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""m'il9T 1 1 w 1 4 1 4 1 1 I l K 1 I 4 u 1 1 l i i 4 l 4 ve I 1 1 2' e 3 1 I 5 5 1 l 3 . 5 F F r E 1 1 C E ? f I E a i A W A . . 1 X fm IBIIVS W rn: uni ..t..'.lIlf lllllu----I ru ununnnn l:llllllIIl llll-llllll -I.--llllll ::::::::: I I ' I I .-I. g n l I ,,L., : : l I J.. I l I -L l- ' J, I. ' ..l..., I. ' J.. -1 I ' ..l.. 1 ' 0 I I n I , , , eh 'rn Q. .V 823 ' U U'En:ldu V DUDE' U D ' X E' I D 1:1 Q' X' D UD DD .nu :rr 1313 cv11r'1 f' ":::::::": .. . ' ' ' ' ' J Q2 " d wg r " 1 m,,MwfQfDfff .QQ - '1-- f - ' W 'i Y.. ..,, ,. L,-,.. .,,.a'-, ,v OAVTWY The Senior Class of Freedom High School at Freedom, Pennsylvania O'Z5lA.TO'Z Through the pages of our Yearbook, the "Shawnee," we have endeavored to form a picture of Freedom High School. May it ever bring vivid and colorful memories to mind of the days spent in High School. onfen 5 ADMINISTRATION DEDICATION SENIORS CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS MUSIC and DRAMA SPORTS OUR PATRONS clicolrion The faculty and students of Freedom High School have been honored to have Mr. Alf M. Asper as high school principal for the past six years. His patience and understand- ing have won him the respect and admira- tion of all. Mr. Asper is an ardent enforcer of good conduct and courtesy and can be found at most football and basketball games cheering exuberanlly for Freedom. To Mr. Asper, whose efforts in our behalf have exemplified true character and high ideals, we dedicate this Nineteen Forty-tive HSHAWNEEU L Board of Education The Board of Education of the Freedom Public Schools is comprised of Dr. John H. Boal, presidentg Mr. Frank Holsinger, vice president: Mr. Edwin Whitehouse, treasurer: Mrs. Katherine Zahn and Mr. Frank Betz. directors: and Mr. George Rider, secretary. V ,g K 'V M XM' ff- In I 0 dnini51'ro.1T i011 ADA L. JACKSON Szzpervisivzg Principal Geneva College, A.B. ALF ASPER. High School Principal Geneva College, B.S. University Of Pittsburgh, M.A. RAYMOND O. ROBERTSON .lzuzior High School Principal Carnegie Tech, B.S. in LE. CHARITY GOLL Biology mad English Geneva College, A.B. . 2 DOROTHY ATCHISON Algebra, Plane Geometry Geneva College B.S. in M. MICHAEL B. JOSEPHS Chemistry, Physiml Ed. Thiel College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh M. Ed. MARGARET URLING English Geneva College, B.S. MARTHA MASSENA Latin and English Grove City College, A.B. LAVOLA VANDERPOOL English, Frenclz, History Capitol University, A.B. LOIS RINGER Geogrrzphy and Histo ry Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B.S. PAULINE WEIKAL Gym, Health and History Slippery Rock State Teachers College B.S. in H. E. FLORENCE FRUTH History and P. O. D. Georgia State Teachers College for Women, AB. ESTHER BARZANTI Commercial Subjects Duquesne University. B.E FRANCES HOPKINS Mathematics and English Grove City College. B.S, ELIZABETH BATES .lflusic and English Geneva College, B.M. Carnegie Tech A.B. in P.S.M. PAULINE LEHEW Home Economics Penn State, B.S. VIRGINIA CASSEL Art Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. in A. CARRIE M. PATTERSON Commercial Subjecfs Grove City College B.S. in C. MARION KAYE Social Studies Geneva College, AB. EMMA JOSEPHS Civics, Hisfory, Guidance THELMA BETZ Secretary Duffs Iron City College EUGENE HARR History and Science Geneva College, A.B. RoB'T. F. CAROTHERS Band and Orchestra Muskingum College B. S. in E. MARY BLATT Mathematics Thiel College, A.B. in M. Geneva College, B.S. in E Shawnee Staff Editor-in-chief John Latham Assistant Editor - Jack Gould Junior Editor Dorothy Paytas Literary Editor - Thelma Jean Fry Sports Editors - - Don Meehan and Martin Fox Business Managers Doris Powell Antoinette Di Sanzo Laura West Peggy Black Photography - - - Don Beatty and Homer Parker Art - Janice Arnold and Mary Jane Golletti Typists Jay Stuck Ruth Skinner Margie Fash Ruth Blesse Reporter for Sophomore Class ---- Joan Stacel Reporter for Junior High School - Richard Mengel Advisor ---- Carrie M. Patterson Senior Class Advisor - La Vola Vanderpool It has been a new and interesting experience for the staff to publish this yearbook. We Wish to thank Miss Vanderpool, our class advisor, and Mrs. Patterson, our UShlI1l'7I0C',, advisor for all their help We wish also to extend our appreciation to Mr. Guy F. Leidigh of the Beaver Falls Printing Co. and Mr. Robert Batto of Graule Studios, and to those who contributed in any way to the success of our annual. xi? X I ' M big' aniors Senior Class Oflicers President - Robert O'Connor Vice President Peggy Black Secretary - Colleen Sergeant Treasurer Ruth Skinner Senior Class History We are the Senior Class of 1945. When we entered high school as scared freshmen, our only thought was to graduate, las soon as possiblej. The next four years passed all too swiftly, and now that we must leave Freedom High, we realize our happiest moments were spent there. As Juniors we were very successful in raising money for the Junior- Senior Prom, due largely to the patient help of Mrs. Elizabeth Fordyce, our sponsor. At last our dreams have come true. We're Seniors! Under the care- ful guidance of our sponsor, Miss Yanderpool. and yearbook sponsor, Mrs. Patterson, we were soon off on the way to a successful year. We are proud to have the cherished privilege of graduating from Freedom High, and we hope our underclassmen will enjoy their Senior year as much as We have every precious moment of ours. H ELEN A NTAL General Course G. A. A. 3, 4 Student Council 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 VVALTER ARBUTINA Academic Course Band 1 Chorus 1 Stage Manager 2 Newspaper 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Hi-Y 4 JANICE ARNOLD Academic Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Band Choristers 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 . G. A. A. 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Shawnee Staff 4 DoNALD BEATTY Academic Course Hi-Y 2. 23, 4 Basketball Manager 2 Football Manager 3 Stage Manager 1, 2, President of Hi-Y 4 Shawnee Staff 4 Aeronautics 4 PEGGY BLACK Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3 Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Shawnee Staff 4 ELEANUR C. BLESSE G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Student Council 2 RUTHE BLESSE General Course Chorus 1 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Shawnee Staff 4 LENA H. BONAPARTE Commercial Course Chorus 1, 2 DOLORES BosWoR'rH Commercial Course Chorus 1 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 DALE BOTT Academic Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Aeronautics 4 JEAN NE BROWN Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Choristers 1, 2 Student Council 2 Class Secretary 1 Class Plays 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y President 1 HOWARD BURTON General Course CHARLENA CAPLINGER Commercial Course Chorus 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 ANGELA M. CATALANO General Course Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Stage Managers 2, 3 G. A. A. 2 BETTY Lou Cocco General Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Student Patrol 3, 4 MARY LOUISE COLLINS General Course Chorus 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 JOHN CONTE General Course Stage Manager 1, 2 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 Class Play 3 HARRIET M. DIMICK Academic Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. President 3 Class Plays 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y Vice President Tri-Hi-Y President 4 MILDRED R. DIMICK Academic Course Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 A NTOINETTE DI SANZO General Course G. A. A. 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Shawnee Staff 4 NIARGARET J. FASH Commercial Course G. A. A. 1 Shawnee Staff 4 NIARTIN Fox General Course Football 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Class Plays 3, 4 F-Club 2, 3, 4 Shawnee Staff 4 THELMA J. FRY Academic Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Newspaper 1, 2, 3, 4 May Queen Herald 3 Shawnee Staff 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer G. A. A. 4 WILLIAM A. GIANNETTE General Course Football 3, 4 F-Club 3, 4 Basketball Manager 4 Class Play 4 Patrol 3, 4 Nl.-XRY JANE GOLLETTI Commercial Course Band 1 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Class Play 3 Newspaper 3, 4 Shawnee Stalf 4 Chorus 2, 4 JACK GOULD, JR. Academic Course Chorus 1 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Newspaper 2, 3 Student Council 1, 3, 4 Shawnee Staff 4 Student Patrol 3, 4 Class Play 4 President Student Council Track 1 BETTY J. HOLSINGER Commercial Course ROBERT Jon NSON 'General Course Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Manager 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 F-Club 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Newspaper 3 Student Council 1, 2 Aeronautics 4 President F Club 4 A 9' W? ,awk ,. , FEP' BETTY I. KREPPS Commercial Course Chorus 2 G. A. A. JOHN LATHAM Commercial Course Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Artist 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Editor 4 "F" Club Sec'y-Treas. 4 UF" Club 3, 4 JAMES lllAR.TIN Academic Course Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4 MADELINE L, MARTIN Commercial Course G. A. A. 3 DONALD R. NIEEHAN Academic Course Class President 1 Student Council 1 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Football 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 "Shawnee" Staff -1 "F" Club 4 JANET MCCUNE Commercial Course G. A. A. 1 Newspaper Staff 4 Chorus 1. 2 CARL NICCURDY General Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketballl 2 PATTY J. MCDADE Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3 President Sophomore Class 2 President Junior Class 3 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3 ROBERT O'CONNOR Academic Course Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1 Band Manager 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, rs, 4 HF" Club 3, 4-Vice Pres Junior Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 President Senior Class Student Council 4 HOMER PARKER Academic Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Stage Manager 2, 3, 4 Football 4 Shawnee Staff 4 DoR1s POWELL Commercial Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4-Trea Junior Class Play 3 Newspaper 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4-Se Treas. 4 Student Patrol 3, 4 s. 4 c'y- Vice President Junior Class Shawnee Stall' 4 BIARK Rok Nick General Course Band Manager 2, 3 Basketball 2 Band 2 Aeronautics 4 WARREN C. RUCKERT General Course Football 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Student Patrol 3, 4 "F" Club 3, 4 DOROTHY SANDER Academic Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3 Newspaper Editor 3 Tri-Hi-Y Vice President VICTOR SEPANIK General Course Football 2, 3, 4 UF" Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Basketball Manager 4 Band Manager 2, 3 Hi-Y 4 Junior Class Play 3 Aeronautics 4 CoLLEEN SERGEANT General Course Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 Chorus 3, 4 Student Council 4 HELEN SHUMNEY Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Junior Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4 May Queen Attendant 3 Orchestra 1, 2 RUTH SKINNER Commercial Course Chorus 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Newspaper 3 Shawnee Staff 4 Junior Class Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer JAY STUCK Commercial Course Hi-Y 3, 4 Football Manager 3 Stage Manager 2, 3, 4 Shawnee Staff 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 Student Patrol 3, 4 BETTY SWARTZ Commercial Course G. A. A. 1 LENQRA E. VVATSON General Course Chorus 1, 2. 4 G. A. A. 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 LAURA WEST Commercial Course Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Shawnee Staff 4 Chorus 1, 4 G. A. A. 3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 May Queen Attendant 3 Senior Class Play 4 Here u'e've spent twelve years in school We know we should be bright. You cawft expect the impossible But we think Il'6,I'6 alright. XVILLIAM VVHIPPLE Academic Course Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 Student Patrol 3, 4 Cross Country 1 Chorus 1 RUTH VVHITEHOUSE Academic Course Chorus 1, 2 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 Stage Manager 2, 3 G. A. A. 2 Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 3 Class Will 'Y Helen Antal bequeaths her quietness to Ruth Mengel. Janice Arnold wills her knack of flirting to Alice Guy. Mark Roknick leaves his desire to study to George Arbutina. Peggy Black bequeaths her giggles to Phyllis Edge. Lena Bonaparte bequeaths her study halls to any Junior in need of them. Eleanor Blesse leaves her "fighting moods" to Charlotte Hall. Bill Whipple bequeaths his blond locks to Melvin Krepps. Delores Bosworth leaves her blond hair and blue eyes to Ann Havranek. Jeanne Brown wills her acting ability to Belle Fry. Ruth Blesse wills her short skirts to Betty Robinson. Martin Fox leaves his beautiful wavy hair to Roy Moss. Bob Johnson and Bob O'Connor bequeath their basketball ability to John Dyminski and Wes Mabin. Betty Lou Cocco wills her job on the Student Patrol to Yolanda Nudi. Angela Catalano wills her wicked eyes to Barbara Miller. Charlena Caplinger bequeaths her height to Faye Whitehouse. Mary Lou Collins and Helen Shumney leave their trips to Mr. Asper's oflice and their blue excuses to any student who may want them. Donald Beatty bequeaths his dimples to David Alcorn. Harriet Dimick wills her position at G. C. Murphy's to Virginia Adair. Margie Fash wills her love for the Navy to Anna Linta. Jack Gould bequeaths his intelligence and hard work to Gene Reno. fDon't I over-do it, Gene.J Mildred Dimick wills her bashfulness and quietness to Kay Lovy. Antoinette Di Sanzo wills her advertising ability to her sister Frances. Thelma Fry bequeaths her wavy bangs to Mary Ratigan. Mary Jane Golletti leaves all her "peppiness" to Patty Werner. John Latham leaves his position on the football team to Floyd McIntosh. Betty Holsinger bequeaths her cute smile to Phyllis Hoffman. Betty Krepps leaves her upsweep hair-do to Miriam Penterman. Doris Powell wills her "gift of gab" to June Metzger. Janet McCune leaves all her boy-friends-period. Madeline Martin leaves her long wavy hair to Teresa Totera. Homer Parker leaves his stage-manager position to Fred A. Swager. Pat McDade leaves her ability to get to all football games in her Dad's car safely to Betty Piersol. Betty Swartz and Colleen Sergeant bequeath their backwardness to Mary Franz. Dale Bott leaves his ability to play the trumpet to Bob Spagnoli. Carl McCurdy wills his tripping of girls in the hall to Howard Wilber. Warren Ruckert wills his nick-name of "Butch" to George Noss. Ruth Skinner bequeaths her pretty dimples to Sara Coleman. Dot Sander wills her bracelets to all those girls who would like to have them dangling on their arm. Jimmy Martin would like to leave his position as a violinist in the orches- tra to Dick Tolbert. Don Meehan wills his acting ability to Bob Brockett. Lenora Watson wills a lock of red hair to Pat Gallio Csome combinationb. Walter Arbutina wills the name of "Scogic" to anyone who Will accept the responsibility of using it. Howard Burton leaves his position in the Senior Class to Tommy Campbell. John Conte bequeaths his basketball fake to Bob Farls. Vic Sepanik wills his love for the girls to James Trettle. Laura West leaves her talkativeness to Josephine Paraniuk. Jack Stuck wills his salesmanship ability to Clyde Graham. Ruth Whitehouse leaves her Saturday nights at Ault's to Dorothy Paytas. Bill Giannette leaves his worries of finding gas stamps to Johnny Acree and Bud Martin. We, the Seniors of Freedom High School, bequeath to the Juniors and other students, all success and happiness in the years to come. Senior Class Prophecy V In 2010 A. D. an old grey-haired woman sat by her cozy fireside, rocking in her favorite chair. It was Thelma Fry, now an old maid 82 years old. She has, years ago, retired from her job as head dishwasher at Guthrie's Restaurant, Beaver. She was winding a ball of yarn, and as she twisted it, the yarn became the thread of memory leading her thoughts back to the lives of her friends. Pat McDade has become manager of a grocery store in Rochester, with Betty Krepps and Colleen Sergeant as head clerks and Don Beatty as delivery boy. Dorothy Sander and Janet McCune had been happily married and together became co-writers of a love-lorn column in a large New York newspaper called "Grab a Mate Before It's Too Late." Marty Fox had become the proud owner of a chain of Beaver Valley filling stations. In order to get enough gasoline to take their girls out, Dale Bott and Jimmy Martin had become his garage mechanics. Professor of Chemistry at Pitt, Walter Arbutina had been heralded as successor to the great Einstein. Vic Sepanik, star of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer had hired Jay Stuck as his publicity manager and Ruth Blesse as his private secretary. Delores Bosworth and Bob O'Connor had formed the "Chance to Dance" school with Eleanor Blesse as their model pupil. Harriet and Mildred Dimick had become Manager and Assistant Manager of Mur- phy's 5 and 10 in Rochester. Jack Gould had added a stage show to the attractions at the Freedom Theater aided at the box oflice by his wife, Janice Arnold. For years John Latham had been head artist for Esquire. All of his pictures, of course, had been censored by Mark Roknick, his chief critic. While a dramatic teacher Ruth Whitehouse had been the chief cause of the success of Bill Whipple who had become a soap box orator. Ruth later became minister of the Salem Evangelical Church. Homer Parker had succeeded Milt Crider as janitor of the high school, which now had for its principal, Bob Johnson, lovingly known to the student body as "Horse." Charlena Caplinger and Betty Lou Cocco had started a little Cuckoo Clock shop and when the old lady had visited it, they were all set to give John Conte the "bird." At Don Meehan's "Beautiful, But Underpaid Model Agency," Helen Shumney and Betty Holsingwer had been most successful as cover girls. Bill Giannette, voted least likely to succeed, had not changed his friends' opinions as he used his "High Pressure" sales talk to sell a combination fly trap and egg beater invented by Howard Burton. Active members of the Board of Trade were Warren Ruckert, owner of the Clover Farm Store, Lena Bonaparte manager of "Nick's" and Mary Jane Golletti owner of Golletti's Novelty Store. Helen Antal's dream man from the service had returned and they had lived happily together for years in a little houseboat in the Ohio River owned by Madeline Martin and her "partner in crime", Lenora Watson. Jeanne Brown had ran away after graduating and had joined a carnival, managed by Carl McCurdy, as a tight rope walker. Other added attractions were Peggy Black, sword swallower, and Mary Lou Collins, knife throwing expert. Once proud owners of the "Hat, But You Guess What Hat Shoppe", were Margie Fash and Betty Swartz who made scads of money selling old discarded lamp shades, flower pots, and any other old thing to Doris Powell, fashion expert, and Laura West, make-up artist of R.K.O. Ruth Skinner and Antoinette Di Fanzo had set up a crystal gazing racket at 55.00 a "sneak peek" until appreh.ended by Police Chief Angela Catalano. The old lady smiled wearily as her eyes closed in restful sleep. She could never forget those precious memories. She would always have them.-Always. NAME Helen Antal Donald Beatty Marguerite Black Eleanor Blesse Ruthe Blesse Lena Bonaparte Delores Bosworth Dale Bott Howard Burton Mary Louise Collins Antoinitte Di Sanzo Margaret Fash William Giannette Mary Jane Golletti Betty Holsinger Betty Krepps John Latham Madeline Martin Carl McCurdy Mark Roknick Victor Sepanik Jay Stuck Lenora Watson Walter Arbutina John Conti Martin Fox Jack Gould Bob Johnson James Martin Donald Meehan Bob O'Connor Homer Parker Warren Ruckert William Whipple Janice Arnold Jeanne Brown Angela Catalano Betty Lou Cocco Harriet Dimick Mildred Dimick Thelma Fry Janet McCune Patricia McDade Doris Powell Dorothy Sander Colleen Sergeant Helen Shumney Ruth Skinner Ruth Whitehouse Betty Swartz Laura West Charlena Caplinger Senior KNOWN As Babe Snitz Peggy Ele Sugar Smiles Dorrie Toddy T-Bone Mary Lou Chubby Margie Bill Janie Hossy Betty Jed Lee Carl Bob Uch Jay Red Walt Juan Marty Jack Horse Jim Don Oak Homer Butch Bill Andy Efay Angie Betty Lou Har Mil Feeb Janet Pat Diz Dot Colleen Scogic Skin Ruthie Betty Dolly Char MEANING OF INITIAL How Alluring Dearest Born Mighty Bright Ever Beautiful Romantic Beauty Lively Brunette Darling Blond Daring Boy Happy Bub Mighty Cheerful Always Devilish Mighty Feminine Wonderful Guy Mighty Generous Beautiful Habit Best Kind Jolly Lad Mostly Marvelous Certainly Mortal 'Mighty Rugged Very Silly Just Simple Little Wonder Wolfing Always Just Common Merry Fellow Jolly Guy Big Joker J oking Mortal Doubtful Mortal Better OH' Hope Pays Wants Riches Witty Willie J oking Always Jolly Babe Always Casual Bright Chum Happy Damsal Most Daring Tender Friend Just Might Pretty Miss Definitely Prompt Delightfully Sweet Certainly Shy Heavenly Smile Real Sport Really Wonderful Blonde Something Lovely Women Cute Char AMBITION Telephone Operator Chemist Private Secretary Stenographer Nurse Waitress Toe Dancer Diesel Engineer Graduate Actress Dancer Lady of Leisure Marine W.A.V.E.S. Hair Stylist Housewife Professor Great Singer Explorer Wrestler Physical Ed. Instructor Orchestra Leader Good Job Poet Reporter Admiral Doctor Basketball Star Doctor Undertaker Journalist Ensign, U.S.N. Ensign, U.S.N. Married Nurse Nurse Nurse Designer Nurse Med. Technician Navy Nurse Nothing W.A.V.E.S. Kindergarten Teacher Marine's Wife Nurse Red Cross Official Private Secretary Radio Star Secretary Nurse Model Summary WHAT WE THINK Somebody's Wife Fireman Office Girl Riveter Navy Nurse W.A.C. Movie Star Truck Driver Buck Private Radio Star Dish Washer Welder Janitor Comedian Pin Up Girl Housewife Artist Model Shoe Maker Pin Boy Yard Bird Boxer Mail Girl Pool Shark Cowboy Apprentice Seaman Hospital Orderly Street Cleaner Garbage Man Corpse Paper Boy Bell Hop Farmer Batchelor Patient Doctor's Wife Blues Singer FAVORITE SONG You Always Hurt the One You Love Now I Know It Had To Be You Little on the Lonely Side Apple Blossoms in the Rain I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night Making Believe The Dreamer Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall Time Waits for No One Confessin' My Dreams Are Getting Better Don't Fence Me In ' Together Always Gobs of Love Ac-Cent-Chuate the Positive You'll Never Know I'll Get By Mairzy Doats I Donit Want to Love You Straighten Up and Fly Right Beginning of the End Tico-Tico Long Ago and Far Away Anchors Aweigh The Riff Song I'll Be Seeing You I'll Walk Alone And Then You Kissed Me The Love I Long For Love Is the Sweetest Thing Holiday for Strings Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby I'm in Love With Someone I Dream of You A Soldier Dreams W.A.C. 'Til Then Florence Nightingale f2ndj , Star Dust Manager of Murphy's There Goes That Song Again Botanist Suddenly My Heart Sings Sob Sister My Dreams Are Getting Better Sailor's Wife Manager's of Balter's Mrs. R. E. Hammers Gym Teacher S.P.A.R.S. Bus Driver Preacher Clerk Chorus Girl Seamstress Here Comes the Navy Honey Song I Didn't Know About You Come With Me My Honey The Very Thought of You Red Sails in the Sunset Rum and Coca Cola The Day After Forever Lamplighter's Seranade Twilight Time FIRST Row-K. McCracken, J. Stacel, J. Borro. SECOND ROW-J. McCauley, N. Keller, P. Black, T. Fry, D. Borro, H. Shumney, L. West, B. Coulter, M. Parks. May Queen Crowning The May Queen, Dorothy Borro, was chosen by popular vote of the students. The crowning was sponsored by the Newspaper Staff, under the direction of Mrs. Harriet Naser. The procession was led by Peggy Black, Thelma Fry, Helen Shumney and Laura West as heralds. They were followed by Jane McCauley, Nellie Keller, Betty Coulter and Martha Parks, ladies-in-waiting, dressed in evening gowns of pastel shades and carrying arm bouquets of lilacs. The Queen, who wore a beautiful white gown and carried a bouquet of assorted flowers, was preceded to the throne by Kim McCracken as crown bearer, Joyce Stacel and Judy Borro, who scattered flowers in her path. Dorothy was crowned "Queen of the May" by Doris Powell, then editor of the 4'Bulldog Barker." MAY QUEEN Q WlJ4Q1fFff4 M1 ual! 'Pa free-JOM uigiv School Hall, hail, +I: Hose Q11 14JJm +Jf1'fwff1 Lear +l'1ce, ev-er on -lfo one-+04 5 GL! hail +0 P Alw-fJ+1l+ff 1f 1 ual Bhcl Ullilej 'jfeeclom sons 3714 A3U7,7'xfJ3,,R3lbl -P0 FW'- Qf +4 1 " 'J'JL J'L6'fL1.lQ1, H 'H-be xref U0-I clear au rrccclom on -H14 mapilx:-dy M5525 FIRST ROW-R. Mengel, V. Adair, B. Fry, C. Hall, D. Paytas, Y. Nudi, A. Havranek, T. Totera, P. Gallio, B. Robinson, Frances DiSanzo, J. Paraniuk, A. Guy, P. Edge. SECOND Row-G. Reno, P. Werner, M. Penterman, M. Franz, K. Lovy, F. Whitehouse, B. Piersol, P. Hoffman, B. Miller, M. Ratigan, J. Metzger, P. Robinson, A. Linta, Mrs. Hopkins. THIRD Row-D. Kiessling, J. Trettle, E. Meder, R. Farls, R. Brockett, G. Arbutina, D. Allcorn, J. Acree, P. Haynie, C. Graham, G. Nahod, R. Spagnoli, W. Mabin, F. McIntosh. FOURTH Row-R. Tolbert, N. McDade, G. Davids, R. Moss, H. Martin, F. Swager, M. Krepps, T. Campbell, J. Lizzi, H. Wilber, E. Genova, J. Dyminski. Junior Class This years Junior Class, 11A and 11B, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Hopkins, consisted of fifty members. Thus far, all class members have been busy raising money for various purposes, and have been participat- ing in a variety of school functions, one important one being the Junior class play. This year has been very successful for the class and we are looking forward to a prosperous and enjoyable Senior year. FIRST ROW-H. Stumpf, S. Linta, J. Noss, S. Graff, W. Betz, G. Thiele, J. Borro, A. Boal, N. Lattanza, J. Love, G. Ours, C. Vogan. SECOND ROW-J. Campese, D. Hazenstab, J. Stacel, D. Bilotto, M. Parker, S. Reno, N. Swager, D. Swartz, L. Coates, A. Latham, S. Matthews, R. Bosworth, M. Brink, J. A. Farls, S. Bartimac, J. House. THIRD ROW-E. J. Sergeant, L. Mihalow, J. Stacel, L. Frankovich, S. McKenna, G. Ripper, T. Gould, E. Ciani, P. Whelan, D. Bohinsky, J. Reno, M. Thompson, D. Torbic, H. Shimrak, S. Brumbaugh, J. O'Connor, Miss Goll. FOURTH ROW-W. Brayshaw, G. Dimerling, D. Whitehouse, C. Thompson, B. Con- celman, I. Espy, B..McCune, B. Sainer, C. Matthews, M. Savonovich, A. Love, P. Allcorn, R. Graham, J. Latham. FIFTH ROW-J. Lombardo, T. Harrison, D. Niffennegger, A. Lizzi, A. Liberato, R. Franzzini, H. Shively, C. DePaolis, J. Catalano, J. McDeavitt, S. Dicklich, B. Pfeiffer, R. Mark, R. Crispeno. Sophomore Class President - Carl DePaolis Vice President Miriam Brink Secretary Norma Swager Treasurer Joe Borro Entering the term 44-45 we Hnd our class is the largest sophomore class since 1927. The class, consisting of 88 members, was divided into three sections. With Miss Goll as our sponsor, we held a reception for the freshmen early in the fall, and for the first time in the history of the school, the sophomores decided to pay dues each semester. Our class has had many years of fun together and we are looking forward to two more together. FIRST ROW-W. Bruno, D. Gaskins, J. Rosepink, A. Padezanin, J. Love, H. Dimer- ling, R. Whitehouse, J. Graham. Shively, G. Uzyak, F. Gallio, T. Finii, E. Ciani, Jfwigley, V. dumlingham. ' ' THIRD ROW-E. Whipple, R. Mihalow, M. Bott, L. Romantic, A. Liberator, E. Mee- han, J. Pisano, L. Martin, D. Stonfer, M. A. Black, C. Hamilton, B. Trushel, R. Fry, D. Dimick, G. Morgan, E. Nudi, B. Coulter. FOURTH ROW-Mr. Harr, D. Padezanin, L. Bott, R. Walker, E. Sepanik, R. Martin, S. Reese, J. Grossi, A. McClure, G. McClure, M. Coleman, M. Kardash, S. Angeline, K. Drummond, D. Lentz, D. Adair, B. Collins, B. Robinson, R. Coleman, Miss Blatt, E. Black. FIFTH ROW-R. McCauley, R. Stonfer, L. Whipple, P. Snead, J. Whipple, D. Mercer, W. Holman, J. Stroupe, A. Totera, R. Mengel, B. Matasick, D. Hoffman, M. Hart- man, R. Cicco, J. Dominicus, C. DePaolis. Freshmen In the fall of 1944, a very large group of eager boys and girls began their first year in high school. At first some were timid and confused, but now we are straightened out. The home room teachers are Miss Blatt, Mr. Harr, and Miss Goll. President - Albert Totera Vice President Robert Matisick Secretary Esther Nudi Treasurer Eddie Ciani Q FIRST ROW-R. Davis, B. Quinnan, K. Farls, M. Majersick, E. Matheos, E. Bona- parte, H. Jurich, I. Dunbar, D. Morgan, P. Rains, J. Harrison, J. Rockenstein, D. McDade, L. Marshall, A. Dominicus, D. Tosh. SECOND ROW-Miss Ringer, V. Canterbury, M. VValke1', P. Martin, G. Smith, M. Coates, J. Hutzel, S. Edge, F. Recht, M. Jones, T. Golletti, P. Packer, A. Bartimac, A. Miller, M. Thompson. THIRD ROW-J. Smith, M. Kopac, R. Weaver, B. Walker, G. Simmons, S. Bryson, L. Rhodes, L. Martin, F. Gutermuth, J. Robinson, J. Wolf, C. Allman, A. Caratelli, T. Zinkham, B. Inge, B. Robinson. Eighth Grade The Eighth Grade this year under the supervision of their homeroom teachers, Miss Weikal and Miss Ringer, went far in their preparation for high school. They became more enthusiastic about school activities, and whole- heartedly participated in all their school functions. They wish to offer best Wishes to their preceeding classes. They are following your Well-planned footsteps and are striving to set the same example for others after them to follow. FIRST ROW-D. Upperman, P. Dean, C. Bilotto, L. Mengel, D. Bilotto, L. J. Man- darino, M. A. Matisick, D. Finch, E. Quinn, M. Celio, J. Mark, V. Cartelli, A. Egan. M. Reese, K. Mohr, M. Brown, A. Thiele, E. Matthews, G. Postupak, J. Coates, S. Borrelli, C. Finch. THIRD ROW-J. Farls, K. Meehan, J. Lattanza, J. Mandarino, D. Stevenson, B. Hahn, B. Jolly, H. Vezolles, S. Barberini, G. Probst, C. Salomone, T. Shanholtz, C. VValke1', C. McDole. Seventh Grade A very enthusiastic group of boys and girls entered Seventh Grade this fall, eager to experience the thrill of becoming Junior High students. New interests were Home Economics for the girls, Shop for the boys, and Chapel and Gym for both. Obviously this peppy group of youngsters will go far in future class activities. f Q10 N Q7 r9iS .mvvnf 7 FIRST ROVV-Miss Massena, J. Borro, D. Powell, J. Gould, P. Haynie, P. Black, G. Dimerling. SECOND ROW-M. Hartman, R. Farls, R. O'Connor, G. Arbutina, C. DePaolis, W. Ruckert, W. Mabin. THIRD ROW-A. Dominicus, R. Skinner, D. Stonfer, C. Sergeant,H. Antal, B. Piersol, N. Swager, C. Hall, M. Brink. FOURTH ROW-E. Nudi, G. Probst, E. Ciani, L. Martin, R. Matasick, A. Totera, L. Manderino. Student Council President Jack Gould Vice President Paul Haynie Secretary-Treasurer Doris Powell The Student Council under the new sporsorship of Miss Massena has been quite active this year. They kept the school supplied with new records for school dances and parties, and also sold hotdogs at all the home football games. Their chief object is to put the best of the students' ideas into prac- tice, to better our school, and with the co-operation of the student body success was easy. FIRST ROW-G. Arbutina, W. Giannette, W. Mabin, J. Dyminski, F. McIntosh. SECOND ROW-W. Ruckert, V. Sepanik, R. 0'Connor, R. Johnson,J. Latham, M. Fox. THIRD ROW-aMr. Harr, E. Martin, H. Martin, C. DePaolis, R. Trombetta, Mr. Josephs. "F" Club President Robert Johnson Vice President Robert O'Connor Secretary-Treasurer John Latham One of the most active clubs in the school this year was the Varsity "F" Club. By sponsoring numerous dances, basketball games, football games, chancing off bonds, and holding an annual Tag Day, the Varsity Club was able to purchase sweaters and jackets for Seniors and Juniors who had earned a letter "F" in at least one competitive sport sometime during their high school career. Enough money was left in the treasury to send our football boys to Slippery Rock State Teacher's College for the coming season. The club was sponsored by Mr. Josephs, our new football and basket- ball coach. c FIRST ROW-M. J. Golletti, L. West, J. McCune, P. McDade, B. Fry, H. Martin, P. Black, J. Stacel. SECOND ROW-R. Matasick, E. Nudi, M. A. Matasick, A. Guy, Y. Nudi, D. Powell, H. Shumney, P. Werner, C. Hall, V. Adair, M. Penterman, B. Piersol, B. Miller, D. Bilotto, Miss Barzanti. THIRD ROW-H. Vezolles, T. Zinkham, N. Lattanza, R. Spagnoli, J. Latham, W. Arbutina, P. Haynie, J. Acree, R. O'Connor, J. Dyminski, P. Hoffman. Newspaper Miss Barzanti, a former member of the Bulldog Barker staff, was our able sponsor this year, and much credit for its success belongs to her. Besides putting out their monthly publication, the staff sponsored a dance and their annual contest for "May Queenn, and also held a banquet for their members. , The "Barker" staff Wishes to offer thanks to Miss Betz for her tire- less effort in helping us keep up the high tradition of our paper in its seventh year of publication. FIRST ROW'-Miss Massena, D. Powell, VV. Ruckert, B. L. Cocco, Y. Nudi. SECOND ROW-G. Noss, J. Acree, P. Haynie, W. Giannette, J. Gould, H. Wilber. THIRD ROW-B. Concelman, J. Stuck, A. Love, W. Whipple, S. Linta. Student Patrol Our Student Patrol is made up of boys and girls in high school who volunteer to help carry out the rules of safety under the sponsorship of Miss Massena. The Patrol is organized with two captains, Doris Powell for the girls and Warren Ruckert for the boys. No outside patrolling by the boys was done this year, but they aided in the collection of tickets at football and basketball games. The girls patrol the halls in the building, and help keep order at games, too. Our Student Patrol has been very active this year. Their chief aim is to make the school safer for the students. FIRST ROW-E. J. Sergeant, H. Antal, S. Reno, P. Hoffman, H. Dimick, D. Powell, P. Gallio, P. Edge, A. Catrlano, C. Sergeant. SECOND ROW-Miss Vanderpool, D. Torbic, N. Swager, D. Swartz, B. Piersol, R. Mengel, B. Miller, J. Metzger, D. Sander, R. Whitehouse, Miss Massena. THIRD ROVV-R. Skinner, F. Fry, P. McDade, M. Parker, H. Shumney, B. Fry, C. Caplinger, B. L. Cocco, M. .l. Golletti, P. Black, R. Blesse. FOURTH ROW-J. Stacel, L. Frankovich, D. Bilotto, J. Stacel, C. Hall, M. Franz, B. Robinson, J. Arnold, M. Dimick, L. West, M. Penterman, F. Whitehouse. TRI-HI-Y The Tri-Hi-Y Club accomplished many things this year with their Club purpose "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian Character" before them. A few of their activities included Bible reading in the home rooms, participation in a chapel program, a Christmas banquet, collecting toys for a children's home, raising money for mirrors in the girls' room, at- tending church, sending members to the State Council meeting in Harris- burg, attending rallies, swimming at the Y.M.C.A., and their annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. Our sponsors this year were Miss Vanderpool and Miss Massena. FIRST ROW-H. Martin, D. Allcorn, D. Beatty, R. Moss, J. Stuck. SECOND ROW-Mr. Harr, G. Arbutina, H. Parker, B. Johnston, R. Brockett, D. Meehan. THIRD ROW-J. Conte, B. Whipple, B. Farls, J. Martin, C. Graham, B. O'Conner, B. Spagnoli. HI-Y The Freedom Hi-Y is becoming more and more active in Hi-Y organizations of this state. The purpose of this organization is to spread high standards of Christian qualities throughout the school, community and country. For this purpose the following ideals were set up: clean speech, clean sports- manship, clean scholarship, and clean living. The Hi-Y sent representatives to the annual Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y rally which was held at Rochester. At this rally the Freedom Hi-Y was pre- sented the Achievement Award of 43-44. They also have a basketball team that plays other teams in the valley. Again following the example set by the Hi-Y Club for 43-44, they joined the Y.M.C.A. This gave them the permission to swim at least twice a month. Two annual projects of the club are to attend the various churches in town and help in the collection of food for the Passavant Memorial Home. The club this year was sponsored by Mr. Harr. President - - - - Donald Beatty Vice President Dick Smith Secretary - David Allcorn Treasurer Roy Moss FIRST ROW-J. Rockenstein, R. Mihalow, B. Trushel, R. Fry, E. Nudi, P. Martin, M. A. Black, M. E. Thompson, A. Miller, M. Jones. SECOND ROW-Miss Ringer, B. Quinnan, A. Bartimac, P. Packer, S. Edge, R. Walker, F. Recht, L. Martin, Miss Atchison. V ' V THIRD ROVV-K. Farls, T. Golletti, D. Lentz, D. MCDade, J. Hutzel, B. Coulter, R. Martin, K. Drummond, V. Canterbury. Junior - Tri-Hi-Y President - Esther Nudi Vice President Lillian Martin Secretary - Ruth Fry Treasurer Edna Mae Black This year's Junior Tri-Hi-Y consists of 26 members and is under the sponsorship of Miss Ringer and Miss Atchison. We had a Christmas party and a grab bag. We, also, attended the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Rally at Rochester, and took charge of devotions in the home rooms. We plan in the future to have a party for all the Junior High boys who have participated in football and basketball. FIRST ROW-E. Blesse, Y. Nudi, P. Edge, H. Antal, M. Martin. SECOND ROW-Miss Weikal, M. Franz, B. Piersol, B. Fry, M. Dimick, F. Whitehouse M. Penterman. THIRD ROW-A. Guy, R. Blesse, D. Powell, H. Dimick, D. Bosworth, C. Hall. The G.A.A. had its usual success this year since many girls were interested in the advantages of this club. The activities of the club were centered around the girls' most popu- lar sports with a capable leader to head each activity. OFFICERS President - - Phyllis Edge Secretary - Yolandi Nudi Vice President - Helen Antal Treasurer - Thelma Jean Fry HEADS OF ACTIVITIES Swimming - Harriet Dimick Volley Ball - - Ruth Blesse Basketball - - - Belle Fury Kick Ball - - - Alice Guy Bowling - - Mildred Dimick Indoor Baseball - Eleanor Blesse FIRST ROVV-G. Ours, J. Acree, Mr. Criiler, J. Borro, P. Allcorn. SECOND ROW-J. Stuck, D. Beatty, A. Love, B. Miller, H. Parker, F. Swager, H. VVilber. Stage and Band Managers These are the students who, working under the supervision of Mr. Crider and Mr. Farothers, do the heavy work on the stage and take care of band equipment. They are a hard-working' group and deserve a lot of credit for their assistance. W X -I' D rarla L FIRST ROW-M. E. Thompson, A. Boal, G. Davis, G. Arbutina, A. Love, G. Noss J. Reno, L. Milhalow, R. Mihalow, C. Vogan. SECOND ROW-T. Zinkham, J. Robinson, P. Snead, J. Arnold, D. Tosh, L. Martin F. Whitehouse, M. Kopac, E. Schleiger, J. Acree. THIRD ROW-P. Haynie, B. Piersol, J. Catalano, R. Farls, M. Hartman, T. Campbell C. McCurdy, F. Guthermuth, D. Bott, J. Love, Mr. Carothers. BAND BAND OFFICERS President George Arbutina Vice President - Dale Bott Secretary Janice Arnold Treasurer Allen Love This year again the band was under the direction of a new, but able director, Mr. Robert Carothers. The band is quite small and has not done anything outstanding, although they had their annual tag day which is sponsored by the Band Mothers. The Band practiced very hard this year to make their traditional spring concert a huge success, and they deserve much credit. 7 1 9 LEFT TO RIGHT-C. Hamilton, T. Golletti, B. Trushel, G. Ripper, B. A. Coulter. E. Ciani, B. Robinson. FRONT-A. Guy. Drum Maj orettes Again sponsored by Miss Vanderpool, the Majorettes really made us feel proud of them. They mastered new drills and forming of letters which they exhibited at half-time of our football games. Our majorettes consisted of eight girls this year. FIRST ROW-V. Adair, J. Metzger, P. Martin, F. Whitehouse, B. Piersol, J. Arnold, P. Snead, M. Hartman, J. Catalano, H. Parker. SECOND ROW-J. Martin, T. J. Fry, B. Fry, T. Campbell, A. Love, B. Matasick, J. Love. THIRD ROW-L. Mihalow, VV. Pfeiffer, G. Noss, C. Vogan, M. Penterman, Mr. Carothers, S. McKenna. Orchestra The orchestra really started off with a bang this year with twenty members under the direction of Mr. Carothers. Since there were no seniors in the orchestra last year, most of the members were back again working hard to make this organization a suc- cess. Their greatest hope is that they haven't disappointed you. FIRST ROW-J. Brown, J. Stacel, A. Havranek, E. Ciani, C. Hall, M. Parker, Miss Bates, I.. Espy, J. Stacel, J. Paraniuk, M. J. Golletti, M. Brumbaugh, P. Robinson. SECOND ROW--D. Bilotto, J. O'Connor, K. Lovy, T. Gould, J. Arnold, D. Swartz, B. Piersol, L. Watson, J. House, A. Linta, L. Frankovich, P. Whelan, E. Sergeant. THIRD ROW-R. Skinner, J. A. Farls, C. Sergeant, B. Fry, C. Caplinger, L. Coates, D. Allcorn, H. Dimick, B. L. Cocco, P. McDade, M. L. Collins, D. Torbic. FOURTH ROW--M. Penterman, L. West, M. Dimick, A. Catalano, R. Spagnoli, M. Krepps, H. Shively, J. McCune, D. Powell, B. Robinson, A. Guy, P. Black. Senior High Chorus The Senior High Chorus gave its traditional Christmas Assembly program the day school closed for the holidays. The singing of the "Carol of the Bells," "Gesu Bambino," "The Virgin's Lullaby," and other num- bers, was combined with the showing of slides of the Christmas master- pieces. The Mixed Chorus, the Girls' Chorus, the newly-formed A Capella Choir, and several soloists participated. In the spring, the same groups will present the annual Spring Fes- tival. For this occasion it is planned to again perform "The Ballad for Americans? FIRST ROW-T. Golletti, E. Bonaparte, K. Farls, B. Trushel, A. McClure, E. Meehan J. Pesano, B. Robinson, J. Mandarino, J. Lattanza, D. Stevenson, H. VeZolles, J. Farls, G. Probst, J. Mark, D. Upperman, L. Marshall, L. Mengel, A. DeDominicus J. Harrison. v SECOND ROW-B. Quinnan, G. Morgan, D. Morgan, C. Hamilton, L. Romanic, A. Miller, P. Martin, D. Adair, A. M. Bartimac, M. A. Jones, M. Coates, P. Raines I. Dunbar, M. L. VVatson, J. Hutzel, K. Drummond, D. J. Lentz, M. Kardasz, J. Grossi, M. A. Matasick, E. Matheos, H. Jurich, S. Reese. 1 THIRD ROW-E. Sepanik, R. A. Davis, P. Packer, J. Rockenstein, M. E. Thompson M. A. Black, A. Liberato, E. Nudi, R. Mihalow, G. Smith, D. McDade, S. Angeline v M. Brown, D. Bilotto, V. Canterbury, M. VValker, P. Dean, K. Mohr, L. J. Man- darino, E. Bates, B. L. Robinson, E. M. Black. FOURTH ROW-M. Coleman, B. Coulter, D. Stonfer, D. Tosh, L. Rhodes, F. Guther- muth, D. Mercer, M. Hartman, R. Stonfer, D. Hall, D. VVhitehouse, R. Martin, L. J. Bott, M. Bott, R. Fry, R. VValker, S. Edge, F. Recht, L. Martin. Junior High School Chorus The Junior High School Chorus is composed of singers from Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth grades. The Ninth grade group sang for both Ninth grade assembly programs. The entire group presented an assembly pro- gram and participated in the Spring Festival. Some of the numbers performed by the group were: "Adoramus Te" - - - Palestfriua "A Regular Royal Queen" - Gilbert and Sullivan "Good News in the Kingdom" - Spiritual "Nelly Bly" - - - A Cabin Song "The Gypsy Camp" Russicm Gypsy Tune "Old Black Joe" ---- Foster The Chorus had a number of soloists and was accompanied by Miss Doris Tosh. 9 r Senior Class Play Friday evening, December 8, the Senior Class of 1945 presented "Her Emergency Husband," a comedy in three acts by Jay Tobias. The entire action took place in the living room of Nick's and Arlene's home in the suburb of a mid-western city. The fun begins when Nicky and Arlene, married only six months decide to separate. The trouble? Nick's rheumatic Aunt Hazel Nutt thinks she should rule the house, but Arlene's imaginative mother, Genevieve Jarboe, urges Arlene not to submit to Nicky's ridiculous masculine tyranny. The young couple decide to move to their separate "frat" houses. Nicky invites his best friend, Bill Jones, to keep an eye on the house and Arlene invites Dot Wilson, her best friend, for the same reason. More confusion results when Bill's society girl friend, Audry Hardwick and her Uncle Hiram, who imagines he is suf- fering from attacks of high blood pressure, arrive for a visit. At the same time Dot's boy friend, Wilmer Sneed, drops in. Things really start happening when Mrs. Jarboe, and Aunt Hazel meet and fire their mutual dislikes for each other in no uncertain terms. Each character, for the sake of convenience, assumes the identity of some other char- acter until everything is in a state of hilarious confusion which is heightened almost to hysteria when Word gets around that hatchet slinging maniacs and knife throwing idiots are on the loose. To add to the fun are the antics of Aunt Jubilee, the Negro cook, Elberta Peach, and Pothagerous Brown, Jubilee's run-away husband, who turns up as a "Wild Man From Borneo" in a visiting circus. Soon everything is straightened out happily for everyone. C A S T Nicky Nutt - - Jack Gould Wilmer Sneed - Donald Meehan Arlene Nutt - - - Thelma Fry Audrey Hardwick - Jeanne Brown Aunt Jubilee - Mary Lou Collins Hiram Hardwick - Walter Arbutina Elberta Peach - Mildred Dimick Aunt Hazel Nutt - Janice Arnold Dot Dolson - Ruth Whitehouse Mrs. Jarboe - Harriet Dimick Bill Jones - - - Martin Fox The Wild Man - Bill Giannette The play Il'Il-9 directed by Miss LaVnIa Vanclerpool and La.m'a West was the boolfholdeix LEFT TO RIGHT-M. Penterman, J. A. Farls, D. Bilotto, C. Hall. Cheerleaders Sis! Boom! Bah! Freedom Rah! Yes, it's the Freedom High Cheerleaders with uniforms of Red and White. There are four girls this year leading our cheers, and with the wonderful help of the student body, have boosted and encouraged the team, both in football and basketball. Since there are no Senior girls, all four of the cheerleaders will be back again next year, and are looking forward to bigger and better cheering sections next year. Orchids to you cheer- leaders! S FIRST ROW-J. DeDominicus, J. Lizzi, J. Stroupe, T. Fink, D. Hoffman, N. Lattanza, C. DePao1is, G. Uzyak, A. Liberato, E. Ciani, R. Matasick. SECOND ROW-C. Allman, J. Love, C. DePaolis, B. Pffeifer, J. McDeavitt, W. Mabin, F. McIntosh, B. Giannette, H. Shively, E. Martin, H. Parker, W. Ruckert, R. Moss, R. Crispino. THIRD ROW-Mr. Josephs, Mr. Harr, S. Dicklich, E. Winston, R. Frazzini, M. Fox, V. Sepanik, J. Trettle, H. Martin, D. Smith, D. Meehan, J. Latham, R. Johnston, G. Ours, Mr. Crider. Football Squad and Coaches MR. JOSEPHS, Coach MR. HARR, Asst. Coach Varsity Football V The 1944 football squad was ably coached by two newcomers to the Freedom High School, namely Mike Josephs and Gene Harr. Mr. Josephs is formerly from Pitt Univer- sity where he was a member of the faculty. Mr. Harr is a graduate of Freedom High School and formerly coached Conway's crack Junior High team. Following the one week training period at Slippery Rock State Teacher's College, Coach Joseph settled on Sepanik, Johnson, Moss, Parker, Ruckert, Giannette, Fox, Mee- han, Uzyak, Smith, Trettle, Harold Martin, Latham, Mabin, McIntosh, and O'Connor as his varsity. While at Slippery Rock Coach Joseph installed the T-formation Can en- tirely new systemJ with the potential all county quarterback Rudy Trombetta handling the ball. A great blow struck immediately as Rudy was forced to drop football due to a serious arm injury. Freshman George Uzyak, a 130-pound passing wizzard, was called on to fill the shoes of Trombetta and performed like a veteran all year. George also handled the kicking duties ably, averaging over thirty yards on each kick. The won and lost record is not very impressing as the Bulldogs lost seven out of ten games to their opponents. A high light of the season was Freedom's holding the big Red and Black of Aliquippa to three touchdowns. We're looking for next year's team to avenge the defeats handed to us by Beaver, Monaca, Leetsdale, Mars, Zelienople, and Hopewell. Two Junior half-backs, Bud Martin and Edgar Martin, will not be with next year's team as Uncle Sam has already put his finger on them. Bud would have been a four- year letterman had he been permitted to finish his schooling. Next year's team will be minus the line smashes of Vic Sepanik, the bruising tackles of Bob Johnson, the hard charging of Homer Parker CU. S. Navyj and Jed Latham, the pass catching of Don Meehan, the spirit and fight of "Butch" Ruckert and Billy Gian- nette, the ruggedness of Marty Fox CU. S. Navyb, and the stopping of Bob O'Connor. All of these boys have completed their twelve years of school and are all either in or are awaiting call by the armed forces. The varsity of 1945 will probably be molded around Jim Trettle, Dick Smith, Carl DePaolis, George Uzyak, Wesley Mabin, Floyd Mclntosh, Roy Moss and Ed Winston. Trettle and Smith are both great open field runners and should have the best year of their football careers. Wesley Mabin is an excellent pass receiver and is a vicious tackler on defense. Students: If you want to have a winning team, get out there and cheer the boys on to victory. We play Monaca for our opening game. Don't forget, Monaca beat us in 1944 and will be out to repeat! We're not going to let them, are we? To the Team of next year we say: "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." Freedom High will have no missing link if you do your individual part to the best of your ability. Remember, too, that you can't score without the ball, so "get that ball."' Summary of I944 ALIQUIPPA-20 FREEDOM-0 In the opening game of the season the big Red and Black team of Aliquippa downed a fighting Bulldog eleven, 20-0. The Freedom boys showed spirit that had been missing for many years. On defense Vic Sepanik played a "bang-up" game, as did Bob Johnson. "Scorch" Smith was the bright spot on offense throughout the evening. SHENANGO-0 FREEDOM-0 Our second game found Freedom out-playing a rugged Shenango team, although neither team was able to score. Harold Martin, diminutive fullback, drove to the one-foot line at one point of the game, but on the next play a mix-up in signals resulted in a fumble. Marty Fox played the best defensive game for the Bulldogs. MARS--33 FREEDOM-6 In a surprise upset a hard-hitting Mars High School overwhelmed the Freedom eleven in the mud at Mars, 33-6. Before the Bulldogs could get settled, Mars had thrice crossed the goal line. During the second half Coach Josephs substituted freely, giving much needed experience to the substitutes. ZELIENOPLE-14 FREEDOM-6 Scoring twice in the third period, Zelie defeated a spirited Freedom team, 14-6. Freedom's lone tally resulted from a pass, Uzyak to Vic Sepanik in the end zone. Johnson attempted to convert but his kick was blocked. Dick Smith was again the offensive star for Freedom. BEAVER-25 - FREEDOM-0 Again this year Freedom lost its traditional game with their bitter rival, the Beaver Bobcats. The rnud and rain slowed the T-formation of our Bulldogs tremendously. Carl DePaolis, big Sophomore center, played a great defensive game while Uzyak was the bright spot on offense. Vic Sepanik played his usual good game on both defense and offense. Football Games LEETSDALE-13 FREEDOM-6 After starting off with a bang to score in the first few minutes of the game, Lady Luck turned against our boys. Freedom badly outplayed the Spartans only to lose a close game 13-6. Bud Martin was the chief ground gainer of the day. He also scored our lone touchdown. The Freedom line was a power-house throughout the game as Fox, DePaolis, Parker, Moss and McIntosh smashed their opponent's offense consistently. SEWICKLEY-6 FREEDOM-13 Our team finally settled down to play the brand of' ball that they were capable of playing all year. "Scorch" Smith and Bulldog Sepanik were again outstanding for the Freedom team. Jim Trettle showed that he will be a real offensive threat in '45 as he raced 75 yards on a pass interception. MONACA--19 FREEDOM-0 In a one-sided contest the Indians of Monaca scored a surprise 19-0 victory over the Freedom High eleven. Vic Sepanik made his debut as fullback in this game and gave a good account of himself. HOPEWELL-21 FREEDOM-0 Playing their last out-of-town game the Bulldog eleven dropped a hard-fought game to the large Hopewell Township team. Vic Sepanik and Jim Trettle did the majority of the ball carrying for Freedom, while Johnson was strong on the defensive. BESSEMER-0 FREEDOM-0 To draw the curtain on the 1944 season the hard-fighting Freedom team held the hapless Bessemer squad to a 0-0 deadlock. John Latham's all around playing stood out, as did Mabin, Sepanik, DePaolis and Mclntosh. ' P ME1-:HAN JOHNSON Senior Lettermen In Action F LATHAM SEPANIK R Senior Lettermen HOMER PARKER-Although he had never played football until his senior year, Homer has proved his worth as a stubborn tackle. Grim and determined describe him best on the playing field. WARREN RUCKERT-"Butch" has been a letterman for two years. His gigantic size has helped him to be a constant defensive threat at his tackle position. JOHN LATHAM-A converted end, "Jed" became the quarterback in our T-formation system. Bothered by bad legs all year, he was used sparingly as a passer. BILL GIANNETTE-Our hard-working guard was best known for his spirit and fight. A two-year letterman, Bill will be a hard man to replace. ROBERT JOHNSON-Usually the biggest man on the field, "Horse" took ' advantage of his size to pile up the opposition. On offense, he was a fine pass receiver, his catches setting up many of our touchdowns. VICTOR SEPANIK-Vic was the mainstay of the Bulldog squad all year. In his senior year he was considered one of the county's best fullbacks. Many times Vic caused the yardsticks to be moved forward. MARTIN FOX-One of the most rugged defensive men in the county was Marty in his senior year. When an opponent's ball carrier was hit by Marty, he usually stayed hit for awhile. DON MEEHAN-WHS one fellow on the squad who never quit trying. He was a good offensive -end, but had some bad luck when he had his leg fractured. Even after this he came out to practice. FIRST ROW-D. Meehan, J. Dyminski, R. O'Connor, R. Johnson, H. Parker, J. Latham, W. Mabin, C. Graham. SECOND ROW-R. Moss, E. Winston, A. Love, R. Brockett, M. Savanovich, C. DePa- olis, S. Diklich, G. Arbutina, R. Farls. THIRD ROW--Mr. Josephs, J. McDeavitt, N. Lattanza, J. Borro, R. McCauley, R. Graham, J. Love, V. Sepanik. Varsity Basketball Once again the Freedom High School players have completed a very successful bas- ketball season. Their long unbroken string of victories was broken by Rochester by a score of 29-23. This game decided the sectional championship. Many will agree that if we had not been "off" in our shooting in this one contest, we would have been the champions of Section XI. Coach Josephs, after the traditional pre-league experimentation, settled on Latham, Johnson, O'Connor, Mabin and Dyminski as his starting line-up. Homer Parker was the "sixth man" on the team as he capably played all positions. The chief substitute roles were handled by Harold Martin fnow in the Navyb, Moss, Winston, DePaolis and Farls. Don Meehan, a senior, was forced to drop basketball because of an old football injury. "Jed" Latham was the leading scorer on the team and he ranked very high in the sec- tional scoring race. Lanky Bob Johnson was close behind Latham in the scoring de- partment and was the best rebounder Freedom has had in many years. Again this year, Bob O'Connor was the most clever player on the team. By dribbling back and forth across the floor, he "froze" the ball for two minutes against Monaca. Mabin and Dy- minski were outstanding on defense and both were dangerous set shots. Four seniors have played their last game for Freedom High School. They are Bob Johnson, Homer Parker, John Latham and Bob O'Connor. Next year's team will un- doubtedly be built around Wesley Mabin and John Dyminski. Coming up from the Re- serves are several promising boys, namely, DePaolis, Love, Winston, Farls, Moss, Graham. Remember, fellows, "More fight means more Wins." Freedom 66 Varsity Basketball Scores l944 - IQ45 30 , , 21 19 34 4 14 35 , 42 30 H B 34 ,WB 33 ,sss 32 ,B 2 42 7 ,, 23 , 4 ,, 60 22 38 r 36 his 31 37 40 M, 33 0, or 20 cur St. Veronica Ambridge New Brighton Leetsdale New Brighton St. Veronica Freedom Alumni Beaver Sewickley Hopewell Monaca Midland Rochester Beaver Sewickley Hopewell Monaca 1. 1 1- ,- Midland Rochester Leetsdale Butler FIRST ROW-D. Hall, M. Witouski, L. Martin, C. DePaolis, A. Totera. SECOND ROW-J. Love, D. Hoffman, R. Matasick, R. Mengel, H. Devries, J. DeDominicus, Mr. Harr. Junior High Basketball Under the coaching of Mr. Harr, assistant football coach, the Freedom Junior High cagers enjoyed a very successful season in 1945. Outstand- ing among their long line of victories were wins over Ambridge, Monaca, Beaver and Midland. In the Beaver and Midland games the Freedom players tripled their opponent's scores. The starting line-up was usually composed of Donald Hall and Law- rence Martin, forwards, Mike Witouski or Henry Devries, centerg and Albert Totera and Casper DePaolis as guards. Hall and Martin were the leading scorers of the team and both ranked very high in the sectional scoring race. Lost to next year's team are Hall, Witouski, Devries, DePaolis, DeDominicus and Hoffman, all of whom will be candidates for the Varsity and Reserves. Martin is the only veteran on hand for Mr. Harr's '46 team but several promising Eighth graders, namely, Simmons, Zinkham, Wolfe, Weaver, and Jimmy Robinson will be on hand to add strength to the Junior High teams. Junior High Basketball Scores Freedom ll 1944 - l945 Ambridge Beaver Falls Ambridge Beaver Conway Monaca Midland Rochester Beaver Falls Beaver Harmony Conway Monaca Midland Rochester Harmony Q-. .1 Reserve Basketball After picking his varsity boys, Mr. Josephs selected a strong Reserve team composed chiefly from last year's Freedom and Conway Junior High School teams. The players were: DePaolis, A. Love, Winston, Farls, Diklich, Savanovich, C. Graham, Arbutina, Brockett, Borro, R. Graham, McCauley, J. Love and Moss. Of these boys, DePaolis, Winston, Farls and Moss gained some valuable experience playing with the varsity. The boys had a very successful year and should provide Freedom with another winning varsity team next year. lil. ,,,, ,,i, , , inn, Freedom AK Reserve Basketball Scores 1944 - I945 21 1 11 1111St. Veronica 24 1 11 veee Ambridge 45 111 11 11New Brighton 21 1 11111Leetsdale 35 1 111 1 11New Brighton 12 1111 11111St. Veronica 24 1 11 11111Beaver 51 1 11 1 Sewickley 43 11 1 11 Hopewell 43 11 1Monaca 26 1 11 1111Midland 31 11 11 1111Rochester 25 1 11 Beaver 22 1 11 1 Sewickley 42 1 11 1 Hopewell 41 1 11 1 1Monaca 33 1 11 1 Midland 34 1 1 1 Rochester 20 1 1 Leetsdale llur Patrons Dravo Corporation-"Keystone Sand Division" Freedom Cash Market-"Fresh Meats, Groceries and Vegetables"--We Serve the Best. Compliments of the Moose. Compliments of the Freedom Oil Company. Compliments of Budder Compliments of Pete's Grill. Compliments of Recht's Market. Compliments of Beulah's Inn. F. G. Metzger, Watchmaker-522 Third Avenue-Freedom. Compliments of the Freedom Theatre. Compliments of a Friend. Compliments of Corner Drugstore. Compliments of Schleiter's News. Hi-Lo Food Stores, Inc. Compliments of Yost's Garage. Compliments of Elsman's Garage. Compliments of C. T. Carver. Compliments of Isaly's. E. F. Mengel-Champion Coal-1201 Third Avenue. Compliments of the Victory Restaurant. Compliments of Freedom Billiards-684 Third Avenue. Compliments of a Friend. Compliments of Hartzels' Furniture Co. Compliments of Carl DeLuca-"Modern Shoe Shop"-706 Third Avenue. C. Schleiter's Sons-"Memorials" Compliments of Kane's Workingmen's Store-798 Third Avenue. Compliments of a Friend. Compliments of Freedom Federal Savings and Loan Association-50th Anniversary Year-Your Savings Are Insured. Compliments of Sully's Inn. Edwards' Pharmacy-"In Business for Your Health." Compliments of A. Peterson-"House Repair. Foundation to Roof." Compliments of S. H. Barshady-"Enjoy Pepsi-Cola Today." Compliments of Freedom Casket Company. Tosh-Moving and Storage. Compliments of DePaolis' Clover Farm Store. Morris Rubinoff-"Freedom's Leading and Most Reliable Store for Men and Boys." Spagnolis-"Quality Meats and Groceries." Compliments of Oak Grove Cemetery-"Every Lot Owner Has a Voice." Ruckert's Clover Farm Store-"Meats and Groceries." Compliments of Gross Funeral Home. Jurich Electric Shop. The Freedom National Bank-"Built for You in 1872." Compliments of a Friend. Balter's Market-"Where They All Deal." Compliments of Friend. Fineman's-"Carry a Complete Line of Ladies', Children's, and Infants' Wear, established since 1907-794 Third Avenue. Compliments of Di Sanzo's Market. Compliments of Fashion Cleaners. Compliments of L. B. Cain. Engle and Wood+"For Prom Corsagesf' Garfield Business College, Beaver Falls, Pa. Graule Studio-Shawnee Photographers, Rochester, Pa. J. W. Lehman, F. H. S. Alumni. Beaver Falls Printing Co., 1511 Seventh Avenue, Beaver Falls, Pa. Autographs Autographs ,X .-15 4. ,s , , fr' xl 1 . en' K 1 ,.. X. 'v F , .1 ' '1. 4 1. 1 1 r 1 ' , 1 x M, 1 H I H' X . ,317 A ' 1 ' .. 'R .t , I Q 1 .I 1 - ,y ,2 I s QKVKA 1 - V I ,Ja " , , V f ' . '. . 1 . ' V. ', . , , , - gm Y , ' . I , 1 ,Ls wi , ,, , 4. ' 'W ' . , 1 '- . 1' ' 50131155 1 1' 1 I I 1 1' " - ',",'Ag, x 1 xr I - - R X, K' ' ,. - - - 4 .1 . ,A , '- ' K 5' ' - 4, 1 , "2 f ' 'V . A . iw. Q. M U1 P1 A , , "' 71' ', 33 X 1 1 ,

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