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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1972 volume:

1 bl uv' H,-. .ff .',-"yx 'ffm -vi u, vs NC, Ji? , :L Flyette '72 Published by FREEMAN HIGH SCHOOL Freeman, South Dakota Volume 26. Foreword A yearbook for the students was the main objective for the 1972 FLYETTE. There were no attempts made to make the memory book be anything but that. If just one picture brings back memories for each student, the editing staff will have Served its purpose. New dimensions in yearbook mech- anics have been employed. Beginning with a cover photographed and designed in Freeman, this yearbook won't be so easily mistaken for another schoo1's. This edition made use of special effect division pages and readers may experience more and better pictures. There is no theme. The book is uni- fied by the informality of students, not sitting on bleachers to be photographed, but in the midst of involvement. Table of Contents Administration .... Organizations . . . . . . Students .... . . Sports ..... . . Activities ...- - . Sponsors . . . . . r AAI' 2 .Q i 7 Q Q X 5 E 1 fsfS21:2m3hsmsz:ema?zmw-wwxwl.was':a..m.:nf5iSf'mwwfmwmw Sfw2xs mmwwamwwmwvifczxmsf.:aiQ Pz,,fMex:wgza:.1i1is2i1f3uH2al22sS1w1'2wrwm.w:xs2a.1a:'w'55915 zWeiie112azEff4zaelsU'wfmwnmmfsiiwnfinw, 11 if f:a'1gv'-fl--uwfiifgfzwaww NWQmAM mw:Q:ffm22'S2awzs1ru Bond Issue Fazls During School Year What lies ahead for the building program at Freeman Public School? This IS the question facing the Freeman Board of Education In the past year two bond elections have failed The two elections Were for an elementary school The bond election in December failed by less than ZW, The one in january by less than 4'V Stu dents saw the polls, RIGHT during the school day Superintendent Alvin Mudder, ABOVE LEFT and Principal Ronald Bennett, ABOVE RIGHT: came to monthly meetings to discuss pertinent mat ters with the school board members. These men are, RIGHT, STANDING: LaVerne Waltner, Clerk , How- ard Preheim, Vice- President Max Hein, President Dr. I. I. Kaufman, and Willis Wipf. SEATED: are Ray Krehbiel, Wally Stolp, and Dennis Mendel. These Teachers Advocated Individualized Study 5' Wswis 2 !lCQ sxmswwfzwegavw TED ELLINGER Busine CLARA PULLMAN Librarian MARLO ORTMAN Industrial Arts DIANE ELLINGER English BETTY MUDDER Music DON DIEDE Science GENE BENTHIN Health and P. E. LeET TA BENNETT Music JAMES ERPENBACH Social Science 8 MAURIEL KAUFMAN Music RENEE HUENEMANN German and English VIVIAN GERING Guid anc e Counselor WAYNE KNOLL Social Science RICHA RD TSCHETT ER Science Drivers' Ed. LA VERNE DIEDE Grade School Principal T ERRY CILLETT E Speech English CARY PFEIFFER Math JANET BAUDER Math ESTHER JORSTAD Remedial Reading JOYCE CLINKENBEA RD Speech Therapy w ,, fp, U' ,n,, "" X, 2-Q N, .E 5.5 Nr L...-f Competent Staff Ensures Service joey Pietz, FAR LEFT, served as the principal's secretary with duties ranging from make-up slips to the daily bulletin. Later in the year jenille Neufeld and Judith l-leadly filled in on a part time basis. Students identify with Audrey Mutchelknaus, LEFT, when they purchase or punch meal tickets. She also maintains the books while assisting the superintend- ent. Unlike students and teachers, the employees had to be at the school much earlier and later than the 8:00 to 4:00 day. LOWER LEFT, Cooks Lorraine Preheim, Vesta Graber, Laura Graber, and Agnes Walter averaged 425 meals per day. A bread dispenser and silverware con- tainer meant speedier service. Operating nine buses are BACK, Clem Weier, Kenny Gullickson, Loren Becker, Delmar Titze, l-lerb Koerner, Don Christensen, FRONT, jerry Wollrnan, Harlan Gross, and Rev. E.C. Werner. NOT PICTURED: Gidion Rembold, Rev. Ray Ehrman, and Paul Decker, LEFT. Janitors, LOWER RIGHT, Reuben Pfeiffer, john Walters, and Roger Preheim with the aid of Anita Bittner worked for a cleaner environ- ment in the school. IIF rm ,mf-.f 13 ,ff 4? ZS x 'hu .uf fur-- Ks. 4 -Lzfwffgzg-',g'. ,,y1wW:Qm,15Q yww, 3,A:PwgPif.5,ffqi,gg, -W ,M ,ms ,Q Q Q ' M352 We 3 "':zzmi5f1gszsii51af 3 .W kk,A., f,Qg,5,,1-42, , M, + 1,54 ,N We fs, fm 7 swf- 4,511 -,11e5?g:4f55:gf- A ' ' 151 fw1as:iqa'4p1.F1fy'ffu - - W 154-' fzn541f'ifs?fs?5ExE31m , ' '51'f?5s?fv?ff'.ffis,gEg5Qiff1WE, N, g2g:,,,e1,fs,g gmmu ff- ' I Q in -M-gy 1' ?LfQ5f5Yi1fi'.iaiglv ,-S TM 5 I f K , T,, 1- :,, X .W ,A Wi. , an W if 1 ,gpg it A Q , m fag, Q5 ' Mu' 'J , 35. "fl H .gl gf U, f-gk C 1 QM in ii in wr' L E Wm C lass Officers Build Snowman Freshman class officers are, ABOVE, Bob Pidde - student council, Vicki Stahl - treasurer, Syke Hein - secretary, Mark Gross - vice-president, Teresa Villa - student council, and NOT PICTURED: Mark Wollman - president. Representing the sophomore class are, UPPER RIGHT, Barb Knodel - secretary, Glenn Preheim and Pam Stewart - student council, john Weier - treasurer, Ruth Werner - vice-president, and jerry Ortman - president. The junior executive committee is, RIGHT, Debi Graber - student council, joey Villa - secretary, Mar- lene I-laar - vice-president, Kenny Andersen - president, and NOT PIGTURED: Gindi Svartoien - treasurer, Keith I-Iofer - student council. 5. LEFT, Rhonda Stewart - student council, Barb Uecker - vice-president, Greg Kleinsasser - president, Brenda Goertz - treasurer and Arlene Kleinsasser - secretary compose the senior officers i, Interest in Publications Dwindle Due partly to cramped space in the typing room, interest in journalism had lost much of its appeal. Editors of both yearbook and newspaper staffs had to rough it on their own with no organized class to help out. Ted Ellinger was the literary advisor. Getting ready for another 225 MAROON 8 WI-IITE's to run off are ABOVE: Terry Walter - Editor, David Schmidt - 'Typist and Photographer, Denise Mendel - Associate Editor and Business Manager, Cindi Svartoien - Assistant, Barb Tschetter - Cartoonist, DeVandolyn Schamber - Assistant, Jan Mendel - Business Manager, and Loa Laber - Mimeographer. The MAROON 8 WHITE made a more extensive use of colors, changed the nameplate, used seasonal back pages, and had several feature articles. Reporters who contributed frequently were Debi Graber, Sheryl Gullickson, Donna Munkvold, Lorrie Hoff, Jill Kleinsasser, Linda Lang, Elsie Johnson, Arlene Kleinsasser, Marilyn Stahl, Joey Villa, Greg Kleinsasser, Kelly Mutchellcnaus, Reyne Andersen, Bonnie Hofer, Marilyn Wipf, Cindy Schmidt, Mary Jane Ries, Suzetta Ensz, Joan Marie Wipf, Karen Walter, and Cindy Kleinsasser. LEFT: Alvin Mudder, who with the use of a new camera, recorded in film the activities of the school for the yearbook. 'Tradition because of tradition' was the phrase which led to many of the changes in the FLYETTE. Typist Brenda Goertz, LEFT, and Editors, Jan Mehlhaf and Arlene Kleinsasser added eight pages, used special effect division pages, shot more informal pictures, and incorporated action rather than posed organization pictures. Business Managers, Judy Mehlhaff and Joan Marie Wipf, sold annuals. Carla Gross and Shana Gullickson served as junior editors. Helping with all phases of yearbook mechanics from proof-reading to mailing proofs were Rita Andersen, Teresa Bruck- lacher, Sally Jorgensen, Loa Laber, Dale Neuharth, David Schmidt, Marilyn Stahl, Coleen Becker, Debi Graber, Deb Gunder- son, Judy Mehlhaff, Denise Mendel, Jan Mendel, Cindy Svartoien, and Karen Walter. Reporters were Reyne Andersen, Garnet Gering, DeVandolyn Schamber, Margaret Stern, Rhonda Stewart, Barb Tschetter, and Terry Walter. Students Honors Gwen at FHS ABOVE: Members of the National Honor Society include Monica Schrag, Barb Uecker - vice-president, Arlene Kleinsasser, Garnet Gering, Judy Mehl- haff, Rita Andersen - treasurer, joan Marie Wipf, joey Villa, Jan Mehlhaf - president, Margaret Stern - student council representative, Margo Graber, Marilyn Stahl - secretary, Terry Walter, Marlene Haar, Rhonda Stewart, Dan Herrboldt, Greg Kleinsasser, and Coleen Becker. Not pictured are Reyne Ander- sen and Teresa Brucklacher. Becoming a tradition with the Honor Society is the annual carnival. This year's carnival, on November 12, netted a profit of S1337.26. Part of the money was used for the Pat Hofer Mem- orial Scholarship Fund. Barb Uecker and Teresa Brucklaher were chosen by a faculty team as recipients of the S200 scholarships. On December 21, a tea was held for former members. They talked about their experiences in the Freeman Merit Society. Students in grades 7-12 met to discuss examples of leadership, char- acter, and service. NHS members narrowed the list, which will be used by the teachers as a guideline for choosing new members. NHS members also voted for sponsoring another Girl and Boy Stater. BELOW: 1972 Girl and Boy Staters look through the names of former staters They are Shana Gul lickson, Gregg Graber, joey Villa, and Judy Mehlhaff . Minneapolis Experience Enco nrages M ore Declczin Interest Often resorting to the hall for practice, the all girl declam team consisted of BELOW: Arlene Kleinsasser, Coach Renee Huenemann, Cindy Kleinsasser, Marilyn Koerner, Margaret Stern, Elsie johnson, joan Marie Wipf, Marilyn Stahl, Mary Schaeffer, and 'Terry Walter. An all time low in declam participation found these nine conten- ders out for local eliminations, October 14. The district contest resulted in a four way tie between FHS, Marion, Parker, and Viborg. Receiving excellents, LEFT, Marilyn Stahl - humorous, Terry Walter - poetry, joan Marie Wipf - dramatic, and Arlene Kleinsasser - oratory, shine up their newly acquired trophy. In an attempt to keep interest ebbing in declam, a weekend trip to Minneapolis, December 18-19 was cli- maxed at the Guthrie Theatre. "Cerano de Bergerac", a five act comedy-drama, thrilled students as they exper- ienced the theatre-in-the-round and a taste of professional acting. FHA Chapter officers are ABOVE: Rita Andersen - Historian, Cindy Kleinsasser - Song Leader, Teresa Bruck- lacher - Reporter, Donna Munkvold - Recreation Leader, Carla Gross - President, Cindi Svartoien - Vice-President, Debi Graber - Secretary, Arlene Kleinsasser - Treasurer, and Anita Bittner - Parliamentarian. Testing the durability of a prop for the regional meeting are chapter degree winners at RIGHT: Lorrie Hoff, Arlene Kleinsasser, Rita Andersen, Donna Munkvold, Teresa Brucklacher, Cinda Svartoien, Bonnie Hofer and Earla Wagner. NOT PICTURED: Sally Jorgensen. Writing essays, ad- vertising FHA Week, and acting out skits, were only some of the activities degree workers had to attain. Upon completion of the standards, degree workers were required to pass a written test. Girls completing junior degree are RIGHT STANDING: Karen Walter, Kathy Schmidt, Betty Andersen SITTING: jill Preheim, Sharla Gross, Vicki Stahl, Cindy Kleinsasser, Vera Weins, Audrey Tieszen, and Ann Solberg. FHA Girls Get N0 Sleep at Slumber Party FHA is the only organization which makes active use of Robert's Rules ol' Order Revised. Meeting monthly, the Future Homenialiers ol America visited with secret grandparents, saw drug and travel films, participated in Bestline, Christmas, slumber, and roller skating parties. Members in FHA, other than degree workers and officers are Lynice Ronning, joan Marie Vl'ipf, Shanna Gullickson, Deb Gunderson, Linda Lang, Denise Mendel, jan Mendel, Judy Mehlhaff, Diane Christensen, Sheryl Gullickson, Kathy ltrich, Marilyn Koerner, Karen Pullman, Debi Terveen, janet Walter, Brenda Becker, Monica Bittner, Janis Christensen, Coleen Dubs, Skye Hein, jonetta Hofer, Coleen Ortniann, Cindi Plooster, Mary Schweitzer, Mary jane Ries, Mary Ann Sorensen, Daphna Unruh, and Cathy Walter. Cindi Svartoien, who placed second in the District Beef Cook-Off at Scot- land, March 23 received an award at the Region IV meeting. Also representing FHS was Lorrie Hoff, a regional officer candidate April 13, at Centerville, I9 Fourteen members representing each class and the movie, "Blackboard jungle", and published a Meeting the first Tuesday of every month were students officially giving all athletic events their full voice support. Advisor, LaVerne Diede, led the Pep Club with Marlene Haar - President, Jennifer Gaertner - Vice-President, Mary Preheim - Secretary, Pam Stewart - Treasurer, jan Mehlhaf - Reporter, and Ruth Werner - Student Council. Cheerleaders asked the club 'S assistance with posters, skits, "Maroon and White", "Let's Lick the Orioles", and "Tip Your Hat to the Flyers" days. The Pep Club later initiated a dance March 24 with the Sticks and Stones providing music. Lettering for the first time in Pep Club are Betty Andersen, Monica Bittner, Coleen Dubs, Sharla Gross, Skye Heih, Theresa Villa, Vera Wiens, Ruth Werner, Anita Bittner, Debi Graber, Denise Mendel, Cindy Svartoien, Brad Christensen, and Don Hansen. Second year letterers are Suzetta Ensz, jennifer Gaertner, Sheryl Gullickson, Penny Kaufman, Cindy Kleinsasser, jill Kleinsasser, Barb Knodel, Mary Preheim, Pam Stewart, Cecilia Villa, Tim Villa, Karen Walter, Sue Walmer, Sue Weier, Marlene Haar, Shana Gullickson, joAnn Schamber, Nancy Schamber, and joe Villa. For three years these people earned letters: Garnet Gering, jan Mehlhaf, Margaret Stern, Rhonda Stewart, and Barb Uecker. Other members cheering for the "jocks" were Janice Christensen, Rhonda Massey, Kathy Schmidt, Ann Solberg, Kathy Walter, Diane Christensen, Pat Gering, Lorrie Hoff, Elsie johnson, Charlene Preheim, Debbie Thomas, Susan Schamber, jan Ven Osdel, Linda Lang, Donna Munkvold, Pam Gering, Greg Kleinsasser, Loa Laber, Monica Schrag, DeVandolyn Schamber, Barb Tschetter, Terry Walter, and joan Marie Wipf. Student Council and Pep Club Hcwe Student Voice other organizations voiced opinions regarding var- ious school policies to Advisor Ron Bennett. Stu- dent Council officers are Kelly Mutchelknaus - President, Rhonda Stewart - Vice-President, Ther- esa Villa - Secretary, and Pam Stewart - Treasurer. Along with the organizing of homecoming festivities, the council presented a dress code skit, sponsored student directory. Members are BELOW: Bob Pidde, Rhonda Stewart, Margaret Stern, Keith Hofer, Greg Klein Sasser, Theresa Villa, Kelly Mutchelknaus, Ruth Werner, Brad Christensen, Pam Stewart, Barb Uecker, Debi Graber, and Nancy Schamber, NOT PICTURED: Glenn Preheim. F'ettes Is Girl Cohort 0 F Club A women counterpart of the F Club is the F'ettes, a new organization at FHS. It is a club for girls having scored a point in one major track event. Representing officers are Brenda Goertz - President, Marlene Haar - Vice-President, Teresa Brucklacher - Secretry-Treas- urer, and Nancy Schamber - Student Council. The main endeavor for the girls was ordering a girls' letter jacket. Male athletes who have lettered in one sport are eligible to join F Club. The boys and Advisor, Don Diede, treated them selves to a steak fry March 24, and co-sponsored a dance that evening. F Club officers are Kelly Mutchelknaus - President, Don Hansen - Vice-President, Greg Kleinsasser - Secretary, Randy Barta - Treasurer, and Brad Christensen - Student Council. New members who were added without initiation are Scott Beier, Randy Broders, jeff Christ- ensen, Bruce Glanzer, Gary Goertz, Mark Gross, Randy Koer- ner, Bob Pidde, Stuart Preheim, and David Ryken. Other members include Randy Barta, Brad Christensen, David Epp, Don Hansen, Marlin Holzworth, Greg Kleinsasser, Randy Krehbiel, Kelly Mutchelknaus, Kenny Andersen, Charles Aman, Gregg Graber, Don Herman, Dan Her- rboldt, Keith Hofer, Gary Miller, Dell Thomas, Ted Pidde, john Stark, joey Villa, Mike Walter, Randy Wipf, Mark Anderson, Frank Graber, jerry Ortman, Tim Villa, and john Weier. The 1972 track season found letter-earners: Teresa Brucklacher, Pam Gering, Sally Jorgensen, Nancy Schamber, Pat Gering, Cindy Kleinsasser, Elsie johnson, Sue Schamber, Sue Waltner, Ruth Wer- ner, Betty Andersen, Daphna Unru.h, and Theresa Villa. Members from previous years are Brenda Goertz, Reyne Andersen, jan Mehlhaf, Barb Uecker, Carla Gross, Lynette Wiens, Penny Kaufman, Cindy Preheim, and Sue Weier. Radio Stations Broadcast Cantata Yocal choruses presented a fall concert, November 18, featuring the Boys' and 'Girls' Choruses, the All- State Chorus members, the Boys' llnsemble and a junior- senior girls' ensemble. "joy To the World", a Cantata, featured Margo Graber, jan Mehlhaf, Greg Kleinsasser, and Dan llerr- boldt, December 21. Two radio stations broadcast ex- cerpts of the cantata. Lnthralled by the recording of All-State Chorus are, ABOVE RIGHT, Greg Kleinsasser - Tenor, David Schmidt - Bass, joan Marie Wipf - Soprano, and jan Mehlhaf - Alto. jester Hairston, the Negro Director taught vocalists to sing, move, and feel Black. Seven ol the eight songs were composed by Dr. Hairston. Accoinpanists are, BELOW, David Schmidt - Boys' Glee, joan Marie Wipf - Mixed Chorus, and Terry Walter - Girls' Glee. Soloists, BELOW RIGHT, competed in a vocal contest at Vermillion, February 17. Superior ratings awarded Margo Graber - Soprano, jan Mehlhaf - Alto, Greg Kleinsasser - Tenor, and Shana Gullickson - Alto. Attaining an excellent were Brad Christensen - Bass, David Schmidt - Baritone, Keith Hofer - Bass, Ruth Werner - Alto, Cindy Kleinsasser - Alto, Stuart Preheim - Tenor, and Marilyn Wipf - M9220 SOPYHHO- H. 22 The majority of vocal students participated in the musical. The members of the Mixed Chorus are: Marcia Holzwarth, Penny Kaufman, Monica Schrag, Marsh Ulmer, Debi Gunderson, Diane Christensen, Shana Gullickson, Sheryl Gullickson, Lynette Wiens Cindy Preheim, Marlene Haar, Margaret Stern, jo- Ann Schamber, Ruth Werner, Garnet Gering, Cindy Schmidt, Debi Thomas, Charlene Preheim, jonette Hofer, Sharla Gross, Coleen Dubs, Mary Schaeffer, Cecilia Villa, Colleen Becker, Barb Tschetter, Mary Ann Sorensen, Vera Wiens, Vicki Stahl, Glenda Wiens, Sue Weier, Linda Lang, Denise Mendel, Mary Prehiem, Susan Waltner, Marilyn Stahl, Marilyn Wipf, Monica Bittner, Bonnie Ensz, Margo Graber, jan Mehlhaf, Barb Uecker, Terry Walter, Kathy Schmidt, Cindy Kleinsasser, Tim Villa, Marlin Holzwarth, Don Waltner Brad Christensen, Myron Holzwarth, Bruce Glanzer, Don Herman, Mike Walter, Ted Pidde, Ross Ulruch, Randy Krehbiel, Kieth Kaufman, David Schmidt, Dan Werner, Gary Goertz, Mark Gross, John Weier, Don Munkvold, David Stahl, Arie Bertsch, Bob Pidde, Stuart Preheim, Bradley Dowden, Keith Hofer, Joey Villa, Gregg Graber, Greg Kleinsasser, Charles Aman, Randy Barta, Dan I-lerrboldt. Those in Girls' Glee but not in Mixed Chorus are: Rita Andersen, Teresa Brucklacher, Pam Gering, Sally Jorgensen, Lynice Ronning, Earla Wagner, Anita Bittner, Bonnie Hofer, Debie Graber, Judy Mehlhaff, Ian Mendel, Donna Mtulkvold, Cindy Schmidt, Cindy ! J Svartoien, Debbie Edwards, Suzetta Ensz, Lorrie Hoff, jill Kleinsasser, Barb Knodel, Karen Pullman, Pam Stewart, Debi Thomas, jan venosdel, Brenda Becker, jane Knittel, Rhonda Massey, Cynthia Plooster, jill Preheim, Audrey Tieszen, Daphna Unruh, Teresa Villa, Cathy Walter. The Boys' Ensemble, ABOVE LEFT, captured an excellent at USD. Members are Greg Kleinsasser, Randy Barta, Charles Aman, Dan Herrboldt, joey Villa, David Schmidt, Brad Christensen, Keith Hofer, and Gregg Graber. Commonly called the Madrigal, the Swing Choir, ABOVE RIGHT, placed excellent. Participating in it are joan Marie Wipf, Margo Graber, jan Mehlhaf, Barb Uecker, Cindy Kleinsasser, Marilyn Stahl, Ruth Wer- ner, Debra Gunderson, Cheryl Gullickson, Greg Kleinsasser, Randy Barta, Dan Herrboldt, joey Villa, Charles Aman, David Schmidt, Brad Christensen, and Gregg Graber. The Mixed Ensemble, BELOW LEFT, brought Freeman another superior. It consists of joan Marie Wipf, Margo Graber, Barb Uecker, jan Mehlhaf, Greg Kleinsasser, Greg Graber, David Schmidt, and Brad Christensen. Girls' Ensemble, BELOW RIGHT, winning firsts are joan Marie Wipf, Debbie Gunderson, Cheryl Gullickson, Cindy Kleinsasser, Margo Graber, Marilyn Stahl, jan Mehlhaf, Barb Uecker, and Ruth Werner. "Li'l Abner" Is lst Musical at FHS A new endeavor in school life was the pro- Directors LeEtta Bennett and Betty Mudder duction of the first musical. Taking the place of a chose the two-act comedy, "Li '1 Abner". The story senior play and a contest for the vocal department, involves characters in the comic strip by Al Gapp. the musical gave seniors priority in speaking parts. The performance of the musical, for which Lead characters Margo Graber and Greg Kleinsasser, BOTTOM LEFT, sang solos and duets to bring to life the characters of Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner. A candidate for Women's Liberation was joan Marie Wipf, BOTTOM RIGHT . She and Bruce Glanzer, as Mammy and Pappy Yokum, did their best to get Daisy and Abner together. Pappy later took over the household when he got "heshed up" once too often. rehearsals began in early April, took place three times. A matinee and two public stagings brought in an estimated 1200 persons. A-efwf.ems,pwM. W fe rua, true-:ff 11' :eww ,aww 'swawsmtwxQd, Cindy Kleinsasser, BELOW, gave the agricul Marrin' Sam, BELOW, sings of "jub1lat1on T tural audience a familar sight as Moonbeam Mc Cornpone" to the wide eyed Scarlett played by jan Swine Her theme song related to the terrible odor Mehlhaf. Dan Herrbolt's character was one of match h emitted 'when the mind blew the other way ing up people for a costly price. Dogpatchers, LEFT, in- quisitively look into Lonesome Po1ecat's jug. Dan Werner's "kickapoo joy juice" was to have a powerful effect on the drinker. Gregg Graber belts out his "Hair- less joe" song to the inattentive crowd. People not on the stage were Terry Walter - acompanist, and the productions crew: Garnet Gerin Skye Hein, Arlene Kleinsasser, Glenda Weins, Monica Schrag, Pam Stewart, Barb Uecker, Penny Kaufman, Margaret Stern, jan Mehlhaf, Randy Barta, and sev- eral faculty members. Directors from USD for choreography were Rodney Hudson and jill Brekke. Ginny Schnabel was the student- teacher director. Musical Displays Individual Talent Wives, ABOVE, see the effects of Yokumberry tonic on their husbands. Wives are Barb Uecker, Shana Gullick- son, Ruth Werner, Sheryl Gullickson, Carla Gross, and Theresa Villa. Their now unromantic husbands are Stuart Preheim, Don Munkvold, Charles Aman David Schmidt, Randy Krehbiel, and Keith Hofer. The makeup committee elimin- ated teeth and put dirt on the ever smiling Scragg family. The Scragg cousins are, LEFT, Mike Walter, Randy Krehbiel, Cecilia Villa, David Stahl, Bob Pidde, Deb Gunderson and Earla Wagner. Scientists in Washington gave dog- patchers a look at their life in Washing- ton. Explaining their careers as super humans are, BOTTOM LEFT, Gregg Graber, Gary Goertz, Ted Pidde, and Tim Villa. Standing in front of the statue which is giving everyone such heartache are, ABOVE LEFT, joey Villa, Earthquake McGoon, and David Epp, the Mayor Dawg- meat. JoAnn Schamber - Stupe- fyin' jones, ABOVE RIGHT, is another product of john Weier's Available jones image. A Washington D.C. se- quence gives Brad Christensen, David Schmidt, and Rhonda Stewart, as General Bullmoose, Senator jack S. Phogbound, and Appasionata Von Climax, res- pectively a chance to be the upper class society. Secretaries - Monica Schrag, Marilyn Stahl, Cindy Preheim, Marilyn Wipf, Barb Uecker, and jan Mehlhaf, cater to General Bullmoose's every whim. Dogpatchers and other characters who were subjected to choreography and staying in character were Cronies - Charles Aman, Bob Pidde, Stuart Preheim, and Myron Holzwarth, Radio Com- mentators - Garnet Gering, Mar- garet Stern, Colleen Ortman and jennifer Gaertner. Giving the musical their own special touch were Ross Ulrich, Arie Bertsch, Brad Dowden, Linda Lang, Don Herman, Mark Gross, and Don Waltner. The Dogpatchers were Kathy Schmidt, Sue Weier, Susan Walther, Debi Graber, Vicki Stahl, Denise Mendel, Marlene Haar, Diane Christensen, Mary Ann Sorensen, Mary Preheim, Bonnie Ensz, Mary Schaeffer, and Mary jane Ries. RIGHT: The woodwind section of the piece band is BACK: Skye Hein, Rhonda Stewart, Shana Gullickson, Marlene Haar, Theresa Villa, Barb Knodel, Char- lene Preheim, Geraldine Hofer, Jodi Mendel, Nancy Kaufman, Donice Walter, FIFTH: jan Mendel, Sharla Gross, Vicki Stahl, Coleen Kaufman, jan Ven Osden, Tweila Koerner, Carrie Hofer, Cindy Plooster, jonetta Hofer, FOURTH: Arlene Kleinsasser, Margo Graber, Marilyn Stahl, Loa Laber, Garnet Gering, Cecilia Villa, jennifer Gaertner, Denise Mendel, THIRD: Kathy Schmidt, Coleen Dubs, Coleen Beck- er, Marlin Holzwarth, Ray Walter, Brad Gering, SECOND: Barb Uecker, Terry Walter, Cindy Klein- sasser, jane Knittel, Brenda Becker, Pam Stewart, FRONT: Marilyn Wipf, Mary Preheim, Colleen Ortmann, Don Waltner, and Susan Waltner. Not Pictured jill Kleinsasser. Three of Free- man's instrumentalists won the honor of participating in the 166 select piece All State Band. The All Staters standing with Conductor john P. Paynter are RIGHT: Terry Walter - sax- aphone, joan Marie Wipf - baritone, and Arlene Kleinsasser - clarinet. The week- end at Rapid City concluded with the formal concert March 25 . av" , . M , :ns as ,? 1 , 1, a p ,L:, ., ff l 'Q iii. t Efig 4 I M iii, F 3 l 6 in if-if 3: , ,Zig M if . 'ff , . - ' 'rt at as H, s g taaggt , v,.,,,f 5 k,,, .5 ,Zn 7, fi, a .1-,ffwakgsfi-f1,,frQis si .Tl if t, - Effrgifweffe-M2-154: , T, V, ' - -f ' V 7' I' --, ,, .Uv ,, 1, V ' fjv ,' S :L yy, Lv H H ,,g5ss:,g3f3yswg. 1 f A 'f' - .. B A aff-a.:: me - if' 1-1. ,' f cz-anna L-ir 1-rf, ,Mira sf: is , l if , Sf A W' ,T Fai r . 5. ' . -' I' 'Q ,,"34.QQf 54" - ' - , ,v 11 "A" f i V air . MESH, Individual Effort in Band Increases ABOVE: Rhonda Stewart, majorette for two years, led the marching band at the FHS andUSD homecomings September 21 and November 7, respectively. Superiors were attained by soloists, Terry Walter, alto saxaphone, piano: Kathy Schmidt, tenor saxaphone, Barb Uecker, baritone saxaphoneg Skye Hein, piccolo, jill Kleinsasser piccolo, flute: Sharla Cross, Marilyn Stahl, and Arlene Kleinsasser, B flat calrinetg Vicki Stahl, bass calrinetg , Marilyn Wipf, bassoon, piano, Mary Ann Sorensen, french horn, David Schmidt, trumpet, joan Marie Wipf, baritone, piano, and Margaret Stern, tympanni. Those receiving excellents were Han Mehlhaf, trombone, , Mary Preheimoboeg David Schmidt and Mark Unruh, piano. Active in more events than ever before, Director Betty Mudder's band played for the State Fair, September 6, pops concert, Novem- ber 7, the state B's, March 11, and captured a I at the Large Group Contest at Mt. Marty, April 8. Brass instrumentalists are, BACK: Barb Tschetter, DeVandolyn Schamber, Cathy Walter, Randy Krehbiel, Frank Graber, Don Wipf, Gary Goertz, Larry Mehlhaff, Beth Gerig, Peggy Kaufman. FIFTH: David Schmidt, Monica Schrag, Penny Kaufman, Brenda Goertz, JoAnn Schamber, Cindy Schmidt, Dan Herrboldt, Ted Pidde, Bonnie Ensz. FOURTH: jan Mehlhaf, Gregg Graber, Joey Villa, Keith Hofer, Kelly Mutchelknaus, Marcia Holz- warth, jane Wipf, Richard Schrag. THIRD: Mary Ann Sorensen, Sue Weier, Sheryl Gullickson, Judy Mehlhaff, john Stahl. SECOND: Lynette Wollmann, joan Marie Wipf, Tim Villa, Colette Dubs. FRONT: Margaret Stern, Rhonda Massey, Mike Walter, Lorrie Hoff, Tom Bertsch, and Arie Bertsch. NOT PICTURED: Randy Barta. These Ensembles Won First Of 29 enteries in the instrumental contest at Verniilliong 25 rated superior. Ensembles receiving excellents were: Brass Sextet: David Schmidt, JoAnn Schanmber, Mary Ann Sorensen, jan Mehlhaf, joan Marie Wipf, and Randy Kfehbiel, and the Trombone Quartet: jan Mehl- haf, Marcia Holzworth, Keith Hofer, and joey Villa. Making Freenuan capture more firsts than any other town, February 10, were: BELOW LEFT: Standard Clarinet Quartet: Susan Waltner, Marilyn Stahl, Margo Graber, and Pam Stewart. BELOW RIGHT: Flute Quartet: Marlene Haar, Rhonda Stewart, Shana Gullickson, and jill Kleinsasser. BOTTOM LEFT: Brass Choir: Randy Krehbiel, Monica Schrag, Brenda Goertz, Sue Weier, joan Marie Wipf, Penny Kaufman, joey Villa, David Schmidt, Gregg Graber, jan Mehllmaff, Sheryl Gullick- son, VMary Ann Sorensen, and Judy Mehlhaff. BOTTOM RIGHT: Wood- wind Quintet: Marilyn Wipf, jill Kleinsasser, Mary Preheini, Mary Ann Sorensen, and Arlene Kleinsasser. 13 W? '?I 'EP?Sfi'fEQ1Rvg2sf .,,,,Q,F .,,,, , s,. . A ,-Q,,4.S,f. 4. 7 3 iw L 'x-u szmnw' G' - .lf X, x 3, i ,L X .A L I fa if K u G , f K n ,,. 5 f S i, f. gg Wie? u km ,J Ls - :ii Rita Andersen Randy Barta Wilfred Bittner Teresa Brucklacher Brad Christensen David Epp Last Year at FHS Binds Seniors Reyne A ndersen 34 Margo Graber Don Hansen Stuart Heckenlaible Marlin Holzwarth Garnet Gering Pam G ering Brenda Gbertz Sally Jorgensen Arlene Kleinsasser Greg Kleinsasser Darrel Koerner Randy Krehbiel Loa Laber jan Mehlhaf Del Mutchelknaus Kelly Mutchelknaus Seniors Pursue Political Experience Dale Neuharth Lynice Ronning 37 DeVando1yn Schamber David Schmidt Monica Schrag Marilyn Stahl Margaret Stern Rhonda Stewart Barb Tschetter Barb Uecker Marsha Ulmer Mark Um-ah Danny Ven Osdel Earla Wagner Terry Walter Glenda Wiens joan Marie Wipf Fund Raising by juniors Supplzments Prom Anita Bittner David Boese Terry Dubs Debi Graber Gregg Graber Carla Gross Shana Gullickson Debby Gunderson Q E Marlene Haar Don Herman D an Herrboldt Bonnie I-Iofer Keith I-Iofer Kelly Kaufman Brad Kleinsasser David Kost Linda Lang Debbie Long Ted Pidde JoAnn Schamber Nancy Schamber Cindy Schmidt Randy Schweitzer john Stark Cindi Svartoien Dell Thomas joey Villa Mike Walter Derrold Waltner Dan Werner Lynette Wiens jerry Wildermuth Randy Wipf Judy Mehlhaff Denise Mendel jan Mendel Donald Munkvold Donna Munkvold ea i ' ' ,, '-' f f 2352 Gary Miller i'i'e A: 1 ee I D . K Soplaomores Number 58 to be Largest Class W -- wma,-..,r.. ifiQ:5 'ff'1E:.. f .' , s X , af ' he l rv' Q as L limi! 52 1? , 5 4 3 wi if E agus , li' W5 511 r. H , Jah .. ,fY.4XfKx'fg,?jf ww... ,, -' .aff 5225-fx: if ' W iV5?Za3?Eas?g5sss5 ,, ..., Y, . .smmir K5l?2,ie:riy.S. K 2.53 3, K 1 :J K raw Rss Q li! Q, if sg 'sims :P fs 5 W 1 1 . aisllm-.',f52., 2 g , . V , ff? ff' 'SL 1 Q, 15 . , -r .f1f.,- Mark Anderson Tom Bertsch Randy Broders David Brucklacher Diane Christensen jeff Christensen joe Christensen Debbie Edwards Suzetta Ensz Jim EPP jennifer Gaertner Brad Gering Pat Gering Bruce Glanzer Frank Graber Sheryl Gullickson Mike I-Iofer Lorrie Hoff Marcid Holzwarth Kathy Itrich Soplaomores Break Down Worms cmd Chords Tweila Koerner rx Sheryl Miller jerry Ortman Charlene Preheim Cindy Preheim Glenn Preheim Mary Preheim Stuart Preheim Karen Pullman David Ryken u .. za ,w.:f'2.,: Mew Penny Kaufman Cindy Kleinsasser jill Kleinsasser Y ' ' '52 ' .,..' 2' ,f . mf, Q , ' i f ,. -if '1,.x",, Zi g, fs 55 2, 3 5 . 2555 X 42 H ,Wi rf x ti-W X xr 4, 1 QM e fr . w X 4 , J Q 2 . -Q 1 if Us 5 ' 'W 'N " fl w P 8 Pig . l ' 0 3 K N Q N S f by 5? .. - Q -1 N. .fa " .il f-A-K it 1" Ef f? 75fl1'fij.flIl""' T711 .'rf'1vfNg f ' ' . "lW"" , 1 ': . . .Q an N X 1 f 1 1 X' x Q Q f Q V' + 1, 1 Rv fix ' f Emi , 5 M R a 131, 6 23? mer? Q x X Km Q it I as SY fag? fr M asemxgy 2:55 ,951 Q? W W 1 Q Q A Jil., ,Q uni 4' 5 an i 'F mai .Z Q ..... " """"" V5 gm., .. Mary Schaeffer Susan Schamber 'fr::,..'-L: . rea as ', affix:-1' - I 4 ff g ' nk .R ' 'gfsssg 2: f ASQ-9'3" ' f :nn , in at M ..,,,,,, ,E Q X ae. 1 X' H Qffiii fx ' 5 W x' Q is 'Q WSJ! Ng, if S 3 4 as Fl, Q :ii - f , a 5 M 8 1 4: Q 21 ,X 2 u Q 5 'F' ,fam fi, 3, if as W' , A.,, ,X V ,Yam N ws 'Negra is P' mi "fl E' f!f3?i2'55i?-Wi fx Q52 :sg:Xi'fig,f.Pi,as,.s,.W, , ,1w,e E , t ff? P W , J sg Wise " If W ,Kg 1,99 S K s , I Q H , six QR f , 2 vi. Fl, E , 3' ' 1 I Qi l 5 ffl' """'3' 1 r wi gg-...-yr ' . .. S.. .. 3 if A N l 5-ga sm ""'C.lI7 X Wi 1 is vfgv 1 Ai t g :Sw K Y Dennis Schrag Pam Stewart Debbie Thomas Jessie Thomas Linda Ulmer jan Ven Osdel Cecilia Villa Tim Villa janet Walter Karen Walter Ray Walter Susan Waltner 43 john Weier Sue Weier Ruth Werner Andy Wipf Don Wipf Required Subjects Engubf Freshmen Monica Bittner Janice Christensen Brad Dowden Coleen Dubs Bonnie Ensz Robert Gimbel Gary Goertz Mark Gross Sharla Gross Terry Gross Skye Hein Rick Herman A nthony Ahrendt Betty Andersen Scott Beier Brenda Becker Arie Bertsch 44 jonetta Hofer YW' Myron Holzwarth Collin Kleinsasser N151 We we 'vwgsil' ,fm 'f f 53 1- ggw i f 51 U L - ."i'Vf 'rg ' ' 1 l" "gif 11 " 1 :z ,, 1 - , , llv' , f19f Wa5??'jkY MY fl jane Knittel Steve Knodel Darwin Koerner Kimberly Long Rhonda Massey Larry Mehlhaff jim Merk Colleen Ortman Bob Pidde Cindi Plooster jill Preheim Mary Ries T1 Frosb Con font New Kathy Schmidt Caro1Sch1-ag S it M' - I A 1 i ' 1 5 1 w e . ' " ' 'Q ,'l-wif' L. fsiiri 'T' , ' 95 Q Mary Schweitzer Ann Solberg Mary Ann Sorensen David Stahl Vicki Stahl Stanley Thomas Audrey Tieszen Ross Ulrich Daphna Unrau Wade Ven Osdel Theresa Villa Cathy Walter Don Walther vera wiem - S I-V11-Y1 W1Pf A - Mari1vY1W1Pf Mark Wollman ig- seg R2 H , I VMLZEQWW N W ,,,,, , t,,t,m1.:1':-M-531th 1 XE, :aw f- viai 1 5 Qiiifl rw r ., we K - W ' N Y Q . X ' 23 , , 1 , as is? x l 6 , 1 f iss mm' .. ,... . MAL V Wi? gifiiifixifif. f swam? ,W , Wiifgiiiwei 5 245 ' K I crggggssiif k ,. , mrew 2 .fi vfswxce it -r.. -es., . Q i . It X -- 51142215 H E5 x E3 K 4 rim N K 2, it 11 .1 f , ! 2 1 15 ,xi "rx :Is ali Saw rf E s is 5 'w , fidsfss 1- P fs S x s is 6, 2' Q 'iss ,W X E. l. o m. H rfiffiilff if?-9 ' U , ' ififtltz , , . 'fr 'fr f.m, ftggsgq. WW X W C 'fl 1 Q . , mf if! X S 3 Q a r ,. S gy -sw, f K N Q? 2 tr , . - Q . ,, m n , ,... . :: :useav-5If:a?:''Eim2:.aa:2.::' . W 41" , 35 the I-1 9' fe" 5 gf? X X x' im is ax Q J Rl: H 552 f' , M 5 P r l X 255 ,gr Q , 9, 5 Q g :Y N sf fl Zi r , if 1 X W 3 1 it A 'ff' V if ff ' 1 Ml '1 '1 1 Li m ,,t' S 1 r . ,,,wfrp,? K 8 , A X me x "X , . ' " a fi A T Q 7 i Tffga ,V fha A ylyz b,,: , , W :M Kina " a3 s-J ff? " iifdi rss, 1 A .. 'iiifyf "'s . saw,-w - cggvliwggg , fx-',f 73: J A .V iyjgkgx new 53,5 Q 5 JM JV' Q + 92 af 'Y' 'V' get ,Q QQ Q Q, Q gin Q, ,S M ug rw Q, H ,gs PP is 3 V J' K , QQ , T ma 55 2 'K K R ws I' f L.. xi w K sf fi L, y'x,y ,ttti ,. ., b,,ygi,a 'Sf' ' . .M 3 Us -K 411' 51? 775 , , , ,, .9-iii 11 kk.:-L wif' Lvisffmi' ff-- f ,if 55 ?V1W2E915'V'EiWi??Q 3' ' '55 'W r... 'iTEE':Eii:ivii:.::.'hifi: :TAY - v 5 ' -" - fgriggy L 1 5-:':5 -. ..E, .: :11:. 9: ,'fgjX:f'5g',,5- A f , , S ,, K w.A.Qi,y,lgE:: . LM! , i ,V,. . , , W 1 K A iw' f iiil1l'fi2'-iw, I K . 13-xy, 22 Sig , , 5 A -.1 it - A 1 in QQ-gk K W i.52if!f2iES -- 425- L if-2 it t A Q- 46 ie A1 - : gb., V,, ::.V,. D ,5c.t M , 3. .W r S 15 ,V gg ,L . :-:,:- -- A Hm m if is- I ' 545555552552 i 1.51 ssilsqsfv 22126 -- ras. 1 1 - i xr X 5 1 Y is r , iff , ., i 4 s Kslg X 355 f 5 me if , f we Q 1 3 wif 5 S, tg ti " H .5 'sf if 3 W JP' f i ,X fig . ' W MH mumfmmf. ,L.,-- . Mgmwmmjww sf- Q,- iQ? 7 Ariz :fi wggi ell? ' My - ,W 5. ,K ,QW WWW as . 'S' YA! -wwguw , . Q ,,. .f 3...'?f.Q x T: ' ' Aw- 'fx-. 1- -xffj ls 51 Qi' V 'NEP' 53 BACK: jane Wipf, Karen Kaus, James Clinkenbeard, Donald Beier, David Jones, Shawn Gullickson, Loy Laber, Coleen Kaufman, Dale Stark. THIRD: Lynette Wollman, Gail Edwards, Audrey Bertsch, Colette Dubs, Stephen Mendel, Kent Mueller, Marlene Graber, Beth Gerig. SECOND: Roland Svartoien, Rick Stewart, Monte Waltner, Cindy Ries, Donice Walter, Jodi Mendel, Michael Waltner, Craig Graber. FRONT: Steve Epp, john David Stahl, Peggy Kaufman, Irene Holzwarth, Geraldine Hofer, Richard Schrag, Carrie Hofer, Nancy Kaufman. 81519 Graders Play Stock Market The eighth graders tried their luck at playing the stock market for a nine weeks project. Students also learned about their government through civics. BACK: Kevin Christensen, Cindy Bauer, Pat Glanzer, Ranae Massey, Keith Massey, Rodney Provost, Debbie Gering, Tyrone Preheim, Tom Stahl. THIRD: LuAnn Brucklacher, Peggy Weier, Debra Becker, David Gross, Karen Sol- berg, Gloria Dowden, Nancy Dangel, Renee Ries. SECOND: Mike Freeman, Debbie Miller, Pam Schweiizer, Daniel Thomas, Darrell Long, Kathy Kaufman, Jay Graber, Tony Waltner. Teacher: Mr. Knoll. FRONT: Valerie Gunderson, Donna Tieszen, Barb Schwartze, lee Brockmueller, Judy Wipf, Stan- ley Ortman, David I-Iofer. NOT PICTURED: Craig Walter. BAC K: Susan Guenthner, Diane Kost, Kevin Becker, Allen Thomas, Bradley, Wiens, Skyla Hofer, Ian Thomas. THIRD: Ross Preheim, Kerwin Graber, Marcia Friesen, Cindy Wollman, Kim Graber, Brad Letcher, Norm Kaufman. SECOND: Tonda Gross, Robbie Mutchelknaus, Shawn Tieszen, Bill Graber, Beth Hofer, Susan Heibult, Duane Ries. FRONT: David Streyle, Cindy Brockmueller, Galen Barta, Terry Clinkenbeard, Gregory Andersen, Pamela Walter, Gail Gunderson. NOT PICTURED: Kevin Waltuer, and Caroline Schaeffer. 71519 Grade Enters junior High Being seventh graders, meant the new experience of junior high. For the first time they had different teachers for each class. BACK: Lori Waltner, Nanette Hofer, Liza Wipf, John Ahrendt, Lee Broders, Barbara Waltner, Charlene Ortmann. THIRD: Kraig Krehbiel, Brian Koster, Shella Ortman, Kent Mendel, Keith Knodel, johnny Gering, Desmond Miller. SECOND: Teresa Hofer, Todd Schwader, Tena Graber, Fred Villa, Ken Bertsch, Craig Stahl, Sherri Heckenliable. FRONT: Rosalie Schrag, Charles Kramer, Brian Schweitzer, Arnie Tieszen, Kevin Jensen, Pami Plooster, Lori Dewald. NOT PICTURED: Tony I-Iofer. BACK: Joni Kaufman, David Lohrentz, Patty Solberg, Julie Kleinsasser, Charlotte Graber, Elizabeth Villa. THIRD: Peggy Gering, Curtis Wollman, David Thomas, Lynda Waltner, Rodney Wek, Gwen Graber. SECOND: Darryl Dubs, Vernell Jensen, Gina Waltner, Arliss Stern, Joan Mueller, Dave Clinlcenbeard. FRONT: Loren Saner, Clifford Husmann, Diana Preheim, Glenda Unruh, Allen Hofer, Randy I-Iofer. Teacher: Mrs. Sylvia Dubs. 6th Grade Views Educational T. V. Sixth graders enjoyed the use of educational television by viewing the daily science show. Studying about the state of South Dakota also proved to be very interest- ing. BACK: Dawn Stahl, Gregg Waltner, Ruby Lang, LeAnn Dangel, Marc Svartoien, Judy Ensz. THIRD: Gary Wagner, Brent Mutchelknaus, Colette Graber, Barry Glanzer, Clay VenOsdel, Kristine Thomas. SECOND: Jeff Kaufman, Rickey Miller, Ramona Sayler, Vlema Bittner, Thomas Waltner, Kathleen Kaus. FRONT: Timothy l-Iofer, Janis Wipf, William Ries, Scott Jacobson, Lisa Graber, Linda I-Iofer. Teacher: Mrs. Sylvia Dubs. BACK: Randy Glanzer, Dennis Wipf, Carol I-lofer, Randy Tooley. FRONT: Lisa Preheim, Becky Barta, Michael Moeller, Twila Schaeffer, Keith Letcher, Kristi Waltner, Grant Gaertner, Scott Stern, Nancy Todd Preheim. MIDDLE: Steward Graber, Brenda Graber, Kim Kaufman, Teacher: Mrs. Eda Kaufman. Jensen, Kim Diede, Connie Friesen, Delmar Walter, Plays. Ed. Activates the Sth Grade Instrumental music lessons opened up a whole new Kathy Bittner, Darnell Tschetter, Karen Ries, Lonna world for grade five. They actively participated in Preheim, Dawn Andersen, jill Kaufman. FRONT: physical education. BACK: Teresa Letcher, Charlene Marlin Saner, Teresa Mutchelknaus, Dawn Schwader, Kopaczewski, Kevin Gross, Nathan Thomas, Eric janet Ries, Teresa Graber, Debra Wek, Galen Hofer. Waltner, Charles Glanzer, Karolyn Graber. MIDDLE: Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Graber. BACK: Kimberly Duerksen, Brad Stewart, Claudette Becker, Ronda Leaux Kleinsasser, Charles Reimer, Stephen Ortmann, Joni Herman. MIDDLE: Donald Walter, Kaye Waltner, Douglas Tieszen, Charles Ger- ing, Douglas Dubs, Shari Graber, james Unruh, Darla Tschetter. FRONT: Cindy Stern, Steven Miller, Ricky l-lofer, Ioan Wiprf, Steven Smidt, Keith Kaufman, Timmy Lohrentz. Teacher: Mrs. Clara Graber. NOT PICTURED: Kenneth McKercher. Projects in Art Excite 41519 Graders Trying their skills in cursive writing is the fourth graders. Pupils had a knack for making various projects in art. BACK: Connie Lang, Barry Wiens, Mark Ortman, Charlene Schwietzer, john Beier, Joe Free- man, Lynette Stern. MIDDLE: Marlaree Becker, Kathy Waltner, john Munkvold, Susan Kaufman, Oren Stahl, Philip Thomas, Arlan Preheim. FRONT: Lori Jacobson, Steven Dewald, joey Graber, Melody I-Iofer, Gregg Uecker, Lewis VenOsde1, Linda Tieszen. Teacher: Mr. Verlyn Waltner. NOT PICTURED: Terry Graber. BACK: Sheila Preheim, Lisa Mueller, Bryan Roth, Julie Walter, David Preheim, Cindy Graber, Sandra Solberg, Brenda Glanzer, THIRD: Wendy Waltmer, Kenneth Preheim, Brian Saarie, Mari Lynn I-Iofer, Mar- lene Holzwarth, Ricky Tooley, Gary Tschetter. SECOND: Garyl Lang, Karen Knodel, Shawn Zanter, E Jacki Johnson, Julie Waltner, Joseph Brockmueller, Jo Ellen Dangel, Marilyn I-Iofer. FRONT: Jeffrey Wall-clin, Joette Jensen, Sharyl Kapsch, Terry Koster, Brian Gunderson, Kim Andersen, Jon Epp. Teacher: Mrs. Lillian Krehbiel. NOT PICTURED: Debra McKercher. 3rd Graders Tagged Curious Discovering a new interest in music involved the third graders, Curiosity played a distinct part in finding answers to new questions. BACK: Mark Bauer, Joel Schwader, Janice Jones, Brian Stern, Julie Wipf, Hay- lee Laber, Lisa Weber. THIRD: Paulette Holzworth, Sue Kaufman, Ivan Friesen, Michael Aman, Cheryl Ortmann, LaVette Miller, Chante1Wal1ner. SECOND: Duane Walter, Sandra Brucklacher, Kevin Mutchell-cnaus, Karen Zanter, Robert Korn, Janet Goertz, Perry Hoffman. FRONT: Christine I-Iofer, Merrill Watson, Kim I-Iofer, Donna Preheim, Kimberly Plooster, Linden Graber, Steven Dubs. Teacher: Mrs. Bernice Olson. NOT PICTURED: Brent Glanzer and Michael Jacobsen. BACK: Marilyn Graber, Timmy Reimer, Billy Weier, FRONT: Dennis Tooley, Blaine Saarie, Monica Hofer, Craig Thomas, Pamela I-Ieibult, Mark Gering. MIDDLE: Cory Diede, Juanita Villa, Brian Knittel. Teacher: Susan Rhoades, Susan Kay Lohrentz, jim Kaufman, Mrs. Darlene Scharnber. Steven Korn, Mary Kaye Andersen, Tamera Hofer. New Words cmd Stories Entlause the 2nd Grade Second graders enjoyed learning to write new words Letcher, Barry Uecker, Kurt Ratzlaff. Teacher: Mrs. and stories. Students also took pride in decoraijng their Garnet Stern. FRONT: Darrold Schweitzer, Karla room for different seasons in the school year. BACK: Waltner, Debra Ellwein, Cletus Wollman, Dennis Amy Graber, Myles Brockmueller, Pam Tieszen, Kaufman, Rachel Klassen. Teacher: Mrs. Garnet Tammy Rechnagel, Kevin Knoll, Lorie Hofer. MIDDLE: Stern. Ronny I-Iofer, Lorie Preheim, Vicki Graber, Tony BACK: Sheryl Wipf, Todd I-Iofer, Kenton Becker, Lance Zanter, Stacy Mutchelknaus, Brenda Pfeiffer, Chris- Brockmueller, Glenn Lang. MIDDLE: Anto Villa, topher Andersen. Teacher: Mrs. Elvera Deckert. NOT David Aman, Debbie Heibult, Tammy I-Iofer, Amy PICTURED: Bonnie Schaeffer. Knoll, Bernard Schwarue. FRONT: Larry Wipf, Gary Full Days of School Thrill Ist Graders Reading had become a great, new experience for first Kimberly Leder, Christopher Ratzlaff, Lisa Bittner. graders. Another subject they enjoyed in their first full Teacher: Mrs. Martha Tschetter. FRONT: Anthony day of school is math. BACK: Kristee Becker, Kelly Hartzler, Crystal Gering, James Ries, Jean Wipf, Mark Kost, O'Dean Title, Jody Svartoien, Marlys Bertsch, Tschetter, Sandra I-Iofer, Steve Herman. MIDDLE: jeff Tiesen, Lindell Jensen, BACK: Laura Andersen, Kelly Goehring, Stewart Suzanne Brockmueller, joseph Andersen. FRONT: Waltner, Dan Miller, Dee Miller, Myles Miller. Kathy Graber, Kim Solberg, Corey Miller, Janelle Teacher: Mr. Clarice I-laar. MIDDLE: Douglas Uecker, Hofer, Reynold Preheim, Vicki Schweitzer. Christopher Hartzler, Gerald Watson, Sheila Hofer, Kindergarteners Creative With Paint The excitement and newness of school attracted the Corrine I-Iofer, Kevin Titze, Kendall Deckert. MIDDLE kindergarten children. These classes were spent learn- Pat Ratzlaff, Brian Wollman, Rhonda Hofer, Fred Dirk- ing the alphabet, doing creative painting, singing, son, Beth Ann Walklin. FRONT: Mark Aman, Brian and just learning to get along with other children. Schwartze, Angela Letcher, Jacque Wilde, Kerry BACK: Marcelle Thomas, Charlene Roth, Craig Hofer, Plooster, Cheryl Stern. Teacher: Mrs. Clarice Haar. BACK: Randy Wiernan, Joel Weidner, jon Marshalek, both, Arlys Heckenliable, Debbie Miller, Duane Add Nancy Murphy, Sharon Roesler. FRONT: Kathy Kost- Teachers: Mrs. Phyllis Dangel and Mrs. Erna Graber. Special Ed. Utilizes Craft Techniques Canning tomatoes and apples, baking cookies, and learning table settings and etiquette consumed after- noons for special education students. BELOW: Sharon Roesler, Nancy Murphy, and Kathy Kostboth perfect the craft of knitting as part of a new Home Ec. pro- gram. With the aid of a band saw, Ion Marshalek, LEFT, learns the carpentry trade. Y Inav' If VN 64 V I Bl V ,gggm K v Nr f ,Qi WV X HM : ,A.. 3 X K - W ii? :Q ww Q . -M 1, 1 1 ww W M M 1,5 2 Qu ,Q :qw V if V VIH i, E331 W . Nh w h h'ffV'.ey' 0 V ff. K K V 4122,-k 5 A ' sy V 15' 'M 8 1 mum NWN aww' VQVVVV J V -V V x ,V ' -f ' z V4 f ff- '- w A --A' fgig1S ?'i is V145-155 3 V V W vm-ffgV?521'z1a,i'V354-1' H2 5 1 QE T, V 4 I if Y fl ' , 4353 . Z V 'sux-. . . If 2 f ' 'ily ' V V f - W, V iff f 'fi ' ' ' ' fJsefiiii'2e2sQL::1:fVfawf5V. ww, ,nw .uw 1 ws gl , -f-- lf, . Q A K 1:QV,lf'2 :mf JE51Ei-f5'245FV,if,QVVV-WV A Nm- ,f,' ,MV ,Q U1'g-'Vf,sffs"s2Ve:VVV-f' V ,F A mx VV ,S .Vu VV N W J M M V f 'Rf Vi? , . M Q yr '52 fd f gg, X1 X , P A ,V H Q V , 'W 33 'i Q 'mxisdk mu, K P1 4 Y 7 V H3 VV as A H S We M .. :: : H V ,h K iw tk f fag 3 5, 1-W Q4 V. if L Mgr 95 ,X ,Aw a s M sw V V1 Q f e 3, 2 M M 2, M ,EV W i V , 35595 Q is L 32' 1 va. -Q Q 2 S n iw-:E 5.1 -W -V V V V,.. V ,, . ., qAV,, X 4 Sp01't3 V 1 ,qi Q 1 we ' fiwzi-,gf Ti? k ul V5QiS3:S5Fi2Jv 1 1 uf mv V M My K 2 3 S X fa? 3? in M V . 5 E . V 5 , my X 5 V68 3 1 has x V BACK: Marlin Holzwarth, Gregg Graber, Greg Kleinsasser, Del Thomas, Don Hansen, Michael Wal- ter, john Weier, Gary Miller, and Ted Pidde. FRONT: Keith Hofer, jerry Ortman, Tim Villa Ken Andersen, Kelly Kaufman, Don Herman, john Stark, Kelly Mutchelknaus, and joey Villa. Flyers Come Back Big The football squad displayed a great come- back from last year's season. Leading the defen- sive team was Don Hansen, while Gregg Graber headed the offense. The Flyers ended the season with a 6-1-1 record. Four Flyers received the honor of being chosen to the All- Conference team. Named to the first team were UPPER RIGHT: Gregg Graber, Kelly Kaufman, Don Hansen, and Mike Walter. Kelly Mutchelknaus and John Weier received honorable mention. Gregg Graber was also se lected All- State Back, 3rd team in nine man football. At right are the football coaches Mr. Benthin Mr. Diede, Mr. Knoll, and Mr. Erpenbach. J if , tjyt Gridders Rank Second in Con erence Football Scoreboard FHS Bridgewater 6 6 Marion 16 32 Hanson 14 20 Emery 22 28 Menno 8 12 Salem 40 O Montrose 12 38 Canistota 18 48 I I Players bundle up during the half-time of a cold game, while eagerly listening to Coach Diede's advise for the second half. AT LEFT: Cheerleaders Marlene Haar, Ruth Werner, Rhonda Stewart and Barb Uecker generate spirit and excitement from the Pep Club and fans. BELOW: Gregg Graber grins at his opponent as he races in for a touchdown. BACK: Lynn Wipf, Rick Herman, David Kost, Frank Robert Gimbel, David Brucklacher, Mark Wollman, Graber, Randy Broders, Gary Goertz, Bob Pidde, Dennis Scott Beier, Mark Anderson, Bradley Dowden, Ross Schrag, Don Wipf, Brad Gering and student manager Ulrich, and Mark Gross. David Stahl. FRONT: Student manager Arie Bertsch, Ball Bouncers Win County Trophy The 1971-72 basketball season proved fruit:- ful for the Freeman Flyers. They brought last season's record up to a respectable twelve wins and ten losses. Highlights of the season were claiming the Hutchinson County Trophy and knocking the favored Lennox Orioles out of Dis- trict 21 play. Three of the losses sustained sent victories to Menno, Tripp and Parkston, after the County Tournament. However, the Pep Club has a re- warding consolation. Renieniber that chant? "That's alright, that:'s okay, we got the trophy anyway! " Chosen for the All-Conference basketball team this year were Greg Kleinsasser and Ted Pidde. At right, Mr. Bennett, Varsity coach, and Mr Knoll "B" team coach admire the Hutchin- son County Trophy. , ABOVE is the varsity basketball teanm. BACK: Charles Aman, Gary Goertz, Greg Klein- sasser, john Weier, and Bob Pidde. MIDDLE: jerry Ortman, Dan Herrboldt, Gregg Graber, Michael Walter, Ted Pidde and student manager, Randy Wipf. FRONT: Mark Gross and Bruce Glan- ze I'- 68 ABOVE: Ruth Werner, Marlene Haar, Barb Uecker, and Rhonda Stewart, "A" team cheerleaders, are shown posting "We can really lick 'em' lollipops, " to help create spirit for the District Tournament. BELOW: Flyers and fans echibit their enthusiasm after having won the Hutchinson County Tournament. Basketball Scoreboard Hurley West Central Marion? Salenw Centerville C anstota Avon Scotland Trippfyk Mennoibt Hanson? Harrisburg Bridgewatera Emery? Tripp Spencera' Wakonda Parkston Montrose it Mennobl Le nnoxbfiiltl Parkera W Pl FV Conference games if-PF County Tournament MY District Tournament O. T. FHS 53 72 61 53 53 55 55 63 61 63 61 54 70 40 67 73 62 59 63 54 50 40 if JI Members of the "B" team are BACK: jeff Stuart Preheim, Lynn Wipf, Ross Ulrich, Christensen, Bob Pidde, Don Herman, Gary and Mark Gross. FRONT: Bradley Dowden Goer11, Randy Koerner, and Frank Graber. and Don Waltner. MIDDLE: David Ryken, Bruce Glanzer, Team Spirit Pays The "B" team's strenuous work paid off as they ended their season with a 14-4 record. The team was coached by Mr. Knoll. "B" team cheerleaders worked ff U hard in promoting school spirit and making posters. B Below are Theresa Villa, Pam Stewart, Susan Waltner, Penny Kaufman, Mary Ann Sorenson, and jennifer FHS Gaertner. Hurley 30 39 West Cenual 33 45 Marion 42 39 Salem 48 46 Centerville 34 43 Canistota 15 41 Avon 40 52 Scotland 46 58 Hanson 36 52 Harrisburg 40 35 Bridgewater 23 54 Emery 30 36 Tripp 46 O. T. 47 Spencer 26 62 Wakonda 25 43 Parkston S1 41 Montrose 33 53 Menno 47 S2 Y ' ,.,. L "Ihr .!1v11f 'F' ' r' . ' .vis v:f.1'fL,2izf as is :Lsv1s1:azfwsf.f1f.fw -mr, X A Gmpplers Rated High on Polls "Flyers rule! " was the cry heard most often around the wrestling mat. Six FHS wrestlers earned berths on the All-Conference team as Freeman rounded out one of its most successful seasons. Under their leadership the Flyers sustained a 10-2 record. Among the titles the squad won are the Con- ference Championship and the Freeman Invitational Tournament. A narrow victory over Montrose also captured the Cornbelt Conference Tournament. Although several FHSer's rated high on the polls, only Don Hansen attended the state meet, where he placed third. The fastest pin trophy went to Marlin Holz- warth with a 19 second pin, David Epp and Randy Barta tied for the most pins with 12 apiece. Don Hansen collected 18 takedowns for the trophy. At left, spending much time for wrestling practice with matmen are Assistant Coach Mr. Ben- thin and Head Coach Mr. Erpenbach. Wrestling Scoreboard FHS Scotland 24 35 Marion 1 8 44 Canistota 23 28 Montrose 1 7 33 Canistota 20 35 West Central 18 40 Marion 12 42 Lennox 33 1 5 Parker 27 34 Springfield 27 30 Tyndall 31 1 9 Corsica 9 S6 The varsity wrestling squad, at left, consists of Randy Barta, David Epp, Dan Werner, Tim Villa, Andy Wipf, Mark Anderson, Don Han- son, Marlin H012- warth, Randy Broders not pictured: Kelly Mutchelknaus, Kelly Kaufman, and Gary Miller. 7 At right, David Epp is pictured taking first place at the Freeman Invitational Tournament. Lettermen Personal Records WON LOST TIE Rick Stewart 2 5 Randy Barta 14 1 David Epp 15 3 Dan Werner 5 6 1 Tim Villa 7 7 1 Mark Anderson 4 10 Kenny Anderson 5 7 Kelly Mutchellcnaus 12 3 Kelly Kaufman 8 6 Don Hansen 21 2 Marlin Holzwarth 15 3 Randy Broders 4 11 Andy Wipf 4 3 G ary Miller 4 2 At left, are the grapplers who placed first at the Cornbelt Conference Tournament. They are Randy Barta, Marlin Holzwarth, Don Hansen and Kelly Mutchelknaus. Below are the "A" and "B" wrestling cheerleaders Mary Preheim, Elsie johnson, Cecilia Villa and JoAnn Schamber. Wrestlers Achieve Three Titles At right, "B" team wrestlers include Tom Bertsch, Robbie Mutchelk- naus, Ray Walter, Scott Beier, Rick Herman, Stanley Thomas, Don Wipf Brad Cering, Keith I-Iofer, David Kost, Daivd Stahl, not Pictured are Randy Schweitzer, Rick Stewart, Donald Beier and Steve Epp. ? Above, Don Hansen wrestles his way to first place at the Freeman Invitational Tournament, At left, Cornbelt Con- ference wrestlers warm up for their championship matches. Cindermen Had cz Super Season After a deadlock finish with Salem, a lucky toss gave the title of Regional Champs to the Flyers. It seemed that the FHS tracksters then had their revenge since they placed second to Salem at the Conference. Individual efforts were also brought out during the '72 track season. David jones, Mark Gross, Tim Villa, and joey Villa broke the school's 2- mile relay record with their efforts at the Southern Invitational. Gregg Graber broke the shotput record at the Stickney Relays and again at the State Track Meet. Greg Kleinsasser broke the long jump record at the Stickney Relays. At the Regional Track Meet, eight boys qualified for the honor of competing at the State Track Meet. They are: Greg Kleinsasser, high jump, long jump, mile relay, medley relay, joey Villa, mile relay, medley relay, mile run, Brad Christensen, high hurdles, medley relay, Gregg Graber, shotput, discus, Dell Thomas, mile relay, medley relay, Tim Villa, mile relay, Bruce Glanzer, 2- mile run, Gary Goertz, high jump, Greg Kleinsasser and Gregg Graber went on to place. Greg leaped 5105" to place fifth in the high jump, and Gregg threw 51'7" to take third. L W I BACK: john Weier, Gary Goertz, Brad Christen- Randy Krehbiel, Randy Koerner, Frank Graber, Ted sen, Dell Thomas, Don Hansen, Greg Kleinsasser, Michael Walter, Gregg Graber, Don Herman, and Dan Herrboldt. MIDDLE: Student manager, Robert Gimbel, Tim Villa, jerry Ortman, joey Villa Pidde, Bob Pidde, and David Stahl. FRONT: Michael Waltner, Scott Beier, David jones, Stuart Preheim, David Ryken, Ross Ulrich, Rick Herman, Mark Gross, Bradley Dowden, and Bruce Glanzer. At right, Bruce Glanzer is seen ready to begin his 2 mile run. Above is the medley relay: joey Villa, Dell Thomas, Brad Christensen and Greg Kleinsasser. Below is the mile relay: Greg Kleinsasser, Tim Villa, Dell Thomas, and Joey Villa. l 75 Greg Kleinsasser is seen putting forth effort in long jump: Above. Flyers Win First Con erence Cross-Country Meet Above is the 1971 Cross-Country Teani. They are BACK: Stuart Preheini, David Ryken, joey Villa, jeff Christen- sen, and Randy iioerner. FRONT: David jones, Bruce Glanzer, Tom Bcrtsch, and Andy Wipf. Two of the titles Won by the Free- nian tracksters were the junior Varsity division in the Freeman Acadenuy ln- vitational Moet, and the Cornbelt Con- ference Cross-Country Meet. Running in icy slush at Brookings, the team participated in the State Cross- Country Meet. Mr. Bennett coaches the tearn. At right, joey Villa is seen break- ing the old course record. , Q BACK: Student manager, Susan Schamber, Cindi Svartoien, Vicki Stahl, Coleen Dubs, Kathy Schmidt, Sharla Gross, Cindi Plooster, and Bonnie Ensz. SECOND: Beth Gerig, student manager, Ruth Werner, Mary Ann Sorenson, Loy Laber, jill Preheinm, Elizabeth Villa, Linda Waltner, joan Mueller, Peggy Kaufman, and Skye Hein. THIRD: Pam Cering, Nancy Schamber, Ranae Massey, Elsie johnson, Rhonda Massey, Betty Andersen. Pat Cering, Cindy Kleinsasser, and jane Wipf. FRONT: Teresa Bruck- lacher, Cecilia Villa, Marlene Haar, Susan Waltner, Theresa Villa, Daphna Unmih, Carrie Hofer, liaren Kaus, and Beth Hofer. NOT PICTURED: Sally jorgense n. Girls Make Tracks to State Despite the very cold and rainy weather, postponed and can- celled meets, the FHS track girls were always on the go. Practicing five days a week proved fruitful during the season. Three of the main track meets in which the girls placed were: the Princess Relays, first, the Confer- ence Track Meet, second, and third at the Regional Track Meet. The Regional Meet held at Scotland was the qualifier for the State Track Meet. Eight girls went to Madison for the State Meet. Participating were LEFT: jane Wipf, Susan Walt- ner, Ranae Massey and Nancy Schamber in the mile relay, Carrie I-loffer, Marlene Haar, Betty Ander- sen and Theresa Villa in the 880 relay, and Nancy Schamber also in the high jump. Mrs. Diede coaches the team. Q f ...1- If YOU 'z Mr S. li .5 The coronation of Kelly Mutchelknaus and Barb Uecker, RIGHT, blasted off homecoming festivities, September 30, Thursday night. Attendents were, ABOVE: Don Hansen, Greg Kleinsasser, Rhonda Stewa and Ian Mehlhaf. Pat Ratzlaff, Doug Uecker, Lori Andersen, and Jacque Wilde were train and crown bearers. Processional music was played by Dan Herrboldt and the royalty song was sung by Ioan Marie Wipf. . A new aspect of homecoming recognized Corrine Handel as a former queen 20 years ago. Don Herman and Joey Villa, BELOW, exemplify the various skits presented by classes and organizations. Coach Don Diede introduced the football squad, after which a brief pep meeting was led by cheerleaders. A snake dance was the only event not affected by rain, as the bonfire and a half-time showing of the winning floats were cancelled. rt, New Crowns Adorn Kelly cmd Barb The high school division float prize was awarded to the juniors, LEFT, with their theme of "Super- stars All The Way". Topping the grade division was the seventh grade float entitled "We 've Only just Begun". The community division found St. Paul's Lutheran School first with "Stepping Stones to Victory". In the process of being made, the senior float, LOWER LEFT, was not eligible for competition because the royalty rode on it. The seventh grade float, BELOW, was one of the many enn-ies that carried students to add to the effect. The homecoming dance was to L - be remembered, not only because it was enjoyed by students, but for its band called SINN. The contro- versy caused by the dance and SINN went on for months after- wards. Urgcmizations Divide Carnival Profits The united efforts of the student body totaled an amount of 951, 337. 26 to make history of the second carnival at the gym on November 12. NHS members had the responsibility of planning and coordinating Work. On a volunteer basis, the students, teachers and employees built all the booths and worked at various times during the evening. Advance tickets sold by the grade school totaled 3503, 90, After choosing candidates, the royalty was picked from the classes which sold the most tickets. Carnival royalty, ABOVE LEFT: Bingo, ABOVE RIGHT, novelties, BELOW, and,Gene Benthin as jail guard, BELOW RIGHT, were only a sprinkling of many attractions. The crowd, RIGHT3 was a mixture of all ages, proving the carnival was for young and old. n""" , fa .sf f l ,Q-ie, 55 HUG O in ,ii Sag I , W K. r 4 Q., '4 tr ' 9 gy I 5 1' . Q Y 414 X JN 5 l fll lg, ,,, 2 1 B l ' , , hA C ? ., mf ' ,, T fr ' Us Q lxi Q , T a T T A 5-Hr K f fig? xl 45 Q r : 1 E 2 Q 1 xx 'R zmior Class Hatcloes 'Egg " Many weeks of practice culminated October 28 when the juniors staged a three two-act comedy, "The Egg and I. " Leading characters, ABOVE, were Judy Mehlhaff, Keith Hofer, Carla Gross, Mike Walter, Dan Herrbolt, Gregg Graber, JoAnn Schamber, Terry Dubs, Nancy Schamber, Charles Aman, and Debby Gunderson. Adding flavor to the play were, BOTTOM, jan Mendel, Debi Graber, Marlene Haar, Cindy Schmidt, Shana Gullickson, Debbie Long, Denise Mendel, Dan Werner, joey Villa, Coleen Becker, and Don Herman. LEFT, Keith Hofer and Charles Aman discuss the perils of chicken farming. juniors benefited with the use of a video tape recording, BELOW. Helping with technical phases of production were Kelly Kaufman, Ted Pidde, Kenny Anderson, Donald Munl-cvold, Derrold Waltner,Dell Thomas, john Stark, jerry Wildermuth, Cindi Svartoien, Linda Lang, Lynette Wiens, Bonnie Hofer, and Donna Mtmkvold. Instead of the typical floral thank-you the cast presented Advisor Diane Ellinger with 22 autographed eggs. E ig it Q. i , r V-.M - lunninnuzumuy 7 - ma,-1ly Pza-1 , f eg- f . m s. f -sh aqu -lui: f Prom zglat Ends Early A low hanging ceiling of bright colored streamers, a spouting fountain, and pennies by each place card set the mood, May 6 for the junior- Senior Banquet: "We 've Only just Be- gun. " Freshman servants, Kathy Walter, David Stahl, Mary Ann Sorensen, Gary Goertz, Betty Andersen, Ross Ulrich, Mark Wollman, Bob Pidde, Kathy Schmidy, Bonnie Ensz, and Mark Gross were responsible for food service, a skit, and the prom punch. Shana Cullickson sang the theme song which preceded post dinner acknowledgements given by the junior and senior class presidents. Teachers Richard Tschetter concluded time program with several anec- dotes. Open to all high school stu- dents, the prom started at 9:15. It closed down at 11:00 due to the ill conduct of students. Re- premanded later by the adminis- tration through a lecture, stu- dents found school rules reforced more strictly. Couples, BOTTOM RIGHT dance to the Velvet Expose just before everyone was asked to leave. 7 Baccalaureate - Class Night Pat Emphasis on Seniors LEFT: Senior girls relax before marching in for Baccalaurette, May 21. Officiated by Reverend Ronald DeYound Baccalaurette was only the start to graduation week, Cindy Schmidt played the processional and the madrigal and band performed several numbers. Class night sparkled under the guidance of M. C. Dale Neuharth, LOWER LEFT: The senior band. BOTTOM: Played preceding the class peorns, facts, history, and prophecy. Awards were presented to all students in various departments to honor achievement. Earla Wagner was named Outstanding Student in Home Economics and received the Crisco Award Trophy. Winning Betty Crocker of the Year in February Monica Schrag received a plaque. The 1972 FLYETTE staff is indebted to the faculty and students for their co-operation through all the days of searching for facts and finding new places to take pictures. We would like to thank these sponsors for lifting some of the financial burden of the yearbook. They are: Ben Frank- lin, Dr. Bruce Beier, D.D.S., Cliff's Telephone gl Electric, Coast-To- Coast Store, Covered Wagon Steakhouse, Dubs' jewelry gl Beauty Shop, Fensel's Ferd's Food Market, First National Bank, Fred Haar Co. , Free- Co-operative Oil Co. , Freeman Farmer's Elevator, Freeman Fertilizer 81 Farm Supply, Freeman Implement, Freeman Lumber Co. , Haar's Service, Hoff's Cafe 81 Beauty Shop, Huber Motor Service, Dr. Richard Jones, D.V.M., Junior's Barbershop, Kaufman, Dr. LeRoy 8: Dr. Dawn, Optometrists, Kaufman Milling Ser. Inc. , Kenny's jack 81 Jill, King Koin Launderette 81 Soft Water Service, Kleinsasser Drug, Kleinsasser Plumb- ing gl Heating, Kurlee's Kleaners, Laber's Meat Market, Merchant's State Bank, Northwestern Public Service, Park Lane Feeds, Inc. , Pine Hill Printery gl Courier, Pfeiffer's Beauty Shop, Pollman's Hardware, Raymond's, Ray Ries Well Drilling, Shandard Elevator, Tally's K gl K Store, Sorensen Surge Service, Bert J. Tieszen, Chiropractor, Wally's Car Wash, Walter Furniture Store, Wiens' Auto Mart, Town House and Ray's Cabinet Shop. Published by Jasfen's!National School Services Ltd 88 Winnipeg, Manifoba, Canada Q1

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