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Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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4 ww' 56 x W Y X ' .RXXNXX QW.,-5 w E-M. Ulf Qin .vfw-'Q' . ALMA Ml-XTEH By the Allegheny flowing, Stands our dear old Freeport High School. Here let your voices sing with fervor The praise which she deserves from you. Then hold aloft her gleaming banners The royal blue and gold so true And -let your hearts be loyal ever Hail Alma Mater, Hail to youl You, her worthy sons and daughters Live to carry on her fame. Lead well for others that will follow So honor we all bring her name. Then hold forever dear and sacred The mem'ries of dear Freeport High School As graduates you leave, sing ever Hail Alma Mater, Hail to Youl Music by Mr. J. V. Colonna Words by Mrs. Bernard Shaffer -in cc- 3 g.AZaAeLlA s7ftl'l'L8l' Degree-A. B. College-Allegheny, Penn State, Pitt, Columbia To you, Miss Turner, we the class of 1951, dedicate our annual, The Freeportian. It is done on behalf of your great help To us, scholastically and socially. In this manner, we say "Thank You." 4 2 J 1 5 J 1 E T i 5 I V . 5 w 1 1 E s I 1 v" 1F',w9 4 ' fff',f2., , A , Af Q 5 SI AUMINISTHAUUN QQ ' Q w JJ 1 6 BU HU UF EDUEATIU Standing, Left to Right-.lames Bush, Margaret Gosser, secretory, Fred Harold, F. Lee Myers, supervising principal, Dwight Patton, Addison Cogley, Glenn Hill, Robert Kronenberg, Earl Stepp. Seated, left to Right-Hayes Frampton, Herbert Mast, treasurer, D. E. Taylor, president, Miss Alice Pen- nington, Ralph Gardner, Charles Dinenger, William Burford. MRS. GOSSER-"Peg" The duties of Mrs. Gosser as secretary of Freeport Area High School are far too numerous to relate here. We are sure that every- one who leaves F. A. H. S. can boast of some favor that she has done for them. ALBERTA REZAK-"Birdie" What would we do without "Birdie" to supply our nickels for the candy machine? And who furnishes us with a backbone when we explain why we were "asked" to leave study-hall? Aside from all of this, Mr. Bush's efficient secretary. 7 IS TO THE STUDENTS OF FREEPORT AREA HIGH SCHOOL: When you read this letter, another year in your high school career will be drawing to a close. For some of you, it is the last year. You are the ones who have published this book, so that in the years to come it will help you recall these days and these activi- ties which are now fading rapidly into the past. Congratulations to the Class of 1951 for a iob well done, and best wishes for suc- cess and happiness in the future. You underclassmen are also a part of this book and you are fortunate to have it made available to you. Not only will it serve as a store-house of happy memories but, as you read it, you will find in it much that is worthy of emulation and a challenge to you to carry on the traditions of your school. These are strange times, uncertain times, in which you are growing up. American youth faces a digerent situation than the young of past generations. Education is not merely desirable but it is absolutely necessary for all. Yet many of you have been and are tempted to withdraw from school before graduation. Many are the lures which you see before you: iobs, money of your own in your pockets, adult privileges, military service, and so on. But I urge you to investigate carefully and think soundly before you discontinue school. Most employers do not want young people who quit school, the armed forces stand solidly with your teachers in insisting that you finish school before applying for enlistmentp adult privileges carry adult responsibilities and, prematurely ac- quired, often turn sour. Girls who complete their education make much more efficient and charming homemakers than the sopho- mores and juniors who "drop out" to get married. So, as you approach the summer vacation period, I hope that nothing will deter you underclassmen from returning to school in the fall. Not only must you think about your own welfare but you must be prepared to do your best for your country, either as a citizen or as a soldier. America needs more than strong muscles and fat pocketbooks, it needs an educated citizenry to withstand the pressures from without and to solve the problems of the future. Sincerely yours, . C3126 ypfj enjoyed. TH ATIU TO THE CLASS OF 1951: As I write these lines you are nearing the close of your final year in our school and preparing to leave its sheltered environment It is my earnest hope that the problems which you will face in ad iusting to your your new role in society will not be further com plicated by a fulfillment of the prediction of the most recent de fense bulletin, which lies on the desk before me and interrupts with the curt warning, "There will be rubble on Main Street." I have referred to the public school as a sheltered environment because numerous moral, economic, and physical risks so prevalent in the world about us are barred from its doors. The consequences of the student's errors are relatively mild. Failure to meet certain standards of achievement or citizenship commonly results in no more serious penalty than a low report card grade or, in extreme cases, the temporary suspension of some privilege that has been In such environment you have had the opportunity to learn to choose the right from the wrong, the wise from the foolish, and the more important from the less important without suffering any really severe hardship when you have not chosen properly. Generally speaking, this will no longer be true, and it there fore becomes more important now than ever before that your choices be made with the utmost care. May you choose aright as the days, months, and years roll by and may merit bring you rich spiritual rewards. J.1...f,1 J 12.4 kbs. RAYMOND M. ALSNAU ER Degree: B. S. Attended: California State Teachers Col- lege, University of Pittsburgh Teaching: Industrial Arts ALBERT L. BIGENHO Degree: B. S. in Ed. Attended: Slippery Rock State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State College Teaching: Geography CAROLYN S. BOYD Degree: Bachelor of Art Attended: Grove City College Teaching: Literature, Speech A BRUCE H. BRIGGS Degree: B. A. Attended: Juniata College, Pennsylvania State College Teaching: History 8, Pennsylvania History 9, Civics 9 MORRIS E. CARLSON Degree: B. S. in Education Attended: State Teachers College, Uni- versity of Pittsburgh Teaching: Chemistry, G. Science, Physics -i ALLEN D. DAVIS Degree: B. S. Attended: Pennsylvania State College Teaching: Health, Gym, Coaching DeMARlS EBERHART Degree: B. S. in Education Attended: Indiana State Teachers College Teaching: Typewriting I, Sales-Law, Con- sumer Education HELEN S. GALES Degree: B. A. and M. Ed. Attended: Wilson College and University of Pittsburgh Teaching: Mathematics, Algebra, Plane Geometry. Guidance Counselor MARION HAMILTON Degree: B. A. Attended: Rutgers University Teaching: Latin, English, History GEORGE A. HOFFMAN Degree: B. S. Attended: Pennsylvania State College, Kent State University, Clarion State Teachers College Teaching: Math 9 GRACE JOHNSTON Degree: A. B. Attended: Thiel College Teaching: English 7 and 8 WILLIAM J. KARL Degree: B. S. in Ed. Attended: Michigan State, Clarion State Teachers College, Columbia University Teaching: English ll, III BETSY LUMLEY Degree: B. S. Attended: Pennsylvania State College Teaching: Art GEORGE A. MARSHALL Degree: Bachelor of Science, Master of Education Attended: Indiana State Teachers Col- lege, University of Pittsburgh Teaching: Problems of Democracy, Ameri- can History ::"""" wx R MARY MAURO Degree: B. B. A. Attended: Westminster Teaching: Shorthand and Typing AMANDA MacDONALD Degree: Bachelor of Science Attended: Indiana State Teachers College Teaching: Gen. H. Ec., Voc. H. Ec., Rel. Arts, and Rel, Science HELEN McCAF ERTY Degree: B. S. in C. Attended: Grove City College Teaching: Gen. Bus., French, and Ottice Practice JANET E. McGlNNlS Degree: A. B. Attended: Thiel College, Summer Sessions at Pennsylvania State College Teaching: History 7 and 8, English ll, Lit- erature 7 HELEN M. MIHALCO Degree: B. S., M. A. Attended: Indiana State Teachers College, Columbia University Teaching: General and Voc. H. Ec., Boys Home Economics. ESM2 HELEN MILLER Degree: B. S. in Health Educaticn Attended: Slippery Rock State Teachers College Teaching: Health, Gym fcheerlearers, GAAJ MARY KAY o'NE:LL Degree: B. S. Library Science Attended: Clarion State Teachers College Teaching: Library ROBERT E. OWSIANY Degree: A. B. Attended: University of Pittsburgh Teaching: History ELIZABETH HURRELL SHAFFER Degree: B. S. in Music Education Attended: West Chester State Teachers College, North Western University Teaching: Music PAUL N. TEARE Degree: B. S. in Music, M. Ed. Attended: Cleveland Conservatory of Music, Pennsylvania State College Teaching: Band, Orchestra, Instrumental 10 LAVERN E. WOODROW Degree: Bachelor of Science Attended: Clarion State Teachers Col- lege, Cornell University Teaching: Biology, General Science KATHRYN ANN YURCHICH Degree: Bachelor of Science Attended: Grove City College Teaching: Arithmetic 8, General Math BERNICE G. CRAIG, R. N. Degree: Registered Nurse Attended: Columbia Hospital, Indiana State Teachers College Teaching: School Nurse ll ix A K E? ' ' IWC. F15 632, VC sq ffxX 1 I fi CLASSES fig 5 ZA 'W - N 1, X It x . 1 x 1 N -+e,..,,,...f- e Q. WILLIAM GOLEMBIESKY uziggyu Most popular boy in Senior Class .. . Pres. of Class for three years football and basketball play- er patrolman member of the Sports Club ... would like to be a Navy olticer. CHARLES ROSS "Shush" Captain of the football team Vice President of the Senior Class belonged to the Junior and Senior play casts voted the most Athletic boy by the Senior Class member of the Free- portian and Yellow Jacket Staff. JEAN CHRISTY Treasurer of the Senior Class writer on the Freeportian Staff member of the Girls Athletic Association says typing tops her list of Favorite subiects belongs to Tri-Hi-Y always seen with Betty and Nancy. DONNA ADAMS "Annie" Served for two years cn the Yel- low Jacket Stal? had roman- tic leads in both class plays head maiorette served on the Freeportian Staff a soprano in the high school chorus best looking girl in the Senior Class. BETTY ANTHONY "sen" Secretary of Art Club class basketball active in G. A. A. and Tri-Hi-Y claims gym as her favorite subiect enioys reading would like to be a beautician. EDNA BENEMAN llEd9.ll Member of G. A. A. and Tri-Hi-Y pals with Gladys and Edithe thinks gym is tops loves to crochet .. . would like to travel to different states. I3 PATRICIA KIJOWSKI uputn One of our high-stepping maior- ettes never without Fay and Joan Secretary of Senior Class President of Soph. Tri- Hi-Y voted most popular in Senior Class. BETTY GAILLOT Best dressed girl in the Senior Class member of band, or Chestra, Tri-Hi-Y Ass't Sec. of Senior Class Pres. of Tri- Hi-Y Junior year. . .Yellow Jacket and Freeportian Staff member. EARL HILL Assistant Treasurer of the Senior Class voted the boy in the class cf 1951 most likely to suc- ceed .. . one of those ambitious chemistry students plans to attend Penn State after gradua- tion a high honcr student. RAYMOND ACRE nkuyu Member of Sportsman's Club . . . claims gym as his favorite sub- iect seen often with Earl enioys basketball is unde- cided about the future. HAROLD ALTEMU5 "Newt" Member of Sportsman's Club really knows how to ploy that bass drum always seen with Hoe active in the Camera Club would like to be man- ager of a Pool Room. LEE OTIS BABLE Member of the Hi-Y one of Mr. Alsnauer's hard working stage hands known for the "full" schedule he carries one of the gang claiming 'II2 as their hang-out. NANCY BOWDEN Member of Y. J. for five years ... Freeportian Staff . . . G.A.A. . . . Tri-Hi-Y ... Chorus ... Patrol- man ... claims gym and math as her favorite subjects . . . would like to be a Physical Therapist . . . voted most ambitious. LOIS BOWSER nlon Always seen with Pauline, Faye, Joan ... member of Tri-Hi-Y ... Gym is her favorite subiect pork chops are her top food wants to be o secretary. STELLA CHICADO "SugaH' Always seen with Jo Ann and Carol likes to play basketball and hockey member of Tri- Hi-Y and Art Club wants to be a telephone operator. PATSY COOPER nPa'u Never without Janet ... member of G.A.A. and Tri-Hi-Y loves to play basketball and hockey ... enioys swimming ... wants to goto Alaska. .IEANNE COWARD News writer of the Yellow Jacket Staff for two years . . . took part of Grandmother in the Senior Play member of the Camera Club claims Office Practice is her favorite subiect. FAYE CURFMAN Always seen with Joan and Paul- ine member of Tri-Hi-Y and G.A.A. . . . likes to drive her Dad's car takes Gym for her favorite subject wants to be an X-Ray Technician. 14 WALTER BERGER "Berger" Always seen with Rudolph, Elzy, lean Leanard . . . one of our many Speech students .. . claims working is his pastime would like to own a "5l" Hudson. JAMES BLYSTONE uJirnu Patrolman . .. artist on the Free- portian Staff .. . claims ice cream is the food he likes best his name appears constantly on the Honor Roll Gym tops his list of favorite subiects. RONALD BURES HROHH One of the backs on the football team picked by the Seniors as the best dressed boy of the class one of the few boys in the typing room another of Miss Boyd's headaches third per- iod. JAY BUTLER "Shorty" Vice Pres. of Class Junior year basketball and baseball player Patrolman for- ever teasing girls member of Sportsman's Club ... hopes some day to own a store. JAMES COFFIN ,.Jim,. One of our football players runs with Chuck Ross claims his hobby is "love" and other in- door sports loves the blue of Miss Boyd's eyes would like to play Pro Baseball. FELIX CORGNATI nwimpu Member of the Projection Club a headache of Miss Eber- hart in Consumers Math Class ... likes to go hunting Gym and Speech are his favorite subiects .. . could eat chicken any time. ...,..."-' !x ff! 5 s 'S I ii MARJORIE DAVIS "Margie" Junior and Senior Play cast Varsity cheerleader for three years writer on the Free- portian Stal? played class basketball, volleyball, and hockey . .. member of G.A.A. . . . was a Second Alto in the Senior Girl's Ensemble. FAY DEEMER Hard working typist of the Yellow Jacket Staff Treasurer of the Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y ., . we'll always remember the black eye she got in hockey . . . thinks the Alumni are very nice. JOAN DIETRICK Varsity cheerleader for four years Junior and Senior Play cast ... news writer on Yellow Jacket Staff Class Secretary for three years member of the Freeportian Staff ioined the Girl's Athletic Association. MILDRED DININGER .,Mid,, Did Art work for the Yellow Jacket for two years ... member of Freeportian Staff played class volleyball, basketball, and hockey ioined the Girl's Ath- letic Association took care of advertisement for the Senior Magazine Campaign. GLADYS DOUGHERTY "Gladie" Active member of the GirI's Ath- letic Association Edithe and Edna are her constant compan- ions . .. spent fifth period Tues- day at Tri-Hi-Y meetings ... blue is her favorite color gym is the subiect she enjoys most. LORETTA DOVERSPIKE One of the hard working com- mercial students played hockey, basketball and volley- ball active member of the Girl's Athletic Association loves to chicken. I5 Rosen cuNNiNoHAM "curry" Football and baseball player member of Sports Club . .. known as Phil in the Senior play ambition is to be a pilot in the Air Corps if there's no trouble, he'll find some. WILLIAM DANIK "Mootsie" On the Circulation Department of the Yellow Jacket plans to ioin the Navy after graduation ... enioys hunting ... drives his own car member of the Sportsman's Club constantly seen with Don. CHARLES FANTINO "Chuck" Member of Athletics Club claims Shop is his favorite sub- iect always with Ken Bowser and Ken Fennell would like to be a gunner in the Air Corps. KENNETH FENNELL ukenu Pals with Ken and Charles member of Athletics Club President of home room Sopho- more year Vice Pres. of Cam- era Club Sophomore year wants to be an Air Force Pilot. WILLIAM GRETZ nainu Known by everyone as Junior in the Junior play claims he's a member of the Lonely Hearts Club iust counting the days till graduation choice of the Seniors as most mischievous boy. DONALD GROOMES noonn Will always be remembered as Bob in the Junior Class play .. . member of Student Council his Junicr year claims his ambi- tion is to become an airplane pilot. JOAN EDWARDS "Jeanie" Member of G. A. A. Tri-HEAY enioys playing basketball and volleyball always seen with Faye, Pauline, Lois . . . thinks Ernie is a pretty nice name will make a cute secretary. ELEANOR GARVIN "Blondie" One of Freeport's high stepping maiorettes chosen Cinderella at the "50" prom handled home room money in her Senior year the Seniors choice as the most mischievous girl in the class. PAULINE HARRISON "Paul" Feature writer of the Yellow Jacket honorable president of Room II3 member of the Girls' Athletic Association and Tri-Hi-Y picked by the class of "5I" as the girl possessing the best sense of humor. SABRA HILL nskipu Voted the most athletic girl in the Senior Class member of the Yellow Jacket Staff President of G. A. A. one of the few girls to brave chem. class cowboys her Dad's car. DORIS HINES "Doris" One of the great actors of the Senior Play cast member of Dramatic Club and Tri-Hi-Y mimeographer on the Yellow Jacket. . .Patti Cooper and Janet Livengood are her constant com- panions voted best dancer in Senior Class. MARILYN KEENER llpinkyll Secretary of Student Council Patrolman member of Band, Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus and Orchestra Mother in the Senior play voted most studious in Sen- ior class. ANTHONY HAJDUKIEWICZ "Aunch" Played basketball and baseball President of his home room in his Junior and Senior year always with "The Boys" claims he wants to be the "Ameri- can Billiard Champ." CARL HARVEY "Chuck" Pals around with "Bus" likes football games can always be found wondering around the typing room member of Sportsman's Club would like to get a good job. DAVID HAZLETT noocu Belonged to the Science Club loves to argue his greatest ambition is to become a doctor . .. one of those brave chemistry students his hobby is said to be collecting stamps voted most ambitious. RICHARD HENRY uoicku President of Student Council Junior Play cast will always be remembered as "bashful" PeeWee in the Senior Play with Chuck, he wrote brain storms for the Yellow Jacket Patrol- man . . . member of the football squad. ROBERT HILL uaobu Faithful member of Band .. . puts math and science high on list . . . pals with Dean and Christie ambition is to become something worthwhile. GLENN HUTH Voted best dancer in the Senior class .. . active in football, bas- ketball, and baseball Vice President of Student Council Jun- ior year claims Joan as his pastime. 'I6' .fc-'A' ,gpg-19,1 .,..!' ALICE KILGORE IIAIII Home room secretary in her Jun- ior and Senior years . .. reserve cheerleader during her Junior year a basketball champ can be seen "cowboying" her Dad's car. . .always with Eleanor and Anna Mae. VICTORIA KRIZMAN "Vickie" Member of Tri-Hi-Y, orchestra and band chorus member for two years enioys playing volley- ball and basketball. . .Vice Presi- dent of home room Junior year. JOANNE LEE ujou Editor of Y. J. ... Patrolman .. played Mother in Junior play , . . Freeportian Staff G.A.A. received American Legion Award voted most likely to succeed in Senior Class. .IANET LIVENGOOD Secretary of the Dramatic Club . .. wrote a feature column for the Yellow Jacket with Patti attends Tri-Hi-Y meetings likes the name "Doc" played basketball and hockey likes meatloaf. EDITHE LYONS Joined the Girl's Athletic Asso- ciation an active member of the Tri-Hi-Y claims french fries and chicken are her favor- ite foods her name is seen on the Honor Roll Edna and Gladys are her constant compan- ions. ANNA MAE MACURDY nFa'u Charter member of the Girl's Ath- letic Association ioined the Tri-Hi-Y . . . one of the insepar- able three . . . attends the meet- ings of the Dramatic Club Secretary of her home room her Senior year. I7 DONALD JACK "Duck" Hard working member of the stage crew .. . active member of the Hi-Y . .. says his ambition is to be able to sleep until noon every day ... he lists shop as his favorite subiect. RICHARD KEENER ubickn interested in all athletic events picked by his fellow students as the best looking boy in the class Treasurer of the Sopho- more Class hails from out Slatelick way gym is his fav- orite subiect. VINCENT KELLY "Vince" President of Room H2 .. . an- other member of the football team . .. likes to hunt and fish... thinks gym class is alright . . . un- decided about future. JOHN KERR Stage manager for Senior play Vice President of home room his Junior year member of band and orchestra wants to be nothing else but "Presi- dent". JOHN KONESKY President of the Camera Club . . . says he wants to be a truck driv- er after graduation member ofthe Boy's Sportsman's Club . . . Speech is said to be his favorite subiect possesses a great sense of humor. LEONARD KULAS "Lennie" Thinks going to Drive-ln Theaters is pretty nice always with Rudolph one of the quiet members of the class no am- bition except to graduate, BETTY MARTIN "Betts" Came to Freeport at the begin- ning of her Senior year from As- pinwall . . . possesses a beautiful soprano voice ioined the Tri- Hi-Y hopes to someday be- come a singer her favorite color is green. NANCE McFARLAND "Mickie" Editor-in-Chief of the Freeportian will always be remembered as Jane in the Junior play member of the Yellow Jacket Staff for three years . . . claims chemis- try is her 'favorite subiect sports a band letter. SHIRLEY MILLER An ardent music student re- ceived her band letter the end of her Junior year member of the Orchestra high school pianist her ambition is to become a music supervisor works at Cramer's during the summer. BETTY MONTGOMERY Yellow Jacket member for two years one of our snappy ma- iorettes . . . loves shorthand class always seen with Angie and Pauline ambition, Secretary. MILDRED MUNSHOWER uMid9eu Member of G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y . .. rates gym high on her list of sub- jects pals with Alice, Margie .. writes letters for a pastime . . . ambition is to get married. ANGELINE OFFREDI uAngien Typist for the Yellow Jacket .. . always seen with Betty Montgom- ery . . . likes Shorthand better than any other subiect will someday be an efficient secretary .. . her favorite color is powder blue. DEANE LAUFFER umiken Boasts membership in the Science Club . . . received his band letter his Junior yeor hopes some- day to be a music conductor . .. member of the band, orchestra, and chorus always seen with Bob and Christie. RICHARD McGUIRE noicku Another one of the quiet boys of the class .. . never seen without Dick Rusy member of Craft Club better known to sixth period English as Mason no ambition. RICHARD MEIGHAN A hard working member of cho- rus . . . can be seen serving cokes at Lee's would like to be an accountant someday has membership in the Proiection Club his favorite subiect is Con- sumers Math. CHARLES METZ "General" Member of Stage Crew, Science Club, and Shop Club pals around with Bob Hill enioys Shop very much ambition is to work with electricity. JOSEPH PESCI uprou Sports Editor of the Yellow Jacket member of the high school chorus . . . belonged to "The Baby Sitter" cast held down the position of fullback on the football team . .. received his point system letter his Junior year. CHARLES RECKHART "Larry" Came to us in his Junior Year . . . member of Shop Club . .. pals with Coad Skinner . . . his pastime is "girls" another future elec- trician. I8 ,,,..f 3 X Z' DELORES PYSKA One of those hard working com- mercial students claims gym is her favorite subject . .. always seen with Jane and Martha . . . one of the class's outstanding athletes ravioli tops her list of favorite foods. ROSE MARIE ROMITTI Member of Craft Club and Tri- Hi-Y claims Shorthand as her favorite subiect enioys draw- ing in her pastime ambition is to learn to dance. CAROLYN ROWLEY ushonyu One of Mrs. McCaI'ferty's big headaches . . . likes to dance . . . pals with .lane and Jo-Ann enioys study halls wants to become a sailor's wife. MARTHA SCHULTZ Yellow Jacket, Freeportian Staff member . . . knows her sports well . . . pals with Jane, Delores, Jane ... iust loves gym ... wants to be a nurse. MARGARET SCHUMAKER "Margie" Head mimeographist on the Yel- low Jacket Staff member of Tri-Hi-Y . . . Freeportian StaH typist ice skating is her fav- orite winter sport helps Mrs. Gosser with office work . .. blue is her favorite color. JOYCE SMOCK nloyn Just loves going to movies forever giggling always with Gladys puts gym above all her subiects wants to be a housewife. 'I9 JOSEPH REESER "Indian" Will be remembered as father in both class plays voted the best-humored boy in the Senior class ... claims his ambition is to be a General in the French For- eign Legion Miss Turner's pet headache. RICHARD RUSZ ubicku Secretary of Crafts Club Junior year honor roll student pals with Dick McGuire quiet member of the Senior Class wants to become a carpenter .. . loves females. DALE SARVER Handled advertisements for the Freeportian his ambition is to become an airplane pilot member of the Sportsman's Club enioys hunting thinks gym is his favorite subiect he is a friend to all. CHRISTIE DEAN SELL Member of Chorus, Band, Orches- tra can be seen with Deane and Bob enioys mechanical drawing received Buhl Plane- tarium Award for Physics proiect ambition is to get out of school. ERNEST SEINERA "Nesto" Can always be seen driving that big Buick football manager for two years member of Sportsman's Club thinks Joan is pretty special one of our future State Police. ALBERT SIKORA uAIn One of Mrs. McCafferty's head- aches in home room . . . wants to be a mechanic after graduation Shorthand takes first place on his list of favorite subjects . .. constant' companion of Lou Dougherty. STELLA SOBOLEWSKI Active member of the Art Club . . . received the American Legion Award in Eighth grade pals around with Carolyn and Mary her ambition is to be able to play a musical instrument. JOAN SWARTZ Can be seen with Fay and Fatt claims roller skating as her pastime speech rates high on her subiect list always a smile for everyone wants to be a truck driver's wife. EMMA .IANE SWEENEY Drives her Dad's car as a pastime member of G.A.A., Tri-iH-Y, Home Ec. Club pals with Alice, Eleanor, Anna Mae . . . en- ioys basketball wants to be a beautician. MARIBEL TANTLINGER One of our peppy cheerleaders for three years . .. Yellow Jacket Staff member ... G.A.A. ... double dates with Joan and Glenn for a pastime ambi- tion is iust to be with Bill. CAROLYN TOBIAS nshonyu Plays clarinet in the Band and Orchestra belongs to Tri-Hi-Y . . . her ambition is to be a news- paper reporter Problems of Democracy is her favorite sub- ject thinks pumpkin pie is really tops. JANE VAN TINE ukedu Member of Home Ec. Club and Dance Club never without Carolyn and Jo-Ann writing letters is her pastime claims she's going to marry a guy named "Tom". WILLIAM SMITH usnunyu One of the many claiming speech class their favorite subiect . .. member of the Camera Club would like to become a Commer- cial pilot after graduation he is seen constantly with David Banana cream pie is known to be his favorite food. HENRY STIVERS uHenn Vice President of Camera Club spends his spare time out at local theaters . . . cameras attract his attention thinks "Mabel" is pretty nice . .. one of our fu- ture electricians. CLARENCE TEETERS "Sunny" Member of Sports Club often seen with David Vorp rates Art class high thinks "girls" are swell would like to be a druggist. DAVID THOMPSON Hchusu Member of Sportsman's Club received American Legion Award enioys hunting and fishing . . . patrolman . . . President of Class Freshman year future druggist voted most ambi- tious senior boy. FRANCIS TOY uaussu Served as a member of the Free- portion Staff known to have a great interest in West Deer . . . belongs to Sports Club ... spends all his spare time hunting . . . his favorite subiect is speech. JAMES TRETTLE 11Jim1r One of Mr. Carlson's prize Chem- istry students would like to enlist in the service after gradua- tion claims 112 as his home room . . . study hall is supposedly his favorite subiect. 20 TRUDY ZLATNIK ELZY YOUNKINS JO-ANN VOGEI. "Vogie" Jane and Carolyn are her best friends says study hall is her favorite subiect . .. dancing is her favorite pastime French fries and chocolate cake are tops on her favorite food list. JANE WARD Often seen with Jane Woitas claims Ofiice Practice as her fav- orite subiect . .. loves football games member of Tri-Hi-Y would like a good iob when school is over. JANE WOITAS Secretary of the Typing Room . . . played guard on the senior girls basketball team one of the seniors hailing from Lucesco always has a smile for everyone. Quiet but always there iust drouls over chicken member of G. A. A. and Tri-Hi-Y always with Eleanor, .loan and Anna Mae would like to be an airline hostess. RUDOLPH ZENDRI ukudyu One of the lucky Seniors hailing from world-famous Lucesco member of the Senior Hi-Y claims to be the intelligence behind it all another of Miss Turner's pet headaches. DEANE VENTURINI "Wango" One of the gang from Luscesco . . . lists Shop as his favorite sub- iect .. . the Boy's Sportsman's Club had him as a member his ambition is to become an elec- trician plays the accordion. DAVID VORP noaveu Claims his ambition is to be the editor of the Valley Daily News always seen riding around on his motor scooter honor- able member of Room H2 one of the quieter boys of the class of '5'l. DONALD WONDERLING umunku One of the few boys in the Typ- ing room member of the sen- ior high chorus known for his artistic talent which he puts to use one of the members of the Sportsman's Club. Took a general course active member of the Hi-Y reports to the meetings of the Sports- man's Club drives his own car makes life miserable for Miss T. in Room 112. EL!-155 WILL We, the class of 1951, borough of Freeport, county of Armstrong, state of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby proclaim this to be our last will and tes- tament thereby making void all former wills made by said class. We hereby appoint the senior class of '52 and their faculty sponsors to be the executors of this our last will and testament, and charge them carried out fully. I. To Miss Turner, Miss Boyd, Mrs. McCafferty, Mrs. Gales, and Mr. Marshall, we leave our thanks for their help, both scholastically and socially. 2. To Mr. Bush and Mr. Myers and the Board of Edu- cation, we leave our appreciation of the many favors granted us by them. 3. To Miss O'Neill we leave our gratitude for her help in putting out the year book. 4. To the senior class of '52, we leave the contents of locker number 12, to use as they deem advisable. 5. Separately and individually, we leave the follow- ing: To Beans Kennedy goes Ray Acre's quietness Donna Adams leaves her romantic leads to Donna Stiit Harold Altemus turns over his unpred'ctable ways to Bud Toy Betty Anthony bequeaihs her day dreaming to Marilyn Altemus Lee Otis Bable leaves his curly hair to Pat Ruf1n.r Edna Beneman wills her Latin translations to Anna Mae Reick Walter Berger bequeaths his cook book from Home Ec. class to Bill Tantlinger Nancy Bowden turns her ambition over to Catherine Kossan Jim Blystone's patrolman position goes to Elva Love Lois Bowser hands down her deep voice to Patty Shaffer Ronald Bures wills his neat appearance to Dave Murray Stella Chiado gives her late slips to Don Shearer Buzz Davis is presented with .lay Butler's height Patsy Cooper turns over her Yellow Jacket column to Naomi Scott Jim Coffin's claim to the title of "Heart Breaker" is now given to Ronnie Gretz Jeanne Coward leaves her news reports to Nancy Hill Felix Corgnati wills his ability to get in trouble to Fred Fritch Faye Curfman leaves her typewriter to Betty Soblewski 22 to diligently see that all wishes herein stated are Bob Cunningham turns over his position as center on the football team to Bob Such Mariorie Davis bequeaths her friendly ways to Jane Ann Bowden Bill Danik hands down his trips to the office to Bob Smiles Faye Deemer hands down her hockey accidents to Diane Macurdy Charles Fantino gives his antique car to anyone brave enough to drive it Joan Dietrick leaves her love for the Huth family to Kay Croyle Ken Fennell turns over his daily walk to and from Laneville to Leona M'ldred Dininger wills her artistic talents to Evelyn Shaffer Willie Golembiesky's executive ability goes to Fred Hamiltcn Gladys Dougherty hands down her friendly smile to Ann Mason Bill Gretz leaves his title of the perfect student to Herbie Cunningham Loretta Doverspike gladly gives her English book to Gloria Younkins Don Groomes wills his stream line automobile to Ken Bowser Joan Edwards leaves her giggle to John Shoop Anthony Haidukiewicz hands down his title of pool shark to Adrean Whitehair Betty Gaillot's flawless fashion goes to Ann Shoop Carl Harvey's place on the bus goes to Bill Stormer Eleanor Garvin sends her maiorette uniform to Virginia Shaner David Hazlett leaves his hope to be a doctor to Joe Bonino Pauline Harrison bequeaths her sense of humor to Nancy McKee Dick Henry wills his sparkling personality to Bill Mason Sabra Hill turns over her love of sports to Sue Lloyd Earl Hill hands over his brains to Jumbo Macurdy Doris Hines hands down her red hair to Flossie Risch CLASS WILL Bob Camerlo is gifted with Bob Hill's scientific outlook Marilyn Keener's position of Secretary of Student Council goes to some ambitious iunior Glenn Huth wills his fancy dance steps to his brother Ray Pat Kiiowski leaves her charms to Jean Ruffner Donald Jack hands down his interest in roller skating to Peg Burns Alice Kilgore hands down her letter writing to Betty Easley Dick Keener leaves his apron for Joe Penvose to use in Home Ec. next year Victoria Krizman wills her clarinet to Joanne Shearer Vincent Kelly turns over his arguments with Miss Turner to Ernie Rusz Joanne Lee turns over her position of editor of the Y. J. to Lucille Dininger John Kerr wills his "careful" driving to Mary Fiscus To Coleen Clark goes Janet Livengood's love for Har Brock John Konesky hands over his package of mailpauch to any one who can stand it Edithe Lyons leaves her Girls Athletic Association member- ship to Jane Stokes Leonard Kulos bequeaths his black Chevrolet to Mr. Carlson Anna Mae Macurdy wills her devilishness in Related Arts Class to Lillian Hilgert Deane Lauffer turns over his bass voice to Arol Stoyer Betty Lou Martin's soprano voice goes to lnez Falkner k Ronnie Reckhart is the receiver of Dick McGuire's quiet ways Nance McFarland wills her love for drive-in's to Betty Avey Dick Meighan leaves his willingness to argue to Bob Leri Shirley Miller's love for music goes to Janet Sell Betty Montgomery turns over her quietness to Roger Jack Joe Pesci leaves his position as sports editor of the Yellow Jacket to Bob Mohney Mildred Munshower sends her sentimental ways to Lois Hotham Charles Reckhart wills his wrecked heart to Jack Hazleit Angeline Offredi gives her position on the Yellow Jacket staff to Margie Koenig Joe Reeser turns over his side burns to any Junior too lazy to shave in the morning Delores Pyska leaves her long blonde hair to Patly Coward Charles Ross hands down his love affairs to Phil Collin Rose Marie Romiti bequeaths her shorthand ability to Jim Riddle Richard Rusz turns over his chemical experiments to Harry Hoover Carolyn Rowley's pleasant smile goes to Peggy Pesci Dale Sarver leaves his hunting ability to Lewis Clever Martha Schultz sends her typing technique to Chuck Markle Buck Schumaker gets Dean Sell's hair cuts Margaret Schumaker leaves her strange power over the mimeograph to Roger Fry Ernie Seinera gives his ability to break test tubes to Gerald Landis Joyce Smock wills her charming ways to Kitty Carr Albert Sikora leaves his title of chief trouble maker in Con- sumer's Math Class to Terry Toy Stella Sobolewski leaves her scholastic standing to Donnie Blackburn William Smith gives his Hi-Y membership to Arthur Har- graves Joan Swartz's witty remarks goes to Dennis McClowery Henry Stivers leaves his love to Mabel Hamilton Emma Jane Sweeney leaves her constant chatter to Priscilla McKee Kent Hall receives Clarence Teeters' cowboy hat and spurs Maribel Tantlinger turns over her cheerleading position to Joanne Toy David Thompson leaves his midnight walks to Ronnie Stephens Carolyn Tobias wills her stature to Eleanor Stokes Francis Toy wills his membership on the Freeportian Staf to Melva Miller Jane Vantine leaves her Daisy Mae costumes to Naomi Hartman Jim Trettel finally gives up his pin-ups to Dick Hines Jo Ann Vogel turns over her ear rings to Delores Benard Dean Venturini wills his perfect attendance record to DoDo Kilgore Jane Woitas hands down her place on the absentee slip to Mary Louise Pavetti David Vorp turns over his motor bike to Don Shearer Jane Ward leaves her memories of the days she spent in 113 to Beverly Lowers Don Wonderling leaves his love for chorus to Paul Wilson Trudy Zlatnik turns over her blonde hair to Sophie Kissel Elzy Younkins turns over his generosity to Mr. Marshall Jean Christy leaves her check book in the hands of Carol Westendorf Rudolph Zendri turns over his position as chief delegate from Luscesco to Floyd Ross Iv? f -fy ,ffiggsgf f,fa2.2's L My f !fSff,?.f 5 0 ibm! f Aulltflc '75 LM J 1 sum 1 ffuxf x'Z':r'5:sQ-L -. AMAZKIUUS ., ,Vg p'--55931: .- Mx: V yy , 1,5583 DYISSIJ fy,Sf1Htmm B fgifsf Qblfn sf of fiat Q, PHUPHEEY RAY ACRE - - - BILL GOLEMBEISKY - - - We've ventured to see a happy Ray Acre, We find Bill Golembeisky, known as "The Veil", Wha's turned out to be a candle-stick maker. ln his latest fight he WGS wved by th! bell. DONNA ADAMS - - - GLADYS DOUGHERTY - - - When speaking of marriage it isn't funny, Gladys Dougherty we find as a well known skater, 'Cause we see Donna Adams married to Sonny. At the roller rink she couldn't be greater. HAROLD ALTEMUS - - - Blll- GRET1 - - - We find Harold Altemus with honors to come, We find Bill Gretz, a great circus clown, In a Symphony Orchestra playing his drum. In Barnum and Bailey's tent he is found. BETTY ANTHONY - - - LORETTA DOVERSPIKE - - - For something that is really tops, Loretta Doverspike we find is directing a school, We find Betty Anthony with her many beauty shops. At cooking her students obey every rule. LEE BABLE - - - DON GROOMES - - - We see Lee Bable a contented farmer, We find Donald Groomes who couldn't get higher, With his pigs and chickens he's become quite a charmer. For up in the air he's a capable flyer. EDNA BENEMAN - - - JOAN EDWARDS - - - Edna Beneman we find as a clothes designer, We find Joan Edwards in business cracking her whip, Her fashions and models couldn't be finer. Then off she goes on a big business trip. WALTER BERGER - - - ANTHONY HYDUKE - - - We find Walter Berger with a chain of service stations, We find Anthony Hyduke winning each session, His gasolines and oils are known through the nation. For wrestling now has become his profession. NANCY BOWDEN - - - BETTY GAILLOT - - - We find Nancy Bowden, a talented therapist, Betty Gaillot we find as always, neat, If ever we are ill, she's there to take care of us. Her clothes look keen from her head to her feet. JIM BLYSTONE - - - - CARL HARVEY - - - We find Jim Blystone clothed in a robe, We find Carl Harvey with narry a fear, His decisions for iustice are known over the globe. He's married the girl who came from West Deer. LOIS BOWSER - - - ELEANOR GARVIN - - - With lots of money, we find Lois Bowser, Eleanor Garvin we find in a well-known band, She picks it out of her poor husband's trousers. A head maiorette, she is doing grand. RONALD BURES - - - DAVID HAZLETT - - - We find Ronald Bures, the man of the year, We find David Hazlett, a well known physician, His good taste for clothes are known far and near. Who doesn't do bad when he makes an incision. STELLA CHIADO - - - PAULINE HARRISON - - - We tind Stella Chiado completing her dreams, We find Pauline Harrison teamed with Bob Hope, At the switchboard she gets in all of the schemes. She gets lots of money for being a dope. JAY BUTLER - - - DICK HENRY - - - We find Jay Butler much taller by far, We find our Dick Henry, the pride of the nation, OH G basketball IN-Im, l't0'S become Quite a star. His "new-look" for men is quite the sensation. PATSY COOPER - - - SABRA HILL - - - We see Patsy Cooper contented with Ross, Now teaching her gym classes we find Sabra Hill, Her life you can see has not been o loss. Her great exhibitions are really o thrill. JIM COFFIN - - - EARL HILL - - - We 599 Jlm Coffin mos' lWPPYi moi? wise, We find Earl Hill, still using his brain, He's rnaiored in "Aeronautics" and has taken the prize. At some big college, he's teaching them "Plane". JEANNE COWARD - - - ALICE KILGORE - - - W9 llfld kann' COW'-Wd U5 IWPPY 05 0 loflh Alice Kilgore we find with a happy marriage, She's the dependable secretary of Zagnut P. Clarke. And beside her stands Bob with a big baby carriage. FELIX CORGNATI - - - 395 Nm, . . - We've ventured to New Jersey and here we have found, Ngw let me seg Oh! yes sir-ree, Felix Corgnati and Bakery everlasting bound. We find Bob Hill with q high degree, PAYE CURFMAN - - - MARILYN KEENER - - - Faye Curfman we find still raising prize pigs, A5 gn qnggl of mercy wg find Marilyn Kgengr, W' 59' 'hem 'WW U' 'BUY df-'nf' 'hell' ll95- If you don't take your pills, to you she'll be meaner. BOB CUNNINGHAM - - - GLENN NU114 - . - W9 50' Bob CU"""lf'9lWmi 0 QGY YOUNG IOVUYI We find Glenn Huth respectively keen, H95 CC'PWf9d heafll Ifom l'9"9 'O DOVGY- As manager of Shoop's he is constantly seen. MARGIE DAVIS - - - PAT KIJQWSKI . - . Margie Davis has now married a dentist named Joe, Par Kiigwski we find Q keen mqigrgftg, She still TICSTIIT ICClI'I'IQd to cook Ol' to SGW. POOI' JOQI Wherever she mqrcheg thgrdg ngvgr q fret, BILL DANIK - - - DQN JACK - . . W' find Bill Dunllff in his NUVY Blue, We find Donald Jack these early morns, He's rowing the boat with the rest of the crew. pulling fhe cow, grgund by the horns, FAY DFEMER - - - ooms Hines - - . A' W' 59' FUY DUMB' on this b"l9l17 Cl'-'Yi Doris Hines we now find with her well known dances, 5l'9'5 90l"9 79 the Mill 79 wllvff l-'f'Y'5 PGY- Her bubbles and feathers have put men in trances. CHARLES FANTINO - - - DICK KEENEK . - - W9 find Charles P00500 Sflll in 5- J-1 We find Richard Keener most handsome by far, H0 level ll 50 ml-'Chl he Won" 99 UWUY- He's won the beauty contest' and now he's a movie star JOAN DIETRICK - - - VICKY KRIZMAN , , , Joan Difffifk with all li" 'DUUY wins, Vicky Krizman we find a stenographer quiet, li lWPPllY lf'-'45I9"'n9 d'aP9' PIM- She straightens things out when the boss has a riot. KEN FENNELL - - - VINCE KELLY . . . We find Ken Fennell, a professional dancer, We find Vincg Kelly q donor of tregg, And has turned out to be a handsome romancer. If your pine breaks a limb, he'll answer your pleas. MILDRED DININGER - - - JOANNE LEE - - . Mildred Dininger we find as an artist fine, Joanne Lee we find is right on the beam, Her portraits are known all down the line. As librarian she is really keen. 25 PRUPHEEY JOHN KERR - - - We fnd John Kerr in Washington, D. C., In the office of President he's as capable as can be. JANET LIVENGOOD - - - Janet Livengood we find a roving reporter, She catches all news from here to the border. LEONARD KULAS - - - We find Leonard Kulas, Lucesco's new mayor, Getting his salary from some poor tax payer. EDITH LYONS - - - Edith Lyons we find as a great hockey player, The great way she plays is known near and far. DEANE LAUFFER - - - Deane Lauffer we find a successful musician, His well-tuned French Horn is in perfect condition. ANNA MAE MACURDY - - - Anna Mae Macurdy we find as always a clown, When she tells a ioke there is never a frown. DICK MQGUIRE - - - We find Dick McGuire, who's still very shy, Instead of speaking to girls make with the eye. BETTY LOU MARTIN - - - We find Betty Lou Martin as sweet as can be, She's singing her heart out with a big company. DICK MEIGHAN - - - We find Dick Meighan answering our pleas, He's head pharmacist at the drugstore of Lee's. NANCY MCFARLAND - - - Nancy McFarland has joined the "Bed Pan Brigade", She's "Head Maiorette" of the "Night Time Parade" CHARLES METZ - - - We see Charles Metz with his own shop, Now his nine kids all call him "Pop". BETTY MONTGOMERY - - - Betty Montgomery we find as a fine secretary, But very soon we hear she will marry. JOE PESCI - - - Joe Pesci we find on the air as a crooner, Station KDKA should have heard him sooner. MILDRED MUNSHOWER - - - We find Midge Munshower, a McDermott instead, From all source of gossip, poor Don's underfed. CHARLES RECHART - - - We find Charles Rechart from out around Sarver, He's nationally known as a famous wood-carver. ANGIE OFFREDI - - - Angie Ogredi we find as a teacher of Spanish, She claims that some day all English will vanish. JOE REESER - - - We find Joe Reeser with a very high rank, He's in the French Foreign Legion, driving a tank. DELORES PYSKA - - - Delores Pyska we find as a country gal, She now owns a farm way clown in the dale. CHARLES ROSS - - - We find Charles Ross a very cute swabbie, For washing the decks, has become his hobby. ROSE MARIE ROMITI - - - Rose Marie Romiti we find is producing great plays, She rattles them off in a couple of days. DICK RUSZ - - - We find Dick Rusc not singing the blues, For his business is now manufacturing shoes. CAROLYN ROWLEY - - . Carolyn Rowley, we find with her many charms, Her suitors are waiting with open arms. DALE SARVER - - - We find Dale Sarver a Chemistry teacher, His formula for "acid" is now a great feature. MARTHA SCHULTZ - - - Martha Schultz on a well known team, Her basketball skills put her on the beam. DEAN SELL - - - We find Dean Sell, as into his future we peer, A brilliant and wealthy civil engineer. MARGARET SCHUMAKER - - . Margaret Schumaker we find as a typist quite rare, Her letters are typed with the greatest of care. ERNIE SEINERA - - - We find Ernie Seinera with oodles of money, His future has been most cheerful and sunny. JOYCE SMOCK - - - Joyce Smock we find as a farmer's wife, It's early to rise but a very nice life. ALBERT SIKORA - - - We find Albert Sikora a successful secretary, He's sitting on the lap of some female dignitary. STELLA SOBOLEWSKI - - - Stella Sobolewski we find still with her sensible ways For she has a job that really pays. WILLIAM SMITH - - - We find Bill Smith a navy tailor, Making suits for many a sailor. JOAN SWARTZ - - - Joan Swartz we find as a truck driver's wife, She travels the country with little strife. HENRY STIVERS - - - We find Henry Stivers of course we all know, He's now the manager of Freeport's new show. EMMA JANE SWEENEY - - - Emma Jane Sweeney we find as a capable clerk, When wrapping your gifts she will never shirk. CLARENCE TEETERS - - . We find Clarence Teeters drawing cartoons, He's now the author of those "Looney Loons". MARIBEL TANTLINGER - - - We find ever waiting at home Maribel, From Bill, she is waiting for her daily mail. DAVID THOMPSON - - - We find David Thompson best druggist by far, He'll fill your prescription, deliver it by car. CAROLYN TOBIAS - - - Carolyn Tobias we find as an important factor, She's known through the land as a lady contractor. FRANCIS TOY - - - We see a great hunter, his name is Francis Toy, For hunting wild tigers is now his great ioy. JANE VANTINE - - - Jane Vontine we find high up in a cloud, She fiies Tommy's plane and is really proud. JIM TRETTLE - - - We now find a chef, his name is Jim Trettle, His famous soufiee is now in the kettle. JO ANN VOGEL - - - Jo Ann Vogel we find as gay as a lark, With her husband and children she walks in the park DEAN VENTURINI - - - We find Dean Venturini now digging coal, His pick and shovel are part of his soul. JANE WARD - - - Jane Ward we now find as a seller of make-up, If your looks are poor, she can do a good fake-up. DAVID VORP - - - ln Tarentum as editor of the Valley Daily News, We find David Vorp giving his views. JANE WOITAS - - - Jane Woitas we find in a long flowing robe, Her wit as Grand Judge is known o'er the globe. DON WONDERLING - - - We find Don Wonderling painting away, Anyone can see he will be a great artist someday. TRUDY ZLATNIK - - - Trudy Zlatnik we find as a well known hostess, When planning to land she will always post us. ELZY YOUNKINS - - - Elzy Younkins now sports a nice new car, A Mercury convertible, most stylish by far. JEAN CHRISTY - - - Jean Christy we find as a lawyer wise, She loses some cases-but always tries. RUDOLPH ZENDRI - - - Our Rudolph Zenclri, now we find, Is collecting bugs of many kinds. SHIRLEY MILLER - - - Shirley Miller we find is teaching away, She enjoys her work, but Oh! what a pay. I ROOM III First Row: M. Bolentine, N. Babinsclck, C. Dulqord, K. Bow- ser, H. Boker, L. Carrier, M. Elder, M. Altemus. Second Row: L. Danger, V. Douthett, P. Cow- ard, P. Campbell, C. Clark, J. Dougherty, R. Dcemer, E. Bell, S. Alt, Miss Mauro. Third Row: C. Bowser, R. Clevenger, R. Bowser, J. Beale, J. Brestensky, J. DUIT, K. Croyle, J. Blystone. Fourth Row: D. Boker, C. Bush, R. Carr, L. Davis, J. Drake, L. Cannon, M. Cravener. ROOM 114 First Row: M. Fiscus, M. McCur dy, I. Nowokowski, L. Fennell, I. Folkner, M. Pavetti, I. Mel- lish, A. Miller, E. Montgomery, D. Morgan, E. Love, E. Hines, E. Mefzler, L. Lloyd, S. George. Second Row: B. Lowcrs, S. Hoover, E. Cvalbreath, M. Mil- ler, M. Koenig, S. Kisiel, L. Hil- gert, S. Harmon, D. Goss, E. Overholt, C. Kossan, M. Les- niski, D. McCurdy, C. Markel, Mr. Karl. Third Row: E. Jor- dan, Price, R. Leri, W. Mason, R. Hutli, D. Murray, G. Landis, R. Gretz, A. Hargrove, H. Hoover, R. Mohney, R. Hines, O. McCurdy. ROOM T16 First Row: F. Risch, J. Ruffner, A. Ricial, G. Reitz, B. Sobolew- ski, C. Schrekergost, G. Youngkins, J. Stover, M. Tre- felner, N. Scott, A. Shoop, D. Stitt, R. Sterling, M. Scheer- bcuum. Second Row: T. Seit- cm, E. SIiaI'Ter, J. Sell, J. RufT- ner, A. Shearer, V. Shaner, C. Rogacki, S. Smith, C. Westen- dorf, J. Stokes, W. Tantlinger, V, Wonderling, D. Secrist. Third Row: T. Vild, R. Snyder, M, Wciltenbough, R. Rusz, R. Young, P. Sobkowiak, D. Wei- nel, J. Riddle, T. Mitchell, A. Whitehair. E Quan an-si-Q M .M Rbfimgw ffigwowpw V Q -1-J' -an " i .,x W 2 l L 1 3 A :w M ROOM 204 First Row: D. Collvr, M. Drem- er, N. Curlinun, E. Johnson, L. Bonnet, B. Ds-niino, A. Com- bm-ll, N. Bustin, D. Anthony, J. Boker, B. Cannon, B. Burris, J. Dempster, Second Row: P. Bulentine, R. Bell, P. Bowser, D. Boker, H. Beale, N. Altman, D. Bubinsuck, F. Clevenger, J. Cullen, L. Duckerty, S. Bur- gcrstock, Mr. Holllrilan. Third Row: B. Avey, M. Bures, S. Duhnwn, N. Burford, K. Craig, C. Berry, J. Dempcster, E, Builr-y, L. Cla-ver, A. Dcrnpes- ter, P. Burtord. ROOM 205 First Row: R. Kr-ndull, R. Drake, J. Daugherty, P McClure, B. Hn-ilrnun, E Dufford, S. Ge-rocicl, J Hrunico, R. Hvnery, E. Hin- clr-rliter, F. Dougherty, J. EmA erick. Second Row: C. MLCruck1-n, B. Hawkins, D. Hill, R. Hurtlcy, L. Ebig, J. Dolmuyvr, L. Kennedy, F. Mohney, P. Huth, S. Miller, Mrs. Wlritv. Third Row: B. Mol kowiuk, J. Huzlett, F. Fritch, A. Hamilton, J. Fair, D. Flf-ck, R. Fray, E. McGuire, E. Knop- pnnhvrgvr, L. Hurbison. Fourth Row: R. Noble, R. Dauthctt, D. Hill, D McGuire, R. Fry, M. Noulnun, D. Thompson, H. Locke, K. Hull. ROOM 207 First Row: C. Sweeney, G Wollv, R. Zinlrnerniun, R. Rum- bough, N, Sweeny, S. Lloyd, H. Wultcnhuugh, D. Rowley J. Shoop, B. Ridely, S. Smith P. Stull, D. Wurd. Second Row N. Porter, E. Soboluk, R. Sur' ver, D. Str-pp, R. Rodgers, L Shutters, J. Shcmer, A. M R4-ick, L. Risch, S. Shearer Miss Eh:-rhurt. Third Row: H Olczuk, R. Spencer, P. Raub D. RL-clmrt, S. Stork, L. Thomp- son, W. Sikoru, J. Rogucki, S Stitt. Fourth Row: M. Piccoli A. Schweitzer, L. Ugoletti, L Singleton, V. Ohl, G. Simpson G. Fruyer, M. Sikora. f ROOM 202 First Row: B. Dougherty, H. McCullough, P. McClowry, E. Palko, L. Coffin, D, Keener, T. Isenberg, M. Kubla, W. Ohi, M. Dout- hett. Second Row: A. McClure, C. Jack, K. Frantz, J. Keener, P. Hollenbaugh, D. Patton, D. Bowman. Third Row: L. Mason, M. Krizman, R. Jones, G. Jordan, B. McLaughlin, L. Noble, Mr. Carlson. Fourth Row: J, Kisiel, T, Livengood, D, Gaiser, P. Hosack, P, Anthony. ROOM 208 First Row: T. Avey, M. Curfman, J. Clay- pool, B. Brenneman, A. Gaiser, P. Bowser, O. Cline, D. Bowser, D. Blackburn, S. Beer, R. Fennell, W. Chapman, T. Fleming. Sec- ond Row: G. Coftin, C. Beer, E. Bogusloski P, Clever, C. Edgington, S. Duerr, M. Burns, J, Daquilanto, B. Davis, A. Boguslowski, Mrs. Johnston. Third Row: F. Burkett, B. Bulforcl, P. Betush, D. Craig, B. Fritch, S. Falkner, E. Gaydos, V. Babinsack, P. Geibel, R. Goodbread. Fourth Row: M. Dougherty, F. Gensbigler, D. Eshenbaugh, K, Cramer, D. Bricker, P. Frantz, R. Booher, K. Gensbigler, S. Berg. I ROOM 210 First Row: T. Uptegraph, R. Snyder, D. Schroth, R. Sweeney, B. Sell, H. Ruftner, E. Regan, C. Ruppersburger, J. Prueger, C. Simpson, R. Pahl, J. Stevick, R. Stephens. Second Row: K. Sarver, J. Woods, B. Stormer, T. Roudybush, P, Schmidt, R. Sher- rib, L. Wolfe, H. Younkins, A. Porter, I. Smith, Mr. Whisner. Third Row: D. Spindler, T. VanTine, R. Roub, R. Smouse, E. Rearrick, J. Reesman, J. Wag- ner, W. Seftlemeyer, D. Schultz. Fourth Row: R. White, W. Sipe, D, Sarver, T. Toy, B. West, J. Roudybush, N, Snyder, J. Young. IXIIYI . -w . . 'ZF' n as .-5n.,r .Q ,Dr 4, ROOM 201 First Row: T. Uptegroph, R. Snyder, D. Schroth, R. Sweeney, B. Sell, H. Ruftner, E. Regan, C. Ruppersburger, J. Prager, C. Simpson, R. Ruhl, J. Stevick, R. Stephens. Second Row: K. Sarver, J. Woods, B. Stor- mer, T. Roudybush, P. Schmidt, L. Wolfe, H. Younglmins, A. Porter, l, Smith, Mr. Whis- ner. Third Row: D. Spindler, T. Van Tine, R. Raub, R. Smouse, E. Rearick, J. Reese- man, J. Wagner, W. Settlemeyer, D. Schultz, R. White, W. Sipe, D. Sarver, T. Toy, W. West, J. Roudybush, N, Snyder, J. Young. ROOM 203 First Row: U. Douglas, J. Swartz, T. Tant- linger, S. Powell, D. Senger, J. Renouf, S. Beale, L. Crain, J. Dempster, G. Cravner. Second Row: N. Sweeney, N. Stewart, N. Shearer, E. Stewart, N. Sonner, G. Stover, B. Myers, Miss McGinnis. Third Row: V. Rusz, H. Sobllowalx, D. Schwietering, E. Zanette, J. Daquilonto, S. Arnold, J. Toy, B. Edwards. Fourth Row: H. Beale, R. Reclcheart, M. Smouse, B. Sipe, J. Beale, J. Rhoods. ROOM 209 First Row: D. Jock, E. Hortman, T. Myers, R. Mclaughlin, T. Grafton, R. Jordon, T, Harbison, J, Humphry, M. McNeole, N. Mochle, N. Komody, J. Nestor. Second Row: J. Meanor, D. Hill, Y. McClure, M. lsenberg, D. Miclcolos, L. James, E. McGuire, R. Hoszok, D. Jack, J. McClure. Third Row: D, Lee, L. Kisiel, C. Jones, B. Haven, M. Montgomery, B. Hotham, R. Lossinger, B. Mitchell, D. Kunselrnon. Fourth Row: E. Losko, A. Hamilton, V. lshmon, R. Janura, S. McCaFferty, K. Molly, Z. Kendall, E. Grey. r.. x I ww? fr ' L WMM .sm K M ,m n . NMVN Si ,. Q Q 5' w , 'L 4 'Q lb? A s . ,Van M 1 an-f-wo . ,- Q! 'll IIA 'Qs-Qi ,wu- ff I 'ffm 1 f gf A Q:-v. fx' ff VI' 5' - 1 . ,u ,. 1.11 .l,v,.Vvf,., M u. wi fi ? L. I 3 Q FA FA I Ei 1 A S X 6AlITlVlTlE5 X!! ' N2 QQ? 41 AN fp, cf ,. 1 - f- l'f'i":..-' ' 'IFEEY A .wiht The Freeport High School Band consisted of about fifty-five members. Our new director, Mr. Paul Teare, has really done a wonderful iob during his first year at Freeport. As most of us know, the Freeport Band is one of the best bands in the valley in drill work as well as in concert. The band played at all the home football games and attended all but two ofthe away games. They put on a fine show at the games and served as a great morale booster. During the year the band led the local Halloween, Armistice Day and Memorial Day Parades and presented its annual con- cert in the spring. Members of the band also participated in the Armstrong County Band Festival and the Central Western District Band Fes- tival. A few also participated in State Band. This year something new was added to our band. At the beginning of the year the members elected band oflicers. Those officers elected are as follows: Senior Manager Shirley Miller Junior Manager Inez Falkner Librarian . , . Kay Croyle Set-up Committee . Kenneth Locke and Harold Deane Altemus Our high-stepping maiorettes, headed by Kay Croyle and Donna Adams, included Pat Kyowski, Eleanor Garvin, Betty Mont- gomery, Dian Macurdy, Virginia Shaner, Eleanor Stokes. They practiced faithfully and always put on a fine show. The graduating members of the band are: Harold Altemus, Betty Gaillot, Robert Hill, Marilyn Keener, John Kerr, Victoria Krizman, Deane Lauffer, Shirley Miller, Christy Sell and Carolyn Tobias. The maiorettes and color guards who are leaving are: Donna Adams, Eleanor Garvin, Pat Kyowski, Jeanne Coward, Doris Hines, and Patsy Cooper. UHCHESTHA The orchestra, which consists of twenty-five members, under the capable direction of Mr. Paul Teare is always ready to cooperate when there is a iob to be done. They really did a wonderful job the night the seniors presented their annual class play and did an equally fine job when the iuniors presented their play in the spring. The orchestra also played for the Baccalaureate Services. The orchestra meets every Thursday evening to practice and master the compositions they play for your enjoyment. The graduating members of the orchestra are: Deane LauFFer, Christy Sell, Shirley Miller, Marilyn Keener, Victoria Krizman, Robert Hill. TM JUHETTES We think our Maiorettes are one of the most versatile and at- tractive groups in the valley. Under the direction of Miss Mauro, they are an unquestionable asset to our band. Seniors are: Donna Adams, Betty Montgomery, Eleanor Gorven, Pat Kyowski. Juniors are: Kay Croyle, Deane Macurdy, Virginia Sloner. Sophomore: Eleanor Stokes. 36 GH. HIGH GHUIIIIS III. HIGH GHGIIIIG SE IGH HIGH GIIILG E SEIVIBLE Those beautiful strains of music you hear after school on Tuesdays is the Senior High Girls Ensemble practicing under the direction of Mrs. Shaffer. The Ensemble was newly or- ganized this year and consists of Gfteen members. These girls are a select group who have a maior in- terest in singing and harmonizing. Also they must have a good ear for tone and have the ability to follow a score of music. Tryouts for this group were held at the beginning of the school term. Two of these girls are going on with music after graduation. The ensemble is a picturesque group. Not only do they know much about singing but have much charm and personality. The senior girls in the group are: Donna Adams, Joan Dietrick, Nancy Bowden, Margie Davis, Betty Lou Martin, Marilyn Keener, Shirley Miller and Maribel Tantlinger. 37 'U A Q Q ,. V? 3:1 Off? ' ffsqflii . u 'X F W. E ' A , 6 , f i . ' Y , .4 . if? A l :Jffg . V. :t.5LiL, 49? Nh? 1 Q V . fr' Y wi? lik 1 'kbiwl-' '2,..TIt' A "X '91 4 wif: C272 'f 5' .11 - 1:5 H 5 iff 5:31. W I - ,1 13 ,,.. 1 bl? x-E T.. 4' - :EQ if if Br' '-' 1554, X .,, 'V Q -Q 8 ' N 5, 5 fr 4 fa -4... "' J : Y!!! ,sm 'W 'MQZS ni 84, 1 ,..fx ww, 41 ix l 5 W.. 45523 Iwiff .,,,,,u,-,-. A. kg.-,..,, A s lixfg .i he X 145. ,Q ..-,,,. - M gy f X, ,., 0 4 X F' -gr-.V if ,Aw -'.w,,r,1yi' ,gY,., 4 i 1 . K t'I'lQ-'I ff I I T I T. l. .Q 'K I' A 1' bl", gif tit ynxlf ysk! A45 , ,xl 5 MQ ' 'L ,' , . .H 'I ' 5. 4 : A-' if ft' 5. x. I :ax I: 'lxrxv Q f lb I 'lin it A ll ' ' ' -' - ' J! 1-4 ' ' A '13 - - N, . P ' 12 2 L X f 5:35 Fi LL ,A ,I ,, K f- A-:A x E 'i M W 'U pf 15' X ' 4151. SAVLKA1 A qpfkzlf' 1 - LH S Q' 7 ' ' .' 'T '- 'Q..L. ' ' , - A Xjf In Q , 'G . fi t 45?vr..j,,l K 12: 1 - xt A H nl, f x E xl I Rug in !i Mx sq ff x t' ' .,. G u M, .E R v Q FW 1 m mf, 2'-wi " E' F 119' ' - ' ' 5: KE .' fir 2 'g't9'wfy, 2,71 .18 A F ,. Auf 7-' 7, E'Q,i-63' . xai lflrffj ,jp ' , ,L-J I' V , . " f v. .v l Q . Q gaf, ibring, ana! gf Wowriec! FUTURE HU EM EERE UF I-XMEHIEA OFFICERS Dian Macurdy . . ,. ,. . President Janet Livengood ,. Vice President Mary Louise Pavetti . . Secretary Jane Stokes , .. , , ,. . Treasurer The F. H.A. met every other Thursday evening. There were speakers at several of the meetings. On other evenings the president conducted a business meeting, followed by entertainment and refreshments. The club, consisting of 38 members, had many activities during the year. Among them were the initiation, a bake sale, a dance, a skating party, and a swimming party. BUYS HU E EC. The Boys Home Ec. class, which is taught by Miss Mihalco, is full of "ambitious" students. They are trying to improve themselves in household tasks such as cooking and sewing. The test for cooking is eating it yourself, and for sewing is making shirts. The boys seem to like trying out their feminine touch. 40 align U 'f f f I1HI1'l'II. KLTIUH The class of T951 has pro- duced two of the best plays ever seen on the stage of FAHS. When they were iuniors they presented "The Baby Sitter" which was a three-act comedy and was directed by Mr. Wood- row and Miss Boyd, Their senior play was "That Brewster Boy" which was also directed by Mr. Woodrow and Miss Boyd. You can see by the action shots above that both plays were hilariously funny and entertain- ing. " 'iv if ,QxX"agpyvG wp: sv N f,. H3522 5 .ig W J, ggfggu,535Qff.g.e,s U , , ,.:-f-- my 4 ...I ,. w C' ri STAGE CREW The Stage Crew, under the direction of Mr. Alsnauer and Mr. Briggs, is one of the busiest organizations in the High School. They set up all scenery for the Senior Play, candlelight services, and the Junior Play. The stage crew deserves much credit for they give up study halls and some evenings to set up the scenery for special programs. UHAMATIE CLUB This year the Dramatic Club was sponsored by Miss Boyd. The club meets every Thursday during Activity Period. Everyone will agree that the club's mystery-comedy-"That Midnight Ghost" was a hit and enjoyed by all. OFFICERS President Melva Miller Vice President Jean RufTner Secretary . . Mary Fiscus Treasurer , . Evelyn Shaffer 43 IJHHAHY ELUB One of the hard working organizations of the school is the library club. Every day during study halls these girls work in the library. They assist Miss O'Neill in checking books in and out and other helpful tasks. SHEHS EL B First Row: E. Garven, T. Zlatnik, T. Resch, J. Van Tine, J. Swartz, J, Vogel, C. Tobias. Second Row: P. Harrison, J. Coward, B. Garlot, P. Kyowski, S. Chiodo, L. Bowser, V. Doutheft. Third Row: M. Miller, M, Koenig, R. Rometfi, J. Beale, J. Wortas, J. Ward, P. Campbell. Fourth Row: J. Sweeney, A. Macurdy, J. Edwards, T. Curfman, S. Smith, E. Love, N. Fennell, M. Balentine, Miss Eberheart. 44 STUUE T CUUNIIIL OFFICERS President Richard Henry Vice President Bill Mason Secretary Marilyn Keener Assistant Secretary Jean Ruffner Every year during May elections are held for officers of our Student Council. Chosen to fill these positions this year were President-Dick Henry, Vice Presi- dent-Bill Mason, Secretary-Marilyn Keener, and Assistant Secretary-Jean Ruffner. These officers took the oath of office in September. During the year the Student Council has had many dances including the May Queen Dance, at which the Senior King and Queen are picked, and spon- sored a candy sale at Valentine's Day, plus making it possible for us to have our many entertaining paid assemblies. Another project sponsored by them was an amateur show held in March. All students consider it an honor to be a member of the Student Council. P THULMEN DAVID LTER SEIE EE CLUB T HE During the first week of May, T950 the stu- dent council campaign was held. The Student Council oFficers elected at that time, automatically became patrolmen. After that election students were given ballots and voted for eight patrol- men and five alternate patrolmen. lt is the duty ofthe patrolmen to keep traffic moving during the change of class and to prevent confusion in the halls. The David Alter Science Club was a newly organized group this year. It meets every other Tuesday in the Chemistry Lab under the direction of Mr. Morris Carlson. The club was named in honor of David Alter, a local scientist, who was a well known medical doctor. In these meetings the boys work on proiects in radio, aeronautics, and chemistry. QQQM1 M 25924 K ze 5' 'gg' 'SAW' U , QA V agp 11 AQ --if 4 ' , Kit. M in J W 4' . "tr 1 Q 'ggi 'm'1:?..Q i 524 YC, - U 1' ,vw gli 'JK I L! MN? il W ,g,f?:,,,,x,- rg 4-if F2 5 J ffr! -y'?f 7 , L u Z ff 'gf- Q M K :I Q 'xii v W 9 .. .- - is-H' Y X ' al , V. av M if w 2' ' nf' nf' 9' Q Q Q ' nxxxe 3 is if , in W gf. 93 if mg? 'R 15,5 QQ ma ,f i - in 5 gzzafi: Q' 5' f 1, 3,5251 E' Q:-11 if W . ,r i X Q- 15 R ,W Xnx Q 7 . J., , , Ai M ffmvmf 4' 1 5 31, '--5 Chg 1 .x ,Q 4 f DTT' i Q ' 2 ' ' ' ' 1 I " ag.. ui .wr 'Fl' wi ' J 6' ' gm 4 - New , K f-fn mx M W Q, ' 2' Y ki 5 .i . 'tv Qs an w fy .Sd X I xswz Q QQ ' gy Q5 .E s - Sag If YELLUW J EHET In April of T950 the '50-'51 Yellow Jacket staff was organized. During the past year they have published Yellow Jackets almost every week-from Mon- day morning when the assignments are received, till Friday morning when the last paper is stapled. Under the guidance of Mrs. Helen McCaFferty and Miss De Maris Eberhart many special editions were printed. These included Christmas, Freshman, Fare- well Seniors and Faculty editions. Each of the upper tour classes had representation on the staff. The Senior class listed 24 members on the staFf. Editor-in-chief ' JOANNE LEE Assistant Editor LUCILLE DININGER X Sports Editor X0 JOE PESCI " N Art Editor JEAN RUFFNER Business Manager ANN SHOOP Head Typist BETTY MONTGOMERY Press Superintendent MARGARET SCHUMAKER Feature Editor NANCY BOWDEN 48 Fi 13 X Canine M2 j4.z'fA!1.!li ln giving an account of our year, 1950-1951, it would be wrong Io omit our Christmas program. Under the direction of Mrs. Shaffer, and with the help of several other groups, Candlelight Service brings the Yuleiide Spirit to F. A. H. S. 50 I -xx 'KMQ' E' 73952 :WAHI F V fig' ,Q ,A-f" X ' - "mf-7'7',:?w?'-.s g,:'. x , , ,Wf,f,.4M,N,,qf1ff257i1Ag?Yfff A . .Y W wmwvwfmwfmarfwgv Qfifiwa rg ll GQ 51 fri - . U ln l -- l Tl 1 iii. I IEIIHI -ll i i: 'Iii lll !::,zl, Ill I-Illlllgigigiillluu lllllllillllllllllll llllfllllf -llll llll llllllll lllllll llllll Ellll llllllilllll - 'IIIMIHI Jnllll- IEE 'Bl IHIIII r I Y 1 .lllu nuv AIIIP' Alll' lllll All' .::: NX 'ees N This year, more than ever, the Freeportian staff wishes to thank our coaches. It isn't easy to keep going during a tough season, but there are many more important things than winning a game. Our teams, both basketball and football, did everything in their power to make us proud of them, and we all are. VARSITY First Row: C. Smith, W. Golembiesky, C. Ross, W, Mason, J. Coffin, R. Cunningham, D. Murray, F. Toy, K. Carr, G. Huth, R. Huth, R. Gretz, B. Mohney, F. Olzak. Second Row: V. Kelly, R. Younkins, C. Bush, B. Such, D. Coward, D. Mast, R. Snyder, F. Hamilton, R. Leri, M. Piccolli. Third Row: A, Davis, G. Hoffman, C. Markle, K. Bowser, O. Macurdy, F. Ross, R. Bures, D. Henry, G. Bar- gerstock, G. Simpson, E. McGuire, D. Clevenger, R. Bures, D. Hines, J. Pesci. 53 JH. V HSITY PUUTB LL 'Ist Row: D. Sowaneck, L. Rich, J. Shoop, D. Rumbaugh, D. Stepp 2nd Row: D. Mast, D. Burkett, G. Bargerstock, C. McClowery, R. Fry, B. Anthony 3rd Row: R. Rogers, S. Stark, R. Jack, P. Ruttner, R. Craig, T. Ross, J. Hazlett, Al Schwerter, L. Ugoletti, R. Babinsack, G. Reed 4th Row: D. Fleck, J. Boneno, M. Piccoli, D. Keener, C. McAninch, R. Sarver, J. Bricker, K. Hall, R. Noble, Mr. Whisner When we are giving credit to the teams and coaches, let's not forget their managers. These boys have iust as long hours and as many hardships in their position as the men on the team. When the morale is low, the players can look for encouragement from these loyal fellows. 54 MANAGERS-Willie Golembieslxy, Chester Smith Francis Olzak Dzck, Inca Q Glam 111 FUUTHALL HEHUES Glenn Huth-"Glenn" . . . versatile end . , . third year on varsity . . . good down- field blocker. Ronald Bures-"Ron" . . . blocking back . . . small but fast . . . ran good reverses ...lst year on varsity. Vincent Kelley-"Vince" . . . one of the fastest ends on the squad . . . makes up for his weight in running. Charles Ross-"Chuck" . . . the outstanding senior . . . Captain . . . played tackle until iniured then played backfield. Robert Cunningham-"Bob" . . . anchor man in the line at center . . . very good line backer on defense. Joseph Pesci-"Pro" . . . Fullback and wingback . . . good for short gains when they're needed . . . placekicker. James Coffin-"Jim" . . .Quarterback . . . came to Jackets in senior year . . . good passer and ball handler. Francis Toy-"Bus" . . . First year on varsity . . . played wingback. Richard Henry--"Dick" . . . senior broke into varsity play . . . and showed fine form in overcoming his knee iniury to play. 05 J Ulm mn, Knarh? . -Q-U-H' 1' 56 VARSITY BASKETBALL t ' cw A , 1 -M 1' fl . it if ij? ,r a n Qu. .,. 1 A "Q - . ' 1 . .T . X , . 4 -A... ,X 1 I ' - 'MQ' fr 1 , A ,Q-,rv V W., V . .A Q 'tr First row: J. Blystone, W. Golembiesky, K. Bowser, R. Hines, J. White, W. Altman, Second row: Mr. Hoffman, H, Cunningham, A. Haiclukiewicz, R, Huth, J. Butler, D. Mast, G. Huth, P. Ruftner, Mr. Davis. B li h H EXHIBITION GAMES as El 3 EIUES opponent F....,..,.t 39 Apollo Richard Hines Fakey a Junior first QERLIF year on the varsity, plays guard. 60 Butler 33 Dayton Glenn Huth ... six foot senior ... third year on 46 DGWOV' , , , , , 4l Har-Brock varsity despite an inlured knee, is one of 42 Har-Brock the Jacket regulars. l4 Kittanning 45 Kittanning Anthony Haidukiewicz Tony rough and gtggggit ready when it comes to getting rebounds . . . fav- 31 Worthington orite is the hook shot... 2nd year on varsity. 31 Woffhlnglon .lay Butler biggest boy on the squad-6' 5" LEAGUE GAMES paced the Jackets with an average of l3 SECTION ll points per game . .. best shot is a set shot from 40 Tclrentum me Comer 69 Tarentum ' 64 West View 7l West View William Golembiesky . . . Willie . . . Senior guard 42 5l1C1leF ... first year to play basketball ...good on foul ESSJELWQ and set shots. 52 Leechburg 'Q was vlan.. f Q 'Wait -'!Bf'fs. nm, '-nil, 1 Q ,913 B aa fd , Q w ffifif o right-Muribel, Margie, Joan 1' ,swf cg , lflxiiggy X V . 1. I va 'va .WZQX53 ab' l. Q QA W ' ' Y 5 3 ' 3, .K 5 L fn I S ., ,S t T., 1 Y W ig - . ,, . V s, ' 4 I 'ALI A D 1 - B., f , K K 5,1 J' s , 'Al X X L, W FT I 6 I Y ,xi Q ' K, , , ,M 2 , wx .- - A , fwqxggi-v , J . , MMM Y H , gw xx, .Vinny V 1 1, Q- 'A X I ,Q ' 1 Q Egg.-Q 'fi ll' ? I "5 0 ' ' . XX V 1511-Lb' wk -V'4' I 4 ti U. L i mwwti a ' v ,, Q ' L31 Q... W- . K 6'1" . Y. K,-N Gu J' M 4. . A , E g g L ir 1 Elgin" Q. 3 ' A 1 I w as' ' Q 'fi a , N :Q-b :Q M... ,W J m Q 1 Q AUTUEH PHESHMAN President .. .. ..,. ... ,.. Joseph Bonino Vice President . . . A . Robert Noble Secretary . . . Norma Porter Treasurer . ., , ,.., Edward McGuire PHS Complimenis OZZIE A. TROYA BEAUTY SALON of PENN AUTO PARTS 'D' Compliments Phone soox of HESSELGESSER'S GROCERIES MARKET STREET Phone 233 Compliments MONTGOMERY of S CLEANING AND PR Quality Cleaning ESSING Compliments of G. L. RALSTON Men's and Boys' Clothing and Shoes LUMBER COMPANY Allegheny-Kiski Valley MOST COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE Phone Freeport 56 or 63 Compliments of THE CORRAL The Valley's Finest Dining Room and Bar B-Q Dining and Dancing Every Night Route 908 and Saxonburg RD Compliments of BURFORDS 5 8. 10 COMPLIMENTS OF THOMPSON DRUG CO. THE OLD FREEPORT BANK FREEPORT, PA. 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Suggestions in the Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) collection:

Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Freeport Area High School - Freeportian Yearbook (Freeport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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