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and four alma mater a future We dedicate the 1958 Shawnee tothe future o tlon of students and faculty the con In whuch we see the lncreasang co opera tnnuous growth of the school and comrnunsty the earnest development of the d knowledge nvldual In character personallty an hi? Vu-H 3401 EDITORS Charlot te Lombar Roland Fletcher 'Si si ,. 'NA l 14 , l i s l y 1 JL ' 'F 5 ir i ag fine- - ,-i'am77t4m Freedom-New Sewickley High School Though in time our paths may sever, We will always cherish theeg Maybe never to return, Through the years our hearts may wander, precious High School Alma Mater But we'lI still remember thee: Let thy lights forever burn. 2 r .7Ae SAGWHQQ Pzeaented Fq 76a Home of 7?5X Qzeedam-7Zew Sewcbileq Sedan! ?zeedom, peomdglamda 3 Mn 6 8 as Q' .3 Q ' xl 'Q 'isnt A I O ' ,Wi 'Q X 1 If ' M tl x gi ' gli .gp Q is 1 W . U' H253 K .' gl' ,-4 its -il: , Y , P s 2, V, Ir i 7 Tj 1 - . - fr,' , ,-7' . . Z? . 'V 1 K' A - id f I 1 f ' 1' ff!! f 7 f "Q 17 fjfyff ?L. : thai,-L if y"?! a 9 . "V M, ,A Aix N . vi., in A 'E Q I lv Q i 1 K x., -- -, AIIMINISTRATIUN AND FAUULT1 ...l b-A 50004 MF GCOVQC VOVWBCVQ Ml' G90"9e Cable M Alexander Clan: Mr Frank Betz Mr Lytle Morgan Mr Laverne Bonzo Mrs Muruel True Roy power' Mr Jack Gross Stlndlng Mr Robert Hannlngan Dr Rlchard Fruth Mr WWW The Class of 1958 washes to thank the Board of Educatlon tor their many and varled servlces to us We truly appreclate the time and effort whuch they have glven for the betterment of our school and communuty We congratulate them on their foresight an mak ang posslble the construction of a new lunlor sensor hugh school bulldlng and ln expandlng the elemen tary school tacllntles of our school system We wash them contlnued success ln theur future endeavors 6 Dr J Ruchard Fruth Supervlslng Prlncnpal We wlsh to extend our sincere apprecuatuon to Dr J Richard Fruth years Under has leadershlp we see many Improvements and changes In our school system Many new responslbulltles rest upon has shoulders as plans for the constructlon of the new school bunldmg progress As we look to the future we realize that under has capable leadershup F N S wlll contmue to develop and prosper '91 Thelma BUYVY 5eC"el8fY Laura Mengel Secretary 7 0 I ' I . 'll' for the encouragement and interest he has shown throughout our school Q , E'- ,flh Q A , " l ' I To our assistant principal Mr Al bert Manerino we wish to express our thanks for his aid to us through voca tional guidance Through the co operation of the ad ministration and faculty a guidance program was established and M Manerino had the distinction of being the first guidance counsellor in the lunior senior high school The guid ance services which are made avail able to the student body include test ing vocational counselling and ct zenship development ,. The busiest man in the high school is Mr. Wendell McColgin, our prin- cipal. His friendly assistance and guidance have aided us many times during our school career. His greatest aspiration is to organize our school life in such a manner that it will aid us in becoming good citizens and leaders in the community Mr McCol gin is never too busy to talk to a stu dent who needs his help or to aid a teacher who has come upon a difficult problem Though we know that these few words do not completely express our gratitude we can only say Thank ou 8 Michael Arbuhna flf1?f'f?EZ'W'?!i' h MEd Soclal Sfudles Donald Bradow, BS WWJMW Ah-f Thelma T Fielder English r Drrver Educahon ie caftwcz ea am wt Mary Bllff 35 Robert Bezuk Margaret H Denhart MBTl'1 General Scrence Hrstory Geography Ma' Ruth Gallagher BS 5 Robert Drmerlrng BS General Science Chemistry Math 309 Is the camera more rnterestlng than brology, Ke11h'7 Boy, ss lhal P O D fascinating' You really have a lot of customers Mrs. McConnel. 6 54456 Boyd Fisher B.A. Wynne Y. Glontz I B.S. lf1CiUSiI'lal Arts Home Economlcs " ' eeeee W be eeei e e 7 le Q eilge e1 ee ee G 1,h W P IL",-, , ,V 'in L kr ,. i f .. K is fry' L i .,. S .K U ,. s l is S no is I X , Winston Fossett B.S. English, History Mary Koluns B.S., M.S. Guidance e I0 For the pause . . . 6 John K. Fink B.S., M.Ed. Supervisor of Choral Music Paul W. Frye B.S. Health, Gym Marion K. Kaye A.B Civics, History Audrey C. Manerino B.S., M.Ed. Health, Gym Ralph E Gross AB Cnvlcs English -tk?-. ad 10 Dorothy M McConnel English French ' 'ls Wg.. George Hromanlk B S Biology H-'Nw X "M I A Eugene Herr A B , M Ed Spamsh Cerne M Patterson BS Business Educatuon l Ruth S Reber AB Jack E Kervl BS Loren. Lyn, www. R Englnsh Math Physlcs awafwec 'R- What's cookm"' Lots I I of wofk io r a Mme Sp aCe AI, .,: ' lk I I zz ' -to or ,1 I , M ' sq ,L , e I 1 I A 1 - ' 1 ,jfff A lf 'Vik ,,V-' . A . . . . .s. , , , , - ff 'QC , 2' if M M frnof '9 V , f A gg. xx ' , 2 I I f 1 .aug M I af li 2 J N J . Q' , x ""1"Y 1 Roy A Moss B S M Ed Bronko Pnsuta B S M Ed Paul M Pugh B S M Ed Zdfaaagdga cuwlfe Richard Shlngler B S Fflnk J Sflfk 5 5 J Business Edugangn Supervusor of Instrumental P' ww' ts Muslc After completing two years wrth the armed forces Davld Mackey A B has regomed our faculty to teach geography It ns wnth smcernty that we say welcome back Mr Mac Maylon Cotters John Mengel 12 135 V! lax!! Joseph A Shaughnessy B 5 Englush Latun 9 QC S 9 s rr - M ' E- , ,V xt, E 7? A PB 65 .f yy A X N' gg. l A ' ' . 1.1?!,J.? .L . 1 . . ., . . . . ., . . i' ' 'I ' - ' E Q . ' History, Math History, General Business Ef1Ql'Sl't, Sales 81 Law ' , 0 ' l , , . . . X ,X N K , D ,:,, -5 .tiff . . TN x Q- l Nancy Thompson Secretary Roger Whltehouse Vuce President Ronald Weaver Treasurer Sam Stanhak President Thnrsty Delores? We wash to express our deepest appreclatlon to Mr Rnchard Shlngler who has understandlngly sponsored the class durlng our gunlor and sensor years Through has capable sponsorshlp our class has undertaken many prolects Outstandlng among these are the lunror magaznne sales the lumor class play and the sale of refreshments at the home football games as well as the lewel ry and Chrustmas candy sales Mr Shlngler has helped our class to develope a sense of respon srbllnty This he has accomplished by having each class member take hrs part ln making our prog ects successful Boy dad I have a good time at the prom' Dont eat too much "I ""' l I4 NORMA BARTIMAC GENERAL A witty member of the class, may be found driving around. Camera Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. ROSE ANN BIAGIANTI GENERAL A popular girl who likes people, lots of fun, enjoys 'excitement. Coin Club 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. FRANK BIRNEY GENERAL One of our able football managers, shows favoritism toward driving. F Club 3, 4, Football 3, mgr. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. MARGARET BOAL ACADEMIC Pleasantly shy and retiring but a friend to the end, agree- able and willing to take on responsibility, a future librarian Bulldog Barker Staff 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. MW ,, ,- -3 ff - iWf'si'F.J'ffa" SHIRLEY ALEXANDER GENERAL Pleasing personality, enioys a good time, charming and well liked. Bulldog Barker Staff 3, Camera Club 3, 4, Chorus 4, Coin Club 3, Football Queen Crowning 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. PAUL BARBARINI ACADEMIC Ambitious and intelligent, the crystal ball savs it will be college for this conscientious band member. Band 2, 3, 4, Conservation Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Proiection Crew 2, 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4, Technical Crew Club 3, 4. RONALD BONZO GENERAL Only future ambition is to get through school, a happy carefree senior. ACADEMIC DONNA BROWN Well known and liked by classmates, always willing to lend a hand, best known for her cheerful laugh. Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. .L ROBERT CIANI ACADEMIC PATRICIA CARVER ACADEMIC Most recent addition to our class, she hails from Ohio, has a good sense of humor, aca- demically inclined. Tri-Hi-Y 4. Popular senior who is academically inclined, a willing helper in time of need, one of our drum- mers. Band 2, 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4. SUSIE COE ACADEMIC A STBTUBSWUE senior, has a knack for cutting other people's hair, has an attractive hair style of her own. Bulldog Barker Staff 2, 3, Camera Club 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Coin Club 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri-Hi- Y 2, 3, 4. DEI.ORES COSS BUSINESS EDUCATION Dependable girl, one of our honor students, petite and sweet. Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Class Officer 2, Class Play 3, student director, Football Queen Crowning 4, G. A. A. 2, May Queen Crowning 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4, Student Council 2, 3, Tri'Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. MILDRED CHEUVRONT GENERAL Often seen and seldom heard, noted for her efficiency in typ- ing, certain to be a successful secretary. G.A.A. 2, 3, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. LOIS CROWE GENERAL Well liked by classmates, a soft spoken girl with charming ways, always reliable. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. SHEILA CLEELAND GENERAL A co-operative and in- dustrious girl, always neat. Chorus 3, 4. RUTH COOPER GENERAL Friendly girl of few words, very pleasant to know, always helping people. Chorus 3, 4, G.A.A. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. I ,ly JAKE DIETRICH ACADEMIC Enjoys chemistry, friend- ly and very capable, and is pleasing to know. MARLIN DURR ACADEMIC industrious student, willa ing to lend a hand, off to college to study, and is a faithful band mem- ber. Band 2, 3, 4, Cho- rus 2, 3, Conservation 2, 3, Hi Y 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4, Tech- nical Crew Club 3. JEAN CUNNINGHAM BUSINESS EDUCATION A willing helper in time of need, walks around with a smile and a good word for all. Band 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. AUDREY DALLY ACADEMIC An intellectual who is witty and co-operative, a future Flo- rence Nightingale. Chorus 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. :W 'Ni 4, f, 'ww H if , 00608 HERBERT EISENBROWN GENERAL Lots of fun, co-operative with much artistic ability, well liked by all. Chorus 2, 3, 4. MARGARET DUNBAR GENERAL Petite girl with a pleas- ing personality, popular and capable. Chorus 2, Football Queen Crown- ing 4, G.A.A. 3, 4. THERON DURR ACADEMIC A member of the Bull- dog squad who likes sports, a curly haired lad who has set college as his next horizon. Con- servation Club 2, F. Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Hi Y 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 2, Techni- cal Crew Club 3. DONAlD ELLIOT ACADEMIC A student who is always full of questions, can be seen driv- ing his gray Plymouth. Con- servation Club 4. 1 ROLAND FLETCHER ACADEMIC Well liked by all, athletic and active, a co-operative and hard worker. Basketball 3, 4, Class Play 3, Conservation Club 2, Shawnee Staff 4, Student Council 3. MARLA FRESHCORN ACADEMIC A sincere outgoing person with a personality hard to beat, an answer to the shortage of teachers, a loyal band member. Band 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,4, F.T.A. 3,4, Student Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. GENERAL usually be found RONALD FROMM His ambition is to get out of school, can ' sleeping. Conservation Club 3,3, Football 2, Hi-Y 2. "'x WILLIAM FUCCI GENERAL Works hard at whatever he undertakes, well liked, has good word for everyone. Coin Club 3. IDA GENOVA BUSINESS EDUCATION Active and athletic, a great enthusiast at football games, loves excitement. Camera Club 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. VIRGINIA GOLLETTI ACADEMIC Able student, outstanding sense of humor, noted for 'her short poems, popular with all her classmates. Band 2,3,4, Coin Club 3, Football Queen Crowning 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, F.T.A. 3,g,4National Honor Society 3,4, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y X . NANCY GORDON BUSINESS EDUCATION Known for her boistrous laugh, likes P.O.D. class, co-opera- tive and a good worker. Camera Club 2,2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. WILLIAM GUTERMUTH ACADEMIC He is kind to everyone, but he plays a real mean trumpet, can be seen driving his yellow car. Band 2,3,4, Camera Club 2,3,4, Class play 3, Hi-Y 4. If Z DONNA HOFFMAN Goes through life with a song, charming ways and a willing helper. Band 2,35 Camera Club 2,3, Chorus 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Shawnee Staff 45 Student Council 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. BUSINESS EDUCATION DELORES JOHNSON BUSINESS EDUCATION Soft spoken and friendly, willing to take on responsibility, often seen but seldom heard. G.A.A. 3,4. HELEN .IOSIPOVICH ACADEMIC Q V A pleasant smile and pleasing personality, popular, a good M V ' A worker. Band 2, Football Queen Crowning 45 Shawnee Staf 45 Tri-Hi-Y- 2,3,4. LOUIS KALEMBER ACADEMIC Nice person to know, well versed on every subiect, loves French class. Shawnee Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. JAMES I-ucnrowsn GENERAL Has a flair for sports, always willing to make an effort, after graduation-a iob. F Club 45 Football 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4. LEROY HIGHTOWER GENERAL Although he likes to sleep he is one of our speediest foot- ball players, a iob can be seen in the near future. Basketball 2,35 F. Club 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Football Queen Crown- ing 45 Hi Y 2,3. f KENNETH KINCAID GENERAL A nice looking fellow, one of F.N.S.'s athletic minded friendly and enthusiastic. F. Club 45 Football 45 Football Queen Crowning 4 JOHN KLINESMITH GENERAL Asset to the football team, will settle for a good iob after graduation, an able athlete. F. Club 45 Football 45 Football Queen Crowning 4. CHARLOTTE LOMBAR ACADEMIC A future nurse, intelli- gent and reliable, inter- ested in varied activities. Band 2,3,4, Beaver Valley Times Reporter 2,3,4, Camera Club 3, Chorus 2,3, Class of- ficer 2, Class play 3, Football Queen Crown- ing 4, G.A.A. 2, May Queen Crowning 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Shawnee Staff 4, Student Council 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4. Q84 Za JEAN MAGNESS BUSINESS EDUCATION Easy to get along with, industrious, friendly girl of few words. Chorus 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. PAUL MANNELLA ACADEMIC Plays the largest drum in the school band, simply crazy about pizza. Band 2,3,4, Camera Club 3: Chorus 3, Coin Club 3: Hi-Y 2,3,4, Proiection Crew 4, Technical Crew 3. 1.1 . -qwfld 1 -1, .-' H., .... ,.,, uf' A . .-:L 1 .9 WILLIAM MARTIN GENERAL The athletic type, friend- ly and well liked - es- pecially by the girls, ale ways seen riding to and from school. Coin Club 3, Football 2,4, Hi4Y 4. aw: ' THEODORE MAGNESS ACADEMIC Holds a keen interest in science, his ability will be an asset in his career as an engineer, always well informed. JOHN MARNIC ACADEMIC Carries a mischievious glint in his eye which accounts for his actions, can be seen thumbing a ride home for lunch, likes to play basketball. Basketball 2,3, Class of- ficer 3, Hi-Y 2,3, Student Council 2. THOMAS LYONS GENERAL Shy and reserved, al- ways willing to lend a helping hand. Basketball 4, Camera Club 2, Coin Club 3, F. Club 3,4, Football 2,3, Hi-Y 2,3. if LORETTA MIHALOW ACADEMIC Small in stature but big in personality, compe- tent worker, an enthu- siastic supporter of our team. Band 2,3,4, Bull- dog Barker Staff 3, Cho- rus 2, Coin Club 3, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. JUDITH MILNES ACADEMIC Will be an asset to the nursing profession, qui- et but very pleasant to know. Band 2,3, Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. 1.. a..., . its f 3 No Phnva DORIS NELSON GENERAL Loves excitement, cheer- ful and easy to get a- long with, quite an ath- lete in gym class. Cho- rus 2, Football Queen Crowning 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. aw? GLORIA McCOY ACADEMIC A devoted member of the cheering section, likes to sell at the games, academi- cally inclined. Chorus 2,3, 4, G.A.A. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. MELVIN McDOLE GENERAL A quiet gent, liked by all, holds a keen interest in cars. 94 BARBARA MCCOLGIN ACADEMIC Capable and hard work- ing, will face the future as a home economics teacher, active in many school organizations. Beaver Valley Times Reporter 2,3,4, Camera Club 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3, 4, F.T.A. 3,4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri- Hl-Y 2,3,4. BARBARA McCULLOUGH BUSINESS EDUCATION A nightingale who loves chorus, will make some- one a capable secretary. Chorus 2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4. LOIS MeELROY ACADEMIC Likes to sing little Spanish songs, devoted chorus member, noted for her cheerfulness. Bulldog Bark- er Staff 3, Chorus 2,3,4, Coin Club 3, G.A.A. 3,4, CHARLES NEUBER ACADEMIC Very active athletically, an ardent chemist, not- ed for his turtle neck sweaters, always enthu- siastic. Basketball Mgr. 2, Chorus 3,4, Class play 3, Coin Club 3, Conservation Club 2,3, F. Club 4, Football 2,41 Football Queen Crown- ing 4, Shawnee Staff 4, Student Council 4. BEVERLY PARKS BUSINESS EDUCATION Pleasing personality, lots of fun, likes to play basketball. G.A.A. 2,3,4. GERALDINE PATRICK BUSINESS EDUCATION Always wears a smile, has the capacity to do well in life, 3 cutie chic from Conway. Coin Club 3, G.A.A. 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y l3l ' fl? LESLIE PETTNER ACADEMIC Always ready to share a good ioke, an ambitious lad who likes sports. Basketball 2,3,4, Football 2, May Queen Crown- ing 2. PATRICIA PFLUGH BUSINESS EDUCATION Petite member of the class, quite active and very depend- able, always faithful to the band. Band 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. LARRY PHILLIPS GENERAL Fine student and friend, a ladies man, a soft spoken boy who is sure to succeed. Conservation Club 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4. PAULA PIVAR BUSINESS EDUCATION A real cute cheerleader who is sweet and neat, popular with all, loves to dance. Cheerleader 2,3,4, Chorus 2,4, Football Queen Crowning 4, G.A.A. 3,4, May Queen Crown- ing 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. I I e I BERNARD RADOVIC ACADEMIC A capable cymbal player, liked by all for his cheerful ways, intelligent and reliable. Band 2,3,4, Bulldog Barker Staff 2,3, Camera Club 2,3, Coin Club 3, Proiection Crew 4, Shawnee Staff 4. Rosen mcu GENERAL Enioys sports, is lively and always clowning, a friendly lad of few words. F. Club 4, Football 3,4. 1 I LARRY SAINER GENERAL Always clowning wherever he is, his future ambition is to get through school. Conservation Club 3, Hi-Y 2,3. MIKE SAMANGY GENERAL Likes to tinker with cars, a true sportsman, willing to do a good iob. Coin Club 3, Hi-Y 2. ROY SEYBERT GENERAL Sincere and modestly shy, he enioys a good time, likes g.O.D..IclEss. Conservation Club 3, Shawnee Staff 4, Student ounci . RADE SHUITS GENERAL A very active lad, an asset to the football team as a manager, everyone's friend. Basketball 3, mgr., F. Club 3,4, Football 3,4, mgr., Hi-Y 2,3,4. HOWARD RITCHEY GENERAL Friendly and co-operative, a football enthusiast, and a loyal worker. Coin Club 3, Football 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Proiection Crew, Technical Crew Club 3,4. MYRA ROBINSON BUSINESS EDUCATION A little lass with loads of personality, well known for her conversational ability. Chorus 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. I O JEAN SIMMONS GENERAL A courteous lass, she especially enjoys home economics classes, and horseback riding. Chorus 3,4, G.A.A. 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. THOMAS SIMMONS GENERAL Tall with a personality to match, friendly, plans to go into the navy. Band 2, Chorus 3,4, F. Club 4, Football 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3, Technical Crew Club 3. DONNA SNELL BUSINESS EDUCATION BARBARA SLATER GENERAL A Conway Miss always ready to ioin in the fun, loves a good laugh. Camera Club 2, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. N A quiet and reserved miss, noted for her charming ways and her blond hair, she is well liked by her classmates. Chorus 2, G.A.A. 3, 4. SAMUEL STANCHAK ACADEMIC A triple threat man at football and basketball, good looking and capa- ble. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Chorus 4, Class Officer 2, 4, Conservation Club 3, 4, F. Club 3, 4, F'oot- ball 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Shawnee Staff 4. MARGARET STANDISI-I GENERAL Personality plus, a girl who likes to laugh, well liked by all. Bulldog Barker Staff 3, Camera Club 3, Chorus 2, 4, Coin Club 3, G.A.A. 3, 4. CHARLES SMITH GENERAL A versatile athlete, owner of a pleasing smile and a winning way. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Class Play 3, Conservation Club 3, 4, F. Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Football Queen Crowning 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4. GILBERT STANG GENERAL Handy at shop work and me- chanical drawing, can be seen driving his Ford to school every day. Conservation Club 2. JOANN SPADE ACADEMIC A popular lass known for her kind words and quiet ways, friend to everyone. Band 2, 3, Bulldog Barker Staff 2, 3, Camera Club 2, 3, Student Council 2, Tech- nical Crew Club 3, Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. DANIEL STANDISH GENERAL Well known for his love of excitement, an athlet- ic minded lad, has an eye catching smile. Foot- ball 4, Football Queen Crowning 4, Hi-Y 4. EW , NANCY THOMPSON GENERAL Popular and capable, her classmates always find her agreeable and pleasant. Class Officer 3, 4, Football Queen Crowning 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. HELEN VILD BUSINESS EDUCATION Quiet and kind, has a pleasant word for every- one. Chorus 2,3,4, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Shawnee Staff 4, Stu- dent Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4. ALICE TEETS BUSINESS EDUCATION A good student, enioys dancing as a pastime, always having fun. Chorus 4, G.A.A. 4, Student Council 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. 49' RICHARD WALKER GENERAL Doesn't have much to say, easy to get along with, will settle for a iob after school. Football 2, Hi-Y 2. JOYCE THOMPSON GENERAL A pretty miss, always dressed to a "T," has a pleasing person- ality. Class Officer 3, Football Queen Crowning 4, G.A.A. 4, May Queen Crowning 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 2, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, FRANCES UZYAK BUSINESS EDUCATION Noted for her pleasing manner, owns a good sense of humor, tops with her classmates. Camera Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. MARY VILD BUSINESS EDUCATION A capable and reliable girl, certain to succeed. Beaver Valley Times Re- porter 2,3,4, Camera Club 2, Chorus 2,3,4, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri-Hi- Y 3,4. PATRICIA WARD BUSINESS EDUCATION A high stepping maior- ette with plenty of per- sonality and energy. Band 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3, Football Queen Crown- ing 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, May Queen Crowning 2, Shawnee Staff 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4, Ushers Club 2. -5, 7 w p... RONALD WEAVER GENERAL A good looking boy with plenty of person- ality, known for his bright smile, a very active athlete. Class of- ficer 3,45 Conservation Club 2,3,45 Football 2,3, 45 Football Queen Crowning 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 May Queen Crowning 3. l i THOMAS ZUCK GENERAL Loves to associate with all kinds of people, a capable football player. Chorus 3,45 Class Play 35 Conservation Club 2,35 F. Club 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Football Queen Crowning 45 Proiection Crew 2,3,45 Technical Crew Club 3. .rg ff: A A ,lf Vx "I A MA fi ' ROGER WHITEHOUSE GENERAL A good looking lad, is will- ing to help anyone, espe- cially his class. Basketball 3,4, mgr.5 Camera Club 35 Class officer 45 Class Play 35 Conservation Club 25 F. Club 3,45 Football 35 Foot- ball Queen Crowning 45 :li-Y 2,3,45 Shawnee Staff ERNEST WOLFE GENERAL His hobby is to tinker with cars, active and athletic, well known by all. Chorus 2,3,4: Football 45 Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Proiection Crew 2,35 Shawnee Staff 4. 0602 5 , euosus wurouc GENERAL' A hard working lad, very co-operative and capable. Chorus 2,3,45 Coin Club 3,45 Hi-Y 45 Shawnee Staff 4. BRADLEY YOUNG GENERAL A quiet boy, an industrious student, has a winning way and a kind word for every- one. Student Council 2. A it Tf ,Q x lf cn, l . , 'ly ,.i f l ' 1 1 X DENVER WEIGEL ACADEMIC The Perry Como of our senior class, very active in school organizations has a pleasing smile, Camera Club 35 Chorus 2,3,45 Class Officer 25 Conservation Club 2,3, 45 Hi-Y 3,45 May Queen Crowning 25 Shawnee Staff 45 Student Council 2,35 Technical Crew Club 3. 1 . pres. and date. Ji ,nina Can Can. Nimble fingers. 'X V as X Tri Hi Y punch bowl. Q ,f ,1 ,K L x 'f XX ,L Our Alma Mater 603604 I went to the JunnorSenuor Prom with My favorlte sport was My most enloyable subyect was Our best assembly was The newest food was My favorite snnger was Our valedlctorlan was Our salutatoruan was I went to the Chrlstmas formal wnth Our football record was My best fruend was Our class officers were After school I worked at My favorite bus drnver was Our basketball record was After the formal l went Our school plcnuc was held My most enloyable actuvuty was At the senlor prom we doubled wuth e best book I read was favorute graduatuon present was most enloyable football game was y favortte teacher was most excmng moment was The post prom party was held at Our class sponsor was My favorste date was Our Commencement speaker was My home room teacher was Our May Queen was My favorute record was I got home from the prom at Our class protects were The theme of the prom was My most unusual class experience was The football kung and queen were The orchestra at the sensor prom was My favorute movue was At graduatuon I walked wlth My closest friends were After graduatxon I went I I My pet expression was ......,.r.,.....,.,.......,.....,.......... Th ...,.....t.t.t,.rt.,.....t.........,. .. My ' ' , ..., .. ,. My , ' ...,.t.t ,, M ' ........... ,.c..,.... ,...... . I My ' ' ..,.......t.............. .. Q27 Between halves. UIQ D p xi.. fl , ,a I X Remember the prom. Humpty Dumpty. Senior secretarys. Harmony ? ? llf-4 ""'b. i' -J Sl ,fx Iv-'Y 1 uh, 20' ,198 -,-f-"' N XKNIINY NIMH 5 Semin 7466509461444 UNDERULASSMEN f' Susanne Mondell D1ck Powell Robert Hartman Tanya Tokar Wcwaag57 Under the superv1s1on of Mr Joseph Shaughnessy the Class of l959 was achve un many progecfs among Them were the magazme sales The Junuor Sensor Prom and the sale of refreshments at The home football games We WlShTl'1el'T1 conhnued success nn 1he1r Sen1or year 'Il ,LW Wl M Sk1les J Opperman E Perencewc T Thompson ROW 3 K Shwely R Haberle R Sharpless Padezanm o B 515 ko R T Cunmngham R But her R Musgrave J Steel ROW 4 r onr1n1 n n Barnes R eybel D We1gel J Vvnfong B Harrman P Young ser C oz Faa 1 J Hgh ower K Gorden B G5ldOVlY 32 1 5, , , , 'w , l 1 1 1 s 1 1 1 s L3 1 l 1 P 1 l 2 ' 4 5 5' .5 l E 3 Q' 1 'I H V 6 2 -5 L 5 I- 'i 4 X A xl' R' x X I K ' 1 K 1 ,5 , R 11-1 RO 1 . ' , . , . ', . I . 1 . ' , . , . " , J K "er, B G1les,D S: a eva. 'X OW . , .I C ,A. , . . 2: E. Fe rand, S. M ' ', K, Ku ,selma , C. , K. 15 N . , . " 1 , . , . Fra , . Dr , E. I rsh, 4 Q Y , . , C. . . P' i 53 F' L 'DQ' l -L L. ' C' l xi' I ' a . it t f If V ., , Q., - J I 2 "' lf' ? '1 nt? ll-2 ROW I. C. Yartnachiohe, J. Clayton, C. Zeglinski, R. Reiser, T. Tokar, H. Johnson, J Merriman, B. Mohrbacker. ROW 2- B. Houy, A. Ciahi, M. Wichrylc, B. Tiwkleoaogh, J Cutroha, W. Sottort, J. Grirtalcli, C. VohMoos, L. Schuller, ROW 35 D. Coe, J. Yurkew, A Zamba, B. Waggorter, C. Potfirtburger, C. Marchiohda, H. Cordes. ROW 4: J. Goberish D. Powell, R. Dean, G. McCurte, E. Smith, D. Droz, P. Eiiglemart, P. Higley. ll-3 ROW I: J. Altman, S. Mortdell, K. Plotchak, J. Carpenter, E. Flyrtrt, N. Nlaiors, S Schaub, B. Fraser. ROW 2. W. McDonald, J. Wallace, S. Miller, B. Smith, B. McMichael, J Knox D. Rabassi, D. Cole. ROW 3: Z. Freshcorh, L. Shawl, W. Lyons, R. Bulcowsl4i,J,SLJttor1 R. Goehrirtg, H. Hays, J. Kercovich. ROW A. B. Greiher, R. Fruth, D. Holsihger, D. Lodovlco, E. Curcio, E. Shuttleworth, F. Herzog. ' 7 - R . .fv- ix A. i -' ", ' ' fy C7 uf' what J .A -4 -1' -N ff' '-1 x ? I -3 fkx A 3' 'A uf - f' A f 'SQ-4' A U' Virginia Remaley, Judy Graham 1 Y'fj-gr James Clark, James Sadenwasser L v . 1 cw- ' , O Q ni y "qu .0-,Q NO K g-. tn, 'Q ,f 4' f , S. 624440460 IO-1 ROW 1: F. Kirchner, A. Motfitt, S. Baker, B. Butler, V. Cordes, L. Tice, L. Dean, J. Durr. ROW 2: B. Morse, J. Caputo, M. Shusto, D. Pavolic, R. Ovsen, J. Sutton, S. Ruckert, G. Contestabile, B. McKinney, S. Beighley. ROW 3: F. Salamone, J. Sadenewasser, R. Russell, D. Simmons, M. Standish, D. Finch, R. Bedio. ROW 4: K. Robinson, H. Geary, A. Cunning, A. Dean, P, Barberini, T. Greco. gl l i " i fs l i 1 5 -. A ,E .f -A 5: '-1 wx 'T T in 2 'S 1' l 4 3 I i li 3 . e 9 QQ 'LN 1 lO-2 ROW lr J. Dally, D. Sweesy, L. Heffinger, Y. Gollerfi, B. Kirsop, J. MCQuigg R. Dunbar, B. Thompson. ROW 2: L. Erzen, C. Cooper, K. Hightower, J. Clirno, R. Yeck N. Peters, P. Cunning, T. Broscious, L. Marlin, M. McDonald. ROW 31 H. Bigrigg, E Foehringer, R. Zarnba, J. Guandolo, L. Leonberg, M. Favv, T. Dawson, F. Larherow, S Seyberr, B. Hannigan. ROW 4: C. Morgan, D. Sfillwagon, J. Young, K. Taylor, C. Marmagin J. Maiiio, J. Clark, A. Rubenolf, N. Brunbaugh. TO-3 ROW T: T. Thompson, B. Krehnovi, H. Ritchey, E. Kaiser, S. Fausii, K. M-afhews, K Cable, H. Falarslci. ROW 2. V. Rernaley, P. Collins, S. Graham, E. Slirna, D. Mitchell, I Magness, C. Jones, B. Teefs, V. Stryker. ROW 3: B. Carothers, D. Kelley, E. Maiors, F Schuller, D. Bulat, B. Kronlc, G. Bedio. ROW 4: T. Tudor, R. Broman,'R. Whitehouse J. Morgan, R. Russel, J. Carr, B. Gaus, P. Maier. A i ls s--". 's sw os. ,ai , x ETXXJ 1 -l Q Q 1 S .-" .7 ,Y IO-4 ROW I: B. Fash, A. Phiilips, N. Evans, J. Graham, S. Hiil, E. Ecimovic, E. Grossman, L. Luce. ROW 2: P. Jenkins, D. Lutz, M. Zeiqler, D. Peterson, C. Leonard, J. Buchanan, M. Crowe, G. Schieb, K. Ferrand. ROW 3: T. Tudor, K. Evans, D. Rape, T, Bailey, D. Kelley, W. Patterson, D. Measel, J. Manganeilo. ROW 41 H. Young, E. Spade, L. Dietrich, B. Smith, R. Windon, B. Werner, L. Battaglia, R. Bogolea, J. Tempest, D. Stang. 1 E Crazy mixed up "' candidsl "J 2, .40 f gf' T7 xv - -'AX If L F- YI. 5 - 1 E3 7 ... S 1' xii 9-1 ROW iz N. Ivey, N. Ruckerf, B, McColgin, M, Bott, N. Wahl, L. Goehring, M. Albert M, Pennycook. ROW 2: A. Coie, B. Mondeii, P. Monn, L. Askey, R. Shiveiy, M. Samchuck M. Myers, J. Shingier. ROW 3: D. Sciarerta, J Swartz, F. Ward, D. Wilfong, R. Raines K. Lombar, B. Fleicher, J. Basehaar, R. Ciani. ROW 4. D. Bruno, F. Ruckerr, J. Rader M. Sassic, G. Gibbs, J. Liwe, R. Carafeiii, R. Meanor, 66444 af 67 9'2 ROW iz J. Frazzini, M. Biiofto, M. Robinson, P. Cunningham, C. Cervone, P. Drum rnond, M. Noonen, G. Dietrich. ROW 2. T. Sfornp, P. Pucci, E. Greiner, L Shoppe, J. Pniliips L. McCracken, P. Rhoades, D. Maiors. ROW 3. H. Davis, C. Simmons, R. Hoisinger A, De-Dorninicis, B. Spragoe, R Coie, J. Lavaiie, B. Arinor, ROW 4. G. Rockerf, D. Mace, T. Kirsop, R. Golieiii, C. Powers, J. Allread, R. Goelnring. I I S was i 1 S 93 ROWl S Phunrzy M Freshcorn P Shoup D Sharpless B Whute M Kaufman R Florenza L Kaufman ROW 2 E Hall V Ferrand N Smlth K Fleming J Lewis M Rich Renser G Wentroble J Eakun ROW 3 B Embaugh J Morton R Yannachnone VV Fabanlch R Rombold G Mayors C Mead S Samangy C DeLargy ROW 4 J Cooper F Johnson C Hlghtower L Green R Whupple K Mengel W Brrney J Bartlmac 94 ROWI J Fash C Teets J Lewls P Yannachuone S Herzog R Fnorenza D Dosdor L McKlnnms ROW 2 B Meade B Kellher A Wlchrylc K Werner S Toogood G Wallace D Sharpless J Cooper ROW 3 R Powell G Jeffers C Storar J Nash W Ketterer J. Gaus T. Shuttleworth J. Myers. ROW 4: G. Cotters L. DeDom1nrcls D. Schreiner R. Labuda R. Golletti C. Young B. Yeck D. Costilow E. Puffinburger. A WLY' 11 VT 'b 7 4..w 33 '31 6 T rf 'V hx riff, 8-1 ROW 1: E. McGuire, B. Magness, L. Blank, E. Phillips, A. Wolf, K. Strohback J Spade K. Barberini. ROW 2: C. Zackman, A. Angotti, J. Yoke, K. Remaley, B. Edge, B Reiser R. Carothers, J. Kunselman. ROW 3: P. Longfellow, R. August, D. Linta, D. Felo G Dove J. Tinklepaugh, K. Russell, E, Werner, D. Rape. ROW 4: L. Smith, D. Shively, D. Zeigler, L Stroupe, P. Sorenson, E. Baker C. Dean T. Brown E. Pitzer 4,462 8-2 ROW T: L. Miller, E. Standish, W. Wright, J. Dove, L. Kwasniewska, M. McCoy, D. Marshall, B. Palmer. ROW 2. T. Pease, J. Hoyman, P. Fraser, W. Sassic, B. Ruckert, J. Baker, J. Battalene, J. Gaus. ROW 3. G. Tolbert, R. Wesley, H. Reese, B. Puffinburger, W. Knox, T. Grimes, V. Schafer, J. Mengel. ROW 4: W. Magness, B. Neely, R. Wright, T. Garizas, R. Kammer, J. McCoy, G. Charlton, C. Ruiz. . lf' 0 I wi "' G 2 s 1 J! C7 B-3 ROW 1: K. Mondell, D. Weigel, S. Wilfong, L. Alleman, R. Vodenichar, J. Klinesmilh J. Noss, C. Glass. ROW 2: B. Kendall, 5. Waggoner, C. Long, P. Camp, P. Kinman, C Snowberger, P. Thompson, J. Nicholson. ROW 3. S. Ruiz, A. Ciani, G. Bingham, B. Allen, D. Eiler, J. Parks, B. Helbig, T. Ferrand. ROW 4: O. Puffinburger, R. Good, T. Hays, C. Rowe, J. Fairley, B. Baker, G. Che-uvront, N. Mihalow, T. Cole. 1 interested aren'f 1heyl Decisions! Decisionsl L Bunch of hams! tad 'nfr 5 l- i l l l l .- 'E J .5 ' ALR! ...Q 7-l ROW I: S. Bonzo, A. Pennycook, W. Smith, J. Baker, E. Varzo, S. Rambo, P. Bricker L. Brenner. ROW 2: B. Crowe, L. Robinson, V. Weiss, R. Palumbo, C. Kronk, N. Edwards M. Mason, N. Mohrbacher, G. Kelrerer. ROW 3: J. Graham, D. Tanaka, W. Vodenichar, J Gross, J. Emerick, D. Schaub, E. Boyle, W. Kercovich, T. Tokar, R. Rupert, W. Caplinger ROW 4: R. Mclnfosh, R. Elliot, R. Jones, L. Borr, D. Holsinger, W. George, H. Miller 7-2 ROW l: E. Copper, M. Cunning, D. Latham, L. Wallace, E. Phillips, M. Carey, D. Maiors W. Suflon, B. Brumbaugh. V. Nelson. ROW 2: T. Klinesmifh, C. Ceranic, D. Christie, C. McCracken, R. Phinizy, G Knowles, R. Collins, R. Raines. ROW 31 J. Leflcowi1z,L. Emerick, M. Arbulina, R. Schelka, H Winkle, D. Bogolea, R. Pease. ROW 4: W. Young, C. Alfenbaugh, R. Boyle, V. Gollelti, R McGuire, D. Jones. ii Q 4. 3 T' l 1 ' 1. 0,465 Q" ROWI M Crosley M DlSanzo R Bashaar L Hemnger C Wntts K Speer M Faw S Marshall ROW 2 M Domald J Rambo S Werner B Pfizer B Snowberger S McCul lough K Weaver W Bell ROW 3 G Zahn J Moore J Gutermuth J Eaknn J Proctor J Gibbs B Pllzer J Fash J Johnson ROW 4 G Shults D Lewis J Wllllarnson W Molfer R Hightower T Boyle R Kennedy J Klnnesmnh D Donawntz C Whlpple A Luce 'K aff It l'Hll SX all 42 'Q- mad ROW iz Coach R. Bezuk, J. Steel, E, Smith, J. Sadenwasser, F. Latherow, B. Werner, T. Tudor, D. Rape, D. Coe, J. LaValle, Coach R. Moss. ROW 2: J. Klinesmith, G. Bedio, T. Cunningham, S. Dominicus, E. Shuttleworth, F. Ward, J. Basehaar, M. Sassic, R. Bukowski. ROW 3: S. Stanchak, R. Weaver, L. Hightower, B. Arthur, B. Kronk, A. Cunning, B. Hannigan, E. Wolfe. ROW 4: C. Smith, K. Kincaid, H. Ritchey, T. Durr, J. Hightower, B. Rich, B. Martin, T. Simmons, C. Neuber. Coach Moss, Coach Bezuk. 4-4, i R. Ciani, C. Meade R. Shults. hi 3" I x Q "1-ri 44 1 Dan Standush Chuck Smnh ?7Zaqm Here are the boys who have played theur last year wrth the Bug cerely Thank them and wlsh each one success In the fuiure Ronnie Weaver Ken Kmcald Red team We sun Chuck Neuber 46 Jim Hightower John Klinesmith Roger Whitehouse Lefgy Highfgwe I' Bull Martin Howard Rxtchey Theron Durr Tom Zuck Bob Rach , .. M QR-f 9941? ,eermv 2 ROW I Mgr C Meade T Kirsop A Clam J Emerickg A. Luceg J. Grahamg B. Rupertg B Boyles D Baker Mgr R Golletti ROW 2 B Allen, J. Gibbs, J, Swartz, C. Simmonsg D Llnta J Little F Ward C Hightower B Fabenichg R. Ciani. ROW 3: Mr. Ftye-Coachg J Radar J Bashaar J Gibbs P Cole C Powers M. Sassic, P. Longfellowg B. Holsingerg Wag! 744134456 mm This year 63 boys went out for the iunior high football team. With the skill and co- operation ot each playerg under the coach- ing of Mr. Paul Frye and Mr. Winston Fos- sett, they had a winning season ot 3 out of 5 games. Next year there will be U71 9th graders moving up which promises support to the senior high team in the future, New Brighton 6 Monaca Hopewell Beaver Midland Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom fixl ' 21 6 lil 31 O 6 O ' O 2l N V I , X- A S F Q 1 , . KF W. 49 79587 3446445 calf game! l l ROW 'lz R. Russell, R. Haberle, R. Goehring, D. James, R, Hannigan, G. ldzotic, D. Coe ROW 2: R. Whitehouse, L. Pettner, C. Smith, S. Stanchak, R. Powell, R, Fletcher, J. Marnic R. Bukowski, D. Lodovico. 1 W Mr. Michael Arbutina m , Ass't Coach, Mr. George 9 l-lromanik, Head Coach. Q I RogerWhItehous manager. 50 Chuck Smnh Ray Bukowski Roland Feltcher Leslie Pettner Sam Sfanchak 51 John Marmc endafz 9-Wczqme 1 2' Beaver Fa s Nevllle Rlchland South Beaver Avalon Nevulle Monaca Beaver New Brighton Rochester Hopewell Mudland Beaver New Brnghton Rochester Hopewell Midland 1957 1953 Sadedale December December December December December December January January January January January January February February February February February Another basketball season has been wrntten lnto the record books at Freedom New Sewnckley Hugh School and throughout the season Coach George Hromannks floormen played hard They provnded the fans wuth many thrullung moments although they had a dlfflcult tame matchtng thelr taller and more experienced opponents Sensors Sam Stanchak Chuck Smuth Roland Fletcher John Marntc Leslue Pettner Ray Bukowskl have clumaxed theur athletnc careers and we wash for them success un the future Returnung Junuor lettermen Dave Lodovuco and Duck Powell with other capable reserves wall provide a nucleus for the future varstty players They have gaxned a lot of expertence and we are sure they will achueve much for themselves and Freedom New Sewnckley 52 3 6 l l ll .... ' ..... 10 . . . 13 . . . . . 17 ' ..... 20 . . . . . 3 . . . . . 7 ' . . . 14 . . . . 17 . . . . 21 ' ..... 24 Monaca ..... January 31 . . . . . 4 ' . . . 11 . . . . 14 . . . . 18 ' ..... 21 :,,Qw.4 . " . wk K mf V, ,V ,4 , .3 ., ml" " 'QQ '5 , 3' ,J , , 7 X W YW' od ROW1 J Gibbs Mgr R Mclntosh R Rupert W Bell A Clan: J Emerrck J CooperMgr ROW 3 B Swam V Gollettn B Boyle E Boyle Mgr ROW2 C Meade Mgr B Arthur A DeDom1nucls G Gzbbs P Longfellow M K Lombar W Reach R Goehrlng J Basharr J LaValIe Sassuc D Llnta amor: Wag! 'gcwkezflaff pfczgmo Mr Eugene Harr head coach ough unable to b ast of a hu successful season the gunuor hugh basketball team has ganned ID experience and know how They proved to everyone their determxnatuon and wnll to vvxn These lessons learned under Coach Eugene Harr should prove benefuclal In years to come 54 11 27567 Saiedale Conway Rochester Paherson Beaver New Brnghfon Conway Rochester Beaver New Brighton 55 January January January January January February February February February 'N . . . . . . . 10 . . . . . . . 14 . . . . . . . 17 . . . . . . . 24 ' ...... 28 Patierson ....... February 11 . . . . . . . 18 ' ...... 21 I N I N N T? if 1 If X 1 i 6 in , E 11.1 9 Q Get that man Gene! ..2 Clk. lj l -q-4. Tough game Urganizations and Activities tt l A ll l I gl i i l' r lc 'G 7' 11 rs W l C Smith-Pres., H. Johnston-Sec. 8. Tres., B. corn, A. Teets. ROW 3: D. Rape, B. Hannigan C Neuber ButcherV Pres., Mr. Pugh. ROW 2: C. Lombar, D. Lutz, R. Dean, R. Geohring, B. Kronk, B. Russell R Sev ert E Kaiser J McQuigg, L. Dean, J. Thompson, Z. Fresh W 94 adam' gunned The Student Council is the legislative body representing the students in our school. Each homeroom elects one boy and one girl to this council. Under the leadership ot Mr. Paul Pugh, this group has done much to serve both pupils and faculty tor they help to co-ordinate the many proiects found in a busy school such as ours. Some of the activities ot the council this year were the shoe polish sale, dances, and decorating the tree for the Christmas program. Each year the Student Council edits the school handbook. 58 isn- The Freedom New Sewickley Junior High School Student Council is a relatively new organization, which became independent of the senior high student council a few years ago. The nnaior functions ot this legislative body were the participation in the UNICEF drive, and the cleaning and preparation ot the iunior high school for Parents' Night. A new protect this year was the chartering ot a spectator bus tor the junior high school basketball games played away. Another project was the sponsoring of a noon dance. The receipts from this dance were applied toward the purchase of a trash can for the iunior high school. The sponsor of this organization is Mr. Ralph Gross. ROW l: J. Fash, M. Samchuck, J. Frazzini, F. Fraser, P. Speer. ROW 2: A. Luce, S. Ruiz, J. LaValle, D. Scraretta Thompson, V. Ferrand, C. McCracken, A. Pennycook, K. R- YaV1f1aClWlOf19, C- RUJZ, D- Tanaka, V- Golletti. A-., 59 l . .i l i '-26' i 1' L- 4 T' ROW T. V. Golletti, B. McColgin, D. Coss, C. Lombar, H. Vild. ROW 2: D. Hoffman, C. Smith, T. Durr, Nl. Durr, P. Barberini, A. Dalley, Mr. Arbutina. Membership in the Freedom-New Sevvickley National Honor Society is based on tour qualifications: CU Character, Q23 Leadership, C33 Scholarship, CAD Service. The members are chosen in the iunior year by a faculty committee selected by the principal. Students not selected in the junior year may quality and be chosen in the senior year tor the honor society. A candle light ceremony is held every year in the high school auditorium for the installation of the new members. The sponsor ot this club is Mr. Michael Arbutina. 7Zczz!6aaczZ Wann ocdetq 60 mm 71694 4404! Qc- The Senior High School Hi-Y is a service group rather than a social organization whose aim is service and character development. Any boy in the tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade is eligible for membership. The May Queen Crowning Ceremony is the responsibility of this club, and is a highlight of the school year. Through the help and co-operation of the entire student body, the members of the Hi-y collected and distributed food for needy families of the community at Christmas time. A project inaugurated this year is the purchasing of eye glasses for needy students of our school. To raise the necessary funds the boys have held several successful benefits. The capable sponsor of this club is Mr. Roy Moss. ROW l: B. Hannigan-V. Pres., R. Whitehouse-Pres., S. McDole. ROW 4: R. Goehring, R. Carothers, R. Kronk, K Stanchak-Sec. 81 Tres. ROW 2: B. Hartman, F. Herzog, S. Evans, D. Kelly, E. Shutleworth, D. Kelly, L. Hightower Salamon, J. NlafTQBr1EllO, G. ldZOZTlC, T. TLJClOf, T. TUdOl', E, Wolfe, R. Weaver, L4 Selmer, T, Dawson, Stang B. Whitehouse, C. Marchiohda, B. Pettner, B. Galdony, D. Weigel. ROW 5: C. Smith, R. Fletcher, R. Bukowski, F D. Lodovico, Mr. Ross. ROW 3: P. Barberini, P. Tretiak, J. Birney, B. Martin, B. Rich, E. Smith, T. Simmons, T, Durr Clark, A. Rubinoff, J. Goberish, H. Hays, R, Fruth, L. H. Ritchey, P. Barberini, B. Gutermuth, P. Mannella, J Phillips, D. Standish, C. Neuber, J. Marnic, R. Shuits, M. Dietrich, B. Butcher, D. Holsinger, M. Durr, K. Kincaid. 3 l i l i l . l l l 2 i Q 5 gl l l i l 1 , . 4 .5 5? 2 ,i 1, Z2 I 5 . . .if 1 . l ' gi 3 2 i 1 , i' l 2 . .L - 1 :mica 7694 Wa- Z Boys from the eighth and ninth grades are eligible for membership in the Junior Hi-Y Club. The purpose of the Club is to aid its members in the development of high standards of Christian character. The Junior Hi-Y Club, during the past year, has been capably sponsored by Mr. Winston Fossett. + -- sa V E ROW l: L Smith, J. Kunselman, C. Meade, J. Bashaar, J. August. ROW 3: D. Wilfong, C. Powers, D. Linta, J. Rader Cooper, R. Carothers, D. Rape. ROW 2: J. Little, R. Hol- G. Gibbs, P. Cole, R. Ciani. singer, R. Golletti, M. Sassic, B Fabanick, F. Ward, R. 62 iii' ii 3' l ROW l: P. Ward, P. Pflugh, M. Robinson, B. McCullough, R. Cooper, J. Spade, J. Milness. ROW 3: L. Crowe, G Pres. L. Kalember, Vice Pres. M. Freshcorn, Sec. S. Coe, Patrick, I. Genova, F. Uzyak, D. Brown, H. Josepovich Tres. V. Golletti, Chap. L. McElroy, C. Lombar, L. Mihafow, D. Hoffman, N. Gordon, J. Simmons, A. Teets, A. Dally H. Vild. ROW 2: D. Coss J. Cunnin ham J. Thom son, G. McCoy, Mrs. Ruth Gallagher. f 9 f P R. Biagianti, P. Pivar, J. Magness, D. Nelson, M. Vild, 4 9 a 66607 'Lb' 6' The Tri-Hi-Y is one of the larger organizations in our school. Membership is offered to any Junior or Senior girl who wishes to ioin. This year because of the increase in membership the club was divided into two sections, Junior girls forming one group and the Senior girls the other. Each group has its own officers and meetings, but the two clubs work jointly on all club proiects. 63 Q , g l sis- R W 1 L Schuller C Zeglinski K Plutchak N Ma ors on a ace ar Hou D Sciaretta S Mondell J Opperman J Knox J Carpen er o nson on Afman Droz oe Re Padezanin W Sutton E Perencevic J Koller errand J Merriman D Rabassi B Giles K Kunselrnan awww 7a-We-Z This past year under The leadership of Mrs Ruth Gallagher the club has sponsored the Football Queen Crovvnung and the Chrrstmas Formal Mistletoe Magzc The girls also helped the P T A motners with their money raistng protect A ain this year the club paid its annual Easter visit to the Beaver Couny Children s Home taking gifts which were made by the members. This club whose prime purpose is to create, maintain, and extend through out the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character, has endeavored to live up to these ideals this past year. Tn's organization is one of vvnich we can D6 ius'ly proud. 64 ' 71694 za-We-Z Officers and members of Junior High Tri-Hi-Y were installed and inducted by Mr. Robert G. Graugh, Executive Secretary of the Central West District. As projects the girls assisted in tag days for heart and poppy drives. At Christmas time they bought books, drawing books and crayons for the nursery at Deshon Veterans Hospital in Butler. They sold pens and T-shirts as money making projects, and also sponsored dances, and a roller skating party. A Tri-Hi-Y chorus, under the direction of Miss Kaye, sponsor, prepared a program for presentation at the Beaver County Detention Home, County Home, Passavant Memorial Home and other county institutions. The event which stands out as the major attraction of the year is the annual dinner given in honor of the Junior High football and basketball teams in the spring. During the year,the girls also enjoyed "Swim Nights" at the "Y" in New Brighton, and attended rallies held in various schools of the county. ROW l: L. Alleman, S. Wilfong, A. Pennycook, S. Werner, ley, B. Edge, B. Reiser, R. Palumbo, P. Yannachione, C C. Witts, B. Pitzer, L. Robinson, L. Wallace, N. Mahrbacher, Kronk, J. Phillips, L. McCracken, H. Sassic, R. Phinizy, K E. Phillips, S. McCullough, L. Miller, J. Klinesmith, J. Strohbach, B. Basharr, L. Evans. ROW 4: K. Weaver, V Noss. ROW 2: J. Spade, J. Yohe, J. Frazzini, B. Crowe, U. Ferrand, L. Askey, M. Samchuck, C. Cervone, N. lvey Weiss, B. Snowberger, L. McKinnis, V. Nelson, N. Edwards, M. Kaufman, B. Allen, A. Wolf, M. Albert, N. Wahl, M C. McCracken, R. Vodenichar, L. Blank, P. Camp, L. Bott, L. Goehring, M. Bilotto, P. Drummond, B. McColgin Hettinger. ROW 3: K. Barberine, A. M. Angotti, K. Rema- N. Ruckert. . l i its g Q g - , l . ij. i' j f 5 5 . X2 y if 1 f j. ijjj ll gy . 66446 The F club is composed of ali boys in the high school who have earned an athletic letter. One of the main projects they undertake during the year is washing cars on Saturday during the spring and surnnwer. Mr. Robert Bezuk sponsors this club. ROW iz Pres. C Smith, V, Pes. B. Hannigan, Sec. S. Stan- worth, H. Smith, D. Lodiyico, J. Kiinesmith, ROW 3: L ak, Trea. C. Neuber, Mr. Robert Bezuek. ROW 2: R. Hightower R. Bukowski, T. Zuck, K. Kincaid, T. Durr uits, R. Weaver, D. Standish, J. LaVaiIe, E. Shuttle- F. Birney, J. Cunning, R. Whitehouse. i Dt Cv .Q l 3 ,V l l tl ll ,V l f ' L' , ' i it 1 . I 1 1 l i . f . l l 5 ' l ROW iz E. Kaiser, P. Ward, L. Mihalow, P. Ptlugh R Biagianti C Yannachione E Ferrand A Clam J Knox Moftitt, A. Phillips, B. Fash, B. Teets, V. Golletti-Pres Schuller Y Goletti J Graham B Morse N Evans P. Pivar-Trea., J. Clayton-Sec., V. Cordes-Soph. Rep., C B Krehnovi R Cooper D Lutz R Reiser C Zeglinskl M Spear, G. Contestabile, L. Luce, P. Cunning, C. Jones, B Dunbar S Baker C Wentroble ROW 4 L McElroy S McKinney, V. Remaley S. Graham. ROW 2: D. Pavlovic Coe I Genova G Patrick F Uzak K Gorden S Montini L. Erzen, M. Shusto, D. Cole, K. Plutchak, J. Carpenter Wichryk S l-li Par s H Richey W Sutton E. Flynn, C. Grossman, M. Crowe, T. Broscious J. Sutton Padeyanin R Gallio L Nelson K Kunselman J Koller V Stryker H Falarski K Ferrand T Thom n A Teets D Nelson S Miller J Caputo . , V , - , A pso, Cutrona, S. Ruckert, B. Tinklepaugh. ROW 3: P. Collins The girls Athletic Association is composed of girls in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. The purpose of this Club is to stimulate interest among girls in sports activities. The G.A.A. has held gym nights in the high school tor members ot the Club. Members selected by the Club have also attended play days held by other valley high schools. As projects, the G.A.A. sponsored dances and sold basketball pins. Miss Wynne Glontz is the faculty advisor ot the club. 67 'az 445 The Coin Clab, a relatively nevv organization in our school, is sponsored by Mrs. Dorothy McConnel, The primary obiective of the club is to stimulate an interest in collecting coins. Any student in the Senior High school who has an interest in coin collecting is eligible to ioin. At the monthly meetings, the members discuss, display, and exchange the various coins they have collected. Through the efforts of the club and its sponsor, many of our students have found an interesting hobby to follow during school years and after graduation. The club was fortunate in having a local numismatist as a speaker. He showed movies on the minting of coins and displayed his ovvn coin collection. 1 l ,?G ,ple ROW lx V. Golletti, S, Graham, L. McElroy, C. Zeglinski, D Lodovico, C. Neuber, B, Galdony, C, Marchionda, B A. Phillips, L. Mihalow, B. Fash. ROW 2: S. Will, J Radovic, M. Favv. ROW 41 C. Smith, B. Martin, R. Shuits raham, Y Golletti, P. Collins, S. Coe, A, Dally, R T Lyons, B. Fucci, R. Fletcher, S. Stanchak, H. Ritchey, P Reiser, K Cable, J. Capu'o ROW 3 L. Shawl, A. Zamba, Nannella. 68 X ROW l: R. Shuits, B. Radovic, B. Martin, R. Musgrave, D. Weigel. ROW 2: C. Smith, S. Stanchak, P. Mannella, H. Ritchey, B. Butcher, J. Steel. pzajectdan The purpose of the Projection Crew Club is to train students to assemble and operate the movie proiector. The club has the responsibility of operating the projection machine at assembly programs and in the classrooms. The success of the club can be attributed to the combined effort of Mr. Eugene Harr and Mrs. Audrey Manerino. 69 5 l E Y K i I i l i i t ,iw i i ROW lf J. Emerick, G. Zakn, J. Yoke, J. Klinesmith, J. Blank, P. Camp. ROW 3: M. Albert, M. Bilotto, J. Cooper Moss, V. Ferrand, C. Cervone, T. Tokar, D. George. ROW H. Davis, C. Simmons, F. Ward, J. Allread, R. Holsinger 21 A. Wolf, K. Strohback, G. Goehring, M. Bott, B. Reiser, G. Majors, T. Stump, P. Drummond, J. Frazzini. K. Barberini, J. Spade, B. Edge, K. Remaley, G. Dietrich, L. ?wWw4v df-We Membership in the Geography Science Club is composed of eighth and ninth grade geography and science classes. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Margaret Denhart. The obiect of the Club is to increase the interest in science and geography and to promote a better understanding of the peoples of the world. "Science and Geography for World Understanding" is the motto of the Club. 70 ' anemaalcfaw The purpose of the Junior Conservation Club is to teach members modern and effective ways to conserve the natural resources of our community and nation. During the school year the club members sponsored a game feeding program from which they gained much valuable information. The organization is capably sponsored by Mr. Robert Dimerling. ROW T: R. August, T. Stump, R. Carothers, J. Cooper, C. Simmons, J. Myers. ROW 3: D. Baker, R. Golletti, D D. Rape, J. Kunselman, O. Puffinburger. ROW 2. F. Linta, B. Swain, G. Gibbs, J. Bashaar, W. Ketterer, G Ward, M. Sassic, S. Ruiz, D. Wilfong, B. Yeck, C. Young, Jeffers, J. Allread. it T i f il J 2 i 7 9 ' 1 ' '.f!2 a f .il Y? l-ll l I Q QA l. 1 l Jimmy The Library Club is a service club for iunior high school students. Student librarians take complete charge of cataloging all new books, issuing books and collection fines. The librarians are selected from eighth and ninth grade students who submit their names at the beginning of the year to the sponsor, Mrs. Ruth Reber. J , i 2 E 5 1 4 1 . gl 9 3 qi' E i 4 1 3 l 5 . , 2 S l H h 5 . -A,. 5 v ' " 2 4 pf ROW l: D. Dasdor, P, Yannachione, J. Lewis, P. Mohn, l.. M. Robinson. ROW 3: C. Teets, G. Maiors, R. Holsinger McKinnis, J Phillips, E. McGuire, S. Mitchel, H. Sassic, M. McCoy, A. Wolf, M. Kaufman, D. Baker, R. Golletti B. Ruckert, E.. Phillips. ROW 2: D. Marshall, B. Mondell, R. Raines, G. Ruclcert. ROW 4: J. Baker, M. Bott, M K. Fleming, P. Cunningham, P. Shoup, M. Freshcorn, L Sassic, P. Longfellow, D. Linta, H. Davis, D. Sciaretta, S Askey, M. Rich, K. Remaley, K. Strohback, A. M. Angotti, Samangy, B. Magness, L. Kaufman. 5 'cv 1,25 I' ROW I: J. Smith, L. Emerick, R. Schuller, C. Alienbaugh, D. Jones, J. Lefkowitz, C. Ceramic, L. Bon, R. Hartman, V J. Fash, M, Arbutina. ROW 21 T. Klinesmifh, R. Schetka, Golletri, W. Bell, Wa! g 666654 ROW I. R. Good, H. Reese, C. Rowe, T. Brown, C. Ruiz. ROW 2: G. Bingham, T. Garizas, J. Nicholson, T. Grinaes, V. Schafer. fs., fx I 1: nv- -Q W ' 6 ' . 'Q , , . 'ou,,..q in an 'N,,,,f vt' 'mf xi if ' 5- hi 5, 4, ',6n::Et.N lr'- vis 5' Q- ig' ?"y ic, V W, !-.- lf, If 'fi of ffmezzdca The Ada L, Jackson Future Teachers of America Club was created iasr year under the guidance of Mr. Wendell McColgin. The purpose of this club is to stimulate an interest in the Teaching profession. Membership is open to students of the eleventh and twelfth grades. These Future Teachers have observed teaching methods from various levels in neighboring school systems as well as our own. 2 1 E 5 ROW I: V. Golletti, M. Freshcorn, B. McColgin, S. Mondell, M. Boal, 74 4 fl L , - .Pg-s qw in I ffatagfacqbde IIWNQ E... WW in it 1 ' Q v s Q X7 l WK "Q , X M I 5 t i YY 45 vo 36 6 ROW T: J. Caputo, M. Freshcorn, L. Blank, C. Lombar, D. SS ROW 2: S. Beighley, l.. Nlihalow, V. Golletti, E. Ferrand, Y. Golletti, J. Graham, M. Fennycook, S. Baker, W 3: R, Yeck, P. Mannella, B. Ciani, T, Dawson, B. Capably led by its new director, Mr. Frank Starke, the Freedom-New Sewickley band pre- sented a variety of musical shows and field rou- tines for the football games this past year. Their gay music set the pace for all the pep assemblies as well. For the first time several musicians were sent to the Midwest Band Conference. lndividual- ly, the band members assisted the Band Mothers organization by "pop sales" at the home basket- ball games and helped with the Band Tag Day. Proceeds from these proiects were used to pur- chase iackets awarded to the senior members. A spring concert climaxed a most successful season. 76 Radovic, T. Tudor, D. Tanaka, R. Carothers, M. Kaufman. ROW 4: M. Durr, D. Kelly, K. Emrick, R. Herzog, R. Mianer, P. Barberini, J. Durr. l Will! 5 W i J l i 711'-fa ' ,a .- Left to right, S. Hill, L. Hettinger, K. Mathews, P. Ward Head, L- 0 l I ! r f r l l rr. ,S l 4 l g l r ROW lr N, lyy, A. Pennycook, B. Edge, K. Rernaley. Reiser, D. Scheib, R. Good, J. Grass K. Lornbar, P. ROW 2: B. lviagness, J. Spade, K. Fleming, L. Stroupe, Pflugh, H. Ritchey. ROW 4: D. Brown, B, Hartman, R. L. Ketfer, T. Brown, J. Yohe. ROW 3. M. Meyers, B. Goehering, D. Kelly, B. Gufermuth, P. Ba.berini. r 1 1 I rr f ' E I l 1 l I . ,J l I f ll 5 , 1 r ! Q r l Samclwck, Head, A. Pl1rlups,, T. Tokar, J. Clayton. Pafly Ward Senior Ma ioreffe. and J IIUUL D Coss C Lombar Freshcorn P gh V Goletz Brown Mannella B Clan: Radovlc L Mlhalow 78 P Barberam M Durr B Gutermuth l I . 5 4 , -' Q F' xi, Q A Q' 63 x 14 55 F ' ..ff.,r2v fs f X' . , Ak V S v ,L , QAM Q gg, 1 I 3 T W x W 74 Q 1' ' 1 3 5, 1. N .,, " , ' ,f"?,.fW? ,n . -,L 4' ,, nf 3. 'gf ZQ-'g101.f"'m,,. 1 -M ' ' if 4- Y 2. .9 - .A A ' ' 1 1 1 '4 F Y Q . J L5 4 I, ., KL 1 '47 Xia: I, 11' I ,fr If 4' W 1 Nc M " gggya I f lf' aw- N ,Sf WM . , . Q , K 5 , .20 '1 QA Ahh ,2 A X , 1 5 'Q W? ll.- lll l l Q u f s 4 :ga 4 ll r is ff . e 1 l li rl l I , , ig 4 , 1 r J 1 1 l alll 5 Nancy Mayors Judy McQuugg Paula Plvar Barbara Kursop Karen Cable Vlrglnna Femalev Paula Pnvar 80 A flash of red swlrlung skurls pep vurn and vlgor all added together gives a good dlscrlpllon of our energelsc cheerleaders Slncere thanks IS due to these gurls who have helped keep up school spirit and learn morale af a high peak. ff 2 1 lll' ' emleadwe P. Mohn, L. Goehring, K. Strobach, A. Wolf, V. Ferrand, M. Robinson 81 amine ' 7765 wma This year there were three groups representing the vocal section of the music department: the Junior-Senior Chorus, the Sophomore Girls' Chorus, and the Ninth Grade Mixed Chorus. Under the supervision ot Mr. John Fink these groups have appeared at community functions as well as at school programs. Some of our nicest memories will be the Christmas carols they sang for the student body. Ably accompanied by Marla Freshcorn, they added a special touch to the Commencement and Baccalaureate programs. The traditional Spring Concert was held in February of this year, and proved a big SUCCCSS. ROW la E. Wolfe, D. Weigel, H. Eisenbrown, S. Cleeland, H. Johnston, D. Hoffman, S. Miller, S. Coe, B. McCullough M. Robinson, H. Vild, A. Teets, G. McCoy. ROW 2: C Smith, S. Stanchak, C. Neuber, M. Boal, M. Freshcorn A. Dally, M. Standish, J. Wallace, J. Milnes, L. McElroy X 9 Y D. Cole, B. McColgin, P. Pivar, B. Smith. ROW 3: T. Sim mons, B. Lyons, T. Zuck, R. Dean, R. Musgrave, J. Altman R. Cooper, J. Simmons, M. Vild, D. Sciaretta, J. Merriman B. Giles. 1. 5. A -H Q it , . E ' l 1 I ROW 1: K. Cable, B. Teets, P. Collins, N. Peters, K. Fer- rand, L. Tice, L. Luce, V. Remaley, P. Jenkins, W. Faiarski B. Fash, B. McKinney, M. Crowe. ROW 2: D. Lutz, B. Kreh novi, B. Dunbar, M. Zeigler, G. Contestable, B. Morse E. Kaiser, B. Thompson, L. Dean, S. Graham, D. Peterson Mr. Fink. ROW 3: R. Yak I Magness J Dally C Spear , G. Scheib, M. McDonald, C Grossman C Jones A Mof fett, V. Stryker, D. Cooper N Evans Kirso Ritchey. .a.rw6.r-fm kazaa JJ A i L s E I !-, 4, it 5 43-ya -if f fir' :KI 'N Leads Charlotte Lombar and Roger Whitehouse The Junior Class Play The Raunmaker was a big first for Freedom New Sewickley It was the first play in Freedom to have sets built for it There were three sets consisting of a sheruffs office a living room kitchen combination and a tack shack Transition from one to the other was done with the use of lights It was the first play to run for two nights instead of the usual one The cast was one of the smallest that had ever put on a production in the Freedom New Sewickley school It was made up of only six characters A superb acting 'ob was done by all members of the cast H C Curry Noah Curry Jim Curry Lizzie Curry i e Sheriff Thomas Starbuck - - Director - Student Director Stage Manager Lights - Sound - Cast in order of appearance 85 Thomas Zuck Roland Fletcher Charles Neuber Charlotte Lombar Charles Smith Bill Gutermuth Roger Whitehouse - Vivian E. Layne - Delores Coss - Ernest Wolfe Theron Durr Denver Weigel 7aal5aZ! Zaeen The Queen and her Court k fai J 'cv 2 'f L Y' 4 X 'Af i ,-. JS , 6? Queen Paula Pivar, and King Sam Sranchak Www Maud of Honor Joyce Thompson Attendants Delores Coss Charlotte Lombar Vurgsnma Gollettu Nancy Thompson Attendants Patty Ward Helen Josupovlch Dons Nelson Shxrley Alexander Margaret Dunbar 87 Mnss Paula Puvar T957 Football Queen Escort Chuck Smith Escorts Chuck Neuber Ronnie Weaver Roger Whntehouse Kenny Klncald Escorts Dan Standush Theron Durr Tom Zuck Leroy Hnghtower John Klunesnnnth 3 X as r M I NN, y . K s 4 -vvf ll, -ur, QQJVQX 'ff' . vi: -3 1" MINI Axe f 5 dczwaee Writers, Donna Brown, Mildred Chevron? Helen Josipovich, Ernest Wolfe. Seated Bernard Radovic, Sam Stanchak. wifi. N' 1 Rb ' A ' J- 11,1 1199 IDB Standing, Head Typist--De iores Coss, Typing staff, Mary Viid, Heien Viid, Par Pfiugn Donna Hoffman. Business Managers Roy Seyberf au Barbarini Robert Cram seared Mrs Dorothy McConnel Shawnee advisor ff!! -.... ' Pictorial staff - M a r I i n Durr, Paify Ward, Denver Weigel. ,yr 1 i '7 V nd - TY 5 v-1' ROW lz C. Lornbar, T. Tokar, B. McColgin, N, Maiors, Mr. Pugh. ROW 2: A. Rubinoff, M. Vild, H. Ritchey, D. Zuclc, R. Fruth, The school news reporters, each week during the school terrn, report on the interesting and newsworthy happenings in the high school, The reports appear in The Beaver Valley Times. The group is under the capable guidance of Mr. Paul Pugh. Zeeman Waileq dmea undue .Zedmzq Z The iunior high school newspaper, the Liberty Bell, was started in l954 It is written and edited by iunior high students, under the supervision of Mr David Mackey. The motto of the Liberty Bell, is "Let Freedom Ring." ROW I: D. Majors, D. Weigel, A. Angotti, K. Barberini, N. Ivey, K. Lornbar, L. Miller, S. Werner, K. Speer. ROW 2: J. Yohe, J. Spade, K. Remaley, B. Edge, R. Carothers, T. Brown, J. Proctor, H. Miller, R. Bashaart, W. Smith. ll i E . . E ' i ROW 3: B. Reiser, H. Sassic S Mitchell K Mondell A Wolf, K. Sfrochbach, M, Albert M Robinson C Cervone L. Hettinger, L. Evans. fi I 1 N WVWQ51HSQH'VH -"F X I LJ k is xxx V A . V P u by .M Q Q f - ,. H:"+'fC Q,Q ' , A 1 ' I - ' 1957 f'-'B 1 ' May Queen: Maid of Honor: King: - Escort: - Attendants: Francis Cordes Joann Eckhart Joyce Thompson Paula Pivar Tanya Tokar Elaine Perencevic Bonnie Giles Nancy Majors M15 Wil! ,IF Q Margaret Mandarino Janice Ingram Donald Dean Robert Riech Escorts: Robert Richcreek Kenny Leonard Kenny Miller Ronnie Weaver Ray Bukowski Richard Dean N- sf? +1 U N Left to right1C. Zeglinslci, L. Schuller, J. Knox, D. Rabassi, Mr. Manerino, M. Durr Dfadamdf fa" 6444 The driver training class is a special course in our school. lt is especially designed for students in the eleventh and twelfth grades who wish to learn how to drive correctly. To be eligible one rnust be at least sixteen years old and also have obtained a learner's permit. This course is directed by Mr. Robert Dirnerling and works in co-operation with the school safety education program. 94 Zac Fauna Rose Ault, Dale Mus4 grave, Rudy Vierrco, Russell Zahn, Bob Yeck, John Sfienacker, Bea4 trice Yeck, Dave Mc- Elhaney, Chuck Short, ia L.-.vw ,4 manage fam We the edutors and staff of the T958 Shawnee hope we have managed to capture an pnctures and prnnt some of your fondest memories of Freedom New Sewlckley l-hgh School We are also looklng ahead to the day when a yearbook will be published HW a school constructed from the plans an the front of thus book or plans very much lake them These you see are the plans for the new Freedom New Sewlckley Joint JunlorSentor Hugh School They may be revised and Improved but stlll the thought as there a new school Publshzng a yearbook s ot the easy task many people th nk t lt tnvolves hard work both by the staff and the edxtors and the co operatlon of students and faculty allke For thls co operation we thank you We also thank Mrs McConneI without whose help thus book would never have been published Thus book was publlshed for you and we hope you luke tt 96 , . I I l' ' i n i I is. I I A - , , . 'N -4: Ji' All A DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES To those who refine to those who distribute and to those who consume Valvollne this declaration IS made To put into Valvoline the best procurable of all things-of mind of men of raw materials To refine and produce Valvoline products so that everyone participating in their manufacture and distribution will fund 'oy and pride In his work To be more than a refiner and distributor of oil and grease but rather an institution selling lubrication service of the highest order an institution that will personrfy leadership in the making of fine lubricants To make Valvoline a source of enduring success to those sume it To adhere steadfastly to policies which will protect the good name of Valvolme thus to enhance its prestige with people everywhere To do our best to help eliminate the misrepresentation the subterfuge and the mystery which has characterized lubrication salesmanshlp in the past In short so to make Valvolme that it will become a synonym throughout the length and breadth of the land of all that is best in lubricant manufacture marketing and service This then is the declaration the pledge which the Valvoline Oil Company extends to those who manufacture to those who distribute and to those who consume Valvollne In witness where of we append our signature making these now and always the adopted and permanently approved policies of Valvolune VALVOLINE OIL COMPANY Freedom Pennsylvania Division of Ashland Oil and Refining Company J . I . . I , : ' , ,n ' 2 1 I 1 who sell ity of efficient, economical operation to those who con- 1 I 1 I 2 . . I . I . g I I I I I - AL NEWELL THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Lodge No 1429 RAY HALL PLUMBING AMERICAN STANDARD HTWT bgS 8TH AVENUE FREEDOM PA COMPUMENTS OF HOWES PIZZA SHOP C pl f Compliments of o aerHeat-C plt PI ' ppl' FREEDOM HOTEL ICompIeIeIy Remodeled! FULL SIZE BATH AND SHOWER IN EVERY ROOM Rooms by Day Week or Month BAR AND RESTAURANT FACILITIES Modern Dmlng and Banquet Room Available for Partles Weddmgs Banquets Etc CALL SPRUCE 4 800 841 THIRD AVENUE FREEDOM Rade 8- Ann Maslek Props BARN S SERVICE STATION LEE B CAIN FREEDOM PA R D 1 FREEDOM PA SPruce 4 5513 CARDY S JEWELER S COMPLIMENTS OF SPruce 4 3264 Thnrd Avenue Freedom Pa C T If You Dont Know Duamonds Know Your Jeweler I . , . 1 , . ,PA. 1 "For Good Ashland Products" , . . . , , . 1 1 ' I O , . C DePaoIls Clover Farm Store FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone Spruce 5 1165 355 Tenth Street FREEDOM PA DISANZO S MARKET For Fresh Fruits Vegetables and Meats 5th Ave 'l7th Street Freedom P HAIR CUT BY APPOINTMENT WHY WAIT? DON S BARBER SHOP 800 Thnrd Avenue Freedom Pa SP 4-9876 Closed Wed 81 Sun REXALL EDWARD S PHARMACY In Busmess for Your Health Phone Spruce 4 2336 Thlrd Avenue Freedom F FARMER BARBER SHOP COURTEOUS SERVICE Call for An Appolntment Spruce 5 2398 Thurd Avenue Freedom P FREEDOM BEER DIST CO THIRD AVENUE FREEDOM PA Dust of Beer and Soft Drnnks Phone Spruce 4-4376 SYSTEMATIC SAVING SPELLS SUCCESS CURRENT DIVIDEND 3476 Freedom Federal Savnngs and Loan Association Spruce 4-0377 Freedom Pa FREEDOM GRILL 1205 Thlrd Avenue Peter S and Vnola BartoIovuc Owners O . I . , a 1 1 Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M., Daily , P. ' , a. , . YOUR News CENTER FREEDOM NEWS In Busrness to Serve You artzel s Furnrture Co HARTZELS 72 Years of Servuce to Thus Commumty FREEDOM AND ROCHESTER PA ISALY S Phone Spruce 4 9945 THIRD AVENUE FREEDOM Friendly Servnce Qualrty Foods Convenient Location JURICH ELECTRIC CO We Can Furnrsh Your Home Completely Gave us a try before you buy Youll save money Spruce 5 3170 598 Thlrd Avenue Freedom Pa GULF MORELL S Your Frnendly Gulf Dealer THIRD AVENUE FREEDOM coMPuMeNrs or PADEZAN S INN PARK S FARM For the Best In Farm Products GREEUNGS FROM Phone smce 4-0923 PETE S GRILL R. D. I FREEDOM, PA. H ' ' . I I 'A' FURNITURE 'A' APPLIANCES 'A' TELEVISIONS f PA. H ' H" I ' I , PA. I I I , 1 For a qulckle lunch PowELL s HARDWARE Of an Snack FREEDOM PA Spruce 4 1829 For a friendly brunch Or a take home sack SALS COFFEE SHOP Compluments of Mr and Mrs Klncald FOR DELICIOUS COFFEE AND DONUTS 3RD AVENUE FREEDOM YOST S GARAGE FREEDOM PA some AND CHUCK SABOLIC S CAFE The Sports Stop Unlon 9 2127 2nd Avenue Conway P A pleasure to treat a treat to pleasure THE GRAULE STUDIO HINDS STREET ROCHESTER PA Phone Spruce 5 2176 FOR THE FINEST ENGAGEMENT RINGS Al.l.AN JEWELERS ROCHESTER BEAVER FALLS CRISPENO'S G E APPLIANCES 237 BRIGHTON AVENUE Rochester Pa and Beaver Falls Pa Lou Crispeno, Owner - Phone SP. 5 0663 SPAGNOLI S MARKET John Spagnoll CLOVER FARM STORES Qualnty Meats and Grocenes 140 5th Avenue - T I . , . ,, . . . ,, I 1 Fish - Oysters - Hot Sausages I ' . I , a. ll , . 1 I I I ' I ' JIFFY STEAK CO MERRELLIS MARKET 1497 3rd Avenue Freedom 521Vz Case Street Rochester Pa Phgne Spruce 5 Spruce 5 Ol' Spruce 48114 Phone N B 3317 Rosalmd Candy Castle HARTMAN S 1301 5th Avenue New Brlghton Pa Plumbing and Heahng Phone Spruce 51680 Sllver Llnmg Inn 14th Street 3rd Avenue Freedom P Phone Spruce 4 9728 Complnments of Freedom New Sewlckley Hugh School Afhleflc Mothers I O f - . 1 C I . ' I ' R. D. 1 I Rochester, P , a. I

Suggestions in the Freedom Area High School - Shawnee Yearbook (Freedom, PA) collection:

Freedom Area High School - Shawnee Yearbook (Freedom, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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