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. . 1 1.9 X 3 4' wx ' E555 Cx i 1 'A :E ' 3 F3513 1553? . za- 1 53355 s g. ASQ . .W V 1 'ia e Xp -Q ng. 55121 . :fi-'ffiii ifififi 44 -v 4 .V -1 1 Q -f ' g',:A:5. 25395153 ,a1':5:: 5-F3323 - .f .- -g5L3:,,.f :E-if: "LEE , .,, .1-:---.ff -3-:ef zgg-1: Effie, 3555? ' N'-1 I 59:2-if ' - 54+-' 12:15, f 1. Ai , Aix? 216,255 P1-Lx? i ' -,: 1 x 6 if-1 L:-Y,-. al . -,M ,A 1 . Pc' 5:55. 324222 ' if 1 P? 2:15 . ligg. nu.: ,N . 552. 1v.s:,, 1 5 42 7 1212- ,:e':v.' I , . ' gpg 5, . , --kk . . ,, Y , . ,fag-nw.-,-. gs-EZL-nw M-E-rf-:':.-fmfffaq-sa1"'WG2f:zi 6 if X X vgwwgfsmpvw ,- 1 . ' f 'Y1""" A, m gmy , . 1 54 3 ,, . , , .. . .... . ,.,A. , ..,., , , , , . .,,, - . AwA, ,,, 1 ff' , , ,,.,.... sf' -f- - " .N . L' " I . I ,J - 'iff' Crxi ' 'nl 1 .jx 'fi' 6, Q 5. , ,Q - , -I I'gxA,i,!:- - . -4-.Q 1 lun' v J'.A'.. . "Hn" "L' ' 4 A ' I 'zQF1',4vf.11 ' '1. Q V , ',..,'xI x H J!! ft fi 3-girl mr! x 'J nf!-if urn N Sri! JM 'id' Mmm I .'. " I, 1 -"gg" -, K! ' ,J'!rj L:-1. .. V. Y, ,V sg. 'lih1'f..'5 I Jr. -L--fu-j if 5, '77 ' fl' Al' P in JI Q.: A " 1 'E ' ,ALJ .fun Y .". m :e ' ' s-w e- vqfvlxg gfvlwlill I A Eu., v, 1' -QL W' 5 K 'Y"?'1"i I X , "QEx,'.'! QL f iifffgs ' Q- .X " 'fptqfr 1 . 4, J IL,,. -'nf r' ?'3 1, I" W .-.l. 'L 4 -' 'I ' . 1-I .I .' I . X- l 5 , ' ' t 'i I " 1: , - L fag -iff'-p,g ' H EK . W! E' wh ."l:3'-.1 ff ' 1' ff " r5,', Q-:fn-"FED PM rt 1 -.11li "1.v Q W - ' '- Qi, ' I filrff L ,-J-.v i ' h , -4 F g.:'.'-'lf 4 X J' V . nl- ,4-1 Agia! .--qui. w M ,r , , . ,. mb' t ,.-'M me fi Z' X Crglfiff ff ---1--1-'fi'-' ui --w i u I' f vw M. 'nr Ns 0 OM, , W. YWMMK DEGREE: BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, MAS- TER OF EDUCATION ATTENDED: INDIANA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF PITTS- BURGH TEACHING: PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY, AMERICAN HISTORY THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE DEDICATES THEIR EDITION OF THE FREEPORTIAN. THIS IS THE LEAST WE CAN DO TO REPAY YOU FOR THE GUIDANCE, PATIENCE, AND UNDERSTAND- ING YOU HAVE GIVEN US. 4 .fdfm Wafer By the Allegheny flowing 5? 2.7-1 CQ.- Eh U' 'QU' Z! g1Z '1 Em 22 'E 45 'Q- Qu: L7 Q52 S55 pf-1 Stands our dear old Freeport High School. Here let your voices sing with fervor The praise which she deserves from you. Then hold aloft her gleaming banners The royal blue and gold so true, And let your hearts be loyal ever Hail Alma Mater, Hail to You! You, her worthy sons and daughters Live to carry on her fameg Lead well for others that will follow So honor we all bring her name. Then hold forever dear and sacred The memiries of dear old Freeport High School As graduates you leave sing ever Hail Alma Mater, Hail to Youl 5 Nt X RXxxx X W .is zikfjfffff-Y :::::.: K 51, if., 5z..f..,f, of 34 A A 3 Once again, it is spring and time for the publication of the Freeportian-our high school yearbook. It is a privilege to use its pages to greet you and to express a few thoughts which I hope may be helpful in the days to come. From the greatest book ever written come these words: "Wis- dom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." Here in these simple words is your objective as a student. Are you accomplishing it? It has been said that experience is the best teacher. That is wrong. It is costly, it is wasteful. Man's progress is in proportion to his ability to profit by the experience of all those who have gone before him. So history is one of our greatest teachers. From the records of the past you have the opportunity to acquire the wisdom of the ages. That is the reason you have been studying languages, reading, writing, geography, mathematics, science, and so on. But as you are doing, so did your fathers, and your fathers, fathers. All acquired a certain amount of wisdom. But what of understanding? Within recent months we have witnessed further development of the most powerful weapons of the destruction man has et de- vised. This took a vast amount of wisdom, scientific knowledge, too complicated and complex for most of us to comprehend. Yet, we have not the understanding to put this wisdom to peaceful ends. With all our getting, we-your elders-did not get understanding. So, if you are a senior about to graduate or if you are an under- classman who will return to your books next fall, I hope you have and will acquire still more facts, knowledge, wisdom. Yet, with it all. may you get understanding-understanding not only of the laws of nature, of the events of history, but understanding of the moral and spiritual values which give directions and meaning to all your wisdom. Your success in this regard will determine the kind of world in which you live. May each of you have a pleasant, profitable summer! F. LEE MYERS SUPERVISINC PRINCIPAL Olgflfer fo fire cgzniom The earning of a high school diploma is an accomplishment of which you can be justly proud. Its value will depend, however, upon the quantity and quality of education which it represents, as well as upon your future efforts to put your talents to work for the better- ment of mankind. Although they are alike in size, shape, and word- ing, no two 'diplomas will prove to be of identical value. You cannot live again the twelve years just past in order to pro- Ht from the educational opportunities which were yours. Neverthe- less you can resolve to devote the next fifty years to a twofold purpose, the increase of wisdom and the promotion of virtue. I know of nothing more likely to guarantee a happy and useful life than Christian ideals that have stood the test of centuries, while countless fads, theories, and interpretations have blossomed and quickly withered away, and their adherents have lived an-d died in the utmost poverty. "It is not by man,s purse, but by his character, that he is rich or poor." A penny will hide the biggest star in the universe if you hold it close enough to your eye. May the years ahead find you truly wealthy. HAROLD BUSH High School Principal 8 -J Mara! of glcfucafion Row One: Mr. W. D. Koehler, Mr. G. Hill, Mr. D. E. Taylor, Mr. F. I... Myers, Mr. H. R. Hut-y Row Two: Mr. P. R. Hoover, Mr. VV. C. Wicgund, Mr. C. Thompson, Mr. ll. Frampton, Mr. YV Burford. Row Three: Mr. F. Herold, Mr. D. Patton, Mr. R. Fry, Mr. C. Dininger, Mr. R. Gardner. Missing from picture: Mr. ll. Must, Mrs. M. Cosst-r. MRS. MARGARET GOSSER Mr. Myers' secretary. Who else could stand tl hundred interruptions ai day? SL-crvtalry for the- Board of Education. MISS ALBERTA REZAK There are very few students who lmvc not roccivecl he-lp from "Birdie" in some way. Mr. Buslfs secretary. 9 Raymond M. Alsnauer-Hails from Pittsburgh and attended California State Teachers, and University of Pittsburgh. Now teaching Industrial Arts. John Bohichik-Has a B.S. degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He comes to us from Slickville, Pa. Now teaching Math. Carolyn S. Boyd-Comes from Mer- cer, Pa. Attended Grove City Col- lege. Now teaching Jr. High Litera- ture and Speech. Bruce H. Briggs-Comes to us from Bellwood, Pa. He attended juniata College and Penn State. Now teaches Pennsylvania Citizenship. Morris E. Carlson'-Hails from Free- port. He attended the University of Pittsburgh and Indiana State Teach- -ers College. He is now teaching Physics, Chemistry, and General Sci- QHCE. I. Allen Curry-Comes from Punxsu- tawney, Pa. He received his B.S. Degree from Indiana State College. He teaches World History and Unit- ed States History. De Maris Eberhart-Hails from Sli- go, Pa. Attended Indiana State Teachers College. She teaches Gen- eral Business, Bookkeeping, Typing and Seventh Grade Geography. Helen S. Gales-Resides in Freeport She received her A.B. and M.A dt grees at Wilson College and Univtr sity of Pittsburgh. She is Guidant: Counselor and has charge of girls ab sences. She teaches High-school M atheniatics. Grace Johnston-Hails from Sarver. She attended Theil where she receiv- ed her A.B. degree. She is now teach- ing English. Sponsor of the Senior Tri Hi Y and Student council. William 1. Karl-Comes to us from Shippenville. Attended Clarion State Teachers, Michigan State and Co- lumbia University. He teaches Sopho- more and Junior English. Director of the junior Play. Takes care of Boy's absences. john B. Karrs--Hails from Arnold. Attended Duquesne University. Now teaching Health and Physical Ed. Patricia 1. Leyde-Hails from New Castle. Attended Edinboro College where she received her B.S. degree. She teaches Art. john F. Masirik-Comes from Natro- na Heights. Has' a B.S. degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Teaches History. Assistant Coach. Mary N. Mauro-Comes to us from Tarentuin. Has a B. A. degree from Westminster College. She teaches Typing, and shorthand. Advises the majorettes. janet E. McGinnis-Comes from Greenville, Pa. Attended Theil Col- lege and Penn State. She teaches French, English and Literature. Helen M. Mihalco-Hails from Dono- ra, Pa. Attended Indiana State Teach- ers College and Columbia University. Teaches Home Economics. Helen Miller-Claims Sarver as her home town. Attended Slippery Rock State Teachers Colege. Teaches Health and Physical Ed. Advises Cheerleaders and G.A.A. Eleanor 0'Bryan--Hails from Saxon- burg. Attended University of Pitts- burgh. Ninth Grade Tri-Hi-Y ad- visor. Teaches Latin and English. Row Marie Pompe-One of our new tt-aeln-rs this year. Home is in Hus- selton, Pa. Attended Indiana State Teacliers College. Teaches Home Iicononiics. John B. Ray-Comes to us from In- diana, Pa. Attended Indiana State College. Teaches Geography. Also a new teacher, Elizabeth H. Shaffer-Hails from Tan-ntuni, Pa. Attended West Ches- ter State Teachers College and North- western University. Now teaching music. Elaine Sturial-Comes from Indiana, Pa. Attended Indiana State Teachers College. Teachers T ping, Sales. Conlid, Business Matli and Law. Paul H. Tearc-llails from Green- ville, Pa. Attended Penn State Col- lege. Teaches hand and orchestra. Elizabeth Tumer-Makes her home in Freeport. Attended Allegheny, Penn State, Pitt, and Columbia Uni- versity. Teaches English. Mary Kay Vorko-Claims Freeport as her home town. Attended Clarion State College. Received her B.S. de- gree in Library Science. Lavern Woodrow-Ilails from Tar- entum, Pa. Attended Clarion State College and Cornell University. Teaches Biology and General Sci- ence. Kathryn Yurchich-llails from Mon- essen. Attended Grove City College. Teaches Algebra, General Math and grade eight aritlnnetic. Bcmice Craig-Our school nurse. At- tended Columbia School ol' Nursing. and Indiana State Teachers College. Nick Vice President of class. Spencls his spart time on his hot-rod and with Joyce. In both Ir. and Sr. plays. endow 6764515 QMCQP6 Charles W. McCl0wry Lefty Buffalo Twp. President of class his Jr. and Sr. year. Seen with Herb, P. -I. and Butch. A Heartbreaker in the jr. and Sr. plays. Likes baseball and girls. Known to take lite easy . Dorothy M. McWhinney Dot Allegheny Twp. Secretary of the Sr. class. Likes to read, and go to football games. One of our Honor students. Mr. Marshallls right hand girl. Al- ways seen with june. Marcus H. Hartley Freeport Patty M. Shaffer Pat Allegheny Twp. Treasurer of the Sr. class. Blue eyes and blond hair earned Patty the title of best look- ing girl in the class. Drives the family Mer- cury. Active in Tri-Hi-Y and chorus. 14 john W. Acrc cc' South liullalo Iohn will always hc- m-nihcrvd as tht- "cop" tht' St-nior Play. Prvs- -ut of 107. Likcs hunt- : and a good fast has- glmll f.f2llllt'. KV 1 Lloyd Bastin Sari vrvillt- This quivt hoy spvnds ist of his tiuw ou his tl's farm. lim-vc-ivs-cl 'll-varnocl titlt- of thi' ist hashful boy in thi- nior Class. 'Q William H. Anthony Bill Shradt-r's Crow Bashlul Bill from 111 plau-s foothall and hunt- ing as his favoritm-s. Ruth C. Bachman ltuthit- Buffalo Bcst dancer in the Senior Class. Puts Maxx-, a hlondc sailor on the- top of her list. Works at the hospital. Likvs foot- hall gauws. C.A.A. Var- sity. llc-r favoritt- class is Cyin. Helen L. Baker Sln'advi"s Crm 1- llt-lcns iuaun plan is to marry johnny attvr graduation. Lovvs pota- to chips. llcr hohhy is sowing and shi- likvs has- lcvthall gauivs. S01-u with Bvvcrly and Sylvia. Glenn C. Bargerstoclc Alot- Sarwsr 'l'all and hloud. Lilivs tonthall hvst, thvn hunt- i n 91 a n tl husk:-thall. Drive-s a grcvn Ford truck with "bloc" on thc front. Mr. Karr's snake. Nancy j. Berg Buffalo l'i'i'sidt'nt of tht' Svu- ior Tri-lli-Y, Yvllow- int-kt-t, Fri-cportian stafli. Lilu-s popular in u s i c , hast-hall and swinuning. Ambition is to ho a pilot, llopt-s to go to 1.-ollc-gt: jane A. Bowden Bo Frvvport C.A.A., varsity. girls t'llSt'Illlllt'. L i li 0 s a l l sports. Drives hcr dadis Pontiac. Sc-vu with Lois. Active iu Tri-lli-Y for fivv yours. 15 Rodney I.. Burcs law' South Buffalo Lt-v only spcnt half the days with us our svn- ior yt-ar, thc other half hc workt-cl in his dad's garagc. Likc-s cars and ioothall gauivs. Nvat drt-ssc-r. Robert B. Camerlo lioh BJ. Prvsidvnt of thc Stu- dt-nt Count-il. Drives his dads big Packard, most- ly toward Sarvvr. A hig Rona-o, hut true to jan- vt. Big hit in -Ir. and Sr. plays. Beatrice Clark Bee Freeport Manager of the C.A.A. varsity team, color guard, likes to skate, girls cn- semble, active in Tri-Hi- Y. Prefers blonds called Dick. Phillip D. Coffin Phil Iron Bridge Most likely to succeed. Left us his Ir. year, but returned for this year. Spends his time reading, writing to Dawn, and caring for his horse. Charles Costantino Cossy Freeport Voted most athletic. Likes to read good sports books. Quite a heart- breaker. Donald R. Coward Don Laneville Hunting, swimming and football are prefer- red by this tall blonde center of the football team. Donis habit is be- ing late to homeroom. james L. Cramer Jim Silvervi Most studious. Ma ager of the football tea Vice-president of t Student Council la year. Patrolman, pre dent of the Senior Hi and Y Council. Herbert A. Cunningham Silverville A master at the art of bluffing. Patrolman his Ir. year. President of the elass his freshman year. A big part of the basket- ball team for four years. Donna M. Dean Silverville Sometimes called 'iSun- s h i n e ' ' Ycllowjacket, Likes football. Seen with Donnie or Marge. Wears cute clothes. Catherine Dempster Casey Laneville Voted most athletic. Girls ensemble. Seen with Della. Everyoneis frien-d. Works at Cam- erlois. 16 Marianna Donaldson Slate Lick Came to us in her sen- ior year.-Has a friendly smile for everyone. Sherwin G. Doughert Doe Slate Li A blond crewcut is Do trademark. Likes to hu Plays baseball for F. H. S. and Slate Licl- lilizaheth j. Easley Betty South linllalo ionalclj. Dougherty Belly likes to roller- .H 'vnu skate at klllkllllllllg. Seen I ' Q I 1 with IDt-Inn-s anti ltnth. .on's llauyritq- Q-lugs is Lilies the Navy ancl Tue- lylmll anrl snenils his k"r' re tinie talking or ing. Likes hast-hall l liootlmall. Fred C. Friteh key Saryei' Qnows all ahont larin- Donald L, Carris Dl'iY"S il llltl ri-fl Don Sln'atler's Grove 'k. Cant say that he Q teaeher's pet. Lilies Caine here iroin llar- sports. Playetl loot- hraek his senior year. , Nlr. Carlsoifs I' li y s i e s hrain. Likes to argue on a lirienclly hasis. Likes hast-hall. lli-Y ineinher. Marion L. Filer lloney Allegheny Twp lloney loves the game ot lootliall ancl every- thing that goes with it Aetive in Tri-lli-Y. Eat- ing is one ot her pas- times. Seen with Na Iioyes to clanee. Beverly 1. Flemming Sai'x'erx'ille Beverly hails from 111. Small ancl well clressetl. Tri-lli-Y. llas a sparlfler on her It-it hand. X el- low hlaeliet. Seen with I lelt-n. Delores V. Frain Sarveryille Delores is yery neat. .-Xnotlier girl with that important cliainond. Seen with Beverly antl Betty. Plans to marry johnny after graclnation. Connie M. Censbigler Buffalo Patrolman. Treasiirer of the Sr. Tri-lli-Y. Yel- low ulaeliet, C.A.A., Free- portian. One of Mnrpliyfs harcl working girls. llas tiine for Chneli only. IT .s George Haekle B. Carefree C e o r ig e . Youngest in the elass. Gives tent-lu-rs a rough time in stncly liall. Frecleriek J. Hamilton Fretl Boggsyille C0-Captain of tht- ioothall team. Mayor of Boggsyille. President of Class his sophomore year. Going to eollege. Eleanor Hartman McVille Reports to room 107. Loves to eat. Interested in sports. Mary E. Hartman Mary Etta McVille Has pretty dark red curly hair. Big interest is a soldier. Likes spa- glietti. M. Naomi Hartman Na Laneville A bouncing varsity cheerleader. Has a big smile for everyone. Likes all sports. G.A.A., Tri- Hi-Y, Varsity. Margaret Henry Peg Freeport Likes baseball, swim- ming and typing. Seen with Sylvia and Billie. Member of the Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., Freeportian Staff, Commercial student. Nancy J. Hill Lover South BuHz Favorite subject is D. Guard on G.A. V a r s i t y. Yellowjack n ig mi manager of r 1 z ' campaign, patr man, Freeportian Staff L. Dane Hoak Dane South Buffalo A dark quiet guy. hails from 111. Claims hunt- ing, fishing and eating are his favorites. He al- so enjoys a good loucl' basketball game. Lois M. Hotham Freeport Always wears some- thing tricky. Loves to dance. Spencls time writ- ing letters. Cow-boys a big Buick. Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, band. Robert Hughes Bob Buffalo Twp. Interested in s h 0 p work. Active member of the stage crew. Plans on getting married. 18 D. Glenn Hutton Glenn South Buffalo Glen is a real honor student. Math anid sci- ence are bis major inter- ests. Likes basketball and hunting. Plans to be an engineer. Billie J. Isenberg Freep Hails from the isla Likes football and da ing. Active in Tri-Hi- and Freeportian Sta Seen with Peg. Roger P. jack Al, Clinton Really earned the title hest dressed hoy in ' Senior elass. Drives umroun lfond. Tootie his Inig uiunient. Likes hunt. Seen with llc-rh. 'fly and Butch. Q1 iurah M. Klingensmith lly Freeport Sally is usually seen th Lois. Likes to 'inn and dance. -Enjoys lil'llilll1 a good football ine. Marilyn jack Dink Clinton llead typist for the Yellowiaeket and Free- uortian. Plays the piano. Likes dancing and all sports. Peppy cheer- leader. Donald C. Keener Shiney Slate Liek flood looking, full of fun, shy?? Plays hase- ball, likes swimming at Buggsville. Comes from 113, plans to retire. Eugene Kennedy Beans Freeport Likes to eat and sleep. A certain sophomore hlond holds his interest. Seen with Curly. An un- fortunate accident kept him from sports, hut he was a fine manager. Delores Kilgore Do Do Freeport Varsity cheerleader for three years. Likes a green truck with "joe" on the front-also the driver. G.A.A. varsity, Secretary of the senior Tri-Hi-Y. Janet I. Kronberg Sarveryille A little miss with pret- ty lmlaek hair. Seen with Gerry. Likes foothall and lmaskethall games. Plans to he a secretary. Harold C. Kunkle Luseeseo President of the Dra- uiatie Cluh. Meniher of the Senior play east. Plays the aeeordian. llas fl cute smile. 19 john T. Leach Terry Freeport Baseball, h o e k c y , swimming and iee-skat- ing are his favorites. One of Mrs. Cales whiz stu- dents. Soda jerk at Thuinpsous. Theresa M. Lepkowski Dolly B. Secretary of the Stu- dent Couneil. Most pop- ular girl in the senior class. A future nurse. C. A. A. varsity, Girls ensemble, Yelloxviaeket, Freeportian. Kenneth Locke Kenny Sarver Can really toot that big horn. Mr. Carlsonis Hmadu chemist. Likes to read. Clarence McAnnich Sonny South Buffalo Redhcadcd girls and eating top his list. Quite a talker. Favorite class is study hall. Geraldine Macurdy Gerry Sarvervillc Likes to sing. Girls en- semble. Seen with Janet. "Babs,' in the junior play. Marilyn McGuire Freeport Lists roller skating at Kittauning, and Garry as hier main interest. Of- tcn can be seen in the typing room. Plans to be a secretary. Nancy McKee Freep Peppy cheerleader four years. Loves dance. Has no deli plans for the future. C rus member. A go-get to put anything over. Priscilla M. McKee Gigs Freeport Always good for a laugh. Plans to be a nurse. Likes good food. Likes all sports. Voted most mischievous-Cho- rus. Sylvia A. Maradei Marty Freeport G.A.A. varsity, irls en- semble. Yellowjacicet and Freeportian staff. Plans to be a nurse. Prompter for Jr. and Sr. plays. Myrtle A. Mason Ann Lernerville Bindie's right hand girl. Always makes a nice ap- pearance. C. A. A. var- sity. 20 Donald C. Mast Peter Brown S. Buffalo Sports Editor of the Yellowjacket. P r e fe r s chicken Knot foodj. A mainstay on the football team. Lois A. Miller Allegheny T Lois is a quiet gi Likes all sports. L0 to read and listen to po ular music. Works in restaurant at Wein Crossroads. Helen J. Morgan wit' Freeport ,ikes sports, eating, fs. Chorus nu-lnher. ,nk the Home licono- 's Course. . R1 Joanne M. Rhoacles Freeport A very quiet and seri- s girl. Lives on Hulla- Street. llas insult- re- ion her lift- work, ins to start attending lentown Bible College s sununer. 1 AU: Margcrite L. Pesci Peg Freeport llas beautiful natural- ly curly hair, Editor of the Yellow-jacket. Neat dresser. Frivntl to all. Viola M. Poling ML-Ville Typing, reatcling, mu- sic, baseball, and resting are Viola s main interest. Floyd Ross Lueesco l"loycl's main interest is a certain sophomore eutie, works at Dever- aux. reads a lot of libra- ry hooks. Drives his sis- ter's shiny Chevy. John P. Ruflner Curley Freeport One of Li-els soda ierks. Two year letter- man in football. Seen with Beans. Secretary of 111. Prefers the Mu- rines. Zl Della T. Ravotti Del B. I. Making money is Del's main interest. Works at Camerlo's. Always re- membered as Pendie in the senior play. Girls en- s e m b l e , Yellowjacket, Freeportian, C. A. A. James P. Busz ,lim South Buffalo Vice-President of room 111. Claims gym as his favorite subject-a wo- man hater-Likes hunt- ing. Likes basketball and football. E. Gale Reed Cale Lanvville Blames his being late on his long walks from Laneville. Good-naturecl. Mr. Alsnauer's helper. F Sylvia I. Sarver Shuster Heights A girl of many activi- ties-ballet, oil painting, voice, violin. Seen with Beverly and Helen. Donald R. Sarver Don Sarver A hot-rod driver. Plans to get married after graduation. Seen with Bob. Spends most of his day in the shop. Marjorie V. Shaffer Margie Allegheny Twp. One of Ralph Kiners many Pans. Likes the boys from Leeehhurg. Member of the band. Al- ways seen with Pat and Dot. George F. Simpson Turtle Sarver Right tackle on the football team. Baseball player. Varsity c l u b member. Patty is his favorite pastime. John F. Singer Boneheaid Freeport Voted best looking boy in the senior class. Var- ity basketball. Real bash- ful? Football manager. Mildred Smith M id ge Ekasto Voted best dressed gi in the senior class. M jorette two years. Pla to get married after gra uation. Chester A. Smith Butch B. I. A big wheel from B. J. vlain interest is Gerry. 'resident of 111. Vice Jresiident of class his jun- or year. Edwin K. Spangler Eddie MeVille This big quiet guy likes to watch both bas- ketball and football . Claims a big interest in Ford City. Secretary of the senior sportsman club. Richard L. Stivason Dick Shraderis Grove Freeportian Staff, pa- trolman, Hi-Y, plays the big bass drum in the hand. Has a line tenor voice that will take him far. Loves to dance. 22 Eleanor Stokes Rusty Shraderis Grove Possesses strawberry blond hair. Majorette. Likes to sing. Always seen with Turk. Kenneth A. Stoyer Boop Freepo Can be found in tl Sllllp UI' lllllsllf l'UUnl. big part of the bass se tion. Likes all sport A camera fan. uh Alll'jJ,'llL'llj' Donald M. Swank Don Allvglwny llolwri ll. Such llunting anml swimming arc his fayoritc- pastiins-s. Loft for thx- army in Di-- Co-vaplain of thi- loot- L'4'IlllN'l'. ll lm-am. 'l'hri-v yvzn' lC'l'lllillI. Nh-nilwr ol' m- varsity m-huh. Plans to i to vollvgv. ll1lSliIlN' Donna. Patricia A. Thorpc Pat l4'rc-1-port A nmnlwr om- honor stncli-nt-lCclitor of thi- Frc-osportian, Girls vn- svinlmlv. lla-r main intvr- vst is l,vnnii'. Harry A. Toy limi Sraclvrs Grou- Votvcl lwst clancvr. Can rvally malw his sax laik. Dom-s c-qnally wi-ll at whistling. A rval pro in this -Ir. anal Sr. plays. Carol H. Vcnlurini cllll' si-nior hardly iust at Frcvporl only Mrs. in thu class. Carroll can wait to lu-conu- lionsvwifv, S Q -lack While 4 rl Frm-1-port Scrappy me-mln-r of thi' Paul 1. Wilson lrsity loothall anal has- llmim- Slmuh.,-5 Umm. lhall ti-ams. Varsity ' inh. Always has somv- llis music- will taki- nng to say. him far. Tall ancl li-an. Quivt, llllt a frivncl to all. Robert Younkins Boll Clinton Loyvs to cat, and talk in study halls. Bnsinc-ss managi-r of the scnior sportsman 1-luTm. Pool shark. 23 enior Cfcwd We the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-three, residing in and around the metropolis of Freeport and being of disinte- grating mind and body do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. Being pos- sessed with an abundance of unusual gifts which can be very useful to those who will try to fill our honorable places, we will now bestow to those less fortunate than we, these rare gifts. 1. To the Junior class we leave the almost impossible task of measuring up to this Senior Class. 2. To the faculty we leave our thanks for their efforts in trying to make useful citizens of us. 3. We leave our thanks to Mrs. Vorko for the time and effort she has put forth in put- ting out the F reeportian. 4. Each Senior wills the following: john Acre leaves his role as policeman in the Senior Play to Lee Mason. William Anthony leaves his guard position on the football team to Bill Sikora. Ruth Bachman wills her dancing ability to Carol Ruppersberger. Helen Baker leaves her position as typist on the Yellowjacket to someone capable of it. Glenn Bargerstock leaves his position as cen- ter on the basketball team to Dick Heil- man. Nancv Berg leaves her cleverness to her sister Sally. Lloyd Bastin leaves his bashfulness to Doro- thy Patton. Rodney Bures leaves his baby blue eyes to Dick Rumbaugh. jane Bowden leaves and takes her love prob- lems with her. Robert Camerlo leaves his job as Student Council President to an ambitious junior. Beatrice Clark leaves her love for Winfield to Edith Hinderleiter. Philip Coffin leaves his good looks to Earl Reed. Charles Costantino wills his athletic ability to David Burkett. Donald Coward leaves his center position on the football team to Lee Risch. James Cramer leaves, a sigh of relief from Miss Turner. Herbert Cunningham leaves his smooth line to Bob McLaughlin. Donna Dean leaves her cute smile to Helen Beale. Catherine Dempster leaves her athletic ability to Sue Lloyd. Marianna Donaldson leaves after spending only a year with us. Donald Dougherty leaves 113 never to re- turn-He hopes. Sherwin Dougherty leaves the nickname of Doc to Bob Noble. Betty Easley leaves her cuteness to Rowena Zimmerman. Delores F rain leaves her perfect attendance to Floyce Clevenger. Beverly Fleming leaves her shorthand ability to Evelyn Sobolak. Marian Filer leaves her admiration for foot- ball players to Don Rue Huff. Fred Fritch wills his devilishness to Richard Rodgers. Donald Garris leaves his love to the under- classmen girls. Connie Gensbigler leaves her place as patrol- man to Anna Mae Rieck Dane Hoak wills his quietness to Barbara Hawkins. George Hackl leaves his love for teasing others to Robert Coffman. Marcus Hartley leaves his car to Don Fleck Fred Hamilton leaves his football ability to Danny Lee. Eleanor Hartman leaves and takes her love for Cos with her. Mary Etta Hartman leaves her naturally curly hair to Tootie Porter. Naomi Hartman leaves her place as cheer- leader to anyone capable of filling it. Margaret Henry leaves her helpfulness to Martha Dougherty. Nancy Hill leaves her many friends. Lois Hotham leaves the Chevy to Barbara. Robert Hughes leaves to get married. Glenn Hutton leaves his love for math to Stanley Smith. Billie Isenberg leaves her love for school to her brother Tom. Marilyn Jack leaves her cheerleader uniform to Rhonda Hartley. Roger Jack leaves and wants to take Tootie with him. Eugene Kennedy leaves his job as manager of the football team to Duane Stepp. Delores Kilgore leaves her nice clothes to Rose Marie Palermo. Sally Klingensmith leaves her daily bus ride to Phyllis Miller. Janet Kronberg wills her black hair to Janet Keener. Harold Kunkle leaves his drums to Joyce Chiesa. Terry Leech leaves his hunting ability to How- ard Waltenbaugh. Theresa Lepkowski leaves her popularity to Bet- ty Avey. Kenneth Locke leaves his standing in the band to Lawrence Singleton. Sylvia Maradei leaves her friendliness to Theresa Ravotti. Cernaldine Macurdy leaves her daintiness to Thelma Mohney. Ann Mason leaves her good nature to Pat Bow- SCT. Donald Mast leaves his brains to Stanley Smith. Clarence McAnnich leaves his neatness to Albert Schweitzer. Charles McClowry leaves his popularity to Bob Craig. Marilyn McGuire leaves her love for skating to June Long. Nancy McKee leaves her red hair to Chicken Hartley. Priscilla McKee leaves her vocal ability to Sylvia Dahmen. Dorothy McWhinney leaves her lab equipment to her sister Evelyn if she can glue the pieces together. Lois Miller leaves her shyness to Velma Jane Ceer. Helen Morgan wills her cooking ability to Sue Seybert. Marguerite Pesci wills her beautiful hair to Rose Marie Venderlic. Viola Poling leaves her tinyness to Marianne Ahlquist. Della Ravotti appoints Dorothy Babinsack as the heir to her part in the Senior play. Cale Reed leaves his shop ability to Evertt Knap- penberger. Joanne Rhodes leaves to further her education. Floyd Ross leaves - sigh of relief from Miss Turner. Patrick Ruffner, leaves his flashy sweaters to some Junior. James Rusz wills his nice clothes to John Shoop. Donald Sarver appoints Roger Fry as his suc- cessor as manager of the stage crew. Sylvia Sarver leaves her violin to William Hill. Marjorie Shaffer leaves her blond hair to Pat Schwietering. Pat Shaffer and George Simpson leave their place in the halls to Donna Rue Huff and Jack Huth. John Singer leaves his witty remarks to Gary Carrier. Chester Smith leaves the name Muskrat to Bill DeMeno. Mildred Smith wills her neatness to Helen Olzack. Edwin Spangler leaves his ability to type to Lawrence Shutters. Richard Stivanson leaves his gentlemanly ways to Melvin Wachter. Eleanor Stokes leaves her gold head majorette plume to Pat Huth. Arol Stoyer leaves his teeth to Cummy McGuire. Robert Such leaves his Ipana smile to Jack Dol- meyer. Don Swank leaves to join the army. Patricia Thorpe leaves her job as editor of the Freeportian to Lois Ebig. Harry Toy leaves his saxophone to Sandy Stitt. Carol Venturini leaves to join Ronnie. Paul Wilson leaves his trumpet playing ability to Jerry Spindler. Jack White leaves his position on the basketball team to Kent Hall. Bob Younkins leaves his love for Chemistry to Roger Fry. I4 0 S T C-HA ' E... 9'4" 1-4 rw,--lU'll"' TIIICIHCSA LHPKOXVSKI HUTII BACHNIAN CIIARLES Mn-Cl,0YVIU' HARRY TOY ,IANIICS CRANIICIR CATIIIQISINIC lJHMPS'l'lCli NANCY Hllll. CHARLICS CUNSTANTINU 26 0 0 K I N G IQ --iii' Nxwxyy 1. M-f--W E xx mg XIII IJIHCD SXII I ll I'liIfIll.l..X Nlrlxll IRUIJICR QIAKTK IVIIIVID l"lil'I'C Il I Yl"I'Y SIIM-'I'l ll IOIS Xlll I I li IUIIN HlXflIi IIOXD ISKSIIN IXI IIIORII IIIII lOl I IN Kfcwfi Hop ec? Consider yourself a member of the class of 1953 coming back to Freeport after a twenty year absence. Our Cadillac zooms past BOB CAMERLO'S store where DELLA RAVOT- TI and CATHERINE DEMPSTER are his efficient secretaries. Across the highway we see FLOYD ROSS trying to peddle his new 1978 Chevy Rockets. As we pass CLARKS, we see BEE hanging out the wash. We stop to chat with her for a while and we find that RICHARD STIVASON is singing at the Copa club this week and that GEORGE SIMPSON and the former PATTY SHAF F ER have week old twin girls. Further on up the street we pass IIM CRAMER'S ice cream truck. We turn down fourth street and notice that LOIS HOTHAM has just returned from a buyers trip to Europe. We stop and gaze at dear old F. A. H. S. BOB HUGHES and GALE REED have done a good job at remodeling the place. We decide to go in and visit awhile. We stop and talk with JOHN ACRE, the new superintendent. We are surprised to learn that some of our former classmates are now on the faculty. DOROTHY MCWHIN- NEY, librarian, NANCY HILL, girls, physi- cal ed., BOB SUCH, boys, physical ed., CON- NIE GENSBIGLER, senior English, MARI- LYN IACK, typing teacher, MARILYN Mc- GUIRE, office practice teacher. ANN MASON is now secretary to FRED FRITCH, princi- pal. A sudden explosion sends us hurrying to the chemistry room where PROFESSOR KENNETH LOCKE has been trying out some new experiments. We notice that time is growing short, so we say a hurried ugoodbyv to MISS DOLLY LEPKOWSKI, secretary of the school. From all this talking our throats are parched, so we travel to TERRY LEACH,S drug store for a soda. He is so glad to see us that he gives us one on the house. With the soda we enjoy a bag of GLENN BARGER- STOCK 61 CO. potato chips. CCould it be DODO KILGORE that peals these potatoes?J We splurge on a nickle for the jukebox and hear BUD TOY,S arrangement of "Take Me To The Moon Babyf, featuring GIGS McKEE as vocalist. PAT RUF F NEB, head pharma- cist, informs us that AROL STOYER is per- forming at the Civic Light Opera Co. this week. LEF TY MCCLOWRY, our honorable mayor, comes in for his free tutifruite. A crash from the street causes us to rush out in time 'to see IACK WHITE'S appliance truck back into CHESTER SMITH'S bus. Chief of Police CLARANCE McANINCH escorts them both down to lawyer EUGENE KENEDY'S office. We take ROBERT YOUNKINS' taxi and speed down to PAT THORPE,S house where a meeting of the town council is going on. They have banded together to discuss a meeting of the possibility of plastic side-walks. Various towns-people are also present. PEG PESCI, editor of the Freeport Journal, HAR- OLD KUNKLE, manager of our up and com- ing Five or Ten, SYLVIA MARADIE, Presi- dent of the Ladies Aid Society, ROGER JACK, M.D. and his assistant MARGARET HENRY. To help make their plan successful, we take them to see PHILIP COFF IN, president of the Old Freeport Bank. He offers to give them a special loan. He hands the keys to the vault to his secretary JANET KRONBERG. Not to be out-done, GLENN HUTTON presi- dent of the New Freeport Bank gives us a loan also. In front of the bank is an armored car with DON GARRIS in the driver's seat. We knew he would be in the money. We cross the street to Deanies Beanery where DONNA DEAN is dishing out her specialty to NANCY McKEE, BETTY EASLEY, NAN- CY BERG, ELEANOR STOKES, telephone operators. Picking up their check is their boss FRED HAMILTON. Looking in the barber shop window, we see DON MAST, pro- fessional football star getting his standard crew-cut from HERB CUNNINGHAM. We had forgotten it was a national holiday and are in time for a big parade. PAUL WILSON is the leader of the town band and is doing a wonderful job. This occasion has brought BILL ANTHONY, RODNEY B U R E S , LLOYD BASTIN and DONALD DOUGH- ERTY to town. The boys must be working the night shift at the mill this week. Some of the spectators are: DELORES F RAIN, MIL- DBED SMITH, AND MARION FILER, who seem to be having quite a time holding their little ones up so that they can see. On one of the floats are representatives from SYLVIA SARVER,S dancing school. SALLY KLING- ENSMITH'S GIRL SCOUT troop is next in line. Following them is a display of MAR- CUS HARTLEY'S new cars. Those in the drivers seats are: DONALD KEENER, JAMES RUSZ, EDWIN SPANGLER, DON- ALD SARVER. As the parade passes, the Schenley train pulls in and RUTH BACH- MAN, JANE ANN BOWDEN, HELEN BA- KER, who are secretaries at the plant push through the crowd. They stop and talk to their former classmates, MARIANNA DON- ALDSON, BEVERLY FLEMMING, and GERALDINE MACURDY, who are now busy housewives. As our trip comes to a close, we stop in at our new town library and visit with LOIS MILLER, librarian. She tells us that JOANNE RHOADES and MARGIE SHAFFER are doing missionary work in Asia. HELEN MORGAN AND MARY ET- TA HARTMAN are doing their research for the new Freeport Oil Refinery. You knew that CHARLES COSTINTINO struck oil in his back yard ten years ago, didn't you? JOHN SINGER is now his business manager. As we say "farewell" to dear old Freeport, we wave goodby to DON COWARD, GEORGE HACKEL, AND DON SWANK, recruiting officers. What a day! But it was good to be back. ROOM 2 12 Miss Mihalco Row une: D. Collvr, B. llziwkins, E. Hinds-rlitcr, F. Clvv- c-ngcr. Row two: E. Sulmlnk. A. Czunphvll, P. lluth, S. Scybvrt Row three: Bliss Milmlc-rn, N. Pnrtvr, S. Stitt, M. Burvs ROOM 1 14 Miss Yurchich Row nnv: R. Kendall, I. Dangli- m-rty, Il. Dcnipstz-r, -I. Emer- in-k, B. Burl-s, F. Damyllu-rty Ii. lim-nry, Lloyd, T. Moll- nr-y. L. Kt'lllli'fly, H. l.ocka'. I Dznifs-rty, Miss Yuri-hich. How Two: L. Bcnnctt. R. Garvin D. Holm-y, I. Shamcr. D. Bally inmck, H. Olznk, j. Callvn A. llvlnpstcr, S. Bmgorstul-k K, Craig. Row three: L. Cla-vvr, B. Bailey j. Shoup, ll. Humlmugli, N Swucnoy, H. xvilllvlllhllljlli, E Duflorcl. j. Dcmpsts-r, R. Rog- vrs. VV. iJt'lxltJllO. Row four: H. Craig. D. Burkctt A. HilI1llllKlll. H. Cray. H. Hcil- man, VV. Mnlkuviuk, li. Dou- tlwtt, il. Fzxir, j. Bunino. Row five: nl. Dolim-yvr, G. Cnr- rivr, L. Single-ton, D. Tlmmp- Sllll. Room 1 12 "f Mr. Curry Row one: M. Dvvnwr, P Bnlentinc, P. Bowsyr, R Drake, C. WVOU, B Cannon, H. B4-ll. B Ridley, R. Zimmvnuun H. Beale, D. Bukvr, A Rim-ck, N. Altman. Row two: H. Hartley, L Ehig. B. Avey, D. Hill S. Milli-r, F. Miller, P Raith, S. Ijilhlllklil, P Burfuril. L. Shuttvrs. D. hm-ai. Row three: N. Curlnmn, R. Bnlxinsnck. E. Knap- pcnlivrgor, L. llzirhison A. Scliwivstzcr, N. Frm- tin. E. Johnson. S Smith, D. Crzitzvr. Row four: VV. Sikoru, D Stvpp, L. liiscli. I. Dol- meycr, E. Mc-Guin-. D Fleck. K. Hull, R, Sar- vcr, L. Clever Row five: R. Fry. V. Ohl. IIUNIIC IIININI 20I Hr. NYnmIr1m- IIuw one-: I', Nlzilki, II. Hun-- Iilv, II. I'nI1I. NI. Nzltvx. I' NI IiII'IIIl'I', IC. Ilurk. -I. I'l'ai4 um-r. 0. Clinv. I. Iflaiypnnl II, Iluxau-k. I3. IIIalvIQIml'n II. NIih'Iu'II. I7, ,Iau'II, K Iimla-y. IIUW twn: QI. Ilulnpllrvy. II Clmpmam. II. Stn-xvm. 'I' I'III'IlllllIll', II. I-'mum-I, I7 I-'t1, I. hunrtl. In Imm- Iuiulvr. K. III-nsIuigIm-r. .-X YvmIn'rIis'. A. Ilalmillml. IInw thru-: Il. I.1-1-, II. Sc!- !In'llu-51-11 lf, I.:laIu1. II Sxinmllw. IU. S:il'x'vr, NI .fXI1Iqm'sI. I3. IIriL'In'l', 'I' IIuunIy'InlxI1, XY. Shn'nu'r. ,I .-Xlnino, XY. Sipvs. IIONIIC IIOUNI 108 Miss Buyrl How nnv: N. Xlnilu-. QI. Xml- Iwri. XI. KuIvIal. II, NIiIII'r II. Kvlixlmly. II. YcluIa'rIiL' IT. K4-IIy. S. Iluuunrl, I. CuIIin. C. IR-wi. I. 'I'ny. II Ilmil-I. N. Szmnvr. Row two: II. Aim-lln. li. Sam- Iulv, -I. Loy. U. Klonsilxg I". Tamllinge-r, Il. 'lormlun XI. I7uuIIn'II. I". Zinnnvr mam. NI. II:lIIill:i. C. .Ialck I'. Nh-ITIuwn'ry. II. Ilurgn-1' IIuw lllrvc: C. Cmx'llc'l'. I7 Caliwr. III, C.luIus. II. Sub IIIm'ialII. I., NI1ismm.vII. Cum'- gn-rl. QI. IIIIIII. ,I. Ix4'II1't, II IIurIwIl. IInw Iourz II. Slnxvr. II Sxuw-llc-y. II. Iivzilv, S .M'rm'. A. Durri. II. fIl'I'NIiIIlI I. II:lIwIml. IIONIIC IIUONI I09 Miss Shlrialc IIOw our: NI. I".lIIIlu'r. I II1'Qzm. -I. Faly. I'I. AII. Sh-wnrl, I. Ilvvr. I.. Nu- IrI1'. I. IIm'nuuI, XY, Crai- mvr. II. Ifairmli. Il. XII'- IIuIImluI1. XY. Ihxlipllais, I' I5m'ry, IIuw lwu: IJ. Ilurw-5. II XIIIAIIIQLIIIIII. I'. Iinrruwm K. IIIyxImu', C. Hlvrliml NI. I'in-Ivr. ID. IIuII, I' Sa-Im'im-tm-l'il1u, N. Toy. Y IIuv. Kmwxlm-r. IIUW Ihrvvt II. SIIYCIINUII, IC YIIIMIU. S. IIOziI4'. I Tllmnpsmi, II. IIurIurLI. C IIa-ml, I'. Sutnm, ll. Nulnn II. I'ivIvr. II, Imulxi. lIuw four: II. Ium-s. 'I'. Iwn- Iu-I11. II. I Kc-pplv. XY Ili-m'gm-. IC, Nlnilki, IJ Sn-Im'ii-Is-l'ilH!, II. II.lIu'r. IIONIIC ROOM llli Miss I.03'cIA' Hoya' unc: II. I7nugIn'x'Iy, II, II, Ann'nl.v I. I.x'aun. -X. I'1pvx'ailn. I. Sm'- IIm'r. S. 'I'Ilurpc. -I. IInwwr S. Smith. II. Smith, ,I K1---lu'l'. N. SIU-nrvr. II Xlyvrs. Row two: I. XYziIsIm-m'iIIn-. S Slu-arm-r. K. Ifrzultl. D. Put- Iml. II. NVIIIIV. I.. 'I'r1'IlIv D. Cmmlv. K. Ilairrixizm NI. Sllmllw. IXI. NoIxII'. .I I.mig. IIuw IIlrl'01 IU. Sn3II1'r. II I'.4Iwnx'1Is, Xa. IIIII, I. Mc- IJI-rnmit. IJ. .-IlltI1uny. 'I' xIl'IIllII'I'. A. Ulxl. II. IIvn- nvlt, QI. IIricIu'r. II. III'vIKIl- nt n Row Iour: I3. KI-m'ln'r. I. III:- HWII, II. Sulu14'l'. '15 l lui ll ' A8 H 475:54 'Q A fifwfmsn' " gf ,as -- eg, lin!! -N il YQ W Q Row unc: 'I'. Ki-mlnll, 'I'r1'h'lm'r. D. Skilm, RUUNI 200 Nlr. Nlnanrilx Riu unc: XI. Iiiflli-5, Ii .I?aluqliiI:lllIn, VA. A llalviw I. I.uwm-rs. XI. Nlllivr. II I Di-ilipxti-r, II. lm'Ivl', I". luur. XX. lxhmaui, S. Smith 1. sim.-ak, 'll lf.-Qi.-r. if lfr.iii1. II, Ih'nlpstc'l'. ow two: A. Siu-nrviz Al Alnum-s. -I. l'rainlZ. 1. I'ln-vk li. lfuiwmi, Nl, llmx-lxpiks' Y. l3ou'l'5pikA'. XY. Iivli- slmu, Xl, Ixuhm. NI. limi- m'II. I.. Shulll, -I, Toy. ow lhrvv: N, Stivvrs, C Sin-ilu-m'l'. j. N1-ft,'l'. Stull. II. Smith. II. I.1iss1li'm'l'. Nl L Ilumm, A. ilailliut, D. Illus- xnttu, XY. Alilfglilll, II. Yvw- hi. uw four: D. Alumni, I. Km'viu'i'. Iiaikvr, Il. IIiQ- untixw-. N. lhllwiimwk. IIOONI 210 Mr. Ray' uw our: l.. Iiiiiviimick, ,I Ilmlk, A. hhirrifnm: II .lm-Is. l., Q-Yillll, lx. lulilvr II. Iflvilllli, II. Unwn-r, Spimllvr. G. Shi-rrih. A Iwluain. N. Saimplv. l. llum-5. S. l'an'lik. II. Ihmlwi' nw Iwo: S, lIugi'i'x, NI. Cn vmlc. IB. Nlviliiirv. S. Iln- vvn, S. llmilllvll. D. IAIIII In-r. Nl. Iiurri, IX, Lairr, 5 Iimlili-is, D. Simms. C Ilannillmm, II. Hl'll51'IIl'i. ow thrvv: II. Kuhm. II. Nu hh-, XI. Vlwl, Y. Ishmam D. llvllry. K. lfulwn-II. I7 XYzium-r. ROOM 202 Mr. Carlson li P Ilairrigun. II. I'rau1n'r. -I lim-uaui, II. Sclmiinlt, K Smith. D. Iilyslmu-. li IILIFIIIIAIII. II. Nlmitgmm-ry D, llvilmun. N. Mi-Curclv Rnw lwn: XI. XYIii!0Imir, IIim-uk, rl. Iiwlivimluxiixgii, .I l'ph-gmplm, ll, Slum-k, ,I Caiiwr. nw Ihrcv: I', Conti, C. Iirr , . . uvr, I. Hill, K.. I.uu-cfs. .I Sh-rlinu. I", Cmwnnaiii. ROOM 20:3 Miss M1-Cinnis Row une: H. Elwwk, Nl lCclw:n'Llw. Al. llvvrs, Nl. Hun gxttu. lf. Fcnnvll. ,l. lfnllt nvr. B. Cnlwcll. ll. Dall! nmn, ff. lfvrnlll. l.. llurm .-X. Hz-uk, VV. Dnuulu-rty S. Arlllstrnllg, l,. llvrnnrcl Row twn: l'. Cmvnm-r. li lfnrcix. ll. Hrs-nm-lnun. ll Cnrnlnun. A. Hnclmn. ll XV1-ws, ,l. Xfgnllu-r. Al. llvn nvtt IJ Burrows M f'l'n' pnnl, B, Cullivx, B, lim-lnn K. Anthony, Row three: D. lluwsvr, N Brant, C. Allison, li. lil'- win, P. Christie, ,l. llnnrll P, Buntl. QI. lla-rry. ROOM 211 Miss Pumpi- Hnw unc: ll. XYiUl1Il'I', ll Slum-:ln-r, A. Slu-rnm-la. ll Rinllvy, U, 'l'ruw'1', l. XY1-stvlulurl. ll. Stvrlinu, l, NV1'vtc'mlnrl', ll. Sllt'l'ri1-lu. IJ Xl4n1t11mm'l'y, NY. Skill-x. P. Pannylm, ll, Snuu-k, C Sloan. Huw Two: K. 'l'm'lL'1's, lt Slu'rnn1'k. ll. Slllllll. li XVRILIIICIK G. lim-vi. Nl Slnitll, ul. XVllih-, C, limwn- ig, D. Sonic-r, I., llullnm-r Xl. XVllitvlmir. S. Tutltl, lf Sl1L'ul'ol'. Row three: I,. Snvclz-r. C Young, A. XYilsml.'lNl. Vaul- 'l'in4'. Nl. Sin5.!ln-tml, .l Stitt. li. Young, ll, Yun- 'l'in4-, ll, 'l'zlntlin1lA-r. ROOM 208 Mrs. Alnlmston How unv: bl. Milclwll, li Cznnlxlv. Nl. lfiscm. .l KL-lly, C. Ilurvuy, li Krcnu-lwrxl. ll. !XlcCnirs-, li xlK'l.AlllfIllllll, M. Gqirwr, ll llllfllillll, E. Knssanl, KI Nic-Guin-. Knnwlnmn P. Nlnrlu-l. li. llswm-lmpikf' Row two: M. Nlctzlcr, E M1-Nvzll, E. lnlnls, il. Mc- Crx-1-ry, K. Ku-lmlcr, -I. lfnl- lt-rtnn. M. Mvissns-r. I, Ilurrilmsnn. li. llowitt, Nl llvrnlcl, S. Crnltnn, V Knswzln, S. Nulmlm-, li. llnml Row thrve: j. Fostvr, li. lluls- Il. lin-1-lmrt, M. Cznnlxlc. A Hull. -l. lsunlwrg, l". Kvvn- cr, A. llcssluglvssn-r, S. Mil- la'r..l. Myvrs. il. llurlurzl. Huw tour: ll. llnnnlclmn, li K1-lly. ll. Gross. UA jimfmfl flex SOPIIOMORIC CIASS I RI SIIMAN OFFICERS OFFICERS I rc mlm nl Kutlilvc-in Cruim-r I lu I'rms1clu1t Judy Ymmg Sur: I lrx Rosa- M. -lIllIllI'kl r mm f xml Illlppvrslmm-1'gc-r Tlic- und01'cluss1ncn olliccrs arc 1-Iva-tc-cl by tlivir classmutvs varlv in thc full. Tliv president zmcl sm-c1'ctal'y ZIIIIOIIIQIIICZIIIY lx-- comc memlwrs of tllc Stuclcnt Council. They' do their In-st in guiding thc- aictivitios of thc- class. JUNIOR CLASS OFFIC I' RS l'1-psiilg-ni -lusvplm BOIIIIIU XYICL'-I,l'l'SICI1'Ilt lluln-it tl Sm-crcta1i'y , Nancy A tmun rI1l'i'ilSlIl'K'T Ilclv B1 mlm OFFICERS l'1'1-siclviil Rulwrt Cullman Vim'-I'i'n'siclcl1t llairry Cns 't'K'I'CIllI'I' . Rosa' Nlalrim' Yvmlulu lruzlsllrm-1' . -lzuwt Ku 1 film! 5 at The Freeport High School Band, under the competent leadership of Mr. Paul Teare. enjoyed a successful year. They put in many long hours practicing tor their fine showing on the football field at half time, as they performed at all of our nine games. They participated in the Armistice Day, Halloween, and Nlemorial Day programs. Freeport played host to county hand this year. Law- rence Stitt from Indiana State Teacher's College was guest conductor of the 135 piece hand when Armstrong County members represented eight schools. Kenneth Locke. David Keener, Helen Beale, Anna Dempster, and Sue Lloyd were chosen as Freeportis representatives to Central VVestern District Band at Punxsutawney. The senior members are as follows: Paul Wilson, M. Shaffer. Kenneth Locke. Beverly Fleming, llarold Kunlde, Richard Stivason, Lois Hotham, and Harry Toy. 40 I nu l llc noul Nllllll 1 llortc-r OPCAQA fI"6L 1 if 3 f ii ni 3 1 Q F fi 0 K5 a 22 ff? R is x 1 ii PAAA Thx- high school orclic-stru consisting of approximately thirty mcinhcrs has pnu'ticc'cl diligently this Vt'2ll'. Thirtccn of the ll1t'l11lJG1'S zittciiclvcl the coinhinvcl orclxvstra and chorus fcstival in Kittanning on the twenty-fourth and twenty- liltli of Novvmlwr. Tha- 0l'Cl10Stl'2l also played for the junior and sc-nioi' plays and clicl ai splvnclicl joh at Comme-nccinent and Buccalu111'czite. Mr. Team- will lose six seniors. They are as follows: Marilvn McGuire, Kvn- nr-tli l,oc-kv. Lois llotliznn, Mzlrgiv Slmflvr, Paul Wilson, :incl Sylvia Su1'vc'i'. .'xllKlI'l'2l Cannplx-ll Eu-lyn Solmlzxlc Nlilmlrz-cl Smith l'ilL'anior Stolws 41 lfloyu' Ulm viigvr CAOPDL5 ffl UWM The high school chorus, this year numbering approximately eighty, is under the leadership of Mrs. Elizabeth Shaffer. Sixteen members of the chorus traveled to Kittanning to participate in the combined county orchestra and chorus. Other highlights of the year were Candlelight service, Baccalaureate, district chorus, spring concert, and state chorus. The project of the chorus this year was the purchasing of the blue and gold choir robes. The seniors in the chorus are: C. Dempster, C. Macurdy, N. Berg, L. Hotham, Bowden, B. Clark, S. Maradei. N. McKee. D. Pmavotti, P. Shaffer, M. Smith, E. Stokes, P. Thorpe, E. Hartman, N. Hartman. C. Hewitt. T. Lepkowski, H. Morgan, M. Shaffer. H. Stivason, il. Acre, A. Strover. lfL58lf1fLZA 471 v- 3-'W 4 A group of twenty-one girls were selected from the senior high chorus to sing in the ensemble this year. The girls sang for Candlelight Service and other special events. The members are: K. Craig, L. Ebig, B. Clark. P. Thorpe, T. Leplcowski, N. Burg, S. Maradei, A. Piperato, Pm. Zimmerman. S. Dahman, P. McKee, D. Ravotti, P. Balentine, A. Rieck, M. Falkner. 42 ome conomiw I--.4 111 FUTURE IIUNIEMAKICRS OF ANIEIHCA Sl1111d111g: I. II1111-pv, II, lXI'f5ll'l', IJ. Ifuxuttl. Xl. l5a1ll11111, Nl. Il111'l111:111. S. 51111, ll, NIHI IlIIlKl1'l'lIll'l', l'. XIIII1-1', X. f-1'L'l'. N. l,0I'll'l', li. ll11wk111s. ID. C,11ll1-11 l'. ll11tl1, 5. S1-ylnlt Nl klllilil. li. lu-11111'1ly'. Svulccl: Xliss XIil111l1'11. NI.S111ill1. I'. Xll'c:I17XX't'l'j, Xl. Ii111'1's, l5.S1111ll1, Min llllIll1l1'. BOYS' HOME ICC slklllllilljll li. S111-lu, ID, f:UXV1ll'll, il. l5z11'g1'1'sl111-k, B. 'l'11y, ll. f:2lllll'lAlU. Nliss Nlil111l1'11. il. I 111111 H. ll11gl11's. Srulvrl: A. H1111-111, Y. 0111. S. U1111gl1v1'ty, AI. Huw. 13 cglfudenf Canned Qt' President . Robert Camerlo Vice-President , .. . John Shoop Secretary Theresa Lepkowski Assistant Secretary ., Sue Llovd Under the guidance of Mr. Bush and Mrs. Johnston, the student council has again completed a successful year . They achieved their aim of holding regular meetings, and revised their Constitution. The milk program was continued this year and proved to be quite successful. The Councilis most important dance was the Coronation Ball at which a Senior king and queen were chosen. The students of F. A. H. S. are proud of their Student Council. 44 This yvzn"s Mzlguzim' Cannpuign was again sllL'c-vssflll. Unclvr tlu' clirvction of Nancy Ilill uncl Mrs. Gull-5, tlu' total sulvs znnountvcl to ova-r 32,000,011 Tln- llOIl1O room with tlu- lligln-st sulvs uclmivvc-xm'nt was 107, going wav ulmovc' tlwir goal. -15 I pafrofmen Elected ouch yvau' lmy tlu' stuclant lmoclx the mutrolmc-n arc: R0lJl'l'fclilll1l'I'l0 Annu Maw Bic-ck Tlwrc-su LL-pkowski joseph Bonino Nancy Altman Ann Mason .lim Crznnvr Clmrlvs Mclllowry S110 Lloyd john Shoop lliclmrcl Stivuson Connie- Cvnslmiglvr Holm-rt Nolmlv Kent Hull Holwrt Craig Bc-tty Avey agazine ampaign we wwe - AQALLA L-Zbim H Inmate No. I Philip Coffin Terry Leach Lois Hotham Priscilla McKee llnnate iNo. II . ., , ,, . Plurilmus Qfleneral utility at the place? . ,. .Richard Stivason Harry Toy . , . ,Della ltavotti Catherine Dempster Pendie lMir.s Mer:-4lith's colored maidj . Miss Lavelle Ulead Nurse at Sanitoriuml Theresa Lepkowski Pat Thorpe Mr. Higgins 1Superintendentl , .. . . ., Marcus Hartley Nlr. Marshall Lot' the Board ot' Direetorsl Floyd Ross james Cramer ,Charles Mt-Clowrv jack. alias "Speedy" 1His soul , Rohert Camerlo unior pfuy 3 act comedy LJ lazy IMA! jiafgn hy Aileen Leslie jucly Foster qteen-age Missb , Iane Bowden Marguerite Pesci Randolph ther younger lirotherj , N Hohert Camerlo Dora Foster flier mother? . .,.. . 'lheresa Lepkowski Eleanor Stokes Melvin Foster ther fatherl , , . Floyd Ross Arol Stoyer Oogie fthe man in jucly's lifej , Charles McCl0Wrv h Harry Toy Priscilla McKee Nancy Berg .Ann Mason Connie Genshigler Geraldine Macnrdy Mitzi lloH'inan Cjudyk friendl Mrs. Sehlntzhannner lol the PTAl . CAST Lois Meredith QA visitor! Reggie Mortimer CAdmirer of Loisl Beatrice QFriends Marjorie of janet Lois? Evelyn VVinslow ta wealthy patientj , Hardlmoiled MeCaiterty QA policemanj ., pnior pdf? 3 act comedy iM,,ZJ,, 0 ru Z7 H ln' Mildred Smith Marilyn jack . Donald Carris Harold Kunkle Connie Censhigler Delores Kilgore . Beatrice Clark Marguerite Pesci Marion Filer Naomi Hartman lane Bowden Eleanor Stokes . john Acre Ezlwarcl Cordon fEvelyn's fiance? . , . , ,Eugene Kennedy ,ohn Singer f "W'ho VVouldu't Be Crazy" portrayed a scene in a sanitarium. lhe three-act comedy kept everyone in laughter and suspense. CAST Mrs. Hotchkiss fthe Laundry Nvoinanj . . . , Sylvia Maradei N I I Lois Hotham Eloise Hotchkiss idaughter who eloeutesj , ,Nancy Hill l Mildred Smith Hannah tthe maid? . . .,., Pat Thur H. Barbara W'insoeket ianother friend? . . . Geraldine Macurilv Mr. Martindale ltheatrical produeerj ,, . ,..... Fred Fritch Jim Cramer Hexford Meredith 0'Conner fnew boy in town! Eugene Kennedv Susie CRex's kid sisterb . . . . . Marion Filer Beatrice Clark "A Date YVith Judy" was the story of a teen-alle miss and all her troubles, plus her younger hrother. The play was taken from the tamous radio show Written hy Aileen Leslie, zfrecfom Mr. William Karl Miss Elizahetli Turner Mr. Laverne Vtfoodrow 46 Katherine Kai anaugh XVithout thv tireless cf- forts of thc- stzlgv crcw. any procluctioll at F. A. ll. S would bv lost. The- mem- bers l1l'l'Z vcr. D. KllIlSl'lII1llll, D Rowley, C. Hutton. D. Survvr. B. Crcstuni. li. Fry H. Noblv. H. Ilughvs. P WVilson. E. Kmlppvnlx-rl gov. D. Survcr. 47 Mr. ixlSlll1lll'l'. aulvisvr' C. Hvvd, A. Stovcr, K. Sur: OIL 1f'6wia1fL5 At the start of the new term Mrs. Vorko chose 20 girls to act as student librarians. Their duties include circulation of hooks, accessioning and sending overdue slips to those students who do not return their hooks on time. The Librarians are always willing to help students find their reference material. Their help and kindness in locating hooks is appreciated by those Whom they have helped. These girls deserve the thanks of the entire student hodv. We cf Us President A Stanley Smith The Nurses, Business, and College Club Vim, P1.eSidt,ut V 'Lois Hotham meets every Thursday. Throughout the year Sucmtarv Domthv Mcvvhinmiv the club has had teachers and other speakers ' t 'l I - explain to the club the requirements for many Tl'0i1Sll1'Pl' Eh711l7eth Bmlev different institutions that specialize in the courses Advisor Mrs. Gales in which the different students are interested. 48 67.01 effe CM :zijn li 'l'hc- lliaijoiw-tiv c-huh wus ' in-wh' Ul'lI,tllllXl'll this x'c"ii' ffs with Nliss Xlzuiro as l"uc-ulty sponsor. NIV. 'l'l'ill'4' also 5 In-lpf-tl tht- im-iiihm-i's with thc-ii' work. Olliccrs l'r1's. livtty Mitt-lull Y. Pri-s. Don lim- llutl SIT.-'l'l'l'2lS. Sully' lli' .X in-W lt'2lllll't' ol tht- hu ml iwxt yt-ur will hi- ling twirh-is r . - Ihvsv Haig twirh-rs as well is thc' 111113011-ttf-s lm' tht ..- 1-'t - -- . . Cfilllillg ibn uit! Mer dence Did you kmm' "Sn-ia'iic'1' is lsllllulj This club is mi- clc-uvmiiig to provv thc-ir motto. hx' ciic-oiimgiiig cur- iosity uinmig its im-mhz-rs. Tlu-il' proic-cts am' IIlililIlV cciiic-wiivcl with pliysicall scic'm'c. Tht- IIll'llIlH'l'S zlrv: Nh: Curlsmi. zulvisuix Kc-ii Smith, Clih Carson. Hill - w 1 - Nhllcr. C-4-rultl Volt. Law' iviiw Siiiglctoii, Xlliltvi' Uhl, Lon liziliiiisuck. Tom lfuir. D. Tllmnpsoil. ll.ll'l'Y Nloiitgoim-i'v. It 0 ii ai l cl Smith. amd livvtl lfmim-ll. 49 'Ami' sg ,H 1 in 5 5 W fi 3 'fx seg if 5 Q Q Q M ix W xxx? xsk mf fr 4 1 h X 1 5 51' an "1 -1: .X..,..X. P f- h "WS: ",,'wr ,....X. . . :ff 'K' Q' 4 P , A ww 'H F X WEST X X Q. ff Q ' Y H "'h5 ' ' W? wwws ,mls V X qggfxsk . A. fi -,, i Y . . x - A-X fxgg.: X. MN. UW, wx' W. Q 0- -. XY X . 'X ,HH 4 V, U. X, X Z by Y 3:.vw Q ,Y f. X , A H, I X --'N X X- ff K 'V x Q E " ,. .mu . 1 , ,LQ , . A 54. , X, . ,,. Q, W V .1 Q Y X I, .Q qu If gi f s b 12 , E, ., 5 : 3 a ,iq xt X R' N, if , N AQ m Q, 'M lx 56, I .J . uf 4 z X 'A' ' 25 -wail: .-4 ' Wf Xf 1: uf, V Q x - , ,... X, . K A K' X ' N 'U' ll ' 1- X E ,if 'X L A "ff 'T' 'Z 'f rw? LK ' K v vm 5 V F A J X? s K ' . .15 I in X ,, X X. - 1 l , .A S . XX T- A-Xgya: Q V 5 ,flvyy 31 v A M vi' . Q A , v s fm A v .X '55 ' x S .. 5 if Q 1 A ' 533 .v .fx . Q , gl lg T ? und' 3 y , 1, ff , q-- Hwfv' .X X'1 X f , w,f.- N , Q, . X. . . X. M x,K .W A4 XX X XJXXX A M 'uf H XX inn, Rt. X Z x X KE... ., K' in 'E 3 . 51 ' X v 1 K3 V , xr? h 'X if il ' ' ' , "'A . ' 5 X i Xf- I gg- K . V Rd i lx 'X if I 1 - .XV Y 1? ' , I fi f nj ' ,X n Lfgf VM r . 5 if A ,K A VQAXW W .QA Y 2,55 Q k M S - X . : J' f':.f,--L,- A M, 4 . N3 4, X 3 ,V Q ,X 5' 5521010 .139 i'W35iXu-'xl 'Q Xk 'A 'K XX f "i x . ' ""'mn ,X X 'T"5FNwN'H'fnm,3,'43-vm'-2X .,.-.g fs. X .1 Lv.. J A X - ' 'Q"f2:4" iw "mm v:'g4LL -'NA' 'f -Q ' . , - 1 wif b 'A W X ' - X Wifi 'W -- 3" X 1 'www X M M'F w.?v . AX X fS -w- TT X X . 4X .gy N 2. Q .X A - .3 "Zv'f as u ' Jf1X -X v f ' .Q f "EF3E s ' ,- if Q i H. '-' , X, n .X-yu -X ,V .4f f ': 'W '-A . " A ,ii 'A X Y X . E1 , X.: lm . - Yu 95. , ii 4, A X X XXX in 'Alf f' MfZ!EE:51MN w' fQ 'Q ' X gy 3 ' Rf tQ2v ff X- -,f ' E ix X3 3 :N li , S X '. Y ' 3 , I '1 N . X Q w. ' Y 1 X . X I 3 rffvgnx Q Q ., fi , I ' X ' X - " T." 'lv 'M NIA! 5 A' . MX mtg- .X x i' J . .X Y Xa t X ,. aux r X i Q f f 4 2 X N .g . X A if i 5 . :X . l sv- I if Q ago ff' X 's 4' Y N f.:gqf5i':i3'Q3.g,Q::f1g'9?VgTe, . away? wig 5 W M x 1 fx" -'XF 4 .X 1 J 2 -- . X 'X . 3 . . , X .1 X". w.'51.'X lvtfy 'Wig figys KY' ff AFQNXXX ' .qw w-KX' fX,,f-X . H , , W ', X gf: X - wXvf,f 1 F A f ' - .wks get Q? an , Jvgikag. ' 5?g?f'.iqzN . ?lgy.',fyggW4Q5mV' Q 1 ww'ffWh - ff ,Q M. '-S wi V :A,. F U" W I ,rn 5 . ,.,,.,., fm gm .V .,,,a I "Y"S"f 1546-Enfgfff' ,,.4f:12-11i?'q.Z'-Zu, x4if:9'+11 . .--1-P1':3z-Bibi' 1'-Sui-.-1431: -..-.-.-. - -.-- . -. .-.... -.+.,.1-,. Kitt X ii ,f4:?54iw?L-:af.f:f:-.- .,-.-,.1-'.,-:-an-4-.1-:fa-11: ,r-1'-:Ar-.,v.'-': --.-::.v.:-.ri giwei4v:.f-gi-Mining:-:54+' .--:1..a-1'i-'.-'i..-1-3616-:Jf.- '?ay3,,.,4-f5,.,,..,,.',.LA,w.:,.,. .. ef owfacgef The Yvllowjnckc-t is our bi-inontiiiy nvws- pzlpvr vclitvcl by P031 Pcsci. Undvr thi- L'ilI'l'iilli snpcrvision of Miss Elx'i'l1a11't, it contains rvcords of huppc-nings in clubs, sports. clzuicvs und many otlicr nc-ws vvvnts of intc-rvst to tin' sfllcivnts. Each Wcck tin- following seniors work to nmkc' tlu- pupvr 11 snccvss. EDITOR P4-g Pe-sci SPORTS Don Must HEAD TYPIST Niarilyn .luck SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS Nl. Filer, N. llill. N. Borg, Bowden. D. Kilgorv, P. MQ-Kcc, T. Lvpkowski, D. Ruvotti, Nlurulcici B. Flcming, C. Cl'IlSi7igll'l'. P. Slmffvr, P. Thorpe-, M. ixiL'cillil'0. R. Clark, D. Dvan, N. MCKCC, C. Dvlnpstvr. 'P 7 6Ll4fL8l"6L Row One: ll. lilwu, L. Clever. -I, Bouclm, P. Christie. V, Olwl, M. Almlqnist, C. jones. Row Two: j. Eslmenluungll, N. Stivcrs, C. Spenser, N. Curr. M. VW-st, E. McVVl1inn1-y, N. Fulton, M. VVilL'l1tl"l', Miss Mcflinnis. Row Three: M. Doxc-rspilcsf, N. Dovvrspikc-. A. Dzlqllulamto. S. Rogers. P. NVQIL-liter, C. AIIICIIL E. Alt. .Qi i f CM 5.4 ff.: Row One: I., Rosenberg. D. llosclmlx-rg, I' cTI'2lX'L'Ill'l', II. Brmnmcnnm. Row Two: -I. ML-Cru-ry, E. Mc-Nc-ul, J. Baker D. Blucklmrn. F. Burkett, -I. Koesslvr, ll. NVug1m-r, L. NVQ-stenclorf, M. Smith, S. Dont- lwtt, E. llurhnun, -I. llaly. Row Three: M, liexlllcft. E. Fvnnvll, -I. l"1llll'I'- ton, M. Czunlmlv. C. Allison, C. Hom-nigli. Row Four: Miss Polnpe, K. Keelmler, H. Slwnr- vr, P. Bolelnn. O. Cline. A. Cuisvr. 54 Mrdify CM 'l'l1c- shiclm-nts who am- IIll'll1iX'l'S of tlicso 0I'j1,Llllililti0llS ami mainly ilitm-1'4'stm'd in itlilm-tic zlctivitim-s. UIICIUI' tin- lvzidcrship of Mr. Kzlrrs amd Miss Nliih-i'. Hu-sc' hip s liuvc Y2lI'iUllS alctivitics that fl'llflll'0 fun and god sportsiiizuis 55 lgfbw Q JJ ,g?90lf'f:5lWL6LlfL CM Row Three: R. Younkins, Nlr Briggs, N. Bastian, L. llurlmisun T. I,CklL'l1, H. CTQUAXTII, lf. Spang- ler. I. lrzur. Row Two: A. Cogley, bl. Rusx, I7 Iloalli. R. Doutlxett, L. Shutters Row Une: D. Douglmerty, I. Slum ner. A. Sellweitxer, ll. Hum- luluglm, N. Sweeney. R. Sauwer. S lD2lllfllll'l'tf'. G. lluelxly. 9th GRADE Row Three: G. Naxymauu, XV. Storm- er, bl. Zemu, J. Kisiel, M. Nates, T. Avev. R. Stevens. I. llum- plwey, Mr. Mzlsurik. A Row Two: 1. xV1lj.flli'l', AI. Amino. VV. llogun, li. Pulll. li. lieawiek, P. Clever, T. Van Time. Row One: R. MeLnuglllin. C liclgington. T. Uptegrupln. Sth GRADE Row Three: R. Kulm. D. TYilQ'Ili'l'. A. clllllillt, l'. rXTC'c:llllUllQ,'ll. R. Nolule, K. Culclwell, R. llenellel. Mr. Rely. Row Two: E. Slxirey, li. Lnssinger, D. Altman. G. Slmerrielm, D. Bus- Sulo, P. Hill, D. ll'L'Ill'y. li. Flemm, T. Kendall, P. Stull, J. SIIIUUK, ll. Pot:-r, C. Lmvers. Row One: A. Dania, A. Nlurri- son, l'. Tlllfflgllll. T. Lowers, D, Sliiles, A. ISUHIZIII. K. lflmler, R. Dempster, D. lleilmzm. Al. Spincller, xl. f:1llSl'f. 7th GRADE Row Two: Mr. liolliellik, IJ. Mont- gomery, ll. XV1-ss. li. Gross, C. Isenlmerg, C. MeGuire, R. Don- zllclson. Row One: -I. l"a:llmer. ll. Sherrielm. L. Bures, R. Durei, XV. Sliiles, R. My-Guire. G. 'llI'IlY1'l'. B. Callcl- well. L. llzlrlmison, ll. Kron- lmerg, ll. FC'llllt'll. 56 QS 3 , , A. '- "N- au., 5 1 5 if 3. 5 'JJ E, I gui' H i 2 b K it Sag? X Ciao Leif Allvn Curry, john Karrs, john Masarik enior anagem john Singcr, jim Cranwr, Eugene' Kcnnm-dy ,Muuify joofgaff Row one: L. Hisch, 1. White, C. Barge-rstock, G. Simpson, P. HIIHJIIEF, D. Coward, D. Mast, R. Such, F. Ilalnilton, C. Costintino, B. Anthony. D. Keener. Row Two: Mr. Masarik, Mr. Curry, I. Williams, W. De-Memo, R. Babiusack, K. Hall. D. Burke-tt, E. McGuire, A. Hamilton, J. Dohne-yer, R. Craig, F. Friich, E. Lasko, Mr. Karrs. Row three: R. Smouse, D. Kepple, W. Coward, I. Shoop, VV. Sikora, I. Huth, I. Roudybush. D. Loc, H. Carson, E. Verardi. 60 Mr. XVIDIYLIIWYVS' l'I4lllilJllN'llt Cfustmlinn Mr. Nlzllwllull Allllvtin- lDirm'vlur qnagprj liurl livvd. -Inlm Single-r, Nlr. NV4mcll'mx'. limmld lhl mam, l''llt' Kl'llllK'ilj'. .laum-s f:l'2llllL'l'. IJHZHIL' S1111 ,lim l'n'ickvr. ll,l'll0l' flrlflflf IU Row one: N, Sw:-4-navy, R. Rl'Q'kI11lI'f. D. Crutl. ll. Sm1gv1'. VI. ljilllllilillltll. T. ROIIIIXIHIISII, P. Sl'IlIIliilt. li. S1'tIl1'1m'y4'l'. D. SpincHc'l'. linw Iwo: .l. I,t'llIlJSll'l', D. Altman. li. llvlmaul. li. 'I1illlllillgk'l'. li, ,Immun-s, l.. Xlusun. T. l'1ll'lll- rnlm1.D.S1-llaull. 61 ,,-J ,fx nl - ' IHA X 5' 5 154 I 4 r 1 .. . ,J 9: A ' fx! , , 23.3 Af, ,A , , ,E rv. KS, , 1 . ,..- Q ,FW .Mi X-,+', rv.,- J. .f Q, 1- ,s If J If . MMV. 1 ' f af LR , ,. I: 'IV xy 'M 1 X-1' 'V Lf" ,lf i. 1 :Mn-, , ,ff .. I ,V ,L,,.ivlf gf' -fn s f f 'g ff 5 -"pl ...., . , I QL. .. JL" . Q: A g I . . ,V , J.. .H M . ' f , iw ..1'fi Y " , ,' - :Qi 1 :Hr .4.-it .f Q 1 ' 7 ml M 'I .. l '. ,. ff LQ,.V5gQ:A , A f nf., ., 1 . .ly . , vDf:4"I.' X . xi ' ,, 5 lf-L...-,:,. 'iff' ' .N 'X 1 wg. ' ' V ns. , was . --.a,,,--h,f-- 4 , x , .,.,.f .., J 1 ,V uywi, ,.,n 4" Q 'U' ' 'A w1,,Zg.f-'ff' .-,fff,- , -'L-:,.-' Q..-,,,.,, ,K Af: f W, . .Qi x +,,,6,,,,.,1,.f.,- 2411. 4 QU, fl... -,L 11' 441 -- A 3 .f'.!'fQx.- 'W' ...,..... ' - . "V ,fin -.,L.....- 1 f.',' "" s L- -nr- v-. 1'2"" fu. ' ,W . ,XM fy, ' ,-.- I, -X 'N .V Q' rx '-..r4"" .',' l . , :T . M .. xr. ,Y .V .' 3... -". I . t ,,J X A - , 1 Q p . -A ' X enior Cgllalu Don Coward-Donls fine work at offensive and defensive center left nothing to be desired. Donls coolness in tight situations is responsi- ble in a large part for the great season the jackets enjoyed. Dave Burkett-Was a big factor in the success- ful season which the Jackets enjoyed. When yardage was needed, Dave was right there. On defense no one had more dogged deter- mination than Dave. jack White-A senior who played varsity right half two years. jack's speed and deception made him a valuable member of the jacketis backfield quartet. Don Mast-Senior-left end 3 years. Don was fast, shifty and rough. He did more than his share of blocking and tackling. Don caught the tying pass in the Kittanning game. Bob Craig-Junior-Fullback 2 years. Bob, our driving fullback, will be around next year to plague opponents. Broad-shouldered and husky, Bob really rocked opposing players. Pat Buffner-Left guard 2 years. Curly, as he was better known, had the ability of give and take. Pat was a valuable asset in the stalwart forward line of the Jackets. Bill Anthony-Senior-right guard 2 years. Al- though Bill was the quiet type, his quarter was heard from, when there was a tackle to be made or hole to be plugged. Bill was a big part in the fine line the Jackets fielded in "52." Chuck Costantino-Senior-Quarterback 2 years. A smart quarterback who diagnoses a defen- sive and calls a suitable play. Chuck was a good ground gainer and an excellent passer. For his fine work, Chuck was voted Quarter- back on the A-K All Star Team. Fred Hamilton-A senior Who played left half. F redis charge and drive was second to none. F red's dual ability to plunge line and skirt end gained for him the distinction of the A- K's most valuable award. In addition to this, Fred paced the team in scoring. Bob Such-Bob, a senior, played varsity left tackle two years. Bob was our kick-off and extra point artist. Highlight was his game winning extra point at Kittanning. George Simpson-A senior who played right tackle 2 years. George was especially fast for a lineman. On punts or kick-off returns, George was an excellent downfield blocker. George deserves much credit for his work as a lineman. gdffggdf jam Coach ...,........,... ........ IN Ir. Allen Curry Athletic Director ........ ...... M r. Marshall Manager ..........,,.... .....,.., B ob Craig Players-1. C. McClowry, 2. Jack Huth, 3. D. Mast, 4. Bob Gray, 5. E. McGuire, 6. C. Smith, 7. F. Hamilton, 8. C. Costantino, 9. G. Simpson, 10. A. Hamilton, 11. F. Ross. ?i Q' EQ J ,mv- uf: 4-JI' . U U ,ax ,.x . , 1 1 xi J."Q .,i ff Q 3 Q! Q 9 5 f f . 1 , f Q Sv ' t L 'S :ffl 1 '4- Q ,K X' X 16,59 h A 1-as -1 0 'T . uwlgv, A X fU':x a diggs' . Q? GQ .J' 1-'3 .f in 5,5 Q51 ,dl 1' 4 , .F 4 ,Q fi 'Q x 4 Q F 0 x A I sf 5 L.. 1 I. , yin. F 5 x 'Ll I .Il J X. Y' JK S3 TUQR 5173915 Mardifg - w . ,. , ,. .fo . J' L ,V 1 Nw 4- v , W4 ft -Iohn lxarrs, tl. Singer, D. Mast, H. Fry, D. Burkett, F. lliunilton ll. Cunningham, K. Hall, ll. XVhite, C. Costantino. j. Fair, E. Mefluire enior ,Slam Don Mast-Forward-Two year letterman. Don, hard driving regular frequentlv paced the teain in scoring. Performing ahlv on both ot- lense and defense, he was one of the outstand- ing players on the jacket squad. Chuck Costantino-Guard-Twc1-vear letter- nian. Cos, with a drive in shot and a deadly set shot was one of the jackets most effective scor- ers. Cos was picked on the Valley Daily News all star team for Section 12 A. Fred Hamilton-Forward-1Jne year letter- llltlll--l'il't'tl. dependable in a pinch, was always in there fighting. Fred's all around athletic ahili- ty enabled him to heeoine a top flight performer. Herb Cunningham-Guard-Three year let- terinan-Ilerh. the jaclietis aggressive plavmaker was a good hall handler who did his share on the offense as well as defense. john Singer-Forward-Une VCEII' letterlnan -john. in addition to lmeing a good outside shot. had top rebounding ahilitv. jack White-Guard-Two year letterinan- Good hall handling and aggressiveness made up for Iaclis lack of height. Bv sinking two foul shots, in the dving seconds of plav, jack enahled the jackets to win over East Deer. lfmior Mardify Z,?6L:5L8tL6L! Mr. Curry, -I. WVillialms, R. Survcr, R. Hcilmun, -I. Kisic-I A. Hamilton, AI. Huth, -I. Bmmino, B. Crvstuni lfmior Zgacgfefgvaf D. Lee, D. Spiudlcr, E. Lasko, T. Rnudybush, Mr. Masurik I Uptm-gn1pl1, B. Clmpmzm, R. Swm-om-y, T. Flvming, E. V1-mdi. 68 Gi :JS V3rsi'l'y X 1 '91 KN ggi x ,Q Q ,g-f5, , .V . M , H 3 W M " Er 4: A::ff- .V 1 1 WWW' WNY? A! uf HJ? ff W fi 4 S ,Riff A 1 . K 323.5 - 1 5 -3 gf 331 X . M X, U,.,Q, mw1, L 'F X7 ik . Ms 5- I 43 Q R2 2. x 4, Ns A 2. ,-A -'Q E 7 'F K 25555, ami Nanny Nlc'Kl'v Naomi Ilurtmam Nlllfilyll -luck llc-lows Kilgurv Ann Simson VIQIIUIIIIRI AIUIIIIUF lilmnclu H1ll'tlL'j' fy CAQQVLQ 8l":5 . llvald c.lll'Ul'li'Rllll'l' Jllllj' Yu Bnm'n 4 0 Ol' gftdl' 15 is lJUIlgll4'l'tY rlmru llnwkms lI'Il'llK' llllrc-Q 'I licu!1'lm'1'l,lul'k Clzlil Coffin Svniul' Svnim' Svniur Sc-niox' junior Ilunim' Jr. I A1 ni if 5 1 IUPI' UI? UP5 C7 f J Cfurul Rupp 4'l'SIJl'l'Ql'l llvlvn lillflllvr 8111141111 II nun IIIIQ Il lXt'Il I l'1lIll'l'S l"4-s lvl' f f DELORES KILGORE ANN MASON MARILYN JACK T2 1 . v X Y? - ' .. "xx 5 J- KN jx 'NYY X11-Klflf Y-KONI! IIARTNIAN N? N 'E , ? 1 lildillg T1'1's's" 1. "SiSll'1'UfXVl'iQI1l l31'utlwl's'- fi. "Slipp4'cl palm ilu- Q-mn 5 X1'c-ycmllallmlv girls?" 5. "ls it pass lln- Ii1k1'SilX1'l' or is it J T. UIDLlIlL'iIILf in llu- sin-1-li' x lub. Luis, lmis, ur is it Xll1l'ilflI?V S. uXY1'l'llHiL'1l.- lil. mls tIlkltSllIIt1ll1?n U. MI luuclsmmf' Tl .,A""7, ,W iff' if N0 4 .S Q-M-3 '. KN 2 Q 1 , Y X- I:I:-: -'.' I Q' I' 11' ea f A 11. X Q 'f 44' ' :QL Iykxfi A W ff 'HF-'5' 'Y '52 YS-,XQHM Y f J ,,g,,.f..:zr fig ,gf F Q, UW 5. O 4 x - Q it C A t I f C,a1f1,c!ic!afe5 AW my unc! Waybreffed MILDRED SMITH Head of the Band ELEANOR STOKES Head of the Majorettes Queen Who will be the lucky boy and girl to be elected by the student body? All of the following seniors are deserving. Nance McKee Don Mast Pat Thorpe Herb Cunningham Delores Kilgore Charles Constantino Patty Shaffer Iames Cramer jane Anne Bowden Charles McClowry Dolly Lepkowski Robert Camerlo Peg Pesci Dick Stivason Marilyn lack Robert Such Ann Mason Phil Collin Connie Gensbigler Pat Ruffner Della Ravotti Dick Keener 76 XCA N Dl DATES MKS' " O 4 , KXNGMUUEE -1.....,,3 -WWE M, O if X 4 z -in ""Hw.fAm.vMvP' 119 D l B. l"1ll'llliIlQ1 2. H. Clark. 3. 'lf l.1':u'lng -I. -I. liuwclvrlg 20. C. slllitlll ll. Cl. llllttmlg 22. Il. tIlIllllillLflIlllll1 253. 5 ll. 'l'lnu'pvg 6. N. Hvrgg T. ID. Iluallxg 8. ll. Bzllxvfl 9. P. Nl. .Iuckg 24. Floycl Russ: 25, II, f:l'2lIlll'l41 26. D. D1-:mg lil-l'lAl W. 5- Nl2ll'il4ll'iL ll. D. Stixusmm: 12. N. Hill. IIS. 27. P. lll'llI'fL 28. D. l,c'pkuwskig 29. Nl. SIl2lH'k'l'1 30. S. l Ilwtlmmg I4. CI. Ilvwittg 15. C. Cv11slmigla'1': IG. IJ. Ilullglu-fly. 31. P. lillflhxu-1'gI32. I. Krum-In-rg. 2353, C. Nh-- xIlXyIIiIlllL'f'l IT, S. S2ll'Xl'l'1 IS. .-X. Stl'Uf'l'l'Z ISJ. -I. Singvrg Clmx'l'y1 34. Sylxizl-Uigs-D1-lla: U35. linlw SIIUII. Compliments of THE OLD FREEPORT BANK ul , iff: is I 'lu . . UI, V ' l 'Pl' I ,.1gQp1,.l ,.,.. Q A l W, in : .,, ,, , . l Compliments of FREEPORT HARDWARE Compliments of F REEPORT IOURN AL Congratulations To the Class of '53 WESTERMAN'S FEED STORE Compliments of C. L. RALSTON T9 CHARLES E. ARMSTRONG General Insurance 109 Fifth Street Phone Freeport, Pa. COLEMEN'S SHOE STORE PENN AUTO PARTS Compliments of LEE,S DRUG STORE ROENIGICS APPLIANCE 81 SERVICE STORE "Be Sane - See Wayne" 222 Fifth Street Freeport, Pennsylvania Phone 605 "Only Philco Has Itv MONTGOMERY LUMBER COMPANY Allegheny-Kiski Valleyis Most Complete Building Service 710 High Street Freeport, Pennsylvania il 80 Sefwloeb oun , commm senvlci wu.L sow: llfjwf Youn Yumsoox Pnomm . 601: S Prwdalcihm 5'19'wWQ4' .fflecbwhjpmd 'MWF Tlll CANTON ENGRAVING 8 ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 410 3RD. STREET S.E., CANTON, OHIO 81 C. HOMER CRAIG Roofing, Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning 603 High Street Freeport, Penna. THOMPSON'S BARBER SHOP Hair cut as you like it Compliments of PETES BARBER SHOP Compliments of DON RAY SHOP Clothiers Since 1830 I. H. SHOOP AND SONS Phone 95 DEVEREAUX MOTOR SALES Freeport, Pa Compliments of NEMEC FLOWER SHOP JOE VITAS Iewelry and Guaranteed Watch Repair 82 Business is a Sensitive Thing lt goes where it feels secure, stays where it is cared for FIRST NATIONAL BANK-FREEPORT Compliments of F ISCHER APPLIANCE Compliments of M. L. HESSELCESSER 61 SON Compliments of R. H. McCRAW Dry Goods Congratulations To The Senior Class N OWA KOWSKI jeweler Compliments of C. A. BURFORD Congratulations C. L. RALSTON Compliments of OZZIE CLEANER 83 .. ,.,. 1 s-, SCHOOL DAYSX The greatest days ut kk Su guy, yomxg, and cute- memberfttmfs why 'ZQEE n photo- HXGH att tm boys and g .. trod. Davs you want to re e suggest Strem Camera Yortmktsf ' cmd to have torevet and ever. w gmp hxc we ..'- it S line C T U D I O S amen vzf 'lf 84 reeporlficm pafrona Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schwietering Mr. Charles Donnelly Mrs. Eleanor Leech Mrs. W. C. Shoop Mr. and Mrs. Don Hutton Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan Mrs. Bertha Barr Mr. and Mrs. W. King Mr. Charles Ruppersberger Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Dougherty Miss Winifred Kerr Miss Ruth Closer Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. julian Noble Dr. and Mrs. H. Bowden Mr. and Mrs. C. H. McClowry Mr. W. M. Patterson Private Kenny Bowser Mr. Charles F. Dinninger Ethel Moss Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Fry Mr. Frank Vorko Alton I. Bush Neubert's Clover Farm Store ,If- Ira L. Sober Mr. C. A. Young Mr. and Mrs. E. L. McGraw Mr. and Mrs. R. H. McGraw Mr. and Mrs. D. Richard Hill and janet and David Hill Mrs. Charles B. Hill Mr. I. H. Lawson Miss Demaris Eberhart Mr. and Mrs. I. P. CoHin Mr. and Mrs. john L. Cosser Dr. and Mrs. H. De V. Hotham Mr. Leonard Kulas Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Duiford Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Cramer Mr. and Mrs. john L. Smith Mr. Harold Kunkle Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Younlcins Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hutton james Rusz Miss Hartman Mrs. R. C. Rogers .xg1fLIf0gr6Ll9!LA cm. J 1 Y. .1 ., 7 N211 " .-., 4. .A 1 1 + 5 . ., fx, N ,r :1 Q' L. I-I , V Y Q Ti,-my , . .L L 9 ' -1 Lf A, vi ff , M .I vii:-,A 'L 554 ' .v-uf '. 'gig X min' ' 3 e 1' 'q :Vile 0 ' ' 'iii vm .ADL f0gl"6Ll9A:5 it , .qw-.. .P : -I .,. .. , :K . ,, r, 5. .,. , QW' .1 ' " f-. -,. JF, ' 1 7' , x X 5 4.52, :fx . 1. ,- 423' 2' :1.T,:', 111. x,,:.:. eq- . .- 1:3156 Ay-A Q5 Mk v - 5 x sr" 2:5 :EEL-,3- 52 :Ei G' Q51 , il.. ' A,-fx, SEQ ,Jag Q :mf . f rs-iii' k, .954 ,. -is -rx -'ww als , iii '54 . uw- ez I-Z4 - 3 . -550 ,- f - .nv V-, - .vgyr ff-, P .EH :fn- Q, - 1222 T5 El: ' ki' if- ' ia. gg 'LJ - 'FS e-1 1 ,Q-. 94 1.4. .'-1 E-L " A ,. 5:1 'f 13- 1 3, A.. . ,ex iz?" : 9. ,, if ' .X -315.1 . ag, -.35 , , 251, 1 1 'E 9 ' L "' ' ' ' um ., 1 U- 5,26 RET- -W 2, ,Q -f 1 , - - w .4 , V, ,:-:-if-gf -f:5.r.. ,,.:.3f..v:.n'.m-.-f :Ft ,JN , , .74 ,,,....f.,-. r-f'A1-my-:-f-:f3v.:::g,1c-f-1-fq.:4,1'-1 f ' ' 15 U

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