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'Ri' I il. .. L UV2 . . ,, .f- 1 5 as 1 Y g I 1- ' 'K , Q , s 1 1 . . ., , ' r f , . A x y 1 ,i 4 1 Q ' I f i , N l , L .. T' u X we 1 0 v i n af ov . -Y A n 'H ' - 'E -v w l. , n 'P a , ' 1 i v. Y . 4 v o ,Mus ' 1' . . A N, N' V Mb an J. iw, QA A . - 4 ,, V1 H 9 ' ' 1 F . ' k - 'V Q . ,Qi B'- , equi . 4, ' T , A 1' 4 Q K f as ' 1 , . - f Ml Q . ,56r if V if ' "" , gf 5. 1,- ' 'Q' z, fi' f1"f1f"'y" V xi' a - . - . ' ' 'f 'el 'Qi ' K i -' -19' .. ' Ja ,A f 7 ,XL l 7 .. , -LX 1 . J' -1- ug :li Q L' ui, :E Nu' W! I' W- ' ' 5 4 9 , ' U Ag? ,ki - , ,gg '- 4,5 , ,, 1 sg ,Q Q. fs, sn Y In ' 3,,,"Y ' . I A ,A ff assets- ' . , , , S '- . I I h ' , 4 ' " ' fi f :, A 1 1 A.. V' . . A 2 I 1 ' , 1 ',, 5 '. 1: Kqgmif. Q 6 lv ,J X 1 Vp ' V4 .1 I 1 . in .A v A ,S- Q 1 .- . .1 'z Lv. " 'V+' X x 1 Q in 3- . :wg ' ,, u fm, F, , , :yi A" .N I V, , ' 3iE'fss'+,-,ff S M T fWE41?FZfmv. W A ?1"'H,l Q , Pe, . fm , N N ,W 54. , eau, at v - ,, . ,M ,., I , 1 ,, . vga: .I 1.51223 . - 9 1 'J ' 11 '-H pa 3. i 5 .6., , w3,.i,. ., Q, ' lg I ' ' 1. 511. H, ,516---in W . , ,L lf, E, , . . N ,I - g A F: jeu .xl . 4, 1 I, '- i 0 , .., . 6 1 I V 1 X M Q' I , o "f Q I' 'lv 4 , in in I ' , Y X , . , ' 1 4 M V I ' ,. Q N ' u ' , m ' ' 1' L ,, 4 - A 7 'L , , 9 -. A - il ' A 1 -. J' " H 1 1. I I . x ' 'i f V ' .- K- , ' K 4 1 ., ' I y ' 'M .. . ' I X. . T13 Q2 A ,,' 3. P EL, 9 lf. .Q A " . K at , N, 4. 3.51-, , Af ' 1 . ' ff " " Xia " U 1 1:4 L .C 1 1- . - mi ' ' 1. Q, ' , , s 3 , , , 4191. j-h L, ' J f 1 " lygj if if ,N . A ' ' - 'L A ' .:' 'HV J-J" ,img , V ' , . - Q 'E-, gm 'W 3 5 v yr A . . it i In V, .g- l "5 ff ' ' 4 'P 'J . , X 4? X In 1. n,. n 4, sy . U I " 4, . ,- I U H . , ' wry n ,ia L Q! ZXAZWJ' IGM if gf 2 K7 ? 2 ' -1 L -:gi f ' fi f f Yffx Q E Au 125+ , 12 -. - --- Q I SHQHINEC Published by The Senior Class of Freedom High School Ht Freedom, Pennsylvania foocimovo The purpose of the "Shawnee" for the year 1943-44 is to draw a picture of the Year's happenings for you. We hope this edition will help you remember the "good 'ol days" at F. H. S. and recall to your memories the outstand- ing events of your High School career. CONTENTS Dedication Administration Seniors Classes Organizations Music and Drama Sports Our Patrons UEDXKQXWXZ.. We, the class of 1944, dedicate the "Shawnee" to Miss Ada L. Jackson in recognition of her long record of splendid service to the Freedom Public Schools, and to the individual help she has given each student. She has been a teacher in the school for fourty-four years, and Was elected High School Principal in 1925, in which capacity she served until 1935 when she was elected Supervising Principal. Although she received her A. B. at Geneva in 1925, she took post graduate Work at the University of Pittsburgh and Penn State in the years 1936 to 1938. Miss Jackson has been known as a great leader for many years and has had great infiuence on the lives of both young and old. Our Student Council and our Tri-Hi-Y were founded under her supervision. When called upon to substitute, Miss Jackson is able to teach any subject, but she really specializes in Mathematics, boy and how. Our school is indeed fortunate to have a Woman of her character to guide the footsteps of youth. Miss Jackson is known by a county-wide circle of friends and educa- tors. She is quite active in the VVomen's Club and at one time was Dis- trict Governor of the Beaver Quota Club. If she had the time and the money, she would like very much to travel to different countries. Miss Jackson also enjoys good hard study and Work, along with good plays and music. y f p 1--D. M. 5 I .7 ' , ,.f 'MV !,, 'N if rw lf sv ,, .W Z f HM! JMW QOTITDFWJFS We the class of 1944 Wish to salute the boys who would have graduated With us but are now in service. We believe these boys are doing their best in trying to get this War over as soon as X possible. Since they are serving in the Navy, Army and Marines, We can not point out anyone person in a particular branch. The boys are listed below as follows: William Fink Eugene Rabassi William Harris James Rickard Arthur Koplar Robert Rickard John Litchett Oliver Schreiner Robert Martin Robert Skaggs Peter Oshop Monty Snyder Paul Wagley sis These are the names of the teachers of Free- dom High School who thus far have entered the armed services of the United States. Mrs. Edna T. Foster Herbert F. Hartzell Richard Hammerle Frank W. Henry Joseph W. Nary 'Q if Shawnee Staff Editor-in-Chief me We David Mengel Assistant Editor -U ,.......s Ray Hall Junior Editor .,sws.fA.,,.,s..s...s..s..s..s..,s....V, John Latham Literary Editor ,e.....e..e......e..,...,.ee..,er Betty Jean Coulter Bus. Mgrs.--,-Dorothy Borro, Lila Gumpf, Elder Ripper, John Havranek Photography,,,,e..,...,.e, A ee,..e...e,e Neil Hahn Art .,...e,,,ee.e,..... Miss Cassel, John Latham, James Reese Typists Ethel Skinner, Edna Lewis, Rose Nudi, Maryellen Rechel, Grace Giannette, Betty Coleman Advisor -V ....e..,..,..,... .r ....,..,... .... M rs. Naser In compiling the contents of this book we, the staff, hope that we have brought you all the interesting phases of your daily high school life which will bring back a pleasant memory for each and every page. We wish to express our sincere thanks to our Class Sponsor and also Shawnee Sponsor, Mrs. H. Naser, who did so much toward making this book a success. We also wish to extend our appreciation to Mr. Robert Batto of Graule Studio and Mr. Guy F. Leidigh of the Beaver Falls Printing Co. for their co-operation with us in helping to make our annual a success. School Board The School Board has the authority to vote upon and decide all im- portant school issues which come under their jurisdiction. This year they have added one new member, Mr. Edwin Whitehouse. It is their task to maintain and disburse school revenue. They have done much towards making our school years pleasant ones, and we Wish to take this opportunity to thank them. President .rr,. --- Dr. John H. Boal Vice President TYT. --- Frank Holsinger Secretary .r,,. --- George W. Rider Treasurer TU .r.Y A. B. Banfield 1 MWIIYZWXY RAYMOND O. ROBERTSON Jzmior High School Principal Carnegie Tech, B.S. in I.E. LF M. ASPER High School Principal Geneva College, A.B. University of Pittsburgh, M.A. KX, 9 i gf, l ELIZABETH BATES Music and English Geneva College Carnegie Tech, A.B. and P.S.M. J. RICHARD FRUTH Physical Education and History Geneva College, A.B. Duke University, M.A. MARION KAYE Social Studies and Geneva College, A.B. VIRGINIA C Art Indiana State Teachers College, B.S. in A. CHARITY GOLL Biology, English and Penmanship Geneva College, A.B. DOMENICO CAPUTO Band and Orchestra Polytechnic School, Italy Beaver Conservatory of Music I MRS. HARRUJT NASER Commercial Grove City College, B.S. in C gaeieoqei LIZABETH FORDYCE PAULINE WEIKAL Lois RINGER Latm Englzsh Physwal Ed7ffCUt10n Gevyfazvhy and E719l'iSh Geneva College A B Sllppery Rock State Teachers Slippery Rock State, Teachers College B S m HE College, B.S. is MARGARET URLING THELMA BETZ 7 MRS. PAULINE LEHEW History and English Secretary pf Ti Home Economics Geneva College, B.S. Duffs Iron City Clllege K Penn State, B.S. MRS. CARRIE PATTERSON MRS. MARTHA BARRACLOUGH MRS. FLORENCE FRUT VK Commercial Math and English Hlstory and P' O' " 8 Georgia State Teachers- eg Grove City College, B.S. in C. Bucknell University, A.B. for Women, A . 33 Senior Class Poem 17.211 Here's a toast to Freedom High May our Senior banners fly. If we use what the teachers taught us, Very few will go out thoughtless. By next June we will be free This will make us full of glee. We will always do our school great justice And only hope our teachers will trust us. As we go out to make world peace Nary a one will sign a false lease. Be they in industry or in service May our God always preserve us. The boys will join the Armed Forces And the girls will all become nurses. For the Axis will never break us Due to every one's faithful service. As we go off to make our life May every person gain his strife. Everyone will show his fame And never go down in shame. We will make the best choices And never believe false voices. -E. N. Ripper 'r X- ' . ' fwfiif my 9 SENIOR OFFICERS President E E -eros . rr U saws.. Everhard-, Elder Ripper Vice President . for -W William Petcovic Secretary EAEE -rr ,.., Ethel Skinner Treasurer . eE.E EEEa.E. ,EK..,E.E, E d na Lewis Senior Class Histor Did someone say this was the year nineteen hundred and forty-four? Why that's the year we graduate! It doesn't seem possible. It seems but yesterday that we entered high school confused with the routine work we were about to undertake. We were welcomed into high school by a recep- tion given by the Sophomores. Before we knew it we were Sophomores, busy with the many new activities. As Juniors, under the sponsorship of Miss Hughes, we soon raised money for the annual Junior-Senior banquet and prom. We set to work selling candy and presented the class play, "Lindy Lou." Now we are mighty Seniors. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Naser, our main objective is to have a successful yearbook. Our class has felt the loss of several classmates who have joined the armed forces. Yet we feel very proud of them. These four years have swiftly come and gone, but in our memory we will recall the pleasant times and happy days of good old F. H. S., happy with the knowledge we have gained and the many friendships we have made. 4 ANTHONY C. AUGUST General Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Swing Band 3, 4 Football 3 Navy BETTY JANE COLEMAN General Course Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Year Book ROBERT P. ERZEN Academic Naturalist Club 2, 3 Latin Club 2, 3 Football 2 Alchemist Club 3 CARL FLEESON Academic Course Band 1, 2 Drchestra 3 Chorus 1, 2 Band Manager 3 Swing Band 3 DOROTHY BORRO General Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 3 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Newspaper Staff 1, 3, 4 Year Book Staff G. A. A. 3 May Queen Attendant 3 BETTY JEAN COULTER Academic Classical Student Council 1, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Class Play G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 Shawnee Staff 4 Newspaper 2, 3, 4 Junior Class President Vice President 1 Tri-Hi-Y President 1, 4 SAMUEL THOMAS FARLS Academic Course Football 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 4 Varsity "F" 3, 4 Treasurer Chorus 4 Alchemist Club 2, 3 Naturalist Club 1 Swing Band 3, 4 Aeronautics 4 REED E. FRANZ Academic Course Cross Country 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 "F" Club 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Aeronautics 3, 4 l :gym GRACE GIANNETTE Commercial Coarse Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper StaH 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Junior Class Play 3 NEIL A. HAHN Academic Course Stage Manager 4 Band 3, 4 i:Navy , Ks, JOHN FRANCIS HAVRANEK Academic Coarse Chorus 2, 3, 4 Band Manager 2 Alchemist Club 3 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Orchestra 3 Aeronautics 3, 4 Swing Band 3 LILA MAE GUMPF Commercial Coarse Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Student Council 2 Newspaper St..H 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play RAYMOND HALL Academic Scientific Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 "F" Club 2, 3, 4 Alchemist Club 3 Football Manager 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Student Council 3, 4 President Student Counc 4 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Chorus 2, 3, 4 President Chorus 3 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 CHARLES J oLLEY General Course Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3 Basketball 1, 3 Aeronautics 3, 4 N avy NELLIE M. KELLER VIRGINIA MAE KREPPS Commercial Course General Coarse Chorus 2, 3, 4 Band 3, 4 Geneval Coarse General Course EDNA MARION LEWIS Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Student Patrol 3, 4 Student Council 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff Senior Class Treasurer ROBERT G. LOVE Academic Scientific Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Stage Manager 2, 3, 4 Football 3 Band 1, 2, 3 French Club 3 Patrol 4 Aeronautics 4 CLAIRE LOVY JULIA ELEANOR MANDERINO Academic Scientific General Course Chorus 1 2 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri H1 Y 2 3 Orchestra 2, 3 Alchemist 3 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 X ELIZABETH LOUISE MARTIN MARGARET MARTIN h rus 1 2 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 ' 4134 if JANE ARLENE MCCAULEY General Course CARRIE LOUISE MCCOY General Course Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Newspaper Staff 3 May Queen Attendant 3 VERNA KATHRYN MCINTOSH General Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 1 . - gui Q- TV l Lp X, yf .l I .ll .lk DAVID D. MENGEL Academic Course Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Yearbook 3, 4 Varsity "F" Club 3, 4 Aeronautics 3, 4 Newspaper 3 ROSE NUDI Ciovnmercial C Onrse Chorus 2, 3 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Yearbook Staff Vice President G. A. A. 3 WILLIAM BRADFORD MEEI-IAN Academic Course Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2 Varsity "F" Club 2, 3, 4 Naturalist Club 2, 3 Alchemist Club 2 Baseball 1, 2 Aeronautics 4 MILA JUNE MORTON General Course Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 G. A. A. 2 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 GEORGE E. PADEZANIN Academic Coarse Band Manager 2, 3 Naturalist Club 3 Alchemist Club 3 Track 2 Chorus 2 11119 . MARTHA PARKS ANN PASLAWSKI Academic Course Commercial Course Chorus 1, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 G. A. A. 4 Alchemist Club 3 HELEN JANE PAYTAS Commercial Course MARYELLEN RECHEL General Course Tri-Hi-Y 3 Student Council 3 G. A. A. 4 Newspaper Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Chorus 3, 4 JAMES G. REESE Academic Course Chorus 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Band Manager 3, Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Alchemist Club 3 Naturalist Club 2 Cross Country 2 4 WILLIAM PETCOVIC Academic Course Football 3, 4 l Band Manager 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Alchemist Club 3 "F" Club 3, 4 Junior Class Play 3 Senior Class Play 4 Aeronautics 3, 4 FABIUS ARTHUR REED Academic Course Hi-Y 3, 4 President Hi-Y 4 Band 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Cross Country 1, 2, 3 Student Patrol 2 Track 1, 2, 3 7f:Army ELDER N. RIPPER Academic Course Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Q! Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 fp Senior Class Play "T-N Yearbook 4 ' Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 .3 Student Council 4 President Senior Class 'U Aeronautics 3, 4 1, Alchemist Club 3 'ff' iiNavy Air Corps 1 '1IQN.4'P1 f ,, 2 if 9 . X X. I K FS Q-4, yy cars: QA 2 is A A 1, r Q if S' ,. LEE N. ROBINSON Academic Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 4 Basketball 3 Aeronautics 3, 4 f SARAH ROSENBERGER Academic Course , Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Alchemist Club 3 Lf, . Nl. FIV., -U l6EANNA SASSIC General Course Class President 1, 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice President Chorus 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 ' Student Council 2 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Qilfff , , - .1 , 3- 'M 4,07 A gf UETHEL SKINNER Commercial Course Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3 Student Council 3, 4 Junior Class Play Shawnee Staff Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Class Secretary 3, 4 May Queen Attendant 3 WW, . MARTHA JANE ROEHN General Course Chorus 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 LEONARD K. RUCKERT Academic Course Patrol 1, 2, 4 Band 1. 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Football 2, 3 Alchemist Club 3 Baseball 1 Swing Band 3, 4 Aeronautics 4 RICHARD SHINGLER Academic Course' Band 1, 2, 3, 4 "F" Club 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Basketball 4 Aeronautics 4 Swing Band 4 JOHN SPAGNOLI Academic Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Swing Band 3, 4 Aeronautics 4 MARY JANE SPATARA General Course Chorus 1 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 VIRGINIA THOMPSON Academic Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2 G. A. A. 2, 3 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Naturalist Club 2 Alchemist Club 3 Newspaper Staff 1 Senior Class Play ROBERT F. TOLBERT Genefral Course Student Patrol 2, 4 MARION LOUISE WILBER General Course Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Q LEANNA JANE STEWART General Course JAMES TOLBERT Academic Course Football 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 ,. "F" Club 4 . , Basketball 2 l YU NATALIE VOGAN Academic Course Chorus 1, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Naturalist Club 2 Alchemist Club 3 NANCY YOHE General Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Class Play Newspaper Staff 1 ,2, 3, May Queen Attendant 3 G. A. A. 2 4 ?- le el. IMOGENE YOST Academic Course' G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2 Swing Band 3, 4 Naturalist Club 2 Student Council 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Class Play 4 HELEN ZINKHAM Academic Course Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Swing Band 3 Alchemist Club 3 Senior Class Play Student Council 2 Secretary 2 Bind Choristers 2, 3 HELEN ZACHMAN Academic Course orus 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper 3, 4 7-ff' W,-f V , X 4 ,W W, M, ,,, W Class Will DOT BORRO wills her love for the Marines to Anna Linta. BETTY JANE COLEMAN wills her wittiness to Doris Powell. BETTY JEAN COULTER wills her basketball ability to Helen Antal. GRACE GIANNETTE wills her quietness to Janet McCune. LILA GUMPF wills her happy-go-lucky ways to Betty Holsinger. NELLIE KELLER wills her light hair to Francis Mihalow. VIRGINIA KREPPS wills her lunch hours to Betty Krepps. EDNA LEWIS wills her fancy for sailors to Helen Schumney. CLAIRE LOVY wills her work at Elite to Dorothy Sanders. JULIA MANDERINO wills her musical ability to Janice Arnold. LOUISE MCCOY wills her talent for housekeeping to any prospective wife. ELIZABETH MARTIN wills her giggles to a humorous Junior. MARGARET MARTIN wills her love for Geneva College to future Seniors. MILA MORTON wills her absent days to Mary Lou Collins. JANE MCCAULEY wills her jolly ways to any Junior who admires them. VERNA MCINTOSH wills her place in th Senior Class to her brother. ROSE NUDI wills her height to Catherine House. MARTHA PARKS wills her chewing gum to Mary Jane Golletti. ANN PASLAVVSKI wills her long hair to Dolly West. HELEN PAYTAS wills her ability for never being late to any Junior who is ready, will- ing and able. MARYELLEN RECHEL wills her knack of buying stamps and stationery to Marjorie Fash. MARTHA ROEHM wills her patrol past to the oncoming girl. SARAH ROSENBERGER wills her driving ability to Patty McDade. DEANNA SASSIC wills her ambitiousness to Peggy Black. ETHEL SKINNER wills her seat on the Conway bus to her sister Ruth. DOLLY SPATARO wills her nickname, "five feet but dynamite," to anyone who can stand the power behind it. LEANNA STEWART wills her quietness to Lena Bonapart. VIRGINIA THOMPSON wills her scholastic ability to Thelma J. Fry NATALIE VOGAN wills her neatness to Charlena Capplinger. MARION WILBER wills her art of penmanship to Eleanor Blesse. NANCY YOHE wills her talkativeness to Angela Catalano. IMOGENE YOST Wills her Tri-Hi-Y ability to Ruth Blesse. HELEN ZACHMAN wills her desire to study to her little brother Le Roy. HELEN ZINKHAM wills her chewing gum, under seat three, row A, in the auditorium to an oncoming Junior. ANTHONY AUGUST leaves his seat in the Freedom Theatre to Homer Parker. ROBERT ERZEN wills his ability to collect blue slips to Dale Bott. SAMUEL FARLS wills his wise cracks to Bob Johnson. CARL FLEESON wills his interest in the Opposite sex to- Vic Szczepanik. REED FRANZ wills his trips to and from the country every day to Ebenezer Mercer. NEIL HAHN leaves his drum mallet to anyone who wants to make a lot of noise. RAY HALL leaves his basketball ability to Robert O'Connor. JOHN HAVRANEK wills his Chemistry equations to anyone in need. CHARLES JOLLEY leaves his position on the Hi-Y team to James Martin. DONALD KRONK wills his stage manager job to Jay Stuck. AMERINO LIBERATO wills his draft card to Ed Krehnovi. BILL MEHAN wills to any oncoming classman the privilege of breaking out the seat of any football pants that he didn't. DAVID MENGEL wills his fine ability of editing the yearbook to John Latham. GEORGE PADEZANIN wills his trips to the ofiice to Rudy Trombetta. BILL PETCOVIC wills his ability to imitate Hitler to Walter Arbutina. ART REED leaves his girl friends in Rochester to Martin FOX. JIMMY REESE leaves his acting ability to Jack Gould. ELDER RIPPER leaves his trips to Conway to Don Beatty. LEE ROBINSON wills his excellence in technical matters to anyone with his type of brain. LEONARD RUCKERT leaves his B, V. M. T. C. post to Tommy Campbell. RICHARD SHINGLER wills his seat in Kleerview to anyone who has enough gas to get there. JOHN SPAGNOLI wills his truck to anyone with transportation difficulties. JAMES TOLBERT wills his way with girls to John Conte. ROBERT TOLBERT leaves his trips to Conway to anyone with an interest in that vicinity. Senior Class Prophecy After working in Long Island, New York, for five years as a secretary, I decided I would take the money I had saved and enjoy myself. I left Long Island one nice day in June. I made reservations for the train that was to leave that night. I called a cab to take me into New York, and discovered that it was owned and operated by Charles Jolley. He told me that Rose Nudi and he were married. As usual, Jolley was broke so I gave him enough money to take Rose out for dinner. My first stop was in New York where I stopped in the Erzen Ladies Shop to buy a new outfit. I was directed to the elevator by the floorwalker, James Reese. Speeding up to the tenth floor, I found the operator to be Art Reed. He said he started out to be an orchestra leader, but ended up married to Nellie Keller who formerly had been a showgirl. Arriving at the modeling department, I met Jane McCauley modeling a stunning black dress. I talked over old times with her and learned that she had married Donald Kronk, a successful business man. She was divorced now because he ran oH with her personal maid, Natalie Vogan. I took a taxi to Grand Central Station and who did I meet but Ann Paslawski and Martha Roehn who were both in the WAVES. They really looked chic in their uniforms! They were on their way to visit Julia Mandarino who had taken over her father's tailoring business. I asked them to have a soda with me, so we went into the drugstore. Behind the counter was one of our old school pals, Carl Fleeson, still jerking sodas. He told us that we had just missed seeing Captain Lee Robinson of the United States Army Air Corps. He and his wife Knee Marion Wilberj were on their way to visit their children. I boarded the train for Pittsburgh about seven o'clock that evening and saw Reed Franz. He was on his way to Penn State to lecture to the Agricultural School on "How to Drive a Tractor." I arrived in Pittsburgh early the next morning. A large excited crowd was gathered around the gate to meet a train coming from California. As I waited to see what it was all about, Anthony August and his famous orchestra came through the gate. He was going for a week's engagement at the Stanley. His vocalists were Helen Zachman and Sam Farls, "The Sweet Songbirds of the South." Having some extra time, I decided to browse around Pittsburgh. Walking to the corner of Liberty Avenue, I saw Patrolmen Leonard Ruckert and Robert Tolbert trying to untangle a traffic jam. Oh, what a jam! Walking on a little further, I met John "Whitey" Havranek selling mechanical dolls and playing his accordion on a street corner. Pitying him, I decided I would buy one of his toys. I took a street car out to the Cathedral of Learning. David Mengel was now head of the chemistry department with Neil Hahn as assistant. I went on to Forbes Field and saw Bill Meehan, Bill Petcovic, James Tolbert, and Rich Shingler playing professional baseball for the 'iChippers" with Betty Jean Coulter, Helen Zinkham, Nancy Yohe, and Claire Lovy, their wives, cheering them on to victory. I stopped at the pop stand and I thought I knew the two girls behind the counter but I wasn't sure. They were, believe it or not, Leanna Stewart and Helen Paytas selling pop. After a tiresome day, I went back to town on a bus driven by John Spagnoli in his usual way. Getting off at the Hall Hotel, I saw Elder Ripper in his Navy uniform. He was just checking out of the hotel. I went up to the desk and met the owner, Ray Hall and his wife, Deanna Sassic. By the way, Amerino Liberato was the doorman and George Pandezanin was employed as a bellhop. I met the chambermaids, Virginia Thompson, Imogene Yost, and Margaret Martin as I got off the elevator. As I was looking out of the window before retiring, I noticed a big neon sign reading "Keep in good health. Eat Parks' and Rosenberger's Dairy Products." I got up early the next morning because I wanted to get an early start for Freedom. On the train I met Verna McIntosh and Elizabeth who were going to see Louise McCoy who was a WAC, stationed in Chicago. Arriving in Freedom, I was met at the station by my old friend, Grace Giannette. I visited a few stores and saw Betty Coleman who was now manager of the Hilo with Edna Lewis and Maryellen Rechel as clerks. They were working as a pastime until their husbands came home from sea. That night I visited the Borro and Skinner "Stagedoor Canteen." Bob Love was employed as the bouncer and Mila Morton as the hat-check girl. I felt right at home. The iioor show was really good. Virginia Krepps did a nice dance, and Dolly Spataro sang a "torch" song After a very enjoyable vacation and since I was broke, I headed back for New York on that return part of my ticket. -L. G. FIRST ROW-D. L. Gordon, E. Smith, M. Betz. SECOND ROW-L. Ciani, L. Wood, E. Skinner, D. Borro, Betty Headland, J. McCauley, R. Hall, N. Yohe, H. Bosworth, A. Zindren. ueen Crownin Many students, parents, and friends assembled together in the auditorium of Freedom High School at 1:30 p. m. on Tuesday, May 11, 1943, to witness the crowning of the first May Queen, Betty Headland. The stage was decorated with lilacs and a white throne. When the curtain swung open, Dorothy Borro and Jane McCauley, two of the heralds dressed in the Majorette uniforms, were announcing the procession. The band played as the procession, led by Nancy Yohe and Ethel Skinner, started up the aisle. They were followed by Louise Wood, wearing a pink gown, and Helen Bosworth, wearing a blue gown, two ladies of the court. Lorida Ciani, wearing a yellow gown, and Antionette Zindren, wearing a white gowns, followed by Dottie Lou Gordon and Marlene Betz, flower girls, sprinkling rose petals in the path of the Queen. Then came the Queen, Miss Betty Headland, who wore a beautiful white gown. and carried a bouquet of assorted flowers. Betty was selected as Freedom's first May Queen by popular vote for both her beauty and popularity. Preceding the crowning, Eileen Smith danced in honor of the queen. Then Ray Hall crowned Betty t'Queen of the May." This picturesque scene was made possible under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Harriet Hughes Naser. 1 k E 2 fliffff 11 l l l L B na arte H Antal, B Holsinger ROW ONE-M. J. Golletti, J. Arnold, A. DiSanzo, . o p , . . , M. Fash, D. Bosworth, E. Blesse, C. Caplinger, B. Swartz, M. L. Collins, P. McDade, R. Blesse. ROW TWO-T. Fry, A. Catalano, H. Dimick, J. Brown, M. Dimick, C. House, A. Linta, M. Brumbaugh, F. Mihalow, C. Sergeant, D. Sander, H. Shumney, J. McCune, R. Skinner, D. Powell, L. West. Row THREE-H. Parker, M. Roknick, B. Whipple, W. Arbutina, M. Fox, J. Gould, H. Burton, L. Latham, T. Campbell, R. Whitehouse, B. Krepps, Mrs. Fordyce. Row FOUR-E. Mercer, B. 0'Connor, R. Trombetta, B. Johnson, V. Szczepanik, ' h ' J. Stuck, B. Giannette, D. Beatty, J. Martin, C. McCurdy, E. Kre novi, J. Conte, D. Bott, W. Ruckert. Junior Class an for us, the class of '45, as we In the fall of 1941, a march of four years beg became Freshmen. At least that was the title we gave ourselves, even though the ' Y! members of the High School looked upon us as mere "ninth graders. With the beginning of our Sophomore year, we really considered ourselves a class of the High School. After acquaintances were made, we discovered many incidents that will be im- ' t d u on our memories forever What fun it was to enter into new things, such prin e p . as sports and clubs, of the upper-classmen! It was in this year that we initiated the Freshmen with the traditional reception. September 1943-at last we find ourselves considered upper-classmen, having at- t ' d the osition of distinguished Juniors. During this year, we must show our ame p efficiency as financial wizards by making our numerous projects more profitable than those of previous classes in order to give a bigger and better prom and banquet. Our Junior Class oflicers are: Patty McDade President ,r,,.,.A.,.,,. ..,, Vice President, v.., --- Doris Powell Secretary ...... --a Jack Gould Treasurer gg- --- Ruth Skinner Sponsor -H --- Mrs. Fordyce FIRST ROW-A. Guy, P. Robinson, M. Pentermann, S. Coleman, C. Hall, M. B. Fry P. Gallio, M. Swager, E. Martin, Y. Nudi, R. Mengel, P. Werner F. Whitehouse, D. Paytas, K. Lovy. SECOND Row-I. Maney, P. Edge, B. Robinson, V. Adair, G. Petcovic, P. Hoffman B. Miller, J. Metzger, M. Franz, T. Totera, B. Peirsol, K. Torbic, A. Havranek Mrs. Barraclough. THIRD ROW-E. Genova, D. Tolbert, J. Trettle, N. McDade, D. Meehan, F. J. Swager F. A. Swager, G. Reno, W. Mabin, E. Shepperd, R. McIntosh, J. Lizzi B. Farls, J. Dyminski. FOURTH ROW-G. Nahod, G. Noss, M. Varga, G. Arbutina, P. Haynie, J. Brayshaw, B. McCracken, D. Davis, J. Councilman, M. Krepps, J. Acree, E. Meder D. Allcorn, B. Peters. Sophomore Class The same old class is back again, only this time as Sopho- mores. There have been many new additions this year, mostly Conway boys and gals, but we're still one big, happy family. There are fifty-seven members in our class, with Mrs. Barraclough and ever faithful "Frutie" at the head of the "A" and "B" groups. We've all worked pretty hard this year, and are looking forward to more and better ones in years to come. 9 2 7 i FIRST ROW-A. Reynolds, J. Reynolds, L. Mihalow, D. Bilotto, J. Ripper, D. Mandish 'E' J. House, S. McKenna, J. Farls, J. Campese, D. Swartz, D. Hazenstab L. Frankovitch, J. Stacel, S. Brumbaugh, M. Brink, T. Gould. SECOND ROW-S. Graff, J. Stacel, M. Parker, R. Werner, P. Whelan, E. Ciani S. Matthews, D. Torbic, N. Swager, M. Bullette, D. Bohinsky, J. Reno M. Dillon, R. Bosworth, I. Espey, S. Reno, S. Bartimac, Miss Kaye. THIRD ROW-L. Zachman, R. Graham, A. Boal, J. Clark, P. Allcorn, B. Betz, J. Love, F. Cole, H. Shively, B. Whelan, M. Engleman, L. Coates, J. Huth, A. Latham P. Marshall, B. Sainer. FOURTH ROW-R. Frazzini, B. Brayshaw, T. Harrison, J. Noss, R. Mark, D. Padezanin R. Crispeno, G. Dimerling, C. Thompson, G. Thiele, A. Love, N. Lattanza J. Catalano, D. Whitehouse, C. Matthews, J. Masone, A. Liberato, G. Ours J. Latham, B. Councilman, C. Vogan. lfDeceased December 28, 1943. Freshman Class The Freshman Class of 1943-44 consists of eighty mem- bers. This is the largest class in Freedom High School this year, and the largest Freshman Class to be enrolled for the past few years. The Academic students were assigned to the High School and the Commercial students to the Liberty Building. The home-room teachers are Miss Marion Kaye and Miss Charity Goll. We are looking forward to the day when we will be Seniors and may be the largest class ever to graduate from Freedom High School. 7 7 7 7 1 3 FIRST ROW-D. Adair, M. A. Black, L. Romanic, D. Stonfer, S. Reese, B. L. Collins E. Meehan, B. Coulter, L. Martin, C. Hamilton, E. Nudi, G. Morgan. SECOND ROW-R. Fry, B. Trushel, E. M. Black, B. L. Robinson, R. Walker, R. Martin D. Swager, L. Bott, M. Bott, G. McClure. THIRD ROW-E. Ciani, R. Mengel, R. McCauley, H. Devries, D. Hall, A. Totera, J. DeDominicis, M. Witouski, R. Stonfer, J. Love. FOURTH Row-R. Snead, G. Bosworth, R. Matasik, C. DePaolis, D. Hoffman A. Padlezanin, T. Fink, M. Hartman, J. Rosepink, D. Robinson J. Shivel a Y, G. Robinson, J. Wagely. The Eighth Grade We are fully enjoying our second year in Junior High School. We will miss the fun We have all had, but will enjoy the new interests of Senior High School in later years. The boys have taken up shop and gym. The girls have begun to take gym and sewing. Later on this term We will take up cooking. 1 FIRST Row-M. E. Thompson, M. A. Jones, T. Golletti, E. Bonaparte, M. Majercsik V. Canterberry, J. Harrison, I. Dunbar, S. Edge, D. McDade, P. Martin. SECOND ROW-S. Burton, K. Farls, P. Packer, J. Rockenstein, G. Smith, L. Marshall R. A. Davis, M. Coates, A. DeDominicis, F. Recht, D. Tosh. THIRD ROW-A. M. Bartimac, G. Postapac, E. Caplinger, B. Weaver, C. Gallagher L. Martin, M. Borelli, F. Gutermuth, B. Inge, B. Quinnan. FOURTH ROW-M. Kopac, C. Allman, J. Robinson, W. Walker, R. Fraser, J. Smith T. Zinkham, A. Caratelli, R. Robinson, L. Rhodes, G. Simmons, J. Wolf. Seventh Grade A large and eager group of students entered Junior High in the fall of 1943. We found it much more interesting than sixth grade. We now have physical education, manual arts, and home economics which are new for us. We also attend chapel pro- grams which We all enjoy. Our home-room teachers are Miss Ringer and Miss Urling. We are trying very hard to be a big success and to finish seventh grade and enter eighth without making ourselves a nuisance to the teachers and older students. ' v ' , wfwmff FIRST ROW-K. Torbic, D. Swartz, E. Meehan, E. Nudi, P. Haynie, R. Blesse, R. Hall J. Campese, R. Skinner, E. Skinner, E. Lewis. SECOND ROW-W. Ruckert, R. Whitehouse, D. Powell, P. McDade, B L. Robinson, B. Fry, P. Hoffman, B. J. Coulter, Miss Wandel, E. Ripper. THIRD ROW-D. Hoffman, E. Ciani, J. Gould, R. Franz, G. Reno, W. Mabin, B. Petcovic, A. Love, J. Love, R. McCauley, N. Lattanza. tudent Council The Student Council under its new leader, Ray Hall, has tried to be more active than in past years. Miss Wandel, our sponsor, is always ready and willing to help us. So far this year we have improved our Student Patrol rules, backed the "Tin Can" drive, and in gen-eral tried to make this a better school. In the future, we plan to have "gum shoe" dances to teach beginners, and to collect paper and fats for the war effort. For our members' enjoyment we are going bowling and skating. FIRST ROW-P. McDade, E. Skinner, M. J. Golletti, C. House, T. Fry, R. Hall D . . Sander, J. Gould, B. J. Coulter, R. Nudl, L. West, Mrs. Naser. SECOND ROW-J. Stacel, D. Bilotto, G. Giannette, M. Rechel, P. Hoffman, M. Penter mann, H. Zachman, N. Yohe, D. Borro, R. Skinner, H. Shumney, D. Powell Row-J. Latham, B. O'Connor, T. Zinkham, K. Farls, E. Meehan, B. Coulter W. Arbutina, R. Johnson. FOURTH The Newspaper The year of 1943-44 has been a very successful year for the "Bulldog Barker." Because of the War and shortage of paper the "Ba.1'ke1"' was published only once a month, the same as last year. The staff sponsored a dance and a contest for "May Queen? We also held a banquet for all of its members. The staff wishes to thank Mrs. Harriet Naser and Miss Betz for their splendid Work throughout the year. The staff as a whole has been earnest and faithful in their work. 1 FIRST ROW-E. Skinner, V. Thompson, E. Lewis, B. J. Coleman, D. Sassic, H. Dimick, B. J. Coulter, J. Arnold, N. Vogan, I. Yost, M. Martin, C. Lovy. SECOND ROW-Miss Vanderpool, P. Werner, P. Edge, A. Catalano, T. Fry, D. Sander, C. House, H. Antal, F. Mihalow, J. Brown, B. Peirsol, C. Sergeant, Mrs. Fordyce. THIRD ROW-C. Hall, D. Powell, R. Skinner, R. Blesse, P. McDade, E. Blesse, B. Fry, P. Hoffman, M. Pentermann, B. Miller, M. Franz, M. Dimick, A. Havranek. FOURTH ROW-P. Gallio, B. Robinson, R. Whitehouse, D. Borro, M. J. Golletti, F. Whitehouse, M. Swager, G. Petcovic, C. Caplinger, H. Shumney. Tri-Hi-Y This year the Senior Tri-Hi-Y of Freedom High School got off to a successful start with some fifty members. We celebrated the coming of the new members with traditional initiation and ceremony of induction. In keeping with the Tri-Hi-Y of past years, we plan to bring good will to our fellow members by submitting our time to the needs of the unfortu- nate, and in preparing for a better world. This year in accordance with the nation-wide issue, we sponsored a "Week of Prayer," which was enjoyed by many. We also collected for a needy cause and attended church in a group. We are now planning to give toys to the Children's Home for Christmas, and are hoping for a very successful year. Mrs. Fordyce and Miss Vanderpool are our club sponsors. O F F I C E R S President IICA C --,rrr,,,Irr..rr, Betty Jean Coulter Vice President Y g,g,-,e,,-,,,,,. ,,,. H arriet Dimick Secretary H-ggg---gg--,g,, -e,w D , r..,r Janice Arnold Treasurer gggg-ggA-f, ---Ve, ,,,r..r - - Deanna Sassic FIRST ROW-J. Tolbert, D. Kronk, D. Beatty, R. Shingler, A. Reed, B. Whipple J. Spagnoli, E. Ripper. SECOND ROW-Mr. Asper, R. Hall, D. Mengel, H. Parker, R. Franz, B. Johnson, Mr Crider. THIRD Row-J. Martin, J. Gould, B. Spagnoli, B. Love, C. Jolley, B. Meehan, S. Farls J. Conte, B. O'Connor. Hi-Y The Freedom Hi-Y, although slow in being organized this year, has finally suc- ceeded in becoming active in this ye-ar's work. The object of this organization is to extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christ' h t ian c arac er. The four-plank platform is Q13 clean speech, Q25 clean scholarship Q35 clean sports, f4J clean living. The Hi-Y sent a committee to Beaver Falls to take part in the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Rally. The purpose of this conference is to bring together representatives of diH'erent clubs of the district in order to promote Christian friendship, provide a medium of ideas on club programs, and methods to strengthen ideals of a Christian living by wholesome discussions of personal problems. The Hi-Y also promotes a basketball team which plays the Hi-Y clubs of other towns. These games aren't played for the defeating of other teams but for the clean sportsmanship it promotes. We also voted to join the Y. M. C. A. and have a swim night once a month. One of the club's projects is to visit the different churches in the town, and also to help in the collection of food for the Passavant Memorial Home. Oflicers for the year 1943-44 are: President ,..,,.s,.,,..,... -gnu Art Reed Vice President U- zz- Rich Shingler Secretary .,,. -H Don Beatty Treasurer ,..,,..,.,,, .s..s.s - - as Bill Whipple Mr. Asper is the sponsor of our club. 9 ,. ,-.-RWM, W , . JW . -5 - T 4 . ,' . f - sw! FIRST ROW-Miss Kaye, B. Trushel, E. Nudi, B. Coulter, D. Bilotto, D. Torbic, N. Swager, D. Swartz, M. Dillon, S. Brumbaugh, Miss Wandel. SECOND ROW-L. Martin, R. Martin, R. Fry, R. Walker, S. Reno, E. Ciani, D. Hazen- stab, J. Stacel, P. Whelan, J. Stacel. THIRD ROW-A. Black, D. Swager, T. Gould, E. M. Black, D. Bohinsky, I. Espy, M. Bullette, J. Ripper, D. Mandishif, J. Reno, M. Parker. it Deceased unior Tri-Hi-Y The Junior Tri-Hi-Y of 1943-44 consists of thirty members and two counselors. The counselors are Miss Marion Kaye and Miss Mary Ellen Wandel. The officers are: President ,.-..nn,nnnnnn,,n..,....n... Doris Swartz Vice President zzzzzzzzzz 4 z,z,.z..z... Diana Torbic Secretary zzzzzzzn.........zzszz,... Dolores Bilotto Treasurer ,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,,...zzz..z Norma Swagel' The regular meeting night is the second Tuesday of the month. We attend a different church the last Sunday of the month. We have parties at the various holidays and on the 23rd of December, we sang carols to the "shut ins." The girls purchased their own emblems and the club purchased pins for the new members. FIRST ROW-Y. Nudi, M. Roehn, Miss Wandel, E. Lewis. SECOND ROW-J. Clark, G. Noss, N. Hahn, E. Krehnovi, A. Liberato, A. Boal W. Whipple. THIRD Row-P. Ha ni E. M R. Tolbert. y e, ercer, R. Love, L. Ruckert, W. Giannette, J. Gould tudent Patrol The Student Patrol under the sponsorship of Miss Wandel is organ- ized for the safety of the school students. Their main rule is that the students cross at corners. Their force is headed by a captain, Leonard Ruckert. The Hall Patrol consists of six girls who patrol during school hours and outside activities headed by Edna Lewis. Their objective is to make a more orderly student body and student guidance. FIRST ROW-R. Johnson, G. Arbutina, R. Hall, E. Ripper. SECOND ROW-R. Smith, V. Szczepanik, W. Meehan, W. Petcovic. THIRD ROW-R. Shingler, J. Tolbert, S. Farls, A. Liberato. FOURTH ROW-R. Franz, D. Mengel, Mr. Fruth, A. Reed, D. Kronk. F Club The "F" Club was organized a few years ago by the coach-es and stu- dents who were qualified for membership. To become a member, you must have earned a letter "F" in some activity in the line of sports. Once this is done you automatically become a member. The main purpose of the Club is to help those who are graduating get their red sweaters. Our usual event for raising money was that nip and tuck basketball game between the lettermen and the faculty. Also, our "Tag Dayn this year proved to be a great success. On November 19, 1943, the twelve seniors eligible for sweaters or- dered them. The "F" Club is under sponsorship of Mr. J. Richard Fruth. FIRST ROW-C. Jolley, J. Spagnoli, W. Whipple, J. Havranek, D. Bott. SECOND ROW-Mr. Asper, L. Ruckert, E. Ripper, R. Shingler, D. Mengel, L. Robinson D. Kronk, S. Farls. THIRD Row-R. Love, A. Liberat o, R. Franz, W. Petcovic, E. Mercer, H. Parker W. Meehan. The Aeronautics Class The Aeronautics Class, which was inaugurated last year, was made a full credit course this year, meeting four days per Week Each da a - Y different phase is discussed from building models, current aviation, radio code, to aerodynamics and meteorology. Monday is shop day, with the class Working on models. Tuesday is current aviation. But this year we Went a little further. Through the co-operation of the Air Forces Supply Section, We have obtained a 1650 h.p. Rolls-Royce V-12 aircraft engine, which will be used for class instruction on the con- struction of these large motors. We are probably the first school in Beaver County to get such equipment. Other equipment, such as starters, mag- netos, propellers, and various engine and flight instruments are also being obtained. Later the class may construct a pre-flight glider, for ground flight training. FIRST ROW-E. Blesse, D. Powell, Miss Weikal, H. Dimick, R. Blesse. SECOND ROW-A. Guy, I. Yost, D. Sassic, D. Bosworth, M. Roehn, R. Nudi. G. A. A. The G. A. A. is an organization open to any Sophomore, Junior or Senior girl interested in sports. Its objective is to interest girls in dif- ferent sports, and to provide an extra measure of good physical training. It is under the sponsorship of Miss Weikal. Meetings are held weekly in the auditorium to play games such as: basketball, volleyball, kickball, mushball, and soccer. Each sport is under a chairman who takes charge of the game played for that evening. The group plans to go swimming and bowling during the year. Sev- eral parties are held throughout the year at which everyone has a good time. Pictured are the oflicers and group leaders: OFF Harriet Dimick Vice President WW .,,,, Ruth Blesse President ,,r,,,,. . ,W G R O U P Mushball N -W Martha Roehn Volleyball .W . ,W Rose Nudi Basketball .ss .gg Imogene Y0St I C E R S Secretary W- ,,,. Eleanor Blesse Treasurer ,,.. ,,,, D oris Powell L E A D E R Mat 'Work ,,.. , ,s,.I Alice Guy Bowling .,.. ..,, D eanna Sassic Swimming W. . W, Delores Bosworth If ,' If , ,W .W if Wifff DQWZU FIRST ROW-Eleanor Meehan, Barbara Coulter. SECOND ROW-N. Lattanza, J. Mandarino, M. Witouski, L. Martin, Mr. Caputo, F. Whitehouse, L. Zachman, J. Love, M. Kapac, R. Crispeno, L. Mihalow. THIRD Row-P. Haynie, V. Thompson, D. Tosh, I. Yost, J. Arnold, F. Mihalow, P. Snead, R. Farls, B. Peirsol, G. Davids. 'FOURTH ROW-N. Hahn, J. Catalano, R. Shingler, H. Parker, S. Farls, C. McCurdy, D. Bott, B. Devries. FIFTH ROW-T. Campbell, C. Vogan, A. August, G. Padezanin, A. Boal, R. Matasick, A. Love, J. Spagnoli, G. Arbutina, L. Ruckert. The Band Our band was organized in 1932 and has grown steadily. Mr. Caputo is hoping for a sixty-piece band this coming year. November 11, the entire band traveled to Ambridge to take part in the Armistice Day Parade. Those elected as officers of our band are: President, Sam Farlsg Vice President, Neil Hahn, Secretary, Imogene Yost, Treasurer, Jack Love. LEFT T0 RIGHT-A. Re nold V. K N. Yohe. y s, repps, B. Robinson, J. McCauley, E. Ciani, A. Guy Drum ajorettes This year our group of majorettes Was composed of ten girls. They were under the sponsorship of Miss Vanderpool who did much to help them. The group marched at the football games and formed letters during the half. The prospect of next year's corps is very bright. FIRST Row-J. Martin, T. Fry, F. Mihalow, B. Peirsol, G. Arbutina, M. Witouski, J. Catalano, B. Farls. SECOND Row-J. Metzger, B. Miller, V. Adair, M. Fry, J. Arnold, A. August, M. Pentermann, Mr. Caputo, T. Campbell, B. Matasick, A. Love, D. Bott, J. Love. rchestra Here we are again, but minus a few more players! Each year sev- eral of our people graduate but we keep right on Working harder than ever. Under the direction of Mr. Caputo, We hope to have as successful a year as We had in 1942 and '43. Most of us have been in the orchestra for three or more years, and when We look back at that first year, We Wonder how you endured those "sour notes" We must have played. Occasionally, you will still hear a few notes that are off-key, but We are all trying hard to make our orches- tra one that Freedom High will be proud of. FIRST ROW-J. Reese, J. Brayshaw, N. McDade, G. Reno, J. Stuck, L. Robinson, Miss Bates, R. Hall, B. Petcovic, J. Havranek, R. Trombetta, D. Smith, D. Allcorn SECOND Row-C. Hall, B. J. Coleman, R. Whitehouse, A. Linta, M. Brumbaugh H. Dimick, B. Fry, A. Havranek, J. Brown, T. Fry, P. Edge, L. Gumpf. THIRD ROW-M. Parks, E. Lewis, M. E. Rechel, G. Giannette, N. Keller, A. Paslawski, H. Zachman, M. Wilber, S. Coleman, M. Dimick, C. House, A. Catalano, M. L. Collins, M. Swager, L. McCoy, V. McIntosh. FOURTH ROW-S. Rosenberger, N. Vogan, B. J. Coulter, M. Roehn, I. Maney, H. Shumney, K. Lovy, P. Robinson, V. Adair, G. Petcovic, J. Arnold, C. Sergeant, R. Skinner, D. Powell, K. Torbic, H. Zinkham, D. Sassic. 7 Senior Hi h Chorus Two appearances, which are now established traditions, have been made this year. They are the annual Christmas program, and the spring concert. The Christmas program was given in a different manner this year, differing from previous ones in that there was no drama or acting, break- ing a tradition held for many years. In front of a great cathedral window, very generously made and con- tributed by Miss Virginia Cassel, and Mr. R. O. Robertson, the choir, wearing traditional graduation robes sang. Although the plans for the annual spring concert have not been com- pleted, they soon will be, and the concert will be held in the spring as usual. Junior High School Chorus The Junior High School Chorus is comprised of eighty voices selected from seventh, eighth and ninth grade music classes on the basis of ability and merit. The group is under the leadership of Miss Bates. During the second semester, the chorus presented an assembly pro- gram and participated in the Spring Chorus Festival, an annual festivity. Some of the numbers performed Were: "America the Beautiful" ...A on eeeeee .... - WCWCZ "RoadWays" eel eeegeew --.-g-- g L6wiS "MOnOt0ne" ----v- e..e C ornelius "The ToWnsman" W o-- . ...... gd ---g- -as Holiday "Kye Song of Saint Bride" -Ae 67076921 "Little David, Play on Your Harp"-Spiritual Senior Class Play 5 On December 2 and 3 the Senior Class presented "Spring Fever," a farce in three acts. The entire action of the play took place in the living room of Mrs. Spangler's rooming house at Brookfield College, a small co-educational college in the East, on the day before Commencement. A Ed Burns, a chemistry student, has turned his room into a chemistry laboratory, where he experiments with a substitute for dynamite, Vic Lewis, an art student, has set up his dias and easel in the living room, Howard Brant, a senior, types frantically at a term paper which must be in that afternoon if he is to graduate the next day. Lou Herron breezes in every now and then to use the typewriter and-maybe- to see Ed. Anne Purcell, Vic's heart-interest, forgets to reserve room at the town's only hotel for her parents, but finally she persuades Howard to put her father up in his room. When Mr. Purcell arrives, Vic, thinking he is his model, proceeds to undress him and tie him to the hatrack. In the meantime, Howard's Aunt Maude arrives unexpectedly and learns of Howard's failure to pass his course. She decides to pose as a famous zoologist, get on the good side of Prof. Bean, and persuade him to pass Howard. Soon after her arrival, Mrs. Purcell comes searching for her husband, whom she thinks is being kept prisoner in the house. Anne, aided by her pal, Vivian, puts on a deathbed scene to get her father to sign a paper granting the endowment of a new science building to the college. Howard, who has been assigned to deliver the statement to President Dixon, decides he can't go through with it and goes back to pack. When he returns, he finds Mr. Purcell and explains it all to him. In the end, Howard receives his degree, Aunt Maud and Prof. Bean plan to go to Europe to study bugs, and Anne and Howard are to be married and go to Europe for a whole year's honeymoon. Miss Bates was the director of the play and Virginia Thompson was the prompter. THE CHARACTERS Howard Brant, a senior at Brookfield r..r.r...,,,...,...., -H ,s-Raymond Hall Ed Burns, a chemistry student- ,,..., -,.-James Reese Vic Lewis, an art studentnn. ,.rs, -s,Bill Petcovic Lou Herron, a journalism studentu-, --,Deanna Sassic Mrs. Spangler, the landlady ,,,.. W r.,. sf.. I mogene Yost Anne Purcell, Howard's heart-interest- s,,....,..., ..s. H elen Zinkham Vivian George, Vic, heart-interest ,,...,,...r..,Y.r. W-Dorothy Borro Henry Purcell, Anne's father, a rich manufacturer ,v,. .,..,, E lder Ripper Phoebe Purcell, Anne's mother- ,,,.....r.r..Y...Y,Y... rr.. J ane McCauley Maude Corey, Howard's spinster aunt from California I.,. L ila Gumpf Professor Virgil Bean, of the Zoology department .,,..., ..r. S amuel Farls Dr. Dixon, president of BrookHeld College r.,...,.rr,r gr.. J ohn Havranek 1 1 li W 1 .... mme 3 ROW ONE-E. Ciani, V. Szczepanik, H. Martin, R. Smith, J. Tolbert, D. Kronk, W. Giannette, J. Wagle, R. Moss, J. Masone. Row TWO-D. Beatty, R. Trombetta, W. Petcovic, W. Ruckert, D. Whitehouse, R. Shingler, C. DePaolis, A. Liberato, M. Fox, R. Johnson, W. Meehan. ROW THREE-MT. Fruth, J. Stuck, D. Meehan, J. Latham, S. Farls, W. Mabin, E. Ripper, F. McIntosh, J. Trettle, M. Martin, F. A. Swager, Mr. Crider. Football On August 30, about 35 boys reported to football practice under the supervision of Mr. Fruth, our new coach. Mr. Fruth had to develop a new team with about only two varsity boys from last year. The team showed great improvement as they progressed through the season. We started our season with Aliquippa at the Aliquippa field. We played eight games altogether. Although the season was not a complete success the team at least surpassed last year's record. This year's team wishes all the success in the world to next year's team. Resume Our new football coach, Dick Fruth, was faced with the problem of building an entirely new team for the 1943 Football Campaign. The only seasoned players remaining from last year's squad were Meehan, Petcovic and Ripper. The hardest task of all was trying to build up in the team the fight and will to win. The team, although not very successful in the number of games won, was able to put on a fighting game every time they engaged an opponent. More important, the squad contained a great number of Sophomores, and Coach Fruth used them liberally, thus, they were able to gain the much needed experience that is necessary for a winning combination. The boys, too, demonstrated that they were able to master an entirely new system of plays featuring both single and double wing-back formations. Eight Seniors played their last football for Freedom High. They were: Meehan, Ripper, Petcovic, Farls, Tolbert, Liberato, Kronk, and Captain Shingler. With many husky and experienced players returning next year, everyone is looking forward to a much more successful season. THE RECORD Freedom Aliquippa Freedom Shenango Freedom Millvale if Freedom Zelienople Freedom Beaver FF Freedom Leetsdale Freedom MODEM -- Freedom Hopewell Mm if S Autographs 7-'ffQA7,w MMO xZ ., W " JV ,fy M V. 1 JL-7,7 .' Oy 'XJ f Qkvfximjn A 1 was 35? C Q33 , ,M WWW f X ,f f wx- I . . ' f 7 . i -.2211 t K 'Wiz . ,, , ,Z V X . , ,Q "1 . ,,,n:fv-wwlJL.a 4 Aww , V M, 5 , ,, , X , X ,W W, ' , H f .-,- , Q5 f F, V , i A ' f " J Hg ? aw., W my Q ' , X 4. ga 9 f X x X P-4--Q 4 x ' 1 N--X Q X ,mu pw Q ' f f,,f' f ff K1 7? fy Mm f ,f fx f if , f f wr 'B 5 7 ,,,f I H! in f ,Nw w . " Y, .af f' iff lx f X WW , f f , , f X , J 9 . K f 7 W 1 X 527 X 73 G,WE'.7l MW ' V' -N' . 45,57 ,, ' f T QNX! X X X x f al' ' ""' ' V , , ,fy "' .M f ' WW , 41 , 1 fx" L Sf ' ff Q ffkk 10144 M. ' 2 4- X, f, ff, ,N y W X Q N if ' V f , Y A Z jx K 4 f Q Z ' 5 IMNJ' Junior Class Pla The Junior Class presented "The House Without a Key," a mystery play in three acts, by Earl Derr Biggers, and dramatized by Jean Lee Latham. The play was pre- sented on Friday evening, March 24. The story of the play is as follows: Barbara Winterslip returns to her home in Honolulu to discover that her father has been mysteriously murdered, and that the famous detective, Charlie Chan, is in charge. With Barbara is her highly correct cousin, John Quincy, who has come to accompany his elderly aunt back home to Boston. Various suspects have been found, for Dan Winterslip's career has not been irreproachable. There is a story of buried gold, a mysterious chest to whose ownership a jewelled pin is the clue, and there are tales of the days when Winterslip commanded a crew of Ublackbirdersf' The pin was found on the fioor near his body and it is surmised that a certain woman known as the "Widow of Waikiki" may have dropped it there. Suspicion also points to Dick Kaohla, a handsome but surly Hawaiian boy recently dismissed from service by Winterslip, and whose grandmother is still the But the clearest suspect is Egan, for he hated slip feared. But John Quincy knows, from lovely, straightforward eyes, that she is not make the Honolulu police believe him? What trusted servant at the Winterslip home. Winterslip and is the one man Winter- his iirst glance into Carlota Egan's the daughter of a killer. But can he clues do Charlie Chan follow? Charlie Chan discovers the true murderer with the help of John Quincy. The murderer is brought to justice and the play ends happily for all concerned. THE CAST M1nerva Winterslip ........... ...e.e... Kamaikui ,, ,, ,,,, Madame Maynard ,,, Charlie Chan ,,,.. Dick Kaohla ,.,,,,,,,, Barbara Winterslip , John Quincy Winterslip ,, Harry Jennison ,,,,,,.e, Jim Egan ..,,,,,,,,, Carlota Egan ,.., Arlene Compton ,,, Mrs. Brade , .,,,,, , Mrs. Ransome ,.,,,,. Mr. Saladine ,,, ,,,, Bookholder ,,, Director ,,,,, ,,, Harriet Dimick ,,,, Helen Shumney ,, Thelma Jean Fry ,,,,, Don Meehan ,,,,, John Conte ,,, Janice Arnold ,,,,, Martin Fox ,,,,, Bob Johnson ,,,, , Bob O'Connor ,, Ruth Whitehouse ,,,, Jeanne Brown ,,,,,,, Peggy Black Mary Jane Golletti Walter Arbutina Doris Powell ,, Miss Elizabeth Bates Z 9 -'V H - ,..---V., . ..-N . , FIRST ROW-N. Hahn, B. Miller, B. Robinson, R. Whitehouse, P. Edge, A. Catalano J. Stuck. SECOND ROW-D. Kronk, B. O'Connor, V. Szczepanik, B. Johnson, J. Reese, J. Conte D. Beatty. THIRD ROW-M. Roknick, R. Trombetta, B. Petcovic, B. Love, Mr. Crider, H. Parker G. Ours, G. Davids. Stage and Band anagers The Stage Managers are on hand for all stage functions. They take care of the lights, curtains, properties, etc. During the past year they have sold pop, had skating parties and dances in order to earn money to buy their letters and have a banquet. The Band Managers are those people who help make our band a suc- cess. They take care of all equipment, set the stage for practices, etc. This year they have added a utility manager to see that all uniforms are clean, returned, etc. These groups are under the leadership of Mr. Crider. FHS Basketball The Freedom High School Basketball Squad had one of their most successful seasons in recent years. The team was one of the most aggres- sive teams that Freedom has ever had. Coach Fruth drilled his boys hard and did much experimenting in the pre-league season. He finally settled on Reed, Hall, Johnson, Shingler, Meehan, Mengel, O'Connor, Latham, Martin, Mabin and Dyminski as his varsity squad. Hall stood out as the best all-around player on the squad and as captain, he had a steadying iniiuence on the team. Next to Hall, Johnson, our center, was our most valuable player. As the season pro- gressed, he turned out to be a regular ball hawk in getting the ball off the bankboard. Reed's speed and shiftiness made him a constant threat and our chances of sectional honors received a severe jolt when he was taken into the Army in early February. Shingler and Mengel showed at their best in defensive play while Meehan added to our offensive strength. Irish O'Connor, next to Hall, was our most clever player and a potent offensive threat at all times. Big things are expected of him next year. Martin's and Mabin's plays are noted for their aggressiveness. In the second half of the league season, Latham and Dyminski were depended on more and more by Coach Fruth. Latham's springiness and trickiness made him a dangerous man in every contest. Dyminski, our tiny Conway star, has proven to be one of our best shots as well as one of our fastest boys on the floor. Although we have lost five Seniors this year, Hall, Reed, Mengel, Meehan, and Shingler, our prospects for next year look good. The team looks now as if it will consist of Johnson, O'Connor, Dyminski and Latham, with the other position being a toss-up with Martin, Mabin, and Junior DePaolis. Because of his size and offensive strength, Junior DePaolis, our Junior High star, seems to have the inside track. To next year's team, we say, "More Fight Means More Wins." Re- member our slogan, "Get the Ball, Get the Ball, Get the Ball." Q 'kfX-' , .lf X I .Q FIRST ROW-E. Martin, W. Mabin, B. Meehan, B. O'Connor, A. Reed, H. Hall SECOND ROW-Mr. Fruth, J. Dyminski, R. Shingler, D. Mengel, R. Johnson, H Parker J. Latham. THIRD ROW-C. Graham, R. Moss, R. Brockett, F. Swager, E. Meder, G. Arbutina B. Farls. arsit NON-LEAGUE GAMES Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom ------ 20 Leetsdale------ ------ 23 New Brighton-- ------ 19 Leetsdale------ ------ 26 Aliquippa ----- ------ 34 St. Veronica --- ------ 17 New Brighton ------ 29 St. Veronica --- Basketball 29 Freedom 27 Freedom 34 Freedom 43 Freedom 26 Freedom 27 Freedom 30 Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom LEAGUE GAMES ------ 29 Beaver - ------ 36 Hopewell ------ 26 Monaca - ------ 46 Midland ------ 28 Rochester ------ 23 Beaver -- ------ 21 Hopewell ------ 24 Monaca - ------ 33 Midland ------ 36 Rochester Reserve Basketball Our Reserve Basketball Squad this year consisted of twelve boys. Ten of these boys were Sophomores and two were Juniors. They were Homer Parker, John Latham, Harold Martin, Wesley Mabin, Clyde Graham, Roy Moss, John Dyminski, Robert Brockett, Robert Farls, Edward Meder, George Arbutina, and Fred A. Swager. Mr. Fruth, our coach, did a lot of experimenting throughout the pre- league season. Everyone was given a chance to show what they could do even though some of the pre-league games might have been won if our strongest combination had been kept in the game. The pre-season record was two wins and three losses. For the games with the Reserve Teams of our Sectional Rivals the coach used as his starting line-up: Martin, Dyminski, Parker, Mabin, and Latham. The others played only if victory was certain or someone had to be removed from the game. In the ten games with league opponents our Reserves won eight games and lost only two. Both of the games lost were to the Midland Reserve team. Much of the anticipation with which we look ahead to the next basket- ball season is based on the speed and the ability, and the record of this year's fine Reserve team. Junior High Basketball Our Junior High School Basketball Squad was under the able leader- ship of Marto "Jakes" Marsilio this year. The season, as a whole was a very successful one, as the team won seven out of eight games from our most important rivals. We won two games each from Beaver, Monaca and Rochester, and broke even in two games with Conway. Big Jr. DePaolis was the mainstay of the team and one of the leading scorers of our Junior High section. Masone, Love, Lattanza and DePaolis will all move up to our varsity squad next year and should add consider- able strength to that squad. Robinson and McCauley will be lost to next year's Junior High team. The team next year will probably be built around Hall and Martin. 41, .,,, YYYV FIRST Row-R. Mengel, D. Hoffman, R. Weaver, G. Simmons, J. Wolfe, T. Zinkham SECOND ROW-R. Matasick, N. Lattanza, L. Martin, G. Robinson, C. DePao1is, D. Hall THIRD Row-S. Devries, R. McCauley, Jr., DePaolis, J. Catalano, A. Love, J. Masone Junior High Basketball NON-LEAGUE GAMES LEAGUE GAMES Freedom Rochesterrr- Ff,9edOfn Ambridge oo Freedom lvlldlalld ,,.. Freedgm Aliquippa -- FFGGGOITI B9-QVGI' eee-e Freedom Beaver Falls Freedom B9-3V9I' ee--A Freedom Ellwood City Freedomuo Pat. Tvvp.--- Freedom Cgnway oooo Freedom HQFUIOHY TD- Freedom Monaca ...E Freedom Midland My Freedom Ambridge or Freedom H-QTTHOUY TD- Freedom Aliquippa C- Fr69dOIT1 H31'm011Y TD- Freedom Beaver Falls FI'69dOlT1 R0Ch9St91' e- Freedom Ellwood City Freedom Freedom Conway ...E Monaca ..or LEFT T0 RIGHT-C. Hall, P. Robinson, A. Linta,'M. Morton, M. J. Spataro. C eerleaders "Let's go on the Freedom Locomotive and make it loud." Yes, it's our peppy cheerleaders in their flashy Red and White uniforms, leading us in cheers. The veteran cheerleaders are Mila Morton, Mary Jane Spataro, Ann Linta, and Charlotte Hall. Newly selected this year was Patty Robinson. Mila and Mary Jane, who have been cheerleaders for three years, will be leaving us this year. Good luck to both! They have been grand cheerleaders I , Advertisements RUCKERT'S CLOVER FARM STORE-KKM6dfS and Groceries" Compliments of GORDON'S MEN,S SHOP-798 Third Avenue HI-LO FOOD STORES, Inc. EDWARDS' PHARMACY-"Iii Business for Your Health" Compliments of RECHT's MARKET C. SCHLEITER'S SONS-"Memorials" MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSN.-"Systematic Saving Spells Success" FREEDOM CASH MARKET-"Fresh Meats, Groceries and Vegetables"-We Serve the Best Compliments of GROSS FUNERAL HOME Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments Of A FRIEND THE FREEDOM NATIONAL BANK-"Built for You in 1872" SPAGNOLI'S "Quality Meats aiiol Groceries" Compliments of HARTzEL'S FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments Of LEE B. CAIN Compliments of CARL DELUCA-"Modern Slioe Shop"-706 Third Avenue Compliments of YOST SALES AND SERVICE Compliments of AUTO SALES AND SERVICE Compliments of CHARLES H. HANEY-Eighth Street Compliments of GEORGE HEIDEGER Compliments of CARVER'S BARBER SHOP lVl0RRIS RUBINOFF-"Freedoms Leading aricl Most Reliable Store for Men arid Boys" Compliments of PETE'S GRILL Compliments of FREEDOM BILLIARDS-684 Third Avenue Compliments of BEULAH'S INN Compliments of FREEDOM OIL COMPANY "TOSH" Coal arid Coke-Moving aiiol Hauling Compliments of FARL'S GARAGE Compliments of KOPAC,S Groceries Compliments of RIBAR'S-"Buy Your Share of War Bonds and Slamyosu DRAVO CORPORATION-KlK62j8l07l6 Saud Division" ROSALIND CANDY COMPANY GARFIELD BUSINESS SCHOOL Compliments of J. A. ALLEN Compliments of DEPAOLIS,S CLOVER FARM STORE J. W. LEHMAN-F. H. S. Alumni ENGLE AND WOOD-"For Prom Gorsagesn Compliments of FREEDOM CASKET COMPANY Compliments of S. H. BARSHADY-"Enjoy Pepsi-Cola Toolayu Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of KUNSMAN BROS. Compliments of FREEDOM OIL WORKS F. G. METZGER, Watclimaker-552 Third Avenue, Freedom JURICH ELECTRIC SHOP GRAULE'S STUDIOS FREEDOM THEATRE ISALY'S E. F. MENGEL-Champion Coal-1201 Third Ave., Freedom, Pa. f fm-v 555 W- . +10 3 l , J' ,M l gm, . ,ATI , ,... ar 1? ff i ff ,, ww f 5 ,LJ ki :XWJ V L C V ,.QSgf'ef4,,fg5:j5, u-W if 14. ,,J, f. L, .. ," ga., 4. gr: 1, -A ' , - ' MJ- ' ' 7 NX , 1 fx F v .uf L- . avid , ff? Mifq ,111 I, we Q.-, I 4 --:QM Hy' . Q.:,,5,i:, , ,N , fw. M Amie- 'ff : ,sg , , 1' -fx' wif 41251 - ' '7? ?11l'v" '- .L-L -1.-.--qw, wx j L A i ig 42 'W 1:2212 .., ,W . - , . Q , .Lv ,, 7 f ' 1 X um a, ' cf Q 5 1 -.m '11 , 1 ,-, S 9 5-M 1' Y' x 5 , Ag . 4 li Sai' QW 11'- l2g?n 4. V if f .. F55 , lg, , P2- ' I 1 1 f 'W E K -N vi e la, F, U.,-,5 5' A gf , 1, . nr ,fn J-1 Q ,-, ,M A 'S -'iff ' . 41, n ,f Y' , 1' I jk' - '.-1 . wx, V ,vl 3 sb' 'ef .Q wx - M-. A ni 4 F af' .T S I' ,,."' Sw ' My ., 7 I -in 'HA X , 49' 0 x v 1 1 -5-Hx .V JI! ' L, ' . L , uf ' '- I A Z I W 7 L' 5' I , X N. 5 mr , ' ' Ing:-' s ' +2 ' lj ' 'mmf W Www QWW iwiwwww MM W 'Y Q, 1 , Z X -3 M. n , :U ,JV I w-'A' '- 'B' 4 Q- f TFT " a ' 4 f Q f L' . ' . , ,4 hai x,- ' -- J. W' ' hiv ,, -X ' .A I H .L 241:55 U 4 Sei, .. , 1 f wig , , 4?-'QQ Y D- , 1:1 "fLs"' ..:.rn I I :ff 2.

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