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Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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x PW - .i m.w:.g,g ...c-, V, I Pl X .,v K 1 W , v 'U .,1,, ... - ' - - - " N :J 4,-1.jrf'f'L, v 1 ' 5 ' ' U--vm-bmw . w..,N,,g, - Vx M u-ff!-7 VS. J 1- ,-auange Q .4 1 Q' 6' Q0 " ' Q9 g s -5 ff? kj ll II an S 'fl 5 1 S, Ill PORT .9317 d M6141 quarter century Twenty-five years of successful publication of the Freeportian have elapsed. During these years much progress has been made. We are proud to present this emblem which represents the progress of the first quarter century. Pictured on this emblem are a bridge, a book, a tree, and a plow. These objects we've chosen as symbols of progress. The bridge symbolizes expansion and growthg knowledge is characterized by the open bookg the olive tree represents stamina and long lifeg and the plow symbolizes our community, since the majority of the students enrolled are from a rural district. The meaning of this em- blem represents the twenty-five years past and the twenty-Five years to come. 1 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ?reepo1-t 141-ea High Sclwvl FREEPORT 1 Egg? ?1-eeportian 'fig Q-'Y Ho 'Q A O 4 f AS -,W f PENNSYLVANIA fp? - ,. QV GP 124' I CRT. ,I 3 b6di6'dfi0h TO YOU . It does make you wonder . . . The dedication of this yearbook to you, Mr. Herbert E. McGee, is the highest honor the senior class can bestow. This is our best means of displaying our appreciation for What you have done for our class. We Want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude. Your kindness and devotion are only a few of the many vir- tues you possess. As a teacher you have gained the respect of every student who has worked under your helpful guidance. Your patience, friendly smile and helping hand have encouraged many. So to you, Mr. McGee, We dedicate this 1963 Freeportian. 4 MR. HERBERT E. MCGEE A dedicated teacher and sponsor 5 Ilia:-la grvwtla of clu6A ,,,,.W.W,.1...i..,., The ayes have it. Crucial moment. 5 The saw is the tool with the jagged edges. Parliamentary procedure? 7 YEARS of sports 8 r 1 4 The Student Kody from and from It'1l be 0.K. if you can keep up with the bus. T116 band played On. Bottom's up! What's Structural Linguistics? 10 Senior Class Play Hey Tarzan, wait for me! Junior Class Banquet Junior Class Play The precedent X NIA tory Freeport Area Joint High School was erected in 1923. The two-story, white brick structure was built to accommodate high school students from Buffalo Township, South Buffalo Town- ship, and Freeport Borough. Freeport students from the first eight grades also attended the new school which cost approximately S250,000. During the first year of the school, the super- vising principal, E. O. Liggit acted as principal for the high school. Under his jurisdiction were about five hundred pupils in the new building. With the arrival of the year 1937 came the introduction of Freeport High School's first year- book. For the last twenty-five years the tradition of publishing an annual has been carried on by each succeeding senior class. To meet the demands of a growing school population Freeport Area High School has ex- panded two times during its forty-year history. Additions were made in 1936 and again in 1949. With the completion of these additions the school had twenty-six classrooms available for use. Again in 1955 the School Board was faced with the problem of overcrowded school condi- tions. They decided to construct a new senior high school. The problem now was how to ac- commodate the students until completion of the senior high building. Beginning in the fall of 1957, Freeport High School operated On split sessionsg senior high students attended morning classes and junior high students attended after- noon classes. The practice of split sessions was terminated in October l96l when the new Senior High School was ready for occupancy. Since 1961 the old Freeport High School has been used as a junior high- school. Marion S. Goodwill is presently serving as principal off the junior high school. 13 The Native Junior High XVCII, it never did work V fm K X x 1 14 Please pass the paste Chow time. 3 E I I ? 1 i . 1 1 5 I I I P I i g 1 E i j , v'!5'5g??:- QE fx na:-sf Q3 ' . 1 Q 15 be 9 I v, 1: 52 "'25f,11', QENTQQQ Class Motto: We will not praise what we do, but do wha The C7444 0 196 Class Colors: White and Gold ALMA MATER By the Allegheny flowing Stands our dear old Freeport High School. Here let your voices sing with fervor The praise which she deserves from you. Then hold aloft her gleaming banners, The royal blue and gold so true, And let your hearts be loyal ever, Hail Alma Mater, Hail to You: You, her worthy sons and daughters Live to carry on her fameg Lead well for others that will follow, So honor we all bring her name. Then hold forever dear and sacred The memories of dear Freeport High Schoolg As graduates you leave, sing ever Hail Alma Mater, Hail to You: Fellow Seniors, Our graduation has come. It has been our goal for the greater portion of our lives and now we have achieved that goal. Our parents, administration, and faculty undertook the many great responsibilities constituting our achievement of our goal. They have supplied the material things which we needed and have given us the invaluable knowledge which we will use throughout our lives. Our appreciation for their labor is unequaled. To our underclassmen, with whom we have shared many wonderful moments, we impart a sincere wish for success in the future and a regretful farewell. ED SARVER Senior Class President l8 t we will praise 1963 Senio Cla A Ufficer Ld Sarver . . President Richard Pavlik . Vice President Paula Harrigan . Secretary EDWARD JAMES SARVER Freeport Academic Edsel's activities included Band, Student Director of Jr. Class Play, President of H.R. 18, Student Coun- cil, F.T.A. and Band Ex- ecutive Council. PAULA V. HARRIGAN Freeport Academic Russian was Red's favorite subject. She was active in G.A.A., Senior Ensemble, Choir, jr. Class Play and as a Cheerleader. Future plans . . . college. LINDA LOU CRIBBS Sarver Academic Linda's activities included Editor-in-Chief of Free- portian, Ushers' Club, Pro- gram Salesman and Assis- tant Secretary-Treasurer of Student Council in her jr. year. Nedra Kearney . Linda Cribbs . Sandy Prola . RICHARD JOSEPH PAVLIK Sarver Academic Rich was active in Key Club, Treasurer of H.R. 18 and usher at Football games. His favorite sub- ject was P.O.D. After graduation he plans to teach. NEDRA JEAN KEARNEY S. Buffalo Academic Neddy's activities included Football Queen Candi- date, Head Majorette, Yel- lowjacket Staff, Librarian and a member of Ushers' Club. Future plans . . . college. SANDRA RUTH PROLA Freeport Academic Sandy was kept busy with the Yellowjacket Staff, Magazine Captain, Foot- ball Queen Candidate, Ushers' Club and a Ma- jorette for three years. 19 . . . . Treasurer Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer KENTON E. ADAMS Sarver Academic Kenton was active in the Chess Club and as Band Announcer. Enjoys fried chicken. Future plans in- clude the military service. His favorite subject was Math. NANCY DARLENE BEERS Freeport General NanCy's favorite subjects were Art, Home Ec., and Gym. She enjoys eating pizza and drinking milk shakes. SUSAN LOUISE BALENTINE Freeport Business Sue was a member of G.A.A., Blue and Gold Choir and F.B.L.A. Fu- ture plans include Robert Morris Business School. DAVID DEAN BEER Freeport General Water-skiing is Bub's fa- vorite pastime. He claims Math as his favorite sub- ject. Bub plans to attend a trade school and become a Jet Mechanic. CAROL JEAN BORRISON Sarver Academic jeanne's activities included Cheerleader, G.A.A., Yel- lowjacket, patrolman, Stu- dent Council and Football Queen Candidate. She plans to attend Slippery Rock. WILLARD B. BATES Freeport General Willie's activities included Chess Club and Varsity Club. He enjoys swim- ming and ice skating. His favorite subject was P.O.D. He plans to join the Navy. GERALD ALLEN BEERS Freeport General Shop was Jerry's favorite subject. He lists pizza and pop as his favorite foods. jerry enjoys riding around. JOANNE ELIZABETH BORTNER Freeport Academic jo was a faithful Nurses' Aid. Her favorite pastime was writing. Jo likes coun- try ham sandwiches and lists English as her fa- vorite subject. 20 JOYCE LORETTA BECKETT Boggsville Business Joyce lists Office Practice as her favorite subject. She was a member of the Ushers' Club. She plans to attend Robert Morris. ROBERT W. BRANT Freeport Business "Eichman" participated in Football, Baseball and Varsity Club, His favorite pastime is playing pool and dancing. His future plans include service or school. DENNIS JOSEPH CESTRA Freeport Academic Ces was president of his H.R. and a Student Coun- cil member his Soph. year. He enjoyed Mrs. Karl's study hall and plans to attend college or the serv- ice. JAMES A. DEAN Sarver Academic jim enjoys playing golf and is a member of the Golf Club. After gradua- tion he plans to attend Slippery Rock College. Jim lists P.O.D. as his fa- vorite subject. JACK EMIL CHIESA Butler junction General Jack was a member of Shop Club. He enjoys working on his car and driving around. His fa- orite subject was Social Studies and he plans to enter the Air Force. LEON ALBERT COOPER Freeport Academic Coop was kept busy with Varsity Club, Blue and Gold Choir, Key Club, Football, Baseball, Basket- ball and Chess Club. He plans to become an Indus- trial Salesman. FRED DANIEL DOUGHERTY S. Buffalo Academic "Little Doc" claims clean- ing his car as his favorite pastime. He enjoys steak and mashed potatoes and his favorite subject is Chemistry. LARRY KEN CLAYPOOL Slate Lick General Pete claims English as his favorite subject. Women drivers are his pet peeve and after graduation he plans to become a me- chanic. GALEN GLENN CURFMAN Sarver General Galen plans farming for his future career. His fa- vorite pastime includes sleeping and writing let- ters. He claims Business Law as his favorite sub- ject. CAROL ANN EASLEY Freeport General G.A.A., Ushers' Club, jr. Class Play, Program Sales- man, Name Card Salesman and Librarian made up Carol's activities. She plans to attend college. TERRY BAZE CLAYPOOL S. Buffalo Academic Being on the Baseball Team and in the Varsity Club kept this lad busy. Terry claims chicken as his favorite food. He plans to enter college. SALLY M. EDGINGTON Slate Lick Business F.B.L.A. and Ushers' Club kept Sally busy. She claims pizza as her favorite food and talking as her favor- ite pastime. 21 DAVID HENRY FOSTER Freeport Academic Fos was Vice President of H.R. 15 and a member of Math and Chess Clubs. He lists hunting and fish- ing as his favorite pas- times. Fos plans to attend Clarion. DONNA JEAN GOLEMBIESKY Freeport Business Donna was kept busy with Blue and Gold, Girls En- semble, Girls Choir, Ush- ers' Club, G.A.A. and Pres- ident ofthe F.B.L.A. Donna plans to attend Robert Morris. sg, SIALLIE LOUISE FOUNTAIN Freeport General Sal was kept busy with Band, Majorettes, Girls' Choir, jr. Ensemble, Ush- ers' Club, Blue and Gold Choir and a Health Room Aid. Her favorite subject was Russian. DAREN EUGENE GETTY Freeport Academic Gene was a member of Band and Chess Club. He claims hunting as his fa- vorite pastime and spa- ghetti as his favorite food. Gene's future plans in- clude Electronics GARY GLENN GRAFTON Slate Lick General Gary's favorite subject was P.O.D. and his favorite food is fried chicken. He enjoys hunting and after graduation plans to be- come a Conservation Offi- cer. SUE FRANTZ Boggsville Academic Sue was active in the Ma- jorette Corp, Ushers' Club, Chairman of the Maga- zine Campaign, and Li- brarian. She plans to be- come a Physical Thera- pist. WALTER WILLIAM GIESLER Sarver General Walt lists P.O.D. and Ge- ography as his favorite subjects and French fries and steak as his favorite food. He enjoys working on motors. LAVERNE F. HARBISON Freeport Business McGee was active in Var- sity Club, Key Club, Choir and Basketball. His fa- vorite pastimes are danc- ing and playing basketball. McGee plans to attend Business School. SARA A. GALBREATH S. Buffalo Academic Sally was kept busy with Blue and Gold Choir, Band, Executive Council, Band Officer, Treasurer of H.R. 15, Dance Band and Girls' Ensemble. She plans to be a nurse. DONNA LEE HARTMAN S. Buffalo Business Donna was one of the effi- cient typists for the Yel- lowjacket and a member' of Choir. Donna's favorite pastime is watching T.V. She plans to attend Busi- ness School. -if 22 ROBERT S. HENRY Sarver General Hank joined us in his jr. year. He enjoys playing the guitar and studying "karate." He lists spaghet- ti as his favorite food and P.O.D. as his favorite sub- ject. FRANK EDWARD IPPOLITO Sarver Academic George's activities in- cluded Football, Student Council, Science Cl u b, Varsity and Key Club. His favorite subject was Phys- ics and he plans to be- come an Astronautical Technologist. DAVID WARREN HILL Freeport Business Dave's hobbies include hunting and customizing cars. His favorite subject is Business Law and his favorite food is steak. Dave's future plans . . . Business School. JANICE HOOD S. Buffalo Business jan was active in G.A.A. As her pastime she' en- joyed playing Basketball. She lists pizza as her fa- vorite food. Her future plans are indefinite. MARTHA MAY JORDAN Freeport Business Marty was active in the Tri-Hi-Y, Biology and Ushers' Club. She enjoys dancing, reading and lists P.O.D. as her favorite sub- ject. She plans to be a secretary. KAREN LOUISE HILL Laneville Business Band, Yellowjacket Staff and G.A.A. kept Karen busy. She enjoys listening to the radio and claims French fries as her favor- ite food. Future plans . . . Robert Morris. JOHN C. HUTTON Freeport General Managing Football, Base- ball and Basketball kept Jace busy. He enjoys standing on the corner and eating spaghetti. He plans to attend a trade school. KAREN JANE KAUFFMAN Freeport Academic Kooky's.activities included Blue and Gold, Yellowjac- ket, Girls' Choir, French Club, G.A.A., Freeportian Business Staff and Jr. and Sr. Ensemble. ANDREA M. HOLLIER Sarver Academic Andie's activities included cheerleader for 3 years, Patrolman, Blue and Gold, Girls' Choir, Class Ensem- ble, G.A.A., Ushers' Club, and a Football Queen Candidate. MARJORIE SUE KEEBLER Boggsville Academic Marny was a peppy cheer- leader, and a member of Blue and Gold, jr. and Sr. Ensemble, G.A.A. and Yellowjacket. Her plans include college. 23 JAMES N. KEEFER Sarver Academic jay's activities included Band, Dance Band, Choir, Freeportian Staff and Band Executive Council. He en- joys taking care of his po- nies and plans to become a Veterinarian. ROBERT ALLEN KLEMZAK Ekastown General Bob's favorite pastimes are loafing and fixing cars. His pet peeve is getting up in the morning. Bob plans to become an automobile designer. SHIRLEY ANN KELLEY Sarver General Shirl claims Math as her favorite subject. Shirl can go for chicken and pizza anytime and enjoys horse- back riding. After grad- uation she plans to be- come a secretary. KAREN MAXINE KING Freeport Academic Sr. and jr. Ensemble, G.A.A., Girls' Choir, Blue and Gold and Majorettes kept this girl busy. Future plans include Airline Hos- tess. CORNELIA MARIE KLINZING Freeport Academic Connie's activities in- cluded Secretary of the Student Council, Major- ette Officer, Co-Editor of the Yellowjacket and Ush- ers' Club. Future plans . . . college. PAUL EARL KELLY Sarver General Butch was a member of Choir and Key Club. His pet peeve is Bus 13 and he lists steak as his fa- vorite food. Butch plans to join the Navy Reserves. BETTY LOUISE KLAES Freeport Business Betty was President of the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y and a mem- ber of G.A.A., Ushers' Club and Biology Club. After graduation she plans to become an Airline Hostess. BONNIE LEE KROPP Sarver Academic Bonnie's activities in- cluded Freeportian Staff, Ushers' Club, G.A.A., Li- brarian and a member of the Jr. Class Play. Her future plans include college. 24 DIANE ADELE KING Sarver Business Di was active in the Ma- jorette Corps, Blue and Gold, Girls' Ensemble, Girls' Choir, Yellowjacket and as a Football Queen Candidate. Future plans . . . Robert Morris. ALEX S. KUBLA Sarver General Alex was active in the Blue and Gold Choir and Boys' Double Quartet. He lists fried chicken as his favorite food. Alex's plans are indefinite. LINDA ANN KUTSCH Sarver Academic Zelda was active in the Majorettes, Yellowjacket, Ushers' Club, Program Salesman and the G.A.A. Zelda plans to become a Beautician after gradua- tion. RUTH L. LIVENGOOD Shuster Heights General Lynne was a member of Tri-Hi-Y and Ushers' Club. She claimed P.O.D. as her favorite subject. After graduation Lynne plans to become a Typist. DAWN LYNN LAUFFER Freeport General Tri-Hi-Y and Biology Club kept Dawn busy. Spaghetti and steak are her favorite foods and she plans to become an I.B.M. machine operator. KATHLEEN L. LEWIS Freeport General Kathy's favorite subject was P.O.D. Band, Ushers' Club, and G.A.A. were this girl's main activities. Kathy lists hamburgers as her favorite food. DARLENE MILLER Sarver General Dar was a member of Tri- Hi-Y and President in her jr. year and also a mem- ber of Ushers' Club. Homework is Dar's pet peeve and future plans include office work. . . a YV V I it ' f' ,amy . 5 4 r -qi 3. ' fa . rl gf . F e , in 'gi J" A ff, ' 2 z fwr mt- J . W EF' .f' vzinfxlfbfw . 1 I :f'EL9i': .1.fI: q,?QJ2f'iQ Lf w ?. ff,g.:. 'ir. ' Q? 1122.-' f ":'4 '1 ami JOHN THOMAS LAUX Laneville General jack played Football and was a member of Varsity Club. He lists Math as his favorite subject and spa- ghetti as his favorite food. NANCY LOUISE LEWIS Freeport Business F.B.L.A., Ushers' Club and G.A.A. were this girl's ac- tivities. Na.ncy's favorite subject was P.O.D. To at- tend I.B.M. School is Nancy's ambition. KATHLEEN F. MILLER Freeport Academic Kathie's activities includ- ed G.A.A., Yellowjacket, Blue and Gold Choir, Secretary of Jr. H.R. and Girls' Choir. She enjoys dancing and swimming. 25 ALAN WILLIAM LEE Silverville Academic Tiger's activities included Football, Key Club, Pa- trolman and President of Soph. Class, jr. Class, and Varsity Club. Social Stud- ies was his favorite subject. WILMER D. MILLER Sarver General Going to pony pulls is Sonny's favorite pastime. He enjoys eating pancakes and after graduation he plans to become a Barber. MARVIN BRUCE MOCHEL Sarver Academic Moch was President of H.R. Cafetoriurn and a member of Student Coun- cil. He enjoys loafing and eating pizza. Moch plans to join the Navy. JOSEPH VVENDELL MCANINCH Ralston Road Academic Football, Key Club, Pa- trolman, and Varsity Club were Mac's main activi- ties. He enjoyed Mrs. Karl's study hall. Future plans for Joe include be- coming a pharmacist. JAMES XV. MOHNEY Freeport Business Jim was an escort for a Football Queen Candidate. He enjoys shooting pool, and going to Drive-in's. He plans to enter the field of Commercial Ra- dar after graduation. ELIZABETH JANE MYERS S. Buffalo Academic Janie's activities included Blue and Gold, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Girls' Choir, Ushers' Club and Librarian. She plans to attend Indiana. RICHARD EUGENE MCCLURE Freeport General Dick's activities included Hi-Y and a Stage Crew Member. He enjoys going to ball games. After grad- uation he plans to join the Navy. TERRY LEE MORGAN Shuster Heights Business Terry was kept busy with Basketball, Baseball, as President of H.R. 15 and a member of the Varsity Club. Terry plans to be- come an accountant. JAMES C. McANINCH S. Buffalo Academic Jim's activities included Blue and Gold, Boys' Double Quartet,Boys' Choir, Football, Varsity Club and Biology Club. Jim plans to enter the Held of Biology. MARCIA KAY McCREA S. Buffalo Academic Marsh was an active mem- ber of the Majorettes Corps Chorus, G.A.A. and Ushers' Club. She enjoys dancing and P.J. parties. 26 CONNIE JEAN MORRISON S. Buffalo General Con was a member of the G.A.A. She enjoys dancing and listening to records. Con claims French fries and Pepsi as her fa- vorite foods. Her future plans are undecided. BARBARA JEAN McDERMOTT Shuster Heights Business Barb was an active mem- ber of G.A.A. Her favorite foods include chicken and French fries. Barb plans to attend Beautician School after graduation. MICHAEL ROY MCDERMOTT Shuster Heights Academic Gunner was kept busy with Basketball, Baseball, Key Club, Vice President of H.R. 18, and Secretary of the Varsity Club. Gun- ner hopes to become a State Policeman. JOSEPH HARVEY RENOUF Slate Lick Academic "Hurt Rib" was active in the Key Club, Varsity Club, and as a football player. He enjoys steak, sleeping and driving. After graduation he plans to attend college. KAREN SUE NEELY Ralston Road Business Art Club, Ushers' Club and Tri-Hi-Y kept Sue busy. Her future plans in- clude interior decorating. She enjoys dancing and eating fried chicken in her spare time. THOMAS S. PETERS Slate Lick General Tom enjoys shooting pool and dancing. His favorite food is shrimp. Tom likes History but dislikes tests. His future plans include attending college. OTTALEE KAY ROELL Sarver Business This active girl was a member of the Yellow jacket Staff, G.A.A., Blue and Gold, Ushers' Club and was a Librarian. Her future plans include IBM School. CARONLYN JEAN ORRIS Ekastown Academic Carolyn's activities in- cluded Freeportian Staff, Program Salesman and Refreshment Stand. She enjoys watching television and plans to attend col- lege after graduation. EDWARD C. RAVOTTI Freeport General Rabbits was a member of the Shop Club. He lists onion rings as his favorite food and History as his favorite subject. He plans to attend a mechanic school. LELAND BOICE ROENIGK Ekastown Academic Lee was active in the Key Club, as Vice-President of H.R. 9, and Vice Presi- dent of the Soph. Class in his Soph. year. He plans to become an Electrical engineer. 27 ELEANOR ANNE PAINTER Sarver Businew El's activities included Yellowjacket Staff and Ushers' Club. She also sold refreshments at the football games. El plans to attend Robert Morris. KAREN LYNNE RUGGERI Freeport Academic Cheerleader, Choir, G.A.A., Yellow jacket, Ushers' Club, Senior En- semble and jr. Class Play Committee kept "R" busy. Her future plans include college. JOHN R. SCHEITLE Freeport Academic john was active in the Blue and Gold. He lists World Geography as his favorite subject. john plans to join the Air Force after graduation and then attend college. DELMAR B. SNYDER Freeport General Math was Snyder's favor- ite subject. He enjoys eat- ing ice cream and future plans include marriage. BARBARA SCHICKLINE Sarver General Ushers' Club and G.A.A. kept Barb busy. She en- joys reading and claims Chemistry as her favorite subject. Barb plans to be- come a Beautician. ALBERT G. SEITAM Butler junction General Bud was active in Shop Club, Key Club and Foot- ball. His favorite foods are french fries and ham- burgers and his favorite class was P.O.D. TERRY L. SNYDER South Buffalo Academic "Sniper" was busy as Freeportian photographer, a member of Blue and Gold Choir and Boys' Choir. He plans to be- come a Metallurgical En- gmeer. DANNY K. SCHRECKENGOST Freeport Business Schrec lists Bookkeeping as his favorite subject. This talented dancer plans to become a bookkeeper or mechanic after gradu- at10H. LAVADA A. SKILES Short Cut Academic Blue and Gold Choir, Ensemble, Girls' Choir, G.A.A., Yellow jacket and Football Queen kept Vanda busy. Her future plans include college. DAVID L. SPROAT Sarver Academic Among "D,A.'s" activities were Freeportian Staff, Bi- ology Club and President of the Student Council. He enjoys Advanced Biol- ogy and plans to attend college. 28 PATRICIA ANN SCOTT Shuster Heights Academic Patty's activities included Majorette Corps, Librari- an, Yellowjacket Staff and Ushers' Club. She plans to work with the handi- capped after attending college. GEORGE M. STEVICK Sarver Business Mike was an active mem- ber of Choir. He claims submarine sandwiches as his favorite food and his future plans include be- coming an Accountant. V ,fa V Vvv iil , ..,,. aaa! -f :. . if .-"f'ffn'5pf.'.',rf -' ww- iw: , , ef K ' 1. A I ft if .iii 9 CONNIE L. STOKES South Buffalo Business Connie was busy as a member of G.A.A., Girls' Choir and Blue and Gold Choir. Her favorite food is steak and she plans to become a Beautician. RICHARD F. TISHEY Sarver Academic "Nikita" was a member of the Chess Club and Vice President of the Caf- etotrium. He enjoys bar- becued chicken and will attend mechanics school. at fy! K M as it P ff- fi' if a L f If 5. ' Q- 1 SANDRA J. STRAUGHN Laneville Business Sandy's activities included G.A.A. and Blue and Gold. She enjoys dancing and claims P.O.D. as her favorite subject. Future plans include Beauty School. ELAINE A. TEETERS Sarver General Elaine was a member of Tri-Hi-Y and Art Club, She lists Art as her favor- ite subject and after grad- uation plans to become an artist or an Airline Stew- ardess. RONALD TREFELNER Freeport General Ron was a member of Chorus. His pet peeve is getting up in the morn- ing. He enjoys steak and French fries and future plans include the Air Force. 4 . ETHEL. K. SWANSON Shuster Heights Business Kay was a typist for the Yellowjacket and a Ma-' jorette for three years. She claims Office Practice as her favorite subject. Future plans include mar- riage. TOM C. THORP Ralston Road General Football kept Clarence busy. Porkchops and pizza are his favorite foods. Clarence enjoys eating and plans to become a Draftsman. VAUGHN VAKULICK Freeport Academic Football, Baseball, Blue and Gold Choir, Varsity Club, President of H.R. 9 and Boys' Double Quar- tet were Vaughn's activi- ties. "Nose" plans to en- ter the Navy. THOMAS C. SWEENEY Freeport General "Weiner,' was active in the Golf Club, Varsity Club, and as a Shop Safe- ty Engineer. He also played Football for three years. Tom lists World Geography as his favorite subject. JEAN ANN 'VENDERLIC Freeport Academic jean was active in Choir, Ensemble, G.A.A., Girls' Choir, Yellowjacket Staff and as a Librarian. Ven- derlic plans to become a teacher. 29 FELIX F. VILETTO Freeport Academic junior lists World Geog- raphy as his favorite sub- ject. He was a member of F.T.A. and plans to teach Social Studies after grad- uation. JANICE MARIANN WIEGAND Sarver Academic Ian's activities included Co-Editor of Yellowjacket, Librarian, Nurses' Aid, member of G.A.A. and Ushers' Club. Her future plans include nurses' training. CHARLES L. XVAGNER S. Buffalo General Chuck was an able member of the Stage crew. His favorite subject was P.O.D. Future plans for Chuck include becoming a Draftsman. KAREN TERRIE WHITE Freeport Business Freeportian Stall, G.A.A., Ushers' Club and the F.B.L.A. were some of Whitey's activities. Her fa- vorite subject was Oflice Practice. She plans to be a Secretary. WARREN WILKEWITZ Sawer Academic Warren was a member of the Jr. Play Cast, Chess Club and Key Club. He claims Russian as his fa- vorite subject and plans to enter college. JAMES WAYNE WALTERS Freeport General Chess Club, Key Club, and Choir kept jim busy. He enjoys playing Baseball and Basketball and plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. MERVIN JAMES WHITE Kittanning General White claims pop, ice cream and candy as his favorite foods. After grad- uation he plans to marry. DARLA JOYCE WOLL Freeport Academic Ensemble, Blue and Gold, Yellowjacket Staff, jr. Class Play committee, G.A.A. and Ushers' Club kept "YValla" busy. She plans to attend college. 30 MARILYN WARTHEN Freeport Commercial Marilyn was active in G.A.A., Yellowjacket, Ush- ers' Club and F.B.L.A. She plans to become an Airline Stcwardess. Office Practice was her favorite subject. MICK ZAHAROFF Sarver Academic "Mickel" was an active member of Choir and Key Club. He claims steak and mushrooms as his favorite foods. He plans to join the Air Force after grad- uation. The latest from Paris. And then she said . . . Hey, hey, fight, fight! Sing along with Ed. School spirit was at its highest. emu 0 Q ' MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY Paula Harrigan-Lee Roenigk TQ Carolyn Orris-Ed Sarver Senior MOST MUSICALLY MOST DEPENDABLE INCLINED Connie Klinling-Dave SPTOM Sally Galbreath-Jay Keefer 32 BEST LOOKING MOST FRIENDLY Marilyn Warthen-Jim Mohney Jeanne Borrison-Richard Pavlik o a em onal1t1eA MOST AMBITIOUS Linda Cribbs-Dave Foster N EATEST Karen Ruggeri-Terry Claypool MOST ATHLETIC MOST BASHFUL Jan Hood-Leon Cooper Karen Neely-Gary Grafton Semvr Pew 0nal1t1eA MOST MISCHIEVOUS BEST DANCER can Venderlic-Dan Schreckengost Karen Kauffman-McGee I-Iarbiso 34 be ou Remember N H Our Sophomore Officers Our Freshmen Officers Our Sophomore Heroes HQIHC Rogm HOHIC Room 35 -15 X "Thar ain't nobody here, Sheriff." unior Officers of 1962 junior - Senior Prom 1962 36 "Where ya from, Stranger?" junior-Senior Prom 1962 1962 junior Class Play Curtain Call Q me I , 'Www- ' 4 W'-Wa' A il" 39:1 f 5 WWW K W ? .,,, frwiqdii .. A rw :-- E YVW i',"'7'y AQ-H 5-,:, W 2' A V 3' iw -K ' g .Qi 117919 ft HIGH A v og' 4901 SE 'X 3 ' fs' 2:2 x f 929 '5 ORT . UNDERCLA QMEN 5 Ufficel-A President . . . . Chip Young Vice-President . . Alan Robinson Secretary- T1'easu1'er . . Mary Ann Bertino Assistant Secretary- Treasureo' . . George-tta Conti fMissingj School days at Freeport are drawing to a close for our junior class. The future is the main concern of the students. Their eleventh year will be a pleasant memory of games, dances, the class play, and the Prom. The sponsors for the junior class were Mr. McGee, Miss Young, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Carl- son and Mr. Maliszewski. Now here's your mistake, Hurry, hurry, hurry! 40 unior Claw ' Home Room II Front row: C. Beale, D. Brothers, J. Gerner, O. Crawford, P. Sei- tam, I. Roudybush, B. Somerville, J. Kamody, Miss Young. Second row: M. Haught, J. Thompson, J. Wei- gand, J. Wilkewitz, R. Rodriquez, S. Trettel, C. Hill, B. Durst, D. Woods. Last row: R. Canterna, J. McGuire, R. Pomaybo, D. Wal- ters, T. Otterrnan, R. Rzeszotarski, F. Ber- nard, G. Macurdy, G. Lewandowski. Home Zoom IZ Front row: E. Mc- Clain, S. Ehrman, B. Ballon, D. Brill, N. Livingood, M. Kelly, L. Burd, M. Parker, J. McMillen, Miss Turko. Second row: G. Chris- ty, L. Beale, S. Alls- house, K. Wagner, L. Pukal, W. Howard, M. Grates, S. Fuhrman, B. Russo, D. Rowley. Last row: K. Swenney, J. Wesolosky, J. Black- burn, A. Yates, J. Urik, S. Deel, L. Shultz, E. Schietle, E. Hazlett. Hvme Room I Front row: P. Weso- losky, R. Nowakas, B. Ashbaugh, G. Hutton, R. Taylor, L. Reitz, Grimm, R. Passarelli, Mrs. Brown. Second row: K. Moon, G. Bu- satto, S. Fleming, L. Kisiel, M. Mitchell, M. Heck, R. Skibicki, B. Blair. Last row: F. Van Dyke, R. Wlagner, S. Weltner, D. Rowley, R. Chrzanowski, D. Don- nelly, D. Locke, H. Beck. lvlvme Rvvm Front row: N. Van Dyke, J. Heneiy, B. Beckett, C. Mfetter, T. James, R. Dudek, B. Buchan, C. Claypool, N. Skinner, F. Rowley, K. Stitt, Mr, Maliszew- ski. Second row: M. Logan, B. Schrecken- gost, R. Morrison, C. Young, J. Pesci, L. Young, R. Yvalker, J. Gundlach, M. Revi. Last row: R. Pomaybo, S. Fullerton, R. Krone- berg, J. Thompson, D. Atkinson, E. McClow- ery, H. Bouch. I4 Home Room Front row: Mr. Carl- son, M. Tulley, K. Haven, J. Hill, E. Beale, S. Salsgiver, B. Mailki, K. McKinney, M. Bertino. Second row: K. Liti, L. Shoaf, S. Dale, S. Balentine, P. Kelley, L. Brown, C. Prola, C. Cassell. Last row: D. Early, R. Adams, R. Roudybush, L. Volk, J. Girardi, S. Pajer, K. Spinetti. I6 Hvme Kvvm I9 Front row: R. Teters, M. Ruffner, P. Phillips, L. Scott, D. Hicks, P. Walter, M. Smock, G. Conti, S. Viletto, Mr. McGee. Second row: R. Canterna, S. Gal- breath, C. Bower, S. McCollim, B. Naugh- ton, S. Hamilton, P. White, B. johnson, B. Lucas. Last row: J. Duff, T. Dolmayer, E. Lasinski, A. Robinson, M. Gamble, H. Brad- ley, J. Baker. Soplwmv e Cla A Ufficem President . . . Bill Bowser Vice President . . . Lee Summers Secretary . . . . . Alice DeSalvo Treasnrei' . . Debbie Hesselgesser As sophomores we have now completed our first year in senior high school. It was a year filled with studies, extracurricular activities, and various sports. We began our first year in our chosen courses, either busi- ness or academic. Mr. Willoughby served as chairman of our class sponsors and had as his co-workers: Mrs. MacCord, Mrs. Fer- ree, Mr. Baker, Mr. Steele, Mr. Custer, and Mr. Amy. Climaxing the year was the Sophomore Hop which was on April 19. Home Room 4 Front row: V. Hewitt, S. Mast, P. Borrison, N. Myers, J. Sudy, L. Lowers, N. Mochel, S. McHenry,' B. Riggatire, L. Hlolfe, Mr. Baker, Second row: R. Palko, J. Buzzard, S. Costantino, K. Hagins, J. DeMeno, R. Gallagher, C. Elsenrath, D. Schreckengost, J. Wagner, S. DeB1asio. Last row: D. Smith, T. Beale, T. Sowinski, A. Jordan, J. Ranieri, T. Humes, R. Ralston, S. Cieslinsky, R. Kogelman. Home Zoom 6 Front row: D. Rehner, J. Maiki, G. Straughn, C. Sarver, B. Lewis,D. Hesselgesser, J. Arner, B. Check, R. McDer- mott, J. Dattalo. Sec- ond row: Myers, W. Douglas, E. Brink, Devereaux, P. Hill, E. Zaharoff, G. Felsing,R. Coleman, Mrs. Mac- Cord. Last row: K. Pesci, P. Hfetter, M. Johnson, B. Thorp, B. Bates, M. Gaydos, C. Orris, Rudert, L. Smith, T. Kennedy. Home Room Front row: S. Johnson, J. Cooper, L. Bishop, C. Anthony, B. Burd, D. Hesselgesser, D. Beale, Mrs. Ferree. Second row: D. Toy, D. Otterman, S. Smith, K. Elcock, L. Fennel, S. Grant, C. Malkey, L Renshaw, R. Rutkow- ski. Last row: T Haven, P. Pezzin, B Daquilante, J. Living- ston, G. Wissinger, D. Hoak, J. Kettering, F. Ziacik. S Home Ream Front row: S. Ponteri, P. Beale, N. Sarver, V. Costa, D. Johnston, E. Smith, T. Martinetti, M. Hughes, Mr. Amy. Second row: H. Liv- ingston, K. Myers, K. Elder, M. Oyler, P. Molligan, B. Wither- up, B. Blair, K. Rew- nicki, F. Mason. Third row: R. Christie, D. R. Kirro, W. J. Varos, K. DiMeno, Griffith, McGuire, C. Hewitt. Last row: C. Burris, M. Sabattini, D. Fester,B. Babinsack, D. Stull,P. Dean, D. Smith, D. Snyder. Hvme Rvvm Front row: J. Younk- ins, J. Myers, B. Shook, P. Cline, S. Dougherty, M. Thompson, N.Fu- hrman, B. Macurdy, L. Mlesterman, J. jar- cline, Mr. Steele. Sec- ond row: O'Malley, K. Leslie, J. Anderson, J. Falkner, C. Bennett, F. Ross, J. Smith, E. Peck, G. Stoops. Last row: T. Chapman, W. Brant, L. Cribbs, Bargerstock, R. Hemp- hill, D. Menken, J. Hill, L. Kelly. 7 8 Home Room I0 Front row: J. Stepp- ling, L. Riggle, D. Mc- Laughlin, S. Johnston, C. Ranieri, L. Lubinie- cki, K. Sheaffer, B. Mohney, J. James, Mr. Custer. Second row:P. Hewitt, A. DeSalvo,S. Kujawa, J. Walter, N. Claypool, J. Schrecken- gost, G. Cramer, J. Beck, S. Burkett, D. Smith. Last row: O. Campbell, B. McAn- inch, J. Sterling, E. Baker, L. Summers, M. Aimino, B. Hamilton, T. Foster, J. Pastorek, J. Negley, B. Wyne- coop, B. Bowser. ome Room I7 Front row: S. Peters,J. WViebel, M. James, Alvino, D. Beers, C. Cline, Y. Scott, J. Bak- er, R. McCormick, Mr. Vfilloughby. Second row: J. Canterna, C. Dillick, M. Lucchesi, A. Hill, H. Erb, M. Cramer, J. Stivenson, B. Frye, P. Young. Last row: D. McClain, T. Braden, C. Skiles, J. Rinaldi, F. Latini, K ohnson Obrin ' .I 1 g' er, D. Reesman, D. Stuebgen, R. Kallner, J. Healey. Q i Qi 5 4 3 3 1 1 i r Kllflqa' eg., 9 C sg V39 'glen 9351? , 99 1 'IIII1 A JVTVWQQ Q4 :3 mo. sei? 'sa E- t gs x ,5 Sy Front row: Mr. lVoll,.D. Hessel-gesser, K. Elder, A. DeSalvo, S. Galbreath, M. Bertino, D. Sproat, Mrs. Johnston Second row: Rinaldi, P. Harrigan, C. Young, C. Klinzing, L. Pukal, G. Conti, S. Viletto. Third row: L. Renshaw L. Cribbs, B. Bowser, T. Humes, R. YValker, M. Tulley, J. McAninch. Last row: E. Sarver, V. Vakulick, A. Robinson A. Lee, R. Passarelli. Student Council Uffieew Dave Sproat . . . . . . President Chip Young . . . . Vice President Connie Klinzing .... Secretary-Treasurer Sue Galbreath . Assistant Secretary-Treasurer This year has been an active one for the mem- bers of our Student Council. They enjoyed being our representatives in Student Govern- ment, Working as a servant for the general Welfare of the school. Under the guidance of Mrs. Grace Johnston and Mr. Woll the council has been progressive in its many activities which included a Foreign Exchange Student Program, revising the Coun- cil's constitution, and planning an Inter-mural sports program. Service projects enacted by the council were a Citizenship Day, Hall Patrolman, Coronation Ball, and the selling of ice cream. We are indebted to the council for their dedi- cated service in promoting a harmonious rela- tionship among all in the school. 50 Patrolman Front row: C. Young, A. Yates, S. Viletto, G. Conti, S. Galbreath, E. Sarver. Last vfbw: A. Lee, D. Sproat J. Borrison, J. McAnich, C. Klinzing, A. Hollier. Illaga ine Campaign Ca tainaf 5 1 N Zfeeportian Staff SENIOR HIGH BUSINESS STAFF Front row: M. Warthen, J. Bor- rison, D. King, S. Prola, L. Skiles, S. Frantz, K. Ruggeri, C. Easley. Second row: M. jordan, A. Hollier, O. Roell, L. Kutsch K. Kauffman, P. Harrigan, KI King, P. Scott. Last row.' N Kearne Wie and R. Pavlikl Y, J- 8 . D. Woll, E. Sarver. SENIOR HIGH EDITORS Front row: Mr. Quattrone, K. White, B. Kropp, L. Cribbs, C. Orris, J. Keefer, C. Orris. Last row: D. Sproat, S. Galbreath, S. Weltner, M. Bertino, T. Snyder, S. Mast. Business Advisors: Mrs. Karl, Mr. Parry. JUNIOR HIGH BUSINESS STAFF Front row: D. McC'aEerty, J. Macurdy, L. Leard, K. Hesselgesser. Last row: A. Wiegand, Y. De- Berxy, D. Oyler, S. Tennant. THE "YEll0WJACKET" Volume XXXVI No. I NEW TEACHERS We have six new teachers at the Senior High School. Mr. Amgen--graduated from fditor Front row: S. Trettel, L. Kisiel, C. Elsenrath, J Wiegand, C. Klinzing, Mr. Amy. Last row: C. Hill J. Borrison, K. Ruggeri, D. Woll, T. Claypool. lg Freeport Area Senior High School October 5, 1962 A SOPHOMORE'S IMPRESSION other sophomor at th the firs I sure didi will I do" an: monopolizec change fron in coming ow neat, orderly Classroom comfortable and advanced. first oppor- receive luncl of a cafeteria ing snap nere at freeport. BZIHUHZO it serv, my I-,gn I a SQAEZZHL' Mr. Sasala--a graduate of good eat. The Cul. ndiana State College, is teaching H15 and eneour- trouble I is that there is n hemistry. He says steak and agement has been a source of inspir- time to digest the food. The firsi otatoes are his favorite foods. is future plans include further choolt' ation to the team and student body af- fow days in the cafetorium wer like. ouite confusimz. but no wonder wit 'res parad everythin t- .t was! E d in the ne 1911 much. I hed S adult-uk iff E2 Fronturow: 0. Roell,.D. King, K. Miller, Prola, N. Kearney, D. Woll, P. Scott, J. Venderlic, M. Vlarthen, J. Borrison, Btedbintgz allow L. Sklles, K. RuggFf1, M. Keebler, C. Kl1HZlHg, Mr. Amy. Second row: S. VIICIIO, G. Conti, K. Sufanson, E. Painter, ed y ' D, Hartman, K. Hlll, J. Blackburn, S. Trettle, K. Kauffman, L. Kutsch, C. Elsenrath, J, Hfiegand. Thzrd row: M. Grates, Spom-ed U B. Beckett, L. Wolfe, K. Elder, B. Macurdy, P. Walter, R. Adams, M. Heck, M. Mitchell, L. Kisiel, L. Cooper. Last row: ew and ol: nn' 'Pvl'1ml:xnv'1'xn m1-.91-n lznllnnn. ,' Q P. Borrison, N. Fuhrman, D. Menken, B. Blair, N. Sarver, M. Cramer, C. Hill, R. Rutkowski. Sh .. .. A. . - .1n. ull., nl. .A .. .. . who did assembly all t a tour 1 ough thr ressed mn esnlines: liked th' , wed to thr 4 h4 o .r I :isnt man- : handled, .ere is tc friendli- . senior: , I began .s to have .ding sucl e day wa: st what I , .iii -.,. --, . i W. .- --nclude b vlic is taking over Joyce As for our football team I saying that everything is great he erman's place. Good luck in the would be honored to have anyone or and the more I go tearing down tha fice Miss Pavlic. all of them for iq son's. long hall, the more I like it. 53 Senio Hi In 7ri-Hi- First row: P. Walter, J. Gerner, J. lvalters, E. Teeters, B. Klaes, D. Miller, Mrs. Brown Second row: K. McKinney, J. Henery, D. Brill, H. Erb, L. Livengood, K. Neely, M. Jordan: Senio High leli- Yf First row: J. Myers, B, Check, S, Salsgiver, M. Stevick, L. Volk, F. Latini, Mr. Steele. Second row: M. Tulley, E. McClain, T. Kennedy, J. Beck, R. Kallner, B. Lucas, K. johnson. Third row: H. Beck, J. Hill, K. Liti, D. Rowley. 54 libre 9 14 Ai tantA First row: J. Myers, J. Falkner, J. Venderlic, N. Kearney, O. Roell, L. Riggle, P. Wetter, M. Johnson, B. Bates, Miss Nuhfer. Second row: C. Bennett, B. Blair, C. Easley, K. Ruggeri, P. Harrigan, B. Kropp, J. Walters, G. Busatto, Mrs. McCanna. Third row: Y. Scott, K. Hagins, B. Ashbaugh, P. Walter, P. Teeters, C. Prola, L. Scott, J. Gerner, D. Hicks. Fourth row: J. Sudy, N. Myers, L. Kisiel, P. Kelley, S. Fleming, S. Dale, S. Trettel, K. Sweeny. 7utu e Yeaclael-A Nmerica First row: C. Hill, D. Atkinson, T. Dolmayer, F. Viletto. Second row: J. Girardi, J. Walters, Mrs. MacCord, M. Mitchell. Third row: P. Walters, J. Gerner, K. McKinney, J. Henery. 55 univr I7 49 Ca t Front row: B. Kropp, C Klinzing, S. Frantz. Sec- ond row: V. Vakulick, C Easley, P. Harrigan, J Walters. Last row: A. Lee E. Sarver, Mr. Settlemeyeri Mr. Custer. Senior Play Ca t Front row: D. Sproat, L. Roenigk, K Kauffman, J. Yvalters. Second row: E Sarver, A. Kubla, P. Kelly. Standing. Mr. Baker. mmatiw C7116 Front row: L. Bishop, C. Anthony, V. Hewitt, I. Roudybush, C. Prola, P. Seitam, L. Shoaf, Mr. Custer. Last row D. Hicks, S, McHenry, N. Claypool, J. Baker, K. Hagins, S. Fountain, J. Thompson. You just can't do it, Mrs. Cagel. Come on and eat your vittles, Emmy. 57 C'lneAA C1116 First row, Z. to r.: J. Myers, D. Rehner, J. Smith, D. Beale, C. Easley, J. James, R. Tishey, R. Coleman, R. Taylor, Mr McGee. Second row, I. to r.: R. Passarelli, J. Varos, D. Reesman, C. Hewitt, L. Smith, D. Locke, D. Hoak, P. Hill, R Palko. Third row, l. to r.: R. Kirro, R. lvagner, W. Wilkewitz, D. Snyder, P. Bargerstock, J. Dattalo, T. Otterman, K Adams, D. Foster. Key C1116 First row, I. to r.: L. Roenigk, McAninch, C. Young, M. McDermott, A. Lee, J. Renouf, McAninch, F, Ippolito, Mr. Vllilloughby. Second row, l. to r.: M. Harbison, A. Seitam, B. Shook, G, Christy, J. Grimm, R. Canterna, T. Kennedy, R. Pavlik. Third row, I. to r.: A. Robinson D. Donnelly, J. Rinaldi, F. Bernard, J. Walters, B. Bowser, D. Hesselgesser. 1 58 Hlter Science J C1116 first row: Mr. Carlson, P. Wal- ters, D. Smith, B. Check. Second row: J. Kamody, T. Foster, F. Ippolito. Milne A' C7416 First row: N. Sarver, N. Mochel, C. Prola, P. Seitam, J. Henery, J. Cerner, D. Hicks, L. Scott, D. Miller, D. Johnston, M. Hughes, D. Golembiesky, J. Beckett, J. Myers, P. Scott, N. Myers. Second row: B. Kropp, J. Wiegand, L. Shoaf, M. War- then, C. Stokes, J. Sudy, C. Cline, R. Adams, S. Balentine, M, McCrea, L. Kutsch, E. Painter, C. Klinzing, B. Klaes, K. Neely. Third row: M. Jordan, L. Livengood, A. Hill, C. Easley, M. Bertino, C. Orris, K. Miller, S. Prola, L. Skiles, S. Frantz, K. Ruggeri, B. Blair, K. Rewnicki, B. Witherup, T. Marlinetti, L. Cribbs. Fourtl' row: P. Harrigan, B. Naughton, N. Skinner, C. Beale, J. Urik, M. Smock, P. VVhite, S. Dale, J. Blackburn, K. Elcock, S. Trettel, S. Ehrman, L. Burd, M Parker, O. Crawford. Fifth row: J. Borrison, N. Kearney, J. Venderlic, D. King, A. Hol ier, D. Woll, J. Thompson, R Dudek, J. Jardine, S. Smith, H. Erb, J. Falkner. Sixth row: K. Hagins, M. Ruffner, Pi Wetter, J. Wybel, K. Pesci, J O'Malley, D. Menken, L. Kelly, S. Fountain, J. Girardi, M. Mitchell. .. .A mm. . .,, i .nm 59 1 Three Blind Mice? jelly beans with peanut butter? lllatln C1416 Front row: Mr. Maliszewski, M. Tulley, B. Blair, R. Taylor, E. Sarver. Second row: R. Canterna, W. Howard, R. Passarelli D. Foster, K. Adams. Last row: J. Kamody, J. Hill, E. Beale. 60 MR. THOMAS KENNEDY Instrumental Music Director Senio Kane! Front row: Walter, C. Rusz, K. Hill, S. Tennant, S. Baker, B. Spohn, N. Claypool, W . Westerman, B. Smith, R Rutkowski, D. Stewart, C. Cassell, A. DeSalvo, S. Galbreath, D. McLaughlin, T. Chapm n. Second row: D. Kelly, B Burd, B. Younkins, D. Otterman, P. Walter, G, Smith, B, Rudert, D. Klingensmith, S. DeBlasio, N. Sawer, G. Hutton D. Oyler, C. Elsenrath, F. Ross, Mr. Kennedy. Third row: D. Smith, J. Norris, D. Early, M. Haught, R. Chrzonowski E. Sarver, A. Davis, A. Stokes, G. Jacobs, B. Shook, R. Skibicki, J. Shick, J. Wcigand. Last row: R. Gallagher, G. Getty J. Anderson, D. Smith, P. Dean, J. Keefer, R. Christie, J. Leri, B. Hamilton. Absentee: D. Brothers, L. Kisiel, S McCollim, K. Myers, T. Otterman, R. Teeters, D. Johnson, A. Graham. l 61 l xecuti e Council Front row: K. Hill, N. Kearney, T. Chapman, Mr. Kennedy, P. Walter, S. Galbreath, M. Haught, E. Sarver. Second row: C. Klinzing, S. Prola C. Elsenrath, A. DeSalvo. Last row E. Getty, G. Hutton, D. Early, J. Keefer. -Q E iii' L ' Senior land lI!em6e A L. to R.: K. Hill E. Gett E. Sarver, S. , Y, Galbreath, J. Keefer. land Ufficel-A Front row: S. Galbreath, R. Christie, G. Hutton, P. Walter, D. Otterman, M. Haught, AI. Keefer, T. Chapman. Back row: Shick, Walter, R. Skibicki, D. Smith, A. DeSalvo, E. Sarver. E 1 Color qua cf L. to R.: N. Myers, M. James, L. Riggle, B. Naughton, C. Wetter, P. Wetter, J. Sudy. bance Kand First row: J. Keefer, T. Chapman, C. Elsenrath, D. Otterman, A. DeSalvo, Wfcigand, B. Shook, S. Galbraith, R. Skibicki, R. Christie, R. Gallagher, J. Anderson. Second row: D. Smith, M. Haught, D. Early, G. Hutton, R. Chrzanowski, P. Walter, J. Younkins, E. Sarver, B. Burd, J. Walter. 63 MAJORETTE OFFICER MAJORETTE OFFICER Nedra Kearney Connie Klinzing land and lliajvrette Zeadel-A DRUM MAJOR Tom Chapman 64 Senio lllajv ette Front row: N. Kearney, C. Klinzing. Back row: K. Swanson, M. McCrea, K. King, D. King, S. Prola, S. Frantz, P. Scott. Maja ette Corp Front row: N. Kearney, C. Klinzing. Second row: M. McCrea, L. Burd, M. Parker, K. Elcock, S. Frantz, J. MC- Millan, K. Swanson, S. Ehrman, R. Nawakas, P. Scott. Standing: K. Myers, S. Prola, M. Bertino, Girardi, L. Kisiel, S. McC01lim, D. King, K. King, Blackburn, S. Trettcl, J. Falkner. 65 frenclc C7116 Front row: J. Henery, N. Sarver, L. Westerman, K. Kauffman, P. Hill, D. Donnelly, W. Hamilton, M. Oyler, D. Hesselgesser, M. Cramer. Last row: J. Gundlach, R. Rodriquez, C. Young, K. Moon, J. Hill, L. Rcitz, R. Rutkoski, D. Toy, L. Renshaw, Mrs. Ferree. futu e Kcwine A feade 0 Hmerica Front row: N. Lewis, K. White, M. Warthen, C. Stokes, S. Balentine, D. Golembiesky. Last row: J. Beckett, B. McDermott, S. Ponteri, C. Beale, C. Prola, J. Thompson, S. McCollim, C. Wfetter. 66 S S S Eivlogy C7416 Front row: B. Somerville, L. Riggle, J. Falkner, D. Hesselgesser, M. Hughes, B. Bates, Peck, Mr. Settlemeyer. Second row: D. Beale, M. Tulley, J. Healey, D. Hoak, J. Steppling, R. Taylor, E. McClain. Last row: J. Kettering, F. Ziacik, P. Dean, R. Adams, R. Passarelli, J. Kamody, J. Varos. Ph ... 67 Front foul: R. Hemphill, Rudert, P. Young, D. D. Beers, Hoak, Mr. Angert. Second row: D. McClain, J. Healey, A. Sei- tam. Third row: D. Hesselgesser, J. Can- terna, M. Keebler, S. Weltner. Fourth row: R. Wagner, D. Woll, J. Laux, B. Schreckengost. Lust row: L. Volk, K. Claypool, T. Peters, D. Beer. Front row: J. Myers, S. Viletto, B. Ballon, L. Skiles, C. Raneri, P. Borrison, K. Myers, L. Wolfe, L. Lubinecki, M. Smock M. Kelly, S. Balentine, L. Lowers, J. Hill, D. Hartman. Second row: R. Teeters, B. Summerville, L. Shultz, P. Phillips, K. McKinney, K. Ruggeri, K. Elcock, J. Venderlic, S. Galbreath. Third -row: N. Sarver, N. Livengood, N. Fuhrman, S Straughn, D. Brothers, B. Macurdy, J. Steppling, R. Trefelner, J. Keefer, A. Kubla, H. Bouch, M. Stevick, P. Kelly, R Palko. Fourth row: C. Elsenrath, C. Bennett, L. Kisiel, M. Keebler, G. Busatto, D. Woll, E. Baker, D. Smith, T. Snyder K. Haven, S. Allhouse, K. Leslie, M. Harbison, H. Bradley, A. DeSalvo, S. Dale, K. Stitt, J. Thompson. Last row: J. Urik F. Rowley, D. King, S, Pajer, K. Sweeny, M. Cramer, L. Pulcal, T. Haven, M. Zaharoff, J. Dattalo, J. McAninch, J. Neg- ley, R. Canterna, C. Hill, V. Vakulick, S. Galbreath, K. King, J. Blackburn, S. McCollim. 0 glue and gold 6,800 The Music Department of the senior high is under the capable direction of Mrs. Shaffer. All senior high students are given the opportunity to participate in the many choral groups and activities which are offered. Some of the special groups are: Choir, mixed chorus, boys glee club, girls glee club, ensembles, and trios. The choral groups present a Christmas Program, Spring Concert, and participate in State and District Chorus. Along with our many pleasant memories at Freeport High we include our choral groups and Mrs. Shaffer. MRS. ELIZABETH SHAFFER Vocal Music Instructor 68 Ecard of birector Front row: J. Myers, V. Vakulick, L. Pukal, L. Skiles. Second row: M. 'Keebler, S. Viletto, S. Galbrcath, K. Ruggeri. Third row: D. Brothers, S. Galbreath, K. Sweeny. Last row: J. Keefer, J. McAninch, C. Hill. Piani M l. to 1. C. Elsenrath, N Livengood. 69 C'lw1-u Front row: L. Skiles, P. Borrison, N. Fuhrman, R. Teeters, P. Cline, Myers, S. Viletto, C. Anthony, S. Straughn, M. Kelly, P. Milligan, S. Grant, Hill, D. Menken, D. Hartman, K. McKinney. Second row: N. Sarver, O'Malley, S. Smith, B. Mohney, S. Costantino, K. Pesci, B. Ballon, G. Conti, B. Somerville, N. Livengood, M. Smock, L. Lubiniecki, C. Stokes, L. Bishop, L. Schultz, P. Phillips, S. Johnston, N. Mochel, S. Balentine, L. Lowers, M. Gaydos, B. Witherup, M. Oyler. Third row: C. Ranieri, M. Keebler, K. Myers, D. Brothers, N. Claypoole, L. NVesterman, B. Macurdy, K. Elder, H. Bouch, A. Kubla, P. Kelly, J. Keefer, R. Trefelner, R. Palko, L. Harbison, K. Kauffman, A. DeSalvo, J. Baker, S. Dale, K. Stitt. Fourth row: C. Elsenrath, S. Fleming, K. Sweeny, G. Busatto, D. Schreckengost, M. Cramer, F. Rowley,D.Smith, M. Zaharoff, T. Snyder, L. Pukal, J. Steppling, R. Rodriguez, M. Stevick, V. Vakulick, J. Dattalo, H. Bradley, S. McCollim, K. Elcock, J. Thompson. Last row: S. Pajer, C. Bennett, A. Hill, J. Urik, L. Kisiel, D. King, M. Aimino, Baker, C. Skiles, T. Haven, J. Walters, C. Hill, J. Negley, J. McAninch, R. Canterna, P. Harrigan, S. Galbreath, K. Ruggcri, D. Woll, K. King. Senivl- Memble l. to r. J. Myers, C. Stokes, L. Skiles, D. King, S. Galbreath, K. Ruggeri, D. Woll, M. Keebler, P. Harrigan, K. King, K. Kaulfinan, Venderlic, D. Hartman. 70 univr nAem6le Front row: B. Summerville, T. james, B. Ballon, G. Conti, S. Vietto, R. Teeters, S. Balentine. Second row: D. Brothers, M. Smock, M. Kelly, N. Livengood, G. Busatto, S. Galbreath. Last row: J. York, F. Rowley, S. Pajer, S. Dale, P. White, j. Blackburn. univr , rio Grace Busatto, Sue Gal- breath. X l cpl: more MA em Ne Front row: L. Lubiniecki, C. Elsenrath, L. Wolf, N. Sarver, C. Ranieri, K. Myers. Last row: N. Fuhrman, N. Claypoole, K. Elder, A. DeSalvo, M. Cramer, B. Macurdy, K. Elcock, L. Low- ers, J. Hill. 71 l ,,,.,,, - ,,,, , J .n s 3 5 i 2 , K 1 L 4, J i 1 N w I P 1 1 1 4 Q 1 1 E I E b I v 1 1 I J I 1 1 oggiiqggqpx Q " O S5 65 Ti. . 193 awe Rfb 99 siifjff' SPUVQ ,3 r EIT 5 lglhrvxr, Wish amass ' " 11 -E4 ' lmnwmpnwg ,yzasslunrs sfmzunz .ui 11 uunu Jackets gi ymmu. N t E . Q L in Y 'X 1 nort CIIOICEI "J md I 0 qt-I Cx, wr 'vfmmf mm wmv 6,-I mum M11 "uhm ,1 .wr wnlvul YK .. me-. "U-2 .lE- 'zu hi v L.. the wry mana m mme, xiu cucpied with WL- mums me I Kings hmita ggamfnhie-d iazga my sz saearegg pau? fxfl. bu! a K1mQl!ae Lmne' fryafd Ein. 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Izmir . . . . . are '5 HBH v :Mi f, A Hr- Urr r .5-:gif ggchihr if na .gre 'eeport U Mw'Tw'i uf Himfwfr lu rr Y .4 w rf or "A15'nVm TX r wr I I 3 " on cwf! 3 mr s.-.rl vw if-w : amd lm- wiv f an .ur ESMSIMI .The silica? Sud tha: 1-1 meal Mei-A '-r fzixm whale r rev for , .The Ye '.-I rrxro hare: A Y rr 11 Gamble Fails W rwarufsrln ix 111,U11lv- rn rx Ln rm 'Aim ,- dm bn wr, ,, pr-wmv? if-ak' re: 1: hw of Iugasrsts on liix-my piay and ismss prsses wifi Earn-1245 f Q. the eirxaive Young rarer? yzmls astvirrari id: emi f uk zwwrv! of mx- armrest. Pu-E rx 1-all up agua on :M BS.. un me ima: pkg., fmm, '-1 Fliwl' Clwrsrzark, Cad 1. 1.1 , srmwrm, bm:-' '. mr Arnold whdc :mach SLT-I MCH. xwvk lbwr dr nu Hamp- Vakurlfle. wi ummm- RE1ixlzwd's 1 rf Mr hqifiwvik 'SL 'ink ,r..xw. Tm' .hun 3:11 Hanhm. mzma f pi .. pcs we rs, go! .mast Pizztesl L -. .flips pamw' larch Wann 11-.-:aa a Song ms: sgmzc Ms? mari be bass A bfiifcr mem! an norm-:rt S-hrlpvs YJZSBSINRXS SEILSILUUS. The Blue Devils are hm ofa' fm. big min num prevrously unbxe mr Auxlrw. 'Pfxlrm 1-rrxytmsg, -- - . . M94 -:r:r::!1' mmmsr-fm RMQN Jm,'H',?wff' in mira.: C--4:m.fg. sgsurrrm, UWN2 Shlllmll 'HW ll' -1 Maw- 1.'m-Ir-ur. 1 ..,.,..- W 'nw Cfxrsrxgf :ramm Piurzdm, am? U""'m ,mmm-in swim. nr-rd. mm. 1,mu:Jmxn'5g,g r1m.m, rarmw, 5X:5i:zm4 r-m..:.r, and and Ev., .-N T r.f...r.-, iz-I-mmsz, cam., 1 ' -Q iff 2556123 King, lrznriqfnvxic! thin 1 1, E. all apo: and 0 311 1 WL v' v V1 ne Luv 'YH' 6-31 x' www. FQ 6 r 'rl uv new A x vur rr 'MV Q .W .rr e 1 Hui 3 31 I Mm Wu .Mu 0. 4... and ,M 54-1-rr p liazf UTUJYZ '74 qui M Mus .fr aw -r .ram rw' xii hw! ui dw img . six 1 mai! TUE X in lflfclufi ilfici-tied :www xr .uw '.:R:.'., I SBS If lI"SI' 1 and F 'W 317 g,e3H1., 2221. 1 'au- lnrgrking an in rhgiwriivf. mug cha:-Qing sqxm! wi up n lim duwv: KM and nl 1 Au I 'lm 4 x vu 1 my 3 he I n KEY yi r Shu .z t rw .- r his ckieskd 1-1 x eezhuszia Pzzfl S - Chap raced ie 'me Arnold 25. An shown an he Freeport payer -ends fha . Big Lou 5 reopen xv ere xmp pwint that win. 'Nw hun puinlr' . .e if . Statistic-4 Frrfwur! wry drywrxn 30 mr. Wwe nerr.. my TSM. hw? 215831. A Nm gain rush IM fhmws Queen-Q21-rr H zwmrw rrrmpefrsef 1 Yds. gained pass. 21: Qc: yardage 212 wrmimw. 4 rar, swnmzrrr su The Hfelim-qadscts 1 hreugnwz. F556 City was alinwtd :n Freepofi rerrunry mx. firm half, and xhaz wr me play. . CB:-wh .lnhn I.lmley's , :rg Giasrw gm their 4 midway in the lkrim qm Camper. taking n 1 x punk. iumbied and Ji: 'ewverewi On iuurlh di erback Doug Harman 0 V yard pass to Dau n lha end zone. fucken Reinliate WM NICE 1 an .4n!ling. Am! the mastermim perils aflensive Hmvughoui was Ren C junior qarnrzermek. W1 mae Repi FDM C4111 mmfwsrd, Garfmrna, "The KIMK1 wed his synehmnized xr: ur v or fakes rn keep the G! fmse aff haiance. The GG. 1 1 . lrei' h providin hav Freq year Jil , 5 ,, .sawgffa , 1.-2 J ..,, :fy M pw' ,geigyv g f 'sf ir:-in . W ' 1515i4,Zf4?iE2ifQ!'1g,.2 ..':- ,, , , - W Z k i - ' A i A ,, A,1 f W Y ,l 2 . . ' zijfiiisfijig ,"" ' , , fu' gf: , , f ,,11,.,agH- 2 v if?2il?25iTz'fif ' , M M , A ,1 ' A ' I f'f J ' Y , ,,....,.. , -VA A ,,,, ,.,,., A ., I, , 'mv' AAVI ' ?qS. V ,, g,., Q M- 4 Z ' ., --f' , ' ,,,,, 'll .QIVV f ' V' V 'V'i" I ' ' H 'T-7 'f , . " I "'h 2 Q ' ' ' ,--2f ' '-'f ' " I.. .vV,- ' 'f ,,,'-,., -f-V 7 1' BE 22- :fa ef' 52 '33 fn- 3'9tt4'ewQ Ffa I-9 y ' , 4 5 " , J , a A, Af, glVV 44, :,q'f?,g,f :Lh fy., h ,YV ,N h U K I H awk 7 WAV R pm 'mam ,. ,,,.,,,.,,,, , 32, ,rv . ,3 rlJ,,,Qts .,f, i , M , V., f-+' ' ,,, A My I 1 H I 'ff Ill M . ,I W Lf y " .. I V f , . Zi , M Vlzl 'xi ' a 1 ,,-,' A H xi .H A A I . wx' ,.. 1 .,, ,iii J' ,1.f 4f-- .'f, 1 ,',' '," ,,., ',' ,f- ,lf ,,:, , Front row: B. Brant, J. Duff, C. Young, F. Ippolito, J. Laux, T. Sweeney, J. Renouf, A, Seitam, P. Wesolosky, T. Thorpe, L. Pukal, A. Yates, L. Cooper, R. Canterna, A. Lee. Second row: L. Beale, B. Dacquilante, J. Thompson, E. Lasinski, J. Rinaldi, B. McAninch, T. Otterman, J. Dattalo, J. Bargerstock, D. Atkinson, J. McAninch, J. McAninch, J. Livingston, B. Babinsack, B. Bowser. Last row: W. Brant, A. Robinson, R. Roudybush, J. Pastorek, J. Myers, F. Bernard, L. Cribbs, T. Beale, M. Aimino, G. Lewandowski, J. James. ?ovt6al 1962 Under the fine coaching of Mr. King and staff, Ford City to the last- touchdown at Leechburg our football team supplied us with an action our Yellowjackets exhibited the sportsmanship, packed, victorious season. From the kick-off at team effort, and keen desire to Win that all Freeport teams warrant FORD CITY . FREEPORT TARENTUM FREEPORT ARNOLD . . FREEPORT PLUM . . . FREEPORT KITTANNING FREEPORT SPRINGDALE FREEPORT WEST DEER . FREEPORT RICHLAND . FREEPORT LEECHBURG FREEPORT ?oot6all C'oaclaeA ?vot6al manage:-A Mr.Wi1l0ughb'y, Mr. King First row: T. Kennedy, B. Schreckengost, W. Howard J. Hutton. . 111 7oot6all Te m First row: B. McAninch, J. Livingston, T. Otlerman, E. Lasinski, J. Dattalo, VV. Bowser, G. Lewandowski, D. Atkin- son, B. Dacquilamc, B, Babirisack, J. Bargerstock. Second rom' J. Rinaeldi, J. Pastor-ck, J. Myers, F. Bernard, L Cribbs, T. Beale, M. Aimino, VV. Brant, J. James. 77 1 Mr. Prusick, Mr. Steele Mac for the tackle faculty Vakuli lllanagel-A football ck scrambles around right end D. Sproat, K, Adams, C. Hewitt I8 ?0ot6all Queen Candidate Her Majesty-Connie Klinzing Front row: L. Skiles, P. Harri- gan, C. Klinzing, K. Ruggeri, S. Frantz. Back row: S. Prola, D. King, A. Hollier, J. Borrison, N. Kearney. Cooper, you didn't! Lee in for the kill. 79 Uamity Kmlee Mall Team New Kensington . . . . Knoch . Har Brack Apollo . West Deer Richland Kittanning Leechburg Tarentum Fox Chapel Plum . . Franklin . Arnold . Springdale Kiski Area Leechburg Tarentum Fox Chapel Plum . . Franklin . Arnold . Springdale F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H,S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S F.H.S Front row: D. DeMeno, B. McAninch, L. Cribbs, T. Chapman, D. Toy, R. Rutkowski. Last row: J. Cancerna, R. Coleman, B. Babinsack, T. Kennedy, D. Fcsner, J. Buzzard. unior Um' itz, Ka lzet6all Team Coaclaelf managem Mr. Willoughby, Mr. Parry. J, Hutton, A, Seifam, I X JI . Sl Coach isn't going to like this. Sink it, Chip! That's not fair. Action, action, we want action! 82 mx!,s-:1-E wig if 1-API l'if3E?PUI'f'f L-f3ffCl1bl11' EFQX Clmnell S P .N -Q mains: me 2.1--Q---2,54 E--1 A vviih r--qwn sheen! 1142, He mf- --.1 -1 ----11 im -nt "Gran:-f - cf:-1:7 mi, rfxlmly fauna! an xwxwe-sg-:Ref-2 ref- :Ima e-rn: Laws?- nm mf- -gf fvff W-ivnxs fbi' 's1'f'1f mm f'ff'f":-2-as x'fsr-.mcxm 4 ai, 'S--ew 22-5. 1-meek x-fue. 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Ui -21-fe I pn, im Lux :Sv-me V 1 -1- 3 -me-z-. xi I'--m Elan-,'a FTC .fm 5115- .1---f iam--:rl 1--1-1'-v I-11 wiki ea-gi is-A-1,--M .fu ,N :if 2-,1-1-'K, 551 W' U-'TCI' K:.1,:: and Ai 1,1361 mx- 'U 2'-ma-J YW Ahh ,ini 11,2-W. W-L.-n -I 5-2113---.46 la t Aire' 511535 'ami 21r'4-lr-1 fwvffff WW! 1113111--6 Em-5 12:2 EM'--rf. 'z-xfffrg-1-131-ea mii. faking gm 1,-A -51.1-2-afo-mn! zf- -11 z-,.Wn-mxmml iii -4- , f----V ,ml ih- E E? ,gf 9 HW- nfif 'Jiri lixlruls. mu I E Front row: M. Keebler, L. Skiles, J. Myers, K. Ruggeri, J. Borrison. Last row: S. Prola, S. Frantz, N. Kearney, C. Klinzing. Ka lzet6all Sweetheart Candidate Her Majesty-Jane Myers. 84 544426411 I 96 The 1962 Baseball Team did not fair well with a 3 and 5 record. This year Freeport will play a ten game season against Har-Brack, New Kensington, Arnold, Springdale and West Deer plus one exhibition game with Kittanning. Our lirst game of the 1963 sea- son will be held April 8. MR. THOMAS C. PARRY BASEBALL COACH GOLF COACH Mr. Amy 901 cw An addition has been made to the sports of Freeport Senior High School. In the past, football, basketball and baseball constituted our athletics. This year, with Mr. Amy as coach, a golf club has been formed. This new form of athletics has attracted many golf fans. Front row G Lewandowski, F. Ippolito, L. Summers, J. Sterling, R. Ralston, A. Lee, B, Henry, B. Brant, B. Blair, Mr Amy Second row T. Claypool, J. McAninch, L. Harbison, -I. Walters, K. Haven, R. Kroneberg, J. Dean. Last row D Cestra J McAninch, L. Smith, D. Early, D. Reesman, R. Kallner. 86 Q I 'dtlaletic 14 Aociation Front row: K. Kauffman, M. Warthen, C. Stokes, A. Hollier, C. Easley, K. Miller, S. rola, J. Borrison, J. Venderlic N. Kearney, P. Harrigan, D. Golembiesky, P. Scott, M. McCrea, S. Straughn, J. Hood. S cond row: K. King, J. Wiegand B. Kropp, D. Woll, M. Keebler, D. King, O. Roell, S. Balentine, L. Kutsch, L. Skiles, S. Frantz, K. Ruggeri, K. White N. Lewis, B. McDermott, K. Hill, S. Viletto. Third row: L. Scott, M. Ruffner, J. Thompson, P. Xvhite, S. Dale, J Blackburn, K. Elcock, S. Trettel, S. Ehrman, T. James, K. Stitt, F. Mason, M. Thompson, D. Brill, K. McKinney, G Conti. Fourth row: C. Prola, B. Naughton, N. Skinner, L. Shoaf, R. Adams, L. Burd, M. Parker, B. Macurdy, K. Elder, L. Shultz, P. Phillips, M. Grates, B. Buchan, C.. Cassell. Fifth row: P. Mlalters, D. Hicks, J. Gerner, J. O"Malley, D Menken, G. Stoops, L. Kelly, J. Falkner, M. Hughes, C. Bennett, J. VValter, M. Cra: er, S. Fleming, K. Sweeny, S Balentine. Last row: K. Hagins, S. Cosantino, L. Wolfe, M. Gaydos, S. Kujawa, J. Baker L. Riggle, K. Shaffer, S. Pajer wifi, cm . Front row: V. Vakulick, M. Harbison, T. Sweeney, M. McDermott, F. Ippolito, J. Laux, J. McAninch, B. Brant, A. Seitam, J. Renouf, J. McAninch, A. Lee, T. Morgan, R. Dacquilante, Mr. King, Mr. Parry Second row: A. Kubla, L. Pukal, C. Bower, D. Schreckengost, T. Haven, C. Young, J. Pesci, J. Duff, T. Thorp, D. Donnelly, T. Otterman, J. Myer. Third row: O. Campbell, R. Canterna, R. Trefelner, R. Rutkowski, J. Buzzard, J. Canter a, B. Babinsack, E. Lasinski, J. Dattalo, A. Robinson. Fourth row: J. Thompson, R. Rouclybus , R. Coleman, B. Bowser, F. Bernard, R. Canterna, L. Beale, J. Rinaldi, M. Aimino, L.. Sum ers, J. Smith, D. Rehner. Fifth row: D, Fester, B. McAninch, P. Wesolosky, A. Yates, T. Dolm yer, T. Kennedy, S. Cieslinsky, L. Smith, R. Kallner, D. Atkinson, L. Cribbs, T. Beale, E. Peck. Last row: J. Sterling, J. Hutton, D. Stuebgen, T. Claypool, K. Wagner, B. Schreckengost, B. Check, D. Hes- selgesser, J, Pastorek, W. Howard, T. Snyder. L. Krsiel, B. Johnson, M. Heck, Mrs. Strelec. l 87 J 1 'ii,I3Q9'v f . L. lo R.: G. Conti, K. Ruggcri, F. Harrigan, A. Hollier, Miss Young Qaclvisorj, J. Borrison, M. Keebler, S. Viletto al-Aity Chee leadel-A 88 School spirit was brou S year with the help of eig Freeport High School. T signs and energy built UI students. We praise the their time and energy to 89 l de-gg:-,H fllll '55 HIGHX E 8 MO ".6"'L if Ox vis Q: 55 23 Nu: if Em f if - fx If 0 QQPOR 12961 O T" 0, T 9 'llllf iqh ?reAlnmen Claw Ufficem Front row: J. james, L. Leard. Last row: T. Hall, L. Hollier. Home Room I03 First row: B. Musk, L. Woods, XV. Shrum, R. Allison, A. Macurdy, F. Roell, A. Stokes, D. Kamocly, M. Micholas, A. Burd. Second row: L. Phillips, D. Klingensmith, H. Thompson, Sabolka, A. Tlliegand, C. Theurl, Anthony, P. Smock, N. Beck, S. Good, S. Baker, Mr. Tessitore. Third row: G. Vlaguer, R. Dunn, P. Harvey, A. Davis, J. Lcri, R. Goss, A. Cochran, D. Fuller- ton, J. Hildebrand, H. Ondek. Absentee: T. Ippolito. , zo , l. 2 Q ,. , Q f - f" .kpmggw .. r' I' 92 Home Room I06 Front row: H. Sarver, J. Harvey, M. Grafton, C. Piperato, R. Jack, W. Altfather, C. Shoupe, T. Beckett, XV. Mason, K. WVilkewitz, L. Anthony. Second row: D. Kochanowski, R. Miller, B. Durst, D. Spencer, P. Fuller- ton, Y. DcBerry, L. Leri, S. Boroski, S. Shepard, Negley, D. Oyler, Mr. Breski. Last row: S. Cook, D. Bal- entine, D. Kelly, J. Wright, D. Bures, R. Tomsik, L. Hollier, Robinson, D. Shutters, W'. Stokes, H. Vllagner. Home Room I I I Front row: K. Hutton, D. Thompson, Veri, L. Lcarcl, D. Logan, D. Roberts, D. Stew- art, S. McMillen, K. Hesselgesser, L. Mur- ry, T. Parsons, L. Smock. Second row: P. Dudek, D. Daqui- lante, D. Fratta, K. Yvoods, E. Bair, M. Claypool, K. Alexan- der, M. Kerr, K. Ryz- nar, C. Olzack, Mr. Goss. Last row: J. YVet- ter, N. Claypool, G. Anthony, B. Brink, J. Geyer, R. Bicker, J. Shick, B. Garvin, D. Kaminski, T. Hall, G. Stilley. Home Room II2 ron, T. Cousins, J. Erb G. Ozella, D. Graham A. Bennett, K. Alvino A. Swanson, S. Burket L. Argo, J. Fulton Second row: B. Spohn S. Noble, R. Baer, B Haught, R. Bilicki, C Brabetz, Y. Prignon, B Young, C. Martinelli ti. Last row: M. Leri J. Skinner, K. Kogl man, K. Wissinger, J Roegnik, F. DeMeno line, G. Jacobs, A L. Bllfuo. 93 Front row: R. Milli- 1 N-. Kelly, Mr. Brochet- V. Horenzy, P. Schick- 1 Trivcri, IT. Waugaman, I Home Room 202 Front row: R. Kunkle R. Kelly, G. VVolfe, B Lewandroski, D. Mc- Cafferty, D. Sweeney C. VValthour, P. Cow- ard, L. Alvino, S Hause, J. James, B. Smith. Second row: Urik, J. Stacy, J. Bab insack, B. Galbreath, D. Young, C. Rowley C. Ballina, K. Youn- kins, P. Burns, S Schreckengost, P. Cra- haln, Mrs. Bowden Last row: O. Charlton R. Quinell, T. Mitch: ell, D. Horwitz, YV. Pajcr, C. Falkner, J Norris, P. Kopac, C. Bergbigler. Home Room 2I0 Front row: J. Dough- erty, P. Beale, G. Smith, Brill, K. Me- Guire, C. Thickey, S. Kaczor, H. YVoods, J. Kutch, C. Morrison, R. Hlesterman, M. Chiesa. Second row: B. Ziacik, J. Berkober, R. Hack- ett, R. Curren, B. Hen- shel, G. Rusy, C. Reve, M. Berry, T. Liti, R. Garris, Mrs. Dean. Last row: D. Furer, L. Olil, B. Babinsack, F. Kep- ple, C. Irvin, S. Shear- er, L. Van Tine, D. Figlieno. Home Room 207 Front row: L. Marti- nctti, P. Seinera, T. Wolfe, J. Lindsay, R. Ravotti, F. Bernard, J. Craig, K. Van Dyke, C. Kutcli, T. Morgan, I. Dougherty. Second row: M. Babinsack, L. Gray, T. Kelly, J. An- derson, D. Smith, D. Fester, S. Tennant, P. Palko, R. Hleltncr, L. Howard, Mrs. Crigh- ton. Last row: J. Jones, B. Zanetti, J. Henry, D. Brant, R. Ballina, lV. Rudert, K. Stein, D. Gallagher, D. Mc- Gregor. Absentee: R. Check. figln tl: gl' Je EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Seated: D. Harbison, N. Bouch. Stand- ing: M. White, K. McFarland. l Home Room IOI Front row: D. Taylor, C. Lindsay, M. Younkins, E. Golembiesky, C. Rassau, R. Smock, K. Penvose, J. Anderson, K. McFarland, M. Drake, K. Vorp. Second row: R. Johns, G. Smith, K. Buhl, M. Kearney, T. Bishop, C. Wiegand, N. Beale, P. Gallino, N. Bouch, L. Mohney, Mr. Shurina. Last row: R. Kriebel, W. Falkner, R. Harmon, R. Shoaf, E. Cramer, R. Striker, P. Hrabovsky. 95 Home Room IO4 First row: T. Phillips, C. Duke, S. Trefelner, D. Woods, E. Ash- baugh, V. Kelley, C. Hutton, S. Sauis, K. Grafton, D. Hackett, B. Milligan, D. Lassin- ger. Second row: D, Robinson, E. Bowser, B. Hesselgesser, P. Bu- terbaugh, C, Blewett, L. Felsing, C. Mailki, B. Simmons, M. South- ward, Miss Weber. Lust row: V. Kamer, T. Berbigler, Smith, E. Dickson, K. Neely, E. Westerman, R. De- Blasio. Absentees: S. Stull, G. Cooper. Home Room IO7 Front row: D. Heim, J. Shutts, H. Smith, P. Phillips, C. Musk, S. YVolfe, L. Kyler, E. Early, D. Dean, F. Cline, WV. Burns, G. Weltner. Second row: M. Blair, R. Hfalters, P. Felix, T. Ankrom, D. Reed, S. Berbigler, M. Gamble, K. Beck, R. Thomas, Mr. Shar- row. Last row: R. Somerville, R. Bouch, C. Stroup, C. Keller, S. johns, R. Locke, D. Miller, S. Haas. y, ,,, .. . -. i l Home Room 204 Front row: K. Greene, C. Erb, B. VanDyke, J. Mitchell, C. Freeh- ling, D. Smith, B. Sti- venson, R. Smith, L Colwell, 1. Kennedy. Second row: L. Swee- ney, F. Gibson, F. YVright, M. Betush, G. Dougherty, L. Probel, M. Mlhite, D. Harbi- sou, S. Lauffer, K. Bauman, Mrs. Carlson. Last row: L. Sehwietcr- ing, E. Cieslinski, L. Ortz, M, Kammerdie- ner, B. 1v1cAninch, R. Boehm, R. Bowser, D. Horwitz, C. Janura. --mm .M -.. . . . l 1 l 1 Home Room II4 Front row: P. Kunkle, K. Kemp, S. Emery, P. James, S. Hill, P. Cos- tan, B. Ohl, N. Smith, M. Ashbaugh, P. Simp- son, P. Chapman. Sec- ond row: D. Gensibig- ler, D. Snyder, S. Bly- stone, K. Sweeney, M. Trudgen, S. Kaminski, F. Laube, S. Grant, J. Bowser, Mr. Rum- baugh. Last row: D. Betush, D. Hall, K. Minnick, H. Mason, L. Sarakon, R. Frantz, V. Dilick, K. Wliite, K. Pike. Home Room 208 Front row: B. Mochan- ski, D. Douthett, D. McDermott, F. Booher, R. Sweeny, D. Passa- relli, K. Griffith, G. Smith, T. Eshenbaugh, J. S-eagriff, A. Stoops. Second row: C. Clark, C. Brown, K. Babin- sack, C. johns, E. Wick, R. Harbison, B. Go- lembesky, M. Gal- breath, C. Leslie, Miss Revi. Last row: D. Young, S. Veri, R. Koohanowski, S. Smith, E. Bicker, T. Kammer- diener, S. Cousins, D. Howell. Home Room IO8 Front row: C. Mochan- ski, J. Ross, A. Wal- tenbaugh, D. Turner, R. Kaczor, B. Bern- steil, K. Glenn, S. Johns, K. Bower, D. Divelbiss, K. VVichrow- ski, K. Healey. Second row: R. Kelly, K. Clay- pool, J. Coward, W. Simmers, R. Lendyak, J. Schafer, H. Ten- nant, J. Powell, E. Mc- Aninch, K. Christie, E. Frantz, B. Iseman, L. Stover, K. McIntyre, Mr. Gray. Last row: J. Haggerty, B. South- ward, G. Ortz, M. Shearer, C. Acre, A. Buechner, M. Mateer, L. Baker, J. Young, S. Hood. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Standing: S. Schreckengost, P. Hollier. Seated: J. MC Clain, R. Thompson. e en tl: grade Home Room I 02 Front row: D. Black, H. Dougherty, M. Lewis, J. Wilkewitz, K. Schreck- engost, H. Pacek, K. Anthony, T. Stover, A. Mortimer, R. Isenberg, B. Roenigk. Second row: L. Waltenbaugh, B. Hemphill, D. Sher- rieb, P. Cressler, J. Kirkland, M. Skinner, M. VanTine, L. Oyler, R. Bandi, B. McKen- na, D. Sowinski, C. McBee, K. Zaharoflf, D. Kammerdeiner, Miss Rogers. Last row: C. Clark, M. Freehling, D. Thickey, A. Carl- son, J. Rowley, D. Deel, B. Riggatire, B. Howard, S. Gray, B. Hannaman. 98 Home Room 205 Front row: M, McKen- na, H. Sproat, R. Lew- is, R. Kamody, A. Mo- tosicky, R. Wissinger, B. Straughn, T. Chris- tie, R. Gahagan, S. Schreckengost, Mc- Clain, J. Harbison. Sec- ond row: E. Rudert, L Bowser, C. Jones, E Rodriguez, D. Walters L. Ziacik, J. Beale, D Strausser, L. Croyle, J Cochran, S. Pajer, Mr Hrivnak. Last row: B Dutch, T. Grondwal- ski, L. Hraniea, K Argo, A. Veri, J Thompson, J. Kopak M. Livingston, D. Hil- debrand, G. Blewett A. King. 1 Home Room I I3 Front row: L. Clay- poole, D. Shultz, D. Lucovich, D. Coward, S. Wagner, R. Miche- lini, R. Rose, R. Kropp, G. Patrick, T. Brink, T. B-ouch, F. Salsgiver. Second row: T. James, J. Shearer, M. Stokes, J. Iseman, D. Kelly, G. Baker, H. Jones, L. Westerman, L. Atchi- son, V. Hager, V. Beers, Mr. Bly. Last row: B. Haught, B. Frantz, M. Stull, K. Dilick, L. Campbell, S. Gibson, P. Hollier, L. McGuire, J. Plants, G. Toy, S. Wolfe. Home Room 209 Front row: C. Hoak, M. Phillips, C. Boernh- er, M. Harvey, S. Grube, D. Davis, R. Braden, D. Love, D. Cousins, D. Stivenson, E. Jones, M. Shrum. Second row: D. Mc- Crea, D. Snyder, C. Ryznar, K. Gaiser, D. Johnson, J. Ippolito, K. Witherup, P. Wag- ner, S. Weigand, P. Kelley, D. Kroneberg, C. Striker, S. Beale, Mr. Atchison. Last row: R. Seckar, L. Wetzel, L. Otterman, M. Christy, M. Acerni, A. Mueller, J. Stacy, S. Flatt, R. Thompson, D. McQueen, L. Jacobs. Ufficem Z. to 'r.: R. Westerman, Pres.g J. Shutts, V. Pres.g D. McCafferty, Sec.-Treas.g B. Golembesky, Asst. Sec.- Treas. Student Council Front row: S. Schreckengost, J. Slhutts, D. Passarelli, K. lvitherup, Anderson, M. Shearer, K. McFarland, D. McCafferty B. Hesselgesser, D. Hall, J. Fulton. Second row: L. Leard, K. Hesselgesser, P. Fullerton. D. Sherrieb, M. White, C Janura, S. Blystone, P. Hollier, J. Babinsack, B. Galbreath, J. James, B. Golembesky, D. Smith, J. Sabotka. Last row: R Milliron, R. Westerman, J. Roenigk, J. Kopac, D. Miller, R, Harbison, R. DeBlasio, T. Mitchell, D. Furer, D. Kaminski T. Hall. 100 Patrolman Front row: J. Shutts, D. Passarclli, D. McCafferty, K. Hesselgcsser, J. Babinsack, D. Hall, J. Fulton, B. Golembesky. Last row: R. Milliron, M. White, R. DeBlasio, D. Miller, T. Mitchell, R, Westerman, D. Kaminski. Thafs life? Writers' cramp! 101 Kum6le Kee I fdztol-A L. to R.: S. Haas, S. Schreckengost, P. Coward, L. Gray, S. Veri Kumele Kee Staff First row: Shearer, F. McDermott, D. Coward, F. Salsgiver, N. Smith, G. W'cltner, L. Wetzel, Erb, B. Milligan. Second row: K. Kemp, P. Phillips, D. Kelley, S. Trefelner, K. Schreckengost, P. Simpson, K. Healey, V. Beers, D. Snyder, B. Stivenson, A. Swanson, H. Xivoods, Miss Weber. Third row: S. Kaminski, D. Betush, C. Blewett, L. Gray, P, Coward, J. Plants, P. Buterbaugh, C. Graham, K. VanDyke, C. Mailki, D. Howell T Bergbigler Fourth rows H. Ondck, K. Pike, J. Fulton, Y. Prignon, D. Thickey, Sabotka, P. Graham, S. Schreckeingost, S. Veri, S. Hass, R. Goss, L. Howard, B. Young. 102 71-i-Ni-if Front row: J. Veri, A. Swanson, P. Cyrsler, K. Dilick, M. Stull, K. Wichrowski, D. Kaminerclier, C. Jones, S. Kaczor, S. Shirws, H. Woods. Second row: K. Younkins, J. McCurdy, C. Vfalthour, J. Fuller, J. James, K. Hesselgesser, M. Phillips, B. Mochanski, S. Trefelner, K. Kemp, P, Phillips D Walters, T. Kammerdiener C J hns, P. Chapman, S Bl stone, B. Frantz. Third row: Miss Weber, B. Young, M. Babinsack, J. Negley, Y. Pugnon, L. Ohl?B. Smith, J. Young, C. Bllewett, K. Babinsack, S. Noble, B. Spohn, S. Laufffer, D. Hall, C. Acre, Miss Camp. Last row: IQ. Pike, K. Zaharoff, S. Gray, D. McQueen, C. Killer, M. Samble, J. Bowser, L. Leri, S. Burkett, S. Hause, D. Smith, A. Wiegand, L. Argo, D. Young, C. Binin, M. Southward, L. Sarakon. l Ni-if Front row: R. Allison, B. Kunkle, R. Sweeney, F. Roell, T. Ippolito, R. Westernian, T. Eshenbaugh, G. Welmer, J. Kutsch. Second row: T. Mitchell, D. Daquilante, R. Hackett, D. Miller, S. Veri, J. Smith D Fuier, F. Bralski, Mr. Bly. Last row. R. Garris, B. Stokes, D. McGregor, D. Kaminski, T. Hall, B. Garvin, H. Woods, J. Stilley. l ' l ,,,,,,, A.,,,,A,,, W, V Congestion Zibr ry 1:16 Front row: E. Cieslinski, V, Beers, M. McKenna, B. Howard, C. Striker, K. Schreckengost, S. Wagner, M. Harvey, S Grube, C. Hoak, A. Pacek, J. McClain, J. Beale, D. Shoaf, S. Trefelner, E. jones, C. Boehmer, C. McBee, K. Glenn, D Walters. Second row: B. Stivenson, P. Simpson, K. Sweeney, D. Strausser, J. Veri, C. Acres, B. Frantz, D. McQueen, M Buechner, C. Blewett, D. Krongerg, S. Weigand, S. Wolfe, R. Seckar, D. johnson, P. Hollier, P. Burns, M. Kerr, S Cousins, C. Walthour, M. Babinsack, Miss Camp. Last row: K. Pike, M. Shrum, J. Young, C. Olczak, B. Ziacik, D. Young K. Alvino, D. Thickey, L. Phillips, J. Ippolito, K. Gieser, S. Gibson, D. Snyder, S. Blystone, S. Lauffer, D. Sweeney, S Kaminski, C. Keller, L. Howard, C. Martinelli, S. Schreckengost, J. Ncgley, P. Coward, K. Wood. if . -.1 l . .f .Q rle. - S' L we --" 1 ' N 5+ ,Q , . F 1 ,,. . , ill .3 - -' .- . in sf W .,,. ' K I .. , . , . 4 5 K , ,Ami K Vkrk .1 N 3 ' il F W ii S Ni.1.Q 1 J . , lwff -Q -- . .f il Q - w 5 ' ' ' Y. Y A f ff 'f A .fl 1 X E wg L' no , wg '-f.,, H - wt is '- ' iifiifl 'P 'f - Mar" v 4 R - I .5 Ml., . 1 E ..'. 5 . - 1 E ' .. up .K 55 , - ns x Q ,. Nbirydkg s . Q ,Sk K A1 K - .. 7- .. -,JA e Q. A -Q - r . - ' ' s f S . ,, ' S 3, . ,A . if . gtg I Q f 1 S as g . -Q f- ss, or . -.fwfr - - 1 .- - . A . . - . - . .. s ers - ' - iei . -e'e a.-- We a- ' f- L -.'- . SI" ,ll-i 1 .-..' -- ..... e - ...e 104 Clue A C'lu6 p p Front row: D. Turner, J. Shearer, J. Coward, F. Salsgiver, R. Kunkle, R. Kelley, R. Bernstein, D. Lucovich, R Kaczor, T. Christie, A. Waltenbaugh, J. Wilkewitz. Second row: D. Howell, W. Simmers, J. Robinson, J. Wright T. Mitchell, L. Hollier, R. Hackett, A. Cochran, R. Boehm, R. Westerman, D. McGregor, J. Hildebrand, K. Stein D. Figlieno, P. Graham, F. DeMeno, V. Horenzy, M. Livingston, Miss Molnar. Third row: B. Hemphill, J. Schafer W. Altfather, J. Seagfriff, D. Passarelli, R. Kropp, S. Stull, T. James, K. Claypool, M. Blair, T. Eshenbaugh, R Kochanowski, H. Sproat, R. Harmon, B. Ohl, L. Westerman, T. Brink, R. Lenclyak, D. Graham. Last row: E McAninch, W. Henshel, J. Kopac, D. Balentine, R. Curren, R. Riggatire, B. Mochanski, S. Burket, S. Hause, G Copper, L. Alvino, T. Ankrom, L. Probel, D. Hildebrand, F. Bernard, C. Clark, D. Brant. Illatlaematiw C7116 Front row: C. Hoak, A. Motosicky, R. Smith, B. Burns, J. Coward, D. De n, L. Claypoole, E. Rodriguez, L. Bowser. Second row: G. Beale, R. Walters, K. Argo, M. Blai , L. Westerman, L. Waltenbaugh, S. Flatt, D. Coward, Mrs. Carlson. Last row: L. Probel, D. Young, B. Ziacik, S. Pajer, L. Baker, J. Urik, S. Shearer, D. Sherrieb. 105 l a y s Front row: D. McDermott, T. Phillips, D. Passarelli, M. Younkins, E. Early, K. Grafton C. Erb, J. Anderson, D. Gensbigler, K. Bauman. Second row: C. Wiegancl, K. Clark, M. Southward, B. Hesselgesser, B. Golembesky, P. Buterbaugh, D. Hackett, S. Berbigler, Mr. Rumbaugh. Last row: L. Colwell, R. Thomas, P. Felix, B, Bouch, D. Miller, D. Harbison E. Westerman, E. Bicker. Absentees: R. Harbison. Science C7116 v 1 Malaga, C7116 Front row: T. Parsons, R. Milliron, A. Stokes, L. Leri, D. Smith, A. Wiegand, N. Claypool, B Galbreath. Second row: D. Oyler, L. Ohl, Y. Prignon, C. Brabety A. Burd J. james K Hessel gfrsser, J. Robinson, Mr. Brochetti. Las! row: W. Rudert, J. Wangaman, Bures, .Leri, A. Davis, L. Hollier, G. Stilley, P. Kopac. 106 E 11 Boil, boil, trouble and toil .... Coin Club Front row: D. Turner, D. Davis, J. Shutts, C. Lindsay, T. Phillips, D. Dean, J. Shearer, H. Smith, F. Cline, M. Younkins, R. Walters, A. Vkfaltenbaugh, R. Michelini, R. Kelly. Second row: D. Howell, V. Dilick, J. Waugaman, F. Bralski, R. Tomsik, A. Carlson, V. Horenzy, F. DeMeno, M. Livingston, L. Alvino, P. Graham, D. Charlton, C. Falkner, K. Claypool, G. Smith. Third row: E. McAninch, Powell, D. Kamody, Kutch, G. Ozella, K. Koglman, B. Somerville, R. Striker, R, Southward, N. Kelly, D. Harvey, T. Parsons, K. Wilkewitz, C. Shoup, J. Brill. Fourth row: J. Schafer, L. Wetzel, D. Thompson, G. Patrick, W. Simmers, D. Graham, B. Harmon, E. Cramer, L. Smock, F. Bernard, D. Cousins, G. Toy, T. Bouch, P. Felix, D. Lassinger, Mrs. Bowden. Last row: K. Glenn, K. Bower, D, Divelbiss, B. Haught, G. Smith, L. Campbell, J. Harbison, B. Roenigk, V. Beers, L. Stover, H. Jones, K. Greene, C. Mochanski, M. McKenna, K. Kemp. 107 Front row: D. Black, D. Davis, B. Barnsteil, J. Shutts, R. Kelley, C, Thickey, R. Lendyak, E. Golembiesky, H. Ten- nant, T. Bouch, T. James. Second row: J. Harbison, E. Rudert, D. Stivenson, M. Stokes, J. Harbison, M. Drake, E Early, M. Kearney, K. Witherup, B. Haught, K. Healey, J. Skinner, Third row: R. Bicker, L. Atchison, A. Burd K. Zaharoff, M. Mateer, D. Roberts, W. Shrum, L. Croyle, L. Otterman, E. Bowser, D. Harbison, H. Thompson, A Mueller, E. Bicker, Mr. Seitam. Last raw: D. Kamody, B. Bouch, C. Stroup, D. Horwitz, R. DeBlasio, L. Jacobs, L Oyler, J. Plants, M. Galbreath, A. Carlson, J. Wetter, L. McQuire, S. Shearer. unior Kami It's mine! It's mine! 108 Zi6r 1,14 Ai tantA Front row: S. Hill, K. Greene, D. johnson, G. Welmer, B. McKenna, P. Simpson, S. Kaminski, K. Sweeney, L. Colwell K. Bauman. Last row: K. Clark, C. Bleuett, B. Ziacki, L. Murray, F. Gibson, D. McQueen, R. Weltner, S. Schreckengost S. Shearer, Miss Camp. Absentees: J. Negley, C. Walthour, M. Babinsack. Now, where is it? Oh, how wonderful! 109 Mr. Goss Mr. Brochetti, Mr. Breski. Junior High 700 Mall C'oaclaeA anior High ?oo tba!! lllanagem L. to R.: J. Erb, E. YVeste1'man, D. Horwitz, R. YVGSLCIHHIII. 110 Front row: B. Ohl, Lindsay, T. Ankrom, C. jack, M. VVhite, K. Beck, D. Balentine, R. Harbison, R. DeBlasio D. Brant. Second row: Mr. Breski J. Robinson, R. Garris, A. Davis, L. Hollier, S. Haas, R. Bowser, D. Horwitz K. White, C. Bergbigler, R. Ballina, B. McAninch, D. Daquilante, Mr. Brochetti. Last row: J. Leri, B. Stokes, A Cochran, G. Stilley, K. Stein, D. Gallagher, B. Garvin, A. Triveri, D. Kaminiski, Norris, Hildebrand P. Kopac We Mall Team The Junior High Football Team had a fair season this year. Their record was two wins, one loss, and two ties. Their only loss was, the last game which was with West Deer. Mr. Breski and Mr. Brochetti, this year's coaches, did a great job. They thought they had a fine bunch of boys, and they know that these boys will help the varsity team in the future years. 111 Hurry! IL's T-10 seconds. just having a ball! Front row: B. Mochanski, S. Hause, L. Leri, D. Smith, G. Cooper, S. Trefelner, Second row: S. Burket. Standing: Miss Rogers, L. Murray, Miss Molnar. Cheerleader Where the girls are. 5 113 Forward, march! Notes! Notes! Notes! General Science-what a b1astPP 114 I wonder if Rembrandt used numbers? E M C2 : Cookies Oh boy! Can I have your autograph? W ,Ev PM 5 H www ,.v"'y .QA K" tg, 1- - 111,10 4 HIGHR . , Q as HQ, 9 QEEPCRT .Yfjlf 'lllllf If-'f:1OL4lJcy rg, 490 Q, S f 1-s i f' Front row: D. Foringer, H. Mast, F. L. Myers, Miss Wetzel, A. Brant, C. W. Burford, R. Gourley, J. J. Hale. Back row: J. Hudepohl, C. W. Early, J. Keefer, P. Keener, E. Van Dyke, A. Davis, D. Imiffer, Sr., P. Hoover, YV. Parsons. Sapenliaing rincqm In his Hfteen years as Supervising Principal, Mr. F. Lee Myers has displayed excellent leader- ship and friendly student relations. Mr. Myers attended Juniata College and received his Master's Degree from the Pennsylvania State University. The students congratulate him on MR- F. L' MYERS his fine work and express their gratitude for his helpfulness. 118 SENIOR HII MR Mr. Woll has complet port's Senior High P virtues, he has displaye ness and consideration. his supervision, He h ability with the teacher instilled respect and hp GH PRINCIPAL . WOLL ed his second year as Free- rincipal. Among his many d leadership, patience, kind- With these qualities he has nor in every student under as manifested his practical s, custodians and co-workers. JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL MR. GOODWILL Mr. Marion S. Goodwill became the new junior high principal this past year. Mr. Goodwill has been at Freeport for many years, teaching Pennsyl- vania History and Civics. His pleasing manner and friendly attitude have been a great help to the stu- dents. He has done a fine job in managing the affairs of the junior high school. 119 N RAYMOND D. CUSTER World Culture and American Historyg University of Michi- gan, Pitt, and Indianag B.S. and M.A. HERB-ERT E. MCGEE World Culture and World Geographyg Indiana State Col- legeg B.S. Ed. Social Studie The social studies department of our school strives to assist the students in- accomplishing a better understanding of our world. Our students are kept up to date not only with past events but with current happenings in the world in which we live. Our new senior high building is well equipped with the newest maps and other visual aids. Freeport High School is given a Fine background in social studies. 120 THOMAS C. PARRY P.O.D.g Notre Dame, Miami, Pitt and Duquesneg B.E. bepartment CECIL D. WILLOUGHBY American Historyg Clarion and Pittg B.S. and M.Ed. EUGENE A. BRESKI Pa. History and Civicsg In- dianag B.S. PETE SHURINA Geographyg California State and Indiana: B.S. fa if 7 f ROBERT J. GRAY World Historyg Clariong B.S. FREDRICK SHARROW Ame ican Historyg Clarion and , ittg B.S. JANET E. WEBER Geography and liistoryg Al- bright and Wes Virginia Universityg B.A. 121 C. L. BLY Math and General Scienceg Indianag B.S. C. L. BROCHETTI General Science and Biologyg Clarion and Pittg B.S., M.Ed. 'avr 9 ff Www K, me fr? -ij! Q gg a t MORRIS E. CARLSON Physics and Chemistryg Ju- niata, Thiel, Pitt and In- dianag B.S., M.Ed. . Q M. ' ,W ,fm Wzffffh " "" f mn?" H ft K Wm mf '- . General Scienceg Clarion and Indianag B.S. Science bep I-tment The Science Department is a great assistance to the students of the Freeport Junior and Senior High Schools. This department offers courses of General Science and Biology on the junior high level and more advanced courses, such as Physics, Chemistry and Advanced Biology, on the senior high level. These courses aid those who plan to attend college and those who are interested in the complex Held of science. The teachers of this department prepare way for scientists of tomorrow. RICHARD SASALA Chernistryg Indianag B.S. K. T. SETTLE MYER Advanced Biology and Bi- ologyg Penn State and Pittg B.S., M.Ed. 122 A as Parents' night demonstration The mathematics department at Freeport is busy preparing the students for their future. Algebra I 8: II, general math, plane geometry and trigo- nometry are offered to the students. Through the years by adding new facilities, our math depart- ment is steadily improving. The math club offers an opportunity for the students to work together. C. S. BROWN Algebra I, IIg Bucknell, Pitt, Indiana, A.B. lllatlaematiaa bepartment LOIS CARLSON GEORGE A. HRIVNAK S. R. MALISZEWSKI J. H. TESSITORE Mathg Indiana, Pittg B.S., Math, California State, B.S. M.Ed. Plane Geometry, Solid Ce- ometry, Trigonometryg In- :Iianag B.S. 123 Algebra, Math, Clarion, B.S P Zanguage bepal-tment LILLIAN W. MacCORD JOSEPH MNISZAK Latin I, IIQ English Ilg Gettys- Russiang Pitt and Middle- burg, N.Y.U., and Middle- buryg B.A. buryg A.B. 124 VERA B. FERREE French and Englishg Grove City, Penn State, and Buck- nellg A.B. GRACE E. JOHNSTON Englishg Thiel, New York University, and Pittg B.A. Freeport High School has one of the best English and foreign language Curriculums in the sur- rounding area. Two year courses are offered in three foreign languages-Russian, French and Latin. Because Mr. Mniszak, the Russian teacher, instructs at two other schools, Russian students have an opportunity to compare themselves with students of other schools. The junior high offers a reading course which greatly benefits the stu- dents. Through the last twenty-five years our language department has grown and we hope that Freeport High School will soon offer many more languages. GEORGE D. STEELE English IIg Slippery Rockg B.S SALVATORE M. QUATTRONE English IV, Oral Englishg In- diana and Pittg B.S., M.Ed. R. K. ATCHISON, JR. SARA JANE BOUCH ETHEL C. BOWDEN GRACE A. CRIGHTON English, Geneva, Pitt, Cla- Reading and Art, Indiana Developmentallleadingg Slip- Englishg Penn State, B.S. rion State College, A.B. State Collegeg B.S. pery Rock, Penn State, and Pittg Permanent Standard. LILLIAN R. DEAN English, Reading and Artg Thiel, Penn State, and Indi- ana Stateg A.B. SYLVIA JEAN MCMANUS Frenchg Indiana State C01- legeg B. S. GAY V. REVI English, Edinboro State, Thielg B.S. 125 Miss Nuhfer-Student Teacher ROBERT N. GOSS, JR. ROBERT C. KING Health and Gymg Slippery Health and Gymg Slippery Rockg B.S. Rock, Indianag B.S. lalnlpical fducation bepa tment Stretch, two, three, four . . . D-x ,,.- Q sir XR W QR RR SUE J ROGERS SYLVIA STRELEC ' .s 't - , ,,h I ' O r -'--t. 11 'S,. 4 O t X gmii L1" f - A A f ' . E S 1 ff of Stpt z Etth r A K VQY1 if i.. ' V i ,f 1, . 5. SA1- V jf? V -fi ? ,, W itt V :" , ' 'V': V K 1 ,, Health and' Gymg Slippery Health and Gym, Slippery Rockg B.S. Rockg B.S. Modern facilities and capable instructors make our Physical Education Department the best. By means of a trampoline, the horizontal bars, and other new equipment, the classes are of greater interest. Under the direction of Mrs. Strelec, Mr. King, Miss Rogers and Mr. Goss, the students at Freeport High School have learned good sports- manship and the rules of fair play. Over the net? RALPH E. AMY Bookkeeping, I 8c II, Business Mathg Grove City, B. S. Ku ine A lbepartment JUDITH L. YOUNG Typing, I and II, Grove City, University of Maryland, Penn State and Indiana, B.S. RALPH H. BAKER Business Math and Business Law and Salesmanshipg In- diana, B. S., M. Ed. The business department Senior High School gives thi MARY KARL Shorthand and Oflice Prac- tice, Westminster, B.B.A. at Freeport business stu- dents a foundation for their vocation. Typing, shorthand, oliice practice, book- keeping, business law and salesmanship help prepare the students for the future. Our efficient teachers are Willing to aid the students when in need. Miss Karl, Mr. Baker, and Mr. A the teachers in the Business Young, Mrs. my comprise Department. 127 CAROLYN R. CAMP Librariang Clarion, Indiana Duquesne, B.S. ALFRED T. BOARDLEY Guidance Counselorg Califor- nia State College, Duquesneg B.S. and M.A. 1 I i6ra1-1, bepartment The libraries of Freeport junior and Senior High Schools offer a wide variety of read- ing materials. There are books, magazines, newspapers and pamphlets to fill the needs and satisfy the interests of every student. Mrs. McCanna and Miss Camp, our capable librarians, are always Willing to assist stu- dents in using the line library facilities. These library facilities are available to those students who require additional refer- ence material for work in their courses. uidance bepal-tment Preparation of the students for the future is the main purpose of our guidance depart- ment. In the junior high Miss Molnar plans with the students their schedule for the years to come. Mr. Boardley, in the senior high, meets with the students and aids them in planning their vocation. Our guidance department has been of tremendous value in helping students prepare for their future. 128 ANNA MARIE MCCANNA Librariang Clarion, Duquesne Universityg B.S. and M.Ed. MARTHA J. MOLNAR Guidance Counselor, Indiana State Collegeg B.S. and M.Ed. rt e art ent Nbpm The art room is one of the busiest parts of the school. This year, as in years before, the Art Department is filled with faculty and.students alike, busy making useful and beautiful articles. Our modern, well equipped art room is a pleas- ant place in which to work and learn. To aid the students in this course an art club was es- tablished. uAic bepartment THOMAS A. KENNEDY Instrumental Musicg Youngs- town University, Kent State University, Penn State Uni- versity, Indiana Stateg B.M. M. M. PODRASKY Artg Indianag B.S. Our outstanding music department is headed by the senior high. Our prised of their spare time forts make Mrs. Shaffer and Mr. Kennedy in high and Mr. Seitam in the junior bandl many Freep and choral groups are com- students who spend part of rehearsing. Their tireless ef- ort High School proud of its choral and banld groups. FRANK A. SEITAM Instrumental Musicg St. Vin- cent, Indianag B.S. 129 ELIZABETH H. SHAFFER Vocal Musicg West Chester, Northwestern University, Co- lumbiag B.S. - 'vi i . V-. Y, 'P' ,, Z ,, nz.: "-' . in 1 hh" QQ? My LORETTA W. BAKER Special Educationg Clarion, and Penn State Extensiong B.S. MARILYN L. TURKO B.S. The students at Freeport Senior High School have an excellent opportunity to learn safe driv- ing procedures and to accept and realize the responsibility of being a competent driver. These careful and skilled students will help keep Penn- sylvania the "Safe Driver State." Mr. Prusick is our capable instructor. c..-f. EDWARD W. PRUSICK Driver Educationg Clarion and Pittg B.S., M.Ed. 130 Special Educationg Indianag www-K -X, ta s its - 'ff sy, , New is Speczal fducatzvn bepartment The senior high department is under the super- vision of Miss Turko and the junior high depart- ment is under the supervision of Mrs. Baker. Their cooperation and teaching ability have been a special help to the students Who require addi- tional attention which cannot be obtained in regular classes. brialer lf fducation bepartment Home fconomiw Department The home economics department gives those who choose to be future homemakers an insight of what is required to accomplish this goal. Through hard Work and long hours spent in the home economics room, a learning in good groom- ing, housekeeping, sewing and cooking is achieved. Mrs. McGuire is the head of our senior high HXIiGIglA3rg'i2iUI,ifih HSECGEENE AIEZOEQLNIEE home economics department and Mrs. Palmer is BDS' ' i ' ' the head of this department in the junior high. 9114114 trial p4rtA bepartment Our industrial arts department does its best to teach the students how to run modern machinery Y skillfully and safely. The shops have all the tools needed by the boys who are interested in industrial arts. Mr. Angert, who is new this year, helps to supply many ideas for the projects. Mr. France, the instructor in the junior high, is also busy helping the boys with their projects. WILLIAM G. ANGERT GEORGE E. FRANCE Industrial Artsg California, Industrial Artsg Pitt, Michi- B.A. gan State, B.S. 131 I l School Staff The staff of Freeport High School extends a helping hand and friendly attitude toward every- one. The eflicient members of the staff, since the founding of the Junior High building, have given tremendous aid to the students and faculty. They play a large part in our school life and we, the students, greatly appreciate their help. BESSIE MCCLAIN JOYCE PAVLIK Senior High School Secretary Senior High School Clerk DIANE BEATTY BERNICE CRAIG Ass't. Secretary and Clerk Schggl Nurse 132 MARY LANE WETZEL joint School Board Secretaryg Secretary to Supervising Prin- cipal. CAROL TOMSIK Junior High School Secretary ANN FURLONG Speech Therapist o K" vm 1' 'fi' Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Christine Reed . . Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Grace B. Anderson . . . Head Cook Mrs. Garnette A. Bowser . . . . Cook Mrs. Claire I. Burket . . Cook Mrs Alma Phillips . . . . Cook Mrs. Enace Mosthaf . . . . Cook Senior High Cue todiam Robert N. McLaughlin' . . Maintenance Supervisor Merle G. Shcop . . . Building Custodian Harold Stewart ........ janitor Mrs. Harold Stewart . . . janitress Harvey Meckley . . . Janitor Fred E. Geahry . . . janitor uniol- Ni In Cue todiam Clarence Fennel! . . . . janitor Mrs. Nellie Henry . . Janitress Vernon Ross W. . . . janitor Edward McIntyre . . janitor Floyd Ruble . , . . Janitor 77d6it4 Al's Shoe Service A. 8c P. Natrona Heights Charles E. Armstrong, General Insurance Beale's Service Station Ben Franklin Store Buffalo Twp. Fire .Company Mr. 8a Mrs. C. A. Burford R. L. Butler, Sarver Supply Co. Camerlo's Market Mr. 8: Mrs. Jesse S. Cavalini Colonial Pharmacy Colton's Service Sc Garage C. Homer Craig Mr. Sc Mrs. Logan Cribbs, jr. Mr. 8a Mrs. john Dean Donnray Shop Dougherty Co., Inc. Dougherty Service Station DuCo Ceramics Company Faulkner's New Sc Used Furniture Fisher's Appliance Store Freeport Hardware Freeport Shirt Laundry Freeport Stamping Sc Mfg. Co., Mr. 8c Mrs. Robert M. Fry Fullerton's Service Station Galvanek's Market Guinta's Fruit Market Inc. Heights Plaza Merchants Association Hesselgesser's Grocery Dale A. Hilliard Hill Top Tavern Hoaks Tavern Paul I-Iranica Ashland Service Station Jack's Auto Sales Joanne's Beauty Salon 5 Pat:-vm Kallner Lumber- co. Mr. 8a Mrs. Deane Lauffer Lee's Beauty Salon Lee's Pharmacy Mr. Sc Mrs. Chester Livengood Mrs. Mazie Livengood Mr. Stanley Maliszewski Mr. 8a Mrs. Austin W1 Mann Mr. 8a Mrs. Joseph Moon N emec's Flowe r. Shop The Old Freeport Bank Ozzie's Cleaning 8a Pressing Mr. Parry Petri's Mr. Benjamin Poli Purks Food Marrket Ritz Beauty Shop Robinson's Ap Mr. Sasala J. H. Shoop 8c Silverville Serv It mliance Store ons ice Station Service Grocery Store S I' Mr, 8c Mrs. Cha les Sterling Mr. 8c Mrs. Cla rence Teeters Thompson Drug Store Toby's Barber Shop Tommy's Drive-In Toy's Barber S h0P Mr. 84 Mrs. Moiyrris Viletto V. 8a S. Texaco Mr. 8a Mrs. Ott Service o Wetzel White's Beauty Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. lN llilton P. White, J XVichrowski's Dairy Store Mr. 8c Mrs. Howard Wilkewitz Mr. 8a Mrs. Charles Young I I f 5 As Seniors We have Walked these halls for the last time. Look- ing back we remember the fun and good times which we shared as We went from class to class. We leave behind a part of our lives which we shall never regain. Time and distance will sepa- rate us and we shall never again be one class. To the underclass- men We leave the task of filling these halls with their laughter. 136 4. a?,-J.1,1, , ggkf:,.1.i1'.,,1 - L.HH ,A, 22:7 gg. V ,6 ' 5 g 1 V - . , V ' ' :sax 11,1111 .1,.11.1..M i .su-21-:.: 11-:ff--:-, 'v----:::y1--N ,...,.,, ' , . ' - 1 ,wanna qw -1 P4-11 ,Y H 75 ' 5' - '51 V -. 1 , W --- 1, W Q V g 1, AA -N' EQEQ111 1'7'9'i213:U?1,, f'v1'W"' 1fv11u,,111',F , . , V ,, , , - 3 1 ' 4f11wl11"2zzf-e Llwfg? 1 ' 11 1 1-I1 a- M Y' ' HffWQq..m.,,,Q'111, 1 ' " " 5 'R V 11 fs5W:'33f l1 1i X, N.l .1.,.lL2L1.11,Q.J . F,,112vL1'W 1 M11 1 1 "1 1 "M" 1m'm1N , 1.fw, :fgff f vig , , i ,-, ,. f ,M V V ,M ,V , X X , 11 ,,,,. , Y , I 1 , FA W' ' 1 - 'H Y I V, 1 w , ,L ' 'M-1111q,f ,,.. L 4' ' M, - 1 , xx xl, ,M , A, ,1 Q WWI I .R l .! , 1, Z 5 igfifk, . M if -1 3 X W 1 1: 1 , , . ' Vx . , - 1 v N, , A W I ' Q 4 ' 1 , . x a..1 f 1, , K1 , s ' . 5 ' " 1 ,vu '5 fi 1 - fl . ,V . 4 ,gr . .. ,1 , K 1 1111 11 " 1 V 11 1.-,ff 11 1 11 1.-, . -63 ' 1 V 1 ' , Y mug , x ' J 1,1 ' 5 , v '1-"1 ' . Q N 1u.x , , 1, my ' 1 In We W:-lfhw .Qnvy -., , -55314 1 x 1 A V , , V 1 hw, - 1 1 X fd f V , 'H ,fm L1 1 f7H'1Aw . 5 -. iw X ,1 1. Y A K, . 1 1 5 Q Q Y' x in F H , VW 1 1, ,f , 3 V , .- I1H':,1 ,V ,- 111134 t K 1 - V X K. f, 1 ' . H M 3 .fa - ' , 1 , ' ' ' f!f', K -'f , " 91 A 1 4. :1,' 3 . , , M11 , 1 4' . , i ,QM 1 ,, Y 4 V e Y -- 5 L .. . ' , 41, . 1 f 1 A I 1' f V V . VY Y ,M if . L 'HV V LX M1155 nl,,w11,n , 'N if gf F 4 f., 6 , 'fn . wr- H, W. " 1, "'?f1Re':,.ff.,..4 . -'119k?E 7l3,!3E ff J. gm f ,L35q'w111g'f:a" -143'-.-1 ,.g 3, - -ff,5?"y41':wj,g,Eiiii,mf5,'T e',Z:.Q'?3aj,eW'.q?5Q1fY,E?QSE.4"4Z:,.:1.-V -5-Zgg' , --. 55 ',ayrfgg?v': ,,.-if 1'-5:41142 T -'I-3. fi'1'.313JE.,-s,:YgQs5ggyQ51:75.-1V 145911 mu V , , 4 , ,:L f 535.93 gi.-,pg.s113I,9-4: V -ip., - ,,.44q:,.,fx-,1,g,-3.4.3wr, QQ,-V Sf,y-.-1, 1-, . .,,,, : ..'.M',gf- 1. -.ff,2f::k.3f14?::'r' '- rg'--' 35f':5'3fi:-Qa :5?,5:f'2" 1 :r.- . -1 ' ..,- f,-.3 -Iv, ' - -. .- "-f'4,.1-1,-1-s2"f1'-.-px J'-U - ,-.-' -fi -, -1-1 ' 1 'NB2 . ' " ic.-iff, rf- - .-7-,L F' 'im ""-x ., ' ' " 1:1-'-fl' -'1.12-I.5p1".4'!-1114-'fiQ" '-" 2" 1 55" " ' ' ' " "?'. ' q.- '-1:7--f-'pci '-if If-K ..,1'x. ' T 'ff 1 f 315 'x225.1g.',"Fir3f-7 -Epff ,a g ,. .1 'yfff fif ' A 1 "'A2g-film ' -. -. agus-'iff' Lfffiv-.'ff.EiE:,ffvf493f:'fZv:4pf'f9-mzgkigl Q .4'l'.L'1 fa? Q2-1'-"fi 'j iff -1 -1-:fx 121' ' ': if?:'4ff :,p.f'.L,:Lf ' ,1'f:2-'L-."-'T' , :Q -1i,'- 'FL ,.-A: . E152-j'ff'. -.E. ,Sy-i'f',:f':TpQ' .-2-in 5.3 'S' " .""','f-1:1-. ' "-, I 13:1-if 'Q -fv.Zfr'2'.'?.1:f4a'f:En?E?-21.'w-FilQ1f.f'? 355-l'?5i27?fFE:1'.2''Q'i'f1f.4'3J"43155-5'"'' ff'-' " if , "-fy' ' ff' -'v ',2'. ' ' "ff,-4 , 1: if F." -F195-' '-!:x":i-' -' """ g."'-. - ' i V Y' 4.42 11 354-r,-,.N.f1 -' -if 2:3Q-,?.'fi.13'3-T14-eff':1f??:-..-- -, - 1 -, Q .-L .' 7. 5,1-53-:':-.Ygigqfi---,Ov ' fb?3iT:1 if- i f f -gfieii 1' f- ' ' - .',,. Uris' 1' I . . . , , . . fm " . N . v ,313 , Q .H -gary- 'Q . 5?" ' 'xv .g, . . 1 -riff: 2 JS." , ' 4. ' ' - 3 :4 -ev X 'A . 4 2 ' ' '-'N' ef- w.s, ,. . """"' '--"'-f4- J vygmfwigwr 1 Vg' , , "'El1f.71f".' ' . L ', 7 ,. A E g g i. K 9 ' ' v S .n -g.A,jZ7'f--1 , ' Kgg-,J I 5 'fs' mn 5 f"3 - - rv'-----------Vw..-,. . ,..,.- 'R 'E' . :Wi 5 " ' 'M"'x--1--v-+.,,v-V W W . X- ' ' " w"' L ' ' ' """" - 'v- 1-'-Q-N-,.,......,., --M,,-MWF 211 I , A . . - . ., , iii . asunlllnhi f XX. X l'l'HnnH1,- h .4-W: 4 1 A -nn - fx , - 1 3 '1 ........,,, b ! TJ - " '11 17, 1 4 1 w

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