'1'Slflf'Hl. Sr. PERRY, BRYAN V.l.C. Club, Sr. PESSARRA, CAROLYN Drum Corps, Jr: Travel Club, Sophg Debate Club. Sr, Secretary, Sr: Typing Club, Jr. 1. S PRAZAK, ROBERTA Pep Squad, Sophg Y-Teens, Sophg Typing Club, Jr. REED, DAMON RICHARDSON, BILLY Pep Squad, Soph-Jrg Key Club, Jr-Sr, .lun- ior Director, Jr, Secretary, Srg Student Coun- cil, Srg Basketball Manager, Soph-Jrg Gulf Breeze Staff, Srg Exporter Staff, Sr, Honor- ary Member of Y-Teens, Sr, Projector's Club, Jrg Secretary, Jr. ROGERS, WALTER V.I.C. Club, Sr. RUNNELS, VERNON Slide Rule Club, Soph-Jr: Projector's Club So h' Track r Pe S uad, Srg Choir, Sr? P , ,J : p Q Gulf Breeze Staff, Sr. SANDERS, MARY Band, Soph-Jr-Srg Drum Majorette, ,lr-Sr, Band Council, Jr-Srg Monthly Bugle Club Sophg Model Club, Jrg Clef Club, Jr: Y- Teens, Library Club, Sr. SCHULTE, EUGENE Sportsman's Club, Soph. Scorr, THOMAS R. Pep Squad, Sophg Debate Club, Soph-Jr-Sr Slide Rule Club, Soph. SLADE RAYMOND Football Soph ,Ir Sr Track Sopb ,lr Sr K1 y I lub Jr Sr Sportsman s f lub Qoph Jr V l C Club Sr Llef Club Soph Projectors Club Soph SLAUGHTER CHARLES SMITH FRANKIE Football, Soph-,lr-Sr, Sp0rtsman's Club, ,lrg V.l.C. Club, Sr, Basketball, Soph-,lrg Track, Soph-Jrg Proje-ctor's Club, Jr. SOUTH, GEORGE Cheerleader, jr-Sr, Clef Club, Sophg Choir, Jr-Sr, Typing Club, .lrg Pep Squad, Sopb. 1 u, .4 ,4,.5,AW14,,f A , ,V SHERBROOK, DUANE SIMPSON, Louis Football, Jr, Safely Patrol, Soph-,lr-Srg Typ- ing Club, Sophg Projector's Club, Jr. SKINNER, FRANKIE Football, Sopb-Jr-Sr, Baseball Manager, jr- Srg Key Club, Jr, Basketball Manager, Sopb. SKINNER, ODIS Football, Soph-,Ir-Sr, Captain, Sr, Baseball, Soph-,Ir-Sr, Basketball, Soph-,Ir-Sr, All Dis- trict Basketball, Sr, Class Vice President, Sopb-Jr, Favorite, Sophg Most Athletic Boy, Sr, Y-Te-en Ideal, Sr, Track, Jr, Golf, ,lr-Sr, Choir, Sr. .L -f i l , ,sf ,L 1 V '. fm,,mf,,,b,-,, 3 , M STEPHENS, Lou Y-Teens, Jr-Sr, Typing Club, Jr. TAYLOR, MELBA Choir, Soph-,Ir-Sr, Y-Teens, Soph-,lr-Sr, Calm- inet. Jr-Sr: Buzzer Club, Jr, Student Council, Jr, Pep Squad, Soph-,lr-Sr, Masque Club, Soph. TAYLOR, PATSY Y-Teens, Soph-Sr, FHA, Srg Pep Squad, Soph- Srg Basketball, Sr. TAYLOR, TRAVIS Golf, Soph-Jr-Sr, Band, Soph-,lr-Sr, Band Council, Jr-Sr, Projector's Club, Jr, Key Club, I r. 1 ai ,iz e wx 'Q 'Q THATCHER, MELVIN Football, Jr-Sr, Sportsman's Club, Soph. TONNESEN, ELAINE BURRIDGE Library Club, Jrg Pep Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr, Clef Club, Sophg Y-Teens, Soph-Srg Masque Club, Sopbg FHA, Sr. TWINER, JESSE Band, Soph-Jr-Sr, Key Club, Sr, Clef Club, ,lrg Model Club, Soph. VERE, RICHARD .89 QU! S N., WATTS, RAYMOND Typing Club, Sophg Projector's Club, ,Irg D.E. Club, Sr. WEBB, JOHNNY Masque Club, Srg Debate Club, Jr-Sr, Debate Team, Jr-Sr, Debate Club Vice President, Sr: Model Club, Soph. WELCH, ROBERT Band, Soph-Jr: Choir, Soph-,lr-Sr, Gulf Breeze Staff, Sr. WESTBROOK, Joi: VINCENT, DON VOLLBAUM, WILLIAM BEN Student Council, Jr, 4-H Club, 10 years, V.I.C. Club, Sr, Vice President, Sr, Library Club, Soph-Jr-Sr, President, Soph-Jr-Sr. WARREN, ELINOR Y-Teens, Soph-Jr-Sr, Cabinet, Jr-Srg Clef Club. Sophg Masque Club, Sr, Publicity Chairman, Sr, Favorite, Jr, Class Secretary, Sr, Exporter, Staff Jr-Sr, Golf, Jr, Interscho- lastic League Typing, .lrg Band, Sophg Most Likely to Succeed, Sr. WATTS, BOBBIE JUNE Clef Club, Sophg Pep Squad, Soph-Jr. tl 'fm WESTBROOKS, HERTHA FAYE liuzze-r Club, Soplig Volley Ball. Sopllg Clff Club, Sopb: Y-Towns, Sr, Pep Squad, Soph- ,lr-Sr. WILKES, TRAVIS Band, Soph-Jr-Fr: Model Club, Soph-Jr. WILLIAMS, NORMA Charm Club, Sophg President, Sophg Typing Club, jr. WILLIAMS, SUE Y-Teens. Soph-,Ir-Sr, Cabinet, Jr-Sr, Pop Squad, Soph-Jr-Sr, Clef Club, Sophg FHA, Sopbg Vollvy Ball, Soph. Qian- Eli 'P' U- 1 WOMACK, BETTY FHA, Sopb-,Irg Clef Club, Soph-,lrg Y-Teens, Soph-Jr, Student Council, Sophg Drum Corps, jr. WOODRUFF, BILLY WRIGHT, NoIzIvIA Ps-p Squad, Sopll-JTVSI: FHA, Sr, Y-Tm-IIS, Sopli-,lr-Sr: Library Club, ,lr-Sr: PI't'Sl1lt'llI, ,lrg liaske-tball, Sr, Vollvy Ball. ,lrg Cl:-f Club, Sopli. YANCY,,lERRY Football, jr, Projector'S Club, Soph. 4 4 . H w , 4, ,L S, Q! 5' 0' x Qi' KN? CW gs? 7'5- o-ff' June Adams Alice Ayers Ugflvn Bass Florine Broussa QC? I' ln. Ima Alford Franves Bailey Sum? Hvzlklvy llolrlvic Brown Bobby Allclay Stanley Barnes joan Bvan Everett Bryant lls llil. 'Q fr, 351 A ,, X ,MZ iifiiil f V, fe , A K K Billie Allison Lynn Barrier Glen Bedingfield Jacq ue Bulin 1 My x i. fr' " ' il 2 . 1 A --x if jn-5, 5 '43 ' fb 1 2 f ' s ' K T ' .i K '-:: A P Z, .A,. y ' J-" ff I Dan Hopper Eugene Hurt Carol ,lanosky Diann Kelly Harold Hopson Jimmie Hutchason Ellouise Kay Joyce King -5 5 K iv ,mv Wy'nell Hord Wanda Mae Hutson Charles Keenan Roy Knopp' K M 'M Q ? as N Tl we 1 Q xxx aii. , wk? X ,,, A .. , fvvf. T., egg go- 415 ' '1 Qi? M, K ev 3 4. N' ,xt 5 a--fi Charlene Huntsman Robert jackson Gerald Kelly Charles Kramer 451 , 1 if .l 1" ' MM , A 5? 4 M- ,lohn Kramer Earl Lanclry Charlie Faye Lewis Lara Lowe S-1' Shirley Krejci Daniel Krueger Evely n Larson Sarita Lawton ,loann Little Tony Lopez Charles Lusco Helly Mashburn W 'em 61' - sg .',.:-- I ,A L. l Charles Kyle Billy Leshikar Charles Lowa' Claudine M ashhurn 'WW Alf . da 'f 4 459 . is I' 'E- 'Wivhavl Uflmnlvll I rumx-s l'L1It1-ram: Ianwf Pe-rry Jeanie- Pre-mn lux K in Q 5' 1 ' r ' ..,i , QQ 333 A f 4 Q. XX If A, Q- Q' N, 4' 5 if 1 ,ff 1 -M. . I,lny1i0Idln1m .lillllllf Vzxtlull W iuflun Pfvffltr Palsy Prim' '?"" 'nv is-.2 ? 21' 914: 1" - f QD' N 'Q Wk 3 W, Uziu Pill? .X. ,l. 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Walflrop Vernon Warren Billy Williatns Audrey Wylie 'Umm if Bobbie Walston Charles Wanorek Betty Watts Ouifla Watts Alton Wolf Alice Wcmodruff -1-1-,,.,j Ralph Warne Hope Westbrooks Billy Wright l Er. -n v , '3.'f"' aw, ,5 QA s +-sung! : 4 2 5. .P I, 61 v ff Q X? '. ff ,' Q 1 .- v 'fn ,ma ,sq Y, 0 U, ,Y my . , 2 N V Q A I A x , I' A, fp . Q ,tif an Ss ,f K. hmm 5 -'Q' Nfl? 4 .PIL i s A 5' wgvwx ae' F-S'-wc...' ixs, 4 if- S if V All ,ps 1 by , 'X ,Q im. ,inlay ir, it Kg 7 f, 3 'X A J A in-we 3' T.. V .Y A A '. 1 ' ,' YS :I ug 7 f l ll an 'f xe"i 'Ah ' fi ' EF 9 Y F I ' gs I . ft, If 'Char A' b, '- iv , 2 f Q' at a . 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O 'X 'Si i XL. f Q' ,f Travis Cosson Shirley Coulter Nlarilyn Councill Cozctt Cox Patsy Ann Cox William Edward Crist joyce Crowley Wilma Dannhaus Patsy Davis Edwin Day Elizabeth Dirzanowski Billy jack Doggett Beatrice Domingues Nancy Donovan Carlos Dorris Billie Joyce Edmonds Dorothy Ertell Zackie Evans Ann Felkins Curtis Field Shirley l7lSl'llCI' Nancy Fitzgerald Walter Keelvle Freeman Ernestine Fuson Joyce Fussell Shirley Cautreaux Beth George Tommy Gerety Shirley Gerdes Billy Don Glover Ottalie Cormey Charles Crimes Robert Guthery Josie Haga Bobby Hall Carlton Hall ,Ioan Hamrick Glenda Harris Robert Hayes Doris Hearne Betty Darlene Heath Bill Heeney Dennis Heeney Billie Heflin .lo Ann Heiser Elvin Henderson Dorothy Higginbotham Jimmy Hinkle 3 fix' 75.1 .. -hh. Y.. 1, K x . gg r 7'-A xl A E ,," I A, 1 , 4, w v 'V y , A . n ,. A , I. 4 'E I . bv i ,4 'P' .V 1 2' , , W y r. I ., M44 If a .,, ww E ' 1'-r 1?-9 ffl gs W, yt x Gs' 1 J -359 45- 1, K gn .l 13 ,L ul 'H' 451- Qin. Mary Jane House Julia Ann Jackubec August Janik Florine Jennings Carolyn Johnson Shirley Joiner Beth Jones Viola Jones Helen Kasmir Marilyn Kay Dorothy Kerr Reba Kindt Carl Kirkpatrick jackie Klaus Bernice Knopp Marynelle Koehler George Koenning Leslie Koenning Lenore Koym Charlene Kubesch Robert Earl Kyle Carroll Lanier Howard Lucas Melvin Luker l,uc'ilf' Lunipkins Tulmy lqllc Dun llilly Manning llc-rlvcrt fVlarkwarcl Jessie- Martin Eddie Matthews Virtoria Malula Mary june' lVlcAda Patrir-ia lVlm:Crary J. C. Nl1:Cutc-lncun Betty june lVlrvl'Jonalrl james M1'Cinnis Hay lVlc'Nlalmn Marilyn Mille-r l'ill'llilfIl Nlillefr juan Mills Mary Nlnrris Wllllrll3 Nlnffls Ce-nv Mnrlon . AIUSCS Kl'IlIN,'lll Muvlilc-roy Kvnnc-Ili Ncvill l'cz1rl4-iw Nixon Nlury Alix-fr Nlbfllldll 6 w ia., 2? ' K5 i ,1 iff Lx . L , L .mg we-..x, I 5' E 'LT'- P sf L- fi' . P ta 1-ft K- gy vs . M '15 Betty June O'Berry Annette Oldham Carolyn Page Jimmy Parker justin Parnell Pauline Nelwin Parrott Kelsey jo Pate Nell Patton Doris Price Raymond Pederson Barbara Penny Severo Perez janel Pharris Ruth Phillips Juanita Pierce Wayne Pool Way ne Dale Prather Doris Price Virginia Priestly jane P5 bus Catalina Quintanilla Criselda Quintanilla Treney Rainey Arznandina Rangel Shirla Rathjen Marvin Reneau Joyce Reynolds Billy Richards Elf-ne Ripple David Rogers Edith Rouse Terry Rouse Max Royalty Billie jo Runnels Virginia Rylcy Glen Sanders Charles Scott llax id Shannon Shirley Shelby Betty ,lo Shelton Martha Sherry Bobby Siltman jimmy Sims Edu ard Sims Wanda Faye Singlcy Norma Silwrwright lint Clyde Skinner Barlvara Smith if mv I Q' 4 ,, , dll! ! ,if , . ' 5 - M 7 Q S s at nf- s il. flfew- a Z 5 4.:'r. a rw- 'Q-..... 5 K 1 K Lx' Vx ,nm ,mx ilzt 11 1' . ,pw . IU' O '!",Q---1 46" ' As gg 'A' l l ISN! s. i 1 , - 5 . 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C. , S 21 5 K i i'w ,,5 I' l 5 0- 6- , W l ' Q . 1. 3' ,L I ,au H, NM, . -f.A5wfW:,.w W 0 4 K' - - ,,.. ,, .,,,5,, ,V Q ' 1' A hating Y ' aw , ,W H Mi-if my ,-4,f,-,.1, M f,f, nxi 2 'Qw,'52Qg l ,. . , , A W x AQ!-1-Nappy ' .. .v -'V , -, ' .K ' . , , , . -- .,,-, " - , 'H' ' 'Q f 1 V1 M .V A, 1,724 ' " ' . ,wf.wxg,Q4 J K , ,, V ff W - ..,.,4 ,9?-iw' -A -V F ' W ' "W 1- ' u V 'I' ' 'V' fWM'+ my W4 'L K K L . g "' , W 9 If V Q Q . V "' ' 6 1 1, QM M , in w - fhpr , , " f . , ,f,,' - ' wi ,. ' , V an , 5 f fy ' ff'fiWAl22bfihawvHwfWN0W M K K ,x H R A K .A ,ff 'Q , fl Q , -V mw.,,,'1nnuuhw-f,f.1,,,,,g,,,.,,.,,.,,w - ""L'+"'7 L ' f ' . ' g P . A K , i in - Q Amis ,f f 4 Vw , ,, 4 A I ,1-1 .hwlf H xygvf N U K .1 Y af" rf., . , . .Q will-nn .af Hn ,mf I . YZ, A I ' ., , 1 ja:-WV dm "' Wk my ,nf 'ff 'Lf 1 N wi, 'Y '- s w" K N, ,, A . ' , . 5 Q w.'g'5'n It 3 taxi, A 'H Qi: ,' Qi-Q, Q' Q we ' ... -WJ Q A F-.Q M , K , -. . 4' f -1 ' QL I. , . . 4' , . 732,41 . l ' ' A " - Q K .1 . Ii ' x v "- -,f---Q-f . 4 wk, 1 it b A. A A O: if ' al. ., , X H - 0 ,- , - Q ' y ' . . r 0,5 Q k.v'.,Qg,i A 'I 1' 5.3 Q ni 5 4. fi-f.f,l,. n., 4 4' B9h."i11ng.X'g:i ' -f . My if 4 vpxfffm. Mvaw 4 www SER .N Q '-N-W gi! '-Ev' '-av 'aim 0 Wm MA, X: QM vfiwifns may H. 'R ff? ,,,,,,H-.,...,,..,,. M VNV M 41 'www 'W ,L , in -WW ,N as 'wr--uK.,,,lN .ww Vu Mnoff V ' 'vw , ' fi ' X W ,,,g L, f K " J 4 X, m ' in ff.. A. 1 "Q Q V , , f--. ' KM, Mi, 4 MOST HANDSOME Qamec ?afzg E l 1 n 0 I' W fl- I' I' 8 Tl C h fl 1' l e s E U e r s 0 0 l e mst. FD Q S O o og, U11 +1-f X . bs N.. 1-8 15, X :Yi fs ' Q ' if 4, Y , 4.1 "fum, 1,4449 1 , G IU 8 H P 0 l lc D a n n Y M 0 I' P h e w .d?4" l L:-4.-1 M . ' - ' his-.A , A, . V ,Q 4 ,, , 4 s X B i 1 I .I 0 I1 ll H r 3 G i r 0 u ll r d vi x,. "if: ,W, Q., n I' I h u S lc i ll n 9 r B l 1 -1 Y W i l l l fl nl. S 249' 'N-J N ll ll C 11 a nz b e r s G e 0 r 3 e K 0 e n n i n 3 mf' 4 i 9 my ww I' 5 , mf ,, 8 'AHL mf,:f ei nf-if ,. .,,5,g jg " .Egg-gy .M Jus -gh, 1 ,nf 'wp- N e l cl fl C 0 r l e 3' 0 fl i s S k i n n e r - Q 1-. 5.7, 1 , '."'Y'0Q-P1?1fT- ML. Maia,-iwvf,v, . ,wr ., 1 .x ?4 Yi an 'a L1:Q6"".fv?jp,egY5,v. f Y ,Q .r ,, 1.1 4 f K Q g A X M3,w,. -1 .M -. fs A ,,,,.-QE 1 1 R , . V . 5 ffiwwid-eama,,v W q.M',,,,3i,,,, A in ' i Fill,-4 .igfyzbw w Q, 1 , , mf K -A, ix4y.A.,a,i,-, ,Eye-iwn-1-4qnnKy...1,,5Age, , , ,, . t .? f -. , -QWQQQQL, ,V A '4 ' Y ANL, ., m,,....,. ,X ww. 1 -1 .,,,. 1 .nw l K .WM .1 sw 1 . Tw. .3 4 KP? in K f Q' ,Q rr. x u 7y -fi., ' 5 .. 'G X. A ,W I , 1 a-...Q A ' 4, 5i'ifg'i' ' Quai e gh. 1, E515 411: Q sl , 5 325 . ' 521: 4 4 4 1 we V, ,ffm , ,3 f.. ww' -., , s FOOTBALL 9 995 , 9 r as is as 3 gg ' Ry u 2 2 A SQUAD Flrst row Skmner McMaster Hopper Gonzales Perkins Badders Ramey FIPPS Johnston Second row Coach Hopper Hargrove Wllson Hall Faulk Koennxng Turner Thatcher Huntsman Leshlkar Dorsett Thlrd row Coach Nxcholson Bass Smxth Trottman Gxrouard Lanler Allday Keenan Dommgus Moore Coach Roberson Coach I I Exporters Exporters Exporters ...............,.... Exporters .............,...... Exporters Exporters ..........,,.,..,.,, Exporters ......,.,........... Exporters ,........,,..,..,.., Exporters ....,.,..........r.. Exporters ...,..........,,,,.. 1951 RECORD Kllgore S F Austm Sam Houston St. Thomas Harlingen ,... Pasadena .,.. Galena Park Ball High .... Baytown ...... Texas City .. V ii- -v 7 . ff2w1gj:'i f , , . ' f, . , J, ,5 ,, flu . . , - .. 74, NV' '-if fi 3 ' 'Q x-J..-5 1 j "5 , .,t,-ixjg,,'L ..f,1-...Mg.?l.gv3'433, - ' ' : ,r 1- ,1 ' Q. je'...,f:".g:.r . 4-'H ' K . I, .mi 1A,Q,Q. i5, f,4,z z. c ' ,a 11, it yd Q ILSL4 Wei? -'efrff 13 325 ,Ll 5 p B-SQUAD-First row: Smith, Seidler, Perez. Neeley. Lanier. Barcelo. Measles, Taylor. Second row: Kirpatrick, Koenning. O'Connell. Autry. W'atts. Shannon. Kramer. Perkins, Manager Schamhra. Third row: Coach Leeka. Oldham. Henson. Rogers, Trottman. Dog- gett. Patton. McCutchen, McMahon, Turner. Russell. Coach Wagstaff. . fm V DONN HARGROVE ODIS SKINNER All-district back JOE MCMASTER Tri-captain and Tri-captain Tri capmi - n ! Wie BOB MOORE JOE GONZALES WELDON JOHNSTON TOMMY HALL VICTOR HUNTSMAN -,,-92 OGDEN BASS JOHN GIROUARD FRANKIE SMITH nf S JOHN RAMEY DAN HOPPER HAROLD PERKINS TOMMY BADDERS EARL FAUI R RAYMOND SLADE BII LX LANIP R VF! X IN TH ATCHFR fu, ,.':x:" vwrf 'M aqkfv Kim 95 'if vm Q35 ,W LESLIE KOENNING BOBBY ALLDAY CHARLES KRAMER lg JAMES FIPPS CHARLES KEENAN ROY DOMINGUES BILLY LESHIKAR CHARLES WILSON ,,,. h K UU" HQ P I " A , 1' 's 5 1 rles Keenan 1 ' ,. 4 . :fm 7 Q I 393 kv Af Vi? QL 1 H. ,-. df vi' si' we TCW' HW A 4 "Mp 1 . a e Q , 4 52 , Q!-' V - fn, yy, yr , , 7 Ji G- 3--M JA new-Q z .f.a'1.m UAD Standing McFarlane McCutchen Kramer, Hargrove, Phinney, Royalty, Wilson, SQ ' I 2 1 1 Perez. Front row: Gonzales, McMaster, Moore, Johnston, Keenan. ff", Ala, l NAN CHAMBERS--Crowned the national champion 50-yard low hurdler when she set a new record in the women's AAU meet last summer. s n J f BOB MOORE-Set new district records in both the 100 and 220-yard dashes and finished third in the 220 at the state meet. Won first in the 100-yard dash at the Texas Relays. TT?TT"""' 1 I 19: in WELDON JOHNSTON-Second in MAX ROYALTY-Second in dis- DUNN HARGROVE-T00k 5088011 district in the 220-yard low hurdles trict in the broad jump and third in honors in the broad lump, the 440- and third in the broad jump. Mem- the 880-yard run. Member of relay Yard relay, and the discus fh1'0W- ber of the relay team. team. is BASEBALL A RICHARD FLOYD HAROI D PERKINS Top pitcher wlth Seven vlctorles mcludmg three no Battery male for Flmd and the runner up for battmg hxt contests h0I10rb TOMMY HALL ODIb SKIN N FR Third baseman and the leadmg hltter on the club Shgft mp and the team leadmg flelder Z i,' 4 f N , ' ,, ,,,, 1 wx 4 ,As t if af ' 4. ' 9 . , fi X 1 ' v QQ 1 -f , .,. ' J' ' ' I ' ' w X' X H' ,' 'X , D Q 1 'Q ' I o 5 'I f AQQ I I ,, ' 4 V I 2 5 mm 2? ' . ,, J.. ' as T mf, Q 'x QQ? 'L ,I . 51 , , 4 ,.,,, Z ,W - as A ls tha' Jw , lg 9 Ng,,,. I ' X, 2 5,5 and KONIECZY aft 4-. W 8' " ' ' W Q ,. si' 1,- Ft. ez s , ,, . ,. ,, f LL si M af Q gf ,js V 'U V if vs Q H "' it 1 "" 1 Y X 1 3 X x xg xx -QA X j Lf ig A Y X 5 ' 1 -T f gr gg ' 4 5 I , Ya gl il ' O Veg 9'-,Xe Mft 'V GOLF and TENNIS b,g,.L we 'NH-on kj GOLF TEAM Left to rlght Skinner Clrouard Tengler Ingram Talblrt Taylor Patter son and coach H M Wade WH-u TENNIS TFANI left to rnght Redden Mcf lrt Hmkle and Landry 4. x '- v-7 fx ' "id ' A L4 b If-P 4 -mr ' ' ' ' A . ww v.. K g , 4 x. ,' 4 . ' X 4 ., , U' 'I ' -r L 5' K 'i , x I X '- ' 5 ' - ' 1 , , ' , , - , . . . .1 V ,H . , ,' ,ig W' 1 - - Y. C' . . g Y , " : , L' . ' . ' . N 1 X 5 , X vw Zi aw' , iam. 2 1? . if , 4 ' " I 15 Icr.'1-Af: .fy LQQQL'-gg STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Sarita Lawton, Secretaryg Danny Morphew, Vice Presidentg Gwen Polk, President Maxine Germillion, Treasurer. THE EXPORTER EXPORTER STAFF Editor-in-Chief ....,...,,,..,...,,.AA,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. Asst. Editor .,,,.,, Sports Editor ,,,.. Feature Editor ...... Business Mgr. ........,. . Asst. Business Mgr. .,,. . Sr. Class Editor s,,,,,,t fr. Class Editor ,,.,...,s Soph. Class Editor Danny Morphew ,loBen Turner Billy Richardson Billye Miles Charlie Eversole Philip Schambra ,. Elinor Warren Terry Crain David Shannon 7 X BJ! I 5 2 , Q . In ,...,., f --v1lQuy"1' 5 X EY f Q ,, 1--51 ff "' 1. 55 , www. wa ,f QA, , 417' 's iff 1 ffi3if5f"L" ..-M ,. A al . ji T371 - him' ' Vi -4 52" 'LAI' -:Al p . rl , . I 650 f.A 1' 'Q f ff V V11 'Q '. Y V J Q 35 1?- s ' ' 5 of i ll x 'Q QW5 :vb 'Qu 5 Fri 95 1 . . , , . . ,,.,, 1"f,.'. u LCA! . . -1,93 Y s if 1t a,g,,.5,lfb Y , iz -5, .M 'f3'5"'- I , uf - x xv . at , O 'Q' ' V i f C n 1 , in s 'f- fl ' -f L' ar, .. Qt 'If"""Q'P'f'f ' 9 , . 8 L 'VA Q3 gunna: L, U si 1 'H u L 0 W f ' , ', , -Q F 'X 'isa , 6 ie. i' 1 A Vl.7 fha 'W 9 4 ' NES? S 4 K E . 1 X ' gy ,S ' 7? 1, ' is 'if Qvf 9 fv 'K " W W , Q 1 9 5 n ' y -u ar A Q ,S 4 wg, V 3 J? "' ,,,, ,, S 'ff . ,, 3 A 359 A 6 ,, Y' fi v Q' Q M 5 Q! 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MOTOR SALES CO Inc CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE BENDIX APPLIANCES Phone I320 Freepor+ Texas THE MART LAKE JACKSON TEXAS The Coasf s Lead ng Deparfmenf Sfore 2' I FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Yearbooks t 0 USCG fe the s Smdewta Zvwwuw t students throughout housands o 1 Hundreds ot t the notion vlih treasure their 74ql0't-,nuff ars to come. or many ye ot teachers and schooi adrninistra- npdfdc Annuais as Thousands ' oa- btic heir nd Pu tors vleicorne t t ot their Parent a ssory por rograrn. ud to have had a part in preserving ' chievernents ot We are pro ' ' ns and a 5, tradrtro the rnernorie America. choois at N P-NN CA-PNSS O? f Q . SCHOOL CAV! Si - f , ,- Q-1 v WDW L ' . I H 5 I t I 1. , f A ' ,R X I -,N 4 lf 1 1 1. A I lg z We 0.4 .3- 'fi U A Q Q vm ngifw

Suggestions in the Freeport High School - Exporter Yearbook (Freeport, TX) collection:

Freeport High School - Exporter Yearbook (Freeport, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Freeport High School - Exporter Yearbook (Freeport, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 79

1951, pg 79

Freeport High School - Exporter Yearbook (Freeport, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 142

1951, pg 142

Freeport High School - Exporter Yearbook (Freeport, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 67

1951, pg 67

Freeport High School - Exporter Yearbook (Freeport, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 11

1951, pg 11

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