Freehold Regional High School - Log Yearbook (Freehold, NJ)

 - Class of 1956

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Freehold Regional High School - Log Yearbook (Freehold, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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flf i l yfsif Qdfffihfde XJ!-YL ff if rfffl-'af v',lL. ,' ! 5 7 Q ' f f' f , if N' .uv AY Mllill AWARD 1 We, the graduating class of 1956, desiring to recogonize the qualities symbolic oi good citizenship,ieature in tiris,our yearbook,the Merit Award. WWW- . 1956 lllli Published hy the lllass ol lllhli lreeholtl Regional High School lreehold, New Jersey Contents Administration 4 Faculty 6 eniors I8 nderclasses Activit' 55 Athlet' 88 ,g,0LD REG, ll- r' 1 49 v 'GH scuoo Assrstant Superrntendent Mr Franlrl Wernhermer Superintendent Ilr. Richard I. Beck Ilrreetur ut Guidance Dr. Alton l. lewis DO YOU SCORE HIGH IN COURAGE? All of us admure Ihe physucal courage dusplayed by a Congressuonal Medal of Honor wunner or a heavyweughf boxung champuon Few of us wull achueve fhese heughfs of physucal courage buf each and every one of us wull have unnumerable opporfunuhes Io dusplay moral courage dauly How we meef 'rhese challenges defermunes Ihe sfrengfh of our nafuon our s'raI'e and our communufy How do you measure up'7 Whaf us your courage quo+uen+7 If you can honesfly answer af Ieasf sux of eughl ol +he followung wulh a Yes you qualufy es I I As a member of 'rhe Sfudenf Councul would you have 'rhe courage 'ro m an unpopular decusuon uf you knew uf was 'Ihe rughf one7 es I 2 II your lruends smoke fake a drunk e'rc and you donl belueve ou s ou d do you have Ihe courage 'ro refuse +o do so7 es I 3 Would you have the courage Io be Irue Io your reluguous convuc+ ons ur bes'r fruends scoff of your beluefs7 es I 4 In druvung a car do you have 'fhe courage Io obey Ihe Iraffuc laws uf ou ruends call you chucken for doung so7 es I 5 Do you have 'rhe courage 'ro work +o capaculy un your sfudues even Thou fruends 'rhunk uf foolush Io do more Ihan Iusf gef by7 es I 6 Do you show respecl for your parenfs even 'rhough your fruends hunk Thus an old Iashuoned vur+ue7 es I 7 When you reach Ihe age of ZI wull you vofe accordung Io Ihe ducfa e our own conscuence rarher Ihan follow Ihe ducfafes of your parfy or your m o er or your labor unuon7 es oI 8 If you achueve a Meru+ Award pun wull you have Ihe courage Io wear u'r roudly even Ihough your fruends mughf scoff a+ Ihus achuevemenI7 P We congra+uIa+e Ihose of you who can honesfly answer yes Io Ihese eughf quesfuons We know you have gone a long way un qualufyung lor The Freehold Reguonal Hugh School Mern' Award The Admunusfrahve S+aIT YU' ?'x Margarel' M. Abrahamson Commercial Subiecis Roberf H. Allen English Alberi E. Bennefi Mafhemafics Coaching Slaff Louiane H. Beynon Home Economics Jules E. Bierach English Olga Bourdius French Spanish X acult -qi f s ... :EE -u xi Direclor of Achvihes a ,I X '. ' W r ax' ' 'if li . , v' -Q ii Joseph C. Callaerf Eugene W. Collins Slcnley B. Conklin Ma+hemafics Ma+hemal'ics Biology Coaching Sfaff English Lafin M Pearle Bufion English 3x Consiance Dreyer School Nurse Mrs. Thomasson and her able assisianls a+ work keeping our library operaiing smoo+hly. William L. Eldred ge Biology Some of our fulure farmers discussing an+ibio+ics for heal- meni of animals. -.4 E. X Marvin B. Emmons Mary Jane Evereii Simon M. Feder General Science Physical Educafion English Malling sawdust John? Mr. Prayzich 'leaching shop sfuden+s a useful frade. Adele C. Fosfer Physical Educafion Jane S. Francis Guidance Social Science Roberi Fros+ick English Sfudenfs in one of Mr. Eldredge's biology classes sfudy fhe wonders of nafure, i Marie Grosso Commercial Subiecls Rose R. Helion Commercial Subiecfs Hugh Hoover Mafhemafics Mae Johnson Home Economics Phyllis Kaplan Guidance Social Science Edna C. Kelley Driving Healfh I a 0 H l t Home Ec. Sludenfs happily af worlr malring goodies. How abou? a sample, girls? A por+ion of +he choir, under fhe direcfion of Mr. Godfrey Schrofh, funing up. Who knows? We may see one of +hese girls on stage a+ ihe "Me+"! Enez M. Krampf French Spanish -. Sf , .6 3 4 , R n,s....-w"ll"fj Yolanda A. Krusen Commercial Subiecis Arnold J. LaMaes+rq Thaddeus S. Lubaczewski Marcia L. Moclrridge Mildred P. Morris Social Siudies lnsfrumenfol Music English Library Eb CN 3 AM: A M .. OW Jn M ff 5, Helen Murphy English Guidance Jennie Naficchia Commercial Subiecvs Charles A. Nelson Physical Educufion Heal+h Direclor of Afhlefics Wilmof F. Oliver Agriculfure Ida E. Pedlow Cafeferia Manager Donald Prayzich lndusfrial Arls M 'Q 1 f 'Tf 4 iii-5 4 James Pyper, Jr. Charles B. Ray lndusfrial Arfs Science Driving Coaching Sfafl Coaching Slaff Raymond Saler Harold H. Schank lndusirial Arfs Physical Educafion Driving Healfh Coaching Sfaff Al? N f Louis Schned George Schneider Guidance Mafhemafics Social Science Godfrey W. Schrofh Flora M. Sharpnaclr Vocal Music Laiin iacult Would-be iypisfs begin anoiher period of pounding ihe keys. ,gil Rodney E. Slweralslcy Sylvia F. Skiclmo English Ari Us ir 1 re Edna M. Slriflingfon William F. Spalholz Commercial Subieds Social Sfudies rf'-5 off' ft, Q' :Y 73:6 rv g Y r 'Jil lf" an ,. ,0- Mrs Woolfenden smiles l'1er approval of +l'1e work of a 'few of her arf mcior siudenfs acult Mr Saker doing his parf fo keep our highways safe by insfrucfing a sfudenf in +l1e correci me+hods of driving. Earle C. Sfillwell Agriculfure Clyde C, Sfinson Chemisfry Lloyd L. Sfufzman German Joseph V. Summers Guidance Social Science Coaching Slafi Mary A. Thomasson Library Madeline K. Toman Commercial Subjecis l Q u-4 ,ik 'zzz' 0' ,jfeg 0 14 O. 4' L 'Z Jaclr VanEHen Social Sfuclies Coaching Slaff Melvin C. Willefl Social Sluclies lane C. Winclwenbacln English Reading H. Jolwn Wifman Chemisfry Florence C. Woolfenden Ari' I I Wal+er J. Zuber Social Sfudies Coaching Sicff A model class willi everyone alleniive Well . . . everyone in 'flwe piclure, lhaf is 1 'Q'- x I he llutstandlng Sl IURS 4 .fu u ' U I 1 ' . ASQ, ....,. , ' JA My 2.5 H Q.: ,X ' fm h Af' - ' 1 ,N .-.W 5933 '- 4- i .- ,. W , 1" 7- ,- ' L' -1 ' ' H .X " L5 f' ' 'if"T"af:-swm,.- A , if 'R A , Q L H1 f..4.,.., ': ' ' W4 ami' 4 . , fx -5 j ..,.. X f' N i ' ' J ' '- 'CKAM 1 -. Q . . , v Q, ,, ' , , fo .Vw ' ' 4 - A . N - , :'- Y , . , ' W -, A M : -ik -r i,'3ffg,- A ig: hr , ' , . k - ' if 1 5. , - we-f-"" pw! lu b yy 'J 4 if :Ei S2 2 JACK SCOTT Presiden+ GERALD BODNARCHUK Vice-Presidenf BETTY MILNE Secrefary CA ROL HOLLAND Co Treasurer BETTY CAREY Co Treasurer NANCY GERBER Co Treasurer ll lliflcers - Ii 'HSS A A 'ml 95 Sensor Class of T955 GEORGE APGAR George Amuzrng capocrfy for food as yell as though? Band 34 Sprung and Wrrfer Con C r 34 o rw rn IU Ar Program 2 Pay Cas? 4 Comm Hoes rom 3 To s a Boo Arcbaeo ogy 3 Chemrsfry 4 BARBARA ASKEW Bobble Modesfy and drlrgence and loads of good common sense r I4LgASSSfT1by46 Comm r 4 oo 4 Clubs Pub Spealungl Ur a e 2 Bow ng 3 Commer ra C JUNE APPLEGATE ALICE ARBACK June Alnce A conroguous smrle and conicgrous When you wnsh upon a s+ar grggle owe en Pa nf ng Ar ro Ushereffe 4 C mmrrfees Yearbook a 3 GAA 4 Commrriees Prom s an 1 Gardance 2 w s T O P ANTHONY AUGUN BENEDICT AUGUN Tony Thai carefree our of masculundy Homeroorn Presrderrf 4 U N Pro gram 4 Cbrrsfmas Prog am 2 Bas5ceTbaU ase a s nc n L b ary 3 en Every bd Q mon s mon Monrfor T2 Homeroom Presrdcnf ce resr err of aw I ack se a Bas Y a I 23 Merlf Award 34 Comrnlf ees Dance I Clubs Hrsro y Through Pvcrores U y r I 33,1 . ' x Gil - A.-E f if E i T A T Ls, 3 T .H ' ." Ha!! I I 13 f P - 3 A ' - ' , o ' 1 gf ro 2 . . . . ' : 3, ef , q HQU wee Pa' V Q fi T 4.C13b,: D Cfrg 2 ' gBo le Cub : Ar I234. 1 T . I : fog 31 F lc Dani g 4. P .Cb:Crf'rI7 i gy2g , l . n .. .. ..B .. Tafff 7 'C 3 AA. : ' r 1 I: VI -P 'd T 2,33 Fo br 23,41 34- USES: Prom 3: Pay :Year- I' B b 1 2. C.b: Da 'g I2,4: Tr I234: Ba b JN l,2: ke b W b R . : Tc ' gG 'd- i r , 7 ' , . "r : nc : 'E : c' ob 4. . : A r ' Ig Sr d 21 Va s'+y "F" 3,-1, A -r W r T , ar A- y if gg lrooliolol Regional High School FRED BARKALOW "Barley" "Over ihe hill lhe farm boy goes, a giani sfalif in his giani hand." l-lomeroom Presideni 2. Clubs: His- iory Through Picfures I: Siudy 2: FFA. 37 Shop 4. MILLARD BIRDSALL Dickie l do as l please and l do if wifh ease alba l I elball T s s S C ess and C eclrers 3 Folr an ing 4 NANCY BASTEDO "Nan" "Her demure manner hides lhe mis- chievious pranks she plays." Srudenl Guide 47 Desk Moniior I,2: G.A.A, 47 Spirii Typisi 4. Commiirees: Prom 37 Dance 47 Yearboolc 4. Clubs: Biology lg Phoiography 27 Monrnouflo Junior Auxiliary 37 Industrial Aris 4. DOROTHY BLACKWELL Daffy Food firsl and all else afierward Transferred from Long Island Cily l-l gh School Library Counc l 4 Spiro? 4 GAA 34 Clubs Dramaiics 2 Danc ing 34 JANE BASSONI "Janie" "Honesiy is a 'frail of good breeding . , . loves sporis . . . check fha? New York accenfl" Transiefred from Jamesburg High School, Library Comcil 47 G.A.A. 4. Cornrnirrees: Yearbook 47 Play 4, Cl ob: Dancing 4. LORRAINE BLACKWELL Lorraine A cheerful chaiierbox wiih fad and iasie V' V074 C f S Cll' Yearbook 4 C sirnas Dar e 4 Usre e A r- i lc Dancin Fo l 7 Basin I: rack l,2. , ' C ob : l-'l' fory Tnroegh Pidmes I: fudy i , 4 ' i 7 " 7 I r . or Soar I 27 Ch ' 37 27 ln h I D C- , . , .. 2 ' 7 - 7 nr' .Q 7 r- ' . i . elf 4' GA. , 4. Clubs: Danni ,g IQ: Bcrrfng 3: Fo ' g 4. GERALD BODNARCHUK Burch The smnle conceals bur rhe +wmIrIe reveals I-Iorne oom P esrdenr 2 Vrce Pres' dSnI of CIoss 4 FooIIJoII I4 Bc1sIceIboII 4 Bosebc 234 rac 23 om mr 'ees rv e Prom 3 Cu s I-IIsIory Through Pncfures I 2 Archery 3 Vorsufy E 4 VIRGINIA BONNEWITZ Ginny Genflemen always seem fo prefer blondes SIuder1ICouncII I Cubs Dromohcs SIU Bosnness Occupo non TI16-Gfre 4 JANET BORKENHAGEN an Ar? mdusfry unuhahve ambuhon 'Ihe perfecf combo Ha oween Povnhng Yearbook 4 GAA 4 Commuffees Arr Program 234 Prom 3 Uslwereffe 4 CIobs Arr I2 Doncmg3 Senna CommercIoI4 DANIEL BREAU Danny A man of few words SnIence as fhe wise man s hue domam Cross Counfry 4 C bs Chess I Phofography 2 ArcIwoeoIogy 3 Typrrrg 4 Seniors FRANCES BRACEY Fran Th m say whaf Ihey w Woman Women ruIes fhem shII d oss CoUncrI GAA Commlffees D nce I 24 P om 3 Ye o 4 Clubs Doncrng I23 n r Arfs 4 ROBERT BROWN Chico A smlle for every boy and Iwo or every glrI en? Come I rr 4 Us r 3 FOQIIJOI I Boskefba 2 Log sse Program 34 Cubs P ss a Irg 34 I2 3, t ' 7 T Ir . C - 'I. : Do 2 I2g I I b: It dy 2: ' I' 3: I K . ..J .. .. .. .. I . ' . .. . I . . - ,,Le+ e .er ml Junior Red Cross CouncEI 1,41 Ar? CoonciI I,2g Arf Progrom I2, II ' ' ' I: 1 34: Re Cr ' I2: .. . 4. . . . . ' 2 ' : G ,Q f 7 of- -: q . : bok.' : ' ,:Ido5rIoI Il . ' . U U Il 0 f . Io 1 I Sred I I' 2 SpI'I I re : : I . : I 1 ' I I A Pf- bIy , , I z re I3 D nc- 0 I - VIRGINIA BROWN "Ginny" "Fire lurlrs in her eyes. . . " Halloween Painrlng Ig I-lernefaam Vice-Fresidenl Ig Ar? Program 25 Christ il r mas Decorafions I234. Commirlees: Dancing Club Dance I2: Prcfn 3: Ring I 3. Clubs: Dancing I23' Indaslriai LY in hL,r-, r , 1, Pxrls 4. FY' ky 'ox r ' 4' 2 Litgglrg-llgj WALTER BROWN X 'gp agriggn rr Brown .. f , "While fhere is life, lhere is hope." Q, in 'L' Faofball I,234g Track 23,43 Baglcol- 7 53 ball 3.4, Clubs: Freshman Sparls If IJ y 2: Dancing 34. 'X . fgeglfi nn, V oe. f .f - ALICE BUCZYNSKI My days have been so wonderous free Red Cross Ca o A l ra Dara rr 2 3 Hislory 4 NASH BURGER Nash A Soulhern Genfleman Transferred from Sl Berra d s I-lrgn School Gaclsfone New Jersey Band 4 Orcheslra 34 Cubs Recor ed Music 3 Chemislry 4 JOYCE BURKE Joyce A good dusposuhon is more valuable fhan gold Choir 4 Yearbook 4 GAA 34 Comrnrllees Dance 2 Play 4 Clubs ra ls Fulure I-lomema ers America 23 Cornrnerc al 4 DOROTHY CAIN Do++ue A charged shclr of dynamufe Transferred from Red Banlc High School GAA 4 Clubs Biology 4 lroohold Regional lllgh School 1 B S d NAI.. l " 3' Dr.-src Mo' Ili' lg GA. .4. Cooling: Lib ry lp I g 3. 7 . l 1 cl ' C I lg lc of . . ALAN CAMPBELL lan A skyscraper wuih an eye 'for flue gurls s ln Dancln Sa y Swear snncere pehfe +ha+ band box look err Award 34 r e Cross Co ncr 4 SludenlGo1de 3 Year book Assembly 4 Yearbook Secrefary 41 Home cam Presiclenf 2 31 Hornerocm Secrelary I41 G.A.A. 314. Cornmiflees: Dance 2,41 Prom 31 Play 4. Cubs: Donc- ' 1 Trans I ' Indosfrla Ar . ELIZABETH CAREY Belly A flaw for flue casual olr l l Z n I n 4 ass Treasuer 4 Merll Awar 34 Sludenf Coancr 4 Sfuclenl Cowl Trolflc Squad 234 Spruf 3 Yeorbook Program 4 Arr Program 2 GAA 34 Cornrnlllees P y l2 Dance 24 Pr 3 Yearbook 4 Clubs Drarnahc ROBERT CHERIN o The one who plays a vnolun ns af a loss lo fhe man flwaf can play a flufe . . . oobol' .1 asea ackI,31Play 41 P om 3. Cu :Dance n I,2,31 Chemislry 4. CARMELA CAROTENUTO Corn As dependable as fume a modesl manner Lnbrary Caarcul 4 Commlffees Play 24 Prom3 Clebs Dancsngl Han n cralf 23 Comrnercmal Club 4 EVA CLAX ve Prachcal lakes prachcal mind prac ficabilily. . .A. 4. 14 1 l-lan icrafl ' L'brary 21 lndusfrial Arls 31 Slady 4. . Bll I0 TS - l ns .. -- -. .. .. Clnb 1 C 555 l1 ' Q 234. Cn ' 41 C'1le slfp l sffule 3: ," Cl I ' d 1 ' ' . ' . ' 1 ' 'l 1 ' 7: I. 1 1 , : ' 1 d'- ' , : 1 ' 1 . 1 ' . . ' N: .o , 3 A .47 Q om 1 . N 2 ' I 41 SALLY CASTEEL Dancing 21 Junior Auxiliary 3. .. H ., M I 1 Spl lf 41 R cl U .R I , Y 1 HB b.. HE .. Fl l I2 B krb ll I234 GA Cl bs d I. ' Tr r l bs 1 mg I3 cr pf 2, l 'rs 4 Ba d X 3 fhagytiaas I Q. 2-" Z, n Q, if f 4--'+a??1?f V' " 1 .fs f' Ireehelrl Ilegrenal Ilrgh Seheel BERNEICE CLAYTON Bernerce ure? femrmne and fun Sludenf Co ncrl Allernale I2 Red oss Councrl 4 Sp If 4 Char 2 Malore-Hes 34 Deslr Mon for I GAA 4 Comm frees Log Assembly 34 Play 24 Malarelfe Dance 3 Clubs Done 3 Typmg 2 Drarnahcs WILLIAM COLIN Mrschref fhou arf afool Clubs Sfudy I Chess 23 Chernrs 'fry 4 STEPHEN P999Y Sieve There rs no evrl so Ierrrble as o woman Anybody 'For lrfferbug loves fo 'talk drrver argue and be rrgh+ Jnrar Red Cross 2 Homeroom u 5 ncrng 4 Regor 5 Treasurer 23 Band 234 Orcheslra I Sprrrf 4 Commrlfees Dance 2 Play 2 m 3 Clubs Doncrng Typrn Publrc Spealung 3 Dramafrcs 4 EARLENE CONK Earlene Smurf qurel and c IrH'Ie shy our 4 Su enl' ouncrl Sludenf Councrl Dance I2 Ushererfe 24 Yearbook 4 GAA 4 C'ubs Dans I 23 Induslrral Ar s I-Irslory Through Plcfures 3 DONALD CONOVER on The greoler ihe courlesy Ihe greoler Ihe mon Arr Program 34 Prom 3 Clubs Fes man Sporfs I Mechanrcs 2 I Cauncrl 34 O O .IQ . I . . In " I ' ' ' rr -- s . Q I Cr ' 7 ir' 7 I 73,47 U' : Cl br Da ' I, 7 d 27 ' I g I 7 . . . ' . 1 r , 1 2: ' ' . 7 3 ' I , I . Pro . : ' I7 ' g ing I, 7 ' 7 ' 4. ' ' I ' . ..Bm.. .. .. HD .. : 7 7 7 '- Ch ' 7 'rd C '. l,2,37 ." I , 7 7 ..,. I I-' : - r h il I ' I T Ar ing , 7 7 ' I 4. ' , . WILLIAM CONWAY Always clonng never done Homeroom Presrdenl I Secrelary ubs ncun Archery Sludy 34 RICHARD COTTRELL Duc An lmpush smnle bui wafch Ihaf carl oo ball I Cu s Chess an Checkers I3 Dancrng 24 WILLIAM CUDDIHY JAMES CULLEN I rm Red hair and 'freckles galore Even Love ns never wrlhouf lealousy Momlor I I-lomeroom Vice Pres: den+3 Track I 234 Cross Counfry 34 compehhon For Godfrey Clubs I-lnslory Through Prcfures I Clubs I-luslory Through Puclures I Chess and Checkers 2 Varslly F 3 Dancing 4 CHARLES DABROSKI ELIZABETH CULVERHOUSE Belly Charlie If charm as c woman s slrengfh she has A man In earnesl' finds means or If he greaf slrengfh cannof End creaies Ihem olr 24 Class Vuce Presldenl Red Cross Councul I I-lomeroorn Homeroom Vlce resldenf Treasurer Secrelory3 Track I 23 Clubs I-lallowe en P Inlnng I Llbrary Councll us ory Through Plc ures Muslc 3 Slale Olfucer 4 Cheerleader I234 Ca Caplaun 4 Mem? Award 34 Play Apprecuahon 2 Bowlnng 3 Chemlslry 4 s 4 d oss C uncll o Assembly 34 Yearbook 4 GAA 34 Cornmullees Dance 124 Prom 3 Pay Rlng 3 Cheerleaders D nce Clubs Transcrlpl' I Danc rg 23 am merclal 4 Srs-Ii C 1 "Bill" T ' 'Nr- 3,4. Cl I Da 'Q ng 21 L 7 I 3 3 ll I kll .4 I x F I . I b: d I Y , ..B.H.. HJ. .. Mechanics 2: Dancing 3,4. Commilfeesz Log Assembly 4g Prom 3. Ch . I Y . - . A : I2,3g ' -P ' I: ' - 3 , , , : - . O, . I , . HW . + I7 . car : Re Cr o ' I,2: L g 3 I f , ' : 5 7 A X ' 1421 ' 1 I Q 142,-4. 3' : ' 1 ll 3 C - N I' . DONALD DAILEY Dum Dum None bul' himself can be has parallel Freshman Baslrelball I Clubs Hrs Iory Through Puclures I Sfudy 2 Chess 3 Dancing 4 RICHARD DALIK Duc Man of many words Way wufh women An ear for musnc Usher 3 Log Assembly 4 Com mrlfees Dance 24 Prorn3 Yearbook eboll U s D ncln Muslc Apprecuahon 2 NANCY DANGLER Nan Happlness seems made fo be shared Counfy Jun or Red Cross C Jncvl 4 o oreffe 2 3 4 Log Program 4 G A A 3 Cornmvlfees Malorerfe Dance 23 Prom 3 Ushere+fe 4 Year 4 C D ncmg 23 Indusr Arls 4 ROBERT DANKO o Man of 'Few words bul Ihose 'Few are clever r ck I u s C ess Avlollon 2 Sfmscly 3 FLORENCE DASE o genfle smnle and a Iundly word fo sa Transferred from McKee Vocahonol and Technlcal Hugh School Slaferm and Nw orlc GAA 4 Cs Senior Commerclal 4 BARBARA DAYTON "Barb" "A dynamlc ball of fir, delcae sarcasm" u s ncmg , Brolo , Shop 3 Ireehulfl Ilegmnal Hugh School .. . k.. 5 I . 4: Bos 3. Cl b: a ' g I,3.47 I A I Q? ' A ' . N, Q 1 I fgi Jonlor Red Cross Council I 2,341 I or ' 1 M I 7 D3. : . , , 4. I : ' bool: . 'obs' a ' I , 3 Ilal UB b.. T a ,2,3,4. CI b : h I,4: HH .. .-A - - Y... Isl , e Y . . . . . lub : ' e' I' I' Cl b : Do ' I 4' ' gy 2' . O ROBERT DONATO Donuf To go fo school on o summer morn Oh' If lakes all 'lhe loy away Sfudenl Guide 4 Inlramural Fool ban I Inlramural Fleld Evenls 2 oof Club Freshman S orfs Cless 23 Sfudy 4 EDWARD EARDLEY Smed Whal? Me Worry? Slu enl Councrl 234 Pres: en AM 4 Traffec 234 Foolbolr 3 Corn mrffees Sludenl Councul Sock Dance 234 Chairman Prom Bld Commrflee 3 Rng 3 Book Cover 3 Yearbook 4 Handbook 4 Sound Syslern AM 4 Cu s Chess I2 Arfs 34 I'S- EMILY DONAVAN Emlly Proof fha? mce Ihlngs come In small packages Mernl Award 34 Red Cross Coun c 3 Spxrlf 4 Trafllc Squad 34 M nnlor I I-Iomeroom Treasurer 4 GAA 34 Cornmr+'fees Dance 24 Prom 3 Play 2 4 Log Assembly 4 Year o 4 Clubs Charm I Typun Jnnuor Auxnluary 3 Chemuslry 4 NANCY EGAN Nan Looks like an angel acls luke an angel buf who knows wha? lhus angel wlll do Cholr 3 Red Cross Councul 3 Desk Momlor I Homeroom Presldenr 2 Yearbook 4 GAA 34 Comrnulfees r1ceI24 rm Pla 4 Cus Charm I Recorded Musuc 2 Dancing 3 Thealre 4 II MARY ANN DREYER Chuck Personallfy wulh a capnial P Band 234 Orcheslra 2 Choir I Sfudenl Councnl 3 Alfernafe 4 TTGIIIIC Squad 4 Log Assembly 3 GAA 4 Cornrnnllees Dance 2 Prom3 Senna Play 4 Yearbook 4 Clubs Dancnng I3 Guldance 2 Typing 4 BEATRICE EISENBERG ea A frlend 'Io everyone and everyones friend Orc eslra I 23 Chorr I Junior Red Cross Treasurer 3 Presrdenl 4 Trofllc uad 4 Merrl Award 34 Spurnl DAR Good Cmzenshlp Award 4 GAA 34 Treasurer 4 Cornrnulfees Yearbook 4 Play I2 Dramahc Cub I D n e Prom Clubs ra IC I Typ' g 2 Bowling . 2 I ' uf X Q-I . M K X 5 11 . Y II1 'I 3F . Il: " 1 ,1Desk 1 2 . boll 314, sz p Ig o' 1 1 ' : 1 1 ' f I , g 1 . . . ,. ' : , 1 1 . z ' . : bo k . 1 1 'g 21 I A v A I Q IIB ll d ' , q 'd + ' - ll I H' 1 ' U 1.:: . - I '1 Az: Sq : . M'--4: 1 i 1 1 : Da ,, 1 Po 31 y . I br ' ' ' 1 7 ' ' I Z yb. I 1 ' ' ' I 1 I I Play 1 alc 2: I 3. : D - I I I I I mal' 1 'n 1 ' 3 lroohold lloglooal lllgh School BEVERLY EISENMANN ev Llfe IS a gufl +o be used everyday Us ererle 4 Yeo book 4 Cubs ncrng I2 4 STANLEY FOX Slan Razzle Dazzle Drum See you laler Allrgafor an Orc es ra Comrmllees D nce I23 Prom 3 Play C Pu rc Spe r Bac er ology 2 Dance Band 3 Dancrng 4 BARBARA FEINBER.: Bobbn Somehmes serlous somehmes gay everyone llkes her enfher way r' A ar rr a rc Sq ad 234 A 4 Aullnor ol Scnool Ceed Commrllees Dance 24 Pay 4 Yearbook 4 Clubs ranscrrpl I Drarnalucs 2 Typrng Forergn Langoage 4 RICHARD FREEMAN Duc A frank vuew cf lnfe lels engoy our selves whole we may Halloween Pamllng l Camrmllees Lag Program 4 Arr Program 23 Year book 4 Clubs Dancrng I34 Archery 2 ALBERT FEUCHTWANGER Bug Al Those make 'lrlends who do frlendly ac+s :ral 4 Paycasl 4 Baskelboll T nnls 234 Commwrees Dance Prom 3 Yearbook 4 Cl'Ubs Rodro Code l Poblrc Speakrng 2 Plnofograploy 3 Dancrng 4 FRED FRICK Frucke The mellow aufumn comes and wnlh nl' fhe sporlsman Commullees Dance l Clubs Freslnman Sporls I Archery 2 Varsrly F 3 Danc :ng 4 I U f' "B 'l II 'll Il I ll h y Y h y I . I. .rr tu Da ' 3 3 . Me ir W d 3.43 Sp' 'o 2343 Sp" 3 r 3 I3 Tr ll' Q 3 3 GA. . 3 3 Co- e ' , , , ' : 2: T ' 3 ' 3 ' 33 ' . .. .. .. . k.. .. . .. B d l,2.3r4I lo l' I,23.4. 4 ' ' . ' : Foolball l2,343 Baskelball 334. ' 1 Oy : : 1 . 7 - ' : . z I 2. lobs: bl' ak'ng I3 1 E- . ' 3 ' , 3 , 3 3 ' 3 - r JOHN GEISLER Johnny Be srlenf and safe silence never befrays you oo+baII I rac Cross Counfry 4 Cubs I-Ilsfory Through Plc: I res I Smdy 2 Chess and Checkers 3 Avrolnon 4 WALTER GELNOVATCH Wall New York New York whal a wonderful fownl Clubs Radwo Code I Avrahon 2 Publrc Speakmg 3 Chermslry 4 NANCY GERBER Nance end s a word of royal one Frrend rs a word all alone Merrf Awo d 34 Class Treasurer 4 I-Iomeroom Treasurer 3 Smdenf Coen II Secrefcry AM 4 Co Chairman Troll' Sq ad TeIev sron Program 3 Chorr 23 Spurrl 34 Yearbook4 Commrllees Pay Dance 2 P om 3 Cubs I-landwcra 2 Mohmoefh Memorxal Jumor Aoxrhory ROBERT C-BOLDFINE o Few can possess such qualuhes of cheerful ways and 'lrlendlnness er Mer: Awar o sl 4 r' o hcl I nad 4 ehr-Is 234 Yea oo Asserhkzy 4 Corrvrmffees Sophomore rw e 2 'nas or e SI e Councr Don e 4 Prom 3 Yearbook 4 u s Dancmg I34 M swc Apprer hon 2 BERNARD GERSTLER Bernie Shll wafers run deep Transferred rom George Weshng se gh Q ol an Broo rv ef Yor CARLTON GORDON Cor I d luke 'Io sow +he barren spols wr+l'1 all fhe flowers of earfh U S FFA Srs-li F 7 T k I,3,4: U I I I ..Fri I + : .. . D.. . . ... g . A ' r 3 7 hoe I-II, S he ' kIy N Q . ' Q' k. . . 1 - ' ic 4: 7 r , I' 1 , 4 if 3: lndaslrlaf Arls 4. ..B b.. .. I.. Usa 3: 'I d 347 P. y CI b: ,. .I,2,3,4. Ca ' Shoe I C L " I,4g Troll! Sq' 1 T .' I 1 fb ok , Da C ' CrrisI D .C 4: od nl ' I CI b : ' 1 Q ' eae of 9 IQ ' emo sus 'li IVANS GRANT van u1e'I reserved a perfeci genfle mon aseball 2 ubs D nclng Chess 2 3 ROBERT GRIFFITHS o Mayors In Alublology Band I Boys Sfcle AlIernaIe3 I-lomeroom Pres:den+ 3 Usher Ha owe en Pannfung I Drum Ma or 234 Mernl Award 34 Nahonal Honor Som fy 34 Playcasf 4 Sfudenf Conn cal 34 Trafflc Squad 234 T ahclc Courf 3 Freshman Foollnall Mnk Program 4 Commuffees Log Assembly Program 4 Ar Program 23 Dance I24 Sfudenf uncsl Dance I234 Prom 3 Pay Yearboak4 Clubs Dancung I24 Trafluc Courl 3 JOHN DAVID HAM I o Lnfe as nol' life a+ all wnihouf dellglvl e Cross Councnl Foo a nager I2 oafbal 3 cl: Baslcelball I Library Counqyl 4 Year book Assembly 4 Carnmrffees Dance Ye rboolr 4 Cubs Lbrary Dancrng 34 ROBERT HAMMOND o may loolr qune+ buf Ioolr agann oo bal I Bas e all r cl: 3 C U Freshman Sporfs Dramaflcs 2 Sludy 3 Dancung 4 RALPH HASSELMAN Haze real cool clofhes chap complefe wrfh Ihose bow hes Dance band and a horse Transferred from Sprlngfueld Re guonal Hugh School Clubs Dancing 4 ROBERT HAYNES o In 'Ihe sporflnghf pugskm happy ooball I23 ck 2 Cu Freshman Sporfs I Danceng 234 Ireelmlrl Ilegumal Hugh School ISABELLA HEULITT ss Tall Indy Irnm and fynamnc I-IaIoween Paunhng I Colorguard 234 GAA 34 PresudenI4 CouncII3 Cannrnrffees Darce 24 Prorn3 GAA Typrng 2 Monrno Ih Junuor Aumhary 3 Chemrsfry 4 ELIZABETH HUBER Beffy Happy-go-Iuciy . . . vim vigor and viIaIi+y. . .A. 4, CIubs: Dancing I2' SI. y 3' Commercfa C' 'Io 4. CAROL HOLLAND Carol Always Io be counfed for a fnendly smule for an organmng hand Choxr 34 CIass Treasurer 4 Malor erfe 3 Men? Awa d 34 NahonoI Honor Siudenf CouncII 34 Vice Pres der'+ 4 Sfudenf Courf 3 TraI'IIc Squad I23 Chairman 4 GAA 34 Comrmffees Dance I2 Prom 3 Pay I 24 Yearbook 4 CIubs Typmg I Recorded MusIc 2 Che"nnsIry4 PAUL HUNT au I am never so quief as you Ihink. Camrnirfeesz Prcfn 3. C Lbs: I-IIsIo y Through Picrures Ig Archery 2,3 4. WILLIAM HOPE 1 A IIHIQ guy wuih bug Ideas a ho+ rod specnaIus+ from way back CommuIIees Pror'n3 PIay 4 CIubs Chess and Che Ixers I Indusfrna ArIs 3 GAIL IRVINE Gan They say shes a devll wu+h wonderful charms CAA 34 Band 234 Orchesrra O owe en GIU IVV e C os Co r'cI I Traffic Squad 4 ear book Program 4' Arr Program 3. om- rni ees: D me ' r rn 3 3 Yearbook 4. C ubs: DramaIics I3 Typi g 2: BowIing 3: Handlcraf 4. O Bll III IS - 'in ' f nl Y.. .. .. ..B.H.. .. '. L .I .... .. on 1 'i .. . . . . . Dance 4: PIay 2. CIubs: Charm I: Sociery 3,43 Red Cross Council 3,43 Archery 4. . : ' 7 ' 3 " 'I" I,2.3,4: I-I' ' P'+'g up Rd " " "P I" .r 5 cr ' 7 ' 7 Y - .1 I .. .. 1 C " ' r If a f 2, P o 3 Play I 2 GA , O n u I 5 lrooholul lloglonal Hugh School FRANCES JACKSON ALBERT JAKELIS DAVID JASPER Fran Dave l ave a hearl walls room for every 'oy Sally savor of rugged common sense Persevercnce IS lhe ulhmafe of success rc d 234 4 a lc vcr fo Q or never 'lrusl a woman e 3 es ana s O 'wg4 S' S mer 4 S Ja 34 G x rr ra I 4 x ALICE JOHNSON Alice Small In sue buf nal In s ml C 2 3 L bror ARTHUR JOHNSON JRHOSABOY JONES Ar Junnor Sadness and l have never mel' Today IS ours for loys and mnrllw an I Eco ba some D T w sl rr a ep I-I n asebc. C mmol e I Q ew else-x C rs om Ere-s rf c P1 4 Dann ng 2 3 4 i. Q O O .. .. HAI.. .. .. CTC' I,47 C13 1 J-or , plume- lr c I, Clubs: HIS' y T' ro,Vlo pf- . . . ." -:fm vu"-3-D-eslcief' I If CS-VGV 47 Ixos I: Dar-em 234. Cabs: Cl' 5 .' Checks' I23 I-I t.-.i-e' Pdnllng I- l?-Cd Crass Com- Eafcl . cl I- SSW? I: Dog. C: 45 4 -I C: H' 23 7 I-auf U I .Afk 34- Y,-3-'cor' P .Q m 4. Comm' lees: Dani-3 24: Dffm 3' S' Je" Cir' Davis 23- Psy 27 Ye3'Q::l . C F'- Spff li Tvslng 2' M 'MJJL J,"l-' A. CW 37 Cv-'W ', 4. .. . .. ., +.. .. . ., C'o:'f l,2, -bsz fD3f':l'g lq I-lc'oT B CJ - , Y . lg Bc TQJ I27 nv Q e ifcm N fue 'Q Crcif I I y'4. B I I 234: Track I. 0 flesz S700 Nep f N J - . Q.: pf . 3, Cece: ,P on Spcffg I- Car 3 Q , l X L , f .C if -iff - EILEEN JURSA Erleen Service rs her mudclle name fo+homable blue eyes SIU enl Council 34 Preswdenl 4 To rc Squad I234 Merxf Award 34 A 34 Ar Program 2 a lowe en Pa nfrrwg I Calelerla Paunlmg 3 Yearbook 4 Carnmrllees Dance 24 on-.3Pay4 slpng Mul Aoorerrallon 2 ArICounc1 3 Drama 4 ELAINE JURSA Elaine A mass of many moods lnquurous sense of humor our 2 mar Red Cro 5 Co nm 2 Tralllc Squad 234 Sfuderr Co nc Seuefary 4 Sprrf 4 Comm: ee earboolr 4 Dar 'Yu GAA 34 J wg u I pre ualron 2 B A he PAUL KARPOWICZ Nic Tlme s buf a slream I go a fislwm arsl r ed rn B oorn re d I-In rS Ar S Chem fry 4 YVONNE KELSEY Yvonne Definllely pun upious walls an mclrna fron fa Ialklng Ice Presrdenl I-Iomero A 4 u s narrn I-Irsrory 4 BARBARA KASTOR Peanul A small charge of dyncmlle ln a dnmnnuhve form r Lbra y Councn 3 C eer ers I4 Caprarn JV 24 Trarlc L g Program 4 GAA 4 Comrmffees Da ce4 C eereaders Dance 24 Year b o 4 Cl bs Danclng I4 Handler 'r Wln JOSEPH KINGDON Feaflwer Merchanf Any color as long as nf us red suufs me esf I-lomeroom Presndenl 2 Track I2 a ef a bs I-Insfory ro gh sclures I y 0I'S - " ' ' ' . . . un- d ' .: A z r fl' , g ' , 7 Gfk . I T I' ,342 I'l I- , E . I . , , Pr., 3 I ,Clubz yi I: sAc CH ' 1 JJ ' s u Al 2, : I' , 'II if Y ' TS 243 Pre, 3' Pay 24: .Crbs:Typ', l:Ms'c AD Q' 4 ' :w7rg 3: l'I3s':ry 4. a - "an," " ' ' Tr e f fro, ' I' 'gn ' ' ' ." School, Broomfield New Jersey. Inrra- Band Ig Choir l,4q I-lameroorn rmraf Smal 3,4. C-bs: gr ry 37 Treasare I7 I r 'l I In ' Za . read , : ' . . : J 2: ok , u : ' ,Q A al 2' Bo ' Q 3. . . b '.. X V4 - ' gf om 25 4 Q- .. GA... .Cbz C' . I' U. S. 3,4' Bslc b I 34. Clu : ' ' , Th u PA lp S ud 2,42 Bio :gy 3. ' 1 lrooholrl Regional High School MARTHA KLAPP Marlh Rugged fha beasl fhaf her music can noi' lame an Orc es ra Tronscrnpf 2 Spiral 4 Sfudenl Councnl l Trafhc Squad I 234 Reguon II ew Jrsey All Srale B nd 3 GAA 4 Commrllees Pl y I2 Yearbook Pro gram I4 Dance I2 Prom 3 Yearbook SYLVIA KRING So precious lrfe rsl u enf Councul urn Edllar 34 Yearbook 4 Sludenl Guide 3 Traffic Squad 4 Merul Award 34 Counfy Clerk 3 Horneroom Treasurer 4 Yearbook Program 4 GAA 34 GAA Councul 4 Comrmflees D nce l24 m 3 Play BARBARA LAMBERTON For many are called buf few are chosen Band 34 Treasurer 4 Orchesfra l 2 3 4 Chorr 4 l-lomeroom Treasurer 2 Mero? Award 34 Red Cross Councxl I4 Sprrll 4 Traffic Squad 234 ear boo Program 4 PTA Program 3 GAA 34 Pom? Sysfem Manager 34 Commmffees Dance 24 Play 24 Prom 3 Yearbook 4 JUNE LANGE June Genllemen prefer blondes flowrng floahng flofferrng lanes slrrclly femmlne Homeroom Voce Presldenl 3 Secre lary 4 Chrusfmas Decorallon 3 Com mlffees Prom 3 Danclng Club Dance 3 u s andlwork I Danclng lnduslrual Arls 4 VIOLA LAYTON A cheer ful chaflerer er er Red Cross Councu 34 Desk Mon: lor l Clubs l-landuwork I Dancing 23 lnduslrlal Arfs 4 J'UDlTH LEGERE udy An unpredlcfable bombshell full of fun and lofs of sparkle Merrl' Award 34 Nahonal Honor ocuefy 34 l-l loween P rnhng Cafelerna Pamhng 3 Jumor Red Cross Councul 2 Sludenf Councrl 4 Troffuc Squad 234, Sparul' 4, l-lomeroom Pres: den? 4 Jumor Varsnfy Cheerleader 2, Varsufy Cheerleader 34 GAA 34 Councul 34 Commnflees Arl' Program 23, Dance 24, Prom 3, Cheerleaders' Dance 23,4, Play 2.4, Handbook 3 ' ' 3 A B d l,2,3,4: h + I,2,3,4: . Z T . , , 5 ' -N 1 9 Q : . . . 3.. A : a , 7 - W, 4. ..Syl.. 'T S+ d ' l,2,3,43 Sp' '+ ' . ' : a , , 7 Pro 7 2. -if ' "Bobbie" , 1 " 1 ' , , : Y - ll : . . . : Cl b : l l-l 'I 7 ' 2,33 ..Vi.. ..J .. S ' l I al ' o' ' I: Z' sl HELEN LE MOINE Helen Frnendllness IS her middle name as merry as lhe day IS long Commrlrees Yearbook 4 CI b an ROBERT LORENZ o A bug In hearf as he I5 In sla re Pro rarn 4 oolbal I2 Cammrl ees s Fresnman Sporls I Prolagraphy 23 Chess and Checlce s 4 Se'rs- 55 NATALIE LEVINE Na Specs Ihaf 'frame a world of spec +acles ommrflees Dance 2 Prom Yearbook 4 Cubs Danc ng I I-land: K 2 Lbar FREDERIC LOUQUET re I am never so qulel as you 'lhmlr I Archery 2 34 ANN LEWIS Ann A qune+ gurl us one +o be remembered GAA 4 Ccmrnrffees Yearbook 4 U 5 Hcndrcralr I Srl, y 2 FU ure I-Iornemalcers o Am rca 3 Danc ng 4 FRANCES MACHO Fran Shell have happiness and laughler our 2 Re Cross Cauncrl U enf Gurde 3 G AA 4 om mrflees Chrrsrmas Dance 23 G A A Dance 4 Play 34 Prom I 3 Yearbook amoruc s ub a 4 C IJ s Inf Sundance 2 Dramoh s 4 .I .. .. +.. .. .. ' 1 , V sz C ' I I 3: CI bz I 'I 1 rd 7 I I D crg I 2,3 4. . ' I Ar I A- 5 e I g I , war' 37 I r y 4, ..B b., HF d.. .. .. .. S . . . . yu '.. .. . . l.. .. I - Cholr 2343 VIs,a' Aid 343 Log Foorball 345 Track 3.4, Clubs: F.F,A. wherever she goes." g : F . If : : . Ch' 3 d 'I 41 Play 4. Clwb: I ' Sld ' , 1 . . . . C - 4: Dr I A I CI PI y , I lo : sp" ly A 1 'Q 3,4. A I 1 If , Wu. lreeheld llegrenal Hugh Seheel RENATE MAESCHLE Renr l am noi a slranger rn a sfronge land Transferred Tram Wrdermulrr Gym nas m Germary Yearbook 4 GAA Da rw JANET MATTHEWS an A casual clrrarm Ilraf caplrvales Pee e er Mararere aa 3 I-lead 4 Red Cr Arern Ie I2 Sladenl Councr 2 Secrelar den Ca r r Dar' e e le ar' e 234 Ca S a a D ng JOAN MARQUARDT Joan Prelly lo wall: wr+l1 wrlly lo lalk wrfh Class Treasurer 3 Sledenr Comer Crass Ccunfl Mer Award 34 JV Clreereader I Varsry Ca Caplam 4 GAA 4 m m ees Dance I fn P eerleaderb Dance 4 Fay 2 C Handrwarlc I4 Dancmg 23 ROBERT MATTHEWS o And gladly would he hll +l'1e sol errl Award m en? C nc r e r rvesroclc Judgrng Team I D y a Team 2 Reporler 'lor FFA 34 S are rry and Calle r' s u re armes Amerr a WILLIAM MATLIN Every man has a rnghl 'fa be concealed unlrl he rs successful s I c rw P Q dy 2 ARLENE MATUS Arlene A sparlrlrng smrle sponlaneous wrf and darrng sprrrl I-lal awe en Pamrrng I Merrl Award S d I Councrl I2 Secrela GAA 3 Arr Program 23 Cammrllees nce I P 3 Cu rrl plwalagraplwy 2 Ar'r Cowell 3 I-landrwarlr 4 .J O . " " " "Bill" lc , . 5 . . . I2 37 Red ,I I4: Il' C LJ: I-llscry Thr ,gl E Iares Ig 4. Clebs: ncf g 4. 3 . . i Sr, ,3 4. 2.3, I A ' 3 . . . . Ca - III : 23 Pre, 31 R' 9 3: CI1 ' j . cbs: "J " "B b" " " .. - I.. .. . i... .. . . l . JV. C ' ad I' ' 'I 2. M ' I 34A CC, 'vllleeii I I ' . . ." Ass'3'a'f I-le ' 3 :ss Sr.d ae I- Da C 2: Narcna ' ' 4 3 ' Cefif a . 1 ll L' ' ' 1 ar rd 34: rc en ' , ry 3. A 'e"a'e I2 3: Yearbook Assemby 341 Milk Judglng Team 2: Caffe Ldgrg Vlce-Presldenf 45 Milli Program I,2 3: I-leme Cyn Treasarer y 4. 3 , . . ' I . , . 7 . ' : Ccmffflees: SL I u c" rc I: Da' I J:dgTrg Team 4, Da 2: Play 2.4: rorn . I bs: Dance 2' Maier rr D 5 . Ib: CJD: F ra F r ai . 'C Sal' I: . g A 7 I-l F f:'a5'r l,43 and 23. I,2.3,4. ' . I A ,, K x'?,k lr JOHN McGACKIN ac For Safan finds some mrschuef sfrll u en? Council 2 Baslce al I34 Baseball 4 Commrflees Sludenf Councrl Dance I2 Clubs Dancing I 34 Chess 2 KATHRYN MEDRICK Kalhy A casual charm fha? caphvafes Ihe WFIIB Idea Lrbrary Councrl 34 Clubs Danc Sfu 23 lnduslruol Ar s CHARLES MEC-JILL An oufdoor fellow nnleresled In hunhng guns ho'I rods a ll'f+le fhe qulel' slde u s Sludy I Archery 2 Da rng34 JOHN MENZEL A I1++le lrnowledge rs a dangerous Ihrng I-lorne-room Secrelary 2 Baseball 2 C ubs I-lrslory Through Prcfures 2 Sludy I 4 Danclng 3 GLENN MEGILL Charlre Glenn Good humor ns goodness and wisdom combrned I-lorneroom Yearbook Represenlal ve Clubs I-llslory Through Pclures Re ords 23 Forelgn Lang age 4 CONSTANCE MICA Johnny Connie Loolun of 'Ihe world fhru rose colored glasses Cholr 4 l-lomeroom Vrce Presrde-nl 2 Red Cross Councrl 3 S+ den? Cauncll D slr onrlor 2 GAA 4 mn ees Dance SI denf Councr nce 2 Play 4 Yearbook 4 CI s n Ing I ance Indus rra Arls 4 Sars-ll f nj R.. S+'d ' I.: Ib.l J , 1 ing I: dy .: ' I 4. ' s ' , , ' on ' ." Cl b: 1 7 nc- 3, Z ' I I li , 1 J ' . e M ' I 1 J 4 . . . Come 'TI : Ig u 'l Da 3 3 . lrbz Do Q' I,2: Gu'd 3: I' l . NORMAN MILES Norm The mon wor+hwl'nIe us lhe one who smiles Jumor Red Cross Council 2 Baslcel' I Comms? ees Prom Clubs I-luslory Through Puclures I Archery 2 Dancing 34 ELIZABETH MILNE Belly Charm sfnlres +I-ne slghi buf mera? Ihe sou Transferred from Lealcsvnlle Norlh Carolnnc Srudenf Council 4 Class Secrefary Traffic Squad 34 Crhzens I lnsllfufe 3 Naflonal I-lonor SOCISIY 34 Meri? Award 34 GAA 34 Treas ure 4 Yearbook 4 Comrnnffees Dance 24 Prom 3 Sfudenf Councnl Dance 4 Rlng3 GAA Dance 4 Clubs Music 2 Monmoufh Jumor Auxnluary 3 Indus lrral Arfs 4 BETTY MITCHELL Mlfch There IS noi hme enough on earfh for all I d Inlze fo do Play 4 Yearbook 4 Clubs I-landl Dancmg 4 ROBERT MOHLENHOFF Moe Easy come easy go crazy frumpe n I2 4 Ochesrra I2 4 Basxelball 2 Conemllfees Prom 3 Year oo P gram 4 Clubs D nclng I2 Bowlung 3 Folk Danc ng 4 ALLAN MONTAUK A Icll popular fellow wsfh a arge hear? P A Syslem 4 Usher3 Baslcelboll I2 Tenms l234 Commulfees Dance 2 Clubs l-luslory Through Pucfures I Chess 2 Dancung 34 MERRITT MURRY Merrill' Ouf of fhe world wufh haf lnckg gn hls lrcorlce shck TENNIS 34 BOr1d 1234 Orcllegfrq l234 Sfudenf Gulde 4 Yearbook 4 Sensor Play 4 Clubs Freshman Sporfs Dance Band 23 Chemusfry 4 ball , 'I : 3. : l.ll I 3,41 . 2 ' ' IYP crolf I 3 Slucly 2: lnduslrlol Arls 33 .. I .. .. : : H.. Ba d ,3 7 r 3 : J.V. b k ro . ' 1 o ' ,: HAI.. .. . I ' , : Seniurs - I955 SHIRLEY NAYLOR HELEN NIEMTZOW S If Helen An example of Whq+ fun f ,S fo be Her ways are ways of pleasanlness qlve her fufure lhe pafh of Huppccrales Band I 2 3 4 I-lomefoom Segfefgry l-lallowe en Pamlnng I Merll Award me , 34 Play Casl 4 Red Cross Co cl 3 Cla s Drarnallcs I Pllolograplwy 2 SP H+ 24 Traflc Squad 234 GAA W mg Dan fy ommwlees Dance I2 y Prawn 3 Yearbook 4 Clubs Dramahc I3 Typnng 2 Clwemnslry 4 STANLEY NIXON JACK NORMAN Slan Me Suave debonalre well dressed and A dyed an 'flue wool Ford man well mannered always money' Cass Presderwl 2 Freelwader 3 m3 C D g Ar lball 2 In JV Baslcel 234 2 Commullees D nce I24 Prom bs Danclnq I Varsl+y23 Typm QM. .. h. I., .. .. .. .. ,, , I , .. - .. I . 1 ' . . - Il U-Il I ' 'H ." ly! 3 1 ' ' Q ' O l, ,4Q l a d I: Da 45 G.A.A, 3,4, Camel 4. I I I tml I 2.34 7 Sl V' 31 A l 47 ' bi ' 1 . I l' , Q l , , 1 . . . H O l , I . , . Bo l' 3' cl g 4, 3,4. C ' : 1 Pla l,2: I . ' 1 , I I 3 , 1 ' Play I: Prom 3. Cl bs: Aff C . 'l Ig .. .. .. I.. .. .. l I 1 ff 2 Pro . -bsz ancin lg clvery Unlled Na'a'ws Poy3.Clul:s1Cl1eSs Fon 3: Trac I,2g ,. ball ,, 3 ' ' 1 Q f , I . ' 1 a 7 3, CQ. : ' , : ' , : ' g 4, Lx L K t, V 'Q V1 Eggs' S ' I v", : 1 511, 55, 5 Y. Pi., ly lfmwi I . J .'.tHZ,:K. v'Ji9:',g k . x F: ""' .U '- "- . 1, 1- 1 1- U t 1 , nk,"-I, Y I lt f-as JOAN NIMICK Joan Tall ieasmg a smile 'rl'1a+ con quers rclweslra 23 Co or G ar 4 e Ill Senlor Play Cas Jamor Red Crass C uncnl I2 GAA 34 Preslden+3 Comrmlfees Dance I 2 LJ O FIC! Dancing 23 Commercial 4 THOMAS OAKLEY Tom TI-were as a fume for speaking and a fume 'lor being sllll l Aviallcn 2 Slamps 3 Plwofog aplwy 4 lreehulul llegmnal lllgh School JAMES OGBORNE um Women are nor one of hrs duversnons hrs nonchalcnce keeps 'the gurls guessmg Transferred from Lakewood Hugh School Library Councll Presndenl 4 Track 4 Foolball 4 Clubs Sfucly 4 MARIE PALMER Mary Lou ln slmpleness and genfleness and honor and clean mrrfh School Sfudenl Council 4 Arr Program 34 Yearbook Assembly 4 GAA 4 Commullees Sludenl Council Dance 4 Chrnslmas Dance 3 Prom 3 Yearbook 4 Clubs Dancing 234 RAYMOND OLSKI GY Tall sfrong and sllenf Foolball I Commufrees Sensor Play Clubs Chess l Sludy 2 lndusrsa Arls 3 Archery 4 GEORGE PASTOR George Some love 'lo roam oer The dark sea s foam where fha shrnll wmds whlslle l-lomeroom Presudenf l l-lomeroom Treasurer 3 U N Program 4 Cross ounlry l234 ack l234 m mnllees Dance 4 C ubs Freshman orfs l Blology 2 Typing 3 Dan mg 4 JANICE OTT Janne The charm of old Bos+on was shown m her allurlng smile Transferred from Taunfon Hugh School Taunfan Mass Sfudenl Gusde3 l-lameroam Treasurer 3 Preslclenl' 4 Trafflc 4 Choxr 4 Spurs? 34 Sensor Play Cas? 4 Commullees Yearbook 4 Prom 3 Clubs Dancmg 34 SYLVIA PEARLMAN Her mollo lfs good lo forguve buf befler fo forgel Council 3 4 Merul Award 34 lnfrarnural Sporls l3 GAA 34 Spnrll 34 rm ees PI y n e Sensor Farewell Dance 2 Prom 3 Yearbook 4 Clubs Dramahcs I 2 Vlce Preslclenl 2 Handucraff 3 Thealer 4 ' o 0 HJ. .. ..R .. .. . .. ' ." 4. : : 1 T ' I ' ' 7' I' ll ll IISYIII Transferred from Toms River High free." Red Cross Council I2g Library , : 2 . . . . g . . I r : , . . , 1 " , . Com- ' I ' I C . , , 3 Tr ,,., Co - 'H : a I,2,4g Da c lt ' ' ' ' - ' : . l : g 3 , I ' - . - Sp : ' : ' 1 C- : ' , , ' V ' : 3 ALBERTA PENSON Blrdne There are Iwo days I never worry cbouf yesferduy and Iomorrow rv I Cu s Domohcs Dan: mg 2 B smess Occ pahon 3 Tneafer 4 HARRY PERRY Harry A greaf guy wuih whom fo folk laugh 'Io have o good hme Tap Top rary Counu 4 Foo+baI I ack I2 Base aI 3 Clubs I-IIs or rough Pncmres I FA 2 Varsu Doncmg 4 ROGERLEEN PERRY Lenle Pamfmg promises on lmpor+an+ fuiure Arr Program 34 Cammuffees Pom 3 Yearbook 4 CIubS Indusfrwa Arrs I 2 3 AVI 4 NANCY PISCOPO Nan Life wufhouf dehghf IS nof Ilfe of all Cu s Dramahcs I Dancmg 2 od a ce 3 Theafer 4 l'S- SHIRLEY PERRY nr A whlz of afhlehcs a smlle fha? wms many 'Frlends Cross Co rwcl 4 Ho o een Infmg CIUIJS I-Ian I af I Dramahcs 2 Ir-dusrrua Ars Publ c Speokmg 4 SUZANNE POGUE ue God lake an gnvrng buf fhe devrl of PGY Orchesha I 234 Trafhc Squad 34 Chour 4 Treasurer 2 I-Iomeroom PresI enf I Secreraryfi I'IaIIowe en Pom Q Irs a e re e rogafe 3 Merd Award 34 Nafarra Honor Socwery 34 P ay Cas? 4 C earwe rs Award 3 GAA 34 C I Yearbook Program 34 Arr Program 23 CaIe+erua Decorahon Charrmon 3 Year book 4 Commlriees Dance I24 Prom Rug 3 Clubs Drama cs Ar C mall Il H I ll P " ! P I .V l Ba CI . I b: r ' I7 - I' f ' . I ' . . . ' - I!" I Lib 'I ' I 2,342 Tr ,,3: b I . 1 'I y Th A g F. . . g Ify 3: I .. . .. ..Sh. I.. I A 7 . 4: ' I Red . I 3 I w ' I ,' , 3 . Pa' ' It G,A.A. 4, Z d'- ' -..h arf 1 ' 3 . 'I I 3g Emi Ii ' . .. .. Us I. I b: ' : ' 3 G 1 - I ." V1 : I I I I : ' : A d , 1 ' ' Iln ' I: G' I' SII 37 Mala If 34: Sar- - : ' : 7 I I 1 A f 7 , . I, 3 ourrd 3: Pia? I,2: I , : I II ' I4: I o' ' 2,3, S ell in I956 FRED QUINN Boob He sefs has hearl on fhe goal and noi fhe prlze Sludenl Courl 2 Homeroom Vlce Presudenl I 2 3 4 Yearbook Assembly 4 Foo ball I2 34 Baskelball I2 3 4 ase 234 Trac l234Cu Hnso Through Pucfures I Archery 2 Bowllng 3 Dancing 4 JOAN RAVALLY can Keep smnlln keep laughm be happy! o r 2 34 Club Dancm Llbrary 2 Leaders 3 Thealer 4 LUTHER RAY Lulue Sugh no more ladies sngh no more sebal l B e a Track I 234 Foolbal I Cross Counlry earbook rogram I H er rn Vlce Presudenl' I Preslderl 2 Secrelary hor 234 BoysGeeC b4 rn mu ees Dance 24 'n s an 4 ow n lm The lopsided gran and feaslng manner IU s Chess and C eckers I Arc ery 24 Pub c Speaking 3 BETTY RAE ROCKAFELLOW e Be++y Co ed Muamn beware' pleasanl 'fun +o be wnlh our 234 Malorerle 234 ross Council 234 rl 4 Trol Squad 4 Merll Award 34 GAA 34 Yearbook Assemby 4 Comm Hees nce l24 Pr m3 GAA Dance 4 Mayorelle Dance 234 Yearbook 4 Cu s Danclng I234 DONNA GAYLE ROGERS Donna Small In slafure mnghfy In deavor Band 234 Orcheslra 234 Merll Award 34 Play Casl I Siu en? Cour- cl l Allernale 24 Tralhc Squa Splrll 4 Homeroom Presldenl 3 Arl Program 23 Yearook Program 4 G AA I Presldenl 4 Commlflees Year boo 4 D nce I24 Pom3 Pay Sludenl Councll Dance 24 Swdenl Councll Handbook 4 Cubs Dramorl l 4 I I ' l, I g , , , 5 B ballI,,,: k lbs: 'fry HJ .- Ch I I . , sz ' g I: Ba I 234: ask lb ll I24: 3: Y V V P l z om oo 4: C 'r , 1 l ' ' .Cc- 'rr 1 7 Pro 31 Pay I, C-b:D clngl 'B IIQ23, JAMES REAP ..J. .. C' bc h h 3 'Y ' . HB +.. Ch ' 1 ' 3 Red C ' , g Spi 'I g llc Da , 1 o 7 . , . l bz ' ,,,. l .. . 1 . ' . . en- , 3 V l 3 'd l ,- I , : d 3,41 3, V'ce- I I . ' : Q A k 7 a , , 7 r 5 I 243 , 7 Ar 23. 1 l WALTER ROGINSKI Wcl+ There us no secref of success bu'f work o sferred from Horrwson 0 +0 e Meri Award Nc o Hof-or S cwefy 34 Yeorbc er 3 Spr1+4 Trofrhc Squad 4 den? G de3 M kprogrcm 4 Yeorbook ,gemb y 4 rcfrv r' e T O Done mg 3 Chewsfry 4 GEORGE ROOME The man an Elnsfenns shoes Ass rw fre es mo r C GWTNSLV Srs-5 NYDIA ROMAN Nydla So'f+ly speck and swee+ly smnle J s one ng D crm: rcs we Hcmemokefs Q Amerw G Lwbrory 4 PHYLLIS SACKNOWITZ n ves io labber poke ond 'eve Joes A 4 mmfees L 4 U 5 D ncmg oww o Doncmg 4 JOHANNA ROMANO Everybodys gurl Frudoy No resf for ihe weary rc , C M wr Awcr 6OVb L r r 2 3 4 JAMES SARETZKY lm Ive as genfly as I can fo be mcHer where a mon Trcrwsered from Lokewood Hwgrw School Lakewood New Jersey Cubs Leorn 'ro Type 4 0 EI 9 5 .. .. .1 - .. ..Jo.. Tr f- ' Hlgh CW L2 : D I If 'r +' 27 ." ' Svcoi. B ys S ' 3' I 34: FJ F 'Q 3: Lib fx c,fv.:'N 343 ef' d Hoff CA 1 ck 4: ' . 347 Y :ck 4, C .bsz Sp"?' 1' Tb c ',' Ush Z I' ' ' 7 Sm' , , . f ' I 7 A' ' 1 P 3: Do C 41 ' ck 2343 Foofboi 34: Cibsz BYO ogy Z: Ham.. ..Ph.I.. ..J. .. .. . . . . NLC . V . I .. G+ ..To I. Z I no VC 'Z -or S.-'eo' 4. CCM- '." , ." f es: Play 4. C ,Os: Fv '- rw Sc: fs GA, A , C: Y' : cg , I ' ' ' Ig S+.-dy 23 Safe-ce 33 ' ' y 4. C b: cz A l27 B L 9 3: F lc , ' , . , : L A V - y freehold llegmnal lllgh School ROSE SCHLECHTWEG Rose The mos? useless day of all IS fha? m whrch we have noi laughed Us ere++e 4 GAA 34 om mnfrees Dance IZ4 Prom3 Yearbook 4 Clubs Dancung I C-uldance2 owl In 3 Folk Dancm JOHN SCOTT Scofiy Beiwnxf +he devnl and fhe deep blue sea Homeroom Vlce Presuclenl 2 Presl o ball B s e a eball I 2 3 T ack l Yearbook ro gram 3 4 Yearbook 4 Cornmvlfees nce I 2 4 rom n C .1 nclng I 24 Vars ly F .LX LlLLlAN SCHOENHERR DOROTHY SCHULTZ Do+he The shepherds had an angel Brown eyed lass wl+h lofs of class Transferred from Allenlown Hugh Transferred from Woodbrndge Hugh School Sludenl Guide 3 Yearbook 4 School Cornmnflees Yearbook 4 Usher Clcbs Dramallcs 3 Cornmerclal 4 elle 4 Prorn3 Clubs Biology 2 Handr crall3 Danclng 4 ANN SHALTIS FRED SHATKUS Ann Pele Beware' Red hair' Mas href lurks lherel Relaxing rldlng dreamlng l en S o enl Cooncll I Clwolr 2 rn lhere IS no more spare fume rn Hees ClGSS Dance 2 Clubs Danclng Homeroom Trea er 2 Presuden+3 reskrnan Sp A new 2 Slody . 1 1 1 1 O O ll ll IILillI I' ' ll h 1 . . . , , C - . ' 3 , . ' : 7 - , 2 4' Q ' 3 B '- I ' . ' 9 : ' g 4. .. . . .. . .i .:. l. .. .I..I . '..h ." l'd ' I ' . Co - ' ' ' denr Ig Meril Award 3,45 Class Presldenl l,2,3,4, Foolball lg Baske'ba 2,3. Clobsl 3,47 Fo l l,2,3,47 O k lb il l,2' F rl OV'S l' rj - 3 34, Bas . , : r 7 P l Da , , 3 P 3: lil g 3, 1' bs: Da ' , . 7 l 3. Q, Ex DEANNA SHEBANIE Deanna Trnfles make perfechon and perfechon as no frufle e Cro 5 C L brary C ar o c ec ron m e Dance s I G aa 3 Typ nq 4 JACOB SILVERGLATE Ja e Laugh and the world laughs wnfh you U s Donmng 4 Mechanrcs CI'ess and Checkers 3 DOROTHY SKELDING Dofhe De Inghiful de lovely Dol he e er ross ounce I-lorneroom Treasurer GAA 3 Com rnlffees Yearbook Program 4 Cheer eaersDnceI as Dnln I-Iandrcralr 2 Srucly 3 Commercral C Jb 4 FRED SMITH Smn+'ry Courfesy us noi Idle buf +he frurf of noble mind Cass C nfry I Clubs Freshman Sporfs I Phofography 23 Dancrng 4 BIIIIITS ADELINE SKILLMAN Rover Anchors Awgugh Anchors Awengh' My I-Iorneroom Treasurer 4 Band I2 4 Orchesfra I 2 3 4 CI bs Dancrn Crurdance 2 Bowlrng 3 GARY SNYDER Gary Fave fool seven Infe s luke heaven an Orc es ra F olball 2 3 4 T ack 1234 Baseball 4 Dance Band 4 Prom 3 Yearbook 4 Yearbook Program 4 Sfodenf Garde C D nce n Folk Dancrng 4 R d 5 serif 31 I aan- r'3'YebokCfIr' 34Co- rrrweesr Slmd n' Ccmcll 35 Yegr- b::k 4.C ,b:Ma'l' Iqfkrr 2: ree .I k.. CI b: 'I I, 1 ' 23 Band 2: Orchesfra 27 J.V, Cheer- Boy." lad I: Red C C 'I I,2,3: I ,. 7 . . . . - 3,: ,... ru : 'Q ' : 3 - I,4g ' 3 ' , ld' a ,CI'b: aogli lp I ' ," B d I,2,3,4g lw I I,2,3,4q .r ou , : o , , 3 r , , , 3 3 3,45 Play 4, labs: a Ba d I,2,3g HARVEY SODEN Harv Hof rod exircordnnorre Homeroom Presrdenl 3 Lsbrary Coqrrcll 4 Commuflees Prom3 Clubs n uslrrol Ars I Archery Danc Ing 4 ROCHELLE SOLOMON Roch DIVBYSITY fhaf as my mollo mfor I2 3 4 Nalronal Honor Socrely 34 Mem Award 34 Yearbook 4 Srudenf Connor' AI+erna+e 4 Year bool: Assembly 4 Red Cross Councrl 2 G-A A 34 Cornmrflees Dance I2 3 4 U enf mo an e J s Ublrc eal: rg C ess amalrcs 3 err 4 ROBERT SOLTYSIK The Amerrcan sys+em of rugged rndrvxd uallsm e s am ng Pre ldenl' 4 ELIZABETH STAHLBAUM z The world us a slage and every man musf ploy hrs porl Translerred from Mxddlelown Hugh S ool S mor Play Cas? 4 STU enr Council Play Casl 4 GAA 4 Com ml ees Play 3 P m CI bs r mahcs 34 ALICE STEWART A merry hearl makefh a cheerful counfenance Transferred from Keyporl Hugh School Chorr 4 Clubs Dancrng 4 MARY STRYKER Mary Cheerfulness us her chuef mgredlenf U enl Council I2 JV C eer leader 2, Usherelle 4, GAA 3,4 Com mu ees D nce I2, Sfudenf Councul Dance I2 Clubs Dancrng I234 I d ' A r 3 2,37 - Mo ' , , . 3 ' my 2.4 'S+ d cof 'I D Q' '41 CI' b : P ' Sp ' lg Iv 2: Dr ' 3 Cr' fgrfy 4, "Sally" CI b : D I I: F.F,A. I,2.3: HU .. ch . e ' 7 cl 'I+ : ' : ro' A lu .2 D a- ..A'.. SI d ' . : . . h A 'H : a , ' I I ' JAMES SWALM rm Knowledge I5 fo know fellowmen P 234 rsden'4 A SO Bond 3 Shore Conference Band 234 Orcheslro 234 Chow 2 Homeroom Treoswer 4 Red Cross Co ncrl 3 Sp If 4 Sludehf Ccuncl 4 Troffc Squad 4 F olball 34 Troclc 23 Yeo bool: Assem 4 Commzflees Dance 4 Play Prom 3 S+ denl Coqncl Don e 4 eor o rf e on Donclng 4 CHARLES VAN CUREN Charloe And fake hum for 'rhe greafesf gentle man cofbol I as e a Cu u y I Husfory Through Prclures Bowling 3 Doncmg 4 T8- DAVID TROJAN Dave There come+h greafer delrghi In fhe hunhng 'Phan rn fhe eahng ocfbo n T oc s rcu uc res SOL WAGNER o Genrus musl be born and can never be faughf fha? devul may care a'H'rfude Prom 3 Homeroom Ofhcer 3 rung Play 4 SpnrI'3 T mms I 2 CU Chess and Cneclxers I 23 Chemusfry 4 JOHN TROJAN ac I genfleness and In conflclence shall be your s+reng+h rl? A ard CI b HS or rc3gh P + Che JOHN WALKER Johnny Alhlehcs acclaimed hum her favorvle son o bol I 234 Cubs Mechanx V J Donclr ..J. .. .. .. HJ k.. .. . ., . . .. n . Ba rd 7 7 7 P e ' 7 ll I 'e ' 7 ' ' ." ." 7 . 7 7 7 F I I7 Tehls I7 r lc 273. Me' w 3,4 3 sz I+ y 7 . 3 I ' I Cl3b: Hlsfzry Th gh P' Ip I: Th I lc ues I7 Swdy 27 ss 37 1 o ' 1 Tr' Archery 27 Cchclng 374. Dchdng 4. : I 7 I 7 by . A : 7 4: . 7 , I C 7 Y - be k 4. CI-bs: Da c B d I,2,37 PQI: ll I ll IIS Ill 'J 'V F I ,27 B lc Ib ll I. l bs: ' ." Fo I ' ,,,. I : 'cs Sv d 7 ' ' 2: 7 ' : I,27 arsify F '7 Hg 4. ' 7 ' . Sp ' 7 'I 7 e ' 7 . l bs: WILLIAM WARD THERESA WARDELL JUDITH WEINBERG Bucky A fellow wIII'I a ready Ime and a knack for clofhes sporfs mmded Class Presudem' I FooIbaII I234 ack I234 Bcskefball I BasebcII Momfor 2 Yearbook Program 34 Com mnI'rees Dance I Prom 3 CIubs Danc HELLA WEIDENFELD Hmdy Has a con+aguous giggle 'II1aIs seldom convenhonal Vorle+y as Iwer space of I e CIass Secrefary I 2 Sfudenf Coonc I GAA 34 Troffc Squad 4 Llbrary Coon 34 Secrefary 4 CI'1eerIeader 24 Sprnf 34 Yearbook Assemby I4 Camrmfrees Dance I24 Prom 3 PI y ea ook U D ncvn MUSIC apprecuahon 2 IndusIrnaI ArIs 4 Terry A mefry hear? doefh good luke medlcnne Choir 3 UsI'1ereIIe 4 Yearbook 4 Dancnng CIub Dance 2 Clubs Hand: af Dancmg 23 Fowre Home makers 4 HILLIARD WHITE Bug Hall Men of few words are Ihe besf men Monxfor 4 GIee Cwb 4 FoofbaI e a rac Basebal I2 Csbs Sporfs I Dramancs 2 Varswry 34 Judy Whaf a fros+y spurufed rogue Ihns ssl Spurs? Edlfor 234 Yearbook 4 Ari Program 234 Mem? Award 34 Na rIonaI Honor Socuefy 34 Creafnve Ar'rs Award 3 MIIk Program 4 TrafIIc Squad R Coss Counol I I-IcIIoween Pamhng I Caferema Paunhng 3 Band 3 GAA 34 Yearbook Program 4 Adverhslng Manager S+udenI Cauncnl Sensor PIoy 4 CommnI'rees Dance I 24 Prom 3 Play I2 Language Program 4 Cubs Publnc Speakmg I Chess 2 Da JOHN WILLIS John There us no need of words belneve facfs Ban I 234 OrcI1esIra I 23 m rnIIIees P m3 Cubs Sporfsl vIa Ion 2 PUbI c Speoklng 3 Chess 4 Ireehnld Regional High Schuul Tr . . . 1 1 I1 A . :' '- ' ' . 1 ' ' 1 . . - Cv I I: ' 1 : - 1 ' : ' A 1 1 , : - . 4: ed r ' 5 ' Ing I,2,3,4. ' ' 3 ' ' ' 3 ' H i I I I 1 ' ' 1 1 r - I - - - I I I maIIcs 31 CI'1emisI'ry 4. I'f ." I - - - . I I I 1 1 i' 1 1 I , . ' : ' 1 I ." ' : , , 3 3 0 I,2,3,41 Bask fb 'I I,231 I k I,2,3: CI , . . 1 , 1 .Co - I13I Y fb 4. CI bs: a ' g I,31 I ,, 1 I ' ' z ro . ' 1 :A ' - 1 . I 1 - I 1 I 1 . CAL DEAN WILSON c A swell sporf cs well as cz good sporf oofbo I 34 Bose Q Truck 234 Yearbook 4 Clubs I-luslory Through Plc? res I Drcnmol cs 2 Vorsuly F 3 Dancing 4 SE IHS - BARBARA YUHAS Bobble Lek all ihmgs be clone decenlly and wlIl1c0re I-Iomeroom Preldenl I Sm ent o rw U N Assam 4 GAA Commlffees Sfodenf Colmcl Don bs nrmg 4 Typm HC I., ,. . .. F I ,2, , 5 b ll I,2,3,4g ' ," , , 3 . ' I ' S' 3 d 'Q g I: ' Coc'43,, byq..,4, 7 ' . A : i Ce 4. C2J:Do.' I23 'g3. I i- - I A . A I I R Exif A x I4 7 lg' X 1 if : I 1 I X. , ' u IIERHASSIS Ilonsclentluus Q W ly gmlslli' ' ' 1 4 .nn , K, . if "f f A . ,. .ff .1-.I u o A. ' Q. ,av- J U N M ga- ii? 1 H- IJ X .Ire-. - . N-IN, X rs N 3' R 'i :2-:-J: -' N x v. -. X N '- N. -:-: 'FQ-Size N -.x 5 Q The Juniors. . . sm N. N Q M Q- FIRST ROW, leff lo right Maxine Askew, Mary Thompson, Louise Rupp, Pai Dreyer, Belly Snoolr, Ruih Polhe'mus. Janei Beams, Eleanor Koczorowski, Pal Johnson, Lois Daniels, Millicenf Craig, Geraldine Glover. SECOND ROW, leff fo right Franlrlin Williams, John Bannon, Ronald Vogan, Lorenzo Sfanford, William Perry, John Burieind, Daniel Briggs, Franlr Callahan, Henry Maire, Donald Burlne, Harry Gibson. THIRD ROW, lei? 'ro righf: Carol Lykes, Paula Leibik, Jean Heyniewich, Theresa Scollo, Yolanda Benson, Lucy Harvey, Lillian Gravair, Joan Frenz, Jean Emmons, Laura Coiirell, Adele Rasiewicz, FOURTH ROW, left fo righf: John Muly, Joseph DeLucia, Sam George, George Znachko, Bill Hulse, Ted Leflcowich, Francis Bafcha, Jim Cooper, Carmen Andreffa, George Brown, Forman Barkalow, lra Sieinberg. FJFTH ROW, lefi 'fo righfz Leonard Niblelf, Don Freeman, Marion Birdsall, Eileen DeVifis, Virginia Pasfor, Marilyn Huff, Doi Lamirande, Marie Reyna de Banios, Madelyn Draper, Regina Spencer, Berry Maghan, Be++y Roe, Gwen Evans, Sheryl Kramer, Louis Colaner, Ari' Goldberg. SIXTH ROW, lefi fo righl: Bill Egerfon, Leo Tamai, David Cashill, Vernon Valenfine, Jon Blevins, Edward Twardoir CAMERA SHY: Richard Simplrin, Joan Askew, Louise Dombeclr, Eleanor Presiley, Florence Meyer, Margaref Murley, lra Smifh, Herberf Kaul. lilass ol F F FIRST ROW, lefl to righf: John McCar1hy, Ida Goodman, Irene Kereslan, Alexandria Vifomski, Geri McCormick, Michaeleen Cirrilo, Florence Evans, Joan Magee, Arlene Madge, Susan Jones, Julia Brodie, Cyn+hia Wurrzel, Lillian Liefke, Fred Foy. SECOND ROW, lef+ fo righfz Thomas Palmer, Arlhur Daks, David Breazeal, Na+han Black, George Brannlund, Alan Hersh, Waller Kelsey, Charles Applegale, Richard Biddle, Charles Mahoney, John Libby, Michael Ogbarne. THIRD ROW, leff lo righf: Claire Sfrufi, Janice Malhews, Palricia Morris, Kalhleen Mounf, Ania Veinberg, Barbara Moore, Mary Wilson, Lillian Hendrickson, Margaref Ascough, Joan Duncan, Salvador Crimi, Leonard Parker, Ted Resnick. FOURTH ROW, lefl +o righf: Cecil Gravafl, Lee Williams, Lee Lewis, Fred Searby, Sluarl Robinson, Allan Baum, Sherman Reed, Louis Burke, Roberl' Kelsey, Arnold Hanrman, Richard Clark, Larry Sorcher, Wilfred Schwarz. FIFTH ROW, leff fo righf: Richard Baird, Joan Davison, Gerfrude Kurfz, Sheryl Kramer, Madeline Draper, Francis Ekdahl, Regina Spencer, Caroline Slroud, Anna Mafhews, Jane? Rosin, Frances Becker, Kafhleen Naughfon, Jacob lslrandilsch. SIXTH ROW, leff 'lo right John Hulse, Charles Holslen, Gene Ravally, Alfred Schlechfweg, Pal McNamara, George Kerekes, Ted Seiber, Bernard Zilbergeld, George Dey, Fred Dubois, John Shebanie. SEVENTH ROW, lefl lo righr: Paul Eisenbeog, Ralph Woodruicf, Joseph Selfzer, Paul Honig, Mifchell Tanne, Charles Gibson, William Mauser, Donald Cusson, Richard Lo++, Daniel Briggs, Jon Blevins, Donald Burke, Richard Mohr. CAMERA SHY: Ann Crine, Robert Barlow, Joan Ma+hews, Fred Cruger, Dorolhy Drake, Beverly Preily, Waller Jablonski, Joe Hempslead. FIRST ROW, lefl' 'lo righlz James Gronoslaislri, Richard Paladino, Larry Taylor, Howard Richelson, John Brauligan, Joseph DeFazio, Richard Boyce, Fred Fanhl, Fosfer Slade, SECOND ROW, lelf lo righlz Gayle Shaffo, Marilyn Sherman, Jane Slokes, Belsy Warner, Connie Clancy, Rulh Wallrer, Gayle Ashworlh, Pal Murphy, Barbara Brager, Marilyn Hochberg, Virginia Curley, Arlene Soder- sfrom, Pal Kclarifsch, Donna Freeman. THIRD ROW, lei? lo righfz Anne Lafrop, Veronica Thomson, Annabelle Harris, Jennie Augun, Sheila Carler, Virginia Desousa, Louise VanMaIden, Peggy ldinger, Augusline Lewis, Jeanne Barclay, Marilyn Hauge, Mary Griffin, Mary Paradise. FOURTH ROW, lell lo righl: Belly Miller, Palsy O'Prandy, Joan Noller, Doris Jones, Barbara Sforer, Marsha Maghan, Isabelle Jones, Ellen Haynes, Sandra Narolniclr, Mary Nolan, Beverly Mundy, Mary Mallox, Sally Chesler. FIFTH ROW, lefl' lo righl: Barbara DeFa1io, Helen Soden, Judy Federico, Alice Wohrlin, Barbara Scanlon, Margarel McMahon, Margie Jones, Janel Ray, Linda Sporn, Jane? Pallerson. CAMERA SHY: William Loclrharf, Lawrence Meferslcy, Richard Paladino, Carl Sleinmelz, Allan Voorhees, John Wagner, Ralph Welmore, Sandro Schwarlz. Q 3-Q, FIRST ROW, lefl' fo righl: Palricia Roe, Mary Kruse, Barbara Reynolds, Palricia While, Consfonce Reid, Bernice Williams, Barbara Remelo, Morie Russell, Alida Pelerson, Wanda Zielinslri, Belsy Torniclr, Virginia Saluelli, Irene Wolf. SECOND ROW, Iefl +o righl: Waller Rielzlre, Edward Esleel, Waller Greenwood, Roberl Chapman. Vincenl Schueclr, Thomas Runner, Anlon Widmer, Sieve While Ronald Worsly, Roberl Buck, Gerald Nevad. THIRD ROW, lell lo righl: Palricia Walling, Margarel Hogan, Annabelle Harris, Carolyn Schullheiss, Inga Schoenherr, Helen Suydam, Josephine Duchen- field, Dora Perry, Jeannelle Perry, Nina Pawlin, Polly Engel, Palricia Slahlbaum, Bernice Holmes. FOURTH ROW, lell lo righl: Tony Posidelow, Fred Willenburg, Hayward Cape, William Bodnarchulr, William Janwich, John Marz, Donald Willrowshy, Alan Holland, Juslin O'NeilI, Slanley Yoncah, Ralph Cavanaugh, Roberf Zenga, Xavier Gonzalez. FIFTH ROW, lefl lo righl: Winifred Troian, Carolyn Moore, Mary Robinson, Barbara Breining, Noreen Wylis, Grace Leibel, Lorella Piaggio, Sandra Sabin, Dorolhy Pallerson, Margarel Richens, Sue Mason, Rulh Hayes. SIXTH ROW, Iell lo righlz Thomas Baehny, .Iohn Anderson, Richard Soden, Donald Kudriclr, Anilo Goldslein, Pal McGacIrin, Joan Whilson, Mary DaPonl'e, Joan Borish: Phoebe Siegol, Elaine Weinsfein, Sheldon Schullz, Donald Smilh, George Thompson, CAMERA SHY: Carmen Jones, Francis McKay, Emery Pudder, George Evans, Charles Blackwell, George Deslories, Thomas Esfells, Richard Deming, Ralph Johnson, Theodore Marlin, Richard Megill, Riberl' Thone, Raymond Ullrich, Thomas Bioyer, Kennelh Miller. lllass nl :rsgirsirss -C' 'N 5' 1. ,W 4 file. :S?:be23:IQ f:?:f:1E5:5S:5:5: 1:3:i:1:3:3:?:?S: z'-2 l hz. A f f . tus Y . FIRST ROW, Ieff +0 righl: Gloria Blackwell, Sue Oxman, Linda Maghan, Jean Culinelle, Ellen Decker, Alice Wolfe, Marie Novak, Margaref Wyche, Pairicia Conover, Carol Burke, Carolyn Michaelson, Rufh Bollmeyer, Yvonne Hampfon. SECOND ROW, Iefl +o righ+: Douglas Lawrence, George Brodie, Howard Isaacs, Donald Mcllvaine, Roberf Taylor, Frank Monlauk, Lewis Vandenberg, Sanford Borshafsky, Frank Herberi, John Carpenler, WaI+er Williams. THIRD ROW, Ief+ fo righf: Mary Foy, Barbara Crine, Barbara Kapish, Rose Kuey, Tina Krupnicka, Kafhy Faulhaber, Mariorie Dreyer, llda Bernardo, Judy Zwarum, Nancy Johnson, Judy Paren+eau, Claire Daniels, Carol Hunf, Hannah Layton. FOURTH ROW, Iefi fo righlz Edward Surgenl, David Cashion, Eddie Hulse, Alberf Reed, Thomas Rocco, David VanDerveer, Rudolph Marinka, Wayne Conover, Jan Jorgenson, Douglas Hanley, Thomas Surgenf, Gene Towend, Richard Shulzer, Sluarl Woosfer. FIFTH ROW, Ieff fo righl: Joseph Henderson, Wilson Keegan, Abram Conk, Joan Wagner, Ruih Mathews, Caroline McGan+lin, Violef Quackenbush, Anloineffe Peliincki, Belly Polhemus, Phoebe Brewer, Margaref King, Marion Anderson, Hilda Clax, Francis Carfer, Edward Erns'r, Sfanley Ehlin, Richard While. SIXTH ROW, Iefl Io righiz Samuel Milchell, Everelf Lewis, Bruce Pine, Roberl Polhemus, David Cohen, Jack Luiz, Fred Lange, Roberf Billker, Roger Kane, Allan Von Sfeenberg. CAMERA SHY: Charles Plasky, Williard Edwards, George Lewis, Dennis Webf, Donald Beck, Rolaerl' Beria, Harold Burrows, Jesse Bass, Roberf Gardell, George Torrone, Roberi Bronell, John Fosler, Ray Schoaf, Ed Roslin. f 1" .. N 'H ' X .:: :::::g-'q::: 1, .-.E-.ev S X High Sclmul Snphumnres FIRST ROW, lefi +o righiz Grace Bohn, Ruih Thompson, Rila Gordon, Nancy VanDerveer, Elaine Tomasfik, Joan Coyne, Shirley Williams, Ruih Brown, Jean Schenck, Lillie Svanford, Mildred Shibanolii, Pairicia Ely, Elinor Miichell, Sally Baggiii, Joyce Sfrohschein, SECOND ROW, lefl fo righf: Russell Rue, Herberl' Wasser, Paul Meini, Eugene Zukowski, Ed Jasko, Richard Dalian, William Mor- rison, John Slansfield, Roberi Moerschal, Larry Hicks, Ed Brown, Roberf Millward, Clifford Maihews. THIRD ROW, Iefl fo righiz Judy Mulligan, Marie DeViIis, Barbara Powell, Jean Engel, Pai McGowan, Mary Spradley, Doris Krysfoff, Johann April, Rosabella Komensky, Failh Peichers, Mary Lamirande, Shirley Haymaker. FOURTH ROW, leli Io righi: Daniel Erven, Larry Reid, Phillip Washingfon, William Dixon, William Bracey, Barry Abramawifz, Larry Sopin, James Yuhas, Thomas Barkalow, Joseph Komarek, Terry Huni, Joseph Mcllvaine, Vicior Gunderson, Billy Doizel. FIFTH ROW, Ieff Io righiz Mickey McChesney, Mike Williams, Sluarl Tave, Bill Mehr, Franklin Pinkus, Frances Langford, Gail Bonnewifz, Sandra Shaffo, Rufh Zarkevich, Pairicia LaBounIy, Judy Brummer, Bealrice Megill, Geraldine Rifkin, Mary Breese, Melvin Enfus, George Thompson, Paul Sifkus. SIXTH ROW, leff fo righi: Ferdinand Seeihaler, Gordon Schaaf, Jan Conover, William Veselis, William Combs, Gay Gilliard, Ernesi Egerion, Carl Eisenmann, Harry Simeon, Willard Huber, Irving Robinson, James Sianley. CAMERA SHY: Rose Arbachesky, Linda Riifenhouse, Beverly Weldon, Myrile Harris, Doris Chrislie, Lorraine Connelly, Efhel Roih, Caroline Everefi, Ronnie Small, Elizabeih Sfubbs, Rhoda Slungari, Barbara VanCuren, Margarei Peace. -"il x.,,N .,,.x.., 4' YC 49355652 - 1:22-:iz-:7:I:I .:.,:5-'-1-2 " 1519512121 257' " ., . f4.4.b:f' -.V -.-. N: 'E-5:-:-: 'gizgarssa 25521511-2 21:-:git-:-:-:iz -:-z-.-:-1-:-:L FIRST ROW, lefi +o righ+: Linda Cooper, Prinnie Bacon, Arlene Conover, Helen Fosfer, Gwendolyn Crine, Virginia Reynolds, Jane? Errickson, Margore+ Miller, Raiona Rumfield, Judy Kaplan, Cynlhia Jones, Luroy Cook, Joan Schonclr, Barbara Hoglander, Paisy Hooper. SECOND ROW, Iefi +0 righf: James Kearns, Pefer Berger, William Hebeler, Alex Onoprienko, William Darlr, Gregory Lamm, Thomas Marks, Thomas Esrelle, Marvin Fenichel, Leslie Hamma, George Koelsch, Roberf Schworfz. THIRD ROW, lefl +o righi: Gale Whilson, Sue Koh, Ann Durie, Ani'fa Bernsfein, Bernice Marlin, Midge Cullen, Kafherine Lanoue, Virginia Bruce, Linda Hanson, Chorloffe Hilfon, Sue Millard, Anna Borener, Carol LoH, Belly Broyer, Carol Hulse. FOURTH ROW, leff fo righf: Jane Tarnoslri, Carol Perro, Rose Doyle, Angelina D'Ambia, lrma Scarf, Nina Parulin, Sheila Kelsey, JoAnn Bollonfine, Florence Searby, Gloria Brown, Joyce Gaison, Polricia Lucas, Rose Weider, Ann Taylor, Helen Grossman, FIFTH ROW, le'l'r +o righfz Bernard Parham, Rose DeSousa, Judy Magee, Mabel Beal, Phyllis Mongano, Carolyn Chace, Nancy Lcichle, Diane McCulloch, Margaref Marfer, Ronald Updylre. CAMERA SHY: Mary Peace, Emily Wrighi, Judy Curry, Ralph Mauser, George Thompson, Michael Gallagher, Harry Spencer, Carlfon Askew, Ken Applegafe, Joseph Buclynski, Allan Oglensky, George Woolley. Class ol so FIRST ROW, leff +o righl: Belh MacGillis, Claire Beams, Carolyn Daum, Joan Young, JoAnn Roganslri, Joan Zulmowslri, Shirley Wrighf, Maiorie Van Brun+, Minnie Brodie, Carrie Wesby, Leona Richardson, Hazel Evans, Lillian Oliver, Gloria Oliver, Jacquelyn La Bounly. SECOND ROW, left fo righf: Roberl Williams, Henry Carr, Larry Harvey, Cornelius Burlre, William Schubel, Michael Henderson, David Reya, Fred Tice, John Snyder, Chris Kuez, Ed Owens. THIRD ROW, left fo righh Audrey Hansen, Laura Walling, Clarise Halpin, Arlene Campbell, Gail Difiemer, Dawn Kohler, Diana Tesi, Muriel Renouf, Millie Nowiclewislri, Sally Clarlr, Louise Zebroslri, Barbara Cisco, Siella Yuhas, Gladys Colin, Mary Pace. FOURTH ROW, lefl fo righ'f: Alphonso Pace, Russell Dralre, Roberi Bellilrka, Charles Mafhews, Herman Claylon, Larry Friedman, Vince Cullen, Louis Prigge, William Corsaglia, William Foley, Michael Henderson, Gene Krehl. FIFTH ROW, leff fo right Wallis Bonnewih, Irene Chismar, Frances Pereira, Frances Silber, Nina Lindsay, Jacquelyn McGackin, Dawn Perrine, Joan Cole, Eleanor Puglisi, Emma Royal, Marfha Laylon, Elfriede Weigand, Pafricia Sfaples, Carolyn Parenleau, Mary Mulligan. SIXTH ROW, lefl io righf: Jock Silvers, Michael Obsaiz, Pefer Blevins, Fred Wiley, John Bosley, Raymond Spradley, William Walker, Nicholas Kaierinas, John Trolfa, Thomas O'Rourl:e, James O'Rourke, James Reyna de Banios, Leonard Resniclr. SEVENTH ROW, lefi fo righl: David Naylor, Richard Canyon, James Currie, Charles Poland, Edward Waif, Mafhew Slevenson. CAMERA SHY: Roloer+ Tuzeneu, Douglas Bromell, William Ensley, Ray Goldfaden, Theodore Haven, Paul Leilsrandl, Alberf Reed, Paul Whille, Ernesf S1aPor, - - T sf. 4, sb.. me H. 'rig '. -img, :-:1'N.:., 5 .3 :L-. :b. . . -.14 i' ?6'E,.. I xii? "':i:IN:I:4:f W 4 . 53:-. 4' . . -53.5 ' I N :- N B . FIRST ROW, lef+ Io righlz Pefer Yannariello, Anfhony Puglisi, William Culverhouse, Myron VanCleaf, Nick Doyle, John Tillman, John Bovie, Kennelh Briggs, Marlin Eisenberg, Waller Hand, William Bachman, Richard LaRocco. SECOND ROW, lefl 'lo righf: Claire Wybernac, Jane Megill, Elise Davison, Lorraine Sfalgailis, Margarei Thomas, Jacqueline Klapp, Jaan Rofhman, Elizabelh Spring- sleen, Rhoda Liflon, Rosemarie Zarnofski, Suzanne Meisler, Mary Smifh, Ann Ingram, Sylvia Walmack, Rilo Mackay. THIRD ROW, leff +o righfz Ralph Howardson, Samual Rogers, Ronald Griffiths, Wayne Burdge, Murray Breeden, James Burke, James Merola, Edward Herr, Leverefl' Russell, Vincenf Cosligan, Alex Birzin, Vermeil Fremon, Reginald Jackson, Roberi Mauser. FOURTH ROW, leff fo righ+: Irene McCar+hy, Marsha Louden, Margaref Redmond, Eileen Smi+h, Kalherine Hanawoy, Anne Rhom, Jean Garrison, Pal Saunders, Palricia Gall, Carole Freeman, Linda Yelman, Pal Taber, Karhryn Riley, June Seman, Mary Gleason. FIFTH ROW, Ieff fo right Marvin Lykes, Larry Laird, Lindon Yourfh, Armond Perry, Romell Frison, Chesfer Marriner, Alberl While, Roberl Davison, Harfson Boyce, Kenne+h Pelerson, Joseph Evans, Dave Byrnes, Paul Kelsey, Wayne Sfewarf, Philip Hayes, Joseph Kosiaisky. SIXTH ROW, leff fo right Judy Shore, Sheila Lamberfon, Barbara Horowifz, Pola Niemhow, Gail Yafes, Marianne Meyer, Joan Sieinberg, Marleen Sorcher, Alice Morris, Francine Rosensfein, Eleanor Kirk, Mary Mooney, Jeanne Hendrickson, Sheila Halpern, Kafhryn Welsh, Wallis Blackwell, Joyce Emmons, Geraldine Gafson. SEVENTH ROW, lefl Io righfz Peler Edwards, Michael Scholfland, Louis Mendini, David Hill, Cynlhia Bellfield, Carol Libby, Sandra Boyce, Diane King, Arlene Clark, Pai McGollin, Carol Guice, Efhel Kane, Lois Vanderveer, Pat Soden, Earleen Denf, Bernice Edgerlon, Roberl' Murdock, Barry Smilh, Henry Bishop, Louis Becker. CAMERA SHY: John Dressler, George Weidenmeyer, Norman Krehl, Morris Boslon, Fred Dekle, Gusfar Dreyer, Michael Brick, John Eardley, Pefer Hoffman. . .x es. -. . 1 - r- . .SQL :H 1'1:-Z:-.-ici 5 - W .- . ., . . , .. .. , . ' ss fr B e h M W-'-1-2+ g'-'I-'.g:-'-5 4:5-:-:-:-: :::::::::.- ' '-:g:-.,.,.. ,. 1B':'35:7:xx . ii' 'S'- ZV up V i .QQ FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Dorolhy Mounl, Denise Corrinne, Janelle McKnighl, Josephine Horsley, Ellen Breining, Barbara Bulcher, Gay Faragalli, Louise Schneider, Alberla Dangler, Alla Emmons, Dorolhy Spurgal, Palricia Miller, Barbara Polichak, Madeleine Barker, Judy Kubichek, Nadia Nazaruk, Erika Isaacs. SECOND'ROW, lell lo righl: William Basledo, Ronald Hicks, William Reed, Kurl Hanna, Glenn Cashion, Michael Saslokas, Leslie Heulill, Richard Tilton, Leslie Badanes, John Gall, Richard Slade, Frey Key, Sam Hicks, Gregory Saraiew, James McDu'Fly, Willie Davis, THIRD ROW, lell lo righl: Carol Saslokas, Florence Rosenslreich, Renala Funghini, Jean Hammond, Jeannelle Malulu, Anna Marlianov, Sonia Towasser, Lucy Plumber, Joyce Klile, Dionne Alah, Mary Laylon, Ann Sparks, Carolyn Walker, Mary LeComple, Mary Laylon. FOURTH ROW, lell lo righl: James Daylon, Thomas Kinsey, Ralph Bobrisky, James Smilh, Norman Primosl, George Kudrick, Joseph Vola, Wayne Burdge, Woodrow Burdge, Norman Smilh, Alfonso Washinglon, Viclor Abremov, Edwin Boldl, George Burrows, Marlin Ellman, Julius Daniels, John Conway, Warren VanDerveer. FIFTH ROW, lell lo righl: Robin Curley, Sally Lamberlon, Lois Hendrickson, Helena Serafin, Ellen Shalkus, Elaine Corrie, Maudine Gary, Earleen Denl, Hazel Allen, Carole Lewis, Juanila Bobbill, Belly Carradow, Palricia Preslon, Isabella Demery, Lorraine Kanow, Joan Clauberg. SIXTH ROW, lell lo righl: Julio Torres, Jerome Sollysik, Roberl Smilh, Maryann Clickner, Eilene Welmore, Palricia Kingslon, Barbara Conway, Paula Cherelco, Carole Lee, Folricia McLaughlin, Shirley Johnson, Angelina Barbulo, Belly Ellis, Joan Slolz, Calherine Quinn, Anila Johnson, Mary Lemming, Barbara Reinhold, Emma Ralph, Judilh Sleinberg, Marlha Mallin. SEVENTH ROW, lefl lo righl: Alberl Porenleau, Roberl Sadow, George Zilbergeld, Charles Maida, Neil Munch, David Reichey, Robert Hunk, William Miller, John Dmylerlo, John Thompson, Salvalore Fuglisi, Russell Coley, John Carswell, Donald Hamma, Richard Pillenger, Malcolm Zlolkin, Roberl Morris, Joseph Cavanaugh, Gary Slrong, William Williams, Allred Woodfield, Thomas Bachman, Jerry Hanlman. CAMERA SHY: Blanche Vangi, Jacqueline Rauler, Thelma Halpin, Nancy Reed, Dorolhy Tillon, Sara Bronson, Marie Simmons, Joan Wallace, Joanne Herson. . "" - "1:':' ,-.g.,.- :-.:-:-. ,, :- . . -. :5:::g:E21::::1: ,.:: ggi,-2-'--P 323-.15-' Hl il ch i L r B Sh Ill " ':1:?c"3:5:- L:-:-'-'Nc-:: ie 'Pl' v. w Pgzg "'-.QQ em- .51 :1:3:?3':5:i:1 1:A:-:-:-.- - -qcgizfg il:-1-:-:-.-1, ' 5, ..... .-.-.-.-.-.w. I' 'S W. "5S:3:3:5" '. Zeer :-':C: . :1:I5:C:1:2:2' :-'-:-:-. sq. Qil FIRST ROW, lefr fo righfz Patricia Boyce, Jane? Donovan, Pafricia Mounf, Cafhleen Engeldf, Dorofhy Knauer, Priscilla Barber, Michell Dugan, Gail Henderson, Mary Hulsarf, Pafricia Gawron, Doris Hendrickson, Mary Coley, Dorofhy Skwarko, Daisey Kelsey. SECOND ROW, lei? fo righf: Rose Mary Hamilfon, Gary Srrong, Leonard Eflebein, Henry Kuchinski, 'lra Mafhews, Keifh Holifman, John Bosley, Herber+ Waake, Marilyn Moss. THIRD ROW, lefl 'fo righf: Joan Conover, Toby Dreyer, Doris Bellamy, Delores Maihews, Celia Fenlon, Delores Emmons, Barbara Sfroger, Barbara Eps+ein, Audrey Hanson, Margare+ Brown, Joyce Askew, June McGan+lin, Juanifa Louk. FOURTH ROW, le'f+ Yo righf: Waller LippincoH, Darryl Hand, Donald Munyak. Marhias Kerekes, Jesse Silvergafe, Calvin Brodie, Donald Ashworfh, lsaac Quackenbush, Marfin Keeley, Joseph Abofe, John Applegafe, Ronald Soden, Alberf Zullo, Gerald Creasy, CAMERA SHY: Paul Tamulevicus, Charles Blackwell, John Ellis, Arfhur Blake, John Dressler, Edward MacDougaIl, Joseph Hendrickson, Charles Pecker, Edward McGrory, Richard Schmidf. Junior Class , i LOUIS BURKE JOAN NOLLER BETSY WARNER VERONICA THOMPSON Presidenf Vice-Presideni Secrefary Treasurer Snphnmure Blass ROBERT GARDELL JOAN WHITSON PATRICIA McGACKIN NANCY VanDERVEER Presiden+ Vice-Presideni Secreiary Treasurer BARBARA EPSTEIN ERIKA ISAACS MARY JO MULLIGAN CAROLE GUICE President Vice-Presideni Secrefary Treasurer nb W CIIVIIIES Q. lxceptlunal fl- 1 q Ex Q. 66 in P4 l ffffff ,L fffffx X ' Shi! If f Under lhe direcfion of Mr. Sheralsly and Mr. Buraclr "The SpirH" has made fine progress. ln fhis scene, Mr. Sherafslry is giving his "deadline lec'lure." THE LOG STAFF OF '56 A+ The beginning of fhe school year, +hese s+uden+s organized in+o various commiHees for fhe edifing of lheir yearbook. Afler many hours of work, wifh the assis+ance of fheir fellow classmafes and fhe handicap of double sessions, 'lhey suc- cessfully complefed fheir memorable Log of '56, 1.1. lr' i School Service ""s. The Library Council is nof iusl a club for "bool: worms"q if is an in+eres'ring and a mosf worfhwhile organizafion. The members ac? as assis+an+s +o The librarians by +yping and delivering overdue slips, working of 'the desln, selling pencils, and helping ofher sfudenls. The A.M. session's leaders are: Presidenf, Jim Ogborneg Vice-President Kafhy Naughlong Secrelary, Hella Weidenfeldg Treasurer, Sue Oxman. The Library Council's acrivifies are noi only working in Yhe school library buf also allending and parficipafing in convenlrions in Trenfon and Asbury Parlr. Con+ribu'ring arlicles io ihe New Jersey Srale Library Council News is anofher acriviry of fheirs, President Johanna Romano: Vice-Presidenl, Mary Griffin: Secrefary, Marsha Maglicn, and Treasurer, Jaclrie Klapp are +he leaders of +he P.M. Council. The Transcripl page wrifing proiecf is an aclual par? of lhe course of sfudy. A+ all 'rimes a spirif of cooperafion is rnainfained befween the parficipaling English classes and fhe adminisfralion so lhol The news of F.R.H.S. is covered adequafely. These are Freehold Regional High Schools ouislanding senior sludenfs. B. Milne and B. Carey were chosen as represen+a+ives ia Cifizenship lnslilule. S. Pogue aflencled Girl's Sfafe and W. Roginslxi and J. Scolf a++endecl Boy's S+a+e. Members of fhe Nofional Honor Sociefy are J, Legere, R. Salomon, W. Roginslri, B. Milne, S. Pogue, B. Griffifhs, 1. J. Scolf, B. Carey, J. Weinberg, and C. Holland. To be a recipienf of 'the Meri+ Award is one of fhe fines+ honors ihaf can come io o sfudenl of our high school. If is indeed an honor fo be recognized as a person who is maiure, consideraie, coopera+ive, and has fhe capaci+y for sound American cifizenship. Such an award denofes belief in fhe soundness of lhe characfer of fhe individual and is a recogni+ion of fhose aspecis of 'lhe person's personaliiy ihal' have helped so immeasurably fo malre our school a finer place for all. These persons have demonsirafed by fheir everyday acfions +ha+ 'fhey are ready and MERIT AWARD WINNERS FlRST ROW, lef+ +o right T. Knauer, L. Tamai, P. Brewer, A. Soldslein, J. Borish, J. Whifson, V Thompson, L. Daniels, M. Moghan, E, Decker, J. April, J. Noller, L. Sporn, J. Erriclrson, C. Hulse SECOND ROW, Iefl fo righh C. Reed, Y. Benson, l. Goodman, l. Keres+an, E. Sfahlbaum, B Feinberg, S. Pearlman, B. Rockafellow, E, Jursa, G. Whifson, B. Crine, S. Dugan, B. Whiison THIRD ROW, le'F+ +o righfz F. Wenzel, P. McGowan, M. Millard, R. Solomon, H. Niem+zow, S Cas+eel, E. Donovan, J. Legere, B. Lamber+on, D. Rogers, M. Clayfon, E. Munch, R. Crawford J. Marquardi. FOURTH ROW, Ief+ fo right: B. Culverhouse, J. Maf+hews, E. Lippinco++, R. Walker A. Vifomski, P. Dreyer, S. Pogue, J. Romano. S. Jones, B. GravaH, S. O'Hare, C. Gravaff, E. Smi+h willing lo assume lheir places in lheir communify as conslrucfive, reliable, and respecled cifizens. Those sludenfs who have been so honored do noi accepl' lhis recognilion as a reward buf, ralher, as a challenge lo be of furlher service lo lheir fellow men. lf is our 'fondesl hope lhal each and every one ol you will conslanily slrive +o uphold lhe ideals for which 'lhe Freehold Regional High School Merif Award was founded. Such aciion can only lead lo a liner school, a finer communily, and a liner nalion. XE?" FIFTH ROW, leff +o righf: C. Holland, E. Carey, E. Milne, S. Kring, B. Broger, J. Magee, A. Madge A. Malus, L. Walker, J. Rue. P. Tuveson, C. VanDerveer, B. Eisenberg, SIXTH ROW, lefl fo righl' F. Jackson, Y. Hamplon, R. Schanck, N. Gerber, D. Freeman, L. Burke, M. Kerslein, J. Slern, G Evans, R. Goldfine, A. Pogarsky, W. Schlechlweg. SEVENTH ROW, lefl fo righlz J. Cooper, C Mahoney, J. Troian, D. Beck, D. VanDerveer, J. Scoll, A. Spencer, J. Thompson, J. Cohen, J. Millard W. Freeman, V. Laird, P. Meiri. EIGHTH ROW, lefl fo righls F. Callahan, D. Breazeale, R. Kelsey R. Griffilhs, B. Augen, E. Eardley, J. Muly, H. Isaacs, F. Gulman, P. Slanford, J. McGowan, R Luik, G. Megill. THOSE NOT PRESENT: N, Delalush, R. Maflhews, D. Primos4, E. Pudder, W Roginski, W. Schmicll, J. Scoll, l. Smils, J. Weinberg. Student lluuncll A knowledge of respomsibHi+y, o spirh of cooperofiom ond on o++i+ude of fofr pioy ore Hwe sfondords of The Sfuder-+ Cowcii. The Cowell, underfoking orojecfs In o posfhye opprooclw, seeks fo benefit We smdenf booy while reohlmg Meir objediyes. I+ is We oim of Hwls self-governing body fo guide fbrouqb exompie ro+ber Thom by mles o'd reqdoicns, os fyplfed by fbe courfesy comooYgr spovsoreo H45 yeof. The ocbievemeff of sucb on orgooizobor zooms? be reoHzed wifbouf We ossisfomce ond fecogm- Hom of ibe Sfodevf booy os Sbewr If rbe fecep- Mom +bey goye To ox of We yofobi swoon' Cound odivifles. The phrose, "Theres somefhing obouf o homefown bond," seems 'ro come To life +o fhe s+uden+s of F.R.H,S. every Soiurdoy during ioofboil seoson, of pep roliies, ond or ofher schooi evenfs, when The group enferfoins wifh ifs morches ond rourines. For 'rhe firsi' fime in mony yeors, bond oificers hove been elecfed. They ore President Jim Swolmy Vice-President Ann Lo+hrop7 Secrefory, Borboro Lomberfon. We oll owe mony 'rhonks To our bond ond 'ro Q Hs direcfor, Mr. Lube. :Katia 1 Music fo fhe bond, orchesfro. ond choir one con be proud of rhe growrh of fhese orgonizofions fhroughour 'rhe yeor. When our s+uden+s ond foculfy poss +he music room, inspir- ing music, con be hecrd from our choir under The direcfion of Mr. Shrofh. Our bond ond orchesfro, dir-ecred by Mr. Lube, produce fhe fInes+ of fine music. F.R.H.S. con be weii sohsfied wifh 'rheir music deporfmenf. Q1- N. x -' Shr":' o 5 A familiar sighf af foofball games is Bob GriFfi+hs, our drum maior. This year is lhe fhird year he has been slruffing his duff. Being drum maior enfails a lo? of responsibiliiy. Bob is "boss man" of +he marching band, af +hose hecfic mid-day rehearsals, and ai fhe games. ,- "Prac+ice makes perfecf' is Mr. Lube's mollo, Mr. Schrolh, our vocal music direc+or, urges fhe The orcheslra, under his clireclion, ge+s plenfy of alias +o "Hold +ha+ nole longer, girlsf' during one lhafl As a resulf come 'rhose swee+ and melodious of The P.M. session choir rehearsals. sounds which lend more enioymen+ +o us. .Q Christmas llance , !,x',,c ,'l af , Y fkrf v "1 f.JQV"l2W12. Ht? Q 1 21 a'5'.wgl 3, ,Q -iff H '!t 1" : 4-iff 5,'5w,H?.? I. Q-"jfs i 2 1, QU I 6 "nga M' filth W f 5.! fgi,u.h. Q' Cir: lc r z A . , f' '5 L,.f?1?L Tv 'i 7 ,Q , -"Wg s " 4 , gfS '3 m Q.- f nf: 1 f mg . as s m , i.I,,x", sl I It Q 4 4 v .. 4 A Q . I I .4 .,' ,Q 5. A ' ' P T . img 'P 'wx ' 5 K . 1 ,, . .'. Qfl ,-,..! s 5 ,, fl V-1 .- ' . A - V, - 1 n - 4 ' , 9 LP. w :Q lfglg 1, , I ' '--31. -. A ri H., r , !,-, . p ' 4HHMjg 4 x'f5 'N 1" . ' -. . . I q fA1Q.'.,'f I, ,xi P - y s I I , ' x I 3 if . 4471 'L' A 2' f 1 .1 - 1' - 'U 8 A . .. 3+--. v f jg .15 ., mf Q .4 .P ij 5 ,w,mb,T,Aghu:ij. A . 5 u ', ,' 5 E' .1-.t,.-.4-',-.-3 ,- --, , 4 :SN A f V V A 3195.5 if an wwwmwmy, 1 - K ig ,, L , M v- kg. I , .if- f faf 'Q . A41 . -- A gallon of especially crea+ed and im- porfed English perfume was Sanfa's gif! fo The "flower of 'Phe English world." And wha? have you go? for Sanfa? Give and you shall receive. l These alumnae arrive in anlicipafion of a fabulous evening, Chrisfrnas would nel have been Ccmplele il if had nor been lor lhe annual Chrislrnas Darfe Our lnarzxworlang classrnales COVNVGVJCO lhe gym inla a wonderlul "Winler Wanderland.l V I H y A : px A aborrnng, ' nfeled, Chrrslrnas 'fee aorn1na'ed Nt lhe cenler ol The floor, Greens and snowllaliec connaeleo fre decoralions on fhe wals and vvinaows. 'Sanla Claus' visiled, bringing a bundle o? Qilfs and a red ana whife cane lrorn whch dangled a Sprig al rnisrleloe. Qld grace, lulure grads, and members ol The iatullv icined In 'he merry rnolcing, a'a in was had bv all. No magical powers could have enhanced 'rhese dancers any more fhan fhe fesfive afmosphere of fhe holiday season. .NNN- xxs f is 7 Liglmls, camera, aciion as Bob Lorenz gels ready fo roll. 9 :I This good fairy lHaHiel sprinkles her magic sand, and "Scala-kado" our school is like new. V A million dollar leddy bear, 4 5 Vipsavv 'lb N x S. Senior Pla D l I r l Roberl Cherin, Elizabelh Slahlbaum, Joan Nimiclr, Frances Jaclrson, George Apgar, Alberl Feuchlwanger, Helen Nie'mlzow, Roberr G-oldline, Suzanne Pogue, Belly Culverhouse, and Roberl Grihlilhs consliruled the cas? 'lor "The Curious Savage." ln lhe living room of 'rhe "Cloisrers," which fhe inmales considered a "home" and noi an asylum, Mrs. Paddy's arfislic abilify, Fairy Mae's desire ro be beauliful, Jeffrey and Hannibals musical ambilions, and Florence's morherly inslincl helped Mrs. Savage find a new ourloolr on life. "He finds her a liHle-un-cooperalivefi The family and doclor discussing Mrs. Savage before she enlers. S iir. 3 M "BEHIND THE SCENES WITH 'THE CURIOUS SAVAGE." The combined efforfs of fhe Shop depcrfmenf, under The direclion of Mr. Salter, and lhe Ar? classes, under fhe direclion of Mrs. Woolfenden, helped 'ro malre lhe senior play cz "hit" The sfudenls in charge of properfies supplied 'the minor focllilies which ac+ually played cz rnaior role in fhe pIay's success. The lclenf of lhe make-up commiffee con- verfed sfudenls info seasoned aclors, Of course, we musf noi forgef Mr. Allen who, wilh 'fhe aid of lhe Sfudenl coaches and prompfers, smoofhed lhe rough pofhs of producflon. ,. crecfure. .1 A lypical nighl af +l'1e Cloislers. "Pound-Pound-Pound "Oh, sif down you unaffrcclive Whal does she lil:e7 Miss Miller, Miss GravaH, and Mrs. Bei+h hard af work keeping things "ship shape." Ben and Fred examining anofher wasfe- paper baske? full of "freasures." They are fwo impor+an+ "cogs" in our school sysfem. 5 C-20 Z-4KH + Fe-3 No-2 PO-4 NO 3 and o new explosive is discovered There may be some confusion as 'fo whefher ihis is a fox fro? or a waifz, buf everyone agrees +ha'r ihe dancing club is iops. Always +he-re when y u need him always has a smile when somefhing as wrong or broken call on Mr Handley ii.-u Everyone says a "Good Evening" as fl-:ey pass fhrough flue reception line. 1 VO ,s .X I The class of l956 was 'rhe firsl class 'ro hold i'rs Junior Prom oulside of The school. I+ was held ai ihe Sea Girl Inn, under lhe iheme of "Moonligh'r and Roses." Twining roses were everywhere: a silver moon hung overhead? and we danced fo fhe dreamy music of Parlcer Lee and ihe Bouionnieres. A+ lwelve o'cloclc ci delicious Turkey dinner was served. Following lhe dinner, 'rhe King and Queen were crowned on a Throne surrounded by a beauii- ful rose arbor. The Queens couri formed an arch wifh raised wands for fhe radiani Queen and her King. QWQ4 P P45 The I955 Coronaiion of Queen Mary Elaine Smi+h ond King John Thomson. Talxe soft lighis and music, add a moon over head, sfir genfly, and if is o nigl1+ fo remember. 'ZF-f 5 Couples begun fo orrnve for fhe mos+ specioculor dance of +he yecr More Haan c mldnlghf snack Zi , .,x , A .L g ,A 4 1. N f 4 ng- 3 'N ..' ' ti J u Junior Prom ab AIHIHIIIS Cooperative M W 'f-x'51?'15-sl " ,,,g?1'X X X A. 'K "Hi+ 'em highg l'1i+ 'em low!" Wilson makes fackle as Bob Hammond runs +0 assist f2f"".- 24, M ,s , S... '.-f-'af L1"'l"ll? 'gil-5 :' 1' .f-s , wana rffl.,lf2f-sfw"f.f, w"9'w',,A.' Af..-.u4. "'l":-.33 Il XX'o.,"'iT'.I-Y ir. " Lyvxiill '.4...-r-."',,3 l?42-vf'94l!zyf'3 -"za.'Tf.'v-. l'fl":1.3....L kv' F? l '-Tc' "Make fha? block: run flwal ball!" Harry Perry makes block as Franklin Wilson goes all fhe way. Wal+ Brown leads inlerference. k"lm s,',, ws. an Wg ,iv ""' swf? ' f' E' gf lnntball efffflllllli The Freehold Regional l-ligh School fool- ball learn ol l955 once again caplured lhe Shore Conference championship. The overall season's record was six wins, one loss, and one lie. Up lo 'rhe poinl' of lhe l'eam's deleal by Asbury Parlc, lhey had a record ol lwenly-one conseculive wins. The leam was one ol lhe mosl impressive in lhe Shore Conference wilh a well-balanced allaclc formed from a delermined oullil of en- lhusiaslic loolball-minded young men. All ol lhe men on lhe leam gained some personal recog- nilion and are line examples of some of lhe molerial lhal is developed al Freehold Regional, The fans cerlainly had an oulslanding leam lo back, and no one could miss lhe spiriled lighl lhal was upheld by every man on 'rhe leam and by all members ol lhe coaching slall. "Looking 'lhe sifualion over." Head coach Hal Schanlr' and coaches Zuber, Summers, and Van Ellen use some foofball sfrcfegy, llur Cheerleaders "Gel Go! Where! Where! We wan? a louch-down over lherel" The cheers led by lhis fine cheerleaders' squad backed lhe varsi+y on lheir viclory march. Lell lo righl: Sheila Kelsey, Judy Legere, Ann Durie, Belly Culverhouse, Co-Caplaing Hella Weidenfeld, Joan Marquardl, Co-Caplaing Pol McGaclrin, Barbara Kaslor, Fran Elrclahl, Madeline Draper, and Joan Noller. llur Maierettes 1 Slrilring a graceful pose, lhese high-slepping, slrullers add lo lhe allraclivenes ol loolball games, Lell lo righl are: Marge Dreyer. Belly Lou Mcghan, Bernice Claylon, Belly Rae Rockelellow, Palsy Dreyer, Sue Pogue, Head Maiorelle, Janel Mallhewsg Julia Brodie, Connie Clancy, Nancy Dangler, Belly Snack, Millicenl Craig, and Kalhy Mounl. , D ctw, '13rFl'iC5lf:if3lf "p5'5.i , -.32 Lge" A ,K , "H ' I A fl D rl 1 'Y' FEIAI D -'IIE U ga il-Q-3:5 llll: ' QYQLJ 4352 152 I955 SHORE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS FIRST ROW, Ieff lo righlz Quinn, Bodnarchulx, Ward, Augun, Walker, Scoll, Brown, Wilson, Perry Ogborne, and Sfanford. SECOND ROW, Ieff lo righl: Briggs, Balcha, Zilbergeld, Swalm, Hammond Brodie, Islrandifsch, Gibson, Williams, and Robinson. THIRD ROW, leff fo righf: Snyder, Podder. Hanfman, Honig, Tomai, Blevins, Mauser, Kelsey, and Muly. FOURTH ROW, Ief? lo righlz Carler Egerfon, Sitlzus, Williams, Searby, Frick, and Donalo. FIFTH ROW, leff fo righfz Colaner, Ogborne Henderson, and Williams. SCORES 6TrenI'on.,. 0 0 0 0 I5 Asbury Park .. . Toms River . . Lakewood . . , .. Leonardo , I . . Red Bank . , , . 0 Manasquan . . . 6 Neplune . . "And away we go!" Cal Wilson eludes one iaclrler as he goes all fhe way 'lor 'Forfy-five yards and a fouch-down, "BuHon! Buflonl Who has lhe Bu++on!" Tren+on and Freehold fighl for fhe fumble. Q? Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Track Cross Cnuntr This fall, Freehold Regional enjoyed one of ifs mosi successful seasons in recenf years, showing a definiie upswing in our Cross-Couniry record. Members of The +eam are: FIRST ROW, lef+ fo righh Fred Foy, Richard Shufzer, George Paslor, Williard Huber, John Applegafe. SECOND ROW, Ieff +o right George Evans, Manager: Donald Cusson, John Geisler, John Burfiend, Daniel Breau, Jim Cullen, Larry Reed, and Coach Allaerl BenneH. f f l gn , x x 1 Las+ year, our lrack ieam was 'rhe Shore Conference Champion, capping one greaf o+hle+ic year for Freehold Regional. This year's reiurning leflermen show greaf promise 'For anoiher good season. They are, leff +o righl, Harry Perry, Emery Pudder, Buclry Ward, Jim Cullen, Cal Wilson, and Douglas Lawrence. No+ presen+ are Waller Brown and John Geisler. ,ut Q Q no I glf'f,.' Wi Ak', . lennis "Talking if over" are MerriH Murry and Bob Goldfine, lhe only leflermen refurn- ing fo lhis year's Tennis learn. Gaining l experience from lasf year's malches, l bofh boys should go for ihis yeor. 40- If X . xii :ll ll ' 4 Las? year our baseball learn, sporlred by brillianr playing, gave Freehold Regional High School ils lhircl championship in one year. The refurning leffermen ore: Silfing, lefl +o righl: Joe Henderson, a S E a Lu+her Ray, and Leroy Lewis. Sfanding, le'F+ fo righlz Cal Dean Wilson and "Bu'fch" Bodnarchulr. No? shown is Ernes+ Egerion. Away! 1,- 'I Basketball A lense momenl in lhe firsl Lakewood game. All eyes are on lhe ball as Bodnarchuk decides wha? he will do wilh il. Bobby Hammond is ready lo lake +he pass, if necessary. This sorf of exciling play is lypical of Freehold's baskelball proleges. This year, Freehold Regionals baskelball leam lacked lhe experience and poise ol previous years, bul had plenly al drive and spirif. As lhe season ware along, 'rhey sreadily improved and surprised many ol lhe besl leams in 'rhe Shore Conference. Red Bank and Manasguan were happy lhal lhey wan by lhe iew poinls They did. Freehold's spirired ball games kepl rhe home allendance up, even lhaugh our record was no+ impressive. This yearis slar was liliulchii Bodnarchuk, The only lellerrnan relurning lrom lasl year. Bulch was cansislenlly our highesl scorer, wifh his driving shals and sparkling dribbling. Taking all inlo accaunr, our Varsily leam did a very admirable iob againsl slilrli compelilion. J sw, ,,, 'Q ll lqgwky N! i ra EW i EWU img XQEIHJQD 6,7 Z si 123 Here are fhis year's varsify players represenfing Freehold Regional, Sealed, from leff +o righl, are: Joe Kingdon, Fred Quinn, "Bu+ch" Bodnarchulr, Jim Cooper. Arnold l"lan+man, and Bob Hammond. Slanding in fhe rear are: Paul Honig, Manager: Emery Pudder, Ed Surgeni, John Burliend, Sieve Brodie, Walfer Brown, Bob Cherin, and Coach Al Benneff. Alfhough The boys lock somewho+ in experience and heighf, 'they have plenfy of spirii and drive, which lreeps lhe home crowd yelling for fhem. f? I f 4 Xe Nl Q 5 J Thal precious lime-oull Coach Bennell gives his boys some quick advice during a mid game huddle lo ease lhe lension. Allenlown ,, Long Branch Alumni .... Red Bank Manasquan SCORES Lakewood ... .., Toms River , Neplune .. Leonardo . Long Branch Red Bank ,. Manasquan Lakewood ... .... Toms River Neplune . . Leonardo .. Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold 58 54 58 39 62 52 57 59 69 60 60 53 56 80 6l 72 "S+relch, Bulchlu Bodnarchuk races around his guard 'lor o quick sho? as everyone fensely walches la see if f good. K A 5 I 3 These happy girls are the Junior and Senior members of lhe G.A.A. Volley- ball, baseball, baskefball, hoclcey, and swimming groups. These beaming 'laces belong lo our Freshmen and Sophomore members, all sef and 'raring +o go for an exci+ing year. These are ihe busy managers and assisl- cnl' managers of fhe G.A.A.-Always a+ worlx on fhe iob. 1 K .4 s A , it , Vii iilig xiv 5 1 D il? " Q Gifs. Z. 6525 . if ,. K ' tx. A 'I L Y 3 is ii Qt. Fall season is Hockey seoson, and flno girls ge? se or "Sl-r-r-r-efcli, girls!" ll's o baffle lor llno ball, buf goo 0 game of 'line bully." sporfsmonslwip always prevails. il is 5 . 0,,..1' ,Y ,rr"' is if 3. i li 5 " E ' i' ' il bi 4 , 'Q i. "Up ond overg I-lil lhcf bull!" No loclc of energyi, A "AHC: glflllf swing flicl buf! Springlimsr brings baseball cure for flie blues. and moles ci hi? wiflm The G.A.A. Wifwfi r' . KMER I ZAWARDZ L, eg J -315' FN ,.-1--""""'vm,....-in if We Bulld Fur lhe Future W CAMPUS PUBLISHINGXBOOKCRAFTER 'T vt!! 7 N ,X - J 1 7 N 3 X r X Xl xf . ' N g 1 X! V , gf X X Q t l N ' X K . Xxx i I IK , V i , 2 Ai IQ . 334.5 1 1 Y' gl r j i F D N ' 1 k1"'v "' k H125-U. i b ff" f:LY?'vl-Q.5i'x 1 L ,. V. aww--'wr ' ' 1 Q Qg:Qx:t,g5,+NN' 0 PAOLI PENNSYLVANIA X' N i 7 1 1 Yi V'r,f"V M' .f A , Y A U V Y' ' A fy ff , F ff' x' X "W J! N i X, x M H J V A ,lf hgh . W'Al 1' N v a I-QQ! I I f ly L K I ' r If' 1 y f 1, ' 'ir' I 13 1 1'

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