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an .,,, , , ......... 1-1 3, Q -1 -, "Q Ylif ' .Fw .L " a is , : si. , f , ,f Q 3 i f,.,, fffv., . lg, 5 L 551-, 1 1 .Q , fi-X -., - , . 3, F! 1 'i' A 4 U ' , 1 5. , . in .- ur-, f ,.Q. 'A 1 ,,.. S' . rx "Z . 'f. - M wrg. WT! ,. fu! J .qw -,vp . , 3 ,- , .5 Z , ,. - l.,'ff:1.1f'-xt.. . 'V , . ' , ip? P ..-r " A gk p --5 ' -v +"" t?...,.. - P-QD-L -Q, - -- Jw - 1 , . , , I THE GENERAL STAFF PRESENTS SCENES FROM THE TRAINING CORPS AT FORT FREEPORT n N s- F lx STAFF: A Cofliditor . . Carol Jo Vehmeier CofEd1tor ....... Ted P1ere CofBusiness Manager . Mary Ellen T k CofBusiness Manager .... Jack Sellk Adviser .... . . . Mrss Platt U3 THE THIS IS A RECORD OF EREEPORT HIGH SCHOOL IN TIME OF WAR. THOUGH MATERIAL ITEMS FOR THIS BOOK WERE NOT ABUNf DANT, THERE IS NO RATIONING OE MEMORY UN me 1 'Rf M TO THE BOYS .... of Freeport High School who would have received their diplomas with us, but now are gone to serve their country, we dedicate the 1943 "Polaris" To them- as to other boys of war generations came a challenge, changing them overnight into men. They had been "Careless boys at play But when the Bugles sounded war They put their games away." With pride and love we look to those "Who took the khaki and gun Instead of cap and gown." May they win success, honor and everlasting glory. E43 X' Oo C5 s xx we ., QS ' be ,zfyo 0" Y vp,"-1 c, CT? rx X Jfg 27671 X JJ! +1 ,311 X -J U xf M A :I ,fIIff1ffi , , X 1112 lli22 22 1 21 +22 L5 U1 Fort Freeport-scene of four years, training for the Service, halls of mental tactics, stadium of maneuvers between warring powers, general headquarters for officers and company. ON MANY BELOW ZERO DAYS WE l6l WALKED THROUGH THE SNOW FORT FREEPORT TO OUR "WINTER WONDERLANDH - THE FORT ON THE HILL U1 Any similarity between the plan of this book and the Army of the United States, in this country or abroad, is purely intenf tional, and We can't imagine how it ever happened. IN ARMY LANGUAGE WE CONVEY TO YOU THE ORDER OF THE DAY I 3 I FORWARD MARCH! COMMANDING OFFICERS SERGEANT MAJORS SERGEANTS CORPORALS PRIVATES FIRST CLASS REVEILLE MORALE MANEUVERS TAPS HERE'S OUR STORY, WHAT THE DOUGHBOYS HAVE TO SAY F91 COMMANDING OFFICERS The perfecting of perfect paragons of pupils and preparing them to become the public of tomorrow, plus the perplexing points of pupil propriety are the problems placed before the professors. WE SALUTE OUR COMMANDING OFFICERS WHO WATCH THE U01 LOUIS E. MENSENKAMP B. F. SHAFER Principal Superintendent of City Schools University of Illinois, A.B., A.M. University of Chicago, M.A. Univcrsityof Wisconsin,Grziduatc Vsfork COMMANDING OFFICERS Herehy we salute our superior officers! H Mr. Shafer is our Division Commander. Mr. Mensenkamp, our 'isupcru superior, makes the rules and regulations of the camp for the inductees in the ranks of education. Miss Barclay or Mr. Kloos, the keepers of the respective Hguardfhousesf' can he scen any morning Hnding the bail for those nefarious inductees who were A. W. O. L. the previous day. In our oiiice we have a very skilled U. S. O. entertainer, namely Mrs. Kidd. To go further into this institution or camp of learning we have the censor depart' ment Uinglishj which hands down this word of warning "Unless you have a reason, never use a comma." The inductees in the history section have been heard to complain about not being able to keep up with the map changes due to the exploits of a certain European villain. Because of the fuel shortage one of our former history teachers, Mr, Mikesell, caught cold at one ofthe student council dances. Literally speaking, he was caught in the draft. The Commissary Department under the heading of amiable Mrs. Rucker, has been doing its part in observing meatless Tuesdays in the mess hall. Much to the pleasure of the inductees the P. X. was furnished with music via the juke box for six weeks. The Physical Education classes have been toughening the boys and girls for their duty in the armed forces. The athletic instructors have employed objective tests and commando practice in preparing the boys for their rigid army training. Our U. S. O. unit made up of the inductees in the dramatics and music depart- ments have been providing entertainment at home, thereby preserving tires and gasoline. The business classes, made up of Senior and junior battalions, are preparing stuf dents to be more effective in their war jobs, while the propaganda department under BIG PARADE FROM THE REVIEWING STAND. THEY SEE 5111 HELEN BARCLAY GEORGE R. KLQOS Dean of Girls Assistant Principal Western Illinois State Teachers' College, B.E. University of Iowa, B.S,, M.A. University of Iowa, M.A. Northwestern University, Graduate YVork the direction of Mr. Smith can he seen dashing hither and yon presenting its views on international questions. Something new has heen addedllll An aeronautics division for the purpose of preparing the boys for the Army and Navy Air Corps is now found at the Fort, and the arts and crafts department is daily contributing to the "Make it at home" movef ment. The superior ofhcers in the manual arts building are helping boys get the necesf sary training so they will he more eflicient in their war johs while the experimental division is husy turning out the scientist of the future. Our Commanding Oilicers are trying especially hard to give the students a hetter understanding of the future. Teachers whose pictures do not appear M. A. BLACKWQCD HELEN I.. SPRINGER ERNEST SEEMAN KARL I'I. KUBITZ Ayr History Instrumental Music Instrumental Miisic Chicago Art Institute Indiana State Teachers College, Illinois Wesleyzin University, Augustana College, AB. Woodstock Painting School, A.B. Bach. of Mus. Ed. University of Wiscinnsiii, N, Y, University of Chicago, M.A. Graduate Work ALMA K. RUCKER MARIAN H. DWYER CHAUNCEY W. MEACHAM Home ECOTTOTIUCS and Secretary of Board of Education Social Studies DTVECUJT of Cafetelm' National Institute for Commercial State Teachers' College, Illinois State Normal University Organizations' Secretaries, River Falls, B.S. Special Home Economics Northwestern University University of Wisconsin, M.A. University of Wisconsin Colorado State Agricultural College THAT WE uve up TO THE IDEALS or A GREAT COUNTRY mi NEIL G. SMITH Speech and Debate Michigan State Normal University of Michigan. AB., M.A. CLARA E. GRAMSE Commercial Vvlhitewater College, B.E. University of Iowa, Graduate Work W. W. FULKERSON ROW 2 BESSIE K. CARNAHAN English and Latin University of Wisconsin, A.B. University oi Vxfiscon 'in, Graduate Work LUCILE POYNTER Physical Education Illinois State Normal University, B.Ed. University ol' Col umhia University of Illinois, Graduate Wcbrk MARILYN SHEETZ Mtisic Grinnell College Eastman School ol Music of University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y., B.M. NAOMI KIDD Secretary Northwestern University Bush Conservatory, Chicago ROW 1 LOUIS E. MENSENKAMP MARY E. MATHEWSON English Smith College, A.B. University of Colorado, M.A. DOYLE MIKESELL History Drake University, B.S., M.A. DOROTI-IEA M. SCI-IMIDT BEATRICE LEMON Physical Education Principal French and Spanish Commercial MCKg1qdfCg Cqjllcgc, AB, University ofWisciJnsi11. AB. State Teachers College, University of Vv'isconsin, M.S. Middlebury College, M.A. Maryville, Missouri, BS. University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, M.A Graduate Work University of Washington, McGill University, Graduate Work Seattle, Graduate Work ANNA MAE LYON GEQRGE R. KLOOS BOYD M. GARNS ERNEST STEINHOEE Record Clerk Assistant Principal Manual Arts Chemistry and General Science State Teachers College, Platteville, Wisconsin State Teachers College, Platteville, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin B,Ph., Ph.M. AND A GREAT SCHOOL. THEY MAKE IT BY 8:30 EVEN WHEN U51 DAVID B. DUPEE R O W 2 GERALDINE PIPER KATHARINE A. HUTCHINS HELEN I-IAMIL English and Athletics Home Economics English History University of Wisconsin, Eastern Illinois State Teachers' University of Illinois, AB. Iowa State Teachers' University of Wisconsin, College, B.E. University of Wisconsin, College, AB. Graduate Vsfork Iowa State College, Graduate Work University of Colorado, Graduate Work University of Chicago, Graduate Work Graduate Work University of Illinois, Graduate Wcii'k University of Iowa, Graduate Work JEAN ELDRIDGE LEES DAGIVIAR HANSEN THEODORE R. CARPENTER General Science English Commercial Central Missouri State Coe College, AB. Vfhitewater State Teachers Teachers College University of Vsfisconsin College, B.Ed. University of Illinois, B.S.E. Graduate Work University of Wisconsin, Ph.M. R O W I RICHARD T. LUMBY RICHARD S. NICKLAS CAROLYN MUSSER LOUISE B. HASELTON Social Studies WO0dw0YliiUg and - English Music DePauw University, AB. Pattewl Maklng Beloit College, B.A. Northern Illinois State Northwestern University, M,A. State Teachers College, Colunihia University Teachers College Platteville, Wiscorisin, B.E, University of Wisccinsiii University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin Graduate Work B.S. of Mus. Ed. MARY ANICE SEYBOLD DOROTHY W. ROGERS MURRY FUNK Mathematics Commercial Physics Illinois College, AB. Augustana College, A.B, Northern Illinois State University of Illinois, M.A. University of Iowa Teachers College, B.Ed. State University ol Iowa State Institute University of Colorado Christiansen Choral School HARRY KRUSE Machine Shop University of Vv'iseon in B.S., HE. . THE "BUS IS LATEF' AND KEEP A CHEERFUL DISPOSITION DESPITE I14I ROXV 2 RUSSELL KEMPF MARY C. MARTIN MARGARET MCHUGH FERNE KUHLEMEYER Commercial Mathematic.s Crafts Mathematics Drake University Knox College, BS. School of Art Institute University of Illinois American Institute of Business Columbia University, M.A. of Chicago, B.E.A,, B,A.E. AB.. M.S. Jtate University of Iowa University of Chicago, University of Iowa Graduate Work MARGARET E. DAVENPORT MABEL I. BOWERS HOWARD A. WEBER Librarian Latin History and Athletics Western Reserve University, BS. University of Kansas, AB. University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, Library School University of Wisconsin, M.A. A.B., M.A. International Institute, Switzerland THOMAS G. SPRING Biology Kansas State, BS. University of Oklahoma, MS. JEANNETTE LLOYD T. C. WILCUX Electrofmechanics and Athletics Western Illinois State Teachers, B,Ed. University of Illinois Coyne Electrical School American Academy in Rome, G raduate Work R O W I LILLIAN D. HELEN BARCLAY EDITH LYLE MATTHIESEN Dm of Gm, Home Economics Iowa State College, BS. Colorado State College, Graduate Work Iowa State College MARY A. YENERICH DORIS H. PLATT Dramatics and Speech English ancl French English Frances Shimer School for Girls College of St. Teresa Beloit College, BA, University of Iowa, A.B. Illinois State Normal University of Wisconsin, University of Iowa, University, B. of Ed. Graduate Work Graduate Work University of Vv'isconsin, G rad uate Work Home Economics Iowa State College, B.S Iowa State College, Graduate Work Columbia University WILLARD C. RUBENDALL Mathematics Illinois College, AB. University of Illinois, M.A. TERRIFIC ODDS, TI-IEYIRE THE BACKBONE OF THE FORT IUI C. Ofs . . . ..... Miss Musser, Mr. Funk President ..... ........... I 'aul Jones VicefPresident ..... ...... A l Gretler SecretaryfTreasurer ..... Maxine Young The Sergeant Majors have just completed one course and are receiving their service stripes. Now they leave to assume more important and difficult duties. They have four years of intensive training behind them and are out to conquer. WE PROUDLY PRESENT THE SERGEANT MAJORS, CREAM OF THE CROP i 16 Il flllLlUlU IUIJICIZI X fi ia V X fa Q we 5 '25 CLASS of '43 W -::::s5::::f A 'V JOHN WONCLSDQRF K Il .4 uw 'fl Ir' WMM I xx Sill Willixini D. Barker Robert E. Bziueh Ralph S. Becker, Jr. Joyce Faye Benoy Evelyn M. Birkholz Dorothy Bonebright Norma Elaine Ahels Marie M. Adams I I I I I I I I I Robert Albert Marian Alder Dorothy Mae Alexander Evelyn Anderson Margaret Antrim Mft!" Lawrence Bordner Willialn Artman Milton S. Boyd l13l jenny Anne Cali Adelhert Campbell Rea M. Chambers Nellie Butler Marilyn M. Bush Jeanette Camerer Robert Bruce Lois A. Brown E191 Pearl Louise Davis Pauline Deininger WM' Frederick S. Cassman Jack W. Chapman Jean O. Chapin Eva Clark Dorothy Cook Eugene R. Cheeseman WWW Mary M. Dorst Harold R. Eder Clara Yvonne Eklund Deloris M. Emford james Engle Richard W. Engelliart May L. Engemoen Margaret Davis Charles Dennis Frank O. Euler, Jr. U01 Donald L. DeVries Wayne Dir Ann Hope Dominguez William Donahue Roger D. Donker Robert C. Donstad Robert A. Francis Kenneth Freerksen ff Donald Gallagher in Lucille M. Eyestone Frank E. Fenton Rodger Ferguson Thomas Aldrick Ferguson William F. Fickert wail' fx if? fam: 1 Q? l 1 l i l Albert Gretler Arlene V. Griffin U11 Gleatus Gitz Frederick A. Gray F. Jenn Graves Lois K. Greene Lois E. Green Gwendolyn Greier Nancy Guhl Tom Halmon a I l Roger L. Hershberger ' Phyllis jenn Hettinger Marguerite Hille Harold A. Holtum Phyllis Jean Hullwurt Ruth Hull Lillian Hutmaclier Paul L. jones I 22 1 Robert Hannah Paul E. Hartgen Donald E. Hellman Betty Lou Heitz Deloris M. Heitz Noel Henzc Charlotte Kappes Leroy W. Kent Karl C. Kerr Juanita Lou Klapp Dayle G. Klever Odell Klipping Jack Justice janet Lee Kasten T l Paul F. Krycler Charles Kuntzelman 233 1 K r Annie Kortes Louis M. Kracht Betty Lou Kraft William C. Koehler Eunice Koeller Iohn Kohn Robert VV. Lumlquist Mzxrgnrct Ann Lawrence Willialnum Lcc Nayda Ruth Lighthart Betty Jane Lindgren Alice Mae Lloyd Ann Lungwitz H., 'M Jack Lutz L. Lorraine Marcum Elaine Martin Lorraine M. Martin , 'l 1 MNH' WMM Doris M. Mayer james R. Motsingcr 524 T. Pat Lockwood Don C. Long June Lubenow Doris M. Myers Robert Meyers Marjorie Muriel Miller Maurice H. Miller Owen E. Miller Peggy Ann Miller A ip' l 1 l l J . L Fred Macriidam Josephine McLeRoy Wmuvf Joyce Mortenson Dale V. Nelson Leonard A. Nelson George R. Newberry Ruth Lillian Noltemeier i253 Nancy Mogle Calvin W. Moore Roy Moore " wi a ,, Y ' 15. W -. , lr wg R . . emi Wil l. . ,.. EH. ' .. ,,,. ii 'iv W "xii ' 'W 'SJW' 'l it' W'i.,7?'lLw s I'. slS 'w'! s N ffl" fl ll 'A . V n ' 1 W R ' af. Ted Pierce, Jr. Ross L. Wamlfe George J. Roddewig Erwin A. Roesler Glenn A. Rohr INK Paul Rose Jean A. Ross Blaine Russell Duane Russell Royce E. Rutter l 26 l Doris Polhill Ethel E. Powers Geraldine L. Raih Elaine A. Rasmussen Williani F. Reed Joyce E. Rees Shirley Schrader Marian E. Shunk Jack W. Sellke Robert L. Schirmer Gaylord Schlafer Marilyn Scofield Joyce B. Schasker Charles R. Schimpf Elaine Staas Vergene A. Stabenow E273 Joan E. Sharp James R. Shoenharcl Lois A. Simmons Betty Louise Simpson Mabel Margaret Smith Marjorie Smith Janet E. Tavenner Marian Eileen Thompson Mzlry Ellen Tucker Melvyn Valeska. Carol Jo Vehmeier Willie Vick Phyllis L. Vore Norrna jean Voss Willizirmi R. St2lI1LlI'll1g Alice Stocker H81 Ralph Stocker, -Ir. Janice Stocks Betty Jane Sullivan Betsy Stricker Lois Marie Strohecker Robert G. Sunhom Vivian J. Wick Claire Wieland Roger E. Wieland Richard A. Wienand June M. Wilhelms Eugene Wilson l K Phillip N. Wagand Richard Walter 529 Maxiiie L. Young Lois Zimmerman Jack Wilson Jeannette Edith Wintc William W. VVolfe H. Bruce Womelsclorf Herhcrt F. Yost Mary E. Young STARS AND STRIPES With stripes on their shoulders the stars of the Fort sparkle and shine before you .... So many of the boys have left the class of '43 that it certainly keeps the gals busy in the fine art of letter writing .... As the lost sheep return to the fold so Lowell Miller comes back to F. H. S .... How does Sonny fMy smile will win 'eml Campbell always manage to get lipstick on his collar? . . . Does someone know of a good cutfrate barber? Bill Reed needs a cueball .... "King" Lundquist looks flashy in his pin-stripe suit. . . . Marian Alder is kept busy dashing to Chicago to see operas and sailors .... Willie Artman and Bob Hannah were running madly around slapping paint on any and every' thing just before the carnival .... Milt Boyd's car was abused until the day it bit back .... Willie Donahue and Ross Wolf have such fun using violence to remove the fair damsels from the halls .... Nelson and Donstad, of Wolves, Inc., are still on the loose .... Doesn't Leroy Kent look dignified with that pipe? . . . George "Cutie" Roddewig and Glen "Honey" Rohr have a knack of getting themselves evacuated from 17 .... Did you see those red hats pop the day after the carnival? . . . Who will draw those super bombers when Mel Valeska leaves? . . . Mary Young will soon be seen at National Kindergarten College learning all about children .... Those squeals are "Mogie" and "Mort" identifying a spot passage from Wordsworth .... D. Cook did some fancy running to find the Philo list .... Why did Jim Shoenhard blush when he accused Ted Pierce of holding his girl's hand? . . . Wasn't everyone surprised when Royce Rutter finally broke down? . . . Bordie, the mechanic, and Fergie, the watcher, work hard to keep the "New York or Bust" going .... Ralph fTreel Becker and Louie fI'm hungry, Kracht are "big boys" now .... Bud Henze sho' does fly around. . . . Don't the bearded Russel Boys, Skip and Mike, ever shave? . . . Marilyn ScoHeld did have History trouble! .. . Do you know what? Slug Hartgen goes with a girrrrrl! . . . The quiet ones of the class were Evelyn Birkholtz, Jenny Cali, Roger Donker, Harold Eder, Dick Englehart, Gwen Grier, Harold Holtum, AND Bob Sunbom .... Carol Jo Vehmeier leads a very .dull life-she says!! . . . Dorothy QDoes my hair look all right?j Alexander is a super telephone operator! Bob Bauch thinks she's super period. . . . Joyce "Benny" Benoy can remember dates like anything .... Dorothy Bonebright thinks up the cutest combinations in ink and stationery .... Chick Chambers is the "adorable" of the class .... Mary Dorst did wonderfully on her one for was it two?j lines in the play .... May Engemoen and Deloris Heitz have so many telephone conversations .... Don Gallagher prefers the Air Corps and James Engle the Navy, but we miss them .... Marg Hille and Janet Kasten are flashes on skates! . . . Maybe it's the candy counter that fascinates jack justice-and maybe it's Ruth Hull .... "Shorty" Kappes is quite an expert on jive .... Norma Jean Voss can give you a lot of official data on teachers .... Bruce Womelsdorf and Marjorie Miller can both tickle the ivories .... Mickey Young made a fine manager for the queen .... Rog Wieland is the strong, silent type .... Poor Chuck Kuntzelrnan-they mess up his hair! . . . What would Paul Kryder do if he had to keep his feet on the floor? . . .june Lubenow had fun measuring Seniors .... Owen Miller has the honor UD of being the only boy in Typing IV .... Roy Moore is a snappy delivery boy .... Frank fSnowf man, Euler has trouble-"snow it goes." . . . Gerry Raih has the title of "Bright AFTER A YEAR OF GIVING COMMANDS TO THE PRIVATES, THEY U01 STRIPES AND STARS Eyes." . . . Jean Chapin is quiet but she surely can dish it out! . . . Eva Clark, Nayda Lighthart, and Pearl Davis are whizzes in typing .... What? I do believe Jack Chapf man has grown some! . . . Gene Cheeseman is always ready to laugh .... Don DeVries has the most beautiful eyelashes--real, too! . . . The two Annies, Dominguez and Kortes, have the prettiest hair .... Norma "FashionfPlate" Abels seems to have nary a worry, except of course Bob troubles .... Evelyn "Quizz Kid" Anderson knows all the answers. And that's no fooling .... Lucy's Locker, that Eyestone gal's catch all, is the hang out for all those who want to catch up on the latest cartoons .... Lois E. QOh, for a name like Flipitosskyj Green travels considerably between here and other towns. Why? . . . Lorraine QOh, he's so good lookingj and Elaine Martin have name trouble .... Al "Smarty" Gretler tries to make a circus with the other nbackfrowfboysf' . . . Norma Jean Voss and Lois Dickinson are those watch dogs of the cafeteria line. . . . Bob Schirmer has been the joy of students for years with his demonstration on chair climbing .... Roger Hershberger just couldn't remember to bring that excuse 10th hour .... The Three Musketeers-Fred Cassman, Chuck Dennis, and Odell Klipping are still full of the old nick although Klipp did settle down .... Bob "Bullet" Bruce was one of our mainstays on the gridiron .... Bob Francis and Jack Lutz should have a boxing ring put up .... The Sr. Play Cast sleigh ride must have been too much for Pauline Deininger. She hasn't been to school since .... Phyllis Hettinger has some nice pictures of a couple of Lena boys. Her Chem. class knows .... We haven't seen much of Marilyn Bush this year-relieving the man power shortage? . . . The deepest mystery in F. H. S. are those notes in code that Marg Antrim receives every day from Rog. F. . . . We've often wondered what it would take to rufile Jack Sellke's composure. . . . Traveling around the atmosphere in a high C plane, we find Joan Sharp, who, by the way, likes to swing out on Schubert .... Jim QDOCJ Motsinger and Tom Ferguson are the originators of some kind of a union .... Lois Simmons just can't concentrate on F. H. S .... Betty Louise Simpson is a new addition. We lured her away from Cedar' ville .... Janice Stocks enlisted the aid of crutches ..., Midgie Smith is very busy with oiiice work, school, AND Paul .... Betsy Stricker will laugh at any joke-even if she doesn't get it, and she usually doesn't .... Who would have guessed Gaylord Schlafer could make such an effective lover? . . . Mary Ellen Tucker is more commonly known as "Gypsy" and "Queenie." . . . Phyllis Vore has that ring in her voice as she softly croons "number, please." . . . Bill fBibJ Wolfe does live up to his name! . . . Dick Walter is a fine stage constructionist--or something .... How does Chuck Schimpf get that Dentyne gum? Aha-Black market! . . . Dale Nelson and Dayle Klever caused quite a riot when they came to school with no hair .... Elaine Rusmussen changed her mind about that dream boy of hers .... Eunice Koeller has the prettiest letter sweater but L doesn't stand for Freeport .... Betty Lou Kraft is faithful and true .... Shirley Schroeder, Elaine Staas and Joyce Rees, Alice Lloyd, Juanita Klapp are flashing those beautiful sparklers .... Bill Lee did get around, didn't he? . . . Pat Lockwood makes a wonderful Houdini .... Ask Ann Lungwitz how the U. of Ill. looks-she knows! . . . Lorraine Marcum is the "Blouse Gal of F. H. S." . . . Doris Myers seems to like Chicago-could it be a soldier? . . . Cal fPorkyJ Moore can fcontinued on page 1251 WILL SOON BE PRIVATES AND TAKING COMMANDS THEMSELVES i51l i C. Ofs. .Miss Hamg,Miss Lemon,Miss Yenerich President .................. Dan Ferguson VicefPresident .... . . . Don Knauff SecretaryfTreasurer .... Don Best Stepping up from the ranks to the position of sergeant are the Juniors. With snappy salutes and a feeling of importance, they elected top officers, had excitement on carf nival night, and entertained the public with grease paint, stage light, and costumes at the Iunior Play. SERGEANTS SHUFFLED INTO SCHOOL IN 1940 l32l flllll UU 'M::55fE5f5EE5:E??5Ef?E. l m bzizzzzzizzzvlizzlzl lgzziiszirg J 1 1? 2ii2 GF c LASS of '44 M H .10 an womnsnonv I 3 Row 3. C. Kunkle, C. Wichmalm, R. Banks, E. Carter, E. Wilhelms, A. Vwfashburn, D. Willizilns, B. Leeman, J. Anderson. Row 2. D. Heitzxnan, I. Wright, M. Wztlmlcr, J. Young, J. WQJ1HClS' dorf, J. Wrumelsdorf, C. Blackmore, J. Wittbecker, M. Kurth. Row 1. H. Knieely, J. Deery, C. Newberry, J. Vaughan, Welty, B. Knodle. Row 2. B. Brokhausen, K. Bing, R. Bergemann, K. Breymann, L. Baylor, E. Berends, C. Albert, A. Armagost. Row 1. C. Atkins, I. Bohlin, J. Abels, P. Brubaker, Bennett, M. Bastian, B. Behrend, B. Atherton. POLITICIANS GRAFF, FERGUSON AND CORRAN STUFFED THE no Row 3. J. Reining, M. North, W. Meck, W. Reck, J. Sargent, R. Rund, B. Grail, G. Mathews. Row 2. A. Mueller, D. Marsh, J, Morrow, J. Schneider, B. Malott, I. Meyer, D. Metz, L. Loewe, E. Nample. Row 1. L. Miller, L. Sorn, A. Scott, P. Popkes, V. Rafferty, R. Lock' er, M. Rees. Row 3. R. Fechter, D. Griswold, D. Ferguson, H. Gabel, P. Bamberg. Row 2. L. Geiser, R. Geiser, V. Forrester, S. Feiler, V. Griffo, L. Graff, B. Farnham, J. Heirnhuch. Row 1. D. Fierheller, H. Fluechtling, D. Finkbeiner, N. Finkboner C. Horan. BALLOT BOXES FIRST. BUT NEXT YEAR HEITZMAN, POPKES E351 Row 3. D. Bcst, P. Muciich, J. Sturtcvant, L. Sicgmcicr, H. Wilhclnis, P. Wilhclnis, J. Lcinbach, M. Mzircum. Row 2. D. Vsfeunslcy, H. Cf1lDtfCC, Wzilcs, B. Entmcicr, V. Krueger, R. Kaiser, N. Ryan, M. Adams. Row 1. E. Miller, L. Kocstcr, D. Moore, L. Wilsoii, D. Youngs, H. Wirtjes, F. Henry. Row 3. D. Dean, L. Condit, B. Ditzlcr, F. Donner, F. Curran, W. Dzlssing, J. Gallagher. Row 2. R. Duinpinan, D. Dahin, G. DcVorc, R. Dunscth, D. Falk, L. Dickinson, H. Chiamcs, G. Chiames, J. Heitzman. Row 1. J. Cooper, L. Eastman, A. Epping, D. Foukc, Heitzman. AND CORRAN QMAYBE ITS HIS CI-IARMQ TOOK THEIR PLACES i361 Row 2. R. Stearn, J. Neely, J. Shoemaker, R. Liscom, R. Kish. Row 1. D. Holdeman, D. Longamore, D. Noeske, H. Hutmacher, Kloster. Row 3. W. Kessinger, S. Koehler, B. Hultquist, V. Hoffman, D. Kieckhaefer, F. Hutcherson. Row 2. W. Hildehrant, G. Hoffman, L. Katsufru, P. johnson, B. Kracht, I. James, E. Kryder, N. Hutmacher, D. Higley. Row 1. B. Brau, Lieher, D. Kuhn, M. Lindgren, D. Kuhlemeier, B. Kirchberg. FEB. 22, AROUND 9 P. M., THEY MADE THE SENIORS SI-IIVER E371 Row 3. G. Springer, B. Paugel, L. Snyder, M. Spahr, Randall, A. Peterson, J. Smith, D. Phillips, M. Stems, T. Smith, I. Wcncmds, P. Tucker. Row 2. V. Shunk, L. Richter, J. Skeel, L. Short, C. Richards, L. Sampson, A. Poggenklass, M. Schweder, M. Trevillian, A. Siemens. Row 1. V. Stout, E. Stukenherg, P. Stewart, J. Porth, E. Seely, B. Tavenner, J. Sheetz. Row 3. D. Knauff, H. Hosking, M. Sehopf, G. Bennett, B. Schroeder, W. Vehmeier, L. Voss. Row 2. K. Pierce, H. Dixon, V. Keister, C. Boswell, G. Palmer, R. Donahue, T. Pfisterer. Row 1. D. Freidag, J. Packard, R. Ifert, Rush, Krueger, D. Erdmier, M. McLeRoy. AND ARE PROMISING "CORN STALK CASSEROLEM FOR THE PRCM I 33 il THE BIG PARADE Janice fone, two, three kickj Abels had really something to kick about. Ask Don Erdf mier who was the proud possessor of black and blue shins .... Jim Anderson at the Girl Reserve Hay-Ride was taught the newest step by siren jean Hermsmeier .... Ask Mr. Brown at the Patio Theater his opinion on the recent halffprice ticket sales by Usher Ken Breymann .... jo Cooper is a versatile gearfshifter when some one else is driving with one hand .... Bill Ditzler's hand is quite calloused from hanging on the shirt tail of the person ahead of him when the band marches .... Gloria DeVore is a pretty popular girl in all fortyfeight states-So we hear .... An adolescent spirit is still shown by Charlotte Boswell as this year a red sign was posted at her front door reading "Chicken Pox" .... We have come to the conclusion that Helene Chiames goes by the old adage, "She who opens her mouth to give the right answer will never get the gong." . . . Elizabeth fwhirling dervishj Seely has the unusual ability of stabilizing her equi' librium at all angles when she does her solo dance .... It has always been a question among us juniors as to which of the Womelsdorf twins takes the blame for the cartoon sketches of our teachers that mysteriously circulate throughout the classes .... What was the strange rhythmical beating heard throughout the gym the night of the Carnival? It couldn't have been our Junior King's QErpy Kieckhaeferj knees knocking from stage fright? . . . Was that a look of surprise, expectancy, or horror on Hair Tonic Jim Vaughan's face when magician Bob Wurtzel cut .Iim's tie in half? . . . Who are those two good looking blondes we see walking through the halls together? It couldn't be "Cuthy" and "Queenie" could it? . . . Royal fOh, let's skip itj Liscom has been seen wearing his hat at odd hours or could it be he didn't have time to put it away? . . . We hear that John Sturtevant is going with a Powers model or is it Ginny? Anyway there has been a powerful change .... Some of the I. L. fellows called Emmy, Joe, Lonny, Pee Wee and others have the habit of actually calling girls up .... Jack Ran' dall, better known as Stuttering Joe, is quite musically inclined as he places notes before study-See Mr. Funk for further details .... Why does Gene fShortiej Bennett have that far away look in his eye? Could it be the "Aquinite" in him? . . . June fGet 'em big, huskie and powerfull Smith has difficulty in putting makefup on in Dramatics without her specs. "Hey, where's number ZZ?" . . . lt's too bad that Barbara fChatterf box? Malott always has such a full schedule that she can not find time for debate-She would make such a marvelous extemporaneous speaker .... Vernice Qshall I wrap them up, sir, Krueger has evidently forseen the national manfpower shortage. For already she has started earning her way as a salesgirl .... June Porth is sofofo proud of big brother Bill in the marines .... Bob Schroeder is corresponding with a little Spanish girl-What has Bob got that Robert Taylor hasn't? . . . Jean QI like 'em darkj Schneider certainly has weak ankles or is it the fault of that big bruiser she goes with? . . . Jean fknown as Pollyj Pollock is certainly torn between two or three or is it four loves! Come on 'fess up .... The best morale builder of all branches of Uncle Sam's forces is Alyce QI prefer the marinesj Poggenklass .... What class is Don fCutiefpiej Holder' man supporting Soph foh oh, mores or Juniors? . . . The proud possessors of F. H. S.'s best junk heap are Brothers Neely and Donahue! They loved us at Monroe! AS JOHN SERGEANT GIVES THE COMMAND, OFF WE GO i391 C. O.'s ......... Miss Martin and Mr. Dupee President ....... .... .... D o n Hershberger VicefPresident ..... ..... G eorge Chiames SecretaryfTreasurer ..... Bob Levin The Corporals have two more laps in the obstacle course before they receive their promotions. They have taken the small hurdles and can't wait to reach the larger ones. Maneuvers will be completed in '45. FOOTBALL PLAYERS DOUBLE AS CLASS OFFICERS U01 COIZIPGIZIJU iv- tb ,A OE If fiff 5 c LA ss of '4 5 ' JO HN UJONELSDORF I J Row 3. K. Thruman, R. Vohlken, J. Vaupel, D. Symanek, D. Sturtef vant, J. Trevillian, D. Teare, D. Timms, B. Tielkemeier, D. Wardell, J. Thompson, L. Thompson. Row 2. S. Tobin, R. Swartz, E. Thiel, A. Spliethoff, J. Sokup, R. Stout, B. Thruman, E. Stukenberg, D. Thruman. Row 1. E. Uden, E. Wachlin, J. Wolf, B. Tifft, J. Tippetts, A. Tref pus, V. Vore, M. Watkins. Row 3. R. Stoner, W. Rosenstiel, E. Ross, S. Strobel, G. Scheffner, R. Schoeffler, J. Rideout, R. Rosenstiel, F. Potter, R. Saxby D. Scofield, B. Ruthe. s Row 2. N. Rutter, M. L. Perkins, L. Ousley, M. L. Pierce, P. Ross M. L. Palmer, L. Schmitt, M. E. Slaght, J. Stees. 1 Row 1. N. Sager, H. Schopf, B. Schirmer, J. Sanders, G. Oberhart, J. Shuey, J. Sward. Row 3. D. Stephens, R. Stickle, R. Steinestel, J. Stephenson, H. Slaght, H. Trampel, C. Stenzhorn, R. Sandmeier, A. Shay, K. Shay, L. Steele. Row 2. A. Snyder, J. Springer, D. Shivers, N. Shewman, N. Sorn G. Stimpert, V. Stewart, M. Taylor, M. Seitz. 9 Row 1. P. Smith, D. Shain, L. Smith, J. Stearns, J. Stearns, L. Staver J. Rowen. 1 Such slogans as "Come on Gal, Vote for Cal" or "Use your Brain, Vote for Jane" went a long way in the campaign for our Soph King and Queen Cal Wunsch and Jane Rideout .... Sandy 'Tm only three and a half years old" Sandstrom is a snapshot iiend. Oh, those informal shots .... Kenneth "Speed" Boswell is one reason why people want sidewalks on Empire Street .... Bob "Lancaster" Levin is the idol of the Soph girls .... Victor Lopez's pet question is,"Do I need a tardy excuse, Miss Schmidt?" . . . Iris Bohlin is still "Wayne Diring" around our sainted halls .... Don Hershberger was pounding the hardwood this year as Varsity. That made every game a double attraction, didn't it, girls? . . . Louise Ousley was one of the hardest workers for King HEARD, HART, AND CHIAMES WERE THE FIRST TOP-KICKS i421 AROUND CARNIVAL TIME, THEY GOT RIDEOUT AND VOTED FOR 54311 Row 3. B. McPherson, V. Marsh, D. McCool, B. Kracht, J. Lawver, B. Levin, D. Kraft, K. Lang. Row 2. M. Meile, C. Molter, B. Lowe, B. Klosa, C. Lenoire, C. Knotts. Row 1. L. Mathiot, J, Messing, B. Lorey, A. Mayer, P. Meyers, P. Kutzke. Row 2. J. Wheat, H. Zartman, H. Witte, C. Wunsch, D. Witt, J. Zanoni, J. Winters, F. Toelle, B. Young. Row 1. L. Young, M. Whitacre, G. Wienand, N. Wolfe, M. Zim' merman, P. Wichman, P. Winter, B. Young, E. Eilders. Row 3. B. Olson, M. Pettepiece, B. Morrow, W. Pearson, R. Moore, S. Penticoff, B. Morton. Row 2. S. Pash, A. Miller, C. Reining, J. Moen, A. North, R. Nesf meyer, D. Morrison, F. J. Mullins, R. Pals. Row 1. J. Parriott, V. Polhill, E. Meyer, D. Miller, R. Monigold, B. Moogk, E. Miller, J. Myers. A and Queen. That's what we "Cal" working for a good cause .... The Soph prankster "Beetle" McPherson is going to write a book on "How to get even with Hitler in ten easy lessons." That'll give us a rest. Poor Hitler! . . . Ask Virginia Pepperman and Maxine Whitacre about Dakota .... Well, blondes of a feather flock together .... Just what does Dan Teare do in summer camp on those moonlight nights? . . . Tommy "Gargantua" Georgalas loves Christmas parties. All that mistletoe! . . . Lyman "Big Blow" Fishburn has a hard time deciding between Monroe and Freeport, especially on a B card .... Jake Guhl had a remarkable autographed shirt .... When Dick Grilliot yells "Hiya Babe" he isn't just being fresh .... Audrey Trepus is everyone's friend. WUNSCH. VORE WAS VOTED MCST TALKATIVE. BARDELL, CHAMPION l 44 l ' LOCKER - LIZARD, AND FRANK MEIERS, TALL - TALE SPINNER I 45 J Row 2. F. Freerksen, J. Greier, H. Gettemy, K. Earnest, B. Eklund, P. Getz, L. Fouke, A. Georgelas, D. Grilliot, J. Franz, D. Grell. Row 1. E. Fox, V. Gerlich, B. Gilbert, B. Kuhlman, M. Morrow, J. Frink, J. Foss, B. Foy, D. George, M. Kuhn, J. Griilin. Row 3. R. Bowers, P. Ament, D. Bookman, D. Bauch, L. Adamson, T. Bordner. Row 2. V. Bowers, G. Bardell, S. Boslough, D. Brown, G. Aurand, R. Belk. Row 1. B. Anderson, P. Bruce, F. B. Bose, G. Bender, E. Bishop, P. Baird, L. Boeger, R. Brobst. Row 3. P. King, R. Klaus, T. Kerr, R. Kaney, D. Kiefer, F. Keller, D. Gross, T. Jordan. Row 2. N. Kirchberg, A. Hodgson, J. Lapp, S. Johnson, M. Johnson, J. Kauffman, J. Johnson, A. Holms. Row 1. B. Kimes, T. Jacobs, J. Holtum, L. Johnson, V. Hyle, B. Kant. Bakeries are such nice places to work .... Don "Little Shaker" Brown is the Third of the Casanova Browns .... Once every three months you can hear Phyllis Dirksen say- ing "But Miss Platt, I fell down and sprained my ankle last night-and the doctor told me to keep it on a chair." . . . Don Kraft has faithfully followed the camera with a clip board all year .... And here's remembrance to Jim Winter's "old faithful" car-- it pops every hour, on the hour .... If you're interested in a speech on Senators, National. Defense, or sabotage call on Jim Koeller, the great orator .... May the day come when Natalie Heard has run out of her version of the English language. Tweet!!! ALL BUT LEASED T1-IE 1-IALLS OF F. H. s. SHIRLEE FISHER KEEPS E461 THE GANOME RUNNING SMOOTHLY, KEY OR NO KEY. USUALLY U71 Row 3. Row 2. Row 1. Row 3. Row 2. Row 1. NO KEY. BOB B. DeCan, D. Cramer, G. Chiames, B. Cassman, M. Bruce, S. Bruce, S. Delvlaggio. J. Dreyer, K. Dame, J. Dorst, B. Dietmcier, P. Calhoun, J. Brumfield, W. Cooper, F. Dubois. B. Bruehart, P. Brokhausen, R. Brown, I. Christen, D. Car' stedt, A. DeGan, J. Entmeier, L. Bueker, C. Cassman, W. Entmeier. L. Fishlvurn, E. Enzler, R. Fiekert, A. Fisher, S. Bredal, G. Earlenbaugh, I. Dyslin, R. Fleischer, B. Johnson. R. Finkboner, B. Dunn, D. Holtum, E. Deike, B. Dietmeier, C. Eklund, V. Doerr, P. Fischer, P. Dirksen, B. Chapman. S. Fisher, M. Dezmer, J. Erdmier, L. Brown, J. Cook, N. Datt, I. Dir, D. Euler, A. Erdmier. KIMES IS THE "SPIRIT OF i431 ON REVIEW Remember how Bob "Oley" Olson won everything and everybody by a fsjmile? . . . Is he or isn't he a freak? Jack "Bugs" Messing has toafdjs that change colors. . . . Norma Wolf and Arlyne Fischer are authorities on the latest "jive" steps .... Harvey Zartman the dancer, 2nd trombone player, slips around from sfljide to sfljide .... The boy that can keep you on your toes is Marshall "Boogie" Bruce who beats them "Eight to the bar.' '... The tallest couple of the year was Ken "Milwaukee" White and Gloria Hill. The shortest was Eugene Fox and Nelma Gallagher .... Ruth Rosen' stiel and Harry are still stalking the halls .... How could Barbara Guffey exist without a piano? . . . Irene Christen brings in the news about that ExfFreeportite-Jacqueline Frink .... Pearlie Bruce and Cynthia LeNoire are ardent Reader's Digest fans .... Gardenias to Shirley Kronberg for her petite feet which get her to places on time .... Carol Knotts is one of the rootin'ftooters of F. H. S .... Watch out for Billy "I'll volunteer, Miss Seybold' Lorey, who constructs a mean geometric Hgure .... Everyone who sits Dex-ter Witt in class gets told about those mysterious telephone calls he ref ceives. Is it true or is it just some of his Witt, nit? . . . Little Karl Dame always yells, "Let me go first, I'm a Damef '... Funnyman Jack "I'll make three hundred yet" Lawver keeps them rolling in the alleys with a swift left hook .... Wayne Reck still holds the title of Best-dressed man from Cedarville Tech .... Miss Musser will faint if Wally Wolford ever shows up on Friday with his three topics done .... During Spanish Club initiations when Bob Anderson was asked why he didn't have any shoes on, he replied, HI can't help it. I was born that way.' '...' 'Bonnie" Anderson is queen of the local rinks while Eleanor Eilders and Gerry Wienand always choose the back row seats but end up in front .... Betty Allen is the librarian of 113 and Wilma Ent' meier contributes a book a week-all Erle Stanley Gardner .... "Mona" Brown, Jean Stees, and Shirley Strobel may be found eating popcorn in Kresge's any day .... Lucile Sicher, Alice Love, Anna Miller and Dorothy Carstedt have lots of fun on the days when "everyone is gone for practicef '... Catherine Reining looked pretty fancy in her operetta costume that Mary Ellen Slaght worked so hard on .... jean Erdmier has almost worn out her "16's" trying to decide what the "17's" will be .... Valeria Vore had a nice vacation for an appendectomy and came back with Chinese finger nails. . . . Ruth Nesemeyer is one of the gals who "dishes it out.' '... And in parting let us utter those immortal words, "Don't use the fire escape, Fish." AND ALL THE SOPHS ARE PEPPY PEOPLE AROUND THE FORT U91 I C. Ofs ........ Miss Hansen and Mr. Kempf President ........ .......... R oger Fritz VicefPresident ........ Betty Lou Rasmussen SecretaryfTreasurer .... Roger Finkboner The rookies have passed their preliminary courses and are now taking thirty months' intensive training rat Officers' Candidate School. They're anxious to win their stripes and are envious of Sophomore accomplish' ments like goldfbricking and marching. TWO ROGER F 'S AND A BETTY RULE THE ROOKIES' RIOTS wi IYIZIV IU AEULIT CLD!! ., . W K 3 'ff I f- if ' W '5':5:5:AV A Vefff2ee2f222gffffssf O -rsfff22-ff: F -:--:::., '. :mx c LA ss of '46 JO HN WONELSDORF I 3 Row 3. E. Lalley, G. Bing, D. Randolph, Z. Klapp, R. Dagel, B. Smith, R. Getty, C. Lawson, B. Mzlrosszt. Row 2. Kuhlemeyer, D. Jaeohs, D. Lindgren, U. Burkholder, S. Bixminger, E. Heilemeier, H. Hcitz, B. Reiland, D. Klosa. Row l. R. Johnston, I. Hunter, K.. Henke, B. Hickman, H. Hille, T. McLcroy, J. Spangler. Row 3. E. Smith, E. Vore, E. Stearns, J. Quincer, J. Stecs, M. Taylor, N. Strobel, B. Mclvlillan, R. Stoner. Row 2. A. Seitz, C. Trueblood, L. Zwiefel, S. Lapp, D. Quies, A. Zimmerman, D. Vrtol. Row 1. W. Thiel, D. Voss, G. Utt. THESE TRAINEES HAVEN'T BEEN IN CAMP LONG BUT KNOW ABOUT fill Row 3. D. Heitz, N. Kimzitzt, P. Franklin, K. Dickinson, B. Wilsciii, K. For' raster, L. Brumiicld, M. Jzigcr, C. Bunncll. Row 2. V. Franklin, N. Barrett, M. Harris, L. Cordcs, S. Folgatc, ll. Allwrccht, C. Brydson, J. Fickcrt, U. Crziincr. Row 1. B. Urctlcr, Hcsscnius, bl. Hzirtinzin, N. Biillington, R. Tippctts, R. Hocilc, W. Loring. Row 3. R. Nelson, B. Pcppcrinzin, J. Shay, L. Pridficld, J. Schmidt, D. Layman, B. Spitlcr, L. Uswzilt, J. Scliimpf. Rowl. A. Simlcr, E. McNair, R. Popp, M. Nelson, D. Hill, B. Lyon, l'. Pzilnicr, Scoficld. Row 1. R. Slztlfcr, D. Scovcl, P. Ncugcs, R. Ruwlcigli, H. Sclilcgcl, V, Roscf mcicr, B. Rolwlwins. THE ELEVATOR AND THE LEFT-I-IANDED MONKEY WRENCHES U31 Row 2. N. Clement, R. Borchers, D. Clark, J. Cramer, B. Buss, E. Adams, C. Clay, L. Brokhausen, D. Fickert, F. Bosclorf. Row 1. N. Banks, F. Bird, E. Bott, P. Baker, M. Ament, E, Backes, A. Baker. Row 3. R. Donahue, G. Greene, R. Fertitta, R. Fritz, E. Dreier, B. Cassman, A. Epping, T. Grcier, L. Fosler. Row 2. M. Euler, W. Fink, M. E. Cuffey, N. Ferguson, K. Gorham, C. Deuth, S. Denton, P. Gitchel. Row 1. R. Deemer, I. Giles, D. Allen. IN FEBRUARY THE GREEN ARMY OUT-MANEUVEREDTHECORPORALS li 541 Row 3. A. Rockow, P. Reel, S. Rietz, Rayhorn, C. Sanders, B. Rees, B. Rosenstiel, C. Peck, R. Rhodes. Row 2. J. Rinderman, M. Nelson, P. Shea, P. Rundall, M. Samel, A. Sorn, A. Schleuning, F. Miller, J. Monroe. Row 1. G. Scheifner, E. Runte, T. Schwarz, J. Rampenthal, I. Schlaefer, C. Schmelzle, B. Schroeder, G. Greene. Row 3. E. Soliday, R. Slonecker, B. Stocker, H. Strohacker, B. Simler, J. Seeker, R. Stoke, C. Stebbings. Row 2. N. Staas, E. Stoner, B. Smith, E. Shain, V. Tyrrell, N. Stine, D. Stucky, M. L. Siemsen, M. Staas. Row 1. VJ. Stukenberg, M. Stewart, D. Steinhardt, M. Sehleich, B. Smith, K. Staas, D. Shepard. IN THE RACE FOR THE CROWNS WITH RASMUSSEN AND DORST U51 Row 4. K. Noltemeier, M. Nelson, C. Mcllvunie, W. Koning. Row3. A. Kirchberg, K. Longunecker, E. Pfisterer, D. Lamm, V. Parriott, L. Martin, D. Mcllney, M. Koclismeier, N. IvIcCool M. L. Morgan, B. Paulson. s Row 2. L. Pinnow, P. Miller, V. Knoclle, A. Heckman, A. Lenz, G. Mueller, -I. Lang, E. Keefer, N. Lendeck. Row 1. S. Laughlin, A. Merkle, N. Kaiser, C. Nelvermzln, R. Mellf nick, B. Nampel, D. Morton, R. Killcer, R. Mcllney. Row 3. W. Howard, F. Howard, S. Haupert, D. Jones. T. Greier, C. Karl, L. Kasten, A. Jogerst, W. Gabel. Row 2. S. Gartman, B. J. Kaiser, K. Johnson, M. J. Jackson, B. Hager' man, E. Hutmacher, P. Hill, M. Homan. Row 1. R. Marcum, Iwi. Marcum, D. Kruckenberg, J. Heilman, B. Lichtenberger, R. Mantzke, J. Knobel, D. Kerr, W. Kurz. THAT MINSTREL suow WAS A GREAT WORK or ART my BUT WE im MARCHING ALONG The exciting times the Privates have . . . Barbara Martin, after reading about herself in one of those famous slam books said, "I am notl' '... Ray Marcum, pinboy, was incensed when Audrey threw her second ball just as he was picking up the first one. . . . Bob Cassman thinks the boys' voices in chorus are wonderful .... Have you heard, "Oh, I don't go with him any more"? That's Irma Dir's theme song .... That 33.00 which Marilyn Taylor won certainly wasn't getting the bird .... Then there was that time one night when Nan Ferguson drove through town with her lights off f- People get killed that a'way .... Now that Lois "Penny" Pinnow and Don Bookman are patched up again their friends can relax,funtil the next time. Row 2. C. Wahlen, T. Wick, H. Wiiitet, L. Wienaiid, R. Tilkemier. Row 1. K. Youngblut, J. Zartman, G. Wunsch, B. Thorpe, C. Tobin, M. Tretter, B. Zimmerman, L. Wirtjes, V. Voss. PREFERRED THE DOUGI-IN UTS AND SANDWICHES QALWAYS PEANUTQ f 571 MARCHING ALONG "Vitamins for sale" is Don Symanek's warfcry .... Pat Hill's hair was certainly straight that afternoon walking in the rain. People screamed and looked the other way. . . . Mary Jane Homan knows now that the "facing" on a blouse goes inside. . . . We hear that Bob Fleischer has quite a business selling golffballs. "How much for this one, Red?' '... During an oral test in one of Mrs. Lees's science classes, Selby Haupert was asked to name the two kinds of barometers. Selby thought and thought. Finally he spied an aneroid barometer on the wall and said brightly, "This kind- and the other kind' '... In Miss Hansen's 9th hour English class, during a drill in which sentences were to be built around certain verbs, Douglas Clark was given the verb "sat," Douglas quickly stated, "The boy sat down as if he were stiff." No one knew? quite how to take this .... Then there is Norma Stein, who breaks every mirror in sight .... Audrey Dickens and Myrna Samel are seen in a huddle as usual .... When Don Kuhlman was asked which poem he had memorized from three choices, he replied, "I didn't memorize anyg it said only to choose one." . . . Bill Q knows all, sees all, tells nothinglj Kurz came into the room holding his finger and proclaiming that a mouse had bitten him .... What frosh said that Bob Benchley appeared in movie shorts? . . . Selbyi Haupert's sneezing in study hall is no curiosity. He used to exhale this 90 milefanfhour gale in junior High, too .... Some of the girls are really studious, meaning Gertrude Wunsch and Shirley Gartman .... Eleanore Spliethoff reports on Latin class fun .... Why - does Ruth Schoelller always have misplaced lipstick? . . . Who is "hopefully yoursv? Fergie, would you know? . . . Who are you thinking of now, Hagerman? Why do Guffey and Jeannine go to Dakota? . . . What happens on third floor after school when the baton twirlers practice? . . . No one gets away with any gum chewing in chorus now .... Joan Springer has plenty of pennies these days .... Marion Kuhn likes to ask questions of her teachers .... Nancy Shewmen received a quarter for that spare Gene Cheeseman bet her she wouldn't make in bowling .... Since becoming a cheer leader, Pat Hill has a large collection of them Qpicturesj in her locker .... Have you heard Mary Anne Meile in one of her laughing moods? SO LONG - GOTTA GROW NOW. WATCH FOR US IN THE FALL U81 2 ,, 'E W WW , WE LOVED THE U. S. O. SHOWS THAT KEPT US THERE 8th HOUR I 59 I True Fort Freeport Spirit was found in the Operetta, the Band and Orchestra Concerts, the May Festival, the Junior and Senior Plays and the State Speech contest. Here were witnessed the F's and V's made by the marching band, the pomposos and spiccatos played by the orchestra, the stirring lines and thrilling denouements in the dramas, the mighty arguments of the debates. BUGLERS, ALTOS AND TROUPERS DEMONSTRATE THEIR TALENTS 560 U11 L F 614544. mfg Q I NWS A , H52 Q? Y' f -..g 1.1 3,,,::5 In :lr ZZG- f Il N Row 4. M. Lindgren, J. Lubenow, I. James, D. Cuhl, T. Hamon, P. Wagrtiid, D. Teare, H. Gabel, J. Parriott, J Stiegman, C. Boswell, E. Eilders. Row 3. J. Ross, E. Ross, M. Miller, L. Thompson, B. Davis, VJ. Reek, H. Haberkamp, L. Eyestone, M. Schwedcr R. Ceiser. Row 2. M. Adams, J. Sharp, M. NVhitaere, R. Stickle, T. Jordan, C. Moore, C. Schlafer, J. C. Guhl, N. Abels, J. Schneider, J. Wziles. Row 1. E. Seely, R. Kaiser, M. Young, C. DeVore, N. Ryan, Miss Haselton, direetorg D. Cook, J. Abels. J. Smith, J. Rowen, M. Thompson. The U. S. C. Club singers fmusic departmentj, used exclusively for the entertainment of the inductees in the ranks of education and their parents, have been doing their part to holster public morale. At Yuletide season they presented a program of carols. On February 24, 1943, they took part in a bondfselling program entitled "The Song Beautiful" by Gladys Pierce Hope. In this way they have contributed to the war effort. MANY BARTERED BRIDES AND GROOMS WERE MEMBERS OF THE E621 Trehle Clef A Row 4. B. Lindgren, L. Schmitt H. Chiames, S. Bredal, J. Kruse, I. Christen, E Stukenherg, C. Chianies, C. Lenoire. Row 3. B. Guffey, accompanist, C Schelfner, Hird, S. John son, B. Tifft, L. Samp son, M. Johnson. S. Fisher. G. Wieiiaiid. Row 2. D. Shivers, S. Feiler, W Hildebrandt, J. Johnson R. Rosenstiel, D. Kuhle meier, R. Kaiser, D. Long L. Sicher. Row 1. Miss Haselton, direetorg E Cveiser, R. Saxhy, C. Kap' pes, J. Bennett, V. Pepperf man, A. Snyder. Sextet Pianof-J. Sharp, M. Lindgren, M Miller, M.Young, D.Cook C. Boswell, J. Schneider. Boys' Quartet H. Cahel, C. Sehlafer, C. Moore, D. Teare. a ROYAL ORDER OF THE RED ROBE AND THE WHITE SWEATER i631 THE BARTERED BRIDE One of the highlights of the musical season, the Uperetta, was presented April 9, 1943. It was taken from the light opera, "The Bartered Bride," hy Bedrich Smetana. The cast of characters was as follows: Krushina .... Ludmila . . . Marie . . . Micha . . . Hata .... Vashek . . . jenik ..... . . . Kezal ............. Principal Comedian . . Esmeralda ........ Indian .... Katenka . . . Miss Haselton, Miss Sheetz . . . . jack Sellke . . . . Iris james . . . . joan Sharp . . . Calvin Moore . . Maxine Young . . . . jack Randall . . . Gaylord Schlafer Dan Teare . . . Adolph Rampenthal . . . . . Norma Ahels . . . . Harvey Gahel . . . Ruth Kaiser The story is of two Bohemian families who have gathered to eelehrate the hetrothal of their son and daughter, respectively. Marie, the daughter of Krushina, is not in love with the simple Vashek, the son of Mieha, to whom she is hetrothed. But the one whom she really loves turns out to he the true son of Micha. And therefore the story ends very happily with Marie marrying her true love. THE DIRECTORS STAYED LATE AND KEPT EVERYBODY ON KEY i641 MADRIGALS Gahel, C. Schlafer, R. Kaiser, I. james, N. Ahels, L. Eyestone, M. Thompson, C. Moore Teare. The operetta was splendid and muchfpraisecl everywhere. Then as the final event of the Spring, everyones' thoughts turned to the "May Festival." The theme of the festival was American songs and among them were "Oh, Susanna" and "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel." Everyone in the chorus, the treble clefs and A Cappella sang k'Rise, Men Courageous," a stirring march. The seniors, particularly, carried away a lovely musical memory from this, their last Festival. Miss Haselton and Miss Sheetz deserve lots of orchids for the professional performances they turned out this year. MADRIGALS DRESSED UP AND LOOKED UBOO-FUL" AT NOEL f65Il Violins and Violinists MR. KUBITZ AND MR. IST VIOLINS Jack Lutz, Goneertmaster Jack Randall James Zartman Milton Boyd Harold Witte Dorothy Cook George Aurand Gerald Glock Selhy Haupert ZND VIOLINS Ivan Sehlaefer Jack Aurand Randall Stoke Eleanore Spliethoff Phyllis Dirksen Audrey Dickens Bette Thorpe lvlarion Harris VIOLAS Rohert Pittsley Lois Smith Donna George Pauline Miller Harold Hille CELLOS Dorothy Wziliisley Teal Pierce Donna Rose Fierheller Janice Ahels Patricia Palmer Wzllter Thiel CONTRABASSES Wayiie Reek Evelyn Thiel Kathryn Johnson OBOES Audrey Peterson Norma Lancleck FLUTES Barbara Malott Phyllis Hulhurt Janice Young GLARINETS Dan Teare William Ditzler Joyce Wcuinelsdcurf Joyce Koym CORNETS Joan Wcbmelsdorf Marcella Spahr LaVerne Condit SEEMAN SEARCI-IED FOR HIDDEN TALENT f66 t ! - a 1 I l I I HORNS TROMBONES PERCUSSION Ann Lawrence Joyce Cooper James Anderson Lois Miller Harvey Zartman June Porth Don Griswold TUBA Elvera Bott Bruce Woniclsdcprf POST ORCHESTRA The post orchestra increased in size and volume as many unclerclassmen filed into the tower last Septemher. These new corners, combined with the veterans, gave us a Christmas program filled with more than the usual fervor. The vocal personnel teamed with the orchestra to present a stirring, and colorful operetta. In the annual spring festival the orchestra, playing like professionals, hrought to a close their olhcial season. AND FOUND THE BEST MUSICAL TREASURE TROVE IN I67I YEARS FORT B KARL H. KUBITZ, Director Ugryrve Kloos . . . Financial Manager A . . . . V Dan Teare ......... Drum Major Anne Lawrence ......... Manager Joan Vxfomelsdorf, Joyce Vsfomelsdorf, Elvera Bott ........, Librarians Gaylord Schlafer, Theodore Pierce .... Equipment Managers Mrs. Mentor Whe41t .... Honorary Member Iris Bohlen, Janice Abels, Gloria Hill, Claire Cassman, Ruth Rosenstiel, Patty Brokhausen ....... Majorettes FLUTES AND Eb W CLARINET PICCOLOS Joan Heitzman Barbara Malott, Principal Janice Young OBOES 3 E r Phyllis Hulburr Audrey Peterson, l rincipal Margaret Antrim Norma Landeck Drm Krafr Stanley Pash Gertrude Wiiiisch BASSQQHN Nancy Ferguson , ,k Nl Jack Cramer JM NM Y Alice Anne Seitz Bb CLARINETS Constance Truebloodig Dan Teare, Principal Sylvia Folgateili Wiiq, Ditgler AND Doris Mayer Harold Witte Mary Jane Homan Robert Donahue Joyce Vxfomelsdorf Joyce Koym Frances Potter Neota Finkboner Barbara Atherton Jean Rowen Martha Mary Seit: Owen Miller Shirley Jean Gartman W111. Moogk Elton Miller Jeanne Hermsmeicr Betty Dunn Phyllis Baker Norma Clement Carol Knotts Audrey Luedelcing June Scofield Mary Ethel Guffey Fannie Jane Mullins ALTO CLARINETS Gaylord Schlafer, Principal Jane Rideout BASS CLARINETS Nancy Ryan Robert Olson SAXOPHONES Gwen Greier, Alto, l rincipal Gloria Hoffman, Alto Robert Anderson, Alto Elaine Rasmussen, Tenor Jack Hartman, Tenor Shirley Mayer, Baritone J TROMBONES John Reining, Principal Joyce Cooper Harvey Zartman Roland Borchers James Whezit Jack Sward, Bass Vv'm. Kracht After some forty appearances this season, our band personnel still 'Lmarches on." We heard them play and saw them perform at the football games. Their version of the Hawaiian Wrir Chant lightened the atmosphere at basketball games. Their annual concert was the best in many years, The "Finale" from Tschaikowslcfs Fourth Sym' TI-IEY,RE TOOTING THEIR WAY THROUGH THE RANKS T681 CORNETS AND TRUMPETS Joan Vxfomelsdorf, Principal Marcella Spahr LaVerne Condit Calvin Wulisch James Koeller Bette Lou Rasmus cn Shirl Laughlin Jack Myers Lowell Miller Wni. Kurz James Rosemeierg HORNS Anne Lawrence, Principal June Porth Donna Fierheller Donald Griswold Lois Miller Valeria Vore Dick Randolph Elvera Bott James Seckeriii Joyce Albrecht Wzxlter Thielff BARITONES Lee Weckerly Vkfm. Ruthe James Zartman TUBAS Ted Pierce, Principal Bruce Vxfomelsdorf George Aurand CONTRA BASS Waylie Reck PERCUSSICN James Anderson, Principal Ted Jacobs Roger Fritz Willzird Roppins Milton Boyd Tom Wick? Mrs. Whez-It, :li Indicates reserves who are not full members of the concert hand. I Ionorary band member phony, 'Song of the Marching Men" and Excerpts from Porgy and Bess were excepf tionally good, with humor added by the array of derbies, felts, bright colored New Year'S hats, and Scottish caps featured in the "Swanee Satire." All year long the Free' port band keeps the post spirit climbing, PROVIDING PLENTY OF PEP WITH THOSE KUBITZ SPECIALS wi Cast of "The Imaginary Invalid" Argan . . . William Reed Cleante ..... James Shoenhard Toinette . . . Nancy Mogle Monsieur Diafoirus . . Milton Boyd Angelique .... Margaret Antrim Thomas Diafoirus . . . Jack Sellke Madame Fleurant . . . Mary Dorst Louison .... Mary Ellen Tucker Beline ,.... Lorraine Marcum Beralde . . . Pauline Deininger Monsieur de Bonnefoi . . jack Lutz M cnxi sieur Purgon . . Theodore Pierce N coco, "You're a naughty girl." WEREN'T MAMA AND PAPA PROUD OF THEM THAT NIGHT? T701 mga , i if 4, iifxw ' Ta ii W , x' f M . 3K 2, g f W- ww., , fii . H if 'Y' , E ff ? f L 1 , 4 'H E lf ' 2. ' , is , hr H Qt Lihjwfa 1. 32, .2 t W - 2 . Q li 1 gg ,, 1 P J 1 ' Q, -W I ' 1 21 ffqiy Q Lal- qw 9+ mm . .5 I f IWW' 3 V ,,., ., 5 5 ,,,.' , M Q1 ' an if F f f .4 ,gs egg? ,wg 5 ,- j , M, , . mv ' ' T 'Z' 1 I Q5-1 713 'WM f'3 w. 'W H ,f+f,Lz 11,33 4' fl . fy , , if ' , In A in J 4+ 2: 1 . Y iw a. Le Q, ,K QF' mini? "THE IMAGINARY INVALID" Twelve faces groan under half an inch of grease paint, costumes are hastily donned, fsome stretched several inches at the seamsj, and assistants anxiously give lastfminute at' tention to the stars of the play. A call goes up, 'kEveryone on stage for the heginning of act one." And the show is on! For two and onefhalf hours the audience is completely carried away hy the Seniors' portrayal of "The Imaginary Invalid," a threefact play which is a comedy in every sense of the word. The curtain falls. The cast is acclaimed potential actors and actresses right here in our midst! Thus three weeks of fun, late practices, and work end with a hig success V thanks to Miss Lloyd and all the cast! And here's the cast for the Junior Play. "DON'T TAKE MY PENNY" Sally ,... Norman Porter . . . . . Iris Bohlin Boh Schroeder Penny . . . Barhara Malott Caleh . Don Holdeman Mxirk . Leon Seigmeier IVIavis . Pauline Johnson Lydia . June Smith Joanna . . Joyce Cooper Fudge . Elizaheth Seely Kerry . . Don Erdmier Greg . Cram . . . Ivlonsieur Henri Harrison Day . . . Jack Neely Gloria DeVore Boh Bergemann . . . . Jim Vaughan Models Claire . . . Donna Rose Fierheller Elsie . . . . Jean Pollock Lucile . . Janice Ahels JUST GIVE 'EM A CHANCE' Debate Row 2. Mr. Smith, Sellke, L. Fishhurn, Vaughan, F. Corran. Row 1. M. Antrim, L. Martin, B. Stricker, L. Marcum. The intrafstate speech sectional contest was held at East Moline and results were as follows: Extempore speakingf-lim Vaughan-'f3rd place. Humorous reading-f Adolph Rainpenthalf --lst place. Serious readingf-'Louise Ousley --3rd place. Original oratoryn -Jack Sellkef--lst place. Oratorical declamation-V Jim Koellerf 4th place. Verse reading-frjean Spencer 6th place. Dehate-AfhrmatiyefBetsy Stricker and Jim Vaughan 1 win, 3 losses. Negative Lorraine Marcum and Jack Sellkef 3 wins, I loss. 3rd place. Onefact playf "Happy Journey" hy Thornton Wilder. Cast: Nancy Mingle, Barhara Malott, Frances Potter, Eugene Fox, Stanley Pash, and Adolph Rampenthal. lst place. Freeport placed third in the State tournament at Champaign. The onefact play, worked to a smooth perfection hy coach Jeanette Lloyd, outdistanced all competition and placed first. Adding further honor to the dramatic department, Nancy lvlogle and Eugene Fox won places on the allfstate play cast. ,lack Sellke, in his third year oi' state competition, took Hrst place in original oratory. DEBATERS WILL ARGUE PROS AND CONS OF ANY QUESTION T751 KINGS AND QUEENS Janice Young and Don Kiecklmefer, Cal Wulusch and jane Rideout, Sophomore contenders AFTER A BREATI-ILESS EVENING THE SENIORS WERE U41 QUEENS AND KINGS Betty Lou Rasmussen and Joe Dorst, Freshmen candidates King Bob Lundquist and Queen Rea Chambers, Senior winners OVERJOYED TO PLACE THE CROWNS ON "CHICK,' AND "LUNDY U51 THE FRCST FRCJLIC FABLES The Frost Frolics of 1943 was held on February 22 in the Fort Freeport Recreaf tion Center. Through the persistence of Margaret Antrim and Jack Sellke, it went off with a bang! With the help of the construction crew, industrious students transformed the F. H. S. gym into a veritable winter wonderland. At seven o'clock sharp, our future Madeline Carrols and Clark Gables took their respective places around the igloo to compete for the coveted baby prize. Half an hour later we heard Odell Klipping grumbling in his beard because he had to wear a tuxedo to be master of ceremonies at the style show. In the music room people rolled in the aisles in appreciation of Bill Lee's subtle humor. Back in the gym, Houdini the Second made our hair stand on end with his superfmagic feats, and the commissary department furnished lots of luscious food, Then we got "hep" to the music and cut a few rugs before the final highlight of the evening. At eleven o'clock Bob Lundquist and Rea Chambers were crowned king and queen and so ended another F. H. S. carnival. The big moment arrives. MARG AND JACK MADE THE ARRANGEMENTS WHILE MRS. KIDD U61 SAW THAT EVERYTHING STARTED AT THE RIGHT TIME I773 The recreation halls-the music room-the cafeteria-are bursting with laughter, ap' plause, and cheers every night after drill's over. Here is the cream, the spice, the ex' citement in life that makes the U. S. O. the most popular place at the Fort. AFTER CLASS BE SURE TO GO PLAYING AT THE U. S. O U31 ELL j 615' 5 X XL, fy C4 + fff, 1 fi' 4 ' Q ...,.. zu. 1 J E if A, E : nlzznznzn 0 A' fg W Yi 0 f -::::.., 0 .,.: f i1 1f W P J' J' . 1 fp f791 Row 2. M. Young, M. Aldcr, A. Clrctlcr, P. jones, C. Schnnpf, I.. Martin, B. Kraft. Row l. A. Lawrcncc, M. Tuckcr, M. Smith, E. Andcrson, J. Sharp, M. Thompson, C. Ekf lund, D. Cook. Row Z. L, Eycstonc, D. VValturs. -I. Scllkc, N. QI. Voss, Miss Bowcrs, adviscr. Row 1. M. Young, C. AI. Vchincicr, M. Antrim. Nl. Dorst, R. Hull, Kastcn. Thosc not in thc picturc: L. lwlarcuin, R. Bcclxcr, H. Yost. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ,lust what is the National Honor Socicty? It is a socicty for rinc scholarship. characlcr, lcadcrship. and scrvicc. A studcnt must maintain good gradcs during the school tcrnms. Thc charactcr rating is dctcrmincd hy standards of honcsty and rcliahility and also hy cofopcration, with school rulcs. Succcssfully holding school orhccs or positions of rc' sponsihility comcs undcr thc heading of lcadcrship, Scrvicc includcs connnittcc or staff work and rcprcscntation of thc school in various typcs of compctition. As only Hftccn pcr ccnt of the scnior class can hccomc nicinhcrs of thc National Honor Society, it is indccd a rcal "honor" to hc onc of thosc choscn. THEY WERE REWARDED FOR BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL mug THE POLARIS STAFF Those poor souls who wandered up and down the halls pulling their hair out and mutf tering things to themselves were really only the memhers of the Polaris staif. Their ideas were put together, thrown out, dragged hack in, eut down, and elahorated upon, and finally made realities in your 1943 Polaris. Now the staff can get a little hard' earned rest. But don't let them fool you--they managed to have plenty of fun, too. Row 2. A. Gretler, P. Jones, F. Donner, J. Sellke, B. Donstad, B. Sehirmer, T. Pierce, Mr. Steinhoff. Row 1. J. Sharp, M. Lindgren, M. Smith, N. J. Voss, E. Anderson, N. Mogle, A. Lawrence Row 2. J. Messing, B. Hannah, F. Freerksen, R. Sandstrom, D. Kraft, J.Vaughan, A. Campf hell, B. Artman, M. Valeska, Mr. Kloos. Row 1. Miss Platt, M. Young, J. Pollock, A. Poggenklass, C. Vehmeier, J. Vxfomelsdorf, J. Vsfomelsdorf, M. Tucker. Those not in picture: S. Pash, D. Nelson, L. Mareum, D.Youngs, B. Simpson, D.Wz1n1sley, D. Alexander, V. Krueger. THE STAFF MANAGED TO LIVE ON ROOT BEER AND POTATO CHIPS I 31 l Row 2. J. Kasten, M. Smith, L. Kent, R. Becker, J. Sellke, E. Anderson, J. Cam' erer, M. E. Tucker. Row 1. Chapin, L. Simmons, L. Marcuin, hi. Antrim, N. Ahels, D. Mayer, A. Lawrence. Row 3. C. Eklund, C. Schimpf, B. Lee, A. Cretler, L. Eyestone, Raih, M. Dorst, J. Craves, G. Creier, Miss Yenerich, adviser. Row 2. D. Cook, N. Voss, J. Klapp, E. Clark, N. Lighthart, N. Cuhl, M. Bush, B. Kraft. Row 1. M. Alder, M. Thompson, M. Schunk, M. Young, P. Vore, Sharp, P. Hettinger. Those not in picture: L. Martin, C. J. Vehmeier, H. Yost, J. Stocks, B. Sullivan, B. L. Simpson, M. Scofield, J. McLeRoy, P. Miller, J, Rees, H. Holtum, E. Ellsworth, H. Eder, P. Deininger. PHILOS For five semesters of English with a "B" average, one of the highest honors in high school, that of hecoming a memher of the Philomathean Society, is hestowed upon you. The Philos have tried to do their share in this war by making scrap books and sending them, along with other literature, to the F. H. S. alumni in the armed forces. PHILOS CUT AND PASTE FOR ALUMS IN FAR PLACES T321 STUDENT COUNCIL The high standards estahlished hy the Student Council of last year are being upheld hy a newly elected group of homeroom presidents. Due to the war, the scope of the Council has heen widened to include some war projects such as directing the Red Cross enrollment. This is the group which relays the voice of the students to the school officials. Row 2. J. Wheat, L. Hasse, D. Sturtevant, D. Kieckhaefer, G. Bennett, T. Pfisf terer, R. Stoke, C. Schimpf, A. Armagost. Row 1. R. Hull, B. Stricker, N. Wolf, C. Boswell, M. Wahler, V. Krueger, J. Schneider, L. Cusley, E. Ross. Row 2. J. Zartman, S. Laughlin, Dorst, Vaughan, Sellke, C. Chiamcs, D. Symanek, B. Reed, D. Holdeman. Row 1. j. Young, V. Griffo, M. Spahr, B. Foy, M. Kochsmeier, N. Mogle, E. Anderson. Not in picture: D. Holtum. DANCE PLANNERS AND RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE ARE THE COUNCILITES I 33 I FRENCH CLUB Row 2. Miss Yenerich, adviser, H. Chiames, B. Womelsdcvrf, N. Voss, L. Dickinson, P. Vore. Row 1. C. Chiames, E. Wachliix, Kruse, P. Wichmaii, E. Bishop, B. Entmcier. Le Circle Francais is very petit this year, hut enthusiasm makes up for size, We are studying the different provinces of France and their characteristics, especially Normanf die. In addition we have played many fascinating: games and puzzles in French. SPANISH CLUB Row 3. B. Anderson, J. Holtum, R. Leopold, T. Kerr, B. Trevillian, J. Franz, T. Jacobs B. Lorey. Row 2. E. Uden, P. Smith, J. Kauffman, B. Cutfey, V. Vore, J. Schefner, J. Cook L. Greene. Row 1. J. Porth, F. Mullins, P. Dirksen, C. Sanders, R. Rosenstiel, E. Pfisterer, B Thorpe. Those not in picture: R. Mantzke, M. L. Morgan, J. Springer, M. Samel, K. Bing I. James, L. Stover, R. Schoefller, A. Poggenklass, P. Lockwood, M. Shunk B. Moogk. FRENCH SPEAKERS STUDY APPLE BLOSSOM TIME IN NORMANDIE wo Row 3. A. Gretler, D. Kiefer, L. Fishhurn, M. Boyd, K. Breymann, B. Cassman, A. Camphell, B. Stickle. ROWZ. Miss Schmidt, adviserg V. Lopez, L. Baylor, J. Guhl, J. Shoef maker, Hill, E. Hutcherson, G. Greene. Row 1. B. Kimes, C. Stehhings, M. Young, B. L. Rasmussen, S. Pash, B. Kurz, S. Kronherg. Row 3. R. Swartz, J. Vaughan, R. VValters, R. Schroeder, R. Liscom, T. Jordan, R. Donahue, J. Wll'lCCfS. Row 2. B. Dunn, C. Eklund, L. Martin, D. Wanisley, D. Carstedt, L. Eastman, N. Heard, K. Johnson, M. Trevillian. Row 1. J. Bennett, M. Thompson, A. DeGan, N. Mogle, J. Rideout, M. Uushart, J. Schneider, M. Whitacre. SPANISH CLUB Buenos dias, Alumnos de la Escuela Superior de Freeport. Como estan ustedes este huen dia? Fine. El Circulo Espanol is too. We have made progress this year in the understanding of the Spanish language, customs and culture. According to reports, the new memhers took their pledge in charcoal. SPANISH CLUB TRIES CRYPTOGRAMS AND NEWLY tw WEDS Row 2. Nl. C. Cluhl, D. Hershherger, AI. Sellke, J. Lutz, M. Pettepieee. Row I. C. Sehimpf, D. Ferguswii, D, Vv'z1rtlell, C. Vxfuuseh. C. Chigimes, R. Fritz. New memhers: C. Dennis, KI, Durst, K. Kerr, K. Bgirdell, B. Kimes. HI-Y After Qui Qihseiiee from the student aietivities of F, H. S. for several years, the I-IifY Cluh was reorgzmized hy ll gmup of enterprising high sehuwl huys with Mr. Dupee :is their adviser. The eluh earried tm several service zietivities, hesitles ziugmeiitiiig student recreation with damees held iii eocwpeititioii with the Cirl Reserves. The HifY, too, was respcmsihle for the prugrzuiis distrihuted at the hzlskethxill games. HI-Y HOLDS QUT HOPES OF RECREATIONAL CENTER fgfml GIRLS' CLUB The Cirls' Cluh of which every girl in F. H. S. is a memher, not only had its annual weekflong magazine drive for raising money for the needy, hut also helped the Student Council sponsor the program of ohtaining fruit and magazines for the hoys in khaki. The eluh stands for good fellowship and help. M. Smith, L. Ousley, M. Samel, C. Boswell, N. Mogle, Miss Barclay, adviser. THOSE APPLES YOU BROUGHT WERE COLLECTED BY GIRLS' CLUB LSU Ruw 3. nl. Sclwclmhxlml, D. Hurslxlwc1'gc1', R. Ferguson, R. Becker, K. Kerr, C. Wnllmsclm, R. Fritz. Ruw Z. D. Best, -I. C. Uulml, H. Hoskiug. U. Rohr, U. Rwddcwig, B. Brucc, C. Kuutlclmzm. Row 1. D. Hwldumzm. tl. Wclty', R. Micklc, L. Baylor, j. Krucgcr, U. Wilsnmlm, B. Kuudlc. Those nut in picturc: P. Hartgcn, H. Dixon, R. Fiukbuucr, B. Clmplmmll, F. Meier, M. Norman, D, Urilliut. D. Waltkilms, L. Suttcrliu, L. Switz, K. Balrdcll, J. Dorst, B. Flcisclmcr, B. Schrucdcr, L. Krglcht, R. Wiclalllnl, THE FACULTY - LETTERMEN GAME, HARTGEN GOT HIS CHANCE I 83 I LETTERMEN'S CLUB The F mcn arc the lcading mcn of F. H. S. At the hcad of each activity, whcthcr it hc scholastic, sports, or school, youlll always find a lcttcrman. Thcy arc thc sponsors of thc annual LcttcrmanfFaculty gamc in which thcy usually coinc out on thc short cntl. Thc highflight of the ycar is thcir spring fcast which all look forward to and fcw miss. Thcsc arc thc gcntlcmcn, who so cordially cscort you to your "choicc" scats at thc haskcthall gamcs. Mr. Fulkcrson is thc adviscr. Row 3. D. Ferguson, D. Wairdcll, M. Pcttcpiccc, L. Fishhurn, J. Rush, M. Brucc, B. Lcvin, A. Urctlcr. Row 2. D. Knauff, J. Lutz, B. Lundquist, P. joncs, A. Gcorgalas, U. Chiamcs, B. Lintlscy. Row 1. il. Chapman, T. Fcrguson, N. Hcnzc, R. Banks, R. Ruttcr, B. Donahuc, C. Mcllyzliiic. K. Picrcc. T0 MAKE HIS 'CTOUCI-IDOVVNH' BOYS ARE PLANNING A PICNIC E891 PAINT AND PATCHES "Paint and Patches" is the dramatics club for the Freshmen and Sophomores. At the meetings, the members give a onefact play or several short skits. Everyone in the club eventually has a chance to take part. Row 3. B. Lorey, K. Youngblut, D. Guhl, I. Schlaefer, J. Rampenthal, R. Marcum Miss Lloyd, adviser. Row 2. G. Sanders, P. Reel, V. Tyrrell, P. Rundall, B. Rasmussen, F. Potter, N Gallagher. Row 1. N. Ferguson, P. Hill, J. Rayhorn, M. Griihn, F. Mullins. Row 3. J. Zartman, P. Dirksen, B. Guffey, R. Gassman, A. Rampenthal, N. Kirchberg, J. Kauffman, B. Stickle. Row 2. V. Vore, R. Rosenstiel, S. Fisher, G. Hill, C. Cassman, J. Hermsmeier, N. Heard. Row 1. M. L. Perkins, P. Brokhausen, M. Pierce, M. Whitacre, B. Bruckart. Those not in picture: E. Fox, M. Guffey, V. Lopez, J. Messing, V. Pepperman, L. Ousley. Row 3. Row 2. Row 1. MASK AND WIG B. Reed, Smith, M. Dorst, L. Eyestone, T. Pierce, M. Boyd, J. Sellke, J. Shoenhard, B. Lee, M. Antrim, Miss Lloyd, adviser, J. Young. G. Moore, D. Fierheller, M. Lindgren, A. Mueller, L. Dickinson, L. Marcum, D. Alexander, J. Schneider, J. Sharp, M. Alder, J. Abels. J. Wales, J. Porth, C. Vehmeier, R. Chambers, P. Hulburt, N. Abels, P. Hettinger, M. E. Tucker, N. Mogle. Those not in picture: R. Wolfe, P. Deininger, L. Nelson, J. Lutz. ' The smell of grease paint, the faint clatter of heels on the metal stairs leading to the dressing rooms, the glaring lights, the costumes of all periods and all peoples,-we're familiar with it all-for we are the members of Mask and Wig. Our members figured in the Senior Play and did a professional job. The operetta was also sprinkled with actors from our club, and the several plays produced for various clubs of this city received wellfearned applause. LIJDTFS !XPJIJ FCJDTIHAIPJES CDF 'TIiE IWJTWJTKE LELAIIBIITCDV TTD CXDIJDTT E901 IN THE KEY OF C AND APPLY THE SPIRIT GUM WITH GUSTO E911 Row 3. L. Richter, R. Nesemeyer, C. Eklund, Mrs. Rucker, adviser, H. Fluechtf ling, L. Smith, I. Dir, E. Stukenberg. Row 2. B. Gilbert, J. Tippetts, P. Johnson, M. Deaner, E. Thiel, C. Cassman, N. Heard. Row 1. L. Geiser, S. Tobin, R. Saxby, C. Bender, J. Moen, M. Palmer, J. Hermsf meier, A. Luedeking. Row 3. R. Hull, M. Adams, C. Knotts, B. Guffey, V. Stout, G. Raih, E. Splietf hoif, R. Meyers, C. Richards. Row 2. M. Thompson, D. Kuhn, V. Griffo, B. Allen, N. Voss, B. Kracht, P. Popkes, D. Marsh, M. Alder. Row 1. S. Kronberg, M. M. Seitz, V. Pepperman, J. Erdmier, R. Dumpman, P. Brokhausen, R. Rosenstiel, R. Locker. Row 2. E. Eilders, L. Young, J. Chapin, N. Shewman, I. Diplin, M. Meile. Row 1. E. Uden, P. Tifft, S. Mayor, V. Dorn, A. Downing. Those not in the picture: G. Atkins, D. M. Dahm, N. Datt, E. Deike, A. DeGan, B. Dunn, L. Hart, J. Heitzman, N. Phillips, M. L. Pierce, F. Potter, B. L. Ras' mussen, B. Thruman, D. Thruman, P. Winter, M. Zimmerman, L. Sicher, J. Sokup, J. Springer, V. Stabenow, C. Reining, E. Ross, R. Schoeffler, J. Sheetz, I. James, N. Kirchberg, J. Morrow, E. Nample. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB With the Home Economics Club we usually associate fragrant aromas, latest style frocks, and the strenuous problems of child care. These activities, although found in the club's program of former years, have been replaced to a great extent by a present need. In cooperation with the Red Cross, the club has centered its plans in Red Cross work. Under the direction of faculty and Red Cross supervisors, splendid progress has been made in providing comfort for our armed forces. HOME EC GIRLS MAKE KITS FOR RED CROSS. MEANWHILE WE SUFFER I 92 I EVERY "FOURTH HOURA' WHEN THE BREAD AND CAKE ARE BAKING ww CAMERA CLUB "Ahhh," said the parents, gazing in admiration at the rows of snaps on Open House night. Under the direetion of Mr. Steinholf, twentyfhve eaniera eluh kiddies dahhle in the art of photography. With a eliek here and a eliek there, the memhers snap their pictures despite the handieap they are under on aeeount of the war. Among other things, the photography hounds make enlargements and eontaet prints. Also, several of these eamera eluh geniuses aid in preparing pictures for the Polaris. Row 3. Mr. Steinhoff, adviser: Graham, B. Cassman, F. Donner, B. Donstad, Kloster, F. Freerksen, S. Pash Row 2. J. Sanders, D. Kraft, VI. Kruse, N. Heard, G. Hill, D. Griswold, B. Knipsehild, D. Nelson, Row 1. E. Fox, NI. Franz, R. Sandstrom, A. Campbell, B. Sehirmer, -I. Vaughan. Those not in pieture: L. Baylor, Neely, Sward. PHOTOGRAPHY IS A GOOD EXCUSE FOR SKIPPING CLASSES E943 Row 3. Vxfomclsdorf, J, Kastcn, 1. W 'Nfl ll., it, R. Kaiscr, Row 5. L. Scott, Shcctz, Hcimhuch, G. DcVorc M. Young. G. Hoffman. Row'l. W. Hildchrandt, U. Grcicr, E. Koullcr, R. RM4' .lg LURCUUWQ M- Wdhlff, Pflffll D- MCYZ Chamhcrs. I ' LCM- 1 A A A - H Q -' ' , Row 1. L. Simmons, A. Pctcrson, A. Poggcnklass, M. ROW " D'.NmSkL' V' Sklmnk' l' Ortskhlld' D' Fulk I t hcincr, C. Boswcll. Alccr. A Row 2. B, Daylc, P. Johnson, B. Kracht, R. Dunscth, Not in the picturc: M. Wzttkiiis, N. Guhl, C. Kappcs, D. Cook. D' HCM' Row 1. C. J. Vchmcicr, L, Eyestonc, L. Mmm-, M Schwcdcr, J. Klapp. The Hi U. Rfs had a gay social ycar. The dances and slcigh ride wcnt over wcll with cvcryonc. Howcvcr, thu girls were also capahlc of attending to the morc serious sidc of lifc. They hclpcd thc nccdy and discussed thc prohlcms facing thc youth today. Thcirs is a popular organization and thcy arc noted for helping othcrs and also having good tilncs. Mrs, ,laincs is the adviscr. FREEPORT GALS AND THEIR AQUIN PALS GIVE DANCES AT THE Y. WU Row 3. Miss Lemon, adviserg L. Geiser, V. Griffo, M. Lindgren, J. Stiegman, G. Chiames, L. Green, D. Cook, J. Kasten. Rowl. C. Horan, N. Ryan, P. Popkes, P. Hettinger, D. Mayer, M. Smith, G. Raih, M. E. Tucker. Row 1. M. Miller, N. Lighthart, L. Simmons, D. Higlev, M. Schweder. Row 3. Miss Gramse, adviser, D. Finkheiner, V. Shunk, J. Heitzman, A. Peter' son, L. Dickinson, P. Davis, D. Noeske. Row Z. C. Boswell, D. Phillips, M. Staas, V. Krueger, D. Kuhn, D. Wamsley, I. Wright. Row 1. M. Rees, L. Katsufru, M. Adams, V. Stahenow, H. Chiames. Those not in picture: R. Dunseth, H. Fluechtling, L. Richter, J. Wiiiter. SECRETARIAL CLUB From pickfandfpeck to rhythmical smoothness, the typefhyftoueh artists have progressed and struggled. The makefhelieve radio program produced more "Quiz Kids" than Dr. I. Q. would ever think possihle. Preparing for the future, the memhers took a trip one day and saw someone slapping out those 100 w.p.m. Wheiw they're real "secs" they'll he doing time hehind a hig walnut desk on a softfcushioned seat. But right now, they have other important husiness at handf-refreshments, ic. HOW WOULD FREEPORT orricras GET ALONG wmaour THEM? E961 LATIN CLUB Are you trouhled hy mythology, astrology, or etymology? Do you lie awake nights wondering whether "the fact that Vergil liked to write ahout the farm means he was cornyv? If you do, then the chances are you have never helonged to Soeietas Romana. The eneyelopedie knowledge amassed hy these lovers of Latin would never he found wanting when heset with such queries. Good times in eluh were not wanting either. Row 3. Miss Bowers, adviser, J. Graham, B. Sehirmer, D. Hershherger, R. Sehirmer, P. Calhoun, R. Saxhy, L. Hart. Row 2. C. Cassman, C. Hill, J. Hermsmeier, N. Heard, B. Tilft, G. DeVore, J. Camerer, L. Cusley. Row 1. Klapp, M. Seitz, 1. Sokup, M. L. Pierce, VI. Cooper, V. Krueger, P. Brokhausen. Row 3. C. Hoffman, L. Smith, L. Condit, J. Packard, D. Kraft, D. Youngs, D. Teare, E. Anderson, D. Phillips, E. Thiel. i Row 2. J. Young, L. AI. Held, M. Deaner, Koym, C. Eklund, J. Tippetts, F. Potter, B. Bruekart, M. Perkins. Row 1. E. Seely, bl. Whezit, B. Howard, K. Boslough, J. Koeller, M. Antrim. Those not in picture: J. Rowen, L. Young. 4 , I THEY FOLLOW GAIUS JULIUS AND PUBLIUS VE T971 RGILIUS There were many friendly enemies contend' ing around the Fora faH and vdnren and our boys made many advances and estabf lished new lines, while their muscles tight' ened and their strength increased. NO MATTER WHAT THE SEASON T983 THE GAME'S THE THING WM UVM, Q' E991 X D x xhedsf .X Y TQ NWN ,wi s gpm MIM ,.., 249' inwws - Nil UL gvwf?fw,ii, A- x KS ' S my ' X3 1 ff x 'N ' ,bk Qbtifgf, Wi gun-....t... .Q +, 1 ,QU L Q5 zz - L, .. uw. f ' - -6 .ix k W 3 VARSITY SQUAD Row 3. Mr. Weber, R. Becker, R. Ferguson, H. Hosking, D. Knauff, P. Hartgen, G. Roddewig, T. Ferguson, K. Kerr, D. Kieckhaefer, Mr. Fulkerson. Row 2. R. Lundquist, W. Fickert, N. Henze, J. Krueger, R. Knodle, R. Mickle, B. Lindsey, R. Bruce, C. Kuntzelman. Row 1. H. Dixon, D. Holdeman, L. Baylor, Lutz, E. Wilson, R. Banks, L. Siegmeier, P. Jones. Opening the season with four weeks of hard earned bumps behind them, the "Pretzels" entertained the bucking Rams of Dubuque. Swimming on a mudfsoaked Held they swamped our Dubuque friends in a touchdown avalanche, 2645. The following week on a snowffrozen field our valiant men tangled with West Aurora in a punting duel, with the Freeport eleven bogged down 7f0. Next our stoutfhearted lads invaded the realms of West Rockford only to be tamed by the powerful West High juggernaut, 1943. fContinued on page 104.j IT,S TOUGH FOR ENEMIES WITH LUTZ AND BRUCE ON THE LOOSE 51013 "fonsey" LlCOtf477lly "Lundy" HMick" "Tree" aw! Eugene Vv'ilson Robert Lundquist Reese Mickle Ralph Becker Paul Jones 'LCa'rlos" Karl Kerr M E N O F MIG H T "Husky" Harry Hosking Paul Hartgen Rodger Ferguson George Roddewig Don Knauff Roosevelt Banks "Slugger" "Fevgie" "Rod" HO. Gf, 'KRosie', THEY ALWAYS LEFT 10th PERIOD TO MEET "WEB,' AND "WOODY" 51023 VICTORIES AND Freeport 26 West Aurora 7 .... West Rockford 19 . . . East Rockford 14 .... Joliet 7 . . . Freeport 33 Freeport 14 Freeport 14 DEFEATS . . Dubuque 15 . . . Freeport O . . . Freeport O . . . Freeport 7 . . . Freeport 6 . . . Peoria O Elgin6 East Aurora 7 La Salle 20 . . . Freeport O Camera Catches Coachese L'Web" - "Woody" Charles Kuntzelman Leslie Baylor Tom Ferguson Don Holdeman Red "Les" "Instructions or - - ???" "Tommy" "Little Donnie "HONEY" ROHR WAS CAPTAIN, BUT A BAD KNEE KEPT HIM BENCHED 51053 VARSITY Hoping for a fast comeback the "Pretz" next admitted the "Rabs" from East Rockford to our Moseley Street bowl. Outfgaining their opponents two to one, our hardfighting hefmen were forced to succumb to a 14f7 defeat. Apparently forgetting to sleep the following week our Freeport eleven forgot about a football game Friday night and played while they dayfdreamed, losing to the Joliet Steelmen 7f6f "This has gone far enough," the boys decided and as evidence they drummed a shellacking of 33fO to some huskies from Peoria in a non-conference game. Following up their potent attack of the week before, the undaunted Freeport eleven crushed the Big Eight representative from Elgin, 14f6. Turning it on in the last frame of a bruising tussle, the upfandfonward Pretz battered their way to a 14f7 win over the soilfstained Tomcats from East Aurora. Riding on the glories of their past three victories the valorous lads from Freeport encamped in La Salle for their last game. However, much to their disappointment, the La SallefPeru backs carried a "C" ration card compared to Freeport's "A," thus smothering them to the tune of 2OfO. Although far from a perfect season the Freeport lads were giving their all to win and not for one moment did they ever say die. When it came time for the Coaches to choose an AllfConference team, George Roddewig was their unanimous choice for center. When the players were being named for the AllfState team, George's fame again stood out and he was placed as the All' State center. These players know well the meaning of sportsmanship and now they will carry it over into a greater battle, only this time their Alma Mater is the dear old U. S. A. "Keep your shirt on." SNOW, SLEET, AND RAIN FELL EVERY FRIDAY ALL FALL BUT THE f1041 FRESHMAN -SOPHOMORE SQUAD Row 4. Mr. VJilcox, R. Kiefer, K. Bardell, C. Wuiisch, R. Wzxrdell, R. Levin, L. Sutterlin, E. Soliday. Row 3. G. Chiames, J. C. Cuhl, M. Pettepiece, R. Fritz, D. Symanek, D. jones, D. Wzttkiius, D. Hershherger, Row 2. L. Schvvitz, F. Meier, D. Kuhlman, E. Adams, R. Mclllnay, R. Stoke, M. Bruce. Row 1. A. Georgalas, J. Sanders, L. Weck4:rly, C. Mcllvanie, D. Ivlclllnay, R. Fickert, D. Crilliot. Qur valiant little Pretzelettes opened their season hy playing their hearts out for their coach, Mr. Patrick, who was leaving them. They displayed their skill well to upset West Aurora 1Zf6. The following week, playing as though they had huttered their fingers instead of the hread, the Freeport eleven suffered a 13f6 sethack at the hands of West Rockford. The next week rolling around, our heroic men tried vainly to stage a 4th quarter rally, pulling short to their East Rockford foes hy a 2043 score. QCont. on page 107.1 FROSI-I-SOPHS WERE TCUGH AND BROKE THE JINXES. THEY MADE 51053 "Dark Eyes" George Chizlmes lKH6TSl1j'll Donn Hershherger "Barney" Frank Meier Lester Sutterliu Dick Wardell Lyle Schwitz AW' "Which way did he go?" SCORES Freeport 12. .West Aurora 6 West Rockford 13 .Freeport 6 East Rockford 20 .Freeport 13 Freeport 20 .... . . . Elgin 14 Freeport 19. .East Aurora 12 Freeport 14.La SallefPeru 12 Meredith Pettepiece Marshall Bruce "Les" 'AVVaddles" 'iLyle,' "Penny, "BoogiefW0ogie FEMININE HEARTS FLUTTER AND KEPT THE BLEACHERS 51063 "Great Expectations" "It's a tough light ll!" FROSH - SOPHS After two weeks in which our hustling lads further polished themselves, they dealt a 2544 drumming to their opponents from Elgin. The followin week, la in? as if the were tr in to drive East Aurora from g P Y 5 Y Y g the park, they overfpowered their enemy to the tuneful measure of 1942. Going into the final movement, our impressionfmaking huskies, running as though the foe were mice, pounded La SallefPeru with a 1442 heating. Never to he overlooked, these boys displayed a fine caliber of football and ran an impressive season. Let's hope they keep up the good work as Heavies next year. Cal Wuiisch Roger Fritz Athanas Georgalas J. C. Guhl Robert Levin Richard Grilliot iiCal-- :KP-Titzw ..TOm1- iilakgw nlzziev, ,,BuYn,, SWAYING. WE LOST "IZZIE" WHEN HE JOINED THE NAVY 51073 f V 7 f ,Y , l "Now fellows, for once, will you?" "Yes - - No f 1 Maybef-" l'They float through the air." OH, WE WENT TO THE GAME, AND THEY CROWDED THE FLGOR 51083 Standing: hard Kneeling man s R. Banks, J. Rush, L. Fishhurn, K. White, R. Ferguson, D. Hershherger, R. Wielziiid, Shoen Coach Dupee. R. Finkhoner, D. Ferguson, C. Wuiisch, D. Best, J. Myers, 1. Anderson, A. Cretler, C. Kuntzel B. Chapman. VARSITY This year's team will he long remembered as the "Unpredictahle Pretzf' for no' body, not even Coach Dave Dupee, knew how his cagers would operate each night. The "Pretzels" dropped their first game to Dixon 3540 as Coach Dupee experimented. The Freeport squad houneed right hack the following evening and swamped Sterling 3442. The next week found a great team from Canton on our court and this "sweet sixteenufdestined memher captured a 3962 thriller from our hoys. Freeport opened its conference schedule with a 3527 victory ovcr a gangly joliet tive and was developing into a great hall cluh. However the following week the Dupee clan lost to a scrappy West Rockford team in a typical RockfordfFrceport clash. The next evening Duhuque defeated our weary hoys 36123. The following week was spent in intensified drill and the reward came on Friday night when Freeport defeated one of the outstanding teams in Illinois, Ivioline, hy the count of 3025. THESE WERE THE BOYS ON THE TEAM--ON THE TEAM--CN THE TEAM 51093 Danny Dan Ferguson "Poker" "WefWe Don Best Roger Wieland On New Year's Eve the "Pretzels" copped a 3866 overtime struggle from La Salle Peru. Elgin, the future conference champs, nosed out the "Pretz" in the last thirty seconds of play, 3564. The E. H. S. boys, dazed by the Elgin defeat, were tripped by an inferior East Rockford team 17f15 the following Friday. The team regained its stride and hurdled over Dubuque by 20 points to avenge an earlier defeat. East Aurora eked out a 3480 victory over the "Pretzels" Then West Rockford repeated a previous victory and trounced us 3720. At last our boys broke loose and slaughtered the Incas of La Salle 61f28. Next week the Dupeefmen trekked to West Aurora and lost a 3946 thriller. HEARTS, HOOPS, HIPS, AND HEADACHES FLIPPED WHEN HUSTLING 51103 Making up for an early season defeat the "Pretzels" conquered the "Rabs" of East High 4825. The team finished the regular season by losing to Belvidere Z-O25 in a game that was rumbleftumble all the way. The "Pretzels" burned up the nets in their first two regional games by trouncing Galena 77f13 and Orangeville 4243. They then took the regional championship by defeating Stockton 57f27. A speedy Rochelle outfit caught the "Pretz" on an off night and squeezed out a 3160 victory in the last ten seconds of play by a freak shot. The season ended with 12 victories and 13 defeats but this is no indication of the quality of this fine team. Had "Lady Luck" just nodded their way in several games the story would be entirely different. "jimmy, Captain James Shoenhard "Charlie" 'Call' Charles Kuntzelman Calvin Wunsch HEROES JUMPED AND SKIPPED. DANNY, DONNY AND JIM WERE SO flllj "Big Rodgu Rodger Ferguson "Rosle" Roosevelt Banks "Hersh" Donn Hershberger Dixon ........ 3 7 Freeport . Freeport ...... 34 Sterling . Canton ....... 39 Freeport . Joliet . . . Freeport ...... 35 West Rockford. 30 Freeport . Dubuque ..... 36 Freeport . Freeport ...... 30 Moline .. Freeport ...... 38 La Salle . Elgin ...... ..3'i Freeport . THE RECORD East Rockford. Freeport ..... East Aurora . . .....3O .....12 .....32 .....27 Freeport ..... West Aurora . Freeport ..... Belvidere .....20 .....23 .....25 .....36 .....34 West Rockford . REGIONAL Freeport ...... 77 Galena ....... Freeport ...... 42 Orangeville . . . Freeport ...... 5 7 Stockton ...... 27 SECTIONAL Rochelle . ..... 31 Freeport ..... . Freeport ...... 1 5 Dubuque . . . . .28 Freeport ...... 30 Freeport ...... 20 La Salle . ..... ZS Freeport ...... 36 East Rockford. .25 Freeport ...... 25 HOT THE NETS WERE BURNED UP AFTER BASKETS WERE SHOT 51123 "Poised for the kill." "Get outa my way, bud." "Swish!" OUR BOYS fBLESS THEIR HEARTSD PROVED BRAWNY AND 51133 "Bright boy" "Twoffingered jack" FROSH - SOPH SCORES Dixon 23 .. .... Freeport 14 Dakota 39 .... Freeport 14 Freeport 22 ........ Forreston 16 West Rockford 33 .... Shannon 32 ..... East Rockford 34. Orangeville 3 1 ...... East Rockford 28. Freeport 14 Freeport 24 Freeport 22 Freeport 18 Freeport 25 Freeport 25 .... West Rockford 24 East Rockford 41 ..... Freeport 30 Forreston 50 ....... Freeport 26 Freeport 45 ..... East Rockford 43 BRAINY??? THEY STILL DISPLAYED THEIR ABILITY TO 51143 Frosh. f Soph. Team Standing---D. Shepard, D. Jones, Luhenow, J. Cramer, F. Meier, R. Conn, B. Stocker, Coach Wilcnix. Seated-J. Dorst, B. Fleischer, R. Fritz, G. Chiames, B. Schroeder, D. Wardell, K. Bardell. In front, P. Franklin. FROSH - SOPH BASKETBALL Because of transportation difficulties and the discontinuance of organized Froshf Soph competition hy the Big Eight Schools for the duration, this year's 'Tretzellettesl' were forced to play local teams. This meant stiffer competition for Coach "Spider" Wilcox's cagers in most cases, for they faced larger and older teams than themselves. Handicapped further hy the lack of experience, this team had a hard time hreaking into the winning column. However they won the admiration of every fan hy their pref dominating courage and fine team spirit. The "Little Pretzu lost their first two games hut rehounded hack in the third conf test to polish off a tall Forreston team 22f16. They then settled into a rut and dropped five games in a row. The last of these was a 28f25 thriller to East Rockford. In their ninth contest the "Pretzellettes" hroke loose and nosed out West Rockford, 25f24. After losing two close ones, the Pretz avenged the previous defeats hy East Rockford and handed the "Rahs" a 45f43 trouncing in the final game of the season. Now that this fine team has assumed the role of varsity they are ready to carry on the fine character, true spirit of goodfsportsmanship, and great traditions of previous F. H. S. teams. CONSUME STEAKS. BUT NEXT YEAR IT WILL BE HORSE MEAT fnsj Taps . . . Some special pictures of the Fort and your friends, a laugh or two, the Senior checkfup, "thank yous", and your auto' graph book . . . The end of a perfect year. ..........Taps. SPECIAL PICTURES OF THAT PLACE WHERE TIME CREEPS BY 51161 Business entrance Skippers' lane 51173 1 . - I 1 i - A 1 You should have seen the one that got away. Two cuties Why mothers get gray. A pigeoxfsfeye view. With my little hook and line. LIFE WENT ON AS USUAL - LAUGHS, LOVES, TRICKS, TEARS 51183 What's yours? Industrious people. Babies must play. Gee, Mabel, you look simply divine! DATES, DANCES, GAGS, GAMES, CUT-UPS, CUTIES, A N D SCHOOLWORK 5 119 3 Does it prove something? Surprise! Result ff boom! Gosh, llillqt it purty? WE GOT AROUND TO THAT TOO. WE GAILY TRIPPED UP THE C1201 Jivin' jerks. Let's join the Glec Club! Eh, boys? Family Fcuds, Is it imaginary??? 4 HALLS-STUMBLING OVER THE FEET OF THE HALL-SQUATTERS fmj FUNNEL AND FLASK Every now and then there gathers in 211 a motley collection of beakers, burettes, hottles, Bunsen burners, and aspiring botanists and hiochemists. Our time is spent in puzzling over the perplexities of protons, polymers, and P H's, or marveling at the multiplicity of molecular manifestations. The aspirations of our association include hetter acquaintance among members and the promotion of the preparation of promf ising physicists and budding biologists for future fame. We investigate the scopes of our individual interests and increase our general scientific knowledge by observing the accomplishments of our colleagues, hoping only that our zealous industry can compenf sate for our numerical deficiency in making our organization successful. HALL POLKE Herman Winter Mrs. Phil Rehfeldt Phil Rehfeldt John Immig THEY'RE ON CONSTANT K. P. DUTY IN THE I-IALLS AND ROOMS 51221 STARS AND STRIPES CCCNTINUEDJ put real volume behind his vocal efforts. . .L . Ann QCurlyj Lawrence is voted as "the one most likely to get rich quick" with her ticket managing .... Erwin Qjuniorj Roesler is still Sipping and Biting .... Joan fthey'll give up eventually, Sharp can warble mighty sweetly .... Marian Shunk always wears the nicest hand knitted socks. . . . Bob Schirmer will take a kitchen any day! . . . Claire Wieland can really shake a leg-she's our jive expert .... Gene fCottonj Wilson can hardly wait to get in there with his brother .,.. Phil "Snooks" Wagand did some fast stepping to get a few History papers in--but they were still late-way late! . . . Bill Fickert picked up the name of "Flakey" somewhere along the line. He tried hard to shake it but it stuck. . . . The two Greens4Lois K. and Lois E.-do have name trouble! Lois E. also has Marine trouble-nice trouble! . . . Phyllis Hulburt likes dime stores-well, maybe just one dime store. It couldn't be a clerk! . . . Don Heilman can mix up some neat messes in Chemistry! . . . Lois Zimmerman loves to window shop .... Bob Albert is setting a good example for his little brother .... Clara Eklund can sell more tickets than anyone else .... Ken Freerksen is the artiste .... jean Graves is the class poet .... Nancy Guhl is a good friend to have behind the counter .... Bill Koehler loves to have his picture taken, but Gordon Kohn is hard to find .... Marie Adams goes for the smiles. . . . Bill Barker has a double .... Lois Brown and Nellie Butler are quite the business women .... Karl Kerr is still one of the tallest men around school .... Margaret Davis has fascinatin' coiffures .... Fred Gray can hand out a good line .... Deloris Emford, Arline Griiiin, Lillian Hutmacher, Frank Fenton and Cleatus Gitz are Ganome fans. . . . Fred MacAdam has figured out a nice way to remember his Physics-if it would only work! . . . Lorraine Marcum contributed this little gem. To make a senior, first you mix A can of clever freshman tricks. Then for flavor, add a pinch ' Of sophomore sugar. It's a cinch. Add the coloring, which will be A cup of junior rivalry. Dash of studies, pound of sports, Prom, Polaris, fun of sorts. Place in High School, bake four years, Baste with laughter, kisses, tears. Cool with grades and cut in squares, Give each student equal shares. Kidclies, we commend to you The mighty seniors-tried and true. They shine - they sparkle - they glimmer - the stripes and stars. HERE'S A LITTLE MORE DOPEY DOPE ABOUT THE DCPES 51233 G. A. A. We are the female half of the gym, the fairer side of the sportscast, the physical builderfuppers and the experts on homeroom tournaments. From our wienerfroast in the fall to violet picking in the spring-a dive in the Y pool splashed in between-we have our fun. Volley ball, basketball, pingfpong and dancing, we skip, bounce, and shag through the long winter and pop! come bursting out in the spring with our bow and arrows. We have our sleighfrides and hayfrides, play days and May days and finish off our energetic year with a shove off for camp! Hurrah! ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Printing . . . ........ Freeport Printing Company Engraving . . . ....... Jahn and Ollier Engraving Company Photography . . . .... Mr. Steinhoif and High School Camera Club Cover ......... .................. M olloy Cover Company Enlargements .... . . . Rockey Camera Shop, Ralph Sandstrom Finance ..... ........................ M r. Kloos Art Work . . . .............. Mr. Blackwood and Art Classes Typing ...... .... M iss Gramse, Miss Lemon, and Typing Classes Messengers .......... ............. A udrey Lenz, Ralph Sandstrom Mounting and Copy ............................................ Polaris Staff For permission to use selections from "The Spires of Oxford" by Winifred Letts, E. P. Dutton and Co., Publishers THANKS TO ALL YOU WHO CONTRIBUTED SO MUCH TO OUR BOOK 51243 F N 1 . E v 1 r ik i - JAHN AND OLLIER "DOOD" IT FOR US, AND VERY NICELY T00 51253 SENIOR SUNDRIES ABELS, NORMA ELAINE Latin Club 1-2: Philos 3-4: Mask and Wig 4: Forensics 2: Treble Clef A 1-2: Operetta 2-4: A Cappella 1-2-3-4: Sophomore Ora- torical 2: Vocal Contest 3: Freshman Dis- cussion Contest: Carnival Style Show Co- chairman 4. ADAMS, MARIE MABEL Home Economics 3-4: Secretarial Club 3-4. ALBERT, ROBERT ALDER, MARIAN Latin Club 1-2-3: Philos 3-4: Hi-G-R 4: Mask and Wig 3-4: Home Economics 3-4: Honor Society 4: Treble Clef 1-3: A Cap- pella 1-3: Junior Play 3: Play Committee 4: Vocal Contest 3. ALEXANDER, DOROTHY Paint and Patches 1-2, President 2: State One-Act Play fStage Manager! 4: Play Committee 3-4: Carnival Play 3-4: Carnival Committee 4. ANDERSON, EVELYN Latin Club 2-3-4, Secretary 3, President 4: Philos 3-4: Honor Society 3-4: Polaris Staff 4: Play Committee 3-4: Science Club 3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Student Council 4. ANTRIM, MARGARET Latin Club 2-3-4: Philos 3-4, Secretary 4: Paint and Patches 1: Mask and Wig 3-4: Honor Society 4: Debate 4: Queen 3: Stu- dent Council 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3 : Home Room President 3, Vice President 4: Treble Clef 1-2: Band 1-2-3-4, Color Guard 4: Operetta 1-2: A Cappella 2-3: Class Plays 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Assembly Com- mittee 4: Carnival Co-chairman 4. ARTMAN, BILL Polaris Staff 4: Band 1-2-3-4, Equipment Manager: Carnival Committee 3-4. BARKER, WILLIAM BAUCH, ROBERT E. Latin Club 1-2: Glee Club 1-2: Operetta 2: A Cappella 1-2-3: Play Committee 3: Vocal Contest 1: Carnival Committee 4. BECKER, RALPH S., JR. Latin Club 1-2: Philos 4: Letterman's Club 4: Honor Society 4: Football 1-2-4: Basket- ball 3: Swimming 1. BENOY, JOYCE BIRKHOLZ, EVELYN Home Room Oflicer, Treasurer 3: G. A. A. Club 1-2: Glee Club 1-2-3: Operetta 1-2. BONEBRIGHT, DOROTHY F. Home Economics Club 1. BORDNER, LAWRENCE Football 2-4. BOYD, MILTON Spanish Club 2-3-4: Paint and Patches 2: Mask and Wig 3-4: Band 3-4: Orchestra 2-3-4: Football 1-2: Camera Club 1: Class Play 3-4. BROWN, LOIS ANN BRUCE, BOB Class Ofiicer 1: Letterman's Club 1-2-3-4: Glee Club 2: Operetta 4: Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1: Track 1-2. BUSH, MARILYN MAE Class Secretary-Treasurer 3: Girls' Club President 1: Latin Club 1: Philos 3-4: Home Economics 1-2, Secretary-Treasurer Play Committee 3: Operetta 1-2: Treble ef 1-2. BUTLER, NELLIE Secretarial Club 3-4: Vice President Home Room 3. CALI, JENNY ANNE Latin Club 1-2: Hi-G-R 3. CAMERER, IEANETTE Latin Club 1-2-3-4: Philos 3-4: Hi-G-R 3: Treble Clef 2-3: Operetta 2: A Cappella 3: Play Committee 4: Vocal Contest 3: State Chorus 3. CAMPBELL, ADELBERT Spanish Club 3-4: Polaris Staff Photog- rapher 4: Football 2: Basketball 1: Track 1-2-4: Camera Club 1-2-3-4: Play Commit- tee 4: Science Club 4: Cheerleader 4. CASSMAN, FREDERICK Latin Club 1-2-3: Track 3: Student Govern- ment Police Chief 3: Builders 2-3-4. CHAMBERS, REA M. Girls' Club Officer 2: Hi-G-R 2-3-4, Treas- urer 2. President 3: Mask and Wig 4: G. A. A. Club 2-3-4, Vice President 3, President 4: Carnival Queen 4: Student Council 3. CHAPIN, JEAN Philos 4: Home Economics 4. CHAPMAN, JACK Latin Club 1-2: Letterman's Club 3-4: Golf 3-4: Tennis 2-3: Hi-Y 4. CHEESEMAN, EUGENE CLARK, EVA Latin Club 1: Philos 3-4: Hi-G-R 3. COOK, DOROTHY Latin Club 1-2-3: Philos 3-4, Treasurer 4: Home Economics 1-2: Hi-G-R 3-45 Honor Society 4: Treble Clef 1-2-3: Orchestra 1-2- 3-4: Operetta 2: A Cappella 3-4: Play Committee 3-4: Vocal Contest 3: Secre- tarial Club 4. DAVIS, MARGARET DAVIS, PEARL Secretarial Club 4. DEININGER, PAULINE DENNIS, CHARLES Latin Club 1-2: Hi-Y 4: Boy Builder 3-4: PeD Club 2: Student Government Assistant Chief of Police 3: Hall Monitor 4. DEVRIES, DONALD DIR, WAYNE DOMINGUEZ, ANN G. A. A. Club 1-2-3-4: Secretarial Club 3-4. DONKER, ROGER DONAHUE, BILL Football 2: Letterman's Club 2-3-4: King Manager 4: Student Council 3. DONSTAD, BOB Spanish Club 2-3: Polaris Staff Photogra- pher 3-4: Golf: Camera Club 1-2-3-4, Sec- retary 3-4: Play Committee 3: Sophomore Oratorical 2: Carnival Committee 4. DORST, MARY M. Latin Club 2: Philos 4: Mask and Wig 4: Honor Society 4: Senior Play 4. EDER, HAROLD R. EKLUND, YVONNE CLARA Spanish Club 1-2-3-4: Philos 3-4: Honor Society 4: Play Committee 3. EMFORD, DELORIS M. ENGELHART, DICK ENGEMOEN, MAY Hi-G-R 4: Play Committee 3-4. ENGLE, JAMES EULER, FRANK o., JR. Footgball 2: Basketball 1: Track 1-2: Ten- 'IHS . EYESTONE, LUCILLE Philos 3-4: Hi-G-R 4: Mask and Wig 4: Honor Society 4: Treble Clef 3: Operetta 4: A Cappella 3-4: Play Committee 3: Play Prompter 4: Balcony Decorations: lst Dis- trict, lst State Double Quartet 3: Carnival Play 4: Madrigals 4. FENTON, FRANK Model Airplane Club 3: Student Council 3: Home Room President. FERGUSON, RODGER Class Officer. President 2: Latin Club 1: Spanish Club Secretary 2-3: Letterman's Club 2-3-4: Band 1: Football 2-3-4: Basket- ball 1-2-3-4: Carniual Committee 4: Stu- dent Council 4. FERGUSON, TOM Letterman's Club 2-3-4, Vice President 4: Southall 2-3-4: Basketball 2-3-4: Track 2-3: mg . THE STAMPS AND BONDS OF THESE SENIORS, ALONG WITH f126J SENIOR SUNDRIES FICKERT, WILLIAM Football 2-3-43 Track 2-3. FRANCIS, ROBERT FREERKSEN, KENNETH GALLAGHER, DONALD GITZ, CLEATUS Class Secretary 2. GRAVES, JEAN Philos 43 Transfer from Warren School 3. GRAY, A. FREDERICK GREEN, LOIS E. Latin Club 13 Paint and Patches, 1-23 Sophomore Oratorical 23 G. A. A. Club 1-2. GREENE, LOIS Spanish Club 3-43 Hi-G-R 13 G. A. A. Club 2-33 Treble Clef 1-3-41 Play Committee 3-4. GREIER, GWENDOLYN Latin Club 1-23 Philos 43 Hi-G-R 3-4: Home Economics 33 Band 1-2-3-4, Section Leader 4. GRETLER, ALBERT Class Officer, Vice President 43 Latin Club 1-23 Spanish Club 3-43 Philos 3-43 Letter- man's Club 2-3-43 Honor Society 3-43 Po- laris Staff 43 Football 2-43 Basketball 1-2- 3-42 Prom Committee 3. GRIFFIN, ARLENE Treble Clef B 43 Operetta 4. GUHL, NANCY Latin Club 23 Philos 43 Hi-G-R 43 Home Economics 1-2: Forensics 13 Prom Commit- tee 3 3 Play Committee 3 3 Secretarial Club 3. HAMON, TOM HANNAH, BOB Polaris Staff 3 Carnival Committee 4. HARTGEN, PAUL HEILMAN, DONALD E. Polaris Staff 43 Operetta 43 Prom Commit- tee 33 Play Committee 3-4: Science Club 3-4Q Carnival Committee 4. HEITZ, BETTY LOU HEITZ, DELORIS M. Hi-G-R 43 Treble Clef 2-33 Operetta 2. HENZE, NOEL Letterman's Club 2-3-42 Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball 23 Track 1-2. HERSHBERGER, ROGER Latin Club 1: Track 23 Golf 2-3-4. High HETTINGER, PHYLLIS Latin Club 1-23 Philos 3-4, Vice President 43 Mask and Wig 3-43 Paint and Patches 23 G. A. A. Club 13 Treble Clef 23 Operetta 23 Junior Play3 Play Committee 4. HILLE, MARGUERITE Hi-G-R 1-2-3-4, President 43 Home Eco- nomics 3. HOLTUM, HAROLD HULBURT, PHYLLIS Latin Club 1-2: Paint and Patches 1-23 Mask and Wig 43 Band 1-2-3-43 Orchestra 3-43 Student Council 4. HULL, RUTH French Club 13 Home Economics 2-3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Honor Society 43 Play Committee 3-43 Secretarial Club 33 Carnival Committee 4. HUTMACHER, LILLIAN J. Secretarial Club 3. JONES, PAUL Class Officer, Secretary 2, President 43 Latin Club 1-23 Letterman's Club 2-3-43 Honor Society 3-43 Polaris Staff 43 Football 1-2-3-43 Prom Committee 33 Play Commit- tee 3-43 Mayor for a day: Student Council 3-4, President 4. JUSTICE, JACK KAPPES, CHARLOTTE Hi-G-R 4: G. A. A. Club 1-2-33 Glee Club 43 Treble Clef 2-3-42 Operetta 43 Vocal Contest 33 Secretarial Club 2. KASTEN, JANET LEE Latin Club 1-23 Philos 3-43 Hi-G-R 3-43 Honor Society 43 Polaris Staff 43 Secre- tarial Club 3-4, Treasurer 43 Play Com- mittee 3-4. KENT, LEROY W. Latin Club 1: Play Committee 3-43 Carni- val Committee 4. KERR, KARL KLAPP, JUANITA LOU Latin Club 3-43 Philos 43 Hi-G-R 3-4, Sec- retary 4: Paint and Patches 23 G. A. A. Club 1: Treble Clef 33 Oneretta 23 Play Committee 3 3 Vocal Contest 3. KLEVER, DAYLE KLIPPING, ODELL Latin Club 1-23 Polaris Stad' 43 Football 23 Boy Builders 2-3-43 Pep Club 33 Student Council 4 3 Minor Dramatics3 Carnival Style Show Co-chairman 4. KOEHLER, BILL Play Committee 33 Model Airplane Project 3-43 Carnival Committee 4. KOELLER, EUNICE Hi-G-R 3-4, treasurer 43 Home Economics 1-23 Treble Clef 23 Operetta 23 Play Com- mittee 23 Secretarial Club 3. KOHN, JOHN KORTES, ANNIE Spanish Club 13 G. A. A. Club 1-2-32 Sec- retarial Club 33 Secretary Home Room 2. KRACHT, LOUIE Letterman's Club 2-3-43 Football 2-32 Bas- ketball 2-3-43 Track 2. KRAFT, BETTY LOU Spanish Club 13 Philos 3-43 Honor Society 43 Operetta 1-23 A Cappella 2-31 Play Committee 33 Vocal Contest 2-33 Girl's State 33 Home Economics 1-2. KRYDER, PAUL KUNTZELMAN, CHARLES Letterman's Club 2-3-43 Football 2-3-4: Basketball 2-3-43 Hi-Y 43 Carnival Com- mittee 4. LAWRENCE, MARGARET ANN French Club 1-23 Philos 3-43 Home Eco- nomics 1-21 Honor Society 3-43 Polaris Staff 43 Band 1-2-3-4, Librarian 3, Manager 43 Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Librarian 33 Oper- etta 23 Play Committee 1-2-3-41 Solo and Ensemble Instrumental Contests 1-2-3-43 National Solo and Ensemble 1-23 State Final and Ensemble 33 State Contest 1-2-33 District Contest 1-2-3. LEE, WILLIAM Class OHicer, Treasurer 1. Vice President 33 Latin Club 23 Philos 3-43 Paint and Patches 23 Mask and Wig 3-43 Polaris Staif 43 Tennis Club 2-33 Golf Squad 43 Carni- val Committee 43 Student Council 4. LIGHTHART, NADA Philos 43 Prom Committee 33 Secretarial Club 3-4, Secretary 4. LINDGREN, BETTY JANE Glee Club 43 Treble Clef 2-3-43 Operetta 43 Prom Committee 33 Vocal Contest 3. LLOYD, ALICE LOCKWOOD, J. PATTERSON Spanish Club 3-43 Forensics 23 Orchestra 1-2-32 Debate 33 Sophomore Oratorical 23 Science Club 3. LONG, DON Carnival Committee 43 Philos 4. LUBENOW, JUNE Latin Club 33 Hi-G-R 43 Home Economics 23 Treble Clef 2-3: Operetta 2-41 A Cap- pella 43 Play Committee 3-4. LUNDQUIST, BOB Latin Club 13 Letterman's Club 43 Football 2-3-43 Basketball 23 Track 23 King 4. THOSE OF OTHER STUDENTS, BOUGHT THOSE JEEPS WHICH 51273 SENIOR SUNDRIES LUNGWITZ, ANN Latin Club 1-2: Paint and Patches 1-2: Home Economics 1-2: Science Club 3: Sec- retarial Club 3. LUTZ, JACK Class Officer, President 1: Latin Club 1-2: Mask and Wig 3-4: Letterman's Club 1-2- 3-4: Glee Club 1-2: Orchestra 1-2-4: Oper- etta 2: Football 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1-2: Track 2-3-4, Captain 4: Swimming 1: Vocal Contest 1-2: Hi-Y President 4: King 1: Class Play 3-4. MACADAM, FRED MARCUM, LORRAINE French Club 1-2: Philos 4: Paint and Patches 1-2: Mask and Wig 3-4, Secretary 4: Home Economics 1-2: Forensics 2-3-4, Secretary 4: Honor Society 4: Polaris Staff 4: Operetta 1: Class Play 3-4: Prom Com- mittee 3: Play Committee 2: Debate 2-3-4: Sophomore Oratorical 2: Senior Carnival Play Director: F. H. S. Reporter 4. MATHEWS, JOHN MARTIN, ELAINE Entered from Shullsbury High School 4. MARTIN, LORRAINE Spanish Club 1-2-3-4: Philos 3-4: Home Economics 1: Forensics 2-3-4: G. A. A. Club 1-2: Honor Society 3-4: Play Commit- tee 3-4: Debate 3-4. MAYER, DORIS M. Philos 4: Band 1-2-3-4: Secretarial Club 3, President 4. MCLEROY, JOSEPHINE R. G. A. A. Club 1. MEYERS, ROBERT MILLER, LOWELL Spanish Club 2-3: Forensics 2: Band 1-2- 3-4: Football 1-2-3: Basketball 1-2-3: Cam- era Club 2-3: Sophomore Oratorical 2. MILLER, MAURICE MILLER, OWEN E. Band 1-2-3-4: Track 3. MILLER, MARJORIE Treble Clef 1-2-3: Operetta 2-4: A Cap- pella 1-2-3-4: Vocal Contest 1-3: Solo and Ensemble Instrumental Contests 3: Secre- tarial Club 4. MILLER, PEGGY ANN Philos 4: Entered from Cedarville High School 3. JUMPED JOYFULLY MOGLE, NANCY Girls' Club Officer, Senior President 4: Spanish Club 3-4, President 4: Paint and Patches 2: Mask and Wig 3-4, President 4: Home Economics 2: Polaris Staff 4: Class Play 3-4: State One-Act Plays 3-4: Play Committee 2-3: Queen 2: Baccalaureate Leader 3: Minor Dramatics 2-3-4: All-State Play Cast 4: N. F. L. 3-4. MOORE, CAL Spanish Club 1-2-3: Paint and Patches 1-2: Mask and Wig 4: Glee Club 2: Operetta 4: A Cappella 4: Class Play 3: Debate 2-3: Sophomore Oratorical 2: Vocal Contest 4. MOORE, ROY MORTENSON, JOYCE Latin Club 1: Home Economics 1: Play Committee 3-4. MOTSINGER, JAMES Entered from Aquin 3. MYERS, DORIS Entered from Polo Community High School NELSON, DALE Forensics 2: Polaris Staff Photographer 3- 4: Operetta 4: Swimming 1: Camera Club 5-2-3-4: Debate 2-3: Sophomore Oratorical NELSON, LEONARD, JR. Mask and Wig 4: Golf 3: Carnival Com- mittee 4. NEWBERRY, GEORGE NOLTEMEIER, RUTH Latin Club 1 : Home Economics 3: Operetta 4: Swimming Club: Secretarial Club 3. PIERCE, TED Latin Club 1: Mask and Wig 3-4: Polaris Stalf Co-editor 4: Band 1-2-3-4, Equipment Manager: Orchestra 1-2-3-4: Football 1-2: Basketball 3: Carnival Committee 4: Class Play 3-4. POLHILL, DORIS POWERS, ETHEL E. RAIH, GERALDINE Latin Club 1-2: Philos 3-4: Hi-G-R. 3-4: Home Economics 2-4: Play Committee 2-3- 4: Debate 3: Freshman Debate Contest: Secretarial Club 3-4, Treasurer 4: Student Council 4: Music Festival 1. RASMUSSEN, ELAINE Latin Club 1-2: Home Economics 1: Band 1-2-3-4: Prom Committee 3: Solo and En- semble Instrumental Contests 2. REED, BILL Paint and Patches 1-2: Mask and Wig 3-4, Secretary 4: Forensics 2-3: Glee Club 3: A Cappella 3: Class Play 3-4: Cross Coun- try! Prom Committee 3: Play Committee: Student Council 4: Senior Carnival Play 1-3: Open House Play 4. REES, JOYCE Latin Club 1-2: Philos 4: Play Committee 3-4: Secretarial Club 3. RODDEWIG, GEORGE Letterman's Club 2-3-4: Football 1-2-3-4: Prom Committee 3. ROESLER, ERVJIN ROHR, GLENN A. Class Officer, Vice President 2: Letterman's Club 2-3-4: Football 2-3-4. ROSE, PAUL ROSS, JEAN Hi-G-R 4: Home Economics 1: Treble Clef 3: Operetta 3: A Cappella 3-4. RUSSELL, BLAINE Entered from Durand 3. RUSSELL, DUANE Entered from Durand 3. RUTTER, ROYCE Basketball 1-2-3-4: Letterman's Club 2-3-4: Latin Club 1. SCHASKER, JOYCE BETTILOU Hi-G-R 3: Home Economics 2-3: G. A. A. Club 1-2-3-4: Swimming Club. SCHIMPF, CHARLES Latin Club 2: Philos 4: Honor Society 4: Football 1: Play Committee 4: Hi-Y 4: Student Council 4: Home Room Secretary 3. ' SCHIRMER, ROBERT L. Latigi Club 2-3-4: Track 3: Play Commit- tee . SCHLAFER, GAYLORD Glee Club 2: Band 1-2-3-4, Property Man- ager: Operetta 2-4: A Cappella 2-3-4: Vocal Contest 3-4: Ensembles 3: Student Government 3. SCHRADER, SHIRLEY Home Economics 2: G. A. A. 1-2: Treble Clef 2: Operetta 2. SCOFIELD, MARILYN Philos 4: Hi-G-R 3-4: G. A. A. Club 1-2- 3-4. Vice President 4: Swimming 2-3-4: Cheer Leader 4. FROM FORT FREEPORT TO FAIRFAX 51283 SENIOR SUNDRIES SELLKE, JACK Class President 3: Latin Club 2-3: Philos 3-4: Mask and Wig 3-4, Vice President 4: Forensics. N. F. L. 2-3-4, President 4: Honor Society 3-4: Polaris Co-Business Manager 4: Operetta 4: Prom Co-chair- man: Debate 2-3-4, Captain 4: Oratory 2- 3-4: State Contest 2-3-4: Sophomore Ora- tory: Hi-Y 4, Secretary 4: Senior Carnival Co-chairman: Student Council 3-4: Open House Play 4: Vocal Contest 4: Class Play 3-4: F. H. S. News Reporter 4. SHARP, JOAN EVELYN French Club 1-2: Philos 3-4: Mask and Wig 3-4: Honor Society 4: Polaris Staff 4: Treble Clef A 1-2-3: Operetta 2-4: A Cap- pella 1-2-3-4: Prom Committee 3: Debate 2: Vocal Contest 3-4: Solo and Ensemble Instrumental Contests 4: Freshman Ora- torical Contest. SHOENHARD, JIM Latin Club 1: Mask and Wig 4: Letter- man's Club 2-3-4: Class Play 4: Football 2: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Carnival Committee 4: Student Council 3. SHUNK, MARIAN Paint and Patches 2: French Club 3: Spanish Club 1-2-3-4: Philos 4. SIMMONS, LOIS H. French Club 1: Philos 4: Hi-G-R 4: Treble Clef 2: Operetta 2: Play Committee 4: Secretarial Club 3-4,, Secretary 4: Carnival Committee 4. SIMPSON, BETTY LOUISE Philos 4: Polaris Staii' 4: Operetta 4: A Cappella 4: Entered from Cedarville High School 4. SMITH, MABEL G. A. A. Club 1 Play Committee 3: Secre- tarial Club 3. SMITH, MARJORIE Girls' Club Oflicer, Sophomore Manager, President 3-4: Latin Club 2-3: Philos 3-4: G. A. A. Club 1-2 : Honor Society 4 : Polaris Staff 4: Band 1-2-3-4: Orchestra 3: Prom Committee 3: Sophomore Oratorical 2: Solo and Ensemble Instrumental Contests 3: Queen 1: Secretarial Club 3-4, Vice Presi- dent 4: Baccalaureate Leader 3. STAAS, NATALIE ELAINE Hi-G-R 2: G. A. A. Club 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4. STABENOW, VERGENE Home Economics 4: Secretarial Club 4. STANDRING, WILLIAM STOCKER, ALICE Hi-G-R 4. STOCKER, RALPH STOCKS, JANICE Philos 4: Play Committee 3: Secretarial Club 3. STRICKER, ELIZABETH Latin Club 3: Forensics 4: G. A. A. Club 1: Debate 3-4: Student Council 3-4: Car- nival Committee 4. STROHECKER, LOIS Hi-G-R 1-2-3: Home Economics 1-2-3: Play Committee 3: Secretarial Club 3. SULLIVAN, BETTY SUNBOM, ROBERT Prom Committee 3-4: Play Committee 3-4: Ping Pong. SUTTERLIN, FRANCES French Club 1-2: Philos 3 Patches 1-2, Secretary 2: G. A. A. Club 1: Play Committee 3. Paint and TAVENNER, JANET Latin Club 1: Spanish Club 2: Home Eco- nomics 3: G. A. A. Club 1: Club 3. Secretarial THOMPSON, MARIAN Spanish Club 1-2-3-4, Secretary 2: Philos 4: Home Economics 1-2-3-4, Vice President 3: Honor Society 4: Treble Clef 2-3: Vocal Contests 3. TUCKER, MARY ELLEN Philos 3-4: Mask and Wig 3-4: Honor So- ciety 3-4: Polaris Staff Co-Business Man- ager 4: Class Play 3-4: Sophomore Ora- torical 2: Secretarial Club 3-4, President 4: Cashier in cafeteria and cafeteria book- keeper 4. VALESKA, MELVYN Model Airplane Club 3: Polaris Staff 4. VEHMEIER, CAROL JO Latin Club 1-2: Philos 3-4: Hi-G-R 2-3-4, Vice President 4: Mask and Wig 4: Foren- sics 2-3: G. A. A. Club 2-3: Honor Society 3-4: Polaris Stall' Co-Editor 4: Play Com- mittee 4: Sophomore Oratorical 2: Science Club 3-4: Cheer Leader 4: Play Prompter 3: Swimming 2-3: Girls' State 3. VICK, WILLIE Wrestling. VORE, PHYLLIS French Club 1-2-3-4 : Spanish Club 3 : Shilo? 3-4 : Hi-G-R 2 : Home Economics u . VOSS, NORMA JEAN Latin Club 1-2: French Club 3-4, Vice President 41 Philos 3-4: Home Economics 1-2-3-4, President 4: Honor Society 3-4: Polaris Staff 4: Treble Clef B 2: Operetta 254: Igay Committee 4: Home Room Pres- ient . WAGAND, PHILLIP Paint and Patches 2 A Cappella 4. WALTER, RICHARD French Club 1-2-3, Vice President 3: Span- ish Club 3-4: Honor Society 4: Prom Com- mittee 3: Play Committee 2-3-4: Operetta ?f4: Stage Manager Senior Play 4: Class ay . WICK, VIVIAN Transferred from Lake View High School, Chicago. WIELAND, CLAIRE JEAN Latin Club 1: G. A. A. Club 1-2: Home Economics 1-2. WIELAND, ROGER Letterman's Club 2-3-4: Basketball 2-3-4: Track 1-2-3. WIENAND, RICHARD WILHELMS, JUNE Operetta 4 : Swimming. WILSON, EUGENE Home Room Secretary 1-3-4: Letterman's Club 2-3-4, Secretary 4: Football 1-2-3-4: Track 2-3. WILSON, JACK WINTER, JEANNETTE E. Latin Club 2: Hi-G-R 3: Home Economics 3: G. A. A. Club 2: Play Committee 3: Secretarial Club 3-4. WOLFE, ROSS Model Airplane Club 2: Mask and Wig 4: Football 1-2: Basketball 1-2-3: Track 1-2- 3: Camera Club 4: Hi-Y 1: Carnival Com- niutteie 3-4: Prom Committee 3: Hall Mon- 1 or . WOLFE, WILLIAM WOMELSDORF, BRUCE French Club 3-4: Band 2-3-4: Orchestra 4: Operetta 4: Solo and Ensemble Instrumen- tal Contests 4. YOST, HERBERT Home Room Secretary-Treasurer 3: Latin Club 1-2: Philos 4: Honor Society 4: Pol- aris Staff 4: Track 1-2: Science Club 4. YOUNG, MARY E. Spanish Club 3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Honor Society 4: Treble Clef 2-3: Operetta 1-2: A Cappella 3: Play Committee 3: Vocal Contest 3: Carnival Committee 4. YOUNG, MAXINE Class Oflicer, Secretary-Treasurer 4: French Club 1-2-3, Secretary-Treasurer 3: Philos 3-4, -President 4: Hi-G-R 4: Home Eco- nomlcs 1: Honor Society 3-4: Polaris Stall' 35 Treble Clef A 2: Band 1-2-3: Orchestra 2: Operetta 2-4: A Cappella 2-3-4: Play Committee 3: Sophomore Oratorical 2: Vocal Contest 3: Solo and Ensemble In- strumental Contests: Secretarial Club 3. ZIMMERMAN, LOIS FIELD RIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF THEIR LUCKY SERGEANTS fl29J AUTCDGRAPHS LET YOUR FRIENDS SIGN HERE . . . SIGN HERE . . . SIGN HERE . . . SIGN 512,03 AUTOGRAPHS LET THEM SIGN HERE . . . SIGN HERE . . . SIGN HERE . . . SIGN HERE 51313

Suggestions in the Freeport High School - Clarion Yearbook (Freeport, ME) collection:

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