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Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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""'m'F' 'A -F fc V Y k 1- , ' -' 1 ' I!'- .. 1- ' -' -'E -Qrrffi 'C ga., ' ?-fix A ME. x.,1-'JINQSNXQQ-ix-,fr 1 '91 A A 1 , :Q '- ---Q--.A .-::q- 1:-....,.vf,,f-, .- 5 ff V "1 - - -' ' R- 'N Q Il! ll , I 1' ff 921' I 5? A," iv v f ,f , f , ,W - .. 1 'VT-"W--""' 2 X .' v: .Q RR' y."j' : 2' L fc XA A K ' ' 1 ' 4- X X X X x ' Vi l' THE Q 1 wlmumgyfwm Halls from Shnppenvulle P He has a S Degree un Ed He attended Much: gan State and Columbua Unuversuty M Kar teaches Englush ll lll IS chaurman of Jumor Class Dlrector of Jumor play and has charge of Boys attendances and class To you Mr Karl We the Class of l952 dedicate our Year book the Freeportlan In apprecuatlon of all you ve done for us both mduvudually and as a class . . . . . . I on ' ' ' . r. I . I 2. . . I . . I I absence. . V1 , , I I ' . . . . , T I 1 1, . . . , . 'K By the Allegheny flowung Stands our dear old Freeport Hugh School Here let your vouces sung wuth fervor The prouse whuch she deserves from you Then hold aloft her gleamung banners The royal blue and gold so true And let your hearts be ever loyal ever Haul Alma Mater Haul to You' You her worthy sons and daughters Lead well for others that wull follow So honor we all brung her name Then hold forever dear and sacred The mem rues of dear Freeport Hugh School As graduates you leave sung ever Haul Alma Mater Haul to You' Words by Mrs Bernard Shaffer Musuc by Mr James V Colonno 5 , . , Live to carry on her fameg , . . , . Y -5--XfC.,aA X : 5 51 1.5, Mgr QN -wmv. In XX . X IS IT THE 5 X X FACULTY G .-,- .--.-vv- JU , F 977120 J. cfm, 'l77q9Jw, l Instead of confining these remarks to the usual chronological resume of our high school principal's preparation, he has requested the Freeportian Staff to mention what has been done for him and what he would like to do. Our principal, Mr. Harold J. Bush, feels that through the years he has had many fine teachers who by word and example taught a great deal more than that which was printed in the text- book. Among those teachers to whom he wishes to pay tribute are Mr. M. B. Artman, grades 5 and 6, Allegheny Twp., Mr. Andrew Meek, Alle- gheny Twp. High School, Professor Guy Brad- shaw and Dr. H. G. Gebert, Thiel College, Dr. Frank Koos, Penn State, and Dr. Maurice Thomas of Pitt. Our supervising principal, Mr. F. L. Myers, is rounding out his fifth year as head of our public school system. He is beginning to feel like a veteran, since most of his predecessors re- mained in the position only two or three years. In 1948, Mr. Myers guided the formation of the Freeport Area Joint Schools. This move more than doubled the number of teachers and students under his supervision and brought with it many problems, some of which still remain to be solved. His attention now is centered in plans for new elementary school buildings in South Buffalo Township and in Freeport Bor- ough, and an addition to the present school at Sarver. When these have been carried out, the rooms now used for elementary classes will be adopted to high school purposes. A health room, a teacher's lounge, an activity room, additional office space, and some extra class rooms will be provided for us. In the future, he hopes that a new gymnasium can be built so that the present one may be used for a much needed cafeteria. We seniors won't be here as students when Mr. Myer's plans materialize but we certainly wish him lots of success. Mr. Myers had considerable administrative experience in public school work before coming to Freeport. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Juniata College and his Master of education degree from Penn State. He has also done graduate study at the University of Pitts- burgh. vm. alma 9. am Mr. Bush finds little difficulty in locating other influences that have directed his interests to education, inasmuch as two older brothers and two older sisters have all taught at one time or other, Mrs. Bush was likewise a teacher. In addition to his ten years of high school teaching, our principal is grateful for some earlier experience as a school bus driver and as teacher in a one-room rural school. His current wish is that he may assist with the improvement of Freeport's program through the provision of more rooms, the introduction of new courses such as driver education, machine shop, and remedial reading, the inauguration of a cafeteria, and an accrediting by the Middle States Association. Bound of fdu ,..... Row One Mr W D Keebler G Hull vlce pres D E Taylor pres Mr F L Myers supervuslng prm cupal Mr H R Huey Row Two Mr P R Hoover Mr W G Wlegand Mr C Thompson Mr H Frampton Mr W Burford Row Three Mr F Herold Mr D Potion Mr R Fry Mr C Dmmger Mr R Gardner Mlssmg from pncture Mr H Mast freas Mrs M Gosser Sec MRS MARGARET GOSSER Mr Myers secretary Fnendly and cheerful to all who enter The mam omce Handles everyfhmg eff' cnently Secretary for the Board of Educahon MISS ALBERTA REZAK Mr Bush s secretary Fnend to all Graduated from Freeport wnh the class of 1947 9 RAYMOND M ALSNAUER Teaches Industrral Arts Recerved hrs B S rn Ed from Calrfornra State Teachers College Halls from Mt Washrngton Thrnks the school needs more water fountarns Oversees the work cf the stage crew ALBERT BIGENHOE Harls from Verona He recerved hrs B S an Educatron at Slrppery Rock State Teachers College He teaches Geography rs an erghth grade Advrsor and sponsors a Hr Y Club Mr Brgenhoes pet peeve rs people who are not prompt JOHN BOHICHIK Holds a B S Degree from the Unrversrty of Prttsburgh Orrgrnally from Slrckvrlle Just talk whrle he rs talk ng rf you want to make hum angry CAROLYN BOYD Recerved her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Grove Crty College Teaches Englrsh and Speech Clarms Mercer for her home town Mrss Boyd gurdes the Dramatrcs Cub BRUCE H BRIGGS Clarms Bellwood Pa as hrs home town He has a B S Degree and attended ,lunr ata and Penn State Colleges He teaches Hrstory 8 Pennsylvanra Hrstory Crvrcs rs charrman of Freshman Class and spon sors a Hr Y Club People rn school that have an I dont care attrtude rs hrs pet peeve MORRIS E CARLSON Resrdes rn Freeport Havrng attended lndrana State Teachers Colleqe he pos sesesaBS rnEd andaMrn d teaches General Scrence Physrcs and Chemrstry Mr Carlson rs seventh grade Chairman and rs the Co ordrnatcr f Audra Vrsual Ards Hrs pet peeve rs a student wrth a dont care attrtude J ALLEN CURRY Came to us from the Groundhog Crty Punxsutawney Po He has a Bachelor of Scrence Degree from lndrana State Teachers College He teaches Socral Studres and Scrence also rs Head Base ball Coach Assistant Football and Junror Varsrty Basketball Coach to I of-ffl' EMM DeMARlS EBERHART Clarms Slrgo Clorron County as home She has a B S Degree from lndrana State Teachers College Typ ng Consumer s Educatron Sales and Law are taught by her She rs Yellowracket advrsor MISS Eberhart names the Mrmeograph rn 'll3 as her pet peeve HELEN S GALES Resrdes rn Freeport P She has a M Ed Degree from the Unrversrty of Prtts burgh and an A B from Wrlson College She teaches Senror hrgh school mathe matrcs rs Gurdance Counselor Busrness Manager of Freeportran and has charge of Grrls absences lndrtferent Senror hrgh puprls who are heedless and unrn terested rs Mrs Gales pet peeve GRACE JOHNSTON Resrdes at R D -'ffl Sarver Po She recerved her A B at Threl Mrs Johns ton teaches Englrsh rs Trr Hr Y Charrman and Sponsor of Senror Trr Hr Y attentrveness rs her pet peeve JOHN B KARRS Came to us from Arnold He has a Bachelor of Educatron Degree from quesne Unrversrty He teaches Socrol Stu dres Health and Physrcal Education also rs Head basketball and football Coach To see hrgh school gurls lose female qualr tres by dressrng lrke boys lblue leans etch rn school rs the pet peeve of Mr Karrs GEORGE MARSHALL Teaches Problems of Democracy and Amerrcan Hrstory Holds a B S and M of Educatron Degrees Attended lndrana State Teachers College and Unrversrty of Prttsburgh Athletlc manager Pet Peeve rs the horseless carrrage MARY MAURO Has a B A from Westmrnster College Teaches Typrng and Shorthand Advrses the molorettes Clarms Tarentum for her home town Norsy gum chewers rs her chref drslrke JOHN F MASARIK Clarms Natrona Herghts as hrs home town Havrng graduated from the Um versrty of Prttsburgh he has a B S e gree He teaches Hrstory sponsors a Hr Y Club and rs Assrstant Jr Hrgh basketball Coach Mr Mosarrk s pet peeve rs people not payrng ottentron to what lm saymg JANET E. McGINNlS Hails from Greenville, Pa. She re- ceived her A. B. Degree from Thiel Col- lege. Miss McGinnis teaches Literature 7, English Il, French I and Il, and sponsors a Tri-Hi-Y Club. "Alarm clocks" rate num- ber one as her pet peeve. HELEN M. MIHALCO Has a 8.5, Degree from Indiana State Teachers' College and Master of Arts from Columbia University. Teaches Home Econ- omics and General Boys' Vocational. To hear students say "I forgot" irks this teacher. Bosses the Future Homemalcers of America Club. HELEN MILLER Has a B. S. Degree in Health Education from Slippery Rock State Teachers' Col- lege. Teaches Health and Gym, Hails from Sarver. Aids and advises the cheer- leaders and the G. A. A. ELEANOR F. O'BRYAN Has an A. B. and an M. A. Degree in Literature from University of Pittsburgh. Teaches Latin and English. One of the sponsors for Tri-Hi-Y. Claims she has no pet peeve. MARY KAY 0'NEllL B. S. Degree in Library Science from Clarion State Teachers' College. Claims Freeport as her home town. Freeportian Advisor. Keeps order in the Library. Any "Jack the Ripper" of magazines or books does not earn the admiration of this teacher. It semucc u. swam.: I Q Lkfjkrof Science il IMGIBOUI-'Illl lldillli Shia TIICTIXI -'iffdaclpn I Commercial Suiiodh. honoholansz :ro this hochcfs POW I Pe llmfnn' ' wills :ITL J:nTor':l:r. 'qu' iv . ggi Q- 45 ""' suzneru smsssn . I Q'-LH!!! I- S. Degree in Mule Eduqn. f I my Auldid Wont Clash: Y, ts'f,,QulIoga and- A , A I -.Q -. ,v ., -'H -- ,. I . v X . 6 an ii- 52. L- ..- WH 'fl 'L G w ' A I x gs 2 S L.. Ge ' bf MARY JULIA SHEROTSKY Received her B. S. Degree in Art Edu- cation at Indiana State Teachers College. Claims Indiana as her home town also. Teaches art. "Gum Cracking" is frowned upon by Miss Sherotsky. DOROTHY L. SMITH Teaches Home Economics and General Science. A B.S. Degree from Pennsyl- vania State College. Kittanning is her home town. lll manners are the subject of her disapproval. PAUL N. TEARE Claims Greenville for his home town. B. S. in Music, and Master of Education from Penn State. Teaches Band, orchestra, and instrumental. "Disrespect and band students who don't practice" are his pet peeves. ELIZABETH TURNER Received her A. B. Degree from Alle- gheny College. Teaches English and Busi- ness English. Hails from Freeport. Sen- ior class advisor. Pet peeve is "chattering women". LAVERN E. WOODROW Teaches Biology and General Science. Attended Clarion State Teachers' College and Cornell University. Holds a B. S. De- gree. "Lazy people" are not the obiect of his affection. KATHRYN YURCHICH Hails from Monessen. Tri-Hi-Y advisor. Bachelor of Science Degree from Grove City College. Teaches Algebra, General Much, and Arithmetic 8. "Noisy students" are her pet peeve. BERNICE CRAIG Registered nurse. Attended Columbia School of Nursing and Indiana State Teachers College. 'Il AU' .un 1'-'33 ..-?- ,,.. v. .1,vg,, f W X K '1',,fl. IS IT THE S Y W XxX A T . X XXX-X ' X X Xi , 5 af 1 X cv 'S In XXX X XX X wry'-F! Q A h X ' X'-xx ,-,.'k,-5 . qs , ,-.g'a5g455' S 'gl CLASSES SUE ALT Played the part of "Sue' in the Junior Play-has a big inter- est in New Kensington --an active member in G.A.A.-strums on a guitar in her spare tim e-one of Mrs. Gales' prize Algebra students. MARILYN ALTEMUS One of our ace repre- sentatives to Chorus, has attended many fes- tivals-G.A.A. member -a color guard in the band, but occasionally bangs on the cymbals -likes to do fancy work. WILLIS ALTMAN President of Hi-Y-pae trolman--faithful man- ager for football-did a good iob in both the Junior and S e n i o r Plays - Yellowiacket and Freeportian staffs -treasurer of lO7- quite the heartbreaker. DONALD C. BAKER Quiet guy from Wei- nels Crossroads--mast of those toathaches he reported this year were hunting, fishing, and trapping trips-rnem- be-r of the Sportsmen Club. DONALD E. BAKER Don and his twin bro- ther H a r o I d, really give the teachers a rough time with their identity f played the trumpet in band for tour years-in the Sen- ior Playfquite the Ro' mea. HAROLD BAKER The other halt of the deyilment caused by the "twins ' - always faithful to the band and Hi-Y-likes sports -has a weakness for girls. 35, Q? KENNETH BOWSER "Ken"-Was voted the most athletic boy in the class, and no won- der, he is a two year letterman in football and basketball, also played baseball - - longs to the Varsity Club--Vice Pres. of Senior Class-agrees with that song "There is Nothing Li e Dame". RAY BOWSER A quiet but mischiev aus lad belongs to Sportsmen Club-likes to attend and partici' pate in all sports. JOSEPH BRESTENSKY Joey never ta befor gotten for his fine por trayal of " udy" ' the Senior P ay - believes that women are a necessary evil- likes to argue with Mr, Marshall in P, D. class. CLYDE BUSH rives his own car when he can make it go fthinks women are O.K.-one of those Ioony Chemistry stu- dents-favarite color ' "blonde"-mem er of the Sportsmen Club. PATRICIA CAMPBELL a me o her Junior year-member of Tri' Hi-Y - Dancing Club - Ushers Club - as always lived beside a rived but never learn- ed to swim thus her ambitianu ROBERT CARR A real outdoor man spends most of his time huntingkremem- ber the day he caught a skunk in one of his traps-belongs to the Varsity Club - gave i "all" for our oat- ball team, Q 4? f- . LOIS CARRIER "Lowie" can really do things on the saxo- phone - plays for the band and orchestra- always giggling - member of the Mixed Chorus--goes for Jeep- sters. 1 0 Q .xr 2 F r DONALD CLEVENGER One of our future mechanics - played football - member of the Varsity Club - likes to argue with people-could live on chicken. PATRICIA COWARD "Patty" - Cute little miss from Laneville -- will make a good sec- retary - seems to have taken an interest in that wonderful Navy-Y. J. and Free- portian Staffs - Danc- ing Club. KAY CROYLE Our high stepping head rnaiorette'-news fiend for the Y. J.- two year patrolman- Freeportian Staff - G.A,A.-speeds around in a big BuickAthinks Huth is a nice name. I5 LEWIS DAVIS "Buzz" always catches his limit, both hunting and fishing - looks right good on the Bas- ketball court-a base- ball manager - an active member of the Sportsmen Club-am' bition is to see one of Mr. Carlson's experi- ments work. RITA DEEMER Can generally be found in the typing room - Tri-Hi-Y mem- ber for two years - belonged to the Crafts Club in her Junior year- likes to read in her spare time. G LUCILLE DININGER Has done a wonderful iob as editor of the Y. J.-likes all sports -Secretary of class in Sophomore year - on the Freeportian Staff- has lots of get up and go. JOSEPHINE DOUGHERTY A pretty miss from Shuster Heights f thinks chocolate milk shakes ore yummyfo member of both the Y J. and Freeportian Staffsgactive in Tri- Hi-Y -- G A,A. - and Ushers Club. VIVIAN DOUTHETT Distinguished h o n Q r student A member of Tri Hi,Y 7 F H A -- and G.A.A -f serves as an usher4goes for milkshakes in a big way+quiet, but liked by all, JAMES DRAKE 'Jim a fall guy from Slatelick 1 works in Kittonning 7 likes to hunt and fish 4 we hear Jim is quite the Romeo - belongs to the Sportsrnen Club CAROLYN DUFFORD One of those gals ihat 'loves moviesf kceps the Senior class records in order, also the TrifHi,Ys - pa' tralrnan Y Student Council - Freeportian and Yellowiacket Stags. INEZ FALKNER The walking ioke book fbeats the drums for the band and arches trafbelongs to Chor- us -'Y GAA. K mem- ber of the Freeportian Staff -- was in Senior playfiockies the tam- ily Ford around -- always neat as a pin HAROLD GRATZER Moved to Arizona for his Sophomore year but must have missed us-on old pro at square dancing-gen' erally seen with Jim- thinks there is no place like Sarver. RONALD GRETZ Ron c I a i m s and proves to be an ardent observer of feminine pulchritude - in the Junior play and served as prompter in the Senior play - belongs to the Shop Club - Y,J, Staff - played football in his Sophof more and Junior years -- gets into enough trouble for two people. ARTHUR HARGRAVE "Art hails from out Slatelick way-plays trombone in the or. chestra - played for the band ?or three years - likes to dance for a pastime-quite the playboy. SHIRLEY HARMON A Future Homemaker of America - member of Tri-Hi-Y -- thinks there is no place like Slotelick - works in Kittanning - collects vases. T09 0 HARRY HOOVER "Buzz - Girls really 'swoon' when Buzz gets up to sing-Sec- retary of Hi-Y-often during high school, he and his twin have done piano and solo duets together - be- longs to Chorus. SHIRLEY HOOVER Loves to play the piano - belonged to band - orchestra - Tri-Hi-Y - Dancing Club - participated in the Senior play - plans to make a cer- tain fellow her future. EDWARD JORDAN Cute, quiet lad-likes to hunt in his spare time-hails from the country - goes for steak and mashed po- tatoes in a big way- an active member of Hi-Y. RAYMOND HUTH 'Ray' , a football, bas- ketball, and baseball regular - voted best looking boy in the class - a member of the Varsity Club-has a special interest among the maiorettes -patrolmon in Senior year - prampter for Senior play. s LILLIAN HILGERT One ot our Home Ec students and active in F.H A. - remembered as "Marge in the Junior play - a mem- ber of Tri-Hi-Y and the Ushers Club-one of Mrs, Shaffers better Sopranos. ELSIE HINES A cute gal from Bag- dad-spends a lot of her time in Leechburg why? - member of the Dancing Club-an usher in Sophomore and Junior years. CAROL ISEMAN Bashful gal from the typing room - never tires of roller skating or square dancing - belonged to Tri-Hi-Y- Dancing Club - and the Ushers Club. SOPHIE KISIEL Her blonde hair is tht- envy of many a girl -member of G.AA. for two years - Dra- matics Club-Tri-Hi-Y, three years - Ushers Club, for two years- likes to roller skate far a pastime. ANNA MARIE KLINGENSMITH One of the four mus- lfeteers, Smith, Westen- dorf, and Yaunkins4 belongs to the Art Club and we hear she can really paint 4 thinks there is nothing like pork turkies 4 likes Yuen. MARGARET KOENIG Handled the money millions? in our Jun- ior and Senior years4 patrolman in Junior year4Student Council, two years4Dramatics Club, two years4Don- cing Club 4 Ushers Club 4 Tri-Hi-Y, four years an ofticer three years 4 Yellowiacket and Freeportian Staffs. CATHERINE KOSSAN Cathy" plays the vio- lin in the orchestra 4 a member of Tri-Hi-Y and Dramatics Club 4 works at the Saxon- burg pottery - one of our tuture nurses GERALD LANDIS Voted the most likely to succeed4ploys the trumpet for the band and orchestra4was in the Junior and Senior plays 4 awarded the eighth grade medal 4 plans to Qo to college. ROBERT LERI Haltie 4 Center on the football team tor two years - stage crew 4 Student Coun- cil 4 'Russ in the Senior play 4 likes to watch a good TV show 4 besides teas- ing the girls, Bob likes ta eat spaghetti. LOIS LLOYD A quiet country lass, who goes quietly on her way, attending to her commercial studies 4 likes to collect for- eign money 4 pals around with Annabelle and Cathy, Qu sr ELVA LOVE Small and petite 4- teams up with Scottie on Yellowiacket Staft -member ot Tri-Hi-Y 4- G A A 4 Ushers Club -4 Freeportian Stott 44 patrolman in her Junior year4likes to ploy the piano. BEVERLY LOWERS Walks the bridge trom Gurvers Ferry every day -- president of GA.A 44 member of Tri-Hi-Y 44 Yellow- iacket Staft 4 Student Council 4 captain at cheerleaders in Senior year - likes to skate at Lernerville, 3 DIAN MACURDY Favorite hobby is 'cut- ting the rug 44 one ot our high stepping maiorettes belongs to G A A, --4 F H A - Tri Hi-Y could live on spaghetti and meat balls. MAXINE MACURDY Max -- Just mention the name "lrk and watch this girl light up -4- belongs to the Dancing Club, F H A for two years - Tri Hi-Y Ushers Club 4- and served as a color guard in her Senior year. 5 ' 'Are f ff? f f 5-1 K fn lefgf Ei ,gif cj yr CHARLES MARKLE "Chuck 4One of the tive boys from II34 co captain ol the toot- ball team - played baseball - - member of the Varsity Club 4- olwoys good tor a laugh --- cowboys his own car - an all around spartsman, WILLIAM MASON "Bill 4 President of the class, Freshman and Senior years 4 president of the Var- sity Club 4 voted most popular boy in the class 44 sports writer for the Freepor- tian and news hound for the Y. J. 4 Vice President of Student Council 4 Hi-Y 4 acted in Junior and Senior plays. Fi APM' IRIS MELLISH Active band member since Freshman year and orchestra member in Senior year -- her horn isn ' the only in- terest she has in the band - always sticks up for Sarver. J , I C . 3 li 5 51 f ll X Q Z, YY QL DAVID MURRAY "Dove"-President of Student Council-main lead in Junior and Senior plays - two year letterman in foot- ball - quite the sheik with the women - member of Varsity Club - Hi-Y - teams up with Crretl on Y. J. Staff - two year pa- trolman. ELEANOR METZLER Hoils from Bagdad 1 has beautiful black hair - a certain Eddie consumes much of her time - likes to talk A a whiz on the type- writer. IRENE NOWAKOWSKI Sticks up for B, J. f a commercial student 4 likes to dance as o pastime - goes for candy and ice cream in a big way - one ot the ushers 3 likes the color blue for a very special reason, ALICE MILLER One of our few quiet airls e claims she likes to read and write letters what does this mean? - can generally be found in the typing room. FRANCIS OLCZAK 'Ozzie" played the part of "Hippo in the Senior play - claims to be afraid of women f played football his Senior yearf member of Varsity Clubflikes to hunt in his spare time. MELVA MILLER her time be- tween her many ac- tivities and a certain participates in many activities - Yellowiacket Stofl - Splits 'Jim" - color guard - Dra- matics Club 4 Chorus g Tri-Hi-Y - patrol- man 7 Student Coun- cil, ELIZABETH OVERHOLT 'Gert" was voted the wittiest girl in the class f she is o band and orchestra member 3 played the part of Sylvia' in the Junior play-president of Tri- Hi-Y - Chorus - Freeportian Staff. ROBERT MOHNEY 'Bob"-A spark plug on the football team for tour years - sports editor of Y.J. f Hi-Y - Varsity Club f sportswriter on Freeportian Staff- did a swell iob in both Junior and Sen- ior plays - no slouch with the women. MARY LOUISE PAVETTI Her long, dark hair is the envy of many - o loyal F.H.A. member -member of Tri-Hi-Y +Ushers Club-Don- :ing Club - and can usually be found work- ing in the library. ELSIE MONTGOMERY Another one of our Fu- ture Homemokers of America - likes to drive the family car- attends most of the square dances-rnerrv ber of Tri-Hi-Y-Dan. :ing Club-and Ushers Club. RICHARD PRICE "Dick"-A quiet, coun- try lod-can never eat enough ice cream - likes to hunt and eat -belonged to Sports- men Club - blushes like a milkmaid when a girl looks at him JOSEPH PENVOSE "Joe" wants ta be- come an officer in the Military Police Re- serves - he has par- ticipated in the Pro- ieciion Club - Bond f Hi'Y - Dancing Club f and Dramafics Club. GERALDINE REITZ "Gerry '-A quiet, red- head from out Scrver way-belongs to the Dancing Club - Char- us - her hobby is writing to pen pals - 'tis said, there is a man in her life, JAMES RIDDLE "lim"-One of our ace square dancers - likes the color red for o very special reason -drives the family Mecury f was afraid of women in his fresh' man year, but, oh, what four years have done. MARY LOUISE RICAIL A commercial studenv - iust loves fo go to the movies - a lwo year Chorus member! belongs to the Dan- cing Club ! always seen with Pat. FLORENCE RISCH "Flossie i Y. J. Staff for three years - member of G.A.A. - Tri-Hi-Y - and Librar- ian Staff f secretary of home room H2 - likes to eat everything but soinach - cow- boys lhe family Buick. PATRICIA ROGACKI 'Pat' -A quiet girl from out Sorver way -collects pictures for 0 hobby - member of the Dancing Club - c commercial student - belongs to Chorus. JANET SELL Holds up the flute sec- tion in the band and orchestra-also, in Tri- Hi-Y-you never see her without Evelyn- always seen making a noontime trip to the post office but nat to mail a letter -wants to be a nurse. EVE LYN SHAFFER Voted best looking girl in the class-just loves baseball and Wally Westlake - tickles the ivories for the arches- tra-on Yellowiacket and Freeportian Staffs -member ot the Dra- matics Club. VIRGINIA SHANER Did a grand lab as head of the maiorettes -member of the Y.J. and Freeportian Staffs -was a cheerleader in the Senior play- played the part of Helen in the Junior ploy-belonas to the Tri-Hi-Y - G.A.A. - Chorus - plays the piano for the arches- HCI. ANABELLE SHEARER Keeps her neighbors out Sarver way awake nights practicing the piano and violin-Gd, dles for the orchestra -served on the Free- portian Stat? - Tri- Hi-Y, two years-voted mast studiaus in her class. ANN SHOOP Voted most popular girl in the class-eFh- cient secretary of Stu- dent Council - Y, J. member, five years - romantic lead in Jun- ior and Senior plays Never been kissed, she claims! - Free- partian Staff - G.A.A. - patrolman - Cha- rus. SHIRLEY SMITH Likes to make trouble far Mr. Curry - be- longs to Chorus - plans to get married and make "Got" her career, I, nv gi ' . QI ' ROGER SNYDER Generally quiet, but Oh! when he gets started-likes to hunt - played fotball - member of the Sports- men Club - bashful where girls are con' cerned. PAUL SOBKOWIAK Our outdoors man - likes to hunt and fish - belongs to the Sportsmen Club - he might be described as the strong, silent type. ELIZABETH SOBOLEWSKI "Betty" hails from Laneville - played the cymbals and drums in the band - served on the Y.J. and Library Staffs - likes to dance and read for a pas- time - she is taking Chorus in preparation for a career as a night club singer, ROBERT STERLING Cute, little blonde from the country-President of ll2 - member of Sportsmen Club and Student Council - has a way with the wo- men - likes ta take part in all sports. DONNA STITT Varsity cheerleader for three years - kept the crowd in stitches in both the Junior and Senior plays - voted the most athletic girl in the class - mem- ber of YJ. and Free' portian Staffs - pa- trolman - member of Tri-Hi-Y - plans to make nursing and Chuck her future. JANE STOKES An all around sport- active in G.A,A. and after school sports - member of F.l"l.A. - Tri-Hi-Y - Ushers Club - Y,J. Stal? - sold the most maqazines for the Senior Class. JANET STOVER Hoils from Lusesco - always around when there are sports ac- tivities - takes good care of Yellowiacket circulation - member of Ushers Club. CAROL WESTENDORF A tall blonde from way up Washington Street - Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y, four years - served on Y. J. Staff, two years - belongs to Ushers Club - adds to that "noise" from Chorus class - likes to drive for c pastime. STANLEY SWANK "Stan" is one of the few boys in the typing room - has o weak- ness for blondes - likes roast beet and mashed potatoes - pals around with Jim -participated in the Junior Sportsmen Club and Dramatics Club. WILLIAM TANTLINGER 'Bill", Miss Turner's pet headache Y member of Sportsmen Club for two years- spends his spare time looting with the gang or working at Girardes -a future sailor. MARGARET TREFELNER A quiet little girl from way up Franklin Street flikes to write letters as a pastime-claims math as her favorite subject, MELVILLE WALTENBAUGH "Moe" spends most of his time thinking up devilment - another spaghetti f i e n d - corves solid planes as a pastimeclaims to be o woman hater. DONALD WEINEL "Don" was voted most studious boy in the class but manages to work in a variety of interests with his stu- dies - President of 107 - member of Dro- matics Club - radio announcer for Senior la a whiz at p Y 1 . . Chemistry Vhis motto IS "Blow it up". Q i ADREN WHITEHAIR "Ad" speeds around on o motorcycle - collects stamps and old coins-keeps busy with the Hi-Y - Pro- iection Club 7 Dan- cing Club and Sports- men Club. VICTOR WONDERLING Hoils from Laneville- belonged to the Sports- men Club and Hi'Y- iust can't seem to get enough chicken - likes to make trouble for Miss Boyd in Speech class. FRANCIS VILD Hoils from 8.1. - we hear, he is one of the best Bakers for miles around -- belongs to the Sportsmen Club - likes to tease the girls. ROBERT YOUNG Robert drives his own truck to school-never has much to say -- likes to hunt-a mem' ber of the Soortsmen Club-his ambition is to be a truck driver. GLORIA YOUNKINS Makes the long climb up Washington Street each day - a member of Tri-Hi-Y for three years-Dramatics Club -a two year Chorus member - spends her spare time writing to the Air Force. .fazsi UML We the Senror Class of nrneteen hundred and flfty two county of Armstrong state of Pennsylvanra as of now resrd rng rn the famous crty of Freeport and the surround ng drs trrcts havrng a so called sound mrnd and drsposrng memory do hereby make ordarn publrsh and declare thrs to be our last wrll and testament thereby revokrng and mokrng vord all former wrlls made by sard class I To the prrncrpals teachers and Board of Educatron we leave our thanks and gratrtude for the favor and prrvrleges they have granted to us ll To Mrss O Nerll we leave our apprecrat on for the trme and egort she put forth rn makrng our yearbook a SUCCESS To the Junrors we sadly grve our prrzed seats n assembly To the Sophomores we leave our many socral affarrs hoprng they are as successful as our events were V To the Freshmen we leave the prrvrlege of becomrng Brg Wheels as our upper classmen VI As a favor to the school we leave VII Each senror rndrvrdually wrlls the followrng Susan Alt Sue leaves her love for math to Ann Mason Ma rrlyn Altem us Marrlyn wrlls her new color guard unrform to some snappy underclassman Wrllls Altman Patrrcra Coward Pat s letter wrrtrng to a certarn sarlor goes to Betty Easley Kay Croyle Kay wrlls her abrlrty as head drum marcrette to Evelyn Sobolak Lewrs Davrs Buus dancrng abrlrty goes to Bud Toy Rrta Deemer Rrta s school memorres are left to Foy Gensbrgler Lucrlle Drnrnger Lucrlle leaves to Peg Pescr the tedrous work as edrtor of the Yellowlacket Josephrne Dougherty Jo bequeaths her nrmble typrng flngers to Sylvra Marader Vrvran Douthett Vrvran leaves her wrrtrng abrlrty to Delores Harvey James Drake Jrm wrlls hrs herght to Bob Tantlrnger Carolyn Dutford Carolyn leaves her dutres as class secretory to Marrlyn Jack Inez Falkner Gene Inez Krupa wrlls her drums to Ronald Leonr Leona Fennell Leona leaves her brg money makrng rob at Furer s Helen Olczak Wrllre conveys hrs patrolman smrle to Herb Cunnrngham Donald C Baker Don s huntrng abrlrty goes to Jane Ann Bowden Donald E Baker Don leaves hrs norsy trumpet flnally' Harold Baker He hands hrs band posrtron over to Paul Wrlson Mary Ellen Balentrne Mary bequeaths her posrtron as usher to Janet Newbert Joanne Beale Joanne leaves her frrendlrness to Sue lloyd Erleen Bell Erleen leaves Cannon Delores Bernard DoDo leaves Marlon Frler Donald Blackburn Senator turns John Blystone her darly bus rude from Wernels to Bruce her flrrtatrous part rn the Senror play t over hrs love for Chemrstry to Bob Such John abandons hrs peaceful srlence to Fred Frrtch Kenneth Bowser Kenny leaves hrs athletrc abrlrty to Fred Hamrlton Raymond Bowser Ray leaves hrs talkative ways to Joanne Rhoades Joseph Brestensky Joey appornts Don Mast as herr to hrs krssrng abrlrty Clyde Bush Clyde leaves hrs long walk to the dam to Andrea Camp e Patrrcra Campbell Pat wrlls her swrmmrng experrences to Thelma Mohney Robert Carr Krtty Carr takes off hrs huntrng cap to scratch hrs head lors Carrrer Lors walls her shortness to Pat Thorpe Donald Clevenger Don leaves hrs love for school tc Drck Strvason Mary leaves her twrrlrng abrlrty as shown rn the Senrcr play to Mrdge Smrth Erleen Galbreath Erleen leaves her vocal cords to Beatrrce Clark Robert Geer Bob abandons hrs seat rn Speech class for the sake of Mrss Boyd Shrrley George Shrrley wrlls her blonde harr to Patty Shaffer Harold Gratzer Harold s square dancrng abrlrty rs left to Theresa Lepkowskr Ronald Gretz Ronnre leaves hrs trrps to the omce to Roger Jack Arthur Hargrove Art leaves hrs norsy trombone to Duck Keener Shrrley Harmon Shrrley leaves her long halr to Helen Ruffner lrllran Hrlgert l.rllron s soprano vorce goes to Sylvra Dahman Elsre Hrnes Elsre wrlls her pretty eyes to Helen Beale Harry Hoover Buzzy leaves hrs heart to Pat Hrnes Shrrley Hoover Shrrley grves her brg lane rn the Senror play to Helen Kelly Raymond Huth Ray leaves hrs good looks to the best lookrng Junror boy Carol lseman Carol wrlls her rob at Freeports brg 5 8- I0 to Shrrley Mrller Edward Jordan Ed leaves hrs o Srkora runnrng the movre prolectar to BII Sophre Krsrel Sophre leaves her usherrng dutres to Patty Burford Anna Klrngensm th Anna leaves her gab sessrons rn 'l'l2 to Sylvra Sarver I 7 , - , 1 r A ' , , , D . . . I r U l , ' s - 1 - - 3 ' . . . , . Ill ' , ' ' i - IV , ' ' , . , , . . H H ' ' ' ' . ' ll - ' ll ' I 'O Mary Fiscus , . .. . , . .. . . . . . . 0 0 g ' .. , . . b Il. . . , . . . . . . ' ib, ' ' ' i ' I ' ' ' ll ' ll ' 1 23 Margaret Koenug Margue leaves her love for Ralph Kuner to Morgue Shaffer Catherune Kosson Cotherune leaves her vuolun to some Sophomore vuolun lover Gerald landus Gerry leaves hus successfulness to Nancy Hull Robert Leru Bob leaves hus odd nuck name to Curly Ruffner lous lloyd Lous guves her ambut on to Nancy Berg Elva Love Elva s Y J column goes to Donna Dean Beverly Lowers Beverly s cheer leading abuluty goes to Rhonda Hartley Duan Macurdy Duan throws her baton to Eleanor Stokes Maxune Macurdy Maxune sends her love for sports to Floyce Clevenger Charles Markle Chuck leaves hus bug yellow Jeepster to Gale Reed Wulluam Mason Bull leaves hus tutle as the most popular boy t um Cramer lrus Mellush lrus leaves her clarunet to Betty Avey Eleanor Metzler Eleanor leaves her sweet dusposutuon to Nancy Burford Aluce Muller Aluce leaves her quuet ways to Barbara Hawkuns Melvo Muller Melva leaves to get marrued Robert Mohney Bob leaves hus posutuon as guard to anyone brave enough Elsue Montgomery Elsue leaves her expert druvung to Bob Camerlo Davud Murray Dave leaves hus traul of broken hearts Irene Nowakowsku Irene wulls her lob as Senior play usher to Carol Hewutt Francus Olczak Ozzue s bug Dodge goes to Jack Huth Eluzabeth Overholt Libby turns her wut over to Nancy McKee Mary Louuse Pavettu Mary leaves her tuny flgure to Eduth Hunderluter Joseph Penvose Joe leaves hus drum stucks to Harold Kunkle Ruchard Pruce Duck guves hus borrowed penculs back to Mrs Gales Geraldune Reutz Gerry leaves her love wuth Bob Mary Louuse Rucaul Mary louuse hands down her dauntuness fo Rose Marne Venderluc James Ruddle Jum wulls hus nuce clothes to Ed Dufford Florence Rusch Flossue walls her charming personaluty to DoDo Kulgore Patrucua Rogacku Karen Craug us gufted wuth Pats soft vouce Jean Rutfner Jean leaves to some ombutuous Junuor her posutuon edutor of the Freeportuan Joyce Ruffner Joyce guves her cute face to Rowena Zummerman Melvun Scheerbaum Melvun s Hu Y membershup goes to Lee Bures Naomu Scott Scottue leaves her love for dancung to Felucuty Muller Ruchard Secrust Duck wulls hus poluteness to Don Fleck Francus Seutam Francus bequeaths hus puano fingers to Martha Louuse Dougherty Janet Sell Janet leaves her ukelele to Lous Hotham Evelyn Shaffer Ev leaves Wally Westlake to her suster Margue Vurgunua Shoner Vurgunua wulls her gold headmalorette plume to Pat Huth Annabelle Shearer Annabelle s brauns go to John Shoop Ann Shoop Ann s popularuty goes to Norma Porter Sluurley Smuth Shurley leaves her good c t zenshup to Gugs McKee Roger Snyder Rogers man luke ways go to lefty McClowery Paul Sobkowuak Paul conveys hus cherushed seat un l07 to Chester Smuth Eluxabeth Sobolewsku Betty wulls her posutucn on the Yellowlacket exchange to anyone who lukes to luck stamps Robert Sterlung Bob leaves hus dev lushness to Lawrence Sungleton Donna Stutt Jane Stokes Jane wulls her fruendly smule to Earl Reed Janet Stover Janet leaves her many fruends to Kay Gensbugler Stanley Swank Stan s masculune vouce us left for Clarence McAnunch Wulluam Tantlunger Bull wulls hus good behavuor un Englush class to Ed McGuure Margaret Trefelner Margaret leaves her abuluty to work math problems to any ambutuous Freshman Francus Vuld Francis leaves Cmunus one mcre boy un the typung roomj Melvulle Waltenbaugh Mo leaves hus wutty remarks to Al Schweutzer Donald Weunel Don leaves hus studuous ways to Floyd Ross Carol Westendorf Carol wulls her promp ness to Delores Frann Adren Whutehaur Adren wulls hus trups to Lernervulle to anyone who lukes to skate Vuctor Wonderlung Vuctor wulls that ever turesome walk from lanevulle to Johnny Dempster Robert Young Bob leaves ll2 never to return the hopesj Glorua Younkms Glorua turns over her never to be forgotten guggle to Geraldune Macurdy , , . .. A . . . . H . ,, . - I l . I . . . . ,, ,, 0 J. - - , . . . . . , - . . . I H . fo yoke ig, Donna leaves her abuluty as an athlete to Naomu Hartman. ' Il II ' ' ' I I . r - ' 1, - 1 1, - . . . . . . . h H 1, - - - - . . ' I ' . . . . , , I . . . I .. as . ,, ,, . 24 1 ,,.w,w,,,.-.-Y 11,3 E , 1 I A .u. nf" 5 Y Q .8-nm ff' :. 5 uw' ' o f 4 X I w W I uf If I L 'S 1, Jim 6'fwl2l1wf The prophecy of the class of 52 Is what we re about to bring to you In the future when we shall meet, Thus prophecy well agam repeat SUSAN ALT VIVIAN DOUTHETT Sewmg seams so neat The dresses she makes are very sweet DRAKE ls roplng steer out West Hoardmg all hns money un a Treasure Chest ls happy an marriage Pushing twlns In a baby carriage MARILYN ALTEMUS M A waitress wall be Collecting tnps besides e ee WILLIS ALTMAN CAROLYN DUFFORD I5 di-,mg fine We find money bound Sellung grocerues us has lane As manager of Cramer s she ns found DON C BAKER INEZ FALKNER The world hell explore The best drummer by far Saulnng the seas from shore to shore Sammy Kaye has her as hls star DON E BAKER LEONA FENNELL ls his name ls tourmg each state Baseball has brought has fame In her Hudson she s never late HAROLD BAKER MARY FISCUS Wlth barber shears A nurse of great skull Hts customers leave minus their ears Guves her patients pull after pull MARY ELLEN BALENTINE EILEEN GALBREATH Opens the door We flnd doctormg feet Welcomung you to her department store A professuon we must say that sme s very JOANNE BEALE ROBERT GEER Is druvmg a Dodge Sells cugars that explode On the way to her country lodge They are famous all over the globe EILEEN BELL SHIRLEY GEORGE Wall be heard on the phone Owns a frozen custard stand Number Please un her sweetest tone lt s modern facllltles are the best ID the land DELORES BERNARD HAROLD GRATZER We find as a nurse Square dances he ll call The patients leave but In a hearse Swlng your partner watch you don t fall DON BLACKBURN RONALD GRETZ Can not be found Gets a lob from Hope Has chemical mixtures sent htm Mars bound Imagine gettmg paid for being a dope JOHN BLYSTONE ARTHUR HARGRAVE As a lockey wull rude The roving klnd On has chest hangs has medals slde by sude .lust can t seem to make up has mmd KENNY BOWSER SHIRLEY HARMON Is the coach of Yale A wruter of books Hls rough vouce make has players pa e Telling people how she cooks RAYMOND BOWSER LILLIAN HILGERT A professor by name lt s puctures she tunts Does all his lecturing at Notre Dame Coloring wnth splendor any type of prmts JOEY BRESTENSKY ELSIE HINES Is seen In a mme Owner of the Streetcar Grull Dlgglng coal time after time Serves a bug dlnner leaves a small bull CLYDE BUSH BUZZY HOOVER Is sound effects man On T V does croon For M G M he s do ng what he can When hns volce as heard the gurls all swoon PAT CAMPBELL SHIRLEY HOOVER Destunatuon IS Spam Youll be carrned Shell travel there In her prlvate plane Across a threshold when you marry ROBERT CARR RAY HUTH A trapper Indeed Wull never get nch Brmgs furs home to sunt your need Because we flnd hum duggung a dutch LOIS CARRIER CAROL ISEMAN ls busy at work Fuxes your nanls At Sears 8- Roebuck she s a crednt clerk As a manlcunst she never falls DON CLEVENGER EDWARD JORDAN A famous get flyer A man of great knowledge Wnth altitudes rlslng higher and higher A professor hell be In some bug college PATTY COWARD SOPHIE KISIEL ls a sanlor s wnfe An effluent secretary Guudmg a crunser throughout her lufe Works un an offlce that s both lnght and any KAY CROYLE ANNA KLINGENSMITH We find marrned to Ray Many a mule on a stage shell walk Ronsnng a family happy and gay Her voice makes that doll of hers talk BUZZY DAVIS MARGARET KOENIG Wall slt by the flre Shell take all our money being our treasurer To be a marned man as hns desure Decorate our homes and bnng us pleasure RITA DEEMER CATHERINE KOSSAN A hostess at her best Wall teach an pnvate how to spell cat Wlth 0 mov-e stef wth nlght as G guest To someone s sweet darlung hnle brat LUCILLE DININGER GERALD LANDIS A newspaper wnll head I5 q civil engineer Her edutcr s report will always be read Roads and bndges he bunlds wnhout fear JOSEPHINE DOUGHERTY BOB LERI As the President s and A bncklayer he wull be She ll type all the letters that he has made 26 Laymg brncks from here to Tennessee sweet I I I I . I ' , , I I , thf. . , . .... , . , , , .. -,, H , . - , , , , . . , , . , , Il , , , f ,, ,,. , . , , , - - ,, . , ,, , . , . , , . . . .,, ,, . . . . , , , . s I. . , . . . , . , . , , , .. , , , . .. . --, . . , . . . . . , . , , , , , . . , , , . . . . , , ., . . , , . . , . , , . . . . , . I I I - , , . . . , . . . , , . I I . . - . . ' I . . . 57fwPlU?-f1!f LOIS LLOYD NAOMI SCOTT A seamstress that knows how to sew and press An Arthur Murray teacher knows how to a Wull make someone a well made dress Instead of takung shorthand on the boss s a ELVA LOVE DICK SECRIST Robert Morrus us the place shell attend Good manners correct words he s able to boost Shell be a good secretary and a nuce fruend He can always keep up wuth Emuly Post BEVERLY LOWERS FRANCIS SEITAM A good florust wull be Wuth a band he ll find fame Makes corsoges and bouquets for lust a small fee Blowung hus trumpet luke Harry James DIAN MACURDY JANET SELL Is teachung cookung As a nurse for babues shell pass the test Can mrx ungreduents wuthout even lookung Carung for others but her own the best MAXINE MACURDY EVELYN SHAFFER Her career as a teacher us much in need A desugner s dream maternal pm and dart To teach luttle chuldren to wrute and to read Wull make your creatuon a work of art CHUCK MARKLE VIRGINIA SHANER Has un lughts his name A nurse for sure Wuth has roller skates he s won great fame Your temperature wull ruse luke never before B L MASON ANNABELLE SHEARER A doctor un white A teacher of math Caring for patuents both day and nught Showung students the mathematucal path IRIS MELLISH ANN SHOOP A clerk at Alcoa busy filung As a socual worker shell never ture Keep ng records neat for her bosses smulung For helpung others us her desure ELEANOR METZLER SHIRLEY SMITH To be a wave us our prophecy for you A lubraruan at Freeport Hugh To the armed servuces youll be loyal and true Its only best sellers that she wull buy ALICE MILLER ROGER SNYDER Owner ofa chaun of restaurant stands A dealer un cars and a regular teller Servung people from many lands Wull always boast beung Fords best seller MELVA MILLER PAUL SOBKOWIAK Marrued to Jam A wrestler all muscles no fat Takes care of the chuldren wuth vugor and vum Wull keep hus opponents flat on the mat BOB MOHNEY BETTE SOBOLEWSKI A saulor un b ue We find wuth an arches ra us surugung Sauls the hugh seas and the ocean too' Lots gf gugtgmerg she .5 bringing ELSIE MONTGOMERY ROBERT STERLING Rldes UP and down A wrestler of fame She operates an elevator un some bug town Gorgeous Rt-,ben ,S new hu name DAVID MURRAY DONNA S-I-ITT Knows 'he wle Decude your career marry Chuck Ross Get to be a nurse and also a boss' JANE STOKES Was taught has trade at T V school IRENE NOWAKOWSKI Sells many an antuque They are exquusute orrgunal and unuque OZZIE OLCZAK Wull sell you a Dodge He has an agency and a bug garage UBBY OVERHOLT Combunes work and play For she s a lufe guard at the Y M C A You ll be comfortable and stylish for that bug aflaur JANET STOVER ls wrmng comuc strups Her gokes and cartoons are really pups STANLEY SWANK MARY LOUISE pAVET-rr Is mechanucal bound Wm beuuhfy your face Hell tix your cars to make them sound A make up artust wuth her make up case Bill TANTI-INGER JOE PENVOSE Keeps tume so neat A military polpgemgn we find him now Instead of tumung all he does us sleep He keeps them un order and how' MARGARET TREFELNER DICK PRICE A lab technucuan We find harvestung crops Fultillung the alms of her ambutton Growung vegetables that are really tops FRANCIS VILD GERAI-DINE REITZ An experuenced electrucuan Af' 'mP0f'U"7 d'e"I'0"" Bug bank account very good posutuon In the Valley hosputal us her posutuon MELVILLE WALTENBAUGH MARY LOUISE RICAIL Leaves school behund her Workung un a hotel us where youll find her M MDDLE DON WEINEL Wull attend three schools Learning correctly to make many tools FLOSSIE RISCH The President s wufe Luvung un luxury the rest of her lufe ls buuldung a brudge Makung ut perfect from rudge to rudge Governor of our state Eatung hus food from a golden plate CAROL WESTENDORF It s everythung she sells From story books to lunglung bells PAT ROGACK' ADREN WHITEHAIR Writes for Sun Telu About movue stars luke Sinatra and Kelly JEAN RUFFNER VICTOR WONDERLING Fha, In G plane Enforces our laws She s an ourlune hostess but stull the some A P0I'CfmG"' to PU' C"m'nUI5 beI""d bers JOYCE RUFFNER ROBERT YOUNG Wull style your hair A carpenter by trade For she s a beautucuan who does ut wuth care Hell buuld for you anything that s made MELVIN SCHEERBAUM GLORIA YOUNKINS Curcles round wuth some luttle maud A grrl with Q gmule Even at eighty wull stull promenade 27 Shell be a receptuonust for quute awhule Works un a bank Countung money wuth accuracy to increase her rank , , t p. - . I p. . . , , 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . I . I , I . . . , 1 1 . , . . . . 1 . . 1 7 1 1 . . ' , l 1 . 1 , . . I L 1 1 . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 ' . , . . I , . . , . , , . 1 - - . I . I I . . . , I l I I I I - - I . I . . . I 1 - 1 . , , 1 1 1 I ' I I , . .' . . Will beautify your hair, 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 , . I . . . 1 . n I 1 1 . I I . , . 1 , . 1 I . I .. . , . , 1 I . . . . . . . , ' JI . 1 , . - 1 1 1 , .. . . . - .I ' . 1 n 1 - I . . I I , . . . I I , . . . . 1 - - 1 , . 1 - . . . . I . , . I , . . Ll! i E BEST DANCERS NEA1551 A N0 OK Ba My Love - Q fx 1 X F ' Glam! if an I ,a J X gl -5- gif?- B.: 470 Y xv: ff HIS HER I X as l 606 6,019 my! I7 4' Q -7 6 6 EW , W EBHSB O Y' UO Novi- WITTIEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED i 28 1 F o in KJ' 1 - ' If Q. ff QDS. ZYYCHYI ,,b,M"'1 0 up X X 5 Q Q? , xy If I X ff 1 Q- f I cf ol A-S CF A-. 1 ' 1 . z 4'1'ks x V N f W f jfs ! Q Y ' E gf E b Z Gi-' all M 6 ' I-1 -'Tire cerrfwkvf U ' P"L'sL' e 5731 ,W ,, f . i ul l V 2 T 4 4 a Q f. UU - QJEL ' M- . .s . U0 1 L . JJ gn 7 . 4 Q S . . Vp XX if f as by Ap K 3 1 1-Q f f A-- -,allo X sb U Q5 5 53- El' b h O h I J R ff R d G G Id L d' M l L82 ' MOST STUDIOUS BEST LOOKING Annabelle Sh E lyn Shaffer D W I R fh on eine Do Not fnnse -png fs 5,4 cy Hu -' H 2 it - 4, A ss iziuneu I' V li? QXO' , 5 Y M 1655- - 1 ' MOST ATHLETIC Don S in K Bowser F e 1 Ovtaqfx X- J., B' IX xxw 4? 4 6 if 1 X 4 Q QL W I . rl ga!! exq 'Aa' ! 21X 00' LJ 'E' F E , 64 x xx N' Si -. ov Rufoqknph, Pizase ! " MOST POPULAR A Sh p BH M 'E O 'fri , ' Y- -4. , f 4 '- W E4 ,4 I .V . :K Y M. ,,, Y kxlgi' .Q 1 my 'Q Q: Qi 1' H gf ,eff v , ,Q 0 M. '. - ' - J' , v .il ' , . I-4' 35- 'lla-M .I M X 5' N 5 'fs-. iw: I X' 1 HV, 1 ,fb nfl , sa. 5' - 41- 'H 4, 5 4.-:AA F Q vin' X , L fbi I h J ""'f?H-lm-, 'S H 'Q ' 91 Q., Al ,Q Q ,.g , MYR an vu Sn?'.2. V QW!!! fn K- I! 'K In r, -vim!! , ,,, v u I , , , H 51 ' " J' I 2 1 my 3 5 1 MM W- 1 1 1 WY :MNH A e f... ' ,, -siixfl-il. -f -.ff l f . .f Q , . Q' ",fA ' NFA L .5 Lt .K ar il , I ,Han ' .Q Q I' 1 Q j r: 5-. N - - "' . x 4 . . 3 5 I It 1 4 1-. q C? '?' " :li sQ'3 , , th' 1 f ' P ' - ' - ' A dcidk as . ' ,I Xia . ,- M w K gr! Tiff?-' 233.1 sf, il n ff -+" W1 ff 12 22 'lg lf' if .. . 1 E , 5 .Lf n 4 x F' aus al Q. . ul, 1 .fy -. - L ffm -.I 5-44 ,E A U...- 5 .im A . ' I M4 ' '61 . pq, ! L4 rl, ra. P54 . 1 -' 'Z' 1 KBJ ,Fife P5 I 1 s :Q If Z 'IF r f ' ,- '71 . 1 . W! MII in W 1 f 1 9 fit. , 1 f I I 5 f f fm 4 1 ,i i I Q Q f 1 ,M ' fa N 41 9 ' n lv' 1 I 1 -ff 1 P 3 Ei! ' Hwy' . 1 - 1 . -if '94 0, .,v H 5-CFQQW "' fm . -qw. ,Q,. . . V f Sv x L, 7M .. -G N' Y Alibi 1 , I . A I . A I ff vi g J 9 Q - ug. "ai K sg av , 'av ' .',,n3. pf'-ver 5 . ,VW , 'gum ' gp' 9 V 4gf"g" H Z -4 .-. ..k e 1,- 'H 'Q' J x 'R 1 "' 1 4 l., ui. J .nn i I G y. .Q 'gg K YE: -Q., vm i?, W 'Q 5 A A 2 1 T!"- 1 --ii v A V ' X Timm f? 337 6" 'wr voo , ' "X-+51 w fs 'Q V f 1 's I5 X X'o 1 Q n'-g, ,3 gl M E 35 ... L w A, , A Y . -x 3 lt' wif-all A Q fn QV ,Lb sn 9 V Ia ' as -'v , J I M' rg :ga . Qs,-5 vt : A-, . -' r' A, 5' Q 7 ' J, -7 I f,f-f:? ' 3 ? ' Y 'gee T qlgi' ' 'T' ,Q ,, , 'Eff .q f , xi. 4 , A -I , , V' 't' 'f ,, l ul U If-mam" , , V A J , - L f ,, . 4y,.I'Q . , . w 1 1 - 1 N . if ' 1 Q. Q 'Q ' Q 0 ' . W . N le' 'iw 1 I 1 '59 E ,ff f iii, , , . c , A3111 if I ,gif 'uf VI' .2 K ' 'n Uv V in V. Q Q " , , U L ' f.1',,fA Affdg ,""w,Tl-5 A I W I. ,W , ., A ' , Y , . v ' ,, P, 'D A af X, . . V , 'Z u 'A 'Q a,.. " 'S V I 3? L' 'fl u .- , v ,. 1' -L I! P.. , Q 2 . M ll Y . -+3 F! ...nt ..q,,, ,Az 3, 4 p' 49:55, 22? ff' .. QQ Q 8' 4 , -1 1 i 4 "' f ! X 5 N Q 5 '11, 7.5- 8 its F R. , V4 U1---4 ,- L.. "Hansen, ',,.4f'Qfg94 1 we-,f 5 A l, svtpi H hh Q. , f , , an ' 'J A -1- ,L 1 , ., N N - . sy -- . V ,-.-:u v, -s.' Qq-an - , . W-. ., " mewfaf I " -4, 7 A ' -'N . - 533' P "-'RY 'Z' - ' ' . ,Y A , -qs-SQL il , , -' , . , , ,. ' " A ul 17 2"-' Q Q' ,Qu ' ' Q.. - 'QL 0 Q AQ tang' 37" 57955 .nn A9 I 794 Aff GI' 1 fl Izzgfzfmm, 1 9 1 '1 N M ,,,,, ,. 1 ,, V ' f:ti2'jQCQv'j'f7 bf,-5311. ' 4 1 ,2 6 r A ,--'gm -. W 'bf' 4+ J X- -4, 'Xu-.usa ff Q AU,"j:Jf, Q , 5, SJ"-,,, ak '- .fiat 'vm .- , , ', 4 's- fi . 1' 0. A cr Q25 . uwmmf,,f ,M f "'S"fn'Vi'f,',2?" - ' " ,A - 'T' ,M rf' X '- 4 4 1 in-' x ...fs J' - '.,, 4. J , Jjf' Student Kamal ii-s Omagh -:nga lst row D Altman T Lowers R Lass nger A Mason J Cramer A Shoop D Murray 2nd row W Arello L Shultz J Young D Craig D Kunselman H Beale S Lloyd L Mason 3rd row B Lowers C DufTord M Muller K Croyle R Huth D Stltt M Jack M Shaffer N Hull 4th row E McGuire R Craig R Camerlo W Altman M Hartley C Constantmo C McClowry D Weunel R Sterling H Cunmnghom W Mason 5th row Mr Marshall Mr Bush J Ruftner H Carson D Fleck swim fnunri The Student Councnl under the dnrectuon of Mr Bush agaun turned an a grand 'ob Durung the past year the Council pro vrded us with many speclal assemblles dances provided candy mochmes and put a mullc program unto el?ect The rnost lmpor tant dance sponsored by thus group was the Coronatron Ball ot whuch a Kung and Queen were selected from the Sensor Class To be a member of thus organlzatnon us on honor and trubute to that persons character Officers for the year were President David Murray Vnce President Jomes Cramer Secretary Ann Shoop Assustant Secretary Ann Mason 36 1 b ' - , . t L f' .D I.. - - ' ' n 1 ,V . K 4 tl- J V T' 4 I. l Mx .. 4 W ' ,X l , l 1 1- f V f - 5 , - , . , . , , 'T ' r ' 1 - , - , r , . , . , 4 -'- 1 - I - 1 - f - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - T' I I I ' I ' I ' V ' I - . , . , . , . - . , . , . , . , . u ' I . . , ' 1 I 1 ' ' I 977aqa31h1z, 67 The Senior magazine campaign, this year netted more money than any pre- vious year. The sales amounted to S2854.'l5. The Senior Class was able to keep 5968.45 of the gross amount. Six prizes were given to the top six in sales. The prizes and the winners WSTG: Prize l Jane Stokes Radio 2 Ann Shoop Watch 3 Josephine Dougherty Watch 4 Elizabeth Overholt Camera 5 Jean Ruftner Pen 8. Pencil Set 6 Janet Sell Ulcelele Free yearbooks were given to the ten next highest sellers. Certificates ot merit were given to all those selling over S30 in subscriptions. Captains of the home rooms were: Susan Alt, lO7p Elizabeth Overholt and Dick Secrist, ll2, Marqaret Koenig, ll3p Jean Ruttner, Campaign Manager. Faculty managers were Mrs. Gales and Mr, Marshall. 37 p.df!l!Jll'I'I.Ql'L The Student Council Patrolmen are elected by the student body. Their main iob is to direct the traffic in the halls, between classes. R. Camerlo, W, Altman, D. Murray, A. Shoop, C. Dutiord, J, Ruftner, A. Mason, M. Miller, D, Stitt, N. Hill, B. Mason, J. Cramer, H. Cun- ningham, K. Croyle, R, Huth an i Jfmepmtzan 5fagf nr I9 wmwlng 'i ,A-Ps Edltor In chnef J Ruffner A vrsor MussONell Busuness Munoger G Lcndrs Adverhsmg P Coward D Murry usfs ou ery U ner C Duffor emg E Love mssng from pncm S Geor e Phoiogrcnphy W Alfr-nun I Sho er Q 5 Writers M Fiscus, A, Shoop, W, Mason, A Shearer R. Mohney, E, Overholv, V Shzmer, L. Dininger K,CrOyle 38 F. H. A. Row one, standing: M. Povetti, B. Smith, P. Huth, S. Harmon, M. Burnes, E. Hartman, L. Hill- gert, N. Porter, J. Stokes, S. ""' Stitt B. Hawkins D. Mccurdy E. Montgomery, E, Hinderliter, J. Ll H Stover, J. Douthett and C. Hewitt. Row two: P. Hines, P. Thorpe, D. Ravotti, M, Macurdy, Miss Miholco. LIBRARY CLUB Row one, sented: M. Kubla, B. Bures, S. Stitt, D. McWhinney, B. Sobolewski, J. Dempster, S. Seybert. Row two: Miss O'Neill, F. Clev enger, L. Dougherty, J. Renouf P, McClowery, L. Clever, R. Bell J. Callen, A. Cambell, P. Bow ser, B. Fleming, F. Risch, S Hoover. Jufwm Jin ng aI'I'LQ!LliCL1, The F. H. A. claims a membership of twenty-five, from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. Ofticers are elected every year. The electees this year were: President, P. Thorpe, Vice President, D. Ravotti, Secretory and Treasurer M. Macurdy. Under the direction of Miss Mihalco, the club sponsored bake and candy sales and dances to secure money for an expense-paid trip to Pittsburgh for all members. ofibfzanqs Klub Each year under the direction of Miss O'Neill, new girls are added to the library stoFf. They assist in taking care of circulating books, getting new books ready for circulation, and many other duties. They have the thanks of the entire school. 39 Y f , , I ' ni 15 ff fm w r . ,xgbg Lg ,QS I 1 1 I . 1 , I I , 459 V, LJ 1 " is f' K7 " vf - w YQ. mmf, .CL . M 4-2-.QF :Qi 4 Nz- 2-. , Tj gl -vgg? ' Jw ei, ' L if ,,,b,5,,.' ,pxukjflgs . fi .nkxfk-1 fn! I ,1 . wg- 4 y ,- - - - 535.1 F37-'H ,.,..-f ,,I' 3- 2 AA SFA1 I Pul' ' r C 1 ibn - ,- A ..,- -, 4,....-,- 7. --,.f l.,-QS. ..-W ig .- -'-u- .ff---up s ing DO QP' 00 S D JA A JI s., -'Q 'rc Q- had b 'S 4 as .s x.Lrl .J ' -- ' ADJ, Sw.. .l'1T.' Y' J Y. Au P 4' 4' 1.4 'K 1 V I 'f In" '14 7, ,1l- . Q ,. , v . . ry 1 , filly: .gif A 'ln m,Z',' -V j p .- k -, .. .f F. 3 X Q1 :if -3 . W P' Y' 3 1 I ' w t"' I T v LJ,quJ ifxu . V si C, I f - : -, L., . 7 '7 4 - , f. 1' - 1",'C-I1 " N v " 1 rf- -f - -1 , 1.4 -- urn ,, , X I ws xx , . . xy ' ---j'- .' 3 ,Q 'ji ' ,,':' h ij ,--j-- A .,- D lm -. - - wh A , , A --U ..'..-l' iw ffm X SIC ILCS, - ',4 f P -1 : 4 f- -, n ' "' D .r::' , Y , 7' 5-35 2-- :' ,. A A A A . . K . . , -. 1 1 A 'f Ll' ' .H ' - ' ' N J :.ff':':4 A - , . . 'H 'f f..- 1 " Shlifcr N' ' . ,X - hr.. ,R fl , , 3 1 H, x , .4 . - . E A ' ' - , L, Hlfz'--J -- f ' u. L -, fx F 1. 1 '- HC " A lf I 1 ' " n S ' ' Igjipi, b I A 4 .1 ,. I K !':,CCZ'..S, swlmkz, .ri Q' bud ' . ., . 4 - '- 7 B ' Af' ,u :ut ,QT , .0 ,VBA 9 .,,.,, . Mr :J 1 - .. ri, 4.3 .L - ' s , , . - ..,4 .. 11, IC. pg 1, L 'Z " A -V .uf ..,..I".f, S:'j,r,p1 , , ' fr ". TQ-JF' -..' -ru . - - l'l' 5 , .' .' V V f 'M L 'f-' . Y" .' "' J' .,,,.r:....- ". ' , Y H ' ' 'Y r-'N--1:4 --'QL'.. r. . '- -'K .Q TILT --:.k .:..:A - , . "1 ' 4A.F A :V 'y ' 'ly "- L A , AA' . . 2, ' v L , Afl,,' .I,- '-V' ,,f.Q,"', . .' . - v s f' ' ' K . x, -Q .. . 'fu ' . 1 Ha. -f 1 Y " ' Y ' 'I g ' ' x '- qi A - . .. :A A :,.j -A :-. 1 1 'Z .J w ', v , -. -l , - , JA T1'. - f A T' . - .-J, , .. :-'Z ' . I' A - J, ,J ' , ., . , , , , ' ,U - , -nvx --:' , .x:.,.'-,.. . . .,.L-...-, r...x- 1 .g-.:r,..n: 1.15 r,R,,..L4,. LPI: "Jw H- A " -l . '--W. - fx- - ' ' -, ' ,,. , - ,. ...A , "-,.'f 'I' Vr-3-I ' K-,o"l4 N ' ' A 'A .V 41 1 A 1 I ,.A LJ' v-- .-:-.L' f--- E , , . A " A wr- -.vf 4 .A 4 Q ' Ti ' ",- " Q w Cn DAVID ALTER SCIENCE CLUB D. Thompson, E. Jordan C, Sweeney, J, Stork, H Carson, J, Fair, C McCracken, R. Bowser, R. Smith, S. Smith, J Wolf, N, Sweeney, Spcnl sor Mr. Carlson, SCIENCE CLUB H, McCullough, J. Ral stan, R, Boker, J. Wil liams, D. Elder, W. Ohl W. Douglas, H. Hoalc, P Satara, S. Beale, G. Jcr dan, S, Acre, H. Brown B. Edwards, R, Seitz, L, Crain, D, Singer, R. Son- ger, H. Beale, A. Durce, G. Harvey, Anthony, R Burford, Sponsor Mr Woodrow. 1 mmm am ,swim gm The David Alter Science Club with a motto, "Science is fun", is endeavoring to encourage scientihc curiosity among interested students. Student projects are mainly concerned with physical science. They are planning a local weather station which is to be operated by club members. The club is an active member ofthe Pennsylvania Junior Academy ot Science. 41 9 , . ,v' Y 1 "-' .1 A '- I , P , w if l L "' . f 5.51 ' f- I . 4-7 'g . 2 Lf. R' ,V '- fx .Q 9. rk,' kr? f"r P I 232 'iv .4 I 4 tv? Q f' ff,iA:1" . n I . X , .I ,. ' ,. - 'f' ,M ' -Q. ' .. . x 4495 :N A ,U , .x.m wu,flL.:A:L7ff:W.:l K A , , 4 -e A- '4 f: .fit ' 4 ,A ,Q Ar, XMA, 'WA f .4, ,9-E-:Ye L'3f':-uf -5 . --w ,,. ,-f gf A , . ., ,Awww .. -i ay. by -, 1 ,, QQ:-.Qi-',. ,val v, "f-.,'., 451.3 v L ., . 4 ,. , 4 'L ' ., I L ' .rtiliff E ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' 'X s? 54 XX f?Jia,il X V , AA m . f By .. ,Al V J 4 li. . G: . , J- .2 3- A-,Mt M . '-Q W '39, ,fl D 'W , it X1,.TN : ,-P 'pi .VI X- - . x A f Q if Q MT! iokx, 1 l Q.. Q wx ,Y . .,. ' lg, . i X ' Nm. D f. , ' ' R335 AK ' ' 'H' - Q . K ef ' K ' 1 f -.'if?E2t'l.ffv, f I, y .X .xy I I 7 L, . Q "1 A 'Wg' .P 7 .'. 'T' S4 , 5 5 ' 1 ' . ..0'29Q:'145ZqfgQ.,'lift-:".f l I , r' -I f. -,,.4 In ., ' , Y , 1 l,f,r3T?"7wQ1f--, " 3 - "' cf-'gy ' " ' 3 AV?" V :mf . xi ,gf , Q A wtf N, ',,,s.J,L I, v N. ,s- ' Q' ' K 9 -, S .5 vw A ' " , , 4, , 4 P f 1 ,111 . .ir - Q JC? f -Y ,fx , 1 -, if ' I ,1 1 in I all Q K gn ' .' K' x ' , , V . M.. .R . ff f -1- Q: f. if 1 4 "ff 1 Af' " Q " . ' ,,,, . K4 1 ,145 if 1 A1 432, ' xv ORCHESTRA-I st row-K. Kossan, A. Shearer, M, McGuire, M. Shaffer, D. Biclcer, D. Lauffer, F. Seitam, E. Overholt, J. Landis 2nd row-W, Hill, S. Sarver, E. Shaffer, Mr. Teare, I. Mellish, J. Ruffner, S. Lloyd, H. Beale 3rd row-K. Locke, l. Falkner, V. Shaner, L. Kennedy, J. Sell, D. Keener a3fuwL DRUMS B. Sobolewski, l. Falkner, J. Penvose, R. Stivason, H. Kunkle, R, Leoni, B. Fleming MAJORETTES E, Sobolalr, M. Smith, V. Shaner, E. Stokes, D, Macurdy, K. Croyle, M. Fiscus, P. Huth FRENCH HORN, BASS, TROMBONE D, Keener, D. Bicker, M, Shaffer, K. Locke, D, Lauffer, C. Jones, D, Rhea CLARINETS H. Beale, S. Lloyd, B. Avey, M. Bures, A. Dempster, S, Miller, C. Berger. Front row-W. Cramer, N. Sanner, J. Ruffner, S. Haven, I. Mellish FLUTES and SAXOPHONES L. Kennedy, J. Sell, L, Hotham, K. Cramer, H. Toy, S. Stitt, B. Bulford, L. Carrier TRUMPETS Gnd CORNETS J, Landis, P. Wilson, L, Singleton, E. Overholt, H. Baker, D, Baker, F. Seitam, J. Spindler COLOR GUARDS M. Macurdy, M. Miller, L. Fennell, M. Altemus DIRECTORS Band and Orchestra-Mr. Teare Maiorettes-Miss Mauro MIXED CHORUS Row One M Fuscus A Shoop E Galbreath M Shaffer B Hawluns D Ravottu A Campbell S Maradeu A Demp ster R Zummerman K Craug L Ebug S Dahmen J Callen S Shearer G Younluns P Balentune P Shaffer C Kossan Row Two P Rogacku V Shanner B Clark J Bowden B Sobewsku S Baugerstock L Dougherty F Rusch A Rueck A Dempster D Leplxowsku L Hullgert S Harmon S Smuth C Westendolf G Macurdy M Muller N B g E Overholt J Beale D Sttt S Hoover P McKee D Macurdy E Stokes Mrs ShafTer Row Three R Coffman J Ralston L Bennett D Rhea R Rechart L Clever K Locke D Sarver L Sungletan P Wulson J Cramer A Stroyer A Cogley G Carruer B Toy D Stuvuson R Songer D Keener JR HIGH GIRLS CHORUS Row One G Cottln S Smuth P Swueterunq M Falkner J Neubert S Haggert L Craug J Sumculx A Gauser O Ruppersberger H Ruffner F Fester N Sample S Smuth O Clune J Frantz S Rogers P Contu J Fleck D Jack D Jack P Burns M Whutehaur D Bowser Row Two R Venderluc J Woods P Butush B Mutchell B Haven S Duerr E Gray R Janura B Hotham M Canole M Kuhns J West N Snyder J Young C Bantz M Dougherty R Goodbread N Shearer P Muller Row Three Mrs Shaffer J Toy J Hay K Harrugan J Long A Puperato S Rogers A Porter J Prager B Davus E Gaydos N Carr C Spenser B Montgomery M Douthett B Kennedy C Ament N Fulton E Alt L Coffun D Frederuck P Barry S McCaf terty Row Four B Smutlu B Myers J Waldenvulle N Toy M Smouse F Zummerman D Hutt D Gauser D Patton C Pescu M Noble Vlletto P Frantz P Whute M Balluna V Geer L Trettle K Frantz J Renou Srlwni fl: The Freeport Hugh School Chorus us under the very capable leadershup of Mrs Bernard Shaffer The chorus has an umportant part un the senuor Baccalaureate Servuce and un Chrustmas Candlelught Thus year the chorus sang at the band concert Every year there are representatuves from Freeport who qo to the musuc festuvals Thus year Euleen Gulbreath Bette Sobolewsku Melva Muller Arol Stoyer and Duck Stuvuson were un Dustruct Chorus The state group us selected by a commuttee of teachers at every dustruct event Thus year Duck Stuvuson traveled to State - '1 - ' 1 - 1 . 1 - 1 . 1 . 1 1 ef 1 - 1 - 1 - i 1 7 f 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ' 1 r 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 I ' I ' I ' I ' 1 - 1 ' I ' 1 4 I ' I ' - E. i , , , , I 1 - ' 1 . , , , . , . f. O - 1 1 1 44 1 Rowl V. Douthett, P. Co- ward, E. Montgomery, J, Stover, E. Hines, C. Dufford, ci G, Younkins, E. Galbreaih Row! P. Campbell, C. lse- rnan, E. Bell, R. Risch, J. 1 Stokes, L, Hilgert, S. Kisel, D. Macurdy, M. Koenig, C. Westendorf, Miss Eberhart Row3 J. Dougherty, E. Love, S. George Qanaz. Klub mance lub These senior ushers, under the direction of The dance club was organized at Freeport M555 Eberhartl ushered of the Senior ploy and for the benefit of students who wanted to learn other evening programs. to dance and those who lust enloyed dancing They met every other Thursday under the super vision of Mr. Karl. WHITE! 1 f,-wuz! ' 0 j,Vvmv!Ql 4 52111 9 ' i H-S , all? iQ it , ,, 5 -Tc 5 .. 1..- !. -' 1 9' ' " H 1 , ny i , v. I peg, . ,ff , ' ' I 9 'fn 4 , 'M 1 4,5 , e ' ' - Au, J ' Q :mil f I ' , ,, ., .f I-.- . Q4 4 Q 4 , ,A V 4? 1 .ea 6 A F1 I . in V Y f ' r ' ! Y ,, . ' A It' IJ' V ' f'4Q:k K I '. Aww' X, ' f .. M4104 ff :fi ' fait 1 2 3 tie M, xl gx H7111 '1 Q xii H 'gf ee is S V A PXWHQOI Emi W mf ' , li 'L' R :il + 1 l KL, A ' 5 4 'xl Q' Q "Bf.,u 1 .W nf u WL V1 ' f ,' 1 ,.' ff 'f IMF ,gill fi! II:-1' 7111, Banda, jful-JUL Row one: Miss Boyd, M. Ben nett, J. Balmer, V, lshman, M Johnson, M. Johnson, M. West S. Douthett, P. Berg, D. Lauffer P. Conte, M. Durci, D. Stark Row two: S. Roger, M. Canale B. Booker, M. Whiteha'r, M Macurdy, J. Toy, J. Eshen- baugh, N. Stivers, L. Craig Row three: N. Sample, M. Da- verspike, E. Hartman, J. Hcak F. Fester, J. Fleck, M, Kubla Sill, Handy, Ju -M -Q4 Row cne: E. Grey, K. Cramer, D. Bricker, A. Hamilton, Frantz, M. Dougherty, S. McCaf- ferty, J. Young, N. Snyder, S. Berg, D, Craig, M. Montgomery, B. Hotham, K. Gensbigler, E. Gaydos .L.... Row two: B, Haven, R. Janura, B. Nowakowski, S. Falkner, W. Sipe, C. Bantz, R. Goodbread, P. Butush, V. Babinsack, H. Younkins, F. Burkett, F, Gans- bigler, M. Burns Row three: B. Davis, G. Coffin, E. McGuire, I. Smith, A, Gaiser, D. Blackburn, P. Geible, D. Bowser, H. Ruffner, B. Mitchell Row four: P. Bowser, E. Regan, J. Meanor, D. Jack, Y. McClure, O. Cline, J. Nestor, C. Ruppers- berger '- -jful- 1- The Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y have participated in many projects. A few are Bad Abling, Seasonal Assemblies, filling baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and Brotherhood Assemblies. This year for the first, we have had a "Y Council" consisting of the presi- dent, program chairman and advisors. This council meets and discusses pro- iects which the president in turn reports to the individual clubs. One program, in particular, that the "Y Council" sponsored was George Campell who is listed as one of the nation's top song leaders. Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y have participated in district and Valley Councils, having lots of good fun and fellowship. The Y's wish to thank Miss Eberhart who helped with the programs and ushers, Miss Sherotsky from the Art Dept., Mrs. Shaffer, and Mr. Teare from the Music Dept., and Mr, Bush for the many things they have done to help them. 47 ind 1 --.-Q-,- "ITIL: fi, E 1 1 7 ff I n ag, .K I Iv. Ut' x L - xg! g L , ' ! if W V22 W I 5 0 x 1 .5 f , A 'FLQ'-,ii -,Ja...."fL?1A , " ?a2.'7n "Z 7 p . x ww 4 , .- , '-' , . I Q. x." ' En fs x :?4x,,. V .f , fx ' Q 1 in Vf 2 r E ii. . 4 i A1 x' ' g N H 'Q . A J' ' f is 6' ,QV xg XL ,, 4 Je A Tff ,E f ff' Q. 7 Q a .15 -1 ,A f , , A, 'I f .I ' ' , A ' 32- v w.- Lmsmv U39 IS-Sinai Iwi E 155 r E . fs Q ... . A" G - A ,gd . x . v . V' P- 1 , - k?E if " , fig fl , 4 2 vit L, 4 J 4 M- My J .f.J- N. , t , 'sf i t i .rs xt I Q g z , C A V . 'a I-4 Q .1 ' A I 4 bs r N J' Q1-1 'N nf' 'W i., JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB lst row: B. Smith, D Patton, B. McLaughlin M. West, S. Johns, J Geer, N. Stivers, M Douthett. 'Ind row: M. Doverspille R. Jaclx, I.. Schultz, J Toy, M, Macurdy, D Craig, A. Frampton, C Beers, P. Geibel, P. Berg Miss Boyd, 3rd row: B. Kennedy, D Simms, R. Prager, D. Rig gatire, S, Panlik, F, Gens bigler, K. Gensbigler, J Long,H.Porter,M Daugherty, F. Burkett. SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Ist row: A, Whitehair J. Penrose, C. McAnnich, J, Brestensky, J. Riddle, R. Carr, R. Jack, S Swank, C. Kossan, J Stokes, Miss Boyd. 2nd row: N. Berg, H Olczack, B. Hawkins, J Dempster, L, Daugherty 3rd row: D. Babinsack P. Bowser, E. Hinder lighter, F. Clevenger, C McCIowry, M. Miller, D Weinel, R. Geer, D McWhinny, E. Shatter, J Stover. 0 fr-4 gym The Dramatics Club production of "The Black Widow" gave the student body one hour of amusement, excitement, and uncertain moments. The play was directed by Miss Carolyn Boyd. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS D. Weinel M. Miller C. McCIowry R. Geer Sings, 6111210 When the audience views any stage pro- duction at F. A. H.S., few give a thought to the time and effort that the stage crew has put forth to make any program a success. Therefore, the entire student body should say "thanks" Ist row' Mr Alsnauer K Baker E Knappenb r er, R, . . , , , , 9 9 Hughes, D Server, D. Rowley. 2nd row: G. Hutton, R. Noble, R. Fry, R. Rumbaugh, J. Loy, R. Smith, A. Switzer. 49 VARSITY CLUB First row: K, Bowser, D. Masf, F. Olczack, R. Hufh Second row: D. Burkett, G. Simpson, D. Coward. R. Such, D. Murray, Mr. Karrs Third row: R. Mohney, R. Leri, H, Cunningham, J. Dolmayor, G. Kennedy, P. Ruffner, J. Hath, A. Harnilvon, R. Babinsack, D. Clevenger, F, Hamillon, W. Mason, W. Anthony, G. Borgerslock, R. Rodgers Fourih row: W. Coward. W. Alfman, C. Consran- fino, R. Gray, J. Shoop, L Mason, C. Markle, R, Bures, K, Hall, R, Craig, D. Keener Fifth row: E. McGuire, L, Risch, J. Cramer, D. Siepp, W. DeMeno, R. Jack, G. Reed, T. Livengood, R. Jones, R. Carr G. A.A. Firsl row: P. Shaffer, D. Bernard, S. George, S. Kisel, J. Beale, L. Fennell, D. Stiff, P. Thorpe Second row: V. Doufheft, J. Stover, J. Daugherfy, A. Shoop, R. Bachmon, C, Gensbigler, P. Hines, D. Ravatti, S. Morodi, B. Clark, C. Dempsver, N. Hill, N, Hariman, E. Love, Miss Miller Third row: J. Stokes, F. Risch, S. Alf, S. Seybert, B. Lowers, R. Harfmon, T. Mohney, M. Jack, D. Kil- gore, P. McKee, M. Filer, M. Pesci, T. Lepkowski, A. SENIOR HIGH row R Gretz L DavTs J Drake 2n row A Hargrove R Young R Snyder D We: Tan Inger Pr: e C Bush Grd row D Blackburn R owser B svone ech D Baker J Swn r resvensky a kawuak U row Snuvvers Scheerbaum R Sferlrng I e ec wonk R ecrusv Curry BTH GRADE lsr row Sarver mdler J Wagner o y J Roudybush so R Whnfe R rrb T Roudybush n row Rhodes Smouse D Dempster D U71 T olf Km G Noyman R Tcssmger J Daqullanv K Server r row R Hellman Kanselrncn D Lee T Van me Set? enyre ermng earnc Brenaman B Chapman R Stephens D Schrovh B Hosuck, Mr, Mcsarlk row: J. Avey, T ar- 'son, S. Beer, R. Sny er, J. Hum hrey, R, Sweeney P r . Upfagraph, R. Puel, , McLaughlin, T. Meyers, R. Jordan, J. Svevick 7TH GRADE 1slrowzA,Davis,A,Morv rison, . Kyowske, ies, . i E, T. n- o , , ison, . V ne, T. ir, A, Fer u - son Zn row: Mr Bigenho, K mivh, P. ' , M. Hum , P McCullough, E, Sc eer- aum, D osavfa, . - der, R. Bowser, G. Snerrib, G. Carson 3rd row: B Arrnswong, R arog, C. Hamivcm, Sfull, C. Lowers, A. Gail- lov, P Harrigan, R Los- singer 4th row: R Henschel J Baker, D Waaner, D Hen, ry, K Calwell, B. Kunns, D Alrrnan 51 -,-..- 5,ew ' Klub, -.1 ..L.. wb' gwifam. aa! 2 v S A. '4 A'fl i f" ' ' 1 , r ,f Q - i gumrfz, .'-N.f 1 N 5 L liiv"'!9ri.'iV- -gb Rowl K. Bowser, G. Landis, D. Murray, W, Altman, R. Gretz Row2 A. Shoop, l.. Fennell, J. Rulfner, E. Overholt, L. Hilgert, W. Mason, I. Fallcner, V. Shanner, M. Fiscus, D. Stiit, S. Alt Mal' Kami, juubz ,l,,,,, fmi . Q ' :Pu Tb 4? Rowl W. Mason, G. Landis, F. Olzack, D. Murray, L. Davis, R. Huth, R. Gretz Row2 D. Balmer, H. Baker, D. Weinel, J. Brestenslly, K. Bowser, W, Altman, R. Mohney, R. Leri, C. Row3 S. Hoover, M. Fiscus, D. Benard. B. Lowers, A. Shoop, V. Shanner, J. Stokes, K. Croyle, J. D. Stitt, J. RuHner, F. Risch, Miss Turner, Mr. Woodrow Under the direction of Mr. Karl, our Junior ploy, "Mother ls A Fresh- man", proved to be a great success. It was a three act comedy taking place on a College campus. Our senior play, "Two Minutes to Go," directed by Miss Turner, and Mr. Woodrow, was also a hit. In this comedy, we felt, the typical high school boy's desire to make the football team. 52 Bush Beal, , , .- -i--v-v--v- ,aa J 6 in A ., . ,. .fy .,,, . W ' 1. . ' 0 My. fnQ,0 , ,J f MM. fl, V 0, fwlblmi 4, -M'..-yy , jr ,, f , is R ., . W 1 W' ' .zfiff , f l 4 if 4' Q ,Wil M wzlifzff I ,ffm M7,,?L 7-2mi?4 J ' "' - iff ff".'T'2i5 n,,,fMG ml: ,J 'fy Ljf v,iw'j' Qu D ff M:-W WKWAW' 6 " " mm , " 1f',.-f.., , 43" f 0 ' 4 ' f ' ' , 9' uw N '51 M I N35 'f' ' A , aw" .au Am . ww J, fa f IW 'A' zamlfff ilk' M , X .EEL tg '51 l' ' yd. , l ,, '01 1 7 I af . ' I Q' 'V L ' V' ,if xilfj' , 'll-1-...M me A . J nv 4- !,,!,,,,. IS IT THE ATHLETICS TAcKIe " I yenvs Sensor UAW. M uvrAy Bah M AsoN Fullbnck 2. YCA f V' Bob M0hN2f B019 LZTI Co - CAPfAiN Cwfzr Z ZATS Gqmcf ' 4 y2AY5 GLWJ 4f STars 1 S ,"'f3Q f ff' Ch ck PqAYk1e o'CAf+AlN J yurs ZNN7' Bowser RA7' H Alf ' bACk 3 mrs 'Q 3 cus zziz'Olz.Ak Tn-cKle IXZAY ls? row: B. Mason, B. Mchney, D Murray R Huih F Olczak K Bowser C Markle B Lerl 2nd row: B. Anthony, P. Ruffner, D Coward R Bures J White G Simpson J Cramer D Mast 3rd row: B. Craig, A. Hamilton, E McGuire K Hall D Burkeff C Consianhno B Such F Hamllvon 40h row: W. Altman, G, Reed, G. Carruer G Bargersiock E Sfepp Mr Masaruk Mr Karrs Mr Curry Um, fna,cluzA, Mr. Curry, Mr. Masarik, Mr. Marshall, ow One B Jo es D Keppl Co u d D Ru bclu Row Two G Kennedy D Kee e T se b g B Gray H Cu Row Th ee L R sch J Shoop R Roge s R Bob nsock L Mcso o our nf ony W D o o cu S Be e F.H.S. FOOTBALL SCORES Ford City Leechburg Scottdale Wash. Twp. Shannock V. Kiftcmning West Deer Apollo Derry Two. Arnold Opp. 1 Q - ' ' ,f ' . lj A 7 - . 4 . 9 Qumm, Uafuufy, joofball R : . n , , e, B. w r , . m gh : . H , . n r, . I n ur , -A , . rscn R wF r1:P.'A'h' . e,mel1,J.rD,ln'l yefl J.HQfhf . ll: 0 'l3 0 27 'I2 0 0 20 0 'l8 6 'I3 6 20 0 0 6 D 20 6 20 36 l5l 5 Q N f - l 1 4 rf! L 1 sl -1, , F or ,X Q z6'aAlmt6all l ls! row K Bowser Mr Korrs 2nd row W Altman C Markle J Whne J Sanger D Burkett G Bcxrgerstock D Most R Huh P Ruffner H Cunmnghom J Four B Mohney JL fs Isl row: K. Hall, L. Bennch, J. Hufh, E. Dufford, D. Rumbough 2nd row: J, Shoop, A. Sweifzer, J. Bonino, R. Fry, D. Heilmon, Mr. Curry RAY HUTH Forward t n Regular for t KEN BOWSER Guard 0 n yea s A very rough and ready ballplayer Worthington W Wnnfleld Dayton Apollo Worthungton Vandergruft Tarentum Har Brack Klttonmng New Kensington Ford Cnty OPP years on the varslty Good on set shots FHS Leechburg Vandergrnft Har Brack Klttonmng New Kensington Ford Cnty Leechburg Dayton Played for t OPP 1062,tall... wa j,,, ' , 49 so , 78 . ' 42 27 . ' 34 Apollo 32 49 Tarentum 58 40 25 - 35 ' 43 28 ' ' 54 1 58 32 ' 60 38 25 ' 69 Af 27 28 , , 54 45 .5 49 . 68 ... i ' 71 623 61 N X . 81' gf' , v 2 if 'Q Q f, Q fm M . . J ' msg, L J ,P ff? K I, I 7 4 9. A-1- lit fx JH' pg If NK, 24.2 ,af-1 F 5 s I 4 Kay Croyle Drum Moiorefve SUE Sexlbfff' Tb9l"'f-1 MOMVWY Delores KHQCVE Ncmcy McKee Vnglrwc Shower Heed Muiorefm Manly" Jock ,, U,, jamkn. fluwzlaaniafm Dave Mucurdy Brwevly Lowew Domwu S1121 V ,"g,X Q Wi 'K Pl ,ta ," I I .- In ww? 97 I ' W 'W id' 'mf ,rw- il 1-agmf -as 1 ,U 5 I' A QP! 9.1 R3 lr xg 'K 4' F I' V ' 4 p ' ' K , fi -... Lil. Q bl LLVIQWP' A' 'E K . az - '. .T fu X-,D . . V. ,sf . . A , A, , , ,, is-Ta, 1 ' -Q i Q . . ,- r" " 4 'L ...Y K, xi! xl uw x f "" 'Q ' f, f 2' aw 'Z 4 X 9 DI 'K Yr. 4 3:1 . 1 A ""' w ,Q P5 ' X' ,L - ff-' f .' Q ' 33' V A 1 -IN fig x A 1 i 1 V , f 915, A f 'D' . 4 ' , 5. AS Q X x. ii A.,g-,ml .Y Q Q I f 1 : 5 ' 'iii 7153 1 -C . '1 I I ,, .J I . 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U1 ' uhh- stuff always zlttv ' '- :und IIILIIQS why stuclvnts fm-vl "alt IIIIUV at 'TOL ffl If , .' I , ' I . IFR 68 Compliments NEMEC FLOWER SHOPPE s for All Occos'ons LEE S PHARMACY Frnendly Nenghbor COMPLIMENTS BURFORDS 5 81 10 COMPLIMENTS THOMPSON DRUG COMPANY Compl menfs CROYLES MOTOR SALES THE DONRAY SHOP Lcdues Children on lnfonis Wear of OF Flower 1 1 Your i of OF d 69 COMPLIMENTS SU NS ET GRILL Compliments R H McGRAW DRY GOODS Compliments OZZIES CLEANING AND PRESSING Qual ty Clean Complnments ROENIGKS APPLIANCE St SERVICE coLMANs SHOE STORE STQRE Compl ments DATTALO NEWS Th rd Street Be Sane See Wayne' 222 Ffth Street FREEPORT PENNSYLVANIA Phone 605 Ony Ph lco Has It' of OF . . of I i ing - 1 of I i i of ' I1 I R .ll I 70 CornpI'ments VILETTOS FRUIT MARKET H gh Street Compl ments PETERSON S GARAGE Second Street COMPLIMENTS FISCHER APPLIANCE Clothners Since I83O J H SHOOP AND SCDNS CHARLES E ARMSTRONG General Insurance Phone Freeport 551 Compl ments C HOMER CRAIG Hugh Street I of ' or i i of Compliments of i of 71 Compliments of M. L. HESSELGESSER 8. SON Groceries Phone 233 JOE VITAS Jewelry and Guaranteed Watch Repair COMPLIMENTS OF G. L. RALSTON'S 221 Fifth Street Freeport, Pa HABERDASHERY SHOES AND RUBBERS SUITS MADE TO ORDER WORK CLOTHING MONTGOMERY LUMBER COMPANY Allegheny KlSkl Valley MOST COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE Phone Freeport 56 or 63 KAZIMIR NOWAKOWSKI Diamonds Elg n Bulova Watches 509 High Street PENN AUTO PARTS COMPANY Parts tor all makes Cars and Trucks Q20 Fitth Street 5 . Freeport Pennsylvania FREEPORT JOURNAL dufnqfzaplw, 73 Compliments of Qyicfazzgiezzf Xie M415 M7-YRKS OF QUALITY x i 5 I ELECci:gTYPE ciJNMiEx?mI NG 8. ! 0 0 0 QM X if 21+ if W x C'E" ' 00 W Etioraf.. vnmu ' QV f nh 5 .5-E Th d s s E c h 0 - 0 t., . . if X onto O 74 91112, qvna, fluwuqh, ilub, bonlr, pw, uw ,emi in ffm, lad, and, lonlmci af, all Ihr, m.Ql'rw'1iQA, of ffm, Arlwni gram, 401112, paAf,. U 0 S993 9212, Jzrzjnyxzcl 11, ,, ,, Hl'l,d,h.0,Z2.0.1j0,ll.,LilkL,f0D, X,,lfl X9 HA, 9Aay,qoonL-bg,w1lh,fl1,a,dazm, Q pg 1952. I x Jim, Eonkwmm, I N L Quin fi 1 If 1 ,KJ , ff! I A- .VX 441 fr! x X .P J L M72 S334V''WF'!f'f'f'ff?2??59?lr':?if " "' - A - - 4 - f - '- ,--- -- -T ---,,,...,.. 0- - - 1 - A, ' , . .- I... '. , A- f'-,.v,',,,7, - ,.5- ..-,ff,..'f.,,.1,4 r. 4,- -. ..., X ,Q Ki I6 Af: A' gl! ,hilt nf. ffl 116' .. fn, zz 2, I' .. .Q -4, , . V f- :Wg ,.,, -L Q,S-...-,T '- --4 --..g -rw ',:1--1-Q-Nrx-,kr -. -, ., " ' ' A"Z5j'4'L J1'1i..' T

Suggestions in the Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) collection:

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