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 - Class of 1959

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0 4 :WZ 1'-, l.. nl? nl ,SM 1' h 1 o ' ?' E ,ji 'nv ,u l iw I x.. P u A v -3? '- 1 . V v 1 I n I 1 i 4 3 ' ,Fr - . -- .Q-'., :fm Hx . fue - w Dr. Robert B. Norris Superintendent 4 x . ADMINISTRATIO A NEW SLANT ON HIGH SCHOOL LIFE Planning educational experiences for people who will undoubtedly be traveling to nearby planets with as little thought as we now give to crossing the country is both a fascinatingand awe-inspiring task. "Hey Mom," Junior may soon be yelling when he gets home from school, "We're going to shoot over to Venus for a hamburger before we go to the game on Mars See you before mid- night!" Far-fetched? Not very much so to a man who expects that his life is less than half over and yet who remembers when his parents'homewas wired for electricity, who vividly recalls a party especially planned by the most prosperous member of the community to le't the rest of us hear a squeak or two from the first radio in the area, and who had a great thrill when he was one of the boys selected to give out circulars advertising an air show which gave most of the members of his small town their first close look at the "aeroplane". And, for present purposes, the even more significant fact that in his lifetime high school has emerged from being a place where a few highly gifted students studied academic subjects to a place where nearly all young people, and many of all ages, study everything from baton twirling to music, to small boat handling to electonics to the "great books" to calculus to first-grade reading! Yes, we do have a new slant on high school life, a slant which I predict will become even more pronounced in the future: "high school" will become increasingly a place where allkinds of people, young and old, learn anything which can be useful to them and the worlds in which they live. Your high school will be a place where most of you who are now graduating will spend more time in the future than you have in the past: you will study in its classrooms, socialize in its halls, swim in its pools, design in its shops, and--probably--launch from its pads! May God speed all your launchings, Robert B. Norris Superintendent Dr. William A. Gillcrist Director of Instructional Services - Dr. John W. Gleason Director of Administrative Services Mr. Ira C. Tilton Secretary, Board of Education Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Dr. Alton L. Lewis Director of Guidance ACULTY IS -'U' Mix nz' Maurinc Abrahamson Business Education Albert E. Bennett Mathematics Coaching Staff 22. Arthur W. Bentz Allen J. Berlin Industrial Arts Social Science Department Chairman Department Chairman Coaching Staff Q' Q' Jules E. Bierach Katherine Bocim M. Pearle Button Joseph C. Callaert English Business Education English Mathematics Coaching Staff xx gl .isle sxn.- -........,,. .. 2 'na . if .- 'J , fi: -. - . Q it , , K 1-X .Q . , , g , . . -.. . - 5 5 - -1-W.-wsu...-..L,..,..i. 'I ' - A ' o Q W tttt it Q . laalll- 3 ' 5 1 1v L, , gr-. t ,N 'i-...f z - W 9 N! 1.1 Salvatore Campanile Jean Canning English English Industrial Arts William Castellano Fannie Coles Mathe matic s Hu- A ,sv is O X4 .wx 5. Eugene W. Collins Stanley B. Conklin English Science ' 14 Q Edna Copeland Reading Q 'Ke Edward Demarest Art Herman,V. Crespy Michael DelConte Mathematics Industrial Arts FACULTY Homer B. Dinkins Mathematics Louis Di Tommaso Spanish Health and Physical J ' Al M J Education i "lll ' M 1 Cheerleader Director ' X ll . 'L ' KEY h Emerson W. Dunton William L. Eldredge Marvin B. Emmons Health and Physical Science Science Education Department Chairman Coaching Staff Jeanne English Mathematics Patricia Ewell V English iit K ., kkk.. fiifiggf e cnic - Jane Everett 1 Health and Physical . , zt' Education Drill Team Director Cyril Evans Science V w 4 , Peter Federocko Charles Figg Maurine Flynn Business Education Social Science English Coaching Staff " 9.4, Q,-,w ' Adele FOSKEI' Jane Francis Robert Frostick Health and Physical Guidance Social Science Education FACULTY Dorothy Garis Social Science .-"M" Qs I Lois 0. Grant Ruth M. Gootee School Nurse Cafeteria Director X t Theodore Hall Beverly Hays Business Education Art Department Chairman fp? uk ,, A ,1 , Marie Grasso Business Education guer- X 5 X Z? pf xx wif Thomas L. Henk Industrial Arts Angeline Higgins Mathematics 4 - " VJ wzg 'Q Ronald Hoffman Mathematics Coaching Staff 2 n i J W R 1 i REL zfi, I k 31: iw! FACULTY I ' 'dm 23, ,... ,, . 5 I, N i "l' fee lr-s x v H L Wx l N I ,, Hugh Hoover Ardath Houser Edward Irre Mathematics Guidance Science Department Chairman W A ,..--Ln L , 16.2 1 I r P -.f 8 if , , tv ,, kv 5-,ig I- 1 i Mildred Iverson Francis X. Joyce Michael Keisman English English English Edna Kelley Driver Education Department Chairman J , . ruufgmg nne ml I ' Helen MacMillan Guidance 1 war, ., H K ' ii L xii SME? , X Q23 X 'Q R, J N x P to l fx ll, C nllee Yolanda Krusen Thaddeus S. Lubaczewski Business Education Instrumental Music Band Director Department Chairman is Dorothy McCue Renee Merker English French .fu 'W i C1"""': Edward Nalevanko Olive Nalevanko Gene A. Minor Guidance Guidance Art Coaching Staff Driver Education Faculty Manager 1 l Jennie Naticchia Charles A. Nelson Wilmot F. Oliver Business Education Health and Physical Agriculture Education Department Chairman Director of Athletics "'I'z-qi Department Chairman l Ida E, Pedlow Lida Phillips Lore Phillips Assistant Science Science Cafeteria Director Charles B- RRY Louis B. Schned Harold H. Schank Sclence Guidance Health and Physical Coaching Staff Edu cation Coaching Staff FACULTY 4-1-aux Vince nt Se rencko S0cial Science Rodney E. Sheratsky English Department Chairman William G. Smith Agriculture 49, ix Mx - X Kathleen Shafto Flora Sharpnack School Nurse Latin , gg-ai' ii ir- - We-' 44 f 5 Harriet Shills English Edna Skiffington Business Education Department Chairman FACULTY If -'F W I William Spalholz Ruth Stem Clyde Stinson Social Science Library Director Science Dorothy Stutzman Lloyd L. Stutzman Edward Sutterly Home Economics German Health and Physical Department Chairman Department Chairman Education Coaching Staff X it X., 1 if i 5 l F: . -an l 1 I Ronald Udy Health and rhysical Education Coaching Staff Jack A. VanEtten Social Science Coaching Staff .Jls,:F Niki' 1-'rf M231 5165? '5 Lfx FACULTY JLX t . .yr , V 549 A'gz . ' - " "wg2,2:al?1 ' ' n 'VVI .A A A' iff! , C ix S t - A . "Al Ruth Ve rde jo Spanish C harle s Ward Coaching Class Janice Warfield Carolyn Weinberger Robert M. Whittemore Mathematics Home Economics Vgcal Music Assistant Band Director Mary L. G. Williams Richard F. Williamson Jane C. Winchenbach Home Economics Industrial Arts English h l Melvin C. Willett Mildred Younger Walter J. Zuber Social Science Library Social Science Coaching Staff Uh .,,,.4 k.hg Fw 'Cy " , sm MQW -- 1 4 .. ,,., AFT- .m-474 .,.W 1, ,337 j F . H f.g.,r 1 3 J- . MJ, T. ,, . g W, . . .x,-viz. I. ' ' . 14' ., VJ, px .. . , X R ,H -V . E'-'13f.,Q,.f' .' ' . . - V.. riff' T K", Cx .'.i"'4'P'1- Lg V F? . ,..,.,,-n1,.1,',-Q 77, ,N --1. lb 5 SENICRS inclined toward fulfilment I9 Q3-fr Richard E. Tilton President 59' a U xx . Alan H. Fischer Sheila A. Lamberton Vice President Secretary Lois Ann Hendrickson Treasurer Z' R. Glenn Cashion Treasurer , , l Francine Rosenstein Michael Obsatz Co-Editor Co-Editor Thomas Bachman Patricia J. Gall Business Manager Business Manager I9 59 Patt Saunders Business Manager ROBERT JOHN ACKERMAN 'BOB' 'Loves .the lasses - not the classes.' Committees: Assemblies 4. Clubs: Art 1: Dancing 19 Sports 2,3. DAVID L. ALLARD 'DAVE' 'The quiet kind - a perfect gentleman! Transferred from Neptune High School 3. Office Ald 3,43 Student Guide 4: Committees: Class plays 4. JOSEPH N. ABATE "IOE" "He finds his way in every place' Clubs: Sports 1,2,3. JOHN J. APPLEGATE "JOHN" "His quiet ways are deceiving." Merit Award lg Freehold Tran- script lg Basketball 25 Cross Country 1, 2,3,4g Track 1,2,3 ,4. Committees: Assemblies 2. Clubs: Varsity F. 2,3,4. VICTOR ABRAMOV 'VIC' "Good looking fella - strong in his manner." Soccer 2. Committees: Assem- blies 2,4g Senior Announce- ments 4. Clubs: Sophomore Sports Club 2. SENIORS DONALD J. ASHWORTH 'DONNIE' 'I dedicate my life to living.' Clubs: Study Hall 1: Sports 2,3. ROBERT G. ASTOR KGBOBI "If silence were golden, he'd have a mint." Transferred from Vineland High School 3. Merit Award 35 Homeroom Secretary 35 Band 3,45 Band-Shore Conference 35 Orchestra 35 Cross Country 3,45 Track 3,4. Committees: Log Collector 4. Clubs: Sports 35 Varsity Track 3. I959 LINDA O. BACORN "LINDA" 'Happy am I for I do what I like." Transferred from Morristown High School 1. Band 2,3. Clubs: Home Decor- ations 25 Study Hall 3. RALPH B. BABRISKY "RALPI-I' "Amind of his own.' Band 1,2,35 Football 2. Clubs: Radio 25 Sports 1,3. LESLIE BADANES "LES' "Journalism thy virtue." Merit Award 25 Student Council 2,3,45 Red Cross Council 15 Play cast 3,45 Asbury Park Press 35 Freehold Transcript 35 Spirit 3,45 Traffic Squad 35 Lunch Monitor 45 Basketball 1,2,3. Committees: Log Staff 45 Play 45 Dances 1,25Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log Staff 4. Clubs: Basketball Officials 25 Chem- istry 35 Dancing 15 Sportscaster 4. THOMAS E. BACHMAN "TOM' 'A modest man of genius is uncommon? National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 M.A.A. Award 35 Student Council 2,35 Log Busi- ness Manager 45 Boy's State 35 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Play 45 Band 1,2,3,45Orchestra. 15 Displays 2,35 Usher 2,35 Basketball 15 Tennis 2,3. Com- mittees: Class Dances l,2,35 Prom 35 Assemblie 3,4. Clubs: Art 15 Officials 25 Mathematics 3. WILLIAM I. BACHMAN "BILL" "He never met a man he didn't like.' Merit Award 1,35 Red Cross 2,35 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Vice President 35 Play 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 Traffic Squad 35 Guide 2,35 Frosh Night Manager 35 Usher 35 Football 15 Tennis 2. Committees: Log Staff 45 Class Play 45 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3. Clubs: Chemistry 35 Officials 25 Span- ish 4. RICHARD E. BAIRD 'SQUEEKIE' "I am never as quiet as you think.' Committees: Assemblies 3. Clubs: Chess 15 Future Farm- ers of America 3: Sophomore Sports Club 2: Study Hall 4. CLAIRE R. BEAN "CLAIRE" "She gives to each of us the charm of friendship! Junior Red Cross Council 1,3,4g Girl's Athletic Association 1,2, 3,4. Committees: Prom 3: As- semblies 2: Class Play 4: Log Committee 4. Clubs: Dancing lg Future Nurses of America 2,3,4. "7 PRISCILIA M. BARBER MZOOKIE' "She masters all she under- takes.' Student Council 1: Office Aids 2,3. Committees: Visual Aids 4. Clubs: Future Nurses of America 2,33 Handy Work 1. SENIORS MARY E. BECK "MARY" "Personality is an immortal treasure! Transferred from Saint Peter's High School 2. Girl's Athletic Association 3,4. Committees: Log 4: Class plays 4. Clubs: Future Nurses of America 3,4. GARY C. BARKER 'GARY' "When studies are boring, girls are adoring." Baseball 43 Basketball4g Soccer 3. Clubs: Hobby 3. WILLIAM D. BASTEDO "BILL' "Let ignorance talk as it will, learning has its value." Merit Award lg Decoration Dis- plays 4: Basketball 1,2. Clubs: Basketball Official 25 Dancing 1: Distributive Education 45 Sports Club 3. Avim W i HENRY M. BISHOP "HENRY' "For all the world loves a friend.' I-lomeroom Vice President 2g P.A. Technician 3,4. Commit- tees: Stage Scenery 4g Assem- blies 2,3,4. Clubs: Industrial Arts 15 Amateur Radio 2,3,4g Chemistry 3. LOUIS J. BECIQIR "JIMMY" "No thought beyond today." Student Council 45 Football 2g Clubs: Chemistry 35 Dancing 15 Radio 2. 959 PETER D. BLEVINS "PETE' 'Silence is the one great art of conversation! Student Council 2g Frosh Night Manager 4g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4. Committees: Class ALEX BIRZIN MALI "Oh you know the type - tall, dark, and handy." Junior Red Cross Council 4g Soccer 2,3,4g Track 3,4. Com- mittees: Assemblies 2,3,4. Clubsg Chess lg Sophomore Sports Clubs 2g Sports 3. ANNA BOBNER 'ANNA' 'Silently she busies herself.' Transferred from Lakewood High School 1. Asbury Park Press 29 Library Council 2,3,4. Clubs: Library 2,3,4g German Club 4. Dances 3g Prom 3g Assemblies 1,4g Log Collector 4. Clubs: my V V Archery 15 Intramural Manager 23 Radio 2g Basketball Officials I A ..-.. 4515353 WALLIS V. BLACKWELL "WALLY" "If punctuality is plentiful, I'm running behind.' Junior Red Cross Council 33 Girl's Athletic Association 1,35 Clubs: Art 25 Dancing 13 Drill team 2,3,4g Hobby 3. HARTSON BOYCE 'l-IARTSON' 'Those make friends who do friendly acts.' Track 2,4. Commlttees5 As- semblies 25 14og4.Clubs:Danc- ing 15 Sophomore Sports 25 Sports 3. SANDRA BOYCE 'SANDY' 'Cute of petltes .. the sugar of sweets." Homeroom President 35 Home- room Vice Presidnet 25 Traffic Squad 35 Desk Monitor 25 Stu- dent Guide 45 Office Aid 4. Committees: Log Staff 45 As- semblies 1,2,3,45 Log Collector 1. Clubs: Drill Team 1,2,35 F.H.A. 35 Home Decorations 2. Home Economlce Careerist 35 Red Cross 4. EDWIN H. BOLDT 'HURRICANE' 'Life is to live, not to think about.' Football 2. Clubs: Auto Mec han- ics 2,3,45 Dancing 15 Industrial Arts 1. ELLEN M. BREINING WALLIS M. BONNEWITZ 'WALLY' 'She acts like an angel, but one never can tell what an angel will do.' Merit Award 15 Asbury Park Press 15 Glrl's Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3. Committees: Class Dances 1,2. Clubs: Li- brary 25 Future I-lomemakers of America. 35 Theatre Study 1. SENIORS 'A smile so sweet5 a temper to 'MO' beat.' 'Ladies whose bright eyes rain Choir 15 Girl's Athletic As- sociatlon 1, 2, 3. Committees: Assemblies 1,2. Clubs: Danc- ing 15 Future Nurses of Amer- ica 35 Leaders Club 2. influence and judge the prize." Transferred from New Bruns- wick High School 3. Office Aid 45 Usherette 4. Committees: Prom 4. Clubs: Hobby 35 Study Hall 45 Red Cross Club. . pf . . .,.,, . MINNIE BRODIE 'MINNIE' 'Let a smile be your umbrella and it will never rain.' Girls' Athletic Association 4. Clubs: Future I-lomemakers of America 33 Future Nurses of America 13 Handy Work 13 Study Hall 2. I959 SARA M. BRONSON 'SARA' 'A woman of sense and man- ners if the finest and mostdeli- cate of God's creations! Merit Award 1,33 Homeroom Treasurer 13 G.A.A.13 Library Council 23 Senior Choir 1,2,3,43 Lunch Monitor 4. Committees: Log Collector 13 Log 43 As- semblies 1,2,3. Clubs: Dancing 13 Library 23 Typing 3. CARMEN Y. BROWN 'BOOTSY' 'A gentle smile and a kindly word to say.' Transferred from Lumpkin High School, Lumpkin, Georgia 3. Girls' Athletic Association 4. Clubs: Future Teachers of America. 4. GEORGE T. BURROWS 'GEORGE' 'Let come what may, he never worries! Homeroom Vice President 3,4. Committees: Prom 3. Clubs: Dancing 13 Future Farmers of America 23 Sports 4. BARBARA G. BUTCHER 'BARB' 'Pretty, amiable, rather tact- ful, young." Merit Award 13 Junior Red Cross Council 13 Choir 1,2,33 Traffic Squad 3,43 Office Aid 43 Girls' Athletic'Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Committees: Log 4. Clubs: Future Nurses of America 33 Knitting 23 Theatre Study 1. JOHN M. BUCIOR 'JOHNNY' 'Quiet persons are welcome everywhere. ' Homeroom Treasurer 13 Choir 1,23 Lunch Monitor 43 Foot- ball 13 Soccer 33 Track 1,2. Clubs: Future Farmers of A- merica 1,2,3,43 Industrial Arts 2. 'PN 41 DAVID C. BYRNES 'DAVE' 'If pleasure interferes with study, don't study.' Student Council 43 Desk Monitor 43 Frosh Night Manager 43 Spirit 43 Ushers 33 Soccer 2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Committees:Class Danc- es 43 Prom 33 Assemblies 4g Log Committee 4. Clubs:Danc- ing 13 Sophomore Sports Club 23 Sports 3. ROBERT G. CASHION 'GLENN' 'Not too serious, not too gayg just reserved in every way." Class treasurer 2,3,43 Merit Award 2,33 Student Council 2,33 Leadership Conference 33 Boys' State 33 Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 2,33 Baseball 2,3,43 Bas- ketball 1,23 Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1. Committees: Dance 1,2,3,43 Prom 33 Assemblies 2,3,43 Ring 3. Clubs: Officials 23 Sports 13 Varsity F. 3. HENRY K. CARR 'TRUCK' 'Silence has many advantages! Asbury Park Press 23 Freehold Transcript 1,23 Spirit 23 Choir 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Photography 1,23 Sports 3,4. SENIORS JOSE PH E. CAVANAUGH 'JOE' 'When Joe's around, you'll hear his sound. Committees3 Visual Aids 2. Clubs: Dancing 13 Sports 3. fn f. JOHN D. CARSWELL HSCOTTY' 'Gay and carefree3 liked by all." Merit Award 1,3. Student Coun- cil 23 Junior Red Cross Council 13 Spirit 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Or- chestra 1,2,3,43 Shore Confer- ence Band 1, All State 2,3,43 Basketball 13 Football 1. Com- mittees: Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 43 Log 4. Clubs: Recorded Music 13 Stamp 2. 1 i 'suv V J ROBERT H. CARTER 'BOB' 'Take your time - no use wear- ing yourself out.' Transferred from East Orange High School. Clubs: Nuclear Physics 33 Radio Z. BARBARA CISCO 'BABS' 'Soccer is her main string, but she lcicks in other ways.' Student C ou nc i 12 5 Freehold Transcript 15 Girls' Athletic Association 2,3. Committees: Assemblies 2. Clubs: Drama 1,2,3. ARLENE M. CLARK 'BOUNCY' 'The manner soft and friend- ly5 the spirit fine and true." Homeroom Secretary 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3. Committees: Assemblies 35 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Hobby 35 Library 2. PAULA K. CHEREFKO "PAULA' "A friend to all that comes her way.' t Merit Award 15 Homeroom President 1,25 Library Council 15 Desk Monitor 25 LunchMoni- tor 25 Decroation Displays 2. Committees: Class Dances 15 Assemblies 2. Clubs: Chess 25 Dancing 15 Study Hall 3. 959 SALLY G. CLARK HSALI "Be sure you're right - then go ahead." Merit Award 35 Student Council 3,45 Red Cross 15 Homeroom Secretary 25 Spirit 2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Student Guide 45 Displays 35 Usherette 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Class Dances 1,25 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Drama 1,2,3,45 Student Council Play 35 Play'Committees. IRENE E. CHISMAR 'RENIE' "Little is needed to see her smiles.' Asbury Park Press 15 Library Council 15 Lunch Monitor 3. Committees: Assemblies 25 Log Collector 2. Clubs5 Choral Group 35 Dancing 15 Leaders Club 2. JOAN C. CLAUBERG 'BUNNY' "Sweet, friendly and cheerful . . . forever ready with a smile.' Traffic Squad 35 Girls' Ath- letic Association 1,4. Clubs: Hobby 35 Knitting 2. GLADYS M. COLIN 'GLADYS' 'A good pal to everyone! Student Council 2: Red Cross Council 3,43 I-lomeroom Secre- tary 2: Choir 3: G.A.A. 1.2: Committees: Assemblies 3 . Clubs: Dancing 1g Shady Hall 2.3. BARBARA A. CONWAY 'BOBBY' 'A sunny disposition and ready tor Iun.' Merit Award 1: I-lomeroom Sec- retary 3.4: Desk Monitor 2: Girls' Athletic Association 1,2. Committees: Class Dmces 1.2. Clubs: Art 2: Choral Group 3: Danclng 1. MARYANN M. CLICKNER 'CLICK' 'Persuasion tips her tongue whenever she talks! Junior Red Cross Councll1,2, 3.4: Homeroom Vice President 1: Office Aid 4. Committees: Assemblies 1.2.45 Log Col- lector 1. Clubs: Dancing 1: I-lobby 3: Photography2. JOHN CONWAY 'JACK' 'A little learning is a dan- gerous thlng. " Baseball 2: Football 1. Com- mittees: Class Dances 2. Clubs Chess 1: Radio 2: Sports 3 JOAN COLE 'JOAN' 'Always ln style ls a girl with a smile." Freehold Transcript 1: Office Ald 3: Decoration Displays 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2. Committees: Class Dance 2: Prom 3: Assemblies 2. Clubs: Charm 3: Dancing 2: Leaders Club 2. SENIORS ELIZABETH A. CORRADO 'BETTY' 'Just love to laugh and talk." Homeroom President lg Choir 1: Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3. Committees: Play 1: Dance 1. Clubs: Dancing lg Dlstrlbutlve Education 4: Hob- by 35 Photography 3: Work Ex- perience 4. ELAINE M. CORRIE 'ELAINE' 'Everything comes if one will only wait." Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Student Council 1,25 Red Cross Council 25 Homeroom President 15 Spirit 15 Choir 45 Traffic Squad 45 Office Aid 45 Usherettes 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4. I959 VINCENT CULLEN 'F. R. H. S., friendly, rough, handsome sport." Class Vice President 35 Stu- dent Council 15 Traffic Squad 45 Student Guide 2,45 Frosh Night Manager 45 Lunch Mon- itor 45 Ushers 35 Baseball 1,2, 35 Basketball 15 Football 1,2, 3,4. Committees: Prom 35 As- semblies 3,45 Ring 3. Clubs: Basketball Officials 35 Sopho- more Sports Club 25 Varsity F. DENISE J. CORRINE 'DENISE' 'I live on the sunny side of the street.' Homeroom Treasurer 15 Spirit 15 Library Council 2,35 Band 25 Choir 15 Desk Monitor 2,35 Usher 45 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3,45 Committees: Class Plays 3,45 Assemblies 1,3,45 Log Committee 45 Log Collector 1. Clubs: Dancing 15 Library 2,35 Junior Red Cross 4. WILLIAM J. CULVERHOUSE 'BILL' 'Brains, brawn, umm boyl' Merit Award 35 Basketball 15 Football 3,45 Gymnastics 2,3,45 Track 3,4. Committees: Log Staff 45 Class Dances 1,2,35 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: De- bating 25 Mathematics 1,3,4. WILLIAM A. CORSAGLIA 'BILL' 'Worry and I have never met." Bas e ball 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Av- iation 1,2,3,45 Dancing 15 Rad- io 1,2,3,45 Sophomore Sports Club 2. VINCENT J. COSTIGAN 'VINCE' 'A man of few words - silence is the true man's domain! Merit Award 25 Library Coun- cil 1.25 Traffic Squad 3,45Guide 45 Monitor 2,35 Newspaper Dis- tributors 45 Usher 2,3,4. Com- mittees: Dances 1,25 Prom 35 Log Staff 45 Ring 35 Visual Aids 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Astronomy 25 Golf 35 History 1. JAMES H. CURRIE 'JIM' 'Gentle in method, strong in performance. ' Merit Award 13 Choir 43 Gym- nastics 4. Clubs: Archery 13 Future Farmers of America 23 Golf 33 Chemistry Club 4. JAMES DAYTON 'JIMMY' 'Why worry, you'll never get out of this world al1ve.' Clubs: Future F a r m e r s of America 1,2,3. JULIUS DANIELS 'JULES' 'My thoughts no tongue can tell.' Library Council 1. Clubs: Game 33 Library 13 Photography 2. SENIORS ISABELLE E. DEMERY 'ISSY' "There's galety in her heart." Merit Award 2,33 Red Cross Council 43 Girls' State Alternate 33 Homeroom Treasurer 2,3,43 Press 43 Spirit 43 Library Coun- cil 13 Majorettes 43 Choir 13 Traffic Squad 3,43 Receptionist 43 G.A.A. 2,3,4. Committees: Dance 23 Play 43 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Dancing 13 Drill Team 23 F.N.A. 2,3. CAROLYN L. DAUM 'CAROLYN' 'I have a heart with room for every joy." Merit Award 1, 2, 33 Student Council 33 Play Cast 23 Free- hold Transcript 13 Library Council 13 Band 1,2,3,43 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 All-State Chorus 43 Traffic Squad 3,43 Guide 4. Committees: Log Staff 43 Dance 1,2Q Prom 33 Assemblies 1,2, 3,4. Clubs: Drama I3 F.T.A. 2, 3,4. ELSIE G. DAVISON HEI-Sl 'A smile ls worth a thousand words." Red Cross Council 41 Home- room President 2s3a4Q Choir 1, 23 Traffic Squad 2g3x4Q Lunch Monitors 2,3,43 Office Aid 43 G.A.A. 1,22 Senior Announce- ment 4. Clubs: Choral Group 33 Dancing 13 Leaders Club 2. JOHN W. DRESSLER 'JOHN' 'Personal chauffeur 5 he'll drive you crazy.' Clubs: Future Far m e r s of America 1,2,3,4, Rural Electri- fication Award 3. GUSTAV C. DREYER 'GUS' 'A strong silent man. Adored by women! Homeroom Vice President 15 Freehold Transcript 15 Foot- ball 25 Committees: Class Dances 1,25 Assemblies 4. Clubs: Chess 35 Sophomore Sports Club 25 Sports 1. GAIL J. DITTEMER 'GAIL' 'A sweet disposition is not the least of her charms! Red Cross Council 1,25 Home- room Vice President 15 Asbury Park Press 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3. Committees: Dance 1,25 As- semblies 3. Clubs: Dancing 15 Future Nurses oi America 25 Hobby 35 Theatre 1. 959 JAMES M. DUFFY KIIMI 'Be silent and safe - silence never betrays you." Clubs: Chemistry 35 Foreign Language 15 Future Farmers of America 3,45 Mathematics 1,2,3. JANET K. DONOVAN 'JANET' 'Doing well and happiness are the same thlng.' Merit Award 1,2,35 Homeroom Secretary 25 I-Iomeroom Trea- surer 2,3,45 Desk Monitor 25 G.A.A. Sports Award, Council 1,4, G.A.A. 1y2,3p4. Commit' tees: Dance 1,25 Prom 35 As- semblies 35 Log Collector 1, 2,3. Clubs: Dancing 15 Drama 25 Future Teachers of America 3,4. MICHELE F. DUGAN 'MICHELE' 'A job well done - perfection plusl' Merit Award 1,25 Ir..Red Cross Council 1,2,3,45 Traffic Squad 2,35 Lunch Monitor 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Prom 35 Assemblies 1,25 Dance 45 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Art 25 Dancing 15 Future Homemakers of America 35 Intramurals 2. MARTIN EISENBERG 'MARTY' 'Possesses a neat, mathemat- lcal formula for success." National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Student Council 3,45 Red Cross Council 1,25 Play Cast 45 Band 2,45 Student Guide 35 Tennis 2,3,4. Com- mittees: Log Staff 45 Assem- blles 1,2,3,45 Log Collector 1. Clubs: Chess 15 Mathematics 35 Radio 2,3.' LEONARD P. ELFENBEIN 'LENNIE' 'Sharp as a tack . . . never a dull moment." I-lomeroom Vice President 15 Play Cast 45 Freehold Tran- script 1. Committees: Assem- blles 1,2,3,4. Clubs:Astronomy 15 Nuclear Physics 35 Theatre Study 2. JOHN M. EARDLEY 'JACK' 'Flying ls my ambition. The sky is my realm! Band 15 Choir 1,2,8,45 All State 45 Desk Monitor 15 Decoration D1 sp lay s 5 Gymnastics 2,3. Clubs: Aviation 15 Basketball Official 15 Future Teachers of America 35 Photography 2. ELIZABETH JANE ELLIS 'BETTY' 'Inspiraton ls at work every- day." Merit Award 1,25 I-lomeroom Vice President 35 Traffic Squad 3,45 Lunch Monitor 3. Com- mittees: Log Staff 45 Assem- blies 1,2,3. Clubs: Future Nurs- es of America 35 Typing 15 Receptionist 45 A u d 1 o-Vlsual Aids 35 Concerts 4. PETER J. EDWARDS 'RED' 'He's going to live, live, live, untll he dies l' Lunch Monitor 25 Soccer 3,4. Clubs: Art 35 Dancing 15Sopho- more Sports Club 25 Study Hall 3. SENIORS MARTIN ELLMAN 'MARTY' 'Que sera' sera' ...Whatever will be will be." National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 35 Red Cross 45 Play 45 Splrlt 45 Llbrary Councll 1,3,45 ,Guide 3,45 Displays 45 Usher 2,3,45 Tennls2,3,4. Com- mittees: Log Staff 45 Plays 2, 3345 Dance 15 Assemblies 1,2, 3.4. Clubs: Chess 1: Debating 35 Great Books 45 Library 45 Mathematics 15 Stamp 2. CATHERINE G. ENGELDT 'CATI-IY' 'Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend.' Student Council 25 I-lomeroom Secretary 35 I-lomeroom Vice President 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3. Com- mittees: Log 45 Assemblies 2. Clubs: Dancing 15 Drama 35 Leader's Club 2. I959 ALAN H. FISCHER "FISH" 'Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm! Transferred from Albany High School 25 Class Vice Presi- dent 45 Merit Award 35 County Day 35 Traffic Squad 35 Lunch Monitor 45 Usher 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Foot- ball 3,4. Committees: Assem- BARBARA L. EPSTEIN 'BARB' "A finger in every pie.' Class President 15 Merit A- ward 1,35 Student Council 45 I-lomeroom President 15 Press 1,25 Transcript 2, Spirit Edi- tor 2,3,45 Traffic Squad 25 As- sistant 3, Chairman 45 Desk Monitor Chairman 25 Drill Team 1,2,35 Lunch Monitor Chairman 3,45 Receptionist Chairman 45 G.A.A. 1,2, Sports Award 35 Vice President 4. WILLIAM P. FOLEY "BILL" "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest man. Merit Award 35 Play Cast 45 Press 15 Transcript 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Shore Conference 1,2,3, 45 Orchestra 1,25 Displays 45 Tennis 2,3 ,4. Committees: Dan- ces 1,25 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log Staff 45 Log Collector 4. blies 3,4. Clubs: Basketba1lOf- ficials 25 Varsity F. 3. Clubs: Great Books 2,3 ,45 Math- ematics 35 Physics 45 Sports 15 Stamp 2 I-IAZEL N. EVANS 'HAZZY' "It is the heart which makes us eloquent." Desk Monitor 35 Lunch Monitor 45 Office Aids 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3. Committees: Prom 35 Assem- blies 1,2,3. Clubs: Typing Club 15 Chemistry 35 Future Nurses of America 2. ' .i if 31 'E GAY FARAGALLI "GAY' 'She is the mirror of all cour- tesy.' Merit Award 1,25 Red Cross Council 25 County Day 35 Home- room President 35 I-lomeroom Vice President 25 Majorettes 3,45 Traffic Squad 2,35 Frosh Night Manager 45 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 Gymnastics 3,4. Commit- tees: Dances 2,45 Prom35 As- semblies 1,2,3,45 Log 4. Clubs Art 35 Dancing 15 Leaders' Club 2. ,. DONALD W. FRASER 'WAYNE' 'A wit and a comic, a winning way . . . many a friend has he.' Transferred from Red Bank High School 35 Basketball 3. Clubs: Golf 3. I EAN M. GARRISON 'JEANNIE' 'Gentle is as gentle does .. . as sweet and nice as they come.' Merit Award 1,25 Red Cross Councll 15 Homeroom Vice President 35 Choir 15 Traffic Squad 35 G.A.A. 25Committees: Log Staff 45 Class Plays 45 Prom 35 Assemblies 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Future Nurses of America 2,3. CAROL M. FREEMAN 'FREEMI' 'Blue eyes and blonde hair. She is the center of attraction everywhere! Jr. Red Cross Council15 Home- room President 25 Spirit 15 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,25 Decoration Displays 4. Com- mittees: Class Dances 1,2,3,45: Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. SENIORS MAUDINE GARY 'REETTY' '1 love work . . . I could watch it for hours.' Merit Award 15 Student Council 35 Library Councll 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2. Com- mittees: Prom 35Assemblies 4. Clubs: Future Homemakers of America 2,3,45 Study Hall 1. ROMELL FRISON MRO' 'A sportsman and a gentleman with a. friendly smile for all.' Basketball 1,25 Football 1 ,2,3,45 Track 1,2. Clubs: Dancing 15 Sophomore Sports Club 15 Sports 1,25 Study hall 1: Var- sity F. 3,45 Varsity Track 2. PATRICIA J. GAUL IIPATI 'The ABC's - Ambition, Brains and Character! Class treasurer 2,35 National 1-lonor Society 35 Log Business Manager 45 Student Council 1, 25 Spirit 1,25 Band 1,4, All State 2,35 Shore Conference 2, 3,45 G.A.A. Award 25 Dlsplays 2,3,4. Committees: Log Staff 45 Dances 1,2,35 Prom 35 Assem- blies 1,2,35 Ring 3. Clubs:For- eign Language 45 Great Books 2. THOMAS S. GOCKEL 'TOM' 'What is life without fun.' Transferred from Point Pleas- ant Beach High School4. Soccer 4. RONALD S. GRIFFITHS 'MIDGET' 'Congenial as he is tall and is quite the tallest of us all.' Merit Award 33 Student Council Vice President 43 Homeroom President 33 Traffic Squad 2,3, 43 Aid 2,33 Usher 1,2,3,43 Base- ball 43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Foot- ball 1,2,3,43 Track 2, 33 Com- mittees: Dances 1,2p3y4j Prom 33 Assemblies 2,3,43 Log Col- lector 1. Clubs: Sports 13 Var- sity F. 3. PATRICIA F. GAWRON 'PAT' 'A merry heart makes acheer- ful countenance! Office Aid 33 Girls' Athletic A ssociation 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Dancing 13 Library 23 Study Hall 3. 959 CAROL M. GUICE 'CAROL' 'Enthusiasm flows as a spring from this pretty, peppy gal.' Class Treasurer 13 Cheerlead- ers 2,3,4, Co-captain 43 Senior Choir 1,2,3,-13 Traffic Squad 23 Frosh Night Manager 23 Dec- oration Displays 2x3x4Q G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Gymnastics 3,4. Com- mittees: Class Dances 13 As- semblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Dan- cing 13 Drama 2. MARY A. GLEASON 'MARY' 'Joy and duty seem to be one.' National Honor Society 33 Merit Award 1,2,3. Homeroom Trea- surer 2,3,4 3 Transcript 23 Spirit 23 Library Council 2,3,4. Presi- dent 2,4, Planning Board 2,3,4. Choir 3,43 Traffic Squad 2,3, 43 G.A.A.' 2. Committees: Log Staff 43 Assemblies 3. Clubs: Great Books 43 History 13 Girls' Ensemble 43 Chemistry 4. SHEILA HALPERN 'SHEILA' 'Look to the mind, wherein lies the truth." Merit Award 1,2132 Junior Rfed Cross 13 Homeroom President 23 Spirit 1,43 Library Council 1,2,3,43 Choir 23 Student Guide 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Log Staff 43 Dances 23 Assem- blies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Creative Writing 33 Dancing 13 French43 Future Teachers of America 23 Library 1,4. DONALD HAMMA "DON" "Worry kills many a man - why die?" Band 1,25 Lunch Monitor 45 Football 3,4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Sports 2,3. 'f . ,1 ." u.. -..,. KATHERINE A. HANAWAY MKATHY' "Brown-eyed lass with lots of class. ' Homeroom Vice President 25 Library Council 1,2,35 Choir 1,2,35 Girls' Athletic Associ- ation 1,2. Committees: Class Dances 1,25 Assemblies 1,2,3. Clubs: Dancing 15 Library 2,3. 5... 5 s 'Q i'-- z A THELMA C. HALPIN "C LARICE' "Fire-eyed damsel with a pleasing personality." Asbury Park Press 15 Freehold Transcript 15 Library Council 1,2,3, Vice President 45 Plan- ning Board 2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Desk Monitor 25 Lunch Moni- tor 3,45 Office Aid 25 G.A.A. 45 Committees: Class Dances 1,2, 3,45 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Clubs: Dancing 15 Drill Team 2,3,4, Captain 45 Knitting 15 Library 2,3,4. WALTER R. HAND 'WALT' 'Ready, willing and able the public must and will be served." Student Council 35 Homeroom Secretary 15 Homeroom Trea- surer 15 Play Cast 45 Choir 35 Desk Monitor 25 Student Guide 25 Football Parking 2,35 Lunch Monitor 2. Committees: Log Staff 45 Dances l,2,3,45 As- semblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Chor- al 35 Cooking 25 Mathematics 1. , . . -,lil 2.574 Y an , I v., 1,51--,',,f ,gl 5 .... .5 i:..F ' 1131-, 21 il! K 731.175 ,- ' 1 V411 . ' , - K 2- 1-1,5 ROSEMARY HAMILTON KROSEMARY' 'In everything she does, she does her best and does itwell.' Merit Award 2,35 Student Coun- cil 1,2,45 Red Cross 35 Press 15 Student Guide 3,45 Frosh Night Manager 45 Displays 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Log Staff 45 Plays 1,35 Dances 1,2,3,45 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Art 35 Drama 1,25 Great Books 2,3,4. SENIORS KURT S. HANNA "KURT' "Music hath charms, ever so soothing! Red Cross 3,45 Play Cast 45 Choir 1,2,3, All State 45 Traf- fic Squad 2,35 Desk Monitor 25 Student Guide 25 Decoration Displays 1,2,3,45 Usher 1,2,3,45 Gymnastics 2,3,45 Soccer 2. Committees: Play 45 Dance 1,2, 3,45 Prom 3: Assemblies 1,2, 3. Clubs: Astronomy 25 Dancing 15 Drama 15 F.T.A. 3. ri JEROME J. HANTMAN 'JERRY' "A racquet man of the future! National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,45 Student Council 45 Homeroom President 25 Homeroom Secretary 35 Traffic Squad 35 Student Guide 2,35 Basketball 15 Tennis 2,3,4. Committees: Class Dances 1,2, 35 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Log Collector 1,4. I959 DORIS D. HENDRICKSON HDORIS' 'Duty is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.' Freehold Transcript 15 Girls' Athletic Association 1,3. Clubs Dancing 15 Leaders' Club5 Stu- dy Hall 3. THEODORE C. HAVEN QTED' "A mature mind is the best remedy for every trouble." Merit Award 25 Ushers 35 Gym- nastics 4. Committees: Class Plays 3,45 Assemblies 2,3,45 Prom 35 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Astronomy 25 Industrial Arts 15 Model Planes 3. JOSE PH E. HENDRICKSON "LITTLE J OE' 'The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss." Band 1,2,3,45 Desk Monitor 15 Lunch Monitor 25 Football 15 Gymnastics 2,4. Clubs: Chess 35 Industrial Arts 15 Sports 1,2,3. PHILLIP HAYES "JET" "Man of words -never spoken! Lunch Monitor 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45Track1,2, 3,4. Committees :5Assemblies 2,3,4. Clubs: Basketba1lOfficia1 25 Varsity F. 3,4. R , 4. 1 , f I - , W ' E , , mmf: i. ,rsr , ,wa .fe-,f A . ,ie X V -ff if -2-ima. . K" Ve, as .Q , fb - GAIL P. HENDERSON 'GAIL' "Never too busy to beafriend.' Student Council 1, Treasurer 45 County Day 35 Homeroom Sec- retary 25 Transcript 15 Traffic Squad 35 Frosh Night Manager 45 Displays 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 4. Committees: Log Staff 45 Class Dances 1,45 As- semblies 2. Clubs: Drama 1,2,35 Future Teachers of America 4. .TEANNE HENDRICKSON 'JEANNE' 'My eyes are focused on the better things of llfe.' Merlt award 15 I-lomeroom President 3,45 Spirit 1,25 Lunch Monitor 2,35 G1rls'Ath1etic As- sociation 1,2. Committees: Class Dances 1,25 Log Com- mittee 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Golf 35 Knitting 2. JOANNE V. HERSON KJOI 'She persuades her own de- sires." Student Council 15 Homeroom Secretary 35 Play Cast 1,25 Press 35 Transcript 35 Spirit 3,45 Choir 15 Frosh Night Man- ager 35 G..-LA. 1,2,3,45 com- mittees: Class Dances 1,2,3, 45 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Chor- al Group 2,35 Dancing 15 Drill Team 1,2,35 Leaders' Club 2,35 Spanish 4. LOIS ANN HENDRICKSON 'LOIS-ANN' 'If there's the time, I'll see it done.' Class Treasurer 45 Merit Award 1,35 Student Council 1,2, 35 Spirit 15 Orchestra 1,2,35 Tl'3.ffiC Squad 273i Guide 1,2,3, 45 Displays 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4. Committees: Plays 1,45 Dances 1,2,3,4. Prom 35 As- semblies 1,2,3,45 Log Collector SENIORS LESLIE M. HEULITT 'LES' 'The ability and the will to work: will bring success! Merit Award 1,2,35 Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 35 Choir 25 Student Guide 8,45 Usher 1,2,3,45 Soc- cer 2,3,45 Track 2,3,4, Com- mittees: Log Staff 45 Play 2,35 Dance 1,2,3,45 Assemblies 1,2, 3,45 Clubs: Astronomy 25 Dra- ma 15 Game 35 Great Books 35 Math 35 Physics 45 Radio 3,4. 4. JOHANNA M. HERGERT 'JOHANNA' 'Worry not for the future lest the present be lost in appre- hension.' Library Council 3,45 Girls' Ath- letic Association 3,4. Clubs: Library 3,45 German 4. EDWARD R. 1-IERR CED! 'Discussion 1 an exchange of intelligence. Argument is an exchange of ignorance! Merit Award 2,35 Homeroom Vice President 25 Student Guide 45 Ushers 25 Soccer 2,3,4. Com- mittees: Class Play 45 Class Dances 25 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Astrononomy 25 Chess 15 Math 35 Radio 3. KEITH J. HOFFMAN "KEITl-I' "Hard work never killed any- body, but then again resting is responsible for few casualties." Choir 4. Committees: Assem- blies 4. Clubs: Dancing 15Soph- omore Sports Club 25 Study Hall 35 Intramurals 3. PETER M. HOFFMAN 'PETE' 'If you've made up your mind that you can't do something - you're absolutely right." Traffic Squad 45 Frosh Night Manager 45 P.A. Technicians 45 Lunch Manager 45 Ushers 35 Basketball 1,25 Football 25 Track 1. Committees: Dances 1,25 Assemblies 1,2: Ring 3. Clubs: Basketball Officials 25 Dancing 1: Sports 1,3. Qpj DAVID J. HILL "DAVE" 'I see no cause to worry.' De sk Mo nitor 25 Decoration Displays 2,35 Football 1. Clubs: Bridge 35 Chess 25 Sophomore Sports Club 25 Sports 1. I959 BARBARA HOROWI T Z DAVID B. HINDIN 'DAVE' 'His deeds are witness of his sincerity.' Transferred from Keyport High School 2. Cross Country 3,45 Track 2,3. Committees: Log Staff 45 Prom 3. Clubs: Math- ematics 35 Radio 2,3,4. RALPH A. HOWA RDSON "BARB" "SI-lORTY" "Here's to the holidays, all 'A real mang big in every 365 of them.' way." I-lomeroom Treasurer 15 Spirit Clubs: Shop 15 Photography 25 15 Choir 15 Girls' Athletic As- Sports 3. sociation 1,2,3. Committes: Dances 1,45 Prom 35 Assem- blies 2,35 Log 45 Usherette 4. Clubs: Art 25 Debating 35 Dra- ma 15 Drill Team 2. FRANK HUNT 'FRANK' 'A newcomer - well establish- ed." Transferred from Humes I-Ilgh School, Memphis, Tennessee 4. JV- . lv ANNIE M. INGRAM 'PEGGY' 'Quletness and confidence shall be your strength." Merit Award 15 Choir 2,3,45 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2. Committees: Assemblies 1,2, 3,45 Log Collector 4. Clubs: Drlll Team 1,2,3,45 Futute Tea.- Drlll Team 1,2,3,45 Future Teachers of America 25 Nurs- es 45 Study Hall 1,3,4. MARY JOAN I-IULSART 'MARY JOAN' 'No work begun shall be left undone.' Merit Award 2,35 Student Coun- cil 3,45 Citizenship Institute 35 Spirit 2,35 Traffic Squad 35 G.A.A. 1,2, President 4,Trea- surer 3. Committees: Log Staff 45 Class Plays 2,3,45 Class Dances 1,2,3,45 Prom 35As- semblles 1,2,3. Clubs: F.T.A. 3,45 Leaders 25 Public Speak- ing 1. ERIKA E. ISAACS CHARLES HUMISTON 'GARY' 'A man of few thousand words and much mischief! I-lomeroom Vice President 1. Clubs: Chemistry 3, President 35 Dancing 15 Sophomore Sports 2. SENICDRS 'RICKY' 'A combination gal5 posesses all.' Class Vice President 15 Merit Award 1,2,35 Red Cross 15Girls' State 35 Homeroom President15 Home roo m Treasurer 2,3,45 Play Cast 1,35 Color Guard 1,2,3,45 Traffic Squad 15 Guide 2,35 Office Aid 25 Displays 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Co m mitte e s: Plays 2,3 ,45 Dances 1,2 ,45 Prom 3. Clubs: Drama 15 F.T.A. 25 Great Books 2,3,45 Knitting 3. 'RUSTY' 'In a monent in the twinkling of an eye.' Lunch Monitor 3,4. Clubs:Dra- ma 35 Study I-lall 2,3,45 Audio Visual Aids Club 2. REGINALD .TAC KSN 'REGGIE' 'He is the right man for the right job.' Football 293,43 Track 1,2,3. C1ubs5 Dancing 15 Sophomore Sports 25 Sports 2,35 Study Hall 3. I959 NICHOLAS KATERINIS 'NICK' 'Noble and sincere, a true gen- tleman.' Baseball 25 Cross-Country 2. Committees: Stage Scenery 4. Clubs: Chess 2,35 Freshman Sports 1. GAIL M. JOHNSON 'GAIL' "Happiness 1 her accomplish- ment." Homeroom Vice President 45 Homeroom Secretary 35 Usher- ette 35 Girl's Athletic Associ- ation 1,2,3. Committees: Class Dances 1,25 Assemblies 3,4. Clubs: Choral Group. 35 Dancing 15 Drama 25 Drill Team 2,3. STEVEN KATZ 'JACK-RABBIT' 'What, me worry?" Merit Award 35 Homeroom Sec- retary 25 Homeroom President 35 Desk Monitor 45 Football Parking 25 Cross-Country 35 Soccer 45 Track 2,3,4. Clubs: Chess 25 Varsity Track 3. AUDREY L. JONES 'COOKIE' 'New but well established! Transferred from West High School, Rochester, New York3. Senior Choir 4. ETHEL V. KANE 'ETHEL' 'Wonders are many, and none is more wonderful than man." Student Council Alternate 1,25 Traffic Squad 45 Desk Monitor 35 Lunch Monitor 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2. Committees: Class Danc- es 2,3,45 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log Committee 45 Ush- erette 4. Clubs: Choral Group 35 Dancing 15 Drama 2. il,- in MARTIN KEELEY 'MARTY' 'Mister Fix-it. His hands are his tools of life.' Clubs: Shop 3: Study 3. PATRICIA A. KINGSTON HPATTY' "A little woman is a dangerous thing." Red Cross Council 2,3,4g Vice President 3: County Day 3: Girls' Gymnastics 3. Commit- tees: Dance Ig Assemblies 1, 2,3,4g Log 4. Clubs: Choral Group 3: Dancing 15 Drill Team 1,23 Leaders Club 2. DAISY L. KELSEY "DAISY" "Good words are worth much and cost little.' Homeroom Treasurer Ig Lunch Monitor 4g Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1,2,4. Committees: Assemblies 2,3. Clubs:Dancing Ig Drama 3: Knitting 2. SENIGRS THOMAS J. KINSEY 'TOM' 'Happy am I for I want not." Homeroom President 1. Clubs: Dancing 15 Cooking 2: Golf 3. FREDRICK D. KEY MKEYS' 'Winged feet lightly touched the track." Basketball 1',2,3,4g Football 1, 213,45 Track 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Sports 1: Basketball Officials 25 Varsity Track 3. ,-, L 2. I' T' I fin.. IW A ,. rrp' '-'. A iff fi A rig 4 1:3 5115. yi'-.sf -A., L ' 15, gt, -' -f V. lg ki' gi, if vi' 7 :fag . . 'WY' .f 'f?-EH A 'z?.--s- fir!-Ip ls" . DIANE F. KING "DIANE' 'Pleasant and friendly to know." Merit Award 1,25 Play Cast Ig Spirit 1: Orchestra 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2. Committees: Class Dance 1,29 Assemblies '1,2,3,4g Log Committee 4. Clubs: Cre- ative Writing 4g Drama 15 F.H.A. 45 Golf 33 Intramural Managers 2. DOROTHY A. KNAUER 'DOTTY' 'Come live, be merry, and join me.' Merit Award 25 Choir 2,35 Com- mittees: Assemblies 2. Clubs: Art 15 Library 2,3. ELEANOR A. KIRK 'ELM' 'Trifles make the sum of life.' Girl's Athletic Association 1,2. Clubs: Dancing 15 Library 25 Study Hall 1,3. l959 HENRY J. KUCHINSKI KHENRY' 'A good speaker must also be a good listener! A Home-room President 25 Asbury Park Press 15 Library Council 15 Football 25 Track 25 Clubs: Sports 1,25 Basketball Officials 2. JACQUELINE P. KLAPP 'JACKIE' "Amicable, she won all5 intel- ligent, she charmed all.' Merit Award 35 Junior Red Cross Council 45 Homeroom Treasurer 2,3,45 Spirit 15 Li- brary Council 15 Band 1,2,3, Shore Conference 35 Orchestra 1,2,35 G.A.A. 1,25 LogCollector 1,2,3. Clubs: Dancing 15 Li- brary 15 Home Decorations 25 Golf 3. GEORGE S. KUDRICK KGEORGE' "Humor is worth much and costs little." Library Council 15 Lunch Mon- itor 2,35 Decoration Displays 25 Soccer 45 Track4. Committees: Class Dances 2. Clubs: Avia- tion 35 Dancing 25 Radio 3,4. RUDOLF R. KONEGEN 'RUDY' 'This man you will find speaks his mlnd." Transferred from C ranfo rd High School 3. Student Council Alternate 3,45 Traffic Squad 45 Basketball 45 Track 3,4. Com- mittees: Log Staff 45 Stage scen- ery 4. Clubs: Typing 35 Physics 4. DIANE E. LAMBERSON MDI! 'A smile expresses her feel- ings and a word expresses her thoughts." Transferred from Keyport High School 1. StudentGuide45 Lunch Monitor 35 Glrl's Athletic As- sociation 2,3. Committees: Log Staff 45 Class Plays 45 Visual Aids 4. Clubs: Choral Reading 35 Leaders Club 2. 'B SALLY I. LAMBERTON 'SALLY' 'Service witha smile makes her world go round.' Class Vice President25 Nation- al Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Student Council 1,2,3, Financial Secretary 45 Home- room Treasurer 2,35 Band 1,2, 3,45 Orchestra 15 Traffic Squad 2,35 Guide 2,3,45 Ushers 15G.A. A. 1,2, Rdcording Secretary 3, Council 45 Committees: Dances 1,2,35 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log 4. Clubs: F.T.A. 2,3,45 Typing 1. JACQUELINE D. LABOUNTY 'JACKIE' 'A good disposition is more valuable than gold." Student Council 15 Library Council 35 Studept Guide 25 Usherette 2. Committees: Class Dances 1,2. Clubs: Dancing 15 Knitting 2. SI-IEILA A. LAMBERTON 'Active and attractive! Class Secretary 3,45 National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Student Council 2,35 Spir- it 15 Library Council 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 15 Traffic Squad 2,35 Guide 1,2,3,45 Frosh Night Manager 3,45 Usherette 25 G.A.A. 1, Vice President 3, Council 2,4. Committees: Dance 1,25 Prom 35 Assem- blles 1,35 Log Collector 4. Clubs Knitting 35 Leaders 25 Typing 1. "fi :gk - . JA ..,,.. LARRIE W. LAIRD 'LARRIE' 'Give me a. vacation, or give me death." Homeroom Vice President 3. Clubs: Dancing 15 Hobby 2. SENIORS RICHARD N. LaROCCO 'DICK' 'Sober but not serious5 quiet but not idle.' Merit Award 25 Junior Red Cross Council 45 Traffic Squad 2,35 Student Guide 45 Ushers2,35 Basketball 1,25 Cross Country 45 Track 2,3,4. Committees: Class Dances 25 Prom 35 As- semblies 1,2,3. Clubs: Basket- ball Gfficials 35 Dancing 15 Sophomore Sports Club 2. 'e- of n P MARTHA E. LAYTON 'MARTHA' "The mildest in manner5 the greatest in heart.' Library Council 25 Girls' Ath- letic Association 1,2. Clubs: Distributive Education 45 Fu- ture Nurses of America 35 Li- brary 25 Public Speaking 1. l959 CAROLE E. LEWIS 'LOLLY' 'She wears an unruffled air.' Library Council 15 Choir 1,35 Girls Athletic Association 1. Committees: Class Dances 1',4. Assemblies 1,35 Log Commit- tee 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Li- brary 25 Future Nurses of America 3. 4 . f , -in lf:-ig-rr" ' 1121: MARY ANN LAYTON 'MARY ANN' "Sugar and spice and every- thing nice." Library Council 25 Choir 1,35 Girls Athletic Association 1, 2,35 Committees: Class Dance 15 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,35 Log Committee 4. Clubs:Chor- al Group 35 Dancing 15 Drill Team 1,25 Library 25 Typing 15 Red Cross 4. RHODA A. LIFTON 'RHODA' 'By the work, one knows the workma.n.' Red Cross Alternate 45 Home- room Treasurer 45 Spirit 15 Choir 15 Traffic Squad 3,45 Student Guide 35 G.A.A. Sports Award 2,35 Lunch Monitor 35 Displays 3,45 Ushers 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, COU.l'lCil4. COUI' mittees: Dances 1,2,3,45 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log 4. Clubs: Drama 15 Drill Team 2,35 F.T.A. 2,3,4. CAROLE R. LEE 'CAROLE' "The sparkle of a razzle-daz- zle world.' Transferred from Jamesburg High School 15 I-lomeroom Vice President 25 I-Iomeroom Sec- retary 35 Office Aids 35 Girls Athletic Association 1,2. Com- mittees: Class Dance 1. Clubs: Dancing 15 Photography 25 Choral Group 35 Distributive Education 4. SANDRA E. LEE 'SANDY' " Th ough laughter escapes through her eyes, it remains in her heart.' Transferred from Hightstown High School 3. Clubs: Distribu- tive Education 4. NINA G. LINDSAY 'NINA' 'Her charms strike the slght5 her merit wins the soul." Homeroom Secretary 15 Home- .room Treasurer 15 G.A.A. 1. Committees: Assemblies 3 . Clubs: Dancing 15 Hobby 35 Leaders Club 2. ANNE A. MARTIANOV 'ANNE' 'The book, the person, the dance, I'll find the lsland.' Merit Award 1,2,35 Jr. Red Cross Council 25 Homeroom Secretary 25 Play Cast 1,35 G.A.A. 1,2. Committees: As- semblies 1,2,3,45 Log Commit- tee 4. Clubs: Choral Reading 35 Drama 15 Leaders Club 2. MARSHA A. LOUDON 'MARSHA' 'A smile, smile, smile - for a boy, boy, boy.' Band 1,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,35 Choir 15 Girls Athletic Associa- tion. Clubs: Bowling 45 Study Hall 1,2,3,4. SENIORS MARTHA MATLIN 'MARTHA' 'The rule ls the exception to me.' Junior Red Cross Council 15 Spirit 35 Girls Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Art 25 Drama 15 Study 3. BETH HOLLY MacGILLIS 'BETH' 'Always smiling - never set- tled - always working! Merit Award 15 Jr. Red Cross Council 15 FreeholdTran- script 15 Student Gulde 45 Lunch Monitor 35 Office Aids Switch- board 3,45 Glrls Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, 3. Committees: Class Dances 15 Assemblies 2, 35 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Hobby 35 Leaders Club 2. CHARLES S. MAIDA 'CHARLEY' 'He boots his best foot for- ward! Junior Red Cross Council 35 Ushers 2,35 Receptionist 45 Track 4. Committees: Class Dance 25 Play 45 Prom 35 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Basket- ball Officials 3. IRA MATTHEWS KIRAI "What's all the hustle, haste, and hurry? Be like me5 Inev- er worry.' Clubs: Archery 15 Hobby 25 Model Planes 35 Midget Mod- elers. JEANETTE E. MATULA 'IAN' 'Character is the diamond that touches each string! Merit Award 15 Student Coun- cil 45 Red Cross 35 I-lomeroom Vice President 25 Homeroom Secretary 35 Homeroom Trea- surer 15 Library Council 25 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Choir 15 Traffic Squad 3,45 Usherette 35 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Committees: Plays 1,2,35 Dances 1,25 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,35 Log 4. Clubs: F.T.A. 3,45 Library 25 Theatre 1. A 4' "2x" A -. 3, '1' ,l 4 ' " . 911' A sf My -.: ff :jg .- ' ,fm , f M, I HN I if H ,, ,R ' N ,,wf:f-- , ' h .jjlxfl V - 'V V' ew-fi 'Z 'f15?f?' l' '- fav . V 1 4: J CHARLES H. MATTHEWS "PETE' 'Swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.' Clubs: Archery 15 Nuclear Phy- sics 35 Radio 2. 959 ROBERT V. MAUSER 'MOUSE' 'The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.' Clubs: Dancing 15 Junior Sports 35 Senior Sports 4. 'fl DOLORES MATTHEWS 'DEE' 'A pleasing way will open a door for another day." Choir 2,3,4. Committees: As- semblies 2,3,4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Study Hall 25 Typing 3. IRENE McCARTHY KIRENE " 'The surest way not to fail is to succeed.' Majorettes 3,45 Lunch Monitor 35 Girls Athletic Association 1,2,3. Committees: Assemblies 2,3,45 Dance 3,4. Clubs: Hobby 25 Library 15 Typing 3. 1 JANE MEGILL 'JANE' "Manner, not gold, is woman's best adornment.' Junior Red Cross Council 2,35 Home-room Secretary 45 Choir 35 Lunch Monitor 3. Com- mlttees: Assemblies 3. Clubs: Future Nurses of America 2,35 Theatre Study 1. SUZANNE H. MEISLER 'SUZIE' 'When we thlnk of a super- abundance of youthful exuber- ance, we think of Sue.' Red Cross 25 Library Council 45 Splrlt 45 Student Gulde 3,45 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Class Plays 3,45 Class Danc- es 1,2,35 Assemblies 2,3,45 Log 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Dra- ma 25 Drill Team 2,35 Great Books 3,45 Music 3. EUGENE McDONALD 'JACK' 'Takes everything carefree and easy5 too relaxed to worry.' Transferred from Westwood High School 3. Clubs: Study Hall 3. LOUIS R. MENDINI 'LOU' 'Good mture is one of man's best assets! Homeroom Vice President 15 Traffic Squad 25 Desk Moni- tor 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Foot- ball 2,3,4. Committees: As- semblles 4. Clubs: Sophomore Sports 25 Sports 15 Varsity F. 3,4. JUNE McGANTLIN 'J UNE' 'When trouble is over, she has just begun.' Freehold Transcript 15 Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Clubs: Auto Mechanics 35 Danc- ing 15 Study Hall 2,3,4'. SENIORS JAMES MEROLA 'BIG JIM' 'The best of the sport ls to do the deed and say noth1ng.' Football 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Indus- trlal Arts 15 Model Planes 35 Sports 2. MARIANNE C. MEYER 'MARIANNE' 'Give me today and take to- morrow! Merit Award 15 Junior Red Cross 15 Homeroom Presi- dent 35 Homeroom Secretary 15 Library Council 25 Traffic Squad 45 Office Aids 3,45 Dec- oration Dsiplays 45 Girls' Ath- letic Association 1,2,3,4. I959 MARILYNN MOSS 'MARILYNN' 'What is essential is invisible to the eye: one must look with the heart.' Merit Award 1, 2, 35 Library Collflcil 1x213:4Q G.A.A. 112:3l4. Committees: Log Staff 45 Class Plays 1,2,3,45 Assemblies 1,2, 3,4. Clubs: Drill Team 1,2,35 French 45 F.H.A. 3,45 Great Books 3,45 Chairman 45 Public Speaking 15 Leaders Club 2. PATRICIA C. MILLER 'PAT' 'Seriousness in her eyesg but always a smile." Student Council 1,45 Choir 1,2, 3,45 Office Aid: Ushers 1,2,3,45 Girls Athletic Association 1,2. Committees: Class Dances 1,25 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Clubsg Dancing 15 Distributive Educa- tion 45 Future Nurses of Amer- ica 2,3. PATRICIA M. MOUNT KBLONDIE' Every day should be passed as if it were to be our last.'f Junior Red Cross 45 Office Aid 45 Girls Athletic Association 1,4. Clubs: Auto Mechanics 35 Dancing 15 Study Hall 35 Bowl- ing 45 F.H.A. 4. U ALICE M. MORRIS 'ALICE' 'Not that I love studies less, but I love fun more.' Student Council 25 Junior Red- Cross 35 Choir 1,45 DeskMoni- tor 45 Student Guide 45 Lunch Monitor 4. Girls Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3, Committees: Assemblies 2,3,4. Clubs: Auto Mechanics 35 Dancing 15 Drill Team 2,35 Knitting 2. ROBERT MORRIS 'BOB' 'Essential to a happy life is freedom from care.' Band 1,2,35 Orchestra. 15 Foot- ball 1,25 Basketball 1. Clubs: Dancing 15 Radio 25 Sports 35 Ju, NEAL J. MUNCH 'NEAL' 'Men of few words are the best meng still water runs deep." Merit Award 1,35 I-lomeroom Vice President 3,45 Traffic Squad 35 Student Guide 35 Cross Country 45 Track 3,4. Clubs: Biology 35 Speech. GEORGE H. NEEBE 'GEORGE' 'Anything worth doing is hard to avoid.' Clubs: Chess 15 Nuclear Phys- ics 35 Photography 2. La ROBERT G. MURDOCK "BOB' 'If you want peace and quiet, go somewhere else.' Junior -Red Cross Council 15 Gymnastics 4. Clubs: Future Farmers of America 1,25Soph- omore Sports 3. SENICDRS WAYNE C. NEWHARD 'ACE' 'Great men are not measured by their height.' Transferred from Quaker Town Community High School 25 Gym- nastics 3,4. Committees: As- semblies 3,4. Clubs: Golf 3. DAVID T. NAYLOR 'DAVE' "A man of hope , a forward looking mind.' Merit Award 35 Student Council 3,45 President 45 Leadership Conference 45 Play Cast 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,25 Student Guide 45 Frosh Night Manager 45 Baseball 1,3. Com- mittees: Class Dances 25 As- semblies 2. Clubs: Debating 35 Intramural Manager 25 Sports 15 Stamp 2. NADIA NAZARUK 'HOPE' 'A girl to look up to.' Junior Red Cross Council 15 Library Council 25 Decoration Displays 35 Girls Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3,4. Committees: Assemblies Z,3. Clubs: Drama 15 Hobby 35 Leaders Club 2. BERNARD D. OATES 'REVEREND' 'What a gentleman, what a friendly soul.' Transferred from Neptune High School 2. Merit Award 35 Li- brary Council 25 Gymnastics Team 3,45 Track 3,4. Clubs: Library 25 Nuclear Physics 3. MICHAEL OBSATZ KCMIKEI 'He climbs highest who helps others to climb.' National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Student Council 15 Homeroom Treasurer 2,35 Stu- dent Guide 2,35 Choir 15 Tran- script 1,2,35 School Column 1,2 3,45 Spirit 2,3,4, Co-editor-in- chief 4. Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Dance 1,2,3,45 Play 3,45 Prom 35 Essay Winner 3,4. Clubs: Debating 35 Drama 2. POLA W. NIEMTZOW LUDMILA M. NOWICZEWSKI 'POLA' "MILLIE' 'Grace and harmony depend on simplicity! National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 2,35 Student Council 2, 3,45 Spirit 15 Band 1,2,3,45'Or- chestra 15 Shore Conference Band 1,35 Student Guide 3,45 Frosh Night Manager 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, Council 4. 959 LILLIAN P. OLIVER 'PAT' 'Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm! Library Council 25 Cheerleader 3,45 Choir 3,45 Traffic Squad 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3. Committees: Assemblies 2,3,45 Log 45Dance 3,4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Drill Team 25 Library 25 Charm 3. 'The highest distinction is ser- vice to others.' Junior Red Cross Council 45 Desk Monitor 25 Girls Athletic Association 1,2. Clubs: Future Nurses of America 2,35 Hand Work 15 Future Homemakers of America 4. MARJORIE L. OLIVER 'SUE' 'There is no room for sadness when you see a cheery smile." Transferred from Ricker Clas- sical Institute, Maine 1. Merit Award 2, 35 Homeroom Vice President 25 Homeroom Trea- surer 45 Traffic Squad 3,45 Desk Monitor 25 Office Aids 4. Committees: Plays 45 Prom 35 Assemblies 2. Clubs: Drama 25 Knitting 3. CAROLYN R. PARENTEAU 'CAROL' 'A smlle on her lips and a twinkle In her eye.' Junlor Red Cross Council 25 Girl's Athletic Association 1, 2,3,4. Committees: Assemblies 2,35 Freshman Dance 1. Clubs: Dancing 15 Future Nurses of America 25 Knitting 3. DAWN E. PERRINE 'DAWN' 'You know her by her friend- liness and quiet manner.' Merit Award 35 Red Cross 1,35 Transcript 15 Band 2,3,45Traf- flc Squad 45 Guide 3,45 Frosh Night 45 Office Aid 45 Decora- tion Displays 2,45 Usherette 1, 25 G.A.A. 1,2,4. Committees: Log Staff 45 Dances 1,2,45 Sen- ior Announcement 45 Assem- blles 1,2,3,4. Clubs:Astronomy 35 Dancing 15 F.N. of A. 25 Spanish 4. JAMES F. O'ROURKE 'JIM' 'I can be pushed just so far.' I-lomeroom President 1,45 Freehold Transcript 15 Gym- nastics 2. Committees: Class Dances 1,2. Clubs: Debating 35 Dlstrlbutive Education 45 Soph- omore Sports Club 25 Sports 15 Cooking 2, President 2. RICHARD PITTENGER 'DICK' 'For mine is the road to mis- chIef.' Desk Monitor 3. Clubs: Future Farmers of America 1,25 Mod- el Planes 3. THOMAS P. O'ROURK.E 'TOM' 'Who fails to see his jest.' I-lomeroom President 35 Home- room Vice President 25 Home- room Secretary 15 Asbury Park Press 15 Desk Monitor 25Gym- nastlcs Team 25 Committees: Class Dance 15 Assemblies 3. Clubs: Basketball Official 2,35 Sports 1. SENIORS LUCY J. PLUMMER 'LUCY' " Likes to laugh and enjoys life.' Library Council 25 Choir 1,2, 4. Clubs: Library 1,25 Typing 3. BARBARA F. POLICHAK 'BARB' "Happiness and she are one." Merit Award 15 Red Cross Council 25 County Day 35 Home- room Secretary 15 Homeroom Treasurer 15 Majorettes 2,35 G.A.A. 1,2,3. Clubs: Auto Me- chanics 35 Dancing 15 Leaders' Club 2. NORMAN PRIMOST PATRICIA A. PRESTON 'PAT' "My heart is warm with the friends I've m1de.' Merit Award 1,25 Student Coun- cil 15 Girl's State Alternate 35 I-lomeroom Vice President 25 Choir 1,45 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3,4. Committees: Class Play 45 Assemblies 1. Clubs: Auto Mechanics 35 Danc- ing 15 Future Nurses of Amer- ica 2. EMMA MAY C. RALPH NANCY L. PREUSS UNANCY' "I value science5 none can praise lt more.' Transferred from Livingston High School 3. Office Aid 45 Usherette 45 Girls'Athletic AS- sociation 4. Committees: Log 4. Clubs: Typing 3. , 1 'NORM' 'One who thinks for himself." National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Student Council 1,2,35 Homeroom Treasurer 1, 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Shore Confer- ence 2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,35 Traffic Squad 2,35 Basketballl. Committees: Log Staff 45 Plays 3,45 Class Dances 1,25 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,35 Log Col- lector 2,3,45 Clubs: Chess 15 Mathematics 2,35 Nuclear Physics 4. 'EMMA' 'Announce the party, she'll be there.' Junior Red Cross Council 15 Homeroom Secretary 35 Choir 45 Office Aid 25 Girl's Athletic Association 1. Committees:As- semblies 4. Clubs: Auto Me- chanics 35 Dancing 15 Future Nurses of America 2. DANIEL PRIDGEON "DAN' Came to us late - found his friends early.' Transferred from Williston Senior High School, Wilmington, North Carolina 4. li .gil , .. - eff is .TACQUELINE RAUTER MARGARET I. REDMOND 'JACKIE' 'PEGGY' 'Eyes like the twinkling starsg " 'Tis well to be merry and a smile like the radiant sun.' wise." Student Council 1,4Q Homeroom Merit Award 23 l-iomeroom Secretary 23 Office Aids 33 Treasurer 13 Choir 1p2Q Office Girls Athletic Association l,2, Aids 43 Ushers 23 Girls Ath- 3. Clubs: Charm 33 Dancing 13 letic Association 1,2,3,4. Com- Future Homemakers of Amer- mittees: Class Dance 23 Prom ica 43 Future Nurses of Amer- 33 Assemblies 1,23 Log Com- lca 43 Intramural Manager 23 mittee 4. Clubs: Dancing 13 Study Hall 2. Leaders Club 23 Knitting 3. JAMES REYNA DE BARRIOS 'JIM' 'I-le'll leave his tire tracks in the jets of tomarrow." Clubs: Archery 13Astronomy 23 Biology 3. SENIORS KATHRYN A. RILEY 'KATHY' "Look, and I'll be there.' Junior Red Cross Council 13 Homeroom uresident 33 Choir 1,43 Lunch Monitor 43 Office Aid 23 G.A.A. 1,2. Committees: Assemblies 1,2,3,43 Log Com- mittee 4. Clubs: Biology 33 Dancing 13 Future Nurses of America 2. MURIEL S. RENOUF KMAED 'Laughing is her chief delight! Student Council 13 Asbury Park Press 23 Freehold Transcript 1,23 Spirit 2y3Q Decoration Dis- plays 43 G.A.A. 1,2. Commit- tees: Assemblles 23 Log Col- lector 1. Clubs: Dancing 13 Li- brary 33 Study Hall 2. LEONARD C. RESNICK 'LENNY' "Life is a jest and all things show it.' Junior Red Cross Council 1,23 1-'lay Cast 43 Spirit 13 Library Council 3, Planning Board 4. Committees: Assemblies 1.2,3, 4. Clubs: Cooking 23 Dancing 13 Library 3.4. EDWARD E. ROSLIN "EDDIE" 'An apt quotation is as good as an original remark.' J r. Red Cross Council 15 Intra- murals 2. Clubs: Aviation 25 Radio 3. FRANCINE S. ROSENSTEIN 'FRAN' 'Give her your time and be enthralled." Merit Award 1,35 Student Council 1,25 Homeroom Treas- urer 2,35 Desk Monitor 45 Stu- dent Guide 2,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Log Co-Editor- In-Chief 45 Assemblies 2,3,45 Log Collector 2,3. Clubs: As- tronomy 2,35 History 15 Dance 15 Student Council Play Com- mittees 3. te. V 5 gm X W? . an 5 13' :sail , ii., Q, A . 5 . tttte i lbsy ere SAMUEL ROGERS 'SAM' 'Lanky and tall, he'll reach high.' Lunch Monitor 35 Basketball 1, 35 Gymnastics 45 Track 3. Clubs: Basketball Officials 35 Freshman Sports Club 1. l959 FLORENCE ROSENSTREICH "FLO" 'The pen is mightier than the sword." Merit Award 2,35 Homeroom Secretary 25 Asbury Park eress 1,25 Freehold Transcript 1,25 Spirit 1,2,3,45 Choir 3,45News- paper Distributer 35 Library Monitor 25 Girl's Ensemble 45 Girl's Athletic Association 1,2, 3,4. Committees: Assemblies 3, 4. Clubs: Debating 35 Astronomy 25 Great Books 3,45 History 1. ANN MARIE ROHM 'ANN' 'Completely feminine and poised, in one winsome package of charm." National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Homeroom Officer 1,2,35 Majorettes 3,45 Student Guide 35 Office Aid 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Drill Team 1,2. Com- mittees: Dance 1,2,35 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 elay45 Log 4. Clubs: Twirling 45 Knitting 35 Leader's 25 Theatre 15 Usherette 3. JOAN ROTHMAN "IOAN' 'It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice.' Choir 15 Girl's Athletic As- so ciatio n 1,2,4. Committees: Assemblies 15 Log 4, Dance 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Home Dec- orations 25 Knitting 3. ROBERT B. SADOW 'BRUCE' 'There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight.' Student Council 45 Band 1,2,35 Shore Conference Band 1,2, All State 35 Orchestra 1,45 Dance Band 15 Basketball 15 Cross Country 45 Track 1,3,4. Com- mittees: Dances 25 Prom35 As- semblies 1,2,35 Log Collector 4. Clubs: Astronomy 25 Basket- ball Officials 35 Industrial Arts 15 Physics 4. 'IWXP 15 'U' 'TD L i .2 :TQ - 125: X- . 53 CAROL ANN SASTOKAS 'CAROL' 'You don't always see her, but you can always hear her.' Homeroom President 25 Or- chestra 15 G.A.A. Sports Award 2,35 Girl's Athletic Association 1,2,3,4. Committees: C lass Dances 1,25 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,25 Log 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Hobby 35 Photography 2. M5 ,. 5 i. , 1 Qi W o ,I -., 'j l 4, P Y l . X EMMA ROYAL 'EMMA' 'An imp of mischief that will never die lurks in the twinkle of her eye.' Merit Award 15 Library Council 15 Choir 15 Girl's Athletic As- sociation 1. Committees: Prom 35 Assemblies 2. Clubs: Charm 35 Library 1,2. MICHAEL D. SASTOKAS 'MIKE' 'Let come what may, he never worries.' Homeroom President 15 Traffic Squad 1,25 Desk Monitor 25 Basketball 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4. Committees: Class Dances 1,25 Assemblies 4. Clubs: Basketball Officials 25 Dancing 15 Sports 15 Varsity 'F' 3,4. M Ss.- 'T'-iv . in V 'Q . iiif-j .5 4. 'Sylvan -xt A cv Mihai "YL 9 'QQ v - LEVERETT M. RUSSELL 'RUSS' 'Give him a ball and watch him go.' Basketball 15 Football 2,3,4. Clubs: Basketball Officials 35 Sophomore Sports Club 25 Freshman Sports Club 1. SENIORS PATRICIA L. SAUNDERS 'PATT' 'High ambition and great ideals --charming manne r quite ap- peals. Class Secretary 25 Merit Award 1,2,35 Studeflt C0ul'lCil. 1s213Q Student Council Conference 35 Business Manager 45 Citizen- ship Institute 35 Homeroom President 15 Majorettes 2,35 Drum 45 Guide 2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,4. Committees: Dances 1,25 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Ring 3. Clubs: Twirling 45 Home Dec- orations 25 Knitting 35 Theatre 1. i Z-P A,-2 'bg Z' -.'?fi'52 AM 155 ,f 'Q-" 5 ' v V25 f .v .,.f,'. YQ . ' '-f . 'ku ' ., 5 .,l.5, 5, if HOWARD J, SCHERER 'CHIEF' 'There is nothing greater than a true friend.' Lunch Monitor 3: Baseball 3,4g Basketball 4. Clubs:Artists and Models 3: Model Planes 3gShop 3 ,4. I959 IRMA I. SCOTT KIRMAI 'A good companion makes good company! Clubs: Dancing lg Study Hall 2,3. LOUISE R. SCHNEIDER "LOUISE" "Tall, complacent, with a re- served manner." Merit Award 33 Junior Red Cross Council 2g Treasurer 3: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Or- chestra 1,2,3,4g Girl's Athletic Association 1,2,3, Treasurer4g Gymnastics 3,4. Committees: Log Staff 4: Class Dance 2g Prom 3: Assemblies 1,2,3,4g Ring 3. EDITH G. SCOTTO 'TEDDY' 'Talk and laughter play an im- portant part in her life.' Transferred from Point rleasant Beach High School 2. Ir. Red Cross Council 43 Band 23 Choir 2,35 Office Aids 2: G.A.A. 35 Usherette 3. Com- mittees: Class rlays 35 As- semblies 2,3,4. Clubs: As- tronomy 3: Future Teachers of America 2: Chemistry 4. MICHAEL D. SCHOTTLAND 'MIKE' 'Jesters do often prove pro- phets.' Homeroom Vice-President 1: Traffic Squad 3: Desk Monitor 2: Student Guide 4: Decoration Displays 3: Usher 35 Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball lj Football 3: Soccer 2. Committees: Class Dance 25 Prom 35 Assemblies 4. Clubs: ,Basketball Officials 2,35 Sports 15 Varsity 'F' 4. WILLIAM F. SCHUBEL 'BILL' 'I am so tall, I have my own outlook on life.' Merit Award 1. Clubs: Archery lg Astronomy 2: Biology 3. HELENA A. SERAFIN 'HELENA' 'May my life ever be a chal- lenge, never a compromise? Merit Award 15 Jr. Red Cross Council 15 Library Council 15 Orchestra 15 Choir 1,2,35 Oi- fice Aids 15 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Class Dance 1,45 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log 4. Clubs: Art 15 Choral Group 2,35 Drama 35 F.H.A. 45 F.T.A. 45 Home Decorations 2. JACK SILVER 'JACK' 'His future is looking through the portal of mankind! Merit Award 2,35 Student Coun- cil 2,3,45 Play Cast 1.4: As- bury Park Press 45 Spirit 45 Newspaper Distributor 3,4. Committees: Class Play 45 As- semblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs:Drama 1,25 Future Teachers of A- merica 3. ELLEN K. SHATKUS 'CHICKIE' "Give her the people, she'll make it a party. Girl's Athletic Association 2,45 Usherette 4. Committees: Class Dances 1,2,45 Assemblies 1. Clubs: Dancing 15 Home Dec- orations 25 Knitting 3. SENICDRS JESSE J. SILVERGLATE "JESSE" "A master of words in a de- lightful manner.' National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 1,2,35 Red Cross 35 Homeroom Treasurer 15 rlay45 i-'ress 25 Transcript 1,25 Spirit 25 Co-Editor 3,45 Library Coun- cil 15 Guide 45 Usher 3,45Soccer 2,3,45 Track 2,3. Committees: Log 45 Plays 2,35 Dances 2,35 erom 35 Assemblies 4. Clubs: Chess 15 F.T.A. 2,3. JUDITH A. SHORE 'JUDY' "What's all the hustle, haste, and hurry! Be like me. I never worry.' Library Council 35 Choir 15 Decoration Displays 4. Com- mittees: Assemblies 1. Clubs: Dancing 15 Study Hall 2. FRANCES SILBER "FRAN' "Beware, she's a redhead! Merit Award 2,35 Red Cross Council 45 Homeroom Treas- urer 2,3,45 Play 3,45 Trans- cript 15 Desk Monitor 45G.A.A. Sports Award 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 Gymnastics 4. Committees: Log Staff 45 Pla-ys 3,45 Dances 1,45 Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log Collector 1,2,3. Clubs: Drama 1,25 Drill Team 1,25 Great Books 2,35 Knitting 35 Drama 4. JAMES W. SMITH KJIMI 'lf life ls for fun, he's passed the test." Student Council 23 Desk Monitor 23 Football 13 Gymnastics 2. Clubs: Dancing 13 Sophomore Sports Club 23 Sports 3. ROBERT A. SMITH 'BOB' 'A strong body makes the mind strong! Basketball 13 Football 13 Gym- nastlcs 2.3.43 Tennis 1. Com- mittees: Assemblies 2. Clubs: Dancing 13 Model Planes 33' Sophomore Sports Club 2. DOROTHY M. SKWARKO 'DOTTIE' 'A blonde who is always happy. " Homeroom Vice-President 13 Asbury Park Press 13 Office Aid 33 Decoration Displays 43 Girl's Athletic Association 1,2, 3,4. Committeesg Class Dances 1. Clubs: Auto Mechanics 33 Dancing 13 Study Hall 2,3. 959 JOHN SNYDER 'JOHN' 'Whoever would be a man must be a non-conformist.' Study 3. JAMES E. SLACK 'JIM' 'Man makes industries but quality makes a man." Transferred from Somerville High School 43 Basketball 4. PATRICIA A. SODEN 'PAT' 'There is no substitute for hard work.' Student Council 43 Red Cross 13 Ho m e roo m President 33 Freehold Transcript 13Choir 13 Office Aid 33 Usherette 43 G. A.A. 1.4. Committees: As- semblies 13 Log4.Clubs:Danc- ing 13 Drama 23 Future Home- makers of America 3. 'MARL' 'Sweet as sugar, twice as re- flned." Merit Award 1,35 Student Coun- ell 3,45 1-lomeroom President 25 Splrlt 15 Library Council 15 Guide 35 G.A.A. Sports Award 35 Office Ald 35 Decoration Displays 35 Usherette 35G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Play 45 Dances 1,25 Prom 35 Assemb- lies 1,25 Log 4. Clubs: Charm 35 Dancing 15 Drlll Team 1,25 F.T.A. 2. RICHARD A. SHANO 'RICK' 'Live for today, let tomorrow take care of itself." Transferred from St. Patrlck's High School, Elizabeth 35 Cross Country 3,45 Track 3. Com- mittees: Assemblies 35 Dance 4. Clubs: Model Planes 3. RONALD M. SODEN 'RONNIE' 'A pleasant guy to know.' Band 1,25 Orchestra 1,2.Clubs: Basketball Officials Club 2,35 Dlstrlbutlve Education 45 Sophomore Sports Club 2. ANDERENE N. SPARKS UANNI 'Give her the dare and it's done." Red Cross Council 35 Home- room Treasurer 15 Library Councll 25 Desk Monitor 25 Decoration Displays 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2,5 3. Committees: Assemblies 1,2,3, 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Drill Team 1,2,3,45 Intraunral Manager 25 Library 25 Recorded Music 3. JERRY E. SOLTYSIK 'SALTY' "Let's have fun now while we are young.' Desk Monitor 2,45 Lunch Monitor 45 Basketball 1,25 Foot- ball 1. Committees: Assemblies 1,2,3. Clubs: Art 35 Dancing 15 Intramural Manager 25 Sopho- more Sports Club 2. SENIGRS DOROTHY A. SPURGAT Imfrl 'The right combination of per- sonality and congenial1ty." Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2,35 Choir 1,45 Student Guide 15 Office Aid 15 G1rl's Athletic Assoluation 13213944 Commit- tees: Assemblies 1,2,35 Log 4. Clubs: Daznclng 15 Future Nurses of America 2,3,45 Fu- ture Homemakers 4. .fr N. LORRAINE G. STALGAITIS 'LORRAINE' 'You must see her to appre- ciate her.' Girls' Athletic Association 15 2,3,4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Future Homemakers of America 3,45 Leaders' Club 2. l959 MATTHEW STEVENSON 'MATT' 'Small but mighty." Gymnastics 2,3,45 Track 3. Clubs: Intramural Manager 25 Sports 2.3. PATRICIA STAPLES 'PAT' 'There is friendship lurking in her smile." Student Council 2,35 Decoration Displays 25 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1,2,3,4. Committees: Class Dance 15 Assemblies 1, 2. Clubs: Dancing 15 Leaders' Club 25 Hobby 35 Bowling 4. WAYNE 1-l. STEWART KDOCI 'I hope succeeding generations will be able to be idle." Gymnastics 3.4. Clubs: Basket- ball Officials 3 5 Sophomore Sports Club 2. JOAN A. STEINBERG 'JOAN' 'Individuality is the salt of common life.' Student Council 25 Red Cross Council 1,2,45 Traffic Squad 2,35 G. A. A. Sports Award 35 Lunch Monitor 35 Decora- tion Displays 45 G. A. A. 1, 2,3,4. Committees:Dance 1,2,4, Prom 35 Assemblies 1.2.45 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Drill Team 1,25 F. N. of A. 2,45 Knitting 3. ,, . f ,,,- K lg- I ,. JUDITH A. STEINBERG 'JUDY' 'If personality is the key to success, then the doors of suc- cess are open to her.' Merit Award 15 Spirit 15 Lunch Monitor 45 Office Aid 3,45 Ush- erette 35 G. A. A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Dance 1,25 Play 45 Assemblies 1,2,35 Log 4. Clubs: Drama 1,25 Drill Team 25 Knitting 3. OLENA STOLARENKO 'LENA' 'Her alr, her manner, all who saw admired! Transferred from Jerusalem Avenue Junior Highschool, New York City 2. Merit Award 23 Choir 2,3,4. Committees: Assemblies 2,3,4. Clubs: Foreign Language 43 Photography 23 Typing 3. PATRICIA J. TABER 'PAT' 'Quiet but pleasant to know.' Choir 1. Committees: Assem- blies 13 Clubs: Theatre Study 13 Library 23 Study Hall 2. BARBARA STROGER 'BOBBIE' 'There ls not time enough on earth for all I'd like to do.' National Honor Society 33 Merit Award 1p3,4Q Student Councll 33 Homeroom Officer 1,23 Play Cast 19293345 CU' Editor 3,43 Library Council 2, 33 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Committees: Dance 13 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. SENIORS PAUL TAMULEVICUS 'PAUL' 'What should a man do but be merry.' Freehold Transcript 1. Clubs: Dancing 13 Golf 33 Sophomore Sports Club 2. LINDA J. SUTTERLIN 'LINDA' 'A witty woman ls a treasure3 a witty beauty is a powez-.' Transferred from Butler High School, Butler, N.Y.3 Traffic Squad 2,33 Desk Monitor 23 Lunch Monitor 43 :Office Aid 2.3.43 Displays 43 G.A.A. 2,3,4. Committees: Play 33 Dance 43 Assemblies 2,33 Log 4. Clubs: Auto Mechanics 33 Drama 23 Future Homemakers of Amer- ica 2. CAROL A. SYBY 'CAROL' 'When it comes to honey, she's the bee of the hlve.' Transferred From Ferris High School 3. Lunch Monitor 43 Office Aid 33 Glr1's Athletic Association 43 Usherette 4. Committees: Log 4. Clubs: Fu- ture Nurses of America 3. DIANA LEE D. TEST 'LEE' 'Kindness shall win other's 1ove.' Red Cross Council 2,35 Spirit 25 Office Aids 1,2,3: Girl's Athletic Association 1,2,3,4: Gymnastics 2. Committees: Class Play 4: Prom 35 Dance 1: Assemblies 1,2. Clubs: Dancing 1: Future Nurses of America 2,3. ROBERT H. THOMAS 'BOB' 'The style is the manhimselff' I-lomeroom Secretary 2,3. Club: Cooking 2: Distributlve Educa- tion 43 Recorded Music 4. CAROLYN L. TAYLOR 'LEE' 'Better the day, better the deed.' Transferred from Middletown- ship High School 4. I959 JOHN R. TILLMAN 'PEEWEE' 'Let's have fun now while we're young! Traffic Squad 25 Football 1. Committees: Class Dances 1. Clubs: Dancing 13 Distributive Education 4: Sophomore Sports Club 2. RAYMON W. TAYLOR 'BIG RAY' 'Five days of school make one weak.' Transferred from Toms River High School. Merit Award 25 Choir 4: Student Guide 4: Dec- oration Displays 2,3: Cross Country 4: Track 4. Commit- tees: Assemblies 2,3. Clubs: Future Farmers of America 1, 2,3,4g Chemistry 4. DOROTHY F. TILTON 'FAY' "If I am there--look again." Ir. Red CrossCouncil1:Home- room Treasurer 15 Asbury Park Press 1: Freehold Transcript 15 Cholr 1,2,3,4: Girl's Ensem- ble 4: G.A.A. 1,2,4g Commit- tees: Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4. Clubs: Dancing 1: Drama 2: Future Nurses of America 3. IULIO TORRES 'JULIO' 'A man in earnest creates the means. Merit Award 2,35 Jr. Red Cross Council 25 Cross Country 3,45 Track 2. Committees: Assem- blies 2. Clubs: Golf 35 Photo- graphy 25 Sophomore Sports Club 2. SONIA TOWASSER 'SONNY' 'The woman in white is asheer 'delight' Merit Awa.rd 2,35 Jr. Red Cross Council Alternate 25 Represent- ative 45 Choir 15 Traffic Squad 45 Decorations Displays 25 Ush- erette 25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Com- mittees: Class Dances 45 Prom 35 Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 45 Log Committee 45 Clubs: Drama 15 Future Nurses of America 2,3, 4. RICHARD E. TILTON 'RICHEY' 'A happy-go-lucky personality insures popularity." Class President 3, 45 Merit Award 35 Student Council 25 Boy's State 35 Homeroom Vice President 35 Band 1,25 Orches- tra 15 Traffic Squad 25 Guide 35 Frosh Manager 45 Basketball 1,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1, 2,3. Committees: Dances 1,25 Prom 35 Assemblies 3,45 Log Collector 15 Ring 3. I ACK TROTTA 'JACK' 'He could make black of white and white of black.' Freehold Transcript 15 Traffic Squad 35 Lunch Monitor 3,45 Soccer 4. Committees: Class Dances 1,45 Prom 35 Assem- blies 45 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Basketball Officials 25 Golf 3. JOHN E. TISSOT 'JOHNNY' 'See ya later5 big debate1." Lunch Monitor 45 Baseball 25 Gymnastics 2,3,4. Committees: Assemblies 2. Clubs: Art 35 Chess 25 Model Planes 3. SENIORS LOIS J. VANDERVEER KLOI 'The highest graces of music flow from the feelings of the heart." National Honor Society 35 Merit Award 2,35 Student Council 1, 3,45 Secretary. 45 G.A.A. 1,2, 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Play Cast 3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 All State Choir 1,2,3,4. Committees: Play 45 Dances 1,2,3,45Assem- blies 1,2,3,45 Log 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Drama 2,3. N -f" . WARREN F. VANDERVEER 'WARREN' 'His greatness in deeds makes up for his smallness in size." Jr. Red Cross Council 2,33 Band 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 13 Basketball 1,23 Cross Country 3,43 Football 13 Track 3,4. Committees: Class Dances 1,2, 33 Assemblies 1,23 Log Col- lector 4. Clubs: Basketball Officials 23 Sports 13 Typing 3. I959 MARY R. WALKER 'SHORTY' 'What sweet delight a quiet life affords! Transferred from Lakewood High School. Freehold Transcript 23 Lunch Monitor 2. Clubs: Future Nurses of America 23 Charm 33 Dancing 1. JOSEPH A. VOTA 'JOE' 'The walls won't tell, but neither will lie." Clubs: Dancing 13 Sophomore Sports 23 Golf 3. LAURA ANN WA LLING 'LAURA' 'A woman does not try to hur- ry." Homeroom President 33 Vice President 23 Library Council 2,33 Choir 1,2,33 Girls' Athletic Association 2,3. Committees: Class Dances 1,23 Assemblies 1,2,3. Clubs: Dancing 13 Li- brary 2,3. EDWARD M. WAIT RED! 'Small in stature, mighty in endeavor." Student Council 43 Asbury Park Press 13 Desk Monitor 2. Com- mittees: Log 4. Clubs: Chem- istry 33 Industrial Arts 13 Photography 23 Radio 3. CAROLYN M. WALKER 'LYN' 'Hard at work and earningly successful! Merit Award 33. Student Coun- cil 43 Girls' Athletic Associ- ation. Committees: Class Dances 1,2,43 Prom -33 Assem- blies 23 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Typing 13 Future Teach- ers of America 23Astronomy 3. SYLVIA M. WA LMACK 'SYLVIA' 'Leave silence to the g0dS3 I am but human.' Homeroom Secretary 23 Libra- ry Council 13 Girls' Athletic Association 1p2x3Q Intramurals 2,3. Committees: Assemblies 1,2,3. Clubs: Biology 13 Future Nurses of America 23 Music 3. KATHRYN A. WELSH 'KATHY' 'Look me over but don't over- look me." Merit Award 23 Red Cross Council 3,43 1-lomeroom Presi- dent 23 Choir 1,23 Office Aid 43 Usherettes 23 Girls3 Athletic Association 2,3,4. Committees: Class Plays 43 Class Dances 1,23 Prom 33 'Assemblies 1, 2p3Q Log Committee 4. Clubs: Dancing 13 Drama 23 Charm 3. .sl 7 X if K A EILEEN P WALSH MII 'A wink's as good as a nod with some people! Transeferred from Kearny High School, New Jersey. Student Council 43 Desk Monitor 23 Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,43 Reception Monitor 4. Committees: Assemblies 23 Log Committee 4. Clubs: I-lobby 23 Study 1-lall 33 Red Cross 4. SENIORS PAUL E. SHILLE 'PAUL' 'I-le drives around the circle of life." Student Council 23 Red Cross Council 13 Soccer 2. Clubs: Basketball Officials 33 Distri- butfve Education 43 Intramural Managers 1,23 Work Experience 4. , . 1 'Q '- AEE ALPHONSO W. WASHINGTON BALI 'I do as I please and I do it with ease.' Choir 3, 43 Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1. Committees: Assem- bues 374. Clubszsmrts 1,2,3,4. ELFRIEDE WEIGAND 'ELI-'Y' 'If my heart is not light, I would die." Merit Award 1,23 Play Cast 2,43 Library Council 13 Band 1,2,3,43 Choir 1,23 Traffic Squad 3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Usherette 3. Committees: Log Staff 43 Plays 43 Class Dances 1,2,33 Prom 33 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Drama 23 Future Teach- ers of America 3,43 Theatre Study 1. I 5' GEORGE W. WIEDENMAYER 'GEORGE' 'There ls no secret of success, just work.' Clubs: Future Farmers of AlneI'iCa. 1x2x3y4. ROBERT T. WILLIAMS 'TINY' 'A friend for every pound.' Football 1,2,3,4g Track I,3. Clubs: Photography 2: Study Hall 3: Freshman Sports 1. Alia 'mi' Z. 2 ALBERT A. WHITE 'PUG' 'Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow! Choir 45 Basketball 1,2,4g Foot- ball 1: Track 2. Clubs: Basket- ball Officials 1,2g Dancing 1.2. 959 JACK WHITMAN 'WHIT' 'Much wisdom often goes with fewest words.' Homeroom Secretary 35 Traffic Squad 45 Ushers 33 Football 1, 2,3,4: Track 2,3. Committees: Prom 35 Assemblies 3,4. Clubs: Radio 25 Varsity F 3. WILLIAM WILLIAMS 'LEGS' 'Philosophy is: to1norrow's an- other day I' Transferred from New Bruns- wick High School 3. Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 4: Football 4. Clubs: Aviation 3: Model Planes 3. WILLIAM B. WILLIAMS 'BILL' 'Intelligence need not be shown.' Cross Country 2.3.45 Track 2, 3,4. Clubs: Sports 2. GAIL F. YA TES 'GAIL' 'A contagious giggle and a friendly smile are her trade- marks! Merit Award 1,2,35 Red Cross 25 Glrls' State 35 I-Iomeroom Vice President 35 Spirit 15 -Ll- brary 15 Cheer1eader3,45Shore Conference Band 1,2,3,45 Or- chestra 1,2,3,45 Traffic Squad 2,35 Guide 45 Decoration Dis- plays 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Com- mittees: Play 45 Dances 1,2,45 Prom 35 Assemblies 1,2,3,4. Clubs: Dancing 15 F.T.A. 2,35 Spanish 4. LINDA M. YETMAN 'LIN' 'High stepping strutter5 one to be followed.' Merit Award 1,25 StudentCoun- ell 25 Red Cross Council 45 Girls' State 35 I-lomeroom Vlce President 15 Majorettes 3.4, I-lead 45 Orchestra 1,25 Student Gufde 2,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Com- mittees: Assemblies 1,2,3,45 Log Staff 4. Clubs: Dancing 15 Drill Team 25 Leaders 35 Charm 35 Twlrling 4. PEGGY ANNE WILSON "PEGGY' "She is a phantom of delight." Usherette 3. Committee: Log Committee 45 Senior Dance 4. Clubs: Art 3. LINDON R. YOURTH 'SLIM' 'As many men, so many mlnds5 everyone his own way.' Clubs: Bridge 35 Chess 35 Dancing 15 Photography 25 smdy Hall 1. CLAIRE WYBERNEC "CLAIRE'. 'On with the play! Let joy be unconfined.' Merit Award 1,2,35 Homeroom Treasurer 2,3,45 Play Cast 1,2, 3,45 Spirit 15 Library Coun- cll 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Shore Con- ference 35 Orchestra 15 Traffic Squad 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. SENIORS STELLA A. YUHAS 'STEL' 'There was a star dancing, and under that, I was born.' I-lomeroom Vice President 15 Freehold Transcript 15 Choir 2,35 Student Guide 45 Lunch Monitor 35 Usherette 2,35 G.A. A. 2,3,4. Committees: Class Plays 3,45 Class Dances 15 Prom 3: Assemblies 35 Log Committee 4. Clubs: Astronomy 35 Dancing 15 Future Nurses of America 2. ROSE MARIE ZARNOFSKY 'ROSE' 'She's witty to talk with, pretty to walk with.' Junior Red Cross Council 43 Library Council 1,23 Decoration Displays 23 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1,4. Committees: Class Dances 1,2,43 Senior An- nouncement 4. Clubs: Library 1,23 Study Hall 3. I959 LOUISE C. ZEBROSIG 'LOUISE' 'A smile and neatness3 charm and sweetness? Merit Award 33 Student Coun- cil 33 Homeroom Secretary 23 Cheerleader 3 ,43 Student Guide 43 Frosh Night Manager 43 Lunch Monitor 43 Decoration Displays 43 G. A. A. l,2,3,4- Committees: Class Dances l,2, 33 Prom 33 Assemblies 1,2,3,43 Log Comm ittee 43 Log Collector 1. Clubs: Drama 1,23Knitting 3. GEORGE W. ZILBERGELD 'GEORGE' 'Laugh and the world laughs with you.' Student Council Alternate 33 Band 2,3Q Traffic Squad 3,4Q Student Guide 43 Football 1,3. Committees: Class Plays 23 Class Dances 23 Assemblies 293g Log Committee 4. Clubs: Basketball Officials 33 Math- ematics 13 Radio 2. "VW , tuls- JULIA M. ZLOTKOWSKI 'JUDY' 'The radiance of a flower.' Office Aid 4. Clubs: Art 13 Biology 2Q.C00ldI'lg 43 Spanish 1,23 Typing 2,3. JOAN M. ZUKOWSKY 'JOANIE' 'A casual charm that capti- vates.' Junior Red Cross Council 33 Spirit 23 Library Council 1, 2,3,43 Choir 23 Football Park- ing 23 Decoration Displays 23 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2,3,4. Committees: Class Plays 2, 33 Class Dances 1, 2, 3, 4. Clubs: Drama 13 Library 2,3,4. MALCOLM S. ZLOTKIN KMALI "Tall, dark..go West, young man.' Merit Award 1,23 Student Coun- cil Alternate 43 Boy's State Alternate 33 I-lomeroom Vlce President 2, Secretary 33 Band 19 2: 3: Traffic Squad 2: Frosh Night Manager 43 Lunch Monitor 3,43 Usher 33 Baseball 23 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,4. Committees: Dances 1, 2,33 Prom 33 Assemblies 2,4. Clubs: Basketball Officials 2, 33 Math 1. Q- ALBERT B. ZULLO 'ZIPPY' 'If I made it today, why worry about tomorrow?' Band 2,3. Clubs: Distributive Education 3,4. SENICRS-I959 IN MEMORIUM Joseph Evans I94I I957 through his brilliant mind and impression on the minds and memories of hib classmates diversified abilities he made a lasting 3 . Ai 1 1 -If I IRI i .1 '35 ll 1 QI 2 ' A I! 3 J I 1 3 I s . 1 .. 3 Q ? Lf-f-"L, - IR' 'X 511547 - l Q-, "Nw l L4 I ,QQ 1 -L 510. 1 1.3 ,IA ' V' v ,7 My T K UNDERCLASSM EN inclined toward achievement PPPF' ef P ROW ONE lleft to rightl: C. Zackowitz, M. Pugh, J. Lambertson, D. Zarzyski, P. Yapps, P. Zimmerman, E. Whalen, P. Mauser, L. Williams, A. Landau, T. Weiner, A. Wilson. ROW TWO Kleft to rightjz E. Vondras, D. White, D. Landwehr, E. Klein, N. LeCompte, A. Lanz, M. LeMay, S. Kolaritsch, C. Krystoff, L. Laub. ROW THREE Cleft to rightjl: M. Worth, J. Layton, J. Woods, R. Yesko, C. Juliano, R. Lawrence, ,U , JA I v J. Lackett, S. Dudkin, R. Layton, C. Dekle, M. Kerekes. ROW FOUR Qleft to rightjc R. Burdge, J. Lipkus, F. Williams, J. Rodney, N. Curcio, L. Duffln, C. Lathrop, R. Ward, W. Zimmerer, I. Kerlin. ROW FIVE Qleft to rightJ:S. Kosiarski, A. Wilson, G. Leikowich, J. Landin,C. Szymanski, D. Weeden,W. Katz,A. Yoncak, J. Hope. CAMERA SHY: K. Wolley, W. Zemel, J. Kozlowski, L. Kershbaumer. JU IORS I96O ROW ONE Qleft to rightj: J. Burst, B. Barton, C. Anderson, D. Calhoon, G. Bannon, R. Amalfa, D. Bellamy, P. Blankenstein, G. Abramowitz, M. Brodniak, F. Bischoff, S. Abramowitz. ROW TWO tleft to rightjz C. Blackwell, E. Banks, C. Becker, S. Bayer, V. Breining, C. Butcher, C. Applegate, K. Bellamy, I. Andreef, C. Condon, M. Carswell. ROW THREE tleft to rightl: J. Brown, H. Bloom, W. Brewer, I. Benitez, P. Cavanaugh, M. Bierlanski, H. Biddle, H. Jackson, T. Barker, J. Bergen. ROW FOUR fleft to rightjz W. Bailey, F. Accisano, R. Brocavich, V. Alt, W. Brand, R. Andretta, J. Carroll, J. Alt,J. Applegate, A. Apgar. ROW FIVE Qleft to rightjz W. Banks, L. Burlew, W. Buck, J. Burdge, D. Bealin. CAMERA SHY: W. Burdge, W. Burdge, J. Boyd, S. Alexoporelos, E. Burke. 51 ROW ONE Qleft to rightj: J. Lambertson, E. Schwartz, E. Madden, L. Mohlenhoff, P. McGowen, V. Mauser, M. Schwartz, B. Tufenkjian, D. Bellamy, M. Vexler, E. Dong, D. Smith, C. Sherman, S. Marks, P. Walker. ROW TWO Qleft to rightjz J. Schwarz, S. VanSchoick, E. Seffler, E. Schwartz, J. Wardell, M. Whelan, L. Visceglia, S. Smith, C. VanDerveer, B. McNamara, K. McDonnell, C. Magee, C. VanDerveer, T. Lubrano. ROW THREE lleft to rightj: B. McGackin, C. Mathews, R. Martin, W. VanBenthuysen, M. Sloboda, J. Schuber,V. VanDerveer, B. Smith, P. Udeatsky, F. Lombardi, D. Thompson, T. McKenzie, M. Williamson, R. Kaplan, A. Tuyahov. ROW FOUR lleft to rightlz D. Thompson, P. Gansey, B. Spencer, M. Toubin, M. Sherman, D. Megill, W. Walling, J. VanDerveer, B. McChesney, C. Martin, T. Luce, H. Libby, H. Mager, J. Hagan. ROW FIVE ileft to rightlz B. McKay, G. Toon, W. Spencer, C. Dukes, C. Tornick, B. Smith, R. Ward, J. Lipkus, E. Brown, C. Earp, R. Maher, H. DuBois, C. Slattery, G. Kaplan. ROW SIX Cleft to rightj: J'. Brodie, M. Watson, D. Urbelis, S. Schanck, C. Slezak, M. Gutzson. CAMERA SHY: M. Simon, E. Mathews, P. Mauser, B. Young, R. Smith, R. Sokol, G. Solakian, B. Druesne, W. Lippincott, K. McDowell, R. Tuzeneu, W. Simkin. Industrial Arts - Woodworking at its best. Physical Education - Soccer from the ground up. QI A .....n.?!-. ,1.: ..t'fz,,i e -pii Q-fw9i'T2:'4'a ' ' figs? -hy, ,L. A . I -1 N f w G "U ' 3 ' 43 'K ' i'F' l2C'f"'1 'V 'W ii 2153? . i.. - - , T 4,5531-.Q-r -ss' J - 'O 1 'I-Qs 4' - --I ,,.,., . .L .. VS " Q I N 4 ' 13 , , r V, - N7 W fm- - - . "' . , , , Q --we ,-Q-.4 L Q- . .,,... A "V" :'- "- .. s -, 5 qzs-Pixy- . 5:1 uw... Avif. - ,. ' 4 . , . W . V - 1 ' 'ii' xv'-l-6 , - T""" Q U ., .. . ' h . 6a...3,-. . E - 5 'N' 'rl Foreign Languages - Spanish, the modern language. Physical Education - Soccer - "Make that goall' ROW ONE Qleft to rightj: S. Clapp, M. Rosenblum, N. Cowles, E. Robinson, J. Quinn, J. Rogers, B. Savage, J. Chevony, E. Poling, F. Rapp, M. Clayton, D. Cook, A. Roman, L. Tormier. ROW TWO Cleft to rightjz P. Davis, K. Delong, S. Ruda, C. Pease, H. DeStories, M. Pugh, G. Pellett, M. Rappa, IJ. Pinelli, M. Reed, C. Rodi, M. DeLuca, P. Parenteau. ROW THREE Qleftl to rightjz W. Patterson, K. Conover, D. Potter, B. Cuddihy, H. Smith, B. Perchalski, M. Simon, C. Dixon, C. Collins, P. Coyne, W. Clayton, L. Cornell, J. Curcio, P. Rudolph. ROW FOUR Qleft to rightl: R. Rice, W. Powell, L. Roslin, B. McChesney, E. MacDowell, M. Kerekas, C. Dalik, H. Mager, K. Preiser, W. Chin, J. Reed, G. Collins, R. Dent. ROW FIVE Qleft to rightjz E. Conk, R. Phelan, R. Rodney, R. Sagotsky, M. Sherman, B. Hochberg, P. Saker, H. Wiley, W. Walling, L. Robinson, B. Peters, G. Rising, P. Daum, E. Plamondon. ROW SIX Qleft to rightlz W. VanBenthuysen, W. Phillis, R. Cook, J. Rocco, M. Certa, A. Peterson, B. Rottkamp, D. Rooney, A. Robins, A. Inzelbuch, G. Corliss, M. Conaham. F. Chiesa, D. Cranmer. ROW SEVEN fleft to rightj: R. Reynolds, C. Slattery, H. Pretty, E. Cottrell, B. Pogue, R. Rupprecht, A. Prest, J. Dawes. CAMERA SHY: P. Reinhold, P. Robinsky, D. Irons, J. Dalik, P. Delsey, J. McMullen, E. Patterson, R. Peters. an TV 3.5 gifacn--M rl 81 ll l ROW ONE tleft to rightjz S. Sweet, P. Dulik, R. Edgerton. C. Terpack, E. Terry, J. T4m.1i, O. Stanley, F. Gardinella, C. Gant, S. Tanner, C. Foster, E. Tomkins. ROW TWO lleft to rlghtjz B. Jnnosko, l. Dulfner, E. Sp.Lrks,V.V.1nderveer, S. Garvin, Y. Soboloskl, G. Kelly, P. Freeman, A. Spezznno, S. Wooster, L. Elff. ROW THREE Llc-ft to rightjz J. Dunbar, G. Fung, G. Taylor, D. Tll-.'l1l:FS'Jll- R. Falco, K. Statell, F. Accisano, R. Easley, I. Feinberg, P. Spano, N. Curcio, C. Dnllck. ROW FOUR lleftto rlghtbz R. Lawrence, C. M.trtln. M. Danowltz- P. Saker, R. Dent, C. Ervin, J. Gary, D. Fromm- A. Harvey, G. Dong, J. Estenes. ROW FIVE tleft to rightjz M. Freid-A Ill-lb K. Stutzmln, F. Drayton, B. Oates, L. Robinson. C. Stanford, J. Tedesco, J. Hope, C. Earp, R. Coley, R. Hendershot. ROW SIX Qleft to rlghtj: R. Freelnnn, H. Gerken, A. Thompson, H. Holland, A. Y11ns.1k. W. Freeman, F. Tashjian, D. We-4-doll, F. Stnffllnger, C. Szymanski. CAMERA SHY: H. Jackson, S. Johnson. -P 5 , . -. Rig -.-........, The Junior Prom - A wonderful night! ROW ONE Cleft to rightjz D. Hillpot, P. Kiernan J. Newman, P. Keeter, C. Patchin, M. Goldfine, C. Mount, K. Hill, G. Peace, C. Homlish, M. Juliano, K. Parker. ROW TWO Qleft to rightl: C. Johnson, N. LeCompte, I. Goldman, L. Grosso, M. Miles, G. Pellet, C. Merdock, H. Pleger, M. Jones, L. Nemeth, C. Condon, S. Hulse. ROW THREE lleft to rightjz G. Miraglia, B. Heffner, H. Narozniak, J. Harwood, M. Koechlin, C. Gray, P. Huber, W. Henderson, B. King, H. Glatzer, R. Gonzalez. ROW FOUR ileft to rightl: P. Morris, B. Moore, J. Hawthorne, L. Haves, C. Lathrop, W. Hennig, P. Jessen, A. Jenkins, R. Hilton, K. Moerschel, J. Grasberger. ROW FIVE lleft to rightj: R. Hilton, S. Goldberg, C. Hoffman, J. Fezio, R. Glovich, R. Gorbich, D. Reya, E. Cottrell, P. Nunez, E. Glovich, R. Hendershot. CAMERA SHY: G. Jensen, P. Janssen. 1,1 fi 83 SOPHOMORES I96I ROW ONE lleft to rightjz J. Tillman, J. Mundy, B. Morton, C. Narozanick, C. Megill, E. Medrick, B. Lee, J. Maniello, L. Toynbee, L. Trojan, P. Thompson, V. Lee, E. Terrell, P. Loichle. ROW TWO Cleft to rightj: M. Mitchell, J. Turner, R. Lewis, C. Thompson, S. Maarberg, C. Schultz, L. Moore, E. McGowan, N. MacDougall, R. Lang, A. Maisto, P. Lee, S. Malone. ROW THREE lleft to rightl: P. Sweetman, R. Thompson, M. Jones, M. Lykes, A. Trevisano, G. Tornick, M. Mal- oney, L. Bradley, D. Narzowick, J. Marriner, L. Tuveson, L. Wagner, J. Tice. ROW FOUR 1 E ileft to rightj: J. Malaytcr, J. Thompson, F. Monzillo, A. Miranda, C. Maturo, F. Surgent, H. Lapin, H. Mendlewitz, W. Morris, G. Mills, C. Lloyd, C Tufenkjirui, P. Blevins. ROW FIVE lleft to rigfn A. Miller, U. Moschkin, J. Mc- Creight, F. Storz, R. Martin, H. Malsberg, F. Maxfield, A. Layton, C. Thomas, G. Metz, R. Stromwasser. ROW SIX Qleft to rightjz R. Stokes, W. Miles, C. Mongano, B. Stutz, G. McC1enning, S. Lucas, J. MacGillls, D. Me-gee, D. Mcllvaine, P. Thomson. CAMERA SHY: T. Taber. 'Ianni ROW ONE fleft to rightj: J. Reiff, B. McHenry, N. Schubel, C. Sagotsky, S. Sawicki, I. Simons, S. Pease, J. Richens, M. Riordan, G. Rosenweig, V. Scheidt, S. Quackenbush, L. Salkowitz, B. Marks, P. Sayer. ROW TWO Qleft to righthz I. Pleger, J. Rietzke, E. S1ade,E. Nowasky, M. Reil- ing, R. Mayers, M. Reid, M. Schiedt, M. Nowiczew- ski, M. Royal, T. Romano, O.Robinson,O.Riser- vato, F. Niemiec. ROW THREE Qleft to rightl: G. Scanlon, J. Simons, E. Slade, J. Pearlman, M. Pellett, P. Pailadino, V. Schibanoff, N. Sherman, M. Slattery, B. Scheidt, J. Richelson, N. Siano, B. Pogers, J. Nowack. ROW FOUR lleft to rightbz R. Pierce, P. Provino, H. Partusch, J. Sheftz, R. Naurez, B. Moss, E. Rachlis, W. Scott, R. Sagotsky, W. Semko, S. Oliver, J. Pallante, F. Ruggieri, F. Rooney. ROW FIVE lleft to rightl: M. Reid, D. Pine, D. Petchers, E. Robbins, L. Sawyer, R. Rosenshine, T. Ryan, J. Schoenherr, D. Schwartz, B. Pillis, A. Schwerthoffer, J. Jeffery, S. Reid, D. Nowack. ROW SIX Kleft to xightl: H. Peace, J. Rogers, S. Navantier, N. Popoff, R. Norkus, E. Pugh. CAMERA SHY: D. Pinto, B. Paradise, J. Shaltis, J. Sims, W. Sachee, G. Rosenweig. l x. I .3 2 we in.. 86 ROW ONE lleft to rightj: J. Butterworth, C. Campanella, S. Collins, J. Brown, S. Bailey, J. Clauberg, E. Abouhov, C. Tanner, S. Updyke, G. Updyke, M. Anderson, M. Weiner, R. Weiss, C. Camp, M. Coma. ROW TWO Qleft to rightj: A. Clayton, E. Wilson, A. Wagner, K. Chisolm, S. Trojohn, H. VanBrunt, M. Zimmerer, M. Casteel, B. Ciccone, A. Ander- son, P. Vitomski, C. Boywitt, D. Ayers, M. Burst. ROW THREE lleft to rightl: S. Coley, A. Cichoski, J. Carman, E. Burdge, E. Week, R. Seaman, S. Arnold, L. Tuverson, M. Carter, E. Asman, R. Weisgold, S. Brannlund, D. Craven, T. Cornell, M. Burnce. ROW FOUR Ile-ft to rightjz F. White, G. Cobbs, M. Watson, W. Walker, G., Clapp, R. Fariello, S. Silver, F. Burke, J. Swiharski, W. Vota, J. Collins, B. Camarata, P. Blevins, K. Col- lins. ROW FIVE Qleft to rightj: H. Christie, C. Carlson, A. Bitz, F. VanNote, A. Clax, J. Brodie, R. Drelich, B. Cole, E. VanOrden, B. Wagner, R. Cashion, D. Cowhig, L. Carr, F. Diadone. ROW SIX Cleft to rightjz B. Williams, T. Blair, R. Caroselli, R. Ulrich, A. Cipriano, B. Carroll. CAMERA Sl-lY: R. Conley, J. Brown, C. Burke, C. Capp, W. Warren, A. Weinberg, W. Wells, J. Venti, T. Seaman, R. Caroselli, S. Schreiberg, C. Campanella, R. VonSte-enburg. br Home Economics - "A stitch in time . . .. " rx I Business Education - Fu- ture bookkeepers. i X,.f' .! I! 1 -. Q l 3 S ROW ONE Qleit to rightj: N. Kurowski, M. Karp, B. Kowalsiki, R. Krueger, V. Leary, M. Layton, C. Landau, R. Jessen, B. Kavochak, B. LaForge, M. Kramer, I. Kastleman, J. Kessler, V. Hankins, J. Koenig, D. Saul. ROW.TWO Qleft to rightj: S. Gallagher, J. Lawrence, L. Griesman, S. Gunar, B. Krupa, G. Hall, S. Gravatt, P. King, C. Williams, S. Jones, S. Jackson, E. Jackson, L. Hanlon, S. LaFrance, M. Johnson. ROW THREE lleft to rightj: J. Landin, L. Kinsey, T. Keilitz, B. Gunther, L. Key, B. Cowan, L. House, P. Kenworthy, S. Gouff, P. Gabriel, S. Kusy, J. Hanaway, M. Kan, J. Hankison. ROW FOUR Cleft to rightjz W. Jones, R. Keats, J. Janwich, R. Hunt, J. Graf, L. Kurtz, B. Cjrrta, P. Hanaway, P. Debiase, M. Gutzan, R. Kane, R. Guice, R. Hurley, B. Gray, E. Kaplan. ROW FIVE lleft to rightJ: R. Kearns, R. Kamin, J. Johnson, M. Gutzan, H. Grassberger, D. Hyman, M. Kerstein, M. Holsten, W. Grunde, P. Getta, R. Jakelis, J Jeffery, T. Jackson, R. Jackson. ROW SIX Qleft to rightl: W. Gawron, D. Gross, L. Kuey, N. Decker, V. Jelagin, P. Kelley, K. Katz, J. Gleason, P. Goodman, H. Groth, E. McAllister, J. Lang. CAMERA SHY: J. Josell, P. Vota, C. Green. Physical Education - Cage Ball - 'Heads Up!' ff .X ROW ONE lleit to rightl: S. 1-lauck, B. Yard, burger, R. Applegate, W. Abate, R. Barkalow, N. Beams, J. Bennett, K. Hannon, E. Yeako, P. J. Holmes, W. Rogan, B. Williams, T. Whit- Weld, S. lsaacs, M. Berscli, J. Wilson, M. son, E. 1-lerson, F. Whitman, L. Williams, K. Woodruff, 3. Perry, M. Wise, G. Bill. ROW Zieglar, B. Ramen. ROW FWE Kleit to rightl: TWO tleit to rightl: J. Becker, E. Williams, W. Wilson, D. Harkey, B. Born, C. Wurst, H. B. Hansen, G. Berta, i-l. Bulsart, M. Woodward, Wilhelm, G. Hanna, C. Womack, F. Barkalow, J. Ziemiecki, L. Hill, l. Haynes, B. l-lunko, R. Barkalow, S. Baiga, R. Wright, A. Wyche, J. Wooley, L. Yates, G. Wariord. ROW THREE R. Wilson. ROW SXX tleit to rightl: B. Hertz, tleit to rightlz R. Ayers, V. Alexander, E.Hindin, D. Yuhas, S. Baskin. CAMERA SHY: H. Libby, E. Baker, J. Blain, M. Hickman, L. ltinger, E.Henderson,M.Bersh,M.1-lannon,M.Haveron, H. Boennke, L. Bradley, D. Borowski, J. Barg, R. Bannon, R. Bellinger, P. Barr, H. Blackwell, V. Kurtz. ROW ROUR Rleit to rightl: J. Ham- S. Wooster, C. Bevins, C. Williams. X l Q , , K ' I . E -w..--1' l " ' x, Q .,- ,J ,, .N A,, X :h ROW ONE tleft to rightl: P. Coutinko, M. Davis, M. Crine, M. Duyrn, E. Daniels, C. Errickson, G. Stanley, R. Stulzaft, J. Engeldt, J. Eggert, D. Pietro, J. Falcho, L. Stevenson, S. Solakian. ROW TWO tleft to rightl: B. Freer, P. Crocker, B. DeFazio, B. Stohl, L. Steinberg, A. Stroger, E. Driver, H. Fenn, D. Duckeniield, P. Dvorkoii, J. Soden, D. Dronne, C. Swanson. ROW THREE ' F ster V. Gallini, l it to rightl' T Evans, F. o , D. le . . E. Sheitz, C. Frick, S. Daks, J. Dayton, Dombrosk, C. Smith, B. Storz, G. Davison, J. Ellington, E. Foster, V. Statesir. ROW FOUR lleft to rightl: F. Steinitz, G. Hanna, R. Sherman, R. Smith, A. Faktor, W. Davison, O. Clax, F. --Edwards, G. Dore, D. Staneck, R. Dore, R. Stiles. ROW FIVE tleft to rightj: B. Smith, S. Fischer, S. Shor, A. Dey, F. Easton, J. 'l 'o CAMERA SHY: A.'Slade, E. Smith, S1 vi . P. Dibiase, B. Cyrta, M. Foy, J. Dayton. ROW ONE Qleft to rightjz M. Kenney, J. Jasper, S. Spezzano, F. Ostrander, R. Kerwin, M. Cam- pagna, M. Camp, N. LaBounty, M. Chismar, A. Riella., A. Porter, V. Kamin, R. Cichoski, G. Lang, H. Quaedflieg. ROW TWO lleit to rightjz J. Lamberson, K. Palmer, A. Michaelson, B. Conover, F. Conover, S. Johansen, J. Nowiezew- ski, J. Cashill, N. Mohr, M. Kelly, M. Kech, J. Landles, S. Katz, D. Dekle. ROW THREE ileft to rightj: R. Bell, M. Nappa, E. Piatkowski, R. Prest, V. Chapman, E. Owens, S. Quacken- bush, M. Fisher, L. Pryor, E. Arnold, M. Miller, M. Conover, J. Johnson. ROW FOUR lleft to rlghtl: R. Kudrick, J. Niemiec, J. Kane, W. YI El' FRESHME I962 Murphy, C. Salt, A. Kinsey, C. Davis, D. Oll- werther, K. Egan, J. Kurtz, R. Johnson, R. Naylor, R. Palmer, F. Koechlin. ROW FIVE fleft to rightjz K. Cook, V. Christiano, F. Curry, E. Penson, G. Elff, P. Conomos, R. Pulos, R. Jones, R. Datz, L. Egerton, L. Clax, J. Riley, R. Davis. ROW SIX lleft to rightjzw. Kazlauskas, R. Rietzke, A. Chrisolm, D. Munyak, B. Kohn, D. Piatkowski, E. Kestin, J. Jones, W. Creter, L. Clax, M. Wittfield, W. Crooms. ROW SEVEN ilelt to rightl: D. Mathews, L. Pace, S. Lamb. CAMERA SHY: H. Bannia, P. Cicalese, M. cox, P. Dalik, J. D'amore, C. Gardner, H. Haman, R. Juliano, H. Kerekes, K. Kohler. -- .. aw gl ROW ONE Cleft to rightl: M. Janson, K. I-lutzaluk, K. Pellet, A. Groman, S. Seaman, G. Huebsch, L. Shreck, M. Sanders, R. Wilson, J. Smith, C. Holmes, E. Globis, P. Venti, M. Zimmerman, J. Jalovich. ROW TWO Cleft to rightj: B. Woodward, C. Zlotkin, G. Hagan, K. Reya, H. Zilbergeld, D. Schlechtweg, S. Richardson, L. Williams, J. Guthrie, K. Harsche, J. Romano, J. Viera, L. Zebroski, W. Zebroski, D. Wenzel. ROW THREE Cleft to rightl: R. Wetmore, C. Hilton, H. Kirk, D. Wells, D. Singhofer, T. Hamilton, B. Worthington, J. Riggs, J. Ward, N. Foster, B. Haymaker, F. Guth, R. Hamma., W. Green, H. Rosenblum. ROW FOUR Cleft torightlz S. Seabrook, C. Woods, J. Hattersley, R. Wish, F. Yapps, R. Juliano, H. Scott, J. Scotto, L. Johnson, W. Wagner, A. Hall, W. Torres, T. Rocco, J. Healy. ROW FIVE Cleft to rightj: R. Hendrickson, B. Saunders, F. Shultz, R. Hammond, L. Rizzi, C. Berry, J. Griffin, J. Young, K. Toft, R. Phillips, F. Ruff, D. Wells, R. VanPelt, J. Jameson, D. Thurston. ROW SIX Cleft to rightj: J. White, W. Stroud, A. Thompson, D. Hiers, R. Schlatterer,E. Rumfield, R. Tilton, N. Stround, D. Walker, E. Ford, R. Wyche, F. Rogers, R. Oliver, P. Hugus. ROW SEVEN Cleft to rightjz D. Herbert, A. Iasko, CAMERA SHY: D. Gallagher, T. I-lock, T. Bayer, S. Riggleman, M. Ryniewicz, H. Rosenbloom, J. Venti. Hmfi w. "L""'5 FLT - 1 5585 H ROW ONE fleft to rightjz N. McCarthy, J. Gior- dano, J. Taylor, P. Cain, C. Vaughn, A. Texidor, P. Mitchell, C. Maresca, A. Dohl, C. Scaglione, J. VanCuran, D. Foster, T. Buckalew, F. Lemay, C. Martin, A. Drake. ROW TWO lleft to rightjz S. Lewis, E. Dressler, J. Arksey, J. King, A. Boyce, B. Mathews, D. Finan, O. Semenov, L. Stubbs, S. Sovis, F. Machinshok, J. Elfenbein, S. Legere, M. Ervin, L. Sokol, C. Loudon. ROW THREE Qleft to rightjz V. Stanford, E. Katz, D. Traver, T. Dittmar, A. Dmytarko, G. Byrnes, A. Earp, A. Beansderfer, C. Mc Gantlin, L. Roe, M. Dempsey, F. Slaughter, J. Ulikowski, J. Van Brunt, L. Errickson, E. Bania. ROW FOUR lleft to rightjz R. Forman, H. Matox, D. Gant, G. Bronson, J. Luiz, R. Glatzer, A. Mosher, R. Brown, W. Stroud, W. N. Stroud, F. Barta, ROW FIVE Qleft to Brown, C. Malakovich, D. Carswell, W. Lamb. Foreign Language - French, the romantic language. rightlz R. Gelormine, R. Juliano, R. Stewart, L. Brodie, R. Bachman, B. Marriner, R. Briggs, E. Kloepping, D. Silverglate, G. Lake, D. Mc Gackin, C. Malekovich, A. Fenickel, E. Stokes, R. Lurch, R. Cavanaugh. ROW SIX Qleft to rightj: J. Boudreau, O. Berriau, G. McDuffy, E. Ford, R. Lapianne, D. McKay, B. Shadlun, K. Sher- man, R. Sena, R. Milich, W. Lott, M. Shever, K. Miraglia, N. McDonald, J. Dempsey, D. Tave. ROW SEVEN Qleft to rightj: A. Glovich, P. Bohn, W. Mathews, L. Smith, R. Bjarnsen, R. Gorbich, D. Glum, H. Stroger, A. Boyce, G. Strickman, C. Smythe, R. Brodie. CAMERA SHY: A. Falkner, C. Berry, L. Alkon, W. Van- Brunt, K. Long, S. Lowe, J. Meyer, H. Evans, R. Emmons, B. Fischer, C. Camarata, D. Barbo- lini, W. McChesney, E. Arnold, L. Brown, S. Hyman, E. McDowell, T. McGuire. ROW ONE lleft to -rightlz B. Frances, C. Frances, P. Harris, J. Ellman, C. Bennett, S. Hillpot, P. Howard, G. Askoe, B. Joyner, B. Banks, N. Dubell, J. Kehoe, B. Lane. ROW TWO lleft to rightjz S. Burdge, B. Dean, J. Helms, A. Down, C. Davison, D. Eckhardt, J. Dorin, M. Ehlin, E. Kruse, F. Denham, P. Dalessio, M. Anderson, A. Emer, P. Kranis, J. Anderson. ROW THREE lleft to rightjz E. King, A. Leber, A. Wortimer, J. Collins, P. Klapp, J. Itinger, K. Cicalese, M. DeLucia, I. Dorahay, R. Banks, S. Bacon, S. Bennett, P. Shaltis, A. Kearns. ROW FOUR Celt to rightjz R. Archer, P. Archer, R. Hand, G. Beck, L. Burdge, J. Coley, J. Decker, S. Allen, H. Barkalow, J. Jerolis, D. Arthur, J. Cirrito, B. Connell, S. Clark, R. Bartholametti. ROW FIVE lleft to rightjz K. Daniels, C. Cahoon, R. Curtis, R. Hampel, D. Havlik, G. Conover, J. Blair, J. Colantonio, J. Hyman, N. Curry, S. Horowitz, J. Chin, A. Jukel, W. Hill. ROW SIX Cleft to rightjz P. Chartier, J. Hryniewich, P. Brogen, F. Barkin, E. Havschild, M. Connolly, C. Burke, E. Kruse, B. Williams, J. Hooper, J. Brown, J. Smith, A. Breese. CAMERA SHY: P. Dow, D. Drclich, A. LeCompte, A. Hall, D. Haymaker, R. Iverson, J. Jablonski, H. Kennett, B. Burke, B. Allan, R. Barclay, L. Brommell, W. Conroy. Language Arts - The ever- essential English, English, and more English. 3 .-:---"".T..,55 an r--1 1-.L oe-...., s--....... ...... ....... .. nl.. o--1 -.... ,519 C .HQCPO ROW ONE fleft to rightl: P. Graham, C. Facal- ossy, S. Bacarchik, M. Zyndermln, J. Gordon, B. Wright, L. Womack, B. Petrone, A. Urkoff, N. Ze-rlin, K. Pinto, R. Glantman, R. Zurawlow, S. Webb. ROW TWO lleft to rightl: F. Faul- haber, D. Harris, B. Reynolds, P. Rathsmith, M. Hand, P. Holman, C. Reed, C. Faragalli, S. Wargo, H. Oliver, R. White, F. Robinson, O. Williams. ROW THREE Qleft to rightlz S. Palmer, N. Gryszkiewicz, A. LeCompte, V. Gilliard, G. Harvey, J. Warner, C. Farraro, S. Purvis, R. Voorhees, W. Foster, R. Ferris, M. Potter, R. Wyche. ROW FOUR Qleft to rightj: Fine Arts - From drawing board to models to production. J. Martin, H. Wilkinson, L. Pallante, S. Wilson, R. Guckenberger, C. Miller, F. Yiengst, R. Richardson, W. Wiesner, D. Rauch, G. Moreau, L. Edwards, R. Gockel, D. Greenlow. ROW FIVE Qleft to rightl: M. Doyle, H. Megill, R. Marrinia, R. Barkley, J. Thompson, E. Weidlieh, W. Van Dyke, G. McMullen, R. Iverson, W. Peace, T. Walling, M. Gartenberg, H. Kenett. ROW SIX lleft to rightjz M. Kushek, R. Normand, J. Papp, A. Epstein, G. Flora, A. Globis, C.Groff, D. Dukow, R. Patterson, M. Frances. CAMERA SHY: R. Zlotkowski, B. Foster. 4.34 nf C Xxlts . 4 ' Ni ROW ONE fleft to rightjz E. Torres, C. Piecy C. Lida, M Umstead, J. Rudman, G. Tashjian, M. Switzer, L. Miranda, A. Urkoff,B. McNamara, P. Nance, P. Smith, W. Morrison, M. McDuffy, L. Updyke. ROW TWO Qleft to rightj: K. Trojan, A. Lippincott, S. Shordensky, J. Roncone, 0. Shadlun, K. Mar, E. Sigler, S. Tscherednikov, C. McDowell, D. Michaelson, M. Rodick, S. Schottland, S. Siegel, A. Metersky. ROW THREE Cleft to rightjz J. Maire, E. LaFrance, M. Lanz, R. Storer, F. Reinhold, M. Smith, P. Saker, O. Udetsky, G. Trezza, G. Schutzer, R. Stolz, Fine Arts - Design with artistic perfection. C. Kopec, R. Simkins, J. Marsh. ROW FOUR tleft to rightl: L. Leming, J. Kezis, A. Poinsett, P. Maida, A. Sutterlin, M. Sammis, P. Mc Dermott, R. Renouf, J. Miller, M. Kinny, N. Santiago, D. Rauch, J. Redmond. ROW FIVE Kleft to rightj: L. Soden, W. Levin,R. Jordan, H. Small, L. Koster, J. Smoke, J. Kokes, T. Lowe, A. Schubach, C. VanChoick, K. Mannard, K. Shilling, M. Santiago. ROW SIX lleft to rightl: R. Kinney, H. Schmowe, P. Olsen, H. Smith. CAMERA SHY: B. Smith, D. Slattery E. Krautozoff. U DERCLASS OFFICERS r ff A, 'K J' Fix . 2 8- 'z 1'-5 V s i V 3 Na A 'I Ileana Duffner Lloyd Burlew Frank Accisano Treasurer Vice President Treasurer .gl JUNIORS l96O Ronald Brocavich President 1- -E-aih. , . ,J Lydia Elff Pat Dulik Richard Rice Treasurer Secretary Treasurer E W Joseph Collins Otto Tufenkijian Irene Kastleman President Vice President Secretary SOPHOMCJRES l96I Thurston Whitson Treasurer FG 1 W.. 1 , FRESHMEN Mafifeliiiiiuff nga: Julie Nowiczewski Paul I-lugus Secretary ' Treasurer Nr J SFR, ,wesdwx lv w e is ,,., '31 'Z I -v x if-N William Wagner President . l ' 1 x 11 Pat Howard Vice President new , no A I'- Barbara Woodward Treasurer W1 5 in x- K. 7 guflh Y ' ,M 4,4 .1 xg 'B f 1 N .e?"'l e - f"'h ACTIVITIES inclined toward service STUDE 1 A - Lois J. Van Derveer Secretary COUNCIL Sally I. Lamherton First Row fleft to rightjz G. Coles, J. Gordon, P. Howard, L. Salkowitz, L. VanDerveer, G. Henderson, D. Naylor, S. Lamberton, R. Griffiths, J. Cashill, M. Zimmerman, L. Wolock, M. Swit- zer, R. Hamilton, and M. Anderson. Second row fleft to rightlz J. Rauter, R. Stulzaft, A. Landeau, P. Niemtzow, S. Malone, S. Legere, P. Vitomp- ski, M. Karp, P. Soden, S. Clark, J. Turner, and C. Thompson. Third row Cleft to rightj:J. Elfenbein, J. Nowiczewski, G. Huebsch, H. Barka- low, J. VanBrunt, D. Singhofen, S. Smith, J. Johnson, T. Dittmar,S. Palmer, N.Gryszkieivicz, B. Epstein, a'nd J. Hall. Fourth row Qleft to rightj: C. Pease, K. Chisolm, J. MacNamara, P. Saker, M. I-Iulsart, M. Slattery, I. Blain, S. Daks, D. Strickman, S. Garvin, J. Harwood, I. Matula, and P. Udeatsky. Fifth row Kleft to rightjz J. Cirrito, W. Brewer, J. Hynman,-P. Morris, L. Kuey, G. Herson, F. Steinetz, C. Walker, R. Weiss, G. Metz, D. Nowack, J. Estenes, and J. Collins. Sixth row fleft to rightjs T. Whitson, A. Tuyahov, R. Reynolds, M. Eisenberg, J. Silver, S. Fischer, D. Byrnes, G. Corliss,W. Zimm erer, R. Kaplan, and W. Katz. Seventh row Qleft to rightj: L. Badanes, J. Hantman, M. Ellman, S. Silver, and D. Gross. Gall P Henderson Financial Secretary Treasurer v. is .1 SCHOOL PLAY E. . na uv-. "Don't tell me there aren't any martians in this house." IX. ? '5i.,,.,.,.f, L hm 'Take my hand Pmastran- 'I can't, I already have one.' "Don't hand me that jazz." ger in Para.dise.' 'You'1l never guess what landed in the field across the street." ,..... W., gf! J- ,. ..1 "What!?!" if . , I k will 'A Martian?' - . ig I And then this big cop came along .... " "It's t th ' On the evenings of April 20, 21, and 22, the Student Council proudly presented "Father's Been to Mars" - a comedy in three acts, directed by Mr. Jules Bierach. The family of a television star often has acting abilities which are overlooked until a crisis brings their potential into the open. It ends happily to the delight of all with "everyone in the same orbit." no at Idont like you John, but .... ' l l fl IM - UA 102 W Bill Haines - Have Three strikes and Jim Gere - patience broom, will travell- you're in. personified. 3 I 1 lflsmfx ufLui.v-1 X Mr. F. Cleary lectures the Pussycat, pussycat, where journalism class. have you been? CANDID 104 Ma, he's makin' eyes at me !" 3 5 I . W HI ll fi! il i U QI in Lorin Derry - You might get a. big charge out of this. 'I could have sworn it was Lawrence Welk. Z 4 Z- 9 2, ff f ,gif M , L' Cx U O- O- X I U 735 .g, 1.5 s'a 01' I 1 106 IF lflllfligwm .Fi X XWM The prom guests enjoy a midnight mean,a "gourmet's delight', as they contemplate the remainder of an exciting evening. The "best' among the "better'g Richie Tilton and Louise Zebroski reign over their court. Left to right: Ron Griffiths, Alan Fischer, Jack Whitman, Glenn Cashion, Vince Cullen, Mal Zlotkin Qhostl, Joanne Herson, Gail Yates, Sheila Lamber- ton, Patt Saunders, and Sally Lamberton. 3 .. , if I -se i is X 'ke Jluulniolr lplrolrrl Flowery musical decorations, a glorious multi-colored violin, sparkling notes, and other flower-covered instruments - delightfully ushered in last year's Junior Prom, "Spring- time Serenade The Sea Girt lnn was the scene of the first crowning of a Junior Prince and Princess. Dreamy music and a delicious meal added to the enjoyment of the gala affair. A night to remember - smooth dancing to the sweet strains of soft music. Princess and Prince, Louise Zebroski and Rich- ard Tilton proceed down the aisle to receive their crowns. DQ .. 1. Am SENIOR PLAY 'My name is Teddy Roose- 'Ohl Mortimer, I'm so proud velt, who did you think X of your engagement with Weis?" Elaine.' H I I I 'QQ ,. i TD 'You know Ilove you Elaine in fact I love you so much I can't marry you.' -,::1:.- ,, :ts .V Hu- - ' u 's -L .Q-I Ei 1271 -J 49 N .-'Q A ' .' .'. .G YQ 3 -0 A. 0... ' Q6 1 0 i Z 5 uns, 9, , -I ' N, 4, J... SENIOR PLAY CAST 'ARSENIC AND OLD LACE' Pictured above fleft to rightl en masse: Row one - Jesse Silverglate, Kurt Hanna, Claire Wybernac, Leonard Elfenbein, Elfriede Weigand, Leonard Resnick, Norman Primost, and Fran Silber. Row two - Jack Silver, Lois Van Derveer, Walter Hand, Les Badanes, Barbara Stroger, and Bill Foley. Row three - Tom Bachman and Martin Ellman. Not present: Martin Eisenberg. 'ig A cellar full of bodies and an audience full of laughter-the senior play, "Arsenic and Old Lace", was 4, , n-F presented in the school auditorium. With a "charging" Teddy Roosevelt, two poisonable old ladies, a young romance, and two characters from the underworld, "Arsenic" was a slaughtering success. A fine direct- ing job was done by Miss Patricia Ewell. 'But Chonney, you can't leave a dead body in the window seat.' "He"s finally starting to look like something! 'Thank you Colonel, these toys will come in very handy." 'Boy that jello looks goo money do I have-'?' d. Let me see, how m 'It's no trouble for Matt,but what about the other six? 'tg :J Boy, can they d CANDIDS 'Z NXWIHW uw Here are two of the nicer attractions in Woodshop. Now we can see why so many boys take shop. "What is it?" "Well, it can't work every time....' Fred Carter - capable, kind, custodian. It is prudent to live on good terms with one's cook. ,x 12 fe NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - 1958 First row, Qleft to rightjr Anita Goldstein, Jeanne Engel, Bar- bara Reynolds, Judy Magee, Patricia Walling, Carol Lott, Ann Durie, Joan Whitson, Rose Kuey, and Constance Reid. Second row, tleft to rightjz Barbara Stroger, Linda Cooper, Patricia McGowen, Mary Millard, Joyce Stroschein, Yvonne Hampton, Luray Cook, Janet Errickson, Doris Christie, and Nancy VanDerveer. Third row, lleft to rightj: Phoebe Seigel, Elaine Weinstein, Lois VanDerveer, Sheila Lamberton, Ann Rohm, Mary Ann Gleason, Patricia Gall, Elaine Corrie, Pola Niemtzow, and Sally Lamberton. Fourth row, tleft to rightl: Norman Primost, Barry Smith, Michael Obsatz, Martin Eisen- berg, Jesse Silverglate, Thomas Bachman, Martin Ellman, Jerome Hantman, and Ronald Worsley. Fifth row, Qleft to rightl: Emery Pudder, Howard Isaacs, William Mehr, Donald Beck, David VanDerveer, and George Evans. These are our outstanding seniors of 1959: Mary Joan Hulsart and Patricia Saunders were chosen for the Citizenship Instituteg Linda Yetman, Gail Yates, and Erika Isaacs for Girls' Stateg Barry Smith, Glenn Cashion, and Richard Tilton for Boys' State. Louise Zebroski won the D. A. R. Award as the Senior Good Citizen. All the students representing the various groups were chosen by the senior class. K R Al Q . N. lf R M Y 5 B fir., C C ' , I at , . FUTURE NURSES' CLUB The Freehold Regional High School Future Nurses' Club was first organized in September, 1956. Students from all four classes are eligible for membership. This year the club boasts of thirty-five active members. It is interesting to note that, during the 1957-1958 academic year, eight of the ten senior club members were accepted by various schools of nursing. . , rv , It Khin SPIRIT STAFF - 1959 With their noses to the grindstone and their ears to the ground, 'Spirit' editors, advised by Mr. Sheratsky and Mr. Bierach, publish the school paper, which coppeda First Place rating from C.S.P.A. . Pictured ileft to right! are Sports editors B. Epstein and L. Badanesg Editors-in-Chief J. Silverglate and M. Obsatzg and Photography editors R. Stromwasser and R. Applegate. Absent for picture were J. Herson, S. Halpern, L. Visceglia, M. Ellman, B. Stroger, and G. Fung. What are their creative minds cooking up now? Pictured to the right lleft to rightl are our Traffic Squad Chairman Lucille Visceglia, Barbara Epstein, and Susan Clapp. They and their squad members are responsible for the smooth flow of traffic during passing time. 3 m 'mfg A JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL - 1959 The F. R. H. S. chapter of the Junior Red Cross Council has lived up to its reputation that 'Service Is Our Motto". Once a year they conduct a concerted drive for funds upon which they draw for their various helpful activities during the year. The Red Cross Club, composed primarily of Senior 'and Junior girls, has been responsible for carrying out the yearly plans of the council. The entire Organization here at F.R.H,S. is very ably sponsored by two faculty members - Mrs. Krusen and Mrs. Winchenbach. The Log Executive Board of 1959. First row tleft to rightj: Linda Yetman, Mike Obsatz and Francine Rosenstein, co- editors, Louise Zebroski, and Erika Isaacs. Second Row Cleft to rightjz Walter Hand, Sheila Halpern, Claire Wybernac, Mary Joan Hulsart, Marlene Sorcher, Rosemary Hamilton, Betty Jane Ellis. Third row lleft to rightl: Bill Culver- house, Martin Ellman, Bill Foley, Bill Bachman, Martin Eisenberg, and Jesse Silverglate. 9' ge x Qlfab' Q4 ' XV! X 'fi 11' . . 3 ' ex , 'ik A s . sf V, A Members of the Library Council Planning Board fl. to r.l: A. Apgar, H. Bloom, L. Resnick, M. Gleason, President, B. Tufen- f, i . .. v ,. ,M is .. -, fu, ' 4 Q ,,w,,,..,, ,. .-.tfu .. . 1, N-.,, - il I kijian, C. Sagotsky, J. Koenig, L. Itinger, I. Duffner, L. Visceglia, K. DeLong, B. Kowalski, J. Burst. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FREEHOLD CHAPTER Members: First row lleft to rightj: Mr. Oliver, John Bucior, Stanley Schank, Steve Kosiarski LPresidentJ, George Wieden- moyer Wice Presidentj, Kenneth Stattel, Phillip Vota, Mr. Smith. Second row fleft to rightj: Wayne Clayton, Steve Shor, Wilbur Burdge, Kenneth Woolley, Charles Erbin, Dennis Megill, John Dressler, Harvey Holland, Albert Yoncak. Third row Kleft to rightjz Franklin Barkalow, Ronald Wright, Robert Hunt, Fred Foster, Howard Malsbury, Edgar VanOrden, Charles Thomas. Fourth row fleft to rightjz Frank Berta, Cliff Berry, Thomas Bayer, Buddy Layton, Wayne Grinde, Albert Jenkins, Edward Sheftz. Fifth row Kleft to rightj: Robert Juliano, Harry Mattox,Alfonso Kinsey, Thomas Walling, Charles Cahoon, Arthur Poinsett, DeWitt Lott. LOWER CENTER: SENIOR HOMEROOM TREASURERS First row, left to right: F. Silber, G. Cashion KCO-Treasurerj, L. A. Hendrickson fCo-Treasurerl, and E. Isaacs. Second row, left to right: I. Demery, J. Klapp, M. Oliver, L. Schneidef, M. A. Gleason, and C. Wybernac. LOWER RIGHT: LOG BUSINESS STAFF First row, left to right: Co-Business Managers T. Bachman, P. Gall, and P. Saunders. Second row, left to right: L. A. Hendrickson, B. Epstein, J. Steinberg, and S. Lamberton. Third row, left to right: J. Hantman, W. VanDerveer, R. Astor, W. Foley, and R. Sadow. ,wr 'W 'f . q Xe . ,' v-fp-m 4 'This goal is a lot wider than I thoughtl' 'Us busy, Earth-man.' 1 L, 'sy ,lv X t K M -.1 in Martin Urban, swing-shift specialist. No school can be efficiently run without a competent secretarial staff. Pictured above are our secretaries in the main office: tLeft to rightl Mrs. Madden, Mrs. Spector, and Miss Miller. The latest addition to the staff is Mrs. Eggert, who is not shown. CAN DID Mal Zlotkin finally gets a chance to crown somebody- it's Louise Zebroski, Prin- cess of the Junior Prom. Excitement mounts as the votes are counted for' the Prince and Princess ofour Junior Prom. 0 M fn, 1 Our guidance secretaries, Mrs. MarionDague Qleftj and Mrs. Marietta Rogers lrightl, are known for their friendliness, efficiency, and willingness to help at all times. ,j 3 , 2, X 3 if c ' Vf 1 Z fc, -3' ypqlr.: ' Throughout the year many excellent concerts have been presented by the Band, Glee Club, Choir and Orchestra. The Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. l.ubaczl-wski, consists of 30 members. Despite its small sire, it did an outstanding job in presenting, to the listeners, excellent orchestral arrangements in numerous concerts. 'l'he lland showed tremendous school spirit, marching and playing at football games, pep rallies and assemblies. Various concerts were also given by the Hand underthe expert guidance of Mr. Lube. 'l'he Choir and Glee Club under the exper- ienced leadership of Mr. Whittemore showed an immense improvement over last year even though many vocalists graduated. ln this section lfreehold Regional High was proud to have five members of the All-State Choir. We owe much gratitude to all the students who participated in these four activities and to their able leaders Mr. Lube and lvlr. Whitte- more. Always pleasing to the eyes and ears is the F. R. H. S. band. They are a gala sight at every football game as they are accompanied by the majorettes and color guard. This year, under the direction of Mr. Lubaczewski, our band again showed its powess in assemblies, at games, and at concerts for the public. USIC L We can also be proud of our majorettes whose tricky routines never fail to seize the center of attraction. The color guard led the group proudly bearing our national and school flags. The whole ensemble provided the necessary spark and color to our football games. ir' A ' -, ,gg ' A -.iii .u W-9 ll. 4. r 'hi F .xi , kr, . A 5 'X l' ' f. 1 i cf' 2 A ' . f ' Q ,-in-. , ' , f . ' .2 . A ,K Qqlul ' t '?'Q7."',av 3 -- Li- 'N if ' Ay .,,1':l?',Hfg-..-N ', fr. gl , Mi",N,'f . ' ' ',g-g,:'.1ii , 51.2 , , ,1x"'3-J . if -" 'E 'Q , , . - . :, , Q'.'3iL.9Q -' A -- ' Ji ' - '-'Q 2.- ' . 1... -.'-' 8 .. jf- "f-,hi-jf 'r 'sf 'ft' 1 - '. "4 'f ' .4 T' -' .1-, -1 .f .1 ,.f- . z -...yi ,Q--Ja " -3,1 ' h - ,,.." - . ' .. l Jflkfl . .-" - . ' ,, --"' A. ' 11 ' . ' . ' ',-, . :fr -tgp' 41 4 . 4 ,A ., -T'- cg- . K- A . , ' - 4 .ge . M' , he , . D, I . ..f , by , . - V Y . - ,M . U W-, J.-z,,12..,, J -. J,-ff ' .' ' ,I-3, . . Q" , Q y. h V . ., V-. ..,, -, '-kt.. K, , -3,-1 3 , - - 115, - A 1 .1 4. - - - M- -f i '. . as ', ' sf 4 .L 'N' . .q , f '. ' ..f.- 't ,zfgr , , 3,1 'v. ,IL . .. g - ' -- e . P' !l2B",,,-A-g,. ,y Qi? ---, -- .2 . " -1, ,ie -- .V s,.:,3 ,asa - e,,.,,- ' X , . . .Y- Xt... Freehold Regional's 30 piece orchestra, con- ducted by Mr, Lube, again did a finejob this year in their efforts to entertain the students. The orchestra participated in many programs high- lighted by the annual spring concert. Preparing for their annual Christmas program, the F. R. H. S. choir directedby Mr. Whittemore, rehearses one of their many songs. . .Eg trtt at ' f u Nha 5 CHRI TMA DANCE Silver Bells, Silver Bells, it's Christmas time at the high school. Tingling-hear them ring, at the Senior Christmas Dance. A tinseled tree, a visitfromSanta, and many silver colored tinkling bells ushered in the most beautiful semi-formal dance of the year. More than five- hundred attended the truly memorable affair! The highlight of the evening was the presence of Santa Norris, especially when he gave out gifts. His jovial manner brought out the Christmas spirit. Francine Rosenstein, co-editor of the LOG, is receiving her Christmas present-a twig- or little "LOG"! Pola Niemtzow, Mistress of Ceremonies is giving Santa some moral support. J l- 1.11: A visit from Santa Norris - oops, we mean Santa Claus, of course -who handed out presents to well-known seniors -a high- light of the dance. The Christmls tree sparklecl and glittered with a festive yet soft silver glow. The bright multi-colored lights gleamed cheer- fully, setting the mood for the gay holiday spirit. A Il I l 1 Ks . S." ,, , Harry Hulse imaintenance 'What kind of racket is staffl rights a wrong. this?" Hattie and Julia - two well known members of our custodial staff, always cheerful and always busy. Handy Mr. Hanley, our Mainten- ance Mechanic - His ability to cope with all situations has earned him the name 'fMr. Fix-it.' 3 Q 0 I J ,ummm rw JP Z 2 U VN 122 ..t-....l.alnv FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Freehold Regional's Future Homemakers of America chapter is affiliated with the parent national organization. The Members strive toward the goal of 'promoting better living today for better homes tomorrow". Among this year's projects have been a visit to the Tobe-Coburn School of Fashion Careers, a United Nations Supper, and numerous speakers concerning the different phases of home economics. If they only put the pins n the gutter, I might. . . " X . jr .1 J I F1 u,'f m , 'Il 'Bill McQueen, one of the tidiest men in the school.' gi: 40. rfi- -fhy it gg- g t WBTIMQQ s l9?? l "Pm not old enough to figure it out.' 123 MERIT AWARD Becoming a recipient of the Freehold Regional High School Merit Award is one of the greatest honors which can be bestowed upon a student of our school. The Merit Award recipients are recognized asmature people who have been considerate, coopera- tive, and responsible, and who have dis- played all the qualities of a good American citizen. These are the kind ofindividuals who will help build fine communities and afiner nation. xY"9 Merit Award Winners - 1958 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightjz S. Hauck, L. Grlesmer, E. Weck, E. Baker, J. Blain, J. Falcho, B. Pogers, T. Weiner, B. Barton, P. Ely, C. Hulse, N. Pavliv, P. Engel, C. Jones, A. Durle, R. Hamilton, L. Hend- rickson, P. McCGrackin, I. Demery, S. Clark, J. Donovan, S. Brannlund, M. Kramer, K. Chlsolm, and P. Rudolph. SECOND ROW Cleft to rightjz C. Comp, B. Krupa, J. Schank, F. Petchers, M. Spradley, B. Tufenkgian, D. Landwlhr, E. Fiore, I. Burst, R. Komensky, P. Brewer, C. Chace, A. Goldstein, J. Engel, J. Magee, P. Walling, C. Lott, S. Katz, I. Whitson, G. Whitson, R. Kuey, C. Reid, S. Halpern, A. Martlanov, M. LeCompte, L. Hill, A. Anderson, S. Daks, and L. Schneider. THIRD ROW Cleft to rightj: M. Tamalonis, E. Daniels, J. Rxchelson, J. Koenig, C. Sagotsky, E. Asman, M. Sorcher, M. Goldfine, C. Zackowitz, B. Stroeger, P. Siegel, E. Weinstein, L. Cooper, J. Stroschein, Y. Hampton, L. Cooke, J. Errlckson, D. Christie, N. VanDerveer, S. Pease, J. Engeldt, L. Yates, R. Weisgold, S. Isa.acs,S. Towasser, L. Zebroski, C. Wybernec, and G. Yates. FOURTH ROW Cleft to rightjz M. Davis, L. Stanford, M. Karp, M. Casteel, B. Kowalski, M. Woodruff, P. Vitomski, S. Clapp, S. Bronson, F.Rosenstrelch, L. VanDerveer, S. Lamberton, A. Rohm M. Gleason, P. Gall, E. Corrie, F. Rosensteln, P. Niemtzow, S. Lamberton, B. Epstein, C. Walker, L. Salkowitz, L. House, A. Clayton, M. Jones, S. Malone, and M. Slattery. FIFTH ROW Cleft to rlghtjz L. Visceglia, P. Yapps, I AWARD 1 M. Oliver, D. Perrine, C. Daum, K. DeLong, J. Rogers, P. Blankenstein, W. Foley, J. Carswell, N. Primost, B. Smith, M. Obsatz, M. Eisenberg, J. Silverglate, T. Bachman, M. Ellman, F. Silver, J. Hantman, J. Silver, A. Robbins, R. Sagotsky, W. Zimmerman, S. Goldberg, R. Niemtzow, and G. Fung. SIXTH ROW fleft to rightjz M. Foy, B. Yard, I. Duff- ker, B. Billker, D. Cashion, H. Isaacs, V. Alt, D. Rooney, J. Dawes, R. Brocavich, E. Pudder, D. VanDerveer, D. Beck, G. Evans, R. Worsley, J. Klapp, J. Jeffrey, B. Camarata, D. Fromm, A. Tuyhov, P. Ganci, and B. Rothcamp. SEVENTH ROW Cleft to rightj: C. Horne, E. Isaacs, T. Barka- low, W. Mehr, K. Long, I. Robinson, R. Rice, B. Pogue, R. Rupprecht, M. Donowitz, B. Hochberg, W. Katz, W. Buck, P. Hubbard, I. Torres, B. Oates, N. Munch, W. Bachman, D. Naylor, P. Daum, E. Herr, G. Dong, and G. Cashion. EIGHTH ROW fleft to rightjz S. Garvin, J. Harwood, A. Spezzano, F. Easton, R. Astor, C.L1oyd, J. Kosiarski, R. Reynolds, F. Accisano, A. Daesener, R. Fariello, B. Hertz, B. Horn, D. Harkey, D. Petchers, G. Herson, T. Whitson, J. Collins, S. Beck, D. Nowack, S. Reid, W. Culverhouse, R. Griffiths, R. Tilton, A. Fisher, and L. Heulitt. CAMERA SHY: G. Davison, D. Erven, M. Hulsart, S. Katz, P. McGowan, M. Millard, M. Moss, C. Pallante, B. Reynolds, and P. Saunders. H' QF - jr wap. -1, -J.-gala "1" fir., . . -'g' a A ,,wf,1,,f"Q. '-A pq f X .' Q-1' " If ' ',,17"g'n Q .lf5f?f"i"f'f',-"i.,- .1 fi 3224, on N i I 9.-...., ,,.,4,, . X W .J .' V . 0 -fi , . , ., -- " L :-A 1 -1--4' -. .- sv . F - .vin -Axkaip tx , Q f-- 'ii V1 . 'I,,- 3' Fan 1-,' tif... 1 . .. v ' +-3,11-My nn -n.'5 1, 1-., ,',4 . H-Mg. . ww. I -uf" , -N . ., , '. .- g aw-A, ,raf- . , . .ju 1, if-, 5 - , cf' . ,a 4 My + ... '. .rv-' 44 fury . -, JI . si : 4 , -.-, ' , .14 . ,f . ., - . .fy W . V ,f V 2 +1-W.. fd . f Q 4,5 F a , ' V BQ v ' -4 X I 'I' U' ,xx ,W 1 . i. F Y -4-of,'..4.z1..,,, ,V-A GW M Q . ,, ,1' ,f Di, .,.- . ,g,,. QPW 'T' '19 'T ,xii r-1 'UQ 1ii'f'5g"' 1 1 sl fi Q I 7-1 A ,Nw -W--1 .gn I I 5 . ,l 93' . 'wr X0 KH U jk, :- ..4. 2. 'V .N N.. , 1 L 7 . ,,....n-.,..,...-M r"""" Money Matters - Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. McDonald, financial secretaries, see to lt that the books balance and the records are straight. Coach Bennett prouldy presents track awards for the fall semester. The members are ileft to rightl: R. Fariello, I. Torres, R. Taylor, W. Van Derveer, N. Munch, R. Spano, J. Applegate, R.. Sadow, and R. Astor. 'I repeat the question. What is your name ?' 1 3 Q ? g i 1 f , A 3 ' 515, A fn." 'wht' 2 -.Q ,raw- .A 1 L A Fil 1. -- , ..-.4 J,,,.. A , 6 3. . 4 ,nu . u ..f was qu.-.-.w 'N . W1 - .... -.!- .. -f .,.. .,,,:',.-:N J"-,, 'arf'-.xg. W vi A 'll Q 'v :GMM , IQYTWSQ., M ,X W L ff? . gwmgwia, V 14. v-.' ,, fi 1 4, l ATHLETICS inclined toward performance GYMNASTICS SCHEDULE Opponent 54 172 Snyder High School, , , , , 35 Ferris High School .......... 36 Army"Plebes, West Point ,,,,,, 18 Springfield College Freshmen . . . 30 Navy Plebes, Annapolis .,..,,, 27 172 Delhass High School. . . Wayne Stewart and Barry Smith, Co-Captains. Freehold . . .57 172 . . .61 . . . 60 . . . 78 . . .66 . . .57 172 ix Exhibiting the symbol of I -17' strength. , GYMNASTICS TEAM - 1959 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: M. Stevenson, H. Jackson, W, Newhart, B. Oats, Captain B. Smith, Captain W. Stewart, J. Tissot, M. Kerekes, D. Fromm, J. Gary, Coach Emerson Ilinton. SECOND ROW Qieft to rightl: J. Curcisco, J. Currie, D. Alt, N. Harvey, P. Saker, B. Smith, J. Van Derveer, G. Taylor, R. Andretta, W. Pillis. THIRD ROW Qleft to rightj: J. Henderson, B. Stewart, W. Jones, R. Naverz, J. Applegate, A. Cipriano, B. Guice, B. Camarata, B. Pillis, W. Hogan, D. Pine. FOURTH ROW Qleft to rightjz R. Murdock, F. Yapps, C. Mangano, J. Reed, G. Hanna, B. Shadlun, A. Cichoski, J. Metz, J. Kurtz, F. Ruggieri. FIFTH ROW tleft to rightj: Manager D. Magee, E. Hindin, F. Guth, H. Kerekes, T. Haven, F. Surgent, W. Grinde, W. Gawron, D. Mcllvaine, Manager N. Janwich. hh-we V! E., wlr'1""'+- Y P' us. . vb F' 'J IFB' ,n,,. j L Well, that's one way of getting from lunch to A building. Developing ahard knocks' the gymnast way! Straighten up, young man! 1 Freehold's bridge over the River Kwai. an-4 Don't be loafin, Dave. tto Thxs 1sn tbowllngl r Udy's watchmg 'Make "Ml: .-pv"5:s"'x ,.,ri"'-5 "+ fir,-F - P r- ' f,.,."9 I 1' ,-. rr Xu od .'s. -. -v - e A . em- ,jif- - . is . rffsf.. F 1 ' ' l- af-'QS-Q dung 'Block that Kick, Richiel' Richard Lawrence makes an xmportant block during the Hightstown game. 5 2 0 1 5 6 4 O 7 1 3 132 Scores Peddie Fred Long Branch ..... Pred .l,V, . . Jamesburg . Hlghtstown . Princeton .. Trenton Catholic. Trenton . .... .. . Highstown .. . . . . Long Branch Jamesburg . Freehold O Freehold 1 Freehold 1 Freehold 0 Freehold 0 Freehold 1 Freehold 1 Freehold 1 Freehold 0 Freehold l Freehold 0 SOCCER Lambert Kirshbamer, exhibiting the latest cha-cha step. SOCCER TEAM - 1958 FIRST ROW tleft to rightlz Coach Ronald Udy, Jack Trotta, George Kudrick, Dave Byrnes, Charles Maida, Alex Birzin, Tom Gockel, Edward Herr. SECOND ROW tleft to rightj: Steve Katz, Gary Dore, Lambert Kershbaumer, Alex Tuyhov, Irv Feinberg, Andy Rob- bins, Howard Gerkin, Richard Lawrence, Buz Wagner. THIRD ROW tleft to rightl: Harry Christie, Amnon Factor, Richard Kane, Steve Bege, Brian Horn, Daniel Hyman, Bruce Hertz, Charles Wurst, Kenneth Katz. FOURTH ROW tleft to rightjz George Sollogub, Otto Tufenjian, William Miles, Robert Morris. OKAY FELLAS' - LET'S BE FRIENDS. Co-Captains Alex Bir- zin and Charles Maida greetHights- town's representatives preceeding their clash, which resulted in a 5 to 0 victory for Hightstown. T Playing a full schedule for the second straight year, Freehold Regional Hooters found their competition rough and deter- mined. Coach Udy, lacking seven varsity players from the year before,developed the team around the old "pros" A Charlie Maida, Dave Byrnes, Richie Lawrence, lid Herr, Tony Seaman, and last year's All- State goalie, Alex Birzin. The outstanding newcomer to the squad was Otto Tufenjian. Laurels go to Charlie Maida for making the All-State half back position. FOOTB LL This season proved to turn out a fine Freehold eleven. With a winning season our team finished third in Central Jersey Com- petition. Although the team did not gain the Shore Conference crown this year, it was one of the strongest in the Shore. Although some players gained more recognition than others, the credit for the Colonials' success cannot be given to any one individual but to the whole team and the fine coaching staff. One of the outstanding backs for Freehold, as wellas the All-Shore team, was Fred Key who led our team in scoring. The coaching staff consisted of Charles Ray, Walter Zuber, Jack Van Etten, Allen Berlin, and Ronald Hoffman. lt was headed by Harold Schank who did a fine job organ- izing the team. ,.,.1- ,...--- ,,.,.,-f- --1-1 -,...f- -,l.1v- -,is-D ? 11-1. I l Reach, Pardner! Practice makes perfect - Oops, sometimes VA RSITY FOO'l'llAl-l- SC HEDULE 'l'renton 0 Princeton 14 Long Branch 6 Linden 0 Middletown Twp. 6 Red Bank 13 Asbury Park 24 Manasquan 20 Neptune 0 - A Q Freehold 6 Freehold 6 Freehold 6 Freehold 18 Freehold 7 Freehold 32 Freehold 6 Freehold O Freehold 12 Strategy, Inc. '13 740 I f I l l .nngg .1 FOOTBALL TEAM - 1958 FIRST ROW lleft to rightj: R. Moore, C. Accisano, J. Rocco, J. Allen, E. Henderson, J. Brodie, O. Clax, J. Rogers, and A. Prest. SECOND ROW tleft to rightl: Coaches Charles Ray, Harold Schanck, Manager R. Mar, P. Saker, R. Dent, W. Culverhouse, D. Hamma, M. Zlotkin, P. Blevins, L. Russell, A. Washington, R. Broc- avich, L. Robinson, Manager G. Tune, and Coach Walter Zuber. THIRD ROW fleft to rightj: Coach J. VanEtten, Manager A. Apgar, R. Williams, J. Merola, R. Tilton, J. Whitman, M. Sastokas, R. Griffiths, A. Fischer, G. Cashion, V. Cullen, F. Keys, L. Mendini, P. Hayes, Manager D. Nowack, and Coach Allen Berlin. FOURTH ROW lleft to rightl: H. Whille, R. Jakelis, P. Nunez, D. Rooney, R. Rupprecht, H. Pretty, J. Dawes, B. Pogue, R. Brodie, C. Stanford, E. Pugh, W. Pace, and R. Frison. .Bl .. 4 ,K T52 -. 1.5: . ,, .,, -1 4... . . :,. waxy 1, , .5 - J ,. -Q .w f-4 1 ' 4 . 4 . Q- 1,1 4 41,-M J- ' of-.V - v The point in the game enjoyed by all- Freehold scoring another touchdown. C'mon boys - I gotta catch a. trolley! Make it quick, Ron .... As the Green Wave advances on a Freehold attempt to punt the ball into Long Branch territory. P.S. The game resulted in a 6-6 tie. lg ,:,z,i"...--':",,g't. D .av - ,"' usa. ,-Vin! , . .. t , l -bt. R it-lx: wg- Vu, .Cliff ,,, A415-, fha r ,aryl- "W'?fti. I . fd .- 'in-IN -5- -Lf.,-'F' . . ,Lf I.'Vt?"Qr.- ' 'Sf 'vt 3' jf- - ..... ty. - ' .. ht' - 1-" ' "5" ..QJ'f:i1xA'f1 . A 7 K. .. .- . V Af :'-"""'5r4 45" ' '11 .f..-'vi r:Nigg4f"-191453. tm X' Wizltvi fl- ' --- -. .jfs adj,-1 . "tt-Q Wx" 1:4'.3:71?'f5"-Sxiffefifi '09 ' 136 .. , . 1 1.'-n,,x'- , . J . . - -ff .L x .- .5,.. I up. ...A 1 ' Q, .1-f . 1 .- ..f4-- ., - ' Q .--5-ry' Whiz! 1 ' qpr LINDA YETMAN PAT SAUNDERS HEAD MAJORETTE DRUM MA-TORETTE Striking a graceful pose, this high A charming and talented miss who stepping strutter adds to the at- leads the band with rhythmic pre- tractiveness of the football games. CiSi0H- said , . N in 'M al ,,'?ieWs"!. , ' "V if K 4' ew? gk .j . 1 'SS' eff FREEHOLD REGIONALRS SNAPPY STEPPING STRUTTERS KNEELING: L. Yetman and P. Saunders. BACK ROW: Cleft to rightjz C. Murdock, I. McCarthy, G. Faragalli, G. Kelley, P. Kiernan, J. Wooley, A. Rohm, D. Zarzyski, I. Demery, and L. Hill. 137 . , 4 . - 4 ' - - .1 r UQ' ,X Q I . I CHEERLEADERS .L A.. ,,, , -'-,.ffeF"'. ' - "s"k -we--A -'1 -. . u.,.g4..- ',,,.,. ,I ., Q,,,.x. .X A. A-Il KNEELING: Cu-'Captains C. Guice and C. Freeman. BACK ROW Qlelt to rightjz S. Solnkian, J. Engeldt, B. Cyrta, G. Yates, L. Zebroski, P. Oliver, C. Foster, M. Weiner, L. Yates, J. Kessler. fi Q' Gail Yates - gay and witty. Louise Zebroski - all Pat Oliver - Lost without Carol Freeman - blue eyed CHEERLEADER 'Is everybody here? Yeah, rnanl' 1."1o -'iii fn' ---.N -if ' 1 .1 ' 3 ..., -:V ' ,- .' I, blonde! Carol Guice - never a dull moment! X A Elie H YQ ' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - 1959 KNEELING lleft to rightjz Robert Brodie, Joseph Dunb1r,and Stanley Fischer. STANDING lleft to rightjz Barry Druesne, Albert White, Raymond Dent, Donald Rooney, Jeffery Dawes, Ronald Griffiths, Malcolm Zlotkin, Fred Key, Ronald Rupprecht, Richard Tilton, and Peter Nunez. N M 00 W lo Up in the air and it's Freehold's Arms and legs - but it's two for ball -oops, wrist! Freehold as Ron Griffiths scores! I ab rt li? 1 1 v',iI1I1Dn X S ' x i J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM 1959 KNEELING tleft to rightjx Joseph Dunbar, Frank Steimtz, Tony Seaman, Otto Tulenkjian, and Richard Kane. STANDING lleft to rightj:CoachCh.1rles Figg, James Rogers, Leon 1rd Robinson, Steven Shor, Robert Brodie, Stanley Fischer, Howaid Gerken, Ottis Llax, and Bernard Hochbe rg. 'I'his year, the Freehold Regional cagers, ably coached by Joseph Callaert, experienced their most 'winning' season in a number of years, Ending up in athird place tie with Neptune, the team favorably closed the season with two consecutive wins, giving them the highly satisfactory Shore Conference record of seven wins and five losses. Team spirit and ability accounted for the successful year. Credit for this winning season goes to Coach Callaert for strategy, to towering Ron Griffiths for about three-hundred points fthirty percent of the tearn's scoringj, and to the per- formances of Mal Zlotkin, Fred Key, Jeff Dawes, and the other team members for doing a splendid job, A large crowd of students turned out to see their team win, And win they did, even to taking three games by only one point, All this added to the excitement and enjoyment of the basket- ball season, X X Dribbling, around his opponent is Ron X Griffiths Freehold s hlgh scoring ,i ix if Xu X if X I .L I Q .file ee Sorry boys - I need the room! L, Up in the air and in fortwo - this seems to be Fred's desire. "C'm3n Mal - open up the center. Jeff- cover number ten." Coach Callaert gives a few time-out "tactics". SCHEDULE Opponent Freehold 47 Lakewood . . . ..... . . 51 53 Alumni ,,,,,, , , , 48 37 Princeton ..... .... 5 5 44 Asbury Park ,,,, , , , 72 55 Long Branch .... . . . 69 68 Manasquan .... .... 4 9 64 Red Bank .... . . . 56 45 Middletown .... .... 7 7 44 Lakewood... ....76 55 Neptune ....... .... 4 3 62 Asbury Park .... . . . 63 68 Manasquan .... .... 6 9 66 Red Bank .... . . . 60 79 Middletown .... .... 7 6 57 Long Branch .... . . . 67 61 Neptune ....... .. . 62 We'l1 jump to all heights to getout the 'fight fight, fights". -i,..,' D X pmha x l A stone's throw .... f H rx .. wyyy ' fe Hg' fb Au- 'F . 5,3 One more step to victory. I' They said it couldn't be done. .. VM.. ,.k, H ,, kk-, ., ,,., s mf. ..... 1 '. . .J Q. .. .i fa ' ?2Q2Q9,eWQ Q -Q lf 2-at TRACK AND FIELD TEAM -- 1959 FIRST ROW Qleft to rightj: Coach Bennett ikneelingl, L. Healitt, Manager, R. Kenyon, C. Dekle, S. Tave, R. Dent, D. Lawerence, J. Hawthorne, B. Williams, O. Clax, D. Van Derveer, I. Robinson, Manager, and Coach Stinson fkneelingj. SECOND ROW lleft to rightjz S. Rogers, P. Hayes, W. Van Derveer, R. Astor, S. Katz, B. Williams, J. Rogers, H. Stubbs, R. Williams, E. Zukowsky, and G. Evans, Manager. THIRD ROW Cleft to rightl: D. Beck, Manager, and R. Fariello, Manager. FOURTH ROW ileft to rightlz E. Pugh, T. Whitson, G. Herson, B. Pogue, M. Sherman, A. Robbins, D. Hindin, N. Munch, B. Culverhouse, R. Moore, R. Niemtzow, and A. Birzen. FIFTH ROW Cleft to rightjz J. Applegate, K. Stutzman, J. Dawes, R. Brocavich, P. Saker, B. Van BenThuysen,W..Buck, L. Whitman, B. Oates, D. Mcllvaine, and B. Sadow. SIXTH ROW ileft to rightjz R. Sagotsky, R. Konegen, B. Smith, D. Byrnes, J. Rocco, and J. Silverglate. TRACK A D FIELD ' Key unlocking the race CROSS COU TRY Throughout their season, thetrack and cross country teams showed great improvement. The cross country team had a good record in dualcompetition, Winning four out of five meets. Despite the fact that the team placed fourth in the Shore Conference, Robert Astor and Warren Van llerveer excelled by finishing first and fifth in the x W Nw 4-M..w4u-as,...uwn-.,-ae.-.,asnM.,,,g... ,,. .. .,,,. , 3 i AK Mffk QP Vw Shore Conference Division and eighth and fifteenth in the State Division, The track team, also under the supervision ofCoach Bennett, went undefeated in the dual meets and won the only tri-meet. ln Shore Conference competition, the team finished fourth. Recognized speedsters throughout the state are Warren Van Derveer a nd Bob Astor. L 6: ww: 22 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM - 1959 KNEELING fleft to rightl: L. Cornell, N. Munch, R. Sagotsky, R. Astor, w. van nerve-er, D. Hindm, and J. Tor.-es BACK ROW Qleft to rightjz Coach Bennett, R. Taylor, K. Stutzman, R. McKay, B. Williams, R. Spano, J. Applegate, B. Sadow, R. Fariello, Manager, and C. Lloyd, Manager. The lunch bell has rung. Q L' I Y fl I gg HE 50 ' iXtE.'-lbfa 1 BASEBALL TEAM - 1959 FIRST ROW Qleft to rightj W Wall1ng,D Rooney, H. Narozniak, F. Accisano, D. Cashion, S Funghini, R Billker, L Mendini SECOND ROW Qleft to rightlz V. Cullen, A. Fischer, R Rupprecht, G Cashion, M Schottland, H Gerken, P. Sitkis, E. Henderson, L. Burlew, Coach Emerson Dunton's team, starting the season looking like League champions, hit a mid-season slump - finally ending up with an even record. Glenn Cashion proved to be the major spark, coming through with needed hits. His chatter on the field pro- moted the needed confidence among the team members. Prospects for the fift-y-nine season were high, as only three varsity players were lost by graduation. yer blind ump, yer blind ump - yer gotta be out of your mind ump .... " Q- 512 f Q: i 4 A ff!! 5 X A inf X , , FII X TENN S I 1,5 v F2 I . i , - if TENNIS TEAM - 1958 FIRST ROW fleft to rightjz R. Rice, A. Weinberg, M. Metz. SECOND ROW Qleft to rightlz M. Donowitz, Mgr.g J. Hantman, Captaing B. Hochberg, M. Ellman, W. Foley, M. Eisen- berg, S. Schultz, Mgr. For the first time in Regional history, the tennis team broke even in the won and lost column. Outstanding racquet swinging by Jerry Hantman and Bernie Hockberg proved to be the highlight of the season. The team's record enabled them to tie Asbury for the fourth spot on the League's playoff ladder. Art Weinberg, playing var- sity in his first year, did an outstanding job. Bernie Hockberg went undefeated while Jerry Hantman, playing the tough number one slot, lost only one match to All-State Lynch of Red Bank. The team was coached by H. V. Crespy. .3 'I ' 'WW ' Qo o v y 0,3 ,gf Jerry Hantman receiving one of Marty Eisen- berg's cannonball serves. An organization designed for girls interested in a wide variety ofactivities, the Girls'Athletic Association celehrated its fourth anniversary this year. 'l'he tl, A. A. is sponsored hy the New Jersey Athletic Association for Girls. Decisions con- cerning the functions of the G. A. A. are carried out by a Council, composed of four executive officers, two representatives from each class, and various appointive positions. Sports activities sponsored by the G. A. A. are Archery, Basketball, Howling, Soccer,Soft- hall, Tennis, and Volleyball, This varied pro- gram not only promotes lasting student friend- ships hut it serves a more rewarding purpose - that of stressing each girl's potential abil- ities and developing them. Exquisite formll Florence N16I'l'l.l6C,S touch wins a spare in the fifth frame A new addition to the G A A 's family of sports this year was bowling Held at Howell Lanes, twenty teams were orgamzed in league play every Monday evening with 70 active G.A.A. members participating. Trophies are awarded to the highest scorers and the champion teams within the state-wide G.A.A. program. G.A.A. COUNCIL FIRST ROW tleft to rightj: Presi dent M.J.. Hulsart, Treasurer L. Schneider, and Vice-Hresident B Epstein. SECOND ROW tleft to rightjz B. Yard, P. King, B. Krupa milton, D. Laridwehr, and S. Hulse THIRD Row Cleft to rightjz G. Up- dike, V. Breining, L. Visceglia, C Pease, S. Malone, G. Yates, and H. Gall. FOURTH Row Cleft to rightj J. Steinberg, S. Lamberton, R. Lif- ton, S. Lamberton, and H, Niemtzow NJ C. V anderveer , K. Chisolm, R. Ha- F R G. A. A. A steady foot and a watchful eye keep these girls interested in the fast-moving game of soccer, sponsored by the GaA.A. ,, ,,. , --21, nmg toward tomorr ning about t lnrlrlunlqr 'UilF'Y"': ,.,' 'v if n 1 1 X 1 w f F . s Y 5 .5 'J 1 1 I 1 I s '1 l W 1 I A1 i , , W W 1 I -1 W

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