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cf f-1,2 .52 QTL, 6 if Wrapped Up At Freed-l-leroemen College l-lenderson, Tennessee Treasure Cnest, Volume LX 2 Table of Contents H66 Campm Luiz Academu 55144.44 Qooffli Offgwuyaliom 148 Hmm Aahfmlisemeullf Q03 Dliver Serves God Students In a sense, all members of our faculty are honored when one is selected for special rec- ognition, this is the case for the recipient of our yearbook's dedication. Our yearbook tra- ditionally honors one individual for his or her contributions to Freed-Hardeman College, but it can truthfully be said that one is representative of the whole. We believe that this year's recipient is such a rep- resentative, a man who em- bodies his school's spirit. Ded- ication - to his profession and to his students' moral and intellectual development, to his school, and, foremost, to his God - is his legacy to Freed-Hardeman College. Born in Henderson County in 1921, Howard Oliver at- tended public schools in Lex- ington, TN, graduating in 1940. After being honorably discharged from the Navy, he enrolled at Freed-Hardeman College, where he spent three years as a student and mar- ried Dorothea Jones. Fteceiv- ing his B.S. degree from David Lipscomb College in 1951 and his lvl.A. from Memphis State in 1956, Oliver began his teaching career in public high Howard Oliver, with daughter Lydia and son David near him, smiles after attending the annuai Benefit Dinner, schools before joining the fac- ulty of Freed-Hardernan in 1959. Since that time, Oliver has been a vital part of the science faculty and a campus favorite of students. Known for his special brand of humor and his co-operative nature, his love for biology, and his genuine concern for his students, Oli- ver has received high marks from students and peers alike. Of him, Dr. Howard Trull, Chairman of the Biology De- partment, wrote, "His great faith in God as the creator of all things and the Bible as the inspired word of God have contributed to the strong faith of his students. He firmly be- lieves that there is harmony in true science and scripture." Because we firmly believe that Howard Oliver is a great example of our school's high- est ideal - Christianity in practice - and because of his faithful service to Freed-Har- deman College for nearly three decades, the 1987-88 Trea- sure Chest is affectionately dedicated to Brother Howard Reed Oliver. 1 B Th Ol ghfd g hlh d b I-hlpg tdf "He firmly believes that there is harmony in true sci- ence and scripture. " Howard Trull Chairman, Biology Department Howard Olfver stfll IS seen occassionally on the Freed-Hardeman camp jf Dedication 5 For four years our lives re- volve around this area, this tovvn, this school. Day by day, vve eat, sleep, attend class, and joyfully experience one another in a loving Christian environment. Each day is unique - relationships change, the air Qrovvs cooler or vvarms again into spring, we grovv wiser, vve live, laugh, and The campus is 'WPPW9 . - W I X. U61 6 Wrapping Up A Day Q? vve mature. ith people that make alive vv and day at F- each year, vveek, HC. K I N, Aft -mm mfsffgga' . -se: f ' . S 9 -- K f A. Q A 1 ' ,V xvar 52 , J 1 - . . K' ' ' N' " ,AQ ' f . :W .1 4 ' , - . I 'K I Vx ' 4' f W - f 4 4 ff l '...lL. T I ,- , ,,..Z,., A -M W ' - - wh". .Y kv-:uw W WL 1' M . -f -v +4-3'sffg. fimifyff. .1 Y ...M 2' , . H' W M , . , 4 ffgv - the ' , My ' 'iii , - ,f V . W - wg: - ' git rl . ,L A N Af' 1..-V, A .K I V .Lia-. i'.i' ,V ,. ,V .f-fffff 'r'- TT Jedi A ' 'r iw . S' it Mgtifkie W W A . , wt iw-f is f tl . . e, .. ,ww 'e t ,J W' tw 1, m.,,.,Y -Mg, l. .Gi f t ugly , , ji fi-,pr ,K V by .. - :Q a,,.EAW6wiXW.,, t ,.,-.rasveiwt-' -'5fr H21 'S H.Cii.5w2rmmumw'Lr,it 'zwitvtfnf wt ame with Alpha Tau. Kevin llllood carries the ball tor Zeta ln a flag lootball Q Photo by Terry Thacker. Junior Becky Gordon calls l-lall-Flolarid 273 home. Wlth Flag- gedy Ann and a Christmas bear to keep her company. home- vvork is postponed for a late night chat. Photo by Amy Cllftord. From the shelter of Old Malh's porch, the photographer catches the beauty ofa wet mornlng. The archway frames autumn leaves and the college slgn against a backdrop of nett. gray. Photo by Nancy Ben ADM ' f-..,,,G Q. 'M , - i i We ""1 if ' if K' an qi, 47 , fig David Helton and a friend enjoy the chilly quiet of the commons in i -1- - - ' fate afternoon. Photo by Nancy Bennett, At 6:40 twilight gathers around Lo- den-Daniel Libraryg students, how- ever, have not yet entered into the "Library Zone. " Photo by John Bentley. Wrapping Up A Day 7 October 20 dawned upon Freed-Hardeman as an "ordi- nary" day, but its happenings showed us how unlike any oth- er one day can be. After an unusually dry fall, drizzle-filled, overcast skies obscured faint sunlight. The day after Black Monday, so named for the frightening 500-point stock market fall, the Minnesota Twins prepared to square off against the St. Louis Cardinals in the third game of the World Series. On campus, chapel was held in Bader Gymnasium due to the visit of 1500 high school students, who were meeting in Loyd Auditorium for Spirit of Freedom Day pro- grams. The "wave" finally made its way to Henderson - in chapel of all places - and with it the spirit of enthusiasm that permeated the year. Brrllrant tall colors contribute to a glo- rious day for a campus stroll. The sun came out at 4 pm. to warm the day for William Durham, Mari Noguchi F K . 1 V ,.14 Bw 'N Lt, 1-'2 at .MVA ,li t 4 Q' ' V. ya ii, i,, ts. fi- Y-... -fir f TF ' w. . lt's 7: 78 pm., and Shirley Eldridge is search- ing the shelves of Loden-Daniel Library. Pho- to by Kevin Perry. and Delecia Rouse. Photo by Terry Thacker. i'l"'Mlm-wma 'aluminum- lhllnim magnum J :WW The solitude of afternoon in Chapel Hall affords op- portunity for Sheri Veregge to enjoy her music and, perhaps, a little time to herself Photo by Nancy Bennett, ns pADay iff V i- gf q i gttisfwr B- .QL . - 7 1:30 a. m. BCVVE 203 -Y American Literature students prepare to cast aspersions iand maybe even textbooksj at instructor Nancy Bennett. They were smiiing, according to Mrs. Bennett, "because they didnt have a test." Photo by Nancy Bennett. Wan fi .H Lueverne Lang finds a few moments to study on the second floor of the Bible- Communication building. The time is 8:51 am and students take the Mother" line for a quick breakfast af- ter their 7.'30 class. Photo by John Bent- ley. Senior art major Richard Claiborne works on an acrylic lor class. Photo by Kelly Beard. Three minutes and fifty-five seconds into Wendell Bloomlngburgs 7 p.m, class, students begin to pause from the rigors of studying history. October 20 was a special day, A day like any other, but as with all, unique to each stu- dent, faculty, or stall member. Days like this one soon made a year, A special time - Days wrapped into a year. i lt's not her regularjob, but on October 20 Helen Phelps was baking biscuits - 300 ot them to be exact, Sleepy but hungry students would soon be in to devour her work. Photo by Amy Clifford Alter 9 pm Bader Gym stands vigil over a deserted Commons. Photo by John Bentley , 4? ,M X , i -iif i . -M--I -"Slut f . ff' '-" f"f'vz :-1 2- ' rt: fi-I " " W gyjg, -' ri X 1 Smiling eltishly, Tracy Ring prepares to sur- prise those unsuspecting students who check their mail after lunch. Photo by John Bentley, ...4 N 4 M 4-..., 3 . A. Q.i.gV'-f f. .i 152 What color is the jello to- oay? Lisa Graves and Kris- tie Glass check out the noontime salad bar, QE ,. L i Standing on the lawn of Old Main, this Tennessee Historical Commission Marker celebrates the history ol F-HC, Photo by Nancy Bennett. FREED-HARDEMAN COLLEGE --umfsu-nun: The campus includes the sites of predecessors Henderson Male and Female Institute 0869-lB85l. West Tennessee Christian College H885-l897l. ' Georgie Robertson Christian College H897-l907l. and National Teachers Normal and Business M' College 0907-l9l9l. It was renamed in l9l9 in honor of A.G. Freed and N. B. Hardelaan. admin- " istrators of Georgie Robertson Christian V ' College and cofounder: of National Teachers Normal and Business College. 1' as ,E While tree from assisting computer lab students, Stan "The Man" 2.3 M., j fiji k Q V , 'j.91w4ggElf', ,li-is-,lest ' --r- ' WU 'Semin sq. ,Q g?5t?'1'! N' t l A x , M , X Roy Sharp makes his infamous chapel announcements in a new setting Bader Gym, Tillman works out some necessary homework problems. Photo by Kelly Beard, Wmpped L60 fm ampm rfb Campus Life Homecomfng Benem' Dinner Pfays Lecfursnfp Worfd E vents C-Ira duaffon 74 22 30 34 38 40 Homecoming Students and Alumni Let Every Heart Rejoice And Sing "Let Every Heart Rejoice and Sing" was the theme of Homecoming '87. Hundreds of alumni joined current stu- dents, faculty, and staff for the annual celebration. For them, reunion was the thing. For freshman, Homecoming was the perfect time for parents and friends to visit campus. Highlighting the activities was the coronation of Home- coming Queen Kristie Glass. Her selection was announced in Monday's chapel, and she and her court reigned over the week. Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians baffled audiences in a week-long run in Loyd Audito- rium. Directed by Winston Harless, the eleven member cast included Kristie Barker, Curtis Harbuck, Gary Lyons, Noel Moore, David Noles, Neal Robertson, Jenny Segars, Re- becca Simons, Scotty Sparks, Daphne Tucker, and Belinda Washington. Saturday morning's parade was led by grand marshals L. C. Sanderson and Jack Boyd. Sanderson is the author of many hymns and the editor of Christian Hymns Ill. Boyd is a professor of music at Abilene Christian University. Phi Kap- pa Alpha's 'tMusic Makes the World Go Round" took first place in the float competition. Sigma Rho rejoiced with radio to grab second place and Phi- lo sang in the shower for third place honors. The week's calendar also featured basketball games. The Lady Lions defeated the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 65-53 in their opening game of the season. The Lions lost a hard-fought game to Faulkner University Saturday afternoon. Campus musical groups, in- cluding the Ambassadors, Sonshine Singers, and Chorus, presented concerts. Jack Boyd directed the Sonshine Singers and Chorus in a spe- cial concert. Five classes and various campus groups held reunions throughout the weekend. Alumni Week in chapel fea- tured guest speakers Janice Harder, Bill Vernon, Leo Barnes, Thomas German, Jr., Shirley Curry, and Barry Topp. Cn Saturday Mrs. Curry was named Alumnus of the Year. Phi Kappa Alpha's Hoote- nanny provided the traditional conclusion to the weekend. The concert featured the Bel- mont Reasons, a 14-member group from Belmont College in Nashville. Brave New World, which included Mark Craw- ford, a 1985 alumnus, opened the show. i 'rr-..,rr V r, , .. . I ,, ,rf ' ,,fi:rf.i1i Viar.l.lrr 1. . '1:'+rl"' r V ,iz r r 'ul l ..l.r,, fi ., M.. tr. .M - ,rar-it rg ij' '1 -nil l g,retff"'ff" 'Sai , ,Fira i wc. , jj, Q Aww? f. -' r. ir fi lj ,E r. ,i X F . ,A A .c fi- i i j. The 1987 Homecoming Court and escorts: tlelt to righti Tim Teel, Krista Bare, David Helton, Diane Speed, Mark Garner, Suzanne Pearson, Paul Rogers, Leanne l-leftington, Aimee Bennett, Julie Curry, Kristie Glass, Scott Ballard, Wes Selbe, Christie Chaney, Dawn White, Stacy Smith, Tammy Barnes, Brian Beck, Tracie Barnes, David Shannon, Christel Morrison, David l-loldren. Photo by Holand Studio PKA members get their winning entry ready for the parade. Sigma Fr'ho's singers "lollipop" their way to second place. Signs prepared by the cheerleaders urge students to get tired up. i E ? f4 .Ky -W v J., L51 U ' , . M. 1 4 . A' rpg -1! .W , fm. : r FE' 1 8' Sw ,gf ,dn M me .5 L dv 1 M Ry QW H -iflq Q 'P 6 k ' ' s ' 1 d ',,. Zag , K Q P in Arkpmsds Pfne Bfuff defender complrcdres ine offense for Lady Lion Mrfzr' Jolloway, F-HC preymled. nowever, wrnnfng ine Horneconvfng opener 59' W 4 'H R ffgv hff 5 ,Uv '-- we-'Em , fr, 4 onf Marston, porfrayed oy Krrstfe Barker. is ine frrst 'lrffle !ndran" to bffe the due! H7 ine Honveconvfng play Wnodunrf'7 Senmr Ernesto Ramos goes up for two casf rnenvbers fook on. Pnoro by Jonn Bentley Hymns! F.m!Aner x Homecoming Queen Krfsffe Grass accepts tne congrafulerfons of the audience. Homecoming 15 as-,ga V Winston Harless directs the Sonshine Singers in a Saturday afternoon con- Homecoming visitors find the Commons a ood lace for conversation and relaxation. 9 F7 cert in Cnapel Hall. s f its QI Alumnus of the Year Shirley Curry accepts the award from David Powell, A portion ot the near capacity crowd waits in the Commons for entrance to Alumni Association President. the Homecoming ball game. 16 Homecoming IIT Alumni Mary Rose Threet brings her future Lions to Saturday's game. Cur- Philo social club splish-splashes their way to third place in the Homecoming rent Student Frank Kemp visits along with her. - parade float competition. 6 Belmont Reasons, all fourteen of them, perform in Bader Gym. PKA's Hoote- nanny is the traditional close to Homecoming festivities. Homecoming 17 Off To A Great Start Outlook on Upcoming Year: HI would like to enjoy quality time with my friends and also make new friends." - David Baker - "Beginning of School" For many students it is an- other year at F-HC, but for the freshman class and transfers, it is the beginning of a whole new way of life. Many activities headed the year in the right direction: interface, moving in the dorms, and club mixers. "What, Homesick?" Interface was a great way to keep the freshman and trans- fers busy enough not to have time to get "homesick." Some of the fun ranged from a day at Mid-South Youth Camp to eat- ing pizza with other Interface groups at Pizza Inn. Other ac- tivities included spending a day at the Memphis Mall, ca- noeing, eating a meal in the home of faculty members, and going through registration to- gether. "Home Away From Home" Telephone bills . . . quarters for laundry . . . ironing clothes . . . just some of the responsi- bilities that come upon new students as they leave their homes and move into their new, temporary homes. Interface Quotes: "lt tlnterfacel is a great way tor everybody to get to know each other." - Kelly Smith - llnterface Group Leaderl "lt was the funnest time l think l will ever have within my four years at Freed." - Alison Moore - Freshman 18 Interface '56 Freshman take a break at Mid-South Youth Camp after a morning ot organized events and games. Interface traditionally employs the camp for the site of much of freshman orientation. Freshman experience college life to its fullest as they trudge through the dreaded reglstratlon line. Freshmen and interface leaders join in a game of 'Simon Says, " conducted by Dean James Selbe. Janet Howell, a sophomore, appears very excited about beginning a new se- mester at her "home-away-from-home. " The TradHion Con- Hnues One of the greatest benefits of attending Freed-Hardeman College is learning to develop in all aspects of life. An individ- ual must learn to grow and ex- pand if he is to accomplish his goals in life. "Teaching how to live and how to make a living" is the philosophy of Freed-Harde- man College. This philosophy has become a tradition throughout the years. As seen by the successful alumni that pass through Freed-Harde- man, this ideal has become a great asset to the college. hneHaue19 Halloween Week . . Trick or Treat The night before Halloween, the Student Government As- sociation set the students in the ghost and goblin mood by decorating Gano with Hallow- een paraphenalia. The major attraction this Halloween was the traditional dorm trick-or- treating. lt is the one time in the school year when the girls and guys get to see each oth- er's rooms and the lifestyles they lead while on campus. Many students stated it is fun seeing how the rooms are dec- orated, and it is an easy way to get free candy. There were many novel costumes this year: one student dressed her- self as Raggedy Ann and an- other came trick-or-treating as a bed. Also, the various social clubs sponsored their own in- dividual Halloween parties with marshmallow roasts and hayrides. Many of the students went in groups to "haunted houses." 20 Halloween Clowning Around!!! Are these really two college students? As a part of Hallow- een, students oosturne themselves and visit other dorms, Students Stacy Burgess and John Estes model their international Halloweer costumes. Dating Game Reversed lt's real!!! Eric England and Kara Gal- leo become engaged at Sadie Haw- kins when he places a gy engage- ment ring on her linger. Parson Ralph Gilmore, with cowboy hat on head and Bible in hand, pre- pares to marry all ready couples. On October 30 the girls on campus got a little taste ot their own medicine. Sadie Hawkins gave them the oppor- tunity to experience the ner- vous feeling of taking the guy out on a date. Most girls agreed that it was fun, but they were glad the event oc- curs only once a year. Sponsored by the junior class, Sadie Hawkins was again a success, due to the hard work that went into the planning ot activities for the night. Such activities included various games and a "mar- riage ceremony" conducted by Ralph Gilmore. The main attraction ot the evening was entertainment by John Paul Walters, who per- formed his ever-popular comic ballad "The Cat Came Back." The cat's in what? John Paul Walters doing what he does best - entertain- ing. Sadie Hawkins 21 Pau! Aurandt plays the role "Like Father, Like Son" as he speaks in place of his father, Paul Harvey. And Now You Know The Best Ot The Story On Wednesday, December 2, 1987, supporters were filled with excitement about the up- coming appearance of news commentator Paul Harvey. Only two days before the An- nual Advisory Board Benefit Dinner, the impossible hap- pened. The news arrived that the son of Paul Harvey, Paul Aurandt, would be speaking in his father's place due to the illness of Mr. Harvey's wife. ln spite of the change of plans, the dinner was successful. Gathered from the reactions of those who attended the occa- sion, Paul Aurandt did an out- standing job of filling in on such late notice. The approxi- mated 1800 in attendance were pleased with the deliver- ance given by Mr. Aurandt. Interestingly, Paul Aurandt, 22 Benefit Dinner a concert pianist, turned to journalism after realizing the limitations of a career in con- cert performances. Author of, The Rest of the Story, Mr. Aur- andt made comment about this novel as well as his experi- ences with his father. What at first seemed like an unfortu- nate circumstance turned out to be a delightful evening for the Freed-Hardeman crowd. Paul Aurandt proved to be an eloquent speaker, not unlike the elder Harvey. Tickets sold for S100 per couple or S60 per person. Be- fore the presentation, a buffet dinner was held in Pruett Ban- quet Hall. A reception was also given in honor of Paul Aurandt before the address in Au i ' . Loyd d tonum M i.-,I X' Some of the audience takes time after the presentation to autograph a "Get Wei!" sign for Mrs. Harvey. 'fl 7' W.. The crowd enjoys the food and fellowship at the benefit dinner as they await to hear the "step in" presentation given by Paul Aurandt. Paul Aurandt and his wife sit in anticipation, awaiting the Freed-Hardernan audiences reaction to Paul Harvey's absence, YQ K M ,f L V Against the backdrop of the American flag, sit the introducers of Mr. Paul Aurandt at the annual benefit dinner. All photos by John Bentley Benefit Dinner 23 'Tis The Season Christmas is a favorite time ot year for Freed-Hardeman students. Dorm get togethers, secret Christmas pals, club parties, and gift exchanges with friends add to the excite- ment of Christmas. Students living in dorms also usher in the Christmas spirit by hang- ing Christmas ornaments and various other decorations in their rooms. Paul Gray Hall ex- hibited such a holiday spirit with an array of sparkling lights on their porch. The Christmas party, co- sponsored by SGA and SAA, was held in Pruett Banquet Hall to celebrate the holidays. The Ambassadors appeared, singing several favorite Christ- mas songs, while the Winter Wonderland Band performed a variety of instrumental Christmas favorites. Later that night, Ftonny Ftomm enter- tained the audience with mys- tical feats of psychic nature. The lighting of the commons is another campus attraction of the season. Students gather in the commons to sing carols as the red and green lights of the commons are illuminated - F-l-lC's tribute to the Christmas season. To most students at Freed- Hardeman the true celebration of Christmas occurs after the semester ends and they are reunited with their families for the holiday season. However, the Christmas spirit can be seen on F-HC's campus in a strolling student whistling "Jin- gle Bells" or in flickering lights in a dorm room window. Christmas is a special time of year for family, for friends, and for Freed-Hardemanse f-+V 4-v"""'-4 ,U i tr-f , ' - I ' W. K M V.,-n0l"Q1m - f L, X, 7' . " ' 'ff I "" ' fr-W . - Wifiia' f V ' ' . f if Nr t., ft'-at-T . at . Q Students admire the tree that soon will be decorated with ornaments and Christmas lights at the annual lighting of the commons. Photo by Kelly Beard. 2 i Students, eagerly awaiting the lighting of the comrnons, chat as President E Claude Gardner loolrs on. Photo by Kelly Beard, 24 Christmas wau 'Ili ' 3 ".."t.-.1'.. ,,,,g, "A2 g,, " www 'r " ,, ...,,, A,A, I' A H .VM I H3 W Q, 5 A H wr Hg... .. .7 9' 1 W 40 V ,,,.,.,L, V 1 ' S Q11 UCI an I J un ,. nag 5' ,L ,Z,.f,U- -1:1 - M ,WN...mwmvwi-"'g-QV - N- "H" " 1 K L 535,-1 1 ,f,,f ' if 1 , l""Ui- 'MKWYW JXZZQVW .W 'rr 9 , if WWE i ., A 5 W aww ' , ' 7 fa gnnutqv. V, parvum 'mi 1 lg 'T-"Jr 'V it 149 M ' ' M' f A 5 . . W L f 5, at y . W, M W Ma Ag vidio! " Af' U' f X H 1' if f + V f ,,, W M my M if f A39 42 Wh ' r ' ' We A 7 ' A iz lt' -. . w ,,,, 'Z . 'ff' E iffgv-4-li, ..,, A f A 'L V 3 ' "" LQ i1if'z.Z'11i"n J . -1-. A' 4 3 ,,,. -f-144 ' WMM? 1 .wld . ., . . K' , ' 1 ' Iv The wreath above Milan Sitka placed another holiday touch. Winter Wonderland Band entertains students at the Christmas party. 3. L As ge? yrs' ff we H' 2 Lambda Delta Phi members Bartley W ers, Band Griss tt, C t' G l y y e ur is oge, Jamie Barnes, Larry Cretsinger, Ginger i-ligginbotham, and Leann Garner decorate the Bell Tower in greenery and red bows for the holiday season. Photo by Nancy Bennett. Christmas 25 as M, bi ,. A , 3 ' E jffws gmt 1 N H we X AQ mfg I t ta xi , Y K t th X f' sfi st? 1' ' X' s ' fl r I Sf: .f 55614593 f:22.:Q1: ' ' ' Q' , . -,,,,, me . . v s - . Q as , istsszsialsis. ' . , 'N V U - ., :fras- K... C 'T -- ts.. i s A Hosts and hostesses Jerry Moore, Cami Postell, Robin Edwards, and Daniel French adrnonish students not to say "Freed" without saying "l-lardeman. " Photo by Kelly Beard, Makin' Music 1988 - The Time of Our Lite Take the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm of at least 500 -I students, compress it into two . ' t' nights during the first weekend 'Q' in April, and watch it explode in the all-college extravagan- za, Makin' Music. For those who participated in Makin' Music, it was truly "The Time of Our Life." Produced by Jim Selbe and directed by Winston Harless, the show featured the talents ot hostesses Cami Postell and Robin Edwards and hosts Daniel French and Jerry Moore. Sigma Flho's sailor boys and their girls back home took first place honors with "All's Fair in Love and War." Winning sec- ond place in the sweepstakes, with their theme "Time Flies When You're Having Fun," was Tri-Zeta. Phi Kappa Alpha captured third place with their musical skit "Christopher Co- lumbus and His Fishy Tales." The Jerry Jones award, pre- sented to the club that por- trayed the best spirit of coop- eration in preparation for the avrssdgre-?-?12tigr:3 The judges tall in love with Sigma Rho as they recapture the sweepstakes award with their entry "All's Fair in Love and award was begun in 1984 in recognition ot Jerry Jones. Each year a donation is made to the Cerebral Palsy Founda- 26 Makin' Music U sale.. War." Photo by John Bentley, Cami Postell is a junior from Blue Ridge, Georgia. While at F-HC she has put her emphasis on her major - teaching biology, ln 7987, Cami served as a back-up vocalist for the Tenth Anniversary Makin' Music show. Cami has been involved with the Ambassadors, Phi Lambda Omega, and the Student Alumni Association. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Joe Postell. Photo by John Bentley. "Freedie, Freedie, Freedie, Freed" sing the hosts and hostesses as they present the traditional novelty number. Photo by John Bentley. Jerry Moore is from Holly Springs, Mississippi. He is a junior transfer student with a double major in history and Bible. He has been involved with the Ambas- sadors, and served as chaplain for the Phi Lambda Omega social club. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Moore, Sr. tion in the name of the award's recipient. The Makin' Music weekend got underway as Dwight Ro- bards, a 1977 alumnus, spoke in chapel. Devotionals took place in the Commons with as- sistant in F-HC development, Jess Wilcoxson, speaking. The Saturday night speaker was David Short, the director of development. On Saturday a special weekend chapel program was held in Loyd Auditorium, with former Makin' Music Hosts and Hostesses as guest speakers. After the speakers, the Parents of the Year, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bonnell of Doni- phan, Missouri, were named. They are the parents of Ken- dra Bonnell, a senior second- ary education major. Another spring weekend event was the reunion of the Sigma Rho social club. The re- union was held at 4:30 Satur- day afternoon in Pruett Ban- quet Hall. Makin' Music is a special event on Freed-l-lardeman's campus. Not only does it af- ford an opportunity to display talents, but it also unifies all those involved toward the pro- duction of a great show. Ma- kin' Music 1988 was a success in both areas as participants and viewers enjoyed themselves. Makin' Music 27 Songs, Skits, Laughter Make the Snow a I-lit -:ni ' , Q17 , i 7 if . ff at Robin Edwards is the daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Brent Edwards. Bobin is a sophomore broadcasting major from Benton, Kentucky. Robin has performed as a back-up vocalist for Makin' Music 1987, Robin is involved in Phi Lambda Omega and the Com- munication Majors and Minors Associ- ation. Photo by John Bentley. .wt , as , f F ttf A ., X H, 425 it Z t Danny French, from St. Louis, Mis- souri is majoring in computer informa-N tion systems. ln 1987, French served as a backstage hand for Tri-Zeta's show, 'The Reason for Sneezin'l" He has been involved with Phi Lambda Omega and the Data Processing Man- agement Association. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Danny French. Photo by John Bentley. Jeanette Caraker is a senior public relations major from Lakeland, Florida. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Caraker. Jeanette served as emcee for Makin' Music 7988, Photo by John Bentley. 28 Makin' Music Tri Zeta "flies" high enough to take second place in the sweepstakes competition, Photo by Kelly Beard. Alpha Tau's Orkin man prepares to terminate a swarm of termites. Photo by Kelly Beard. !"'!' 'N Hd , Phi Kappa 's "fishy tales" reel in a third place finish. Photo by John Bentley. Whiskers from Lambda Delta Phi worry about getting a close shave! Photo by John Bentley. Philo takes a western approach as they learn "all that glitters is not gold, " Photo by John Bentley. Makin Music 29 F HC Theatre Presents Varied Prograrr The curtain opened on the F-HC theatre season Septem- ber 29 when Talley's Folly took the stage. The two per- son production featuring Deb- bie Johns and Bon Gray was directed by Hank McDaniel. Following the Homecoming presentation of Ten Little lndi- ans, the annual children's pro- duction took center stage. This year's show, an adapta- tion of Snow White, had Tracie Barnes in the title role. Includ- ed among the dwarves was a familiar face in an unfamiliar role: Dean of Student Services Jim Selbe portrayed Dopey. The final curtain fell on King Richard lll as the season clos- er. The Shakespearean trage- dy featured Director Winston Harless in the title role. Spotlight awards for out- standing performances during the year went to the following: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Mark Augustini: Best Actress in a Leading Role, Debbie Johnsg Best Supporting Actor, Gary Lyonsg Best Supporting Actress, Laurie Sullinsg Best Actor in a non-featured role, John McLaughling and Best Actress in a non-featured role, Joyce Hunt. The Golden Burlap, F-HC's highest theatre award, went to Mark Augustini and Susan Y Ron Gray and Debbie Johns star in the season opener, Talley's Folly. Photo by OPI. Poteet. 30 Plays 43 Wicked Witch Debbie Johns prepares to cast a spell in the annual children 's production. Photo by John Bentely. xi may I i i Snow White Tracie Barnes charms Dopey Jim Selbe. Photo by John Benfely. QW' 1-a Q hw f' si, ' t 434 w 'Tig if it wir 75 M Director Winston Hariess does double duty in King Richard lll as he also takes the title role. Photo by John Bentley. Dean of Student Services Jim Selbe reverts to his student days when he was a frequent performer on the F-HC stage, Photo by John Bentley, King Richard lll. Photo by John Bentley. Debbie Johns, David Jennen, Andy, and Winston Harless, among others, close the season with Shakespearefs Plays 31 I-lome Sweet I-lome at the Dorm "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home," even if it's a home away from home - a dorm room. Dorms are a place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of campus life, or a place to socialize with friendss depending on the oc- casion and the student's inclination. Encouraged by the Office of Student Affairs, residence hall supervisors and assistants planned special programs for the student body. Paul Gray Hall began the year with their spaghetti dinner. Robin Wad- ley entertained guests as they dined by candlelight. Many RA's ,entertained their resi- dentstwith card parties, barbe- cues and holiday parties. Bradfield hosted its annual Birthday Bash. Some dorm programs were of an educational nature. Bri- gance held a seminar on AIDS and Porter-Terry presented one on early detection of breast cancer. Some opted for a spiritual emphasis. For example, Far- row Hall presented a mini- Lectureship. The men of Paul Gray enter- tained at chapel in the spring semester. Displaying their tal- ents, they presented skits and a slide show. Whether it was late night popcorn and gossip, cram- ming for tests, or phoning home, dorms were home, sweet home. S2 32 Dorm Life A "' ' M, .iw ,, L.-et,:t,.u.--f f Jon Tatum and Mark Woods "shake Bentley. Entertainment at Paul Gray's spaghetti supper strolls and sings to those eating. Photo by John Bentley. Alumnus Wan Yates just can't seem to get out ol the dorm. a leg" as the Blues Brothers to the tune ol "Jail House Ftock. " Photo by gf 'BKQXW ff' E Mew Female Students enjoy the chance to ea! at Paul Gray. Jerry Moore as Cliff Bennett has the walk down pat. Kayla Rlckeft and Tracie Barnes model at Hall Fr'oland's Fashion Show. ,, e-,H-W. . 1 v . 5 aff we falkiizj 'TEN-hi' 1 :S fe. ., fs? f ,qv-U' ! 4 X , . 1 .f"'x,,- Q We ' N Dorm Life Love "Love For God and His Word" was the theme of the 52nd annual Bible Lecture- ship, an event that brings thousands to the campus, dur- ing the first full week of February. A variety of daily and eve- ning lectures focused on the theme and classes were held tor preachers, Bible school teachers, song leaders, youth ministers, church secretaries, missionaries, and high school and college students. Chapel is a special feature of the week that brings stu- dents and visitors together in a crowded Loyd Auditorium. One special chapel program was dedicated to paying hon- or to the church of Christ min- isters who were 80 years and older. There were many honor- ees. There was also an appre- ciation dinner held for them. PreacherlJudge Alan E. Highers conducted the tradi- tional daily Questions-and-An- swers Forum. Another pro- gram included a discussion of the translation ofthe New Tes- tament by Hugo McCord. Youth and Parents night featured singing by the college Chorus, the Sonshine Singers, songs led by various song leaders, and the annual Gos- pel Sing Song that was cut short due to the snowy and icy weather. According to tradition, the weather caused many people to travel home early before the lectureship was completed. However, many braved the storm to hear and enjoy the many presentations done by various distinguished speak- Chapel attendance is checked with cards during Lectureship. Dean of Students Cliff Bennett makes his collection in the balcony. Photo by John Bentley. 34 Lectureship tor God and His Word Even during Lectureship Vice-President Roy Sharp makes his announcements. The stage is bedecked with quilts scheduled to be auctioned by the Associates. Photo by John Bentely. The chapel crowd files into Loyd Auditorium for the 70:30 service. Students join visitors to make the largest crowd of the day. Photo by John Bentley. xx N tx 1 X. Visitors find Pruett Banquet Hall and its exhibits a perfect place for conversation and relaxation. Photo by John Bentley, Lectureship 35 A Fun-d Run to raise money for the student center renova- tion netted approximately S50,000, half way to its 2a1oo,ooo goal. The leading money-raiser was Margaret Presnell, a secretary in the stu- dent affairs office. She raised over S2,000 and took first place in the faculty-staff competition. In the student division, Mat- thew Merrick was the first place winner with about 951,500 Other top winners were Scott Ballard and Bob Murray. Students secured sponsors who pledged varying amounts for each lap run during a one- hour time period. Those who raised at least S200 earned a Fun-d Run shirt. Brian Birdwell ran 36 laps, surpassing faculty member Winston Harless' 33. Other student activities de- signed to raise funds for the refurbishment included PKA's Bash for Cash, a car smash, and WFHC FM's Trash for Cash, a giant rummage sale. 36 Fun-d Run Fun-d Bun Raises Money tor Student Center Facelift Q., X 3 X 4 . -1f tt,.. ..t.,. M ft M., Ad ' ir1 Tim Floianci Mr. Diamond shows off his innovative refreshment technique. Students walk, run, and grimace around the 400 yd. course. 'i ,,,, . ww- , ,, ,y-'W gl . ii ' QM, " 1 V- is """' . it B - " f I t . ' " " . ' V " V 0 ' , r 7 i T ' " ' " I . ,. 't V ' . ,V - ,G V7 V . .1 , ,f ' , , r VV tl: 44, 2 ' H 1. L, N 'I VV I 'revs 1 T ' ,. r " "" . . 'Q , 7 1 H ' ' r ' 0 it " " f . . VV g ,,, 4 - .yi ,,......,,,.. . ,.., .gyg V QV ,M 54 K ' ' V7 V E - ' - - Mali! VVVV 1. 7 V34 vw K ' Q ' T i, it 'M 3 S .iff , ,- - r f' ,w Z '-"'-' rrr' fi it- zfq , ,g' , , . I V H ,, M, K NV 37.7, ,, , V .. gn V V. f V fad i , ' ' vw. 'uf . -,rw f i V . - - H ' - .- ,,,. . " - E 'f fi ' 5, , ' ". 0 ,,,, , . " ' . fr , . v, , I 41 me ' ' 1 . A7 Y' 2-12' . . i ' 5, A ' K ,,,, . H V, . . V 7 VVVV , . VV ,V,,.VV - VV ,Vo t,.1,.,t . .,,.,,.t, V, , ..,,. ,,,, V,. ,,, , ,,., ,,., . V V V.,,, W VVV, XVVVV, 3 ag! ' ' ' " .. I , , . . V. f ,, , " - f f i , H ---' " . or . , 0 590, V f A 7,,N,.fs,E,Lm2ir. I , gn r , ' ' f '-i' H i " , . . ' ' 5 V Mr ' ittr n , J, " gl' Brent and Mei Pendiey run for cash. Photo by John Bentley. Ph to b John Bentley. The official Fun-d Bun clock ticks off the minutes. o y W mb- J HU fllt ,, t, , , . tt - 'fy I vw onlin bm.- fm. 5 1 "1 Qfkfr, pt - j K .P ,- . ,al s---' 3' iifw D ,tf5itt,ttSfQ?v U' -W k d ' ' iattitudes. Photo by John Bentley. Jeanette Caraker awaits all who wish to sign up for the Fun-d Run and "repent" for their lac a aisica Fun-d Run 37 A Glance At The World Around Us College students tend to get caught up in the environment around the campus - the tests, the social life, the friends - and often they lose sight of the outside world. Local and national news events are often neglected. ln effect, each stu- dent creates a world away from the realities of everyday life that characterize a power- ful nation. Despite our attempts to iso- late ourselves from the outside world, it does influence us in many ways. As Charles Dick- ens wrote in reference to an- other age, "lt was the best of times. lt was the worst of times." Perhaps to many in the "worst" was at its 1987, "best", Political chaos in the form of the Iran-Contra scan- dal permeated American lives as Ollie North controlled prac- tically every network station and household with his ongo- ing testimony during the sum- mer months. Also, a 508 point drop in the stock market alarmed the nation in mid-Oc- tober and became known to many as 'Black Monday." AIDS continued to sweep across the nation in '87, and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker resigned from their PTL in- volvements due to immorality. On the brighter side, for some, the Twins captured the World Series title from the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Unit- ed States regained the covet- ed America's Cup. President A barge filled with tons of garbage was looking for a place to dump its cargo. President Reagan talks with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev during arriv- al ceremonies at the White House. The two superpower leaders held a three- day summit meeting in December and signed a nuclear arms control agree- ment. 38 World Events Ronald Regan and Soviet Pre- mier Mikhail Gorbachev met once again to discuss nuclear arms reduction. Whitney Houston and Madonna contin- ued to thrill fans with their up- beat variety of pop. Life in the United States in 1987, as in any year, reflected the rapidity of change in our world today. Despite the many disappointments, Americans continued to enjoy life. The fu- ture came quickly, and soon another year was gone. For Americans, looking forward to the Presidential elections of 1988, each day was a new challenge. UH Syrike To H0001 Ulnniiyme I Ill Po NH F,"Y0is mf, PM-gen" FUYUIW llhlt ,QU IIN A 24-day strike by the NFL players ended in mid-October when the union capitulated and went to court. All photos by Wide World. Oliver North, was a key official in the plan to finance anti-government rebels The Dow Jones industrial stock average dropped 508 points, the largest in in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to lran. All photos by Wide World. history, on Monday, October 19, f68SOf7S, l4ln"'PN. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker said farewell to the PTL ministry in March. Both resigned for questionable activities. SLYAK Gary Hart was forced to drop his bid for the presidency for immoral 715121 fi "X, y 41 The Minnesota Twins celebrate their victory over the St, Louis Cardinals. World Events 39 Graduates Ready to Enter World Commencement speaker Dr. Adron Doran, president emeritus of Morehead QKYJ State University, asked the 215 graduates one question: "Are you ready?" Doran assured graduates that the education they had received would stand them in good stead the rest of their lives, citing his own two years spent at the school. An alumnus and member of the Board of Trustees, Doran asked graduates if they were ready for three challenges: to do what is necessary to fulfull their dreams, to compete with their peers, and to "go forth and sow the seed of the kingdom." The Faculty Scholarship- Leadership medal was pre- sented to Susan Poteet, a computer information systems major from Trenton, Tennes- see. lt is the highest honor the faculty can bestow. Two honorary doctor of laws degrees were presented in the May 7 ceremonies. Fie- cipients were William Arnold, an author and businessman from Anderson, Indiana, and Wilfred Davis Chrisner, a busi- nessman from Austin, Texas. 'SQ Graduates walk toward the auditorium to begin the commencement exercises. 40 Graduation , ....,s..., ,. , .,M.,s..,,i..,.,.... Paul Rogers and Jeff Johnson share friendship after graduation. The 1988 Freed-Hardeman College graduates pose for the picture we l ww -rg: 'L T' -I Faculty members, donned in robes, stand until the graduates are seated. -Q Q ,H Li gfaffff if ,N Y eerrr et 'Q :wg 2 45,1 x Lined up in their processional lines, the graduates anxiously await the ceremony. Photo by John Bentley, Janice England Beckham proudly reveives ner diploma from President E Claude Gardner, Photo by John Bentley. Graduation 41 mppedll I 1753+ if a ' s ..-uri., .f"""'k Academwa Q1 LL dt, ,ag . gi! Q 5 , . 2.4 ' 1 Acadeualz Pwcdeufaud Bowwl . Ammmmm .... Famlg. .. . President and Trustees The Top Stuff President Gardner credits his background in Christian education, his business and ministerial experience, and the support of his family as key elements in his successful per- formance of his duties as Pres- ident of F-HC. Gardner, who has served the college for thir- ty-nine years, is in his nine- teenth year as president. Ac- cording to President Gardner, the best aspect of his job is "serving the Lord and advanc- ing his cause through prepar- ing young people to live and make a living." On a typical day, President Gardner is involved in many activities: A few of his duties may include planning for the future, conferences, commit- tee meetings, telephoning and answering letters, and the general supervision of the col- lege. ln addition to his cam- pus-related activities, Gardner also has a number of civic re- sponsibilities. He serves onthe Board of Directors of the Chester County Bank in Hen- derson and is also a member of the Chester County Cham- ber of Commerce. He partici- pates in the Rotary Club, the Public Service Council, and is past president of the Tennes- see College Association. A well-rounded man, Gard- ner has also edited two books - Brigance's Sermons 119513 and Van Dyke's Sermons 119713 - and written articles for the Gospel Advocate. The Board of Trustees oversees the college by elect- ing the President, approving the budget, helping in the de- velopment of resources, re- viewing the progress of the in- stitution, and establishing the college's broad educational policy. At this time, the board 44 President And Trustees President Gardner enjoys a good laugh at the freshman reception. Pho- to by Nancy Bennett. President Gardner and wife Deiorese smiie as they greet students at his six- ty-third birthday reception. Photo by John Bentley. is composed of about thirty self-perpetuating members, trustees, who meet four times annually. A good trustee pos- sesses such qualities as faith- fulness to the church, an inter- est inthe goals and mission of the college, and a desire to help the college through his in- fluence, encouragement, and financial resources. Serving as this year's officers of the Board are the following: F. W. Loden, lll, chairmang James Butts, vice-chairman, and Lat- tie Averitt, secretary. Y Students., enjoy cake and a choice of College trustees meet quarterly to dis- punch or hot chocolate at President cuss plans for the institution. Photo by Gardner 's blrthda y celebration. Photo by John Bentley. Trustees: i Horace L. Burks ..... Dennis Campbell ..... James E. Carter . .. James Dedmon ...... Adron Doran, Ed.D .... G. O. Farrow ,....,.,. E. Claude Gardner, D.H .... C. H. Hill, M.D. ...... . Elvis H. Huftard ....... William Thomas Ingram Joseph M. lvey, Jr .... Jerry K. Lee, Sr ...... L. W. Loyd, LL.D. L. L. Moore, LL.D .... Hatler Morgan ..... Julian Nance ....... James Putman ....... David R. Smith, LL.D. . Robert J. Smith, M.D. . Maryland Spears ...... Paul J. Spicer ....... Robert Swayne .... Charles E. Tibbals .... George Washington . . . C. R. Womack ....... C. B. F. Young, Ph.D. . John Bentley, Cookeville, Tennessee . . . . Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . Madison, Georgia .. . . . . Milan, Tennessee . . . Lexington, Kentucky . . . . . Ripley, Mississippi , . . Henderson, Tennessee . . . . . Troy, Tennessee . . . . Florence, Alabama .. Hobe Sound, Florida . . . , Kosciusko, Mississippi ........ .. Chicago, illinois South Pittsburg, Tennessee . . . . . . . Hamilton, Alabama . . . . . . . . Benton, Kentucky . . . . . . Florence, Alabama . . . . Columbia, Tennessee . . . .Del City, Oklahoma . . . . . . Jackson, Tennessee . . . Hohenwald, Tennessee ...........Ocala, Florida . . . . . . Paris, Tennessee .. .. Oneida, Tennessee . . . , Lynchburg, Virginia .. . Jackson, Tennessee . . . . Douglasville, Georgia President And Trustees 45 Student Affairs . . The Fun, Heavy Stuff Vice-President Roy Sharp is wrapped up in life. He says that the joys that come from a wife and three children, work- ing at F-HC and Mid-South Youth Camp, preaching regu- larly at the Estes congrega- tion, and speaking at gospel meetings or youth rallies keep him constantly wrapped up. On a typical day Sharp can be found in committee or student meetings, discussing student services, dealing with various personnel or studying for the one class he teaches. "The best part ot my job," he says "is working with the students to help them grow and mature in many ways, especially spiri- tually." To aid him with his job, Vice-President Sharp says that Romans 8 has helped him cope with lite. "I know there is no condemnation in Christ, l receive help from God, all things work together for good, and nothing can keep me from being loved by God." Although Vice-President Sharp has many responsibil- ities to fulfill, he always has time to spend with his students. Jim Selbe, dean of student activities, has many responsi- bilities, being in charge of all non-academic and extra-cur- ricular activities. Besides working with building monitors and RAS, he serves as the sponsor of S-AA. He also co- ordinates the social clubs, sponsors Philomathean, and organizes special weekends, movies, and concerts. Another of Dean Selbe's responsibil- ities is the production of the one-act play festival. He also serves as director ot Makin' Music, and of the residence halls, and helps with the con- cession stand at ball games. 46 Student Affairs Dr. Roy Sharp, Vice President of Stu- dent Affairs. Photo by Lisa Borden. These students compete in toosebaii, a popular game room activity. Photo by John Bentley. One ot the biggest jobs this year has been the overseeing ot the renovation of the stu- dent center. On a typical day, he is found trying to keep ahead ot the next event. To help him cope with his job, Dean Selbe remembers Isaiah 40:31 because "those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength." Dean Selbe likes James Selbe, Dean of Student Activi- ties. Photo by Lisa Borden. Resident Assistant Kim Lingren brings a smile to her nightly room checks. Photo by Amy Clifford. to spend time with his wife and son and enjoy his hobbies, such as fishing, playing soft- ball and pool. Acting as dean of students, Cliff Bennett is the man who must enforce the rules of F- HC. Among his responsibilities are the supervision of resi- dence hall directors, the en- forcement of student hand- book policies, and the preparation of the handbook each year. On a typical day he is found talking with students about policy violations or speaking to other administra- tors about student affairs problems. About his job, Ben- nett says, "Seeing students mature is the best part and the worst part is dealing with stu- dents who are dishonest." To help him cope with his job, he remembers I John 1:7. Also, he talks with his co-workers, plays golf, or goes fishing. Dean Bennett is a loving Christian who performs his job according to biblical princi- ples. Although many students only see him in the role of campus enforcer, he is a man of kindness and warmth. Dr. Cliff Bennett, Dean of Students. Photo by Lisa Borden. Student Affairs 47 Admissions . . The ln Stuff The main goalot the Admis- sions Office is to help young people learn more about Freed-Hardeman College. Ad- missions is directed by Paul Pinckley, who works to devel- op and implement programs that enhance recruitment of students. He also oversees other admissions personnel. Frank McMeen serves as Associate Director of Admis- sions. His duties include the supervision of Phoenix, the preparation of periodic admis- sions publications, and the co- ordination ofthe annual Youth Ministers Workshop. Admissions Representatives Susan Edmonds, Danny Sor- rell, and Wayne Scott serve in many different capacities. Ed- monds coordinates all on- campus admissions programs, such as high school weekends and Super Saturday. Sorrell coordinates contact with Christian high schools, and Scott coordinates summer camp representative pro- grams. ln addition Admission Representatives maintain con- tact with prospective stu- dents, provide campus tours as needed, and supervise the Student Admission Represen- tatives lSARsJ. The hard work of the Admis- sions Office pays off for the college, as this years' increase in total fall enrollment accu- rately indicates. 48 Admissions , f, f ,565 rig is Paul Pinckle y, Director of Admissions. Photo by Kelly Beard. Frank McMeen, Associate Director of Admissions. Photo by Kelly Beard. .Q' "" ""' f' I IQ YK -'TT',F'fW It ! Vx Susan Edmonds, Admissions Pepre- Frank Mclyleen talks to prospective sentative, Photo by John Bentley. student. Photo by John Bentley. Z 'WW Wayne Scott, Admissions Pepresen- Danny Sorrell, Admissions Represen- tative. Photo by Kelly Beard, tatlve, Photo by Kelly Beard. Admissions 49 Academic Affairs . . . The Hard Stutt The academic program is headed by Dr. J. D. Thomas, who serves as Vice-President for Computing and Planning. Thomas' duties are varied - he generates statistical infor- mation, edits the college cata- log, and attempts to anticipate computer needs of all divi- sions. Telecommunications is also important to Thomas' work. As a leader in the pro- ject to rewire the campus with fiber optic, twisted pair, and coaxial cables, he is anxious to see that voice, data, and video networks are utilized to the greatest advantage of the college. Dr. B. J. Naylor, Academic Dean, is the operative officer of the academic program. Fte- sponsible for the recruitment and training of the faculty and the development of curricu- lum, Naylor also oversees all academic departments, the Assistant Academic Dean, registrar, and librarians. Assistant Academic Dean John Hollingsworth coordi- nates students' academic ad- vising, heads the Honors pro- gram and the program of directed studies, and teaches in the Departments of Bible and interdisciplinary studies. Reeder Oldham directs the Center for Academic and Life Planning, counseling and teaching students. The Director of Placement, Jack Hilliard, works to place students and alumni in jobs, 50 Academic Affairs John D. Thomas, Vice-President for Computing, Planning, and Provost. Photo by Kelly Beard, B. J. Naylor, Academic Dean. Photo by Kelly Beard. supervises the coilege's co-op education program, assigns work-study jobs, and plans life-long learning programs and tours. Registrar June Old- ham oversees student regis- tration and maintains student records. W ' - John G. Hollingsworth, AssistantAca- demic Dean. Photo by Kelly Beard. June Oldham, Registrar. Photo by Kelly Beard. I- b- T' Reeder Oldham, Director for mg Cgrr- Jack Hilliard, Director of Placement ter for Academic and Lite Planning, and Lifelong Learning. Photo by John Photo by Kelly Beard, Bentley. Academic Affairs 57 Business Affairs . . The Green Stuff Money to a private institu- tion is of extreme importance to its very existence. Operata- ing without direct tax support, F-HC must generate income from tuition, fees, gifts, en- dowment earnings, and auxil- liary enterprises such as the Pruett Book Center. Working under the direction of Vice President Tom Davis, the Of- fice of Business Affairs man- ages and disperses these funds. ln addition to budget control and cash flow supervision, Da- vis oversees students ac- counts, non-academic person- nel, the food service, building and grounds, business and ac- counting offices, the book- store, mailroom, and con- struction. He says that he strives "for the satisfaction of trying to see that everything works together for the good of F-HC." When faced with stress, the vice president "concentrates on working through a job and lets stress take care of itself." ll Corinthi- ans 9:8 is a favorite scripture that helps him cope. Working with Davis in the Office of Business Affairs are Joe P. Hardin, controllerg Doris Maness, director of financial aid, and Joe Glisson, director of Pruett Book Center. Hardin, a 22 year veteran of the college, is the chief ac- counting officer. Maness works with students in secur- ing scholarships, grants, and loans. Glisson oversees the Bi- ble School Literature and Sup- ply House, seeking to secure new business and planning workshops for Bible school teachers. 52 Business Affairs Tom Davis, Vice President for Busi- ness Affairs. Photo by Kelly Beard. is V. X I fs, -K-...,s, 'Jil ' 45. Q-zz:-.. -...NN 5,1 5: 'J' .. ,M . . . , .FN .. .X N- KI ..,,., f ff- f 4, - -2: -iif -.....--."' 'kkk"' N 'f ' , ...A hav- -- , New-.... . --M.. hp S O 1 ,ll Joe P. Hardin, Controller. Photo by John Bentley. Kim Brown assists Todd Lee and Brett Bear in financial matters. Photo by Nancy Bennett. Joe Giisson, Director of Pruett Book - - Center. Photo by Kelly Beard. Doris Maness, Director ot Finanoiai Aid. Photo by John Bentiey. Business Affairs 53 institutional Advancement . . The Necessary Stuff institutional Advancement involves three departments - development, Alumni Rela- tions, and Public Information. The Office of Development is concerned with raising funds for the college. Such activities as the Annual Benefit Dinner and financial campaigns are the responsibilities of the Of- fice of Development. David Short serves as Director of Development. One of the major responsi- bilities of the Office of Alumni Relations is to keep alumni in- formed of college activities. Another responsibility is to co- ordinate the annual fund drive. J. Walker Whittle, Director of Alumni and College Relations, oversees alumni activities and is responsible for all published materials for the college. As the senior man in this wing of the college, Whittle de- scribes the best part of his work as "making and visiting friends of the college." This is a fortunate assessment since much of the work of advance- ment deals with diverse off- campus audiences. Repre- senting the interests of F-HC to alumni, friends, parents, and the public, they also bring concerns of these groups to campus attention. Also serving in Institutional Advancement are Keith Dan- 54 Institutional Advancement Da vid Short, Director of Development. Photo by Kelly Beard. J. Walker Whittle, Director of Alumni and College Relations. Photo by Kelly Beard. ley and Jess Wilcoxson, Assis- tants in Developmentg Robert Swayne, Director of Deferred Givingg and Tracey Taylor, As- sistant in Public Relations. Q S-Q ew ,ri 'Hr' ,..,.. , ,,,, , y W.--..ii,. iw " ,, ri " V ' fitter! . 5 it 'fi iE!iff5f,i Tiff' . , ,,. . . . . . ,...V, , , . ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,... V y. W y X it 3 ' 1' L, 9 s 1 sq . P K.: 3 Tracey Taylor, Assistant Director ot Public information. Photo by John Bentley. Jess Wilcoxson, Assistant in Develop- ment. Photo by John Bentley. Keith Danley, Assistant in Develop- ment. Photo by John Bentley. ff! 'King L17 0 0.0 U 1 . 'fax-V A' 1 s V u 0 I O' , o,9'O.1.l .Q Q Mym-ww! X 3 Institutional Advancement55 Dr. Dowell Flatt, head of the Division of Bible, poses for a scenic shot dur- ing his ten-da y trip to Belo l-lorizonte, Brazil. Bible Faculty . . Students Use Experience The Division of Bible, head- ed by Dr. Dowell Flatt, is de- signed to provide a strong reli- gious influence for the entire campus. To this end, Bible is taught to every student. Spe- cial emphasis is given to the preparation of preachers of the gospel, and the division seeks to encourage F-HC stu- dents to carry the story of Je- sus Christ throughout the world. F-HC is indeed fortunate to have learned and highly re- spected men serve in the Divi- sion of Bible. New appoint- ments include: Dr. Sam Hester, associate professor of Bible and newly-named editor of The Deaf Disciple , a reli- gious paper for the deaf among members of the churches of Christg Norman Hogan, professor of history and Bible, author of the newly- published book Leadership in the Local Church, and leader of annual campaigns to St. Louis and Scotlandg Dr. Earl Edwards, Director of Missions and the summer-in-Europe program, and Gordon Hogan, 1987-88 missionary in resi- dence. All members of the di- vision contribute to the high degree of respect that F-HC enjoys throughout the brotherhood. Dr. Sarn Hester takes his class out to the Commons to enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon, Photo by John Bent- ley. 56 Division of Bible , . Wintord Claiborne, MA. in Ed., Assistant Professor of Bible and Sociology ss fi , Q l F M S' wi P X 3 2 Earl Edwards, D. Missy Assistant Professor of Bible Dowell Flatt, Th. D., Head of the Division of Bible Sam Hester, Th.D.,' Associate Professor of Bible Gordon Hogan, Missionary in Ftesidence Everett Huftard, M.A.,' Assistant Professor of Bible Billy Smith, MA., M, Th., Assistant Professor of Bible James Tollerson, Th.D.,' Assistant Professor of Bible Clyde Woods, Ph.D.,' Professor of Bible A A The Division of Bible contin- B-ff ues to thrive and grow at F- HC. The first Bible chair in the schooI's history has been es- tablished. It is named in honor ,if of Hugo McCord in recognition T T of his scholarship and service rendered to F-HC and the brotherhood. A new B.S. ma- l jor in missions has been added and is attracting several stu- dents. Furthermore, place- ment of division graduates continues to be exceptional. In summing up the strengths and successes ot the division, Dr. Flatt commented that bal- ance and unity are the keys. The division strives to help its graduates apply a balance be- tween academic training and the practical wisdom they re- ceive while attending F-HC. Apparently they are doing just that, says Flatt, "By far the number one comment lwe re- ceive from graduatest was, 'keep up the good work. You gave us the training we needed."' Norman Hogan, Dr. Sam Hester, and Gordon Hogan relax in the Lion's Pride after a hard day's work. Photo by Nancy Bennett. Participants in the October Preachers and Church Workers Forum break from their discussions on discipling, church growth, and the unity rnove- rnent. Photo by Kelly Beard. Division of Bible 57 Students Prepare to Enter tne Business World Jim Edmonds prepares to answer one of his students questions, Photo by John Bentley. Keith Smith pounds his point home as he iectures t h' -d' ' ' 0 is upper :vision ac- counting class. Photo by Nancy Ben- nett. 58 Division of Business l i Bobby Bush, Ed. D.,' Associate Professor of Business and Psychology Jim Edmonds, J. D.,' Assistant Professor of Business Vicki Johnson, Ed. D., CPS,' Assistant Professor of Business Judy McKenzie, B.A., CPA,' Assistant Instructor in 'Fw Accounting Keith Smith, MBA., CPA,' Associate Professor of Accounting Dwayne Wilson, M.B.A.,' Head of the Division of Business Q 'ra it,, , j l iulxll Van, i,, 1 4, D-"' abby Bush - a more relaxed moment. Photo by Nancy Bennett. The Division of Business repares students with the kills and knowledge neces- ary to provide them with ex- ellent employment Opportu- ities in the business world. A ariety of programs are of- ered, including a minor in lusiness administration for tudents majoring in other de- artments, and majors in ac- ounting, finance, manage- went, marketing, office management, agricultural usiness, and a secondary ducation teaching major. .L This professional business training is provided in an envi- ronment which reinforces Christian conduct and pro- vides a broad educational background in the liberal arts. The division is headed by Mr. Dwayne Wilson. The establishment of a Busi- ness Council was one of the most significant developments in the Division of Business dur- ing the 1987-88 academic year. According to Wilson, the purpose of the council's for- mation was to analyze and 'E , r we Mark Abbott contemplates the next move in typing. Photo by Nancy Bennett. evaluate the state of the Divi- sion of Business, attempting "to set goals for building a stronger program." The division sponsored sev- eral campus activities during the school year. These activi- ties included the fall Career Day program, which sought to help prepare students for the process of finding their first job, and the spring Free Enter- prise Day, which tried to help students better understand how the American economic system works. Additionally, the Division revived the Stu- dents in Free Enterprise pro- gram, which had been halted for the past six years. With 251 majors, the Divi- sion of Business continued to attract the largest number of students at F-HC. Wilson attri- butes this popularity to the "excellent job opportunities available to graduates of the business program." He says he fully expects these oppor- tunities to continue well into the future. Division of Business 59 Students Express interest in the Arts The Division of Communica- tion and Fine Arts, headed by Dr. Steve Johnson, seeks these goals: to prepare stu- dents for careers in the fine or applied arts and to provide ex- posure to and instruction in communication and the fine arts for students in degree programs outside the division. The division seeks to enrich the cultural atmosphere of the college and surrounding area through sponsorships of art exhibitions, dramatic produc- tions, concerts, recitais, and various media programs. Some of these artistic pro- grams supported by the divi- sion included a visit by the Germantown String Ensemble loo-sponsored by the Depart- ment of Musicj and four theat- rical productions: the Pulitzer prize-winning Talley's Folly, Agatha Christie's classic thrill- er Ten Little indians, the chil- dren's play The Further Ad- ventures of Snow White, and Shakespeare's Richard lll The departments which constitute the Division of Com- munication and Fine Arts rep- resent a variety of interests, and faculty in this department cater to these student inter- ests. Some of the accomplish- ments of the division's faculty this year included the follow- "Crazy Faculty Tricks" spotlighted the talents of communication teacher Lora DeFore. Her Tarzan yell is done for Scott Ballard. WFHC deejay Trent Dade holds down the fort for an hour of programming. Photo by Lisa Borden, ing: Dr. Gerald Fulkerson be- gan his tenure as F-HC's first college research fellowg mem- bers of the F-HC Chorus, un- der the direction of Dr. Harvey Rhodes, travelled to France for campaign work and musi- cal performancesg and mem- bers ot the Sonshine Singers, under the direction of Winston Harless, travelled to the Cay- man lslands for a campaign. 60 Division of Communication and Fine Arts Lora Delore, M.A.,' Instructor in Communication Gerald Fulkerson, Ph.D.,' Professor of Communication, College Research Fellow Winston Harless, M.A,,' Assistant Professor of Communication Dixie Harvey, Ph.D.,' Associate Vg? ii: fr E 4 'xy i Professor of Music Sleve Johnson, Ph. D.,' Head of the Division of Communication and Fine Arts ff K i E ,Y Henry A. McDaniel, Ph.D.,' Chairman of the Department of Communication Harvey Rhodes, Ph. D.,' Chairman of the Department of Music Bill Taylor, M.A.,' Chairman of the Department of Art Terry Thacker, M.FA.,' Associate Professor of Art Harvey Rhodes assists Lee Hibbett with his voice lesson in Rhodes' office, stairs in Old Main. Photo by Kevin Perry. R. nb' 7 Hale and Julie Gann work for the campus TV station. . Photo by N, Bennett, elk, 5 - kin QQ Art Department Chair Bill Taylor lectures on architecture. Communication whiz Dr Gerald Fulkerson at home in his BCWE office: ls he smiling because thoughts of Touimin dash through his head? Photo by Lisa Borden. Division of Communication and Fine Arts 61 Students Become Teachers Tony Kirk fields a question from his class. Photo by Kevin Perry. "Professionalism that characterizes its purposes and setting" is the one memory Dr. Gerald Hovater, head of the Division of Education, wishes to leave with F-HC education majors. This professionalism is well evidenced in statistics: 100 OA of F-HC education graduates are accepted into masters programs in education, and 75"!: of healthlP,E. graduates are accepted into graduate programs. Additionally, F-HC ls slated to begin its own mas- ter's program in education within the next tew years. The Division ot Education consists of two departments that are primarily engaged in the professional prepara- tion of elementary and secondary education teachers. Graduates ot the division's teacher education programs are prepared to teach in both private and public schools. Proper prepara- tion is supported by formal studies, observations, personal reports, and results of both national and state teacher examinations. A professional education foundation is provided tor admission and study leading to gradu- ate teacher education degrees. This year the Division of Education welcomed 94 majors to the campus of F-HC. A student in the education department teaches fellow classmates about "Madam Butterfly. " Photo by Nancy Bennett. 62 Division of Educaiton Tom Dixon, M.Ed.,' instructor in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Sylvia Harris, M.A.,' Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Linda Helm, M.Ed.,' instructor in Education M -1 W8 1' tl. ts, im, I it tY"F ty 5, liwu if ' 5 . fs. Q.- x 1- 3 T tb . -, .,, ,, f Ml, L. K ,ge ii w ' ml ,,f 3, in i Q , '?'-ir, h ,. ff it 1'- i 5111 Anna Hovaier, Ed.D.,' Chairman ofthe Department of Education Gerald Hovater, Ed D.,' Head ot the Division of Education Hoyt Kirk, M.A.,' Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Tony Kirk, Ph. D,,' Chairman of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation NN Qimef ' we .E ,,,tt . : Vklg 1 TVN .. Mi 72. , . Students enjoy listening to a student demonstration in the education department. Photo by Nancy Bennett. Wanda McDougal diligently works on an assignment for her education class. Photo by Nancy Bennett. ii if 1- , f 4 ' ' fi . Division of Education 63 Students Set Goals For Growth The Division of Human De- velopment, headed by Dr. James Murphy, includes such departments as behavioral sciences and home and con- sumer economics. The courses and programs offered by the two departments within the Division of Human Devel- opment contribute significant- ly to the academic and per- sonal growth of students attending F-HC. Programs are available to prepare students for professions in psychology, social work, fashion merchan- dising, child development, and nutrition and food manage- ment. Courses are also offered in the areas of sociology, an- thropology, gerontology, and family studies. New faculty in the division are Lisa Miller, instructor in so- cial work, and Dr. Mike Cra- vens, instructor in the Depart- ment of Home and Consumer Economics. Additionally, 1987-88 marked the institu- tion of a new major in home and consumer economics with a concentration in fashion de- sign and merchandising, and a new minor in family studies. 1 2 ,ta Gwen Jennen, senior, prepares the Department s portable display Reba Thomas, Chairman of the Department of Home and Consumer Economics. 64 Division of Human Development '9r:,'?' , 0 , rw- rv .wr , ' f X f ,f X is ' X 1 ' - ... 'iizgw W .. A 1 Reba Thomas, M.S.,' Chairman of the Department of Home and Consumer Economics Not pictured' James Jones, Jr., M. S. S. Wg Lecturer in Social Work Charles Webb, Ed D.,' Associate Professor of Psychology Joyce Bloomingburg, M.A.7f,' instructor in Home and Consumer Economics Richard Cave, Ph.D.,' Chairman ofthe Department of Behavioral Sciences Mike Cravens, D. H. S.,' Assistant Professor of Family Studies Mark Crowell, M.S. S. Wg Associate Professor of Social Work Karen Lingren, M.S.,' instructor in Home and Consumer Economics Lisa Miller, M. S. S. Wg instructor in Social Work James Murphy, Ed D.,' Head of the Division of Human Development AI Price, M.A.,' Assistant Professor of Sociology Joyce Bloomingburg, Director of Nursery School, teaches tykes about 'lMr. Cow. " Photo by N. Bennett. Division of Human Development 65 Division Emphasizes Human Values "ln today's faculty in the Di- vision of Humanities, we find highly trained men and women who have sensitivity to the stu- dents' academic and spiritual needs and who are dedicated to helping our students sharp- en their own intellectual skills. A spirit of unity and coopera- tion pervades this division." These are the words of Nor- man Hogan, Head of the Divi- sion of Humanities, the divi- sion which includes the departments of history and political science, interdisciplin- ary studies, and languages and literature. The chief strength of the Di- vision of Humanities is its ver- satility. Hogan points out that there is an increasing need for broader-based educational degrees to fill many positions in business and industry. The success of the division is evi- dent in its job placement record: graduates have achieved positions in interior design, teaching, banking, and business. The acceptance rate to professional schools also continues to be good. The Division of Humanities continues to attempt to pro- vide its students with a sound liberal arts education. A new minor in Interior Design was added to the Department of interdisciplinary Studies for 1987-88, and Dr. Donald Tay- lor joined the faculty of the De- partment of Languages and Literature. With Dr. Taylor's addition to the F-HC faculty, the division was also able to reintroduce Spanish to the curriculum. Faculty members also attended various profes- sional meetings throughout the year. Baiph Gilmore and Teri Hale discuss important matters outside Bader Gym. H-9 Dr. Don Shui! takes his Honors World Literature class out on the front steps of Old Main. Photo by Nancy Bennett. The amazingiy talented Don Shuii attempts to set a new worid's record for tying a bow tie. Photo by John Bentley. 66 Division of Humanities e""." !' 1, .... Lrrg .M Q M .ig- ! get 1 tlrf W - M. 4' , " U yt it " , if , f, M, ,L 2 , Wt!! its K ' 3 Just when you thought 4' 1 ya, AV W t f 1 Q " f .2 W 4. t f, W tt a fzi , uttt V2 V ,,,,,, .. 1 , , . , ,.., ff ,. ,, 1 , , ,,,,f, ,,,, ,fr . ...', ,,,, 6, v,- ,tt f 2 f Z 5 X y, 0 2 rr' ' M 5' ' f A Wff X K if MQ, ,f mg 5 , ff, an nifty cysts f ff ft ffw V 4 mf, M r fig . W1 I Mia 92 vt' ey , ,Zi f fr V f ,Zi f f f 1 it was safe to go to chapel again . . . Photo by John Bentley. lf . Nancy Bennett, MS. in Ed.,' Assistant Professor of English Wendell Bloomingburg, MA., M. Th.,' Assistant Professor of History and Bible John Collins, D.A.,' Assistant Professor of History and Political Science Ralph Gilmore, Ph.D.,' Chairman of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies Carol Hamilton, MS.,' Assistant Professor of interdisciplinary Studies A. Neal Hill, Ph.D.,' Chairman of Department of Languages and Literature Norman Hogan, MA., Head ofthe Division of Humanities John G. Hollingsworth, MA.,' Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and of Bible Elsie Huffard, MA., Lecturer in Anthropology and in Geography Marie Johnson, B.S.,' Assistant Instructor in Special Education and in interdisciplinary Studies Elizabeth Saunders, Ed.D.,' Assistant Professor of interdisciplinary Studies and of Education Don Shull, Ph.D.,' Assistant Professor of Languages and Literature Don Taylor, Ph.D.,' Assistant Professor of Languages and Literature Ann Woods, M.A.T,' Assistant Professor of Languages and Literature Not pictured: James Maxwell, M.A.,' instructor in interdisciplinary Studies Division of Humanities 67 Nm x Q. f 4, M :HY V94 RY L " A .... i " how to use an eraser Photo by John Bentley. Aa "N A9 r" 'S in WWW4 6 5455 S 4, it Z 1, 1 s D Joe Delay, Ph. D.,' Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences Gene Hibbeti, Ph.D.,' Chairman of Department of Physical Sciences D8Vld Jenkins, M. S.,' instructor in Clyde Lewis, Ph.D.,' Professor of Biology sf 5 ba Pai Evans, Ph. D.,' Assistant A Professor of Mathematics S s n - - Ai' lk full , ' ' 5 ,r,,' , . ,.. ,, I I, l I 'far '-,, , siii , "H N ,f Computer Science ',,t'i r f Biology V K '...i fi-1 H tt. i,,.t A 1 ' ' Larry Oldham, M. S.,' instructor in Mathematics and Computer Science f risi Howard Trull, Ph,D.,' chairman of I I the Department of Biology l r ' Allen Walker, Ph.D.,' Head ofthe f ' fri' Y f ' . r V f ' lm ff Division of Sciences and " Mathematics, Professor of W Mathematics and Computer Science D ay Karen Walker, M. S. ,' instructor in f Com uter Science , l"i,lt f Not p'C"U'ed" , Milton Tucker, Ph.D.,- Professor of during lecture 'a if 3 5 l I , E :ln P Students listen attentively as Dr Howard Trull tells another story David Jenkins explains to Mike Johnson the fundamentals of programming in Pascal r EM, wif g 25 , J in Brian White demonstrates the appropriate way to do a laboratory experiment. Division of Sciences and Mathematics 69 Julie Russell helps out a student visitor to the library. Photo by Nancy Bennett. Students rummage through the reference section M term paper time, again? Photo by Nancy Bennett. Bruce White thinks he'll get some studying done by putting on the ear- phones. Photo by Kevin Perry, 70 Library Students See Library as Useful The Loden-Daniel Library, a modern two-story building, houses books, periodicals, and the central library catalog. Many F-HC students spend long hours in the library study- ing tor examinations or work- ing on research papers. The magazine section ofthe library is popular because of its social atmosphere. On November 6, 1987, Li- brarians Jane Miller, Jan Sharp, and Sherry Jennette attended the college and uni- versity section of the Tennes- see Library Association con- ference held at David Lipscomb College. l Mary Bloomingburg, M.Ed.,' Assistant Librarian 9 'rf . Shirley Eaton, Librarian Z I 3 X 'fl' H Sherry Jennetle, M.L.S,,A Librarian 4.- A ,digg fa wr V A N' I ""rrr, Jane Miller, M.A., iL.S.j,' Head 'V' If 5, 5 1-1' 3 2 . ' ' r . . L it 1 L' L by ' r tr , ff' L'bff"f'-W ' f Q ' " V 5 I I f Jan Sharp, M.S.E,' Librarian if :reg r,r5 it M. 'r:V V W i'Zsf2if:,4 ,.gS.,n' .gift ' ' M . 1' f.Qfu9?L"m I 1 3 'y f Y 3 f ff Bennett. Students contemplate the proper use of headphones. Photo by Lisa Borden. A student spends his time looking for research topics. Photo by Nancy Library 71 72 Staff Louise Alexander, Residence Hall Director Margie Allen, Residence Hall Director Kim Brown, Assistant in Financial Aid Angela Cole, Technical Specialist Sherry DePriest, Secretary Ray Eaton, Manager of WFHC-FM Della Flatt, Faculty Secretary Helen Garafalo, Administrative Assistant and Office Manager Nancy Glisson, Administrative Assistant Lola Hilliard, Assistant in Placement Dorothy Hinson, Residence Hall Director Sheri Jenkins, Switchboard Operator Barbara Johnson, Technical Specialist Darlene Lewis, Faculty Secretary Mylie McKissack, Office Manager Sissy Mcwhirt, Secretary Barbara Murray, Residence Hall Director Gail Nash, Assistant in Audio Visuals David Novak, Director of Computer and Telecom services Edith Paschall, Residence Hall Director ..-sez 11' . , ,t.,t Q. ,,...a:-3-- -W . Ss tg . as , ff 'i1fgg,--sg .. ' 'FH QfiVfiiniiaiiiiixs-1iZ5 51.13 - 'rises-1,,,kgtt.:sf5has -ky Qisfiffsiiitis 1:1-Sv'..:tese2:,s:X ., as ' A. as as X X . MX X X ,X EX 1. Q- Q ws s a Q ig Q X X X? Q ,X f Q wx tt 5 x U was its 'S 211 x fl - 'kssllf-2252 ,Est A in ,... j A "F el X . F t -rrr 'Biff ttt,ttt, .. sstt 'f a ,tw '.::1:.f:::5K t sf N ,- kt . , i A SWS: F5138 sssta.. T 'S izz , .... ty . ,,,, ..,, ' ,QS-ij n. f Q f A:-X --its.. as as . ., .sm I f . ask is 5 if X is Q 1 5 x SX x SS 1 X i s 5 A s XJ rs' 5 . . tres- 1 5 Q' 1 tsirt f 1525" J, ffm-1 ' sssii F F N as s .st B ss f -- gr it X - ' K- s is . sis!-1-' --Hx 15 s .- , ,- 4 .' . tx Q t 2 ,L ,tt.,1::1 -- , I ,t.' tl I - ,,,, t t at ., ..,.. is .. I , "" its - it . ff . -- ----- 5 , , . . , J - Q 125:21 . --":2 ?" 5: -- ' fi" or at v . 1 A X -5 5 E , .ss--1 - 1 "i" s it 5 'X is erssffiiik-F' at V ser' 'X jh..s..ins -"' is -- xf te :ffgiszrs as :east L if - if Q r wg Q, Is. t if it .jg , Q: K , 'L - ,,. 1- 2 say: Q , i-ss as .i is . .kt - , Sf 2 Q Xt i K tt -.ff ... Q? L - . t Q 1 X sf 1 s S . .. X WX" '- A ' Qffkiiifsf Xe, . f, - XS i N g' . esfaqs-1 --K K 'P fi., - ,J Ki? if 4 N 5 N3 N X N Q: frail sf S Q Qs I I S3 y , ,, .Jw 4 9 ' ,Tw ,QL 'vs ww' A if K K ,h,k.h it N W if,-X bf 1 Es . S iiii W 1 1 W at .... . g , i g 1 S Margaret Presnell, Secretary Claude Randolph, Bible School Literature and Supply House Manger Mary Shepherd, Residence Hall Director Rose Shoulders, Residence l-lall Director Hope Shull, Office Manager JoAnn Sills, Clerical Supervisor of Processing Room Diane Smith, Secretary Tamie Sorrell, Student Loan Clerk Tracey Taylor, Assistant Director of Public information Virginia Taylor, Administrative Assistant Beverly Weatheringlon, Secretary Hagan Wilcoxson, Bookstore Manager l Vlhlcoxsons Retire Mr. and Mrs Jess Wilcox son retired May 31 after 27 years of service to F-HC. They were honored with a special chapel, a student reception in the commons, and a dinner at- tended by hundreds. Jess Wilcoxson came to F- HC in 1961 as plant and grounds supervisor and rose to vice-president of business affairs in 1978. Most recently he has worked in development. Hagan also joined the staff in 1962 as a librarian. She has managed the college book- store since 1969. According to Mrs. Wilcox- son, it has been "a great re- ward to associate with young people." The Wilcoxsons greet well wishers at a reception in the Commons. Photo by John Bentley. Staff 73 w , Q n ?w" mppedlf l A 'W if, Q f M1 . 1 f 'I If J' if I 1 M J 1 Q' H 74 T33 M My .. uw ,W l lf! Clmea .CeuamC6u JunmC41u !0phwwC6u.. Fwhumfbu .. Seniors Wrapped and Ready As the seniors began the 1987-88 college year, they found themselves wrapped up in the reality that gradua- tion was soon approaching. Feelings of excitement and apprehension filled the air as the students ventured to guess what the world would hold in store for them. With the joy of graduating came the sadness of leaving those friends they had grown to love over the past few years. Despite some nervous anticipation, the senior class was ready to face the world. Reflecting upon their spiritual and academic achievements and real- izing the important roles that these ac- complishments would play in their ev- eryday lives, the senior class prepared to venture out on their own. Senior Class Officers: Seated - Susan Skel- ton, seoretaryg Paula Hill, SGA reprensentatlve, Standing - Victor Spencer, SGA representa- tive,' Trevor Cooke, president' David Allard, trea- surer,' inot pioturedj Stacey Burgess, vioe-presi- dent, Photo by Amy Clifford. Jody Abbott, Union City, TNQ Marketing Trudy Anderson, Duluth, MNQ Office Management David Baker, Berry, AL, Bible Kristi Barker, Avon Park, FLQ Public Relations Bethany Barnes, Monroe, Mig Elementary Education Chuck Barnett, Corinth, MS3 Teaching Physical Education Todd Beaver, Bellville, Ol-lg General Studies Kendra Bonnell, Doniphan, M03 Teaching Physical Education Tammy Bradshaw, Louisville, KYQ Elementary Education Kilroy Byers, Temple Terrace, FLQ Marketing Kelly Cain, Lake City, FL, Child Development Jeanette Caraker, Lakeland, FL, Public Relations 76 Seniors ,V we, s ,152 f W' r . -, ' 1 ' gf 6 'V in Y' L M -A rl wil X 5? YW L .J --'- "l,, ' fir V ,i ' -gan, T , ,mt if i , 'E 1 'fi , W V QW- , x , f gk ,Q We I .. J ' A 3, ,,,, , K 39, , Z K 'fi , amps i 5 . 1 " 41,3 gf, , M r I W . 1 W E W .,,-- 5 ' i t 4 l t x Q 2 ' it 2? at 'l"'rf' f ev 58 , f , l 1 E . C tj? F 4 aw 2 K bi? t 1 it l X 1 ll 4 ri fl , W., f ' 'tit X ,. ,,., .. J 4 K My f 1 ir' Z gg f f f ff L ag 4 ......- ..-. 'N gg ....... , - W K ' Y .A 3? 'kr W WE ,, 9 Q , fi-if Q , ,, ,MW ., , ,,, , ,, f . ,,,, ,,,,,,,,a,,. f, I f , W ,r L lr 2 rl ' ' 6f., ' j4w f' M ,f " ,,. ,ay , ,,,, M! T ' , AL im QW , '- 4 flwrwrr ' , . y 5522 rn - ,W ----- , W V, . I MW 1 fm ff W W f Q W X7 ff ff M f wwf xW iyMa,., '57, X ' issi it fm n ' 'L llf':5,1? f Z A it 5 F M , , fa K1 ft. f 'Q 5 Cindy Carden, Ripley, TN, Elementary Education Renard Carpenter, Aliceville, AL, Finance David Cariaga, Butuan City, Phillipines, Bible Karen Carnathan, Fulton, MS, Elementary and Early Childhood Education Tim Carroll, Atoka, TN, Bible Alan Cary, Martin, TN, Communication Kenneth Chadwell, Henderson, TN, Bible Bart Charles, Queens, NY, Bible Mark Charlton, Smyrna, TN, Bible Richard Claiborne, Pembroke Pines, FL, Art Scott Cummins, Griffin, GA, Marketing Susan Davis, Henderson, TN, Child Development Tim Dills, Blue Fiidge, GA, Broadcasting Penny Dorsett, Trenton, TN, Social Work Mike Dozier, Huntsville, AL, Computer Science Lesley Eakins, Ozark, MO, Teaching Health and Physical Education Dan Eason, Scotts Hill, TN, Sports and Fitness Management Celeste East, Brilliant, AL, Broadcasting Regina Eldridge, Savannah, TN, Marketing Robert Eldridge, Dayton, OH, Bible Eric England, Gastonia, NC, Marketing John Estes, Port Allen, LA, Chemistry Cammy Evans, Ftamer, TN, Elementary Education Donna Fears, Switton, AR, Home and Consumer Economics Seniors 77 Mitzi Fields, Jasper, Al., Elementary Education Daniel Fleeman, Maryville, TN, Elementary and Early Childhood Education Polly Flippo, Jackson, TN, Management Pauletta Frederick, Sidell, lL, Mathematics Kara Galleo, Roanoke, VA, Management Julie Gann, Franklin, TN, Agri- Business Dana Garner, Hohenwald, TN, Office Management LeAnn Garner, Pomona, MO, Accounting February Fun - No, sne's noi washing clothes, but senior Kristie Glass is having a iot of fun sliding down Loyd Hill in the snow that made its annual visit during the February lectureship. Photo by John Bentley, Dawn Garrett, Union City, TN, Public Flelations Mike Gerlach, Sparta, IL, Sports and Fitness Management Kristie Glass, Covington, TN, Finance Ricky Glass, Lawrenceburg, TN, Bible Jeff Golson, Forest Park, GA, Bible Bill Gooch, Maryville, TN, Broadcasting Scott Greene, Glen Allen, AL, Finance Roy Neal Grissom, Henderson, TN, Communication 78 Seniors . ,Q T :gb-at t .. Es,-X ts Q X jg 5 Y - X X .. , tt... assi, -if .- - .5 5,:g,.,,-. .. S X :fl S X if X lgiiifg NN ' H75 , 9 f X , , N J' 4 1 1 r I H 5 N .. ft- , t 4 ,XX .. at , " at Q 'F X .sf x Srl .4 1-.EXC 'Q A ft 5 '15, 'Q V in X at 5 5 - X..-v is .N C. tv SS wi - ts is ,,, - ,ss .. .i s ' ,N .,-.- H 1 -ff. is-is..fg-,,,57.H.i. 5,-5, ,Q A -A - A is - ' A 3 F . . sy. -,R ... ,. sl? 1 . if . We ' T . ' sf 5? ' , . , J - ei, .. .X C .. m y X ,ig i - A - --::. . , .. , M fx. ss ., . 1 -5 ,g 1 1, as . . ' ,N X . . it ix X i f ' 7 .K 21355254- .5 tiiitllf' l i ' wg fa 4? its NR? Ns- S125 A sf ti, ' 4 - it S - A V 'H it ff I 5 . 4 xt , 653, .3 , t' "bf Y , S! ,X . Ns' N- 1- 3 ts , we ff- fi as ness? , wuz? . it . C l. Kim Hale, Cherokee, AL, Broadcasting Teri Hale, Union City, TN, Teaching Mathematics George Hamer, Memphis, TN, History Melanie Hampton, Trenton, TN, Management Curtis Harbuck, Travelers Best, SC, Computer information Systems Richard Harden, Campbellsville, KY, Management Teicher Harden, Forest Park, GA, Elementary and Early Childhood Education I William Hardman, Cartersville, GA, Sports and Fitness Management Robby Harmon, Florence, AL, Agri- Business Leanne Heffington, Birmingham, AL, Office Management Pam Hicks, Henderson, TN, Teaching Health and Physical Education John Hill, Birmingham, AL, Bible David Holloway, Cherry Log, GA, Agri-Business Emma Hopper, Enville, TN, Elementary and Early Childhood Education Kyle Hufford, Kokomo, IN, Chemistry Nanette Jarrett, Camden, TN, Biology David Jennen, Van Buren, AB, History Gwen Jennen, Fayetteville, NC, Home and Consumer Economics Debbie Johns, Steele, MO, Accounting Jeff Johnson, Knoxville, TN, Public Relations Steve Johnson, Henderson, TN, Bible Rob Jones, Pueblo West, CO, Bible Frank Kemp, Stanley, NC, Public Flelations Tamie Kiddy, Corinth, MS, Social Work Seniors 79 Susan Kirk, Linden, TN, Fashion Merchandising Karrie Knight, Nelmah, WI, Marketing Shelly Latham, Gordo, AL, Elmentary Education Jeff Lewis, Middleburg, PA, Teaching Mathematics Mary Lou Losey, Jeffersonville, IN, Social Work Michelle Lyons, Glasgow, KY, Marketing Jackie Makool, Hodgenville, KY, Teaching Mathematics Joy Marsh, Odenville, AL, Public Relations Greg Martin, Florissant, MO, Computer information Systems James Maxwell, Lantana, FL, Bible Miles Mayo, Bassett, VA, Bible John McCaskill, Henderson, TN, Management Johnny McDaniel, Jonesboro, GA, Marketing Philip McWhirt, Richmond, VA, Teaching Art Donald Milam, Huntingdon, TN, Bible Jody Miller, Parkersburg, WV, Management Debra Minton, Henderson, TN, English Erl Morrell-Stinson, Durbanville Cape, South Africa, Bible Greg Mullinicks, McEwen, TN, Teaching Physical Education Tammi Mullins, Southaven, MS, Public Relations Glynda Nichols, Madison, TN, Social Work Penny Nickles, Muncy, PA, Marketing Jana Nixon, Gulp, TN, Accounting David Noles, Tallassee, AL, Finance 80 Seniors , f 'fiEEfg5,7'1lIEE- 2" r H Wrawrrw 12 lf mf' fr Vs? , 1' V V i r ri if ddii . ,,,,,, ,S H ' - Mya? H' ' Milf' ' 115 ill? t , ,,,, r LL" 5 ' ' J t aw 'M 8 14 '95 x if 'V Q W l fa 2 jf Y af li S f ,su , 39-:efeff':f it M ! Q f fl? S V Z if if we 'L -I A- A llllt L - W' ' film ' X K 7 .W W ' ,A 2 2 ,K T, VH x 1 ff, K i f K ' Q If 't 1 A ff v -5 'Y 4 V , if rl it A , , My in Q X c x W 'SI' tl ll ,, if,,. fffk r 7 xi its 05 I I ', ' - x Alicia Northcutl, Blue Springs, MO: General Studies Lisa Page, Luray, TN, Management Jamie Paradise, Oakland, TN, Finance Laura Parish, Huntingdon, TN, Social Work Melanie Parker, Metropolis, IL, Office Management Bobbi Pennington, Cottage Grove, TN, Accounting Tina Permenter, Finley, TN, Mathematics Gloria Postlethwait, Moundsville, WV, Social Work Susan Poteet, Trenton, TN, Computer information Systems Christi Pugh, Portland, TN, Broadcasting Holly Rachels, Bartlett, TN, Marketing Sherry Ricketson, Gordo, Al., Accounting Pickin' Ano' Singin' Potpourri offers everybody a chance to be a star, for a night at least. Eric England, John Law, and Johnny McDaniel pick and sing with a coun- try flavor, Paul Rogers, Stanton, KY, Finance Amanda Rollins, Hartford, TN, Mathematics Richard Root, Holt, Ml, Bible Delicia Rouse, Paducah, KY, General Studies Seniors 81 We Two - Senior David Baker seems to be "crooning to his sweetheart, " Mitzi Fields, also a senior, as they host Potpourri '87. Photo by John Bentley. Suzanne Rupert, Tecumseh, Ml, Elementary Education Adrienne Sanders, Obion, TN, Chemistry Tammy Shadwick, Albany, GA, Biology Darrell Sharp, Memphis, TN, Social Work Kathy Shelton, Arcadia, FL, Fashion Merchandising James Shepherd, Henderson, TN, Computer information Systems Neil Short, Morenci, AZ, Teaching Mathematics Susan Skelton, Hohenwald, TN, General Studies Thomas Snow, Mansfield, TX, Bible David South, Corinth, MS, Bible Victor Spencer, Jonesboro, AB, Bible Eve Strange, Covington, TN, Finance Robin Summers, Holladay, TN, Teaching Biology Jerry Suter, Palmyra, MO, Finance Susan Tatum, Clarksville, TN, Elementary Education Vickie Terhune, Henderson, TN, Teaching Mathematics 82 Seniors f X.,.fe'f rs' r' uf-J' -Y' "EGM Q' nn" ,meg , Sew'-,':""'i , '.1.i:-1,-L. in 'rx' 'mf rise.. :Qi tx" 2 'ss ri! sew.. T- Y fi. 'nf' M 'y .-rr. .,'- . . . '12-f-r'1f4.'f '. ' '-'-4H"'vX 1 fl-0u4 1 A F 4 writ, l ' , nf fi ,Q 1 A . I " T , , 'fe i5Z!""" 5 f',g',,, Q Y KK ,fi ,L ,,,,, . ,5 .- ,,,. ,E iw rt ,fry Us I l , .. ,Z ,,, ,I q ff f fi f, -,,,,,, ii we , ,,,iir4,t,., ,in A .,. 17 r I i , K ., Z V: J ,, X ii , 3 ' ii, ia, 9 -, T r X5 , ET ' iiii S 7 if al ., 1 qw, 1 ' ' iv AW ',"l,,r A f 1 llll ' if 1 ix R 'Z , fin x V' f H X ,X ' r fllr , r,,i f 4 x 4 we 1 ' X '.',, f ,i , ,, , Q , I, ,,,,, , V V X i l ill' ihf F H - i ' ' "i" ,r . ea 5, E 4 Q 'W59' , ii l. ,kt . ,W l "' f t N 3, X xx f -l WSE - - -. 1: L' Lyxk I si x Y.. ll 'c bmw s c, i h 2 GN, t X f X 5? x numb- Xl f l M ' A l ff -t etee ,k,: : ':.i. 5 5 ii? .. ,Q K I Ts as X is N S. we ,,.. , X Wade Thompson, Owens Crossroad, AL, Teaching Biology Joetta Turbeville, Dresden, TN, Home and Consumer Economics Shani Waller, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, Social Work David Weathers, Tupelo, MS, Bible Jennifer Weaver, Jackson, TN, Elementary Education Patsy Webb, Henderson, TN, Elementary Education Royce Webb, Henderson, TN, Communication Treasure Weber, Atlanta, GA, Management Dawn White, Lawrenceville, GA, Marketing Jeff Wiggins, Chesapeake, VA, Art Kevin Wood, Niceville, Fl., Marketing Scott Woods, Henderson, TN, Psychology Dixie Wright, Jasper, AL, Finance Ho Don Yates, Oak Grove, MO, Biology Michelle York, Paducah, KY, Elementary Education Amy Young, Dyer, TN, Elementary Education Marty Young, Corinth, MS, Teaching Health and Physical Education Porter Young, Newberry, SC, Bible Mike Yuhas, Engadine, MI, Management Elizabeth Abel, Nashville, TN, Social Work Seniors 83 Juniors - Almost Wrapped Upon attaining the class standing of junior, one realizes that he or she will be faced with more responsibilities, as well as privileges, than in the previous years. This year's junior class readily accepted every challenge put before them as they began to make definite decisions concerning their specific ma- jors. The juniors hosted the annual Sadie Hawkins Day to raise funds and to pro- vide entertainment for the student body. This same determination was still evident as the year came to a close and the juniors prepared themselves for their last year at F-HC. Junior Class Officers: Row 7 - Nancy Has- tings, SGA representative, Tammy Barnes, vice- president, Kathy Dye, treasurerf Bow 2 - Ray Suiiins, president, Henry Poston, secretary, Bry- an Armentrout, SGA representative. Photo by John Bentley. Kimberlie Aaron, Chicago, IL Mark Abbott, Hollywood, MD Bryan Armentrout, Jonesborough, TN Larry Arnold, Allandale, FL Cynthia Ashe, Selmer, TN Scott Ballard, Camden, TN Jamie Barnes, Thayer, MO Tammy Barnes, North Little Rock, AR Janice Beckham, Mt. Juliet, TN John Bentley, Oak Grove, MO Kathy Birkhead, Madison, AL Bob Bloomingburg, Lexington, TN 84 Juniors ,fra 'T ,ig t rv- X ,. sas, f X 1 I t r . Y 'L - ,W ss. .4 0' . 6 l +9 ft Tit' Q I ki I 'Wilde sf sa- Q .59 :Q ,sm L Andrea Bolen, Florence, AL Lisa Borden, Jackson, TN Cindy Braddock, Memphis, TN Amy Bullock, Richmond, IN Stacey Burgess, Alexandria, AL Gina Burleson, Cullman, AL Dexel Burns, Memphis, TN Michael Cantley, Salem, VA Carolyn Cave, Henderson, TN Clay Chapman, Conyers, GA Gary Chapman, Alpharetta, GA Leah Childers, Alamo, TN Scott Chitwood, Spartanburg, S Kim Choat, Cherokee, AL Angela Clark, Mt. Vernon, lL Amy Cliftord, Henderson, TN u Connie Cochran, Belleville, IL Julie Coleman, Hardy, VA Karen Coleman, Lexington, TN Mark Colvett, Caruthersville, MO Kim Cotter, Caulfield, MO Russ Davenport, Nashville, TN Anna Davis, Burnsville, MS Amy Delk, Columbia, TN Juniors 85 Michael Diddock, Anchor Point, AK Glynn Dilbeck, Ducktown, TN Sandy Dilbeck, Doniphan, MO Jeffrey Dillinger, Nobelsville, IN Richard Dobbins, Corinth, MS Shelly Doss, Pikeville, KY William Durham, Sardis, MS Kathy Dye, Hohenwald, TN Shirley Eldridge, Dayton, OH Judy England, Mt. Juliet, TN Ginger Engle, Decatur, AL Anna Eubanks, Selmer, TN Cheryl Evans, St. Louis, MO Jason Faulkner, Union City, TN Bill Freeze, Fort Worth, TX Danny French, Hazelwood, MO Lisa Gibbons, Rogersville, AL Michelle Gilliland, Jackson, TN Melissa Goff, Reagan, TN Jon Goode, Kirkland, WA Becky Gordon, Meclon, TN Randy Grisseti, Prattville, AL Tamy Grogan, Murray, KY Bill Hamilton, Buchanan, TN 2 if f, tml, 5 ,A f f , ,fy t vw, 4. rr ,, ,,,,,. ,W B3 Q figs it J f J X iw f W - ' ll, L, , 'Q . 3, ,Ml tw, W lil Swlfff' f ff leg, L, ,, WM lik si: QF' , g. T - f .Y . , 5 gf wh 2 ,rv V , , s or ya kg , as M, 1 ff' ,I ,,. ' Q 1 Ly.. Q1 Qui ,x iw, ,,,ff W my all Mg A57 -at 4' Q if Q kw ah fi 2 , Q .gi M0 ' ,, 2 91 -rg, Q I 86 Juniors 'tm E lb 3' is Ev ., xi.. :lake if 4 as . .. .K Iiiiifiiiill -J - ii L : Ni: ,Q .. 3. X Q Y ,,.g 'ff ggi, A l :,, X xy ,I ,QE Q a l l N Qs Dan Haynes, Corinth, MS Daisry Heastie, Nassau, Bahamas Lee Hibbett, Henderson, TN Ginger Higginbotham, Decatur, AL Clay Hobbs, Ft. Pierce, FL Hamilton Holliman, Pascagoula, MS Carmen Huddleston, Ripley, MS Mike Hughes, Paris, KY David Hunt, Prattville, AL Joyce Hunt, Prattville, AL Tim James, Lutesville, MO Kelly Johns, St. Louis, MO Susan Johnson, Tuscumbia, AL Teresa Jones, Anchorage, AK Tim Jones, Doniphan, MO Wendy Kee, McKenzie, TN Happy Birthday - A blcentennial cake, in honor of the 200th birth- day of the Constitution, awaits the arrival of stu- dents from chapel. SGA hosted the reception and Hill Food Service prepared the cake. Photo by Nancy Bennett, Juniors 87 Ruth Kennedy, Birmingham, AL Wasim Khokar, Pakistan Randy Lane, Fair Dealing, MO Scott Lanning, Burton, Ml All ln A Lalher - Junior Kerry England seems to have forgotten where the shaving cream goes. Actually, Kerry's friends had learned of his engagement and de- cided ro express their congratulations. Photo by John Bentley. John Law, Memphis, TN Greg Littleton, Aubumdale, FL Robert Lovett, Obion, TN Tara Markart, Memphis, TN Anita McCandIess, Trotwood, OH Wanda McDougal, Booneville, MS John McLaughlin, Scottsboro, AL Mark Miller, Jonesboro, AR Tim Miller, Cherokee, AL Missy Miskelly, Falkner, MS Jamie Montague, Somerville, TN Bob Murray, Henderson, TN 88 Juniors 'Sv 4 A LN 'vs t , 'am Wi My at, ,rn ,r . nm, . 1 s Y: X 9 X' 4 lt if we i 3 W kv, 3 2 ,ff Qi I . .L , :asv -Q ,vs was 5 S I :thu an fl Q gal "?i'- fm 'f ,- f 1 so I K E K gl 2 .59 itll YT? wtwsfsfi i:X xS ,Xa A i we A 1 .:,g - 2 sr . 5 , -,Q fri! 1 . I SS YE in .. j A, Q5 - is pr rr Q :Sg2sis55: 3 -sy W , ,, L L , ,ss - Mi 3' al: fy., K . J 1 , . Randy Neal, Hermitage, TN Ann Nix, Section, AL Kelye Olsen, Semmes, AL Jason Osmer, Gurley, AL Ernest Ozemalah, Omuku, Nigeria Martha Patton, Milan, TN Suzanne Pearson, Amory, MS Andrew Perkins, New Cumberland WV Lori Anne Phillips, Benton, KY Lisa Pigg, Hohenwald, TN Cami Postell, Blue Ridge, GA Paul Powers, Tupelo, MS Jo Richey, Poplar Bluff, MO Carlton Ricketson, Alma, GA Kayla Rickett, Oak Grove, MO Dana Rodgers, Memphis, TN Jana Rogers, Trezevant, TN Julie Russell, Manchester, TN Melinda Scudder, Memphis, TN Steve Sentell, Goshen, IN Kelly Shelton, Arcadia, FL Mike Simons, Clemmons, NC Mark Singleton, Corinth, MS Pam Skidmore, Tuscumbia, AL Juniors 89 Ronda Slaughter, Dyersburg, TN Kelly Smith, Florence, AL Tam Story, Henderson, TN Cleta Stutzman, Mt. Dora, FL Ray Sullins, Jackson, TN Michelle Swearingen, Green Cove Springs, FL Thom Tarter, Ligonier, PA Jeff Taylor, Tulsa, OK The Cat Game Back - John Paul Walters entertains in chapel prior to his appearance at the Sadie Hawkins party. The junior class hosted the event. Photo by John Bentiey, Tony Taylor, Milan, TN Todd Teague, Jackson, TN Tim Teel, Sanford, Ml Laura Tidwell, Dickson, TN 90 Juniors wr my '-,' I 1:2 Li 2-322532 I 6 , ' 7" if Q f 22,7 J., , V J , Q , , rrrrr T 1 4 S T , 'T if i M -4 A 5 i Q i A Q ' ' I ' i " Aa ' A ,Q ' ' 1 Yi! "i, ' 'f" f , W .-so -Q' ,- 2 ' r 'W' f t x F i T T f , A T ,. , was wif '. , f f- gg , , fffi M ,ii i 1 ' T 'f ' .ig , ' was -' e , V' -- .fag L ,thaw y " 15, 1743 I" ,, Jiri! -, 1, , .fe 4 I AW Pin The ... Trying to diaper a donkey is a real challenge for these F-HC students. And you thought we had no entertainment in Henderson. Photo by John Bentley, Emily VanCuren, Goshen, IN Jeff VanCuren, Goshen, lN Darrell Venable, Henderson, TN Sherry Veregge, New Paris, OH Martha Wallace, Hornbeak, TN Jennifer Webster, Collierville, TN Vincent Wheatley, Valley Virgin Gordo, British Virgin Islands Karen White, Florence, AL Brian Whitfield, Nauvoo, AL Richard Williams, Jasper, AL Teresa Wiley, Yorkville, TN Mandy Wiser, Tullahorna, TN 1 Junlors 91 Sophomores - Half Wrapped To those who have earned the title of sophomore, being a second-year stu- dent may be somewhat "confusing" Sophomores may sometimes find themselves stuck in the middle, they have overcome the "freshman" label, but have found that they are not quite ready for the increased responsibilities that characterize an upperclassman. Despite whatever perplexity some sophomore classes may face, the 1987-88 sophomore class at F-HC has shown great determination and maturi- ty in the planning and carrying out of their class activities. Sophomore Class Officers: Seated - Diane Speed, SGA representative' Kerri Tyner, secre- tary,' Standing - Todd Fulkerson, SGA repre- sentative, Kevin Cain, presidentg Kelly Lancaster, vice-president. Photo by Amy Clifford. Lisa Abbott, Hollywood, MD Eddie Alderson, Columbia, TN Sharon Aldridge, Macon, GA John Alexander, Sheffield, AL Sandy Allen, Middleton, TN Andrea Allison, Nauvoo, AL Gina Anderson, Gallatin, TN Chris Anschultz, Bowling Green, KY Hollye Baker, Murray, KY Kelly Baker, Shelbyville, TN Danette Barlar, Millington, TN Nieta Barnes, Newbern, TN 92 Sophomores . WM. . A , ,., . ,ww Lg- , th . T , it W ff 1 fix 1.-x VW? MW' ,-t ZW .N 'rm rm ,,,g,, ., 114, u 1' 5 Q . M. X, x , , ,T X X, , , ,,, if 5 at ,W T fa 4 I ir It . . 4 1 Elie ft it Q A il' wtf' TL . it V Z A T- ry tr. f l r T' ' - ' H 43 If W ifiiftssxffe arg XX n rig A X .Ie ,,... ,K --merry X X x Q is litfisa ...... .. , I ttt if 6 3 if R- N 1 tw W if f z-- , ::.-"ESS "if :Y NE, S52 X X 'S' s X W' H Q X X K X NN x Q Si' Ei: gi' !?3 f : .xQ2l,f 12355 QM. .. ss. . ..,,l.s.,, X. + ,Silly ,g N, Q rf 1 S, ,s Q , e ,l as at , A EX S X Q, X N? ta f as Qt gag "h' K l:s9iE'i.lff::: if as Miz. - iff? is-I' , 11 X L ,E .S tx , 2 t , ZIZIL if .. 4 - fi Ei F ' o f ,ic K E f , ff 1 . , -' - I 1 -1 p ' qs 1 I if fa R . , fra, .- S -A-, r f 'S . ,fi " ' fi 'W " f .i ,, s - . - J- i :sts Q as X ef A, X x ,, A X , , X N ,E 'v Ii .:: : S5385 ::fk:X:'? 15:35 ,tes -l Tracie Barnes, North Little Rook, AR Kelly Beard, Louisville, KY Michelle Bennett, Henderson, TN Jana Bentley, Oak Grove, MO Brian Birdwell, Muscle Shoals, AL Martha Bish, Summerville, PA Jonna Brewer, Lawrenceburg, TN Kevin Cain, Lake City, FL Carol Cantrell, McMinnville, TN John Cary, Martin, TN Carol Ann Chadwell, Henderson, TN Martin Chaney, Madison, AL Brenda Cherry, Dyersburg, TN Diana Chesser, Anchor Point, AK Allen Clark, Madison, TN Teresa Clark, Bradford, TN Mary Cline, Pensacola, FL Terry Collier, South Fiockwood, M Angie Cook, Palatka, FL Dawn Cooper, Beech Bluff, TN Stacy Covington, Columbia, SC Chris Cravens, Humboldt, TN Victorene Creque, Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands Bonnie Cribbs, Pikeyille, NC Sophomores 93 Fabiana Cuggionni, Caracas, Venezuela Patrizia Cuggionni, Caracas, Venezuela Mary Davenport, Nashville, TN Mindy Davidson, Obion, TN Carla Davis, Pulaski, TN Steve Davis, Columbia, TN Tina Davis, Henderson, TN Jeff Dickson, Florence, AL String Music The Germantown String Ensemble presents a program in Chapel Hail. The Honors Association sponsored the evening. Cheryl Dix, Wytheville, VA Ramona Diddock, Anchor Point, AK Janet Dobbins, Corinth, MS Janice Dougan, Prescott, AR Charles Edmonds Jr Grant Robin Edwards Benton John Evans III Cullman Mason Farley lvlclvlinnville 94 Sophornores Z.. ,NV , 1' Q I gf 1 22? X in g X K 13415 WZ? iw hd wx Q5 if if W ag, , F 'QM 49- M 65 .1 , x Xa x A f I K A WW 1 argl Q , ffl A A is f , -L f XUf9?lsf'lli5iez" 5 l l ' V ' 'fifllifi iw - ' .Mani 1 if .- ,,,, Wyre 5 r '44 f If f 1 f H ., ,,,, , , V... ,,,, , ,, V l X -,crawls ,:lijiWs:?f5ZTVlEE:fliriill ffm rr Z :f:,rrr.:w ,, fl. e,'lr.,f,:r -, r -, ff fri , is ,,,, ,,, V, :V if, fre? f ,r, u -1-97 ,, ,- f,,,,fr,,st,,W, ,, 'iff :erm f V f r 'nn Z , , Q, 4 ,Q A j 4, ., r, f T.. i if , . ,,,z , , ,,,. lf, ,W .Z W rnmrl, W VV IJ . . W ,wwf Z , 5 J ' M 11,52 1 -.. fifr,im1'Ql ,img I yi 'W' gf L 2' 4 5 I W 3 1 1 , .ii ,, . ll , , ,JZ -4 2 H lil l,,, iii? 3 , - T G .' 'l,, ISU' QM M ,J f t ,, If rr mr, ms., If Q 4 7 , ,, or ' T' T iff A ,, 5 QEM, jr , sa i , , vw" , 972, fr ' K h T "' S L, ,,,,, ,,,a...e, zr,f.!7v2Ml11"'::- r 'l ' 'll' ., lil 1755474 ' V if raf,,,,,.tm,,,,, fm.. ,,, me rg i fllfawllileesw:-sf lr ,gg rrriewrrrr no , .1 rl, 4, ff r 1325 get K 5 L A ,,,,, my 1 55 2, gg 2 521 f gr' f 65 , Q gr -r "' if lu ,f 1 1 ,,,, , f J gl g ,, 1 , ,,,. , ,V , a il is ,W mi, , fri, , . , ,A l or T , , la? r air' , f ""' Z 5 ' ' -I ,f Qty W 4, f ff? Q, r t, Q6 la 5 if , fifgr il y , l Hr, f 'H ' 'f f , ' an ,rf , :ll, f:,, f -lf Karen Ford, Goodlettsville, TN Virginia Foster, Madisonville, KY Tammy Franks, Fulton, MS Todd Fulkerson, Henderson, TN Thomas Garrett, Florence, AL Kim Glisson, Henderson, TN Curtis Gogei, Jacks Creek, TN Kim Gordon, Trenton, TN Sing Along - The Ambassadors show their varied talents as they sing Christmas songs at the annual holiday party. Ron Gray, Poplar Bluff, MO Glen Grayham, Marmaduke, AR Sonya Green, Booneville, MS Deanna Hall, Old Hickory, TN David Hamrick, Fort Worth, TX Ben Hardin, Erin, TN Andrea Helton, Lawrenoeburg, TN Carla Henry, Columbia, LA Sophomores 95 Renee Henson, Benton, KY Sabrina Henson, Memphis, TN Melissa Hickman, Tupelo, MS Cheryl Hicks, Alexander City, AL Kevin Holcombe, Port Elizabeth, South Africa Rick Holdren, Roanoke, VA Steve Holladay, Salisbury, NC Stacy Horton, Guys, TN Janet Howell, Amory, MS Donna Hughes, Pocahontas, TN Jeff Hughey, Jackson, TN Karen Hymer, Huntsville, AL Amanda Jamison, Marietta, GA Mickey Jessee, Forest Park, GA Tracy Johns, Steele, MO Heather Jones, Memphis, TN Robert S. Jones, Henderson, TN Kendall Joseph, St. Clairsville, OH Kay Kay Kennedy, Columbia, TN David Kenney, Centralia, IL Doug Kinnard, Columbia, TN Julie Kinnard, Columbia, TN Paige Kittrell, Old Hickory, TN Kelly Lancaster, Lewisburg, TN 96 Sophomores ' , w E ,F ' , -zz , i,f "L, Qi . f f W ' y X 1 l 6 4... ,,,, .Tk H at My ii- '3 2? whi m , - , 4 , 4, ix 'fi' 7 , ' I - , ,, iii? fe f f ' F' W 2 f M Q ,E 14 1 Kim Langford, Hobie Sound, FL Gail Latham, Holt, AL Todd Lee, Leoma, TN Keith Lewis, Waterloo, AL David Liles, Overland Park, KS Kim Lingren, Henderson, TN Cammy Maynard, Inez, KY Stacey McCuiston, Hanson, KY Lois McDonald, Greenville, MS Chip McGee, Tupelo, MS Lanita Meadows, Lafayette, TN Jeff Miller, Sullivan, IL Ride 'Em Cowboy - Communication teacher Winston l-larless enjoys the ride while a hapless student dismounts unin- tentionally. Donkey basketball was sponsored by the admissions office. Photo by John Bentley. Sopnomores 97 Book Work - Loden-Daniel Library offers a quieter place to spend an evening for David Kenney and Kyle Hufford, Mfon Mkpong, Cross River State, Nigeria Kellie Moore, Paragould, AR Randy Moore, Obion, TN Melissa Morgan, Covington, TN Leah Neville, Park City, KY Mari Noguchi, lbaraki-Ken, Japan David Parrott, Tulsa, OK Charlene Pendergrass, Huntingdon, TN Mel Pendley, Bankston, AL Amy Peterson, Linden, TN Beth Pickard, La Vergne, TN Tabitha Pigman, Clinton, TN Deokie Ramdoolar, Rousillac, Trinidad Tammy Randolph, Sparta, TN Tonya Randolph, Sparta, TN Ramona Rawdon, Gallatin, TN 98 Sopnomores ,,,., .- t 'K . me T X ,. fiw if at J- - 1' ' A K 'ii sit Q4 A it W f ,am .... YW T wa S 1959? 5 T .,,,: ,At f-Q 'Q , -9' tgftg 1 i 25 iik , t . '...' .1 :::: Q. .. .1 ,: .S 1 sis, R -x 5 'Q' :A W fb kgfttai Z ,A f yarn, Q V gl" :. X- ... C.-W? , . A cw '3' f s' , x, wh 'XX Ei i , g 1 'gf 'A j,' 5 .. . , , :WT , U . .vs gfggfixf- fs- . R x.:,.g,,-,. ,N - , llll 7, A 12 Q, lr , fr ,' A , sg jr , , My i wp", ., l ,, l L 3 , 'fr 4416- 113211-, ' 4 , 9 'fl i " N' i L ri . ,, 3 W 2 VA. f'ff,,,f Q L, ..f " ,A"f'?A fr' ,V gill f' '21 ' L , , I :V7V W, ,V V12 Vwlz L. I ,V " ' ""' Y -," 4 4 ,J tm qs.. Q m-e...,,!,s:- RL s- '- X 2 H i 4 1 .mn S l L., ,L X. or .K-3 .v x i Gifs A X 3' i it :...f.7-:ssl ' ' E' ' 5551: W' W , ir EE 5, 3, in -1 .-: E r ff '51 8 .tg ., ,t 4 s , .Q X - 2 5' 1 'V 'Q' wi t . . ,. - ' ,Q . at X K A ,-Q sg 1 V' , N s XM : a ,. wg, . Q L ,, t NS ,ea X M S N Y if 5 X 1 ' Q Y it YS X ,, ...g,,. If uffiierese -.. ... L ef. fm X I l . S La .ar- I .:-.- ni' 155553 , tis. X X X f.f:-Wg . 552 11km --. - . iii ,Q .si aes, Tifffg. S as '- :sf .. is s, Q E S i X ik s -TEL VK Lyiw., f 5k.g-155-zsgslfi-X l --. ---- sam.. . ,.....,, .... Wo Q . --...- la, . ii 'firfieff ' fiii it ., -was as V K 5, ,N . Linda Record, Benton, KY Bill Reid, New Albany, MS Shanda Reid, Benton, KY Lesa Rhymer, Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands Nancy Rich, Evansville, IN Tracy Ring, Eureka, MO Deanna Rogers, Arnold, MO Stephanie Schwegler, Florrisant, MO Kimberly Sharp, Barnnaut, MO Tony Shell, Benton, lL Stan Shelton, Atwood, TN Jeff Shocklee, Jonesboro, AR Candace Short, Statesville, NC Jason Smith, Guin, AL Kevin Smith, Amory, MS Dianna Sowell, Concord, CA Karen Sparks, Lake Worth, FL Diane Speed, Steens, MS Lisa Springer, Somerville, TN Sheila Spurlock, Arnold, MO Tristan Stamps, Mena, AB Janet Stephens, Lexington, TN Bert Stimson, Clarksville, TN Jon Tatum, Clarksville, TN Sophornores 99 Laurie Taylor, Columbia, TN Rachel Taylor, Humboldt, TN Scott Taylor, Trenton, TN Diana Thompson, Culleoka, TN Don Todd, Dyer, TN Melissa Tomlinson, Morris, AL Sheryl Tucker, Selmer, TN Kerri Tyner, Henderson, TN The Long Ano' The Short Of it - Sophomore cousins Jon Tatum and Mark Woods giver their impression of the Blues Brothers for Potpourri. Kelly Vaden, Ripley, TN Leigh Ann Walker, Henderson, TN Lee Walker, Florence, AL Michelle Watkins, Carmi, IL Amy Watrous, Birmingham, AL Carol Webb, Henderson, TN Cheryl White, Dekala, IL Dana White, Ozark, MO 100 Sophomores , A .X -.NO ,' M 1 M .sf if G 1 I ii X T J 3 .. ,,,,, ' A A T in ii ,Q f , I -Y ,i 1, r fl, 'Li fl ,,Y,i l iw ...T 5 ,ty l -if 1 1 it 4. ' X 4. 4 Y W A -rv S .L pn, i -.SK ea- - 'rv s we is Q X 'Y G? -5 1 - 935 ev-l fr 'f s T X Tessa Yenny, Irmo, SC L L L LL .i. .i,aa.,,,:, .:,.. ,, L - LL L we-,i.,E5,:::g5,5 r 1 - r '--- es L A Q K LL I l Ho! Ho! Hsh? These sophomores lKaren Ford, Todd Fulker- son, Carla Henry, and Robin Edwardsj enjoy an early vlslt with Santa Claus lBryan Armentroutj at Delta Phi's Christmas in September party. M 3-, M-' q,,,, L yy yyAyy friends, and fooseball. Marc Wilcox, New Smyrna Beach, Cindy Willis, Union City, TN Mark Woods, Henderson, TN Bartley Wyers, Eldridge, AL David Gann, Rogersville, AL Z Gamesmanshrp - ' At the end of the day or between classes, the game room ln the student center offers fun, Sophomores 101 Freshmen - Ready For Wrapping Being the largest class on F-HC's campus, this year's freshmen play im- portant roles in the everyday function of the school. Although every first-year student must endure whatever stereo- types assigned to his or her class, the freshmen have held their heads high and proven to their peers that they are capable of handling any challenge put before them. As the class looked to officers Todd Farmer, Frank Smith, Sharon Cypress, Sheri Hibbett, Nathan Ogilvie, Joyce Montague, Shonn Weldon, and Lisa Graves for leadership, these students overcame their "green" label and worked together effectively to accom- plish their goals. Freshman Class Officers : Nadine Gray, SGA representativeg Sherry Hibbett, treasurer: Todd Farmer, president, Frank Srnith, vice-presidentf Lisa Graves, wornen's sports captain, Nathan Ogiivie, SGA representative, Not pictured - Sharon Cypress, secretaryq Shonn Weldon, men 's sports captain. Angela Adams, Malden, MO Sally Adams, Portage, lN Stephanie Agachinsky, Swartz Creek, MI Kean Anderson, Henderson, TN Karen Angerman, Richmond, KY Carole Arnold, Sherwood, AR Cathy Arnold, Memphis, TN Kimberly Atkinson, Hohenwald, TN Randall Atkins, West Memphis, AR Jason Ayers, Jasper, AL Jerrie Wayne Barber, Dalton, GA Mark Barber, Union City, TN 102 Freshmen 4:9 V 6 WM ,O y , ,W it ,hgigsff ,g,1,,., ,f ' V, 17 '31 N f X' ' Y A QA v , g 'cf 'tit ,f Q it , A 2375: Yijf I ff fy r" r 5 Q i Z at ,f 92 if W if i " Q imp' , rf: ! . x 2' A f f I S N if' si S ,lg L A XX ' X lk Yv- e s an 'Q 'abr f ve- N 'S .Y , S 'V . Q ls 5 QP 3 .. , --W .L ur .Q as - N K N u Q.. Q X... .,: , ,., fr x W w 3 S. - as ff' 'S-."" Krista Bare, Mount Carmel, IL Bruce Batton, McKenzie, TN Randy Baumgardner, Chickamauga, GA Sonya Beale, Decatur, AL Brett Bear, Hopewell, VA Tim Beard, Louisville, KY Tammy Beaver, Bellville, OH Sandra Bell, Rutherford, TN Darren Bennett, Henderson, TN Susan Bennett, Greenbrier, TN Bill Black, Keller, TX Brad Blake, Lebanon, TN Karen Boyette, Orange Park, FL Karen Bradford, Paducah, KY Luanne Brewer, Searcy, AR Mike Briley, Jackson, TN Shannon Brooks, Columbia, TN Debbie Brown, Collinwood, TN Diane Bruner, McLeansboro, IL Kevin Bryant, Flock Hill, SC Randy Burse, Henderson, TN Cindy Campbell, Camden, AR Andy Carney, Hendersonville, TN Craig Carroll, Atoka, TN Freshmen 103 Clayton Caudill, Murfreesboro, TN Murphy Chapman, Denmark, TN Annette Clark, Stevenson, AL Karla Cochran, Spring Hill, TN Jenny Colley, Farmington, KY Mary Lynn Collier, Fulton, KY Steven Collins, Viola, TN Tonya Compton, Cottontown, TN Robbie Conway, Clifton, TN Duane Cooper, Conyers, GA Todd Cottrell, Memphis, TN Kerri Coulter, Munford, TN Russ Contess, Memphis, TN Tammy Cox, Douglasville, GA Karen Crabtree, Jackson, TN Diana Crockett, Huntingdon, TN Brian Curry, Morrow, GA Jud Davis, Tquesta, FL Tim Davis, Memphis, TN Dennis Day, Arcadia, FL Dee Ann Derryberry, Pulaski, TN Jenniler Dickerson, Falkner, MS John Dougan, Prescott, AR Sonia Douglas, Wildersville, TN 104 Freshmen , , ,- - i s as iii' if 1' s 3 as X W, 3 ll K E 'H B is Q 1, -, ig, af' M 'Q gtg I i ,, L , Q 1, f' 1 g 9 W5 X " fg f- ., f' ' ,... if tr A " .2'1f-Ki -Es! "t ri " ' i Mitts P - s . fm 3 E Q E A lwe f ,, N riff: in 11 ,ZS 5 'W44' X241 if w Q r 1 . F E la Kr I we ii 'i 'L , WV 5-it 5 , i w f , X 3 y i ' hV E S 5 3 K ,-f2 R 1 W Jimmy Dunn, Kasclusko, MS Sondra Durham, Roanoke, VA Linda Dye, Haleyville, AL John Eason, Scotts Hill, TN Amanda Edwards, Hardin, KY Jerry Edwards, Hardyville, KY Lizabeth Eggleton, Franklin, TN Todd Farmer, Benton, KY Dena Fields, Benton, KY Sandy Fields, Fiogersville, AL Stephen Fisher, Fayeteville, TN Eric Flowers, Centerville, TN Christopher Foote, Cookeville, TN Barry Fortner, Paducah, KY Ivy Fortner, Newbern, TN Adam Fowler, Glen, MS Getting His Kicks - Senior Tim Ramos demonstrates powerful foot work as he splinters a board, Potpourri was truly a mixture of things. Freshmen 105 ln Commons - Changing classes leads many students through the Commons. Hurrying to the next one are Dan- ette Barlar, Stuart Hames, and Paige Kittrell. Tim Fowler, Counce, TN Tracy Gentry, Burns, TN Coralie George, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands Julie Glasgow, Vernon, AL Kelly Glisson, Henderson, TN Debra Grady, Southaven, MS Ginger Graham, Linden, TN Enid Graves, Fort Worth, TX Lisa Graves, Salem, VA Melissa Gray, Gulfport, MS Ricky Gray, Mableton, GA Darren Griffin, Rogersville, AL Donald Griffiths, Old Hickory, TN Mary Ann Guinn, Henderson,TN David Hale, Cherokee, AL Kim Ham, Jackson, TN 106 Freshmen LW r 1: as Y 4' 11 A V -f 5 122- V 'fave S'- 3- vafrefs' ' -.v- wfi'1faffi T ":?I'1""2G,'v' f-aw ,w vp 1-1 o 6, 4' wr, mx 4.1 ,Y ,ff lfyf1sL5"L1,', l ' nn. "4e'9'4l'H fufy fn""f'fp v,,-,v I'e5?,'w.1l3,5re 3,141 "1 X 2, ..:g,,g75,1ga,::.L4 5Qxj.,i.gf4 14: ,,ail,'. r Jw YV' ' , wa J Zi , ,fl E 'un ' ff 'fs' '31 - W 0'-k Us fx, r , fr . P X1 at Y? 1 L. I x I , L Q 5 3 A v' i 1 Ii' ig I ' ' ii f 5 V ,227 . , ,,, fa d' , if Z 1: ff --Q,wf- - its- W-W. X ,MM - - 2f"'.ff22g!sg1 2:- 1 , . :egg -.:,, I X , S If a - 2. , A K "f:is!Ffi 1: a 'I 1 :E --N i , A Ki. N .. XS In N X ' L . 5? sf :- gs , Zgyg. 2 ,Q K L. . f ' :T ,I sf f - , Q' QQ 'Q X , QW as ., sswtsis N , if 'K ,A , I IW, -A . .. E-:.,,,,s.,,, fsisr ff - it fi ,ssss if N? as vii Q ' , , , , 3 I Is Q X K ff L, xi ,Y .A - .Q sss tt it I X Q gk X5 f Q , 3 , xi ,J ., f 2il i : m t Xgggg 2, ai- s . .,. :ES Melonie Hames, Petersburg, TN Stuart Hames, Henderson, TN Kerry Hasty, Holly Springs, MS Laura Heffington, Birmingham, AL Arnold Henderson, Rochester, NY Brenda Henderson, Soottsville, KY Michelle Henry, Belleville, IL Kenneth Hensley, East Peoria, IL Sheri Hibbett, Riverton, IL Craig Hill, New Hope, AL Dena Hall, Jackson, TN Rachel Hill, Belleville, lL Thomas Hill, Riverhead, NY Paula Hodorowski, Rolla, MO David Holdren, Roanoke, VA Paige Horton, Ramer, TN Tammy Horton, Arlington, TN Melissa Housel, Independance, KS Julie Howard, Cunningham, KY Connie Howell, Clifton, TN Angela Hubbard, Bartlett, TN Alison Hunt, El Dorado, AR Charles Huntoon, Chattanooga, TN Gina Hurst, Catawba, SC Freshmen 107 Tracie Hughes, Enoree, SC Ron Hurtt, Thayer, MO Tim Irvin, Corinth, MS Craig Irwin, Nashville, TN Becky Jacobs, Davella, KY Owen James, Westmoreland, Wl Ray Johns, St. Louis, MO Kimberly Johnson, Huntsville, AL Michael Johnson, Ringold, GA Rodney Jones, Florence, AL Robin Joshlin, Sardis, TN Sandra Judd, Columbia, SC Fouzia Khokhar, Siakdt-2, Pakistan Laurie Kilpatrick, Madison, TN Kurt Kleier, Memphis, TN Kim Laird, Chiokamauga, GA Kyle Lee, Conyers, GA Laurie Ligon, McEwen, TN Kenneth Luckett, Newbern, TN Phil Lyles, Franklin, KY Brian Mackey Collinsville Shannon Mallory LaGrange Cathy Maness Henderson Myra Mann Bear Creek 108 Freshmen A tti r F ,,,. W ' K 'J .- X 'll I 5 ,L . L .stt , was is so "" " xl .,. an i A I 'UV f' ,i.i ,, , A, K , J ,V .-- .xg N V. Q T x. ,.....l1 legacy Efirif - S 'Rv 0 ii! ,ft w wi N fg in 2 ef- . , ts,s N.. ,S X ws f Qi s X X N Q iv S SNN X is x X ii'XX? Q X X? ix S we new Ni H A4 : ,, , ,w I 24 an ,,,,A , 2, , -, fi", " . 1, V Offs, he ., 1 4 5.1 in in ,H rx vv my , .. 5 1 ff' 4, A N RX 'Wm if ,z, W Tonya Martin, Forest Park, GA Kim Mason, Mt. Juliet, TN Cari Maxwell, Henderson, TN Karla McAIisler, Fulton, KY Monica McAIister, Elizabethtown, KY Camille McCaskiII, Henderson, TN Gina McClain, Brandon, MS Chris McGrady, Camden, TN Waiting For Dracula? Freshman Kim Laird finds a new way to visit Gano. She was a part of SGA 's Halloween deco- rations in the dining hall. Doug McKay, Cookeville, TN Tonya McKnight, Swartz Creek, Ml Eric Meador, Evansville, IN Cheryl Medley, Oakland, TN Brice Medlin, Lebanon, TN Laura Meeks, Henderson, NC Brian Melton, Murfreesboro, TN Lisa Merideth, Lawrenceburg, TN Freshmen 109 Get The Point? Freshman Wendy Morgan takes careful aim be- fore throwing her dart at the balloon. Delta Phi hosted the Christmas in September party. Diana Merritt, Greenville, MS Brad Miller, Jonesboro, AR Marinda Miller, Sullivan, IL Tony Miller, West Palm Beach, FL Scott Miskelly, Falkner, MS Susan Mitchell, Somerville, TN Scott Mitchem, Mt, Juliet, TN Joyce Montague, Somerville, TN Alison Moore, Huntsville, AL Noel Moore, El Dorado, AR Jerry Moore, Holly Springs, MS Wendy Morgan, Hopkinsville, KY Amy Morris, Huntingdon, TN Carrol Morrison, Soddy Daisy, TN Christel Morrison, Soddy Daisy, TN Jason Murphy, Smithville, TN 110 Freshmen ts... hu... .qv , A at , af - , ff -M ,V - 7' f Q 4 1 3 ,gif ,,.l ,,,, . , N l it . ,L W 1.215 A '-fi: ff .A 0 'wr if 1 '- - , t Q: 2 1 ,. A W" N171 'i 3' , " sfdiiilf , at 5 A l", ' W T7 ., fr, '57- Wa? if , ju , 0 .. 5- ' -st A 25:5 E ,,.: , Q.. K K E, 'Y I' ' ,Qifr-f-.' FR ' ' 'Q 7 . .:.: iii . ,. I 1 'N' wif in I + L 1 is t 4 .. 1 IVTJZESYQ, ,gigs w e l Vyih we K, lf: gs- "XT ' E S "ss, 5 U -i f' ' L a s ' 'Q--T, - 3 'F Q . S' va we Q X. at 3 k Q z 5, X 5 gifs YZ? X xx K 4, 5 t -sa, in 'it Y' . Lis? is .,-. Qx J 'Q-33? 'PPS it 'Q att -9' '53 X " XS Y X '33 f M 5 ' ,is Larry Nagle, Southaven, MS Jeff Nash, Pinson, TN Rebecca Nash, Norris, TN Alicia Nelson, Franklin, TN Lori Nerren, Huntsville, AL Nathan Nicholas, Okeechobee, FL Robert Noland, New Cumberland, WV Stephen Norfleet, Mt. Dora, FL Angela Oden, Brandon, MS Nathan Ogilvie, Nashville, TN Brent Oliver, Sparta, TN Kathleen Owen, Ripley, MS Kendra Owens, Decatur, AL Meena Patel, Columbia, TN Lyn Patton, Milan, TN Traci Payne, Cabot, AR William Perkins, New Cumberland, WV Amy Phillips, Benton, KY Andy Phillips, Jacksonville, FL Jody Phillips, Anderson, CA Cerenia Pierce, Scotts Hill, TN Jenny Pilkinton, Culleoka, TN Greg Pollock, Florence, AL Tracy Powell, Gibson, TN Freshmen 111 Cindy Pruitt, Fairbanks, AK Lance Qualmann, North Little Rock, AR Richard Rasberry, Searcy, AR Rob Reaves, Malden, MO Jeremy Reynolds, Ramer, TN Phyllis Rice, Lacey's Spring, AL Jesse Robertson, New Albany, MS Greg Robison, Kenton, TN Jason Ross, Memphis, TN Glenna Rutledge, Falkville, AL Richard Sampson, Lewisburg, TN Todd Sanderson, Victoria, MS Selena Sasser, McKenzie, TN Shelby Scott, Hartselle, AL Eric Seesengood, Poplar Bluff, MO Jenny Segars, Greenwood, MS Diane Self, Brilliant, AL Lori Sharp, Beavercreek, OH Elias Shiber, Jordan Kelly Simmons, Hermitage, TN Jackie Simons, Clemmons, NC Rebecca Simons, Clemmons, NC Frank Smith, Huntsville, AL Jenita Smith, Lewisburg, TN 112 Freshmen ll, l ,J ,er-r a 'X ! x F fm Q, NY l f , Sl ,vie 'th K y f l 'esfegzfs :Lea iii? s -- , . -Esau an A . S Q. . E . 'Qt ,, f K , Christy Smith, New Johnsonville, TN Oscar Smith, Lebanon, TN Mark Spencer, Bay, AR Shannon Stephens, Altus, OK Heather Stewart, Dellroy, OH Joseph Stickels, Salem, IN Tammy Stidham, Plattsmouth, NE Annette Strunk, Anchor Point, AK Laurie Sullins, Jackson, TN Clarissa Swaftord, Jasper, TN Valerie Sweat, Trenton, TN Geraldine Swinson, Jamesville, NC Ken Tate, Dyer, TN Derrick Taylor, Manchester, TN Kimberly Teague, Jackson, TN James Thomas, Henderson, TN Mush - February snow brings out the kid In this trio. lt was tough sfeddlng even for the Iron. Photo by John Bentley. Freshmen 113 Beth Thomas, Luray, TN John Thomas, Columbia, TN Trina Thompson, Trenton, TN Jay Thornell, Metarie, LA James Tidwell, Dickson, TN Janie Tidwell, Dickson, TN Melissa Trask, La Grange, GA Dana Truitt, Decatur, AL Mummy Dearest - The dynamic duo travels Incognito for Hallow- een. SGA sponsored the dorm trick or treat that brought out these goblins. Daphne Tucker, Portland, TN Chrissy Uridel, Sharon, TN Trey Vaughn, Columbia, TN Tom Wacaster, Decatur, TX Rechelle Wall, White Bluff, TN Walter Warren, Washington, IL Belinda Washington, Lynchburg, VA Donny Watson, Cookeville, TN 114 Freshmen ai, if X ag? gi as ,lisa X sw Ex Q G we , X 2 L, f -- :rise- '1 N 85 N L i ,, K ', is I--.S ,er 'C " wa X K 1 Q X X 'X fs N, ,,, . 1: -- X . st ,,,,.... . N ,,,, A A i,'. . --"' ,rr, ',.r wwf? 11 , 4 it if if r in 'f 4? ' Aff? W ISF X, W, ,, , 'iz fav H? , , , if qi , if I Shonn Weldon, Roseville, GA Christie Wilbanks, Enville, TN Melissa Williams, Gallatin, TN Stacey Wilson, Spring Hill, TN Angie Winstead, Southaven, MS Luci Woodard, Trinity, AL Leigh Anne Woodham, Vernon, AL Tanya Wynne, Williamston, NC Connie Yarbrough, Memphis, TN Judy Young, Dukedom, TN Rose Yuhas, Engadine, Ml Entertainment Tonight - Singing and playing bring joy to Derrick Taylor as well as to his audiences. He was a member of Paradox, a newly organized musical group. Freshmen 115 Wmpped Mo lm ml? 5 ffei j f V Ak , , V Qmll focwo I 18 Voagbag I Q0 CABMQHJJI4 122 Bubba! I Q4 Tama I 36 fuliaaavraf 144 Freed-Hardeman soccer . . Doing lt For Kicks When Vince Lombardi made his statement about winning being the "only thing," it is apparent he had never visited F-HC's soccer team. In their second year of existence, the 1987 Lions were defeated in every show- ing, but their hardwork, dedi- cation, and desire to improve never faltered. As Coach Mike McCutcheon says, "ln most cases we were playing against scholarship players with more experience and talent, but the team never gave up. They worked hard throughout the season." Why participate in a sport that offers no scholarships, has little crowd support, and posts frequent losses? Ac- cording to right fullback Kelly Beard, personal satisfaction, better physical condition, and individual desire are the moti- vators. In addition, he cites the enjoyment of road trips as an added benefit. Beard, who plans to continue his efforts at soccer, thinks student interest is at "a moderate level." "We usually had a bleacher full to watch our games," he said. Q-6 Arnold Henderson calmly drlbbles down the field as he prepares to attack th opponent's defense. The Freed-Hardernan soccer team consists of lfront rowj Kelly Beard, John McBrayer, Anthony Pounders. Bryan McDonald, Bob Murray, Tim Webby lback rowj Moses Donkor. Kevin Holcombe, Darrin Sholten, Bill Gooch, Robert Johnson, and Tirn Beard 778 Soccer 6 Smile and say cheese! F-HC runs back on defense while the camera captures the action. 4-wiv' 3 ,, lf, wf M NM, ,ww .M may NL, .V ' VM' , , uma. nw f-sew, . We M M, f ww .J-W .l ,, nv, 'WV' 1 WWQ S ff' fm"f Q - VW ,wiv . , '- 4 1 ,Kula I E . 'MQ Wm wil, -NV' 5' I V, V'?'1., ,:3g,,'l-.5 2 4 , v f , W . A ' M I , "" sf I , ,, -1 . Bryan McDonald hurls the soccer ball down fleld after successfully defending Freed-l-lardeman's goal. Kelly Beard snows fancy foot-work while playing defense. All photos by John Bentley, SoCcer179 Lady Lion Volleyball on the Rise The 7987 Freed-Hardeman volleyball team consists of fbottom rowj Karrie Knight, Ruth Kennedyg lsecond fOW2 coach Joyce Bloomingburg, Cleta Stutz- man, co-captain Kendra Bonnell, Beth Thomas, manager Lisa Gibbonsg itop rowj Diane Sei! and co-captain Melissa Scott 120 Volleyball.. The 1987 Freed-Hardeman volleyball team began the sea- son with a number of goals. Foremost, they wished to rep- resent the school as Chris- tians, improve individually and as a team, and to better last year's record, according to Coach Joyce Bloomingburg. Not only did this team accom- plish these tasks, but in only their second year of existence qualified for the NAIA District Tournament in Bristol Tennes- see and placed freshman Diane Self on the TCAC All- Conference Team. According to Blooming- burg, this year's team began fresh with an innovative of- fense and worked hard to overcome the disadvantage of inexperience coupled with the loss of four players during the course of the year. Participat- ing in invitational tournaments at Harding University and Christian Brothers College, the team finished with an overall mark of 8-20 and a 3-5 confer- ence record. Se Freed-Hardeman's power offense sets up for a spike as Kendra Bonnell await the possible return. All photos by John Bentley. it 15' I BU! Ha., a w--M-..,.,,,,,.,,, ZZ? , 221 1 'KZ Q 'aw Q , ,, f 4451-'Sf f f , f V 1 22 4aWW 5 m ,ww Cheerleaders Ftenew Enthusiasm Cheerleading is not an easy job to perform, especially if one wants to be successful, but Freed-Hardeman's cheer- leaders have done just that. Under the direction of sponsor Sylvia Harris and captain Mary Davenport, the 1987-1988 F- HC cheerleaders have super- seded the enthusiasm of re- cent years with renewed vigor and fresh ideas. Such innovations as spirit week, an enlightening chapel skit, and club competitions during home games have all produced excitement in the complished without a great deal of hard work. Following a week of cheerleader camp, which the F-HC girls conduct- ed, the squad began practic- ing diligently at a weekend re- treat at Reelfoot Lake September 11 and 12. After- noon, evening, and sometimes late night practices have paid off for the squad. Following tryouts, two men were selected as the college mascot. Bill Freeze and Eric Flowers alternated as the F- HC lion. Their antics during games entertained the crowds MW,W.H f9"1rf-'ummm-f-m-W-.1-vu-fr-U. 'Ke ..u,,,,,..u.--f- a.....--W igivx student body. This was not ac- and enchanted the children. x . ....... , f't,.,. J """2?f- ..t. an The 7987- 1988 Freed-Hardeman cheerleaders. fBotr0m rowj Tonia Pogue, Janna Pickler fmiddle rowj co-captain Sheila Spurlock, Rhonda Clippard K top rowj Kim Mason, Beth Pickard, Tabitha Pigrnan, captain Mary Davenport, and Kerri Tyner 122 Cheerleaders I X ,AP Z t 4 New ."fWt'1m,Ww I iWith smiling faces, the Freed-Harde- Rhonda Clippard fires up Bader Gym iman squad reveals their spirit before a with a spirit-filled, cro wd-pleasing home crowd. cheer. 'E' With intent, anxious laces, the cheer- leaders view the gameg ready to lend support in a momenfs notice. G01 Fight! Wim Cheerleaders 723 Men 's Basketball - Bottom Row: Brian Melton, Charles Edmonds, Murphy Chapman, Clayton Caudill, Shonn Weldon, Craig Hill,' Top Row: Renard Carpenter, Tony Shell, Rich Stubbs, Brian Mackey, Ernesto Ramos, lnot picturedl Bryan Maynard. Photo by Holland Studios. Lions Struggle with Rebuilding Year Senior Renard Carpenter takes lt to the hole for two. Photo by John Bentley. 124 Men 's Basketball The F-HC Lions basketball team entered the 1987-1988 season with only three return- ing ball players from a previ- ous season which merited only an average rating at best. Without doubt the term "re- building year" understated the predicament that head Coach Charlie Smith found himself in. Despite the overwhelming obstacles, however, the Lions proved to be a hardworking crew whose accomplishments superseded expectations. Smith described the squad as the most "easily coached" and "cooperative" group that he ever wittnessed. This to- getherness was evident during games, as they played to their potential in all contests with the possible exception, ac- cording to Smith, of the last contest against Union. As Smith said, "They played as well as I could ask for." The 6- 10 conference and 9-21 sea- son record does not portray the toil and determination that characterized the Lion ball team. Two Freed-Hardeman play- ers who will be missed on the court and on campus are sen- iors Ernesto Ramos and Ren- ard Carpenter. Carpenter, an outside shooting genius and versatile athlete both offensively and defensively, led the confer- ence in scoring his sophomore year. Careerwise, Carpenter averaged 17.03 points and 4.01 rebounds per game for F- HC. Ramos, the big man inside for the Lions, was named to the TCAC all-conference team both his junior and senior years. With an impressive 58.72 field goal percentage over four years, a 16.9 career scoring average, and a 7.14 rebound haul at F-HC, his presence on the floor will be hard to fill. Ramos completed his college career ranked 16th in the nation in scoring. The Lion team huddles during a time-out to listen to Coach Smith 's instructions. Photo by Bell Tower staff Center Ernesto Ramos gets off the floor to beat out an opposing Cumberland player. Photo by John Bentley. i file - ' F v.......,.-- -Q1 ki - .7 .egm ff' ' S - ' " Ernesto Ramos prepares to release hls free throw as Llons and Bisons try to beat one another to the lane, Photo by John Bentley. .o V ,V , .Agnew-" v xi nun an " so '-S 'S sf-SZ Murphy Chapman for three! Chapman skies hrgh to release hrs clutch three-point -Um er pmfo D John Benng Sophomore Brlan Melton protects the ball as he scans the floor for an open I p ' y y' Llon player. Photo by John Bentley. Men 's Basketball 725 'VIH i Ui' Hardvvork, Cooperation Make The Season Vllorthvvhule islam- . .mququsur - .4 " Tony Shell calls the play and waits Bryan Maynard, a late comer to the Lion ball team, sets up the offense as a tor a chance to get the ball lnto Llpscomb player squares off ln a defenslve stance. Photo by John Bentley. play. Photo by John Bentley. Coach Smith plans the strategy as Llon players look on. Photo by John Bentley. 126 Men 'S Basketball lt's up, lt's up, lt's rejected! Ernest Ramos swats another shot back with emphatic determlnatlon. Photo by John Bentley. Qt x ,Ta .,,-Q -wx t .... 'sv'-,Q 3 QQ! mnson g5sxcEr ,M --W ':. ifiigswisilwwww ,ie R 1 uf' Qi W ..,....z... New X we Y? X ian Melton shoots over a Renard Carpenter, Ernesto Ramos, nscomb defender. and Shonn Weldon solemnly view the game. Renard Carpenter squares up for two against a Union defender. Photo by John Bentley. As the ball bounces on the rim, Ramos, Carpenter, and Shell battle for rebounding position. Photo by John Bentley. Men 'S Basketball 72 7 Lady Lion Basketball . . . Ready to Win The 1987-1988 Lady Lion basketball team completed a season which can be called a "learning experience" accord- ing to Coach Randy Brown. Following the red-shifting of two key freshmen due to inju- ries, and subsequent mishaps from additional sprains, strains, and illnesses, the F- HC squad produced a suc- cessful season. The final record ot 12-17 and 6-10 in the conference dit- tos the previous year's post- ings, but in reality does not tell the entire story concerning im- provement. Without doubt, the Lady Lions played better ball both offensively and de- fensively. The continual occur- rence of hurt players at inop- portune moments did not help in a conference which boasted two top twenty NAIA schools. Despite these set backs, Freed-Hardeman played com- petitively, but in many cases lost the game on a last second shot by the opposition. Both the University of North Ala- bama and Austin Peay, two NCAA Division I schools, suc- cumbed to the Lady Lions, however. Mechelle Ellis, a junior post player who shot 54.7 percent from the field, averaged 15.6 points per game and 7.5 re- bounds per contest, was named to the TCAC all-confer- ence team and participated in the all-star game held at Bel- mont. Awards given at the an- nual sports banquet included Ellis as the field goal percent- age leader. Mitzi Holloway led the team in freethrow percent- age with 74 percent and re- bounds with 10 per game. 728 Women 's Basketball Lady Lions - Tammy Bradshaw, Teresa Clark, Deana Jackson, Gina Sweat, Connie Ellis, Alicia Mays, Marcia Young, L Page, Mitzi Holloway, Connie Howell, Mechelle Ellis, Kathy Dye, Shalene Grinder, Ann Nix, Marchell Ragsdale, Ging Graham. Kathy Dye concentrates for two key free throws against Lipscomb. Phot John Bentley. A Coach Randy Brown shows his disbelief in animated fashion. Photo by J Bentley. With an outside shot up, the Lady Lions crash the offensive boards in lunior college transfer Ann Nix paces the ball up the floor against a taunting Bethel guard. Photo by John Bentley. anticipation. Photo by John Bentley. Mitzi Holloway, the force in the paint tor the Lady Lions, battles tor the jump ball against Cumberland, Photo by John Bentley. Coach Randy Brown has a "heart-to-heart" with senior Lisa Page. Women 'S Basketball 729 Lady Lions Continue to Improve a t W M , 4 f 1 Z! 4' iwwwmw S Q , xxx' ' X55 Shalene Grinder eyes the floor, waiting for an open Lady Lion. .mr Mitzi Holloway shoots for two over the outstretched arms oi a defender. Gina Sweat fires up an outside shot as Lisa Page posts up. 1 730 Women 's Basketbaii 47!""f'f ,ww y, Mechelle Ellis prepares to shoot a one-and-one. Photo by John Bentley, Lisa Page lets the ball go, while Mitzi Holloway works for rebounding position. Photo by John Bentley, Marcia Young, with a drive to the hoop, puts it up amidst two defenders. V Photo by John Bentley. ,ko 4 , 1 frm ,Mfwf Ha. , ff H f W uNk,,,, , ,9,:' x wt ,xo W I Following a time-out, Freed-Hardenvan prepares to go back on the floor. Photo by John Bentley. Women 'S Basketball 737 Baseball Team - Kneeling: Shonn Weldon, Daniel Mobley, Tabb Loveless, Greg Worthy, Bruce Jones, Kerry Sweeney, Chuck Boxq Standing: David Stofel Mike Kelley, Stacy Horton, Jerry Max, Ernesto Flamos, Dennis Day, Frank Brown, Jason Avers, Richard Sampson. Photo by John Bentley Baseball Team Struggles With Youth, lnexperience Youth and inexperience hampered the efforts of the Lion baseball team. With only one senior and three juniors, the squad struggled through- out the season. Junior Stacey Horton, with a 3.5 ERA, was the team's best pitcher, claiming tive of their six wins including a shut-out of NAIA power Union University. Horton was also named the team's MVP. Outfielder Tabb Loveless had the team's best batting average a .363. Leadership was provided by captains David Stofel, a sen- ior, and Kerry Sweeney, a sophomore. 732 Baseball W., , 3 , .W if X-'fu-v., Freshman Richard Sampson takes a mighty swing as Coach Hoyt Kirk watches. Photo by John Bentley. injured for most of the season, Clay Hobbs takes one of his 30 at bats. Photo by John Bentley. 1 . , . K , Y 16 " 1 it jg! I Q, A 1 , , Q 3 f f H 5 Q, , , M, ' , 1 i 1 1 , M, ,, 1, ' 'Z , K ! 1 K V an QV , .V i V nf, it ' it g'-, , U 'nf Y , " 'I , V , , , W, , I ,,,: ff f - Mk 5 it Y J ' any XA ni W, w ,t w .211 " if ' , Q , H, V, V7 '3 - ., V ,,,,,,t1, ,K B X i rw 1, i xhhkh XV , oo, ooob , B ,A , ' ,V W, Vuvv gm ,,,, 3 ,,,, , K,,, , "1" 15' . Wffl PMMML W' - . W, nf" r"t3,f"f ,,,A V asf yi. f :i A ' . , ' fifmf ,Q i " as , . i . K 4 'gj .mil A, g e ,- Q, Assistant Coach Bandy Brown bulls , double duty, serving as an umpire during a try-out session. Photo by gr , A Nancy Bennett. . f - - r-4 ' , 414 -an 1-- use-If ,v-- , : ,vg,, 5 .1- tt B 3' flembers of the baseball team line up to receive their letters at the annual 'thletic banquet. OPI photo. Baseball 133 Lion Club has Disappointing Season The Lion offense in action. Greg Worihy practices with a throw to Daniel Mobley in leftfield. 1 5 ' 4 'R Coach Hoyt Kirk looks on while David Stofel fakes a break. 734 Baseball le ,:.,g,3z-2,153,331 , Lge 4, wr , W mf: K ,,,, mag, , f ,, ,,,..L , ,, ,,. ..... , , K, , flii H N . , My ,,,, , , , ,,,, V e , , 5 V M I K I A I 7' 1 'L VVV, ' If l 0, 1 'I Q M ..-, F x k Tabb Loveless waits for rhe ball in anilcipatlon of a base hit, I 4 l ,, JZWH ' ",fmf:1'mw:,ww fl 5' W -1 mf, wi:-?!z,, -1 will ia' .5 .-52,fUig::5.s'!5,,, , N I ix R. -'QF :L agxlm fx K N X " Q Q sew Xgzkilx X 3 R Xwaggvxl . W I . W S ,bi f-,,- av , X N wx we X XL X bb 'Y , , 'M E Q X35 X Y' sw A Q S X Q - 1 sd X5 ' Mm SNS ix Xyxk 'mi X2 W, 7,7 M - , , ff ff -QL-2: , 1 1 ' " H , , uf, ,ffm "" A V ' -'zu ' ::M,y,,ww f it ws-IU ,, , , ,H 'W fn , .... ,,, " V ,, if plain: My L. , ff -. . , ' ' 4 ,Zn M ...W V-, Au " 44 ' , , , , - ' ,, ,, ,,,, 4,, F ,,, K y e ,, ,, ,,,, 1 nl w. ,, ,, qw, 55 ,nw Le, ,, ,M W. W " V H My ., l V Wag f in Lee Walker winds up and hurls at the plate. l H , ,f I 4 eellel ll A Lion takes a slice at the ball, :rw llle,l, W-nu-ci v-ming Baseball 735 Tom Dixon watches a match with solemn concentration. Marco Azevedo, the tennis whiz who secured a bid to the national tourney, demonstrates his tennis ability. After All-American Sergio Castello transferred to Mem- phis State, TCAC foes thought they could beat F-HC at No. 1 singles. They were wrong. Marco Azevedo, a freshman from Brasilia, Brazil, not only dominated the conference all season but he also won the NAIA District 24 tournament, securing himself a berth at the nationals in Kansas City. Other slots on the team were filled by the following: No. 2 - Fabiono Carvalho, freshman from Brasilia, Brazil, No. 3 - Kenny Lovett, fresh- man from Daytona, Florida, No. 4 - Bora Alpay, fresh- man from Ankara, Turkey: No. 5 - Gary Peters, junior from Pecos, Texas, No. 6 - Gokul Padmanabahn, freshman from Fraser Town, India. Other team members were Richard Williams, Bill Freeze, and Eric Meador. The team finished third in the conference and third in the District 24 tourney. 736 Men 's Tennis Men 's Tennis Team -- Kneeling: Fabiono Carvalho, Gary Peters, Eric Meadorf Standing: Bill Freeze, Marco Azevedc Bora Alpay, Richard Williams, and Kenny Lovett. Tennis Places Une in National Tourney , Wiz Na, 'rgyfwfi Bill Freeze prepares to hit a backhand 4 Qfnlti ,......A .., at.k....x..., fa.-,fi1x,spa. , -.,+..1.,s-a,u.. , 5 .Q..,s...,... K, xv.-nQrQs+..rou .5 Q ,...n.af1,Q Q.:-Qsmxag Q t.. ...1,.,. .,.,.,,, gona Q ,F , ,.a.-.spftfwn xfsuns 51" Q L, Q-Qs.-,Qw+...x ug,-:Qi as , xsxfubsfi-4s.usn auews i 6 in-nsvf,,,,g,,f.u,g xx. 4 T vQ...4.-,.f..nv-.xu- ev N' Kenny Lovett and Goku! Padmonabahu sprint into position in a doubles match. e 5 Q .pf vw Qu wen. Saw. fvfv av' ms a in 1 1 Q ...Q-Q nv--mx.w...v QQQXQQ-.vs nQ,afQ.Q,v 1,?,.++vf41 .ff+,Q.e.s wiv'-ffveyee f+f.f.-w-1. ,.-...QQ-,,. ..f.4..,... Q-.+..-Q..q Qfnvn-..,f QQQQQQQQ-QQ i..,ff.,..,n . . . X. 'Kenny Lovett and Gary Peters await the return of serve. Q Men 'S Tennis 137 The Fl-IC Network I 5 , an il'rf1i2f5iLe'Wi, M " 'Wlff5iW3f7f5,2fr Y lm, jim ,gm 3 UNE' Goku! Padmonabahu practices a forehand drive. Just "goofing off" are Fablono Carvalho, Kenny Lovett, Gokul 4 I I ' Padmonahahu and Marco Azevedol Rlchard Wllllams prepares to serve as Gary Peters awalts Ihe outcome. Q,,q,,5 ' . ' 138 ' x 'fe Richard Williams sends the ball over the net with a backhand and follow through. Gary Peters serves a winner. R 'M , m,,,,,,M.QM-w...M ,.,,,,...A...... V ,V ,- Eric Meador hits with force. Fabiono Carvalho stretches and reaches to return the ball. Men 'S Tennis 739 international Network VVomen's Tennis Finishes Sixth Nationally Once again the Lady Lions tennis team took the TCAC by storm, earning themselves a national ranking and a trip to Kansas City. At Kansas City, the team finished sixth in the nation and placed a doubles team on the All-American List. Although the women finished second in District 24, their fif- teenth place ranking was good enough for an at large bid to the national tournament. Out of a field of 35 schools, F-HC garnered sixth place honors. The doubles team of Fabiana Cuggionni-Johanna Mitterhammer advanced fur- thest, making it to the quarter- finals. They took first team All- American honors. Patrizia Cuggionni and Muge Onat made it to the final 16 of dou- bles action. They received honorable mention All-Ameri- can honors. Undefeated in the confer- ence, the Lady Lions posted a 30-1 regular season record. They were led by Muge Onat, a transfer from Faulkner Uni- versity, at No. 1 singles. Her record was 25-4. The Cuggionni sisters, Fa- biana and Patrizia, held down slots 2 and 3. Fabiana finished the year at 30-1, Patrizia, 28- 3. Playing at'Nos. 4 and 5 were Johanna Mitterhammer and Mary Ann Guinn. Mitter- hammer recorded an out- standing 32-1 overall while Guinn posted a 25-7 record. No. 6 Traci Payne ended with a 22-9 mark. Doubles records were equally impressive. Fabiana Cuggionni and Mitterhammer were 25-2 in the No. 1 slot, Patrizia Cuggionni and Onat, 24-0, at No. 25 and Payne and Guinn, 17-5, at No. 3. The trip to Kansas City was the team's second in two years. It was the third consec- utive conference crown for Coach Charles Smith's team who now has 50 straight con- ference wins. Patrizia Cuggionni demonstrates the play that allowed her to finish the regular season at 28-3. Photo by Amy Clifford. Women's Tennis: Muge Onat, Fabiana Cuggionni, Traci Payne, Mary Ann Guinn, Patrizia Cuggionni, Johanna Mitterhammer, Candace Meador. Photo by oPi. 140 Women 's Tennis iQ ..h' .az ,,.II -:-J,7,, ,X5v, - EQ P X ti is ' asf ii A-:r:t"Qk X 'if ---- ' A.... t,.s.M.sam...r .M X .. Iil 2 zi: :W .:::W,.. at . . . lonorable Mention All-American Muge Onat holds down the No. 7 singles lot. Photo by Amy Clifford. Coach Charles Smith gives practice tips to Onat and F Cuggionni Could that be a "Victory Sign?" Photo by Amy Clifford, Freshman Mary Ann Guinn returns a service during pre-tourney practice. Photo by Amy Clifford. Women 's Tennis ' fl 1 . Us 5 I 5 ? 5 6 Patrlzia Cuggionni, No. 3 singles, finishes her career at F-HC by being Fabiana Cuggionni joins her sister on the All-Conference team. She was named an Honorable Mention All-American. She was also named to the All- named an All-American at the national tournament. Photo by OPI. TCAC team. Photo by OPI. 1 , -Q 'Q 5 7 A . Q 5 O 5 I 'k Freshman Traci Payne, NO. 6 SIHQIGS, follows Members of the women's tennis team join Coaa through after her serve. Photo by Amy Clifford. Smith to receive their rfephlee er me annual athletic banquet. Photo by OPI. 142 Women 's Tennis W -2 hr ' A x sa 1 if f Q '5 .-gl' .-,,,,..,-od' ,WW,,,,,,, ,54 Q Lrrr JM grr Yrrrk , ,f4,,,, , , A ry V Mal' ,.u-H-"" Q Hifi. ,Q- - S, f N Competition Best in the Fall lntramurals at Freed-Harde- man College give students an opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities not otherwise afforded them. In the fall, excitement, enthusi- asm, and a spirit of enjoyment prevailed in every sporting event as participants from each social club, as well as faculty representatives, com- peted in recreational fun. Several activities were en- gaged in during the fall. In three-on-three basketball, Al- pha Tau's Smurf's captured the win, while Philo's men and women rounded out the vic- tories. Phi Kappa Alpha swept all categories in bowling, while in tennis PKA came in first in men's and women's doubles, mixed doubles, and men's sin- gles. Cross-country had Alpha Tau in first in the men's indi- vidual category and Sigma Rho won the men's team slot. On the women's side, Phi Kappa captured the individual race and Philo won the team competition, ln flag football, Alpha Tau's men came through with the win, while Sigma Rho's women and Tri- Zeta's men grabbed first in softball. Alpha Tau won the women's individual category in golf, while the Tri-Zeta la- dies captured the team title. PKA's men took first place both individually and team wise in golf. The Uno tourna- ment featured Tri-Zeta's wom- en and Alpha Tau's men in first, while PKA's men and Phi- lo's women filled the volleyball victories. ln total performance, Phi Kappa Alpha finished in front followed by Alpha Tau, Tri- Zeta, Lambda Delta Phi, Philo, and Sigma Rho. Everyone involved in fall in- tramurals, which constitutes a great portion of the students, enjoyed the activities and fel- lowship gained through com- petition. Students entered the spring semester with appre- hension as the thrill of intra- murals awaited them. 144 Intramurals hwy t f 1. W' ' , 2 . . ,. - P - asf ' 1 M , Curtis Gogel scans the field for open receivers as Randy Grissett wards olf a would be tackler, Photo by Lisa Borden. l l Phi Kappa Alpha is on the attack as the Big Red teams square off against one another in a spring volleyball match. Photo by John Bentley. N, X ,W A an Q A .. f M ,,, .... A K N . M ii: kg .-., -L ,,,.A.,,, X N . so .. Q N. W ' K Judy Young eyes the pitcher as the catcher A Philo rnerneber reaches for the ball as watches for the delivery. Photo by John Cheryl Evans and Kathy Birkhead anticipate a Bentley. point. Photo by Kevin Perry. Wa. I lt's a bird . . . it's a plane . . . it's a volleyball! Johnny McDaniel sends the softball flying with PKA awaits the ball ln eager anticipation, a Philo heave-ho swing. Photo by Kevin Perry. Photo by John Bentley. Intramurals 145 Sports After the successful fall in- tramural schedule, spring in- tramurals was a big hit also. Once again, Phi Kappa Alpha dominated the sporting events, winning first in eight of 11 categories. The top intra- mural atheletes of the year were also from the Big Red. Shanda Reid and Jeff Skelton shared this honor. ln women's basketball, soft- ball, and flag football, the PKA ladies captured the wins. Men's basketball and smurf basketball were won by the Big Red men. ln billiards, pickleball, bad- minton, and spades, PKA also placed first in all events. Tri-Zeta came through with the win in men's softball, while Philo placed numero uno in ta- ble tennis and fooseball. Obviously, Phi Kappa Alpha repeated for the twelfth se- mester as intramural champi- 146 Spring Intramurals and Spring Go Together M Point guard Charles Edmonds tries a different sport - intramural softball. F-HC women enjoy the competition softball brings. Dana Truitt takes her turn al bat. Xuan! Qi' . S, .L I . . A S -P gk- LLL-' New Q . ax- .. was - "K i .- Q ,fffi M ,F .... A- . - M N. ,M ,A.. . W, , Lair' ...W NM "M fkw , f ... K. .. QW " WW 4 A . . , .w . .. i,i5f3"'i"A W A ' ., -- H H A .N MN.. mf, ww.. ...M . . X1 ... .L W . H- .. gi, ,. --W . V . '--13 - , wi .. . 'I ,,. 'M--ef . - w- 'wwf ' 3 ,gy-V K 5 -H, ...fy ..,-' ff , .. i ' -., .Sit f A - -N , ., . Mspilvf-49' ' ,. fm., N N , M ff - . f 5, if ' f'i.Y..,,.g,,:.x Aw? x ily A.. J A 4 1 5... , . . .- 'Vi -'A . -mf-,nuvQ',. Q f 'W ' .. .- J' ' - I K . gqfvvl Q -Q 4 as f" Q , x.. ,nw Q wa' ' ' . 51.41 6 ,, fum 1 4 f'-WWW - 3 x, ai 2 ff ' ff lk, N if 1 f W WY in Z F Si I Wrapped Mo lu, f H- Ofgamzalioul Ofgwazafabuz Campus Ofzgmuzafbnu 150 .Qm!C44b4 SAIVI The Society for the Ad- vancement of Management is a professional club open to all business students. its pur- pose is to promote future busi- ness opportunities for stu- dents by giving them valuable contacts with many kinds of businesses. SAM takes many field trips throughout the se- mester which enables the members to see business op- erations firsthand. The officers this year were: Paul Rogers, presidentg David Hunt, vice- president exec, Karrie Knight vice-president memberg Mi- chelle Swearingen, vice-presi- dent recordsg Karrie Knight, vice-president financeg Jody Miller, vice-president pro- grams: Becky Gordon, vice- president, promotion. CSI Collegiate Secretaries International is a profession- al organization for office man- agement majors and minors. The club strives to inform members of career opportuni- ties in the field of office man- agement. There were speak- ers at the monthly club meetings. Activities during the year included an initiation for new members in the fall and spring, and attendance at a convention in Dallas in March. The club sponsors secretary week in April. During this week student and staff secretaries are honored and bosses of the year are chosen. Officers for this year were Anita McCandless, presidentg Mark Abbott, vice-presidentg Kim Perry, secretary: Dana Garner, treasurer, Lisa Pigg, publicity director, and Kayla Rickett, historian. Dr. Vicki Johnson serves aslsponsor. 750 OrganiZations SAM Row 7: Paul Rogers, Karrie Knight, David Hunt, Curtis Gogelg Row 2: Todd Clippard, Scott Burleson, Debbie Johns, Ben Horton, Ruth Kennedy, Scott Cummins, Steve Davis,' Row 3: Dexel Burns, Dana Rodgers, Amanda Jamison, Kathy Dye, Cheryl Evans, Shelly Doss, Jeff Hughey, Jenita Smith, Connie Yarbrough, Julie Kinnard, Row 4. Jessica Garrett, Kim Hale, Trina Thompson, Tracey Ring, Kimberlie Aaron, Vicky Creque, Lesa Rhymer, Jamie Paradise. Photo by Holland Studios. CSI Row lf Anita McCandless, Mark Abbott, Kim Perry, Dana Garner, Kayla Rickett, Lisa Piggq Row 2: Beverly Beckham, Melanie Parker, Sally Adams, Karen Sparks, Melissa Potter, Laurie Taylor,' Row 3: Nina Andrews, Jamie Montague, Leanne Hetfington, Micky Jessee, Luci Woodard, Ginger Graham, Ann Nix' Row 4: Trudy Anderson, Cooper, Sandy Fields, Mary Lynn Collier. Photo by Holland Studios. SFA The Society of Future Ac- countants is a professional organization for accounting majors and minors. The pur- pose of SFA is to familiarize members with the advantages and opportunities of the ac- counting profession. Members see their major at work through speakers, field trips, and contact with Certified Public Accountants. This year's members had the honor of being some of the first par- ticipants in the Tennessee So- ciety of CPA's. The society also took a field trip to Nash- ville to tour the Big Eight Ac- counting firm ot Arthur Ander- sen and Co. Officers for the year were LeAnn Garner, president, Da- vid Weathers, vice-president, Karen White, secretary, and Debbie Johns, treasurer. SFA Bow 1 Debbie Johns treasurer LeAnn Garner president Karen White secretary Row 2 Candice Snyder, Bobbi Pennington, Rhonda Clipparol Janice Beckham Tammy Franks Sherry Ricketson Bow 3 Scott Burleson Sheryl Tucker Tim Hensley, Ben Horton, Angela Clark, Jana Nixon, Carole Webb Brian Beck Bow 4 Larry Cretsinger John Crawford Michael Diddock Carolyn Cave, Michelle Watkins, Melissa Gotti Emily Van Curen, CSI officers initiate new club members. Kim Perry, Anita McCandless, and Lisa Pigg administer the pledge. Photo by John Bentley. Organizations 75 1 Psychology Club The purpose of the Psy- chology Club is to provide an opportunity for psychology majors and minors to come to- gether and become familiar with the field of psychology. Guest speakers and debates provide insight into the field. The club has been rebuilding this year. President Connie Cochran stated that, "We are in the process of making things more organized and providing a foundation on which worthwhile accomplish- ments can take place." The sponsors for the club are Rich- ard Cave and Charles Webb. Officers for this year were Connie Cochran, presidentg Anna Davis, vice-presidentg Kim Cotter, secretaryltrea- surerg and Melinda Scudder, editor. Modern Languages Club The Modern Languages Club is new on campus this year. its primary purpose is to promote interest in the learn- ing of a foreign language. Ac- tivities included an internation- al dinner at the home of Dr. Don Taylor and a pizza party as well as meetings through- out the year. Officers for this year were Janet Stephens, president, Bob Bloorningburg, vice-presi- dentg Julie Glasgow, secre- tary, and Michelle Horton, treasurer. 752 Organizations Psychology Club - Row 7: Tim lrwin, Connie Cochran, Anna Davis, Kim Cotter, Melinda Scudder, Glynn Dilbeckg Row 2: Candis Meador, Missy Miskelly, Thomas Snow, Valerie Sweat, Robert Ramos, Janet Dobbinsq Row 3: Richard Cave, Brian Whitfield, Laura Heftington, Royce Webb, James Maxwell, Mary Kelley, Charles Webb. Photo b Holland Studios. i I i E E i 4 3 4 r r i Modern Languages Club - Row 7: Oscar Smith, David Jennen, Bill Gooch, Bob Bloomingburg, Pete Baker, Row 2: Jenny Segars, Tessa Yenny, Holly Rachels, Don Taylor, John McLaughlin, Chris Craveris, Pauletta Frederick, Melinda Scudder, Ernald George' Row 3: Julie Gann, Janet Stephens, Dana White, Rebecca Nash, Stacy Covington, Janet Dobbins, Michelle Horton, Carrol Morrison, Christe! Morrison, Sandy Allen, Karen Boyette. Photo by Holland Studios. A Classics - Row 75 Jud Davis, Karen ford Lisa Gibbons, Melissa Hickman, Saddy, Trenton Dade, Kathy Shelton, Candis Meador, Leah Childers. Photo W 1. -- Bradford, Mike Gerlach: Row 2: Cheryl Evans, Leigh Anne Woodham, Karen Melissa Goff Karen Coleman, Anna Davis: Row 3: Jacqui Jenkins, Randy Trey Vaughn, Jeff Miller, Laurie Kilpatrick, Row 4: Alicia Nelson, Brian Beck, by Holland Studios. Classics Classics is a group of F-HC students who are interested in modeling. The group is com- posed of young men and women who are interested in presenting the image of a well- dressed Christian. Classics feels the need to promote at- tractive Christian dress. The group has been very popular as mannequins in Henderson and at the Old Hickory Mall in Jackson. Classics and its co- ordinators have made the As- sociates Fashion Show a suc- cess for several years. Fieba Thomas serves as sponsor and Lisa Gibbons serves as student coordinator this year. l-lome Economics Association The Home Economics As- sociation strives to acquaint students with career opportu- nities and new developments in the field of home and con- sumer economics. The Freed- Hardeman chapter is affiliated with the national and state home economics associations. Lisa Gibbons served as president, Kim Lingren, vice- president: Leah Childers was the secretary, and Daisry Heastie served as treasurer. Joyce Bloomingburg, Karen Lingren, and Reba Thomas are the sponsors. HEA - Flow 7: Karen Lingren, Kim Lingren, Lisa Gibbons: Row 2: Joyce Bloomingburg, Leah Childers, Joetta Turbeville, Kelly Cain, Gwendolyn Jennen: Row 3: Daisry Heastie, Melissa Hickman, Tracie Hughes. Photo by Holland Studios. Classic models at the Associate 's Fashion Show. Organizations 7 53 FHA The Future Farmers of America has the purpose of helping members stay in- formed of developments in their chosen field. Members consist of those majoring in agribusiness or anyone inter- ested in farming. Dr. Clyde Lewis sponsors this organiza- tion. SNEA The Student National Education Association is a professional club for educa- tion majors and minors. The association gives members opportunities to be involved in local, state, and national edu- cation matters. One of the special activities during the year was promoting safe trick or treating. Members went to local elementary schools and gave students safety tips for Halloween night. This year SNEA received an award at their fall convention for an increase in membership. Pam Skidmore states, "SNEA is helping to build the teaching profession into a more re- spected and professional occupation." Officers for this year were Kelly Johns, presidentg Jeff Lewis, vice-president, Jana Rogers, secretaryg Lisa Meri- deth, treasurer, and Dana Truitt, historian. 7 54 Organza tions lx wi A-5, A ws' FFA - Row 1: Robby Harmon, Todd Clippard, Joetta Turbeville, Julie Gann, Shane Gilliam: Row 2: Robert Lovett, Mike Mclvutt, Bill Black, John Dougan, Bryan Armentrout, John Law, Patty O'Neal, Clyde Lewis. Photo by Holland Studios. TM -srr T' SNEA - Row 1: Linda Helm, sponsor, Beth Johnson, Kelly Smith, Jason Faulkner, Sandra Bell, Shelly Latham, Pa Skidmore, Jeff Lewis, Kelly Johns, Kim Choat, Kendra Owens, Shirley Eldridge, Kelye Olsen, Dana Truittg Row 2: Stephanie Schwegler, Martha Wallace, Deanna Rogers, Kim Sharp, Kathy Birkhead, Bill Freeze, Greg Mullinicksq Ro 3: Lisa Merideth, Stacy Covington, Wanda McDougal, Cindy Carden, Susan Tatum, Amy Young. Photo by Holland Studios. Free Enterprise Team This year's Free Enter- prise Team was very suc- cessful. Under the leadership of Dwayne Wilson the team participated in a competition in Memphis. They placed high- ly, and went to a national com- petition in May. There are two primary pur- poses for the Free Enterprise Team. The first is to develop projects which will raise awareness of economic is- sues. ln competition, these projects must last no more than 24 minutes and usually consist of an oral presentation and a slide show. The second purpose is to narrow the gap between academics and the real world. free Enterprise Team - Row 1: Jeff Johnson, Richard Dobbins, Clive Gumbs: Row 2: Brian Beck, Julie Gann, Julie Coleman, Debbie Johns, David Holloway: Row 3: Rick Brooks, Susan Poteet, Robbie Harmon, Dwayne Wilson, Bruce Carden. Photo by John Bentley. COMMA - Row 7: Paul Powers, Ben Hardin, Bill Gooch, Jeff Johnson, Scott Sewell Kelly Lancaster, Andy Phillips, Winston Harless: Row 2: Melissa Tomlinson, Trenton Dade, Christi Pugh, Dawn Garrett, Felicia Elam, Jud Davis, Carole Arnold, Paige Kittrell Frank Kemp, Kristi Barker, Tammi Mullins, Row 3: Beth Cole, Lora DeFore, John McLaughlin, Tracy Johns, Lisa Springer, Tim Dills, Gary Lyons, Amanda Edwards, Kim Hale, Jeanette Caraker, Vicki Leatherwood' Row 4: Steve Johnson, Michelle Gilliland, Hank McDaniel, Delanna Rutland, Todd Fulkerson, Eddie Alderson, Jana Middelton, Robin Edwards, Laurie Killpatrick: Row 5: David Hale, Tina Davis, Carl Bell Kendall Joseph, Randy Baumgardner, Kelly Shelton, Randy Lane, Karen Ford: Row 6: Ray Eaton, Roy Neal Grissom, Robert Jones, Terry Rikard, Randy Burse, Trina Thompson, Susan Bennett, George Welty, Ron Gray, Photo by Holland Studios. CGIVIIVIA The Communication Ma- jors and Minors Associa- tion, or COMMA as it is com- monly called, does a great deal to associate students with the communication field. At each meeting members are afforded the opportunity to hear speakers on such sub- jects as journalism, public re- lations, advertising, broad- casting, theatre, and other areas. Craig Carroll said, "COM- MA is an excellent way to learn if your chosen field is really for you. Not only do you get to meet and listen to speakers who are already in the field, but you grow closer to people who share the same goals and ambitions in life." The officers for this year were Michelle Gilliland, chair- man: Kelly Lancaster and Ed- die Alderson, vice-chairmen. The officers worked together with the faculty advisers to bring the club the best it could offer. Organize tions 755 SWSA SWSA has two purposes. It is a professional club for social work majors and minors, and is also a service club. SWSA strives to serve the community and each other. A "Toys for Tots" drive was held at Christ- mas to help underprivileged children. A field trip to Tennes- see State Prison was also planned. ln talking about SWSA, Laura Parish said, "SWSA is an effective tool in developing goals as far as a career in so- cial work. lt is a good way for students to encourage each other and build relationships." The officers for this year were Bob Murray, president: Laura Parish and Cathy Cooper, vice-presidentsg Susan .John- son, secretaryltreasurer: Glynda Nichols, recruitment- lservice coordinator, and Ta- mie Kiddy, education coordi- nator. Pi Epsilon Pi Epsilon is a professional organization for health and physical education majors and minors. The club strives to make members more aware of the opportunities available in their field. This year Pi Epsilon sponsored Jump Flope for Heart and the Teacher with a Heart competition. The club also sponsored a blood pres- sure and weight check booth during Lectureship. The club members attended the AAH- PEFZD Southern District Co- vention in Little Rock Arkansas. Kendra Bonnell was presi- dent during the fall semester. Officers for the spring semes- ter were Julie Coleman, presi- dent, Travis McKissack, vice- president: Shanda Field, secretaryg Diane Self, treasur- er. 156 Organizations 5 SWSA - Flow 7: Bob Murray, Laura Parish, Glynda Nichols, Susan Johnson: How 2: Tarnie Kiddy, Melissa Johnson, Mary Lou Losey, Gina Hurst,' Bow 3: Charlene Pendergrass, Shani Waller, Tessa Yenny, Cathy Cooper, Gloria Postlethwait, Tracy Hose: Ftow 4: Jeanette Caraker, Steve Collins, Joyce Hunt, Amy Bullock, Racquel McHaney, Darrell Sharp, Photo by Holland Studios. Pi Epsilon -- Seated: Pam Hicks, Shanda Held, Diane Self Kendra Bonnell, Julie Coleman: Standing: Mary Davenport, Shonn Weldon, Sylvia Harris, Hoyt Kirk, Ernesto Ramos, Torn Dixon, Travis Molfissaok, Chuck Barnett, Deanna Hall. Photo by John Bentley. Z , l. t 'Vl- 'W i Ji Beta Chi - Row 1: Diane Speed Karen Angerman: Row 2: Hodon Yates, John Estes, David Oliver: Row 3: Chris Sravens, Neita Barnes, Martin Chaney Tim Turner, Mary Cline. 4, ML - 'PMA - Row 7: Gail Latham, Renee Henson, Judy England, Kelly Vaden, Sheri Veregge, Flon O'Rourke,' Row 2: 1 ren Walker, Carol Hayes, John Bentley, Vincent Wheatley, Mike Dozier, George Van Eaton, Larry Nagle, Danny ench, Stan Tillman, Kelly Beard, Rick Root, Larry Oldham. Photo by John Bentley. Pi Beta CN The purpose of Pi Beta Chi is to further interest in the sci- entific pursuit of knowledge. Members do this by lectures and field trips. Highlights of the year included a special lecture by Dr. Hall C. Holland, a nuclear physicist and a trip to the Space Center in Hunts- ville, Alabama. Members de- veloped a constitution for more organization and higher standards. Officers for the year were John Estes, presidentg David Oliver, vice-presidentg Chris Cravens, secretary: Neita Barnes, treasurer: and Hodon Yates, parlimentarian. DPIVIA The Association for Com- puting Machinery underwent a constitution change this year and became the Data Pro- cessing Management As- sociation. The organization is for computer science and computer information systems majors. DPMA is primarily de- signed to facilitate better un- derstanding of the vital rela- tionship of information processing as it relates to management and society. Each year DPMA hands out three awards on Awards Day. These awards are Outstanding Computer Science Graduate, Outstanding Computer Infor- mation Systems Graduate, and Rookie Programmer of the Year. The officers of DPMA are as follows: Fton O'Rourke, presi- dentg Michael Dozier, vice- presidentg Renee Henson, sec- retary: and Stan Tillman, treasurer. Organizations 757 Student Alumni Association Serves Students, Guests SAA - Row 7: Flick Brooks, John Law, Adrienne Sanders, Carmen Huddleston, Susan Skelton, Cheryl Evans, Gary Chapman, Penny Dorsett, Amy Delk, Kay Kay Kennedy: Flow 2: David Holloway, Wanda McDougal Karen White, Ramona Bawdon, Diana Thompson, Beth Cole, Cindy Braddock, Becky Gordon, Jeanette Caraker, Suzanne Pearson, Keven Smith, Susan Davis, Cami Posteli, Jason Smithg Fiow 3: Randy Grissett, Frank Kemp, Gina Anderson, Ginger Engle, Hollye Baker, Diane Speed, Kristie Glass, Tammy Shadwick, Mitzi Fields, Kimmy Aaron, Mark Abbottq Bow 4: Curtis Gogei, Kristi Barker, Joy Marsh, Kim Choat, Scott Greene, Jennifer Webster, Candace Short, Brian Whitfield, Clay Hobbs, Karrie Knight. Photo by Holland Studios, The Student Alumni As- sociation is a service organi- zation. Members must be will- ing to serve and give of their time whenever the need arises. Many times members are called upon to give of their time on short notice. SAA was founded in 1979 and has been under the direction of Jim Selbe. Members are chosen by application and interview. SAA coordinated many of the activities on campus this year. They hosted the cam- pus-wide Christmas party and the Valentine's Banquet. They coordinated Silly Saturday in the spring and were responsi- ble for the Homecoming court activities such as the election and coronation of the queen. SAA also plays a major role in Mission interface. Leading SAA this year has been Rick Brooks, presidentg John Law, vice-president of personnel involvementg Adri- enne Sanders, vice-president of special eventsg Cheryl Ev- ans, secretary: Susan Skelton, business managerg and Gary Chapman, chaplain. SAA President Ftiok Brooks regulates the student flow into the registration center located in Pruett Banguet Hall. Photo by Nancy Bennett. 158 Organizations Student Government Association Bridges Gap -351 H ll Row 1 Diane Speed Kelye Olsen Bobbi Pennington Gina Hurst Kim Laird, Laura Parish, Tamie Kiddy, Joyce Montague, Melinda Scudder, Hill Row 2 Jason Faulkner Bryan Armentrout Nathan Ogrlvre Lee Hrbbett, Victor Spencer, Jonathan Goode, Jeff Shocklee, Todd Fulkerson, Anschultz Neal Roberston Amy Watrous Julie Gann Jeff Johnson Row 3: Tirn Roland Jana Bentley, Judy England, Nancy Hastings, Tanya Lisa Gibbons Sandy Allen Nadine Gray Scott Taylor Photo by Holland Studios. The Student Government Association serves as a bridge between students and administration. The SGA set two main objectives for this year. The first was to repre- sent the student body to the best ot each member's ability. The second was to maintain a positive image for the SGA. Many activities such as the Harvest Moon Party and the lighting of the Commons at Christmas time were conduct- ed by SGA. Members were also busy serving at banquets, cleaning up the campus, and helping with spring registra- tion. SGA also sponsored a food drive during the Christ- mas season and spiritual em- phasis days during the spring semester. One of the main concerns every year is in the area of food service. SGA has worked very hard in this area and some noticeable changes have been made. More variety and ice cream are just two of the improvements that can be seen in Gano Dining Hall. The deli line is another feature that students have enjoyed. SGA hopes that more improve- ments will be made in the fu- ture. SGA had three very capable leaders this year. They were Jeff Johnson, presidentg Julie Gann, vice-president: and Amy Watrous, secretaryltrea- surer. Jeff Johnson spoke in chapel on behalf of the Student Government Association. Photo by John Bentley. Organizations 7 59 Sonshine Singers Tell l-lis Story L-4 Q. ,-. tt, ,. at P' 4 4 I --t7"'g1 .1Qw"i'6.x - ssl 'f . -'Ft " if-9' xi' 'ft f" t 'K 'ag .. s 'f v , 1-r lf , " x QS. .- '- L 'fix ' '-7 'f A 7 " .1'.g'g,:,:-girl' A, f,k,AAs..k h 5, .. "U as ZYQM Sonshine Singers - Row 1.' Keven Smith, Kyle Hufford, John McCaskill, Miles Mayo, Tim Miller, Lee Hibbett, Daniel French, Tim Jones, Bill Weaver, Winston Harless, Row 2: Karen White, Kim Langford Daisry Heastie, Tammy Barnes, Andrea Boren, Kelly Smith, Julie Russell, Robin Joshlin, Cheryl Evans, Connie Cochran, Susan Davis, Carol Cantrell, Janet Howell' Bow 3: Tim Bell, Tracie Hughes, Pam Skidmore, Jana Bentley, Beverly Beckham, Tony Taylor, Mitzi Fields, Gloria Postelthwait, Glynda Nichols, Dana Truitt, Sheri Veregge, Carmen Huddleston, Camille McCaskill Paula Hill, Susan Johnson, Kim Laird, Joyce Hunt, Michelle Bennett, Kelly Johns, Gary Lyons, Brad Miller, Bow 4: Bonnie Cribbs, Tony Miller, Curtis Gogel, Lisa Springer, Mark Miller, Jenny Segars, Jud Davis, Mike Dozier, Kim Glisson, John Hill, Tim Fowler, Mike Johnson. Photo by Holland Studios. The purpose of the Son- shine Singers is to share the message of Christ through songs of faith, hope, and en- couragement. The group has traveled thousands of miles since its founding in 1983. This year the group made a special trip to Abilene to participate in the SingSong which was held in December. A trip to the Cayman islands was planned for the summer. While on the trips the sing- 160 OrganiZa tions ers stay with members of the host congregation. This gives everyone an opportunity to get to know one another bet- ter and make lasting friend- ships. Karen White stated, "It is a privilege to be in Sonshine Singers. It provides the oppor- tunity to grow spiritually and to help others gain something spiritually." Winston Harless is the director of the Sonshine Singers. Sonshine Singers put on a performance during Lecturship. Photo by John Bentley. Chorus Sings Praise in France Ensemble - Tammy Stidham, Julie Howard Cindy Pruitt, Tracy Cindy Willis, Kimberly Johnson. Photo by Amy Clifford. Ensemble - Steve Holladay, Thomas Wilson, Rick Root, Jesse tson, Dexel Burns. Photo by Amy Clifford. - Row 1: Stephanie Agachinsky, Isaiah Echols, Tammy Grogan, Dwayne Green, Kim Mason, Alicia Jones, Ken Huntoon, Gina Hurst, Brice Daphne Tuckerg Row 2: Rebecca Nash, Brad Blake, Vickie Leatherwood Wally Warren, Debra Grady, Tracy McCoy, Andy Phillips, Kimberly Kenny Luckett, Cindy Willis,' Row 3: Tammy Franks, Rick Root, Tammy Stidham, Pete Respess, Melissa Williams, Jesse Robertson, Dexel Cheryl White, Russ Countess, Mandy Wiserg Row 4: Nancy Hastings, Kevin Moore, Julie Howard Thomas Wilson, Chrissy Uridel, Stephen Belinda Washington, Phil L yles, Melanie Greene. Photo by John Bentley. The Freed-Hardeman Col- lege Chorus is the oldest sing- ing group on campus. It is in its thirty-eighth year of existence. The chorus travels extensively performing for congregations, school assemblies, and civic organizations. The group had plans to sing at Oklahoma Christian College during the Christmas holidays. They were unable to make it to Oklahoma because they were snowed in at Little Rock, Arkansas. In the spring the Chorus toured Flori- da and it has special plans to tour France during the sum- mer. Dr. Harvey Rhodes serves as director ofthe Chorus. Offi- cers are Dexel Burns, presi- dent: Rick Root, vice-presi- dentg Cindy Willis, secretaryg and Brice Medlin, treasurer. The Chorus has worked very hard this year. Dr. Rhodes stated, "I am pleased this year with the cooperation of the group. Their determination to work together is encourag- ing." Organizations 161 Deliverance Performs for Admissions Cir 'oe E Deliverance - Row 1: Rhonda Gaddy, Sharen Cypress: Row 2: Marvin Gilliam, Tammy Bradshaw, Kevin Mackf Flow 3: Errol Field Karen Cypress, Isaiah Echols, George Hamer. Photo by Holland Studios. Pied Pipers Cnarm Children of All Ages 5 Y' Wa iii .N X? , i.. Q ak fx v fy, 1. . Q r . - : nj- ,5 'te' i. 1' ff :Ji an c -fs I -I ' 4 sa- x wx Q X sr 5 kv' are 1 P A K o'a. 79' h JP.. . ith I N i 1 H N. - ,ff-,FY r :W A ax 0 in N ,, S " T' .. " A ' ' - 'T ' " ,ge 1 l Pied Pipers - Pow 1: Kay Kay Kennedy, Tonya Mcknight, Sonja Kelleyy Pow 2: Andy Phillips, Wanda Woodard, Kell McDaniel, Darrell Sharpg Row 3: Wanda McDougal, Randy Burse, Tracy Johns, Kelye Olsenp How 4: Donald Griffiths, Joe Sticlrels. Photo by Holland Studios. 7 62 Organizations Pep Band Livens Up Ball Games Q75 if if ,I .. fa U35 an Q- Us fy 45" gf ... .5 'li ,gg It , 'uma Ax in ,V ' 'xlbv sr y. Pep Band - Row 1: Harvey Rhodes, Three of the performing groups that do a great deal for the school are the Pied Pip- ers, Deliverance, and the Pep Band. The Pied Pipers are an im- provisational children's the- atre group who entertains chil- dren of all ages. Their primary purpose is to help children feel good about themselves through stories, songs, and games. The shows are espe- cially designed to entertain children from preschool to sixth grade, but anyone who is a child at heart will enjoy a Piper Show. The Pipers entertain at many elementary schools 4' . Camille McCaskill, Cindy Willisg Row 2: Wncent Wheatley, Sonia Douglas, Jeff Dillinger Dexel Burns. throughout the year. Special shows this year were perfor- mances at the school for the deaf and blind in Little Rock. The Pipers plan to go to An- chor Point, Alaska in the sum- mer of 1988 to help with the Vacation Bible School there. Dr. Hank McDaniel directs the group. Deliverance is the newest touring group at F-HC. They perform at youth rallies, sing- songs, and fellowships with the primary purpose of spreading the message of Je- sus. The group is sponsored by admissions counselor, Charles Corley. Deliverance sings contemporary gospel songs and upbeat arrange- ments of old hymns. The group consists of faithful Christians who want to sing. Deliverance travelled to Dal- las, Texas in the fall and planned to make a tape in the spring. George Hamer is the student director. Once again this year the Pep Band could be heard at ball games. The Pep Band works hard to help cheer on the Lions and the Lady Lions. Often a popular number will bring the crowd to its feet to cheer the teams to victory. Camille lVlcCaskill directed the Pep Band this year. OrganiZations 7 63 Phoenix - Music to Recruit With Phoenix is F-HC's very own top forty group. Formed in 1981, the primary purpose of Phoenix is to help the Admis- sions Office recruit students. The members believe in Chris- tian education and they strive to show people through their entertainment that Christians can have a good time. Phoenix travels all over the Southeast playing at high schools, youth rallies, and banquets. This year they per- formed at Dollywood. Stops on the winter tour included North Carolina, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia. Frank McMeen serves as director. 164 Organizations Phoenix - Ryan McKinney, Dana Frazier, Carl Bell, Craig lrwln, Jody Abbott, Randy Lane Phoenix performs at the Harvest Moon party sponsored by SGA. Photo by John Bentley. Ambassadors - Representing F-HC Ambassadors - Row 7: Brad Blake, Keith Lewis' Row 2: Jerry Moore, Leigh Anne Walker, Fiobin Edwardsj Row 3: Melissa Hickman, Mindy Davidson, Paul Rogers, Michael Diddock. Photo by OPI. "il .M in Song The Ambassadors is a non-scholarship, acapella singing group. The group is sponsored by the admissions office and is used for recruit- ment. The Ambassadors per- form at such events as youth rallies and high school days. The group's two main pur- poses are to share their love of the gospel with as many peo- ple as possible and to repre- sent F-HC well. During spring break the Am- bassadors toured North and South Carolina. They planned to spend a week and a half in Alaska in May 1988. The Ambassadors have done an outstanding job in representing F-HC this year. Paul Rogers serves as student coordinator. The Ambassadors perform at the annual Christmas Party given by SAA. Photo by Kelly Beard Organizations T65 fx im g ZX 'ww , Wm, ,W f 1 , ,mv ww My , A ,ws Q 5? w me .nf W wg . , W b W- 4 W ,f gm Y an iw -SW? WZ m d',,,.-fa It , aff' x E. , i s S and Qbove: The Sonshine Singers perform during Homecoming in the Old Chapel Hall. Photo by Holland Studios. Below: lomecoming visitors enjoy contempory gospel music from the Ambassadors. Photo by Holland Studios. uf' in "' W if Aw' yss U, -'H Kay Kay Kennedy performs with the Pipers in the Homecoming parade. Deliverance member Marvin Gilliam is caught drinking milk. The Chorus performs for the student body in chapel, Photo by Amy Clifford. Organizations 167 Delta lvlu Delta Delta Mu Delta is an hon- orary organization. lt recog- nizes those students who have excelled in the Department of Business. Requirements for membership in Delta Mu Delta are having a G.P.A. ot 3.2 or higher, completing 64 hours of study and having a major in some area of business. Alpha Chi Alpha Chi is an honorary organization which promotes academic excellence and ex- emplary character and honors those who have achieved such distinction. ln addition to the sale of the Alpha Chi directo- ries, the members attended an Alpha Chi convention in Atlan- ta. The organization made a 95300 donation to the student center and also made a dona- tion of books to the Loden- Daniel Library. They also pre- sented a cash award to Susan Poteet, winner of the Faculty Scholarship-Leadership Med- al. Serving as officers were John Hill, president: Susan Po- teet, vice-president: Debbie Johns, secretary, and Susan Tatum, treasurer. Sponsors are Allen Walker and Carol Hayes. Delta Mu Delta - Row 7: Ruth Kennedy, Cheryl Evans, Penny Nickles, Debbie Johns, Jessica Garrett, Row 2: Kathy Dye, Karen White, Karen Coleman, Michael Diddock, Melissa Gotti Lee Hibbett, Tim Miller,' Row 3: Sherry Ricketson, Anita McCandless, Michelle Lyons, Carolyn Cavef Row 5: Richard Dobbins, John Law, Eve Strange, Steve Sentell, Dwayne Wilson. ,M- Alpha Chi- Pow 1: Susan Tatum, Susan Poteet, Debbie Johns, Susan Skelton, Mike Dozier, Lisa Gibbons, Greg Martin, Row 2: Carolyn Cave, Cheryl Evans, Candice Snyder, Adrienne Sanders, Dawn Garrett, Janice Beckham, Melissa Gott Flow 3: Roy Neal Grissom, Hodon Yates, Victor Spencer, Kenneth Chadvvell, Bethany Barnes, John McLaughlin,' Row 4: Sherry Fiicketson, Shelly Latham, Gloria Postlethwait, Dawn Sutton, James Meadows, Flow 5: Allen Walker, Carol Hayes, Patsy Webb, Andy McClish, Pete Baker. Photo by Holland Studios. 168 Organizations 4lpha Psi Omega - Seated: Tracy Johns, Debbie Johns, Susan Poteet, Keli McDanieL' Standing: David Jennen, lffike Dozier, John Hill, Winston Harless, Jeff Lewis. Photo by John Bentley. Alpha Psi Cmega Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary fraternity for people involved in theatrical activities. The members promote theatri- cal interest and involvement at F-HC. Each year members have an awards ceremony called "Spotlight," In addition to the various acting awards there is a special scholarship to attend a play festival in Stratford, Canada. Kell Lee McDaniel was the recipient this year. Members also orga- nize and perform several one act plays that are presented at the end of the school year. For the past three years the F-HC chapter has been recog- nized in the fraternity's nation- al magazine, Playbill. This is an achievement that says much for our theatre department. lonors Association - Row 7: Mark Miller, Adrienne Sanders, David Oliver, Susan Skelton, Mike Dozier, Tracy Johns, Connie Cochran, Jenny Segars, dissy Housel, Tammy Stidham, Carmen Huddleston, Karen Coleman, Janet Howell, Shirley Eldridge, Carol Webb, Kimberly Johnson, Shelly Latham, lmy Watrous, Jesse Robertson, Debbie Johns, Susan Poteetg Row 2: Hodon Yates, Bob Bloomingburg, Clay Hobbs, Brian Whitfield, Rebecca iimons, Kelly Johns, Kelye Olsen, Sheri Veregge, Ruth Kennedy, Judy England, Tag Smith, Stephen Norfleet, Annette Strunk, Heather Stewart, Barry fortner: Row 3: Martin Chaney, Tim Webb, Mike Johnson, Belinda Washington, Missy Miskelly, Chris Cravens, Neita Barnes, John Estes, Sandy Allen, 'ammy Shadwick, Candis Meador, Rebecca Nash, Gail Latham, Renee Henson, Tina Permenter, Mary Cline, John McLaughlin, Kelly Cain, Kim .angfordq Row 4: Steve Johnson, Scott Miskelly, Greg Pollock, Kim Hale, Penny Nickles, Carol Cantrell Brad Miller, Royce Webb, Stan Tillman, Mary Kelley, Beth Johnson, Jana Middleton. Photo by Holland Studios. Honors Association The purpose ofthe Honors Association is to allow honor students the opportunity to participate in social and cul- turally enriching activities. Members have been to Nash- ville to see a production of Hamletand to Memphis to see the Rodin Art Exhibit. Mem- bers also travelled to Dallas and to Louisiana for confer- ences. The association was proud of Matt Vega who par- ticipated in an honors semes- ter in New York. The association is led by the Honors Council. Members of the council are Susan Poteet, chairmang Steve Holladay, vice chairmang Amy Watrous, secretaryltreasurerg Debbie Johns, senior representative: Brian Whitfield, junior repre- sentativeg Martin Chaney, sophomore representative: Mike Johnson, freshman rep- resentative: and Matt Vega, representative to the Tennes- see Honors Council. Organizations 169 Totalite TotaLife is a religious orga- nization for the women on campus. The purpose is to help Christian women develop a "total life" through fellow- ship and encouragement from other Christians. The pro- grams presented help each member use the talents that God gave her to the best of her ability. This year there have been several outstanding guest speakers. Members also made crafts for people in nursing homes. Officers for the year includ- ed Mitzi Fields, presidentg Leanne Heffington, vice-presi- dent, Teri Hale and Bobbi Pennington, secretaries: and Julie Gann, treasurer. Evangelism Forum The Evangelism Forum works to make F-HC students aware of the opportunities and the work that is now going on in the mission field. The group meets every month to learn about and discuss what is happening in the mission field. This year the group supported Henry l-lufford, a missionary in Nigeria, and also provided money to mark the grave of C. A. D. Essene, a pioneer in Ni- gerian mission work. One of the highlights each year is attending the World Mission Workshop. This year it was held at David Lipscomb College and F-HC had the largest representation ot stu- dents and faculty in attendance. l 170 Organizations rr ss. Totalife - Row 7: Karen Lingren, Mitzi Fields, Teri Hale, Julie Ganng Row 2: Jessica Garrett, Amy Clifford, Kay Kay Kennedy, Karen White, Shelly Latham, Kim Lingren, Jana Bentley: Row 3: Diane Speed, Shirley Eldridge, Jonna Brewer, Holly Rachels, Kayla Rickett, Carmen Huddleston, Gwendolyn Jennen, Kim Langford' Row 4: Melissa Morgan, Mary Cline, Jo Richey, Tam Story, Suzanne Pearson, Janet Howell, Gail Latham, Karen Sparks: Row 5: Jan Dougan, Tabitha Pigman, Rebecca Nash, Linda Record, Laura Heffington, Luci Woodard, Kelly Johns: Row 6: Melissa Goff Annette Clark, Melinda Scudder, Mary Davenport, Beth Pickard, Karen Coleman, Kelye Olsen, Bobbi Pennington. Photo by Holland Studios. 'F-at :il l T ,,. I . 4- 'L . -.. Evangelism Forum - Row 1: Tammy Shadwick, Randy Neal, Kenneth Chadwell, Kim Langfordg Row 2: Steven Collins, Dowell Flatt, Evertt Huffard, Trudy Anderson, Janet Howell, Lisa Springer, Tamy Grogan, Carmen Huddleston, Gordon Hogan, Ernest Ozemelahy Row 3: Wil Perkins, Shawn Mathis, Douglas Wilson, Philip Smith, Sa Hester, Victor Spencer, Kelly Cain, Cindy Willis. Mark Spencer, Keven Smith: Row 4: Annette Clark, Tim Roland. James Thomas, Pete Baker: Row 5: Brad Blake, Tom Wacaster, Angela Oden, Linda Record, Barry Fortner, Moses Donkor, Greg Pollock, Walter Warren. Photo by Holland Studios. reachers' Club - Row 1: Jeff ingram, Douglas Wilson, Everett Huffard, Ernest Ozemelah, Lawrence Akpany Bow 2: am Hester, Brad Blake, Phillip Brooks, Walter Warren, Wintord Claiborne, Kenneth Chadwell, Dowell Flatt: Bow 3: iliy Smith, Barthelemy Charles, Barry Fortner, Jay Thorneli, Tim Boland, Tom Wacaster, Pete Baker, James Lromas: Bow 4: Stacey Burgess, Porter Young, Randy Neal, Mark Spencer, Victor Spencer, Shawn Mathis, Bobby armon, Jeff Golson, Frank Smith, David Stofel: Bow 5: Gordon Hogan, Greg Pollack, Moses Donkor, Wil Perkins, 'ike Simons, Pandall Atkins, Tim Carroll: Row 6: Solomon Aguh, Lee Davis, James Lochman, Steve Johnson, wayne Kennedy, Philip Smith, Thomas Snowy Bow 7: Ken Hensley, David i-lamrick, John Alexander, Terry Bikard. hoto by Holland Studios. eachers' Wives Club - Row if Vicki Wilson, Carol Ann Chadwell, Sandy Lochman, Elsie Huttard: Bow 2: Alice otel, Pauli Posey, Barbara Johnson, Delia Flatt. Photo by Della Flatt. Preachers' Club The Preachers' Club meets every other week with the purpose of helping its members receive practice in public speaking. Members also have a forum with the sponsors at the end of each semester. Other activities in- clude serving at the benefit dinner and organizing the weekend devotionals. Phillip Brooks states, "The experience I have gained is in- valuable. lt's not just for preachers, but for anyone who plans to be of service to the church." Leading the club as presi- dent has been Jeff Ingram. David Baker was vice-presi- dent, and Doug Wilson was secretaryltreasurer. Dowell Flatt, Earl Edwards, Billy Smith, and Evertt Huffard serve as sponsors. Preachers' Wives The Preachers' Wives Club strives to help its mem- bers train for their life as the wife of a preacher or the wife ofa church leader. By meeting bi-weekly, members were able to learn more about the Bible and share ideas. A bake sale was held in the spring to raise money tor the club. The officers for this year were Carol Ann Chadwell, presidentg Tammie Baker, vice-president, Loyce Augus- tini, secretaryltreasurer, and Vicki Wilson, devotional chairman. Organizations 171 College Republicans lt's that time of year when politicians stand on the soap boxes and call out to all who will hear. As the 1988 presi- dential election draws near, the College Republicans work to make a difference. The College Republicans or- ganization is a group designed to enhance the political knowl- edge of college students and make them politically active. lt gives college students encour- agement to exercise constitu- tional rights in elections. The CRs, as they are com- monly called, attended the state convention and special dinner to hear such people as George Bush and Robert Dole. The F-HC College Republi- cans emphasize the Chris- tian's responsibility to put the candidate ill office who will most likely provide leadership that upholds Christian morals. DAC Club The Dactylology Club strives to teach members sign language so that they might carry the gospel to those who cannot hear. Members have a chance to practice their skills by interpreting chapel programs. Each year the club holds a penny drive to collect money for the Birmingham School for the Deaf. This is the only school that trains preachers for ministry to the deaf. This year the drive raised over 3300. Jamie Bilbruck serves as president. Jackie Makool is vice-president. Angie Cook is secretary and Mylie McKis- sack is treasurer. Sherry Jen- nette sponsors the club. 172 Organizations ? Colle e Republicans Row 1: Laura Parish, Jonna Pickle, Amy Watrous, Joyce Montague, Kristi Barker, Jonna g - Brewer, Melissa Morganf Row 2: Darrell Sharp, Greg Mullinicks, Steve Davis, David Oliver, Jeff Johnson, Jason Faulkner, Todd Clippard, John Estesg Row 3: Reeder Oldham, Jeff Hughey, Craig Carroll, Steve Sentell, Chris Anschultz, Todd Lee, Tim Jones, Brian Whitfield, Scott Burleson. Photo by Holland Studios. DAC Club - Row 1: Jamie Bilbruck, Jackie Makool, Angie Cook, Tim James, Row 2: Joseph Stanley, Kerry Hasty, Karen Bradford, Dana Merrick, Steven Collins, Row 3: Greg Pollack, Rhonda Caddy, Jenny Pilkington, Karla Cochran, David Hale. Photo by John Bentley. A deaf preacher demonstrates a sermon in sign language during chapel. Sam Hester translated the signs to words. Judo The Judo Club exists so members can have fun while exercising. Members learn the fundamentals of the sport of judo and consequently this helps them build character. Club The club gave a demonstra- tion in chapel and participated in four judo tournaments. Sev- eral medals were won in these tournaments. Dr. Allen Walker serves as sponsor. ' ff! K C . if 1 .- Solomon Aguh and Deokie Ftamboolar lead a native dragon down the streets of Henderson during the Homecoming parade. Judo Club - Flow 7: Nathan Walker, Alex Walkerf Row 2: Philip Walkerj Row 3: Ernald George, Becky Simons, Allen Walker. aww A. ternational Club members Rachel Aguh Solomon Aguh Ukpong Akpan Bora Alpay, Marco Azevedo, Dave riaga Maria Cariaga Fabiano Carvalho Barthelemy Charles Joan Cooke Trevor Cooke, Vicky Creque, Fablana Jggionni Patrizia Cuggionni Moses Donkor Oliver Ferguson Coralle George Ernald George, Daisry Heastie, Kevin lcombe Motor lsiip Owen James Fouzia Khokhar Wasim Khokhar Matt Merrick, Johanna Mitterhammer, lni pong Okon Mkpong Mari Noguchi Muge Onat Gokul Padmana bahn Vincent Wheatley, Boyde Watson, Elias iber Lesa Rhymer Erl Morrell Stinson Ernest Ozemalah Deokle Ramboolar Kim Langford. International Club The International Club strives to help students from foreign countries adjust to life in the United States. The club also strives to bridge the gap between the American and foreign students and attempts to educate American students about foreign cultures. A dinner was held in the spring. The dinner featured foods from the different home- lands of the foreign students. Leaders of the International Club are Erl Morrell-Stinson, presidentg Ernest Ozemelah, vice-president: Deokie Ram- doolar, secretary, and Kim Langford, treasurer. Organizations 173 Bell Tower Goes to Weekly Editions W? K rw ',4Q,qHA . Bell Tower - Howl: Anna Eubanks, Michelle Gilliland, Kurt Kleier, Trina Thompsong Row 2: Kim Hale, Felicia Elam, Tonya Compton, Lisa Springerf Row 3: Melissa Tomlinson, Tim Dills, Scott Sewell, Lora DeFore. Photo by Holland Studios. Treasure Cnest Wraps up Year ww Treasure Chest- John Bentley, Sandy Fields, Wanda McDougal, Luci Woodard, Amy Clifford, Diana Thompson, Heather Jones, Nancy Bennett, Stuart Hames, Brenda Henderson, Alicia Mays, Deana Jackson, Mark Abbott. Photo by John Bentley, 174 Organizations VVFI-IC Features Music Variety I hAM,,,,..e----- WFHC - Row 1: Tina Davis, Richard Rasberry, Michelle Gilliland Christi Pugh, Row 2: Craig Carroll, Greg Robinson, Mike Green, Kim Hale, David gale, Randall Dias, Felicia Elam, Kendall Joseph, Jeanette Caraker, Tim Dills, Roy Neal Grissom, Row 3: Vickie Leatherwood, Jud Davis, Ron Gray, andy Lane, Carla Henry, Kelly Shelton, Christie Wilbanks, Donald Griffiths, Joe Stickels. Photo by Holland Studios. F-HC has three media orga- nizations: WFHC, the campus radio stationg the Bell Tower, lthe campus newspaperg and the Treasure Chest, the year- book. WFHC, 91.5, is the West Tennessee alternative. Not only does one hear a format consisting of album rock, jazz, classical, and new age, but one can also hear fellow stu- dents operating the station. With the exception of the sta- tion manager, Ray Eaton, the staff is made up entirely of stu- dents. This year's staff includ- ed Tim Dills as program direc- torg Randy Lane as production directory Christi Pugh, news di- rectorg and Kendall Joseph, music director. The campus newspaper, the Bell Tower, strives to keep stu- dents, faculty, and staff in- formed of the events on cam- pus. Regular features included the "Bloom County" cartoon in each edition. Since the pa- per is published weekly, stu- dents looked forward to re- ceiving a copy each Friday. Kendra Bonnell served as edi- tor while Anna Eubanks filled the role of assistant editor. Lora DeFore is the advisor. Each year the Treasure Chest staff works very hard to produce a quality yearbook. This year was no exception. Many hours of planning and work went into producing this annual. For the second time the yearbook will be delivered in the fall instead of the spring. This allows an entire year's events to be put into one book. Alicia Mays served as editor, and John McLaughlin was assistant editor. Ramona Rawdon and Heather Jones were the business managers while Mark Abbott operated the word processor. John Bentley was photography chief. Nancy Bennett sponsors the yearbook. Heather Jones and Diana Thompson pause from work on the yearbook. Organizations 175 Alicia Mays is busy doing one of her many jobs as Treasure Chest editor. Photo by John Bentley. ,. lg?-yi 4. .44 . -' V ' ji- 7 ' A . .-Q 1' ff' T T' S - if fs . 'gf . r. J' . ' . FQ ' ., 'Q S Q- S Tim Dills and Scott Sewell take time to enjoy the smell of the pretty, red flowers along the bank of the commons during the Bell Tower picture. Phot by Holland Studios Trina Thompson concentrates hard as she does her job at the radio station. Photo by John Bentley. 176 Organizations is ' :L 3 i 3 IP' in f N 4? v if S K lu 'Q I .pn- yxaagllx ' , A 5K77ZflQ1'5 .f . ' g f? , x' 'V 'Qi' V Q E. . i ,,Q.f'1 M 5 ffif-0. WW ,, A A ' , 1m "N l 9 V s +, 2 2,3 ,K ' QW Q . nv ,-,, V' Y H. , . fw A lf ,gn 5' 5, Q fl ff ff 3 W 1. A. -'15, ny 2 2 " 'Q ' 1.451 hi S nl Jw 5 sq K f . Y Q, Q W ' M"f'i.. M, Sf ,.. Nr Q f I H W MTW V ' ,H 31 , M. Alpha Tau Lambda . . . Row 1: Kim Mason, Christy Smith, Jonna Pickle, William Durham, Sheryl Tucker, Kathy Maness, Dawn White, Tracey Taylor - Sponsor, Sissy Flowers, Kim Faircloth, Cleta Stutzman, Sharon Tillman, Row 2: Jimmy Jones, Bill Hardeman, Todd Clippard, Rhonda Clippard, Michelle Horton, Sonya Green, Lynn Patton, Lori Sharp, Susan Mitchell, Row 3: Russell Howell, Beth Johnson, Mike McNutt, Mike Mercer, Richard Rasberry, Rhonda Slaughter, Marty Johnson, Carol Hardy, Janet Parham, Dana Garner, Karen Bradford, Amy Morris, Sonya Beall, Kim Burkhart, Mary Ann Guinn, Ginger Graham, Mary Jo Clifton, Row 4: Scott Burleson, Delanna Rutland, Melissa Tomlinson, Dennis Day, Luanne Brewer, Gary Milam, Vicki Leatherwood, Jennifer Weaver, Kelly Baker, Rita Mays, Melanie Parker, Karla Cochran, Tonya Pough, Jenny Pilkinton, Lori Kilpatrick, Row 5: Anthony Pounders, Tag Smith, Terry Rickard, Angela Hubbard, Randy Baumgardner, Cammy Maynard, Tammy Randolph, Brent Oliver, Beth Eggleton, Phyllis Rice, Miranda Miller, Christy Uridei Amanda Rollins, Bryant Clayton, Marian Bailey: Row 6: Miles Mooneyham, Jason Murphy, Scott Taylor, Regina McMillan, Tonia Randolph, Bill Freeze, Alan Cary, Row Z' Darrin Shipman, Chuck Box, Jason Ayres, Keith Talkington, Chuck Barnett, Carolyn Cave, Martha Patton, Tammy Dennis, Greg Dennis, Bryan Mackey, Bill Hamilton, David Stofel, Row 8: Tristin Stamps, John Cary, Kerri Tyner, Shane Gilliam, Jerry Suter, Bruce Jones, Marc Wilcox, Craig Irwin, Mel Pendley, Jimmy Dunne, Jerry Wayne Barber, Tonya McKnight, Kyle Lee, Mike Horton, Wanda Woodard, Scott Cummins, Bob Noland, Donnie Watson Supports Each Other With Enthusiasm Alpha Tau had a year full of activities. Their freshman mix- er once again featured Phoe- nix. Many freshman and new students attended the mixer. Alpha Tau boasted more club pledges in the fall semester draft than any other club. These new members worked with the returning members to produce a good year for Alpha Tau. Skits and other special activities made each club meeting memorable. The club made the annual Halloween trip to the Haunted Farm and closed out the fall semester 178 Social Clubs with a Christmas banquet. Alpha Tau did well athleti- cally. The men captured first place in flag football and smurf basketball. The club also sent a team to the Jackson Chris- tian Softball Tournament and came back with first place - the third such finish in the pre- vious four tournaments. ln the fall, Alpha Tau hosted a golf tournament to benefit the schools golf course. Alpha Tau members are dedicated to their club. There is good attendance at all activ- ities. ln expressing what Alpha Tau means to him, Tim Ander- son said, "l could never re- place the friends l have found in Alpha Tau, without them or this club my college career would not be the same." The fall officers were the fol- lowing: Greg Dennis, presi- dent, William Durham, men's vice-president, Jonna Pickle, women's vice-president, Sheryl Tucker, secretary, Dana Garner, treasurer, Wade Thompson, men's sports cap- tain, Kelly Baker, women's sports captain, Miles Mooney- ham, chaplain, and Scott Tay- lor, SGA representative. These served as spring semester offi cers: Greg Dennis, president William Durham, men's vice president, Tammy Dennis women's vice-president Sheryl Tucker, secretary Jonna Pickle, treasurer, Marty Johnson, men's sports cap tain, Kelly Baker, women': sports captain, Miles Mooney ham, Chaplain, Jimmy .lone historian, and Scott Taylo SGA representative. 'WNQ 4 IS? "N" A Siving the ref a rough time is a tradition in the Alpha Tau end zone. Photo by John Bentley. 4 President Greg Dennis gives his impression ofa TCAC official before his wife Tammy Dennis leads him olf the floor. Photo by John Bentley. V Alpha Tau members end their chapel program on a serious note by singing "A Common Love. " Photo by John Bentley. ,-,,,' ,,,..,-'-""' ,,.f- X .-0"""""' .r-"" L Social Clubs 179 Lambda Delta Phi . S if Row 1: Bryan Armentrout, Don Todd, Kathy Shelton, Kim Lingren, Randy Grissett, Curtis Gogel Susan Davis, Donna Hughes, Larry Cretsinger, Sandy Allen,- Row 2: Porter Young, Kelly Shelton, Anna Davis, Andrea Allison, Jackie Simons, Jan Dougan, David Hunt, Angie Cook, Annette Strunk, Carla Davis, Martha Bish, Amanda Jamison, Michelle Watkins, Rochelle Wall, Tamie Kiddy, Laura Vaughn, Tina Davis, Paige Kittrell, Danette Barlarq Row 3: Melissa Potter, Lisa Carol Cook, Fouzia Khokhar, Jamie Barnes, Laura Lindsey, Robert Lindsey, Mike Simons, Scott Chitwood, Rob Reaves, Dawn Cooper, Liz Abel Ginger Higginbotham, Cerenia Pierce, Stan Tillman, Angela Clark, LeAnn Garnerj Row 5: Michael Cantley, Rachel Hill, Lisa Bruner, David Kenney, lvey Fortner, Valerie Sweat, Nathan Nicholas, Raymond Young, Dan Eason, Mrs. Nancy Bennett Proves Bigger lsn't Always Better Lambda Delta Phi had a good year with many activities planned. The club started the year with a "Christmas in Sep- tember" party. Their theme for the freshman mixer was "Put- tin' on the Ritz." After selec- tion of the new members, the club held a reception for those who had been invited to join Lambda Delta Phi. The club ended the fall semester with a lasagna supper at Estes. A pizza party kicked off the spring semester, and later in the spring the club went to the breakfast bar at Shoney's. A spring retreat was held at Lake La Joie. A Halloween party was held for the Buddy Program. The club also decorated the bell 180 Social Clubs tower at Christmas time. Athletically the club had a fair year. They captured sec- ond place in men's and wom- en's tennis, and second place in flag football. "You 'raise' it and we'll 'raze' it," promised three Del- ta Phi members. Larry Cret- singer, Don Todd, and Bryan Armentrout challenged mem- bers to contribute S125 to the club's treasury. They, in re- turn, would shave their beards at a club meeting. The chal- lenge was met in March and Donna Hughes, Sandy Allen, and LeAnn Gamer revealed the faces behind the beards. The money went toward the club's "Whiskers and Razors" entry in Makin' Music. individual members are im- portant in Delta Phi. When asked what he liked most about the club, meh's vice- president Bryan Armentrout replied, "The people are the club - and l like the people!" Lambda Delta Phi won third place in the fall social club competition. This was an ac- complishment since it is the smallest club on campus. Ob- viously, the members work hard together to make the club great. Fall semester officers were the following: Curtis Gogel, presidentg Randy Grissett, meh's vice-president: Susan Davis, women's vice-presi- dentg Don Todd, secretary, Kim Lihgren, treasurerg Bryan Armentrout, men's sport captaing Donna Hughes, wom en's sports captaing Kathi Shelton, historian: Larry Cretl singer, chaplaing and Sand Allen, SGA representative These students served a spring semester officers: D vid Hunt, presidentg Bryan A mentrout, men's vice-pres dent, Donna Hughes women's vice-presidentg Su. san Davis, secretaryg Larri Cretsinger, treasurerg Rober Lindsey, men's sports captain Melissa Potter, women'l sports captaing LeAnn Garner historiang Mike Simons, cha lain: and Sandy Allen, seq representative. A giii M 1 L Fat Boys" Randy Grissett and Curtis Gogel entertain a chapel audience 'ith a special F-HC rap. Photo by John Bentley. A-if J? M viqmyd Neff' l 5' A '1 Freshman Rob Reaves urges the Delta Phi cheering section on as the Lions host the Union Bulldogs, Returning members LeAnn Garner and Angie Clark "put on the ritz" for the freshman mixer. Photo by Kelly Beard. Y kd 'MHZ Yew' riii 5. Social Clubs 181 Phi Kappa Alpha sf :S l i h ii1p0Aliiltt it nv". :le Row 1: Andrea Fisher, Tracie Barnes, Jana Bentley, Alicia Northcutt, Glynda Nichols, Amy Peterson, Julie Coleman, Pam Hicks, Nieta Barnes, Shirley Eldridge: Row 2: Ho Don Yates, Brian Beck, Tammy Barnes, David Oliven Melanie Hames, Janet Howell, Lisa Springer, Suzanne Pearson, Karen Coleman, Michelle Henry, Shelly Doss, Carole Arnold, Ken Huntoon, Christie Wilbanks, Jamie Montague, Dana Rodgers: Row 3: David Shannon, Rodney Jones, Jeff Dickson, Marty Rowe, Thomas Garrett, Jason Faulkner, Tim Rogers, Wendy Rogers, Laura Meeks, LaNita Meadows, Janet Dobbins, Richard Dobbins, Myra Mann, Amy Altman, Darrell Venable, Greg Mullinicks, Stan Shelton, Sandra Durham, Randy Shannon: Row 4: Tracy McCoy, Jett Nash, Carlton Ricketson, Tracy Ring, Kevin Taubenheim, Doug McKay, Jeff Snyder, Candy Snyder, Joe Stickels, Kim Hale, Don Griffiths, Tim Beard: Row 5: Tim Roland Eric Seesengood, Tammy Horton, John Board, Bert Stimson, Kilroy Byers, Ben Hardin, Brett Bear, Shannon Stephens, Shanda Reid, Oscar Smith: Row 6: Julie Gann, Trina Thompson, Tonya McKnight, Mel Hurley, Tracie Hughes, Tim Bell, Mark Colvett, Ron Hurtt, Tracy Powell, Scott Mitchem, Robert Summers, Chris McGrady, Thom Tharter, Terry Collier, Judy England, John Bentley: Row 7: Cari Maxwell, Lois McDonald, Tom Wacaster, Jerry Edwards, Beverly Beckham, Kerry England, Jana Rogers, Steve Collins, Rick Collier, Karen Ford: Row 8: Darrin Scholton, John McBrayer, Steven Beard, Devin Pickard, Jeff Skelton, Cindy Carden, Susan Tatum, Mark Garner, John Thomas, Kelly Beard Wins li All Again The Phi Kappa Alpha tradi- tion of excellence continued this year. For the eleventh consecutive semester, PKA won the social club trophy. The club excelled in almost ev- ery way. Phi Kappa's home- coming float won first place. The one-act play finished sec- ond, as did the chapel skit. Phi Kappa also excelled athletically. The men took first place in bowling, golf, volley- 182 Social Clubs ball, and doubles tennis. The women captured first in bowl- ing and in doubles tennis. Phi Kappa won both the participa- tion and performance catego- ries in club competition. Activities throughout the year included club meetings, air band competition, and "charges to Al's cabin." The officers for Phi Kappa in the fall semester were: David Shannon, president: Jon Ta- tum, men's vice-president: Judy England, women's vice- president: Tammy Barnes, secretary: Karen Ford, trea- surer: Shanda Reid, women's sports captain: Kerry England, men's sports captain: John Bentley, historian: John Board, chaplain: and Jason Faulkner, SGA representative. Serving as spring semester of- ficers were these students: David Shannon, president: Stan Shelton, men's vice-pre: ident: Shelly Doss, women vice-president: Kathy Dyi- secretary: Randy Shannoi treasurer: Shanda Reid, won en's sports captain: Jeff Sk ton, men's sports captain: K ly Beard, historian: Ho D Yates, chaplain: and Jas Faulkner, SGA representativ A ' 2 .' ff 1 ,,,,wf2,11v,m .. G -e rlwvlw-v ,ifxfrfz Q QUW X f ' M me 1 V, ,J 'wifi' my' f Egg ' 'if M. ff? v Wig Qfffulb 'Wg fe iiffm, A' I gp W ' A' 1445 ,MVA , .I fs, A , E'f"?77Kn'i 9- 65' A Q' ,J ,ff ww if f ' ' f 1 V 'fx SSS. . T.- X .. - X 7 ,,,,. , Hit' w fw- 1-Sis .. A u k E 5' V?- E I :X LX f gk Phi Lambda Omega . . . - a. - ,..-.- .Y Y 'A' ef . is-wsvziiii . .L K ...,,... k..........-nn.. W ........ wunarggqzk -rv' N11 sw.. V-5 M.. ,X.. as ...... ., N. . 1-M ---- -- Row 1: Kim Choat, Lisa Gibbons, Candace Short, Mary Davenport, F'ick Brooks, Kay Kay Kennedy, Melinda Scudden Holly Porter, Debra Grady, Melissa Trask, Carol Morrison, Belinda Washington, Connie Yarbrough, Brenda Henderson, Mark Spencer, Jason Osmer, Fr'ow2: Johnny McDaniel, Tim Miller, Martin Chaney, Darrell Sharp, Jeff Johnson, Brian Whitfield, Becky Gordon, Penny Dorsett, Cindy Braddock, Stacy Covington, Linda Record, Teresa Jones, Holly Rachels, Clarissa Swatlord, Dianna Chesser, Rose Yuhas, Tina Permenter, Amy Delk, Laurie Taylor, Kristi Barker, David Hamrick, Row 3: Tim Jones, Melissa Hickman, Jerry Moore, Robin Edwards, Ginger Engle, Todd Sanderson, Tammy Franks, Nanette Graves, Kim Gordon, Kelly Vaden, Brenda Cherry, Tabitha Pigman, Janet Stevens, Tessa Yenny, Carla Henry, Noel Moore, Tim lrvin,' Row 4: John Law, Adrienne Sanders, Carmen Huddleston, Amanda Edwards, Mike Yuhas, Greg Littleton, Gina Anderson, Kathy Birkhead, Patrizia Cuggionni, Missy Miskelly, Kim Cotter, Cheryl Evans, Fabiana Cuggionnr, Michelle Bennett, Melissa Gray, Tonja Talbot, Tonya Wynne, Row 5.' Kevin Smith, Kendra Owens, Wasim Khokhar, Thomas Snow, Frank Kemp, Victor Spencer, Cami Postell, Kean Anderson, Russell Gill, Jennifer Dickerson, Mike Briley, Rich Stubbs, Lisa Graves, Clayton Caudill Jeff Miller, Stacey Burgess, Phil L yles, James Tidwell Mark Barber, Renee Henson, David Hale Orange Crush Available Once More Philo, the oldest social club oh campus, was brought back this year. The new social club structure made Philo a neces- sity, and many students ac- cepted the challenge of reviv- ing a social club. Philo started the year off with a retreat to St. Louis. During the semester Philo had a pizza party and a bowling party and ended the year with a Christmas party. Philo did well athieticaliy. The women took first place in 184 Social Clubs cross country, three-on-three basketball, and volleyball. The men took first place in three- on-three basketball. Philo sponsored a CARE child this year. ln talking about the club, Greg Littleton said, "Philo should be watched - we are excited and full of spir- it. We survived a rough fall se- mester and are coming into the spring semester with more enthusiasm than could be hoped for." Fall semester officers were Rick Brooks, president, Frank Kemp, men's vice-president, Kim Choat, women's vice- president, Becky Gordon, sec- retary, Melissa Hickman, trea- surer, Stacey Burgess, men's sports captain, Mary Daven- port, women's sports captain, Amy Delk, historian, Brian Whitfield and Johnny McDan- iel, chaplains, and Melinda Scudder, SGA representative. Spring semester officers were these students: Greg Littleton, president, Todd Sanderson, men's vice-president, Lisa Gibbons, women's vice-presi- dent, Amanda Edwards, sec- retary, Melissa Hickman, trea- surer, Lance Oualmann, men's sports captain, Teresa Jones, womeh's sports captain, Lin- da Record, historian, Jerry Moore, chaplain, and Melinda Scudder, SGA representative. A Philo women take to the stage with "Girl Talk." Cast includes Tessa Yenny, Melinda Scudder, and Kristi Barker. Photo by John Bentley. Hot air goes to the head of new Philo Ham Holliman. Photo by Kelly Beard. Philo phans are phantasticl Cheering for the Lions is a regular club activity. Photo by John Bentley. Social Clubs 185 Sigma Rho . . . n:..fv--""""'x ., ss it . , Q , Sigma Rho had a fun year. EP ,SV Pt .3129 Row: 1 Jason Smith, Chris Anschultz, Todd Fulkerson, Scott Ballard Chip McGee, Mike Gerlach, Eric Flowers, Michelle York, Susan Kirk, Emily Van Cureri: Row 2: Amy Watrous, Diana Thompson, Darren Bennett, Randy Burse, Christi Pugh, Deanna Hall, Laura Heffington, Shannon Brooks, Virginia Foster, Stacy McCuiston, Angie Adams, Jennifer Webster, Tam Story, Melissa Morgan, Jo Richey, Treasure Weber, Mickey Jessee, Clay Hobbs, Andrea Helton, Craig Carroll, Kevin Perry, Kristie Glass, Steve Sentell, Mark Singleton, Lori Anne Phillips, Leanne Peace: Row 3: Melissa Gott Anna Eubanks, Jeff Hughey, Jason Ross, Amy Clifford, Beth Cole, Kermit Lofton, Annette Clark, Joyce Montague, Tammy Beaver, Jonna Brewer, Diane Speed, Holiye Baker, Beth Clippard, Gina McClain, Richard Williams, Gina Hurst, Rick Holdren, Tim Teel Krista Bare, Michele Lyons, Celeste East, Tonya Shanor, Eve Strange, Wendy Kee: Row 4: Shannon Mallory, Leah Neville, Eddie Alderson, Kelly Lancaster, Brian Birdwell, Eric Meador, Brian Melton, Jon Anderson: Row 5: Ruth Kennedy, Tim Dills, Ron Gray, David Holdren, Ken Tate, Todd Lee, Jon Goode, Kevin Cain, Tony Miller, Bruce Batton, Bruce White, Lori Nerren, Monica McAlisten Steve Davis, Doug Kinnard, Julie Kinnard, Jenny Colley, Bob Bloomingburg, Elias Shiber, Judy Young, Amy Phillips, Jenita Smith, Dee Ann Derryberry, Dena Fields, Laura Garrett, Candis Meador: Row 6: Christel Morrison, Sheri Hibbett, Sandra Bell, Jud Davis, Jenny Segars: Row Z' Tara Markart, Karen Sparks, Anita McCandless, Kimmy Aaron, Mary Cline Fellowship, Fun Make it Worth while chaplain: and Chris Anschultz The club started the year off by sponsoring the annual campus-wide skating party. Other activities throughout the year included an "exam jam" and helping with Special Olympics bowling. Sigma Rho, along with Tri-Zeta and Phi Kappa Alpha, sponsored a pizza party for the Buddy Pro- gram. Sigma Rho's Home- coming float captured second place. 186 Social Clubs Sigma Rho had a fair year athletically. The men captured first place in cross country and second place in volleyball. The women captured first place in softball and second place in three-on-three basketball. As President Scott Ballard stated, "Sigma Rho as a whole has worked together more this year. We are losing some good people this year, but we have a lot of good peo- ple coming up." Kristie Glass said, "Sigma Rho is like a little family within the big family of F-HC." The fall semester officers were Scott Ballard, president: Steve Sentell, men's vice- president: Kristie Glass, wom- en's vice-president: Treasure Weber, secretary: Mickey Jes- see, treasurer: Jason Smith, men's sports captain: Deanna Hall, women's sports captain: Amy Clifford and Tam Story, historian: Todd Fulkerson, SGA representative. Sprint semester officers were Scot Ballard, president: Steve Ser tell, men's vice-president Kristie Glass, women's vic president: Jo Richey, secr tary: Mickey Jessee, treasure Kelly Lancaster, men's spor captain: Deanna Hall, wo en's sports captain: Amy Cli ford, historian: Todd Fulke son, chaplain: and Tod Farmer, SGA representative- Tim Teel fulfills his life-long dream of being a F-HC cheerleader. v 1 ' X. Sf' A051 ... ' H! it vt X if S gh s.,- x J ta Q A ,wi fvs.rtstmf,fQ 'Q Jason Smith, Scott Ballard, Brian Curry, Kevin Bryant, and Todd Fulkerson take time out from Sigma Rho's safari to watch "Tarzan" on TV Photo by Kevin Perry. Sigma Rho cheers the Lions on to victory with a shower of confetti. Photo by John Bentley. , 5- se. Q iw qv? -Q---v-evfwq . ..L' . fer! its . 'Q 'L 's K' 1 00 Jn. nO , tai .XX Social Clubs 187 Tri-Zeta . . . l l l r Row 1: Dana White, Stephanie Schwegler, Kelye Olsen, Alison Moore, Sheri Veregge, Teri Hale, John McCaskill, Jeff Ingram, Mitzi Fields, Pam Skidmore, David Baker, Leigh Ann Walker, Phillip Brooks, Wanda McDougal, Angela Oden, Jeff Golson, Robby Harmon: Row 2: Mark Miller, A. Neal Hill, Susan Poteet, Connie Cochran, Diana Merritt, Brad Miller, Glenna Rutledge, Susan Skelton, Mona Rawdon, Ramona Diddock, Deanna Rogers, Joyce Hunt, Kendall Joseph, Russ Countess, Barry Fortner, Lee Hibbett, Ken Hensley, Sally Adams, Bobbi Pennington, Bill Reid, David Holloway, John McLaughlin, Cindy Willis, Tracy Johns, Kelly Johns: Row 3: Martha Wallace, Robin Joshlin, Sherry Ricketson, Shelly Latham, Tammy Stidham, Dana Truitt, Kerri Coulter, Sandy Judd, Andy Phillips, Laurie Ligon, Susan Bennett, Kim Sharp, Tim Turner, Heather Stewart, Bonnie Cribbs, Paige Horton, Scott Woods, Dawn Garrett: Row 4: Debbie Johns, Angie Winstead, Caren Hymer, Kathleen Owen, Camille McCaskill, Gail Latham, Traci Payne, Luci Woodard, Wally Warren, Ken Luckett, Karen Boyette, Becky Jacobs, Rebecca Nash, Lisa Merideth, Sandy Fields, Cindy Campbell, Chris Cravens, Scott Miskelly, Tammy Shadwick, Cheryl Medley, Lynda Dye, Duane Cooper: Row 5: Brad Blake, Jeff Shocklee, Wendy Morgan, Keith Lewis, Mike Johnson, Gary Lyons, Tony Taylor, Bill Weaver, Mike Dozier, Kim Laird, John Crawford, Thomas Wilson, Jessica Garrett, Neal Robertson, Susan Johnson, Michael Diddock, Karen White, Scott Lanning, Jesse Robertson, Kelly Smith, David Parrott, Heather Jones, Todd Cottrell Makes A Strong Bid For Semester Trophy Tri-Zeta had a wonderful year. The club started the year off with a cookout at Chicka- saw. Other activities through- out the year included ice skat- ing in Memphis, devotionals, a Halloween hayride, a Christ- mas party at the Old Country Store, and several parties. A fall retreat was held in Sep- tember which gave the fresh- men an opportunity to meet the old Zeta members. In Oc- tober, Tri-Zeta had the unique opportunity of serving the caf- eteria workers at a cookout held in their honor. Overall, Tri-Zeta finished 188 Social Clubs second in the fall social club competition. The club per- formed fairly well athletically. Zeta men took first place in softball as Zeta women cap- tured first place in golf and in Uno. Zeta's actors, mean- while, took first place in the one-act play festival. Each ac- tor won special acting awards for his performance. In addi- tion, Zeta also was awarded first place in the chapel skit competition. Zeta's officers for the fall se- mester were the following: Da- vid Baker, president: John McCaskill, men's vice-presi- dentg Mitzi Fields, women's vice-president: Teri Hale, sec- retary: Leigh Ann Walker, treasurer, Phillip Brooks, men's sports captain, Pam Skidmore, women's sports captain: Sheri Veregge, histo- riang Jeff Ingram, chaplain: and Lee Hibbett, SGA repre- sentative. These students served as spring semester offi- cers: David Baker, president: Lee Hibbett, men's vice-presi- dentg Sheri Veregge, women's vice-president, Kelye Olsen, secretary, Scott Miskelly, trea- surer: Brad Miller, men's sports captain: Deanna Rog- ers, women's sports captain Jeff Golson, historian: Mar Miller, chaplain, and Heathe Jones, SGA representative. Zeta members are a close knit group. Members strive t make the club the best it ca be. Whether it is playing "Kis and Tackle" or participating i a devotional, Zeta members enjoy one another's company. When asked what Zeta mean to her, Joy Marsh said, "Zet means spiritual growth an lifelong friendships." in QE . 51' fx 4 Zeta folks are friendly! See the smiles and greeting at the Freshman Mixer. Photo by Kevin Perry. 4 Chapel programs bring out the ham in Zeta members. These three strike a "Classic" pose. Photo by John Bentley. Tri-Zeta 's Gary Chapman is a Lions mega fan. Photo by John Bentley. v Social Clubs 189 Wmpped Mo iw Hams Houofa Mm. and Mau F-NC Vainlikw Couph I-lmcmmg Awww Dag Nouom Gmahafix Wm I 92 J 94 I 96 I 98 200 202 Two seniors, Paul Rogers and Leanne Heffington, gar- nered top honors in the annual SGA sponsored election to name Mr. and Miss F-HO. The winners were announced at Youth and Parents Night dur- ing the Lectureship. Leanne, an office manage- ment major from Birmingham, Alabama, was involved in many campus activities. She was a Homecoming atten- dant, Makin' Music coordina- tor, Interface director, and a member of SAA, Honors As- sociation, Delta Mu Delta, Col- legiate Secretaries Interna- tional, SGA, and Phi Lambda Omega. She was also listed in Who's Who. Commenting on her selec- tion, Leanne called it one of the greatest honors on cam- pus. "l looked to others who were awarded this honor as the ideal, model student dis- playing the qualities and char- acteristics that our school prides itself on and that we try to portray to others." Mr. F-HC, Paul Rogers, was a participant on the Emory Business Team and the Free Enterprise Team. He is a for- mer vice-president of SGA, president of SAM, student di- rector of the Ambassadors, Makin' Music coordinator, stu- dent coordinator ofthe project to raise funds for the student center renovation. He was list- ed in Outstanding Young Men of America and Who's Who. Paul said that he hopes to be remembered as "a hard worker who cared about the people around me, as one who was trying to be the best l can be as a Christian." He called the winner of the title "one of the most fortunate people in the world because of his op- portunities to enjoy F-HC and all the great people here." Other finalists for the honor were Kristie Glass, Mitzi Fields, Julie Gann, Mike Gerlach, and John Wheeler. Q 192 Mr. and Miss F-HC Mr. and Miss F-HC -- Daul and Leanne lr' Mui, Mr. and Miss F-HC were also Makin' Music coordinators. Photo by E Tower W 1- P' 'li W, ,WMM wvwm,,,ww,, www, W' , 4 - f f fl' Q' 'ik W Q2 p Af -f" W f tiff . A.EQ ,ig K 1 - 1. ii Qi. if it ' Valentine - arc aittcd Seniors Mitzi Fields and Da- vid Baker were named the Val- entine Couple at a semi-formal dinner hosted by the Student- Alumni Association. Elections had been held by the student body to determine four finalist couples. Other nominees for the title were Lori Ann Phillips and Mark Singleton, Christel Morri- son and David Holdren, and Tammie Barnes and Brian Beck. Mitzi is a an elementary edu- cation major from Jasper, Ala- bama, and David is a Bible major from Berry, Alabama. They were married June 11 in Jasper. Discussing her memo- ries of F-HC, Mitzi said, .. the times spent with David are the fondest of all." A 194 Valentine Couples is hm... , David baker and Mitzi Fields David Holclfen and Chfietel Moffieen Mafk Singleton and Levi Ann Dhillipe E Bfian Beck and Tammie Barnes Valentine Couples 195 Class Shines Hotnooomin Queen In October S-AA oversaw 1 iif Q I class nominations for the 1987-88 Homecoming Court. From the nominations, nine young ladies were selected to the court. Of the nine, three were selected from the senior class and two from each of the other classes. From Mt. Carmel, IL comes one of the freshman represen- tatives, Krista Bare. The other freshman representative is Christel Morrison. Christel said she feels lucky to have her peers think of her in such a positive way. Representing the sopho- more class are Tracie Barnes and Diane Speed. Tracie stat- ed, "I was so happy when they announced my name in cha- pel, but when they called out my sister's name tTammyJ - that's what made my day. We've always been very close and being in the court will be even more special because we get to be in it together." Diane Speed, from Steens, MS, is a biology major. S- if S W rg? 7987-88 Homecoming Oueen, Kristie Glass, poses against the backdrop of Chicksaw State Park, Kristie is a finance major from Covington, TN. Photo by John Bentley. 196 Homecoming Court A .SF S r'-se' H., .Q wf' 1 , , 'H Freed-Hardeman College 1987-88 Homecoming Court. Photo by John Bentley. Kristie Glass, Dawn White, and Leanne Heffington, senior nominees for Horne- corning Queen, smile prettily for the camera at Chicksaw. Photo by John Bentley. Tracie Barnes, from North Little Bock, AR, and Diane Speed, from Steens, MS, are the sophomore representatives for the 1987-88 Homecoming Court. Photo by John Bentley. Chosen to represent the junior class are Tammy Barnes, an elementary educa- tion major, and Suzanne Pear- son. Suzanne said that being chosen for the Court is one of the highest college honors a person could receive. Majoring in office manage- ment is Leanne Heftington, one of the representatives for the senior class. The other senior representative is Dawn White, a marketing major. Chosen as 1987-88 Home- coming Queen is Kristie Glass. Kristie, who was surprised and excited to be nominated, said, "lt crossed every girl's mind at one time or another about what it would be like to be the Homecoming Queen." Over- all, Homecoming 1987-88 was enjoyed by the whole student body. F-HC is proud of its Q Bentley. he freshman representatives in the Homecoming Court are Christe! Morrison, om Chattanooga. TN, and Krista Bare, from Mt. Carmel, lL. Photo by John entley. Tammy Barnes, from North Little Bock, AB, and Suzanne Pearson, from Amory, MS, are the junior representatives for the Homecoming Court. Photo by John Homecoming Court 197 Award Da Nearly forty students were honored by their respective departments in Awards Day chapel April 26. Plaques and certificates were presented by department chairman to stu- dents who had excelled in their areas. Art students Richard Clai- borne, Dawn Sutton, Phil McWhirt, and Jeff Snyder were recognized for their achieve- ment in the Christian College National Art Competition. Laura Parrish was named the Social Work Student of the Year. The Bible department gave the following awards: Baker Book House, Kenneth Chadwellg Rhoden Presnell Personal Teaching Award, Greg Hambling and Mission Emphasis Awards, Donald Mi- lam and Charlene Pendergrass. The biology deparment rec- ognized Kurt Klier as the Out- standing Freshman Biology Major, Ftandy Shannon as the Outstanding Biology Teaching Major, and Mark Miller as the Outstanding Pre-Med Biology Major. The business department gave Debbie Johns the M Street Journal Award. Communication department awards went to Tim Dills in broadcasting, Dawn Garrett in public relations and Kell Lee McDaniel in theatre. Five education majors were recognized as the best in their areas. They were as follows: Emma Hopper, elementary educationg Susan Tatum, ele- mentary and early childhood educationg Patsy Webb, spe- cial educationg Jeff Lewis and Lori Roberts in secondary education. ln the health, physical edu- cation and recreation depart- ment, Bryan McDonald was the outstanding Graduate and Alicia Mays was the Outstand- ing Major. Jason Faulkner received the history department award. Su- san Skelton was the Outstand- 198 Awards Day Honors Students Award recipients display their loot foiiowing the chapel program. ing Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate. ln home and consumer eco- nomics, Kelly Cain was named the Outstanding Student in Child Development and Lisa Gibbons in fashion merchandising. Math and computer science recognized the following five students: Michael Dozier, Out- standing Computer Science Graduate, Susan Poteet, Out- standing Computer Informa- tion Systems Graudateg Tina Permenter, Outstanding Math-- ematics Graduate, a Fiookie Programmer, and Michael Johnson, Outstanding Fresh- man Math Student. The Honors Association named Susan Poteet the Out- standing Honors Student. Ser- vice Awards went to Boyce Webb, Adrienne Sanders, Debbie Johns, Susan Poteet, and Tim Webb. as Greg Hambiin accepts the personal teaching award from Dr. Dowel! Flair. I ,Q FW U- F 'iw 5 n ,A 'uns-U 0 ,pf i F C-O Je. . r 9- N F if 5 A, S -Q S vw N1 ES Qi PM if w Q 1, 'W 1 ,QR Pb ,- We . 'f -. I I Q I wa F M ,Zi 1 . I ng! 5? S an S, :QR My , ' f i 195 is g , A. f-izaipff Af K, .Q 4 . ' f P M "V ff? l:fS""1' .M avr S- Ge - lx 5 vs! Y X ' .A wa Q vf' V X YQ .Pi I . . rr Q, f it 'sf me 1- , .lf wr? , . K 'ig Xb.k 2 -: sg fx . X 3' A Q .W . :-- ar. i 2: ,Qi X ..... - if if ff 2 . .K , ,pf Aiken s L. 54" ii .1 . ,ss-lsr" ,rf- 200 H Hener Craduatea dumma Cum Laude Janice England Beckham Lori Qcberta Kenneth Chadwell Adrienne dandera Dawn Garrett Candice dnyder Liaa Cibbena Victor dpencer Qey Neal Criaaem David dcuth Mark Montgomery duaan Tatum duaan Deteet Cheryl White Magna Cum Laude ete Baker ethany Barnes ynthia Carden ichael Dozier 5 Ann Garner arbara C-off im Hale nhn Hill uma Hopper 'ebbie Johns Greg Martin Timothy Mayheld Tina Dermenter Gloria Dostlethwait Sherry Dicketson Susan Skelton Vickie Terhune Inge Throne Michelle York Qoyce Webb Datsy Webb Cum Laude Awatt Awatt Tammie baker Kelly Cain Jeanette Caraker John Curry John Estes Leanne Heflington brian Hoggatt Carol Humber David Jennen Steve Johnson Michelle Lyons Jody Miller Tammi Mullins Denny Nickles Daul Qogers Tammy Shadwick Eve Strange Dobin Summers Dawn Sutton Gina Sweat Shani Waller Boyd Watson Tim Webb John Wheeler brian White Dixie Wright Cena Wyers Honor Graduates 201 wifi wi, E A public relations major from Union City, TN, Dawn Garrett has been involved in Alpha Chi, Honors Association, Comma, and A-Team. She has also been a student admissions representative, an Interface leader, a member of Tri-Zeta and served as the program manager for Makin' Music. Dawn remembers all the "sharing of countless pranks land clothesj" in Bradfield and "thumb wrestling" with Scott Woods, in the future Dawn plans to marry Scott Woods and attend graduate school. An accounting major from Mt. Juliet, TN, Janice Beckham has been involved in the Honors Association, Alpha Chi, Delta Mu Delta, National Dean's List, PKA, and Tennessee Society for CPA 's. The former Miss England is married to James Beckham. Her future plans include working in an accounting firm in this area and eventually opening her own practice. 202 Who's Who John Hill, a Biblefbroadcasting major from Birmingham, Alabama, has participated in Tri-Zeta social club, Sonshine Singers, and Alpha PSI National Dramatic Fraternity. He has also been president of Alpha Chi Honor Society, news director for WFHC, helped with the Bell Tower, and been a member of Comma. When looking back at his time spent at F-HC John remembers traveling and singing with the Sonshine Singers. ln the future John plans to pursue a career in journalism, teaching or mass communications research. "People wonder why l love F-HC so much. Here is why - at F-HC not only did I find people that l love and respect so much, but I found the real me, " says David Baker. David, a Bible major from Berry, Alabama, served as president of Tri- Zeta and the Sophomore Class, and was a member of the Sonshine Singers, Chorus, A-teamflmpact, Preachers' Club, and the SAA. He also participated in several F-HC theatre productions. David looks forward to a life with Mitzi Fields by his side and preaching the word of God. ,Y Gloria Posilethwait is a social work major from Moundsville, West Virginia. Her future plans include graduate school and a masters in social work. According to Gloria, she will always remember Mark Crowell's classes and trips with the Sonshine Singers. While here at F-HC she was i'nvolved in Alpha Chi, Dactylology Club, and the buddy program, and she served as president of Secerdg frangais. sa X X .sk Adrienne Sanders is a chemistry najor from Obion, TN, Her future 'ncludes plans to marry John Law and have a family, pursuit of a :hemistry-related career, and ownership of a farm one day. Activities Adrienne has been involved in while at F-HC include SAA, the Honors Association, Honors Council, Philo, Alpha Chi, Makin' Music Group Manager, and Gamma Nu Omega, When asked for her favorite memories of F-HC, Adrienne stated, "Even as a 'Study Queen' l've had a great time, both in Bradfield and Hall-Roland, especially with all the orank calls and 2 am. talk sessions. Other favorites have been SAA and fishing with John. John Hollingsworth, Winston Harless, and Hank McDaniel top Debbie Johns' list of favorite teachers. Debbie, an accounting major from Steele, Missouri, has served as president of Delta Mu Delta, secretary of Alpha Chi business manager of Alpha PSI Omega, treasurer of SFA, and senior representative to the Honors Council. Other activities include editorship of the Honors Journal, membership in the Tennessee Society of CPA's, Students in Free Enterprise, election to Outstanding Young Women of America, and involvement in F-HC theatre. Debbie 's future includes pursuing an accounting career at a mid-sized or Big Eight Accounting firm. Her favorite memories of the past few years include "all-you-can-eat pizza parties at Perrigo's and making life-long friends who care about one another, " From Lawrenceville, Georgia, Dawn White is a marketing major. Looking back she remembers all the friends made and the, "spiritual support and growth supplied" at F- HC. Dawn was involved in the Homecoming Court, Makin' Music, Alpha Tau, and interface, was named to the Presidents' List, and participated on the Social Club Restructuring Committee. From Covington, Tennessee, Kristie Glass is a finance major. One of Kristie's favorite memories is being crowned 1987 Homecoming Oueen. She says "I love Homecoming weekend so much anyway. All my friends come back that have graduated and you get to sit around and visit and catch up on what's happening in each other's lives. " Sigma Rho, SAA, Total-life, and the Homecoming Court have all been activities that Kristie has enjoyed. A computer science major from Huntsville, Alabama, Michael Dozier, credits his parents as great influences on his life. "l am really thankful to my parents who . . . made the sacrifice for me to come to F-HC, " he says. Michael's activities while at F-HC have included membership in the Honors Association, Alpha Chi, Tri- Zeta social club, and the Sonshine Singers. He has served as treasurer and chairman of ACM, has been involved in theatre, and was selected to Outstanding Young Men oi America. Michael 's future plans include the pursuit of a Master's Degree and work as a computer programmer. Who's Who 203 Leanne Heffington, an office management major from Birmingham, Alabama has been a member of the SAA, an interface Coordinator and leader, and Makin' Music Coordinator and Hostfl-lostess Manager. She has been in the Honors Association, Delta Mu Delta, vice-president of Totalife, secretary for SGA, member of the Collegiate Secretaries international, and been involved with Philo, Tri-Zeta, and Sigma Rho. Billy Smith and Winston Harless, "for their spiritual challenge and example, " Dr. Vicki Johnson, "for her interest and preparation in my career, " and Jim Selbe, "for giving me opportunities to lead and challenging me to initiate and be confident in decisions," have all influenced Leanne 's life while at F- HC. Her favorite memories of college include rooming with two of her sisters and praying with special friends. After graduation Leanne plans to return to Birmingham to work for a large corporation in the field of office management. Steve Johnson is a Bible major from Farmi'ngton, Kentucky. While attending F-HC he was active in the Preachers club, Honors Association, and on the National Dean's List. Mr. Johnson 's future plans include full time congregational preaching. Looking back at his time spent at F- HC, Steve says, "ln many ways, our time here in Henderson and at F-HC has passed too quickly and moving away will be difficult. " wifi win A management major from Parkersburg, West Virginia, Jody Miller plans to obtain a job in management and pursue a master's degree. Jody has been vice-president of the Society for Advancement of Management, a member of the Honors Association, Students in Free Enterprise, Tri-Zeta social club, and the Dactylology club. She was also chosen to Outstanding Young Women of America and has served on the WFHC radio staff and as a Student Admissions Representative while here at F-HC. While at Ohio Valley College she was vice-president and treasurer of the SGA, and president of the Business Team. Jody's favorite teachers here at F- HC are Bobby Bush, Karen Walker, and Ftalph Gilmore. 204 Who's Who Gregory Martin is a computer information systems major from Florissant, Missouri. While here at F-HC, Greg 's activities included membership in Alpha Tau, Alpha Chi, and the National Dean's List. Greg also participated on F- HC's basketball team. ln the future, Greg plans to become a programmerfanalyst. Tim Webb has participated in Sigma Fiho, been Junior Representative of the Honors Association, was elected to the National Dean's List, been involved in the A-Team, and participated on F-HC's soccer squad. Tim is a management major from Jacks Creek, TN. Some of his most memorable moments at F-HC include soccer games, crazy dorm life and a campaign in Washington State. Susan Poleel, a computer information systems major from Trenton, Tennessee, has been involved in Pied Pipers, Honors Association, Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Omega, Student Government Association, Sonshine Singers, and Tri Zeta, and named to the National Dean 's List. Susan includes working on sets for school plays and preparing for opening night, playing cards while traveling, and participating in honors conventions among her favorite memories. ln the future Susan hopes to work in the Memphis area and later pursue a master's degree. Illzl Fields from Jasper Alabama is an elementary and early childhood ducation major with an endorsement in special education. ler activities included SAA Sonshine Singers, PKA, Tri-Zeta, SNEA. otalife A Team Makin Music impact Homecoming Court, and the iitzi believes that those that have influenced her most at F-HC are Marie phnson and Linda Helm Through their confidence in me l strove to reach Jr goals which l had never even thought of before." litzi s future plans are to marry David Baker and to become a school "My wife Lisa and the friends that l have made at F-HC make these years a special time in my life" says Brian While, a chemistry major from Booneville, Mississippi. Brian's activities and honors include Gamma Nu Omega, SAA, Tri-Zeta, and the National Dean 's List. After working as a chemist, Brian plans to work on a doctorate in chemistry. Tim Carroll, a Bible major from Atoka, Tennessee, has been involved in the Preacher's Club, Evangelism Forum, Tri-Zeta social club, the A-Team, and campaigns to St. Louis and Montreal. His future plans include attending Harding Graduate School of Religion, preaching for the church in Bernie, Missouri, and mission work in the Northern United States. Tim 's favorite memories of college life include meeting his wife, Sherry, participating in the 7985 World Mission Workshop held at F-HC, dorm-life with his old roomate David Baker, and developing long-lasting relationships. He states, "l wish to thank everyone with whom l got to know for their friendship, love, and encouragement over the past four years." Roy Neal Grissom, a communication major from Henderson, Tennessee, graduated in December 7982 His extra-curricular activities included Comma, as well as participation on the staffs of the E Tower and WFHC. He was also a member of Alpha Chi, graduated Cumma Cum Laude, and was nominated to the National Dean 's List. Grissom 's future plans are to further his graduate studies at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, where he plans to continue his study of Biblical languages. Who's Who 205 "My education classes taught me how to help a child learn, but being 'Piper Susan' taught me how to make a child smile," says Susan Tatum. An early childhood and elementary education major, Susan has been involved in PKA, ZETA, and SNEA, listed on the Presidents' List, treasurer of Alpha Chi, as well as a Pied Piper. "Aunt Ann" and "Uncle Woody" iAnn and Clyde Woodsj have influenced Susan's life here at F-HC. Susan also cites Linda Helm as a special friend and supporter. Dr. Murphy and Linda Helm have played an important role in Bethany Barnes' life. She states, Hthey are examples of what every teacher should strive to be." Bethany is an elementary education major from Monroe, Michigan, She has been involved in Phi Kappa Alpha, SAA, Alpha Chi, SNEA, and the Honors Association. Bethany's future plans include a June marriage and teaching in Memphis. Her favorite memories of F-HC are the mischief she and her roommate got into in the dorms and the weekend she met her fiance. wifi wit, 206 Who's Who Kenneth Chadwell, a Bible major from Crossville, Tennessee, has been active in the Evangelism Forum, preachers club, and Alpha Chi. His favorite memories are those spent with his wife, Carol Ann, and their two-year-old son, Seth. ln addition to his wife 's support, Kenneth also credits his mother-in- law, Della Flatt, with tremendous help and support throughout his college years. Kenneth's future will be spent preaching, Paul Rogers states that "aside from the great opportunities to be involved and to grow, my best memory of F-HC will be the people. l've made many good friends, both students and faculty, which l'll never forget. They make F-HC what it isl" Paul is a finance major from Stanton, Kentucky. His activities and honors include SGA, Makin' Music coordinator, Ambassadors' student director, Emory Business Team, Free Enterprise Team, Society for the Advancement of Management, Philo, Zeta, A-Team student director, Delta Mu Delta, and Outstanding Young Men of America. Paul cites three men as important influences upon his education at F- HC: he remembers C, W Bradley "lor his loving attitude," John Hollingsworth 's challenge "to be open-minded, yet decisive," and Dwayne Wilson 's ability to make business theory practical. Paul plans to pursue an M. B. A. and hopes to own a business someday. Susan Skelton, a general studies major from Hohenwald, Tennessee, has been a member of Tri-Zeta, been involved with the Sonshine Singers, the Honors Association, and the Student Alumni Association, and has also been a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society. Her memories of F-HC that she holds "special and unique are trips to the truck stop, prank fire drills, and the various imitations of faculty members done in chapel. " ln the future, Susan hopes to marry Tommy Campbell and live in Memphis while working at an insurance agency, James Meadows is a Bible major from Jackson, Tennessee. His favorite memories of F-HC include Bible classes and Mike Cravens. When asked his feelings of F-HC his reply was, "it is a great school." ln the future, James wants to be involved with preaching and writing. i E Andrew McCIish is a Bible major from Denton, Texas. Alpha Chi, and serving as an associate minister and song leader tor the Envilie Church of Christ were some of the activities Andy was involved in while attending F-HC. ln the future he plans to preach and perhaps do mission work. Dawn Shepherd Sutton, an art major from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, was involved with the Art Guild, Sonshine Singers, Philo social club, and Alpha Chi. She also qualified for the Presidents list every semester while at F-HC. Dawn recently learned that she will be named to the Outstanding Young Women of America, Dawn 's future has as top priority her husband and new baby, Whitney. Dawn hopes one day to become involved in advertising, doing illustrations after dad and baby can cope without mom. Dawn says that her strong spiritual convictions gained from Winford Claiborne, and Terry Thacker's continual challenge to develop her individual ability will aid her in her immediate and long- range goals. David South tnot picturedj is a Bible major from Corinth, Mississippi. Currently, David is preaching at the Wenasoga Church in Corinth. He plans to continue in this work and perhaps enter graduate school. While at F-HC, David was involved with the preacher's club, Alpha ChL and was chosen to Outstanding Young Men of America in 7981 Dowel! Flatt was one of David's favorite teachers, and he enjoyed all of his Bible courses at F-HC. As David says, "l appreciate Freed- Hardeman, lt has prepared me very well for preaching." From McEwen, Tennessee, Tammy Ligon Baker is a teaching social studies major. While here at F-HC she has been involved in the preachers' wives club, Evangelism Forum, the buddy program, campaigns Northwest, and F-HC's Chorus. When Tammy looks back at F-HC she remembers the close relationships that exist between the faculty and students. 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MARVIN MILLER OwnerfManager Mitchell Body Shop 226 Arendall Henderson, TN ph. 989-2837 'P I I , I il Il .,I5I2::,,m f. rr, IWIW Will 'HL ,WX 'k" E017 life "Tm 'I' i , ,, . f ffyr A ,A Q ' I l ' More than 50 physicians practicing in 20 specialities 616 West Forest Jackson TN 38301 1 800 372 8221 218 I I FREED-HARDEMAN CCLLEGE Hawnusouxrmwnssae :saw I BIBLE SCI-IOGL LITERATURE AND SUPPLY I-IGUSE owned ond operored by Freed-I-lordemon College Cloude Randolph - Monoger Motor Parts 84 Bearing Co. Your Automotive and Industrial Store open 7:00-6:00, 6 days a week 103 S. Church St. Henderson, TN Ph, 989-212 The Jackson Clinic of Henderson A family practice Oscar M. McCallum, M.D. RL. Wilson, M.D. 208 North Avenue 989-2116 M awww Z1 The Home Furnlshrng Center For Chester County fr Surroundung Areos Henderson Hordwore Er Furnrture Compony Chester County N Franklin C9013 989 5858 TN 38340 Phone 989 4624 Bell s Drzve nn Snacks for every taste' GRAHAM SNACK FOODS 204 South Church Henderson TN 38340 NC JOHN D GRAHAM O PO B 3215 JACKSON TN 38303 ' Dedicated to llc Welfare of Waadnaaa and elulm 6 A Chris Simmons 225 West Moin Henderson, Phone - Henderson, , 2 . C I . , . , Wllef I . . ox Phone 19015 989 2816 'too Dj IIIZNIIIERSON, TN The "Fresh" FM Compliments of A Casey Funeral Horne 304 Crook Ave. Henderson, TN P11011-9 C9013 989-2421 "The Old Freed Home" 2 19 Draw Dies - Prog Dies - Engraving 4 - Slide Tools 81 Fixtures - Tool Design BiIl's Grocery 8: Diner I Gm Machine shop For Henderson's Best Hamburgers I' gt S ' ond Service Always greeted with Cl smile! 401 E Main ST. BOX Telepho 949 E. Main Street Phone 19013 989-22 4 Henderson, TN 38340 Johnsey's Sporting Goods JCPGIAI Hey 447 N- ROY-3' Old Hickory Niall J3Ck50'1f TN I Jackson, Tennessee Phone KQOD 427-1082 Store Phone: S258QHiir?" C2335 3521322- "lt Pays To Play" 2564 1001 1-800-222-61.61 Bemis Square Shopping Center Hwy 45 South and North Plaza Shopping Y Beeliwfv Center ' ""'i"""""""' 'ifiiiii I 40 and 45 N. HIGHWAY 45 NORTH HENDERSON TN 38340 HENDERSON: 989-2121 JACKSON: 424-1441 Jagksgn, TN "S G ES " Milk - Ice Creom Thanks to our TURNER advertisers. Please patronize their DAIRIES businesses. Treasure Chest 255 Lossiter Rood Staff Jockson, TN 38301 "Double Your Quality" 3zu:k5nn Glhristian Srhnul 832 Country Club Lane Jackson, TN Ph 19011 668-8055 G d K-I2 u a child in the .U way he should go Proverbs 22 6 Weaver's Discount Draperies "We Make Custom Blinds 122 E. MAIN ST. HENDERSON, TN 38340 PHONE 19011 989-4757 Name Brands at half p D p I tmns,B0dp d Bl d B h m Curtain d R g DEAN FOODS 336 NORTH ROYAL JACKSON, TN 49015 427-6012 Aaron, Kimberlie 84, 150, 158, 186 12121 S. Parnell, Chicago, IL 60628 ' Abbott, Jody 76, 164 809 North Division St., Union City, TN 38261 Abbott, Lisa 92, P.O. Box 472, Hollywood, MD 20636 Abbott, Mark 59, 84, 150, 158, 174, 177, 236 P.O. Box 472, Holly- wood, MD 20636 Abel, Elizabeth 83, 180 300 Antioch Pike, Nashville, TN 37211 Academic Affairs 50, 51 Adams, Anglea 102, 186 402 E. Sue, Malden, MO 63863 Adams, Sally 102, 150, 188 5563 Redwood, Portage, IN 46368 Admissions 48, 49 Adkins, Eric Todd P.O. Box 552, Decaturville, TN 38329 Agachinsky, Stephanie 102, 161 9490 McEnrue, Swartz Creek, Ml 48473 Aguh, Rachel 173, 463 White Avenue, Henderson, TN 38340 Aguh, Solomon 171, 173 P.O. Box 715, Jos P, Nigeria, West Africa Akpan, Lawrence 171, 173 123, lkot Ekpene Road, Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa Barnes, Tracie 14, 30, 33, 93, 182, 183, 198 6312 Rolling Hills, N. Little Rock, AR 72118 Barnett, Chuck 76, 156, 178 1301 East Clover Lane, Corinth, MS 38834 Baseball 132, 133, 134, 135 Barton, David 209 Williams Ave., Apopka, FL 32712 Batton, Bruce 103, 186 Route 1, Box 224 B, McKenzie, TN 38201 Baumgardner, Randy 103, 155, 178 Route 1, Box 1125, Chickamauga, GA 30707 Baxter, Trudy 481 South Eighth St., Albion, lL 62806 Beagle, Melissa Route 1, Box 389, New Cumberland, WV 26047 Beall, Sonya 103, 178 2209 12th Street, SE, Decatur, AL 35601 Bear, Brett 103, 182 1315 Ruffin Rd., Hopewell, VA 23860 Beard, Kelly 93, 118, 119, 157, 182 3316 Autumn Way, Louisville, KY 40218 Beard, Robbie 109 Massanet, Port Lavaca, TX 77979 Beard, Steven 182 Route 2, Nunnelly, TN 37137 Beard, Tim 103, 118, 182 3316 Autumn Way, Louisville, KY 40218 Albaraccin, Marianne Howard 712 Second St., Corinth, MS 38834 Alderson, Eddie 92, 155, 186 Route 1, Box 172, Columbia, TN 38401 Aldridge, Sharon 92, 985 Hickory Ridge Dr., Macon, GA 31204 Beaver, Tammy 103, 186 6935 TWP, Road 80, Bellville, OH 44813 Beaver, Todd 76 Route 2, Bellville, OH 44813 Beck, Brian 14, 151, 153, 155, 182, 195 4311 Leona, Tampa, FL Alexander, John 92, 171 Route 2, Box 389, Sheffield, AL 35661 Alexander, Louise 72 Allard, David 76 115 East Richardson, Oxford, GA 30267 Allen, James 1000 Pisgah, Eads, TN 38028 Allen, Margie 72 Allen, Sandy 92, 152, 159, 169, 180 Route 2, Box 206, Middleton, TN 38052 Allen, Shirley Route 2, Oakwood Dr., Decaturville, TN 38329 Allison, Andrea 92, 180 Route 1, Box 399, Nauvoo, AL 35578 Alpay, Bora 136, 173 Cevre Sokak 54717 CA, Ankara, Turkey Altman, Amy 182 Route 5, Box 526, Georgetown, SC 29440 Anderson, Gina 92, 158, 184 Route 1, Box 28A, Gallatin, TN 37066 Anderson Jon 186 Route 3, Box 46, Henderson, TN 38340 Anderson Kean 102, 184 Route 3, Box 46, Henderson, TN 38340 Anderson, Timothy Route 1, Box 99, Grand Junction, TN 38039 Anderson, Trudy 76, 150, 170 Andrews, Nina 150 2363 Kay Place, Trevose, PA 19047 Angerman, Karen 102, 157 140 Lee Drive, Richmond, KY 40475 Anschultz, Chris 92, 159, 172, 186 713 Newberry, Bowling Green, KY 42101 Armentrout, Bryan 84, 101, 154, 159, 180 Route 6, Jonesborough, TN 37659 Armour, Beth Ann 363 North Pisgah Road, Henderson, TN 38340 Arnold, Carole 102, 155, 182 105 Little Creek, Sherwood, AR 72116 Arnold, Cathy 102 3888 Daffodil, Memphis, TN 38128 Arnold, Ginger 964 North 25th Ave., Blair, NE 68008 Arnold, Larry 84 5226 Christiancy Ave., Allandale, FL 32019 Ashe, Cynthia 84 1377 East Poplar, Selmer, TN 38375 Atkins, Randall 102, 171 313 Balfour, West Memphis, AR 72301 Atkinson, Kimberly 102 Route 3, Box 422, Hohenwald, TN 38462 Augustini, Mark Church St., Finger, TN 38340 Awatt, Awatt 22 lboko St., Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa Awards Day 198, 199 Ayers, Jason 102, 132, 178 1202 Laurin St., Jasper, AL 35501 Azevedo, Marco 136, 138, 173 5Os 205 BL J Apt. 101, Brasilia, Brazil Marian 178 7 Cortez Court, Hampton, VA 23666 David 76, 82, 188, 194, 202 P.O. Box 538, Berry, AL 35546 Hollye 92, 158, 186 Rt. 2, Box 353 A, Murray, KY 42071 Kelly 92, 178 1206 Cannon Boulevard, Shelbyville, TN 37160 Pete 152, 168, 170, 171 310 College St. Henderson, TN 38340 Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, 33629 Beck, Randy 740 4th St., D-43, Henderson, TN 38340 Beck, Tanya 740 4th St., D-43, Henderson, TN 38340 Beckham, Beverly 150, 160, 182 Route 5, Box 162, Savannah, TN 38372 Beckham, Janice 41, 84, 151, 168, 202 1058A West Main, Henderson, TN 38340 Bell, Carl 155, 164 Route 1, Box 460, Kenton, TN 38322 Bell, Christine P.O. Box 19, Henderson, TN 38340 Bell, Sandra 103, 154, 186 Route 2, Box 224, Rutherford, TN 38369 Bell, Timothy Alan 160, 182 Route 5, Box 1445, Dahlonega, GA 30533 Bell, Timothy Lee 345 Wofford St., Woodruff, SC 29388 Benefit Dinner 22, 23 Bennett Aimee 14 Bennett, Cliff 34, 47 Bennett Darren M. Route 4, Box 496, Dyersburg, TN 38024 Bennett Darren Snyder 103, 186 Route 3, Box 196, Henderson, TN 38340 Bennett Michelle 93, 160, 184 Route 3, Box 233, Henderson, TN 38340 Bennett, Nancy 67, 174, 180 Bennett, Susan 103, 155, 188 Route 3, Box 167, Greenbrier, TN 37073 Baker, Ballard, Ballard, 38320 Barber, 30720 Barber, Tammy Ligon 207 310 College St., Henderson, TN 38340 Carla 610 Smokey Mountain, Tupelo, MS 38801 Scott 14, 60, 84, 186, 187 158 South Forrest, Camden, TN Jerrie Wayne 102, 178 2130 Crow Valley Road, Dalton, GA Mark 102, 184 Route 2, Union City, TN 38261 Bare, Krista 14, 103, 186 Route 2, Mount Carmel, lL 62863 Barker, Kristi 15, 76, 155, 158, 172, 184, 185 402 Dover Road, Avon Park, FL 33825 Barlar, Danette 92, 106, 180 4365 Sykes Road, Millington, TN 38053 Barnes, Bethany 76, 168, 206 3444 West Dunbar, Monroe, Ml 48161 Barnes, Jamie 25, 84, 180 Route 1, Box 1544, Thayer, MO 65791 Barnes, Lisa 605 Ayers Court, Lumberton, NC 28358 Barnes, Nieta 92, 157, 169, 182 Route 1, Box 45, Newbern, TN 38059 Barnes, Tammy 14, 84, 160, 182, 195 6312 Rolling Hills, N. Little Rock, AR 721 18 Bentley, Jana 93, 159, 160, 170, 182 110 W. 19th St., Oak Grove, MO 64075 Bentley, John 84, 157, 174, 182, 236 110 W. 19th St., Oak Grove, MO 64075 Bilbruck, Jamie 172 28 Angus Dr., Glasgow, MT 59230 Birdwell, Brian 93, 186 409 W. Highland Ave., Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 Birkhead, Kathy 84, 145, 154, 184 707 Shelton Road, Madison, AL 35758 Bish, Martha 93, 180 Route 2, Box 392, Summerville, PA 15864 Bishop, Cynthia Ellen 7941 42nd St. N., Pinellas Park, FL 33565 Bishop, Karen Route 3, Box 32, Henderson, TN 38340 Black, Bill 103, 154 Box 467, Keller, TX 76248 Black, Nanette 636 East Main St., Bradford, PA 16701 Blake, Brad 103, 161, 165, 170, 171, 188 1621 Shady Circle, Leba- non, TN 37087 Blakely, Michelle Renee 115 Tate Loop, Greenville, MS 383701 Blakeman, Perry Allen 24394 Joyce Road, Flat Rock, Ml 48134 Bloomingburg, Bob 84, 152, 169, 186 Route 5, Box 1795, Lexington, TN 38351 Bloomingburg, Joyce 65, 120, 153 Bloomingburg, Mary 71 Bloomingburg, Wendell 67 Board, John 182 149 Virginia Ave., Chester, WV 26034 Bodiford, Lorrie Route 3, Selmer, TN 38375 Bonnell, Kendra 76, 120, 121, 156 HC 7, Box 76, Doniphan, MO 63935 Borden, Lisa 85 90 Mimosa Dr., Jackson, TN 38301 Boren, Andrea 85, 160 Route 11, Box 354, Florence, AL 35630 Box, Chuck 132, 178 404 Forrest Court, Columbus, MS 39702 Boyette, Karen 103, 152, 188 2772 Winchester Ave., Orange Park, FL 32065 Braddock, Cindy 85, 158, 184 3145 Bell Tower, Memphis, TN 38115 Bradford, Karen 103, 153, 172, 178 520 Oakland Circle, Paducah, KY 42003 Bradshaw, Patrick 3682 Carriage Way, East Point, GA 30344 Bradshaw, Tammy 76, 128, 162 8611 Montrie Court, Louisville, KY 40219 Brewer, Jonna 93, 170, 172, 186 2103 Grandaddy Road, Lawrence- burg, TN 38164 Brewer, Luanne 103, 178 123, Indian Trail, Searcy, AR 72143 Briley, Mike 103, 184 176 Lesters Chapel Road, Jackson, TN 38301 Brooks, Phillip 171, 188 1004 Rolling Fields, Columbia, TN 38301 Rick 155, 158, 184 P.O. Box 187, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970 Shannon 103, 186 1004 Rolling Fields, Columbia, TN 38301 Daunielle, 1632 Netherwood, Memphis, TN 38106 Brooks, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Debbie 103 Route 1, Box 29, Collinwood, TN 38150 Brown, Frank 132 5547 New Hope Road, Hermitage, TN 37076 Brown, Karmala 8 Old Henderson Road, Pinson, TN 38366 Kim 72 Randy 128, 129 Lisa 103, 180 Route 5, Box 67, McLeansboro, lL 62859 Brunson, Pamela Route 1, Box 339, Byhalia, MS 38611 Bryant, Kevin 103, 187 1035 Woodland Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Bullock, Amy 85, 156 3836 Norris Road, Richmond, IN 47374 Bumpus, Margaret 100 East Main, Atwood, TN 38220 Burgess, Stacey 20, 85, 171, 184 Route 1, Box 1240, Alexandria, 36250 Burleson, Gina 85 Route 18, Box 320, Cullman, AL 35055 Burleson, Scott 150, 151, 172, 178 Route 3, Box 406, Dexter, 63841 Burns, Dexel 85, 150, 161, 163 3383 Given Avenue, Memphis, 38122 Burse, Randy 103, 155, 162, 166, 186 612 Galbraith, Henderson, 38340 Burton, Marion P.O. Box 291, Henderson, TN 38340 Bush, Bobby 59 Business Affairs 52, 53 Butler, Nancy 629 Hillside, Adamsville, TN 38310 Byers, Kilroy 76, 182 206 Park Ridge Avenue, Temple Terrace, 33617 Cahill, Scott 7832 Chase, Dearborn, Ml 48126 Cain, Kelly 76, 153, 169, 170 1 Chapel Hill Boulevard, Lake City, FL 32055 Cain, Kevin 92, 93, 186 1 Chapel Hill Boulevard, Lake City, FL 32055 Campbell, Cindy 103, 188 1120 Woodside Drive, Camden, AR 71701 Cantley, Michael 85, 180 1737 Lancing Drive A, Salem, VA 24153 Cantrell, Carol 93, 160, 169 Route 4, Box 363, McMinnville, TN 37110 Caraker, Jeanette 28, 37, 76, 155, 156, 158, 175 6230 Cee Lane, Lakeland, FL 33803 Bruce 155 1064 Sandra, Memphis, TN 38122 Cindy 77, 154, 182 478 Best Street, Ripley, TN 38063 Brown, Brown, Bruner, AL MO TN TN FL Carden, Carden, Cariaga, David 77, 173 KM 2 Zamora Street, Butuan City, Phillipines Maria 173 722 Tindalo Street, Butuan City, Phillipines Cariaga, Carnathan, Karen 77 735 Lake Lane, Adamsville, TN 38310 Carney, Andy 103 Carney, Cynthia 116 Chiroc Road, Hendersonville, TN 37075 Carothers, James Route 3, Box 208, Adamsville, TN 38310 Carpenter, Renard 77, 124, 127 Route 1, Box 186, Aliceville, AL 35442 Carroll, Craig 103, 172, 175, 186 9957 Tracy Road, Atoka, TN 38004 Tim 77, 171, 205 524A Hill Avenue, Henderson, TN 38340 Stanley Route, Box 86, Saulsbury, TN 38067 Tommy 9598 Sandler Road, Jacksonville, FL 32222 Carroll, Carter, Carter, Carvalho, Fabiano 136, 138, 139, 173 SHIS Q1 07 CONJ, Brasilia, Fed D Cary, Alan 77, 178 P.O. Box 1041, Martin, TN 38237 Cary, John 93, 178 P.O. Box 1041, Martin, TN 38237 Caspar, Marshall Route 1, Box 324, Goreville, IL 62939 Caudill, Clayton 104, 124, 184 354 Caroline Drive, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 Cave, Carolyn 85, 151, 168, 178 623 Barham Drive, Henderson, TN 38340 Cave, Richard 65, 152 Chadwell, Carol Ann 93, 171 Route 3, Box 411, Henderson, TN 38340 Chadwell, Kenneth 77, 168, 170, 171, 206 Route 3, Box 411, Hender' son, TN 38340 Chaney, Christie 14 Chaney, Martin 93, 157, 169, 184 280 Metaire Lane, Madison, AL 35758 Chapman, Clay 85 1594 Ridgeview Drive, Conyers, GA 30207 Chapman, Gary 85, 158, 189 14010 Hopewell Road, Alpharetta, GA 30201 Chapman, Murphy 104, 124, 125 Route 1, Box 211, Denmark, TN 38391 Charles, Barthelemy 77, 171, 173 199-20 120 Avenue, Queens, NY 11412 Charlton, Mark 77 Route 2 Winchester, Smyrna, TN 37167 Cheerleaders 122, 123 V Cherry, Brenda 93, 184 Route 3, Box 337A, Dyersburg, TN 38024 Chesser, Dianna 93, 184.P.O. Box 383, Anchor Point, AK 99556 Childers, Leah 85, 153 609 East Main, Alamo, TN 38001 Chitwood, Scott 85, 180 396 Kingston Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303 Choat, Kim 85, 154, 158, 184 Route 3, Box 164, Cherokee, AL 35616 Christmas 24, 25 Ciniglio, Albert Route 1, Box 698, Finger, TN 38334 Claiborne, Richard 10, 77 1761 N.W. 85th Way, Penbroke Pines, FL 33024 Claiborne, Winford 57, 171 Clark, Allen 93 1031 Heritage Village, Madison, TN 37115 Clark, Angela 85, 151, 180, 181 612 South 34th, Mt. Vernon, lL 62864 Annette 104, 170, 186 P.O. Box 113, Stevenson, AL 35772 Clark, Clark, Teresa 93, 128 Route 2, Bradford, TN 38316 Clayton, Bryant 178 Route 1, Flatwoods Road, Camden, TN 38320 Clifford, Amy 85, 151, 170, 174, 186, 236 756 O'Neal Lane, Hender- son, TN 38340 Clifton, Mary Jo 178 Route 7, Box 241, Corinth, MS 38834 Cline, Mary 93, 157, 169, 170, 186 4820 Saufley Road, Pensacola, FL 32506 Clippard, Beth 186 Route 2, Box 308, Dexter, MO 63841 Clippard, Rhonda 122, 123, 151, 178 3032 Meramar Court, St. Louis, MO 63129 Clippard, Todd 150, 154, 172, 178 Route 2, Box 308, Dexter, MO 63841 Closing 234, 235 Cochran, Connie 85, 152, 160, 169, 188 380 Roanoke, Belleville, lL 62221 Cochran, Karla 104, 172, 178 Route 2, Spring Hill, TN 37174 Cole, Angela 72 Cole, Beth 155, 158, 186 P.O. Box 403, Henderson, TN 38340 Cole, John Thomas Route 1, Bloomingdale, IN 47832 Coleman, Julie 85, 155, 156, 182 Box 42, Frederick AC, Hardy, VA 24101 Coleman, Karen 85, 153, 168, 169, 170, .182 P.O. Box 451, Lexington, TN 38351 Colley, Collier, Collier, Collier, Collier, Jenny 104, 186 Route 1, Farmington, KY 42040 Mary Burgin 463 White Street Apt. 3, Henderson, TN 38340 Mary Lynn 104, 150 Route 1, Box 355, Fulton, KY 42041 Rick 182 463 White Street Apt. 3, Henderson, TN 38340 Terry 93, 182, 235 13624 Armstrong Road, South Rockwood, Ml 48179 Collins, Collins, 38340 Colvett, Colvett, John 67 Steven 104, 156, 170, 172, 182 White Avenue, Henderson, TN Lois McDonald 1224 Park Lane Greenville, MS 38701 Mark 85, 182 528 Great Oaks Circle, Henderson, TN 38340 Compton, Tonya 104, 174 Route 2, Box 43, Cottontown, TN 37048 Contess, Russ 104 Conway, Robbie 104, P.O. Box 43, Clifton, TN 38425 Cook, Angie 93, 172, 180 Route 6, Box 440, Palatka, FL 32077 Cook, Lisa Carol 180 Route 1, Box 64, Pollard, AR 72456 Cooke, Joan 173 463 White Avenue Apt. 6, Henderson, TN 38340 Cooke, Trevor 76, 173 463 White Avenue Apt. 6, Henderson, TN 38340 Cooper, Cathy 156 Box 11, New Freeport, PA 15352 Cooper, Dawn 93, 180 Route 1, Box 102 A Beech Bluff, TN 38313 Cooper, Duane 104, 188 1635 Walnut Drive, Conyers, GA 30208 Cooper Gail 150 Route 1, Box 24-L Lexington, TN 38351 Copeland, Kevin Route 6, Box 464, Valdosta, GA 31601 Cotter, Kim 85, 152, 184 HC 61, BOX 668, Caulfield, MO 65626 Cottrell, Todd 104, 188 1295 Eason Ave., Memphis, TN 38116 Coulter, Kerri 104, 188 11318 S. Dixie, Holly, Ml 48442 Countess, Russ 161, 188 2960 Charles Bryan, Memphis, TN 38134 Covington, Stacy 93, 152, 154, 184 5833 Corley St., Columbia, SC 29212 Cowart, Dana 618 N. Russell Rd., Jackson, TN 38301 Cox, Jamie 463 Woods Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Cox, Tammy 104 4861 Redman Shoals Rd., Douglasville, GA 30135 Coy, Tiffany Route 3, Box 384, Bethel Springs, TN 38315 Crabtree, Karen 104 165 Revere Circle, Jackson, TN 38305 Cravens, Chris 93, 152, 157, 169, 188 3122 Northwood, Humboldt, TN 38343 Cravens, Mike 65 Cravens, Sandy 694 White Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Crawford, John 151, 188 201 McCollum, Steele, MO 63877 Crawford, Wilson 6345 Crown Imperial, Memphis, TN 38115 Creque, Vicky 93, 150, 173 P.O. Box 14, Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands Cretsinger, Larry 25, 151, 180 P.O. Box 201, Rogersville, TN 37857 Cribbs, Bonnie 93, 160, 188 Route 2, Box 485, Pikeville, NC 27863 Crider, Bradley Route 1, Maple Road, Lindale, GA 30147 Cripps, Howard Route 2, Rock Island, TN 38581 Crockett, Diana 104 480 Circle Drive, Huntingdon, TN 38344 Crosslin, Linda Route 6, Box 6576E, Manchester, TN 37355 Crowell, Mark 65 Cuggionni, Fabiana 94, 173, 184 Apartado 88733, Carcacas, 1080, Venezuela Cuggionni, Patrizia 94, 173, 184 Apartado 88733, Carcacas 1080, Venezuela Cummins, Scott 77, 150, 178 528 Ivy Road, Griffin, GA 30223 Cunningham, Brent Route 1, Box 356, Lobelville, TN 37097 Curry, Brian 104, 187 6981 Maddox Road, Morrow, GA 30260 Curry, John 1064 West Main, Henderson, TN 38340 Curry, Julie 14 Route 3, Box 452, Vernon, AL 35592 Cypress, Karen 162 P.O. Box 121, Somerville, TN 38068 Cypress, Sharen 162 P.O. Box 121, Somerville, TN 38068 Dabbs, Kristi Route 1, Box 143, Fisk, MO 63940 Dade, Trent 60, 153, 155, 177 11 Adair Drive, Rochester, NY 14606 Danley, Keith 55 467 East Second St., Henderson, TN 38340 Davenport, Mary 94, 122, 156, 170, 184 P.O. Box 17201, Nashville, TN 37217 Davenport, Russ 85 P.O. Box 17201, Nashville, TN 37217 Davidson, Mindy 94, 165 P.O. Box 358, Obion, TN 38240 Davis, Anna 85, 152, 153, 180 Route 1, Box 466, Burnsville, MS 38833 Davis, Carla 94, 180 430 Longmeadow Circle, Pulaski, TN 38478 Davis, Jud 104, 153, 155, 160, 175, 186 4376 Coletie Dr., Tequesta, FL 33469 Davis, Lee 171 Route 2, Box 90, Crossville, TN 38555 Davis, Pam 134 Terrace Place, Jackson, TN 38301 Davis, Steve 94, 150, 172, 186 Route 7, Neeley Hollow, Columbia, TN 38401 Davis, Susan 77, 158, 160, 180 207 Mitchell, Henderson, TN 38340 Davis, Tim 104 4632 Wooddale, Memphis, TN 38118 Davis, Tina 94, 155, 176, 180 Route 3, Box 414, Henderson, TN 38340 Davis, Tom 52 Day, Dennis 104, 132, 178 Route 4, Box 2645, Arcadia, FL 33821 Dedication 4, 5 DeFore, Lora 60, 61, 155, 174 Delay, Joe 69 Del Rasso, Jose 740 East 4th St. A13, Henderson, TN 38340 Del Rasso, Judy 740 East 4th St. A13, Henderson, TN 38340 Delk, Amy 85, 158, 184 103 Cayce Valley Dr., Columbia, TN 38401 Dennis, Tammy 178, 179 740 4th St., Henderson, TN 38340 Dennis, Greg 178, 179 740 4th St., Henderson, TN 38340 DePriest, Sherry 72 Derryberry, Dee Ann 104, 186 427 Ballentine St., Pulaski, TN 38478 Dias, Randall 175 Route 1, Box 220, Perryville, AR 72126 Dickerson, Jennifer 104, 184 Route 1, Falkner, MS 38629 Dickson, Jeff 94, 182 Route 9, Box 696, Florence, AL 35630 Diddock, Michael 86, 151, 165, 168, 188 P.O. Box 5, Anchor Point, AK 99556 Diddock, Ramona 94, 188 P.O. Box 5, Anchor Point, AK 99556 Dilbeck, Glynn 86, 152 P.O. Box 94, Ducktown, TN 37326 Dilbeck, Sandy 86 H.C. 7, Box 90, Doniphan, MO 63935 Dillinger, Jeff 86, 163 19011 Cumberland, Noblesville, IN 46066 Dllls, Tim 77, 155, 174, 175, 176, 186 Route 1, Box 1241, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 Division of Bible 56, 57 Division of Business 58, 59 Division of Communication and Fine Arts 60, 61 Division of Education 62 Division of Education 63 Division of Human Development 64, 65 Division oi Humanities 66, 67 Division of Sciences and Mathematics 68, 69 Dix, Cheryl 94, Route 4, Box 431, Wytheville, VA 24382 Dixon, Kevin Route 5, CVA Apt. 30, Corinth, MS 38834 Dixon, Tom 62, 136, 156 Dobbins, Janet 94, 152, 182 530 Great Oaks Circle, Henderson, TN 38340 Dobbins, Richard 86, 155, 168, 182 530 Great Oaks Circle, Hender- son, TN 38340 Doby, Jack 1127 164 PL, Hammond, IN 46320 Dodd, Kenneth 8693 Sandridge Ave., Hobe Sound, FL 33455 Donaldson, Jo Route 2, Box 23, Dieterich, lL 62424 Donkor, Moses 118, 170, 171, 173 P.O. Box 1, Eduadin Kumasi, Ghana Dorm Life 32, 33 Dorsett, Penny 77, 158, 184 Route 5, Trenton, TN 38382 Doss, Shelly 86, 150, 182 249 Ratliff Creek, Pikeville, KY 41501 Dougan, Jan 94, 170, 180 Route 3, Box 135, Prescott, AR 71857 Dougan, John 104, 154 Route 3, Box 135, Prescott, AR 71857 Douglas, Sonia 104, 163 Route 1, Box 88, Wildersville, TN 38388 Dove, Jeff Route 7, Box 387, Ellijay, GA 30540 Dozier, Mike 77, 157, 160, 168, 169, 188, 203 2016 Rodgers Drive N., Huntsville, AL 35811 Duer, Chuck 1311 Denson Circle, Opelika, AL 36801 Dunn, Jimmy 105, 178 Route 4, Box 236, Kosciusko, MS 39090 Durham, Sondra 105, 182 130 Frances Dr., Roanoke, VA 24017 Durham, William 8, 86, 178 Route 2, Box 664, Sardis, MS 38666 Dye, Kathy 84, 86, 128, 150, 168 127 N. Walnut, Hohenwald, TN 38462 Dye, Lynda 105, 188 12183 Mary Alice, Arlington, TN 38002 Eakins, Lesley 77 Route 1, Box 659, Ozark, MO 65721 Eason, Dan 77, 180 Route 1, Box 161, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Eason, John 105 Route 1, Box 161, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 East, Celeste 77, 186 Route 1, Box 194 A, Brilliant, AL 35548 Eaton, Ray 72, 155 T14, Fourth St., Henderson, TN 38340 Eaton, Shirley 71 Echols, Esaiah 161, 162, 166 3602 North Kenwood, Indianapolis, IN 46208 Edmonds, Charles Jr. 94, 124, 146 Route 4, Box 489, Grant, AL 35747 Edmonds, Jim 58, 59 Edmonds, Susan 49 Edwards, Amanda 105, 155, 184, P.O. Box 111, Pace Lane, Hardin, KY 42048 Edwards, Earl 57 Edwards, Jerry 105, 182 Box 55, Hardyville, KY 42746 Edwards, Robin 26, 28, 94, 101, 155, 165, 184, 235 Route 1, Box 412, Benton, KY 42025 Eggleton, Beth 105, 178 202 Barnes Court, Franklin, TN 37064 Elam, Felicia 155, 174, 175 Route 4, Box 4150, Manchester, TN 37355 Eldridge, Regina 77 740 Fourth St., A-12, Henderson, TN 38340 Eldridge, Rick Route 2, Box 110, Mulkeytown, lL 62865 Eldridge, Robert 77 740 4th St., Apt. A-1, Henderson, TN 38340 Eldridge, Shirley 8, 86, 154, 169, 170, 182 2110 Mountview Circle, Dayton, OH 45414 Ellis, Connie 128 1018 Wingate St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130 Ellis, Mechelle 128, 131 1018 Wingate St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130 England, Eric 21, 77, 81 3312 Sherwood Circle, Gastonia, NC 28052 England, Judy 86, 147, 157, 159, 169, 182 1007 Clearview Drive, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 England, Kerry 88, 182, 1007 Clearview Drive, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 Engle, Ginger 86, 158, 184 1402 Puckett Ave., Decatur, AL 35601 Enlow, Susan P.O. Box 25, Ashland, MS 38603 Estes, John 20, 77, 157, 169, 172 2420 Commercial Dr., Port Allen, LA 70767 Eubanks, Anna 86, 174, 186 Route 2, Box 128H, Selmer, TN 38375 Evans, Cammy 77 123 Robertson Ave., Canden, TN 38320 Evans, Cheryl 86, 145, 150, 153, 158, 160, 168, 184 9759 Scottdale, St. Louis, MO 63136 Evans, John lll 94 123 Robertson Ave., Camden, TN 38320 Evans, Jim 463 White Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Evans, Ladonna Route 2, Box 87, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Evans, Pat 68, 69 Faircloth, Kim 178 1120 Robie St., Mt. Dora, FL 32757 Farley, Denver 204 S. High St., McMinnville, TN 37110 Farley, Mason 94 204 S. High St., McMinnville, TN 37110 Farmer, Todd 102, 105 Route 8, Benton, KY 42025 Faughn, Jim Route 2, Box 293 A, Dexter, MO 63841 Faulkner, Jason 86, 154, 159, 172, 182 Route 4, Union City, TN 38261 Fears, Donna 77 P.O. Box 403, Swifton, AR 72471 Ferguson, Challis P.O. Box F 2927, Freeport, Bahamas Ferguson, Oliver 173 P.O. Box F 2927, Freeport, Bahamas Fields, Dena 105, 186 208 East 21st St., Benton, KY 42025 Fields, Mitzi 78, 82, 158, 160, 170, 188, 193, 194, 205 2701 Branchwa- tere Circle, Jasper, AL 35501 Fields, Sandy 105, 150, 174, 188 Route 4, Box 220, Rogersville, AL 35652 Fisher, Andrea 182 Route 1, Box 370, Bon Aqua, TN 37025 Fisher, Stephen 105 Route 2, Box 286, Fayetteville, TN 37334 Flatt, Della 72, 171 Flatt, Dowell 56, 57, 170, 171 Fleeman, Daniel 78 1938 Highland Road, Maryville, TN 37801 Flippo, Florida, Polly 78 315 Henderson Road, Jackson, TN 38305 Tina 154 B Hamlet, Henderson, TN 38340 Flowers, Eric 105, 186 238 Columbia Ave., Centerville, TN 37033 Flowers, Sissy 178 P.O. Box 159, Osteen, FL 32764 Foote, Christopher 105 Route 10, Box 355, Cookeville, TN 38501 Forbis, Kara 1600 Southwind, Nashville, TN 37217 Ford, Gail 1806 Old Highway 78, Jasper, AL 35501 Ford, Karen 95, 101, 153, 155, 182 300 Loretta Dr., Goodlettsville, TN 37072 Fortner, Barry 105, 169, 170, 171, 188 2220 Washington, Paducah, KY 42001 Fortner, lvy 105, 180 Route 1, Box 145, Newbern, TN 38059 Foster, Virginia 95, 186 1032 Bell Drive, Madisonville, KY 42431 Fowler, Adam 105 P.O. Box 64, Glen, MS 38846 Fowler, Tim 106, 160 Route 1, Counce, TN 38326 Franks, Tammy 95, 151, 161, 184 904 South Lee St., Fulton, MS 38843 Fraser, Ryan Noell 6208 Belle Rive Dr., Brentwood, TN 37027 Frazier, Dana 164 Route 1, Box 77, Enville, TN 38332 Frederick, Pauletta 78, 152 P.O. Box 298, Sidell, lL 61876 Glisson, Kelly 106 Magee Trail, Henderson, TN 38340 Glisson, Kim 95, 160 521 Norchester Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Glisson, Nancy 72 Goff, Barbara Route 1, Smith Lane, Finger, TN 38334 Goff, Carolyn 600 Kent Boulevard, Malden, MO 63863 Goff, Melissa 86, 151, 153, 168, 170, 186 Route 1, Box 218G, Reagan, TN 38368 Goff, Robert 600 Kent Boulevard, Malden, MO 63863 Gogel, Curtis 25, 95, 144, 150, 158, 160, 180, 181 P.O. Box 28, Jacks Creek, TN 38347 Golson, Jeff 78, 171, 188 893 Slash Pine Dr., Forest Park, GA 30050 Gooch, Bill 78, 118, 152, 155 343 DeFoe Dr., Maryville, TN 37801 Goode, Jon 86, 159, 186 11636 N.E. 149th St., Kirland, WA 98034 Goodman, Travis 185 Harris Cove, Collierville, TN 38017 Gordon, Becky 6, 86, 158, 184 Route 2, Box 338B, Medon, TN 38356 Gordon, Kim 95, 184 803 Gibson Road, Trenton, TN 38382 Gordon, Pat Route 2, Box 338B, Medon, TN 38356 Gott, Gene Route 8, LT. 9, Jackson, TN 38305 Graduation 40, 41 Grady, Debra 106, 161, 184 1968 Poole Cove, Southaven, MS 38671 Graham, Ginger 106, 128, 150, 178 Route 3, Box 224, Linden, TN 37096 Graves, Erica 1196 Hardesty Blvd., Akron, OH 44320 Graves, Lisa 11, 102, 106, 184 643 Texas Hollow Road, Salem, VA Freeze, Bill 86, 136, 154, 178 4901 Nancy Lane, Ft. Worth, TX 76180 French, Danny 26, 28, 86, 157, 160 214 B Chapel Ridge Dr., Hazel- wood, MO 63042 Freshmen102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113, 114, 115 Fulkerson, Gerald 61 Fulkerson, Todd 92, 95, 101, 155, 159, 186, 187 Route 1, Box 123, Henderson, TN 38340 Fun-d Run 36 Gaddy, Randy 153 Route 2, Box 820, Byhalia, MS 38611 Gaddy, Rhonda 162, 172 820 Lee Road, Byhalia, MS 38611 Galleo, Kara 21, 78 4605 Casper Dr., Roanoke, VA 24019 Gammon, Jim 117 S. Arrowhead, McMinnville, TN 37110 Gammon, John Route 11, Box 14 A, McMinnville, TN 37110 Gann, David 101 P.O. Box 435, Rogersville, AL 35652 Gann, Julie 61, 78, 152, 154, 155, 159, 170, 182, 193 102 Mandy Court, Franklin, TN Gannon, Barry Route 1, Bradyville, TN 37026 Gant, Roger Route 1, Box 40, Crump, TN 38327 Garafalo, Helen 72, 73 Garcia, Janyce 463 White Ave., Apt. 7, Henderson, TN 38340 Garcia, 24153 Graves, Nanette 106, 184 6401 Lambeth, Fort Worth, TX 76112 Gray, Melissa 106, 184 4503 Jefferson Ave. Gulfport, MS Gray, Nadine 102, 159 Route 3, Box 156, Somerville, TN 38068 Gray, Ricky '106 814 Boggs Road, Mableton, GA 30059 Gray, Rick 118 5th St., Henderson, TN 38340 Gray, Ron 30, 95, 155, 175, 186 P.O. Box 685, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 Grayham, Glen 95 Route 1, Box 27, Marmaduke, AR 72443 Green, Dwayne 161 2118 Brady, Burton, Ml 48529 Green, Mike 175 Route 4, Box 860, Benton, AR 72015 Green, Sonya 95, 178 Route 4, Box 589 A, Booneville, MS 38829 Greene, Melanie 161 5537 North 34th, Terre Haute, IN 47805 Greene, Sarah P.O. Box 52, Marietta, MS 38856 Greene, Scott 78, 158 P.O. Box 56, Glen Allen, AL 35559 Griffin, Darren 106 602 Church St., Rogersville, AL 35652 Griffiths, Don 106, 162, 175, 182 5200 Saundersville Road, Old Hicko- ry, TN 37138 Grinder, Shalene 128, 130 417 Kimmins, Hohenwold, TN 38462 Grissett, Randy 25, 86, 144, 158, 180, 181 208 Shelia Blvd., Prattville, AL 36067 Grissom, Dale Star Route, Box 99, Dexter, MO 63841 Coralie 106, 173 P.O. Box 35 Valley, Virgin Gorda, British Alex 463 White Ave., Apt. 7, Henderson, TN 38340 Gardner, E. Claude 24, 41, 44, 45 Garner, Dana 78, 150, 178 Route 2, Totty Dr., Hohenwald, TN 38462 Garner, LeAnn 25, 78, 151, 180, 181 Route 2, Box 256, Pomona, MO 65789 Garner, Mark 14, 182 Route 4, Box 101, Linden, TN 37096 Garrett, Dawn 78, 155, 168, 188, 202 1333 Hillcrest Dr., Union City, TN 38261 Garrett, Jessica 150, 168, 170, 188 1332 Midway Dr., Cantonment, FL 32533 Garrett, Laura 186 1332 Midway Dr., Cantonment, FL 32533 Garrett Thomas 95 182 Route 15 Box 383, Florence AL 35630 Gentry, Tracy 106 Route 1, Box 568, Burns, TN 37029 George, Virgin islands George, Ernald 152, 173 North Sound, Virgin Gorda, Virgin islands Gerlach, Mike 78, 153, 186, 193 Route 2, Box 106 A Sparta, lL 62286 Gibbons, Lisa 86, 120, 153, 159, 168, 184 771 Hill St., Henderson, TN 38340 Gilbow, Larry 203 Park Lane, Dexter, MO 63841 Gill, Russell 184 P.O. Box 272, Anchor Point, AK 99556 Gilliam, Marvin 162, 167 3880 Twinmont, Memphis, TN 38128 Gilliam, Shane 154, 178 98 Johnson Ave., Centerville, TN 37033 Gilliland, Michelle 86, 155, 174, 175 38301 Gilmore, Joyce 28 Gracelyn, Jackson, Gilmore, Ralph 21, 66, 67 Gitter, Dave 99 Smith Lane, Brewster, Glasgow, Julie 106 Route 3, Box 377, Glass, Kristie 11, 14, 15, 78, 158, 186, Covington, TN 38019 Glass, Ricky 78 Route 1, Box 303, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 Glisson, Joe 53 105 Melrose St., Jackson, TN TN 38305 MA 02631 Vernon, AL 35592 193, 197, 203 Route 3, Box 7, Grissom, Roy Neal 78, 155, 168, 175, 205 175 Williams Road, Hender- son, TN 38340 Grogan, Tamy 86, 161, 170 Route 6, Box 192, Murray, KY 42071 Guinn, Mary Ann 106, 178 503 Norchester Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Gumbs, Clive 155 The Valley, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands Haden, Suzanne 310 College St., Apt. 516, Henderson, TN 38340 Hagy, Tori Route 1, Shiloh, TN 38376 Hale, David 106, 155, 172, 175, 184 Route 2, Box 434, Cherokee, AL 35616 Hale, Kim 61, 79, 150, 155, 169, 174, 175, 182 Route 2, Box 434, Cherokee, AL 35616 Hale, Linda 1102 Russell St., Union City, TN 38261 Hale, Teri 66, 79, 170, 188 1102 Russell St., Union City, TN 38261 Hall, Deanna 95, 156, 186 622 Confederate Circle, Old Hickory, TN 37138 Hall, Dena 107 20 Syringa Cove, Jackson, TN 38305 Halloween 20 Ham, Kim 106 52 Eagle Cove, Jackson, TN 38305 Hamer, George 79, 162, 166 3585 Southland Dr., Memphis, TN 38109 Hames, Melanie 107, 182 Route 1, Box 140, Petersburg, TN 37144 Hames, Stuart 106, 107, 174 Route 1, Box 185, Finger, TN 38334 Hamilton, Bill 86, 178 Route 1, Box 14, Buchanan, TN 38222 Hamilton, Carol 67 Hamlett, Anthony P.O. Box 1125, Lexington, TN 38351 Hamlin, Greg 198 166 N. Franklin, Henderson, TN 38340 Hampton, Melanie 79 314 East Fourth, Trenton, TN 38382 Hamrick, David 95, 171, 184 Route 13, Box 362 A, Fort Worth, TX 76119 Harbuck, Curtis 79 101 Gaston Dr., Travelers Rest, SC 29690 Harden, Richard 79 214 Crawford St., Campbellsville, KY 42718 Harden, Teicher 79 Hardin, Ben 95, 155, 182 P.O. Box 69, Erin, TN 37061 Hardin, Joe P. 52 Old Jackson Hwy., Henderson, TN 38340 Carol Route 1, Box 291B, Stantonville, TN 38379 Jennen, Hardin, Teresa P.O. Box 211, Bells, TN 38006 Hardman, William 79, 178 130 N. Erwin St., Cartersville, GA 30120 Hardy, Carol 178 Route 1, Huntingdon, TN 38344 Harless, Winston 16, 31, 61, 97, 155, 160, 169 Harmon, Robby 79, 154, 155, 171, 188 Route 10, Box 256, Florence, AL 35630 Harper, Pat 5205 Plne Ridge Dr., Godfrey, lL 62035 Harris, Jon 600 Fisk, Moberly, MO 65270 Harris, Sylvia 62, 156 Harrison, Virginia P.O. Box 738, Adamsville, TN 38310 Harvey, Dixie 61 Hastings, Nancy 84, 159, 161 HC6 BOX 190H, Doniphan, MO 63935 Hasty, Kerry 107, 172 506 Cedar Dr., Holly Springs, MS 38635 Hatley, Angela Route 1, Box 406, Hayti, MO 63851 Hayes, Carol 157, 168 Haynes, Dan 87 Route 3, Box 463A, Corinth, MS 38834 Hazelwood, Roger 602 Fayette St., Princeton, WV 24740 Heastie, Daisry 87, 153, 160, 173 P.O. Box SS-6274, Nassau, Baha- mas Heffington, Laura 107, 152, 170, 186 831 Mountain Branch, Birming- ham, AL 35226 Heffington, Leanne 14, 79, 150, 193, 197, 204 831 Mountain Branch, Birmingham, AL 35226 Helm, Linda 62, 154 Helton, Andrea 95, 186 1507 Roberta Lane, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 Helton, David 7, 14 117 Fields Dr., Old Hickory, TN 37138 Henderson, Arnold 107, 118 525 Heritage Dr., Rochester, NY 14615 Henderson, Brenda 107, 174, 184 2043 Napier, Scottsville, KY 42164 Henry, Carla 95, 101, 175, 184 109 Woodlawn Drive N., Columbia, LA 71418 Henry, Michelle 107, 182 88 Arabelle Dr., Belleville, IL 62221 Hensley, Ken 107, 171, 188 100 West Eden, East Peoria, IL 61611 Hensley, Tim 151 P.O. Box 104, Slatillo, TN 38370 Henson, John Route 5, Box 5445, Manchester, TN 37355 Henson, Renee 96, 157, 169, 184 Route 4, Box 284, Benton, KY 42025 Henson, Sabrina 96 5206 Downs, Memphis, TN 38134 Hester, Angela 1108 Sarah Dr., Kennett, MO 63857 Hester, Sam 56, 57, 170, 171 Hibbett, Gene 69 Hibbett, Lee 61, 87, 159, 160, 168, 188 482 White Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Hibbett, Sheri 102, 107, 186 608 East Lincoln, Riverton, lL 62561 Hickman, Betty Route 8, Box 369 B, Corinth, MS 38834 Hickman, Melissa 96, 153, 165, 184 11 Quail Creek Dr., Tupelo, MS Hicks, Cheryl 96 510 Meadow St., Alexander City, AL 35010 Hicks, Pam 79, 156, 182 P.O. Box 447, Henderson, TN 38340 Higginbotham, Ginger 25, 87, 180 1415 10th Ave., SE, Decatur, AL 35601 A. Neal 67, 188 Austin 8501 Upper Huffman, Anchorage, AK 99516 Craig 107 124 289 New Hope, New Hope AL 35760 Hill, Hill, Hill, , , Hill, John 79, 160, 169, 202 1349 Wilshire Dr., Birmingham, AL 35213 Hill, Hill, Hill, Karen 547 Bonair St., Memphis, TN 38112 Paula 76, 159, 160 547 Bon-Air Dr., Memphis, TN 38112 Rachel 107, 180 1826 Garden St., Belleville, IL 62221 Hill, Thomas 107 50 Wildwood Trail, Riverhead, NY 11901 Hilliard, Jack 51 Hilliard, Lola 72 Hinds, Pam 8 Raynor Circle, Boston, MA 02119 Hinkle, Brad Route 4, Box 112, Corinth, MS 38834 Hinkle, Les Route 4, Box 112, Corinth, MS 38834 Hinson, Dorothy 72 Hobbs, Clay 87, 133, 158, 169, 186 2897 Rogers Road, Ft. Pierce, FL 34981 Hodorowski, Paula 107 3121 Eastwood Dr., Rolla, MO 65401 Hogan, Gordon 57, 170, 171 Hogan, Norman 57, 67 Hoggatt, Brian Route 5, Box 236, LaGrange, IN 46761 Holcomb, Donna Route 2, Box 99 A, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Holcombe, Kevin 96, 118, 173 109 Westview Dr., Port Elizabeth, South Africa Holdren, David 14, 107, 186, 195 1020 Stewart Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24013 Holdren, Rick 96, 186 1020 Stewart Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24013 Holladay, Steve 96, 161 408 Wake Dr., Salisbury, NC 28144 Holland, Elizabeth 331 Myrtle Road, Adamsville, TN 38310 Holland, Bob 302 North Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Holliman, Ham 87, 185 2810 Monterey Ave., Pascagoula, MS 39567 Hollings Hollowa Hollowa Holmes, worth, John G. 51, 67 y, David 79, 155, 158, 188 Box 33, Cherry Log, Ga 30522 y, Mitzi 15, 128, 129, 130, 131 Route 2, Obion, TN 38240 Teresa Homecoming Court 197 Homecoming 14, 15, 16, 17 Honor Graduates 200, 201 Hopper, Emma 79 Route 1, Box 226, Enville, TN 38332 Horton, Ben 150, 151 Route 2, Box 336, Selmer, TN 38375 Horton, Michelle 152, 178 Route 1, Box 103 A, Bethel Springs, TN 38315 Horton, Mike 178 Route 2, Box 386, Ramer, TN 38367 Horton, Paige 107, 188 Route 2, Box 384 A, Ramer, TN 38367 Horton, Stacy 96, 132 Route 1, Box 58, Guys, TN 38339 Horton, Tammy 107, 182 6157 Jackson St., Arlington, TN 38002 Housel, Missy 107, 169 Route 4, Independence, KS 67301 Hovater, Anna 63 Hovater, Gerald 63 Howard, Julie 107, 161 Route 1, Box 92, Cunningham, KY 42035 Howell, Connie 107, 128 Route 2, Box 214, Clifton, TN 38425 Howell, Janet 19, 96, 160, 169, 170, 182 Route 1, Box 87, Amory, MS 38821 Howell, Kelly 546 Hill St., Henderson, TN 38340 Howell Russell 178 210 West 18th St. Caruthersville MO 63830 Hubbaid, Angela 107, 178 8001 Steven Franklin, Bartlett, TN 38134 Huddleston, Carmen 87, 158, 160, 169, 170, 184 Route 1, Box 194, Ripley, MS 38663 Huftard, Elsie 67, 171 Huffard, Evertt 57, 170, 171 Hufford, Kyle 79, 98, 160 3504 Melody Ct., Kokomo, IN 46902 Hughes, Donna 96, 180 Route 1, Pocahontas, TN 38061 Hughes, Judy Route 2, Box 23, Henderson, TN 38340 Hughes, Mike 87 909 Walker Ave., Paris, KY 40361 Hughes, Tracie 108, 153, 160, 182 151 Ice House Road, Enoree, SC 29335 Hughey, Jeff 96, 150, 172, 186 351 Rolling Hills Dr., Jackson, TN 38305 Hughey, Ricky Route 5, Martin, TN 38237 Humber, HumphreysLJudith 606 Browns Church Road, Jackson, TN 38305 Hunt, Alison 107 1206 Combs, Eldorado, AR 71730 Hunt, David 87, 150, 180 P.O. Box 9087, Prattville, AL 36067 Hunt, Joyce 87, 156, 160, 188 Route 1, Box 440, Prattville, AL 36067 Huntoon, Ken 107, 161, 182 4625 Bonnieway Dr., Chattanooga, TN 37411 Hurley, Mel 182 Route 1, Box 291, Stantonville, TN 38379 Hurst, Gina 107, 156, 159, 161, 186 430 Whispering Pines, Catawba, SC 29704 Hurtt, Ron 108, 182 P.O. Box 205, Thayer, MO 65791 Hutson, Jennifer 740 4th St., Apt. C, Henderson, TN 38340 Hymer, Caren 96, 188 322 Spring Valley Court, Huntsville, AL 35802 Ingram, Jeff 171, 188 309 Gunter Court, Wetumpka, AL 36092 Institutional Advancement 54, 55 Interface 18, 19 Intramurals 144, 145 Irwin, Craig 108, 164, 178 2131 Elm Hill Pike A, Nashville, TN 37210 Irwin, Tim 108, 152, 184 Route 7, Box 277, Corinth, MS 38834 Islip, Victor 173 lkot Akpakpan Box 15, lkot Abasi Cr., Nigeria Ivey, Michelle Route 1, Box 162, Bath Springs, TN 38311 Ivey, Hank Route 1, Box 162, Bath Springs, TN 38311 Jackson, Deana 128, 174 211 Heritage, Mayfield, KY 42066 Jacobs, Becky 108, 188 Route 264, Box 605, Davella, KY 41214 Jaggers, Billy Route 1, Box 275, Middleton, TN 38052 James, Owen 108, 173 Petersfield, P.O. Box 73, Westmoreland, WI Jamaica James, Tim 87, 172 Route 3, Box 15, Lutesville, MO 63762 Jamison, Amanda 96, 150, 180 3011 Wendwood Ct., Marietta, GA 30062 Jarrett, Nanette 79 Route 2, Box 256, Camden, TN 38320 Jenkins, David 69 Jenkins, Gary Mid-South Youth Camp, Henderson, TN 38340 Jenkins, Jacqui 153 Mid-South Youth Camp, Henderson, TN 38340 Jenkins, Sheri 72 Jennen, David 31, 79, 152, 169 207 Barham, Henderson, TN 38340 Gwen 64, 79, 153, 170 207 Barham, Henderson, TN 38340 Jennette, Sherry 71 Jessee, Micky 96, 150, 186 820 Oakdale Dr., Forest Park, GA 30050 Jetton, Eugenia Route 3, Box 173, Newbern, TN 38059 Johns, Debbie 30, 31, 79, 150, 151, 155, 168, 169, 188, 203 Route 2, Box 136 A, Steele, MO 63877 Johns, Kelly 87, 154, 160, 169, 170, 188 1811 Sybil, St. Louis, MO 63125 Johns, Ray 108 3727 Park Crest, St. Louis, MO 63125 Johns, Tracy 96, 155, 162, 166, 169, 188 Route 2, Box 136 A, Steele, MO 63877 Kirk, Hoyt 63, 132, 156 Kirk, Susan 80, 186 Route 1, Box 10, Linden, TN 37096 Kirk, Tony 62, 63, 199 Kittrell, Paige 96, 106, 155, 180 5500 Shady Trail, Old Hickory, TN 37138 Klasek, Herb 605 Sunset Dr., McMinnville, TN 37110 Kleier, Kurt 108, 174 3043 Scienic Highway, Memphis, TN 38128 Johnson, Barbara 72, 171 514 Woods Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Johnson, Beth 154, 169, 178, 234 Route 3, Box 177-2, Mayfield, KY 42066 Johnson, Craig P.O. Box 155, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Johnson, Cindy Route 3, Box 223, Newbern, TN 38059 Johnson, Jeff 40, 79, 155, 159, 172, 184 5533 Timbercrest Trial, Knoxville, TN 37919 Johnson, Kimberly 108, 161, 169 1112 Beirne Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801 Johnson, Leonard Route 1, Box 170 D, Guntersville, AL 35976 Johnson, Marie 67 Johnson, Marty 178 611 Galbraith, Henderson, TN 38340 Johnson, Mary Route 1, Box 170 D, Guntersville, AL 35976 Johnson, Melissa 156 3705 Portage Place, Decatur, lL 62526 Johnson, Mike 69, 108, 160, 169, 188 Route 6, Box 259 C. Ringgold, GA 30736 Johnson, Robert 118 14604 Dowling Dr., Burtonsville, MD 20866 Knight, Karrie 80, 120, 150, 158 1063 Pilgrim Road, Neenah, Wl 54956 LaPoint, Roger 2319 Bancroft Dr. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3BlT6 Laird, Kim 108, 109, 159, 160, 188 Route 5, Box 1970, Chickamauga, GA 30707 Lampley, Shane 463 White Ave. A-11, Henderson, TN 38340 Lancaster, Kelly 92, 96, 155, 186 Route 2, Box 343AA, Lewisburg, TN 37091 Lane, Randy 88, 155, 164, 175 HC 1 Box 192, Fairdealing, MO 63939 Lang, Lueverne 9 Langford, Kim 97, 160, 169, 170, 173 8163 Cumberland Circle, Hobe Sound, FL 33455 Lanning, Scott 88, 188 2319 Melody, Burton, Ml 48509 Latham, Gail 97, 157, 169, 170, 188 3406 Maple St., Holt, AL 35404 Latham, Shelly 80, 154, 168, 169, 170, 188 Route 5, Box 286 B, Gordo, AL 35466 Laux, Sharon 7810 Cranberry St., Anchorage, AK 99502 Law, John 81, 88, 154, 158, 168, 184 3078 Darrow, Memphis, TN Johnson, Steve 61, 79, 155, 169, 171, 204 514 Woods Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Johnson, Susan 87, 156, 160, 188 106 Valley View Dr., Tuscumbia, AL 35674 Johnson, Vicki 59 Johnston, Andrea Route 1, Box 216, Hampshire, TN 38461 Alicia 161 Allison 2701 Clearview, Rocky Face, GA 30740 Jones, Jones, 38118 Leatherwood, Vickie 155, 161, 175, 178 Route 1, Box 13, Ramer, TN 38367 LeCroy, Kim Route 1, Box 459 A, Guntersville, AL 35976 Lectureship 34, 35 Lee, Kyle 108, 178 3940 Highway 20 SE, Conyers, GA 30208 Lee, Todd 97, 172, 186 Route 3, Leoma, TN 38468 Lemonds, Nelda 224 Poplar, Ridgely, TN 38080 JONES, Bruce 132, 178 Route 2, Box 320, Dexter, MO 63841 Jones, Fred 671 N. Hays Ave., Jackson, TN 38301 Jones, Heather 96, 174, 175, 188 4741 South Milnor, Memphis, TN 38128 Jones, Jimmy 178 1312 Campbell St., Jackson, TN 38301 Jones, John P.O. Box 10, Spring Hill, TN 37174 Jones, June 501 Lexington Ave., Jackson, TN 38301 Jones, Larry 201 S. Washington, Henderson, TN 38340 Jones, Rob 79 521 Galbraith St., Henderson, TN 38340 Jones, Robert S. 96 478 White St., Henderson, TN 38340 Jones, Robert 155 P.O. Box 272, Henderson, TN 38340 Jones, Rodney 108, 182 154 N. Sequoia Boulevard, Florence, AL Lemons, Janet P.O. Box 72, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Lerro, Steve 6565 Monmouth Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33413 Lewis, Clyde 69, 154 Lewis, Darlene 72 Lewis, Jeff B. 554 Great Oaks Circle, Henderson, TN 38340 Lewis, Jeff D. 80, 154, 169 740 4th St., Apt. F61, Henderson, TN 38340 Lewis, Keith 97, 165, 188 Route 1, Box 495, Waterloo, AL 35677 Library 70, 71 Ligon, Laurie 108, 188 P.O. Box 151, McEwen, TN 37101 Liles, David 97 6023 Robinson, Overland Park, KS 66202 Liles, Laura 6023 Robinson, Overland Park, KS 66202 35630 Jones, Teresa 87, 184 6844 Town and Country, Anchorage, AK 99502 Tim 87, 160, 172, 184 P.O. Box 147, Doniphan, MO 63935 Jones, Joseph, Kendall 96, 155, 175, 188 Spring Park, St. Clairsville, OH 43950 Joshlin, Robin 108, 160, 188 Route 1, Box 59 A, Sardis, TN 38371 Judd, Sandra 108, 188 320 Lambeth Court, Columbia, SC 29210 Juniors 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91 Keaton, Scott 18 Trinidad Dr., Kenner, LA 70065 Kee, Wendy 87, 186 Route 3, Box 411, McKenzie, TN 38201 Kehn, Al A., 159 A East Main St., Henderson, TN 38340 Kehn, Al J. 159 A East Main St., Henderson, TN 38340 Kelley, Mary 152, 169 P.O. Box 472, El Centro, CA 92244 Kelley, Mike 132 Route 2, Nunnelly, TN 37137 Kelley, Sonja 163, 166 2855 Barrett Ct., Powder Springs, GA 30073 Kemp, Frank 17, 79, 155, 158, 184 131 Devine St., Stanley, NC 28164 Kennamer, Margaret Route 2, Box 825, Grant, AL 35747 Kennedy, Brenda 463 White Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Kennedy, Dwayne 171 463 White Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Kennedy, Kay Kay 96, 158, 162, 167, 170, 184 108 Walden Road, Columbia, TN 38401 Kennedy, Ruth 88, 120, 121, 150, 168, 169, 186 1048 Avocado Dr., Birmingham, AL 35214 Kenney, David 96, 98, 180 219 S. Hickory, Centralia, lL 62801 Kent, Janice 231 Mitchell, Henderson, TN 38340 Khokhar, Fouzia 108, 173, 180 Christian Town, Sialkot-2, Pakistan Khokhar, Wasim 88, 173, 184 Christian Town, Sialkot-2, Pakistan Kiddy, Tamie 79, 156, 159, 180 1119 Webster St., Corinth, MS 38834 Killpatrick, Laurie 108, 153, 155, 178 1289 Cheyenne Blvd., Madison, TN 37115 Kimble, Van 407 Cedar St., Tiptonville, TN 38079 Kinnard, Doug 96, 186 740 4th St, A-9, Henderson, TN 38340 Kinnard, Julie 96, 150, 186 740 4th St. A-9, Henderson, TN 38340 Kirk, Debbie 550 Galbraith, Henderson, TN 38340 Lindsey, Laura 180 740 4th St. Apt. A-10, Henderson, TN 38340 Lindsey, Robert 180 740 4th St. Apt. A-10, Henderson, TN 38340 Lingren, Karen 65, 153, 170 Lingren, Kim 47, 97, 153, 170, 180 P.O. Box 631 Henderson, TN 38340 Littleton, Greg 88, 184 412 Granada Road, Auburndale, FL 33823 Lochman, James 171 524 Hill St. Apt. B, Henderson, TN 38340 Lochman, Sandy 171 524 Hill St. Apt. B, Henderson, TN 38340 Lofton, Kermit 186 647 O'Neal Lane, Henderson, TN 38340 Lofton, Spence 647 O'Neal Lane, Henderson, TN 38340 Logan, Steve Route 6, Box 372, Hamilton, AL 35570 Lorance, Butch Route 4, Box 336, McMinnville, TN 37110 Losey, Mary Lou 80, 156 2412 Highway 62, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 Loveless, Tabb 132, 135 Highway 100, Box 108, Centerville, TN 37033 Lovett, Dawn 740 4th St. Apt. F55, Henderson, TN 38340 Lovett, Kenny 136, 137, 138 2701 New Hampshire, Joplin, MO 64801 Lovett, Robert 88, 154 740 4th St. Apt. F55, Henderson, TN 38340 Luckett, Ken 108, 161, 188 206 North Monroe, Newburn, TN 38059 Lyles, Phil 108, 161, 184 Route 4, Box 447, Franklin, KY 42134 Lyons, Gary 155, 160, 188 16611 Willow Glen, Grover, MO 63040 Lyons, Michele 80, 168, 186 102 Douglas Dr., Glasgow, KY 42141 Mack, Kevin 162 3812 Ladue, Memphis, TN 38127 Mack, Terrell Route 2, Box 196 B, Monticello, GA 31064 Mackey, Brian 108, 124, 178 Route 2, Box 241, Collinsville, AL 35961 Makin Music 29 Makin' Music 26, 27, 28 Makool, Mallory, Maness, Maness, Maness, Jackie 80, 172 P.O. Box 146, Hodgenville, KY 42748 Shannon 108, 186 802 Wheelis Way, LaGrange, GA 30240 Cathy 108, 178 Route 1, Box 243, Pinson, TN 38366 Doris 53 - Lisa 492 Anderson Circle, Henderson, TN 38340 Mann, Myra 108, 182 Route 1, Box 6, Bear Creek, AL 35543 Maples, Greg 1598 Spangler, Florissant, MO 63031 Marcrom, Agnes 433 W. Fort, Manchester, TN 37355 Valerie 740 Fourth St. D-44, Henderson, TN 38340 Markart, Tara 88, 186 3772 St. Elmo, Memphis, TN 38128 Marsh, Joy 80, 158 206 Lovell Dr., Odenville, AL 35120 Martin, Greg 80, 168, 204 3748 Hirondelle Lane, Florissant, MO 63034 Martin, Tonya 109 Forest Park, GA 30051 Mason, Janie 3774 N. Hollywood St., Memphis, TN 38127 Mason, Kim 109, 122, 161, 178 121 Karen Dr., Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 Massey, Tammy Route 2, Box 272 A, Morton, MS 39117 Mathis, Shawn 170, 171 740 4th St., Henderson, TN 38340 Max, Jerry 132 Maxwell, Cari 109, 182 Campus Mail Maxwell, James 80, 152 6469 Seminole Dr. Lantana, FL 33462 May, Jerry 612 West Bottom Ave., Columbia, IL 62236 Maynard, Bryan 126 4th St. Apt. 217, Henderson, TN 38340 Maynard, Cammy 97, 178 P.O. Box 283, lnez, KY 41224 Mayo, Miles 80, 160 Route 4, Box 769, Bassett, VA 24055 Mays, Alicia 128, 174, 176, 199 2737 Ruth Lane, Port Neches, TX 77651 Mays, Rita 178 Route 3, Box 343 A-1, Hamilton, AL 35570 McAlister, Karen 204 Third St., Fulton, KY 42041 McAlister, Karla 109 Third St., Fulton, KY 42041 McAlister, Monica 109, 186 310 Estate Dr., Elizabethtown, KY 42701 McBrayer, Diona 1111 28th St., Panama City, FL 32405 McBrayer, McBride, Sherry 223 Woodside Lane, Dyersburg, TN 38024 McCall, Mollie P.O. Box 516, Henderson, TN 38340 McCandless, Anita 88, 150, 151, 168, 186 Box 26520, Trotwood, OH 45426 McCaskill, Camille 109, 160, 163, 188 1099 Old Jackson Rd., Hender- son, TN 38340 McCaskill, John 80, 160, 188 1099 Old Jackson Rd., Henderson, TN 38340 McClain, Gina 109, 186 62 Crossgates Dr., Brandon, MS 39042 McClish, Andy 168, 207 Box 65, Enville, TN 38332 McClish, Laurie Box 65, Enville, TN 38332 McCormac, Cindy Route 5, Box 5993, Manchester, TN 37355 McCoy, Tracy 161, 182 Route 8, Box 492, Crossville, TN 38555 McCuiston, Stacey 97, 186 Route 1, Hanson, KY 42413 McDaniel, Henry A. 61, 155 McDaniel, Johnny 80, 81, 145, 184 9472 Cypress Lane, Jonesboro, GA 30236 McDaniel, Kell 162, 166, 169 524 Hill Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 McDonald, Bryan 118, 119 963 White St. Apt. 4, Henderson, TN 38340 McDonald, Lois 97, 182 McDougal, Kelly Route 3, Box 229, Benton, KY 42025 McDougal, Wanda 63, 88, 154, 158, 162, 174, 188 101 East Church St., Booneville, MS 38829 McGee, Chip 97, 186 1112 Hamm St., Tupelo, MS 38801 McGrady, Chris 109, 182 Route 3, Box 127 A, Camden, TN 38320 McGregor, Velma Loyce P.O. Box 746, McMinnville, TN 37110 McHaney, Racquel 156 354 Fourth St., Henderson, TN 38340 McKay, Doug 109, 182 1460 Hillsdale Dr., Cookeville, TN 38501 McKenzie, Judy 59 412 North Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 McKenzie, Lisa Page Route 1, Box 4, Luray, TN 38352 McKinney, Ryan 164, 901 Mars Hill Rd., Florence, AL 35630 McKissack, Mylie 72 McKissack, Travis 156 110 East College St., Henderson, TN 38340 McKnight, Tonya 109, 162, 178, 182 4351 Wheatland, Swartz Creek, Ml 48473 McLaughlin, John 88, 152, 155, 168, 169, 188 Route 2, Box 438, Scottsboro, AL 35768 McMeen, Frank 48, 49 McMahan, Van Route 2, Ramer, TN 38367 McMillan, Regina 178 2637 Georgia Dr., Arnold, MO 63010 McNatt, Cherryl Route 2, Box 730, Selmer, TN 38375 McNutt, Mike 154, 178 Route 3, Box 405, Pulaski, VA 24301 McWhirt, Phil 80, 439 B Hill Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 McWhirt, Sissy 72 Meador, Candis 152, 153, 169, 186 7800 Peach Blossom Lane, Evans- ville, IN 47715 Meador, Eric 109, 136, 139, 186 7800 Peach Blossom Lane, Evans- ville, IN 47715 Meadows, James 168, 207 P.O. Box 203, Jackson, TN 38302 Meadows, LaNita 97, 182 Route 2, Box 255A, LaFayette, TN 37083 Medley, Cheryl 109, 188 Route 1, Box 564, Oakland, TN 38060 Medlin, Brice 109, 161 205 Cederway Dr., Lebanon, TN 37087 Meeks, Laura 109, 182 942 Abbott St., Henderson, NC 27536 Melson, Denair Route 2, Box 409 T, Guntersville, AL 35976 Melton, Brian 109, 124, 125, 127, 186 717 Warrior Dr., Murfreesboro, John 118, 182 1111 28th St., Panama City, FL 32405 TN 37130 Men's Basketball 124, 125, 126, 127 Men's Tennis 136, 137, 139 Mercer, Mike 178 6518 S.W. 52 Terrace, Miami, FL 33155 Merideth, Lisa 109, 154, 188 2006 S. Locust Ave., Lawrenceburg, TN 38464 Merrick, Dana 172 Route 1, Box 111, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Merrick, Matt 173 Route 1, Box 111, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Merritt, Diana 110, 188 250 Belmont, Greenville, MS 38701 Methvin, Doug 189 Old Hickory, Jackson, TN 38305 Middelton, Jana 155, 169 5427B Knoll Creek Rd., Hazelwood, MO 63042 Milam, Donald 80 Route 1, Box 311, Huntingdon, TN 38344 Milan, Gary 178 378 Old Mill Rd., Apt. 15, Cartersville, GA 30120 Milam, Tony Route 1, Box 269, Henning, TN 38041 Milam, Tina 512 Jacks Creek, Henderson, TN 38340 Milan, Tony Scott 512 Jacks Creek, Henderson, TN 38340 Miller, Brad 110, 160, 169, 188 305 Bermuda, Jonesboro, AR 72401 Miller, Jane 71 Miller, Jett 97, 153, 184 Route 1, Box 38, Sullivan, IL 61951 Miller, Jody 80, 204 505 Schultz St., Parkersburg, WV 26101 Miller, Lisa 65 Miller, Marinda 110, 178 P.O. Box 20, Sullivan, lL 61951 Miller, Mark 88, 160, 169, 188 305 Bermuda Dr., Jonesboro, AR 72401 Miller, Tim 88, 160, 168, 184 Route 2, Box 101, Cherokee, AL 35616 Miller, Tony 110, 160, 186 2583 Palmarita Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406 Minton, Debra 80 740 4th, Apt. C37, Henderson, TN 38340 Miskelly, Missy 88, 152, 169, 184 Route 1, Box 37, Falkner, MS 38629 Miskelly, Scott 110, 169, 188 Route 1, Box 37, Falkner, MS 38629 Mitchell, Ray 740 4th St. D-44, Henderson, TN 38340 Mitchell, Susan 110, 178 105 Johnson, Dr., Somerville, TN 38068 Mitchell, Mitchem, Scott 110, 182 1008 Clearview Dr., Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 Mitterhammer, Johanna 173 P.O. Box 3590 El Trigal, Valencia, Vene- zuela Mkpong, ini 173 P.O. Box 783, UYO, C.R.S. Nigeria Mkpong, Okon 98, 173 No. 22, lboko St., Cross River St., Nigeria Moats, Christy 196 Euclid Ave., Wadsworth, OH 44281 Mobley, Daniel 132, 134 116 Wheatley Dr., Newbern, TN 38059 Montague, Jamie 88, 150, 182 Route 1, Box 448, Somerville, TN 38068 Montague, Joyce 110, 159, 172, 186 Route 1, Box 448, Somerville, TN 38068 Montgomery, Mark Box 166, Bath Springs, TN 38311 Moody, Joanne Route 3, Box 197 A, Henderson, TN 38340 Mooneyham, Miles 178 Route 4, Box 166A, Shelbyville, TN 37160 Moore, Alison 110, 188 2523 Gunnison, Huntsville, AL 35810 Moore, David Route 1, Box 186, Selmer, TN 38375 Moore, Jerry 26, 27, 33, 110, 165, 184, 235 1098 West Woodward Ave., Holly Springs, MS 38635 Moore, Kellie 98 740 4th St., Apt. F67, Henderson, TN 38340 Moore, Kevin 161 Route 3, Box 316, Henderson, TN 38340 Moore, Kim Route 1, Box 343, Alton, IL 62002 Moore Noel 110, 184 Floute 2, Box 536, EI Dorado, AH 71730 Moore, , Randy 98 740 4th St., Apt. F67, Henderson, TN 38340 Morang, Herb Route 1, Lot 58, Bolivar, TN 38008 Morgan, Billie Sue 434 Poplar St., Ridgely, TN 38080 Morgan, Melissa 98, 170, 172, 186 444 Lennan Wood, Covington, TN 38019 Morgan, Wendy 110, 188 401 Marietta, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 Morrell-Stinson, Erl 80, 173 6 Vygeboom Cresc., Durbanvle 7550, South Africa Morris, Amy 110, 178 415 Browning Ave., Huntington, TN 38344 Morrison, Carrol 110, 152, 184 125 Hatlin Dr., Soddy Daisy, TN 37379 Morrison, Christel 14, 110, 152, 186, 195 125 Hatlin Dr., Soddy Daisy, TN 37379 Mott, Melissa Route 2, Box 27 M, Middleton, TN 38052 Mr. and Miss F-HC 192, 193 Mulder, Christy Route 2, Box 251, Selmer, TN 38375 Mullinicks, Greg 80, 154, 172, 182 Route 3, Box 153, McEwen, TN 37101 Mullins, David 33, Camellia Dr., Jackson, TN 38301 Mullins, Tammi 80, 155 101 Wild Valley, Jackson, TN 38305 Murphy, James 65 Murphy, Jason 110, 178 715 South College St., Smithville, TN 37166 Murphy, Vicki 315 Woodland Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Murray, Barbara 72 Murray, Bob 88, 118, 156 Box 823, Campus Mail Myers, Gena 1909 Boyd Avenue, Brownsville, TN 38012 Myles, Melissa 1113 E. Liberty, Mt. Dora, FL 32757 Nagle, Larry 111, 157 7902 Cotton Lane, Southhaven, MS 38671 Nash, Gail 72 Nash, Jett 111, 182 Route 1, Box 302, Pinson, TN 38366 Nash, Larry 322 College, Henderson, TN 38340 Nash, Mary Beth Route 2, Box 178, Summertown, TN 38483 Nash, Rebecca 111, 152, 161, 169, 170, 188 77 Pine Rd., Norris, TN 37828 Naylor, B.J. 50 Neal, Randy 89, 170, 171 5005 Porter Hurt Dr., Hermitage, TN 37076 Nelson, Alicia 111, 153 Old Natchez Trace, Franklin, TN 37064 Nerren, Lori 111, 186 1701 Fagan Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801 Neville, Leah 98, 186 Route 1, Park City, KY 42160 Newman, Charlie Route 2, Box 88, Tullahoma, TN 37388 Newton, Amy 30 Ozier Road, Pinson, TN 38366 Nicholas, Nathan 111, 180 6302 N.W. 24th St., Okeechobee, FL 34972 Nichols, Glynda 80, 156, 160, 182, 235 110 Shepherd Hills Dr., Madi- son, TN 37115 Nickles, Penny 80, 168, 169 Route 1, Muncy, PA 17756 Nix, Ann 89, 128, 129, 150 Route 1, Box 108, Section, AL 35771 Nixon, Jana 80, 151 Sweats Apts. 1140, Selmer, TN 38375 Noguchi, Mari 8, 98, 173 4-8-7 Fuchu lshioka-Shi, Ibaraki-Ken 31, Japan Noland, Bob 111, 178 Route 2, Box 202, New Cumberland, WV 26047 Noles, David 80 Route 5, Box 82, Tallassee, AL 36078 Noles, Paul Route 2, Box 197, Winchester, TN 37398 Norfleet, Stephen 111, 161, 169 1640 Crestview Dr., Mt. Dora, FL 32757 Northcutt, Alicia 81, 182 1301 Kingston Rd., Blue Springs, MO 64015 Novak, David 72 Nowlin, Robert 4130 Oregon, St. Louis, MO 63118 O'Neal, Joe P.O. Box 57, Enville, TN 38332 O'Neal, Patty 154 P.O. Box 57, Enville, TN 38332 O'Neal, Stan P.O. Box 116, Enville, TN 38332 O'Rourke, Ron 157 7314 Sheila, Millington, TN 38053 Oden, Angela 111, 170, 188 406 Parkway Rd., Brandon, MS 37042 Ogilvie, Nathan 102, 111, 159 3313 Masonwood Dr., Nashville, TN 37207 Okine, Alex Box 1215, Kumasi, Ghana Oldham, June 51 Oldham, Larry 69, 157 Oldham, Reeder 51, 172 Oliver, Brent 111, 178 Chestnut Ridge, Apt, C8, Sparta, TN 38538 Oliver, David 157, 169, 172, 182 528 Johnson Circle, Henderson, TN 38340 Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Juanita 215 West Sparta, McMinnville, TN 37110 Oliver, Sabrina 1818 Warren Dr., Clarksville, TN 37040 Olsen, Kelye 89, 154, 159, 162, 169, 170, 188 14 Sky Vista Dr., Semmes, AL 36575 Omorogieva, Godwin 24 Omomo St., Benin, Nigeria Onat, Muge 173 Posta Cad 1315, Turkey AL YILD1 Organizations 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161,162,164,165,166,167,168,169,17O,171,172,173,174,175, 176, 177 Osmer, Jason 89, 184 194 Hurricane Creek, Gurley, Overstreet, Michelle 322 B East College, Henderson, TN 38340 Overstreet, Ray 322 B East College, Henderson, TN 38340 MS 38663 Edward 215 West Sparta, McMinnville, TN 37110 Howard 4, 5 AL 35748 Owen, Kathleen 111, 188 Route 1, Box 433, Ripley, Owens, Kendra 111, 147, 154, 184 937 Clearview St., Decatur, AL 35601 Ozemalah, Ernest 89, 170, 171, 173 202 Mandalay Dr., Florence, AL 35630 Pack, Agnes Route 3, Box 240, Scottsboro, AL 35768 Padmanabhan, Gokul 137, 138, 173 Nagayana Palya, Bangalore 560, India Page, Lisa 81, 128, 129, 130, 131 Palmer, Joe Box 346, Monette, AR 72447 Pappas, Jennifer Star Route 2, Box 11, Hibbing, MN 55746 Paradise, Jamie 81, 150 Route 1, Box 231, Oakland, TN 38060 Parham, Janet 178 Route 2, Box 165 A, Huntingdon, TN 37344 Parish, Laura 81, 156, 159, 172 Route 2, Box 47, Huntingdon, 38344 Parker, Melanie 81, 150, 178 Route 1, Metropolis, lL 62960 TN Parrott, David 98, 188 11019 S. Richmond, Tulsa, OK 74137 Paschall, Edith 72 Patel, Meena 111 1027 Nashville Hwy., Columbia, TN 38401 Patterson, Lesia Route 1, Box 56 A, Scotts Hills, TN 38374 Patton, Lyn 111, 178 Route 1, Box 156, Milan, TN 38358 Patton, Martha 89, 178 Route 1, Box 156, Milan, TN 38358 Payne, Erin 416 Reeves Station Rd. SW, Calhoun, GA 30701 Payne, Traci 111, 188 P.O. Box 113, Cabot, AR 72023 Peace, Leanne 186 Route 3, Box 13, Henderson, TN 38340 Pearson, Suzanne 14, 89, 158, 170, 182 Route 3, Box 261, Amory 38821 Peery, Fred Peery, Lucille Pemble, Jodi 309 South Exchange 3, St. Paul, MN 55102 Pendergrass, Charlene 98, 156 Route 1, Box 53, Huntingdon TN 38344 Pendley, Mel 37, 98, 178 Route 1, Bankston, AL 35542 Pennington, Bobbi 81, 151, 159, 170, 188 Route 1, Box 233, Cottage Grove, TN 38224 Perkins, Andrew 89 R.D. 2, Box 266, New Cumberland, WV 26047 Perkins, Vivian 1112 Parnell, Tiptonville, TN 38079 Perkins, Wil 111, 170, 171 Route 2, Box 266, New Cumberland, WV 26047 Permenter, Tina 81, 169, 184 P.O. Box 206, Finley, TN 38030 Perry, Kevin 186 10443 Joyce Dr., Brooksville, FL 33512 Perry, Kim 150, 151 137 Kathryn Dr., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Perry, Ronnie Route 1, Box 263 B, Saulsbury, TN 38067 Peters, Gary 136, 137, 138, 139 718 West 8th, Pecos, TX 79772 Peterson, Amy 98, 182 Route 4, Box 131A, Linden, TN 37096 Phillips, Amy 111, 186 107 East 21st, Benton, KY 42025 Phillips, Andy 111, 155, 161, 162, 188 8151 Alderman 419804, Jackson- ville, FL 32211 Phillips, Jody 111 6511 Saddle Trail, Anderson, CA 96007 Phillips, Lori Anne 89, 186, 195 107 East 21 St., Benton, KY 42025 Phillips, Ann Route 3, Box 142, Arab, AL 35016 Phillips, Sharon Michele Route 3, Box 142, Arab, AL 35016 Pickard, Beth 98, 122, 170 P.O. Box 458, La Vergne, TN 37086 Pickard, Devin 182 110 Oak St., Centerville, TN 37033 Pickle, Jonna 122, 172, 178 560 Pearson, Jackson, TN 38305 Pierce, Cerenia 111, 180 Route 1, Box 292, Scotts Hill, TN 38374 Pigg, Lisa 89, 150, 151 Route 1, Box 216 B, Hohenwald, TN 38462 Pigman, Tabitha 98, 122, 170, 184 Route 7, Box 554, Clinton, TN 37716 Pilkinton, Jenny 111, 172, 178 Route 2, Box 17, Culleoka, TN 38451 Pinckley, Paul 48 Plays 30, 31 Pitchford, Deborah Route 7, 'Box 524 A, Mountain Home, AR 72653 Pogue, Tonia 122 4010 Brookside, Columbia, TN 38401 Pollock, Greg 169, 170, 171, 172 Route 5, Box 173, Florence, AL 35630 Pope, Sandra 487 East McKellar, Memphis, TN 38106 Porter, Holly 184 5931 Macleod Dr., Memphis, TN 38119 Posey, Pauli 171 Posey, Mark 334 Steed St., Henderson, TN 38340 Postell, Cami 26, 27, 89, 158, 184 P.O. Box 1508, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 Postlethwait, Gloria 81, 156, 160, 168, 202 2906 Capewood Court, Moundsville, WV 26041 Poston, Henry 84 231 Pearl St., Paris, KY 40361 Poteet, Susan 81, 155, 168, 169, 188, 205 411 West Tenth St., Trenton, TN 38382 Potter, Melissa 150, 180 Route 7, Box 120, Paragould, AR 72450 Pough, Tonya 178 Pounders, Anthony 118, 178 Route 1, Box 239, Spruce Pine, AL 35585 Powell, Tracy 11, 182 P.O. Box 4, Gibson, TN 38338 Powers, Paul 89, 155 Route 7, Box 114 C, Tupelo, MS 38801 President And Trustees 44, 45 Presnell, Margaret 73 Price, Al 65 Pruitt, Cindy 112, 161 P.O. Box 80903, Fairbanks, AK 99708 Pugh, Christi 81, 155, 175, 186 Route 1, Box 20, B, Portland, TN 37148 Qualmann, Lance 112 6717 Navajo Trail, N. Little Rock, AR 72116 Rachels, Holly 81, 152, 170, 184 5818 North St., Bartlett, TN 38134 Ragsdale, Marchell 128, 147 Route 3, Box 407, Trenton, TN 38382 Rainey, Terry Lee Route 1, Enville, TN 38332 Ramdoolar, Deokie 98, 173 Box 183, Grants Road, Rousillac, Trinidad Ramos Apt. 3, RBITIOS, Ernesto 15, 124, 125, 126, 127, 132, 156 106 Parker Ave., Centerville, TN 37033 Robert 152 1219 Howell, Worland, WY 82401 Schultz, Meredith 435 Tucker, Dyersburg, TN 38024 Schwegler, Stephanie 99, 154, 188 2010 Shirley Dr., Florissant, MO Ramos, Tanya 740 4th St., Apt. A6, Henderson, TN 38340 Tim 105 740 4th St., Apt. A6, Henderson, TN 38340 Ramos, Randolph, Claude 73 Randolph, Tammy 98, 178 Route 7, Box 462, Sparta, TN 38583 Randolph, Tonya 98, 178 Route 7, Box 462, Sparta, TN 38583 Rasberry, Richard 112, 175, 178 100 Seminole Circle, Searcy, AR 72143 Rawdon, Ramona 98, 158, 188 842 Stephanie, Gallatin, TN 37066 Ray, Rod Route 1, Puryear, TN 38251 Reaves, Jerry 607 Stevenson, Malden, MO 63863 Reaves, Marilynn 607 Stevenson, Malden, MO 63863 Reaves, Rob 112, 180, 181 607 Stevenson, Malden, MO 63863 Record, Linda 99, 170, 184 Route 8, Box 347, Benton, KY 42025 Reid, Bill 99, 188 Route 2, Box 453, New Albany, MS 38652 Reid, Errol 162 4533 Suncrest, Memphis, TN 38127 Reid, Shanda 99, 156, 182 Route 8, Box 175, Benton, KY 42025 Respess, Pete 161 500 Weston St., Hopewell, Va 23860 Reynolds, Jeremy 112 Route 2, Box 386 A, Ramer, TN 38367 Rhodes, Harvey 61, 163, 166 Rhodes, Susan 465 North Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Rhymer, Lesa 99, 150, 173 North Sound, Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands Rice, Phyllis 112, 178 Route 1, Box 154, Lacey's Spring, AL 35754 Rich, Nancy 99 7958 Elna Kay Dr., Evansville, IN 47716 Richey, Jo 89, 170, 186 Route 7, Box 384, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 Ricketson, Carlton 89, 182 740 4th St., Apt. F-65, Henderson, TN 38340 Ricketson, Sherry 81, 151, 168, 188 740 4th St., Apt. F-65, Henderson, TN 38340 Rickett, Kayla 33, 89, 150, 170 102 West 6th, Oak Grove, MO 64075 Riggins, Vett 725 Eastview Terrace, Akron, OH 44307 Rikard, Terry 155, 171, 178 6125 Franke Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46815 Ring, Tracy 10, 99, 150, 182 409 Wallach Dr., Eureka, MO 63025 Roberts, Lori P.O. Box 2, Saltillo, TN 38370 Robertson, Jesse 112, 161, 169, 188 Route 4, Box 21 R. New Albany, MS 38652 Robertson, Neal 159, 188 Route 4, Box 21 R, New Albany, MS 38652 Robison, Greg 112, 175 P.O. Box 127, Kenton, TN 38233 63031 Scott, Autumn Route 1, Box 6 H, Shiloh, TN 38376 Scott John P.O. Box 125, Winfield, AL 35594 Scott Melissa 120, 121 4061 Geraldus, Memphis, TN 38111 Scott Scott Scott Rick Route 1, Box 6 H, Shiloh, TN 38376 Shelby 112 102 Sherwood, Hartselle, AL 35640 Wayne 49 Scudder, Melinda 89, 152, 159, 170, 184, 185 6691 London, Memphis, TN 38119 Sczepczenski, Stacy 615 Cheyenne Cove, Savannah, TN 38372 Seesengood, Eric 112, 182 Route 5, Box 368, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 Segars, Jenny 112, 152, 160, 169, 186 204 West Monroe Ave., Green- wood, MS 38930 Segars, Mark 702 Smokey Mountain, Tupelo, MS 38801 Selbe, Jim 19, 30, 31, 47 Selbe, Wes 14 Self, Diane 112, 120, 156 Route 1, Box 152-A, Brilliant, AL 35548 Selmer, Regina 527 Ross St., Bolivar, TN 38008 Seniors 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83 Rodgers, Dana 89, 150, 182 3117 Goodlett, Memphis, TN 38118 Rogers Rogers Rogers 40380 Rogers, Rogers, Roland Rollins, Roney, Deanna 99, 154, 188 536 Maple Meadows, Arnold, MO 63010 Jana 89, 182 Route 1, Box 227 A, Trezevant, TN 38258 Paul 14, 40, 81, 150, 165, 193, 206 PO. Box 56, Stanton, KY Tim 182 740 4th St., Apt. A-8, Henderson, TN 38340 Wendy 182 740 4th St., Apt. A-8, Henderson, TN 38340 Tim 36 159 170 171 182 2087 Kent Dr. Davison Ml48423 'Amanda 81,, 178,P.O.v Box 11, Hartford, LIN 37753 Elsie 108 Post Road, McMinnville, TN 37110 Root, Rick 81, 157, 161 740 4th St., Apt. A17, Henderson, TN 38340 Rose, Tracy 156 Route 2, New Bethlehem, PA 16242 Ross, Brenda 740 East 4th, A F-59, Henderson, TN 38340 Ross, Jason 112, 186 11 North Sevier, Memphis, TN 38111 Ross, Joe 463 White Ave., Apt. 9, Henderson, TN 38340 Ross, John 1788 Wildrose, Memphis, TN 38114 Ross, Ross, Karen Route 3, Box 429 A, Henderson, TN 38340 Pam Route 3, Box 340, Henderson, TN 38340 Rouse, Delicia 8, 81 1224 North 13th St., Paducah, KY 42001 Sentell, Steve 89, 168, 172, 186 1609 Glenwood Dr., Goshen, IN 46526 Settle, Kevin 1434 A Montezuma Road, Henderson, TN 38340 Sewell, Scott 155, 174, 176 Route 7, Box 49, Florence, AL 35630 Shadwick, Tammy 82, 158, 169, 170, 188 1809 Barnesdale Way, Albany, GA 31707 Shannon, David 14, 182, 183 Route 4, Box 175, Centerville, TN 37033 Shannon, Randy 182 116 Rosemary Ave., Camoen, TN 38320 Shanor, Tanya 159, 186 37 Bushnel St., Bardford, PA 16701 Sharp, Darrell 82, 156, 162, 172, 184 1572 Russwood Road, Memphis, TN 38101 Sharp, Jan 71 Sharp, Kim 99, 154, 188 1705 Burgess Dr., Barnhart, MO 63012 Sharp, Lori 112, 178 1298 Cedarcliff Dr., Beavercreek, OH 45385 Sharp, Roy 11, 35, 46 Shell, Tony 99, 124, 126 Route 1, Box 467, Benton, IL 62812 Shelton, Kathy 82, 153, 180 634 W. Hickory St., Arcadia, FL 33821 Shelton, Kelly 89, 155, 175, 180 Shelton, Stan 99, 182 P.O. Box 507, Atwood, TN 38220 Shepherd, David Route 4, Box 5535, Benton, KY 42025 Shepherd, James 82 Campus Mail Shepherd, Mary 73 Shiber, Elias 112, 173, 186 Campus Mail Shipman, Darrin 178 355 Housing, Bernie, MO 63822 Shocklee, Jeff 99, 159, 188 201 Maurita, Jonesboro, AR 72401 Sholten, Darrin 118 Short, Candace 99, 158, 184 427 East Broad, Statesville, NC 28677 Short, David 54 Short, Neil 82 111 Iris, Morenci, AZ 85540 Short, Stephanie 427 East Broad, Statesville, NC 28677 Shoulders, Rose 73 Shull, Carolyn 424 King, Ridgely, TN 38080 Shull, Don 66, 67 Shull, Hope 73 Route 1, Box 135, Henderson, TN 38340 Siler, Jerry P.O. Box 187, Henderson, TN 38340 Sills, Christy Route 2, Box 951, Selmer, TN 38375 Sills, JoAnn 73 Simmons, Kelly 112, 823 Old Lebanon Road, Hermitage, TN 37076 Rowe, Becky 6112 Spring Creek Dr., Guntersville, AL 35976 Rowe, Marty 182 Route 2, Box 381, Bon Aqua, TN 37025 Rupert, Suzanne 82, 10175 Newburg, Tecumseh, Ml 49286 Rushing, Michelle 216 Evergreen St., Dresden, TN 38225 Russell, Julie 70, 89, 160 607 Lowry St., Manchester, TN 37355 Russell, Tammy 396 Mayfield Road, Henderson, TN 38340 Rutland, Delanna 155, 178 Route 1, Box 227, Nauvoo, AL 35578 Rutledge, Glenna 112, 188 Route 3, Box 449, Falkville, AL 35622 Rutledge, Jerry Viola, TN 37394 Sadie Hawkins 21 Salke, Carrie 112 West Mlll Road, Evansville, IN 47710 Sampson, Richard 112, 132 Route 4, Box 150, Lewisburg, TN 37091 Sanders, Adrienne 82, 158, 168, 169, 184, 203 Route 2, Obion, TN 38240 Sanders, Eddie 811 Gwen St., Paris, TN 38242 Sanderson, Todd 112, 184 P.O. Box 72, Victoria, MS 38674 Sasser, Selena 112 337 East Walnut Ave., McKenzie, TN 38201 Saunders, Elizabeth 67 Scholton, Darrin 182 5062 Flanders Road, Toledo, OH 43623 Simons, Jackie 112, 180 8998 Lasater, Clemmons, NC 27012 Simons, Simons, Laura Lorena 117 S. Warren, McMinnville, TN 37110 Mike 89, 171, 180 8998 Lasater, Clemmons, NC 27012 Simons, Rebecca 112, 169, 173 8998 Lasater, Clemmons, NC 27012 Simpson, David Mason Route 8, Box 58, McMinnville, TN 37110 Singleton, Mark 89, 186, 195 Route 3, Box 571, Corinth, MS 38834 Skelton, Jeff 182 Route 1, Box 352, Hohenwald, TN 38462 Skelton, Susan 76, 82, 158, 168, 169, 188, 206 Route 1, Box 352, Hohenwald, TN 38462 Skidmore, Pam 89, 154, 160, 188 106 Lynn Dr., Tuscumbia, AL 35674 Slaughter, Ronda 90, 178 212 Watkins, Dyersburg, TN 38024 Slavens, Lorrie 1651 Hollywood Dr., Jackson, TN 38301 Slavens, Terry 1651 Hollywood Dr., Jackson, TN 38301 Smith, Andy Box 167, Anchor Point, AK 99556 Smith, Barry 620 North Ave., Henderson, TN 38340 Smith, Billy 57, 171 Smith, Christy 113, 178 954 Dogwood Dr., New Johnsonville, TN 37134 Smith, David D. Route 2, Collinwood, TN 38450 Smith, Smith, Smith, David L. Rotue 2, Box 378, Corinth, MS 38834 Diane 73 Donny 6950 Hyatt, Anchorage, AK 99507 Smith, Edward 5117 Colnel Travis, Temple, TX 76502 Smith, Frank 102, 112, 171 11715 Carolview Dr., Florissant, MO 63033 Smith, Jason 99, 158, 186, 187 Route 1, Box 206, Guin, AL 35563 Smith, Jean Tilley Smith, Jenita 112, 150, 186 Route 1, Box 145 E, Lewisburg, TN 37091 Smith, Keith 58, 59, 151 Smith, Kelly 90, 154, 160, 188 324 West Lakeside, Florence, AL 35630 Smith, Keven 99, 158, 160, 170, 184 Route 3, Box 103, Amory, MS 38821 Smith, Kim 1475 Fox St., Memphis, TN 38111 Smith, Smith, Lorie 11-B Tricia Cove, Jackson, TN 38301 Mary 1275 West Main St., Henderson, TN 38340 Smith, Oscar 113, 152, 182 410 East Sycamore, Lebanon, TN 37087 Smith, Phil 170, 171 740 4th St., Apt. D-47, Henderson, TN 38340 Smith, Phillip Jr. Route 2, Morrison, TN 37357 Smith, Tag 169, 178 3434 Campbell Airstrip, Anchorage, AK 99504 Snow, Thomas 82, 152, 171, 184 5600 Newt Patterson, Mansfield, TX Suter, Jerry 82, 178 1226 Easy Street, Palmyra, MO 63461 Sutton, Dawn 168, 207 154 Hamlet St., Henderson, TN 38340 Swafford, Clarissa 113, 184 323 W. 7th, Jasper, TN 37347 Swearingen, Michelle 90 6354 Pine Avenue, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 Sweat, Gina 128, 130 Route 2, Box 265 B, Middleton, TN 38052 Sweat, Valerie 113, 152, 180 825 Lloyd Street, Trenton, TN 38382 Sweeney, Kerry 132 4835 Mockingbird Lane, Memphis, TN 38117 Swintord, Kandi 10245 Springdale Court, Palm Springs, FL 33461 Swinson, Geraldine 113 Route 2, Box 97, Jamesville, NC 27846 Table of Contents 2, 3 Talbot, Tonja 184 P.O. Box 8, Finger, TN 38334 Talkington, Keith 178 Route 2, Dexter, MO 63841 Tarter, Thom 90, 182 Route 1, Box 288 l, Ligonier, PA 15658 Tate, Ken 113, 186 Route 2, Box 27, Dyer, TN 38330 Tatum, Jon 32, 99, 100, 183 104, Susan St., Clarksville, TN 37042 Tatum, Susan 82, 154, 168, 182, 206 Susan St., Clarksville, TN 37042 Taubenheim, Kevin 182 262 Melwood, Jackson, FTN 38301 76063 Snyder, Candy 151, 168, 182 Route 2, Box 52, Bernie, MO 63822 Snyder, Jeff 182 Route 1, Box 173, Halls, TN 38040 Soccer 118, 119 Social Clubs 178, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189 Social Clubs 179 Sophomores 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101 Sorrell, Danny 49 Sorrell, Tamie 73 342C Woodland Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 South, David 82, 207 Route 7, Box 341 AA, Corinth, MS 38834 Sowell, Dianna 99 825 Oak Grove Road, Concord, GA 94518 Sparks, Karen 99, 150, 170, 186 3015 Florida Mango Road, Lake Worth, FL 33461 Sparks, Scotty 117 Chaparral, Florence, AL 35630 Speed, Diane 14, 92, 99, 157, 158, 159, 170, 186 Route 1, Box 159, Steens, MS 39766 Spencer, Mark 113, 170, 171, 184 P.O. Box 262, Bay, AR 72411 Spencer, Victor 76, 82, 159, 168, 170, 171, 184 Route 1, Box 119A, Jonesboro, AR 72401 Spring Intramurals 146, 147 Springer, Lisa 99, 155, 160, 170, 174, 182, 235 Route 3, Box 112A, Somerville, TN 38068 Spurlock, Sheila 99, 122 720 Noll Dr., Arnold, MO 63010 Staff 72, 73 Stamps, Tristan 99, 178 Route 9, Box 25 D, Mena, AR 71953 Stanley, Joseph 172 3502 Pine Valley Road, High Point, NC 27260 Steed, John Route 1, Box 139, Henderson, TN 38340 Stephens, Janet 99, 153, 184 Route 5, Box 8355, Lexington, TN 38351 Stephens, Shannon 113, 182 3108 Gettysburg, Altus, OK 73521 Stevenson, Bethany 740 4th St., Apt. C42, Henderson, TN 38340 Stevenson, Gilbert 740 4th St., Apt. C42, Henderson, TN 38340 Stewart, Heather 113, 169, 188 2496 Ivory Road, NW, Dellroy, OH 44620 Stickels, Joe 113, 162, 175, 182 Route 2, Box 17, Salem, IN 47167 Stidham, Tammy 113, 161, 169, 188 2233 South 15th St., Platts- mouth, NE 68048 Stiles, Fred Route 2, Box 2008, Manchester, TN 37355 Stimson, Bert 99, 182 37 Covington, Clarksville, TN 37040 Stofel, Alice 171 Stofel, Danny Route 5, Box 235, Columbia, TN 38401 Stofel, David 132, 171, 178 P.O. Box 41, Jacks Creek, TN 38347 Stokes, Kevin 1104 Clover Dale, Greenville, MS 38701 Stone, Andrea 220 Barham, Henderson, TN 38340 Stone, Mike 220 Barham, Henderson, TN 38340 Story, Joe Route 3, Box 316, Henderson, TN 38340 Story, Tam 90, 170, 186 Route 3, Box 316, Henderson, TN 38340 Strange, Eve 82, 168, 186 1330 Country Club Lane, Covington, TN 38019 Strayhorn, Cathy Route 1, Box 207B, Atwood, TN 38220 Strayhorn, Willie Route 1, Box 207B, Atwood, TN 38220 Strunk, Annette 113, 169, 180 P.O. Box 128, Anchor Point, AK 99556 Stubbs, Rich 124, 184 8823 Bower St., Graton, CA 95444 Stutzman, Cleta 90, 120, 178 P.O. Box 1126, Mt. Dora, FL 32757 Suggs, Larry 179 W. 3rd, Henderson, TN 38341 Sullins, Laurie 113 276 Moize Road Cutoff, Apt. C, Jackson, TN 38305 Sullins, Ray 84, 90 276 Moize Road Cutoff, Apt. C, Jackson, TN 38305 Summers, Robert 182 Route 1, Box 148, Holladay, TN 38341 Summers, Robin 82 842 North Parkway, Apt. A8, Jackson, TN 38301 Taylor, Bill 61 Taylor, Calvin 500 Riley Road D-1, Ridgely, TN 38080 Taylor, Chuck Route 2, Box 22, Corinth, MS 38834 Taylor, Derrick 113, 115 803 Lowry St., Manchester, TN 37355 Taylor, Don 67, 152 Taylor, Jeff 90 4112 South 41 West Ave., Tulsa, OK 74107 Taylor, Laurie 100, 150, 184 1301 Brunson Dr., Columbia, TN 38401 Taylor, Matt 4814 Foxchase Road, Greensboro, NC 27410 Taylor, Rachel 100 121 Oak Grove Circel, Humboldt, TN 38343 Taylor, Scott 100, 159, 178 Route 4, Box 93, Trenton, TN 38382 Taylor, Tony 90, 160, 188 101 Glendale Dr., Milan, TN 38358 Taylor, Tracey 55, 73, 178 Taylor, Virginia 73 Teague, Kimberly 113, 28 Sequoia, Jackson, TN 38305 Teague, Todd 90 28 Sequoia, Jackson, TN 38305 Teel, Tim 14, 90, 186, 187 395 Hull Road, Sanford, Ml 48657 Tennial, Lyndell 2300 North Red Bank, Byhalia, MS 38611 Terhune, Vickie 82 682 Simmons, Henderson, TN 38340 Thacker, Terry 61 Tharp, Charles 121 N. Broad St., Lexington, TN 38351 Theus, Wendell 1040 Reynolds St., Paris, TN 38242 Thomas, Thomas, James 113, 170, 171 533A Hill Ave., Henderson, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomason, Thompkins, Thompson, Beth 114 Route 1, Box 96, Luray, TN 38352 TN 38340 Jan Route 1, Alamo, TN 38001 John 50, 114, 182 1101 West 7th St., Columbia, TN 38401 Kim 120 Lillian 2220 Ringod Apt. l, Guntersville, AL 35976 Reba 64, 65 Ed 875 St. Anne, New Madrid, MO 63869 Anthony 223 Tompkins St., Greenwood, SC 29646 Diana 100, 158, 174, 175, 186 Route 1, Box 416, Culleoka, TN 38451 Thompson, Thompson, Don 1282 Hunt Road, Henderson, TN 38340 Trina 114, 150, 155, 174, 176, 182 123 Adams, Trenton, TN 38382 Thompson, 35763 Wade 83 207 Wilson Mann Road, Owens Cross Roads, AL Thornell, Jay 114, 171 5236 Utica St., Metairie, LA 70006 Throne, Tidwell, Tidwell, Inge 3911 Garland Bottom, Pinson, TN 38366 James 114, 184 Route 3, Box 344, Dickson, TN 37055 Janie 114 Route 3, Box 344, Dickson, TN 37055 Tidwell, Laura 90 Route 3, Box 344, Dickson, TN 37055 Tillman, Jerry Route 2, Box 513, Guntersville, AL 35976 Tillman, Maymie Route 2, Box 513, Guntersville, AL 35976 Tillman, Sharon 178 1411 Eastland, Mt. Dora, FL 32757 Tillman, Stan 11, 157, 169, 180 P.O. Box 98, Stantonville, TN 38379 Tillman, Steve Route 1, Stantonville, TN 38379 Timmons, Tami Star Route, Eva, TN 38333 Todd, Don 100, 180 Route 1, Box 170, Dyer, TN 38330 Tollerson, James 57 Tollerson, Marilynn 451 Galbraith, Henderson, TN 38340 Tomlinson, Melissa 100, 155, 174, 178 P.O. Box 242, Morris, AL 35116 Trask, Melissa 114, 184 205 Cheyenne Dr., La Grange, GA 30240 Travis, Sheila Route 2, Box 156-1, Ramer, TN 38367 Treasure Chest 236 Truitt, Dana 114, 146, 154, 160, 188 1427 Vernon St., Decatur, AL 35601 Trull, Howard 69 Tucker, Daphne 114, 161 Route 2, Box 373, Portland, TN 37148 Walker, Tucker, Sheryl 100, 151, 178 Route 2, Selmer, TN 38375 Turbeville, Joetta 83, 153, 154 Route 3, Box 98, Dresden, TN 38225 Turner, Lynn Route 3, Box 607, Rock Island, TN 38581 Turner, Francis William Route 6, Box 158, McMinnville, TN 37110 Turner, Tim 157, 188 Route 3, Box 41A, Selmer, TN 38375 Tyner, Kerri 92, 100, 122, 178 P.O. Box 512, Henderson, TN 38340 Uridel, Chrissy 114, 161, 178 Route 1, Sharon, TN 38255 Vaden, Kelly 100, 157, 184 Route 3, Ripley, TN 38063 Valentine Couples 194, 195 Van Eaton, George 157 Route 4, Box 164, Somerville, TN 38068 VanCuren, Emily 91, 151, 186 305 West Kercher Road, Goshen, IN 46526 VanCuren, Jeff 91 305 West Kercher Road, Goshen, ln 46526 Vaughn, Laura 180 Route 1, Box 15, Cottage Grove, lN 38224 Vaughn, Trey 114, 153 Route 6, Box 203, Columbia, TN 38401 Vega, Matt Route 1, Woodland VW, Box 29, Independence, KS 67301 Venable, Darrell 91, 182 202 Forrest Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Veregge, Sheri 8, 91, 157, 160, 169, 188 202 North Westville, New Paris, OH 45347 Vinson, Greg Route 3, Box 603, Rock island, TN 38581 Volleyball 120, 121 Wacaster, Tom 114, 170, 171, 182 2700 Lipsey, Decatur, TX 76234 Waggener, Roger 434 East 14th St., Alton, IL 62002 Allen 69, 168, 173 Whittle, J. Walker 54 Who's Who 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207 Wiggins, Jeff 83, 1452 Pamlico Blvd., Chesapeake, VA 23320 Wiist, Sara 463 White Ave., Apt. 1, Henderson, TN 38340 Wilbanks, Christie 115, 175, 182 P.O. Box 104, Enville, TN 38332 Wilcox, Marc 101, 178 301 Clubhouse Blvd., New Symrna Beach, FL 32069 Wilcoxson, Hagan 73 Wilcoxson, Jess 55 Wiles, Kelly 3403 Meador Road, Jonesboro, AR 72401 Wiley, Teresa 91 P.O. Box 145, Yorkville, TN 38389 Williams, Melissa 115, 161 610 Carolyn Lane, Gallatin, TN 37066 Williams, Richard 91, 136, 138, 139, 186 1500 College Hill Road, Jasper, AL 35501 Willis, Cindy 101, 161, 163, 170, 188 712 S. Home St., Union City, TN 38261 Willoughby, Roger 117 Celia St., Albertville, AL 35950 Willoughby, Sue 117 Celia St., Albertville, AL 35950 Wilson, Renee Route 1, Finger, TN 38334 Wilosn, Douglas 170, 171 740 4th St., Apt. B28, Henderson, TN 38340 Wilson, Dwayne 59, 155, 168 Wilson, Stacey 115 P.O. Box 10, Spring Hill, TN 37174 Walker, Walker, Karen 68, 69, 157 Lee 100, 135 Route 9, Box 500, Florence, AL 35630 Walker, Leigh Anne 100, 165, 188 Route 1, Box 347, Finger, TN 38334 Wilson, Thomas 161, 188 Route 15, Box 563, Hickory, NC 28602 Wilson, Vicki 171 Winstead, Angie 115, 188 7185 Country Oaks Dr., Southaven, MS 38671 Wiser, Mandy 91, 161 Route 6, Box 54 A, Tullahoma, TN 37388 Wall, Rechelle 114, 180 P.O. Box 443, White Bluff, TN 37187 Wallace, Martha 91, 154, 188 R.R. 1, Box 312, Hornbeak, TN 38232 Waller, Shani 83, 156 167 112 Wellington St., St. Thomas, Ontario, N54 2 Walton, Edna Route 1, Box 49 D, Tiptonville, TN 38079 Warren, Walter 114, 161, 170, 171, 188 119 Briar Lane, Washington, lL.61571 Washington, Belinda 114, 161, 169, 184 1980 Link Road, Lynchburg, VA 24503 Watkins, Michelle 100, 151, 180 202 Paint Creek Lane, Carmi, IL 62821 Watkins, Sonya Route 1, Fairmount, GA 30139 Watrous, Amy 100, 159, 169, 172, 186 1817 Mission Road, Birming- ham, AL 35216 Watson, Boyd 173 4 East Palm Ave., Port Antonia, Jamaica Watson, Donny 114, 178 Route 15, Box 94, Cookeville, TN 38501 Watson, Maureen 4, East Palm Ave., Port Antonia, Jamaica Women's Basketball 128, 130, 131 Wood, Kevin 6, 83 Route 2, Box 24-H, Niceville, FL 32578 Woodard, Herb 5409 Valley View Terrace, Adamsville, AL 35005 Woodard, Luci 115, 150, 170, 174, 188, 236 Route 1, Box 501, Trinity, AL 35673 Woodard, Wanda 162, 178 Route 2, Box 569, Jasper, TN 37347 Woodham, Leigh Anne 115, 153 Route 1, Box 187 A, Vernon, AL 35592 Woodham, Mike 519 Galbraith, Henderson, TN 38340 38340 Woods, Ann 67 Woods, Clyde 57 Woods, Mark 32, 100, 101 159 Gibson Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 Woods, Scott 83, 188 159 Gibson Dr., Henderson, TN 38340 World Events 38, 39 Worley, Gary Route 4, Box 261, Altoona, AL 35952 Worthy, Greg 132, 134 Route 1, Box 235, Aberdeen, MS 39730 Webb, Weatherington, Beverly 73 Weathers, David 83 1907 Bobwhite Dr., Tupelo, MS 38801 Weaver, Bill 160, 188 324 West 13th St., Mount Dora, FL 32757 Weave Webb. 38340 r, Jennifer 83, 178 1789 North Highland, Jackson, TN 38301 Carol 100, 151, 169 334 Woodland Apt. B, Henderson, TN Webb, Charles 152 740 4th St., Apt. A18, Henderson, TN 38340 Webb, Patsy 83, 168 740 4th St., Apt. A18, Henderson, TN 38340 Webb, Royce 83, 152, 169 Tim 118, 169, 204 P.O. Box 38, Jacks Creek, TN 38347 Wrapping Up A Day 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Wright, Dixie 83 Route 7, Box 168, Jasper, AL 35501 Wright, Jason 2411 Hillmont Dr., Murfreesboro, TN 37130 Wyatt, Brad P.O. Box 123, Saltillo, TN 38370 Wyatt, Greg Route 1, Box 140, Saltillo, TN 38370 Wyers, Bartley 25, 101 Route 1, Box 5, Eldridge, AL 35554 Wynne, Tanya 115, 184 Route 2, Box 675, Williamston, NC 27892 Yarbrough, Connie 115, 150, 184 9043 Hillman Way, Memphis, TN 38134 Yates, Hodon 83, 157, 168, 169, 182, 183 111 W. 19th St., Oak Grove, MO 64075 Weber, Treasure 83, 186 1872 Conrad Ave. S.E., Atlanta, GA 30315 Webster, Jennifer 91, 158, 186 854 Collierville-Arlington Rd., Collier- ville, TN 38017 Welch, Linda 70 Moundview, Jackson, TN 38301 Weldon, Shonn 115, 124, 127, 132, 156 125 Overbrook Dr., Rossville, GA 30741 Welty, George 155 221 W. 11th Ave., Mt. Dora, FL 32757 West, Joyce 106 Hillwood Lane, McMinnville, TN 37110 Wheatley, Vincent 91, 157, 163, 173 Valley Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands Wheeler, John 193 P.O. Box 556, Morrilton, AR 72110 Whitaker, Dianne Route 62, Box 473, Guntersville, AL 35976 White, Brian 69, 205 740 4th St., Apt. A1, Henderson, TN 38340 White, Bruce 70, 186 2 Tate Court, Waverly, TN 37185 White, Cheryl 100, 161 810 Vienna Blvd., Dekalb, IL 60115 White, Dana 100, 152, 188 805 North 12th St., Ozark, MO 65721 White, Dawn 14, 83, 178, 197, 203 2542 West Regal Court, Lawrence- ville, GA 30245 White, Karen 91, 151, 158, 160, 168, 170, 188 Route 10, Box 462, Florence, AL 35630 White, Redonna Route 5, Box 7635, Lexington, TN 38351 Whitfield, Brian 91, 152, 158, 169, 172, 184 Route 1, Box 364, Nauvoo, AL 35578 Yates, Kathleen 326 Cherry, Tiptonville, TN 38079 Yenny, Hank Two Hilldowne Road, lrmo, SC 29063 Yenny, Tessa 101, 152, 156, 184, 185 Two Hilldowne Road, lrmo, SC 29063 York, Michelle 83, 186 2915 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001 Young, Amy 83, 154 740 4th St., Henderson, TN 38340 Young, Judy 115, 145, 186 Route 1, Box 114, Dukedom, TN 38226 Young, Kelly 634 West Hickory St., Arcadia, FL 33821 Young, Marcia 128, 131 Route 1, Box 14 D, Glen, MS 38846 Young, Marty 83 740 4th St., Apt. B23, Henderson, TN 38340 Young, Mike Route 1, Box 114, Dukedom, TN 38226 Young, Porter 83, 171, 180 2570 Henry Ave., Newberry, SC 29108 Young, Raymond 180 Route 1, Box 184, Falls of Rough, KY 40119 Yuhas, Matt Box 103, Krause, Road, Engadine, Ml 49827 Yuhas, Mike 83, 184 Box 103, Krause, Road, Engadine, Ml 49827 Yuhas Rose 115, 184 Box 103, Krause, Road, Engadine, Ml 49827 Zimmerman, Ron 410 West B, North Platte, NE 69101 Another year has come and gone at Freed-Hardeman Col- lege. New friendships have be- gun and old relationships have grown more meaningful. The seasons have passed, and we have changed. Experiences throughout the year have made each of us more aware of the brevity of life and the short span that we are gath- ered together in this small town of Henderson, Tennes- see to receive an education, fellowship as Christians, and enter the world prepared to make our way as Christian adults. A college education at Freed-Hardeman College is much more than a diploma. It is a collage of memories - special memories that wrap up a year. The time spent at Freed-l-lardeman in 1987- 1988 will never be forgotten. This year of experiences, all wrapped up, are a small but important part of the package of our life. Wrapping it Up The Bible Building looks eerie in the fall moonlight. Ffeghmgn Bern ,jnnnson and Tnofnag Makin' Music host Jerry Moore enjoys "the time of his life." Hill are among the friends at FHC. 234 Closing A if mi Q ,,, ,,,, V 'f f . ,ffl .gy .93 1 . fx Q X 1 any The production ot a year- book is a major undertaking. Countless hours, including five days after finals of 15 hours of work per day, is necessary to complete a book of this mag- nitude. Without the help of compe- tent and dedicated staff mem- bers, the completion of this yearbook would be practically impossible. The 1987-1988 Treasure Chest staff was a hardworking group who made my responsibilities as an editor much easier. For the persever- ance of my staff and the ollali- ty work produced, I was ful. Alicia Mays, editor Dedicated Staff Wraps Up Treasure Chest Editor Alicia Mays Assistant Editor John McLaughlin Photography Chief John Bentley Campus Life Luci Woodard Sandy Fields Classes Stuart Hames Brenda Henderson Organizations Heather Jones Diana Thompson Academics Kelly Wiles Connie Yarborough Sports Deana Jackson Honors Wanda McDougal Mark Abbott Business Managers Ramona Bowden, Heather Jones Word Processor Mark Abbott Photographers Kelly Bearoi Kevin Perry Amy Clifford Lisa Borden Supervisor Nancy Bennett t "S- 1987-1988 Treasure Chest Staff 236 Treasure Chest Lucie Woodard pauses from choosing pictures. John Bentley and Amy Clifford, photographers, on the other side of the camera. Mark Abbott works diligently at the word processor correcting layouts. ' gg .. l..' g . ,., K kk k 'kk' 1 fi E s X fm we -.X S? t . x f tits--Q-ii., 'Q' 5 . S . . - - 'Pl' ' 'L N .... ,... - , t H rf ,gi A ' , gl .g..:tLss si . -,,:- Qgg, 4:' .: r E55 l r 5 t,-.. IOSTENS

Suggestions in the Freed Hardeman University - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Henderson, TN) collection:

Freed Hardeman University - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Freed Hardeman University - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 151

1988, pg 151

Freed Hardeman University - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 236

1988, pg 236

Freed Hardeman University - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 26

1988, pg 26

Freed Hardeman University - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 209

1988, pg 209

Freed Hardeman University - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Henderson, TN) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 170

1988, pg 170

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