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 - Class of 1957

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Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1957 volume:

MX MT A jf if w 9' I SJ Q, , Vs wi' W 2' ' Jlwb 6g,a!,,!!,LJ td 5 My b A9 . ff, yggwvg Wyjffy' fcjjgpffvf 3 WW M Aww 5 'Z 2 5? ggi? 66 yi ,JJ as . ei? 'aegg-fjccZ:,iEiiSq:. wi n NM' V!! SQ-?gx QJ1? Mfg 2' ff Q C: Y wif Qf Hgilgggwifiigrff . b g Q?-SYS , yy W ffgxflixgl 'S Qfffiff WW ,QW His fgwf MW' '2fYW" JV wg fQA6gjJ6,f'V My fix ki 70m Af., 3, 'fa 'A -amj-'JM 7' Cpwmoj-ii QMWM sm V fn. Tfgyxaifywvps, fkfnffldd ,ff QW iffy +0420 ww T s., W , L. WW W , ' ,, 000' . 2? fgwlffpfggvffjj wg g ' Cgxiqglig cd ' 0-R vQ!J!7f3d',f" iff ' 'afaj sf W1 - 1' ' 1 26" X WW? mf CE df!!! X wo 'N as ff? W if"-:fl 'R , , , 2 1 WM fa flfwfff50wOU!wC af I f Q 7 r mf 60 ,, 'tcm' A . W7 , I C55 V""""'s,, .M yW r 1 , s I 1 , .. ,qw . ' 1 ', fi . 'm 'f H '1-'Y ' 4 ' 'K' -gf,,' -!'-..f't1. , .0 I 1s , ' 'fd Q 1. -.'.'- "' bfq, 44. A d A 1 f f N 4 1 4 4 I V- - 'Q A . giww rv. 1 A V . 1 a L - Vmf... -iv., - .O .df':fefl",".g,',f 'Y-Q .1-.fl wi ' - x ., '1 . ' ,- ' , . :V x 'fx ol . 2 .-Um' n,' A - 4 1 . .- N . . " I 1' . . . - . Lf - ' I, . - . I r, "'V. ws- -5 -, '-F' 'tr ll. -llk-.-1' .I 1 S.:-.l.,.g-N,-, . fi it QT-fy N- I c -- 1 ,f.f x. . f.Nfjy, A h . - l , '4x". In 11' ' f 1 Y '4f'A" vw . " 'X - :'.4- r 6.x , 1. Q 1... S A V ' fax, Ol . 431 " L gt' H' .Q W, , "' , v ' I .f If -,I 1' ' al.:- xv W -1 ' ' 4" 1 L - u 1 , .va , ,J ,a , 4, 'u -x f -1- ' x..,. 4 . '4 t ff - mid. if-I ,I .Q .4,i.', -rf. , 5 P. - JW. -,- - ,. . , if fl' , ,tiff -fy? .-'i . . , 41' -1 "4 ' ,r'lJ A 'fifty 4, 1 vb. , f",a ' . . ,. . ,- ..L.ff"':' ff' xx J, 'lf ' . , x N TTLB -Nfvz rc A . 4 1. " - ., A ,,-x.+v'-"'- N ' fi.1:y'i'-'M V- , f -I ' ' nr ,. 'Ti'-U--',q .'2.1'S-- . Wwfl SAV. ' M - A '-gh 2' . . 4 ,- ,,.4L ' . ' I. , np, v N . '.Jv ' Qi t , .4-.3 fw, x' f L .L .J- '-ti A lWf'.- 11' , F -'N 1 , 4 ' , -f . , wr 'f. V -, -yi ,.' .w LVQLI - f ox, ww. ,L 4" 9.11 ffra-six .A W. 'My'-g?4:lrA, .: . Q5 -nl' W ,.f1f?'il,Qv1:,, Q ,aj :yf'tfKAYK".1's f'ff..i N' - 7 'U' fi'-"ff'f' dw'1'Q-.fl , v, if - .Ay-,-1 . AX, . -,AAM'5x. , . ' . h '- , ."Z4 . f" 4, 1 . , K Freeport Area Joint High School ,f gif Jr T . f 'KN .rfkxv ff" Alma Mater By the Allegheny flowing Stands our dear old Freeport High School Here let your voices sing with fervor The praise which she deserves from you. Then hold aloft her gleaming banners, The royal blue and gold so true, And let your hearts be loyal ever, Hail, Alma Mater, Hail to you! You, her worthy sons and daughters Live to carry on her fame, Lead well for others that will follow, So honor we all bring her name. Then hold forever dear and sacred The mem'ries of dear Freeport High School, As graduates you leave, sing ever Hail, Alma Mater, Hail to you! 'U MR. THOMAS C. PARRY B.Ed., Duquesne University Social Studies Head Coach, Basketball Assistant Coach, Football I .ft Dedication We, the Class of 1957, dedicate this annual edition of the "Freeportian" to you, Mr. Parry. We are indeed grateful for the encourage- ment you have given us to face the future as well as for the guidance and inspiration you have provided us in our studies, athletics and activities. Please accept this dedication as a symbol of our appreciation. 5 lllHiWlIHIl Records placed in this album Collected along our way, The "Hits of '57" To be played a later day. And when we spin these records, May the lessons we've learned here, Remain with all these memories And be forever clear. IIHTNS Dedicafion Foreword Adminisfrafion Seniors Underclassmen Acfivifies Afhlefics Pafrons' Pages in x qiiinuyr x-f , , fl I . , . lvl 1 ,3,g.,.4, -- 1 .gf L fl H 14 k!'1'.'is' ' K4-A x' ':,. 1 f,,.,,J.,.. 1, v' -J -,!,'4'w'fx'1-21.0 -. I ' 4' f ., .C-1,4 Qvif' MJ A ,VY ,Ev W .' 's 120 ' "' '- M,"-!4Ji,.g,' , Q. "L S, si , 4 ' fl I' -eff'-32 Sift f fl -J .H ' --1, '. 21,5-,182 ,-1 gf., 1-., J, if QA ,, 7 i.5?,Pff ,4? ibm. TZ. . '7 , ' if- 'fi 5 " 1:31 if , g, 'r5'.7ufi5g3""f4.'?. ' '5 ' ii, 1'w4-'Ji 'fi F f 1 , ' 1 Adi' 1., M1 '51, .w,,1?I ,,7c,:23g,3,V'r:y . 1, ' D, T:f,gN'K.'a' 53 gi' tl-9,-1'x'4.,:q", , 'x'. .ff ,J f, QM .1 'J-'rfvaf -A f ff. ..:'f.:+ -'eafiig :iw 1 24: , -Qwh,-1 'Gag -ff -. Ss,-A K 3 ' 'viii-"fi -"if-9 Vqw-. -f : 'Z ,' 35' ffu.g,'x.1. ' -1..f,' Pj ,' ,gui-3 x ., ,. x,g1.4'., ln,-p y -A 'hill .bf Q "f Zfw- 14. ,Ti gi- Y , lu 3'ff?5,27 x ffix+ fr,f. ,. W , ffyrf- , 1 . - -' ,g,.:,'arL .f . 1 ' - .Y ,f " 1 , 4612- 'f5A'v:G'P9'I 1 I I i'..l.75', rgxif 0,24 V , 1. t, . fuifqf, 44.g'.frl A, I- -.5 ,L2r'f+mTf1 fff , 1 -. - La? :""1'g1jf:51f5i?". 'rf-el-13 gf , ,,"'fx':Q,x " ,. V71 'fl ff 'fp ti ' ,Q 35,44 :piggy-ilvv, jj -.SJR .vL-J.5S,,F-,Q , J , 'H .-Q' ,-'mmf Q - -'-'wx ' " we- -V "f .-',. M, ' . - :Q 'gi ' ,. ,Q -, 1 ', ,tgp ' gy.f1,.. ., 4, ,Ls 'uf Q, ' ,fi .534 ff1fgp'enr., -. 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J + 'YA' ..,'. , -Q, '. .xp-f u'5 , -- 'f, 'N f -'YH ,f KV." b - f' ' "as I,-W, 21.4 . ' Q, . 1, N6 gg . 11,45 , 1.1 I J. x pgfgrji' may Qc 1 W, Q v A 4 , ' ' 1 I ' ' ' ' I r VJ. ., 1, ' C .9 ,1.,.x '.' x xg .4 x .v .4,,, .A s -,SJ - xx .. , pq X' 1Qy 1, ,xy . q'..,u TLP? -K.. ,nyc-'K'-.I tv.-'u.A.1. ' I, .L .',."t15Y .v- K, .N ,nfl A. 'Z KY- -.' fi ' "N j . .' 'y JJ! V." I! 1 n . A," ll.-1 KENT' x 4, Ax1Ljlf",1ll. auf, . 'I 5 1 . .K-X .' , 1 v ,...",., if , fy, 5 "Q KC D G Y I M ive- 3.1, N .. L fwfr fir, --4'-.3 'Q-, 7- '..5,k--I j -1 any 6' .L ""wfv':?1gj K f ! vu 'v' A. . "' , - ' . ,.. . ,',,fqUL 'qu'-NQ.m,1,?55,'-L Q1 -N .. I " A ,qQff:r. ' .i-f -.-mn.4'r-,f.,.:12g- X -r , .. . .xy v ij .lgj fl' - ,, . tw, V21 .M N ,5 wg.-, -, -if w 'Wg . V ,J-1 a..,,'ux.QXQ in ,4 " yu! . . 'g.j fJ'l'T'f'JrT Uiqhgigv M 7 ' 'Eff' g 'xY'w1'i" "8 f,1fQj7rfCg .53 l , . ,, f, L , c j:'."'-iw ul -ff, fl? Nu W r 5- if!! V .4. 1 ,wt f Q25--'L 35.2 X V- 'ffsA1'.1x1-."J 1' -1,3?f1.1l ,mir E fi f A J. l - ,L',"':'i13.x x ' " f.,, x "'Lgw' " 'Mg gzgfgg 'ig-"kpc L ' y .W h fy' fir ,g 1 ':.35f?i l..f., . I , , J -'I Tis",-' ,I "1 ' l U 'p.-'f f "41""'.' I L. . Jxf.N",' W' . ,Rf if-:vw :J "Q 'Ev- ff' .ff 'H'-':Qj:'f1'v "gl X 'J ui R . .T , L. Y:I' H qi .ir Board of Education Row l: R. Westerman, H. Mast, M. Wetzel, H. Huey, W. Keebler, R, Gardner, C. Dininger. Row ll: F. Myers, A. Yates, R. Kearney, D. Patton, R. Fry, C. Burford, W. Wiegand, P. Hoover, W. Fleck. Supervising F. LEE MYERS Supervising Principal 'I0 Principal To the Students of Freeport Area Joint High School: To you young people on the threshold of adult life, I want to ask the question, "Quo Vadis?" Translated, it means, "Where are you going?" I am not concerned with geographical di- rections, I am thinking of the highway of life. Some of you are ready to embark now, others will be starting in a few years. Study hard, plan well. The road map of life has many highways, usually very legibly marked, Beware of detours and side roads which lead to wrong destina- tions. There are roads ot complacency, neglect, indifference, laziness, cowardice, and selfishness. There are other roads of vision, courage, oppor- tunity, and service. Which road will you take? Will it be the low road of getting all you can for as little as you can, or will it be the high road ot service and unselfish devotion to principles and ideals? My best wishes to each of you for health and happiness as you travel the road of lite. But remember the question-"Quo Vadis?" High School Principal To the Class of 1957: We congratulate each member of the Class of 1957 upon your graduation from high school. It has been a pleasure to become better ac- quainted with you as the years rolled by. Your worthy ambitions have become our hopes, and we shall continue to watch with interest as you progress toward their achievement. You have now invested some twelve years of your life in your educational preparation. Dividends from such investment yau may antici- pate receiving for many years to come. How- ever, you should expect them only in proportion to the efiort which you made to take advan- tage of the educational opportunities which have been yours. Generally speaking, you who have worked the hardest should receive the greatest rewards of satisfaction, contentment, and hap- piness. Your diploma confers responsibilities, as well as privileges. To make a worth-while con- tribution toward the betterment of mankind should be your constant endeavor. Whether or not you play a maior role in the world's scien- tific progress or moral advancement, never for- get to actively support and promote the home, HAROLD J, BUSH tqhmznschool, the church, and an honest govern- High school Principal VF SA Mrs. Bessie McClain Secretary to Mr. Bush Miss Mary Lane Wotzel Secretary to Mr. Myers fm "L CHARLES R. BENDL Degree: B.S. Attended: St. Vincent, Pitt Teaching: English, Literature MORRIS E. CARLSON Degree: B.S., M.Ed. Attended: Indiana, Pitt Teaching: Physics, Chemistry NARCISSUS CHIOLDI Degree: B.E. Attended: Duquesne, Pitt Teaching: Bookkeeping I 81 ll, Busi- ness Law, Business Math, General Business BERNICE CRAIG, R.N. Attended: Columbia Hospital School Nurse 12 www, 2 t F aculfy WILLIAM GROVES Assistant High School Principal Guidance Counselor Degree: B.S., M.Ed. Attended: Bethany, Penn State, North Carolina, Slippery Rock, University of Penna. ALFRED BOARDLEY CHARLOTTE S. BROWN Degree: B.S. Degree: B.A. Attended: California Attended: Bucknell, Pitt Teaching: Industrial Arts Teaching: Mathematics Bendl Boardley Brown Carlson Chioldi Craig ROBERT B. DEVINE Degree: B.A, Attended: St. Vincent, Pitt Teaching: English, Literature MICHAEL B. DOLMAYER Degree: B.S. Attended: Clarion, Pitt Teaching: Biology, General Science VIVIAN DRUMM Degree: B.S. Attended: Slippery Rock Teaching: English CHICK EMPFTELD Degree: BS. Attended: Indiana Teaching: Math Gales W. Karl HELEN S. GALES Degree: A.B., M.Ed. Attended: Wilson College, Pitt Teaching: Maihematics, Guidance Counselor CHARLES W. HANKO Degree: B.A., Ed.M., Ph.D. fHon oraryl, Litt.D. fHonoraryi Attended: Mt, Union College, Pitt, Western University Teaching: World History, American History MARY M. KARL Degree: B.B.A. Attended: Westminster Teaching: Shorthand I and II WILLIAM J. KARL Degree: B.S., M.A. Attended: Michigan, Clarion, Columbia Teaching: English Hanko M, Karl Karrs Kennedy Devine Dolmayer Drumm Empneld JOHN B. KARRS Degree: B.E., M.Ed. Attended: Duquesne, Western Reserve, Pitt Teaching: Health, Phys. Education Social Studies THOMAS A. KENNEDY Degree: B.M, Attended: Youngstown, Kent Teaching: Instrumental Music I3 Kerr B. Lehew J, Lehew Luchs 04 , :f ,,.ff"" "fi li Fifi ' iff? 'z"fi7f7 i 1 MONA MOZENA ii Degree: B.S. Attended: Indiana, Syracuse, Pitt Teaching: Home Economics SUE MYERS Degree: B.A. Attended: Grove City Teaching: French, English Manning McCord JOAN KERR Degree: B.S. Attended: Slippery Rock, Du quesne, Pitt Teaching: History, Speech BETTY SUE LEHEW Degree: B.S. Attended: Indiana Teaching: Home Economics JOHN LEHEW Degree: B.S, Attended: Indiana Teaching: Geography MERYLE L. LUCHS Degree: B.A. Attended: Penn State Teaching: Physical Education, Health BARRY T. MANNING Degree: B.S. Attended: Indiana JEAN McCLEARY Degree: B.S. Attended: Clarion Teaching: Librarian MARGUERITE M. MARIETTI Degree: B.S. Attended: Indiana, Pitt Teaching: Typewriting I 8- II LIlLIAN MacCORD Degree: B.A. Attended: Gettysburg Teaching: English McCIeary Marietti Mozena Myers -vi '97-'Q' '67 ELEANOR F. O'BRYAN Degree: B.S., l.itt,M. Attended: Pitt Teaching: Latin, Home and School Visitor THOMAS C. PARRY Degree: B.S. Attended: Notre Dame, Miami, Duquesne, Maryland Teaching: World History, U.S. History, P.O.D. MARY MARGARET PODRASKY Degree: B.S. Attended: Indiana Teaching: Art EDWARD W. PRUSICK Degree: B.S., M.Ed. Attended: Clarion, Pitt Teaching: Geography, Driver Training . N X It NX g . n .T Rupert ,J. Wadding d . MURIEL RUPERT Degree: B.S. Attended: Thiel, Indiana, Penn State Teaching: Arithmetic, English ELIZABETH H. SHAFFER Degree: B.S. Attended: West Chester, Northwestern Teaching: Vocal Music ELIZABETH TURNER Degree: A.B. Attended: Allegheny College, Pitt, Penn State, Columbia Teaching: English RICHARD V. WADDING Degree: B.S. . 1 Attended: Indiana, Pitt aching: Mathematics and Science Shaffer Turner Willoughby Yedlowski 'z :SSX T1 O'Bryan Parry Podraslcy Prusiclx CECIL D. WILLOUGHBY Degree: B.S., M.A. Attended: Clarion, Pitt Teaching: Pennsylvania History Civics, American History JOSEPH L. YEDLOWSKI, JR. Degree: B.S. Attended: California Teaching: Industrial Arts I5 A-1 " --" -XFWM-2' "-:"j'2"-MP 2 A 'VIP 4 wi. xE,.gi-'.1,f.,Qf . . ' ,L-, ,oi -Vx' ' .1 351: !F'f,1,A!fLX,l,fk,- '. J? A ,. . , 4 NJA x, ", . I .' 'af-.- . . , i sf-11.fifKa1.:Qff3 fr, ' " -.5-'I " 'Z' 1 vx . 'sf - ',. fy 'Lyn .. . - X ' , h M., .4 1.ff7'L'Hi+s'f ' 3 'fi J :J Q:-1x7-:iii HQ' .yd f T- ,T f J 5-. L ",f,l55!A Ykf'4i1?', 'lv Tv V- '1, , .eff ,. , 1-4'f'.' 1f"x Q-f4.,7 J' ,r ,Q yqk x TN'-viz' , ,, ,qu -,. A ,V - 911 , 'xx .W -M.. , -x. ,' Q '15-if 1 1 4 'f ,-'f"L- fu lf' H .1 A v " "' Y " Q ', in L1 44 47" f YQ Cu' 2 ,VL f ,gf 'I I 4 ,H . ' .1 ', SVN ' ,tg , 3 ,S ' I 1 1 ' .. M -F , ' 'fsvu , L " 'sf , X -1 , W 4 . 1 4- K I ' va L .,- - if 3 A ' ' ,ah 'ffm 'Q'-1' w 'q A t ' Q , , .g.iLf1,,', -1,-4 54 --n 9,1-1 -Q ,fl 4,0 ',- ' . 'J 4 . m . ,MK I. -42,141 T 1 an pf 4-. by ,gp f, . .1334 - Ti, . U' xl - ' u"""f' ' 1 X K . 1 J-F pkg , . U. V,w,.,.,'.... . ,. , .,,:,-, , I. l 'QP , .s i n 1, I..-:..,, ...ll 1 . , .,x ., 515' ,A V, g, , gf ,, u.X:f.,: .Ox- 13 tl ., , f- 'Hai 1. It 'lv ' . f, AH V , -.,' 5 V' '.', .' My-g,?'l'f',,!-it x 1 f 7 .. ,, ,, JA I 1 . 1. 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V " I 1 Class of 19.57 RICHARD BORRISON PRESIDENT Richard Borrison "Doc" Sarver Our Senior class president, Doc was active in Hi-Y, Sportsman's Club, Student Council, a member of the Senior play cast, Co- Business manager of the Freeportian and Manager of the magazine campaign. These activities won him the title of most ambitious boy in the class. Don Altman "Ace" Freeport A classmate of whom we can be proud. Don was voted most athletic boy in the class. Co-captain of the football team, captain of the basketball team, president of the Varsity Club, Student Council, patrolman, and Freeportian staff are some of the activities of this popular boy. Sandra Douthett "Sandy" Freeport Sandy will always be remembered as the Football Queen of the 'I956 season. Chosen best looking girl in the Senior class. Member of Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, Freeportian Business staff and Dramatics Club. Plans to be an airline stewardess. SANDY DOUTHETT CAROL BERGER SECRETARY ASSISTANT SECRETARY DON ALTMAN VICE PRESIDENT Carol Berger "Pickles" Freeport This popular girl was active in Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Tri-Hi-Y, Freeportian staff, Yellowiacket staff, Librarian, and G.A.A., of which she was the hardworking president. She enioys sports and dancing. Sylvia Pavlik "Alcatraz" Sarver Quite a busy little girl, Sylvia was active in Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Freeportian and Yellowiacket staffs, Librarian, G.A.A., president of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y, and a member of the Senior play cast. She was a football queen candidate. Pet peeve-quiet people. Donna Roe Ruggeri "Donna" Freeport Donna, our cute head cheerleader, was voted most popular girl in the class. She was a member of the Freeportian staff, Yellowiacket staff, Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' En- semble, Librarian, Student Council, Potrolman, football queen candidate, and a member of the Senior play cast. SYLVIA PAVLIK DONNA RUGGERI TREASURER ASSISTANT TREASURER Lon Babinsack "Bobo" Freeport Can be seen whizzing around town in his old beat-up truck. Mr. Empfield's math class seems to be his biggest disturbance. Lon was a member of the Sportsman's Club and Hi-Y. Stephen Behrik "Steve" Sarver One of our big sixtooters. Would rather hunt and fish than go to school any day. Mem- ber of Hi-Y, Varsity Club and the Sportsman's Club. His pride and ioy is his big green and white "Olds." Donald Blystone "Ducky" Freeport One of our class brains, Ducky was voted most studious boy in the class. A nice kid to know. Vice-president of Room 'l'l4 his Senior year, football manager, Varsity Club and baseball team make up his list ot activities. Hates to sit in study halls. Richard Bowser "Pete" Freeport Usually seen with "Ducky", Enioys a good game of foot- ball or baseball. Pet peeve is boys wearing bermuda shorts. Pete seems to have a dislike for homework, especially Algebra ll. Jean Baker "Jean" Shrader's Grove Says her pet peeve is men??? Jean was active in Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, G.A.A., Freeportian Stott, and Librarians. Dislikes men drivers who "Know it all." Favorite pastime is cowboying the family car. Mary Alys Bennett "Mary" Silverville Enioys bowling and going to football games. An active mem- ber of F.H.A, She is learning all she can for future use. Says her pet peeve is the cracking of gum. George Bowser "Duck" Sarver His dark wavy hair is the envy of all the girls. Member of Hi- Y. Sings with a very good ten- or voice in Chorus and Blue and Gold Choir. Seems he's already been spoken for. Stephen Brestensky "Steve" Leechburg Another one of our big six- footers, Steve is a friend to all. He has participated in football, basketball and baseball. Steve claims that his pet peeve is Chemistry class, but doesn't mind History. Richard Carbonetti "Corba" lucesco A tall good-looking Senior who is popular with everyone. Ac- tive in Varsity Club and one- time member of the football and basketball teams. Co-cap- tain of the magazine campaign in 114. Always headed in the direction of Leechburg. Markel Ann Cassell "Myles" Freeport Yellowiacket staff, Freepartian Business stalt, G.A.A., and vice president of home room 113 kept her busy. Myke was also a football queen candidate and a member of the Senior Class Play. Left F.H.S. to get mar- tied. Kenneth Colwell "Clepto" Sarver One of the iokers of the class, but everybody's friend. Ken says he likes study hall, girls and Ford convertibles. Favor- ite foods are hamburgers and French fries. Can always be found at Petri's. Laura Crafg "Shorty" Freeport A quiet girl with a merry twin- kle in her eye. Tri-Hi-Y, stu- dent secretary and Freepartian Business staff are a few of her activities. Enioys sports and eating. Pet peeve is unsociable people. Gilbert Carson "Gib" Freeport An all-around athlete, tall and cute. Very active member of the Varsity Club. Gib was vot- ed best dancer of the class. Pet peeve-French class and "punks". When not at home he's usually found in or around Petri's. Andrew Check "Andy" River Road Andy has been a loyal member of the stage crew. One of Bob Wray's top grease monkeys. Pet peeve-woman drivers. Likes girls and food. You can always find him hot-rodding around town in his little "Merc". Margaret Conti "Peggy" Freeport Peg was our busy editor of the Freepartian. She also partici- pated in Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble and was treasurer of room 114. A big steak dinner is Peggy's idea of a good meal. lf you want to make her groan, iust mention Chemistry lab. Terry Craig "Terry" Freeport Our hard-fighting center on the football team. Terry belongs to Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir and Varsity Club. He was vot- ed best dressed boy in the Senior Class. An outdoorsman who can still find time for Nan. cy. Claims he likes Chemistry lab??? Enioys anything cooked by "Mom", Elvera Daquilante "Vera" Nickleson Run Always has a friendly smile for everyone. Staunch member of the F.H.A. Seems to like swim- ming, skating, and boys, ex- cepting blondes. Pet peeve is working. Favorite food-pizza. Ray Dempster "Mapa" Freeport Always busy with paints and brushes, Ray was Art Director for the Junior and Senior Prom. Freeportian Stait, Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Hi-Y, and Sportsman's Club are among his activities. Dislikes home- work for some reason or other. Mary Jane Durci "Janie" Sarver "Janie" was another one of our loyal F.H.A. members. Among her many interests are photography, boating, acro- batics, camping, roller skating, dancing, swimming, and em- broidering. Her pet peeve is unfriendly people. Favorite foods - watermelon, potato chips and ice cream. Janet Eshenbaugll "Jan" Butler Junction "Jan" can be seen cowboying in her bright red "Chevy." Pet peeve is boys in bermuda shorts. She was a member of Chorus, Freeportian Business Staff, G.A.A., and Tri-Hi-Y. Fav- orite food-shrimp. Betty Dempster "Betty" Freeport Member of Chorus and F.H.A. Says her pet peeve is "Catty people." Betty's favorite pas- time is dancing. Chicken and French fries are tops on her list of foods. Wanda Lee Dolmayer "Wanda" Freeport Can be seen with Peggy. Mem- ber of Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Yellow- iacket Staff, Business Manager of Junior and Senior Class Plays, Freeportian Staff, and Librarians. ls partial to the Navy. Favorite food-choco- late cake. Norma Ehrman "Nimie" Freeport One of our high-stepping flag twirlers. Also known for her pretty blond hair. Secretary of Room ll3. Librarian, Freepor- tian Business Stat? and Tri-Hi- Y. Will be remembered for her witty remarks. Norma was ct football queen candidate. Thomas Fair "Tom" Freeport President of Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Band, Freeportion Business Staff. Known by his red hair. Tom likes summer va- cation, money, and Pat. Pet peeve-solid geometry. Did a very good job in the Senior Class Play. Theresa Fantino "Tess" Butler Junction "Tess" is usually seen with Janet. Active in F.H.A. and Chorus. Pet peeve-inconsid- erate people. Her likes include sports, roller skating, and dan- cing. Janet Fleck "Jan" Freeport Active in Tri-Hi-Y and a mem- ber of the Freeportian Business Staff and Math Club. Wears a big sparkler on her left hand. Enioys a good game of football. Pet peevi?homework. Jo Ann Frantz "JO" Sarver A nice friendly person to know. President of Room 113, treas- urer of Senior Tri-Hi-Y, student director of the Junior play. An active chorus member. Favorite food-hoagies. Likes a pleasant smile. Jerry Gaiser "Jerry" Boggsville Another one of our red-heads. Jerry is a loyal member of the stage crew. A great outdoor's man who enjoys hunting and fishing immensely. Pet peeve- grouchy teachers. Favorite food -ice-cream. Frances Fester "Frankie" Freeport A peppy cheerleader. Will be remembered for her roles in both the Junior and Senior Class plays. Member of Chor- us, Blue and Gold Choir, Tri-Hi- Y, Yellowiacket Staff and sec- retary of Room 'l'l4. One of our football queen candidates. Makes frequent trips to Saxon- burg. Ralph Flemm "Ralph" Freeport Ralph is one of the strong si- lent types. Likes sports, hunt- ing, ice skating and study halls. Favorite food-spaghetti. Says his pet peeve is Consum- ers Math. Alfred Gaitlor "Al" Sarver One of Mrs. ShaFter's most faithful chorus members. Likes working on a farm, hunting, fishing, and relaxing. Favorite food is spaghetti. Doesn't like to do homework. Patricia Ann Gallagher "Pat" Freepcrl Co-Captain of magazine cam- paign in Room l'l3. Member of Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir. Girls' Ensemble and Freeportian Business Staff. Pet Peeve- boys who don't like to dance. Always seen with "Karooch." Has a special liking for blond crew-cuts. Richard M. Geer "Georshift" Leechburg One of the quieter boys in the Senior class. Favorite subiect is shop. He likes to drive and work out-of-doors. Active mem- ber of Hi-Y. Favorite foods- steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, Paul Michael Harrigan "Mike" Freeport A real nice kid to have around. Mike was a member of the Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Boys' Ensemble, Hi-Y, and Sen- ior Play cast. Mike has the de- serving title of best looking boy in the Senior class. Says he dislikes girls who talk too much, Robert Henschel "Bob" Freeport Ace mechanic for Bures Motor Sales. Bob is real proud of his new Ford. He is a very active member of the stage crew. Likes girls, food and work??? "Hench" says he can't stand women drivers. Lana Huey "Lana" Sarver One of the intelligent girls of the class. Her activities include Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir. Girls' Ensemble, Band, Tri-Hi-Y, and Freeportian Business Staff. Enioys all kinds of sports and reading a good book, Robert Gorog "Smokey" Freeport A tall, quiet Senior boy, "Smoke" has a special talent for hunting, fishing, and trap- ping. Says his pet peeve is English. When asked his favor- ite food his reply is "just food." Sandra Haven "Sandy" Freeport Our snappy head maiorette. This popular miss is a member of Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Student Coun- cil, patrolman, Freeportian Busi- ness Staff, and G.A.A. lVice Presidentl. Sandy was voted most friendly girl in the class and was a football queen can- didate. Paul Hill "Rocky" Slate Lick Chief spotter for the announcer at the football games. Partici- pated in Varsity Club, baseball and Hi-Y. Paul is a member of the Freeportian staff. Says he dislikes iazz and operatic music. Myron Humes "Brownie" Freeport "Brownie" is quiet and a real nice guy to know. Seems to have a knack for writing letters to Ohio. Claims that his pet peeve is unfriendly people. Hates to wear a white shirt. Alan lseman "Isa" South Buffalo Favorite class is gym. His main interest lies in farming. Has a laugh or smile for everyone. "lse" says he dislikes English. Pet peeve-grouchy girls. En- ioys eating a heaping platfer of spaghetti. Jacqueline James "Jackie" Sarver Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Tri-Hi-Y, Free- portian Business staff and Jun- ior and Senior play casts are among this popular girls' activi- ties. Jackie is also one of our peppy cheerleaders. She was voted best dancer in the Senior Class and was a football queen candidate. lorry Keener "Larry" Slate Lick Our dynamic half-back, Larry helped to move the "Jackets" on to many victories this past season. He also played bas- ketball and baseball. Says he likes Mr. Carlson's chemistry class??? Favorite food-meat pie. Martha Kuhns "Marty" Sarver A member of Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Tri-Hi-Y, Freeportian Business staff, Librarians, and the Props Committee for the band. Says her pet peeve is boys??? Likes to swim, cook and go to foot- ball games. Favorite foods- chocolate cake and potato chips. Rita Jean .lack "Dudes" Ekastown A high-stepping Hag twirler with a big diamond ring. Can always be seen with Clyde. Member of Tri-Hi-Y, Freeportian Business staff, Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble. Rita was voted best dressed girl in the Senior class. Marilyn Johnston "Lynn" Sarver Our very capable Secretary of the Student Council, Marilyn was voted the most dependable girl in the class. Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensem- ble, Tri-Hi-Y and Patrolman are some of her activities. Did a wonderful iob in the Junior Play. Theodore Kiiowski "Ted" MacVille Our one and only aviator, Ted likes to fly his dad's plane. His pet peeves are boys in bermuda shorts and women drivers. Fav- orite food - "Sloppy Joes." Likes to see how annoyed he can get the teachers. Robert Kuhns "Bob" Sarver Bob's trademark is his curly hair. Likes hunting and popu- lar music. Active member of Hi-Y, Sportsman's Club, Band and Orchestra. Says he doesn't like work or girls??? Favorite foods-ice cream and French fries. Gary Kunish "Gary" leechburg Will be remembered as "Tom- my" in the Junior Class Play. Always has a wise remark. Gary was in Hi-Y and band. Pet peeve-the number 2 key on his typewriter in 113. Likes girls and money. Favorite food -T-bone steak with mush- foflfni. Ray lassinger "Razor" Ekastown One of our tall, good looking boys. Co-captain of the maga. zine campaign in 114, Ray is also a patrolman and a mem- ber of Student Council. "Ra- zor" can usually be found out Winfield way. He was voted most friendly boy in the class. Charles Lowers "Chuck" Garver's Ferry Held up the fullback position on our football team. Chuck was a patrolman, president of Room 114 his Senior year, a member of Student Council, Freeportian stat? and Varsity Club. Was voted most all- around boy of the class. Pet peeve is empty gas tanks. Norma Jean Macurdy "Gert" Sarver "Gert" was a member of Chor- us, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, G.A.A., Librarians, Freeportian Business staft and Dramatics club. Usually seen with Shultzie, Sylvia, and Jo. She likes to swim and dance, but doesn't care for work. Edith Irene Kunkle "Renie" Garver's Ferry Can always be seen with Bon- nie. lrene was chosen most studious by her classmates. Member of Tri-Hi-Y, Mathe- matics Club, Yellowiacket staff, Freeportian Business staff and treasurer of Room 111. Likes target shooting and horseback riding. Diane lauffer "Dee" Freeport Chosen most musically inclined, Diane has been active in Chor- us, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Band, Orchestra and Dance Band. She likes music of all kinds and possesses a very good alto voice. Dancing and skating are among her favorite pastimes. Terry Lowers "Terry" Freeport Our class comedian. Terry was in Band, Hi-Y, Chorus, and Blue and Gold Choir. Can usually be found looting at Petri's. Says he hates to wear a white shirt. Favorite foods- steak and French fries. Richard Markwell "Max" Freeport One of Mr. Empfield's Consum- er Math Class brains??? En- ioys going to Army Reserve meetings every Monday night. "Max" says he has trouble with blondes. Favorite food-co- coanut cream pie with whipped cream. PAUI. McCULLOUGH "Paul" Sarver Another one of the Varsity squad, Paul held down the position of guard. Claims he likes brunettes from Har-Brack His pet peeve is Mr. Wadding's Algebra ll class. Favorite food -hamburgers. BILL MILLER "Big Bill" Clinton One of our class brains, "Big Bill" has been a member of the Science Club 'For three years. Will someday be a radio and television repairman. Always has a smile for everyone. ls happy when he has a hambur- ger and a Pepsi. ALBERT MORRISON "Coral Al" Shrader's Grove Al works hard as a stage hand to prepare the stage for all as- semblies. Can usually be seen in his "Merc." Pet peeve-de- livering papers. His favorite food is "pigs in the blanket." WILLIAM NOBLE "Noodles" Freeport Will be remembered for his apt portrayal of Mr. Hoffman, the banker, in the Junior Class play. Active in Varsity Club, he also played basketball and was a manager of the 'football team. "Noodles" will eat any- thing except the kitchen sink. JAMES METZ "Digger" Freeport Another one of the Varsity squad, Jim's activities also in- clude swimming and hunting. Likes sports of all kinds. "Dig- ger" claims that his pet peeve is someone staring at him. Fa. vorite food-steak. HARRY MONTGOMERY "Harry" Sorver Can usually be seen at Leo's. Says his pet peeve is noise in study hall while he is trying to sleep. He enioys working on cars. Favorite food-good old American apple pie. MERRILL E. MYERS "Punta" Freeport Known and liked by all. "Pun- ta" is a member of Chorus, Blue 8- Gold Choir, Boys' En- semble, Freeportian Business Stott, Senior play cast and the president of the Dramatics Club. His likes include girls, bermuda shorts, and Ford con- vertibles. SYLVESTER PALKO "Syl" Satrver He may be little but he's dyna- mite. Hard-working member of the football team, baseball team, Varsity Club and chorus. Says he would rather be swim- ming than doing homework, Favorite food-southern fried chicken. JAMES PATRICK "Jim" Ekostown Came to us in his Junior year from Har Brack. He says that his main interest lies in cus- tomizing and painting cars. Can't wait for eighth period Physics class to roll around each day. Favorite 'foods- pizza, chocolate cake and pie. BEATRICE PETRULEVICH "Bee1y" Freeport Came to us her Senior year from Baden. One of our quiet- er girls. "Beezy" likes to swim and play badminton. Says her favorite subject is literature. Favorite food- ice cream. CHARLES BERTON PlATT "Bear" leechburg Voted most dependable in the class. Very capable co-captain of our football team. Says he dislikes chemistry class and school during hunting season. Bert is also a member of Vore sity Club, Student Council, and hall patrol. Pet peeve-loud girls, MONA JEAN PRAGER "Mona" Freeport Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Jr. and Sr. Class plays, Drama Club, Color Guard, Yellowiacket Staff, Freeportian Business Stott, Librarian, and Student secretary are among her many activities. Says she dislikes the smell of the Biology room. Pet peeve- men drivers. Likes swimming and eating. Mona was one of our football queen candidates. RICHARD PESCI "Skins" Freeport Our star end -:luring the '56 football season. Voted most mischievous Senior by his class- mates, he really lives up to the title. Usually seen with "Noo- dles" and "Rez", Favorite food -steak. EMlll0 PIEROPAN "Squirrel" Butler Junction Pride of B. J. when it comes to football and basketball. Says he dislikes anybody who beats our football team. Another one of our outdoorsmen. Could eat a chicken or steak dinner anytime. Pet peeve - wise guys. HENRY PORTER "Bud" MarVille Usually seen with Ted. Henry has been a member of the Hi-Y for three years and was also in the Sportsman's Club. Staunch member of the stage crew. "Bud" says he dislikes sight- seeing drivers. RUTH ANN PRAGER "Ruth Ann" lucesco One of the quieter girls of our class, Ruth Ann can usually be seen with Alice. She is o Li- brarian, Student Secretary, member of the Tri-Hi-Y and a dependable usher. Favorite dish-spaghetti, Dislikes Eng- lish. Betty Pyska "Samba" New Kensington Always has a witty remark for everyone. She is a student sec- retary and a member of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Pet peeve- homework. Likes skating at Melwood and all her balcony study halls. Favorite food- spaghetti. Marion Ridley "Sugar" MocVille Active in Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, Fu- ture Homemakers of America and Librarians. Pet peeve- busy telephones. Likes sports and music. Claims she dislikes English class. Favorite food- French fries. Shirley Ann Rodgers "Shirley" Kittanning Has a special liking for '5l Fords. Her activities include Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, Future Home- makers of America, and Librar- ians. French fries are her fav- orite food. Says she dislikes homework. Pet peeve-busy telephones. James Rzeszotarski "Rez" Freeport One of our tall, good-looking basketball p l a y e r s. "Rez" claims he likes playing pool and reading Mickie Spillane books. Voted neatest Senior boy in the class. Usually seen with "Noodles" and Pesci. Favorite foods are corn-on-the. cob and pumpkin pie. William Renshaw "Rench" Freeport One of the tall quiet boys of the class. His activities include the Sportsman's club and Fu- ture Farmers of America. Likes football, popular music and girls. Pet peeve-complaining elders. Favorite food-home- made spaghetti. Nancy Rieck "Nancy" Shuster Heights Nancy's interests are centered around Terry. She participated in Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, and G.A.A. Favorite food-steamed crabs. Pet peeve-sarcastic teachers. One of the better artists in the class. Sue Rogers "5uellie" Freeport This cute lass has quite a list of activities-G.A.A., Freepor- tian Business Staff, Maiorette, treasurer of Room l'I3, Student Council, Patrolman, Tri-Hi-Y, Yellowiacket Stott, and Librar- ian. Sue was voted most ath- letic girl in the class and was a candidate for football queen. Nancy Jo Sample "Simp" Freeport "Simp" was chosen neatest girl in the class. Active in chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' En- semble, Yellowiacket Staft, Fre- portian Business Staff, secretary of Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, pa- trolrnan, co-captain of maga- zine campaign, and secretary at Room ill. Likes dancing and Fats Domino records. Larry Schoonmaker "Sclloony" New Kensington "Schoony's" pet peeve is Mr. Parry's sixth period P.O.D. class. Active in the Art Club, and co-captain of the maga- zine campaign in 114. Usually found on Franklin Street. Fav- orite drink is milk. Carol Shaffer "Shaf" Leechburg Chosen most mischievous Senior girl by her classmates. Member of the Chorus, Yellowiacket staff, Freeportian Business staff, Tri-Hi-Y and Dramatics Club. Pet peeve-schoolwork. Says she likes all sports, dancing, and driving cars. Dislikes people in bad moods. Edward Shirey "Ed" Freeport A constant companion of Buck- wheat. Homework and balcony study halls are his main dis- iikes. Ed's idea of a good meal is roast beef, potatoes and gravy. When not hunting or fishing, he enioys reading. Janice Simcik "Duchess" Slate Lick Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, Freeportian Business statt, Librarian, Chorus and Dramatics Club are her many activities. Pet peeve- pests. Favorite food is hoagies. L.kes dancing, skating and be- ing with Bill. Lucille Schwietering "Luc" Freeport Voted most ambitious girl in the Senior Class. Lucille's many activities include Editor of the Yellowiacket, Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, and Girls' ensem- ble. Pet peeve-men drivers. Says she dislikes writing Eng- lish themes. Favorite food- chocolate cake. Gary Sherrieb "Sherbie" Sarver Besides being star guard on the football team, Gary was Presi- dent of Room lil, member of Student Council, and Varsity Club. Claims his pet peeve is taking notes. Never quiet, "Sherbie" likes sports cars and loud mumers. Favorite food- pizza. Linda Shultz "Shult1ie" Server Most all-around Senior girl. Unforgettable as "Ginger" in the Junior Class Play. Member o J orus, Blu d Gold , Gir ' mble, Free- por. a , Yellowiacket staff, Tri-N I-Y. Pet peeve-impolite pe lle. Says she likes eating, ' Il ' l'. eip Xia y ravi lj A Helen Diane Sims "Dee" Freeport Usually seen with "Jo" and Janet. Active in Future Home- makers of America, Ushers Club, and Geography Club. Dislikes mean teachers. Says she likes riding in speed boats and convertibles. Favorite food -hamburgers. Don Skiles "Skilesy" Freeport Energetic and capable President of the Student Council. Voted most popular Senior boy. Sports editor of the Yellowiacket, Co- business manager of the Free- portian, Patrolman, Junior and Senior play casts, and member of the Varsity Club. Favorite food-strawberry shortcake. Josephine Sobolewski "Jo" Laneville "Jo" has participated in the Chorus, Blue and Gold Choir, Girls' Ensemble, Future Home- makers of America and the French Club. Pet peeve-catty people. Likes boys, dancing and convertibles. Favorite food -pork chops. Carol Marlene Spencer "Spence" Sarver "Spence" likes to swim and skate. Active member of the Future Homemakers of America Club and the Chorus. Favorite food-spaghetti and French tries. Claims she dislikes dancing. Pet peeve-inconsid- erate people. Alice Swank "Smiley" Leechburg Fran and Fearby are her con- stant companions. Smiley was a member of Chorus, Dramatics Club, Future Homemakers of America and a librarian. Pet peeve-teachers who don't like chewing gum. Favorite food- pizza. Kenneth W. Smith "Smitty" Server "Smitty's" black Chevy is his trademark. Says he likes to go hunting when he isn't busy working on his dad's farm. Pet peeve-Math. Favorite food- chili. Ken says he can't stand homework, Ron Soloman "Selly" Sarver Along with "Big Bill", "Solly" holds up the male population of 'l'l3. Active president of the Science Club, Ron likes hunting and fishing. Says he dislikes those who play the "hero" role. Favorite food-stuffed peppers. Gerald Spindler "Jerry" Sarver Active in football, basketball, track, Varsity Club and Hi-Y. Jerry is one of the few who will hate to graduate. Likes music, sports, cars and chemistry class. Favorite food - steak. Pet peeve-bermudas. Joanne Toy "Jo" Sarver Assistant editor of the Freepor- tian. She also participated in the Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, Yellow- iacket staff, G.A.A. and Li- brarians. "Jo" says she likes dancing, eating and talking. Favorite food-chicken. She was also our capable student director for the Senior play. Richard G. Trefelner "Dick" Freeport "Dick" can be seen in his hot blue Plymouth coupe. Doesn't like to see people wearing ber- mudas. Cars, money, baseball and basketball are his likes. Pet peeve-women. His favor- ite foods are crisp french fries and steak. Donald Wagner "Buckwheat" Sarver "Buckwheat" was on active member of the Science Club and Hi-Y. Don has been a loyal member of the Boy Scouts for years and enioys it very much. Fearby Williams "Fearby" leechburg Will always be remembered for her beautiful red hair. Her pet peeve is crowded halls. Active in Tri-Hi-Y and F.H.A. She was a member of the Yellowiacket staff and the Freeportian Busi- ness staff. Dislikes tight levis. Bonnie Younkins "Ban" Sarver Bonnie, one of the better artists of the class, is always busy working. Her activities include French Club, Math Club, Free- portian staff, Yellowiacket stafi, Librarian, and prop girl for the band. Her main dislikes are Oral English and show-ois. Favorite foods are french fries and pumpkin pie. Jack Uptegraph "Jock" laneville "Jock" is one of the boys whc' has an aversion to assignments. He likes baseball and football games. Usually seen with "Max". Favorite food is oys- ters. Claims he dislikes math of all kinds. Frances Ward "Fran" Leechburg "Fran" has participated in Cho- rus, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Homemak- ers of America and has been a Librarian. She enioys football, basketball, and swimming. Pet peeve-homework. Her favor- ite food is french fries. Marchie Whitehair "Marchie" Sqrvgr Voted most bashful girl in the Senior Class. Marchie has been a member of Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y and the Future Homemakers of America. In the line of food, Marchie chooses hot dogs, french fries, and chocolate milk. Carl Hamilton "Buzz" Sarver "Buzz" can be found either driving his Mercury or out at "Leo's". Member of Hi-Y and Sportsman's Club. Says he likes girls and square dancing. Favorite food-spaghetti. EARL SCHEERBAUM "Farmer" Sarver Earl can usually be seen riding around in his hot Plymouth. Member of the Future Farmers of America. One of the many boys who dislikes Bermuda shorts. Favorite food-spa- ghetti. likes girls from Butler. JAMES SMOCK "Smoke" Freeport Another of the boys who dis- likes Bermuda shorts. Smoke likes sleeping, cars, and the old favorite, money. His favor- ite food is steak. His main dis- like is homework. Ralph Flemm leaves his beloved seat in assembly to Melvin Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and titty-seven, residing in and around the metropolis of Freeport and being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. Being possessed with an abundance of unusual gifts which can be very useful to those who will try to till our honorable places, we will now bestow to those less fortunate than we, these rare gifts. I. To the Junior class we leave the almost impossible task of measuring up to the Class of '57. ll. To the Sophomores we leave our great school spirit. III. To the Freshmen we leave the wonderful experience of being Seniors. IV. To Miss Marietti, our yearbook sponsor, we leave our thanks for the time and effort she put forth. V. To Coach Karrs and Coach Parry, we leave our appreciation for making this a memorable year for sports. VI. To our Senior sponsors, we leave our thanks 'For guiding us along in our most important year. VII. To the remaining faculty we leave, knowing that your elforts have helped us to become better citizens and students. VIII. Now, sadly, we leave. IX. Each Senior leaves the following: Don Altman leaves his athletic ability to Squirrel McGuire. lon Babinsack leaves his truck to anyone who would like a red truck to loaf around in. Jean Baker leaves her longing for holidays to Mr. Karl. Steve Behrick leaves his love of school to Lynn Westenclorf. Mary Alys Bennett leaves her seriousness to Drucilla Negley. Carol Berger leaves all her cheeseclath to Mr. Wadding. Don Blystone leaves his flashy shirts to Bill Skiles. Richard Borrison leaves his position as President of the Senipr Class to anyone who likes to work. Dick Bowser leaves his love of Olives to somebne with a lot of money. Pete Bowser leaves his long walk up the Pike to Frank Lewan- dowski. Steve Brestensky leaves his height to the Wonderling twins. Rich Carbonetti leaves his lost year of football to John Sikora. Elvera Daquilante leaves her lpana smile to Arlene Wilson. Ray Dempster leaves his artistic talent to Dick Swank. Betty Dempster leaves her pots and pans in FHA to Janella Bennett. Wanda Dolmayer leaves her Senior Yellowiacket column to Gay Revi. Sandy Dauthett leaves and takes with her the title of 1956 Football Queen. Mary Jane Durci leaves her pretty hair to Barbara McCaFferty. Norma Ehrman leaves her personality to Mona .lean Betush. Janet Eshenbaugh leaves her love of gab to Barbara Noble. Tom Fair leaves, but still remembers Pat. Theresa Fantino leaves-to get married. Frankie Fester leaves her boy-friend troubles to Kathy Keebler. Janet Fleck leaves her iob in the library to Betty Coller. Gib Carson leaves his dancing steps to Ray Thorpe. Andy Check leaves his love for the stage crew to David Prager. Ken Calwell leaves the teachers frustrated. Peggy Conti leaves her iob as Editor of the Freeportian to any- one who likes to eat dry sandwiches. laura Craig leaves her giggling ability to Nancy Latini. Terry Craig leaves his position as center on the football team to Gary Truver. Check. Jo Ann Frantz leaves her love for Kittanning High School to Judy Simcik. Alfred Gaillot leaves his trapping ability of animals to Darrell Kuntz. Jerry Gaiser leaves his ability to be "Johnny on the Spot" to Chuck Etzrodt. Last Will and Testament Pat Gallagher leaves her work in the ofiice to Carol Roenigk. Richard Geer leaves his pleasant memories to someone worthy of them. Robert Gorog leaves his hunting ability to any Junior who is willing to get up at 5 in the morning. Carl Hamilton leaves his love of Business Law class to any un- suspecting Junior. Mike Harrigan leaves his title of "Best Looking" to next year's dreamboat. Sandy Haven leaves her position as Head Maiorette, but takes her baton with her. Robert Henshel leaves his grades to anyone who wants them. Paul Hill leaves and takes his baseball equipment with him. Lana Huey leaves her brains to anyone who needs them. Myron Humes leaves his blonde hair to John Falkner. Alan lseman leaves his Mercury to a hot-rod fan. Rita Jack leaves her smart appearance to Judy Borrison. Jackie James leaves her position as cheerleader io Lynette Brant. Marilyn Johnston leaves her pleasant disposition to Charlotte Young. Larry Keener leaves his quiet manner to Tom James. Ted Kiiovvslri leaves his airplane to someone who likes to fly. Bob Kuhns leaves his curly hair to Ron Elcock. Martha Kuhns leaves her seat in the Academic English Class to Sandra Grafton. Gary Kunish leaves his crew cut to Roger Kronberg. lrene Kunkle leaves the driver's training car without wrecking it. Ray Lassinger leaves his boxing ability to anyone who has enough money to buy beefsteaks. Diane Laulfer leaves her place in the band to Joan Coleman. Chuck lowers leaves his ability to charm the girls to any other Romeo who thinks he can fill his shoes. Terry Lowers leaves-a sigh of relief is heard from the teachers. Norma Macurdy leaves her never-ending energy to Elaine Sher- nock. Richard Markwell leaves the long trail home to his sister. Paul McCullough leaves his desk in 114 tin 4 piecesl to a lucky till Junior. Jim Metz leaves his football helmet to John Polliclt. Wear it well, Johnl Bill Miller leaves his typewriter in 'fair condition. Harry Montgomery leaves his French notebook to Carol Frantz. Al Morrison leaves his pleasant smile to Bob Fair. Ed Myers leaves his singing ability to Elvis Presley iwithout sideburnsl. Bill Noble leaves his rare sense of humor to Dennis Gretz. Sylvester Palko iust tries to leave quietly. Jim Patrick leaves his personality to Archie Roudybush. Sylvia Pavlik leaves her knowledge of Latin to Sammy Lucas. Dick Pesci leaves Que-Ball to carry on the family name in foot- ball. Beatrice Petrulevich leaves her seat in Algebra II to anyone brave enough to take it. Emilio Pieropan leaves his boasting of B. J. to Wally Rico. Bert Platt leaves his love of fishing to Sandy Hotham. , Henry Porter iust leaves and takes his belongings with him. Mena Jean Prager leaves her love of arguing with the teachers to anyone brave enough to try it. N Ruth Ann Prager leaves her friendliness to Wanda Haidlu- kiewicz. Betty Pyska leaves and takes the name of Sambo with her. Bill Renshaw leaves his "hot Chevy" to Jim Ralston. Nancy Rieck leaves her basketball skill to Johnine Alquist. Marian Ridley leaves her position as Student Secretary to any' one willing to work her fingers to the bone. Shirley Rodgers leaves her quietness to anyone who wants to get a lot done. Sue Rogers leaves and takes with her many memories of all her P. J. parties. Donna Ruggeri leaves her position as Head Cheerleader to some worthy Junior. Jim Rzeszotarski leaves his basketball position to some tall Junior. Nancy Jo Sample leaves her tinyness to Judy Mitchell. Larry Schoonmaker leaves Judy all alone. Lucille Schwietering leaves the Yellow Jacket to Ann Hessel- gesser. Carol Shalfer leaves her wad of chewing gum under her chair in the typing room. Earl Sheerbaum leaves his love of speech to Bill Gaiser. Gary Sherrieb leaves and takes all he can with him. Ed Shirey leaves his lab equipment to a lucky Junior. Linda Shultz refuses to part with her neat hair and pixie smile. Janice Simcik leaves her letter-writing ability to Peggy Fiscus. Diane Sims leaves her demure manner to Carol Gallagher. Don Skiles leaves his many activities to Richard Kaufmann. Ken Smith leaves and breathes a sigh of relief. Jim Smock leaves his love of study halls to Rolland Sherrieb. Josephine Sobolewski leaves her long hikes to Laneville to any- one who likes to walk. Ron Salomon leaves, wondering how he made it. Carol Spencer leaves her love of the Navy to Norrine Car- bonetti. Jerry Spindler leaves his songs to anyone who likes to sing. Alice Swank leaves her friendly smile to Shirley Burd. Joanne Toy leaves her love of roaming the halls to Beverly Hewitt. Dick Trefelner leaves his helpfulness to Guy Conti. Jack Uptegraph leaves to find some place nice and quiet. Donald Wagner leaves while the Chemistry Room is still in one piece. Frances Ward leaves her ability to be seen and not heard to Sandy Chapman. Marchie Whitehair leaves her bashfulness to Donna Seitam. Fearby Williams leaves her red hair to Lorraine Bernard. Bonnie Younkins leaves her seat in French Class to anyone brave enough to take French. With our last parting breath, we do hereby constitute and appoint the Principal of the aforementioned school sole execu- tor of this, Our Will and Testament. This Will is signed, sealed, published, and declared valid by the above-named Class of Nlrlefvefl Hundred Und Fifty- SOVOH. L Y- 11, I Y ' M' , 155' FZ "3'?f'f' ei CNW fsfiffg de, 5 ! ffx..ff EST RITA 255 QS? 438' Z 5 X S? v ,lf IVPVA A 'Z 0 X 'fwfr AMBWXOVXS e 8g C 57' Q5 WON JPN 5-N HWIETEQI NG WC' D xg-.2 V he A7 Azqqculf M35 ,F 0OfmiQOl?fffGw'Q fqioff i?..,,--- f 'P I-L 0 A7 SQMQST DEP 'ATT' vw 01 Misc mio SHA7.-,:ER H OXQYYQQ, 057 SA 1y.A7OJ 5740? Q S9 QP' 1- EEN 'O 4"S.v,f FRENKDVQ +P C-ER 5-NW 499 1 s. Y:-7 X LV LY ' Xxtvfj- 0 DIANE LP' SCSI' '35 Oofv A70 ,O E wo N 6 'Wes 5 T PQPULPSSWWQ ooNN"'?' owg 4m,LE TEST w .nm FILES S ff'- DON ALTMAN We see "Ace" has made his name He's in baseball's Hall of Fame LON BABINSACK You will see Lon Babinsack Riding 'round town in his Cadillac JEAN BAKER Jean's fondest dream has now come true She's wife of the coach of Podunk U. STEVE BEHRIK Steve is cautious, won't trust stocks He stashes his money in old Fort Knox MARY ALYS BENNETT We see Mary at the county fairs Winning all prizes with her wares CAROL BERGER Now Carol's head nurse at Walter Reed And all the soldiers she does feed DON BLYSTONE A Hollywood Director is Don Blystone His Oscar winners are all well known DICK BORRISON "Doc" is famous, we are told He found a cure for the common cold GEORGE BOWSER A matinee idol is George so handsome Tickets to his plays cost a king's ransom RICHARD BOWSER An officer in the Navy is our Pete He's in command of the 7th fleet STEVE BRESTENSKY As a psychiatrist we see Steve Just go to him with your pet peeve RICHARD CARBONETTI Behind a big desk is Rich Carbonetti Now he's president of Vimco Spaghetti GILBERT CARSON Gib's a coach of great technique His team is one that's hard to beat ANDREW CHECK As a mechanic, Mr. Check is tops .lust call his Garage if your cor stops KEN COLWEIL Ken as an inventor is doing quite well He's made a mousetrap that's sure to sell PEGGY CONTI Peggy's classes in division Are brought to you on television LAURA CRAIG An interesting occupation is Laura Craig's She makes colored dyes for Easter eggs TERRY CRAIG Terry's voice is on the air Singing of his furnaces beyond compare ELVERA DAQUILANTE A loving housewife Elvera will be Making pot roasts, coffee, and tea Prophecy Class of 1957 BETTY DEMPSTER With a spoon in her hand and cooking at heart At home economics Betty will get her start RAY DEMPSTER A Kroger manager now is Ray He still works hard both night and day WANDA DOLMAYER A Red Cross nurse with a gentle hand Wanda travels from land to land SANDRA DOUTHETT An airline hostess is our Sandy When the passengers need her she's always handy MARY JANE DURCI Mary Jane carves statues out of wood The critics all say she's exceptionally good NORMA EHRMAN As a cover girl on Look Magazine Norma's face will this month be seen JANET ESHENBAUGH ln a cottage not far from town Janet will someday settle down TOM FAIR Tom's the leader of a famous band Playing his trumpet through all the land THERESA FANTINO Dusting furniture, brewing tea Tess as a housewife we do see FRANCES FESTER Frankie's name is known to all She's more famous than Lucille Ball JANET FLECK At the Old Freeport Bank is Janet Fleck She will gladly cash your check RALPH FLEMM Ralph is now a very rich man Making money from his pizza stand JO ANN FRANTZ At Arthur Murray's we find Jo Frantz Teaching the fellas how to dance ALFRED GAILLOT Alfred is a forest ranger Keeping the hunters out of danger JERRY GAISER A successful farmer is our Jerry He's the manager of Menzie's Dairy PAT GALLAGHER Patty is now the singing rage She sells more records than Patti Page RICHARD GEER Building bridges is Richard Geer He has become a famous engineer ROBERT GOROG A busy man our Bob will be Helping to stock the fishery 36 CARL HAMILTON With his voice and electric guitar As a hillbilly singer Carl's gone far MIKE HARRIGAN We see Mike with his shamrock so gay Leading the parade on St. Patrick's Day SANDY HAVEN She's the high stepping twirler of the Army Band Sandy has been proclaimed the best in the land ROBERT HENSCHEL When your car needs a differential The man to call is our Bob Henschel PAUL HILL In a drugstore we find Pharmacist Hill Mixing prescriptions with the greatest of skill LANA HUEY A lady scientist Lana will be She'll become greater than Madame Curie MYRON HUMES Myron's as busy as he can be Teaching our children their chemistry ALAN ISEMAN Alan is still an ambitious man Selling insurance to every Tom, Dick, and Sam RITA JACK We see Rita in the latest creation Now she's the best dressed in the nation - JACKIE JAMES At the top of the list of Hollywood names ls the famous star Miss Jackie James MARILYN JOHNSTON Mari'yn is a pianist of great renown Her concerts are the talk of the town LARRY KEENER A successful man is Larry Keener He owns a "While-You-Wait" dry cleaner TED KIJOWSKI Like a iet soaring through space Ted's plane is first in every race ROBERT KUHNS Bob is a classmate of whom we can boast His hotels are known from coast to coast MARTHA KUHNS A star on radio is Martha Kuhns Singing all your favorite tunes GARY KUNISH's give Gary a great big hand For playing solos in Tom Fair's band IRENE KUNKLE Into politics Irene went She's slated to be a lady president RAY LASSINGER Ray's on Wall Street, doing well U. S. Steel Stocks he does sell DIANE LAUFFER Here is Diane, a musical lass Seen at the Met through an opera glass CHUCK LOWERS Chuck, a prominent coach at Notre Dame Now has gained fortune along with fame TERRY LOWERS Salesman Terry speaks with ease Selling hives to homeless bees NORMA MACURDY From washing cars for the Tri-Hi-Y Gert has a business you can't buy RICHARD MARKWELL An unpopular fella is poor Max 'Cause he collects our income tax PAUL McCULLOUGH Paul will own a chain of stations Filling the gas need of the nations JIM METZ A famous shop owner is Jim Metz He specializes in expensive pets BILL MILLER A mighty wrestler is Bill Miller On teevee he's known as "Killer" HARRY MONTGOMERY Harry will be a CPA Always working night and day AL MORRISON We see Al down in Kentucky The horses he rides are always lucky ED MYERS As an engineer Ed is terrific He built a bridge across the Pacific BILL NOBLE As basketball coach, Bill cracks the whip And always gets the championship SYLVESTER PALKO Dependable and hardworking is Sylvester He's really terrific as a mattress tester JIM PATRICK King of the Speedway we see Jim Many trophies have come to him SYLVIA PAVLIK Sylvia's profession is teaching gym This keeps her looking healthy and trim DICK PESCI Dick's a hero to all the kids He kraught the circus back from the skids BEATRICE PETRULEVICH You will always see our Bea Hostess at a literary tea EMILIO PIEROPAN Squirrel's the distinguished mayor of B. J. He loved it so much he couldn't go away BERT PLATI' Wearing striped shirts and getting big fees Bert's now in charge of football referees Prophecy Class of I 957 HENRY PORTER We see Henry still is fixin' Scenery for the stage at the Nixon MONA JEAN PRAGER This girl has received much praise Now she's greater than Helen Hayes RUTH ANN PRAGER Typing letters, filing reports Ruth Ann is secretary to a man in sports BETTY PYSKA ' Betty works with the greatest of ease She's the girl who says "Number, Please?" BILL RENSHAW While plowing a field on his farm so fine Bill discovered a uranium mine MARION RIDLEY An efficient secretary is Miss Ridley She answers fan mail for "Bo Didley" NANCY RIECK An FBI agent quite fancy FHS can boost of Nancy SHIRLEY RODGERS Typing baseball contracts is Shirley Rodgers She is secretary for the Brooklyn Dodgers SUE ROGERS Sue's sweet smile has made her glad Yau'll see her in the Pepsodent ad DONNA RUGGERI A very fine secretary Donna will be Taking dictation from her boss's knee .IIM RZESZOTARSKI Rez is really on the beam Playing basketball for a professional team NANCY JO SAMPLE Nancy Jo as a nurse we see Caring for each patient tenderly EARL SCHEERBAUM That deep-sea diver is a guy named Earl He's the discoverer of the Sheerbaum Pearl LARRY SCHOONMAKER Propped at a drawing board we find Larry Drawing cartoons both funny and scary LUCILLE SCHWIETERING Lucille has shown she's very wise Her latest book won the Pulitzer Prize CAROL SHAFFER Shafter's known throughout the land Her fountain pens are in great demand GARY SHERRIEB A professional golfer Sir Gary will be He's already a sensation on every tee ED SHIREY Ed is skilled at handling groups He's the commander of the NATO troops 37 LINDA SHULTZ Working at Gimbels we see Linda Arranging mannequins in the window JANICE SIMCIK A ski instructor Janice will be At a famous lodge near Lake Erie DIANE SIMS Diane Sims is efficient and sweet As a secretary she can't be beat DON SKILES We see Don with an old guitar Replacing "Elvis" as a singing star KEN SMITH Lots of viewers wouldn't miss Smitty On his television show he's really witty JAMES SMOCK Working hard you'll find Jim Smack Unloading bananas at the Jamaica Dock JOSEPHINE SOBOLEWSKI Her Home Ec course in nutrition Led .lo to be a dietitian RON SOLOMON As a trafic cop, we often see Solly Handing out tickets with a smile so iolly CAROL SPENCER Carol travels all over the nation As president of the Homemakers Association JERRY SPINDLER A well-known attorney is Jerry Spindler He's tops for convicting crooks and swindlers ALICE SWANK ln New York we see Alice As usherette at the Palace JOANNE TOY As a secretary Joanne's a sensation She types reports for the United Nations RICHARD TREFELNER The Freeport Journal is Dick's life and pride Since he became editor, it's read far and wide DON WAGNER Don is bravely fighting forest fires Of this iob he'll never tire FRANCES WARD ln a beauty shop Fran fixes hair To every customer she gives great care MARCHIE WHITEHAIR When out driving we'll have to stop At Marchie Whitehair's Antique Shop FEARBY WILLIAMS Her fancy cakes and delicious pies Make Fearby the girl men idolize BONNIE YOUNKINS We see Bonnie in a Foreign Land As a foreign correspondent she's really grand Junior Officers President . , ,, Gary Truver Vice President . . . Robert Colwell Secretary . , Ann Hesselgesser Treasurer , .. Charlotte Young Assistant Treasurer , . Maxie Busatto Class of l958 ROOM 101 Rowl: M. Herold, E. Shernock, J. Beers, E. Keener, M. Busatto, S. Grafton, E. Smock, N, Metzler, M. Miulki, S. Kunselman, J. Bennett. Rowll: Mr. Empfield, B. Collier, M, Claypool, C. Allison, C. Young, R. Elcock, C. McGuire, R. Cline. Row III: J. Pollick, J. Foster, J. Dynko, M. Van Tine, A. Wilson, J. Stitt, J. Falkner, L. Westendorf, A. Hesselgesser, B. Hale. Row IV: D, Zunetti, D. Johnson, A. James, G. Truver J. Sikora. , 38 Q1 'Q N R s 1 V S . . ' 4 X 1 u f' F ff X BY gi Q an W Q A 'X 1' ,r G 'if , N IX 2 A ' ' .1 H ,Jin ,, gl., h .,.b ' ' ' ' V " K ' ' xr X. V Y K M xx h f . iff aww! W' , f -gawk 'Vx Ax U ' SQ!! W-, A ZW u , ' SW A f' my S H V , V pw. fm I 4 xr X 6 f . . 1' , a -1 3 il SX . KE at Q' X OU' 3 Q! ii Sophomore Officers President Darrell Kuntz Vice President James Blair Secretary Ellen Bailey Treasurer Judy Borrison ROOM 103 Row I: H. Nile, B. Thalman, D. Negley, P. Durst, M. Thompson, C. Kress, P. Lewandowski, G, Mark well, L. Brant, D. Crain. Row ll: R. Micholas, C. Brestensky, L. Frantz, E. Kijowski, C. George, B Keesy, J. Smith, P. Morrison, K. Claypool, C. Gamble, E. Pollick, Mr. Devine. Row Ill: E. Bailey J. Harrigan, M. Sfnith, W. Haidukiewicz, D, Dudley, A. Balentine, M. Ruggeri, R. Kaufman, W Zema, F. Reifinger, E. Campbell. Row IV: J. Blair, J. Trimpey, J. Bouch, N. Allenberg, G. Howard W D. Rowley, S. Chapman, M. Olczak, D. Scott, T. Sober. ROOM 108 Row I: B. Kunkle, P. Trettle, C. Brown, J. Robinson, C, McCullough, P. Hoak, M. Dougherty, J. Thompson, B. Ranieri, C. Hartman. Row ll: Mr. Wadding, D. Pratley, T. Shoop, S. Baker, C. Hawkins, J. Clark, M. Betush, C, Babinsack, J. lseman, E. Wagner, J. Wissinger. Rowlllz R. Costantino, K. Cravener, R. Kur- ticnk, G. Crain, M. Oyler, C. Gallagher, S. Grant, N. Schnur, B. Feller, C. Kress, M. Check. Row IV: F. Hill, J. McLaughlin, J. Stewart, D. Gretz, J, lsenberg, J. Collins, S. Lucas, R. Scheitle, C, VanTine, G. Edwards, R. Dynka, W. Montgomery, Class of 1959 ROOM 112 Row I: D. Beers, M. Heirn, R. Baker, I. Hollenbauglw, J. Simcik, E. Porier, D. Harbison, I. Stacy, H. Schmid! S. Szhmidl, Row II: S, Duerr, J. Humes, K. Bowser, P, Cherman, G. Nales, B. Miller, F. Kunkle, M. Vorp E. Galbreaih, R. Jorden, M. Stull, E. Young, Mr. Dolmayer. Row III: l. Simpson, R. Thorpe, D. Kunlz, J Borrisan, R. Fair, D. McClure, G. Buechner, L. Scalzofi, G. Hill, S. Wolfe. Row IV: D. Bulford, E. Cline, C Franlz, W. Ainer, B. Marshall, D, Lucas, H. Brothers, E. Boltegal, R. Kepple, S. Yates, J. Shaffer. ROOM 116 Row I: J. Lucas, M. Kubla, C. Johnsfon, M. Edwards, F. Curfman, C. Hill, M. Hagar, T. Palko, F. Wonder- ling, I., Wonderling. Row II: J. Canlerna, R. Wilken, T. Kulas, W. Villello, D. Still, K. Levish, S. Lysek, S. Burd, J. Hines, C. Allemus, Mrs, Podrasky. Row III: P. Beale, H. Humes, J. Durci, W, Ruflner, E. Babinsack, R. Hanna, J. Burkett, K. Hogan, B. McCaFferty, J. Coleman, E. Smack. Row IV: R. Noble, R. Shoemaker, R. Laux, E. Laux, E. Toy, D. Prager, J. Rico, M. Dilick, W. Gaiser, D. Klinzing, G. Kepple, A. Bricker. 41 Class of 1960 ROOM 207 Rowley, C. Laux, A. Fennell, D. Skiles, P. Prola, J. Rulifner, J. Pallco, L. Humes, C. Thal Willoughby, K. Shearer, S. Acre, H. Dougherty, V. McDermott, J. Hamilton, S. Hessel Tennant, R. Stokes, D. Bowser. Row Ill: G. Bogen, H, Coller, E. Christie, T. Roeniglc Row I: K. Blair, P. man. Row II: Mr. gesser, M. Pesci, P. C. Thorpe, J. Hrebicik, G. Clark, S. Coyle, N. Wagner, D. DeSalvo. Row IV: T. James, J, Mast, D. Elder. G. Martin, J. Babinsack, J. Galbreath, D. Bertino, J. Baker, J. Myers. ,we ROOM 208 Row I: P. Rassau, D. Mast, D. Hood, E. Smith, C. Knize, C. Wilkewitz, W. Kiesel, B. Alvino, C. Dempster, J. Simcik. Row Il: Mrs. MacCord, D. Rumbaugh, N. Petrulevich, D. Beatty, J. Atkinson, B. Jones, P. Adams, K. Keener, T. Vakulick, J. Young, J. Kettering. Row III: R. Wagner, R. Vild, J. Fleming, J. McNeal, B Lucas, E. Berry, L. Hill, S. Cribbs, W. McAninch, D. Obringer, S. Hill. Row IV: R. Beckett, M. Healey, L Peters, R. Brozenick, V. Rutkoski, R. Schweitzer, D. Stover, B. Galbreath, G. Conti, G. Kuntz, H. Leah 42 President Gene Sobolewski V Vice President Guy Conti ul Secretory Scilly Brant Treosurer Tom Vokulick ROOM 209 Row I: R. Donnelly, J. Buchan, G. Russell, E. Rouclybush, G. Kelly, C. Kuntz, H. Lewczndowski, K Hutton, J. Shiiey, binson, A. Recuick J. Booher, D. Grut E. Sobolewski, A. Boker, D. Fuhrmcm Freshmen Officers J. Cooper. Row Il: Mrs. Drumm, K. Stover, R. Mortinetti, B. O'Molley, M. Har- , D, McClure, G. Thompson, R. Pastorek, L. Beck, L. Anderson. Row Ill: T. Dole, . zer, S. Hines, J. Durst, M. Klues, S. Brant, J. Bicker, C. Lucas, P. Parker. Row IV Higgens, B, Clczypool, D. Elsenroth, R. Pomoybo, W. Wolters, L. Rzeszotolrski, R ROOM 210 Rowl: L. Cruiser, M. Cline, B. Overbeck, J. Bclbinsuck, M. Zimmerman, D. Van Dyke, D. Moon, R, Porter, T. Shoot, M. Stull. Row Il: Mr. Lehew, R, Wetzel, J. Kelley, S. Thompson, D. Bottles, H. Felsing, S. Brant C. Dougherty, D. Rickel, A. Leoni, B, Wagner. Row III: P. Harding, J. Costclntino, B. Pesci, J. Dunik, T. Jumes, D. Lowers, J. Stewart, S, Beale, D. Losko, P. Rykcxceski, E. Hill. Row IV: W. Elcxsh, D. Woodard 43 W. Bicker, B. Schweitering, B. Hogan, B, McCreery, T. Klinzing, C. Grondwolski, J. Lucas, J. Beck. gf ighfh Grade ROOM 105 Row I: D. Leslie, L. Armstrong, S. Har grave, T. Thompson, L. Chapman, J, Hep ler, J. Regan, M. Brant, L. Risch, W. Smoclc Row II: Mr, Bendl, L. Cloutmon, F. Baker C. Schreclcengost, L. Busatto, C. Hay, T Beale, J. Knize, C. Johnston, B. Penvose J. Anderson. Row III: N. Munden, S Clark, J. Gray, P, Craig, R. VanTine, L McChesney, E. Kelly, K. Lucas, S. McCurdy M. McGregor. Row IV: S. Gonss, J. Otter man, G. Smith, K. Lysek, G. Miller, J. Ster ling, C, Frantz, J. Brown, R. Noble, G Crytzer, S. Edgington, B. Durci. ROOM 106 Rowlz B. Woods, P. Mi:Milien, B. Durst J. McClain, H. Myers, N. Price, N. Knize D. Harting, P. Hartman, R. Bricker. Row II Mrs. Brown, B. Bouch, J. Pavlilc, L. An- thony, J. Smith, K. McGuire, M. Ballon, P Hoover, D. Fennell, G. Burd, H. Harbison Rowlllz I. Hazlett, J. Uleski, D. Check A. Claypoole, B. Atchison, C. Smith, D Hilliard, J. Hoggart, J. Campbell, E. Ro- miti, A. Snyder, T. Vossallo. Row IV: N Crestani, R. Kearney, J. Keebler, G. Wil- son, D, O'Molley, C. Conti, L. Malcolm, F Dreher, N. Glunt, L. Sweeney, N. Frantz K. Mochel, ROOMS 109-110 Row I: W. James, L. Haught, W. Salsgiver, D. Schmidt, T. Haggart, E. Skinner, R. Wis- singer, D. Mason, J. Adams, W. Dough- erty. Rowllz D. Stover, E. Toy, T. Mor- gan, E. Livingston, J. Sproat, L. Straughn, D. Sarver, C. Balentine, B. Lewis, G. Miller. ROOM 205 Rowlz L. Laux, M. Fleck, R. Puhl, R. Myers, F. Herold, J. Hollenbaugh, L. Wag- ner, D. McGuire, V. Durci, D. Curfmcn. RowII: Mrs. Rupert, J. Otterman, E. .lan- ura, B. Burfoid, J. Williamson, V. Durst, M. Kuntz, B. Kossan, H. Mcchel, l. Hum- phrey, C. Booher. RowIII: S, Babinsack, E. Christy, G. Brenneman, D. Summers, R. Klais, K. Laidlaw, L. Blackburn, D, Leri, M. Arcurio, N. Humes, .L Galbreath, E. Regan. Row IV: E. Betush, J. Zanetti, C. Fester, S. Keefer, S. Henry, B. McCullough, M, Malits, M. Craig, D. Sarver, R. Shook, D. Gray, R. Hale. 44 Seventh Grade ROOM 201 Row 1: J. Rico, B. Gerner, T. Kiiowski, M Chapman, Y. Busatto, C, McNeel, E. Coop er, B. Lindsay, K. Dougherty, K. Hartman Row 11: G, Sanner, J. Love, W. Jock, D Buecl'lner, K. Troup, K, Wagner, D. Beckett R. Heim, C. Hull, R. Rudish, D. Laux, D Iseman. Row Ill: G. Babinsaclx, C, Eorley B, Behrilc, N. Stivenson, M. Spindler, P Montgomery, J. Allshouse, N, Parker, D Murry, A. Galbreath. Row IV: M. Hill, A Haven, H, Olil, R. Kepple, P, Shutters, J Fiscus, D, Curren, B. Tcrnusclwyt, Mr. Man ning. ROOM 202 Rowl: W. McKnight, M. Lindsay, V Grimm, R, Morrison, J. McClaine, J. For ringer, R. Daquilante, S. Harlaison, C Armstrong, S. McFarland. Row ll: G Shernock, T. Malkey, G. Dougherty, R Miller, D, Barris, R. Kettering, 3. Bowser D. Elash, Rowlllz Mr. Carlson, M, Brant J. Baker, C. Young, E. Humes, J. Myers, J F. Paice, S. Craig, R. Livingston, J. King Cornman, F. Paice, S. Craig, R, Livingston J, King, J. Hesselgesser. ROOM 204 Row I: P. Vassallo, T. Vorp, D. Smith, J Seel, R. McKenna, D. Strausser, B. Eshen baugh, S, Harrigan, B. Bennett, B. Dailey Row II: Miss Kerr, J. Gaydos, C. Lindsay J. Tennant, B. Healey, M. Shernock, A Hager, T. Hoover, T. Love, H. Kelley, R S'erling, J, Brink. Row Ill: J. Painter, L Wolfe, J, Wichrowslci, B, Krapp, G. Kerr D. Oyler, R. Bulford, R. Baker, J. Mohney B. Willziewitz, R, DeSalvo, B. Hewitt Row IV: K. Noble, K. Gaiser, J, Yates, R Cochran, D. Ruppersberger, C. Kreider, C Mosthaf, D. Huey, D, McClain, N. Shan nor1, F, Kountz, D. Reariclx, ROOMS 211 AND 212 Row I: J, Buclwan, A. Lucas, D. Simcik, E Klaes, M. Zicncilx, D. Booher, M. Beck, B Smoclr, S. Straugh, S. Humes, B. McCrack- en, Row Il: Miss Mozena, M. Henschel, G Shernock, M. Wilson, L, Buzzard, P. Sa- botlra, D. Smith, M. Gaiser, J, Durst, K Flemm, L, Sweeney, S. Dougherty, P. Hre- hicln, L, McGuire, Mrs. Lehew. 45 -V WK , A .,,, v -V r '-,'g?'z'u1, ' fmfnf .- 4 'gs 'I "u.- 51 "J'V -rf -Y 4-4 , 7,1-M,,,F 4 - K KA " 19 -nigh ,nj-,.,' A 2151.3 V-igsffgng-f .1 ,v-wh --uf. Hu ., ,-N .. uagglm 4.fg,,4,1-, ,,fz -V L in . 4,,L V:,., Sgygx 3-A2 .'fi3,.2-VMAZ1,-f'T? Hg- A 4 Y ff 5 ,flu ,f 'J ,fn , ,jaw-. . .,P,,4 4' is 43 I ff S '63 4 1 ': l,..Afg'z.z.,x-4PfgfX.. ,, "a ", , , .' .,, 'fx-aft 'P.m.,2-gy' ,-if A 4.32101 -4. 5-im-rn :Ja-'X ff' J -wi ' 5-J - Q,'- ,E'n-wp,-'il.1"a fr 'H 5':,1."'54 -Awf'fw,.1 ,V ., ,,...J5.,,,. f"4g"u 45415 ,wiki .Wifi if 1 .",ti 'Zg.-ff , 9+-.1 ' ':r'.'.? A , "fig .. "F Q :f -,,1! ,,.l It Qflgyghi A,3,'f'xxqM N A c-1 -, -w'f..n A - S ey' . Xt," 1-grf-1 ' 'iv ' Ln ,yr R1l.'.4YL5v4'fLAi1,- ,I ,'.-fuk, , '-v-1, R- ' -4' ,7-f -'g . ., rt, . ,, wif.-.L m fi 1 . -' 1 f lA ,. 4 . , ,, ,I 4. w K, 4 1 J,,.W.,' Jfkf, ff "g4 3- , 33,1 5, ,. , "dx E H g"'-J' - '-' ' . " V '19 1 ' pfg. ' - . . ,illii m -!?yf?,g'.5 ' " ' . fi,lI' l,x-11fx,1'Af.'.f ' f.. ,T 1-"T 'Iv '-viggsf.-"4 , . '. J,1.f'3L?.x.2A,J. 'y, i-,wig V H , ' 1 "QM v '. , Q A. .-' H -4- . ' ',' O qv . ,J Aan"'Lv,g" 4?i,"l', J-2 1' 1. X ' ,PT-2 -4' .rf--' '. 'wg ff . '- wiv -.s'.- ff 'f"f.v-1 X- 'PU H ' i-13. , .,,,n-'fl' 12 A' 5 ',b1"f1y 2' , 1' Y?'2v1,'QfrA1fQh,i1f,:f4w M 'af-'Q .f 'wi . f --- ,p . .UL .J jgr N -A -0, Q ie. ,F ,fgpw A, z 1 f 4:4 IF Lv Wir - Nr' y?Ss,qf",i - -' A 'L ' 1 'ffv-QF, , ""'ilf' X- ' ig,F'.f5'C',, . V. .VV " .. .,,'v.V- ,ijf "m .jg 1 , , Q4 ' 4 -- 14" T,- 'fx , .-1 f . " 5 X . ,e ,- lm-H. - ": 'T-.V - if ' f, V+! . .ai '!lf55?5af'9,,""' K V' T " ' 1' " 'ny '4-V 97, 'qv -j. .,' 1 , wx, ,. I 1 .,4gvw,j, .IH -fix - - ff- ' A .5-if, uct: .: J i . 'f'A'pf'fi 5.1-u,,'Q4.'S'. " ': 'J " ' 1 . ...I QYV-ht ,A - . 5 ' ":w4",' ' 8"'1" ', 2- 'V 'VA-.'Y ' " V' A' "jk, . 4" ,,1:Z:'fx 1 . 1 'X 4 s- ,, I . I ' 'J 4 I ,l .bt ' ff , sl . . - I 1 ,M l .A7 It , Y. .h1.' '- . ,' , ,--Wg . , ' , ,,K..5,, , .. , xff " ' A W ga, A . f I 7!L'11 V r , . ..'- In , 'Ev V. 'XL 5 ', 1 . ,, V1 . N, I . A J .xft ,, Nu.. Q -. " v . .'w.,," ' 'Yuri' 'A I, I' W K , , 1, , 1 L 1 I. X 1 X fW X 55' , F ,gi 2 ., IJ,-.93.,j,-' Xxx -rx ?-svagfwi N 4 P ' Q - 1 ' , , ' Q f Q . f'9w2iT?f - . b b 1-.:f f..Vfg1Q.ra f 5 ' .' P 1, ,L 'V'-E,,x,vx'i1.g I . , "N M gl - ma x . ,xA 4h in H ,e ,mn y y- - 4 ,. '- "Ali ,ylgl -,v,'., ,gif QA' -xp' X b l Y. . ,lg 'vw 5.7 Qxifrmk-aff rx-1 :K K ig, x ,H , I x , , , f, ,I LLM, '4 , F.. ' Q vffyfv 7 s 1 ""jx-'ff If fx n B 'K L-V ' 'Lg' '.,' ,RJ I . N."-x. 3g.g1 - - 1NN X . A.: ,.H.,' -hu-1 ,v 0 , paw , '02, ,.- yqi, -1,9 :J Ha. V. .. .V VS-. y' 5 Qt ff.-U-15+ lf. 3 W lv " Q '2 ,ww 'w..'?'1- . Y -V J' W ,inf .wwf fl x 9 QLTYYL A A" . ' 59 ' I R .1 . jj, 4Q:l'4bx ' nw. - V V 'sg 'N -- ,ERT Af fa f .9-r f . 1? 15 f Q if Q ffl " gif' Ax, ' 'iff' fL Ldliri xl.i 1 hh ,EZ l A J 11 l- i "fit L: f :'.,f'.0 Q, 1 I X Q 2 XJ '. . xg. U . : X ,is f 1" 75 '- 2 .A . -Mix JM Z1 X, , ,-X I-s .L NY "'- 4 , .,.m In .1:.". 2 F Q , ix ,, Z- ., ' ,- 11. 4 p K x "5 Q'-. X 1 f.. ' ! 1 f" L , N .R M-f X xi , x Wf Q- G Jil ,ff rv I 2' Xxx' YI!! ? lilvxf N x xxh tw J Q? QT, C ', J. 1, ., 'ZA ' - 1 , f -5. -, . I W ,E HH ' '- " X. l 9 . - W, Q , . ,n"'. : X5-W Q. A I. xu ' . ,J V . - 1-' .1 Row l: D. Dudley, C. Kress, E. Galbreath, P. Tennant, K. Hutton, J. Daniln, P. Hoover, D. Gray, B. Hale, L. Laux, L. Sweeney, J. Hamilton. Row Il: J. Coleman, G. Howard, D. Montgomery, J. McNeal, J. Stitt, L. Haugl-it, G. Burd, F. Herald, J. Otterman, C. Hartman, B. Kossan, E. Cooper. Row III: A. Bowser, R. Kauffman, J. Keebler, L. Malcolm, A. Bricker, R. Stokes, J. Otter- man, B. Kropp, J. Smith, D. Lauffer, R. Noble, J. Himes. Row IV: E. Sober, C. Lindsay, L. Lowers, J. Kelley, S. Babinsaclx, B. Tamauschyt, M. Craig, G. Kerr, D. Oyler, O. Claypool, S. Keefer. The director cf our Instrumental Music De- partment, Mr. Thomas Kennedy, has built up, in two years, a musical organization any school would be proud ot. Mr. Kennedy has always maintained that hard work, good discipline, and interesting material pay the dividends ofa good musical group. Our band and other instrumen- f tal groups have certainly upheld this maxim. if Mr. Thomas Kennedy Instrumental Music Supervisor 48 SE E Row I: N. Schnur, D. Bulford, A. Galbreath, J. Smith, E. Galbreath. Rowll: G. Bowser, V. Kossen, B. Wagner, P. Riley, C. Kress. Row Ill: M. Oyler, T. Hoover, D. lse man. Row IV: I. Humphrey, R. Noble, R. Shoemaker, L. Huey. C olor Guard Mona Jean Prager Wanda Haidukiewicz Donna Harbison Mildred Olczak Noreen Carbonetti Instrumental Music The Instrumental Music Department at Free- port, has, in reality, four divisions. These are the Senior Band, Junior Band, Dance Band, and Assembly Band. The Senior Band is the marching band at all football games and also performs an annual concert. The Junior Band, comprised of the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students, has a concert also, and some members perform in the marching band. The Dance Band plays at social affairs and also functions as a club. The Assembly Band plays at all pep rallies and at any other assemblies requiring instrumental music. i 5 I 1 Q i l. li tl . i' 1 l 2' i E L Rowl S Haven M Myers R Prager B McCofferty C Boblnsack J Robinson M Busofio Rowll R Jock B Noble J Conterno S Rogers E Kllowskl J Clark P Treitle Row III L Ruffner J Thon-pson Senror Band Personnel Hoven Rlio Jack Terry Lowers Sue Rogers Norma Ehrman Luna Huey Drone Louffer ,Qi Dance Band Rowlz T. Lowers, M. Oyler, D. Dudley, C. Cress, L. Laux, V. Kossan, D. Lauffer, J. Myers. Row II: A. Bowser, R. Kaufman, L. Malcum, B. Skiles, R. Stokes, B. Noble. Row Ill: D. Montgomery, J. Coalman, J. Stitt, J. McNeal, N. Schnur, D. Smith. Officers 5 A s 1 I 5 i 2 5 ' E f Lieutenant ' L Sergeant A Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal 51 Sandy Haven, Maiorette Johnine Ahlquist, Maiorette Allen Bowser, Trombone Carole Kress, Clarinet Lana Huey, Tenor Sax Joan Coleman, Trumpet Diane Louffer, Horn Nancy Schnur, Flute Betty Wagner, Clarinet Dixie Dudley, Clarinet Ron Shoemaker, Alto Sax Jim Kelly, Drum Ernie Sober, Drum George Howard, Trumpet Dennis Montgomery, Trumpet Ron Noble, Horn Richard Kauffman, Trombone ,, . . Corinne Kress, Oboe Bonnie Hale, Clarinet Joy Stitt, Trumpet Bill Skiles, Baritone Row I: J. Sobolewski, R. Jack, J. Myers, N. Sample, D. Ruggeri, S. liunselman, L. Shultz, K. Levish, L. Brant, P. Gallagher, C. Young, A. Hesselgesser. Rowllz S. Lysek, B. Hale, L. Huey, J. Stitt, M. Claypoole, J. Clark, J, Ralston, R. Fair, D. Kuntz, R. Wilken, T. Lowers, T. Fair. Row lll: N. Rieck, S. Chapman, J. James, K. Keebler, S. Wolfe, J. Harrigan, E. Myers, M. Harrigan E. Gamble, J. Scheittle, M. Check, G. Bowser, R. Donnelly. Row IV: M. Prager, F. Fester, R. Elcock, A. Gaillot, R. Brozenick, J. Girardi, C. Hamilton, J. Bouch, E. Sober, T. Craig, R. Dempster, R. Scheittle. Mrs. Bernard Shaffer Vocal Music Supervisor Through the untiring and never-ending ef- forts of Mrs. Bernard Shaffer, Vocal Music Super- visor, Freeport is proud to have one of the finest chorus groups in the Valley. The annual "Christ- mas Candlelight Service" and colorful "Spring Concert" are two ot the outstanding results of her versatility. She is to be commended for the excellent job she has done not only with the chorus, but with the Blue and Gold Choir, Sr. High Girls' En- semble, Boys' Ensemble and the Jr. High Girls Glee Club. Rowl: N. Brant, C, Altemus, E. Keener, M. Bu- satto, L. Rultner. Row ll: S. Haven, E. Kiiowski, G. Revi, W. Dolmayer, C. Shager, J. White. Row Ill: E. Bailey, N. Macurdy, S. Pavlik, M, Johns- ton. Row IV: L. Schweitering, D. Laufter, M. Kuhns, P, Conti, C. Berger. President Vice-President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Blue and Gold Choir The Blue and Gold Choir is a specially or- ganized music group chosen by Mrs. Shaffer from the three chorus classes. The Choir has been organized for three years and has done a wonderful iob. The students of F. H.S. can be very proud of this group. With the combined efforts of Mrs. Shaffer and the students, the Blue and Gold Choir has done an excellent iob in performing in the Spring Concert, the annual Candlelight Service, and the various public performances in the community. With all of these activities, the Choir may be heard rehearsing almost any time during the school year. Blue and Gold Ufficers Tom Fair Terry Craig Sandy Haven Donna Ruggeri Linda Shultz Maxie Busatto Row I: T. Craig, D. Ruggeri, L. Shultz. Row ll: T. Fair, S. Haven, M. Busatto. 53 35 E QA F ,six W. S , 3 N. ff H . '2'w.Zg, I 1..f .LQRW A. -I 'w 4z"Y-. Ak ' ? 1xMA A5255 Fw, WEE C andlelighf Each Christmas, the Chorus presents its gift to the public-the annual Candle- light Service. Under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Shaffer, this beautiful, inspir- ing program has become a tradition at our school. The finest vocal talent and the dramatic sketch of the Christmas story combines to bring the true spirit of Christ- mas to young and old. The play presented this year was "Unto Thy Doors" by Rollin W. Coyle. C A S T Joseph Donald Skiles The Daughter , , Mary Lee Myers Mary . Carol Roenigk Tarchus, A Temple Priest William Renshaw Tomirusm, the Inn Keeper Don Altman Wisemen , . . Richard Carbonetti, Zidon, the Sandal-maker Dick Borrison EmillO PieI'OPGf1, Berton PlGlT Sarah, his wife . Bonnie Younkins Angel . S0ndl'U Dovthett The Son Cherubs . . .. , ,, Marcia Brant, Darlene Huey, Shirley McFarland, Sylvia Harbison Gilbert Carson It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas O Come, All Ye Faithful ip, iw ' v ,- :Chaim U i 55 xx V6 Boys' Ensemble Row I: R, Elcock, J. Scheittle, T. Lowers, J. Rals- lon, E. Myers, T. Fair. Row ll: T. Craig, R. Dempster, J. Bouch, E. Sober, G. Bowser. Girls' Ensemble Rowlz L. Schwietering, R. Jack, D. Ruggeri, M. Johnsion, C. Young, M. Busatto, C. Berger. Rowllz L. Rufrner, J. Sobolewski, N. Sample, S. Kunselman, L. Brant, P. Gallagher, N. Brani, C. Alfemus, J. While, E. Keener, M. Kuhns. Row Ill: D. Lauffer, K. Keebler, J. James, J. Clark, J. Myers, N. Rieck, L. Shultz, M. Claypoole, S. Haven, K. Levish, E. Kiiowski, M. Conti, W. Dolmayer, C. Shaffer. Row IV: S. Lysek, S. Wolfe, J. SHN, B. Hale, L. Huey, G. Revi, E. Bailey, M. Prager, F. Fester, A. Hesselgesser, S. Chapman, S, Povlik, N. Macurdy. 56 Sfudenf Council it. H-of Row I: M. Busatto, M. Gaiser, N. Sample, D. Ruggeri, C. Balentine, K. Laidlaw, L. Busatto T. Hoover, W. Jack, J. Hesselgesser. Row ll: C. Roenigk, N. Brant, N. Crestclni, C. Allison. M. Henschel, L. Peters, D. Kuntz, B. Fair, C. Babinsack, J. Myers, K. Keebler, P. Tennant. Row Ill: G. Truver, A. Hesselgesser, M. Johnston, S. Douthett, S. Rogers, S. Haven, S. Brant, J. Danik, S. Hines, B, Zema, C. Young, J. Frantz. Row IV: B. Platt, A. Buchan, B. Skiles, D. Slciles, C. Lowers, D. Altman, G. Sherrieb, R. Lassinger, D. Borrison, B. McGuire, G. Sobolewski, G. Kepple, G. Conti, E. Bailey. The Student Council plays a leading role in school life. This year Council sponsored the noon-time milk program, the sale of pennants and "beanies," the Coronation Ball, and many other worthy school projects. Dr. Charles Hanko served as advisor. Officers for the 1956-1957 term: President Don Skiles Vice President Robert McGuire Secretary . . Marilyn Johnston Assistant Secretary . Judy Myers 57 Editor , . . . , Peggy Conti Assistant Editor , .....,.. .... J oanne Toy Business Managers Richard Borrison Donald Skiles Sponsor .. ,. Miss Marietti In September the editorial staff set a goal which all have worked very hard to reach-to have the best year- book ever, and to have it before graduation. Under the supervision TYP- and sold and of Miss Marietti, the writers and ists worked long hours at noon after school. The business staff ci record number of subscriptions contacted many patrons. Here is the result of our efforts-the 1957 Free- portion. Freeporfian 5ff1J.Jf5Qf' 58 .-5 STAFF Row I: B. Younkins, S. Pavlik, P. Conti, J. Toy C Berger. Rowllz Miss Marietti, D. Ruggeri L Shultz, W. Dolmayer, J. Baker, R. Borrison. Row III: D. Skiles, C. Lowers, P. Hill, D, Altman Dempster. Yellowiackef Assistant Editor Sophomore Assistant Sports Editor . .. Business Manager . Faculty Advisor , ' iq! ...J3 s 5 , Lucille Schwietering Ann Hesselgesser Judy Borrison , . . Don Skiles Mona Jean Prager Mrs. Chioldi One of the important activities of the students at Freeport High School is the publication of the school paper, "The Yellow Jacket." Long hours of work are required on the part of the members of the staft in order to pre- pare the paper for publication every two weeks. Under the capable super- vision of Mrs. Chioldi, the Paper strives to bring the latest news to the students. CAST Herbert Gage Marge Gage Paula Gage Sarah Gage Barbara Gage Mr. Loomis Mathilda Rockwood Jonathan Rockwood George Husted Carson . Uncle Walter , . Matt Rockwood Frieda Ray Lassinger Mona Jean Prager Myke Cassell Sylvia Pavlik Jackie James . Tom Fair Donna Ruggeri , Don Skiles , Ed Myers , Paul Hill Dick Borrison Mike Harrigan Frankie Fester "January Thaw" This year's Senior Play was a comedy in three acts written by William Roos. The play revolved around humorous incidents which occurred when the Rockwoods, an old New England family, returned to their home after an absence of six years. Mean- while the home had been purchased by the Gages, who were occupying it when the Rockwoods returned. The two sets of fam- ilies had many conflicting sets of habits and much humor was presented for the audience as they attempted to evict one another from the house. The play ends happily for all, despite the strife and strain. "Time Ouf for Ginger" v J -'X . W., ...M Row l: Gary Kunish, Mona J. Prager, Jackie James, Marilyn Johnston. Rowll: Don Skiles, Mr, Bendl, Frankie Fester, Bill Noble, Don Altman, Terry Craig, Linda Shultz. The annual Junior Play was per- formed on March 2'l and 22, T956 by the Class of '57. The play, directed by Mr. Bendl, was a comedy in three- acts, Time Out for Ginger. Many humorous incidents occur when Ginger Carol, the youngest daughter of Agnes and Howard Carol, goes out for the football team. The entire town is thrown into an up- roar, and it takes three hilarious acts fcr things to return to normal in the Carol household. 1 5 'lysis Magazine Campaign 5 .: g Rowlz R. Borrison, Mrs. Gales. Rowll: R. Lassinger, N. Rieck, L, Schoonmaker, M, Johnston, R. Carbonetti, P. Gallagher, N. Sample. This year the Senior magazine cam- paign aided the Senior class by contributing approximately S700 to the cause. This amount was obtained by the sale of 52,100 worth of magazines. Competition through- out the whole campaign was very high. In the final counting, it was found that Jean Baker had captured first prize with sales amounting to over two hundred dollars. As in preceding years, the magazine cam- paign was under the supervision ot Mrs. Gales. She was aided by her personal stat? of eight Senior campaign managers. Through the efforts of Mrs. Gales and the support of the students, the campaign was a success. Patrolmen 4 if! Row I: A. Hesselgesser, M. Busatto, C. Young, D. Ruggeri, S. Rogers Rowll: N, Sample, K. Keebler, S Haven, J. Myers, M. Johnston, N Brant, C. Roenigk. Row Ill: B Platt, A. Buchan, W. Skiles, C. Low ers, D. Altman. Row IV: D. Skiles, R. Lassinger, R. McGuire, Xi, .K 4 eedlework Club In the Home Economics department of Freeport High School the students become skilled in the arts of cooking, sewing, and the efticient management of the home. For the younger set who have a fond interest in sewing, there is the Junior High Needlework Club. However, the older stu- dents find that the Future Homemakers of America Club with its many noontime candy and soup sales occupy most of their time. These are only a few of the many im- portant functions of the Home Economics Department under the capable direction of Mrs. Lehew and Miss Mozena. RY -Qi Ale Row I: E. Klaes, D. Oyler, P. Hrebrick. Rowllz Mrs, Lehew, B. Smack, J. Allshouse, M. Beck. Future Homemakers of America Simcik, E. Daquilante, M. Edwards, B. Dempster, M. Whitehair, M. Heim. Row ll: I. Stacey, C. Thalman, D. Beers, M. Cun- ningham, J. Beers, J. Humes, S. Schmidt, R. Jordon, H. Schmidt. Rowlllz Miss Mozena, S. Hamilton, D. Sims, S. Rodgers, P. Ross, T. Fantino, G. Hill, M. Ridley. 63 Row I: E. Porter, F. Williams, F. Ward, J. Sfage Crew Row I: A. Check, T. Kiiowski, A. Morrison, H. Porter, B. Micholas. Rnwllz B. Shoemaker, D. Prager, Mr. Yed- lowski, J. Gaiser, A. Bricker. Dramafics Club Row I: D. Rowley, S. Wolf, D. Bulford, M. Claypool, J. White, C. Young, C. Roenigk, M. Myers, K. Keebler J. Thompson. Row ll: E. Kiiowski, D. Stiff, J. Clark, W. Haidukiewicz, M. Harold, M. Smith, K. Hogan M. Ruggeri, A. Hesselgesser, N. Brant, M. Hager. Row III: K. Frantz, L. Brant, L. RuHiner, P. Morrison B. Ranieri, E. Pollick, J. Burkett, J. Simcik, F. Curfmann, B. McCaFferty, D. Hartman. 64 Geography Club GRADE 7 Row I: R. Rudish, R. Hewitt, B. Bennett, P. Vassallo, R. Sterling, R. Bulford, R. McKenna. Row ll: A. Hager, K. Gaiser, R. Ket tering, P. Shutters, J. Love, S. Harrigan, S. Humes, B, McCracken, K. Hartman, S. Harbison. Row lll: Mr. Manning, L. McGuire J. Gaydos, N. Parker, M. Ziczcik, C. Hall, L. Buzzard, B. Healey, M. Chapman, Y. Busatto, C. McNeel, J. Baker, G. Sanner, .l Tennant, V. Grimm, R. Willciewitz, T. Hoover, Row IV: J. Durst, W. Kropp, J. Wichrowski, D. Murry, D. Smith, C. Lindsay J. Buchan, A. Gcrlloreath, D. Simcik, M. Lindsay, S. Dougherty, M. Brant, F. Kuntz, L. Sweeney, A, Lucas, C. Flemm, R. Heim Row V: C. Krieder, N. Stivenson, C. Mosthaf, D. Reariclc, D. Huey, M. Spindler, M. Goiser, N. Shannon, J. Yates, P. Sobotka G. Shernock, R. Cochran, D. Ruppersburger, P. Montgomery, D. McClain GRADE 8 Row I: L. Armstrong, B. Woods, M. Fleck, J. McClaine, N. Knize, P. Hartman, D. Mason, B. Wissinger, L. Wagner, L. Risch, W. Srnock. Row II: Mr. Lehew, D. Fennell, E, Skinner, J. Burd, F, Herald, R. Shook, B. Atchison, D. Sarver, E. Kelley, R. Hoov- er, P. McMiIIen, B. Durst. Row III: W, Salsgiver, D. VanTine, D. Sarvei, L. Straughn, L. Busatto, C. Balentine, K. Laidlaw, G. Miller, B, Lewis, L. Haught, T. Beale, D. Hilliard, Row IV: B. Hale, C. Conti, C. Toy, E. Betush, B. Livingston, B. Kearney. 65 Career Club Rowl: W. Kunkle, T. Kulus, D, Profley, R. Thorpe, S. Baker, D. Kuntz, M. Check, W. Zemc, R. Kurtiok. Rowll: S. Lucas, G. Howard, J. McLaughlin, R. Kepple, J. Isenburg, W. Montgomery, R. Scheittle, Mr. Dolmuyer. M afhemafics Club Rowl: J. Fullerfcn, S. Lysek, S. Grant, M. Check, E. Cline, W, Zema, D. Pruiley, D. Kuntz, T. Fair, M Kublcx. Row II: B. Younkins, C. Frantz, W. Elcsh, S. Lucas, B. Coller, T. Klinzing, E. Smcck, P. Chernun Mrs. Gales. 66 Driver Training Rowlz L. Bernard, S. Grafton, S. Noble, J. Beers, P. Lewandowski, M. Cunningham, M. Miallci, S. Kun selman, J. Bennett, G. Nates. Row II: P. Boehm, B, Younkins, S. Hamilton, J. Stitt, J. Burford, B. Hale S. Todd, W. Dolmayer, N. Ehrman, J. Fleck, B. Hewitt. Rowlll: Mr. Prusiclm, J. Frantz, W. Gaiser, H Brenneman, T. Negci, W. Montgomery, L. Westendorf. Science Club Left to Right: J. Adams, R. Donnelly, A. Fennell, J, Cooper, R. Solomon, C. Early, Mr. Carlson, R. Hagenauer, P. Rassou, J. Foster, D. Johnston, R. Elcock, M. CoFFman, W. Miller. French Club i Row I: J. Sobolewslxi, D. Stitt, T. Palko, P. Morrison, F. Reit- inger. Rowll: P. Hook, J. Simcik, C, Frantz, B. Younkins, , Miss Myers. ' 67 "Y" Clubs SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Rowl: L. Shultz, L. Craig, J. Simcik, I Kunkle, S. Haven, M. Kuhns, L. Huey, J Toy, J. Eshenbaugh, A. Swank. Rowll C. Shaffer, N. Ehrman, S. Rogers, C. Ber ger, S. Pavlik, N, Mucurdy, J. Fleck, P Conti, J. Baker, Miss Kerr. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y Rowlz K. Teeters, J. Mitchell, K. Sloan, S. Kunselman, E. Fennel, M. Fiscus, N. Metzler, N. Latini, R. Smock, J. McCreery. Row II: E. Keener, S. Miller, E. Shernock, N. Whitehair, B. Hood, S. Todd, E, Shear- er, J. Fullerton, M. Singleton, L. Rufifner. Row III: C. Young, M. Herold, J. Albaugh, B. Barker, B. Coller, L. Vorp, J. Burford, B. Hale, C. Allison, A, Wilson, Mrs. McCleary. SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y Row I: C. Hartman, M. Hager, C. Hill, B. Miller, G. Nates, M. Vorp, E. Galbreath, J. Iseman, K. Levish, F. Kunkle. Rowllz B. Feller, J. Robinson, C. Johnston, E. Pol- lick, K. Claypool, E. Kiiowski, C. George, L. Frantz, G. Markwell, S. Wolfe, D. Bul- ford. Row III: A. Ballentine, S. Burd, M. Ruggeri, S. Grant, J. Smith, S. Lyselr, E. Young, M. Stull, M. Smith, E. Bailey, D. Rowley. FRESHMAN TRI-HI-Y Row I: K. Hutton, D. Van Dyke, H. Lewan- dowski, C. Dempster, J. Babinsack, D. Rickel, P. Rykoceslci, C. Dougherty, E. Bar- ry, A. Rearick. Row II: C. Lucas, J. Atkin- son, M. Harbison, S. Cribbs, J, Durci, P. Harding, D. Gratzer. 68 125 -ffl if Q? .5 ,b W if A b W 'Q . . . , .. 'R it .. 5 2 Alqmiayl 2 V . , .... P N z 3 . R X QM 2 ky . L6 -., 2 .::, : E KAK N KK? S Y W -X K H K. I , 1 . 4 . E Q 3 . MQ S R 1' Q. 1' . .Wana V uf- QX' A, xtx .X 1 +5 . t- g ' Q - 'wf' ww ' ...,,, 4. . f ig H W .K 51331, ,N Q Z ' , . . kji A . p . Q if H g 1 . A 2 3 9 5 S if .-1 r' , , K 4V, W W wi if, 'A ,. b .b tg Q Xkajka 'rf -.' 'L Qsiiisiifl 1 ' New Q ' , 6 . ..--. '. .3.5i5, JL Ll A f..-Ll 4 A 1. i 3 S. Rf. X ' X is , Q Q . ,. f g L . Q... . . 1- . .. 'h w .Ms vw x Q 5 in xx, E 6 3, ,Ei pq ,wg ' X 1 S , QQ Q we , , 4- , A Q Q . - .sim Qef6 Xe' Q Lv fs ',, 'E' ff! .g W. W ' '9 X. .Y swf. gi.: 7 i Y., fv .5 l.5g12iIfQfXf .5 , 53,3533 f' , l ,za M .I S Q EH 'Ng , Lima ,b .iris ,jg ,Q , f- Q .K in . N M 5 , h idx 1. 15' if 4 .? . fE'5 -7 f 3511 v-535 f 1 3? . 1 Sai., , futiii., 4-n-nl X, , '- Mil S M Q X, . Q SP3 V: I ltwg :av--.4 R , " gm.,-gs: t':f?i?.: j 1 . N ' y W i A. , his N' I K www-K+ A. xx:-1 l -Y' lm F ,M K 5 l LMT I 'Q 94'-'... Xl. , VTE? ,Q F 'nl xl- 3 ' in V , I.. , h . . , - ..- .-, - I 2 V 4 wi gr L, Kg, ig y ii .eff -,, Ar . . ,. A5 if iff WY K K f wlxiigg. V S b 1 .Q E :S ,HQ " ' if , . . Q .fl y V , - .5 fjW5i ,. . Z-iT,x,ff1 31? X15 bl - xg? A5 Q , A I 3 r 3 -,k, f - I .:.' wx! , ' . " -Q ' . I 3 " 1' . "':' ' -M X V ., ,, ... , .R REQ 3. 5 . . ,. nun- .- J.. A -. . my K N '35 wh G. A. A. Row 1: Sandy Haven, Donna Ruggeri, Linda Shultz, Joanne Toy. Row ll: Jean Baker, Janet Eshenbaugh, Carol Berger, Mrs. Luchs, Sue Rog- ers, Sylvia Pavlik, Nancy Rieck. Librarians Row I: M. Heim, M. Hager, E. Fennell, D. Ruggeri, L. Brant, D. Crain, M. Kubla, C. Kress, J. Simcik, F. Williams, E. Daquilanfe Rawll: E. Galbreath, A. Rearick, M, Singleton, P. Morrison, J. Robinson, I. Kunkle, J. Fleck, M. Ridley, C. Altemus, S. Wolfe S. Burd, M. Betush. Row Ill: J. Clark, J. Smith, S. Grant, S. Lysek, E. Smock, M. Claypoole, B. Hale, L. Vorp, C. Allison, A Wilson, E. Young, B. Coller, Mrs. McCleary. Row IV: J. Burkett, M. Oyler, L. Huey, B, Younkins, A. Swank, C. Shaffer, N Ehrman, S. Rogers, J. Baker, C. Berger, S. Chapman. 70 Varsity Club Row I: S. Palko, J. Sheittle, R. Wilken, T. Shoop, C. Brestensky, W. Villetto, R. Freeling, D. McClure, L. Scalzott, T. Sober. Row II: W. Rico, J. Pollick, R. Carbonetti, B. Platt, D. Altman, R, McGuire, G. Truver, P. Christie, S. Brestensky, G. Kepple, F. Lewandowski. Row III: Mr. Parry, B. Marshall, J. Spindler, C. Lowers, R. Borrison, L. Keener, C. Etzrodt, T. Nega, K. Smith, W. Pesci, D. Klinzing, D. Skiles, R. Laux, R. Costantino, Mr. Karrs. Row IV: E, Bottegal, J. Stewart, G. Kunish, J. Shaffer, J. Blair, C. Helminac, A. Buchan, M. Dillick, P. Hill, R. Maiocha, J. Palermo, J. Harrigan, R. Fair, S. Yates, J. Metz, D. Pesci, P. McCullough, E. Pieropan, T. Craig. Junior High Athletics Row I: J. Spraat, C. Sterling, J. Buchan, S. Hill, J. RuHner, E. Roudybush, R. Moon, T. Thompson, R. Myers, D. Harding, R. Daquilante. Row ll: Mr. Willoughby, J. Keebler, D. Lowers, D. Summers, G. Kauntz, W. McAninch, D. Laslco, D. Rumbaugh, K. Keener, R. Pastorek, R. O'Malley. Row III: R. Bertino, L, Peters, R. Pomaybo, D. Elsenrath, B. Walters, J. Galbreath, G. Conti, T. Roenigk, E. Christie, E. Christie. Row IV: G. Sobolewslci, D. Woodward, J. Mast, W. Biclcer, G. Martin, M, Healey, R. Beckett, R. Hogan. 71 '-gf' lfxz'-1.5 ' w,.v,:q U U, , .Q g,j'rQv Q, I vt..f'1"2"71- .4 Yxffff 'I 5 'ff a:fxk:v+ia.11iwi"- 1.15, A W if-,K .SA 9. ik., ,gif-4 - y. HFS' .fviifif V Jf5',.S3fg,.'v Ve. 4.243 LA 'IS' ,-5.13 JQIN-I...-' I,, aff.. 4 1, fri 1-.33 ,TQ-g.,,:b Q J 1 . -L? Mm- -.g.Q f..,,- bf ,y .rs-A . ,- 'gf' -5'-fsrif-5,Y"?"F'P,. VM, . 1-J :'A5fif,Z- if rf "p yi, .,4g,n,. fy. 1? 5. J- f , 'Q Vgywy. -.:'u':i-f- 'yi i-j--QQ -,,5,,,1. ,L-C 2.-:Lv WI 1 -9 a 'iff-Q ' . A3 ' 1"4"ff'A, ' , ' vi- Q ,-'f-5 .-1 ,- YQ Ai 5, 2- " -I'-1 THR-'Q-ff' -1- L' ' wr M, ,U J f 1 52,1 , . 1. Q 5-?,2.j-NF. 5, i5',q 73, , -5 QI f 'J ,Q " FT. 15 . Y .' f 'ao K' tl'-If ffklh' w.'f..K's 1 ,- -'L .::,',"' 'f ' E'-' 'jill-if. 1-91? vw gk 1. '-Nrf' ..' 1' Qi lin -1:-ff' "' M "V 'U ""'f1 " gf' wx, lf'.,. ,T-A 'if 1: . 1'f'g?-,..?,.,' .4- fg- , g3.i,iL,1 ' l m' 1 'f ' .. -f.'- jf'f:'N' .,g1,.:,..,..e.1.f.f..,ff f , 5, 1,-7 1, --Q: I , - , J,Lg"W.,!,Bif- 'f,',b,ax .A I .. -, ' --ut., f wx. 1. ' 1 .-"Hi" xfg' ' - ' .'f'11'- W 4" 5:3 '- Y ,2f3i g,v.1i-f,fi:-Q. wflqy -.,. X ,gs -. h . . 4 v"'w- '. Jdxfif- ,-A 'img ,,,,., 'J-Y .TLP , ,se-yr, , J . Q-iw .fe 4- N77 if Q' .s HY: ,fl - r". 131' "Y, .. - A. .- -wf- - Q fv .2 A 1 A fy H.. .1 I Mi ,V ,I-uv, 3 'Qu' 9 A'-wrzrzfw' 'H -F ' A .,',,'ffe'g"yYf.. fi -v ,' -, 73' fp fy, .. 4 Qin' '-1. .x ' I l A- 'W' 'i '33 ff' 'A '1-f"fx'3f'. " 'T " -4. . , . .. , H - A . , . , ff, ,V 'wg -fx, Yr-1 rl f, H .N -- -V" -f A.1 I K5 - 'fwfr' .,,,,l-fsig 4.4. 'll I ,JA T - ', Y ,- z- .1 ., A v - um. , U -:9:,, .. -.r,-w:c5,,'Ef ".' f ,. f - , AL'-114 A 1 A-:ww 2' . 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A v i1'qAi.f.J1Q'3-, 1 K V F w-I 1 A ff ..1-95' 5 .iirg -x "' -JJ-' w I ' 1 f X x f i I ,, lunrsr' 59:-L.vq. ,Li x ., . . - .., . , . ,lf - .gh ',,41Jye1 ,,-i. r f A - , . ,cwfmv f - :QI x . P . .f - - f,,f.fwaf', H .1 U -'f ,- - . ,i'1l":, M, '-5 arm- ' Tuma' 'Ae' ff .L .Fmt 1" ' .'-j1.f,H',fk 5,517+-qfu, 4 ,g . v -A -'.f',.,k,4g.T:.'.g tif ,Q 51: . i, -'A A.-n,A...,w., ...-f,-1 . - mf-Q" - 151'-':.4- :-A '9iT1'5-- - 1 LEX 1. ' :,V1 . 12'5,7'-:SA jst' -',, rw?" ' K+ '3 'xy "6 Alf'-,4'9d".V' H7146 ' ' '-49' '- 7 . x - ' 2-, -?,4':y'r4 "- 1 7 ly " .17-.4 .NAI . '-"x",-2-afsvxf '-fffgf J ' Y M 1, ,. -. , ,gif i,'4Q'l',x,i x34 xbfg kr- .,,, ther MLW.. 2 4' "uf, ':.J5Q5AQng'f .ygpwx-, X 5545, B. ,fpkrlfjgw-i-4Y71.g:.f.Y'.Lcl-'risk 1.x b"f1'feJhf,2i' 'Ria Q:iii'4'5.J7' if- :Q 153' iff i , 6. Hsgif v.: v.wE, "xL.' ,. wp' ' X !g..1g,JX., 7 f f A viva? Lkkwf 544 .5.'.v.,,,,, ,c, VF. -7-.ff X7. "f. " , K1 'cha-"3qJ7v,".4 , X! ' A 1. X 1 N 1-.-'v'J fffkfd--,F V.fe,?f H' N ,iq.,3?',Q ,E :Q , f If -- 'Hs 1.7: '4' X i btw' ai'-'N . . ,-J., , .ag ,' ' r , a.' 'KPJQ ,A ,jp :' 11.1 '. ' "M 2 'qw N31 'fx .Q lb ' X' ' .',,, I. .' 7'-V' I 1 L !xf"' 1 1- g' .1-,f '-dv :gf l"7 yr!! 3,14 N' U., s . l.l21r. X, M ly. , V . ,Q .'. R' x K. v Q A hifi' ff! ai 1 A 5 A ,"""- Football - - 1956 Row I: T. Shoop, B. Marshall, T. Sober, D, Klinzing, J. Harrigan, J. Blair, J. Stewart, C. Brestensky, E. Bottegal. Row ll: G. Carson, E. Pierapan, J. Metz, T. Craig, B. Platt, D. Altman, G. Sherrieb, D. Pesci, E. Young. Row Ill: C. Lowers, L. Keener. S. Palko, P. McCullough, J. Spindler, G. Truver, J. Pollock. Row IV: P. Christie, B. Pesci, B. McGuire, A. Buchan, J. Palermo, F. Lewandowski, R. Freehling, B. Constantine. Row V: A. Roudybush, B. Fair, G. Kepple, J. Shatter, S. Yates, B. Villetto, B. Wilkens, L. Scalzott. FHS 27 FORD CITY 6 The 1956 edition of the Freeport High School Yellowiackets opened its season with a bang, bowling over an inept Glasser team, 27-6. lt was the eleventh straight game without defeat for the Jackets. FHS 25 TARENTUM 0 Probably the two best high school elevens in the A-K met in what was expected to be a titanic struggle. However, the game was no contest as the powerful Jacket machine pounded the hapless Redcats into the dust, 25-O. FHS 'I3 ARNOLD 6 The Arnold Lions tried valialfltly but could not overcome the rugged FHS forward wall and crucial pass attempts were broken up by an alert Jacket secondary. This was the lowest point total the Jackets were held to all season. FHS 39 PLUM TWP. 7 Revenge proved sweet indeed as the Yellowiackets steamrolled over a weak Mustang eleven by the largest score they totaled all season. FHS 27 KITTANNING 0 Freeport ripped a large KHS team to pieces in a raughhouse fracas in Kittanning. This was the 15th straight game for the Jackets without defeat. FHS 27 SPRINGDALE 0 John Karrs' boys ran amuck over a helpless Dynamo team. The Jackets were rolling at full speed now and were very much in the running for the "A" title. FHS 26 WEST DEER 'IS Another victory was tucked away by the Jackets at West Deer. The Braves tried, but the Jackets were iust too much. FHS 27 APOLLO 'I4 For the fourth time the Jackets scored 27 points in a game. The tussle with Apollo was an exhibition match with FHS warming up for the big rival game with the Blue Devils of Leechburg. FHS 26 LEECHBURG 27 With an eight-game winning streak behind them the Jackets traveled to Leechburg where they met their "Waterloo." Thus ended an attempt by Freeport to enter a WPlAL playoff. Even though the Class "A" title was out of its reach, Karrs' Fighting Eleven still captured the A. V. Conference Championship 'for the second straight year. The Jaycee Most Valuable Player Award also stayed in Freeport for another year as it was pre- sented to End Dick Pesci and Quarterback Don Altman. I realize that our philosophy of educa- tion has to be adjusted to the area and the community in which we live and work. Since the success of democracy depends upon democratic action, schools must fos- ter the opportunity for basic democratic principles, not through verbiage but by ac- tually giving the students a chance to live it. Every opportunity possible should be provided for the development ofthe Amer- ican way of lite. Championship football, in the way of undefeated teams, has not been my only objective at Freeport Area High School. We are desirous of having a team which will be able to compete on the same level as our opponents. However, if an unbeaten team does come along, Freeport, like any other school, will be glad to take it. Cham- pionship teams are wonderful, but they aren't everything. lt is our aim here to give our football team every opportunity that our opponents enjoy, and simultane- ously maintain our scholastic standards. Down through the years, l think we have been doing just that-PROGRESSING. ef' 0 A X Coach Korrs l-Cf' to Rlgltfi J- YH-ll0WSlil, JY. High COCICl1: J- Leltew, Student Managers: C. Etzrodt, R, Brosinick, B Mackin Equipment Manager, J. Karrs, Head Coach, C. Willough. idge, J. Helminack, J. Sheittle. by, Assistant Coach, T. Parry, Assistant Coach. rv -w'H""'1lfP 49' 'A .af , .fs-" i """"""' , if T? BERLEEIT if 1 1- Vvuv 5W Q 2 ff: f K,A, PESCI I' fi. , A.,A.: A Jennv mnmm GSB CA95 .V --A v 46 X ,, fr h cis ' K 5 if "QS :EQ ,V Q ' N - :E?v ".:: V S ' 4 S E amen - GARY SHERRQEB ' 4 lf: -" if Q ,A I-in v I Qi- X . 2 'l'A M Mar Q 'N X - N Y Q 'M I Cheerleaders Frankie Fester Donna Ruggeri Jackie James The spirit, pep, and loyalty of a school lies, to a great cle- gree, with the cheerleaders. These energetic girls practiced weekly, with their rousing cheers of "FIGHT JACKETS FIGHT" and "WE WANT SOME ACTION" echoing through the halls. Many long hours were spent preparing for pep meetings, basketball and football games. By taking one glance at our football and basketball records, we will see that their efforts to promote school spirit throughout the school were highly successful. S. Chapman, F. Fester, J. James, J. Borrison, C. Young, C. Roenigk, D, Ruggeri, Mrs. Lehew 78 On your feet, men F oofball Queen One ofthe highlights of our Senior year was the crowning of the Football Queen, Sandra Douthett. The Queen was chosen by popular vote from a group often Senior Candidates nominated by the members of the Senior Class. This event, under the ca- pable direction of Mrs. Chioldi and Mrs. Shalifer, took place at the Springdale game which completed our home football games for the 1956-T957 season. The candidates were: Myke Cassel, Sandra Douthett, Nor- ma Ehrman, Frankie Fester, Sandra Haven, Jackie James, Sylvia Pavlik, Mona Jean Prager, Sue Rogers, and Donna Ruggeri. ! Touchdown Song Dandy Dick covers ground' Where's the ball? Foiled again! Pesci rides ago n' Basketball--19.56-57 Row I: R. Pesci, R. McGuire, E. Pieropcnn, G. Carson, J. Rzeszotarski, R. Harbison, J. Scheittle. Row ll: Mr. Parry, A. Buchan, W. Noble, E. Young, G. Truver, J, Spindler, W. Pesci. SCOREBOARD S c o r e s S c o r e s F.H.S. Opponent F.H.S. Opponent 72 . . West Winfield 42 46 fPlum Twp. 58 47 East Deer 50 43 "Leechburg 42 63 Richland Twp. . 29 51 . 'lTarentum 42 52 . Oakmont . .29 58 , Kittanning 52 64 , Richland Twp. . 35 54 . . +West Deer 40 58 Har Brack .61 44 . 'Springdale 37 4l Arnold .59 50 'Plum Twp. 29 65 +West Deer . 49 48. 'Leechburg 44 39 . 4Springdale 38 45 kTarentum 63 49 . . West Winfield 48 47 MTarentum 55 'Section games " 'Section 12-A play-off 80 The success of the team this past season has been due primarily to three factors: a most capable leader of the team, Captain Don Altman, a fine group of seniors and iuniors who put aside personal glory to de- pict team work and team spirit, and a won- derful loyal student body who, along with faculty guidance, instilled a tremendous spirit in the entire school. To the latter group, who were certainly instrumental in the team's eftorts, the entire bas- ketball team and coaches extend heart- felt thanks. Basketball has finally come into its own in the community, and the reason is obvious. It took us quite some time to build a team such as this, but we never could have done it without the sup- port of the cheerleaders, the student body, and the administration. We are graduat- ing five very fine athletes and gentlemen, but we have six returning iuniors and a fine array of sophomores coming up. The fu- ture success of our basketball teams will depend upon you, the student body, and the hard work of the boys who will repre- sent you on the floor. Conch Parry Coach Parry, C. Willoughby, J. Yedlowski Action Personified ,,.-, 1-fm. . .A , 6' Q IW nfbflilzld ' li 4 4 159 Q"5Z' ,,,,,,,... xii... 5 XX SR X li BILL NOBLE """""---H' Gel Ohm rebound, Squirrel! Wuiiing if ou! "ACE" pumps away Jim cmd "Nute" boih have it Game time O, the Yowering feeiingl Freeport En Mosse Gib's trying hard Too bud, Jim Victors lecxve Qhe arena 83 .layvee Basketball Row I: J. Harrigan, G. Kepple, R. Fair, J. Collins, D. Klinzing, W. Zema. Row II: Mr. Willoughby, J. Stewart, W. Rico, R. Noble, J. Shaffer, S. Yates, R. Shoemaker. This year's Jayvee squad promised good tidings for Freeport in Basketball war- fare for the coming years. Ably coached by Mr. Willoughby, the team won fourteen games and lost only five. This was the best record in the section for a Jayvee team. Although the Jayvees receive little official recognition, they play an important role in preparing the hopeful underclassmen for playing Varsity ball in future years. 84 J' S .Sw my fgy QW V ft .. Q. I X 4 I " Q . I ... J F Q4 Patrons The Yearbook Staff wishes to express its appreciation to the many friends who made financial contributions toward the publi- cation ofthe 1957 Freeportian. "'H'Strem Studio, Pittsburgh "Armstrong Press, Freeport ""Jacobs Sporting Goods Company, New Kensington H'The Old Freeport Bank of Freeport lMember of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationl "The First National Bank of Freeport CMember of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationl 'kJack's Auto Sales, Sarver Mr. George W. Bailey Brok's Motor Sales Community Cleaners Cramer's Dairy Store Crestani's Market Devereaux Motor Sales Dougherty Auto Repair Freilino's Market, Leechburg Hesselgesser's Grocery Honus Wagner Company Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston Mr. John D. Lee Lower's Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Merrill E. Myers Roppolo's Esso Station Scott's Grocery South Leechburg Auto Wrecker Sunset Grill Wagner's Motel White Star Service "'Fitty Dollars "Twenty Dollars 'Ten Dollars 86 Mr. Burt Brown Bu res Motor Sales Mr. and Mrs. Calvin McClain Pearl Costantino's Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stewart Mrs. Guy Conti Dattalo's News Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Fair Mr. William C. Fleck Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gaiser Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gaiser Miss Sandy Hazlett Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hill Mr. A. M. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. John Karrs MacDonald's Clover Farm Store Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Paterson Mr. and Mrs. George Ralston Mr. and Mrs. Herman H. Schwietering Service Grocery ' Sandra and Tommy Simpson Mr. Milton White Mr. James Alvino Mrs. Goldie Barr Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. Mr. Eagles Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Regis Barr Roy E. Blair Edwin D. Borrison Franklin Bouch H.C. Brenneman, Jr. Basil Claypool Homer Cooper and Mrs. D. B. Douthett Mrs. Samuel Ford Mr. W. James Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hanko Patrons Mr. and Mrs. M. Anderson Haven Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hutton . Mr. G. H. Jack Mrs. James Jardine Miss Winifred Kerr Mr. Herbert Kreider Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Latini Mrs. Ida Leoni Mr. Dell Leslie Mr. James Loy Mr. Bernard Lucas Mr. John Martinetti Mr. and Mrs. Dent Mast Mr. James McCutcheon Mr. and Mrs. James Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scheitle Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shaffer Mrs. Arthur Shearer Mr. Everett Shoop Mr. Roy Smith Mr. Ira L. Sober Mr. D. E. Taylor Miss Kathleen Thompson Zimmerman Turkey Farm Mr. Claypool Mrs. Lill Harbison Miss Ann Hesselgesser Mrs. Charles Hill Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lauffer Mrs. Fred Malinky Mary Ann Restaurant The McDonalds Miss Mary Lee Myers Rev. and Mrs. David S. Oyler Mrs. Frank Ravendo Mr. Dale H. Ross Anonymous , ar M ,p . u - - ." ..,,- ,., 1.3. . Z. 3. - .why , -Hg Auf Q Y Y , ' A v F 1 ' -, gi 11 A 4 F 1 ,' . 4' r J M , , e z.-W m , I X ,,,-wvi lxifml -I m y s . 1 V V X A 4 ' ':'.f-'.:Q:.5- ' ww A , , -3,-, ga: , - " 'a ' 'r W , 4, ' . J . Eyij- 3' x A rin: TH .u w 1-4 , +.m ,J 1 v v ,.- H, k EQ- "2 1, ' ' Z -n aw I , , I P . , U i . . . A . . . I ' u l x . U A, iq , K W r Nh , g, ,, k ,, . , . I Q -W 4 1 A. ,S . I . , , , H 1 5 ,nf x QA n W- V712 X ,X .. r f H fl - . f ' ' . ng Q, rv -'Af ' L I ' A ' 1 W 'aw LH f 'I A" f .4, 1531, ' Hp, .-.- -D.. ' 5 ',w-: 1, L, ,A ' 'I !lsK P ,Q 4 .' ii :ff "fi'5i' if . , C L ..,4, 3 , . !,..' .qw . - M IH". -, -4 lflfff., ' - 'L , XT. ' 4 - . .'. V ig D x , 14 .., . . ,, - I K ,. . 1' ,QQ ' . . X- ' 1 . .451 . J . 'fl .s., ,L W , . - ba- f , I 1,4-,,f . l v... ,L H - , , U, 5 ' ll L, , 4 .3 4 H-, 1113.5 Lv -f '. 2115642-E' - Q. ,. .,.-V1 TN. ,:, ,.' - W ww -,:.5,ff- , gm. .4 1 n x-I wr X at ' Tl , fx". 3 .-wg 49' f ' J 5 4 B. . -51-,' ' - as Tv 1.5,-. s ' 0 fi,-x 1- Q , 4 rx Half' 'U 1 A AL . , 4, '., 1 -4 FH. aw . A . lo N 'F .' 1 . , 7:5 11 9- xws- P, , ' ,. V . ,rr - ' , es , ' f -,,, , . A, ' 1 "ivy ,rg , " 5 '- V :JN -' - 1' Qi ' 2,2 TF? 'l'-it - Q54 Y., .,5- W-f"5!' - N ,gf- r E' Vf.Ag,.f xi: "3..aJ A ,- k. I . . T- , 1' 'H P af L 1 K K LW , V5 mg' big fo W, '7W '+W M' QM I

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